The Paradox Of The Market

An axiom of liberal democracy is that the more open the system the more choices there are within the system. A market for widgets, if it is an open market, will have the maximum number of widget makers and widget suppliers. The marketplace of ideas, if it is open to all, will have the full range of ideas. Similarly, as long as the demand side is unrestricted, the full spectrum of demand will be represented. Every widget buyer will have the chance to demand his type of widget.

This is the starting point for modern societies. It is no longer a point to be debated and certainly not questioned. This is obvious in the non-debate over tech censorship. Any effort to discuss what is going on with companies like Google and Twitter is met with a wall of sound about the sanctity of private firms operating in the market. “Build your own platform” has become the top single in the amen chorus. The marketplace is now a god that provides what the people need and deserve.

In theory, the chorus should be right. If everyone who wants to make widgets is allowed to make widgets, then there should be a widget maker for every type of widget demanded by the public, assuming the widget can be produced at a profit. Even people wanting free widgets could be supplied by charity. Outside of the extremes, if there is a way to make a profit by meeting even the most bizarre demands for a product or service, someone will find a way to meet that demand.

Something similar should happen in public discourse. If the public space is open, then everyone can present their ideas. If everyone is free to listen, or not listen, to those ideas being offered up, the marketplace should develop in the same way as it should with a product or a service. The insane ideas will have a small audience, while the sensible ideas will gain a larger audience. The marketplace of ideas will sort and stack the ideas on offer based on the preferences of the audience.

This is a bit redundant, but it is important to think about this axiom of liberal democracy while considering current reality. If the market place for goods and services functioned as believed, then we would have more than two mobile phone makers. There would be more than one search engine. We would have lots of small car makers, rather than a handful of global operators. In fact, General Motors should have gone out of business decades ago based on market principles.

In the realm of ideas, we should have a dozen political parties flourishing to one degree or another at the state and national level. For example, there is no obvious reason why there should not be political parties that operate just as the state level. According to the axioms of liberal democracy, there should be state parties that focus just on state and local issues, maybe operating as a feeder to a national party. Yet, we have just two parties that are really just two faces of a single party.

It is a paradox of markets that the internal dynamic of the market leads to fewer choices and maybe even no choice. Take the desktop computer market, for example. The only choice is the color and the label of the Chinese slave camp that produced it. Inside, the parts all come from the same source. Alternatives to the standard PC are fringe options that exist for hobbyists and weirdos. You see this everywhere you look around the marketplace. Our markets are oligopolies now.

It goes beyond market consolidation. Another aspect of this is that as some dominant players emerge, they begin to insulate themselves from demand. In fact, it is possible that the quest for market domination is actually an effort to insulate the supplier from the pressures of the marketplace. The players initially experiencing success shift from competing for clients to competing to wall off their share of demand in order to prevent others from competing for that market share.

You see this with sports. The NASCAR phenomenon is assumed to be driven by the edicts of this weird new religion that has gripped the great and good. That may be one aspect of it, maybe even the primary aspect, but there also seems to be a desire to get rid of their own audience. That is, NASCAR would be fine with not having a live crowd and depending entirely on television money. Then they no longer have to be responsive to the demands of the customers.

The temptation here is to say that the fans will not watch, but in the realm of television these days, ratings matter very little. ESPN, for example, gets the bulk of its revenue from mandatory cable fees. If you have a TV sub through the local cable monopoly or a service like Hulu, you pay ESPN eight dollars per month. It does not matter if you watch, you pay the fee. All cable channels work off this model. Once again, the glory of the market place is to result in a monopoly and no market.

This dynamic where the dominant suppliers seek to eradicate the demand side is evident in politics. Both faces of the uniparty are now onboard with vote by mail, for example, which eliminates the pesky demands of the voters. This form of voting makes for unlimited fraud, so we will end up with Stalin’s maxim. “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” Since picking one party or the other has no effect on policy, voting will soon be entirely ceremonial.

It is always tempting to confuse a paradox with a contradiction. Critics of modern capitalism, for example, will claim that the oligarchs are not really capitalist in the free market sense. They are corrupting the system. Similarly, people will claim that the problem with politics is that a small group of highly corrupt people are subverting the democratic system. In other words, the axioms of the market place are true, it’s just that the current systems are not adhering to them.

The trouble with this line of reasoning is it suggests that the marketplace itself selects for the sorts of people who seek to subvert the marketplace. Everywhere we look, the great experiment in open markets has had the same result. Whether it is finance, technology, ideas or politics, the result is small club that controls everything, not only to their exclusive benefit, but to the detriment of the people they allegedly serve. It is almost as if the market selects for sadists who despise their customers.

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391 thoughts on “The Paradox Of The Market

  1. Regarding the free or open market, there’s certainly a tendency towards oligopolies or monopolies, but the FTC was created in 1914 to bust up the trusts. Bottom line is, what other alternatives would you suggest? A planned economy, or market?

  2. Talcum X, Sean King, is demanding all statues of Jesus and Mary and all images of them be destroyed. Because racism. Or something.
    So there’s that.
    I wonder how this polls. I think it MUST poll pretty well, otherwise some Dem Governor would take a Clinton Sistah Souljah stand and send in the National Guard after one of these groups.
    So, since that dog is not barking, I figure most people in this country and a solid number of Whites likely 49% or more, approve of all this. Since politicians love doing stuff that polls well. Our Governor Newsom does not take a breath or go to the bathroom without running some polling to figure where the splits are demographic breakdowns.
    If someone really wanted to make trouble start rumors that Biden will impose the White Tax on Hispanics since they are “really White” and that Hispanics will also have to kneel and grovel to blacks on National Get Whitey Day or whatever. Oh and that Christmas is being replaced by Kwanzaa. Hispanics love Christmas. Oh and that blacks will be able to confiscate “White Hispanics” cars as well as those of Whitey Original Recipe.
    Especially start those rumors in Spanish in Spanish language media.

  3. Just watch “How It’s Made” and it tells the tale of how capitalist systems drive out the cost of labor by using technology. Mostly the same story – unique item/product is created by someone (often a craftsman or specialist) and after time the production of said product is refined and improved by standardization of process and parts. It really is an amazing process when you see it in action. Unfortunately, people who formerly did the work are thrown to the wolves in the process.

  4. Gaww fudge. I just heard a mention on the news about “Mt. Rushmore” and “racist history.” Didn’t quite catch it.

    These vicious poltroons are really, really asking for it. Con Inc. blogs are already delightedly whispering about “idols of Jesus.”

    • At least the Taliban was dynamiting someone elses culture.

      The whites who agitate for the destruction of their own history should be treated how insurrectionists and traitors were always treated.
      Dragged out by the hair and hung from the nearest gibbet. Every one of these should be treated as actual enemies in our communities, not political opponents.

  5. After reading a hundred or so of these comments, I realize we’re all sitting on our asses watching this movie doing nothing but eating buttered popcorn. Keep sounding off with conviction and fury posters. You will change neither the course of events nor affect anything else.

    • Good troll, but of course wrong. If you are not a simple troll, perhaps you’d join the conversation and enlighten us as to what specific actions you propose we do?

    • Post the war plan Alpha. I appreciate your frustration. But tighty whitey isn’t at rock bottom yet and it may be that we need to suffer there before we take back the world or at least our just slice of the world for us.

  6. Events over in Britain mirror almost down to the last detail the events in the USA. The English Premier League, probably the most lucrative and popular football (soccer) league in the world, has not only take the knee for BLM but joined with them at the hip.

    Last weekend the season resumed after the Karenavirus lockdown and the fixtures were played in empty stadia. The players were obliged to wear “Black Lives Matter” on the back of their shirts and take the knee before kick-off. They all complied.

    Yesterday evening, in Burnley in the north of England, a soccer fan who shall forever be a national hero, hired a light aircraft and flew over the stadium trailing a banner which read “White Lives Matter”. Epic troll or what?

    Predictably, the Premier League, the press, the blue twatter ticks and every one of their lickspittles have spent all day today signalling their disgust, shame and embarrassment at such a naked display of hate and vowing to redouble their efforts to “fight racism”. We all know what that means.

    There’s clearly method in this madness though. No, white lives don’t matter. At least, they no longer matter to the media and sports giants who own and run the Premier League. As with NASCAR and the NFL in the USA, it’s clear that this spasm of BLM worship is really just a pretext for finally unmooring themselves from their traditional white working-class support base who are now surplus to fiscal requirements.

    Mark my words, they will all be relocating to China in the next 3-4 years.

    • At some point it is probable that the to people saying White lives do not matter that some white are going to react by saying “Fuck you. Neither does yours.” and proceed to demonstrate it to them.

  7. We do not live in a pure capitalist economy. Nobody would ever be able to make a profit in such an economy. Once someone comes up with something clever to sell, someone else will copy it and undercut their price. This will continue until all profit disappears. It has the same effect as a socialist economy. No rewards hence no risk. What we do have is a monopoly capitalist economy (patent, copyrights, etc,) to provide some protection for reasonable profit and regulated by the government to prevent abuse. This is a better form for the economy as it has the best potential to provide a reasonable reward for the risk taken.
    What is going on now is the government is not regulating to keep the market fair, it is actually deciding who wins, who loses and how much it will cost to compete. Politics is following suit.

  8. The essay was a good description of the problems we face in many areas. The question is cause and what can be done about it.

    Many of the things that people expect out of “the market” are things that will happen with a laissez-faire market; and we have not been close to that for 200 years or more. The State is behind most of the big corporations like Google and the little companies are a burden to the State so they are not going to “win in the market”. Note that the Corona fraud destroyed the small fry and the big fish will make it. (or most of them) All to plan.
    Plus the USA is not a just a nation-State but an Empire. A left wing foreign war correspondent wrote in his book years ago that war makes people insane. We have been at war for 100 years or more. We are crazy.
    The State is evil. I realize many on the far right can’t handle that, but truth is truth. Every government ever did evil things to its own people if you could uncover everything. Some States were better than others and democracies are the worst — especially when one becomes an empire.

    So no, the State can not be better with better people. The State itself is evil. It is a creation of Lucifer. It must be destroyed or humanity will be hammered back to a primitive existence. I am not sure we have a chance, but it will take violence if we are to survive.

  9. The FBI has announced Jussie Wallace hoax was a hoax. The American KGB just described it as “not a crime.”

  10. Somebody once gave some good advice about being ruled by Earthly Kings. They didn’t listen then, either:

    1 Samuel 8

    And it came about when Samuel was old that he appointed his sons judges over Israel. 2Now the name of his firstborn was Joel, and the name of his second, Abijah; they were judging in Beersheba. 3His sons, however, did not walk in his ways, but turned aside after dishonest gain and took bribes and perverted justice.

          4Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah; 5and they said to him, “Behold, you have grown old, and your sons do not walk in your ways. Now appoint a king for us to judge us like all the nations.” 6But the thing was displeasing in the sight of Samuel when they said, “Give us a king to judge us.” And Samuel prayed to the LORD. 7The LORD said to Samuel, “Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me from being king over them. 8“Like all the deeds which they have done since the day that I brought them up from Egypt even to this day—in that they have forsaken Me and served other gods—so they are doing to you also. 9“Now then, listen to their voice; however, you shall solemnly warn them and tell them of the procedure of the king who will reign over them.”

    Warning concerning a King

          10So Samuel spoke all the words of the LORD to the people who had asked of him a king. 11He said, “This will be the procedure of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and place them for himself in his chariots and among his horsemen and they will run before his chariots. 12“He will appoint for himself commanders of thousands and of fifties, and some to do his plowing and to reap his harvest and to make his weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. 13“He will also take your daughters for perfumers and cooks and bakers. 14“He will take the best of your fields and your vineyards and your olive groves and give them to his servants. 15“He will take a tenth of your seed and of your vineyards and give to his officers and to his servants. 16“He will also take your male servants and your female servants and your best young men and your donkeys and use them for his work. 17“He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his servants. 18“Then you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you in that day.”

          19Nevertheless, the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel, and they said, “No, but there shall be a king over us, 20that we also may be like all the nations, that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles.” 21Now after Samuel had heard all the words of the people, he repeated them in the LORD’S hearing. 22The LORD said to Samuel, “Listen to their voice and appoint them a king.” So Samuel said to the men of Israel, “Go every man to his city.”

    • The OT has some at times sardonic humor. One of my favorites is where Moses was overworked:
      And if thou deal thus with me, kill me, I pray thee, out of hand, if I have found favour in thy sight; and let me not see my wretchedness.—Numbers 11:15

  11. NASCAR is a good analogy. Have some acquaintance with racing as my family ran a USAC team in my youth. You could run a team reasonably cheaply, chassis and engine development was fairly incremental and with a few exceptions like Foyt, Andretti and Rutherford the drivers were only minor celebrities. Then Roger Penske moved in with corporate money–new chassis each year, lots more rules and restrictions, more exotic (and expensive) engine designs. Within a decade all the small operators were squeezed out and the remaining teams were slaves to corporate sponsors. NASCAR took a little longer, but other than a few pit wall fistfights it is simply corporate branding wrapped around an ostensible sport as the vehicle. Bubba needed a career boost since he is mediocre (at best) driver, but is brand gold. So they pulled a Jussie.

    • Isn’t the whole point of it that they drive “stock” cars off the showroom floor that pretty much anyone can drive and buy?

      • Once upon a time. Spectators fantasized about the cars as if they could own one. Today however, the car has exactly nothing that a stock model from a car maker would have. They are built from the ground up. Only thing is the faux body style slapped on top of a racing chassis to keep the fan fantasy alive.

  12. “The insane ideas will have a small audience, while the sensible ideas will gain a larger audience.”

     This is this is the only fault I can see in your essay today. Rational logical ideas are rarely popular. People will believe what they want to believe and the truth is usually what suffers.

  13. Voltaire was verballed by a biographer who wrote, 
    “I may disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death to defend it. “

    Is there anything more stupid than that? Fight to defend someone calling me a racist cunt. Especially multinational corporations or oligarchs who control the media megaphone and de-platform anyone who answers back. Who then use that media influence to have you fired from your job so that you lose your house, your wife, your kids and the means to earn a living! 

    As soon as a race submits to the unnatural rule of external law rather than the natural rule of tradition and community, that race begins to degenerate spiritually and physically.

    You become an atomized individual, alone in your neighbourhood, projecting a delusional belief in non-existent abstract fantasies such as an anonymous community, the absence of race based behaviour and a universal respect for private property, while cultural and genetic aliens combine into teams against you, to assert their interests. 

    A fantasy land where White men are bound by a retarded code, that binds no other race, so that we can take the high road and forsake our own existence, for higher truths and values embodied in words like, ‘fairness’, ‘justice’, ‘and ‘rights’, which are binding only on White men, and projected onto some demented concept about, “all of humanity“ or “all of mankind “. 

    The fact that Liberals are intolerant when their sacred cows are violated indicates that there is no such thing as the Enlightenment Idea of a, “Free Market of Ideas “. They say they are intolerant of intolerance, which means that they will not tolerate you.

    The so-called Open Society™ with a make-believe “Free Market of Ideas” is supposed to be a society where there is nothing sacred, where anything can be discussed, where people have freedom of speech and thought. We’re supposed to believe that the best ideas will float to the top and win out, however this isn’t something that that Liberals can tolerate!

    Their demand for tolerance ® is predicated upon you dispensing with your own values; with you being more open. As soon as you contravene their idea of the sacred you return to religious repression, shaming rituals, moral panics and witch burning ceremonies. These Enlightenment Ideals are something that they hypocritically appeal to when it’s advantageous to themselves and never to their enemies.

    The goal is power and not universal principles or accommodation. Contradictions in their doctrine of ‘intersectionality‘, anti-racism etc. are resolved in favour of “the more revolutionary group“ or as politically expedient. They want to rule over their opponents. The rhetoric and taboos of political correctness are tools – not principles -in the struggle for power.

    They aim to restrict their opponents freedom in the name of freedom. They call for universal standards that are to be applied against you. They promote tolerance ® that is intolerant of divergent beliefs, actions or customs. They are the people of the double standard.

    Tolerance ® is, “The ability of an organism to survive or to flourish despite infection with a parasite or an otherwise pathogenic organism.” It’s the power, constitutional or acquired, of enduring large doses of active drugs, or of resisting the action of poison, etc or of how much abuse a machine part can take before it breaks apart.

    Tolerance ® is a corrosive religious idea. The root of the word is tolerate, which does not connote a positive idea. To tolerate is to endure. When you have to endure something it is by definition putting up with inherently negative feedback. Tolerance ® then becomes a societal behaviour to normalize infectious anti-social activity. The fact that tolerance needs to be taught and policed by force, tells you it’s not a healthy behaviour for the individual, or society.

    Euroman is presently Immunocompromised and has little ability to defend himself from any of this. Unless we snap out of it we’re going to get bulldozed. What’s left of us will be flattened. 

    The only defence against the moral premise of Tolerance ® is absolute total intolerance of everything you are opposed to. 

    Power is a zero-sum game. 

    • I think you are unfair to Voltaire. I’ve read a good bit of his work. While he may not said exactly the quote attributed to him, it encapsulates his philosophy well. But I think he would have added the condition that what the other man was saying had some rationality behind it. His was the age of the Enlightenment, progress of Science &c. (18th century). He was a classical “Liberal” in the sense that most modern conservatives would approve (perhaps his religious opinions excepted 😀 )

      • Sometimes I come across as too strident or psychotic.

        I try to apprehend what is and not to lament what once was and no longer is. I used to be a racist liberal and remember that we used to say, “ it’s a free country “ or “ he’s entitled to his opinion” or “ to each his own “. Now people say, “ you best not say that “ or “ I’d not say that if I were you” or “ best not go there “. 

        It’s important to be irenic and not to demoralize, because we will win – maybe not me, but people like me. As the least ethnocentric, most inclusive, and individualistic people we will have to cultivate a stronger and more exclusive in-group / out-group distinction if our liberties are ever to be restored.

        As for Voltaire and the Enlightenment, it was a mistake to extend those liberties to cultural and genetic aliens. The idea that culturally and genetically divergent hominidae from all over the planet can all come together in multicultural zoo, without regard to race , religion, ethnicity, culture or custom, is basically an insane suicide pact.

        The deranged claim that people can basically get along, in a multiracial Shangri-La is contradicted by every conceivable statistical analysis. We are basically living in a completely alienating, low trust netherworld of all against all and everyone for himself. No other nation on earth has ever existed based upon vague and confusing ideas about ‘common values‘. 
        I was born in a place with people who looked like me, acted like me, followed the same or similar religion as me, shared a similar ancestry with me and assimilated to the same cultural and linguistic standards. 

        None of us ever discussed or resolved to participate in a genocidal experiment. 

    • What you’re saying is we can’t win the game by playing by rules only we obey. No argument here. I believe Z-man’s admonishment from some time ago is applicable. Basically, “win” and then develop your principles. (Paraphrasing from old memory).

      • Yes Compsci , however I don’t want you to think that I’m not in favour of all that is fine, noble and good – I too was steeped in personal honour and chivalry. It’s just that those are not values shared by anyone else other than what would seem to be a very small percentage of White men. 

        As for rules, standards, or principles I’m afraid that we’ll be given no quarter – the Bolsheviks were renowned for gratuitous cruelty, murder and genocide. They took hostages , persecuted entire families, assessed collective guilt and punishment for multiple generations of various castes and ethnic groups. Anyone not in accord with their program was considered to be either maliciously subversive or mentally ill. 

        The media loves the words ‘nationalist’ or ‘racist‘ but they never call communism, ethnic or racial abolitionism.

        I don’t think we should sell ourselves short and if push comes to shove our goal should be to retake all that we had. It took the Goths more than 700 years to recover the Iberian Peninsula, but they did prevail. 

        We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have 3000 years of tradition and culture to draw from and should be able to accommodate divergent interests and predispositions. 

        Personal liberty, economic activity, cultural and social and religious organization need to be pursued with regard to our traditions and not at the expense of community or collective security.

        We should take a biological world view concerned with our sub-species and the ecology of our environment. 

        It was always Whites who obsessed about this natural beauty and conservation, as well as animal rights. The rest are happy to kill and eat anything that can’t move fast enough to escape and are typically happy to peel it alive for the stew pot if they don’t see a practical need to kill it first.

        White women of child-bearing age constitute about 2% of the world population. People of White European descent are only 9% of the world’s population (down from something like 30% in the early 1900s). Almost no elected politician in the Western world sees this as a source of concern. Policies are instituted to protect native wildlife species but our human ecology remains a taboo subject. 

        We can expect no mercy from the non-European world, no sympathy, and little interest in our plight. Our destruction will be a source of wonder to some, a source of mirth to others. Ultimately they have their own concerns, their own problems, their own priorities. 

        Unless we look to our own interests, recognize the enemies within and overcome our contemporary apathy, we face marginalization and catastrophic dispossession. We must start by recognizing the status of in-groups and the importance of in-group/ out-group distinctions.

        It’s really a matter of hygiene and ecology. Biologists give four basic causes of reproductive failure, leading to extinction.
        Loss of Habitat 
        Invasive Species 
        Excessive Predation 
        All of these causes of extinction can be natural or man-made.

        The only way to look at the issue is as an ecological issue. More fecund invasive species, lacking natural predators or enjoying some environmental advantages which the native species is unable or unwilling to access, disrupts the ecosystem. 

        The only solution is the restoration of the environment by the total elimination of the invasive species and the reestablishment of the hygiene, of the original eco-system. Hygiene has to be extended to in-group factors that enabled out-group infestation. 

        Whites and only Whites are facing the four biological causes of extinction.

  14. One of the axioms in this age of dogma and assumptions (-they all are, as we have limited capacity-) is corporate structure.

    A “board of directors” that don’t work for the company, but who must be hired at high rates as “outside oversight”?

    A recipe for hostile takeover and cultural piracy. They all think they should be CEO, but don’t have any loyalty to the core mission of better widgets.

    No wonder the corps are ‘regulated’ down to the carpet fibers, but the question becomes, “who is capturing whom?”

    Public-private is a Mexican standoff, with every other gun pointed outwards towards the crowd.

    Weird how, along with all the “liberal democracies” (another axiom), they all went from green, to gay, to black, in concert. The Age of Top Tier Consensus.

    The monkeys in the upper branches are hooting at each other, and we think they’re hooting at us.

    Does it have to be arranged like this?

    What do our economists from the Age of Sail have to say about immortal, unlimited charter joint-stock East India Companies with letters of marque and reprisal?

  15. Always been a little silly for politicians et al to glorify a market. I mean it’s just a market, and a market is just a glorified bazaar.

    I know they can dress it up in high minded language and theories and so on and so forth, but at the end of the day it’s just a place where people buy and sell stuff, and to make that the foundation and focal point of your society was never going to inspire and hold people together

    Early and middle Christians figured this out when it came to building churches. Similar thing as the “market”. There are all the ideas and theology that embody the religion, but the point of contact with the people is merely a building. All the great ideas in the world count for little if it only amounts to a shed where you go to listen to those ideas. Big wow.I’m impressed, I’m in a shed. So you build beautiful cathedrals to capture what the majesty of what those ideas are intended to convey. Compare cathedrals to the grocery store or the big box warehouse and you come away with hardly a glowing impression of the “market”. Rather, you walk away with a negative feeling after spending time in one.

    And so go the high minded concepts of the marketplace. Expecting me or anyone else to live and die for the market is stupid.

  16. Z Man said: “Whether it is finance, technology, ideas or politics, the result is small club that controls everything, not only to their exclusive benefit, but to the detriment of the people they allegedly serve.”

    Monsanto and their national and international competitors have been price fixing for decades. Monsantos behind the scenes motto actually used to be “our competitors aren’t the enemy, our customers are.” Yesterday we where talking about Civilization in crisis. In one of my responses I quoted John Adams “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” That’s obveously one of the biggest problems, no moral foundation. But most people can’t get their heads around the Pareto principle and the 80 20 rule. It doesn’t matter if your talking about Capitalism or a pea patch, 20% always produce 80%. Randomness, chance and circumstance. This waters down your free will and people hate that idea. Human nature coupled with the laws of the Universe. Whats the solution? That is the age old question.

    Here’s a short vid on the 80 20 rule.

  17. As I make plans to flee to a freer state, I took at the mid to high end market for AR rifles (which I had ignored forever because they are verboten). Holy crap there are a lot of choices competing for my attention. Yeah for the gun market!

    • The reason is that the AR is an open design — anyone can make one without having to pay any licensing fees.
      Chalk one up for the free market.

      • This gores another sacred cow of the old Right – intellectual property protection.

        American Sun had a pretty good piece a couple of weeks back that mentioned how intellectual property protections like patent and copyright serve the powers that be much more than dissidents today.

        In framing the dissident mindset of the future, we need to look at establishment IP protections like Blackbeard and save the pieties for the society we’re building together.

        Remember when the internet was open-source first, we disdained the idea of IP and monetization and everyone had a little pirate in them?

        Better times…

    • Greg is as nasty as ever, I suspect he’s waiting until he can congratulate himself on the current “spike” with an I told you so. It would be valuable to engage him in conversation, but he can not brook any disagreement. Prefers to shout down “deniers” rather than educate others.

      His posting off the topic of current pandemic seems to have decreased as well. Not sure he has anything to offer the general public any longer.
      Greg is as nasty as ever, I suspect he’s waiting until he a can congratulate himself on the current “spike” with an I told you so. It would be valuable to engage him in conversation, but he can not brook any disagreement. Prefers to shout down “deniers” rather than educate others.

      His posting off the topic of current pandemic seems to have decreased as well. Not sure he has anything to offer the general public any longer.

  18. Markets today consist of selling things to customers who are not people; they are advertisers, other mega corporations, the media, the political parties, and so on. There are customers like you and me in there, at the bottom of the totem pole, and things filter down to us, in little boxes delivered to our doorsteps, by Amazon. But for most of the offerors of goods or ideas, their customers are their peer groups, not us. They market to each other, not us. They are woke entities trading with other woke entities. We are like the urchins in old NYC, pressing our noses to the shop window glass at Macy’s, seeing things that we can’t have and will never be ours. We, the 90%, are out of the loop and have no skin in the game, other than as the final microscopic distribution points for the stuff that is curated for us. That we reject the notions of the top 10% is irrelevant to them, because we have nowhere else to turn but the supply chains that are owned by them, at the end of the day. They now just are looking for ways to make us simply shut up and keep buying stuff. They are even printing money and handing it out so we will simply stop talking and go buy things.

    • In the words of muslim extremists in the Middle East, “democracy is like a train we get on to reach the right stop.” This applies to politics, corporations, everything. The only people who don’t use democracy this way are Republicans/Conservatives, basically 99.9% of the right. Who are the stupid ones? The mantra is oh, AOC is just soooo stupid (or insert lib). That may be true, but they’re still smarter than any elected Republican these days, who think the process is the end result. When I get on a plane, it’s not to benefit Boeing or the airline.

      • I’d like to say the Republicans are just stupid (and a lot of them are) but look at what they can accomplish when they actually want to – tax cuts for Romney, whatever Israel wants, keeping the immigration pipeline open if not constantly expanding and entirely grounding out the legitimate Right-wing opposition to any of this.

        • I hardly ever listen to Mark Levin, I happened to have a conservative format AM station on when driving. But yesterday, with all the country burning down, it was all about over 100 congressional Republicans coming together for Israeli national security and “protecting Israel’s borders.” I just shook my head. How obvious is this hypocrisy to the audience? How many desperate people in their double-wides, without a drop of Jewish blood are still eating this up?

    • While our range of products is seemingly endless, with a typical supermarket having 30k different selections, our social choices are increasingly defined by either-or choices rather than a range of options.

      We have to vote Trump b/c Biden’s worse. We have to choose Woke finance capitalism b/c Communism’s worse. And the little hat guys and their collaborators benefit no matter which of those choices you make.

      As much as we’ve all been fence-trained on the Right to disdain government and prefer the private sector, the private sector is now the alligator that’s eating more of us than government, which is essentially a specialized security force and contract muscle for the real power-brokers – gajillionaire private-sector pirates and their corporate disguises.

      The only route to a third option is to literally unplug from the private sector and the government as much as possible, starve it of our brains, effort and resources and build our own society as far removed physically, economically and socially from their matrix as we can.

      Living inside the fence by the rules, constrained within two for them, none for us choices is a lose-lose for us.

  19. It’s no surprise the “marketplace of ideas” hasn’t worked as advertised. Ideas aren’t widgets.

    Markets have their place and every economy features some kind of marketplace. They predate capitalism by thousands of years, despite what a lot of modern capitalism enthusiasts seem to believe.

    Z correctly notes that selection is an issue.

    Leaders, like ideas, aren’t widgets. The most popular ideas and leaders aren’t necessarily the best ones.

    Even if we didn’t have (((forces))) gaming the marketplace of ideas and leadership, the marketplace selects selects for midwit leadership and midwit ideas, “truthiness” over truth & status over substance.

    The biggest reason why the current asses astride the thrones of politics, media, academia & finance have succeeded is that the market-first mentality is a pre-greased skid for their brand of leadership and ideas – selected for pretty packaging, ease of use and popularity rather than long-haul priorities.

    Markets are an exercise in reversion to the mean and finding the lowest common denominator.

    When it comes to ideas and leaders, you don’t want to select the guys selling the cheapest, easiest and most popular solutions – you need the guys selling the best solutions you can practically achieve. You want a Colt 1911, not a Llama 1911.

    Legitimacy and consent always have to be taken into account in any group policy, but simply taking a head-count vote of the membership for every decision is actually a lazy and sloppy way to make decisions. It demands the least of the nominal leadership.

    Aristotle recognized the necessity of both monarchic and aristocratic elements in his ideal government. He didn’t leave every decision to be haggled over in the democratic marketplace of ideas like a camel or a rug.

    Markets are not a model for making every decision in life. Some things are too important to be decided solely by the standards of a marketplace.

    • Zman’s “grey law”- some things shouldn’t be financialized or codified, yet we do both to them.

      For instance, now there’s a dollar price on hurt feelings. That’s a gladitorial arena, not a marketplace.

  20. It looks like we are heading toward an oligarchy of two suppliers for each item customers want to be supplied with. It is not hard to imagine, looking a few years out, “competition” organized around two airlines, two grocery chains (like our current two drugstore empires), two car manufacturers, two real estate agencies, two brokerages, two hospital operators (unless we get government-run healthcare — one operator), two big box retailers in every specialty … you name it.

    But even that’s only the appearance. Really the two “competitors” will be holding hands under the table, as the Rs and Ds are now. The Gold Dust Twins. Og and Eng.

    Such duopolies can be expected to deaden genuine innovation and real choice. Once the two heavyweights achieve a comfortable market share division, skirmishes between rivals will be like taking and losing and retaking little hills at Verdun.

    I don’t know what the answer is except to encourage an alternative system, if the majority populace can be awakened from its coma.

    • That’s one thing I will say about Los Angeles. There are a ton of mom and pop shops around with lots of variations and choices in products and services. I think you need a massive economy to create the market forces to breed and support them. And population density seems to be important. When I travel to smaller cities and towns i see they are dominated by the major retailers and franchise operations with but a tiny tiny segment of mom and pops. We have a new Wal Mart by me but I still have ten local butchers to choose from who buy from different sellers, or for my produce, etc. If I want a bike we have guys who make them b/c there is enough of a market for one, no need to buy a Trek if you don’t want. Etc etc. During the lockdown the big grocery stores were packed with lines out the door, but I could go to the local butcher or produce market and walk in and out. I talk to friends in smaller towns or suburbs and they didn’t have that luxury.

      That all said, I am counting the days when i get to leave this place.

      • Sure, multicultural America offers great variety in terms of food, sports & porn. Circus & bread is very important to keep the masses docile.

        • Yep, I get to stuff my face and buy neat shiny objects in exchange for my sanity and physical safety.

      • Yes, even worse in Mexico. While I didn’t experience crime, you don’t even have to leave your car, just come to a stop, and you can buy: a windshield cleaning, fresh vegetables and fruit, tamales, tortillas, hire the Mariachi band for your fiesta, etc. 😀

    • Hmmm, a mass market version of the division in Ireland, different spelling of names whether you’re a Cahtolic or a Protestant. I understand this is a problem sometimes in Muslim countries; you need a real and a fake id card with Shiite or Sunni names as appropriate, lest you die at a checkpoint 🙁

  21. Relatedly, I saw that Johnson & Johnson will no longer manufacture skin-whiteners and sell them to Orientals. J&J is not doing this because the demand has evaporated, but because it is now an AWR corporation which loathes people who don’t despise whites. The demand side of the economy is being ignored; AWR ideology trumps it.

    • The Chinese probably already have the formulas and will quickly make it themselves. Probably with some endangered species organ in it for some extra oomph.

    • I saw that stuff in every pharmacy in south Asia. The women there do not want to look like field hands so the use the stuff religiously.

    • Gilette was willing to lose $8 billion dollars. This religious takeover has gone way, way beyond profit-and-loss columns.

  22. I think the biggest problem is one of scale. People simply aren’t capable of handling mass systems, as mass systems have no built in immune systems like local tribes and communities have had against anti-social behavior (real anti-social behavior, not enforced conformity by Google).

    • Exactly right BT when people start to become removed from their local people then things get out of whack…

    • I ponder if all this mess is the God of Nature- which is above morality- it’s way of dispersing White genes to the greater darker populations, which may be the only effective ‘solution’. An Uplift.

      We’re the only hope Gaia has, the rest have shown they’ll cannibalize Her mercilessly.

  23. One of the problems with liberal democracy is that its openness is used against it by the craziest of the crazies. If a crazy goes to a city council meeting, just a crazed cat lady who wants a law on something stupid and asinine, the council is obliged to listen to her for an hour and attempt to find some common ground. You will never hear a city councilman say “beat it you dumb stupid crazy bitch.” So guess what? The crazy cat lady begins to drive the narrative. Once the narrative is driven, victory is almost assured. This is why the Republicans cucking to the anarchists is worse than a thousand statues being torn down. Who is driving the narrative? Once the narrative is driven, guess what? The crazy cat lady, sensing progress, runs for office. And once she gets on the council, guess what? She SHUTS DOWN DEBATE. Because she’s crazy, and crazy people don’t like debating, the like winning and control because they’re right, and how dare you not listen to them.

    • “One of the problems with liberal democracy is that its openness”

      On of the problem with venomous snakes is that they are deadly`
      Other than that…..

    • things worked when white men ran things

      Nothing was perfect but it was as good as it could get in a world of human imperfection

  24. Forgive me for getting meta for a second, but you can sum up the driver of all historical change in the Modern (>1450) period in a phrase: Communication speed. I’m certain your Lancastrian or Valois kings would’ve tormented their subjects out in the sticks the way our digital monarchs torment us, but they lacked realtime communications. Or, if you want a purely ideological example, look at Cromwell’s England or Calvin’s Geneva. They gave totalitarianism the old college try, but when it took two weeks for the fastest messenger to go from London to Glasgow, it was impossible….

    It’s not the market, in other words. The Karens ye have always with you, as I think Ice Cube once said. In times past, Karen was confined to her local community, because there are only so many hours in the day and she’s got to physically walk from badthinker to badthinker to scold them. Nowadays, she can scold anyone, anywhere on earth, with the push of a button. Government, at any level above tribal chieftain, has always been about whipping people into line while congratulating yourself on your enlightened, benevolent rule. It’s Karen’s natural habitat, in other words, and she will continue to torment us until communication speed is reduced.*

    *Here a very very badthinker might be tempted to ponder just how exquisitely fragile modern communication systems really are. That would be bad. Very bad. I preemptively denounce it.

    • Cuts both ways. Communication speed doth giveth the microphone and taketh it away.
      What matters now is who can produce the better message for normie to swallow and it ain’t Karen.
      Right now, we’re outgunned on multiple fronts but our message still manages to get through and continues to compound day by day, month by month, year by year.
      The better we get at communication, the closer we will come to building a viable movement. After all the question: who are you going to believe, them or us? is a powerful one….

  25. The marketplace of ideas has been proven demonstrably false so many times I think it only lives in the mind of Lolbertarians anymore.
    Case in point, 6 mega corporations own 90% of all media. How in holy hell are you going to get a ‘marketplace’ with such an iron grip defacto monopoly that they have slowly been consolidating over decades? Answer: you do not. Feature, not bug.

    Related: We have been talking ideas here but I am interested in anecdotes too especially from the past few weeks. What are you people seeing? I say this because I had to choke down another blackpill last night. Guy I have known almost my whole life who when we were younger freely understood what n1gger meant and said it often. Now petrified to even think of the word.

    He is like most American Beta Males a good provider for an overweight highly entitled demanding wife who brings little to the table but keeps his balls in a pickle jar under the sink. With this being the majority out there, what chance do we really have? I had a momentary lapse of reason as he started to say how awful it was the videos he saw on CNN/NBC about how some Karens are just calling the cops on black people for ‘nothing’ and blah blah… i.e. propaganda swallowing.

    He goes to work, comes home, deals with kids, picks from one of the 6 globohomo media conglomerates to get his ‘news’ day after day year after year. He also mentioned that BLM becoming a religion is because of Trump’s ‘racism’. This is when I did something uncharacteristic because I just couldn’t take anymore and lit his fucking ass on fire with a verbal tirade any of you would have been proud of. I blew holes in the Trump’s ‘racism’ argument, I explained that for every video of a black guy not getting into the pool there are 10 of white people being -assaulted- for just being white. I told him to not let his wife keep his balls in a jar and because she has he is 100% a part of the problem. That none of this happened overnight even though it seems that way, and had he not been busy with muh sportsball, and vidya, and hollywood it would have been clear as day.

    Suffice to say, he was a bit ahh… stunned. Maybe that wasn’t the way to go but this quiet rage has been building in me for weeks and it just came out finally. I am guessing many feel the same but I’d like to hear anecdotes from others that have been navigating this new twilight zone too to see what the ‘lay of the land’ really is. My feelings after talking to him was that I need to just get into the acceptance phase that he can’t be saved at this point. Too much time & effort I don’t have so I’m going to have to watch many of my friends & family burn if I’m to protect and save the few I know that ‘get it’. It that everyone else’s play here too? Or am I doing it wrong or too blackpilled?

    Sorry for writing a book but I’m mentally starting to lose my focus from all this and am trying not let the despair set in which is exactly what TPTB want for us.

    • You did the right thing Brother those people will be a liability in the coming days… Any guy that doesn’t have a handle on his wife and I may get some downvotes on this is a liability for our thing…How can you make decisions for your people when you can’t make a decision at home…There is a balance to a home but all major decisions for the family need to be made by the man, which includes how to raise your kids, what location you need to live in, if your wife should work or stay at home, etc…

    • Anyone who gives me the “oh poor black people” gets a link from me to the Wikipedia article on the “Knoxville Horror”. There are many more horrors of course, but I haven’t gotten any come-backs for more after that.

    • I work in an environment that should be rich breeding ground for the DR. Mostly male, mostly white, lots of 2A people, etc. And I’m honestly getting the impression that there’s a shit ton of resentment bubbling under the surface. We work for globohomo, so having badthink is grounds for termination, but it takes no effort at all to get them to engage in forbidden conversation. It seems that people are waiting for the dam to burst before revealing themselves.

      On the other hand, I talked to a good buddy of mine the other day, a childhood friend whose parents were race realists. None of their 4 boys were shy about calling a spade a spade. And yet, a couple of them, along with their sons, are typical white cucks. Air Jordan stickers on their vehicles, obsessing over the negro bucks who wear the right colored jersey, listening to jungle music, etc. My friend and I got as far as talking about the Wuflu scam and I could see that his second wife, a school teacher, has had an effect on him. He had no idea that differing from the party line was allowable. It was fear, fear, fear. At that point, I didn’t want to get into the Jogger Rebellion that’s currently underway. I’m going to have to broach that subject next time.

    • It starts with the guy.

      First, any guy whose wife works and they need that money to make ends meet, that wife is going to be able to put his nuts n a jar. He has no choice but to let her push him around and dictate things b/c he’s over the barrel. Weak willed men go hand in hand with feminism and appear to be a byproduct of it. Conversely, you may notice that strong willed men tend to also be the family’s breadwinners if not sole provider.

      Where you live. During Covid, I have noticed that men who live in apartments were far less willing to rock the boat and far more subdued if not depressed. Men who had a house with even a small yard were far more independent minded and spirited. Not sure if there is cause and effect or one begets the others. Who knows.

      So the moral of the story is to make enough money to tell the woman to shut up and get yourself some land. Or else you turn into a pussie.

      • Unless the rent is unreasonably high, living in an apartment is generally a black (pilling) experience since about 1960s 🙂

    • We’re not going to save them all from themselves, AP, and thankfully we don’t have to. We have to build something better with the guys we have and I’d rather have a smaller harder core than a big tent full of sheep.

      On the whitepill side, we only need 20% or so of the population to move the rest if the 20% are committed.

      I’m not saying we vote our way out of this but as we stand now we can be a strong enough magnet to pull those worth saving the rest of the way to where we are.

    • Hoo boy, that’s my best friend.

      Like *this* (crosses fingers) for 55 years, but he’s so whipped it’s as if this former hellraising alpha is a pod person.

  26. It could be said that all areas of human endeavor are markets, and markets inevitably select for human power lust. It’s human nature, after all. Alas.

  27. OT –

    @Vizzini, ordered Christus Liberator An Outline Study of Africa. I appreciate you checking on that, and am looking forward.

    @Epaminondas, thanks for the Charles Oman recommendation. I’ll be acquiring his books slowly; in the meantime looks like he’s also on audible so I’ll probably hit it from both ends, heh.

    @all, my copy of Getica just arrived and, by happenstance, when googling some island names I came across the full text online…so if anyone would like to peruse –

  28. And don’t forget the foundations and monstrosities that have followed up the work of decent men like Henry Ford and Walt Disney and many others.
    Good decent capitalists left behind foundations filled with money that now support diversity committees advocating BLM for the college students and transvestite cartoon characters for the kiddies.

  29. The problem both with the political parties and the phones and the rest of the tech monopolies is that we are not their customers. In the case of phones, it is the phone makers and in the case of search engines, it’s advertisers and the same with the other tech giants.

    Tech censorship is just one of the costs of “free” services. Your privacy is just another cost of what is presented as a free service.

    Problem is, for the search engines and for things like Twitter, is that very few people would pay. People use these services because they are free. Gmail is the only one of these things I would pay for, though not google. My last ISP offered a free email account. But the phone company took away my normal phone line. Neither the cable company nor the phone company offer email anymore as part of their packages despite my having to pay twice as much money for this service. It went from 35 dollars a month with email and usenet (which I used a lot) to 70 bucks a month with no other service and an alleged 50gb/s upload and download speed. My NIC can’t handle this speed and there is no application that would ever use that much speed. They might as well make it a tb for all that 50gb matters. That is the slowest speed they offer.
    Until we are willing to pay for social media, this is never going to end. The advertisers do not want to put their ads on anything but degeneracy.

    • 50 Gbit? Good God man, what are you running at home, a major communication trunk? 🙂

      Re your social media quip, I would gladly pay to avoid social media 🙂

  30. I dunno, Z. You are doing alright in a marketplace that has absolutely no use for you and your ideas. Hell, you’ll be selling your books soon right in their own back yards as will others.
    Getting around Zuck is as easy as learning to use and navigate alt tech. Even Yesterday Men like me are doing it; the younger dissidents are all over it.

  31. zman: “NASCAR would be fine with not having a live crowd and depending entirely on television money. Then they no longer have to be responsive to the demands of the customers.”

    Once again, the fans of NASCAR are not the customers. The advertisers are the customers, the fans (the “eyeballs”) are the product being sold to advertisers. The race car drivers are just a business expense. Always keep your real customers happy. Damn the fans.

    • That’s true to an extent. I’d heard that NFL fans in attendance were less customers than people who paid to be an extra in a TV broadcast. However, I think for all the sports that attendance money is pure gravy; they might meet base payroll with ad dollars but they really need people paying $10 for a $2 beer to make money.
      There is an inflection point too. At some point in time the lack of eyeballs will translate into lost ad revenue but there’s a lot of moving parts there.

  32. Libertarians and conservatives could stop embarrassing themselves, sort of, if they could get a grasp on a simple slogan: we live in an age of ideology not markets.

    Doesnt matter what markets look like in theory or on paper, they cant survive ideology and fanaticism.

  33. Cyrus II had a good quote about the Greeks and the agora. It’s been known at least since antiquity that lying is allowed in the marketplace. There’s that materialism again. So maybe imposing morality is a solution. Either that or stop being high-trust.

  34. As Adam Smith noted (although he was wrong on other things):

    “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices…. But though the law cannot hinder people of the same trade from sometimes assembling together, it ought to do nothing to facilitate such assemblies, much less to render them necessary.”

    He was right (apart form the bit about the law) but did not see that the sole goal of corporatism is monopoly/cartels. Any high level meeting of these sort of people is the same in outcome.

    I have had more than a few arguments pointing out that stuff like G8, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Aspen, UN, EU etc are no more than people of the same trade getting together as a conspiracy against the public. The conservatives deny Adam Smith’s observations about this even while praising him.

    It is beyond weird that common conspiracies have been eradicated from people’s mind spaces when there are lots being done in the open and they receive the shit end of them.

  35. Just a thought, but regardless of whether free markets naturally move toward oligarchy in a vacuum, they certainly would move to an oligarchy when combined with liberal democracy.

    Even a libertarian’s wet dream idea of free markets would lead to both greater materially well-being for all and greater inequality as money flowed to the most talented. And even in an Enlightenmentarian’s wet dream of a non-corrupt democracy, you would see the 51% start to vote in ways to reduce that inequality. Since it’s very difficult to regulate thousands of ever-changing businesses, the democracy would push for a small number of highly-regulated businesses.

    Consolidation of power is the natural way of things.

  36. Wow! Right between the eyes again, Zman. There is nothing you write from which I don’t learn something. So good I just subscribed. Thanks

  37. Here’s the thing: the customers are not the fans in the stands. The customers, in the eyes of NASCAR or any other spectator sport, are the sponsors. The fans in the stands are what are known as “the studio audience.”

    • Yea I don’t know about that if there are no fans then no sponsorship…I think the NFL got hurt by the no fans and if the fans would of stuck with their boycott then the NFL wouldn’t of been able to keep going…They were able too because the down was short enough that they could cover it…Just like in business if you have enough reserve to cover the downturns then you stay in business but if your reserve runs out before it goes back up then your s#*t out of luck…

  38. Market Place of Idea is so ludicrous a term in itself that could have been born only in this age and time
    The very notion that more ideas means better ideas is absolutely ludicrous
    Historical distance from accepting that ludicrous term to a screeching pink hair fat abominable female creature is a short one, in fact such short a distance in historic terms that some could see it happening in their lifetimes
    That alone illustrates the madness of the idea and the age that has begotten it

    • Not quite, ancient indians used to have many branches of philosophy, this applies to ancient greeks as well.

      It can be done, though I don’t see this to be an ideal worth striving for, due to various reasons.

      • I would not call Athene a “market place of ideas” though I would still think about it in terms Apollonian vs Dionysian nature of culture and civilization and the necessity of the balance
        If we agree that today we thoroughly lack Myths and Credos perhaps it is precisely because of the inherent intellectual tendencies to break them down not to say to (((deconstruct))) them

    • Case against “Market Place of Ideas
      You do not have to necessarily agree with all of this but do not dismiss it before thinking about it. Maistre was a great thinker who had a (mis)fortune to live at the aftermath of the age of guillotine
      Human reason reduced to its own resources is perfectly worthless, not only for creating but also for preserving any political or religious association, because it only produces disputes, and, to conduct himself well, man needs not problems but beliefs. His cradle should be surrounded by dogmas, and when his reason is awakened, it should find all his opinions ready-made, at least all those relating to his conduct. Nothing is so important to him as prejudices, Let us not take this word in a bad sense. It does not necessarily mean false ideas, but only, in the strict sense of the word, opinions adopted before any examination. Now these sorts of opinions are man’s greatest need, the true elements of his happiness, and the Palladium of empires. Without them, there can be neither worship, nor morality, nor government. There must be a state religion just as there is a state policy; or, rather, religious and political dogmas must be merged and mingled together to form a complete common or national reason strong enough to repress the aberrations of individual reason, which of its nature is the mortal enemy of any association whatever because it produces only divergent opinions.

      All known nations have been happy and powerful to the extent that they have more faithfully obeyed this national reason, which is nothing other than the annihilation of individual dogmas and the absolute and general reign of national dogmas, that is to say, of useful prejudices. Let each man call upon his individual reason in the matter of religion, and immediately you will see the birth of an anarchy of belief or the annihilation of religious sovereignty. Likewise, if each man makes himself judge of the principles of government, you will at once see the birth of civil anarchy or the annihilation of political sovereignty. Government is a true religion: it has its dogmas, its mysteries, and its ministers. To annihilate it or submit it to the discussion of each individual is the same thing; it lives only through national reason, that is to say through political faith, which is a creed. Man’s first need is that his nascent reason be curbed under this double yoke, that it be abased and lose itself in the national reason, so that it changes its individual existence into another common existence, just as a river that flows into the ocean always continues to exist in the mass of water, but without a name and without a distinct reality.”
      ― Joseph de Maistre, Against Rousseau: On the State of Nature and On the Sovereignty of the People

    • Hmm. Let’s take it as a given that it is harder to come up with good ideas than bad ideas.

      So, in any idea-generating system, you’re going to generate more bad ideas than good ideas.

      What you have to determine then is how bad ideas and good ideas interact and how to maximize the utility of good ideas.

      Is it more important to have one good idea and 99 bad ones, and then stop there?

      Or is it better to have 100 good ideas and 900 bad ones?

      Do we have an effective way of increasing the store of good ideas while eliminating the bad ones?

      Once upon a time, that was the traditionalist position — good ideas are proven over many generations. If you don’t understand why a thing is good, examine its history, because the mere fact that it has existed so long is evidence that it should not be tossed carelessly aside: Chesterton’s Gate. (The typical counter-example is slavery.) Sometimes things are good until they are not. Circumstances change.

      But now we are in the progressive era where new ideas are obviously better than old ideas, because we are progressing toward the Utopian future.

      • Only time, a significant amount of it, can test an idea
        From that simple premise we can evaluate the merit/greatness of the conservative principle such as Burke defined it
        Consequently we can fully apprise the foolishness and lunacy of today world and so called “progressiveness”
        To consider that almost entirety of the corrupt politician of today have no knowledge of history is frightening and consequences of disaster are to be seen all around
        Do not ever, ever call GOP cucks “conservatives”, greater misnomer has never existed including calling commie sub-civilization forms “progressives”

      • Borrowing poorly from Dawkins The Selfish Gene, he is credited with inventing the concept of the “Meme”. Let’s say a meme is an idea (close enough). The ecosystem is the total of human brains capable of storing, modifying and passing along the idea. Natural selection will apply: if the idea adds survival value, it will tend to survive and the popualtion of it (and mutant descendants) will tend to increase. A particularly bad idea will tend to die off, either by killing the host too soon and/or not being passed along to the uninfected. (e.g. The Shakers).
        This doesn’t preclude a silly idea from becoming popular or even durable: as long as it doesn’t reduce the host’s survival too badly, call it a parasite. We get immune to any particular season’s cold virus, but variants of it will be a feature going forward. Evolutionary thoery does suggest, however, that the better ideas will tend to predominate.

        • Evolutionary thoery does suggest, however, that the better ideas will tend to predominate.

          All other things being equal, which they rarely are.

          Also, defining “better” isn’t as easy as it seems, either for evolution or ideas.

        • Which, Ben, returns us pretty much back to the first series of comments today—that of the necessity for a free and open “marketplace” of ideas and an end to cancel culture.

  39. I read somewhere once that managers like competition among suppliers, but they don’t like too much competition. Two or three choices makes decision-making manageable, more choices kludges up the decision-making process.

    • Analysis paralysis. Even affects the average consumer. A whole grocery store aisle just for toothpaste? Maybe an exaggeration, but not by much. (As a wise ass once said: “I’ve told you a million times to stop exaggerating!”)

      • I don’t like going to subway because i have to make all those choices. I find myself telling them just give me th one in picture. They never do. sigh

  40. The problem with the marketplace is that we use the same word for market entities that operate differently.

    The marketplace was once a physical space where people could come to exchange, barter and pay for what they needed. The agora, the town square, the farmers market was until recently simply the market. You could contract services from skilled tradesmen and expect deliveries from the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the milkman…..

    Then commodities exchanges began to show up. A broker middleman would buy up the corn or the wheat and designate some for town A , some for town B, some for the miller and so on. It was more efficient than having each farmer peddle his own goods.

    Exchanges grew and grew until they not only controlled distribution but also controlled supplies and prices. The marketplace no longer served as an exchange between the producer and the consumer…it was now at least in part a vehicle controlled by the middlemen in service to their drive for profit. A farmer with a healthy crop could go bankrupt and a village could find its larder bare because the broker could get a better price in a city two day’s ride further down the road.

    Corporatism is complete control of all supplies and all price setting mechanisms. It is the population that is now farmed and rearranged in order to serve the needs of the corporate marketplace.

    This was a long journey. It has its roots in the 14th and 15th Centuries. The politicians seek a new people because the marketplace demands a new politics.

    • Apart from at a very small level Its never really been free. That was a myth I think introduced by the same old, same old to break the aristocratic monopolies on goods (same as the free speech pushes used to break the morality restrictions).
      In the middle ages up to nearly Victorian times most markets were controlled explicitly by crown/govt grants that were handed out as rewards to favored people. Its why smuggling was such a massive problem in Europe and the early Americas.

      Approved Guilds controlled most of the trades transactions.

      These gave the recipients monopoly wealth in nearly all commercial areas.
      This was at least explicit in delineating the players and favours rtaher than the under the table conspiracy groups that currently do the same thing (although in lots of regulated areas – we see similar things like TV broadcast licenses, medicine etc).

      • Your assessment is true but largely for the cities where only 10% of the population lived. There’s an excellent study of the period I refer to. It’s a multi volume work full of ledgers and charts. A very slow read. The Wheels of Commerce by Fernand Braudel. He is still widely read on the Continent and in East Asia…but his appeal in the Anglosphere took a hit during the Thatcher-Reagan era.

        • Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

          Thanks, tremain, Yves, and MelBlanc, good stuff. I’m learnin’.

      • One man’s smuggling is another’s Free Enterprise 🙂
        The midieval guild system is alive and well; in the modern world we just call it “licensing”, “regulation”, etc.

        • You got that. One could design a little machine with computer that would test your eyes and produce a eye prescription in 10 minutes. Boom- optometrists are obsolete. Just one example of the rent-seeking the premeates the professional classes. I talked one of my kids, probaly foolishly, out of pursuing optometry. Good hours decent money.

  41. The “free market” theory suffers from the same defect as the “theory of evolution.” In each case, there are two or three required mechanisms, but we only actually see one functioning as described.

    Ironically, in both cases the functioning mechanism is the same one: “natural selection” or “survival of the fittest.”

    Survival of the Fittest is a winnowing function: it removes diversity. If you start with 100 companies or 100 species, and the fittest survive, soon you end up with maybe 50 companies or 50 species. Of course, those 50 companies and 50 species are *still* competing and still pushing each other out, so it is no surprise that eventually you are left with, relatively, very few companies and very few species in a particular business or ecological niche. It’s worse in a respect in the business world, because in the animal world there are few animals besides humans that actively take over different ecological niches. Tigers don’t aspire to become tree-climbing fruit eaters. Giraffes don’t contemplate hunting down wildebeast. But Amazon surely thinks of becoming a grocery store, a telecommunications service, a media company, you name it.

    The other mechanism is the one which creates the diversity of companies or species. This actually functions somewhat better in the business world than in the world of evolutionary theory, because nobody disagrees that there are designers* in the business world. People are creative. People try to start businesses. However, brutally efficient survival of the fittest means that “Joe’s Mail Order Goods” is but a snack for Amazon. Amazon isn’t willingly going to let other companies compete in its niche any more than a tiger allows other large predators to compete in its territory. (*Lacking a designer, mutation is very bad at producing new species. Mutations are overwhelmingly harmful. The math doesn’t work, and there’s not enough “time and random chance” in existence to make up for that.).

    A third mechanism not really defined by either theory, but obviously necessary, is a limiting mechanism on the success of any individual species. Evolution Deus Ex Machinas this with periodic unforeseeable global catastrophes. Dinosaurs were kicking ass in the survival of the fittest business until the giant meteor or whatever the current theory is came along.

    In the business world, the more stable and peaceful the world of human politics and trade gets, the fewer unforeseeable business catastrophes there are, so you get lots of lumbering, monopolistic giants dominating the landscape and have to hope for the next catastrophe to take them out — war, revolution, plague, whatever.

    Waiting on catastrophe to refresh your system seems like a pretty bad way to go, to me. Unless we all like working for Mega Global Business Corp.

    The US and other companies tried to put in a limiting mechanism with anti-monopoly laws, but businesses, like the Tiger, are smart and struggle to survive, and unlike the Tiger, are not inferior in any way to the humans that hunt them.

    It was only natural that businesses would capture and eliminate the threat — the political systems that manage the laws against monopolistic practices.

    Is there a solution? Probably not. Any solution you can think up has to take into account that it is managed by the same humans who would, in general, gleefully be at the heart of a powerful monopoly themselves. In fact, they are — what is government but a powerful monopoly with guns?

    ETA: “Socialism” is not a solution. It’s just jumping to the end game where the biggest lumbering behemoth is already the government monopoly with guns and it has expanded its niche into the world of business, and in fact all the niches.

    • Viz, if you lived in a socialist Scandi country for a month you would hopefully have a more realistic outlook on how it compares with what we live in here.

      You’re black-pilling because you want a perfect system where competition doesn’t lead to monopoly or socialism isn’t subject to government overreach or corruption.

      We’re never going to have a perfect system that doesn’t require good faith effort by good people to run ethically and well.

      If that’s what you want, you’re never going to be happy with any human social order.

      • Not disagreeing with you, as long as you don’t send me to live in Malmo, Sweden. But see, the reason Scandi socialism is reasonably successful isn’t the socialism. It’s the Scandi. I won’t even bother to go into Scandi Socialism’s defects, because it was “good enough” for the time, if not perfect, and a trustworthy population made adjustments to account for defects possible.

        That’s what I’m trying to get at. The systems don’t particularly matter. The people do.

        When Minnesota was mostly Scandi immigrants, it was fantastic. They could afford to believe in leftist policies, because they could trust the people not to abuse them.

        The US is far too filled with untrustworthy people to ever implement Scandi socialism. The only chance is separation.

        It’s a shame that the Swedes are poisoning their own system with immigration. Nobody made them do that. The seeds of our destruction are always in ourselves.

        • Spot on. Lived in and traveled to Scandi for years, grew up in Scandi town in Midwest. Wholeheartedly agree with you.

    • I can speak better to the evolution than to business. You seem to believe in an intelligent Creator which is certainly a major belief. I subscribe to the evolution Theory. One thing that’s notable is that even if you could prove once and for all that a God created everything, it is a valid question to ask where did God come from? As far as I know Evolution doesn’t claim to have any knowledge of a first cause, you could call it agnostic. Many Eastern philosophy sidestep the whole problem by positing and endless cycle of rebirth or creation, but the problem remains you can never prove the first cause.

      • Since you can’t prove a first cause for *any* explanation for reality, it doesn’t really advantage any one explanation over any other. So it’s not a point I worry about much.

      • Whether you are taking about intelligent design vs. evolution, capitalism vs. socialism, BLM vs. ALM, etc. it has been my practice to ask very simple questions. Otherwise you get lost in the weeds very quickly and never come out.

        As a PK (preacher’s kid) even in elementary school my question to those who insisted that creation ex nihilo per Genesis 1:1 was true because the world was too complicated to evolve was “ how did God come into being.” If earth needed an all powerful being to be created then that all powerful being needed an even more powerful being to explain him. Once you take one step down that road you logically can never come back.

        The Big Bang or “In the beginning…” are the same thing.

      • Oh gods here we are back in the second grade again.

        Vizzini correctly points out that the random walk guys can’t explain anything outside their model either, and does so with style.

        Enough poking holes in each other!
        Fricking listen- now ask, “what is it? How does it work? Why- what’s it for?”

        • PS- when the imperious Spengler declared, “we shall never know the meaning of life”, I asked, “billions have perceived a Heaven, I cannot deny their witness- so then, why a Heaven? What’s it for?”

    • A bit too specific. Species evolve to fill niches in the environment. They need not compete to the death (extinction) if the niches are separate in the environment. 100 companies may be subdivided—say some produce electronics, some specialize in retail, some build cars, etc.

  42. I suspect that the axioms are correct and that the system is not truly open. I do know that the market place for ideas is anything but “open”. And it makes sense that someone who is successful would seek to stack the deck in an attempt to ensure their continued success. I see your examples as being more proof that the system is faulty rather than that the axioms are wrong.

    • Perhaps the axioms are internally self-consistent but don’t describe this world? You can create a logically self-consistent system, but that system doesn’t necessary apply to the world in which we live.

  43. ”Almost”? Like everything else in the grand inversion, market demand – call it the will of the people, has been flipped and now resides at the bottom.

    What the market solves for instead is the means to control, to increase the level of captivity.

    It is no longer joyful competition for the opportunity to serve the needs of the people, but rather competition to ply their particular brand of coercion to the captives.

    Choice and preferences are not opportunities to create new ways to serve or new customers but are threats to the level of captivity.

    The saying “if you aren’t paying, you are the product” rings true. While this has been true for a long time, the consolidation via technology has removed most of the window dressing.

    We are a feedlot tended by the oligarchy, corp-gov joint-ventures, and like most relationships in which one has all the power and no longer needs the consent of the other party, the disdain becomes difficult to mask.

    Only a sadist or psychopath would enjoy rising up in a system like that.

    • “the grand inversion”- perfect.

      An entire sociological discipline in 3 words, you know Who I’m talking about, and the allies they attract like maggots to carrion.

  44. Once upon a time, most Americans were hard-working, decent human beings. The environment of the North American continent demanded this as a condition of survival. That was then, this is now. Our current environment is dominated by affluence and the extinction of hardship. As a result, Americans are becoming increasingly soft and stupid. That is the root of all the problems mentioned in this post. A hard people would shed itself of parasites, both at the top and bottom of the social pyramid.

    • A hard people that are a tribe together can do that otherwise they will get squished like a bug by those employed by the state…

      • The Jackboot State typically uses CIs that are run into closed communities in order to identify targets. Betrayal is the weakness that does you in. Conduct yourself solely within your own skull and that cannot happen. Smarter is better.

        • So be the last one eaten then… Sorry I have a family that I want to see grow up to a life worth living and your way is not an option for me…I will continue to build Community even though the risk is there…

        • You can’t accomplish anything against the kind of opposition we face alone.

          CI’s are not godlike – in fact they’re usually pretty easy to spot.

          If we have dozens or hundreds of communities of determined White people, I don’t see how it’s possible for TPTB to play whack-a-mole with every one & not go broke.

          They can’t even police D.C. effectively as things stand now.

        • A defensive crouch doesn’t work. Practice discretion, but the fact is with the electronic surveillance we were all doxxed years ago. It is is sitting in a large facility in nevada awaiting a query stroke by one of our masters.

    • TomA, will you ever acknowledge that the very people in the USA have changed significantly and that may largely explain the shortcomings that you note? You don’t really believe all races of people are interchangeable do you?

  45. The ultimate marketplace of ideas is supposed to be the university. It completely stopped being that in the 60s and 70s when the ultra-left was allowed to assume full control of academia.
    No one – and the Booby means no one! – did anything or said much about it at the time, not even the people who post on here. Everyone laughed at those silly college kids and assumed the college was a self-contained loony bin that didn’t effect the rest of the world.
    They were wrong.
    The new one-party state that emerged in post-secondary seized control of all debate, and now after two generations of indoctrinating young people they are poised to seize complete control of the public sphere.
    Who’s going to stop them?
    The baby boomers? The most influential of whom still cling to the narcissistic fantasy that they saved the world in 1969 by putting flowers in their hair?
    The millennials? The ones hiding in their basements, trembling, wearing masks at the behest of mommy and the nanny state?
    Gen-X? The douchebags who spent their lives obsequiously seeking approval by imitating the hippy baby boomers?
    Gen-Z? Even more pathetic than the millennials.
    It’s over. The reign of terror of the New Left is upon us and the public actually wants it, craves it.
    The only resistance left is quiet resistance. Even the police, who have just been collectively shit upon by the political class, will eventually come around to bowing to their masters. Rebelling, after all, would cost them their jobs and pensions. The military follows orders. Period. The political class are now their masters, too.
    Boycott the worst of companies, like Disney, Google, Twitter, Proctor & Gamble, etc.
    Quit your jobs in the office. Work outdoors, or with you hands. Under the table, if possible.
    Stop being good citizens. Your fellow-citizens would happily send you to the guillotine, so why open doors for them? Or help them on the side of the road? etc.
    All resistors must start using cash as much as possible. Make it as difficult as possible for the state to force us into an electronic currency.
    Support the official economy as little as possible. Buy 2nd hand using cash, from the black market, if necessary.
    Leave the cities as soon as possible.
    But most importantly, start petitioning your politicians to defund academia. Make it an issue.
    The Booby could go on, and on, and on.

    • I remember some the looniest college lefties from the 60-70s and they weren’t nearly as bad as today. The true believers went on to infiltrate and take academia, but also that movement bled off most of their deadweight. Those guys had a nominally-functioning society to return to. Today…there’s nothing for the, do except agitate and play video games. If we overcome this thing, all these non-functioning kidults will have to be dealt with. Public works? Military? Re-education camps? God forbid, but some global war?

      • Nope. The CH-47 Chinook has a large tail ramp that can be deployed at altitude. Not cheap but worth it.

          • Not in the budget. However I was an active parachutist for more than a dozen years and I still have two rigs and gopro. I’ll jump with them and record the videos. We can replay the vids each day at beer-thirty o’clock. I’d do it, too.

          • Perfect for corn weevils. Nothing living remains after a good crop-dusting with the A-10. You know what looks like corn weevils? Black protestors. Hmmm.

      • All good points.

        That said, the Booby neglected to mention the most important act of defiance that all resisters need to do:

        Cut off your social justice warrior children. That may eve require divorcing your wives. Yes, it’s hard, but the future of your society depends on it. If your children have any sympathies whatsoever for our new political class, cut them off. No money for college, no help with that mortgage, nothing in the will, etc.

        Give your money to pursuits and causes that are in line with your values and traditions. If the parents of the baby boomers had done this we would have had a Soviet-style collapse decades ago, as all those flower-wearing brats would have had to deal with the consequences of their own ideology. Instead, princess gets money from mom and dad when she wants a baby, but not a husband; little prince would have had to actually live on the wage that social worker provides, etc, etc, etc.

        The message doesn’t sink in until it blows up in one’s face. Unfortunate, but true.

        • Cut off your social justice warrior children.
          By the time you realize they are social justice inclined it is too late for them, the condition is a terminal illness. They already hate you. They already despise the fact you were enabled to acquire assets. Oddly, they feel entitled to those assets as soon as possible, which means you should change the locks first and then let them have it with metaphoric both barrels.

          • Exactly. They need to find out for themselves that the nanny state – the matriarchy – is a sorry replacement for a real loving family. But as you said, by the time they’ve adopted the ideology they already hate you. Those of you who want to believe otherwise are deluded.

            Cut them off.

    • Good to see you again Booby and I agree quit playing in their rigged game and start living where you are part of a Community that cares about and thinks like you…I wonder how bad it will have to get before people realize that it’s their only option…I still get the feeling that people are still waiting for the other shoe to drop before they make that decision…

      • Glad to be back, Lineman.

        The Booby’s had a hectic six months. Family matters, getting a book out, and getting back from Nicaragua mere days before the lockdown hysteria shut the world down. The blog’s been on hiatus, too.

        Hope all’s well with you and yours.

  46. Is this not “The Iron Law of Oligarchy” writ large?

    Any organization, be it a corporation, church, kingdom or political party, grows until a select group within the organization takes over all the essentials and coalesces the power into their own hands.

    What Michels, Pareto and all those 19th century theorists realized was that the political “science” worked out by the 18th century philosophes was so much bunkum. Hierarchy happens no matter what safeguards or rules are put in place. Fighting reality gets you nowhere.

    What makes our age such a disaster is that we have institutions grown gargantuan in as short a span as a hundred years. Globalcorp, backed up by the US military, is so spanking large that we see this market place capture that Zman alludes to above.

  47. If I was looking for a picture or a story to illustrates this abysmal age the providence has punished me to live in, this massacred painting would be it
    An intentional destruction or an incompetence of the highest order it is not really relevant
    This is the story of our age where cowardly, incompetent,corrupt and ugly are new 4 horseman of apocalypse happening in of front of our eyes

  48. I’m thinking a society which permits diversity of ideas is not sustainable, due to humans(& animals in general) being competitive & selfish creatures.
    It’s nice to think that the republican or the old christian monarchic values will take precedence over other ideas simply cause they are objectively better, but that’s not how reality functions.

    The more machiavellian & stubborn a group is the more chances it has to push its ideas forwards despite them being crappy in the first place.

    USA might have had an open market at some point, or it was less regulated & corrupt at least than it is now, but that time is long gone, the ruthless schemers have monopolized the economy and the political realm.
    I’m thinking a society which permits diversity of ideas is not sustainable, due to humans(& animals in general) being competitive & selfish creatures.
    It’s nice to think that the republican or the old christian monarchic values will take precedence over other ideas simply cause they are objectively better, but that’s not how reality functions.

    The more machiavellian & stubborn a group is the more chances it has to push its ideas forwards despite them being crappy in the first place.

    USA might have had an open market at some point, or maybe it was less regulated & corrupt at least than it is now, but that time is long gone, the ruthless schemers have monopolized the economy and the political realm.

    • Exactly. It might start out with a plethora of various ideas, but as soon as one or maybe two get enough adherents on their side, they first won’t pay attention to the competition, and then eventually try to stamp them out one way or another.

    • The US bought into the idea a century or so ago, that capitalism—in the sense of unbridled/unlimited competition—was not always a general good. This pretty much started with public utilities and assigned, but ostensibly regulated, monopolies being awarded (think: electricity, phone, gas, etc.). At that point capitalism had a major leg kicked out from underneath its premise.

      That thinking has since expanded to any number of businesses and we see that mergers producing oligarchies allowed all the time—only now, little regulated. The only real capitalism we see from time to time (before merger and extinguish) is when a new sea changing technology comes about, e.g., micro computing and related technology in the 90’s.

      Our Federal trade folk now spend all their time approving mergers rather than busting monopolies as they did at the turn of the 20th century—oddly enough, just at a time when technological innovation can feasibly allow more competition, not less.

      There are no more Teddy Roosevelt’s in office.

      • I agree, whenever a technological breakthrough happens there’s competition for a short period before some oligarchs monopolize that specific market.

      •  that is where the whole concept of a regulated public utility came from. Especially in the early days stringing telephone or Powerline wire was enormously expensive. The government granted those companies monopolies precisely for that reason. They need to adapt that to the 21st century and declare companies like Google and Amazon monopolies or common carriers and regulate them in a similar manner.

        • Yep, at least that. But it seems too late. There is not enough political will to do such. The Left likes it just as it is turning out. Cancel culture has won, so why would they destroy one of their most valuable allies?

      • In Mark Twain’s time, “capitalism” was almost a dirty word.

        “He’s as ugly as Joey the Horse-faced Boy at the state fair!”

        “No– worse. He’s as ugly as a capitalist.”

    • “Curse your new fangled ‘crop rotation’ theory! We don’t need your new ideas! This has always been a wheat field and it always will be a wheat field! If the land has gone sour, just sticking some different crop in the ground isn’t going to fix anything! Don’t you know that?”

      Yeah, why would we need any diversity of ideas?

      • Hopefully he is not talking about those ideas Vizzini but the ones that are the bedrock of civilization…

        • Tell me how much civilization you have when people are starving.

          Maybe we could have a special council to tell us which sorts of ideas we’re allowed to have and which we’re not.

          Who gets to be on that council? I’m sure they’ll always be fantastic people.

          • Read Leviathan (Hobbes book), it adresses many of your worries.
            An absolut monarch has access to the brightest counselors & the most accomplished experts in their respective fields, these people are capable of adressing any problem the country is facing, a monarchy does not offer a stagnation of ideas & solutions. A regular politician can’t do that, he’s not as well informed as a king is & he’s not groomed into how to properly rule a country from an early age.
            How can an absolute monarch be compared to bought politicians who must bend their knees to corrupt special interest groups, a politician will never go against the tribe who owns him(Trump).
            The more politicians a country has, the more corruption a country has.

            Most importantly an absolute monarch thinks beyond ideology, his role is to uplift his country, he offers Order. Democracy offers chaos, constant revolution.

          • Historical evidence, of which we have great amounts, does not support your faith in monarchs.

            Leviathan is laughable Utopian idiocy. Only a naif or an imbecile would agree to be a subject under the system outlined.

            Imagine Leviathan, but the Monarch is Hillary Clinton. You have no reason to think it wouldn’t be (or someone equally or more terrible).

          • Believing absolut monarchy brings starvation is irrational, do you need me to bring examples?
            Also, medieval monarchs had nothing to work with in terms of technological development, there were simply not that many books in the past as there are now.
            Current scientific developments were brought forth through trial & error. Christianity is at the basis of modern science. Choosing capitalism over any other system won’t instantly lead a country to the invention of planes & modern medicine.
            I actually believe war + christianity leads to scientific development, not capitalism, but that’s another story.

          • Absolute monarchy, or an absolute sovereign has, indeed, often brought starvation. Often intentional.

            The fact that examples exist on both sides means that having any particular faith in monarchy as an institution is irrational, and Leviathan is absolute government sovereignty on steroids (whether in the monarchical or other forms).

            I’m not talking about or defending capitalism here, either. A monarchy can be effectively capitalistic in how it functions, depending on the whim of the sovereign.

            Capitalism is equally as doomed to failure with or without monarchy.

            The fundamental error that fanatics for any political ideology or system make is the assumption that there is a successful system to be had.

            The fundamental flaw in all the systems is humans. You can stick humans together in a monarchy, a commune, an anarcho-capitalist blob or what-have-you, and humans will ruin it. Every. Single. Time.

            You came within a whisper of the truth when you mentioned Christianity.

            The hope given to Christians isn’t a kingdom on Earth, ruled by men. It’s a Kingdom of Heaven. Humans are too flawed to rule themselves in the long term. Only God can do that. Humans are supposed to figure this out.

          • Most of history humanity was ruled by monarchs, u hope u do realize how imbecilic it is to claim humans were starving for most of its existence. Cherrypicking moments when commonfolk faced starvation does not mean monarchy brings starvation. U should drop this point already, it’s embarassing.
            Have I said anything about recreating Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Have I mentioned anything about utopias?
            The main point of absolute monarchs is that they have the ability & authority to supress certain subversive tribes & they’re much better suited for making important decisions than u’re average politician is.

          • Jesus, the crop rotation thing was just a hypothetical example of an idea that might not be embraced in a society that didn’t allow diverse opinions. I never claimed that humans have been starving for most of their existence. You are the one obsessing over that as if it’s important to my argument when it is barely even tangential.

            The history of humans under monarchies is not covered in glory. There is not a single thing in history to recommend actual monarchies over any other system of government, as monarchies have displayed all the negative traits and outcomes other governments have displayed. There is no evidence that monarchs are better decision makers than aristocrats or democratically elected governments.

            Don’t try to tell me you’re not interested in Utopias while preaching Hobbes at me.

          • The Perennial problem with any Monarch or authoritarian political system is that they are going to prefer the policies that benefit them and their cronies, which are not necessarily the same thing as what is best for the people or the country.

          • U mean nepotism? Nepotism is the lesser of all evils, I really don’t care if the monarch’s family & entourage is privileged cause I don’t give a shit about equality. I hate enlightenment values like universalism & equality, I don’t wanna be ruled by politicians, mobs of brown people & jews, fuck them all!
            Yes, the royals will be above me, they’ll wield power I can never hope to attain. Who cares? That’s a sacrifice I’m very willing to make. As long as they abide christian law & offer the commonfolk protection from oligarchs & the tribe then so be it.
            A monarch is only as strong as his people, he’ll care for his people if he knows what’s good for him. A sane monarch isn’t interested in ruining his subjects, the people who do that are the merchants & the occultists, they’re the ones who exploit the masses.

          • Not all monarchies are hereditary. If a monarch’s first born is Hillary-like he doesn’t have to be crowned, this is basic stuff.

          • Hobbes says the power to appoint the next sovereign should be in the hands of the current sovereign. You don’t get a say, peasant, so shut up.

            Gosh, it’s like you have never read any history. Your faith in he discretion of monarchs is really not charming.

            This kind of obtuseness goes all the way back to Plato’s Republic — where are you supposed to find all the damn Philosopher Kings and Virtuous Citizens to run the damn place?

            There’s a reason “Utopia” means “nowhere” and More’s book was a satire.

          • A monarch should be able to appoint his succesor, doesn’t matter if its his son or not , what matter is for the succesor to be well suited for the task, he must be brought up to rule.
            But if his progeny is Hillary-like, then the state’s christian church should be able to intervene & stop that from happening. There’s a reason why the orthodox church was represented by an eagle with two heads, the monarchy & the church.
            Last part of ur comment suggests u are intending to go full troll. Lost interest in continuing this debate.

          • You both are talking past each other. Both of you have points, but your taking examples a bit too literally. I’m not trying to white knight anyone, just reading and wondering why the animosity. I understood both of you very clearly. Good points all around and a good thread to be extended another day. Hans-Hermann Hoppe writes extensively to your arguments.

          •  am I missing humor something here? If my aunt had a dick she would be my uncle? 😄

          • “Brightest counselors” and “most accomplished experts.” OK NRx fanboi. I understand that Grima Wormtongue was one of the best.
            The only antidote to chaos is speaking the Truth no matter the personal cost. The wise leader knows that the only advisors worth their salt are the truth speakers, not the ass kissers.

          • Maus is a frequent commenter here, as am I. No alt accounts involved, but good job responding like a 13-year-old.

          • I don’t think you understood what I meant…I mean having the idea of thou shalt not murder is probably an idea that you shouldn’t change to thou shalt not murder unless you call me a n*gger like what is going on now…

          • I understood exactly what you meant. Now you tell me Who gets to impose on Whom what ideas are civilizational baselines that should not be changed

          • How big is a community? What happens when the community next door disagrees? What happens to the losers of that conflict?

            Simplistic tribal answers are great, until the world refuses to leave you alone.

            Humanity went through all this thousands of years ago.

          • The world will never leave you alone so would you rather face it as a Community or by yourself…On your other questions it all depends on what your Community is made up of…Also why the anger Brother you are usually not this abrupt? Something going on with you that is setting you on edge?

          • Sentry is setting me on edge, and idealistic, naive political theorizing is setting me on edge.

            It’s not as if we don’t have thousands and thousands of years of history to observe the flaws in all the systems.

          • Well I never said it would be easy now did I Brother…Also it’s not worth your health to get worked up over online sh*t😉

          • Communities not only protect against outsiders, but also smooth the bumps along the road wrt internal situations that may arise from time to time.

          • What happens then is either negotiation or war, Viz.

            You are totally spiraling on this.

            You cannot devise any human social order without these kinds of dilemmas occurring.

            You’re the one who sounds utopian here.

            What ideal system do you have in mind that answers any of the questions you’ve posed to any of us in this vein?

          • What I’m trying to tell you isn’t that there’s not an ideal system, that all this advocating for monarchy or tribal communities or any other system is striving after wind. The fault is not in the systems, but in ourselves. I’m trying to tell you that “You’re fucked.”

          • Yep, no ideal system. But yet, after several hundred thousand years, here we are. We’ve lived through a lot of bad systems.

            Some communities have vanished. Every other community still extent probably has changed beyond recognition—if old enough and we go back far enough. The question is why are we at this point?

            Better is worth striving for, perfect is not possible as we are imperfect creatures and fall short. The discussion is well worth having however.

          • Nah, not f***d. Whites are the Creator’s highest mission on this earth, we were made- MADE- to face this darkness.

          • We do OK, but don’t get cocky. We are still fallen. Some White tribes have created systems that are notably more livable than most.

          • True, the others fell short, not their fault, we are simply blessed to be the best kludge possible at this time of a work in progress.

            A higher percentage of what it takes, not a lock.

            That said, we are miles, leagues, light-years beyond the poor unfortunates, and must make the best of the White Man’s Burden.

            No crown comes without cost.

            I thank Heaven daily for this chance.

          • So is that what you tell your kids Vizzini that your fucked might as well not get a job, raise a family, buy a house cause your fucked anyways… Sorry that you’re in a dark mood right now but I’m going to keep advocating for Community because I want my kids to have a chance…

          • No, I tell them not to be overly concerned about the form of governance, or to trust that government will treat them fairly.

          • The best I hope to do is tell my children how things used to be (now for all practical purposes tossed into the “memory hole”) and how we got here. They really need to know—before they grow old (and impotent as I have)—how things have changed.

            They can decide the good, or bad, of the change. But no matter what, they need to learn what the Orwellian phrase, “New Normal”, means. And it’s got little to do with a cold virus.

          • Which is precisely why any Community should/must be homogeneous. If sub-cons want to fill their rivers with shite and floating corpses, they’re free to do so – in their own shitehole country. If Whites want a country with a generalized Christian baseline while maintaining racial precepts, as we used to, then we could once again live comfortably. Cultural relativism for race realists.

          • “I subscribe to God’s Law” is an enormous cop-out in this context.

            Let’s play your question game with this.

            How big is a god?

            What happens when the other tribe has a different god, or a different law for the same god?

            What happens when God’s Law says something that science disagrees with?

            Like “Thou shalt not rotate your crops?”

            Imagine if the Pope was a negrolator who ran interefence for sodomite Cardinals…

          • There is only one God. That’s the side I’ve chosen. I’m not looking for happiness here on Earth. The Pope is just another Earthly, fallible leader.

          • So are you going to stand with your Brethren then or just tell us we are fucked…Damn Brother…

          • Matthew 6:19-21
            “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
            “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;
            “for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

          • So Dark to Preaching…When have I ever advocated for storing up earthly wealth here or anywhere else…I’ve always advocated for our people and have put time, effort, and money into seeing our people have a better chance… Shaking my head…

          • Time and effort into people are treasures in heaven. I’m sorry if I seem so blackpilled today.

            Time and effort into political systems that are just going to fail us, I can’t get as enthusiastic about.

          • No worries Brother we all have black days if you were closer I would invite you over for a meal and we could sit by the campfire afterwords and listen to the creek rushing by and the mountain grouse drumming which sounds like an old John Deere B Tractor trying to start…

          • That’s why I say there is war between the gods. They’re an ecology, a reflection, a rarified shadow- we are the root reality, not they.

            The God the Christians feel and refer to is the force of the Creator, and it is above the gods, just as we embodied are.

            Why good? Why ‘love’?

            ‘Tis the only vibe that works, that fulfils the highest purpose, the Seeding.

            A primate model of a heavenly Father, a Zeus, an El, is a two-edged sword.

            We can use it’s innate strengths, but needs must go beyond a model suited for children.

          • Might be somewhat of a strawman here Exile. Nothing in my belief states God hates crop rotation. Let one state first what they believe to be Revelation, then perhaps critique from there.

          • You sound like an an-cap or libertarian with this argument.

            Who gets to be on the council that decides what’s legal and illegal (aka any government)? Who’s going to watch those guys?

            Every form of social constraint can be pushed to an autistic extreme.

            The ultimate control on that is legitimacy – once the people refuse to participate and vote with their fists and/or feet, the patrollers have been patrolled.

            We saw how your nightmare scenario played out with Pol Pot, FWIW.

            Get a grip.

          • No, I only sound that way because in the context I was arguing against monarchy. I keep having to repeat myself, though. The problem isn’t the system, it’s the people. I quote myself above:

            The fundamental flaw in all the systems is humans. You can stick humans together in a monarchy, a commune, an anarcho-capitalist blob or what-have-you, and humans will ruin it. Every. Single. Time.

            You came within a whisper of the truth when you mentioned Christianity.

            The hope given to Christians isn’t a kingdom on Earth, ruled by men. It’s a Kingdom of Heaven. Humans are too flawed to rule themselves in the long term. Only God can do that. Humans are supposed to figure this out.

          • Humans are supposed to figure this out.”

            Yes, yes we are, intelligence developed as an antibody to that inevitable, mindless Infection that feeds on suffering. I will stand with the greatest Healer in all history.

          • Amen to that. I also engage in the quest for a better political system but, like a man who opines he has reached humility, we fall if we ever presume to have reached an infallible political system. A finished product political system assumes we can stop our self-improvement, our search for virtue, and that is when darkness falls.

            Isn’t that what happened in America?

      • And yet, academia’s golden rule is to contradict the prevailing wisdom. The problem is these contradictions take place at a superficial level; their assumptions never differ in fundamentals. For example, they’ll all agree that white people are the bedrock of evil, but they’ll argue over which one of them has been the more oppressed. It’s as if, instead of rotating their crops, they decide to change the alignment of their rows from north-south to east-west and then declare they’ve broken new ground.

        • Yet those academics — the most venal and striving among them, no less — are certainly the type who would end up as advisors to Sentry’s flawless Hobbesian sovereign. And the more power they would wield, the worse they’d be.

          How do I know? Every single government in history, that’s how I know.
          I mean, look how Sentry describes them:

           An absolut monarch has access to the brightest counselors & the most accomplished experts in their respective fields, these people are capable of adressing any problem the country is facing

          That reads like it was lifted straight out of a Soviet Central Party Propaganda piece, if you replace “absolut monarch” with “General Assembly.”

          People never learn.

          • Absolutely right. This period is a replay of 600-400 BC, when intriguing court priests overthrew the studied engineers, and gave us our ecstasy religions.

            The Greeks of 300 BC fell so far, they looked at the mighty works their own ancestors built in 800 BC- and wondered if they had been built by Cyclopeans.

        • NJ Person nailed it when he said defund uni.

          We went from theological colleges figuring out the mechanics- “angels dancing on the head of a pin” is a valid engineering question- to using curse wordspells, the ‘abstract’ bullsquat of ‘soft sciences’ to sell lemon loans to confused nits.

          They were offered a false promise, unmerited advancement for Monopoly scrip. They should be baking cookies or picking cotton, they and we would both be happier.

    • Interesting back and forth.
      Because our age has defined the parameters as cradle to grave state governance you’ve all limited this discussion to what sort of throne we should be ruled by. Yet, for most of our existence we were ruled by a balance between throne and altar. Most people had little or no interaction with any form of state government. They were born into, educated in, had their social parameters defined by, pursued their livelihood within, had their duties and rights defined by, we married in, built a family within and were buried within a parish church. We were governed by a neighborhood institution that evolved to serve families, extended families and the immediate community.

      Too much state governance especially at the neighborhood level is not workable. The state evolved to deal with other magisteria. State fiat is a fish-out-of-water in a small community of family, cousins, friends and neighbors who have lived cheek by jowl for decades if not a lot longer.

      State governance has a role in dealing with how these life-giving and life-long enclaves interact with other fairly similar ones. That’s where the polis should begin and where for most of our history did begin.

      A monarch, a republic, some form of limited democracy…take your pick. Handled correctly we can make any one of them work…as long as they don’t stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

  49. It is almost as if the market selects for sadists who despise their customers.

    It probably partly does. Psychopaths are often ‘winners’, they dont waste time or energy brooding over morality.

  50. “Then they no longer have to be responsive to the demands of the customers.”

    That’s true of more than just NASCAR. It seems to be true of everything. I am so tired of the phrase go woke go broke because it’s clear they don’t go broke. That and exhortations to vote. What world are these people living in?

    One thing I am enjoying about this civilization destroying moment we are living through is that there are enough people alive that called Enoch Powell a racist, called Pat Buchanan a racist, called Lawrence Auster a racist who are now faced with the reality that their entire life philosophy is a lie. I am enjoying that part

    • Conservatism always was based on a lie about equalitarianism. Now that it is a failed ideology those who subscribed to it are coming to that realiziaton.

      • Agree it should be equalitarianism but it’s actually egalitarianism. The perversities of the English language, that sounds like it’s a philosophy for being a bird of prey. 😀

    • It’s satisfying that Powell, Pat, Auster et al are proven right, but at the same time society is clamping down on discussing the things they’ve said. So the lies will continue…

  51. You can be their “customer” as long as you either keep your noxious bad thoughts to yourself (assuming they don’t find out about them anyway) or you slavishly toe their ideological line.

    Btw, great show last night. Never heard Gottfried before – he’s very good. One of your comments really struck me, and I’m paraphrasing: this is not a revolution by the people wanting to overthrow their rulers, but one in which our rulers are revolting, saying they want a new people. Awesome!

    • I didn’t hear the podcast but Z nailed it about this pseudo-revolution. It is terror for hire by the Cloud People. Take note that when Antifa came for Santa Monica, tear gas got deployed in short order.

      But the thing about riding the tiger….

      Some of the actual Marxists are splintering off Antifa and BLM and going rogue. Hmmm.

      • How do we listen to the podcast? Are we still waiting on a link? If it’s on their YouTube page, I can’t find it.

      • The entire top 10% Cloud People or the top 1%? What the Soviets called the Nomenklatura.

  52. People still have to be willing to sign up for TV services that sell ESPN as part of their bundle. There are multiple streaming services that don’t include ESPN. As interest in what ESPN offers declines, there will be a correction in both rights fees paid to leagues earnings for the participants. They can’t force people to watch the circuses.

    In another shocking sports development, it appears the Bubba Wallce noose incident was most likely a hoax. Given the total lack of proof it happened, speculation is turning towards the “noose” being the rope used to pull the garage door closed. It has a knot tied in the end of it, making it easier to grab. Someone posted a picture online from last year’s race with the rope clearly visible.

  53. The Bubba Smollett hoax is about to render NASCAR irrelevant. As for the larger point, what is about to take out sports is cord-cutting. People below 45/50 simply do not watch televised sports as did the ones before them. It’s all going down.

    • That demographic tends to obtain its endorphin spikes through social media and not a bunch of beasts slobbing around with some type of ball. It was also feminized and so contact sports like boxing do not hold appeal among them.

      • And their attention spans are not much longer than that of the average teacup poodle.

        • I dated a teacup poodle once. When it was over, I sold her to a Chinese wet market and stood there as she was slowly processed.

    • Normal People are terrified to publicly question any narrative where blacks are terrorized by whites. Jussie Smollet was a year ahead of the curve…no one would doubt him now.

      • Jussie Smollet …no one would doubt him now
        You would know instantly that Jussie was hoaxing if you were living through a brutal Chicago winter. The bleach would freeze solid. Nobody and I mean nobody would just stand around with a noose waiting for a victim to attack. You’d zip-tie him to a convenient lamp post and nature would do the work for you within minutes. Even the blacks here knew it was a hoax from the get-go.

        • If Smollett would have given a somewhat plausible story he would have gotten away with it. Everyone with the ability to think would still doubt him now, the difference would be the Chicago PD wouldn’t dare conduct the investigation they did to prove he was lying.

        • Perhaps the blacks knew, but major Democrat politicians and the MSM did support Smollet.

          • Oh heck they all know, and laugh at how stupid the “higher IQ whites” really are. We fall for the most obvious s**t.

          • Yes. Just look at the imbeciles who awarded the Towson debate team the championship. Those gibbering Hutessas couldn’t speak an intelligible sentence of English, let alone construct plausible arguments, and yet…

          • Haha, you are an old crank. I’m still steamed about the Towson debate win too. But we probaly couldn’t have better advertising for our side if we payed for it. How anybody could watch that and not immediately join our thing is beyond me. Should have flipped alot of AWRs our way (see what i did there)

    • I’ll see you and raise you ten. The Gen Z kids I know do not spend a cent on Netflicks and their ilk. They have been savvy enough for YEARS to steal the content these rotten companies pimp their stock prices by selling Boomers.

      • Depends. Alot of Gen Z women pay for Netflix. Of the Gen Z / late millenial men I know, not a single one pays for cable, or Netflix.

    • After seeing what the Denver Broncos did during the Groyd Riots, I’ve never been happier I cut the chord on rooting for them/NFL in general a few years ago.

      • Sportsball people always say kneeling during the anthem had nothing to do with disrespecting the flag. And ironically they are correct. It has to do with spitting on their white fan base and watching that base pay to come back for more. It certainly must be a dopamine high to see people you hate actually pay you to spit on them.

  54. It’s not just the uniparty, it’s the unicorporation. If you want to buy from a corporation that does not support BLM, good luck with that.

    • Psychopaths are drawn to any means for harnessing people to do their bidding and give them concealment. Businesses, political apparatuses, religious organizations and the like are such means. So we end up here: It is almost as if the market selects for sadists who despise their customers. However it is your “sadists” who manipulate the market and not the other way around.

      • Yes. The psychological component gets missed. Many Cloud People enjoy sadism because they have all their material needs.

        • Psychopaths have been a permanent fixture of civilization. It’s not an epithet but an actual brain condition which possibly evolved as it did in response to socialization and crowding. The existence of the condition and those psychopaths intermingled among us explains one heckuva a lot of human history (and human misery). Because those born with psychopathy tend to be also born with superior communications skills and the talent to manipulate others, normies tend to defer to them and thus psychopaths can be difficult to contain.

          I believe the “science” of psychology is mostly bullshite, however, it does help classify and understand how humanity functions day-to-day over time and although I’m a STEM grad and practitioner I always tend to examine human events through a psychological lens. That’s helpful sometimes.

          • Psychopaths need to be exposed and then have their brains opened over a fallen tree for the sake of the village. Somewhere along the way the religious, social, and cultural immune system that performed these functions was compromised. Not only do these traits now survive but they are often solved for, rewarded, and celebrated as power and material success accrues along that behavioral axis. The traits that should have been jettisoned become part of the aspirational model for the entire village/organization. The virus spreads. In business the paradox is quaint. A really good salesman is hard to find. But extrapolated across an entire system the cost of rewarding the virus eventually becomes the system itself.

          • Recommend the book to Bill Gates, I heard he really likes reading.
            His vaccines were not that effective in diminishing the african birth rates, maybe “Starving the monkeys” offers a simpler solution, it’s a different perspective in how to solve his problem.

          • I disagree…psycopaths are a huge benefit to a civilization in time of war. Military recruiters keep an eye out for these types as they can make ferocious and cruel warriors. I have a couple friends who are somewhat psycopathic and they’re both in our thing. They lack empathy, and so they slay with women and in their careers. As long as they can avoid being cancelled they’ll continue being hugely successful.

          • Psychos are not warriors. One reason why army basic training is so difficult, is to root out psychos. Those people like to torture others but by themselves they are such a snowflakes that even following basic discipline is too humiliating for them. Have your noticed that every last profession from army to airline pilots to ship crews, where order and discipline are demanded has almost 0 liberals.

          • Psychopaths are only useful if you can keep them pointed at the enemy – and only so long as there is an enemy. I don’t see how they are net-positive overall when normal men can perform at 90% of their Dark Triad levels when properly motivated and they don’t present the same danger of “killing the village in order to save it” – especially your own people’s village.

          • I would also think they’d be much more likely and willing to sacrifice those under their command, especially if it improved their chances of promotion or glory.

          • If psychopaths are genetic so are sheep, I’d wager, as are sheepdogs. We need more sheepdogs, fewer wolves and sheep.

          • I would disagree and say we need more Wolfhounds… Sheepdogs spend most of their time keeping the sheep in line not killing the wolves…Also Sheepdogs do what their Masters tell them to do…

          • Splitting hairs, but wolfhounds are the sweetest dogs. They won’t hurt a fly unless told to or defending their masters, but they make terrible guard dogs.

          • I disagree. My cousin has had a succession of 5 Irish Wolfhounds and all but the first have been surly and at times aggressive.

          • Maybe the breeder? My parents breed them, so I’ve been to several kennels and I have yet to meet an IW that’s worse than aloof.

          • I think it is a combination. There are some people who are genetically susceptible to being sociopaths, but it takes the right environment to bring it out. Clownworld brings out the worst aspects of people.

          • As another one of those “hard science” types I also tend not to respect psychology much. It doesn’t help that almost everyone in it nowadays is an obnoxious female leftist either. I do pay some attention to evolutionary psychology and neurobiological based theories.

            The main problem with the whole field, of course, remains the inability (for obvious ethical and practical reasons) to construct controlled experiments. The only real exception to this, ironically, is experiments done entirely using computer simulations. An example would be that famous experiment years ago that showed that all you needed to produce a segregated neighborhood was to model people as simply not wanting to be a minority in their neighborhood rather than actively racist. The math and computer oriented people who might go into the field though, are probably driven out by the SJW types nowadays, especially if their computer models don’t produce results consistent with the social justice narrative.

      • Our present managerial state system rewards psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists alike with a clearer road to power. When the entire system is based on winning at all costs, the most ruthless and unethical will inevitably rise to the top.

        Shit-tier humans float in this system. It needs flushed.

    • I think most corporations are aware the republicans are a bunch of traitorous cucks who won’t protect them from leftist mobs so they donate money to BLM to safeguard their businesses, just like small business owners who thanked italian mobsters for protecting their shops & restaurants, when in fact the mafiosos were extorting them.

      • Consider the possibility that most executives really do support BLM and are socially liberal. They don’t reject the GOP as impotent but rather because they see it as insufficiently progressive.

        There are very few Hank Reardons in corporations these days.

        • Agreed. The execs are not concerned with not being protected by the Republicans; rather, they are dyed-in-the-wool AWRs. AWR has coopted capitalism since the collapse of the USSR. From their sulfurous abodes in Hades, Adorno, Marcuse, Foucault and Derrida are applauding.

          • That is Ostei’s clever little acronym he won’t stop using that nobody gets because he is a SmartBoy™, so when you ask him he gets to prove how clever he is by telling you Anti-White Racist even though it has never been a term seen anywhere outside of his attempt to also make it a ‘thing’ on the Takimag forums years ago. But he gets an A for effort and a Gold Star like all SmartBoys should get!

          • Instead of further supporting the idea that a racist, “AWR,” is a deathblow criticism, I’d rather try to make racism acceptable.

            Of course, I don’t mean that people of one race should be harsh to members of a difference race, but rather that we acknowledge that race is, for most non-whites, the deepest loyalty.

          • AWR is just DR3. It needlessly confuses & complicates our message and doesn’t impress the enemy at all. They do not care about hypocrisy because the antifa types are simply sociopaths seeking power and the true believers have installed Shlomo’s firmware upgrade about “only Whites can be rayciss b/c punching down.”

          • I’m not a racist, I’m a race realist.
            I believe in Darwinism, don’t you? ;>)

          • I understand your distinction and agree with you, but I doubt the normies ever will. It may be easier to just detoxify “racist.”

          • I use the term for one simple reason–truth in advertising. Ever since the rise of the New Left, hatred of the white race has been the motive force of liberals. They should be made to own that fact. If TPTB would simply call a spade a spade viz the War against the Statues, namely calling it a manifestation of AWR, our cause would be modestly advanced.

          • In a sense, pointing out the obvious, namely that AWR is America’s master narrative, does make racism acceptable by demonstrating its banality. If we are swimming in AWR, then what’s so terrible about racism against blacks?

          • try to make racism acceptable. –I’ve tried bro. But it is like pounding on brick wall with a coconut. Racist is like concervative kyptonite.

          • I’d lik AWR to get traction because it’s accurate, so I ask Osteii, please, spell it out until it takes.

          • I was puzzled by this acronym too. I always thought it meant “angry white retard” and was related to AWFL – angry white female liberal. I even tried consulting the Ultimate Reference on All Things, but just got “ass to waist ratio”.

            Do I get an F# for effort?

          • Well! Now you’ve awakened the angry white retard from her torpor! You lads with your acronyms and nyms. Jeez! Thank God a couple of you piped up and squeaked ignorance of weird letter combos. I worked with a handful of mensa goofs in the water company who hated working around us normies because their casting out the weird letter combos, name dropping, theory dropping, math formulas, dates and times, programming skills, the theory of everything, all said with nose in air, was pearls to swine, the swine being me. So spell out at least once in a post what the devil you’re talking about. Oink!
            As for Ass to Waist ratio, start with waist 100 inches and go from there. Ass 10X larger. Who needs a ratio when you’re dealing with a barrel.

        • My perspective is from the west coast, but I’ve found that most C level types are social liberals who just want social liberalism with lower taxes.

      • Most corporations are like water. They follow the path of least resistance to the bottom line, cynically or not.

    • Speaking of the market, I just got my latest issue of the Economist. On the front cover is the title “The genius of Amazon”. Have not yet read the article, but I remember the Z-Man mentioning Amazon gaming the sales tax system. Also, during the lock down it is interesting that Amazon is considered “essential” whereas its local retail competitors are “non-essential”. On top of all that is the over the top support of BLM which is insulting to any white person with any common sense. There really is a hostile club.

      • Amazon also games the USPS. USPS provides shipping rates that are unprofitable based on their variable costs. They do this because it supports their workforce, with taxpayers picking up the losses. If not for the taxpayers, USPS would charge market rates and have massive layoffs, like all non-subsidized businesses must do.

        • I always take heat for this, but the PO is one of the few things the government does that is actually mandated in the Constitution. The PO just happens to be one of the first agencies to get converged, largely because the government ordered them to hire blacks. It costs less money to mail a check across the country to your bill company’s lock box address than to pay with online banking!
          Aside from the blacks working there, the PO is mandated to service every postal address and for the same price. Mailing city to city is profitable, but having to service the boonies with daily delivery service costs a lot more money. In my city, you can mail a letter inside the city and they get it the next day.

          • And the weirdness is international. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay for something to be sent in the mail from China than it is to have it sent domestically.

          • China pays the postage for their businesses to ship to the US. It’s a multi-billion dollar subsidy. I get shit from Amazon all the time direct from China. And no, I’d buy local, but am often caught by deception as to country of origin.

          • In Mexico, you pay in person, because they’ll open the mail and steal any cash or checks. No wonder Western Union does roaring good business there.

          • Yep, and Congress has mandated that they pay the full cost of employee pensions up front, so any surplus is quickly eaten up. Where in the hell, do we find a private company that charges the same ship rate to anywhere in the US? Mail a letter across the street, same as mailing to Anchorage, Alaska.

            USPS, as much as I hate them, are proof of the inability of Congress to run a business. On the other hand, as inept as they are, they have been turned into a minority jobs program, so they are never going anywhere.

        • There seem to be 2 main business models these days.

          1. Be like Amazon and figure out how to reduce your expenses for everything below what it costs to produce the stuff by buying politicians and gaming the law.
          2. Come up with a goofy idea for a startup. This breaks down into your basic underpants gnome business plan as follows:
          3. invent a technology that does not and cannot exist
          4. get funding from stupid rich people
          5. hire a bunch of hipster dipshits and buy them all a top end Mac
          6. PROFIT! – by selling your shares and leaving the country.
      • The end result of the Kovid Krackdown will be the elimination of large swathes of small business and much larger market share for inimical entities such as Amazon. I don’t believe this is entirely coincidental.

        • What fries my ass is how Amazon has been touted as a *job creator* in this time of shutdown for opening up several regional distribution centers. New one here is good for a few thousand jobs. No discussion ever made of the 100’s of thousands of jobs lost in the local communities because of Amazon over the last two decades.

      • I dumped Economist years ago. Too much poz, leftist. Now I would not read it for free.

        • I read it because it is best general knowledge publication around. Outside of racial issues and U.S. politics, it is still high quality. Yes, it is becoming more left wing and biased. But the alternatives, such as The New York Times, are far worse.  

      • There’s a technical analysis website I follow that considers Economist front covers (as well as other business publications) to often be contrary indicators – ie., perhaps we’ve seen peak Amazon & black lies matter. Gotta love those Xmas deliveries January thru November though…

    • I understand your point. However, since Burger King® endorsed hurling a “shake” at Nigel Forage, no one in my family has given them once cent of business. Same now for the chain, McDemocrat. Gave up pro sports consumption. No more tickets, etc. Got my family, former ardent sports fans, to go along with our boycott. Others I know.
      Sure, drops in the ocean? Perhaps. But look, to continue to support these entities feels like selling out. Like apathy, 100%. That’s USSR under the boot thinking.
      We, in my circle, get to say, “fuck them..” and fill in the them. Yes, if every single business entity that provides us goods and services goes RED, we will have to obtain what is needed for sustenance. Render unto Caesar, before he rends your infants outside the womb, as his minions do IN the womb.
      In the meantime, I am steering hundreds, then a few thousands of their life blood – filthy LUCRE – away from the enemy. They do NOT get to get away with their takeover without ANY cost whatsoever. I know what I am costing them.
      So fuck them.

      • Amen Brother all I would add is when you multiply your efforts by having a Community that does the same then real change can be accomplished…Just something to ponder…

          • Exactly and we have so many examples of it working that you would think we would do the same…I think though it’s going to take more fear and pain for us to do that…

          • The problem is that those on the right side of the political spectrum are simply not as politically motivated as those on the Left. It makes us happier than them, but it also grants them a powerful political advantage over us. If we were as fanatical as them, we could put the fear of God into the corporations.

          • Well they have the state backing them as well so that helps just a wee little bit…If we were as fanatical as them without the state we would be rotting in a cell…

      • And your choice is one option he forgot to mention in his essay. That’s drop out completely. I realize this isn’t always possible or very expensive but for some cases withdrawing your consent is the best option for withdrawing your business.

      • The Great Corporate Convergence has inadvertently created a new and huge potential market niche. The reason is that it’s gotten to the point where you can almost always safely bet that part of the price of anything that you or someone you know didn’t make is going to support the Poz. It used to be that if you really wanted to punish companies for poz you needed a blacklist. Now all you need is a whitelist of the few non-converged companies.

        If I were going to start a business I wouldn’t say anything political but just quietly advertise on places like bitchute, 4chan, sites like this, gun forums, etc… I would then refuse to issue statements when stupid shit like the Floyd riots happened. Of course, eventually they would figure it out and start attacking. That’s when you post a couple guys with ARs at the front. It also simplifies the process of choosing locations.
        Q:Where’s your Portland store?
        A: It’s in Boise.

    • Another arena Zman didn’t address but falls into this paradigm is academia and accreditation. No matter what stripe of higher education you want or an employer desires, college students today are required to submit to a myriad of Prog agitprop courses in the various grievance studies.

      I’m sure an engineering student would gladly pay less for a stripped down education (germaine to engineering) and the country would benefit from a greater number of engineers turned out more quickly.

      Cucks and Progs will argue that a college educated person of any stripe must be “well rounded.” This was fine when the well rounded education included classic literature, philosophy, foreign language and logic.

      Listening to Jamal talk about the unfairness and racism of the system and Mackenzie flap her gums about her vagina in class doesn’t quite foot the bill.

      It does have the effect of dissuading the “wrong types” from getting a higher education and give the Progs another post-high school crack at polluting more minds.

      • The left talks about “de-funding” the police. But what about “de-funding” academia, one of the main sources of our current problems? The right let this problem fester for decades without any effective push back. Unfortunately it may be too late.

        • Sadly, it seems that academia’s intellectual atrocities don’t move the needle for vast majority of voters, including those on the right. Many shelves of books have been written on the subject–one by yours truly–but academia continues sailing merrily along.

  55. We don’t have a free market system. We have a bizarre hybrid of Libertarianism and Socialism that gives us the worst aspects of both.

    • What we have is guilded-age global capitalism but married to a social/capital surveillance system used by cloud people who hate dirt people.

          • Yeah, but he was responsible for our being saddled with the Albatross of Puerto Rico. F-k him.

          • President Grant wanted to annex Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) as a territory, and incentivize the blacks to go there.

            The Dominicans agreed, but the Democrat Senate shot down the treaty. What might have been.

          • I see Slate Star Codex (Scott Alexander) blog has self-cancelled due to a threatened doxxing by the NYT. This guy was apolitical, and brilliant.
            Nice to go to for a challenge and something a little less end-of-western-civ-y.
            Everything, and I mean everything, is being cancelled.

      • At least Caeser can’t order you to cut your own throat. Not yet anyway.

    • Yes and no.
      Let us take our esteemed blog host and his example about computers: what, exactly, do you want of your computer that you’re not getting now? Be specific. Your cell phone? Hells bells – they already do everything. Some monopolies and oligopolies actually work… why mess with that.
      The market will indeed put the boots to Zuckerface, Bookface and twatter: in time. If I was running Gab, I’d LOVE to see the Whitehouse dump Twatter and use my platform instead. Trump alone would literally bring the nation with him. Speaking of Blab… I heard their numbers are exploding as it is. I hear stocks are diving on Facebook and Twitter too. Alt Tech is a thorn in the ass of Silicon Valley that will soon become a spear. Privacy, free speech and freedom are commodities like any other in today’s world. Pick and choose your bargains wisely.

      • >what, exactly, do you want of your computer that you’re not getting now?

        The link to yesterday’s episode of Cotto-Gottfried.

      • Alt Tech is a thorn in the ass of Silicon Valley that will soon become a spear

        C’mon, this is Q-tier plan trusting. You’re smarter than that.

        • I ascribe to no “plan” MWV. I simply acknowledge that markets are not static, they change slowly, sometimes rapidly. Sometimes they are artificially inverted as they were during prohibition, when some self righteous harpies nagged America into thinking it wanted prohibition. Believe your eyes and history: markets always correct too. Look at our esteemed blog host. When I first started posting here, he got maybe 40-50 comments a day. Today he does three times that – on a bad day. Zuck and his harpies have convinced enough Americans that they want censorship and a managed public square. I don’t know about you, but every day I read about people scrubbing or deleting their Facebook and Twitter accounts, cutting the cord, cancelling subscriptions. Take the sexual marketplace… that can only end one way too.Reality eventually comes calling for markets or anything else.

      • If Pres. Trump dumped Twitter, Parler would be a safer and relatively more respectable home. Normies such as Candace Owen and Dan Bongino post there. Some questionable types such as neo-Nazis post on Gab.

        Of course, to libs, anyone who voted for Pres. Trump is a bigoted Nazi. On Gab, some posters really are Nazis.

        • Candace …who? Dan….?
          I care not for such buggardly poseurs and harlots. On Gab I interact with towering intellects like our blog host and Cornelius Rye!
          Gab can get a little tangy… but compared to the neosocialists and sexual degenerates on Twitter… Gab wins hands down…

      • I would like it not to have inbuilt backdoor management modules in the CPU that have their own remote connectivity.

      • Woke Tech is the market – that’s the point of Z’s post today. They’re wearing the boots, not getting them.

        One of the best things Trump could have done was make war on Woke Tech with some sort of “internet bill of rights” – but where there’s no will, there is no way.

        Twitter disrespected and laughed at Trump’s empty threats in real time and Tweeting Donny laid down for them quicker than he did for BLM as they burned down D.C. He’ll never switch to GAB because he’s never been real.

    • I don’t disagree, but you are forgetting that for all of these things mentioned, we are not the customer. Being a customer involves paying someone money. Even in the ESPN example, we are not the customer, the cable provider is the customer. Like the tech example, not only are we not the customer, we are the product that is being sold. Comcast is offering our attention as a product to ESPN which in turn, uses our existence as Comcast customers for its own customers, the advertisers.

      Unfortunately, I think anti-social media is going to go down the road of cable in the same way Comcast operates. We will (they will want us to) pay for a package of social media accounts. For a flat monthly fee of X or as part of our ISP package, we will be able to access social media. Like Comcast does with ESPN, they will price it in such a way that ala cart doesn’t make sense. IOW, they will become a private taxing agency, just as ESPN is today.

      • <i> For a flat monthly fee of X or as part of our ISP package, we will be able to access social media.</i>

        That’s how it worked thirty years ago, with AOL and the likes. A package came with a lot of services provided by the ISP, like search engines, webpage templates, talkboards, chat forums and so on.

        Then a lot of startup companies started no-frills, high-bandwith access for half the price and fuck you if you don’t know how to configure your own connection, because that’s not part of the service plan. A friend of mine did just that, made $5 million when they sold the company three years later.

        There’s plenty of speech platforms online, and if the law worked as intended, if Youtube and Twitter acted like service providers, we wouldn’t have a problem – in fact, we would rule the fucking internet by now.

        There’s a variant of the argumentum-ad-hitlerum axiom that says that “any unmoderated forum will turn hard right over time.” I saw this happen to The Guardian, who used to have an excellent talk board where, as long as the moderators only removed vulgar or illegal posts, the right wingers slowly gained dominance on Britain’s Commie flagship newspaper.

        Kosher Tech can kick the can down the road, muscle ISPs and other third-party service providers to cancel their political opponents, but they’re only postponing the inevitable while running themselves ragged hunting online Nazis.

        Here’s how I see it: if we manage to keep free speech open on the internet, we win. If we don’t, we don’t, and all your guns will be for naught. We’ve been winning like trannies at a women’s power-lifting competitions for the last 5-6 years, but we’re adverse to noticing that, because we don’t like to think about how we ourselves used to look down our noses on types like David Duke for all these years. Remember, we don’t need 51% on our side, we need only about 14.88%

        I know our host isn’t too keen on the subject, but Holocaust revisionism is a splendid example: twenty years ago, it was debated in newsletters, rinky-dink, ten dollar websites and old-school news groups. Today, most news sites close their comment sections for Hollycaust columns because they instantly get inundated with long, well-structured posts on how many cookies the cookie monster can cook a day, etc.

        And since Dune seems to be a thing these days (or at least a few months back) there’s a scene when Paul has just been re-united with Gurney Halleck, and he explains the situation for him. From memory: “The Harkonnens have fortified all the towns and reinforced them with new levies from Giede Prime.”

        “In other words”, Gurney replies, ” they have locked themselves in, and you are free to rove wherever you want.”

        That’s the situation we’re in here. The self-imposed speech regimes of the lamestream makes them fat and slow, the hounding of dissidents makes us fast and lean.

        • The early service providers were walled gardens and not on Internet. The first one I ever paid for was Q-Link for the C64 (I think it had other versions, but they were walled off from each other). AOL did the same thing. AOL for Dos was very similar to Q-Link and I think (IIRC) AOL was Q-link and the Q-Link name got tossed and they deleted all the 8-bit stuff (which was a HUGE loss IMHO) and they became AOL. In fact, when AOL started allowing you to use Internet through the AOL interface, that was basically the beginning of the end for AOL.

          I most certainly agree that anywhere we are allowed to speak eventually becomes dominated by our ideas. But that is precisely why they won’t allow it. If we can prevent them from doing this, we will win. I fully agree. We are right and they are wrong. When you keep banging away at the lies, the truth eventually wins. That is why “the left” (I picture Hannity saying that:) ) guards their turf so ruthlessly. Imagine if professors could say what they wanted and that they didn’t ruthlessly keep non-leftists out of the academy. It would be far right in a generation.

          The Dune analogy is good, but if everything outside of the palisade enclosed cities is empty desert, it’s just a framing thing. If all of the water is inside the city, you aren’t free, you are 3 days from death. But we cannot take the city. But what we can do is get the denizens of the city to leave and come to us, but we have to have our own water to offer them.

          • <i>The Dune analogy is good, but if everything outside of the palisade enclosed cities is empty desert, it’s just a framing thing.</i>

            The spice is in the desert – the salt of the earth, if you will. But if you want a more apposite one, consider Mao’s revolutionary doctrine: win the countryside, and the cities will fall to you like ripe plums.

            Big Media is the past, they’re in a six gee inverted spin with both engines flamed out and smoke coming out of the instrument panel. As a Swedish dissident journalist noted: it’s not a law of nature, that there has to exist journalists.

            <i>But what we can do is get the denizens of the city to leave and come to us, but we have to have our own water to offer them.</i>

            We have: the truth, as you yourself point out.

            And we don’t have to entice people to leave the city entirely – not at first – but merely offer them a free speech zone they can visit sometimes in between the sportsball commercials and the movies about gay, flying bodybuilders in space.

          • Gay, black, flying bodybuilders in space, riding rockets designed by Hutessa geniuses.

        • The problem with the libertarian analysis has always been, not so much that it’s wrong, but that it never takes network effects and capital flows into account. The world is simplified down to a abstract marketplace where there are only producers and consumers. In the real world of course, capitalism requires capital. This is where (((banks))) can start to get involved and tilt the entire playing field in one direction. People will say: well that’s not an economic question, that’s part of the JQ. I’ve often said though that if Jews did not exist it would be necessary to invent them. In other words, any unregulated market will eventually be strangled by a bankster group. Eventually you get a situation like we now have in the US where basically any business that wants to thrive needs to have a sort of “nihil obstat” from the Church of Poz to get funding or even process payments. Gab was recently banned from VISA, for instance. Fortunately, they seem to have planned for this and have a highly motivated user base as well.

          You can even see this system spontaneously take shape in the far East such as in Indonesia where you have what the economists euphemistically call “market dominant minorities”. In other words the Chinese play the role of Jews and everyone else is Goy.

          Strict anti-trust and banking laws can mitigate these effects but as we’ve seen, liberal democracy allows the wealthy and cynical to buy political parties that will then weaken such laws, allowing the whole scam to start over.

          Oh and this:

          Here’s how I see it: if we manage to keep free speech open on the internet, we win. If we don’t, we don’t, and all your guns will be for naught.

          Sorry, Felix, I need to disagree or at least offer the caveat that it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If it’s internet freedom you want, well then yeah, guns don’t do that much. If your goal is to keep BLM and AntiFa out of your neighborhood like those guys I’ve seen standing outside their businesses with AR-15s, then guns are very much naught for naught as it were.

          • <i>network effects and capital flows </i>

            Capital works to our advantage in this instance because the entry cost is next to zero: old-school news networks are enormous money pits, and for every coiffed, manicured, pedicured, coke-addled, child-molesting talkhead with $250,000 worth of plastic surgery and dental work, there a million aspiring geeks taking them on with nothing but a cheap webcam, and the geeks don’t have to comply with suffocating speech codes or policy dictates from the ADL.

            Capitalism is not perfect, but it’s the least bad solution and it works wonderfully on an open internet.

            <i>If your goal is to keep BLM and AntiFa out of your neighborhood </i>

            My ambitions are quite a bit higher than that. I want to cancel their privileged status in the political landscape, allow Normie to argue with them without fear of being fired from their job or swatted by the ADL goonsquad.

            The problem with guns is that they give you a false sense of security. They might protect your house, but they cannot protect your freedom of speech, and without free speech, they will eventually come for your guns, like they came for the Branch Davidians.

            A lot of ourguys feel that guns allow them to pull back in disgust from the political fight and sit in their bunkers, waiting for the barbarians to show up at their gates. This is a defensive mindset, a losing proposition.

          • coiffed, manicured, pedicured, coke-addled, child-molesting talkhead with $250,000 worth of plastic surgery and dental work

            I had to chuckle at this. Soon they’ll be out of work too. There’s talk of a new humanoid robot that runs on cocaine and can molest children. Once they get the price down to around a 1/4 million…

            Anyway, I totally agree about the whole “pull back into your bunker, turn on Fox News and keep voting Republican” mindset. The prevalence of that probably cost us 20 years of time we could have used to organize and build our alternative economies and communities.

            I have to thank our looney ruling class though that they chose this year to go so apeshit crazy that the only Fox Republican Bunker types left will be the ones who actually died last year and haven’t been found by their families yet.

          • I think both you & Felix have a point here. You need iron to protect yourself in meatspace but you can’t use it when the feds are going to McMichael you and Charlottesville the antifa.

            We have to work this problem from both sides – use alt-media to delegitimize the opposition and use self-defense to keep them from outright killing us in the streets.

          • Agree, but there must be water-tight bulkheads between those spheres.

            Build meatspace networks to strengthen your community, it’s not where you should fight your battles. In meatspace you’re are extremely vulnerable, but as long as you have a clean troll account, one without doxing info, they can’t reach you on the internet, at least not without a warrant.

            Don’t start warfare in your own back yard. We’re in Stalin territory now, you can’t air your true political opinions to anyone but your closest family and friends.

            This is also good psychological warfare: the regressives know there are Nazis everywhere around them, pretending to be normal, human beings. This drives them nuts and makes them lash out against Normie.

          • I thought the meme warfare over the “OK” hand signal was especially brilliant. It got the SJWs in a panic looking for Nazis under every rock. It also motivated them to attack normies who used the symbol innocently and were now aware of just how crazy these people are.

        • Good points, Felix. A genuine internet bill of rights would delegitimize globohomo in a very short exchange.

          Censorship is the only way that they keep the hard White Right from winning on every issue. The amount of outright fed-posting during the Floyd riots on relatively tame sites like Breitbart would have resulted in a million-man-vanning if Our Guys were involved.

          As much as I support IRL community, we very much need to stay engaged on the internet as well to keep Whites coming our way. In terms of cost-benefit, it’s the best way to leave the light on for Whites to find our hating cities on the hills.

          • Totally agree. Without the internet none of us would have gotten to where we are in our understanding today. It would be awfully nice if there was a way to streamline the process of locating other haters IRL without risking doxxing though. There are of course, clubs you can join or events you can go to like the Amren thing Z went to last year in the Tennessee hills. The problem is that a lot of that is on indefinite hold now. Gee, what a coincidence.

        • <i></i><i></i><i></i><i></i><i></i><i></i><i></i><i></i>
          <I am pretty sure there’s a message in here somewhere but I am continually distracted by the manually-inserted HTML tags that nearly every person here appreciates do not parse through the input box, just a clue, H-e-e-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o Bueller?>

          </I am pretty sure there’s a message in here somewhere but I am continually distracted by the manually-inserted HTML tags that nearly every person here appreciates do not parse through the input box, just a clue, H-e-e-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o Bueller?>

          • Have you emailed Z? Oh wait, I see the point of trolling. Z is not best known for his responsiveness to email messages.

          • Oh c’mon! There is no sane reason to continue using non-working tags that are distracting. To fail and then subsequently maintain the failed behavior without relent is a sure sign that something is wrong with the poster.

          • I’m just fucking with you. I’m just used to typing out tags, and I only notice after I’ve clicked post.

            It’s annoying as hell, so instead of editing every second post, I’ve decided to spread the misery around a bit.

          • It’s clickification of the interface, Apple thinking.

            It’s great with little drawings to click on, but why disable the all-keyboard functionality of HTML – the lingua franca of the internet? If I get a mouse elbow, I’ll sue.

          • Well then, provided you are just fucking with me I understand completely. I wouldn’t want to NOT spread the misery around. Not here, where I am firmly committed to the spreading of misery. Misery, for one and for all.

    • You’re missing the point. This outcome is the one that obtains when you attempt to implement a free market system. Is the a corruption of the idealized, theoretical, unreal system we imagine might exist somewhere along with the god of the forms? Sure, but so what?

      What you get is literally how capitalism works. There isn’t some other result possible.

      • I agree. You can have markets without capitalism (an economy based on capital accumulation, growth/market expansion and usury with minimal to no constraints).

        Too many people believe our economic choices are between a totally-planned economy where all goods & services are simply handed out by the State and what we call capitalism today.

        There are many better choices outside that frame. Simply outlawing usury again, enforcing anti-trust principles and periodically clearing debts would do wonders to humanize the present system.

    • The whole point of capitalism is to create a monopoly. That’s your goal. It’s done through coercion, taxes, bribery, regulation etc. The level playing field becomes a jagged mountain. The whole point of the FTC was to eliminate this. Instead it was the FTC that was eliminated in everything but name in the mid-80s. If you want to enrage a libertarian (I’ve seen it) tell them that capitalism is not the free market, that they’re two distinct concepts. They explode like Fem-bots.

    • More proof that we are ruled by the axioms of an alien culture. Symbiote or parasite?

      Hayek and Popper both went to the same school. Our main concepts and definitions are pilpul, doubletalk, we still can’t define these shuls of thought.

      Gilded age economics began as a distinctly political project to direct the frame of our concepts.

      This is the same missionaria protectiva as our concept of religion- a narrow narrative channel built on and serving political agendas.

      Same kosher sandwich. We will be corralled by either internationalist Kapital or Commune, and bent towards tearing down our glorious Greco-Roman statuary.

      Can’t we come up with ideology or theology of our own?

      Mises’ ‘libertarianism’, capitalism, socialism, communism- these can be either/neither ‘a race or a religion’, like the chameleons that gave us these nebulous terms.

      Get thee to the working mechanics, man!

      • I must give big kudos to our host.

        Instead of waving flags, he points out structural paradoxes. Postmortem diagnosis before the redesign.

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