The Noosening

For those on this side of the great divide, the NASCAR noose hoax played out in an unexpected fashion. Instead of the fraud going undetected for a month until some clever sleuth uncovered the truth, this time the hoax was revealed in real-time. Usually the Left is better at concealing the truth long enough for another hoax to come along and push the first hoax down the memory hole. That way, anyone talking about the old hoax is charged with being a racist conspiracy theorist.

This time it was different, as the FBI flew in an army of investigators to hunt down the racist before he could noose again. Why they responded with 15 agents is a question no one will bother to ask them. Did they really think this was true? Do they swing into action like this for every noose warning? Did Bill Barr suspect a hoax and send the FBI in to expose it before it could be forgotten? All of these reasons seem unlikely, but the FBI responded with overwhelming force for a reason.

Putting that aside, the absurdity of this hoax bears some examination. The supposed cause of the panic was a garage door pull-down that had been there probably since the last garage door pull-down was replaced. The old one, most likely, looked a lot like the new ones as it is a common thing. Whoever claimed it was a noose was either extremely stupid, insane or so filled with a sense of entitlement that he just assumed everyone had to accept his story about the noose.

There is a strong possibility that the truth is something different. These facilities are not open to the public. They have lots of security. In this age that means cameras recording everything that moves 24-hours per day. There is a good chance the footage made clear that there was never a noose in the garage, so they quickly came up with the story about the garage door pull-downs. It’s better to be thought a moron than to having to admit to being a fraudster. Just look at Jussie Smollett.

That is a useful comparison for lots of reasons, but the one to watch here is how Wallace reacts to being outed as a fraud. As of now, he is taking the Smollett approach and demanding you believe him rather than your lying eyes. It is one of those examples where you see how extreme entitlement is what is driving this stuff. Wallace has lived a charmed life, but he assumes he is entitled to more. So much more, in fact, that anyone who dares say “no” to him must be evil.

It is an unexpected result of the Left’s weaponization of blacks against normal white people the last 70 years. They have always expected blacks to be a pit bull on a chain they can use to terrorize white people. For the most part that has been the case, but blacks have been internalizing Progressive race speech to the point where they have come to see themselves as a sacred people. The endless doting and fawning has convinced them they are exempt from the rules.

This is most evident with successful blacks. Every black athlete walks around with a chip on his shoulder. NBA players carry on like they are being forced to work the fields, when in reality they live like nobility. No group of blacks complains more than NBA players, despite having so much. This is something you see to vary degrees with all high achieving blacks. The endless adulation from their masters on the Left has led blacks to obsess over their own blackness.

It is that sense of entitlement that keeps the hoax game going. That and there is rarely any consequence to the people promoting these hoaxes. The pint-sized pundit, Ben Shapiro, will never have to explain himself. He got to feel like a hero when he instinctively condemned all white people. Then he gets to be smug, while pretending he was never fooled by the hoax. He’s not alone. All of Conservative Inc. plays the same role in every one of these hoaxes. It’s their job.

The Left, of course, needs these hoaxes to feed the engines of the rage machine, so they are more than happy to indulge black fantasies about oppression. They will be out their washing the feet when some NFL team is forced to sign Colin Kaepernick to a contract this summer. They will get to feel vindicated. Then when he can’t play, they can blame racism for his benching. In the skins game, the Left is the house and the house always wins, which is why they never close the game.

That brings us back to Wallace. Like Kaepernick, he is destined to be a mediocre performer in his sport, who got a big leg up because he is black. In other words, his best asset has always been white guilt. The path forward for him is the same as with Kaepernick, which means militant anti-white agitation. Look for him to start issuing demands to NASCAR and other drivers. He will expect exemptions to the rules and when they don’t come, he will cry “racism!”

The irony is we will end up with something close to what the Left calls white privilege, but it will be for blacks. The Left has claimed for years that white people out-perform all others because they get to play by a different set of rules. This was always nonsense, but it is what we will get with negrophilia. Blacks will be given a pass on the rules and loaded with benefits and praise. They are quickly becoming a race of spoiled children, around whom society is organized to keep them happy.

Whether or not such a world can last is another matter. NASCAR has done everything it can to placate the blacks. Will their fans find a way to swallow the humiliation and stick with the sport? Will the NFL be able to humiliate its fans and survive. There are plenty of broken white people, so it is possible, but there does seem to be an awakening among whites too. Whether they know it or not, the race hoaxers have opened a debate among white people about what it means to be white.

For those on this side of the great divide, this is the way to see it. For the first time in generations white people are thinking about race, rather than emoting about it. Lots of white people are wondering if they want to live in the same world as people demanding they wash the feet. Many will kneel, but many will not. This is something that always had to happen. If it means the death of sports entertainment, it is small price to be paid for the freedom to decide for ourselves.

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386 thoughts on “The Noosening

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  2. You know, that Bubba Wallace guy has a lot of nerve supporting BLM while driving in NASCAR. That dumbass probably doesn’t even know what BLM promotes. And all the “good-ole boys” that he’s racing with ain’t gonna take this lightly … I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get wrecked every race. That jackass should understand that nobody looked at him in a bad way until he starts wearing his damn blackness on his sleeve. Now, they see him as something “other”. What a dumbass that guy is!

  3. I’m still pissed about how cowardly and feckless … yes, I said feckless … the republicans were during the rioting n looting. They won’t be any different next time. There’ll be incumbents running in November … just pick the other republican running against him … how much worse could he be than the wuss that is in office? I’m speaking from my local experience but I’m sure that I’m not alone.

  4. On Tuesday night, Tucker went in on how the FBI is on the side of the mob and BLM. Anyone who fights the mob, although he may win that battle, will lose the bigger battle when the Feds charges them with a hate crime. Could Jeff Sessions had helped with this if he hadn’t been ousted? That was a bad day when Sessions left.

  5. I guess that I just never realized how many women mayors and women police chiefs there are, whether black or white, until I saw the mayors from the cities where rioting took place. A women police chief … only in clown-world.

  6. You know the Jews pulled this same shit in Germany, damn near 100 years ago. Pornography, gambling, usury. Debase and infect the culture. Once the Germans woke up and took the fight to them, that was that. They don’t work, they can’t fight. They don’t create, they only destroy. America is waking up, the real America, not the jerkoffs on the TV. You fuck with the wrong people, an ugly price will get paid.

  7. The NFL has made it clear that being a straight, middle aged white male, I am not in their target demographic. So I won’t watch any games on TV and don’t plan to read articles about it. It’ll be as dead to me as the NBA.

  8. To you Z for your walk through the valley of the living dead to bring us clarity and inspiration. And for all who read you.This is a view from 40,000 feet and an aside from more Jussie mulatto psychosis hoxes. We are all tired and stressed as our world breaks into chaos. This Lovely inspiration was “found in Old St. Paul’s Church, BALTIMORE 1692. Yes, Virginia, there once was a Santa Claus, an Old St. Paul’s Church and a beautiful Baltimore that devolved into Lagos on the Chesapeake.
    “Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
    and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
    Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
    If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
    Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
    Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the
    changing fortunes of time.
    Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of treachery.
    But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.
    Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for
    in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.
    Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
    But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are borne of fatigue and
    Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
    You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars; you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
    Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
    With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
    Be careful.
    Strive to be happy.”
    As the great unraveling descends into greater chaos, take time to renew and regain strength to keep sanity and be strength to our family. Take a few moments to step back from the insane people and the world descending into madness and evil;
    “Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.”
    Bluntly put, tend to your gyroscope to keep it spinning and upright. People depend on you, on each and all.

  9. On yet another note, I see the three White men accused of offing the innocent Atlanta jogger (who attacked the dude with the shotgun) have been indicted by a grand jury on nine counts including a couple different types of murder. I guess they can kiss it goodbye. Welcome to black run america – on your knees YT.

  10. British twitter:

    “Who are they in danger from? Because it definitely isn’t white people.”

    “I dont care about black lives. Stop being so fucking helpless and beg for help from whites with fucking everything”

  11. Flynn is vindicated, sorta.

    until the next Judge.

    Flynn is babbling about rule of law on Hannity.

    Someone asked me what I thought of Flynn.

    “He’s a Cunt.”

    I explained; no one named Strozk, Page, Comey etc has for one moment the last 4 years had one second of fear of anyone named Flynn. Nor will they.

    That’s the Rule of Law.

    I do not mourn its demise.

    Nor now that its Spell has broken at last do the Police, certainly no Veteran of the last generation has any real respect for the law, its a loathsome and dishonorable lying contest. In the military Law is how cowards undermine the Brave.

    An actual New World awaits the Brave , its all wide open,

    Bello Fortuna.

  12. I think it actually was a noose instead of just a loop. There is always that one guy who knows how to tie a noose and loves to do it ironically whenever and where ever he can. It’s not racism it’s just one guy being a bit morbid and chuckling about it to himself.

      • There’s a pic of that garage on Hate Twitter, that noose is 3″ across, hanging 3/4 of the way to the floor.

        Anti-Gnome Klansmen, maybe?

        A short drop is all that’s needed.

  13. The more powerful blacks get, the whiter they get culturally, and more they whine about blackness. Black power isn’t malcolm X or some real ghetto gangsta, its now some fat mulatto k-pop fan who lectures you about white privilege in a valley girl accent.

  14. OK then Z-man. I declare this post to be your best so far. If you were black, it would be the best post ever by anyone.

    I grew up in the 50s/60s south. I should be the “evil racist southern boy”, but I was always fine with blacks as long as they lived someplace else … someplace a long way away. I know too much about human biodiversity research results to want to see any race mixing, but I never blamed anyone for Africans having such a low IQ and being so violent.

    But now, they are trying to make me feel that blacks should not even exist outside Africa. Is that their intent? Are they trying to start a race war? What is up?

  15. Hahahaha! NOOOOOooooo! It’s The Noosening! 😱 What a freaking world.

    Z Man said: ” Blacks will be given a pass on the rules and loaded with benefits and praise. They are quickly becoming a race of spoiled children, around whom society is organized to keep them happy.”
    Here in the cesspool by the bay, that crap has been going on for decades. They decriminalized shoplifting so the sticky fingered Mau Mau’s wouldn’t be persecuted by the pigs. Chicago mayor what’s her face told all the small shop owners in black neighbourhoods they had to take down all their plexiglass shields because it made black people feel like they weren’t trusted. Hahahaha! “Weren’t trusted!” And who could forget the Starbucks corporation shutting down their whole operation for a company wide sensitivity struggle session because one of their managers told a couple of black pricks they had to buy somthing or leave. Anarcho-tyranny my friends. It’s the latest phase in the great Liberal Democratic experiment. And it’s not going to get better.

    • “they had to take down all their plexiglass shields”


      these ficklewits just can’t make up their minds, can they?

  16. It was pretty instructive to see “conservatives” like Shapiro and Nimrata Haley tripping over themselves to condemn this racist act. They hate us just as much as antifa, at least antifa and BLM don’t make any pretense of not hating us.

  17. If it means the death of sports entertainment, it is small price to be paid for the freedom to decide for ourselves.

    One thing I often tell my friends, If it would mean no black people, I would be more than willing to suffer through White basketball.

  18. Sailer may be onto something here:

    The only institutions that have consistently kept their heads have been local cops, who weren’t invited to assist in finding the nooseman. Local police are used to people telling them tall tales all the time, so they aren’t surprised when somebody makes up lies about fashionable hate crimes. Not surprisingly, the current riots are focused on bringing down the autonomy of local police and replacing them with somebody more on board with The Narrative.

    The goal behind the current push to get rid of cops may not be outright abolition per se, but to replace semi-autonomous local forces with a uniform, national federalized force. Imagine a new subdivision of the FBI responding to every city in the country, chasing after “hate crimes” while ignoring real crime. That’s what they want and that’s when anarcho-tyranny will be complete.

    Every inner city cop will tell you how they face a constant barrage of fake excuses, pleas, lies and acting from black arrestees. These arrestees lie about everything in order to get the cop to drop their attention or loosen their grip so the arrestee can attempt an escape or attack. In this context, if a cop hears “I can’t breathe” fifty times a day, it becomes impossible to pick out the one or two yearly exceptions when it’s really the truth, resulting in accidents that make the news. Blacks cry wolf and tragedies result.

    Given that cop-on-black violence is statistically insignificant (it’s actually remarkable that there aren’t more accidental deaths under the incessant barrage of lies by black perps) and that the black-on-black, black-on-cop, black-on-white and cop-on-white violence categories are all larger both in absolute numbers and per capita, the only way out of this mess is to…

    1.) For black Americans to accept that the statistically-insignificant number of black deaths at the hands of cops is the rounding error cost of having police, in the same way that we all accept some medical risk when going in for surgeries. This position seems to be unacceptable in black America, so the only other solution is to…

    2.) Require complete separation of black and white communities to get rid of the rounding error. If the rounding error is unacceptable to black Americans, the only way to get rid of it is to ensure there is no interface between black and white America.

    • There’s definitely a push on to at the very least de-unionize local police and downgrade their status to Amazon-warehouse-level law enforcement.

      The ADLSPLCFBIATFE is a much more convenient and centralized attack dog for the Deep State.

      15 agents deployed for what was at worst a vague threat of potential future violence against a single person merely because of the political dimension tells you all you need to know about their purpose & utility.

      As Cheka basically said above, they are the new Interior Ministry for Political Crimes Against Greater Israel committed in the North American Provinces.

      • That’s Oceania to him, bub.

        But what would some bloody Eurasian know? I love Big Brother.

    • You are exactly correct the endgame of, “Defund the Police,” is to replace local PDs and Sheriffs with a federally-controlled, vibrantly-staffed rapid response force with a mandate to make examples of deplorables.

      It will be a sort of Einsatzgruppen for YT.

  19. Becoming a race of spoiled children? They already are and have been since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights bill. Spoiled and dangerous.

    • They and their shepherds are raised above you, and you are to submit, worship, and obey.

      The Anti-Christ is a culture, not an entity.

      The Face of a people.

      Promised immortality for the race, not the individual.

      They understood groups long before you did; their relationship (and punishment for failure) is as a group, a nation, not only as a person.

      Anti-Christ is another way of saying Anti-White.

      You shall have no Gods above theirs.

    • That woman is insane.

      I bet her negro husband slaps her around at the first peep of backtalk, no problem.

      • She may be insane but she is rightfully terrified that this homo black leveling accusations at her is going to ruin her life.

    • Karlos does these video shakedowns on a regular basis.

      He’s the “gay black Republican” on stage at Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA show, a gun for hire.

  20. It is one of the ironies of the age that when Blacks scream “racism!” for some perceived slight, they often are right, but not for the reason they’d prefer. If it is true that as a group, Afro-Americans aren’t as intelligent as other groups, then if they complain “racism” when Blacks door poorly on achievement tests, it is correct in the most narrow sense of “racism”: that races differ in traits and abilities. But nobody screams “racism!” when Blacks, as a group, do better in athletics. Why? Because that is a — perhaps the only — positive example of Black superiority. But it still is “racism”.

  21. The NFL barely started clawing back lost fans and viewership last year. If they wade back into the kneeling pool, Americans likely don’t give them a second chance. There are just so many fun things to do on a fall Sunday that have nothing to do with football or car racing…and people have figured this out.

    From a media point of view, look at the explosion in popularity of cooking, fixing cars, construction, DIY type stuff, etc. While I once enjoyed football, I always finished up my Sunday’s feeling like I had flushed the day down the toilet.

    Having dumped all that crap, I spend all those lost hours on mountain trails, maintenance on the house (which, if you know what you’re doing, is quite enjoyable), and other stuff. We gathered around the kitchen last weekend making homemade ravioli. As a family, we had a blast. We’re planting hundreds of new trees on a burn area of our property (forest fire)…also fun. Taught my son how to fly fish.

    Hadn’t considered that they found video of Wallace or one of his flunkies tying to “noose”. That would be hilarious.

  22. Re. “It is an unexpected result of the Left’s weaponization of blacks against normal white people the last 70 years.”

    The halflings see themselves as the negroes leadership caste. Often, despite being raised by doting Whites, they identify as non-White race warriors, who play their part on behalf of africans, whom they see as their fellows. 

    The negroes are the shock troops of the Revolutionary Vanguard. The state gives free food and housing to mothers who pump out facts on the ground.

    The African National Congress understood the principles of demographic war and implemented hostile breeding programs such as the : 

    “ … ‘Operation Production’ campaign which guaranteed young men who signed up to the ANC free sex with women members; while ANC women were forbidden the use of contraceptives. Women who refused to be forcefully impregnated or used contraceptives, were accused of being Apartheid agents, which was punishable by being burnt to death by the necklace…” 
    Lara Johnstone , “ Apartheid as Seen by the Boers: The Population History of South Africa “ March 1, 2018

    The Afrikaners’ documented fear of the ‘swart gevaar’ – the Black peril of demographic war justified their response under Just War Theory. 

    Globohomo’s goal is simple: When enough Whites are compromised by miscegenation in all its forms, genetic and cultural, there will not be enough pure Whites to resist their race’s dispossession. Miscegenation of Whites is recruitment of soldiers to fight for the Levantine World Order.

    Bubba Wallace is that rare hybrid, produced and raised by an oil-driller.
    In most cases the halflings created by the negroid, weaponize your own women against your interests by diverting her to virtue signal in favour of her half breed bastards i.e. they are in most cases single mothers who prove their ‘virtue’ by spawning multiple illegitimate offspring with assorted different ‘baby daddies’. Every day I see the coal burners parading their nappy-haired pickannines and am filled with disgust. 

    The social engineers see all of us as cattle and their social programs as livestock management. The negro has no idea that they are being farmed and raised as bio-weapons and cannon fodder.

    If you notice that the shepherd and his dog are working together you are a conspiracy theorist.

    “The sheep fear the wolf but it’s the shepherd that eats them.”

    • the irony is the halfies embrace their inner “white supremacy” in thinking it’s their role to guide and lead the darkies

  23. There could be an opening here for the Physicists at CERN to blag a few hundred million more tax dollars for an even Larger Hadron Collider to see if they can detect traces of the White Privilege Particle. It’s existence is predicted by Modern Grievance Theory but it has yet to be conclusively identified in the lab.

  24. Blacks are already a privileged race. Already they don’t have to follow any rules. Go ahead and burn down the city. If you commit a crime and go to prison, well, I guess we’ll just have to get rid of the police and the prisons, or maybe just let you go. If the Whites ever rebel, it will be us they send the army after. If I shoot one breaking down my door, I’ll be in trouble. With our current small county Georgia sheriff, I may have a chance, but that won’t stop the riots outside my door.

  25. Just in to recommend “Some Heads are Gonna Roll” as theme music for an upcoming podcast. Sure, Halford’s a ‘mo, but Priest wrought a lot of epic metal, and the lyrics are quite appropriate.

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  27. The one clue I had this morning that we (good whites and bad whites) aren’t reading from the same hymnal any more was the reaction to the exoneration of Michael Flynn over the Russia hoax. The lefties I knew from school are wailing teeth and rending their garments on FB, talking about tyranny and how we no longer have the rule of law. What a bunch of psychopaths.
    The judge was clearly guilty of misconduct and Flynn was accused of a “process” crime where the legal proceedings that ruined his career and bankrupted him personally were the punishment.
    As for sportsball, I guess I never thought NASCAR would go completely woke. The Bubba Wallace “noose” fiasco showed me otherwise. What business can literally tell its core customers for years to piss off and still be relevant and profitable? They were embarrassed that their core fanbase was rural, white and Southern and sought to run them off by closing famous Southern circuits and moving races to areas like California and Texas where NASCAR was largely unknown.
    It’s fortunate for NASCAR that they are a private company, because I’d be willing to bet with the declining TV ratings, empty seats (tracks are demolishing whole grandstands or painting the seats to look like people are in them) and general lack of interest from the population at large that they’re bleeding money like a sieve.
    I think if any white person keeps watching sportsball despite the fact the gladiators hate their guts, they’ve got a screw loose. The mask is off, which is good news for our side. I’m glad they’re no longer being subtle about their hatred for their mostly white audience of out-of-shape, couch-bound fan boys.
    How Bubba Wallace continues to double down on this innocent mistake is beyond me unless he’s being encouraged to do so by NASCAR so to inoculate them against the charges of racism.

  28. Regarding the 15 FBI Agents, I think they desperately wanted to “make a case.” They wanted all I’s dotted and T’s crossed. They dropped the worst narcotics trafficking by hardened criminal cases for this. Then when they got down there, 15 of them, racially mixed and in business attire, like the homepage of a large company, standing there, they said “this is what we’re playing for, game faces people.” As the garage door went up, and the “noose” was exposed, they felt like the scene in The Untouchables where Kevin Costner pulls the umbrella out of the crate with all the cameras flashing.

  29. For the last half century black privilege has been a far more powerful force in America than so-called “white privilege.”

  30. I would be interested in seeing a picture of “The Noose”. Can’t find one anywhere. Any of you seen it? Why not?

    • I saw it on twitter. It’s a pull for a garage door. Nothing more. And that nigger, I’m sorry I said the n word here, it may offend some people here, needs to be strung up by an actual noose for his shenanigans.

  31. Theodore Dalrymple’s observation about the propaganda behind the Iron Curtain comes to mind.

    The whole point of the Nascar Noose was for it to be as absurd as possible in order to humiliate whites into parroting a fraud the truth of which they had to quietly keep to themselves.

    These hoaxes aren’t getting more and more ridiculous because the perpetrators are getting sloppy; they’re deliberately designed to get whites to parrot more and more brazen lies so their spirits are broken.

    The desired result is for whites’ spirits to be so thoroughly broken that whenever they’re confronted by a black person, they break down in abject terror, like in that video of the woman driver falsely confronted by that black agitator that’s currently making the rounds.

  32. Ramzpaul had a good take on this event. It’s a blood libel. None of these people ever face any real consequences for their false statements to police.
    Even the dullest mind has to know that NASCAR garages are under 24 hour surveillance. There was never any chance this was true. My wife told me about it and my immediate reaction was “that didn’t happen!”

    • Love your “that didn’t happen!” I say it too. Though it’s best spoken matter of fact deadpan…and just keep walking. She’ll say “WHAT? What do you mean it didn’t happen!?” Don’t respond. A few days later the truth will come out and she’ll look at you like you’re some kind of wizard. A sexy right wing wizard.

  33. I have a theory. The usual suspects deliberately look for hoaxes rather than genuine cases of discrimination and racism. Because if their posterkangs and -kweens were real victims of muh racism, the perpetrator would be locked up beside James Fields, never to see daylight again.

    But then there wouldn’t be any systemic wacism or wight supremacy to riot about, would there? They need cases where they can be damned sure the white perps will be exonerated by the courts because otherwise, they’d have dressed up for all nothing.

    That’s the main reason why I think Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong: BLM will have checked beforehand to make sure it was so.

    • the Mogadishapolis PD-aproved grind-the-perps-face-into-the-pavement-with-your-knee technique that Derek Chauvin demonstrated to Thomas Lane (white), Tou Thao (Chinese) and J. Alexander Kueng (mother is white)

      Don’t nobody mention Justine Diamond, neither

      St. Groyd swallowed his fentanyl stash, he was saying “I can’t breathe” before they even got him into the car. They thought he was pulling the usual Garner.

  34. Eventually the “dog on the chain” used to terrorize is revealed to be mostly a lap dog when faced with discipline. I suffer from NF, Negrophilia Fatigue. The current victim culture is not ready for the remedy I suspect. We should send for the doctor….

  35. My theory, made only half in jest this morning, is that NASCAR called the Feeb on themselves. NASCAR is, itself, the hoaxer. Since they have clearly decided that their core audience is the kind of people who hate their core audience, what better way to get out in front of the Great Twitter Virtue Parade than by staging their very own racial hoax? They can drag this out for years if they want to if they destroy the security cam footage. Cue public repentance for all and sundry. Cue Tom Petty (or whoever their best driver is) washing black feet on the infield ahead of race day.

    • Agree. Didn’t even read who wrote your comment till after I read it. Kinda what I said earlier. The noose hoax is a great way to throw the spotlight on themselves to show just how much they aren’t rednecks anymore. “We’re fully pozzed just like everyone else damnit! We called in the dadgum F BEE AHHH.” I’ve spent a lot of time in the South since ’74 as kid. Loved it back then. It was a long slow build to fakeness, but it really got going in mid 90’s when Southerners got self-consciously “Southern” in a glossy fake swagger way. Via stereotyped “country” music videos. Taking their cues from corporate Nashville. When fake Canadian Indian Shania Twain sells 10 million “county” albums, the foundation is weak. Listen to what’s called “New Country” now. Those overdone accents aren’t even how they talk. But I do think there’s still enough real country boys to ruin NASCAR. And they’re ornery enough to do it. Hope NASCAR sinks like a led zeppelin.

      • Don’t even get me started on modern “country” music. Sweet Jesus. Underwear models in cowboy hats, who record two different versions of their songs — one with a slide guitar for the “country” stations, another with an electronic beat for the top 40 stations. Isn’t one of the more popular ones actually Australian or something?

        • Olivia-Newton John in 1970s. Could have happened again. Those Australians are quite the globe-trotters, you know 🙂 One of the delightful moments of my life was meeting a genuine Austrialian waiter at the genuinely Floridian Outback Steakhouse 😀

  36. Fifteen FBI agents you say? But were they Agents of Color? If they were white agents, they could be conspiring in a cover up or a whitewash.

  37. Its possivle the FBI sent an army as an F U to the dirt people. “Yeah the destruction of your culture and way of life is accelerating, but we cant be arsed to look into anything except a hoax.”

    Just a reminder that we are the enemy and “they” are not?

    But who knows.

  38. Zman: “In the skins game, the Left is the house and the house always wins, which is why they never close the game.”
    Almost every negative incident that should make the Left look bad, is turned in to a positive. The NASCAR fake noose…bad look? Nope, they just use it as a spotlight to show just how much the company, the FBI, etc. cares about anti-racism. And never mind the noose being fake…it’s somehow real.
    Reminds me of a one-sided power relationship. Guy or gal has all the power. No matter what shitty thing he does to her–if the balance of power is grossly in his favor, he can easily cower her into guilt.

    • Its about the “conversation”. Same thing goes for the war on men. Those false rape accusations on college campuses and the public convictions the media performs within minutes of the story are proved to be false every single time and so they just seamlessly shift gears into propagating the narrative. Lets not get all hung up about the noose/false rape/covington kids; we need to continue the conversation. The toll exacted on whites to perform these lies is nothing compared to the actual horrors inflicted by white men etc etc. The fact that these things almost never happen in real life is the entire point of the exercise: humiliation. The “conversation” is the ritualized conditioning. Repeat after me: 2+2=5.

      • Bingo. The evidence is irrelevant. It’s all about the narrative. Once the narrative is established, the evidence, or lack thereof, goes out the window. Our Side keeps making the mistake of pointing things out. Pointing things out doesn’t matter in a day when the past is eliminated, and “truth” is whatever someone says it is. In that environment, holding the megaphone, backed by the threat of physical violence, is the hand that holds all the cards. And we ain’t holding that hand.

  39. Hans in that movie “Diehard” got it right, “gentlemen I give you the FBI.” It took 15 agents to investigate a garage door pull and the former Head of Counterintelligence couldn’t figure out how to hide text messages to his lover from his wife on his cellphone.

    These are the elite? Heaven help us we’re doomed.

    • An FIB agent is a government employee. A government employee is a bureaucrat. A bureaucrat cannot be elite no matter what legends tv spins. AA for women and the other usual suspects has diluted what quality there was. The Secret Service scandals are a clue to the general competency of the individual agent. Considering the blue state of things this may be taken as a good thing.

      • One of the gun-blogs had an article, I think it was last year or two, about how the FBI had to change its issue-sidearm because all the new Agent Scully wahmens couldn’t handle the prior gun. Marksmanship issues ensued, major complaints about stopping power on the new lady-friendly piece, etc…

        • I believe the issue was that the stronk, independent womyn agents couldn’t handle the recoil from the .40 S&W round, thus forcing the Bureau to return to the softer shooting 9mm caliber.

          • You’re right – thanks for joggering my memory. IIRC the reason they wanted the bigger gun was stopping power. The 9mm requires a lot of lead or accuracy to put guys down.

          • 9mm is easy to shoot for near anyone though and its the worlds most common pistol , pistol carbine and SMG cartridge for good reason.

          • A lot of guys can’t shoot the round well either.
            Truth is the .40 was a terrible cartridge. Kicks like a truck in polymer guns, has big muzzle blast and report and puts huge amounts wear on guns.
            It also tends to kaboom guns do to its pressure and lack of case head support.
            This could have been fixed by making guns to fit the cartridge frame up like the Browning HP .40 did but it was not worth the cost.
            And yes there was an extra 70 foot pounds of energy, nothing to sneeze at but the juice was not worth the squeeze

    • I think Mike P is right in arguing that the FBI (with its parent DOJ support) is basically a modern Cheka, or secret police.

      Their purpose is no longer to fight organized crime (that’s such an archaic priority) but simply to eliminate politically unreliable persons and support politically reliable narratives.

  40. What’s amusing and depressing is what Zman noted about 15 Federal agents being flown in to investigate. Fifteen! It’s good to know FedGov has that many people on the payroll that they can order them to drop what they’re doing and fly them several hours away so they can investigate what a lot people already thought was a hoax.

    The ratchet only goes one way, however. Expect more hoaxes, more FEDERAL investigations, etc. It’s history playing out as farce, the sovereign government trying to protect people from hurt feelings, nasty names, bad thoughts.

    It’s the state as Messiah. When the economy breaks, many, many people are in for a rude awakening.

  41. White race consciousness spells trouble for tptb, and the only trick they know stokes it. They’re screwed.

    On a sportsball note, I wonder if the impending Kaepernick Debacle II explains the Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts.

    Finally, I bet someone out there is dreaming this insanity will bait whites into another holocaust situation to hold over our heads forever.

  42. So, who exactly, which individual at NASCAR, or any other organization is actually bending over? Who? They’re not taking a vote. It’s one man/woman making that decision. It cannot be that NASCAR is making a decision. An individual human being is making such decisions. Why aren’t we calling out individuals instead of organizations? Help me understand this.

  43. we keep lowering the bar so blacks can feel included. I don’t think that’s how you want to be running society.

    • That’s what we think but once you get the feeling blacks (NAXALT!) will hate us no matter what we do, things look a lot different

      • Part of letting them feel included is letting them “espress” themselves. And we know what that means. Letting them flip out over anything and be on the receiving end of their violent spasms.

    • The problem is that blacks don’t understand they’re supposed to jump the bar, not mambo under it.

  44. it’s going to take awhile for the nfl to die, but nascar could be gone in 2 years. why would a true nascar fan support the organization as it now stands? they won’t. someone went to the time, trouble, and expense of flying a plane with a banner of the latest race, that said “Defund NASCAR”.

    Wallace is a first class klown, and a shitty driver. Looking forward to him crashing….

    • They have been trying to broaden their audience for a decade or more and absolutely failing. Instead they made the races less fun and alienated their core audience. They can easliy be replaced by another organization that just sets the clock back 15 years.

    • It’s a tough call. The NASCAR fan base is the least politically whipped of all sports fans. Still, there are a lot of “new south” types who wash the feet. The NFL is full of broken, emasculated fans. Some will abandon the sport, but most will gladly wash the feet.

      • I was texting with a normie conservative friend who is a lifelong NASCAR fan about it yesterday. I think he will walk away eventually, but it will take persistent anti-white actions like this to get him there. He didn’t want to believe that NASCAR would manufacture this simply to get fawning media coverage and ratings, but at least he admitted it was possible. Ratings for NASCAR are well down from their peak, most people who will quit watching over this have already stopped.

        • Yeah, I don’t know. In a past life, I used to scalp tickets to NASCAR events across the south and would follow the circuit to all the major races. Even back then (twenty years), the demographic was definitely older and the most RED of the rednecks (pboh) would come out to support Earnhardt and company and then PARTY like no tomorrow in parking lots surrounding the speedway. Good times. Great people watching. I remember seeing Roy Moore at Talladega working the crowds and thinking to myself, “That guy is going to run for Governor…”.

          Anyway, I stopped doing it once the France family started hiking up ticket prices and ruining the whole thing. Its heyday is way past and starting to flail around to find new fans. Most events show a lot of empty seats. This might be what seals the deal.

          You’d like to think this would teach Globocorp a lesson not to piss on your customer base from great heights but their incapacity to learn anything is well known around these parts.

          • What Would Dale Do? Put Bubba in the wall. Danica and Kyle Busch too. He would’ve put Junior in the wall if he thought Junior deserved it. NASCAR died when Dale Earnhardt died. Everything got all pissy without Dale there.

    • He’s basically a black version of Danica Patrick. The image is more important than talent.

  45. Excellent! Let everything be turned upside down. Let the white Confederate flag wavers desert NASCAR. Will they pay the aging Woodstock gray hairs, ugly female academics, and woke Antifa Millenials to go to the races in their place? Or, maybe the Ford Foundation would pay them out of their funds for BLM due to their great love for stock car racing. That would be super!

    • They win either way: if NASCAR and NFL doesn’t become vehicles for woke, they get deserted by fans and two more cultural pillars of white America have been eradicated.

      Same thing with Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvel Comics.

      • All things end. I’m a Southerner and I didn’t ever really like NASCAR, although all my blue collar family loved it. That said, I mourned like everyone else when one of the Allisons died and Dave Earnhardt. Yes, it’s gone now, but it really never survived big media (ESPN) and corporatism, and, god knows, big SAFETY. It wasn’t that kind of thing. I don’t know anyone who watches the races now.

      • Those are fake pillars and we won’t miss them.
        NFL was co-opted for Civic Nationalism in the 60’s , NASCAR is niche that grew only recently Star Wars and Marvel (and much of DC) are Jewish enterprises and Star Trek was made by a crazy Commie.
        This does mean we will have to build new cultural traditions but hey Santa Claus as we know him was an ad campaign so its doable
        I’d suggest nothing much after the 30’s and no sports myself.

  46. NASCAR realizes that in a Palace Economy you don’t need paying customers, or customers at all, but you must have access to money, you can only have access to Capital ie money that descends from the Federal Reserve if you are woke. No Woke, no capital. All major businesses in America get constant money from banks. All banks get their money from Central Banks. One could try to be old fashioned and profit but that’s fatal when everyone else is taking Woke Captial’s money. Also fatal if the media boycott’s you.

    NASCAR and every other company exists to make money, no company that isn’t Woke will have access to Banking or any other Financial Services or media or soon enough be even able to get other merchants to take even CASH if they do not bow and scrape to the official religion. Its Go Woke or be Bankrupted – on this path soon even the citizen will be able to keep the lights on without a ritual washing of the nogs feet.

    This is the price of living in peace- submission – and the price of staying legal – slavery, and yes the price of letting enemies exist among you because of their precious Constitutional Rights.

    • The Price of opening the Churches again if they ever do open again will be foot washing.

      Personally I could care less, they’re a nest of treason and cowardice.

    • So? If you don’t watch it or fake enough to appear you do and fake compliance what they say and do doesn’t matter.
      If that happens, adapt and find other ways and work to take power, something you are going to have to do,
      That said woke is on a count down to extinction . The people in charge are trying to use it to prop up their legitimacy but basically everyone hates it and it breeds racism they can’t control on all sides so they’ll try and find another way as time goes on.

  47. So what if it was a noose? Big deal. It’s part of a skill set in knot-tying everybody should have. It wasn’t a message for “Bubba” Wallace specifically, just somebody practicing their noose-making skills. Urbanites don’t understand this.

    • It’s the symbology of it that matters (fake and gay as it is). As “noose” is a specific term for a tool to implement executions, no one proficient with utilitarian knots would use it when “slipknot” is better.

    • But White Supremacists are so talented that they know that the sole black driver will be allocated that garage years after they tie the knot.
      I guess we really are wedded to the nonsense.

    • Most of these aren’t even nooses — they don’t slip. They’re just knotted loops.

      I make a really cool knot for looping a lead rope around a horse’s neck that really looks like a noose, but doesn’t slip. It’s called a “cavalry knot.”

      • Now you’ve gone and done it. The next thing we know someone will be saying a Cavalry knot is extra special racist because of the 10th Cavalry Regiment.

    • Yes. As a sea scout, we all hated the lessons in knot-tying, except for the hangman’s knot, which we found all kinds of unlikely uses for.

      (By the way, Templar, it’s not a slipknot, it’s a standing knot. It unties when you pull the standing end, rather than the tail. Three keelhaulings for you and no grog for a week.)

    • A noose has a slip knot. I doubt the garage door pull was even a slip knot, not that it matters. Is it a noose or just a loop?

  48. Uh, you guys do know that it has confirmed to be a noose and that it was put up to intimidate Black people. Just read Black and Progressive twitter.

    It wasn’t specifically directed at Wallace but that doesn’t mean anything.

    • No, we don’t know that, because it’s bullshit. It was a garage door pull. Hey there, Tiny Duck.

      • Mine are piano wire. I like the history. Recyclable. Just keep them away from rain — good spots are meat lockers, crematoria, dressing rooms, delousing areas, prison shelters ….

  49. No more blah, blah, blah….
    If you continue following NASCAR then you are the problem, even more so than the aforementioned hoaxer. Ditto for the NFL, Hollywood, or the vast majority of modern pop culture.

    This is a great opportunity to see whom among your so-called friends is really serious, or just another over-entertained sheep.

    Turn it off. Call out your hypocrite “friends”, too.

    • Cable is worth cutting off just to cut off the regional sports fee, not to mention a thousand other things.

    • Amen. I’ve been ridiculing the NFL and NASCAR hold outs in my life for years. They laughed it off for the most part, but recently there have been some dead-enders who have announced they are done. Taking out the NFL will be a big deal and highly doable.

    • Goodness, those racing divisions are based on differing types of Fossil Fuels!!

      These are mad scientists testing their nefarious machines to destruction.

      We shouldn’t have a bunch of instinctive inventors running hog-wild experimenting with World Ending Technology, should we?

  50. It’s the magical negro era where everything they want they get. Everything they say must be recognized – and taken oh so seriously. The most mundane task, which any White would complete w/o thinking about it is now hailed as an historic achievement if completed by a negro. I swear, the Pavlovian slobbering over negro “accomplishment” by a certain segment of Whites is sickening.

    • And then this “accomplishment” is going to usher in a new era where blacks will achieve equally with whites. Not so long ago, Tiger Woods’ success in golf was going to mean that black kids would flock to the sport. Nope, didn’t happen.

    • Now that I’m kind of thinking about this stuff, there are all of these white women in those jobs where there are also lots of black women. I will see them walking together for exercise during lunch. And you know how women are, every time the white lady hears some story about the black lady’s niece, the white lady then thinks about her own niece. Then they start finding common ground so they can both relate to each other. By extension, issues affecting blacks start feeling a little more personal to the white lady. Add in the pressures of needing to keep her job, that there is no escape from blacks, then you get all of these weird things happening to white people. Job is like a pressure cooker, and the weird things we see from whites is because they are forced to stew with blacks, so you get strange results.

  51. Why they responded with 15 agents is a question no one will bother to ask them.

    I’d suspect that a partial explanation is that it’s was a huge news story so the FBI wanted to appear to be on the side of angels. However, I’d also say that it was a show of force. If the FBI can send 15 agents to an obvious hoax, imagine what they could send against a White guy defending himself against a black thug, or, heaven forbid, a White identity group.

    • NASCAR is an ethnic parade. The Good Whites in the FBI wanted a chance to beat up on the Bad Whites. Having some good ‘ole boys to string up as KKK is the thing they dream about.

      They hate you.

      • The FBI is a toxic combination of vicious AND stupid. Imagine if the KGB had hired the mentally retarded and you have something that approximates the FBI. Fortunately, the stupid bastards are tripping over their dicks so much recently we probably will see them dismantled by the vibrants in due time. Honestly, who would be upset if not outright celebrative anymore if an FBI met his fate and the business end of a Kang’z gun? The swarm to investigate the Bubba race hoax only consolidated their image as thuggish buffoons.

    • They’ve got a lot of people with time on their hands since they stopped manufacturing exploding Mohamed’s.

      Their use as DNC stooges in the “Russia Did It!” Hilary debacle was temporary at best so back to the Clinton Era “White Supremacist” bullshit.

    • I dunno. Could just be that everyone in the Birmingham field office volunteered to enjoy a nice day out at the track instead of hanging in the office.

      Going to Talladega and strolling the pits, looking into something that you know from the beginning is bullshit seems like a pretty pleasant way to spend a workday. Especially since only one guy, probably the newest agent, will be the one who actually has to write the reports.

  52. I think that every time some film producer is caught sexually abusing women, or some Wall-Street insider is caught stealing millions (or billions) of dollars we should demand at least one Holocaust museum/memorial be closed permanently. Similarly, whenever a white kid is mauled by a pit-bull, a white girl is raped, or some old white person is beaten nearly to death by “flash mobs,” we should close at least one “Popeye’s Chicken” location. On a more serious note, the rage mobs have moved on not just to toppling founding father statues, but attacking the Boomer God Winston Churchill, the man who gave us countless hours of History Channel fare. Will the toppling of the jowly Nazi Destroyer get the oldsters to hitch up their Hagar slacks and fight for what’s right? Not if they happen to be in their La-Z Boys when TMC plays “To Kill a Mockingbird” because Atticus>Winston in their weird Olympus.

  53. Black sports figures are turning out to be a great asset for White culture after all.

    Their combination of LARPy thuggishness, womanly emotion, entitlement, special-pleading, dishonesty and outright criminality is red-pilling rage-fuel.

    Sports are a last bastion of those who just want to grill and not fight the race wars. Like GamerGate, this is hitting “just leave me alone” Whites in their leisure zone.

    Keep slayin’, Kangz.

    And Qwainz too – in terms of rage-fuel efficiency, Whites are more triggered by sazzzy Black wahmens.

    Only yentas top the sistas in the White Rage Stack.

    • The everyday white working man who just wants to do his job, support his family, maybe watch some sportsball at night, and yes, grill, is going to get black fatigue. As they continue to shove their agenda in white working man’s face, it’ll go beyond black fatigue…

      • I think there is something else maybe people are forgetting or overlooking. It’s that these white guys have to work with blacks. I’m noticing with myself, now the lockdown is over, a lot of places I used to frequent, say a bar I liked to go to, I think about all the black people there I will have to deal and tell myself, Nah I don’t want to deal with them and have to here their take on the issues and all of it. But more important, I can’t look them in the eye in the same way anymore.

        but imagine you don’t have a choice and you have to work with them and can’t avoid them.

        that must be what keeps so many white guys from making a break to our side.

          • As a devil’s advocate, may I point out the beneftis of moving to an all-Black neighborhood: You know it won’t get any worse! 😀

        • I’ve lived near, went to school with, and worked with blacks over my whole life with varying degrees of friction and success. In my case they just happened to be part of the environment and I just dealt with their special peculiarities and general lack of smarts and basic discipline and decorum. Now I’m retired thankfully, and after this lockdown and the riots and the disgraceful footwashings, I am determined to limit my contact with blacks in every way possible. I just don’t want be around them anymore.

          • I just don’t want be around them anymore.
            Did you ever really want to be around them in the first place I know I didn’t…

          • I’ve found that a small percentage of the talented tenth are very high quality. If they cut through all the garbage that has been hoisted upon them by the manipulative elites they are independent thinkers at the least. I guess for practical purposes they can be disregarded.

        • It is art imitating reality: In The Matrix it be a black man 🙂 (Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus) who offers Keanus Reeves (“Neo”) the choice of the red or blue pill. Pretty sure this is the basis of the current red/blue state designations, too.

    • I know a black guy in sports media who always used to bitch about white racism and said he moved to the Philippines (of all places) to be treated equally. “They treat a black man like a king here,” is what he literally said. How do you reason with someone who only thinks you are treating them as your equal when you are treating them as your superior? You either abase yourself or anger them. I myself have organized my life to limit contact with them, but not everyone has that luxury, and because of the reach of the media every time I check my email I have to be reminded of this never-ending campaign against me and mine.

      • Asians despise Blacks. Why would they treat him like a king? The bar girls like his money?

    • Yep, anything that hits CivNat White guys and Karens where they live if just fine with me. Like the Talented Tenth – such as they are – CivNat Whites and Karens are getting a free ride on Badwhites social capital. They get to bash us and bask in the glow of their anti-racism BS, all the while living in our neighborhoods and enjoying our bio-culture.

      We don’t just need separation from blacks. We need it from Goodwhites.

      • The prepper-racewar-porn fiction from the 70s and 80s had it all wrong. If it ever comes to that it’ll be good/bad whites shooting it out in the apocalypse. Again.

        • No. Goodwhites are brave in a crowd. You see this with these ‘riots’ where there are white wahmen leading the charge with highly aggressive behavior towards riot police. Same with their soyboy fatbody manlets there too. This lasts until live ammo is deployed, then they will retreat to their slime encrusted holes where weak men and stupid women always have dwelt until recent times.

          The actual war will be fought badwhites vs badge gang and the military (or at least parts of it). Anything else is some fantasy LARP not unlike your reference to the racewar pr0n of the 80s. It is very clear who the tip of the spear will be in this conflict you have to be blind at this point not to see as police and military take a knee to their new generals and commanders.

          • Watching the riot/protest/fight videos, it’s interesting how these meek people get all amped up, and then go into a “loop”, repeating their shouts and behaviors, over and over, until someone, generally a “minder” on their side, pulls them away and breaks the spell. They are not thinking or responding to the environment, they are simply looking for opportunities for “going off”, like a small child.

          • Yeah, I’ve lived around a fair number of military and ex-military officers. Nice guys. Good neighbors. But they wouldn’t hesitate to bust down my down door and throw in chains if ordered.

            They’ve been in the military since they were 18 or 22. It’s “who they are.” Add the pension and all the benefits, and you have a guy who will follow the TPTB to the very end.

          • As I’ve been saying for some time, it is one of the keys to moving forward. The main one is Lineman’s communities. Where we have functioning communities we have a tax base and we can have a police force that answers to us. Counties and even states that reflect Our will and not the Clouds or the Progs agenda. It’s a hefty prize to shoot for but aren’t we always touting Our People as the great builders?

            The other key is shunning. The propaganda media types, the unstable wahminz and Soyboys need to be made to feel unwanted, unwelcome and unsafe at all times.

          • Police and fire are expensive. A lot of smaller communities today are eliminating or merging forces. If you take any federal or state money to help fund community first responders then you must check the diversity boxes or you will not receive the money. A volunteer force can work but that can be a challenge to implement due to turnover.

          • Slide Rule,

            That’s the spirit. Hurdles are good to bring up. And solutions are even more welcome. If we are to actually get offline and build real communities they’ll have to be flexible, unorthodox, and workable at first. And we don’t have to necessarily resurrect the old ways that invite the old problems.

          • Apex,

            Agreed. Thus stuff we are seeing with the wahminz and pajama bois is larping. They may get a whiff of tear gas if they are lucky. It’ll just give them a brief respite from meaningless lives and stories to signal to their like-minded cohort.

            In a conflict where they can be insulated from the actual fighting, they will send the police and soldiers to do the dirty work of subjugation. Those men, however personally unwilling, will by and large do what they are told. They’ll even be bolstered by endless agitprop from the triple parenthesis media.

            As a thought experiment;

            Where things get interesting is when there is no safe place to hide. When the war is in your city, your town marketplace, down the street. When supplies are disrupted and no gathering can be attended without the constant fear of carnage.

            I’ve always wondered if the North would have not settled for a separate peace if the very gentlemanly minor incursions of the South into Pennsylvania had been conducted by a Southern equivalent of Sherman.

          • I read somewhere that there was talk of that.
            The South wasn’t sure its elite wouldn’t be utterly exterminated in reprisal and it wasn’t a society where they could be replaced as it was driven by bloodlines.
            Also there were other powers out there with an interest in our land
            Enough damage to the US might have provoked a Brit or someone else to a takeover. Queen Victoria was not interested in jumping in though it was discussed but after many significant persons on both sides were killed, that might change.

    • There is something very odd – womanly? – about sports networks. I observe ESPN, where it runs at the gym, and it seems lots of the discussions are about feelings of players. Does So-and-so deserve the trade he desires? How will LaQuellian’s first game against his old team make DeNarius feel? Can LeBron’s ego manage to work with Rashad in this new-look team? That sort of thing.

      Very odd. But it seems the people who watch this stuff are really in to the soap opera aspects more than anything else.

    • So true about their emotions. They always strike me as a weird mix of women with a man’s anatomy and strength and thus both volatile AND strong. A dangerous mix.

      • LaFond is right – most Black men are scared of Black women – mostly as PTSD from the truly horrifying levels of physical and mental abuse Dinduisha heaps on her kids. Plus having no stable dad.

        A lot of Black guys are a bad mix of womanish temperament, abuse-issues and high-T, high-muscle-mass Black bodies.

        • Having seen many Black women, can you blame Black males for seeking sex partners outside his own race? I’m sure there are good Black women (I even worked with a few) but the average looks scary… 🙁

          • The only decent looking black women have a bunch of white in them which makes them more appealing…

    • Good points. Isn’t this just an example fo the “Canadian border” effect? Many Whites started idealistic: “Why not give Blacks equal rights? They’re just like us, aren’t they?” Nothing makes scales fall from eyes like first-hand experience with The Other. Problem is there is some risk to person and property in the process…

      • Malcolm X changed his tune after a visit to africa. Maybe we could send karens there for extended vacations. Of couse we probaly wouldn’t want what came back to us. But it would be an interesting experiment to run.

    • I’m told that a certain icon of wokeness once gave a speech about his dream. I, too, have a dream (heh). When indulging flights of fancy, one wishes the ethos of the Japanese Shoginate could be made to apply today. Imagine being a samurai, permitted with impunity to cleave the head from an uppity black woman who has offended one. That would be a sublime way to shut her up and cow her sistahs into silence. Well, a man can still dream, can’t he? They haven’t found a way to take that from us, yet.

    • It is glorious to behold the Kangzsters take out their (and one of (((their))) ) biggest grift. I’ve ridiculed hold out friends for years who continue to watch or support the NFL and NASCAR. Some of them now have had it. Basically no white people I know bother with NBA any longer. It will all collapse in due time and then we can start to pour gasoline on colleges and universities because their conflagration is coming, too.

  54. Hasn’t anyone noticed the Kaepernick effect here? This clown is another half black mulatto who all seem to have identity problems. As is the same with Colin they double down on their blackness regardless of their comfy and AA lives and just keep crying racism and injustice.
    Please white people don’t race mix! Bad enough we have such a race of intolerable ingrates.

    • The science is settled – just one of many links you can find on this:

      I’d love to see some hard-nosed fact-based science that really dug down on the genes and clusters of genes associated with anti-social and psychologically-disturbed behavior and their recessive vs. dominant breakdown.

      Anecdotally, mixed-Blacks seem to end up with the worst Black behavioral traits even when they mix with comparatively tame folk like NE Asians.

      For a larger-scale sample look at North African shitholes like Sudan. Arabs historically despised the mixed-race & Black underclasses there, and Arabs are not exactly Japanese themselves.

      • Anecdotally, personality comes from Dad, intelligence comes from Mom. Most of these folks are Black Dad, White Mom.

        • A friend’s mentally-handicapped niece was knocked up three times (all girls) by a Black fellow. She’s on disability and he doesn’t pay child support. The two eldest are a handful and on ADHD medication. I asked my friend was their hyperactivity due to ADHD or being Black. We’re also concerned about the girls getting pregnant.

          The mother is pretty and was born normal, but suffered from a high fever as a baby and is brain damaged as a result.

        • I’ve heard that often, but never saw the studies. That would seem weird, unless it’s limited to mixed race off spring. Women are a bit less average IQ than males. Lynn publish an entire edition of Mankind Quarterly on the subject couple years ago. Arguments for and against, but never mention of IQ linked to female linage. Males are also more extreme in variance—more idiots and more geniuses.

          Point me and I’ll educate myself.

          • Hence “Anecdotally” :). I havent seen any studies, but on average with folks I’ve met it seems to bear it out more often than not.

      • I just happen to think that a negative force is always the dominant one. In the same way that gravity is the dominant force. The pull downward is simply greater than the ability to resist upward.

        when you mix blacks and whites you may get equal parts A and B but that A weighs more.

        I even notice that in language the guttural grunt of the negative comes far more easily and naturally than the articulation of the positive. Saying No doesn’t take any effort. Just comes out. Saying Yes requires you work the jaw a little and employ some effort

      • At least they’ll offer you a cup of tea while vigorously trying to get you to buy carpets or what-have-they 🙂 One thing I pity these other cultures that value “in your face” (close physical proximity is a societal norm), a trait that is not highly desirable with the current pandemic 🙁

      • I’ve seen this in many of my mixed race friends. Black and White, Asian and White doesn’t matter. No tribe means no inner peace.

  55. I’ve been telling normie friends for the last few years that from now on, it’s going to be all race, all the time. That needs to be narrowed down, at least for now. It’s turning out to be all black, all the time. The Hispanics and Asians seem to be slipping into the background recently, as if they’re spectators watching all of this play out, where it’s whites (evil racists) vs. blacks (noble oppressed).

    • It’s a generational thing. The younger generation has slipped easily into the POC column. They are anti-White and see themselves as a sort of black as a result. Our schools are designed to make our children hate White People. If they are upper class it is even worse. The older generation doesn’t care and barely even votes.

      There is a divide between Hispanics, who are slipping more easily into blackness, and Asians, who are convinced that White people are going to murder them all. The Asian thing is weird but they seem to think everyone hates them for cheating. I don’t really understand it but Andrew Yang freaked out about it a lot.

      • Having grown up in the New New South, in one of the booming tech metropolises that didn’t hardly exist before the personal computer, I can tell you: everyone does hate them for cheating. They cheat at everything, all the time. They cheat when there’s no possible benefit to cheating. They cheat when it would take far less effort to play it straight, and for the same results. (A favorite tactic back in my day was to store crib sheets in the memory of their graphing calculators, in elaborate shorthand of their own devising (since those things had a couple K of memory max back then). You’ve never lived until you’ve seen a panic-sweaty Chinese kid begging the teacher to be allowed to use his graphing calculator in History class). They really just can’t help themselves. (Now, of course, everyone hates them for a different reason: They’re the kind of repulsive SJWs that even other SJWs hate. You think Karen is bad? You have no idea, my friend).

          • They don’t. That’s the thing – they really are very smart, albeit in a very literal, linear way. They don’t have to cheat. At all. They just do, because it’s their culture — gotta put one over on the Round-eye every chance they get. It’s infuriating.

          • STEM here through engin undergrad and grad. I taught several courses. The Chinese ALWAYS cheat in every aspect of an engineering class.

            If you task them with an individual project, they will instantly communicate with the hive here in the US and abroad. The student will obtain and repackage another Chinese student’s A-level work and pass it off as his own. All the Chinese students taking a course will collaborate to defeat all other groups on class prep, labs, quizzes, tests and projects. They do not hesitate to literally sabotage labs and projects for others.

            Chinese are like soldier ants serving some hidden ant queen. Only freakishly brilliant individuals from other ethnic groups stand a chance against Chinese students. I hate them with the intensity of a thousand suns.

          • I have pet theory about that. Many of the chinese are coming from a culture where you must lie, day in, day out, to navigate it sucessfully. Remember thier cultural revolution was 50yrs ago. That’s why i hate what they are doing to us here. I hate the lies we are required to tell just to get along in this clown show. I’ve trained many chinese. I set them down first thing and explain that the integrity of the teams results is paramount and that our reputation is really all we ultimately have. They usually take to it vigorously. On this particular issue i definitly take the nuture side of things. Hell, look at the japanese, thier honor tradition makes our look weak as rainwater at times.

          • Have you read Fukuyama’s The Origins of Political Order? I did, parts of. Oversimplifying: of the major races, the Asian (Chinese) were/are tops for achieving stable societies that rely on rote learning and a rigid social hierarchy. Respect for traditions and established institutions are maximized. This would support the old stereotype that Asians are “clannish.”
            Europeans eventually were more “successful” because we had more rebellion in us and would innovate, or revolt when needed.

      • Yeah, many in the young generation don’t see themselves as white. Well, they do, but also see themselves as black. It’s weird. Ebonics and black LARPing is common for young white guys too.

        Education is responsible, so is culture, but also: how many grew up in a family where dad idolized black sportsball players? Not to mention, alot of white guys are huge pansies so I’m sure the “masculinity” of blacks has huge appeal to young men with no other role models.

    • That’s why the great POC coalition will always be not so great. It sounds plausible on the surface but the ability of blacks en masse to be entitled and suck the air out of any room is legendary.

  56. I knew NASCAR was in the crosshairs for devolution when they started with the Confederate flag crap. It’s history, not raaaaacism. Unless one is a raaaaacist.

    • Yeah, I think it was said somewhere, “Why concern yourself about the Confederate Flag controversy, you think anyone against the CF is a NASCAR enthusiast?” How is it that the highest echelon of the NASCAR organization became poz’d?

      Saw the same with the Boy Scouts—one day we were putting up the good fight, and the next day were were gone thanks to the hierarchy who submitted to those who would destroy the organization?

      • Maybe those who wanted to destroy those organizations had their guys put in place at the head of those organizations so they could destroy them…(((They))) are sneaky like that…

        • Founded by us for us and our progeny. Now turned against us and we’re unwelcome there. I’ve lived that across multiple organizations and groups I was affiliated with. Dispossession and erasure just like Palestine.

  57. In another example of black privilege, “people of color” are specifically exampt from mask wearing requirements in Lincoln County, Oregon if they believe that wearing a mask will subject them to racial profiling. The madness continues.

    • I looked it up – the black population of Lincoln County, OR is 0.3%.

      A little back of the envelope math shows this is 138 people.

      No one virtue-signals like an Oregonian.

      • In place with 0.3% black population there is no crime. Also in the tiny town like that everybody knows everybody else. You can’t hide behind the mask.anyway. Pure theatrics..

        • The White right thing to do is not wear a mask and when accosted inform the accuser that you identify as black.

      • I’m not sure how adding a surgical mask to a hoodie and dark sunglasses would make anyone more suspicious 😀

        • I’ve been toying with the idea of wearing a stocking over my head to meet my mask requirement. We’re an open carry state too so I theoretically could accessorize with my rifle. Of course there’s the ski mask option but they don’t cover the mouth. I’ve also considered going with a keffiyah, maybe with something written in Arabic on it.

      • This does seem to be true. Oregon gets 3rd place in everything on the West Coast. First place always goes to CA, 2nd to WA. Oregonians are always struggling to find a way to say “hey, we’re pozzed little shits here too ya know!”. It’s probably that so many goodwhite nitwits have moved here from other states in recent years and they want you to know that they’re one of the good Oregonians, not those evil ranchers and loggers. I suspect many recent arrivals in Portland and the few other cities West of I-5 are also trying to justify their move to themselves since these places have really gone to shit in the last 5 years. We’ve got the full SF Bay Area disease here now with all the filth, crime, and homelessness but none of the “coolness” of the Bay.

        • Recently read a piece that said a large part of Minneapolis’s decline began because the State offered (more) generous welfare benefits to all comers, no residence time requirement, so the Greyhounds and cars came from far cities 🙂

          • Yeah, that’s the recipe for baking a modern liberal shitcake city. Minneapolis will never have it quite as bad as here because the “gutter punks” (yes, they’re a thing – look it up) and homeless freeze to death while in Portland they just get a bit chilly and damp. I predict a more Detroit-like fate for Minneapolis. Certainly no one with a business (of any race) is ever moving back so it will become another hollow city in ruins.

      • Probably some White lady at the bottom of it, who, due to it being the proper time of the month for her, got triggered and had to virtue signal her “love”. Not thinking how ridiculous it actually is.

      • I can’t help but think that a good number of the White women rioters are there because they’re attracted to the Black men, who they see as fighters. At some level, the pathetic (White) police response tells these women that White men won’t protect them, or can’t.

      • I won’t be surprised to see increasing levels of miscegenation going forward. Note that it seems to me that more White guys are at the statue events now … they’re just Johnny-come-latelies and trying to pose as tough guys. Sorry I’m pretty black-pilled.

    • Lincoln county is on the coast. Totally dependent on tourist dollars, they are the same ones that said please don’t come to the beach Memorial Day weekend because of corona. I’m going to take their advise and spend my money elsewhere all summer.

      • I confess I’ve not seen the Pacific coast north of San Francisco, but just how much of a “beach” do you get when it’s a 50-foot-high cliff and some boulders and gravel at the bottom? The Pacific Northwest isn’t known for its sunny weather either. I’m sure it has its charms (Psilocybin mushrooms I guess), but who would want to live in a state with vampires? Haven’t you seen the “Twilight” movies? 😀

        • The Oregon Coast is beautiful. One of the most scenic drives is US Hwy. 101 that hugs the coast up the entire state. “Twilight” was filmed further north, up in Forks, Washington, which is a wet, overcast place, although near the coast, which is also very scenic, but mostly protected land, some on Indian reservation and some part of Olympic National Park. It breaks my heart that both states are in the hands of hopelessly cucked whites.

          • Absolutely gorgeous states along the coastline. Uber cucked and the feather indians are dangerous trailer park drunks.

        • The joke is that the most popular thing to do at the beach in Oregon is to stand around wearing a sweater, smoking weed, and playing hackeysack (the ultimate Communist game since on one can win but everyone must play).

  58. New ratio: 0.05 do 50. As in, 0.05% of the population (mulattoes) do 50% of the fake racisms.

    • And what percent involve a noose? It seems like it’s usually either a noose or a spray-painted nazi symbol.

      • Yeah the noose is the racism of choice. I’m surprised they haven’t tried the burning cross more.

        • I’m a member of a fraternal organization. The flaming cross of Constantine is a symbol we appropriated. For indoctrination, we constructed a 25-foot tall cross from railroad ties on a wooded hill and wrapped it with diapers that had been soaked in kerosene. On cue, a large rocket flew out of a treeline down a long wire to the base and set it off into a blazing cross. Spectacular really. We did this for more than 100 years until the arrival of the cell phone. Folks started calling-in our event as “a bunch of racists up in the hills are burning a huge cross again.” So now we use electric lights and just switch the thing on and off.

      • If one wanted to cause chaos why even go to the extent of hanging a noose. In 2020 America just say anything positive about whites and watch the fireworks.

        • I know. Can you believe how many unrepentant racists say “All lives Matter.” The audacity. I just can’t breathe when I hear such hate-filled words. I am so filled with rage just thinking about it that I need to pull down a statue of some dead white male who allegedly did some historically significant thing or other.

  59. “If it means the death of sports entertainment, it is small prize to be paid for the freedom to decide for ourselves.”

    This. The death of spectator sportsball will be a huge victory for our people. If you like sports, play them. If you can’t or don’t want to, there are usually plenty of local baseball, football, and hockey teams you can go and see, along with local racetracks. Let the NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR die, they hate you.

    • I hope so. At this point they are just phoning it in on the theatrics: we hate you, give us your money. If white men are okay with that, they are not of the stock our future demands. These events are sorting opportunities.

    • Pro sports are also a huge distraction for blacks. If the NBA playoffs had been happening we wouldn’t have had near the looting, rioting, etc., we had during the past month. Don’t assume every white who walks away is going to “wake up” and come to our side either. The pressure and cultural pull to join the woke crowd will be strong.

    • Like it meant the death of the media? Slave?

      They’ll get their money from Woke Capital, which means the Fed, and if they don’t wash the feet they’ll go broke.

    • If you’re a male, go to the gym five days a week. Work out with weights. Keep your testosterone levels up and your weight down. Ignore sportsball.

  60. Potential Whitepill? It’s entirely possible that one of the FBI Investigators leaked the truth to Conservative Treehouse (who broke the story).

    I’ve got no evidence for this but it would make a lot of sense.

  61. Another strong argument for separation. A noose is a slipknot; its utility being reliant upon an object within its coils. That object is whiteness.

    The repeated use of this symbolic totem to the mythology of lynching is not about black necks being stretched but rather the ever tightening grip around whiteness. This is obvious by how blacks show no fear when the noosecard is played but are actually emboldened, energized.

    Meanwhile whites go a shade more pale and prepare for breathy rituals of anti-racism. Even though we all know its a fraud. The effect is the same. Whites have imprisoned themselves in a perpetual black tragedy, the tired script so worn the actors barely bother with the actual lines as we all mouth the words in real time.

    How many blacks drive nascar? As usual, like every basketball court, park, beach, or pub: it only takes one.

    • > How many blacks drive nascar? As usual, like every basketball court, park, beach, or pub: it only takes one.
      Every guy knows that even a single woman creeping into a male space will inevitably wreck it. Jokers like Wallace seem to fit the maxim for white spaces..

    • I would be terrified to hire a black these days. The second that person walks in the office, everyone will be on edge. And since the black probably isn’t qualified, he or she would quickly feel inadequate and then angry. Next thing you know, it’s lawsuit time.

      Meanwhile the rest of your team will be walking on eggshells. You’ll also have the Goodwhite vs Badwhite battle going on.

      • I’ve worked in employment law as part of a lot of civil practices over the years.

        An employer is safer not hiring anyone in a protected class and risking the “statistical discrimination” claim for not having the proper pokemon points on your staff.

        If you hire any of these social IED’s you’re much more likely to get sued by the Fifth Columnist you let in the gate, they’re going to cause major eggshell-walking and constant drama and their performance is almost assuredly sub-standard to that of a straight White man.

        Sorry wahmens, but by the numbers a straight Hispanic guy is probably a safer bet than even a White woman in terms of lawsuit risk, though not by much. Women-trouble claims – harassment, maternity are an additional risk beyond Pedro’s garden-variety wage, discipline & promotion-claim risk.

        • That’s what I was thinking. I remember a million years ago during one of the affirmative action cases with the Supreme Court, there were dozens of amicus briefs from big corporations supporting AA. At first, I thought that was odd, but then I realized that big corps are stuck with AA no matter what.

          What they really wanted was AA to be required for all businesses so they weren’t at a disadvantage.

          Any small or medium size business can likely stay under the AA radar. Way better to risk some outside group noticing that your team is all White than bring in a black, woman or gay. A black lesbian would be the ultimate nightmare.

          • A black lesbian would be the ultimate nightmare.

            I’ve worked with a handful. Your diagnosis is correct.

          • Actually, the white conservative’s worst nightmare would a a competent or even talented black lesbian married-a-tree etc. 😀

          • It isn’t just an employment issue. A close friend owns a repair shop and has learned over the years to avoid doing business with blacks in general and lesbians and their motorcycles at all. Naxalt on the blacks but the numbers that have sued him (maliciously) are just fractionally too high for him to risk it outside of a few long term customers.

            His lawyer always tells him to eat the cost of the work to avoid court no matter how well he can prove his side. These black grifters actually run a racket on multiple businesses and so many of the owners communicate and warn each other. The unintended consequence is the systemic “racism” wherein the owners overquote or plead “too backlogged” to do the work to avoid the risk.

            As far as the lesbians and their motorcycles, a similar dynamic occurs but with the added flair of mental instability. He’s had several threaten violence against his employees and now he just refuses their business and invites them out to the parking lot to settle things “man to man.” They never bite.

          • No other group on the face of the earth is so addicted to getting something for nothing. Theft, welfare, bribes and suing.

            Witnessed a dustup at the self-checkout aisle at a local Walmart – Three women (two Black) were attempting to, ahem, not pay for items they had in their carts and were stopped by a little Indian (dot not feather) employee. They insulted her, but she stood her ground. Overheard one of them say “racial profiling.” Something for nothing.

          • My sister works at Walmart and she encountered the same thing last week. A hood rat and her three kids left without paying for a couple items. They got stopped by loss control and had a shit fit. She “forgot” to pay for the items you see, but that was no excuse for “racially profiling” her! Violence was promised on the Klansmen who dared to stop her.

            This is the world the left has created. Blacks actually feel that if they don’t get a mulligan every single time, they’re being discriminated against.

          • I was behind a large (in both senses of the word) Black family in the checkout line at a cafeteria in Florida years ago. The family spokes person was complaining that their service was slow, didn’t get refills fast enough or something. The manager came out shaking, he was so afraid. He, of course, didn’t charge them for their meals. The cashier was livid. She said it happened all the time and the management never supported her. Of course, the manager could have done nothing else if he wanted to keep his job.

          • Blacks are notoriously bad tippers, as well. At one time, Denny’s had a policy of making Black customers pay before being served because they were prone to leave the premises without paying.

            Blacks really are very different than non-Blacks.

          • Given the direction BSA is moving, blacks will soon be exempt from the law. They will literally be allowed to do whatever they dam’ well please.

          • Some places in Europe have this custom for the Roma.
            Such problems are usually solved with a discrete call and a few dollars by the local Mafia.
            We’ll get that too I suspect.

          • “No other group on the face of the earth is so addicted to getting something for nothing. Theft, welfare, bribes and suing.”
            Zigeuner-Europeans. Except for the suing. But they are slowly learning.

          • Just imagine if he didn’t have to deal with that shit at all but had all white non freak customers to deal with…He would have a better life for sure…

          • It’s all about power and money, and degrading the whites.
            This is where decapitating whites with morals and balls and replacing them with groveling corrupt place holders pays off for the elites. There are vast numbers and potential power among whites but they are very successfully kept leaderless at every level.

          • The reason I say fight of course is that’s our only remaining card.
            That’s our only path now.
            Elections, laws, public opinion, even calling the police aren’t an option for us now.

            The other advantage of fighting is its proof; risk life, shed blood you’re for real. You proved true, you have committed. Otherwise its just dangerous talk.

            I should mention that as they were unable to corrupt the military ranks below General or the occasional COL or high ranking SGM that the natural leaders now at all levels are Veterans – who of course answer only to themselves, conceivably each other.

            Other than that look to the Sheriffs, many of us already do.

          • Interesting comment. My Dad, career (civilian) Federal government, would say long ago (he’s been dead over 30 years) that he didn’t think there were any honest Generals left, maybe some honest Colonels. I doubt that’s gotten better since the 1980s!

          • I’ve learned to be realistic. I’m not dirty, but if they would let us fight to win and not be disloyal when bad pictures are on TV I wouldn’t care if they made themselves rich. What we have is faithless cowards who engineer and enforce stalemates so they can retire on a career of stalemate, and pass on the endless loser to the next generation.

            Right now if he would let us win I’d take a cannibal. He can eat people, never mind take money. He can be a rich cannibal. Even the honorable loss is acceptable if they’d stop being faithless cowards.
            Having said that there are honest Generals and Colonels…most in fact outside District of Corruption. >but being honest cuts you out of the power/influence loop.
            Honest? Sure. See MacArthur, Petreaus , Mcchrystal, Hamm, I can go on. Odienero.
            Being a warrior gets you shit canned fast now, even our SGMs get shit canned if they reveal it. Remember ‘kill them with a Shovel [E-tool]” ? Gone the first excuse they had, an ‘investigation.’

          • Fight how, who when where?

            You do this vague fed-posty shit in practically every thread, V.

            And you never own it.

          • Exile,
            You apparently come from an environment where you tell other people what to say, what they own, and try to entrap people from the vague into the specific…on the internet no less … and become frustrated when they don’t comply.
            What’s it like when people stop playing your silly games? I’ve been interrogated by professionals dear, do give up and let me do my thing.

            You poor man, the law is ending and you hate that it’s ending, even though you hate the law.
            I will pray for you, you poor man.

            And of course, you don’t tell me what I own or don’t, for law degree or not you don’t own me or my words.

          • Big Corp considers AA a “moat” because they’re stuck with it and yes they’d love to hang those compliance costs on all of their smaller more nimble competitors. Some of our laws in CA already go down to 5 man shops.

          • Yep. Of course there are advantages to not hiring if at all possible and keeping it small, especially here in Cali.
            Between cost of living and taxes and admin costs unless you make crazy sums of money (250k after taxes at minimum) you and your guys never have a good standard of living anyway.
            Better to find a way to live on a lot less elsewhere.
            Work less, earn less, consume less and in so doing you get a healthier culture.

          • The mega-corporations are always on board with every regulation the government can cook up. They have the money to fend off the legal challenges and to pay for compliance while the little guy is one lawsuit away from closing shop. It helps weed out future competition.

          • One of the few upsides of this beer virus is how hard hit so many of the big boys were.
            The cultural changes from not being able to shop for months are just starting and as the depression drags on and on and it will, well you can kiss consumerism adios.
            The Left’s recent spate of madness is one symptom but we’ll get the bug too and while there won’t be riots , you’ll get a lot m,ore people jumping off the Civ Nat train and onto something a bit more like Our Thing.
            No amount of tech lord censorship or TV agitprop can save the system from loss of confidence at this points.
            Our raison d’etreis shot to hell.
            I won’t predict outcomes but for an Imperial society with consumers as subjects , its a nightmare in the offing.

        • There is a “they” pronoun at my current employer – talk about eggshell walking.

        • In my last organization they got around it with the only Blacks in the organization being a Brit and a Nigerian. They don’t have the chip on the shoulder so much.

          I did a training session for a customer of ours once and one of the trainees was an immigrant Black. The White guys felt comfortable enough with him that one time, the Black guy was referring to the people in one of the other guys’ departments and called them “you people,” And the White guy responded, “Hey, what do you mean ‘you people?'” A good laugh was had by all.

          • Same with Asians born overseas. Or Euros. They have to produce, with the glaring exception of Incompetent Hindoos who’s cousin got them the job. Of course in tech if you don’t know what you are doing it becomes apparent at the first use, witness shadow app in Iowa.

            but if they are forced to be productive they produce.
            Or they starve in Asia, in Europe they become unemployed and even that Dole life sucks.

        • This is absolutely true. My dad went through hell firing a black guy and this was back in the 80s. They see the writing on the wall and suddenly turn on a dime with the office racism speech, the way Wallace turns into a pit on the race track. These people are time bombs that cause legal nightmares and they’re well aware of every angle. Today you have the white millennial woman who is just dying for a bizarre glance to take you out. It’s a minefield out there.

          • At a law firm that I once worked at, two Black co-workers (individually on different occasions) accused a fellow employee of a racial insult. Not surprised about one, but was by the other. I thought the world of her. They keep the racism card up their sleeves and put it out when needed.

            Big liberal Jewish-run firm, too.

          • Bottom line–virtually all blacks think and act alike. Even the ones who seem normal and reasonable.

          • I had a black doctor in my department when I was in the Army. He was incompetent. I kept a list. When he killed someone through laziness I confronted him, and I was smart enough to do this in front of our hospital commander.

            This was more than thirty years ago. I was surprised when he accused me of racism – we’d worked together for three years, went to the same barbecues, etc.

            Lucky for me, the Colonel was also black. He laughed at the racist charge.

            Of course, there was nothing we could do to get rid of the guy. I’ve googled him – he’s still out there practicing.

          • When I was a barely-minted patent lawyer a partner presented me with a new client who was a medical doctor. Dot Indian. This doctor was madly “inventing” because he was in the process of forfeiting his third state medical license and I believe it was three state strikes and you’re out nationally. The trail of ruined lives and dead he had left was staggering. All he cared about was billing. Yet another reason I avoid the medical industry like a plague. Unless, of course, I become infected with an actual plague, that would be completely different.

          • Yep, saw the same thing at university. Completely incompetent women lied her way into the of webmaster and could not use the software programs she claimed to be proficient in. When called on such after probation period, she immediately claimed disability under ADA. The basic premise being “stress” from being asked to perform her duties. 🙁

            She milked a salary for almost a year of no show and no work. I believe she finally resigned after finding another job somewhere.

        • This was always the appeal of the Taliban and Islamist courts overseas – the corruption and payoffs were avoided. Same with the IRA courts a hundred years ago. What Exile is describing of course is simply corruption dressed in religion.

        • Also, the diversity industry will send ringers into your business to deliberately gin up hiring claims, particularly in larger cities.

          Have a lawfare defense strategy in place. Talk with a lawyer about specific concerns in your state/locality but here are some a general rules (I need to do a post on this as well, I’ll try not to write a book here):

          Rely on writing/paperwork more than interviews. It’s more solid evidence and you can usually find a mistake someone makes to hang your hat on re: saying “no.” Make them do paperwork/writing on-site so they can’t have some paralegal at Blattstein APC do the work for them.

          They train ringers to do interviews (in LA they use aspiring Blacktors & Blacktresses). That’s the biggest risk factor because they will lead you into trap lines of inquiry like asking about your diversity policy, deliberately mentioning their sexual fetishes, etc…

          If the job permits, skip the interview entirely with as many employees as possible, White or otherwise. For guys you want to hire, take them to lunch or something – time the interview to make that a plausible thing vs. interviewing Leroy at 10 minutes before quitting time.

          If you’re not legally required based on size etc do not have a formal diversity policy. Try to avoid any formal policies for that matter – they’re just stuff to trip you up with. At-will employment means at-will – you can fire people for no reason, just not for protected reasons.

          There are more safety tips and business defense strategies but I don’t want to write a book. I’ll drop a link if anyone’s interested in more.

          And once again, check with a local lawyer to make sure what your area might require, your type of business, etc…

          Plus I could just be some random psycho making this shit up.

          • Yes. Totally agreed. The best documentation is no documentation at all. CA is at the forefront of the psychosis.

          • The Talk: Legal Version

            (Standing O- hiring is Problem #1)

            Update- why hiring?

            vxxc: It’s woke OR broke, and we don’t make the rules.

          • Shit, no wonder you are raging bad-thinker given what you do. Don’t dox yourself bro.

      • yes citizen, for anyone with any power of choice all of this woke war will result in less opportunity for the poc bodies.

        Personally I do not want to hire or work with women (pound me too), pocs (blm), or gays (bakemyfukingcake) at all. I had to play nice as a good equalist for a long time but post-Obama fatigue broke me. The risk/reward is just not there.

        I had a client that kept having entitlement issues within his firm. Disruptive factions agitating for “change”. It took some kid gloves but I was able to walk him through cause and effect.

        He needed to stop hiring millennial women and then indulging their feelings. Its a black hole. Sure enough, once he went zfg, the problem was either fired for performance or left on their own. Bunch of white nerds run the place now and they are killing it.

        • Oh and its one more anecdote of why we need our own economy. The reason he diversity hired in the first place was his goldman sachs investors had a problem with the lack of diversity. Cloud money, cloud chains. To them its just virtue signaling, to my client it was his life’s work, entire net worth, and future livelihood on the line. It is that kind of economic entrapment we need to solution for our people.

          • And “we need to solution” is a problem that native English speakers need to solve.

          • ST, Let’s start with a Our Guys Hiring 101 guide. And then a Our Guys “I’m New Here” Starter Guide, for those just waking up.
            So many small changes can have big impacts for our side, one man at a time (you, too, ladies):

            1. Cut cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime
            2. Get out of debt
            3. Find a group you can trust
            4. Move to that community if possible
            5. Engage in quiet rebellion concerning spending, consumption, affiliation, personal defense, entertainment, news sources, etc.
            6. Pay cash
            7. Don’t hire Social IED’s (HT Exile)
            8. Press S.IEDs out of your organization
            9. View most of the modern world with suspicion
            10. Eat bacon, drink good bourbon.
          • Did you read Z’s posts on the Palace Economy?
            It’s Woke or Broke; you will be denied access to banking, you will get only bad media, you will then find you’re denied financial processing services.

            It’s woke or broke.

          • Arabs, Africans and Jeets have been lending money with overseas tribal-based networks since the 1990’s based on references, phone calls and handshakes with handwritten records.

            We have Bitcoin FFS.

            The only reason dissident Whites haven’t set up their own alternative payment networks yet is trust issues, lack of organization and black-pilling knuckleheads who keep telling them what can’t be done.

          • And a huge percentage of that is funded by the hundreds of billions in remissions that have been sent from the US to their home countries over the years.

          • Set it up, but I don’t know how you do this without getting ruined, you certainly can’t defend it.

            Tell you what Exile – help them set up their white networks of money. No one here is better placed or more knowledgeable on how to work the system.

            And no Exile, that people tell them it can’t be done isn’t the only reason, it’s not even the main reason that it is not done. >>The main reason Exile is Lawyers will ruin them. You do realize the SPLC sued the Klan out of the last vestiges of their existence? And that was basically a local social club that kept certain elements from chimping out. Imagine what they would do to White Capital.

            Arabs, Jews and Jeets hire the best white lawyers to go and ruin their own, and they do.
            All I say is it won’t work, not they can’t do it. I’ll say it’s no solution, there’s no force behind it. The Jews took over Progressive Politics – that’s their force. That’s why they get away with everything in the USA. That and the venal sell themselves to them.

          • You have more than one node in a network in case one gets sued/doxxed. It’s how the non-Whites do it. They’re willing to take damage for their tribes.

            You’re the guy who’s always cocked & rocked to “fight” – this is one practical way to do it.

            Once again, you sound like a guy who’s just telling people to eat a gun or run out in the street and do random Antifa shit. You have no practical, positive or even plausible strategy. You’ve never articulated anything worth a shit for anyone to do around here.

            All you do is bitchfag about any idea anyone else has.

            Readers, check his history here if he says I’m wrong – he usually doesn’t even respond when called out like this.

            I’m only responding to his bullshit now for the sake of others who might be (((tricked))) by his defeatist act.

          • I love your uplifting response, V. Thanks. So are you woke, or broke, right now?
            Perhaps you can take the time to build alternatives, out of strength, while operating in the current system. I’m working hard to mitigate the slavery effects you so fearfully outlined.

          • I closer to “broke” but due to bad stock market trading 🙂 Grasshopper, learn the wisdom of the “stop loss” 😀

          • I keep saying Organize.
            Go to the Gun Club, just for hunting and fishing of course.
            I mean my spiel must be getting old.
            Certainly some have no hesitation in telling me so.
            Organize. Anything. Anything but what we talk about here, and no illegal talk, zero written down, no online presence. Be a ‘charity’ just don’t bother applying for the tax status [ah, no].

            And you actually can be uplifted…
            The Law is breaking down.
            Bello Fortuna, Fortune favors the Brave, that sort of thing.
            We don’t have to mitigate our slavery if we are prepared to exploit the anarchy unfolding, because of course we need no longer be slaves. But that will take a band of men with mannerbund…

            I’m not woke and not broke [but not rich] either.

          • Get your gun and do what with it?

            We don’t have 10% of the organization and infrastructure needed to become some sort of armed resistance movement.

            This is the best way to get Our Guys vanned or shot.

            Comments like this are why I’ve always suspected you’re either a fed or a drunk hothead who got BCD’d out of whatever service was unfortunate enough to have you.

            Do not listen to this clown. You need to do 1000 other things first – like learn how to live in a real life semi-independnet community with the guys at that gun range. Plan a lifestyle where you can have kids & raise them right.

            Make grown-up plans with grown-up men to have a future that doesn’t end in drunken despair or the back of an ATFE van.

          • Your advice to avoid illegal talk, to not write anything down and its modern equivalent, no online presence, is all good advice. We aren’t quite to the point where being denounced as “racist” gets you hauled away to the re-education camps, but seem slike we are on the way to it… 🙁
            Even our presence here risks our exposure (email or server hack, etc.) If you aren’t already, you might want to look into ways to become anonymous. I’m too lazy/ too old/ they already have my number…

          • Enough with the black pill already. We haven’t even begun to fight.
            Also seriously do you really think you are going to get the society you want without massive sacrifice ?
            The closest to easy mode would be a collapse that kills a huge swathe of the urban population.
            The rest gets harder from there.
            As it is, the economy is on the verge of collapse and anyone bullshitting you about a V shaped recovery needs to be ignored.
            Its gonna get worse, embrace the suck and find an opportunity to build or take the life you want
            Now if things get bad and they could, Fake it as needed, Find ways to communicate and stop consuming anything you don’t need.
            Turn off your damned TV , use less Internet , don’t play games or go to movies
            Instead read old paper books , take up art, do Tai Chi or other exercise.
            Do this anyway no matter who is in charge and you’ll live a saner life.

          • God almighty. All I do is say we must organize, say we have to fight [that’s the eternal fate of man] and I’m either Fedpoaster or Black piller.

            I say that we’re looking at national collapse, the beginning at least – a day later Z posts same and the crowd here isn’t going nuts on him, are they?

            I point out that Trump is a spent force. He was peace and prosperity, he came through on both – and both were taken away. Because he’s not a killer. Read Art of the Deal.
            He’s not the guy we need. He wanted to save the nation peacefully, they won’t have it, they won’t let it happen.
            I continue to say that ….blah blah …what I said above. We don’t have any cards left but the Cossack’s pal, I mean ask yourself what Cossack’s do in this position?
            Hell: who is keeping their communities safe now?
            *Spanish militias
            *Biker gangs, er sorry ‘clubs’

            ^why aren’t the Spanish and the Bikers afraid of Feds poasting them?^
            Strangely the Feds seem to pass over MS13 defending their neighborhoods, or Bikers protecting statues. If I follow the logic here…it means
            MS13 ARE FEDS!!!

            Here’s a whitepill: law and order are breaking down. Even small groups that are in the slightest prepared will be able to exploit the opening.
            Of course that must mean I’m a Fedpoaster, or something.

            If you want a risk free, fear free solution I don’t have one.
            Except maybe cut the cord, including the internet and all news, forbid anyone to discuss same in your presence and hope it passes you over. Actually statistically that will probably work. But you really also need to stop reading this blog or any news at all. Period.

          • Probably not what you meant, but “take the life” really should be a last resort, don’t you think? 🙂

          • What I meant by never take a life is Trump – who is no coward – would probably rather die than do that.

            I meet guys like that from time to time, they’re not cowards or shirkers but they just don’t want to or can’t do THAT. It is no small thing you know.

            Of the 2 guys I am sure are like that they were both cops, really tough cops but they simply could not bring themselves to kill. Only one admitted it. These are the guys that handle business…but in the end they’ve seen too much suffering to inflict that much. They meet the families of everyone who dies on their shift. Combat effectiveness = 0.
            That doesn’t make them weak.
            Or cowards.
            Or bad men.
            Not at all.
            Do what you can.
            AT least defend your own.
            That is something.

          • Whites should leverage our success as builders and makers, being productive and build our own concentration camps, gas chambers and crematoriums.

            Then there’s the matter of running the trains; only White people have the skills to run a modern transportation network.

            If we put Nogs or lesbians in the loop the job will never get done.

            If we put Jews in charge of genociding whites they’ll just make it a racket and it won’t ever get done; witness the USSR. Frankly I think its time whites stepped up and showed the others how to conduct a proper and even profitable auto-genocide. With our skills and work ethic our own genocide will come in on time and under budget. We went to the moon fellow white people, we can get er done.

          • OK! Now you are talking, V. Swing for the fence. Your wokeness / brokeness did not last long. That’s good!
            You start with Phase I of your plan, I’m sure lots of folks will follow along.

          • @moss et al.
            Here, I will try to be helpful.

            The conditions for “Heritage Americans’ to make a stand do not exist.
            1. Sufficient motivation to do something other than run, or call the police.
            2. – Organizations to stand with.
            3. : Legal Permission slip. The Cult of Law will die very hard, probably only at the end of a long line of bodies and tragedies.
            4. : Leadership. Our leaders are either denouncing us, ignoring the problem, or are helpless cowards. We have no War leaders, with rare local exceptions. No stand will be made in any area the enemy goes for, just rout. We have no War Leader of National Standing.
            5. “Heritage Americans” are a peaceful, problem solving, lets talk this over people. Until there is sufficient violence inflicted and they realize there is no one else to call, they’ll remain fatally complacent. Don’t worry, there’s far too many of us to actually genocide us – the intention – but the truth is it will take violence that touches YOU for it to sink in.

            Now what to do? In reverse order.
            1. Decide when and for what you’ll make a stand, and stop being intimidated. Don’t TALK anymore, just stone face. This has more effect on this bunch then you know. Don’t talk, don’t reason- it’s all tricks and traps, Don’t apologize. Ever. Even and especially if wrong. Don’t be the better man.
            >>>Be the Worse one. <<<
            2. What did the Left do? ORGANIZE.
            Just make sure it’s innocuous, like a Fishing Club.
            Listen and let the talkers reveal themselves. Keep it legal.
            You realize that many things can be done legally, like organizing food drives, gas drives, food aid that build organization and logistics – and if everyone STFU then no ah unwanted attention.
            3. Let the Suicide Cult of Legality Die within you, and accept it was always a lying contest, now it’s the Nuremberg Laws for White People. It’s a suicide pact. Hire a professional licensed liar – they’re called lawyers, and admit nothing.
            **The Police are good Men but they can’t help us now***
            4. Leadership. Work and organizing will reveal the leaders, as far as a National or even regional “We” that will take a Darwinian Selection process. He will almost certainly not be elected President, Governor, or Senator. When the ah weeding process reveals leaders then back them loyally. If they are war leaders you don’t care about anything else, cannibalism, queer, greedy – only success matters. Back them.
            5. Peace: let it die within you and harden your hearts.
            Distance yourself from all these Judas Peacemakers, especially the ‘non-violent’ Rev’s. They are not of Jesus – but of Judas. They betray with a Kiss. If they persist and you lack the heart to call out Judas – then simply say quietly “I doubt you.”
            I doubt you works better than a thousand facts.
            People need each other now, you see.

          • Readers, this is the occasional response we get when he realizes he’s overstepped.

            Edge-post about ovens & gas, guns, etc..

            Get blowback.

            Walk your talk back to food drives.

            Then start off fedposting again tomorrow.

            I’m guessing fed more than drunk at this point – drunks tend to get more belligerent rather than doing the walkback.

          • Readers: this is an entrapped man trying to provoke words he can then report to the Feds, and growing enraged that I’m not giving him enough to work with.
            I will pray for you, you poor man.
            There’s a certain sort of person who needs to stay out of jail, he needs to show productivity to those that allow him to continue free. This person is a poor and wretched creature, this person is a control freak living at the utter discretion and mercy of others.
            This galls beyond all prudence, and drives them to foolish words and provocations. This person is not me.

          • At least judging from my military and Federal (contractor) days, the two are not mutually exclusive 😀

          • First it was the Chinese restaurants in a White nation. What fun, chopsticks. Now, my nation is a mudmanoid shithole.

            All because stupid Whites went to cockroach infested Chinese restaurants many decades ago – then taco, curry, kebab, you name it.

            Boycott all non-White restaurants ! Live, eat and die like a White man.

          • Yes Moss so much of what needs to be repaired resides at the foundation of manhood. Which makes sense given that is what was shelled into sand prior to the main invasion force.

            A man has little hope of maneuvering within occupied territory if he does not have control over his own force, will, and purpose.

            We have to rekindle masculinity at its most fundamental level and then safeguard it from the creeping pozz and gynocracy so that it may be lived, practiced by those who have awakened.

            We can assemble tactical resources, but most are only useful to those who are already on the path toward internalizing the truth. This can only happen through their direct action.

            The transition from potential to kinetic is our greatest challenge.

            We can do many things to maintain as many onramps and guardrails as possible but the attrition is high. It is difficult to watch. And there is danger on our side of fatigue. I have been through it. Our expectations on ROI should be calibrated accordingly.

            Plus one for bourbon. My mantras: Lift heavy, read old books, learn to eat real food and grow some of your own, go outside whenever possible, talk to people, question everything you were told in school, never take advice on how to hunt from your prey, never complain and never explain, never apologize unless you were clearly in the wrong, be polite not nice, be curious, say what you mean, watch what people do not what they say, assume the sale, when in doubt make a move, have faith.

          • ST, that’s a whole lot of Wisdom packed in there.

            We have to rekindle masculinity at its most fundamental level and then safeguard it from the creeping pozz and gynocracy so that it may be lived, practiced by those who have awakened

            This Is exactly what I’m experiencing talking to young guys. They want to talk tactically but in short order I realize I’ll be speaking another language. So we go back to basics and I let them in on ancient truths that our enemy wants destroyed. Some guys have to reach down deep to grab onto truth. For many, tragically, they are lost forever.

            Excellent post, ST. Amen to all of it.

          • I actually think this is an excellent idea. I’ve been thinking we need a set of survival guides for our thing in at least a loosely planned way. It’s not important that the same person write them all nor would that be possible. You want experts in all fields to cover their own area of expertise from an OT POV. Exile could do law, others here could do prepping, farming, guns, electronics…

            Collect them all into a sort of Hatefact Bible with an editor for the whole anthology.

        • There is always trouble at the gates. The choice is a vampire at the gates or a vampire in your home. They have the burden of entry. Once inside, however, the burden is yours and then its usually just a matter of time.

          • I seem to remember that from “Salem’s Lot.” Isn’t the problem you invited them into the neighborhood or your home?

      • You have just perfectly described one of the prime unintended consequences (or, if you prefer, “poetic justice”) of Civil Rights/Affirmative Action. From the potential employer’s point of view, it is utterly insane to hire a black/woman/lesbian/married-a-tree/whatever “protected class” because of several reasons: often likely to be lower ability, unstable, prone to cause trouble, and not least, very hard to get rid of if/when troubles with performance arise. The very concept of preferential treatment works against the infrequent minority who actually would qualify on merit. Don’t they recognize this? Meanwhile, the minorities complain about no jobs being offered because of “racism” or “discrimiantion.” The only rational reason to hire one of these people is for virtue-signalling.

    • No need to use the term whiteness. Whites is much more accurate. They don’t want to destroy us in the abstract, but in reality.

  62. “Noose” Wallace says he’s been pulled over by cops who ask him if he can afford the car he’s driving. Absent evidence we’re supposed to believe him. But he goes on to brag that he makes so much money that he “could buy a car for everyone in the cop’s family”. Which proves he’s just a dick with slightly black skin looking for a payout.

      • That’s what I picked up on. It’s not every day that you have a male mud shark. The self hatred must have been palpable.

          • And really, really angry. He must be thinking about the Holocaust again.

            What do you think these boys will do when they find out that becoming a millionaire isn’t as easy as dad makes it look? Could it be that they simply can’t act, or do you think there is another, more sinister explanation?

            In Denmark, we have this mulatto called Jacob Mchangama, a lawyer and a righteous warrior for free speech.


            So he’s the go-to guy when soft ethno-staters insist that some browns are good people and deserve to live among us. A few weeks back, his son made his media debut. Guess what he’s a crusader for?

            So next time someone tells you that Michelle Malkin is sort of white if you squint a bit, remember she’s married to a Jew, and no matter her merits, their offspring will be fucked up.

        • Love the look on DeNiro’s face. Priceless. Hell they don’t even look like him. BTW, I understand she’s given him the boot after milking him dry for 20 years. Look for more crappy DeNiro movies.

        • Wonder who wears the pants on that muddy plantation? It ain’t the weenie looking twerp on the right.

        • Speaking of the Kennedy Center, I got on their email list because of having attended concerts there. (Was there once a time when you could buy a ticket to an event without giving your data, as if applying for a loan?)

          The Kennedy Center has gone full tilt blackety-black. Their latest email included the boilerplate “anti-racist” talking points combined with a join-us-to-celebrate-black-culture pitch. The Center is obviously desperate to inoculate itself against any possible accusation of white privilege.

          I hit reply and, following a few choice words, asked to be removed from their email list. No more emails for a week and I thought maybe they’d complied. Until today. Their latest email says:

          “Through the #BlackCultureMatters initiative, the Kennedy Center will curate and propagate Black stories on its digital and proscenium stages, as well as non-traditional performance spaces across the campus. The intention of this work is to support Black organizations and creatives that address wealth, beauty, law, or housing as a central component of their anti-racist work.”

          Some years ago I went to the Center for a jazz concert tribute to Lionel Hampton. The musicians on stage, mostly black, managed to attract a large and enthusiastic audience with no “curating” (a recent vogue word) and “propagating” to support “anti-racist work.” It was a celebration of jazz and one of its distinguished players, not racial politics. Those were the days.

          • I don’t know what it is with the symphonies and BLM; recently I have seen Canadian symphonies send out emails akin to that Kennedy Center email. I’d be willing to bet their audience is much the same percentage racially as NASCAR!

      • Something that never actually happened gets talked and written about endlessly. It requires YT to pay the danegeld whenever and forever… and to even question the truth of the narrative effect of the event upon the victims or of our need to do penance for it requires even more white sacrifice and public acts of contrition.

        This pattern has a certain familiarity to it.

    • It’s good to recall how common straight-up lies are. Black girl was raised by her aunt on our street back in the day. Now, I hear she’s social media posting about how she overcame growing up in a tough neighborhood (my daughter: it was a middle-class White neighborhood in one of the better school districts around) and how she had to raise herself because she was orphaned (her aunt: I literally raised you as my own daughter for all your life).

      The level of pampering is playing some role in black psychosis. As anyone who knows blacks knows, the constant elevating of their abilities – both from Whites and other blacks – is a central element of the black experience. When you think you have very great potential that does not express itself in results, you have a problem. Oppression would be a useful explanation for why this is the outcome, because oppression is in short supply for pampered blacks, they tend to invent it.

      • If you offer someone the level of social power that faux-pression confers today, you’re going to get a lot more faux-pressed peopleses.

        The fad-tranny and the “celibate homosexual” are just two new additions to our wonderful new country courtesy of our inverted rewards pyramid of sideshow physiognomy & anti-social behavior.

        If you don’t get your freak on, real or sham, you’re leaving status and cash on the table. Look at Joe Exotic’s “success story.”

        Thanks Jews!

      • Black psychosis in general is a seriously under-reported problem. And I do mean psychosis – back when they used to report such things, I seem to recall that the Black rate of all kinds of florid mental illness were much, much higher than in other populations (you can see remnants of this in that neo-Lamarckian nonsense they were pushing a few years back, that the “inherited trauma of slavery” — no shit, I kid you not — was causing all kinds of problems in the here-and-now). There are lots of Blacks out there who are seriously mentally ill walking around without consequences, because who would dare suggest that a Sacred Negro is off his rocker? (I had great fun being taught “English” by one back in high school. We didn’t learn much Shakespeare, but we got a lot of theories about space aliens and the Native American graveyard on which the school was built. This was back in the Reagan years, lest you think this is a new problem. Fun times, and as a bonus: She recently retired, and people who sat right next to me in class, who laughed even harder than I did at her froot-loop antics, were out there singing her praises on social media as the greatest teacher ever).

        • The O’Connor decision that commitment requires imminent danger to self or others was the most far reaching decision of the Court ever.

        • Severian, you nailed it. There is a genetic underlying cause. Too common to be simple random defect.

          As to your former teacher, Black or White, there are teachers and then there are entertainers (of a sort). Teaching is hard work, bullshitting with a bunch of students much easier. Problem is, the teacher draws a paycheck at the end of the week by—in essence—short changing the students. Nothing less that theft via fraud.

          • I used to be a teacher. College prof, actually. You’re preaching to the choir, amigo. But this wasn’t entertainment. This woman was very obviously, very seriously mentally ill. You could smell it (I didn’t read that line in Silence of the Lambs until years later, but even though it’s supposed to be just a piece of set-dressing to show what a scary freak Lecter is, you really can smell florid psychosis. Poor hygiene combined with something metallic and moldy).

          • I remember reading somewhere that mixed race people in general are more prone to psychological issues. Something about the mix makes the thinking go haywire more often. Since most blacks in the US are mixed to some degree, makes sense they’d have more mental issues.

        • Even if genetics didn’t factor at all, Afro-Americans are at much worse risk for mental illness due to poor environments, lack of family, etc. Factor in their 1/10 to 1/20 net worth compared to Whites and you have a lack of resources. Not trying to sound like a social worker 🙁 Even if base illness rates to other races are identical, it seems logical that Blacks’ care options are fewer and worse.

        • Inherited trauma requires vast amounts of money to treat, and many generations of awareness and healing.

          And lots of Hollywood movies, to boot- to raise that awareness.

          Our truths are there.

          We must erase every scar by those enslaving, crusading, colonizing white people.

          Debt bondage?

          Well, were Whites worth it?

      • Very wealthy couple in my area adopted a mulatto child in infancy. He’s a teenager now and not too bright. You just know the hormones are going to kick in any day now and blindside the trustifarian white couple. By the time he’s 20, those two white morons will be lucky if he hasn’t bashed their heads in.

        • And, arguably, they deserve it. You acquire a Gabon viper as a pet, you deserve to get bit.

      • BTP: Well said. While I’ve long been aware of blacks’ heightened self esteem, you perfectly encapsulate the issue: “When you think you have very great potential that does not express itself in results ” then obviously external prejudice must be the cause. They internalize the endless praise from Goodwhites and then, when the expected brilliance and adulation don’t occur on schedule, their genetic proclivities come to the fore and you have the race crusader chimpout.

  63. It should be noted it wasn’t Wallace who ran to the media at first. NASCAR decided to broadcast it to the world without any sort of internal investigation, probably out of fear of being called racist if it leaked they were investigating internally like a sane organization. It was a choice between being seen as white supremacists and being seen as idiots. They chose the idiot path.
    Expect to see more of this at every organization. Everyone is expected to broadcast every racial incident, no matter how dumb or obviously a hoax, to the masses. The first group that refuses will find themselves at the receiving end of a struggle session.

    • Someone in NASCAR corporate (probably President Steve Phelps) made a conscious decision to run with this as a PR stunt knowing full well it was the rope used to pull the garage door closed. The most obvious sign of this being true is that this same knot is tied in other garages at the same track. They also refused to answer when a FOX Sports reporter asked if the noose was part of the rope used to pull the garage door closed. They are lying about none of the other garage pull ropes having a knot in the end of them and Wallace is lying when says he has never seen a rope like that on a garage door before. Hopefully their remaining fans will walk away, but I would bet most will take the excuses they are throwing out and let them sweep it under the rug.

      • “Who is Sarah Kellen, NASCAR wife of Brian Vickers, and alleged recruiter for Ghislane Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein?”

    • There is no way in hell Wallace saw that rope and truly and honestly thought it was a noose meant to intimidate him. Whatever the truth may be, that did not happen.

      Why is anyone so willing, no, anxious to believe things like this? It is a blood libel against our people. A normal person would not immediately jump to the conclusion they did. Only a person who has been exposed all of their lives to the anti-white narrative would think such a thing. That, or someone who wanted to contribute to the anti-white narrative.

      This incident marks the end, not the beginning, of NASCAR being SJW converged.

  64. I think they even flew the “it’s okay to be white” and a reb flag banner towed behind an airplane overhead.

  65. Cut your cable subscription. This is where they get most of their money. Not from the fans. All the fans could not watch, not go to the game and it still wouldn’t matter to their bottom line all that much

    • No they get their money from banks. Same as the media, look up.

      Wash feet or starve, this is our Brave New World.

      • This is not true. Hell in the post lockdown economy even the banks backed by money printer go brrrr are suffering.
        Savings rates are at an all time (as in ever) high, interest rates all time low , loans and credit cards being paid off at a high rate and stocks are being ought back
        No one is spending and it does the elite no good to have a population on “Save everything, OMG its all going down mode.” even whent here are direct money handouts
        Now could Fed Gov pay for the NFL, NBA or NASCAR like some decrepit Caesar paying for the circus in Rome? Sure. You don’t have to watch it and so it won’t matter.
        Cut the cord, cut back,be happy.

        • I cut the cord 8-9 years ago, but I don’t think that is gonna save anyone.

          As for FedGov paying – they’ll pay whoever they want, but there’s no more business now in ah I guess Libertarian market terms, just as there has been no Finance or Stock Market since 2008.

          Z is right to explain earlier the Palace economy. The FedGov controls capital, with Capital you thrive, without you FAIL.

          • Stop thinking in money terms and in terms of big complex economies That is a cognitive trap set for you by the system Think in terms of how little can a manage on and still have a strong tribe.
            The less you need, the less you want the better you do in a consumption driven economy.
            You decide to live on the bare minimum buying from friends only, gardening and all those people down stream suffer.
            Your enemies are depending on you spending and while you can’t stop all of it, you can do you part by not shopping unless you have no other choice.
            Its already so bad Walmart is trying out a store without clerks. This will get worse and a US with much less money is much less of a threat.
            Is this a Sham economy? Yep. Palace economy? Also true. It can be propped up for a while but it is still a Dying economy. Hell yeah.
            It will get worse and so long as you have 3 squares and your religious book of choice along with friends and some supplies you’ll be fine.
            And yes I know our side wants the best of modernity and tradition, not possible at all.
            Modernity must go for us to thrive and for babies to be born and the way to make that start to happen is to stop participating whenever you can.
            Cord cutting won’t save us but it will save you from a stream of filth in your house and a hundred or more month.
            Every time you don’t go the movies, that’s $25 a head you don’t have to spend.
            Avoid the NFL? Less Civ Nat propaganda in your home and if you were into actually going top events back in the day, every time you don’t go with your wife three kids, hey that’s like a grand in your pocket.
            Buy less, live in less and be happy.
            This won’t secure a bloodless victory but it will weaken your foes, strengthen you and your friends and get you focused on what matters, your faith and the good folk in your life.

    • I cut mine a long time ago for different reasons (during a layoff), but I never did bother re-ordering it. I cancelled Netflix the day I found out about Dear White People. I don’t go to the movies either. It’s not like it is any big loss. If they accidentally create something good, when it gets more popular, it is taken over by SJWs. Don’t finance the enemy. Whatever you do, don’t pay for the MSM.

      • Sacrifice is necessary. I’ve never read another Arthur C. Clarke story after I found out he moved to Sri Lanka so he could have easy access to young boys

        • Not to deride your stance, but is there a middle way? Can you not buy Clarke novels at second hand stores or yard sales, or even check them out at the library without funding or condoning his perversion?

          • I don’t think there’s a middle way. When I was young I was taught that one should separate the art from the artist. This was presented to me as a high-minded ideal but today I just view it as one of the many lies that I was told. A person’s art is an extension of themselves and when you consume the extension of a person you know to be reprehensible that taint affects you, it comes off on you, it damages you. it seems like the sacrifice will leave you with nothing but it doesn’t. Not for me anyway. Life has become richer than it ever was when I was mired and the ugliness and the mud.

          • RE: Arthur C. Clarke
            His writing was ponderous. He did teach me something, however. He taught me to discard a novel if it bored me. When I was in high school and started to devour novels I read his Prelude To Space. It was god awful and on finishing it I vowed to never ever waste the time in finishing a novel or a movie or a tv show if it struck me as a waste of time. Thanks Arthur.
            Dan Kurt

          • That is a lesson al readers have to learn eventually. For me it was one of dealaneys books. Came to me late because i am hard-headed.

        • Used books are OK, even better is download them free of charge. But do not support these authors or their publishers. They hate you. Do not give them money.
          Anything newer by him is junk though. I think the last novel he put out that I actually enjoyed was Rendezvous with Rama and only the first one. I started either the second one or the third one, I forget which and it was nothing but degeneracy.
          Later on he really started promoting race mixing to the point of obsession. All of humanity became “brown” and of course super-peaceful and progressive. His later work is really, really bad.

          Same thing with Steven King. His early stuff was pretty good, but his later stuff is anti-white. I first noticed it when I read Needful Things. The whole thing was one long anti-white screed. But it is at least somewhat disguised in Needful Things. By the time of “The Dome,” the anti-whiteness was no longer even disguised.

          Needless to say, not only do they have content that offends our sensibilities, the writing and the stories of both of these guys got progressively worse even without the degeneracy and anti-white nature of the stories. They went from being enjoyable reads to slogging through pages of filler material supporting an anti-white or degenerate story. Read The Mist and then right after that, The Dome. I could not detect (that I recall) any anti-white or anti-West theme or even a single scene in the Mist. When you go from that to The Dome the anti-white nature of The Dome really, really jumps out at you.

      • Same here. I can’t remember if it was Dear White People or some other similar nonsense, but I dropped them quick, fast, and in a hurry. Ditto for Prime. As soon as I was alerted to that iPedophile bullshit, I canceled immediately. I haven’t had a cable or satellite subscription in over a decade, and I no longer follow or give a rip about college or pro sports.

    • to whoever I said don’t form White capital associations*> I was wrong [mostly] and retract it. Organize anything you can, organize whatever you want. >>But For God’s sake don’t put anything in writing, including email. Don’t let anyone phone cam anything, don’t allow pictures, deny everything, verbal only. For ye will be engaging in the Ultimate Crime of defending your own [if white] and just start operating that way now, don’t write anything down. If you take care of each other words and manifestos are only fatal indulgences. 

      It never happened, you don’t even understand, talk to my attorney and maybe he can figure out what the hell your saying, etc.

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