The Flynn File

The General Flynn case, after years of judicial stalling, may be finally coming to an end, as a Federal appeals court ordered the presiding judge to dismiss the case. The presiding judge could appeal the ruling to the full court or even take it to the Supreme Court, but his chance for success is negligible. Most likely his appeal would be refused, but it would buy some time. He could also refuse to comply with the writ of mandamus or stall for time so his prosecutor can file his claims.

The case has been a microcosm of what is going on with our ruling class. The sheer pettiness of the process reflects a cultural attitude that exists in the ruling managerial elite that is not seen among the commoners. This meanness is all over the current revolutionary spasm. Mel Gibson was just cancelled again for something he may have said 25 years ago. No people hold a grudge like the chosen people and that sensibility is now an identifying feature of the managerial class.

In the Flynn case, whatever insults he committed against the Obama administration appear to be so minor that no one is sure they exist. Even the neocons are struggling to manufacturer an explanation for this years-long jihad against Flynn. Note that the torments they have inflicted on him were designed to keep the torment going for as long as they could do it. Instead of putting him in jail for a year, they were seeking to keep his case alive forever. Our ruling class is full of sadists.

Of course, there could be other reasons for trying to keep Flynn in limbo. This case has revealed the breathtaking corruption of the ruling class. We now know, for example, that Joe Biden and his son were extorting the Ukrainian government. Biden admitted as much several times. He threatened the Ukrainian government with loss of support if they did not allow his son to work a grift with their energy monopoly. Another feature of the managerial elite is shameless personal corruption.

There are other hints here that the delaying action in the Flynn case is an effort to cover up other things. The recently released notes from one of the conspirators in the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election point the finger at Obama. Maybe keeping Flynn in legal jeopardy is part of a scheme to keep him quiet. That’s the other thing about this rotten ruling class. Nothing is ever on the level with these people and no grift is too small. They see us as suckers and chumps.

Another feature of current year America is on display here. That is the complete and total corruption of the law. General Flynn was framed. That is abundantly clear, but it will happen in any legal system. The issue here is that the judge has deliberately and maliciously dragged this case out as a form of torture. Judge Sullivan is more like an inquisitor, trying to extract a confession. The system bankrupted Flynn and ruined his life, mostly because he has come to be viewed as a heretic.

All over the court system we are seeing judges not only abandon their role as neutral arbiters of the rules, but aggressively promote their ideology. The judge in the Roger Stone case, for example, is an ethnocentric sadist. Compounding it, the managerial class is celebrating this new judicial temperament. The Wall Street Journal, an allegedly conservative operation, is celebrating the rise of racial paranoia and vengeance among the black members of the judiciary.

The Flynn case is not all bad news. It costs money to fight the system the way Flynn has done, which means someone is paying his bills. They are not just paying his lawyers, but also supporting him while he is in limbo. Since he has been de-platformed like every other enemy of the state, it means a rich guy is underwriting this long battle with the system. Not every plutocrat is happy with what is happening. A balkanization of the ruling class is slowly underway.

There’s also the fact that the people running this particular scheme and many of the others associated with the scandal are not very smart. The prior generation of rulers would have found a more efficient way of dealing with a problem like Flynn. They probably would have bribed him with a position in the system. No man is so virtuous as to refuse the highest bidder. The Keystone Cops now running the FBI and CIA are simply too stupid to be effectively crooked.

Of course, as is often the case, this issue reveals the yawning divide between the commoner and the ruling class. The commoner looks at this and sees it for what it is and is happy the appeals court upheld their rules. The ruling class, in contrast, thinks the application of the law is a violation of the rule of law. In the madhouse world of the managerial class, the consistent application of the rules is somehow a violation of the rules, undermining the principle of the law.

It is a good and necessary reminder that the ruling class is well beyond reform, because they have been afflicted with a strange new religion. They are angry at the Flynn result on moral grounds, not legal ones. For them, those laws written on paper are your laws and subordinate to their laws, their moral laws. In this case, they just see a heretic and blasphemer escaping punishment. That must be wrong. The managerial class is becoming the domain of howling lunatics.

Finally, what the Flynn case reveals is the fragility of the elites. Their constant lashing out at the public is driven by a deep fear that they sit atop a house of cards. Their lunacy is really just a manifestation of this constant terror. The managerial elite is a bourgeois elite; thus, it suffers from bourgeois angst. That angst has now metastasized into a neurosis masquerading as a moral code. The Great Panic we are witnessing is another indication that the managerial elite is in crisis.

That’s why the book White Fragility is an instant success with the ruling class. On the surface, the message to white people is “stop being so insecure and face up to your own racism.” Below the surface, there lies the fear, “My good, if they ever find out the truth, we’re all dead.” The endless white-lashing is a defense mechanism by people who see themselves standing on the trapdoor of the scaffold. One day, perhaps soon, their fears will be realized and the trap door will swing open.

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211 thoughts on “The Flynn File

    I’m laughing because I know things, always knew things, still know things, things they don’t want known.
    It’s why they used extortion they where going to go after my family, straight up Chicago politics, and you know who comes from Chicago, Ol’ dirty stinking commie Bill Ayers and his Annenburg Foundation money laundering fellow organized crime syndicate schemer, obama.
    Worse than that is the laundering scheme with the Iranian nuclear deal, the clinton crime syndicate and Uranium 1, the trail of hundreds of dead bodies, including Seth Rich and LeVoy Finnicum, its a loooooong list and I know everything.
    It was my job to know everything.
    I am an American American, a Patriot.
    I took the oath against all enemies foreign & domestic.
    My turn…
    God Bless.

    • Good timing on the Andrew Anglin info … I’ve been reading a lot of Daily Stormer articles recently. I found many of them entertaining, like a recent article on children. It’s just hard to know who or what to believe.

  2. My father, an important judge in the old country, was railroaded in 2011 because back in 1992, he somehow slighted an old crone whose husband later became minister for justice.

    I was reminded of this when someone mentioned during the Kavanaugh kerfuffle that Kavanaugh probably angered a powerful tribesman in his youth. The ruling class is far pettier than the dirt people assume. It might not even be a political or religious thing with gen. Flynn.

  3. So, I’ve thought about this … why are there so many White people partaking in the rioting and vandalism. My recollection is that the percentage of Blacks in the rioting was quite large originally, but recently, there have been a predominance of Whites … why?
    Well, first thing is that you can never trust what you see in the media, but “putting that aside”, could it be that the White beta male is just trying to score with the White females that have always been there? The White females were always involved, but the White males were not as much. This demographic has changed and the White beta males are doing what they normally do, which is to follow the Black alpha males.

    • Girls get to break out their sails in the spring breeze, the black whale hunters and beta soy orbiters follow- all spot on.

      The 60s were the same. Ya went where the chicks were.

  4. I wrote my Federal Representative and one of my Federal Senators about the riots and looting, and all that I get from them is to be put on some damn mailing list where they send me links to their Father’s Day speech and some damn other thing .. oh, hurricane preparation … WTH?? How about saying something about the topic that I emailed you about?? How about the looting and lawlessness???
    This democracy is a joke. If you’re not giving them $$$, then you don’t matter.

  5. Ahh … who can go suffer with this Flynn stuff any longer … nobody cares! Its a tactic of the jewish media … blast the headline that you want everyone to hear (Flynn Guilty!), then delay the correction so long that the average person no longer cares about it anymore. It’d be like if the Mueller team said that Trump did nothing wrong … no one cares anymore! The damage is already done!
    Let me bottom line this for you … we need to get Tucker to run for Prez in 2024 … Tucker for President in 2024!!
    And again, damn those pussy Republicans who never stood up against the looters. I sitll don’t know why they did share our outrage via a press conference, or something … cucks!

  6. “The Keystone Cops now running the FBI and CIA are simply too stupid to be effectively crooked”
    I call Boomers.

  7. Zman wrote, “A balkanization of the ruling class is slowly underway.
    Going after “Gone with the Wind” was a big mistake … gonna piss off the gays … I’ve never met a gay man who didn’t want to be Scarlett O’Hara.

  8. You saved the money shot for last. Our “rulers” have the largest collective case of “impostor syndrome” in history. And down in their lizard brains it gnaws at them. Mike Vanderboegh once made a good observation– when minorities get scared and angry they destroy their own neighborhoods, when white people get scared they burn entire continents.

  9. In all the hullabaloo, we’ve forgotten the main point:

    Chauvin did the world a favor 

    • Speaking of that guy, where’s all the body cam footage….I mean, we have other footage……crickets chirping…..

      • also, what happened to the other two people in the car with Floyd? Where did he get the counterfeit bills he was passing? Don’t try to tell me he printed them up himself.

        • The “Mexican restaurant” they both worked for was a mob front, the first building to burn was a commercial building behind the bar owned and registered overseas by a Chinese company.

          The Secret Service had just seized $900K in counterfeit twenties from it.

          St. Groyd was a doorman who got into the stash. Chauvin has a history of roughing up arrestees, so local pols were in on it.

          Chauvin was not the arresting cop; he arrived later, a calm St. Groyd freaked out, as Chauv was the mob enforcer.

          The second diagnosis, alleging asphyxiation, was provided by Epstein’s coroner. St. Groyd’s family has received $15 million in their gofundme account.

  10. Remember several years ago when the pentagon lost several billion dollars? The media reported it and then just let it pass as if it were just some trivial event. The rumor I heard is that Flynn wanted to audit the intelligence agencies, and that’s why Obama advised Trump to not hire Flynn and later why they came after him when Trump did hire him.

    • “Remember several years ago when the pentagon lost several billion dollars? The media reported it and then just let it pass as if it were just some trivial event.”

      The last article I read the figure was more like 6.5 Trillion. Their chalking it up to massive accounting errors. America is an ongoing criminal enterprise, and it’s way too late to fix it.

    • Remember several years ago when the pentagon lost several billion dollars?

      Don’t they do that every year?

  11. “White Fragility” is rage-fuel. I give you Author Robin DiAngelo, PhD:

    And no, contrary to what everyone’s Jewdar is saying right now, she’s (allegedly) a Masshole wop, not a goblina.

    She has no separate “early life” button at Wiki so consider me suspicious.

    My lying half-Irish eyes aren’t smiling and the threat display on my HUD is reading “Jewess. DNB. Earplugs Have Been Deployed. Exits are located on the following routes…”

    Educated in Washington state (basically the Massachusetts of the Pacific NW), she lives and works in the Colored of People’s Anarcho-Hangout of CHAZ (formerly known as Seattle).

    In her own words:  “I grew up poor and white. While my class oppression has been relatively visible to me, my race privilege has not… I now make the distinction that I grew up poor and white, for my experience of poverty would have been different had I not been white” (DiAngelo, 2006*)… My area of research is in Whiteness Studies and Critical Discourse Analysis, tracing how whiteness is reproduced in everyday narratives. I am a two-time winner of the Student’s Choice Award for Educator of the Year at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work.”

    In my own words: Atta-girl!!! She is a Xrl Science Diversocrat whose experience of wealth would never have happened had she not sold out the White race for shekels and status. She’s a younger Lizzie Warren who didn’t have the sense to claim one of her (alleged) Med ancestors was a Moor, so she’s sinecured at UW Seattle rather than Harvard.

    Work-wise she generates the usual double-standard anti-White drivel, specializing in auditing aspiring Wokies for raycisms with Scientological zeal and pseudo-scientific rigor.

    “Check your privilege” is her “show me the money!”

    After reading mere outtakes of “White Privilege” I was so filled with hate that I have resolved to live another century merely to see every copy of her works tossed into the burning ruins of the University of CHAZ Tranny Studies Department on that glorious future Day of the [Redacted].

    My hate will sustain me.
    *Possibly no one in Xrl science history has felt more self-satisfied than this striver in citing herself about herself.

    • My 75 year old aunt, who has her MBA and JD, but who failed the bar on not one, not two, but on three attempts, and who was a former commissioner of Human Rights for the state of Rhode Island AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS (emphasis added due to current woke events), and who, through the years has alienated anybody and everybody with whom she has encountered, and who became a casino chump, broke, loser, dreams of turning back the clock to be able to cash in like Robin DiAngelo.

    • Definite privileged goblina, half JAP, raised Cath until her college aliyah. I found an early life blurb in print, didn’t save the note.

      Tucker pointed out she makes $6000 per hour absolving woke executives of their sin. Sells it with the Naughty Librarian look, no doubt, a paid performer.

      They’re going to photoshop Exile’s face onto that famous picture of the book-burning at the Institute for Sexual Health, after the second third Didn’t Happen occurs.

      (1917 Russia, 1943 Poland, 2024 Idaho- potato farmers, go figure)

      (Well, at least you look good in a spiffy uniform, slayer.)

    • I’ll see your “White Fragility” Princess and raise you a Mitchell Erickson.

      “Mitchell Erickson, said he regretted calling 911 when two black teenagers cornered him a block away from his home, held a gun to his chest and demanded his car keys. Erickson said he mistakenly handed over his house keys, and the frustrated teens left him only to steal another car a few blocks away.

      “Been thinking more about it,” Erickson said in a text message to a reporter. “I regret calling the police. It was my instinct but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

      Mitchell is the kind of white dad who would be passing out punch and cookies to the “teens” who were pulling a train rape on his daughter after opening his front door with the keys he gave them.

      • Raise? I’ll go all-in (no pun intended) with Karsten Nordal Hauken.

        An active member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) who described himself as an ardent “feminist and anti-racist” explained the difficulty he experienced accepting that he had been anally raped by a male migrant. He said he didn’t blame the man for the attack, and regretted the fact he had been sent back to Somalia.

        I’ll be back in Norway sometime this year and will make sure to kick this soy in the Jimmy if I see him handing out leaflets at the National Theater.

        • Damn, son…..uhm.

          Wow. You do know when to hold em (pun intended). I would only add good luck with being able to find said Jimmy.

          You win. But next time………next time.

    • The face is a witness of the thoughts and is a silent interpreter of the heart. The outward appearance is often a sign of the conscience and the unspoken words of the mind.
      St. Ambrose

    • I’m a WOP and I can spot WOPs. Doubtful she is one or a full one. I think your Jewdar is right

  12. Yes. The only encouraging thing is the apparent cluelessness of our Glorious Elite.

    Mandate of Heaven, anyone?

    • I’m not at all sure they are clueless. They seem to have read what’s left of the American spirit correctly, since they did after all make them this way.

  13. “In the Flynn case, whatever insults he committed against the Obama administration appear to be so minor that no one is sure they exist”
    With all due respect to the author if you don’t know why Obama and his lackeys sought to destroy General Flynn then you haven’t been paying enough attention to this outrage. The reasons are simple, straightforward and obvious.
    First General Flynn gave public testimony to Congress pointing out the politicization of the intel agencies under the magic negro. This caused the alarm bells to go off and the plan to be set in motion. Secondly, he publicly opposed Obummers signature foreign policy initiative The Iran Deal and as incoming NSA was in a position to stop it.
    To add insult to injury he also new that the field intelligence from places like Afghanistan was complete politicized garbage and he tried to do something about that as head of the DIA. Finally, he new about the seditious/corrupt behavior of creeps like John Brennan, James Clapper and Ashton Carter and therefore represented an existential threat to Barry and company.

    • Sincere thanks for the summary. I just popped over to Flynn’s Wikipedia page and found it infected with clumsy disinformation. There’s even a section entitled “Foreign Agent” — hilarious!
      I get the picture of a man who took off the uniform and put on a suit, but couldn’t keep his flag-rank ego in check enough to successfully play a new game. I’d bet his enemies saw him less as an existential threat and more as a bug to be casually squashed. Ironically, this may prove to be their undoing, though I wouldn’t bet on that.
      What hasn’t been mentioned so far is the simultaneous resentment and contempt the current crop of elites have for those who served while they themselves went straight to law school.

      1. Barack Obama
      2. Joe Biden
      3. James Comey
      4. Michael Flynn

      One of these things is not like the others.

  14. The ‘white fragility’ thing is in line with how whites are simultaneously portrayed as weak, dorky, and ineffectual on the one hand, but also evil racist masterminds who can oppress POC merely by emitting privilege rays!

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that White Racism must follow the homeopathic principle, the less of it there is, the more potent it becomes.
      If this trend continues then we can look forward to a time soon when there will be just one White Racist left. Just imagine the awesome power that this individual will possess.
      All will kneel before the One White Racist!

      • Sure – in a 90% white society, the blacks are dysfunctional and criminal – clearly due to white privilege and white racism.

        Now whites are 60%… wow, the blacks are still dysfunctional and criminal. Those crakkas be hoardin all the money fo’ demseylves.

        At 30%, or 10%, the behavior will continue. Because black behavior is innate in blacks, just like white behavior is innate in whites. But if you believe your failures are due to the white man, those 10% of whites will seem pretty powerful.

  15. “That angst has now metastasized into a neurosis masquerading as a moral code.”

    Line internalized.

  16. Z Man said: “The endless white-lashing is a defense mechanism by people who see themselves standing on the trapdoor of the scaffold. One day, perhaps soon, their fears will be realized and the trap door will swing open.”

    Hahahaha. Their afraid that one day Kunta Kinte will show up at their door with the rope pull. And this time, it won’t be a hoax. 😀

    • The case has been a microcosm of what is going on with our ruling class. The sheer pettiness of the process reflects a cultural attitude that exists in the ruling managerial elite that is not seen among the commoners. This meanness is all over the current revolutionary spasm. Mel Gibson was just cancelled again for something he may have said 25 years ago.

      It’s all about purity Mr Z. Scourging and purging the heretics and blasphemers. Same thing with toppling statues.They’re going to do everything they can to cast out the unclean spirits. They want an absolutely “safe space” to worship in. It’s not the body of Christ, it’s the body of Woke. Every new religious movement does the same thing. The fact is they want to teach us peasants once and for all that it’s they and they alone who own and operate the government. They’re telling us loud and clear, this is ours, and don’t you ever step on our toes again, or else.

      • Yes, we’ve gone from

        A rural farm economy, to
        A city manufacturing economy, to
        An urban services economy, to
        A hierarchical clerisy economy–

        The training, opportunities, and advancement lay in the priesthood.

        • “The training, opportunities, and advancement lay in the priesthood.”

          The opportunities lay in wild hog wrangling in Siberia

    • The Noosening! Yup, that’s the racist garage stall and the terror noose.

      Thanks, Bologna.

      The stands will never refill with social distancing and whiteguys-not-welcome rules in place.

      I think NASCAR staged the stunt as an application for Woke Capital Fednotes.

      They’re going to need a lot of money to fight all that racism out there– the money they’re not going to be getting from their former fans.

  17. The Flynn thing shows two elements of what is going on. One is the technique of identifying, isolating, and destroying people, one by one. It’s not the individual or who he is, it is simply a sadistic demonstration of what has to, and can, be done. Once a person is identified for destruction, he must be squished in the most public and painful way possible (BLM is simply a wholesale group version of the same process). That Flynn is successfully fighting back is not in their script, and it is throwing things into haywire mode. Two is that there are uncovered layers to the onion here, and the Obama/Clinton people need to keep a lid on it. Ukraine, China, and various Middle East players have been sucking us dry for decades, in exchange for big checks given to powerful people. Recall the Clinton administration’s approval of (((Bernard Schwartz)))’s sale of Loral ICBM rocket technology to China. In a just world, how does that ever happen, let alone openly and without shame? There has been a shit-ton of this going on for a long time. Biden is up to his eyeballs in it. Flynn-type persecutions are part of hiding this stuff, and the other part is creating as much of a generalized shit-show as possible, so when the specific news of this stuff does get revealed, it will be so far down the news list so as to be invisible. Or, after the next election, it all gets comprehensively memory-holed.

    • “Flynn-type persecutions are part of hiding this stuff, and the other part is creating as much of a generalized shit-show as possible, so when the specific news of this stuff does get revealed, it will be so far down the news list so as to be invisible. Or, after the next election, it all gets comprehensively memory-holed.”

      Where the hell are the genuine investigative reporters and Documentarians? After all that Watergate BS was over, those people were national heroes. Everybody wanted to get out there and dig up the dirt on everybody else. Is project Veritas all that’s left?

  18. Perhaps it is time for a mass exodus back to Europe. My grandparents on both sides came here in the twenties with little more than smarts and a tremendous work ethic. If they could have foreseen this current insanity, I doubt they would have bothered. I’ve spent the last few months liquidating all of my real estate holdings here in the US. My son is getting the firearms collection. Back to the ancestral homeland of SE Germany and the Czech Republic. I’m done subsidizing institutionalized hate whitey every quarter.

    • Dueschland is done, apparently. Eastern Europe is holding, and your buck will go farther. Czechs are a friendly people.

      • The plan is either Prague or Bratislava. I have relatives near both as well as in Regensburg. Being able to communicate in either English or German is important as I don’t speak a word of Czech/Slovakian. I love Regensburg but you can’t beat the other two for value. The demographics in central European cities are not only superior to any major US city, the projections are much rosier than any here in the US. Frankly, I prefer feral Arabs to feral blacks. I am an atheist, but at least the Muslims understand that women should have no role in government or industry. It may be that only religious belief can provide the armor necessary to withstand the Left.

    • ” SE Germany and the Czech Republic”

      Within a few more years the difference between these two places will be like the difference between Haiti and Dominican Republic. Or really more like the difference between Geneva and Detroit.

      Anywhere the brown horde has been unleashed is nowhere you want to emigrate to. Anything west of Austria will be washed away in the turd tide. Eastern Europe and Mother Russia will be the only places left standing by the end of this century. Blyat!

  19. These are people whom, without connections, would never have had the talent to rise to where they are. This has been going on for a long time. I saw this starkly when GW Bush was President. Had GW Bush not been pulled out of the right crotch with golden ticket in his hand, he would have likely been just smart enough to start a Chem-Dry franchise in Midland-Odessa that he would have run into the ground from his own alcoholism and ineptitude. When you’re an elite with no talent and only connections, maintaining those connections requires a supreme loyalty to the herd mentality of the elite. The more woke the elite, the more ensconced he or she in the system. They all try to get to the center of the web of connections. If they feel slipping to the periphery it sets them into a panic. Going back to pre-Revolutionary France (a gift of history that keeps on giving) they were literally piled up in one palace. Today, it’s a virtual palace. They’re all so focused on getting to the center, they see no enemies at the perimeter.

    • He was also heavily invested in Seasteading. As an analogy for free association it’s great, but they weren’t kidding about making it a reality. A midwit could look at this and give you at least two reasons that it was impossible to lauch much less to sustain, but very bright people are very prone to solutions even more disastrous still than the problem.

    • Yarvin is a quintessential diverter. “You angry goys go focus on this distraction!”

      I hope that our gullible whites will eventually do enough pattern recognition to avoid Yarvin’s/Shapiro’s/Levin’s/Medved’s/Prager’s diversions.

    • East Germany collapsed easily because wealthy West Germany was extremely generous and did a remarkable job of reorganizing the East and keeping it stable.

      There is no West America to do the same favor for us if things go sour here.

      • The Germans reunified fairly painlessly because they were (almost entirely at the time) ALL GERMAN! Just like the North and South Koreans will someday unify because they are ALL KOREANS. Reminds me of Jared Taylor saying something like “Socialism works in Scandinavia because Scandinavia is full of Scandinavians”. The US cannot gently collapse because it is no longer practically homogenous and there is no friendly culture or nation ready to embrace it and nurture it back to health. I’m expecting “rivers of blood”.

  20. “The fragility of the elites” would be a good working title for whatever future historian writing on these years.

    A Caesar, a Cromwell, a Bonaparte a Stalin, these characters emerge from the ether whenever the political climate gets so poisonous that no one node has a firm grip on the power strings. There’s always going to be a guy who sees it before any of the other elite do and decides to pull them all together into his waiting hand.

    Could Caesar be a leftist? I suppose it’s possible but as I think one of those neoreactionaries pointed out, somebody has to stop the slide, the dissipation of power. Power wants to be collected, not distributed.

    • ” Could Caesar be a leftist?”

      You damn right he can. Look at the last two presidents. Obama got away with literal murder and they loved him for it. President Trump tries his best to govern like a Constitutional conservative and they savagely demonize him 24/7 and try to drive him from office. Trust me, any authoritarian regime that arises in America will have to be lead by a secret Communist. Think Tony Blair, (with some actual charisma and a deeper voice.)

      • American voices seem to be higher pitched than other Anglo accents.
        I think it’s the exaggerated nasal whine, especially with New Yorkers.

  21. Z-man says: “One day, perhaps soon, their fears will be realized and the trap door will swing open.”

    Oh God, please make it soon!

  22. How sad is it when you find yourself longing for straight-up corruption? If these people were just kleptocrats we could deal with them. Everyone who has ever done business in the Third World knows how business is done in the Third World: grease the palms of flunkies and cousins until you get a meeting with with the Big Man, to which you bring a big suitcase. It’s weirdly efficient in its way (Dalrymple wrote a bit about this), because everyone knows the rules and the kleptocrats police themselves. Our American Big Men, by contrast, are simply lunatics. What could you possibly even bribe them with? Just as Bill Clinton would rather climb Mt. Everest to lie to you, than stand still and tell you the truth, these people get a sadistic quasi-sexual thrill out of doing what they do. They’re above such petty concerns as money, since they live 1%er lives and they know it.

    • The problem here is while the left might make it seem, “one bite, everybody knows the rules” … they then take lots of bits, a-la Dave Day Trader’s business of “pizza reviews” after dumping his sports thing on some chumps.

  23. Only about one-in-six protesters over the last month are black Americans, while the plurality are white, according to Pew Research Center analysis.
    People need to stop obsessing over “our” nation, “our statues”, “our cities”, on and on and on.
    None of this is no longer ours. That ship has sailed. White is no longer meaningful in the US.
    A true White person is an incredibly small minority.
    Where to go? What to do? There is no answer.

    • Well, the so-called “protesters” may be predominately white, but what about the rioters, looters and vandals?

  24. It is a good and necessary reminder that the ruling class is well beyond reform, because they have been afflicted with a strange new religion.

    We can agree the system and those who rule over it are well beyond reform and/or redemption. No matter what the next election brings, we are still going to be in a shit storm.

    There is no voting our way out of this mess. There is no law-fare way out of this mess. The constitution will not help. Real morality based on natural law or religion will not save us.

    A great conflict is coming. I don’t know when, but I know it is coming.

  25. Excellent column and a spot on analysis of our ruling class and its anxieties. When your claim to fame is that you did well on tests, got a prestigious degree and wormed your way upwards, then you’re not exactly an aristocracy, are you? No based blood and soil class here, for what we’ve got is fraudulence and greed. We may make jokes about the French Revolution, but these people are only a few steps away from going full Jacobin.

  26. The anarcho-tyranny exhibited in the Flynn situation is just so tiresome, and I wonder how long power struggle periods like this typically last. Z, I admit I was skeptical when you came out for getting rid of the police in a recent podcast: I know James Lafond has long argued the same thing, and now I know exactly what you mean after reading stuff like this:

    In this example an upstanding citizen confronts several thugs while they’re committing a crime, then the thugs (so called “victims”) pursue and attack him and summon the police to arrest him, which the police promptly do. These thugs know that that law is fully on their side.

    Meanwhile, the police are nowhere to be found when this happens:

    So I’m now fully on board with you and James, Z. While there still may be some value in rural police departments, it’s clear the big city departments are irredeemable and only protect and serve the criminals. Defund the big city departments. What replaces them may be unknown, but I’d rather face the unknown than the current anarcho-tyrants. And Z, I hope you have a plan to escape that place within months if necessary.

    • Power vacuums and power struggles don’t last forever, and while anarcho-tyranny isn’t exactly a power vacuum (there’s someone exerting the tyranny at the same time as they’re sacrificing the people to anarchy), I too wonder how long the current interregnum will last.

      The current system is clearly unstable, but it’s still a toss-up whether we’re looking forward to a Dark Ages of sorts, a very long period of decay and stagnation and lawlessness punctuated by localized power struggles similar to Latin America and Africa, or a quicker collapse followed by re-establishment of some new kind of national or regional order.

    • This is a topic near & dear to my heart because I have lived experience with it that I’m still feeling the effects of to this day. I strongly advise you read it and understand it.

      This guy’s story is my story basically. Bunch of nogs doing nog things. He finally gets fed up and lashes out (not wise, but understandable). Not only do they not stop, they chase HIM, whup his ass, and HE gets charged with assault. Read that again. He got a beat down because the rage filled nogs chased him down and pummeled him. He went to jail for assault.

      If you want to know what anarcho-tyranny truly looks like this is the dictionary definition of it. This also goes hand in glove with the utterly corrupt and useless judicial system of today’s topic. I had been trading escalating barbs with a racist brown guy. It clicked in his brain that if he jumped right over HR in the company he go from getting me fired to getting me killed or imprisoned. He wasn’t wrong. So he went to the cops and they did the exact thing that happened in the above story except even worse, I never produced a weapon in any form. The mere mention of a threat by a white guy was enough for the Roger Stone Treatment™
      In spite of the gross & egregious mistreatment by the racist DC area enforcers I am still grateful because I’m able to type on a keyboard and ‘get the word out’. They wanted to put 5-15 years on me for saying mean things basically. That is where we are at now. It is a complete roll of the dice once you are charged because the judge you get will make all the difference. My lawyer was amazed that I walked w/o any jail time even though he saw what utter horseshit the whole situation was. He said you can chalk that up to one of the few judges left that isn’t political and is truly ‘old school’. Had I gotten one of the new judges coming up, I’d probably be in the slam still right now.
      Consider all this well because we are headed there now and just like women have been able to do to men for a while now, if a ‘POC’ has a bone to pick you may be in serious danger depending on where you live. A mere accusation can destroy you. Remember those communities… (h/t Lineman)

      edit: regarding the ‘minority pointing a finger and screaming “rayciss”‘, same paper, the story is already there. Expect a LOT more of this

      • Apex’s story here is a good cautionary tale for those of us looking to relocate to IRL communities of Our Guys

        Pick your locations with the local justice system in mind.

        The judges in some rural country in 93.18% White West Virginia are a lot less likely to give you 5-15 for being White.

        That alone is a damned good reason to get out of a place like Cincinnati, Baltimore or St. Louis.

    • Yes, I’m all in favor of defunding large urban police departments. But once that happens, everybody on our side needs to stay the hell out of those shitholes.

  27. I think the desperate effort to identify Whitey as the scapegoat is exactly as Z describes. Being king is risky business because they wind up getting chopped to pieces quite often – same is true for the ruling class. Safest way to prevent that unhappy outcome is to provide better scapegoats – ones guilty of the greatest sin: racism.

    It’s how it has to work, these elites identifying someone else the mob can rip limb-from-limb. Isaiah was not a fan. Of this effort by the elites, he has them say: We have made a deal with death, a covenant with hell, that when the flood comes it will not touch us. Because we have made a fortress of lies and a sanctuary of falsehood.

    They are now feeding us to the howling mob – look how many people are losing jobs & becoming unemployable for the smallest infraction. This isn’t an inquisition – it’s a chthonic process. Tool up, fam.

    • The Ruling Class has decided sacrificing us isn’t going to work, hence their psychosis. The swift movement indicates they think something is about to give. My guess is an economic collapse is near.

      • How long will foreigners have any faith in the value of the dollar (which is already shaky) if it looks like our government is going to go full ooga-booga?

        • “…if it looks like our government is going to go full ooga-booga?”

          No matter what happens in the street, the beast system sails majestically on. At the turn of the next century America will simply be something else. Something unrecognizable to you and me to be sure, but still here. I’m glad I won’t be here to see it.

  28. In a just world, Z, you would have a much larger forum. Given the state of things that might even become a possibility if the right side wins. Fantastic analysis, thanks…
    ” Our ruling class is full of sadists.”
    This aspect too often is overlooked. We watch them do inexplicable things and consider them stupid, which they are. But if you dig deeper, particularly when an innocent is hurt, often the explanation is the sheer glee taken from the infliction of pain. Obama, Sullivan, Comey, all of them, are diminished from the Flynn affair but the joy they have taken from his pain obviously was worth it to them. The theoretical consequences they might suffer could change that cost/benefit projection but as you write the law is for little people these days.

    “The managerial class is becoming the domain of howling lunatics.”

    Generalized Whites are not the only people who can be replaced. The managerial class has peaked and their decline is irreversible now. As you wrote about Flynn, all they had to do was flatter and bribe Trump and they would have gotten as much as Hillary could have provided. But that loss, which probably will be the last relatively free and fair election in the United States, brought home their grip is tight but loosening, hence the hysteria over Trump.

    The trap door is hungry.

  29. A little off topic, but speaking of the corruption of the ruling class, I was interested to see the comments of Gab’s Andrew Torba in which “conservative” swamp creatures tried to offer him money in exchange for silencing certain accounts and topics.

    (And it goes without saying that Visa has happily jumped into the totalitarian campaign against Gab.)

  30. And right on cue, the hysteria over the kung fru, which has recently taken a back seat (even Sailer has dropped it) to all the negrophilia is starting to ramp up big time again to compound the racial fire. Second wave, exploding cases, quarantines if you travel from certain states to NY, NJ or CT. More lockdowns coming, guaranteed. The Hangman needs to show up soon.

    • The timing is perfect. Rather than having a 6 month lull, during which many people would steel themselves against another attempt at lock downs, they’re going to pretend the risk is never going away, thus neither are their diktats.

  31. The Bolshevik odor in contemporary Western life, in previous decades faint and intermittent, is becoming an overpowering stench.

  32. Good essay. Something to recognize, though, is that Flynn isn’t on our side of the divide either; as a military officer promoted to general rank he was accustomed to bending the knee. If the elites will go to these lengths to sideline the likes of Flynn, imagine their response to genuine dissidents.

    • We see those lengths now, no? Forced impoverishment, banishments, and so forth. Dissidents currently are controlled via outright persecution through banishments and economic punishment. It is effective and copied from the old Soviet Union.
      You are absolutely right about Flynn. The general is probably luck that he didn’t receive the Epstein and Seth Rich treatment.

      • Jack – we’re in agreement. I’m just saying legal harassment and impoverishment is what white elites do to persecute one another. When the Marxists sense they’re in complete control they’ll resort to “disappearing” people.

  33. Family lore has it that my great-grandfather, a carpenter, built the scaffold for the last execution in DuPage County, Illinois. I have no idea whether that actually happened, but, although I’m not a carpenter, I’d be delighted to assist in building the scaffolds for our rulers, who have destroyed the republic that our ancestors built. Alas, such exposure of their crimes as is occurring now will be down the memory-hole as of 20 January 2021.

    • I know a lawyer who wrote a book and screenplay about a janitor who finds your DuPage scaffold in the basement of a municpal building and is transported back in time. He researched the heck out of the scaffold and execution. Your great grandfather probably did actually make the thing.

  34. State actors are controlled by a network of power that is predicated upon the media-infotainment complex indoctrinating and maintaining the masses and queuing up trend setters; the educational-academic-military indoctrination establishment that licences credentials; the kritarchy with it’s attendant law enforcement and legal apparatus and the non-governmental agitation-intimidation organizations. 

    The Kritarchs feel qualified to divine the mindset of a ‘perpetrator’, to judge whether there’s a good or bad reason for some action. They are now investigators of the ‘human soul’. This is a subjective legal theory that relies on the subjective motive and idiosyncrasies of the individual in question, rather than relying on the objective law and the factual actions of the perpetrator. The kritarchs make decisions based on their interpretation of our behaviour, based their personal moral codes.

    Hate crimes are a perfect example. There is no such thing as a hate crime, under the common law. Hate can be a motive. Motive can be a piece of the proof that a crime was committed, but it is not supposed to increase the penalty for the crime, under proper White civilization law. Either a crime happened or it didn’t. Hate is a normal human emotion.
    To adjudicate the kritarch has to divine subjective motivations in addition to objective actions. Mind-reading is not objective. 

  35. A cargo cult ruling elite. One doesn’t have to be a barely neolithic savage to larp as something far above their station.
    Jumped up bazaar stall hustlers, stable-boy priests, puritanical prostitutes, geek tinkerers playing at bishop, Dr. Moreau’s menagerie playing zookeeper and the spineless obsequious enlightened bending their knee to all of the above hoping to worm their way into their favor. This is the mixture that wields power over what is left of Western Civilization. They haven’t finished weaving and knotting their own rope yet. Be patient. Don’t give them reason to notice you…yet.
    We don’t need martyrs. Make friends and acquaintances, as many as you can. Make plans, as many as you can reasonably implement when the opportunity arises. Remember that you are but a cipher. All of the great names and their deeds from our past are simply a shorthand for the thousands and millions upon whose shoulders they rode. They all played their role expecting little glory in return. Prepare well for the role you will play.

    • You’re not pulling your punches this morning Yves. In “our” new Gov’t, I propose a cabinet position just for you…”Sec Gen of the dept. For Retribution “.

  36. Re. “ One day, perhaps soon, their fears will be realized and the trap door will swing open.”

    I can not agree more and this brings to mind the famous quote by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu: 
    “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

    I think Mr. Codreanu took his eye off the ball when he said that. The bullet is for the enemy . God invented rope for the traitor.

    • The endless white-lashing is a defense mechanism by people who see themselves standing on the trapdoor of the scaffold.

      Just a small addendum to this, in a bit of bitter irony, the only people who would have even possibly stepped forward to help them their genetically homogeneous kin will be the ones at the front of the crowd cheering the loudest.
      The amount of damage the limousine liberals have done to heritage Europeans could fill volumes of books. I hope to see the day soon when their pets decide to throw them in the stew pot finally, and televised / streaming during the event. I hold the highest contempt for them by far above the others. As you pointed out a traitor is the worst, and a traitor of your own blood & genes the worst of the worst.

      • I’ve thought about this a bit. 

        The traitor insulates the enemy from repercussions. You have to deal with the enemy otherwise they will continue to create more traitors. 

        The cause of the traitor is the enemy who suborns insiders to insulate themselves from a righteous response. If you let the traitor have your last bullet, you leave the cause unharmed. Don’t take your eye off the ball; let the enemy have the bullet, because the traitor deserves only rope.


        • Multiculti societies also allow traitors to create more enemies. You see this with goodwhites and Jews using blacks to attack badwhites. If the manufactured enemies aren’t very smart this is ideal as they are controllable. Essentially they become almost literally attack dogs. Problems arise when the masters are so weak they can’t hold the leash. If there’s also no food around the dogs turn and eat the masters.

          This is what the elite has been doing inadvertently since the Civil Rights era. Badwhites turned out to be willing to spend absurd amounts of time and money to get away from diversity. This leaves the elite pretty much alone in the cities with their attack muppets.

          Whether the enemies of a nation are drawn from some internal faction (like blacks) or are part of some foreign nation the victorious enemies are always more aggressive and violent than the traitor class. Becoming a traitor, after all, appeals to those too weak and cowardly to seize what they want themselves. Once the nation is overrun by its enemies, the traitor class is no longer useful to them and will be eliminated.

          • Unless we look to our own interests, recognize the enemies within and overcome our contemporary apathy, we face marginalization and catastrophic dispossession. We must start by recognizing the status of in-groups and the importance of in-group/ out-group distinctions.

            One strategy that a coherent collective living among outsiders can pursue, is to promote disunity and confusion in the out-group and cohesion within their own in-group.

            They have constituted themselves an oligarchy which maintains the facade of ‘republican’ government while ruling from behind the scenes through collaborators and paid agents. 

            This out-group incentivizes and finances the creation and maintenance of a comprador class of traitors that stand between the enemy and the victim.

            The reason for a frontman is to create propinquity with the target population. They are rewarded and their conduct is normalized due to astroturfed social proof that incentivizes their behaviour. Their calculations are made on the premise that there will be no cost imposed. However, if you only go after the shills, the conman walks, to work the grift another day i.e. to hire new shills. 

            Who is suborning whom?

            If paid agents of an out-group are promoting disunity among your in-group, the most effective remedy is to target the paymasters. To do otherwise is to play “Whack-a- Mole “. If there is no cost imposed, on those that are creating and funding traitors, they have no reason to modify their behaviour i.e .to cause them to stop recruiting, funding and rewarding traitors for treason?

            The media loves the words ‘nationalist’ or ‘racist‘ but they never call communism, ethnic or racial abolitionism. Ideas are the product of the human mind. When people attribute social change or political movements to broad conceptual frameworks like “Communism “ or “Multiculturalism“ they deflect from the fact that behind those formations are people with money, power, influence and an agenda, who are promoting those ideas.

            Abstract forces do not promote social change, they don’t pass laws or make television commercials or seek to influence the direction of society, nor do they plan and organize demonstrations, protests or riots. 

            The most important question to ask is, “who are those people? “Who are the enemy and who are the traitors? They have names and addresses and can be called to account. 

            Our opponents have no problem at all personalizing their adversaries and making examples of anyone who talks out of turn. As long as they pay no personal cost there is no reason to expect that they will stop pursuing their own program, at your expense. 

            The reason for paid agents is to insulate the oligarchy from reprisals. The balance is in the cost that can be imposed and the cost that they are willing to bear. The calculus will change when they and their families pay a price. 

            It’s a matter of hygiene and ecology. Biologists give four basic causes of reproductive failure, leading to extinction:

            Loss of Habitat 
            Invasive Species 
            Excessive Predation 

            All of these causes of extinction can be natural or man-made.

            Whites and only Whites are facing the four biological causes of extinction.

            If you look at it as an ecological issue, an invasive species, lacking natural predators or enjoying some environmental advantages, which the native species is unable or unwilling to access, disrupts the ecosystem. 

            Hygiene has to be extended to in-group factors that enabled out-group infestation, however, the priority is the restoration of the environment, with the total elimination or expulsion of the invasive species, to reestablish the hygiene, of the eco-system. 

          • This was a great post L. The only thing I’d add is that, when you’re talking about the shills (traitors) it’s a good question to ask “What do these people believe?”. With the con men themselves it’s much more a matter of “who are they?”. It’s often the case that they don’t really believe anything, except that they want more power and wealth. The degree of nihilism increases as you go upwards.

            There’s also a degree to which the upper echelons of the shill class blends into the conman class. A good shill will be increasingly trusted with the secrets of the inner circle. Finally, the doctrine of intersectionality helps remind all the different types of shills that they are all working for the same people and that they all hate the same people – us.

          • The gifted conman will study the mark to find a weakness which could range from sex to gambling to greed, as well as predispositions to habitually act or behave in a certain way. This out-group has been studying us since we rode into the middle east on horses 3500 years ago. 

            With regard to the traitors in the comprador class, their treason can be informed by a range of motives from economic and social success, to true believers who work towards the implementation of utopian schemes. They range between the mercenary and the useful idiot. 

            As for the mass man, for most; ultimate reality is divined by talking heads – ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’, validated by the media and media personalities, granted the indisputable imprimatur of the media megaphone, which is regarded as a reliable arbiter of reality.Certified reality is a cue for legions of half-wits to play their part.

        • As a practical matter shoot the one furthest away , then the one closest. You beat to death with the rifle butt.

  37. Apologies, did you mean that the angst HAS metastasized into a moral code ?
    Also – ” “My good, if they ever find out the truth, we’re all dead.”
    I expect the latter is a typo.  

  38. Addendum.

    The IQ Bell Curve tells us that the leviathan administrative state will always end up staffed by feckless midwits and that corruption will result, as those midwits are the Peter Principle in action.

    There are not enough highly intelligent people to staff any leviathan state.

    The endless mass of laws spawned by that state means an endless mass of adjudicators must be hired by the state.

    Again, both the Bell Curve and Affirmative Action guarantee that feckless midwits will destroy any integrity that the judicial system once had.

    No surprise that two Black judges were embarrassed yesterday by the Flynn ruling, and that it only took two women to do so.

    • I would argue that of all the things IQ correlates closely with, corruption isn’t one of them.

  39. I have a prog family member who told me they don’t care about any of this and that they will be voting for any democrat with a pulse. I guess that means Biden won’t get their vote. I never wanted to be an “anti-semite” because in my normiedom days I just associated with Totenköpfe tattoos and guys listening to crappy three-chord punk music brawling in beer tents, but the corruption of the legal system is a very, very tribal operation, just like the corruption of the bean counting at the banks. It’s genetic: Talmudic scholarship rewards super-fine prevaricating and using the law and argument to advance the tribe, never some higher ideal (which leaves normie whites hamstrung and swinging at shadows, because all they care about are ideals)

    • Many are beginning to see what you’ve described. Not being lost in the shadows has never worked out well for that tribe in the long run. Their overreacting to this noticing accelerates the noticing.

    • In my normiedom days I just associated it with Totenköpfe tattoos and guys listening to crappy three-chord punk music brawling in beer tents.

      That’s exactly the optics they want associated with j-wokeness. They work hard to promote that association.

      People on the the Redpilled Right should never do Nazi larping, because that gives free propaganda for the j-left to serve up to normies.

      What terrifies them most is good-optics people pointing out the actions of the tribe. Why do you think that Kevin McDonald’s book is the only book by an academic publisher to have been disappeared from Amazon?

      • I think a lot of the “Nazi” types are plants, like when you see a march for the preservation of Confederate monuments and every Bocephus has a “Stars and Bars” flag and there’s one lone guy there who looks like Jerry Seinfeld walking around with a Swastika. But there are just some dumb white guys who love playing the villain, and end up contaminating a lot of good work with their stupidity. I don’t like the Totenköpf stuff frankly because I am not a Muslim fanatic or Japanese kamikaze, meaning I do not worship death and I don’t embrace the Eastern outlook (Near or Far) that being dead is superior to being alive (you get a lot of this mystic, anti-Christian transcendental posing with a lot of the Richard Spencer types). I don’t accept that wanting what is best for white people means I need to walk around brandishing skulls on my skin and lightning bolts on my fingers and being hateful. Even killing in self-defense doesn’t deserve the kind of obsession with death you see with a lot of these Stormfront types.

        • Yeah, the people you describe are some sick puppies. Yukio Mishima is another revered person on this side. The guy was damaged goods and more than a little effed in the head.

    • Here’s the thing. If you’re an average guy, work for a living, work hard, have a family and don’t follow politics very closely, you’re going to be a Democrat – doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Just means that the media/education complex is so pervasive, so persistent in it’s anti America, anti white propaganda, that you’d have to be deaf and dumb to believe otherwise. Or, worse still, egads! A racist!

  40. “It is a good and necessary reminder that the ruling class…have been afflicted with a strange new religion. They are angry at the Flynn result on moral grounds, not legal ones. For them, those laws written on paper are your laws and subordinate to their laws, their moral laws. In this case, they just see a heretic and blasphemer escaping punishment. That must be wrong. The managerial class is becoming the domain of howling lunatics.”

    That religion is technocracy – the god that failed. The midwit credentialists in charge can only defend each other’s incompetence and corruption because the system is all they have. If the system gets found out and reformed, their status in society is lost.
    They might rationalize their actions as being moral and responding to a blasphemer, but they know deep down that their actions are from naked self-interest.
    In the levianthan state, the apparatchiki does get to live by a separate set of rules, and most particularly in the multiculti state where there is no nation (i.e. unified body of people) who can push for reform of the state.

    The leviathan multiculti state is the Bolshevist project. Except that ‘bolshevik’ was always a lie – it is the Jew minority and not the majority who rule.

  41. Just as the statues and monuments of our heroes and history are destroyed, so will our laws and rules.

      • The enforcers more than the law need to be destroyed, a process well underway. The moral authority is lost and the firepower will follow. The problem is “defund the police” means “replace the police with our guys.” That’s going to be lit AF.

        • Time to get rid of all the police and let everyone out of jail. I think it will incite a massive case of “Wait a minute, that’s not what we mean…”. Time to call the Proggies on it, give ‘em what they say they want. You’re right, it’s going to be lit. Watch all the LGBTQ-whatever and BLM-whatever dry up like beer spilled on hot asphalt, and the AWFLs and NWLs absolutely shit a brick.

        • The bloodbaths between “their guys” and the gang-bangers will be glorious.

      • Agree, the laws don’t work for anyone now, nor does this system. When the law arrests the cops …its over for the law.
        And a blessing it is too.
        If this slays the laws, maybe Floyd should get a plaque.

    • The slightly bigger picture here is that the Constitution is next on the chopping block. After we get rid of public memories of the founders, we’ll need to get rid of their legacy.

      One that is done, the sky’s the limit and that’s the fastest way to hell on Earth, the multicultural, lawless paradise.

        • That, plus the mid-June massacre of the Rule of Law by our lawless Supremes, but I repeat myself.

      • “One that is done, the sky’s the limit and that’s the fastest way to hell on Earth, the multicultural, lawless paradise.”

        Wait. You mean we’re not there YET?! Look around, eh?

      • So many steps before it gets to the actual fighting Brother but people can’t even do those so I don’t know how much of a fight they are going to put up…

  42. Was it like this when Obama was being annointed? Does the election cycle resemble ANYTHING in American history?

    • He asks rhetorically….

      They are acting as if Trump is an actual danger to them. I have yet to see any evidence that he is.

      • He’s not a danger, but he is a significant irritant. And that’s all it takes.

  43. Mel Gibson was just cancelled again for something he may have said 25 years ago.

    Thanks for the link. “Oven-dodger” is definitely a keeper.

        • Would not an honest journalist note Ms. Ryder’s kleptomania, given that her credibility is at issue?

          • She’ll expose you/
            When she snows you/
            Just to break your balls, she blows you/
            She’s mendacious/
            And she knows just what it takes to make you anxious/
            All the boys know how she lies/
            She’s got Winny Horowitz eyes…

          • OK, i promise to use AWR in a sentence two times as a reward for that doggerel. I will even explain what the hell AWR is when the inevitable questions arise.

          • Start now, I don’t care to keep up with acronyms, its a disease.
            What is AWR?

            I normally just wait for acronyms to go away, but for laughs what does AWR mean?

          • Well it’s funny you should ask. AWR means anti-white racist. AWR is Ostei’s little pet acronym. I was just teasing him a little.

          • Johnny Depp’s soul-mate. That dude picks the absolute worst Gone Girls.

            Between these broads and his (((managers))) no wonder he’s broke.

            And he never even bought Winny a castle.

          • Wait Winona, is that kleptomania thing different than looting? I guess it depends if you’re Democrat or black…

    • I have long had my suspicions regarding MG and his supposed Anti-Semitism. There is evidence that Gibson has Jewish blood. He is pretending to expose Jews but what he is really doing is blackwashing Christianity.
      Western society is held together by two foundations: the family and religion. Feminists and others have considerably undermined the family and family values though these things are thankfully still a good bit away from dead. Other cultural Marxists choose to undermine Christianity as it is historically and culturally a religion associated with the white race. Jews,who don’t consider themselves white,want to forever destroy the only race that is a genuinely threat to them:white people. To do this they’ll turn the sexes against each other,undermine parental authority and terrorise people by any means necessary. I.e. Covid19. It can’t have escaped your notice that just as the CV hysteria was running on fumes we then had this alleged death of a negro at the hands of the police. The timing of this was more than suspicious. They knew that CV was no longer terrifying the public so their new tactic was to terrorise everyone by setting their attack dogs i.e. blacks upon us.
      Now you may wonder if MG is a Jew why is he going around saying anti-Jewish things and repeatedly destroying his career? Jews only care about the opinion of other Jews. Gibson knows that his fellow Jews know the truth about him,i.e. He is a Jew and his mission is to fatally undermine Christianity. That is why Gibson was rehabilitated time and again. Had he really been non-Jewish his career would have been utterly destroyed the first time an anti-Semitic remark escaped his mouth.

      • W.T.actual.F did I just read?

        You lost me after the Gibson thing. And please do try paragraph breaks. It comes off as less breathless.

      • Mel is Catholic no matter what his ethic makeup is. Why?
        No man who was in the Jewish tank could have made the Passion of the Christ.

      • Shorter StephG:

        Uncle Mel is secretly Jewish b/c he made the most popular Christian movie ever & constantly says antisemitic slurs that would make George Lincoln Rockwell blush.

        Covid. Groyd Riot.

        b/c Jesus.

        And Kate Upton has a penis (OK, that last one was mine…)

    • Polanski drugs and rapes a child at a party at Jack Nicholson’s house, and he’s still a man who can do no wrong, who (according to HBO) got a raw deal from the American justice system (see the documentary “Wanted and Desired”). Mel Gibson gets drunk and (allegedly) says something about Jews two and a half decades ago, and they try to take food from his mouth. Hmm. Incidentally, the agent who blackballed Gibson is Rahm Emmanuel’s brother, Ari. I think their father did some killing for the Irgun in the Mandate Palestine a long time ago.

  44. Hillary Clinton supposedly screamed at her staff, “If that bastard [Trump] wins, we’ll all be swinging from nooses!” This after her disastrous interview with Matt Lauer when she got a few hard questions.

    • If only. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to look out my window and see an Enlightened™ corpse swinging from every lamppost, but unfortunately I ain’t seen it yet.

      • Out my way, we don’t have many of the good old fashioned lampposts, but plenty of Palo Verde and mesquite trees along with the odd saguaro which should suffice just fine. As a matter of fact, I can envision chucking the extra special but unlucky ones into a nice, big jumping cholla – that’d be a slow, agonizing, pin cushion way to go. Just the special ones though, who need to contemplate what they’ve done – in between screams of course.

  45. Zman wrote, “A balkanization of the ruling class is slowly underway.”

    In addition to the fractures leading some to the right pray that the left’s circular firing squads are extensive and brutal

    • An unremarked aspect of this current frenzy is the behind the scenes war going on with the Left.

      • The Leftists/Marxists, being the world’s natural born liars, cheaters, thieves, can be counted on for spectacularly bloody purges. Just look at one of their poster boys, Stalin. Nothing says, “Hate Has No Home Here” like murdering tens of millions of your own people.

      • Crunchy-cath-semicuck-con Rod Dreher somehow got access to a story of left-wing infighting, and it’s astonishing.

        I’m one of those guys who thinks that excessive women-bashing is bad optics, but this article makes very clear how women in politics works in practice.

        Multiculturalism is already a shitstorm, but add the insecurites and backbiting of women in there, too, and it becomes a veritable tornado of shit.

        • I can’t stand Dreher but that article put a big smile on my face. Our opponents are effing insane.

          I’m reminded of the SNL skit where Dukakis, played by Jon Lovitz, says to the camera about Bush, “I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy!”

          • That just means they’ll slowly run the machine that is America into the ground. It doesn’t mean we’ll easily remove them from power and replace them with someone of our political inclinations.

          • Yeah the underpants gnome plan for power stage 2 ?
            that part needs some work.

          • I can’t smile about these insane women. They are the future of the country. The democratic party is now the party of insane women and demographics are on their side. Come next year or after the 2024 election they will run the country and our lives

        • If you weren’t already convinced how f…d up these people are, reading this will sure open your eyes.

        • I have to debate if I respect them more, or less, since they absolutely believe their own bullsh!t. I always thought it was just an act to get blacks out of bed to vote.

        • The phrase “made a problematic tweet” is always a sure sign you’re about to read about some extreme douchebaggery.

      • Yes, you are seeing this with leftist writers and other media types, especially comedians. The are all terrified of the radical left…they are self-criticizing in hopes that they don’t get cancelled by their associates. This is bound to get some more normal leftists upset, and there is definitely going to be pushback at some point. But now too many people are scared of the radical left.

        • Remember how the Salem Witch Craze finally ended: Someone accused the colonial governor’s wife. This madness will end in 24 hours once the Woketards start getting #CancelMaddow trending on Twitter. (Not that I’d ever suggest someone ought to get the chans working on that. That would be wrong. So, so wrong).

        • If you ever doubted BLM is a terrorist organization, note the statement from one of its leaders that, “If we don’t get what we want, we’re gonna burn down the system.” This is no different from Hezbollah stating that, “If you don’t pull your troops out of the Middle East, we will blow up one of your airliners.” These are textbook terrorist statements. Now “America” used not negotiate with Islamic terrorists, but it now has its tongue up BLM’s hideous tukhas. Funny how principles seem to be situational.

      • Yes. One of the most remarkably accurate and insightful critiques of the ongoing pseudo-revolution came, from all places, a bunch of Trotskyites:
        While I obviously abhor their goals of a revolution based on class, the World Socialists nail the reasons behind the Cloud People using blacks, mostly, to advance their aims. Very much worth the read. Note, this focused more on the so-called 1619 Project, which frankly is the narrative behind the riots.
        As an interesting aside, the CPUSA jumped down the throats of the writers of this piece. It has long been rumored CPSUA was an active part of the Deep State, and this certainly would lead one to believe it:

      • If I wanted to get a Leftist’s perspective on their Civil War, where should I turn for that?

      • The natural endgame of the “intersectionality” bullshit. Each group and sub group and sub sub group is constantly trying to get ahead of the others on the greasy pole to prove THEY are the most oppressed. Just listen to a gay guy go off on lesbians and you will get the gist.

      • Prof. Peter Turchin has some interesting work on “intra-elite conflict.” He labels his work as “cliodynamics” and it’s a little think to read through. Sam Culper at Forward Observer has incorporated the concept into his work on low-intensity conflict. Was interested to see the concept pop up here. Zman’s “dirt people v cloud people” lines up with Angelo Codevilla’s “elite v country class.” It adds dimension to the argument that elite/cloud people are not monolithic.

    • A civil war is often just the left’s way of moving further left. The “revolution” is so thorough it revolutions itself. Part of the “no breaks on the train” zman talks about: even the left eventually isnt left enough for the scummiest elements of the left.

      • The Left is a perpetual destruction machine. How could it not be? The moment it achieves one of its aims, it then regards that status quo as “racist” or whatever and proceeds to obliterate it. For the AWRs, no establishment is worthy of preserving. It must continuously annihilate. And that is why one must be slightly mad to be an AWR.

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