Covid Update

As the inner party feverishly tries to create enthusiasm for a second panic over the coronavirus pandemic, it is a good time to take a look at what has actually happened with the virus to this point. It is easy to forget, given the fire hose of nonsense that comes at us every day, but we were all supposed to be dead by now. Maybe not all of us, but a lot of us, a lot more than actually died. Instead, most of us are here, social distancing and wearing humiliation masks to please the rulers.

In fairness to the people who made the initial projections, the only way to get any attention in this age is to make outlandish claims. Everything about the modern media culture has evolved to reward the freaks, the crazy and the outlandishly dishonest, so the model makers probably felt they were doing the right thing. They wanted the rulers to treat the virus as a serious threat, so they were okay with rolling out doomsday predictions that were not grounded in reality.

That has not stopped so-called experts from putting out nonsense studies to feed the demands of alarmists. The under-counted fallacy will probably be with us through the election, as that promotes second wave fantasies. In realty, the death toll from the virus is probably overstated, but it is going down quickly nonetheless. That’s because of two things that we see with all pandemics. One is the most vulnerable die first and the other is herd immunity. Covid is following the same course.

A good example of the power of mass media to warp the truth is how the phrase “herd immunity” was quickly turned into an epithet. Even now, alarmist sneer about herd immunity as if it is voodoo. The fact is, the way forward for this thing was always going to be reaching an infection level that slowed the spread of the disease. The only question was how quickly it could happen, without creating problems in the health care system like shortages and overcrowding.

That was the whole point of the lock downs. There’s never going to be a vaccine and there was never going to be an eradication of the virus. We’ve been trying to come up with a vaccine for a coronavirus for a long time. Nothing has come close to working, so planning for one is foolish. Instead, the best approach is to get the young and healthy out there infecting one another and building up their immunity. By young and healthy, it means under 60 and free of serious diseases.

In other words, the lock downs were a dumb idea. Perhaps they were understandable in a panic, as politicians are stupid and like mischief. Now they make no sense at all, at least in terms of dealing with the virus. If there is going to be a second wave, it will be an economic wave. The inevitable Covid flare ups in pockets of the country this fall will simply be the result of slowing the natural spread of the virus and delaying the progress toward the Herd Immunity Threshold.

As an aside, herd immunity does not mean the entire herd must be exposed and develop antibodies. It can mean that, but it can also mean that everyone who could get sick and die from a disease, gets sick and dies. In this case, however, it simply means an infection level where the odds of an infected person contacting a non-infected person falls below a certain threshold. The virus, not having a ready supply of new hosts dies out before infecting the whole population.

For those interested, the panic over Covid is a useful primer on why mass democracy coupled with mass media is a suicide pact. If America was run by a dictator or even a junta, the first step in fighting the disease would be controlling the flow of information about the disease. The media would be tightly controlled and prevented from spreading fake stories about overrun hospitals and people dying in the streets. In fact, we may not even know there was a pandemic at all.

Second, and probably more important, attention whores with outlandish claims would have no platform to spread their nonsense. Instead, the people who know about these things would give their advice to the rulers, who would then make policy. The loons and cranks would be sent to a camp if they got out of line. No one making policy or advising on policy would have an incentive to get attention from the mobs. There would be no market for crazy talk and fear mongering.

That’s what we have seen with Covid. The sober minded virologist advising caution in public policy gets pushed aside in favor of TV clown with dubious credentials. Millions of innumerate people are on social media chattering with one another about facts that they don’t understand. The result of America’s Covid response has been an increase in the levels of stupidity in the public. Everyone is now dumber for having had to put up with months of ridiculous claims about the virus.

The fact is, this brilliant post from March was right all along. Months ago, it was clear that the lock down strategy would not do what was claimed. Even if it did slow the spread of the disease, that was not a good thing. The cost of locking down a country would be prohibitively high. If we lived in a just country, the curve benders would be rounded up by the ruler and executed. The right answer was to prepare the public and the hospitals to tough out what would be a very bad flu season.

That is the one bit of good news in all of this. The public is increasingly cynical about everything they hear from the ruling class. The lies and sadistic punishments in the virus panic moved a lot of people from partisan to hostile. The effort to gin up a phony second wave panic to help Joe Biden in the election will probably be met with a second wave of hostility, much bigger than the first. The ruling class spent what was left of its legitimacy on this virus panic.

In the end, what we have is a very expensive lesson in the folly of mass democracy and mass media. Both are based on the premise that the more stupid people you add to the mix, the greater the collective intelligence of the whole. It’s as if group intelligence works in series, rather than parallel. In reality, the more people participating in politics, the faster dumb ideas are created and allowed to zoom around the system. We’ve reached a point where our society is no longer able to perform the basics.

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338 thoughts on “Covid Update

  1. ZMan’s analysis of the covid-19 phenomenon is fine – as far as it goes. He, however, either does not want to go all the way, or cannot. Therefore, someone else will have to say it: Covid-19 is a manufactured crisis, of the kind which is a classic found in the deep-state repertiore, its black bag of tricks.

    The inner party – which is a neat turn of phrase by the way – uses manufactured crises under a number of conditions, many of which pertain here.

    First, a false-flag attack (a form of manufactured crisis) is often used when the deep-state wants the attention of the public diverted from something it would rather they did not study too closely. The ongoing denouement of the Epstein sex-abuse scandal being an example. Hundreds of powerful people, real players in Washington and other power centers, are caught up in the scandal. Even Prince Andrew of the British royal family, is rumored to be amongst the names – perhaps even Donald Trump himself.

    How anxious is the inner party to keep this scandal contained? Anxious enough to risk going to war to cover it up. Try that one on for size. The deep-state is willing to risk war with China (and possibly Russia, too), in the name of preventing criminal indictments from being handed down.

    Another method using manufactured crisis is when the ruling class elites want to do something, want to advance an agenda or get something done, but do not have a logical, defensible pretext for doing it. Rolling out further abridgments of civil rights in America is probably a difficult task under status normal conditions, but in the name of a nebulously-defined “public safety” and “public health,” people will surrender all sorts of rights they would normally guard fiercely. Enter covid-19….

    Next comes the move – which the globalists have long-wanted – to an all-digital currency, no physical currency or coins anymore. They want it for reasons of control, power, greed and data-mining, but since those aren’t “acceptable” reasons, they’ll push the idea that coins and currency are “vectors” of covid-19. While it is true that many objects can be fomites (physical vectors) for pathogens, including money – that fact didn’t end physical currency in one of history’s most-lethal pandemics, the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918-1919. So why is covid-19 being used to end it now? Answer: Because the big-shots want something done, and they need a manufactured crisis to do it.

    Bill and Melinda Gates and their globalist pals will also try and ride covid-19 long-enough to enact mandatory vaccinations, which won’t just be against the virus. The concoctions will also contain nanotechnology taggants which will digitally-label anyone so treated. At one fell-swoop, making humans into commodities not unlike livestock in a pen, which just so happens to closely-subscribe to how Gates sees ordinary people.

    Last and perhaps the piece de resistance, the two-pronged covid-19 and the BLM/Antifa events, may just topple the U.S. into the “color revolution” the elites have been seeking in the U.S., again with the intent of pursuing their dreams of one-world government and globalism.

    In short, covid-19 is a weapon, one whose effects are every bit as deadly as any gun aimed at someone’s head. Manufactured crisis is a weapon, too, especially the way that the deep-state uses it.

  2. I have a side private bet with someone (not here) that Maxwell dies the first weekend after the courts unseal her 2015 civil case testimony.

    And yes they’ll get away with it.

    Barr will be shocked, and promise to get to the bottom of it.

    >not an offer here, sorry.

  3. Realize that the dominance of sociopaths in our society could only happen to us because we value words, reason, laws, education.

    And the reason why nigger supremacy has happened is the niggers act. No matter how retarded the nigger is dominant because the nigger is violent.

    This is just the eternal story of man.

    As for the nigger being the puppet of Jews, women, bankers etc… no.

    Once they knelt to whom they knelt is in charge.

    You can act or you can talk, one of these lives has a future and the other does not.

  4. It’s all about the media, boys!
    The rich (((talking heads))) can virtue signal non-stop, while they live in their secure, gated communities. They’ll keep reading the script from (((TPTB))) and be paid handsomely to avoid the anarchy that may touch our lives.
    Somebody needs to RICO the media. But, I’m afraid that we really have no idea how much money the Jews have and how deep the corruption really is.
    Be prepared to get even more attitude from Blacks & White women … they’re holding the cards.

  5. I saw a ghetto-car (big rims & lots of chrome) fly by at an intersection and obviously exceeding the speed limit. I immediately thot, “if a cop saw that, he’d probably not even give chase … it’s too much trouble to deal with a Black guy.”. That’s an indication as to how much the Blacks have won. They can get away with any “small” indiscretion because the cops don’t know how to deal with them. Blacks are large and in-charge. Young White guys will appropriate this behavior in an effort to get a girl.

  6. Politicians are held captive by the media … afraid to speak the truth lest they be publicly lambasted on TV & the Web. Therefore, many Rep politicians cuck hard. That sorry-ass Cornyn beat the Dems to declaring “Juneteenth” as a Fed holiday … how much more cucky can you get??
    White women are signaling their virtue by siding with the Blacks. Plus, they want to be with real men who will fight .. look to see alot more Black guy & White woman couples in the future because the Blacks have the power. White guys are push-over loser wusses.
    With all of the groveling and knee-bending, White guys are so weak that we’re almost as bad as soy-boy Asian males. I’m sorry, but we’re pathetic … I think others also feel this same shame.

    • Just the awful truth.
      until we decouple ourselves from playing by law and decency, we’re fuxed.

  7. Security guards employed to keep the hotels safe where returnees were being quarantined were actually rutting the guests! Of course, the security guards were of the corrupt, third-world variety where chain corporations awarded the contracts to the cheapest bidder who then sub-contracted the work out to unqualified, barely English speaking dregs who took advantage of the guests! Oh yeah, they are doing the jobs we don’t want to do though….

  8. Went to IHOP the other day for breakfast. Kentucky requires masks for employees, but not customers. Fair enough, and frankly, I like the idea of the minimum wage slaves at restaurants who handle my food having to wear masks even after Covid isn’t a thing.


    I observed our waitress coming with our food. Her hands were full and her mask needed adjusting, so another waitress reached up and adjusted her mask for her.

    It’s all just theater at this point.

  9. So damned wheelchair gov just issued a DECREE (because that’s all these things are these days) saying all Texans must wear masks. And it’s supposed to hit 100 tomorrow. God, I loathe all the repukelicucks in this state. I will be getting one of Citizen’s airsoft masks, and we’ll see who first challenges me on it. I go out little enough as it is these days, but why even bother any more?

    • That’s spooky. For some reason it won’t let you save it to a playlist. But the sharing option is available. Weird.

  10. Well, up here in Kanadastan, they’re looking at what is happening south of border and, in our smug arrogance are saying, see what is happening down there when Trump didn’t do anything? See all those covidiots? We told you so! We’re soooo much better up here in Kanadastan!
    It is really disgusting. I’m ashamed of what this country and its people have become.

    • “In our smug arrogance” Guy at bar the other night called Huey Lewis smug. I said actually he’s a really nice guy. He goes, “I know I’m just kidding.” He wasn’t. Why would you kid about someone being smug? He probably thinks smug means a person who’s happy and smiles a lot. But what obviously separates smug from merely happy is “smug” gives a vibe of self-satisfied SUPERIORITY. Some definitions say it includes being “excessively self-satisfied”. But that could be a very happy & contented person. That last definition calls on the accuser to make a value judgement. Was bar guy saying that Huey Lewis doesn’t deserve to be so happy? Besides any of that, Lewis happens to be the most humble and simpatico guy around. Never let anyone call Huey smug.

  11. Z, you’ve done it again. An absolute classic! This one should be in the book you’re working on. And the lessons it contains are good for more than spanking the Branch Covidians. They apply to so much of our media and political farce.

  12. Right Wingers revel in their stupidity and conspiratard fantasies as usual.
    Conservatism is so doomed.

  13. This piece giving detailed examples of the governments lies is worth reading

    • The Saugus Rehab and Nursing Center in Saugus, Massachusetts was listed as having 794 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in residents and 281 cases in staff. The facility only has room for 80 patients, maximum. Of which 45 tested positive along with 19 staff.
    • Southern Pointe Living Center in Colbert, Oklahoma is listed as having 339 residents die of COVID-19 despite only having a 95 bed capacity, and officially reporting not one single case of covid19, let alone a death.

    • Thanks, OffGuardian looks like a good source for non-BS Corona info/opinions. I was asking for something like this earlier.

      From their About page: “OffGuardian was launched in February 2015 and takes its name from the fact its founders had all been censored on and/or banned from the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ sections. Unlike the Guardian we are NOT funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, or any other NGO or government.”

      • I was banned from the Guardian for pointing out that they were funded by Gates, Soros and Rothschild, among others.
        It was a few years ago, I’ll have to try to recreate the thing. They deleted my post and I foolishly didn’t keep a copy.

        • I always found it funny pointing out how the guardian is financed out of a closed off tax free management company in the Cayman Islands (of which the editor Rushbrigger is a director) and how they failed to pay 1 penny of tax when the sold AutoTrader for 300million.

          It is amusing to hear the defensive pretzels of those same readers clamouring for a soak the rich platform.

  14. Is there an online betting pool for Ghislaine Maxwell’s pending “suicide”?

    Hello Suicide Hotline? How may we help you?
    This Hillary Clinton, I’d like to place an order please”.

  15. In defense of the alarmists, very early on they had no way of knowing exactly what they were dealing with. The Chinese had covered up and only reluctantly admitted that a pandemic started. If you look up SARS, you will see it was extremely contagious with a case fatality rate of over 10%. Not officially admitted but decision makers would have assumed SARS-CoV-2 was an escaped lab experiment, genetically engineered for increased infection and other unknown functions. They had every reason to fear massive contagion and high death rate. Fortunately the latter was not an outcome.

    • I wish people would stop running interference for those lying ass “alarmists.” See Bilejones post below.

    • pretty sure the chinese didn’t lie about corona, it was western media who painted this picture, u know, like they did with Trump & the russians interference.

        • Wake up, in december last year China notified the world health organization about a pneumonia type virus, every country was told about it, including USA.

          China eliminated Covid clinical trials cause there simply weren’t that many people getting sick with it, not cause they were covering it up, most people here on this site agree Covid is bullshit anyway.

          The difference between chinese & westerners is that chinese are not incompetent, they wanted to make sure people who died were actual victims of Corona & not some other disease, this takes time to find out. They are not the types who shout “Corona! Corona! Let’s panic!” like the Karens & soybois of western world do.

          Also, trusting western media? Really? Really? First rule of alt right, never trust fakenews.

          • “Wake up, in december last year China notified the world health organization about a pneumonia type virus, every country was told about it, including USA.”

            .”China officials knew of coronavirus in December, ordered cover-up, report says “

            “Wuhan mayor admits ‘withholding information’ about the coronavirus outbreak after revealing FIVE MILLION residents had left the city before it went into lockdown.”

            “China withheld data on coronavirus from WHO, recordings reveal

            “China hid the severity of its coronavirus outbreak and muzzled whistleblowers — because it can.

            “China Threatens to Withhold ALL MEDICAL EXPORTS: “The United States will fall into the hell” of a Coronavirus Epidemic.
            The articles go on and on.

          • “First rule of alt right, never trust fakenews.”

            I woke up a long time ago. And my first rule is, never trust a totalitarian dictatorship. Seriously man, that’s an easy one.

            ”China officials knew of coronavirus in December, ordered cover-up, report says.”
            “WHO admits China never reported the existence of coronavirus outbreak.”

            Here’s the search list .

          • Han masters? Dude, stop. U haven’t even read the points he made have you?

            U’re not thinking straight. Corona îs a bullshit virus, there really îs no good reason why they would cover it up.

            How gullible can u be to think escaped bats from evil chineze lab created an epidemic that would change the world.

            This îs Iron Man vs Mandarin marvel comics type stuff, same thing with Putin The Rasputin who controls Tsar Trump like a puppetmaster.

            Also, chinese are naționalistic, this makes them more honest than globalists who depend on lies to exist. This is an universal truth, naționalists are simply more honest.

          • This is my last word on the subject. The Chinese Communist Party is our blood fucking enemy. And if it where up to me I’d nuke the whole motherfucking place. Then go to bed and sleep like a baby. End of story.

          • Given the CCP were funded and installed by the west after they helped Mao defeat Chang Kai-shek you should perhaps re-evaluate what these people are.

            Communism is everywhere and always has been since its inception a puppet mind control device for other forces.

  16. “There’s never going to be a vaccine and there was never going to be an eradication of the virus. We’ve been trying to come up with a vaccine for a coronavirus for a long time. Nothing has come close to working, so planning for one is foolish.”

    You don’t know what you’re talking about – PEDV is a corona virus that infects swine and there’s a vaccine.

    You are very confident though, so that’s something.

    • Please provide one example of a successful coronavirus vaccine developed for human disease.

      • Quick! Move the goalposts!

        There aren’t any because there weren’t any that were worth developing a vaccine for. They started work on one for SARS but since SARS is only infectious when the patients require hospitalization it was easy to contain and burned out; the effort was abandoned.

        There are numerous corona virus vaccines for animals.

        • “There are numerous corona virus vaccines for animals.”

          Wow! If I had four legs I’d be really relieved right now.

        • Holy pedantry, Batman. Who cares if there are effective vaccines for animals? What impact will that have on the current clusterfuck occasioned by the Chinese flu? If this was a husbandry blog you might have point, but we’re dealing with human beings.

    • Only thats not quite true is it?

      From: a 2019 NIH study on PEDV vaccines:

      As it points out there are significant problems including the vaccine causing actual infections:
      “However, concerns remain because the attenuated PEDV strains may revert to virulence via mutation in the natural hosts or generate new virulent strains by exchanging their genes with field strains via recombination.”

      It goes on:
      “Considering the fact that feedback method using highly virulent PEDV viruses may facilitate the spread of other infectious agents in the herds and PEDV persistence on farms, and inactivated/subunit PEDV vaccine is mainly effective in previously PEDV-exposed but not PEDV-naive sows, a safe and efficacious live attenuated PEDV vaccine is still urgently needed.”

      It concludes:
      Our results demonstrated the difficulty in obtaining fully attenuated PEDV that retains its immunogenicity using traditional cell culture adaptation approaches.

  17. Z Man said: “In reality, the more people participating in politics, the faster dumb ideas are created and allowed to zoom around the system. We’ve reached a point where our society is no longer able to perform the basics.”

    That nail has been driven home twice. Right in the middle of the Kung Flu debacle we have the managerial state hiring terrorists to burn down our cities. Our masters seem completely uninterested in performing the basic function of government, which is to protect its citizens. We’ve obviously reached a tipping point, where the sum total of all the bad decisions made over the past 100 years will finally shift the system from viable to non viable. You can argue forever about all the details of how and why civilisations rise and fall. But the fact is, we are seeing in real time America transition from being the most powerful, wealthy and Thoroughly competent empire in history to a complete laughing stock. The damage is done.There’s no going back. It’s all down hill from here.

    “…the Faustian civilization one day will lie in fragments, forgotten our railways and steamships as dead as the Roman roads and the Chinese wall, our giant cities and skyscrapers in ruins like old Memphis and Babylon. The history of this technics is fast drawing to its inevitable close. It will be eaten up from within, like the grand forms of any and every Culture. When, and in what fashion, we know not. Faced as we are with this destiny, there is only one world outlook that is worthy of us, that which has already been mentioned as the Choice of Achilles: better a short life, full of deeds and glory, than a long life without content. Already the danger is so great, for every individual, every class, every people, that to cherish any illusion whatever is deplorable. Time does not suffer itself to be halted; there is no question of prudent retreat or wise renunciation. Only dreamers believe that there is a way out. Optimism is cowardice. We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honourable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”

    ~Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics, 1931

  18. Most people, and this includes me, have no business being involved in politics and policy anyway. We arent smart enough, informed enough, or educated enough generally. A benevolent ruling class has no reason to even let us see how the sausage is made. It just seems to cause division and anxiety, everyone fretting over things they cant change anyway and of course causes an inflated sense of importance or even grandiosity which is really apparent in places like Facebook.

    I know i am just restating what you said, so the point is: good post.

  19. Can someone suggest bloggers or sites that are good for keeping up with Covid? Sailer is one, but his perspective on it isn’t liked here. Any others? Thanks.

  20. No kidding. There was an attractive woman “economist” on FBM explaining how she thougth it was a good idea to shut down the beaches… again.

  21. “That is the one bit of good news in all of this. The public is increasingly cynical about everything they hear from the ruling class. The lies and sadistic punishments in the virus panic moved a lot of people from partisan to hostile. The effort to gin up a phony second wave panic to help Joe Biden in the election will probably be met with a second wave of hostility, much bigger than the first. The ruling class spent what was left of its legitimacy on this virus panic.”

    No matter the many shortcomings of Trump, he has made the Ruling Class openly and viciously hostile to the masses. If there were to be a foreign attack on the United States now, people gladly would signal bombers toward their D.C. and Manhattan targets. So, of course, the Ruling Class will become ever more oppressive until the benefits of violent revolt outweigh the benefits of remaining quiet. I expect to live in an oppressive police state, but would not be surprised to see China, the military, or opposition Ruling Class mercenaries topple the Empire’s rulers.

    The passive reaction to the initial lock downs and the anti-White riots have emboldened the Ruling Class. It will make them reckless now.

  22. Who panicked first, the Chicoms right? They locked down a city of 10 million. Then the panic spread around the world. But why did the CCP panic? They are supposedly the technocratic creme de la creme. That is to say, their top leadership is. 

    Something doesn’t add up here, unless they thought they were facing an unknown of frightening proportions. With their forced quarantines, massive disinfection campaigns, etc., they were sending the message that something terrible was about to happen. But why? It only makes sense if they knew it was a man-made virus that had escaped from that lab. This will never be admitted.

    • My working hypothesis is this:

      Yes, there was a deadly, world-ending, man-made gain-of-functioned virus that escaped from a lab in Wuhan at some point.

      However, as well all know, Mother Nature bats last. She is also a jealous deity that reserves the privilege of creating extinction-level plagues unto herself.

      Thus, Nature called bullshit and stepped in at some point just after the Wuhan lockdown to evolve the virus into, “just the flu, bro.”

      Our satanic governments and media are unable to accept and admit Nature’s intervention, so they continue to pretend that Beer flu is an extinction-level event.

        • We assume that our COVID response was a dry run for the inevitable police state, so why should we assume the ChiComs did it for reasons of “public health”? They don’t give a shit about public health. They’re a) Commies, and b) Chinese, so the environment is their toilet. I’d bet they were using it as cover to test out some of their NBC response readiness, or to crack down on some dissidents, or frankly just to fuck with people, because they’re a) Chinese and b) Commies and that’s just what they do. Their actions make sense in their own hermetic little world, but very rarely to outsiders.

          • The Wuflu did set the stage for the CCP to take over Hong Kong, while attention was being paid elsewhere…

          • One hypothesis doesn’t preclude the other. And no human collective is borg-like, monolithic in its thoughts. They may have simply felt they would need the tens of millions in the PLA when time comes to occupy our West coast (they didn’t know initially how serious the Wu flu would be.)

          • Also, were you assuming that I was saying the Chinese panicked because of humane concerns? Not at all. They maintain a strictly utilitarian view of their population.

          • My alternate hypothesis is that the CCP, DNC, Soros, et al realized that impeachment wasn’t going to work so they decided to roll out the pandemic to see what happened.

            If the pandemic failed to take there would be some minor stories about how the Wuhan lab had a leak but it was cleaned up and under control.

            I struggle to believe that they understood the mood in the West so well that they knew their effort would be a wild success.

      • I have to disagree with your deadly world ending virus: there is evidence that it was a genetically engineered virus.  Hell, this was open, US funded research going back years before the outbreak.

        But no evidence that it was made for maximum lethality.

        • “But no evidence that it was made for maximum lethality.”

          It wouldn’t have to be. While there may be overlap in the parts of its genome responsible for human transmissibility and lethality, there is no reason to assume so. Development could proceed along separate paths for each portion, to be spliced together later as needed.

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  24. “If America was run by a dictator or even a junta…”

    Pretty much everyone on our side is down on democracy these days, and for good reason. In the past, even if the government were inept, we could say that at least the system preserved our freedom. Not so anymore. Say anything the regime doesn’t like, anything that contradicts their religion (even if you have evidence), and they’ll ban your social media accounts. They may even close your bank account or fire you.

    Movies, television shows, books … all being disappeared at breakneck speed. They’re even banning episodes of Golden Girls now. What’s next? Check social media and cable news: it’s wall-to-wall government (leftist) propaganda and racial agitation. That’s by design.* Endless lies and omissions of fact. The end result of all this voting? We got a dictatorship anyway — a bad one that’s just as dumb as the democracy we left behind … and perhaps in the near future even more oppressive because it’s animated by religious zeal as opposed to simple greed.

    *I mean that literally. Take Reddit for example. They’ve banned Donald Trump’s fan sub along with a liberal one that mocked the police state’s obsession with war and Russia. The primary source of information now is the neoliberal r/politics. It’s nothing but Russian conspiracy theories and attacking republicans. Reddit has rigged this sub to be left-wing through disallowing many conservative posting links, except to milquetoast outlets to give the false appearance of neutrality; all their approved posting sites are mainstream, government-approved, leftist websites like Salon “Hallmark Channel is Fascist” and MSNBC “muh Russia”** … and even some left-wing activist sites. A huge number of credible anti-war and conservative sites are disallowed. Like you said, “if this were a dictatorship …” Hmm. Funny that.

    **Seriously, what’s the left’s obsession with Russia? At first I thought it was purely racial (they are White after all). But now I’m starting to see some bizarre coincidences. Trump wants to withdraw from Afghanistan just as the majority of the public does and — suddenly — RUSSIA! Same with Syria. Hmm. … Afghanistan is where poppy (heroin) is grown and, I’ll bet, the Syria region is where some of it is smuggled into Europe. No, never mind. Total coenkydink.

    “[if this were a dictatorship] the first step in fighting the disease would be controlling the flow of information”

    Same with the teaching of history in public schools. If the federal government had written the textbooks instead of letting pozzed corporations write propaganda in secret and shoveling it into schools, we wouldn’t be in this situation; the public would have been in a position to see what was being taught and fight to change it back when it would have made a difference. For decades these schools have taught racism and self-hate because the left was able to steadily take over universities and school districts in secret. They started teaching (or stopped teaching) things which the public was largely unaware of. Now the hate emanating from these universities has reached a crescendo. We are watching the end of the republic before our very eyes, and it happened in our schools under our noses.

    Of course, any suggestion back in the day that the federal government should craft text books nationally in an open and transparent process accessible to the public would have been met with howls from screaming culture warriors: that’s socialism! Or whatever other slogan National Review or Reason came up with.

    Doesn’t it make more sense to monopolize the government (centers of power) and use it as a tool to mold the public in our vision rather than let a determined enemy take it and do the same for themselves? Isn’t that what the left did? They’ve brainwashed normies into accepting a dictatorship of ineptitude and racial hate. If dictatorship is the inevitable end of any democracy, especially multicultural ones, wouldn’t it be better to have that dictatorship be ours instead of theirs?

    This is one of the many failings of American conservatism. They promoted a cult ideology which told them to surrender the battlefield to a determined enemy not willing to play by the rules. Freedom of choice? They don’t agree with it, and they will work to take your freedoms away from you if you let them. I’m completely okay with the idea of depriving my enemy of the freedom to take my freedom from me.

    “Don’t like it? Go somewhere else or build your own multi-billion dollar internet company with seed money I’m sure Goldman Sachs will just hand over to you because they most assuredly treat all opinions the same. The market will work itself out.” That logic doesn’t work when one side is allowed to organize and is determined to see their moral enemies punished for heresy while the other side is atomized and blinded into not fighting back. End result: conservatives lost; freedom lost. What you’re seeing on television is just the least of what’s to come.

    The left will destroy every statue of White men. Mount Rushmore will come down and so will the Washington Monument. Don’t believe the false promises of Joe Biden. He’s old and won’t be around forever; the left-wing media has made if clear they have to go .. and they will as soon as they have the power to make it happen. Just yesterday the NYT was slamming the place; the Democrat party tweeted much to the same effect from their official account. AOC is the future of this party and this empire, not Joe Biden. Dark times ahead. I’ll spare you the details. It’s bad, as I’m sure you can imagine.

    America is lost, but in the future — when we get our own Zion — we should make sure this doesn’t happen again. No more obsession with ideologies and slogans that tell us to eschew seeking power for the sake of our tribe. There will always be someone in charge — a ruler and those who are ruled. Why shouldn’t that ruler be ourselves?

    • Organize.

      To answer Russian obsession its projection, its a confession.

      1. Rape of RU $ washing
      2. Fear that Trump will be Putin
      3. Old cold war traitor fears- guilty minds.
    • Part of the obsession with Russia is that they’ve gone their own way outside the GlobHom system and done pretty well.

      Since GlobHom is a religious movement, this makes Russia a nation of heretics.

      Since GlobHom is a militant faith, the only possible solution is holy war to exterminate the unbelievers, similar to the Islamic concept of jihad.

      • The other thing about Russians is that they are good at doubling-down instead of backing down, most of the time. The attitude makes for some crazy Russian driving YouTubes, but it is a good attitude for maintaining their cultural survival in these crazy times.

  25. The mask is the new secular burka. It’s a unisex burka. It represents modesty, piety, and submission towards elitist bureaucrats who promote “the Science.” If you don’t wear a mask, you don’t believe in “the Science.” Science is a system to test models and theories. The Science is a given “truth” which is then later supported by models and theories. Even a drug can be outed by “the Science” (Hyroxychloroqine). It was abruptly pronounced ineffective one day because an orange blob that The Science hates tweeted about it. Sadly, while one can submit to The Science, there is no achievable redemption by The Science. Human beings, especially the white ones, are merely cockroaches to one day be exterminated with no attainable afterlife in the ample bosom of Gaia.

  26. All in all 2020 is shaping up to be the year of stupid decisions, maybe in years to come people will say of questionable ideas,”sounds like a 2020 to me”. Of course every cloud has a silver lining and for this year of calamities it could turn out to be the recognition that women should be muzzled in public.

  27. When I was a young JO in DC I learned the art of “paralysis by analysis.” Get a committee of self-identified experts together, bring in reams of data and an array of high-IQ / low-sense people to study it, model it, and forecast it. Only “metrics” matter … do NOT bring up common sense, history, experience or anecdotal evidence. Right results are guaranteed because the “study” starts with a predetermined end-result … it’s usually spelled out in the preamble to the “problem statement,” or shared verbally by the middling-IQ suits who commissioned the “study.” Then the sociopathic muckety-mucks get together and figure out the “messaging” and “optics.” Much as I disdain the process and the people, it’s a very elegant process … and if the purpose is to persuade and move 80% of the population, it’s highly effective.

  28. Off topic but HaHaha – the mystery-meat Hahvad grad raised by a single Jewish mom who threatened to stab anyone who said “All lives matter” has been fired from her job at Deloitte. She’s back on social media weeping that Trumptards have destroyed her life. Typical female drama + Jewish drama + mixed-race in a White society drama = deleterious mutant.

    • Auditioning for a policymaker job at the CDC, is she?

      National TV Spokesperson by next year, 3:1 odds. Bet me.

  29. Our practice is now almost all-Covid, all the time. From putting much of our staff on half-time for April and May, because everyone was afraid to come to the doctor, in June we did record numbers all month.

    Let me tell you about the patients and why this happened. As testing became easily available, HR departments started pushing for employers to test everyone. Two of the biggest employers in this area did so and then sent us their positives.

    About half of our ‘appointments’ now are telemedicine. Couple dozen a day, all Covid. The overwhelming majority that I’ve seen (all but one) have not been sick. The list of approved symptoms keeps growing and they still can’t make the cut.

    This is the wimpiest killer virus I’ve encountered, population-wise. The old, ill and infirm can fall to it in hours, and most of those who will probably already have.
    Given the propensity that this virus has to spread and its surprising but now-obvious ability to thrive even in hot, dry environments (I’m in saguaro territory), and the fact that there isn’t going to be effective vaccination or curative treatment in years if not decades, and assuming it doesn’t simply vanish on its own as SARS did 16 years ago, it is reasonable to expect that everyone is going to be exposed to this over the next few years.

    It would be reasonable for people like me, retirement age and with some medical problems, to have it now. I will only get older and less well in the future.

    No one is wearing a mask to protect me. Not even me.

    • How about your office’s policy anent office visits?

      Has your office truckled to the Covid hysteria?

      Do you require patients to be Covid tested before you will see them?

      Do you take their temperature upon entering your office?

      Must patients be subjected to a Covid interrogation?

      • We have to play the game according to Arizona and our county. We did not wear or require masks until early June. Now we have the moon-suit MA at the door to greet you, interrogate you, scan your temp, mask required. One small victory was that I was able as medical director to exempt the clinic from our corporate regs coming out of California, which would have been far more effective at bankrupting us.

      • I don’t have particular expertise in this area, but airborne makes the most sense. Think of it this way: the virus needs to get into your lungs. Inhaling it is much more efficient than having it on your lips or tongue from having touched your mouth.

        • Which is why I chafe so at the notion that wearing a mask is to protect others. Yes, yes, I get the bit about a mask catching a certain amount of droplets, but ultimately, wearing a mask is going to have more of an effect on one’s own health than that of the people around you. Unless, that is, they’re telling us that these are miracle materials that stop the egress of particles but have no effect on the ingress. So, you wear your mask if it makes you feel better and stop worrying about me.

          At any rate, it appears that sustained contact is necessary to infect. Does anyone remember hearing of a mass-spreader event in a supermarket or home improvement store prior to everyone wearing masks. The virus was at its peak in March, well before we went crazy about masks. Shouldn’t we have had major outbreaks in shopping centers? If we had, I’m sure we’d have never heard the end of it. Thus, why require masks where contact is only fleeting?

  30. A bit off topic, but this morning was a perfect example of “conservative cave-in”. Instead of “Hell no, MLK day and Black History month is enough”, they want to change Columbus day to Juneteenth.

    • I can see the idea of picking one’s battles, and not wasting one’s energy on fighting every-last-thing, but at some point I suppose one has to dig ones heels in, like a mule, and just generally say “not only ‘no’, but ‘hell no’” to everything. I have gotten to the point that I will reflexively go negative on any direction, suggestion, or ask. Of course, I have just about had it with people generally (most of this on-line crew excepted), so I am not interacting much any more in the real world.

    • There’s no better nigger word than Juneteenth. A people so lazy and so stupid that they couldn’t even articulate a particular date. It really shows how everything they think is an abstraction, and why they’re a stone age people.

    • This is one of a million examples of why the entire GOP needs to be sacrificed. It’s as dated as a BetaMax. Utterly useless and exhausted. Plow it under.

      • Wirth, there are some of us who remain here in disproportionate part because you both to post here. Thank you for commenting.

  31. The virus isn’t about the virus. It’s about control. It’s easy to forget that the rest of the world is still locked down too. The Davos crowd and their enormous NGO,UN, and WHO gang have shut down the whole world . The local politicians of the uniparty now rule with absolute impunity. They will never let go of this . thats why the masks are so important to them , it keeps normie from thinking ” hey, why are they still doing this stuff?'” when it’s clear the virus is weakening , and the death rate is falling like a rock.
    their enforcers are out there too.

  32. The level of humiliation associated with these masks is very high. My gym just started following the county regs requiring a mask whenever you’re not actively working out. That means a mask at the front desk, worn while you walk down the hall, and allowed to be taken off when you get to the workout floor.

    It’s pointless, which is the point. If some jack wagon at the county health department said to wear a clown nose because reasons, those little snots would be hectoring everyone to wear the clown nose.

    Flipping the switch from partisan to hostile is exactly right.

  33. To me the modelers and public health officials were worse than the midwit hysterics in the media and public. I don’t think the former exaggerated their claims simply to be heard above the regular media din; I think they exaggerated because public health is no longer a legitimate science-based institution but one based on “social justice” superstition, no better than the witch tribunals of Salem.

    On this very website there were plenty of comments along the lines of “Oh yeah, who am I going to listen to: a bunch of cranks on a website, or smart principled people at the CDC?” A lot of dissidents who took the Wu-flu seriously fell for the outdated notion that the CDC, WHO, university public health figures, and other overcredentialed sociologists were honest, sober scientists, when they should have understood from the get-go that all these institutions have been corrupted into irrelevance and illegitimacy by affirmative action, sociology and the social sciences.

    When the country’s top public health figures say it’s OK to take a break from lockdown to riot because “racism” is supposedly an even more dangerous “disease” or “public health crisis,” that should wake you up to how much the CDC, universities and others actually know about epidemiology. When “trained” contact tracers are explicitly told to ignore whether infected people went to any “protests,” that should tell you how seriously the whole pandemic should be taken. When medical professionals sign off on back-to-back reports that celebrate tranny die-ins in Brooklyn one hour and “dangerous disease-spreading crowds” at Trump rallies an hour later, that says a lot about said “professionals.”

    Real epidemiology isn’t corrupted by sociological fads like “racism” and lockdown-exempt “protesting.” Any dissidents who still buy into the legitimacy of public health organizations—and there are still a lot who refuse to admit they were duped, include commenters on this site—have some serious introspection to do. These dissidents are rightly skeptical of all official claims and narratives, but they were willing to make a one-time exception for the Wu-flu. Why? Because China went nuts? Well, why should we consider China to be some kind of bastion of sobermindedness either? The first-person accounts from China suggest that they merely went through the same kind of heavyhanded bureaucratic flexing that we did:

    • To have been careful, until the dimensions of the sickness became somewhat clear, was prudence. To have blindly followed the arbitrary directions of any of these so-called “authorities” would have been foolish. None of them have had our personal best interests at heart, no matter how they posture themselves as arbiters of the public’s well-being. They answer to a different authority, and it ain’t us.

    • I hate to reduce it to this because there are other factors playing a role but, once again, it’s the women. Any field of endeavor that gets beyond a certain percentage of women seems to slide into the darkness of unreason and unscientific thinking. Almost all the “public health professionals” I see in the mass media are female.

      I think the chief problem isn’t that women are worse at math and science than men (though they are) but that men and women choose careers for different reasons.

      Q: Why did you choose to go into epidemiology?

      Man: Well, I’ve always been really good at math and had an interest in biology, also it seems like it pays well and has good job stability. I thought about Computer Science but those guys keep getting replaced by Indians.

      Woman: I though it was a good way to SAVE THE WORLD!! Also I read that people of color get more infectious diseases and I wanted to help END SYSTEMIC RAYSISM!!! REEEEEEEEE!!!

      A few of these ditzes in a profession and you can laugh at them, eventually, past a certain threshold, the shrieking harpies drown everyone else out and drive everyone else out.

      • Those public health positions have also been an easy way for the borg to find people to fill the diversity quotas…

    • This is precisely on point. The crap the colleges have been turning out the past two decades is now running these agencies. All of the non-sciences, ‘soft’ sciences and administrative bodies are now fully campus-compliant in their underlying assumptions, treatment of the truth, and evaluation of problems. The hard sciences aren’t far behind, maybe another decade tops and then useful western-civ type stuff quits being invented and then quits working.

      Don’t know why this suddenly went Italic on me…

      At any rate, also ask yourself who goes to work for the CDC, NIH, etc: true believers already. They compete for federal dollars and they do this by toeing the line. .

    • 8 years ago, or so, the CDC recommended that women in their childbearing years between puberty and menopause should not drink any alcohol at all if they plan on having a baby at anytime during those childbearing years. This was my red pill on recommendations from outfits like the CDC. They are completely full of shit.

      • I suspect this was actually just someone’s idea of clever anti-natalist propaganda. The idea I suppose was to get women to pick booze over babies and maybe abort more of them because after all “I had a beer three years ago”.

        One positive aspect of the collapse of the US government, if it happens, is the defunding of all these agencies as well as the destruction of the university system that churns out the robots who staff them.

    • They just follow orders from pussies, who were elected by pussies.

    • That should be definitive proof that you might survive the covid if you are lucky. But you can’t evade, resist, or escape the wuhan. She is coming for you. The only question: will my BLM yard sign arrive before I cross over to the great pozz in the cloud.

    • My husband (who took the sere course in another life) just guffawed when I mentioned that. “Stop the war! Some of us have the flu!” was his retort.

  34. I have been amazed at how easy it is to see the propaganda being tossed out as truth on the media each day. The Wife watched a lot of it and reported that they were saying almost the same thing on every channel each morning. Almost at the same time even.

    I have followed news on viruses and vaccines since the debacle of 1976 where they nearly killed my father-in-law and his best friend. Turns out getting real information on vaccines is hard.

    It is difficult to get down to the studies and methods of approving the vaccine and discover that the “studies” showing “safety and effectiveness” are mostly bullshit.

    Just the fact that we have not been able to create a vaccine for a corona, and we have really tried, and that most Americans don’t know that shows the level of stupidity and/or ignorance on the subject.

    They were working on a vaccine and everything looked good. They were using ferrets and the vaccine looked like a go:

    Then something terrible happened. Those ferrets were then exposed to the wild virus, and they all died. [They developed] inflammation in all their organs, their lungs stopped functioning and they died.

    Then those scientists remembered that the same thing had happened in the 1960s when they tried to develop an RSV vaccine, which is an upper respiratory illness very similar to coronavirus.

    Few Americans have the time or focus to read everything they can on viruses and vaccines. The wife says I am obsessed. Maybe. But you almost have to research yourself to get any truth.

  35. After giving free rein to looting and rioting because of fentanyl floyd the State and County governments have shut down all the beaches here in So Cal for the 4th of July weekend. The symbolism is so subtle you could cut it with an axe. They hate America with a deep blue passion.
    As far as making some intergenerational sniping about this, I notice that few of us tired ass boomers will wear the things. The old farts are the angriest, and most adamant. It’s the twenty-somethings, and younger running around on their skateboards and bikes who are masked up like they’re visiting the plague ward. Ditto with the thirty somethings driving with the windows up, and the masks on. And, of course, every Asian of any age.
    This, to me, is the worst sign possible. The younger folks are staring into their smart phones,locked into their media feed 24/7. If it doesn’t come across twitter, or YT, or FB, or instagram, they don’t see it. I don’t think many of them have ever looked at one of these old-fashioned weblog things.
    The end game with masking, like the passionate support of BLM, is humiliation. Who will go willingly into the darkness? Who will bend a knee to the stupidest and most violent? Who receives the revealed Truth from the Network? In recent days the number of faceless has exploded. They’re everywhere, and it’s creepy as hell. But knowing how it creeps out the “conservatives” is, no doubt, part of the appeal.


    • Almost everyone here is wearing a mask, from kids under five to the old Whites shuffling along. I’m one of perhaps 3-5% who won’t. My hubby is willingly paying double what he was for a haircut, because the new lady doesn’t require a mask. It’s just a matter of time before ‘masks recommended’ becomes ‘masks required,’ and then evil Jeff Bezos gets more of my business. Since there is not one major business that is not poisonously ‘woke,’ I’ll take the one that doesn’t require me to deal with other people.

  36. I still don’t know anybody who got Covid, let alone someone who died from it. But I know at least five small businesses going under, and a couple dozen people still out of work. The lockdown was a soul-destroying disaster typical of our idiot, sadistic ruling elite.

    • Only five businesses?
      You are indeed blessed.

    • Some of my wife’s relatives had it. A cold for a week was all it did to the couple in their 30’s. Their young kids were exposed but never had any symptoms.

    • We’ve had four employees (out of 18) out with positive tests. None of them ever had symptom one. All back at work saying it was nothing but a free vacation.

  37. Everyone is now dumber for having had to put up with months of ridiculous claims about the virus.

    Well, at least the government and media have given the U.S. “herd stupidity”.
    For me, the real value in the circus has been undeniable confirmation of who I can never rely on, or trust. That counts for something.

    • There it is. I lost actual friends over this – “I was in his wedding”-type friends. Sad to know that the last words I’ll ever say to a formerly lifetime friend were “fuck you, Karen,” but that’s where we are these days. It hurt, but ultimately I’m glad – when the feces hits the fan, there’s one less person who will stab me in the back.

  38. The only thing that spread faster and was more devastating to our respective societies than CV-19 was mass stupidity.

    • Karl, legit question here. What’s worse, mass stupidity or mass fear? I’ve always assumed the public was rather dumb, but am more demoralized by the mass fear I see about me. Your opinion?

      • @ Compsci –
        A fearful population will make wrong decisions which they wouldn’t make under “normal” circumstances.
        A stupid population will make wrong decisions no matter what the circumstances.
        At present, the majority of our respective populations simply can’t rationalize the behavior or comprehend the twisted logic of those we are witnessing who are committing these riots and promoting criminal activity.
        Add to that the fact the police have been ordered to step back and are no longer enforcing the law, it’s a whole new level of fear and confusion.
        Since humans naturally fear what we don’t understand, it’s a scary place for us all.

        • America is an island nation that hasn’t had to fight for its own lands since 1890, so except for a tiny number of Americans how the world works is Foreign to us.
          This chaos, start of war, revolution, corrupt elites is the Human norm except for rare periods. Pax Americana is over, time to be normal men, that’s all. Fight, die, or submit.

          In no way is this a whole new level of Fear – except for us.

        • Thanks. I guess the rub here between us is that you seem to think that the population’s fear is transitory or dependent on situation. And that in some cases decision making may be done without being based upon fear.

          I see the fear as being a constant, albeit situationally specific as the latest boogie man is brought up. But none the less, whenever we seem to have great societal movements/changes these days, it seems always based upon fear.

          • The media has a long history of promoting false or misleading information (propaganda if you will) in order to instill fear in the public. And when the government makes stupid, knee-jerk decisions based on that information, that just stokes fear even more.
            Unfortunately, when you push fake news on a stupid population who believes the media and every blogger with a YouTube or Twitter account, that fear is going to be multiplied exponentially.
            Just look at your education system over the past 20-years. They no longer teach kids to think anymore, they only teach them to feel. Which is why we have a generation that are incapable of rational, logical thought.
            I’m not knocking the American education system. To be honest,it’s not much better over here either.

          • Interesting side note; in the 1924 book My Struggle, specifically the chapter on Propaganda, our old Austrian Chancellor commented that during WW1, the Americans and the British were masters of propaganda. He even went as far to admit the German attempts were actually counter productive. So give yourself credit where it’s due. The English speaking people have a long history of fake news.

          • Bad uncle and friends borrowed a lot from American Progressives. Mussolini was quite popular on the American Left.

          • Is it possible to put a mark on the calendar for when Progressives actually got their start in America? Or was it just something that’s always been part of the American psyche?

            Since most immigrants were rejects or failures in their home countries (immigrating Germans were certainly no exception) many of these people had already learned to hate and distrust their monarchical governments.

          • Just a guess, 1880s or 90s?

            Not a scholar on the subject, just my experience. There’s always been a utopian strain of American thought, but early on it was spiritual rather than scientific. I’ve never read anything about big government and a scientific approach that was written before the late 19th.

          • I don’t know what was “the american left” in the 1920′, but Benito was the most hatred man in the entire european lefts.

            Please, Z, your blog is by far the best of the american right, but your constant “leftists RTR fascists” (or reverse) is not only annoying but wrong.

  39. One interesting aspect of the Covid scare has been how it has shown how much upper middle-class White women miss the society of their ancestors. A hundred years ago or so when religion and social etiquette were an important part of society and everyday life, Nice White Ladies (NWLs) had a very clear set of rules to judge other Whites.

    And did they judge. Not only could they point out other people’s flaws (especially other women), they had endless topics of discussion with their friends.

    But as society moved to being more accepting and lost religion, NWLs had a much tougher time judging. Sure, they could judge people for judging, but that just wasn’t as much fun. Also, the rules weren’t as clear so couldn’t always be sure everyone would back them up.

    Covid changed all that. It was like they were thrown back to the 1800s – and they love it. There’s a general set of rules, the specifics of which are told to them each day by TV or Facebook. There are clear markers for who is following the rules (masks, anyone) and they will be backed by the full force of government and other women if judge someone. It’s perfect.

    The Floyd riots were a nice bonus, but those rules have been around for a while and now everyone is chanting the same lines, so not much opportunity for scolding. Also, they don’t really want to be around blacks, which is a bit of an issue.

    Covid has shown NWLs what they’ve been missing. I don’t think they’re going to give it up too easily.

  40. Trump was on TV this morning saying that if we had not taken action, millions would have died. Does he REALLY believe that? If so, I’m more depressed than ever.

    • Tough to say. I like to think he knows it’s a scam and that he has to say something like that because he really did shut everything down. But this is the guy who has spent four years purging everyone Jared doesn’t like, so…

        • He could have countered the shutdowns by ordering the governors and mayors to stop their usurpation of the constitutional rights of their citizens.

          He could have threatened the arrest of any governor or mayor who refused and if they persisted, he could have arrested them.

          A real leader would have so acted.

          • There was no benefit to him stopping the governors from hitting themselves in the face with a hammer. On the contrary, he would have gotten into a huge fight they were begging him to engage in, and one he probably would have lost, as the legality of measures taken in each state are dependent on the various state constitutions and best countered through state courts not Presidential intervention.

    • He is turning out to be a completely useless twat.

      But I bet he mentioned some further record Blackety black stuff.

  41. I can’t believe I’m the first to mention this but everyone needs to search

    World Economic Forum The Great Reset

    Yes, the Davos WEF.

    It’s not about a virus. It’s about managing the herd and they’re not even trying to hide it

    • Good point, apparently they’ll organize a summit in 2021 in order to create a new type of economy & remodel western world even further, fourth industrial revolution they call it.
      Many more environmental policies will be implemented, diversity will be forced even further down white people’s throats, inclusivity, world community, the stuff of nightmares.

    • Look at the map posted for their “influencers” (agents). 100% of the blue voting districts have an assigned agent. 0% of the red voting districts have an agent.

      The trillionaire and billionaire class studied us through social media/surveillance state and now they’re going to strike at us for permanency.

      • More than that. Einstein famously advocated for world government in the 1950s. Other notable scientists and boffins of all types have expressed such ideas, almost always in conjunction with a belief in socialist economics, since the 1920s and 1930s. These same people were usually either quietly or openly pro-Soviet and pro-Stalin.

        The global Left now has almost universal support among the billionaire class and has thrown off the crude Stalinism and attachment to command economies of the past. The new push is going to be just this kind of thing from Davos. The new model is going to be “managed capitalism” with the managers being the current oligarchs operating through an increasingly de facto world government composed of NGOs and “private charities”. The power in this model is that many of these NGOs actually do useful things – while spreading a vicious Leftist ideological cancer as well.

        The Left has the advantage in that their ideology is already explicitly trans-national. There’s no reason we can’t do the same though. I would propose that we create a global political party or parties of our own that people could join while remaining part of whatever national party they like at home. The globally organized party will simply emphasize a few basic “right wing” tenets.

        1. Freedom of association
        2. Policies that aid in formation of traditional families (men work and women mind the home and educate children – primarily, this needn’t be rigid)
        3. Mostly free market economies but…
        4. Strict limits on trade and immigration and recognition that a nation, any nation, is its people, not its land, not words on a page, but the specific people living in it and government must serve them.
        5. Policies that discourage financialization of economies and heavy reliance on debt.
        6. Personal autonomy including sub issues like…
        7. (6a) Gun rights and right to self defense in general
        8. (6b) Right to refuse to wear a “uniform” (e.g. masks) in public
        9. (6c) Right to refuse invasive mandatory medical interventions (e.g. Bill Gates’ brain/vaccine chip)
        10. EXTREME skepticism of anything that reeks of “rule by crisis” or “rule by extraordinary claims”. Had people applied this to Covid-19, for example, the economy would still be working. A similar principle must be used to evaluate things like global warming.

        Americans tend to be a bit parochial about everything and for a reason. We can afford to be because whatever starts here, for good or ill but these days mostly ill, goes everywhere thanks to our empire and media. This gives us an advantage though. We can start this thing here and spread it everywhere too.

        Our hypothetical party should also set up it’s own auxiliary charities and NGOs to utilize the same helping-with-strings-attached approach of the Leftists. Not every medical doctor or scientist is on board with the direction things are going. Many probably don’t join existing organizations because they know all too well what their authoritarian politics are. Indeed I think this is essential. The oligarchs have already gotten a head start building their shadow world government but we can build our own the same way. Our tentacles can span continents just the same as theirs. Unlike theirs, ours can be a loose federation of states that need not all follow directives from the top. Theirs is a pyramid – and will be even more in the future. Ours can be a network organized around love of freedom, family, and autonomy.

        I welcome any ideas about what aspects of this kind of organization others may know of that already exist of course.

        Sorry, the sub-item functionality of the lists doesn’t seem to work quite right. 7-9 are really sub-items of 6.

  42. What’s been interesting from the beginning of all this – at least in Virginia – is that the governor/state official and local officials refuse to give any criteria/benchmarks for moving from one phase to another. They never say, “Well, when the 15-day moving average of deaths reaches 20 or less, we move to Phase 3, 10 or less to Phase 4 and 5 or less we end any lockdown.”

    Nope. You just have to trust their judgement.

  43. Was in the original epicenter. Once you take out the old folks that Cuomo, Murphy and the goof in PA murdered and mass intubation (which is now quietly acknowledged as a mistake) even the numbers here were not that bad. When antibody testing first started here the numbers were widely reported and suggested actual infection rates well in excess of 20% (two months ago). Testing of some focused populations in the city came back as high as 50%…then the numbers very quietly disappeared. And barely mentioned in local media.

  44. This spasm of insanity will mirror the Y2K faux crisis of late 1999, when the same media was pitching worldwide technological collapse to be brought on by software malfunction that supposedly would occur exactly as the clock struck midnight on December 31, 1999. And on January 1st, miraculously, the sun rose and world did not collapse, and the story disappeared almost immediatey. And no one apologized for attempting to incite a panic, or even just being monumentally stupid. Ditto, the Wuflu.

    • I have mixed feelings on Y2K.

      There were systems and interfaces out there that could have been affected by the two-digit year limitations.

      However, there was an effort to take targeted, effective action to update those systems prior to the rollover.

      Since that action was effective, it made Y2K seem like a non-event.

      You see similar stories pop up about GPS, which is a mission-critical system for the US. Targeted, effective action is taken to mitigate the bugs, and they become a non-event for the vast majority of users.

      • Re: GPS

        You know, one of the truly remarkable things that have occurred in my lifetime is GPS. Say what you want about modern technology, but it finally answered one of the most common and tragic age-old questions: Where the hell am I?

        I was navigating ships around the globe in the years just before and during the invention of the Global Positioning System. I have found my way by LORAN, radar, stars, sight and extensive dead-reckoning. While navigation used to be a beautiful art and science at the same time, it has sadly become a lost art.

        It is still a very good thing to get out and get lost without any form of GPS. I think we all can imagine why it may be very important someday to be able to cross respectable distances without modern electronics. Being able to read the weather might also be a good thing.

  45. I’d sure like to believe than many more are becoming cynical about the kung fru and the hysterical media hyping the “thousands of new cases”, but I’m not sure. Our pitiful governor has again closed bars, theaters, gyms etc., for a month – hell, you can’t even go tubing down the river when it’s a hundred plus degrees. He obviously couldn’t resist all the screeching karens – I just don’t see how this goes away, at least until the election. Social media (and WAY too many women/soyboys in positions of power), while it may have some good points, is ultimately the work of the devil, so to speak.

    • Every day I am more convinced that social media is among the worst things to ever happen to civilization. Is all of this worth it, just so I can keep in touch with lazy family members and ex-girlfriends of Facebook? Even worse, are families having less in-person family reunions because we no longer need excuses to get together and catch up on each other’s lives, when our everyday, mundane happenings are presented to each other constantly?

      • The problem with the internet is that every loon with a crazy idea can post it and find allies, and then use their mob to pummel others. Back in the day, the loon would have rightly been identified as the neighborhood or workplace idiot, would have been shunned, and that would have been the end of that.

    • Our governor mandated masks statewide effective yesterday. At my rural small business there were no customers wearing masks and not even the UPS driver and the delivery truck driver from LTL freight had a mask. My son went to stack hay bales for a hobby farmer. The owner who is a boomer steel mill worker came over, shook his hand and said “I ain’t got the covid yet, if you do well bring it on.”

    • My next-door neighbor suddenly converted. He’s an old, ill alkie who sits on his porch every morning, says hello to everyone and has treats for the dogs. Used to be a cage-fighter. Race realist. Until two weeks ago we sat and talked and laughed at the folly. I always kept the recommended distance out of respect for his comorbidities.
      One morning I popped over to say hi. He was sitting back by the house, not out toward the street like usual. He pulled a bandana up over his face and started when he saw me.
      ”The virus is getting worse!” Panic on his face. Then, the worst thing your formerly-friendly neighbor could ever say: “You stay on your property and I’ll stay on mine.”
      It’s sad. He’s lonely and scared and now he’s lost a daily dose of companionship and camaraderie. Of course, so have I.

      • Doc, sometimes it’s the smallest things that matter. That’s a little bit of heartbreak, are we to be left with nothing human or humane?

        • We will be left with each other. And that’s complicated by us not actually knowing each other, with scattered rare exceptions.

  46. Flew Southwest this past weekend. Must wear a mask to get on the plane but get in the air then the stewardess announces that due to Coronovirus soda and alcohol will not be served but water and pretzels will and we can take off our masks to eat and drink!
    So just tell me you want to save money by not serving soda instead of the bullcrap that there is a difference in serving water or soda.
    Two seats up a 3 year old vibrant was josling about without a mask on the entire flight.
    I sat and took my time sipping on water and nibbling pretzels without a mask with no consequence.
    Its all pure madness.

    • Like the madness of 60 y/o bowling pins on 10 different meds for lifestyle diseases easily avoided by proper diet and activity suddenly so conscious of their health that they demand that you cover your face so they can survive the virus culling to live out a few more years of pharma-prolonged fatness and sedentary consumption in front of their tell a visions.

      The waddling masses of sucrose bound triglycerides need to feel safe so pay your tribute.

      Its really a lot like Obamacare: one more tax on the responsible to pay for the irresponsible with dissent labeled as callous and dangerous to the “system”.

      • In front of their tell a visions at their second home in Florida that their pensions are being paid for via my taxes.

    • Obviously, one of the most outrageous fallouts of this damned virus is not selling adult beverages on flights. How the hell are you supposed to get any enjoyment out of it?

      • Here in the lolbertarian paradise in the rockies its even better. No booze establishments unless they also have food service.

        Our ¡science! tells us that only one possible disease vector, eg a pint of ale, is bad, whereas multiple possible disease vectors, eg poutine walked through two cooks, an open air kitchen line, and a server, make that pint of ale much safer.

      • You can bring small bottles of liquor if you put them in a plastic sandwich bag (i.e. the security theater crap you have to do for liquids). I think you aren’t technically supposed to drink alcohol you brought on the plane, but who cares? If the airlines aren’t serving soft drinks, you can’t make a mixed drink but under the circumstances, you probably need to drink it straight.

        • That’s in violation of Federal law and will attract the wrong kind of attention when opening your own stash on the plane.
          There are two strategies to use:

          1. If the plane does serve liquor, bring your own bottles on, i.e. if you get the little bottles of Jim Beam on the plane, switch it out with your own as it goes empty.
          2. My preferred strategy is to keep the little liquor bottles, but fill them with something high octane to reduce travel weight/hassle, and then before boarding I will buy a soda, go to the bathroom and dump out a little bit and replace that ‘little bit’ with the liquor bottle contents.

          For any critics, there was one time when I didn’t follow these strategies and I was stuck in a giant de-icing queue in Denver and I promised myself “never again”.

    • Exactly. If you can take off your mask in the plane to eat, then there is no sense to the mandate in the first place. The damage is done, contagion barrier is broken. In for a penny, in for a pound.

      A similar point was brought up a few months ago by Bruce Schneier, who writes on security matters, wrt the TSA increasing their limit on passenger liquids being taken in hand luggage such that bottles of hand sanitizer that could now be brought on board. He has for years said that the limits for amounts of liquids brought on by passengers was arbitrary and capricious.

      Covid-19 proved him right.

      • Incorrect. Exposure to the virus depends on virus load and that is directly proportional to the amount of time you had your mask on or off.

        • Exposure is not contagion, nor proof one way or another that you *will* or will *not* get the disease or just how severe it will be if you do.

          Second point, please reference one published study (on COVID viral load) which proves your statement? What you say is suspected, but not shown in the scientific literature wrt to COVID that I am aware of. It also doesn’t make sense (as I can see it both ways) so I’d like to see the literature—not opinion by “experts”.

          A single virus can multiply to 1000’s in one cell in a few hours, the few thousand to a few million in a day. Given such a exponential rate of growth/spread, does a starting point of 1 virus particle or 10,000 make much difference in 24-48 hours? That’s one way to look at it.

          I can also see the argument that people have innate immunity in many cases and smallish exposure can be handled quite well in that manner, whereas larger exposures overwhelm such initial actions.

          Where are the studies?

    • I flew American from Las Vegas to Philadelphia yesterday. Flight attendant sternly warned that if you didn’t keep your mask on the whole flight you might never be allowed to fly American again. (I was tempted to ask where I could sign up for that, but at heart I’m really a pussy.) Passenger across the aisle had his mask off while he was attempting to calm his child – who appeared to be autistic – and, in support of the female-scolds-love-the-mask- requirement hypothesis, the sissy-boy “male” FA shrieked at him that he must wear his mask. Nevada, by the way – in contrast to neighboring Utah – appears recently to have gone batshit crazy requiring masks.

  47. The eternal mask is a necessary social test. They need feedback on how passive we’re willing to be. This is necessary because the shit test we are going to be subjected to under BLM social engineering are going to be epic. The willingness to darn the mask is a weather vane…and a bit of a pressure relief valve from darkie fatigue. If you have two crises to deal with your ability to focus energy on dealing with the more serious one gets fragmented and misdirected. They use the same strategy over and over and we play along over and over.

    • Same here in AZ. The stat’s are being cooked. Hospitals basically being accused of fraud to collect Covid-19 treatment bonus. What is still going down, because it’s much more difficult to mung, are death rates. However, that figure can’t be known well for a few weeks as folks who eventually die do so much later in the disease treatment. But the turnover in ICU—as in getting better and released—is looking good.

    • We’re also testing asymptomatic people, which has never happened with the flu before. Part of the problem is that we no longer have to use the nasopharyngeal swab (that goes way to the back of the nasal cavity), which was a big deterrence to unneeded testing, and rightly so–it is very unpleasant. Now, a simple swab of the nose and anyone can be tested painlessly.

      I always ask my fellow lab NPCs, what do you think would happen if we tested everyone for Epstein-Barr Virus? It is known to cause some very nasty diseases (including Mononucleosis and Guillain-Barre syndrome). Yet, nearly every adult will test positive for antibodies and have never had symptoms of any related illness. There’s no vaccine for that either.

      In short, we’ve never before done wide-spread testing of asymptomatic people just to see who had a history of exposure. That was probably a good idea.

      • Exactly. They have nlp’d “positive” with “sick”, which of course is practically death.

        Instead of “asymptomatic” being evidence of a high level of natural protection, a good thing, it has been turned into the implicit selfishness of the silent spreader; a dangerous threat to others.

        The only thing more disgusting to me than how they twist reality before our very eyes is how easily most people will pretzel themselves right along with the serpentine narrative.

        All those face diapers make sense given how far up their own asses they have placed their heads.

  48. If this thing actually had a 2-5% IFR as originally feared, it would be a pretty big deal and understandable why some policy makers reacted the way they did, but the general sentiment did a 180 when the IFR was revised to as low at .3-,5%, due to increased testing. In mid-April the IFR was dramatically slashed, coinciding with the bottom of the stock market. That is only about 5x as bad as the flu instead of 50-100x as originally estimated. The more testing that is done, the closer this resembles the flu in terms of mortality. It was increased testing that saved the day instead of social distancing, which has been a failure in the US although for some reason worked in China and Japan.

  49. Democrats: We wish to institute a second lockdown
    White Woman: Yes, safety, gimme safety(woman emotions)
    White Man: I think a second lockdown would be a bad idea
    Blacks: White man conspires to shut us up
    Democrats: Yes, Covid is white supremacist
    White Woman kneels: I am deeply sorry for the Covid pandemic
    White Man: Wait, whut?

  50. The Retardovirus sure has hell took hold, no mask will help with that.

    Some of my recent observations on this:
    1.Deaths are up now, business ones that is. In my area there is an increasing amount of long standing mom and pops going out.  
     Some really have affected the community.
    2.Increasingly the Trump administration is caving on masks. They may be a part of life for a long time.
    3.Rolling lockdowns are common now just like third world energy grids.
    4.Small businesses are getting no help financially with these mandated lockdowns. This is an obviously planned to do harm.
    5.Another disease has infected white people probably decades early. It’s effect is a total lack of will to survive as if it lifeforce is  spent.
    6.Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Impeachment, Covid scare, BLM riots. All in less than a year. What do you see here?
    7.Finally, what kind of pandemic is this? Most people can name only one or two peripheral people in their lives that have this. Hell, the family Christmas party last year we had many people sick with the flu from that. That was viral.

    • The only good thing about the masks is they help us identify who has been infected with the “Retardovirus”. Sadly, it seems to be able to infect nearly anyone.

      • Yes and no. I told the $5.00/hr harpy at the liquor store to FOAD when she started scolding me for not having a mask.
        But in order to stay open, at the chapel they have to spray your hands with disinfectant and they require masks… and I will wear one there. There are lots of frail and elderly in our midst and if it makes them feel better… what the hell are ya gonna do?
        But anyone under the age of 70 demanding that I wear a mask can get stuffed…

        • mask will knock down some of the aerosol mist of a cough or sneeze. My personal space is 6ft on my good days. no problems here

          • Remember when masks were advised “when social distancing is not possible”? Ah the olden days.

          • If it is as easily transmitted as many claim, the large-scale testing of the general asymptomatic population will provide evidence. Also, if it is that easily transmitted and the large majority of those infected build immunity while remaining asymptomatic, I say bring it on as quickly as possible and get it over with while we’re still paying attention. Masks will only delay the inevitable and cause greater hardship.

          • I’m English 6 ft seems to be unnecessarily intimate.

            Man, in all seriousness, that’s got to be one of the best comments of 2020 (on any site). In a good way. It’s so… English. Has G.K. Chesterton been cancelled yet by the woke mobs?
            My favorite sentence from a Chesterton essay, On Pigs as Pets:
            The Rev. T. C. Spurgin observed: “The lady will require a good deal of strength to move her pet, which weighs forty stone.”
            Hang in there, England!

        • Our mentally ill man pretending to be a woman dictator thing passed a ‘everyone must wear masks even outside here in the People’s Republic of PA. Oh, and another Noose hoax, this time a local one.

          All for this crap. I’m practically sure these people are controlled by demons…

          • Yes, I live in Pa. and this (and they/them/she/it) sucks.
            Silver lining: In my neck of the woods at least (southcentral PA) we have a good number of farm stores and many of them explicitly don’t care if you don’t wear the surrender flag on your face. I basically only shop at those nowadays.

        • Here in the great nursing home that is Japan, most places just have the hand sanitizer bottles/sprayers sitting out. I’m convinced they’re just full of water at this point. Most people use them, some don’t. Just about everyone still wears a mask in public spaces. You won’t get ridden for not wearing one, though.

          The worst thing is wearing a mask and gloves to eat at some restaurants (buffets) and getting your temperature taken before entering some stores. Foreigners are pretty rare right now and will be for the foreseeable future. Everyone realizes America/Europe dropped the ball on COVID, too. For one – the places “hit hardest” with the flu are all immigrant friendly; two – sure the disease is fake and gay, but the reaction to it anyhow was an utter failure and hinted at the disaster a real pandemic might bring.

          When I walk my dogs in the morning, it’s annoying to see the old people shambling around at the same time suddenly throw on their mask when the round eye passes them, but whatever. A lot of these people I’ve known for years and I really can’t take it personally.

      • Why are people wasting their time bitching about masks when they should be rioting about wrecking the economy?

        • No kidding. If the ANTIFAGS and BMS can burn and pillage because some worthless thug cashed in his chips while in police custody, we should be doing the same over this Koronageddon bullshit. Why small businessmen, in particular, aren’t raising all kinds of hell is beyond me. They seem to be as timid, docile and suicidal as the white race.

          • Because if a small businessman sticks his neck out of his self-imposed foxhole, he will be singled out and targeted by the agents of the powers-that-be. It’s not right, but it is how it works now. They are caught in the banking—local permitting—neighborhood exposure matrix. When a lot of (ex) small businessmen have nothing more to lose, they will be free to act spicier.

        • Because National Review conservatives share blame in wrecking the economy, outside of the virus’s direct effects or the effect of the lockdowns themselves. Therefore, attention has to be redirected to something trivial that, in the end, will only make them look as dumb as usual and help the other side — masks.

          Conservatives supported outsourcing for decades. That created a fragile gig & service economy open to sudden collapse upon the slightest disturbance. They also foolishly shut down the economy without having a plan to preserve jobs. Why didn’t they pay employers to not fire people instead of bailing out multinational left-wing corporations? If they weren’t willing to do that, why did they even bother with lockdowns in the first place?

          On top of that, their proposition nation rhetoric has been exposed as a fraud. Pile in millions of people with no common bonds and watch them fight it out in the streets when the economy crashes. Additionally, the situation exposes the bankruptcy of modern American conservatism: the people tearing down those statues are mostly brainwashed White leftists taught to hate themselves. The GOP’s hands off approach to education (and everything else) really messed things up. Multiply that by about a thousand other observations and you’ll have the real reason why we have to deflect to something dumb like scolding people for exercising their freedom to wear a surgical mask in public: the truth is too painful to confront.

          Questions are being asked. Hey look over there, a guy wearing a mask!

      • Once true, but now that they are codified in law, some must wear to either work, or simply buy groceries.

    • A local staple, an English pub that served authentic food from the isles, went out of business.

      It’s been replaced by an “authentic Indian food” restaurant. They didn’t even remove the police box from out front.

      • Well, the English know curry like the Jews know Chinese food. The irony, though, is astounding.

      • In my town, three good restaurants–that I know of–have been kayoed by the Korona Krazies. One BBQ joint, one Indian restaurant, and one sports bar. All three were locally owned, very popular, and were great at what they did. They big chains, OTOH, seem to be skating along just fine…

        • they need to kill small businesses before implementing globo-homo-corporate-communism.
          Also, elites get upset when they see smallfollk being succesful. That’s a big no, no for our petty globalist leaders.

    • There’s nothing wrong with wearing a mask. As Anatoly Karlin has reported, there is evidence they make a difference by reducing the peak incidence and, perhaps, even ultimate IFR by reducing initial exposure, which is correlated with disease severity. I’ve seen nothing on this website that credibly challenges that. The public supports wearing masks and you people are busy denouncing people as retards for it. SMH. All is lost. I’ve long speculated the left has a higher verbal IQ than the right. I think they do. They instinctively understand politics better than you do, so they will win in the end.

        • Compsci, he is a troll who wandered over from Unz. Thus his appeal to ‘authority’ of Karlin, his lionizing of Sailer, etc. There are plenty of people I respect, but none who are beyond any criticism or questioning. So you present study ‘x’ and he’ll counter with ‘y’ and ‘z.’ That sort of spergy troll.

          • Your point well taken. I’m really not concerned with him. I’m attempting to keep my credibility reasonably high for the group/myself. To that effect, once in a while, it seems good to stop making gratuitous statements and reference something outside my personal thoughts/experience.

            I sent that reference to my doctor who thought it wise to send all his patients e-mail to wear masks in public. His email even had diagrams showing infection rates/probabilities between masked and unmasked people and so forth.

            I asked for ref’s to the studies he must be citing. Never heard from him again. I suspect I am now out a doctor. 😉

  51. “The fact is, this brilliant post from March was right all along…”

    C’mon, Z. That one was pretty much a slam dunk. I’ll bet every dissident knew the truth the second the scam started.

    Regardless… yup, the jig is up. I ignored the first wave of lunacy and I will ignore the second round too.

    • I don’t know about that. I got a lot of angry e-mails. Greg Johnson has never forgiven me. The TRS guys were all in on the great panic. Guys like Sailer, Cochran the HBD’ers were all in on lock downs.

      • Sailer seems to have backed off tremendously over the past couple of weeks. He may not acknowledge that he went overboard, but he’s showing that he realizes as much. Kind of like the Great Santini practicing basketball in the rain after losing to his kid.

        • Yeah, I was amazed at his banging that drum for weeks and equally amazed he’s dropped it like a hot potato these past few. I’d be a lot more appreciative if he now discussed how pathetically over-hyped it’s been.

        • Sailer dropped that subject, but he’s still on about hair, and cultural appropriation, and mocking others’ hypocrisy. His usual posters are still riding their various ethnic/sexual hobby horses. The other day he claimed that if people had listened to him in the beginning we wouldn’t be in this mess. So ‘citizenism’ was going to save the multikulti empire?

          • Sailer is higher risk than average due to prior cancer survival and compromised immune system. His caution seems rational given that circumstance.

          • Seems rational is still feelz and not reelz.

            One’s irrational view is not somehow transmogrified to a rational view because one is perhaps immuno-compromised.

          • Being immunocompromised can cut both ways. My wife has MS and has been on Tysbari for it (treatment suspended for now). In year 6, her risk of getting PML (a brain infection) by way of the JCV virus is 1 in 1,000.
            To put it in covid-19 terms, PML is kind of like if 330,000 Americans got the covid this month and all of them eventually developed the worst symptoms and half of them were dead by the end of the year.
            And no one ever recovered.
            Compared to that risk, covid and the associated mask vs. not mask debates is small potatoes. Not just small potatoes, but like nano-potatoes that can only be viewed using some sort of electron potato microscope.
            And yes, I do take my wife out. Sparingly, and they are short outings. But if she can sit in a mask-optional coffee shop for a half-hour with no mask and not end up in the hospital, I think us more able-bodied people can do that and then some instead of walking around all the time in public with flags of surrender over our faces.
            (Which is what they seem to be going for here in Pa. with that new order.)

          • Sailer is great at what he does, which is gently bring Normies closer to our side. The problem is that he leaves them about halfway across the great divide. Some finish the journey, some don’t.

            Also, his Citizenism is just Civic Nationalism with a bit of HBD thrown in. Unfortunately, it’s a trap for many Normies who end their journey at that point because it means they don’t have to face certain realities.

          • What is this our side business? I never see Z man offering concrete proposals of his own. What exactly does he advocate that’s different? What’s his proposal?

          • If you can’t figure out how Z is different from Sailer, you’re pretty hopeless.

            Sailer wants to debate our way out of this. Z advocates for building communities. Granted, Z doesn’t have some grand plan, but that’s not what we need now anyway. First, we need people to start meeting IRL, forming small, trusted groups. From there, we can move slowly forward. Z also recommends attending meetings such as AmRen and supporting groups that support us. Sailer doesn’t advocate any of that.

          • Sailer opposed mass immigration before most of you were even posting about the subject. The citizen thing was only a means to make acceptable levels of diversity work. It’s fashionable to bash the guy here, but none of you (including the site proprietor) have had remotely the same quality insights he has had for as long as he has had them.

          • Then rejoin your pals Rosie, Twinkie, and Jack D over at Sailer, please, and leave us benighted boors in peace.

          • I’m with 3G4me. Sailor is a typical boomer on our side. A problem comes his way and he bails out on us for self-protection. I’ve reviewed Sailor and contributed funds there but the Covid hype undone him and I won’t piss on him if he is on fire. Same as a jogger to me and I don’t care what you think about it.

          • My problem with Sailer is his calm & composed mocking of politicians and policy etc. The calm, composed and subtle ship sailed and sank a while back – things are accelerating. I’m not saying he has to be a bomb thrower, but if he’s unwilling call a spade a spade, he needs to rethink his approach.
            That said, he does seem to be taking a harder edge re the blm and related BS – maybe. I hope it’s the beginning of a new trend.

          • Agreed that Sailer showed a lot of courage and great insights over the years. It’s why I send him money every month and will until either he or I die. He should be on our Mount Rushmore someday.

            But he does refuse to realize that we’re not going to debate our way out of this.

          • Sadly, the stultification of the nation that Zman roots in the toxic combo of mass democracy and mass media has been mirrored in the recent commentariat here. As comments have topped 300+ almost daily, the signal to noise ratio has increased significantly. A lot of butthurt just like your tu quoque attack of Zman. It seems like an iron law of successful blogging that the growth of readership numbers inevitably leads to a degraded comment section. I saw it at Taki’s and at Unz’s and now I’m seeing it here. Let the down votes commence …

          • +1 for using tu quoque and butthurt in same sentance

          • Ah yes, we certainly don’t want Zman’s prescient, thought provoking posts to gain more readership and popularity – god forbid – you know, stultification… Otherwise, how could his true and erudite commenters such as Maus truly be able to freely discuss and dissect the minutia of his genius with their commentary genius? The swarthy lowbrow 300+ are surely bringing down the quality of Z’s website as well as his intellect & standing. He may have to go off grid to make sure only the pseudo intellectuals have any place to comment and thereby not degrade his website and IQ. Word.

      • Hmpffffff. I only have a passing familiarity with some of those men, so I ask this in all candor – not trying to be a dink: are they numerically literate?
        That is so weird. I have maybe a bit of an above average understanding of stats, and maybe the same goes for microbiology – and this thing didn’t pass the smell test for even my meagre academic standards.
        Mind you, I did grow up among shitlibs so I know how they think and act and maybe it gave me a bit of an advantage earlier on….

        • To be fair, early on it wasn’t clear how bad it would be. China shutting everthing down concerned me initially. I watched the death rate closely. When i saw it barely aproached regular influenza, i relaxed and let the dogs out.

          • To be fair, early on it wasn’t clear how bad it would be.

            That is true of every flu outbreak.

          • At the outset certain people will claim it’s just the flu and tell other posters to punch people in public who wear face masks. Without evidence, it will be compared to the Swine Flu. Then after the death toll goes down before the inevitable second wave, they’ll claim it was overblown. They’ll also claim it’s all a conspiracy and berate their opponents who supposedly ruined the economy with lockdowns they never really advocated or had any power over.

          • Not really. Seasonal flu ranges between a predictable yearly value of 12k – 40k deaths with an occasional outlying year. Covid-19 is worse than that, so Sailer wasn’t wrong. He’s only backed off because deaths have predictably gone down (but still steadily mounting and much more than the average flu for this time of year). That’s not evidence that you were right. You weren’t.

            There will be a second wave this fall. The ultimate number of deaths will exceed 1 million, maybe 2. That’s much worse than any flu since 1918. Truthfully, he was right to post about it, and — aside from the envious sniping here at this website — he was mostly right. Many of the comments here (including the article you’re posting on) betray a lack of understanding of the subject. That more than anything is what is keeping normies from your side.

          • Uh, he wasn’t just posting about it, he was obsessed with it. Oh, and how many more billions of people are on the planet compared to the last three big breakouts? 1918 (4x), 1957 (2.5x), 1968 (2x+), so 1-2 million deaths worldwide today, would indicate the kung fru is much less dangerous than any of those previous iterations. Curiously, I don’t recall the worldwide economy being deliberately shut down in any of those instances.

          • In terms of deaths per capita, the Beer Flu is not as bad as the Asian Flu of 1957/58. And yet, America of 1957/8 did not see fit to self-immolate. Something very essential has changed dramatically. And it damned sure hasn’t changed for the better.

          • At the risk of sounding like a bible thumper, it’s sin. A lot of troubled consciences out there. People just waiting for divine justice.

          • There is no side, this is a blog with comments. Normie will never join any side that involves more than voting this side of Hell. Perhaps he will in Hell, or on the other side of Hell.
            Normies side is to make money, cookout on the 4th, or next year forward perhaps Juneteenth, and do whatever he is told. Normie is a serf.

            Now as we may be going into Hell Normie will perhaps change, but probably he’ll submit.

            If there was or ever is a side, I don’t want Normie siding me.
            He’s useless.

          • What is this second wave talk about? Like swine flu, bird flu, SARS, MERS, etc.? Whatever ‘second wave’ there was (or wasn’t) wasn’t nearly as bad as the initial outbreak.

            Covid has captured the popular imagination. It’s Death itself, they say. And they’re so certain about it.

            They really broke a lot of people with this one.

          • Maybe the first week or so.
            What tipped me off was the runout in stats. In Italy everyone was dying from it, and in Sweden nobody was. Then the ham-handed lockdowns and precautions came out to “flatten the curve” – and I knew these people had NO idea what they were doing. Then the hysterics and loons captured the media spotlight and I knew the whole thing was a human flea circus. It went from the ridiculous to the sublime – none of the conservatives were getting it. We didn’t know anyone else that got it. But the shitlibs all had it, they all lost friends and family to it, but they bravely soldiered on and made stirring OyTube speeches and the heroic nurses danced on TIk Tok.
            Like most sequels, this one is promising to be an even bigger disappointment than the original act was.

          • “Like most sequels, this one is promising to be an even bigger disappointment than the original act was.” Especially with hoaxes.

          • “In Italy everyone was dying from it, and in Sweden nobody was.”

            That’s not true. 1) Sweden’s death toll has been in line with what you would expect 2) Italy was seeded first and more than Sweden, so this is an apples-to-oranges comparison.

            “Then the ham-handed lockdowns and precautions came out to “flatten the curve” – and I knew these people had NO idea what they were doing.”

            I agree with that part. Democracy is rule by mob, the lowest common denominator.

          • Hogwash. Virulent pandemics exponentially propagate the same way in similar populations.
            When you have one with a mortality rate of 5% and the other at .5%… something is fishy.
            I wonder which vindictive vibrant villain will kill the USA first? The Chinkypox? Or Nigger mortis?

          • The Beer Flu in Italy began in Milan which, not coincidentally, has a very large Chinatown.

          • One early hint for me that the covid-19 wasn’t going to live up (or down) to the hype was that the inanimate-object superspreader events we were warned about never materialized.
            You know, like a killer ATM that lots of people touched after an infected person who didn’t sanitize their hands used it, that sort of thing.
            Once it became obvious that we weren’t living Stephen King’s “The Stand” (King himself has said as much) this became a lot more manageable for me.

          • Back in March, a friend’s daughter, who works in healthcare, got the Chinky Flu. Couple days later, my wife, who follows the daughter on Instagram, reported that this girl was on a boat with her dog and a bunch of friends.

            I was like, “The conspiracy nuts were right! Again!”

          • We can be more than fair to Sailer without cutting much slack. Sure, nobody could really tell how bad it was going to be at first. But Sailer, et. al. went full clown-panic early on and then when it was obvious they greatly overreacted, they wouldn’t admit it or even entertain the idea.
            I like to read Steve Sailer but he was a fucking moron on corona.

        • Hmpffffff you say. Passing familiarity you offer.

          Do you honestly think Sailer and Cochran are numerically illiterate?

          This is the most arrogant and ignotant comment I’ve ever seen on this site.

          I think you are a fool.

          I disagree with them but I acknowledge that they are: 1) heavyweights; and, 2) courageous; and, 3) waaaaay smarter than me.

          And I am way smarter than you, fool.

      • Z, your calm and measured approach to life is why I like reading your essays. I think a lot of the more ‘out there’ dissident right folks have, in a weird way, psychological similarities to the left – ‘true believers’. I think you touch on this idea lot with the concept of the theater of the media, where someone in a bad person costume trots out on stage and gets tomatoes thrown at them.

        • That’s a big appeal to Z. He comes across as a voice of reason and it’s in a calm and measured way. His Covid-19 outlook has been a great example of this.

      • The TDS guys (from TRS) don’t really talk about it anymore. I think Enoch kind of mumbled something about not worrying about it recently.

      • LOL – only when it is used as a noun. As a verb it is okay to use lower case…

    1. Incite 2nd wave panic as October Surprise
    2. use as excuse for mail in ballots and scare boomers into staying home
    3. Steal election
    4. .
    5. .
    6. profit!
      • Yes. The hysteria will evaporate to the day after the election. Notice how the communist scum (but I repeat myself) never objected to the unmasked rioters packed together? It’s merely political weaponry, to be disposed of after the election. Given the constraints he’s faced Trump has played it about as well as it could be played.

        • The hysteria will evaporate … the day after the election.

          If Biden / The Hysterics win. There will be temporary statues set up in honor of Biden, the Great Healer who cured the scourge in a day, while Biden his time till taking office.

  52. Notice how Mask Enforcers, when shown that their face diapers won’t prevent Covid, morphed their argument from “it’ll keep you safe” to “it’s polite.”

    And now we have a situation where masks will never go away. Based on the current logic, they’ll be with us until the end of time.

    • Notice that when people can hide behind a mask they become like shit posters in social media? Saying things or acting in a way that they normally wouldn’t.

      • Cerno lost me when he went ballistic about accepting face diapers and violating self-quarantine.


        • Cerno is a self-promoting Californian married to an Arab. He struck me as a grifter from the first, and I’ve never seen any reason to revise my opinion. Sage advice: When someone pushes themselves in front of cameras and microphones proclaiming they’re worth listening to, immediately tune them out.

          • 3G, I agree – I’ve been puzzled, mystified in fact, as to why this guy merits any serious attention. Some fairly big players – Scot Adams, who I can barely stand & Moly both seem to give him credence. I did think his film Hoaxed was pretty good, though.

      • Eric Peters of, frequently featured at, was the first person I either read or heard use that phrase.

        Nobody, and I mean nobody, has been as accurate as he has with calling BS on this hoax ab initio.

        Nobody, and I mean nobody, has been as relentless in their ridicule of Covid cultists as he has been.

        Yeah, and he just so happens to be a hard-core, paleo-libertarian.

        • Eric is a very talented guy. Have followed his blog for a long time. Better be careful though as Z says libertarians are stupid and wrong all the time even though by reading sites like Lew Rockwell and Eric Peters s how I arrived here at this blog myself.

          • True as Z must have either been bullied by a libertarian or could not get a girl he coveted who chose a libertarian alpha stud instead.

          • Great sarcasm. Libertarians are the neoliberal iconic pajama boy, there ain’t an alpha that could be accumulated from them or their essence.

          • He made me finally see the light in his last podcast, as he’s never explained his position before.

            So simple.
            Libertarians and conservatives treat people exactly like the left does: they see them only as economic units.

          • Paleo-libertarians are not the same as the Reason crowd. For ex. Hoppe is pretty cool, IMO.

    • That was the key for the masks. It was when the media pushed that their main purpose was to protect others, not yourself, that the masks gained huge popularity with the scolds, especially, as always, women. The masks became a morality test, and the scolds ate it up.

      )Btw, I’m pretty sure that masks do slow the spread. My problem has always been that I didn’t understand why we’d want to slow the spread as long as there was no stress on the system.)

      • It was when the media pushed that their main purpose was to protect others, not yourself, that the masks gained huge popularity

        Quite Accurate.

        Note how the Left succeeded by grabbing the moral high ground. This is a great example for your NormieCon friends of why “owning the Libs with facts and logic” doesn’t work.

      • For at least the first 2 months finding masks was extremely difficult. People are wearing the same masks over and over. This has to be worse than no mask at all. You get the moisture from your breath in these masks which are then shoved in pocketbooks or pockets, which is a perfect way to grow cultures.

        • I pointed this out on another forum I post in. I noted that, first of all, there’s no good evidence that randomly built hillbilly masks protect people from anything. I further added that, even if the masks slow the spread of Beer Flu, walking around with a mask full of bacteria and (other) viruses on all day is probably going to cause more disease overall than it prevents, especially given that Beer Flu just isn’t very serious for most people who get it. There’s also the problem of CO2 build-up, particularly in homemade masks.

          The closest thing I saw in the mass media to any consideration of this was after many weeks of mask propaganda. They trotted out some medical type and had the anchor-bot ask some canned, softball questions about CO2, to which the medical guy had glib, canned answers.

          This is a very basic process of reasoning, where one considers both the costs and benefits of one’s actions. That it is absent completely from the media, and that the bulk of the population seems incapable of applying it themselves suggests disaster ahead.

          • Haha! That’s great CS! I might get one of those tactical things. If you have to wear a mask might as well wear something that scares the hysterical little shits around you. Right now, I just tie a bandana around my face. It’s incredibly amusing that I can walk into a store like that and people just nod instead of calling the cops. I’ve also thought about getting a Bane mask and shaving my head. Need to pack on some more muscle to make that work though.

          • A watched a YT video put up on the internet by a guy who deals with OSHA compliance in a mill or something. There are OSHA standards for the O2 level in the air and he had a meter that measured O2 as a percentage of the atmosphere. He stuck it in his mouth and showed the reading, which was still above the allowed level. He then put on a mask with the sensor in his mouth and a few seconds the 02 level immediately plummeted to well below the minimum OSHA requirements.
            Though I haven’t verified it, I have heard places like LA are saying you must wear masks at all times when outside of your home. Peak idiocy.

          • Still reveling in the number of idjits wearing masks alone in their vehicles.
            More white man magic.

          • At least he’ll be safe from having his lungs explode. As for LA, well it’s never a great place for breathing anyway. I remember when they would have a bad smog event and Johnny Carson would make his usual joke about the advisory status being “refrain from breathing”.

          • I saw the video as well. I think there might be something to it.

            To wit, here in my local ACE Hardware store, there are several employees *not* wearing the mask. There are signs all around asking the customers to please be kind and understand that some people (i.e., the ACE Staff) can’t wear the mask for prolonged periods of time *due to breathing difficulties*.

            I even spoke to one mask-less employee and asked if that included myself if I felt the need, she said yes.

            Indeed, our local ordinance/proclamation by TPTB states that one need not wear the mask due to “health” difficulties *and further* no law enforcement agent of the City/County was allowed to question what the health concern was (HIPPA violation). 😉

            Gawd, I love it when these Leftists get tied up by their own bullshit.

          • I spritz mine with alcohol; the results are interesting, to say the least.

            Tars Tarkas now has me slapping my forehead just now. Jeez, I been doing that all along and never thought about it, holy smokes

    • “And now we have a situation where masks will never go away.”

      They’ll go away as soon as Biden wins. The feds can’t have a situation where the masses avoid 24/7 face ID, now can they?

      • The thing is that the Karens enjoy the masks, and they’re a vital part of the Democratic coalition, so that’s why I think that masks stick around into infinity.

        • There may be some truth to that. Women love wearing make-up because they’re obsessed with their appearance, moreso than men at least. A mask might be a convenient way for an unattractive woman to hide her appearance, and unattractive women love tormenting their attractive rivals. I could see Karen telling Linda she has to cover up. Remember, in many Islamic societies (and in Christian society of old) it’s not just the government but peer pressure from women which encourages other women to cover themselves. Witness the number of single female Islamic immigrants who walk around in packs in your neighborhood who go around wearing headscarves — no men in sight. I could see this catching on, maybe even moving to adopting Islamic head garb as a compromise for the face mask.

          • Service credit: if you have that kind of vibrancy in your neighborhood – GET OUT.

          • Letting females go out in public without a male relative escorting them, I tell you the morals are just deteriorating unbelievably. 😈

          • This is thought-provoking. There’s this Procrustean-bed thing with masks where attractiveness-outcomes are evened out. I do a lot of physicals, so I see people with a mask on for a few minutes and then I have them remove it when it’s time to say ah. It is fun to try to project what the rest of the face is going to look like. I’m usually way off the mark, but I’m better with women than with men. Probably means I’m not gay, nothing more.

    • Its complete crap. went in for an XRAY, half the staff were not wearing masks in the operational areas, most of the female nurses were. The consultants were swanning about without even white coats as per normal.
      I was asked to wear one and simply said without getting irritated “I won’t wear one”. The receptionist did not know what to do but surprisingly the assertion seemed to be all she required and let me through into the waiting area where 3 middle aged women were sat 6 feet apart wearing masks and staring into their phones.
      A mother and young son came in together and a passing nurse tutted and made them sit 6 feet away from each other in the waiting room for no reason.
      As I was leaving 3 nurses were huddled together outside for a smoke and a gossip with their masks round their necks.
      Everyone’s heuristics are screwed because apart from a small number of nutters and women re-enforcing what they think is the rules where they think scolding is needed its obvious hardly anyone believes its true by observing their actions, but to hear them talk to patients you would think we all had some form of doomsday virus.

      • A mom came into the clinic yesterday with 2 little kids and a baby carriage, was kicked out immediately– but if she had left her kids in the car to pick up her papers, she would’ve been arrested.

        (She never got her stupid work-related mandated papers anyway, so fudge.)

      • Tremain you’ve just described Communism for Dummies.
        Boy, are we.

    • Nobody said it would be perfect. Safer, not safe. If you need a simple thought experiment, consider the difference between a person who’s infected wearing a face mask vs no face mask and letting fourth a powerful sneeze. In the first case the cloth of the mask stops nearly all the droplets, in the second you have effectively put an aerosol Mist into a large cubic volume of airspace going to expose many people to it.

      • Ben – I don’t disagree in principle, but at what point in human history has that statement ever not been true?

        We were not a society under masks before March – I’m beginning to doubt we’ll ever NOT be one ever again.

    • I love the scare clips on that CNN story with the obvious fat, gay mystery meat and blonde airhead crisis actors.

        • Nope, your comment got deleted there. There was another comment there about blacks not getting enough vitamin D, BECAUSE of their skin color. Can’t believe how racist that is, sheesh!

        • Which is why I support “peaceful protests”, unlimited Roe vs Wade, and John Roberts decision to increase the number of women getting abortions dying on the table. I may add I’m a big fan of defunding and disbanding the police too, this racist enforcing of white laws must stop, including making black people wear masks – for starters it just might work, for ending we don’t need Americas criminal class licensed to conceal their faces. You see someday we’ll have sanity ruling again, and we need to see who was on camera during The Black Rapture, TM.

          Because that’s what Saint George Fentanyl Floyd was – thr coming of our Black Thug Jesus, and the start of The Black Rapture.

          And we may hope The White Rupture.

      • Hahahahaha

        Tars just won the Internet

        Da new World Champeen


        Big green 4-armed Martians can be considered honorary white people, can’t they?

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