Right-Wing Marxism

There was a time when conservatism was defined as a lack of ideology, by which Russel Kirk meant ideology in the Marxist sense. The Marxist defined ideology as a set of beliefs that were assumed to be true, but were, in fact, the product of economic and social conditions of the time. The ideologue, whether he knew it or not, believed in a collection of things he assumed were true in all times and all places, but were only true in his time and place. Conservatives rejected this argument.

That was a long time ago. For generations now, conservatism has succumbed to that old Marxist understanding of ideology. What that usually meant is the so-called conservatives would figure out the position of the Left on some issue and then take an alternative position. Not necessarily the opposite, as they have always been careful to avoid being called reactionary by the Left. This is, of course, evidence that they are reactionary, but reactionaries have some self-awareness.

A good example of this is this piece in the American Conservative. The writer is someone calling himself Charles Marohn, but his friends call him Chuck. He is the president of something called Strong Towns, which promotes itself as an advocacy group in support of rebuilding local community. Of course, it is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Here is their tax filings. Their language and choice of media outlets suggest they are conservative or right-leaning.

The best one can say about it, however, is it is a mix of misguided libertarianism and Breitbart-tier reaction. Consider this line. “After all, there is no greater distortion of the market than local zoning codes, and there are few bureaucracies doing more harm to property rights and freedom than local zoning offices.” This is right out of libertarian market worship. An actual conservative would ask, “Do these local zoning laws reflect the attitudes and customs of the local community?”

Nowhere in the piece is there any discussion about what the local people may want or how these zoning laws fit in with local customs. Instead, the author is frazzled over the prospect that the market, peace be upon it, may be vexed with these laws. Even more vexing, suburban voters have somehow managed to get the Federal government to back these zoning laws. In this case, it means rules against building tenements and trashy commercial development in white suburbs.

In other words, his definition of conservative simply means opposing anything that impedes the marketplace. Further, he points out that these sorts of zoning laws started in the New Deal years. There’s where you see the Pavlovian aspect of modern conservatism. Instead of judging the thing in question against a set of accepted principles, they just ask if Democrats were for or against it. Conservative Inc. better hope the Left never takes a strong stance against suicide.

That’s where you see that conservatism, rather than being a rejection of ideology as the Marxists define it, has become an ideology, one that compliments and supports the prevailing ideology of the Left. In the case of single-family zoning laws, there is no consideration of their efficacy. The writer does not bother to ponder why these laws exist in the first place. Instead, he just assumes they are bad because the Left once supported them and they violate market absolutism.

Of course, he does not address why we have zoning laws prohibiting the demolition of the suburbs with tenement blocks. The Left destroyed those old white ethnic neighborhoods in the cities, by unleashing a black crime wave starting in the 1960’s that drove whites from the urban areas. Twenty years ago, the legendary quantitative blogger, La Griffe du Lion, pointed out just how quickly blacks began to prey on urban whites as their population grew.

At least with the Obama administration, they were honest about why they wanted to destroy the white suburbs with tenements full of blacks. They hated white people and they hoped to reclaim some urban real estate. The game is to change the zoning laws in these white suburbs, so builders can erect apartment blocks. The Federal government, coordinating with the local Democrat machine, then fills them with blacks from the nearest city, using Section 8 housing vouchers.

Toward the end of the piece, he writes, “The progressive left has discovered that single-family zoning has racist underpinnings. That’s great, because we should now have no problem finding common cause for repealing this most distorting of regulations, one that the federal government never should have forced cities to adopt to begin with.” Instead of using this observation to discuss why these zoning laws exist, he falls victim to the fallacy of Chesterton’s fence.

There is another part to the Marxist definition of ideology. Once one accepts that beliefs are shaped by conditions, you no longer have to think too much about the truth content of political beliefs. Your opponents are simply the victims of false consciousness, while your ideas reflect the interests of your side. This inevitably leads to both close-mindedness and fanatical zeal. Any questioning of your side is heresy, while the other side’s arguments are assumed to be without merit.

This is where conservatives find themselves today. They are confined to a moral ghetto created for them by the Left. On the one hand, any new ideas, especially those from the Right, are rejected out of hand. On the other hand, they are completely defined by their opposition to whatever the Left is doing at the moment, but snugly within the confines of the moral orthodoxy. Conservatism has been completely stripped of the ability to question and debate political reality.

This is also why conservatism has turned into a racket. The people inside this maze of right-wing institutions have been imprinted by ideology. They can only see the world in terms of partisanship, a term coined by Lenin, by the way. Of course, the same is true of left-wing institutions. They treat their enemy as an indefatigable foe that is always right there ready to pounce. In reality, both Left and Right are exhausted ideologies and exist like two drunks leaning on one another for support.

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485 thoughts on “Right-Wing Marxism

  1. And
    Apropos of absolutely nothing:

    The Ur Dog of Jack Russel’s eponymous breed, back in 1819 was called Trump.

    And, as we are finding out. It was a bitch.


    I was kinda wondering how many generations it took to breed out a seperate type of dog with desired attributes- loyalty, speed, size, strength,aggression, tenacity, intelligence etc. Anecdotally about ten seems to do it. imagine what you can do in the 2,000 generations since homo sapiens left Africa.

  2. Official Bologna Tester: “My father was from England. And my mother was from Germany. I’m an Anglo Saxon Saxon. Top that.” I always think of you as a little Italian kid in Italy who hangs out in your grandparents spiced meats deli, and is always sneaking bites of the meats. So grandparents playfully gave you the title Official Bologna Tester.

  3. Off topic? Maybe. Tom Luongo on the arrest and possible imminent death of Ms. Maxwell: “If anything, what’s happening here is that Trump and Barr keep pushing the tempo against the people who are trying to remove him from office by any means necessary. Maxwell’s arrest could be a dare to them to kill her too to protect themselves, again. It’s also, in my opinion, a signal that Trump isn’t going down without a fight and that he may be at the point where he’s willing to burn the entire rotten edifice down on his way out the door. Because at this point it should be clear to everyone that if Trump loses this November he and his family will be hounded into oblivion. Anything he’s accomplished as president, some of which is very good, in trying to reform and remake the judiciary and federal agencies, will be undone within days of his leaving office.” Read the whole thing, especially you Trump-hasn’t-done-anything grumblers.

    • Women find it very hard to kill themselves. Men do it. Women “attempt” it as a cry for help. She won’t even try. Besides being female, she’s too prideful to even contemplate it. She’ll resign herself to being a star in prison whom the inmates love as a great teacher of writing, poetry tudor, and queen lesbian.


    Ends are goals, means are the ability to do anything at all, ways are methods.

    There are no means on the right.
    I’ll propose that people get the simple means for local, never online groups of men to accomplish anything, leave the Ends vague or unstated.

    And leave it there. A few local pals is enough or survival of most here.

    I’m a vet and I know what’s coming [my only ever Federal status being Title 10 orders from time to time].  

    What the phantom menace is only interested in is WAYS, if those WAYS are illegal. Don’t give them that, nor even mention it. 

    Ends are goals, means are the ability to do anything at all, ways are methods.
    Just get some means, ends are best left unstated, avoid even speaking of ways.

    The largely phantom federal menace is only interested in illegal WAYS, meaning illegal actions. Don’t even discuss such things and you’ll be fine. 
    Happy Independence day.

  5. 1976 was such a great year to be a kid. The city allowed people to paint all the fire hydrants red white and blue. Or maybe the city did it themselves. Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” came out in ’69, but I remember it from ’76. Such an American song.

  6. This man Trump is a builder and a businessman. He didn’t protect the statues we had, but he certainly is willing to build us a big beautiful park of replacements. Or at least sign an EO directing it.


    We’re at this man’s limits, that’s all. He never promised anything but peace and prosperity – and for a long period he delivered.
    But then both were taken away, and he’s at his limits. He will not harm us – unlike his opponents – but he cannot protect us either.

    • This is a good thing.
      It’s open acknowledgement that separation needs to happen.

      • Sorry – separation does not automagically follow, in fact doesn’t follow at all. That’s your desired end state, means and methods do not exist.
        What exists is we’re prey.
        What exists are predators with means and methods.

  7. I suspect that the actual white ethnostates of like minded people will indeed happen- behind barbed wire.
    Happy Independence Day anyway!

  8. Trump at Rushmore; Trump is running against The Left, which certainly makes sense.
    He’s also speaking out against the Indoctrination of our Children in schools, Truth, Justice, The American way, and really promises this time someone could go to jail for 10 years for defacing statues. I’m sure Barr is all over it.
    Now he’s not the solution, he has however spoken the truth aloud, for which we should give him credit. He shows us another way is possible. Just possible, he’s not who leads us there, but now we know its possible.


    • Given half of the proposed statues in the EO are black or anti-slavery BS. Not holding out much hope.

      Also as he is the fucking executive and can set education policy WTF is complaining about?

      Usual Trump cowardice.

      • Trump is not the man we need, he lacks the moral courage to start an actual Civil War by clearing the streets – starting with DC.
        He only says what we should do, he lacks the stomach to do it himself.
        Mind you – you have an old fashioned idea of what a POTUS can do unless he’s willing to risk it all, Trump isn’t.

        • Don’t listen to this fed. He’s trying to encourage posters to commit an act of violence by implying Trump is too weak to do it himself. Implication: you should do it. It’s obvious when you go through his posts: “organize,” “westernrifleshooter,” “start the civil war” …

          “he lacks the moral courage to start an actual Civil War by clearing the streets”

          He wants you to go out and do it yourselves. As others have stated previously, the FBI is desperate to blame their malfeasance in supporting and nurturing antifa on the right. Don’t play into that. Sit at home and do nothing. Let them take all the credit for what they have done. Red pills are flowing anyway; imagine what the public will think when the FBI’s goon squad destroys Mount Rushmore. No need for any on our side to get involved as the enemy destroys themselves.

          • Loads of feds on 4chan where I’m more active. It’s just like this. “Do It YoUrSeLf!!!1!”
            Why? The left is devouring itself and it would be foolish to do anything right now except move to a place that’s more rural with fewer vibrants.

    • I think the Rushmore event was actually a brilliant bit of theatrics and the speech was excellent and a lucid defense of our values. I was glad to hear him call out cancel culture and use the phrase “cultural revolution” to describe what the Left is up to. It was also a good sign that he’s willing to do something to stop the chaos without falling into the Left’s trap of sending in federal troops everywhere to stomp the rioters.

      As much as I’d love to see the fantasies of AntiFa and BLM crushed under tank treads, that’s exactly the narrative the Left and media is all geared up to use to get Biden elected – see, we told you, Trump really is literal Hitler. Doing it this way allows Trump to rally traditional America against the Left and set himself up as defender of our history and freedoms against insane fanatics. Hopefully he has other events and executive actions planned to keep the momentum he started here going into the elections. I’m cautiously optimistic that he can be re-elected and he still has my vote.

      That said, I agree that he isn’t The One. Then again the societal disaster of the last 50 years wasn’t the work of one man. Undoing it and remaking America requires millions of men to stand up and lead wherever they are. Trump’s role is to provide a foothold on federal power for us while we rally and counterattack the Left. That’s all anyone should expect from him. The idea of Trump the God Emperor who would do everything for us while we sit in our mancaves watching sportsball was always fantasy.

      Oh and Happy Independence Day to everyone. Now go out and flout your governor’s mask and social distancing rules!

      • Good grief. People are so linear.

        The statue thing is going to be used to place blacks as part of the country foundations and write out the actual founders and other figures.

        CTH is already a noble negro fest over this.

        Can people not see this the other side of the kosher sandwich of the monument destruction and media rewriting of history.

        Its coordinated. Jeez.

        • CTH? Conservative Tree House I suppose? I admit I might be misunderstand your post here. Are you suggesting that Trump taking a strong stance on defending the statues is because they are planning to build some of blacks? Well, I admit I hadn’t considered that but then it might be that I’m too “linear” and thus just thought that Trump talking about defending our statues meant that he wanted to defend the statues that we already have from further abuse and desecration. If he can do that he’ll have restored a semblance of order and be in a better position to win re-election. That’s all I really expect of him. Taking the culture back, preventing further immigration, excising social cancers like Challahwood. Those things are our job.

          • I am not trying to be insulting. Its just frustrating people cannot see a simple coordination by two pretending opposite forces

            1. Lots of statues of Civil war era people/Columbus/other foundation figures pulled down. Renaming of lots of stuff. (Left move of the goalpost)
            2. Trump does little to nothing about this (right inaction)
            3. When this is cemented in peoples minds that this is inevitable and unsoppable there are a enough a few token arrests. (acceptance phase)
            4. Now does trump actually re-instate the torn down statues? No instead he is he gives a speech saying he is defending the staues and is going to create a new National Garden. (apparent solution to point 1 – the bait)
            5. Instead of it being Columbus and torn down nation builders they are going to be replaced with Slavery stuff, Blacks from Civil rights, any other Noble Negro in a disproportionate number to any actual achievement. (the switch)
            6. You then have a new history where the past has been erased and your history going forwards is centered around not the foundation of your nation, but somehow that slavery was the central pivot of the whole country and blacks are prominent in something they had no impact upon.(the new normal).

            The point I am making is that this is a classic controlled opposition. Trump’s rhetoric topline, which you have taken away, is the opposite of the detail. He is obviously, and wilfully complicit in writing whites out of their history by this action, pretending he is doing something on your behalf and progressing the rewrite of history agenda to give blacks have a position they never had. It is therefore coordinated with the chaos angle of the step 1 forces.

            Its why whites are constantly getting fucked over by the GloboHomo as they cannot seem to analyse actions of constant deceit by people pretending to be their allies.

            This cements for me that the anti-Trump thing is the biggest pro-wrestling set up I think we have witnessed in politics.

            He is being used because if it was Obama you would have a ton of pushback. He is keeping you tied to the floor and you are making the chains yourself from his implied actions and ignoring his real ones.

          • Thanks for explaining more what you meant. I thought this was a very clear exposition of the danger of Trump making another token gesture while the rug is pulled out from under us. Yes, I do think they’re going to try to replace the destroyed statues with a bunch of blacks to rewrite history. We need to insist that they put the original ones back and demand that Trump support the effort. The problem with putting it all on Trump is that the President doesn’t control a lot of this. Trump has a lot of control over any federal statues though and this is why I thought drawing a clear line around them was at least a start.

            We need state and local officials to put most of the statues back. Trump can pressure them of course and perhaps even blackmail them a bit by withholding federal aid if they don’t cooperate. If he were going to do something bold, he could make an executive power grab and just declare all public statuary federal property but that creates hassles and legal problems and also allows some future Dem President to start replacing them all with pozzed ones.

            I guess I have low expectations of the guy. I would like to see him restore enough order to get re-elected. I don’t expect much from his 2nd term. I just want Not-Biden in there so we at least have some kind of input at the federal level. Ultimately, the country is still doomed and we need to prepare to carve Our Thing out of the corpse.

      • Agree Pozymanduis,
        His words were good, if and its not likely he is laying them as justification then even better. I doubt he is, beyond what Barr will allow.
        To be fair – if he said follow me into death and war how many would follow?
        What if he had said follow me, we’re going to war last night at Rushmore?
        All who call him coward; would you have followed and mustered today?
        If the answer is No, then be silent. He may not be the man, but neither are you.
        (that’s for all Poz, not you).

    • To be fair – if he said follow me into death and war how many would follow?
      What if he had said follow me, we’re going to war last night at Rushmore?
      All who call him coward; would you have followed and mustered today?
      If the answer is No, then be silent. He may not be the man, but neither are you.

    • Speaking of statues. I was just thinking about 3D scanning again and wanted to throw out the idea of creating some sort of Western Cultural Preservation Society that would, among hopefully many other things, make detailed, very high quality 3D scans of public statues likely to come under attack. Ultimately this is probably all of them but you have to start with the obvious ones. Modern 3D printing and CNC machining in metal technology is good enough to create pretty much exact copies from the data.

      One way to expand this effort and make a very good but subtle propaganda point would be to focus on preservation of artwork that celebrates the Western Tradition in general, wherever located. It’s a way of calling out the Left as the Maoist barbarians they are and get people thinking.

      I need to get off the intertubes and get to work now but I’ll check back a few times today. I’d love to hear what people think.

    • FED

      The site he links to (westernrifleshooters) has a pic of a child smiling as a home burns in the background: “Is it wrong to follow rioters home and burn down their property? Asking for a friend.”

      Here’s a spicy comment on that thread that I suspect came from agent Mulder here: “ProTip, glove up, before pitching gas bombs. I’ve had success at lifting finger prints off of the shattered burnt glass.” …. yeah. Don’t do that, I mean listen to these people.

      “Road Flares are cheap, by the case, burn at roughly 1800 degrees, and once burning rarely go out until burned out.”

      They are also tracked by the government. Yeah, go out and buy (or steal) stuff that will leave a record. Plus, terrorism. Am I the only one here who thinks this guy is a plant?


      • No not the only one but not for linking them he established that quite awhile back…

      • Dear Creek, I realize its the weekend, but lay off the weed. Paranoia is destructive.
        Trump is President and has a perfect right indeed duty to respond with insurrection by force. Actually his sworn duty and he’s not alone.
        As far as WRSA people posted it was down, I posted it was back up. That led to accusations of WRSA being CivNats, responded to with some links showing just how civil they are. Not very, but at least they show some courage. An accusation I’m sure will never be leveled against you. Now you’re a coward and proud of it, I’m sure you think that’s the “smart” play for “our people”.
        However among the flaws in your analysis are;
        * That I am suggesting anything illegal, No, and the implications drawn by someone on a paranoid bender don’t hold any weight.
        *worse – that we don’t need to do anything but be passive while the enemy destroys themselves. The enemy is not destroying themselves, they’re destroying us – and the pace of their operations is quickening. Passivity is what got us clown world, and now its getting us Pennywise’s fun house.
        * You may inform your PO however or whoever you’re afraid of taking your candy away that the most radical thing I would do is restore actual Constitutional Govt, if possible. Something I’m sure THEY are aware I’m sworn to do – if possible.
        Meanwhile I shall try to inform the troubled suburbanites that they’d better get ready, its America’s turn at the wheel.
        And no this problem doesn’t fix itself, they never do. Someone else does. Normally one can ignore it, not if you live in that country however.
        We get this, or it gets us.

        However at least have the courage of your convictions and take your own advice Nancy Drew (the FED finder) and say nothing. Speech is violence you know. STFU if you’re so nervous, they can read all this you know.
        Go snivel to your PO if you don’t like it,

  9. I have just sent the video link to the gubmint of Saudi Barbaria
    Perhaps there is still rime to reverse the law and keep their females far away from all kind of motor vehicles
    We denizens of cunt domains know only too well that there is very short a distance between allowing females to drive and a full blown Marxist state

    Absolute LOL


  10. I’d like to hear suggestions on how to protect our 401k plans from some level of confiscation after Trump loses.
    Any ideas? Overseas accounts, gold, buy real estate … what?

    • Haven’t looked at this for a while but it seemed to me that 401k’s (and we are talking about those now held outside the company) were more restricted than IRA’s in terms of assets they could hold. So a conversion may be advisable. IRA’s can hold Real Estate, investments in private (none publicly traded) companies and physical metals. Real estate values will likely plummet if the real worse case happens but seems to me to be the least easily looted. Thirty years ago there was increasing reluctance for some foreign banks to deal with US nationals- too much hassle,
      Be wary. Share what you find
      Good luck

      • Recently I opened an interactive broker IRA account. I transferred 2/3rds of a vanguard traditional IRA to the IB IRA.

        The firm I’m working with now seems to be able to purchase just about anything from within the IB account.

        I have domestic and foreign individual stocks, a bunch of different currencies…I’m impressed.

    • Thanks for the replies … it’s a good point that a company 401k may have restrictions on the type of assets that it can be rolled-over into. Any that I find out that may be useful, I’ll share in this comment section.

    • It was suggested, by a rather young person, to just get an account in Switzerland. They had seen a documentary about corrupt Korean officials that had done this and when the SHTF, the details of their accounts were not available to investigators since the accounts were in a different country, etc.
      Haven’t checked it out but it may offer one degree of separation from the US gubment “wealth spreaders”.

  11. Why aren’t any of the Republicans doing anything for us?
    Why isn’t Trump just going off on Twitter? He used to be this “bull in a china shop”, and when he should be super-pissed, he’s strangely reserved.
    Trump’s going to lose and blame it on the media. Then we’ll never see him again. The election is a sham … everyone important is playing their role in this theater. We’ll have a black women prez, and then they’ll start coming after Whitey with a vengeance.
    Also, how does a Black guy win a Republican US House seat in Utah?? His district is 85% White, and he beats the 3 other White guys running?? Haven’t the people in Utah seen the riots? Are the White people in Utah that pathologically insane?
    I couldn’t be more black-pilled.

    • Cucks doing something for you?
      Jeez, which is the world you inhabit?
      You will have protect yourself and your kind or perish
      That is how it has always been and should always be
      But that is what you fear;to have do something yourself and that is why you are clinging to the orange clown
      As long as he is there so is your illusion that you are going to be saved without having to comprise anything of your comfortable and cowardly life

      • Its called the civilized world … maybe you should try it sometime.
        In this world, the gubment is supposed to “serve and protect”, so its not unreasonable to expect for riots to be shut down.
        Point being is that Trump used to go off on all kinds of lesser stuff, but is silent on the big stuff.
        You might like the idea of grabbing your AR-15 and doing your best Rambo … go get your head-band, and your face-paint and knock yourself out. Don’t forget to partially rip one sleeve on your shirt so that you look extra rugged!
        Problem is that you’ll probably be the first one to tuck-tail and run.

        • Gubmint does serve and protect but not you
          You had plenty of instances to see that only last 2 months yet here you are telling me what is supposed to be
          Trump did a fiery kind of speech last night but we all know that nothing is going to happen/change
          I did not even mention AR-15, I made clear myself several times here what I think about that
          I was talking about re-taking the streets you do not need an AR-15 for that
          See commies do not have them, they did not have in 60’s yet they won then, they are winning now

        • Its called the civilized world … maybe you should try it sometime.

          In this world, the gubment is supposed to “serve and protect”, so its not unreasonable to expect for riots to be shut down.

          I see your point but I lean more towards BF’s point of view. The problem overall is the “professionalization” of everything including maintenance of basic order, moral instruction of children, upholding of public morals, defense of private property, etc…

          In the 2nd Amendment, for instance, there is that language about “the militia” that causes so much confusion among modern Americans, even nominal conservatives. What the hell is the militia? Oh, the National Guard? Libshits have tried and largely failed to sell that one to people.

          Well, no one in the 18th century needed to have the militia explained to them. The militia was the able bodied armed male population, that’s it. The Supreme Court finally clarified this in recent times but why was such clarification needed at all? It’s because everything in modern America has become transactional. You see this in all kinds of Civnat, libertarian, and conservative rhetoric. The idea is that I pay X in taxes and should expect Y in protection of my life and property.

          It’s the coin-op government. As long as you have the change it delivers everything you need. It protects your business, your home, educates your kids, keeps the borders secure, keeps invading armies at bay. This is never what the Founders intended and for very good reasons.

          We’ve seen those reasons over the last few generations. The vending machine of government has all kinds of machinery between the coin slot and the thing that delivers the goods. What we’ve seen is that determined subversives have very patiently hijacked that machinery and now the coins actually buy pretty much the opposite of what people expect to get. You can blame everything on the subversives but the real blame must lie in placing so much complicated machinery there to be hijacked in the first place.

  12. Totally off topic, but I said oh what the hell, and bought some Aaska Chaga. If they’re friends of Zman, they’re our people. So I did it. But wait! I haven’.sent any money directly to Zman. GUILT, GUILT, GUILT! I’m gonna do that next.

    • Zman hasn’t specified, but I wonder if he gets a small kickback from advertising the 10% discount.

          • It’s standard journalistic practice to differentiate your own opinions from what you are getting paid to say.

          • Didn’t he mention it was a freebie? I thought he did.
            I certainly expect he’d mention any financial inducement other than their being contributors :”support those who support us”.
            Now if he start plugging Nike we might want to do a full proctological financial audit.

  13. the wrong side lost in ww2. thus the right was purged off its legitimate defenders of tradition, in the name of postwar peace. so the useless libertarians were chosen to be the leaders of the fake right. true, the commies would say the same about socialdemocrats, but at least the latter put their spaced-out commie cousins in the colleges to keep them happy – and wreak havoc in the long run. meanwhile conservatives treat their legit trad-realist nephews like idiots because they don’t worship Rand nor Reagan…

    speaking of tradition, went to see some statues today [wherever i may live] of several races, and the white ones have been cleaned up at least. one still had cops and police tape around it, which is good for it is the most important one; but makes me fear for the others though, specially one in a more open spot looking at traffic. meanwhile the more important statue with (laughing) cops and tape around also seemed a bit surprisingly hidden and separated; it seems way-back in the day it used to be in a more open spot, now replaced by a modern vegas-style fountain, now turned off bc plandemic. now in the more recent place, cars park near and benches and decor are more humble, although it is still nice to walk by. but yes, no wonder we lose, if we shuffle around and leave our statues to pigeons and homeless piss. then again, those of the nonwhites were surrounded by even more bums.

    at any rate, after my quick prayers of thanksgiving and asking for mutual forgiveness and survival of the races (which would require separation for most) around the statues, one skinny vato horde member seemed to be following me around for a bit on a bike, but not much else. there did seem to be some more soyboys posted near white statues though, even though walking around some of these green areas was technically forbidden except the small food court (go figure, the woke virus attacks people who exercise outdoors but leaves alone muzzled consumers in semi-crowded indoors). i fear specially for that certain statue near traffic, although then again this higher visibility may help prompt law enforcement response… if they so desire to respond, that is.

    so, the threat is not over… just a still in the fighting, waiting for another spark. which they will provoke regardless of our actions. ergo, these actions should be as peaceful and friendly resistance as possible, without forgetting the word resistance.

  14. All my rentals are in suburban communities that have been destroyed by diversity. One particular that I was sad to see go was this little neighborhood between Morse and Dublin-Granville Rd. in Columbus. It is known as the Forest Park neighborhood and it was designed as a suburb with those winding roads and cul de sacs to suppress fast through traffic. At the center is a huge traffic circle and in the middle of the circle is a shopping center that was intended to be the community center. Grocery store, bowling alley, various other shops.

    It managed to maintain for a good long while. The first killer was the fact that it is within Columbus Public Schools. As the schools went Black and violent, people with options didn’t want to live within the district, but there were still Catholic schools and a certain amount of people willing to brave the diversity. But the Catholic schools have become Blacker, too, and most of the charter schools in the area are majority Black.

    Then a few years ago, they started dumping Somalis in the area. It destroyed the neighborhood. Untended garbage-filled yards, filth.

    The North Linden area a little ways south was the same thing, but 20 years earlier, destroyed by Section 8. There were projects nearby, which a lot of people didn’t want to live too close to, and also Columbus public schools, but there were a decent amount of working-class Whites who figured that a nice 3-4 bedroom house for $40-$60k was worth the effort (I was one of them back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. WE homeschooled, so didn’t care about the schools). Back in those days Columbus Alternative High School was still a good place and it was smack in the middle of North Linden.

    But once they shut down the projects and started offering section 8 vouchers, the ghetto streamed into North Linden.

    The area south of Hudson Ave was always (at least, since Blacks started moving in in the 60s-70s) pretty bad, but the dysfunction has moved many blocks north. We only own one rental south of Hudson and we simply can’t rent it to White people — it’s not safe for them. North of Hudson, the farther north you go the nicer the neighborhood gets, but the cancer is still spreading. With the Somali invasion immediately north, it’s just sad what has happened.

    Northland Mall used to be at the Northern border of North Linden about 20 years ago, but even then the rot was setting in. I had a friend from work who was cornered by a Black gang at the mall and savagely beaten: He was the most stereotypically mild, gentle GoodWhite you’ve ever met.

    What killed the mall was the apartments known as “Uzi Alley” immediately south of the mall.

    The mall was shut down not long afterward, then torn down. The area stood empty for years, but now it is government buildings and has had a bit of a renaissance with a Menards and some strip malls, but the Somalis and Blacks make it hard to keep anything nice. One of my daughters lives in the area and will no longer go the Kroger there, because it is so full of Somalis who leave everything dirty and are always starting trouble.

    You have to fight for every step. The problem isn’t “suburbs” or any way people like to live. The problem is Whites being driven out by Blacks and other minorities.

    • They’re civic nationalists who ‘don’t see race’ and are proud to have Mohammedans in their prepper groups. Posturing and social signalling didn’t stop them from being unplatformed and they’ve learned nothing from it either.

      • The link I’m looking at has Stone mountain and a Giant Confederate middle finger on it, as well as several links that could decidedly be construed as racist.
        Also – they’re admitting we’re basically in low level Civil War, and have most definite ideas beyond being reasonable, having a cup of coffee, and fantasies about Galt’s Gulch and “getting away” in terms of self defense, etc.

        Mind you, they’re probably not as racist as here. They’re also not whining about whether their wives will approve.

        Nor do they seem to be focused on shitting on others as not pure enough white, etc.
        So while they may be imperfect, they have a better plan than whining, fantasizing about pure ethnic villages somewhere that will somehow magically be left alone, and undermining other peoples work.
        And they seem to have been deplatformed on WordPress for a very short time before coming up elsewhere.
        We’re on WordPress right now, BTW. Makes you wonder, eh detractors?

          • Exactly. VX, using WordPress software does not mean you’re “on” WordPress. They can’t deplatform someone with their own host.

            Ask your supervisor at the Bureau if you’re still confused on this, rookie.

          • Oh dear, now I’m with the Bureau again.
            Have fun with your ethnostate of like minded individuals; it will be behind barbed wire.
            “ We” feds plan to build it in Wyoming and other out of site places.

            PS – it does appear that I’m seeing him pop up on wordpress does not mean he’s on word press, mea culpa. Bitches.

          • It’s a bit confusing but basically if your site domain name doesn’t end with “wordpress.com” they don’t have the ability to shut you down. A lot of people use the WordPress blogging software on independent sites.

      • Typical of Inter-Mountain Yankees. They don’t have the problem, thus, the problem does not exist. Fools.

  15. At the heart of it all is property rights. This leads to many things, but the right of association is a key.

    To build a good place to live, raise a family, worship God as you see fit, live as a free man, and more; you need to be around people like yourself.

    It was said by the old timers in the Appalachian mountains that those who refused to get along with the “community standards” would be burnt out or killed. Some say that was immoral, but building a community that was fit for family and to raise children is the moral imperative.

    The community should be town sized or smaller in my view; only because I think knowing most everyone helps to keep people acting right. —> “What would the neighbors think?”

    As soon as you depend on government to do all of these things you are on your way to disaster. It might take a long while but con men will rule you and yours before it is over.

    Oh, and if you are not willing to commit violence to defend your family; well, I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Politely disagree. Property rights means dense housing in small towns. Traditional white families must take precedence.

      I live in a Red State small town Whitopia, which will be unlivable in 10 years because all the Reagan conservatives worship property rights, which means the right to sell your farm to a developer who will put in high density apartments.

      In the last mayorial election, I posted, “Who is the NO GROWTH candidate? Not smart growth but NO GROWTH?” The Reagan conservatives attacked me like locusts, “Who are you to tell me what I can do with my property?!”

      • The option that you lobby for then is to let the state control private property. Than means diversity and no place at all for whites to call their own.

        There is no final answer unless those of like mind band together in certain areas. That involves individual property rights. And that will not work forever; you must also be willing to commit violence upon that individual/group trying to destroy your way of life.

        You will never vote your way to heaven on earth. That I can promise you.

        • Is there a place in America that isn’t too cold and there are no joggers within 60+ miles?

          Asking for a friend 😉

          • Check out Window Rock, Arizona. Odds are good there are very few joggers running around there. 🙂

          • Let me add another criterion, lol

            Can’t be in the desert

            I live in Souther CA and am yearning for greenery and rivers and lakes

          • Alaska is light on everybody. The place is as big as the moon, and the last time I checked they had about six hundred thousand full time residents.

        • You raise good counterarguments, at which point all I can say is, “This conversation demonstrates why I am a n@t10n@al s0c1@l1st.”

          The flourishing of white families must be our highest priority. Any opposition to this goal is not tolerated.

          • Amen Brother…There are ways to make that happen but the shrieks from muh property rights would be deafening…

        • Check out this photo of a famers field overlooking Lake Lucerne. 


          You have to wonder why this farmer hasn’t upgraded his land ?
          He could build coondos and flog them to rich golliwogs from all across the globe; or build an amusement park with a roller coaster, a ferris wheel and neon signs advertising Globohomo consumer goods and services; or at the very least a golf course, with a clubhouse and a resort hotel. 

          Have to wonder why the dumb squarehead hasn’t done that – he could be rich!

          There is no limit to how many maggots, you can fit on that apple.  

          • He is rich. No kidding, seriously rich! The Swiss government pays tons of money to support their farmers. Do you have any idea how much he makes for just mowing his lawn twice a year?
            And that’s exactly why Switzerland looks like that.
            Plus the fact they shipped all the impoverished dregs of Swiss society to the USA. They literally gave them a paid one-way ticket to America to get rid of them.

          • I went to Zurich and it was pretty diverse, but the hills and mountains between it and Como, where I was coming from, were spectacular.

            Looks like only places like Hungary are safe from the disease of multi-culturalism

          • Correct. And the Swiss hate that fact. If you run into a doctor or engineer or highly skilled technician, good chance they’re not Swiss. All the expats are there just for the high salaries and retirement benefits.

    • The appalachain town just down from me lynched a elephant. The problematic pachyderm was circus worker who got rowdy. Pictures exist.

      • I was with a group of teachers in the National Park just above Gatlinburg in the early 90s, and 3 Canadians crossed a field towards a mama bear and her cubs. They got way to close. The mama bear charged towards the idiots and I pulled a 9mm to save the fools.

        Luckily they ran like hell and the bear was satisfied and stopped, went back to cubs, and it was over.

        I would have destroyed the bear if I had to, and that is a felony in the park. But sometimes violence is the only option.

  16. OT: am I hearing Thom Hartmann right?

    Senator Tammy Duckworth is calling for a military-led coup against the sitting dictator and a purge of his regime.

    A temporary suspension of posse commitatus to accomplish this.

  17. The suburbs aren’t quite what they used to be. Here on Lawn Guyland, old man Levitt literally invented the concept of the ‘bedroom community’ with his modest cookie-cutter tract homes for the returning GIs of WWII, a good many of whom then commuted from what used to be the boonies to NYC. Those same small 4-bedroom capes and ranch homes on a postage stamp of property now cost north of $350k in even the meanest of towns here on my dying island, half a century or more later.

    Worse than the hyperinflation in housing costs around these parts (my parents bought their tiny shack in western Suffolk County for a whopping 8 grand in the late 50s and sold it in the early 2000s for over $400k) is the rise of ‘planned developments’ or ‘gated communities’ as they are euphemistically referred to (guess who the gates are there to keep out). This has, in turn, given rise to the rampant Karen-ism of the lordly HOA, and has turned many a pristine woods into exclusionary clubs for the never-ending supply of poseurs and wanna-be’s that give these ‘burbs such a bad name.

    But it has to date been wildly successful in keeping the diversity at bay. Infiltration into those sterile, hermetically-sealed White cocoons has been limited to the uppermost crust of non-Whites, who are just as eager to escape their unwashed brethren as we are. How much longer these bastions of blinding Whiteness will survive unsullied remains to be seen. When those modern brick mausoleums go Section 8, I have no idea where all the grossly overextended (White) schoolteachers and cops and engineers and nurses are going to go. Maybe back to da city?

    • Perchance the whites stop running and make a stand?

      • I’ve tried multiple times to take a stand in two different states. As long as our enemies control the media, it is essentially a hopeless task.

        The people who screamed insults at a me as I led a march over the Golden Gate Bridge with signs that said, “Enforce Existing Immigration Laws” were filled with dopamine and righteous rage.

        Somehow, we must k1ll the head of the snake.

        • Fine by me, but when I even tiptoe allude to such snake mgmt I get called a Fed.
          I’ll just say organize offline, small personal groups of mannerbund, lets see what happens. Somehow.

          • You get called a fed because your suggestion is unwise and ultimately counterproductive. I understand your willingness to “do something” but it has to be thought through first. Those kinds of schemes of which you talk are often just honeytraps for impressionable kids. Don’t join any dubious group with idiotically stereotypical symbology or beliefs — feds every time.

            Before organization can become effective, you must first have an organizational philosophy, one that won’t be rejected out of hand (blatant “white supremacy”). Example: the doctrine of Marxism preceded Leninism; Hitler wrote Mien Kampf before he was able to turn the Nazi party into a successful force. You need an organizing ideology, something like a manifesto or a bible for middling intellects to hang onto. Even L. Ron Hubbard understood this principle: create a religion by creating a masterwork, rake in the followers.

            A secession movement based along regional lines might very well work. It’s implicitly white and serves to deplatform the media which the poster above talks about; it makes “the media” the other side’s media and once we separate they can be banned from broadcasting in our territory. It might also get foreign support when the time is right.

            The conservative right should be seeking a zero day solution to the problem of liberalism — just as they are doing to you — because there isn’t any other solution (unless you’re willing to wait around in a Bolshevist state for 80 years hoping for the fall). Separation could be your answer. Partition and start over. Ban the left, purge them from power, kick them out of your country, and restart everything from the ground up. We can make fundamental reforms such as in the education system to prevent this from ever happening again.

          • Yes, what the right lacks is another manifesto.
            Put yours up Creek, I already put mine up.
            I’ll be more sensible than you were in my critique, and far more polite.

            >>My first objection to the Creek manifesto is: there are no MEANS to do accomplish the ENDS. You are proposing we have common ends.
            There are no means.
            I propose that people get the simple means for local, never online groups of men to accomplish anything, leave the Ends vague or unstated.
            And leave it there.
            What your phantom menace is only interested in is WAYS, if those WAYS are illegal. Don’t give them that, nor even mention WAYS.

            Ends are goals, means are the ability to do anything at all, ways are methods.

            And one more thing: Not FED, but VET.
            Only here doing my duty, which ends with warning the crowd here, I know what’s
            coming and I’m just warning them they better be prepared, and in some numbers.
            As for you darling little shit -Do be advised that any of the other Vets who be certain know me best would laugh at your suggestion I’m treacherous.
            Actually well proven and tested opposite.

            Listen well dearie: you say that in real life to someone that’s it.
            Self defense at that point. They prove they aren’t.
            Happy Independence Day.

          • Yes, what the right lacks is another manifesto. Put yours up Creek, I already put mine up. I’ll be more sensible than you were in my critique, and far more polite.

            >>My first objection to the Creek manifesto is: there are no MEANS to do accomplish the ENDS. You are proposing we have common ends. There are no means. I propose that people get the simple means for local, never online groups of men to accomplish anything, leave the Ends vague or unstated. And leave it there. What your phantom menace is only interested in is WAYS, if those WAYS are illegal.

          • The three main spokes of our modern tyranny are mass democracy, mass education, and mass media. Of these, the media is the one responsible for coordinating the marching moron army. Discrediting or silencing it would certainly be a great victory and unlike political restructuring and changes to the educational system, would be achievable on a short time scale.

            Trump’s “fake news” meme certainly helped get the ball rolling and is probably why the media felt the need to milk Corona virus so much. They needed to get credibility back and when they saw the people falling for Beer Flu hysteria decided to pile on with Floydmania and the resulting orgy of arson and violence. They’ve overplayed their hand with both though. The Beer Flu hoax will collapse soon and if we can also discredit the Floyd narrative they will be done.

            Into the narrative vacuum we can perhaps insert our partition plan if we are smart and strike before some new “reformed” media can be rebuilt with the same oligarchs pulling the strings.

        • Agreed … the media (TV, movie, Web, news, publishing, etc.) will call you a Nazi, while the Federal intelligence agencies build a hate-crime case against you with the help of Google, et al … they both appear to be on the same side. You’re painted a Nazi and then your arrest confirms it cuz you visited “extremist” websites. It’s game, set, match.

        • RICO the news media … its a racket with a demonstrable common goal. At least the charge might make them pump the brakes.
          Trumps always saying “fake news”. Well, do something about it. New media outlets must have some responsibility to the facts. Not to mention, Google algorithms, Faceberg, movies, publishing … as I said a few time before.

        • Unfortunately, I seem to recall that one of Barr’s parents is Jewish. So, nothing will be done by Justice. Just talk, if that.

  18. Really like your content, just want to let you know the comments section isn’t working. Cheers.

  19. Just a passing thought on pissing off shitlibs:
    What if folks adopted the, common on the left, hyphen qualifier and became Real-American’s?

  20. Parts of Louisiana don’t have zoning laws. Pretty weird what ends up happening, in a quirky endearing way, but just as long as these are only white areas. Moral of the story: as long as blacks are around, they will f-ck up everything.

    • One time I was sipping a drink with my buddies in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and it hit me: “Without the joggers, this would be just about the most wonderful place in the whole world.”

      • No doubt. Growing up my dream was to live in New Orleans. Another dream ruined by joggers.

      • Enjoyed many a Sunday morning at Cafe du Monde with cafe au lait, beignets, and copy of the Times-Picayune.

      • After Hurricane Katrina, a lot of people in Dallas were thinking the same thing.

          • Now that you mention it I’m going to add Hurricanes to my list of things I favor, along with abortion, no more policing, John Roberts and Margaret Sanger

          • One of my fantasies is that a hurricane wipes out DC and NYC

            They’ve gotten close but never close enough

          • Our north Dallas suburb got a bunch of them. Along with remedial high school classes, locked cases at drug stores and locked clothes at department stores, etc. Things we hadn’t seen in the 20 prior years – like joggers walking aimlessly along the road or driving by with their nogger noise blaring – became the new normal.

  21. The Conservatism brand lost any vitality it once had when it became an “anti-” machine. “Reactionary” is Marxist language, but the Certified Conservative industry has long done its best to live up to the label. It exists first to provide income for members of the cuck class, but also to react. In that lies its undoing.

    There’s a lot of talk on all sides about “resisting,” but that is effective only for very limited and specific goals. It can never be a final victory even when it looks successful, because the opposition to the Conservatism Corp. — the left, the globohomo establishment, the deep state — doesn’t concede. It just waits for another opportunity. Look at the series of fanatical TDS campaigns, including Russiagate, the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, the BLM / Antifa local takeovers.

    A person who is centered within him- or herself doesn’t adopt ideologies by pingback from enemies. It is futile in the big picture to take absolute positions by negating those of others.

    • In tennis terms, they’re not even providing a baseline defensive strategy against an aggressive opponent, waiting for the aggressor to make an error

      They simply gave up

  22. Leaving aside the legitimate need for Emminent Domain, even though it may be used in questionable ways, it’s a valid question of debate: How and in what manners should a government restrict the uses of private property? Cherished ideal it may be, but when one weights the consequences of a free-for-all, most people say, “Yes, we do want some limitations on what gets built where.” Long-gone, probably before most people here were born, were the racially and similar restrictive covenants to keep Undesirables out of the neighborhood. As Z’s essay notes, virtually all areas that lost that protection, 1948 onward, turned into shitholes in just a few years.
    Fortuantely zoning still exists, for the most part. Most of it is by wealth these days. As I cynically note, in nicer communities, any poor black or brown people have the same legal rights to purchase a ten million dollar home, or to rent it (probably at what, $10,000/month). So far, being poor hasn’t been made a “protected class” under the Civil Rights Act. But people are trying other methods…
    In most places, the zoning is a local power. But some States are trying to override this and have in some cases.
    Here is one of my better sarcasm pieces, called “Upzoning for Conservatives.” Fits in well with today’s topic.

      • That I’m sure is a Hoot, but its a Holler to read the normalcy bias present in American life concerning Law, laws, zoning regs, et al. ( excluding you Falcone, and others).
        That is all vanishing before our eyes. For example without police the law has no enforcement.
        Perhaps it all does come down to property as noted above, in the sense that the Jews who stuck around Germany after 1933 did so because they didn’t want to pay confiscatory fines to leave…. of course the other side is we whites in 2020 America have no place to go.
        There’s that too.

        • I was always struck by the value of a deed in that whole Jew / Germany thing. A simple deed, or a recording instrument indicating ownership of property, held a lot of power in the years well after WWII. If a Jew could produce a deed showing they were the legal former owners of a property but had been kicked out b/c of Hitler, they could use that deed to reclaim it.

          But this also presumes two parties acting in good faith. I wonder if the deed to my property will mean anything after the purge. Actually I don’t wonder. I know it won’t.

          • That exact same thing happened when the Berlin wall came down. West Germans went into East Germany and kicked people out of their “family” homes.

  23. I’m going to get all kinds of downvotes for this, but Our Thing really needs to become a kind of mirror-image Leninism, stat. Lenin has quite a bit to teach us about how to run a revolution by co-opting the ideology and structure of the “democratic” (use as many quotation marks as you feel that needs) parties. Few Russians in 1917 would’ve swallowed the Bolshevik line, but they did bring the Bolsheviks to power on the most non-Bolshevik slogan imaginable: “peace and bread.” Few today would accept the slogan “peaceful separation into ethno-states,” but, looking around at the rapidly-accelerating clown show, they would accept “peace and competence.” A Bolshevik party is <i>exactly</i> what we need.

    • I get your point, but the Bolsheviks hardly owned those tactics. Those are as old as the hills. Rather, they “co-opted” them. We should have no regrets using these same or similar tactics.

    • Russian bolsheviks were aided by british empire & jewish bankers such as Jacob Schiff.

      If western whites can get suport from Rusia or China they can get their countries back, by themselves though, I doubt it.

    • Just as a military has to copy its opponents’ weapons to keep up in the arms race, we’ve got to learn from, and use, the informational weapons of our opponents.

      A lot of our guys are very complacent because “the truth is on our side,” but I’m afraid that’s not good enough. We’ve got to become “propagandists for truth,” strange to say.

      We have to be less apologetic in our adoption of propaganda. “Mirror-image Leninists,” you say? Well, I can think of a group that was unabashed in its use of propaganda that went head-to-head against the Leninists, but I know you’re not a fan, Severian, so I’ll stay out of Badopticsville today.

    • The model only works if you have enough resentment to fuel it already sitting in the population.
      It seems that the mostly traditional genetically minded individuals just do not do resentment in the same way. It may be that on a large scale it is not possible until they are so abused they have to become the powerless part of society. You also need a national scale information vector to support this view.
      Then you can do it. National Socialism was brought to fruition on the complete degenerecy, wrecking of the economy and anti-native behaviours of the (((Weimar Republic))) that eventually overwhelmed society, combined with the resentment for the !st World war reparations.

      The current regime understand this well as they use these tools to get here. Its why the deplatforming is so strong.

      Most of the US has a long way to go until they get to that point.

    • The Russian Army Soviets and German Gold bought the Bolsheviks to power.

        • True – Lenin promised peace to the soldiers, the German army attacked units loyal to Kerensky and spared units that defected to Lenin. Lenin also had a lot of money to spread around, and the Bolsheviks of course seized the Duma in an armed coup.

          My point is the Communists never really get into power on their own merits, they usually need massive outside help – like we see today in America – and usually do so by coup within another movement as well as massive outside help, after 1917 from other communists – and reliably bankers. They also usually had Western help from the media, intellectuals and said bankers. We being democracies this often took place while other parts of the society and government were opposing, even fighting the Reds.
          Now it’s Americas turn, and these are our wages from the free marketplace of ideas.
          Ideas my ass, its organization, money, and guns that win.

      • Sir Frip – Trump delivered both. And now both are gone. Trump was peace and prosperity – he delivered both – both taken by guile and force.

  24. This is a fine reminder of what is so evil about the “individualism” of the approved right. The community in a given suburb have no rights or interest outside of their narrow individual interest as a property owner. Therefore, their property rights are no more important than the property rights of the people wanting to bring crime, disorder and misery to their suburban neighborhoods, or, more accurates, their “geological zip-code” as “community” sounds like “communism” and thus “bad”

    Not only will these apartment complexes and other ways of sneaking in people who don’t fit in, but they will also destroy the schools and run up spending by the locality. More littering, more crime more traffic, higher taxes.. it’s like the cities of the 60s and 70s all over again. They will NEVER do this to a place like Martha’s Vinyard, Princeton etc.

    These people know what they are doing and they would viciously oppose this being done in their own areas. It is one of worst aspects of clownworld. Not only are our areas destroyed, but the enemies of our people get rich doing it.

    • The biggest fallacy about suburbs is “good public schools.” This is the educational equivalent of “a clean public restroom.” The kids coming out of these “good public schools” are highly disturbed. If you want to know when the trajectory of the country was set, it was when the first public schools opened in the 19th Century. They exist to employ people and create pliant worker bees to be handed off to HR departments.

      • Every White normie with temporary Negro fatigue will complain “But my kids just don’t see color.” That’s because you sent them to public schools and then onto colleges and you didn’t do your job as parents. “Good pubic schools” are an excuse to turn your offspring over to the state to mold and shape (after you’ve already turned them over to the Negro daycare workers or your Latina nanny). Why bother having them in the first place?

        • How you going to send family Christmas cards to friends if you don’t have kids at the photo shoot ?

        • Many people basically don’t, Fertility has been below replacement for nearly half a century.
          Still being childless has yet to become fully high status so people have one or maybe two because its expected in many areas of even Clown World

      • If you don’t know that Public Schools are graded on the curve, there’s no hope for you.
        We’re talking about the cleanest underwear in the laundry hamper.

    • Social Security has also killed the family unit

      Not saying that was the purpose, but when the grandparents don’t need children to help them in their old age, the whole thing collapses

      • Are you familiar with how Germans used to take care of their elders? They built a tiny little house next to the barn for them to live in. Then left them there until they died. Not quite the romantic family unit the Waltons brings to mind. Look up “Altenteil”.

        • I am generally aware of that being a tradition that was widespread throughout western Europe. In fact it appears to me that it might also be something universal. I know it is common among Mexican families in Southern CA. I know it is true about my family as well; my parents took care of my grandmothers until they died. And I plan to take care of my parents too. I am looking for a large piece of land with a few houses on it for that purpose. I know with my family in Italy that everyone lives essentially within a few blocks of each other, babies to great grandparents, all snuggly placed in close proximity.

          But I am a dying breed in America.

          • Cheer up Falcone, for all their silly beliefs* the millennials are markedly buying large homes to take care of their elders.

            * who knows what they believe, they’ve been conditioned from childhood to say only approved truths. They know well their teachers brook no dissent.

        • My father was from England. And my mother was from Germany. I’m an Anglo Saxon Saxon. Top that. 😀

      • Social Security helps prevent a consumption deficit caused by too much savings. Without high fertility savings past and I’m guessing here maybe 10% causes deflation pressure.
        More savings also comes with an inherent lower fertility rate simply because “have more kids and hope they’ll take care of you ” makes zero sense in a mostly urban society.
        Instead if social security was not a thing, you might get more annuities but those would be money chasing lower consumption rates and growth. And note annuities allowing people to retire have existed since at least the Medieval period.
        A last bit, the Libertarian loathing of government is caused by the false notion that since my government is bad, all government will be bad.
        Now if the US can even with a very White population never manage high cooperation , high trust and effective government , we’ll need to lower our development levels since those traits are required for an advanced society.

  25. “Once one accepts that beliefs are shaped by conditions”

    Marxists also believe that he who has the power makes the conditions; revolutionary violence is part of their doctrine. Perhaps flawed, but effective nonetheless. They now control all institutions, setting all the cultural conditions, because they have all the power — because respectable conservative normies did nothing to oppose them. Their weak ideology promoted “nonaggression principles” and “magic dirt” and “constitution worship” (how is this any different from worshiping Marx’s books?) and the like. Marxists do not believe in fair play.

    “The Marxist defined ideology as a set of beliefs that were assumed to be true, but were, in fact, the product of economic and social conditions of the time.”

    Another similarity between Bolshevism and modern National Review conservatism: change the conditions and suddenly the old doctrine no longer applies. That’s what happens to beliefs wedded to their time and not to an understanding of the fundamental human condition.

    Conservative normies are wondering why the left is tearing down those statues and passing racist laws against whites. How? MLK jr. they sputter. I don’t see color. Leave the plantation. Black lives matter. Rename those bases! Tear down those flags!

    Because the other sides does see color. They always have; examine their rhetoric over the last 40 years. Because they are happy on the plantation; they get free stuff and permission from the establishment to indulge their racism against you. Because only their lives matter — more than yours anyway. Paper ideologies don’t matter to them, only self interest — theirs.

    The analogy isn’t perfect. Bolshevism inspires a revolutionary spirit, a type of religious fervor, which compels adherents to aggression and sacrifice for the cause. It’s very effective over the long term. Mostly secular Rome fell to Christianity (few really believed in paganism); the weak religions of the near east fell to the warrior religion of Islam; conservative Russia fell before the Bolshevik onslaught; Wiemar German fell before the aggressive doctrine of National Socialism. Moral of the story: the weak fall before the strong because nature abhors a vacuum. The same fate awaits loser National Review conservatism because they are weak, their principles a farce. They’ll surrender to their superiors at the first sign of trouble, so BLM Marxism will win in the end. Dark times ahead. America may end up resembling the worst elements of Brazil, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the Soviet Union.

  26. These “conservatives” have been getting away with this forever because the average voter, not right or left, is an imbecile. This is where the right wing fallacy disintegrates. The Rush Limbaugh’s of the world (rest in peace, any day now, just like conservatism) will say, “the American people will make the right decision every time if they’re informed.” Ha! No they won’t, and what is “informed.?” One thing you can always count on, and people like Mencken, educated in a different world, once knew, is that it is the voter that’s the problem. When Jesus said “feed my sheep” it wasn’t a euphemism. About 80% of the population is moronic and has to be told what to do and what to believe by the 20% who aren’t, and that’s being charitable. This country could make it if it stuck to a highly limited voting franchise among a highly monolithic population. Today it doesn’t have a prayer. Human beings are born to be controlled by what Jefferson called a “natural aristocracy.” The left, as deranged as it is, has no problems arranging itself this way. At no time does the left wing professor encourage “free thought” unless it’s down a carefully curated corridor built by the left. The right wing walks down the corridors the left built, moving furniture within them, that the left puts back in place a couple years later. If anything, the left is the true heir of medieval feudalism. There’s really nothing that can be done until the country is impaired by external shocks combined with the poor decisions of the nepotistic faux elite that runs the show. The fruits of nepotism, combined with external shocks will give us a fighting chance.

    • I enjoy your posts and this one is no exception. You’re considerably more optimistic than me however. Foreign influence, including China and the European elite, will be arming the left with everything shy of ICBMs, CVNs and SSNs. They want us dead and erased. Unless our left implodes soon and we get a strong man in charge we are doomed. Hope you’re correct and I am mistaken but that’s my read. Enjoy the moment.

      • Acme Supports Coyotes!

        And more, just from today:


        Dr Kingberg

        Our Wakanda

        (((the enemy of mankind)))

        YT Julyteenth

        full of Real Americans

        America – the Looting Phase

        the Karen-haven

        Certified Conservativism Corp.

        *I love you people.

        *I love this place

  27. These an-caps are doing community perfectly wrong. Typical of modern “conservatism” that they think this sort of effort is somehow a “refounding” on “time-honored principles.”

    Zoning was not a scheme cooked up by “statists” to impose tyranny on muh freedoms. It’s been hijacked and repurposed for all sorts of (((tricks))) but it’s hardly “conservative” to throw the baby out with the bathwater, much less realistic or pro-social.

    Forming a community with anti-social individualists is by definition impossible – not even worth trying.

    These guys aren’t even being Trad about it. The settler fort-towns that first formed in the Ohio Territory, for instance, weren’t governed by airy-fairy Declarations that gassed on about sacred Truth and Muh RIghts of Man.

    Every settler knew what the necessities of life were, who was in charge, and understood that decisions were made on the basis of necessity and the good of the community.

    Anyone telling Boone and his compatriots that muh Constitution forbade them this and demanded that would have been sent packing to wander through hostile territory back to Constitution-land if they could keep their scalps on long enough.

    We should heed that example for our communities. The time for ideological self-gratification is over. Conservatives are 10 years behind on that as usual.

    • The biggest problem is actually liking the community you’re in, even if it’s white. Having multiple white ethnicities in such a large country as ours is a huge problem. Even the Subaru driving whites with coexist stickers in my neighborhood have their own dying, masochistic, sad ethnicity. The first step in being in a community is being around people like me. Should Louisiana be in the same country as Vermont? Should Alabama be in the same country as Washington State?

      • American White identity is complicated by our ethnic tribes but keep in mind that they all functioned pretty well together as late as the mid-1960’s. We were much more unified than White Europe is today.

        Functional unity requires some separation, as counter-intuitive as that sounds. It’s why Machiavelli advised princes to allow their subordinates their “liberties.” Rulers shouldn’t grip the reins of the reigned so tightly.

        Racial diversity is still the main culprit but the enforced mono-culture is also a driver of White American disunity and friction and it attacks intra-racial harmony more directly.

        • “… the enforced mono-culture…”

          No one likes being ruled by foreigners. The degree of resentment is proportional to the degree of otherness. We of the various American (white) nations used to be allowed to live substantially within our own cultures. The corporate centralization of manufacture of cultural products, highly disproportionately by (((those who we are not allowed to notice))), has force fed us all a cultural diet with which most everyone is unhappy. Even if the mono-culture were quality we would resent it, because it isn’t OURS. However, it is shit.

        • Places like Little Italy (and the equivalent Little Ireland, Little Poland, etc.) seemed to work ok. They were even quaint.

    • We are heading back in that direction, albeit very slowly. It will be a matter of necessity, of survival. I think life could get unpleasant fast, which is why I have made friends with all my neighbors, in a very white, rural community in a very cold region of the country.

      • You’re already in the kind of territory Our Guys are talking about settling – you’re on the right track.

  28. One of the common observations of Europeans who visit America, is the complete lack of real town centers.
    What they tend to remember is one suburb seamlessly merging into the next, to the point that is impossible to tell where one town starts and the other begins.
    One good example I am personally familiar with is the drive north from Los Gatos to San Francisco on El Camino Real.
    That road is bordered on both sides by mini shopping centers, car lots, quick change oil centers, cheap hotels, apartment blocks, gas stations, auto parts stores, convenience stores, McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Walmart and Target. After about five miles it starts to repeat over and over and over.
    Make the mistake of turning left or right off El Camino Real, and you are quickly lost in a maze of cookie-cutter housing where the driveways are filled with cars and the sidewalks are void of any human activity.
    On the flip side, the Grand Canyon and your western National Parks get rave reviews!

    • I noted that too. lived out of country for a year came back with new eyes. Everybody looked fleshy as hell lol. Consider electric lines strung all over the place. Tacky as hell when you start noticing.

    • Karl – Same here in Texas. Strip mall after strip mall, mile after mile, suburb after suburb. Having grow up middle-class suburban, I now see it for the Karen-haven that it is. No, I don’t want a lawn (that I have to water and weed and cut and water and weed and cut ad nauseam); I want acreage. Yes, I still want my car to go where I want (particularly since I will no longer fly the federal skies), but zero public transport or infrastructure. I want White people and I want community.

      • Public transportation is for immigrants and poor people. I had to use it on the east coast and I couldn’t stand it. Especially in the Spring when everyone is still wearing heavy coats and sweating in them. The high BO season. Ughhh. No thank you. I’ll take my suburb with car in the garage and clean bars to get to once I get past the DUI checkpoints. High density has no allure to me. People are animals.

      • @ 3g4me – I drove up through Amarillo enroute to Colorado a few years ago. The landscape in that region is unbelievable! So much open land with absolutely nothing is just breathtaking!

        • If you are ever in Oregon, if you literally want your jaw to drop visit Crater Lake

          All my life I heard that expression and never knew what it meant. When I first set my eyes on Crater Lake, driving up over a bluff and then it becomes visible. My jaw literally dropped. Breathtaking

          Only other place that had the same effect was driving up a hill and then the seas of Olbia in Sardinia become visible

        • Karl – My husband took our older son on an extended road trip before he deployed about 5 years ago – traveled through there, up into the Dakotas and Wyoming. Good thing they got to visit Mount Rushmore back then! Yes, Europe unquestionably has the richer history and more livable towns, but for expanses of nature North America is awesome.

          • No question.:-)

            Where Europe has Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Salamanca and Porto, America has the Grand Canyon, Brice, Zion, Mesa Verde, Carlsbad Caverns, and so much of it’s vast, untouched and expansive landscapes.
            To be fair, I still miss the SF Bay area. Yosemite and Lake Tahoe were two of my favorite destinations.
            I have to say downtown Chicago was great, Seattle is weird in a good way (used to be nice too) so please don’t think I’m talking down on America. I try to get back there every couple of years because I enjoy it so much.
            But Germany and Europe is my home, and like you, home always comes first.:-)

        • No question we need to move. And my husband agrees . . . and agrees on where we want to move to . . . but says we just cannot afford it right now. He, too, realizes the window is closing on getting out and finding affordable land, but he can’t work out the economics of it. I’ve said I will gladly live in a trailer if necessary. I’m hopeful he’ll agree in time.

    • The contrast I saw last year between Copenhagen & Oslo and any American city I’ve been in was “jarringly pleasant” if there’s such a phrase.

      In line with what James Howard Kuntsler often says, the Scandi cities make you want to be out in public, sitting outside a cafe watching people go by, enjoying the architecture, etc… They are pro-social spaces. Shops are part of the commons rather than the commons being adjunct to the shops if minded at all.

      American cities almost entirely lack the physical structure and framework for this, even disregarding the feral inhabitants of most American “commons.”

      Just another element in what makes us mad & miserable.

      • The Scandis aren’t engaged in an internal existential political struggle for Global Empire, our elites are – as our we. For our precious elites ignored conquering fully and fully pacifying – enserfing or exterminating – their own country. That they took for granted until 2008. That is an error they mean to correct at all costs, we may hope their blazing incompetence has given us enough time to correct our own (Non elite whites) glaring stupidity and negligence in tending to our own country- where we live- not for long if we remain passive.

        • To add; we don’t need an Empire, just lands to live in.
          They covet all mankind, indeed control of their very thoughts, their souls. No deal can be made with such ravenous creatures.

        • I have always found Norwegians to be the most “American” of any Europeans. I have a close friend from Oslo and it’s like we grew up together. In Oslo when I visited hanging out with his friends it was like being at home. The same interests, music, etc. But, yes, the number of muslims was startling. They basically serve the same purpose there as Mexicans do here and do all the “teenager” jobs.

      • Exile – They are pro-social spaces – well put. While I road the subway in London and Moscow and Singapore, I also walked miles every day. Wonderful memories of ‘white nights’ in St. Petersburg. Another reason why Europeans don’t have to put in hours on a treadmill. Real life is not experienced in a car driving by at speed.

        • You saw a better London than I did. Sadly the worst Euro city I saw when I was there.

          • Try visiting Paris or Brussels.
            Or Marseille.

            I remember your description; it seemed to be the product of someone who had only visited London via blogs.

          • What about my description gave you that impression?
            6 hours between Luton & Gatwick was more than enough. And there must’ve been a diamond-merchant convention – more forelocks than Fairfax, LA.

          • London converted to Londonistan in the blink of an eye. Complete makeover in ten years or so.

        • Europeans work to live, Americans live to work

          That has always struck me as a pretty fair assessment

          Except in the South and small towns where living is everything. But to live you can’t have a massive mortgage hanging over your head

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I get a sense that most US cities never really built up upon an established center. They were simply vast expansions of homes and businesses all put together in a rush to meet the demands of a massive population that was growing in an unprecedented rate.
        Here in Europe, we still live in cities which were started by the Romans. To this day, they all have an old city center you can easily find on any map.
        Of course we had the advantage of about 2,000 years, a few serious plagues and famines, and of course no shortages of wars to help manage population control.

        Ah, the good old days “Bring out your dead!”

        • Older American cities were

          Any city founded pre-automobile was very European in design and configuration

          As an aside, when I visited London one thing I was never expecting to see and “feel” was the Roman-ness of it.

        • The city centers got gutted by the diversity over here. In Europe, the physical plant of the city center is more enduring, but you are seeing the diversity end the social aspect of the city center as we speak. City center market districts protected by barricades and well armed soldiers and police is a new norm over there.

        • After about 1900ish America designed new cities around the automobile, this is true.
          Mind you it wasn’t trashy until the 60s hit. Go and see the old pictures. Sure it might be crass compared to a Baroque Opera House, but hardly strip mall shitsville trash.
          If you look at the old Times Square we see that once even neon was classy.

      • Agreed. During my two years in Germany and several trips elsewhere in Europe, you really get to appreciate the care the towns and cities receive, just as Herr Horst describes. Of course they have their seedy areas some places, probably worse since 1990s with all the “refugees”. Also, traffic wise there is only so much you can do with an 8-foot wide cobblestone street that is 500 years old 😀
        Of endless possible trips, if you ever get the chance, try cycling in Europe. In my early 30s I did a bike & camp trip in Northern Europe and it was one of the best (certainly the longest, at 2 months) trips I ever took. Unlikely I’ll ever do anything like that ever again. Cities especially in Netherlands are super bike friendly; they even had separate traffic lanes and miniature traffic signals, in some 🙂 Just another way of showing that they care for the citizen, maybe even in favor of the corporation.

    • Yes, Karl. It’s only partly true that the suburbs were developed to keep blacks away & create livable spaces for Whites. It’s all part of the story that developers are scum and prefer this form of development. America is a capitalist nation, after all, and capitalism makes things ugly.

      • That’s true. There are areas of London that are probably as dangerous as Detroit. And of course there are less than pleasant areas in most major cities everywhere in the world. There are areas of France that comes to mind, but nothing like the scale in the US.
        Maybe that’s part of it, America is just bigger because it is, so it seems much more obvious everywhere you go.
        Don’t get me wrong, If there was a Polo Loco over here I’d be first in line! 🙂

        • Ha ha

          there’s an El Pollo Loco around the corner from me

          But I’m afraid, the quality has gone downhill

        • “There are areas of London that are probably as dangerous as Detroit”. LOL
          Wishful thinking on your part , Karl.

          • Ah, you Americans do everything better! But we’re learning and trying to catch up.

      • The shittiest parts of Copenhagen and Oslo would not hold a candle to a middling-bad neighborhood in Cleveland or Boston.

        With the exception of London (and maybe Paris, haven’t seen that yet), no Euro city has the levels of crime & TNB that America’s cities do.

          • Western Europe, for the most part, is in pretty good shape even with all the recent demographic changes.
            Now as soon as you drive east and then south, things start to get rather grim pretty fast.
            There are towns in East Germany that still have dirt roads. And you can’t just blame the communists, although they did a pretty good job of keeping them in the stone age compared to the west.
            But Albania, Slovenia, Croatia and the like will never catch up to what the west was able to accomplish. Once again, the Romans gave western Europe a big head start.
            Read Roman history you’ll find no one wanted anything to do with those territories even 2,000 years ago.

          • My brother was a Roman History major in college and in fact has moved there. My plan is to get over there myself, even if for a few years to live, to acquaint myself with the history and historical sites and to visit every major and minor museum in western Europe

            Looking forward to it. The one big downer is more and more Africans in Italy. Makes me sick

          • My husband and I were watching a promo video made for the small Italian hill village his mother’s paternal grandparents came from (he’s half ethnic Italian). Traditional food and dance, old churches . . . and then a couple of Africans. It is sickening.

        • London doesn’t have crime comparable to US cities especially if you recall US cops admitting that anything up to 30% to 40% violent crime is not recorded.

          Don’t know about Parisian crime rates but suspect the creation of 750+ sensitive urban zones may have involved some serious criminal activity verging on an insurgency.It wasn’t London that required the deployment of 70% of the French army on the streets for more than a year to keep the peace.

          • A lot of European crime is intentionally not reported. While it’s true we don’t have nearly the levels you have in your country, our privacy laws actually prevent a lot of what your media would publish from getting in to the European news outlets. Enough of us have seen or are very aware of serious criminal activity that is simply not reported. I won’t use the word cover-up, probably more along the lines of “nothing to see here, move along.”

    • I know the area well. And each of those suburbs you describe (excluding Los Gatos and Saratoga) original ones from the 50s, are full of H1B pajeets, stuffed into 3k per month apartments built in 1960, cranking out anchor babies as fast as they can. They’re home from Google just long enough to eat some rice and nan bread and knock up their wife. Such is life in corporate whore America that sold its soul sometime around 1970.

    • After living abroad–I’ve lived in East Asia and England–America looks different, and not in a good way.

    • Now don’t be so hard on SoCal. Some neighborhoods still have an almost unique charm, like Skid Row in Downtown LA 😀
      But monotony? Yes, especially with shoppng malls. During my sundry travels across the land, I found it remarkable how cookie-cutter a lot of our shopping is. Sometimes, visiting a mall especially, I had to remind myself I was a thousand miles from home…

  29. I’m watching this happen all around me. I’m in an suburb of Los Angeles, about twenty some miles outside of the city. For the past decade I’ve seen failed businesses, bought up and turned into massive high density tenements. This is going on all over the Southland. The town next door to us is very busy plowing down the old neighborhoods, and replacing them with these monstrosities. In our town they shot down plans to put up a Motel Six along the boulevard. There was a huge astro-turffed anti-motel ruckus warning everyone about the tweakers, and junkies that would fill the streets. Whatdoyaknow. The Motel Six wasn’t built, and over a thousand apartments are taking its place. And along with the tenements comes the diversity. And along with the diversity comes the crime, and blight. Right here. Right in my own town. I recently learned that the family owned nursery at the end of my street will be sold, and I have thousands of new neighbors coming in to fill the gap. My family always held on to the lower edge of the middle class by the skin of our teeth. We worked hard, and I’m the third generation to live in the home I now own. I’ve always loved our little corner of So Cal, but it’s dying. I don’t want to leave, but the writing is on the wall in spray paint. My wife and I are making plans to get out.


    • Either I live near you or something identical with a nursery is happening a few miles from me. We only hope we can leave the area soon enough but it will be during Kamala Harris’s regency.

    • Get out now. Sell all your stuff or pay 10-20 thousand to move it. The move from CA is painful (you are being driven out, after all) but you will breathe a sigh of relief once the move is over. BTW, make sure you do plenty of research on your destination.

      • its hard I love California The air and the physical place Gave my heart to this place to make it here Now I may have to go. Not easy

    • Motel 6’s in SoCal are the preferred “MyOffice” space for crack-dealers, hookers & trenchcoat pedo-types. They are also the new hotness for Jeet “innovators” looking for a piece of “America – the Looting Phase.”

      Adding insult to injury, not one dime of that crack-dealer hooker pedo cash is going to circulate in your community. It’s going back to Mumbai as remittances and into the thongs of Pure Platinum dancers who show bobs.

      If one is slated for your neighborhood, GTFO before it becomes common knowledge & tanks your property values.

      • You know that’s one thing you have to congratulate the shitlibs on is that they saw the effect of what they voted in a lot sooner than conservative Inc and got out while the getting was good…Not only did they get a good price for what they sold they got a lower price on where they were going…Now the conservative has to sell at a lower price but where he is moving has gotten a lot more expensive since so many got there first…

  30. Agree, but meanwhile in meatspace… you know reality… many other people are noticing that Biden’s plan will destroy the suburbs. And in doing so extend the ho hum physical ghetto into the ho hum non intellectual physical safe space of white people and the precious normies burbs.

    Why would that vein of normie fear primal and utterly justified be of secondary importance to rehashing what everyone already knows- conservatism is “intellectually” bankrupt. So what?

    Rather than punch the libertarians again someone interested in having those reasonable cups of Chagra should be trumpeting “They’re COMING” as the headliner and indeed main pitch.

    Who’s the drunk here leaning on the conservative wastrel?

    And as far as Breitbart tier reaction why don’t you lead instead of sneer? I can understand not bothering with Libertarians, they’re useless. But Breitbarters would follow if only someone would lead.

    You aren’t just leaving “money on the table” here Z you are throwing away POWER that is currently lying fallow. If you dislike them – who cares? Don’t dismiss our people who are literally now in a fight for their neighborhoods today and will be fighting for their lives tomorrow.

      • My God tracking the Biden’s family corruption isn’t a blog, or a book. It would require its own library. Its own data center in online terms.

  31. I follow some of the urban planning websites and Twitter accounts, and all of them are whistling past the demographic graveyard.

    That is, they have all these ideas for cozy little town centres, foot-traffic arcades, inspired alleyways, etc. But they never point out that these things can only come about in a country with an average IQ in triple digits. Since a lot of their recommendations are for fast-darkening western countries, they’re essentially useless.

    You’ve probably all seen Twitter sequences where somebody posts something absolutely charming from Japan, and then some normie or shitlib asks, “why don’t we have stuff like that?” Makes you realize how deep the brainwashing goes: a lot of them really don’t see it.

    • There’s a development precisely like that in the next ‘burb over from me. Narrow winding roads, quaint/kitschy little ‘shoppes,’ all less than a mile from the interstate. Parking is insane (my hairdresser used to be there, and I occasionally stop at the grocery store on the development’s outskirts) and it’s filled with diversity now. The worst possible melding of faux old world charm and modern diverse ‘murrican crass.

    • They should start looking at zoning practices in countries with open sewers and Donkeys as transport cause thats where we are headed.

    • Indeed. We already have plenty of cozy little town centers and charming villages. I’ve been to many: baltimore, new orleans, gary Indiana, saint louis, louiville. The NE is full of them. Even out west there are numerous villages, old railroad and citrus towns in socal that are lovely reflections of American history and culture.

      The problem of course is that they are now full of Real Americans.

      Those who daydream of “new” infrastructure have no sense of history or demographics. We have been through all this before.

      But they will keep building rockets to mars and filling them with settlers from africa and then wonder why it all burns up.

      One word for these would be utopias: “teens”. See you at that new open-air, pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented, mixed-use, sustainable, LEED Gold, mall!

    • Yup. Even in gentrifying areas, eventually they will simply run out of whites. I love those cute little whitey areas, full of coffee shops and trinket stores, walkable, with parks, etc.

      Problem is, whites are a shrinking demographic, and those areas are fertility sinks anyways since they are 1) liberals 2) expensive.

      If white fertility was above replacement and higher than blacks, this gentrification process would work. Wealthier non-whites like these areas too but cannot recreate them.

      I’m enjoying the city as a young guy (renting) right now, but you would have to be a fool to buy property in an urban area, especially in the USA.

    • Yes, they can’t mention the demographic changes of the past near-century, or they’d be out of a job pronto. I’m not in the industry, but I’d love to see an article on how the idealized (or typical realized) community (say, apartments) have evolved over the decades to meet the shall-not-be-mentioned challenges. To use an obvious example, the relatively open community, where anyone could come and go at all hours unchallenged, only works in a high-trust (e.g. White) community. Add in even a small percentage of ne’er-do-wells and suddenly the risk of being pandhandled, manhandled, robbed, raped or killed quickly changes priorities. Basic asssumptions (and desgin features) of the greater community are compromised, and changes must be found. In the future, I see de-facto or actual gated, guarded private communities with elaborate electronic surveilance, but hopefully some human, and ideally with “use of force” available when called for, to keep dangerous people out. Even for large areas, think shopping malls, just imagine the crimp on crime if you could 100% ID check every person in every car who comes in, and video and other surveilance was accurate enough to track their entire movements. “Invasion of privacy!” some will complain, but you don’t have that right when you’re out in public. If you want privacy, stay at home.

      • The elites love you Ben…Let’s just all get chipped while we are at it also…Damn man you have definitely been brainwashed well…

    • High-IQ societies are a great capstone, but those high IQs have something more important that precedes them – homogeneity. What these shitlibs and progs want is something they see is obviously attainable, but it’s easier to chase some nebulous objective that’ll never materialize organically. They’re like women, in that they want what they can’t have. By themselves, they’d rather live in squalor and vapid gratitude than build anything. Western society, what remains of it, has become so feminized these turds should be treated accordingly.

    • I’m quite in favor of this. The liberal Karens do not only live in the cities. There are plenty of virtue signalers in the ‘burbs too. It is very important that people feel the consequences of their actions directly, in real time.

      When Tyrone and Laquesha move in next door and start blasting hip-hop 24 hours a day/night through your nice suburb as well as hosting the ‘twerk party’ on the deck you are going to get your cherished diversity and inclusion good & hard, which is just the way Karen needs it.
      Anecdote Time:
      White women need to be shackled because without them none of this shit would be happening. In the past week I’ve had 2 friends share stories of their wives completely dominating them by throwing temper tantrums when they didn’t get their way and in one case belittling the guy in front of his own kid. They do nothing, they slink away balls shriveled tail tucked. It disgusts me and it is everywhere.

      Another one was saying he sort of understands that BLM is rayciss and Marxist but his Little Princess Daughter supports them and of course, he wouldn’t want to break her wittle heart! (She’s in college btw). You understand now why this society is destroyed? I fucking marvel at the white males around me they truly are soy infused manlets for the most part. (Again, DC area so maybe that skews my perception)

      p.s. Have you noticed the deafening silence from Repubs even after Tucker Carlson pulled their card night after night on live TV? Not one released a statement to refute his points. They are just slinking around on their bellies. Vote all those MFers out as soon as possible, they are as emasculated as my friends I just described above.

          • Really?

            Four years in and we have massive unemployment, a fake virus with country wide house arrest, black worship, white persecution and larger migration than when he started.

            What part of this could be in a worse shape?

            Perhaps a couple of city wide nukes just to finish off the fuck up Trump has been on the country. Don’t get me wrong I do not think the alternatives are any different. But Trump’s complicitness or cowardice is indefensible.

            But heh we got a new cold war with China.

          • yeah got downvoted here 2 yeas ago for saying Trump would prove to be one of the least consequential presidents ever. looks like I was right, hasn’t done anything . I guess that is better than getting America into 2 wars as Bush did, but was hoping for more, too.

          • No fan of Trump but even less so of Democratic alternatives 🙁 I saw on news yesterday there are 13 potential Democrat VP picks (all females, and I think they need a POC). It occurs to me that in “normal” times, don’t the major parties have their candidates finalized by now? We do live in unstable times.

          • Registered as Democrat for camouflage, voting Trump BFYTW, straight Democrat ticket for acceleration, in Califa (central CA).

            Thoughts, anyone?

            I’m not sure what else to try.

            Plus, I want to poke both parties in the eye, one last time.

            A “mouse flipping the finger at the eagle” kind of thing.

          • What part of this could be in a worse shape?” Are you shitting me, Tremain? If Hillary had been President for the past four years? Get real.

        • Voting doesn’t always work out, so we need to formulate a different method of getting our people in.
          Remember Nixon/Agnew/Ford/Rockefeller?

          Why not:
          becomes Trump/Bannon..
          becomes Bannon/TuckerCarlson?

          Why not??
          I can’t imagine Bannon or Carlson ever running, let alone winning in this environment. But they are both the type of intellectual warrior we need at this point.
          We need a president and vice president who can talk to ordinary americans, in plain spoken language, about what has happened in this country, and how it can be fixed, to ensure peace, prosperity, safety and equality for everyone.
          We’ve had enough of glib visionaries who have only made things worse.

          • Bannon went to Europe to lecture them how nationalism is bad. If that is the best “leader” your country can produce then you’re irredeemably screwed

          • He is a civic nationalist, which means no a nationalist at all. He just likes to use the word.

      • Yep, things are getting pretty damn tense in my abode on just these issues. I don’t back down and let me views be known, but I boxed myself in years ago without even knowing it. Moving the family to a nice, i.e. White, neighborhood gave the women in my world carte blanche to believe all kinds of stupid shi$.

        The only real way to get through to them would be to move them to a diverse neighborhood, which is, more or less, the nuclear option, one that I’ve seriously considered, which scared my wife. However, the truth is that she’d divorce me before that happened, and my then-ex would just use my money to stay in the same area until the kids were out of high school.

        White fathers trying to do the right thing have inadvertently screwed themselves. So, I say bring the diversity to the burbs. Make the Karens and the Beckys live by their idiotic slogans.

        Side story, but on topic. Was driving my daughter and a friend someplace the other day. The White friend spits out a typical stupid line about having a “first world problem” but decides to say “first world, White person problem.” I stopped her and said calmly but with a hint of seriousness, “What do you have against White people? Why would you single us out?”

        The face dropped. I would suspect that she’s never once in her life had even the tiniest of push back for saying something against Whites, and typically was rewarded. She literally couldn’t speak, just sat there with mouth half open. Finally, said that she didn’t mean anything.

        These upper-middle class White women and girls truly live in a gilded bubble, even more so than blacks who generally have to live around other blacks. It’s high time that this bubble get burst.

        • The women you describe are the same ones who fly to Morocco, go camping in the mountains, and are then shocked, just shocked about getting gang raped and decapitated.

      • Woman was just recorded being a “Karen” in my town by a black person. Wife started harping on the Karen for being “racist,” saying she deserves it. “Until they point the camera at you,” I said. “Until you flip the wrong person off or bump into a black person at Walmart. Then, after we’re both fired and reduced to begging and welfare, you’ll come to ask me what happened. I’ll tell you what happened: normalization through media, like the video you’re watching for entertainment. You think that it’ll never be you and you’re wrong. You think it has something to do with ‘not being racist.’ It doesn’t. Get your head out of your ass.” She eventually gave it up and slunk away. Hopefully, I got through to her.
        If you smell one atom of antiwhite anything on your woman, fight her tooth and nail. Wake them up. White women think they’re safe as long as they stay on the good side. They’re not. In fact, they’re in more danger than white men because they’re not used to being on the receiving end of this political climate.

        • That’s why I call my daughter Becky every once in while. It’s a reminder that she doesn’t get a pass. She’s just another White girl to the world.

          She says that she doesn’t believe me but I can see that she’s gets very uncomfortable when I call her Becky.

      • White women are able to behave like that because they know they can end hubby’s life with a single phone call to 911.

        • Until the day they can’t. That is sort of my point. I already had someone pull that on me once. (aggrieved POC, but same principle) If the woman you live with is dangerous enough to imprison you on a whim you chose POORLY, either get yourself away from her as quickly as possible or impress upon her that you will ‘return the favor’ of attempted destruction before the cops arrive. It is a pretty binary thing…

          • I watched my white, blonde fiancée at the time try to #MeToo a young man back in late 2005.

            Then she tried to make false accusations against me when I left her in 2006.

            Luckily, I withstood her gaslighting and there was zero physical proof of her claims.

            Obviously, I never should have let the relationship go so far, but I was much younger and dumber then.

        • Wild Geese – So true, and so damned sad. Even at our roughest patch, when I was the angriest at my husband, I could not contemplate divorce because of our son. His whole sense of self and security in the world came from Mommy and Daddy, and I would not destroy that. Most women, unfortunately, think only of themselves.

          • At one time, parents would stay in an unhappy marriage because they thought it was best for the kids. Unlikely today. Then they wonder why their children are acting out, depressed, failing in school, whatever.

            You are doing the right thing.

    • And Carson could have abolished the Obama regs doing same 3 years ago, but he merely suspended them.

  32. Here in the DFW ‘burbs the apartments are not high towers but two or three story structures that look like townhouse blocks. The developers build dozens of rows of them, though – large geographical footprint. Generally all the new H1bs and other ‘diverse’ immigrants live in them until they have saved enough collectively to move into a house. They’re still surging in here, which is why rents are astronomical. They’re also the only ones who ride the buses.
    And, in related news, Texas realtors will no longer call the master bedroom ‘the master’ because rayciss. And I’m supposed to not hate people, why again?

    • Javanka & the rest of the Kushner-Trump kibbutz are making tons of cash selling million-dollar E-visas to Chinese & Pajeet “innovators” and providing investment capital for the mass-scale third-world lending that enables Squat & Jeet strivers to indenture themselves for decades in order to get that plane ticket and green card they all dream of.

      Let it burn.

    • The town near mine is a mixture of agriculture, village green with a commercial district and some suburban enclaves. It’s an old town settled in the 1630s. Lots of old some new. There is no structure over 2 or 3 stories…except for a new 24 story apartment structure on the waterfront. It’s full of nuAmericans and provides shuttle service to the state capital tech and medical industrial areas. From a distance the town appears as woodland and bay coastal shorelines…and a monstrosity that can be seen for miles surrounded by fields, small homes and the tranquil bay. It is the type of monstrosity you find on Wilshire in LA or in Pacific Heights in SF. It’s as if NASA built an Apollo launch platform in the middle of a cornfield absent any support structures.

      I doubt there were any zoning law against such things because no one imagined anything like this would ever be built in their little town. In a small community like this one any reluctance can be bought off on the cheap.
      HUD will soon be given a green light for Sec. 8 by the Department of Reconciliation for Slavery and Segregation…so I would expect things like this everywhere and anywhere. Monstrosities in small semi-rural towns are an effective and efficient way to deconstruct Whiteness.


    • I’ve driven from Colorado to Maryland a couple of times in the past several months. One of the things that struck me was the number of cities where the new suburbs look for all the worlds like tower blocks fallen on their side. Horizontal Projects suitably adorned with narrow plastic brightly colored shutters, of course.

      • Ah, the Portland Coffin. That’s my term for them. Use it freely though. Here in the Oregon Soviet we have these land use rules that make it necessary to build these 4-6 floor slabs instead of actual houses. Like all bad things that start on the West Coast it doesn’t surprise me that it’s reached the shores of the Chesapeake.

        My neighborhood is full of them. They tend to be “mixed use” structures so there are shops on the ground floor and tiny overpriced apartments above. This provides a way for hipsters to say “it’s just like a European…” The dots indicate that I never listen to a hipster long enough to know what they say after that. The shops here were mostly fru-fru yoga studios, hairdressers, and pretentious retailers catering to people who think they are intellectuals because they own Game of Thrones in hardback. Thankfully the virus panic wiped out most of them. The two bars (one at the end of each block) are still open though so at least my neighbors can stay drunk between lockdowns.

  33. ” judging the thing in question against a set of accepted principles”
    Can you please discuss what are these principles for those of us a little slow on the uptake.
    I read your blog regularly but often find it hard to understand what you are saying in terms of these principles.
    Are principles a form of ideology? Are they the Ten Commandments? I am not trying to be coy; I just have trouble understanding the stream that runs through your land.

      • Its a good list. I would only add that adherence to the truth, not matter how ugly is a core value. We’ve come to this impasse because those nominally on our side failed to confront the tissue of lies that under-girds the new religion forthrightly.

      • When people ask me my political philosophy, increasingly I find myself saying, “I’m a Realist.”

        Normies are just kind of like, “huh?” But the hard left and hard right guys know right away what I’m getting at.

        • Did they copy some of those from the 25-point Program of the NSDAP. My grandfather would be very pleased with that list.

  34. One smart thing a small rural town can do is never, ever build a water / sewer system. This makes it a necessity to require acre+ lots for homes because they’ll need a well and septic tank. And it helps fight off plans for cheap apartments.

    • Evidently, you have never visited or (God forbid) had to live in a low-end mobile home community 😈

      • If you saw HBOs Watchmen, that’s where they want us.
        At best.

    • Wells, septic tanks, and acres in a rural setting are exactly what we need. IQ, situational awareness, a real world skill set, and neighbors depending on each other is a great recipe for self-segregation of the capable. Suburbs are done, as the powers-that-be are gunning for them, and they are considered aspirational by a bunch of the low lifes. Those same people want nothing to do with rural living, which is just fine by me.

  35. These ideologies are intellectually exhausted, they need to be financially exhausted.

    Something happened around the time of the protestant reformation. People got it in their heads that their ideas and input matters. It was most obvious with Luther himself which gave it a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, but probably the atmosphere had been brewing in some way prior anyway. Ideology is now the water we swim in and thanks to technology you almost cant avoid it ever. How do we move past it? Just find some way to put most people back in their place and completely scrub ideas like egalitarianism out of our collective consciousness? That wont happen so coping with it is pretty daunting.

    • Just find some way to put most people back in their place and completely scrub ideas like egalitarianism out of our collective consciousness? That wont happen so coping with it is pretty daunting.

      Ultimately it’s what needs to happen though. If the modern world is to survive and go on to build that glorious future we’ve all seen in sci-fi, the egalitarian ideological age (which I would date from about 1750-present) must end.

      Egalitarianism is the meta-religion of the modern world. It’s why, 31 years after the fall of the Soviet Union we are fighting Leftist uprisings in major American cities and our elites are talking about restructuring our society until we “eliminate systemic racism” – another open ended utopian project guaranteed to cause misery and death in direct proportion to how seriously it is taken.

      I remember all the smug back-slapping by conservatives in the early 90s. There were popular books like Fukuyama’s The End of History that celebrated a new golden age of free markets with nations and ideologies all dissolved in capitalist prosperity. People thought “it’s finally over!”.

      It wasn’t over. “It” just re-invented itself again. In hindsight we* should have seen it coming. The new flag wasn’t the tired old red banner with hammer and sickle, it was rainbow hued and the symbol on top was the ♀(female symbol if your browser doesn’t show it). So it wasn’t that sexual degenerates couldn’t function because their sexuality was the tip of an iceberg of mental illness that affected everything, it wasn’t that women and PoC couldn’t function because they were outside of their performance envelope, it was all patriarchal heterosexism and “whiteness”.

      The meta-religion’s 2 basic premises are that any inequality in whatever parameter is regarded as most important is not caused by innate differences but by some vast conspiracy that pervades everything and therefore effort must be made to aggressively root it out from everything. The other premise is that this effort is both desirable and that it can succeed. Neither premise is true and so the modern world staggers from one catastrophe to another. When one cycle of madness burns itself out, the meta-religion invents a new one. Meanwhile, the ultimate irony and tragedy is that scientific progress, the only real example of progress we know, keeps handing ever more powerful weapons to the lunatics to use against the rest of us.

      This cycle MUST be broken. There’s a war afoot and not just the American CWII. The egalitarians are using modern communications and mass media to make a play for global dominance now. I talked about this yesterday here in the context of the billionaires’ shadow world government and the need to oppose it worldwide as well. The Church of Equality will ultimately win everywhere or be routed everywhere. Due to the continued dominance of the US, the fate of the world hinges on which way the American domino falls.

      *we: (naive conservatives and libertarians) I’d say I was one of these at the time.

  36. I live in rural northwest NJ. In every front yard in the next town over are “No Warehouses” signs. Amazon and others want to buy up some farm land, erect gigantic warehouses, and send a non-stop parade of 18-wheelers rolling down the residential country roads.

    • Over the years some towns have been able to keep Wallmart out. Hope you can do the same with the demon Bezos.

  37. There was a time in our evolutionary history when problems such as this were promptly solved by the direct action of aggrieved individuals. But then civilization happened and societal antibodies were unleashed to prevent first-person remedy of collective pathology. Nowadays, the Left are curbing the antibodies with a passion, and once again, the door is open for a return of the natural remedy. Sometimes swinging a cudgel is more persuasive than the most eloquent quip.

  38. The Ideological Age is giving way to the Demographic Age.

    The old Right and old Left (think Sanders in 2016) don’t seem to realize that. The new Left with its identity politics understands the new reality, but the new Left’s ((masters)) didn’t actually want to change the world that they grew up in. They just wanted to control that old world, so ((TPTB)) are stuck in the past as well.

    Purely ideological debates are a luxury afforded by having a very homogeneous nations – or countries where one group so dominates the other(s) that it doesn’t have to worry about them. Once you become multi-ethnic, every decision becomes about groups. How will changing the zoning laws impact my group vs that other group? Will it allow more of them into my area?

    The same is true for any political decision. Taxes, regulation, size of the military, local police issues, foreign policy, etc. They all must go through the racial debate so that each group can feel comfortable that their group’s interests are included in the final decision.

    Whites and Jews (and blacks for that matter) are still stuck in 1965 at worst and 1985 at best. Whites still think everything is about ideology. Jews still think that they can run their scam on a completely unaware patsy that looks and thinks like them. Blacks still think that they’re the only minority in town.

    But that’s all changing; indeed, has changed.

    Whites will figure out sooner or later that they’ve lost their country and that group interests come before ideological interests. Jews will figure out that racially aware Whites aren’t so gullible and other groups, particularly Indians, are playing their game and gaining ground. Blacks are too stupid to figure out anything but will slowly notice that the people increasingly running the show (Indians, Asians, Hispanics and more racially aware Whites) just don’t care about them outside of keeping blacks out of civilized areas.

    Happy 4th of July. Celebrate the USA while you can.

    • “Jews will figure out that racially aware Whites aren’t so gullible …”

      They are finding out now. We’re at the beginning of the process, but it is happening. Witness the destruction of 16 term congressman Elliot Engle in New York. He was handily beaten by an upstart POC. The old rules don’t apply to the new demographic.

    • Our job is to give our people a coherent other option as they become aware…otherwise they will simply fall into apathy.

      • Exactly right YV which is why any ideas that promote that are pushed back so hard against by the usual suspects…What is sad though is quite a few from our side help them out by what they post…

    • “No one cares about Blacks except to keep them out of civilized areas.” Exactly. Which is why I say that things start getting better in this country the minute a majority of other folks come down with Chronic Negro Fatigue Syndrome… and boy have the latest events been great for that. Word comes that the NFL will be playing the “black national anthem” before the real one for at least the opening game. Sayonara, sportsball, and without that, what’s left? Why would anyone bother paying attention to them if they aren’t holding a Glock or chasing a ball? Pajeet and Pingpong and Pablo absolutely do not care about Black dysfunction. I guess what I’m saying is, America as El Brasil del Norte isn’t going to be all bad…

      • Whites not watching blacks play sports(meaning giving up on cable) îs how u defeat them. Sports îs where their egos at, their pride lies in their jumping ability, If whites don’t aknowledge it, they’ll GO insane cause the only thing blacks are encouraged to do as Kids îs play sports, If they can’t uplift their social status playing sports then they’ll have to face The fact they’re nothing but a bunch of thugs.

        Watching highlights of Doncic & Jokic own Blacks at The game of basketball should be an exception though.

        • And there’s the music. Too many Whites listening to hood music, elevating thugs to godlike status (Tupac) – there is not enough money in the black “community” to make dozens of rappers rich – it’s the stupid Whites footing the bill.

          • Unfortunately they’re not footing the bill. They are willingly and intentional handing over their cash to these people.

  39. Zoning laws are not some locally tailored rules that the residents in our communities pulled together for our benefit. They are as corrupt as any of our other government functions. I believe there are some groups that put out “model” zoning codes that most localities adopt (correct me if I’m wrong). Sure they may require mom & pop operations to adhere to certain rules but those rules get a lot more flexible when a box store wants to build.
    About 20 years ago I watched the owner of a local KFC basically beg the zoning board to let him have a drive-up window when he had to rebuild his building. His franchise agreement required it and if the zoning board denied his request he was out of business. You can claim that these officials were looking out for our community but they seemed like affluent snobs who had to be appeased.
    By the way, not only will zoning laws not only fail to keep out any of the box stores do you really think they will keep out the section 8 housing? So much for the community.

    • I’m not really interested in chasing that stick. I would never argue that zoning laws are ideal or that they are immune to corruption. Only cranks from libertarianism think in such ways. For now, they simply serve to protect white communities from the predation of developers hoping to cash in on the Left’s war on whites.

      • That the zoning laws protect white communities is all we need to know.

  40. There is nothing wrong at all with old world conservatism. People (including lefties of the day) lived by it, it’s principles and did well for themselves and their people because it worked.
    The reason it doesn’t work today has nothing to do with it’s moral and ethic elements; it doesn’t work today because a succession of cucks, neocons, sellouts, RINOs and other cretins have undermined the old values.
    There is so a separation of right and left; but what’s happened is the left has gone mad, and the right is beginning to teeter. I attribute this to the proliferation of women and vibrants in the political process. The left went all in on diversity and inclusion and now they are 100% gone off the deep end. Conservatism originally resisted the pozz… but we are slowly succumbing to it too. In addition our vibrants and women tend to be of much better quality than those coming from the left… but it won’t be enough to stave off what’s coming.
    Until we get our vibrants, women, and degenerates back under control… we are headed in the same direction Leftie has gone.

    • Giving up on ‘community standards’ because ‘muh segregation’ was what killed ‘conservatism’. Northern snobbery allowed the enemy of mankind to leverage White power against Southern Whites resulting in an undermining of White power on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line.

  41. Yeah, the Strong Towns movement suffers from a number of flaws. They are correct insofar as they observe that suburbs are awful places to live and that zoning laws – for example, rules that require massive numbers of parking spaces for any new construction- are considerably to blame for their awfulness.

    Yes. I would very much prefer to live in a walkable place that looks like an old Medieval village. But suburbs are refugee camps for Whites who were driven out of their cities 50 years ago and those zoning laws (while gamed by perfidious developers, I admit) serve the purpose of keeping blecqs out.

    Strong Towns absurd conceit is that, if we changed these rules and allowed cool villages to be built again, everything would be better. People who live in the real world know that, if we did that, blacks would invade and steal those villages, too.

    • “They are correct insofar as they observe that suburbs are awful places”

      WTF are you talking about?

      • Correct. Suburbs are actually very nice places to live and raise children. There’s a reason they are so spectacularly popular and successful. Of course that too is passing, but the phenomenon for its time had a good run.

        • I may be strange, but I have utterly no desire to live in a Medieval village, walkable or not, and given the popularity of the suburbs, I’m not alone. “New Urbanism” is just yet another plot to prevent evil whites from getting away from blacks. Anyone attacking suburbs (or cars – looking at you, Kunstler) should be judged guilty until proven innocent.

          • I agree. The problem with villages is that you live close to others. I want space between myself and my neighbors.

            I have lived in many closely packed places. There is always one guy who insists on cranking the Dead or Metallica at 2 AM. Sure you can call the police, but your night is already ruined. I’d rather avoid the entire situation. Give me space.

          • I tend to agree. However, it is possible — theoretically, but almost impossible with the society and, especially the laws, that we currently have — to have voluntary communities where blasting the stereo, having weekend rentals where crowds of Melanic Hominids™ gather to dance, mate, drink, use and sell drugs, fight and occasionally shoot each other, and similar argy-bargy is prohibited. The hard part is finding the like-minded people who want to live peaceably together, almost as hard as having an enforcement mechanism to boot out the duds. A person certainly has the right to seek their own happiness, but that freedom stops the moment it starts to be an inconvenience to others.
            Throughout my life, I’ve found it amusing when people will bitch and moan that their HOA won’t let them park the RV on their property, or that they must get approval to plant a bush. But in 99.99% of the cases, these rules were in place and were available for inspection before the owner bought his property. But those are piss-ant trivial compared to the distortions and, sometimes, eventual literal destruction of communities due to the involuntary changes forced upon private property owners by: Federal or State courts, or Federal or State legislatures, both far away, and none having any stake in the community.

          • You have obviously never visited Carcassonne, France. It’s one of the coolest Medieval cities in Europe. There are a lot in Italy too that are also wonderful places to live. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one my favorite German medieval towns. I think if you spent a little time in these places, you might change your mind about what living in a medieval town can be like.

          • We live in the castle upon a hill in Europe. My Japanese toilet seat empties directly upon the town square below. The joy this brings “bombing” the mostly British, Chinese and American tourists is worth the steep taxes and bribes. The locals know how to move without getting clobbered by scat, some resembling canon balls others grapeshot because … grape nuts. We eat a lot of high-fibre foodstuffs. It’s not a bad thing here in Europe.

          • Be cautious. I’ve known (socially) an Estonian or two, and the American who lives there, and the country actually has a few Blacks living in it 😀

          • Freiburg im Breisgau is a very pleasant place to live, though a bit touristy at times.

          • But one cannot recreate Carcassonne in Camden. What makes European medieval towns wonderful is that they are authentically medieval and European, and that there is a centuries-long historical and cultural context. This cannot be conjured ex nihilo in BSA.

          • Rothenburg o. d. Tauber is nice, but more of a tourist town. Try Leipzig for a place to actually live, at least until Merkel’s Million Muslims wreck it.

          • Oh, like the Americans and British didn’t with the day and night visits from above? 🙂

          • But in Italy you can also have a spread with some hectares and bike into town if you want. My brother lives in such a place. Gorgeous. Best of all worlds.

          • You can only live in a medieval village type environment if you can pick and choose every person in that village. I don’t even like my extended family that much.

          • I doubt that Kunstler has some secret white hating agenda. He just genuinely despises what car companies and bulides have done to America. And I don’t blame him, so do I. My home town was a nice midsize city, Untill they built all the malls, strip malls, box stores and mile after mile of cul de sacsubdivisions. It was a crime against humanity.

        • The reason they are popular is that they are the only way to keep separate from the violence of the blacks. If you could live in an old city without the threat from them, you’d do it in a second.

          • “If you could live in an old city without the threat from them, you’d do it in a second.”

            What exactly do you base that on? Everyone should want to live in a city because you like living in a city? Everyone should want the things you want?
            Do you know what that sounds like?

          • Nope. Sorry, I live on a ranch. Where would I put my livestock in an urban, walkable community? There is a really crappy mini-mart (in a dry township, so it doesn’t sell beer, and it doesn’t have gas pumps) about a mile and a half away from me, a post office about a mile and 3/4 and nothing even remotely walkable after that. I think the mini-mart is a bit too close for comfort.

          • Oh, sure. I’m originally from Newark along with many other White people. It was a great place to live until the riots of 1967 caused many White people to flee. According to Conservative Inc., Newark’s decline is due solely to voting in Democrats and not demographic changes.

            Downtown is being rebuilt, but what will happen with Antifa and BLM on the rampage?

        • I’ve been a suburb hater for much of my life- I grew up in the city, and found that a bit of mixed use made for a pleasant life. I never much cared for post WW II home architecture- the “little boxes” that that commmie Malvina Reynolds sang about.
          But… the city I grew up in was a city of mostly single family houses, with a few duplexes and apartment houses thrown in. My neighborhood was plotted in the 1880s, and ironically in 1884 it WAS the suburbs! Oh, and it was100% white, still is, last time I was there. It will be interesting to see if the neighborhood survives- it’s not too far from the epicenter of rioting a month ago.
          I understand why many of my HS classmates chose to raise their families in the burbs, and resent attempts by the Obama gang to undo them.

          • I’ve lived in many locations in my life, but mostly suburbs. Of course, the suburbs developed for many reasons, but Whties getting away from Blacks was a major component 🙂 Like everything else, this issue is researched to death, but what follows is speculation: with the gradual loss of ability to use restrictive covenants, the methods to legally segregate were reduced to wealth. It’s nice to live in our mini-estates, but there are in fact downsides, in terms of energy and resource use, wasted resources. In a parallel universe where the USA never had the changes wrought by the civil rights movement, I expect most of us would happily be living in houses or apartments half or smaller than our current abodes, probably denser housing, more urbanized, but highly civil and peaceful. Cities were invented for a reason, but the loss of control over who lives where destroyed a prime reason for wanting to live there.

        • I always thought that Savannah, Georgia, got it right with their grid pattern using public squares. Walkable but still had houses for privacy.

          • oh yes, Savannah is a remarkably well designed place to get robbed and raped and murdered by blacks.

          • You can say that about any place. There’s no urban design that can stop chimp out. Hell, even prisons can’t do that.

          • Sure there is. You just have to add one item to the design: “Get rid of the chimps.”

          • Savannah. 54% AA, 36% ‘white’. Segregation is economic, with white women displaying extensive tatooing and numales/hipsters doing some urban pioneering, but not breeding competitively. Downtown historic district drinking on the street is legal (one of two such cities in the US) and the nexus of black-on-white crime. Plenty of zones where people hang out on driveways and front porches all day, but I have noticed more down-and-out whites moving into them.

      • I’m talking about the lived experience of the suburbs. They are places designed to fulfill the desires of automobiles, which is perverse.

        • Automobiles don’t have desires, the people who drive them do, and that is what is being served. If you don’t like those desires, fine, but recognize that not everyone shares your preferences. Hard as it may be to believe, some of us like large green lawns, one- story rance houses, and the ability to go wherever we want to go when we want. Why do you find it so hard to believe that I don’t want to live in an old city? This is the New Urbanism equivalent of “False Consciousness”.

          • I’ll make allowance for the fact that some people have terrible taste and prefer atomized existence to the way humans evolved to live.

          • Well, why don’t you find like-minded folk and form a hunter-gatherer band then? 😀

          • Oh grow up.
            Not that long ago people had union halls, social clubs, rotary, churches masonry, local bars and a host of organizations that served as an ersatz tribe.
            Women had different organizations PTA,sewing circle, reading groups and other similar organizations for them
            The industrial age Capitalists along with help from the Communists and late Fascists destroyed these as a deliberate policy of atomization for social control and to pump the economy.
            Atomized consumers buy more, share less and work harder.
            .The net result of such policies is slow motion genocide of everyone capable of maintaining modernity.
            If there is a future society rebuilding a societal foundation that is good for healthy private groups will be a keep part of the “good place for families” ethos.

          • What you’re describing is modernity. Modernity is the borg. It hates humanity.

          • Its going to die fairly soon simply because almost no one capable of promulgating it is having children at replacement much less growth.
            The Amish and similar high religion groups OTOH have increasing population and in some cases, ones that double every twenty years.

          • Yep. And as much as I like the gadgets and gizmos of modernity I think it’s a positive. People can be ugly but they also make life worth living.

          • @Falcone –

            Farmers in Europe did not have the remote, house-in-nowhere structure like we have here. You can still see this in countless little villages – lots of fields and, in the middle, a town where the farmers live.

          • I guess it’s a matter of degree

            My family has farms in Italy and there is no one for a mile or so

            But, yes, there is always a village nearby to get the basics

          • That was because people don’t like traveling more than a half hour to get to essentials they need on a regular basis.

            Before automobiles the small farm town was frequently 15 minutes away on horseback. Now my county seat, much farther, is still 15 minutes away by car. Since everyone has a car, and everything is still 15 minutes away how are we atomized?

            My area was organized around a small mining town. It had its own grocery story, clinic, school, etc., but after the roads began to improve and automobiles became more common, those amenities all started to move to the county seat. There’s no way you can force that little town to have all those things again. People would still drive to the county seat because there just aren’t enough people locally to make those businesses profitable. It’s just too easy for people to get to the county seat. There’s nothing wrong with that.

            About all that’s left locally is the churches, because people like local churches.

          • Actually Spain and Ireland did exactly that. But yhey’ve all moved to towns now. There are literally thousands of abandoned homes scattered across the Spanish and Irish landscapes.

          • Most jobs are in cities. That could be handled with zoning but there are a lot of enterprises that simply would not expand into non urban areas even with zoning limits as the people that run like cities.
            For those few with a decent income in a small town, there is little to enjoy that wealth on in that rural farming village or small town.
            There are those that do but I suspect many people do not want large families even including those who grew up with them.
            Two is plenty for most as many households have the resources needed to ensure a good standard of living and a good start for them.
            Also even for those who’d like more, modernity and urban living are not well situated for large families of children in general.
            It could in theory be fixed but its complex and Clown World can’t fix anything.

          • I honestly don’t know Spanish history well enough to comment. But when you drive through the country, there are abandoned homes everywhere.
            Ireland is the same, but that was due to the famine when they all left for America. But just like in Spain, their old stone houses still stand.

          • “Automobiles don’t have desires, the people who drive them do, and that is what is being served. If you don’t like those desires, fine, but recognize that not everyone shares your preferences.”

            Which is why Democracy is a dead-end. As the absolute monarch, I would kill all the designers and builders of prefabricated housing. Right after I killed everybody else that pissed me off.

          • Well, then you’d have a fight on your hands out here. Mobile homes are one of the most common forms of housing in Appalachia and we don’t give a good goddamn what you think of them.

            This is why I am inherently suspicious of authoritarianism. I can guarantee that a month after the coronation of King Zman, I’d find myself on the opposite side of one of his decrees and I’d be right back being labeled a “dissident” again.

          • A one-issue dissident is a very different animal from the dissident who wants to blow the entire government and society to bloody Hell.

          • We both belong in the second category. But what I’m saying is that none of us will ever agree on everything. As long as we agree on the vast majority of the major stuff, we can make the ethnostate work, even if it has an authoritarian bent, which it almost certainly will.

          • I hope so. I’d rather live under an mildly authoritarian ethnostate than under the dictatorship of woke democracy.

          • “Mobile homes are one of the most common forms of housing in Appalachia …”

            Hey, don’t worry. As your sovereign I’d grandfather in everyone who was already living in a Mcdwelling. 😀

          • That slogan would last as long as it took the hangman to stroll on over and knock on their door.

          • I see both sides. I certainly recognize and understand the draw of suburbs and why people love them (otherwise they wouldn’t be built), but I’m also drawn to an orderly city existence without danger and crime. Both are acceptable, I think

        • Since at least the 1960s, the assumption is that every adult member of the family has a car. Many streets don’t have sidewalks, a store to buy a few basic groceries is miles away and there is no town center.

          • The Left is correct in some ways , that assumption needs to be dealt with in the long term simply because fuel is finite and declining.
            Of course public transit only works when its safe pleasant and properly funded and built with actual human needs in mind.
            Even in a hypothetical ethnostate, no one wants to ride near unmedicated mentally ill homeless, violent bangers or the like.
            Ultimately assuming there is repatriation I’m not sure that lower fertility is at all bad , a less crowded US with policies pushing small independent towns would make for a population more like yeoman than hive folk.

      • Yes, awful, at least in my area. One of the worst aspects is traffic. The cities are designed for massive numbers of people. Most of the infrastructure of the suburbs is absolutely inadequate for the huge numbers of people. Most of the suburbs is former farmland. Heck, much of the outer areas of the cities themselves is former farmland and suburbs. The old mansions either torn down or broken into apartments. There are some formerly beautiful 3 and 4 story mansions in my city that were broken up into 6 separate apartments! The (formerly) private parks across the street from them are now strewn with prostitutes and needles. Even the area I live in used to be all farmland.

        • I lived in Roxborough for a short spell about 15 years ago, and there were what looked like produce farms down near the banks of the Schuylkill. It blew my mind.

    • Strong Towns reminds me of R Street, Heartland and other operations that are bankrolled by corporate interests. They dress up their operations in conservative and libertarian trappings, but their real purpose is corporate lobbying. Part of their grift is to pretend to be critics of mainstream conservatism. In the case of Strong Towns, they just want the right to bulldoze your town and build tenement blocks. Developers get richer and hipsters get more space in the cities.

      • Then the devopers send campaign contributions to the politicians, usually Democrat but sometimes Republican, and the process repeats.

      • No then on Strong towns.
        Yes on the burbs, even if you don’t live there. Yes on anyplace our people are safe. No on any and all encroachments.

        I live very rural, FYI, so no I’m not vested in burbs. My people are.

      • And where do company towns like Hershey, or Pullman fit into the American scheme of suburbia?
        I understood these towns were nothing more than a scam that broke the back of American workers who were forced to buy a home they could never pay off, and buy from company stores with over priced goods so they were always indebted.

        • Hershey wasn’t a scam, I don’t think. I’ve never known or heard of the place being other than affluent.

    • We began building villages and towns 5000 years ago. They were centered around a town center. Neighborhoods developed that centered around neighborhood institutions such as churches and schools. As they expanded into cities the surrounded greenbelt was where you found the farms. The majority of people did not live in cities but in villages. They built their homes around a village square and the surrounding area was largely used for agriculture. This was as true for the world of Catal Huyuk as it was for ancient Athens, Rome, Paris, London, etc…..
      4850 years later we began building suburbs (not villages) not out of desire but out of a desperation to escape the flooding of our cities by undesirables. The post WWII world accelerated that trend and turned it into a way of life. Atomized enclaves where old genetic and cultural ties no longer exist. Where atomized communities interact with TV personalities more than they do their neighbors. Where culture is defined by what’s going on at the mall and the latest entertainment out of Challahwood. Where brothers are separated from brothers by 10s or 1000s of miles. Where grandparents grow old alone. Where friends are defined by activities and not history. Where TPTB can easily define what you think about and how you think about it because your roots and culture are planted an inch deep.

      Suburbs are unnatural. The only reason we embrace them is to escape the savagery that now overruns what our ancestors had built. BTP is absolutely correct, suburbs are White refugee relocation camps. But we’ve had nowhere else to go for so long that they now seem like a paradise compared to the sorts of arrangements our ancestors had preferred for thousands of years.

      • What an insightful discourse. Thank you.
        I just put on my science-fiction goggles and tried to imagine what white-people inner cities would look like in 2020 were there no other races involved anywhere along the line. Our Wakanda, if you will.
        I’m willing to bet that most of us would prefer that to atomization in the ‘burbs.

        • White ghettos can be nearly as unpleasant as a Black ghetto once drugs become involved.
          If hypothetical future USA can keep drugs including GMO marijuana under tight control and there are jobs it won’t be as bad as now though.
          The key though is making sure there is work, intact families, and few hard drugs.
          THis eliminates the underlying social conditions and while the medicare IQ and lower impulse control typical of the perma-poor will still be there, it will be mutated.

          • If there’s no welfare and criminals are not indulged, hard drugs are not a problem. Many hard drugs were known to the world in 1776, yet they were not “made illegal.” In fact it was recognized that government had no say in the matter. The problem caused by some hard-drug users is quickly corrected by an armed populace and just laws about protecting self and property.

          • Opium is tap water compared to synthetic Fentanyl
            Frankly huge amounts of social havoc were created by good old fashioned gin much less modern drugs which are 100x more dangerous and addictive and that chaos was with a moral,populace.
            Drugs must be dealt with as part of policy and frankly people who sell hard drugs and I don’t mean ditch weed or the like, need to dance the Tyburn Jig.

        • You don’t need to put on your science-fiction goggles, just head to Ireland, Scotland or Shetland. Greenland and Iceland are pretty much all white too.
          And of course there’s Czech, Poland and Hungary. And they are all telling the EU to piss off when it comes for forced immigration.
          It looks like the US Forces are finally getting ready to leave Germany and head to Poland. Unlike the average German, the Poles still appreciate what America stands for so Americans will be quite welcome there.
          Not to mention the fact there are dozens of new US companies like Raytheon opening up in Poland and hiring Poles in droves! Thanks to Brexit, well trained and highly skilled Poles are leaving the UK and heading home. It’s a win-win for the Poles.

          • I don’t like the idea of “America” getting its hooks into Poland. Right now this country is no better than the EU, and it may be worse.

          • There’s lots of color in the US military. And wherever there’s color there’s crime. Plenty of hard right in poland. I wonder how they will deal with the extra cultural enrichment? Especially the Ameican darkenings?

          • Plenty of hard right in poland.

            Relatively to USA? Yes. Relatively to western Europe, Hungary or polish population? No. Krzysztof Bosak (presidential candidate from Konfederacja) got circa 7 % votes during current elections. Good score, but a coalition of libertarians, nationalists, tradcaths and Borderlanders cannot get above 10 % in Poland if they stick only to their idealist program.

            I wonder how they will deal with the extra cultural enrichment?

            The general rule is: if you start shit and you a black or an arab, you better hope for the police to apprehend you first, especially in worse neighbourhoods.
            In this case, the authorities are eager to cover up or prevent any clashes (there were already brawls, rape attempts and thievery) so the image of or “greatest allies” goes untarnished. American soldiers are subjected to american military jurisdiction so our courts can do nothing in the matter except for investigations.

          • We don’t need any more colonial troops from the Empire. On top of that, they are often involved in road accidents. Of course the pathetic muppets in Warsaw will always find a way to funnel cash to american Military-Industrial complex. I won’t be surprised if we pay “reparations” for jews, under the cover of arms sales.
            Yankee go home.
            Oh yeah, and we’re getting immigrants (in fact we’re the top immigrated-to country this year in the EU), just not the “relocated” ones: Ukrainians, South Asians (mostly Indians), SEAsians (mostly Vietnamese) and others.
            And no, we won’t see a mass return of UK Poles to Poland as stagnating wages are still crap. They will either remain in the UK, move to other EU countries or (in few cases) hope for Scottish independence.

          • Qba – I’ve read about increasing numbers of 3rd worlders in Poland, including Filippinos. No, you don’t need or want any of them or the sex trafficking they bring – they may be Catholic, but they are not White Europeans and nothing like Poles. Keep the US troops out – they’ll bring nothing but trouble and diversity.

      • Well said. Worth nominating what you might think exceptionally “Stepford Wives” type suburb is? I vote for Florida’s “The Villages.” i’ve visited a few times, it’s nice and I’d even live in such a place, but probably it’s too expensive for me. It’s nciely done, but you get the feeling knowing it’s not quite real, feels a lot like walking around Walt Disney World’s Bavarian villages or Unviersal amusement parks…

      • Yes a thousand times. City and country are how people are supposed to live. The burbs are a sad substitute. None of the culture and excitement of the city, none of the peace and natural living of the country.

    • Wait until electric cars with feck all range, no ability to store fuel and remote onboard control are the norm (like 5 years from now).
      Those people in suburbs are going to discover what an open prison is like. It will be semi-permanent house confinement with only Amazon deliveries, as you will have had your 5 mile allowed trip per day and that is it for you buddy. suburbs are workable only with independent transport.

      Get back to your teleworking pod and wait for the beyond meat delivery.

    • They are correct insofar as they observe that suburbs are awful places to live….”

      Say what you will of suburbs, the people who live in them like them enough not to burn them down. Can’t say that about a few dozen large cities.

    • “But suburbs are refugee camps for Whites who were driven out of their cities 50 years ago…”

      James Howard Kunstler never gets tired of complaining about cul de sac subdivisions and strip malls. But wasn’t that supposed to be the Capitalist/Communist paradise? Lots of cheap mass produced goods for everybody. No doubt Mr. Marohn believes that progress must march on no matter what. He simply wants to fulfill the vision of mountains of crap for everbody, even if it means destroying all the social capital in America. And so he wants to team up with the left. That’s the uniparty to a tee. Strange bedfellows. Tearing down the old to build the new is baked into the American cake, and nothing is going to change that except total failure.

      Oops. Posted in the wrong spot. 🙁

      • They weren’t just driven out. Houses in the city tend to be cramped and have terrible bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes only one small bathroom. Who wants to wait to use the bathroom and still have a warm toilet seat from the previous person? Nasty. Then you have all of the issues that old houses have, and suddenly getting the newer house outside of town makes a lot of sense.

        • I appreciate the warm toilet seat. Beats freezing your ass of (almost literally, lol).

    • That’d be fine as long as there isn’t a single POC of any swarthy shade within several thousand miles at a minimum.

  42. You know the next six months are going to be lit! No matter who wins the election things are just going to get crazier. I’ve actually taken steps to cut back at work and just kind of enjoy myself. Seems like working myself to death on the way to the collapse might not be the best thing use of my time. Rather read all these books I’ve collected and haven’t had time to read.

    Happy white person and dependence day everyone!

    • And don’t forget to restock the magazine if the supplies are running low. Ancient wisdom.

    • Whatever happens by this year end this will be the last decade of the Boomers, the next ten years will see a transformation that few could imagine.

      • You have no idea how quickly things will turn bad when the boomers go. Your ten years estimate is a bit optimistic.

        • One thing’s for sure…. we will lose the federal government and certainly the President. We will likely lose both the House and Senate too. As the Boomers die off, every year more and more 51% (plus) Gen-Z will be eligible to vote.

      • For all the gloating about that (I’m not saying you’re doing it), Boomers help a lot for the sanity of our countries. They are the largest demographic that are almost all white. Every following generation is progressively smaller when it comes to what percentage white it is.
        Gen-X is every bit as bad as the Boomers. I cannot tell you how many people I knew as teens and young adults, who thought just as we do on all kinds of issues, but especially race, who today virtue signal on FB and the like about their black friends etc. All those middle-aged cat-women on Twitter are all Gen-X. Gen-X is the first generation that was raised from the time they were toddlers to believe in all kinds of equality and the virtue of Dr Kingberg’s color-blind society.
        We were the first generation to be told, en mass, that race=color. That’s why I am always banging on about how race has nothing to do with color. Because it was framed for us in that way, we were incapable of thinking through anything on the subject. After all, if skin color is just another thing like eye or hair color, it makes it sound ridiculous. It is how they got away with doing these classroom stunts of breaking up students by things like hair color and then mistreating them on that basis. Once you are stuck in the wrong frame, it is absolutely impossible to think your way out of it. They did the same thing with gender by claiming we were all the same except plumbing, as if we all have the same psyche!

        • Of course I believe race is more than skin tone and that genes influence intelligence, behavior and so on. Yet I wish it were possible to sort out people by “the content of their character.” Just to be able to form (and defend) communities of like-minded (not necessarily like-looking) people, while keeping the rejects out. Yes, some races have more than their share of useless or even dangerous people, but we’re not exempt. The derisive term “white trash” exists for a reason 🙁

          • Wrong, Wrong. Wrong.

            Get that stupid, feel-good, pussy CivNat mentality out of your head. If you’re having moral debates in your head, then just remember that a race is simply an extended family. And family comes first. Don’t choose strangers over your own family.

            Second, if it’s cold facts that you need, remember reversion to the mean. That nice black family moving into your neighborhood will have children who are more like typical blacks, i.e. stupid and violent. In a couple of generations, that nice black couple’s grandkids will be back to being thugs.

          • Yes. The call of the wild. A return to the jungle. Even with a Huxstable like family there is a return to the bongo drums.

          • If you judge non-whites by the content of their character but almost none of them do to others, game theory predicts that you lose.

          • I don’t want sub85 IQ whites around anymore than I do sub85 Joggers.

            If we ever get our ethnostate (LARPy as hell, I know) eugenics should be in the preamble to the new Constitution.

          • Are you a high IQ nationalist? Or a high IQ white nationalist?

            My feeling is that low IQ whites are our unfortunate brothers, who will do little harm if they are not inflamed by enemy media.

            I would say anyone who requires more than say, 2 years of public assistance, must be sterilized before receiving any further assistance, otherwise, they go to a camp.

          • implantable birth control while on assitance. simple cash payments for strelization.

          • But our low-IQ people could be loading trucks or otherwise doing useful work and having families and children (who will be closer to the white average than they are (1/2 way back from the average of the parents to the white average) on average). But instead they have to deal with the competition from other groups and have other groups preying on them, offering dope and glorifying thug life.
            The lower 50% of white people would be MUCH better off in an all white country. There is no all white country with crime and other dysfunction even close to the US. The absolute worst have children who are better behaved and do better in school than that of even well to do blacks.

          • We tried that here a few decades ago. It didn’t work out so well. But you can’t say we didn’t try!

          • You guys were ahead of your time. Sorry it turned out so bad. Let’s try again.

          • There aren’t that many sub-85 whites, thankfully.

            (All numbers approximate) Average IQ in America is 100. Blacks are 13% of the population, hispanics 18%. Both groups sub-90 average IQ. High-IQ minorities are less than 10% of the population.

            American whites are quite intelligent.

          • Sub85 Whites are approximately one in seven of the total.

            That seems to match up pretty well with the quantity of trailer trash; which they are called for a reason.

          • If white Americans were a nation we’d be one of the most intelligent in the world. Only the East Asian nations ahead.

            I get that the trailer park isn’t the academy, but they aren’t bad compared to the rest of the world.

          • We could do without spergy anti-social IQ snobs. Is there a eugenics program for those?

            We made it to the moon with 1/7 “trailer trash.”

          • And how many of that 1/7th participated in getting us to the moon?

            Low IQ White nationalism was tried, and it died when that infamous box broke.

          • Jack Crenshaw was a white male Southerner who went to Auburn University in Alabama. He was the guy who actually did the work credited to three sassy black women in Hidden Figures.

          • Bravo!
            Don’t forget the Wright Brothers were SC bicycle mechanics.
            That’s just… Deplorable.

          • You be better off working for Soros with that nasty attitude. That trailer trash is that because of globalization and foreigners taking their jobs.

            They aren’t bad people unless you act like some primadonna who thinks his shit doesn’t stink because he has a college and is a s cube drone.

          • Wait, so White Trash didn’t exist before 1945?

            If you believe that, you need to read more 19th Century American authors.

            Your argument is substantively indistinguishable from the one that AWFL’s defend joggers with.

          • They’re rough, no denying it. But the hood isn’t putting 4-barrel Holleys and a posi rear end in the ‘73 Nova.

            Will admit, though, the Puerto Ricans up my way aren’t bad mechanics. Lack attention to detail sometimes but they get it done for the most part 🙂

          • Supposed to be a reply to memewarvet: You are a perfect example of why the right always loses.

            Too many divisive a$$holes punching right..

            Plus you are just a nasty hateful person. Who would want to be around you (question answers itself).

          • Generally speaking, when you consider content of character, you still come to the same conclusion with few outliers.

          • Possibly. But I promise you that the offspring of those “content of character” outliers that you so champion will be clamoring for special privileges and immigration for more people like themselves.

            Non-whites are highly instinctively tribalistic. You can’t wish it away.

          • We need to Tribe it, and them away.
            Any actual Western Universalism has been broke since Luther. Nationalism and Tribalism are primal forces that for good or ill cannot be ignored, only managed.

          • Nope – no IKAGO. We need like minded people of our own kind – not to include like minded people of any other kind. If that’s your hope or dream, I guess you can move to that enclave when the time comes. For myself, if I never saw another POC of any shade, it would likely be heaven on earth.

          • Yes, there are major screw-ups who are white. They may be screw-ups, but they are OUR screw-ups. These people could be working at the low end jobs that are now taken by other peoples’ screw-ups.
            There is no ethnic group or race that doesn’t have a wide distribution of intelligence or lack thereof, or how hard working they are or how prone to violence they are etc. It’s bad enough we have our own bad people to deal with, but now with globohomo we have everyone’s bad people to deal with.

            Everything about the US would be better if everyone were white and nothing about America would be worse for their not being here.

          • “Yes, there are major screw-ups who are white. They may be screw-ups, but they are OUR screw-ups.”

            Hahahaha! I’d love to see what you have to say after living in a town packed with skinheads, outlaw bikers and Arian Nation ex convicts. Oh yah. And there’s some sweet gangs on freight trains like the “Freight Train Riders of America.” And the ” Wrecking Crew.” Lets not leave any of our dear brothers and sisters out.

          • They won’t mess with you just for being white. There’s a lot to be said for that.

          • They make good muscle too 🙂 Willing and able to do the dirty work. Every tribe needs its brutes.

          • “Every tribe needs its brutes.”
            You talking about the nuns or the bikers?

          • The whole “let’s accept every white person, no matter how big a screwup they may be” thing was tried three summers ago, with disastrous results.