The Beginning Or End?

Way back in the before times, whenever the topic of Soviet propaganda came up, inevitably someone would mention that it was necessary in order to keep the people from revolting against the system. There was an assumption that the propaganda worked to some degree in convincing the public. The truth is, it was never particularly effective on the masses. Instead, the real value of propaganda is in keeping the believers from questioning their beliefs.

We see this today with the massive propaganda barrage from the ruling class media organs regarding the race war. They endlessly wave around claims about how much public support there is for toppling statues, assaulting old white people on the streets and perpetrating race hoaxes. It is the oldest and dullest form of persuasion. “All the other kids are doing it. You don’t want to be left out, do you?” It’s so crude and clumsy it often feels like it is an inside joke at times.

For example, this piece rocketed around the sports media sites. The claim is car racing, especially newly woke NASCAR, is getting record audience numbers. They don’t make the claim explicitly, but clearly the intent of the post is to suggest wokeness has been good for car racing. Of course, TV ratings are entirely fake and have been for a very long time, but even taken at face value, NASCAR is as popular right now as a moderate YouTube star or OnlyFans bimbo.

If you are running a billion-dollar sport and you can only draw a million fans when no other sports are permitted to operate, you have serious problems. That’s the world of facts and reason. In the world of wokeness, a slight bump after a series of embarrassing public relations blunders is a triumph of the will. It is all the proof the great and good need to convince them that turning NASCAR into an endless lecture on the horrors of white people was a great idea.

What we will not see, of course, is a similar story a year from now when the sport is struggling with half-empty stands and dismal TV ratings. That’s not the sort of thing that keeps the true believers energized. In ideological societies, truth is a very dangerous thing, not because it gives the doubters ammunition. Truth is dangerous because it undermines the zeal of the believers. That’s the real motivation behind this race war unleashed by the ruling class. They needed to inspire the faithful.

This need to constantly tend their own garden is why the rulers are now banning harmless people like Stefan Molyneux from the internet. Whatever you may think of his performances, Molyneux is pretty much just a garden variety AnCap. He sprinkles in some crime data and facts about race on occasion, but he has not done much of that in a long time now. Instead, he has retooled himself into a street corner Socrates, but he was banned from social media anyway.

People on this side are tempted to think his banning is due to his occasional flirtations with race realism, but if that were so he would have been zapped years ago. In reality, the people in charge are running low on people willing to go onto their stages and play the villain for them. Twitter is all house broken conservatives and Progressive cranks, with the latter outnumbering the former 100-to-1. After years of human sacrifice, the stock of sinners is running low, so they are creating them.

Therein lies a significant difference between what we are witnessing today and what went on in communist countries. At some point after the war, communist propaganda shifted from promoting the glorious future that was at hand to promoting the glories of the here and now. That is, the point of communist propaganda was to endlessly remind the people in the party that there was no need for change, just constant vigilance against the remaining reactionaries.

That does not appear to be in the cards for liberal democracy. It is a constant revolt against the present, even when the present is the creation of the people doing the revolting, as we see today. That’s why the propaganda gets more intense and more absurd with each click of the ratchet. It’s as if the faster they chase after the glorious future, the further it recedes into the distance, so the only solution is to run faster and that means more sacrifices and more witch hunting.

It is tempting to conclude that they cannot keep up this pace for long and will at some point exhaust themselves. That is probably true, but that point may be well beyond where we stand now. Look at the way they have reacted to the rioter in Seattle being run over and killed. Instead of sobering them up, it is becoming something of a blood sacrifice. The new religion has no limiting principle, so the limit of their fanatical zeal may turn out to be physical reality.

The point of all this is that this may be the early stages of the revolution. It is popular with the older crowd to compare now with the 1970’s, when the cultural revolution of the 1960’s collapsed into anarchy. In other words, it is 1974, Trump is Nixon and Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter. In reality, it could be 1968 and Trump is Johnson. He certainly spends like Johnson and dithers like Johnson. We may be living through the good part of the revolution and things will get much worse from here.

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377 thoughts on “The Beginning Or End?

  1. We are dead. American Holocaust of all white people by 2030, at least those not killed by the army when they come in force to take our weapons in the years before.

  2. yes, Trump could be 1968 Johnson, but this assumes the left has a Nixon. then again, demographics unlike those of 1968 or 1974 might be enough to push girl-sniffer over the line.

    yes, liberal democracy consumes itself looking for monsters to cower from. so does communism, the extreme version of liberalism, as when they reach power, until they say utopia has been reached and whoever doubts is a traitor. at least Christendom said utopia was out of this world.

  3. This post reminded me of this:

    Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
    Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
    Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

    Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
    You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
    And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

    So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking
    Racing around to come up behind you again.
    The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older,
    Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

  4. Or Trump is a Girondist and we’re waiting for the Jacobins.

    There’s definitely a movement out there seeking blood and it enjoys support from at least a portion of America’s elites…

    • Pres. Trump, despite his obvious failings, has tried to govern like a constitutional conservative. But the machine has no use for that kind of president any longer.

  5. Republican update:

    The black mayor of Houston has cancelled the Republican Convention as “a clear and present danger.”

    Wasn’t the previous mayor a Woke lesbian?

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    • “This has the smack of truth about it. It is not good.”

      If I’m reading this right, Mr.Thomas thinks that the maine reason the elites want to get rid of the police is to make it easier to implement totalitarian rule.

      I have two questions and an observation.

      A. How many people in the federal, state and local governments would go along with the utter destruction of the constitution.

      B. Why would they spend billions of dollars on militarizing the police in the first place, just to destroy it all later?

      C. Just because you fire a cop doesn’t make them magically disappear. They would still be around to join in the push back.

      • Plenary Police Powers – the broad powers – are held locally in the USA. The FBI cannot write speeding tickets.
        We have divided powers, and by dividing them, we limit them and place the powerful in conflict.
        This naturally chafes at those who covet more power – which is nearly everyone in politics – although fanatics cannot be bought off.
        Of course they want to get rid off the local police, they don’t control them. They’ll replace them with their own police- aka actual Commissars.
        This is Communism 101, nothing here should surprise us. Why do you think they thought nothing of shooting dozens of them in the last election cycle to get out the Black vote? They’re already condemned in the Left’s eyes.
        As is everyone here of course.

  7. I imagine some here read the Conservative Treehouse. This Sundance guy has been meticulously laying out all the treasonous sedition aimed at Trump since 2016 as well as all the players involved. It now sounds like he’s putting something into place to blow the gaskets on all that shit. Any thoughts as to what it might be and possible effectiveness?

    • Trump didn’t build “consensus” within the Federal Government, that is make the Swamp richer.
      So he just doesn’t have the support to do anything like this…
      Nor is he willing to be Lincoln, he’s Buchanan.
      We really needed a Jackson.

  8. This comment is not strictly on-topic, but hopefully of some interest. Glancing at the putatively conservative and “edgy” Ace of Spades website, the blog owner had a post about another instance of the jogger tax, a very nasty one:
    That site has become so cowardly, the entire post was removed because someone posted a comment like “From now on I’m going to stay around people similar to me.” That is nearly verbatim from my recollection. The last thing conservatives will ever abandon is the progressive moral framework, the drumbeat of the Left. The Pied Piper of Frankfurt knows all the favorite normiecon tunes.
    One other comment I saw before the whole post disappeared was actually from a regular at the site. The comment was that perhaps it was a mistake to believe we could all live in the same neighborhoods, go to the same schools, shop at the same malls. He even apologized for suggesting this. His comment elicited negative responses from the other commenters there.

  9. “propaganda gets more intense and more absurd with each click of the ratchet. It’s as if the faster they chase after the glorious future, the further it recedes into the distance,”
    my thinking is left wing extremsts are most important for bringing about their authoritarian system.
    They use the zealots talking points(given to them by college professors) to justify the changes the globo-homo people are intending to make.
    Rioters & virtue signalers create fake crisis, corporate CEOs then come to offer solutions for these fake crisis.
    If the crazier & crazier propaganda stops then fake crisis stop, then Soros types can’t implement their sick & twisted agenda.

    • “my thinking is left wing extremsts are most important for bringing about their authoritarian system.”

      I don’t know just how much of what this guy is saying is for real. But even if the kung flu and lockdowns weren’t planned, the people in charge of this planet are always ready to jump on any crisis to implement whatever plans they do have

      “The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order”

  10. On the the bright side, the white left has such low birth rates now that, when interracial marriages are accounted for, they are removing themselves from the population by up to 40% per generation, perhaps more as rates continue to fall. Conservative birth rates are nothing to write home about, but they are still noticeably higher. In the year 2100, the whites who remain will be a better people. Leftists are ultimately doomed, deservedly so. They are not cut out for civilization. Into the trash heap of history you go losers. We’ll make sure the history books portray you as the evil people you were.

    • That reminds me of that 1st world war general who’s name escapes me for now who pointed out that, as the British and French empires combined had a far larger population than the German and Austro-Hungarian empires, they were assured of victory if they could just keep the murderous and senseless trench warfare going long enough. They called it “War of attrition” if I remember correctly.

    • There’s no reason at present to think they won’t just erase us, and write us up as an evil race that was destroyed. Birth rate? Communism has an answer to birth rates- Communism kills faster than peasants breed.

      • Russia outlasted communism. They are building churches again in Moscow. Furthermore, no they can’t just erase us. The vast majority of the critical infrastructure of this country is maintained by Whites and there aren’t enough non-whites willing to immigrate here and competently take those jobs. Some of us will remain. Those who do will win the future. White leftists will be thrown onto the ash heap of history as their demographics breed them out. The Whites who remain one hundred years from now will be more conservative and more ethnocentric, just like every other race.

  11. I explained this to one of my kids as “Cargo Cult meets the substitution effect in economics”. Keep repeating the rituals and keep finding new enemies, though the supply of real ones has run out”. If a George Wallace and Nate Forrest were the prime rib of racists, with guy like Molyneaux, we’re down to day old road kill possum.

  12. I think that for progressive leftists, racism is a comfort blanket. After last year’s Greta Thunberg crusade against carbon dioxide was met with near universal ridicule, and this year’s disastrous war against the virus that causes the common cold, they must be feeling somewhat battered. At least they can always come home to racism. Racism will always be there for them, because unlike anthropogenic global warming, and WHO generated bogus pandemics, racism is real. That is to say it is rooted in certain unchanging truths of human nature and biology.
    Of course racism will always be there, however the willingness of Whites to feel guilt over it, well, that’s another matter. How long will Whites continue to feel guilt over their racism? Presumably, as long as there is some sort of reward to them for doing so. The day that Whitey responds to charges of racism with a, yeah, whatever! That’s the day things start to change.

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  14. Last night reading the news, I found out that one of the Federal Reserve bank presidents is a Negro 😲 ! (Atlanta, no surprise there.) If this isn’t a sign of the end times, then what is? 😎

  15. Zman, Sailer copied your ‘conversation with a nogger’ post the other day, asking “What do they really want?” His answers were pretty much the same as those here, except cloaked with the standard veneer of slightly superior intelligentsia his commentriat likes to project. Money, power, women, the White man’s history erased, and most White people dead with the handful left alive miscegenated and subjugated. But, Sailer, mourned, they have no sense of humor.

  16. It’s the primal scream of defending failed ideas but they’ll keep looking for that pony in the pile of manure.

    How anyone thinks that the NASCAR fan base is anything but about wanting to see white men try to maim or kill each other is beyond me.

    • Some like(d) NASCAR just for the speed rush and skill. Going 200 mph in a tight formation was kinda awe-inspiring, and there were spin-off benefits through better cars. Back in the day there were many fun personalities to cheer or boo, too.
      Downsides like a hidebound organization resisting safety measures until Dale Earnhardt, Sr. got killed, so another sport that advances one death at a time. Still like the speed, don’t like politicization of sports.

    • “How anyone thinks that the NASCAR fan base is anything but about wanting to see white men try to maim or kill each other is beyond me.”

      Ever been to a NASCAR tailgate party? That alone is worth the trip.

  17. What these people desperately want is to live in a society that they can wreck all over again. What do you do when your ideas already wrecked the place? What do you do when not even a gender fluid African American satanist tranny is cutting edge? Like a drug addict chasing the dragon they need more and more anarchy to be titillated. They don’t even notice that nothing they control even works anymore.

  18. I will second a request to Z and the board for recommended books on the Irish troubles?

  19. You also see the disconnect with reality when the media constantly harps on the white man’s sins. Yes, we did bad things to The Negro. We accept full responsibility for the Tulsa race riot of 1921, or the travesty of justice that was Emmett Till (1955). A lot of blacks were lynched during Jim Crow.  We don’t deny that Whites killed or persecuted Blacks in the past. But if you notice, as Z-man said, “…the stock of sinners is running low, so they are creating them.” Problem is, it’s hard to find a black that wasn’t killed by another black, or some other way through his own ignorance and often criminality.  Fortunately, the law of large numbers guarantees that in at least some circumstances, a white authority figure will interact with the saintly Black Man. Cops and sometimes private citizens attacking and sometimes killing blacks is today’s fertile ground. Usually left out of the equation is whether the cops were acting in a justified manner. In nearly all cases, the answer is “yes.” But such an answer is unacceptable to the social justice warrior. Therefore, any time a black man is injured or killed in any interaction with authority, it is clear on the face of it that the Black man is an innocent victim. No further investigation of the facts is necessary. Rationalists who point out that Blacks are violent six to ten times as much as Whites, that they prey mostly upon their own race, and so on are dismissed out of hand as “racist.” 

    • Who is this “we” you speak of? Whatever crimes whites committed against blacks certainly happened before I was born (and I’m old, so most likely not your fault either) and sins of the father and all that, I’m not taking blame for it. Why should we? “We” in this context meaning whites actually living. Whatever grievances the negros have has been repaid already.

      • It was more or less a reply direct to Z’s blog today. So my “We” is the collective white guilt acknowledging that we did commit some crimes in the distant past. But that in the present this is not the case, that the media are demonizing whites. It’s unprincipled, of course, but effective propaganda: Better to point out your enemy’s sins, even if the most recent were long ago, than to admit your own side’s glaring, possibly worse faults.

    • Mike Enoch did a couple of shows about the research he did regarding the, “ Tulsa Race Riot”
      – it starts at about 24 minutes in. 

      The entire narrative is hard to believe. Evidently the negroes in Tulsa, unlike everywhere else on earth, had build a mini Wakanda in their part of town. 
      These innocent negroes dindu nuffin, however the ‘evil’ white man was angry that they had built a bantu Xanadu. 

      So for no reason other than spite, the ‘evil’ Whites armed themselves and destroyed this prosperous negro neighbourhood, killing peaceful, unarmed negroes, who never thought to defend themselves, despite being veterans back from the great war. 

      Unlike Detroit which still stands the “Negro Wall Street “ was burned down so regrettably you can’t verify if it was the Shangra-la they said it was. 

      Thankfully we have unverifiable personal accounts, that make up their oral history and the media megaphone to broadcast it to the world. 

    • Some have pointed out that Jim Crow was helpful to the decent black folk. It kept the young violent males from running amok. The lynchings were not just random black people. The violent nigs were lynched.

      I can’t find the quotes now, but I recall that even Sowell has said that there was good that came out of Jim Crow for the law abiding, hard working black folk.

      • Of course, it’s just common sense. It created whole communities for the blaacks. The end of Jim Crow dealt black businesses — with some exceptions — a fatal blow.

      • Mark – Those “law abiding hard working black folk” are the sea in which those nogger predators spawn and swim. And the minute fraction of law-abiding ones would spit in your face as ‘thanks’ for removing some of their predators – because they are theirs. Race first, last, and always.

        • We can agree on what you wrote. But my point stands that Jim Crow helped many blacks. It also helped us whites. I grew up in Jim Crow in the deep south. The system was not the evil that everyone claims it was now.

          But should the races be separate? Hell yes. Many blacks agree with us on that. The problem is doing the separations.

    • How f**king dare you try to straddle that fence.

      Tulsa was started by a gang of armed black men attacking the sheriff’s office when (((somebody))) started a rumor, Till-son-of-Rapist-Murderer-hung-by-Army was out stalking a white girl left by herself.

    • ” We accept full responsibility for the Tulsa race riot of 1921, or the travesty of justice that was Emmett Till (1955).”

      We accept? Speak for yourself hotshot. I’m not personaly responsible of any of that crap. I will never plead guilty to a crime I didn’t commit. For god sake, get up off your knees.

      • I will have to be clearer when I am speaking hypothetically. No of course I don’t speak for all whites, or even for myself. I may be wrong about Tulsa. I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong about Till. The whole point I was making was that Whites had done some atrocities, long ago (perhaps my examples were bad, but you can find ones of your own). We have a recent history, however, like half a century or more, of relatively little violence directed at Blacks, who in contrast, commit violence (mostly) against their own, but with collateral damage to other races, at many times the rate that Whites commit.

        • “The whole point I was making was that Whites had done some atrocities…”

          Yah. So has everybody else. Why don’t you go lecture the Mongolians. You can tell them the Iranians deserve reparations.

  20. The only dynamic set to change is whites becoming politically powerless on the national stage. We will see what happens then.

    On that topic here are some helpful links for US readers.,the%20U.S.%20House%20switchboard%20operator.,the%20Senate%20office%20you%20request.

    If you would rather do a phone call heres the switchboard number: (202) 224-3121

    They can connect you with any rep or senator.

    My advice for what it is worth: stick to one issue at a time, contact multiple times for multiple issues. Make it a moral argument. You want to limit immigration so that workers are provided a just wage, you want equality under the law because it is tied to the moral legitimacy of the society etc. Make it short and sweet. Dont threaten to withold a vote, but make it clear these are issues you will vote for and encourage everyone you know to vote for. They will get the point.

    No one is going to do this work for us, and the GOP is more worried about democrats saying mean things about them. Make them worry more about your vote.

    If you can do this every day, great. But try to set a goal to do it every saturday morning at least. Once a week for 10 minutes to write an email is nothing. Once they are written you can copy and paste.

    If you are Christian, contact your local bishop/leader as well. Most of them will read letters you send, at least they have for me. Let them know what matters to you and make sure they know there is a vocal group in the community that values actual, Christian justice over so called social justice. Be nice but confident about it to let them know we exist and we care enough to take action.

    Im not sure we can stop what is happening, but if nothing else we need to be prepared to be our own advocates because as far as anyone else is concerned we arent even a legitimate people. We have to at least start acting and believing that we are.

    • Utter and total waste of time. You talk to some bright-eyed ‘aide’ fresh from normieville, who is awed to walk in the halls of power, and who then reads you the candidate’s position on the issue of the day. Your name and contact info go into the database for endless phone calls and mailings requesting $.
      Voting is utterly irrelevant; so is ‘influencing’ politicians. Last I read, Ireland voted decisively against the party headed by the gaysubcon, yet he’s still in charge and appointing a number of subcon mayors. What about this don’t you understand?

      • Honest question, do you have evidence backing this up other than a bald assertion? If we hit the politicians’ inbox hard, specifically the Republicans, and let them know what we will and wont vote for you know for a fact that this will have no influence on them? I mean really know for a fact and not just leaning on cynicism?

        Ffs im the guy with the plan to basically become Amish and hope the cultural revolution passes us by until we have a chance to regroup, but even i am willing to try.

        On the 4th, 85 Catholics stared down a crowd of 350+ coming to tear down a statue of St Junipero Serra. With nothing but prayers they turned the crowd back. That shouldnt have been possible, not against overwhelming numbers against a state sanctioned mob with the all clear to basically commit any number of crimes without consequence.
        If we cant be bothered to take 10 minutes a week to advocate on our behalf now when it is easy, we dont deserve to be a part of whatever comes next. This should just be the start. otherwise, join my luddite amish-style cult. At least we might not be put into rededucation camps i guess.

        • Irishfarmer – Because I grew up in the ‘burbs of the imperial capitol. I was a damned State Dept. weenie. I went to grad school with a lot of the damned globalists, I worked with them, I know what kind of people they are. And I was where you are, re trying the political route, back in 2008. I made all the calls, wrote all the letters. I recently thought of sending a blistering email to craven wheelchair gov about the face diapers, and then decided not to waste my time (or get my name/info into his database).

        • Farmer, the last time “call your Congressman” worked was the Bush Administration’s “immigration reform” push around 2005-2006.

          Politics is something we can leverage for situational and mostly local advantage, maybe some state level activism in smaller states.

          If you think working the system produces results, explain 2016-2020 without resorting to 4D chess.

      • Agreed. And I didn’t even read anything after utter and total waste of time. I think you and I could be friends

        • I would love to spend some time with you and Range Front Fault. I think we’d have a blast.

          • I bet you ladies would have a blast along with Carrie and Ris…You should make it happen…

          • The women of the Z blog. Sadly I don’t even think we have enough to make a calendar.

          • @Whitney –
            If I were drinking coffee right now, I would have just spit it all out onto my laptop, after having read your remark….
            (Truly, laughing out loud..)

            Let’s keep dreamin’ !
            Maybe one day we’ll get “critical mass” at 12 dissident ladies…

          • Please do so. Range is a lovely lady and good company. Maybe y’all can game out a devious plan to rescue Our women from the abyss. Lord knows most are stuck in stupid gear.

  21. ” …a year from now when the sport is struggling with half-empty stands and dismal TV ratings. “

    What is baffling to me is this does not seem to matter. All these industries going woke seem to have endless amount of money and our spending power has no effect on that. The only benefit I’m seeing here is by excluding whites from everything what will eventually happen is we’re going to be pushed into ghettos by ourselves. The return of freedom of Association

    • The NFL almost went out of business with Anti-White Lite earlier. Let’s see how Anti-White Stout affects them because my bet is this is their last hurrah.

      • Empty stands for the NFL is not the same as almost going out of business. It lives on corporate sponsorship, and the NFL and corporations are doing the “woke” dance together. Where it can hurt is when the corporate day-to-day business from the public dries up, but the public has shown no interest in allowing its own self interest to get in the way of efficient commerce, at least so far.

          • There was a mini-panic since those locked in advertising fees often have claw backs if ratings don’t reach certain thresholds. Those team budgets are generally drawn on the assumption that viewership only goes up. And with all the downstream fixed expenses that can’t be adjusted quickly, a 10-20% sustained revenue cut would be painful

        • Yes. Businesses don’t need customers, businesses need money. Go woke or be cut off from our credit money system, that is rapidly being digitized – with a cashless society they’ll track every penny.

    • Whitney,
      “The only benefit I’m seeing here… pushed into ghettos by ourselves.”
      We are much more functional than other races. When we are forced into ghettos we have a tendency to use that functionality. Think Appalachia, the Highland Clans, and the Dublin during the Troubles. Police/authorities have to ask permission to enter.

      • Yeah maybe. Russia did manage to enslave 90% of their population and they were all white. And they still had to pay taxes! The serfs really had it worse than the slaves here did

        • Point to you, madam. I think I’ll not opt for the ghetto option. I’ve never been one for kneeling outside of to Him.

      • And the Scots would have conquered the world but for the devious machinations of their hereditary and mortal enemies…the Scots. Borrowed that from somewhere.

        • SamlAdams,

          Spot on! LOL. It required the English to harness them as shock troops, and they only accomplished that by getting them out of their enclaves and channeling that natural ferocity against foreigners and enemies of the empire. Good point to remember going forward.

    • It is likely a classic principle/agent problem. Becky in the PR department gets paid her salary irrespective of the owner’s profit from her latest Burn Loot Murder statement of support (assuming the owner’s financial, versus moral profit is even a factor here…) She gets to be famous and land a great gig at a woke nonprofit when her current enterprise ultimately financially implodes – after all, she did The Right Thing!
      And that’s also assuming it doesnt just get Bailouted by FedGov and the whole thing keeps on keeping on without any actual ramifications, courtesy of MMT. Waiting for Muh Financial Reality Check to save anything is magical nonsense thinking, btw. If that actually worked, the bolshevicks would have imploded in 1919, not 1989.

      • Just wait …
        and wait….
        and wait…
        The system will crash of its own accord any day now, and all our problems and the people who cause them will disappear.

        Just… wait….

    • I very much doubt we’ll be allowed ghettos.
      If you wait for Freedom of Association it will be behind barbed wire.

  22. >Trump is Nixon and Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter. In reality, it could be 1968 and Trump is Johnson. He certainly spends like Johnson and dithers like Johnson. We may be living through the good part of the revolution and things will get much worse from here.

    the difference is all the $ goes to badly run bailed-out companies, bureaucracy, and defense and foreign interests

  23. >Twitter is all house broken conservatives and Progressive cranks, with the latter outnumbering the former 100-to-1.

    It is more like 50/50. NRO and civ-nat dullards and broken records vs liberal crazies. Despite the obv. bias of Twitter management against conservatives,Twitter somewhat remarkably has a very large conservative userbase.

    • Conservatives are, and always have been, the necessary patsies or foils for the progressives. They’re playing their designated role and providing the attention the progs crave. Conservatives are just as opposed to everything I want for the future as the progs are, they’re just dishonest about it and cloak it in anti-x pieties. I want to piss on all their graves.

  24. Not 1968. No Vietnam War on TV all the time. No draft. No U.S. KIA count of 16,889 that year, or 46 a day. LBJ did dither on feds resonding to the race riots, but it hurt him/Humphrey, whereas this time Trump’s doing so will help himself.

    • Note that the ludicrous occupation of Afghanistan has never been a regularly televised event. It tells us that the Establishment-Zionist Alliance is fully onboard with the insanity.

      • Yeah, I really don’t understand the impetus to continual occupation of that country. There’s nothing there. I’ve heard everything from UFOs to natgas pipelines to Jews.

        • Supposedly it’s for the natgas pipeline routes, lithium deposits, and most importantly the poppy fields that fund all the black budgets for the military and intelligence agencies.

          • It’s a base for the endless upcoming conflicts the Zionazis have planned for Asia.

      • The thing about Afghanistan is that the US had hardly stopped crowing about how they had suckered the USSR into a disastrous occupation of the Country, when they walked straight into the very same trap themselves. Stupid hardly seems to be an adequate description.

      • LOL! “I try to remain positive.” Youbetcha. Laughed so hard I spit my coffee out. Z-your head’s on fire. Great writing. Your observations made me realize why I never compare the anarco-tyranny to any time period before in history. This is not the 30’s -70’s. This is a Top Down revolution designed by those who hate us and grew sick of looking at us, They want us dead and out of sight.
        I’m traveling through the People’s Republic of California visiting family who won’t leave. A long visit before I disappear to the east and take memories. My car is in their garage so the Utah license plate is not sitting visible.
        It’s starting. The animals are now walking up to random cars stopped at a traffic light or slow traffic and shooting people. In Upscale Walnut Creek just over the hill from me:
        Caldecott Tunnel:
        Maybe there’s a reason I have used the term to “kraal” up in community. We’re closer to South Africa. The die-off is coming for them and us. Time to stealthy disappear.

      • ZMAN Why are the net votes on each individual comment all zeros?? Has been this way about a week…I liked to see the ratings of each comment

  25. We wouldn’t need a new religion if they hadn’t torn down the old one. The spread of atheism, especially in the elite has a been a major factor in creating clownworld. The woke crowd is full of a lot of people who just wanted to sin. They tore down Christianity to tear down the cultural secular prohibitions against their sins. A good portion of them just want to bugger children. They go after the family because children without their father in their home are extremely vulnerable to these evil people.
    A good number of these people are Jews who are not comfortable in a Christian society. First they secularized Christianity, then they destroyed it. The churches that are left care more about antiracism than they do about the immortal souls of their congregation whether they themselves are atheists or not.

  26. Nothing could be worse than the white middle class becoming connected to the white working class again. Nothing could be worse for the system then the people getting their natural small group stewards, their leaders.
    What I think is the middle class, the small business owner, the men who run the making, growing, repairing of the goods of life are the natural stewards and leaders of the working class, the great decent mass of people.
    The great breakdown of Fishtown happened because for economic or safety reasons the working class and the natural leaders of normal life’s “little platoons” as Chesterton called small communities – those natural leaders were divided and separated from the regular working classes. The middle class are the natural sergeants of life’s little groups, life’s little platoons. The separating and dividing of our people was done by economics, crime/Civil Rights ruining neighborhoods, the media, above all the schools.
    More than a touch of snobbery and of course fear of the state sponsored dysfunction that plagues so much (by no means most, never mind all) of the commons helps. People are very conscious of status, of course they don’t want to be “those people.”
    The system is very, very vested in keeping the middle classes of our people from the ordinary mass of our people.
    Nothing could be worse than the white middle class becoming connected to the white working class again. Nothing could be worse for the system then the people getting their natural small group leaders.
    So if you care about our people then learn to lead, help, guide, employ them – no manifesto or master plan needed – just go and be decent to our own.
    If Z is right, if the events before our eyes continue to unfold we might get a peaceful resolution ala 1989, but that rosy scenario is missing major factors that were true in 1989. Above all the American elites aren’t going to cut off money to themselves, there’s no America and no NATO to prevent it from exploding as we did in 89.
    There’s also the fact that the Soviets were old and really didn’t have a mass of young, striving believing Communists in 1989 – and we most certainly do.
    They smell blood, they’ve tasted blood and pillage – and want more.
    What to do? Well go and be decent to our own.

  27. People complain that whites seen too cucked to do anything about this craziness. But I have to keep pointing out to commentators, that to much of red state America, this is like watching Lions and hyenas fight it out in a nature documentary. For instance, none of this is happening where I live even the blacks who live here, are not doing anything different than before. I went to church after the long coronovirus break, and everybody was glad to see each other, and talked about the coronovirus. Not one person ever mentioned any BLW riots, or Antifa, it’s just didn’t come up. These events are happening in blue cities primarily, it’s a very large country. Remember, even during the Civil War, many people lived great away from that awful event, and it wasn’t the main thing in their lives. I grew up in Arizona, which was far from the battles east. Arizona’s were worried more about apaches than Johnny Reb. Yes it awful watching this, but think what your world would actually be like if their were no TV, computer, or blogs? Would you care?

    • Not so much cucked as leaderless.

      As far as its not a problem till its at your door …. Well… yeah, that’s pretty lame.

  28. Ours rulers appear to be full-bore committed to crushing us now. They have huge resources. We have very few resources. Don’t expect this to stop any time soon.

    • No, we have this resource- go and be decent to our own.
      There’s more to life than being a dissident. If you are aware politically – go and be decent to our own.
      Nothing could be worse than the white middle class becoming connected to the white working class again. Nothing could be worse for the system then the people getting their natural small group stewards and leaders.
      why do you think they spent the last 60 years dividing us from our own working classes by ruining decent neighborhoods with crime, subsidized dysfunction?
      So that we the YT would be divided (whites).
      Go and be decent to our own, if you have a business hire ours, if you have income then give a tradesman a job. Find a way.
      Then our survival and yes a return to sanity will happen.

      • Good advice. The Covid hysteria and the BLM terrorism has targeted smaller white-owned businesses precisely because this is feared.

    • Lay low, pray to Jesus & wait for the globalists to make mistakes.
      God is real & He’ll help the whites if they ask for His help, He’ll provide them with solutions. The american judeo-state attacks nationalists cause white alt-righters are too aware of what the globalists are doing.
      Jews are crappy fighters, yet they subverted the entirety of Europe at some point or the other, in public they played by christians rules, but when the european turned his back, the jew backstabbed him. Pretend u vote Biden, then go vote Trump. Say u love blacks, but keep them out of ur communities, play by their own social rules, virtue signal, keep them off ur back.
      The Hitler or the neo nazi way isn’t how you win this war, you have to let them crash their own system. Liberalism is based on lies, same as communism, their claim to power is based on nothing, elites fear losing power cause they know what they have going on right now won’t last, they pulled out all their guns, don’t do anything that’ll make them target you.

      • A little passive for my tastes. If the most activism you’ll engage in is voting for Trump and waiting for Jesus, you’re going to be waiting for longer than necessary. Look for opportunities to give the System a nudge where you can. Jesus isn’t going to do it all for you.

  29. It’s 1968 all over again. Only this time we don’t have enough sane whites left to stop the hippies and the blacks from self destructing the United States.
    Those whites are long gone into their graves.
    But looking on the bright side all this anger at whites for just existing might actually bring on a new generation of whites whom think shall we say more defensively.

    • 1968 also was a big year for gun control laws. I imagine the left is licking their chops for the next opportunity.

      • That dog doesn’t hunt any more, that whistle gets no response. We now know “gun laws” is not actually code for “gun restrictions for inner city blacks,” it means “gun restrictions only for whites.”

        • And if left leaderless they’ll turn in their guns, as a group.
          Without leaders men are cattle.

    • It was the communists (lower-case) and the blacks in 1968.That is to say, mostly the communists. The hippies were just a sideshow, and a pretty harmless one, at that.

      • Same now. Blacks are good for street theater, mostly where they live. Most of the protestors are white. Yes Daddy – the kids are home from college, all ready for power- just like 68.
        This time there’s really nothing to stop them.

      • My American history is rusty, but to be a communist (in USA) was a huge scandal, at least up through the 1960s. It’s no secret that “real” Communists funneled support to Liberal causes (e.g. civil rights), this was a stated part of their ideologies for social change, even if the funding was probably often done covertly. Is there even any ideologically driven funding any more? I’d guess Soros & co. are the closest thing.

  30. The Wuflu recession will change spending habits, and that means that sportsball will get far less fan revenue going forward. And what will the dirt people spend their money on now? Here’s a clue. Firearms and ammo are out-of-stock everywhere. And now the LEOs have been pissed off, so don’t expect them to become the cavalry when the shooting starts. Evolution by natural selection here we come.

    • If anything is done to save our Nation that depends one iota on leo’s doing anything but violently oppressing us with deadly force, it will undoubtedly, 100% fail. Get this through your head before it is too late: no LEO, anywhere, in any uniform, is a friend, ally, or will do anything but end you.

  31. We may be living through the good part of the revolution and things will get much worse from here.

    Yes. The progression typically is you degrade a people, you destroy the last vestiges of their history and culture, you oppress them, and finally you liquidate them. The statue toppling really is just a mop-up action and we are well into the oppression stage. Normie is about to feel the oppression throughout all aspects of his life. Will he wake up and do all necessary before he is exterminated? Probably, but it will have to get damned close to outright genocide, based on all we have seen.
    The first direct action from “our” side likely will come this summer and will spark massive outrage and denunciation. I’m not counting the increased use of firearms for self-protection and finally running over communists blocking the streets, but bombings, kidnappings, and targeted assassinations as we see throughout Latin America. The FBI, ATF and other federal political police agencies will relentlessly hunt down those initially responsible. Those defenders will be from the lunatic fringe and easily disparaged and trashed. But this will accelerate until regular folks are fully onboard with whatever comes, be it partition or revolution or something else. My guess it will be on the cusp of white genocide when that happens.

    Your description of what is happening and coming as the American-version of the Irish Troubles is pretty well right. I don’t think Trump is LBJ, though. He’s more like a James Buchanan who will not be followed by a Lincoln. The United States is ungovernable even at this point and that will not change until the American IRA and the Unites States government reach agreement, which could be thirty or forty years out. It will not be a pleasant time, to say the least. The instability of the United States will accelerate the replacement of the dollar as the world currency, expulsion of troops and military bases from foreign outposts, and even the Cloud People living in increasing fear of their lives.

    Finally, as an aside, after the victory stage propaganda does indeed serve as a user’s guide to the State. It informs what happens to be policy at any given moment. The asinine claims about Russian bounties paid to Afghans to kill American troops, for example, are not meant to be taken seriously. It is telling people (a) “we” are staying in Afghanistan no matter what you think about it and (b) the delayed proxy war with Russia soon will begin (it will be hilarious to watch the Marxist Left fully support both wars and the American remnant be condemned because of its opposition to the bloodshed). Look for Europe to begin the aforementioned troop and bases expulsion and declare neutrality when that insanity starts.

    • Perhaps, but it looks like when one door closes another opens. So we now move back to the Philippines (Subic Bay) because China threatens them, and voila—unsinkable aircraft carrier. Similarly, closing bases in Germany produces an invitation to reopen in Poland. And of course, it doesn’t hurt those efforts to demonize Russia an scare the EU.
      Not sure we’ll ever get out of these entanglements as long as we are perceived as the most powerful ally in the region—willing to do the heavy lifting in all future conflicts.

      • Not sure we’ll ever get out of these entanglements as long as we are perceived as the most powerful ally in the region—

        The perception of us as a powerful ally is being diminished rapidly. The Euros emulating the white BLM contingent here are the same as those in America–a small fringe of upper middle class whites. The rest of the populace sees the madness for what it is and knows alliances with the United States are a very risky proposition even now. The United States is seen as more unreliable than Russia now. The Polish invitation speaks volumes and is an exception. It fears both Germany and Russia and sees those two nations drawing closer and has nowhere to turn.

        • I can see Poland fearing Germany economically, but isn’t the German military largely a joke these days?

      • The Philippines are a tar baby we’ll never be fully rid of. Poland is inviting in our troops full of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ and will soon see their rape and murder statistics rise, along with constant economic threats by the US for racism against our glorious soljers. We produce nothing but trouble and chaos wherever we go.

        • didn’t the US military have a presence in Phillipines until 1990s? I was unaware that we were planning to go back. Usually host country is delighted to have big-spending Yankees on local economy. Crime is just a side effect I’m sure the Fillipinos can take care of themselves in local matters.

  32. Re. “ Truth is dangerous because it undermines the zeal of the believers. That’s the real motivation behind this race war unleashed by the ruling class.” 

    The idea that true opinions will eventually defeat the falsehoods, which will fall away leaving only the true opinions is delusional. 

    No one with any sense believes that this is true because it assumes: 1) that everyone is rational, 2) that everyone has good intentions. 3) It assumes that the only reason that people want to discuss these things is that people want to get to the truth and it assumes, 4) that the truth will win out and that people over time will abandon the false idea.

    There is no evidence to support these assumptions which are mere rhetoric. The vast majority of people are irrational and are not interested in the facts of a case . It’s not that they have an incorrect point of view but that their point of view isn’t even meant to be true but rather useful for them.

    The truth of the matter is irrelevant. What they want is something that will make them feel better about themselves. It’s not about getting to the truth but supporting your class status or political ideologies that justify your position in the world. People don’t care if their point of view is true. They care about whether it satisfies some other requirement; financial, emotional, personal, political etc. People believe what they want despite the truth. 

    Even if you accept the idea that Truth will always will out and that people in general have that motivation, the fact is that debate has always been tightly circumscribed by powerful institutions.

    The real motivation behind the series of media hoaxes and astroturfed social movements is to distract from the fact that the economy has been looted by the a toxic alien elite, who have not only driven the the average man towards the poorhouse, but who in addition have helped themselves to trillions of dollars of public money, by privatizing profits and socializing losses that they themselves are responsible for having created. 

    All the things that the elite promotes are things that don’t cost any money. Equalism, Blank Slatism, Insane Sluttrery, Homomania and Zenophillia doesn’t cost them anything. It’s you who picks up the tab. 

    What they really hated hearing was; “ We want higher pay and shorter hours, better working conditions , more time off and improved benefits.” 

    Instead, you can marry another man, wear a dress to work and when you get home, you can wank to free porno or smoke marijuana to dull your mind, so that you don’t notice that your country has been flooded with fast breeding cultural and genetic aliens, who work for less, expect less and see you as their enemy.

    Every new media created outrage, is to take your mind off the fact that your pocket has been picked and that someone is making off with the loot.

    It’s a diversion! 

    • Good observation. Can’t help thinking a bit when you mention the elite of Charles Murray’s findings in his book, “Coming Apart”. His elites maintained a social environment for themselves, quite apart from the peasants (Fishtown). They can afford to promote all sorts of pathologies among the masses, simply because such never really affects them—and as you point out, even promotes their interests.

      • Then let us go and do our duty to our own in Fishtown, go and help our own.
        I don’t know if Murray realized it but our “Coming Apart” would more accurately be described as Driven apart by Crime/Civil Rights (same thing), subsidized dysfunction, the destruction of the working class economy – we didn’t Come Apart – we were driven apart.
        The most dangerous thing that could happen to the system is White Middle Class reuniting with the white working class.
        So go and be decent to our own, and see if our lives and prospects don’t radically improve.

        • Vxxc, your vacillation can be entertaining but man, you hammer on a marketing slogan of the day better than anyone!
          You’ve stated “go and be decent” 11 times on this post. Do you think its getting traction? Really impressive.

          • Dear Moss – when have I vacillated ? I’m simply developing the argument to organize our people, same thing in longer form. That’s the only thing other than snark and wry observations the DR might be good for – might.

            You see by splitting our middle class from our working class they took the natural leaders of our people away – which is how they dominate us – were that corrected , were we to go back to the towns and communities s we came from our great and frankly in raw power terms overwhelming capacities in every category would save us – and build the very communities so many seek.

            In answer to your second question; Yes. I’m watching it slowly work, with a lot of childish or frankly crazy pushback, but yes I think its working on some.

            Its unnatural to be passive when you can see your Doom approaching, but we have a strange situation in our people, in our lands. Dividing our people hasn’t just left our working class damaged, it’s damaged those who fled. They for all the schooling lack physical and moral courage, or a desire to save their own, even if that’s the price of saving themselves.

            Its like what they said about ending conscription; the thinking will be done by cowards, the fighting done by fools. We’re past that now – the cowards indulge in folly and the fools – have no fight left in them.

            So I’ll amend it for those who need something more snappy;

            Go and be decent to our people, if you have decency in you.

            If no decency, stay where you are, the master’s pets will be calling shortly.

            Now again, the only reason I spend any time here is to try and persuade the banished children of our former neighborhoods and towns to return, and be the natural leaders of our small little platoons of life.

      • This is true of “Conservatives” in lily white states, for sure! Real quote from my FIL: “I think it’s great all these Somalis are moving here because our state is so old, and they are having children.” I just want to punch the bastard.

    • Being right is no guarantee you’ll win a discussion, but it’s a damned good starting point.

      • Meme reinforcement drains resources from the opposition and the guys they bleed at the edges can become Our Guys. 2020 has proven us right time and again, with more to come for the second half. Now is the time to confidently and aggressively remind everyone “we told you so,” especially fence-sitters and not-quite-there-yets.

    • Constant reinforcement is how cults maintain their grip over believers. This is why it’s important to counter their message on as many fronts as possible.

      I want us engaged on social media (just know when to take a break), blogs, video and pods. A lot of guys who talk about fighting back are willing to surrender the media space. That’s a mistake. It’s still the best way to get our message out.

      IRL is the necessary second step but the content creators who are willing to engage, risk the dox and not cuck are the spark that lights that fire.

      • I want to help you build your Community. On the level.
        Go and be decent to our own, go and help Fishtown.
        Go and help our own.
        Realize that the Dark Magic of Fishtown wasn’t that we “Came Apart” we were Driven Apart. Our masses lost their natural guides, stewards and yes leaders. We all know how this was done – Crime/Civil Rights, subsidized dysfunction, the destruction of the working class manufacturing economy.
        It terrifies them rightly that those driven apart would ever Come Together again.
        Go and be decent to our own – and what you desire will happen.
        Nothing could be worse than the white middle class becoming connected to the white working class again. Nothing could be worse for the system then the people getting their natural stewards back again.
        You do that Sir/Sirs – and they’ll build you that community overnight.
        I’m around.

      • The point I’m trying to make is that the “ Truth “ does not matter to those that control the media megaphone – which is why they are de-platforming anyone who gainsays their message. At this point the narrative is a slight of hand to get the mass of the people to take their mind off of being dispossessed. The mass of the people are not concerned that the media narrative, does not correspond with reality.

        In my experience , the only people who are interested in truth that corresponds to reality, is in the main, a small percentage of White men. With those men : 

        “ Being right is no guarantee you’ll win a discussion, but it’s a damned good starting point.” 
        -Felix Krull 

        I agree with both of you – we need win over only 10 to 20 % of White men, in particular fit, young White men. They are worth every effort.

        We should wrap the truth of our message in an appeal to their naked self-interest !

        As Lineman and Vxxc say ; we need to be organized. With my people the modern iteration of their struggle was to organize book clubs. 

        It would seem that the word “ organize “ is a totem for the bogey man – a taboo that must not be mentioned.

          • Take back “Fishtown” take our white places that exist. The Gentry used to do more than flip real estate, ie Gentrification.
            Now in that Gentrification and being good and looking after our own lies the only organizing we lack – or need.
            Everything comes from putting our middle class back with our working class.

            Here’s where we are..the Blue dots

    • Truth always wins, and where it can’t win by convincing people, it wins by killing them. Do Tessa Majors and Molly Tibbetts still believe in liberalism?

      • I bet that Tessa Majors and Molly Tibbetts still believe in liberalism, as do their families, they just blame their deaths on people like you and me.

      • Truth (i.e., Reality) does win the end. Always. But it can take a very very very long time to get to the end. And the journey can be very painful.

    • Truth makes them even more violent, the best tactic is to say nothing, to ignore them, unless they attack ur family, then u go with guns blazing, take out as many as u can.

  33. The way I see it, it’s always 1960. That was the zenith of liberal democracy. JFK is just about to be elected to enrapture us. To Kill a Mocking Bird (the most overrated book in human history) is just released. They’ve even resorted, over 10 years ago now, to wearing the ugly black glasses from that era. True believers wear the retro glasses. They always want to be reminded that there was a time when liberal democracy worked, and was about to vanquish the evils of the world. When all their organs were still alive and fresh. People even respected UNICEF. Every malfunctioning organ of the state and media that they control was alive back then. They all take photography lessons at the JC because they imagine themselves working for Life Magazine and snapping photos of exotic people in Africa or Sri Lanka. They live entirely in the past. They’re dead. They’re actually zombies. And everyone knows that the only cure for a zombie is two shots to the head.

    • Yes, excellent point. I’d put the USA peak at 1969 (moon landing, last year on gold standard). But you can choose any arbitrary peak date. To reinforce what you said, the problem is that the US at the peak of its power, the treasury and the checking account was full, country was filled with optimism that every problem could be solved, whether it was to beat back Communism or redress a century of racism, to finally make the Negro the equal of the White man. Well intentioned, but we’ve seen how well those ideas have worked out. What an idealist cannot accept or understand is that some problems cannot be solved at all. How much effort should one put in, before giving up?

      • What an idealist cannot accept or understand is that some problems cannot be solved at all. How much effort should one put in, before giving up?

        This summarizes the entire problem of the modern world. It is incapable of sorting problems by solubility. It also constantly conflates the ability to solve scientific or engineering problems with the ability to solve “social” problems when it should be obvious that they’re not even the same type of problems, much less amenable to the same kind of solutions. This is amazing too considering that, in fields like math and computer science, people have worked very hard to develop theories of computability and problem complexity. An example is the endless debate over problems of the P vs. NP variety in computing. Of course nobody is going to lose their welfare check if P != NP and this is why no one has done much rigorous philosophical investigation of the nature of “social problems”. Indeed, even otherwise very intelligent people usually just resort to chanting slogans and screaming invective like a pack of deranged cultists when asked about these things.

        People at the end of the 1960s were very impressed with the achievements of modern science as symbolized by the Moon landings. “If we can put a man on the Moon, we can eliminate poverty and racism”. Sorry Boomer, it doesn’t work that way.

        This is all the more tragic because if our society could refocus on dealing with the things we actually can control and work on, we still have plenty of fossil fuels and other energy sources, and plenty of good minds available and enough time to salvage the many wonders of our civilization and even expand them.

  34. Z’s conclusion that progressivism is a drug for people who loath their own identity so much they can’t bear to be associated with it was an eye opener for me.

    Many good whites who relocate from city to suburb really do miss the diversity, as they lack the ability to understand themselves outside of that milieu. In a way their “whiteness” and heterosexuality comprise their entire identity and they feel guilty at being so far away from their pigmented pets. The only acceptable response is to seek out tokens of diversity — restaurant, adop a black child, vote for immigration — to assuage their guilt. It really is a kind of self-sacrificial/martyr ideology. I think there’s something to Ed Dutton’s mutant shtick.

    • progressivism is a drug for people who loath their own identity so much they can’t bear to be associated with it “
      My favorite line of the week. I noticed that also among the leftists .

    • One of the great evils (in my opinion) of a democracy is it gives the average person the conceit of thinking he has taken the correct moral position on an issue, even one that has little or no relevance in his life. I don’t know if this is a good proof, but imagine: Pick any hot-button issue. Now, no matter what your stance on this issue, imagine that you had to be personally involved in its solution (or living with the problem). You’d likely find that your opinion would be dramatically changed. I call this the “Nathan” principle, I don’t know a better term. (2 Samuel 12:7-14).

  35. NASCAR was already having issues with half empty stadiums as the demographic collapse was taking a bite out of their fan base. Their plan for mitigation was to promote women and blacks into the ranks of drivers to build a wider audience, but they’re running into the ‘Trump’ issue where a doubling of black support (if it even arrives) will not come remotely close to filling the gap of whites who now want nothing to do with it.
    Baseball is going through something similar and Sailer suspected that their workaround was relaxing steroid testing to make the game a more high-scoring affair. It doesn’t seem to have helped much though.
    A coworker, whom I suspect along with her husband are closet dissidents as (her husband works for a bank so cards are kept close the vest) follow golf (ugh, but it is just about entirely white).

    • I’ve never been into golf, but rest assured that Tiger Woods is a once in a lifetime talent that was in the right place and the right time.

      The PGA and NHL will search high and low, but the next great negro hopes for those sports are not out there.

  36. That’s why the propaganda gets more intense and more absurd with each click of the ratchet.

    Our choice: Things get worse slowly vs Thing get worse rapidly.
    We’ve been living under the first for decades and have been being boiled off into oblivion with very few even bothering to notice.

    No one, neither our enemies nor our asleep-at-the-wheel brethren, has time to adjust to change if change is constant. Especially if it is “more intense and more absurd”. 

    This is why acceleration is a net positive for us. Our tribe has to have its face rubbed in things as they are and denied the opportunity to wallow in fantasy and nostalgia. Thing getting worse is unfortunately a necessity for a people who have a time horizon that is too damned long.

    If enough begin to see things as they truly are and do nothing then it is better to know that most of our people are dead souls than to not know it. We don’t need everyone, just enough to take well thought out action. This will build upon itself. We are a mimetic species. Being well organized and taking steps to secure our future will have a positive effect on those who are designed by nature to only follow.

    Our staying out of the current dramas has forced our enemies to continually broaden their definition of White supremacy from a handful of fringe figures to the majority of Whites. They are defining group interests by race. Let’s organize ourselves but not interfere in the current crusades since they so well serve in sending people our way.

    Grow and prepare…for now.

    • This was a big reason why I saw a silver lining in the covid shutdown and the economic chaos of our upcoming Make America Great Depression.

      Nothing motivates Whites like messing with their money and their stuff. Sad but true. It was a maxim even before modern capitalism, consumerism, libertarian Mammon worship, etc… Machiavelli told his Prince that it’s better to kill a man’s father than to seize his inheritance.

      A lot of guys still don’t hear the tolling bells. If this is what it takes to make more guys realize that White genocide is more than a meme and make them focus on something beyond their shekels, so be it.

      Those who called us ghouls when the damage was only economic a few months back are faced with the colder, harsher reality of actual blood and fire in the streets right now.

      Cassandra didn’t want atta-girls and shekels and she didn’t enjoy her role. She just wanted the Trojans to survive.

  37. The ammount of despair from the dread of what is coming for tose of us with cids cannot be underestimaed. the mask is clearly off. I think the panic in DC the last 4 years is because the deep state can’t have trump in a position where he could use the military if things got really bad.

    better stock up , agriculture here in the midwest is being destroyed too. there are going to be big problems ahead in a lot of areas.

    I know hard to fight the gloom . clearly these guys are onto something .

    • life called before I could spellcheck. the only thing better than cids is gramcids

      • So instead of the despair Brother why aren’t you working at securing their future the best you can…If you don’t have good people around you then move to somewhere you do…

  38. “Instead of sobering them up, it is becoming something of a blood sacrifice. The new religion has no limiting principle, so the limit of their fanatical zeal may turn out to be physical reality.”

    In these circumstances, Whites should consider their physical safety above economics and social status.

    Entire states are implementing laws which criminalize calling 911 or otherwise “Karening” Black criminals.

    Given that the most prominent of our recent “polar bear hunters” have been mixed Black and Gayrace, it’s reasonable to assume that the entire Lavender Mafia, regardless of melanin, will soon enjoy these protections as well.

    Asians, particularly the swarthier strains, will soon pick up on this grift. Finally, the more raucous Hispanics will join in.

    Little imagination is needed to know how this movie ends. Rwanda. Somalia. Benghazi. The Haitian “revolt.”

    As some of us have discussed at length here and elsewhere, you can’t spend your six-figure income or cash in your 401k from a prison cell or after you bleed out in the parking garage of your cubicle farm.

    South Africa is upon us – in fact we’re ahead of them. They have yet to criminalize Whites for merely reporting Black crime. They simply ignore it for now.

    For those who say “don’t bother running, they won’t let us,” you need to consider whether the risks of changing jobs and locations and the less-than-covid-death chance of being sued outweighs the much larger looming risks of being jailed or killed for simply “being White in a Diversity Zone.”

    • The CAREN law is a great gift to us. It forces White women to give thought to hearth and home instead of their fantasy of a Dionysia.

      • Go and be decent to our own.
        Nothing could be worse to the enemy than the white middle class becoming connected to the white working class again. Nothing could be worse for the system then the people getting their natural small group leaders.

        They are terrified of that scenario.
        Fishtown didn’t lose its middle class by accident – the natural stewards and guides of the people. We didn’t come apart – we were Driven Apart.
        How many of us had to move to get work when we came of age? Myself included.
        Now thanks to luck and VPN I’m back home.
        Go and be decent, help our people. The rest will then happen. Together we made a wilderness into a Continent sized rich nation, we built cities and farms in the desert.
        Together we went to the moon. Driven apart we are losing it all.
        Go and live amongst our own, go and be decent to our own.
        And your grandkids will be laying fiber optic cable too – on the moon.

        • Are you ok man you are just parroting what I’ve been saying for a long time before you even found this forum…Your WRSA link is funny because I’ve known about them for over 10 years and actually have broke bread with the proprietor…At least I get a good laugh out of your post…

          • Well you’re a consistent hater Exile.

            In the Blood, I suppose.
            😉. Some people just can’t let a grudge go.

            Good luck with the project anyway, and do think about leading communities that exist, as opposed to starting from scratch.

          • I’m fine.
            Never heard you say that, btw.
            All that is saying is go lead our people, and if you want the white community go fix one that’s not too broke. It was said in one word “Organize” but that draws SPLC trolls, as well as paranoid people on this page. So I fleshed it out.

            In war when you take prisoners you segregate them by rank.
            You take the leaders away from the Troops. That’s what happened to us. Fix that – and we can’t be stopped by any force on earth. Leave as is and its over. This blog post could be amended with “… or is it over?”

            The real power of the Left and the real use of integrating housing was of course to divide the people from their “gentry” meaning their natural, personally known leaders.

            As far as Wrsa lol – all I did was put up they were back online, but I explained that earlier.

  39. It has to get worse so that something new and hopefully better can arise from the ashes. It may like hoping you never get cancer, then getting the diagnosis. At that point you say, alright what do we have to do to beat this thing and get on with it – you have no choice. I think this election will be the inflection point.

  40. Forty years ago I saw, presented as established fact a simple one liner : ” The purpose of car ads is to reassure past purchasers.”

    It struck me as so self evident that I wondered why it had not occurred to me.

    • The purpose of corporate advertising is to attract investors and to keep current stockholders content.

    • That it occurs to one to even ask such a question is an admirable use of the ability to think critically and to ask incisive questions. Of course, those are not traits the current ruling class seeks so I encourage you to suppress them 🙂

  41. ”This is the good part of the revolution and things will only get worse from here…”

    But we win in the end, right? Because Kipling wrote a poem 100 years ago with a cute line in it?

    • We win because structural factors favor the right. You can’t build a leftist prison state on turnip’s blood.

      They won sometime in the last century. Those of us alive today have only a vague sense of the freedom lost. Being broke, we’re in the collapse phase when things go back to the right, or at least back towards freedom.

      The question is how much suffering we’ll have to endure.

      • Italians still have Italy. Germanic people have the lands that were theirs to begin with. If I had to guess, whites end up with the northern land, probably from coast to coast, south goes to the blacks, southwest to hispanics. Maybe Chinese carve out an enclave in the northwest, maybe not. Michigan-Minnesota to the muslims? Doubtful.

          • That’s just off the top of my head based on demographics and what I hear. Assuming people can freely associate after the empire collapses.

      • Structural Factors favor the Right!?!?!

        And which structural factors would those be? Because to me it looks like the Left has a solid lock on structural factors.

        • Emptying cities, a government that nobody has confidence in, a military that increasingly looks testable, a media/entertainment system that’s the butt of jokes, an educational system that’s all but closed down, an army of immigrants that isn’t loyal to the Dem party establishment that’s counting on them… yep, they own the collapse. The only thing they’ve really got is habit. People still identify with them. The US (left) is a paper tiger, and the nation could get on without them. Can’t wait for others to realize it.

          Now that I think about it, it’s not even habit. I think it’s that too few are willing to take the write-off to be done with them.

      • We win for two primary reasons. First, our human capital is far better than theirs. Second, no structure based upon irrationality can survive long under the force of pressure. The AWR structure is profoundly irrational.

        • Right. They own the structure but the structure is collapsing. It’s a liability for them because they depend on it. Failing up is nonsense that only works if responsible people are willing to support you.

          It goes back to sage advice about crazy women a friend gave me: don’t play their game, don’t let them drag you down. Cut your losses no matter the cost and walk away.

          There’s no making it work, no winning. Who would want control of this mess anyway? We can lose a lot now or hang in there and lose everything.

  42. Aside from the unfairness, what is gained by banning Molyneux et al? Most people get their info from other sources and the average nimrod doesn’t use twitter. Facebook for most is just personal and social.
    At some point I look at all those platforms and their constant posting as Kabuki theater.

    • They need to see an enemy suffer. It reinforces the sense of being in the great struggle against the the timeless enemy.

      • So if we battle with them on these platforms and piss and moan about the treatment, we feed the beast I guess.

        • We still need to speak out to educate and motivate our own people. Owning the libs by ignoring their abuse and hypocrisy is not a solution.

          Moly in particular didn’t cover himself in glory with his tepid lolbertarian pushback. I was disappointed in Keith Woods’ black-pilled response as well.

          But we have to keep getting our message out by subverting and circumventing these platforms as much or more than waiting for alternatives from some yet-to-be-seen billionaire sugar daddy (Peter Thiel is obviously not Our Guy).

          Going silent or retreating into cul-de-sac echo chambers and honeypots created to fence us in (e.g. Parler) surrenders the public square to Shlomo. We need to actively engage them on as many fronts as possible.

          That’s ground we can and should actually stand on.

          • It’s a fine line between playing their game on their turf and getting our message out. I think that the big distinction is understanding your audience and your purpose.

            If you engage with a Progressive, it’s not to win them over. The Progressive is not your audience. Getting the Progressive to agree with you is not your purpose. Joe Normie is your audience. Getting Joe Normie to question narrative is your purpose.

            I would never waste my time engaging with a Progressive if it’s just us. But if there are Joe Normies in the room or forum, engaging the Progressive can be useful. Again, audience and purpose.

            So what’s the best way to score points with my real audience? Well, it’s not debating the finer points or arcane facts of some topic. Boring. The best way to wake up Joe Normie is to push the Progressive to show their true hatred for Whites and what they want to do to Whites.

            Force the Progressive to follow their logic to its natural conclusion: Whites groveling to POC and paying a never-ending Danegeld to them. Progressives want us to be helots. Actually, worse, they want us to be helots who beg for forgiveness.

            That’s the end game, whether Progressives have thought it through or not. Take any topic and follow the Progressives logic and you’ll end up with Whites pushed to the ground.

            Really, the best way to wake up Joe Normie is to agree with the Progressive and push the logic to its conclusion.

            Take crime. The Progressive will talk of racial injustice in the criminal system. Agree with them, and say that we need more than words. We need equality in arrests, convictions and sentencing. How do we achieve that? Enforce quotas on the police and judges. In addition, Whites who call 911 on a black man who turns out to be innocent or guilty of a minor crime will face legal and civil penalties. (San Fran is already trying to do this.) We should also consider not convicting or at least lowering the sentences of blacks arrested for crime against Whites if the black says that a lifetime of racism pushed him over the edge.

            That’s the natural progression of the Progressive’s logic. Joe Normie needs to know this.

            But to come full circle, we don’t need to debate Progressives on their home turf, but we can use their platforms to force them to show Joe Normie what they have in store for him.

          • To the extent that the Other Side’s rhetoric is false and their goals at odds with reality, they are doomed to fail. These failures alone will be powerful arguments that Our Side is/was right. The downside of all that, of course, is that there may be nobody left on Our Side by then 🙁

        • Exactly. Which is the reason I have never been nor ever will be on these “platforms”.

        • That’s my view. I was booted from Twitter in the early days of banning. That was five years ago. I never went back. I had a Facebook page for the site and it was banned at the same time. I never got any traffic from these big left-wing platforms, so why should I invest my time in them?

          The best weapon we have with regards to these platforms is to simply walk away and stay away.

          • As a kid playing cowboys and indians the best part of playing the role of the savage was the death scenes. Indians couldnt ever win of course, but they did get to get shot out of trees, off of cliffs, and crashing steel ghost horses into the muddy ditch. All of those platforms just tickle that fancy: the glorious death scenes of the savages. While the real work of the dissident is often tedious and anonymous with the rewards being accretive over time like growing stalactites in a dark cave. Plus all social platforms are designed for the feminine. Using them shrinks your balls. Fact.

        • Correct. One lesson to be drawn from the French revolution is that there’s a lot of wisdom in strategic retreat. The conservative monarchists that resisted the Republicans ended up as cannon fodder and delayed the inevitable infighting that destroyed the revolutionaries. Fundamentally, revolutionaries are just assholes looking for a fight. They cloak their motives in moral terms (purging evil, e.g.) but they just want someone to destroy. If you start out of their way, they have no one to destroy but each other

          • But I was told on good authority that we’re supposed to organize into easily identifiable groups and that we won’t be infiltrated or arrested at all!

          • Meme,
            Really? Exile, Lineman, et. al. told you to organize into “easily identifable groups”?

            Weird, I thought you were urged to be wise, clever, discrete and circumspect in your actions, but to actually take some sort of action. Something. Anything.

            Fine. You cannot be convinced that building community is a good idea. At least don’t build strawmen to argue with.

          • Seems very true. Sometimes I wonder if this is why (for example) an author in the 1970s accused (correctly, I assume) the USA of financing both sides in the Vietnam war. “Divide and conquer.”

          • The only thing about the French Revolution that anyone need concern himself with is “What was Napoleon doing at the time?”

      • Ha. It will be delicious to watch the milquetoast cucks sacrificed until they run out of them, too. Then the Emmanuel Goldstein dummy accounts will have to be run and demolished.

    • Molyneux’s forthcoming book, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, will prove that Molyneux is a danger to the state!

  43. I’m beginning to think the idea of keeping our heads down is going to be overtaken by events. In lots of industries, getting fired over some jogger’s video means nobody will hire you again, ever. That sort of environment changes the whole concept of organizing in real space over time with like-minded individuals, etc.

    If, as Z says, the problem for these people is that the glorious future keeps receding and the solution is more and more sacrifices… Well, you don’t get the option of sitting out. Probably a good idea to see what sort of work ex-convicts can get – that’s the industry where your next job is going to come from.

    • With our own communities we can form networks like the dissidents in the USSR had. Unpersons could find off-the-books work, housing & cash for decades under a more totalitarian state than we have (yet).

      • Yeah, Exile, but it doesn’t exist now and we may be out of time. This guy who was videoed getting angry at Costco has lost his job, I hear. He might be ruined, and we have nothing for him.

        • Then lets go reclaim our communities – go and be decent to our own. Nothing was more important to the system than separating the white middle class from the white working class. We know how they did it, and we now know why – so what to do? Reverse that.
          We go and live among and be decent to our own.
          We win by going and being decent to our own.
          You’re familiar with Coming Apart and Fishtown?
          We didn’t come apart, we were Driven Apart, and we know how that was done.
          Nothing could be worse than the white middle class becoming connected to the white working class again. Nothing could be worse for the system then the people getting their natural small group stewards and guides.
          Go and live among our own, go and be decent to our own.
          And they’ll build the Community we want – wherever our people live and thrive.

          • Shorter version; we don’t have to start from scratch, we take back Fishtown – and we save our working class who’ve deliberately been made leaderless.

            We gentrify our own former neighborhoods. All of us that can work from home can do this now – I already have.
            Because we are our people’s “gentry” – I don’t mean nobility, I mean the small local notables and stewards, leaders.
            If your old neighborhood is gone pick a town in flyover country, hopefully near family and make it work.

          • Over-simplifying perhaps, but yes Murray’s Coming Apart basically says that our country is increasingly self-segregated by wealth and its highly correlated intelligence. I found it especially telling where he talks about in the “old days” the owner/CEO of [corporation] lived near the factory, yes better off but not dramatically so than the typical worker. But that was the 1940s/1950s. Nowadays, the execs would live far away, in a gated community, in a McMansion at the least. Increasingly the Elite move in their own circles, rarely rubbing shoulders with us Dirt People.

          • Never mind the Elites – I mean the middle class.
            The great evil genius of our rulers was to physically separate the middle class from the working class.
            This was done by CCR – Crime/Civil Rights, the destruction of the working class economy, neighborhoods driving out the talent – and making sure their interests were no longer in common but divergent.
            What we can do is reclaim our people, and middle and working class save each other and build our communities in the bargain.
            Remember Gentrification?
            Lets flip it on them.
            They fear this by the way, they fear us building our communities.
            The alternative is to wait in the burbs for the Booker/Biden plan to Diversify the burbs – regs already on the books.
            Obama at least pretended he didn’t hate the Burbs, Biden doesn’t. Biden meaning the camara or dare I say Kamara cabal of Biden’s handlers.

        • How do you know these communities don’t exist right now? Would anybody who is being smart about it want to advertise it? At this point, it’s a very quiet “invite only” kind of thing. You don’t ask, you simply get chatted up by someone you have been acquainted with for a long time, who has been quietly vetting you. Put yourself in situations and places where that sort of thing can happen, that’s how you go about it.

          • Yes and they exist, these places. Your plan however only saves certain selected individuals, and not our commons.

          • Haven’t you heard? There’s a homeless camp on the Commons these days 🙂

        • Dissidents don’t quit because they lose their jobs with the establishment. Doxxing sucks but it’s not like being gulag’d or tossed in the Maze in Belfast.

          We’re not going to be a legitmate dissident movement until our people’s future means more to Our Guys than their McJobs.

      • I’ve been kicking around this idea. What can I do to start a fragility-resistant, self-sustaining small business to create “soft landings?” OTR trucking, a gas station come to mind. Anyone else have ideas?

        • A great idea, especially the gas* station and OTR trucking part.
          Sadly I’m not a VC, but perhaps someone here can Be Decent to Our Own People and help out.

          *If money collapses, gas is money.

        • RV Park, small grocery / market, home repair, recreation options, shade tree mechanic, web services (design, marketing, sys admin, back end) for cash, craft products, food products, food prep (with home delivery), small manufacturing, mobile abattoir, elder care…think small scale, hyper-local. Ideally with raw material within close proximity. Work the network.
          I’m kicking this around as well. May build something new or look for a retiring founder and buy into their business.

          • “Abattoir”. French makes even that word sound sophisticated and sexy 🙂

    • Oh I don’t know. At some point there will be enough fired whites to form communities. I suspect many employers would hire a “disgraced” white, especially if it’d cement his clientele. The Looney Left shunning won’t work very well against a business or a customer base that is largely immune to such lies. Of course, such a business would face lawfare and intimidation through the legal system but at least he could tell the MSM to pound sand.

  44. “We may be living through the good part of the revolution and things will get much worse from here.”

    And that’s the thing. Things MUST get much worse before Normie will shake off the CivNattery and face the grim facts. As I told someone recently who wanted to bail out of a major city, “Your choices of a haven will continue to shrink until we finally turn and fight.”

    • I think this is true. I also think what comes next is what must come next when a large plurality of the people have all legal avenues expression cut off. I’m a student of the Irish Troubles for a reason.

        • A rare Netflix recommendation – the Bobby Sands documentary they had up as of at least a year ago was pretty solid & inspiring. Not sure if it’s been Shoah’d yet.

          • IRA/Sinn Fein is/was a Leftist organisation supported by powerful foreign enemies of the British.
            Not sure how useful or inspiring their story is for Rightists.

          • On one side of the Irish Troubles were people that would never give in, supported by the wealth and sympathy of expatriates and other sympathizers. On the other side were people who would never give in, supported by a government that would do the minimum that it had to do to keep a lid on things—which was quite a lot, really. The tragedy was that it was a forever standoff that impoverished everyone. Eventually external governments, including the EU, bought off and pacified most of the players. Go to Dublin and talk to the younger people. Most have no sense or value of their history or heritage. They are simply living anonymously in a weird sort of PTSD infused shell of a culture.
            Because the powers-that-be had no particular interest in supporting either side, and were willing to let things simply play out, as long as things stayed mostly in the neighborhood, that’s how it went. In our situation, the powers that be have definitely taken a side, and seem willing to prosecute matters down to the last man. That’s a huge difference. South Africa, rather than Ireland, may be the model here. Interesting to me that the SA matter appears to have been abandoned part of the way through by TPTB, once it became obvious that the emerging new reality was going to be far different and fraught with human failure than had been expected and anticipated. It’s as if TPTB decided to simply ignore that they ever took an interest in SA, once things started going down the drain.
            So maybe there is no model for our situation. Maybe the world has never seen a society so wealthy, yet so ripe for plundering. The hyenas have never seen such an opportunity for feasting on the backs of others. I fear that once we slide more quickly down the slippery slope of cultural failure, the intensity and scope of the pillaging may be like nothing mankind has ever seen before. Has a culture ever been so rich and fat, yet so unwilling to defend itself, or even be so incapable of articulating good reasons for its own existence?

          • Yeah, I don’t think there’s any useful precedent for what’s going on. You can go back to the fall of Rome but that’s a pre-modern example.

            People often bring up South Africa but as I recall the time at the end of Apartheid the whites there just finally bowed down at the altar of “world opinion”, which is to say American and Western media opinion. There was a sense that abandoning Apartheid was a matter of accommodating SA fully into the Western community of nations and the Western democratic order. There was probably also a sense among SA whites that the foreign nations that had pressured the regime into abandoning Apartheid would stick to their supposed humanitarian principles if the blacks started to mistreat whites. There would be offers of asylum, help with relocation, refugee status, etc…If things got really bad there was probably the belief that the West would use force to insure justice for whites in the post-Apartheid SA.

            Today, fewer and fewer whites in the US are likely to believe that any foreign powers would or could help American whites if this country went down the road of Zimbabwe or SA. As for 20th century ideals like “the community of nations”, it’s pretty obvious that no such thing exists anymore or has any moral weight. As for the democratic order, well the US basically is the Western democratic order and if the US itself crumbles, there’s nothing really to accommodate to. American whites are basically up against a wall here with no exits to the left or right side. Ultimately, Americans will need to solve their own problems and deal with their own traitors, Leftists, and radicalized minorities themselves. Foreign powers may become involved in a CWII situation but no one should trust their assurances or loyalties.

          • Sinn Fein back in the day was not the group of cucks you see today.

            Revolutionaries take their help where they can get it, particularly where you’re the size of Ireland vs. 20th Century Britain.

            After America is also about being After Left/Right. It’s a 20th century frame of mind that’s less useful and relevant in describing modern politics by the day.

          • From above…

            [T]he natives of Belfast live lives of enormous colour in their parades and their imagination, and within the walls of their ghettoes … While in the commercial heart of the city, they administered a sedative to their facial muscles; yet these pursed lips, these unseeing eyes, came truly alive within the tiny, warring sanctuaries where they lived, and where they alone felt truly free. Here, their faces could be liberated from the tyranny of city-centre tolerance; here they could exult in the triumphs of their tribe; and here they could freely indulge in Belfast’s most powerful indigenous art form, the sculpting of ancient grievance into a dynamic life-force.”

      • The ZMan stating he is learning from the Irish? Who are you and what have you done with The ZMan?

        • The Zman started this blog talking about his beloved Boston southies.

          (That kinda cinched it for me, as my first visit to the an east coast big city led me to looking for the family name at Kilkenny on the walls of the Roisin Dubh in Fanueil Hall, with a glorious daughter of that revolution.)

      • Good post Z.

        What can we do now?
        We can go and be decent to our own. Nothing was more important to the system than dividing the white middle class from the white working class- then entrapping the middle class in Progressive dominated and funded industries whilst destroying the white working class.
        We didn’t Come Apart ala Murray – we were driven apart and we know how this was done.

        We win by going and being decent to our own.
        You’re familiar with Coming Apart and Fishtown?
        We didn’t come apart, we were Driven Apart, and we know how that was done.
        Nothing could be worse than the white middle class becoming connected to the white working class again. Nothing could be worse for the system then the people getting their natural small group stewards and guides.
        Go and live among our own, go and be decent to our own.
        And they’ll build the Community we want – wherever our people live and thrive. 

      • I’m not an expert on this era of history, but I believe much of the murdering was done by and upon the proxies in Ireland for the British crown, which meant essentially fratricidal violence. I’m guessing our foreign elite will use the same strategy and the results will be similar.

        • Interesting, ronehjr, Ted Kennedy ran the North American Irish Fund, funding the IRA- and the Kennedy money came from their Prohibition stipend from the Bronfmann owners of Seagram’s whiskey- they still get a percentage on every bottle.

          Proxy wheels within proxy wheels.

          The HBO series Boardwalk Empire has Nookie visiting Ireland, trading guns for whiskey, during Prohibition.

      • Can’t say that I know much about the Irish Troubles, but I suspect that learning about movements that used diffuse groups that perpetrated low-level, local resistance against a government to both provoke an overreaction and to wear down the other side would be worth our time.

        As Z has said many times, we don’t have to win. We just have to make the cost of occupation too high.

        • That might work if our elites were literally in another country. The IRA was not trying to take over England.

          • NYC and Idaho might as well be different countries.

            Also, even these tactics can work in carving out semi-autonomous communities as well. The Muslims in Europe have parts of various cities more or less to themselves.

            Noncompliance eats up huge amounts of resources from the state. They have to monitor everyone, all the time. That’s a lot of work. Also, start pushing back in other ways. Fund political opponents of your enemies, forcing them to spend 5 times more than expected.

            Just make it worth their while to leave you alone.

          • I don’t think they’re capable of leaving us alone. Their entire existence is predicated on parasitism until the host is dead.
            That they also hate us is their religion.

            I understand what you’re saying, but while I am aware of darky no go areas I am utterly unaware of pale no go areas in the USA.

            I wasn’t saying go and lead our communities because I woke up feeling nice today (no). Its actually the price of survival.
            Go lead, or die.
            They need leaders, or they’ll die.
            We need each other, or we die.

            Whether we die out or become like the Indians, or we have some neoliberal/communist kill off we still cease to exist.

          • And yet BSA–formerly the USA–is far vaster than Ireland and will be infinitely more difficult to pacify.

      • When a majority of white people come to feel as we do, then God help our enemies and our traitors alike.

      • E & Z. Exactly.

        What looks to be coming is, as I have long noted, the end of local zoning supplanted by state zoning and the federal destruction of white communities which took off under Obama. When that happens only the rich goodwhites can afford private gated communities patrolled by armed guards (who will be POC so like a well paid Mafia operation). I have lived in Brazil; I know.

        Little law enforcement protection. Primarily law enforcement and legal prosecution in regard to robbery, assault, rape, extinction against the lower 95% of whites defending themselves.

        The sale of ammo and guns are through the roof. Much of it to first time buyers. Whitey knows he is on his own. So, obviously the 2A goes away either by the letter or the spirit of the law.

        There are few places to run to anymore where we won’t be followed.

        So the only question is. “Whitey, will you admit reality and live OR die.” That’s all folks.

        As a White person with children I am curious I will admit.

    • When surrounded in your car by a mob…you must now exit the vehicle and be beat to a bloody pulp.

      When your house is surrounded by a mob, you must go outside and….be beat to a bloody pulp.

      When your public monuments are being vandalized…you must stand aside, or be beat into a bloody pulp.

      Etc. It’s not the violence and general lawlessness; it’s the massive pushback from DA’s towards anyone who offers the smallest resistance to what’s happening.

      • Well, what can one expect from all those DAs Soros paid to install?

        All just part of the plan!

      • That is the lesson we are being taught. I think some folks here call it anarcho-tyranny.

        The legal avenues and protections are being cut off for whites by local and state agents acting politically. The system is now fully lacking legitimacy.

        Hilarity will ensue.

      • “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” sang someone.

        When the mob comes here, I will kill as many as possible before I go. After all, my doc tells me I would not be losing all that much time anyway and the wife even less.

        So, let the libs and nigs bring it on. Going out fighting might be the best way to go.

        • From the Havamal (The Council of Odin the One-Eyed): An unwise man thinks he will live forever if only he can avoid a fight, but old age will give him no peace, even if weapons do.
          Or, in the vernacular: You’re a goddamned fool if you think you’ll live forever just because you won’t fight. Say nobody ever kills you – old age ain’t no peach either. (Jack Crawford translation)

    • At some point, when the vibrant new Federal Stasi comes for them, normie whites will need to decide if they go quietly on their knees or shout, “Nah, I’m not going to jail today.”

    • Things must get much worse.

      And they must get much worse sooner rather than later.

      Unfortunately in this struggle the Enemy has both the watches and the time.

      In the event of a Biden victory, individuals should act in a manner that draws (f)ire onto the innocent suburbs.

      I am not sure how many of our internet tough guys understand what this means.

      But those of our guys who were in Iraq while al-Khalayleh was on the rampage will understand the general dynamic of such a campaign, although his methods must of course be rejected.

  45. We may be living through the good part of the revolution and things will get much worse from here.

    Things that I have been pondering….

    • Unfortunately, an equally good case can be made that liberal democracy will collapse next week as can be made that it will stagger on for the next thousand years. You won’t know which one was right until it happens.

        • Or the markets. Any day now stocks/bonds/real estate/energy/commodities will buckle under the weight of reality and zero hedge will finally be right. Or markets go up forever because reasons.

      • We will know more after the first massacre.
        I personally think that this will end when Pa Kadiddlehopper and the boys at the rod and gun club can no longer flee from the pozz. It used to be they could flip the channel to NASCAR or football, open a beer and a bag of potato chips… and all was well with the world.
        But now those uppity noggers want to deprive him of that… and I think they are playing with fire. The revolution is over when the gun club shows up at the next street theatre and fires twice. Or the rabble slips it’s leash and goes after the rich Joos or white shitlib as they did in Seattle.
        They are basically tearing down statues because we let them. We could clean up their enablers in the judiciary and law enforcement with a few neck stretchings.
        The next civil war will be violent and bloody… but it will be swift.

        • Our rulers would like nothing better than for the gun club to show up. That would give them just the pretext they’ve been waiting for to suppress gun clubs.

          • 1) They don’t need a pretext; they can and already do whatever they wish.
            2) If some of them feel some need for a reason to better buttress the narrative, they’ll create and provide the pretext, gratis.

          • they’ll create and provide the pretext,

            Speaking of: when the Left consolidates power, look for a Black Flag “terrorist” attack in a deeply Red area in an attempt to cause the rubes to rally ’round “their” flag. Of course, if such happens, the enemy attack may be rightly seen as emanating from D.C. and the response very well may be the opposite of what is intended. This almost certainly will happen and needs to be driven home of social media sites while they remain an option.

          • “they’ll create and provide the pretext” . This. Yesterday Zman basically reiterated the Gramscian theory of Cultural Hegemony. First seize the moral high ground (muh equality) and then send zealous missionaries into the institutions and convert the heathen with a new set of values, beliefs and precepts that will under-gird the new society.
            Phase 1 is complete. The institutions have been captured. What comes next is Phase 2 – Maneuver Warfare. Basically, the gloves come off. Winter’s coming folks.

          • The mobs and riots have stopped. The concessions on policing are made. This round is over.
            Why don’t they just return to seizing what we love? Housing and the burbs.
            Which is what the Left is actually talking about now.
            Chimpout over.
            Back to Fabian tactics, and on to the burbs. Diversity is our strength – and the multi family zoning laws are on the books already.

          • “look for a Black Flag “terrorist” attack in a deeply Red area in an attempt to cause the rubes to rally ’round “their” flag”

            Sounds a lot like that Georgia NFA black terrorist group who was trying to pick a fight with motorists a few days ago. Are you completely sure the FBI/ATF didn’t arm and train these guys for exactly that purpose?

          • That’s just the sort of thing black thugs do. No reason to see governmental involvement in it.

          • If the government isn’t all powerful and with Feds round every corner…if in fact the government is a bunch of mediocrities, small time con artists with Degrees from Hedge Fund Diploma mills – basically Schiff, Vindaman’s and the other grifters – then…then.,.

            There’s no real excuse to cower.
            And those excuses are far more fiercely defended here than anything else.

          • This may be what happened in Canada and possibly Vegas
            It appears and note this is MacCleans, essentially Canadian Time Magazine speaking here, not any Dissident rag,it seems the maritimes shooter was working in some capacity for the Canadian Government , maybe a CI but who knows maybe a windup toy.
            I’m not going to speculate as much on Vegas but anyone with a three digit IQ is suspicious of the whole deal.
            Ultimately, false flags and/or real shootings don’t gin up much support for confiscation in the US, gun and ammo basically sell as fast as we can make them and now everyone is armed.
            Hell lefty lawyers have AR-15’s now
            No doubt there will be more tries at ammo background checks or bans but its moot.
            Like all Empires ours will suffer any degradation to just live another day but it will,it must end
            Ultimately it will have to come to some kind of domination or separation, its obvious the 10-20% margin of tolerable disagreement that makes a Republic or Democracy work has been exceeded and the Empire is failing to do the most basic things at every level.

          • Give the elites some credit. The rich white guys defending their home at gun point (St. Louis) seems to be playing well for our side, last I heard.

          • I’m a patent attorney and federal trial lawyer. I have a grad degree in c.s. I pursued my largely unhappy career path almost entirely for the remuneration. (okay entirely)

            I have been far right dissident for several decades and before that a “Hillsdale Conservative.” You may not want me on “your” side but I am there regardless. And I know others including a few federal under-the-radar judges such as one of Trumps SCOTUS picks.

            Please don’t lump us in with goodwhytes, LOLs, conservatives, neocons or the like. You may need us.

          • I don’t doubt there are good lawyers and guys like you on our side.
            Trump’s SCOTUS guys OTOH aren’t doing a hell of a lot for us.
            The reason you guys get such a bad rep is legalism.
            If lawyers understood that much of American law is based on custom and Anglo Saxon common law and made sure judgements reflected that , you’d have a better rep.
            Instead somebody in power decides they want some polity (gay marriage, gun control, churches closed) and the courts make some shit up so its “muh Constitution”
            Worse supposedly Conservative guys vote with their “class” elite lawyers and against the side they claimed to be on.
            Y’all deserve a bad rep and truth is many of us aren’t sure we need you.
            That nonsense will stop if we are in charge followed. The meanings derived from tradition and common law will be laid out clearly and will be followed, Failure will have very bad consequences,
            Once at least a measure of honor is restored to the profession , well than we can make use of you.

          • AB, a lot of lawyers understand the AS foundations – including a lot of Jews, for all that they don’t honor it.

            Read Carl Schmitt for an idea of how White jurisprudence is supposed to work.

            Unless and until we reestablish a fully White-controlled society, you need lawyers to run interference and use Shlomo’s system to your advantage where you can.

            You’ll also need lawyers to lay the foundations for the future White society’s legal system.

            Worry about Jews as a race more than lawyers as a profession. Most of what’s worst about law are its Jewy aspects. Send them packing and we could get the legal system (and much else) banged back into shape on a much shorter timeline.

          • Anything made by man can be undone by man. The same is true for any legal system or rules-based system (even in rules-based computer science/AI systems, my forte, witness Google AI monkey-spotting incidents). Inevitably it will be gamed and completely twisted 180 degrees.

            In my field we of Our Thing are continuously hunted and living a lie. If I wasn’t good at that, mostly because I have a sporting attitude and aviation background, I would easily have been destroyed already. I am doing fine and I am on your side. There are many others.

          • Our actual numbers on the Right dwarf the foes. They just have been very good at “manipulating procedural outcomes” and getting control of the Thinking and Talking Commanding Heights.

            They pretty much run everything else into the ground, and profit from it. In an actual confrontation they’re cowards, jokes. Now that suggests an obvious course of action, but we can’t have fibbie posting here…
            Never mind it moving ..anywhere.

            So that is how they win, and how we keep losing.

          • Our side though is basically Paleocons, Actual Conservatives , Devout Trad Cons (both still a bit stuck on civ nattery) some crank Monarchists and Neo Christendom folks.
            Fellow travelers include a few Libertarians, Classic Liberals and the Tiki Torch guys.
            The last three aren’t our guys , aren’t on our side but are not our enemies.

          • I cited it as an example of people defending their property with firearms. If you’d like to frame it differently, consider it the hypocrites of doubtlessly super-liberal Goodwhites literally caught on video “acting conservative” in front of protesters whom they probably support most of the time. 😀

          • Yes. See Kavanaugh, or Russiagate.

            They invent pretexts as needed, and the media markets them.

          • Not directed at you Ostei ,
            I love y’all in a brotherly way but folks here take way too many black pills.
            There are a lot of people finally realizing that they need to be organized. They are behind the eight ball for sure but they are getting there. The are also realizing that they need a new ideology to go worth all those arms and all the ammo they bought.
            Right now I know quite a few civ nats rolling the 14 words around in their mouths getting a taste of them and others Neo Christendom. The weak sauce people are turning to Tucker.
            How this goes, I don’t know but the situation is far from dire. And yeah sure people don’t want to act. Understandable.
            Cost are high and nobody knows that they are gonna get if they win.
            That is subject to change and fast.

          • Right you are, abp. Another area where I think the Black Pill Salesmen are wrong is in thinking the rioting is all part of a master plan. That TPTB control the Free Shit Army. They don’t. Most of this destruction was spontaneous combustion that generated a chain reaction. The notion that AOC or Susan Rice can say some incantation sotto voce and the thugs will crawl back into their holes to await the next summons is misbegotten, to put it mildly. The AWR elites don’t have as much control and power as the doom n’ gloomers think.

          • Hell a good chunk of the riots were a natural and expected side effect of the COVID lockdown being extended for too long.

          • That and many decades of anti-white propaganda. The hoods are tinderboxes perpetually awaiting a spark, and it’s been that way since the Hutus took them over long ago.

          • They have to believe in this all powerful Eye watching everything, its a good excuse to stay on the couch.

            The eternal lessons will have to be relearned.

            Part of the problem is we’re an island and we’ve been too long at peace. The same thing happened to England when the Vikings attacked – total shock.

            I daresay the Saxons gave quite a shock to the 5th century Romanized Britons.

          • “That would give them just the pretext they’ve been waiting for to suppress gun clubs.”
            With UN troops followed by the yellow stars

        • It occurs to me this is one of the forums on the internet where we can still say “nigger” unless I’m mistaken*. The day that we can’t say words like these, I will know that the censor has arrived here too, and that will end my participation or support of the Z Blog.
          *Please note I advocate for freedom of speech, but not of idiocy 😀 We are blessed (to date at least) with relatively high quality of comment here, in my opinion. So by all means, pepper your prose with prohibited put-downs 🙂 but don’t go overboard, like a 14-year old Neo-Nazi 🙂

        • Excellent point. The truewhites are morphing into cornered animals. And when they have to fight, they will. Ruthlessly.

          • I’ve heard that for decades, but it’s not true. Those people are, frankly speaking, cowards who spend their days extolling the virtues of saint Martin Luther King jr. while promoting black gun owners as pets. I’ve seen countless examples of these types crowing about racism and BLM on social media. Sheep. If the democrat party’s government & media demanded they turn over their guns or face prosecution, they would give them up without much of a fight. After a single violent incident the media portray as “racist” or “white supremacist”, they’d give them up to prove they aren’t racist. Some would complain at first, but then they would quickly submit while rationalizing why it’s okay and moving onto something else they pretend they’ll fight for.

            “The Conservative Case for Gun Confiscation” — National Review, 2022. The left will then write the history books to portray gun owners next to slave traders. NuCons will claim the guy who took away their guns as their own and come to worship him just as they do Abraham Lincoln today, celebrating their own defeat … until the insane left tears down his statue for wrong think, that is. Then they never knew the guy. Conservatives: you can take my gun, but the concentration camp is a step too far liberals! The time for fighting back was long ago. We’ll get a dictatorship now because too many conservatives are cowardly simpletons.

          • You’re dead wrong. Any sort of a gun grab would spark an instantaneous hot war the AWRs would lose and they know it. That’s why they have never attempted one.

          • No. After few hotheads in jail, the rest will give up the guns as they gave up everything before. Before gunfight, just try to speak out. Nobody dares because they may lose their job. Losing job is easier than losing life in gunfight. So when gun grab arrives, then guns will be gone. Wishful thinking is not good at real war. This is the reason, why we call them gun owners, not fighters. Soviet Union was taken down with bare hands. Guns are useless, when nobody dares to fight. Even a little, for example, speak out or vote.

          • I don’t think you understand these people’s profound attachment to their guns and ammo. It’s almost maternal. They may not care much about most major issues, but guns they care about intensely. It’s the one issue they will absolutely fight over and the AWRs know it.

          • Recently Juri I stood armed watch over my home in Chicago for several nights while thousands of violent protesters marched within shouting distance. I could see their misshapen monkey faces.

            Those events cemented armed resolution for my wife who, candidly, does not like all the armaments and armors I acquired over time (in the US we drive over potholes atop former battleship armor; in some circumstances it’s illegal to use these plates as armor; my home has rolling battleship armor to provide a safe space and moveable tactical protection; I’m the only person who I know has this protection and locally I keep quiet).

            My wife probably would quit and sell me out if assaulted by the police/national guard, it’s not her fault. I will not quit on my arms and armors. However I expect we’ll more likely eventually be incinerated by Dresden-like fires ignited and spread by vibrants just given my neighborhood. I only have limited defense against that and I suffer few delusions.

            But I will fight to the death over the guns. Kill every asshole who thinks she can destroy this inalienable right. NO.

          • We’ve been voting like crazy, its just that its far from effective. We aren’t just ready for the obvious thing, that ANTIFA is spot on and its class warfare ,
            The players are different than they think, oligarchs vs the actual Americans but the reality is the same.
            Also the last time the USG had a gun grab go bad against Randy Weaver its ended up with OKC thing.
            Peopel are far angrier now, more divided and more gun crazy. Also unlike in the 90’s everyone is armed. Left Lawyers have AR15’s and they aren’t giving them up either.

          • The left will either bully the public into going along with gun confiscations by claiming that only racists who want to kill black people want guns or they will progressively issue one small gun control measure at a time until the weapons are effectively banned. They control the media and enough of the corporations such that they can bring enormous power to bear on the subject. I can easily imagine large employers refusing to hire gun owners or firing employees who belong to the NRA or donate to the wrong political causes (the latter has already been happening for years — the Mozilla founder, for instance). That’s only a small taste of the power the establishment has.

            They can bankrupt gun manufacturers or refuse to provide credit for them. They can stealth regulate materials used in the manufacture of weapons or prohibit the sale of ammunition types, effectively eliminating certain classes of weapons from the market place. They can use environmental regulations to force changes to gun manufacturing or what components, including ammunition, can be sold or produced.

            The left could also publicize gun owner locations on a map, encouraging leftist mobs to attack people or get them ostracized from their communities or fired from their jobs (a New York newspaper did exactly that a few years ago). There are honestly hundreds of ways the left can do away with firearms or limit their ownership to a small cadre of easily identifiable people who’ll be arrested on trumped up charges the moment they post something negative on the internet.

            They can write television shows and movies (and give them awards) to convince the public they are right. Corporate America can beam messages of conformity through social media and even in grocery stores over the intercom system. Wal-Mart did the latter for BLM and they still do that for Covid-19; go to one of their stores and you’ll be treated with totalitarian messages demanding you stay 6 feet away from other people; a few weeks ago the message was a white guy begging blacks for absolution

            … and one of my otherwise conservative relatives from a gun-owning, Trump-voting family bought into it — posted all kinds of “how we can end racism” nonsense on their social media using dumb examples of things they bought in a store (racial bias, see found it!). Sheep.

            They could also start a race riot and use it to push through a gun manufacturing ban. Put a sympathetic gentle giant on screen and watch all the white Karens come to his rescue:

            Bless that youngn’s heart. Evil white supremacy killed him, just like the media said. We must end this scourge. We must attend struggle sessions and candlelight vigils. Only white supremacists want murder sticks. Ban them! Burn and loot their stores! Declare the NRA a terrorist group (a California city already has)! Harass them at their doorsteps!

            National Review: “The Conservative Case for Gun Confiscation — wouldn’t want ol’ Chucky Shumer being mad at us, right?” Hollywood: We’re banning all movies with guns in them. All prior gun movies will have trigger warnings or banned or edited. Congress passes the Stop White Supremacy Act.

            Guns are banned.Gun owners are fired, their bank accounts closed. And there is no recourse because the democrat party controls everything, even the state governments of soon-to-be blue states like Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia through the mass immigration the republican party did nothing to stop.

            They ran exactly that playbook for your statues. You think the outcome will be any different for your guns?

            Not be be rude, but from what I’ve seen of American conservatives, they aren’t too bright and generally lack the revolutionary spirit, so they’ll ultimately go along with gun confiscations at the end of the day. They went along with everything else. Why not this? Conservative “What Would Dr. King Do?” types will go along with what society tells them. I’m sure I’m right on the matter, although I would be pleasantly surprised to be wrong … but I’m certain I’m not after all that I’ve seen.

            Claiming this one thing that hasn’t happened “yet” will spark a counter revolution strikes me as a defensive cope to avoid admitting we lost. Our only hope was in preserving the demographic integrity of this country. The tipping point had probably been reached by the end of the 1990s.

          • Prohibition does not work, and even if prohibition did go into effect it would do nothing to get rid of the massive stockpile of weapons and ammo now in private hands. That stock, BTW, is now growing geometrically if not exponentially. It is large enough to fight a guerilla war for 30 years.

          • Lists of weapon purchases are kept on file. It wouldn’t be too hard for the government to collect a large portion of those guns by hook or by crook. Also, few normal people are going to risk a serious felony to illegally purchase a firearm, so prohibition will work just fine; guns aren’t an addictive substance like alcohol or drugs.

            All the feds would need to do is to confiscate a majority of weapons and prohibit the import or manufacture of seriously dangerous ones to accomplish their goal of preventing rebellion. A couple of grandmas with old pistols aren’t much of a threat.

            Ammunition also doesn’t last forever. They could take that link out of the chain and effectively nullify much of the weaponry that remains. A relatively small number of rounds existing in the population likewise poses no threat to the regime. Few of the people promoting this gun club rebellion nonsense have thought through the logistics. It’s not going to happen. It’s mainly a delusional cope meant to make old boomers feel comfortable doing nothing. People who repeat this stuff are standing in the way of actual solutions.

          • Not now or ever will anyone buy that. We’ve had many states requiring registration at risk of a felony and compliance was nil.
            Los Angelinos lit up the entire city even though it was illegal and risked 50k in fines. This in many other places as well.
            Americans are now willing to be lawless.

          • I was proudly part of that. We in L.A. gave phony Garcetti & stupid Newsom the collective middle digit.

          • That is one area where we do not give in, the only thing that was conserved was the guns.

          • It will happen. The same people say it won’t couldn’t even secure their bathrooms.

            “Los Angelinos lit up the entire city even though it was illegal”

            What’s the penalty for illegal fireworks vs. possession of an illegal firearm in future America? BTW, exactly my proposal has worked effectively in countries like Australia. Save this comment. When it happens people will act shocked even though it should have been obvious.

            “Americans are now willing to be lawless”

            Not seeing it, not among whites anyway.

          • If they come for the guns in the cities and burbs and they threaten the job then they’ll get wider compliance than before.
            If they come for the guns in the rural areas they’ll get war.

            Actually Ostei is correct, the Liberals have noticed “gun culture” and its basically a religion. So they won’t try it outside of the managerial class.

            Even then.,, honestly if you can buy weed, you can connect to get an off the books gun.
            Be careful, but it certainly is a thriving market. Even better to know rednecks, then you’ll definitely hook up.

          • They’ve already made them illegal to use while defending yourself. They will continue to make them difficult to get or sell and then just wait for the current gun owners to die.

            I really don’t see why people think all the gun owners are formidable. If you can’t get 50 guys in a banquet hall for politics you won’t get them in an army over politics. The vast majority of gun owners haven’t accomplished step one to being useful.

          • We’re not talking about politics as usual. We’re talking about ANTIFAG and BM mob violence, and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you soon. That is getting people’s attention more than any conjuncture since Pearl Harbor. And militias are forming sub rosa. They will eventually link and we will have our pan-continental army.

          • Okay, I think we need to be pushing organization under explicit white advocacy. Most of the guys I know into guns are still talking about individualism and homesteading in the woods.
            The mafia and labor movements used targeted violence to gain political power. That seems like a more plausible future.

          • There’s certainly a good bit of that. But at the same time, I’m convinced white consciousness is slowly dawning among these people. They don’t become Dissidents overnight, but they’re veering our direction.

          • Whites are definitely waking up.

            Jews are 2% of the population and can bring enormous pressure for their agenda. They can do that because they have multiple organizations and lots of money. Whites have even more money but no organization and therefore no real financial influence. Candidates toe the line of Jewish interests because if they don’t the Jewish organization can pull votes, and funding, and let lawyers lose on them.
            Theres no reason we can’t do the same. If the best we can do is say someday we will use these guns then we will have lost by the time that someday comes.

          • They conserved the guns.
            In fact the guns are fruitful and multiply. Exponentially.

            That is the politics. That is their politics. As the rest is bullshit why bother going to a banquet hall?

            Guns are their politics.

            In fact getting someone to buy their first gun is the most radical and self affirming step we can get them to make. That’s a positive act and a solid recruiting method – BTW.

          • You’re on a list somewhere now. What will you do when the feds threaten to withhold your tax refund until you turn it back in? Or when they fine you until you do? Or when they take your driver’s license or publicize your name or deny you a job or garnish your Social Security or …

            How many people would refuse the government’s demands? I’m betting only a small number would. Most would eventually comply. The media was able to convince a large majority of the population, including huge numbers of whites, that BLM is a wonderful group — even had them attending candlelight vigils and struggle sessions. You think they can’t do the same to guns? They will.

          • How does an armed resistance work without organization? Everyone just independently acts at the same time?
            Because from what I’ve seen it works like the system rolling over people. There’s multiple cases right now of people pulling their guns out for justifiable self defense and now they are being prosecuted.

        • What if instead they just go back to legal means and keep their crisis actors rent a mobs locked up, continue on as they have been the last couple of weeks- the same as before but with the ratchet turned up- and simply use Housing Laws to diversify the burbs?
          Revolutions don’t just happen, anymore than the Left just happened, BLM didn’t just happen, the IRA certainly didn’t just happen.
          The IRA was simply the latest and possibly not last in a long line of revolts going back 800 years – nor is the IRA a 1960s thing – it came from the IRB,
          The Irish Republican Brotherhood started mid 19th century, and was itself coming from the Society of United Irishmen of 1798. The IRB continuously organized at home and abroad until around 1916 when they got an influx of Volunteer militia (itself a response to Protestant militancy against Home Rule) and they formed an alliance with James Connolly’s Labor movement. The IRA only won in Southern Ireland because they had a genius banker/rebel leader organizer in Micheal Collins – and, big and – GB needed America more than they needed Ireland. Once America came into Britains 20th century calculations then America’s good will became more important than crushing the Irish. GB/UK of course could never cede the North anymore than they can cede Scotland- they must retain a major part so a Continental Competitor can’t invade with Ireland as a base.

          None of those conditions apply in America, nor can we expect that the elites will restrain themselves against us – the only true restraint on them is fear.

      • Liberal democracy is one thing. Globalist authoritarianism is another. It’s the latter that our rulers are interested in.

        • As someone wiser than me once observed, if you are opposed to oppression, it really doesn’t matter if it is coming from the State Capital, the Nation’s Capital, or the mostly mythical feared one-world Government.

          • Increasingly, it’s coming from local government. It seems virtually every mayor of Piddle Hollow and Gnat Creek is discovering his inner Domitian.

      • I’m guessing it begins after the election when tptb are forced to start letting economic reality run its course. Americans seem willing to endure any disruption or insult as long as they can keep their stuff.

        • Nothing is going to happen by itself. Nothing ever does, nothing ever did.
          Most likely outcome is more of the same, periodic chimpouts when the ratchet gets stuck, etc.

      • It is going to last longer than anyone expects. So many failed/premature predictions of the demise of the US, demise of globalism, demise of liberal democracy, etc. It is not going away. So we need to adapt to it.

        • I think this is about right. The central banks can keep kicking the can for a long time because the US dollar is still the cleanest dirty shirt among currencies.

          Of course, a large part of that is because no one really wants to find out if the US military backing the dollar is really the hollowed out paper tiger that many of us suspect it has become.

          • A time to really start worrying would be when China decides to try out its new missiles on our aircraft carriers 🙁 Everybody knows that’d be a high-stakes gamble, but that didn’t dissuade the Japanese in 1941, did it?

          • Eh, maybe. Given how much impractical value the US puts into its carriers, such a conflict might go nuclear real quick. While the PRC could more than absorb the loss of population, there’s some serious questions whether the government could survive. That and the actual warfighting capability of the ChinComs isn’t completely understood, even by themselves, since they haven’t fought any wars of consequence since after the US left Vietnam. Not much in the war of practical, real world examples to analyze. Do any of their new toys really work?

          • India’s missles pointed at the Three Gorges Dam would result in a disaster big enough to bring down the CCP.

          • The Three Gorges Dam will probably fail by itself if china gets anymore flooding…

          • If the hypersonics are half as good as rumored the US has no credible defense against them.

            However, sinking a carrier probably gets Fiery Cross Reef tac nuked and pulls Russia in on the Chinese side with the world looking at the prospect of WW3.

          • If the Russians or Chinese responded by turning New York City and Washington DC into radioactive stratospheric aerosol, that would be *gigglesnort* UTTERLY TERRIBLE. Like, OMG, I can’t even. And it’s the current year.

          • Besides the rank greed and corruption, this is why the Uniparty has become house coolies for the PRC. The Uniparty believes it can conduct a proxy war against Russia without a nuclear exchange, only killing the BadWhites from the South and West who serve in its Praetorian Guard. The good folks along the coasts need to be educated that if war with Russia breaks out, they will glow in the dark in short order. It will plunge the rest of us into financial darkness, too, but that will happen to people in the Northeast and along the West Coast.

          • Jack D., that’s just what I was thinking.

            The goal is to start another, climactic brother war amongst Whites.

            (The side benefit is that the useful idiots are the first to get executed, too.)

          • Oh yeah, usNthem, neutron bombs were banned just like bioweapon labs were (BSL4 labs doubled after 911 from 30 to 57)…

            and chemical warfare.

            (SE Asian agriculture still hasn’t recovered from the millions of tons of defoliant, Agent Orange, White, Blue, Yellow, etc and the concentrated DEET pesticides that happened to kill any villager dusted within 6 seconds.)

          • Re Horace, Milt Freidman says the aim of proper politics is to make bad people do good things.

          • My gut feeling on the matter says the Chinese will play it smart and the Americans will get embarrassed. Maybe they’ll sink an aircraft carrier but then stop and offer peace. What would the U.S. public do? Obviously, they’d take the deal and demand their government stop the conflict as there is practically no fight left in this empire; patriotism is declining even among white men, pretty much the backbone of any American military response. I don’t see how that trend doesn’t continue with the radical left being allowed to run amok burning books, cancelling people, and destroying our monuments.

            This is probably why Chinese cutouts like DLive and TikTok* are remarkably free of censorship, sans only attacks on the Chinese government itself. If you can demoralize whites by letting them report accurately on what their racist government is doing to them, then there is a chance they won’t even fight when the time comes. Why sacrifice for a government that offers you nothing?

            Something like this happened at the end of the first world war. The Kaiser ordered his naval fleet to attack the British in one last desperate gamble to turn the tide. Exhausted and demoralized, they refused and the war was practically over.

            *Watch for the American regime to try to ban TikTok on nebulous data protection reasons. The real reason is that they simply want the power to censor information they don’t want the public to see.

          • Pompeo has already made noises about banning TikTok in the US in recent days.

          • My question is can the U.S. Armed Forces wage an all out full-on violence war – say WWII Russian Front-like – with either Russia or China.

            The Russians may be no longer able to do so but I suspect the Chinese could.

            What about us?

    • There are so many uncertainties, but I would bet money that the political and social conditions will worsen in the near term. For one thing, the underlying forces of the left are so hard wired in our institutions. In fact, they seem to becoming even more hard wired such as in California with the efforts to abolish college entrance exams and formally legalize discrimination against Whites and Asians.  
      What has been most incredible is the extent to which big business has pushed this race hysteria. It seems that Colin Kaepernick has become our nation’s CEO. As one who has almost always supported the private sector, I tend to think that perhaps it may be reasonable to impose huge tax increases on businesses that support BLM and on the trust fund brats who infest academia and the media.

      • Okay, but I’m pretty sure that the Biden/Whoever (or Whoever/Whoever) administration won’t be doing that.

      • Kaepernick was a so-so sport-ball player (?), but he’s an unbelievably effective race hustler. Makes Jessie Jackson look like a piker.

        Maybe there’s something about being mulatto that works in one’s favor in the US? Obama and Kaepernick have done very well excoriating the whites in their families.

        There’s some weird self-hating white guilt/messiah complex that a savvy operator can really tap into to make huge amounts of money.

      • Facebook/Zuckerburg apparently standing up to the “civil rights” groups demanding he remove “hate speech” is a welcome exception. I’m suprised he showed any backbone at all. I’m cynical enough to doubt he’ll really stand up for rights to expression on Facebook, they’ll clean out the objectionable content, but at least Mark can claim “Hey, I tried to argue in you guy’s favor and the market forced my hand…”

        I’m still waiting for someone to rationally explain to me how suppressing dissent and freedom of speech isn’t an infringement of “rights”, whether “civil” or not, I don’t really care.

        • Facebook still is a private concern and has been shedding domestic users for years now; even its foreign users have started to leave. It cannot afford to cancel as much as the others. Twitter probably is and has been an IC operation, and Google hasn’t started to experience financial problems, obviously.

        • The government. It would seem that with the ballooning federal, state and local deficits, tax raises in the near future would be likely. So someone would have to pay. Could the Democrats be the ones to defend their new friends with the Republicans reversing positions? It sounds crazy, but we live in strange times.

          • Sorry I don’t believe in govt anymore than you probably believe in Trenton.

            But hello from a former long time resident.

            Good people in NJ you know.
            Tough, and the state motto is “nobody saw nothing.”.
            That is so rare and prized these days.

      • Discrimination against whites and Orientals was formalized long ago–it is called Affirmative Action.

        Corporate America is the enemy. The AWRs have thoroughly coopted capitalism. And that is one reason Dissidents are no longer so sanguinary about the free market.

        • Noam Chomsky and other liberals signed a letter to Harper’s defending free speech. Corporate America defends BLM. What a turnaround!  

          It is still difficult to understand why Corporate America would want to discriminate against qualified persons, especially if the market were truly competitive. Perhaps Senator Pocahontas may be correct in focusing on anti-trust policy.

          • I’ve been arguing for quite some time that AWRs put ideology before profit. That is one of their strengths. They’re willing to lose some market share if it means advancing their malevolent agenda.

          • Well, the BDS (divestment) movement is run from Israel, so I don’t trust any “co-option” fraud. They’re all a useful cover, nothing more.

          • As for that letter, the worthy AWRs are a wee bit late to the party. They and their fellow travelers have been crushing free speech from the moment the so-called “free speech movement” came to a halt. They don’t believe in free speech for a minute; they’re simply worried that overweening AWR savagery and censorship will backfire and impede the advancement of their agenda.

          • Because there isn’t much risk for doing so and there is plenty of risk for not doing so. Cheap credit and a federal government willing to bail you out while not forcing you to pay your employees anything more than a pittance means there is quite a bit of profit to be made going along with the system. There is also the social pressure aspect. The federal government requires many companies to publicly disclose their diversity policy. This serves to pressure companies into hiring diversity to avoid a negative public perception. Also, a lot of the up and coming SJW Gen-X and Millennial execs are putting pressure on the older Boomers to conform to the ideology or be canceled. Some of this is just self-preservation.

          • What you say makes sense. Big companies like young adult workers and they are Woke. Another factor may be the real corporate fear of the media, which is far more radical than the regular population. It is still hard to believe that Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon really care about BLM. There may be an incredibly thick protective layer of hypocrisy here. It may not be a total coincidence that Big Tech is located in population areas with low numbers of Blacks and Hispanics. That way they can virtue signal with minimal threat to their profit margins.

          • Yes, I just read of the Harper letter. Sincere? A psyop? Hidden agendas? “Hey guys, you’re going too far! The conservatives are getting wise!” Timing is interesting, almost to the day with Zuckerberg’s declining the Ministry of Truth delegation’s demands he clean up his content to their satisfactions. What’s happening? It’s like the country, morally, just slid back 40 years 😀

    • But the worse the better. If this thing busts wide open soon enough, many of us may live to see the ethnostate.

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