Strange Days

Way back in the time before corona, it was conventional wisdom that shutting down the economy would have dire consequences for the economy. Whether you were on the panic side or the skepticism side, you were sure that locking down the economy was going to be bad for the economy. The stock market losing a third of its value in a week seemed to confirm it. No matter the truth of the virus, the consequences was going to be an unprecedented economic depression.

Here we are four months on and the world does not look like anyone imagined it when this all started. The promised bodies in the streets never materialized. The virus has thus far been a sever flu season hyped up by mass media. The promised depression has not made an appearance. The streets are still mostly empty during the work day and many businesses are still closed. Those that are open have all sorts of restrictions and they seem to have fewer customers.

What we don’t have is people out banging their pots and pans demanding the government do something about the economy. A lifetime ago a handful of white people showed up at state capitols demanding the end of the lock downs, but that soon gave way to swarms of blacks and Antifa promising to burn the cities. Otherwise, the productive portion of society seems to have gone back to sleep. Those working from home, work from home and those not working stay home.

The weekly jobless claims say that 30 million Americans are currently unemployed, but no one seems to notice or believe it. Of course, no one should believe the official statistics from the government and other sources. The only thing true about these numbers is they are constantly revised. We do know that 30 million people are still collecting unemployment benefits at the moment, so at least that many people are not working, but would like to be working.

The virus and the economy are a good example of partisanship. The panic crowd, which overlaps considerably with the anti-Trump, Hamilton listening set, was so sure the virus was a plague sent by the gods because of Trump they are convinced the hospitals are overrun and people are dying in the streets. Similarly, the skeptics of modern economics are so sure the system cannot last, they believe we are in a grinding depression that will explode into civil unrest at any moment.

What we are living through right now is probably one of those times when the partisan framework gives way to a new partisan framework. Perhaps in liberal democracy there needs to be a regular molting of the old partisan skin so a new one can emerge and refresh the debate. After all, forty years ago, the Left was endlessly going on about free speech and the dangers of corporate media. Today, it is the Right that champions speech and opposes corporate media.

Putting that aside, what we are seeing in the economy runs counter to pretty much everything we have been told for generations. The government should not be able to manufacture trillions of dollars without causing hyperinflation. This was something everyone, Left and Right, knew was true not so long ago. Here we are with the US debt at 23 Trillion, a number so large no one can imagine it. So large, no one bothers discuss it anymore. No one cares about the debt.

Similarly, we have been told for generations that the US savings rate was so low that the typical American could not afford to skip a paycheck. Small business was so strapped it could not go a month without business. We’re four months into the lock downs and we don’t have soup lines. Instead, Americans are paying down credit card debt at a record clip. In fact, credit card debt is now the lowest it has been in over a decade and headed for unprecedented lows.

One driver of the credit card debt decline is the collapse in spending. This makes sense, given those empty streets and closed shops. Still, people worried about money tend to hoard cash, rather than pay down debt. You can always tell the credit card company to go screw, but you can’t do that with the landlord, the mortgage company or the grocery store. Contrary to conventional economic wisdom, Americans are choosing to pay down their debts right now.

The weirdness in the economy is just one item. No new movies or television have come out since the panic and no one seems to care very much. Sports entertainment has been shuttered and no one seems to care. All of the spring and summer youth sports have been cancelled. This time of year, kids into baseball, lacrosse, soccer and big-time football would normally be in summer leagues. Their parents would be toting them around the country. None of that is happening.

You can probably spend the better part of day listing the things that used to be a fixed part of daily life that are now gone. More important, they are gone and no one seems to notice or care. Talk to people with kids in the summer sports and they will tell you the kids have quickly adjusted. They are doing other things. Parents with small kids are quickly adjusting to life at home with the kids around all day. Kid sounds are the background music of Zoom sessions.

The point of all this is we are like people who have been dumped out of their canoe in the rapids and we are now being swept down river. All sorts of things are happening to us and around us, but we have no way of getting our bearings. The thought of getting back into canoe has long passed. Now it is just a matter of surviving each minute until the river calms or we bash our head into a boulder. We have no perspective and no way to gain perspective until we reach flat water.

That means we really have no idea where this will all end. Maybe that’s why there is a strange calm over daily life. Maybe that’s why people are instinctively paying down debt and hunkering down. It may not make total sense, but in uncertain times, simplifying the household finances becomes a point of stability. Again, it is hard to know, as we are all just being swept along. Still, the one thing we can know is that we are being swept along by forces outside our control.

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348 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. Waaay off topic, but maybe thought provoking, nonetheless, is the significant anatomical physical differences between Whites and Blacks. We all know that Blacks are super-athletic, with longer arms and legs, but shorter torsos … along with some other “differences”. But it’s interesting to think how would things be if these physical endowments suddenly were swapped between the races … minus the cognitive difference between Whites and Blacks. Its arguable, as Jimmy The Greek said, that Blacks were chosen, as slaves, to be these physical specimens that we now have to deal with … but what if the shoe was on the other foot?

  2. And let me add, look at the price of cars. The true price shock is hidden because people lease, but for those who buy, 6 year loans are becoming the “new normal”. Insanity.

  3. There’s not a lot of “inflation” because it’s hidden or diluted by other means

    Deficit spending becomes the pretext for mass immigration. $26 trillion is a lot but less on a per capita basis the more people, thus, bring in more so the true weight of h debt burden is spread out over 330 million people

    Does a fast food burger taste as good as it did 10 years ago No because even though prices have certainly spiked in the past few years quality and portion sizes have gone down. A combo meal would be maybe $20 if they kept to the same ingredients and quality and portion sizes. Look at steak prices. Steaks are not as good anymore unless you are willing to pay $20 or more an ounce where they used to be $4 not very long ago. Plus China is scarfing down some of our best cuts, as with restaurants, and consumers get the leftovers. Lower quality hides the inflation. The taste and quality of chicken and bacon and so much more is way down but prices have also gone up by quite a lot. Quality of mass marketed chicken is in the toilet

    cost of housing. Home prices have spiked, and that is because of money printing. Stock prices are propped up by the same.

    It goes on and on. Through a combination of lower quality and reduced portion sizes and spiking costs of housing, hard to say there hasn’t been much inflation

  4. agreed Mr Zman. if people pay down debts and don’t get into further debt, while consuming less, it must be because they fear the worst. specially Americans, who normally tend to love consuming.

  5. Being as black-pilled as I am, I suspect that inflation (and hyper-inflation) will occur when (((they))) deem it necessary and fitting.
    My mantra is that the media can create any crisis that they want to create … this could be one of them.
    Does anyone remember the inflation of the late-70s and early-80s? I had a Bank CD paying 16%! Can you imagine that today??

  6. Of course, the dollar is the World’s reserve currency. My understanding is that international exchanges need dollars to be the exchange standard … other currencies are too volatile and manipulated by the gubment (think the Chinese RMB). So, alot of dollars are held in reserve by various institutions. Maybe this kind of “soaks up” the massive amount of dollars that have been created, and props up the value. I’m waaay out of my league here, BTW, so grains of salt apply.

  7. Regarding inflation, its a bit difficult to make sense of it. Inflation is usually thought of as too much money chasing too few goods. But when slow growth is forecast, the impact seems to be deflationary … why not inflationary since fewer goods are being produced?
    We’re $23 trillion in debt and you can get a 30 year mortgage at <4% … how is this possible if growth (think GDP) is low and we’re always staving off some deflation?
    Note that Japan’s debt-to-GDP ration is much higher than the USA’s, and they seem to be getting along just fine over there. BOJ rates are low and no inflation in sight, and everyone is eating.
    Perhaps we’ve entered into this post-scarity state where its expected that automation can create as much as we need, but why the low GDP numbers … that’s what I can’t explain.

  8. That was the point, to make you feel out of control, submissive, compliant…willing to follow any rule, no matter how ridiculous. The Jew World Order demands obedient sheep. The Monkeys can burn down the cities and topple statues…while you shuffle around like a loser with a diaper on your face. They cooked this up in a lab for a reason, just like they blew those buildings for a reason.

  9. Seems to me that God is rarely appealed to during policy debates or when social reforms are evaluated … that leaves the issue to be resolved with the rhetorical question, “who are you to tell me what’s right n wrong!”. And the slide to the left continues …

  10. Everyone has a philosophy that is, at the bottom, based on some dogma … some unprovable, unassailable, axioms. Secularism has man as the measure. Theism has God. It starts there, and there may be points of contact or common ideals here n there, but that’s the rock bottom.

  11. The problem with “conservatives” is that they basically have the same core principles as liberals, which are based in secularism. The logical conclusion with secularism is that all things are permissible. They’re just taking longer to get to the same destination.

  12. Collapse can be so slow that no one even notices. It’s like having to looking at old photos from a generation ago to even notice the changes in small things.

  13. Me: How did you go bankrupt? You always looked like you had it together.
    You: It happened gradually, a little bit at a time. Then suddenly, all at once.

  14. Trump, speaking to Howie Carr here, says Biden has signed on to the Green New Deal. Talk about economic ramifications…

  15. The systems been zombeing along so far because the collapse needs to happen just before the election.

  16. In point of fact, at present in the Soviet State of Mexifornia you CAN tell your landlord or mortgage holder to screw. There is a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. Real property “burdened” by debt obligations has been temporarily nationalized to protect the proles. Similarly, utilities like electricity and internet are not in danger of being shut off for arrearages. I suspect they simply focused on keeping their credit cards useful to ensure the flow of crap from Amazon et al. How else can you buy your designer mask to virtue signal? At the end of this experiment, there will either be a massive past due bill or a debt jubilee. Reality cannot be forestalled indefinitely.

  17. I have to think as the world decouples from the dollar as the reserve currency, our chickens will come home to roost. The timing of that is the question.

  18. Z Man said: “After all, forty years ago, the Left was endlessly going on about free speech and the dangers of corporate media. Today, it is the Right that champions speech and opposes corporate media.”

    The left only cares about democracy when their weak. Give them real power and your ass is deplatformed.

    • Z Man said: “What we are living through right now is probably one of those times when the partisan framework gives way to a new partisan framework. Perhaps in liberal democracy there needs to be a regular molting of the old partisan skin so a new one can emerge and refresh the debate. After all, forty years ago, the Left was endlessly going on about free speech and the dangers of corporate media. Today, it is the Right that champions speech and opposes corporate media.”

      I’ll tell you what I think. Soon you’ll see the establishment right and Neo-Conservatives blending more closely and openly with the liberal left. There won’t be so much political theater. The whole thing will simply become more unabashedly corporatist. And if they need to apply a veneer it will be something to placate the hard left rank and file. Anarcho-tyranny and the great stakeholder reset. As you say, the little push back they got in the state capitals just faded away. I’m sure it looks to them like they have us just where they want us. Are they wrong?

  19. “That means we really have no idea where this will all end. Maybe that’s why there is a strange calm over daily life.”

    I know that everything normal and familiar in my life started to fall apart sometime in February and this has accelerated ever since.

    The craziness over the so-called pandemic caused a cascade of events to happen in my family due to the shut-down of medical services as we tried to “save the hospitals”. And then it turned out it was all a waste.

    In other news, many of my favorite places will never come back. Admittedly we have always liked the small mom and pop joints, but even some larger places closed near us.

    There is no place I can go without seeing stupid “precautions” being taken. Masks, distancing, and so on is everywhere.

    One woman, say late 30s, damn near cried because she had to get within 4 feet of me at the pharmacy. (I don’t wear masks, am medically exempt)

    Ok, I did not need to type all that to say: this 2020 sucks big time and I don’t think we will get over this for years. By then both wife and I will be victims of the madness. I just hope they don’t list me as dying of corona. That would be the final insult.

    • When the rent forgiveness and rent freezes end, and the stimulus unemployment checks end, we will start to have a much clearer picture of where we are

      The rent freezes and so forth end in August in a lot of states.

  20. forces out of our control that hate us . If the food supply chain goes down, god help us all , because nobody has ever tried to restart one before.

  21. i know how to pay off the national debt super easy. just put negative interest rates on them. the idjits here are already braying like donkeys, but there are plenty of recent precedents of EU banks charging a fee to store cash; i.e. savings. charge people for the safety of T-bills.

    • There is no intention to pay off the national debt. The United States will default and the Cloud People will jet off to New Zealand. It is of absolutely no concern to them.

      • The monetary system is based upon ever increasing amounts of debt. Any politician proposing a balanced budget amendment is fooling the voters or himself.

      • They won’t be getting far. The people left will want blood and there is no where on Eartj to hide of a society is willing to die for its revenge.

    • I can’t wrap my head around negative interest rates. It kind of works against the definition of money being a “store of value.” I recall a neat idea, has been done in various times: the idea of “money” or scrip with a limited time value.

  22. What comes next is “The great reset”. They want us in smart cities, locked in our cubicle homes and online–it’s the new world normal. The West is headed for an austerity phase that will last till they get their one world government and the reign of the antichrist. (Are there no Christians amongst zman’s readers? Have any of you read Revelation? You might want to do so.) Their goal, also, is the erasure of European man. Partly because we are the only race that may say “no” to their plan, partly because they hate us since we were, pray God we will be again, the Christ-bearing race. Why, for instance, do you think they wouldn’t let us celebrate Easter, or why do you think they want to get rid of icons of white Jesus? Soon the true church, not these fake churches infected by the satanic negro worship of liberalism, will have to go to the catacombs. Anyway, a bit of a rant but I’m surprised that z, who is much smarter than me, isn’t aware of Christian eschatology at least in a cursory fashion. The only way out is through a heartfelt love of Jesus and our people. “In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33. God bless all, and God bless zman for the work he does for our people.

    • Religion is the best means of mind control yet devised by man. That’s why the Leftists have captured most religious institutions. We need less bible, more Sun Tzu.

      Aesop’s Fables is much more interesting than the bible and the kids know the talking animals are not real.

      • Do I seem mind controlled to you? You didn’t address any points I made about nwo. Fighting liberalism with new age paganism is fighting fire with fire. Sun Tzu didn’t inspire the cathedrals or fighting off the saracen. It was the fount of living water that put out the fire. Always and forever. Anyway, read Hiliaire Belloc’s Europe is the faith, or for that matter any epic poem from Chaucer to Chesterton to see what Christianity did for our people. A good site to go to is Cambria will not yield. Beautiful prose about our plight. Anyway, I’m sure we want the same thing, the continuation and flourishing of the indo-european race. If that is what you want, we are brothers.

        • “the Christ-bearing race”

          You give me such hope!

          Both believers and non- are right, yet both are wrong. Why?

          They have different models, because they have different functions, thus they have different core operating systems.

          They address different aspects- but yes, we are brothers and sisters, made by Creation to fight the ever-hungry Darkness, here, in this specific environment, a living planet.

          The Christ god of the whites is not under, or lesser than, the Abrahamic god- this is the propaganda, the deception.

          • The Trinity was a recognition of the political power groups of the day, an attempt to cease the street battles fought with knife and cudgel.

            Jews- the “Father”

            Christians– the “Son”

            Pagan, including Roman, Hellene, Europan: the “holy Ghost”

          • The religious keep alive the perception that there is another ecosphere beyond the physical world.

            The non-religious give us the tools to comprehend that ecosphere.

          • Saints are also de facto minor and liminal deities that have kept the flame of paganism alive. Anyone who has travelled Italy can certainly attest to that

            we we still use pagan names for days of the week. I imagine if they had tried to change them to comport with Christianity, back in the day, there would have been problems.

      • Talking is cheap and you can always find arguments to justify any opinion. But facts are facts. When Christianity was strong, the West was strong. Now that Christianity is weak, the West is weak. As you American people say, “that’s a fact, Jack”.

        Today Hagia Sophia (the beautiful church built by emperor Justinian) reverts to being a mosque after decades of being a museum. Erdogan signed the executive order today. The same Erdogan that said:

        “The minarets are our bayonets, the mosques are our barracks, the believers are our soldiers”

        You don’t go to a civilization war without a religion. Between a Muslim world full of holy fervor and a skeptic Europe that does not believe in anything, who will win?
        The answer is clear. I am from Europe and thirty years ago, there was no Muslim person in my hometown. They didn’t even know what Islam was. Now they have a mosque (they build another one because the first one got small), they have an entire neighborhood and they reproduce much quickly than us. You see hiyabs everywhere.
        Is the opposite happening? There are neighborhoods full of skeptics in Muslim countries? Don’t make me laugh. The Muslim world is more religious now that 30 years ago. Who is winning and who is losing?
        So, yes, enjoy your Aesop’s fables while it lasts. It is clear that a fox who talks trying to get some grapes will inspire you to fight the same way Allah inspires Muslim to fight. And pigs fly.

      • Thanks. I’m aware of his channel and watch it from time to time. Also, I like Bishop Williamson. He knows what’s what. Cambria will not yield us a great website. May the Holy Trinity bless you, always.

    • There are Christians here. But some of us do not hold theological viewpoints that emphasize the AntiChrist as a literal man. I personally believe that term could have referred to a Roman leader who persecuted Christians. Anyway nations and civilizations have risen and fallen down through history since Christ without the appearance of an AntiChrist figure.
      I prefer to stay away from the details of theology and focus on the general principles of sociology and trends, the history of man, and reason and order which this blog does well.
      As a Christian I believe God is controlling history but I also do not want to bring too much theology here because this site is a general dissident site with wide ranging views. We as Christians can be on the same page as other dissidents and contribute here without going too deep into our own theological beliefs.
      i prefer to not dive to deep into theological arguments here and I think that benefits everyone.

      • I’m glad to see there are some other skeptics here, as well as believers, just to balance the arguments. One thought that occurs to me is that being a “religion” or having “religious rights” seems like one of the few legal ways to discriminate, or pro-freedom of association, these days. Of course it’s not a blanket freedom, but court decisions uphold that you can refuse to give birth control coverage to employees, or decline the opportunity to bake a gay wedding cake, and no doubt, more substantive religious freedoms. Personally, I bristle at the idea that “religous” and “charitable” organizations are excused from laws that apply to most others, but perhaps we could put that to good use…There may well be a way that we could wrap our thing at least partially in a church wrapper. Hmmm…

  23. Teacher here. I see a building resentment towards teachers being paid for no work from the private sector gang. I’m going to deflect this towards administrations more than teachers as most teachers, are itching to go back to work. I will admit many teachers have vaginas literally and figuratively that have swallowed the post-modernist, critical theory kool-aid, but for the majority of us, we are just looking for some courage from administration to get back to work. Looking at the administrations point of view, all it will take is one weezing asthmatic to keel over walking up a flight of stairs to see us locked down again and fighting lawsuits. Believe me, as Edward Dutton would say, we have a ton of sickly mutants walking around the halls these days.

    Slightly off topic, try being a teacher these days and listening to the white fragility trope. Had a POC integration specialist tell me that part of their curriculum was dedicated to teaching their kids about white privilege and victimization culture. Have seen a lot more resentment from our blacks in recent years.

    • thanks for helping our kids out . hopefully you can put a little sanity into your students. If you are fighting the POZ , you are doing god’s work and I thank you.

  24. I’m so old I remember when a lot of stuff we took for granted pre coronavirus didn’t exist at all. Can’t go the the grocery store and buy frozen pancakes? Neither could we. Mom not driving the kids to play sports? We walked to a vacant lot, scratched out a diamond and played W/O adults. You have to stay home with 4K HD and cable/internet? We had a radio with a short wave band. And don’t get me started about polio.

    • I too remember the days when apatosaurus roamed the earth or well at least there were only 4 channels on TV and no Internet.
      Anyway ignoring diversity issues for a second, most of the economy in those days was production driven not service and consumer and there was much less automation.
      Hell when I was a lad, they still had telephone operators.

      • Ah yes, the very old times…
        TV news: “Today, in Chicago, Negores continued to riot…”
        Son [to father]: “Daddy, what are Negroes?” 😀

      • Eh. I knew my family was not well off at all. It really didn’t matter. I had what I needed and some things I wanted.

  25. And yet…amid the strange calm there is a set of people–blacks and white race traitors–who behave incredibly disruptively and destructively. Normal whites, OTOH, seem willing and able to tolerate just about anything. This is not altogether reassuring. The forces of destruction and misery have everything going their way and have for the last half century. The forces of creation and happiness are watching their civilization be ripped to pieces yet are not flying the oriflamme and donning the Phrygian cap. It is an inversion of what should be. Adaptability is a good thing unless you adapt to your own obliteration.

  26. I was in a pawn shop yesterday filling out paperwork on a Benelli Vinci tactical semi-auto I had to buy online from out of state because nothing available in LA, a asked the owner if people were talking loans during all this madness. He said on the contrary, their paying off loans with the government cheese. So far my personal canoe is holding up. About 3 years ago I switched from a global vertical transportation company to a local mom and pop shop that specializes in residential properties. That’s worked out so far. Have to keep all the Amazon junkies supplied no matter what. And most of them couldn’t find a staircase if the building was burning down. My Jewish sister-in-law insists on giving me Amazon gift cards even though I tell her i don’t use them. Last year I mentioned that I’ve been donating the to the PLO. That put an end to that. Zman mentioned lacrosse today. Long stick midi here.

    • About 3 years ago I switched from a global vertical transportation company to a local mom and pop shop that specializes in residential properties. 

      What’s a vertical transportation company and what does it have to do with residential properties?

      • Elevator, commercial contracts have been put on hold due to office buildings being closed. So those mechanics got furloughed.

  27. The canoe analogy is good. If you’ve ever canoed on a lazy river, it is easier to get back into the canoe. Rafting on rapids? Not as easy. In both cases, hopefullly you wore a floatation vest (reguired usually for liability reasons), and were taught to merely float feet down current until you could get to dry ground. Point: 99.9% of the time falling into the river isn’t a problem and is even expected on many runs. But yes, what if you capsize just upriver from a Niagra? 🙁

    • Interesting question. My guess is that the Niagra will steal your flotation device, your phone, any other valuables you have about you and leave you to drown.

  28. How does one become a member here and support Zman? On 6/23 I joined Subscribe Star but that does not seem to be the membership since the “member” logo does not appear on my comments. Did I go to the wrong place?

    • The Member thing just seems to be linked to what external system you’re logging in with. I used to have it, even before I joined SubscribeStar, until the system glitched out and refused to let me log in anymore.

    • Also, what’s the difference between the green and red member tags? Is green better than red? If so, that’s right and just. But I worry red is better than green, and I don’t want to miss a chance to hate the elites.

      • Red seems to be Google. Where do you log in from?

        Weirder is that sometimes the “member” box is after the name, and sometimes below it. I can’t make heads or tails of that.

    • I wish I could tell you. I’ve been donating for months via PayPal. I’m not a “member” but on the other hand, I haven’t been asked to leave yet, and if you knew me, that is quite an accomplishment 😀

    • Quick internet math tells me you’d need to be making at least $80k(!) to break even with unemployment + $600. So that tells me there’s probably a lot of belt tightening going on out there among the employed and a lot of blue collar people who are using the extra to pay off debts.

      That can’t be right, can it?

      I got lucky and got called back almost immediately. Have made some progress on debt but only because I’m spending less since everything was closed for a while. That and acquiring some things that will hold value. Other than that it’s been status quo.

      • I don’t see how that’s right. Here you max out unemployment at $275. So you’re pulling down $875? Annualized, in round numbers, $44k?

        • I don’t either. Doesn’t seem real. Searched it, seemed like 70% was a good cap.



          Even if capped at 50%:


          Someone making $40k capped at 50% would be getting $984 or somewhere around $50k/yr.

          Decent money! Either that or there’s serious capping going on. OTOH I was on unemployment years ago when I was only making $30k and I think I was still getting quite a bit more than $275.

  29. “The government should not be able to manufacture trillions of dollars without causing hyperinflation.”
    War can fix this, for example an invasion of Iran(in the name of democracy, which means gay rights & abortions for them) would open up their market for western corporations, 81 million indebted iranians could stave off the economic crash for another decade. Another decade of paying welfare(tribute) to the lazy blacks & sending girls to Harley Quin university asylums. That’s what I call white privilege.

    • Sadly that strategy only works if you win, or at the very least avoid an obvious defeat.

  30. Headline in this morning’s Chicago Tribune: United Airlines laying off 36,000 beginning in October.

  31. Youth sports, social life, and race riots aside, you paint a rosy picture, Z.

    People spending less, paying down debts like you say. I’ll never complain about less consumerism. Teachers don’t want to go back to the schools. I say good, let’s talk about shutting down the public schools and public funding for universities. Less Hollywood. Less brainwashing.

    Real estate out my way has cooled off considerably. Houses for sale for months instead of a couple of weeks. Even the 55+ stuff isn’t filling as quickly as it used to. Virtually no new commercial development. Most new construction I see is modest homes on single lots, not big subdivisions. If appearance matches reality the regular guy is doing better than the locust. No complaints there.

    A lot to like. One can hope we’re calmly transitioning to a new and saner reality. The one huge downside is that small business has taken a big hit. Hopefully people are planning for unemployment benefits to expire.

    Who knows though. Big things are happening but nobody seems to know what. One side still thinks ‘whiteness’ is ending, the other seems to be conducting an orderly withdrawal from that narrative. Just so long as we aren’t staggering into a crash, right?

    Once the debt is gone we’ll see how much value we actually have, and I bet it’s a lot. There will be plenty of pain, but nothing we can’t survive.

  32. Part of what I think this is showing us is that the US and world economies have been living with a secret UBI for a long time. Much of what most people do is superfluous. All the paper pushers and most of the service workers might as well have been digging holes and filling them in.

    We paid them far in excess of the necessity of their work, so when all of a sudden their work didn’t exist any more, it didn’t really matter much. When you suddenly take away all the yoga teachers, waitresses, massage therapists, hairdressers and clothing store clerks, it doesn’t really affect the day-to-day operations of the actual productive economy. Turns out that just paying them to sit home works just as well … in the short term.

    In the long term, I don’t know. This is uncharted territory. My gut tells me it won’t end well.

    As for inflation, nothing makes sense to me. I sit there staring at charts:

    And I don’t understand how things are not collapsing. Others have mentioned that maybe it is because a lot of the money isn’t circulating, but quite a bit certainly is.

    The money supply curve looks like a geometric increase, and the loans to private sector curve is tracking along with it pretty well. Both just shot through the roof in the past few months, but the Bank Lending Rate is way down and the CPI and core inflation rate aren’t tracking with money supply at all.

    I don’t think that can happen naturally. I can only assume there’s an organized effort to keep raw material and commodity prices down to avoid increasing consumer prices.

    • You are onto something with the stealth UBI already being in place.

      Yes, something is staving off hyperinflation. And, again, you are right about it being a market manipulation of some sort.

      • The US Dollar system requires the massive credit creation to be exported out of the country to gain the benefits before domestic inflation can happen as well as to supply enough dollars overseas so that international transactions will continue to use dollars. If dollars come back, they are used to buy real estate or treasury securities. It also REQUIRES trade deficits to export dollars. It helps that China is a low cost producer to keep inflation disguised. When all the low cost producers are gone, that will no longer work. The problem now is that international commerce has slowed dramatically. The plumbing is clogged and the dollars are stuck here and accumulating.

  33. As everyone else has noted, guvmint checks go a long way but it’s more like a big hairball the cat can’t spit up quite yet.

    I’ve mentioned it before but:

    1) Courts: total lockdown. Meaning no enforcement on civil matters.
    2) Forebearance: we’re not going to foreclose but we’re going to re-write your contract.
    3) Evictions: again, no enforcement.

    In the commercial real estate space, I’ve got friends who look like they’ve just been blasted with a 12 gauge. They know how effed the space is going to be for years to come if the government doesn’t put a mighty big thumb on the scales. How do you lease out office space in a post COVID age? What employer is going to make his millennial snowflake work force show up in the office when a single sneeze could bestow them with bat AIDS? They’re not going to and oh by the way it looks great on the budget to stop paying obscene rents….

    As Zman says, we’re in the middle of the river still…the shoreline is not even in sight.

  34. I was wondering just this very thing the other evening. I had been quite sure of some form of economic discomfort, but evidently it has not arrived… Certainly not in the UK, anyhow. Some shops are now open, but with reduced footfall as you describe so there is no doubt that these setups have lost money that may otherwise have come to them – although the benevolent Blighty government did issue loans for ‘loss of earnings’ to small businesses, to the tune of ten thousand pounds, so I understand. It does seem that our magic money machine can march on for quite a while… Where is the tipping point?
    Of course the bigger issue is the loss of freedoms and the fact that so many don’t seem to care. If I point this out to people, they look at me like a madman, but it is true nonetheless. As usual, the path of action is to continue knuckling down, taking personal responsibility and trying to sow seeds into individual minds about certain truths that, as we all know, were once very obvious but are now seen as ‘problematic’.
    A lady I know mentioned to me that she quite enjoyed the lockdown and working from home. She mentioned that she never had to go out, could order what food she needed from the big online retailers, and could watch TV. This lady has a good grasp on reality and is not a liberal, yet when I asked her what she watched (The Good Fight and other assorted leftist propaganda vehicles), I thought: ‘How long can a person sustain a grip on reality when being locked indoors and binge watching this stuff?’.

  35. A strange slew of news items appeared about a month or so back, basically demonizing individual day trading and saying amateurs are setting themselves up for financial ruin, yadda, yadda. My guess is the Vulture Capitalists, who thrive on cratering the economy and then snapping up assets for half or so of their value, are pissed at the competition. The corporate propaganda organs stopped with those items as suddenly as they started.
    Perhaps the propaganda had the intended consequences and slowed down individuals who decided to try their hand at mini-Vulture Capitalism, or the prices got high enough that it was no longer an issue. Regardless, expect another orchestrated market crash between now and November, which will be followed by propaganda pieces warning against buying up devalued stocks.

    • Possible. But reports I read said the Robin Hood and other tiny traders are just a fraction of total trading volume. I think it’s a stretch that a former barista twenty-something living in Mom’s basement buying 1/10 of a share of Tesla is going to compete with the professional traders 🙂

      • It actually is or at least was widespread and mostly middle aged men unable to work remotely, from what I read. The warning was “you are close to retirement, want to risk it?” Now the percentage–I dunno, but it apparently warranted propaganda pieces.

  36. Since March 19, the dollar has declined 23% against gold. Unless that stops, you’ll have 1970s-style stagflation. It’s why you’re seeing prices rise in some areas, especially groceries.

  37. We’re a very wealthy society. Even the homeless gain weight from overeating. We still have a lot of social capital and tons of physical capital. Everything is still peachy because we’re still burning through the fat. We probably still have a lot of fat to burn through. USA Today is now begging the D-party to get their friends in CorpUSA to tank the economy as insurance for the upcoming election. So hardly anyone seems too worried about what happens further on down stream even if we intentionally make things worse.
    Most people have jobs they do to survive but don’t really like so they can buy crap they don’t really need. Now they get handed enough to make do without having to spend their day doing a job they don’t much like. Not many see this as a negative. So no one is complaining much.
    The social and physical capital burn off at some point. Both are currently being taken out of White communities and transferred to non-whites at the Gov and Corp levels. So when living off the past begins to thin out who gets the Gov cheese and who doesn’t?
    There’s a falls at the end of this stream. Five feet? Five hundred feet?
    If you aren’t prepping someone else will decide for you how you ride this out when the rough patch comes round.

    • Good caveats here – when paycheck issues start rubbing up against raycisms & covid, things could get spicy fast, fam. You have a window of opportunity of short but uncertain length – use it to start prepping and making plans for finding your White Zone.

      The first thing good preppers tell you is that bugging out right when the SHTF is the worst time of all for obvious reasons. The sooner you start, the softer your landing.

    • So, they’ve created ridiculously huge supplies of money. One way to wipe that out is through writing off bad debt. I suppose elites planning for the crash by enriching themselves through all this fake money, then the bad debts will be written off, it won’t be them that pays the price (it will be us), and the money supply will contract to a reasonable number.

  38. This is only possible as long as the US Dollar is tge world’s reserve currency.

    • Which is only possible as long as the world fears the US military’s power projection capabilities and nuclear arsenal.

      • That will end once either China or Russia lets it be known they fully intend to use nukes and the Blue coasts demand and obtain immediate surrender/de-escalation. The planned proxy war with Russia will end immediately for that reason.

        THEN the idea of the U.S. as a paramount military power will end. It’s not true now but nothing will illustrate it better.

        • I believe a Biden/Harris administration is in for a lot of rude surprises if they pursue conventional war with Russia and/or China.

          • Remember the spate of US Naval vessel collisions a few years back? When the military was sent to the border to help the Border Patrol 2 years ago, there were soldiers bitching about having to eat MREs when there was a Jack in the Box in the nearby town.

          • I do remember that! I also remember the ridiculous bases in Iraq and Afghanistan that had food courts with Taco Bells, KFCs, and car dealerships.

          • In the green zones, the “barracks” were small twin bed apartments, with shower and stuff. I think it was Mad Dog Mattis (Marine Corp Adjutant) who complained about making war too comfortable and Marines soft.

      • 9/1 convinced me we will never for any reason use nukes. if they didn’t use them agains the benladins group in and isolated area where there would be very littleal civilian collater dammae, then they will never use them.

  39. 2020 has collapsed some long-standing narratives, most of which we’ve already been questioning around here for awhile.

    Fiscal Conservatism: There’s a lot more ruin left in the nation’s economy than goldbugs have ever accounted for. Hardest hit – guys who’ve predicted 10 of the last 3 recessions. There is a more-than-theoretical limit to how much money you can mouse-click into existence but we don’t know where that is yet. The MMT and Soros-economy guys aren’t totally wrong. Psychology has at least as much macro-heft right now as the number of actual widgets in actual warehouses.

    Red-Blue Politics: 2016-2020 have been Four More Years of liberalism and aggressive implementation of the anti-White, anti-family Woke agenda. Wiccan Cat Xrl ooga-booga aside, Trump has been the most Blacked and Queered American president in history. Libs owned!!! Zionism? Wigga please. The only way in which Trump hasn’t managed to Lean Forward is war-making. All other fronts have collapsed and all the GOP has done is bitch at Trump for not Gay Julatto-cucking harder & faster. It’s Jussie’s party now.

    America: it was a good idea while it lasted but as we’ve said for years, that was only until 1860. The War of Northern Progression was our first fatal inflection point and America’s inevitable post-bellum demise was accelerated by the Philo-(((Phoenician))) War of 1914-1945, the Cold War and 1964-1965. With Clown World 2020, our house of race-cards is almost entirely horizontal. Discards and reshuffling required.

    • Add to that list market manipulations. As I noted elsewhere in this thread, there were numerous propaganda pieces about a month ago warning against the evils of day trading and the great risk this poses to amateurs. Of course, even these small guys day trading are driving up the prices that Vulture Capitalists usually snap up for a sum after a market crash. The stories ceased once prices shot back up.

      Also recall that to elect Obama, a similar controlled market crash preceded his ascendancy. Apparently there wasn’t as much day trading because people were not locked in their homes then.

      Expect heavy restrictions to be placed on individual day trading in the near future.

      I will differ with you a bit about Trump. While your bill of particulars is true, for whatever reason his election caused the Cloud People to clamp down in ways they kept hidden for decades (maybe due to postponement of a proxy war with Russia). You convinced me about acceleration but I disagree with how to bring it about. The re-election of Trump, not the election of Biden, will accelerate White revolt. If Biden is elected, the slow burn strategy will return and people will be lulled back to sleep as the secret police go after “White Supremacists” and leave Normie alone for a bit. If Trump is re-elected, Zion and its henchmen are going to crank it up to 11.

    • I’m convinced that positive psychology is the only reason that I’ve been able to continue making good money trading Tesla options.

      It’s all over as soon as that positive sentiment cracks.

    • “The only way in which Trump hasn’t managed to Lean Forward is war-making.”

      He’s done some other little things, but the “war” thing is no small thing considering the pressures he’s been put under to get one or two going.

    • “War of Northern Progression”–i love it! Definitely using that one IRL.

  40. People are getting paid to stay home and watch Netflix. Why would you go back to work when you make more staying home and collecting unemployment?

    What seems to be becoming apparent is that an awful lot of jobs in the American economy are just not that useful or important. Our economic system is built around a whole bunch of jobs that only exist to provide employment to people with no useful skills. As long as we all pretend that made-up out of thin air “money” has value, we can keep it going but even that will end at some point.

  41. Another well written piece. I’m currently working from home, so to speak, and I often find myself wondering how f’d up everything is and how we got here. The wife and I hardly do anything anymore, other than walk around the hood and shop for groceries. I literally can’t stand to see all the idiots wearing masks and “social distancing “ – god I hate those f-ing words. Yet the stock market keep cranking higher as if there’s no goddamned care in the world. It’s all so f-ing bizarre there’s no way to make sene of it. This is going to make a lot of people go bat shit crazy, who weren’t six months ago.

    • I social distance. From negroes. Seriously, there is no upside with interacting with them. If one asks me a question I am just going to turn my hands palms up, wear a stupid grin, shrug my shoulders and move on.

    • Slightly OT but: I wonder about the long-standing popular fear of bats. They certainly do carry some nasty diseases. Most likely, including the current pandemic, probably with a stop in a Chinese lab along the way… Some bat scientists have literally gone “bat shit,” dying from virulent disease shortly after being exposed to bat feces. Also there are cases of workers dying soon after shoveling wild bat poop. With reports that COVID-19 can cause brain problems, it may lend even more weight to the term “bat shit crazy” 🙁

      • The largest repository of rabies resides in the bat population. That being said, I had a number of them living in my old house under the porch. No a big deal, but sometime later they found a small opening into the wall, then into the house, and one night we had bats flying in the dark in the bedroom. Turned the lights on and hilarity occurred. 🙁 Wife was very unhappy, but dog (Terrier) loved it. Damn quick killer.

    • The Fed is buying stock, hence the support of base levels. Nothing less, nothing more. Appearances must be kept up or the bubble bursts.

      • True it is largely fed juiced, but it doesn’t take away the bizarre, surreal nature of the thing…

  42. If enough people start drawing the obvious logical conclusions, the virus could be the best thing that ever happened to us. In my neck of the woods, there are still a lot of Karens and soyboys wearing their masks everywhere — such people are unavoidable, alas — but for every one of them, there’s another one out playing with the kids, walking the dog, doing home improvement projects… in short, getting out in the sunlight and acting like normal human beings, instead of consumer-bots and worker bees. And the no sportsball thing!! That has shocked me more than anything I’ve ever seen. I thought for sure that the soccer moms and dads would be in open revolt long before now — how are little Jayden, Kayden, and Brayden ever going to make the Majors if they can’t play on travel teams 365 days a year? But it isn’t happening. In fact, lots of people are cottoning to just how silly sportsball is. Best of all, the sportsballers themselves are contributing greatly to America’s case of Chronic Negro Fatigue, which is spreading far faster than corona. Oh, the NFL is going to give these multi-gazillionaires the option to sit the season out, at no penalty and for full salary, if they feeeeeel that they, professional athletes in their 20s, are a health risk? Bless their hearts. Throw in the “black national anthem” at football games, “God Bless America” in the 7th inning stretch instead of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (because hey, why not fuck with another tradition, just because?), etc., and there it is. If things break right, we could see the end of both pro sports and the university system here in the next decade. Thanks, corona!!!

    • >  If things break right, we could see the end of both pro sports and the university system here in the next decade. Thanks, corona!!!
      If Universities are are short-sighted as Harvard ,who decided 50,000 a year is fine for University of Phoenix-level instruction, things may get pretty hilarious.
      Yes, I know Harvard sells credentials, not education. My good Harvard friends have the most powerful raw intelligence I have ever seen but consistently have insane views due to a lackluster education.

      • I know lots of people with Ivy League degrees (they’re everywhere in academia). They are, without exception, the most over-educated idiots I’ve ever encountered. Like Orwell said, you have to be very smart indeed to believe the stupid things they do, but they’re up for the challenge. They think the Latin words on the diploma mean “Certified Sooper-Jenius.” If parents are still willing to put themselves in the poorhouse for that, after all this, then shine on you crazy diamonds. Better than spending it all on yet another Bentley like a rapper would.

        • Tuition is just a large and they hope, final cost that parents pay for the privelege of getting their offspring out of the home 🙂

      • Traditional post-secondary education may be in the process of being destroyed by a form of educational “inversion.” That is, increasingly anyone will be able to get a first-rate education online, and then pass tests to become “credentialed.” Thus, credentials will attach to the person rather than to an institution’s diploma, and at prices that are miniscule compared to today’s college racket.

        • Online learning is fine, but it takes a particular dedication and person. It’s not for everyone. But for those who are of the sort, it is better to take the tests and obtain the certification credentials, than spend excessive resources taking crap the Universities consider essential for a well rounded education.

          However, outside of technology such as computer science and support of computing, what areas have been so automated?

    • Town hall had an editorial about using this crisis to defund the universities. Add killing major league sportsball, and we might see a huge silver lining in this cloud that hangs over us all. The question I have is what happens to all of those folks formerly living the American dream that in reality were make work jobs? How their raft ends up once we’re through the Rapids could include a high % of the population.

      • As to the jobs, I don’t know, but the university defunding is taking care of itself. All the junior colleges in my neck of the woods are taking to the airwaves, making sure everyone knows that their online Freshman 101 classes are fully transferable to all the State U’s. Since State U is threatening to make all its classes online anyway out of fear of Kung Flu, the only difference between State U and Local JuCo is that State U will charge you $20K more for the privilege. And that comes with a special bonus realization: Since both State U and Local JuCo agree that their classes are exactly the same, online and in person, then even if you can physically attend State U, you’re basically paying that extra $20K to drink beer in a dorm — with all the virological consequences that entails — and go to a few sportsball games. What a bargain, right?

    • Stanford is cutting 11 varsity sports due to financial pressures from the virus. Unfortunately, football and basketball are not among those that were cut.

      • Don’t worry, they soon will be. What with the Supreme Court ruling that trannies are now a fully protected class under the Civil Rights Act, all athletic scholarships will soon enough go to biological men. That will rile up the feminists, and since no one in the ivory tower has ever won an argument with a feminist — trust me on this, they will grind your ass down to powder — the only solution will be to eliminate all sports across the board. You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m loving this virus!

        • The victim hierarchy is fun to monitor because it does shift.

          It looks to me like blacks beat feminists because the feminists tried to shame the blacks for misogynist rap lyrics, but the blacks won decisively.

          The trannies seem be rout the TERFs (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists).

          In any case, what great entertainment.

          • Yes but do trannies beat blacks? Tough call. My bet is with blacks. They have slavery and Jim Crow. Also, a lot of trannies are White.

            Obviously, none of them beat Jews because all of this stuff is really just a Jewish smokescreen to destroy straight, gentile Whites.

        • I don’t follow sports much, but I recall that (biological) men competing and winning in women’s sports is already an issue. Actually, I applaud the Supreme’s latest insanity. Let the feminists take the hit — they deserve it. Related: I don’t know if it was a court case or not, but years ago Spa Lady was forced to hire male staff due to equal rights laws. Tough luck ladies, equal rights work both ways… 😀 Now, if only whites could find Black groups or clubs they’d actually wish to join, just imagine the court cases we could file… 🙂

      • Cause those are the only ones that make any money and keep the rest of the garbage, especially all women’s sports, afloat.

        • And that will be gone soon enough, too. I still have lots of acquaintances in academia, so I’m semi-wired in to what’s going on at several colleges across the spectrum (JuCo to Big State to Small Liberal Arts College). I can assure you that eggheads are the Branch Covidians to end all Branch Covidians. Since these people sincerely believe that anyone to the right of Rachel Maddow is pushing pro-Trump propaganda (and lately they’re not so sure about even her), they believe that the horror stories the MSM are pushing are just the tip of the iceberg. They’re convinced, utterly convinced, that OMG we’re all gonna diiiiieeeee!!!eleventy any minute now. There have been faculty mutinies at several big schools already – they’ve categorically refused to report. Look for lots more colleges to go all-online here soon… after which their revenue collapses, after which sports are gone, after which… yeah. Good times!!!

    • I often marvel that nearly 100% of public discourse is about 13% of the population. “Chronic Negro Fatigue” describes my reaction to this situation perfectly. Thank you.

      • Not original to me, alas. I have no idea where I first heard it, but it sums up the situation perfectly. They’ve spent the better part of 50 years making themselves obnoxious to everyone and everything. I think even now most people would be willing to leave them alone if they’d just leave us alone, but since they define themselves by obnoxious opposition to ambient civilization….

    • Folks do seem to be slowly returning to something approaching normal life in my part of the world, too. The Left are trying to gin up enthusiasm for not opening up schools in the fall. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

      • Please, Jeebus, make it so!! There is no bigger scam in this world — no bigger scam in the history of the human race — than “education.” High school diplomas are worthless, since they let you re-take the test until you pass now (seriously – how else can we be sure No Child is Left Behind?). Thus, college diplomas are worthless — I myself have handed out As for work that would barely rate D- back when I was in college… or in high school, for that matter, because what can you do? Asking a modern college “student” to write three clear sentences that, taken together, make a logical argument is akin to asking your dog to factor quadratics — not only can’t he do it, he can’t even understand what it is you want him to do. (I retired some years ago, lest you think this is a new problem). “Education” as it now is exists by Karen, for Karen — it’s state-subsidized scolding, nothing more. More than a few parents have already realized this. Like the sportsballers, let those fucking parasites moan and groan until they starve. It won’t take much at all.

      • Frankly, I don’t see how any school can possibly reopen with the current virus hysteria/mindset. What, have everyone including the kids wearing masks and gloves and social distancing? Never gonna happen, so something else will have to give.

        • Schools in Virginia are opening. But if your kid wants to go to school, they can only go two days a week. The other days, they’re on their own. They have to wear a mask and googles (I think). They will eat lunch at their desk. No group projects.

          If you go the virtual route, the kid gets four days of Zoom classes with the teacher.

          The fact that this is brutal to marginal students doesn’t seem to bother the Karens.

  43. i think Trump has an October surprise for the dems (and gope), involving indictments and arrests. a kind of pre-emptive offense at an unexpected time. so add the chaos that will cause into the mix 🙂

    • Not going to happen.

      There’s a better chance they run Kanye to split Biden’s Black vote than this (which is to say vanishingly small).

      • Won’t Kanye hurt Trump more than Biden since Trump has made major inroads with blacks because of the record low black unemployment and releasing the incarcerated Afrophysicists?

        • Kim Kardashian husband for prezident, democrats have to hurry up & search for a diferent candidate on TMZ.

      • Could be that the Kanye ploy is designed to force Biden to pick a black female rather than a white one (e.g. Warren) for VP…which will boost Trump’s overall vote considerably. That’s the theory at least.

  44. I think we’ve got to wait and see what happens at the end of this month when the bonus Federal unemployment money ends, assuming they don’t just extend it out until the election to try to buy votes. One way or the other that will end some day and that’s when we’ll learn how bad the carnage is.

    In the mean time: Prep, prep, prep, and prep some more!

    • Oh they’ll extend it alright – pretty much guaranteed. And amen to your last sentence.

  45. The economy is so shot up with Fed morphine that the pain generally isn’t being felt. it actually pays to stay at home for some people. But it’s already being felt in the price of gold. Hyperinflation doesn’t just happen one day, it takes many quarters to build and not everything goes up at the same time. The stock market is the primary outlet for the latest inflation burst. Right now it’s in asset prices not consumer prices.

    • Debt destruction in the economy is offsetting a good deal of the printing. For example, if people are using their government gravy money to retire credit card debt then basically what’s happening is the CC debt is being moved from the consumer’s ledger to the Federal Government’s ledger.
      Another piece is that since so much of U.S. currency is held abroad that the inflation jolt is cushioned, essentially by stealing a little bit of wealth from every foreigner holding dollars (or dollar backed assets).
      The last part is interesting: if foreigners get sick of Uncle Sam stealing from them, then it’s game over. This might come about if we get a full fledged third world government in charge this fall since people around the world can choose from any number of unstable third world currencies with which to trade. My guess would be then that the money-men who run the country would do everything in their power to keep that from coming to pass (i.e., Stacy Abrams and the like will not be let anywhere near the levers of power and will be kept in Angry-Tweet jail).

  46. “After all, forty years ago, the Left was endlessly going on about free speech and the dangers of corporate media. Today, it is the Right that champions speech and opposes corporate media.”

    And the reason is simple: the left now controls most channels of communication. They don’t have to rant and rave about “the man” oppressing them any more. They ARE “the man”.

  47. Great column.

    Perhaps in liberal democracy there needs to be a regular molting of the old partisan skin so a new one can emerge and refresh the debate.

    That is called “proportional representation”. It is why nationalist parties are skyrocketing all over Europe: there’s a constant churn of new parties entering parliament and old parties disappearing, and sometimes the new ones make it to the big leagues. Even a country like Sweden (nominally) has about 20% nationalists in their legislature.

    The bad news is that it doesn’t work either. The globalists simply buy up any party that gets within striking distance of real political power, which is what happened to the Danish People’s Party, the Norwegian Progress Party, UKIP under globalist sockpuppet Nigel Farage and, I strongly suspect, the Sweden Democrats.(Hence the “nominally”.)

    The only form of democracy that seems to work is the Swiss model, and before you say “yeah, that’s because Switzerland is inhabited by the Swiss”, remember that Switzerland is a multicultural country with four official languages.

    • PR is a good system in a Country with a fairly homogeneous population like a European Nation State, not sure how well it copes with diversity though.

      • Not sure how any system outside of authoritarian copses with diversity.

    • Switzerland is not multicultural, it’s multi lingual, with the different cantons each having a super majority of one or other of the language groups.

      • If you don’t speak the same language, you’re not of the same culture. And ethnic enclaves are not usually conductive to successful democracy.

        Europe is full of ethnic, linguistic and religious conflicts between “essentially” similar people. The fact that Switzerland manages such a successful country, is due to their superior political structure, not to the fact that the constituent parts of the confederation are all white.

        • Swiss are the original preppers living in a mountain fortress. Might also partly explain their banking success. Your money’s in a safe place full of responsible people. Also fear of invasion or encroachment is good for social cohesion. Never been there but that’s the impression I get. Correct or not?

        • Yep. I’ve heard that the Federal government is quite weak in comparison to the authority within the Cantons. Here of course, for almost 200 years we’ve had a Federal government usurping State authority not granted to it by the original agreement of the the Founders, i.e., the Constitution. And it seems decade by decade things get worse not better wrt or unity.

          • Also, women were only allowed the vote in 1971, so they’ve had less time to poz the country.

        • Can’t agree with that. There is diversity and there is diversity. Switzerland’s is the former. America’s is the latter. German speakers and Italian speakers are far more likely to get along than whites and neolithic African jungle savages.

    • There’s some subtle alchemy to how the Swiss have managed so well. I’ll take a stab at some of the ingredients but I admit the whole is somehow much greater than the sum of these parts.

      Scale, Jews & circumstances (not necessarily in that order). 9 million people, 0.4% Jews. Macro-ethnic cohesion, robust heartfelt civic nationalism, a very functional federal system that seems more “integrated” than our “checks and balances” model, as well as affluence in a small population with great geostrategic positioning.

      All of these have made them remarkably resistant to the kind of subversive influences that Globoshlomo can bring to bear.

      We would all love being Swiss.

      • Unless it’s changed, I like to point out that all able-bodied Swiss men are members of their Army. They all have one government-issued, fully automatic rifle kept in the home. Subject to inspection at any time. Doesn’t Switzerland have gun crime? Sure. At probably the world’s lowest rates…

      • Read somewhere that in Switzerland the locals get to vote up or down on permanent resident status for immigrants when all the very strict requirements are met. This is a huge incentive for legal immigrants to assimilate 110%.

        Imagine having immigrants neighbors have the final say on who gets to stay? Shocking, I know.

        • Once they gave the vote to women, though, things started going down hill. There is one Swiss area I read about that voted not to take any refugees, and although the article demonized them, I don’t recall specific economic penalties the central government could impose. There was a different town that took in one African and her 10 spawn and practically bankrupted itself to pay for that one family.

  48. The biggest head scratcher is the economy. Sure, the Fed and the gov’t pumped trillions of dollars into it via money printing and borrowing. Indeed, pumped more than what the economy produces in GDP terms. So, that may explain the lack of a depression.

    However, you still have 30 million people not working. People on the ground not doing jobs. Presumably, you shouldn’t be able to paper that over with dollars – printed or borrowed. Dollars can’t substitute for real work.

    Which makes me wonder if these people were doing the equivalent of busy work. Z has noted how when he worked in an office and there were lay-offs, you couldn’t notice any drop off in production. Maybe we’re witnessing the same thing here. Perhaps many job – and thus workers – aren’t that useful or necessary.

    • Perhaps many job – and thus workers – aren’t that useful or necessary.

      And the number of useful jobs is going to drop precipitously in the decades to come. We’re being softened up for the Robot Age, where only 10% of the population have real jobs.

      • Quite possible. We may be witnessing the first unveiling of that truth.

        But let’s also remember how huge a portion of the U.S. economy is unecessary services. If 200 million Americans decide to go out to dinner once a week instead of twice a week, a lot of waiters, cooks, restaurant managers, food delivery drivers, etc., lose their jobs. Those losses won’t be made up for in job gains at the grocery store and cookware industry.

        But does the standard of living for those 200 million drop?Not really. They miss the enjoyment of going out one night a week, but gain the enjoyment of cooking a nice meal and sitting down with family.

        That example is true of many jobs. They just aren’t necessary and the joy (or marginal utility) they bring to consumers might be low or, even possibly, negative, i.e. making a nice, healthy meal at home can be more enjoyable than grabbing some take-out.

        • <i>But does the standard of living for those 200 million drop?Not really.</i>

          They’ll have to pay unemployment benefits for all the fired cooks and waiters, not to mention the infrastructure of a modern society that those unemployed will still have access to but not pay for.

          A tanking economy makes us all poorer, not just the ones losing their jobs.

          • Thank you. Finally someone gets this.
            Let me ask folks here, if very few people have jobs, where are babies going to come from?
            A lot of DR people claim to be pro natal but have a huge disconnect on the issue of wages and family formation.

          • Absolutely, Felix. And I would add a job—even when subsidized with welfare benefits, like Head of Household income tax rebates—is better than stay at home and do nothing welfare payments. Something soul sucking in that.

      • There is no doubt a sense of State dread over the ramifications of automation. If this isn’t a dry run, it is a good chance to see how successful UBI can be. And as I tell White friends and families: take literally anything offered, and cheat.

    • > Which makes me wonder if these people were doing the equivalent of busy work. Z has noted how when he worked in an office and there were lay-offs, you couldn’t notice any drop off in production. Maybe we’re witnessing the same thing here. Perhaps many job – and thus workers – aren’t that useful or necessary.
      With the first round layoffs of 10% or so of the force, barely anyone who is left blinks, as it’s mostly business as usual and they can actually be more productive without the deadwood and toxic people no longer around. It’s on round 2 and above when the useful people who don’t know how to show their value get the chopping block when the pain begins.

      • A Day Without Blacks would actually improve production and customer satisfaction.

        DMV’s across America would be swamped with appointments for DWB two years in advance.

      • It’s far from certain that it’s the dead wood and the toxic people who will be let go.

      • So would I. But I think there is a misconception wrt such positions in academe. They are created to keep the numbers up wrt AA hiring and minority student enrollment. In that regard they will never go away, albeit they are certainly barnacles on the ship.

        • That’s it. Lots of departments are 100% Diverse, and not just the obvious racial grievance ones. Basically you *have* to get POC PhDs, and since they can’t even spell STEM you’ve got to put them somewhere. Basically all liberal arts departments are, or very soon will be, nothing but holding pens for angry ethnics.

          • And all academic standards, or what remains of them, will be dropped swiftly in the name of “muh ekwallity.”

          • This has already happened to a large degree. For decades, diversity or equal opportunity, led to the less-qualified to gravitate towards certain type of positions, which of course meant ones where competence in a STEM field was not needed. Unfortunately for everybody, these positions tend to be adminstrative and even of decision-making, even leadership. At the extreme in terms of power, just look at whom we elect or appoint to high office…

    • Douglas Adams wrote about this in his Hitchhiker’s books. A civilization somewhere in the galaxy decided to get rid of all it’s useless makeworkers, HR departments, telephone sanitizers etc. They told them that the sun was going to go supernova and that the planet was to be evacuated. They would be going ahead to prepare the new world for everyone else, ha ha. Totally impractical of course, you’d need a bloody big spaceship.

      • The elite also all died from a telephone borne illness. Whoops.
        As an aside such illnesses are common. Back when I worked in a call center, the cheap boss didn’t buy sanitizer and took the entire operation down for two weeks. Cost him a bundle too.

    • dollar can substitute for a while. but I see more and more gaps appearing in the supply chain at work and in the stores all the time. Also, china seems to be trying to isolate itself from the west. probably to avoid our predatory lenders and hedge funds . a very intresting channel to watch is english language ghineese dissident news . this is 23 well worth it minutes .
      this epesod is particularly enlightening .

  49. Two possible explanations for our economic robustness are:
    The Zerohedge Prophecies: Banks and the Fed are desperately trying to steer the ship in the background, but can’t dodge the iceberg they are careening towards.
    The post-scarcity economy: Most jobs are pointless make-work occupations, and our economy can hum along just fine even at greatly reduced manpower.

    • Most work is make busy work. When shit becomes real and bonus unemployment goes away, we may see partly where our economy is going. Then again, what do I know.

    • As I pointed out in my comment, I suspect that many of the jobs not being done just aren’t that productive or necessary. There’s no way you could remove 30 million workers who were producing necessary goods and services and not have a noticeable impact on the economy and all of our lives. Dollars don’t produce necessary goods and services. Workers do.

      The fact that borrowing and printing dollars has kept the economy afloat shows that those workers weren’t adding much.

      • The “service economy” mostly consists of luxury services and the “knowledge economy” mostly consists of Tennessee Coates posts.

        • Yes, tend to agree. People, I think vastly over-estimate the “value” or the “need” for all sorts of service jobs and industries. Pessimistically, the corollary is also true: a lot fo the workers really didn’t offer much of unique value. I’m not saying that these industries didn’t contribute something to the economy, at least wages to their workers, but the fact is a huge number of stores, goods, services and the attendant jobs are pretty frivolous and provided things that most people could easily provide for themselves. A lot of those jobs probably are not ever coming back. Better learn to trim your own hair with scissors and a mirror 🙂

        • Makes you wonder if social distancing and mask wearing have seriously cramped the Botox and vampire facial crowd at the high-end day spas? One can hope that some of the economic pruning is actually cutting out unproductive branches in the tree of life.

      • The office building housing my husband’s employer is still almost totally empty. He goes to work in jeans. I was never a huge shopper but now I buy nothing but groceries. Don’t want to wear a mask and be around all the estrogen. I’ve been doing my own nails and hair. We put our gym memberships on hold (won’t work out in masks and gloves). Our ‘service economy’ was mostly make-work, and most women’s jobs consisted of being professional gossips and karens.

      • Probably also tells you that most if not ALL of the immigration we’ve had into this country over last few decades – was completely unnecessary for “economic” reasons.

        When I was a kid – kids used to take care of most of those low end jobs that you now see immigrant types in. White kids worked at McDonalds. White kids worked on roofing crews. White kids hauled concrete forms at construction sites. White kids did unskilled labor in factories. White kids worked on the farms.
        If you worked even halfway hard – you could be doing “blue collar” type labor as a teen and early 20-something and make enough money to put yourself thru school. I know I did it – and I know others who did it as well. Rich kids might spend their summers working at restaurants in resort areas – where they could make “contacts” – or maybe they’d intern at daddy’s corporation so they could be into the young executive track when they got out of school.
        It was still like that back in the early 80s – by probably the 90s it was already starting to disappear and the immigrants were taking over the lower end jobs.

        • Yes, even your current author, the human sloth, had his teenage jobs, although spotty 😀 The problem is not just teens. For example, I live in a maybe 5% Black area. In the service jobs, the melanin-rich are under-represented; it is mostly white folks working even in fast food.

          • Joggers for the most part are ill equipped to take jobs. Seen this personally in my lifetime.

            Way back when, I needed a summer job as I was working myself through school. Even went to car washes. Money is money. Went to a large production factory and spoke with the plant manager (he ran the show). He said he just hired 3 “inner city youths” who were part of a city program for the disadvantaged youth—read juvi-court diversions. So he “pulled my coat” and gave me this advice, “Be at the loading dock tomorrow morning, ready for work, and tell so and so, the foreman, you need a job. Odds are one or more of these guys won’t show.”

            Guess what? The next day 1 jogger shows up (out of three hired) and I immediately got the job. The jogger lasted a week and then never showed up again. I worked the whole summer, and they hire no more joggers while I was there. By the way, the foreman was Hispanic and so were half the workers, but no joggers.

          • Putting traditional manual labor and jogger together is a stretch, unless of course you’re talking about armed robbery, house b&e, rape, murder – the usual run of the mill jogger stuff.

        • Wetbacks aren’t the only thing sucking up local employment. Kill the big box stores. Most of their garbage is made overseas or from far away. They kill local production, local business and local employment.
          If you’re relocating to rural areas try to pick up farm work if you’re job hunting. The more people that do this the less need they will have to use imported labor. The agribusiness sector is still large but most of the labor is now brown. Apply with 3 or 4 compatriots and see what happens. If you need to you can press the issue. Make rural America White again.
          Getting pushy in asserting our right to a piece of the pie is a good way to advance our interests without having to play the WNist angle. Doing so in rural areas will be easier than in more populous areas.

        • Rings true with me … even I, a now highly esteemed Engineer, picked oranges and laid some sod as an energetic teen. Helps me appreciate being a desk-worker in the A/C!
          Methinks that the immigrants make some decent coinage working here vis-a-vis their country’s currency and, if they work 10 or 15 years here, can retire back in their home country. They don’t want to stay here, necessarily.

      • I’m convinced there are an incredible number of grey and white collar jobs that are nothing more than BS paper-pushing that add no real economic value. In fact, these jobs may be so useless that they act as an net economic drag.

        There are also a huge number of jobs that are no-show positions that create the same problems.

        • Imagine cutting all the Human Resource departments in the country down to just one person!

          • That and all of the diversicrats. Of course, there’s plenty of overlap between the two.

          • I’d start by retro-naming (New word?, or for those who put themselves through college, neologism.) them back to their last legitimate function :Payroll.

        • I work for a company that only does commercial business (no gubment stuff) with >10,000 employees. You can’t imagine the confusion when something simple, like a customer returned good (CRG) and a return to stock is required. Oh, the emails and consternation that ensues. It’s this way with apples but that way with oranges, etc!

    • It’s true that many millions of jobs are make work, and as long as essential services and the building trades are fully operational, then the larger society functions.
      Unfortunately, our betters have decided that a significantly reduced, and completely demoralized, police force is a winning strategy in large urban areas, as well as a form of UBI, to keep many millions on the welfare teat for as long as possible.
      The last two factors are a recipe for disaster, but I think the Bond villains behind our own Color Revolution want it that way.

      • Well, let’s get the island to explode so we can start over, and swim away with Ursula Andress or the flavour of the week 😀

        • You have conflated You Only Live Twice and Dr. No. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    • It feels like they’re aiming for the iceberg, perhaps they think it’ll make a good hiding place for the of mountain of un-repayable debt they have accumulated over the last few decades.

    • Also I have a hunch that most of that 30 million are immigrants or children of, and worked at menial jobs at low pay at large companies. When their job ended, they go on unemployment or get support from their families. This is easier for immigrants who tend to have large, supportive families. So these people can be removed en masse from the economy without much pain. Even if they lose unemployment, they do have other safety nets. Problems will occur when educated or middle-class people start losing their jobs, and can’t pay their massive debts.

      • I think we unfairly discount native American talent. The fact is, it takes a lot of odd jobs to accumulate enough capital to start a small business nowadays. Today’s budding businessman needs to save enough for the inital 9mm, some clips and ammo, inital product and packaging, pay off the local cops, etc. It’s a tough world out there 🙂

  50. Yes, it feels like we are still in a state of shock, like a person involved in an horrendous accident, who seems to observe events dispassionately from a third party point of view. Presumably at some point the shock will start to wear off, and then what? You write that, “The government should not be able to manufacture trillions of dollars without causing hyperinflation.” and that, “The streets are still mostly empty during the work day and many businesses are still closed. Those that are open have all sorts of restrictions and they seem to have fewer customers.” I suspect that there is a link there. I don’t know much about economic theory, but economists talk about the velocity of money being a factor in inflation. It could be that the Chinese have visited that ancient curse of theirs upon us, “May you live in interesting times”.

    • Your initial description is excellent. We are, most of us, in a state of shock.
      The response to the virus, particularly in Blue states and the MSM, has been completely politicized. These psychos actually think strangling the economy and psychologically torturing Middle America, while openly encouraging the black underclass to riot, is a winning election strategy.
      Their hatred of Trump is so overwhelming that they have brought the country to its knees in a suicidal attempt to remove him.
      To any semi rational person, this all looks like most of the country, and nearly all of our elites, have lost their minds.
      So yes, I think most average Americans are in a state of shock.
      Where that leads is anyone’s guess. Probably no where good.

      • Or maybe the average person has watched how things have gone for the last few years, and is actually somewhat mentally prepared for where we are at today. The question is, how much worse, in what ways, and how quickly, before Joe Normie is finally overwhelmed?

        • When women were forced to allow trannies in their public loos, I knew America was totally lost. Coronageddon and the Great Minnesota Chimpout have slammed the door.

  51. I paid down some debt with mine. I’d like to be in a better position when the bottom falls out . That and ammo purchases. Always buy ammo.

    • Good luck, ammo is getting tough to come by. I bought some 9mm this morning and only got it because I was watching like a hawk, and most of it sold out and was unavailable within ten minutes of my order confirmation. We all need to allocate a percentage of our day to replenishing our stock of freedom seeds.

        • Even black powder stuff is selling out. It’s Obamagunnerama 2.0, only this time I have zero reliance on off the shelf stuff. Fool me twice, cant get fooled again.

      • Good advice. I don’t think it will start with outright confiscation, though. My guess is the ammunition and new firearms supply will dry up as a moratorium is placed on new production, and after a bit of attrition the move will be toward gradual seizures.
        Incidentally, I saw first-hand what happened in Australia after Port Arthur in 1996. Per usual, do not believe anything in the propaganda outlets. More or less the St. George strategy was used, and many teary Aussies willingly gave up their arms. The propaganda was remarkably similar to that surrounding the recent American race riots. Most Aussies still did not surrender their guns, though, and after a very brief moratorium on new sales, the confiscations started and were such gross violations of civil liberties that the propaganda outlets either ignored what happened or demonized those who were terrorized. In the State of Victoria, for example, police literally kicked in doors in the middle of the night and searched large areas home by home, even in Melbourne, which is a huge city. Anyone who witnessed that would have no illusions about what is planned for White America.
        The sparse population in Australia, coupled with most citizens clustered in densely populated coastal areas, did not necessitate a lengthy moratorium prior to the seizures. That is one advantage the United States has. My concern is that the religious shaming will work here even more so than it did initially there. The kneeling and groveling over St. Floyd has put a sense of dread into me.
        That happened only 24 years ago, and today most Australian Millennials and almost no Zoomers realize how widespread firearms ownership once was there. They talk about American gun ownership as if it is something that the world never experienced. If memory serves a higher percentage of Aussie homes prior to ’96 had firearms than is the case in the United States. Older people still remain shaken about what the government did. From time to time a politician down there will suggest legalizing guns again, and the propaganda outlets target that person for destruction, often with great success.

        • The tactic that California used to shut down gun stores was to require a background check for each purchase of ammo.

          The only gun store/range in my county threw in the towel when that passed around 2016. The owner told me that the ammo background check was simply too onerous and was the last straw.

          After that, there was nowhere to shoot or buy ammo in my county. (That’s one of the hundreds of reasons that I left CA.)

        • There is a point where the authorities respond to claims of “my rights” with “so what are you going to do about it?”, just as the gun butt is slammed into that person’s teeth. And the crowds watching via television will cheer.

      • This is very, very good news. It is white folk, not Hutus, who are buying this stuff.

        • no . absolutelly not. in the uban area I live in , the family and church community is tooling up because they don’t trust the radical defund the police crowd.

    • I tell everyone, be prepared! ABC, ammo, bourbon and cash. They call me Cassandra, but i learned in Boy Scouts, be prepared.

    • Not just ammo is scarce – rifles and pistols, too. Was talking with a retail dealer the other day and he pointed out that the manufacturers are completely tapped out. Everyone is on allocation. Their pistol display case was shockingly empty. I signed up for a manufacturer email notice when the product was back in stock; I got the notice and purchased immediately. I checked back 16 hours later & they were out of stock again.

      I have no idea how it is that no White guy has started shooting up a demonstration. Is it that the seriousness of the situation has brought sanity even to the most unhinged?

      • nobody should shoot anybody if there is any possible way to avoid it. you most of the porotests have a theatrical quality to them with some fights but no actual killing on either side. there are a few outliers like the woman hit by the african american man’s car in seattle .
        which I think is more of an accident than deliberate.

  52. We are ruled over by Satanist pedophiles and the Catholic mass has been made illegal. Satan is real folks. That also means God’s real. Act accordingly

  53. For one thing, the low income earners are doing better than ever with the Feds subsidizing unemployment. That’s going to end I hope.Maybe the credit paydown was helped by stimulus checks?

    As for economic effects of all this, could it be it is still coming?
    Possibly we entering a new golden age or prosperity and love.

    • How do we KNOW that consumers are actually paying down credit card balances at record rates?

      Note, the source of that information, cited in the Zero Hedge article to which Z linked, is the Fed.

      Note, too, that Z wrote, “no one should believe the official statistics from the government or other sources.”

      Some sources are credible, but I wouldn’t include the FED or any banking or financial institution in that realm.

      • I believe it, but would need more info. For example, suppose you were like the typical low income credit card user before COVID-19–who would pay minimum on balances and always seemed to use the card as soon as there was some room to put more on the account.

        Now comes COVID lockdown. You’re scared and can’t go out much. You stop impulse spending, you have a little extra cash. You continue to pay the minimum due, but fail to spend any of the newly available free credit line. Voila—instant pay down! But I would not necessarily call that a sea change in behavior or indicative of a new norm.

    • My wife tried to get a piano moved a month ago, and the owners of the moving companies we talked to wanted the work, but complained most of their staff was still on unemployment, and had no incentive to go back to work.

      • I had a conversation the other day with the manager of the local pizza chain – she said she is DESPERATE to hire drivers (who make $20-$25 per hour including tips), but no one is biting because of that extra $600 per month from Uncle Sam.

      • Here in the Rotten Apple, outside of “essential services” and the building trades, no one wants to dump the unemployment checks and go back to work.
        Once the UI runs out, then, and only then, will people start going back to work en masse.

          • It gets better. ” The great reset ” will include reparations. I have a feeling that’s going to turn into a ” be careful what you wish for ” situation.

        • No they won’t. There aren’t that many jobs to go back too. And as to Hoagie’s point about UBI, very true but I tend to see this as inevitable.
          We have too many workers to make jobs pay enough for anything more than Netflix and an apartment.

      • I’ve had trouble getting the usual guys I have doing farm labor to come out. They’re all collecting unemployment and while they theoretically want the work, day-to-day it’s just easier to stay at home and putter with their race cars.

      • Good. Half our problem is wage arbitrage (down by half since the 70’s) and wages have needed to come up for a long time.

        • I admit I don’t know the term. Funny, I had always heard the opposite: that by world standards, the USA’s wages are too high (which should be the same as saying the rest of the world is “too low”, it depends on your reference.)

          • No worries. I’ve learned a loot of stuff from Our Thing.
            The idea that a nations wages are too high is globalist/free trade driven and therefor inimical to DR values.

      • In a business we are intimately aware of, the owner was asked by employees to lay them off so they could get the $600 on top of unemployment.

        • And, if the owner were an astute businessman, he woud have said “Yes, but not until you’ve stayed on the payroll long enough until I can turn the PPP loan into a grant.” 🙂

    • The subsidized unemployment will become a permanent feature. It is part of the pacification plan that will follow the St. Floyd riots. Bank on it.

  54. Canada has now spent as much money on the pandemic, as it spent fighting the second world war.

    Economies fail slowly to start, and then all at once. The financial hair cuts and bank holidays are on the way, make no mistake.

    • Already creeping in. A friend at an aerospace engineering company has been told the whole department will be taking a 12 day “unpaid holiday” this year. And that is probably just the start.

      • Meanwhile, “educators” continue to get their full paycheck despite not having lifted a finger in 4+ months

        • Harvard will only hold virtual classes. Tuition will be what it has always been. Nice gig.

          • True but given the costs and the low value on online courses a lot of people are not going to Harvard now.
            They might be able to cut costs enough to avoid an immediate haircut but long term, they are humped.

          • Literally only paying for the diploma on that piece of paper when you fork out 50K/year and don’t get to look at the beautiful ivy covering those wall.

      • Yep – definitely already creeping in.

        I have been watching online equipment and bankruptcy auctions for a while. I pickup good deals on equipment to fill out my shop that way, as well as things like milsurp generators and vehicles.

        Judging by the amount of auctions I see for companies that supply the oil and gas industry with pipes and processing equipment – I’d say they’re hurting …. a lot.

        I also see quite a few large auto parts manufacturing facilities showing up , as well as lots of smaller machine shops and so forth. LOTS of restaurants and food production facilities as well.

        I see reports that Boeing is hurting big-time as well. They really screwed themselves with their timing on putting out a crappy product with that 737-Max fiasco.

        • The board-ups vice the ‘for rent’ signs in Chicago are a major tell. Landlords here almost unanimously being of the small-hat variety. Self-gassing and I love their self-hatred and destruction.

          • They are and will be the ones receiving the “loans”, let’s just call them what they are, bail-outs, from Uncle Sam. If any crumbs are left, small businesses will get some.

      • Lots of businesses are giving haircuts to senior employees, at least. Law firms and accounting firms have cut partners draw 25% and associates pay 10-15%. And that was with PPP. I expect things to get worse after the election. That’s when we hit calm waters before we go over the progressive waterfalls. (Even if Trump wins).

  55. A long time ago, in the 20th century– we had an idea that we could simply bomb civilian populations into submission.

    After we killed a few tens of millions this way, we decided it didn’t work, because people have a remarkable ability to adapt to a “new normal”.

    The “new normal”, of the virus, and the protests, has always been the left’s best weapon.

    • When did “we” decide that it didn’t work? I must have missed that. Because last I checked the US was still attempting to bomb the Mideast and Afghanistan into submission – and it wasn’t working. I really don’t think there was any concious decision or recognition of reality made on that one – it was simply that the cost of the bombing got too high (for us) – so we stopped trying.

      If you’ve been watching – the lefties still think the bombing thing works – otherwise you wouldn’t have reps from CA threatening to use nukes on the rest of the country.

  56. “What comes next?” That’s what I keep thinking and I truly don’t know.

    • It does feel like we’re in a calm before the storm phase. While most people don’t think more than a few months in the future, I’ve pressed them on the calamity of what we’ve done and they can at least agree it’s unprecedented.

      Whats most concerning to me is the fact that our leadership seems to be in a trance. Mindlessly issuing new restrictions on social and economic activity. The governor of NJ just mandated masks outside yesterday! Texas has closed establishments that get more than 50% of their revenue from liquor.

      Its like they can’t think through what will come of this. Everyone is banking on a fed bailout, but what if it never comes? Will leadership of these places be held responsible or will the media be able to convince everyone that it’s those stingy republicans refusing to pass a $20 trillion bailout package? Will the DNC gain power and pass a bailout package so large that it causes the dollar to become useless overnight?

      Strange times indeed.

      • Yes, they certainly can see past the end of their noses at the best of times and this will only make it worse. What I think they care about is looking like a “hero,” you know, saving millions of grandparents. That is why they are still peddling fear.

        • I think there are a couple factors behind that. They know that old people vote, and they know that they can only get away with so much voter fraud.

          Thus, they are going to peddle anything they think that old people will like, such as mandatory masks outside.

          • They kill off the old to make sure the old vote the right way. Every old person who died from the Chinese flu is voting Democrat in November.

      • “It does feel like we’re in a calm before the storm phase.”

        You summed it up perfectly, no way current affairs will lead to anything good.

        • Yea but most people are acting like the calm will last a long time or the storm will never come…

          • I think it’s for the best. Thing is sane whites can’t fix their own societies as long as current elites aren’t removed, system crashing down is the best way for that to happen.

          • …system crashing down…
            A decision matrix is mandatory now to gauge how likely you are to get pulled down with that System (physically, financially, work, food, housing). Removing yourself from it, and your ongoing investment in it’s existence, as much as possible, is key.
            Observing the masses paying down debt is not surprising. Most people see more clearly the noose tied to the millstone that is their indebtedness. Rejecting debt slavery, and it’s control of you, is easier when you are not distracted by the mythical modern life you’ve been fooled into living.

          • This is the point where people either cut back and prepare for real, or simply carry on and hope for the best. Both are coping strategies, and either one gets you from where we are now, to wherever it is that we are going. People are quite adaptable, to a point. After that, all bets are off, and prepping versus hoping becomes a huge factor. We aren’t to that point yet, and may actually be far off from it. The de facto UBI mentioned by Vizzini below, as well as the systemic fat that can be burned through, suggest a long intermediate “hang fire” phase.

          • Dutch, “Systemic Fat” has been proven true by virtue of the Make Work drones not working, and the lack of structural effect on the economy (for now). But what of the physical / safety aspect of our society?
            The Hang Fire phase makes sense to me economically and business-structure wise, but the physical danger we are all now exposed to is a new variable to me. Not that I had not considered it but it was way down the list of concerns. Proximity to the concentration of dindu’s is now a major concern. Roving mobs are one thing, but most grocery store and gas trucks have to come through their ‘hood. Bracken’s outline of what happens to those trucks early-phase of breakdown concerns me greatly.

          • Avoid proximity, and go as grey as possible to the outside world. You just know the “oth-oor-ities” are itching for the opportunity to make examples out of a bunch of people on our part of the spectrum. Avoid being one of them…

          • Yeah but – I think prior to maybe 4 months ago – most people never really considered the fact that “system crashing down” would include enraged mobs of diversity coming to their own house – and burning the place down with them inside – all the while yelling “racist!” as you tried to evacuate your wife and kids thru the side door.
            Most of the prepper types I know – even in the most extreme cases …. might move away to a more rural location , but that’s often so they can grow a garden and stay away from “cities” . I don’t they really considered the way things have been going since the BLM riots started.

            I think most prepper types centered their “system going down” thinking around having enough to eat – and maybe being in a more sustainable physical location. I don’t think they really considered society going all Red China Cultural Revolution on their asses.

          • Carlsdad, beyond Maslow’s basics (to paraphrase food, water, shelter, physical security) I’ve now added Community to the reason to retreat to rural areas.
            Weathering implosion of the modern world is made easier with community. I’ve looked around my AO (mid-size, southern city) for my people, discreetly, for 3 years. If those men are here, they don’t want to be found. So we are withdrawing our contribution to this community for greener pastures. And even if they are not much greener community-wise, a little land far from little Africa is a win for my family.

          • I’ve already done this. Unfortunately my matrix has mostly zeros in it. Stuck in a small, overpriced apartment, shitty job and was in the middle of attempting a career change when 2020 hit, food is all from the store, my patio garden will never supply more than a few herbs, water is city water supply. We’re not as fucked as Manhattanites but close to it. The upside here is that it’s a low density suburb around here with only “good” diversity and I’ve got a good car to escape in. My wife and I are cheaper than Jews too so we’re building up some savings (assuming the dollar doesn’t collapse). If bugout becomes necessary though we’re basically just (well armed) hobos sleeping in our car. Lots of people won’t even get that far though so I always keep in mind – it can always get worse.

          • I beg to differ. A system crash would almost certainly lead to them having even more wealth and power over us. Things don’t get better by getting worse.

          • If by pitchforks you mean AR15’s , yes.
            This is why the BS race riots were encouraged, It distracts them from aiming at the oligarchs for a while.

          • I’m with you skeptic. Chaos hurts them overall. They are losing control of their pets. While I hope to have mine far from the implosion, it would be entertaining for a bit to watch.

          • “They are losing control of their pets.” This is a key point most people haven’t hoisted in. What we’re witnessing is not some evil Beethoven orchestrating a symphony of destruction. Rather, it is a swarming ensemble of hobgoblins and demons conjured by elite demiurges who have overestimated their own power.

          • how have the elites lost control if the cops were told to stand down, losing control means army not being able to bring order.

          • The point is that, while the elites do have the power to stand down, they do not have the power to control when, where and how destructively the rioters riot. If they think they can put this djinn back in the bottle whenever they like, they are mistaken.

          • Tarstarkas.
            I agree with your statement at face value. Since power comes from the end of the gun, how does the sheer volume of private ownership play into this strange new world we find ourselves in?
            I believe there will be a fight. So a crash suggests, to me anyway, that they will eat many of their own, thereby reducing their number of troops I (or my progeny) will have to deal with.
            That’s a good thing IMO. Allowing them to strengthen their current position while sucking life and wealth out of the productive of us seems like a terrible play.

          • I hate to oversimplify things but power is basically really 2 things – arms and organization. The elite knows we have the former, this is why they try so hard to keep us from attaining the latter.

            People have been talking a lot about 1968 here lately. The same* scum caused the problems back in 68. Back then, though, there was no increasingly totalitarian framework of “soft power” to keep people like us from meeting openly and even discussing “self defense options”. Events like the Spanish Civil War and of course, the rise of the NSDAP were still fairly recent then. The elite could see that the Left’s “shock troops”, groups like the Weathermen, Black Panthers, the Balto Cong**, etc… would be wiped out in days if they went up against the white mainstream. When the radicals started to lose out to more respectable subversives like MLK, it was obvious that it made sense to go back to using more of a boil the frog slowly approach.

            Our Thing has gotten big enough now and is starting to put more emphasis on becoming a real counter-culture with our own business and social networks. The hippies were actually trying to do this themselves at the end of the 1960s of course. While the Weathermen wanted to blow up the Establishment, they wanted to walk away from it. They failed for a lot of reasons that don’t affect us though. The main factors being aimless hedonism, drugs, implicit feminism, incompetence, and no understanding of economics. We also have lots of new technologies for small scale production that didn’t exist in the 60s. If we can make our break with the system and develop our own communities and ways of life, we have the skeleton of organization. Combined with arms and the natural skills of a lot of our people this could be the framework of a new state or states as their’s falls apart. This possibility must terrify them.

            I don’t think the time for open conflict is here now and ideally can be put off until the system is so weak and rotten that most of it falls apart on its own. This is happening at speed though now. It’s really something to watch the Left tear itself apart

            * I just watched a video of some old commie woman on trial for trespassing on behalf of some Lefty cause in Idaho. She talked about her former arrest in the 60s at a similar event. Sometimes the original 60s jerkoffs are still making trouble today, sometimes it’s their grandkids.

            ** The Balto Cong, an almost forgotten and hilariously incompetent Maoist gang that terrorized my home town briefly in the 60s until they ran out of fingerpaint and LSD.

          • That’s my greatest fear. Elites coming up with a “solution” that majority embraces cause they’re scared & hungry.
            At that point I’ll know the end times are coming & that nothing can be done to reverse it. I am not that black pilled yet.

      • The federal bailout will come immediately after the inauguration of Joe Biden. Even if the Repubs manage to hold on to the Senate, they’ll be falling all over themselves to throw money at the states.

        • We have been experiencing ongoing bailouts as far as the eye can see. The Biden difference is that the future bailouts will have an additional cost, which is the demand for an overt personal celebration of government’s intrusion and takeover through the various bailout strategies. Anyone participating in any way in them, will have a feminine-style personal shit-test placed on them as an essential part of the process.

      • One lesson people should be taking from the events of the last 5 months is that the rules are not static, objective and unchanging natural forces. But rather they are arbitrary and can change on a dime. So far, 2020 has been the year of the unthinkable and there are 6 more months left. Whatever bad scenario you can envision, do yourself a favor and remember that the rulers make the rules and can change them or not enforce them or selectively enforce them at their pleasure. The rules are not for you. You OBEY the rules, they make them. They exist to assist them. Once the current arrangement no longer benefits them, they will change the rules.

        • The rulers make many rules but there are some aspects they cannot control. Namely, underlying reality itself.

          Money is a store of value, how long can we continue to provide value to 30% or more of the population who is contributing nothing to the common wallet? How long can we attack those individuals who are providing the actual value for our world? The farmer, the machinist, the tradesmen?

          I have a growing fear that nothing but the underlying reality of the world will stop our leadership from attempting to create utopia.

          • The Utopains have been a problem since the US was a colony but let me ask you this.
            How do you plan to make use of those 30% or more of people who no longer have use because of your drive for efficiency?
            A lot of people on the Right think they are entitled to safety, security or property rights, they need to think again.
            Those are not inherent or natural but part of the social contract and if you have no agreement with those people , you are screwed.

      • In the meantime, the intire anglosphere is ass deep in Chines spys and collaborators. Just sayin, things are complicated. Everybody has plans for the world and America is in their way.

          • “…the chineese actually look spooked by this and are turning inward…”

            That Video just confirms what I said above. The world is lousy with Chinese spies and collaborators. And as far as China looking to solve some of their internal problems, that won’t dissuade them from their imperialist aspirations.

    • If there is a mass wave of evictions, an American version of Mad Max, the first movie though, not the sequels.
      I have no idea how we will deal with this slow rolling crisis especially with many of those people having nowhere to go, being paranoid and well armed.
      The only way around this is to put an end to the shutdowns by fiat and to hand out another 6 months of unemployment but this will not fix anything, only stabilize it at a lower level.
      Late Stage Capitalism had to go for a real fix but while the Left as often is good at diagnostics, the proposed solutions are stupid.

  57. How long can the government pay people not to work without causing hyperinflation?!?!

    Indefinitely, or so it seems.

    • If those people weren’t doing much productive in the first place, i.e. not much reduction in real goods and services, and the money doesn’t circulate much in the economy, you won’t get inflation.

      • I think there are a lot of jobs that involved nothing more than red tape and paper-pushing that weren’t doing much to contribute to the economy in the first place, i.e. those jobs barely existed in real economic terms.

        • Over 1/3 of the economy is government spending. A good chunk of that is make-work. There is no way this 1/3 is not imposing additional costs in the private sector. Complying with regulation is a not insignificant portion of business spending.

          • Oh for sure, tars. I believe that at least 75% of every dollar spent on the defense industry is skimmed off by myriad waste mechanisms.

          • Yeah its nearly 40% of the GDP.
            However most of this bloat is caused by the efficiency trap.
            We simply don’t need at least half, maybe more of all workers and without money from jobs, we get no consumers and no future consumers except through 3rd world immigration
            Note within a generation, they stop having kids too. Latino TFR is where White TFR was in the 80’s (1.8 or so)
            Unless you basically eliminate economies of scale and tightly control automation, jobs are gone.
            We are right now in a position where you can work from home, order nearly everything you want delivered even a car and have all your entertainement piped in. Paradise for agoraphobics, hell for people and economies.

      • Not quite all time, yet…
        Nominal gold all-time high was $1,917.90 an ounce Aug 22, 2011
        [ $1917 in 2011 = $2185 today ]
        Inflation-adjusted all-time gold price was $850 in January 1980.
        $850 in January 1980 = about $2650 today

        • What is curious, and has been true for years, is that gold seems over-valued by at least some historical commodity prices. Far from perfect, and we’ve had this conversation here before 🙂 but just consider the cost of a gallon of gas in 1929 (Gold $20/oz) and today. You may choose any commodity you like but it must have existed back then! No satellite phone calls…

    • Sooner or later all the money printing is going to screw something up. If I had to take a wild guess as to what might be happening ….. I’d say that a lot of young people probably dumped their apartments and moved back home with their parents. If they still have a job – maybe they’re now working from home, and have plenty of extra money left over which they use to pay down their credit cards. That would explain both of the things that Zman noted.

      I know of at least 3 cases for 20 somethings where this exact thing has happened – and these were all “kids” who kept their jobs. They dumped the apartments – and moved home. Didn’t seem to make any sense to be locked down in the apartment paying rent – when they could do it at their parent’s house for cheaper. For young women especially – I’d be willing to bet that being locked down frees up all sorts of cash, no more need for shopping sprees, club fees and alchoholic drink buying on Thursday and Friday nights – or pregnancy tests. Now – suddenly there’s a bunch of free cash to pay down the credit cards.

      Martin Armstrong has been following this stuff for a while – and he claims that what is going on is that the whole socialistic enterprise that is the West – has reached the point where the money has dried up (we’ve reached that point in time that Thatcher talked about). So the power elites are crapping themselves because the old way of high taxation PLUS a lot of money printing – has reached an end.

      Europe is already fishing around in everybody’s couch cushions for money – and the lockdown from Europeans traveling to the US is as much about keeping them from getting assets out of the Euro-zone – as it is about any sort of virus mitigation.

      The talk about going to a digital currency and cancelling paper – is also all about taxation. When every single cent you have is trackable – the government is going to get it’s cut whether you want them to – or not. So first comes the digital currency – and next comes the 400% rise in taxes that is now being discussed.

      As far as the whole ” I don’t see anything bad happening outside my window” crowd – well I can say to that is: The soldiers on the Atlantic Wall enjoyed some pretty nice duty for years – while their brothers on the Eastern Front were getting the shit kicked out of them and dying in the frozen wastes of Russia.

      Then suddenly one morning out of the mist – a whole bunch of ships appeared……………………. and that little vacation was OVER.

      • I agree that “sooner or later all the money printing is going to screw something up,” but what has been so amazing and educational is how long an economy that is untethered from reality can prosper.

        It may be that as long as the USA has a relatively productive economy, the biggest military, and is the world’s reserve currency, that the USA can continue to defy economic reality past the point that we are all dead. Who knew?

        • I’ve long marveled at the US economy’s seemingly unique ability to float its massive bulk in the sky.

          Ultimately it’s the question of “where does Becky her money to spend at da club?” She has a job (still). What does she do though? Well, before the Beer Flu she went to meetings a lot where she and Rachel, Jessica, and Jennifer would discuss matters of great import to the large company they worked for – things like racial justice, the environment, the need to welcome immigrants, the need for more cultural sensitivity, removing “gendered” language from the text on the company’s website (a lot of it written more than 10 years ago by evil white men). Oh, she also had “real work” to do. There was stuff like writing reports and PowerPoints full of grammatical errors and basic logical fallacies or maybe spreadsheets where bogus data is run through incorrect formulas. There was going to conferences and meetings in faraway cities (Partaaaayh!), and of course socializing at the water cooler with all the other girls and maybe Mike, the one guy on the floor, who does some sort of “engineer stuff” and screams “beta bucks”.

          What does she do now? — exactly the same stuff but now at home through Zoom. Of course the conferences in Vegas are cancelled now – bummer! She still sees that electronic deposit every two weeks though. Where does the company get that money to pay her? Ultimately from big banks that invest in it. They get theirs from the central bank, which ultimately gets its money from… God.

          Well not really but close enough. In this case God is the endless world demand for the dollar and the understanding that this dollar is ultimately backed by the US and its fancy Area 51 weapons. This also answers the question of why Becky’s funny money is actually worth anything at all and can buy things of actual value like electricity, gasoline, food, electronics, almost all of it made outside the US by people who “need” dollars or by the remaining US dirt people in flyover country.

          The real question of course is why does Becky’s company bother paying Becky at all? They probably make something useful after all. That’s why they hired Mike. Why not just pay him and cut off the Becky’s? In this case it’s that corporations have reached an agreement with the State, the various racial and gender mobs, and the Media that they will continue paying Becky as long as their investors pay them. Their investors pay them because they ultimately get their money from the central bank whose dollars are needed by all those people in China and elsewhere who still make useful things. This is all ultimately in the name of social stability. Essentially, the idea is to keep Becky off the street given that she’s no longer willing to marry Mike (at least not until she’s 40 and all partied out).

          The system is now using Beer Flu as a way to find a new equilibrium. Becky now does her nonsense at home and still gets paid, companies save money on office space, airline tickets, and lots of other stuff. Besides, a lot of those expensive offices were in places likely to be Burn-Loot-Murdered. The people who really got screwed were the ones outside this whole framework – basically small privately held manufacturers, family restaurants, and independent contractors. There’s a plan for them too, that’s where Trump bucks come in to keep them afloat if not happy. The end result is that more people are forced into the economy controlled by the government and big companies or are just forced onto the dole forever. The system is now more centralized and easier to control. The savings from office space and all that other stuff go directly into the pockets of the elite. At least this is the plan as I see it. It remains to be seen if they can pull it off and get away with it.

          The weakest link is probably, ironically, the US war machine’s continued ability to intimidate the world into buying US dollars. War machines arise from nations, not corporations, not abstract Equalist ideological fantasy, not the latest fashionable sexual degeneracy. The US’s elite has done everything it can to destroy what remained of the historic US nation and corrupt its military. The damage it has done to the nation’s ability to maintain basic law and order also calls into question its credibility in projecting power globally. Right now American forces abroad are probably close to finding themselves in the position of those ancient emperors and generals who marched off to conquer distant lands and found their capital cities burned and overrun when they got back.

      • I’ve accepted “Sooner or later all the money printing is going to screw something up” as gospel my entire adult life.

        After the last 120 days? I’m not so sure.

        • Your whole life was spent in conditions where inflation was easily possible.
          LBJ’s guns and butter during a time with high monetary velocity do to population growth production and consumption allows inflation.
          Right now there isn’t much for most people to spend money on other than debt reduction.
          That said once the economy collapses in a few months, baring more unemployment and there are 30 million or more homeless. things will change and we will see consequences,

          • I wish that were true. I’ve managed to lose quite a bit in the stock market without leaving home 🙂

      • I have hearing about the consequences of money printing being just around the corner for all of my life. While the cumulative effect of the money printing has taken a good deal of our income and wealth, the highest periods of inflation were tame and relatively short lived. The ECB and the BOJ have been printing money like it’s going out of style for a long time, especially the BOJ. Japan doesn’t have the reserve currency either.
        A lot of the Peter Schiff types think this all happens in a vacuum. It doesn’t. The central banks collude with each other and control many of the rules. Of course, the rules are subject to change without notice. That includes the law. Fifty years of the sky is just about to fall does nothing to curb their enthusiasm that the sky falling is right around the corner. Assuming they are ever proven right, it will be by accident.

        • That’s because the money was more evenly distributed so it found its way into rising prices of consumer goods.

          now the money is heavily concentrated at the top so it finds its way into things that wealthy people spend money on, namely houses, the markets, luxury goods, etc. prices of luxury homes, goods, and things like yachts are through the roof

          if the average Joe received more of that new money, you can bet the inflation would be insane, speaking of inflation in the technical academic sense of the basket of goods utilized to estimate CPI

          • That’s a very reasonable explanation … I guess $20 million doesn’t buy the house or yacht that it used to!

          • Nope. And look at the prices of luxury homes. In every mid size and large city you will find dozens over $10 million. That used to be unheard of.

            Even the upper class markets you are seeing hundreds at $1 million and higher

        • Looks like Justin Haskins is reading Martin Armstrong. Armstrong issue a pay-for report a couple of weeks back titled “The Great Reset” – which talked about the exact same things that Haskins is talking about in his article.

          I have the report – just haven’t had the chance to read thru more than the 1st ten pages or so.

          Long story short: The virus is just a mask for machinations behind the scenes – and the global warming crowd – which if you remember has been screaming about ” we only have 12 years!” for a couple of years now……. is trying to destroy the carbon based economy in favor of “renewables”. You can also add in people like Bill Gates and the Malthusian crowd as players as they try to force in some sort of population control agenda. On top of all of that – is the fact that socialism is dying – and the power structure has been riding that horse for over a decade – and doesn’t want to give up power. So they’ll stripe mine everything trying to keep the larger financial game that keeps them in power going for as long as they can.
          There’s a bit of an intelligence test going on here. What I mean by that is – when you see people say stupid shit like ” I will just hide my assets in Bitcoin!” or…….. ” I don’t see what the problem is with eliminating cash” – you should understand that you’re staring directly at a person who is likely a moron.

          As somebody said a long time ago: “In politics nothing happens by accident”

      • Short of a true 1984 type surveilance state, I doubt they will ever completely abolish “cash” or at least a barter black market. Inefficient yes, but there will always be a need to buy goods and services in quantities not approved of by The Planners, or unapproved by them at all. And for that there’s cash, or more likely, an obsolete form of it when it was made of a precious metal.

    • The unemployment and other programs stop at the end of this month which means the US will undergo a complete collapse by the end of the year.
      No wonder people are paying down debts
      Hyperinflation requires both a currency crisis and as CSC noted money to have velocity.
      The currency crisis won’t happen unless the US implodes simply because there are no other options to dollars, Yen, , Euros and Rubles all fall short and while the Yuan might seem like a good idea, China is not in as good a shape as they want you to think.
      As for velocity, there are few children being born so that is a weak sector and too much of the service/entertainment economy is still locked down or just unpleasant to use.
      The real risk, I mean beyond the obvious collapse is that the reaction to this plague may have taken consumerism out behind the proverbial chemical shed and shot it.
      Its quite possible that even if society opens up fully no masks son everyone has gone to survivalist mode and that most spending is now going to be beans, bullet and band aids which doesn’t make for much of an economy.

      • Trump and congress just extended the unemployment benefits for another month. Then they’ll extend it again, no chance it gets cut off before November.

    • In a credit money economy like ours money printing is inflationary but debt destruction is deflationary. We are experiencing massive debt destruction right now through bankruptcies and debt discharge. As long as money printing does not vastly exceed debt destruction there will be no broad-based inflation, because the money supply remains approximately constant.

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