The American Drama

One of the sports leagues announced recently that they intend to get rid of the white national anthem before games and play the black national anthem. Most white people, of course, were surprised to learn there is a black national anthem. Racists were momentarily excited, thinking that maybe blacks now had their own homeland, but that was not the case. Instead, it turns out that the black national anthem is a poem written a century ago by black civil rights activists.

It is an interesting bit of history that is worth considering. The poem itself reads like a call to black unity. The celebration of their new found freedom does not indicate what they hope to do with it, but there is a prayer to God that they will keep on the righteous path to victory, whatever that means. A cynic cannot help but notice that the poem and the musical performance was really aimed at the white Progressives that saw black abolition as their Christian duty.

It is a good reminder that the history of black civil rights can probably be best explained by the phrase, “Now what?” After the Civil War, the blacks were freed, but then everyone, including the former slaves stood around asking, “Now what?” The people who did the freeing did not have an answer, so everyone else was left to sort it out. The people in the Old South, black and white, had to come up with new living arrangements and nature, as it always does, took its course.

Something similar happened after the Civil Rights movement. Legal segregation and discrimination were eliminated and then everyone was left to wonder what will come next, but the civil rights champions had no answers. After a couple of decades of inaction, the final resolution was a few statues of Martin Luther King and a federal holiday for him. The efforts at forced integration were slowly abandoned in all the meaningful areas and we were back to where we started.

The cold-hearted cynics have always said that white Progressives and their fellow travelers just see blacks as another weapon in the Cold Civil War. If they actually cared about the condition of real blacks, they would address the horrific crime levels and social pathology that immiserate blacks in America. Instead, they periodically unleash black crime waves on the bad whites, along with lectures about social justice. In other words, none of this has anything to do with blacks.

That’s certainly true, but it mistakenly asserts a consciousness of action to the Left that probably does not exist. Talk to your self-righteous lefty about the current ructions and they have no idea why they are out in the streets ululating about racism. Like a trained circus animal, they are responding to prompts and expecting certain rewards. You, the racist bad white, are supposed to get vexed with them, so they can feel the dopamine rush that comes from self-righteous indignation.

This lack of consciousness is better observed in something that is less radioactive at the moment. Disney has now added the musical Hamilton to its subscription offering, causing every Progressive in America to sign up for it. The play has become something like the old musical Cabaret. Instead of being a show about Nazis, Hamilton is a show about social justice. The sound track is something like “Horst-Wessel-Lied” for the modern Left. It’s more than a musical for them.

When you press them on why they like it so much, they cannot explain it. A paranoid conspiracy type would be forgiven for thinking that maybe there is a subliminal message in these songs. As soon as a person prone to Progressive fanaticism hears the soundtrack, he spends hours listening to it. A couple of years ago when the soundtrack was released, it became a moral signifier like an Apple product. The good lefty would ostentatiously reveal he was listening to it.

This is where you see the total lack of reason and introspection on the part of Progressives caught up in the ecstasy of these moral panics. Hamilton was not black and he was certainly not a social justice warrior. In fact, he was probably the one Founder who was the least in favor of popular government. He is an unlikely hero for people claiming to be the liberators of the oppressed and the champions of all-inclusive liberal democracy, but that’s where they are.

That brings us back to the black national anthem. Like everything else about race relations, that poem was never about blacks or their disposition. It was written to titillate the good whites in the halls of power. It was their pets obsequiously performing a ritual for them. Similarly, Hamilton is just feel-good revisionism for white liberals. A bunch of blacks perform for their white masters in a way that flatters the master. Race is just another popular theme in the Progressive Dionysia.

There is no shortage of analysis trying to explain the insane behavior of mobs pulling down statues. All of it from outside the Progressive hive misses the point, because it projects reason and consciousness of thought onto the performers. What’s happening is these people are just that, performers. They are unconsciously playing a role, like participants in a pagan ceremony. They are doing so for their Progressive audience, who cheers and sobs after each statue is toppled.

This is the real source of power of the Left. It is not that they control the institutions or control the media. Those are consequences, not causes. Their real power is they control public morality and the expression of it. All public rituals are funneled through left-wing mythology, drawing in friends and foes, all of whom play a role in the great ongoing morality tale of liberal democracy. Like pre-reformation Catholic Church, the Left controls the supply of salvation.

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259 thoughts on “The American Drama

  1. Will there even be an NFL season? Every day a new baseball player tests positive, and David Price and (I think) Mike Trout are sitting the 60 game season out. If that’s baseball, what would the NFL be like? Particularly as governors lock things down to generate A. More riots B. a worse economy to get Trump.
    The NFL is not golf, it depends on spectators for the sports televised energy. I can see it (good riddance) going the way of ride sharing, dine in restaurants, and cruise ships. Foreign things from a foreign past.
    In other news, NBC wants 50% non White workforce in two years. Guess how many Whiteys they will be firing? Tammy Duckworth wants to blow up Mount Rushmore, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson, Lincoln Memorials. Prior of course to blowing up Whitey.
    We are going hot when Trump loses (as he of course will, no way even Biden can blow his massive lead). If you think things are bad now, imagine President Tammy Duckworth, Susan Rice, that ho Kamala Harris (she assumed many positions under Willie Brown) or Stacey Abrams, the beast from 20,000 Fathoms.

  2. Hamilton has had quite the run. First loving it was a signifier of your wokeness. Now hating it for “singing slave owners” is a signifier of your wokeness.

  3. The other Evil O word: _Organize_
    I know a lot of people here have legitimate fears of getting fired if found out. So I respect that, but there are ways to organize sub rosa person to person to form small groups of men. The like minded can and will find each other. Do so with those you know, those you didn’t meet online. Don’t do so online, or with those you met online. I’m sure most of you are real, but don’t take the chance. Don’t take fruitless chances that can get you fired.

    As far as fears of being thrown in jail: only if you do or discuss the illegal. Don’t. Why?

    As far as going to the ah sporting club or taking precautions, this is Murica, anywhere…everywhere…on G control they completely failed, so lighten up.
    Nor do I think a manifesto, or new bible is needed as we are admonished here today by the same who panic and scream FED when they see the evil O word above. Gents- when someone tells you to write a book they’re not actually encouraging you, they’re pawning you off, in this case by a distracting you into a profitless waste of time. Our people don’t need another creed, another blog, another manifesto. They need others to band together with, and those to lead them – last reason is the only one I spend time here, you’re rather the natural middle class of our people.
    As far as the provocateurs who warn us constantly that we must remain passive, atomized…and so helpless? Well, who’s interest does that serve? It’s not in our people’s interest to remain passive, it’s not in our ethnic group’s interest, so who’s interests does the constant calling of anyone a Fed who suggests more than bitching online serve? Remaining atomized and merely bitching online…serves not our interests, but our enemies.
    I’m supportive also of partition, and yes separation. Just being practical, I’m a defender but I must have something to defend, and the present order gives way without a fight.

  4. Well today was interesting.
    Organize. The enemy has made my case for organizing here today on these very pages.
    It’s very clear the word organize triggers a nearly automatic response of FED !! Even when I specifically say I’m Gelfite Fishing.
    Well my dears, it’s never good to be disorganized, that’s all I’m saying. Especially when you’re atomized as the right is…but the overall size of the ‘right’ meaning sane people, and whites who don’t want to die is quite large.

  5. “This is the real source of power of the Left. It is not that they control the institutions or control the media. Those are consequences, not causes. Their real power is they control public morality and the expression of it. All public rituals are funneled through left-wing mythology, drawing in friends and foes, all of whom play a role in the great ongoing morality tale of liberal democracy. Like pre-reformation Catholic Church, the Left controls the supply of salvation.”

    That’s how it’ll be as long as people make reason into a god. Reason is a mental faculty. It’s a powerful tool, capable of discovering truth, but it’s not the source of truth.

    • Well money helps.

      • Absent benefits and administering said benefits there would be no Democratic Party, the rump of a former GOP, its questionable we’d even have a government.
  6. If public morality is mere performativity, what is its relationship to reality?

    • Public morality means nothing, it’s superficial, virtue signaling has no value, I actually find it embarrassing & it denotes a lack of self awarness.

  7. so the Reformation was the trigger that first redistributed and gave the Left a hint of the supply of salvation, which they then used to pull down the rest of institutions. which is why an obscurantist absolute trad Church may be the only real rival to the Prog Dionysia.

    white aesthetics also needs a return to tradition and holiness, funneled through strength. under the cover of “let’s make it cool and urban”, Jews and their allies have been subverting white heroes for decades, since Elvis more or less. in Hamilton’s case, they specifically chose the most traditionalist founder and made him a black proto-Obama figure; this worked in the short run so the nice white ladies voted stronger for him – and against the awfully normiewhite Mittens – while in the long run the younger generation cannot imagine the dialectic other than “bureaucratic colored Hamilton good, white agrarian decentralizer Jefferson bad”.

    which is why we cannot remain bloggers and statisticians, heck not only pagans or religious-minded folks. to drag whatever sane beings remain in the left vortex, specially whites, one needs an aesthetic-propagandist approach as well, partly through faith no doubt, but also profane culture.

    • If we have to employ a strict Christianity to get people in line, I am for it, but my natural tendencies are toward a type of paganism or rather an immense appreciation and wonderment with nature

      I asked a Christian once. He was saying Jesus is all powerful. So I asked, if there was never a sun would or could Jesus exist? So what/who is more powerful? Obviously the sun is a major factor in our lives, and to discount that becomes a little silly. Even if it does not about to a type of worship and just becomes wonderment and appreciation. same goes for so much else out there in the skies and in the seas and so forth. So as long as I am permitted to at least give credit where credit is de wrt nature, I’m ok.

      • Jesus existed as God before he was given birth as a man. Point is he sustains the sun, without Jesus there is no sun for pagans to worship.

      • It was the strict christianity whackjobs in Massachusetts whose spawn are inflicting their new religion on the US today.
        All that’s changed is their god.

    • Why do we want the men er males on the left back?
      I’m asking because you want if I understand you to pull them back from the Left vortex?
      why? They’re men, they chose against us, against their own.
      > The women will follow who’s strongest, always.

  8. >Disney has now added the musical Hamilton to its subscription offering, causing every Progressive in America to sign up for it.
    Now there’s a #cancelHamilton movement. It’s almost makes me think that it’s a false flag op of the Right. It’s getting to be hard to tell. Either way, it’s fun to watch.

    • Pretend to be a leftist and claim Hamilton is racist because it’s blacks pretending to be white and dancing to please a white crowd. Watch it get canceled. Seriously. What more evidence do you need of the vacuousness of the left-wing cancel culture ideology?

      • There is no doubt some black guy out there already saying as much

        To any farrakhan type black, it’s obvious that Hamilton is just a glorified minstrel show

        But they are slow on the uptake, most blacks are

  9. “This is the real source of power of the Left. It is not that they control the institutions or control the media. Those are consequences, not causes.”

    No, this statement is confused. The Left controls what constitutes public morality these days precisely because it controls all of the platforms through which morality is expressed or imposed. We got to where we are exactly because the Left controls all important social institutions now. This is the whole purpose of the Gramscian takeover of society. It is a cultural revolution from within, institution by institution right under the noses of the unsuspecting and feckless establishment.

  10. OT, a white pill dropped:

    A teacher, calling in to the Progressive flagship, the Thom Hartmann show, said she’s not going back to enlighten our youth until ‘they have a vaccine’.

    But, grrls! Whatever will women do with kids, without the public education industry?

    Heh. Talk about a dose of reality.

    It might even give them something useful to do.

    • Here the discussion is—and I kid you not—the teachers in k-12 (many, not all obviously) don’t want to go back into the classroom, but are also arguing to be paid if schools remain closed due to their personal health concerns or if they boycott classes out of their health concerns.

      BTW, I heard the average age of the public school teachers is estimate at around 50, so a case of adverse co-morbidities would seem needed to be made for such individuals. That national medical authorities are indicating little risk from grade schoolers as disease vectors in not being discussed. I’ll give you odds, they really want a hazard pay increase.

      • Closing the schools is a mistake for the Left, as is killing off Sports.
        The long term implications of forced home schooling are terrible for the Left.
        Not much better; working from home isn’t good for them either…
        No HR and no cameras in the home.

  11. It would seem that the relationship of (1) the control of the media and institutions and (2) that of morality is complicated. One key aspect would be the deft use of photography by the left. Why did Merkel open Germany to a million migrants? A photograph. Why are many of the left here arguing for open borders? Photos of “kids in cages”. Why are normally sane and intelligent white people supporting BLM? A video of George Floyd. Of course the media and institutions do not show photos and videos of blacks attacking whites.

    • Pictures have been bad for us

      They sold blacks to whites mainly through visual means. They can be made to appear “just like us” but with a tan

      Imagine if those pics also activated the sense of smell, those olfactory nerves

      Propaganda efforts would have failed before leaving the production studio

    • No, but they do discuss Nike slave labor.
      They also market the hell out of Nike.
      And people buy Nike.
      I think control of the Zeit Geist, ie what’s fashionable dominates the Herd’s tastes.
      What can overcome this? Reality.
      Sadly reality will have to bite a great many of our people to sink in, mind you it does work.

  12. I keep coming back to Russia. (no, they did not beat Hillary)

    As a nation the Russians are very white, Christian, traditional, moral, family oriented, and the women are very feminine. If white people have a place that will survive the nigs and other non-whites I think it might be Russia. That is if the USA don’t nuke them first.

    I have always been interested in the humans on Earth advancing and reaching for the stars. But that would mean we need an average IQ to go up to 125 maybe. At least not drop any. At present the HBD research has convinced me that the POC are dragging humanity down.

    Perhaps there will be a race war. Perhaps there has to be one. Else we end back up in the jungle and have to start all over.

      • Or what? You’ll spam me?
        Jesus you’re an idiot.
        I put up a clear software bot trap and you bite?

        It ain’t the Feds, it’s (((you))). I ain’t a fed, you ain’t a fed. You’re the SPLC or some other idiot.
        Or a bot.

        You need us Disorganized don’t you?
        For those impressed by the enemy’s intelligence, read up.
        And then organize.
        Thank you, the enemy has made my case for me.

    • Let’s do it the traditional 10 men pyramid structure:

      Four Feds
      Three ADL
      Two SPLC
      One Sucker.

      • LOL yes I get it Mr Jones.
        But I have better things to do than be frightened off by those idiots.
        The funny thing is I only was answering someone else’s concern that _WRSA_ got taken down, and I just posted that it was back up, all of a sudden frenzied accusations of FED!! start popping up. The new guys then keyed in on the new HateWord _Organize_ over and over… so I realized its bot driven.

        Funny, you can talk as much racial, Jewish animus as you want here, and yes other people can and do talk prepper, guns, etc.

        But if you say _Organize_ then they lose their minds.

        Apparently _Organize_ isn’t part of “The Plan” …and they find it horrifying.

        Makes one wonder what’s so scary about this most basic of human concepts?

  13. Hmm. Testing…1,2,3…





    Lets see if any Gelfilte fish bite..

      • FED

        Another link to “Western Rifle Shooters“. Ban this guy. It’s so obvious.

        Lets see if any Gelfilte fish bite..”

        So obvious.

        • LEFTY. It’s so (((obvious))).
          Funny you bit even though I specifically said I was Gelfite Fishing.
          For you, dipshit.

          It’s the word ORGANIZE, isn’t it?

          Why Admiral it’s a ((trap)) would the FEDS tell an atomized opposition to Organize?
          Especially when that opposition is enormous in size already with unlimited potential, and the last BS card you have to play is to keep us fragmented and suspicious of each other?

  14. The Zman is a bit dissatisfied with JQ theory as narrow, I have to agree as it doesn’t address other revoutions, say, as in China, the Mayans, Khmer, etc.

    I’d say this piece addresses that somewhat. Our would-be Masters, a “local” problem, are as un-conscious as is anyone else.

    Keep going, Zman. This is about the only place that explores the underlying group social mechanisms. I think most other philosophies over-stress individualism.

    • Insofar as J are a semi-permanent subversive element to whites, it stands to reason that these other civilizations that went though revolutions had their own subversives?

      Food for thought I guess. I don’t know. But I would not be surprised if every strong or sizable civilization had its version of the J.

      • That won’t be an issue forever. Jewish birthrates are very low and intermarriage very high. Within the next gereration, you may see POC overthrow Jews in the West. It’s already happening. Eliot Engle, 16 term congressman, just lost his seat to a black man. It’s happening. Maybe that’s why the ruling class is going nuts. They see the writing on the wall and are desperately trying to save themselves from the consequences of their own ideology, even if they have to throw the whole country under the bus to save themselves.

        • They absolutely are executing the movie script from Diehard of blowing up the building on the way out. They are far more than the J; Progs are mostly whites and post-christian protestants.
          The differences are one has a place to run, the other does not, the former is planning always to run, the latter only now dimly senses their fate.

    • Z actually did discuss on a podcast the ethnic nature of the Khmer genocide – the Khmer’s genocide of the non Khmer’s and called it communism.

  15. WHITE PILL AHEAD         
    I live in the general Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Our local “republican” party was founded and maintained by the democrats. Its recent chief was a fat chick exhibiting tats, piercings, dyed blue hair and Star Trek dressage complete with spock ears for daily wear. A typical placed puppet and informant.
    Today, I received a notice of a mass meet up by the new head of the local republican party. This young fellow led an Identity Evropa chapter at my alma mater, U. Michigan A^2 and somehow avoided having his life destroyed there, which is amazing, while graduating with an engin degree. He is a young contributor to Our Thing and no doubt a reader of The Z Man, probably even a new Alaska Chaga connoisseur.
    We are synching up soon. This young man can coalesce the thousands of us who live here in Deepest Darkest Blue Territory and help destroy the enemy from within. He’s already demonstrated survival skills and leadership, and I believe he has the chops to undermine our foes with a smile and grow our base with Gen Z. We don’t often receive good news so this guy is a needed breath of fresh air. Jason Finney:
    It’s a good day.

    • this young fellow led an Identity Evropa chapter at my alma mater, U. Michigan A^2 and somehow avoided having his life destroyed there, which is amazing

      Somehow… Be smart. If it sounds too good to be true, it may very well be. You’ll know a real leader when he’s not part of a stereotypical white power group, which is how the mainstream media will label this, and when he has a new ideology clearly anathema to the ruling order (and after he’s been put through the ringer and refuses to yield, demonstrating his loyalty to the cause). I’d advise you not to doxx yourself by attending any of this person’s meetings until after you see more of him. I mean, honestly, what are the chances that your last GOP leader was an — obvious — operative / informant but suddenly this new guy isn’t?

      It’s possible they simply replaced an older informant who wasn’t working with a newer one they think appeals more to the kinds of people they want to lure out and ruin / blame for the leftist violence they promoted. Alternatively, they want to create a Tommy Robinson, a guy who says edgy things and makes his followers look like bad people while ultimately towing the establishment line: “Guys, edgelords, white-nats, check this out. Zionism, corporatism, and loyalty to the system are totally cool now. Isn’t that awesome?”

      The FBI runs lots of scams just like this one — plant a mole in some group, get people to expose themselves, threaten them with exposure or financial hardship unless they flip, get more moles, promise to use media access to redeem them (“My Journey To Rejecting the Evils of White Supremacy, available this August wherever books are sold. Already a best seller.”). There are variations on that theme, but that’s usually how it works out. Don’t play into it.

      The FBI wants a boogeyman right now more than anything because the redpills are flowing. Their malfeasance in coddling antifa is on public display for all to see. They want to make this whole thing look like it was caused by your side … evil white supremacists (their label). Don’t play into that. Don’t let them conjure another Charlottesville. Let the regime receive all the credit they deserve.

      • Yes do let yourself be discouraged by this fellow, who sees Feds everywhere, remain completely isolated and passive.

        He’s very well informed the good Admiral on the operations of the Feds, so do listen to him and cancel your plans..

        And just lay down and die.
        Do nothing, take the whitepill and throw it away, or AA here implies you’ll be sent to jail.
        Let your blessed whitepill today become a blackpill..

        Or you’ll be doxxed and possibly jailed. You can trust the good Admiral, he can somehow tell you that these people you know are really Feds.

        Even though you’ve found your courage, and the rarest of gems a true and tested friend – toss both away, per the Good Admiral Akbar.

    • Congrats on finding a trusted friend, and don’t let anyone come between you.

      Or blackpill you with discouraging talk.

  16. Out of boredom, I read the Wikipedia entry for Liberia. Unique so far as I know of African nations, unlike most (all?) others that had periods of domination by the white devil slave-master European colonization, here is one that is nearly two centuries old founded with freed US (and other) ex-slaves, planned and aided by the Goodwhites of the day. How has this experiment turned out? I didn’t check any rankings with other Afrian countries, but let’s just say that people are not exactly busting down the doors to emigrate there 😀 Fertility rate is nearly 6 per woman! Jeez. Highly speculative, of course, but does a country like Liberia, arguably the USA’s African “colony”, presage what will become of large swathes of the USA in future decades, particularly if homelands were set up? It’s no secret that Black run enterprises quickly run to ruin, so why not? If only Whites really could build a Wakanda, or a reasonable substitute, and move all the Amerian Blacks there. But half of them would be too smart to fall for that, and the other half are too stupid to take advantage of it were it true 🙂

    • This is the problem with “open source” software. The one guy who can fix the problem is appeasing his girlfriend who is mad at him because he spends too much time at work.

      Hate Microsoft all that you want, but they have an army of programmers who are paid to fix problems like this.

    • What do you mean by fix the comments? If you just want your avatar to show up and your membership status to show, erase the name and email text boxes and reenter them (you can use the dropdown completion for the widget). Ideally, the persistent login would be nice. However, I have found that your avatar and membership will be respected until you close the browser you are using. YMMV, of course; but, it works for me.

      I don’t mean to be dismissive. But I was a software guy for many years and I understand workarounds.

  17. Great insights here. Most of these progressives have had the light switch in their brains switched to “off”. It is pretty amazing to see how capable they are of believing incoherent nonsense.

    I agree blacks are used not for some utilitarian end but for some moral end. When John Brown got a black man killed at Harper’s Ferry or that Bro threatened to beat a black man in front of his kids for taking down BLM stickers he isnt being hypocritical per se. He is being completely consistent with his do gooderism for which blacks are just an incidental factor.

    Let’s have an ethno state with no one else but whites. I would love to know what these fanatics would find to feel superior about us for then. Hell theyd probably just take over and import blacks again then agitate them for the evil of being kicked them out lol.

    The moral angle really cant be overstated either. This is a thin example but bear with me: go to reddit’s “anarcho capitalism” page and take note that everyone is relatively right wing. Then go to reddits “anarchism” page and note that even though an anarcho communism page already exists, leftists own the otherwise neutral anarchism page.

    All things being equal, you would expect a mix of left and right anarchists on that page, some advocating capitalism, some communism. But instead it is all small minded, hateful leftists. Why does the left take over and the right cede ground to become ghettoized in their even more niche subreddit? Literally the right is too demoralized to hold that ground let alone take it.

    Of course reddit is a democratized platform beholden to big capital so it will naturally drift left anyway, but that page is a microcosm of the problem the right has in getting anything accomplished. When we can find a way to flip that dynamic or subvert it we have a chance.

      • Do you really believe that “entire life is spent on concrete” is the underlying issue?

        What about Somalia? Liberia? Haiti?

        • for white people it is, sure

          I know people from NYC whose lives have been spent on concrete and in steel buildings, never breathing in the smells of mown grass or among cows and pigs or just fishing out on the water.

          Nature brings balance and wisdom. Observing dogs at play or interactions on a farm give someone a groundedness that is a bulwark against these kinds of peculiar impossible fights of fancy. Also why it is people who don’t spend much time around blacks who’ve the more extreme fantasies. Insofar as blacks are an urban thing, the reverse also holds true so that whites from the country lack a groundedness on the question of blacks.

          I don’t think it is a mystery that the truly insightful and understandings of men are from a generation of whites that were closer to nature. Why American movies and literature, the best of it, was from people with talent that came from the small towns or the country and moved to the city. But too much time in the city, you lose inspiration, context, wisdom, balance. Or if you don’t it takes on a decidedly urban quality that appeals only to fellow travelers among you and where no else can “relate.”

          So yeah, urban life is a big problem here.

    • We’ll never get any ethno state or even a moments peace unless we sub rosa of course ORGANIZE.

      • FED

        This guy talks endless about organizing and guns, not about partition or practically any other subject unless it’s just a boilerplate comment about XYZ. He tailors his comments depending on the subject, always bringing them back to organizing and guns. What do you think is going on here?

          • ^^I was today. With the word ORGANIZE^

            And I was Gelfite Fishing..and caught one.
            I was wondering why the sudden onrush of FED FED FED …and I figured out it must be some (((trigger))) word. It’s ORGANIZE.

            So beware all, the word organize summons the SPLC bots, like Creek a couple of days ago…when I say him tell Exile how disappointed he was in the High IQ Right Wing like AMREN because they ‘didn’t form an alliance with the Jews’ I had to LOL.

            If you look up or down in the comments, you’ll see me trolling with organize, men, mannerbund, Western Rifles, squads..but no.. the trigger word is organize.

            I know you’re ok Lineman, or being American instead of a (((FED))) I grant you the presumption of innocence.

            Folks the last thing an enemy would tell an atomized opposition is to organize.
            I think (((they))) like us just the way we are..

          • When you diss on Building Communities but you harp on organize that’s a tell…Your way leads to infiltration and giving them a target…So if you’re not a fibbie quit doing their work for them…

          • Can you read? I am in favor of building communities.
            I before did mock that they’d need to be defended, so why not defend where you live, but I’m not against building communities.
            I’m more in favor of it now than before, as the Republic gives way.
            >My way doesn’t lead to infiltration, there’s nothing to infiltrate.
            My specified way is do nothing, say nothing illegal, then there’s nothing that can be done.
            Also specified that no one who only knows each other online should meet, let me add reveal identities.
            Basically there’s nothing to be done here but exchange ideas, but that’s of value.

            I’m not doing anyone’s work Lineman, there’s no work for them here…there’s no reason for ‘them’ to be interested if them is the fibbies.
            The Left however seems very interested in evil O word not happening. And as far as the fish that bit today ask yourself this: how is it in our interests to remain atomized, and why would an enemy suggest that an atomized opponent organize?
            An enemy would want a atomized foe to remain atomized. A strange course for an enemy indeed.

        • What’s going on?
          Well Gelfite Fish I was fishing..For you.
          So it is the word ORGANIZE that sets off the SPLC’s software robots. Or whoever or WTF you are…

          Yes I DO talk about ORGANIZING and say ORGANIZE a lot..because that’s our only weakness, we have everything else. We have mass, men, materials and a nation and people fed up with (((your crap))).
          After repeated sudden attacks of FED from people not seen here before, it hit me that something I was saying was (((triggering))) a sharp response.
          And it’s always HE’S A FED.
          No dear, I’m a VET. That’s my only ‘federal’ status. I know what’s coming, and I tell them to organize for …their own survival, and any follow on goals.
          Now let me ask you, and (((you))) …why would an enemy posit the FEDS, want an atomized group like the right to ORGANIZE?

          I wasn’t sure if it was ORGANIZE or Western Rifles Association, now I know. Thank you.
          PS dear…do a little homework. This entire page is covered with gun talk, not for the first time.

  18. Horst Wessel Lied sounds like “My country tiss a thee”. I think Horst might have some copy right issues. Maybe that’s why the commies shot him, good ole American spirit!

  19. Z Man said: “Like pre-reformation Catholic Church, the Left controls the supply of salvation.”

    Bingo! The church of woke. Prof. Michael Polanyi in his book “Science, Faith, and Society ” talked about “Moral inversion.” Describing the mindset of communists and nazis he said:

    “In such men, the traditional forms for holding moral ideals had been shattered and their moral passions diverted into the only channels which a strictly mechanistic conception of man and society left open to them. We may call this the process of moral inversion. The morally inverted person has not merely performed a philosophic substitution of moral aims by material purposes, but is acting with the whole force of his homeless moral passions within a purely materialistic framework of purposes.”

    So there ya go. Mountains of moral zeal, with no transcendent God or an ounce of humility to keep it in check.

    Here’s an article by a guy named Chris Scruggs talking about the recent riots and moral invertion.

  20. The notion that the Left controls public morality is — or, at least, can be — quite the white pill. In my more optimistic moments, I think 75-90% of this nonsense can end peacefully with a simple “no.” No, Alexander Hamilton wasn’t Black. No, there’s no such thing as “systemic racism” — there is only behavior, most of which is perfectly reasonable given how hard a small minority has tried to make themselves obnoxious to everyone and everything over the last 75 years. No, I refuse to apologize for my “white privilege,” which is really just the great good fortune (I acknowledge that part) to be born into a group with a high average IQ, into a nice stable two-parent home, into a culture that values nice stable two-parent homes. I have nothing to apologize for. Nor do you have any reason to be angry at me, Black Americans. I wasn’t the one who knocked your momma up and left her (or got kicked out by her, because the welfare benefits were better that way). I didn’t pass the welfare laws. I’m not the one making excuses for everything you do. I’m not the one perpetuating Magic Negro stereotypes. In short, if you really want to improve both your personal situation and the situation of your “community,” you should be thanking me, for telling you the hard truth. And it all starts with “no.”

    • I agree with all that you wrote but the people who control the academy and the media will impoverish or imprison us if we say, “No!”

      In other words, most traditional white Americans are prepared to support any leader who says, “No!”, but there is an overwhelming contrary force, which is our real enemy. If we say “no” our real enemies crush us. What do you think?

      • In my more optimistic minutes, I really don’t think so. In Leszek Kolakowski’s wonderful phrase, Leftists are “irritated butterflies.” If they don’t get an immediate dopamine hit from it, they flutter off to something else. So long as you keep it calm and civil — just a plain “no” vs. an angry “f*ck you!” — they’ll drift off to something else.

        [At the risk of bringing up old grief, and speaking of irritated butterflies, remember what happened when Vox Day accused Z Man of plagiarism (or whatever it was) a year or so back? The “Vile Faceless Minions” were over here for a few days, they did a few posts about it over on his blog, and then… nothing. And then, a month or two later, Vox was back to quoting Z Man again on his own blog, as if nothing had happened. Keep it civil, weather the initial storm, and everything will be fine. These people have the attention span of goldfish. Make it clear that “no” is ALL they’re gonna get — no explanations, no justifications, nothing other than “no” — and they’ll move on. So long as they can’t immediately disemploy you — and I mean immediately, by pushing a button right then and there — they’ll move on to an easier target].

      • This is why USA will collapse, if u remove all sane people from your institutions then country will meet USSR end.

          • “USA has stamped it’s indelible mark on the entire world. And that will never change.”
            Let’s hope you are wrong, otherwise globo liberalism will destroy us all.

          • “Let’s hope you are wrong, otherwise globo liberalism will destroy us all.”

            Relax pal, you where all going to be destroyed anyway. If not “globo liberalism” or maybe globo communism then globo whatever.
            Not to mention: fire, flood, tornadoes, hurricanes, hypercanes, supervalcanos, asteroids and of course, PANDEMICS!!!!

            Top 10 Things That Can Destroy Earth

            Remember friend, life is what happens to you when you’re busy making plans.

          • He’s trolling sentry, ignore.
            As for the world…we have no need of it, our elites need the ‘hegemony’ to enrich themselves from contracts, wars, not to mention attending conferences and feeling important.

            Unlike other ’empires’ ..hell, this is a list…

            1. We don’t admit we are, the dishonesty especially to the average American is catching up.
            2. We have no need of it, we have all the border security and natural resources as well as markets here in the Continental USA.
            3. Our Hegemonic class can be found concentrated in areas around DC, such as Bethesda Maryland..where they just went out and knelt in the street to a bunch of servants unemployed children. Such creatures will not remain in power long.
            4. America is not on your borders, unless you’re Canada or Mexico. You’re not I think. And hell, we never conquered them.

            This is just our USSR at the end phase Sentry. The best thing is to leave us alone and let us work it out.

      • Line in Sand: [first congrats on standing on SF bridge, or wherever it was.]
        Answer: If there’s a large and not intimidated We then no..the enemy does not crush us.
        The trick is to have the We, the means to the desired End before they have a target.
        Don’t do anything of import on the internet, or media.

        Sure they can make life miserable for a bakery, but lets remember the bakery had a ton of donations from all over. Americans are a very fair minded and generous to a fault people. This is the appeal to normie, he may be too easily taken advantage of but he is very just, very generous and still with a strong sense of right vs wrong.

        There is a powerful enemy that can publicly harass and make life miserable for those that want to mistakenly have a public movement against them.
        If there was a non public movement …or rather a slow gathering off the damn internet or TV of all the scattered groups …and the people in those groups weren’t intimidated by SJW’s…then we see how small and hollow they are in real life.
        Let’s remember something about these people: they’ve concentrated wealth through wealth media control..but they are few. Same with the universities, how many millennials and now gen Z chafe under the yoke of mouthing their platitudes?
        I don’t believe the political leanings polls anymore than I believe the political race polls, less even. Of course they mouth the platitudes….they’ve been conditioned to their entire lives. Do we chafe? And we think they don’t?

        Somehow the scattered must be slowly gathered together, for the numbers are enormous. It cannot be done online or through people you only know online..but it can be done. Surely there are forms of knowing people..however archaic 😉 they may seem.
        I’ve got to say however that trying to organize from among the middle class, prog industry dependent strivers in media, law, education or any college grad dominated industry will be very difficult. They don’t have to believe any of this Prog crap, but they’re usually too invested in the system to challenge it.
        My suggestion is find someplace like say a sporting club where you just might find kindred spirits, if you have no other place to try. That and the Trades, who have no patience for this nonsense at all.

    • Unfortunately there is such a thing as sytemic stupidity, and the prog alternative to so unbearable a condition as that is–privilege of others, privilege of all but the 2% who actually have manged to award privilege to themselves.

    • Kunstler said that the other victim of desegregation was the parallel Black economy, wherein they served and depended on each other.

      Forced to perform, they did, and had recognizable status opportunities and roles to fulfill.

      • The superior functionality of Blacks and their separate society under Jim Crow compared with today has been sadly memory-holed. If the “talented tenth” would keep their talents in-house instead of LARPing as diversity PhD’s in White society, Blacks could maintain a functional society. But they need draconian social controls and other harsh measures that they would never tolerate being imposed by other races vs. their own – separatism is more vital for Black progress in the real sense than for us, but since the 1950’s it’s always been easier to demand the dindu-geld and Good Whites have always been there to provide.

        • Agree, Exile. While things like the Black Wall Street in Tulsa are obviously greatly exaggerated, it is true that the best they ever did was under segregation, and I suspect for exactly the reason you propose.

          • Talk to black guys about control measures in Black Day Care for Black kids.
            Whoa. Way worse than the nuns.

   could convert Karen’s with such tales.

    • No, I refuse to apologize for my “white privilege,” which is really just the great good fortune (I acknowledge that part) to be born into a group with a high average IQ, into a nice stable two-parent home, …”

      Severian, I get what you’re saying, I just refuse to even acknowledge the validity of the concept. My White *privilege* was to get into grad school and work my way through while attending class and spending at *least* an hour or more everyday on the books for every hour of lecture. Damn it, that’s not good fortune—that’s work, hard work. I bet you were little different in achieving your current life status.

      Yes, I had some good fortune as you did. Through the Grace of God a sound mind—albeit immature—and Divine guidance/intervention that kept me from the full consequences of many poor decisions a young man makes. But that’s not “White privilege”. No man deserves the Grace he receives.

  21. You said: All of it from outside the Progressive hive misses the point, because it projects reason and consciousness of thought onto the performers.

    I am hardly inside the Progressive hive and I have no illusions that the mob has any reason or consciousness of thought. I am reminded of what we said when I was young: Loose shoes, a tight pu$$y, and a warm place to shit. That is the depth of their rationality. I hope I do not offend the delicate sensibilities of the participants here.

  22. When Hamilton came out I was working in San Fran with lots of coastal California Republicans whose creed could best be described as, “Give us all the social liberalism, but with lower taxes and wars for Israel.”

    They were ecstatic over Hamilton. They believed that had finally found the way to get blacks to love the USA: rewrite history so that all the Founding Fathers were rappers. Ingenious!

  23. The mob is mindless but never without purpose. It destroys to purify for the coming of a new redemption. Any vestige of the old no matter how obscure is seen as a mote in the eye of the new gods, a speck of evil that threatens their final passage to their imagined utopia. There is no “other means” fix for this.

    Hamilton. I saw it. It could have played in by great-grandfather’s day. It is an inverted minstrel show.
    In my great-grandfather’s day the audience would have been in-the-know. The buffoons on stage ape around mimicking clownishly White civilization. Some of the fun was at the expense of the audience but for the most part it was a spectacle in seeing blacks behave as if they had just stepped out of a Henry James novel. A manner of being that was so foreign to how Blacks actually behaved that it was uproariously funny to the audience of the day. The audience was in the know and the black actors played the stooge.

    Hamilton is the inverse of that. The black actors play at something they are not nor can ever be…but because of present pieties they are now the ones in-the-know. While the audience knowing full well that what transpires on stage happens nowhere offstage…experiences a wave of religious euphoria at what present pieties demands could and should be. The audience in playing the stooge accepts the guilt for the lack of black accomplishments in a White civilization and then has its guilt lifted in an act of piety by accepting the Whiteman’s burden to redeem this perceived injustice.

    Vaudeville becomes Sacrament.

    • Inversion, contextualized. Very much this “Vaudeville becomes Sacrament” all around us.

    • Thankfully I’ve not seen “Hamilton” nor can I place any of the music. 

      Your comment that it’s like an “ inverted minstrel show “, brought to mind,”Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp“ which as a kid, had me in stitches on Saturday mornings. The humour was in the incongruence of apes acting human. 

      It’s very insightful of you to note, that our ancestors would have chortled in merriment, at the sight of negroes putting on the airs of statesmen, in a musical minstrel show, as real Ethiopians and Blackamoors.

      I expect that breaking out into fits of laughter during a presentation of “Hamilton”, would be taken as ‘inappropriate’. Organized claqueurs hitting performances, only to crack up into guffaws and howl in amusement, would be more fun to see than the show itself.

    • If it is their purpose it has not sprung out of nature but out of conditioning

      A hurricane serves an actual natural function and purpose, allowing new life to grow

      This human hurricane, this flood of zombies, has no such natural purpose, insofar as redemption is a construct and not something inherent in all men.

      This is a man-made plague

    • “Amistad” was like that for me. “Glory” as well. Even Uncle Mel did this with the token Black in “The Patriot” – simply incredible. The King’s Speech had a numinous negro as well, IIRC.

      Like watching a fish try to play piano.

      I’ve worked at creating a fictional Black leader that reflects what we know of them but it’s in the context of a Black society that is based on very different values and priorities.

      It has to be in order to ring true. The Enlightenment is an unusual and in many ways unrealistic fit for Whites, much less Blacks.

      • The “Horst Wessel” of the American Revolution was a mixed race, probably escaped slave and Amerind and probably Black named Crispus Attucks. What that tells us is that US history is complex and issues involving race and status i are hardly new.
        To what you said about the Enlightenment is very true. Its simply a bad idea but its a key part of our social fabric and technological infrastructure we don’t have a repalcment for.
        There is no rollback to Christendom 1.0 available and while the progs do have an alternative, its not only stupid but unworkable for oh so many reasons, its also part of the enligtenement and thus cannot work on those grounds either.
        Sure we can go to age of barbarism , we probably will as seen by the unrestricted warfare but the results of this if it goiets to big is while we ate at buffets our descendants will eat dogs.

        • I’d bet that Crispus Attucks instigated the Boston Massacre by chimping out and we’re left pretending like it was some noble act for liberty.

  24. The left is nothing if not Pavlovian. Kind of reminds me of a time when I was a kid in Iowa. We went to a turkey farm and there were hundreds of them in the field. I stood on the fence and gobbled at them – in unison, they’d return the sound and as a group move closer and closer. It really was an amazing thing…

    Re Hamilton, I saw something yesterday about some party pooper dropping a turd in the punch bowl about Al having ties to slavery. There must be some reflexive teeth gnashing and pearl clutching going on…

    • exactly, school system is how they turned kids into indoctrinated kneelers, especially college(internet has plenty of before & after pics with girls who went to college)

  25. The creators of Hamilton, intentionally or not, succeeded in getting conservatives riled up ,and is why we’re still talking about it many years later. When only liberals support something, you get a cult classic. When cons oppose it and liberal support it, you get a staple of culture. The entertainment industry has known for a long time that provoking conservatives into outrage is the best way to boost sales. That is why it is stupidity to talk about it because we’re taking the bait. We’re doing free marketing for the left.

    • We should take the bait by larping as leftists and claiming Hamilton is racist — black men performing for a rich white crowd.Totally racist. Watch them ban it.

  26. I think Z is correct to point out that this is essentially a cultic crisis: the reason reason never works for us is that it’s the wrong medicine. Cultic problems require cultic solutions.

    There is old magic going on with negro worship. My absurd sister-in-law is, of course, still out of her mind in love with Hamilton. But you also know when she is telling a story about a black co-worker, because she will never fail to mention how this co-worker is so beautiful. So, yeah, like the old gods, they area class of beautiful, transcendent beings.

    But it’s useful to recall that the old gods brought both healing and death, chaos and order. Dionysius brought total madness and rage, followed by tranquility. It’s this old-time cultic behavior that we should consider: blacks acting as agents of murder, chaos, and destruction only make them more holy in this cultic understanding. Dionysius makes women cook and eat their own sons, but that is part of what makes him so wonderful, see?

    The way that spell gets broken, I think, is not by reason; even less is it by individual stands against it. The way it’s broken is by showing it to be impotent.

    • The way it’s broken is by showing it to be impotent.
      Which we do by separating ourselves from it and when they come demanding tribute we kick them into the Hades…

      • Quick question, Lineman: do you think the couple at that mansion in St. Louis are a good model or not? Why?

        • A good model for what? If you mean a good model for what happens when you think you can appease the beast and they won’t eat you I would say yes they are a great model…If you meant something different then I will have to wait and see what you meant…

          • Lineman,

            There seems to be an all out push by municipalities to prosecute any whites who defend themselves. The message is clear, police will not protect you and they will be sent to collect you if you do defend yourself, even with perfect restraint.

            I’m sure the police don’t like doing it but it’s not like a lot of them feel the need to protect and serve a public that has turned on them and hey, it’s a paycheck. The message is clear to a lot more whites these days.

            OT: Interesting read, The Squad. A friend loaned it to me. Michael Collins dealt with the Dublin Constabulary by making it clear to them that they were encouraged to catch criminals but to stay out of politics. How long until that situation comes to pass if the police continue to have to make political arrests?

            Interesting times.

          • Definitely interesting times Brother but what they are doing is helping our side because when people’s security starts to be threatened then they will start looking for alternatives…

    • A certain political party in 1930s Germany, while morally flawed, showed the way to gathering support through what could be called showmanship.

      The Nazis didn’t waste time on debating opponents, especially Commies. Their parades adopted local loyalties and customs in the service of the National Socialist cause. These glittering displays generated emotional reactions in the populace.

      Their rallies, small and large, were stirring to behold. Those, too, leaped past intellectual arguments to enter the national bloodstream.

      This isn’t a political defense of Nazism. But today’s patriots can learn a lot from it about creating a force field around the dissident right.

      • USA has no nazi party that could overthrow the elites. Current situation is different from weimar Germany, not to mention Germany was mostly white at the time.

      • No, that’s superficial. You guys tried that at Charlottesville and it failed spectacularly. NS beat out German communism because it was just as fanatical. Religions fight other religions / fire with fire. Write a detailed manifesto, make it your bible, inspire religious fervor, promise a better future, make the current regime an enemy, use symbology (as with a religion — cross, crescent) to act as a banner, rally the troops, have a charasmatic leader ready to lead the charge. That’s pretty much your plan.

        • I’m saying we have to bypass the sterile partisanship and arguments that currently define the playing field. We can neutralize the mass-media fog machine through demos that capture the imagination of viewers. (I say viewers because the visual media are what move the needle.)

          Of course that isn’t enough. There need to be coherent principles behind the spectacle, and charismatic leaders capable of inspiring a growing dissident movement. Our own version of MLK and his followers before they were abducted by Reds.

    • Excellent perspective BTP. Like Lineman, I don’t care about breaking the spell. There is nothing, and no one, of value there worth redeeming by effort.
      It seems that I/we did not so much lose the culture, as much as we neglected ours while allowing theirs to thrive. Now, that neglect has parasitically overtaken the modern world, and the painful (eventually deadly) effects are inescapable if you wish to maintain your personal status quo.
      So my path forward is navigate out of the city as fast as possible, taking my family, a little wealth, and our future value with us. Let the orcs work it out. They can be Kangz of the ashes while they watch Hamilton reruns. Then, when their evil consumes them, my grandchildren will be there to walk back in, clean house, and take over.

  27. Damn, Z, when I can laugh my ass off within the first paragraph of one of your essays, I know it’s going to be gold.

    You are one fine sociological observer! Keep them coming!

  28. First, sometimes being an SJW automata can be fatal, as in dancing in the dark on I-5 in Seattle. Second, the meme war is about recruiting more parasitic sheeple into the fold in order to control government in perpetuity. Third, it’s not working on everyone, as in record firearm sales these past few months. One side is whining and tearing down statues. And the other is arming and practicing their aim at the range. That is reality.

    • Speaking of firearms ammo right now is like gold in that it’s hard to find and really expensive…I wish people would realize that there is a war coming and you need to be on ground that has the best chance for victory… People need to be making that a number one priority over everything else otherwise you might be caught with your pants down…

      • Prices for fmj, target-grade ammo are around double what they have been at the end of 2019. Lots of online retailers have zero .223 ammo in stock. Shocking.

        Firearms manufacturers also. Daniel Defense had a couple weeks when everything they listed on their website was out of stock. I had them email me when one of their guns was back in stock – got the email, bought it that minute. Checked back 16 hours later: out of stock.

        There are two options. A) the people controlling the blacks are smart and won’t let things escalate to the point where things get too kinetic. B) the people controlling the blacks are stuck in a religious fervor and neither desire to stop them nor are able to stop them. Place your bets.

        • Ammo prices are going to get a lot worse before they get better so if you can find any and you need it better stock up…That’s coming from an insider in that industry…

          • I just checked a couple of sites I regularly buy from – sgammo & Natchez shooter supply and neither have jack squat in pretty much any caliber. I’d say if you’re not stocked up it looks pretty damn troubling.

          • Consider, if you are completely without a long arm, a cheap rifle such as a mosin-nagant. Better an old bolt-action with 400 rnds. of ammo than a waiting list for an AR and ammo you cannot afford. Take it to the woods, desert, quarry… whathaveya… and practice.

            Just remember it isn’t a gun for waving around close quarters negotiating with a mob. It’s for reaching out.

            Better a man who can hit his target with an antique than one that misses but makes a lot of noise. Practice. Then practice some more. Then go practice again.

        • I used to hunt and all that and know how to shoot a gun pretty well

          But I never had to really think of guns as defensive necessities

          That said, what would you say is an adequate supply of ammo, say on a per gun basis? Is there a general rule of thumb? Maybe enough to last you X number of Days for Y number of hours per day of projected fighting?

          Thanks !

          • No table will cover that but if you are rusty buy 200-300 ball to brush up, then stock at least a couple hundred rounds per weapon.

          • Thank you !

            If that is sort of the rule of thumb (200-300) I know where I stand at least and when I might be going overboard. I may go for 500-1,000 just to be sure. Can’t hurt.

          • Look honestly if you have $1900 plus hotel funds to spare: train with these guys. Add 300-500 rounds for a 5 day course.
            Spend.The.Money. Better than military training.
            Write it off as ‘education’ – it is. I do.

            Do 250 for pistol.
            Then either .270 rifle or Tactical Carbine depending on your platform and desired training.
            This is Jeff Cooper’s school, he’s passed but they all trained under him.
            I have done 2/3 above courses.
            Seals, Delta, EOD, MARSOC all train there but their bread and butter is Joe Citizen [often affluent] with the cash to spend on training.

            Jeff Cooper on the mindset of self defense. The Master.

          • I am not a gun guy so grain of salt.
            Broadly and I am repeating their advice the CCW guys suggest dry fire practice as often as possible and try and shoot 50 rounds, twice per month.
            Assuming a three year prep this is 3600 . plus I’d suggest another 1400 rounds for SHTF
            If you can manage more rounds great but make sure your weapon is well cared for, clean and you have parts.
            If you can afford this, so be it. dry fire practice as often
            As for a buying strategy assuming a monthly trip to the store, buy 2 keep 2. This will allow a decent stockpile within a year or two without wrecking the supply chain.
            For ammo types, basic ammo is just fine and even now far cheaper than high powered ammo.
            Paul Herrel the firearms instructor tests a lot of ammo and as it turns out the Remington and Winchester basic ammo is fine for most application, reliable and solid as well as being cheaper and more available than exotic stuff like Buffalo Bore.
            Also if you are serious, consider reloading. Its not difficult and supplies are cheaper and more available. If you are stuck in Cali they are also less regulated as well.

          • Consider what your standard issue is for a GI in the sandbox. Mission specific yes, but typically, 6 30-rnd mag’s with one 30-rnd mag in the rifle. That’s 210 rounds right there. There are any number of pouches available for grab and go without screwing with a molly vest and such. They’ll typically hold 3-12 mag’s with a carry sling.

            Mag’s are still available, but less cheaply than awhile ago (I used to buy at $6, but now see $10-$12 most common):


            Don’t buy from the cheapest vender necessarily. Primary Arms (and others) won’t sell Chinese junk. I don’t use plastic mag’s. But there seems no shortage of them everywhere.

          • Now don’t forget that while 210 is the basic load that’s after becoming proficient at the rifle then periodically training and zeroing, annual qualification at least.

            Also…if in vehicle, take MORE.

          • Shotguns are an underrated weapon as well. Ammo almost never goes dry in the stores and you can load from bird (to defuse a situation with emphasis) to slug for accuracy up to 100 yards for most shooters. Nobody recovers well from 12 gauge slug poisoning. Buck for intermediate up to 25 to 50 yards and five rounds of that is the equivalent of putting 35-45 .38 caliber rounds in the air in seconds.

            Is it a “battle rifle”? No, but who will you be fighting and does it beat the carbine you wish you had or could afford? Yes.

            If you have to defend yourself it is probably near your home, so unless you are on an extremely remote rural property that means buildings, fences, automobiles and flora. Shotgun is a fantastic tool there. Plus, movement through society is easier with a shotgun and some “hunting” kit as disguise than explaining the assault rifle in your trunk.

            Just an opinion and an option.

      • ammo shortages aka powder panics have happened repeatedly since 2008 when Obama was elected. Why is anyone still getting caught short?

        • Even back in the obomba days you could find most of what you needed/wanted – might be pricey but it was still available. I remember .22 was very hard to come by. I still have a box of 50 that cost $19! Now, it’s seemingly tough to find anything in bulk, and it’s expensive to boot.

          • Yes but the worst Obama panic was 2008-09. A desert, regardless of price…none to be had.
            After Newtown another one..but it wasn’t a desert. Just pricey.

        • Why are people still in cities it’s because people are mostly reactive instead of proactive…

          • With a population of 325 million people its not possible, at least without some crazy policy choices for everyone to move to a small town, rural area of even suburbia especially as most jobs are in cities.
            Also while its not our cuppa tea, many many younger people find cities to be fun places to live full of opportunities to do and be different.
            Even if somehow the DR was to get power and manage to repatriate 50 million people, we’d still be looking at a population near to 300 million and heavily urban.
            Like it or not our guys will need to be mayors of big cities and deal with city problems.
            And note yes during the early atomic age, there were notions of dispersal policies, spread everyone out to protect from the A-Bomb. It was found to be entirely impractical and too costly and if DR society has manufacturing, that won’t change.
            You take power, you run the cities, No opting out.

          • I’m not talking about Normie Ab I’m talking about our guys…The cities as they are at the moment are a drain on our guys physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and collectively…We will have to be able to run the cities but they will have to be our cities not the enemies…

          • Most of us are suburban since most of us need to work for a living and there is basically no work that is not near urban areas,
            This sucks for most of us but its something we can change when/if we get power.

      • Rifle ammo and ammo in general always runs short in a crisis. But still seems available. You need to buy bulk. My rule of thumb is 1000 rounds for each SHTF rifle, minimum—which you don’t use for anything else.

        Also, if you are thinking ahead, make sure you have the magazine storage as well. At least a six to 12 mag’s for each such rifle. AR-15 mags dry up as fast as ammo, and are subject to government bans as well. Basic concepts in these matters is simple: You won’t get to reload magazines in a firefight, you won’t be resupplied with ammunition.

        This company has consistently the best selection and pricing:

        I see they still have 29 cent 5.56 in bulk. That’s pre COVID pricing. Have not seen better pricing in any number of years.

      • I caught some static from preppers elsewhere recently who were saying that reloading was overrated, equipment was not worth it vs. just hoarding ammo at cheap prices & storing smartly.

        Strong disagree. Anything that reduces waste and attrition of valuable commodities should be prioritized. The reloading equipment itself has exchange value even beyond the ammo savings.

        • Brother people are people and most can’t think for themselves so they either parrot what they heard or they are just ignorant…

    • My witty brother observed that the Seattle Mayor had declared that CHOP was like the summer of love. Fate, being cruel and perverse, killed Summer and badly injured Love (the names of the victims).

      • I sincerely hope dah brutha gets off. Give him a medal too.
        We can’t get rid of our traitors fast enough.

    • The range is a great place to make friends, I mean the sort of friends who are friends in need.

  29. Meanwhile, by a 78% vote, Russia just made illegal almost all abortions, affirmed marriage is only between a man and a woman and put “faith in God” in the Constitution.

    • Seems to me Russia is about 30 years ahead of the US in this process. Take heart!

        • Really? Mug GDP? Its all about the Benjamins, eh? I suppose some would rather have a golden slave collar than live on their feet as men.

        • I was there recently. St. Petersburg is not New York City but it isn’t Leningrad either.

          Try seeing the world with your own eyes and ears rather than through Hannity & Rush.

      • I see Russians that get sick of Putin-fawning and they’ll post well reasoned take-downs of the tyrant, and yet it’s hard to escape the fact that he’s the only long term ruler Russia has had that’s not running slave camps. He’s also one of the very few that’s not an absolute tool of the Jews. A low bar to be sure, but if I were Russian I’d take what I could get.

          • I caught the FTN on Putin and I’ve read a lot of Russian hardliner stuff to the effect that Putin is Jewed. I’m not convinced.

            No doubt Jews still have a lot of influence in Russia and money always talks there as well, but I think Putin is trying to steer a pro-Russian course while balancing a lot of different interests, Zionist and otherwise.

          • You are correct, jews hold influence, but not control.
            Russians impose lots of restrictions on those who hold dual citizenship, especially when it comes to politics. Jews comitting crimes & then running away to Israel ain’t a regular thing in Russia. Putin’s men gained enough experience with the runaway jewish oligarchs over the years.
            Also, russian bank is nationalized, that by itself reduced a lot of the jew’s power.

          • Nationalized bank = prob the real reason our Jewified country can’t stand Russia

          • J hatred of Russian’s goes back a long way. In Putin’s case he out -J’d them…in the 90s the oligarchs were looting the assets of the former USSR and the “Globalized Finance” was washing the money in the West. Not to mention helping them set up the corporate vehicles for said looting.
            Problem: then Russian President Yeltsin an unstable Drunk.
            The aforementioned parties found a teetotaling, quiet Deputy mayor of St. Petersburg of an unassuming manner, named Vladimir Putin. They helped get him into office.
            And then he stopped the looting, or at least made it Russian’s only.
            Russia was the Ukraine before the Ukraine, in other words a vehicle for putting aid into and getting a kickback.
            This is why they panicked when Trump started sniffing around Ukraine, and went for impeachment.
            This by the way being our elites standard mode of operation overseas, especially in conflict zones.
            Conflict = no real regulation or oversight = profit.
            Check out Iraq for sale, I will tell you this is true, and it was actually worse.


        • Putin has a noticeable lack of BLM and Pride parades, as well.

          So culturally impoverished.

          Where’s muh Drag Queen Story Hour- now that’s freedom.

          • In a very technical sense, depravity is freedom.
            This is why I am an authoritarian Conservative. There are a lot of things that a healthy society cannot allow.

    • Strange

      Like I soon realized after the USSR fell, that America became more like the USSR and Russia became more like America

      That Russia of all places, given the history of communism and imposed atheism, is practicing traditional morality is something else. Strange how life works I guess.

      • Orthodoxy was always there under the surface. The Soviets weren’t as successful as they pretended in remaking Russians into homo sovieticus. Russian dissidents provide a great example for us of how you can maintain most of your culture and solidarity under the worst totalitarian conditions if you’re determined enough.

          • it’s right there beneath the veneer.
            How many here mouth the platitudes, or silently endure the agitprop …and chafe under it?
            Do we think our neighbors are different?

  30. The progressives have trained their violent pets to be emotionally triggered over any offense. Reason has left the building. Therefore the prog religion will probably get even wackier and crazy. Until someone rises up to nail the 95 thesis to the door. I just don’t think that is Trump. Hope that I am wrong. Trump is too close to Wall Street through Kushner and others. It will probably take a man with sympathies to our current woke revolution who just got tired of the unrest and instability it created.
    A woke Napoleon type.

    • Napoleon was all about revolutions. If he lived today he’d be a spiteful midget activist screaming his lungs out that all black lives matter.
      He’d paint himself black as well.

      • I agree with you from what I have read of Napoleon. But not sure our side can ever control this religion we got now it will take some kind of authoritarian borderline nut job Napoleon type to come along feigning or actually having genuine sympathy with the Cathedral. To ultimately take it to the next level which is totalitarian but orderly. With a touch of foreign military disasters.

  31. A bunch of blacks perform for their white masters in a way that flatters the master.

    If we could have those “They Live” glasses that could see the puppeteer’s strings it would be revelatory. So many many whites and not just the progressives perform also.It’s almost as if Satan himself is behind this but I guess he doesn’t really exist.

    • GW said we were at war with Radical Islam, yet he never shut the border. If we were truly at war, the border would be shut. Ergo, we were not truly at war. If we were, it was not a war we were deeply determined to win.

      If progressivism and what we see around us is truly a threat to our way of life, to this country, and if people truly believe that ad are deathly afraid of it, they will fight and be deeply determined to win. We know they really believe and mean it when they lose the fear of being called racists or anti-semites, because that will be a necessity if they want to win. If they remain fearful of those things, they don’t truly believe we are at war or they aren’t deeply determined to win and all of this professed love of country is hollow.

      How the public reacts to the charges of racism and anti-semitism will be a gauge and measure of will and determination to win.

      • So far the reaction from the public – is not encouraging. They seem to be mostly on board with the insanity. Hard to gauge though really – because if you rely on the media you’re getting a lie.

        I totally agree with the observation about the “war on terror” (how the hell do you have a war on a strategy and tactics to begin with?) . When Bush declared the war – but then left the border open – I smelled a rat.

    • “It’s almost as if Satan himself is behind this but I guess he doesn’t really exist.”
      Based on whom? Sam Harris(jew)? Communists? Aldous Huxley(globalist)? Hitchens(got throat cancer for speaking rubbish)? Nietzche(demented schizo)?Who made such a great case in favour of Satan not existing?

  32. And this is why Progressives fear separation – in any form – above all else. They are like the moon. They can only shine when reflecting the light of others.

    They are incapable of real accomplishment, of creating and running a successful society. Instead, they use their control of public morality to turn the productive Whites into their helots, while their black pets amuse them.

    That system collapses if even a small group of Whites either physically or mentally separate. The example of even a tiny group of Whites enjoying the psychological and material benefits of discarding the Left’s morality would be far too enticing to other Whites, who simply never realized that a different morality could exist. To retain control, the Left must make Whites believe that there is no other morality than what they spoon feed us from birth.

    If dissident Whites ever wonder why Progressives are willing to go so far to prevent us from forming groups, it’s very simple: For them, it’s life and death.

    But this is also why our best path is to separate. Start small. When your lefty co-workers goes on about racial injustice, just walk away. Don’t engage. If someone asks you if you went to some protest, just say no and walk away.

    Later, cultivate friendships with our kind. Leave the Progressive Whites to themselves. They’ll hate it because they don’t like each other.

    Finally, form White communities that look out for each other.

    Progressive Whites and their ((masters)) need you. They die without you. Let them die.

    • Showing our white friends that there’s a different morality is very important. Jason (No White Guilt) always pushes that tactic. When friends point out racism towards whites, a correction to calling it “anti-White” is one way to change patterns of thought.

    • Satanism is at the root of progressiveness, it makes perfect sense for it to be parasitical cause jews are the main proponents of it, whites are demeaned in favour of the lowest of all races.
      globalists hate to see happiness in the european people, why bother enslaving europeans if they get to be content, europeans need to suffer for disobeying the rabbis, uugg…I mean Satan for 2000 years.

    • Good advice. When dealing with a true Believer, just walk away, don`t engage, leave.When dealing with normies on the fence however, it behooves us to try and win them over, slowly , gently urging them towards the divide. Not easy, but we need as many as we can get.

      • With Normies, I follow two main themes.

        1. Fairness
        2. Children that they are, normies are all about fairness. Hammer home the fact that Whites are the only group openly discriminated against. The only group that you can make fun of. Etc.
        1. Whites are a group too
        2. Point out we’re a people too. Whites have been trained to not think of themselves as a group, a people. Break that down – gently. Mention that all races and groups, including Whites, should be respected and protected. For many normies, that might be the first time that they think of themselves as part of a group.

        The rest will come as they follow the logic in their brain.

        • Agreed. There is no discussing with a True Believer.
          However, I have mentioned to an independently minded first-generation immigrant that Blacks, Hispanics and Asians can form explicitly ethnic organizations. But not Whites. That person was unable to answer that one. Perhaps first-generation immigrants have not been marinated in the White Guilt ideology permeating academia and popular culture.
          Another tack involves noting that in many parts of the country (e.g., here in NJ) Whites are just another minority. It is no longer 1965 and Whites can no longer afford giving slack as if they were 85% of the population.

    • Projection. What they fear from you is what they would do to you in a heartbeat, given half a chance. Never forget that.

      • I can always hear “I had to do it to him before he did it to me” behind everything they say.

    • In your reply to my comment above, you said “they won’t let us.”

      If that’s true, how do we get to “form White communities that look out for each other?”

      I can’t tell whether you’re agreeing or disagreeing with the idea of White separation, declared or undeclared. Could you clarify that?

      • I’m all for White separation, both of the very small scale (community of Whites looking out for each other in a town or area) and on a much larger scale down the road, i.e. not in my lifetime.

        I guess my point is that it won’t be easy. Better to start small and quietly to stay under the radar. Don’t play to the other side’s strengths. They don’t have the manpower to watch everywhere. Their strength is targeting individuals who make a lot of noise.

        Build communities, but build them IRL and take your time.

        It’s my belief that our enemies will get stronger in the short run (5 to 10 years) but weaker in the long run (10+ years). They will gain control of the presidency, judiciary and the intelligence community (to a degree), which will increase their power over the next decade. But they’re incompetent and spiteful, which will undermine their authority and ability to attack us.

        So, for the next decade, quietly build communities, so that when the opportunities start to present themselves in a decade or so, we’ll be ready.

        • We’re actually on the same page. We should have physical communities that are intentional (made up of based Whites and those adjacent/allied) and undeclared (no flags, secession, constitutions, etc.. – just neighbors & friends). Develop the sinews of community before you try to flex them.

          UPIC – undeclared physical intentional community. Or simply “you pick your neighbors.”

          • see Frankenmuth, MI to see this in real life, mind you certain things are only said in private. Upscale too for those who require such…and an actually beautiful Germantown.

    • It is life and death for them because they know if we separate and they can’t keep us as the boogieman then their pets will turn and kill them and they know that deep down and it scares the shit out of them…

      • They also know that a community of White people who look and act normal, and who show how nice a White community can be gives other Whites an alternative. It shows them an alternate reality to what they’ve been told their entire lives.

        Normie Whites will look at that White community and then compare it to their own multi-culti community, and the comparison will won’t be good.

        That’s why Russia and Eastern Europe are so demonized in the media. But they can get away with that because normie White Americans can’t see life in those countries with their own eyes. That wouldn’t be the case with a White neighborhood in their own area.

        TPTB are going to fight hard against any White alternative because their world will look horrible (to Whites, at least) in comparison. It would never last, and they know it.

        This is why we need to be quiet for now. At the moment, TPTB are in a very strong position. But that will fade in time as their incompetence and infighting erode their ability to govern and control.

  33. “All public rituals are funneled through left-wing mythology”
    why couldn’t the germans win any of the world wars?

    • They got in their own way first time around. Hitler got greedy and attacked Poland the 2nd. IMO.

        • I don’t touch german names because I’d have to consider half of PA dutch might be jewish, which is obviously not the case. Hell I could be jewish by that standard! And if so, nobody in my family knows it 🙂 You can drive yourself nuts with that stuff.

  34. The only people operating out of pure cynicism are outright grifters like Kevin Williamson, Jonah Goldberg & Bill Kristol.

    The vast majority of liberals and civ-nat true believers in the colorblind nation act out of a mix of piety to the new faith and pride in their moral superiority.

    Even the Jews who actually do hold secret conclaves to plot against Whites** mostly believe they are doing the right thing by fighting the White Thing – because everyone in the room knows that when Whites get together, ovens happen.

    The Holocaust and American Slavery are the Passion and Exodus of the new faith.

    It’s important that we push back against these myths to slow the spread of this malignant fanatical faith, but those already converted are going to have to learn the hard way.

    We can’t live with these people – separation is required, permanent or temporary. Those who lose their new religion can join us when that time comes. Leave the rest to devour themselves like the fanatics of the French Revolution, the Bolshevik/Stalinist terror and the Cultural Revolution.

    Our own exodus from Clown World, physical and/or cultural, should be the founding myth of a religion for After America.

    Our new martyrs are the guys who’ve been doxxed and un-personed and our new prophets are the guys leading us out of Babylon into the wilderness of post-civic-nationalism and post-capitalism as well as the guys who speak truth to Pharisees and money-changers in power.

    Unless and until we have that kind of faith in what we are doing, GloboShlomo will maintain the whip hand on salvation.

    • All true, but as I mentioned in my comment, GloboShlomo is well aware that separation means death for them. Like the North in 1861, GloboShlomo isn’t going to just let us walk away.

      • Needs to be done if only to break the dialectic that gives Northern zealots their power. They’re chasing ghosts at this point anyway and letting them go on is bringing the nation down with them. Down with witch hunters.

      • They don’t have the power to stop us. They can’t even control their own cities.

        Blacks and Antifa just managed to Cloward-Piven the system to such an extent that they were burning down police stations.

        Considering White numbers and the size of America, Shlomo does not have the manpower or the will to enforce nationwide coerced mutliculturalism in the face of determined and pervasive White non-compliance.

        What holds us back is the lack of non-compliant Whites.

        • What holds us back is the lack of non-compliant Whites.
          Our men, convicted, simply need to see they have no other choice than to hoist their own flag. Whether they bring a blade or gun to the fight, I care not.

        • Lead and the whites will follow.
          Seriously thats all thats lacking. If term whites make you nervous call it something else.
          I’m down with partition now.
          There is no Republic to defend, and no contiguous lands to defend either.

        • The effort to prevent any form of separation has been well underway for about a century. Federal entitlements, for example, probably make the Boomers wary of separation. Deep Blue cities are burrowed within the Reddest states. Ditto the inverse. As far as police, secret and otherwise, note federal law enforcement largely goes unscathed. Elimination of local police is a feature and not a bug in the minds of the Elder Puppeteers of Zion (they have got that one wrong; local police also are our enemies, not theirs, so thanks guys!).

          Partition is increasingly doable, though. As violence and terror escalate, non-compliance becomes easier. Separation could happen in a few years. As fewer volunteer to be cannon fodder for Zion, and as more become receptive to BDS and severing relations foreign and domestic with you know who, our exodus could be cheered. That would actually be the best outcome.

          • The “problem” with local police is – they’re local. As has been brought up numerous times in conversations over the years I’ve seen about SHTF time – can “local” police be relied upon to enforce the dictates of the government – when they and their families have to go back and live amongst the people they just beat down?

            Makes me wonder if the goal here isn’t necessarily to get rid of the police – but get rid of the LOCAL police – and then have the ready made excuse (with all of the rioting) – to bring in either Federal police or the UN or something like that.

            There’s already been stories popping up about police joining up with militias and stuff like that. This means “local”. The police see what’s going on – and realize they and theirs are going to burn as well if the rioting gets out of hand.

            BLM is a manipulated organization – as such – you really have to wonder a little bit at least – if they could really be so stupid as to demand that the police be disbanded without some ulterior end-game motive in mind.

        • Wrong. The GloboHomo establishment was in complete control throughout the June riots.
          Don’t believe me? Consider that every White who tried to defend himself or his business was quickly pounced on and arrested. If the government had “lost control,” then it would have been a true anarchy out there.
          In an actual “lost control” situation, if some blacks came up to your business with lit molotov cocktails, you would be able to just shoot them, bury the bodies, and resume guarding your business without government involvement.
          Instead what we saw was: Blacks and Antifa (the paramilitary wings of the State) allowed to do anything they wanted, while the police were waiting close by, to jump in and stop ordinary Whites from responding to violence with violence.
          All of these riots were carefully stage-managed. The Democratic state/local governments were totally in charge the entire time.

          • Sounds like you’re buying the Trumper hype about Demonrats.

            The Democrats and Republicans are not at odds on fundamental issues like this. Their differences are cosmetic and they play good cop-bad cop with you (gotta vote Trump b/c lesser evil for instance).

            Look at how D’s and R’s snuggle together when out of the spotlight – the McCain and HW funerals, for instance, with the Bushes and Clintons and Obamas yukking it up together.

            There was some selective gas-canning and grandstanding in both the covid and riot reactions but these are examples of the System losing competency, coherence and control for the most part.

            Even the covid economic shutdown was more about taking advantage of the bad situation than engineering it in the first place. The elites have plans in place for various contingencies, but the mechanistic pupper-master scenario where they carefully engineered all of 2020’s clown show doesn’t sound convincing to me.

          • No, the machine was not. You’re positing an enemy of such powers that Stalin and his apparatus never possessed.

            To the extent they controlled it they bought off race hustlers and BLM with something like a billion dollars aggregate in woke capital, of course that got split up among many organizations.
            They’re gonna want more.
            They started a fire, put it into smolder with groveling and money. That won’t last.
            And where are these police smashing whites who acted in self defense?
            The police got jailed for self defense, and stepped back.

  35. “This is the real source of power of the Left. It is not that they control the institutions or control the media. Those are consequences, not causes. Their real power is they control public morality and the expression of it….”

    Hmmmm. The universities are churning out graduates with fake degrees in subjects that are red flags for employers, or are useless to them. The NYT can’t sell a subscription, and CNN is becoming a comedy network. Legacy tech companies are hemorrhaging money while the forks are picking up steam. The governor and mayor in LA tell the people to shut up, put on their masks and stay inside for July 4th find their evenings shattered by the boom and pop of fireworks, and raucous tailgate parties. Two sexually disturbed BLM protestors are launched and killed by a black baboon driving like a madman.

    This is what happens when Leftie gets his way. CHAZ. Or CHOP or whatever it was. Whites, good or bad, simply can’t live like that. What comes next?

    You said it yourself and are already part of it: Reformation. Like our esteemed host, Martin Luther penned snotty screeds against the corrupt self righteous leaders of his day. He rubbed their noses in it and used the new fangled printing press to get the people on his side.

    Look sharp for the cameras, lads. You are dissidents no more! You are American Reformers. You are not on the wrong side of history, you are the ones making it! The question is not “What happens now?”

    The question is, “What are WE going to do next…?” You dissidents might want to jump on that, the ball is in your court.

  36. There is a bit of evidence that Hamilton had some black blood, hence it’s acceptable for progs to revere him.
    Honestly, they can have him. Aaron Burr did nothing wrong.

    • In his time, Hamilton had a lot of enemies. The practice then, as now, was to spread nasty rumors about people. That’s how we got the Sally Hemmings stuff. In the case of Hamilton, his enemies focused on his unconventional upbringing in the Caribbean. His mother was by all accounts a loose woman. Hamilton was a bastard. Accusing him of having Jewish sympathies or even Jewish blood would be too easy to pass on. Ditto the black blood stuff.

      • All of which is a feature not a bug for the Left. Ambiguity allows them to recast Hamilton into a fantasy SJW. They are huge on pointing out every human wart on traditional white heroes. But give them turds like Ghandi and MLK and they’ll render them into unquestionable saints. The only bright side is eventually some subset of their freakshow will find a Prog saint unacceptable because he violates the latest/greatest iteration of their religion. Here’s to looking forward to 2028 unveiling of MLK’s rape tapes.

      • They definitely pulled out all the stops for him. “Bastard brat of Scots pedlar…” was Adams condemnation of him. Some speculated he was a homosexual with Pinckney of S. Carolina.

        All in all, Hamilton definitely knew what he was deliberately doing–inducing the existing oligarchy to marry their fortunes to the new Constitution. He was an elitist through and through. The fact morons like Miranda think he was some sort of egalitarian is risible.

      • My understanding is that both John and Abigail Adams disliked Alexander Hamilton intensely and feared that he would engineer a military coup. Hamilton had shown considerable ability as a military leader in the Continental Army and had led a successful attack on a redoubt in the Yorktown fortifications that meant Yorktown’s continued defense became unfeasible. Harboring suspicions that a capable military commander would wish to become president is not an unfounded fear.

        • He was fully ready to start hanging bootleggers during the Whiskey Rebellion and probably would have done so had not Washington taken the field with him when they marched on Pittsburgh. After his political career fell apart around him, he sniffed around at making a fresh start by heading West and trying to pry Mexico away from Spain–the exact same thing his executioner Burr was accused of doing by Jefferson.

          Hamilton possessed a first rate mind and was brave but was also incredibly reckless which led to him doing boneheaded mistakes, one of which cost him his life at Weehawken.

    • Hamilton almost certainly had no black blood. He was described as having red or reddish brown hair, a fair or ruddy complexion, and blue eyes. Hamilton doesn’t remotely look black in contemporary portraits. But, as Z Man said, rumors were frequently spread about the ancestry of public figures by their enemies. Hamilton, having been born of a woman of loose morals and an uncertain father in a land teeming with slaves, was an easy target.

      • You know who else had reddish hair?

        Malcolm Little and John Elroy Sanford. In fact, according to Little, they comprised two of the three “Reds” in the Harlem underworld for a time.

        Malcolm Little was known as “Detroit Red” and John Elroy Sanford was known as “Chicago Red.”

        The third Red was known as “St. Louis Red” who served multiple prison sentences for armed robbery.

        Of course, “Detroit Red” was also incarcerated where he found Allah.

        “Chicago Red” was Freddie G.

        • Maybe you’re being facetious but nobody would mistake Redd Foxx or Malcolm X for Alexander Hamilton.

        • Malcolm had a good dose of White blood – check out the Myth20 podcast they did with LaFond on Malcolm X. Good stuff.

  37. i tried watching Hamilton, but it was just awful. ripped off a lot from Loyd Weber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” too. cannot imagine the horror of paying for this turd, and sitting through the shouting and running around aimlessly, for 2+ hours. if you have ever seen negroes pretend to debate, this is the same kind of thing, with musical theater.

    • If one is not enamored with the white Hamilton, why the fornication would one take an interest in a fictionalized negro version?

    • I was walking through a Barnes and Noble when I heard the soundtrack playing. It was so godawful I had to stop and listen to it for a minute…on the level of The Simpsons “Planet of the Apes” parody.

      Even funnier was when they hauled out one of the dried out and dusty historians Edmund Morgan or David McCullough to write a review of it in The New Yorker or somesuch rag. Never has the term damning with faint praise been more appropriate. It read like the jaded realization of a lifelong liberal that he might have bet the wrong horse…

      • That would be “Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want To Get Off” which is a pretty subtle reference, even in the mid-1990s.

      • David McCullough is the anti-Howard Zinn and his glorious works should be required reading if the forces of good can get control of academia.

      • The wife wanted to go when the traveling version came to our town. I told her the only way we are going is if she won tickets to it, which of course she did.
        It’s an incredibly dumbed-down version of history, basically simple rapping about the events that occurred, on a 4th grade level. The crowd seemed to slobber all over it of course. I got through it.

    • A very important rule that too many Dissidents break is to not give the other side money. As difficult as it is avoiding any media on the other side and that’s near all of it is a key part of our strategy
      It won’t cost them as much money as anyone here would like but it might push them over the edge to failure in some cases.
      More importantly they won’t get YOUR money.
      The main goal is mental hygiene. Most of what they belive is iminical to ur beliefs and as such should be avoided, doubly so because manipulation, outright programming in case of TV is the modus operandi.
      I suspect this lack of discipline is why we are shit at being dissidents sometimes. We can’t even stop voluntarily giving them money.

      • Agreed. Paying to see Hamilton and its like is idiocy on stilts and terrible form for a Dissident.

  38. Instead, they periodically unleash black crime waves on the bad whites

    Ironically, most of the worst Whites are rural and touched not at all by Black crime, while many of the very goodest GoodWhites are urban and more likely to suffer Black crime. Of course the elite GoodWhites that actually control things live in lily-White communities with gates, private security and/or simply geographical distance from Blacks.

    • Yes, as everyone knows, if you brush up against a Jewish person, you become Jewish.

      • On the other hand, there are Jews who say he is the appropriate model for our new nationalism.

      • it happened to my uncle. best thing for him, really; his income went up 30% in a year.

      • If you consistently work with Jews to accomplish Jewish goals at the expense of your own people, do your genes matter more than your disloyalty?

        Churchill wasn’t Jewish, nor was LBJ. George W. Bush, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and Ron DeSantis aren’t Jewish, and neither are the Cuomos.

        Team Zion is as Team Zion does.

        • Team Zion also includes El Rushbo, the Hanitizer, “Justice” Jeanine, Laura “Just Shut-up” Ingraham, and, until proof to the contrary is furnished, Tucker Carlson.

          • You might be right, but I’ve yet to hear Semitic philia from Tucker. The same cannot be said of Derbyshire, although his Jew love seems to be on the decline of late. Most with roots in Conservatism, Inc., are Zionphiles. Derb’s gratuitous insult of THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE was based, he admitted, on good experiences with Jews when he lived in the UK. Old habits are hard to break.

            My litmus test is whether someone criticizes the treasonous actions of the generals of late along with the dramatic decline of the U.S. military. Again, save Tucker, everyone on your list has been mute about what a pathetic joke the U.S. military and its brass have become.

            If Biden is elected and has to pay off his puppetmasters with a Middle Eastern war, he will find the cheerleader squad has been thinned out a lot now.

          • Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to like about Tucker; provided, however, we should not overlook several entries on the other side of the ledger:

            (1) Zealous civnattery;

            (2) Failure to OVERTLY acknowledge race-realism; and

            (3) Where he stands on the JQ

          • I’ve sometimes wished Tucker would complete his turn to the dark side, but when I really think about it, I realize it would be a bad thing for us. There’s no one else out there — with an audience his size — who’s even nibbling around the edges the way he does. I suspect that most of us got where we are incrementally. I know I did. If he dropped a Z-man-esque truth bomb regarding race on his show tonight it would be met with much protestation by goodwhites who haven’t been stripped of their race-related brain washing. He’d be axed and no one would be saved. Tucker needs to stay right where he is, saying the things he’s saying, operating as the Harriet Tubman of our underground railroad.

          • There are decent mainstream Republicans of which Tucker is one.
            In any case no one on TV is permitted to pull to our side openly. We are after all Dissidents.

          • Exactly, do we want Tucker on TV or do we want him to vanish and become a nobody
            I think he knows far more than he lets on, and thats why in the end his days are numbered

          • I imagine his stand on (3) is he doesn’t want to get fired and made unable to work in media anywhere, ever again. He has a family to support as well.

          • Tucker’s wife is an heiress to the Swanson fortune so I suspect money isn’t as much of an issue as you might think.

          • Tucker will play the game or not work anywhere in media, and who wants to be their wife’s kept man?

          • You should read the Derb’s review of C of C
            He has made a strategic decision not to piss off the tribe because he wanted to continue working in the media game , fair enough IMO he still does good work and we should support him in any way possible

    • Nominally he is cited as an Episcopalian by birth. Most often, he is considered a deist in his later life. That’s more or less how I thought of him and any other number of the Founders.

        • I’m quite sure the whole musical will be dropped because a mulatto is playing Hamilton. Cultural appropriation amirite? Right after Idris Elba gets booted for playing Heimdall. Expecting that to happen in 3, 2, 1… uhm… 1. Is this mic working? 2, 1…

          • Let us be resolved to re-do conspiracy by Branagh with all black actors, change not one word of dialogue, make it 1942, Jews as targets, all black actors.
            That would be inspirational, provocative, and probably get a huge black and popular wignat box office take.
            It wouldn’t even be costly.
            2d and 3d Tier actors come cheap, and the usual suspects would be fainting with fear.

          • Pretty much. When I initially heard of the play “Hamilton” and that it was played by an all Black cast, I immediately knew it was poz’d and there was no need to see it, nor read more about it. There could be nothing of benefit in it for me or mine.

            Kind of ignored it until the new VP Pence took his family to see it and was called out by actors on the stage. Then it caused quite a stir in the MSM and with the “conservative” talking heads. All I remember thinking was, “How stupid can you be”? Guess from future events—a lot more stupid!

          • I do want to thank the Potentates of Poz for the way they’ve turned everything up to 11 this year. It allows me to waste a lot less time evaluating “cultural” things. In the case of this play, there were a lot of indications that it was shit but knowing that the cast verbally accosted the VP allows me to click “next” that much faster.

            Nowadays if Pedowood is going to do a remake of, say Snow White, you can immediately predict that the titular role will be played by a chubby black girl, the evil Queen will be an obvious Melania Trump clone and the Dwarves will be at least 3/7 gay and 1/7 trans. So clickity-click and it’s back to watching BeamNG videos of people driving rocket assisted school-buses over a cliff at 300mph.

        • Caribbean-born Scot. Emigrated to New York. King’s College (Columbia University) educated merchant. Joined the Continental Army, became a money man after the war. If memory serves.

    • That theory reminds me of how They always try to associate themselves with important historical figures. I read a 10k word essay about Lincoln’s Jewishness on one of their websites that basically amounted to “he knew some Jews”.

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