The Impersonal Partisan

One the distinguishing features of modern liberal democracy is the personal nature of political fights. Disputes are no longer disagreements over policy or clashes between interest groups over the spoils of government. Instead they are highly personal matters, in which both sides are defined by their unwillingness to compromise. In fact, the unwillingness to find any compromise with the other side is what comes to define the partisans. Everyone is defined by their enemies.

The term “partisan” in the way it is used in modern politics was coined by Lenin as a counter to bourgeois objectivity. The Marxists argued that since class interests determine ideology, there is no point in thinking about non-partisans politics. The partisan should fight for the interests of his class, or in the modern sense, his identity group, even if that contradicts the interests of society as a whole. The modern partisan is supposed to care only about winning for the good of his group.

Obviously, the partisan has a personal stake in his politics, in that he is fighting for his class, tribe, identity group and so on. The partisan stands to benefit personally if his class carries the day, but that’s not the point of politics. The union activist, fighting to unionize a shop, benefits from the spread of unions, but his reason for unionizing is it is good for his class. Similarly, the member of a minority group would advocate for his people, because it is good for his tribe.

That is another strange aspect of modern politics. There is a disconnect between the partisan and the cause he champions. Affluent white female liberals, for example, have no practical connection to the issues they champion, other than the nonsensical concept of intersectionality. In the partisan sense, they should be on the side of those defending the cultural hegemony of bourgeois white people. Instead, they champion causes that threaten their lifestyle.

This combination of deeply personal politics and disconnected partisanship results in a highly emotional, disembodied politics. The upper middle-class female who is overly officious with the lazy sales clerk is mocked as a “Karen” by the sorts of people who should be the defenders of order. The epithet is liberally tossed around by people claiming to be conservatives. The result is two sides defining themselves by their hatred of the other, despite their shared interests.

One reason for this is partisan politics only makes sense when the stakes are high for the partisans in the fight. A century ago, when union activists were fighting for worker rights, the workers had a lot to gain. The employers had a lot to lose in the practical sense, but also in terms of their political position. In a post-scarcity world, the stakes are low, often non-existent. Black Lives Matter has nothing to gain or lose. The most they can hope for is a temporary trophy on social media.

Another reason for the highly personal partisanship is the long shadow of second wave feminism on our politics. Feminism in the second half of the last century not only came to exert greater influence on the culture, but it became highly personal. Just as ideological partisanship triumphed over objectivity, personal politics triumphed over dispassionate issue advocacy. Feminism not only feminized our politics, it turned into an emotional hair-pulling contest. It’s always personal.

Personal partisanship is highly negative. The modern partisan no longer is defined internally by his class, tribe or identity. He is defined by his enemies. Modern political identity is a dynamic between adversaries. The woke are defined by their opposition to imaginary racists. Because they are imaginary, they end up attacking normal people, who respond by attacking imaginary communists. Everyone must be defined by who they oppose, making them a slave to their enemies.

The reason the political class has been silent on the urban unrest this summer is from their perspective, they have no dog in the fight. The woke warriors pulling down statues are not threatening the ruling class. They are threatening the invisible Nazis. The BLM people pulling people out of their cars and killing them are not threatening to attack the ruling class this way. In a world where political action can only occur in the face of an enemy, the ruling class has no reason to stop the madness.

The irony of liberal democracy is that it is supposed to result in the public will being expressed in the laws passed and enforced by the state. Instead, it results in the general will being sublimated to petty squabbles and negative identity. The people in power are free to act without fear of public disapproval. Even if the voters are unhappy with the politicians, they are going to spend all of their time attacking imaginary adversaries, because that is the source of their identity.

In theory, the way out of this is an impersonal partisanship. A return to the old style politics where activists work on behave of the interests of their group, indifferent to the interests of others, unless there is conflict. The point of conflict always being the advancement of group interests. In reality, the attraction of personal politics is probably too great to overcome. It is simply natural to respond in a personal way to personal assaults from those who stand in the way of your cause.

Impersonal partisanship, therefore, must start with the disengagement from the political, both formal and informal. The successful groups in the future will be those who have organized outside the system, defined their interests and seek to advance them without regards to the interests of other partisans. That will mean successful outsider politics habituates an indifference to other identity groups. They simply become objects to overcome or navigate around, but otherwise uninteresting.

The impersonal partisan will be one who invests his time in building the strength of his own group, without regards to the actions of others. Instead of reacting to the actions of other tribes, he acts only in the interest of his group. The healthy identity group does not have friends or enemies, only interests, so the partisan is one who has no investment in personal politics, only the interests of his group. By resisting the main weapon of liberal democracy, the impersonal partisan can effectively fight for his cause.

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313 thoughts on “The Impersonal Partisan

    • That assh*ole is an example of self destruction
      Just imagine endorsing Dementia Joe on the account of democRATS being more competent

    • This is probably a good indicator that Biden is a lock. First, Spencer is almost certainly a Fed. You will note he was not even hinted at prosecution for Charlottesville. Despite being one of the principal organizers. The media went after everyone but … him. Almost like he was on the payroll.
      The FBI has a long history of this. David Duke is almost certainly a long time informant. We know Whitey Bulger was and the FBI sent innocent men to jail for Bulger’s crimes to protect Bulger. Eric Rudolph the abortion and 96 Olympics Bomber was almost certainly an informant and hence the framing of Richard Jewell to protect him. The Vegas shooter was almost certainly an FBI informant.
      I would not be shocked if the FBI tipped Spencer to get out and endorse Biden and Dems in advance of either widespread cheating or a Military Coup following the Sept 17 scheduled storming of the White House. Right on cue — more riots in Wisconsin now.
      Secondly, Spencer is a grifter. As far as I can determine he has never actually done a lick of work in his life. Ever. A Grifter, will expend massive amounts of energy to avoid the greatest horror — actually having to get a job and work every day. My guess is his antenna are finely tuned to see who will come out on top and he figures it will not be Trump hence the turn to Dems who he can work his grift on. He surely has some angle.

  1. OT Given the reaction to Gates and his chip-embedded vaccines, you’d think he’d let up, but no, the eradication of many of us is still ongoing and they even let us know about it. Get ready for mosquito fear and accompanying sprayings of poisons and toxins. And some kind of hysteria that impacts elections. Disgraceful.

    • Bill Gates got richer than Croesus, and everyone around him lost the ability to say, “Bill, you might want to re-think that one”. Really rich people live in an echo chamber.

  2. Good column, Z, and I particularly like your conclusion. However, I do have a bit of an issue with this: “The woke warriors pulling down statues are not threatening the ruling class. They are threatening the invisible Nazis. The BLM people pulling people out of their cars and killing them are not threatening to attack the ruling class this way.”

    While it’s true BLM/ANTIFAG are not yet–and I emphasize the condition–threatening the ruling class directly, as events spin out of control they will eventually threaten and probably destroy the ruling class. What we’re witnessing is nothing less than the disintegration of the societal framework that makes the existence of the ruling class possible. As “America” collapses into rubble, the ruling class will be buried.

    • The ruling folks, due their money, always live on. See: history of jews. They are always the few who get smuggled out and turn up elsewhere to pick up where they left off.

  3. I disagree Z man. White women benefit greatly from blm and wokeism.

    imagine every White man in a gulag. White women being prettier than black women by a lot are now the mistress of the rulers. Even better they have mulatto kids by the. The fantasy of every commercial. To the extent anything gets done it is by White women.

    Around 1992 by my guess is when White women allied with Blacks against White men.
    Anecdotally I have seen many BM and WF couples in IF and LA counties and very few Whiu men with a wide or gf. Those I do see are y’all athlete types with spectacular women or less frequently an ordinary dude with some frumpy run to get Asian chick.

  4. Look at this perfectly tailored swing state Trump ad. He has them for nearly all the swing states now, including Colorado. So realistic and expensive to produce. It’s like you’re there. I have to say, this is what changes my calculus. If Trump somehow does pull it out (not that it’ll benefit dissidents) it won’t be because the Alzheimer’s patient went to the right of Trump on the beatings, looting and property destruction going on nationwide:

  5. Another terrific posting. The last three read like book chapters: Replacing Conservatism, Inc. and solving the large-society problem through a passive ethno-nationalistic framework; guerrilla taboo-breaking to undermine the current dirty ruling class while avoiding direct confrontation; and bypassing negative-identity politics to advance group interests through “impersonal partisanship” outside the political system. Important strategies for the current era.

  6. Affluent white female liberals, for example, have no practical connection to the issues they champion”

    What? Black people are between them and the camera. Somebody is getting more attention than they are!

  7. I agree that the current style of politics is not rational in the normal meaning of the word. Faction is to be made to counter faction, and when it was time for a labor movement to be invented to counter the marauding out of control capital class it happened, and got fought out fair and square for the most part. And when you have those fair and square fights the chance of a good collective outcome is enhanced: witness the middle of the 20th century.

    But our fights now are not so rational–at least they appear that way to this old codger who sincerely doubts that trans rights is a central issue to any but a very few.

    Your account seems to have it that various thread like feminism went sour, with the result that people are mostly running into one another, with an indifferent ruling class looking on as statues topple.

    Could be. But I am “leaning in” toward a conspiratorial world view more now than any time in the past. I just can’t make sense of the recent events, especially the dual dynamos of virus ‘n riots, in an organic sense, like a healthy body just had a sudden decline, and now systems are reeling out of control. There is just too much evidence, or near evidence, of a desire to teach populism a a thing or two, to divide and conquer as happened in the first populist rising at the end of the 19th century, and to actively be on a side–and the crazy one at that.

    Looked at that way our Betters have their wits about them and are as capable as ever as conducting business so as to enhance their interests, especially if chaos and even decline suit their long term interest of a Great Reset. It’s the other side, broken into many warring pieces, that can’t see straight.

    • The people who run both parties and the culture are anti-white. That is the primary explanation for what you are observing. There are other factors, like massive immigration and outsourcing increasing corporate profits, but those are secondary.

      Factions existed at the founding and they were naive to hope they would recede. No one’s perfect.

      Factions exist today whether or not we like it. If someone declares war on you, you are in a war whether you acknowledge it or not.

      • Line, the question arises, why are they anti-white, especially the other whites? Likely a number of reasons, but I suspect one of them is that they are pretty much on the economic take of one sort of another, and only a bunch of white guys seem too interested in getting rid of such cockroach behavior, rather than just asking for a helping of it for themselves. Trump scares the living bejeezus out of almost all of DC, and one has to ask “why”?

  8. I believe the following paraphrase from the Godfather movies sums up this essay: It’s not personal. It’s politics.

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  10. The past 4 years has showed that American politics a waste of time unless you are getting paid for it (such as journalist, reporter, pundit, YouTube, etc.). Nothing changes the outcome predetermined. As the cliched expression goes, it is much like pro wresting in this regard.

  11. Z: “A return to the old style politics where activists work on behave of the interests of their group, indifferent to the interests of others, unless there is conflict.”

    But how do we identity group conflict? Laura Loomer is an illustrative edge case.

    On the latest AmRen podcast, Jared praises Loomer. I ask, “Is Loomer in conflict with white interests?” She will allow you to criticize immigration and Islam, but will not allow you to discuss race, especially the race to which she belongs. If we can’t discuss race then we have already lost, so I won’t support her.

    Am I wrong?

    • I look at the Loomer case and think, “She is worthless to me on most everything, but she is useful on the tech censorship issue, so I wish her the best on that. Otherwise, I have no interest in her. We’re not on the same team and we are not allies. She is also useful as a primer on identity politics to normies types ready to listen. She got overwhelming Jewish support to beat the gentiles in the primary. She has died her hair black, her eyebrows black and taken on the super-yenta look for that reason. That’s how tribalism works.

      • Okay, Loomer is good on tech censorship, and she’s a good primer on identity politics. She’s also a thorn in the face of the triumphant Left. So, if not an “ally” can we not regard her—and Breitbart, Vdare, AmRen and President Trump—as each at least a “net plus” rather than negatives or nothings-to-us?

        • I don’t have a firm opinion. My concern is that we expend our resources on these causes and if they actually make any progress, they will be obligated to denounce us as the price of respectability.

          Maybe that price is worth paying if it moves the Overton window.

          On the other hand, it seems like these denunciations cement the anti-racists taboos in the minds of the conservatives, who might say, “I’m not a racist! Import as many Somalis or Arabs as you want as long as they say they aren’t Muslims!”

      • She used to dye her hair platinum blonde (a la Milo.) Who knows what she looks like “natural?” Her entire platform is anti free-speech. She seems to genuinely believe (or pretend to) that any criticism of any Israeli policy means you’re a Hamas or Hezbollah operative.

    • No, Line, you are absolutely right. Everyone is always advocating allies and compromises, but if you compromise on the truth right from the outset, what’s the point of the battle? I really don’t know what’s going on with Amren. Every week, another “How I Became a Race Realist” by a Hispanic, or a Jevv, or this week a White guy married to a black woman. And Vdare, too, is pushing Loomer, who struck me as deranged right from the beginning. She is passionate about her people and issues, but don’t you dare mention your own.

      • Yes, very strange. Jared is J-aware (which is why he’s treated like radioactive waste) so I was hoping that after he was deplatformed, he might start dropping J-bombs again, but the opposite seems to have happened.

        Loomer has this 500-watts crazy-bitch vibe going on, I’ve always been aghast someone would trust her with a bent farthing, never mind political office.

        A big part of the problem is money. There’s gold in them thar shills, and our enemies are really good with gold. I knew Vdare was compromised as soon as Brimelow bought himself an honest-to-god castle. A big, fat finger in the face of his patreons.

        The right has a problem with simps, we’re too easy fooled by fake right gold diggers. Once they’ve milked their thirsty patreons try, they’ll write harrowing accounts from inside belly of the Nazi beast, and how they were saved from nazidom by Kamala Harris. Then comes the metoo’ing, the blackmail and the leaked sex tapes.

        And this is where we need your help, ladies. You’re much better at spotting these types than men, so call them out where you see them and call out the men who simp for them.

        • I’m chalking up Jared to age and fatigue. He’s going for “incrementalism” ala RamZ & Styx. Too bad alliances of convenience with your ultimate enemies rarely pan out. See Molotov-Ribbentrop.

          I didn’t think Jared was in that kind of Faustian vice but maybe he’s harder-hit than I assume. That Twitter case wasn’t cheap unless it was pro bono and the way he got screwed in that is enough to make anyone put their own head in the oven.

        • Hold on, that got fucked up in the edit. The sex tapes-bit was about Laura Loomer, not Brimelow.

        • I mean MAYBE, but everybody on the right is always downing everybody else on the right as being on the wrong kind of right and therefore a sworn enemy who we should all piss on (exception: they’re on fire).

          At best we have these tiny subcultures, subtribes and personality cults with some coherence, like people who love Z Man but think Sailer’s a cuck or vice versa. Constant sniping back and forth about the crucial difference between people who are indistinguishable as far as the larger world is concerned. We’re worse than metal genres basically.

          We got one nationalist style candidate since who.. Lindbergh? George Wallace? And a lot of self identified “white nationalists” want an immigrant black woman as president instead because his nationalism isn’t nationalist enough!

          The left doesn’t know or care the difference between any of us and would as soon set us on fire, then kill themselves by drinking kerosene just so they could still keep pissing on us anyway.

          Our infighting is a continuation of suicide by other means

          • At best we have these tiny subcultures, subtribes and personality cults etc.

            But all with a clear, unambiguous and easily understood goal that appeals to the deepest instinct of our species: the ethnostate.

            And it matters little whether that goal is realistic or not, it’s an idea, a lodestar that helps us navigate, like the Communist utopia allows the Commies keep their bag of scorpions pulling in largely the same direction.

            Also, I’m no fan of drama, but some infighting is good and necessary to weed out bad or even subversive ideas. In our case, diversity is, in fact, strength. It makes it harder for the enemy to deal a fatal blow, it allows for a flexible response to attacks.

            I’m fine with everybody doing their own thing. As long as you’re an ethnonationalist, you’re on my side and we can bicker about the details after we win.

          • I’m fine with everybody doing their own thing

            I think this is an important reason why fractioning is good for the right: we’re fine with people doing their own thing, while the left care a lot about what their comrades do.

          • Good points. It’s my hope that our infighting is just venting. And that in real life, if we ever come close to gaining political traction, we’d come together like brothers and sane strategists.

  12. The upper middle-class female who is overly officious with the lazy sales clerk is mocked as a “Karen” by the sorts of people who should be the defenders of order.

    The best summary I’ve seen of the “Karen” racial slur is that it’s an attempt to force white people to accept third world slovenliness and dysfunction.

    You want a responsive public service? You want the surly drone at the post office to treat you promptly and courteously? You actually want 24/7/365 electric service in California?! Eff you, you entitled white Karen!

    Off topic, but did anyone see the burning and looting in Kenosha last night over another violent criminal? If our cities are like this now, what will they be like in the week running up to election day?

    • Kenosha et al are vintage domestic terrorism. The problem for the Ruling Class is that they use it for defined political gain in the short term. Their foot soldiers intend to keep it up until they force out those not compliant along with any semblance of law enforcement.

      • I have to say, Trump’s TV ads are getting hyperrealistic. Seeing all those burning cars in Kenosha must have cost a fortune in CGI tech.

    • Well, I saw Z-man’s post on Gab and I have to agree: I have no sympathy and no patience for white cops who continue to interact with blacks. Cops should either ignore calls for service from blacks entirely, or separate the departments so that only black cops respond to black calls and only white cops respond to white calls. Blacks don’t care if black cops shoot them, and if black cops had shot that retard in Kenosha reaching into his car for his gun, Kenosha wouldn’t be burning right now.

      Interracial calls (blacks attacking whites, since the opposite almost never happens) should still be handled by white cops.

      Apart from all this, cops still get no sympathy from me because they’re also agents of anarchotyranny. They underpolice blacks and treat them with kid gloves while they endlessly harass whites who defend themselves physically and even just rhetorically.

      For whites the thin blue line is long gone. Since the police made their own bed, they can lie in it and who cares if they disappear. Let the courts collapse too while we’re at it.

    • IMO the “Karen” meme has been weaponized, like other things, as anti-white rhetoric. IIRC, it started as the woman that reamed out the cashier or customer if there was 13 items on the 12 or less line.

      It wasn’t an anti-white slur. Now, “white” is an anti-white slur.

  13. And all of this impersonal partisan strategery only works if a tyranny has not taken over and started sending off all the dissidents to re-education camps, or worse. What do you do if the jackboots show up before you’ve formed your new neighborhood identity group? Is it a “win” if the cattle cars are then segregated by affiliation? Is it really a “win” if you use your new political power to negotiate begin slaughtered last?

    • Let’s no overstate things. They are not rounding up people and sending them to gulags. What they are doing is driving people from public forums, but hoping they keep fighting to get back on those forums. That way, their opponents remain controlled opposition.

      Every man who has committed suicide was, in the end, a man of action.

      • IIRC it was Solzhenitsyn that spoke on how docile the populace was. ‘If only one had’ … ‘when the NKVD men came’ …. ‘those men and their wives would have had to worry every time they rounded people up.’

        Very rough paraphrase that, but many here will recall that quote.

        Combining the McCloskey article and the ‘suicide men of action’ … if McC decided to suicde, say by lightening his load by going all Larry Davis, or Roger Stone did, as McC wasn’t facing John Law….

        Then when comisserating in the gulags of the future, Solzhenitsyn’s ‘if only’ quote won’t be echoed by a future generation.

        And as for this, “Let’s no overstate things. They are not rounding up people and sending them to gulags…”

        Use your Wayback Machine a mere 6 months and the same sentiment could have been with the same tone of certitude about many things that have indeed transpired, and if history serves … end in “rounding people up…”

        • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
          ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

          I’ve sent this to more people in the past 6 months than the previous 25 years.

          • As long as its sinking in. Given arms sales I am pretty sure it is.
            Ultimately our goals public and private are to prevent this but if things go that far than anything like pity must be removed,
            This is total war until you control your section of land at a physical and ideological level.
            Our side doesn’t crave, doesn’t want power but it had better change that, Authority is peace and order, freedom is after that.

      • I support everything that you are doing, and very much hope that you succeed in turning the herd before the stampede reaches the cliff. But we need a Plan B in the event that the crazies seize power fully and implement a tyranny. The 20th Century is littered with examples of this scenario and a death toll in the hundreds of millions. To think it cannot happen here is more than naive, it’s suicidal.

        • “To think it cannot happen here is more than naive, it’s suicidal.”

          Bing-bing-bing. We have a winner.

          Anything that HAS happened, can happen here.

        • We talk about one here every week. Form a community of White people and DIY as much of your own society and order as you can.

          • Yea but that Solzhenitsyn quote comes to mind for what TomA espouses so I don’t think he’s too interested in building anything…

  14. You can de-personalize something once it becomes personalized. Even to a counter-revolutionary, not a mercenary, he’s fighting for something highly personal. He saw his family killed, or his land taken, etc. It’s the dictator, in the aftermath, who depersonalizes as he restarts the machinery of the state (to his own ends, whatever they may be). Human beings respond much better to issues of the heart than the brain. If anything, the conservative side has been locked in a carefully constructed, let me steal the phrase, kosher dialectic, while its the left, which has always been more emotional, jumping the gates into antifa-land and beyond. It is, as usual, the left that has the energy, even though their party subverted them with an Alzheimers patient and a mulatto slut. The right is just a bunch of old, broken horses listening to Rush Limbaugh put a happy face on his cancer, as he reassures the correctness of early 90’s dead end, rationalist conservatism.

  15. The explanation for white liberals is that they are idealists who see their group as being “Humanity”. All of it. And they are perfectly willing to sacrifice the interests of a small part of that group if they believe it will advance the group as a whole.

    This is in fact a perfectly coherent moral stance. The problem is such people generally have very wrong ideas about how the world actually works and no understanding of how much they and their children stand to lose. If you really care about the future of Humanity as a whole you do not want its worst elements to overwhelm its best!!!

    • Even as a hit piece, that one is pretty shabby. It boils down to “lawyers sue people.” Amazing find there, St. Louis Post!

      • Sounds like the looting rabble fucked with the wrong people. Cry me a river for the looters. It would have been more of a story if McC emptied a clip into the mob, at the same time his wife was waving a stage prop. Mega lulz that.

        • ““The children were crying in school,” Rabbi Susan Talve said. “It was part of our curriculum.””

          Oh, make the crying river a crying ocean, please.

          • “They filed a lawsuit in St. Louis circuit court to try to force the trustees to enforce the neighborhood rules as written.”

            hahahahahah oh, now my crying ocean has to be crying ocean(s), plural.

            I am SURE, just sure Gomer, gah-lee, that this same writer just cannot stand it when some HOA Karen makes a retired combat Marine with a missing arm take down his USMC flag, cuz “rooolz”….

          • “One of the rules prohibited unmarried people from living together. Several neighbors said it was because the McCloskeys didn’t want gay couples living on the block.”

            The house across the street from me is for sale. Paging Big McC.

          • “The former Portland Place trustee who was ordered off the trustee property said he had nothing good to say about the couple.”

            In “The Art of the Deal”, Donald Trump said, ‘if you fire someone they will hate you forever’, IIRC. He was warning business owners to be prepared for the hate, and by extrapolation, what forms it might take.

            So I gather if you throw someone’s fat ass off your land, they might just whine in some whornalist hig piece, n’est-ce pas?

          • Hit.
            “Their lawsuits center on obtaining land, keeping people off of it, and forcing people to follow rules or make good on agreements. Sometimes the suits are about collecting damages for harm done to them.”

            Oooooooh no, Mister Bill!!!!! We can’t have those things in our New World Order! At least not for these kinds of people!!

          • Do you live in a deed restricted community? Those “covenants, codes and restrictions” (ours are called) exist for a reason. Just like ordinary laws, but not qutie as easily enforced. And to a much lesser degree than laws, people have complete freedom to not live in a community if they don’t like the CCRs. At least in ours, all the positions are staffed by volunteers. It’s mostly a thankless job, but the rules apply to everyone, even the disabled vet. I sense by your tone you malign such rules, but may I point out that rules are supposed to be universal. Once you start to grant exemptions, it’s a slippery slope.

        • See how coarse our people have become, we watch and participate at white peoples’ taking down? It’s all sick and wrong.

    • From the article:

      “Their lawsuits center on obtaining land, keeping people off of it, and forcing people to follow rules or make good on agreements. Sometimes the suits are about collecting damages for harm done to them.”

      The horror! How dare they try to enforce their rights through the judicial system!

    • Are you for real Six Sigma, and would you cop to it? There was a smart pretty bitch on Twitter who copped to Six Sigma, which signals to normal people corporate dominance and play.

      Yuck! Ultra corporate = six sigma

    • Not really. The State AG has filed an amicus brief on their behalf and if somehow they are convicted, the governor will pardon them

  16. Women are unreliable, but predictable. They vote their interests when they feel threatened. When they are comfortable, they champion who they perceive to be the underdog.

    Trump owned these well-off, suburban women in 2016 by doing two things:

    A) He showed them how they are worse off, pinpointing how “illegal” mmigration is affecting their prized school districts and neighborhoods.

    B) He gave them a new underdog – disenfranchised blue collar workers from the rust belt, giving in to despair, suicide, and substance abuse.

    Through the HUD executive order, he is targeting them again. Low income housing in suburban neighborhoods threatens these women. Make this issue theirs… and it is. Anti-zoning movements and forcing poor people into wealthy neighborhoods is a dead end for suburbanites.

    I’m pretty certain Trump could pull off the underdog narration with the victims of riots and cancel culture.

    As long as he doesn’t rub these AWFLs’ noses in their own complicity in cancel culture, he can capitalize on their lack of self awareness and build a new underdog for them.

      • It is harder to virtue signal and engage in overwrought emotion whenever the wolf is at the door.

      • Because the world immediately around them is all that matters. Rarely do women gaze up into the night sky and dream of worlds beyond. Seldom do they think about conspiracies, mysteries or unexplainable events. Their world orbits solely around the people in it: their babies, their husbands, boyfriends, extended family, co-workers, etc. They are not conquerors, dreamers or explorers. That’s just how they’re wired. So when something comes along that threatens to harm their babies, their neighborhoods, their PTAs, their Montessori schools, etc. you’ll see a response. Until then, they’ll rarely acknowledge the threat and/or actively champion it. This is also why they must be contained at all costs.

      • Yeah, otay. You and your wife have a tiff. You don’t waver, remain firm. She cooks you amazing dinner and you get amazing makeup sex.

        Do you, perhaps, have any idea what just happened Tonto?

    • Leftie knows that many women can be herded, and will also not question what they are told, or not told, by the sources they trust. So Section 8 is not even brought up, and OrangeManBad is drummed into their heads every day. Hell, they are calling Melania a Nazi, literally so, for planting some rose bushes in the WH garden. It works for Leftie.

      • Maybe when threatened. I’m basing a lot of this on how white women behaved at the beginning of the progressive era. Abolition, prohibition, child labor laws, minimum wage, and even unionization were championed by women’s societies, full of affluent white women with no personal worries and too much free time.

    • Running as the underdog when you’ve been President for 4 years is a tough sell.

      Obama could run against his own government because “Gay Mulatto means never punching down.”

      I think Trump’s numbers with women take a big hit this time around. No underdog, no strong horse mojo either. Just a loud empty suit.

    • The court decision(s) that allow the homeless convicted felon, drug addict, insane or just plain broke people to drink and use drugs in public, urinate, eat, shit, sleep, pitch a tent, in damned near any public place they want (in Western states) are similarly a “red pill” for our side.

  17. Any man with serious ideas who challenges power will have enemies. The zen-chill idea of just ignoring Them and doing your positivity gig sounds wonderful in theory but when White guys are being dragged out of their cars and beaten to death, it’s probably a good idea to spend at least part of your time learning “why They hate” and how you should counter them.

    Conservative, Inc. is the perfect example of positive identity. Today’s White conservative is pro everything and everyone – with the exception of his own race. The conservative loves Blacks and the gays. Really, really loves them. He particularly loves Jews more than his own people or nation – ask any Republican in office or seeking it. Or just watch Tucker any given night.

    No movement can base itself solely on negative identity but we’ve said before here that any form of identity is a combination of A and non-A, light and darkness, what you’re for and what you’re against.

    Hopium & copium aside, if 2020 has demonstrated anything, it’s that Whites have enemies who hate us, want us dead and want our children groomed, pimped our and drugged up.

    Positive identity taken too far amounts to a prosperity gospel and we know how those turn out. Elmer Gantry is a classic American trope for a reason.

    • My shorthand for that is “flight and fight”. “Flight” sounds weak, but it is building your own communities, separate from the schlomatized mainstream. But don’t think for a minute that leftie won’t track you down and try to take your community out, first chance he gets. You have to prepare to defend what is yours, and do do in some innovative, asymmetric ways, in addition to the obvious. Fight and flight go together.

    • I don’t entirely disagree with you, but it’s not fair to categorize ConInc as a positivity movement. They are categorically NOT EVER overtly pro white.

      I suspect OP is proposing we forthrightly advocate FOR whites qua whites, which is not something that’s ever been allowed any oxygen by anyone. It’s a different emphasis and deserves serious tactical consideration.

      Admittedly the messaging will be that anyone who likes whites is STEPHEN SPEILBERG’S IDEA OF HITLER!! But not everyone will accept this messaging.

      It’s true an awful lot of even our internal discourse turns into elaborate cathartic daydreams of GTKRWN (good license plate idea!). This can be offputting and anyway distracting from things WE CAN DO and towards being sad about all the bad things being DONE TO US.

  18. How does one build the strength of one’s own group while disregarding the actions of other groups, when the actions of other groups are hostile attacks on your group?

    • Its about frame. Yes you understand its a problem its just not the main thing. Note it, deal with it as you can move on.
      The bulk of what we do is making Our Guys better people.

  19. The various flavors of dissidents needs to do this too. We need to be pro-us and not anti-anyone else. The anti-other is way too strong in dissident politics.

  20. Great article. This is the practical advice that we need. People on our side continue to stay in the old paradigm (yeah, I hate that word too) of wanting to work within the system (form political parties, organize marches, etc) and to battle openly those groups that work against us. We also fall into the emotional trap of bickering with those people.
    That’s the not the way forward. It’s a waste of energy and plays to their strengths (institutional power and an endless supply of emotion/drama which they feed off of but that exhausts us.)
    The way forward for our people is basically the same as it is for each of us individually. In our own lives, we have two paths. In the first, we openly oppose diversity training at work, post race realist posts on social media and argue at every chance with our insane progressive family members, neighbors and co-workers.
    Where does that get us? Fired from job, blackballed from getting a new job and still arguing with liberal Whites who will never come to our side.
    But we have another choice. Keep quiet at your job, though you can occasionally make some cryptic remark that undermines the whole diversity seminar or maybe you even demand true justice at your company and mention how all the bosses are White men and should be replace. (Sand in the gears.) You can also start looking for ways to go out on your own so you don’t have to deal with this garbage. You quietly move to break away from corporate America and become more independent.
    The result is that you stop hating the diversity training and more laugh at it because you know that someday you’re out of there.
    In your personal life, you start to simply cut yourself off from Progressive family members, neighbors and co-workers. You start joining clubs and groups that have people more on our side. Maybe you even find a few dissidents and the three or four of you start meeting, even if just for a beer or two. Maybe you even start talking about ways people like us could help each other.
    The result is that even when you’re forced to be around your crazy relatives or neighbors, you just don’t care anymore. Let them rant about White privilege. Not your problem because they’re not really a part of your life.
    Yes, there will be times when that outside world forces itself into your world, but you deal with it. Fight it how you can, but you’re not more insulated and protected against the rest of society because you have your own mini-society.
    The way forward for us personally and as a group is a combination of disengagement with the larger society and engagement with people like us.

    • x10000. My strategy as well.

      This drives the Karens and cucks crazy. Without something to argue against (the angry and stupid white guy sperg) they are useless. They hate being ignored.

      • They feed off of the drama. They’re the star of their own personal “Nice White Lady” movie when you engage them. Don’t.

        By far, the worst thing that we can do to White progressives (and Jews) is to break away from them. They need us desperately. They need our social capital. They our technical skills. They need our money. And they need their Nazi foil.

        We don’t need a damn thing from them.

    • Well said Brother which is why I’ve advocated for Building Community for so long because I know and have seen the benefits of doing so…

        • People just don’t understand how much the others suck energy and life from them including their wealth and time and when they get out from under that how much their perspective changes and that life looks a lot brighter…

    • ”You quietly move to break away from corporate America and become more independent.”

      Maybe people aren’t connecting the dots on this but small businesses (aka: how you can realistically break and become independent) are currently being frogmarched toward mass graves because of THE TERRIBLE PANDEMIC(tm).

      Breaking away is fine for some of us but will never be realistic for most people. Deep blue collar jobs might be your best bet… but there are only so many and anyway *most* very intelligent people (the kind of person likely to be aware of the DR) will not be content with the lower social status attached to them.

      We can’t give up on corporations under current conditions.

      • That’s true, which is why many will need to stick with the corporate gig and just throw sand in the gears. But they can do other things financially to better themselves.

        Pay off your mortgage/debt at lightening speed. Save 20% of your income so you can become reasonably financially independent. Buy used cars with cash. Etc.

        Get yourself ready to live off of less income.

          • Spot on. Nothing pays a better return than paying off your home and other debts.
            If the DR gets power and really wants to get people off the treadmill, a full Federal ban on property tax for the main home would be huge.
            This way people can live on a lot less and not have to struggle as much to be in the toxic interest economy in order to have a requirement.
            Even better any kids who inherit the home or if the property as multiple homes, can build a life on a lot less.

          • And I just read the other day that the average retirement savings for individuals aged 50-60 (or thereabouts) is $21K. The covitard response will just exacerbate that pitiful number and living off $1500/month or less in SS isn’t going to be much of a life. Tough financial times ahead for many, unfortunately…

        • Nothing scares the elite more than saving money and paying off the mortgage.
          I’ve seen them go into the vapors when people pay off debts and put away money during a pandemic and otherwise supposed “Conservative” organizations like the American Enterprise Institute start proposing moving subsidies so that people can chase money instead of tightening family bonds.
          From a technocrat like Yang I get this but these “Conservatives” hatre family and only care about cheap labor and money.
          Its like being ruled by junkies. Its also the reason I have come to the conclusion that a DR republic needs an income/wealth cap of some kind,
          This kind of Looter Capitalism is as dangerous and more toxic, in some few ways more so than Communism.

      • That’s funny nobody has ever looked down at my profession in fact all the people that I’ve told what I do were impressed and they were thankful there were people like me out there…Also most tradesman are DR they are just to busy to post about it online or they aren’t even online because they are to busy living life…

        • Your position and lifestyle sound great. However, at the start of second grade it was announced my teacher, a recent regional beauty queen who was a perfect ten in my book, blonde, blue eyes, perfectly proportioned, sweet and smart, was now widowed.

          Her husband, a stud, was a lineman for Indiana & Michigan Electric until he touched a live high voltage line and converted himself into a cinder and left behind a gorgeous widow with whom I later had a summer-long affair while she was in her 30’s.

          I’d stayed in the classroom during recess to “help” her past her grief, she would break out crying, and prove she was the best teacher ever by learning the entire dictionary — I never got past the A’s — for her. At my eighteenth birthday party she popped up with a gift and a proposition. I spent that fantastic summer being “educated” sexually.

          I’ve worked directly with very high amps/potentials as an engineer, and I must say that while I admire your position and lifestyle, I do not envy you in your line of work. I’m an aviationist for avocation, so heights don’t bother me a whit, and an outdoor creature and so weather doesn’t trouble me.

          Good luck to you and your beautiful wife.

        • I’m impressed and I’m thankful.

          But a LOT of people, particularly “knowledge workers” and the female kind of people, are not. I think this is a failing on their part but in fairness to people who feel that way, the entire educational establishment implicitly and explicitly works to convince people white collar = success

          Pace Alex Jones, breaking the conditioning ain’t easy. Women and midwits are particularly horrible at it. I hope we get better, the class bias against manual labor and trades is a spiritually noxious and materially harmful one. Even so, it exists.

          • The system pushes towards law, finance, and medicine, for the minimally talented to make a great living. Which small group represents a major portion of all three? This is a twist on their subversive takeover of all three “professions”, having turned them all into nomadic, morally absent, purely transactional things. Now they denigrate all other kinds of work to an economic and social minimum, as much as they can. Not as a top-down strategy, but more of a crowdfunding of such things, benefitting themselves, and hurting others, in the long run.

          • That’s probably true for some trades but never have in all my years of living in Chicago, LA, Denver, Seattle had anyone think less of me when I told them what I did… Actually everyone was even more interested and my status went up when I told them I hang beneath helicopters and barehand high voltage lines…The DR would benefit greatly from having young guys get into the trades my sons are following my footsteps…

          • When I was in 7th & 8th grade, we had “shop” class, working with powered table, jig and band saws. Drill presses, disk sanders etc. Can you imagine that now days? In high school there was home ec for the gals and trade school instruction for guys who had no interest in college. That kind of stuff should be brought back, but won’t in our wimpified society.

    • Good post. Just be careful with, “maybe you even demand true justice at your company and mention how all the bosses are White men and should be replaced.” The white bosses don’t think justice applies to them and will get very agitated with you for the thought.

    • Some of us can triangulate an inside-the-wires job and dissident living. For those who can, just remember to extract money from Shlomo’s economy for Our Guys, don’t put it back in. One way street to Our inter-Tribal economy.

      For younger guys, lay your foundation early – trades are a huge advantage over competing with Jeet strivers for tech jobs. You can learn tech on the side. Even if you’re college-inclined, take a year or two off between K-12 & another classroom. Learn more about real life, have some experience under your belt and find out more about what you really want to do.

      Making today’s 17 year-olds map out their entire lives and invest $100k in a major when they have no life experience is like a cruel sick game. SAW meets Dr. Spock.

      • Two tricks
        #1 buy as little as you can get by with and stay happy and sane. The less you want the better of you are.
        #2 even if it costs more find a way to buy from fellow Whites and Dissidents and skip everyone else when you can.

  21. “The epithet is liberally tossed around by people claiming to be conservatives.”
    Well for sure the right can’t decide if the “womyn issue” or the “race issue” is more important. Who can say.

  22. White women are lunatics.

    For white men this means it’s time to repeal the right to vote, bring back the hands and put them to work in the kitchen. Essentially white sharia.

    Given that white men are massive cucks this is highly unlikely.

    • After a good conversation with a good woman close to me I have finally concluded women don’t have principles. They do side with what will get them personal gain or safety. So even for the conservative ones, it is just survival. No hill they will die on.

      • That has been adaptive for women. Yes, the conqueror has killed your mate and the children that you had with that mate, but the conqueror will give you more children. Your line will continue.

      • It’s not women’s job to die on ANY hill, it’s their job to provide security for their children (security for themselves is a corollary). It’s our job to die on hills and as a group we’re not doing it. Unless you count playing Call of Duty, in which case we’re the real greatest generation.

        Women’s natural impulse to seek security is a healthy one and in a healthy society leads to healthy things. Why should people that are naturally timid and useless at fighting ever be expected to want to fight?

        • Women’s natural impulse to seek security is a healthy one and in a healthy society leads to healthy things.


          The real issue is that in large portions of the US, white men no longer have the explicit ability to provide that security because they gave it away.

          • It’s not all our fault. Affirmative action is against us. As far as I can tell, large corporations no longer hire white men out of school (at least in flagship downtown offices). This might be one reason we see more mudsharking – there are simply not as many white men with good incomes in urban areas.

            However- drug abuse, porn addiction, video game addiction, etc. are unforced errors by white men. No excuses for that. I don’t know why, young white men seem to give up once reaching the adult world.

            The more “chad” white men appear to be perpetual manchildren obsessed with sportsball.

          • We don’t need it very much in modernity.
            Many jobs other than highly physical ones that we do, a woman can do just as well or better (c.f office work)
            While modernity is very safe most of the time on the rare occasions it is not the defense minded woman can always fall back on that old adage, God Made Man but Colonel Colt Made him Equal .
            And no, since the invention of the nuke, military invasion by a foreign power is not a thing either.
            Now men are still needed for healthy family outcomes but many people aren’t doing that.
            Like half of people are single and if Pew Research is to be believed, half of them never wish to marry or have a S.O.
            And note this is everywhere in the developed world.
            It is self correcting assuming we aren’t overrun by the MENA peoples but modernity is going to be toast no matter what.

        • It’s not women’s job to die on ANY hill, it’s their job to provide security for their children
          Women turn little boys into weaklings, boys should be given to their fathers, fathers offer better protection than mothers anyways.
          Women should be chaste, humble & useful when they can, that’s about it. It’s not that hard, can they even do that?

          • The more I hear these admonishments from posters here, the more I remember and appreciate things that happened in my past.

            When son was young, wife and another friend started a local “Cub” scouts for the boys in the neighborhood. After a few years, the boys were old enough to join the “Boy Scouts”.

            Wife came in one day after shopping with son for the official uniform and tossed the bag and dragged son over—literally handing his paperwork over to me with him in tow.

            She said, “Here are the forms, he’s all yours now.” That was the end of her mentorship of our young male offspring. And she meant it. Aside from dragging him to doctor’s appointments, the “care and feeding” of the man-to-be was now my job.

            There was no discussion, such was her natural instinct and family upbringing. Son was lucky, because I was not a quick starter in these things. 😉

          • Men and women have important roles to play and neither is categorically “better”. Fathers are best at being fathers, mothers are best at being mothers.

            I get the problem you’re describing relates to custody in divorce… but by the time it’s gotten to divorce everything is already F’d regardless.

            The DR (rightly) says a lot about cross dressers and homosexuals and all the rest of the left’s menagerie of perverts, but we’re prone to wink at the problem WE have and view them as little peccadilloes.

            How many jokes about “my bitch ex wife” are chuckled about on right wing places? Ha ha, yeah your family is shit and you kids are spiritually wounded bro, LOL!

            Obviously people make mistakes, bad mistakes, really bad mistakes. But we need to accept that they ARE bad mistakes and not minimize or embrace them for the sale of our self esteem.

            That’s literally what fags do.

            One of the central insights of Christianity is that there IS real healing and redemption, but that it always follows confession and repentance. I’m not trying to be harsh on divorced people, but we have to accept responsibility and not assign it all to some man hating negress on the local family court bench.

          • I’ve heard lack of a father is one of the worst things that can befall a child. Black kids in single-parent (Mom) homes > 70% and rising. Other races increasing but nowhere near those percentages. Even worse, when you figure what kind of woman the average welfare brood sow is, morally speaking. A principled woman could probably do some good, but… 🙁

    • The “white women are crazy mudshark intersectional slut walking yoga purple hairs” thing is overblown.

      Sure SOME are. But SOME white men are antifa noodle arms or that skin tag in austin with the AK and disabled black girlfriend.

      The media is gaslighting us on white women all being the thing that they wish white women would be. You know YOU aren’t an toothless hateful incestuous nazi right? And yet this is what the media convinces people YOU are like. All blacks are sensitive thoughtful scientists etc… we shouldn’t accept our enemies vision for our people

      Even so, a good portion of our women are confused, female suffrage was an awful idea, but let’s not go from that to actually hating our own people (and creating a self reinforcing reaction from them!). The noses WANT that and have been working on splitting us apart in every possible way for a long time.

      Women are natural followers and so far we’ve failed to lead them en masse. When we do, they’ll be tagging along as before – mystifying and nagging and magical as they are.

      • I live within a major metro. Fully one-third of the young professional women I see here are “dating” black men. Of the remainder, another significant percent are coupled with stethoscope-wearing Dot Indians and Latinx. Non-alpha white dudes hang out in packs together with perhaps one apparent girlfriend for one of the eight of them. The dark dudes have an arm around their squeeze much of the time, the white girlfriend behaves more a friend than girlfriend to the young man she’s with. The number of dark male-white woman pairings is clearly increasing every year where I live.

        • “I live within a major metro. Fully one-third of the young professional women I see here are “dating” black men.”

          No offense but whatever “major metro area” you are in defies both the stats and my personal experience in any major metro area. Not saying you’re lying but you sure you’re not suffering from an emotionally driven confirmation bias? Once you’re on the lookout for a thing you see it A LOT.

          I mean certainly this phenomena is offensively *noticeable* and alarmingly common, but (in the famous word of Joe Biden) C’mon man!

          • Yeah, I’m sure. I am over age 40 and have a great wife. I couldn’t care less outside our thing. I cannot help seeing it over time.

            The major metro is a top-ten US city. I routinely stroll around various gathering areas for young people because that’s where you can have a lively public time and enjoy good food and drink here.

            I see the fake accounts at other sites like Unz or Amren etc. that post non-factual propaganda along the lines of what I just posted. Clearly trolls by the left or the darkly hued intended to antagonize.

            I know that my posts in this respect antagonize, especially if you do not live in a dense urban core and must base your understanding off questionable sources. Thus sceptical is understandable.

            I wish I could upload photos here because a picture is worth a thousand words. Where I live, black-white is now a very serious and self-evident thang.

            And I find it appalling and disgusting. Vile. But I’m not going to tell my eye they are lying when I can hear it in terms of conversations between literate women, or I guess womyn, and joggers in their slick ebonic or over-polished faux whitespeak attempts that are several layers fake.

            Somebody gotta say the truth.

        • This is terrifying to hear. It reminds me of a Jewish woman that I once knew while living in a major US city. This woman flaunted her experiences with black men as it was something to be proud of. And I only learned of this as we were talking on her bed immediately after sleeping together. Same goes for the fact that she’s Jewish. My stomach was in knots.

      • The idea that only fat and dumb white women are smokejumpers is pure cope in light of current reality.

        • The overwhelming majority of pretty upwardly mobile white women have handsome white husbands. There are exceptions of course but again, don’t confuse (((commercials))) for reality.

          Yes some non zero number of what should be (and a priori, were) eligible white women will experiment or settle (until they become single mothers), but this is a distinct ahem… minority.

          Better still… go to a place where quality eligible white women congregate (aka: church) and you won’t see many Jogro-Americans PERIOD much less there with white women.

          [INB4 some fedora who never actually goes to church proclaims that he went once and it was basically with hymnals]

        • Again, it might be your locale, but in my corner of the rust belt, the coal burners are almost always offensive to the eyes.

          • By and large this is true. Professional Karen dates Tyrone until the day he beats the shit out of her or runs off when he finds out she is pregnant.

      • we shouldn’t accept our enemies vision for our people

        This is a good point overall but is it really accepting the medias version when they’re willingly spreading it via their black squares?

      • The “white women are crazy mudshark intersectional slut walking yoga purple hairs” thing is overblown.

        No, I don’t believe so. Case in point: During this past weekend, I was out hiking in a state forest near a popular overlook. The area itself is fairly remote, but not far enough away from the nearest highway and city to be exclusive to hardened outdoorsmen.

        Since I was fastpacking, I was carrying my ultralight loadout which included a small tactical-styled backpack with an Izula sheathed to the front strap, and chest kit bag. This is my go-to loadout for fastpacking, trail running, and day summit attempts as all of the essentials are at my disposal. During this hike, I was wearing an American flag bandana on my head, black P/T shorts, and a black t-shit.

        I passed a couple of other hikers and such throughout the afternoon and most were cordial — especially the ones who appeared to be on the Right (based on attire, mannerisms, and even tattoos). I have keen situational awareness and am very observant.

        Nonetheless, I passed two separate pairs of people that were off-putting. The first was earlier in the day which included a man and a woman. As I approached them, they both quickly pulled bandanas over their-then uncovered mouths and noses. They also tried to pass me as far away as possible, but this was fruitless due to the narrow, technical trail. As they passed, I overheard them talking about feminism in a positive manner and then heard something negative about my bandanna and knife. The woman had unnatural colored hair and piercings. The man was clearly a soyboy. Despite these people being the enemy (Marxists), I still said hi as I passed them like I do with most on the trails and they ignored me.

        Later in the day as I was leaving the overlook area, I passed two younger woman who were probably in their early to mid 20’s. I briefly said hi and they both appeared terrified and timid. Once squeaked out “hi” in response. They also had unnatural colored hair and appeared to be dikes, but Marxists at their core.

        Most experiences throughout the day were good and this region is very pro Trump. All of the nearby towns are covered in MAGA, Trump 2020, and/or Anti-Abortion signage and flags. Like 90% of every household and business, so these Cultural Marxists were mostly likely from the nearest city less than 75 minutes away.

    • There is no alternative, women desire men that are better than them, men who put women on pedestal end up seeing themselves lesser than females, which is undesirable for women.
      Simple principle

      • I think “put women on a pedestal” vs “be manly chad who holds women in contempt” is the right wing recontextualization of a (((left wing feminist))) rhetorical dichotomy.

        Our historical model was to hold our women in high esteem AND shield them AND respect ourselves AND assume rightful leadership.

        It’s entirely possible to be protective and respectful of women WHILE being strong and manly. This is represented by the historical chivalric archetype which captured male collective imagination right up until massive (((marketing dollars))) supplanted it with (((superheroes))).

    • For white men this means it’s time to repeal the right to vote…

      I completely agree. Women are too driven by emotion rather than logic.

  23. “Black Lives Matter has nothing to gain or lose.”

    To the extent BLM is actually a black movement they have an awful lot to lose. The depolicing they are asking for (and de facto already getting due to the Floyd Effect) is leading to a dramatic increase in black people being murdered (some other people too of course, but that’s a feature not a bug). Many thousands more will die.

    Maybe they are too stupid to know this? Maybe being able to get away with more crime and kill white people makes it worth it? Still it’s an odd kind of class interest that doesn’t see the deaths of members of you class as a salient issue.

      • This misses an important distinction. BLM is about helping Blacks: the totem that AWFLs invest all their misperceptions about black people into.
        The only actual black people that Progs care about are the blacks that climbed the social ladder to adopt to Prog morality. The college educated blacks who can appeal to their maternal narcissism is the necessary part. Ibram X Kendi or any obese black woman with a degree in blackness are the blacks who can offer the correct sacraments of their new religion.

        What the majority of blacks want is immaterial. What matters is what properly anointed blacks demand. Something that makes clear that AWFLs are doing what is demanded of them out of misguided maternal pity. The absolution comes from giving up the trappings of power or “privilege.”

        The disconnect between paying an obese black woman exorbitant amounts of money to lecture you and your neighbors about priviledge at a dinner party and the resulting section 8 housing that ruins the neighborhood is simply beyond the AWFLs comprehension. The important bit was that you could afford the talking black menorah for your dinner party. All that matters is the dopamine hit of being a “decent fucking person”.

        Note that this is only superficially similar to the MAGA black safari you see at every GOP event.

        • Yeah. They believe (or want to) that every black person is a white person with dark skin. The real black man is a soccer dad, with a dog and a suburban house, who takes the kids kayaking in a Subaru.

          Anyone can see within 30 seconds of being in a black area that blacks are NOT like that, and never will be. Most of them want little to do with white people (especially white liberals). They are their own people which is okay.

          But why/how are Karens so deluded? I have no idea. Never understood the black obsession much.

          • For instance, in the tv show “the good place” a black is placed in the same house as the pretty white woman (Kristen Bell).

            Of course he’s a very nerdy, studious university professor who wrote a 7000 page essay on philosophy or something. He has the smart black man glasses too.

            The occurrences of blacks like this are so incredibly rare IRL. 0.0001%. Yet it’s the delusion that white libs cling to.

          • Propaganda works, or at least it works long enough to achieve benchmarks. Making Karen think the Cosbys are a thing was no small deal.

          • As I think upon the Cosby show, I realize why the appeal. The show was a response to the more typical Black shows of the era—where everyone celebrated the Black experience—really their dysfunction.

            Basically, for the most part, the Cosby family were Whites in Black face with Bill Cosby interjecting with his standup comedy stick.

            Not sure of their Black audience, but the good Whites ate it up. It was their vision of the future of Black assimilation. How naive we were—and still are.

        • You see this a lot in The South. Many of my otherwise very conservative, aware family members are pro-BLM. This is entirely based on their relationships with the few good-blacks in their lives. They make no connection between them and the looters. Instead, they see the looters as the exception, rather than their black friends.

        • BLM is many things using the same moniker, and all of them hide behind the actual lower-case “blm”, which is a fuzzy-headed lifting up of blacks that lacks any “ask” in how to do so, other than lip service and some gibs. There is the Muslim Brotherhood BLM, a fundamentalist Islamic movement; there is the BLM that is a front for a bunch of doped-up young white Antifa male Marxists who are trying to burn everything down; and there is the BLM that is a front for the Democrat Party, who will send you a spiffy BLM lawn sign for your donations, since they can’t give away any Joe Biden signs even for free, no takers. Everyone is hiding behind blm for their own purposes, most of which are either irrelevant or detrimental to the actual black community.

          • Huge asymetrical cost/benefit ratio when you say “All lives matter.” That’s why it’s so triggering. It just drives them insane having to explain why all lives don’t matter. You have to practice situational awareness though. You wanna live to say it again tomorrow.

          • The name was a stroke of genius:
            For the idealistic Wine & Cheese Whites, it means “Of course black lives matter! We must do what we can to help these people.”
            For the thug on the street pulling a hapless white driver out of his car before beating him to a pulp and robbing him of his valuables, it means “My life matters; nobody else’s does.”

        • Yes, educated left-wing blacks are at constant war with their identity. They want both white left-wing values and black racial solidarity at the same time. If they could, they would become white while still retaining their blankness (similar to Michael Jackson).

          • In America, black racial identity is tied to poverty. Its the children of rich blacks who get it the worst. If you climbed up yourself thats one thing, if you did it through non-intellectual pursuits like rap or sports(these are the only legitimate ways as they are outside the system), even better. But if you grew up with a silver spoon? That destroys a blacks view of himself and he really is missing a critical part of the black identity. Which results in an over compensating hatred of whitey.

        • The best way, were it possible, to red pill a lot of these SJW would be a guided tour of the (hopefully not too) local Melanic Hominid™ habitat to see things first-hand. Alas, due to risk of bodily injury this cannot be recommended in good conscience.
          Taylor (Paved With Good Intentions) cites the perverse consequence of quotas for the (rare) highly-educated or degreed Black: corporations are desperate to hire them to meet real or imagined quotas, so not only do these Blacks command a premium, but they get poached from competing firms. More humorously, there is similar competition between Universities for the few qualified Blacks. And the biggest losers? Historically Black Colleges! They lose their best professors to higher-paying elite schools.

    • Most American blacks would prefer to have a lot of young black men kill other young black men than to have white (and white-controlled black) cops occupying their neighborhoods and sending millions of young black men to prison. Yes, they beat their breasts and gnash their teeth about “Stop the Killing!”, but they’d rather have the killing than white oppression (which is how they see the imposition of white social order).

      • Key phrase there: The imposition of White social order. That’s what they oppose and will kill to destroy. They resent any limitations on their behavior or choices other than those imposed by the bigger drug dealer or gang banger. Until Whites break free of their decades of following the rules, White order and White people will continue to die.

        • Another argument for separate countries. Jefferson himself said ““the two races, equally free, cannot live [under] the same government.” Given historical and current events since then, I would have to say the man was right.

    • I always thought Trump was wasting his time pandering to the black vote. However, he might have the last laugh. Most victims of defunding the police will be black, so the law and order issue might resonate with them. I suspect the Democrats are nervous about many leaving the plantation. Good article on Vdare about blacks being the only Democrats to care about God. Many references to God last week even though the power brokers hate traditional Christianity.
      If Trump fails to make a dent in the black vote (which is quite possible), Republicans or a new conservative party need to avoid wasting time making such appeals in the future. The Sailer strategy will be vindicated.

      • I pointed out a while back that Nixon and Ford got close to 20% of the black vote. IIRC, Nixon got 19% in 1968 and 1972 and Ford got 17% in 1976. Reagan got 14% then 9%. In periods of black activism, black voting tends to decline, but the share of the black vote by the white party increases. One explanation is the more sober minded blacks react to white people going crazy by voting for the sane white people.

        My prediction is Trump clocks in around 12% this time, but turnout is low.

        • How many Whites are going to stay home simply because Trump said “muh Black unemployment” 1000 times more than he even dog-whistled to “the Forgotten Man” after November 2016?

          100% of the 13 of that do 50 aren’t worth the White votes you lose to court them.

          • Very few people who vote Trump are going to skip the election over Trump’s well know CIv Nattery.
            We know what he is and while a lot of people would like somebody else, the alternative is Biden so Trump it is.

        • If Trump takes 12% and there is low turnout then Biden will have a hard time in FL, PA, MI, WI, and NC — unless there is a big swing in the suburbs and/or unprecedented youth turnout.

          The wildcard in all this is the brown Latino vote. Autistic racists presume they are a monolith like blacks, but this is not the case. Not sure how they are responding to 2020 being all about blackness. This could help Trump in Nevada, but might be offset by Mormon cucks.

      • You make the same error E Michael Jones does. Black Christians are BLACK – first, foremost, and always. With rare exceptions (possibly precisely who you know or are thinking of) race always trumps religion.

        • Zimbabwe and South Africa are Christian nations. Doesn’t stop them from slaughtering whites.

          We need separate countries.

          • Ethiopia is the only true african christian country, not that the western world is truly christian either.

          • Precisely. Ethiopia is an Eastern Orthodox Christian nation and one of the most regularly practicing. I believe that somewhere around 97% of Ethiopians are devout Orthodox Christians, which is one par with other orthodox leaders such as Serbia, Georgia, etc.

          • They may be Christian, but they’re still Ethiopian and still aliens who belong in their own land.

  24. >  The BLM people pulling people out of their cars and killing them are not threatening to attack the ruling class this way.
    Chicago Mayor Lori Littlefoot banned protests in the neighborhood of her home, citing her need to feel safe. It’s hard to tell whether these people have more chutzpah than just about anyone in history or they are that clueless.

  25. The world of affluent white liberal women is a paradox. Their highest virtue is being nice and yet the world they create is anything but

    • AWFL’s are emotion-drenched and easily manipulated into taking positions that ultimately are against their own interests. There is no reason to argue or try to be rational with them. Just shame them. The Inner Party learned this long ago.

      • I know. I know many of them. They’re all holed up in their homes, terrified of the invisible enemy. It really is remarkable how the responses to this mess are almost entirely divided on partisan lines

      • They are dopamine addicted social media zealots.
        You need to shame them, to their face. Doing so on social media just reinforces the hivemind.

      • The position being against their own interest is part of the virtuous frisson they get from it: “Look at what a self-sacrificing martyr I am! That’s how you know I am sincere and virtuous!”

        • And in the next sentence such vapidity as:
          OMG, your outfit is so cute girl. And where did you get those shoes? Let’s do lunch and have a glass of pink Zinfandel at that trendy new place near the mall and then go shopping.

        • So true. Unfortunately, their martyr complex produces lots of second-hand and collateral martyrs.

    • I suspect that woke politics is as much the result of the break down of white community and family as left-wing ideology. Strong community with strong families has no room for intersectional politics. The reason we don’t see a lot of woke Mormons is because their marriage and fertility rates remain high. Woke politics give meaning to the lives of dispossessed white females, especially middle-aged white females.

      • Things are breaking down in the Mormon Community too. They put women up on a pedestal and too many end up thinking they belong there irrespective of their behavior.

        The women I know don’t work, they are wealthy housewives putting black lives matter signs in their yards despite the fact their children are going to be hunted when they’re older. But I’m sure their Amazon delivery driver and the instacart Shopper really appreciate it. They want to be nice after all

        • The LDS Community has consistently been about 30 years behind the culture.

          In the 80’s, it was still the 1950’s. Nowadays, the POZ is at early 90’s levels.

          Give them three decades and they’ll tear the statues of Moroni off the top of their temples for representing cisgender white privilege.

      • Just about every bad thing stems from the breakdown of the family. Society is fractal in many ways. If you break down the primary unit, everything else scales up in a crooked, broken and semi-chaotic fashion.

        • Well said
          The actual solution though is unthinkable and may not even be possible.
          To fix things, The Neu State must take a heavy handed control of most facets of the society, imposing sealed borders. an economic system that allows for one wage earner stable lifestyle discouraging women from working and pushing a 70’s percent GDP as wages wealth redistribution along with stable marriage.
          After you do this turn off the Internet and very possibly the TeeVee and wait.
          In a few decades, it should be fixed.
          Note that this will require a very authoritarian state and a heavy duty security system focused around controlling subversion from within and without.
          I don’t think the Muh Traditional Freedoms crowd will go along with it even though outside of the economy they will be as free as they were in 1950.

    • If you want to understand the thinking and worldview of affluent suburban White women, just watch an hour or so the The Today Show between ~7 a.m. and 9 a.m. for a week.

      Everything you hear from these women will literally be a regurgitation of what you hear and see on that show (or other morning programs). This is their reality and their understanding of what keeps them in good standing with the dominant tribe.

      • Things IDGAF about:

        #1 If the Germans invade France and the Low Countries and bomb England.
        #2 If the Japs invade China or vice versa.
        #3 If the Islamofascists invade Israel or vice versa.
        #4 If the Republicans never win another election.
        #5 If the Rooskies invade the Ukraine and Belarus.
        And lastly, if the Joggers, Ragheads, and Chili-Chompers shoot White faggots and rape and murder White Liberal females.

        • Mexicans aren’t for the most part in a race war with us. They do want our women but we often want theirs too so it kind of evens out. Close the borders, deport the wretched and we’ll manage fine.
          As for the AWFL’s they are still White and they are Ours. Worst case scenario we could charge the worst offenders with various crimes and enslave them. Its a bit “Dissidents of Gor.” or “Handmaiden’s Tale.” but better than the alternative.
          And yes I’m joking. Some.

      • Or go to your local “next door” website. Good grief, the estrogen overflows there. Wear a mask, bitch about businesses than don’t enforce strict compliance, don’t use chemicals to kill pests, call the fire department to remove a rattlesnake (instead of whacking it with a shovel). Talk about wanting to scream. Giving women access to power at any level has been as much as much of a disaster, if not more, than giving joggers the keys to the kingdom. The revolution can’t come soon enough.

        • Yes, and the house rules forbid racism, hate speech, intimidation, yada, yada. Once I saw that, I began blocking all messages from Next Door. Too bad, because the idea behind it is a good one.

        • I hear you but …
          The rattlesnake and chem rule are very good ones.
          Snakes reduce the risk of rodent born illness and should never be killed unless life is in danger. If this is the case, whack, shovel and chow down. No sense letting meat go to waste.
          As for pest control. I never use chems and have very few bugs
          There are many methods that are less harmful to the ecology ,and of which pests don’t become immune. . Apply those first and use the nasty stuff only when mandatory for public health.
          This might increase the cost of food 10% or the like but its manageable and safer for man and beasts alike.
          Good stewardship is our responsibility.

          • I won’t use a pest control outfit, but do spot spray here and there depending on the problem. For example, if there’s a wasp nest under the eaves, I’m getting rid of it with extreme prejudice. As for rattlesnakes, if I run across one in the wild, I’ll leave it be. But around the house, probably not so much. Kings or gophers, I wouldn’t mind if there were a dozen slithering around – wife wouldn’t like it much though…

    • I see no difference between affluent white liberal women or affluent white conservative women. Both look down their noses at the lower classes. Minorities are patronized and whites scorned. Reality is going to be a bitch when it comes knocking.

      • The challenge is getting past the impulse to protect women without abandoning them entirely. Reality needs to visit more than just feral liberal women. But that becomes very personal very quickly. Recent history suggests most men NAWALT and bolster their bubbles as soon as reality comes knocking.

        Protecting women from reality, i.e the natural outcomes of their (poor) choices, while simultaneously “liberating” women from the burdens of patriarchy and tradition has been a foundational value of Conservative, Inc. and churchians and most normies as long as I have been kicking.

        So yes, the lib/con divide is not so stark in this matter. And as others suggest, this also means de-personalizing group interests has a reckoning vis a vis women – on a personal level, if it is to take hold.

    • I’m to the point where seeing or hearing the words ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ sends me into a rage. Over at Sailer (yes, I did a pass-thru) there’s a post about a White woman determined to teach her three young sons their proper place in our new society. I fear for those boys. I fear for all young White men, because our future depends on them. What good is having women of child-bearing age if there are no men to build or run a fit society?

  26. Generally something I bring up to people regarding Muslims and abortion: they have no issue voting for pro-abortion politicians because that issue doesn’t affect them: their organization sits outside of the system (ditto groups like the Amish). I’m befuddled how to pull this same result for us without having to resort to religious zealotry (which itself I’m not passing judgement on, it’s just a hard sell if that’s the basis for the organization). Is belief in Freedom of Association enough?

          • Most women who are so vehemently against abortion are those who cannot have children because they have a barren womb. Some due to nature, some due to terrible accidents, and some due to poor health upkeep. They may not believe in God but these women spring out of the woodwork like demons to denounce others. More wahmen crap.

          • “Most women who are so vehemently against abortion are those who cannot have children because they have a barren womb.”

            You know the worst thing about most women?

            They’re so emotionally driven that they just completely make up literally anything whatsoever when they want to make a point… then they pretend like it’s some kind of widely known provable fact.

            Not like us bro!

          • Uh-oh, I’ve offended the borg again. Sorry to have triggered the hive and their safe group thinkers.

          • That’s like the WRFWLD who AOSHEO and WIJDIU in the hopes of HKOFISJIU

            The studies of HE and JT said the IFJEOP assimilate the HJIRFU, so we are definitely cutting edgey
            from this one simple trick

        • Most abortions are non White in the US these days. A ban on abortion means a darker population of people most likely on welfare, followed up with more unmarried and Leftist moms, granted some White .
          Is that what Anti Abortion people want, because it is what you’ll get.
          That said the number of abortions is in rapid decline do to birth control and super high rates of celibate singles and that is a good thing.
          I do understand the reaction, Conservative/Right Leaning people have a broader mental disgust reflex than Leftists and abortion is a huge trigger.
          Its still better for us on the whole as icky as it is.

          • “Conservative/Right Leaning people have a broader mental disgust reflex than Leftists and abortion is a huge trigger.”

            Ah a “trigger” for the ol’ “broader mental disgust reflex”, so much more convenient than saying “morals” like back in the bad old timey days when our cultural ideas came from priests and ancestors rather than jews and sociologists. Nonspecifically sciencey jargon is always a winner!

            Would it “trigger” your “broad mental disgust reflex” if someone raped and killed your mother? You know that same “mental brain system cognitive avoidance process reaction” that occurs when you encounter a cockroach or a really overripe banana? Because if so, yikes, really sorry mom… but overripe bananas ARE pretty yucky.

            Or is the “neurological reactive aversive stimulus response cortex activation” only reserved for things other people think are outrageous? Whereas you burn with righteous anger when someone transgresses whatever vestigial moral laws you deign fit to care about?

          • Leftists and Conservatives have different biology and will respond differently to stimuli.
            Sane people Left or Right will respond to personal/familial assualt but not everyone cares about someone else’s fetus in the abstract.
            And yes I’ve seen pictures of abortions, its nasty and its nasty to think of that as another human.
            This anti abortion comic saddened me greatly, very effective propaganda but not everyone will so effected.
            But the thing is I’m tribal, not my tribe. Not my problem. Same with pictures of starving children too and most other things.
            The abortion issue and hysterical girl emotion it provokes tells me that the two or so DR Factions needs separate countries.
            My opinion is simple, less abortion for non eugenic reasons the better but I’m not going to try and stop my enemies and rivals from it as it benefits my tribe.

          • Blacks take the lead for abortions just like they do with everything else that measures ‘bad’ on the white scale of societal measurements. Before you demand bans on abortions, just imagine the results of abortion bans that mean dealing with twice or three times the amount of blacks on our streets, sucking our social welfare coffers dry and spinning out crime and violence wherever they are located. The sad part is white women who adopt black culture, live like scum, and screw black men, then have their babies. End of the line for her ancestors’ genes.

            Our fight is in preventing white girls from succumbing to black culture and teaching them why they should love their own kind rather than becoming a poor single mom to some black guy’s spawn. Our mainstream culture in America is degenerate ghetto black so this is a major struggle, something I imagine homeschoolers take on with their children as they also battle cultural marxism, grievance politics and race reality. But if left in public schools, little white girls will think it’s good to be with black men or to be a lesbian.

            The way in to white girls is through music and popular culture. Our white girls and boys must be protected from this filth and instead bathed in the western canon and its accompanying music and culture.

        • <i>and its non Moslems who are getting the abortions</i>

          No, because the Koran tells them to breed like rabbits, but they don’t give a shit about abortion.
          Sometimes fetuses are aborted decades after they’re born, should they prove irredeemably deficient in the face of Allah and thus unable to achieve humanhood.

    • Good point. Wedge issues serve two goals. First and obviously, they draw voters. Secondly and more subtly, they prevent those same voters from forming alliances with those repelled by them to oppose the Inner Party.

    • Two wedge issues that had kept me in the Republican camp are abortion and 2A. Abortion because I believe the science that a fetus is human life. 2A because, while I don’t even own a gun, it’s the second freaking amendment in the constitution. Despite the distortion by the left about the meaning of “well regulated”, the founders meant this to be a near absolute right. If it goes, the whole constitution is meaningless.
      But I have pretty much thrown in the towel on both issues. The traitor John Roberts will keep Roe in place, and the constitution is now a set of rules that only apply when they go against conservatives. Zman has captured my feelings exactly. It’s tribe against tribe, and I will back my tribe. Anything else is unconditional surrender.

  27. The violence will continue until the Ruling Class knows abject misery. It is high time for them to suffer right along with everyone else, BAMN. These are soft, spoiled people. Make their lives horrible, and they will fold like cheap suits. There are legal forms of terror, financial ruin and local legislation chief among them. Locate Section 8 housing in their neighborhoods, for example. Since the terror has been unleashed on people far outside dissidents circles, including white bread liberals in formerly nice cities, there may even be a plurality of partisans who see their interests served in frontal assaults on the Ruling Class. Yes, that’s negative identity and it should be exploited.

    • Agreed. Start with that noggered goblin mayor in Chicago. But… even there… I kinda like seeing shitlibs getting the govt they voted for… just as long as I don’t have to pay for it…

    • I have long dreamed that, once i win the big lottery, I shall fund a public interest law firm which fights for access to Jewish and other priviledged, affluent neighborhoods for underpriviledged blacks. And scholarships to private Jewish schools for same. Because I am better than you.

    • I lived more than half my life in Monterey County (Calif.), and I know for a fact that people there are overwhelmingly left. When the Army base was decommissioned, large tracts that were formerly training areas (i.e., empty) were open to development. Section 8 housing went in first, several hundred units. Then a couple of thousand market-price houses were built around it and they sold as they were built, almost all white because that’s Monterey. (The area is called East Garrison.) These true believers couldn’t wait to live near the diversity.

  28. Great column, very important points made.

    The Marxists argued that since class interests determine ideology, there is no point in thinking about non-partisans politics. The partisan should fight for the interests of his class…

    They have a point. From a material standpoint, 80% of all Americans have identical economic interests: stop the globalists raiding America’s accumulated capital. The point of party politics is to divide and rule, make the peons fight each other over some irrelevant wedge issue while they pick your pockets.

    And that’s why we need the BernieBros. They are programmed, they can be de-programmed. This site is full of people who used to be soft socialists, myself included, so don’t tell me it’s impossible.

    • If there is anywhere near an eighty percent majority, it should be easy to make the Ruling Class’ lives miserable. It is the only way to make them back off, and given their softness, highly doable. So far that group has been able to use divide and conquer tactics successfully. Alliances, even temporary ones, will be required. Good point about former socialists.

      • If there is anywhere near an eighty percent majority.

        Just a throw-away number. I figure all wage slaves identical political-economical interests, with only minor, symbolic issues separating them.

        • Point taken, though. Much dissident analysis has been devoted to how much effort the Inner Party expends to keep that majority, whatever the percentage, divided and not forming a popular front. The reason Establishment people hiss the word “populist” is because it is feared.

        • That’s just the sort of abstraction that Marxists (including the young me) make. Workers of the World Unite! Those supposed differences of race and sex are merely cons that the ruling class is running on the workers to keep them divide. Even the Marxists have discovered that race and sex are deeper than class.

          • That’s just the sort of abstraction that Marxists (including the young me) make.

            And the Nazis, for that matter.

            Doesn’t mean they’re wrong, and it doesn’t mean you have to adopt Commie or Nazi solutions.

          • Some of the economic elements of National Democratic Workers Socialism were pretty good and worth consideration. I’ll pass on more final solutions though.
            Communists OTOH are good diagnosticians who only know to prescribe bleeding.

          • Communists OTOH are good diagnosticians who only know to prescribe bleeding.

            Have an upvote.

          • Even the Marxists have discovered that race and sex are deeper than class.”

            Hence the Frankfurters.

      • The divide isn’t between the “ruling class” and the proles, it’s between abstract thinkers and the realistic class, ie. white collar and blue collar. White collar workers at all levels regard themselves as at least fringe members of the ruling class. They don’t get dirty at work, enjoy air conditioning there, sit at a keyboard all day. They’re basically data entry people.

        Their blue collar underlings don’t deal with abstractions. They work in a physical dimension and the results have to be functional. Their task is to implement the plans of the abstractionists, often when those plans are nonsensical. They get dirty and tired and sometimes injured. For this they are regarded as lower forms of humanity, even “unskilled”, although their overlords must employ them because they can’t actually do those jobs themselves and haven’t been able to buy equipment to entirely replace these lower life forms.

        Interestingly, many blue collars enjoy some level of retirement benefits deducted through the years from their weekly income. This benefit isn’t meant to make their golden years easier, it serves to be a source of income for plan administrators, white collar abstractionists. The blue collars are too stupid to invest their own savings so their advanced leaders must perform that grueling task.

        Oddest of all, the ruling class has convinced the proles that they are indeed inferior, partly through ineffective education, prohibitively expensive higher education and a culture that worships pseudo-science.

        • There are two kinds of people in this world, those that believe there are two kinds of people in this world, and those that don’t.

          The former is a comfy abstraction that seems irresistible to most

          • There is a war between those who say, “There’s a war” and the ones who say “There isn’t.”

          • Forgive me for being suspicious of any universal human taxonomy that divides the world between A) people who are awesome and behave and think exactly as I do and B) people unlike me who are ridiculous poo poo heads.

            In the posters case the world appears divided exclusively between salt of the earth honest days work manly marlboro men full of homespun wisdom, and them damned soyboys prancing about their crooked offices full of them mocachinos with all their dadgum fool headed ideas.

            I’ll hazard a guess which side he fancies himself representative of?

            How about an oldie but goodie from Solzhenitsyn, who in addition to being a math teacher and literary figure also was an artillery captain and built brick walls in a prison camp…

            “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either – but right through every human heart…even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. And even in the best of all hearts, there remains…an uprooted small corner of evil.”

          • Excellent post, Anonymouse.

            An application of your wisdom and that of Mr. Solzhenitsyn:

            Chris Cuomo lifts and Tucker doesn’t.

        • It does seem that white collars imagine themselves to be ruling class – otherwise how to explain the affinity for all the policies that harm them?

          I suggest the key attribute of the Ruling Class guy is that he benefits from social chaos; his life is made better when no rules apply. If this is a useful definition, then it’s clear that most white collars’ interests are not aligned with the Ruling Class. Their children are not flourishing, their careers are attenuated by wokeness, etc.

          Yet, through conditioning, they have been conned onto believing they will be something less if they accept their interests directly. Interesting trick.

          • Exactly. The Ruling Class has status enforced by state-sanctioned armed mercenaries. It is why they do indeed thrive in chaos.

          • And tolerate that until as in Chicago when the chaos shows up at the mayor’s door.
            That said I don’t think they are thriving only desperate to steal the last of the proverbial seed corn.
            The US has been thoroughly looted out and the fake “service” economy is now dead for good .
            The only way they can keep power is to keep populist left Bernie Bros and populist right MAGA 2.0 guys far away from office.
            Riots, chaos and the like are risky solutions though as they can end up going from “Oh well some Blue Cities” are on fire to “Bosnia X Rwanda” in a trice.

          • the current bourgeois-materialist class is simply fooled by endless credit, by the same old (((overlords))). whether freemarketism or sociocommunism, it’s the same materialist enlightnment crap. also, the endless credit is not only material, mind you, but also spiritual: “sure, trannies reading to children and pretending to give birth is immoral and gross for society in the long run, so storing up on Christian morality helps, as even those with gender dysphoria could be helped with treatment if truly tried; but, because the trannies tend to cry and spend and kill themselves much quicker, and they buy lots of girly stuff as well, we the rulers determine it you who owe them satisfaction – but don’t worry, give it enough time and enough starbucks consumption, and the debt will be repaid… sometime, maybe by your children growing up as trannies ;)”

        • Very good point. You are a little overbroad on white collar workers. Many provide vital and complex problem solving. But I have been in many meetings with those who love to show off their verbal and analytical skills, but don’t really produce any solutions. This usually starts at the VP level and above. Sometimes when I have pressed them for specific solutions they get agitated and try to talk around being tied to a course of action they could be held accountable for. Blue collar workers are always held accountable because they have to solve a specific problem and failure is obvious. Something in the real world either leaks or it doesn’t.

          • I agree that many experts “don’t really produce any solutions”. Implicit in that statement is the belief that there are always solutions to problems, which is of course a false assumption. Of course, there is plenty of room to criticize people, such as the ever-present instances of when solutions exist, but they are unacceptable for one reason or another.

        • The Ruling Class has state-sanctioned armed mercenaries. It is their greatest distinction and the greatest divide. George the Programmer may think he is part of the club but the moment he steps out of line he learns very quickly he is not even close.

        • It’s between the people who control and profit off the finanancial establishment and those who are forced to survive off its crumbs.

        • whatever the class divisions that exist, it is better to harmonize them, rather than continue an endless struggle. white collar workers do a lot of wrong to blue collar ones nowadays (wasn’t always the case), and yet if the blue collar ones slaughter them, well the blue collar ones will become the next generation’s white collar ones. simply fix the wrongs, but keep classes separated as needed. specially because no amount of education will make everyone equal.

      • Yep. Divide and rule is why the “race” riots are tolerated as it increases divisiveness and allows a nice smokescreen for more looting.
        In the end our ruling class probably cannot be removed from office with votes or y some alliance but as this is the time of larping and not yet the time of lead , I’m 100% in favor of trying, Stranger things have happened.

    • I wonder if we are not over-thinking this. The chauvinist in me begs for attention. For me it’s a question of this: how do you negotiate with a team of lunatics? Most of us can’t win an argument with the Mrs. at that time of the month… how are we supposed to deal with them on a formal political level? Combine the hormones with stupidity… and you are trying to reason with people like AOC, Pelosi, Hillary, etc. You are already outside the system, Dissidents! You are so external to the group, you won’t even be heard! This is why your founding fathers refused to let them vote. Hell’s bells, for every imaginary oppressor – there’s 10 imaginary victim groups, thanks to these bitches.
      You aren’t going to vote or reason your way out of, or around this, folks. If you are to have any system that actually holds for any length of time… there can be no place in its leadership for the hysteria and drama that women bring with them.

      • how do you negotiate with a team of lunatics? 

        They’re not actual lunatics, just brainwashed.

        And I’m not talking about the hardcore, payed-off activist core, I’m talking about your average Facebook Bro who upvote because they are vaguely pro justice and empathy, but not really interested in the nuts and bolts of politics.

        how are we supposed to deal with them on a formal political level?

        We’re not. They’re a hundred years ahead of us when it comes to political organizing, we’ll beat them here, on the internet, where we are strongest. If not for the massive no-platforming online, we’d already own Youtube.

        • Treating platforms as public spaces and paycheck protection for political speech are probably the two most important goals we should shoot for in any systemic political effort. With those, we can win over the numbers for anything else.

          In any unregulated forum, the hard White faction wins.

          Of course this is why those are two measures that will be hardest fought by Big Other. But they take damage from that fight because it cuts so hard against the grain of their professed pieties and patriotic mission statemetns.

          • There’s plenty – this very blog springs to mind.

            Yes, most boards remove spam and pedo stuff and such, but they don’t do it with the intention of skewing the political debate.

          • There is always moderation. Sure, the model train forum rarely needs to moderate their users, but were talking about politics. There’s always some moderation, even here. I use a spam filter and I have black listed some idiots.

          • Look at it this way: nobody (except yourself) moderate what you write in here.

            I’m not saying there are no problems with FoS, but we’re not in East Germany yet, far from it.

          • No, and we’re not going to be East Germany either. East Germany was not even East Germany. We still have a lot of free space to do our thing and avoid tangling with the enemy head on.

          • No, and we’re not going to be East Germany either.

            Amen to that.

            And three cheers to kicking ass.

          • But you would agree that space is vanishing faster than spareribs at a family reunion in East St. Louis.

          • For some reason, the spam filter hates you now. All of your posts end up in moderation. I just cleared a crap load of them, so maybe it learns from the experience. You may be on some sort of internet black list. The spam filter uses a global database, I think.

          • The spam filter to which you subscribe is specifically looking for our friend Exile. Respect.

          • I think rat-a-tat-tat commenting triggers it. If I approve a batch at the same time, it seems to white list the offender. It’s free software, so you get what you pay for. It beats having the comment section flooded with penis ads.

          • Exile is now a tall poppy, getting cut down first. Those who know this worthy may appreciate the irony.

          • Treating platforms as public spaces and paycheck protection for political speech are probably the two most important goals we should shoot for in any systemic political effort.

            Agree. There’s a reason the 1st amendment is the 1st., if you lose it, you loose all the other civil rights as well.

          • What you say is true, Exile. However, what you suggest presupposes that the existing system is still salvageable and that we can function effectively within it. I do not believe that is the case. And hence, I suggest we devote our energies to separation rather than accommodation.

        • After JAN 20, probably after NOV 3, the deplatforming will accelerate by an order of magnitude. Do not count of the Zman being here.

          • I have to disagree, especially if Biden wins. They will immediately stop the deplatforming and claim they have been 100% pro free speech the whole time. The speech nazis only take it to 11 at election time, when it matters.

          • I know it’s a joke and I know I’m being preachy, but black-pilling doesn’t help.

            Since 2016, people have flocking to our banners, despite the best efforts of our enemies. Twenty years ago, people like Jared Taylor had some thousand subscriber to his newsletter, today he’s reaching millions.

          • The idea that Democrats are going to declare the USSA on Jan 21, 2021 is GOP/MAGA boob-bait. “You must vote Trump or America dies.”

            News flash – America has been dead since the 1970s – it’s just taking awhile to stop twitching.

            Trump has the most unused veto pen in history and he’s had a hair-on-fire shitlib House since 2018. He has not even been a speed-bump for the liberal agenda.

            A Dem administration will suck for free speech but so will 4 more years of Trump.

          • There’s a truism in politics that you’ve got to get your main goal through in the first hundred days. This was common knowledge on our side after the election: Trump had to hit the ground running, take out the swamp creatures before they overwhelmed him. He had the House, he had the Senate, everything was lined up for the showdown.

            Then, after the 100 days, it was about him needing to get settled in (because he didn’t prepare for office), give the man time, for heaven’s sake, he can’t do miracles.

            So he lost the House, but they were no good anyway, but he’s working on it, and he’s totally owning the libs.

            Now it’s just you wait until after the election where he no longer has to pander to his voters donors, then he’s really going to kick ass.

            Whether he’s worse than Biden is not the point. The point is we’re being offered the choice between a shit sandwich and a shit sandwich with sprinkles on top.

          • Doesn’t Z-man have an ISP? Seems there have been closures based on pressuring those links in the chain IIRC.

          • Anglin was one of the lucky ones – he had a certified computer science genius in Weev to build him a new site.

            Pity Heartiste and others that didn’t.

          • Trying to be polite here. From the time candidate Trump’s supporters were chased down and assaulted at the San Bernadino rally to the present day. He’s never defended any of them or rallied the forces at his disposal to protect them. Yet he did say (M)icrosoft, (A)pple, (G)oogle, (A)mazon spell MAGA. You might be right, but so what? Who has Trump defended?

          • “Who has Trump defended?”

            He’s been disappointing yes but not voting Trump now is akin to the swedish women who dated cads and decides to go ahead and take her chances with somalians instead…

            Think of the many degrees of Dante’s hell. Resist the thinking that goes… well I’d have been kind of melancholy in limbo anyway so I might as well be in a dark pit in the center of a frozen wasted being chewed by the very teeth of satan for eternity.

            Bad things can get worse.

          • If Trump wins in a landslide, which I now think is possible, that may not be the case.

      • Real talk. Used to be women understood they could only push their men so far without getting beaten. Without that check women have become harpies, men cucks, and society a basket case.

        Not advocating a return to the old days, yet the proof is in the pudding. There has to be a way to restore balance. Until that happens we can only wait for things to collapse.

        • Yes, this is a core truth. A spoiled child only gets worse until he/she gets a good swat on the behind. And if there is no swat, they become broken people crippled by their unrestrained behaviors. In a healthy society, that swat should be administered prudently, infrequently, and out in the open for all to see. Take that away, and the swatters will go underground and come out of the shadows. That is the world the SJWs are creating. And it is no trivial change.

          • Children who have the bad fortune to grow up in the ghetto or the meth lab mobile home park are a perfect example of what we get when someone grows up with no discipline. Most of the time they probably aren’t “spoiled” becasue of a lenient parent, but worse, having no parent at all 🙁

      • Unfortunately, most of the male AWRs have feminized minds and physiques, to boot. They’re no better than the Squadroons.

      • Please forgive the long blather here, but I think it provides a good illustration of class warfare.
        I’m still working my way through Jared Taylor’s Paved With Good Intentions. This book does a great job documenting how far off the rails “civil rights” went from its intial idealism and even early laws. Of course some people were actually helped, but you have to look awful hard to find them. Mostly, the whole thing has become intensely partisan: Blacks vs. everybody else, sometimes there is even competetion between “protected classes” for the goodies.
        The new regime spawned all manner of programs of course. It gave them preferences and sometimes, for the shrewd or well-positioned, a lucrative income, never mind that the new systems actually made life worse for the majority of people, including those it was claimed to help. Reading his account of the Rodney King affair (1992) reads like something from this year’s riots.
        The media, then as now, had their partisanship (“Blacks are always the victims of police brutality.”); didn’t see fit to show the parts of the video that clearly showed King refusing repeated orders to behave, rather only the police clubbing him. Although Taylor doesn’t make this point, I think it’s fair to lay the blame for the bloodshed and disorder squarely at partisan media’s feet.
        As a result, dozens of people killed, hundreds injured, millions of dollars of property damaged. All for a drunk Black man who resisted arrest. He wasn’t even seriously hurt by the beating.
        Then, as now, there were plenty of thugs who didn’t know (or care) that King had been acting recklessly, even dangerously, and was compeltely to blame for the beating he took at police’s hands. Their partisan affiliation is to the “we are always victims! Racism!” worldview. As such, it was perfectly logical to find the nearest available white and beat or shoot him. After all, he’s white, so he’s the enemy.
        More in tune with Z’s essay, the same principles can be applied to slightly more civilized, educated Looters (we call them “politicians.”) Divide and conquer.

    • You’re presuming that people’s ‘interests’ are rational and primarily economic-based. Not only is that not so, but you’re ignoring the vital issue of race/tribe/culture. You live in a fairly homogeneous nation, despite the travails of Mohammedan immigration. America never had that degree of homogeneity, and is now so fractured that your plan, in my view, cannot work.

      • You’re presuming that people’s ‘interests’ are rational and primarily economic-based. 

        No. That’s why I said, “material” interest.

        As Mblanc pointed out, it’s a bit of Commie mumbo-jumbo, it means “as objectively judged by a competent* observer”.


    • Felix Krull said: ” …And that’s why we need the BernieBros. They are programmed, they can be de-programmed. This site is full of people who used to be soft socialists, myself included, so don’t tell me it’s impossible.”

      BernieBros are hardly ” soft socialists.” Project Veritas went under cover and filmed a BernieBro saying matter of factly that stalin was right when he put his enamys in camps.

      Has anyone considered that there maybe something deeper going on here?A Soviet mathematics named Igor Shafarevich, who was a friend of Alexander Solzanetzan wrote a book called, “The Socialist Phenomenon.” It was an historical investigation of socialism. From ancient greece to china , the middle ages and modern times ( the 1970s).

      Here’s a quote from the end of the book:

      “The conclusions we have drawn as a result of our analysis of socialism are also confirmed, as we see, by a series of independent arguments. We may formulate these conclusions as follows”:

      “a. The idea of the death of mankind–not the death of specific people but literally the end of the human race–evokes a response in the human psyche. It arouses and attracts people, albeit with differing intensity in different epochs and in different individuals. The scope of influence of this idea causes us to suppose that every individual is affected by it to a greater or lesser degree and that it is a universal trait of the human psyche.”

      “b. This idea is not only manifested in the individual experience of a great number of specific persons, but is also capable of uniting people (in contrast to delirium, for example) i.e., it is a social force. The impulse toward self-destruction may be regarded as an element in the psyche of mankind as a whole.”

      “c. Socialism is one of the aspects of this impulse of mankind toward self-destruction and Nothingness, specifically its manifestation in the sphere of organizing society. The last words of Meslier’s Testament (“. ..with this nothing I shall end here”) express the “final mystery” of socialism, to use Feuerbach’s favorite expression.”

      Z Man said: “The impersonal partisan will be one who invests his time in building the strength of his own group, without regards to the actions of others. Instead of reacting to the actions of other tribes, he acts only in the interest of his group. The healthy identity group does not have friends or enemies, only interests, so the partisan is one who has no investment in personal politics, only the interests of his group. By resisting the main weapon of liberal democracy, the impersonal partisan can effectively fight for his cause.”

      That’s a wonderful idea. But how do you escape a powerful beast that is hell bent on dooms day?

      • Project Veritas went under cover and filmed a BernieBro saying matter of factly that stalin was right when he put his enamys in camps.

        I say that all the time. And I’m not even sure I’m joking.

        • Felix Krull said: ” I say that all the time. And I’m not even sure I’m joking.”

          I love the way you always cherry pick my posts, so you can practice your vulgar disdain. Your snide cynicism and eragent self-assuredness is an inspiration to narcissists everywhere. Unfortunately there’s no cure for pride exept a finely tuned brutality.

    • it is near impossible to deprogram them, because the soft socialists are still clearly programmed too. why do you think Biden-Kamala and not Bernie-Abrams is the Dem ticket? the soft socialists unite the disparate ethnic groups of the coalition with the Marxoid vanguard. the exception would be if these soft socialists had some trad and/or fashy upbringing, but this happens less and less. high school in my day was divided between Nietzcheliebers, Marxliebers, and Randliebers. not much to rescue there, specially since all had to worship at the altar of MLK.

      in the end, we have to care more than for material standpoints. fighting for ethnic survival, all fine and dandy, but more depth is needed. for example, you can tell the white woman all about the dying white race, with stats and IQ curves; but if you allow her to disdain Christian families and Christian virtues (specially those concerning helping your own, and the whole concentric circles/local subsidiarity ideal), then her motherly instincts will instead go to breeding and/or supporting joggers and rapefugees, whether by giving them welfare or free speech or free trade or whatever the materialist elites tell them. believe only in matter, die only by the matter.

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