Taboo Breaking

The Scandinavian nationalist, Fróði Midjord, is fond of saying that the way to break a taboo is to break the taboo. The logic is that taboos only work as a crowd control device when the crowd agrees with the taboo. If people stop abiding by a taboo, then it loses its power to enforce behavior. We see this with the social norms that have fallen away since the 1960’s. Things like adultery and divorce were normalized, in part, by people ignoring the taboos against them.

Of course, a good way to have your life destroyed is to go around breaking taboos, especially the ones that matter to the people in charge. Start talking race realism at your office and you not only get fired, you become unemployable. Break the taboo against fighting back against left-wing street thugs and you could end up in prison. Breaking taboos works only when a critical mass of people decides to break the taboo and a larger set of people are ready to join them.

That’s the other problem with taboo breaking. Without popular or institutional support, the taboo breaker ends up enforcing the taboo. He gets hauled out in front of the crowd and is properly punished. The crowd sees it and the point is made. If you don’t want to end up like the guy being made into an example, don’t break the taboo. Rosa Parks would not be known to us without the support of the ruling class. Her taboo breaking was welcomed by the people in charge.

Obviously, taboos are an essential part of every human society. They are the unwritten rules that habituate people to the historic norms of society. Usually, they have some basis in reality. A prohibition against going to the dark part of the forest is probably because it poses a real danger. A taboo against infidelity is rooted in the understanding that stable families make for a stable society. Shaming the adulterer is a way to discourage the behavior that disrupts stable family life.

Taboos also require a moral authority. We’re pretty sure belief, as in spiritual belief, co-evolved with language. There’s a pretty good chance that religion co-evolved with human settlement. As human groups began to settle down and invest in their territory, rather than just guard it, religion evolved to provide both the rules to govern human relations and to provide an authority for those rules. If the gods think you should not steal from your neighbor, you should listen to them.

When a taboo is rooted in religion or even tradition, it becomes self-enforcing. Humans are social animals, which means we want to be thought well of by others, so we look to show our conformity to group norms. One way to do that is public piety. The person known for fidelity to the faith or the traditions of the group is always going to be thought well of by his peers. Enforcing taboos is a good way to demonstrate your piety, thus you are someone that can be trusted by others.

This is the fundamental flaw in the current taboos. There’s no religious basis for anti-racism, for example. Even if there was, the people screaming about racism are flamboyantly opposed to religion. There’s nothing in our history or traditions that can be the moral authority for something like anti-racism. Republican virtue demands equality before the law and support for the basics of citizenship, but it does not require you to live next door to a black guy. In fact, it opposes such a requirement.

Most of the current taboos are deliberately conceived to contradict religion and tradition, which are dismissed as white privilege. The normal impulse to be around those with whom you have something in common has been anathematized in order to damage the normal functioning of society. Sending men dressed as women into the schools, while demanding everyone celebrate it, is nothing more than an outlandish rebuke of religion and tradition. Its only purpose is spite.

The same can be said for the whole catalog of modern taboos. There is no moral authority for them. There’s no logical basis for them either. A society that thinks sexualizing children is acceptable cannot rationally claim it is immoral to oppose the normalizing of men in dresses. The only authority for the current taboos is the force wielded by the taboo makers. They have control of the institutions and use that power to enforce these taboos on society.

Force is always the costliest form of rule. When the law is the habit of mind and obedience is the natural instinct, the ruling class does not have to spend very much to maintain order and their place at the top of that order. On the other hand, when their rule is at odds with habit and the people must be forced to obey, the cost of maintaining order eventually exceeds their capacity to impose it. Our ruling class is exhausting itself maintaining this collection of absurd moral codes.

It is why deliberate taboo breaking is probably the wrong course. Giving the people in charge easy targets and useful examples lowers the cost of enforcement. Mockery and avoidance do the opposite. It’s hard to drop the hammer on someone who is mocking your silly taboos. It’s expensive to root out the bad thinker minding his own business in the cubicle farm. The guerrilla in a modern moral war must live in the shadows, turning up to mock the enemy, but always avoiding direct confrontation.

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329 thoughts on “Taboo Breaking

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  2. Hence the it’s ok to be white decals I’ve been plastering on countless parking meters all over LA. Sometimes I apply them in front of good whites walking their dog. Maybe I should rethink that tactic. What do think Zman ? I never put them on BLM posters or mailboxes thinking that might get me pinched. I do put them on the annoying scooters the fellas ride while they deliver cold food for grub hub, usually over the king Kobe memorial limited edition sticker.

    • I used to live in SoCal and I visit often, or at least I did prior to covid b.s. I’m pretty sure that many homes there have video cameras on their doors which record street activity with amazingly fine graularity. Many of these cameras record in infrared.

      Ensure you wear a yuge covid mask or somesuch, together with a skateboarder’s hoodie, before you approach the neighborhood targeted. Gloves too to avoid dna and fingerprints left behind. I now live in Chicago and every single space here is under video and other surveillance. (Yes I know I should leave but while I vacillate some days it looks as if we’ll stand and fight here to the end.) The police resolve less than 10% first degree murder cases here in which a young adult or under was killed.

      Nonetheless, the police here will pull out dedicated units and pay them outrageous doubletime to crack down on this here cracker if I dared stick a label they didn’t like on some private business, school or public infrastructure. I survey the surveillance, it can be said. Keep that cell phone at home when out on missions, know I wish you good luck, but I won’t be surprised when you are arrested for a hate crime.

  3. I’m not a Star Trek aficionado, but if I recall watching as a kid, wasn’t there an episode that touched on this Community vs. Rationalism-Individualism topic? The people worshipped some stone god. Everything seemed peaceful and ran smooth. Kirk tried to get them to “think for themselves” and was rebuffed. I need to try and find that one. I may be mixing it up with the Pacifist planet episode.

  4. I did not completely follow you here:

    “A society that thinks sexualizing children is acceptable cannot rationally claim it is immoral to oppose the normalizing of men in dresses.”

    Both are irrational. A society that both sexualizes children and defends trannies is irrational and there is consistency to its embrace of these themes. Rationality does not seem to be urged at all, quite the opposite actually.

    Also, I disagree with you here:

    ” Mockery and avoidance do the opposite. It’s hard to drop the hammer on someone who is mocking your silly taboos.”

    It is not hard at all. Social media swarms destroy those who mock. Even comedians have acknowledged that humor has become dangerous dissent and they avoid college campuses.

    I do agree it is self-defeating to go full Bladerunner. Choose your shots wisely and delay destruction as long as possible so the movement against anti-rational modernity can gain steam.

  5. This is OT as it can be, but I have to lob this at you Zman.
    Dilbert guy is stirring it up regarding Cville and the surrounding events and some of the ways that coverage and history of said event has been lacking. He’s making some really interesting assertions and I, for one, would like to hear your reaction.
    This is so far out of left field that it may have resonance.

    • It is pretty important when otherwise mainstream, anodyne people such as Adams start to rebel against State-mandated narratives. That is the part that really struck me about his full frontal assault on the Charlottesville hoax. It really is edgy for him to be full-on oppositional as he is here.

      • I don’t usually have the patience for Dilbert Guy, but that’s pretty cool for a normie-right guy. He makes me wish I had an uncle or two nearby. Would be nice. Unkle Dilbert pops over on weekend. We crack a few White Claws. Watch the game on mute and casually talk politics. My relatives are cool but they’re all in the South. Poor uncles. It’s like they exist solely to be the weird guy in jokes.

  6. BUT WAIT: Doesn’t ethno-nationalism as a means of agreeing upon and enforcing taboos leave the door open to abuse and unjust treatment of “outsiders”? There are plenty of examples of this occurring even today (including among certain ethnic and religious groups). This may be why Zman added the adjective “passive” to his prescription, i.e. “a passive ethno-nationalism organized around group identity and rights” is the solution to the large society problem (i.e. further, how taboos are going to be promulgated and enforced in an organized community).

    • Each group is entitled to decide what constitutes abuses and unfair treatment.
      You might not agree with my groups abuses and unfair treatment of dip-shits like you but I don’t give a damn.

      • The State thinks otherwise. To be blunt, Whites as a group are warned about and prevented from seeking their own self-preservation in general and pointing out their abuses and unfair treatment in particular.

      • So Bile, you have no problem with the way blacks treat whites in America, since “each group is entitled to decide what constitutes abuses and unfair treatment”? Try reading The Large Society Problem article and pay attention to the idea of “social norms…that are absolute, universal, and independent of kinship”. Passive ethno-nationalism answers the problem. A vicious, violent or hateful ethno-nationalism exacerbates it (as both history and experience demonstrate).

  7. This discussion of taboos corresponds with Z’s last essay on “the large society problem” and how classical liberalism, communism, liberal democracy and fascism are all failures at solving it (not mentioned was that religions are also attempts). In the end, it’s all about who has the power to create and enforce taboos, and whether that power is the product of force or broad accord. Zman’s bombshell insight is that the solution may be “a passive ethno-nationalism organized around group identity and rights” (meaning taboos would and should be established and enforced through broad agreement within that group).

  8. Equality before the law is one of those imprecisely-worded phrases that causes trouble. When you think about it equality is antithetical to law. Law governs conduct, so it’s essentially formalized discrimination. Then there are laws against discrimination. When you go to court you appear before the judge not the healer. It’s ridiculously contorted.

    Maybe it’s a long-solved riddle. Haven’t looked into it. Idk my inner nerd is curious about it.

  9. Look at Gobekli Tepe. Large sophisticated temple long before agriculture or settled life. Religion came very early.

    • I watched a National Geographic show about Gobekli Tepe two days ago. The temple complex is massive, 900 meters squared, built in modern day Turkey by hunter/gatherers 11,500 years ago.

      • They were not hunter-gatherers. The people who built that were at the forefront of the neolithic revolution. That means they were cultivating crops, domesticating animals and investing their environment. It is a good example of how religion co-evolved with settlement. As various kin groups settled into a common area, cooperation within a set of commonly held beliefs and then practices is a natural solution to group competition.

        • I’m fascinated with idea that gods are ancestors. The founder of a family that became a culture that became a civilization. The creator. That guy still held sway over potentially millions of people after many generations. Powerful man— a god.

      • I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I have to admit there are a lot of things about the Egyptian sites, Giza in particular, that don’t make sense if you believe in the accepted history. Human civilization is likely much older than we understand.

  10. Zman: “This is the fundamental flaw in the current taboos. There’s no religious basis for anti-racism…There’s nothing in our history or traditions that can be the moral authority for something like anti-racism.”

    Unfortunately, as we all know, the bible has plenty of implied anti-racist verses. (Lots of exclusionary ones too, of course.) But, yeah, there’s much to bolster pro-egalitarian taboos in that book and that religion.

      • Christianity’s biggest problem is its universalism. If we’re all going to the same heaven, then why can’t Tyrone plow your daughter?

        • AHHSHitAHA! I dropped in on a bible study group in a Little Rock Arkansas church once. The hick leading the group a domineering know-it-all. I wish I’d thought of your question back then. I may have been roughed up by the good ole boys around me. But would’ve been worth it for the LOLZ.

          • Frip said: “…in a Little Rock Arkansas church…The hick leading the group a domineering know-it-all…”

            Oh dear. The eternal animosity. City people vs country people. How depressing. What on earth was a civilised, sophisticated man of the world like you doing in Little Rock in the first place? No doubt just passing through, on your way to a real city with real people.

          • I can see how you’d take that wrong. But since I AM on the D-Right, you must know I don’t look down on poor country folk. This individual actually happened to be a hick and a know-it-all like I described him.

            I lived in Little Rock. One thing that bothers me about the bible is how contradictory it is. I’ve always felt bad for people (especially uneducated people) arguing over it. Like you’ll see in bible study groups. Makes you want to stand up and say “Look, NONE of you are wrong. Because it’s impossible to be right about this absurd book of yours!”

            “Don’t be rich. It’s a fools errand and will only corrupt you.”


            “And Schlomo proved himself good. And was rewarded with countless riches and 15 thousand oxen.”

            GTFO! LOL

          • Frip said: “..One thing that bothers me about the bible is how contradictory it is. I’ve always felt bad for people (especially uneducated people) arguing over it. Like you’ll see in bible study groups. Makes you want to stand up and say “Look, NONE of you are wrong. Because it’s impossible to be right about this absurd book of yours!”.

            Think of it this way. The old testament, to a large extent is the outer mystery. And the new testament is the inner mystery. It’s the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. And actually, it’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about faith.

  11. Real Taboo is White people have diversity, but other ethnic groups have unity
    White people divided with conservatism, liberalism, Homosexuality, Transgender stuff, and call it pseudo ideology and diversity
    There’s no liberalism or conservatism in the Jewish people, but they have tribalism, the best way to access wealth and power
    Unity is always a strength, individualism just makes you individually get attacked and defeated

    You don’t have to watch the News to know white men are losing, and Jews are most successful ethnic group in the United States
    Black and other ethnic group far better off than average white people
    And that trend will much gain ground for obvious political decision

    The Real Taboo is what ever white men did past half century, white men doing it wrong

  12. Excellent topic. I’m reading Jared Taylor’s Paved With Good Intentions (1992, available for free at Unz). Even at 28 years old, this is still an amazingly timely book, given the Woke mayhem recently and especially this year. While Taylor doesn’t make the point (so far as I know), it is no stretch to claim that Anti-Racism (call it what you like) has taken on many of the traits of a dogmatic religion. In the first place, the initial seeds of a good idea (equality of opportunity) over time have mutated into an awful charicature of itself. Second, a dogma demands unquestioning belief in a multitude of beliefs that are at best unprovable and at worst easily disproven by real-world investigation. This is not allowed and is punished. The in-group (Blacks, GoodWhites) are favored; the out-group (Racists! Uncle Toms!) is punished and exploited. Taken to extremes, more violent oppression may occur. Also, like any established major institution, Anti-Racism rapidly gets drunk on its new power, seeks to perpetuate itself, secure and extend its power, and appears to have little interest in the costs or consequences. Just look at society: in the (distant) past we had literal witch hunts and burnigns at the stake and such. Within the lifetimes of some still living, we’ve had the Communist witch-hunts of the 1950s, “Satanist” and “Child molester” scares, but so far as I know, trying to make everyone equal, the realities, costs or results be damned, takes leading place, certainly in terms of freedoms already lost, huge amounts of money spent, effort wasted and lives ruined — including many of those they still claim to be “helping.”
    Most relevant to today’s essay, prehaps: While certainly not unique to the Equal Opportunity racket, Taylor gives several examples of how people game the system to their own advantage. The DR may not be easily able to do so, but another option is also available, taboo breaking in the best sense: pay lip service to the great religion but do your own thing, and if caught, deny you’re doing anything wrong and blame the other party. In other words, politics as it’s played today.

  13. ” Rosa Parks would not be known to us without the support of the ruling class. Her taboo breaking was welcomed by the people in charge.”
    Christopher Hitchens or Alex Cockburn mocked the “non-violence” myth for the same reason. The three “big triumphs”: India, civil rights, and apartheid, were all engineered the the powers that be. Postwar Britain wanted to offload India, civil rights was part of the Cold War effort (stop the Russians from calling attention to segregation), etc. Try nonviolence against a determined state and you’ll simply be crushed.

    • I’m not that excited. Korea will, in the end, simply be another example of a failed attempt at defeating a disease that can not be defeated, only lived will after it burns its way through the population.

  14. The whole point of the new taboos is that they are not one’s that “The Patriarchy” would choose to enforce. So, the mere fact that you are rejecting one of the new taboos means that you are defending the old Patriarchy. That’s why breaking the new taboos won’t work… they want you to identify yourself as an agent of the Patriarchy so that they can enforce the new taboos on you. There is no scenario where being racist in public is going to lead to people reconsidering the taboo on racism. Feminists and non-white people are trying to institute new norms that pathologize whiteness now. They don’t want to eliminate all taboo but rather they want to be the one’s who determine what the taboos are and do so in a way that makes white people into the bad people culturally speaking.

    • What this all boils down to is too many people with too much time on their hands, in jobs funded somehow by the state, and those will too much to lose opposing them.

    • If you are white, in a traditional family where anyone has faith or religion there’s already a target on your back. Getting pretty difficult not to be identified.

      • That’s the whole point. They want to make you the weirdo and take away your “white privilege” so that you are worried all the time as if you live in a ghetto because they think this is what white culture did to black people.

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  16. Florence King once said that if you put a fence around the South, it would be the world’s largest insane asylum. I think that description aptly applies to the entire U.S.A. at this point.

    “Wake up, motherf*cker, wake up!” Wake up to what? Spear administrators and hysterical white girls invading suburban neighborhoods at 1 AM with bullhorns and searchlights yelling “Wake up, motherf*cker, wake up!”? That’s not a good look and not a good way to maintain social control.

    The Repubs don’t have to pin this on the Democrats. The Democrats have pinned it on themselves and despite their control of the MSM and social media, they can’t easily hide it. So even though the polls say otherwise, it’s Trump in a landslide in November. That’s my guess. But if he does not win by a significant margin, then it will be endless tumult over a disputed election. That’s why buying a little silver might not be a bad idea right now.

  17. We cannot “Vote our way out of this” because we didn’t “Vote our way in to it.” It isn’t elected politicians casting inoffensive queers and blacks on movies and television, or teaching our kids the virtues of Marxism in schools.

  18. I was leaving the Garden store this morning and there was a normal looking guy walking through the parking lot holding his mask in his hand, waiting for the possible minute to put it on, and I looked up at him and said don’t forget to put on your face diaper on I smiled while I said it and I of course had taken mine off the minute I checked out. He looked pretty confused though. But I know he’s a normie that’s why he had his mask clenched in his fist

  19. Z Man said: “…We’re pretty sure belief, as in spiritual belief, co-evolved with language. There’s a pretty good chance that religion co-evolved with human settlement.”

    Really? Who’s “…we’re pretty sure…” ?

    “The world cannot keep its own ideals. The secular order cannot make secure any one of its own noble and natural conceptions of secular perfection. That will be found, as time goes on, the ultimate argument for a Church independent of the world and the secular order.”

     -G. K. Chesterton

    “An atheist is respectable as long as he does not teach that the dignity of man is the basis of ethics and that love for humanity is the true religion.”

    -Nicolás Gómez Dávila

      • Z Man said: “That’s the current consensus in evolutionary biology.”

        You said: “…we’re pretty sure…”which means your either an evolutionary biologist or at least a fellow who prefers science over faith. I’m not claiming to a great Christian. But obviously, the distruction of western Christianity is at the root of our problems.

        “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        -John Adams

        What will be a new religous foundation for us in a post-western Civilisation? Going back to the fundamentals of Christianity will be the only way to solve the problem. The freaks in silicon valley think AI should be the new god of choice. There must be at least a few evolutionary biologists that would agree.

        • Going back to the fundamentals of Christianity will be a decision made for us by the Big Man. We just don’t know exactly when.

          • Jews need to build temple first, christians will recognize him, after that he kills Enoch & Elijah, then anti Christ(jew ofc) rules for a period, then it’s Jesus Reckoning time.
            That’s the gist of it.

  20. What will it take to finally break and accept the taboo that whites and blacks cannot coexist in the same society?

    While Cannon Hinnant finally made the news, the number of black-on-white murders has soared in just the last couple of months such that even usually sedulous documenters like Colin Flaherty and Paul Kersey are struggling to keep up:

    John Shockley, Nichole Merrell, Veronica Baker, Nathan Garza, Seth Smith, Gary Tinder, Justin Prillaman (with James Prillaman still in the hospital), Jessica Whitaker, Donald Carlton, Roberto Lopez, Paul and Lidia Marino, Jerrie Lyn Ross, Joseph Hecht, John and James Savey, Norman Bledsoe, Pollyanna Smotherman, Chauncey Depew, Sharon Johnson, and Sydney Parmelee. Even raccoons aren’t safe!


    Keep in mind these are just black-on-white murders since May, and most were in August! The numbers swell dramatically if you add assaults, like that of Adam Haner or countless others, that may turn into murders later as white people slowly and painfully or prematurely die from their injuries:

    Go just a few months further back and you’ll uncover hundreds of others murders, like John Weed. Black-on-white murder is a true epidemic, unlike “systemic racism” or “gun violence,” and the epidemic rages only because we are unable to break and accept a taboo. Instead white people are forced to prostrate themselves in front of Burn Loot Murder.

    • When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.

      • Most white people still don’t realize that when they smile at you they don’t like you. If see a chimp smiling at you he’s going to rip your arm off.

      • Racoons are cultural appropriators, they look like thieves with their adorable little masks, even a couple of them moving into your suburb can be a huge nuisance, they sleep most of the day and wander around all night, males are not monogamous and don’t contribute to raising their young…

        Racist [clap] Raccoon [clap] had [clap] it [clap] coming [clap]

      • That’s just nature, red in tooth and claw. Go to YouTube and search for “chimps beat up raccoon.” First video is from the St. Louis zoo. Looks just like the new video of the youths.

      • The thing is, when those blacks said “only white people care about animals” they weren’t wrong. While there are plenty of white people who abuse animals, the cruelty, savagery and sadism in this example is very common among blacks and other nonwhites. White animal abusers are generally solitary losers who are hated and scorned by other whites, whereas groups of blacks revel in animal cruelty as seen here.

        It’s well known that affection for animals is very much a white thing, while Africans, Middle Easterners, and many Asians treat them very cruelly. I can’t remember if it was on the Z Blog podcast or another dissident podcast, but I’m always reminded of that story of a black couple abandoning their dog on the east coast when they moved to the west coast. A white friend drove their dog over to the west coast for them, and the blacks were genuinely confused and amused why the white guy would go to all that effort.

        Blacks evolved to have very little compassion and empathy, and you can see it in the way they treat white people, animals and even—and especially—each other. They just don’t belong in our society and never will. Whenever a black angrily says “You [white people] care about animals more than you do about us” I always reply “Damn straight!”

        • Empathy is a higher level brain function. Much more than “workin’ on beats” and “tappin’ dat ass.”

    • The Left already knows this. A great many of these anti racist groups are pushing for segregation as are many Blacks.
      The useless old Conservative saw “The Left are the Real Racists.” is true and its a sneaky way around the race taboo.
      The biggest differences between them and us on that view is we don’t believe in equality and that they want us to pay the bills.

      • Their “segregation” means YOU can’t go into THEIR area, but if you don’t want THEM in your AREA you deserve to have your house burned down.

        • Excellent point, much like in the present climate of “equal rights” it’s ok to have scholarships and preferences for minorities but not Whites, or at the university you can have a “Black” or “Latino” student group. But “White”? Doubtful.
          On a slightly humorous note, you know things are getting bad if Blacks want segregation again!

        • Steve in Greensboro wrote yesterday that he was working on a “Progressive’s Dictionary” (an homage to Bierce’s “Devil’s Dictionary”). Here’s one of mine.
          For the Progressive, a “racist” is someone who does not hate Whites.

          I nomintate your defintion of segregation as the “S” word in that dictionary.

    • Were those blacks using knives, they look too small to be a threat? I’d probably snap them like twigs.

      • Maybe you could take on one of these joggers, but they always attack in packs—I prefer to call them “murders” as in “a murder of blacks”—of 5, 10, 50 even. Just like the way a pack of hyenas can bring down a healthy lion.

        Back in the day the only way packs of black kids were kept in line was the threat of violence from packs of white kids. Gangs of Italian, Irish and Polish kids kept the black scum out.

        Any city that held on to its white underclass longer avoided the worst fallout from blacks and so is in better shape today. This is why Boston and Pittsburgh didn’t collapse like St. Louis or Baltimore, even though the former two cities actually saw much worse deindustrialization than the latter two.

        Boston and Pittsburgh aren’t immune from black dysfunction, but they hang on because there are still enough white people left to keep blacks mostly in line.

    • Yeah whenever someone from the church of “gun violence” starts blabbing I like to show them this:

      If the US was all white our “gun violence” problem would be as bad as the Czech Republic’s.

      We don’t have a gun violence problem. We have a black violence problem. Even mass shootings by white people are extremely rare and statistically insignificant, while there are black mass shootings at funerals, block parties and house parties every week that get little sustained national media attention because black shooters have such bad aim.

      The most important form of gun control that would save the most lives would be to reintroduce prohibitions on black gun ownership that were common in some states before the 1960’s.

      • I still don’t get why the Las Vegas mass shooting was swept completely under the rug. This would be one of those shootings that would ordinarily be blamed on White people but the total lack of interest in covering it suggests it was some kind of op.

        It’s amazing that not one single group or organization is pressing on or investigating the shooting. No media is investigating. No gun violence nonprofits or foundations are digging. No groups of citizen advocates are investigating. We’re all just supposed to forget.

        Contrast this with Columbine where people talked about “trench coat mafias” for years afterward.

        • It was probably a government op gone bad same as the Newfoundland shooting. No one is going to look into deep state stuff for good reasons, far too dangerous.
          L.V. allowed some degree of at least public coverup because the terror caused by this would have crippled the economy in that entertainment driven town as well.

      • Just prohibit blacks, period. They’re free to shoot as many of their fellows in Liberia as they’d like.

  21. Every so many generations a country hits hard times, and it’s only moral authority and ethnic solidarity (America in 2020 has neither) that get it through those times. The reason for the flowering of taboos, including now maskism, is that enough time has passed between the last material crisis in our history. All the people who were centered around reality are now dead, leaving a silly, shallow, hollow and boring people. Very few Americans, even in a land of millions of guns, have had bullets whizzing past them outside of a shooting range. Despite the decades’ long “hunger crisis” very few Americans have known real starvation. They starve for Taco Bell and then buy it 15 minutes later. Our material decline, soon to be rapid, will arrest many irrelevant taboos.

  22. I dare say mask-wearing is currently “America’s” most prominent taboo, along with so-called “anti-racism.” It is a taboo I break constantly, and I think I’m seeing more and more people break it as well.

    Nothing wrong with mockery, though. Wear a WWI gas mask or a Darth Vader mask, or scrawl something snarky like “Mask Hysteria!” on a white mask. I think this is one insipid taboo we can destroy.

    • Thankfully, people in my area are beginning to flout the mask restrictions in most situations.

    • I’m not sure if you saw the story of the guy in San Diego who was hunted down by the entire city for wearing a KKK hood to the grocery store. Something that would have been seen on Jackass in the 90’s. That’s when you know you’ve hit the taboo. It also reminds us of how the 90s, despite the PC sht even back then were a long time ago.

    • I think this is one insipid taboo we can destroy.

      I’m not so sure. The mask taboo is not enforced by screeching SJWs or sanctimonius hypocrites in the media and academia, but by your fellow citizens.

      Today, we finally got our first mask laws here in Denmark, they are now mandatory on public transportand people have taken to it like ducks to water.

      So when you’re the only one in the bus without a mask and everybody looking at you like Typhoid Mary, it takes a special kind of sociophobia to not give a fuck.

      • isn’t a mask really just another kind of circumcision? i mean, the men performing the circumcisions wear that exact kind of mask. this must be a difficult time for you, and your PCT (Post Circumcision Trauma), what with all the triggering sights of mask wearing strangers. just know i am here for you, any time.

        • Danes are followers. The only freedom they have left is stripping nude in a park and enjoying their two weeks of summer as they sun their genitals. They can’t even make right hand turns on red signals.

          • Steady on there; in the past few months the whole world has witnessed America wash the foot and don the mask, so maybe you shouldn’t throw stones.
            And do you mind me asking how many Danes you’ve met?

          • I’m not being serious. A southern European would know I was pulling his leg. Northern europeans are too literal.

      • The peer pressure is real. However, as we slowly chip away it it, that pressure should dissipate rather quickly. In the meantime, those of us in the anti-mask van will just have to put up with dirty looks and occasionally being denied service at the grocery store.

        • However, as we slowly chip away it it, that pressure should dissipate rather quickly.

          Let’s hope so.

          I don’t use public transport myself so I haven’t had to don the mask yet, but as the Covid deaths dwindle towards zero, I’m sure the hysteria and the restrictions will multiply correspondingly.

          • And when the pandemic finally eases, the powers that be wil take credit for how much their mandatory masks, hand washing and social distancing were what made it end. And government-funded Gain of Function research will continue around the world, including in China 🙁

      • Felix – Hope you possess that special kind of sociophobia. Know that I do, and while I hold my open mesh mask to my face upon entry/exit from a store, it hangs around my neck unworn at all other times. There have to be some of us who will buck the kind and gentle compassion bearers. Let there be an international alliance of those who don’t GAF.

        • Hope you possess that special kind of sociophobia

          Me too, but my resolve hasn’t been put to the test yet and to be perfectly honest, I hope it never will.

          • Same here. Basically, I simply stay home. Had to go for a yearly at the doctor’s. It was humiliating. Brief discussion about how I spend my time, and I simply said I stay at home as it’s too depressing to interact with our current society. Only places I’ve been are some restaurants where mask wearing is restricted to servers. But even then, last I was there, a couple literally across the room wore masks and only pulled them down to take quick bites of food.

    • I flout local mask restrictions. In a Walmart the other day I was the ONLY person not wearing one, until I noted two younger maskless guys as I was checking out. “Right on!” they called out, recognizing a kindred spirit. “Yep,” I answered, “it’s all bullshit anyway.” “Yessir! That’s true!” they said back to me. Nice feeling. This will spread as the virus burns itself out, even as elites try to extend it for political reasons.

  23. Nobody has ever had to deal with the rear-guard action of the left.
    Before the left takes something over, nobody is guarding the edges. This is how the left is able to break the taboos. Nobody is enforcing them. Then, once they take over, they ruthlessly enforce the taboo.

    Also, the left never really did what some of the loons claiming to be on our side want to do. When they “normalized” homosexuals, they didn’t do it by pushing gay porn on ABC. They did it by putting unoffensive gay people in our lives through things like TV. They were normal and likeable and “just like us” in every way imaginable, except for their degeneracy, which they always avoided. Gay sex was turned into romantic love.

    You don’t break the wraysism taboo by shouting the N-word. In fact, you do the opposite. You have to make race-realism respectable by having respectable and affable race-realists. You don’t run face first into a brick wall. That doesn’t normalize your ideas, it reinforces the taboo.

    Race-realism needs to be completely re-framed as European well being and rights. We have to be pro-us not anti-anyone else. It cannot be angry young men shouting in a barn. It’s not fair. We shouldn’t have to have to normalize our right to exist and have our own place that we built. Life ain’t fair.

    • Great points about the normalization techniques used to spread sodomite acceptance in the West.

      Russia does not permit this in its media. I am convinced this is one of the reasons the GlobHom Deep State holds such visceral hatred for Russia.

    • Gay sex was turned into romantic love.
      “The love that dare not speak it’s name has become the love that won’t shut up.” — Robertson Davies

      You are right that countering taboos directly may, if not practiced carefully, do more harm than good. But I’m not convinced when you say, “You have to make race-realism respectable by having respectable and affable race-realists.”

      We have long-running evidence to the contrary. Consider Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow, both as respectable and affable as any race realist can be. Good on them for delivering truths that make many uncomfortable. But over decades, their influence has reached perhaps 2 percent of the adult population — hardly enough to make even a first down.

      There’s a place for reasoned debate and attempts at persuasion, but something more is needed to connect with a lot of the other 98 percent.

      • For all the health nuts on TV and the internet talking about how second hand smoke, Covid kills, breast implants, listeria in food, plastics leach chemicals, etc., you’ll never hear them talk about how anal sex is murder on the ass, and how you’ll be fitted for a butt plug a few years before you take yourself out. And you’ll never hear of the downside of the tranny mutilations. There’s a big taboo. The health downside of eating ass. This is “who we are” as Derbyshire would say. Our future Chinese overlords will mind us better.

      • “Something more is needed to connect with a lot of the other 98 percent.” How about a large-scale economic collapse resulting in widespread interruption of food production and distribution? That might get everyone’s attention.

    • There’s not too many taboos left for the Left wing to break. The last 20 years was a mop-up operation. The taboos they’ve created are their own. I suppose child rape is still a taboo, but they’re working on it. In a few years you’ll read about how Epstein was perhaps Avant Garde. Hell, there’s a final bill going in the CA legislature to give free puberty blockers to kids. Where we’re at now if far beyond 1920s Berlin and the anarchy breakouts this year are just the beginning.

    • What you propose is fine if your goal is respectabilty in service of your latent agenda. We’ll call it the Athenian approach. But what if Our Thing prefers the Spartan patent approach. They controlled a numerically superior class of helots through fear engendered by the systematic violence of an annual culling. As Machiavelli pointed out in The Prince, it is better for a leader to be feared than to be loved. If the Left actually believes we are monsters, then maybe it’s time to actualize their fear.

      • My favorite Machiavelli story is of the ruler who had a rebellion or highway robbers or some such problem. He sent in a bloodthirsty man who ruthlessly killed the trouble-makers. When the provincials howled, the Ruler was “shocked, shocked” that anyone would act so cruelly so he had his efficient subordinate sacrificed.

  24. Evolutionary anthropologist, Robin Fox uses George Orwell in many of his book and his argument is that Orwell shows that utopian systems will continue until those who believed in begins to suffer from the costs of maintaining it. I think we are also seeing elements of that in many western countries.

    • Evolutionary anthropologist. That sounds like a BS field with enough manure to grow a meadow of roses.

      • Evolutionary approaches to understanding social behavior, society have always been non-PC. Robin Fox came out with a book as reaction to B.F Skinners claims that human had no nature and all was learnt. That was in the seventies around the same time E.O Wilson came out with his book “sociobiology” that also said that much behavior had biological foundations. This provoked rage on the left. Steven Pinkers book “Black Slate” is also based on evolutionary assumptions and was criticized by the left. Bret Weinstein recently came into trouble at Evergreen partly because he much of his teaching was about evolution. On YouTube you can find a Norwegian series called “Brainwash” that is based on different themes like gender, sex, race. It is based on argument from evolutionary psychologists versus social constructivist. You are placing two very opposing groups in the same camp with your claim.

        • Evolutionary psychology/anthropology is an ever changing collection of new just so stories, plodding attempts to dream up a new book of genesis but this time without all that bothersome poetry, drama, and inspiration.

          When we’re citing guys names Pinker and Weinstein that should give us a clue. Where is professor Shekelbergensteinfinkleschnoz on these issues, that’s what I’d like to know. I hear he has an ingenious proof that all our gentile “morals” are just arbitrarily evolved and outdated social constructs appropriate to howler monkeys.

          I F’ing love science!

        • Thorsted, tak! For anyone interested, I got several hits on YouTube with “Brainwash Norway” that looks like the episodes Thorsted mentions.

  25. Therefore you must never say the actual “N Word” but you must always literally say the “N Word”, like “hey why do N Word Americans commit so much crime?”

    if anyone objects to THAT because the “N Word” has ALSO become taboo to say… just start saying the N Word Word. “Hey that N Word Word stole my bike!”

    Which no one can object to because not only did you not say the evil word, you didn’t even say the formerly polite word that refers to the evil word. You merely said the polite word that refers to the now evil word that refers to the original evil word. Continue adding “word” to the end as needed. The very definition of delicacy!

    Fits the logic of the taboo enforcement perfectly

    • I never use the “N” word. Not needed any more, seems most everyone I speak with now understands the new term, “joggers”. I like that better.

      • i use “joggers” too. everyone seems to know what it means, in context. i also freely use the word “negro” or “negress” freely. funny enough, no one ever calls me on that!? they shouldn’t, but still i would expect a lot more objections than are raised.

    • Or just man up and call a spade a spade. If words are violence, then take the velvet glove off the iron fist.

  26. many societies have practiced child sacrifice formally. we do it informally, and call it abortion.

    here’s something you can do: create some decent sized stick-in-the-ground signs that say “Temple of Baal” along with a picture of Baal. then go tag all the abortion clinics in your area.

    if you are caught, just say you are a Baal worshiper, and they will mistake you for one of their own. and that is the key to defeating this evil machine – mimicry and subversion. BLM is showing the way, by hunting trannies at night. didn’t know they were doing that? well they are. so if you want to monkey wrench things, join and appear as one of the prog groups. then do bad things to the other progs around you.

    for example join and Antifa group, and hammer one or two in every melee they are in. or poison the punch at a group meeting. Fight Club has a lot of decent tips along these lines.
    of course, accusing those around you of being impure, or even heretics! will cause a lot of damage too. especially if you direct your accusations against the more capable members of the group you joined.

    be like these guys:

    old ways are best ways – Alex DeLarge

  27. another consequence of the phenomena presented in this post, is that high value prog individuals keep getting ‘canceled’; i.e. lots of friendly fire. it’s unavoidable when the taboos are so at odds with human nature.

    Zman, do you feel/believe that the ruling class must not be seen to break taboos in public?

  28. When I saw women so happy when they legalized 3RD TERM ABORTION in NY it looked to me as some evil cult with blood sacrifice. A cult of Moloch.A new taboo is to criticize ” Reproductive health”

    • The third term abortion women are mostly black and they know it. It’s hard for us to fathom, as functional white people on this forum, that there’s a segment of the black population that’s so morally degenerate and so lazy, that even when these woman, who were always going to abort their kids, are sitting on the couch, eating Doritos, with a big pregnant belly, it’s only because they’re too lazy to get the abortion at two, three, even five months. Then they say, with cockroaches scurrying by their feet, eating Dorito dust, “aw sheet, can’t fit my pants”, and shuffle into the clinic. It’s the same people who let a tumor grow to be 10 or 20 pounds before getting it checked out.

    • YES!!
      Moloch worshipers sacrificed their first son for prosperity.
      Modern whores sacrifice their first born to focus on career.(that’s how women view prosperity)
      Based on Thomas Sowell’s research a person’s first born will usually be the smartest kid in the family, the first born represents the future head of the family, modern women offer their first child to Satan, because they want to whore around with high status men.
      That’s EVIL!!

      • Carthaginians would plant an infant into the foundation when building a new house. Such things angered the Romans who were repulsed by child sacrifice. They would use it as one of their moral raizons de guerre whenever preparing to swallow another patch of land.

        • Not to contradict, but wasn’t it a Roman father’s job to “accept” the newborn infant, or expose him/her if not accepted? Seems a bit of a contradiction to abhor child sacrifice.

          • A bit of a contradiction from our perspective. I can see abandonment as having a different level of guilt associated than killing the child directly.
            Romans had many laws that weren’t commonly exercised – legally the paterfamilias could kill anyone in the family, but this was unheard of by the late Republic.
            I understand that child abandonment was more a matter of convenience – poor families, single mothers, or when the child was socially obtrusive. Not normally when the child was weak.

  29. As for the system being bound to crumble because of the cost of maintaining it, you do understand that you are paying for that.Furthermore there is no significant cost in maintaining steeple that self police itself, steeple that in advance reject any rebellion other then “mockery”
    What would weaken and potentially bankrupt the system is having to have thousands upon thousands of police officers week after week on the streets trying to subjugate hundreds of thousands of protesters

  30. Even mocking them can cost you your job, because language is violence. It might be better than out-and-out opposition, but pick your spots and leave yourself a line of retreat.

    • That is in fact the cycle apparent in many of the mass shootings that the Leftist media likes to focus on. First, the perpetrator endured some punishment like job loss or a restraining order for merely using words. If words are “violence” and you’re going to be punished for what you said, then in-for-a-penny-in-for-a-pound you might as well escalate to violent action. That this is a desperation move is why so many of these shooters self-deliver with their last round. For those who live, the outcome is hardly better as they are visited with the social death of being transformed into a monster. And unfortunately, the favored explanation for this transformation is racism and white supremacy. It’s amazing how POC shooters are never demonized this way; rather characterized as victims sho snapped under the weight of their oppression.

    • According to a recent “woke” slogan, “silence is violence.” If naught else, we are constantly reminded that there is no pleasing irrational people.

  31. Yes, painting a target on your back is suicidal as well as stupid. And the same police that will stand idly by watching Antifa/BLM riot and burn a city to the ground will throw your white ass in jail in a heartbeat for saying nigger in a public place. So how do you fight this insanity when there are no longer any adults in the room? Well, the elites have driven all the naysayers underground with a vengeance, so you must learn to fight in the dark.

    • Economy will fight. Madness will always cause economy disaster. And then poverty and chaos and crime forces people to break the taboos. Communism or as you say liberal democracy will end always with economic disaster. For example, when your child is starving, you will not pay taxes anymore, you will break every last rule and regulation to run your last income source business, when security situation will be really bad, you will carry illegal gun and so on. Soviet Union came down this way.

      • I agree that only a collapse can trigger genuine behavioral changes leading to real push-back against the tyrants that are fomenting chaos and domination. But that is only how the environment changes, not how you win. A winning strategy requires that you rigorously avoid fighting the bottom of the social pyramid and focus solely on the root of the problem. You don’t use a sledgehammer to kill a tick when a small hot matchhead will do the trick.

        • Totally agree. This is worldwide problem. We down here in the Eastern Europe wasted 2 decades until we understood that we shall not fight with other dirt people about abortion or mass immigration or sexual perversity but we must attack the root cause, Soros appointed treasonous Governments. All Nazi victories in the Eastern Europe have happened running on economical platform and other popular issues. Rotten elite is the cause of all problems.And everybody who hate elite are allies.

          • Juri, may I suggest you not use “Nazi” if what you mean (I am assuming) “White Nationalist”? I only speak for myself, but I think most here in the dissident right would think they have very little in common with historic Nazi or today’s Neo-Nazi.

      • I have a friend who lived under Polish communism and made a living then as a smuggler. “Did it worry you to break the law?” I asked him. “There was no law,” he answered, “you just did what you did to get along. Law was irrelevant.”

    • Yes. As Zman said a couple of days ago, “The guerrilla in a modern moral war must live in the shadows, turning up to mock the enemy, but always avoiding direct confrontation.”

  32. “Of course, a good way to have your life destroyed is to go around breaking taboos, especially the ones that matter to the people in charge. Start talking race realism at your office and you not only get fired, you become unemployable. Break the taboo against fighting back against left-wing street thugs and you could end up in prison. Breaking taboos works only when a critical mass of people decides to break the taboo and a larger set of people are ready to join them”

    If you want to break your chains and free yourself you have to be ready to lose your job or end up in prison
    It has been such since time immemorial
    The fact that you are not ready to even contemplate that possibility explains why you have been subjugated/enslaved in short 60 years all of which being a majority
    That also explains why you are going to remain so for longtime
    Just reading the article one would think you speak on behalf of a 10 per cent minority not that you belong to the founding (still) majority
    Finally in order for masses to join there must be courageous individuals first No revolution or liberation movement has ever had masses at the beginning
    It was brave men that opened the gate for cowardly masses to enter, it was brave men that risked much more than a job in a cubicle in order to break the chains of tyranny
    Total absence of such men indicates the depth of effeminized and cowardly world we live in
    “The country is dying because of lack of men not lack of political programs”

    • There’s a word for the Brave Men you mention above, and it MARTYRS. All revolutions have to have them to be successful.
      Right now, nobody wants to be the martyr, hence no revolution.

      • Actually, the opposite is true. Successful revolutions tend to be martyr free. To paraphrase George Patton, the object of revolution is not to die for the cause, but to get the other side to die for their cause.

        • I believe modern men are far less fearful of dying for a cause than going to prison for that same cause.

        • The American Revolution isn’t one of your peaceful ones. Even the Neo-con sponsored Color Revolutions have a body count.and it’s rather some cases.
          A peaceful revolution could work here but it would a level of white co-operation that is unheard of.

          • For the most part, all successful revolutions occur when one group of Elites break with the other Elites. The American Revolution is a good example of this. The rebellious Elites rely on others to bleed for their revolution, and body counts inevitably will get high because most of those dying are considered expendable by the people who control their side.

          • The American Revolution is not a great example for you. A sizable number of the American elites fought and actually sought out danger.

      • What’s with the obsession with being a martyr..? Martyr fantasizing is something people do when they feel utterly beaten and the only remaining path to glory is to go down in flames. It points to a lack of confidence in your ability to win.

        A casual perusal of historical rebellions, revolts, and revolutions shows that timing is everything. Going off half-cocked is a great way to ruin it for everyone. We need stalwarts here, not self-pitying pussies who just want a release of the tension. The former requires real moral fiber, the latter reveals to a lack of it.

        Cultivate a desire to win. Take an MMA class, limit your free time. Buy a motorcycle. Fuck the milf across the street. But don’t fink on us with this martyr shit.

    • Going to prison, killing, dying all that as fine… but there needs to be organization behind it first to make it anything more than throwing your life away to help shore up the narrative.

      Violent movements are still MOVEMENTS. Movement first then violence later if necessary.

        • That seems reasonable, Ostei; a passive ethno-nationalism would be a good foundation for it (similar to countless organizations advocating for blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals and women, but without the overt hatred and calls for violence that many of them display).

    • Ahh and here we have another brave keyboard warrior like the many who have been appearing in this forum recently. As someone who has followed your course of advice all I have to say is this- “You first n1gga!”

      It is so very easy to demand someone give up everything from the comfort of your air-conditioned home safely pecking away on your laptop. Lead by example. Report back here when you have.
      I did it your way, I went out into a direct action situation as a lone wolf waiting for everyone to follow my brave example. I was imprisoned, I have a long list of criminal charges, and haven’t had steady employment in years. So if this is the life you want I REALLY encourage you to listen to the expert here so willing to ‘lead from behind’.
      If anyone has a right to tell people what to do it is someone who has already done something. I did, and I’m here to tell you that you will be made an example of just as Z described above.
      This is why, contrary to the hotheads and retards that are LARPing as men of violence here the actual strategy is what has been posted here many times. Want some discomfort in your life? Pick your life up and move to a community of like minded people. At some point, you will hit a critical mass of people who also hold local government positions where the ‘taboo’ won’t be taboo anymore.
      Once enough of these develop now you have entire regions of people with the same ideas. Then states. Then sections of a country. The left did this over 7 decades, how the f-ck do you think you are going to do it faster than that in a society where you are rapidly being eradicated?
      Play the long game as they did, until such time as the wheels come off (which could still happen). Then clean house rapidly and thoroughly. You can still push back HARD in many subversive ways without going to open fisticuffs or other activities that will get you erased. Be a little more creative than your enemy.

      • The lone wolf is more like a lone sheep running into a pack of wolves.

        One of the reasons this is such a problem is that so many people move, and by move, I mean interstate moving. A stable steady population is the foundation of a community. If you have a bunch of people from random locations across a continent as you have in the US, living in some suburban development, you don’t have a community, you have a zip-code, a geographical region. Nobody has roots. There is no family history. There are just random people who don’t know each other. Truly atomitons.
        This is so ingrained in our culture. Moving out of your town and into the big city is a trope in our cultural fiction and success stories meant to be emulated. This is extremely destructive. It is the essence of globalism at the national level. A nation of immigrants in a literal sense. There is no local community when everyone is constantly having to uproot themselves in search of some shitty cubical job in some other part of the country. Silicone Valley shouldn’t even exist. There is zero reason anyone needs to live in such a place.

      • You do not nothing about me. Inverse is true as well but based on what you wrote and how I doubt that any of it is true
        In no place or time did I advocate “lone wolf” I advocated action of which most efficient and suitable ways in the current circumstances is demonstration and street protest (including the fighting lefty lunatics if necessary)
        I have just come from one There was no more then 1200 of us much less than it would be necessary to shake the system in any meaningful way
        Yet I will do it again next week
        Stop ranting moron, your imaginary exploits reek of cowardice

      • Encouraging your enemy to divide into two or more factions and then let the new competitors for power fight it out to the death is a time-honored tradition. Given the irrationality of the other side, we don’t even have to instigate, probably just help it along when the opportunity arises.

    • Balkan Fanatic, you’re right. All of Zman’s ruminations, insightful as they are, always circle the central question. How did the other side become the system? Somebody, somewhere, pushed for something.

      Someone pushed for the 16th, 17th and 19th amendments. Someone pushed for the creation of the federal reserve. Someone pushed to devalue gold. Someone pushed for a fiat currency. Someone pushed for a deb/GDP of 50%, 75%, 100%, 110%, 153%. Someone pushed for abortion, homosexual marriage, normalizing transsexuals, foreign wars, voting rights act, civil rights act,immigration act 1965, each one of the 80 means tested social welfare programs, and on and on and on.

      What do we push for and win? Nothing. Zman beats his chest and quotes Patton about making the other bastard die for his cause. I don’t see a lot of the other side dying for their cause because some invisible dissident right Patton made them pay the price.

  33. Pedophilia may be the last taboo. Watching the Epstein story unroll has been extremely unsettling. While technically “ephelbophilia”, that discussion in itself is a subtle push to move the Overton window by normalizing what was taboo until very recently. Very disturbing.

    I never anticipated the immediate jump from gay marriage directly into transgender worship after Obergefell v. Hodges. This move to destroy a very deep, cross cultural taboo regarding adults and kids can be seen coming a million miles away, and it’s awful.

    These idiots know all about Chesterton’s fence, and just don’t care.

    Everyone worries about crazy men going off half-cocked. But I wonder if this ongoing sexualization of children will lead to kinetic action by women against men as their most primal child protection instincts kick in? Must they wymens lead the way?

        • That’s actually fascinating. Looked it up, did not expect to find what I did.

          As a percentage of the population, blacks much more than whites. But in terms of actual real absolute numbers, more black babies than whites beginning in 2015.

          Margaret Sanger would be proud.

          • In the usa, white liberal whore feminists are usually the most vocal supporters of abortion, although not the most frequent users. It’s not that hard to take a pill every day or get an IUD inserted.

            However sweden (25/1000) and UK (19/1000) as well as France have quite high abortion rates. Higher than the usa whites and blacks.

            The USA abortion rate is falling each year and could simply be a symptom of drug abuse, incels, low t etc. (ie. People just not having sex as much) while Europeans aren’t as damaged physically or culturally.

          • Its not 1973 these and with birth control and good sex ed, scared White girl abortion haven’t been a major thing in decades.
            Personally I don’t like abortion all that much but Sanger ad the other eugenics proponents were factually and morally correct.
            Selective reproduction is a positive good for society and with men just like any other animal, good breeding helps.
            Abortion for example has vastly reduced Down’s Syndrome and while Down’s Syndrome people are not morally worse than the rest of us, being anti test and abortion is being pro human suffering ad retardation.
            Heck if we could find a gene for child molesting, we could probably eliminate it at the roots.

        • Infanticide is normal in many cultures and practiced some in the West.
          Its barbaric but I probably would not convict someone on charges for painlessly dealing with a deformed baby or the like. Healthy children or reasonably healthy ones though are a blessing and killing them is murder.

          • Racism is fun and all but when we start musing that maybe we should kill actual babies for the hypothetical future greater good of our imaginary ethnostate we’ll have to part ways and sit in different parts of the front of the bus

            I’ll take your average impulsive violent jogger over another european that cooly looks at a deformed baby and uses his high IQ and low time preference to muster the thought “yeah, sure let’s kill him, why not?”

          • I’m up-voting this because its honest not because I agree,
            I’ve know this fact a long time.
            Frankly I consider the moralists cranks and while its better in their republic than in the globalists one and if needed I could tolerate it and play by their rules, I’m not trying to build that.
            Am rather closer to Secular European Right right than the American one.
            If the DR does take power it won’t be a single polity anyway
            Some parts won’t be ethnostates at all , some will be kind of Instapundit /WRSA Libertarian and others will be European Right.
            We may not even tared with or allow free passage across pour lands to outsiders.
            The only rules are not globo-homo and no brother wars,.

          • So the definition of “moralist crank” is now “won’t kill newborns”?

            2020, man….

          • Read more carefully. I consider killing healthy newborns to be murder.
            Yes cranks. Ohio wants to ban aborting Down’s Syndrome babies because apparently there aren’t enough retarded people or screwed up DNA out there or he thinks the little guys are cute. Its not like he has to care for them after all.
            It doesn’t bother me deformed or damaged babies with no quality of life who somehow aren’t aborted die painlessly. It beats them suffering.
            While I would never mandate abortion ever, I also think Eugenics properly practiced (and note it was in the past more often than not) is a good thing.
            Hell I think Gattaca is a good partial model for a society. Star Ship Troopers meets Gattaca season with Northfire and others to taste is a solid model.
            Making humanity better in the objectively measurable ways through voluntary selective breeding, embryo selection ala Gattaca and maybe someday gene engineering is good and right.
            And notice race has jack all to do with this. People are tribal and for sanity groups need to live apart. Objective superiority is just that objective in the same way that truth is truth no matter who says it.

          • Eugenics sounds like breeding animals. How is one person fit to do that to another? It’s too close to lefty’s God-playing project for comfort imo.

          • Its called mate selection and using your brain.
            Pick a mate with no health problems, decent fertility and a good IQ, have babies.
            More dedicated folks test ,mates and babies for gene diseases and abort a fetus if they are serious. This eliminates Down’s Syndrome for the most part.
            I mean a bunch of people opposed to mixing with Blacks because they think they are stupider than they are are lecturing me on eugenics.
            Get real. Not race mixing is also eugenics.
            Now were their abuses? Yes. We don’t stop doing something useful because someone else went bonkwers. Otherwise we get rid of the police because nations abuse police.

          • Being picky about who you make babies with is good and healthy. Killing innocents for being subpar or any other reason is not.

            The moral implications are enormous. Euthanize the old, the blind, cripples?

            (I count fetuses among the living, and I count them from the moment of conception. When does life start, when is the child different from the mother’s body? A fertilized egg has a different genome than the mother. Good enough for me.)

          • Subpar =/= severe fetal deformity.
            That said if we had Gattaca style fetal selection and trustworthy science which we do not you bet I’d be using it on any children.
            And note if I had a trusted Doctor who told my wife that our fetus was deformed, sickly, or just lousy and she wanted to abort I’d be OK with it.
            If the fetsu was as good as either of us, I ca’t stop her from an abortion under the law but it would be an immediate divorce.

          • I am opposed to mandatory eugenic euthanasia but many developed societies allow people to voluntarily end their own life in a painless fashion. If people under some circumstances wish too? Let them.
            Encouraging it is a grey area but having a pull the plug law and policy make sense. And note if I was a serious burden on my family I’d hope they’d pull my plug
            FWIW I also have no problem with public execution of criminals either or with sterilizing the insane and the criminal in some cases. The later may not be doable do to human rights issues which is fine with me.
            As for when life begins. Its unknowable right now.
            Generally IMO no fetus should be aborted after 12 weeks with exceptions for severe fetal deformity, life of mother, rape and incest.
            Testing ought to be free and common place and terminating a fetus with bad DNA should be free but never madatory. We cannot do this in our current society though do to politics and to a lesser degree science.
            Abortion within the first trimester is fine with me generally with the caveat that a husband ought to have some say.
            How I would do this is that f a wife chooses to abort a fetus outside the big 4 without her husbands consent the husband will be able to divorce her no contest and no more than 90 days alimony.

          • Abortion is not “eugenics” in my thinking. It’s a final outcome of the failure of eugenics. Unfortunately, there will be such failures for the foreseeable future.

            Genetic counseling is quite the thing these days, but the science is young and even in the best of circumstances, usually can only give probabilities. Couples are then left with the personal decision to “throw the dice”.

          • I’m all for taking calculated risks. Make your best bet, live with it, have faith it’ll work out.

          • Eugenics should be supported by anyone who understands HBD. This includes abortion. Think of what our condition would be in the United States if it hadn’t eliminated so much of the black population. The Left, albeit for different reasons, also embraces eugenics. It is one of the few issues where, if pushed, they admit it is healthy not to have an even larger surfeit of feral blacks. Of course, the Left also wants White genocide as part of their eugenics program.

          • Maybe I’m crazy, but choosing to avoid coal burning and deciding to snuff out a life seem to be on slightly different moral planes to me. But I am probably an extremist.

            Nothing wrong with the goal of a healthy, smart populace. But not every means to get there is equally moral.

          • “I consider killing healthy newborns to be murder.”

            Oh well that’s totally okay then, so long as you want kill sick newborns.

            You know people over here on the right aren’t REALLY cartoon nazis like they show on your television, right? Because you seem to unironically aspire to be a bad guy from a Spielberg movie and that’s not a good look.

            This thing is about loving our own people, self determination for all, the preservation of all nations in their own lands, and building a beautiful authentic culture worthy of our ancestors. It’s not babies in brave new vats, blonde death squads, and a master race of autists jerking each other off to Thus Spoke Zaruthustra.

            Those are ADL smears, not our policy work paper.

          • The US was sterilizing the insane and the criminal on a regular and compulsory basis between oh 1907 and 1963.
            I assumed people here thought this was a good period in our history.
            Are you suggesting the US was run by cartoon Nazis at that time?
            I’m not willing to go that far but it was a sound pratcice that improved the American genetic stock.
            We also live in a time in which the sick are encouraged to humane suicide and there really isn’t a squawk about euthanasia at all.
            Abortion is settled law supported by 3/4’s of the population. No one cares why you do it either.
            So what you see is a huge taboo probably isn’t and is near meh territory for a lot of people.

          • This is a thread about breaking taboo. I just did that. Deal.
            And I do understand that our thing isn’t going to put that in a policy paper. That’s fine with me.
            However it may still going to happen, the Chinese are already trying it have been since at least 2015
            If it works our 100 IQ moral people are going to be splattered by Chinese Augments.
            I get the sentimental ideal, I’m the guy who coined A Hallmark Chanel World after all.
            Problem is that getting there is going is probably to come on the heels of a genocidal continent sized ethnic war because your White Enclave will be wiped off the map by the Left.
            Since I’m going Cartoon Nazi according to some let me quite the Volsupa as its the poetic form of our future.
            It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men, paints red the powers’ homes with crimson gore.
            Black become the sun’s beams in the summers that follow, weathers all treacherous. Do you still seek to know? And what?
            Brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters’ children will defile kinship.
            It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife —an axe age, a sword age —shields are riven— a wind age, a wolf age— before the world goes headlong. No man will have mercy on another.
            Being sentmental at a time like that is suicide. You’ll see and probably be called on to do worse things that aborting or committing infanticide badly deformed babies who are suffering.

          • Well, shit, why stop at deformed babies, or in utero? If you are true to your eugenics beliefs, you should be advocating for the disposal of all unfits, regardless of biological state.

            Honestly, it’s not like downs syndrome or retarded make up a huge proportion of the population. In fact, high IQ liberals/progressives do far more damage to society.

          • I appreciate sharp delineations.

            You beileve allowing all babies to live is more important than racial solidarity. Enjoy your dsygenic jogger paradise.

            I favor pruning for a vigorous white race.

            Readers can decide whether they’d rather live in your world or mine.

          • The abortion issue is no different than the homosexual issue. That went from “please just accept that we’re normal humans” to “what do you mean you don’t celebrate fucking little boys, you bigot?!” in the blink of an eye. Abortion is well on the way from “safe, legal, and rare” to “let’s cull the untermensch.” Someone else posted it here but it bears repeating: you’re not God and you have no right to play Him. A meditation on Genesis would be helpful.

          • Culling is going to happen—just a matter of when the science gets there—and it doesn’t require abortion.

            Already there is fertilization of embryos outside the body for transplantation. We see stories from time to time wrt to who “owns” them and what to do with the “excess” embryos.

            Now imagine, using our Chinese example of improving the IQ, we run a genetic analysis on each producing a genetic intelligence score. This is being done on adult subjects now. (Thompson commented in UNZ on such a study)

            High scoring embryos are selected, low scoring are tossed. Viola—eugenics.

          • Many of us are not Christians and as such appeals to Christian moral authority are irrelevant.
            And while yes you may get a State of your own where they apply and such a state would be preferable to what we have, you aren’t getting ours without a massive fight.

          • Get your what? A secular state where the elite decide who lives and who dies? That already exists and it sure as hell doesn’t belong to you. But if you’re inclined to go down that path, don’t be surprised when the wave doesn’t merely lap up against your toes before receding. The tide will swallow you up too, sooner or later. Enjoy.

          • There is a difference between voluntary and involuntary.
            Also in case you don’t know history, if we were to roll back to the culture of say America 1950, there would be compulsary sterlization of the insane and criminal on a regular basis.
            The modern secular state does not have death panels or anything or the sort and no abortion doesn’t count.
            Its an ineptly run social democracy in the thrall of multiculturalism and tolerance as religion and degeneracy. Its more benevolent on the whole than 1940 ever was and has more freedom in many ways (legal weed, must issue, gay marriage, easy divorce, porn)
            Its a problem because its degenerate and Anti White . If it wasn’t these things, it would just be inept.
            And sure a bunch of you want a Christian State. Get your own land if you can. Some of us want something different.

          • Reads to me like you feel unable to contest successfully with grown men and have decided to wage war on the NICU instead. Have you been reading Clausewitz? That’s not at all what he meant by “pacifying” your enemies.

            Anyway if you read your pal Sergeant Schultz up there he’s looking to snuff a lot more cooing gurgling untermensch than just the annoying brown ones YOU might have in mind.

            So better make sure your little white baby doesn’t have a congenital heart defect or ectrodactyly. He’s fingering a scalpel lovingly and thinks they’ll consume valuable economic resources he could otherwise devote to purchasing Latest Consumer Product XII.

            How about no. How about not sinking to chinaman tier levels of empathy. How about a white country that’s continuous with a couple thousand years of our heritage and not run by tyrone OR some discount hannibal lecter.

          • Trying to run a society on empathy is what women do and what got us into this mess.
            That said future USA need not be all about race. It can be a White run nation all about better people. If some eugenically excellent non Whites share our values and goals, good.
            In any case, there won’t be one DR nation but several. The religious types will need their own anti abortion paradise and can enjoy all the deformed fetuses and Down’s Syndrome that lets them virtue signal to their hearts content.
            So long as both nations abide by the low to no non White immigration and no more brother wars, things will be fine.

          • This isn’t a racialist movement.
            In fact had we retained our earlier demographics and thus a stable ruling class/culture and avoided the current racism as sin hysteria , the issue wouldn’t matter very much.
            On the whole I’d prefer that badly damaged fetuses including a hypothetical mine not be born period and people try again. If I found out and note I have no children, that I only had bad offspring I’d fix myself.
            No way would I burden my family with such a thing and while I owe this society very little, in a healthier one I don’t expect it to pay for it either.
            Ultimately should I marry at some point and have children, the decision falls to my wife and I will support either but not to put too fine a point on it, I don’t want to raise a genetically damaged child when its otherwise avoidable.

      • Pretty sure Rollo Tomassi is correct that abortion is the ultimate expression of a woman’s hypergamy.

    • That’s certainly a good point, as opposition to heterosexuality is a core element of one strand of feminism. They’d like to raise the age of consent to 30. But they are white women, and white women are being marginalized by the Left.

      • No they don’t – they just want ugly beta males to leave them alone.

        White men failed the shit test of feminism. Any feminist whore will spread her legs for Chad who just laughs at her rhetoric.

        In fact the kinkiest / most into degrading sex are usually the feminists.

        • My experience has been different — most rank and file feminists have a repressed sexuality. The best sex I’ve ever had was with conservative girls and latinas.

    • <i>But I wonder if this ongoing sexualization of children will lead to kinetic action by women against men as their most primal child protection instincts kick in? Must they wymens lead the way?</i>

      Women seem perfectly okay with having someone take a knife to their baby boy’s genitals.

      • zman, if this guy ever posts a dick pic (here), promise you will ban him. is there any off the shelf plug-ins for intercepting such pics?

      • Male circumcision among gentiles is an odd practice, to be sure. Pretty certain it was sold as a hygienic measure as late as the 1970s and 1980s; I hardly blame women for questioning any medical advice in the pre-internet days.

        Let’s face it – the mommies of decades ago probably conceived their offspring with a circumcised male. Direct evidence that it doesn’t destroy form or function from their point of view.

        Imagine if it’s still widely practiced in the non-Jewish west (I’ve no idea), it’s part of the ridiculous “Judaeo-Christian” hybrid.

        • I hardly blame women for (not? FK) questioning any medical advice in the pre-internet days.


          If your doctor told you that cutting off baby’s earlobe would reduce the chance of earlobe-cancer by 95%, wouldn’t you ask him some questions?

          And we’re not talking earlobes here, we’re talking holiest of holy. Most of the world don’t circumcise boys, if it was a grave health problem I think we would have heard about it, even in the pre-internet era.

          I challenge any woman on this board to go watch a video on the procedure. I have not had the stomach for more than a few seconds myself.

          • I challenge any woman on this board to go watch a video on the procedure.

            This, in fact, should be mandatory for all parents who want to mutilate their boy’s genitals, just like women should watch a video of aborted fetuses before they can get an abortion.

          • I get annoyance with circumcision as a symbolically jewish practice creeping into christendom… but as far as noxious things they’ve talked us into it might barely make a list of the top four or five hundred.

            Really don’t get the fixation some people (only guys as far as I know) have on this. I’d rather we didn’t do it, but as this point it’s become just an another adopted arbitrary aesthetic cultural practice. It’s approximately on par with ear piercing and tattoos (I could do without those too, incidentally).

            Can we maybe start by being upset that they’re currently convincing our sons to get their ENTIRE penis cut off to become horrible sterile surgical monstrosities?

            Maybe that they’re convincing our daughters to become proud three hundred pound mudsharks?

            They can glady take all my foreskin for their homely yentas beauty potions if they’d stop with that stuff

          • as far as noxious things they’ve talked us into it might barely make a list of the top four or five hundred… It’s approximately on par with ear piercing and tattoos

            Your analogies shock me, but it is an extremely poignant example of how taboos can be made and broken. And even disregarding the apples-to-oranges comparison, would you tattoo or ear-pierce your baby?

            In Europe, there are few greater extant taboos than cutting in small babies for frivolous reasons. The fact that Americans take it so cavalierly is a testimony to the malleability of human ethics.

            If you can get parents to accept the mutilation of their children’s genitals, you can get them to accept anything.

          • No I wouldn’t tattoo or have my baby’s ears pierced, but plenty of relatively normal relatively nice people DO have babies with pierced ears… and they all seem to somehow deal with the trauma okay.

            Again, not for me but just not a thing I’d suggest deserves all that much outrage… given the Mexico City Olympic record style outrages we’re currently inundated with.

            After say, a good couple very busy decades as omnipotent benevolent dictator, passively discouraging male circumcision might get on my to-do list.

            “In Europe, there are few greater extant taboos than cutting in small babies for frivolous reasons.”

            Don’t look now… but on the subject of Europeans and their famous hesitance to “cutting babies” you’ve got someone upthread identifying with the “european right” suggesting that we should cut the throats of the aesthetically displeasing babies. So yeah, I dunno man.

          • you’ve got someone upthread identifying with the “european right” suggesting that we should cut the throats of the aesthetically displeasing babies.

            Congratulations, you’ve been Jewtrolled.

            Seriously, if you were to guess, how many Europeans do you think subscribe to that?

          • Anonymousse is referring to me with the the cut throat remark.
            Its total nonsense and if he wants to google severe fetal deformity , he might get my point better.
            I guess this was a lot more on topic than you might think, voluntary eugenics is still a taboo with some around here and by openly endorsing it I seem to have violated that taboo.

            I am however pleasantly supervised that the people around here aren’t so money cucked that they started wondering if we made people smart, who would do the cheap labor,
            The obvious answer is mow your own lawn and smaller family run enterprises, Its not degrading for you 140 IQ to bus the tables at a place you own and he will someday.
            Economy of scale is half of our problems.

          • Parts of Europe allow healthy children with depression to use assisted suicide,
            That is eugenics in action though I oppose it.

          • I had to google that, and am very dismayed to find you’re right, although “part of Europe” means the Netherlands.

            I knew they had assisted suicide, but I always imagined it was an adult-only thing.

          • That is very disturbing. How many formerly depressed, suicidal people now lead happy, productive lives? If they had lived in the Netherlands they may never have lived to get out of the black tunnel and into the sunlight.

          • Great points Felix, but don’t many Euros pierce their daughters’ ears at birth?
            Anti-circumcision is a useful wrench to throw in the gears but not a hill I’m willing to die on.

          • Great points Felix, but don’t many Euros pierce their daughters’ ears at birth?

            Yes, we do the full monty: ears, nose, navel… I had a Prince Albert done prenatally, sort of Danish tradition.

          • you big pussy. in africa they do it at age 13 using a sharpened rock. sounds like you are just looking for an excuse to transition.

          • Thanx for describing the cranial lobotomy your fellow africans performed on you. We are shocked you can type but there you are.

        • Doctor requested permission for such on first son (80’s). Wife looked at me, I said “That’s one of the ways they rounded up the Jews in the old country”. (This was true and one of the things that concerned my father when I was born as he lived through that time. He discussed such with me as a young man.). Not another word was said and the doctor moved on to other (more salient) topics of the newborn’s condition.

          And no, I’m not jewish.

          • He’s right. Don’t feel bad for the down votes Karl, the truth is rarely a welcomed guest.

          • Its not that hard to wash your dick instead of cutting foreskins off and not differentiating ourselves from them.
            And yeah circumcision is fine for Jews and yes it may reduce disease but we aren’t Jewish. Its not for us.

          • That’s a myth and any doctor will tell you so. Basically, at best it’s a correlation between poor hygienic habits—like not washing with soap and water—and a foreskin to retain the smegma.

            The basis for circumcision in the USA was hysteria over masturbation in the 1800’s which then evolved into hygiene concerns in the 1900’s. Neither were ever born out by scientific research.

      • Women are prime drivers of the level of sexual morality. The more permissive they are, the faster the house of taboos collapses. We’ve come down pretty fast.

      • Circumcision has been common among non Jews in the US for probably a century or more and is thought to have medical benefits.
        If we get rid of Judaeo-Christian cultural baggage in some future DR society, than we can ban it.

        • Nothing to do with Christianity, Americans are the only Christians outside Africa to practice it.

          Getting rid of circumcision has another advantage: it establishes a symbolic, etho-cultural border to you-know-who. When it’s no longer normalized in Gentile America, the natural revulsion against mutilating newborns will re-establish itself quickly.

          Denmark is just a referendum away from getting two birds with one stone. Just today, the Danish Association of Anesthesiologists withdrew from a government advisory board in protest against the government insisting that you only need local anesthesia for circumcisions, and that any random snake charmer can perform the procedure as long as they’re under professional supervision.

          Of course, it is a scandal that genitial mutilation even happens in Denmark and that actual doctors facilitate it. If a ethnic Dane started cutting his children with razor blades, he’d lose custody of his children immediately and go to jail for a long time, anesthesia or not.

          And of course, we’ll never get a referendum on circumcision because you-know-why.

          • The US doesn’t do national referendums and none of our problems will be solved by voting our way out of them anyway.
            That said circumcision has been decline for decades. It needs too go lower for the exact same reasons you’ve noted but its slowly naturally contracting.

          • The US doesn’t do national referendums 

            No, and my comment wasn’t meant as a suggestion for a solution, merely as an illustration of the power an established cut/uncut border to the special people.

            Muh dick is a serious matter, it makes for excellent Jew baiting.

          • I think it is on the decline because Mexicans don’t circumcise and whites aren’t having babies. Sad.

          • “Latino fertility has declined a huge amount.”

            You can tell yourself that, but my observations in California say otherwise.

          • It takes a generation or two, but it drops precipitously. Problem is so many Latinos are coming it there is no chance to stabilize to local norms.

          • I live in California , a cheap part and I have seen less and less Latino babies since the booms of 2006-2007. Less immigrants of late too but that’s economic
            The Hispanic Research Center notes that the Latino fertility rates has dropped an astonishing 31% since 2001.
            However do to mass immigration the non White Hispanic population of this State is near half.

          • Yeah, but would a national referendum be preferable to 9 old farts in SCOTUS dictating when things like gay marriage are now a civil right?

          • Yes
            Problem is the divisions are far too great for any consensus building. The only reerendum that makes sense is a separation and the various sides as locked into a bad marriage as they are will not let the other go.

          • In the USA a Mohel does it and so far as I know there is no medical training or supervision. Unwanted complications are not unknown. But it is a religious freedom, and in this case it is our enemies so let them do it?

    • The Epstein story has provoked phony moral outrage. Bans against post-pubescent men having sex with post-pubescent women are, indeed, products of culture. Seventeen-year-old women aren’t children, they are perfectly capable of using their sexual wiles to get what they want. The real villains in the Epstein affair are these supposed children’s parents. If these girls are children, their parents are responsible for them. Parents that allow their female children to jump on a plane to some Caribbean island with strangers violate true universal norms of human behavior.
      Probably the basis for any religion is the regulation of sexual activity. The nobility and their priests wish to control the gene pool and improve both the quality of their progeny and their own pleasure. Everything else is just a complication.

      • Seventeen year old women were girls last week. They have the moral sophistication and wisdom of people that were girls last week.

        Women who were just girls could probably make great wives and mothers as they learn the rest together with loving committed young men of comparable experience. Young women are prepared for that. They are NOT prepared for fifty year old billionaires offering them brushes with fame for transactional sexual access.

        A civilized christian society protects the vulnerable and channels them into healthy paths. The rest is greasy lolbertarianism or the transactional smut of the middle eastern bazaar (so natural to the epstein/weinstein type)

        • Keep white knighting dude. Women long to pertain to a man. If they don’t pertain to a father they’ll search one out. Protecting them gets you nowhere, you must dominate them better than the competition. The problem of grown men having sex with 17 yr old girls will never go away because there will always be 17 yr old girls who want it.
          Do you not remember from your youth how horny and wily teenage girls can be?

    • Pedophilia only seems like the last taboo because you exist in 2020. If things go on unchecked the way they have been going on for the last 50 years, some future you will be thinking something that is absolutely unthinkable today will be the next natural taboo to fall.
      Pedophilia wasn’t a taboo 40 years ago. It was “shoot on sight” unthinkable. We are so far into crazyland that we believe pedophilia is damn taboo.

      • Human sacrifice – that’s always been their father’s main demand when he gets his way. All the rest is just creamy decadent gravy for ol’ scratch’s biscuits.

        • Human sacrifice and the blood of goyim children.

          All those “diverse” “Brown” people in California, TX etc all have (recent) ancestors who threw virgins into volcanoes in the last 500 years.

        • Absolutely. That is where we are heading. Let’s not forget the Aztecs their culture developed to the point where they were cooking up humans with peppers and onions. It was a feast

      • Indeed, the modern taboo isn’t pedophilia or any of the other sexual degeneracies that are positively celebrated, it’s the response to these disgusting practices that has been demonized. A hundred years ago perverts expected a sound beating that probably involved hospitalization, and juries were understandingly lenient when a pervert was killed in the so-called “heat of passion” that diminished the premeditation associated with first degree murder. If we must endure mobs of the degenerate wokerati “protesting peacefully,” then it’s time to bring back lynchings and vigilante justice.

      • The recent pedo creep is horrifying but its hardly new and it was not that recently thought a minor vice .
        Back in the late 18th century it was thought shockingly progressive when it was required that a girl be 12 years old to work in a brothel. If you want to tell me they were just there to clean up I’ll laugh at you.
        Peg boys I’ll leave that to your immigration were a thing in early Gold Rush era San Fransisco as well. I suspect quite a lot of these lads were quite young.
        Our society needs to execute child rapists but there are a great many of them in high places and a non ideological movement based on leave me alone who doesn’t hunger for power to be used for moral purposes can’t do much about it other than probably protect their own.

        • “ pedo… was as not that recently thought a minor vice… in… 18th century… was progressive when 12 years… in a brothel… Peg boys… were a thing… these lads were quite young.”

          Vice is not new, but your account reads an awful lot like you’ve credulously consumed revisionist accounts of the past.

          You know back when no one knew where babies came from and everyone died at 30 and women fainted if they saw an uncovered table leg but also white men just rolled in the mud and then raped brave POCs and burned any women with an opinion as a witch. Oh also shakespeare was a black homosexual.

          If course basically all this was only discovered recently and is not well attested in actual contemporary accounts… but you know how white privilege operates and all! Probably they just covered it all up to create the appearance of the greatest and most moral civilization the world has ever seem

          You should learn to be suspicious of queer[ed] academic accounts of the past. Have you actually not learned that everything they say is lies? Has it occurred to you that certain minorities have a vested interest and take particular joy in shitting all over your goyisch ancestors?

          • Only a credulous progressive would think people had gotten better and that we were at any point ever a super moral people.
            And note every time our history shows something inconvenient in not “current year” morality doesn’t mean Jews made it up.
            Concerns about child prostitution are not new. They were first voiced in the nineteenth century when fears were raised over young girls being sold by their parents into brothels in England’s cities. In 1885, journalist William Stead published an account of how he had bought a 12-year-old girl from her parents; this story appeared in the Pall Mall Gazette under the title “The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon.”

            Hell we executed minors as late as 1959 and didn’t formally ban the practice till 2005!
            Until 2016 it was legal to marry at very young ages and it included older men with young teens
            This says right out that it was OK to have sex with a 13 year old if you get a license from the state or a priest and dad said it was OK .
            Its inconsistent and at least the current 16 age is mostly sane.
            I won’t even go into child labor. 6 six olds working in mines and so on.
            People did bad stuff in the past and a lot of people didn’t care as it appended to “other groups” the poor, homeless, runaway kids criminals and so on.
            It so different than you and i not caring about a ghetto banger get shot or society i general about serial killers preying on hookers.
            If anything despite recent attempts by the freak legion to normalize sexualizing children and of course excess deference to homosexuality and the big WTF of gay marriage, we are a pretty moral lot and actually make some effort, albeit a poor one to protect the week.
            Caveat the children issue, if anything we have a surfeit of morality and try to extend it too far.

          • Good points. Prohibitions against pedophilia are a recent Western phenomenon and most Eastern societies pay only lip service to this day . What is underway is a reversion to the mean.

        • Last I heard the international sex tourism trade is still active in some countries. Alas, this includes children. Probably hard to find White ones, though.

    • While there is a segment of society pushing to normalize pedophilia, I think the majority of people find the idea horrifying, and the intelligence agencies of the ruling class find it useful for running blackmail schemes. That taboo will stand for a while at least.

    • ProZNoV said: “Pedophilia may be the last taboo.”

      Don’t bet on it. There’s a lot more creepiness out there to be normalised. This is the ” Permanent revolution.”

      • Ugh. That’s a truly depressing thought. I fear you’re correct, however. What’s left to invert, pervert, divert, and subert?

        (Don’t answer, because I truly don’t want to know).

          • Sure. It only lasted a couple of centuries in a time frame where change was slow.
            But assuming God=/= Christian God in these days is risible.
            Christianity is pretty good for cheap moral capital but splinter groups like the Amish and non Whites are really into it. It may come back and that would be a good thing but we’d best assume that it won’t and build accordingly.

  34. I see your argument but I have to say, how do you change the situation without a visible resistance? People need permission to resist. A normie happening upon dissident memes in the cubicle is not a revolution. If all great thinkers or movements followed the mock-and-avoid tactic, we’d probably have never progressed beyond Hammurabi’s code. You have written in the past that the entrance to Congress should be a hangman’s noose. Are not beefy “patriots” holding guns at rallies or protesting lockdowns or showing force against Lefty the noose we need right now?

    • A long time ago, Sam Francis pointed out that Conservatism was likely to fail as a political movement, because it was engaging in formal politics. In order to engage in formal politics, it had to accept the rules of politics and the process of creating those rules. Inevitably, conservatism would be assimilated into the system they set out to oppose. Go back and read the early conservatives. Listen to a Reagan speech from the 60’s. They are unrecognizable relative to the modern conservative.

      The fact that Francis was correct has always stuck with me. Everyone that takes on the system directly is destroyed and made into a useful example by the system. Everyone that tried to work the system is assimilated and turned against its original mission. There have been no exceptions.

      The logical first step toward an alternative approach is accepting the reality of the past. It means “doing something” outside the system. The first step in building a genuine alternative is to turn your back on the system and stop reacting to it. It’s why I talk so much about building local community. A group of guys building a social group in their area lays the foundation for alternative organizations that can maybe one day challenge the prevailing order. The Jacobins did not start off planning to kill the king.

      • Absolutely. First non Soviet institution in my country was something called Heritage Investigation Group. Few old people around 1000 years old viking ax was not considered threat to regime. Later this organization expanded and became mass movement. From viking axes their interest turned to much never events, communist crimes for example. And so it went. But there is another taboo. Western people like to fight openly like knights on the white horse. I tried to explain to some Western friend that it is not good to form pro white movement, from beginners. It is better to build up movement under some neutral name, Hamster Owners Union or whatever to avoid catastrophe in the beginning and come out from closet later. But western people do not understand this type of approach.

      • But Z, did those 60s conservatives truly confront the system? You yourself have said their focus was exclusively upon winning the Cold War, and that they put up no resistance whatsoever to the cultural revolution.

      • I think a solid starting point to help normal people begin rejecting the current order is to show them how the discussion on racial issues is morally framed and to expose the maliciousness and incoherence of words like “racism.” As I see it, this approach has at least two benefits: 1) It dismantles one of our enemies’ most powerful weapons (it’s truly amazing that a single six letter word has managed to bring our civilization to the brink of collapse), and 2) it gives them a stark example of how our enemies neutralize us through frame control. Training our people to confront and ultimately reject that framing, both in their own thinking and when it shows up in conversation with others, will be an essential first step toward constructing an alternative moral and social code to replace the existing one.

        • Don`t go frontal attack on strangers. Build thrust first. In the neutral organization people learn to know each other, thrust each other and only then you can address hot topics. Nobody dares to discuss dangerous issues with strangers.

          • Agree wholeheartedly! Never discuss issues of race realism with strangers! I got taught a lesson about two years ago and feel I was lucky to escape without violence. Never again!!! My personal Charlottesville.

          • While risky enough in itself, I like the Socratic method. Here’s a possible example:
            Liberal: “Blacks are being discriminated against! It’s racism!”
            Me: “What, exactly, do you think is an example of racism?”
            L: “Well, um, they are under-represented in University, especially STEM.”
            M: “That’s very true, despite decades of preferences, free tuition, and other benefits. I agree that we should strive for equality. What do you think can be done?”

            The point is to not confront your opponent, but give him enough rope to hang himself* 😀 or less likely, to be enlightened a bit.
            *Please forgive me. No doubt I’ve trigged somebody with a flashback to the lynching era.

          • You know english pretty well, Juri, but it’s “trust” not “thrust”. It has a comical effect when you write “thrust each other”.

          • This is good example what is the difference between Western resistance and Eastern resistance. You care how it looks but I care how it works. You have brilliant writers who make Shakespeare proud when they complain in perfect English how bad is mass immigration. But instead of learning English I spent my time to put horrific Nazis into Government. Do you prefer mass immigration or do you prefer firmly closed borders and interior minister who is responsible for closed borders but does speak not English at all and will be laughed on his phrase “when you are black then please go back”

          • Juri! Chill out man. Don’t be so testy-cel. Tom was just trying to tell you that he wants to trust you, he just doesn’t want to thrust you. So take it as a complement. Seriously.

        • Last year Pew released a survey ( which found that whites are the only racial group where the majority don’t consider their race/ethnicity as very important to their identity. I wonder how much of this is conditioning and how much is just the way we’re wired.

          • And how much is nothing more than people simply giving the answer that is expected regardless of their actual opinions.

          • Looking at earlier surveys asking whites that question would go some way toward answering your question. My guess is that in 1959 a pretty high percentage of whites would have considered their race important to their identity.

          • Funny, I would have guessed the opposite since in 1959, there was not much of threat to Whites. It was likely just taken for granted.

          • Possibly. OTOH, whites were not subject to mass anti-white racism and indoctrinated into renunciation of their race, culture and heritage.

          • Wired, Bob, that’s why the egalitarian indocrination works when it can’t on anybody else. It’s a product of European outbreeding that exist to a degree that is present nowhere else on earth. The benefit was tremendous but the flaw has caught up to us.

          • I never cared about mine until ‘get Whitey’ went mainstream. Don’t know if that’s typical or how many whites are still in denial about it.

          • One doesn’t have to think about ‘being white’ if one is free to simply ‘be white’. When the cost of being yourself goes from nothing to high, then you are forced to think about and make one of two choices: hate yourself or hate those attempting to get you to hate yourself.

          • A banal slogan like, “It’s okay to be white” being seen as racist tells you that it is in fact not okay to white. Such was when the white pill finally kicked in.

      • So it seems from you and others, that the key is somehow getting a critical mass for people on our side to effectively challenge (or better yet ignore) the system and float away to form our own new society. But what is a critical mass in this day and age? Some “patriot” types say only 3%. Others on this blog say 20. In the past, people could just float away, with 3% or 20% of true believers. Now, dissidents are potentially up against the military and global financial interests, and floating away is not an option. There needs to be close to 50% critical mass, if not more. That requires “herding the sheep” as it were, and doing some IRL peacocking to get people on our side. Otherwise we look dark and fringey. Why else are social media giants are banning accounts but to make us look that way? We clearly aren’t.
        I think there’s a place for open effrontery while we can still do it. Real dissidents have been banned all around, but there’s still a great mass of fed-up whites who tend to drive F-150s and have NRA or Trump stickers, and they respond to peacocking. I hate to say it, but this cohort is our potential way out of this mess.
        Unless of course the real goal is to form a passive ethnocentric commune or proto-state. Then nevermind what I just wrote…

          • Multiple strategies are an option, and likely given the large numbers of people. Why not form a non-profit group, maybe even receive goverment funding. Let’s see, how about “Caucasians for Racial Reconciliaton.” It’ll be a movement to educate Whites on the hazards of racism. Since TPTB knows that only Whites can be racist, it would be logical that only Whites would belong to such a group 🙂

        • How large is a pile? That’s the percentage we need. It’s an unknown number but when it’s reached things begin to happen. And yes, we need those goof ball Trump supporters with their pickup trucks and 2nd amendment support.
          We are the nerds on this board most of the people we need are the non nerds.
          Reach out to them in a way they understand.

          • hmmm it’s a 250 not a bitch 150. This is how to win Friends and influence whites? We have the money and Farms. What makes you think we need you ?

      • This does explain the war against any local groups, I think. All of them – unless they are tools of the ruling class – the enemy of the ruling class.

        I’m not sure about the effectiveness of local communities, though. The secret societies back in the day were operating against regimes that were not totalitarian, which means the regimes were not dedicated to exterminating every non-state association. The success rate in totalitarian societies is pretty low – Solidarity, maybe; any others? Were there any on the Soviet Union? China? The Khmer Rouge?

        I get the argument. But I think, if these communities are successful at all, they will become targets for the Unblinking Eye.

        • Every community, of any size, even in deep red areas, has SJWs committed to the cause who would love to expose the local “racist rednecks” to the national spotlight. ALL conventional media leans left and small town reporters can earn their stripes exposing their bad thinking neighbors.

          • You’re absolutely right about the shitlib contingent existing even in small communities in deep red areas. They’re more effective than they have any right to be, because in a small town everyone tries to get along, and while the strident liberals annoy a lot of people, they are rarely challenged. Maybe their brother spends a lot of money in your business, or your mom has been friends with their grandmother practically forever. People who disagree tend to just avoid them.
            I am an elected council member in a small town just like this example. At the beginning of June, there were BLM protests nearby, including one in the slightly larger town up the road. Protesters were bussed in, apparently from urban areas not too far away, and they looked like they were there to cause trouble. Police from our town and other nearby towns were called in to help keep order, and nothing bad happened beyond a little yelling and shoving, but those of us in city government were extremely concerned that our town would be next, and concerned about the best way to handle it, or prevent it if possible.
            Our local BLM contingent was spearheaded by a handful of high school girls who were put up to it by well-known shitlib parents. It’s funny to look back on it, now that they seem to have lost interest, but they had us really worried for a couple of weeks. As silly as it sounds that a little clique of high school girls could be intimidating, we worried that they would try to provoke an incident that would put our little town in the spotlight, and that the parents might have access to other resources, meaning that busloads of young angry blacks and antifa would roll into our town without warning.
            I need to write a letter to Zman. I am in agreement with everyone on this forum about everything that matters, and I’m a local official, but my way forward through these times that we’re in is not clear.

          • The only way forward for any of us is to organize neighborhood watches and make sure that the people on them are aware of the new threats of BLM and antifa flash mobs. Neighborhood watch groups are sometimes just a bunch of old women who keep an eye for “prowlers”. That’s important too but the main threat these days isn’t random non-political crime. The watch should also make sure it includes many people who are armed and have some training or at least range time. There needs to be a framework of a “rapid response team” as well that can get out there quickly at any time, day or night, to deal with mass incursions of communists. The current crisis is also a good time to be on the lookout for efforts by the sort of small town “swells” that you mention to subvert these kinds of local self defense efforts.

            I’d be doing this myself if I lived in a small town. My own particular neighborhood is hopelessly pozzed so there’s little point in trying to organize here. I’ve reached out on a local militia forum and met a guy who is organizing something called a “Committee of Safety”. I’m a little suspicious though as one of the admins in the group seems to have a lot of BLM stuff on his page. The organizer’s girlfriend also seems to be a typical Portland area commie. There are also some ex-military and more conservative people involved too so it’s hard to know what’s really going on. My fear is that the organizer (a libertarian) is either creating a Leftist front group or is having his libertarian and constitutionalist beliefs manipulated by the more Lefty people he knows. He wanted to meet up last week but I couldn’t go. I’ll let you all know how this goes.

          • Our Police Department is very well staffed and I feel like a strong majority of our citizens support them, and our city government most definitely would expect and empower them to keep order and make arrests in the face of rioters. We can count on backup from our County and other communities, too.
            I guess if nothing else, I can stay on the Council as long as I can and block any shitlibs from acquiring power. We had one for a few terms, we called her “Ocasio,” not always behind her back, and she was always trying to introduce bullshit like having our City officially condemn President Trump, or endorse trans rights, or sanction a gay pride parade ( not that anybody else even suggested having one). Everyone else on the Council just rolled our eyes at her and said “Yeah, no,” so she declined to run again, in frustration.

      • Agreed. If you start with a losing hand you likely lose. That Francis realized this nearly half a century ago and most of what passes as the Right today is hostile to the very notion explains much of why we are in this predicament.

    • comes down to timing. there is a point in the process where open opposition is possible. getting to that point has to be achieved first, using other means.

    • The change in the 1960s was to an order that had been forged over centuries out of our people – rule of law, fair trade, stable families, trust, education, building, production and storage (planning for survival) etc. They positioned thrift, prudence, faithfulness, modesty, courage etc as crusty old values that tied you down and stopped you being an individual who is their own god. Now we stand as the old stoic order against the powerful, ruthless, cruel, ahistorical, miseducated, brainwashed “cattle” who are part of a “borg” that offers comfort, distraction, destruction, consumerism, instant travel, drugs, faux fame. Sure we can and should ridicule but they are entropy and we order. Destruction has been set against order. The new order will be digital global authoritarianism and almost unavoidable. At some stage, there must be something other than cutting critique or ridicule offered up.

  35. Humor was the approach during communism too. Theoretically it wasn’t permitted, but the enforcers viewed as going 1 mph over the limit. It’s disarming and non-threatening. At the same time, it subverts their order.

    • It’s amazing how many Soviet jokes became applicable to today’s situation:
      “-When did the first communist election happen?
      -When G-d brought Eve to Adam and told him: choose yourself a wife”.

      “Patient to psychiatrist: Please diagnose me, as I think one thing, say another and then do something else altogether.
      Psychiatrist: it means that you are very normal”.

    • it works, until the ruling class absorbs the comedians into the borg.
      of course, samizdat helps. but even then, eventually the jokes will have to give way to serious action. idk, i get tired of the online meme cold war, and i fear many have their racial sense of humor destroyed by Jews already. ergo, martyrs do matter, even if only on occasion on mid to later phases, to not make the revolution too dour and unappealing; but still bringing some needed reality to the situation. i mean, the jokes on joggers wouldn’t work if we didn’t have the sad example of said joggers – humor is after all at least somewhat based on tragedy.

  36. You can break taboos, but you can’t be seen doing it in a high profile manner. Dirt people will be pretty much ignored if they are smart about it.

    • You nibble around the edges of a taboo, you don’t run face first into the taboo and prove to everyone that their worst fears about you are true.

      • agreed. but can’t stay in the shadows nibbling forever. memeing and blogging has its limits. you can be Marcus Aurelius droning on daily, but if the courtesans and even your successors won’t listen, why would it matter? you and your fellow useless secular stoics die away in their internet solitude.

        Saint Justin is the better example; you do need to eventually frame the taboo enforcers as worse than the taboo breaker being martyred; with good enough optics, preferably by having a worthy martyr and an undeniable sacrifice of him, this is possible. for example, it’s one thing to look like a cowardly larp basement idiot driving off into a crowd, and another to look like a random white five year old shot in the face by a random jogger, or a cute blonde raped to death by a border crosser/urban youth teen.

        true, as the pagans did and do to the Christians, many will deny the martyrdoms even exist. but like Zman says, eventually reality exhausts the system, the amount of shed blood and tears convincing a critical mass to restore true tradition and religion. of course, this would include most of today’s deluded Christians that need to remember that race-realism was not a sin until the 60s, heredity being mentioned by Aquinas himself.

    • It can be done locally and/or informally as long as you have sound logic and rhetoric to back it up, and as long as you keep your cool. They want to see you as a threat, that’s the main thing.

      For instance, I’ve said women shouldn’t vote over drinks with friends/acquaintances. The women were outraged, I calmly made my case that it’s because their emotions cloud their judgement, point out how they just reacted emotionally to me, talked about how women voting, forever wars, and national bankruptcy all coincide, the more women in government the more dysfunctional it’s become, on and on. By the end of the discussion one agreed, one saw my point but wouldn’t give up her right, and two others weren’t convinced, maybe hold it against me who knows, but the crucial thing is that I gave the impression of wanting to change minds, not impose my will. Whatever, I call that progress. It’s a marathon.

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