Conventional Reality

The Republicans kicked off their 2020 convention promising to do a better job than the Democrats in this age of panic driven virtual reality. Instead of disembodied heads floating on screens it would look more like a convention. They even had some people gathering in a physical place in North Carolina. The Democrats tried to make themselves look cool by relying on Zoom sessions for all of their activity. The result was it looked like something a YouTube grifter would put together.

To make that point early, they had Charlie Kirk open the show for them. While he is pretty much just an enormous empty head attached to a stick figure, he was standing behind a podium giving a normal speech like a normal person. The fact that he was selected to open the show should remind the Fuentes – Casey crowd that modern politics is entirely disconnected from popular opinion now. They effectively exposed Kirk as a fraud, but his backers still like him and that is what matters.

In fact, the whole TP-USA operation is a good entry point for people coming to this side of the great divide in understanding the reality of democracy. The rich people sponsoring Kirk and his operation are like the people who back boy bands. The record companies assume the kids have to listen to something, so if they flood the zone with their material, they get the sales. In the case of Kirk, they know the political kids will join something, so they control the options they can join.

After Kirk, it was the usual parade of diversity we have come to expect from our ruling class propaganda events. There was a woman then a black football player and then a black Democrat politician. Both from the South. In diverse America, blacks and women can identify as “southern” but it can never be a white guy. Then it was some Hispanics of various types and then the girlfriend of one of Trump’s kids gave an impressively weird speech about something. It was just weird.

After appealing to all of the constituencies that will never vote for Republicans, they had Jared Taylor come out and give the case for white people. He made the case that even though the GOP is full of actual cuckolds, white people have to vote for someone, so it may as well be the party that occasionally supports their interests. While Trump is not a white nationalist or an even a racist, he is the embodiment of implicit whiteness, while Biden is the manifestation of the current anti-White pogrom.

Obviously, that never happened and will never happen. The diversity crap irritates everyone on this side of the great divide and many on the other side as well, but the sad truth is most GOP voters lap that stuff up. It is why Trump does it. Generations of Americans have been indoctrinated into this cult of diversity. White people get misty-eyed when they see a black or brown endorse “their side.” It is both validation and flattery, a one-two punch that still works on normal whites.

There have been many ways of describing the established politics. The inner party – outer party construct makes the Republicans the colorful paint job on the Progressive vehicle at the heart of our politics. The kosher sandwich is a phrase popular with the anti-Semites to describe the false dichotomy of democracy. People get to vote who they like as long as that person supports the system. The NRx guys used the term cathedral, while neo-liberal critics used the term motte-and-bailey.

Another way to think of it is the Republicans and conservatives operate like an invisible fence that rings what is acceptable political discourse. The people are wearing shock collars, so when if cross the line they get the jolt. If they stay over the line, the juice is shut off, but if they try to cross back, they get the full blast. The result of this is the zone of acceptable politics is ringed by those who wandered beyond the barrier and now look in wishing they could return.

It is why the alt-right scared the Left so much five years ago. When they were just suburban white guys making jokes about diversity, feminism and multiculturalism, they threatened this construct. People could look outside the barrier and see normal people having fun, not wearing their shock collars. Then the alt-right put on funny costumes, strapped on their collars and marched right into the barrier. Their conditioning was too much and they played the role the Left needed them to play.

It is one of the paradoxes of dissident politics. The Left bans dissidents from the parts of the public square they control. Dissident then demand to be allowed back onto these platforms, often destroying themselves doing it. This serves the interest of the Left, by reestablishing that barrier in the minds of the people. If the damned just go off and enjoy their life outside the barrier, indifferent to being excluded, it undermines the logic of the system and the legitimacy of the gatekeepers.

That is easier said than done, which is why the old regime staggers on. Trump won because he is the most unconventional politicians in forever and he will be re-nominated at a thoroughly conventional convention. It’s not that the people organizing it are deliberately trying to undermine him. It’s just that like everyone inside the system, they only know the system. They have been immersed in it their whole life. It is their reality. They are just parts of a whole they do not fully comprehend.

That is the dissident project, when you think about it. It is not about injecting heretical nanites into the existing system in order to transform it from within. It is not about launching an assault against it, like it is a city to be sacked. Those both serve to validate the system. It is about contradicting the underlying reality of the system, by constructing an independent reality. Dissident politics must exist outside the current construct as a genuine alternative.

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333 thoughts on “Conventional Reality

  1. it depends zman. what if the strapon collar (lol) comes for everyone anyway, as the people inside the circle can’t afford more electricity? (as seen in California). better keep the funny costumes in the closet, just in case. in the meantime yeah, crack jokes, remain normal, yet also avoid degeneracy. mock it, yet also pray for those under its spell.

    also, one of the few valid marks left by the sin/error of slaving the negros instead of picking our own damn cotton, is that whites tend to love being validated when a black or brown supports them politically, forgetting enough times when to draw the line and not bend over. two slaps in the face are fine, not endless knockout games. dems take it a step further into atheist miscegenation and de-whitefication; but reps love their freetrade and Prot universalism, and ergo their peon browns and refugees.

    that said, even if a nation had to be multiracial for geographical/ethnohistoric reasons, and a racial hierarchy developed: the best course of action is more about allowing segregation and self-rule, with enough coordination and order, within the classes and groups; rather than only thinking about subjugation. us the castizos should know, our browns resented us earlier than yours; though then again we did need bigger numbers, and less secularists and/or race traitors…

  2. I am on the phone all day at work. Most of the prospects are small business owners. No one ever advocates Trump. But lefties are proudly and vociferously anti-Trump.
    Personally, I don’t give a rip about Trump. His most passionate position was to build a wall. He couldn’t build a picket fence.
    i haven’t watched a second of either convention. I would rather spend my time thinking of ways to wake White people up to the sea of self-hatred they bath in, courtesy of the elites and non-whites.
    we are living in the matrix. Very few of us know it. There must be a way to wake up other white people.
    i love history. We fought the wrong civil war 170 years ago. To get rid of slavery, we should have gotten rid of the slaves. Instead, we helped them migrate to new continents they would never have found on their own. In 1700, their were more Europeans than Africans. Then Europeans brought civilization Africans weren’t ready for. The result is our self-destruction.
    Now Africans out-number Europeans 2-1. And Africans are doing their best to turn the Western Hemisphere into a new third world.
    Instead of Europeans and their colonies and offspring destroying themselves in two world Wars, they should have found a way to rule the world.
    We need to wake up.

  3. I see a lot of praise from DR, alt-right, manosphere types for this trash convention and all its ridiculous pandering. The cringey flag-waving, the black attorney general, the hispanic anti-commie lol.

    Are you guys for real? I hope to wake up tomorrow and see a fresh Z post on this garbage. Otherwise, I’ll assume everyone on the right has been Randle McMurphy’d.

  4. While watching Tucker tonight, he made the claim that the rioting in Kenosha is a clash of classes, not a race issue.

    I don’t think one could be any more obtuse than that. How disappointing.

  5. The liberal brother tells me Conway as been pressured out.

    He believes charges will be brought after the election. I think he’s right, and that charges will be brought against all the former Trump regime.

    It will be a permanent feature.

    The Revolution has already been won, comrades!

  6. Anybody watch the Kim Klacik ad?
    She reminds me of the cute black girls from ’90s movies before they were supplanted by the likes of Cardi B and Rihanna.

    DR3 aside that ad is a fine piece of practical politicking. Maryland will go blue no matter what, but if the Republicans find a Kim Klacik for Milwaukee, Detroit, or Philly it could be decisive in that state.

    • When push comes to shove, she will choose black over Republican. And she definitely won’t like the DR, because she won’t like hearing White people say that Whites cannot live alongside large numbers of blacks.

  7. Kimberly Guilfoyle delivered a very strong conservative speech. She looked great and she delivered, the successful daughter of irish and puerto rican immigrants. What is wrong with you white people that you can not align behind someone espousing your own interests? Not esoteric enough? Not fringe enough? The hell with you and your anti-white effects. Desperately needed: pro-white people.

  8. That the GOP had Charlie Kirk kick off their convention is all you need to know about the state of the Republican Party. For those of you who missed the Groyper Wars, Charlie is either uninformed, stupid, or a bought-and-paid-for liar. It’s so hard to tell these days.

  9. Kimberly Guilfoyle does what Latinas do best, spend their man’s money. She’s an apex Latina gold digger. One of her ex gold mines was Gavin Newsom, who cheated on her. I don’t hold that against him. I’m sure she did blow with him on occasion. Latinas like that love the blow. I can see why Newsom fell into her honey trap given his stodgy background, and then quickly got bored with her once the “spicy Latina” schtick wore off. No, she was just a vapid, selfish black hole of a woman. While she’s not the ugliest woman in the world, there’s nothing naturally pretty about her and she has big time cankles. She’s pure materialism with zero ethics, so of course when a Trump came along, I’m sure she aggressively pursued the easiest mark of her life.

    • “One of her ex gold mines was Gavin Newsom, who cheated on her.”

      Yah, that’s Gavin. Can’t keep it in he’s pants. He’ll run for president in 2024.

  10. Z Man said: “Dissident politics must exist outside the current construct as a genuine alternative.”

    So you want to construct an alternative status system. Well, ok. People have tried pioneering, hippie communes, Socialist and Anarchist collectives, the Golden Horde, art colonies, the mafia, biker gangs, the Aryan Brotherhood and hobo camps. Not to mention religous cults. There’s all kinds of people in the world. And White “Dissidents” come in 31 flavors. Maybe it would be helpful if you write a manifesto, describing in detail what your conception of dissident politics actually looks like. As you see it, what are the main organizing principles of a ” genuine alternative” existing outside the current construct?

      • Oh I know. Clarity of purpose is so troublesome. Let’s just do it like the members of animal house. We’ll just pile into the car, waving cans of beer and head down the highway shouting; ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! This White man wants my people to live. Wake up Mr. 4140. This is a matter of life and death. And never call me nigga again.

      • LOL

        (It’s true Bologna. I haven’t paid much attention but it’s occurring to me that you’re a bit of a wackjob. We’re still bros tho. Just saying 🙂

        • Frip said: “…Just saying.”

          I love that, just saying. Anyway, the fact is, is that I’m just your average white guy waiting for the Bolsheviks in Sacramento to send me a letter stating that I’ve been demoted to second-class citizenship.

    • I told you. We’re an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week. But all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special biweekly meeting. By a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs,but by a two-thirds majority in the case of more– well, you get the picture.

        • Yes. Holy Grail. “Strange women, lying in ponds, distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government!”

          I’m not so sure, though. We should give it a try!

    • Hmmm. OBT is getting a little agitated. Can’t blame him, the question is legit. But how about this as an alternative to total outsiderism: An active faction within the new economically nationalist GOP (courtesy of Trump) consisting of non-aggressive white ethno-nationalists? Hmmm? After all, the Democrat party has a large, aggressive (read “hate-filled“), POC ethno-nationalist faction that’s threatening to take over completely.

      • Jim Smith said: “Hmmm. OBT is getting a little agitated.”

        No. Not agitated. I just hear a lot of good ideas on this site that I agree with but that never, in the end, seem TO ME to jell into a coherent and positive plan of action. Is that just me?

        Jim Smith said: “…the Democrat party has a large, aggressive (read “hate-filled“), POC ethno-nationalist faction that’s threatening to take over completely.”

        Your talking about bioleninism. Gathering a coalition of the biological out groups, and promising them a rise in status and wealth. Resentment is a powerful motivator. And the left never stops pounding that drum. What is our side going to use to rally the troops?

    • So far as I uderstand it the DR is what you make of it Since there is no core set of beliefs, values or anything else. The people pushing it are oddly adverse to putting anything down in writing.

      Because of this I really don’t see it going anywhere. I suspect it will get assimilated by some other movement that is more serious and energetic that the current lot of DR thought leaders.

  11. If you want to see people of the system, join a running club. They sprint like gazelles in herds of 50 around the yuppie (safe and white) parts of certain cities. Systems people can’t even jog alone with their thoughts. They need other people of the system around them.

  12. The highlighted link “actual cuckolds” went to an article that I was 99.9% certain it would go to when I clicked it. So cliche’ at this point.

      • It was all over the place when it broke yesterday. At least at the sites I go to. I don’t have cable. I don’t even have Netflix, because it’s all trash, so, yes, I get my entertainment from websites.

        • I watch no t.v. and get no newspapers. I get my news online. For ‘entertainment,’ I scan the Daily News Online headlines. They’re all over People-grade stories like that.

  13. Kimberly Guilfoyle probably appeals to the go-getter Hispanics who boast about being Republicans. I live in SoCal, and there’s a lot of these guys and gals, usually in sales or start-up business. They do an excellent job at that level and know the power of follow-thru and building trust. (Someday maybe we’ll see blacks doing this). As for her boyfriend Trump Jr. I haven’t observed either of those two sons much. But Jr. seems to do interviews a lot better than Eric. Eric tries to do the brash loudmouth thing, but it’s forced and repetitive. He sucks and is annoying.

    • Yes, we have a lot of them here, and they are as you described. They have a knack for sales for sure. A lot of them come from very impoverished backgrounds, like the Central Valley, and they have this what I describe as a “Scarlett O’hara moment”. where they put their fist in the air and say, “whatever it takes, I’ll never go hungry again.” They value everyone and everything on the material level. They don’t like pobres. They don’t like being reminded of that. The good thing is they pretty much hate the homeless and hate it when born into it white people help them. Ordinarily I don’t hate this attitude, but I hope their kids end up with more depth to their character.

  14. “It is about contradicting the underlying reality of the system, by constructing an independent reality.”

    Ultimately, the embodiment of this independent reality must be the ethnostate. Short of that, we are forever susceptible to infiltration and elimination.

    • Osteo Kozelskii said: “Short of that, we are forever susceptible to infiltration and elimination.”

      If there’s anyone on our side taking lessons from the left and flying under the rader and keeping their mouth shut, they will have the best chance of getting things done. When I think of a dissident politics that exists outside the current construct as a genuine alternative. I think of the people who look like normies by day, but behind-the-senses there putting a subversive movement togather that will some day be strong enough and tightly intergrated to keep from being assimilated into the borg collective.

  15. Just going through the Rope Center exit polling for presidential elections since 1975.

    Worst Democrat results by minority group:
    Black – 83% (76,80,92)
    Hispanic – 53% (04)
    Asian – 33% (92) – earliest coverage is 1992

    Best Democrat results by minority group:
    Black – 95% (08)
    Hispanic – 82% (76)
    Asian – 73% (12) – earliest coverage is 1992

    Republicans won the Asian vote twice, 92 and 96, but otherwise it has gone heavily Democrat. Blacks always fall in the low 80’s to low 90’s. Hispanics tend to be mid-60’s to low 70’s with a couple of low 50 outliers. Even if Trump gets blacks into the low 80’s, it is nothing exceptional.

    OT: Search engines for stuff like this are junk anymore. They flood you with repetitive current articles.

    • If Trump gets over 15% of the black vote – and that’s a Big If -he should win at least 35 states: basically everything between the northeast and the Pacific except Illinois and New Mexico. Virginia might even be in play under this scenario. This assumes no big switch in the suburbs or increase in the under 25 vote, and everything else remaining at 2016 levels.
      If Trumps gets over 15% of the black vote – a doubling of what he got in 2016 – it will be a massive repudiation of the DNC-Clinton-Obama approach to electoral politics. This is why such a shattering result will not be accepted, as Clinton is already signaling. The globalists cannot allow both political parties to be slip out of their control.
      If Trump does nothing more than wedge the prog and Marxist left away from the neoliberal left he will have achieved something truly historic.
      But one scenario I wonder about is the GOP increasing their share of both the black and brown latino vote but losing massively with hysterical suburban women.
      I would like to see a breakdown between east Asians and south Asians. The GOP has been aggressively courting Indians for almost twenty years, both domestically and internationally.
      Harris may have been put on the ticket to appeal to Bay area tech drones, but Haley and especially Jindal are out there to appeal to your local discount beverage and roach motel owners. Given their patrons, these people are far more realistic about race (and class) than suburban whites. Do the Apus out there actually see Harris as one of their own? The “Grandparents cry” meme may closer to the mark there.

      • The problem is the Indians are just as tribal as current favorite tribal minority. I don’t want to court them because look at India.

  16. Once the light bulb comes on in our heads existing outside the current political system becomes the clearest path forward.
    This not only applies to our political life it applies to many of us out here in our metaphysical life.
    The two party mainstream Christianity of Catholics and Protestants has undergone the same transformation into a phony way forward as our political parties have.
    We get Pope Francis and his South American style communism or Jerry Falwell Jr and his pool boys.
    True Christianity is left outside the electric fence.
    We need to build new answers all throughout our civilization, both political and spiritual.

  17.  It is about contradicting the underlying reality of the system, by constructing an independent reality. Dissident politics must exist outside the current construct as a genuine alternative.

    True. To become an alternative, though, it must first be demonstrated the system is illegitimate and is harmful to our people.

    I loathe the Republican Party. The multiculti minstrel show, unfortunately, probably is a necessity for it to “win.” By those standards, it was a successful night albeit vomit-inducing.

    Nonetheless, I do plan to vote for Trump. It’s not because I think he will do anything substantive to reverse course or that the system even is legitimate at this point (it plainly isn’t). No, I plan to vote for him and hope he garners the most votes because the State (again) will not recognize his win if it happens. This will further delegitimize the State. That process began when cucks were forced to acknowledge the FBI and other domestic intelligence agencies have transformed the nation into a grubby police state. It was a bitter pill for them to swallow. They have started to acknowledge the military is just as bad.

    Trump has demonstrated the limits the State will allow, or to be more precise, what it will not tolerate. He’s probably as close to a third party as will be allowed in the ossified nightmare that is the present day federal system, and that is with all the baggage the GOP, and he, bring with them. We got a taste of it with Perot. Many things he said way back then seemed insane, but given what we know now they probably were true.

    This election will be gummed up in the courts as long as possible. If Trump has the most electoral votes, his re-election will not be acknowledged and will be thwarted to the fullest extent possible. It will be ugly but necessary to bring more people to our side and away from a State hellbent on their oppression.

  18. It is why the alt-right scared the Left so much five years ago.”

    Did the alt-right really scare the left, or were the alt-righters just an easy focus for mob hate?

    • Cville scared the left. The amount of money they have expended on lawfare against the Cville guys with no assets to seize is astounding. They are trying to destroy them to set an example.

      • Yes, there’s no doubt that the combination of Cville and Trump’s election scared the Left badly, they are still hysterical about it. As ineffectual as Trump and Cville might have looked from our side, these things really hit a nerve with our enemies. If you want to know where their weak points are, look at what they fear.

    • I think initially they were scary, but that’s why the elevated the goofball to positions of prominence. The Left is good at picking the leaders of their opposition. Greg Johnson often talks about an exchange he had with one of the TWP people. That person, I forget which one it was now, flat out told him that he courted left-wing media attention, because that would elevate him the eyes of their movement.

  19. This again brings to mind my idea of a religious cult of luddite latin speaking Amish like splinter communities. It isnt too late.

    I think the biggest thing holding back the development of dissent, besides what you outlined above, is that the dissenters are completely unmoored from anything transcendant.

    The alt right turned out to be larpers and imo left wingers. They had the mockery down but they lost that energy too.

    The neoreactionary movement had a shakey start but eventually developed some great intellectual ideas that became staples even a mouthbreather could understand, for better or worse. But their materialism and reductionism ultimately offer nothing of substance, just the promise that you get to feel smart while the world burns.

    For instance, a person in that scene the other day posted a long twitter thread about how our new woke religion is the same as Christianity in that both were just inevitable results of historical forces.

    Theres some truth to this, but the message in that community in that thread and elsewhere is that all people are just driftwood being tossed back and forth on the waves of history. There is no taking control of your destiny, no will to power, no aspiring to rise above the emptiness of modernity. If we survive and build something greater, just like in the past, it will be the accidental byproduct of uncontrollable and barely knowable historical forces – forces only understood and explained to us by the nrx intellectuals of course. They say perhaps some day we will have the illusion of a spiritual rebirth in our people, a rebirth that will save us for a while, but it will only be an illusion, rrally just one of those forces that drives the arrow of history in one direction or another. How inspiring.

    Imo the great intellectual developments in these movements are being undercut by their skeptical and atheistic roots.

    Maybe these movements are necessary stepping stones, giving us bits and pieces of what we need to start building something better, but I suspect we wont make progress until we realize they arent offering us as much as we hoped they were. Or maybe that after we begin to make progress we will then realize they werent offering us as much as we hoped. Either way.

    • I agree the DR isn’t offering us much of anything. There is no there there so to speak,
      The DR is a movement without a center even a set of values and beliefs. It fails because there is more than just driving whites away from CivNat to build a solid movement worthy if support,

  20. Did anyone notice that Tim Scott’s speech at the GOP convention could have easily been delivered by Barack Obama?

  21. This RNC was absolute cringe. Please tell me that Kimberly Guilfoyle screaming “the best is yet to come!” was fake?

    That really happened?

    • Very high production values. Very slick. Far, FAR better and more alluring than what the Dems put up last week. Guilfoyle? I agree, fingernails scraping across the blackboard. Still, she did look like she was having fun.

        • They aren’t us and what is cringe hear is awesome for normie-cons.

          I’ll note they had 6x the views the Donkey’s did which translates to a lot more energy.

    • Quite true. Assuming there are a grand total of two options as to who will run the political show from 1/2021 – 1/2025, regardless of what Trump did/didn’t do, or will/won’t do – the bottom line is it’s a far sight better than the alternative. (Unless the desire is to have the train wreck sooner rather than later – which is ultimately a matter of when not if)

  22. Republicans are like Eichmann, choosing cliche in their last moments, utterly incapable of abstracting away from the pageantry and convention that they identify with politics, as politics.And there’s something profoundly tragic about that. Republicans put up the red, white, and blue doilies, they cheer and applaud, all for something that’s already passed them by. It’s like an old woman getting dressed up to go on a date with her husband, who has been dead for years.

  23. I’ll be voting Trump this November,and enthusiastically. Trump has only been a disappointment if you actually expected him to “Make America Great Again”, which we all know is impossible, since America hasn’t even really existed constitutionally since 1964, and culturally since some time in the mid-90’s. Trump’s role is to buy time, break the Uniparty system, and force the Left to reveal their true agenda and radicalize Middle America, all of which has worked magnificently, no matter what Trump thought that he was doing. He’s a transition figure between the old ConInc and the new, populist movement to come – and there had to be one. A second Trump term has the potential to goad the Left into outright secession, which would be the best possible outcome.

      • No. The AWRs burn their OWN cities to the ground and murder the race traitors. I don’t have the slightest problem with that. I’m guessing Kenosha is filled with race traitors. Burn, baby, burn.

        • So everyone of us Boomers goes out and does a Richard Spenser? Not very good advise now is that?

          • Don’t make me do the NABALT thing again….

            You and I both know that most of these firearms enthusiast LARPers will do exactly what the McCloskeys did and meekly turn their guns over when “The Blue” shows up at their door.

          • They are also doing exactly the correct thing for their situation.
            Ultimately Trump buys us time to understand more of what is going on, to learn operate in groups and come up with an alternative to the current system.
            We don’t have one any more than the establishment does and a such can’t win.

          • Or Trump buys more time for normie to go back to sleep and Democrats to extend their grasp at the state and local levels…

          • Why should someone in their situation , i.e. backed by the State AG vast experience with the legal system and the state governor on their side do stupid things?

          • I don’t necessarily disagree in this instance – but – big picture here – there will always, ALWAYS be a rationalization available.

            What will the excuse be next time?

          • Bad guys are getting shot in the streets in these riots right now by people they are marauding against.
            This is as good as you are going to to see for a while.
            One or two or twenty or a hundred confiscations some of which are legally justified (wrong as it is felons many not have firearms) under the old system will not provoke a boog even if you want one.

            Truth is no  one is ready to wage war on authority , not even  ANTIFA /BLM and even that lot only has a half assed victory condition.

            When you can tell me in an elevator pitch how your guys win a continent sized civil war with ethnic component, you’ll have a win condition.
            Otherwise where legal get a few extra guns and some ammo off grid and bury them for later if you lose you main guns.

      • Secession – it’s going to happen no matter who wins, it’s about as inevitable as anything in politics can be. The more whites wake up to what’s actually happening here, the greater the chance that it will happen without civil war. More whites have been redpilled in the last three months than in the last ten years.

        • I live outside of a ridiculous lefty city and there’s a crazy single blue hair down the street who moved in recently and promptly put a tacky handmade “I support BLM” sign in her window. I noticed yesterday it’s gone. Antifatards doing the work for us.

          Eta: sorry for the bold type. New commenter trying to figure out the system.

        • They better bring a army with them and be preppared to shed blood on a scale not seen since WWII.
          Understand that such a state needs to be long term via and that means that it has access to energy, growing it’s own food access to water, etc.
          It also means purging every city and town of 3rd worlders.

          • This is why people are hesitant to pull the trigger. At that point we are Yemen without as many Muslims and there is no recovery point.

            We can’t make the things we need to be a developed nation and no one will sell us the parts to do so.

      • I think just to open the eyes of more normies until there is a critical mass. I’m not saying it’s going to happen.

    • I hope you’re right, that a populist movement will survive Trump. I have my doubts…Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio are primed and ready for the post-Trump GOP.

    • Exactly this. Contrary to most of the opinion here, Trump has been a massive success for exactly the reasons you articulated, and he would have been even more successful if he had not been required to spend his first three years deflecting the Russia scandal. As a bonus, he accomplished a significant part of his America First agenda.

      If Trump wins in 2020 the will be massive riots in the streets of Blue cities in Blue states. It’s a absolute joy to watch these cities burn, but in addition every time one burns a wave of normies get into boats to cross the river to our side. If some Blue states secede it will cause a flood of people to cross the river.

      To paraphrase Biden, if you ain’t votin’ for Trump over Biden, you ain’t White.

    • Agreed. Hate or like Trump, I think most here would admit Trump’s one great accomplishment is pulling the mask off of the Left and revealing the corruption of current government/democracy. The Left of course played right into it—not that Trump even understood or created the dynamic.

      Not sure I see the downside in another 4 years of this process with a Trump re-election, albeit one can easily describe a better person for the office, one has a harder time arguing that any such person is present in either party. Continuous riots in major Leftist strongholds does much to focus normie’s attention. That is worth it’s weight in gold.

  24. It was said elsewhere that people who flee the cities for the countryside do so because they have lost.

    The right has been quietly doing this for decades. Now the left elites are decamping from their former strongholds.

    “What foul beast, it’s hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

    If ever there was a chance for dissident politics to compose and present a radical alternative, it’s now, or very soon.

    • It was said elsewhere that people who flee the cities for the countryside do so because they have lost.
      If USA had any industry left then sure, you would be right, but unless you wanna become a corporate drone then there’s no reason to stay.

      • It wasn’t until fairly recently in history country living didn’t suck and frankly the people weren’t much better than city folk. Worse in some ways. Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I’m not convinced a lot of us could survive that life without broadband internet and smartphones.

      • I’ve lived in both some of the largest and most isolated metros in the United States. I could never envision moving back to an urban area let alone a large alpha city. Even suburban areas are too much for me. I used to enjoy exploring coffee shops and libraries while traveling through new areas, but that’s a habit that I no longer have an interest in as so many of the aforementioned places have become overrun by Cultural Marxists and virtue signaling — especially for LGBT and related causes.

        No, I’ll stay deep in the wilderness where life is quiet and I can be among nature. The benefits outweigh the sacrifices IMO. My life today is so vastly different than it was 10 years ago that I hardly recognize my old self.

  25. So Richard Spencer has endorsed Biden. Is that intended as the the kiss of death, or genuine fealty? Or is he playing 4D chess, or perhaps mind-games on the Progs? Or perhaps he just wants another 15 minutes of fame? And as to the political conventions, late summer is typically when the circuses and carnies come to town for cheap entertainment. I guess we should go see the bearded lady today.

    • The Trump disillusionment by some on the d-right has gotten so acute that they have abandoned the “right” for socialism and bolshevism, and that leads to…Biden endorsements? They are all such deep thinkers that I can’t possibly understand their logic.

      • Spencer has always been for a type of socialism and European globalism (not as in separate White countries having alliances, but rather a pie-in-the-sky pro-White EU instead of separate nations).

      • Tptb have gone for it all this year so I’m not sure it matters who wins in terms of acceleration or not. Figure it’s better to have Trump presiding over what’s coming though.

        • I can respect that opinion while having arrived at a different one.

          In short, Biden would probably act as another Obama, with some hard Left elements. If Trump wins, we’re just getting straight Jacobinism come 2024.

          • If Trump wins, we’re just getting straight Jacobinism come 2024.

            Good, bring it. No more metaphorical masks (though they’re probably still be insisting we wear the real ones).

          • That’s why I’m cool with Trump. My hunch is that politics is very different by ‘24, if not dead. Whoever wins the future won’t be doing it at the ballot box.

      • That’s what I think. The worst case scenario is it goes full-on hot while we have numbers. The best case scenario is a Trump re-election prompts wannabe City-States to secede, which would be the ultimate win-win.

    • Spencer wanted some important position during Trump’s presidency, he never got it, now he’s bitter. He’s really pathetic, left doesn’t want him, right doesn’t want him, public does not care about him.

    • I’ll take credit for pointing out years ago that Spencer would be David Duke 2.0. People forget that Duke for a while in the 1990’s, would happily go on left-wing platforms and perform the role they had for him. Then they got bored with him. That’s Spencer. The difference is Duke was smarter. Spencer goes off script, because he is basically a male bimbo.

      It will be interesting to see if the people suing Spencer are able to attach his trust. He is in default in one case in Ohio, I think. He blew off another case in Indiana, I think. He’s being sued in Virginia. I would assume his trust is safe, which is why he was told to blow off these cases. They can get nothing from him, so why fight?

      That could also be why he is back living with mom. That may be a state with strong laws protecting the distribution of a trust or the trustee is establishing that he has the sole discretion on distributions.

      • Paul Ramsey released a video this morning saying the same things about Spencer. He also says he warned Spencer years ago the media was trying to turn him into David Duke 2.0 and he wouldn’t listen.

        • Yeah, I just saw that. Paul and I are roughly the same age, so we remember when they turned Duke into a carnival act. I know a lot of older guys warned the alt-right about this. I won’t name any names, but it is not hard to guess.

    • Why did Richard Spencer post a pic of himself and his girlfriend in front of a giant LBGT…err whatever flag? Why did he tweet that Hillary would’ve done a better job handling the Covid crisis than Trump? I could go on and on with contrarian takes. Spencer loves attention and despises giving opinions that he considers basic and predictable. He wants to be the guy that says something novel and makes everyone gasp.

    • Richard is a congenital contrarian. If he achieved his white ethnostate, he would soon be championing massive immigration and multiculturalism and claim it was “Faustian.”

    • RS likes to be edgy and has sour grapes from his decline since 2017. He occasionally had pretty good takes, but the real treasure from that group were the conversations between Don Camilo and Greg Conte. I think the podcasts are still on Spreaker.

      • I miss those guys. Camilo is smart and has an impressive knowledge of history. I had the opportunity to have a long conversation with him once. He has a family and a high status job to worry about. Conte is on the board of NJP.

    • He is trying to stay relevant. Had he endorsed trump or some fringe person, no one would have cared. The Biden campaign repudiating the endorsement is partly what made it so newsworthy. Good move on Spencer if the goal is to generate attention.

  26. One thing working for our side is that the existing system is looking more and more alien to more and more Whites.

    Those misty-eyed Whites get an emotional chub from non-Whites parroting slogans about freedom and democracy (Republican Whites) or racial justice (Progressive Whites) because they can’t conceive of Whites not being in charge or, at least, being treated fairly in some multi-culti paradise.

    But more and more Normie Whites are noticing something wrong with that picture, that maybe, just maybe, these people aren’t on our side. To keep Normie White inside the system, Normie White needs to believe that it’s better for them inside than out. That equation is slowly moving to our side.

    I become every more hopeful for future. The Dems and GOP offer nothing to the vast majority of Whites. Indeed, they offer servitude. I truly believe that our ability to recruit new people and slowly build something outside the current system will naturally grow over time.

    • To keep Normie White inside the system, Normie White needs to believe that it’s better for them inside than out. That equation is slowly moving to our side.” Yes. It’s accelerating too.

    • It is important to remember that, in the long run, it is probably better for the DR to be kept away from the political reservation, where movements to make things better get absorbed by the Borg to strangle and die. The R party holds only a less toxic series of positions than the D party holds, but in no way “gets” or accepts our way of seeing things. Until someone seeking or in power actually gets it, we are stronger from being kept at a distance from TPTB. I can think of no better way for us to lose what we stand for, than to have politicians that don’t share our thing beginning to pander to us.

      • Yep, the Tea Party was the perfect example. Everyone involved got audited by Lois Lerner and co-opted by the GOP.

    • Agreed. The process is accelerating. I think it will really take off one way or the other November 4.

    • Yes. It’s becoming even more apparent just in every day life, too. It’s picked up significantly in the past 2-3 years.

      As far as I can tell, the non-whites are increasingly completely alienated with our people in the Toronto Area. They don’t dress the same, they don’t talk the same, they don’t act the same. These are not immigrants, these are Canadian-born people aping what they see as African-American culture.

      I notice an increase in white men acting like wiggers, like all the non-white dregs. But there are also alot who don’t.. you’d have to be an idiot not to notice these divisions (and that the non whites clearly hate us). Whites are still in the denial stage. Question is… will they ever do anything about it?

  27. The GOP normies are absolutely convinced the minorities are coming out in force to vote for Trump this time. It is embarrassing how much they want validation.

    I predict, at best, a 2-3% swing towards Trump. More likely, minority turnout will be worse than it was for Hillary.

    • I know conservatives who would hijack conversations to bring up the “lowest black unemployment ever!” apropos of nothing.

      “How is the weather today?”
      “Not as good as the black employment rate!”

      I get so frustrated with them but I was like that 15 years ago. Their unrequited love is kind of sickening.

      A fisherman eventually decides to cut bait on a spot where the fish never bite.

      • A shrew fisherman will then sell the bait remaining to the local sushi restaurant and profit.

      • “Their unrequited love is kind of sickening.”
        Just so. Like the Christian Zionists. The obsequiousness is mortifying for onlookers.

      • This cartoon represents the conservative fantasy. My difference with the conservatives is that I don’t believe that the people in this cartoon exist in any appreciable numbers.

        First, there are very few marriages. Leaving that aside, when blacks think of the a police presence, they think of all their relatives and friends that will probably go to jail and their resentment of non-black power. “Vote for Trump” my ass.

        Finally, all this is happening while Trump is President!

        • Telling that the man is apprehensive while the woman is vengeful and angry. An inversion of sex roles typical of our time.

        • That blacks get the “stable and suave” treatment from (((Madison Avenue))) shouldn’t surprise us, but when the right validates that nonsense… SMFH.

        • A more realistic reply to the wimp’s “what can we do” whine would be, “we goin to get our black asses out there, join in and get some free s*** too”!

    • Yeah. I think there might be an argument that suppressing black turnout can be useful – the Dems spend a lot on dragging that bunch to the polls and their turnout is variable enough, maybe, to make it worthwhile. And also, of course, the fact that Normie really, really like the flattery/validation from the Numinous Ones.

      People don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

    • It is cringe at every level. The most horrible part is that any swing will be seen as validation of that tactic.

    • Sorry. My disease has always been creeping optimism. I’ve got a dinner and bottle(s) of wine bet that Trump’s black vote will crack 10%. Zman said he guesses it’ll be about 12%, so I’m on solid ground. My guess? Over 15%, suckers, and possibly 20% (please, don’t scramble for bets).

      • Trump winning 15% is doable and I would agree 10% is likely. The low water mark for the Dems is 83% of the black vote. That has happened three times from 1976 onward. I doubt he’ll hit 20%. That would be pretty significant if he did.

  28. just out of curiosity, does the “Z” in “Zman” stand for “zealot”? I am asking for a friend…

    • Relax you guys. It’s a legitimate question. After all, every one of us knows that “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue, and zealotry in the defense of liberty is no vice.” So maybe we’re all “zealots” (def., “a person who shows zeal“).

    • X axis = normies
      Y axis = leftists
      You will notice that they are all in the same plane.
      Z axis = we are not even in the same (2D) political universe as these people

    • Zman has addressed this in a podcast. If memory serves, it was a randomly assigned name from an early internet server or provider and it just stuck.

  29. “Another way to think of it is the Republicans and conservatives operate like an invisible fence that rings what is acceptable political discourse. “
    Unfortunately, non-globo homo white people don’t have enough money to buy their own politicians to speak on their behalf.
    Democracy is oligarchy, it’s rigged from the very start.
    Also, Jared Taylor should become Trump’s vice-president.

  30. I can personally vouch for eyes misting up over the “conservative jogger” talking up family values, hard work, Trump blah, blah. An acquaintance is sending $$ to several GOP black candidates around the country. I tried to tell him, despite the rhetoric, they’ll always be black first and anything else 2nd, 3rd or 4th etc., at worst and pigeon-holed as an Uncle Tom explicitly by the leftards and implicitly by the GOPe dweebs despite the slobbering, at best. They are no use to us in any way.

    • Last election there was a black republican candidate, some surgeon, he looked sleepy all the time.

          • Wild Goose, I’m just trying to remind people of the reality of NAXALT. Otherwise we risk falling into the trap that Zman has repeatedly warned against, i.e. “defining yourself” in relation to those you oppose or hate. The true DR “hates” no group in toto; it is harmful and makes no sense. And every reader on this site knows the reality of NAXALT, including NABALT, NAJALT, NAHALT, and even NAWFALT (no matter how rare some of them may be).

          • “The true DR “hates” no group”

            Personally I hate any group of arrogant dipshits whch claims the right to define “The true DR”

          • Hate whoever you like. It can give you energy sometimes. be careful though, you risk tying your identity to your views of another group which is not healthy.
            You get rid of them or find out they aren’t quite as bad as you expected and the Cog Dis will hit you like a freight train,
            Frankly I prefer indifference, its much crueler.

          • Conversely, not all white people are Isaac Newton either. There are way more Bubbas and Goobers than George Washingtons. If I get to choose a team, I’ll pick the neurosurgeon rather than the meth head.

          • I’ll pick the White Bubba over the non-White neurosurgeon, because that’s what community means. That Bubba is the guy who needs higher IQ White guys watching his back and protecting him from outgroup grifters taking advantage of him, and you need his muscle and reckless courage when the time for war comes.

          • Man, I live on a farm in Appalachia. You and Dr. Pajeet or Dr. Taquarius have a nice life. I’m sure they’ve got your back when things get rough.

          • I grew up in rough times myself and have had good times since. My experience has been that skin color or economic class is a lousy predictor of who has yoir back and who will stab it.

          • If you’ve had that many different races and ethnicities as options to rely on, you’ve grown up in a multi-cultural society and don’t really psychologically comprehend what a homogenous society is like. If you were Chinese, Japanese or Icelandic, or if you had even grown up rural White, you’d have a better idea.

            I don’t know how old you are, but I grew up in old, White America. That place is mostly gone — it still exists demographically in rural areas, but rural areas get fed the same degenerate entertainment, news media and public education the diverse cities do.

            Assuming you are White, how many black guys do you have in your life right now that you could rely on if you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a BLM protest?

          • I have and they suck. They are still my people and my morons.
            The issue isn’t stupidity but addiction and actual leadership say a DR one can keep that in check.

          • They made the rules, I shall follow them:

            No Matter What he did
            No Matter What they said he did

            One Of Ours
            We take his side

            (If we settle his account for bringing shame to our skin, they don’t see it)

          • “No Matter What he did

            No Matter What they said he did

            One Of Ours

            We take his side”

            Hey there! It’s me your good buddy and definitely also white person Anderson Cooper! What do you do for fun? I like to perform fellatio and help unperson dissenters. I hear you’re on my side so I was thinking we could totally hang out sometime! I was going to invite Chris Cuomo and Stephen Colbert over too.

          • First White people have to take their own side, then we can deal with our own internal miscreants. Anderson Cooper and his crew are only powerful because of the Black, Hispanic and Asian votes married to the dysfunctional White left vote, and funded by Jewish millionaires and billionaires.

            Whites are the only group that refuses to take their own side.

          • If I am choosing him to perform surgery, the Black surgeon. If I am choosing him to fix my car – the Bubba. If I am choosing him to run my country – the Bubba.

          • People always careen wildly between different sorts of overreactions…

            we’ve got pretty blondes kissing joggers jogging shoes and meanwhile you just got downvoted for saying you’d take a black neurosurgeon over a white methhead.

            Can we not go all out acting like whatever kind of over the top nazi archetype Johnathan Greenblatt’s wife probably sexually fantasizes about?

            Actual hitler – Hitler, courteously congratulated Jesse Owens on his olympic medals. Are we trying to be more literally hitler than literally hitler, literal hitler?

          • Diversity + Proximity = Conflict.
            Diversity doesn’t work. I wish people of other races all the best in their own nations. Homogenous societies are happier. In a 95% homogenous society, you can have a little spice — some Indian doctors, some Black athletes, whatever, but we don’t have that luxury in the US, we’re way past that and I’m acting hard core because the Happy Rainbow Country lie is one of the big societal lies holding us back and destroying the nation. Civic Nationalism: “Oh, yeah, she’s an Ethiopian immigrant on the outside, but a TrueBlue American in her bones!” doesn’t work. That and the inability for Whites to take their own side in a fight are huge problems. A nation is a people. Immigrants are not our people. Blacks are not our people — we’ve been trying to integrate them for 150 years and there is a big bunch of them running around today yelling about “systemic racism” despite nearly 60 years of preferential treatment. It’s not working.

            Our dysfunctional White left is largely a product of turn-of-the-century immigration as well. We imported the Marxists that corrupted academia and the ethnic political machines that took over the Democratic Party, but even so, if they didn’t have the Black, Hispanic and Asian voting blocks, they’d be an eternal minority.

            Taking Bubba’s side doesn’t mean you want him doing brain surgery on you — we have plenty of smart White people for that who *also* shouldn’t have to compete with outgroups for those jobs. It means that in a national community, you look out for everyone in the community. About half of Whites have an IQ below 100. They’re our countrymen, too. Throwing them under the bus to be outcompeted by 110 IQ Asian immigrants, Mexicans who’ll work for $5/hour and live six to a bedroom, and offshore factories and call centers is how you commit national suicide.

          • I upvote every word. Beautiful rant, Vizzini. Homogeneous community is key, all along the IQ spectrum. Whatever the level of brains or ability, we can provide one of our own.

          • Well, as much as I like Ben, hard to imagine any goober or bubba doing differently. It’s not like goober or bubba like section 8 housing next door to them. In fact, they’d probably be more attune to these diversity ploys than more affluent Whites. Remember, those AWL’s are the main reason we are in these dangerous times. They make up the bulk of race traitors in our midst. I’ve rarely been in the company of a diversity promoting bubba.

          • White guy wouldn’t have dared. At least no white guy in position to be HUD secretary. Let’s take the win.

      • Anyone else remember that black Haitian Republican woman from Utah who was so obnoxious that her own district turned on her?

    • Almost as bad as trusting a gay or transgender. Glenn Reynolds was trying to whip up support for some transgender Republican running out in California and wasn’t really thrilled when I hit back pretty hard that someone who is mistaken about whether he is a man or a woman is too mentally damaged to hold public office no matter what party he’s running under. His very existence is a slap in the face to all those supposed traditional values conservatives never conserve.

      • Exactly. I’ve probably said it before, but when I used to listen to Rush, he’d always get excited when an obvious jogger would call in and agree with whatever opinion he was espousing. Conservatives of a particular stripe simply can’t help themselves.

          • Yes, yes the Boomer form of virtue signaling was and is always, “I haff a pony” but replace “pony” with “black friend.”

          • DR3 is still a useful tactic to use against Democrats. Just b/c something exasperates us doesn’t mean it’s devoid of rhetorical value under the right circumstances. We need flexibility in these things.
            Ex: Economic nationalism exerts appeal on Bernie supporters. DR3 is useful in undermining the moral position the Democratic party holds for them, giving them an excuse to wander off the reservation. You don’t have to convince them of everything at once.

          • You undermine the Republicrat party politicians by rejecting the entire concept of ‘White racism’ or the belief that preferring one’s own is inherently bad. There is zero rhetorical value in reaffirming the ruling uniparty’s frame.

          • Perhaps you’re a poor persuader. I’ve found DR3 to be a useful segue in loosening up the moral programming.

        • My dad, the staunch Republican that he is, sent money to that GOP black guy running for office in Michigan. He mentions that a lot lately, and obviously makes him feel good.

      • I remember him doing that and getting hammered in the comments. Someone tried the “anyone who votes with us” line and was similarly destroyed.

        We had a black SoS who ran for governor in 2006. By all accounts, he did a good job as SoS. He ended up losing his bid. But, what made me decide to completely give up on blacks for elected office was him praising Obama because first black president.

        • I remember when conservatives where praising Colin Powell as the next great black conservative. What a disaster that turned out to be.

          • Colin Powell was/is Exhibit A for why blacks can’t be trusted and are always tribal; he endorsed Obama after owing his entire political career to conservative Republicans. Tom Sowell, on the other hand, wrote that Obama was a wrong-o for the Presidency. So: NAXALT.

          • Powell and Condeelisa Rice go hand in hand. Come to think of it, they both were products of Bush II administration.

          • They began grooming Rice years ago. I remember reading about what a Russian expert and prodigy she was when I was in grad school, 1984/1985.

    • By now, it should be clear die-versity doesn’t give a plug nickel about us.

      Normie cucks are just hopeless.

  31. I don’t live in the U.S., so the attention I pay to the conventions is minimal, although they are covered here in France. What struck me about the speakers at the Republican Convention was how many Trump family members were slated to speak. I think a second Trump term will feature Don Sr. promoting the political ambitions of his family members, especially Ivanka. Yet one more reason to sit this one out.

    • Ivanka will lose election if she becomes a republican candidate, she is a proud feminist, married to a jew.

        • The Republican party has become a joke. They’re basically a soft-core version of Marxists and “Conservatives” haven’t conserved anything in the United States in over 50 years.

      • She’d become a greater shill to Israel and the Zionists than her father. Just imagine her and Loomer working together — any criticism of the chosen ones would likely result in a one way trip to the Gulags.

      • Tell that to new yorkers burdened by a second generation ruler. Not to mention the sorry sack of a brother blabbing to airport holdovers from the bewb tube.

      • Trump put them in charge of: Criminal Justice Reform. Immigration & building the fence. Middle East “peace.” If that’s not as close as it comes . . .

    • ”Yet one more reason to sit this one out.”

      This is why they win.

      A hundred fags will show up at a local city council meeting to try to get an EMT fired for spicy podcasts, but we can’t be bothered to even vote for president unless it flatters us personally and produces certain and complete victory. We just have way too many fundamentally unserious uncommitted people.

  32. The rich people sponsoring Kirk and his operation are like the people who back boy bands. 

    Ah, people like Lou Perlman:

    Louis Jay Pearlman (June 19, 1954 – August 19, 2016) was an American record producer. He was the creator of successful 1990s boy bandssuch as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. In 2006, he was accused of running one of the largest and longest-running Ponzi schemes in history, leaving more than $300 million in debts. After being apprehended, he pleaded guilty to conspiracymoney laundering, and making false statementsduring a bankruptcy proceeding.

    What else do we notice here?

  33. After appealing to all of the constituencies that will never vote for Republicans, they had Jared Taylor come out and give the case for white people.

    Stop the presses. Jared Taylor? American Renaissance Jared Taylor? Got a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention? Not in this universe!

    I was so shocked I couldn’t make it to the next paragraph!

    Obviously, that never happened and will never happen.

    The diversity crap irritates everyone on this side of the great divide and many on the other side as well, but the sad truth is most GOP voters lap that stuff up.

    I have been starting to see signs of this changing. I have been able to get positive responses to some blatantly White Nationalist ideas at fairly normie conservative sites this summer. The sight of our cities being burned and looted has really shocked a lot of regular, normal Americans and they’re just not amenable to the bullshit, anymore.

    • If blacks vote 90% for Biden and other minority trends hold, then I have to believe many whites will give up stupid minority vote. My hope is Trump wins and minority voting stays consistent with voting Dem. Destroying people in the comments will be fun.

      • I’ve had quite a few disagreements with GOPe friends about the black vote. They think that’s the winning strategy, to go after their vote. This is a pivotal election to see if that strategy works, although I can see if the Dems lose say, 3 or 4 percent from their usual 90% of the black vote to Trump, the GOPe will look at it as a success and push to improve on that and pander harder to minorities in future elections.

      • It’s not about the black percentage of the vote. That will always be 90%. It’s about appealing to white suburban women who want empathy for blacks, but swing back and forth in elections. And if you can get lower black turnout, that is a bonus as well.

      • The fetish for minority R votes is like magic dirt theory. Its power is inversely related to actual real life examples. So to the Repubs the magic jogger ballot is most powerful when used the least.

        The post-election ant-f@cking that goes on to tablulate the pox “wins” for team R is an election cycle regular cringe-a-thon.

        Rebubs: “pox, I like you a lot. What do you think the chances of you and me becoming a thing?”

        Pox: “not good”

        Repubs: “not good, as in 1 in 100 or not good as in 1 in a million?”

        Pox: “one in a million”

        Repubs: “So you are saying there’s a chance!”

      • I think it’s been noted by our blog host in the past that the appeal to minorities is perhaps less of an effort to get them to vote Republican than to placate them enough to stay at home and not vote “against” a Republican.

      • video of blacks cheering the OJ verdict should have already disabused thoughtful whites of civnattery

    • I see this with my right leaning normie friends as well.

      What remains to be seen, however, is if that white identity awakening can exist on its own accord long enough to liberate them from the system and become the right to exist as such.

      As it stands now their burgeoning whiteness is just another fold in the flag of Patriotism.

      They know that our people forged this nation and sustain it; the burden of which has increased exponentially under the duress of diversity. They take up that burden with little regard for who they actually serve.

      As their whiteness nears the outer wire of the plantation, requiring IRL action, these truths shapeshift into the blank slate of the propositional “American Experiement”. Their purpose retreats from anything resembling explicit white people to that of saving “America” from the socialists.

      As they polish the brass on the doomed ship of fools, they revel in Real Americans (doing jobs americans won’t do) hoisting the flag atop the same hills that have been taken and forfeited time and again.

      Like so many patriot pack mules with goldfish memories they won’t rest until hill 1986 is ours again and the sacred scrolls of 1776 can once again come to life to keep taxes low.

      And what I hear constantly from them is that we just need more time. Just one more “conservative” judge appointed. Apparently, retaking ground given up decades ago without a shot now requires a few more years of planning and provisioning.

      • Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of Cloud People. I want to see much more of this terror inside DC in NW Washington, Georgetown, the K Street / M street NGO/finance corridor, Capital Hill, etc.

        All these fake ass affluent white female liberals need to experience discomfort, inconvenience, humiliation, and most importantly fear. Only until they experience fear will there be even a remote chance of them breaking the decades of programming. It requires a reptile brain level event to alter behavior that quickly. More of this will do nicely…

    • Speaking of AmRen and Republicans, many of these sell-outs, including Trump, are advocating for the return of the NFL — a league whose Commissioner is now totally on board with BLM and regretful for not listening to Colin Kaepernick earlier.

      This is yet another reason why we need a viable Third Position or Fourth Way political movement.

      • The establishment and moderate reformers like President Trump are desperate for social capital of some kind and to try to roll things back a bit.
        Once a nation realizes that they have nothing whatever in common with the people around them and have no common interests, not even venial fake Civ Nat stuff like the NFL, that nation has a serious problem. Its a goner.

    • I ran rampant on Minneapolis blog- powerline. It became glorious at times. I swear i felt the psychic winces of jews through the keyboard a couple of times.

    • Should we be offended by all the diversity crap, though?
      I think they had some black chick in a red dress running repub right smack dab in Lagos, didn’t they? From her commercial she talked a good talk, and one you seldom hear from black people.
      The only other negro that I have heard talk to blacks that way was Bill Cosby. Call me a conspiracy nut – but I think that is why he got ‘Me Too’ed…
      I think the Yesterday Men like myself like to see blacks saying what white people cannot – at least in public. Say what you want, the race card plays well for Leftie and anyone that opposes him must be mindful of it.
      Hmmm… just war gaming it – but I wouldn’t be surprised if that black sherriff doesn’t get cancelled shortly too. Last I saw of him, he was on a meme telling blacks to clean up their ghettos before cleaning up the police.
      The Trump team seems to be trying to incite a rebellion on Leftie’s plantation… and I am not necessarily seeing that as a bad thing.

      • I heard nothing from her that castigated blacks for the violent squalor in which they choose to live. Instead it was boilerplate “the Dems have run this town for decades and look what it’s become!”

        The only reason she’s got any traction is because of the tight-fitting dresses. If she looked like Stacey Abrams, she’d never get near the convention.

    • I got banned from Breitbart after receiving many thousands of thumbs up for a long campaign of uh… less than complimentary comments about our best middle eastern fellow white pals.

      Normies were very responsive, the powers that be eventually noticed. I’d like to think I brought some over, but plenty were already basically there. Normiecons get a bad rap, just like we do.

  34. the girlfriend of one of Trump’s kids

    I watched about five seconds of that. As she sashays across the stage she looks like a bad B movie actress playing the role of a celebrity, which is probably pretty close to the truth.

    • He and she are grotesque. Bill Maher once called the Trump kids Uday and Qusay and it’s perfect.

      • Kevin Williamson tried to call Don Jr. and Eric Trump Uday and Qusay in National Review. Rich Lowry wouldn’t allow it. It is stupid, juvenile insult fitting with Williamson’s personality.

        • This challenges my logic circuits. I pretty much instinctively disagree with anything either Lowry or Williamson says. What happens when they disagree? Massive matter/anti-matter explosion?

        • I heard “Uday and Qusay” used yesterday on the hard Left channel; they are shaping the post-election narrative, aren’t they.

        • Victoria’s Secrets models as well as all bikini models in the various men’s publications are GROTESQUE

          • Models tend to have lots of bony angles – catches light better for the photograph. Nice to look at, not as much fun.

          • true, but she’s got more curves than the average bony model. of course, a lot of it unnatural, and to be fair bordering on the pornographic the other night. she even grabbed her right tit at one point and the last words in her speech were “the best is yet to come!”, emphasis on last word, arms up in air. (((big porn))) is probably licking its chops, finally a sequel to their Palin parodies. in the end Don Jr inherits Dad’s vices, if the only apparent one.

        • Actually… I’m with Karl. She struck me as a once-pretty gal, playing the part of the political dancing monkey on a stage. Too much make up, perhaps. Too much over-acting… but she threw shit at the Democrats well enough.
          I think that’s why she was up there, maybe? Trump needed some distance from the shit throwers, who would be savaged in the media for doing so.

      • I still remember the summer of 03 when all of the cucks celebrated the murder of those two guys, because of USA, USA. Trash Trump and his brood all you want but he has done nothing close to the atrocities of Bush the lesser.

    • The appeal of Kimberly Guilfoile to Don Jr. is hard to understand. She is nine years older than he is, has clearly had a ton of plastic surgery and quite clearly out for herself. There is a 100% chance she air all the dirty laundry she knows about him and the Trump family after their inevitable split. What he is getting out of this relationship?

      • There are a lot of celebrity relationships that make no sense to me. They almost make me believe they are assignments by the purported shadowy cabal actually running things.
        Anthony Wiener / Huma Abedin
        Prince Andrew / Meghan Markle
        Don Jr. / Kimberly G
        David Cross / Amber Tamblyn
        Patton Oswald / Meredith Salenger

        • Just being Don Trump, Jr., he can get laid by a different hot girl every day of the year. Why settle for a cougar that hit the wall 20 years ago? Why tear apart a family for that?

          • Yes, if he was simply after sex, why would he get together with a 50 year old? He must have thought there was some professional benefit to being with her, but I can’t imagine why? If he has his own political aspirations she would be no help with that.

          • Furthermore, how about this as an alternative read: Don Jr. is dating Guilfoyle because she’s not a young chippy challenge to Vanessa, and she’s not going to have any more kids to interfere with Don & Vanessa’s family. Maybe Jr. and Guilfoyle are just enjoying each other’s company for the time being, and it’s all good with Vanessa too.

          • With a father like Donald Sr, how again is he tearing the “family” apart? Fidelity—like taxes, seems to be for the “little” people.

          • A long history of tearing families apart doesn’t change the meaning of “tearing families apart.” If you are waiting for me to condone it just because Trump Sr. did it, don’t hold your breath.

      • A more astute question might be “what is Vanessa getting out of the relationship?” See below.

    • There’s lots of ways an ambitious woman can earn a living using her mouth, and giving speeches is the one you’re allowed to do on TV.

    • I had the same thought except she reminded me of an old washed up B movie celebrity, like she is about 15 years too old to play the leading lady.

    • Election 2020 is a demolition derby. We’re seeing a lot of retreads on old beater jalopies. Hey Joe, Willie pumped Kamala ages ago. Now she’s a bitter Alpha widow. Don’t laugh, Trump, Gavin pumped Kimberly when she was hotter, younger and tighter. Your son and Fox are getting the scraps. Zman is right. It’s time for Dissidents to GTOW and simply disengage from the shitshow.

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