The Upshot

I was in the diner picking up my lunch and they had ESPN playing on the television in the main seating area. They used to have CNN playing during the panic, but that was when they were not allowed to seat customers. I’m pretty sure when they were allowed to seat people again, those people complained about CNN, so they changed it to something they thought was neutral. The lunch crowd at most places, especially old-fashioned diners, is going to be old and white.

Of course, ESPN is now hate-whitey all the time. I have not watched the channel in so long I no longer recall when I last watched it. Probably a sporting event of some sort back in the before times. While I was there, they had a parade of famous blacks on to complain about white people. The absurdity of rich blacks moaning about racism is lost on the blacks, but I suspect it is not lost on whites. There were more than a few angry faces looking at the television while they chatted at lunch.

It is hard to avoid your own bias in times like these, but I do wonder if our rulers have inadvertently created a problem for themselves by politicizing sports. Watching sports was the last refuge for white people. There is a pretty strong correlation between interest in sports and the politicization of society the last three decades. The Cold War ended, liberal democracy was let off the leash and then everyone crowded into sports venues to escape the relentless spread of politics.

Of course, with the long sports holiday due to the panic, one that could probably be extended through the year, that refuge does not exist. Lots of normal white people with only a passing interest in politics are now facing the grim reality of what America has become over the last few decades. The great doses of Soma that was the NFL, for example, are now going to be the opposite. Instead of putting whitey in a trance, they will rub in his face the fact that he is now forced to wash the feet.

Again, this could be my own bias at work. A year ago, I would be looking forward to college football season. It was the last sport I watched with any regularity. I like the traditions and variety. Now, I have no interest. They could play the games in my front yard and I’d close the blinds. I’ve moved past disinterest into outright hatred of the whole sports entertainment world. The reason is I hate that they have decorated it with their vulgar and degenerate politics.

Time will tell, but the magic of human society is that twenty percent of any population is the threshold for change. Self-identified Progressives are 20% of American society, but they run everything. Muslims are about 15% of France now and they are pushing around the natives. In both cases, they are well organized, but it just shows how a society can be ruled by a minority. If 20% of white people are red-pilled by the current race war, the nature of white people changes in a hurry.

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  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The Man For Our Age (Link)
  • 12:00: Covid Fallout (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Jim Snow America (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: The Thrust Of It (Link)
  • 42:00: Hate Hoax (Link)
  • 47:00: It’s All Oogily-Boogily (Link)
  • 52:00: The Cuck’s Life (Link) (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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413 thoughts on “The Upshot

  1. I grew up in Wisconsin, when Lombardi was running the Packers. I’ve had no interest in sports since he died. After that, everything went downhill.
    The leftists are busy rubbing our noses in it, which is standard human behavior when a new gang gets on top. Demoralizing the peons is the game, but I’m thinking it won’t pan out for them because this time, the peons are armed. I believe we are in uncharted waters. Just waiting for that spark…

  2. Why is it that East coasters can’t pronounce the name of any place in the Northwest? Warshington, Orey-gone, Umateeya, Hermis-tawn….

    • I’m a gringo but I care to pronounce Spanish correctly. Because it’s a beautiful language that deserves to be done right. Big baseball fan. You can’t get more gringo than some of these baseball announcers. They’re helpless with Spanish names. Vin Scully is a God. I love him. But I swear that cracker intentionally gringo-philes Spanish player names. I’ve seen it with actual racist whites. They condescend by saying Spanish names as non-Spanish as possible. Meaning, they keep their Midwestern hard AY as in Apple. When Spanish calls for a soft A as in Uh. “Juan Batista” is made into”WAAA!N BAAAtistAA”. When it’s really a smooth “Whon Bahtistah”.

      I’m so freaking pozzed today. Whatever. Whites can be dicks. Let’s just admit it.

  3. Nothing could be more obvious than the fact that Blacks are far superior athletes … it’s not even really close.
    I went to Elementary and High School with a Black guy that went on to the NFL. This guys had visible biceps and leg muscles as a 5th grader! As a 6th grader, I thought, what is this guy eating in the morning? Anyway, he was not a troublemaker and made it to a major college & the NFL.
    Bottom line is that Blacks will continue to dominate all popular sports. They were selected as super-slaves, and now they’re super-athletes.

    • Some sports, but they fail in others

      ZMan wrote or said something about their inferior “spatial awareness” (IIRC), which I don’t know what it means exactly, but would always like to hear more about it. I think this was in the context of blacks not being great at hockey

      As a tennis aficionado, I think the same thing might be in play

    • Most of the greatest soccer players have been small white guys. And that’s the most popular sport in the world. But blacks are better at football, basketball, boxing and sprinting events in track.

    • “They were selected as super-slaves, and now they’re super-athletes.” True enough. But there’s old African films that show the men dancing. They’re gym-ripped without ever having lifted a barbell. And dancing with the athleticism of crazed chimpanzees. They were like that prior to the slave trade. (But no denying, like you said, slave selection surely multiplied the type).

      They’ll never achieve significant numbers in golf or tennis. Not because of a lack of “spacial awareness”. NFL defensive backs (cornerbacks) are all about spacial awareness, and there’s not been a single white to play the position in the last 40 years.

      No, they can’t succeed in golf and tennis because those sports call for extended focus, fairly complex strategizing, and delicate nerves under pressure.

      Also, no allure for ego thirsty crowd noise. Especially in the early amateur years.

      As for hockey. Blacks are too cool for the harsh cold grind. Hockey is the opposite of black. I don’t blame them for avoiding that shit at all.

    • “selected as super-slaves”, it’s confirmed, you are troll. Blacks were selected cause they were docile.

      • What … troll?? I’m not even entirely sure what that means but maybe someone purposely soliciting a response? Like baiting someone?
        i assure you that’s not the case. Simply put, if you buying slaves then you’re probably going to buy the most physically hardy guy … maybe same for some gals. They have children that are physical specimens, which I assume could be sold at a premium.

      • Really, how could you confirm that someone is a troll from that?

        its people like you that drive normal people away from these forums … quit being a problem!

    • Re. “ Nothing could be more obvious than the fact that Blacks are far superior athletes … it’s not even really close.”

      Your mind has been hacked.

      Negroes mature faster than White kids which is another reason that no White kid should have to go to school with them. A negro child will physically mature up to two years faster than a White kid of the same age. 

      This makes a difference when selecting for teams and scholarships based on age and not physical maturity. The White kids who would have grown into better or more capable athletes were not selected because the selection was made on the basis of age. You can bet that if negroes were falling behind because of a biased selection process there would be an uproar. When it’s White kids – crickets ! 

      In addition there is active discrimination against more capable Whites when awarding athletic scholarships.

      “Europeans Are The Best In Almost All The Sports And The World’s Strongest Men.”

      I’ve never understood why White people would take the side of non-Whites against their own, especially to argue a state and media created misapprehension. When you write that the negroes are “ … an obviously superior race … “ it makes me think that you are not White. 

      If you are White – it’s people like you who are the problem.

  4. You know, you have to wonder what White guys in the 50s or 60s thot when Blacks were being introduced to professional sports. They had to know that within a relatively short period of time that Blacks would dominate all “running & jumping” sports.
    But alot of jewish agents, who appeared to be White, probably got rich representing these Black athletes, while, at the same time, they would probably accuse the actual Whites of racism for resisting the introduction of an obviously superior race into American sports …

    • There was no way to keep blacks out of pro sports. It would’ve been like like trying to keep the fizz out of soda pop. I’m not sure what your point is. Is it a Jew blaming point?

      • Point is that many people probably realized that Blacks would eventually dominate running and jumping sports and that they should have their own leagues … well, like they did, I suppose. The fizz n soda pop analogy really doesn’t apply.

      • You and this troll stuff again … are you a troll troll? Would the real troll please stand up?
        im still not entirely sure what a troll is …

  5. Over the past few years, all I watch is Boxing and MMA. Its pretty obvious who to root for and it has nothing to do with nationality. McGreggor and Lomachenko are very popular in the USA for a reason.

  6. Time will tell, but the magic of human society is that twenty percent of any population is the threshold for change. Self-identified Progressives are 20% of American society, but they run everything. Muslims are about 15% of France now and they are pushing around the natives. In both cases, they are well organized, but it just shows how a society can be ruled by a minority. If 20% of white people are red-pilled by the current race war, the nature of white people changes in a hurry.

    I feel fed up w politics but that paragraph seems to add up and it kinda gave me a flicker of hope.

    • I think he should start a Howard Stern type show but catering to white people

      He has the voice for it

  7. ot: Zman, given that the US military will not (and has not) protect(ed) the constitution, should it be defunded and the money used to build a true national militia?

  8. There’s a lot to unpack with recent events.

    • It’s amazing how many people willingly obey the mask mandates when plenty of research shows wearing a face covering is pointless at best and possible dangerous at worst. All for a disease that kills only 0.01 percent of the people it infects and most of them have compromised immune systems.
    • Since we’re paranoid about a virus, sportsball is on the ropes which isn’t the worst thing. Conferences are deciding to play conference-only slates, which will kill off smaller football programs in conferences that lack multi-million TV deals. The truth is if you’re not in the SEC/ACC/Big Ten/Big 12 or PAC-12, your football program is likely losing money.
    • The NBA has gone all SJW, all of the time, yet the idiot players are still unhappy.
    • The NFL just gave the largest contract in history to a mulatto QB who won the Super Bowl. I’m thinking this will be the NFL’s Pickett’s Charge and it’s all hopefully downhill from there. I’m so tired of these NFL teams getting huge stadium subsidies when their owners are billionaires. In Atlanta, they tore down a perfectly good stadium after barely two decades because it didn’t have enough luxury suites and other revenue-generating features to line team owner and Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank’s pockets. So Atlanta ponied up billions to build him a giant stadium that will generate little new revenue for the city, but add lots of zeroes to his balance sheet.
    • Then we have NASCAR going full SJW as well even though “Bubba” Wallace’s noose was, as always with these things, proven to be either a hoax or nothing. Expect to see lots more empty seats since the sport has been abandoning its Southeastern, white base for decades.
    • Then we have Major League Baseball, seemingly the least cucked of the sports beside hockey and players are deciding to sit out an abbreviated season because of this virus, which likely isn’t a threat to them. Sheesh.

    ESPN has degenerated into angry blacks yelling at white people, who grovel in response. How any white person, short of being a total cuck, could watch that mess is beyond me.
    I chucked our cable TV years ago and just recently got rid of even streaming live TV. No point in any more since I hate the 24/7 news networks (pure, anti-white, globohomo agitprop all of the time), sports (see above) and even regular channels. The commercials are what really infuriate me.
    Either black men with lovely white women and their half-breed offspring or sodomites hawk products in every commercial. It’s either they think that’s what people want to see or the people producing these commercials are spiking the football and rubbing it in the faces of every normal white person.
    Z, when you talked about the mediocre SJW QB as the Disney CEO’s lawn jockey, I spit out orange juice through my nose.
    Speaking of sportsball, I remember at my mid-major directional school in the mid to late 1990s, our college basketball program served several purposes, including being an easy mark for the big conference programs (our athletic department got a nice paycheck while we got our brains beat in by the likes of North Carolina or Duke) and filler on ESPN when we played in one of the early-season tournaments.
    I remember playing in my first nationally televised game and how the constant “TV timeouts” kept me from getting in a rhythm. We later played in the “Big Dance” later that season and played a respectable game against a big conference school that advanced to the Final Four, losing by 10. The TV timeouts were even worse, but I’d learned how to keep my focus with the long delays so the networks could hawk cars and snacks to viewers.
    I’m hoping that the big sports bubble finally bursts with the twin calamity of the fake pandemic and the racial insurrection. I still play pickup basketball games and spend lots of time catching trout in our mountain streams. I encourage each of you to spend more time in the outdoors and away from the news. There’s nothing better for the soul than waking up on a clear mountain morning, sliding into your hip waders and casting in a roaring mountain stream for trout.

    • The NHL is scrambling to find a way to cuck. They truly don’t want to be left behind. They’ll push homos hard; perhaps even Graham James will be resusitated. If you dare, listen to an hour of Toronto sports radio some morning. The poz is off the charts.

    • I was just telling my wife

      This rapidly ever changing landscape reflects women having so much say in everyday affairs. Things change day to day like their moods and fashions, and men can’t deal with it.

      I used to tell women that men don’t walk through the mall parking lot at night fearing for their lives like women do. All these women having so much say in things and foisting on men their fears are driving men nuts

      • “All these women having so much say in things and foisting on men their fears are driving men nuts.”

        So true. It’s said that we may be living inside a computer chip. Feels like we’re living inside the head of a neurotic old lady.

  9. @Z-Man: 303 comment so far, so you are not going to read this…

    Still I have to say it: I am noticing a ‘hardening’ in your tone the last couple of weeks. You were always quite careful in your podcasts from two years ago, and a year ago as well. But now… something has changed…

      • Long past the time for hoisting the ole black flag… and doing what comes naturally. I’m fucking pissed.

    • Perceptions of podcasts are funny that way. I think Z, like the rest of us, often wakes up in a different mood, or mindset, than the previous day. Anyway, he wasn’t “always quite careful”. A few years ago he talked about having dinner with a couple, and wanting to drop a piano on the guy’s head. Few years ago he said all we should be hearing from loudmouth feminist girls is their severed heads rolling around in a box.

  10. Something to think about — two prominent “liberal” Gun Youtubers came a-cropper. Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Media threw “stolen valor” at noted and Boomer gun youtuber Paul Harrell, got a 45 minute long rebuttal, and saw his channel implode. Then the most annoying Gun Tuber, Yankee Marshall, gay, ultra liberal Seattle resident, did the same thing to “Mr GunsandGear” who did a thirty minute rebuttal, and the Yankee Marshall’s channel imploded.
    I’ve seen among normally non-political gun youtubers a growing anger and frustration at the anti-White sentiment. Gun videos on Youtube are almost (but not quite) exclusively White. There are a few hard core handloader/bullet casters who are Latino or Asian, and their attitudes are probably aligned with most here.
    I think among White men there is much less tolerance of liberal d-baggery than there used to be; and what “tolerance” remains is more the force of the anarcho tyranny public-private partnership. Now, White women are another matter.

    • Gidding’s millennial snark didn’t play as well as he anticipated. Ol’ Uncle Paul’s rebuttal was a methodical and savage takedown.
      Gun videos are about the only reason I use YouTube. As for yankee marshal, I’ve only seen a couple of his vids and never understood his popularity.

  11. I think you need at least a third of the population for victory. 1/3 of American colonists supported independence; 1/3 of Germans supported the Nazis. Not saying those causes are the same — merely noting the one third rule. The Progressives may have 20% but they’re still some ways before achieving the transformation either the Patriots or Nazis did. It also means we need more than 20% though…

  12. It is nearly impossible for sports to lose their hold on the male population. Fantasy sports leagues alone keep them going. Without watching other men play sports most men don’t feel masculine. Sports give men something to talk about. What do you expect men to do, get together and talk about the impact of the silk road on world culture? Plus, most men are fat and sedentary. Fantasy leagues and watching sports fill their time.

    • Guess the jews were right, whites are a bunch of goyim, if giving up on watching sports is that hard, then that means their willpower is that of a cockroach.

        • really? I’ve watched my fair share of sports when I was a kid. I would spit in the face of the dudes I used to idolize.
          What I don’t get is how people don’t see how hateable they are, they are among the lowest of the low. more than 90% of players don’t even have talent, they’re garbage, dudes paid millions to go to the gym.
          Not to mention sports are corrupt, referees favour big teams all the time. Most champions do not even deserve their titles.

        • You really don’t have the willpower to be in Our Thing if you can’t give up the other’s culture.
          Some place like Townhall or wherever Civic nationalism is still the order of the day is more your style.
          Honestly I don’t get why any of our guys can stand current sports. Its pretty much like when POC go into the woods and find there is no one like me there. They at least complain about it.
          Too many of guys seem happy to watch people not like them who hate them run a ball around and around and maybe LARP John Elway or Larry Byrd or somebody like Tebow makes up the team istead of the people who are really there.
          If we win, we can rebuild football in our own image but so long as our Dissidents are so weak they can’t stop, that victory is farther away.
          Otherwise if you are serious about Dissent just walk away or maybe start watching hockey if you must watch other people play sports.

    • Sports revenue and viewership are down enough to make the producers quite nervous.
      This is because of generation single mom and the fact young men these days often don’t play sports and would far rather play Fortnight or whatever E-Sport than anything else.
      This is why they have been trying to get more “diversity” with non Whites and Women to make up the gap.
      That said, its you job to cut your cord and for you to stop giving the other side money.
      If you can’t manage this basic task, cut off cable, Netflix and all the other poz you can than you don’t have any business here.

      • “If you can’t manage this basic task, cut off cable, Netflix and all the other poz you can than you don’t have any business here.” I like to know what’s going on in the culture via moving pictures. To be conversant on what POZ is up to and how they work their magic. And there are many great current-day films and shows. One can hate the message and still savor the work. Love U2. Hate Bono. Cinema is an artform. There will always be talented filmmakers. If you can survive on pirated black market DVDs of Laurel & Hardy, good for you. Not everyone on our side can. We’re not all 88 years old either.

          • Yea but if your focus was on the real that shit wouldn’t matter to you but you arguing about it that you can’t give it up seems like you hold it in an esteemed place…

        • Frip,
          There are plenty of ways to get the news and to reduce the support to our enemies.
          All that justification is just an excuse to avoid a painful change in your comfy lifestyle.
          U2 may have some good tunes but Bono and all his ilk are your enemy and giving them attention and buying their stuff is giving them ammo and power to destroy you.
          And sure your few dollars won’t matter that much. Not the point. Don’t give them your money or attention, period.

          • And sure your few dollars won’t matter that much. Not the point. Don’t give them your money or attention, period.

            There was a time not too long ago even when the Left’s boycott’s were mostly noise to major companies and advertisers. The Right, especially the Christian Right, would also organize boycotts so they had to watch out for that as well. Now, practically the only thing that matters to big companies is whether the shrieking green-hairs will target them next.

            Patronizing our own people is a way to complete the Great Division. It eventually forces people to “pick a side” and you’ll be able to tell which side people are on by looking at what they do, or don’t, watch and listen to. There will also be times when boycotting the enemy means just going without.

            We can use the time and money elsewhere though. If you can’t find some worthy cause or one of the few non-pozzed products to spend money on, use the free time and money for self-improvement. Learn to play and even compose your own music, paint, learn to weld or some other practical skill – and of course, get in shape and learn to shoot, learn the basics of tactical shooting. There are now schools that teach this stuff. Eventually we develop our own economy and networks and this deprives the enemy of one of their main weapons, which is unpersoning or “shunning” as the religious used to call it. We can unperson and shun them too.

            A lot of this stuff is hard and some is even a little dangerous but it’s good to ease yourself into the difficult and dangerous stuff than to be plunged into it all at once when a gang of thugs shows up to burn your neighborhood and the cops have been defunded or are on strike. Finally, even though these things are difficult, most are a lot more rewarding and fun than listening to Bono or some other degenerate give us musical lectures on how bad we are.

        • How often do people even listen to the words (the “message”) anyway? Pop music is all about the music. And they are not even “songs” to begin with but ditties.

          U2 makes great ditties for the ears. If there is a “message” in there, it’s never made its way into my brain

          • If you think it’s all “little ditties” then we’re on completely different planets.

            Like the conversation of a pretty woman, lyrics can enhance a song. Sometimes profoundly. Have little effect. Or detract. For song, it’s 95% the first two.

            Popular music pretty much demands words. Bands aren’t usually singing about politics anyway. It’s a given that lyrics are most meaningful on relationships. Love. Love lost.

            A good example of what words can do for pop song. Here is U2 on a marriage falling apart. From “Ultraviolet (Light My Way). There’s simply no denying that the lyrics transcend the experience. Without them, it would simply be an intriguing instrumental piece. Lacking the essential guidance that gives meaning to the musical dramatics.

            There is a silence that comes to a house

            Where no one can sleep

            I guess it’s the price of love

            I know it’s not cheap

            I’m in the black, can’t see or be seen

            Baby, light my way

            I remember

            When we could sleep on stones

            Now we lie together

            In whispers and moans


          • That is what you want to think. A huge amount of mass media is either made by people whose livelihood depends on hooking your mind or are actually shrinks.
            Now I’m not perfect in that I still play Skyrim and similar games which were made by shrinks as much as programmers but still, you have to stop making yourself a target as much as possible.
            Practice mental hygiene and more importantly practice wallet hygiene.

          • Dude pretty much called me a CivNat ’cause I’m a lifelong Raider fan. LOL. Seriously, what an insult tho.

          • Its not an insult. Civ Nats are decent well intended people for the most part.
            If this were the 1970’s demography and the pre easy divorce culture we might even be able to make it work.
            The things is a lot of CN’s and a lot of nominal dissidents want all the gains without the pain.
            Life doesn’t work that way and frankly someone who won’t make the baby steps right now to mental hygiene and reducing his funds going to the enemy just the small sacrifices won’t be up for the big ones later on.
            All of us are working for good governence and peace but you know as well as I, there will probably be oceans of blood.
            Every sacrfice now is one we don’t have to make later and if we do, it may even be we find we don’t need them.
            No more watching Black guys play at gladiator , do something better.
            And as FT noted, re: games yes we all need to do a bit better.
            That’s fine. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good and if you maintain a few bad habits, just work at getting rod of them.
            Get hard, get mean and get ready because the clock is ticking.

          • Bono was a poor Irish kid who had underdog leanings. Hence “Bullet the Blue Sky” Amazing song, that’s what I care about. Also rails against American bombings. And as for “In the Name of Love”, Martin Luther King is his hero. All this was in the 80s. Pretty innocent stuff compared to what modern pop stars virtue signal about. Besides, I never said I agree with Bono’s politics. Especially these days that he’s fully Eurozoned One-Worlder. The music was great for a time. Kinda cool you at least know their stuff. You were probably a big fan like me at the height of their greatness. ’82 to ~’93.

  13. Ok, I just finished the podcast, and all I can say is, there needs to be a massive culling… And Z, having come of age in the 70’s, I’ve never heard that riff. Maybe I was more conventional than I thought…

    Who was it?

    • That would be “The Straightener”
      It’s the outro of “Wheels of Confusion”, being the first song on Sabbath’s Vol. 4 and a contributing factor to my tinnitus.

  14. It’s nice to see the rest of the dissident right coming around to the realization that police departments deserve to be defunded. The Norfolk sticker incident must be the straw that broke the camel’s back—with “white allies” like that, why the hell should we worship the “thin blue line?”

    • This might be a good time to point out to your nearest and dearest liberal asshole that Gun Control Inc think that only the police should be armed.

      • Mention that a Sheriff can then simply deputize us and watch libs go into berserker mode

    • The cops also served a warrant on the St. Louis couple that defended their property from rioters and vandals, and ended up seizing their legal weapons.

      • Yea that should be a warning to our side that you need to stay out of the enemies territory unless you want to be eaten at some point…This couple thought they could ride the tiger and not get eaten…

  15. Reading a lot of conservative whining about Gorsuch and the Oklahoma Injun decision. Followed by someone complaining that America is going to become the Ottoman Empire with different justice systems for different races….I’m thinking….Is this a bad thing? Could that work? Just asking.

    • It might but its suicidal and downright crazy since the USG is looking weak and really most of us are starting don’t need them at all.
      Gorusch and the others addiction to legalism may just have damned the union to an ugly end.

  16. Do I have to be the guy to bring this up? Zman goes to a diner to pick up lunch and then he goes off on a tangent for the next hour.
    What did you pick up? Corned beef sandwich and pickle? Tell me you got the corned beef.

    • Just wait for Blackwater, now Academi, to be the new law.
      Outsource policy, then management, then workers.
      Hardened mercs on patrol.
      Just like the Levant with less spoken English.
      They say they are finally going to make the Hagia Sophia a mosque. I guess the ancient ideation made real did not hang itself. But there is a new cathedral in Leningrad.

      • “I guess the ancient ideation made real did not hang itself. But there is a new cathedral in Leningrad.”

        What in the hell are you talking about? Is that some kind of code?

    • Lockdown gave me opportunity to watch a lot of classic movies

      Have become a big fan of Bogart

        • In time, my friend

          Looking forward to getting back to small town living and being back among lakes and rivers. Just trying to find the right place to settle down in

  17. Z Man said: “…If 20% of white people are red-pilled by the current race war, the nature of white people changes in a hurry.

    If white people can change in a hurry, then they need to do just that. Here’s a short vid I posted yesterday by Tucker Carlson intitled:
    “City of Seattle tells white employees to work on undoing their whiteness.”

    • If the white people in that meeting had any balls they would of stood up and said we are out and left…

      • There might have been a few with balls, but they know all the others would knife them in the back. That’s always been an issue – no White solidarity.

        • Yea I know sister shame that it’s that way but I would of still stood up and said you are berating and shaming me for something I had no control over the color of my skin and my attorney will be contacting you because you have knowingly made a hostile working environment and I need to leave cause your creating anxiety and stress within me…Throw their shit back in their face…

          • And than become unemployable, get flagged in the database as a racist and become unemployable in the city your live in and presumably enjoy.
            For these folks, mostly Good Whites anyway there is too much cognitive dissonance to much to lose and nothing to gain.
            Also trying to reason in anyway with this movement is futile. They have no rules, no scruples ,no real core beliefs and run entirely on feelings.
            Its like rying to play chess with someone else playing Calvin Ball.

          • I’m saying what I would do, not some goodwhite…Also that’s what they want you to fear so you don’t stand up…

          • Fair enough.
            We can at times stand up. Good Whites, Bug Men and Hive Dwellers have no such luxury.
            That said, this situation is far past reason and will not be settled with more election kabuki. An actual leader able to hold this mess of a nation together is not forthcoming which indicates the future is some or any of collapse, civil war, genocide or tyranny with a very slim chance of a DR Republic.

      • We keep saying this – you can’t call yourself a real resistance without that 20% of White guys being willing to put their establishment jobs on the line.

        The White Strike would be enormously effective but there’s a reason why unions have strike funds – we need the infrastructure to support guys taking risks.

        Our grandfathers paid into unions for this and also had local organizations like churches, Elks etc… that would help support guys. Our side has to re-learn these basic workarounds and “off-grid” strategies to get anti-fragile to being fired, deplatformed etc…

        Do some napkin math – 100 or 1000 guys pooling money at $X per month lets you support Y families for Z months. Communities let you scale these solutions up to where they’re effective.

        Keeping us atomized and individually fragile to household level un-personing is the majority of how They defeat White organization.

        • I have (white) family and friends in Seattle. Some are shitlibs and some are normie conservatives. In both cases, they are all pretending that what is happening in Seattle is not happening.

          The shitlibs are embarrassed by Antifa and BLM but know that they cannot criticize either. The normie conservatives are still praying that the blacks will suddenly start loving the Constitution and the Founding Fathers (or at least that record low black unemployment!).

  18. It’s not enough to stop watching sports ball. If you still are paying for cable, satellite, or streaming services that include ESPN, etc., you are financing those who hate you. I recently cancelled my streaming service that included ESPN and other unacceptable programming. There is just too much free content out there to amuse yourself with. Defund the defunders !

  19. Great show.
    How about an episode entirely on the French or Soviet revolution or perhaps the cultural revolution in China? While still being in the political realm, you can be detached because it is from another time and another place.
    Alternatively, you could possibly dedicate a week worth of columns and a podcast to a particular episode in history. Like maybe Cultural Revolution Week or Medieval Europe Week or whatever you ultimately decide to do. It would be interesting.

  20. This is a theory that could actually be tested, by us, right now. The Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians have announced their intention to wash the feet, but so far the Atlanta Braves have stood firm. We — every reader on this site — should send an email to the Braves organization urging them to hold the line, and promising them to buy some of their team apparel if they do. (For bonus points, pledge to use your “stimulus check” to do it). I will do this right now. If our host approves, we could even copy-paste our letters here (with identifying information removed). I haven’t watched an inning of Major League baseball in decades, and never liked the Braves to begin with , but I will happily shell out $200 for a Dale Murphy throwback jersey (or whatever) so long as it says “Braves” on it in gigantic letters… if they don’t cave. What do you think, Z Man?

    • Why do you think it’s good to have those names anyways…They assumed those names not to honor white people in any way so why should we save them or have them remembered in any way…

      • The name itself is irrelevant. The point is, it would be easy to demonstrate that it is, in fact, just a tiny minority (in both senses) of weirdos pushing this stuff. The Z Man probably has more readers than there are truly committed SJWs in all of America. They’ll benefit far more, financially, from listening to us than listening to them. Are they willing to do it? The answer would be interesting either way.

        • If you have been paying attention which. I’m sure you have finances really don’t matter to them because if it did then they wouldn’t be on the track they are on…I am probably not the one to ask because I can’t stand any professional sportsball because of what it’s done to our people so I really don’t want to save any part of it…

          • That’s the thing — do finances really matter to them? Do they actually know anything? Seriously: how many of you, when you cut the cord, wrote a letter to your cable provider stating “I’m canceling my subscription because of the anti-White bilge on ESPN?” Just cutting the cord doesn’t send any meaningful signal.

            That’s a bad example in any case, because tv is structured in such a way that they really couldn’t drop ESPN if they wanted to. Even if they knew — which they don’t — they couldn’t do anything about it to win us back anyway.

            The Braves, though? That’s a clear set of rewards and punishments, based on a clearly defined, objective action. Changing the name nets you nothing from me, but keeping it nets you $X. Is that number more, or less, than the money you’re going to get from changing the name, considering that all the people who are agitating for you to change it also don’t watch baseball anyway?

            Say they get 10,000 emails, with the commitment to buy, say, a replica jersey at $50 a pop (for easy math). That’s $500,000 – not chump change by any means. If at that point they blow us off, well, then we know that they’re willing to take a half million dollar hit just to virtue signal. That’s interesting information that we can use. If they aren’t, though, that’s a yuuuuge win, regardless of what we feel about sportsball, the name, whatever. You don’t even have to wear the jersey, for pete’s sake, just hang it in your closet, give it to Goodwill, whatever. What do you have to lose?

          • Huge win for who Brother? They aren’t going to acknowledge us in any way so how is that winning because we might of kept them from dropping their name…How about taking that money and doing something useful with it for our people then that would be a win…Also I’m betting that jersey would be made in China so another mail in our coffin…Your still helping a team that if you asked if they stood with white people would ask you not to buy any of their merchandise…Quit playing in their realm Brother and instead worry about what’s best for our people…

        • Since most serious hard righters don’t, in fact, watch sportsball, I doubt there are enough to make a financial impact. And, as exhaustively discussed earlier, the customer is not their concern, but rather the advertisers from whom they receive most of their revenue. The owners, advertisers, etc. are all woke. I don’t care what (((Snyder))) calls his team. I’d like to see him and his felon players all go broke.

          • They have a huge cushion from advertising plus the huge portion of sportsball revenue comes from bundled cable subscription fees – teams really aren’t worried that much about asses in seats or what any of their individual fans think about buying their merchandise.

            We should all walk away from sportsball because it’s a time/dopamine sink for Whites and reinforces passivity, etc… Any effect it has on revenue is incidental.

      • There is some truth to that. Commercial mascots like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, The Redskins, The Braves, and much of the rest were originally intended to shame Whites by reminding them that they had mistreated “good people who are just like them”; the real Aunt Jemima was a former slave who spent much of her time helping others (“feel bad whitey”). The left claims those symbols are all the products of a deeply racist society but the intention was the opposite … and promoted by the left of their respective eras. Leftists are historically illiterate.

        However, there is a silver lining here. Once these symbols are purged wholesale, then Whites can more easily think along racial lines without the associated, Pavlovian, group shame dynamic. The ruling class is inadvertently shooting themselves in the foot — yet another proof these imbeciles don’t deserve to rule society; they certainly don’t rule with an understanding of history or psychology.

        • Once these symbols are purged wholesale, then Whites can more easily think along racial lines without the associated, Pavlovian, group shame dynamic.” Once symbol crimes has been ameliorated, the Left doesn’t stop shaming whites about it. They keep reminding us about it. So they’re not really “shooting themselves in the foot.” They’ll get the name Redskins removed. A victory. Then keep reminding everyone how “As late as 2020! America was STILL OK with racist names for their football teams. We’ve still got LONNNNG way to go in this country.” Oh yeah, they’ll remove the name AND keep beating us over the head with it.

    • I’m not a Redskins fan, but I ordered a Redskins shirt about a month ago online. It hasn’t come yet for some reason. It doesn’t say Redskins, but it’s got their iconic Indian head logo. Big head, right in the center. The rest of the shirt is orange. So it really calls attention to itself. I bought it to signal others in our cause, and to trigger Progs. But again, it never came. I wonder if some Lefty in the shipping department got offended and threw my shirt in the trash.

  21. In a recent post the bionic mosquito stated in a long post on the topic:

    My view: Good stories beat sound reason every time. The best stories teach us something of ourselves. The best stories confirm to reason, as these conform to our purpose. Dry, rational arguments don’t win the day – if they did, we would all be libertarians, as there is no better political argument.

    Stories, fairy tales, memes, appeals to emotion, and other such argumentation may be needed to fight the left.

    We aren’t living through a clash of politics. It is a clash of worldviews, of narrative, of story. And we don’t have a good story. We are living in a very simple good guy / bad guy story, and the majority has willingly taken on the role of the bad guy. If this doesn’t change, this story only ends one way

    Honest question: how many have had any luck convincing Joe Normie that the dissident right is correct using logic, facts, and figures? I have have precious little luck at that myself.

    Whether you are a believer or not, you cannot disagree with the fact that Christ’s narratives changed the world. There are numerous lessons here for those who seek liberty.

    We are losing at present and everyone here knows it. We can turn this around, but we need to develop our own “narratives”.

    As a boy I asked my dad about communism. He said it was a wonderful theory and sounded like heaven on earth — trouble is that it does not work. They are still selling that wonderful vision of heaven on earth.

    • Your post is very on-point. The human mind likes a good story, it is just one of those factors hard-wired into our nature. The issue is far broader than politics. The fundamental problem is that an appealing narrative is preferred to mundane every day facts. This is all well and good when the fantasy is harmless entertainment, and you can enjoy the rainbows and unicorns and so on. However, reality demands its share of attention. Some of those mundane facts or theories can be critical to comfort, or even survival.

    • “Fake hate crimes” is obviously a redundant phrase. All hate crime accusations against whites are by definition false, and the only racial hatred that ever manifests itself in violence is black-on-white or black-on-Asian.

      As various dissidents have pointed out since May, every white person already makes the utmost effort to minimize interaction with blacks, so the rare incidents of white-on-black crime that do happen are probably all justified. If we were to comb through those incidents we’d find that the black person would likely be the instigator in virtually every case.

      Still waiting on hate crime charges for the shooter of Paul and Lidia Marino…

  22. “Don’t waste your time trying to become anything in this country, we will make sure you never win and your family suffers along with all the blank Mexicans in the area

    America is for the god fearing, pro gun, pro life humans who refuse to be controlled by the government. There’s no room for like you here!”

    I really wish I had seen this letter before finding out about the hoax. Any dissident could read that and spot a fake.
    These people have never met a “racist” in their lives. What they know about “racists” is a fiction from mainstream media and Hollywood.

  23. Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener, last verse.

    So I found that life is just a game
    But you know there’s never been a winner
    Try your hardest, you’ll still be a loser
    The world will still be turning when you’re gone
    Yeah when you’re gone!

    Excellent Mr. Z ! I couldn’t have said it better myself. 😀
    I’m glad to see your starting to savor the blackpill.

  24. Speaking of thrusting, anti-whiteness sprung from feminism and especially Jewish feminism. BLM is a feminist organization started by 3 transgender feminists and a Jewish terrorist. All of the hyphenated studies departments in universities sprung out of feminism. Feminism has been the single largest vector of attack on Western Civilization. Almost everything evil about clownworld can be directly traced to feminists, usually Jewish feminists.

    Xirl Science may be funny on its face with ridiculous articles about ejaculating buildings, but the same minds that write Xirl Science articles are the very same minds that formed the foundation of anti-whiteness. Everything from white privilege to structural racism to affirmative action all came out of feminism. Feminism is not funny, it is evil.
    As feminism finishes up destroying the academy and corporations and governments, we are left utterly helpless to compete with China. I don’t think it is even going to take 20 more years before the top 20 colleges in the world will be in Asia, mostly China and not in English either. It will be good for the world, but it is going to be very bad for us.

    • We have a word that we used for women that didn’t have children – Witches !

      Children would throw rocks at their houses and run away.

      It used to be that they would feed pigeons, collect stray cats, get toxoplasmosis and serve as cat food, when they died at home alone.

      Today, it’s more fashionable for childless, post-menopausal women, to advocate on behalf of homos and negroes or other non-White pets. 

    • If you have small [grand-] children, you may wish to enroll them in Mandarin classes now, so they will be better positioned for the world in future decades 🙂

      • How about a hearty fuck you to your defeatist bullshit…You are worse than the Commies because you pretend to be on our side while you chip away at our foundation…

      • No. English is the entrenched international language of commerce: intellectual, financial, and material. If all white people magically vanished tomorrow, it would remain so for many generations. Latin lingered on for many generations in those capacities after the Roman Empire fell until it locally evolved into the Romance languages.

        We would all be better off if it were not so. Our language becoming an international language lubricated the pathways of invasion.

        • That’s a very trenchant observation – the language as a map guiding infiltration.
          I can’t help but think ” We would all be better off … ” speaking German and talking about the Werner von Braun moon base .

        • English is also the international language of aviation and technology.

          Mandarin is far too unwieldy and inefficient to easily replace it, unless the replacement was done at gunpoint.

          • That’s a good point. Still, I think our universities are already falling in the eyes of the world and that it will only continue to get worse.
            South Africa used to have world class universities.

          • Agree about the universities.

            Thankfully the STEM areas were free of this crap 20 years ago, thus making my degrees more valuable as this crap drags on under the current system.

  25. We’re not destined to be a “servant class,” we are destined for genocide. That is what oppression narratives are for. If we do not at minimum take back mainstream media, there is no stopping this. As long as the conversation is controlled by people who hate us and want to see us physically destroyed, it will continue to get worse, our numbers will continue to fade and attacks in the streets will expand.
    Boomers should have seen this coming as far back as the 60s. It was obvious even then that nobody was fighting for “civil rights.” These people were motivated by hatred and it was obviously so.

    • Boomers should have seen this coming as far back as the 60s. It was obvious even then that nobody was fighting for “civil rights.”

      Many Boomers did see this coming in the 60s. You young guys only know the times through the books, movies, and so on written by leftists. There were “right wing dissidents” back then too. We were mostly southerners.

      I was married in 74; we were 21 and 22. The Wife said even in those first years that America as we knew it would be gone by the time we were in our 50s. Hell, it did not even last that long.

      As a Boomers of ’52 I stopped watching sports 20 years ago. I stopped TV about the same time other than watch a few movies with my honey.

      Why did I stop watching sports? I started calling it nigger-ball and realized I just did not care who won anymore. I did stay with soccer longer but it went nig too.

      Give up on worrying about Boomers. We are dying. The wife and I both will be gone in 5 years given our health issues. It is time to start a BIG CONVERSATION on BLACK PRIVILEGE. We all know it exists, let us talk about it.

      • I’m not a millennial, I am an older Gen-Xer (born in the 2nd half of the 1960s). It has always been obvious to me, even as a kid in the 70s, I recognized this stuff (it was forced on me) not as pro-something else, but anti-white.
        I am not a boomer basher. We need the Boomers desperately and you are right, they are dying and will be nearly completely gone in 20 years. Change has to come now or it is going to get very ugly. My point was that this was always obviously anti-white. Even as a child I understood this.

        • Younger than you but between the brainwashing and the fact that I wasn’t around blacks in any quantity until my late (late) twenties I believed the lie (from a conservative prospective, for what little that means). In hindsight I should have been smarter, but for the fact that I was swimming in an ocean of idiots.

      • Mark, a couple of years ahead of you, on U. MD campus when Kent State happened. As a U.S.A.F. service brat I was inclined to support the Gov’t. In nam at 1st., then changed when I saw the truth. What I remember distinctly was the change in rhetoric from anti war to anti American. It began then, and I’ll never forgive my fellow classmates and friends for not seeing it. I truly hope that you and your wife stay well…interesting times indeed.

    • So tars if you really believe that then I hope to God you are building Community where you are at or making plans to get somewhere where you can do that…

    • The problem was that a huge majority of the White population in the 1960’s and even 70’s had so little contact with diversity that they were never going to be race-woke. Unless you lived in the South or in a large northern city, you believed what you saw on TV.

      I don’t blame the Boomers so much as (((media & academia))) for gaslighting their generation from birth.

      That said, since at least the 1990’s that’s been less of an excuse.

      • Truth. I’m still harder boomers because so many of the ones I know thought the Troubles would be their kids’ and grandkids’ problem. That’s changing all of a sudden, and to my surprise most are getting serious about the situation. Very encouraging.

        • Their pets are now abusing and neglecting them in nursing homes and retirement communities as well as targeting them for crime. There was a video making the rounds a month or so ago of a young black guy just beating the crap out of an old man in a retirement home helpless on his bed. Nothing makes you more genocidal than seeing that, except maybe throwing children off a balcony at the Mall of America.
          It really disheartens me when videos of that stuff comes out and nothing….chirping.

          • Yea you would think my inbox would be overflowing with pleas from retired people to help them get out of the cities…

      • Boomers have one additional excuse: the left cheated. The Kennedy Administration imposed a “fairness doctrine” targeted at limiting conservative radio during the era. It worked. People never heard many of the best arguments about the 1965 immigration reforms or much of the rest that went wrong with that decade because dissent was legally repressed.

      • I lived within walking distance of the ghetto in a large Northern City. As a kid, it was in your face and all the time. My parents paid their way out of me going to public elementary school, but due to over-crowding after a move, I got stuck in jr high in a non-white majority middle school. HS was a bit better because we weren’t a minority, but the teachers and admins were against us. Like they could jump you between classes and you would be the one to get in trouble.

      • Eh. It depends on how authoritarian you are willing to be in the land you control.
        In a hypothetical DR interregnum, there will be tons of censorship and probably rather draconian penalties.
        The US had strong obscenity laws and anti blasphemy until rather recently, just enforce them along with anti sedition laws.
        Hell it may behoove us to shut off the Internet and license anything faster than 56k . Its not like the other side wouldn’t do the same.

  26. Domestic boredom will keep middle-aged and boomer men watching TV sports. They don’t buy much product anyway. The woke programing is aimed at the under 40 audience, and serves as a warning. Message being: What dad and gramps tell you won’t get you ahead in life (at best), and is punishable (at worst). Get on board with us, or else…

  27. Xstalgia:
    Riding a second-hand kmart beachcruiser to school there was a single hill to negotiate, and I had the ride and my mixtape timed so that it was always The Straightener on the downhill side.

  28. The only sports related thing that I have actually been interested in lately, was the college football coach that lost a million dollars of pay because he wore a One America Network t-shirt in a photo with a bunch of other guys on a trip or something. A good synopsis of where white guys stand now. Do or say (or wear) a prohibited thing and you not only need to grovel to keep your job, you still get whacked out of a huge chunk of your pay. I have to believe that, at some point, people will have had enough of all of this. Obviously, we aren’t nearly there yet.

    • Wearing a “prohibited thing” and getting pushback is not the scariest thing. It’s that in many cases there is no prior knowledge as to what *is* a prohibited thing. Seems more and more cases of cancel culture occur when some poor slob says or does something that was “a posteriori” prohibited. What is and is not prohibited is simply defined after the fact as suits the accusers. 1984 at its finest.

  29. I have started to hear fellow White men mocked when they express any interest in sports ball. In a way that’s better than the pending implosion of NFL and NBA because it sends a message that even televised interaction with non-Whites is disgusting. A few years ago the NFL started to pursue White women as customers, with some success. You have to wonder how many of the AWFL’s among the Most Peaceful are viewers. They will be ostracized as well soon enough.

    • They did the same thing getting women viewers with the Olympics and it became unwatchable.
      Honestly, I would love nothing more than creating a popular conception that watching pro-sports was feminine and gay.

  30. That is why white, conservative men have gun and hunting culture (and maybe also MMA and other niche sports like that). It is the only thing left that the left cannot infiltrate. There are also solo sports like skiing, which are mostly white but also left-wing.

    • MMA?

      Tons of vibrants all over that sport. Heck, I think one of the current champions is a Musloid.

      • MMA is a worldwide sport. If you have a problem with other races succeeding, then that’s on you. And yes, Khabib Nurmagomedov is the lightweight champion. He’s a Russian Muslim from Dagestan. And he’s 10 times cooler than you’ll ever be.

        • Another reminder that we could use a “what this site is about” refresher.

          “Whites so fragile about muh based bad-ass Dagestani” is not our usual thing here.

          • The commenter reduced a world champion in the ultimate combat sport to a “Musloid”. Guy’s never lost a fight. 21-0 in UFC. And only lost ONE round in that time. 2012 to 2019. And that round was to Conor McGregor. He’s an honorable man. And cool as hell. Publicly warned his people against being pozzed by the degenerate West. And took heat for it. He’s no Muslim radical either.

            Exile: “Another reminder that we could use a “what this site is about” refresher. Whites so fragile about muh based bad-ass Dagestani” is not our usual thing here.”

            It’s one thing to be a bunch of cranky-but-right old men. It’s another to espouse a mean and provincial racism. We’re better than that.

          • You really think that’s going to save you if his side gets power…Way to go to uphold your enemies warrior… Shaking my head you might just be to far gone…

    • I agree about the White outdoorsman. You can also add climbing and mountaineering to the list, and generally speaking, anything that would take place in the backcountry — with the exception of backcountry skiing as it does lean Left (but it’s entirely White).

      As an avid outdoorsman and mountaineer who’s adventured throughout the United States, I’ve only seen a couple of Blacks in the outdoors and they were in a major national park during a holiday weekend. If you spend your time in the more remote and less accessible wilderness areas, or visit the national parks during the off season, it’s nice White country.
      Unfortunately, there’s been a push by Marxist rags such as Outside Magazine and even some major newspapers like the NYT calling for the “diversification” of the outdoors. What nonsense.
      There’s nothing natural or organic about this. Let people gravitate towards the activities and places that they enjoy rather than trying to force assimilation between everyone.

      • All the outdoor brands and retailers are Woke.

        I’m amazed at the images of mystery meat they have modeling products these days.

        All of those images are in the, “will never happen,” category.

  31. Muslims are about 15% of France now and they are pushing around the natives. In both cases, they are well organized, but it just shows how a society can be ruled by a minority. 

    The Mohammadans are no more ruling France than Joggers are ruling the US. In both cases, they’re being wielded as weapons against the locals by the real rulers. (Not that there are any more than a couple of percent of those, so I suppose your point still stands.)

      • I will have to say contemporary France is less emasculated than the United States, which is a low bar. Both countries can turn on a dime, though.

      •  France is so emasculated

        The French were in the streets, rioting for an entire year, and those were not BLM, these were ordinary Frenchmen. More than 4,000 were wounded. The French don’t allow students to chimp out like you see in US universities, statues are not being torn down and cops are not kneeling to rioters.

        So how about that used rifle you’ve got for sale?

        • Euros have a much stronger, older tradition of street action, especially general strikes.

          I’ll rather spend my roster points on Scandi Odinists or Brit holligans vs. American 2A’s if Antifags are going to be frisky

          Enoch makes some good points about the limitations of guns in these scenarios. The only thing you can really do with a gun is use it. If the opposition knows you won’t shoot, it’s useless baggage and enables a whole new tier of gay-opping by the opposition.

          Contra Boomercons, 2A’s don’t scare Antifa because they’re known to be law-abiding and the Antifags know the cops are on their side.

          Some mischling heroin-addict anarchist has nothing to lose but Grandpa Crockett has a job, family and mortgage to worry about.

    • I can’t speak for France and their Sand Hutus, but America is now a black supremacist state. Blacks, with invaluable subvention from white race traitors, call the shots in what used to be America.

  32. Good. No escape(ism), no blue pill. Whites are changing. Things will get crazier yet, then terrible, then better. As we said when I played football, time to strap it on.

    • Good lord, the comments on that article are depressing. They all amount to “liberals are the real racists!” There’s so much work to be done.

      • It is major mistake to assume the end of pro sports would result in most whites coming to see reality clearly and joining our side. The entertainment industry (movies, tv, music) is far more popular and has been dedicated to propaganda for much longer than sports have been. It is more powerful too, their influence is a major reason why sports bent the knee to wokeness.

        Yes, men should be more active and spectator sports became too much of an obsession for far too many men. There is nothing inherently dishonorable about watching elite athletes compete. Watching a great competition can inspire people to take interest in playing sports. This isn’t anything to celebrate, especially if the mass of sports fans moves from passively consuming sports to passing consuming even more anti-white entertainment and political views.

        • There is nothing inherently dishonorable about watching elite athletes compete
          If it’s your elite athletes I would say that’s true but if it’s not then yes it is dishonorable…

      • I don’t know, I’ve been reading PJ Media comments for ten or so years and it’s been looking better and better, even though most of the based commentators like myself don’t hang around there much any more (which makes it even more remarkable). Sort by “Best” maybe.

      • Don’t expect much else from a site where Jay Nordlinger & Andrew Klavan are considered “edgy.”

  33. I don’t mean this in a snarky way or to demean your work, Z. And I know you are too busy these days… but there is way too much reading in this one.
    Those guys you were reading – they insult me and waste my time. I like your work because you respect your audience and present your case efficiently with wit rather than snark.
    Be sure to take a break if you need it. I am reaching the point where the world’s clowns aren’t funny anymore – they are offensive and tiring and the less time spent on them, the better…

    • Agree on the reading of longer articles. I listen to Z recite the first 10 seconds of an article to get the gist. Then skip to his commentary on it. If you listen via YouTube, you can skip back or forward by quickly tapping the far left or right side of your screen. The more you tap, the faster it advances/reverses, in blocks of 10, 20, 30, etc, seconds. Anyway, instead of reading Prog articles, I’d like it if Z read snippets of certain no-nonsense dead Paleocons who tried to warn us.

      • Goddammitalltohell!

        Duh. I should have thought about that myself! The Yesterday Man steps on his own dink again! I swear, every year I slow down a bit, and the world gets faster…
        Sorry to be a pain… But can anyone explain to me the new Pepe cartoons? Every time I see him now he is either farting or shitting his pants. What’s up with that?

  34. That was a nice 20% white pill zman. The next decade is looking rough so personally i needed it.

    Here are some helpful links for US readers.,the%20U.S.%20House%20switchboard%20operator.,the%20Senate%20office%20you%20request.

    If you would rather do a phone call heres the switchboard number: (202) 224-3121 They can connect you with any rep or senator.

    Contact your local church leaders if youre part of one. Let them know, from a moral angle, what matters.

    One issue per contact always from a moral angle.

    Yes i know politicians are useless. But if we cant take ten minutes a week to call or email to try to counterbalance the pressure republicans feel from the media and elsewhere then where do we start? Lying back and waiting to die of misery or worse isnt a plan.
    If you dont trust federal pols then stick local. They will be more easily swayed.

    • This is a scary article. I’ve been saying for a while now that the military is not your friend. You’ll notice Dreher included a denial at the bottom from a reader. Of course, that’s exactly what conservatives said for years about wokeness on college campuses: “wait until they get into the real world and see that no one cares about their feelings.” They did and turned corporate America into a component of their insane activism while further spreading throughout the rest of society. Oops. The American military of the future will probably resemble the Red Army. Leftist whites will command people trained to hate Whites along racial lines. You see where this could go, right?

  35. This week’s show contents:

    • 47:00: It’s All Oogily-Boogily
    • 52:00: The Cuck’s Life

    I don’t think I can listen to the podcast, it’s friday, don’t wanna get too pissed off & ruin my week end

  36. In other opinions, the Washington Redskins should move to Oklahoma. They’ll still have to change their name.

  37. “The absurdity of rich blacks moaning about racism is lost on the blacks, but I suspect it is not lost on whites.”

    Someone summed up the situation nicely, that people who live like this…
    …are complaining about people who live like this:
    White people should be seething with righteous anger over their treatment.

  38. If you want to piss a white parent off, tell them their children are going to live their lives as second class citizens. They know internally it’s true, but conservatives have no recourse in normie civnat platitudes to fall back on and libs have to come to terms that their ideology requires them to be traitors to their own children.

    • I think that’s an excellent way to explain things.
      Right now, the ruling class *is* setting up that kind of dystopian future for us; and that’s something they already know, too.

      Should we be standing up and proselytizing more? I know that, personally, I’m not as strident in sticking up for our side as I (perhaps) should be. It *is* the displacement of our entire kind, after all. Many of us probably aren’t. It makes me wonder what the world would be like if we all practiced defending ourselves just a little bit harder, not being too overt at places like work but taking judicious stabs at erecting a perimeter against the creeping ivy of Clown World.

      We can’t let them think they can move too fast on us. True, we can’t send them home, but we can stymie their advance, which gives us more time to prepare things for when these people finally destroy their host society.


      • What we should be doing is building our own Communities and the sooner people understand that the sooner we can win…

        • Line, I’m right there with you. Wife and I have a one-year-old and are getting out of here, moving northwest. Fellow whites, country, and a space to settle down together.

          • Good deal Brother that’s what is needed…Why live somewhere that hates you and everything you produce helps those people that want you dead…

          • give your one year old the greatest gift a partnt can bestow on a chiled . brothers and sisters.

    • I like to grease that identity totem with economic anxiety. “Its a good thing you are doing well. You should be able to keep your son insulated from all this anti-white male nonsense. I mean as long as the markets don’t implode, right?”

      They know this is true too. Their tenuous economic standing is the only thing keeping their precious kids from rubbing elbows with deplorables and thus having to step aside for Progress.

      Special schools, camps, tutors, and the rest of their meticulously curated lives around “good schools” is a buffer from the coming reality. But they know its razor thin.

      And like retirement planning, the math gets uncomfortable in a hurry when stress tested. The present value required to maintain their goodwhite trajectory to ensure their kids stick the cloud landing is daunting.

      • Well crafted, Screwtape! There’s a parody video in here somewhere.

        The present value required to maintain their goodwhite trajectory to ensure their kids stick the cloud landing is daunting.

      • College is one of my fave red-pills. The window for getting your White kids into a Cloud-access school is shrinking, the costs are approaching sell-a-kidney levels and if young Chad Striver gets caught being straight & White in a Sensitivity Zone, says the wrong thing, or just gets unlucky, kiss that 6-figure investment goodbye and he’s looking at Dairy Queen for a career-ladder.

        We’ve discussed this a bit on our membership site – a truly based version of Hillsdale College would act as our own sort of “magnet school.”

        The mere reassurance that we won’t un-person your kids and steal your tuition b/c raycisms and the chance to get an education free of vibrancy issues would be catnip for Our Kind of People.

        • There’s a “membership site”? I’ve retired from academia, but I’d make a comeback to put together some “real history” classes for interested people and their based kids….

          • Severian – This is not what you wrote at your own blog, Rotten Chestnuts. There, you claimed to hate White Nationalism because anyone who could conform to White standards and/or supported Western Civilization was your ally. Hope I’m misreading you, because that is not, to my knowledge, what Lineman and others believe. If you use something other than race for policing the boundaries of any group or organization or people or nation, you end up with multiculturalism and White extinction.

        • Unless the tide turns dramatically, there will be social sorting big-time. Sure, there will be schools that produce quality graduates, but some of these will have a “conservative” reputation or in any case, not Woke or Progressive enough. Just the political or ideological affiliation of a school will likely have a large influence on where a graduate will be welcomed.

    • I get told that I take things “too far” when I say something like that. Even if it’s true, all it seems to do is make enemies, not help reveal truth.

      • It could be just a matter of practice. There are a million ways to skin a cat, but probably only two or three ways without it noticing.

      • Normies have extremel normalcy bias.

        Gerald Celente poked fun at this in a recent rant about people who say, “oh, it’ll come back, it always does !”

        • My then-girlfreind would always say that when I would get out of the car in the dark and accidentally step on her poorly-located tiny palm tree 😀

      • If such an innocuous statement makes a person your enemy, it just shows they were already your enemy.

  39. I once taught at Ohio State, and I had season football tickets from 1972 to 2010. Greatly enjoyed the games and the comradery of my colleagues and students before, during, and after the games. We ignored that 80% of the players were Black. The spectacle was fun.

    But playing the Black National Anthem at NFL games is too much. It rubs the fact that all Blacks hate all Whites in our faces.

    I will no longer watch any sport that has a significant Black presence. I will not watch any TV program or film that has a significant Black presence or theme.

  40. well, the community running americ now is about 15% of the population. so I guess that’s prtty much universal

  41. I can understand the attraction of tuning out of the daily drudge to watch a game as a form of escape. But what I could never understand even in the before times was why seemingly intelligent people listened to sports talk.
    A few years ago on a local newscast one of the newsreaders complained that our town didn’t even hold a pep rally for our local team as they headed for the Superbowl while the opposing team held a rally of at least 10,000 people to send off theirs.
    The older at times sarcastic anchor remarked that 10,000 people showed up to listen to football players speak for an hour or two. That’s all you need to know about that other town…

    It’s not even Bread and Circuses anymore, it’s become a self-administered lobotomy.

    Within a week the old codger was gone.

  42. Nearly half of the NFL viewership is women. They spend the household money. The can get their weekly sermon and have something to talk to the other AWFLs in Monday morning. White men? Pssshht..

    • I don’t know where you got that half the NFL viewership is women. I guess that includes dad watching football while the women are in the general vicinity doing other things.

      • It’s all easily googlable. I also found out that a third of the NFLs audience is not in the USA and that the average fan in the US is 50 years old.

        • Such a stat would probably originate from the NFL itself. So half the fans being women is prolly a marketing lie. Even if a woman is a fan of a certain team, it’s very unlikely she’s going to watch a football game when there’s 200 other channels she could be watching. About 150 of which are specifically made for women. Also, women love saying they love football. Most are lying.

          • Completely correct. As long as the women watch the ads though, that’s all that matters. Looking through a lens of about 50% viewership, everything the NFL does starts to make sense.

  43. What Z doesn’t understand is that whites have to follow sports or they aren’t men.

    • Another differentiation needed between biological males and men: males watch sport, men do it. At 55 I’m too old for contact sport but I still have sons (and now grandkids) that want a pickup game with their old man. When the teevee is off we find plenty more time for playing golf, lifting, volleyball, shooting hoops, or working on rifleman skills. Sky is the limit for manly sport. As for televised sport … it’s a lost cause, and has been since the 90s. Stop watching, start doing.

      • Amen Cappy! Been banging that drum for years as well. Same goes for all the fantasy and gambling stuff. Stop watching, get doing.

      • Upvote!

        TV sports and Porno are for wankers. Doers do – wankers wank. 

        The argument that a particular televised sport doesn’t have non-Whites is like saying, “ I’m not into interracial porn “. 

      • I’ll add dodgeball to the list. I break out in hyena laughter everytime I splatter some SJW and it cries out from the harmless pain. It helps maintain your ability to lead targets, too.

    • Resorted to cutting my own hair now. I can’t keep up a conversation with my barber anymore. About 10 years ago I told him that I didn’t have cable tv. Literally rocked it him on his feet.

      • I finally bought a digital TV a couple of years ago and an Antenna.

        I get between 10 and 20 stations depending on the conditions and time of year.

        I used to use it to watch the news. I haven’t turned it on in over a year. The vibrant and diverse meatpuppets that they hire to read the news are altogether too much!

        Tldr – there’s nothing on sir, you are not missing anything.

        • Over the air secondary channels now carry old westerns and old movies.
          And they are free if you can just put up with a few reverse mortgage commercials.
          All you need is an antenna.

          • I paid for an outside antenna. Then AT&T stopped internet (DSL) service. So I had to switch to cable modem, which wiring the antenna was usuing, so no more antenna…and I don’t miss it at all 🙂
            As Pink Floyd said “I’ve got thirteen channels of shit on my TV to choose from.” (well, it was 1979!) We’re probably up to 10, a 100x that many channels these days.

      • Control your consumption, with the right tool kit, in this order-

        1. Get a VPN
        2. Get a Bittorrent client
        3. Go hunt for movies and tv you like via torrent sites
        4. Download and install Plex on your NAS
        5. Put your downloaded media in the Plex folder
        6. Enjoy

        Lots of old movies and tv out in the ether.
        Note, this guide is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to help you break some archaic law. Caveat Emptor.

        • I’ve defended in federal court several of my close personal friends who got called out for infringing movies and porn via the torrents. A thousand hours. Some organizations seed the infringements liberally and then wait for the fly along the web. Be careful out there, that is all.

          • Of course it is theoretically possible to download only public domain or otherwise non-infringing material 😀

            While I’m not at high risk of a civil action, I’ve fantasized about the day they serve me for some type of civil suit. I will call up the other side, invite one of their attorneys out to lunch and explain to them what “unlimited homestead exemption” means, as well as the similar unlimted protections on retirement income in my State, suggest they run a financial check on me, and then ask them if they really think they will collect a dime from me. And yes, I have checked with an attorney.

          • Malibu Media et al. Lonely CEOs with too much time on the road and, hence, sticky fingers. Even with my wife in the depths of chemo I didn’t … well … yeah I did and still do for convenience And so there is that. Wish I didn’t have a sex drive, that we do is one reason why we’re behind the curve for now. Master it.

      • I had no cable for over 10 years when the kids were home , bt then the wife wanted it for EWTN, so we got it. If the cable company ever drops EWTN , they are gone from my house forever

    • I’ve told this story but the audience here keeps growing. My wife and I were saying our goodbyes as we left a neighborhood party. Based I guess on the time of day, a man said, “You’re going to the game.” He was sitting at a table with his wife.
      I always have to figure out what ‘game’ is being referred to based on the month. It was a Sunday in the autumn, so he probably meant football. I said, “I haven’t watched a single down of a football game in probably thirty years, since I outgrew peer pressure.”
      This guy’s wife gave him such a look, I knew I’d just dropped into the middle of one of their running conversations.

  44. Used to watch pro football quite a bit until that white guy with the frizzy hair decided to disrespect the flag. How much mileage can they get out of this thing. Sooner or later, through enough provocations, they will wake up those who don’t want to be “woke.”

  45. If 20% of White people are red pilled by the current race war, the nature of White people changes in a hurry – we can only hope…

    The only “sport” I watch anymore is golf. Extremely White and the announcers stick to the play – no stupid discourse about social justice crap or joggers – probably cuz it’s virtually jogger free. Hopefully, there won’t be a “noose hanging from the 18th pin”, incident.

  46. They could play the games in my front yard and I’d close the blinds.

    Channeling your inner Bill Shankley, I see.

    ESPN is constantly on one of the TVs in the break room below my office. I’ve been trying to gauge the interest in it from the number of eyeballs glued to it. I’d say it’s down. There’s a couple whites who just have nothing else in their lives, no hobbies, no skills, no direction, so they don’t know what to do with themselves if they’re not staring at a TV, listening to Colin Cowherd racially flagellate them. There’s really nothing more pathetic than seeing a white guy watch hours of football-related content during the offseason, especially now that it’s blackety-blackety-black 24/7.

    But speaking to other guys at work, I’ve had several tell me that they’re done with football. I’m not sure what to think of that. The bluster about the kneeling a couple years ago was mostly just that, but the situation is considerably different now. For one, the racial animus has been dialed up significantly. Being forced to listen to the “Black National Anthem” is going to trigger emotions in some men that they’ve tried to bury for a long time. I’d love to see thousands of them take a knee during its playing, just for the shit storm that would ensue. The other factor is the lack of sports in general. On one hand, it may help the NFL if they’re the only game in town, but on the other hand we really don’t know if people have simply moved on from sportsball in general. The key is, how much of a hit can the business take before belt-tightening or a dial-back of the negrophilia occurs? Ten percent? Twenty?

      • This is one thing that is amazing to me, more and more: people who will actively work against their own interests. Not just wipipo in general, and rioting blacks, but business owners. I can see the NFL owners riding all-black, all-the-time into the ground. Think Ahab on the whale or Slim Pickens on the Bomb, whooping it up from here to Doomsday.

        • Well their ideology is suicidal in the long run so it’s no surprise that their actions don’t seem logical to us and ends in death…

    • I’m one of those guys that tried to stop watching the NFL last year but couldn’t, but I’m pissed now. It’s now a matter of pride to actively avoid watching it. I’m not attending games, not watching, and not reading news articles on it. I am done, just like I punted the NBA several years ago.

      • I have found it increasingly easy to actively boycott things once I get over the first instance successfully. I now no longer watch most sports and even avoid some consumer brands which have endorsed racial hatred of my group. The same applies to some people as well; some authors and other creators I simply ignore or avoid directly giving them money by purchasing resold copies.

        I think this mentality could prove useful for building our side’s cohesion. A boycott can sometimes backfire by increasing sales, but the real benefit lies in promoting group-think among our side, even if we “lose” by increasing the enemy’s sales. This tactic works wonderfully for the left. They may have driven up Joker‘s box office, for instance, with their rhetoric, but their attacks have also made it more difficult for another such movie to get made; their side is also now more organized and ever more on the hunt for wrong opinions as a result of the controversy surrounding that movie.

        Perhaps someone could create a downloadable database of products and leftist personalities who have endorsed racist statements. Our side would then have a resource for thinking tribally. Some would use the information to boycott, making future boycotts more effective and our side more willing to think collectively about working together as a group.

  47. The Mercedes Formula 1 team has BLM themed livery this year. There is another team that has had a pink livery for several years now. The waning interest I had in F1 has now gone to zero. My final refuge is Moto GP and World Superbike. Hopefully motorcycle road racing has too much of a niche audience to get the attention of the cultural revolutionaries.

      • And the only way to watch the sport is from overhead. He only reason to watch the Winter Olympics.

        • Eh, to each their own. Those women tend to be too muscular for my tastes. It was better back in the ‘70s and ‘80s when your typical women’s volleyball player didn’t look like an amateur body builder.

          • It’s been years since I watched it on tv..perhaps I’m remembering them better than they were…women’s pole vaulting, then. Yea, that’s a sport worth watching…I think.

          • Every one into watching athletic women needs to go to YouTube and search for “spoops

            You’re welcome.

          • Yea, that’s a sport worth watching.

            Yes – great landings, if the cameraman is on the ball.

        • Beach volleyball? So you’re into skinny, flat-assed, hatchet-faced, ultras-serious semi-dykes in sports bras? Seriously those are the most unsexy “sexy” women I’ve ever seen. Women’s indoor college volleyball isn’t much better. Great long legs, but their shorts are intentionally dark, (usually black) making their asses basically invisible. And aside from the far-away angle, the cameramen are instructed to only show the girls from the waste up. If all that weren’t lame enough, you get to be annoyed by the female need for the whole team to come together and high-five their support for each other after every freaking play.

          • Perfect encapsulation. Bravo, Frip.

            The correct answer for the only wahmyns sport that is worthwhile remains: The Swedish Bikini Team. You just need to overlook the token somali.

          • Easy there, old boy. Hit a nerve? Beautiful women, of all shapes, are a joy to behold. I’d say you might consider turning off the flat screen.

          • (((They’ve))) redefined “beautiful” women for us. We’re not supposed to notice actual beauty which, admittedly, largely depends upon how a woman carries herself. A little moxie can make up for nature; too much moxie destroys nature.

          • Recently watched documentary on famed popular music producer and composer David Foster. He said of his daughters: “I raised four strong willed and successful daughters.” The “strong willed” was jarring. (Imagine “strong willed sons”. That would sound f*cking stupid). Anyway, he seems to me the kind of boomer who’d have said, “Four beautiful, loving daughters.” I bet the doc director yelled, “CUT! Richard, how about we go with “strong willed and successful.” I notice this a lot. Cuts, or edits, whenever an interviewee probably used and old fashioned, un-Prog phrase.

            But then Foster seems totally LA plastic. He’s a Canadian transplant to LA. What a terrible mix. Without being prompted he went out of his way to call Barbara Streisand “SO beautiful”. That’s just cringe for everyone involved, including Barbara.

          • “Lovely to look upon, heaven to touch, it’s a real shame they’ve got to cost so much” as an old Grateful Dead song says 🙂

        • Yes. When I first saw it I thought it was a joke.For sheer appreciation of the form (the sport of course!), woman’s gymnastics a close second 😀

    • Don’t count on it. I was at my globogym the other day and on the big screen was ESPN8 “the ocho” playing some kind of cornhole championship. All white. Obscure as hell. Two white guys. Both in face diapers, one branded BLM. The other kid in a BLM hat. Corporate sell outs are one thing but nobody is forcing individual men to cuck for a buck. If this convergence of the deep state coup/covid/BLM/antifa/orange man bad media bias/war on white is not enough to wake white men up, they deserve to be on the plantation along with the vibrants.

      I still recommend grabbing the tv-killer keychain remote. Just turn off every tv you can. Maybe in those two minutes away from the warming glow one more soul will break free.

    • AFAIK, sprint car racing has yet to become AWR. And it’s far more entertaining than any other form of motorsport.

  48. I never watched much sports anyway, but I simply don’t give a damn about some quasi literate simians making millions throwing a ball around and their alleged oppression. There is a whole African continent for you to return to, so please go if you are unhappy. I would guess since most of these Negros have low IQ’s and little need for foresight simply don’t get that much of their previous fan base are working class men who do physically demanding work and liked to watch sports to relax. And it’s clear the owners have even less less sense than the simians throwing a ball and crying about oppression.

    • I suspect the professional sport world is trying to ingratiate themselves a population whom they think will become their new view base. People I’ve known in the sports broadcasting industry, a couple pretty high up, told me that business was running on borrowed time and near tanking. This was back in 2006, so who knows what the truth is, but I can’t imagine the behind-the-scenes reality is pretty.

      • Just look at the immense ratings and revenue pulled by the WBNA and women’s professional soccer.

        • Exactly. Furthermore, black people make up only 13% of the population, contrary to what most of them think.
          Black spectators alone can’t carry entire sports franchises. The numbers just don’t add up.

          • Particularly when blacks–rappers and pro athletes excepted–are poorer than dirt.

      • And most have adopted the football culture of accountability, competition, being a good soldier, etc. Coincidence? I wonder how the NBA compares.

        • It’s almost like IQ and Personality are not the same thing. Some of our guys focus far too completely on IQ. The men with little hats and the Han also are high IQ, but with far different personality.

          • Right. You can make a bookshelf with knotty wood and it’ll be perfectly functional. If the wood has beautiful grain but is warped and twisted it won’t work. Fine line there sometimes.

          • We often forget the genetic correlations of behavior. When human differences were first discussed, way back in Galton’s time, people were described as different in physical attributes (e.g., health, longevity), intelligence, and what was termed “character”. Character is now usually called “conscientiousness”.

            Character was those aspects of behavior such as self control vs temper, ability to postpone immediate gratification and so forth. These traits we now know as “personality” and can be measured. But even back then were known to run in families and differ across races.

          • IQ is not all. Blacks (Negroids, what ever the current politcally acceptable sceintific term is…) as a group have different, perhaps better, emotional, speech and physical traits than whites. There is a reason that they excel in some sports and entertainment fields. I think it was in one of Lynn’s books where early researchers (1960s or earlier) noted that retarded (IQ about 70) whites tended to isolate and not be socially invovled in recess or similar situations, while a Black kid of same IQ showed much higher social interacting skills, remembered names, etc.

          • Looks at muh. Who gives a crap about their social skills? They’re still idiots in the main. A happy or sad tard is still a tard.

          • Control of anger is an emotional trait. You really think blacks are better at that than whites? As for being better at “speech,” apparently you haven’t listened to them attempt to speak very often. Now they do rate highly, higher than whites, for extroversion, but extroversion isn’t necessarily superior to introversion.

          • Stands to reason. More virtuoso athleticism, less teamwork in basketball. I wonder sometimes how jazz musicians would hold up in a symphony.

          • To be fair, let me make the precise argument my Dad once made: in the early days when live musicians actually played music, classically trained musicians would try to play along with “real” jazz musicians. The pros would say “That is very good, but it is not the same.” This is not proof that Blacks have some magical musical spark that university trained Whites lack, but it allows there may be unexplained factors at work.

          • White culture favors teamwork, black, soloing. At least that’s what I was taught, and it seems true. Deeper factors at work? Idk.

            And I like jazz fwiw. Don’t see it as inferior overall, just different. But sometimes I listen to Miles Davis missing notes and I wonder what the hell he was thinking. Always figured oh well I’m white 🙂

            And then otoh I’ll watch a YouTube video of some asian kid shredding, and it’s incredibly precise but strikes me as soulless.

          • Then, too, jazz isn’t entirely a black thang. It is roughly equal parts white and black. Jazz would never have developed in deep, dark Africa, but likewise, it wouldn’t have developed in the US had there not been a significant number of Africans there.

          • Classical music requires far more precision and discipline than jazz. With the exception of a select few such as Wynton Marsalis, I think they might struggle.

          • More complicated because more moving parts, but there is also time between plays to think and plan. With basketball, the physical and mental faculties have to be in almost continuous operation. You literally have to think on your feet.

      • That’s most likely true. Some of the well known rappers are pretty smart as well, and filthy rich because of it. However, there seems little correlation between race animosity and IQ. Blacks of a high level hate Whites if only slightly hidden. Scratch the surface and see what gets exposed. Stories abound.

  49. One thing that will warm things up is taking the white man’s sense of purpose away. You can’t leave too many men unemployable because they have nothing to lose. By “cancelling” certain individuals, you radicalise them and give them a brand new reason to exist. The Chinese and Muslims have thousands of leftover men who will never get married, have families or productive careers. They don’t mind joining their respective armies. Corona might do this, BLM might do this, the upcoming economic disaster might do it too. Black men are now useless outside of corporate promotion through rap or sports, that’s part of the reason they don’t mind being filmed breaking things.

    • Please don’t mistake my comments as liberal whining, but: You are absolutely right about Black men and to a lesser extent, men of any race who are only marginally valuable due to whatever reason. Usually the case is made that widespread welfare (especially in the Black community) led to the rise of the unwed welfare brood sow and the parallel loss of the value of having a husband or even man in the home; the regulations actually worked against the traditional man-working-supporting-family model. To me this argument seems solid. This “social experiment” has been going on all of my life (60 years, rounded up) and so far results don’t look very promising: tens of millions of men (all races, but the usual disproportionate black & brown) are, for all practical purposes, completely useless to society, have zero prospects of ever finding paying “real” work and have no alternatives other than crime. Literally, the world would have been — or would be — a better place if these people had never existed. Harsh words, but isn’t it true? I can only imagine the awful mind-set that such a realization must cause in such unfortunates. More chillingly, somebody once observed that nothing is more dangerous than a man who thinks he has nothing to lose — especially if he’s right.

      • Technology is the culprit here, Its appears at a certain point you can have efficiency or you can have families but not both.
        There are things that can be done , a lower work week for example but a society where decent jobs are all done by machines creates men without a purpose.

    • A society becomes destabilized when it has large segments of people who just don’t fit anywhere. We’ve got basically 3 such groups with the 3rd being relatively new. The original two were the leftover would-be elites* and women. The relatively new gang is men who’ve been unpersoned for saying the wrong thing or just being the wrong thing.

      I’d say I’m in this latter category now. I used to be in IT but can’t get the senior level jobs because I’ve been out of it too long and can’t just go back and start over because the entry level jobs are designated for Indians. I’ve tried applying for other jobs but the Portland area’s main “industry” is non-profits. Most of these are so pozzed that the only way to get a job there as a white male is to be a complete soyboy or flamboyantly gay/trans.

      The three groups act out in different ways. The vastly bloated university system produces millions of wannabe elites. These are the Dunning Kruger specimens who all think they deserve a job jetting around the world on a 6 figure salary to promote “green energy” or some other poz scam. Around here they eventually get jobs at Starbucks and take out their rage and entitlement by joining antiFa.

      Women, well there are textbooks about modern female dysfunction but they can all be summarized by saying that women are not men and have been encouraged to try to be men anyway. Since this analogous to telling Hippos that they are birds the results have been a disaster for them and those of us within their blast radius.

      Now we have the recently unpersoned — the elite has decided that guys like me can’t work either, except maybe at shitty menial jobs they’re overqualified for. Since a lot of us are pretty smart and also know a lot about things like chemistry, guns, and electronics… Well, you can see where that’s likely to go. Remember the Killdozer guy? Now imagine thousands of clones of him.

      Throw all this in a blender, add 1 part in 10 obsolete human farm implements, 1/3 of Latin America’s peasants skilled in hi-tech jobs like picking coco leaves for the cartels, a ruling class engineered economic disaster, massive unemployment, skyrocketing rents, cheap meth and booze, and race riots. Now add 500,000,000 guns, a trillion rounds of ammo, and nothing fun to do that’s still open or, in many places, ever likely to open again. What can possibly go wrong?

      * Sailer’s “elite overproduction”.

      • I can sympathize about the IT. My last job search was in my late 30s and even with a recent degree finding a job wasn’t easy — when the economy was booming (late 90s)! For non-profits the DC area has to be worse than Portland by far so I claim whining rights 😀 Even though that wasn’t my target of employment, thank goodness for the Federal teat, as someone once said basically the working world sucks! I was able to retire young and jumped at the chance. Also agree about the “World owes e a living” — the world is full of over-educated, under-able, surplus people filling their days with make-work of little or even negative value.

  50. No self-respecting White man is going to pay good money to watch N***ers and groveling White boys chase around watermelon-shaped rubber balls. Or corporate automaton race car drivers either. Those days are over.

    • True but how can we help men in our spheres build and sustain that self-respect? Your caveat is where we need to be aiming.

      Sure the cogdis and disgust of having to kneel to the poc just to pass a rainy sunday afternoon may prove too much for some men, but we need to be thinking ahead to help them fill their empty chests or they will simply substitute another opioid.

      Its not like this all happened suddenly. We need to break the cycle. Flight to golf or boat racing only to have it pozz a year later is not a win.

      Like any other aspect of community, our entertainment will spawn from who we are. Until men reject the faded facsimiles in favor of building anew, neither positive identity nor self-respect is possible. Rejecting globohomo is half way there. The other half is creating alternatives.

        • Yes and no.

          Woods was a freakish convergence of factors in exactly the right place and time. Take any one of those away and he’s has 2 or 3 majors at best.

          Because so many factors converged in one place and time is why it will be incredibly difficult for them to create the next Woods, though they will try.

          And I write this as someone who doesn’t really like golf much.

        • Yes. This is a hazard you must watch out for. Look up “Talented Tenth” in the Manual 🙂 A very real problem here though, is that, on average, a person’s opinion of a category is largely determined by his experiences with specific examples. Extreme example: it would be a mistake to judge the qualify of all Black men by a single example, whether it were a Tiger Woods, a Thomas Sowell or even a George Floyd. Sadly for them, a Floyd is more representative of the group as a whole 🙁

      • Call me crazy, but instead of watching sportsball, maybe encourage playing sportsball – even just pick-up games. Or take up a useful hobby like woodworking.

        • There are thousands of things people could do rather than watching sports but all of them take some motivation…

          • Exactly which is one thing a Community should have is a school that teaches different skill sets to adult men and women…

          • A few years back the makerspace movement led to the creation of a lot of little workshops with things like 3D printers, drill presses, welding rigs, electronics, sewing machines, etc… I used to volunteer at one before The Madness hit and shut all that stuff down. A lot of these places were, of course, quite pozzed because they tended to be started by artsy types or Silicon Valley nerds. I’m not sure how many are still around but I think we need something like this, minus the poz. Nowadays you might need to hold classes in guys’ garages in places with heavy handed Beer Flu restrictions or just with lots of nosy social justice weasels who might show up and start trouble if the people there weren’t PC. Wonder how hard it would be to convert an old RV into a mobile skill-school?

        • In pre-Reformation England, the law required all men of the yeoman class and lower (everybody but the toffs) to practice archery each week. The English longbow’s reputation as a fearsome weapon was realized as the fruit of this policy. Time for Whites to reinvigorate the shooting sports. Maybe if the BLM appreciation crowd saw some televised marksmenship, there’d be way fewer chimp outs in our streets.

          • All the outdoor / long range shooting ranges in my area have at least a 6 month wait to join.

          • I know about this problem well. I’ve been researching long range shooting and outdoor ranges. The gun clubs all have similar waitlists, probably longer now with all the recent madness. I’m going to switch to looking for free outdoor ranges on state lands. The usual process of doing a google search isn’t so effective for this. You might also try joining a locally focused gun forum. I joined a while back. Just post that you’re looking for a good place to go shooting and your general area. A lot of gun stores have indoor ranges of course the staff would be a good resource too. Just ask them where they go to shoot their rifles or shotguns. All the gun stores I know are locally owned and not staffed by the usual brainless retail droids.

            Edit: Also, just look at the website for the state forest lands in general. Most allow target shooting in general. Basically just find an open area and try not to aim at people or vehicles. Here’s Oregon’s Regs for example.

          • If you were part of my Community you wouldn’t have to worry about somewhere to shoot or running out of ammo 😉

      • Sports for the most part have served as a poor substitute for heroism even if you’re participating instead of just spectating (which is the worst aspect, OFC).

        I’d like to see a much greater emphasis on fighting, martial arts & shooting for competitive sport and more outdoorsmanship for hobbies – hunting, fishing, climbing, hiking etc..

        Men doing stuff that makes them better men. Yes, teamwork is learned in some sports but you can adapt all of the above to make them social/team-oriented as well.

        The contrived, artificial substitutes like tree hockey & eggball (and yes baseball and hockey, for all that I still like them) need to die out.

        • Like Z I was formally boxing and wrestling from age 8 or so. At age 8 I also had a 12 gauge, yes actually, and 22 centerfire stored under my bed, unloaded but with ammo close. I hated boxing and wrestling until I was fortunate to escape because no longer required to help me be a better football player/defend my surname. I once fought 20-30 joggers focused soley upon my, fortunately because they started with my lady, and despite being bloodied I won. Wanna know how to identify me, look to one of my knuckles and you’ll see and engraved in skin $ sign. Knocked that jogger’s frontal array back into his back throat. i consider this “Men doing stuff that makes them better men” and you should mind the gap. Mind the gap.

          • Your posts crack me up. You are the high powered multi-millionaire attorney with the mega-mansion who also got full ride scholarships to college and you are also Bruce Lee who managed to fight off 20 men at once?
            And you were effectively firing 12 gauges known for their pretty hardcore kick at 8 years old. I’m guessing you are also dashingly handsome and have a 10 inch dong?
            What pray tell Monsieur Rodent, can’t you do???
            You are either James Bond or Walter Mitty, I haven’t decided yet…

          • Well, the ten-incher is certainly true. (cough) Seriously have 1500 plus parachute jumps. And an arsenal. And all the creds and wins said. FWIW. I am so effing bored with the wife at home and itchin’ at slitting my jugulars because … confinement!

      • get to know other men in your area. spend time with them in the outdoors, playing cards,doing home improvement, cooking out ,srchery,fishing, biking, working out , etc. and also building your faith life.
        turn the tube off

    • you pay it eery time you pay your cable bill . whhether you watch or not is up to you , and they don’t care if you watch or not

      • Its not about all the money, after all we still need Internet but reducing how much of our cash we get.
        Hell just buying less things is incredibly effective at weakening our enemies. Yes they can run the money printer but a society without stores, without restaurants and with much less tax revenue collected is one that is that is favorable to us.
        Its get people wondering what the hell we are about and get’s them focused on what matters.
        Even the USSR fell apart when it couldn’t provide the goods
        Also when possible not buying things except from people who don’t hate us is something we can do.
        As for something to do, play chess, take up whittling , read old good books. just talk to friends . In other words what people did before TV and the internet.

  51. I haven’t listened, yet, but just based on your comments above, Z: I’ve sworn off any televised sports. What I really have found offensive about TV sportsball is the advertising. That alone was enough reason to stop watching that bilge. And then the spectacle of that OK coach denouncing his own ancestor (Thomas Jefferson!) and promoting the idea of tearing down his monuments…all to get browny points with black players and suck up to his football boosters. Sickening. I’m with you. I’m out.

    • The ads were the trigger for me as well. Let’s face it, the audience for sportsball is white guys. Everyone knows it. They put ads on for AIDS drugs and race-mixing out of spite.

      • I’ve struggled with the intent of the ads, myself. They’re offensive enough as is, but the sheer relentlessness of them suggests there has to be an actual agenda behind them. It’s just difficult to accept that we’re living in the midst of, and, unfortunately, at the behest of actual evil.

          • This may be heretical, but I’m convinced that our idea that there is a single ‘end time’ is bogus… folks living through the Black Death had their own End Time too.

            It is always a ‘end time’.

          • Yes, and now is the end time of not only the U.S., but the West generally.
            What comes next is up to us.

          • The US is finished. The West, however, still has more than a fighting chance of survival.

          • I don’t think that is necessarily heretical. Just as there are anti-Christs, and The anti-Christ. That there are several “end times” is indisputable. But that does not contradict that there is “The End Times.” The difficulty is determining which one is the present end times.

          • Yes. Bad as it looks now, imagine being in Europe in 1918: you’ve just celebrated the armistice, and then the Spanish Flu kicks in for real.

            The Thirty Years’ War, The Hundred Years’ War, The English Civil War, The American Civil War, The Black Death, cholera, typhoid fever… Open a history book at random, and there’s a 95% chance that human existence looked a lot grimmer than it does today.

            People are not even scared, yet, that’s how good they’ve got it. We’re going to need a decade of soup kitchens and bread lines to even compete with the past.

          • There is a difference, though. Western Europe of 1918 had a future they could look forward to no matter how grim things looked at the moment because they were still European and still resided as the majority in their own homelands. That future was one they could imagine was a better place. The United States doesn’t have such a future, and what future we do have is terrible — probably akin to decades of Bolshevik dictatorship under the Soviet regime. That’s certainly a step down from where we were from 1945 – 2000. People are right to be depressed. It didn’t have to be that way.

          • Depressed? Certainly.
            Armageddon? Hardly.

            Whites have been a minority in America before, remember? And the poc of today are a few ponies short of being Comanche.

            There are 200 million white Americans, making USA the largest European nation on the planet, a sleeping tiger.

          • Another “grim” and “European” fact to not overlook is that both World Wars were whites acting poorly against each other. Whites certainly are at risk from non-Whites today, but don’t forget the teaching (Luke 12) that a man’s worst enemies are often in his own family 🙁

          • People in BSA ARE scared. Just look at all of the masks and take note of shortages of ammo and arms.

          • BadThinker said: “It is always a ‘end time’ ”

            Your right, the end of days isn’t about the local perspective, it’s about the global perspective. And the global perspective is starting to look rather apocalyptic to me.


          • I agree with MemeWarVet that the End Time in the Bible, mentioned by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse, was 70 AD … it was the end of the Jewish Age. But that 1000 year period in The Revelation is not easy to account for.

          • Yes, Amill is consistent with Preterist theology. I read J. Stuart Russell’s, “The Parousia”. Late 19th-century theologian that deeply investigated (and, I think, struggled) with the issue of “parousia delay”, as Albert Schweitzer put it. I think that the Great Throne Judgement in Revelation is also thought to be problematic. The Book of Revelation was the only book that Calvin never wrote a commentary for. Thanks for the comment..

        • Agreed. It’s the sheer spite of our corporate overlords. On a certain machiavellian level, I can appreciate their amorality…white fertility low means less sugar-salt cake being eaten so we need to import the entire world to keep 2Q profits up ad infinitum.

          What I don’t get is turn in the past two years to sheer “Die honky die!” celebration. They revel in the fact that they’re on the side of Satan.

          • The whole ‘corporations have an obligation to maximize shareholder value’ thing needs to be rethought.

          • Maximizing profit is what they’re up to, but they couch it in populist rhetoric thinking we’re too stupid to notice.

          • The entire system of law, finance, and governance regarding corporations and limited liability will need to be rethought, and reconfigured to something closer to (but different from) Elizabethan times. If I could sue Jeff Bezos personally every time I get shafted by an Amazon purchase, many wrongs in the world would be righted.

          • Sign me up, if it includes public hangings for all but the most minor crimes 😀

          • The AWR execs already rethought that one and rejected it with extreme prejudice.

          • Have to ask, what does AWR mean? Haven’t found a definition other than ass-to-waist ratio.

          • Got it, thanks.

            Diversity = profit. Cheap labor, subsidies, white flight driving development, propped-up real estate values, growing consumer base. Quite a racket they’ve got going.

          • They revel in the fact that they’re on the side of Satan.”
            This is more true than most realize. I hope it is dawning on more people very soon before it is truly too late.

          • All fertility everywhere with any development is low not just ours. Asia is round 1.3, Mexico at or near replacement, Brazil same as us, Europe, same.
            The side that is winning are the devout of whatever faith. The Amish double in like a generation!
            This will correct and I suspect theanti White people know this and want to gin up something to keep them in power before Y/T either deals them out or everything collapse and the remainder are the faithful.
            Also as you noted profits, all trends are to deflation and capitalism doesn’t know how to cope with stagnation much less shrinkage.There is no profit in the economy ands that catabolic collapse leads to a certain madness.

        • The agenda is to get whites to truckle before black supremacy. It has worked pretty well.

          • For the weak yes. Far too many people are going scary bad White now.
            Its like this

            Good White, Nice but realistic, uninvolved, Civ Nat, Bad White, Holy Crap!
            This I suspect is why the big push, way too many people are going from uninvolved too Bad White or beyond

      • We have the same issue with ads in UK. I wonder sometimes if the explanation is that the ad companies simply run some kind of algorithm factoring in all the special groups they must appease, and the computer churns out the kind of dross that everyone hates. Because White people have learned to keep their opinions to themselves there’s never any negative feedback from this, just steadily declining viewership.

      • It’s a strange time for them to be doubling down on the anti-white stuff. In the past, the messaging in the commercials and commentary could be terrible but at least there were sports being played as the incentive. The actual throwing and catching, etc. was like the bait for the trap. Now, they don’t have anything to offer to lure in white guys.
        Then: “We hate you. We hate you….TOUCHDOWN!!!!!”
        Now: “We hate you. We hate you….Don’t forget, we hate you.”

      • There is another possibility: our rulers are so dumb as to think that’s what the audience actually wants to see. There is a minority, but appreciable, number of non-whites (especially hispanics) who watch pro football. They overwhelmingly vote democrat, so the white left probably thinks that’s what they want to see — things white leftists also want to see — since they are ostensibly both “on the same side.” Remember that now infamous video of a white leftist screeching in confusion as a black rioter attacked him? “But I’m on your side!” They really can’t comprehend how black people aren’t just white liberals in black skin.

        You find the left makes this kind of mistake all the time. In fact, there is a study validating the idea that they don’t understand the other side (Jonathon Haidt’s The Righteous Mind) as well as the right understands them. Take BLM for instance (there are many other examples). It’s an organization practically run by white leftists, aside from token figureheads. Their platform calls for an end to “heteronormity” and “the nuclear family”. They throw in trans rights and a few other things; Sean King suggested burning church symbols. But ask yourself, are those things the average black person really cares about? No way. However, the white leftists who run society may very well think that’s what they want just because they vote with the same party they do.

        I find they make this same mistake practically everywhere in society, then are shocked when reality doesn’t turn out the way they expected — blacks vote against some gay or trans amendment or they don’t read some comic book or buy some video game or movie that supposedly panders to them (unless it comports with traditional, conservative tropes like family and defending tradition and territory from outsiders — notice the Tyler Perry movies are basically that, same with that Black Panther movie … even Dave Chapelle’s comedy has shocked white Millennial Leftists who don’t understand how a black man could say those things and laugh).

      • The wife and I were surfing around Amazon Prime for something to watch last night and found that some folks had put together compilations of old television ads. The first one we watched (wife’s pick) was of toy commercials from the 80’s. The second (my choice) was automotive ads from the 50’s and 60’s.
        It was honestly a little jarring how White all of the ads were. We’ve gotten so used to having to suffer through interracial couples and black narrators in every damn ad that it’s weird to see a time when that wasn’t a case. The only black kids in the toy ads were playing with black toys, i.e. black girl with a black Cabbage Patch doll.
        The automotive ads were even better. The only black actor in any of them was playing a truck driver in a 1968 Mercury Cougar ad. The rest of them were all white families buying cars from white salesmen.
        We didn’t know what we had and threw it all away.

    • Because of the ads and the 3 hour game length, I started recording the games I was interested in and if “my team” won would then watch later, skipping the ads and halftime nonsense. I’d only watch a game in real-time if my brother was also watching at his place and we’d text our reactions back forth. But i was also usually doing at least one other thing as well.

      • This is no joke, amusing as it is. This is advertising today, and it comes from a corporate mindset that considers selling the client as morally superior to be a central objective. And this is what the client wants. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, inside the business, that part of such-and-such campaign is to show how diverse the client is.

        • This insidious strategy started in San Francisco in the 80s. It’s creator was the Jew, Andy Berlin of Goodby, Berlin, and Silverstein.

          • big surprise, I did not know who started it, but I could have bet all my money it was some jews that were behind it.

    • Sports is essentially a ritualized form of combat. Probably the original LARP-ing. Even in (ancient) civilizations, we had actual combat in Rome, to the approval of huge crowds. But as time wore on, most sports became less deadly and more cemonial. But not to worry: if times deteriorate sufficiently, we may return to actual combat between “us” and “them” and all your primal needs to witness or participate in conflict will be met 🙁

  52. Jews were never more than 4% of the US population and Gay men 2% and look at what they achieved. Entirely negative effects on our society, of course.

    • The CCP controls 1.4 billion Chinese with only 30 million members. That’s all you need to control any people, as long as your members are dedicated.

    • The left controls most of the channels of influence:

      1. entertainment, which is the most insidious form of propaganda
      2. tech platforms
      3. banking
      4. media
      5. education
      6. bureaucracy
      7. lawyers
      8. HR department in most companies

      It is little wonder absurd things like self-castration become mainstream.
      We have to make politics local again, get power back to the family and the neighborhood. It is our only hope.

      • This is something our side will have to fix. One huige problem among the entire Right is an abject loathing of being in education or a “creative.” ore hell the refusal to dictate sexual morality
        And while the Left can be blamed quite a bit for chocking us out , this issue predates the difficulties we had getting into the industry.
        All of those Big 8 will be controlled and will be heavily relegated by Our State and Liberty minded people will have to suck it.
        Our guys will have to teach classes, arrest people other than parents who tech certain things to kids and do a ton of things to reduce freedom, not increase it.,
        You will have an interregnum, probably 40 years where something akin to the Hays Code, perhaps with looser speech requirements will be the law and people who insist on breaking it will do time.
        Its will be our job to force society back to a high functioning highly moral state.
        And yes this means censorship and lots of it and that some shows and movies that you once like will be unavailable not sold or distributed.
        No doubt people will illicitly download them along with all the porn that is no longer legal, you can’t stop it unless you ban networking technology but the goal is a moral public culture with public punishment for subversion not perfection.

      • Making politics local is why the left ultimately won; they control all of the richest, most influential geography in the country — enormous concentration of power and wealth under leftist control (some boroughs in NYC have larger GDPs than entire republican counties elsewhere). Under cover of media darkness — a media they own — they were able to use their control of the institutions, including finance, to progressively subvert local school district and university curricula into teaching their propaganda to the youth. Nearly all of these education reforms like Common Core originated in left-wing areas of the country and were initially promoted by left-wing billionaires.

        It worked.The Left now has an army of Marxists ready to destroy their enemies and the right has practically no way to counter this development because they don’t control anything. Since people are largely set in their ways after about the age of 30, the country is essentially doomed. We’re in for at least two generations of radical left-Marxist rule.

        Your living standard will fall, you will be the subject of racial violence and discrimination, your history and monuments will be erased, and you will live in perpetual terror of being outed as a wrong thinker. Much of that is the fault of American conservatives who are lazy, overly dogmatic, virtue-seeking, individualistic, and (frankly) stupid.

        Conservative normies were mostly either unaware of this development or ignored it, preferring to crow about how they didn’t see race. Their enemy did, and they, unlike conservatives, don’t play fair or fight with one hand tied behind their backs. Since conservatives lack group identity and tend towards destructive individualism while liberals are comfortable with mobs, the only way the American conservative ideology could ever have worked is if there had been a stronger national government where they influenced more direct control.

        Concerning education, this would have involved the congress writing the textbooks and making their content open to public review and comment before adoption; these textbooks would have been universally adopted across all public schools and universities. This might have prevented the rise of woke supremacy. If we had done this back in the 1970s or 80s, we’d have a generation or two of people who, while not totally on our side, would at least not be on “theirs.”

        Conservatives have a poor understanding of how practically anything works in this country, certainly concerning the administrative side at least. By “local control” and “school choice” they probably thought they had some say in the matter. That’s totally wrong. Most school textbooks are written by a handful of converged companies. The vast majority of conservatives have no clue what goes into them, nor do they have the power to do anything about it even if they did (handful of leftist companies to choose from, after all). Having a national government — controlled or influenced by conservatives — write school textbooks would have been the better option. At least then the content would have been fodder for national discussion instead of being ignored until it exploded onto the streets in the form of brainwashed left-Marxists toppling our monuments and attacking our courthouses. I’m not even certain a Biden/Harris administration wouldn’t tear down Mount Rushmore at this point. That’s what your local control did.

        Don’t get me wrong, in no way do I support national control NOW. I’m just pointing out that national control is not universally bad or good. It is context dependent. Exercising stronger control then would have made a difference. At this very moment we may want to take the original poster’s advice … or take it even further than that. Conservative normies didn’t get this concept because they are closed minded like about 90% of the population, so the rest of us will pay the price as the Left erases the nation.

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