Choosing Sides

At the end of last week, the lead writer for the Tucker Carlson show was fired for blasphemy, after it was discovered he was posting unapproved jokes on an on-line forum under a pseudonym. How his blasphemy was discovered is unknown, but the keepers of truth have teams of top women hunting down these people in order to keep their domains safe from unapproved thoughts. This is, of course, a familiar story that is now what the old newspaper guys would call a “standing head.”

Tucker Carlson has not commented on it, but his bosses at Fox News promise he will have an on-air struggle session Monday. Fox News, of course, “strongly condemns this horrific behavior.” By horrific, they mean saying “given how tired black people always claim to be, maybe the real crisis is their lack of sleep” on an on-line forum dedicated to snarky humor. Clearly, such words are so monstrous it is hard to believe a human being could think such things, much less say them out loud.

In all seriousness, one has to wonder what language is reserved for a school bus that rolls over on an icy road or the orphanage that catches fire. This is, allegedly, a news organization, whose job it is to report events. If edgy jokes are now classified as “horrific” then how do they convey the image of a school bus flipped over? How can anyone take seriously their descriptions when they indulge is such ridiculous emotional hyperbole like this? Teenage girls have more fortitude.

You can’t help but notice how the bold, rock-ribbed defenders of truth and civility have adopted the language of the Left. Like the old communists, Progressives now contort the language to such extremes that it is becoming a genre of humor. How long before they force Sean Hannity to call Peter Brimelow a running dog lackey? What adds to the absurdity is the people indulging in the hyperbole are the sorts of mediocrities you find staffing government offices.

We’ll have to see what Carlson has to say about it, but unless he dramatically resigns on-air, the one thing we can know for sure is that when the choice is between his friends on the Left and the people who watch his show, he will pick his friends. His man of the people act is just that, an act. Carlson is super-wealthy. If he walked away from his job, his grandchildren would never have to work a day in their lives. If he gets fired, it means fly fishing in Maine and ski trips to Aspen.

In other words, his former head writer took more risk posting edgy jokes on-line than Tucker appears willing take in defense of his writer. Unless this Neff guy is from old money, he is now going to suffer real harm. He will not only lose his income, but he will suffer internal exile for as long as the revolution rolls on. Whenever he applies for a job, he will have to atone for his crimes against the one true faith. As a practical matter, he may have to change his name in order to live.

This is the sort of stuff Tucker spends every night railing against. He has made his name condemning things like cancel culture. For him to obsequiously go along with his key writer being cancelled makes him a hypocrite and a liar. It means that in the end, his friends and neighbors in the ruling class come before the principles he claims to be fighting to advance. More important, he’s asking you to do what he lacks the testicular fortitude to do in his own domain.

He’s not alone in this. Charles Murray, the former biological realist, thinker and writer has gone down the same path as Carlson. After having got some credit for having stood against the mob, he is now throwing in with the mob. Like Tucker, Murray would rather be with his friends than defend the ideas he once claimed to champion. It will not be long before he is required to burn his own books and condemn his former collaborator Richard Herrnstein. He’ll do it with enthusiasm too.

We’ll see what Carlson says on Monday. You can be sure an army of top people are crafting a speech to keep the sheep in the fold. Most of the people watching Tucker are so desperate for a champion, they will overlook just about anything. This is what Team Trump is counting on in the November election. Opinion does not alter fact. The fact here is that one of his own was dragged out by the witch hunters, put through the ritual humiliation of cancel culture and Carlson did nothing.

This is the reality we must accept. This war the ruling class is waging on white people is not a product of a small cabal within the ruling class. It is all of them. Worse yet, the war has become a profit center for them. Would anyone be shocked if Fox News, after having cancelled one of their own, starts selling “free speech face mufflers” in the Fox News store? Maybe have Tucker pitch them on his show, right after he condemns Blake Neff for his horrific language.

In the end, this revolution will end up where all revolutions end. Everyone will be forced to choose sides and give over their life to the cause they choose. The people living in mansions will find the choice easy. Every day they are reminded of how well the revolution is treating them. For everyone else, it is more difficult, but eventually, everyone will have to become a partisan for their own cause. Everyone will have to be as loyal to his side as Tucker is to his side.

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434 thoughts on “Choosing Sides

  1. HMMMM. Not bad, all things considered. Tucker came up with a very measured but also combative commentary. This from a quick media report on Monday night: Carlson said of Neff’s commentary: “We don’t endorse those words. They have no connection to the show. It is wrong to attack people for qualities they cannot control. In this country, we judge people for what they do, not for how they were born. We often say that because we mean it. We’ll continue to defend that principle, often alone among national news programs, because it is essential. Nothing is more important. Blake fell short of that standard and he has paid a very heavy price for it.”  
    He then went after those he perceives as taking delight in Neff’s downfall.
    “We should also point out to the ghouls now beating their chests in triumph at the destruction of a young man, that self-righteousness also has its costs,” he said. “We’re all human. When we pretend we are holy, we are lying. When we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the greatest sin of all and we will be punished for it.
    Given the circumstances, Tucker comes off as pretty resolute; there is an implicit “fuck you” to the MSM and other SJW scum in his words. I give him an 80% on it.

      • Brief, but agreed it was “wrong” what Neff posted. The exact moral high ground that z, correctly, identifies as the key thing you cannot concede. Tuck concedes, and the belated “the other side is also terrible” coda won’t make up for it.

        Not even close.

        I don’t see why he “had” to anyway. Fox needs tucker more than tucker needs them. It’s like Twitter, “right wing” people using it gives it legitimacy. Tucker gives fox legitimacy.

        Leave. Don’t accept their rules. This applies to voting too I think these days. Whatever needs to be done, it won’t come from engaging with mainstream politics in any way I think.

  2. This is exactly why our sideis a joke. We have faceless entities like Zman expecting guys like Tucker to commit Seppuku to satisfy Z’s ego and desire for purity

    Calrson is far from perfect, anyone with a brain can see that, but he is the only one even to dare to expose the Left/Globo-homo to the masses.
    And if Tucker did quit there is no place for him to go. Gab is a poorly organized shit pile. Oan is at best meh.

  3. If Carlson caves as predicted, life goes on as normal. If he throws Fox under the bus, takes the completely opposite approach, defends his guy and his freedoms to the hilt, he will be president in 2025.
    The odds are on the former. But it can’t be predicted with any certainty, because if anyone would do such a thing (and there’s hardly anyone), it would be Carlson.

  4. Z raises an interesting point. The wealthy will never ultimately be on our side. Life is too cushy for them and they are too interconnected with people who want to destroy us. The only exception I can come up with is possibly ann Coulter would choose sides even if it meant her career. She was already hated on the left and has been willing to be hated by many on the right for attacking Trump for conning us.

    That said, Tucker does a lot of good work especially in giving whites permission to be angry both about anti white jihad and about our supposed leaders. He is painting, what for the mainstream, is a clear picture for the mainstream, of what our overlords have planned for us. No one else I know of in the mainstream data to do that.

    But, yeah, life is sweet for Tucker and he will likely throw his now ex writer under the bus and learn the lesson of never highlighting Jewish terrorists again

  5. To put it in perspective:
    Carlson’s salary and one year of book royalties could
    fund Counter-Currents for a decade
    pay TRS enough shekels to come clean and dismantle their paywall
    settle a decent chunk of Anglin’s debt
    finally get a quality audio recording of Culture of Critique made
    fund an investigation into who is and is not a fed
    provide armed security for every AmRen and Scandza forum until Frodi’s beard turns gray
    and still have enough left over to set Z up in semi-imperial splendor down the road from Brimelow and have Tony Iommi play his birthday party.
    But I think Fitzgerald and not Hemingway was right about the rich being different from you and me…

  6. The United States is a totalitarian dictatorship whether you want to admit it or not. This isn’t an issue of “the left” vs. “the right.” The neoliberal left controls the government, including the media, and it is now just as synonymous with the state as the Communist Party was with the Soviet Union. So, when you say it’s time to choose sides, those are your sides: Core Americans vs. the regime and its supporters.

    The neoliberal left can hire racists like Sarah Jeong at the NYT. They can have their reporters issue veiled racist threats on Twitter and get away with their comments while our side is doxxed for anonymous commentary, none of which are as severe as what these racists at the Times have said in recent years. If you work for NBC at the highest levels, they’ll let you run a fake investigation of your connections with Harvey Weinstein and nothing will ever come of it. If you are a member of the inner party, ABC will spike an expose of your connection to Weinstein. The regime will even kill people like Jeffery Epstein to protect their lackeys or make the accusations go away (funny how that Lady G story all but disappeared from the internet, eh?). Or they’ll rewrite Wikipedia to call you an “alt-right, white supremacist”. They’ve done exactly that over the past year to numerous people. Ann Coulter is now listed on that site as “far right” while that loon Keith “We are At War with Russia, Russian Scum!” Olberman is just a sports commentator. But Tucker Carlson’s writer, he’ll get fired.

    Tucker Carlson should lie to his employer about apologizing. Then, on live television, he should resign just as that RT reporter did years ago. He could slam the left and this unjust, racist government and advise his viewers to demand their state governments secede. He could ask President Trump to say the same thing as an FU on election night; they’ve already announced they’ll prosecute him for fake crimes when he leaves office.

    Why should we accept the result of an election stolen through mail-in ballots, immigration, and media censorship? We shouldn’t.

    Let’s be honest, geographical partition is the only way we can protect ourselves from racial violence, discrimination, and loss of freedom at this point. Unless you want to end up like the poor whites of South Africa, that is. Because that is definitely where things are going.

    “How his blasphemy was discovered is unknown”

    They either had someone inside the company alert the CNN doxxer or the NSA did it and forwarded it to a third party. If that’s not the case, then they would have reported their method (they have before), so they have something to hide. Like I said, totalitarian dictatorship. You either support freedom through secession or you support dictatorship through repression. The choice is that simple because there is no other choice … unless you want to endure the next 80 years of Marxist dictatorship like the Russians did or live on the margins of society as the South African Whites do now. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the “live through tyranny but have some kids” strategy. There isn’t a “Trumpslide” coming and Qanon is an obvious hoax. All the other objections are based on ignorance or cowardice.

    You guys who opposed separate countries were wrong and should come around now while you still have the chance. The window of free speech may very well be closed by this time next year. Or are you loyal to the same repressive system you complain about because you get cheap hamburgers during grilling season? If so, America is nothing but a department store and it deserves its fate.

    America is beyond reform. It’s long gone. Tucker Carlson promoted this fantasy on his show, but we now know that he was wrong. You’re not taking back America because the other side is the majority now. We aren’t having equality under the law. The other side has made that clear in California and by selectively prosecuting its enemies while letting criminals go free (as long as they are democrats); spin your tires on a racist BLM slogan painted on the street by the state and you are guilty of a hatecrime but deface our monuments with hate in your heart and you get away with it.

    The republican party won’t be reformed. They are corrupt imbeciles elected by a voting base of old grannies whose politics come from the early 80s. The democrats won’t moderate. They are evil and are getting more evil by the day. The state will soon go Marxist and that vaunted military of yours will fall into enemy hands. It will certainly be used against your interests. Check out Rod Dreher’s coverage of Woke Point. Scary.

    Why should we be loyal to a country that is not loyal to us? Why should our side be killed in a war the other side starts with Russia and China? No Chinese, no Russian, has ever called me deplorable. Why should we have to tolerate racist insults? Why should we be driven out of media, business, finance, law, and other professional jobs just because we are White? And why should we be forced to pay taxes to a regime that does that? Why do we have to pay their bills but also have to suffer their complaints? Why are we silenced from having opinions — our social media and bank accounts shut down? How is this still a free country if they are?

    There are countless offenses. Honestly, what in the Declaration of Independence is worse than the grievances we have suffered in our lifetimes? And what does that tell you about what our next course of action should be?

    We are the real America. Not the other side. So this is not treason. We are loyal to ourselves and to the original intent of our forefathers. The other side? They are the children of peoples we didn’t invite to our shores, and they work to undo the freedoms our ancestors gave us. They hate us, they oppress us. The will continue doing so. We, our people, are the true spirit of 1776. Our ancestors are calling for action. Don’t you hear it? Listen and you might. Freedom is ringing in a land of our taking — our own. We just have to reach for it and there it will be.

    • Revolutionary said: “Or are you loyal to the same repressive system you complain about because you get cheap hamburgers during grilling season? If so, America is nothing but a department store and it deserves its fate….”
      “…We, our people, are the true spirit of 1776. Our ancestors are calling for action. Don’t you hear it? Listen and you might. Freedom is ringing in a land of our taking — our own. We just have to reach for it and there it will be.”

      Hahahaha! Of course America deserves it’s fate. All empires do. Saving America from a fate worse than death is a daydream. That’s not the point. The point is trying to save our White asses into the next century regardless of what happens to the U S of A. White people need to think about the long game.

      Revolutionary said: “…We, our people, are the true spirit of 1776. Our ancestors are calling for action.”

      Slow down dude, your going to sprain something.

  7. “Choosing Sides.”

    Z Man said:
    ” This is the reality we must accept. This war the ruling class is waging on white people is not a product of a small cabal within the ruling class. It is all of them.”…

    …”In the end, this revolution will end up where all revolutions end. Everyone will be forced to choose sides and give over their life to the cause they choose.”

    We are being inundated every day by a raging ocean of propaganda. Untold numbers of conflicting pieces of information that we have absolutely no way of verifying whether they are factual or not. The people who built social media are now warning everyone that, the whole project was a terrible mistake and are advising the public to delete their accounts as soon as possible.

    All of us are already being forced to pick sides. The people and institutions that run our world are driving all of us into warring tribes. The main problem for us is the fact that a lot of these warring tribes happen to be our own people. If the White people in America who still want to be White won’t educate themselves about how we’re being manipulated, then we don’t stand a chance.

    Here’s a good place to start. It’s a short vid intitled:
    “Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses.”

    And this one is intitled:
    “Gustave Le Bon: The Nature of Crowds.”

    This is a feature documentary about the Marxist intellectual Nome Chomsky and his book ” Manufacturing Consent” intitled:
    “Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media.”

  8. The explosion of hysteria over “racism” is something remarkable, something I never thought would be possible in an industrialized society and more akin to the hysterias and manias you’d see in the Middle Ages.

    While I’m convinced many at the top are deliberately ginning up hysteria over things they know are false, it really does seem like the footsoldiers believe this shit. In recent days we’ve seen Portland rioters try to burn down a building because they thought they saw an “OK” hand symbol in the window (and so what if it had been?!), HBCU alums freaking out over fake nooses that turned out to be door pulls, tow lines or exercise equipment, and USA Today “journalists” convinced that the eagle on the latest Trump t-shirt is a Nazi eagle.

    The hysteria is breathtaking, and it’s probably only a matter of months before we devolve into shit like this:

    We really are heading into a new Dark Age, aren’t we?

    • Where there be africans there be africa. Tens of millions here already and many more a’comin’ under this President. Witness the somali cop who shot the clearly unarmed australian lady. Tomorrow it will be en masse. I may have preferred the Dark Ages.

    • Well how would you feel if it was YOUR penis they were trying to steal or shrink? Huh? Can you blame them?

  9. What if Tucker hires this guy in a personal capacity? Which Tucker can afford to do? Would you accept that compromise?

    There does seem to be a demand from some quarters that Tucker give a ZOG speech and then be fired or quit. Somehow this will solve everything.


  10. In the UK, they arrested a 12 year old for “horrific” racist language on social media. It was so horrific, they couldn’t even repeat it.

  11. Wanna see how this shite plays out, watch the Chinese flick ‘To Live’. We are dead in the beginnings of a very, very similar cultural revolution/great leap forward, et al, scenario right now. Old school buyers and hold-outs/degenerates beware, your re-education is coming, with or without your consent, hard and fast.

    • Don’t you, however, sense in all of this the staleness of a reenactment, a “been there, done that” quality? Zman touched on this previously.

      We are all known quantities, just that we have been rearranged into shared living arrangements, and these arrangements are what’s new. Mexicans and their sensibilities and habits, Asians, blacks, whites, Jews, Muslims. All of us are known. We have all been studied to death. If we were chess pieces, we would all be assigned to a certain piece; each piece is only allowed a certain movement on the chessboard. Perhaps we are knights, the L movements creating something of lack of predictability.

      I just get the feeling this is an old game still being played but with a new set of pieces. Or refurbished pieces. Part of me KNOWS I am being manipulated to perform the role of my piece. Or do we decide not to play?

  12. I would say. Let’s see what Tucker does. I was in a room with Tucker giving a public speech over a year ago and before the current craziness. Tucker criticized Trump and mentioned Goldman Sachs by name as a problem with Trump.
    That was going further to address the elite problem we got by any other fellow elite that I have heard speak at a microphone at a public event.
    We shall see? We need a guy like Tucker to move normies our way in my opinion.
    But I concede that I could be wrong about that.

    • that’s his personal wealth that he would, for example, report to Uncle Sam

      You can’t look at people like him from wealthy families as individuals because there is all kinds of hidden family money he can fall back on, land holdings, etc

      My good friend’s grandfather was a governor in the 1950s early 1960s and they were able to ride that into all sorts of land holdings and so forth that no one knows about but that he can always tap into. Not to mention connections, their kids still put into powerful positions, banker friends still hanging around, etc. Once you reach a certain level, you can ride it for a few generations.

    • I took Z to mean financial security affords Carlson to do what is right rather than expedient. I again think there is a chance, however small, Tucker will do the right thing.

    • On another unrelated note, it looks like BLM has graduated to burning down churches (three in the last couple of days), plus a white mom was shot by BLM after she said “all lives matter.”
      BLM and antifa are shock troops for state and corporate-sanctioned diffuse terror, like the diffuse terror Ukrainian peasants faced in the Holodomor.

      • I want to know if there wasn’t some Chinese involvement in the burning of the San Gabriel Mission

        My wife’s family is from that area and they were pushed out by the Chinese

        Today, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, those are essentially Chinese colonies. And they are spreading out more and more.

  13. If Fox are in search of a standing head they could try
    “One thousand two hundred White women raped by blacks yesterday.”

  14. The other day I checked out a blog by a black author I was interested in reading. His most recent post talked about “the violence to black bodies” and how he was “so tired.” And I thought, what a pretentious twit. Dude, we’re all tired of this racial nonsense.

  15. You should think twice about disappointing the internet when you name rhymes with “fucker.”

  16. Zman: “We’ll have to see what Carlson has to say about it, but unless he dramatically resigns on-air, the one thing we can know for sure is that when the choice is between his friends on the Left and the people who watch his show, he will pick his friends.”

    That’s like, your syllogism, man. Too either/or for me. Tucker insightfully redpills the nation about elite intentions from something of a D-Right perspective. This is important and rare in MSM. I don’t want to see him resign over a writer’s joke. And I don’t care how wealthy he is. That’s a low jab. He’s obviously not the type to be content with fly-fishing. His is a 24/7 endeavor. He’s worked hard to get and stay where he is. He surely works harder than Zman or any of us. I can say that because Z does enjoy taking shots at people.

    • there’s working hard and there’s working smart

      If Tucker grovels, all his work has been for naught and certainly hasn’t been smart

    • To me it seems the woke tribe got a jump on him. If he does not stand up for his back stager who was just purged, he is acting cucked. Other than demand the man is rehired or Tucker goes, I dont see what he can do. Except keep his six figure pay check and roll on like nothing happened. But then the ‘most extreme’ will see him for what he is, a presstitude.

  17. This is kinda interesting. If Tucker doesn’t respond he nukes his own credibility. You gotta wonder if this was not done to force Tucker to take a stand or lose face.

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  19. AA on D@1ly St0rm3r had a piece that covered how the writer got snagged, and it comes down to being unwise in your shitposting.

    If you’re in a position of influence, as this guy was, stop throwing slurs around the internet – there is no benefit to it. If you’re so addicted that you have to do so then don’t reveal ANYTHING about yourself.

    Occasionally patrons of this site will storm on about how we should all be saying n***er b/c if we don’t we’re cowed and not actually free or something to that effect. It seems like these are usually elderly guys with most of their working life behind them. There is no benefit to using slurs online, especially if you’re young. We don’t know what kind of capacity there will be in future to trace online “hate speech”. Be wise, clean up your shitposting. It’s your duty to make yourself as useful to our cause for as long as you can, and getting busted for an online slur, as this writer did, is an inexcusably stupid waste of potential.

  20. Most Christians I know worship social media more than God. Matthew 6:21, I believe.
    We are stuck getting drunk on their stupid gadgets. And through our obsessiveness with them, we invite their influence into our homes and grant them monopoly over our thoughts.
    The ubiquity of smartphones and social media has drastically curtailed our attention spans; indeed, the very structure of our brains has been alarmingly altered. And don’t even get me started on the slow withdrawal of testosterone in younger Gen X, Millennial and Zoomer men.
    It’s ironic that the left is so caught up in biological denialism. In reality, they’ve been commodifying and weaponizing our neurologies and biologies for decades. Part of what’s weakening us are the tools they claim will make us stronger.
    We need to throw out social media. It teaches us to value the wrong things. And we need to throw out our smartphones, too. They corrupt our attention. Back to a rural life, away from the cities, and throw out the devil’s tools.

    • I’m mostly in the same school of thought, as it were, as you, Lanky

      I definitely see a connection between urban living among whites and their total cuckery, loss of spirit and soul, and ability to form an honest assessment and appreciation of the times and the races

      Something about being among and around nature and seeing the interactions of animals and taking the time to stare at the stars that brings honesty and wisdom and reflection. Granted, there are always negative aspects too. But we definitely need to get back to nature if we are to get our strength and sanity back, at least for the time being

  21. While the odds that Tucker cucks are five to one (if even that), I will hear him out tomorrow night. His mansion and family were swarmed by Marxists but he continued to broadcast in the same vein afterwards. So that garners him a little sympathy from me. Given I fully expect Tucker to cuck, tomorrow probably will be the last time I watch Fox, which actually is more insidious than CNN and MSNBC because it lulls people to sleep. If Tucker refused to comply and migrated to OAN it would be a gift to us. Again, I don’t expect that to happen but there is an outside possibility. The Murdoch cucklings, ironically, probably would prefer him to do so as well.

    It comes down to whether Tucker’s continued presence outweighs the self-humiliation he will endure, which will blow onto us. I actually was convinced by earlier comments that if he grovels this very well could signal a future betrayal. His departure or self-abasement, whichever he chooses, still will be a loss and we should acknowledge as much. Revealing the Judeo-Bolshevik Susan Rosenberg as the evil monster she is was a huge positive, for example. Tucker has touched on the ongoing white genocide; no other mainstream voice has. This information will become even more restricted with Carlson gone even if, by some miracle, he departed for OAN.

    If someone as anodyne as Tucker has to be humiliated or fired, many if not the majority of his viewers will learn a valuable lesson tomorrow night.

    It is time for choosing. I hope Carlson makes that choice and it is the right one.

    • Here are my odds, albeit with qualifiers

      A. 100% cuck = 10%
      B. 0% cuck = 0%
      C. 75% cuck + 25% stick up for Neff = 70%
      D. 25% cuck + 75% stick up for Neff = 20%

      A. Throws Neff under the bus in the vein of “I knew Neff for years and NEVER knew him to be a person who would say such atrocious, abhorrent things. I’m shocked and saddened. I had considered him a friend. His personal opinions do not reflect mine or the network’s. His firing is justified and moral”. Then he taps his notecards on the desk and proceeds into a monologue.

      B. “What Neff had to say is his personal business, and he should have every right to say it. His firing is wrong and immoral, caving to a mob of lunatics, and I will not stand for it. I cannot in good conscience stand for it. For to do so would violate every belief I hold dear and have been trying to communicate in this broadcast. As of this evening, I resign.”

      C. “What he said was wrong and immoral, I do not agree with it, these are not my views or those of the network. And in the spirit of America and our traditions of giving people a second chance, I have asked management to give him a second chance, but they refused. I accept their decision. They are a private entity and I am their employee and ultimately have to adhere to their standards. We all wish Neff the best of luck moving forward”

      D. “What Neff said was tame by most standards of the internet, or typical banter one hears playing call of duty online or visiting any myriad of websites where such things pale in comparison. He got caught up in the moment, like many of us do in these heated times. However we here at this network are contractually obligated to refrain from actions that may shine negatively on the network and all of its employees whose livelihoods cannot be jeopardized or tainted by a single individual, and in that spirit I accept the network’s decision to terminate his employment. He will be missed.”


      • Of those four, C, of course. He may be given the latitude to criticize Fox a wee bit more, but just a tad.

      • Nicely laid out, Falcone, but you missed the most obvious and desirable choice, as has everyone else here. Tucker can cite and quote any number of murderously vicious—including genocidal—anti-white hate-statements from well-known spokesmen on the Left who hold MSM positions or similar megaphones. When they make those statements of hatred and murder against whites, who complains? Where is the blowback? Is there ANY blowback? No. “Until those voices are noted and condemned, there is no reason to punish the mild humor of my friend and writer Mr. Neff, who is exercising his 1st Amendment right to criticize the dangerous and hateful Left. He will continue to write for me and I will be paying his salary separate from the Fox News channel. Welcome back, Blake!

        • Thanks Jim. Love it !!

          Yes, I missed that, depending on how he goes with it, that’s a mix of B and D.

          So at least have presented an outline that can be amended 😉

      • I don’t much care what Mr. Carlson says on Monday. Or what his reaction “proves” about his goddamn character. I care about the importance of him and his platform to the cause. Fix your minds on the essential: We need him to remain and keep saying what he’s been saying.

        • Frip, if Carlson cucks and throws his friend under the bus in order to “stay on the air,” it will be a huge win for the Leftist scum and a serious defeat for our side. It will telegraph that “you must keep your mouth shut or this will happen to you and no one can save you”. My suggestion puts the ball in Fox’s court, daring them to deplatform Tucker. If they do he moves to OAN or some other outlet and Fox loses millions of viewers and supporters. This is Tuxker’s moment. I’m worried, but keeping fingers crossed.

  22. The guy played with fire and got burned. If he was Carlson’s main writer, he obviously had talent. Why waste it on shitposting just to get canned and vilified?

    • That’s fine, but do you want to live in a world where a moment of humorous candor means your life is ruined? If the only way to have a life is to be a humorless drone assiduously adhering to the morality of the Left, it is time to break out the dynamite vests.

      • No, but I do agree with your admonition to be a prince among men and shitposting is not prince among men stuff.

        That’s my real point.

          • Fuck’all “Prince among men.” This is war, or had you not gotten the memorandum? Worse yet, are you unfamiliar with what war entails and necessitates?

          • I was in a real war, saw people killed and wounded in it. Damn near got blown up myself several times. How ’bout you?

          • Not my argument or aimed at me but its a good place to say this.
            Our job is to understand that we are trying to find a way to prevent an actual civil war.
            Folks who have seen the proverbial elephant or at least have listened to those that have have some idea how bad this would be.
            I don’t blame anyone for not starting something that comes down to collective punishment for three generations and three rings of association , primary targeting of soft targets and every cruelty and atrocity minds wrought with hate can manage.
            WRSA calls this Bosnia X Rwanda and as much of us want a society that fracking makes sense and is good for our people , we aren’t to where the price is worth paying.

          • Flexing your alleged service record as an online anon is meaningless and it doesn’t prove anything about the point we’re discussing anyway – we’re not in that kind of war.

          • Zman refers to Prince among men in terms of setting a standard for others to emulate and appreciate in the context of “recruitment” (for lack of a better word) and setting up communities. It’s a “peacetime” imperative. Not meant to be taken onto the battlefield

          • Just pointing out that Prince among men is not something that was meant to apply all of the time

            It has its time and place.

            And what is wrong with using battlefield as a “trope” or a shorthand expression for when things get nasty? It makes the point and does so well

        • Lorenzo, so Neff deserves the dox/firing b/c “not a Prince?”

          What’s the point of commenting if all you’re going to do is cuck to power even as an anon?

      • This little bit of blowback of the internet age is catching most completely off guard. This level of policing hasn’t been seen since the Red Guards or the heyday of Beria’s NKVD. One slip–even a decade ago–and you are over. I know it has a lot of people around here seriously spooked. Including me. Still waiting for one of the cancelled to flip out and go full “Law Abiding Citizen” on these miscreants.

        • It’s just a fad like Me Too
          Or a phase

          We just have to weather the shitstorm and come out intact

          • Wish I could say it is a fad. So far it has been both an effective fad and one with few consequences for the perpetrators.

          • Me Too claimed a good number of scalps too

            Now it’s gone

            This all will fade when the next “outrage” happens

        • The Left pays people to troll the web looking to harm or deplatform people for wrong think.
          Its something our side which foolishly values free speech dies not do.
          In fairness its not as good a tactic for us as the other side has no moral foundation and if someone is important enough anything can be overlooked or excused,

      • I think this is where being a “gray man” comes into play. Seems that more than a few folk I hear about play into the hands of the cancel culture, when—with a bit more savvy—they could remain in the game and stay effective.

        • Mike Enoch got doxxed and doxxed hard. He is still in the fight. This sneaking around like a little sneak wears very thin. I’m glad this dox has happened. The guy was an effective writer because he was hanging around this milieu. The fact is, all our identities are sitting in a database awaiting a simply query. I follow this guy southern Dingo. Hillbilly as hell. Lost his first job when he commented on FB about a grown sheboon beating up a white teen girl at the local fair. Lost his second job when he was pictured in charlottesville. does his podcast on a 200$ walmart notebook special. Guy is entertaining as hell and getting very very savvy. I rather have 1 of this guy than 15 retired boomers talking shit about their cold dead hands.Your point about grey men is taken, but not well.

          • I’ve known at least one person personally who had reached some level of authority/power in the new government under the Trump administration—which they lost because they simply did not keep their mouths shut and do their work, i.e., to undermine/reverse Obama administration rules and regulations in a cabin level department.

            Rather they did exactly what this writer did, amused themselves to no effect in a public forum. They were outed, fired, and now no longer have such a position within which to operate.

            Smart people choose the mountain they want to die on. But I suppose you prefer some sort of nihilist virtue signaling to effective counter revolution.

          • nihilist, not sure where you got that?
            Comp,you are probaly correct, but that doesn’t mean I gotta like it. We are still a majority. Whites should be encouraged to speak their minds. If enough did, many of the techniques being used against us would rapidly become ineffective. It’s a fine line between being crafty and being cowardly. I’m surround by tenured faculty that are afraid of their own shadows. Zman, to his credit, is highly reluctant to get young guys in trouble. But the fact remains that we need cannon fodder if this war is to be won. Finally, a man’s dignity is worth something. To operate in this clown show stripes it from you. I’m getting really fucking pissed.

        • It is a question of each contributing what they are most effective at. I’ve pushed some things in my sphere that helped blunt some of the FS “de-platforming”. And will likely have more opportunities But have to look hard at how to be better at “gray”. And trying to think through ways to sow more FUD among the local opposition. But it is a perilous game.

    • Neff no more played with fire than every person plays with fire every day. Virtually every person makes comments that are off-the-cuff, crude, or flippant—but still funny and correct.

      The point is that only a specific kind of people are punished for their flippant humor. Sarah Jeong wasn’t punished for hers.

      • I realize that. There is a double standard. It’s like gravity, we simply have to realize it’s there. These are perilous times.

        • “It’s like gravity, we simply have to realize it’s there. These are perilous times.”

          Thanks, Lorenzo. So important.

          Especially since I use “there is a war on our people” as a conversation starter.

          Can’t keep my damned mouth shut.

          • And that’s perfectly fine, depending on who you are in you position. As a retiree, I can afford to shoot my mouth off. Others can not—or should not, if they can better effect change as a barnacle on the Ship of State.

      • That’s the point. When virulently anti-White Jews can hire an Asian step-‘n-fetchit to trash our race, and a white guy cannot shitpost things that would not have been considered edgy let alone objectional even a decade ago, it’s not the world where you want to live or should live.

  23. An observation, hopefully too paranoid: this latest example of Badwhite fired for soemthing totally unrelated to his job. How was he even identified, if he was using a pseudonym? That bears investigation. Violating privacy is sometimes a criminal act; yet how often have you ever heard of charges, much less convictions for that? Another thing this shows is the utter expendability of virtually any type of employee. Hardly a new problem, but putting the blame on a subordinate is the oldest trick in the book, probably because it works so well. This is another (paranoid) survival thought to keep in mind, as an employee in nearly any type of organization. It sounds cyncial, but they’ll sacrifice you at first need.

    We here should always keep in mind the risks we run even debating things here. While we’re not doing anything criminal (“so far”) there is clear risk to careers etc. were our real names to get loose. So use of alias, hard-to-trace emails, etc. is called for. I give Z-man enough faiith that he won’t doxx us, but anyone can be hacked this days and another outing happens… Speaking for myself, I too prefer anonymity, but risks to my professional or social standing are pretty much limited to being kicked off the administration of the local AA group 😀

    • I’m screwed then b/c my email is tied to my account and there are only so many of those and they are kind of “exclusive” according to people b/c they are no longer being given out and date to a time when Apple charged people for them

      I also noticed that when I use a VPN on this site that it sometimes will not let things refresh or post.

      Any solutions or suggests Should I get a gmail account?

    • I do have a humble suggestion to this effect for the Z-man, for a method I’ve seen other bloggers, forums and news sites use: automatic wiping and closing of comments on each post after a set period, say 1 or 2 months.

      When I read a new Z-blog post I usually go to the comments to see how readers are reacting, but if I reread old posts from years ago I rarely continue down into the ancient comments: why should I get buried in old fads, arguments and poorly-aged assumptions?

      Automatic wiping of comments for each post after a couple months allows old shitposts, dumb infighting, trolling, and other marginal comments to be wiped clean. Any good comments are mostly valuable for their initial, here-and-now insights they provided when Z-man first published the post, and there’s no particular value in letting those stick around either.

      I don’t know how easy this would be to set up technically, but it’s one potential way to clear out any archive of crimethink.

      By the way, Z-man, I like your decision to disable the voting on comments. So far this seems to have reduced infighting and petty parochialism.

    • No matter what, don’t lose your “friendship” with Bill W. Everything depends on that.

    • If you can be doxxed with your IP you’re already doing dissidence wrong. Everyone here should be using a VPN and using burner email addresses like proton.

      Here’s a decent primer on making anonymous payments.

      Note with Bitcoin avoid Coinbase and other front-end cash loaders that leave breadcrumbs back to your meatspace identity. Load your Bitcoin wallet with gift cards or cash/Bitcoin ATM. Bespoke security = a hardware wallet as well. The above article mentions this but downplays the front-end risk, IMO.

      • I use a VPN

        Do they really work?

        I mean, seems odd to me, as a layman in terms fo the internet, that a $4.99 product can keep the hordes at bay

    • I’d be interested to know. It seems like unless he admitted it they would have to show some proof. If the proof was “we did a bunch of illegal hacking and can only prove it through technical jargon nobody understands” than I doubt this story has legs.

  24. Recall that the issue precipitating this is cancel culture. When Carlson cucks, as is certain, how will he ever opine about cancel culture again? Or does it even matter to normiecons, if in fact a vast majority of them will never cross the river to dissident shores? Is it possible to even discuss overreactions to mere jokes made online? Jokes that one has to actively discover, not ones spoken casually in public? Can Carlson discuss how this illustrates there are protected classes now who may not only say anything they like (casual glance at the sewer called Twitter) about the unprotected class but may even riot with support from authorities? Who are these classes, the protected and the unprotected?

    These rhetorical questions answer themselves, apparently. We arrive at the familiar impasse, the futility of talking about progressive hypocrisy. (Recall that silly ruckus over crosshairs graphics and Palin.) It’s almost like DR3. Progressives don’t care because their opponents are literally Hitler, and normiecons must signal against Hitler too; far too risky to do otherwise.

    Maybe there is no point discussing cancel culture with normiecons… at least there is no reason to have normiecon media do so since they are perfectly willing to cancel their own allies to remain relevant in Georgetown.

    Perhaps what is discouraging is all the normiecons who bang on their armchairs about DR3 will likely approve when Carlson throws his writer to the wolves. Normiecons could teach progressives whole college courses on hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance.

    • that’s why he is going to thread the needle

      My guess is that FNC has hired the best publicists and “crisis advisors” money can buy to help him thread the needle. I bet there is focus group testing going on right now. They don’t want him totally deflated and laughed out of town — not just yet

  25. Not specifically on topic for today, but yes for what we often cover. This from a web site that I am an old fan of. They seem to not have authors I liked long ago (Bill Bonner) but I’m glad to see they get editorials from paleo-conservatives like Gary North.I wish the “gloom and doom” press well, but they face stiff competition from mainstream media today 😀 I thought this excerpt unusally well-written and deals with much of what we debate here.
    “Due to a combination of COVID-19 spreading in densely populated areas, business failures, urban riots and failing mayors and police departments, Americans are migrating from the big cities to suburban and country areas by the millions.
    American families are leaving dysfunctional cities such as New York City, Seattle and San Francisco and heading for Montana, Colorado, Maine and upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains among other safe havens.”
    I’d add Minneapolis, Atlanta and I’m sure many more to the list.
    “Big cities have always offered a trade-off between higher taxes and urban stress in exchange for entertainment, great restaurants, museums and intellectual buzz.
    Today the venues and buzz are gone, the crime rates are soaring and all that is left is the stress and taxes. So people are getting out.”
    Don’t forget the failing (or failed) municipal government services. Defund the police? Maybe not completely, but we’ll discourage them from arresting Black men. Is there civil unrest? People tresspassing on your property? We won’t defend you. If they haven’t actually broken into your home, and are in the process of raping your wife and assaulting you, why are you calling 911? Are you racist or something? If you defend yourself, you risk arrest, or at least the police confiscating your weapon [How the hell can they seize the weapon and the owners face no criminal charges?]
    “Changes like this are not temporary. Once people move out, they don’t return ever. Their children may return someday but that could be 15 or 20 years away.”
    Maybe not “never,” but I’m not sure yuppies living in tiny $4,000/mo. apartments, or contemplating a $1,500,000 restored home in a once-historic neighborhood that was (and is still surrounded) by simians living in decrepit homes, with violent crime rates to match, is comparable to what was lost when the middle-class moved out decades ago, not long after white people lost control of neighborhoods and the factory jobs started to disappear.
    Just take a moment to wrap your head around what Rickards is saying: the new exodus isn’t the middle class who relied on public schools; those people were given a reason to leave half a century ago. No, today’s flight may be those who had the children in private education, but they can no loger ignore the other deteriorations of their city. While the politically-connected and grift-funded positions will allow some to halg on longer, a lot of jobs in the cited industries (“the dreaded private sector”) are gone, if not forever, then plenty long enough for them to get laid off, the BMW repossessed and the pricey little home foreclosed, along with all the other travail that entails. These people are wise to move to greener (should I say whiter?) pastures while the gettin’ is good. After all, times are looking down. Yale or Harvard for the little one doesn’t seem so appealing if the courses must be by video. She can do the same at the community college.
    The St. Louis couple whose AR-15 was arrested 🙂 had to hire private security when the demonstrators returned. Again, what was the purpose of a public police force? To protect people? Apparently not all the time. Most folks can’t afford private security, though.
    “And those who leave tend to have the most capital and the most talent. This leaves the cities as empty shells populated by oligarchs with personal bodyguards and the poor, who have to deal with the street-level violence.
    This shift can be helpful for individuals who move, but it’s devastating for the economics of major cities. And that’s devastating for the U.S. economy as a whole.”

    • “Great restaurants” are a big deal to people too lazy or incompetent to cook. People without creativity and internal resources need to buy manufactured entertainment. Cities are full of folks like that.

      • Now that the restaurants all use Mexican cooks, how good can any of them be? It’s a joke. All the crap tastes the same. Everything is over salted, over seasoned. But go to Europe where they actually have artists of the palette, and that’s different league altogether

        • I’ve got to agree with you on that–although there are plenty of mediocre eateries in Europe as well.

        • All the crap tastes the same because 99% of restaurants buy all of it from distributors like Gordon Foods or Sysco.

          The very few genuine farm-to-table restaurants are treasures that should be supported, though they can be hard to find.

          • I agree 100%. I have always said the one thing I liked about millennials (I am Gen X) is their push for farmers markets and locally grown foods and farm to table.

        • Indeed. Reminds me on one of our favorite “Italian” restaurants in my now Hispanic majority city. Year by year, the back room staff got more and more Hispanic, but the food, decor, and ambiance remained more or less Italian. What are you going to do?

          One day the served me my favorite dish and they used some sort of white cheese—not ricotta or mozzarella. I asked what this was, and they replied that’s the cheese they always use. They had no idea of cheese differences. For that matter, they had no idea as to how to make the dish, nor any taste for Italian food and especially this dish.

          I told them to shove it and left, never to return. The restaurant closed within the year. Now this was a restaurant that the year prior always had a waiting line to be seated.

          • I know the cheese you mean

            It’s almost a cream cheese they use in mexican foods. You will see it being sold in cake-shaped forms in the dairy aisle. I forget the name.

          • In Canada it’s all Indian people. From McDonalds to high end restaurants.

            The food is always bland, overcooked, sloppily put together, and made without passion. (This is happening in all our industries and nations btw. Aliens poorly doing some stuff that whites used to do).

            The only “excuse” I have for eating out is that I get lazy. But I’m working on it. Even simple chicken recipes I make are 100x better than the crap at restaurants.

    • What your post deals with is exactly what we are dealing with right now, should we sell our L.A. home and rent it out (i.e. keep our L.A. footprint should we ever want to return) or sell it and bail.

      How may millions of whites had to uproot themselves? Leave friends and family and careers behind because of this mess? All you hear is how bad it is for poor people from Mexico and how hard it must be for them to separate from their families back home
      Cry me a river

    • I am suspicious of the term “millions”, here’s why. Folks who move are of two ilk basically, those who work and those who are retired. If you work, you simply can’t quit your employment easily and take off. Suburbia, or rural areas simply don’t supply the employment opportunities these folk require.

      I suspect these estimates are from surveys. Let’s see how the population figures fall over the next decade. Not that they are not already treating that way in big Blue States and Cities.

      • Suburbia is hell for a young person. If they’re lucky enough to have friends in the area they sit in the basement smoking weed and playing videogames all day. Alot just have no social life.

        The vibrancy risk is worth it for young people with no kids. My guess is that we will see a mass of families (30 somethings) move out of the city though.

        Don’t know much about rural areas, I’d imagine that they’re pretty cozy if you have good social networks and a decent job. But a) there are no jobs in rural areas and b) in Ontario at least the rural areas are at least 60% Boomers.

  26. I watch these guys closely. Of course i don’t require they rant about the subversive influence of jews. I only require that they keep their mouth shut about the topics thay don’t want to touch and don’t lie about the others (epstein anyone). Tucker was selling this as class warfare hard; as this was the middle road in an attempt to keep the white monkeys on board. Bullshit. Maybe Tucker will surprise but i would be shocked. He did wear a bowtie for years after all.

  27. The issue for Whites is obvious and simple (one would think): <b>rule or be ruled</b> — so it has always been; so it is now — and whatever else one might say, currently Whites are getting a very good look at who their future rulers will be, as well as who will be electing them.

  28. TL; DR:

    Is the Tuck gonna Cuck?
    Will Carlson pussy-out?
    Is TC just another suka?

    A. At this juncture, no other conclusion is possible. TC keeps peddling this CivNat rubbish day in and out. He dances on the edge of “respectability” and gingerly retreats while clumsier Dionysians tip over.

  29. I never watch Carlson unless I happen to catch a link to one of his monologues. I gave up on Fox after jogbomba’s re-election. I will be curious as to how he handles the situation, but strongly suspect he’ll pretty much toe the company/party line. No one can resist the gravitational pull of one true black hole – not the fake ones in outer space.

  30. This post knocks it out of the park, revealing how conservatism is and always has been nothing but concessions, surrender and retreat. Civic nationalism, of which Carlson is the most prominent avatar, really is a dead end.

    I have to thank people like Z Man and some of the TRS guys for making me re-evaluate our impulse to surrender to leftism at every turn. Striker, for example, recently questioned our impulse to reject higher education, formal culture (the arts and humanities), urbanity and other bastions of leftism by arguing that by continually rejecting these and ceding them to the left, we remain forever on the retreat, only allowing the left to grow ever more powerful to attack the next arena we retreat to.

    I think Striker’s point is that too often we fall into the trap of thinking along the lines of “Well, if X has been hopelessly corrupted by the left, I’ll abandon it and retreat to Y,” rationalizing the retreat by telling ourselves “Y is where real white people will find redemption and purify themselves anyway.” Every time, in just a few years, the left only grows stronger and finds a way to destroy Y, so we retreat to Z and rationalize that to ourselves.

    You see this constant retreat in the way the right has surrendered higher education and culture to the left. The right has trained itself to think that if these areas have been hopelessly corrupted, the solution is to cede them entirely to the left by abandoning academia, avoiding sending our kids to college, and defunding things like the art world and the National Endowment for the Arts. Striker asks why our response isn’t to challenge and conquer these fields by sending more of our people into them so that we can develop muscular artists, philosophers, writers, poets and teachers of our own to crush the leftist degeneracy that has settled into our institutions ever since WWI. How will we ever be able to create a new society for normie if we never develop our own academic and higher culture that can put Foucault, Intersectionality, and Hannah-Jones on the run? For decades the right has retreated into the assumption that leftist lunacy will somehow be corrected “when it has to go to work and face the real world,” but by failing to confront the left where they are we’ve only allowed them to mold the real world to their perversions and degeneracy. Remember in the Obama era when the right dismissed wokeness as a harmless Tumblr echo chamber that would die instantly when it entered the coporate world? Well now the entire corporate world is Tumblr.

    Academia, the arts and higher culture don’t have to be leftist by default, and by assuming these fields are somehow illegitimate for “real” white people, who would somehow be better off by becoming plumbers, truckers and farmers, we only guarantee our perpetual retreat. I’m still sympathetic to arguments for avoiding higher education on the grounds of things like not going into debt, but I’m coming around to Striker’s argument that we shouldn’t retreat into dirt people vocations by default expecting any kind of salvation or protection from degeneracy, because we’ll discover in a few years that the left will only find a way to attack us exactly where we’ve retreated to. By maintaining its iron grip over the universities, the left will develop sophisticated ideological frameworks for replacing truckers with self-driving trucks, deliberately seeding the ideology into the allied world of Globohomo corporatism for them to do the dirty work of condemning former truckers to a life of OxyContin.

    A similar cowardly retreat can be seen in the right’s longstanding rejection of urbanity by default, laboring under the assumption that the only solution for white people is to somehow retreat into the countryside, only further atomizing ourselves and setting ourselves up for eventual slaughter by the left. I’ve long been sympathetic to the argument that maybe we can protect ourselves by abandoning the cities, but I’m coming around to Striker’s argument that this might just be another historic failure of conservatism. So I guess I still have nothing against anyone who relocates to the countryside if they truly love country living, gardening and open spaces, but retreating simply on the grounds that white people will find some kind of salvation and security in the fields and woods might be just another failed conservative cope. South Africa shows us that by retreating to the countryside, we’re only atomizing ourselves and allowing the left to eventually pick us off one by one as we cower in our farmhouses and cabins (how is one guy with a gun going to fight off an expeditionary mob of BLM raiders?), and make no mistake, the left is already plotting how to use the South African method in the former territories of the US.

    Conservatism has assumed since its inception that cities are illegitimate dens of sin, but they have and always will be power centers from which culture will be imposed on all of society, so by failing to engage, colonize and convert the cities the right is once again always on the retreat. Ironically, you can’t create a neo-Jeffersonian yeoman society until you seize the cities and change the way they exert power over culture. Historically white people have been quite happy raising large families in the cities, and their doing so is exactly why there was a concerted effort to crush urban white ethnocentrism and the former power it exerted over our culture. Creating a new aggressive urban white ethnocentrism is, ironically, the only way to allow those whites who are truly at home in the countryside to be left alone in the manner Jefferson wanted.

    I would go even further than Striker in arguing that the culture of retreat might not just be the defining characteristic of conservatism per se but perhaps the driving force behind the entire former US. The culture of retreat is what truly sets white America apart from white Europe, which was always too densely populated to indulge in a culture of retreat and why France, for example, has Yellow Vests who are willing to protest for years on end but Americans are more inclined to retreat to a suburb to “grill in peace.” The western 2/3 of the US was settled under the implicit program of sending off anyone who couldn’t hack it in the urbanizing east. Our entire national mythos, reflected in our historic romanticism of settler culture, of cowboys-and-Indians, of “white flight” to the suburbs, is one of constant retreat into the countryside and the wilderness in search of redemption that only ever turned out to be a temporary reprieve. Once the frontier closed the US really saw a nervous breakdown and, surprise, now even Provo, Utah has BLM terrorism.

    I thank Striker, Z Man and others for forcing me to rethink and question our long habit of concession, retreat and surrender. Whatever “our thing” will grow into, I’m realizing that we can’t fall into MAGA nostalgia. There’s nothing left to “bring back” or retreat to, there are only new worlds to create by seizing them from the left and rebuilding them for our ends.

    • Excellent comment. I disagree with a bit of it, but the overall condemnation of retreat as a survival strategy is dead on. Charles Murray’s recent behavior shows where that always leads, and he initially tried with half-measures such as his full-throated defense of HRC, for God’s sake. Not good enough, he learned.

      • That’s fair, and I’m not even sure I have it all figured out yet or necessarily agree with every nuance in the emerging “stay and fight” stance. But the “stay and fight” intellectual position is a lot more satisfying and fulfilling than the tired old “give up and regroup” “principles” of conservatism.

        For example, you can made a good argument that young people, especially young women, should avoid college not because it’s “leftist” but because they should wait until after they get married and have kids. There’s no reason a couple can’t get married right out of high school and the wife can raise the kids for a full decade until they begin developing autonomy, then the wife can always return to college at the still very young age of 28.

        But this is a totally different argument and strategy than the typical conservative argument for fleeing, ceding and shutting down the colleges because they’re supposedly leftist by nature. They don’t need to be.

        • Academia is imploding now, and it is an opportune time to infiltrate (usually as an adjunct since that is about the only position available for the foreseeable future; the issue is whether enough income can be generated). I’m mostly with you on academia and just cited Murray as to illustrate the intensity and barriers to dissent let alone entry. Murray’s greatest mistake was giving an inch because he was secure, and he more or less has discredited his own work. While adjuncts rarely move on to tenure, it is possible. Paper trails are required to do so, so a little taqquiya is in order. Abandoning higher education was indeed a huge mistake and entry can be attained only through subterfuge.

          To illustrate how shaky the Academy is now, look at the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the visa denials for foreign students, who pay cash, if the only classes will be on line. Some of the top schools now just require acceptance and tuition payment to earn a degree as it is. This really started with Yale Law thirty or so years back when it adopted a policy that once accepted, a B average was all but guaranteed. Yale Law doesn’t really expect attendance and examinations are more or less formalities. That less than rigorous program has spread to other top schools, undergrad and professional. If they could, some of these schools would outright sell diplomas. At some point there will be a demand for more rigor, and actual education will make a comeback. Being an adjunct with lots of classroom experience will command more attention then.

          Deferred education is a wise idea for young women who want children. The same is true of men, who should consider acquisition of some wealth over taking loans.

          Where I depart, at least to some degree, is on urban living. For our more vulnerable, which is to say the elderly and parents with children, immediate safety issues are paramount. Those less fragile have opportunities now, though. The orchestrated riots and Covid overreaction were designed to dismantle the last vestiges of the middle class in the major cities, primarily small shop and service industry owners. If someone is willing to fight, those goods and services are still needed. Housing itself will be cheaper soon. So those who don’t have to flee should be discouraged.

          • Agree strongly with your point on urban living: there are plenty of people for whom deteriorating urban safety is the overarching issue and the only safe place (for now) to raise kids or look after elders is in the suburbs or countryside.

            I think it was Sailer’s writings that first clued me in to the power that the white working class formerly held in cities. In college we’re taught a somewhat false narrative (which only furthers our imperative to reclaim universities lest we lose our real history) that white people inherently hated cities and used “generational wealth” to flee to the suburbs, but the Philly link in my first post, which I vaguely recall Sailer discussing years ago, reveals how incomplete that narrative is.

            The Philly story reveals that while some white people may have fled for more open space so their families could spread out and grow, many other families were driven out quite literally at gunpoint. They had fond memories of their old urban neighborhoods and were not remotely happy at leaving them. Furthermore, since the white working class had no “generational wealth” to buy new houses, they were forced to start from scratch in the suburbs. They were hardly coddled by the federal government, contrary to official academic narratives.

            A dirty secret behind most redlining maps is that it was actually working class white neighborhoods that were redlined, with the era’s relatively small number of redlined urban black neighborhoods as an insignificant footnote. Redlining of working class white neighborhoods added another incentive to white flight: if you couldn’t make any renovations to your commodious, sturdy four-square Detroit house with the wraparound porch, you had no choice but to abandon it for a single-story vinyl shoebox in Warren.

            Apart from dribs and drabs from Sailer over the years, I’m not sure any dissident rightists have done any “deep dives” into the reality of white flight to the suburbs in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

          • Lurker, thanks very much! Gonna listen right now and grab a copy of the book too.

          • The Helton link was quite good, but the bottom line is black violence and not governmental policy per se actually drove Whites out of southwestern Philly. We could do a Venn Diagram of violence/the fear thereof and redlining working class neighborhoods to determine what caused Whites to flee. There would be some overlap but the former circle would be vastly larger than the latter.

            The pattern essentially was the White working class, bolstered by unions, were the power center until Black predators were brought into the mix to block bust (the link did mention this). When that ran its course, riots were orchestrated to drive out the White working class remnant. After a point, progressive young Whites were encouraged to move into the fringes of these now-feral neighborhoods and gentrify them. I suspect the recent orchestrated riots were coordinated to drive out these newest arrivals, who bought while in denial and still try to ignore the urban predators just notice their skin color.

            The only real question I have is who the folks in little hats plan to have to snap up these properties. Non-hipster Whites are moving back into Detroit, for example, and notably there were no riots there. Blacks, incidentally, are moving at a faster clip into Detroit’s suburbs. I usually can discern the strategy in these things but this is hard to disentangle. We will know soon enough.

            To complete the circle, cities can be reclaimed on a case-by-case basis but we should respect decisions by the fragile not to stick it out. Things are hot now and urban Whites are on the front lines. There need to be more of them and they have to be young, fit and independent.

    • Eric Striker? He’s a mixed bag when he’s speaking outside of politics and fringe culture. I remember reading two particular articles on National-Justice, one on so-called “Jewish science” and another on the military. In the former, all that time spent skipping high school science and smoking weed behind the bleachers was obvious. In the latter, he pulled all the same inane conflations lefties commit – being anti-war and anti-military.

      That said, he talks like he’s got an actual sack, so whatever. Hey man, we all got to get redpilled somewhere. You could do worse than this crazy dude.

      • I was pro-war and pro-military for decades and all it did was make Israel stronger and get White American kids killed and maimed using White American tax dollars.

        It also resulted in green cards for millions of Benedict Akbar Muslims who betrayed their own countries and kin for shekels and whose kids now compete with the children of those White soldiers for jobs and college admissions.

        How many Iraqi, Afghani and Syrian refugees and collaborators are flooding Israel right now?

      • Not everything can fit in a twitter post; this is why we have blogs and essays and books.

        • Last I checked the name of this website was “The Z Blog,” and ZMan takes that whole “host and sole proprietor” thing pretty seriously.

          • Then let us thank the proprietor for giving us a space to make such a well argued, well laid out, and contrary position.

            You know, CR is saying “do what the Jews do”- urban admin is their niche, they take the commanding heights.

      • Not clicking “read more” is always an option if you don’t like long comments, Meme.

    • CR, I caught Striker’s comments on academia and urbanity.

      I agree with him that we should not be “anti-intellectual” but let’s keep in mind that you don’t need an Ivy PhD to know what you’re talking about. Ideology and philosophy are very important and its critical that some of Our Guys bring big brains and solid research and thinking to the table on these subjects.

      As for urbanity, I’ve posted on this on our members site and also brought it up in comments with Striker on TRS.

      Our take is “every guy needs to make his own decisions based on his own circumstances.”

      Stiker’s an urbanite who wants to preserve the old ethnic neighborhoods in places like New York & Philly. I get that. If you have that kind of base to work from, make that your ground to stand on.

      But there are some places like Baltimore & St. Louis (and much of LA County) where it makes no sense. You don’t have the Whites around you to form a “band of brothers” much less a larger White community capable of defending itself like the Philly Italian baseball enthusiasts did recently.

      I’m with Borzoi of TRS in supporting “White Futurism.” We can’t “re-found America” or simply retreat into a Trad lifestyle.

      Other commenters here as well as I have made a years-long point of emphasizing that we’re not retreating ala the Benedict Option and that we don’t want to be anti-tech Luddites.

      The internet is the most important means of getting our message out to a wide audience. We need to use technology and engage with modernity – but without letting it ruin us.

      We’re focusing on training our young guys present and future to be more effective cultural and social warriors and to be aware of the very complex and deep issues it’s going to take to beat Shlomo and take back our sovereignty in town & country alike.

      Neither UPIC (you pick your neighbors or “undeclared physical intentional communities”) or SYG (“stand your ground”) are one-size-fits-all strategies. They’re two compatible ways of achieving the overall goal of physically organizing atomized Whites into communities again. Without that base, we can’t win and that’s why our opponents push back so hard against White community.

  31. Tucker is a freemason, guaranteed, and, therefore, controlled opposition. Why do you think he lamented the Albert Pike statues being taken down on his show, not once but twice? The way they work I wouldnt doubt this being a set up, with Tucker totally in on the game. They know millions see Tucker as their only voice in the mainstream, so now is the time to demoralize these people. Tucker will cave, big time. Again, if you view all of this without even the slightest notion of hardcore Christian eschatology, you are getting only a piece of the puzzle. Z, for all the great work he does, sees a large part of this hellscape, but can’t see the whole thing. This is it: the erasure of whites, open borders, vaccines (which will be the mark, or getting people ready for the mark) one world government, and the reing of the antichrist ruling from Jerusalem over his judeo-masonic empire. I could go on but why bother? Life is not going back to normal; in fact, it is going to get more insane till the end. The only political solution is getting right with the Lord, praying fervently to Him and his mother and to the saints, and try not to hate anyone, for as William Saroyan said “All are evil.” “My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” Luke 14: 27.

    • All of us are in a fog without many lieutenants on ship but not a captain

      But the is the nature of the moment

      And when it comes down to it, faith in something larger than us is our only true guide. Because of the Zman and his links to other sites, I have acquainted myself with the guys over at Counter Currents, and they over there are big on a theorist, Julius Evola, and that is his central idea. It sits well with me because it is something I have always sensed, albeit more inchoately

  32. Let’s see what happens. Had Kurtz streaming in the office a few minutes ago. He is pushing the Fox Corp line that this Neff guy was apparently the resurrection of Hitler–so sounds like that is the line Carlson is expected to toe. But, being “behind the lines” it is a tough slog. Your life is unbelievably compartmentalized.

    • seems to be some cross-fertilization between Tucker and OANN. Example, a girl from OANN, Stephanie Hamil, is now at Tucker’s Daily Caller

      So not impossible that Tucker would jump ship, but my personal hunch is the he lacks the fortitude to take a stand of that caliber

      • “…but my personal hunch is the he lacks the fortitude to take a stand of that caliber.”

        Your probably right. As fun as it would be to see him pound the desk and scream, ” Death to the communist filth ! ” ” Death to the hypocrit scum strangling free speech ! ” ” To hell with you all ! ” “I’m out of here ! ” I’m sure that’s not going to happen.

        • I think Tucker has a little more guts than Hannity but not much lol

          Hannity. He is such a tool

          • The following summarizes Hannity, and is why I stopped watching him.

            Hannity actually did an admirable job of allowing onto this show various people who exposed the failed coup attempt against Trump. It is damned well probable Fox and the rest of Conservatism, Inc., wanted him skinned alive for revealing to the public the depths to which the Deep State has plunged.

            Yet when it comes time for Congress to reauthorize domestic surveillance on citizens, what does Hannity do? Endorses renewing these “tools to fight terror.” The cucking idiot had spent years showing how these procedures had been exploited to nearly overturn an election and had destroyed lives.

            Soon as those words flew out of his ignorant mouth, I stopped watching completely.

  33. The so-called journalist who searched through all those years of posts by Neff was himself publishing similar things as recently as 2018 when he was a campus Republican. He looks like a Paki to me, but I’m not sure what mystery meat he is. So, of course, all of his postings are swept under the rug. He is one of the “good” people because he is not a white American. It’s disgusting on many levels.

    • Dinesh D’Souza went to Amren and reported on Sam Francis for the purpose of getting him fired.

      Turns out that South Asians are real conservatives after all.

    • In the American context at least, the reality is that the right invented cancel culture, the left merely co-opted it. The American left only started dabbling in purges in the 1990s and it didn’t really take off exponentially until Obama, but the America right, thanks to the tutorship of Buckley and others before him, has been conducting brutal purges since the 1950s and 60s.

      • Actually, the Left created the House Unamerican Activities Committee in the 30s to persecute supposed Nazis in America. In the 50s, Joe McCarthy and friends used HUAC to go after Commies.

      • That is a very good point. But one major difference was that the cucked right usually only did that to swamp creatures. They were not targeting randos.
        Also, the left’s cancel culture goes back way further than the Obama years. Leftists showing up and starting violence when right wingers tried getting together somewhere has been going on since at least the 80s. Much of the 60s stuff was that. Keep in mind that every video you have ever seen and every picture you have ever seen in terms of race relations, for example, is from the mainstream press.
        In 50 years, there will be people 100% oblivious to what happened in Charlottesville from our point of view with nothing but the official narrative to guide them. They managed to do this at a time when 99% of the public walks around with video cameras at all times. Imagine what existed back then showing the mainstream narrative as being entirely a lie.
        Just as the truth has been lost to time about the Orwellian named “civil rights era,” the truth about our time will be entirely forgotten and written out of the history books. The narrative will be used to attack whatever white people are left.

      • I have to agree with them that Mr Obvious is complete crap. I’m actually subbed to him because he does find some pretty good or funny stories, but he is also a self-professed “centrist” (obviously a cuck) who finds a way to screw up everything.

  34. It is not black and white.

    Tucker gets the ratings he does, from the people he does. They will not take kindly to cuckservatism. The other portion of his audience are those that love to hate him. If he cucks to them, their battle is won and they will tune out and search for other witches to burn.
    I’ve tuned out of the mass media so whatever they do will be of very little consequence to me. I will say what I want, hate who I want, and read what I want.

    • Will Tuck Cuck?

      if he does, the jokes write themselves

      my bet is he cucks 75% and is ambiguous about it enough that he leaves enough meat on the bone to satisfy his conservative audience

      whatever the case, FNC has hired some very very expensive publicists to help Tucker thread the needle with just the right amount of X and Y

      • Oh, he’ll cuck.
        He doesn’t exude manliness, nor that neo-nazi craziness.
        He looks like someone who backs down from violence, these types usually play it safe. He’s like an edgy liberal, I hate edgy softbois.

        • Wasn’t there some thing with him in a restaurant where he started whining about a guy harassing him?

          iIRC he was 75% whining and 25% showing some balls

          • A bar patron deliberately but indirectly attacked Tucker by ripping on Tucker’s daughter and Tucker decked the dude. Tucker apologized and as it is with a certain social class the apology was accepted. Supposedly.

          • Sounds like one of those “based Trump” myths going around in 2015: “Trump sent my dying grandma a check for her cancer surgery and said to keep it anonymous.”

            It’s a trick as old as politics – I even retweeted some of those in my Orange Kush stupor back then.

      • That’s a cope. Tucker is a true believer. Virtually everything he says is in line with true believing cuckservatives. I have taken flak right here on this comment section for pointing out Tucker’s tokenism problem. You don’t need to trot out a token to talk about something truthfully and without resorting to vulgarity. If you want to talk about black crime, you don’t bring out a black to say what you want to say so you can hide behind him and say “he’s the one who said it, not me! Go get him!” Tucker does this with every group. If he wants to talk about wamman, he brings out a wamman, if he wants to talk about blacks, he brings out a black. If wants to talk about whites, he brings out a Jew.

        Aside from this, Tucker is great. I appreciate having him. But Tucker is a bow-tie wearing true conservative. We cannot expect him to be something he is not. I will be SHOCKED if he comes out on Monday and says he will NOT take part in cancel culture and either resign or force Fox News to re-hire the guy. If he does resign, I will still be suspicious.

        • That doesn’t negate my point. What I’m saying is that Carlson has two choices. He could tell Fox to blow it out their ass and resign, or he could recant his heretical views, apologize tearfully, and continue working at Fox as an emasculated cuck. Either way, Fox gets what it wants and the real Carlson, warts included, is gone.

      • They’d be nuts to get rid of him. He’s a money maker. The trick will be in retaining him and his audience.
        Consider: from a marketing perspective Tuck is the only guy in the game. Cuck him out… and any brand loyalty he has is gone. Worse, Fox becomes just another “me too” network. (“Me Too” does not mean in the marketing world what it does in Hollywood; a “me too” product is one that every other competitor has. If you want to be a politically correct pozzed SJW network… you instantly fall behind 6 or 8 other networks that have already been doing it for years.) Tuck is a gimmick that no other network has.
        If Tuck was smart, he’d give Fox the finger and bail out. He could retire on what he has or go solo and continue to work on his own in social media. Just looking at his history I don’t think he has the stones for that either… but you never know.

        • Alas, as I always say, the AWRs, those at Fox included, put ideology before profit. It is one of their greatest strengths. Fox may well accept a hit in the pocketbook if it means obtaining a much greater measure of ideological purity.

        • What makes money is advertisers, who have mostly bailed on Tucker except for old people products. Which should tell you the direction this country has gone, and will continue to go in the foreseeable future.

  35. Tucker is an edgy cuck. His tokenism has always been a dead giveway, that and his crowing about MLK. As glad as I am to have Tucker (he is the best person on TV), his old bow tie is being worn under his shirt as a choker collar.
    Tucker should have refused to accept his resignation. Does he think his enemies are just acting like they hate him and calling for his job by calling him a white supremacist as an ongoing joke? He did this while publicly denouncing cancel culture.

    Nothing exposes a cuck like the subject of race. These people only know 2 ways of talking about it, apologetics and vulgar racism. They know they don’t want to be a vulgar racist and so they start doing the apologizing thing. Whatever you do, never trust a cuck.

    • “Tucker should have refused to accept his resignation.” You don’t know that he did. Waiting is necessary.

      • He already accepted the resignation. The whole story is not about his wrong-think, it is about parading the scalp they already got.

        • Not true, tarstarkas. Fox News has “accepted the resignation” but Tucker has yet to say anything about it. From the triumphant tone of the SJW’s at Fox News saying that “Tucker will address it on his show” on Monday…I’m worried. As I have said, this is Tucker’s moment, for good or for ill. He can rise to the occasion in glory, or blow it all ignominiously.;

    • Well said, tars. I don’t care if many Mexicans are ‘nice people,’ or your childhood buddy Jatevon worked hard in school, or that Asians are purportedly law abiding. Champion your own, period. Help your own, not just first, but last and always. You want to be a man of principles who judges individuals based on character, fine, but in the end you’ll have helped those who won’t lift a finger when the mob comes for you.

      • The time to ask “what about my based Black friend” or other NAXALTs is after Whites have full sovereignty and power to decide racial policy again, not before.

        How many people on the Left go out of their way to remind their side “Not all Whites..?”

        Cucking is a much bigger concern for the Right than purity-spiraling. Give me a truly committed minority of Whites over a tepid big-tent majority.

  36. Full disclaimer: I am not American nor I live in the US nor my English is perfect, but I know Carlson well.

    I don’t see any advantage of Carlson resigning. He is super-wealthy, he is not as brave as we would like, he doesn’t go far enough, he has friends in the Left, he may be a hypocrite. However, he still says things that nobody else says and he reaches much more people that all the blogs of the dissident right together. He reaches the normies. The best is enemy of the good.

    If we had 10 TV anchors saying things like the things Carlson says, I would say: “Right. Go ahead. Resign”. And if we had 10 TV anchors talking like the Z man, I would consider that Carlson has to go now, even without scandal.

    In the dissident right (or similar), I see the same dynamics that has traditionally happened in the extreme left. The divisions because of insufficient purity. An attitude that “I am more authentic that you and you are a traitor and a fraud”. In short, the holiness spiral. An example is Vox Day, who thinks everybody else is useless and attacks Gab, Parler, Petterson, etc. The Z man is different and a more measured man than Vox Day but I don’t think he’s right this time. Carlson is a useful resource and we don’t have replacement for him.

    The left is a majority, has all the means and says “no enemies to the left” We are a small minority but we are fighting with each other because of insufficient purity.

    • Points well taken, but what is of utmost importance is this:

      if Tucker stays on and continues to articulate the “alternative” position, builds it up, he also can then have the power to tear it down and totally delegitimize it.

      • Tucker isn’t the alternate position. He is the mainstream one from a few decades ago.
        This is necessary as a gateway to Our Thing which is a lot rougher or at least needs to be.

    • I largely agree with imnobody00.
      I do not have a TV, so therefore I have little exposure to Tucker Carlson and thus these views perhaps should be taken with a grain of salt.
      People with views outside of the those of the ruling classes need to be realistic and not look for purity in words and actions. So a useful so-called “cuck” (Carlson?) should be supported. We are in such trouble right now that even Noam Chomsky looks better than the Fortune 500 CEOs.
      From a brief look at the charge sheet of the Carlson’s writer (Neff), it seems that his offences are no worse than what comes daily from the ruling classes. So yes, there is a double standard. But that is a lesson for us when communicating with those outside our circles. We really need to watch our steps 10x more than those on “the other side of the divide”.

      • If I were Tucker I might be tempted to start my show with a strong reprimand of Neff’s actions. But – I would read off several of the latest anti-white rants by NYT columnists, etc., replacing the references to White with black as thought they were Neff’s.

        After the third quote, i would stop, look confused (as though someone handed me the wrong script) and then -reread them in original form, identifying the original source/speaker.

        Then “By comparison, this is what Neff said: . . . ” He can then say “I think all those statements are bad (blah blah civnattery) but why is Neff singled out, while these anti-white ones are not? So and so, after her anti-white rant, got promoted! Mr. X, you probably haven’t heard of him, still enjoys his job, and has not been descended upon by the mob.” etc.
        A guy can dream.

    • “No enemies to the Left” is a “grass is always greener” myth that can lead to bad decisions on our part.

      The main reason why the Left gets what it wants and the Right doesn’t is that the legitimate right does not have its hands on the levers of power. Its alleged “representation” is entirely controlled and co-opted. We have no institutional influence, as Neff’s firing demonstrates.

      Lefties have plenty of internal disagreements but the kosher sandwich crowd has its hands on the levers and the bottlenecks. Nothing quells internal dissent like power.

      History teaches time and again that moderates, reactionaries and revolutionaries cannot form effective coalitions. I’ve cited French Far-Rightist Dominque Venner on this here before.

      A big tent full of infiltrators, grifters, sellouts and edge-posting triangulators diffuses, smothers and grounds out the energy of an opposition movement. See the Tea Party and “movement conservatism” in general.

      An overly simplistic policy of “no infighting/no enemies on the Right” is just another kind of purity spiral.

      Sorting the net-negatives from the net-positives has to be done on a case-by-case basis.

    • In my other post about Tucker I was going to add a line about how we would need there to be other voices in the mainstream like Tucker’s before we could advise him to do anything suicidal. Indeed this may be just a trap his bosses are setting for him to see if he takes the bait. Oddly enough, while defending even seemingly innocuous racial humor is probably still outside of what is appropriate at the moment, there are other DR ideas that it might be time to start talking about or hinting at. One obvious such idea would be the notion that maybe the races can’t really get along after all and that we could all live a lot more peacefully apart. The obvious way to broach this would be to bring on a black nationalist. Not Farrakhan or any other well known clown though.

  37. Re. “ Everyone will have to be as loyal to his side as Tucker is to his side.” 

    There was an historic European organization that used the word loyalty in its motto. 
    “Meine Ehre heißt Treue “, translates as “ My Honour is Loyalty “ and is now proscribed in a number of European countries. 

  38. Hyperbole, the inflated language and imagery of advertising to which we have been conditioned for decades, is now the only acceptable form of public discourse. No one has to think. The middle school magic words and the non-stop visual examples of beautiful people performing sanctioned acts are expected to fill in all of the moral weight needed to make a point or to buy the product. Carlson will risk very little to save the help. He will say enough to maybe save himself. However he does it he will first accept most of the moral landscape of the anti-whites and he will use their language with a few twists and turns to signal that he is on board plus or minus a few caveats.

    We all pay a lot of lip service to not using the language of our enemies but it is all around us and impossible to always avoid unless we become linguistic paranoids. To play in the public sphere is to loose before we even begin. Carlson may survive this but it will cost him something in how he moves forward. He’ll then get a few more repeat performances until he’s gone.

    The only way to survive is to regroup and pull yourself out of the mainstream social milieu as much you can. That’s regroup and not become a lone wolf. What’s best for you may not be best for someone else but find some way to begin building your own network of dissidents. Dissident is now anyone who thinks or feels that whites have to begin looking out for white local and more than local interests. Chapter and verse can come later. The language we use must become our own and not that of our enemies.
    If you continue to operate only in the milieu of our enemies you become their plaything and a little bit of your soul will be ripped out of you day by day.

    • Yep, everyone sounds like.a Jew attorney. Everything is horrific, and obscene, and I am deeply troubled, and I am outraged, and it’s reprehensible. Blah blah blah

      why I never liked Steven Miller. He uses those same over the top words, and in turn his immigration platform never had any heartfelt qualities that would give them power to move people. Just artificiality and hyperbole

      • Whites haven’t always been sheep. We used to be independent-minded and downright rebellious. This drone-like docility is something very unusual if not unprecedented.

        • The elites put a lot of effort into ruining european people, have to give them credit, they had demonic help though.

  39. Civnats like Tucker may not be interested in White identity but non-Whites are.

    Whites can choose to stand together on racial grounds or take a knee as demanded by non-Whites on racial grounds.

    As recent cucks and Karens have discovered, “we’re on your side” and “I have a black husband” are not enough.

    Those who kneel choose dhimmitude and the jizya, second-class status and the “infidel tax.”

    Throughout the last 20 years of Zionist wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans and Euros declared they would rather die than submit to such humiliation and servitude at the hands of Muslims.

    But now that Shlomo’s media calls dhimmitude “White Privilege” and the jizya “Reparations,” Americans & Euros eagerly take the knee and wash the feet – because Holocaustianity and Slavery are the Passion and Exodus of their real religion, alleged Christianity or sciency atheism notwithstanding.

    Depending on who you ask, the worst wars are either civil, religious or racial.

    We’re looking at all three. And most Whites still don’t realize what side everyone else has already assigned for them.

    • Sometimes I feel like it’s no coincidence that sheep are white since so many YTs model their behavior on them.

    • Exile – Your usual excellent prose. I understand those who warn of ‘purity spiraling,’ but I don’t think they understand that all those subgroups are only in White minds. As simplistic as it sounds, your skin color is your uniform. Trying to claim as allies people who will betray you in a heartbeat (even as their own skin color will tag them for execution) is not a solid strategy. The special people who wield the megaphone know the skin color issue is a double edged sword but are betting they can escape it. I dearly hope they are dead wrong.

    • You nailed it. “Whites can choose to stand together on racial grounds or take a knee as demanded by non-Whites on racial grounds.” The Ideological and Theological are now secondary concerns. The confederacy of “Others” wants “Us” enslaved and/or dead for reasons that are Primal and Biological. Our response will prove, or disprove, our right to exist. Pray that we do honor to our ancestral legacy.

  40. well stated, Zman

    my opinion of Tucker mirrors your own. I always thought that he’s just a debate club preppie. He’s not the guy you want in the trenches next to you when bullets are flying

      • I think we have enough theoreticians between Zman and some of the guys being championed at CounterCurrents

        All the new sign-ups and recruits need to join the enlisted ranks

        The top positions are essentially filled

        • What? Naive. Even Lincoln had to work his way through several generals. Greg Johnson is many things but not a general. On one hand, you fight with the army you have, but it is still early and talent will come along. I submit we don’t know who the leading figures will be 5 yrs out. Just think back 5 yrs ago? how many have maintained a modicum of respectability?

        • With all due respect to Zman, he of the smooth voice and quick wit; Tucker has a bigger platform/wider reach from his perch at Fox. No man is perfect, so if he fails to defend his writer for selfish reasons that moral lapse would be regrettable. Still, Tucker is a modern Cicero; and I’d prefer not to see his hands nailed up in the Forum. Martyrdom in an age of unbelief is a false witness of anything but futility.

        • As of right now if we have soldiers on our side they are doing nothing. If we double the people doing nothing I don’t see what changes.

  41. In the end, this revolution will end up where all revolutions end. Everyone will be forced to choose sides and give over their life to the cause they choose. The people living in mansions will find the choice easy. Every day they are reminded of how well the revolution is treating them.

    Far too many whites are short sighted and ill informed on how to analyze situations. Real economics teaches how to think and you don’t need a lot of numbers for that. (that is fiance)

    Henry Hazlitt:

    The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.

    The immediate effect might be that going along with the evil non-whites will save their ass for a while, but like Tucker’s writer the mob will get around to them at some point.

    Further, the common blacks themselves will be in deep trouble once the rulers are done with using them and show them what they truly think of them.

    • Mark it. In the end, blacks will be slaughtered at the hands of Hispanics, who will get their marching orders from the Judeo-Bolsheviks who work for the Cloud People.

      Sides are becoming clearer even for the more obtuse and obstinate now.

      • True, if whites stop being a threat, the leftists are done with blacks, they’ll have no allies.

  42. I get the notion of choosing sides, I just happen to think our conflict has more than two. I’m not sure what our purity test looks like but I tend to think Tucker’s pulpit (mansions notwithstanding) brings more allies to our side than any other, including Trump. I don’t begrudge Tucker’s success and don’t know if his lead-writer’s character is worthy of defense. I’m not even a Tucker apologist (I’ve only read a few of his monologues) but sense that he’s closer to our side than the Marxist rabble he mocks.. Maybe this post is setting us up for the reality that good people will sometimes disappoint us – absolutely true. But if I were applying a purity test for choosing sides I’d put Tucker on the outskirts of the dissident camp; let’s quibble about the finer points once the Bolsheviks are defeated.

    • I don’t want to come off as aggressively rude, but I will be succinct. How many sides can there be? I mean you either join the negro and Antifa mobs or you don’t.

      • Understandable response. For simplicity then, let’s go ahead and agree to two sides, Side A and Side B. Side A may be divided into constituent parts, e.g. A1, A2, A3, etc. For simplicity let’s call everyone on this site a perfect A1. Does that make A3 my enemy? Is A4 on the side of Antifa because he buys Starbucks coffee or watches the NFL? Or to answer your question … if Tucker goes along with the firing of his head writer, does that mean he’s joined the Antifa mob? Would you agree that nuance is important? Might we have impure allies that our serve our cause?

        • I get that, but my sense is that there are only two sides. Yes, there may be derivations of a theme, or subsets within a side, but at the end of the day either your gun is pointed at Us or at Them

          There are many reasons people are on this side, or subsets. There are lovers of western civilization and culture, there are tradesman fearing losing their jobs to illegals, there are Christians who don’t want to see the churches in flames, there are guys who are sick over the loss of basic due process. And there is always some overlap.

          But we all share the same basic goal. That goal is not precise or articulated, it may be inchoate, but we know who is on our side when we run into each other. Like that old expression, I can’t define art but I know when I see it. Well, I can’t define exactly what it is that makes one want to join this side versus the other side, but I know when I see it.

          • I’d like to upvote and amplify what you and CAPT S said and also point out that a lot of these seeming contradictions arise from our failure, as people who can live only in one moment at a time, to consider that revolutions happen in space and time.

            In physics you can draw a particle’s “worldline” and it can sometimes clarify problems in relativity or particle physics. This is usually drawn with space on the x-axis and time on the Y. Since we can’t really draw 4D graphs the convention is to collapse all of 3D space to that one dimension on the x-axis.

            Revolution can be imagined as a lot of groups as initially separate particles with separate worldlines. As time goes on, some particles may diverge, representing an increase in the number of factions. Others may converge. Once you have essentially 2 (maybe 3) large particles, you have the makings of a revolution. You might also think in terms of energy gathering into two large “poles” with a large amount of potential energy between them, similar to charge separation in thunderstorms.

            So what about Tucker? I hope he doesn’t cuck tomorrow but if he does, it might just not be his time to move all the way over to here on the x-axis as it were. That doesn’t mean he can’t draw other particles closer to himself and thus eventually, to us.

          • Yeah, that’s basically true, but that is our nature. I realize the blacks do not have the problem. But should we become like them to defeat them? Maybe we have to as much as it stinks, just for the time being. That mens we beat them at their own game, and it will totally demoralize them. Then we can go back to being complicated white people

          • This “complicated white people’ issue is simply due to too much wealth. We didn’t used to be this complicated until we could afford to be. This too will change.

          • atheists do the same to christians, they throw new testament quotes at me, to make me feel guilty about not having liberal views, in their small minds they believe they expose my hypocrisy & bigotry, they literally think their pathetic mind games prove anything.
            Liberals are demented humans halfway to hell, their words should not be debated, listened or contemplated.
            Just troll them, I tell them to organize gay parades in Afghanistan if they think christians are bad.

          • Christians are bad to authorize gay parades
            (I’m not in the bedroom-cop policy, everyone should fuck as they like, I’m just against any “right” in favor of minorities. Homosex should be discret as it was during thousands of years)

          • Its a civilized man problem. Giving up civilzation and all its bullshit restrictions is how we win but its a comfy cage and no one wants to go from what we have to a new dark age.

          • It’s part/parcel of having an above 80 IQ. There’s a place for simplicity but much of the real world is complex … that’s why books on ethics are 1000-page tomes.

          • Splitting hairs, placing abstract values over self interest, compassion for competing tribes and fairness are all white problems and only white

        • Depends how polarized things get and/or how how hair-splitting we wish to be. For example, in Jim Crow times, there clearly were successful, responsible Blacks, as there are today. But when segregation was mandated, the better blacks acted as a stabilizer to the all-black community. This of course has been mostly absent since 1960s at least. What relevance does this have? Now imagine a scenario where there is an actual movement towards racial separation. Such conservative Blacks (call them “Uncle Toms” — their own people sure will calling them that or worse.) would at once be our storngest “allies”, in the sense that they would provide stability to an Apartheid community, yet on the racial/tribal level many would consider them the enemy.

          • This is almost certainly how it has to be. I’ve said here before that I think this will come down to a triangular configuration of black, white, and hispanic nationalists working together to defeat the parasite/globalist faction. It will be a bit confusing because some whites, (((whites))), blacks, and hispanics, will be nationalists while others fall in with the parasitic globalist elite.

            The various nationalist groups also would actually have some common values. Some of the mythical black and hispanic Republicans are actually not that mythical. Think of Colion Noir. Note that I’m not saying that these guys are more than a tiny fraction of their groups but as we’ve seen well organized (((tiny fraction))) can rule a much larger group.

            A basic foundation of traditional masculine values, opposition to globo/homo, traditional sex roles – these are actually likely to be the foundations of all three racial homelands and the tri-states could even form a loose mutual defense pact somewhat like what the US was actually supposed to be before the federal government basically seized all the power.

    • I prefer a different analogy to the two-sides paradigm. We are evolving into two distinct sub-species, one that is inherently productive by nature (old school evolution) and another that devolved into acquired parasitism. The former thrives in an environment emphasizing freedom, and the latter can only survive in an environment of authoritarianism.

      • If only we could become separate species. At the least, that would solve the issues of interbreeding. Unfortunately deriving a new species takes at least a few million years. I don’t think we have that long 🙁

      • Dutton recently divided/described the current population into two groups; those who 200 years ago would be considered normal and representative of the Darwinian concept of “fittest” and those (only now living) whom Woodley has described as spiteful mutants—those of the species that would not have survived without the modern welfare state providing protection and support for them.

        Dutton further states in essence that this group of people by and large suffer from genetic mutation load that 200 years ago was naturally selected out of the population, but alas has been allowed to populate and expand within the normal society.

        OK, it’s a reach and I’m only thinking it primarily refers to the White race. But it’s a thought that rings true in the back of my mind as the only reasonable explanation of the phenomenon we are experiencing.

    • I will find Tucker’s inevitable disavowal of this guy discouraging, but I can’t think that Tucker saying “F you!” and resigning will produce a better result for our side of the great divide. The quote about “Hypocrisy is a tribute vice pays to virtue” comes to mind here. And we have to be continuously aware that Lefty wields a very powerful weapon … virtually no one can withstand the R-word allegation, so until the time that such an allegation isn’t the reputation equivalent of a nuclear weapon, I don’t see how our side can afford to be so cavalier in how and where it expresses its opinions. Z-Man’s point about not playing the villain in someone else’s psychodrama is exactly right. This guy gained no converts, influenced no one, and hurt the cause by the casual display of his unvarnished opinions. Last week I mentioned to a libertarian friend that the government appears to use big business to get around its own restrictions on freedom of speech. He then took onboard Sam Francis’ concept of Anarcho-Tyranny. He commented positively … he ratcheted one notch towards our side of the great divide. If I had then dumped the entire Z-Man world view on him, he would have recoiled, because the conditioning remains too strong. But he’s moving in our direction, one person, one notch at a time.
      If I arrived at work wearing a Che Gueverra shirt, no one would dare say anything to me. If someone at work found a picture of me wearing a MAGA hat, I’d likely face sanction. (I’m in military, work in DC. Don’t believe me: last week, the Army labeled the term MAGA as White Supremacy as part of their service-wide struggle session curriculum) That’s real power – we may not like it, but we have to respect it. Facing Lefty head on will produce a 1991 Gulf War result. We have to assume the tactics of an insurgency, which requires among other things, a long view and a focus on the strategic goal, instead of short-term tactical victories. The fundamental lesson of my year at the War College could be boiled down to Strategic and Operational victory are not simply the sum of Tactical success. Tucker saying F You! to Fox might be a tactical success, but it sets back the long term strategic goal. Tucker remaining on tv serves to aid our side. He’s very effective at slowly deprogramming the CivNats. That’s incredibly valuable, even if it requires casting one of our own into the void. So I respectfully quibble at Z Man’s view in this case.
      OT … CAPT S, the movie Greyhound captures the feel of surface ship command at sea like nothing else I’ve ever watched.

      • Double edged sword

        if Tucker becomes the standard bearer for our side, he can also completely undermine our side should he choose. Say he wakes up one day and starts crying to the camera about how wrong he’s been. Or whatever.

        at that point, all the white guy fence sitters are back on the other side and are laughing at Tucker and us. “Why did I ever take you guys seriously lol. Your guy there is crying on tv What losers Going to watch a football game now Bye”

        • First thing I learned here in the group is that there are no “supermen”. I appreciate the guidance all my mentors have provided me along my journey—but alas I’ve yet to find one that (at this point in time) has lead me to my final destination.

          In short, when they no longer know the path, I seek others further along the way to that destination to guide me.

      • Good point. I’ve never been in a position to wield such authority, nor would I want to be, but it’s a grim fact that in military and other high-risk matters, sometimes you must balance sacrificing one to save ten, or ten to save a hundred, etc. It sucks to have to choose “slightly less damned” but sometimes it is a forced move. Add to this those who sit in your judgment after the fact, looking for the tiniest flaw so they can flay you to signal their own virtue, and you just add to the mental burden certain leaders must bear.

        Relevant to the current “cancel culture,” I think we are seeing the “democratization” of the idea of quickly finding the scapegoat whenever possible, as applied to fighting the Evil Racism at least: Carson’s writer is only the latest example; there are many other writers, announcers and so on that have lost their jobs for a slip of the tongue or something they have said a year or a decade ago.

  43. The real value of anecdotes like this is that it’s evidence that we’ve entered the fast-change phase of sociopolitical collapse. Tyranny is rapidly on the rise, becoming institutionalized, and the normal mechanisms of self-correction are not only absent, but being proactively eliminated in advance. That is not an accident, it is strategic and tactical intent by the incipient tyrants. The war is already hot, it’s just that the fire is currently hidden in the smoke. Act accordingly. Don’t be in a city. Summer heat will bring much more mayhem and destruction.

  44. J. F. Gariepy takes down Charles Murray in his recent podcast “ The Murray Fallacy “

    Gariepy tweeted to Murray his critique that, abandoning the word ‘race’ was “ an unnecessary concession “ by Murray, to the Left. 

    Murray’s response was:
    ” Rubbish. The word “race” _has_ become so loaded with ideological baggage that another word–population–is preferable when discussing genetics. Not to mention the substantive problems. You still think “Caucasian” is a useful category in the genomic era?”

    In the podcast he calls out Murray for his cuckery and explains in detail why we should not be giving up semantic ground to the Left. 

    Gareipy is a genuine White dissident who was driven out of academia and is now living in hiding, somewhere in Northern Quebec.

    • Gareipy is a weirdo. I haven’t been following Murray closely so maybe he has gone full cuck. I am loath to throw him overboard. His research and academicain bona fides puts him head and sholders over the cucks at NR. I will be very surprised, and concerned, if he disavows his lifes work.

      • It’s the message and not the messenger.

        The ‘weirdo’ would no doubt point out that an Ad hominem does not discount his argument.

        With regard to giving up the word ‘race‘ to the Left, so that they can all now say that; ‘race‘ is an outdated concept that even the nazi scientist Charles Murray, has replaced with the more innocuous ‘populations‘. 

        Please allow me to draw your attention to a personal bugbear of mine regarding the use of the word gender, which is a battle the Anglos may well have lost.

        In French, only a retard would use use ‘le genre’ as a synonym for ‘ le sexe “. It’s the same in my native language Ukrainian; ‘рід’ ( gender ) is not a synonym for ‘секс ‘( sex ). 

        Sex is a biological term that describes the binary taxonomy of male and female with reference to dimorphism and meiosis.

        Gender is a grammatical term that refers to the categories into which nouns may be divided i.e. masculine , feminine and neuter.

        Please note the frequency of the use of the word gender on googles ngram viewer and correlate that to the career of the ghoul Dr. John Money, the advent of “ cultural stupidity studies “ in centres of higher indoctrination and it’s use by the media megaphone, where meat puppets reading the news, work from a script. 

        Not so long ago job applications and surveys would have a category box titled; “Sex”, where you would check off or write in, male or female. It’s like everyone got a memo to use gender as a euphemism for sex but I suspect it was to escape the strict definition of sex as a binary and an act i.e. a man and a woman do not reproduce by having ‘ gender ‘. 

        The two words are not synonyms. When we use the word gender to refer to sex, it’s because our minds have been hacked.

        Words have meaning and power in the world. That is why the left redefines words that they find ‘ troublesome ‘. 

        The “ Gender “ spectrum should be the range of possible mental illnesses between men and women.
        After the war started, “ Words had to change their ordinary meaning and to take that which was now given them.” 
        Thucidides 3.82.4

        • Even most on the DR will casually use “gender” instead of sex. I would suggest that we begin pushing back with this (use “sex”, not “gender”). I’ve been trying to myself where I can. We probably can’t reclaim all the old terms though. Murray’s critique of the old racial terms is valid, as we know a lot more about human origins and races from genomic studies than when terms like “Caucasian” were first used. This actually offers an opening for us. All you would really need would be a few race aware geneticists or anthropologists with courage to coin new terms that could become a “dog whistle” for us.

          On the subject of dog whistles more broadly – I’m more and more convinced that what the Marxists call praxis in politics involves almost nothing else. It’s just a contest of dog trainers with a variety of different whistles. Once a trainer realizes that enough of the dogs are standing at attention with ears turned toward him, he whistles “attack!”. This initiates the “kinetic” phase of events.

          • In 1994 the Political Scientist Charles Murray served as the gentile frontman for the Psychologist and bacon dodger, Richard J Hernstein, with whom he ‘co-authored‘ a book to explain to the stupid goyim that, the reason that god’s darlings own and control most everything is because they’re overrepresented in “the cognitive elite”. 

            On jew intelligence please see Vox Day’s article “ The myth of Jewish Intelligence “.

            To which I would add, that even if the chinamen and nosebergs are smarter then us – and they are not – we still have the licence to pursue self-determination in the face of extinction, and don’t have to justify our existence to anyone ! 

            At present the narrative contrived by Murray and Hernstein, has proven to be a liability to the Bolsheviks and to Murray personally, who now wants to replace the word “Race“ with the more innocuous word ‘population’.

            J F Gariepy tweeted Murray about the word “Race“. Murray responded by deflecting to the word “ Caucasian“ which Gariepy did not mention. This sort of legerdemain or slight of hand is typical of a practiced shill. 

            The reason that the word RACE is a problem for the Bolsheviks is because it carries an entirely different connotation than the word ‘population’.

            Being displaced and dispossessed by another ‘population’ is easier to sell then being displaced by other RACES. 

            I understand your use of the word praxis to mean the use of “Key Stimuli” which are environmental factors that initiate fixed action patterns. For instance a person walking in a forest hearing a rustling in bushes near to them, would make the inference of possible imminent danger and take action. 

            By working to retire the word ‘race’, in favour of the word ‘population’, the cuck Murray, is replacing a biologically potent key stimulus, with a neutral stimulus, that will not alarm the cattle ( goyim) i.e. the neutral stimulus does not elicit the same response as the potent stimulus. 

            “He who controls the language controls the masses.”
            Saul Alinsky

  45. If it turns out Tucker is just another fraud selling to a niche then I think many people will be depressed. It would really mean that we’re alone.
    Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe too many are using the existence of Tucker as some sort of comfort blanket, similar to what people did with Trump before he proved that he was nothing more than a carnival barker.
    I can’t be the only person who is in awe of how unanimous our societies leadership is.

    • You’re not, I’m in awe. I’m also in awe of how quickly white people fell in line after the virus, George Floyd, etc. it’s really shocking. It used to be really hard to shock me but this year it’s just been one after another. And there are still six months to go. With an election. My head’s going to explode by 2021

      • Don’t blow up yet, wait till they bring out special jails for whites, black guards only.

        • My prediction is the future is going to be far weirder than any of us can imagine. I mean who would have predicted eveyone running around wearing face diapers a few months ago??

          • I can see whites getting conscripted to become slaves for a few years otherwise they can’t get hired or buy food. Pedophiles marrying kids, all sorts of lovely stuff.

          • I think you have got it exactly correct. They’ll implement a mandatory civil service program for non-elite white youngsters (they’ll appropriate the “pioneers” in combination with “legacy”) as a peace corps but more indoctrinated. You’ll need the honorable discharge marker on your social credit scorecard that follows you around everywhere. Depending on whom you connect with, sexually of course and otherwise, while doing your hitch will enable your later placement within society. All in service to your (((betters))) whose tikun olam and summers in Israel will exempt them from national service.

          • They will have to enslave White and Asian men if the military hopes to keep all the fancy vehicles, weapons, and most importantly, nukes functioning.

            The reason Trump brought up live nuke testing is that there are many signs and questions about the viability of the US’ nuclear arsenal, which is what truly guarantees the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

          • With the exception of North Korea, what other nuke capable country is testing their nukes. Those nukes being as old as ours? They know something we don’t.

          • The issues seems to be a lack of new tritium supplies, a substance which has a half life of about 12 years.
            We shut down our last plant in 2013 and I’d guess the knowledge base required to make a new one will be gone from the US pretty soon as Gen X and the younger Boomers pull the plug.
            If defense news is correct, within a decade and change the US may no longer be a nuclear power,

          • Its a rare isotope of hydrogen and mostly manufactured in nuclear reactors.
            We can and do of course salvage and recycle the stuff but essentially every 12 years our supply drops by around half.
            We stopped being able to resupply around seven years ago and if the article is correct we will have very little or none remaining by the 2030’s
            I’m not as sure how much we get from imports from allies, I’m not in the loop but I think we used to get some from Canada but no more.

          • Tritium is made in reactors set up for production of such material. The last two are in GB and slated to be retired in a couple years.

          • We have a known tritium reserve and also obtain tritium from foreign sources. While tritium decays by half every 12.5 years, if you possess enough then although the stockpile halves you still are able to resupply for an easily predicted time remaining. (unless you have an accident and then right now we would need to cannibalize other warheads to buy time and build production)
            US nuclear weapons are designed not to work unless a very precise distribution of neutrons is present in the first stage core at a set time. This is a safety consideration give the near tragedies we nearly experienced with older designs. A charged dewar stores tritium gas and basically rapidly sprays it into the hollow initiator “pit” once the weapon arms itself. Prior to this step the weapon will not detonate into a chain reaction because there are insufficient neutrons to collide, react and make light and create focused pressure and heat. A chemically-driven neutron gun contributes additional neutrons along with the tritium in a very specific flood. These help form the permissive action links to prevent accidental or unauthorized nuclear reaction.
            USN has been directed to replace the Ohio class SSBNs. They must assume the NCA and Congress will follow through with tritium production soon enough to avoid being caught with our pants down by the rooskies.

          • Thanks for this. According to the article, the ability to replace the tritium will probably end by 2035 or so. That is 15 years from now.
            That of course assumes other problems aren’t forthcoming or a genocidal civil war doesn’t break out which is a mid probability event right now.

          • Tritium is currently being reprocessed from older retired nukes. This of course is sub-optimal. In the meantime, they pursue substitutes and possibly a new technique to make tritium.

            Tritium is an exciter which increases yield. What we have now are dial a yield nukes. You have a bomb that for example can be set to yield a few hundred kilotons to a megaton and a half or so.

            However, the first nukes did not use exciters like tritium. My suspicion is that if all else fails, we still can produce such weapons. We have tremendous stock piles of fissionable material that does’t have a half life of 12 years, but rather thousands. And as Bush II was rumored to have said, “Why the hell do we need that many (when told of 15,000 in stock)”.

          • You have a bomb that for example can be set to yield a few hundred kilotons to a megaton and a half or so.
            Actually, we did away with anything approaching a megaton and, with supplementation, our largest warhead today can achieve 300 kt provided all goes well. If the lowest yield is selected, aside from the new B61, it’s about 4k yield no typo. The first stage is smaller than a bowling ball with the casing and works like a powerful torch inter alia on the larger secondary sparking a geometrically greater number of particles, pressure and torch emitting in the opposite direction. Then the whole kaboodle cannot contain and it releases like a pressure cooker firing up the atmosphere into a massive series of fast and recuperative waves, burning and smashing everything below or transmitting any local ground or seawater shockwaves through the paths of least resistance and crushing the voids.

            With increased accuracy, the megaton-class weapons were no longer desirable — used too much material, too heavy to throw long distance, too large to fit in nosecones or bomb bays, “miniaturization” — just to make the rubble bounce. Consider how Spacex is recovering its first stages by landing them vertically with tremendous accuracy and without GPS (improved mathematical techniques). Similar thing with our smaller warheads.

          • Maybe but clown world under the rioters leadership may not be able to produce food much less complex goods.

          • I’ve been wild-eyed for about a year now. My hope is that everybody get’s their bearingsand settles into the task of rollng this back.

          • There’s no rolling back. There is a break. A break from the past. You want to roll back to the world that brought us here. That doesn’t make any sense

          • we will have to find inspiration from whites from another era

            We will have to totally ditch the white era of the past 100 years

          • Correct. Its time to build something new.
            Excuse me for sounding like a Lefty but guys its 2020 and we have an entirely new society and new tech base.
            Be here now.

        • “Blackguard:” now there’s an obscure, 500-year-old English word that except for Monty Python, I’d probably never have heard. And its definition?
          “a person, particularly a man, who behaves in a dishonorable or contemptible way.”
          Sounds like your modern usage of it is perfect 🙂

      • I’m also awed.

        The global coordination behind Coronahoax and the vast majority of people falling for it is a million times more terrifying than the virus.

        • The disease is real, its effects nasty though not as nasty as the powers that be want us to think at least for healthy White people.
          However our response is kind of logical for a dying society, People accustomed to comfort, in a society with no future, few kids and an old population are prone to react in mortal terror to something that kills people.
          Something to consider, sans demographic momentum or immigration, any person who does is population decline forever. They cannot be replaced and this terrifies our leaders who are facing a destabilizing society and probably total economic collapse with no recovery point.

      • I think I’ve got an inkling of the ‘next’ crisis – they’ve been moving toward eliminating ‘germy’ cash for years now, but today, when I attempted to pay cash for groceries, I was instructed to read a notice. Supposed federal shortage of coinage means that if you pay cash it’s rounded up to the next dollar and the balance is put on your store discount card. And, if you try to get cash on a debit card purchase, there is now a fee. Even I, an accelerationist, am shocked at just how fast things are moving.

        • Yeah that is disturbing. How long is it going to be before they say cash is obsolete you have a month to get it to the bank

  46. Thank you for covering this story with the seriousness and the perspective it deserves. I’ve been reading autoadmit for more than 5 years and know the writer well. He was one of the most innocuous posters on the site and all the rhetoric attributed to Neff were threads made by other people that he simply commented in, usually with a benign joke. Tucker is going to get cancel cultured and thrown off the air, or fully neutered , before the election. It’s time for him to pick a side. He should spend the whole show bashing cancel culture, have his former writer on for an interview, and then dramatically resign and go to OANN.

    But the odds of him doing this are very low and he’s almost certainly going to throw him under the bus.

    this writer was Tucker’s top guy though and I consider him his brain. Just like AOC was totally neutered after her chief of staff was fired (who was her brain), tucker is going to lose all the oomph that made him popular.

    • posts like these zman reaffirm that my faith in your abilities is well placed. This is a minor story that most others aren’t going to cover, but it’s a super important one. The only thing I strongly disagree with you about is your support for Jeff sessions, who I consider a bumbling fool at best or a traitor at the level of Benedict Arnold at worst (and I lean toward the latter).

    • A similar analogy could be made after DJT’s brain transplant, swapping Bannon’s for Jared’s.
      Tucker will fold. Old money always does.

    • Even the stuff they dug up and quoted in the article was innocous if you read it carefully. I kept thinking, this the worst they could come up with several years of anoymous posting?? I really hope that Neff goes gonzo, but we will see. I suspect that carlson will fold like a cheap suit. maybe he will surprise me.

      • It’s like the “racist” nonsense they dug up on Ron Paul. A couple lame jokes in his newsletter about the ability of black teenagers to run holding a stolen TV. The bureaucrats in the so-called Libertarian Party were horrified, of course. Disgusting.

    • I’ve heard Tucker interviewed enough to know he has a brain of his own. Now we are going to find out if he has balls.

    • I kept searching for the blasphemies but I guess the most egregious are the ones Z mentions here. That’s it? An asian lasik joke, a black person quip?
      It’s as if one was accused of making fun of retarded children with terminal cancer and calling for their evictions from hospitals.

    • “Never apologize.” To apologize is to invite death. Tucker may understand this. May.

      • He should. He had a guy on Friday bragging about how he refused to apologize and weathered the storm. Tucker was glowing about it.

        Of course, the guy’s name is Chadwick Moore, is gay and pretty much a standard issue liberal. With a name like Chadwick it is safe to assume he has a nice allowance from the family trust.

        • The crazy thing about this Tucker Carlson/Chadwick Moore clip is that they spent most of their time talking about what regular people should do if the Twitter cancel mob comes for them.
          Moore is essentially a professional gay Trump supporter. That’s nice if he said something blasphemous and didn’t apologize but thats not applicable to a regular guy whose job doesn’t involve writing a Breitbart column and appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show.
          Carlson said something about “going ballistic” with HR and not making it easy for them to fire you. How the hell is that supposed to work? After the sales rep. gets fired, does he give a fiery monologue on his very own evening show on Foxnews?

          • Read “SJWs Always Lie,” by Vox Day. Whatever other problems Vox may have, the book is an excellent manual for answering your question.

          • What does he say?
            I guess it does no good to apologize but a normal person has a lot to lose if he speaks out to begin with.

          • VoxDay isn’t wrong with his analysis. But, other than having your facts lined up and hitting back with counter charges, he pretty much admits you’re going to lose is HR is woke.

      • Exactly right.

        YT needs to understand that issuing an apology in good faith to people acting in bad faith only provides them with extra nails for YT’s public crucifixion.

  47. I suppose one last, glorious, live segment where Carlson finally comes out on the JQ would be too much to ask.

    • The censor would hit the ‘cut’ switch and jump to a miscegenationist commercial. Tucker would disappear into the black hole. “Nice family you got there, wouldn’t want to lose it.”

  48. If Tucker defends his writer, I may start watching the show. TV “news” is a no go zone to me.

  49. IMO Its better for Tucker to stay on the air and keep pushing the alt light position than for him to not be on the air. Now he’s helping people move in the right direction, who otherwise would not.

    Whats the upside to him getting thrown off, even if he goes down in a blaze of glory?

    • I get your point, but the larger issue is that if he’s only a pretender, he will only let us down harder when it really matters.

      • Falcone – very well said. In that sense Tucker’s just like Trump/repukes. So many claim that accelerationism is ‘worse,’ that Trump buys us time. How? In what dimension? At least with the AOC/Kamala/Abrams crowd the hatred is open. As for moving people in the right direction, sure – they’ll insist they only dislike the small percent of criminal noggers, just like they only disapprove of illegal invaders. People will always justify their moral compromises. Always.

        • None of us have the “time” we think we do. Our backs are against the wall and are going to be for another 25-50 years. The time is now. There is no tomorrow waiting for us when things MIGHT improve. Every day we have needs to be put to some good use. Trump is irrelevant

        • I am still not convinced Trump actually buys time. Seems things are pretty accelerated at the moment. A decent argument can be made that Sleepy Joe is just that – will lull things back to sleep to an extent, and that may actually buy more time.

    • I was thinking the same thing. However, with his money, fame and clout, he could conceivably create a new and independent platform for his views where he wouldn’t have to worry about being Borked by the race traitors.

      • Creating independent platforms takes far more money than you realize, and there is no guarantee this tyrannical police state wouldn’t just shut it down or use its media assets to scare away financiers (or even deplatform it from the internet) even if do make one. He could go work for RT. If he changes his opinion on China (he should … they are NOT middle America’s enemy) he could go work for them and lead a government in exile.

        • Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And particularly with everything he has going for him. Now obviously the platform wouldn’t be is bit as at Fox, but it would be big enough for him to maintain his influence.

      • We need political organizations. Teams of lawyers, teams of lobbyists, teams of propagandists, and probably even teams of people willing to push the enemy around (secretly) that get in their way.
        Alternate platforms and civil wars are things that require organizational power right now. And we have close to none.

    • “You go to war with the army you have, not the one you wished for.”

      I tend to agree with you. Carlson is flawed, but he’s the only major media voice running counter to the death grip the Left has on the Megaphone.

  50. I wouldn’t get blackpilled on Tuck before hearing him out. He’s been on quite a roll lately. Even heroic. And I hate to think that his only principled option is to resign on-air. If he does throw Neff to the wolves, then it’ll be a major disappointment, perhaps the worst of the past 4 years. But I think he’ll find a clever way to middle-road it, and people on Our side will grumble but still tune in.

    • Blake Neff wrote his monologues, apparently. And his book too.

      Maybe The Tuck is an empty suit.

    • Tucker Carlson is no Braveheart. No one would follow him into an actual visceral battle, or even a shouting match. People who think this war will be won from the comfort of a couch are anti-evolutionary in addition to being dangerously stupid.

      • 100%

        we will see what people say and what they believe when asked to get off the couch.

        the “get off the couch” will be the great culling

        • Under blue pill and soma? Hah! They won’t know they’re in the wood chipper until they feel their feet for the first time in ages.

      • “won from the comfort of a couch”
        But this is a civil war (already), and it is being fought from the couch (or dining table in my case .. gotta eat after all) It is a war of philosophies, a war of words and ideas, broadcast on the internet. The internet is our most important weapon, even more so than face-to-face verbal skirmishes.
        We are winning, the couch is comfy.

      • True. When our hero arrives he’ll be a rough man in the streets cracking skulls and slitting throats. The rest is foreplay.

    • I’m with Marko. Reserve judgement until we hear what Tucker says. Either way, this is his moment. With the right stand he could propel himself to eventually becoming President.

  51. “Carlson is super-wealthy.”

    A quick “gulag” of his net worth comes back with ~ $20 million as the average guess. While I consider this enough to qualify as “fuck you” money for himself and his wife and minor children, I don’t think that’s gonna put his grandkids on easy street.

    It will be interesting to see what he says. I just don’t think Fox would actually keep anybody on the air (or employ in any fashion really) who actually believes what he purports to believe.

    • There’s no such thing as fuck you-money. The more money you have, the more you’ve got to lose.

      • That depends on how you live.
        The problem is getting that money comes with heavy strings, if not your literal immortal soul than tons of mandatory expenditures and ways of livng design to keep anyone not in the 1% functionally poor and in their place.
        Most cannot be like Sam Walton.
        Ultimately wealth can be a prison. Also the idea that you’d leave some money for future generations and if things went well and/or they were clever it would last is deprecated.
        Most of today’s super rich just use the money to meddle and have no plans to pass much of it onto future generations, Soros unfortunately being an exception.
        If we find a way to take charge, I’d suggest an actual wealth cap. Limit income to x multiplier of the minimum wages no exceptions, ban entry of people richer than that , limit property ownership and so on.
        Combined with limits on who votes , States selection of Senators and heavy limits on campaign contributions (say 1 week at minimum wage per year of term, 2x for President natural persons only) and you could recreate some facet of the older yeomanry while buffering the effects of the wealthy.
        The rich ca’t really get rich enough to opt out and so will be in a situation where they are less liable to puruse bad policy or so one hopes.
        In any case a Soros figure with only say 50 million in total assets (plus a couple of houses) and limited to spending no more than what middle class family can manage will be much less of a menace.

        • One of us clearly doesn’t. The richer you are, the greater your fear of becoming poor.

          • I doubt Jeff Bezos worries about ever being poor again. He exchanged his ex-wife and tens of billions dollars for a nasty slut recently.

            I live in a successful professional class household. We still clip coupons or sniff out the online equivalents and shop at sales whenever possible. With the exception of healthy foods, travel, outdoor gear, electronics and professional attire, we live far, far below our means because we have both been seriously poor and never wish to live like that again.

            I think you’re off the mark Felix.

          • The 1% are not like the rest of the rich. The ultra rich, hundreds of millions low billions are also pretty immune.
            Most rich people , the other 95% have a few million mostly in assets and do the much higher social status expenditures end up while not strapped, not flush either.
            Also the worst thing in their world is decline in status and dropping from say wealthy to upper middle while not bothersome to us would crush the.
            Most people who wouldn’t mind won’t be allowed to get rich or if they do live quietly as grey men.
            The economy too has been screwed up for a couple of decades.
            Now days because the government won’t stop spending and we cannot tax the amount we spend, interest rates are too low.
            This puts a lot of wealthy people into a far less stable position as they are dependent on a very fake economy and unstable investments.
            I suspect most of the lower 10% of the rich will be wiped out by Covid and what remains concentrated in very few hands leading to an economic collapse.
            This is typically called late stage capitalism and it is its own endgame. Basically we ate all the seed corn and its game over.

  52. The article about Tucker’s house is weird. They specify an outdoor swimming pool. Isn’t it more Lux to have an indoor swimming pool? Also, Wowza, DC is expensive. It cost a lot to stay in the cabal.

    • And a “gourmet kitchen” whatever that is, with “stainless steel appliances” like tens of millions of suburbanites.

      Its all virtue signalling – casting his lack of poverty as morally suspect.

    • In neighborhoods like that, you don’t get to make an offer unless you have been fully vetted by the selling agency. That means you don’t need a mortgage for the house and you have the right credentials.

  53. “”….Like the old communists, Progressive now….”””
    As a proud citizen of Soviet Union for 16 years, I kindly ask, what is the difference between our communists and your progressives ? IMHO you have exactly the same process, what France had in 1789 and we had 1917.

    • Yeah also the revolution pretty much started in the 60s in Russia. It was the 1860s but it culminated in 1917 so we’re right on track

      • Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
        C.S. Lewis

      • And self-righteous. The Soviets cynically knew they were manipulating with propaganda and outright lies. Our Progressives actually believe the insane bullshit they spew.

        • Many communists believed in their nonsense, in fact lots of them got caught offguard when communism fell, they thought people loved it.
          I’m referring particularly to women, the recurring useful idiot.

          • I think Jun nailed it. The initial revolutionaries were True Believers and then technocracy took over.

          • Soviet Union was not the only communist country in Eastern Europe.
            I, for one, am sick of hearing the old farts reminisce about the good ol’ communist days. They are right in a way cause communist countries were way more nationalistic back in the day than they are right now.
            Basically monarchy >>…> communism >>> globo homo capitalism

          • The True Believers were rounded up, post haste, just like the current ones will be. You can’t let them stick around, they’re proven revolutionaries, after all!

          • That’s exactly right. The first to go were the revolutionaries. Molotov is exhibit A.

        • Cold blooded ice eyed calculators arrived after Stalin purges. From 1917-until 1938 we had also true believers. That is why we had madness and 50 million dead. Stalin purged idealists and replaced them with technocrats. This is the real reason, why mass murdering ended and why lot of Russians honoring Stalin despite his methods.

          • first the “vanguard” seizes the reins , then the purge of immediate opposition (the vanquished), then the purge within the vanguard(the reactionaries), then hell is loosed upon the masses. Nothing new under the sun.

      • Less attractive, too. Most communists were at least thin and didn’t mar their faces with metal implants.

    • “IMHO you have exactly the same process, what France had in 1789 and we had 1917.”
      I’ve been saying the same thing on this site, while some people here talk about desperate globalists being afraid to lose their power, cowering in fear.
      The only cowering bitches I see are the so called right-wing representatives.

      • Exactly. Huwitey ain’t waking up.

        Did we all miss how meekly the McCloskeys handed over their guns?

        • As someone who has been in almost that exact identical position- i.e. someone coming to seize my weapons because of racist district attorneys pushing racial politics into their search warrants, question for you…

          What SHOULD they have done? Gone out guns blazing with the army of cops that likely showed up to execute the warrant? It is incredibly easy to run your mouth until you have had the 4 am no-knock or even the day time regular knock with a dozen heavily armed men there to carry out a ‘lawful order’.

          This is the part that always makes me laugh about the 2A LARPers. ‘Out of my cold dead hands!!11!” and you see them out at these COVID protests recently LARPing in full gear. The cops show up and in the next frame you see them on their knees cuffed and disarmed.

          The people in control aren’t stupid and they have all the time in the world. There will not, and was never, going to be mass door-to-door seizures. You do it quietly a few at a time over many years and one day people wake up and nobody has access to arms anymore. And furthermore, you have a population that is so cowed and fearful that if they even know you own a weapon, they will call the authorities and say your mere ownership “makes them feel unsafe” (this is the magic word now to destroy anyone for any reason). And you will be immediately stripped of that weapon under an ERPO (Red Flag) order.

          More clear now???

          • Black people will always have access to guns. Maybe at some point some of our best friends will need to be black.

          • You prove once again you are a fucking retard who has no understanding of “slowly then all at once”.

            A few at a time every day in every county in the US all day long plus your neighbors turning you in with ERPO flags for simple ownership
            . I get that you live in bum-fuck nowhere where you have probably not even seen a minority in decades, but for those of us living in reality in the cities/burbs we cannot hold you goofy head in the sand views anymore. You stink of WN 1.0 LARP talk and it isn’t helpful in any way shape or form.

          • Vituperation is indicative of a small mind. At any rate, when one speaks of millions and millions of guns in private hands, and that number increasing constantly and at an ever increasing rate, your “a few at a time” calculus won’t put a dent in the number. Moreover, how do your neighbors know you have guns? And how many of them would actually turn you in for possession? I’m afraid your breathless Chicken Little act bears no positive relationship to reality.

          • I see your point, which further makes mine.

            These 2A LARPers ain’t gonna do s**t. Instead of the “Million Mogadishus” that Ward Churchill wanted (remember him!?!), we’ll get a Million McCloskeys.

          • Thank you. I’ve been trying to tell people this for decades. We are losing our 2A state by state, magazine by magazine, round by round. There are few places left where “shall not be infringed” is even close to being intact. Soon we will be the UK, and soon enough Venezuela. I’m willing to die fighting tyranny (not just regarding guns), but it’s a futile gesture to do that alone. The call to arms that our founding fathers answered, will never happen. But I wish there were at least an equivalent of the French Resistance to join. War is horrible. Oppression is worse.

          • European countries including the UK are less tyrannical than the US.

            99 % conviction rates, huge prison population, militarized police, perp walks, affirmative action, cities ablaze, explicit calls for replacement: all these phenomena are part of the rich bounty of life in the US.

          • You try writing to or reading from a domestic British or German Z-man blog in Britain and Germany and find out how free they are.

            i like th Z-man and find many of his words wise. But he creates cynicism and a desire to see it all as hopeless.

            the left took 50 years to get here. We can get back but not if we are too cynical to take baby steps.

            Trump deserves another term. The alternative won’t be pretty. At the least it buys 4 more years of prep time.

          • Patrick Henry’s famous speech belongs here. I’m tired of waiting, and getting too old for another trump 4-year mess. More time to prep ends up being more time to do nothing. The time to fight is probably right after the election.

          • American Conservatives

            2015: Free speech is an inalienable right. Even offensive opinions should be respected.

            2020: Hate speech has no place our democracy. Amazon should ban and refuse to ship controversial books. We should also shut down the post office, giving Jeff Bezos even more power to censor racism. Gone With The Wind, Huck Finn? Never heard of them. Probably racist anyway.

            2025: From my cold dead hands! Take my guns, and I’ll rebel liberals!

            2030: What? I’ve always opposed guns. MLK jr. was killed by a gun, libtards. White Fragility had nothing to do with it. That’s a made up term anyway.

            2035: You’ll never put me in a concentration camp liberals! We’ll rebel if you try it.

            2040: Hey, I’ve always supported reeducation facilities. My father fought for the Union and supported reconstruction, so I’m all against White Fragility. But that gas chamber over there. If you try to put me in it there will be a revolution liberals!

            2045: …

          • The Fudds will never rise up against the “heroic First Responders” they worship so much who get paid to kick in their doors and confiscate their guns. That’s a given.

            My concern is that as gun control progresses, whites will be left defenceless against the black mobs, and the cops will go after the low-hanging fruit of the gun owners rather than going after the mob.

        • The Lawyer guys are Leftists, not our people.
          In any case resistance is way easier said than done.
          Cope hit you in mass numbers when you are at your weakest and have political cover to kill and sometimes torture you.

        • But I was told on this website (and everywhere else) that couldn’t happen. Gun owners were going to rise up if guns were confiscated. Grandma with her .38 was going to overpower the police and the military. How does this make any sense? I don’t understand how the conventional wisdom could have been so wrong.

          • Lefty believed it too. It acted as a restraint on them.

            Once they figure out its BS, things will get ugly, quick.

          • One case of confiscation in St. Louis hardly proves gun ownership is dead or that attempted confiscation won’t eventually be met with resistance. The McCloskeys, BTW, are rich as Croesus and had everything to lose. Other whites will be far more desperate.

          • As I noted before the S. Louis pair are rich city liberal lawyers and I would expect them to comply as the gun was taken as evidence.
            They are not rednecks , dissidents or really from the way they were handling weapons, gun people.
            They were also offered a brand new free AR15 by a local gun company if they just didn’t go buy another.
            Far too many people here black pill at every occasion. Just stop.

          • Sam Francis called them Beautiful Losers.
            Frankly I think that is generous.
            Not only does our side lack ideas and motivation they flee from and are terrified of actually having to believe in anything and unwilling to take any sort of responsibility for anything larger than a family.
            A lot of them love to complain but ask them to put up or shut up an idea, a what would you do and they scurry like roaches.
            I am slightly optimistic in that this insane shutdown crushing the economy with no recovery point will jar a few of the f&cknuggets on our side out of the money uber alles trance they are in , have them realize they need a society and they have to build it.
            Freedon after all is having nothing left to lose

      • corporations & banks own everything, most whites have student debts & mortgages, there’s nothing they wish to expropriate.
        If they care to take something, they have subtler ways.

        • True to a large extent, but nothing beats raping high quality white women in the suburbs, That’s the holy grail.

          • this reminded me of macron wanting to bring in 200 million africans in France.
            This might be their master plan, 4 africans for 1 white woman.

          • Macron has to know that would be the outcome

            If he doesn’t, it’s no wonder they picked him for the job

          • DIE-versity means chasing down the last white woman and colonizing her womb with non-white seed.

          • I think you say this as a joke or hyperbole but that is 100% the next target of this and you see it with things like the “CAREN” act trying to be passed where it becomes a crime to actually call the police on blacks.

            Combine that w/ the 24×7 full court propaganda assault and you will see da white wimmenz gladly taking the rape and black insemination for a half-black baby as ‘reparations’ for their ancestor’s crimes. They are building this framework in real time so your ‘joke’ is actually reality.

          • ugly feminists hate pretty white women, they wanna see them raped by freaks so they propagate ideas that would get white women in trouble.

          • I am not joking when I say that white women are their holy grail

            And I was saying maybe two years ago on various websites that white women were next in one to be demonized

            Normies didn’t want to believe it but the writing was on the wall. The minute I started hearing black women starting to more loudly complain about how white women were taking their black men, I knew it was coming

          • Try watching the TV news sometime instead of leave it to beaver reruns you geriatric dolt. You are an ostritch head firmly in the sand trying to escape the hellscape forming around us. Run along now Price is Right is about to start!

          • Haiti is and was overwhelmingly Hutu. In America they make up, at most, 13% of the population. As much power as the Hutus have in this country, white women will never be coerced into conceiving nigglets and calling the cops on Hutus will never be criminalized.

      • The commies are the White Suburbs, or getting there: the proletariat in the cities, the secretariat in the better (for now) suburbs, surrounded by the Lumpenproletariat and serfs in the provinces.

    • We have more Jews. At least the USSR learned that lesson after WWII.

      Sending the Jackson-Vanik Ashkepaths to America was the USSR’s most effective anti-American measure ever – the parents of Max Boot & a whole Kvetching Klown Kar of political subversives & fixers, media manipulators, banksters, Cult-Marx profs and general malcontents.

      Castro’s Marielitos were nothing compared with this.

      • So true. They were used to poison us

        why I think that not until people are willing to openly attach Jews to our decline will things change. Because if this really a war, then people will have to fight to win, and that fight includes — gasp — calling out Schlomo

        once that happens. The whole thing does a 180 And jews will start backtracking. It might really be that simple. If 50 million whites start screaming about it, the Jews will backpedal FAST I have dealt with them quite a bit. If you let them walk over you their hatred only intensifies until it becomes sadistic and cruel But if you smack them back, they start kissing your ass. I guess that defines a bully, huh?

        • Yuri Bezmenov was probably referring to jews when he talked about subversion of USA, he knew they couldn’t help themselves

        • Can you imagine the earth-shaking reaction if Tucker, on live TV, were to actually name the J … uh … name the … er, the Democrats and other misguided souls? Let freedom ring!

          • I don’t think that Tucker will get any nearer to doing that than his prior pecking around President Kushner.

          • I was being ironic. Tucker is controlled opposition, as controlled by himself as by outside compulsion. He is sharp about knowing where the electrified fence is, and going up to it but never past it.

            We are better off for his being seen and heard, but at most Tucker is a stimulus for some people trying to graduate from Cucksville U.

          • I’m not implying that Tucker should abandon all discretion in his televised commentary. But he could push the boundaries, carefully and gradually on his own Long March.

            There’s nothing he can do to assure his show’s continuation. Even as it stands the leftist establishment would like to see him off and may well succeed.

        • That describes a narcissist. Rule #1 is never apologize for anything, to them it is an admission of guilt and trigger for a reparations demand. Observe carefully how they behave wrt cluster b personality disorders and educate yourself on how not to fall into their traps.

          • Yep. I was reading how in Jewish law or legal theory, going way back, that a lack of a positive defense of one’s position was not a pure admission of guilt but enough weight to tip the scales

        • Have to deal with Judeo-Christian nonsense first. Too many revere Jews as God’s chosen. Never mind they had the Romans crucify the Son and have been under judgement since. One wonders how so many who think America is under judgement today don’t make the connection. Sure, it’s our fault for wandering off the path, but they might ask why, or under whose influence.

      • I dare say the Bolshevik party, particularly at the highest level, was considerably more Jewish than America’s ruling elite. Lenin, incidentally, was one quarter Jewish.

        • Stuff and nonsense. “Jewish Bolshevism” is dwarfed by Jewish infiltration and penetration of every important aspect of American Civil (and now military) society. In Russia, so tenuous was their hold, that all it took was the threat of Uncle Joe going to town – post mortem – to throw the damned kvetchers out…and into the open arms of Stupid, Dumbfuck, ‘Mericans.

          What is it about ‘Mericans that makes them feel so superior about having all these exotic pets pissing the graves of their forefathers?

          I’ve never subscribed to the damned nonsense about “pathological altruism.” The average middle-class white man and/or woman are some of the most selfish and grasping (not to mention boring) human beings I’ve had the misfortune of having to bear. This has to be a vanity trip: essentially, I don’t think the bastards at the top consider “their” fellow whites as human beings. I really think that they’re repulsed by working class whites and really do want to genocide them to make room for more of my kind (and other similar exotic pets).

          • The fact remains that power in the USSR was concentrated far more intensively in the Bolshevik party than it is in US society, and that the Jews were strongly overrepresented in the highest ranks of the party. Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sverdlov and Radek are only several of the Jewish heavy hitters. That scenario has never existed in the US and doesn’t now. Are Jews a very powerful force in “America.” Of course. But Jews in the USSR were even more so.

          • I agree but I see the absence of prominent Jews in power as more disturbing than the Soviet experiment. Until quite recently, Organized American Jewry had become a virtuoso at pulling strings. Buttgoy ran interference and served as beards but it was virtually impossible to “name the Jew.”
            No more. Alas. Once again, the Trotskies will make the revolution and the Bronsteins will pay the price

            TL; DR: The fact the the internal security services and external espionage and counter-espionage organs in addition to legitimate institutions are either enthralled to Official Jewry or directly controlled by them is unprecedented in the History of the Tribe. Never before so few controlled and “owned” so much. If you have any doubts, try counting Billionaires or Media Moghuls or Sportsball team owners.

            No my friend, it’s better when men own power, when they expose themselves to the dangers of ruling men.

            Then again, perhaps they have exposed themselves thusly in recent years confident in the knowledge they they rule over husks of what used to be men for no man who voluntarily and without the slightest resistance accepted house arrest and the destruction of their identity can be called a man.

            This does nothing but evoke a Wodehousian laugh:

            “Then out spake brave Horatius,
            The Captain of the Gate:
            To every man upon this earth
            Death cometh soon or late.
            And how can man die better
            Than facing fearful odds,
            For the ashes of his fathers,
            And the temples of his gods”

      • “Sending the Jackson-Vanik Ashkepaths to America was the USSR’s most effective anti-American measure ever…”

        Excellent insight.

    • “Our progressives” have all our bases. They control far more of material and spiritual resources than yours ever did. “[Your] communists” needed a KGB and SMERSH! and similar organs in order to rule your people. Our people here are so broken that each man is his own Beria. Effectively, we have 300 million Berias.

      Strap in, kids, and hold tight. This isn’t going to be smooth or easy.

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