The Deluge Of Opinion

Bertrand Russel said, “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” It is a pithy aphorism that has now been amplified by modernity into a description of liberal democracy. In every Western country, the stupid drown out everyone else in the court of public opinion, but do so with a breath-taking degree of self-righteous sanctimony. The hallmark of the modern man is to have an opinion on everything, almost all of them wrong.

It is not that the stupid have been made supreme, although it certainly seems that way when you encounter public opinion. It’s that everything has been politicized to the point where every issue, no matter how small, becomes a moral signifier. Where you stand on the issue says something about you and your position in society. If you don’t have an opinion on an issue, it is assumed you are ignorant or possibly in league with dark forces, those who hold the “horrifically” wrong opinion.

For most of human history, few people had opinions on anything. After all, most people had no say in most things, so why bother having an opinion? The farmer working the land had a very limited range of things in which his preferences mattered. The shop keeper in the village or city operated under the rules established by whoever it was that ruled the village or city. Since no one cared what he thought about those rules, there was no need for him to have an opinion on those rules.

In private rule, whether it is a monarchy, dictatorship or oligarchy, opinions on public affairs are limited, as very little is actually public. The king decides and the people abide. Opinion only matters in private affairs, where people have control over their lives. What really matters to people is how comfortable and successful they fit into their social role. Custom, tradition and habit are what matter most, as complying with those is what brings personal and social happiness through the reduction of conflict.

In public rule, like a democracy or even communism, the range of topics up for debate expands well beyond the personal, but the moral significance of them paradoxically becomes highly personal. The theory in democracy is that the people come together, debate the topics at hand and fifty percent plus one decides public policy. In most forms of communism, the general will is expressed through the organs of the party, which has a monopoly of power. Thus, policy is always in line with the general will.

In reality, the public comes to embrace some new moral truth around the issue at hand as almost all issues facing a society are mundane and straightforward. The first truth of democracy is that most issues don’t require debate. The issue is whether or not the people will voluntarily go along with what must be done or they must be compelled. Democratic debate quickly devolves into claims about morality. The new moral truth is determined and everyone is then judged on where they stand regarding this truth.

For example, for ten thousand years marriage was understood to be primarily about creating new people. The male and female are joined and the product of that union is their children. Then all of a sudden, for no obvious reason, the great and good asked the public to redefine marriage to mean two people sharing a bed and rent. They slowly whipped people into believing one side was righteous, while the other was evil, until they got a critical minority to accept the new morality.

In liberal democracy, this this new system for evolving moral truth is extended by casting the new morality backward in time. It is not just a new moral truth, but a newly discovered universal and timeless moral truth. People are then judged by how far outside of this moral truth they were before it was discovered. It is why anyone associated with racism must be erased from the history books, as it suggests this new moral truth about race was not always a moral truth.

The result of this is an expansion of public debate to all aspects of life. No issue, no matter how trivial, is off limits. Even the most private topics must be exposed to public debate, as to do so suggests some things are outside morality. This was true in communist societies, where even your thoughts were open to examination. We are seeing this evolve in liberal democracy where modern day spectral evidence is used to determine if you hold opinions outside the accepted morality.

People naturally respond to their environmental. To be caught outside the newly discovered timeless morality is to live as a pariah.  A way to avoid this is to loudly express the proper opinion about all subjects at all times. Those seeking to live in the elevated areas of modern life, the media, entertainment, government, corporations, must always be seen as inside the moral domain. Social media has become the platform on which they display their piety.

Of course, people look up for their social cues, so this endless bellowing about the accepted morality has trickled down to every nook and cranny of society. The suburban mom now feels compelled to ululate about racism on here neighborhood Facebook page, even though her neighborhood is totally white. Millions of YouTube actors repeat familiar chants like “there is no biological basis for race” despite the fact they have not the slightest idea what the phrase is supposed to mean.

We are living in a deluge of opinion, almost all of which is uninformed. Rather than living within a society structured by tradition, custom and habit, people now live in a world structured by mass opinion, shaped by a small group of gangsters at the top, who use the institutions of society to shape opinion. Everywhere the intelligent turn, they are confronted by the stupid and cocksure, screaming the latest opinions on the timeless morality that was invented last week.

It is really quite remarkable how irrational liberal democracy has become in just the last generation. The reason the world feels like it is going mad is that the volume of the stupid and insane has been turned to eleven. The reason for that is the inevitable logic of liberal democracy. If fifty percent plus one determines the truth, whether it is the price of fruit or the level of taxation, it stands to reason that all truth must be exposed to the fifty percent plus one and judged accordingly.

This means today’s truth can easily become tomorrow’s heresy. All it takes in many cases is a few votes to change at the very top. In the case of homosexual marriage, it took just one vote. All of a sudden, two men playing house is a timeless conservative principle of the constitution order. In such a fickle perfidious existence, the self-righteous and stupid must be prepared to loudly proclaim their fidelity to the new truth, as soon as the new truth is on the horizon.

The communist solved the problem of public government by deceitfully privatizing it in the name of the people. The party became the arbiter of truth and eventually settled into a fixed set of rules. While those rules were often at odds with the reality of the human condition, they at least had the benefit of being predictable. Liberal democracy does not appear to have such a mechanism. It is a constant revolution against established truth, so any effort to stabilize it is viewed as a threat.

There seems to be two paths forward for the current liberal democratic order. One path forward is it shakes itself into exhaustion, like a mental patient having a violent break from reality. The necessary mechanisms for a functioning society begin to break down under the assault of the stupid and self-righteous. The collapse of urban police departments is an ominous sign that this is the path we are one now. Imposition of order is being anathematized as irredeemably immoral.

The other path is something like a slow decent into madness. These spasms of lunacy will be followed by periods of relative calm. Just as the sober minded are putting things back in order, another spasm strikes to knock down that which has been repaired and knock down some new items. The result is spasmodic periods of decline until the sober minded are no longer willing or able to serve their role. At this point society tips into an accelerated decline and eventually collapse.

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233 thoughts on “The Deluge Of Opinion

  1. W.B. Yeats’ line
    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

    Has been the perfect description of neocons for the past 25 years.

  2. Democracy in Iceland and Japan, and perhaps even countries like South Korea, seems to work somewhat okay. Perhaps it’s not perfect, but this perpetual revolution thing seems to be less of a civilizational threat in those places. I would posit the reason for why democracy works there is that a significant majority of the population in those countries have an ingrained personality type they share with their neighbors. That means the population mostly agree on certain things. Over 90% of Switzerland’s voters cast a ballot for the incumbent in the most recent election, for example. In most instances, this is the result of descent from a ~single people — political homogeneity.

    American whites have never been particularly homogeneous, not since the post colonial immigration waves of the 1800s, so the country was never really stable except for a unique set of circumstances that no longer exist: widely separated populations that left each other alone, regional government with states rights, limited immigration into certain areas, freedom of association, etc.

    Consensus was possible in early America. The colonies, despite differences, were able to unite around a single banner because their populations were mostly from the same ethnic stock. They had a similar culture, language, and political disposition, so compromises could be made among elite and pleb alike.

    But this is no longer true. Mass immigration has made consensus impossible. Our elite are not ethnically the same as the base population, so they have really no attachment to it. This shows in how they indifferently sign trade deals that destroy American jobs; it shows in their mass immigration policies which suppress middle and lower class wages while providing cheap labor and high profit margins for the rich; it shows in how the elite are willing to let our cities burn and criminals like Soros to fund those elements doing the burning. There are nearly countless other examples.

    America’s real problem isn’t just “democracy.” That is a problem in general, but some kind of democratic order can work (however inefficiently) as other countries have proven. America’s real problem is that the constituent elements of the population aren’t all really American anymore. The country dumped huge numbers of immigrants from all over the world onto its shores starting in the 1800s and intensifying towards the end of that century. Sans a brief pause in the early 20th century, demographic transformation continues. The result has been disunion.

    As I said previously, politics is heritable. Previous immigrants brought their far left politics with them, changing the country until the point where it is now ungovernable; working coalitions of intelligent people motivated to improve the national condition is not possible. Everything is now a tribal conflict and no one works for the benefit of the nation-state. Disagreements are fundamental, intractable, personal, and often zero sum. If you want a governable country, you’ll need a political order that can manage this or you need a new country.

    Preferably, in the future we’d have our own — mostly homogeneous — nation-state and a strong government capable of making sure this doesn’t happen again. Taking a hands off approach in a democracy was a huge mistake. It allowed the bad guys to seize control.

    • Iceland is a mid sized town pretendning to be a nation and its essential homogeneous even at the genetic level.
      South Korea has a hungry Communist North Korea on its doorstep and has had at least one Right Wing Dictatorship to even things out.
      Its also pretty Korean Christian and traditionalist too.
      Despite that not that great for fertility with a TFR of .92 as of 2019 less than one child per child rearing age couple among the lowest on Earth.
      By comparison the US which is also below replacement is twice that at over 1.8 and US Whites are 1.6 nearly twice that. German Whites are higher too.

  3. This also just in;

    392 folks (and people), kilt in Chimpcongo so far this month.

    An average of 2 dead every 24 hours. 14 kilt with 55 others just ventilated this weekend alone.

    The defunding of da pole ease can’t come soon enough.

  4. And at the end of Tucker’s show, two old white dudes are shown being stabbed by a feral negro.(ok, I’m being redundant). Watching him furrow his brow while it ran made me laugh out loud. Oh if only we knew what the problem was…..

  5. This just in.

    Tucker just washed his hands of his former employee.

    how disappointing; but not surprising.

      • My husband called me to watch – I could only listen to the first few sentences, which consisted of the fact that the writer was “ashamed” of what he wrote, and Tucker said they were terrible and he did not “endorse them.”

      • It was a short, modified cuck. Carlson said he did not “endorse” the comments and disliked them, and the writer was ashamed of the comments and had resigned. Carlson went on to slam people for going after the writer “gleefully.” I didn’t time it but it was probably around four minutes long at most.
        The statement was quite bland, but the content wasn’t nearly as interesting as:

        (a) the segment was very brief;
        (b) it appeared 45 minutes into the program; and
        (c) Carlson announced he would be taking a four-day “planned” fly fishing trip. Fox talent takes “planned” trips when they get into hot water, probably at the demand of the executives.

        Carlson may have put up more of a fight than I thought he would, but it was still a cuck, more precisely, a cuck-lite with all the elements required in a fairly pro forma corporate non-apology apology and denunciation of any pain anyone may have suffered. If I had to guess, the trade-off was quick, lackadaisical semi-contrition for a suspension disguised as a planned vacation.

        The whole thing perfectly illustrates the limitations on even flirting with some dissidence at the national level. I’m of two minds: Carlson does bring to a broad range of people things they otherwise would not know is being done to Whites, but as others pointed out the other day, he could turn on the Dissident Right at some point.

        One thing not in question is Fox will fire him eventually even for cuck-lite Civ Nattery that flirts with some Dissident things. Some point out that OANN is becoming more openly populist, but the folks with small hats either will leverage it out or find a way to remove it from the airwaves eventually. The American Iron Curtain is falling, quickly then rapidly.

        • Jack said, “Carlson does bring to a broad range of people things they otherwise would not know is being done to Whites, but as others pointed out the other day, he could turn on the Dissident Right at some point.” Valid considerations, Jack. But consider this: If Carlson was going to “turn on the Dissident Right,” this was the time he would have done it. He didn’t. In fact, his words are not antagonistic toward the DR, but ARE toward the MSM and other communist scum.

          • Jack also said, “One thing not in question is Fox will fire him eventually even for cuck-lite Civ Nattery that flirts with some Dissident things.” Beg to differ: Tucker flirts with Dissident things in almost every one of his programs. That’s why people here have indicated support for his survival. His dissenting voice is important in the vast lying communist media wasteland.

          • To be clear, I prefer him on air than gone as long as he doesn’t betray the DR; your earlier point that tonight would have been the night to take out the shiv is well-taken. Carlson’s the only reason I still watch Fox–he’s fascinating even outside the high wire act, and I fully expect his shitcanning to be epic and preceded by things that may go well past flirtation.

          • Reading through the transcript, it seems to have been a very negotiated minimum. Caution still is in order, but good point that tonight would have been the one where Carlson did the number on the DR.

        • Carlson might be a good fit for RT. If he changes his mind he can go to Global Times (or some other Chinese cutout). I personally have no ill will toward China and would love for them to platform the guy as a means of sticking it to the “American” government during a biden/HARRIS administration.

          • They have ill-will toward you. Don’t ever think otherwise. We’re all barbarians to the Han elite.

      • Everyone else here is crying and gnashing teeth over the fact that Tucker didn’t go full-bore in support of Neff. In fact, what he said was pretty good given the circumstances. In a 75-second segment he came up with a measured but also combative commentary. This is from a standard media report right after the show (which is what most people will see and hear about it): Carlson said of Neff’s commentary: “We don’t endorse those words. They have no connection to the show. It is wrong to attack people for qualities they cannot control. In this country, we judge people for what they do, not for how they were born. We often say that because we mean it. We’ll continue to defend that principle, often alone among national news programs, because it is essential. Nothing is more important. Blake fell short of that standard and he has paid a very heavy price for it.”  

        He then went after those he perceives as taking delight in Neff’s downfall.

        “We should also point out to the ghouls now beating their chests in triumph at the destruction of a young man, that self-righteousness also has its costs,” he said. “We’re all human. When we pretend we are holy, we are lying. When we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the greatest sin of all and we will be punished for it.“

        All things considered, Tucker was pretty resolute; there is an implicit “fuck you” to the MSM and other SJW scum in his words. I give him an 80% on it.

        • Thanks for the transcript. Do you think he traded off a four-day suspension disguised as a “planned” fly fishing vacation for doing the minimal, pro forma thing?

          • An interesting question, Jack. I don’t know. It may have been that Fox was pressing him to go full-cuck on Blake, and he refused. Like you say, all this may have been negotiated. We must keep in mind that Tucker is a HUGE cash-cow for Fox; so he’s not powerless in dealing with them.

          • How? Most of his major advertisers have left. I guess maybe the right shouldn’t have bothered giving a handful of leftist companies all the power in this country.

        • we are committing the greatest sin of all and we will be punished for it.“

          Sounds like he’s subtly threatening retaliation. He should go after Zucker’s connection with Matt Lauer. Zucker ran that show during much of what was going down with Lauer. It’s not reasonable to think Zucker didn’t know the details. Get one woman to flip and ….

      • He said that what the guy did had nothing to do with the show and then called the people cackling about it ghouls.
        But I don’t think it was a coincidence that this followed a segment in which some hairstyle Christian defended Christianity by invoking David and Goliath, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Kristallnacht.
        No fed post, but it occurred to me to wonder why no one assassinates or even tries to assassinate anyone anymore…

    • I never watched him, but will now give my husband even more grief for doing so. With his millions, he publicly threw this man under the bus. Craven, cowardly, pusillanimous cuck.

      • I’m trying to decide which would make a better adult movie title. “Pusillanimous Cuck” or “Craven Cuck”. Which do you think 3g4?

      • Stop expecting mainstream Republicans like Tucker to adopt our values in public or to take risks that would 100% get him fired.
        The dude is a slightly based Civ Nat, nothing more.
        More importantly everyone is completely frozen up by the economic events. The economy is being kept from utter catastrophe by massive money printing and one glitch too many ends the union.
        Do you think anyone will take smallest risk when there is no real way out of the mess and no one including the smartest people out there have a clue what to do? Everything is failing and basically a complete USSR style collapse possibly with a civil war is being held at bay only by our ablity to massivly print money and the Federal Reserve basically carrying the nations debt load.
        Throw in troubles q with China, shortages of near everything and the recent chaos and weak leadership and well, truth is the situation is godawful.

        • I don’t expect anything from mainstream republicans, but I do expect White men to act with a certain amount of honor. To have a show against ‘cancel culture’ and then to cancel his own writer with no more than a sentence or two is dishonorable. It is cowardly. It is weak. It is not fitting behavior for a White man.

    • Than he went on to talk about the cowardice of the Republican party in dealing with the issues at hand. A bit ironic.
      That said a little writing the guy off to keep his job where he is of value is a small price to pay.

  6. Here we go- in Tulsa right now, they’re preparing to excavate a “possible mass grave” from 1921.

    Germany’s old, forgotten news.

    Prepare yourselves for the American Black Holocaust.

  7. OT: you know, if the police *were* defunded, one would be able to shoot whomever one wanted, whenever one wanted.

      • Yes. As you well know, from online comment to gas chambers is only one short step. So when you say or wrote something, then Uganda or Ukraine social workers will use self defense, before you proceed to gas 6 million.

    • No. When police is gone, then peaceful law abiding people will defend itself against the Nazis and form something what will be called peoples commission for internal affairs, narodny commisariat of vnutrennyh del, NKVD.
      You still do not understand how communism works. It is not about Government, is is about people. And it is about words. Commies clearly said that order will be kept by social workers. I predict that soon you will get a lot or Middle East or Africa or Ukraine ex military “social workers”

      • Yes. At worst, people think these will be Social Justice Warriors. In fact they will be political officers with state sanction to murder you and the training to do so. This needs to be realized and spread wide.

        • That’s right.

          If the Left wins in November we can plan on Fed-controlled, vibrant death squads with one priority:

          Kill YT

  8. “They slowly whipped people into believing one side was righteous, while the other was evil, until they got a critical minority to accept the new morality” .

    And, in that one observation lies the lesson we must learn. We can turn this around but it requires us to adopt and liberally wield the weapons that our enemies have used with great effect.

  9. A marvelous piece, Z. Very provocative. I’m particularly interested in this sentence: “It is why anyone associated with racism must be erased from the history books, as it suggests this new moral truth about race was not always a moral truth.”

    I’m not so sure about this. If one were really at pains to demonstrate that so-called “anti-racism” is a moral fixity, it seems to me that they would seek to show how rare it was in the past. Instead, the temporal net dragging in racists from the past expands daily. The Leftists are showing how common racism was and are therefore undermining any notion that “anti-racism” is now and always was a locus of moral truth. What I’m convinced is happening, on the other hand, is that Leftists are comprehensively marking white civilization with racist stigmata in order to destroy it. That is the end game.

  10. “In liberal democracy, this this new system for evolving moral truth is extended by casting the new morality backward in time.”

    So when the self-genocide of leftists (via birth rate) results in their exit from power, will the return of the old morality result in the heirs of all abortionists to be put in gulag? Or using that favorite commie term, “liquidated?”

    It would stand to reason when the arc of history returns to a former place and time, and those that are related by blood, race, or whatever the metrics of the time are to those that eviscerated and sold the unborn, like parting out an old car, for shekels … will not fare well.

    I once read a book that said something like, “woe to them…”

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  12. Z: “Of course, people look up for their social cues, so this endless bellowing about the accepted morality has trickled down…”

    When talking with people about a new rule or custom, the subject usually trails off with: “That’s just how it is now, you can’t say/do that anymore.” If the person’s tone is negative, let it go, because he probably has Right leanings.

    But if the tone is too accepting, or tinged with positivity, you’ll know you’re dealing with a pathetic normie or militantly submissive Lefty. Your reflexive response is to blurt out a heated: “But that’s not how IT SHOULD be!’

    A better response is to low-key demean them for their superior conformity. Exposing their disguised weakness. Switch the old “conformist” epithet back on to them. They’ll hate this.

    BTW, we’re speaking mainly of groups with class conceits. Pretensions to answering to no one, either through money or rank. Pridefully independent minds. “Nonconformists”

    It’s OK to demean the whole group. Or just yourself, which will imply the whole group.

    By low-key I mean do not blatantly say “You’re all sheep!” or “But that’s conformist”. Broad cliches are easily dismissed.

    Besides shaming them, the point is to expose the Lefty lie that this new Totalitarianism is all happening organically through the Will of the People, and that the Powers that Be (which supposedly don’t exist) have nothing to do with it.

    Keep it vague at first, using “they” for the powers. Casually the group will accept the idea of a “they” — opening the door to explore just who “they” are. Left-Moneyed Elites. Etc.

    Depending on the group, you can choose to go subtle or sharp.

    Theme: “But you can’t SAY that / That’s just how it IS now / There’s certain things you can’t do anymore / How could (celebrity) not KNOW this? / They’re simply not gonna allow it.”

    Triggering Response – Subtle:
    “Yep, we’ve all gotta answer to someone.”

    “Whatever. They probably know what’s best for us anyway.”

    “If they say it’s off limits…then it’s off limits.” (shrug shoulders)

    “I’m like you, I’m tired of thinking. Let them do the thinking for us.” (cuck-giggle)

    “Well, they’re a lot more educated than us, so…”

    “What can you do? They write the checks.” (subtle: This morality play is all about The Money & The Power, and all you well-heeled puppets know it.)

    “I don’t mind being told what to do actually.”

    “They got us this far, I think they know what they’re doing.”

    “If they didn’t make these speech laws we’d be at each other’s throats.” (Subtle: diversity = chaos = tyranny).

    Or go full Edwardian: “I have to believe our betters do know what’s best for us.”

    [“You just can’t say that anymore.”]

    Response – Sharp:

    “Do you study the script every night or what?”

    “Don’t you ever have the urge to smash “THEY”, instead of parrot them?

    “Are you this submissive in bed. Because that’d be awesome.”

    “I thought you grew up on punk? You sound more Fleetwood Mac.” (They love claiming punk rock roots and despise corporate rock.)

    “You’re not thinking outside the box, you ARE the box.”

    “You can’t SAY that anymore?” Well, you’ve never said anything our politicians wouldn’t say. So I think you’re safe.”

    • Frip, I appreciate all the verbal tactics for ideological persuasion, but I’m more interested in your seduction technique scripts.

      • Funny. Actually I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I’m dead set on my next one being politically aware and far Right. Not just vaguely conservative like my last one. I’ve got to be able to converse with my girl in D-Right fashion without her saying, “What are you talking about?” “Isn’t that racist?” It would be awesome if there were a D-Right dating site. My byline: Hater looking for attractive, well-spoken hater.

  13. Find that few people lack the self awareness to know that they don’t know. Many years ago was at a bank conference in NYC. Full of the usual cocksure Masters of the Universe. First speaker up was the CEO of one of the largest mutual insurance companies in the US. HIs opening was something like this: “I’ve been in this business for over 40 years and if you are expecting some great litany of truths about this business, I don’t have them. The only was I have to share is that I do know for certain that the good Lord does not love trailer homes. That’s it.” Learning to be humble in the face of uncertainty is a great skill.

    • I’m the same way. I have been in commercial real estate my whole life, and my dad was a banker and then a developer. People ask for my opinions all the time, and I say you want my professional opinion or my personal opinion? Big difference. My professional opinion is to just spew the common and conventional wisdom. That’s what they will pay for, stupid as it is. My personal opinion is trust your gut bc that is really all it is. But that doesn’t sell. But If your gut sucks, then you will be bad in real estate investment. No amount of education or expertise can change it

      • Funny, but we share the same provenance. Real estate development is probably the harshest mistress in the business world.

        • LOL no doubt

          and funny you say that, I was going to use that same analogy (mistress).

          Great minds…

      • +1. You sound like the living embodiment of NNT’s Fat Tony, whose gut-brain educated in street smarts beats the intellectual yet idiot (IYI) crowd because he’s got skin in the game. That’s the fundamental problem with the opinions of blacks and women. They’ve got no skin in the game. A good rule of thumb is asking whether the person striving for your attention has skin in the game. If they don’t, then don’t bother responding. Thanks for reminding me of the power of listening to your gut.

        • So true

          and the funny thing about blacks is they don’t have really any credibility in even marriage or relationships yet they think they can teach whitey something.

          No. If I needed advice on where to buy fentanyl or how to catch herpes maybe I’d give them a call

  14. If God wanted to make hell, he wouldn’t really change what we have right now

    A society run by women and blacks

    Look around. All the mayhem and violence and emotionality. Tell me this isn’t hell. I don’t know how else to describe it.

    • I call it retard hell.

      Anyone with a functioning brain cell knows confirmed deaths from is the only beer flu number that matters, yet the reality is that the media is managing to prolong the hysteria with the meaningless case numbers.

  15. “The communist party became the arbiter of truth and eventually settled into a fixed set of rules.  Liberal democracy does not appear to have such a mechanism. It is a constant revolution against established truth.”
    Blame it on university professors, they’ve taken Heidegger’s existentialism, stripped it of its meaning & used it to attack traditional values.
    Post modern existentialists claim that white patriarchs concocted western civilization in order to suppress women & minorities rights & to leech off of their greatness. The role of western professors is to use Heidegger’s tools in order to deconstruct any traditional value they can find & to incriminate the white heroes who gave their soul & spirit to build a civilization dedicated to God & Truth.
    That’s why girls become rebellious in colleges, they literally buy into this philosophy, they think that by tearing down every aspect of western civilization they will rise as powerful & independent godesses.
    This is the myth of Gaia who castrated her husband Uranus with help from her sons, this is The Age of Aquarius, predicted by Blavatsky, she claimed that public schools will be the main contributors to current degenerate ideology.

    • …in order to suppress women & minorities rights & to leech off of their greatness.

      Ah yes, this fabled greatness that exists in the same sense that unicorns, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny also exist.

    • And they salt the earth beneath them while gorging on the fruits that by some magic always fill their bowls just in time.

      Oh the oppression of having their feelings chained to the trellis!

      The devil has convinced them that the sweetness of life comes from their own tongues.

      A liberation not just from men, but also the toils of men carving life from the landscape.

      Being anointed a goddess means they only have eyes for the apex of the patriarchy. Dirt men digging irrigation is grody and boring.

      How quickly the reality of what nature requires of man is forgotten in favor of a chilled rosè and discontentment.

      The fall is given. Only its swiftness remains in debate.

      Meanwhile, the fruits of civilization can linger long after the vines return to dirt.

      After all, a raisin is still a grape. But its sweetness hides the bitter truth that nature is the only goddess. And she is a cold-hearted bitch to those who forget this.

      That residual sugar trapped in the folds of the raisin is a memory of what was: a plump, perfectly ripened grape, cultivated from sun and soil by man.

      They demand the oppressive trellis be burned and the patriarchs be removed from the vinyards to let equalitydiversity have its hand. The next solution, of course, already laid at her feet by the serpent.

      After the fall comes winter. And the reasons why farming replaced foraging will become clear once again.

      • Venus = female planet
        Helel ben Shaḥar(Venus) = hebrew word for Lucifer
        Shukra(Venus) = sanskrit word for lord of Asuras(demons)
        There’s a deep, ancient connection between women, serpents & demons.
        Quetzalcoatl(Venus) for example was a serpent.

  16. Russell’s comment is interesting, and no doubt true for our time as well as his own; but I would say that a far greater problem than too many dullards debating democratic decisions is that of having too few people around willing to take tough decisions. I suppose this is a by-product of having too many females in positions of power, but also too many feminized and overly sensitive individuals.

    Of course, when I say that people in society don’t take tough decisions, I consider these to be decisions that would achieve the goals for what I thought was a functioning society… High crime rates and low social cohesion? Halt immigration. People of a certain sort acting uppity? Make an example of them with harsh measures. These would be common-sense answers to certain problems all societies face, if your goals were to maintain ethnic homogeneity and order.

    Wasn’t it Machiavelli who said something about rulers who wish to be seen as compassionate rather than cruel?

    • I was on a jury a few times

      Women struggle to make a hard decision even on that. And if the perp is a guy and gives them a sad face, they melt and feel sorry for him

      We are f–ked as long as women are allowed to vote. We are kidding ourselves if we imagine otherwise. Same thing wrt blacks.

      • And if the perp is a guy and gives them a sad face, they melt and feel sorry for him.

        I have a family member who is as based as any woman will ever get. She scoffs at democracy, she hates Moslems with a passion, she’s a race-conscious white nationalist and ready to hand me the rope when we get to the Day Of The Lamppost.

        At some point I’m kvetching about media manipulation of women voters and mentions Aylan Kurdi, the drowned boy whose photo was in every newspaper for six months straight, during the 2015 jihadi surge across the Mediterranean. And right on cue she says mournfully “But it WAS really horrible…That poor boy”

        She’s STEM educated, she understands statistics, she understands how the media work together with politicians to screw over European people and how they deliberately push the oestrogen-button of female voters, yet she STILL can’t help herself.

        • I have a friend like that – based in every other way but she genuinely wants to love everyone in the Christian sense. I’ve gotten a lot of traction both with her, and with a few others, by reminding them that every one of those ‘other’ children is taking some White child’s place at college, in a job, creating a family. They aren’t ‘cute’ children, they are your replacement not-yet fully grown. And they’d dox you or fire you or join the mob attacking you in a heartbeat. I have no problem glaring at all the children of ‘others.’

          • Forgot one thing: she’s against letting women vote for EXACTLY the reason she reacted like she did.

            In other times, this compulsive empathy with the weak is both endearing and critical for a healthy society, but in the political sphere it is deadly to the tribe and even the most level-headed battleax is susceptible.

          • Their empathy is invaluable but it has its place. That’s what makes them moms and nurturing. I love the women in my life. They make life happen. They are special. And I think it’s precisely because of that they need to be shielded from the cruel world out there. I don’t need my daughter going out there, vulnerable and so forth, and having to deal with drunken and horny men and whatever else. No, she needs to be home where she is safe and be a mom. This feminism thing and the women voting is making life even horrible for them. As said above, the smart women KNOW that women should not be voting. They are turning this country into a living hell.

          • Nicely put. Unfortunately, even though your remarks show you care deeply for women and want the best for them, this is now bad-think!

            I have made similar points in the past to women, but often all they say is ‘what about my career?’ or, more comically ‘what about my rights?’. As you say, this feminism business and the pressure of voting doesn’t help them at all. From a social viewpoint, seeing how women are strongly conformist it is just another thing to worry about in order to ‘keep up appearances’.

            My girlfriend is in awe of my mother, who helped my father run his shop, as well as raising all of her children. The hours that woman put in are phenomenal – all to raise her kids and help her husband. It has not gone unnoticed. This is real work. It has results that are immediately obvious and beneficial, as well as being hard. Why in the name The Lord is this seen by others as bad? Of course, we know why.

          • Motherhood is the hardest job there is

            These career girls have it easy in comparison

            Bless your family !

  17. I believe it’s that we’ve reached a critical mass of stupidity (total population growth.) So it’s got to cascade, then eventually things will return to a more realistic basis after the chain reaction blows itself apart. The question is: how far down do things go?

    • Well the city of Rome went from a one million person imperial capital to 10k subsistence farmers, a decline of 99% . Some other civilzations have gone entirely extinct.
      Our bottom is probably Amish becomes the majority assuming the woke don’t genocide them.

  18. Another pithy essay. Of “two paths forward,” either one seems to lead into the abyss. 🙁

    • So what is Ben’s idea of a good society? It would help if people would articulate these ideas rather than just complain.
      I know what I want, elevator pitch version “A great place to have a family.” and more complex an authoritarian, economically nationalist Conservative society with a favorable demography

  19. “…the moral of this story,
    the moral of this song,
    is one shouldn’t be where one doesn’t belong.”

    Most of us don’t “belong” anywhere in any hitherto understood sense of the world. It isn’t just our rulers that are mad, we are all insane. Finally, the inmates have taken over, and they are governing themselves and others just as well as you’d expect.

    After all, who but a madman would ever consent to being governed by a system which he would scarcely employ to pick his charwoman?

    • Bullshite. People know where they belong, where their ancestors going back centuries came from. They belong in those societies which were built by and reflect the culture of their ancestors. Don’t project your magic dirt, paper-thin ‘murricanism on anyone else here.

  20. Bertrand Russel said, “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

    You wish. Daily, I deal with some of the smartest people on the face of the planet. As in Nobel Prize level smart. I assure you, for the most part they are neither on our side, nor are they in the least bit in doubt. Or at least they’re putting on a hell of an act. These days it appears all the smart people are in the business of being stupid and cocksure. How much of that is sincere and how much of it is self-preservation I really couldn’t say.

    • This is how I’d twist his quote:  “The trouble with the world is that the evil people are agressive & filled with passion while the virtuous folk are blind & passive to the others wickedness.”

      • Russell was paraphrasing Yeats, who really put it perfectly back in 1919:
        “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
        Are full of passionate intensity.”
        From “The Second Coming”.

    • Do you think these smartest people really believe that blacks and whites are equally intelligent or criminal?

      Can you guess what it would take to make these people face reality?

      • There’s an old saying. “It’s hard to make a man understand something when his paycheck depends on not understanding it.”

        I really can’t give you an answer that makes sense. They are certainly intelligent enough to understand the reality. But they’re also intelligent enough to practice doublethink automatically. I notice that on issues of race, they’re more than happy to accept the kind of shoddy sources and logic they’d reject in a heartbeat if offered in their area of expertise.

        Basically, they believe the things that they believe a Good Person™ should believe. And given that contesting those things automatically marks you as a Bad Person™, I tend not to do that.

    • Simple observation shows you to be correct. Science! and scientists have been elevated to the level of religion and priesthood. Time after time — from global warming to Wuflu — they show themselves to be wholly on board with policies and practices that kneecap everyone who’s not in the club in an effort to gain membership to the cloud.

  21. This virus entered the Western mind with Martin Luther. For over a thousand years, the Catholic Church and the Pope held Europe together. The Kings and the Emperors chafed under his control but the Church held the Truth. This balancing game made Europe, the catholic parts, great.

    Martin Luther and Henry VIII shattered that. For the Anglo-sphere this was important. Anglicanism never knew what it really disagreed with the true church about. The Puritans exploded out of this tradition. Their anti-papist extremism eventually resulted in putting up theological truth to vote. Even the rules of God came from base 50+1 of the congregation. If you disagreed you accepted it or were banished.

    It’s worth noting that when the Church sought out heretics, it created a court and investigation service under the control of the Spanish crown. The protestants starting witch burnings in random spasms of violence and paranoia at the local level that burned off and on throughout the protestant world.

    Through America, this insanity even took over the Church and the world.

  22. Yes to all of this. The loud insane have seized the public square and the whip hand. And they are guarded by naive LEOs acting as unknowing Jackboots. And the spring is winding tighter. How far will they push the insanity? Until the Ponzi scheme collapses or the Walter Mitty’s have had enough. And when it goes red, it won’t be pretty. And whining won’t keep you vertical. A hard, but necessary lesson. Ancient history redux redux.

    • As long as blacks and women can vote, our dissident politics is pointless.

      There is only one solution out of this, and that is we form our own thing. I don’t care how. We just start grouping together and forming our own communities. If the country balkanizes, not my problem. It’s not my country anyway.

      Every ounce of energy we have should be put toward that goal. Everything else is a waste.

      • Yes, move out of the cities and into a safe haven community as much as practical in your life circumstances. That buffer will buy you time and space in which to survive the initial chaos of collapse. Then be smarter. You can easily anticipate what the Jackboots will do in response to a widespread rejection of the parasites. Do not make it easy for them to kill you off. Make it hard. Make it very, very hard.

        • Make it hard for them to kill us? Yes, indeed that is an option.

          Another option will be to take the fight to them. I think the killing of the evil leaders might be the most profitable trade for a life.

          After all, if a man has to go he might rather like to take the top dogs out with him.

        • Today I bit the bullet and will be getting a place in the country. Getting a place in rural Florida.

          • And a large and loyal dog to keep watch on the perimeter and be vigilantly alert for approaching danger. Dogs co-evolved with our ancestors for this purpose.

  23. “One path forward is it shakes itself into exhaustion, like a mental patient having a violent break from reality.”
    within the first year of President Harris’s second term, the National Retribution Act will become law. Its most powerful feature will be the imposition of a two year period of national anti-racism service for all Americans testing positive for DNA associated with whiteness.
    These individuals will be required to serve at some point between the age of 15 and 65. The work will consist of providing service to People of Color; cooking, cleaning as well as working for Companies of Color, including NGOs dedicated to eradicating racism. Jews and those with Spanish or Portuguese ancestry will be exempted from service.
    Successful completion of the service period, including tests indicating compliance, will allow the individual to work and have access to certain banking services.

  24. “If you don’t have an opinion on an issue, it is assumed you are ignorant or possibly in league with dark forces, those who hold the “horrifically” wrong opinion.”

    Yes indeed, “silence is violence”.
    Social media has become a Grand Inquisition of sorts. I gave up on it a long ago as I find it to be stupid and useless, but now I really scratch my head at why anyone supposedly on our side would remain and be put to the question 10 times a day every day. Ladies selling hair bows for little girls have to bend the knee? Knitting forums that now solely focus on combatting racism? Yeah, no thanks.

    • Social media is a replacement for real-life social interaction for atomized Whites.

      Like a drug it gives you just enough of a pleasant high to keep you just happy enough to not be a problem for those who exploit us.

      Women in particular are more vulnerable to this addiction because they focus more on the personal and emotional more than things abstract and intellectual.

      Like social workers we have to go where the addicts are to get people into treatment. Some of us have to be on social media to leave a light on for those who want something better to find us.

      With real-life communities and meatspace friendships, social media would shrink to its appropriate niche.

      The present sick social-media addicted society is a golden cash cow – no mystery that offline real-life community is what the Zucks fear most.

      • Zuckerberg serves the same function as the Sacklers did, and possibly has been more destructive to Whites. As an aside, regarding the Tucker Carlson saga we discussed yesterday, he was about the only person to put a focus on the Sackler temple. While he’s a cuck and a dissembling fraud at times, that was an important moment and we do need to bear in mind his reach allowed others to know about the Hebrew drug dealers buying their way out of mass murder.

  25. “…the range of topics up for debate expands well beyond the personal, but the moral significance of them paradoxically becomes highly personal.”

    This is a good description of a “culture of critique” as described by Dr. Kevin MacDonald and the process of “critical theory” espoused by the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School.

    “Question everything” is the most socially-combustible concept that will ever be invented.

    In the right hands – those who seek to maximize the common good and human happiness in their societies – it’s a means to make necessary change to adapt to current conditions.

    This is conservatism in good faith – fix what you must, but don’t fix what isn’t broken because change carries risk and always has unintended or unforeseen consequences.

    But the fire of critique is powerful and unless so constrained will burn away what’s good with the bad, until the whole structure of your society burns down.

    This is where the well-meaning Progressives come in. In their zeal to perfect the world, they put the torch of questioning and critique to everything (and especially things they personally don’t like) – but still with good intentions.

    On the outright enemy side, we have the self-Chosen few and their collaborators who want the host society to be burning down from the inside so it cannot organize against their predation and parasitism. These are the (((Cultural Marxists))) who gave Progs the desire for tikkun olam (perfecting the world) and the fire to “question everything.”

    They openly declare that their intent was to radically deconstruct White society down to the roots – because “oppression, colonialism, slavery, Holocaust.”

    Using the power of their self-proclaimed moral supremacy, these Chosen few have whipped the mass of Virtue-Striving White Progs, Left and Right, into putting the cleansing torch of “questioning” to our whole society past and present.

    If you want to know what the Rabbis are up to, look to what they say Whites are doing to Jews. They always cry this out as they strike you.

    In Judaic history and language, a “holocaust” is a burnt offering to Yahweh.

    Look around America today and smell what Barak is cooking.

    And look at who’s selling the gasoline (woke morality), matches (media outrage) and fire insurance (penance rituals and reparations) on Jewish-controlled TV networks 24/7.

  26. And the Funeral Directors and Insurance Salesmen leading the Republican Party and Conservatism Inc. will continue to do like they always do. Create a Conservative case for tearing down Confederate monuments, later to be revised to the Conservative case for tearing down Washington and Jefferson monuments and then onward to the Conservative case for burning churches.

    • many Civic Nationalists hate the Confederacy since it represents the old nation which was about its people, ideals and citizenship good or bad not being a consumer for some multinational.
      Also the decent Civ Nats fear disorder far too much and honestly think diversity can work. Its utter nonsense and even the European immigration wave caused huge strife we really haven’t recovered from.

  27. The non-stop manufacturing of consent by the government, the schools, the corporations , the media and non-governmental organizations, amounts to a hundred years of psychological abuse. 

    The conditioning , gaslighting and retroactive continuity that we’ve been subjected to, uses our most primal instincts and urges against us. Fear, greed, envy, hatred, lust etc. are mobilized to engineer consensus and create stress, so that one can only hope that when out head stops spinning, it will be facing forward. 

    A progressive agenda and economic materialism are contrasted with racial idealism, to incrementally progress up the middle, between left and right , truth and falsehood, to extinction in an undifferentiated mass of collectivists, concealing themselves in a monotonous herd.

    Only by looking to our naked self-interest as a racial collective can we hope to preserve the atypical individualism that only our kind has evolved to nurture and protect. 

    • It’s a strange country. Or whatever it is. The fact that the government pits people against each other and gets its jollies over strife, and that now even the companies are joining in on the fun….

      This is hell

      • “First will I question with thee about hell. Tell me, where is this place men call hell? 

        Under the Heavens.

        Ay, but whereabouts?
        Within the bowels of these elements. Where we are tortured and remain forever. Hell hath no limits nor is circumscribed in one self place for where we are is hell, and where hell is there must we ever be. And to conclude, when all the world dissolves and every creature shall be purified, all places shall be hell, that are not heaven. 

        Oh come, I think hell is a fable. 

        But Faustus, I am an instance to prove the contrary for I am damned and am now in Hell.”

  28. Dissident Modus Operandi: 10,001 takes on 1001 problems.

    Our clothes are growing threadbare and our shoe leather thin…not from wear and tear but from endless rewashing and endless polishing…analysis paralysis.

    Knowing what we’re doing and why we’re doing it is critical but so is IRL planning and IRL action. Not self-defeating actions especially of the “Here we are” variety, but of quiet network building: friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, family to family…and a few diplomatic sorts to help weave all of these little pockets together. Think local act local if there are enough of you or potential for enough of you.

    Things are moving so fast you should be making this transition from plan to action before others begin deciding your fate even more than they already have been. Those first few steps are the most awkward but well worth the effort. You are not alone. There are 10s of millions who do or are beginning to think along the same lines as do you. You pass by and interact with dozens of them daily. Watch and listen for those telltale signs…they are cropping up everywhere.

    • Yves,
      So simple,

      …quiet network building: friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, family to family…and a few diplomatic sorts to help weave all of these little pockets together. Think local act local if there are enough of you or potential for enough of you.

      but seemingly frightening for it’s potential for doxing. Action and sacrifice are the demands of the day. Excellent reminder, thank you.

      • Moss,
        That’s our Catch-22.
        We have numbers. So many that doxing them all would be meaningless. But to get the ball rolling those in the vanguard will be taking enormous risks. If not enough are willing to take that risk then those numbers will remain untapped.
        Online and at work it’s important to not make unnecessary trouble for yourself. Otherwise, if someone brings up a subject in our wheelhouse I don’t hold back…nor do I go overboard.
        I think (hope?) that the coming election will have so many people on edge that a dam will burst. Being guilty of bad-think will simply make you another leaf in the forest.

  29. Yes, the stupid & self righteous are drowning out the soberly intelligent through the nightmare of social media where every freaking tard has an opinion. Unfortunately, most of the sober intellectuals are not taking a principled stand in opposition but instead meekly kowtowing to mob’s current morality. So now we have the jackoffs not only forcing their morality and outrage on current society but on all (primarily western) societies of centuries past.

  30. “These spasms of lunacy will be followed by periods of relative calm. Just as the sober minded are putting things back in order, another spasm strikes to knock down that which has been repaired and knock down some new items.”

    This pretty much describes the West since about 1968, although I’ll voluntarily push that date back to 1789 if you insist…

  31. I just talked to someone who’s is mostly on our side but me talking about the balkanization of the country kind of made him revert into his civnat comfort zone and he ended the conversation with “we’ll see what happens in November.” Seriously? I can’t even believe someone thinks that this election, no matter how it turns out, leads to anything but more craziness

    • My old man said almost the exact same thing. As much as I love him, part of me hopes he passes peacefully before shit gets real.
      On the other hand, there’s no way in hell we should defer the coming storm to our children or children’s children.

    • If one is looking for the return of calm waters, vote Biden. That’s what happen after Obama won. The crazies busied themselves building utopias in their minds for the duration. If Trump wins, the country will burn.

      • I totally agree with that. It’s time to vote for the person you think will be the worst to you because that appears to work backwards here in clown world. Blacks did not fare well under Obama and Trump doesn’t give two Hoots about white people

        • Obama sounds ok in the “gauzy memory”

          His time was full of strife too, and the economy was stagnant

          Even under Covid, I am doing a lot better than I did under Obama — so that should remind one of just how bad Obama’s economy was if someone is making more money during an economic shutdown

      • I don’t really think of the Obama years as calm waters. I think of it as the intake of breath before the dragon fire.

        The Obama years were filled with scandal and craziness of all sorts. The media just chose not to treat it as an emergency.

        The Obama years paved the way for the craziness of the Trump years.

        Yeah, having the pest control guys tromping around your home, moving everything, covering your furniture, spraying poison everywhere is not calm, but the calm of leaving the termites alone to go about their business is much worse in the long run.

        I’m not saying Trump is fumigating anything. I think we’re past the point where that will help. But at least he’s saying “there are termites” whereas the previous guy said “It’s not termites. You’re just leaving sawdust all over and not remembering it. It’s your fault!”

        Sometimes you gotta burn the house down. But to get to that point, you have to at least realize why the house needs to be burned down.

        • Right, there was nothing calm about the Obama years, especially his second term. With control of the executive branch you can expect to see even more persecution of dissent thought than we have now. Worthless as he seems most of the time, Trump is holding some of this back.

          • Worthless as he seems most of the time, Trump is holding some of this back.

            lol, how?

          • Hillary would have embraced the same immigration/refugee policies as Merkel. While Trump has been a disappointment, having him in the White House probably reduced the number of people entering the country by at least half a million from what it would have been.

          • You’re delusional. Constant warring around the globe under Bush, talk of Balkanization and chatter about possible civil war under Trump. Obama may as well have been a black hole (seriously no pun intended!). Any scandal you point to doesn’t amount to much. I’m not defending the guy, opposite. As well as he kept shit hidden from purview, the scarier, because what you don’t see is always scary.

        • Obama and Holder did introduce racial terror as a political weapon. For the most part, though, their subversion was under the radar.

          • Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, military purges, dumping refugees into red states, lowering military and FAA flight control standards, multiple acts of Islamic terrorism, selectively firing whites to make room for blacks, the genesis of the #metoo hysteria on college campuses, IRS persecuting conservatives, constant race agitation in Hollywood — Django Unchained, Lincoln, Red Tails, Hidden Figures, Hateful 8, etc.

            I think you guys are misremembering the Obama administration. There was plenty of racial agitation. The only difference is that the regime’s media covered for him. A Biden victory would mean a return to much of the same, probably worse considering his mental state. I could easily imagine an acceleration of the current trend to include economy-destroying Green New Deals, reparations, and a lowering of housing standards again.

        • Vizzini – Excellent analogy. I’ve already chosen not to vote for anyone come November, but you admittedly make a sold argument for Trump.

      • Biden is not going to make it four years.

        If his VP is Kamala Harris?

        That is going to be us all living in the mind of a crazy and sadistic woman who married at Jew and has had sex with black men

      • That’s where I am. Acceleration comes with the re-election of Trump. Stealth returns if Biden wins, and people will go back to sleep.

        • I don’t think USA will ever go to sleep. Whites will come face to face with a cruel reality during the election. Slave or pariah, his only two options given to him by the establishment.
          Vote Trump, if country gets burned down, u can rebuilt, there are more important things at stake than USA collapsing into a failed state.

          • I disagree. Inaction is the default position of people. But here’s to hoping they stay awake, and maybe the harsh reality you cite will do it.

      • “If one is looking for the return of calm waters, vote Biden. “

        With respect, I disagree. “Calm waters” will not return if Biden gets elected – instead, the Uniparty and its paramilitary minority minions will go on a spasm of revenge-seeking that will make what is going on new seem tame by comparison. Calm waters are not returning mo matter who wins, and the country is going to burn anyway, and we need to be ready to save what we can. The only question we have before us this November is whether we want the Fire Chief wielding a fire extinguisher on our side, no matter how ineffective, or on the other side spraying us with gasoline.

        • Spot on Altitude Zero – “ “If one is looking for the return of calm waters, vote Biden. “ Incorrect observation. Not only will they go on a revenge spree they’ll “fix” it so they never lose another presidential election again by nationalizing some 20 million illegals to vote Dem along with erasing the 2nd Amendment. They’d implement AOC’s “Green New Deal” & @ that point it’s game over. The country & liberty would effectively be finished.

          Life would become so miserable the suicide rate would probably skyrocket.

          • Oh gawd, muh 2ndA really? What liberty have you now, pray tell? Monitored wherever you go, forced to wear a face diaper by decree, hectored everywhere for your biological existence. With 100 million post ’65 immivaders and their progeny already ‘legal,’ you really think another 20 or so will make a difference? As far as the suicide rate for young White men, where the hell have you been?

          • Edited to add that I don’t mean to sound hostile and generally enjoy your posts 3g 🙂

            The 2nd ammendment remains the best rally point for “our whites” that we have. It’s also the best way for those of us here who currently only talk to the other ghost-avatars on this or similar sites to actually find people, real people, with names and physical addresses, to commiserate with. I can say from personal experience that living in a neighborhood surrounded by foreigners and useless goodwhite virtue signallers, and only being able to talk freely as an avatar on the internet, is deeply frustrating and demoralizing.

            Additionally, the Left has basically HANDED us millions of bored, angry people, many of them also new gun owners, who cannot do the usual thing and retreat into sportsball. Much of pro-sports is still cancelled and what remains is rapidly being turned into an anti-white struggle session. What’s a guy to do when he can’t watch the thing that used to be a reliable refuge from the nonsense. Might as well go to the range and try out that new AR. Maybe that guy who’s always talking about “HBD” can show me how it works…

            I’m tired of seeing people here bash what is still probably our best tool (for organizing now, fighting if it comes to that). Just because Joe Ronald Wilson Reagan Civnat Normie let his rifle collect dust for 15 years while he got fat watching TV doesn’t mean that he always needs to stay fat or that the rifle can’t be stripped down, oiled up, zeroed, and used again.

            Finally, for people who have let themselves go, shooting that old gun is a good reintroduction to an actual physical skill. Learning it gives a person that same sense of mastery and power that learning anything in the real world does. Next thing you know he starts to think maybe he can learn other things and start standing up to the bullies in his life – and his world.

        • I tend to agree. There’s going to be fire no matter what happens in November. The difference between Trump and Biden is the sequence of what burns and when. I still like the idea of Trump as fire marshal. Being sprayed with the fire extinguisher is still better than napalm.

          As to what a Biden victory looks like. My guess is that whether Biden remains technically alive for a few months or even years, the actual power will be Hillary and Obama. Indeed there may be a power struggle between Queen Hillary and whatever sheboon is the VP. The way I see it the Biden presidency would end up being only a thinly cloaked Hillary/Obama one.

      • Just the opposite. Biden is technically dead. Thus not strong enough nor is his wife or cokehead son strong enough to issue the clampdown . Abrams or worse Rice but even Harris will be like Qiang Qing. Madame Mao. Without Mao.
        It will be chaos and looting even larger as a prelude to White genocide China style. Blacks and anti fa are calling for White men to get the Uighur treatment.

      • It’s hard to say if the election of Biden would bring more calm. What if normal people don’t get back to work? Would the commies then have a monopoly on the street action?

        As far as having an opinion about everything, this is a feature of Jewish culture. It’s exhausting, I tell ya!

    • He prays for a respite. A staggered boxer clinching and backtracking while waiting for the bell. But the bell allows only a brief rest between rounds. Everything depends on what the rest produces in that brief period. The bell will always ring again and the fight continue.

    • What choice does he have? What does he have to fight for. What are we, hell you offering him except decades of misery?
      And note “a great place to have a family” is something to offer but this does come at a high cost.
      Its also foreign to a lot of men who have never really had a family and frankly given modern women, may not want one.

      • He could shift away from merely critiquing a problem he has no control over and hopes — somehow — resolves itself to offering viable solutions to the problem. You’d be amazed how imagining a bit of light at the end of the tunnel can improve your spirits. Jews did the same in the 19th century with the idea of Israel. Eventually, they got their own homeland where they rule as free men in a country where they are the majority. Why can’t we do the same? Truthfully, essentially the entirety of the dissident right is still wedded to a system they remain loyal to, even if they criticize it. That’s your problem.You’re battered housewives and you know it. The knowledge of the problem along with your knowledge that you’re also cowards who bring it on yourselves causes the depression.

  32. We live in a time of conquest, when the old religion has been swept away and a new religion of hating whitey is filling the void. The new gods demand human sacrifices and genocide, as they always do. We need new gods. Until then, we burrow into the new religion looking for weaknesses to exploit. For now this means demanding civil rights for whitey.

      • We abandoned the true God, no made up replacement will save us from what’s coming.

          • Meme, my apologies to David, I was referring to the cultural aspect.

            *Judeo before Christian

            *”Under” the Hebrew God

            *Rosh Hashana and Passover before Christmas and Easter

            Revelations as predictive programming- the Christians are taught to look at rising dysfunction as comforting and normal, all part of the Plan. “Don’t resist” the conquest culture.

            *Jewish porn males effing Catholic females

            *Epstein, Maxwell, Oprah recruiting goyische girls

            As a meme warrior, surely you must understand when I say the Anti-Christ is a religion, a culture, not some spooky entity riding in on the clouds.

          • And Meme, the Bible is a comic book.

            Jewish artists gave us comic books- on the plus side, we learned to read.

            Thrilling tales! Epic battles!

            Nonetheless, I think it’s a bit of a mistake to wait for Captain Jesus to fly in with his super-powers and save us from the super-villain.

            Even the archaic Habiru were fooled by their priests, ambitious scribes who promised individual immortality and resurrection to keep the family slaves from rioting when buried with their master.

            The real immortality is of the race, not the individual, despite their frantic efforts with adrenochrome and CRISPR.

      • Beautifully stated but i would add this: We were, and hopefully will be again, the Christ-bearing race. We are in this trouble because we gave up on Christ. Without Him, we will not make it. Cambria will not yield is a great site to read about this. Masculine, beautifully-written prose about Indo-European man’s true destiny.

        • Our conquerors don’t follow the Christ, they are surely pissed that we added to their Book and put our god above theirs.

          For the life of me I don’t know why Christians think the Jews are secretly cheering them on for this, the greatest blasphemy.

    • The fate of the whites depends on whether they can accept that for many non-whites, racial politics is the highest value. Many blacks and hispanics, for example, would rather live in a dysfunctional nation where their race dominates than a first world country in which their race is not on top. We may wish that the world was otherwise, but it is not.

      Whites must become a racial collective and enforce separation. If we don’t then we lose.

      If the media were not under the control of our enemies, this task would not be as difficult.

      • I agree 100%

        America is a colony, a glorified colony. There is always going to be an unsettled nature about it, at least as far as the eyes can see. Best we can do is find a settlement where there is a semblance of local peace.

        What would really f-ck things up is if we all move to the doorstep of the nation’s capital. Set up in Virginia with tens if not 100s of thousands of like-minded people. All sitting there surrounding the capital. We then control the local governments and DC is constantly shitting bricks wondering if we will ever invade. It would throw everything on its head, and they are not expecting it. rather they are expecting us to retreat to Idaho and Montana and have gamed all of that out.

      • LITS,

        Whites must become a racial collective and enforce separation. If we don’t then we lose.

        What we must become is teams of 2, then 4, then 16 and on. Our people, gathered (or organized) at scale looks and feels like the only strategy to beat back the Tsunami approaching. But more and more I am experiencing the value of two’s.
        So my short-term strategy is 1 to 1 conversations and IRL meetups. Simple.
        Of course this is taking place while dodging spear-chucking from the Goodwhytes and the Bantu’s.

        • The “loaves and fishes” story is a parable about dissident information- one teaches ten, ten teach an hundred, an hundred teach a thousand, etc.

      • Falcone, that is a genius move.

        Take the bridges, not the turrets.

        This really is a matter of physical location, like ‘motte and bailey’.

        (Oops, wrong placement- but Sand is spot on as well.)

  33. In liberal democracy, this this new system for evolving moral truth is extended by casting the new morality backward in time. It is not just a new moral truth, but a newly discovered universal and timeless moral truth. People are then judged by how far outside of this moral truth they were before it was discovered. It is why anyone associated with racism must be erased from the history books, as it suggests this new moral truth about race was not always a moral truth.

    The above paragraph struck a particular chord.

    Something I have noticed with the iconoclasts is the insouciant behavior of the statue topplers and public vandals after they do their duty as enforcers of the new morality that they think always was moral. They shuffle around the scene, suddenly dispassionate, and almost bored to tears after the near-sexual frenzy and bloodlust that preceded the damage. The gravity of what they did escapes them, not solely because they are pig-ignorant and historically illiterate, but because they are dead inside as to what the statue or monument or public space meant to others.

    Conversely, those who respected and revered what has been destroyed go mute and sullen, feeling the loss of part of their heritage at their very core. It is how people feel when a loved one dies, a loss that cannot be returned. Rage comes later.

    Those two groups will be the nucleus of the respective parties who will face off in a final contest over whose nation it is. The State intends the former to win, but it, too, will be toppled in the years ahead. Governments are just as fragile as monuments and statues, and while the United States as a polity has been dead a while, the Empire’s enforcement arm remains fully intact, unaware the ground is shifting beneath its feet, too. Which of the two groups will plunge the dagger into its heart remains to be seen.

    • Interesting. Part about the daggers however got me thinking. One side destroys as you pointed out. They destroy what the other side builds/built. Daggers destroy. I’ve no doubt the destroyers would gladly use those “daggers” on the other side if it came to it. But would the “builders” do the same, or use daggers to the same extent on the destroyers of civilization? In that our weakness lies.

      • In order to survive this conflict, Whites are going to have to jettison a lot of the shibboleths of modern civilization. Fighting ‘fair’ is one of them. The dirtiest trick, the sneakiest move, the most cunning plot – we must employ them all, because this truly is a fight for sheer survival. One of many reasons I get so righteously angry with those who, even here, constantly preach ‘moderation.’ You don’t, you can’t worry about ‘rules’ when fighting Cthulhu.

        • The dirtiest trick, the sneakiest move, the most cunning plot – we must employ them all, because this truly is a fight for sheer survival.”
          Yeah, but not on the internet, such a thing must be done in person, as if u are 2000s movies muslim terrorist, otherwise feds will come and visit u.

      • The Molyneuxs of the world are buckling before the muzzle, unfortunately. The law really does seem to be an ass. Prospects of a negotiated peace don’t look good.

          • I like the guy. He’s done a hell of a lot of good. But yeah he seems beaten. It’s a bummer.

          • Sentry – You get it. Those who pretend principles and/or moderation think they’re being morally righteous, when actually they’re racial cowards. They will be made aware they have no choice as they lay at the feet of their killers.

          • Stefan Molyneux is a cuck, racial coward is a compliment for him.
            I’ve heard him with my own ears say in one of his soliloquies that he yearned for a black stepfather who would’ve instilled in him true african values. The only thing he would have done for kid Molyneux was throw him out the door, instead of throwing him out the window.
            Either Molyneux meant what he said which means he is a filthy cuck or he just babbles nonsense on a camera based on what he thinks people love to hear.

          • Molyneux also said, “I believe in repaying all my debts in the currency I was given.” He was not talking about borrowed money here.

            A person as published as he is might be expected from time to time to contradict himself. So the question is, who is the real Molyneux—the one of the above meme, or the one I quote. I have no use for the former, only the later.

          • I’ve said my piece on Molyneux.
            I don’t give two cents about his integrity or his threats, he’s like a Jordan peterson who was never offered the golden ticket.

      • So true. It’s why I reject the description of this top-down revolution as a “civil war.” That requires two belligerents. Eventually, soon maybe? But not yet.

  34. well, we’ll find out just how crazy the citizenry at large is, come november. i take nike’s giant $790M yearly loss as a sign wokeness will burn out quickly. and that’s something the zman didn’t cover — the viral pattern these episodes follow. this mental virus is so toxic, it will burn out very quickly.

    i am more sanguine about the near future than zman, as i see the collectivist project crashing and burning — right now — world wide. think things are hunky dory in the prc? then move there and enjoy the paradise awaiting.

    • I struggled with this lecture because I have heard it before – said differently.

      In our church, one of the themes that often repeats is this idea tat the faith is a foundation upon which to build the same way it is for you to build on bedrock. If you build on shifting sand, your house will eventually fall.

      These people will eventually crash and burn as you posit, Karl… the only question is how many innocents burn with them.

      • Eventually yes. But the zombie that is this country will shamble onward for much longer than people can imagine. Sure, certain areas (and groups) will feel the effects of the empire’s decline more acutely than other, but like an animated corpse with an arm cut off, it will keep going.

        • Yup.

          What’s the saying – “There’s a lot of ruin in a nation.”

          The United States has myriad issues, but there is an enormous amount of ruin left in it.

          • America is dead. Kovid and BLM drove the stake through its heart. We’re now transitioning to Black Supremacist America, which should properly be thought of as a new polity.

          • And just like South Africa, small hats and pajeets are the money and the managers behind the ANC and EFF.

            They’re making a property and resource grab, using culture war.

          • Seriously, WTAF? Blacks are a small minority in America, have no net wealth, have poor organizational skills, and are incapable of running anything well. They won’t ever be in charge for two reasons. First, the hispanics will ethnically cleanse them before being ruled by them. Second, blacks exist at the mercy of rural whites. If farmers stopped selling food to black urban enclaves, blacks would be toast. That said, I wouldn’t want to be an unarmed white person in a big city, but the current black supremacy nonsense is just reconstruction 2.0. It’s definitely not the start of New South Africa.

          • When white people are as pathetic and degraded as we are right now, the enemy doesn’t have to be particularly intelligent, skilled or gifted. The white race is presently so weak that it couldn’t whip a sick kitten.

          • What do expect you of a people who have little faith even in themselves and few children , whose Conservative leaders are more obsessed with money than the worst little hat stereotype?
            I even see Our Guys recoil from harsh ideology like a vampire from a crucifix.
            We lose because we have no core beliefs and are unwilling to enforce our will on others to build amoral society.
            The Woke crowd OTOH will which makes them strong.
            Also Our Side is shit at even thinking about solutions for some problems
            An example, the Left is in fact spot on that we have an oligarch problem and a distribution problem.
            If that problem isn’t dealt with than we will end up eaten by said problem.
            As hated as the word collectivism is around these parts, society worth living in is a collective enterprise and a nation who peopel who are little for anything other than money, grifting and rarely their families, deserves to end.

  35. Part of the problem is that there doesn’t exist anyone strong enough to stop the slide. Power flows to whoever has the capability of wielding it. Even our overlords, steeped as they are in degeneracy, can’t halt the weirdos from outflanking them time and time again whatever may be the issue. In Seattle, it wasn’t until finally the weirdos threatened the Mayor at her own house before CHAZ was forcibily suppressed essentially forcing the mayor to become a law and order politician, pissing off the loonies and guaranteeing they’ll find some other way to crop up again and cause a ruckus. It’s the slow turning of the whirlpool and it’s only going to get bigger…

    • Part of the problem is that there doesn’t exist anyone strong enough to stop the slide. 

      Tell me again how total Huwite victory is inevitable?

      • As Peter O’Toole says to Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia: “Nothing is written.”….

    • But you see, the fact that the mayor shut things down as soon as it became an inconvenience to her meant that she was strong enough to stop the slide. She just chose not to. She is pro-slide. She just wants the slide to bury everyone but her and her chosen.

    • No, what the they lack is the courage, not the ability. We have been conditioned to believe “petition for redress” equals going in the streets and acting like fools. Just as they put blacks and browns up on a pedestal so too have they done this with street protests. Everyone is afraid to say NO! to these people.
      It would take basically nothing to stop all these people. Just have them be met with cops with guns willing to use them. The freaks and weirdos in the streets and in the universities and in the HR department are cowards and bullies at heart. This why we all cringe when someone says “so brave!” Everyone knows they aren’t brave. Everyone knows they wait until it is 100% safe for them to put on their little shows. The cops would only need to shoot a few of them.
      Our so-called leaders agree with them. They are a combination of cowards and traitors, usually in the same person. The mayor of Minneapolis out there with the freaks (traitor) who ran away the second the freaks disagreed with him (coward). We need leaders who are not traitors, who are actual leaders and who are not cowards.

      • Aye. One volley of shot into the mobs and all this shit comes to a screeching halt. But, of course, the cops have been ordered to do the exact opposite.

      • Mayor LaGuardia called out the pipefitter’s union to stop the 60s “Occupy” moment- and they named an airport after him.

        Plus, the mayor of Minneapolis is a homosexual small hat, as was San Fran’s Harvey Milk, so there’s that element of subterranean networking as well.

        The property developers can now have some of the country’s priciest real estate at a steeply discounted price. Guess who funds an industry of activist trainers, and why.

  36. >  The suburban mom now feels compelled to ululate about racism on here neighborhood Facebook page, even though her neighborhood is totally white.
    My friend’s wife owns a mildly successful Etsy store where she sells bows, children’s ties, and other cutesy trinkets. When the BLM craze started she started to get bullied by a bunch of Black women to bow down to the new anti-racism orthodoxy. She was completely apolitical online, but the fanaticism jarred her enough to make a generic anti-racist statement and to showcase her stuff with a black child, even though I’m sure the demographics of her customers is 99.9% white.
    I heard similar complaints in the Music world, where piano teachers are calling to cancel some classical musicians for wrong-think and are swarming forums about teaching LGBTXYZ, people of color, and other nonsense.
    Word of warning, they’re coming for your normie spouse. Plan accordingly.

    • It’s for lines like “The suburban mom now feels compelled to ululate…” that I read the Z-man daily.

      • Well, these idiots definitely sound like ululating Cthulu cultists to me.

      • Great word, ululate. Right up there with “pullulate” – another woefully neglected word in need of a resurgence.

    • Chet, it is definitely happening in the music world. I follow a very successful independent musician (he literally wrote the book on the new music industry, and his advice is solid for small fries like me) named Ari Herstand. He puts out lengthy e-mails about once a week with insights into streaming services, royalties, the Publishing Rights Organizations, booking gigs, etc., etc.—all super useful.
      Like a lot of musicians, he’s a big time Progressive—he moaned loudly about Trump’s victory in 2016—but whatever. It’s irksome, but I can follow his advice about treating the sound guy well and ignore his whining.
      But when this BLM stuff hit a few weeks ago, he compiled this massive list of musicians and music companies that had made public statements supporting BLM—and those that hadn’t! He targeted one company that issued a generic statement that argued that ALL of its users were important and their lives mattered, and he blasted them relentlessly.
      The company in question had some questionable business practices, so those were fair criticisms, but the point of his critique was not “this company is bad, therefore you should avoid it”; it was, “this company is morally bad, so it should be destroyed.”
      He then spent a week slobbering over black musicians and artists in his blog and on his podcast. It’s not worth it to put up with that just to learn how to increase attendance at a coffee shop gig.

  37. Crazy how things accelerate. But on the bright side that means we hit peak sooner.

    • Hard to say if it’s acceleration or more that we are just living in a cultural creation of women

      The have so much authority now. Their minds change all the time and we are all now living in that maelstrom

      A guy like me who has been married a long time, I sense a lot of what is going on around me is like living with a woman in the same house. But the house is now the country. Maybe other married guys can chime in. The solution, if you can call it that, is to just to be a man and shrug off 90% of it. Because you know tomorrow it will be a new set of whines. Just keep focus and keep moving toward a goal. But we have to add blacks to the mix, who are also very feminine and super emotional, and we are having to deal with them. The problem there is that their men are feminine in nature but violent and strong at the same time. The only solutions there are 1) smack them back with violence to put them in their place, but no one is going to do that; or 2) get away from them.

      • One of the problems is too many men simply acquiesce to whatever their wives want – not the way it should be.

      • It looks like bullying to me, and if whites would start sticking up for each other, or at least not throwing each other under the bus, it would go a long way towards reversing the trend. I think so many goodwhites, AWFLs, AWRs, whatever, are trying to stay on the bully’s good side. It won’t work, nor will shrugging it off, nor will relocating IMO.

        Hell, I’ve criticized the optics of the tiki torch march, so maybe I did my small part in this. While I think looking back fondly on the reich is crazy, condemning those guys helped turn the momentum. Look at DeSean Jackson. He thought he was quoting Hitler, but that whole thing quieted down fast, maybe because his fellow NFL players largely kept their mouths shut.

        I’ve been thinking for a while the whole thing is fundamentally about dividing and conquering whites, more than a black/white race war or a communist revolution. It has to be, given the numbers. We have to stick together, even if we don’t always get along.

        • a little pushback will do wonders

          These ARE just bullies. Take a swing and bloody the lip and see what happens

        • The two world wars among others really decimated the White male populations in the 20th century and are probably largely responsible for the decline in western mankind. We did it to ourselves and don’t seem to be letting up – not so brutally these days, just melting away like the wicked witch of the west…

          • The effect on Britain was summed up in an opening scene of “Chariots of Fire” in the dining room of one of Oxford colleges. As the camera panned over the room it covers the plaques listing all the names of graduates killed in the Great War. You quickly realized that an entire of generation of leaders had been wiped out.

          • Agreed the 20th was an unmitigated disaster. OTOH we’re being told the future belongs to a multicultural communist empire run by POCs and lesbians. Does anybody really think such a thing could hold itself together, much less withstand any pushback? Even degraded men should be up to the task. The problem is one of resolve.

          • If you don’t know what you want, you won’t get anything.
            And note neither leave me alone nor back the past are available options.
            That same long war soured the Right on ideology and left us bereft of good ideas.
            Our fear of nationalism caused us to cede the ideological battle space to destructive transnational ideas like Communism, Neo Liberalism and Globalism instead of developing a human centered ideology.

          • You’re certainly right about that. Without sane, intelligent whites running the show, BSA (Black Supremacist America) will disintegrate in nothing flat. The USSR lasted approximately 75 years. BSA will fold in under 30. Thus, the younger dissidents may well live long enough to see the beginning of the West’s recrudescence.

          • Yep, and in the time span noted only 110+ million deaths from genocide, politicide, democide, and classicide. We need more upbeat glass half full kinda guys like you around here.
            Two points: 1)It’s not going to be the POC’s running things. They are attack dogs and figureheads. 2 )You left out Paintersform’s observation that it is going to take men with resolve.

          • Blacks will be running things. They already are. With the exception of Trump, whites are mere figureheads acting at the behest of the deranged Hutus. And eventually that won’t be enough. Blacks will purge white race traitors and assume formal as well as indirect control. Soon thereafter, disintegration sets in. And there is no way in hell the Hutus are intelligent enough to engineer famines and erect a gulag archipelago to annihilate us. The chief danger whites will face is black mob violence, and that can be dealt with.

          • “Blacks will be running things. They already are. Blacks will purge white race traitors and assume formal as well as indirect control.”
            “And there is no way in hell the Hutus are intelligent enough to engineer famines and erect a gulag archipelago to annihilate us”
            No cognitive dissonance here folks.

          • Nope. They’re race-whipping guilt-stricken whites with the brute force of the mob. That only gets you so far. Eventually you run out of whites who sympathize with you. Then the lights go out, the water stops running, and sail foams no longer amuse.

          • You first referenced the collapse of Russia as an example of your “don’t worry, be happy” motif and then assured us we will experience the same “recrudescence” because in America blacks run everything and well, you know, blacks ruin everything.
            You’re outing yourself, friend. I doubt anyone here believes for a moment that 13% of the population with an average IQ if 85 came up with a plan to lash us into submission using guilt and brute force. Nor do any believe that they now “run things”. The confederacy of Others that hates us consists of more than just blacks. You’re deflecting. Why?

          • Who said anything about a plan? Blacks are dumb, but they’re cunning enough to sense white guilt and weakness, and what they can accomplish with brute force and alleged victimhood. They have parlayed these factors, along with the evil offices of white race traitors, into gaining de facto power that will eventually become de jure power. But once the white hand is no longer on the tiller, the ship capsizes.

          • Blacks are just a tool. They won’t be allowed to run the show in any meaningful way for long.

          • I disagree. So many white people are willing to kneel to blacks and wash their feet that white race traitors are the tools, in more than one sense of the word.

          • WWI & WWII casualties and destruction might explain something about present day Europe, but it hardly explains anything about present day America. Seems we only lagged behind 50 years or so.

          • Well, certainly Russia, Germany, France & British Empire suffered far worse than did we. For the US, let’s say 1860-1970 – we’re well over 1mm kia plus millions more wounded and a decent amount of those with their future productivity and/or reproductivity ruined. It probably goes a long way towards explaining where we find ourselves currently.

          • Modernity itself, basically any tech from the invention of the steam engine onward is suicide.
            Now I am not suggesting we “roll back” only that it will collapse of its own accord as its unfit for human nature.
            We might keep tech to maybe 1900 or so but we can’t survive much more than that and our current SF tech is an end game

          • “Willoughby, next stop is Willoughby”. Great Twilight Zone episode. Could be a metaphor for many Whites in our present reality. Although only for those that have any inkling of pre 1960 US history…

          • Lagged!? The US was leading the charge into the abyss. Political correctness, decline of the family ,affirmative action, widespread drug abuse, all sprang from the brow of Uncle Sam.

            The American Revolution was a civnat affair.

        • I posted in the last blog that we are beyond Ideological and Theological concerns at this point.
          The loathing that the confederacy of Others has for European man is primal. Its biological. See Ed Dutton’s quick explanation of the current polarization:
          It’s imperative that we shake off the years of indoctrination and learn once again that we are a genetic “family” with group preferences and interests that are worth fighting for and preserving. We can renew our brawls with each other after the smoke clears.

      • At least the average wife doesn’t empty the magazine at hubby when he disagrees with her 🙁 I’ve not heard the characterization of Blacks as “feminine” before. Highly emotional sure. Prone to violence? Absolutely. Do you mean that 70% (or more) of Blacks grow up without a real father in the home?

        • When I am around black men I get the strange feeling of being around women but with male body parts

          A lot of white guys think the same, those of us who have been in close contact over the years.

          As for wives, I don’t care whether they shoot me or not. It’s irrelevant. Women should have no say in public affairs. They can’t even get along with other women, and every day is some new emotional hang up. Pardon me if I said short with you, but I am sick if dealign with them. A man only has it in him to deal with a few women in his life and should only have to listen to a few, be it mom or wife or daughters. That’s it. After that the well of accommodation runs dry. it is NOT RIGHT to force men to have to deal with female strangers to the extent we do. It’s wrong.

          • African facial structure is more feminine indeed, saw a video talking about it a while back, can’t remember details. It wasn’t an alt right video, it was a normie video.

        • You’re talking like JLP. No father around, the boy takes on his mother’s nature and becomes a slave to his emotions. No male role models, so he becomes the thug stereotype pushed by angry scorned women.

          Makes sense to me.

          • Only if we ascribe such behavior to primarily learned and cultural events. Genes play a role as well, and not trivially.

          • Compsci – Well said. While I’d be the last to trivialize the role of a father in children’s lives, the trope that a huge percent of nogger pathology is due to the lack of a father in the house is just that – a cuckservative trope.

          • Yes. It’s just a weaker version of the argument that, were it not for white racism and oppression, blacks would have already built cities on Mars and delivered fresh peanut butter to the hungry on the farthest reaches of the Milky Way.

          • Wasn’t arguing that it’s all a product of upbringing. Should’ve made that clear.

          • Nature/Nurture are both important. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a debate.

            Are all homosexuals born that way, or are at least some the product of abuse?

        • Different brain wiring.

          The breeder brain is focused on social cues, not mechanical invention.

          This is why men, taught by women, can be more political with fewer skills.

          Similar to the “no TV before three” rule for children- because it rewires their brain, and their ability to focus.

      • With women, you have to listen to them. Being listened to is a big part of what they want.You have to respond with a lot of “Yes dear”. But then you have to do what you think is right. Regarding blacks, (1) is the preferred strategy, but for the foreseeable future, we’re stuck with (2).

      • With women, you have to listen to them. Being listened to is a big part of what they want.You have to respond with a lot of “Yes dear”. But then you have to do what you think is right. Regarding blacks, (1) is the preferred strategy, but for the foreseeable future, we’re stuck with (2).

      • Good analogy. And I agree – especially on the “their minds change all the time” thing.

        My wife on occasion goes and does some really stupid things. A few years back – on a Saturday when I was outside pouring concrete or doing some other construction project (translation= didn’t need any interuptions) – she comes out and says ” you need to help me”.
        So – I go inside and sitting over in the corner is is the IKEA pantry cabinet lying at a 45 degree angle up against the wall. I’m like ” WTF is going on” – and she tells me – she tried to move it. So the IKEA cabinet is one of those typical IKEA things that go together with the little screw and funky nut setups. And it was sitting on four plastic legs about 4 inches high. All in all it was pretty strong – to hold the probably 250 pounds or so of foodstuffs and other things that were in there – but what it’s not strong enough to do – is be dragged across the floor with 250 pounds of stuff in it. So of course the plastic feet broke – and the pantry cabinet fell into the wall.
        So she’s like ” you need to fix this” – and I’m already pissed because I’ve got concrete setting up outside and she just screwed something up and dumped another job in my lap. I tell her ” look – there’s NO WAY this is getting moved – without emptying it out – I will need to make new feet or put it up on some blocks or something like that – but I can’t do it without the thing being almost empty – so YOU are going to have to empty it”

        With that – she gets pissed and starts yelling and screaming , and I reiterate ” LOOK YOU BROKE IT – NOW YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO EMPTY IT – BECAUSE I’M SURE AS HELL NOT DOING IT I HAVE OTHER SHIT TO DO ……. AND YOU KNEW THAT”.

        She still getting all pissed off , and trying to blame the whole thing on me.

        So I took the cabinet , picked it up – and threw the whole thing on the floor and everything came flying out of it.

        She’s like ‘ WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?”

        I said ” Oh, I’m sorry – I thought it was ‘act like a phucking lunatic day, and I should just join in!”.

        She keeps ranting and raving and I just left.

        The worst part about all of the above – is she wanted to “move the cabinet” – but she didn’t even know where the hell she was moving it to. There’s really nowhere the thing could have gone – without rearranging the ENTIRE kitchen. And that subject had never even come up once as a topic of conversation.

        Now you might say ” get rid of the wife and get a better one” – but from what I’ve seen and heard from friends , there really aren’t all that many “better ones” out there.

        When I tell the above story to men I work with – they all just listen and respond ” my wife does stupid shit like that too”.

        So yeah – to your point about “living in the cultural creation of women” I think the insanity of it all can probably largely be tracked DIRECTLY back to the minds of the women who created it – which are apparently capable of committing acts of pure lunacy every now and then – and then INSTANTLY blaming it on somebody else.

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