The Logic Of Political Violence

Back in the Cold War, one of the things Americans would puzzle over was the political violence behind the Iron Curtain. Most Americans assumed they would resist the state terrorism they heard about from the media. Of course, they assumed such a thing could never happen in America. Today we are seeing just how easily state sponsored terrorism can get going in any country. The reason is there is a political logic to murder that comes as a part of ideological movements.

The logic of political violence is best understood by considering the way Progressives frame their anti-speech pogroms. They keep equaling words and ideas that vex them with violence. For example, someone posting crime statistics on Twitter is accused of posting violent content or inciting violence. At the same time, BLM burning shops and murdering young white mothers is pure political expression. Language they don’t like is violence and violence they like is free expression.

All acts, speaking or physical activity, are judged in purely partisan terms. That person murdering white mothers on behalf of the Progressive cause is morally good by default, as he is sustaining and advancing the interests of the cause. Similarly, the person who stops laughing too soon at an official joke is consciously or unconsciously working against the interest of the cause. He’s a threat. In other words, all actions are judged only in partisan terms, not in relative terms.

Further, making total war on anyone acting against the cause, even by mild simple disagreement, is a form of self-defense to the partisan. The logic here is that someone saying something that contradicts the beliefs of the Progressive cause must be at war with the partisans of the cause. After all, what makes the partisan a partisan is his fidelity to his cause. To invalidate the cause, even by questioning it, is to invalidate him and therefore, striking at the bad speaker is self-defense.

Again, you see this in their language. Before the lock downs, colleges had already implemented a policy of “safe spaces” on campus. These were places where Progressive activists could be totally free of criticism or questioning. The post-modern partisan equates physical safety, not only with the lack of disagreement from outsiders, but the absence of anyone and anything that contradicts the cause. They demand to be insulated from physical reality, as well as contrary opinion.

This conflation of people with ideology into partisanship is why Progressives have always had a somewhat comical obsession with the backlash. A Muslim shoots up a gay club, for example, and the Progressive media writes stories about how Muslims fear a backlash from red necks and Christians. They just assume the Muslim was right for acting on behalf of his cause. Further, they just assumed his enemies, even though they are imaginary, will do the same.

The conflation of the ideologue and the ideology must lead to either political violence or political separation. The partisan looks around and sees nothing but enemies, people holding opinions that contradict the cause. Further, he sees them operating in a system that contradicts the beliefs of the partisan. Hence the concept of systemic racism that is popular with Progressives. They are surrounded by people and a system that is at war with the very essence of who they are.

There can be only two responses, fight or flight. Once the partisan has power, though, the only logical response is fight. Once they gain power, they are not just defending themselves, but now they imagine they are defending society as a whole. Rounding up dissidents and having them executed is not just vindictive cruelty, although there is a lot of that, for sure. To the partisan mind this is an act of self-defense. The bad-speaker is at war with the cause and all is fair in war.

Inevitably, this logic is confirmed by the piecemeal response to the political violence unleashed on the public. Someone realizes that the people in charge are willing to use violence and he or they respond with violence. This small act becomes the bloody shirt the partisans then wave around as justification. Notice how the Progressives still mention Charlottesville as a justification for their pogroms against anyone expressing unapproved opinions on social media.

It is tempting to dismiss these people as insane, but their logic, with regards to the use of political violence, is natural. After all, the death penalty is rooted in the same logic of societal self-defense. The murderer who can never be allowed loose must be killed, not as punishment, but so he can never kill again. There is a blood sacrifice to it, as Joseph de Maistre explained, but the fundamental logic of the death penalty is rooted in the most basic instinct of man – self-defense.

This is why America is probably closer to Soviet-style show trials and political violence than most Americans realize. Most people are not partisans or their partisanship is mostly ornamental. They wave it around when politics comes up, but it usually works to cut-off political arguments before they get started. Many Americans, probably a majority, are still trapped in the old political framework. Worse still, the so-called Right still thinks we live in a rule-based republic.

It is important to note that the Russians never saw Stalin coming either. Some suspected what he was, but most did not. The political violence of Stalin crept up on his fellow partisans on little cat feet. Before they could understand what was happening, he was having them packed off to gulags. The ultra-violence of the French Revolution similarly crept up on the radicals. The great blood sacrifice of radical political ideology is always the destination no one sees coming until it is too late.

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408 thoughts on “The Logic Of Political Violence

  1. BTW Tucker’s devotion to the law enforcement community is disgusting. He wants to curry favor with the correction officers? ROFL

  2. All these ponderous claims about saving the “white race” is so tiresome. If you can remove the command and control structure that dictates American life, whites will thrive again and be left alone to create. The anchor needs to be removed violently and soon.

  3. Z: “After all, what makes the partisan a partisan is his fidelity to his cause. To invalidate the cause, even by questioning it, is to invalidate him and therefore, striking at the bad speaker is self-defense.”

    Nice. And what’s remarkable is how Lefty-Normie high school friends have taken to imitate the radical mentality they see on TV. You used to be able to disagree with these old friends without heated craziness. Now they flip out on you. They never cared about politics. But now they know they’re supposed to be yelling at you about SOMETHING.

  4. Alas, we are already at the stage of Soviet-style show trials and political violence as exemplified by Charlottesville and the trial of Fields. Conservative judges will still put on real trials but the left runs trials along ideology thus blacks and antifa getting off for violence and any wrong thinking white having the hammer drop on him.

    • What I think you’re getting at is a dual system of “justice”. Ordinary, run of the mill, crime without any ideological bent gets handled as we have been used to. Crime that can be conflated with ideology, gets the show trial treatment. It seems to have been that way for quite a few rears now, and under Trump accelerating.

  5. The jews brought chaos and destruction to your community. They won’t relent, fuck them, bury them in the dirt.

  6. Big upheavals could be coming in the future. It’s possible there is a real split in the elite happening now with the JK Rowling letter, the leaked Daily Mail story about Hollywood discrimination, and now the resignations of Barri Weiss from the NYT and Andrew Sullivan from New York Magazine. Revolutions (and counter-revolutions) happen when the elite split like this. The American Revolution is an example of this phenomenon. Ben Franklin was a loyalist until he was insulted by the British. He broke with the Crown along with other elites who thought they could get a better deal by siding with the opposition.

    • The example of Franklin is interesting. Until he was publicly excoriated by Alexander Wedderburn in the wake of the Boston Tea Party, he was essentially a civ-nat who believed in the essential goodness of Great Britain and who was unwilling to sever American ties with the motherland. In the space of one hour, he became so angered at his treatment that he threw his lot in, silently at first, with the Yankees who saw independence as the only just solution.
      Franklin was confronted with the same truth that we here have already been awakened. He and his fellow Americans were mostly despised by the elites that ran the nascent British Empire. It didn’t matter that Franklin was one of the most accomplished and famous men in the world, he was still just a jumped up hayseed to them, always would be.
      But who out there today could have the same impact by coming to the light? Who could influence people on a sizeable scale by merely speaking what we all understand to be true, thereby breaking the spell?

  7. Z-man – Amazing that you come up with 6+ topical essays/week, but IMHO today’s topic is the one that needs constant piledriving. I know others care about the sayings of Tucker or whoever might be deemed cuck de jour. Lots of symptoms of cultural decline worthy of essays and comment, but the end result of Bolshevism is bloodshed and enslavement. Some of our side have their hope in Trump, others in a GOP sweep of Congress, but given the gun-buying statistics it seems most also understand that “this won’t end well” really means “this is going to get violent.” Lots of historical parallels but at least our side is armed … and hopefully those gun-buyers are further investing in training, ammo, and community preparedness.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Dovetailing with your commentary, I was reading that realtors and analysts are seeing a spike in people within big cities looking for homes in small towns and outlying areas, rural.

      Someone else below discussed, elegantly too, how he sees lots of evidence in rural / outlying / small town America of rougher middle class white folk who know what the hell is going on and are braced for it.

  8. Anyone else notice that when ethnic and racial jokes were permitted, that everyone got along much better?

    • I can remember the comedy clubs in the 60’s and 70’s. Black and other minority comedians were some of the worse wrt racial jokes and stereotypes. Good days as I now look back.

  9. I recommend Neff find a beard, Tucker hires him and have him submit Neff’s stuff as his own to the show. That’s the American way of handling writer-blacklists, as Dalton Trumbo and Abe Polansky would be the first to tell you.

  10. OT – Someone tracked down and just posted this, “ Rare Sir Oswald Mosley Johannesburg Press Conference (1964) “

    His statement concerns Freedom of Association in Africa but he also talks about desegregation in the United States. 

    The stunningly elegant woman next to him at the very beginning and at the end is his wife , the former Lady Dianna Mitford. Her Thames TV interview on the same page is notable for her magnificently unrepentant manner. 

    • Thank you for the link. An intersting piece of history. I agree with most of what Sir. Mosley says. Being an ignorant Yank, I wiki’ed just who Mosley was. Tough gig, to be a Fascist in the UK during WW II 😀

  11. While our side plays 64D chess their side uses blunt force trauma. But things are going to change. In fact, I am getting so mad that I may just write a sternly worded letter of complaint to that smarty pants Mitt Romney.

  12. “….no one sees coming until it is too late”

    Christians have been warning us for a long long time, but the elites successfully marginalized their opinions

  13. “The ultra-violence of the French Revolution similarly crept up on the radicals.”

    What timing — Happy Bastille Day, Z Man!

  14. Just as the State has the right to declare war, they also have the right to determine who are their enemies.
    We all know how that works with foreign enemies, and now we know how it works with domestic enemies; call out the police and National Guard to shut down dissenters, or call off the police to promote and protect the rioters.

  15. If you want to disturb your sleep for a few nights, watch a movie made right after the fall of the Soviet Union, “The Chekist”. Perfect illustration of the mentality discussed in today’s epistle. And increasingly, as I watch the city descend into anarchy, not nearly as far fetched as would have thought just a few short years ago.

    • If you are still on Netflix, there is a movie, “The Death of Stalin”. A black comedy of sorts. I found it amusing having read about Stalin’s passing many years ago. Steve Buscemi plays *Krushchev* if you can believe that one. 😉

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  17. I appreciate Z’s emphasis on the point that, “Language they don’t like is violence and violence they like is free expression” because it underscores the point that our struggle with our rulers is existential.

    For example, they will not tolerate that I think HBD is true, that many homosexuals are predators on the young and that trannies are mentally ill. They find it unacceptable that I hold these beliefs. There is no middle ground.

    •  They find it unacceptable that I hold these beliefs. There is no middle ground.” Yep. Remember back in the day there’d be some group or classroom discussion and someone would do the “We agree to disagree then. At the end the day I think we all want what’s good, we just have different ideas on how to get there.” That may have been true 40 years ago, with basic Dem vs. Repub politics. But deeper than that it was always just a cope to ease the tension in the room. After the teacher would say that, nobody (except a few Stacies) was smiling and saying “yep THAT’S true”. Rather people would shift in their chair and mumble “whatever lady”.

    • On your last point, the only two cases that I’ve known well were both fraternal twins (girls) where the one twin was VERY clearly not like the other–extremely masculine. There is some research to suggest that uneven hormonal influences in utero can be factor in fraternal. And do know that are genetic aberrations with extra chromosomes. But try to have a conversation with a true believer that while these outliers may exist, cases where five girls in the same 8th grade class decide they are boys is likely mental illness and you’d think I’d walked into a mosque, set a Koran on fire and pissed on it to extinguish the flames.

      • Sami. Here, here. Just try to use plain logic wrt why so many of these occurrences seem to be happening now, in this era and time—while never occurring before…

        I often talk more in the nature of critical thinking these days, rather than argue positions of fact. Much more important knowledge to attempt to impart. It’s difficult to overcome a lifetime of indoctrination, but really the only way to make progress in a sea of lies.

        Keep up the good work.

  18. Zman — “Little Cat Feet” — ISWYD 🙂

    The fog comes
    on little cat feet.

    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.

    -Carl Sandberg

    • T. S. Eliot envisioned the fog as a cat as well in Prufrock:

      The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes,
      The yellow smoke that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes
      Licked its tongue into the corners of the evening,
      Lingered upon the pools that stand in drains,
      Let fall upon its back the soot that falls from chimneys,
      Slipped by the terrace, made a sudden leap,
      And seeing that it was a soft October night,
      Curled once about the house, and fell asleep.

  19. An excellent analysis of America’s descent into totalitarianism. One caveat, however. What Stalin did to Soviet society was simply Leninism writ large and long. Lenin was murdering, persecuting and impoverishing Soviet subjects long before Stalin came to power. Had Lenin ruled another 15 years his reputation for evil would equal Stalin’s.

    • The divorce courts have been destroying fathers for a while now. And courts have been bankrupting people on the lower rungs for some time as well.

      Maybe these have been those quiet cat feet

      Getting louder now. The cruelty from the top has been intensifying and their net getting wider. We live in a sick society

      • Briggs links to a great Twitter thread about hospitals being overrun… in 2018. I recommend everyone read it. Back in March I was having this discussion with people who insisted what we were seeing was unprecedented. It was easy then to find WaPo articles from just 2 years ago that painted 2018’s flu season in bleak terms, but the Twitter thread Briggs uses today is awfully damning to the case of those who say we’re in uncharted territory. The quotes, pulled from media articles, are thorough and cover the breadth of the country.

      • Here in the county, it was revealed today that the State/County officials are going through all the death certificates and looking for Covid-19 symptoms and when found, listing them as Covid-19 *deaths*.

        So today for example another 75 deaths were announced due to Covid-19 whereas, 29 of those were post-hoc, presumptive cases from weeks or months ago. No mention is made of the date of death, nor the presumptive nature of the cause. This is outright fraud, but the media is complicit so folks are not getting the word.

  20. How can the death penalty be primarily self-defense when the subject is already incarcerated? There’s a bloodthirsty angle to it — a smug satisfaction in truly having “the final say.” Same view the left has about us.
    Plus, their insanity is a matter of proportion. Committing political violence because you forget a pronoun is neurotic and wackadoo. I can’t see anything “natural” about that, even within the left’s demented moral framework.

    • Killing people takes a toll

      except in rare occasions

      why they’d be content just to put us away in camps to die a natural death

  21. On the “Logic of Political Violence”. From the infighting and splintering that a guy named Tucker can cause us. (Not to mention the Jews). If we ever approached becoming a real force, one can see why a leader such as Stalin or Zman would be compelled to ship about a third of us off to the gulags, or worse.

    • I think he pulled a half C so as to not outright discourage his more…. politically sensible viewers. No matter.
      Perhaps people like Tuck are preventing us from finally getting off the ground. The precious lie that we have at least *some* legitimate representation in the MSM acts as a political sedative. He’s weaponized hope.

      • I got shouted down by regular people on Gateway Pundit when I mentioned that it may not be a coincidence that things worsened at an accelerated pace during the time of Rush and Hannity. Tings were just plodding along beforehand. One would think that having a guy putting a laser light on the Left for all to see them in their shenanigans would have slowed their progress. That defining and exposing them in and of itself would prove an antidote. But instead the disease only spread faster. And I don’t think it was a case of ignorance is bliss, that being unaware of the left made life more harmonious. We were all aware of them, but they lacked vigor. Rush seemed to give them a major shot of adrenaline.

        Things seem to be happening the same during Tucker’s time in the limelight.

        I guess my point and moral of the story is that these people really do us no good, are of no material benefit. They capitalize on latent or dormant feelings and nurture them into being and then start tearing and tugging at them like boys yanking on a tree to shake lemons loose. People use the terms stress-release-valve and controlled opposition, and my sense of things is that they are correct.

      • He’s weaponized hope.” oh for fuck’s sake. What’s funny is how much D-Right discussion centers on how to win over Normie. Somehow we luck out and get a high IQ Carlson to do just that with an entire nation of Normies. And all we can say is, “meh, he’s useful”. Like an ugly maid but really good around the toilets.

        • To be fair, there is much I have done for the sake of a fuck.
          Dude is just a lullmaster.

  22. OT: My farrier was out last Friday and we got talking about the mask stupidity. He refuses to wear a mask. He was up at a boarding stable in the city recently and was informed that the owner required everyone to wear a mask. He said, “Well, okay, I respect her policy. I’ll just be leaving now.” He made sure to emphasize that he wasn’t angry or critical of her policy, he just wouldn’t wear a mask while working on the horses (It’s extremely hard physical work).

    All the horse owners went running to the barn owner and, guess what, they relented. He had the power. A good farrier is super hard to come by. He worked without a mask. The barn owner did tell the horse owners to make sure to disinfect everything he touched with clorox. As if him sweating on things and touching them wouldn’t have infected stuff if he’d only had a mask.

    Made my day to hear about the Karens (and horse barns are like a Karen’s natural habitat) forced to back down to a man willing to make a stand. He’s my hero of the week.

    • Here in Michigan our Governor made masks mandatory except for if “you have a health condition that makes you feel you can not wear a mask”. She threatened to fine businesses that allowed people without masks in.
      Walked into Kroger and a lady came over and said the mask requirement. Looked at her dead in the eyes and said “I have a health condition that makes me feel I can not wear a mask”. She just walked away.
      Not even mad at her since the Governor put her in a ridiculous spot, but I’m still not complying.

    • We need more people like him, particularly on the subjects of race and gender. The feminists are by far the worst. All of the evil around race, cancel culture, globohomo, it’s all feminists. Feminism is the nuclear bomb that went off in our society that caused all these problems. It is how these radicals got so much respectability. It all emanates from feminism.

  23. I haven’t owned a tv in 20 years, I don’t have a problem with anyone who does, I haven’t smoked cigarettes on a daily basis for 5 years, smoke em if you got em no problem. tucker has been Mostly an abstract pop culture news thing I’ve heard about here and there.i always assumed he was like rush Limbaugh. Making believe he’s your friend so he can sell you something like security cameras or anti hacking software or chocolate dipped strawberries. Curiosity Got the best of me last night and I watch his show from earlier in the day on a laptop.He looked like he was full of crap right from the start. 2min in FF to 10min in FF to 20min in FF. Finally to the statement. Seemed to me he wants it both ways. Then I thought ,of course he does his on the television box. Silly me I could have used the sleep.

  24. I wonder if the gaining steam again covtardian express will be the pretext for actual roundups (of Whites) to begin? The hysteria is ramping up again, with new shutdowns, lockdowns, quarantines, “show us your papers if you’re from certain hot spot states” all by decree – no one has any choice in the matter. Those who refuse to comply or question the virus “facts” could be socially ostracized, fined, cut out of the system, arrested – you know because you’re putting the human race at risk of extinction. It may sound ludicrous, but tell me this isn’t the way we’re headed with this s***. Whites saying mean things about or pointing out black pathology/criminality has been verboten for some time – now YT must obey the covtardian decrees, otherwise you’ve got the one way express ticket to the scarlet C gulag or worse.

    • I hope they try it

      i mean, I’d rather have a normal life, but if they do try rounding me up, I’m going balls to the wall

    • I don’t think they’ll try that just yet. But try it one day they will — and people are definitely taking notes

  25. “This is why America is probably closer to Soviet-style show trials and political violence than most Americans realize.”

    America already has show trials.

    • The trial of Roger Stone certainly qualifies as a Soviet-style show trial. So did earlier ones such as the trial of Cliven Bundy, which the American KGB wants retried after it was dismissed with prejudice. Waco and Ruby Ridge were state-sanctioned murders almost thirty years back and were a taste of things to come.

      America has been a police state a long, long time now. The United States government just recently decided to go full bore after Whites, so people only now are noticing how horrible things are.

      • Don’t forget about the cops in Los Angeles. More recently we also have the Rise Above Movement. Pure partisan political show trials. The indictments actually referenced Antifa.
        There is also the state level show trials and these go back a long way.

        I agree that America is and has been a police state for a long time. It goes back to at least the 1970s when Nixon launched the war on drugs. The war on drugs was launched as a pretext for cops to put down the organized race hustlers who were financing their operations with, among other things, drugs. This is always a bad idea. A lot of cops never got the memo and start arresting suburban teens making a run into the city to buy pot or LSD and sending them to prison for long periods. There were kids arrested in the 70s for relatively small amounts of drugs who lost their entire youths to prison. The war on drugs is the reason cops now routinely pull people over and just steal their money they are carrying.
        The one good thing we got from the police state was taking a lot of bad actors off the streets. Now all of that is being reversed, but we still have the police state. We now actually have cops hiding their faces in public! It is now becoming fairly routine to see a cop’s identity entirely concealed with black tape over their badge and name going into people’s houses.

  26. On the OTHER hand, this from David Cole in Taki’s mag today: “One thing’s for certain—this is the pivotal moment when white Americans either fight back or go the way of the Indians. If the surge of violent crime, police defunding, and hate propaganda doesn’t motivate them, nothing will. At the very least, if there  is any hope of rejuvenation and resistance, it’ll have to be brought about by a people with a stark and sober grasp of their dire predicament.”

  27. Tucker isn’t our guy, but he serves a purpose. The sour grapes against him reek of dashed dreams and desperation – did we really believe he would he would come out as our guy, run for president in 2024 and fix everything for us? The ladies are especially vindictive.

    We need to prepare for a marathon here. The big change, if it does come, probably won’t for ten, perhaps 20, yrs yet. Disappointment and indignation beckon everywhere. Don’t overly indulge; rather make strong old dreams…

    • We need to prepare for a marathon here.”
      You are right in the sense this is a long struggle; it has been already. It will not be easily won. But history teaches us a totalitarian dictatorship once established has to be toppled in a matter of several years or it becomes entrenched beyond destruction.

        • Assume soon after Trump. If you are wrong, you will be well prepared and if you are correct, you’ll be well prepared.
          It will happen once the mainstream Democrats lose all control. They won’t be able to stop the younger far more energized movement and while I suspect they’ll gladly throw everyone else to the crocodiles, its dawning on them, they are on the menu too.
          The main goal though is making friends. More than a few normies are open to the “genocide of Whites” now. You see hints as far afield as the Hacker News and beyond.
          It will be Bosnia x Rwanda, no neutrality allowed, toi the knife, to the hilt.
          If you need information or a place to start start at Western Rifle Read the page intro too.
          You goal is to make hard friends, get dangerous and consider what you’ll do if/when it goes hot.

        • I agree with ab. Maybe there has to be full operational control of the military, but the brass alone will do it. Then it starts.

    • Chad – As one of the ‘ladies’ here I would dispute your charge of vindictiveness. I never pinned any hopes on Tucker; I didn’t watch him and never expected him to lead anything. What I expected is what happened – he put his own career and/or social standing ahead of his purported principles. He behaved in a dishonorable manner. I realize honor is an outdated concept – not the faux honor of a vaunted cuckservative intellectual, but true honor which requires a certain amount of courage and risk.

      • Fox has always been a Civic Nationalist enterprise. I mean its a network that runs shows like Empire whose entire audience is basically Black and 9-1-1 though a decent show is so Civic Nationalist its makes my teeth hurt.
        The rules were well understood upfront as were the consequences for breaking them.
        And yes Civic Nationalism is stupid and unworkable. It takes some time for people to move to Our Thing.
        And yes they are moving but its quiet and unless that person is very close to you you’ll never know that they’ve changed.

  28. Thank you for citing the example of the white mother murdered for speaking the phase “all lives matter.” If you have even average IQ, that should prove beyond any doubt that we are now in a hot war. And there is no one to protect you except you. We are once again living in an environment of existential threat and, going forward, only the strongest and smartest will survive to reproduce. Carry a firearm for self-defense. Know your enemy. Fight for your life.

    • The young mother, killed with a shot to the face, would have resulted in a dozen cities being burned down, had the sides been reversed. The Left burns and kills, and the Right cogitates over it, it’s just the way it is. The only violent “Rightist” movement in recent times was moustache man (basically Leftism with a nationalist veneer, twisted like a square peg into a round hole to appear “Rightist”), We ground him out with a slow-moving but undefeatable logistical exercise and scorched earth tactics, all ultimately to make the world safe for the more conventional forms of Leftieism. There is no historical evidence I can find of any organized violent Rightist white Amero-European response to anything. The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Civil War, the Irish Troubles, and WW1 were all more fratricidal exercises devoid of any real Left-Right element. Let’s face it, cogitation is what the Right does. There’s the Tucker version, the Trump version, the Rush version, and the Z-man version. It’s who we are.

      • Cogitation is cerebral cortex thinking. When your back is against the wall, the amygdala takes over (think cornered rat psychology). When things get real, people will change in a heartbeat, one way or the other.

        • TomA, yes, we are hobbled by our front-brain thought processes. The Left deftly exploits that. You can see how they calibrate their behavior to keep us thinking primarily on our front brains (which are mostly useless against their tactics, in the public square), but for one of us to go hind-brain in times and places of their choosing, for maximum effect (the Charlottesville driver as an example).

          • I don’t know how much the left does this strategically. Instead, its likely just one more short-term advantage of the savage over the civilized.

            Similar to the exploding goats in the east. The individual does not exist outside the group and the power of the group is paramount as the survival and propagation is all that matters.

            So they ‘splode all over, much to our horror, as we scramble to reason with them between measured doses of politically sanitized violence of our own. Stopping well short of the kinds of responses that are required to destroy the supposed enemy.

            In stopping short, like a regimen of antibiotics quit half-way, results in both short term relapses and long term pestilence that assure that the problem will return, with immunity and impunity.

            Similarly, the global left is a group-identity, which is rooted in the hindbrain.

            Individual consciousness requires migrating consciousness to the forebrain where we reason with other individuals first because we see them as individuals first and foremost.

            Leftism, however is anti-civilization, devolution; literally the regression of individual consciousness until it is subordinated to the group identities.

            We have been responding in half-doses for ages now. Mutations and immunities abound, but it is our doing so it should be ours to remedy and not our grandkids’.

            I’m just rambling now, but to your point we need to figure out how to thread the needle, to optimize how we go hindbrain. To harness the inner savage, even if only as a means to better implement the filtering, organizing, and deploying of ‘our guys’ in building immunity of our own.

      • I feel that young white mother deserves vengeance of the highest order. Some blacks need to DIE.

        • It’s hard in a sense since they do so well at killing themselves. All you have to do is not let the po-po travel their streets for a weekend and they’ll rack up a dozen murders with not much effort.

        • Hi fellow kids! Anyone interested in joining me to form an agreement to violate the law and then act on that agreement?  Also, I’m totes legit!

          • Methinks he makes a valid point 🙂 Boys and girls, we run a a respectable cabal discussion group here… We don’t agitate violence and such here, things haven’t gotten that bad yet. Finally, if one were planning a secret, probably a forum open to the public and Google-indexed is not a good place to air such ideas 🙂

        • Look into what actually happened before you get to carried away I don’t think she was one of ours…

      • We need to understand that the Left, as we know it, really has no relevant antecedent from before the 20th century. The Left was a project of people who wanted power BAMN (by any means necessary). There was no real justification for it, other than they wanted power and were willing to do anything to get it, rather than go through the traditional social and economic channels to earn it. Cancel Culture and Gaslighting are simply tools, means to an end. Alinsky is just a how-to sheet. We have no real response to such a thing, steeped as we are in needing rational reasons for things, to justify them in our heads, and living in a normalcy bias infused world. The Left is simply a Terminator, that will not be stopped, that acts more than thinks. When one remembers that Leftism is a new thing, well adapted to 20th/21st century life of advertising, Bernays, Freud, Dr. Spock, Gramski, mass media, and mental manipulation, one can see how hard it is to knock it back or kill it. It operates not in a world of limits and boundaries, but in an imaginary world of emotions, expressed in the real world as “justifiable” force. We have no effective counter for it, trained as we are to follow the rules, for the good of all, and to expect others to do so as well. We are dealing with a 20th/21st century phenomenon using 18th/19th century thinking. For our own sakes, we need to start by owning up to that. It’s an initial step in understanding what is demanded of us to protect our own, as the McCloskeys in St. Louis are about to find out, even though they are a CivLib version of the other side, CivLibs who dwell in the 18th/19th century thinking as well.

        • While there is some truth in this, it is more of a cope then reality. The truth is that we allowed a foreign group who hates us into our society and they have used their group cohesion against us. They view us in the US exactly how they see Germans in the 1930s. We are an enemy fully capable of electing Hitler again, even though he was never elected the first time. They are obsessed with the holocaust and the holocaust has become a replacement Judaism for a people who are no longer religious. While Jews are certainly the only cause of liberal insanity, it is an important root cause.

      • If there were an organized white response, would we even be aware of it in the early stages?

        • Lanky, living as a grey man is best. The McCloskey case is a prime example of sticking your head out of a foxhole and getting singled out and dealt with. We can have nice things, but we must not display them. We can organize, but not let it be widely known. Living and working in the shadows is the life of a dissident. “The first rule of Fight Club…”

          • I agree with your last part of your comment but not the first because they were living gray and they still were targeted by the mob… Would you just of let the mob burn down your place of residence just to stay gray Brother…This is what happens when you don’t have Community and your just trying to stay gray sooner or later they will get to you whether it be now or ten years from now…They couldn’t of been more grey because they were acting in part that they were on BLMs side just like those people who got their windows broken out all the while saying we are on your side…I know you understand but a lot of people on here don’t because of what they keep posting…

      • <i>There is no historical evidence I can find of any organized violent Rightist white Amero-European response to anything. </i>

        The Spanish Civil War.

        • Possibly so. I don’t know enough about it to say whether the Spanish Fascists led one side from the start, or piggybacked and took advantage of the anti-Leftists. And whether they were initially fighting Leftists or, at root, anti-Monarchists. It sure seemed to be purely Left versus Right at the end. My thinking also requires a buy-in that Fascism is not fundamentally different than Communism, but is only Communism with a nationalist facade. So it gets tricky for me. I see Fascism as trying to adapt the old 18th/19th century thinking into the 20th century, by twisting and adapting Communist totalitarianism into a volkisch thing, and away from the Internationale, but with a lot of the underlying totalitarianism and psychic/physical manipulation and abuse still in place. Fascism as a totalitarian response to totalitarian Communism, substituting race and heritage for labor and the universal “rise of the masses”. Fascism as some sort of informed totalitarian response to the May 1st people. But I’ll go with a Left-Right war there as a starting point. One thing I can note, is that the fratricide there appears to have been brutal, as it was in so many white-on-white fights. Felix, do you think there are any take-aways from Francoist Spain and the Spanish Civil War that are useful for us (asking from a status as mostly ignorant of the subject)?

          • My thinking also requires a buy-in that Fascism is not fundamentally different than Communism, but is only Communism with a nationalist facade.

            Not in the case of Franco – you might argue that he wasn’t a real Fascist in that respect, rather than a caudillo-type, as he indeed styled himself: no real political convictions, except that he should rule Spain. Nominally a monarchist with strong pro-ecclesial sympathies, but most of all a pragmatist – note that he managed to keep Spain out of WWII.

            I hasten to add that I don’t know that much about the Spanish Civil War but if I were to point to one object lesson for us, it is that the Left spend as much time fighting themselves as they do the enemy, as Orwell described.

            I did read half of Anthony Beevor’s story about it, but found it rather boring; it felt like a work of obligation, that he had to write about the preamble to WWII.

            One anecdote from Beevor stuck: at the beginning of the war, the Republicans died in great numbers during artillery bombardment, because it was considered un-Spanish to take cover when under fire – perhaps another lesson for us to take to heart.

          • Franco was more a reactionary than an outright fascist. Salazar was a better example of an Iberian fascist

            It’s a mistake to define Left/Right along purely economic lines or to define all non-democratic systems but hereditary monarchy or aristocracy as Leftist. These are usually the roots of the Vox Day /D’Souza trope that fascism is somehow Leftist.

  29. We need to move beyond desperately putting our hopes into rich personalities under the belief they will “save” or “lead” us. The reflexive impulse to “wait and see” with Tucker is no better than anyone who’s still reflexively defending Trump today. Trump has paralyzed dissidents not through his own inaction, but more due to a character flaw in the dissident right that always takes a “wait and see” approach by pinning all its hopes on figures in serial that are functionally unable to lead.

    Note how the left, for the most part, doesn’t do this. They cultivate decentralized leadership in parallel nationwide rather than pinning all their “wait and see” hopes on one figure. Sure, they occasionally fall behind figures that let them down, like St. Sanders, but as soon as they’re let down they move back to cultivating grassroots leadership, radicalized and motivated more by an ever-evolving pantheon of dead saints—St. Lenin, St. King, St. Floyd—than any one living person.

    We don’t know how to do this yet. We pin everything on a Trump, then when he betrays, that desperation pivots to Carlson. Nothing against Carlson, but he was only ever a milquetoast civnat: I don’t watch him, but the videos of him that people have shared with me have never impressed me. If he ever becomes irrelevant, the “wait and see” desperation will probably shift to some new figure like Fuentes. Again, nothing against Fuentes, but we need to learn that, like everyone else, he has human flaws: he may yet mess up or betray the dissident right—like cozying up to Milo—like countless other flawed leaders before him.

    The dissident right needs to learn to stop putting its desperate faith into flawed singular leaders who will never be able to live up to the expectations we pile upon them. The left is successful because it largely doesn’t do this: it may occasionally fall behind singular hobbyhorses, but its power comes from a spiritual faith and determination that is reinforced by countless grassroots leaders diffused across the country. When one grassroots leader sells out the left, another young blood instantly takes their place. The left functions like Al Qaeda. What gives the left its strength is that there isn’t one AOC to pin all their hopes on, there are scores waiting to take her place.

    I’m not surprised the right has never been able to function like that: since the right evolved purely as a gatekeeper for the left, it evolved to offer up sacrificial figures to the left in serial. (“We need a Franco! We need a Pinochet!”) Once one figure is sacrificed, the right puts its “wait and see” reaction into the next solitary figure. The first step to breaking out of this trap is understanding that we’re no longer rightists and that we need to be powered by a collective spirituality that transcends any singular leader, so we can be mobilized and supported by an inexhaustible grassroots energy that can’t be beheaded whenever any one person fails to live up to our expectations. That is a talisman against demoralization. There is no value in putting all the faith in a Trump or a Carlson.

    • Your last paragraph is some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen on here. It’s true. We are no longer rightists; something else, something greater, must unify us.

  30. Whites as whites have no cultural power. We surrendered it eons ago and have been living with the results ever since. But for some reason we get upset when our powerless spokesmen and representatives don’t exercise authority and stand strong in the face of overwhelming and cutthroat opposition. We call them names.

    Decades ago whites faced the classic choice of fight or flee. White flight was the result. But with all the commanding heights, weapons, supplies and water now in the hands of the anti-white enemy, we criticize those still willing to stand in public with us for not being aggressive enough in battle.

    Hell, we won’t even wait and see to be sure if we’ve been abandoned— we who’ve done little more than run away and hide our whole lives. 

  31. “America is probably closer to Soviet-style show trials” We’re there. I give you Roger Stone and General Flynn. Add in the no charges against Hitlery, Clapper, Comey and Brennan who all lied to CONgress and we’re WAY past any kind of justice in this country.

  32. To the leftist (as with the Narcissist, but I am redundant), words are just tools. He uses words to get what he wants out of any given situation. His words do not express principles. They are only tools and weapons. He says X and watches for your reaction. If your reaction isn’t what he wanted, he immediately changes and says Y. If that doesn’t work, he says Z.

    That is why, when you call out a Leftist for being a hypocrite, he will screech at you that he is “NOT a hypocrite!”. In his mind, he is being completely consistent. If tactic “A” doesn’t work, he immediately switches to tactic “B”. It matters not one bit that what he actually says contradicts what he said five minutes ago or even thirty seconds ago. Merely switching tactics, in his mind, is smart and clever. That is why you can never have, never mind win, a logical debate with a Leftist (or Narcissist, but I am redundant).

    He is getting what HE wants, and what he wants is CONTROL. He is at war with you, and the world, to get it. He is at war, ever and always. No tactic is unjustified if gets him what he wants. Lying, cheating, stealing, and murder are not only permissible, they are obligatory.

  33. Why do you use the term partisan when referring to the likes of Antifa and BLM?
    You should be calling them terrorists

  34. “Worse still, the so-called Right still thinks we live in a rule-based republic.”

    This is what’s been so infuriating and demoralizing to such a large swath of the country: the right’s total collapse and inability to offer even the weakest defense against all the anti-white terrorism. Trump is merely one impotent relic among many: when the best the average Republican can do is tweet “horrific” in response to the BLM murder of the white Indianapolis woman, you know the Republicans have no future. They are irredeemable. Worse, too many whites are still responding to their own persecution with desperate DR3 shit, just like the astounding number of whites in South Africa who are still mired in self-hatred.

    Carlson enraged the left by discussing Susan Rosenburg. While BLM’s street terrorists are black, the people managing the money aren’t. As Beattie pointed out, BLM is not a black-owned business.

  35. When “By Other Means” tanks violence follows its own inevitable path.

    Widespread violence has always been and will probably always remain an at times necessary part of how human societies function. When violence is inevitable, at least in the minds of one or both sides, a full commitment to carrying it out may actually limit the damage done.

    If killing 3 today will force all involved to reconsider then maybe 30…or 3000 won’t have to die tomorrow. Putting off what is inevitable or only taking reluctant half-measures only builds up the intensity for how things will work out somewhere down the road. Once whetted for violence our instinct is to ratchet up. If inevitable and unbridgeable then it will grow from antagonistic camps to warring populations. Civil wars or wars between people who live among one another feeds into a bile that once unleashed leads to cruelties no one would have imagined.

    The anti-whites have whetted their blades and their appetites for blood. We scramble and fumble to organize and awaken our own who refuse to acknowledge what is now so obvious. Group sensibilities and dynamics can adjust and react quickly…once the group understands it is a group. This is our problem. Our enemies have done their work very effectively. Most of our tribe are deadened to any perception beyond their immediate needs and the understandings they have been spoonfed.

    They will awaken but the price will be steep. Much blood and more. But once paid nature will do its work and white men will settle all scores. Find a safe harbor to survive until that day.

  36. The original Political Terror the Bolsheviks unleashed was after an alleged assassination attempt on Lenin in 1918. The orchestrated terror killed an estimated million people, many former left-wing and Marxist allies like the purported wannabe assassin Fanny Kaplan. Any pretext would have been used to unleash the terror, and some historians debate whether Kaplan actually attempted to kill Lenin.
    The United States is Russia circa May 1917 after the Czar was toppled. The Reds are part of the American coalition, too, and also waiting for their moment. Biden is much weaker than Kerensky. We started with show trials in the form of mob attacks on dissenters in real life and on line, and now see the outlines of political terror in assaults on churches, businesses and random white people. This is different in the sense that those at the top are orchestrating these events, but that was somewhat true in May 1917, too, and the Cloud People of that time lost control. What comes next in the United States may be far worse than happened in the USSR because the Cloud People here are more vicious than their Russian predecessors and even the Bolsheviks and may be too firmly in control to be toppled by the Reds.
    The first few years of totalitarianism are when dissidents have to prevail before a long night of terror falls. The Whites in the USSR knew it and fought in such a way during the Civil War, but were too disorganized and disparate to prevail. We need to bear that in mind.

  37. the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid.

    its too painful for the vast majority of people to contemplate.

    no republican has ever gotten more than 42% of the hispanic vote (GWB in 2004), and the south and southwest of the country is flooded to the brim with them. 

    blacks vote consistently 90% democrat. 

    muslims vote consistently 90%+ democrat. 

    the majority of women vote democrat.

    america is 62% white and that percentage is declining quickly. the democrats are on the verge of taking the senate and the presidency and once texas turns blue, which could be this year, democrats will have completed what happened in California but on a national scale — one party rule will entrench itself and take over the country for the next 50 years. the measures they will take *next year* if they win include getting rid of the senate filibuster, stuffing the supreme court with more seats to avenge garland, enabling vote by mail (working in conjunction with liberal states), enabling vote counting electronically, allowing felons to vote across the country, opening up the borders to tens of millions more Democrat voters, etc.

    once the Democrats win, the anti-white, anti-christian, anti-male, anti-civilizational energy of this movement (which is the only thing holding this coalition together (blacks vs hispanics, homosexuals vs straights, muslims vs everyone, educated women vs democrat effete men, etc all hate each other)) will kick into overdrive — it will be much worse than what anyone on this board other than the most blackpilled blackpiller thinks will happen. if you think there’s a limiting mechanism to prevent liberals from *smashing* their enemies after they take full power, other than they magically decide to take their foot of the pedal out of the niceness of their hearts, i would love to hear it.

    with trump a drooling retard and unable to stop what’s happening, the only way to potentially stop this is an economic implosion so severe that people, lulled into complacency by a steady diet of pornography, television, video games and junk food, no longer have steady access to these conveniences. it’s not clear what would happen in such a scenario — it may give even more fuel to the movement described above — but i think it’s the only chance of a counter-movement gaining any steam at this point.

    this is simple demographic math + virtue signaling spirals. this is going to be the russian revolution but based on skin color instead of economic status 

    • Also, I don’t think this will necessarily end in concentration camps for whites. what I think they’ll do (soon) is disband the police and replace them with community activists that ignore all real crime and only target white law abiding citizens. all violent minorities will be released from prison. if you defend yourself from an attack even in your home it is you who will go to prison (i.e.;). meanwhile, there will be reparations and taxes on whites will increase dramatically. using freedom of speech as a non-URM will get you unemployed and soon, thrown in prison. the purpose of all of this will be for whites to be unemployable, taxed to the limit, with no speech, offspring forced to attend anti-white public school brainwashing (bye charter schools), and subject to random violence at all times. this will collapse the white birthrate further, making the process of destruction of western civilization complete within a couple generations.

        • I have been thinking this since the beginning of the Trump presidency. Trump was the “shot at the King that missed”

          Now the retribution against his voters will be severe.

          • This a million times, with the Deep State as king.

            Trump’s two fundamental mistakes were not having his transition team scour the Fedgov plum book to figure out everyone he could broom out of office at the beginning and launching a frontal assault on the Deep State from a position of weakness.

          • There should have been lots of government jobs open to guys like us in January 2017.

            The results of the fact that there were not speak for themselves.

          • Agree. The fact that guys like Kobach got frozen out from the beginning shows we got fooled by the GOP again.

            Nimrata Randhawa, John Bolton, Larry Kudlow, Reince Preibus – the list goes on.

          • Trump demonstrated remarkable naivety regarding the fed gov/civil service. There were thousands of political appointees and folks whose resignations he could have demanded, and he didn’t. And blaming it on poor advisers doesn’t cut it – he was utterly unprepared.

        • Perhaps. But could this also be the “pain” required to red pill most Whites now in denial. The silver lining in the cloud?

      • Blah, blah, blah, blah! Doomster porn! Give up, all of you! (There are more guns in America than there are people, and LOTS of ammo. None of them will ever be used. Never-never-ever.)

      • Gads …. you know, there is an upper limit to what many people can and will accept. Certainly, the American population is a ….. disappointment, from our evil overlords through large swaths the working, complacent middle, to the most worthless bottom dweller. Yet, there are many who, though leaderless, are already entirely fed up.

        They just don’t know what to do.

        They may not be ones who frequent these sites, or troll the internet at all. I’ve moved around a bit since departing my edge-of-the-biggest-little-city, western home of many decades. Looked a lot; traveled off the interstates; lived among the working folks; settled in a smallish, but populated county in the midlands of the continent. I talk to people, and listened.

        Many who appear disconnected and involved in their own interests really ARE paying attention. It’s just as the one older guy working in Home Depot in a large Virginia town (away from DC, Charlottesville and the college corridor) said to me a few weeks back: ‘I don’t read articles or follow the news closely anymore. I can’t do that to myself. I already know what’s happening. I already know what I have to do. I already know what we have to do to ….’

        They just don’t drill down into the details like those of us who follow here, and who track the latest daily outrages.

        It’s the same everywhere I go around my new environs. These people — many of them — work hard. Keeping their homes and property up takes most of their non-work time here in this harsh climate. But they know what’s going on, and they don’t like it. I saw it clearly over the fourth holiday.

        Large local gathering; tremendous fireworks display — rivaled many small towns, and this was only at one house; lots of rough looking, husky guys with beards and tattoos. Bodies built by hard work, lack of gym time and maybe a bit too much beer. Large percentage looked like members of a fringe motorcycle group (some were). But … many (most?) of those guys had wives and families there. And the kids — I noted many pickups discharging 2 or three siblings.
        Yes, wives had tattoos too, many of them, but I watched how they managed their kids, and was surprised at how they demanded proper behavior. These were working guys, and their wives were watchful mothers.

        Only one had dyed hair — deep, bright red — dyed as part of her red, white and blue ensamble. A few of the guys were far off to the side exercising the privileges of their medical marijuana cards, but only a few. There were games, barbecue, pools and dunk tanks for the kids, a club house and tables weighted down with home made food. Quite a few looked like refugees from Hunter Thompson’s Hell’s Angels; most, shockingly, were hard core patriots.

        I’m now sure you could call them CivNats. They are …. something else (I’m a card-carrying, but disillusioned CivNat; I can recognize my kind). They looked to be the thing that the community would have admonished kids to avoid, back 40 years ago. Not a pressed set of khakis or super cool, high-tech wicking fabric on the bunch; no talk of the latest graphite framed, $5K road bike; no masks, and not a bike or motorcycle helmet in evidence. But there were lots of newer, heavy-duty / high end pickups.

        And there were also Trump shirts, and tattoos about America (I know; I look). Funny thing, they resemble what was once the picture of the unwashed, violent hordes; while our actual enemies now look like the picture perfect good American of the past — fit, gym-sculpted bodies; well-fitting, high-quality, elite approved clothing; well-trimmed hair and practical, business-like looks for the ladies, and not a substantial belly in the bunch …. if you happened to stumble into a gathering in Georgetown, or across the bridge in Northern Virginia.

        And it was evident, looking over the countryside out about 10 miles or more in all directions from my house after, that countless such home parties were going on far into the morning of the 5th (and for several days thereafter, until the fireworks ran out). I extrapolate here, but I think it’s safe to conjecture that the culture and attitude I saw (as an outsider) at this one large gathering was similar to ones beneath the other pyrotechnic displays showering down out across this here land.

        I think these people scare “our betters” to death.

        So why do I think all this is important …. at least it seems so to me ….? Something is going on out here that’s not readily apparent to people not involved. And I suggest that there are lots who ARE involved …. at least at the thinking, planning and resourcing stages.

        Now, I myself have had great difficulty making accommodation with what’s happened these past four months — in particular — and certainly what’s been going on for some decades. Of late it’s caused me some problems, and I’ve had to cut down on reading about the real evil washing over our land, for my own health.

        But I remain aware. I suggest to you that there are many others, perhaps not quite as perceptive, or as politically engaged, who also know what’s up, who don’t like it, and who believe something monumental is about to come crashing down upon us.

        One thing we have to do, though, is to avoid going crazy; another, is we have to avoid attacking others on our own side, or those who can provide us some aid, just because we’ve red-lined on anger, despair, frustration and hopelessness ….

        • I tend to agree, that there are more people “noticing” things now. In my area it’s mostly older white guys. They just have a “shine”. I must give it off too.

          Seems like they lived their whole lives with a blindfold on. It has suddenly come off and they’re standing there rubbing their eyes, blinded by the suddenly clear picture of what their city and nation have become.

          The old man at the Home Depot is right. Once you “know”, you know. Life takes on a more immediate aspect in this state, most things become background noise. Red vs. Blue, MSM, “experts”… we know what is happening and we know what needs to be done.

          In the woke state I’ve done very well in the past year – professionally, and socially. Freeing yourself from the Globohomo paradigm is a good feeling, even when you see the world collapsing around you.

          Question is: are enough of these people waking up? A few old white guys with potbellies are better than nothing. But young whites are still swallowing Globohomo hook line and sinker – and the former White Working Class (probably the kids of these old guys waking up) are now the Wigger Drug Class.

          Yeah, some of us know, but there is no organization. I don’t know what happens next. I tried to warm white people but was mocked, ridiculed, and derided as all kinds of “evil” things. They will have to suffer before they understand; by then ,it may be too late.

          • Sounds like you and I live in very similar circumstances even if in different parts of North America.

            Good luck.

          • I’d imagine I enjoy more vibrant diversity, my neighborhood is around 60% non white. Low crime but very unpleasant (Toronto).

            Good luck to you too. Hopefully the “Shine” and awakening is a real thing, and not a confirmation bias produced from imagination.

          • If you can’t build Community where you’re at Brother then maybe it’s time to move out of your woke state…

          • I’ve been in an arena the past year manned largely by younger white males. Some ex military; most not. Generally speaking, they are very clear about what they see coming, and are almost cavalier about the likely outcome for themselves. But they still seem ready to roll as needed …. but these are younger guys. Not many families among that group. I also see it in the families eating on weekends in the local diner, Something is different from the trendy coffee shop regulars, or the ones who have made it and spend their lives chasing the next bottle of craft beer, or the the latest fad bottle of wine.

            These people lead serious lives, outside of the make believe world of the cognitive, creative, corporate and political classes.

            They seem to me different animals.

        • Thank you Pri for the first bit of white pilling I have had in awhile. I am very happy to hear that these boys are still around. From reading the news I had feared that they were mostly dead, wiggered, opioid eaters at this point.

          I live among the woke, latte drinking good whites on the west coast and the only way I leave is if I dissolve my family. But when I was growing up my parents moved all over; wealthy, ghetto, and remote rural white areas. I knew those tough, serious white boys. Of any group I had ever been around they were the ones I wanted in my foxhole if it ever came to that. Not a Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine among them, not much curiosity or reading of the great books but I knew they would fight and have my back until death.

          Funny you mentioned no gym muscles. I saw what real work muscles were for the first time. Forearms of steel, iron triceps and small biceps, no six-pack abs or pecs but ripped backs.

          They were indeed “the unwashed, violent hordes” so if enough of them are still around it does give me hope.

          • ENS — Left the far edge of the Western inter Mtn area in ’18 a few yrs after retirement. Family on both coasts, all but one of whom clearly see where things are headed now. Two stuck in Cal; another one just escaped to a free state. Dealt with all govt echelons there for years, and the walking dead in DC too. Know the types there well. Had to get away.

            Yes to your characterization of these guys out here in the nether lands. I don’t really know what they are …. I encountered outlaw motorcycle gangs in my professional life — bad ones — as well as assorted ragged or rugged looking losers, for decades. These guys out here are not those people (though maybe some of the biker types are doing a re-evaluation of sorts), but some sure as hell look and sound a lot like them.

            My profession and mission required me to meet, work and socialize with countless cookie-cutter industry, contractor, govt and military types for a couple of decades. Got to know them well; didn’t like the system as it’s evolved there at the civil-military-industrial interface. Spent a lot of time watching, and listening, so I could stay alive and make it to retirement, while not caving to the powerful and pervasive ethic.

            Something different is going on out here. And I really have been out looking around for more than a couple of years now. These folks are different. Little use for or respect of BS convention or nonsensical law/regulation. But they seem to have some innate sense of regard for the necessity to keep things together and the past alive and real. I just can’t put my finger on it yet, but in these hairy, rough guys I sense something more like their grandfathers than like the urban success stories I reference in paragraph above.

            These men are practical — they have to be here. You don’t paint the house and do the maintenance, it WILL rot apart in a few years. And when you work in the field, and carry your critical equipment on the back of your truck, it’s gotta run every day. I see them lined up parked at an angle on the dusty, cracked concrete street of the town where I’m currently in school. Don’t mow the lawn and cut back the brush, you’re soon host to poisonous snakes, all sorts of creeping vermin, and magnificent patches of poison ivy.

            So these guys just don’t have the time for sitting around and organizing. They pass their intent in a few short sentences, while meeting at family or group get togethers. The guy I briefly talked to about this was very careful. He didn’t blab about anything, or make outlandish, irresponsible statements.

            His quick assessment was sober, and effective. We may not know who they are, but they do. And I’m getting the sense that there are lots of them spread thickly across the landscape here.

            Maybe not college educated — though one I spoke with was and was director of some govt program or organization. Good guy; wonderful wife and multiple kids.

            So they’re out here, and best I can tell, they’re all over the place. they just have no megaphone, and from what I’ve seen, they wouldn’t use one if they had it. they just sort of “know.” I think they’re waiting for something — here, in Virginia, West Virginia, parts of Penna, and a lot of other states/ regions where the men have not been co-opted by university level brainwashing. take heart.

            I see lots of hard, practical and — in their own way, I imagine — ethical men.

          • I always enjoy reading your posts, Lineman. Short, concise, and to the point.

            Trust the Bitterroot is treating you and yours well. I have no doubt you know the type of people Pri is talking about and if so you are exactly where you should be.

          • Thanks Brother and yea it is treating me well and have some good works going on up here and many more to come…You should at least come visit even if you can’t move yet😉

          • Good to hear and very kind offer indeed.

            I am working on plans to visit a couple of friends in the Rocky Mt. area in the Fall. Nothing finalized but….

            It would be a long way from where they live to Bitteroot SO I’m thinking you could offer a nice steak and a couple of beers while you show me your paradise…..maybe?

            I would like to leave CA before 2021 for my trip because who know what happens after Abrams/Harris I mean Biden are crowned. Mail in ballots are a wonderful thing.

      • Ok Whiskey better eat a bullet then if it’s all going to end in your death anyway that way you don’t have to suffer…

    • America is certainly not 62% white European…I don’t know why anyone would believe government statistics. “Non-Hispanic White” includes everyone from Khazaks to Yemenese to Moroccans and including our own special Levantines. With illegal aliens added in I think our ethnic marker is currently hovering above 50%, perhaps as high as 55%

      • I completely agree with your assessment. I’ve extensively traveled throughout this country over the last 20 years and can honestly say that there are very few places that are overwhelmingly ethnic European White. I was shocked by what I saw in Texas and much of the south central a couple of years ago. Nearly the entire state of Texas has become an extension of Latin America. Most of Dallas appeared non-White with the exception of the northern parts closer to Denton. Eastern and northern Texas were great, but the rest of the state is lost territory. The same can be said about Arizona, Nevada, Colorado (with the exceptions of the Western Slope, Eastern plains, and Central Rockies), Virginia (NoVA has changed so much in the last 10 years — even deep into Fairfax and Leesburg), Eastern Kansas (the Overland Park area has become increasingly multicultural), and obscure places such as Fargo whom now have a large presence of recently “resettled” Africans. We’ve been invaded and our reluctance to act has solidified our future.

        • Largest cities in Canada:

          Toronto – 48% white.
          Vancouver – (supposedly) 48% white
          Montreal – 65% white
          Brampton – 30%
          Mississauga – 43%
          Edmonton – 56%

          Keep in mind, a large majority of the country’s population live in these cities. You guys have smaller cities and towns scattered all the way across.

          There’s nowhere to run. We can either stop immigration or be destroyed. “White flight” is no longer an alternative.

          • 80% of the population of Canada lives within 200 miles of the U.S. border.

            We can’t stop immigration working through either major party. We need to both work on third party politics and bring Whites together to create internal borders. The empire is not going to do this for us.

            You can’t just “stop” immigration and you shouldn’t confuse “White flight” with grouping Whites together to form White communities we can actually maintain and defend without relying on Shlomo’s border patrol or cops.

          • Calgary 67% White
            Maybe all those white people need to move out of those cities with under 50% and move to the ones that still have a majority to keep them that way…

      • How to count the Hispanics is a puzzler. Unz in one of his articles touched on that. I’m not Latino, but I know a bit about the Hispanic world. It is very diverse, from proud, 100% Castillian or other European white, mix in to taste varying amounts of Indigenous or the dreaded Negro blood, and you have huge variations in races. In general these countries are openly racist/classist. If you ever visit one of these lands, look at the social pages of the local paper.* It’s mostly white, even when the average citizen is brown.
        *Sorry, still thinking in the 20th century 🙂 Or just look on a web page…

    • Yes to all of this. Now use your brain to make predictions. Where are we headed, perhaps the Venezuela example? How can that be preempted? How do you beat this outcome (for reals)? There are hundreds of thousands of skilled and seasoned game hunters in the USA, and most live in rural areas. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous. That is no trivial thing.

      • Brazil is the optimist model (societal fragmentation into non-integrated pockets).
        Venezuela is a neutral model (gradual breakdown leading up to and including starvation).
        Soviet Union with gulags and mass executions is the negative model [this would be worse here due to digital records of everyone].
        I have no idea which one it will be…
        Regarding gun owners: the vast majority of gun owners will not do anything when the government comes for them. They are fragmented with no organization and will be very easy to pick apart.
        How can you prepare? I don’t know man. Own guns, gold and silver, have cash reserves, have a bug out location. But these are pretty weak.
        The only countries outside of US orbit are Russia, China and their protectorates. You could live in the periphery of US control (Latin America — maybe Chile or Costa Rica — or Australia, maybe Perth) and hope they don’t come for you. But that probably just delays the process.

        • Stay and fight. Retreat is the last resort. The number of bad actors driving this tyranny is quite small (top of the power pyramid). Focus. Do not waste your life fighting the plebs at the bottom of the pyramid or the Jackboot army defending the tyrant elites. Smarter.

          • Wouldn’t it make more sense to retreat from an untenable position so as to fight on more favorable ground?

          • All the right has ever done is retreat. This indicates to me that the overriding factor is cowardice.

            This is like some bum who has been unemployed his whole life turning down a job offer because it’s a bad deal.

            yeah he could be correct that this particular job is a bad deal, but his past failures have put him at the point where beggars can’t be choosers.

          • You’re paradigm is wrong. It’s not a battle of group against group. That will get you dead pretty quick. A better example might be nature’s camouflaged snake that strikes the unwary traveler that believes he’s hiking in safe terrain.

        • Leaving North America would be a mistake. We have White numbers (including 11 million “alt-Right” sympathizers according to studies), an enormously favorable resource and arable land advantage over any other continent, and mostly empty Western Canada as well as the low-pop United States to populate and influence.

    • Wow, you win the pessimism award today 🙁 I must agree with a lot of your points. It’ll be interesting to see how much they (Democrats) play within the rules going forward. Not that I’ve studied, but I have not seen or heard of a credible case that these demographic changes aren’t inevitable. It seems they’ll “win” even without breaking the laws. They will just pass, repeal or change them as needed. Once both houses are 2/3 Democrat, they can do anything they like, including rewrite the Constitution.

  38. Tucker is a Civ Nat. It’s the best we will get out of a Civ Nat.
    We dissidents can be just as purity spiraling as progs.
    Tucker May be somewhat of a Cuck.
    He is our cuck you fools.
    He is useful. Stop harranging him.

    • How is he useful?

      I have yet to hear anyone who has red-pilled under Trump tell me they started with Tucker.

      Tucker’s not feeding our membership, he’s feeding off our membership’s desperate desire to have a voice in top-level media.

      Tucker-splaining what he’s “saying to us without saying it” is just as much wishful thinking as the Trump version – and more commonplace.

      • In any case his brain has been fired. I would really like to hear from this Neff character.

      • What have YOU done besides blathering on that you are so ready and eager to dismiss Tucker Carlson? Name three things that would distinguish you from a complete nobody like me? Just curious.

        • By this logic, no one can criticize Barak Obama, other than the living former presidents and the current president. He’s done more than everyone else, who are, relatively speaking, nobodies.

        • I know better than to fall for the Based White Hope again.

          I know that nobody I know who is an effective activist was red-pilled by Tucker Carlson.

          I know that if Tucker was an effective voice for dissent, he’d be the one getting fired.

          • Tucker threads the line between his ratings protecting him and his words betraying him. The Neff firing is a shot across the bow, telling him to recalibrate his line threading and his words in their direction. Tucker may not think of himself as a gatekeeper, but TPTB certainly think he is, at least as long as he dials it back a bit from here.

      • I disagree Tucker does move white Americans our way.
        Tucker is intellectually deeper than Trump and can explain a concept.
        He is not us. But he does not have to be us to be helpful.
        Trump is a emotional connector for American whites.
        Trump has the ability to connect.
        Tucker has the ability to explain.
        Both are Civ Nats.
        They are not us.
        But both are useful and ever so slowly wake some whites up to the threats to our civilization.
        We don’t need the Funeral Directors and Insurance Salesmen of the Republican Conservative establishment.
        Tucker and Trump while imperfect are useful.

      • This is why the Left is so successful. Firing Carlson makes him a martyr. Forcing him to wash the feet makes him a cuck. Leaving him twisting causes his base of support to make war on one another about how to interpret what happened.

        • Exactly. Last night was textbook Cultural Marxism. Soviet dissidents (not saying Carlson qualifies as such by a long shot) were routinely discredited and disarmed in much the same manner. Fox certainly played its role to the hilt. The only one who seemingly did not was Carlson. Again, I’m reserving the right to amend there but that’s how it appears.

        • OT: can somebody tell me what happened with voting? For last two weeks all I see is zero’s. I thought it was disabled, but today tried a few and see a plus vote where I hit the plus sign (I didn’t vote any downvotes.) When I refresh it goes back to zero but when hit plus again it tells me I’ve already voted.

          I admit I don’t read every comment every thread so I must have missed something.

      • The anti-Tucker voices are sounding as strident as my ex-gf’s…
        Tucker’s role has been to broaden the discourse and voice discontent with the republican establishment. He isn’t a gateway to our thing, he is a big flashing light near GOP exit. He has had some utility.
        Let’s wait and see how it pans out before casting a final vote.

    • How is he ‘our’ anything? If he will fold like a cheap tent at the first racial criticism/doxxing of one of his loyal writers? There’s a difference between purity spiraling and refusing to police one’s boundaries in any substantive way, because ‘useful.’

      • Mike Lindell has been more loyal to Tucker than Tucker has been to his FOX staff.

      • Useful to raise consciousness.
        Our society is built to make whites atomized and unconscious of self interests.
        Tucker is a spark
        Not a fire but a spark.
        Any spark can be useful to arise consciousness.

      • I agree

        I’m 53 and I am here to attest to the fact that these kinds of people have only hastened the country’s deterioration. I am not saying it is intentional. Just pointing out that as soon as Rush came on the scene that things starting going to hell FAST. On one hand, they “raise the consciousness” of people with similar minds and sensibilities; great. On the other, the throw gasoline on a smoldering campfire.

        Tucker et al amount to little more than masturbation. Pardon my crudeness here, Ma’am, but it’s true and it’s real. Watching Tucker and Rush etc is like jacking off; they give you pleasure but in the end weaken your hunger and power.

        Am I saying our movement would be better off if we had no one like Tucker or Rush around? Yes, I am. It would force us to use our wits and we’d be far more potent. Why it is this way I am not sure, but having a representative in the mass media has the effect of weakening our side and robbing us of power.

        That said, this Neff kid was thrown to the wolves. For all the Tucker fans, how would you feel if your boss did that?

        • Falcone I’ve always said Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity, and Tucker are just pressure relief valves on the pressure cooker of life and without them we would of gotten rid of the parasites a long time ago…

  39. No offense, but this is apocalypse mongering, disaster porn.

    The US isn’t on the verge of gulags and death camps. Not by a very long shot.

      • I just checked the news (Yahoo) and yes, BLM is still a thing. Seemed like the riots had died down a bit. But the news is still downright weird. In New York, there are protesters supporting the police!
        “During multiple incidents in Brooklyn, N.Y. over the weekend, groups of dueling demonstrators supporting the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement became engaged in physical altercations”
        I’d take that as a good sign for our side. Did the Left push so far that even in one of America’s most liberal cities, citizens are rallying in support of The Man? 🙂
        I’m glad to read that not all poice have been turned into ball-less, sniveling cowards at the feet of BLM. Nor the citizens…

      • Where are we?

        In America, doing a weird mashup of the 1890s and 1960s.

        Theres no doubt that the BLM commies would love institute John Snow as revenge for Jim Crow. It’s highly doubtful that they’ll succeed. Even if they did, there weren’t any gulags or death camps in America during that time.

        What they can and will do is replay the soft on crime bs from 50 years ago, with the predictable multi decade spike in street crime and resulting dislocations and ultimate backlash.

        • they have already succeded . look arround you . tell me exactly what are the limits on gov. power? at any level. the old order is dead a s a stone. there will be an economic clollapse of unimmagineable scale. whole industruies are gone. airlins , plane manufacturers , bars, many resturants, all pro sports , commercial realestate will completely collapse. the number unemployed is in the tens of millions. every governmental organization in the united states from township to federal government is in defecit , serious defecit.
          over have th people I know are out of work of have had a significant income drop.

          yeah, it’s all great , nothing to see here . how about them packers, how they gonna do this fall?

    • Maybe not in the Siberia slave labor sense, but this writer is no longer employable. That is a gulag in and of itself.

      • Most dissidents in the USSR suffered more from internal banishment and impoverishment than were sent to the gulags. Eventually social networking helped them. Again, something to recall.

    • Agree Dino. Lotta negativity here, even when the outcome with Tucker was better than predicted. The game is still on and the direction will be clearer after Nov. 3rd. Waiting is.

    • Of course not, Dinothedoxie. Never happen in ‘murrica. Besides, you’ve got muh constitution and muh guns.

      • And we’ll never meekly turn muh guns over! Not with the proud example of patriots like the McCloskeys!

        • Actually these guys were on Tucker and are not what they seem.
          They are very successful, wealthy scary trial lawyers (like 97% successful) with vast experience and a habit of getting cruel judgements.
          They are now on the warpath against the city and especially the D.A. and have a very fine chance to win. So yeah, go ahead and make a flimsy case. These guys are the Walt (from Gran Torino) of lawyers, someone you just do not want to fuck with.
          Also they have a small army of heavily armed private security at their beck and call anyway and if they want one can get a gun legally in minutes,
          They are fighting back on their own turf and have resources galore so they are not knuckling under, They are on offense in ways you and I can only dream of, all legal, all in their wheelhouse and something they live for.

    • Effective contingency planning includes worst-case scenarios. If you wish to wait for the 3:00 am knock on the door to start your preparations, then you deserve to join the ranks of dead-ended gene line.

      • Like Sandy Hook or Pulse in Orland or Las Vegas?

        In those cases it was then nothing. Not even any serious gun control push.

        • It’s interesting how quickly Vegas was swept underneath the rug. There’s a lot to be said about that.

    • Study history and connect the dotes. America is no longer immune to Communism; it’s already Marxist. Look at the current state of this country without the indoctrinated mindset of American exceptionalism and civic nationalism. They no longer exist.

      • America is America culturally. That still matters, believe it or not and this country doesn’t have the stuff that makes for mass murdering revolutionary regimes. Russia had centuries of history of brutal political repression before the bolshies came on the scene. China even more so.

        Our elites are a bunch of incompetent pussies that can’t even mount an effective coup against their mortal enemy Trump. Their attempt resembled little more than the bitching of middle school mean girls. Same holds for “cancel culture” – saying mean things about weak minded fools to get them censored. Real pre-revolutionary societies are awash in murder and assassinations – not whining and verbal sniping.

  40. Good essay Z Man. Also my thoughts on Tucker are similar. Fox has to be putting increasing pressure on Tucker.
    i just hope Tucker has the ethics to take care of this young man financially.
    The young guy is toast in our modern society without support.

    • Yes, we don’t know whether Carlson is making a tactical retreat, or the shape and dimensions of same. Also, the thought had occurred to me that perhaps he might help out Mr. Neff surreptitiously. Neff inadvisedly exposed himself to consequences, yet he was helping to get what needed saying out there to be heard.

      We don’t know these things; we may never know them. Let’s pray that Carlson learns from this, and that he will listen to his better angel, and chart a course accordingly.

    • Keep in mind, no different than the rest of us, Carlson is largely on his own–with only the large audience that anchors the entire evening line up as an economic shield. He doesn’t have superpowers.

  41. A lot of people on the left think that Trump is the cause of this division. If anything he reminds me of the bull at the end of a Spanish bull fight. Clearly outsmarted, bleeding and frustrated. But this will consume Biden too. The Dem machine just like the conservative inc. is beholden to corporate America. When those controlling that machine realize that they can’t just pack in the circus tent by Thanksgiving, this will be interesting.

    • Nagging little voice tells me that Democrat establishment thought they had these leftist miscreants on a leash and they would do their dirty work for them–but some are now realizing it’s not a leash they are holding, but a wolf by the ears.

      • You’ve got that right. This may be the single most important truth about our current situation.

  42. What is singularly unique about our revolution is how, compared to the French and Russian revolutions, is has so little fuel to work with. Black people are not oppressed, but rather quite privileged. Until recently Americans were prosperous and free. A largely bogus list of grievances had to be manufactured and sold to the people. A French revolutionary would laugh at our casus belli.

    • Perhaps this is not a real revolution, but a Cultural Revolution. It has the distinct feel of the ruling classes shoving it in the faces of the white middle class plebs. For example, look at the way the corporate CEOs support BLM and the way the trust fund brats taunt the police.

      • This is close to what I think, NJP. This a faux Marxist revolution being orchestrated from the top. It could be an even worse form of totalitarianism, or the Cloud People running the show could lose control as happened in Russia in 1917. The Cultural Revolution is part of the takeover.

      • All revolutions are fake & orchestrated. U think the russian peasants didn’t support the tsar? The majority of russians didn’t riot.
        The point of the revolutionary movie is to create societal chaos, same thing happened in Russia, divorces exploded during revolutions, women targeted(conspired actually) the high status men for their wealth, destruction of churches, children raised without a father(cause they are easily to manipulate by the system), institutionalized atheism. Sounds familiar?
        This will NEVER stop till democrats gain full control of every institution in USA.
        Vote Trump! Don’t give in to their bans, riots & propaganda tantrums.

        • Something about it doesn’t pass the smell test to me. I’m not an historian, but when I think of successful leftist revolutions, they tend to involve popular resentment over being given the crumbs from a growing pie. The growing pie is what makes them successful. The promise of a greater share of growing wealth is something worth fighting for, and it also helps pay the bills.

          This one is about bringing the US down, not capturing it on the way up. It imitates a narrative we’re all familiar with to manipulate our expectations of what’s to come. Bigger government, expropriation, purges, etc. I’d guess tptb are getting nervous, and they’re trying to maintain control by any means necessary.

          • Before WW2, there were below 3000 romanian communists in the entire country, romanians only 25%, basically a few hundred romanian commies in the whole country. No one gave a fuck about communists, same with majority of whites today who don’t like democrats.
            Press was ruled by jews(of course), whenever right wingers did anything, the press called them terrorists(sounds familiar?), whenever commies killed people, press called them freedom fighters(sounds familiar?).
            How did the commies take power, if they had no popular support?
            They threatened to murder 1000 young men if romanian king does not abdicate. Withouth king commies take over.
            The russian tsar they murdered & raped his daughters to death. Without tsar commies take over.
            Point is if u don’t support Trump(he is the unofficial american king) then country is lost cause he is the last thing between u & their globo-homo communist utopia. Trump is probably the last republican president.

          • Chill out man I’m not anti-Trump. Disappointed for sure but not against him.

            As far as Romania, maybe just maybe it had to do with the USSR hoovering up smaller countries.

            And as far as Russia, they were industrializing before WWI. Perfect opportunity for commies to squat.

            Neither situation describes USA 2020.

          • U think the us army & police aren’t converged?
            Remember the armed couple who defended their own home?
            They’ve gotten their weapons taken away.
            All american institutions have been infiltrated.

          • The Korean War was a UN action, just one example. The commies took over long ago, and now they are desperately (and I think futilely) trying to stay in control. There is a strong element of psyop in what’s going on now. We will be free of all this at some point in the not-too-distant future.

          • The two-party controlled opposition kosher sandwich is worse for dissenters than a one party system.

            Trump has not even proven a speed bump against the Jewish/Prog agenda. He’s greased the skids for much of it.

            GOP delenda est. To the extent voting can help us, we need a new legit opposition party.

          • If you dig deeper, you may find that those “leftist revolutions” were often imposed on the little guy, and done so in his name and “for his benefit”, of course. Much of history is written by those leftists and not the little guys. The little guys are almost always pawns in the game. Granted, some of the pawns are enthusiastic ones, but they often never understood the real score, either. They were often sold a bill of goods that turned out to be moldy.

          • Arbitrary impositions might be possible in an autocratic society like Russia, for instance, but in a society like America you have to build consensus— you have to convince the people they’re making the choice. Which is why what’s going on seems incompetent to me. They might’ve brainwashed enough whites and reshaped the demographics enough to create an ugly mess but not enough to pull it off.

            What worries me is that the opposition seems only slightly more competent, but at this point I still think we’ll get through this. Bloodied and weak I imagine, but I’m willing to say we’ll make it. Might change my mind on that, but if there’s any spirit left this craziness will wake up people who were lost causes before.

            IDK maybe I’m just in an optimistic mood today. Blackpilling tends to have that effect because otherwise what’s the point of getting out of bed 🙂

          • One thing that helps dissolve those black pills is reminding yourself that there was already an exodus from the Democrat-run metropoles before this year and now it’s probably 10 fold greater. Ordinary people are fleeing the places run by the Left like East Germans pouring through an unguarded gap in The Wall. They know what they’re running from. We just need to give them something to run towards.

          • Yes Dutch. The little guys are the black pawns who don’t even know they are being played. We are in the midst of a internecine civil war where blacks have been weaponized for use by one half of a white tribe against the other half of the white tribe. The real battle will begin when our half stops chasing those shiny objects the media throws our way, like Redskin football, impeachment, Russian collusion, and the latest racist hoax and begins to focus on what really matters – our survival.

    • The French Revolution was initiated not by the unwashed masses, but rather by privileged Liberal Nobles such as the Duc de Orleans.

      They had quite a bit in common with our current overlords, save the funny hats.

      • Good comment on Bastille Day. The French Revolution, at least at the outset, resembld a coup d’etat more than a mass uprising.

    • Is it:

      • the French Revolution II,
      • the Red Cultural Revolution II
      • (with “White Fragility” instead of “The Little Red Book”?) or
      • the Spanish Civil War II?

      All of them were mind bendingly awful. But this is America, and we’re exceptional. Ask anyone.

      I fully expect to simultaneously see the US unleashing an unholy mishmash of all three. Because we’re just that exceptional.

      • The reach is global. We are one of many exceptional countries about to become more exceptional.

      • We’re probably going to be a combination of all three in addition to the Bolshevik Revolution, Yugoslavia, and present-day South Africa.

        Good times ahead…

  43. Here’s how an Argentine general put it during La Guerra Sucia:
    ”First we kill all the subversives; then, their collaborators; later, those who sympathize with them; afterward, those who remain indifferent; and finally, the timid.”

    It happens like this…thing go slow, slow, slow then suddenly blindingly fast. Our swarthy neighbors south of the border show the way…

    • America’s a lot bigger than Argentina. There’s still time to fight the purge but we’re not going to do it with sportsball politics and outdated assumptions about rule of law. Our government hates us. The long turbulent history of Latin politics holds many examples of resistance movements we can lift some lessons from.

      • Exile – But you’re fighting tremendous inertia plus decades of cultural conditioning. You see it here, with people constantly excusing their POC friends or relatives, or making excuses for Tucker or Sailer. No, I’m not out there leading anyone nor am I urging anyone to go out flaming. What I am saying is that for me, at least, there are definite boundaries to everything. This far and no further. I define true friends or allies as those I can trust implicitly to lay it all on the line for me. If someone as wealthy and connected as Tucker is unwilling to risk anything for his writer, then he’s a moral coward. He cannot be trusted to have anyone’s back. He’ll mouth the words, but he won’t back them with IRL action. I think both history and the 20th century ‘American’ character portend a lot of weak-willed, back-stabbing, cucking out people who leave their erstwhile allies to their fate while scrambling to save their own miserable little lives.

  44. Mass political violence in Russia predated Stalin. Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and the Cheka weren’t exactly amateurs. Stalin and his NKVD built on the strong Jewish Bolshevik legacy of their predecessors.

    Too many Americans are still too soft to follow the example set by the predecessors, colleagues and heirs of Solzhenitsyn.

    But there’s a sizeable White minority with the awareness to see what’s at hand and the determination to not bow the knee or lay down and die.

    America isn’t coming back. Surviving After America is about organizing this White minority and building something better outside the reach or in the shadows of the crumbling empire.

    Start with not listening to Cucker anymore.

    • Mass political violence in Russia predated Stalin. Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and the Cheka weren’t exactly amateurs

      Mass political violence in Russia predated them by more than half a millennia, tracing back to the brutal Mongol conquest and centuries of domination. Ivan the terrible was no slouch – would’ve given Stalin a run for his money had he had 20th century tech at his disposal.

      Really, mass political violence was a cultural norm for Russia.

    • Yes, far too many here in the UK are also too soft. I wonder how much prodding will be needed before they wake up? Perhaps many never will, preferring to ‘go along to get along’, it does appear that many were never really meant for freedom – or at least taking responsibility for themselves as well as the society in which they live.

      Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, in which he mentions that the only thing necessary for people to behave like brutes is ideology, keeps ringing through my head. Every time I see some business endorse BLM or other Whitey Whackers, this quote replays through my mind. Of course, there are other things that lead to brutality, but when one does immense harm for an apparent good cause, ideology is always there.

      In any case, the first step is to realize the pickle that you’re in. The second step is to look around for potential allies. The third, to move to more traditional locales (if possible) with more receptive ears. And the fourth would be to become as self-sufficient as possible, I suppose. All this will most probably need to be done in secrecy… I did note that at some point in Solzhenitsyn’s work he mentioned people in very remote villages who were relatively unaffected; Jeering whenever Uncle Joe’s name was mentioned.

      • There’s hope for some Whites in Europe & abroad but I think North America is going to have to be a lifeboat for residents of Cuck Island & South Africa at the very least – maybe Australians living in the shadow of China as well.

        • China seeks world power and domination via economic means and soft power, where possible. White dissidents would do well to be-friend China for support once the people of color take this country into a more chaotic state post-Trump (when the world is looking to China and Russia to contain the U.S. vibrants from using the world’s largest nuclear arsenal). Russia — white and Christian — would be a good ally in this way as well.

          • I agree. There is too much China bashing on the right, epecially in the social media edgelord community. I could easily see the United States being co-opted and turned into a racist empire dedicated to erasing White Europeans globally. The left’s Russia hate could easily turn on the entire continent. We should persue alliances with this regime’s opponents, namely Russia and China. No Chinese ever called be deplorable or painted racist messages on my streets or said they’d blow up Mount Rushmore.

      • I’m a big fan of following the examples of the dissident/partisan communities in Siberia and other remote areas of the Soviet East, largely established and settled by former prisoners.

        They developed a network that provided housing, jobs, cash, child care and all the other necessities for internal exiles, un-persons and ex-cons and helped the ever-present Soviet black market thrive and expand – all while living under a much more overtly-repressive regime than we currently have.

        • Any book recommendations? I have only read the Gulag Archipelago, and I couldn’t help but admire some aspects the ‘Vory’… These people, the professional thieves, seemed to have exactly what is needed for an exclusive group to survive – a natural fear of outsiders and a code of belonging that was central to their group membership. This mentality is one that would need to be cultivated, but I guess requires a set of individuals to have a tough time of it first… Which doesn’t mean whining because the supermarket ran out of kale!

          • To get a feel for what life will be like my best recommendation is a work of fiction, THE OCTOBER CIRCLE, written by Robert Littell during the Cold War. It’s both a fun and informative read and covers lots of what we are discussing nearly 35 years later.

          • Ah yeah, Littell, good suggestion. He wrote some thick tomes, but he’s fun to read. The Company was pretty entertaining, if you’re into espionage fiction.

          • Dmitry Orlov has some information in “Five Stages of Collapse” about how dissidents smuggled money in and out of Russia, the usefulness of black market connections, etc… Haven’t read his other stuff yet but he’s definitely on the collapsitarian UPIC dissident wavelength.

            There’s a paucity of reading on actual dissident “craft” from Russia. I’ve been digging for some in the last two weeks and will post them as I find them.

            Take a look at true crime stuff, particularly Russo-mafia and gang-related undercover stuff here in the US (particularly with bikers).

          • The second book of Solzhenitsyn’s The Red Wheel: March 1917.

            It occurs during the March Revolution. It describes how institutions centuries old collapsed overnight and threw the country into chaos setting the stage for the anti-Russian revolution in October.
            It shows how the steady corruption of public morality rotted away its public institutions from the inside and rotted away all of the foundations that had taken so long to build. The confusion and lack of comprehension by most educated Russians left them vulnerable to being undermined by a small well organized malicious minority. Most of the novel is about how the ruling class of White Russians stumbled from one mistake or false start to another. Seven months later they we swept aside.
            The first book : August 1914 describes how the 1st World War (also a great book) set the stage for exposing all of Russia’s rot and weakness leading to its inevitable collapse.

            It is a guide in what not to do.

          • The Whites were not completely swept aside in 1917 though. Let’s not forget that various factions of the Real Russia fought on until 1921. Most people still think a revolution happens almost overnight but every revolution is a civil war too and often these things drag on for years.

            I’d also like to point out that the “interwar” years (1918-1939) was actually a long process of European civil wars between Communists and traditionalist factions who later became grouped together as “fascist”. It’s also important to remember that the “fascists” actually won this phase of the conflict – in Spain, in Italy, and of course Germany. It was Hitler’s overreach into Russia that doomed the Axis.

          • A couple that I recommend include the following:
            Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. This is an outstanding novel on his transformation from being a non-believer to a devout Orthodox Christian after intimate experiences with death and communism. 
            The Making of Holy Russia: The Orthodox Church and Russian Nationalism before the Revolution by John Strickland. This is an interesting and detailed read on the dynamics of Imperial Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917.
            Russian Treasures: A historical novel about the Red October Revolution of 1917 by Elvira Baryakina. This is a gut-wrenching, first-hand experience of the atrocities that the Reds inflicted upon the Whites immediately following the Bolshevik Revolution. The novel follows the desperate attempts of a young Bourgeois couple and their peers in a daring escape of Petrograd (now known as St. Petersburg) in the wake of Red Terror. I normally don’t read historical fiction, but this book is outstanding as it exposes the brutalities of the Cheka.

      • Power is so much more consolidated now than then, OF. People willingly and stupidly use social media without any defensive measures and place targets on their backs. Financial institutions ban customers who don’t toe the line. Cellphones and debit cards allow anyone to be tracked. Employment is denied those who attract the mob. Jeering Uncle Joe publicly in Podunk would get immediate attention from the wrong folks.

        There is huge merit to living among allies and establishing networks even now, though. But it has become more difficult in both the UK and US than it ever was in the Soviet Union. Start hoarding raw goods because the pound and the dollar will be a thing of the past soon enough. If able, live among those not prone to steal from your stash.

        • Some things are easier for Shlomo today but shitposters don’t have to worry about the Lubyanka just yet. We’re in much better shape than our predecessors. Most of the advantages of the modern surveillance state can be curtailed just by unplugging and/or decent tech opsec.

          If Afghans with a mostly 20th century tech base can resist for 20 years under occupation, droning, covert ops, etc… we can do just fine. It’s a matter of awareness and will.

          • As far as finances, we are in much worse shape than our predecessors. The ability to suspend all transactions in a nanosecond is what the rawest of power looks like. I expect a full court press to do away with cash and Bitcoin ASAP.

            The Lubyanka is fast upon us and just awaits a redefinition of “hate speech” as falling outside the First Amendment, possibly due to it being a tax or whatever.

            Agreed on unplugging, though, and staying aware.

          • They haven’t outlawed cash or money orders yet and bitcoin is still out there.

            Bank accounts and plastic are not the only way to move money and assets or otherwise do business with each other. Dissidents can’t afford to think so passively.

          • Look up “Hawala”. It’s a sort of low tech Near Eastern Tor for money, with trusted nodes. It works because of ethnic and family solidarity among the people using it – and the fact that the penalty for financial shenanigans tends to be death.

          • I have encouraged others to use barter and stock up on necessities even on this thread. No passivity here at all. We do have to recognize our economic lives are being constricted even now to change behavior, though.

        • Cheers for the recommendation, I’ll have a gander.

          On the consolidation of power, I take your point, there are now many ways in which one can be singled out. The most alarming is probably the restrictions that financial institutions can implement, as you mention. However, the most alarming thing is how willingly people give this all up. For example, I rarely use my bank card – preferring cash, I have no social media presence and just keep on acquiring as many skills as possible. Although removal of physical money is going to be a kick in the family jewels, if it happens.

          On the subject of networking, indeed it is harder – both online and in real life. When I was single, I used to spend a huge amount of time walking around London – I’d go everywhere – and investigate the pubs. There were many, many dissenting voices and this was encouraging; but these men were also mainly older. It occurred to me then that such networks could be created and maintained in this way. To be honest, as you state, people stupidly use social media in such a way that they make it easy for the enemy. And these are always the ones we hear about… The buffoons.

          On hoarding raw goods: I started the day I asked myself just how valuable my lovely, freshly minted fiat currency really is.

          • Enjoy the book. THE RED WHEEL someone else suggested is excellent for a good fictionalized history of how the stage was set for the Red Terror. Much similar is underway now.

            Taking down the buffoons first is how we are being conditioned to all being taken down. Those pubs are the best way to network.

      • I saw where a 12-year-old boy was arrested for a racist tweet against some Hutu football player. Twelve years old, for Christ’s sake.

        • Twelve years old, the perfect age for diversity training. By the time he is sixteen, he’ll know the correct way to think. Where was this incident? The UK? Seems like something that our government would do.On the plus side, in many small English towns there are many people with the same views, I have travelled to many places in this land, and it is encouraging that reality still has a strong hold on many.

          Clearly, the situation in the UK is not the same as in the US; we are still 85% white and there are many places to go so one can be around like minded people. This is not to say we do not have a massive problem, mind you.The biggest worry is that whereas 60 years ago the ‘London’ culture was not very easily transportable to say, Cornwall, now it is – and it is visual, on demand and in your pocket too.

          • Yes. In the UK. Demographically you’re in much better shape than “America,” but juridically, viz free speech and gun ownership, you’re in a much tighter spot. Both countries suck, to tell the truth.

    • ‘Mass political violence in Russia predated Stalin.’

      Canny observation. In contrast, there isn’t a tradition of mass political violence in America, outside of Reconstruction. Probably a main reason for the stunned reaction to whats going on now.

      I wouldn’t expect violent political purges here. If I had to guess, I’d look for partition along the lines of Indian policy years from now. Unless there’s another hot civil war, but that’s for times when things get bigger. We’re limping towards contraction.

  45. There is no backlash on our side of this. You know it, I know it, everyone does. Too many mask complying cowering fat asses and blm kneelers.

    Anyone think Tucker will lead us now. Tell me again what was so frickin offensive from that writer of his who posted it on some shit message board anonymously. You are right about show trials coming though. We have sponsored ones now.

    • We have moved into the realm of political terror with church burnings, attacks on random white people, the burning and looting of businesses. Yet…no pushback.

        • Here’s an interesting take on this. To summarize, Pool’s point is that you have two different things motivating the different sides. The Left’s various mobs, degenerates and parasites see a grand opportunity to seize some new ground that they don’t even really need (yet). The White Right, on the other hand, sees this as a fight for survival (which it is). In the end, who will fight harder? A bunch of low-lifes wanting a few more gibs, or an increasingly well armed white faction that feels backed into a corner. Pool is talking about the election but you can see the application of the principle to the broader struggle.

        • You know, I disagree. I think Whitey will awaken rather late (thereby suffering greater tactical losses than necessary), but awaken he will.
          Maybe whitey is already awake and we just don’t know it yet. Maybe he thinks he has some time for coffee and toast and a phonecall with mother before it all transpires — even though he most certainly does not.
          Maybe it’s just idealism left over from my youth, but I think that it’s far from over.

          • Of course it’s far from over. But don’t tell that to a few of the posters around here. If it was up to them we’d just cry into our oatmeal whilst awaiting the boxcars.

          • As much as I love this blog, its pretty overrun with black pill despairing losers.
            Contrary to opinion its not hard to slowly make a community and to make an effort to live in the way you want.
            Its just it can require some sacrifices and effort and a lot of the despair brigade are just too lazy and set in their ways.

          • I am working on it as we speak but I am not telling some random guy on the Internet who and what.
            You shouldn’t either.
            And if you think it is impossible, Klamath Falls put over a thousand armed guys aon the ground when Anfifa/BLM wanted to cause trouble.
            There were militia at Gettysburg as well though the press is saying the Antifa action was a hoax.
            There are also things like Bikers for Trump.
            Go make some friends and work in carefully.
            And if you live somewhere highly atomized, try and find a way to move.

          • Whitey will not awaken now or probably ever by sitting back and waiting for it to happen. Did they wake up in South Africa and fight back? Not really. Besides a few over-hyped White communities in marginal areas, they’re mostly fleeing the country as Whites always do. Humans are herd animals; they move with the pack. Whites sense their side will soon lose* due to demographic change and overwhelming propaganda coming from those with real power in society.

            Thus, whitey cucks in BLM struggle sessions. Polls a few weeks ago showed a majority of Whites support BLM. That’s pure Stockholm Syndrome. Whites know they are conquered now. They are announcing they are on the new boss’s side so they won’t be the victims of retaliation after Trump’s loss. You don’t “wake up” people like that, people who have already accepted their defeat and are fleeing the battlefield en masse.

            Most successful revolutions in history have been led by a small band of aggressive fanatics. Rarely does the peasant uprising work, which is really what you guys are talking about with “waking up whitey.” Peasant revolts are nearly always crushed. Even the Reds of the Russian Revolution required elite support from the military, and the other side was led by military forces backed by the British.

            *This result is mostly because you guys are chronically incapable of offering practical solutions instead of merely complaining about the problem on the internet. People go with the strong horse, the guy with the plan for victory. Before you can get whitey to cast his lot with your side, you have to make him think victory is possible, perhaps inevitable. What exactly is your plan, how is it practical, what are the odds of success, and how will it make whitey’s life better? Can you guys honestly answer those questions without resorting to sperging out and turning off normie Whites?

          • Excellent post TPR. The need for elite support is what we need to recognize and deal with. Reach out to whites in other countries and even to black and hispanic nationalists here as much as is possible*. The Bolsheviks’ ideology was explicitly internationalist. The White Russians eventually got the idea too and accepted foreign help. It was too late and the help too little though.

            Practical solutions are available. Our poster abprosper keeps on about the need to create a vision of a place where a man can have a family and not have his children corrupted or assaulted. Others, including me, have talked about flying the banner of free association. People are sickened, in all senses of that world, by this society. They know the Left offers them only more of the same, but faster and harder. If we talk about family formation, strong economies built around making useful things, decent skilled work, ending the chaos of mass immigration, and free association, we can beat the Left’s message in every way that matters. We can do all this without waving a single swastika too. Freedom, dignity, honest work instead of dependency and parasitism, self determination. These are values the people DO want but have been programmed to disavow. The masses are not capable of finding this path though. That’s what we’re for.

            *: I’m talking about the ones with decent values. The ones who reject dependency, single motherhood, thugism, etc… – not the mindless “kill Whitey” crowd.

          • S.A is not a useful example The White population of South Africa is less than 10% though now it seems to be actually growing.
            We have 13% Black by comparison.

      • The most effective pushback so far has been Catholics praying rosaries at statues.

      • I dunno. We just had the first federal execution in 17 years and the criminal was a “white supremacist”. I think our law and order guys are just getting started.

        • I noticed that as well. TPTB are sending a message, and it’s about as subtle as a ghost pepper in your Cheerios.

    • Has anybody seen what Neff is to allegedly have said? All I hear/see are allegations against him with no evidence.

      What did he say that was considered so “unforgivable” by the cultural fascists?

    • I never expected Carlson to lead anybody. He has a big national audience ans says stuff nobody else with a big national audience dares to. That’s something, anyway.

      • Why expect him to follow? Having expectations of another person without influence on or contact with them is a waste of time.

    • There’s some debate on that. The counter is he is briefly mentioned the alleged crime and then attacked the “ghouls” who conspired to get the guy fired. His suddenly going on vacation adds to the debate. I think we have to wait and see how things play out with him. If he moves Left, then yeah, he is what I suspected all along. If not, then we have to remain open minded.

      • He goes to Maine for a couple of weeks every summer. I think he went later than usual this year because their insane Governor was trying to make people from out of state quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the state until very recently. The start of his vacation shouldn’t be a factor. I doubt he will change, I’ve thought Tucker has been thinking about what to do after FOX forces him out since Paul Ryan joined the board.

      • It’s clear his loyalties lie with his employer more than his own people – staff & race alike.

        Tucker won’t mention this again. Stay tuned for more based Blacks, queer politicians with adopted Latino rent-boys and tub-thumping for Team Red.

        Tucker is a fence-minder & gatekeeper helping make sure that the failed ideology of civic nationalism remains the right-most option for angry Whites.

        His nip-slipping and edge-posting is a cynical tease for thirsty WN’s desperate for some lovin’.

        • That could be true, but before you react as if it has already happened, why not wait to see if it actually happens? Getting preemptively mad or self-righteous is a vice we need to drop. Tucker is not our Alaric, but he is not Ben Shapiro either. He’s still useful, just not our guy.

          • I’ll agree to disagree – not being Ben Shapiro in times like this is not nearly enough. Gatekeeper until he shows me otherwise, burden’s on him. Last night was the ideal time to make a stand if he had it in him.

          • Carlson is more than Not Ben Shapiro. He’s as good as we can get on a national broadcast. There’s merit to what you write, and I don’t take it as a purity spiral, but getting red pills into more people quickly BAMN is necessary even if dispensed by cuck lite. We also need someone who might–might–sound the alarm at the right moment, which is near.
            I actually don’t know what to make of last night just yet and reserve the right to amend the above. I’m a little surprised last night wasn’t worse than it seems so far.

          • I wouldn’t write off the guy just yet. Big upheavals are coming if the economy gets worse. I’m perfectly fine with “our guy” flying under the radar until the time is right. He is clearly closer to us than a Sean Hannity or anyone at CNN. The Right really has to learn some patience. We form up a circular firing squad too willingly when we should work with a group dynamic in mind: each man does as he can, bears what he must. Carlson is useful to us even if he isn’t “our guy.” Would our guy even be allowed on TV these days?

        • “It’s clear his loyalties lie with his employer more than his own people – staff & race alike.”
          Yup, cuz you never can be rich enough.

        • You are misreading Tucker. I don’t believe for one minute that Tucker is playing an edgelord on TV for fun.
          Everyone forgets he literally walked around in a bow-tie for years and years. His dress code was a meme for years representing conservative cowardice.
          It is important to understand the mind of a conservative. Conservative is not a political brand, it is a personality type. The conservative mind compels them to be good neighbors. They are compelled to go help their neighbors, to obey the rules, to go on rescue missions after a flood. They are not fighters and they are not the type who want to break the law. They want to ENFORCE the law, not break it. They want to obey traditions, not break them.
          This is why there will never be a 2nd Amendment uprising, at least not by conservatives. It is why Tucker will never advocate anything other than a return to the status quo. It offends his sensibilities that rules are being broken.

          Tucker isn’t cynical. He is a true believer and not in an ideological way. It is in his DNA. It permeates his thoughts and severely colors the way he looks at the world. It is why he uses tokens. It is why he quotes MLK.

        • Tucker knows about Z, Daily Stormer, TRS, Countercurrents, Unz, and all our other guys. There’s no way he can’t, and he knows we are right. My conjecture: keeping his massive audience for a 2024 run at which point he will run on a freedom of association platform, an end to race based preferences, and ending 3rd world immigration, the platform he presented to Trump a few weeks ago. He doesn’t have to be overtly racist to run on this platform and plenty of whites will vote for him because they agree with him and he presents as a solid, reasonable guy–not a boorish, narcissist like Trump. Tucker doesn’t need the approval of anyone but Trump-type voters–he is already hated by the Left and will never be forgiven. If he wins 2024, great for us and our talking points. If he doesn’t, it’s no skin off his nose: he will have the support of almost half the country, and he has plenty of money to whole up in Maine for the rest of his life with his beautiful,.loyal wife and 4 kids and family. If he loses, it will be the country that will lose. The man is a race realist, of that I have no doubt. He is on our side.

          • Who cares – maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

            Stop expecting a big man leader to come save us.

            Focus on yourself, family, and community.

          • Exactly right Brother…I think people really just want their freedom to be bought/fought for by someone else that’s why they hope against hope that Tucker comes through…No one is coming to save you except those of your tribe and Community so that’s where the focus needs to be…

          • I disagree. I’m not going amish or joining a commune. While local community is important the bigger picture must be addressed. We desperately need earnest leadership. Tuck the cuck ain’t it. Honestly i think that if one had 2000 loyal killers at his back he could reverse present trends. at the least put a big dent in it. In minecraft of course. Lawyers, unfortunatly would be part of the corrective as well.

          • And tell me again how you get 2k people behind you that are loyal…You can only do that through Community…Not asking you to go Amish or join a commune and I’ve never said that… I’ve always said to build Communities with like-minded people and if you can’t do that where you are located then move to somewhere you can…

          • Tell me how you get a community when the Feds are experts at sabotaging such communities. There are numerous examples. Truth: you won’t get a separate community until you get a separate political entity capable of protecting it — either a political party or your own nation.

          • I keep pointing this out and the side that wants to charge directly into the enemy machine gun nests keeps calling me a “defeatist” for saying so…

          • And how the fuck do you think accomplish that without people that know one another…You just going to pick people out of thin air to form your political party or form your own nation…Damn I thought people that commented here had at least a little sense..

          • Not really. Its not hard to avoid sabotage. Just live around decent people like you or a long time and don’t do stupid illegal shit.

            The rest will come in time.

          • he will run on a freedom of association platform, an end to race based preferences, and ending 3rd world immigration, the platform he presented to Trump a few weeks ago. He doesn’t have to be overtly racist to run on this platform

            This is an excellent point that needs to be made here more often. The core policies needed to save White American do not need to be explicitly racist or WN. They need simply emphasize free choice, self defense, and free association regardless of “outcomes”. Now no one, even Tucker, could run a campaign on even these basic principles in 2020. The Left is still strong enough to immediately demonize “free association” as a dog whistle for “racists”. By 2024, assuming there’s even a country left to run a campaign in, the Left will be weak enough to openly talk about this and maybe even overt partition if it hasn’t already happened.

            The Left has taken its masks off this year and people will not forget that. There’s every indication that they will continue to enrage the white majority for the rest of the year as well. I know people here want Tucker to just do a special show where he’ll discuss the JQ, talk about racial IQ differences, talk about all the evils of female suffrage, etc… He can’t do that, not just because he’d be cancelled immediately and need to go into hiding, but because even the people we need to rally to crush the Left aren’t there yet and won’t ever get there if we try to grab everything all at once. The Left’s main mistakes this year all fall into the category of overreach and hubris. Let’s not make the same mistakes.

            So I like Tucker, I like Trump too though actually Tucker more than Trump. I’m still voting for Orange Man assuming there’s an election. The failing of the Right historically, though, was always this notion that we can just elect somebody or watch some TV show, and we could go back to sportsball (sleep). The Left’s missteps this year have shown all but the stupidest Rightists that a more active role is needed. This is why I keep harping on the need to keep up our 2A activism, get active with other gun owners, learn self defense and just keep talking to people. That civnat conservative at the gun range is probably as angry as you are but doesn’t have an intellectual framework for it yet. Tucker’s show sets up the broad outlines of that. It’s your job to fill in the details. He’s not going to and nor is Trump.

          • 100 % projection. Tucker is a richy-rich and he’ll be with the richy-rich team forever. Your nobles ideas you project on to Tucker deserve a strong male leader in America to carry them, but we don’t have one. Trump is the closest we have and he’s too nice, wants to restore a past that is done and gone, and he’s too much of a globalist in terms of tribalism.

        • Brother, every white nation without exception succumbed to Mass Hysteria, hid under the covers, and then either committed highway robbery (metaphorically speaking) or started banging the begging bowl.

          I’ve been involved with the 2A crowd and dissidents for well nigh 15 years. As the expression suggests, “theres no there, there.”

          Maybe that dour dillitante was right after all. Perhaps all nations and civilizations come with an expiration date. Brother, think about it: nobody fought for their jobs just as nobody fought for “the temples of their gods.”

          It’s over man; who knows what comes next? All I know is that it will have very little to do with anything that dissidents or whites in general hold near and dear. Hence, I’m fucked.

          • We decide what comes next for us – and you’re only screwed for sure if you decide to be.

            The Russian dissidents faced 70 years of hardship far beyond what we’ve suffered – don’t kid yourself. Losing your job and being deplatformed are nothing compared to living in Siberia, seeing your relatives die from starvation & exposure, or just being shot in a dirty basement.

            They’re climbing the ladder back to sovereignty and dignity today – no thanks to Western carpetbaggers, either. They did it by being too tough for genocide or suicide.

            You can choose to live and pass on a legacy or you can choose to die because you fear for your McJob, McMansion & your Netflix subscription. Up to you, Whitey.

          • Brother, I cannot and will not live in a world where English is not default or the U.S. (G-dforbid) is a war-torn, impoverished wasteland.

            Yet, events seem to be leading, inexorably, to that very accursed state of affairs. And I repeat: we are all responsible. NOBODY DID ANYTHING EVER.

            The porn.
            the drugs.
            “prime” product.
            “netflix and chill.”
            “good schools.”
            rednecks, ha ha
            “Punch a nazi!”

            The shit ive seen over the last two decades in this country has cost me my sanity (plus several jobs) because I Couldn’t and I still can’t understand why Americans did this to their neighbors and to their communities and countries. I simply cannot understand the mentality of the man who brushes aside the “mystic chords of memory,” who feels nothing at the loss of a peace, a damn near paradise, that took almost 5,000 years to create.

            I never got to see this country in the 80’s or even the 90’s. Hell, even now, this place is something else. Americans are special. They are the kindest and nicest people I’ve ever met.

            They built something…special. America never was, never will be, and why should it, a Rome or Vienna or even a London. But it has something else and only those who really live here, y’know the kind, dive bar on the weekends, main street and courthouse every so often, rent is due WTF do I do?

            G-d, I love this country. Why did they fuck it up so bad?

          • Society is always led by a small number of individuals or groups because most people are sheep. This is true regardless of any political system, democracy & republicanism being no exceptions. Conservatives embraced a race-blind proposition ideology which tied their hands as they faced a ruthless enemy motivated by moral outrage and willing to use any tactic to further their aims — racism, personal attacks, censorship, violence.

            Selfish individualists (libertarians and conservatives) eschewed collectivism in favor of pie-in-the-sky delusions about liberty, freedom, human nature, and the nature of government. Collectivist progressives, on the other hand, did not. They seized the high ground and defeated our side using the same tactics we denounced as outside the bounds of fair play. The enemy doesn’t play by rules and, thus, had an unfair advantage from the start. The end result isn’t surprising; it would only be surprising if the right had won under those circumstances. It’s as simple as that.

            Conservative-Libertarian ideology, like Soviet Communism, is based on a misunderstanding of human nature and, thus, has collapsed into ruin and defeat at the hands of the more primal ideology more in-tuned, even if indirectly, with the real world: progressive identity politics. People are moral animals motivated both by personal interest and by group interest; they are not logic bots endlessly malleable in their philosophical disposition by argumentation. Conservatives spent decades falsely thinking their National Review commentary could point out the left’s many flaws and convert them in response. That’s totally wrong as we now see.

            Left-wingers were always about gaining power, irrespective of their professed beliefs. Did you really think they were being serious in their rhetoric? A means to an end, that’s all.

            Left: “I support racial minorities” = “I support those groups that vote for my political party and advance my interests.” Notice how those same leftists have also done everything in their power to kick out those same racial minorities from their neighborhoods when they are inconvenienced by crime or the heterogeneous aesthetic (good only for trendy restaurants in their minds).

            Left: “I support freedom of speech” = “I support my own freedom of speech, often used to undermine your community, because I’m afraid you have the power to censor me.” Notice how they are willing to censor our side now that they think they can get away with it. They were never serious about generic freedom for all, only their own.

            Left: “Cancel Culture doesn’t exist” = “Cancel Culture does exist and most of it is done by our side, which makes us look bad, so we’re going to claim it doesn’t exist and hope you’re all dumb enough to buy it.” Now that Cancel Culture is too obvious to ignore anymore, the left is signing letters supporting it and writing op-eds saying it’s not so bad because they are the ones doing it to their enemies … see how that works?

            Your GOP and conservative leaders betrayed you for the easy life and much of their followers are unworthy of the nation they once had and have now lost.

          • Libertarians never signed off on the massive central bank that feeds giant corps.

          • “We” didn’t do it to ourselves. But neither, so far, have we stopped what has been done to us by others. As mentioned above about Tucker, we are too trained to play by the rules and make sure to vote correctly in the next election. All of that docile civility has been turned against us by people who don’t share our values, and are willing and able to weaponize their lack of civility, and get away with it, so far. Double down on your passions, search out allies, and prepare, all you can. Things are just getting started.

          • I would say, “Why not return to India or Indonesia or Africa or from wherever Barot family comes from and make it great?” except this country, the former USA, has been given over to people like you while whites like me, of European heritage, will need to leave, to return to the lands of our ancestors, if they haven’t also been run over by foreigners.

          • How did you end up in USA? Through Biden’s Refugee Resettlement Project? That is, “replacement of American workers with cheap foreign labor” program?

          • Up to you, Whitey.
            That right there Brother scares the living shit out of most people because they don’t want to have it left up to them…They want some hero to come along and save them instead of reaching down inside themselves and getting it done for them and their people…

          • Good thread. I think we agree lineman. It sure would be nice to have a leader or institution that was on our side. Something to rally around. But it doesn’t look like it materializing. Guess we form little gangs and hope down the road a opportunities arises to coalese. If one needs a much needed white pill, go to powerline blog archives and read comments from a year ago. read them from the last several posts. people are waking up. Hinderacker just posted a speculative post on red state secession. Guess having your city burned down is quite the redpill.

          • Yea I think we do Brother and yea people are starting to wake up which is a good thing…

          • Remember that Randy Weaver took his wife to live in the sparsely inhabited countryside with his anti-zionist, christian beliefs, so they could practice their own beliefs, recognizing most people did not agree with them. The FBI sought him out and kept coming after him until he acquiesced to selling sawed-off shotguns or some such. Then the FBI had the legal right to crack down on him. Death ensued and his family and life were ruined. There is no escape from the secular globalists/leftists. They will find you and make it their business to destroy white conservative communities, while the media portrays it in such a way that our nation of mouth-breathers cheer it on.

          • So you use Randy Weaver who went off in the woods to live by himself as an example for what I advocate for which is to build Communities…Way to miss the Xring fella… Funny how we are getting a bunch of newbies on here telling us either how wrong we are or that we are all just fucked and we should just give up…

          • I’d rather not wait through 70 years of oppression hoping someone else will solve the problem for me at some unknown date in the future after my death.

            “You can choose to live and pass on a legacy”

            That’s an exuse to be lazy and to do nothing. It’s why conservatives lost. There are viable alternatives like partition which have not been tried that may avoid the 70 years of oppression. But conservatives would rather grill and chill because they are secretly loyal to the same system they attack. They would rather grill cheap burgers rather than risk that supply. Don’t expect to wake up any normies with that losing strategy; people sense defeat and go with the winning team every time. Funny how these same people denounce Carlson for not being more vocally based.

        • Understandably, Carlson doesn’t want his grandchildren beaten up or worse.

          We have conservative friends who sent their girls to U.Chicago Lab School because dad is a bench scientist at the U. During the 2016 election, the youngest girl was shoved down several flights of stairs, breaking her knee and ribs as well as suffering whiplash and concusion injuries because she dared publicly defend the Trump candidacy when questioned by a teacher in class.

          The faculty and student body unanimously stood up for the boys who shoved the girl. The parents were told they were free to sue but the community of U.Chicago lawyers would defend the students and school free of charge through appeals and, BTW, “there were no witnesses.” Dad’s job also was on the chopping block. So they withdrew the girl from the school since even faculty intimated future incidents.

          I know a number of similar data points. Carlson appears to on our side but cognizant of what his family is willing to experience. The violence against us is real and growing in boldness.

          • The lesson there is don’t send your kids to the University of Chicago.

            With Tucker’s money & influence, I don’t think he’s worried about his kids’ safety.

            Everyone can keep making excuses for him based on what they want to think is in his head, but I’m just judging by his actions and the past history of the GOP’s Great White Hopes. All of the “what Tucker really thinks” hopium sounds just like those still clinging to Trump.

            We’re going to have to do something for ourselves. Kicking the can to 2024 and wishing for Tucker to save America is a very low percentage play and it’s typical of the passive mindset the Uniparty wants you to stay in.

            Vote with your feet in 2020 and join your people in real dissent. By 2024 we’ll have more to show for it than working inside the rules of a rigged system that hates you.

          • Here’s the deal, though. The University of Chicago has actually be considered a “relatively” conservative institution. The point being that anybody who defends Trump or white people in academia is putting himself in harm’s way. I’m not whining about it, just relating the present correlation of forces.

          • You’re one of my favorite posters, Exile, but on the subject of Tucker Carlson we agree to disagree this thread. For now.
            Self-immolation is unlikely to bend as many prospective members in the direction of Our Thing as Tucker Carlson does broadcasting on converged Fox. With exception of Breaking Bad and Michigan hockey and football, formerly, I completely disconnected from TV and MSM more than twenty years ago. I don’t watch Tucker Carlson; my wife does and he’s the only thing she watches.
            I have lost many of my friends, some of them great folks otherwise, due to my failure to quickly learn how to proselytize Our Thing, however, I have gotten more than a handful aboard singlehandedly here in deepest darkest blue territory. Tucker Carlson can bend many thousands and make it easier to collect them at the local level.
            I believe it is possible Carlson is looking long term whereas you appear to b seeking an immediate savior and, societally, a quick influence before it’s too late. I know you realize it’s already too late and so I am a bit perplexed by your hardline positions re Carlson.

          • Wow! I understand that U. of Chicago is supposedly one of the few supporters of free speech in academia. Harvard, Yale and Princeton must be intellectual hell holes.

          • The U.Chicago is largely that; I am tapped into that community professionally even though I never even considered attending the institution. (I couldn’t afford it as boomer ma and pa divorced leaving me high and dry at the eleventh hour.)

            My nephew graduated from Princeton as a stud on the football team a few years back. His stories of what he experienced, including the day-t0-day “white privilege” interrogative checkdowns, really were hell for him.

            Doesn’t seem to have phased him; I would still be in federal prison if I had experienced the depth of persecution he did. He actually got inducted into the cannon club by performing as the gray man to his tormentors.

            Violence is a whole ‘nother thang.

          • I worked at Princeton from 2002 to 2004, and at that time it, along with perhaps Dartmouth, were considered the two sanest Ivies. Relatively speaking, it still may be, but it’s clear Princeton, along with every other institution in the country has deteriorated gravely since those days.

          • The American ivies are a joke now. When Harvard zealously recruits and graduates blacks cumma laude for their rap album, well, you know things have changed. Africa Wins! No matter where you have numbers of blacks, Africa Wins!

          • They are one of the few local traditional families we know. We adore them. I was there when the local “warning” was reported. Chicago is a great place to live as an adult but I would never ever attempt to raise a family here.

          • You should see what goes on in China if you think that’s bad…You can literally abduct a kid or a woman right off the street in front of people and they don’t do shit…It’s where we are headed for with a low trust society…

        • Liberty Mike – Precisely. Tucker fully conceded that even mild racial jokes are morally bad and are to be condemned. While he may have denounced the ghouls who doxxed Neff, he did not dispute that Neff needed to leave because of his private postings. He conceded on every major point, and merely deplored that Neff was doxxed, not the cause nor the consequences. He cucked.

          • “even mild racial jokes are morally bad”
            Not so much morally bad as mortally stupid in the current environment.

          • I’m absolutely convinced you utter not a word out of place when you ‘kibbitz’ with your pals.

          • Well yes, we do have a few commentators here from the “Oil Company” sometimes. Ben is another. They provide valuable insights though and can see things from a more secular perspective than many here.

          • You’re the first person I’ve absolutely convinced about anything, and you’re wrong.

            I keep trying.

          • If that’s the case, Lorenzo, isn’t it stupid for you to bother commenting here?

            Your boss might catch you – better to go dark than lose your job trying to talk sense to a bunch of crazy wignats willing to actually question the system.

          • I’m full of questions about the system. I come here for answers, some of which make sens. Then there’s Exile….

          • Actually, the only thing more unacceptable to the Ideologues than a racial joke would be a brassy dose of the truth. Now I’ve never watched Carlson, but I suspect he’d be fired the same day if not immediately if he brought up any hard data of the IQ or achievemnet differences between Blacks and Whites, or the vastly divergent crime statistics. Can you really imagine any mainstream TV personality stating: “Half of Afro-Americans have an IQ of about 85 or lower, which corresponds to an 8th-grade education and the maturity and judgment of a 14-year-old?”

          • ‘Can you really imagine any mainstream TV personality stating: “Half of Afro-Americans have an IQ of about 85 or lower, which corresponds to an 8th-grade education and the maturity and judgment of a 14-year-old?”’

            Nope. That goes up against 60+ years of intense brainwashing and it’s too much too soon.

          • Exactly he could of just ripped into all the white bashing statements the Commie/Journalist make and they don’t have anything done to them… Turn their shit around and throw it back in their face but he didn’t he just focused on what his writer did…

        • Agreed, but I also fault Neff for being so stupid as to make those jokes under an acct where people knew his real identity. He was in a position of influence and he blew it, all to vent a little angst online. If you’re in a position like that keep the shitposting clean and to a minimum. Our guys get busted for ridiculous things. We are dissidents, after all.

          • By my powers of deduction, by my brain being powered by three AAA batteries, seems to me that he had no one else in his life to vent to to get it out of his system. By deduction, tells me that Tucker is not one he could vent to. So what is Tucker really like behind the scenes, as a friend ?

            if Falcone was his boss, I would have taken him out to dinner and learn something about him. Let him express his views

            and now it makes me wonder if he was really all that high up

        • What Neff did was more stupid than wrong. But being stupid often gets worse results than being wrong.

          • I bet the left/Commies never fucking have a conversation on what one of theirs did wrong…No wonder why the right can’t get it’s shit together…

          • “Shut up, Whitey,” he explained.

            Two comments that could upset your paymasters in one day, Lorenzo.

            Is it worth it to save us? Better to keep your mouth shut, right?

          • I wish I had paymasters. If you find out who they might be, let me know. I could use the money.

            Seriously, this is a problem with the dissident right, as it is with the left. They cannot believe anyone could disagree with them without being inherently evil or in thrall to Sinister Forces. It is the response of the true believing conspiracy nutcase to a contrary opinion.

          • This is true. Offer the slightest deviation in opinion and you’re manning the Eye of Sauros for Globoschlomo.

          • The comment section on this blog is by far the most conformist place I’ve ever seen on the interwebs.

            They fawn over the zman and attack anyone who dares offer any criticism..

          • I mean your employer paymaster, not (((paymasters))). Don’t read so much into it.

            If you’re so concerned about guys losing their jobs over stupid online dissent, lead by example and stop dissenting online. Go dark.

      • Agreed, Z. What happens next is determinative. Civ Nattery’s boundaries will be established. Last night seemed a negotiated settlement. For what, we don’t know quite yet.

        • “What happens next is determinative”

          I must have heard that twenty times in the past decade. It’s always what happens next then you find out in five years time it’s what happened when.

      • I want to cautiously suggest that he didn’t cuck- neither “left” nor “right. ”

        The Levelers were left as unsatisfied as the Cavaliers. Plus, the “vacation.” Onviously, they suspended Tucker for standing up for the boy.

        I want to believe this and I will do unless and until credible evidence to the contrary is proffered.

        • CNN and the Ladies of Color on the View were pretty pissed with Tucker’s performance. They said Tucker didn’t go hard enough on Neff for his racism, didn’t apologize enough, and was despicable for turning his comments around on those who would condemn those who make mistakes. At the very least, Tucker did not give his enemies what they want.

    • He was handed a golden opportunity…and as most here predicted he played on their field not ours.

      He could have sat there and read anti-white statements from newsreaders, politicians, public figures and read Neff’s stuff in comparison… and just left it at that. Not said another word.

      • He would have gotten fired if he did that. Then we would have NO voices in mainstream media. Wasn’t there a Z man article recently about the danger of front line charges by the right (which essentially become suicide missions), at this time? What benefit would there be for Tucker to die on this hill? Please articulate?
        Tucker pretty much gave as much a non-apology as he could have gotten away with without getting fired….but it is never going to be good enough for you is it?

        • If, as you posit, Tucker would have been fired if he addressed the matter in harmony with his professed position on the cancel culture, how would the same constitute (a) a loss of the one voice we have in the legacy press and (b) a suicide mission?

          Your position would appear to be premised upon the notions that Tucker would not be picked up by OAN and that FOX would not lose a substantial share of its viewers and that Tucker needs ((( Murdock money ))).

        • Simply reading back the words of the people doing all of the condemning isn’t a front line charge. It is the very thing that makes people on our side see the hypocrisy for what it is. It would force our enemies who hold very public positions to publicly explain why what they say about whites is warranted while someone on our side who works as support staff is to be condemned. It would force the hand of our enemies in a very public way. That is not a small thing. And if they fired him it would magnify the event 10-fold.

          • “magnify the event!” lol. He would go the way of Bill O’rielly. From the number one talk show in cable history to : running a blog…..

          • The film “Network” is a perfect example of what happens when you put your ratings above your integrity – “Mad as Hell” Beale working a dissident grift with greasy-fingered suits crowing over the ratings.

          • No, he’s right Agent Mulder. Tucker Carlson tanking his position is something the other side desperately wants. It should be noted that all the keyboard warriors wanting Tucker to ruin himself in a blaze of public glory are posting anonymously. There is your hypocrisy.

          • Right-wingers are horrible at strategy, logistics, and everything concerning cultural warfare. No wonder we lost. Not to be rude, but everything about that comment is wrong. Does our side have no sense of proportion or cost vs. benefit? The cost of Carlson ruining himself for one man is high. Every war has casualties and organized retreats are sometimes necessary. Should the British have stayed and fought (and lost) at Dunkirk? What would that have accomplished besides ensuring England’s defeat before the Americans could enter the war? The benefit to our side of Carlson going down in a blaze of glory at this moment of time is zilch. They’d ban him from social media and purge his YouTube videos. They’d make him a pariah, edit his Wikipedia to claim he’s a white supremacist and make him unemployable as a lesson to the rest. We saw with Charlottesville that intimidation and propaganda work. Stop giving the other side easy victories.

            He also probably wouldn’t get a job at OANN, either. Do you know anything about who finances that network? The real reason they haven’t already canned Tucker Carlson likely has to do with contractual obligations. He can make a termination public and difficult, so they’ve avoided that option even in this situation. They will get rid of him sometime after the election when people aren’t watching or when the GOP tries rebranding from Trump’s landslide loss with Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.

            Probably the best thing Tucker Carlson could do for our side is to migrate over to RT where he could be set lose on the regime full-throated. That fear is also probably why the American Ruling Class hasn’t (yet) canceled him. But they want to. They are looking for reasons. It wouldn’t surprise me if a mole at Fox forwarded Nef’s posting / account handle to CNN after he got a little too careless with whom he shares his politics with; look for a former Fox employee to jump ship to CNN in the next six months. That’s probably why they aren’t being too specific about how they did it.

            Fox would absolutely would love to replace Tucker Carlson with Ben Shapiro, yet another gatekeeper who’ll waste your time with unproductive nonsense like tax policy, outrages of the week, Middle Eastern wars, Russia, China, and “I’m against illegal immigration (but will do nothing to stop it) not legal immigration.”

            Tucker’s large advertisers have boycotted his program and management probably thinks Fox viewers are so gullible they’ll watch anything in that time slot. Sure, they’ll lose some viewers, but the majority will stay. And with advertisers again, they’ll make more money than with Carlson, or so they think.

          • What I’ve suggested Carlson do, reading back to newsfolk, politicians and other public figures all of their own anti-white statements, is something he’s actually already done a number of times. Doing it with a bit longer focus while also reading Neff’s post would not be a radical departure from what he’s already done here and there in bits and pieces.

            Putting our enemies on the moral defensive or at least in a position where they have to explain themselves is how we weaken their public positions and give our tribe a chance to observe the hypocrisy of the anti-whites. Comparing a reading of what our enemies say about us… to Cville is too aggressive a march into the breach? This was the perfect opportunity to indirectly put forward white interests by turning the spotlight on our enemy’s hypocrisy.

            You’ve spun a scenario with a string of the worst possible outcomes. You’ve also assumed that whites are simply passive consumers of the drama and not potential actors with agency. If what you’ve suggested were to happen it would heat and stir the pot to the point of boiling over. This isn’t Ghana and we aren’t Bantus. An agitated will would find a way. We don’t need everyone just enough.

            We get rocked back on our heels daily. The opportunity to effectively push back only comes along once in a while. There are no risk free scenarios. This was a situation where the risks were reasonable because it would have cost our enemies something for their endless moral preening. If they had overreacted to things Carlson had at times done before then the lines between them and us would have come into clearer focus for many whites who still refuse to acknowledge the current social milieu.

          • What I’ve suggested Carlson do, reading back to newsfolk, politicians and other public figures all of their own anti-white statements, is something he’s actually already done a number of times. Doing it with a bit longer focus while also reading Neff’s post would not be a radical departure from what he’s already done here and there in bits and pieces.

            Putting our enemies on the moral defensive or at least in a position where they have to explain themselves is how we weaken their public positions and give our tribe a chance to observe the hypocrisy of the anti-whites. Comparing a reading of what our enemies say about us… to Cville is too aggressive a march into the breach? This was the perfect opportunity to indirectly put forward white interests by turning the spotlight on our enemy’s hypocrisy.

            You’ve spun a scenario with a string of the worst possible outcomes. You’ve also assumed that whites are simply passive consumers of the drama and not potential actors with agency. If what you’ve suggested were to happen it would heat and stir the pot to the point of boiling over. This isn’t Ghana and we aren’t Bantus. An agitated will would find a way. We don’t need everyone just enough.

            We get rocked back on our heels daily. The opportunity to effectively push back only comes along once in a while. There are no risk free scenarios. This was a situation where the risks were reasonable because it would have cost our enemies something for their endless moral preening. If they had overreacted to things Carlson had at times done before then the lines between them and us would have come into clearer focus for many whites who still refuse to acknowledge the current social milieu

          • Churchill, with his insatiable thirst for death of white men, would no doubt have loved for white Brits to die in Dunkirk. His statue is one I can get behind throwing into the Thames.

        • If your voices in the mainstream can’t convey your message because they’re afraid of losing their jobs, what good are they?

          Fox is Zio-cucked to the bone. If they believed Tucker was actually a gateway to Our Thing rather than a gatekeeper against us, he would already have been fired.

          You can’t sneak up on media Jews – they aren’t stupid. If we think he’s dog-whistling, they hear it ten times louder. And they wouldn’t let him keep it up if they thought he was driving people to real dissent.

          • If someone can’t agree with you 100% publicly they are no good to us? That’s totally self-defeating. Tucker Carlson is far superior to Sean Hannity and we’d be better off with more of the former and fewer of the latter without question. You fight wars with the armies you have. You don’t cede the conflict because you can’t win every battle to your liking.

            “And they wouldn’t let him keep it up if they thought he was driving people to real dissent.”

            Why do you think they are trying to get rid of him? Advertiser boycotts, endless attacks, endless smears, doxxing his writers … a message is being sent.

            “If your voices in the mainstream can’t convey your message because they’re afraid of losing their jobs, what good are they?”

            Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) spent much of his time in exile — no pun intended — writing revolutionary material in secret codes for his audience. He then led a revolution with the audience he built with such material that toppled the Tsar, becoming absolute ruler of the country. There seems to be historical evidence that the strategy can work. Anyway, having Carlson is better than having Shapiro. Better to live to fight another day than to waste it in an unproductive blaze of glory. Japanese suicide runs didn’t save them and they won’t save us, either.

        • Tucker did the right thing. Going down like the Hindenburg serves no one’s interests. The only people pushing for that are anonymous online internet posters wishing to live vicariously through another man.

          • You articulated my thoughts better than me….But it is a lot easier for the other guys to call me a a colored guy who just doesn’t understand what is REALLY happening…lol

      • Playing on the field of the dissident right is anything but a “golden opportunity” these days. Carlson with his huge audience does a lot of good for the wypipo cause despite his imperfect purity. It will be a long time, if ever, before VDare or such can move opinion the way he can right now.

        • He can play on our field not by sounding as if he’s editorializing for Vdare or Amren but by simply pointing out the hypocrisy of our enemies with their own words. His performance was typical of how conservatives behave when they stand accused: acquiesce to our enemy’s world view while drawing another line in the sand another few paces back.

          He could have made their cost for taking him out very expensive maybe even too expensive to even attempt while things remained too hot. Instead he gave them the five-and-dime version. He’ll be gone anyway but now it will be with a whimper.

          • a whole lot of words by you justifying your stance when simply recognizing that Tucker chose his battle wisely would have been the right analysis…. “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him.”


          • I agree that Tucker should have done more. He should have at least given examples of leftists saying/doing far worse..I don’t see how that would have been too risky and his audience would have loved it.

      • Should have read your comments Brother before I posted mine😉Great minds and all that…

    • Irrelevant.
      The mass media has been a pozzed write off for most of my life. Tuck is an aberration and his days are numbered anyway. He almost certainly knows this.
      Y’all need to step back and think, too. Not trying to shit on anyone… but would YOU commit hari-kari in Tuck’s position? Leftie would love the show, your career would be finished – and it’s not like Tuck has any career options. He’s radioactive.
      Would our esteemed blog host go public and give Leftie the finger? He keeps a low public profile for a very good reason, as do most of us.
      Say it again for the cheap seats and slow kids: we are not going to vote our way our of what comes, nor will guys like Tuck talk our way out. For him to flip the bird at the Cloud People at this point would be a meaningless sacrifice.
      The sad thing is that to do what needs to be done will probably end up involving guns and ropes. There will be no easy way out of this for anyone. Fuggin Hillary is in the rags yapping about how Trump “will need to be removed” by force in the next election…

      • I’m prepping and getting out of my town Nov 1st. (Whew, ain’t that calling it close?) Place I’m moving to is 90% white and only 3% black.
        Once I get at my new home, I must begin to plan for what comes next. And I hope planning is all that I have to do.

      • If, as you claim, Tucker’s days are numbered anyway, and he almost certainly knows it, what is the downside of refusing to cuck?

        • Depending on when the knives come out… 6 figures and up…?
          We can’t ask people to do what we ourselves will not.

          • We can ask. The problem is that the supply of brave and stupid individuals (sometimes hard to distinguish between the two) is always in short supply 🙂

      • I saw a news bit with Biden saying the same stupid stuff about Trump needing to be removed by force. The other side is already setting the stage for the guns and ropes phase with talk like that. Tucker is good for what he does. He’s not your gun and rope dealer. He would be wise to just let fools like Hillary and Biden talk and play their clips on his show.

        Tucker moves the Rush Limbaugh and Hannity types a bit closer to us. At this point it’s too early to sacrifice him on the altar of ideology. Like I said in a different post, if we had 10 guys saying the stuff Tucker does, then a spectacular act of defiance could move things our way. With him gone, a lot of those Civnat types just go back to sleep.

    • Tucker Carlson is not the archetype of our redemption. But perhaps Simo Häyhä is. Verbal skill is over-rated in a hot war.

    • It has been claimed that the CNN “reporter” who doxxed Carlson’s writer, Neff, once had a working relationship with Gregory Hood, a guy who publishes at Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance. Hood contends Oliver Darcy once worked with Hood’s Youth For Western Civilization, a group described by the SPLC as being the genesis of the alt-right. Hood’s views were well-known to Darcy, or so Hood contends, and Gregory Hood has stated they were friends.

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