Flight 93 Crashed

The sad story of Jeff Session and immigration patriotism came to an end in the Alabama senate run-off. Sessions was soundly beaten by former football coach and Mitch McConnell sock puppet, Tommy Tuberville. Of course, President Trump was ebullient, as he had campaigned against his old friend and supporter in one of his now typical fits of rage. He blames Sessions for his many blunders early in his tenure. Trump will not have Jeff Sessions to kick around anymore.

It is also the death of immigration patriotism. Sessions was always the best on immigration when he was in the Senate. He actually got some real things done on the administrative side when he was in the administration. Tuberville, in contrast, is just a dope who spent his life coddling black guys who can run fast. Washington recruited him, because they were right about the voters of Alabama. They care more about sportsball than the future of their grandchildren.

Trump and his stage handlers will read this as confirmation that his base is too dumb to care about the issues. They will just fall in behind their orange hero. It is the same madness that happened in the Bush re-election. Bush finked on his voters for four years, but won a second term by pointing at the Democrats. The implication was, “vote for Bush unless you want those terrible people to be right.” The mouth-breathers are doing exactly as expected. They are trusting the plan.

Whether or not this works is hard to know. In 2004, the goal was to get something close to 60% of the white vote. Bush did reasonably well with Hispanics and blacks were not angry about anything in particular. Whites were 77% of the vote, so getting in the high fifties was the goal. Given the partisanship in states in the Northeast, losing those white votes was meaningless unless it hurt with white votes in competitive states. Bush got 58% of the white vote and enough Hispanic support to win.

In 2020, Trump will need to get something closer to 70% of the white vote. That’s due to the declining white share and the fact blacks are super-angry now. Despite his foot-washing for four years, they still think he is an orange supremacist and horrible racist. What does not get discussed in public, but has surely been discussed in private, is the math of this election. In 2016, whites made up 70% of the vote. In 2020 it will be 65%. The actuarial tables are working against Trump and the GOP.

Putting that aside, Trump will feel vindicated in his decision to abandon immigration and could very well swing the other way. He told some Mexican media outlet that he plans to amnesty the DACA people. He just reversed course on the student visa scam. In an age where American college students must stay home and do their college work on-line, the children of Chinese Communist Party members will get student visas so they can attend classes on American campuses.

The inner party, of course, understands the math entirely. In fact, they have been working hard to create this math since the 1960’s. Just as immigrants were used as union busters in the industrial age, immigrants are used as coalition busters in the liberal democratic age. The way for a small group to maintain power is to make sure there are no natural coalitions that can form up and challenge for power. That’s the game in America and it has worked.

Getting back to the Sessions story, it is a great example of how the inner party uses partisanship as a tool. The left-wing crazies hate Trump for no reason other than they were told he is very bad. They hated Bush too. In both cases, there was no real policy dispute at the core of their hatred. They hated Bush because he claimed to be an Evangelical Christian. They hate Trump because reasons. Their rage is just pure partisan hatred of the perceived outsider.

This has the perverse result of turning those outside the Progressive camp into supporters of the thing they hate. Otherwise conservative people fervently supported Bush in the 2004 elections, despite is liberal policies. Something similar is happening with Trump in this election. No one is really going to vote for Trump. They will vote against what they perceive to be the other option, which is street violence, statue toppling and the endless lectures on race from the media.

Regardless, the end of Jeff Sessions marks the end of immigration, nationalism and populism as salient forces in official politics. The 2016 election was called the Flight 93 election, as it was the last desperate chance to save the country. Well, flight 93 crashed and killed everyone onboard. That last desperate dash to save the day failed. The last desperate attempt to save the system in 2016 has also failed. The inner party gained control of the Trump administration and flew it into the ground.

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486 thoughts on “Flight 93 Crashed

  1. I must cry bull shit. Jeff Sessions recused himself from an investigation and plunged this nation into the calamity of the last three years. He is a swamp creature and as such sought only to protect his image. If with gun in hand he had either offed himself or taken Chuck Schumer down I would view him in a more generous light.

  2. My acrid comments of late were precipitated by the ultimate redpill: there is no America since Americans will not make the slightest sacrifice to defend the parsimony bequeathed unto them nor are they inclined in the least towards transferring unto the next generation an inheritance substantially equal to, if not greater, than the one they received.

    I stopped caring once it became indisputable that Americans simply don’t think like dissidents. This land and its heroes, its stories and legends, its glory and the price paid by better men are thoughts so alien that they don’t even register on their psyche.

    The average american is a coward, a bore and a boor, a frantic conformist, suspicious of any manifestation of ability or achievement that tends to surpass his achievements i.e. the mindless pursuit of lucre and consumption of low brow entertainment.

    He’ll salaam before anybody who allows him to keep some, if not most of his toys, and will voluntarily and with relish offer up any man who has the chutzpah to read a book of questionable origin or the damned cheek to ignore television and movies and sportsball.

    60,000 white children died last year and not one suburban or higher income neighborhood organize a fundraiser. There hasn’t been a single rally protesting the deliberate enslavement of american youth and their cold blooded murder.

    Nobody cared about channon Christian or Katie steinle with the parents of the latet going above and beyond the call of treason to denounce white supports of justice.

    Americans didn’t riot or even feebly protest when jews started pushing videos of white girls being reamed by an entire basketball of nogs. They did even less when their neighbors lost their jobs post NAFTA.

    They meekly took off their shoes and spread their ass cheeks in happy expectation of a closed curtain search of the aggressive kind. Most of these ignorant bullocks prolly dont even know that America went out of it’s way to increase Muslim immigration post 911.

    Today they meekly scurry home and hide under the covers, periodically emerging to fluff their wife’s boyfriend, before trying to their blankies.

    These people are akin to spoiled, selfish, solipsistic teenage girls. They need a good spanking. Delaying the inevitable is in nobody’s interest. And that is the optimistic view.

    I tend to believe that Americans have finally been broken to the yoke of empire. Like any empire, ours is a slave empire comprising of humanoid creatures unable to conceive of a reality outside of the slave and master dichotomy.

    Then there is the age. This country is old. In fact, it is senile. The lockdowns and continuing hysteria belongs to that stage of human development which prizes safety and the privilege to continue living, external conditions be damned, above all. To this mind, tradition, liberty, duty is not just white noise. It is an attempt on their worthless lives which must be preserved at all costs even though the very Heavens fall!

    America and its pseudo empire of grift and mindless mediocrity is on it’s way out. Nobody should lift a finger to delay the happy day of worldwide liberation from the infuriating hypocrisy and sanctimonious flatulence of the least accomplice yet most dogmatic and arrogant twerps to stain the earth with their filthy presence.

    All this money and freedom and they couldn’t even produce a Zubin Mehta much less a Glenn Gould or Frederick Chopin. So much media and not one film that can hold a candle to anything by Kubrick. Not one building erected post 1945 that is not an eyesore or an abomination. And with the exception of pornography, the visual arts are dead as is the stage, unless you are a mental detective that surrenders hard earned money to kikes who want you to love weird and unsettling singing cats.

    I loved this country so much. I lost jobs and friends because I wouldn’t participate in the California catechism mandating repetition of the blood libel against southerners in particular and whites in general.

    And each time it was a gentile white woman who complained to an HR populated almost exclusive by youngish white gentile women.

    Nobody and I mean nobody lifts a finger to assist the defenestration victims. Dr Watson had to sell his Nobel medal. Justine Sacco was abandoned by her own father, had to change her name, and work a nondescript job barely keeping it together.

    Z’s labor is counter productive unless it is meant to be nothing more than a record of the times documenting the unforced and herculean labor of the American booboisie to put their barbaric and superstitious beliefs to the test as well and their utter indifference to the destruction of a civilization 5K in the making.

    Nobidy this stupid and selfish deserves the support of good and decent and intelligent men like Z. These bastards would trample their own mothers in the rush to denounce and destroy an uber mensch like Z.

    Fuck Americans. Fuck America. You get what you deserve.

    • If we all get what we deserve, who then will escape the lash?

      You were right to believe in the dream of America: It was a wild experiment of Christian men, for a Christian people. God laughs, and grants his enthusiastic children success against all odds.

      He has not abandoned us, so long as we seek Him. Other men have faced harder roads. Be of good cheer. Tribe up. Be a good neighbor. Who knows what great and good and beautiful thing you can build?

      All it took were 12 men for the glory that was Western Civilization.

      Will you be one?

  3. Another consistent and great analysis by the Z man. Several points to remind the arm chair lawyers and boomers here:
    1) Z man is consistent, he was the only sane voice and still is with the corona hoax.
    2) Civil Nationalist and boomers will vote Republican no matter what
    3) Football coaches are perceived smarter than anyone
    4) In all the talk of the alt right and fake news, the civic nationalist still fall for the old dinosaur media news.
    5) Poor people and weak people will be bullied by the rich and powerful.
    Jeff Sessions is a great man who is a throw back to the real america that is NEVER coming back. The coach is part of the whole problem we see with people believing what they feel and see, that changes how the world appears. Once this is over, we will forget about riots, statues and the pandemic. We will only be interested the football standings and NASCAR.

  4. Sessions didn’t lose because of a preference for a football coach. He lost because he was seen as disloyal to Orange Man and OM told them to vote against him.

    Conservatives view politics as a game of football. They love to root for their team no matter how bad it is. They also love to root against the other team. Trump is the captain of their team and half of Republicans will applaud him no matter what he does or doesn’t do. He is their guy.

    I had one law and order republican tell me the other day that one of Trump’ great accomplishments was “Obama put blacks into jail. Trump gets them out!”

  5. The United States is over and democracy killed it. Never trust anything important to the masses. They are the masses for a reason: they are imbeciles.

  6. As I have said, say now, and will continue to say:
    Passively handing state power over to the anti-white left because reasons is the act of an idiot.

  7. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    • The quote always comes to mind when I hear so many say even on here that the best way is to lone wolf it…They already decided to be the one waiting to get eaten last…

      • That’s been one of the hardest lessons to learn. Have always considered my self a”rugged individualist” and outsider. Have finally realized the price our ancestors paid for us to be here today. Anybody that shares that lineage I now try to see as family, even the dickhead whose dog keeps shitting in my yard. Appreciate that you address most here as Brother or Sister. Its a practice that needs to grow.

    • What part of “had understood they had nothing left to lose” is not clear? It’s not here yet. But it will be. Maybe.

  8. Seems like anyone here who’s still planning on voting for Trump and/or Republicans should forfeit the right to mock blacks for “being stuck on the Democrat plantation.”

    • I left a few snarky comments at Sailer the other day, and a respondent got all high and righteous about muh equality and judging the individual and genetic background was not determinative, blah blah blah. And he unironically called himself “dissident.” Lots of the same type of folks here at Zman now, too.

    • Sure, why vote. Let’s just sit back and let Kamala Harris in office after Biden goes to the Alzheimer’s home. She’s no worse than Trump about hating whitey, right? Meanwhile, we wait for Commandante Nick Fuentes and his band of revolutionaries to emerge from their mountain fastness and declare the [insert government form here] of Honkeytopia.

  9. The fact that a sizable chunk of the comments here are still convinced there’s a political solution to our predicament (“I will still be voting for Trump because…”) shows how far the dissident right still has to go.

    I know generational politics are fake and gay, but I do wonder if age plays some role in support for the system. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like this site generally attracts older people than, say, the TRS guys. If they attract mostly younger guys, those guys grew up knowing nothing but dysfunction and destruction, so they have no emotional ties to preserving and supporting the system. (This theory is also apparent in how that audience generally supported the lockdown while this audience generally didn’t: young white guys are already locked out of the system so of course they won’t care if it crashes and burns—perfectly understandable.)

    Older guys have memories of when things still kinda worked and could be solved politically, so maybe they still have some faith it could be done one more time.

    I dunno, just food for thought. As long as the dissident right is still emotionally invested in the current system (“Did Trump cuck?! Did Tucker cuck?!”), it will be unable to devote its attention to building a new system for itself. Voting for Trump means you’re still invested in the current system, which means you’re setting yourself up for wasting hours and hours of time following a charade of political theater and people that will only betray you. Ignoring Trump means you can move on to focusing on other things, especially locally, while all the housewives out there will continue contorting themselves to excuse Trump’s constant wifebeating.

    • True, there are a lot of older people here (myself included) but it’s more a lot of new people from centrist/cucked sites. Sometimes I would swear I’m at Gateway Pundit (which banned me years ago). I will admit I was deceived enough by Trump, in the beginning, to violate my prior ‘abstinence’ and vote for him. Yesterday I mailed in the form to have my name removed from the list of registered voters. Bring on the crash now, please.

    • It shows how few here are actually “Dissident Right.”

      By definition, dissidents oppose their political system, not just the staffing decisions or policy points.

      Solzhenitsyn didn’t go to prison because he thought Stalin should have gone with a three year plan instead of five.

  10. I agree. Turn of the last century technology would suit me just fine. I’ve always loved horses.

  11. Voting Republican just slows the demise, or at least disguises it while they hold the White House.
    I don’t care what anyone says, Trump, Bush, whatever. It is far better to look at a Trump in the White House and listen to his bullshit than to have an Obama saltnpepper in the White House listening to his.
    Does it change anything? Just the volume and the optics, but since I have to live in this damn hell hole of brown man superior, orange man bad, white man dead Ill take the adjustment to the volume and slightly clearer picture, as fake as that picture is.
    Just wait until O’Biden wins and that Color Purple Harris VP pick he is going to announce waltz into the White House.
    I guarandamntee it, 100%, all the anti Trump moaners and bitches will be saying in just a few short years, “Damn, I sure do miss orange, cause Purple be rubbing my white face in her ass morning, noon and night……..on every news outlet, every channel, every paper, every online media.
    And then wait till O’Biden second year when he drops dead, or shits his diaper on live TV and they remove him, installing her on the throne of the US of Browndom.
    Thoughts of King Trump would not almost be bearable they will scream in the streets for it. And it will be too late. AntiTrump moral superiority is going to land all that joy right into our laps.
    All Hail Purple, coming soon to your screens this November.

  12. No, Democrats and Republican are NOT all the same. And Trump and the Republicans are NOT the issue.
    Today’s Democrat Party is a maoist party. If it is elected: it will cancel the first 10 Amendments, starting with the 1st and 2nd; it will open the floodgates to black and brown immigration; it will enact the Green Economy (imposing poverty on us); it will impose a communist totalitarian police state; and it will enact South African style genocide of Whites.

    • How has the GOP defended those amendments, restricted immigration or curtailed the green swindle?

      Republicans will never give you anything if they believe you’ll always vote for them b/c “Dems are Commies.”

      It’s the easiest grift in the world. At least Blacks know to demand something for their votes or they’ll stay home. You demand nothing of the GOP but to stay a little bit to the right as the Dems lurch left.


  13. There are four and only four logical cases: 1)Biden accelerates/Trump does not; 2)Trump accelerates/Biden does not; 3)Both accelerate; and 4)Neither accelerates. Decide whether you are pro accelerationist or not (e.g. delay to prep). Given the logic, not voting only makes sense for an accelerationist if quadrant 4 controls. If a non-accelerationist, don’t vote if quadrant 3 controls. Otherwise vote your interest. Bear in mind the distinction between the agent who causes the war (Lincoln), which is almost invariably the constituted government, and the so-called causis belli (attack on Ft. Sumter) which is really just the trigger pulling event. What we currently lack is a well-resolved causis belli. Apparently neither rioting blacks nor mask refusing Badwhites/mask demanding Karens are sufficiently provocative for Trump; and it should be obvious now that unchecked illegal immigration never was. Your acceleration mileage may vary.

    • White people getting the shit beat out of them and arrested if they engage in self-defense is the accelerant. Anecdotally, even liberal Whites in my business and family and friends circles are pissed off.

    • All I know is our most immediate problem is our n–gger problem

      We deal with this first

      They are ready to pounce. I can feel it

      • Last night the joggers were all over my tidy whitey neighborhood here in Chicago. A sheboon walked five feet out of her way to collide with me. I marched through her and she chimped out Cat 5. A pre-stationed male silverback pointed his fingers in a pistol position at me and ooked ‘pow pow pow pow!!”.

        I couldn’t care less, these joggers are pusswads. I was carrying my Glock 30, soon to be 26. Joggers aren’t eager to take a bullet, trust me.

  14. To echo “Flight 93 Crash”. It’s lunchtime on the West Coast, so sorry to dredge up the name Blasey Ford while you’re eating. After the Kavanaugh travesty you’d think enough normies would’ve woken up a bit for the midterms that followed it. But here are the numbers via Vox Magazine: “House Republicans lost the 2018 midterms in suburbia. All in all, they lost more than half of the 73 competitive suburban districts in the country on their way to losing the House of Representatives by 36 seats.” We be doomed.

    • FWIW, I view every MSM circus as a distraction, a sleight-of-hand if you will. During the Kavanaugh hearings it was the passage of FASAB 56 (web-search it.) The virus was a convenient excuse for the largest transfer of wealth (CARES ACT) from the workers to the 1% since TARP.

  15. It’s a sad day when the mafia are a better police force than, you know, the police.
    A few days ago, some soy-infused Kashicucks tried to topple a statue in a town close to mine. Cops did nothing, but luckily, several wise guys were on the scene within two minutes. And they only had to kick one person’s ass, too! I doubt they’ll be coming back.
    Virtually every government institution has been pozzed. I’ll take a band of competent gangsters over the local PD clowns any day of the week.

    • My only regret re the original, real Flight 93 was that it managed to avoid crashing into the Capitol building. I would like to have seen all of Congress wiped out. I can see both sides to the arguments here (re Sessions presumed immigration patriot vs. Sessions the naif after decades in DC). I just don’t care enough any more to wade through the Han/subcon/old AWFLs to pretend to ‘make a choice.’ My choice is opting out.

      • Let me now if you want to join me for our Hurricane Prayer Group where we pray for a hurricane to wipe out DC and NYC

        Donuts and coffee are complimentary

  16. Amnesty has already happened, and it happened under Trump. Not only did he amnesty the remaining TPS Liberians, he signed the omnibus that contained a provision (Section 224(a) that prevents the deportation of any alien who has a minor living in their household. And FWIW UACs (along with Mexicans, and the physically and mentally ill) are not subject to MPP (i.e., “remain in Mexico.”) So all you have to do is jump the border and then traffic up a UAC and Bingo! You’re in.

  17. Another demonstration of why voting for national offices does not matter.

    Bear in mind that Jeff Sessions as an anti-immigration force of one could not have accomplished anything in the Senate anyway.

    No, not even if he lined up Cruz and the rest of the LARPing 100% rated TruCon coalition that can always be counted on to burnish their stats and resumes when it doesn’t matter and nothing’s going to change anyway.

    Spare me any replies about SCOTUS, Biden’s gonna send the troops after us, etc… Trump is Orange Soma – we need Whites awake to their peril and angry enough to do something about it. That only seems to happen when a Democrat is President.

    • Whites awake to their peril and angry enough to do something about it. That only seems to happen when a Democrat is President.”

      Whites will be much more at peril if the re-elect Trump. NOTHING would accelerate things more. Biden will slow walk the genocide.

  18. I would have voted Tuberville. A cheap cuck yes but my practical choices are living in Africa or Mexico. I’ll choose Mexico every time.

    Tuberville has a better chance of beating Doug Jones and stopping President Abrams get Whitey act of 2021

    • Why are your practical choices living in God-forsaken Africa or Mexico? And why choose Mexico? If you don’t have Latino blood, it doesn’t make sense, they don’t want you. They’ll smile to your face and then cut your throat while you’re sleeping and take your stuff. Keep in mind that Africans that ended up in Mexico were assimilated to “Mexican culture” through breeding. Hence low IQ’s and ugliness (and dysfunction) in Mexico, save for the more Indo-Euro types.

    • I live in So Cal which is Mexico more or less and it is alright. The woimen aren’t much to my liking but no one seems to be having kids anyway and marriage is not really common.

      • I tend to agree, but disagree as to whether it matters much living among Mexicans in Mexico, or in Southern California. Whether we admit it or not, it does matter where you live wrt corruption and rule of law. We often lament the degradation the USA is going through, but it will take a while before we hit bottom in both crime and corruption which is the norm in MX.

      • abprospre said: ” The woimen aren’t much to my liking but no one seems to be having kids anyway and marriage is not really common. ”

        Hahahaha! Excellent ! So all the White people will just get old and die off. You give me hope. 😀

        • Humanity outside of Africa and a few other regions is getting old and will eventually be dying off. South Korea for example is below 1 child per couple fertility.
          That said would you marry modern women in the current divorce situation?
          Didn’t think so.
          Upside the Amish and a few similar sects are doubling every generation and the devout and fertile are doing fine.
          Modernity is going the way of the Dodo but White people will probably own North America.
          Of course they will be avoiding buttons and eschewing technology but hey.

  19. Rubbish. No matter what you think of Sessions or the president’s treatment of him, and I am myself sorry to see Sessions go, the plain fact is that if he had come into the justice department like a wrecking ball, none of this Russian nonsense would have gotten off the ground, The GOP would probably have increased majority in both houses, the impeachment would never have happened, and we might be living in a totally different world right now.

    Sessions played by old rules, the president made his displeasure known, and the voters responded in kind, which is perfectly reasonable. It’s unfortunate, but his apparent unwillingness to play by the same rules they make for themselves is what got us here.

    • By this reasoning, you must be voting for Biden. If Trump had come into Washington like a wrecking ball, instead of a pussycat playing by the old rules….

      • I don’t know where you’re getting that from. I am similarly dissatisfied with our lack of progress on these things, but if you’re going to say Trump was a pussycat playing by old rules, when no matter how you slice it he was absolutely and utterly unique in the 2016 field, then we really are finished, and it’s time to pull the plug.

        my point is that Sessions, one we all supported, folded at the moment his support was most crucial. He could have short circuited every bit of the last three years, but did not, and the price we are paying for this goes on.

  20. Another example of Flight 93 crashing is Steve King’s primary defeat in the 4th Congressional District of Iowa. The Inner Party did all that it could to defeat him and it worked.
    The demographic destiny of the U.S. is now firmly sealed. Biden will grant amnesty to millions, if not tens of millions mostly Hispanics and more will pour in across the border. Middle Eastern and North African whites will get a separate census category and European-origin whites will become a mere plurality as early as 2030.
    Maybe it’s just as well the Founders’ statues are coming down. This country has little to do with the one that they knew.

    • Maybe it’s just as well the Founders’ statues are coming down. This country has little to do with the one that they knew.”

      Yep. It’s like fighting over them tearing down dinosaur exhibits

      • At least one can voice support for dinosaurs without getting canceled. Are brontosauruses racist? They kind of look like those weird bush ladies.

        • I like your thinking, Lanky

          Incidentally, that’s not Lanky as in Lankershim??

          If you are from around me you will know what that means

          • It’s an old highschool nickname. I’m quite tall and thin. Been ten years since I’ve graduated. Old friends are all pozzed except one.

          • I’m near Hollywood, we’ll have to hook up sometime and watch a game. Barney’s Beanery. Bar & grill. Opened in 1920. Santa Monica Blvd.

          • Ha ha, used to hang out at Barney’s

            But YEARS ago

            But remember the old Red Rock on Sunset right up the street (Holloway??)

            It’s now called State something. Been there twice and you can smoke because it is technically outdoors, but you feel like you are inside. I like to smoke when I drink.

            Let me know. Maybe some time in the next few weeks !!

    • “Biden will grant amnesty to millions, if not tens of millions mostly Hispanics and more will pour in across the border.”
      So will Trump.

  21. Another example of Flight 93 crashing is Steve King’s primary defeat in the 4th Congressional District of Iowa. The Inner Party did all that it could to defeat him and it worked.
    The demographic destiny of the U.S. is now firmly sealed. Biden will grant amnesty to millions, if not tens of millions mostly Hispanics and more will pour in across the border. Middle Eastern and North African whites will get a separate census category and European-origin whites will become a mere plurality as early as 2030.
    Maybe it’s just as well the Founders’ statues are coming down. This country has little to do with the one that they kknew.

    • King, like Sessions, is a White patriot and his loss was a blow. But let’s face it: neither the House nor the Senate GOP will do anything other than throw the borders open wider.

  22. I have offered the opinion here before that voting for Trump was indirectly beneficial even if he failed to produce results with respect to the promises of his campaign. I no longer believe that. It’s hard to keep up with all the bait and switches but the one a couple months ago over refugee immigration was so obvious even I finally learned. Voting in a one party country only serves to lend false legitimacy to the regime.

  23. First duty is to oneself. Therefore, why sweat these impossible politics, whether Sessions bad, Trump good (or the reverse) as an example? Just remove yourself from it. We’re headed for really bad times so none of this matters. Personally, I’m brushing up on basics, like knot-tying, knife-sharpening, fire-making, Morse code, etc. It’s true, I’m old but maybe I can pass it on to someone who can use it, and anyway, it keeps my morale up more than all this crazy shit.

  24. This was a rare swing and a miss by the Zman.
    Flight 93 crashed in no small part because Sessions betrayed Trump by unnecessarily recusing himself from the entirely bogus Russia investigation, and did so without even discussing with the White House. Sessions didn’t even bother to obtain an independent opinion of outside counsel on the issue. In my mind this was probably the worst betrayal of a President by a Cabinet member in the history of the United States–I can’t think of anything else that comes close.
    I still believe that Sessions was the “insurance policy” referred to in the texts between the seditious FBI agents.

    • Yeah, I enjoy this blog but this was a crap entry. As our blogger drifts into Never Trumper-ville, I wonder if a career “upgrade” to the hallowed halls of National Review are in the offing?

      This whole black pill thing is un-manly. Soldier up, Zee person, suck it up and stop whining. Perhaps you do not have kin, children, and thus no future to fight for? I do. And as an adult trained up in ROI, choices – and how they relate to politics, I never had the need for a “hero” to come save the damsel in distress. See, I am not a damsel, nor in distress. Americans have been holding their noses when voting forever.
      We need Trump to have MORE actionable grudges like the one he exercised against turncoat Sessions. Not less. He is late to the party in terms of the crisis, whom the enemies are. I hope there are MORE, not less about to get the Sessions treatment. We need Trump to be the motherfucker the leftists ARE and say he is – as he has not been.

      No more “art of the deal” with the enemy – and sorry, Sessions became and enemy combatant the moment he “recused” himself to set up the attack on his boss.

      • If Sessions had just an ounce of the integrity, honor, substance, and nobility of Z Man, he’d be most worthy indeed.

    • A swing and miss from you. Sessions didn’t “betray” anyone. What was the alternative? Cancel the investigation and have congress impeach Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, conducting their own investigation in the process and using it as an excuse to get rid of the guy as a traitor?

      • Apparently you’re not up to date on current events. The Russia Hoax was a scam from the get-go, and constituted the foundation of the coup to force Trump from office. Sessions (as AG) had a obligation to stop that criminality, not enable it.

    • Interesting Article at Briggs in relation to this article today.


      Look, friends, there’s only one major (earthly) thing we can do about this, and that is ensure Donald Trump is reelected. If he is not, we are lost. It is not that we are saved if he is elected. But his election is at least a chance for moments of sanity.

      You have to put aside disappointments you had in the man. There is no other choice. Biden is an empty vessel, the diversity hire VP that will replace him a token. Giving power to Biden is to give power to the oligarchs directly.

      You might not think the rich have much left to steal, but they surely do. An oligarch considering stealing ten dollars from every citizen has over three billion reasons to convince him.

      … this was supposed to be a top level comment, sorry for the thread…

        • Unfortunately all too true. One quibble, the “same” argument has pretty much been made throughout my lifetime—not just in 2004.

          We demonize the opposition and tell the folks they must vote for our side, or Satan wins. I’ve grown weary of the ploy. It is the Sirens’ song.

        • I can’t see any reason to reelect pres. Trump exept for the same reason he was elected in the first place, he’s not the other guy. A Biden presidency would be the Obama regime 2.0 and then some. Voting for the lesser of two evils is all Americans have ever had. It’s that simple. And if anybody thinks the madness would slow down with Alzheimer’s boy in the white house, your dreaming.

        • Yeah, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t true then and now. The NRA held the line, more or less. We don’t have soft power but we still got hard power. It could be worse. You guys in the city are getting too demoralized. Look into the Angola war in the 60s. History reviewed dot com if you need a pick me up.

      • Speaking of which, i was reviewing muh predictions in this forum from new years. I foretold that Caitlyn Jenner would commit suicide. Still early yet. But i also predicted that a black swan event from china would tank the economy. I also predicted my wife would have twins the night before the ultrasound (she did). Maybe the quarantine is working on me, but i really starting to think i’m a mystic.

  25. A system with a large corporate entity within it like Burger King making commercials using children coming out of a cows anus and think that it’s just hunky dory?
    We are doomed.
    Ted Cruz even said it.
    Ted is sounding like Derbyshire.

    • Holy Jesus! That video would kill a diabetic with its sweet and syrupy bullshit. What a disgusting army of Gretabots. At least Carl’s Junior used to feature hot, semi-naked gals over the age of eighteen pushing the implied message that eating a patty-shaped hunk of beef was sexy. Why can’t a corporation simply tell the truth: Americans like to eat meat. We sell meat. If you’ve got a problem with that, fuck you.

      • I liked it. Engineered grass to make the cows fart less. what could be whiter than that?

    • I saw that commercial … and I thought it was never going to end! Damn thing was 2 minutes long … not like the super quick ads that are common today. I saw the nice Asian and Black cowboys (can u imagine) putting grass on their heads but I had the volume muted … I guess BK is grilling up veggie burgers now?

  26. Sessions was dumped because of his silent (and significant) role in the coup. He was no man of honor, nor did he use his position as AG to slam the door on illegal immigration. As with nearly every politician in DC, he was mostly a paid actor performing a charade for the masses. Our problems will not be healed by any messianic “leader” that inhibits the Imperial Capital, so mourning Sessions political death is a waste of time. Real redemption will arise from the bottom up.

    • Jeff Sessions was a man of principle unlike that imbecile Donald. J. Trump and his moronic supporters. What exactly stopped Trump from slamming the door shut on illegal immigration himself? Did he ever seriously campaign against birthright citizenship or ending chain migration? His party controlled congress for two years and this idiot wasted it on tax cuts and moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Why blame Sessions? Did Jeff Sessions force Donald Trump to go around advocating record levels of legal immigration?

      • Speaking of principles, Jeff Sessions’ first act as a member of the new Trump Administration was to betray the man who nominated him for the AG position. Betrayal is not a principle that most people crow about. And yes, Trump has his faults too (most humans are fallible), but only a very sick society praises betrayal as a noble principle.

  27. This is our future at the hands of the mainstream right in the west, whether that’s Republicans/Trump in the US or Conservatives in the rest of the Anglosphere:

    This statue replaced one of Edward Colston on the same plinth. Not only does the right overtly support women like this in its tweets and public statements, but it also funnels money to Adidas (that’s where all those tax cuts really go) and freely does the scab labor bidding of companies like that.

    The right is not our friend and there is no value whatsoever in voting for them. You’re not even being an “accelerationist” if you abstain from voting anymore, because the right doesn’t even bother to “stand athwart history yelling “slow down!” anymore. The right desperately wants to settle into the position of comfortable sinecured losers a la Mitt Romney, they do NOT want any more populists.

    • Neither side is our friend

      We are a small band of renegades, essentially. We have to accept it and look out for our own interests and do what we can to survive in this nasty environment.

  28. The audio-visual trance we’re under lets anyone go enjoy the collapse of society from the relative comfort of even a modestly-appointed house. No well-fed, well-sheltered people has ever brought its rulers to a reckoning; and we have air conditioning to boot.

    The sportsball obsession is a luxury good; Jeff Sessions might have warded off the de jure dissolution of the American nation, but that was on C-SPAN, and everything was prefixed with confusing letters like SR; Tommy allegedly trained people who run fast. No contest.

    I’m astonished at my contempt for everyday Republicans. They vacuously venerate the Potatus true to form for our celebrity culture – the very one they (well, some) still purport to deplore.

    I’ve been reading a lot of T. S. Eliot lately – verse and prose. Pace Derbyshire, one can search high and low for that kind of erudition without scratching up the palest imitation. It’s suddenly dawned on me what I might have been had I been subject to the last century’s rigors; no Eliot, but I’m a sad husk of what I might have been.

    This civilization, for all its material wealth, is irremediable without purgatory suffering. I dread what I know what surely must come – I have joked, that, born in Sparta, I’d have got myself killed early – but come it shall.

    Apropos of nothing, I haven’t listened to Spencer in a long time now, but I do wish to offer a limited defense of the Hagia Sofia remark you seemed to join Milo in censuring. I’m disgusted to lose it, but I’d rather it be made a sacred space again. Last year I wrote something about VDare and asked who the real enemy was – the Moslems or the Frenchmen who didn’t care about their own history. Sorry to shill myself: https://vdare.tv/letters/a-reader-mourns-notre-dame-and-france

    • Also, I’m a complete ignoramus to ask this, but I do have a subscription. Can anyone tell me how to get the member badge? I’m on my phone at work, so apologies if this is easy to find.

  29. Blaming Sessions for everything is the same bullshit mindset that the right always has. A big man saviour will swoop in and save the day. Big man Sessions could have drained the swamp.

    Sessions is naive and a fool. So is Donald. So is Bannon. Pretty much everyone has flamed out of the Whitehouse except Javanka and Kellyane. Kobach failed. King is gone.

    It’s time to accept that the system is broken, in fact it barely exists as we think it does. The system is broken so stop expecting anything from it. If Sessions was clean he wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Senate, btw.

    Let the world run its course. We have bigger things to do, like connect with like minded individuals, subtly redpill normiecons, and have families. Prepare for the storm. Some can survive, urban libs probably can’t…

    • I don’t blame Sessions for anything except caving to the apparatchiks and letting the coup go on full bore. I didn’t expect a big man savior, I expected someone to uphold the rudiments of legal process. He was too stupid, gullible or corrupt to do even that.

      Good riddance.

  30. The sad thing is a football coach wins.
    We are trading the statues of men willing to die for their nation and allowing the Jacobins to tear them down.
    And now the South is electing a Football Coach whose greatest accomplishment is guiding negroes against each other in a pig skin contest.
    Its now Alabama and Auburn football as the new Gods of the south!
    Good luck with that.

      • He’d be the like guy trying to stop a street race with hundreds of people and dozens of roaring cars and he’s out there blowing his whistle

  31. Sessions has a solid record on immigration from 1997 to 2017. Trump has a solid campaign on immigration in 2016 and four years of trash. However, morons will tell you that Sessions recusing himself erases all that he has done, and Trump’s one year of campaigning makes him our savior forever.
    The GOP has two planks. The domestic plank, which is Cheap Labor, and the foreign policy plank, which is make the world safe for Israel. That’s it. You vote for the GOP, that is what you are voting for. The only other plank possibly would be endless gay sex and cocaine, but there is some controversy over whether or not the gay sex should be endless.

    • Refresh my memory: what all exactly has Sessions done? Other than enrich himself to the detriment of the American people, like all the other swamp creatures?

      • Refresh my memory: what has has Donald Trump done as president besides enrich himself with tax cuts and shady business deals while making a fool of himself on Twitter, and posing for photo-ops with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? What has that idiot done? Did Jeff Sessions hire the entire D.C. swap for the Trump administration or did Donald Trump do that? How has Trump drained anything by hiring Bolton, Gorka and keeping Jared Kushner on? It was Trump who rejected Paul Ryan’s resignation as Speaker of the House when he offered it. Sessions didn’t “enrich” himself as a senator. I dare you to prove otherwise. Worthless Trump cultists. BTW, Jeff was the strongest anti-immigration vote in the senate. Thy worked to sabotage numerous amnesty attempts. What have you or your moron president done?

    • 1997 to 2017, huh? So that portion of US history when the White share of the population crashed faster than at any other time, all due to immigration. Nice work, Sessions.

      • Yeah, remember that time Jeff Sessions was both president and the sole vote in congress (along with the entire supreme court)? TCS strikes again. He did the best he could with zero support. That’s in total contrast to that imbecile Donald Trump who was president controlled congress for two years and did nothing!

  32. If trump weren’t trouble for them the please tell me why they have spent unimagineable ammounts of energy to remove him? if it were worthless, they wouldn’t have cared so much.
    I will vote orange this time , because I believe the aggressiveness of the savaging of the american people will be slightly more restrained if there is at least one non inner party person who could go rogue if they get too enthusiastic abot it.
    thats cold comgort, but the world has been taken over with this covid thing , and whoever they are and whoever is doing the reordering from now on can’t be stopped. It may take away a little of their focus to have to manage the orange one. grasping at straws I know , but it’s something.

      • My local Walmart has had the mask sign up for a couple weeks but i still go in sans mask & no one says anything.

    • It’s theater. He signs every bill that literally prevents him from acting on his 2016 campaign promises. Of course when a bill emphasizing that it’s Congress who has the Constitutional power to declare war, or they try to prevent the manufacturing of sensitive military tech from moving overseas to Saudi Arabia — out comes the veto pen.

    • Because it’s good optics and good for fundraising. Tell me exactly how Donald Trump is threat to anyone. The guy can’t even stop Twitter from censoring his Tweets. In the face of wide-scale riots, the impotent old man is reduced to incessantly Tweeting Law & Order! Pathetic. You’re squinting your eyes and crooking your head in the faint hope you can see something that’s not really there.

  33. List of Redskins replacement names. Top four at top by Vegas odds and fan consensus.

    Redtails 2.5/1 odds
    Red Clouds
    Warriors 3/1
    Generals 4/1
    Lincolns 6/1
    Presidents 5/1
    Red Pandas
    Monuments 8/1 (do not take this bet)
    Founders 12/1
    Senators 14/1

    I’m going to put money down (literally) on Redtails. It’s a black thing, so I’m pretty confident in my wager.
    Redtails “celebrates” the Tuskegee Airmen, whose planes had red tails.

    “Trumps” and “Snowflakes” are both at 500/1 odds. (Not joking).

    If I were the owner I’d go with:

    Washington Redrums
    Washington Scarlett Johanssons
    Washington Nig Nogs

    • BTW: According to OddShark’s presidential victory odds:
      Biden: -150. Trump: +135 Hillary: +5,000 Kanye West: +6,600 Cuomo: +15,000 Trump was leading Biden until the riots started back in early June.

    • Couple decades back there was a joke that the Washington Redskins were planning to move to Martinsburg, WV (yes, an outer commuter suburb to the DC area!) and the team would be the “Rednecks.” 🙂

      • God I hope it’s not something totally bland. Generals has a solid sound to it, but still bland. The reason for the delay is there’s a guy out there trademarking every possible replacement name he can think of. (Only in America). Besides the politics, it all sucks because Redskins is a sleek, original, and kick ass name. I’d be ok with Redclouds. But the proposed logo for it is dorky and confused. They’ll probably go with Redtails because of blacks. And artistically you could get creative with the logo. Black dude flying warplane. Or just warplane. Would be good for marketing / merchandise logos. Another name talked about is Washington Justice. I’d be for that, if only for the irony. And it does sound good. I hope they don’t get rid of the Indian head. It’s so great.

        • Re: Redskins trademark guy: “McCaulay is well aware of the obligations that come with trademarks, as their holders are required by law to actually put the terms to use. “A squatter reserves a name with no intention to use it,” McCaulay told the Times. “I went to the extreme of buying a lot of merchandise, making it my brand, and selling it.” Indeed, McCaulay’s website features the product names. For less than $6, for example, one can purchase a Washington Redtails wine glass. His legal reasoning behind filing for so many team names? “I’m going to start a flag football league.” Jesus LOL.

        • Dude, the Washington Generals are the perennial losers to the Harlem Globetrotters. It’s a joke that emphasizes the capitulation to negrolatry and wokeness. Who cares what the name will be. Why waste mental energy speculating on such an irrelevancy while Rome burns.

          • I’m watching Rome burn on one TV and the Redskins controversy on the other. Lovin’ life my friend. LOVIN’ LIFE!

    • I’d vote for the “Whiteskins.” Everyone knows the white man is the most evil, barbaric, savage, murdering, destructive, ferocious, predatory creature on earth.
      Imagine if you were on the opposing team and the coach came in and said “I’ve got bad news fellas. Today we’ve got to play the Whiteskins.” Everyone on that team would be soiling their pants before they even stepped on the field.

    • Somewhere yesterday I saw someone suggest the Washington Foreskins, because of all the dickheads in DC. And Snyder is the owner after all. Seems most apt to me.

    • Ehh, best solution I saw was to keep the name “Redskins” and change the mascot from an Indian to a redskin potato. If I was the owner, I’d do it for a season just to stick it in the SJWs’ eyes.

  34. Nihilistic and demoralizing. I’m going to vote for Trump. I don’t know for sure if it will help, but I’m pretty sure it won’t hurt. I know I’ve seen more dissident action since 2016 than ever in my life.

      • I like it when the libs get pissed off, but not out of schadenfreude. Arrogance and anger will cloud their judgement, which I want.
        Another part of me, though, agrees with Z. Could Biden be the better choice simply because “the country will burn” if Trump wins? Will we survive that implosion?

    • Voting for Trump and watching him immediately betray us and make a fool of himself is demoralizing.

  35. We’re not going to vote ourselves out of this situation, so voting for Trump in 2020 to “watch the left freak out again” would only be playing into “Finklethink” as the TRS guys describe it, which is essentially what ZMan described in today’s post too.

    “Finklethink” is named after a political operative that trained the Democrat and Republican parties to energize their bases and get them out to vote by expressing their hatred of the other side, rather than voting for any policy issues they expected to get from their own side. Over the course of three decades, the electorate has now been trained to vote on the basis of “if you don’t stay loyal to us, look how bad the other side is” at the same time as said electorate has been trained not to get any policy victories from its own side.

    The TRS guys point out how the Democrats betray their true believers just as much the Republicans betray their base. The Marxist left is never going to get things like universal healthcare; instead they’ve only been trained to clap like seals for big business as big business wraps itself in BLM and pride flags. Likewise, look how brazen Trump and the Republican establishment has been in betraying their voters on issues like immigration restrictionism—reneging on visa restrictions and signaling for the inevitable DACA amnesty just months before the election!—because they know their browbeaten base will fall for “those evil Democrats are even worse!”

    For any remaining Trump supporters in this thread: are you really gonna vote for him just to see “the left freak out again” even though they’re already freaking out? Are you really voting for the inevitable post-election DACA amnesty should Trump win? You’re getting played, you’re engaging in Finklethink. The correct response is to check out of the system and not vote. You don’t have to vote for Biden at all, but checking out helps the system unwind.

    An even bigger blackpill that ZMan also referred to in today’s post is that most white people don’t care about their posterity. They slobber over sportsball, they rally around Bubba Wallace’s car, they’re stuck in DR3, they all IKAGO, they support their daughters’ miscegenation. For the longest time the dissident right labored under the assumption that we somehow would become the leaders of a “silent majority” that all supported our positions. The blackpill is that this probably isn’t true, that we are very much a silent minority. We’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that we’re probably going to have to be a small, high-quality opposition, isolationist, or separatist outlier in the decades ahead, not some kind of resurgent assertive majority.

    Some time ago there was a really good comment here to the effect of not all redpilling is permanent. The commenter argued that, in their experience, many of the people they though they had redpilled, over time, ended up slinking back into the comfort of DR3, IKAGO and miscegenation. This only shows how we have to be smart with our redpilling effort: don’t waste time on Conservative Treehouse softies and weaklings who you suspect will always slink back into “the DEMONRATS amirite!” comfort when times get tough. Stick to those who consciously know they are under assault for being white and need only a bit of nudging to make the rest of the journey to our side.

    • We have two choices, Trump or Biden

      McDonalds or Burger King

      Yeah, sure I’d like to have a Michelin 3 Star restaurant on the list

      • Elect Biden and you get Kamala Harris after Biden is shuffled off to the Alzheimer’s home.

        That’s a difference worth thinking about.

        • No doubt

          That alone makes this not an election to be shrugged off or taken lightly

          In a larger sense, I get this feeling that we are trying to make America into something it isn’t and never was. It reminds me of these people who buy all new windows, new siding, install a porch on a mobile home. Thinking it will make it into a real house.

          So from my perspective, I don’t see any value in getting all worked up over the direction of the country. It’s never been my country; if it was, this wouldn’t be happening. I’m a guest, for all intents and purposes, who has achieved a semblance of squatter’s rights. But when they decide to give e the boot, the boot I get. It is my duty to my family and to myself to be honest about it and to accept my status and make decisions based on this reality.

          So a vote for Trump s really just a vote for someone who makes my time here a little more enjoyable. Like voting for a store manager whom, as an employee, I’d rather deal with in the mornings when I am cranky and tired. I don’t own the store and never will. So take what I can get.

          • “So a vote for Trump s really just a vote for someone who makes my time here a little more enjoyable.”


          • the psychic break of the left might be the “good enough” reason to give Trump another vote…it might also be the only reason. re-watching the tantrums always makes me feel better.

        • It’s not. We’re getting Harris or someone like her either in 2021 or 2025. It makes no difference when at this point. Don’t waste your efforts on Team Red vs. Team Blue anymore. I certainly won’t.

      • Better yet, we have two choices, as Z put it succinctly the other day: vote Biden, and we are back to 2012. Vote Trump, and we are in civil war.

        • We are not going back to 2012. We are going forward on the left’s long march through institutions and the fruits of that long march in one world government, bar-coded vaccines, social merit points and cashless society. Trump was a subtle interruption to that trajectory.

          • I do believe that we will escape and make a better life in our own communities. They will come for us one day, but they’ve got some work to do before that happens.

          • We have to make a home before we can go big. One precedent doesn’t have to set the rule.

          • He didn’t have Community that’s why they were able to do what they did him…Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to EE anyway… Wonder why your so against building Communities and instead have advocated to run away…Hmmm

    • And there a LOT of copers trapped in Finklethink in this very comments section!

  36. Regardless, the end of Jeff Sessions marks the end of immigration, nationalism and populism as salient forces in official politics. 

    Were they ever genuine in official politics? They have long seemed more like vaporous positioning than sincerely held beliefs. El Trumpo’s appeals to traditional nationalism only added to the sum total of pseudo-sincerity in the air.

    Maybe it’s a good thing that the conflict is moving to another venue than vote-catching speeches.

  37. If we really are all on our own and no one is coming to save us and the borders will soon be even more wide open, what is to be done? Do a thought experiment. You now live in a country turned into Brazil or South Africa and your liberties are gone and your name is on a list and your white skin is what keeps the hate going that sustains those groups allied against you. What are you doing to survive? What do you wish you had done ten years earlier to make your survival easier now? The people on the Titanic looking for stuff that floated were not defeatists.When we live in a country where a woman gets shot in the head by numerous people for saying all lives matter and we see statues of George Washington torn down and the population is more concerned about if Colin Kapernick is going to come out with a line of clothing we are not defeatists, we are defeated and occupied.

    • as my grandfather used to say, your best friend is the dollar in your pocket

      I think we are all on our own

      I’ve been an outsider all my life, so I will survive. A lot of us will. Others are going to have to start thinking creatively and forming tight knit communities

    • It would be worse in prison. The Aryan Brotherhood did pretty well for themselves. I’ve always wondered if they fan boys of derbyshire. Be pretty funny if posters of Derb decorate their cells. I do know they partial to Nietzsche, so it’s possible.

    • You’re only defeated when you’re dead. The defeatists believe all whites will soon be dead, or at best, formally enslaved. I don’t buy that bullshit for one minute.

      • It’s because they are surrounded by the pozz and that’s all they see so they think they are defeated before they even begin to fight…I get the feeling that people don’t believe that there is any hope left and that’s just sad…

        • There isn’t any hope within the current system. That’s the truth. Absent a miracle, and it’s over. The right lacks the talent, the psychology, and the drive to make a meaningful change. There are just too many data points in this direction to claim otherwise. Many conservatives are old boomers wedded to 2A fantasies and the like. Others are fringe internet weirdos. You don’t build a future with that. The other side has all the talent, all the drive, and thus all the institutional power. A Russian making the same kind of observation about his country in early 1917 would have been right on the money, too. Same here.In fact, I’d argue the left is in an even more lopsided position in America than it was in Russia just before the October Revolution. The only things holding the left back here are institutional inertia from the previous free age (rapidly erroding), the economy, and their concern for maintaining their global empire. It’s not hard to see where things are going.

          • You’re far too dire. There’s plenty of talent and brains on our side, and the drive is slowly developing. The other side, for all of its success, is irrational, and, except for a white sliver, stupid. They are also mechanically declined. The balance of the social capital is on our side.

        • Living behind enemy lines is never pleasant. And that is what all dissidents are doing. Norm-cons are too, although they don’t yet realize it.

      • This comment perfectly demonstrates the psychology of the right, and why they lost: they are incapable of thinking as a group. Individualy, the observation is true, but for groups this is not true. The Whites of South Africa are clearly a defeated people even though many remain. American Whites are on the verge theselves. As a people, we are on the precipice.

  38. If Kris Kobach loses in Kansas, then Flight 93 has definitely crashed, at least in terms of institutional power. But was 93 ever aloft? One Senator out of 100 being anti-immigration, whether it be Kobach or Sessions, is not the ratio I want. There should be 55 Senators there who are anti-immigration. That leaves the power of grassroots and alt-media, which is also small, but it’s our best hope now. This is a generational fight.

    • Since Kobach and Sessions are out, who exactly are anti-immigration in Congress?

      No one. It’s over. Move to Eastern Europe and make Eastern Europe Great Again!

        • No, I live in the downward spiraling U.S. and it’s where my people come from and I think I need to return there. I’ve been working on the language.

          • My wife has Slovakian roots. I would consider moving there. I know Russian fairly well already, so that will help me with the language if I decide to take the plunge.

  39. Sessions recused himself from the Russia hoax and changed the course of the Trump presidency, damned it really — unforgivable. Or so I thought, but Z Man and Ann Coulter were still pro Sessions, so maybe I’m terribly wrong. Sessions was a swamp creature who would have re-joined his congressional colleagues to serve the inner party, no? I’ve come to think of Sessions as a Trey Gowdy, the good old boy championing in words the pro-white American causes but never actually *doing* anything to help. Did Sessions not undermine us? Why would we want him back to lie some more and, with his decades of know-how, work the congress against white American working people?

    • If a cop comes into a bar and asks if there are any under-age drinkers, Sessions would be the guy who rises from his stool and points them out and then is super proud of himself for being such a good and honest Boy Scout. Meanwhile, the bar owner is arrested and carried away in cuffs and loses his livelihood.

    • Come on. What’s preventing him from mandating E-verify? Jr and Eric implemented in one Trump biz back in 2019 and discovered dozens of illegals were employed there. They never expanded to the other 95% of the businesses and now Trump is against it. That can’t be blamed on Sessions.

      • E-verify is a joke. Any electronic checker is malleable and used to the detriment of average white workers.

        • Care to explain? It discovered the illegals at one Trump resort. Better than nothing. Of course it could be improved if there was the will to do so. During his first full two years Trump handed out hundreds of thousands of “discretionary” work permits to border jumpers. More than Obama or W ever dreamed of. What does that say to you about his true intentions re: immigration?

          • So Trump is going to pay workers to be legally here and make way more than he’s allowed to pay by law? I don’t think so. Do you?
            Trump’s hiring practices are not what the U.S. standards are set by. As a businessman, he will want to go with what is most affordable and the best quality for his companies. Is that so hard to understand?
            Given your standards, Bernie Sanders should be having socialist pay and retirement standards for his workers and yet, we see they suffer under the same cheap wages and crappy healthcare the rest of us do.
            What do you think of Trump taking on China? Are you displeased that Trump is bringing billions of dollars and jobs into the U.S. via tariffs that we used to sacrifice to China under globalist/neoliberal policies?
            Do you want to continue our downward spiral of jobs being outsourced to Asia and lack of revenue while bringing in to the U.S. unprecedented numbers of 2nd and 3rd world savages, milking our social services, medical and school programs while giving back very little to the private sector?

          • One long excuse from a Trump sycophant. Nowhere in this comment did you provide an explanation. Just deflection and boilerplate.

        • So e-verify is a joke, but an anonymous comment on an obscure shitpost thread from a decade ago can get you doxxed and boxed.

          Where there is a will, there is a way.

    • You know nothing about Jeff Sessions or his opponent. Tuberville IS a swamp creature and fits your Trey Gowdy comparison nicely. Pure TCS. Because butt buddy Donald Trump threw one of his moronic tantrums on Twitter, his MAGA sycophants just assume he’s right and make excuses. When he goes down, Ann Coulter will look like a prophet.

    • I think y’all are a bit tough on JS. I remember him at the Trump rallies prior to the election and he was beaming. He was so pro-Trump he would’ve jumped on a grenade for him. His problem is that he was honest to a fault … probably a bit like King from Iowa.

    • Unplug yourself from the left right, red blue paradigm. The main point is that it doesn’t matter if Jeff Sessions, Scooby Doo, or David Duke was the AG.

      The system is failed and it’s time to stop expecting things from it.

    • Napoleon before Waterloo: Don’t worry guys. I got this.

      Napoleon after Waterloo: Maybe I should have cut my losses and quit while I was ahead?

  40. Before Trump came down that escalator no one in this thing thought we were going to vote our way out of this mess…then Dr. Kevorkian rode down from his lofty heights to give us his brand of hope and change and numb us to the fading of the light…and here we are now worse off than ever…still pining for an epicurean degenerate to lead us all to the promised land.

    This system is dead dead dead dead dead….Do you really want to give it just one more shot? Comeon! Just one more!
    Stop sitting by the window waiting for daddy to come home. It’s your turn to deal with it. No one else is coming except to string you along and have you waste even more time on false hopes.

    Don’t vote for any office that has to do with DC. Keep it local if you have an even half-I-can-live-with-it choice. Let us not just not vote but vociferously not vote by condemning what has become of the system. To continue taking part in our civic responsibility is to lend a veneer of legitimacy to the steady dismantling and over turning of what our ancestors built. I voted against the Mexifornization of California 3 or 4 times during the past 4 decades…all passed and all were overturned by the courts. Even if you win there is still no toy in that Cracker Jack box. But Ginsburg…SCOTUS… is the Maginot Line with or without her.

    Stop feeding the beast. We’ve been helping them dig our graves for long enough.

    • Maybe it’s time for American workers to move to Mexico, illegally obtain jobs and support, and demand equality and rights in Mexico on par with Mexican citizens. Whites would come out on top due to our biology and accompanying work ethics and productivity.

      • It’s feasible if americans move in huge numbers, small number of whites will be in trouble cause of the cartels.

        • We need a right-wing militaristic leader to make this happen, I imagine. It’s a fantasy as I don’t see any white men around who are capable of these things.

          • There’s a certain karmic protocol to how these right wing dictators manifest.(with exceptions of course, such as Putin)
            1.Create a new right wing political group.
            2.Guaranteed media will demonize the group.
            3.The right wing leader will become popular with the whites specifically cause the media demonized him so much in the 1st place.(same thing happened with Trump & Hitler & many other old right wing european leaders)
            4A.Leader gets assassinated, members get jailed & tortured.
            4B.Leader organizes coup & takes over USA.

          • Putin is hardly a right-wing dictator. He’s a die-hard patriot who took on and subdued the oligarchs. Can we in America claim anything similar? Russia is so lucky, maybe it’s not luck, maybe it’s divine intervention. Maybe Putin created the great Northern Kingdom as stated in the bible. I think he did.

          • Ironfisted rulers are part of Russia’s political culture. Have been since the 15th century.

          • And held onto it… another great example of power over ideology / principle…

            He will now rule Russia until 2036, despite supposedly being limited to 2 terms lol.

            Cuck Jeff recuses himself because he’s a gentleman. Chad Vlad does what he needs to do to protect his people, religion, and nation from outside threats that WOULD re-assert themselves if he left power.

  41. Good post and excellent analysis! My only add is that Jeff Sessions was in his 70s. Either he was unwilling to step aside for a younger man, or the Inner Party made sure that there was no such man available.
    By 2024 it is quite possible that the presidential election will be between female Brahmins: Nikki Haley and Kamela Harris. I thought that that prospect might finally awaken Normie that it’s no longer his country. Now, I don’t think so.
    Now, more than ever, is the time to take Zman’s advice and try to form local groups of like-minded people to try and ride out the next few years.

    • If it were “our” country , none of this shit would be happening

      Ergo, it is not “our” country and never was

      I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow

      We are just passers through, renters, tenants — paraphrasing the movie, I think, The Good Shepherd

      • We’re just here to pay taxes and keep society moving. Keep the 3rd worlders fed and clothed. It’s not ours. We are serfs.

        For a long time we were allowed a high standard of living so we would look the other way when confronted with this fact. Fewer and fewer white (men especially) are being given this privilege now.

        We are good serfs, it’s in our blood. We honest and hard working. Maybe it’s time to change that (especially on the honesty part) – hard work is still a good virtue.

          • You need a purpose and a reason to bite,
            So as to repeat for the umpteenth time, leave me alone does not work. Will not work, has never worked. At best you drive the problem away for a short time and they return to take what it they wanted before.
            In order to have civilization your guys must take power, use power and make people do as you say. This does include people nominally on your side as well.
            This means imposing your moral order by force and making sure enmies are gone from your polity or farther if you can manage it.
            Also if you think you can magically live in modernity without a State , without taxes, without laws and a hell of a lot of coercion, you are a few cans short of the proverbial six pack.
            The uipcoming fught has jack all to do with freedom vs tyranny. Its one moral system (woke) vs another moral system (whatever that is) and if your moral system has no foundation to impose your moral system, you have already lost.
            Arguing about the JQ, about Antifa about BLM, economic systems or anything else is a abstraction.
            You have to be willing to impose a moral system on a society by force or you lose to anyone else willing to do so.
            And last to repeat, leave me alone is not a moral system. An invitation to be taken over by someone else willing to impose their order on you.
            Get hard, get organized, make friends and make sure you are all fighting for the same set of rules, they same society or close enough or reserve your place in the camps.

        • That’s the jewish opinion as well.
          In fact khazars(jews) never worked the fields, they hired mercenaries to kidnap white serfs(slavs).
          Everytime jew meets hard-working white, he tricks him, this is a recurring stereotype in all types of european societies.
          In many monarchies jews seduced nobles, permitting the khazars to have authority over their serfs.
          In communism jews enslaved the proletariat.
          In capitalism jewish bankers dominate the entire political scene.
          Nazism ended up becoming reason for white man to hate his own race.
          No matter the system jews always win.
          If I wouldn’t believe in demonic intervention & dark magic I would think white race is moronic.
          This is one proof Jesus is the Real God imo, Satan favours them for killing Christ.

        • That’s why we separate ourselves from the parasites and build our own Communities for our people so all our hard work goes to our people and not the parasites…So simple a caveman could do it…We do get quite a bit of pushback though so it must be something they fear…

      • ‘Never was’ eh? This country was kept 90% White with very little 3rd world immigration until recent decades.

    • God help us, women “leaders” like Nikki Haley and Kamala Harris will hammer in the last nails of our coffin, and implement destructive policies with zeal. It’s over in the U.S. Immigrate back to your ancestral homelands if possible. The U.S. will be engulfed Brazil-style into violent multiculturalism necessarily headed up by strongmen and authoritarian governance, which was the whole aim.

      • I recommend moving to Argentina or Chile or maybe some other south american country.
        Western Europe is just as fucked as USA is.
        Let mestizos come to USA, while u run towards their countries.

        • Argentina and much of Europe, especially Portugal these days, are jewified. Other latino countries have no interest in whites, unless whites are willing to adopt latino culture, which is very different from European culture. So if you want to live with white European Christian culture, that leaves Eastern Europe.

          • Or get off you ass and find a way to make people live by Christian rules.
            The US is chock full of White Christians tied of being ruled by a secular nigh Satanic elite.
            None of you guys though wants to say the obvious, we should not accommodate wickedness to buy peace.,
            Now there are some Christians who would be willing to work with Heathens who hate Globohomo, that’s fine but the goal needs to be the imposition of a moral society whatever that is.
            Start doing that and be willing to sacrifice maybe just maybe you can have it.

        • Yes, maybe whites could overcome and rule in latino cultures, but I think the jews and corporate interests already rule there, leaving white where they currently are in the US: tax cattle and losers.

          • I thought u wanted to run away from being hammered by globo-homo puppets, not to rule South America.
            Doubt by running to Eastern Europe you will rule there, not to mention they have difficult languages.

          • Why shouldn’t white people rule our part of the world?

            You show you have been brainwashed to think the new way: whites are bad and indigenous people of color need to rule the Americas. Get ready for disaster. Whites create wealth, people of color create chaos and poverty.

          • If u wanna rule a part of the world then fight in your own country for your own people, don’t try to run away, expecting to rule over others.

          • My own country? You mean that country filled with latinos, blacks and asians? Get real. Ridiculous.

      • Correction: That’s Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, aka, Nikki Haley, gungho neocon. Vicious Indians, like Kshama Sawant, that bloodthirsty Indian in our Pacific Northwest. They are ruthless compared to whites.

        • Ruthless and relentless. They remain energetic while most whites tire.

          Indians are going to be the biggest problem demographic, mark my words. Not China, not Muslims, not Mexicans. They have stewed for thousands of years in below shithole conditions. When moved to a first world country, that chutzpah and energy required to simply eat in India, blossoms and they overtake everyone and everything.

          I have matching energy to live, and for my people to live. Unfortunately the vast majority of whites appear to not have this.

    • Normie cux are far too busy not seeing color and salivating over the latest young negro bodies that have been recruited to their alma master’s football team.

    • By 2024 half of “conservatives” will be saying “if I had a daughter she would look like Kamela.” The other half will fever at the possibility that their sons might earn a seat at the table by browning his seeds under the radiance of a strong independent womyn of color.

      By the time the Boomers in power are ready to pass the baton there will be nobody in the room but for Adriana, a portly “associate health provider” who will pull the plug an hour early to catch the second half of the LA Reconquistadores game.

      I kid! Sorta. The Stockholm syndrome of captive whites, however, is real. We will have to let most of them go.

      Similarly, the empty-chest elders who have aggregated wealth and power – however tenuous, while liquidating the collateral of our people, are not the solution to what lies ahead.

      They have made this clear. We have no god-emperor or soros, but we have competency and resolve and truth. That is enough.

      The task at hand is as much about making stainless steel from the abundant blackity black pill ore as it is anything else. Its a spiritual battle, after all.

      A new generation of silents will have to rise; architects and builders and stewards of what remains of our people, who start digging in with no delusions of AR15 or ballot box battles but rather quiet, focused efforts that are largely uncelebrated and unrewarded by worldly gains, but instead divine a wellspring of grace and hope for a better future for the little toe-heads playing in the grass at their feet.

      The harsh lessons of our recent past should cast long shadows. Colorblind non-judgement and other demonic perversions like “tolerance” are how stone-age mohammeds with box cutters doomed the flight before it even lifted off.

      And like those 737’s at 30k feet, the community cannot afford to be struck with the choice of “wait and see after november” or “storm the cockpit”.

      TL;DR: Time to rekindle meekness – as it is mean to be, and set loose upon the tasks of building.

        • Exactly. For a long while I squandered my gifts attempting to make up for the fact that I chose not to plant during the best time to plant a tree: 20 years ago.

          A mistake I strive to atone.

          There is a lot of focus on our side about what has been lost or not – and how to get back to 20 years ago; less so about how to plant that tree during the second best time to plant a tree: now.

  42. Flight 93 had crashed before the 2016 election was held. Whether Trump is re-elected or not, the wheels have been set into motion. It is time to resist, resist, resist and ignore who is in the Oval Office or whoring their souls in Congress. America is alive even yet. The United States Empire is on life support and the priest has been called.

    Sessions was my favorite senator. Both he and Trump still believed in the system and were burned because of it. Sessions learned a hard lesson. Trump has not. We need an explicitly pro-White political party to pull us out of the system BAMN. I’m under no illusion that party can do anything other than exploit the dying Empire and negotiate better terms of separation.

    • Negotiating terms of separation is our last chance to avoid the coming conflagration. But that will require an Awakening of White Consciousness. That means intensified Missionary work and Proselytizing. There will be Martyrs. Put your shoulders to the plow brothers and sisters.

    • An explicitly pro-white party will lose every election, because half of whites are traitors. Democratic ethnic nationalism will never work as a cure for Democratic anarcho-tyranny. Order must either come from above in the case of an executive or a military leader seizing power, or it must come from below in the form of localized armed resistance turning into balkanization.

      It will never come from elections, unless those elections were moving from a place of greater order to a place of lesser order. You’ve proposed a highly ordered electoral strategy. Since we’ve largely exhausted the supply of social order, that won’t work. Order, then, will need to be built back up outside of electoral means.

      Our role is to hold on and build up our individual/local power until a galvanizing moment occurs, while electorally backing whatever executive has the best chance at seizing real power, or at least delaying our destruction.

      • The purpose of a pro-White party will not be to win unless a miracle happens. The purpose is to gum up the works enough that a settlement can be negotiated. The one-half of Whites who will betray their race probably won’t vote for those trying to commit genocide against them, either.

        Politics is only a small piece of what has to happen.

        • They’re already voting for the people who want to genocide them; hell, many of them are leaders calling for their own genocide, just after the genocide of the badwhites in the suburbs.

      • “Half of whites are traitors”

        Precisely why meatspace exodus for whites must occur before we can truly begin to proselytize. Small communities means people you know and trust, and a minimized risk of infiltration.

        • Mission work and community building work hand in hand. Be smart about it for sure. I’m in the process of vacating my current abode (60% white) for a region that is 92%. But as a born again race realist I realize I have obligations to “familia mea”.
          Yes, 1/3 of us are spiteful mutants who in a gentler time would never have survived to adulthood. They are destined for judgement. Metaphorically speaking of course.

      • Half of whites aren’t traitors. Perhaps a third are. And while a white nationalist party would not win elections, it could pull the GOP rightward. But all of that is as may be. It would be no less difficult to build a white nationalist party than it would be to create Whiteland. Therefore, why not devote our energies to the latter?

    • Not sure Sessions actually believed in the words he said to his adoring followers. “You shall know them by their fruits.”

      • Hope your not conflating my reference to martyrs with Mr. Dobson’s support of Sessions. I consider Sessions nothing of the kind. My analogy is forward looking.
        Having said that, add Trump to your sentence and it is still relevant.

          • Sorry, I’m making no defense of Jeff Sessions. Is that an actual quote from Sessions? My point is that “we shall know them by their fruits” is true, no matter which politico is referenced, and Trump, as well as Sessions et al, have been found wanting.
            Rome’s burning, I hope to save as many as I can without going up in flames myself

  43. I read the Flight 93 essay back then and completely agreed that it was this land mass’s last chance to possibly change the disastrous course we’ve been on for decades and particularly following the years of obomba. Sadly, it appears we’re augering in just like flight 93. The deep state is too deep and probably no one is up to the challenge of actually draining it.

    As for Sessions, his recusal right at the beginning of trump’s administration was a big mistake which had a lot to do with the s*** we’ve been through the past four years. Well, at least there was some hope for a while. Now we can just get down to the business of focusing on survival going forward.

  44. Regardless, the end of Jeff Sessions marks the end of immigration, nationalism and populism as salient forces in official politics

    Very likely. But to paraphrase old wisdom, the Party might not be interested in unofficial politics but unofficial politics is interested in them.
    People who’ve been among the fattest the world has ever seen for decades can afford all manner of stupidities.
    Right up until the moment when those stupidities interrupt the supply of food, fuel, and other necessities.
    Then people tend to get real real, real fast.

    • I think it will take longer than you think; people have been filling their brains with false equivalencies and inaccurate understandings of causality for decades, even centuries. A lot of blood will need to be shed before people learn their lesson.

  45. So the rejection of Jeff Sessions is the death knell for the country. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s just another distraction.
    Voters will have a very clear choice to ponder when they enter the voting booth.
    Beware the angry, seething American voter at your peril. I see a backlash from what the country is going through.

    • I don’t get all the love for Sessions

      He talked a great game about immigration, but that is easy when you are a Senator and don’t actually have to do anything concrete. But when was in the position to actually do something he floundered.

      Why Senators should never be put into executive or decision-making positions

  46. When Chinese or Islamic historians take a detailed look at what destroyed the United States in the late 20th/early 21st Centuries, football is going to figure surprisingly prominently.

    • I think they will come to same conclusion as every other historian: what destroyed the USA was democracy

    • Analogies to Rome are done to death, but it would correlate well with the prominence of Rome’s gladiator fights in history books.

    • One of my first JQ redpills was Paul Finebaum. Why is a Jewish guy the voice of SEC football?

        • I used to love football, but when people started having football team-themed weddings, baby showers, and funerals, I realized things were going a bit far. God alone knows what could have been accomplished politically, technologically, and even spiritually, had half the energy, time, and money the average normie white guy spent on football between 1970 and 2020 been spent on more important things. Sure, people need entertainment, but when something that ephemeral and unimportant starts to take such a prominent place in your life, something is wrong. If BLM does nothing more than destroy the NFL, we will owe it a debt of gratitude, and all those smashed statues will have been worth it.

  47. Sessions wussed out and let the apparatchiks’ coup go on for his entire useless tenure in office. Whatever piddly reforms he might have made to immigration policy don’t come anywhere near covering for that.

  48. A place where a nobody can make a life for himself was never meant to last because that is not how life has ever worked or will ever work.

    It’s not something I like to admit, but it’s just the way it is as far as I can tell. As some have said, America is a “mistress”, and I like many have tried to make her a good wife. But she could never be one.

    • Same, America I’ve come to see is an addict for cheap immigrant labor, our strength and at the same time our undoing.

      • In a real sense, the cheap labor is the bulk of the population growth. These people bring their own societies with them. In a democracy, their votes will tend to bring about governments they are familiar with. For most of our recent immigrants, that means a de-facto authoritarian central government, crony capitalism and perhaps token allowance for an opposition but ruthless oppression always a possibility. In fact, that sounds a lot like our government already 🙁

  49. Sessions was a strong anti-immigration fighter but his treason (I don’t use that word lightly) vastly supersedes the benefit’s he brought. Here’s an alternate take to Zman’s above:

    “Jeff Sessions has lost to Tommy Tuberville, ridding the political right of this elderly buffoon once and for all. Right-wing Twitter is going into a meltdown, of course, because Sessions says such nice things. How could Trump betray us like this? Honestly, it’s sort of bewildering to see early right-wing Trump supporters not understand that the big man values execution & loyalty over ideology.

    Sessions blinked when it could not have mattered more. He’s personally responsible for destroying Trump’s first 2 years. If Sessions had sacked up like a man and told everyone in the FBI pushing the phoney-baloney Russia hoax to eat shit, Trump’s first 2 years would have been *radically* different. Instead, he ran for his cuck shed and let the Democrats, who controlled zero branches of the federal government at the time, staff the Mueller team run the entire show for the next two years.
    As despicable as Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy are, and as much blame lies on their shoulders for failing to harness the energy of the populist wave, there is nothing could have done if Sessions told everyone to fuck off. Russia would have been out of the news in 2-4 weeks tops. The endless shrieking we were subjected to about “Putin’s cock holster” would have petered out, and maybe we could have been more focused on immigration and trade. Instead, Trump couldn’t even staff his admission because Jeff Sessions was a weak-willed pussy.
    Trump couldn’t hire staff because Mueller would immediately subpoena them and break them with legal fees, just from the investigation itself. Anyone who had been to Russia, spoken to a Russian, or played the red team in C&C was immediately disqualified. There was a lot of whining that Trump wasn’t hiring qualified people. You know what most qualified people at the federal level have in common? They’ve talked to and interacted with other important, qualified people from nuclear powers. You know, like Russia.
    Michael Flynn is personally broken because of Jeff Sessions. His finances and life are ruined. Roger Stone got railroaded over bullshit. Trump could never play FP with a full hand because his enemies propagandized hostility with Russia. Other people you basically haven’t heard about were broken by the fees they had to pay to lawyers just to sit through the Mueller team’s interrogation sessions.
    The one man on Trump’s team who could have stopped the absolute shitshow of his first two years was Jeff Sessions. He didn’t, and he didn’t even tell Trump about it until the deed was done. It doesn’t matter if it was incompetence or malice. Trump values results. So, you know what would have been even more effective on immigration than a Senator Sessions? A Trump administration not crippled by investigations and fishing expeditions. We basically got 6 months of the actual presidency, and without the House, because of Jeff Cuckshed Sessions.
    The degree to which the Trump admin has been a disappointment, at least in the actual executive branch itself, is almost entirely due to Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse out of a mix of panic, stupidity, false propriety. When Obama’s flunkies told him that due to a suspected meeting that never even occurred, federal law required AG Sessions to recuse, if that doddering old fool had just taken a week hours to cool off and consult some other lawyers, everything would have been different. Choosing Sessions as AG was Trump’s biggest, most momentous mistake.
    If anything, Sessions is a sterling example of why choosing ideology over execution & loyalty is a dumb move 100% of the time. You need people who you can trust to sniff out rats and have your back in a fight. Jared “prison reform lol” Kushner fits that description better than Jeff Sessions. 
    Remember when wignats crapped their panties over Syrian pavement? A big part of that was Sessions. Trump’s early goal of normalizing with Russia was scuttled by the Collusion Hoax. Thanks to Sleepy Jeff, Trump had to walk a fine line, prove he wasn’t “Putin’s puppet,” because his own voters started to have their doubts thanks to how relentlessly Mueller ground onward in that first year or so. Everything in this admin was a thousand times more difficult because Jeff Sessions is a weak, stupid, loser. Doesn’t matter what your ideals are if you’re weak.
    So good-bye and good riddance, Jeff Sessions. You lost to a moderate-leaning football coach because you built for yourself a reputation as a weak dork who crumples when things get tough and leaves the people who need you hanging.”


    • Treason? Really? Replacing Sessions with a McConnell sock puppet is a good thing? My goodness.

      • I understand the point you push all the time about being pragmatic, and I agree with you, but yes, in this specific case, Session’s actions were so egregious that they simply can’t be overlooked. Even if Trump had actually wanted to MAGA (and looking back, he didn’t), Sessions *alone* ruined the first three years of his administration. I don’t think you are properly accounting for the weight of his actions on preventing the implementation of a real agenda. There is nothing worse than an ally that stabs you in the back in a moment of crisis. I would rather a Democrat in power than him.

        • Trump’s election was the last miniscule chance there was to salvage the republic. The actions of Sessions cost us that chance. Even after there was clear evidence of an actual coup attempt at the highest level of Federal law enforcement and the intelligence community, Sessions refused to do anything. BLM and Antifa were allowed to continue to organize and grow unmolested.

        • Precisely. If I had a gun and two bullets and I was in a room with a traitor and an enemy, I’d shoot the traitor twice.

          I can pistol whip my enemy after he’s dealt with. People who are turning on Trump now just aren’t smart enough to see that he’s the best play we have and would have been worlds better had he not been continually backstabbed by his cucked “friends”.

          The fact, for instance, that he’s managed to build any border wall is a miracle. Congress can’t deliver the goods on the border wall, and he has more or less broken (or at the very least bent) the law on building as much of it as he can. He’s used every available avenue to fulfill his agenda, but he just isn’t big enough to overcome the adversity he’s faced.

          People who shit on him publicly, where their livelihoods depend on it, I can forgive. People who shit on him on anonymous message boards because he hasn’t fulfilled his agenda need to get their balls checked for breast cancer.

          • <i>People who are turning on Trump now just aren’t smart enough to see that he’s the best play we have </i>

            “Hello, and welcome to Sandwiches-R-Us, how can I be of service?

            “I’d like a ham and cheddar with jalapenos, tomatoes and Italian dressing.”

            “Sorry sir, we’re all out of cheddar. Do you want goat manure instead?”

            “Sounds great, and a… What, wait? Goat manure? No, you silly trollop, I don’t want goat manure. Just give me ham and tomatoes, please.”

            “We’re out of ham, sir.”

            “What do you mean, you’re out of ham? Your weekly special is ham, cheddar, tomatoes and jalapenos. It says so on your billboard”

            “I’m sorry sir, my boss thought it would lure the punters in, but we don’t have any ham at all. My boss is Jewish, see?”

            “Okay, so what would you suggest, them?”

            “We have a shit sandwich supreme with organic dog shit and mouse droppings with a cowpat dressing.”

            “Seriously? Shit sandwich? Why would I want that?”

            “It’s either that or the turd meal deluxe, where the cook will personally barf on you while you eat.”

            “That sounds absolutely horrible! I guess it’ll have to be the shit sandwich supreme, then.”

          • Try again while actually responding to the content of my post.

            1) Congress has more or less banned the border wall
            2) Trump found a way to deliver it anyway, despite enormous opposition at every step and little to no help from his “allies”.

          •  If I had a gun and two bullets and I was in a room with a traitor and an enemy, I’d shoot the traitor twice.”

            Great expression

      • One of the main things I didn’t like about Sessions was his devotion to asset forfeiture, which has become a plague upon the land.

        • Even worse than civil asset forfeiture is the lesser-known uncivil ass forfeiture that often happens to those who go to prison 😎

      • Would you like human feces or horsesh1t as a topping on your pizza? That is how I see these two. Backing either seems odd to me given they are zebras of a similar stripe. My unsolicited .02

    • Saw that elsewhere, too and it’s a good point. It’d be hard to get worked up to vote for Sessions since when it really, really mattered, he took a dive. Still, I’d take him in a heartbeat over the two molesters who are my senators.

  50. The problem stipulating the election as the Flight 93 election was it presupposed we had a chance to pull up on the control stick and avert catastrophe. We’re too far gone.

    The pervasive rot endemic to the system has pushed us way beyond a political solution to our problems, insofar as the federal level being the only one that matters. Perhaps, come the revolution, local options will come about but for now we ride the leviathan.

    Not that I’m telling anyone what they don’t already know but the foremost problems confronting us are moral and ethical, cultural. Voting can no more change the culture than it can the wind. Sadly, the system must collapse before anything good come about… Even then, don’t get your hopes up.

    • The problem stipulating the election as the Flight 93 election was it presupposed we had a chance to pull up on the control stick and avert catastrophe. We’re too far gone.

      That only makes the analogy all the more apt.

  51. One of those stories with no good guys. Trump is a let down, Sessions an unforgivably bad AG in the early days of the Administration, and Tuberville is a buffoon. Given what the DOJ did to Trump and Flynn while Sessions’ “honorably” excused himself, I understand Trump’s grudge – I’d feel the same way.
    Nice that the AL seat with flip and maybe keep the Senate from flipping D, but otherwise a worthless election.

    • I can forgive Sessions for getting rolled by the establishment. Only cynical people like me thought the system was this corrupt. I don’t give him a pass, but I can see how his virtues were turned against him. Trump shares the blame and more. He was rolled by Comey, Rosentstein and guys like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The fact is, Trump turned on his loyal supporter for the crime of following Trump’s lead.

      • If a long serving Senator doesn’t understand the exact state of the system he’s sure to be a fool, and a fool is a tool.

      • The thing most frustrating to me is that Russia-Gate was a net win for our side, as it was such obvious BS it kept normies motivated. If Trump were as politically savvy as we thought he would have kept that alive through Ivanna’s presidency. Although the fact that he was not on the side of the people as much as we thought probably played a big part in his decision to get it off the playing field.

        • “I’ll run for president as a republican. Who cares?”
          — Trump

          I think that’s Trump’s sole mantra. “Who cares?”

      • A man with that many years in the Senate and in DC was caught completely unaware?

        Seems like a stretch

      • He was a Senator for a decade and somehow still thought being a genteel southern gentleman was going to end well?

      • Oh bullshit.

        the entire “recuse” was a scam that enabled the Russian hoax to neuter Trumps presidency.

        Either Sessions was fully on board with it or he was an absolute fool for not bailing out quickly to end it.

        Either way, fuck him. And anyone that trusts his position and resolve on any issue, including immigration is a fool.

      • Wasn’t it Trump who followed Sessions’ lead by endorsing Sessions’ nationalist ideas and hiring Stephen Miller from Sessions’ office? It became part of Trump’s American first campaign. Too bad it seems Trump didn’t believe in it deeply enough to stick with it.

        • With that in mind, was any of it real?

          Trump’s most trusted advisors — Ivanka and Jared — are zionist globalists. There we are. American political DNA: uninterrupted.

      • Zman, you’re getting, correctly, a lot of pushback from other responses. Sessions was a senator for a decade so it’s utterly bizarre that you’re painting him as an innocent little lamb. He knew how DC worked. In addition, w/r/t the people you mention who rolled Trump, (1) Rosenstein was Session’s pick as his #2 (Sessions even threatened to resign at a horrible time in solidarity of Rosenstein when Trump was about to fire Rosenstein after Mueller’s appointment) and (2) Trump didn’t appoint Comey, Paul Ryan or McConnell, those were elements that he tried to appease in his attempt to co-opt the establishment (a bad strategy, but one can understand why he tried).

        Everyone has a blind spot — this issue seems to be one of yours.

      • I support Sessons, but he should have known better after his confirmation hearing. His Democrat colleagues in the Senate openly smeared his character and participated in efforts to smear him as a racist during the hearing and after he took the AG job. Even prior to this, he cast a vote to confirm Eric Holder, because of the previous treatment Sessions had been given during Congressional hearings, thinking this show of magnanimity would help produce a spirit of non-partisanship around cabinet appointments. Sessions was already in his 70s with decades of experience in Washington and still totally naive about the nature of the left. How you could witness what he has over the course of his career and think the left was willing to give Trump a fair hearing is mind boggling.

    • “Given what the DOJ did to Trump and Flynn while Sessions’ “honorably” excused himself…”

      This is my problem with Sessions. The Deep State attempted to overthrow the duly elected president. They spied on Trump and his campaign. Theoretically nonpartisan bureaucrats conspired to fabricate ridiculous tales of collusion with Russia to rig the election. They committed perjury. In a sane society, dozens of these people would have been swinging from lampposts. Instead, they impeached Trump. The whole system is utterly corrupt.

      All the while, Sessions recused himself (or whatever) and he was respectful of the process and his esteemed former colleagues in the Senate. Please.

      Of course, in hindsight it wouldn’t have made a difference what Sessions did with respect to the impeachment/Russia/Robert Mueller fiasco. Trump doesn’t even try to advance (and probably doesn’t really believe in) the agenda he ran on.

  52. Excellent analysis. Whites need to put their energy into nullification and secession efforts and practicing not going peacefully with authorities. Voting in national elections will henceforth be a choice between complete White dispossession in 5 years or 10 years. And support a White Nationalist third party if the option becomes available. Which it almost certainly will.

    • 10 years is still better than 5 years. When I look at what I can achieve in 10 years vs what I can achieve in 5 years, it’s not even comparable.

      Furthermore, urban white liberals in blue states are the ones being hit hardest by the slow-moving dispossession. They’re the ones making sanctuary cities to encourage illegal immigration in their backyard when it gets clamped down on at the national level. They’re the ones defunding their own police departments. They’re the ones allowing riots to happen.

      I say let them. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Every year that passes, our enemies becomes less organized and less effective, and stretching themselves thinner in pursuit of ever-more power. Meanwhile, we become more organized, more concentrated, and more effective. Time is on our side organizationally and qualitatively, even if “we” (mostly urban whites) lose numbers to demographic dispossession.

      • Yes, the “revolution will eat itself” idea: quite a bit of truth there. Problem: every movement needs an enemy, and the straight white Christian gun-owning knucle-dragging male (us, mostly 🙂 ) is it! In other words, we will play the bad guy (not given a choice). Guerilla actions against the Left: anything that would create warring factions within them would only work to our advantage. Problem: virtue-signalling. Team A will say: “Look at how many racists my team rounded up last week!” And Team B will say: “Nuh-uh! My team is going to round up twice as many this week!” 🙁

        • Thankfully, though, the left goes almost exclusively after soft targets, not hard targets. And who are the soft targets? Urban liberal whites, for the most part. The occasionally cuckservative, but even those are rare. If you live in a red state suburb and know how to use a gun, they are not going to mess with you unless you go onto their turf.

          Nearly all of the whites you hear about being eaten by liberal mobs were either liberal themselves, or went into liberal territory in a display of bravado. You pretty much never hear about the mob going to a well-to-do, conservative suburb and confronting a bunch of property owners willing to defend themselves.

    • “White Nationalist third party”

      I wish! But I think that option has gone the way of Steve King of Iowa — it has been squashed, sidelined, silenced.

  53. Trump is without a doubt a net negative. In fact the entire GOP is. They exist to pull the wool over the eyes of voters and run out the clock on their demographics.

    In hindsight, Trump was just another in a long line of GOP pols who ran on issues voters cared about; only to immediately turn around and attack those same people via policies designed to hurt them.

    The one upside of the demographic change is we will no longer need to endure the GOP nonsense after this election. Trump will be the last republican president elected in our lifetime.

    • The last Republican President was Coolidge. Other Republicans were just naps between progressive meals. Most of them offered snacks between meals. Finally they elivered meals too.

    • Had Hillary been elected, she would have confiscated our guns by now, perhaps leading to civil war, or maybe droning of resistant Americans, and we’d probably be at war with Russia, Iran or North Korea. White men would be even more demonized than they are, probably with re-education camps and violence/murder of whites by the right-thinkers. Cashless society with monies distributed only to those who haven’t violated their standing in social credits by wrong-think. Are you kidding, Trump has delayed the looming leftist/globalist crackdown and I’m grateful, and hope for another 4 years of Trump to somewhat stave off the inevitable wall of blood that will break on the formerly great USA. Just wish he didn’t water down his own disruptive ideas with the appeasing globalist leanings of Kushner/Ivanka.

      • You acknowledge that Trump is just staving off the inevitable, so what’s the point? I haven’t seen anything to indicate people taking this time to build organizations to help them weather the storm.

        Trump is just a massive cope. Most of my conservative friends think that Trump is gonna win in a landslide and “beat those libs”, I shit you not, this is how young men are thinking about Trump being in office. Their delusions are tiresome unhelpful.

        • Maybe Trump was better for our side than Hillary, maybe he was worse. We don’t have a view into alternate dimensions.

          The world will do as the world does. We should focus on improving ourselves, our community, our family, and redpilling those around us. Regardless of what the world is doing.

          Too much time is wasted here on speculation.

          • I appreciate your expansive view of our situation, but then I wonder, when it gets down to the present, how are you going to vote?

        • The time that Trump buys us allows additional whites to wake up to what’s happening. That’s valuable. But it may be too late.

          • But additional whites haven’t woken up. Trump has lost support among whites and polls show a majority now support Black Lives Matter. Trump has been a net negative.

        • Its so people can pull their heads out of their proverbial asses and buy more weapons/supplies and such.
          All of these things are happening.
          And yes I know everyone is frustrated with the pace of action. That’s fine. Don’t be stupid.
          Instead, ask yourself why you haven’t acted and understand everyone else is in the same boat.
          And note if that answer is I am alone than get off your ass and go make friends or better go contact old trusted ones.
          Those two thousand man militias like we saw in Klamath Falls Oregon and other ones at Gettysburg when Antifa/BLM showed up (or didn’t at Gettysburg) are where its at.

          • Exactly right, abp. And I hear things are beginning to simmer in Tennessee and Georgia, too.

          • The US has a crossroads ahead. In not very much time, as little as a month and change unemployment is going to be exhausted.
            This could mean twenty to fifty million armed homeless hopeless people with nothing to lose in a very short time, a few months maximum.
            The options don’t appeal to anyone but they are as follows
            Lots more federal funds for unemployment and wait hoping the system lasts till the the rushed vaccine is safe and accepted , the later is you force it results in boog
            Have a few more funds for unemployment with states being forced open as a requirement at some point (say 90 days masks OK) which will result in some deaths and possibly end up in lawfare , boog ,separation or martial law
            Go straight martial law and hope you win the boog you just started
            Do nothing let the US spiral into chocs and hope it survives risking boog i.e the Snate majority leader approach
            And note it probably won’t be be the Right that starts the boog either , the Left is organized enough to give it a whirl and the US is looking weaker by the second.
            All our systems are failing and no nation lasts without food for very long. Worse we are not actually capable of a State solution o any scale.
            Sure a country boy can survive but we are only 20% country and another 10-15% country boys in the city

        •  I haven’t seen anything to indicate people taking this time to build organizations to help them weather the storm.”

          That’s because the first steps are largely self-driven and family-driven. I myself have begun preparing for the worst, and I have a crew of like-minded friends who are doing so as well.

          • If there’s any way we could talk privately, I’d love to learn more. I know where our best future is and it isn’t in this damn city.

            Bitterroot? Possible, but I have to move a little west (into the countryside) before I can make the whole trip. I have to gather a little more money.

            Thank you, Lineman. You’re doing god’s work.

      • It took the socialist/communist election victory in Feb 1936 and the subsequent months of violent oppression of the right to launch Franco on the second reconquista.

  54. The left-wing crazies hate Trump for no reason other than they were told he is very bad”

    I have one of these people in my life and one day they were sputtering about trump and I said “so why specifically do you hate him?” and they were absolutely flummoxed. They started stuttering about how he cheated on his wife and really couldn’t come up with anything else. I suggest everyone do it if they can. It was highly entertaining

    • Get what you’re saying: most voters are much less sophisticated than they realize. They’d take great exception to being told their opinions are assigned to them by their news feeds. Condescending, but also true.

      I’m with Z on this though. There’s only one issue I’ve cared about for 30+ years of election cycles: immigration reform, specifically massive restriction. Both parties have lied constantly about it the whole time. Now our fate is sealed, it’s too late to stop the demographic deluge.

      ”You can vote for change, you just can’t have it.”

      • It was too late long before Trump took office. The idea that you could vote your way out of consequences was always a wish-fulfilment fantasy. You can’t.

        • This a thousand times. There was NEVER any chance that Donald Trump was going to save America the European-heritage republic. Even if all immigration were cut to zero today, we would still be a minority based on birth rates.

          The proper metric by which to judge Donald Trump is whether he would be better laying the preconditions for a dissolution of the Former United States of America that ends with us Americans ending up with our own smaller country. He has been very very good in this regard, imo, by getting our enemies to show their true faces. He is a catalyst for noticing. Is it enough? Only the inevitable test to come will tell.

          • On fertility rates. Black TFR is 1.7 (a tiny tiny bit above Whites) Asian is 1.6 Hispanic 2.0 and White 1.6. Only Pacific Islanders are at replacement, maybe depending on homicide and incarceration rates.
            Also US fertility among allgrpoups gas declined at about 2% per year, maybe more with the economy and COVID.
            What is killing the US is immigration legal, and and demograhic momentum.
            This means your enemy isn’t Blacks, isn’t ANTIFA (these groups arethreats though more marauders than anything) but lobbyists and any business who hires non US workers .
            Once you understand that than an actual solution is possible

          • Asian was 1.47 in the most recent data. 1.47 includes WMAF babies. However the 1.64 for whites also includes mud babies.

            But yes, immigration must be stopped.

            That’s why I’m a single issue voter. Literally everything is downstream from immigration.

        • Indeed. It really started in the days of Reagan, when he granted mass amnesty (at Congress’ behest) to illegal Mexican immigrants, permanently pushing the electoral base massively to the left. He should have fought that much harder. That and no-fault divorce. He did well on economics, but he just really didn’t understand social issues at all.

      • I think our early Republic was on the right track when orginally, onjly wealthy (White male) landowners could vote. And for choosing the national leaders, it was done by the State Legislatures. I’ve often read the claim, and rarely a rebuttal, that democracies decline as the voting franchise expands. I guess the next step will be having dead people and non-citizens vote. Oh? We’re already there? 🙂

        • I believe that if the original voting restrictions were still in place, things would be far, far different than they are.

          People like the zman blabber endlessly about the evils of ‘liberal democracy’ but ignore the problem of expanded voting rights. It’s not that the entire system is bad it’s that it has been perverted beyond recognition..

          I’ve asked the zman before what system he thinks is better. Never recieved an answer…

    • In my former pozzed family, they’d bend your ear for an hour regurgitating the crap they got from the mass media, daytime tv and women’s chat shows…

      • If there is a future USA or Canada in your case contolling or shutting down the press TV and the Internet (say limiting it to 28k or so) ought to be up for discussion

    • Just happened to me last night. Was in a group chat w/ a friend and he said “I can’t imagine why any black person would vote for Trump”. And once again, because my patience for libtard faggotry is at an all time low I lit into him.

      Why? Tell me the –specific– reasons you are saying this, not what you heard on CNN last night. Several years of lowest black Unemp? Early release for black criminals? Please go ahead…

      Him: “Well, my wife is here listening and she will get very upset & angry if I get into this discussion so I’m going to pass for now.”

      Translation: “My NPC wife and CNN told me so and my balls (literally in his case, vasectomy) were snipped long ago so I’m just going to cower in terror at the gynocracy in my house as well as the one that runs the country.

      Let it burn. I’m exhausted and have rapidly stepped up my game to expatriate as I just found a way to do it much faster than I had imagined.

      • have rapidly stepped up my game to expatriate as I just found a way to do it much faster than I had imagined”

        Please — do tell!

        • Without getting into specifics so I don’t get “Blake Neff’d”–

          My grandfather’s country of origin has a ‘sanguine right of return’ for anyone that can produce documents he was a citizen. I have those documents as it so happens because I was smart enough to ask for them sensing I may need them some day. So if you can prove direct bloodline you can get a citizenship / passport VERY quickly beyond the usual tedious process.

          The country is in the Schengen Zone in Europe, which means once I’m there as Frank Sinatra said, I can make it anywhere. What I mean by that is, you can live/work w/o a visa in any Schengen Zone participating nation so much of Europe, especially the border countries; Hungary, Czech Republic, etc. are open to me at will simply by picking up and moving there. Basically the nations that don’t live in Clown World like most of Europe.

          That normally takes years and lots of money. I.E. “much faster than I imagined due to right of return”

          • Thank you. You deserve a good turn, Apex Predator, and I hope you find a young, beautiful wife, have beautiful babies, and live a beautiful life! I may do the same, with some of my family’s heritage that may lead to some door-opening. Fingers crossed. So sad to want to leave the U.S. Ten years ago, I would have never imagined I’d think such a thing, but here we are. Good luck to all!

    • I suspect his comment about grabbing babes by the pussy may have put a wad in many a Leftist panty, including those worn by the “men.”

  55. wow, zman’s TDS has reached a terminal state. had to stop reading the post after only 2 sentences. so sad.

    • Trump in the last 24 hours:

      • Helped get Tuberville over Sessions in the senate
      • Added the fool Gorka to his staff
      • Reversed Student Visa order
      • Started waffling on DACA

      It was easily in the top five most disastrous days of his presidency.

      • Why bother responding to someone who has copied Trumps writing style. These are the types of people who would drink his urine if he told them it was seltzer.

      • On the plus side, Trump will be turning the Oval Office over to an Alztimers patient in six months time

        • And a year after that, the Alzheimer’s patient will turn over the Oval Office to a black female wannabee dictator who really, really hates whites.
          Have fun.

          • And that statement will be true no matter which Black female candidate is picked as Biden’s VP!

          • My speculation is that Hillary has already replaced Biden’s corpse and will rule in proxy for him from day 1. There will be a power struggle with Insert_Winnie_Mandela_Clone_Here and the result will be the creation of kind of Carny Sideshow Politburo.

          • And you know what’s crazy about it?

            The end result, however awful, won’t be any worse than if we’d had another four years of Orange Fraud

          • Which is the main reason I want Trump to win. Z talks about this election like it’s Biden who will run things. It won’t be. It’ll be a Black Panthers member with a bone-handled axe to grind.

          • Demoralization. Yes, many of us are downtrodden and pissed off already; but could you imagine if a BP were overtly running shit? Some of us here say that would ignite whitey into action. I think we still need a little more time to prepare.

          • Battered wife syndrome. You guys just keep coming back no matter how badly they treat you. Maybe that’s why they do it? They know you will take it. Regardless of the election result, it will get bad the moment Trump leaves office because he will be the last republican president; congress will be gone shortly after. Whether that’s in six months or 4 years doesn’t really matter at this point.

    • Repurposing doesn’t become a meme. “TDS” was used for the leftoid apoplexy in 2017–18; it rings hollow now, and really just sounds like campaign-surrogate boilerplate in this use.

    • Regardless, the end of Jeff Sessions marks the end of immigration, nationalism and populism as salient forces in official politics.”
      I don’t agree with Z-Man on this, because I think these forces are such bigger than just Jeff Seasons. Others will come forward and carry on the effort. The great value that Trump has brought is exposing the fake media and the “deep state” for all to see. With the unrelenting opposition he has faced, from the media, Congress, academia, etc., we can’t be surprised that his agenda has been frustrated. I do very much admire his style of confronting and combatting his enemies.  

  56. Don’t regret voting for Trump in 2016. He was still the candidate with the most potential.
    On a personal level, even if he was ten times more impressive, a lot of people will not be able to vote for a man who treated one of his earliest supporters like complete garbage, regardless of his screwups. It goes against every code of honor men are still taught in this society.
    In a more civilized time Trump would be shot dead by Sessions in a duel, and we would all cheer.

        • I’m a little surprised at the degree of hostility to Trump here. Its not his fault the Roberts Court rescinded his daca order. Hell he went with federalist society recs for his supreme court pick (a mistake in retrospect). Fucking republican cucks stabbed him in the back at every opportunity, not to mention deep state. He was out of his milieu. I’m disappointed with him too. But he forced them to drop the mask. I’ve had to rethink nearly everything i knew. FFS i’m arguing for freedom of association in boomercon bastions and getting very little pushback. You guys a bit unforgiving. It’s probably warranted given the clown show we been subjected to, but still.

          • Who forced Donald Trump to staff his administration with backstabbers like John Bolton and nobodies like Jared Kushner? Who forced Trump to trade away his political capital on yet another tax cut before getting anything from the establishment? They took that tax cut and then stonewalled the guy for 4 years. It’s not their fault the guy is a sucker. Probably at least half of Trump’s troubles belong to him.

      • I hope I live long enough to see the return of that “more civilized time” people keep talking about.

        • Lorenzo, are you planning on living forever? The “more civilized time” is not coming back.

          The best you can hope for is total civil war and your side wins. Then a century or two of white people rebuilding. There is no voting our way out of this mess.

          I had hoped that secession might be the answer but I now see that oppton as useless. The nigs and other non-whites have been convinced we are the devil. There will be no peace until genocide happens. Who wins? I don’t know.

          • I’m old and not expecting anything good at all. I have some grandchildren who are so white they are nearly transparent. They are my worry.

          • Agree. I’ve posted the bit of West Virginia wisdom a family friend once said: There are three boxes to solve political problems: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. Good bit of wisdom from a part of the country that used option #3 at least a couple times in history 🙂 We seem to be drifting towards the final choice.

          • I have some family in West Virginia as well as east Tn. When the war comes, I think we can hold the mountains against all but nuclear war.

          • The mountains break up the shock waves. Dig in a little. We can hold it against that. In reasonable quantities.

          • First, separation is adequate enough and second, rebuilding will not take centuries.
            Assuming magic comet AH14W did all our work for us, unless some real life Zefram Cochrane comes along (and he ain’t Elon Musk) we are not going to be building a space future. Its neither useful for a people with modest fertility nor given our culture, feasible.
            Nor will we be rebuilding this tech dystopia or encouraging people to occupy urban centers. Hell we may have to demolish large chunks of the cities that weren’t already wrecked.
            If wise we may not bother with rebuilding the Internet or with High G cellphones or any of the other complexity.
            Instead will instead slowly undergo catabolic collapse into a more small town/agrarian society on the second rung of development
            Eventually no one will be able to keep modernity af if I may paraphrase Kunstler, the long emergency will just move along.
            Our great grand kids will take the train, read local papers and probably live a life recognizable to someone in 1910 with maube if we are very lucky, better medicine.
            And you know what? I am OK with that

      • Agreed. If Sessions was loyal he would have announced his intent to recuse himself before accepting his appointment.

      • Sessions was part of the 2016 campaign. As such he couldn’t investigate w/o a conflict of interest, so he had to recuse himself.

        • Communists are part of everything and they have conflict of interest also everywhere. Nobody cares. This is a war, not some kid of Gentlemen tournament and treason is worst thing in the war. Why Hillary, Obama, Mueller and the rest of the commies did not recused themselves from this Russian Hoax ?

          • Sessions was required by law to recuse himself. The guy arguably made Donald Trump president and then Trump and his supporters turned his back on him and ruined him so we could all get an open borders RINO in his place. Pathetic. What, you think the AG should have given Trump a heads up only so Trump could have then fired him and replaced him with a lackey who’d shut down the investigation? That’s Nixon territory. People would have assumed the Russian conspiracy was true and congress would have immediately impeached and removed him from office. Trump, by shooting his mouth off on television, gave the feds an opening to pursue an investigation. Trump did that, not Jeff Sessions.

        • “Sessions was part of the 2016 campaign.”

          Yeah? Then why wasn’t he decent enough to let somebody not compromised have the job?

          Bullsh excuse, and I don’t buy it.

          • Not compromised? How did he know in advance there was going to be an investigation? He had already taken the job. Like I said, no critical thinking ability.

        • Sessions is probably a good example of why trying to be impartial, or even peace-maker, usually ends up with you being detested by all sides.

        • That is because conservatives are conditioned to always follow the left’s rules. The dems would have never agreed to have their AG recuse themselves based on having shaken a Russian’s hand.
          Sessions should have told them to pound sand. Instead we got Rosenstein and Mueller running the FBI and DOJ , the result the swamp got away with everything.

    • I honestly can’t imagine how anybody can still think that voiting will conserve anything we want to hold on to. The only way White people will survive into the future will be to realize once and for all that we have few if any frinds in the world. It’s just not going to get any better any time soon. Smart, creative, energetic people who can think all the way outside the box will have to step up and take the lead. People with various kinds of expertise and experience, that know the system well and who can get around it or at least mitigate the damage. If enough White people can’t find the moral courage to make the sacrifices necessary to start fashioning the future now, not just for real White people in America but everywhere, then it simple won’t work. White people have to start thinking in terms of the long game.

      • Like I say, America as an open society is the equivalent of an easy lay, yet we fell in love with her and wanted to imagine she was a good and reputable wife.

        And a former colonial outpost. It will always have an unsettled nature to it. A glorified fort.

        All we can do is try to secure a peaceful settlement. And go from there.

        • Falcone said: “All we can do is try to secure a peaceful settlement. And go from there.”

          Wow, why didn’t think of that.? Maybe we’ll only have to beg forgiveness and wash feet on saterday. Works for me.

          • I don’t fucking think so. But you can go ahead and start without me.

          • I sincerely hope so. Do you know what happens to people who have never had any real money, and all of a sudden get pockets full hundred dollar bills? They can’t handle it. It distroys them. You think there’s mass murder and overdose in da hood now. Wait till the big cash comes rolling in. It’s going to be a blood bath.

        • It’s been decided that the USA is an open, multicultural society, so those that don’t like it might be best served by immigrating to one of their ancestral homelands. Of course, if those ancestral homelands are in northern, western or southern Europe, you’ll find the same multi-culti phenomenon. So Eastern Europe is shaping up to be the homelands for Whites.

          • Yep, we keep trying to make this mistress an honest wife

            I love America but I have come to realize it is what it is. It’s a glorified fort and colonial outpost. What can ever really come of it?

          • Even the vast majority of Western, Northern and Southern European nations are still overwhelmingly white. Demographics gives those nations some hope. America, on the other hand, is finished. Time for Plan B.

          • The sad truth is that most conservatives aren’t interested in Plan B. They think they are winning. MAGA! KAG! Trust the Plan! Qanon.Even if they were, they aren’t smart enough for it or selfless enough. They are a doomed people.

          • I’m sure most norm-cons feel that way. But I also believe we’re peeling away some of them.

          • I hope you and your wife explore what this land is you’ve inherited and choose to live there, if it’s suitable for you. Get out of this God-forsaken land of degenerates and violence and corruption.

          • I’ve got a Romanian friend. He’s a mathematician and nominally a conservative. I haven’t spoken with him lately, but I do wonder if recent events are causing him to consider returning to his home.

  57. “Trump and his stage handlers will read this as confirmation that his base is too dumb to care about the issues. They will just fall in behind their orange hero.”
    Not to be dink… but I see no alternatives other than not voting …

    • I’ll vote, not because I think it changes anything, but only to Hope see the the the left temper tantrum again. After that I would think the Civil war starts anew

      • I don’t know how old you are but my whole life I’ve been hearing “hey the Republicans stink but those Dems are worse so you have to vote”

        Three or four generations of that statement should be enough. People have been holding their nose and voting GOP for decades and it has accomplished nothing at all. Why not just skip voting and work a few extra hours?

        • Bitching about voting Republican being a waste is a way of looking high status and above the fray to people who don’t see through it, but to people who do see through it, it just looks like a coping method that lets you detach from outcomes and not pursue your own self-interest. It gives off an, “I’m not willing to fight for an imperfect outcome” vibe, and since there’s never a perfect outcome…it just looks weak.

          Conservatives may be liberals in slow-motion, but they’re still in slow motion. You keep more of your paycheck under Republicans, less money gets redirected to refugees & immigrants under Republicans, and less production is made illegal under Republicans. The poz spreads slower under Republicans, and you should vote Republican — ideally Trumpist Republican — because it’s in your best interests. And if enough reactionaries vote Republican, then the Republican party becomes more reactionary.

          I’m largely a passivist in that I believe investing a ton of effort into the political process is a waste, and ultimately the left will win, but I recognize that there is an ROI on something cheap and easy like voting and donating small sums of cash below the reporting threshold. In my personal life, I’m making huge strides towards being resilient against all kind of worldly strife, and every year that I can buy myself to continue those preparations will increase that resilience further. I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t want that for themselves.

          • I don’t make that much money so why would I really care about tax breaks. And the GOP is just running a scam vis-a-vis immigration. They’ll allow millions of people to come illegally and on guest worker programs, only to allow the DNC to grant them citizenship once in power. Stop falling for that line.

            Not voting isn’t a cope to create the illusion of control, just the opposite. It’s an acknowledgement that our rulers will do what they please regardless of my input, so why lend them legitimacy by lining up at a polling station to participate in the dog and pony show?

          • The Republican Party is the Pawl on the Democrat’s Come-along. They are there to ensure no backsliding while the next yank to the left is prepped.

          • Try arguing against what I actually said instead of a straw man you made up to make it easy to disagree with me while preserving your ego.

            “Not voting isn’t a cope to create the illusion of control.”

            Nor did I say it was. I said it was a cope for your ego to deal with your lack of willingness to fight by every available avenue for your best interests.

            Our leaders aren’t in control, nor are we; they’re riding a tiger, and if we’re not going to be part of that tiger, then someone else is. Voting is in no way a substitute for individual action and preparedness, but it is a mechanism by which we can influence outcomes to buy ourselves more time.

          • This is declaring that your vote costs the GOP nothing – they can utterly take you for granted because you will always vote for them. It’s a 101% guarantee that you will never get anything out of them. Votes are transactions and you’re giving yours to them free of charge.

            Blacks and other Coloreds of Person know to demand something for their vote. Whites must be smarter about this in the future.

          • Not at all. I vote for the least-pozzed candidate in primaries that I can, and I don’t -always- vote. But I don’t blanket declare ‘Oh, this guy isn’t a perfect candidate, so I’m not voting’. No shit he’s not a perfect candidate, but if he’s what we have and he’s going to murder me slower than the other guy, of course I’m going to vote.

            Trump was us demanding something for our vote, and we got it; a president who is absorbing leftist wrath, causing leftists to burn down their own cities, who is building a border wall despite all congressional opposition, and who is stepping up immigration enforcement action through every available avenue despite congress declaring it illegal to do so.

        • I get that and agree to some point. I think I’d disagree that “they are all the same”. I think that if the Donks win, the slide accelerates. Our side needs to stall for time. We have to get serious about opposing Leftie in a meaningful way, whether he’s with the Donks or hiding amongst the cucks. We all need to prep like mad too.
          I live up in Canada and the gun grabbing has already begun. I refuse to leave anything to my enemies and will oppose them on any ground they try to take. If you throw away your vote and concede your right to do so to Leftie, sooner or later you will be called upon to concede other rights too. Remember, those guys want to kill you and take your stuff. That is their endgame, and anything that slows them down needs to be on the table.

          • Yes, we do indeed need time. Many normies are waking up late — they would do well to acquire their firearms licenses and to move out of urban neighborhoods as quickly as possible. Eventually, the government will deny basic services to those who don’t bend the knee; indeed, that’s already happening in places like PA and CA. Our candidate is whoever gives buys us the most time to reposition and adapt.
            I’ve got a new job, and I’m praying to god it isn’t pozzed. I’ve read stories of power-tripping managers who demand that their employees pledge allegiance to BLM. On the one hand, I think about my family; on the other, these people disgust me, and I literally feel sick when I think about being compelled to comply.

          • Normies are not waking up. Normies are normies for a reason: they are imbeciles impervious to reason. They are pure emotion, conformity and virtue signalling, nothing else. Even during the Revolutionary War only a tiny minority actively supported independence and even fewer took up arms. Nearly all revolutions are led by a small number of aggressive fanatics in powerful positions..

            A recent poll showed BLM has a majority of Whites supporting them. Humans are herd animals; they move with the group. Whites will go along with the perceived victor rather than rock the boat, just as they did in South Africa. That’s your future. Next time, we should found a country with superior stock. Ideology matters less than quality human capital.

          • The job thing is a difficult situation. I’ve been there. I comfort myself by saving around half of my income, and seeing my assets and their productivity rise, my ever-growing stash of preps, and my ability to access higher quality, more secure and self-sufficient housing increase. I know that ever year I can keep up the act, I become more powerful. That keeps me motivated.

        • The way this Overton Window is moving, by 2032 all politicians of both parties will piously declare that all white people must be tortured to death, and we’ll still vote Republican because they seem to say it with less enthusiasm.

          • If trump weren’t trouble for them the please tell me why they have spent unimagineable ammounts of energy to remove him? if it were worthless, they wouldn’t have cared so much.

          • They need a devil / enemy. Trump is the most degenerate man to be POTUS for a while and completely embraces all the homo agenda. But they need a focus for their hate.

          • Eric Hoffer noted in the True Believer that mass movements don’t need a God but they do need a devil. For democrats Orange Man Bad is the devil incarnate

        • If trump weren’t trouble for them the please tell me why they have spent unimagineable ammounts of energy to remove him? if it were worthless, they wouldn’t have cared so much.

          • I won’t dispute the notion that Trump has broken most of his promises (too much). However, I’m absolutely certain that, starting right after the election of 2016, he started driving the feminized, elitist, third worldist, PoC, Leftists absolutely nucking futs. He, or more accurately, the Left’s reaction to him, has done more to force red pills down America’s obese, lazy, sports addicted, drunk and drugged, video game and porn addled throat than this blog or all of us combined.

            His re-election will send them over the top. Some will probably make videos of themselves jumping off buildings and bridges. An Amazon river of delicious tears will flow.

            His value is not so much what he does, but as a symbol, still somewhat legitimate rallying point, and above all – instigator. He’s the kid who puts itching powder in the class bully’s shorts, giving us all the chance to jump him and beat the shit out of him. That’s all he is or does and that makes him priceless – Vote Trump/Pence 2020, invest in itching powder companies!

          • “Owning the libs” while Trump allows more immigration than Obama (with his kids actively accelerating it by selling visas and financing), gives more goodies to Big Money, does nothing about corruption and tech censorship etc…?

            No thanks.

          • You sound like you expect something from him still. I don’t expect anything other than that he will drive the Left to make further mistakes. What’s the difference with Biden on those things? tech censorship? giveaways to corporations? corruption? Would Trump actually be worse on that stuff? Would it matter if he was?

          • But the left would have had the exact same hyaterical reaction if we had elected the local mall’s Santa Clause as a Republican: its a focal point for rage and team building, their Emmanual Goldstein to hoot at together for 2 minutes a day. Trump, his ideas, and his actions are thoroughly irrelevant to them and that process, so your point and support are incorrect.

          • A large faction in both parties hates him because of his style and they know that whoever wins will back most of their agenda regardless.

            If you judge him by anything but results, you’re hoping and coping, not making a rational decision based on your own interests.

          • Disagree to this extent: the rank insanity from the Left after Trump’s election has awakened lots of normies. That’s a very good thing. The Left’s Black Lives Riot/Covid hysteria election strategy has awakened lots of Whites, too. Again, a good thing.

            You and a few others convinced me acceleration is a good thing. Nothing would act as an accelerant as much as Trump’s re-election; the Left’s current madness would pale by comparison. If Biden wins, it is back to the slow boil and people fall back to sleep. In fact, if Trump were to win again (it’s more likely he will lose but still) we could get serious partition negotiations underway.

            Trump has done nothing and I would expect the same for a second term. I do think his re-election would accelerate left-wing violence and hysteria and force even more Whites to realize how tenuous their lives are and how meaningless election results are without a pro-White party at hand.

          • Well then, he gets a pass, E. He got the wall started when previous administrations wouldn’t even speak about immigration. He put the final nail in the coffin of the mass media. And yeah – tax cuts and economic reform are a priority with some of us.
            The other day he told the Governor of Minnesota to FOAD when the guy tried to hand him the bill for their vibrant peaceful protests. Do you think Obutthole or Hillary would have done the same?
            I’ll bet they wouldn’t – they would bankroll Minnesota and hand the bill to Texas and any other red state that still has a bank balance. It may not look like it… but there is still an awful lot of other people’s money in the offing for these guys and they mean to take it.

          • I think what Exile is trying to convey and he can correct me if I’m wrong is don’t put any sort of hope in Trump…My opinion is do whatever you want on the voting thing but don’t let that be where you stop…Start doing things that actually matter to your well being and that of your families and kin…

          • He got the wall started when previous administrations wouldn’t even speak about immigration.”

            No, he didn’t. He’s only built a tiny portion of that wall, much of which is just refurbished sections of old wall. The total length built is trivial compared to the length of the border itself and it will take decades to finish at the current pace. Biden will undo all of that within the first 100 days of his administration. All that while Trump has boasted about wanting the most legal immigrants in history. Anyone who believes Trump’s wall theatrics is a sucker. You’re looking for an excuse to justify his monumental failures, of which there are legion.

            He put the final nail in the coffin of the mass media.

            No, he didn’t. Media is more consolidated and powerful than ever before. They are so powerful they can incite riots, ban the entirety of the right from social media without push back, and turn elections. Endless anti-Trump coverage has kept his 538 approval at just above 40% and his disapproval above 50% for his entire presidency. He’ll lose in a landslide as a result. The guy can’t even stop Twitter from censoring his Tweets.

            And yeah – tax cuts and economic reform are a priority with some of us

            Meaningless tax cuts for greedy old boomers isn’t a priority for me or a majority of other Americans. I prioritize immigration ahead of selfish personal concerns.

            The other day he told the Governor of Minnesota to FOAD when the guy tried to hand him the bill for their vibrant peaceful protests. Do you think Obutthole or Hillary would have done the same?

            Meaningless nonsense that does not appreciably affect your life. Just a diversion for the easily deceived, low IQ MAGA’tards.

            I’ll bet they wouldn’t – they would bankroll Minnesota and hand the bill to Texas and any other red state

            Own the libs! That’s all these people are — hamsters in a hamster wheel, running but not sure why. The bill of which you speak is trivial compared to the size of the federal deficit anyway. BTW, Texas is going blue this decade just like Minnesota. But hey, at the least the 401ks are protected for the moment, amiright?

            other people’s money

            Boomers. Every time. As long as the burgers are cheap and the coke is flowing — and the bank account is full — they don’t care.

          • You all are speaking as if—-your vote—-makes a difference. As it is practiced here and now, the act of voting matters about as much as your opinion of the local pro team quarterback’s last performance. It makes for a lively discussion, but it means diddly squat in the real world. Today, the act of voting is part of the grand pretense that we have a say in anything. We don’t. Acceleration or obstruction is an interesting discussion, but your “vote” won’t matter. It will be what it will be. Now, find a way for each of us to motivate a hundred people to vote our way, and then you might have something. But we do that indirectly (and productively) by getting them on board with who we are and how we think. And even for all that, how to place one’s vote is not a settled issue in these parts.

          • we haven’t been to war with iran or china. Neocons pushing that hard. Its not stylistic problems for them as they would have you believe. The neocons hate him because he didn’t let them run the show.

          • That’s only by luck and pushback from within his own administration .. and from a Fox News host. I can’t believe you people really count this as some kind of accomplishment.

            Neocons pushing that hard.

            Yeah, he hired them. If Trump thought he could get away with attacking Iran, he’d do it. That’s a distinct possibility once he’s freed of consequence for his actions.

          • He has done a lot to undermine the left’s institutions, particularly the media. I don’t remember anybody talking about fake news before ‘16. (Yes, Hillary brought it up. One of her many Trump-induced mistakes.) That in itself was huge.

            Are you willing to take another gut punch to wake up the right, or do you want more feel-good time to plan and prep while the left shoots its wad? Really, where do they go from here? Seizing property and sacrificing babies?

            It’s a tough call.

          • He’s done no such thing. The media is more consolidated and powerful than ever before. Where do you people come up with this? The guy’s own subreddit has been banned along with most of his ’16 supporters. His account has also been banned from Twitch and his Twitter account is routinely censored. You think some dumb slogan about fake news means he’s damaged them? He hasn’t. The media was widely hated and distrusted before Trump came along. And despite layoffs, the left still DOMINATES the megaphone. Things haven’t gotten better, they’ve gotten much worse.

          • Because he’s a weak target easily exploitable for their own ends: rallying their base and fundraising. Trump is no threat. He can’t even keep Twitter from censoring his Tweets. The right is desperate to imagine Trump as some kind of strong man protector, but he’s just another loudmouth. He’ll go down in flames this November and his sycophants will be devastated. But how? We were winning. KAG! MAGA! Qanon. Trust the Plan. HOW!?

        • I’m right there with you. Choices distill down to sprint over the cliff vs walk over the cliff. I’m OK with buying time as long as that time is used wisely. But the other thing I’ve observed for 4 decades: after GOP voters get their win they tend to amble back to their consumerist La-Z-Boy lifestyle … 4 more years of watching the S&P and hoping for tax breaks. Part of me would prefer to confront Bolshevism now – in my lifetime – and get this generation’s crisis behind us. It’s like any other problem – the longer it lingers and festers the worse the final conflict will be. Let’s say we all vote for Trump and he gets a big 2020 win … will that be good for our side in 2024? And if Flight 93 has crashed, do we jump back on Air GOP for another ride?

          • I actually agree, that’s been the pattern. People were exhausted and angry after the 1960s and then the stupidity and stagnation of the Carter years. They voted for Reagan… and went back to sleep with the alarm set for never. Fortunately, the Left woke some of them up when it started a wild, drunken ghetto party in 2008, got the hooligans and thugs under control enough to keep it going till 2016, and has been wandering around on the lawn naked, drunk, and shooting off a rifle in random directions ever since. No one will be able to sleep after Trump’s re-election.

          • Totally delusional. He’ll lose in a landslide and no republican will win again due to the demographic change the right ignored. That’s what all the available data shows, and all the right has to retort with is the fantasy that somehow the polls are wrong again.* Oh, and a majority of Whites support BLM according to the polls, so no — they aren’t awake. They are asleep and they will stay that way. Even if they wake up, how exactly can a soon-to-be minority expect to rule in a republic where majority rules? Do whites rule South Africa? Hardly unless they are Marxists. Same even in states like Virginia and California now.

            There is no hope for this country. Even on this forum we’ve got poster after poster making excuses for this dullard. Nothing but talking points devoid of critical thinking. There is no hope for this side of the political spectrum. There is neither the talent nor the intelligence to make a stand.

            *National polls weren’t wrong in 2016. That’s a myth. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by millions, basically the same margin predicted by the best polls. Trump pulled off a miracle in a handful of states and proceeded to waste his entire presidency.

          • No….most the whites DO NOT SUPPORT BLM…they just may poll that way, but they won’t VOTE that way ( it’s no different than Hillary’s 87% chance of winning the election up to dinner time the day of the election by polling {entering and exiting})

          •  Part of me would prefer to confront Bolshevism now 

            I think we need a couple of years. Perhaps 2024 as a goal?

          • The confrontation is underway now and will get hotter with Trump re-elected. We don’t have until 2024. A Trump re-election is the ultimate accelerant.

          • I see what you’re saying and I agree. However, how hot it *does* get is a factor. We shouldn’t elevate the heat to blowtorch level until we’re ready.

            All this crazy shit transpired within a period of months, and it takes a little while to adapt and put things in order. I’m not saying we sit on our asses. I’m saying that we do our best to keep the acceleration controlled, and to keep the fire at our backs rather than engulfing us.

            I guess what I’m saying is that the nature of the confrontation will evolve (as you know) in stages. I don’t want to see too many people get left behind.

          • True, but the Bolsheviks have had a very bad fright, so they will pull out ALL the stops to see to it that Trump will not be re-elected. They’re going to put the Postal Service in charge of the elections. Lincoln destroyed the Constitution and state sovereignty, so it will be no prob for the Post Office to take over the elections. Besides, it’s what the Bolshies and the Deep State want. So …

          • Why wait until your enemy is stronger four years from now unless you’re really just scared and powerless and don’t want to admit it?

          • The difference has been and would be the viciousness of the State has been exposed and would intensify if Trump is re-elected. Biden will be back to a slow boil.

            You are right about the past behavior of Whites after a GOP win. They have seen now elections aren’t good enough.

      • I think you are right.

        if the democrats win the rise of globohomo and transgenderism will continue, and this time it won’t stop.

        if Trump wins the left will go insane and the swhtf. Best frog in the blender rather than slow boiled frog.

        • Despite my reservations about accelerationism, I think that a Trump victory would be best. The left will lose their minds (if indeed they’ve any left), and I suspect that they will implode rather than explode. This takes advantage of the left’s habit of overextension, as they tend to assume that their frothing crusade will transpire like a hollywood movie.

          But what if Trump denounces us after winning?

      • A Trump victory could so enrage the AWRs that they finally do things heinous enough to catalyze a powerful white identitarian movement.

        • You know what would really kick it off if Biden kicked the bucket a week before the election…Can you imagine the chaos that would kick off… Interesting times for sure…

          • Yes, interesting times. Relatively speaking, only a privileged few lived to see America’s birth in 1776. Likewise, few witnessed its demise in 2020. Hard to get much more interesting than that.

          • His vice president Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams would win in his place and such a victory would only legitimize the terrible things they’d do while in office. They’d have a mandate to enact reparations and defund the police, among other things, because they won as a POC. The right just has no critical thinking ability. Shame.

          • Obviously, you don’t live anywhere near a rural area in any state. Folks out here where I live won’t put up with any of that shit. Tank Abrams won’t be on the ballot in the first place, and Cuck Harris won’t do shit either. There are enough sharpshooters around here to completely decimate any so-called uprising of the BLM or any other lefttard dream of power. You need to get on the right side homes and realize there are way more patriots than you can even imagine that are ready, willing and able to annihilate any BS the hopeless left want to engage in.

        • I doubt it. The excesses of South Africa’s racial caste system has only caused Whites there to flee rather than to fight. Same will happen here. Thinking otherwise is a fantasy, a cope to avoid confronting the horrible truth that our side lost and is powerless to fight back.

          • Whites were terribly outnumbered in SA. In BSA we outnumber the Hutus at least 6 to 1. Take your pathetic defeatism elsewhere.

        • Yes. I believe that this could very well be the case. With the recent BLM antics, statue toppling and, in Bristol a case of statue erection (BLM ‘hero’), I think that leftists have shown signs of gratuitous overreach. Even in the UK, a Trump victory would incite further outrage and overreach.

          Whilst it would be a stretch to say the people I know that are ‘likely candidates for turning’ have fully woken up, they are most certainly aware of what is going on and are willing to talk about it. Two friends, for example, previously centrist in their views now listen quite intently when I bring up the subject of race. Turns out that pointing out to whitey the blatant power grab isn’t such a bad idea.

          As a second example, for once, my leftist sister shut her mouth and let me explain a few things about movements for ‘equality’ and the amount of hate there is for the Anglo-Saxon. Still, like I said, it is a far cry from a full wake up. But certainly in my circle, people see it and now they are more receptive to talks of race than they were before.

      • A few decades of Weimar America, under coloured management…and Old Nasty is going to look like a visionary. I tell Lefties all the time, “If you keep doing what you’re doing and think Trump is bad… just keep it up, and see what comes next…”
        The next step from dissident politics is insurgent politics. To be intellectually and morally honest, we cannot skip the steps. We must put our time in on the soap and ballot box before going for the cartridge box…

          • Yep. At long last, it’s come to this. It’s too late for politics to solve anything. The best you can hope for is revenge.

          • Absolutely. If we were going to make a third party maybe we should call it the National Revenge Party. Let’s see, In German that’s Nationale Rache-Partei. So Rache the Vote!

          • The National Reprisal Party
            The National Party of Reprisal. That way it’s NPR and maximum triggering is achieved. I think of lefty frantically scraping an NPR bumpersticker off of zir Subaru.

          • Lame. They’d peg you a neonazi, doxx you, and ruin your life as an example to others. Suburban whites would run away because they’ve been taught to worship MLK jr.’s words as scripture. Your party would then lose in a landslide and end up on the ash heap like the old alt-right. No critical thinking ability. Just none.