Covid Capitalism

For most people, buying a car is not a pleasant experience. Getting a new car is always nice, even if you are not a car person, but the process of getting it is almost always a hassle due to how cars are sold in America. Getting a used car can eliminate the hassle of the dealership, but then you have to worry about getting hustled by someone trying to unload their lemon onto a sucker. The car market is extreme capitalism, where no one gives a sucker an even break or smartens up a chump.

Strangely, this makes it the ideal place to understand what has happened to our society over the last six months. For example, every car dealership website now has a prominent banner informing the visitor just how much the car dealer cares about the health and safety of their customers. There’s usually a link to their page detailing just how much they care about you, the sap they hope will buy a car from them. All of these mission statements are titled, “Our Response to COVID-19.”

In case it is not obvious, a business built around the phrase caveat emptor is not concerned about the safety of anyone, even the employees. Like every business in extreme capitalist America, the car dealers see an angle in presenting themselves as guardians of public health. At the far end of capitalism, the business must be both rapacious and patronizing. Telling you how much they care about your welfare while stripping you of what they can is the standard business model.

The thing about all of this that goes unnoticed is how predatory economics has not just been normalized, it is now celebrated. Forty years ago, soulless money grasping was seen as immoral. The movie Wall Street presented a morality tale about how extreme capitalism was soul destroying. Today, the ruthless businessman is in the morally superior position, while the person doubting the ethics of his behavior is portrayed as a naive and stupid person, possibly even dangerous.

Maybe it is just a case of monkey see, monkey do with these dealers, but all of their steps to show just how much they care are the same across the board. They have “contactless” car buying, which is a very strange thing, when you consider it. How much physical contact would one normally have with the the car salesman under normal conditions? Of course, since their goal is to screw the customer, maybe this is a strange inside joke or possibly a cry for help.

Of course, all of this is just a racket and everyone gets it, except for the people firmly in the panic camp. They see it as confirmation. In fact, that’s the point of all these ads from giant corporations telling us how much they care about us and the communities they are destroying. It is pure partisanship. On one side there are the people sure this pandemic is punishment for Trump. On the other side are people who are sure the other side is using the virus to advance their ideological goals.

This is the world of today. There are now two camps of people. One camp consumes every event and metabolizes it into fuel for their ideological war. As soon as the virus became news their chief concern was in how to turn it into another weapon in their social war to control society. As soon as the hated Trump declared his side on the virus issue, the Left immediately embraced a set of positions on the virus. Every left-wing and adjacent governor blew up his state to spite Trump.

The second camp are the people who realize that the new issue is becoming politicized and they form up an opposition to the Left. In the case of the virus, they started as curious or maybe mildly skeptical. These were the people who said it was just going to be a very bad flu most likely, but we needed more information. Now they are the people who say the face muffler is the six pointed star of totalitarianism. For them, the facts of the virus no longer matter anymore.

In this environment, there’s no truth or even the desire for truth, as all truth is determined by which side of the line you stand. The car dealers, for example, would have lepers selling cars if it moved more product. It is in their interest to go along with the safety campaign, so they go along with the safety campaign. They would have their people in hazmat suits putting the buyer through a delousing station if that’s what it takes to sell cars. They care, because they don’t care.

Everywhere else, the caring capitalists are either proof that the plague is real and a punishment for the Orange Man or it is just part of the fraud perpetrated by people obsessed with hating the Orange Man. Not only does this make everything extremely simple, it means the simpletons rule the day. If you’re inclined to automatically take one side or the other based entirely on your feelings toward the people on each side of the line, this is a glorious time to be alive.

The car dealership is now the metaphor of our age. The people running it engage in the most extreme form of ruthless transactionalism. They do so while pretending they care deeply about the people they will gladly fleece. Meanwhile, on the lot, one group of buyers is misty-eyed over how much the dealer cares about this plague sent to spite the Trump people. The other group grits its teeth behind its face mufflers, fantasizing about the revolution and that sports car in the showroom.

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329 thoughts on “Covid Capitalism

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  2. Under Capitalism the consumer is King. Yes the auto dealer will put thier people in hazmat suits if that is what the customer wants. You say it like it is a bad thing.
    It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self-interest. And when you get a good price selling your house are you ruthlessly fleecing the other party?

  3. The other group grits its teeth behind its face mufflers, fantasizing about the revolution and that sports car in the showroom. The sports car they can’t get in or out of without breaking a hip? A few years ago I found myself on a car lot not having a good time. I thought to myself, the next salesmen that asks me if I need some help I’m going to say sure, but we need to get something out of the way before we begin. I said to him you are a pice of shit, and never talk directly to my wife. You good with that? No problem sir. Alright let’s get started.i got what I wanted.he scribbled YOU WIN ! On the bill of sale. It wasn’t easy to be so droll .its getting easier these days. Going to my primary care doctor is pretty close to the same experience. I just haven’t gotten the balls to call him a piece of shit to his face yet. I have a feeling that’s coming. I’d rather walk around in Harlem blindfolded at 2am with 100 dollar bills pinned to my shirt than go to a f$&#ing doctors office.

  4. OT – Inspirational !

    Dr. Ricardo Duchesne just posted an article with several listicles, based upon tweets that got him suspended from twitter. 

    “White Men Responsible For Almost All The Greatest Human Accomplishments”

    Reading those lists, I can’t help but feel both thrilled and inadequate – many of us have not lived up to our potential. 

    When Caesar was 33, he wept at the thought that his accomplishments were nowhere near those of Alexander, who at that very same age had conquered the world. 

    The comment section is shaping up to be very interesting – Dr. Duchesne is very sharp. 

  5. Off topic but I still have to say something.
    Many of us here are skeptical — hostile, even — toward compulsory mask-wearing. And I do understand. I’ve read some studies that conclude that masks are ineffective at best, and that they can even be dangerous to people with certain conditions. Moreover, the elites are forcing them upon us just because they like telling us what to do.

    However, this shit was released from a Chinese biolab. Interesting people seem to have funded it, many of whom are strong supporters of population control. This begs the question: what if this shit has some serious long-term effects? The earliest reported (besides lung damage) was infertility, which made me think. The virus wouldn’t have to kill so long as it could hamper reproductive success. Again, we just don’t know, and it might all be fear-mongering; but I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that there is something more insidious going on.

    Maybe, in specified situations, wearing a mask could be a good thing. I don’t know.

    • It affects minorities way more than white people so I could definitely see them wanting that side effect of infertility…

    • No, wearing a mask is never a good idea. They don’t protect against a virus. Period.

      Then there is the fact that any corona virus strain will mutate. The virus will kill some at first but the killing virus does not reproduce. The virus that does not kill the host gets to make more little buggies. That is why the common cold (a corona) is not fun, but not really dangerous.

      Look at the deaths. Always look at the deaths. There are very few now and almost none among the people that were healthy.

      Now science knows all this, but this corona virus is all about politics (and religion according to Z-man).

      • Yes, but what if the virus kills over a longer period of time? That would permit it to spread, lie dormant, and then recur years later with greater severity.

        This is all speculation, of course. I’m just concerned this shit is more fucked up than they’re letting on.

        • Why would you suspect such a thing about a virus that was cooked up in a lab with unknown modifications? About a virus with very odd symptoms unlike most known diseases? 🙂 About a virus we may not even remain immune to? 🙁

    • Another ZeroHedge reader, I see 😀 Yes, I agree on the biolab hypothesis. I’ve not delved into the birth control angle or Gates conspiracy or whatever. I do agree that COVID-19 has a very unusual list of serious secondary effects. I’m aware that other diseases can cause multiple problems, but I’ve never heard of a “new” virus that was primarily a respiratory infection, but could do anything from cause heart or blood issues, to nerve damage including major brain injury, to … anyway, very odd disease and it’d be great to know what buggery the lab was up to, but we’ll probably never know for sure. Eventually the propeller heads will tease out some details from the virus RNA.

  6. I’ve always thought new car buyers had money to burn or they were not car savvy enough to find a used vehicle they could trust.
    Misplaced trust is an issue here with cars and masks.
    I’m always curious as to when people think it will be “safe” to be without a mask or around people that don’t wear masks. The two most common answers I get are, when the news says it’s okay (doctors speaking through TV news), and when the CDC says it’s okay.
    So, we have massive amounts of people hanging on the words of MSM and CDC, and not believing any politics is involved. Ask them about numbers that have been fudged and they don’t believe it. Suggest that there’s a political faction in the CDC and they don’t believe it. Even though they should have already learned that media and government agencies that portray themselves as apolitical are full of political machinations.

  7. If money is all you love, then that’s what you’ll receive.
    Princess Leia
    On a more serious note, half the grievances that were in a lot of the deceleration of independence were about finance, money and immigration (aka cheap labor and larger markets)
    Hell back in 1909 the USG put down striking mine workers with bombers.
    Add in tons of immigrants who came basically only for the economy and you get the perfect foundation for a nation of amoral money junkies, just like we have.

      • I hate to be dump but is this some kind of Robespierre reference?
        It doesn’t really fit since I’m the guy trying to get educate people on how to avoid a conversation with proverbial the national razor and I’m a moderate social conservative/economic nationalist not a Leftist.
        If it matters the A.B. stands for Adam Benjamin from John Adams or Sam Adams depending on my mood and Ben Franklin back from when I was blogging.
        Some folks assumed it was from A+B theorem of social credit by C.H. Douglas but this is not the case although I am not philosophically opposed to Social Credit if we can’t find a better solution.
        A few Leftists assumed it meant Aryan Brotherhood which is mindbogglingly idiotic.
        I just keep the dumb handle.

  8. Very good image. All, or nearly all of us, have gone through the new car dealer gauntlet a few times by mid-life. I’ve bought new cars “stupid”, under pressure, also I’ve bought smart: In my early 30s, my first new car was a base Saturn. I liked, as did many, their “no haggle” and reasonable pricing. Sadly, that changed, and it is long gone, as is Saturn, a casualty of the crash of 2008. I mean, car salesmen are slimes, but they’re just doing what the job requires. But I really don’t need salesmen pestering me to buy a new car, when my one-year-old car is being warranty serviced…
    It’s probably unfair to call them completely unprincipled, yet it is important to remember that you are the fish among sharks, when you wander inside, past the streamers, balloons and free hot dogs 🙂 Come to think of it, the sensations of impending marketing upon entering a new car dealer is remarkably like what you’d experience if you’ve ever entered the lobby of a House of Ill Repute and (the inevitable joke at end…) in both cases you know you’re going to get f—-d 😀

  9. The dissident contrarian (i.e. po-boy) approach to car-buying. First, determine your threshold for annual depreciation on a car. I figure mine at about $1K/year but try to keep it lower. For about 20 years my approach has been to buy a $5K car, put about 75K miles on it over 5 years, and then sell it for about $2000. In my area you have to at least double that number for a solid truck – about $10K up front. This approach requires the ability to DIY all your maintenance, troubleshoot mechanical problems and learn new fix-it tricks via internet and/or manufacturer’s manuals. Insurance is astronomically lower. And don’t get the wrong idea … it doesn’t mean you’re driving a junker. At this point I’m having a hard time getting rid of my older cars … they’re reliable and still easy for a DIY wrench to care for.

    • Pretty much my approach, although I could stand to be handier with a wrench. Pay $5k or so cash, drive it for a few years then sell for a couple grand, more is a bonus. I don’t think I’ve paid more than $5k in repair costs and maintenance total over the last 20 years even without much DIY skill. Just make a good purchase and do routine maintenance.

      This is the kind of mindset Our Guys need for the future. Shiny new stuff on credit is off the table for wise dissidents. That money is better spent on family & community.

      Keep that house in the family and instead of moving the kids out, move mom & dad into the guest house and leave the big house to the generation with kids to raise.

      There are tons of lifestyle changes like this that make sense but everyone’s too stuck up to “live like Amish.”

      • Well said – excellent advice. Currently building a small cabin on the property for oldest daughter … of course in the back of my mind is “this will be for me and the Mrs. one day.”

    • If you live in a major metro area, use public transit. Of course this exposes you to various, um, lifestyle compromises we often debate here. But during a vacation to LA, I idly calcuated what the transit cost. I came up with roughly my $2 bus fare actually costs the government $12. I knew that transit is a money-loser, but it’s an eye-opener how much. I think it’s wonderful that government make it so easy for joggers to ride miles from home, in their work boots, just so they can jog in a quiet neighborhood 🙂

  10. I think it goes back to the marketing people. Since most of their work is crap any way this is just another angle to sell the company on a new round of ads. I wonder if the car salesmen even notice that the company is advertising the fact that the customer doesn’t even have to interact with the sales guy any more. Hell why doesn’t the company just put a sign around their necks saying “unclean” and dump them for a robot.
    One of my favorite ads recently was for one of the pizza chains proclaiming “our pizzas arrive to you untouched after leaving the oven.” No shit, you mean prior to this the employees were grabbing the pizzas with their bare hands right from the oven?

    • My guess is if good and cheap enough robots are available, most people will be laid off.
      Its a short term solution though, every robot means less consumers and less babies born. Modernity self corrects.
      Fertility is already at an all time low among every group other than the super religious and some African and Middle Eastern groups.

  11. I send my kids to do the car buying

    Works great. They say they are buying for dad and they will have to run everything by him. And keeps the salesmen off balance where they know if they don’t give the kid a decent deal to take home to dad then there won’t be a sale. And when I arrive to sign the docs I get the VIP treatment.

    My dad said he had kids to mow the yard. I guess I had kids for this reason 😉

  12. “except for the people firmly in the panic camp”

    I know one of these people. She hasn’t left her house since February and has imprisoned her teenage child and her husband. I’ve gotten to the point where I delight and telling her when things are out of the grocery store I talked about empty shelves and how all there’s nothing there and then I start talking about Supply chains breaking down until I can hear her hyperventilating because I have learned to hate her and all the other stupid bitches like her and I enjoy sending her into a panic.

    • I work with someone almost exactly like that, and although I hope she’d be the same person you know, I’m sure they’re both one of many. She’s also the word’s fattest vegan just on the off-chance they are the same, but then again, that probably still doesn’t narrow it down enough.

      • Nope. There are lots of them and they are why we are in this mess. We are ruled by lunatics

      • Oreo Cookies are technically vegan. No animal product, just synthetic virtuous goodness.

    • I literally have two women each week enter an elevator, see me maskless, and leap out the door shrieking at me. That’s been going on for a while. This past Sunday morning, early, a boomer hag stepped in and immediately began berating me for my (un)masked-u-linity. I carry a dental mask for shopping, masks are mandatory here, and so I hung one side of it from my left ear and told her, “now we’re all Joe Biden.” It shut her up.

    • An acquaintance of my wife’s has been in self-imposed solitary now for four months. She has not left the house. We needed to drop something off for her. There was a sign under the button, Doorbell Sanitized After Each Delivery.

      • How are things at your clinic? Still getting flooded with asymptomatic Wuflu positives calling you on the picture phone?

  13. I’ve noticed that the higher a neighborhood’s Walkscore the greater the fervor on mask wearing/social distancing.

    What is also weird is that illegals are super obedient when it comes to mask wearing even as they break all other kinds of laws

  14. And then there’s homestead capitalism. Plant 50lb of Kennebec potatoes in March; cost – $35. Dig up potatoes in mid-July; yield – 2500lbs. Cost of organic potatoes in supermarket that “cares for my health” – $4/10lb sack. Net gain for the homestead: about $1000 … not bad (about 2500% in 4 months) for a $35 investment, about a pint of diesel for the tractor and a bit of my time. Biggest gain for the homestead? My boys and girls learn about being free men and women … and we’ve got chow for the winter.

  15. Me thinks the Z-man expresses a false equivalence with regard to the intellectual foundations of the diaper do-gooders and those who do not want to be forcibly diapered. Although the former appear to be prevailing, its not because of their superior command of the facts or ratiocination.

    • The face diaper is a symbol of control and humiliation, which is why Cuomo and Whitmer love it so much.

      Sane people understand that the best defense against Beer flu is a healthy immune system supported by proper diet, exercise, and sleep.

  16. One of the really interesting dynamics that you see going on right now, is the more moderate Left trying to regain control of the “Movement” from the Antifa nutcases. Their motive for doing this seem to be threefold :1) A belief that they are boiling the frog too fast, and might get some kind of right-wing backlash; 2) A fear that the US as a whole might blow up, just as they are getting undisputed control ; and 3) that even if the above two scenarios don’t come to pass, they are going to be purged by the lunatic PoC’s coming up through the ranks of the Left. White female leftists, Asians, and Jews feel particularly vulnerable, and with good reason.The most interesting thing about this is it seems as if it’s not working. Interesting times ahead…

    • They don’t understand human nature. They do honestly think that POC are SWPLs with dark skin, and that Antifas are aspiring SWPLs.

      Truth is just about everyone hates SWPLs, except SWPLs (which includes rich Asians and Jews). Furthermore the POC go along with their stupidity for the gibs, and tribal interests – not so that they can debate whether or not Harry Potter was black, Dumbledore was gay, and then go kayaking.

      This is one of the most extremely predictable things ever. If people had a little bit of common sense. They won’t be able to control them because the POC tribes’ men already hate us: it’s genetic, instinctual. There are no longer enough young white people for them to even “assimilate” into or find out that the average white person is not a monster.

      Could be wrong, but I don’t think this cat is getting put back in the bag.

      • “I don’t think this cat is getting put back in the bag”

        Nope. The Left has been riding this tiger for a while, and it looks like they have finally lost control. It would be funny if it wasn’t going to destroy my country too. But there is room for hope.
        There are two factors driving the current race hysteria on the democratic left, the fact that, thanks to the march of history and their own repudiation of that history, the left is more dependent on blacks and the civil rights narrative than even before, and the fact that blacks are becoming more and more difficult to work with.
        Back in the 1970’s (or so) the Democratic party had, like all organizations, a list of its founders, heroes, wars, and accomplishments. For founders and heroes there were Jefferson and Jackson, Wilson, FDR, and Kennedy; as accomplishments there was Jacksonian democracy, the progressive era, World War One, The New Deal, World War Two, the stand against McCarthyism, Civil Rights, and the stand against the Vietnam War. There was of course a lot of tendentious BS in all of this, but ask a Democrat in 1978 who and what he was proud of, and this list would have been a good start.
        Now all of this has been scattered to the four winds, very often by the Left’s change in attitude and the rise of identity politics. Jefferson was a slaveholder, Jackson a killer of Indians, Wilson a racist far exceeding anything found today, FDR a Redliner , WWII associated with racist Japanese internment and Hiroshima, JFK a womanizing creep who got us into Vietnam, McCarthy’s “victims” revealed to be almost all Communists, and Vietnam a potential ally against Communist China. Civil Rights is literally almost all that they have left to be “proud” of, so they cling to it with redoubled fury.
        All the while this has been going on blacks have become the most difficult member of the Democrats fragile coalition, mostly because they intensely dislike all the other members. Most blacks hate gays, regard white women as possibly the most privileged group on the planet, are utterly creeped out by trannies, are deeply anti-Semitic (as we have just seen), and many believe (and have stated) that if Hispanics aren’t happy with the deal they are getting in the US, they can go back to Mexico. They regard themselves as “America’s Minority” , and resent anyone else filing for victim status.  But they are only 13% of the US population. The Democratic Left has every right to be worried, this is their problem, but our opportunity.

  17. I am reminded of the King of the Hill episode where Hank finds out the dealer he buys his trucks at has been screwing him for years. They always told Hank that he’d pay what was on the sticker, and “not a penny more.”

    I’m also reminded of an acquaintance of mine who briefly worked for Cal Worthington’s Ford dealership in Long Beach in the early 90s. The black customers were referred to by the salesmen as “dubs.” This came about because the black car shoppers often had what you might charitably call “bruised” credit, so the salesmen would mark the credit applications with two checks to flag the application for the credit manager. So the double check became slang for IDing a certain type of buyer.

  18. One big problem for people who seek the truth about COV-19, is that the stats have been so screwed up, mostly by over counting the infection rate as well as the mortality rate, that it is now impossible to have the facts.
    We will never know the true numbers at this point. Just like the global warming models are skewed to the purpose of the left so has the COVID-19 issue.

    • Dentist friend of mine told me this yesterday: About 8 weeks ago he tested positive for the virus – no symptoms. Because he’s a medical professional he’s required to come in for weekly checks. He’s now had 8 positive tests. He’s not counted as one individual with 8 positives; it’s counted as 8 separate/distinct positives. That kind of counting gets the desired outcome – exponential growth.

      • Had not considered that factor, but it sounds valid. This is a free bonus for those who want high rates of positives. I question the value of such tests — even if they were completely accurate. As I understand it, there is a test to see if you are actively sick (or shedding) COVID19 virus, but there is also the antibody test that shows you were exposed but most likely no longer actively spreading/sick. Sadly, I can see the mandate for repeated tests since it apepars that immunity to the virus fades in a matter of weeks. 🙁

        • Fades as measured by antibodies, but there is a theory postulated that innate immunity as produced I believe by T cells may still increase. These cells are the first to recognize abnormal cells and destroy them in any attack of disease. Someone who may have a better understanding can correct or elaborate.
          The aspect of innate immunity is a variable that seems not to have been factored into models of the disease, but may play the greatest role in understanding why the models have been so inaccurate.

          • If it is true that testable antibodies fade within weeks after an exposure/inflection, this has many worrisome consequences. I hope your “innate immunity” or other factor reduces risk of repeated infections. Also, alas it makes any random testing of the population rather pointless.

      • It’s pretty likely that everyone has either been exposed to the virus by now or soon will be. Herd immunity looms near. The media’s hype about “the spike in cases” was unfortunately effective in getting people to submit to more lockdowns. Eventually, as it becomes apparent that “cases” doesn’t mean much more than a positive test result, that deaths are not materializing and hospitals are not being overwhelmed, the sham will need to end.

        The problem is that the media and politicians are going to need to be very careful and creative in how to spin the lies during the “ramp down” phase so that people don’t start to see that the whole thing was mostly a hoax. They’ll be finding that it’s easier to climb up a mountain than safely descend one. Let’s grease the slopes for them on the way down.

        • “Eventually, as it becomes apparent that “cases” doesn’t mean much more than a positive test result, that deaths are not materializing and hospitals are not being overwhelmed, the sham will need to end.”

          That became apparent some time ago. I hope you’re right but I have no faith that the sham will end anytime soon.

          • As a Gen-X guy it was my understanding that I’d be living in a sci-fi movie by now. I wanted my goddamned warp drive! All I got was a shitty smartphone that runs a bunch of apps I don’t use.

        • I battled a similar argument today on Zerohedge. Empty hospitals? Really? Then why do some States or Cities have packed ICUs? I admit I haven’t researched these myself, but that is what news items have recently said. Here’s a recent one from Tampa (granted, they aren’t overrun yet, but have seen a marked increase in cases.) Tampa is a smaller city so the rule of thumb, things are same or worse in larger cities.

      • If u read statistics you would find most vulnerable group to covid are the medical staff.

      • Same has been shown in AZ and additionally they are mining the old death certificates and recertifying the cause of death as COVID should the death certificate indicate any symptoms. This recertifying gave them last week a count of 73 “new” deaths or so, while 25 happened months ago. Indeed, the cases continue to increase yet COVID admissions to hospitals and deaths therein decrease.

  19. “The second camp are the people who realize that the new issue is becoming politicized and they form up an opposition to the Left. In the case of the virus, they started as curious or maybe mildly skeptical. . . . Now they are the people who say the face muffler is the six pointed star of totalitarianism. For them, the facts of the virus no longer matter anymore.”

    Why equate the two sides? I wouldn’t go so far as to say the mask is “the six pointed star of totalitarianism” but the panic has caused real suffering without justification. People have lost jobs and businesses and life savings. As if it weren’t already bad enough, we now have even fewer local options and we buy even more Chinese shit from Amazon from behind a computer screen. People in hospitals and nursing homes are condemned to die alone. Drug and alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide have shot up. And for what?

    We were lied to. (Not that that’s anything new.) Weren’t we supposed to flatten the curve for a couple of weeks so that the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed? What’s the goal now? Immortality?

  20. I drive a 5 series BMW that’s about 5 years old. Got it about three years ago off lease and I got a screaming deal on it by buying it online from a dealer a couple of states over from us. The nice thing about leases with luxury marques is they really are sticklers for holding down the mileage and also provide for maintenance, which on Bavarian cars gets quite expensive. We purchased my wife’s Mercedes SUV in the same fashion.
    If you’re willing to take a weekend trip to buy a car online, you can save a lot of money and hassle. On both vehicles, I did my haggling via email and it was a very relaxing experience.
    If you want a luxury vehicle, find one off lease. It was likely maintained well, doesn’t have high miles and you’ll pay pennies on the dollar compared with new.
    I also have my 91 Chevy 4WD truck that I drive quite often. The only thing remaining from the original truck is the frame and some of the body panels, as I’ve swapped out the old V-8 for a more powerful crate motor and put NASCAR-sounding mufflers, a lift and heavy duty shocks on it. There’s something to be said about a vehicle with hydraulic steering that has actual road feel and no electronic nannies screaming at you that there is a car in your blind spot or that a collision is imminent. I’ve also had it repainted and it looks immaculate.
    Also, modern cars have these start/stop systems that are very disconcerting when you’re in traffic and the engine stops like the car stalls. Can’t be good for engine (oil scavenging) or battery, but hey, we’ve got to add a couple more MPG otherwise the government fines us.
    I hate to go off the rails on cars, but I think electric cars are the death of the automobile industry. My BMW and pickup both have V-8s, but the sound and character are totally different. The BMW feels less peppy off the line, but once the turbos build up boost, it pulls like a relentless locomotive. The truck is loud and you have massive torque off the line that loses steam as speed builds.
    With all electric motors having no sound or character and having the same torque curve, you’re losing a huge selling point on the automobile. You’ll be left with exterior styling, packaging and interior furnishings, which will rip away the emotion from the car buying experience.
    Maybe that’s the whole point.

    • Stop-start systems are horrific for engine reliability and should be disabled immediately. Do not purchase any late-model vehicle that does not allow this.

      I’m a little more leery about buying away from the local dealer based on recent experience.

      The service department at the dealership here doesn’t seem to want to deal with me because they’re not making any vig off the loan I originated elsewhere.

      • Really? I’ve only experienced one on a rental car (thought the car had broke down ) 😀 I’m no mechanic, but I was under impression that virtually all engtine wear is from starting a cold engine when oil is in the pan. What damage can possibly befall an engine that has been off for a minute or less?

    • Used BMWs and Mercs are for blacks, Chinese, and Indians. Don’t buy cars like this–normal people think people who drive these cars look like materialistic jerks, and they usually are.

      • When you’re deciding whether or not a person is a materialistic jerk, how do you determine if he’s purchased the car new or used?

        • If the person driving the car is “of color”, I know the car is used. If the person is white and he or she feels the need to show how well off he or she is by buying a luxury car, I know the person is a jerk.

  21. When these car dealerships hire only Black people, sales, parts, repairs etc., then I’ll consider buying one of their cars in a contactless transaction. All my decisions are now based on Blackness and Covid.

      • I think the freakonomics guys used Raj Chetty’s research on the drug business to show just how well a jogger can do for himself in the hood.

  22. Do I sense some personal experience attempting to buy a car in Z man’s recent past or near future?

  23. The busy body Karen’s are now political leaders. The mob that invaded the St Louis couples property was looking for the female liberal mayor Lyda Kruson house.
    The correct respond instead of brandishing guns in this situation would have been to draw crayola marks on the street pointing to the mayors home with a lemonade stand set up outside for dehydration of the mob.
    Liberal women need to pay a price for this Karen and car dealership culture they have helped bring to us.

  24. Everything is politicized and/or demonized. While raw capitalism plays the major role in Covid car-buying, don’t discount the requisite virtue signaling to appease the Gods of the State. After all, selling cars is an essential service as long as the Gods of the State are fed.

  25. We have Saint Floyd of Minnesota to thank for the pro-Trumpers cynicism. It was all virus, all shutdown, all social distancing all the time until Saint Floyd came along. Then it was giant crowds rioting and the MSM cheering them on and making excuses about why it wasn’t dangerous when left wing mobs weren’t wearing masks or social distancing.
    The pro-Trump crowd saw the hypocrisy and thought to Xirself “there is nothing these people will not politicize” and reacted accordingly.

  26. I am worried about the fact that we still have most states locked down here in the middle of summer. This is non-flu season! Yet as I type this I am out and surrounded by masks. Everywhere!

    So what happens during the real flu season to come? Will Bill kill us all? Some say that we have spent the better part of the summer depressing our immune systems and next flu season will be real bad.

    Is there a clunker law on corona viruses?

    • This will continue until the election. Soon after there will either be a miracle cure / vaccine as Biden is being inaugurated – or massive rioting when Trump wins. Either way the covid farce will be over.

      • Also, the vaccine will be invented by a black woman so if you don’t take your shot, you’re a bigot.

        • I have learned that everyone is a bigot according to the leftists, so I try to enjoy my bigot-hood.

        • If you get your COVID-19 vaccine shot, you may get more than you bargained for. IIRC, case in point: 1976 swine flu “epidemic” and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Seems folk were talked into believing the great pandemic prediction, and the solution—increased use of the new vaccine for the upcoming pandemic.

          Those heeding the call got increased incidence of GBS until the vaccine program was discontinued. I also believe the vaccine companies were indemnified by the government for this blunder.

      • The farce may be strong enough, and supported by enough deep-staters, that “Biden’s” health czar can simply announce that some placebo is an effective vaccine, distribute it and declare the pandemic over. The press would fall in line and there simply wouldn’t be any more cases as far as anyone knew. That’s the kind of world that’s becoming feasible.

        • Yeah, I was thinking that myself. Seems reasonable and doable if you have the MSM in your pocket. Those few legit cases of COVID-19 can be explained away as “no vaccine is perfect”. I suspect however, there will need to be a payoff to the pharmaceutical industry. So a vaccine or two need be approved to share in the swag with them.

    • I read something today along the same lines that the re-lockdowns, diaper mandates etc., could be weakening immune systems, making the coming flu season worse than normal and allowing the kung fru to fatally afflict more than just the geezers.
      At any rate, this election will be one for the ages, so if you haven’t been doing so, I’d be stocking up on essentials – shelf stable foods, water, paper products, ammo, if you can find it and an extra cash stash. Oh and keep the gas tank(s) topped off. I plan on being out our city from at least late October thru, whenever. If you can’t get out, be prepared to hunker down.

    • Well, thanks to Dr. Death Fao Chi, most sheeple actually believe that Beer flu-1984 is so magical and unique that it alone among virii is not suppressed by sunlight and warm weather.

      • Every so often my YouTube feed pops up a new “science” video about some new magical property of Beer Flu. It makes your feet fall off. It gives you permanent lung damage that’s nonetheless undetectable and has no symptoms. It causes brain damage. My favorite is “it’s mutating, OMG!! it’s mutating!!!”. Well, yes Karen, it’s mutating, you know, like all viruses do. The only thing it doesn’t do is give you super-powers. Maybe someone can do a comic about “Corona Man” though. Vox Day could do it. I’m not sure he has a sense of humor though.

        • As with any new disease, after effects will need to be studied. But that is just what it states “after effects”. Stories I’ve heard tell me that some folk suffer more than others, for longer than others. I feel for them, but I don’t presume to make public policy upon anecdotes.

          Here’s an anecdote, but a white pill of sorts: Last week or so, my brother in law calls my wife. He’s feeling ill, flu like symptoms, fever for last two days. He’s getting a COVID-19 test the next day. Just wants the closest family member to know.

          Wife and I are both nervous. This guy is old, and grossly co-morbid. His wife, sister in law has Alzheimer’s. BiL is caretaker. Like we really need this shit, right?

          Well, next day he gets tested, but is told 3 days for results. So days pass, he feels better. No fever second day. No nothing third day. He’s eating like a pig again. Fourth day they call. He’s COVID *positive*. Social worker calls for trace back, everybody’s getting tested—but this SOB is fine as ever and getting feisty!

          So there’s your white pill. According to MSM this guy should be on his chest in some COVID-19 ICU being given the Last Rights. But he’s now planning to get out (after the mandatory 14 day quarantine) and use his new jet ski on the lake.
          God’s Grace.

          • If he dies in a jet ski crash I’m sure it’ll be another Covid death in the stats 😉 This is actually rather typical. The media still spins cases like your BiL as “OMG, most people who get Covid don’t get sick and could be quietly spreading it!!” It helps pump the mask hysteria. That perfectly healthy person walking past you could be secretly full of Beer AIDS and spread it to you if he breathes on you! The obvious positive view, that the virus doesn’t do much to most people, is never discussed. The fact that everyone, all the time, is infected with a dozen or more viruses without even knowing it is also never talked about.

            I’ve told my wife that the thing I get most angry about isn’t the media’s lies or the capitulation of the masses but the fact that the medical and scientific establishment is part of this scam. I guess “scientific integrity” isn’t what it used to be. Then again the biological sciences and medicine are now full of wammen so maybe this isn’t surprising.

        • They’re going to trot out the Global Warming playbook. With climate hysteria, they claim that everything that goes wrong in the world is a byproduct of a changing climate. With Chinese flu, they’re going to tell you that henceforth, every malady will be the result of Covid.
          To this day, I still don’t know a single person who’s even tested positive for it. And as far as I know, none of my friends, acquaintances, family members, or co-workers do either.
          However, our local fishwrap this morning reported on an 8th Corona virus death in our county. Well, not really in our county. You see, it was an elderly man (no age given) who had tested positive in our county, was deemed recovered, moved to a facility in another state, and died there. But they’re listing him as a local death. What odds will you give me that he’s been double counted as a death in the county where he expired? Doesn’t matter; that number’s not going back to 7. Of the other 7 deaths, five of them involved very elderly persons or people with existing terminal illnesses. The other two I haven’t been able to dig up information on.
          Yet, the restrictions and rollbacks continue to pile up. It’s gone beyond Salem at this point. It’s total madness.

          • All the elements of a crazy new religion are coming together. There’s a uniform – the masks. There are sacraments – washing black people’s feet, carrying BLM signs. There’s a tithe (reparations and atonement for the primal sin of whiteness). There’s a Devil – the Orange Man. There’s an eschatology – Global warming could lead to apocalypse or paradise (if we implement a “green economy”. There’s a priesthood – climate scientists and dishonest medical hacks like Fauci. They still need a God figure and Biden ain’t it.

    • I think starting August 1 that everyone has to start paying rent again (both business and residents) AND the free money or Trump Bucks end.

      At least in my county and state

      I don’t know what to expect but things could get UGLY

  27. If I refused to patronize businesses that displayed COVID19 care signage, BLM signs, and/or “we love refugees” signs, 95% of stores would be dead to me.

    Roll my eyes, pay the virtue signaling toll, and move on.

  28. I think Corona will fade away after elections, the only reason it’s still pushed by media is to hurt Trump, that’s it. They’ve gathered the data they needed for population control, they’ve passed occult policies while everyone was distracted, riots & quarantine succeeded in ruining small businesses, all that’s left is Trump.

    • Go check out some of the Victorian-era cures for female hysteria.

      Those guys knew exactly what the hell to about lunatic women.

      • There is certainly a sexual component to the current wahmen hysteria. It’s funny to see WOC (sorry, I know) who were choking on my white dick a year ago, now screaming about white privilege and BLM. “Smash the white patriarchy” was not in their mouth in bed.

        it’s why on an individual level none of this shit bothers me, it’s just a shit test. WOC spread their legs easier for a white guy who doesn’t buy this crap.

        On a civilizational level, though, it’s disastrous, especially since the majority of white men are beta cucks or just losers, who don’t know how to handle it. “But Muh grandpa was a coal miner!” is not the correct response lol.

        Affirmative action makes it worse by taking away employment opportunities for average IQ white guys.

        • Absolutely nothing wrong with a little exotic sport old chap.


          Absolutely haram.

          • Gross.

            This is an irrefutable tell that you are stalking, at least mentally, some trouser snake and you are dissatisfied with what is available to you. Otherwise you would have ignored the post or else provided reasons.

            Stop while your lust is checkable please.

        • I’ve had success whenever I’ve heard “White privilege” by saying. “You are confusing competence with privilege. Only a loser like you cant tell the difference.”

      • One such cure was for the doctor to massage the woman to an orgasm. Wonder what the billing code is for that one?

        • It wasn’t worth the afterwards. So a male doctor saved our male sex and its sanity by inventing the vibrator. In comparison splitting the atom was less valuable by orders of magnitude. Do your part to stop the bitching, spare your children the indignities, and buy your wahmyn a vibrator now. We’ll all be glad.

  29. Amen on the whole thing becoming too politicized.

    I don’t wear a mask. My state doesn’t require it and being youngish and healthy, I don’t see the need. However, walking out of the grocery over 4th of July weekend in the neighboring state, I had some old harpy snidely snap: “Wear a mask!” as I passed through the exit doors.

    Immediately, downright instinct, I told her to shut up.

    I don’t celebrate a world in which I have to tell grandmother, even vinegar drinking scolds, to shut their pieholes but I can tell my face pressed all this lady’s buttons on a summer morning in a small liberal college town (but I repeat myself). I have no doubt that had there been more people about, this lady would have enjoyed trying to whip up a public shaming session.

    It’s insufferable. Sheniquas at Costco love enforcing mask rules on honkies. Voiceover commercials from health insurance companies telling us how much we need to pull together.

    More and more, I understand the dunking stool, the bridle, etc.

    • Act like an ass, get treated like one; old farts are people too. When I was young, the elderly were to be treated with far ore respect, but today’s geezers were yesterday’s hippies, so mixed bag all around. I get ya, though, it sucks to be a culture like that, but what can you do?

      • Who acted like an ass?

        It was the seasoned citizen who initiated the aggression against Basil. She chose to play the busy-body; she chose to be the do-gooder; she elected to play the scold and introduce a strident note of unnecessary hostility.

        In short, the old harridan was rude.

      • When I was young, I respected my elders greatly. Just looking at them, and being around them made me comfortable. They just commanded respect – always wearing respectable shirt and pants, well groomed, straight backs, conservative demeanor.

        That generation is pretty much dead and the new old people dress like shit, talk like shit, and act like shit. They don’t command respect.

        People instinctively know who deserves respect – ESPECIALLY women and POC. Guess what, most Boomers don’t…

        • One of the things we don’t have any more is civility. Civility was a peculiar local white person thing meaning that initial direct contacts with the people you don’t know would be treated with respect, as a baseline attitude. Note how so many other cultures have always treated initial contacts as a mutual predator-prey interaction (just like going into a car dealer). Now people are treated with judgement and criticism (“I don’t want to hear your opinions, I want to hear my opinions coming out of your mouth”). One of the upsides of community building is that the baseline behavior of mutual respect and civility is reestablished at the local level. People don’t even understand what has been lost here.

          • Civility was a by-product of legitimized violence. If you stood a good chance of getting punched or worse for being uncivil, civility was the norm.

            One of the worst results of over-feminized society has been to stigmatize all forms of violence. It drives anarcho-tyranny because the scolds keep the civilized men in check while the outright thugs just go about their bloody business.

            It also drives fatal solutions over non-lethal fistfighting etc… because guys are forbidden to fight, never learn how but they know how to pick up a gun and fire it from movies. Handling yourself in a sub-lethal fashion takes technique and strategy you can’t pick up from watching Avengers or Jason Bourne.

          • Yeah, it’s weird. My son and most of his wrestling buddies (19-21yrs) haven’t been in a fist fight. On the bright side, they curious about it. Humorously, they come to me for advice on how to start, and prosecute one. I’m turning into some kinda weird hillbilly mage warrior.

      • Old farts are just young assholes with gray hair and wrinkles, who grew old but never grew up. Respect is earned. Basic courtesy sure, but no one is owed respect merely because they’ve hung around long enough to need a mobility scooter and oxygen tank. And the wizened and hobbling Han/subcons whose H1b kids brought them here and immediately got them Supplemental Social Security, Medicare, and Food Stamps need to be treated as they treat their own unwanted young.

      • That’s certainly what happens to Bottom in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. An actor literally makes an ass of himself (but has help.) I just listened to a performance of this famous Shakespeare play a few days ago. I guess we can’t study all the classics in a couple high school or college classes 😀

    • I don’t wear a mask either—but am not adverse, say in a medical or nursing home situation. Hell, that was done before the pandemic. But as I’ve noted before, it is now damn near impossible to walk into any store without one as all the chains have gone to requiring face diapers—No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service!

      Today, I had an interesting experience. A/C went out yesterday. Here in AZ, that’s a life and death situation, not simply an inconvenience. We locate and schedule repair from a smallish up and coming company wife has used before. Of course, all these companies advertise how they are “woke” wrt the pandemic and they practice safe sex and what have you wrt Coronchan.

      So the truck arrives and two young guys get out and they are masked. I tell them the wife and I are “not mask people”, so they are free to be themselves. They were grateful, but said the owner would get on their case if they didn’t practice the “new normal”. I said fine, not a problem.

      Here’s where the story gets fun. While working on the system, they lowered their masks for each other, but if I came up to them, they immediately put them back up. Did I say it was hot, hell yeah it was hot. Who’d keep a mask on in this weather?

      Anyway, I felt bad so I kept my distance after that. Then one technician had to go inside the house. He stepped into the doorway and had to put shoe coverings on, deglove and reglove, and wipe his silly electronic temperature and air flow gages. Wife and I stared at this strange and alien behavior—he wasn’t very practiced at it.

      I needed to provide him a step stool (we have high ceilings) and he proceeded to wipe it down as well. I asked a few questions and he was fairly talkative so I guess we swapped spit as we were not following the 6 foot rule—how could we be in a four foot hallway?

      When they were done, they went back to the truck and worked on the bill for a while, I grabbed a couple of chairs and a table and set them up in the court yard so as to spare them the need to suit up to enter my Corona free environment. How can you screw up protocol in 100+ degree courtyard. I was wrong.

      He put down his clip board and I reached for it and turned it to read the bill amount. Poor guy turned gray. He said, “Oh no, you are not allowed to touch my clipboard!” He was good natured about it, but was concerned since he had no training I suppose on how to handle my faux pa. I joked and said how do you expect me to pay and sign. He said, “We are to ask that you give us permission to sign your name for you. Then I’ll tear the receipt and give it to you.” I laughed and said, “Are you serious?” I could not tell his reaction by his masked face, but he did shrug his shoulders, so I guess this was wearing thin on him as well.

      Anyway, I pulled out my wallet and counted out cash for the bill. Seems the company had thought of everything, except what to do with dirty, diseased money. That he took willingly and with no fuss. Thankfully, I had the exact change, otherwise he’d probably have to call the office for instructions on how to make change under the “new normal”. Maybe wipe each coin? 😉

  30. Last three cars I bought were from little used car lots in the nearby small town. All were decent. I think they rip people off less because everyone here knows where they live. 🙂

    • That and their overall volume is lower, so the smaller lots are less able to have people walk off and go buy somewhere else over $500, thus missing out on the profit from selling the car and any vig they might get from loan origination.

    • Disagree. I’ve shopped a few times from used dealers. They certainly knew where I lived (have to show license). Rarely would they take a reasonable offer, even a good bit above KBB, so I went elsewhere. To be fair, I was shopping in a price level and the average clientele in that area lived in a trailer home and got benefits, so perhaps they weren’t prepared for Jewry, even my amateur attempts 😀

      • It’s not about them knowing where you live. It’s about you knowing where they live. The two I’m talking about are in a very small town. Everybody knows everybody. I start bitching that Robert (not his real name) ripped me off to the guys over at the hardware store or the feed store, and word gets around.

  31. Alaska Chaga assures us that they are engaged in a “sustainable”, “non-GMO” business, but do they care about my COVID-19 exposure?

    • My batch tastes like moose pee. Must’ve gotten a low branch. Or that’s just chaga.

        • The Israelis claim they have a moose pee-based COVID vaccine. Spokesman for the moose of Israel had no comment but moose in Jerusalem were seen holding their bladders during temple and with stickers displaying “fair price for moose pee.”

      • I actually liked it alot. I am sorta a fag in that i use french vanilla creamer. I like my coffee like i like my womens, mostly white. An occasional asian for diversity.

        • Don’t worry, your secret is safe here. Most people drink their coffee with as little coffee in it as possible.

  32. Is there anything weirder and more archaic in America than the dance we have to go through to buy a new car? Still we accept it and keep on doing it even though it makes no sense at any level.

      • The only purchases in our society that involve haggling are cars and homes. And the process sucks in both cases.

          • I don’t care to engage in it. Is it mandatory to embrace the suck? It’s all about lying. Repeatedly. Don’t care for the process.

        • The reason it sucks is because it involves asymmetric negotiation. Most people buy only a few houses or cars in a lifetime. Those who sell new houses or new cars have typically done so hundreds or thousands of times. And the unique, customizable nature of the home or car makes comparing apples to apples practically impossible. The only leverage you really have is to keep emotions out of the transaction and to be willing to walk away from a bad deal. Scarcity in these markets is a manufactured illusion.

          • The reason it sucks is because it involves asymmetric negotiation.” Good point. It might also be described as “asymmetric expertise.” Ours is not a “haggling culture,” and if my objection to it as a process of “repeatedly lying” is accurate, we can only be thankful for that.

        • Settlment agreements. Construction contracts. Anything high dollar enough to be worth the pain of haggling, really. Its just cars and houses are the most common big ticket purchases for average people, so those are most people’s only experience haggling.

      • The broker/agent side of the business has shown me more grifters, greasy-fingered fixers, play-acting stronk wahmens and parodic flamers than I’ve seen in law.

        The business of real estate is a clown car of capitalism’s degenerate classes.

      • I am going through a refinance in Pennsyvania. Mandatory Lender Title Insurance is probably the biggest racket out there – the state has approved a private monopoly that sets the prices. Iowa uses a government run system that literally costs thousands of dollars less per transaction.

        • Here in the Vampire State, the Department of Environmental Conservation charges me $450 every three years for a pesticide applicator’s license. My cohorts in Iowa were paying about $50 the last I knew.

          • You’re licensed?! What’s your excuse not to fumigate Congress? Damn man, I would be all over that except I can’t pass the licensing exam. You would be immortalized.

      • The trick with houses and cars is that people get emotionally involved in the midst of the purchase. Salesmen pounce on that. Offer cash, at a discount, take it or leave it, and do not signal any hind brain involvement on your side of the transaction. For cars, you can always find an identical one somewhere else. For a house, you never know the whole deal about what you bought until after you move in, find any drafts, leaks or clanks, and learn the traits of the more eccentric or less pleasant neighbors anyway.

        • I have a cousin who has been very successful in life. He says that when he enters a dealership he tells them, “this is the car I want, this is the price I’m going to pay. You have 30 minutes to make it work.” If they don’t offer his price in that time, he walks out.

          • Your cousin sounds like a very smart guy who knows time is the most valuable asset of all.

    • I think it’s ending. Carvana, Edmunds, TrueCar are all popular work-arounds to the nonsense of dealing with car sales. People who still walk into the dealership and haggle do so because they like it.

    • Most, if not all States mandate that new car sales go through dealerships. (Somehow Tesla gets an exception to this) This prevents an Amazon from moving in or the Manufacturers selling directly to the peasantry.
      It’s all for the public good donchya know and nothing to do with the bribes the dealers pay politicians.

  33. I spent enough time in the Third World to know one skill I’ll never have is price haggling in the street. Just isn’t in my Waspy nature. So I buy my cars using services like TrueCare where the dealers have to bid against each other online for my business. Seems to work pretty well. If I don’t get what I think is a good deal, I just wait a month or two and do it again.

    • Haggling may be inborn – I know I don’t have that gene. Perhaps because my mother was as cheap as they come, but I get extremely uncomfortable in that situation. Sure, I’ll ask if something’s questionable, but I accept the answer and don’t quibble. Overseas my husband proved the ultimate haggler, to the point he insisted we walk out of a shop that had some quality things we really wanted – until the owner came running after us 5 minutes later. That’s why hubby both earns the $ and pays the bills in our household.

      • I hate haggling. My wife loves it. She buys the cars for us. But even those who think they are good at it can learn…
        She came to visit me when I was stationed in Egypt (in Sinai, peacekeeping deal). We traveled all over Israel and Egypt. She made haggling over omnipresent wooden rosaries a sign of how flexible they were. These are cheapos from SE Asia, same exact items at every place in every souk. If she could get them under five bucks she would do more shopping there.
        Then we got back to our base, which had a PX. The same rosaries were fifty cents.

        • In Turkey we had some guys show us how they artificially ‘aged’ some of their metalwork and sold it as ‘antique’ (helps if you’re with a Turk or an embassy employee who knows the language). I thought I was really careful when I bought things, but I still ended up paying for ‘gold’ earrings that were cheap plated metal. You’ve got to be careful in Bangkok, too, but they didn’t seem as predatory about it as the Turks.

      • Yeah, I thought the price was a misprint and had to check it against a few other sites.
        My truck is only 18 years old so you go first and let me know how it works out…

      • That 2.7L V6 is a sweet engine. I really liked it in the Edge Sport. It felt very much like a BMW SUV.

        They need to drop the 2.7L in the Mustang, but they won’t because that combo has enormous power potential with better weight distribution than the 5.0L. It would be uncomfortably close to the performance of the traditional V8, and we can’t have that.

  34. I don’t find car buying particularly difficult or stressful. There’s a wealth of information on the web as to what a new vehicle should cost. Then, you just say “no” to every add on they try to sell you in the finance office. When buying used, look for a clean car and have an independent mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection.

    • Look, my wife bargained and bought her last car at the dealership. It was quite simple. I gave her pointers and told the salesman, the first time he looked at me and not her, then we’d walk. This was to the salesman’s benefit, not wife’s. She doesn’t take shit like that, which is why I never go with her to these things, but this was a first with the both of us and I did not want it to leave a bad taste.

      If you don’t have car fever and select a price (before dealing) based on info easily gathered, you are lost. Transaction went via two offers. Dealer gave price, we gave counter.

      All this (process of negotiation) was discussed before hand with the proviso that deal would/must go that way. No back and forth, no haggling, no switching add ons, etc. We discussed options on cars available in area, looked at printout of MSRP, was given a dealer discount (not enough), gave counter offer. All offers—pricing, financing, etc.—had to be bottom line out the door. If a penny off on contract, we leave.

      It went so smooth, wife thought she should have offered even less on the deal. Perhaps, but there was meat on the bone for all—why get a damn ulcer and bad thoughts every time you start the car for the next 12 years.

  35. In this environment, there’s no truth or even the desire for truth, as all truth is determined by which side of the line you stand.

    This is a positive thing. The kosher sandwich is now a kosher prison. Both sides want to break out and get away from each other. It will be a very messy period requiring a lot more than people changing their zip codes…an unfortunately necessary upheaval but a liberating one. The costs of this transition will put at the very least the past 7 or 8 decades into better focus for enough people to not repeat the same sort of deluded leveling of nature’s sifting mechanisms and the goofy forms of escapism it bred.

    Forcing behavior and thinking to skew to the extremes is the prologue. When the curtain goes up don’t be caught flat-footed. You’ll find a utility vehicle to be more practical.

    • Wrong, one side wants to break out and get away. The other side wants to subjugate and control. You will never be allowed to peaceably separate. There is far too much retribution that needs to be enacted and no parasite willingly leaves a host. Especially one they have a blood libel against.

        • “Word.” Ghetto parlance for “Agree.” Do we have to adopt ghetto culture and “language”? White words too nerdy in articulating that which one is thinking rather than some unintelligeable shorthand for speech, aka ebonics. Will this be how history books are written in America? Probably.

      • Enough will make enough trouble. Non whites don’t matter. This is a bifurcation within the white tribe itself. It will be a bloodied and bloody separation. Both sides will pursue it with equal vigor when they’ve had enough.

        Both sides see non whites as tools or obstructions and not as people with agency. Despite all of the noise coming out of non white camps and all of the attention it draws to itself the only significant conflict and the one that will determine what happens will be the white vs white conflict. Even that (((group’s))) machinations will be sidelined by this conflict.

      • Apex, there are 7 states with 90%+ White population, 16 states with 80%+ and 12 with 70%+.

        It’s not a matter of “they will never let us.” They already have.

        Those White states did not get that way through a litmus test for shilibbery. Vermont is Shitlib Central but you can’t say that about West Virginia or Montana.

        There aren’t enough of them to make the rest of us do what they want – especially if we concentrate and organize our numbers (over 190 million U.S. Whites).

        You atomized urbanite canaries need to get out of the coal mine and into the bright White sunshine.

        • The link doesn’t distinguish between Hispanics and Whites. If you look at the demographics from that standpoint, there are far less majority White states. I live in one, and even all but one of the largest cities is predominantly White, but that will change in the urban areas if immigration continues unimpeded.

          • Look at the South, in particular. Only Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia and Arkansas are north of 70 percent majority White. I understand that Whites in other parts of the region are moving into those states, and to a lesser extent, Alabama, which is close to 70 percent.

            Now think of this in a contiguous manner. From Mobile Bay to the Canadian border there are 21 contiguous states with White populations north of 65 percent. It’s probably a good idea to help keep Alabama White for a seaport as Washington and Oregon are undependable. There’s Homeland 1.

            New England also is in good shape with a seaport. Throw in upstate New York and there’s Homeland 2.

            Homeland 1 and Homeland 2 are contiguous if upstate New York is severed off.

          • Jack, you’re 12 steps ahead thinking in terms of seaports and contiguous homelands.

            We need to convince guys just to move next door to each other first.

            And it’s more important to live where the fresh water comes from and the food grows. Coastal areas are high-priority for globohomo. I’d rather have the rivers and lakes.

          • I agree with most of that, but bear in mind the USSA is shipping the most feral of refugees to White places inland such as Minnesota and Ohio. The feral government is quite aware of where they need numbers.

          • Minny is race-traitor central, and they welcome the savages. And Ohio is a pretty urban, vibrant place already. Try too much of that crap in Idaho and the results may turn out very different.

          • Same here. Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic aren’t doing too badly.

          • I like to look at it by county.



            I think this gives a better sense of the amount of relocation people will need to do. At this point the US’s States are as arbitrary and poorly put together as the country itself. What I see in the 2nd graph is a White region that actually looks a bit like the nation itself but with East/West reversed. There’s a peninsula of whites extending through Utah and into Arizona. That’s “Florida”. Texas is basically just Texas displaced to the north a bit, and the “West Coast” is the interior region extending East to the edge of the Appalachians and finally reaching the sea near Boston. There’s also a “White Stripe” in north central FL.

          • Looking at it by county is right. Take Maine: shitlib central down south, but once you hit mid-state, Trump yard signs and flags as far as the eye can see.

          • Excellent. We can add Atlantic Canada to that as well. They are so sick of Ottawa. The same goes for the Canadian Rockies. Separation is a hot topic in both those regions.

            Organizing at the county level may prove to be more fruitful. The locals have more pull than they would at the state level and some counties are simply dead weight and can be ignored. Cooperative like-minded counties engaging in mutually beneficial policies and activities would begin to plant the seeds of “our interests need to be looked after” vs the Capital Hill (State version) of take from thee to give to Kwantavius and friends.

          • There is a budding separatist movement here in Upstate NY…they want to break off from NYC & be called “New Amsterdam’

          • According to that list Puerto Rico is 67% white 🙂 Then again 80% white for PA feels about right.

        • Interesting to me that Colorado and Minnesota are among the higher percentage of “white” states, yet they are so thickly permeated with “goodwhites”. California is off the charts low on whites, but parts of the state are all solidly based badwhite. It’s that community thing again. Start with an amenable state, but shop the communities carefully. And a state with a high percentage of whites may not be an amenable one, or might be about to fall off the amenability cliff.

          • Concentrating on areas by state lines is foolish, precisely because of the urban/rural split. When we traveled through Arkansas, we saw plenty of vibrancy in the south. The further north and west we traveled, the whiter it got. En route home we traveled first east and then south, and again, a mere 50 miles east added x% more vibrancy. Avoid university towns regardless of state – Han and subcon paradises.

          • Exactly 3g. The pre-existing state lines are vastly out-of-date in terms of their populations and present circumstances. I’m more concerned about the ground-level realities. I was using the state-by-state just to demonstrate on a macro scale that White super-majorities are still an existing norm even in our present atomized conditions.

          • Oops, got that backwards. On the way we went east and then north; return trip was west and then south.

          • ’Goodwhite’ is one of the luxuries of sheltered people. If you’re out there mixing it up, you can’t help but be a race realist (which includes acknowledging exceptions to the rule btw). The people screaming racist! either don’t know any better or are bitterly clinging to their delusions.

        • That’s the way I see it as well. The media gives the shitlibs/minorities a much louder voice than their actual numbers justify. Watch a few ads on tv. Is that the actual ethnic makeup of the US? Not even close.

          • The black man with the white woman depicted on TV is attaining. A quarter of the young couples I see out and about are BM-WW. Majority of the white guys socialize in all-male packs or solo and they don’t appear to be seeking female company. Prime breeding years, our white couples seem to be fading away from what I witness.

          • I’ve heard more that one European visitor remark on what they thought the ethnic mix was in the US from watching US TV shows, then remark on their perceptions upon visiting the US. None of you reading this need details.

          • When i was in japan one woman was surprised when i told her only 12% of americans are black. Many japs were facinated by blacks.

        • At this point I don’t know if they really want to get out of the coal mine… Maybe the darkness provides some comfort to them and the jarring sunshine is to much to contemplate…Well I guess we help the ones that want to get out and leave the light on for the rest…

        • Thought I’d point out that the north is awfully white.

          Cold weather, guys. Us ice people don’t mind it.

          • Mind it? I cannot sleep in a warm room. I love cool, cold and winter. Although the nads do tense up during polar bear plunges for charity. Record shrinkage, fortunately temporary. Or so I would have you believe ….

          • Every brown immigrant to my Southern subtropical concrete jungle of a city i speak to emphasizes that they would never move up north because they don’t like cold weather.

    • Not quite. Only one side wants to get away from the other. Think parasite and host, society-wide.

      • goodWhites are always talking of separation. It’s the otherwhites that rein them in. This will become more difficult to control as volatility increases, and it will.

        All Whites, regardless of politics, see themselves as can-do people. Too much conflict, too much BS, not enough to do, too many stipulations and regulations…time to load up the wagon and head west.
        To leave all of that behind is opportunity to build a new city on a hill… or to be left alone… or to do it right… or to see what lies beyond the horizon or the expected…

        goodWhites may have to some extent had their hearts and minds colonized by the otherwhites…but their deepest instincts are White.

        • Ideology can muddy the waters for what seems like ages but in the end it is those deeply innate instinctive preferences that win out. Annihilation is the only other long-term option which is why (((they))) always ratchet things up. Despite all of the jostling and tossing about of all the surface flotsam in the end it is the tidal forces that matter most.

  36. I just drive the same car for 25 years. My 1996 Camry, bought new, gets antique plates next year. Can’t wait….

    • My truck is 20 years old. I had dreams of bolting on the historic tag, but the number of repairs is adding up. Since I hope to move out of Lagos this year, I will keep it, so maybe I can nurse it to 25.

      • Ditto here. My car is 20 years old with only 215,000 miles on it. I’ll reassess when it hits 300,000, but probably continue on. LOL.

        • I used to be a car guy when I was young. Then in my corporate life got me company cars and the car became a thing that took me from place to place. After that, small business life means being a tightwad, so I just kept the dependable ride and maintained it.

          • Those Roadkill guys on Motortrend are my heros. If only I had the skills and tools to pull off the engine and transmission swaps etc. that they do.

      • Go for it. I am the proud owner of a 1995 Chevy C1500 bought in November 1994. I just put the 221,000th mile on it. A couple alternators and a rebuilt clutch are the only repairs beyond routine maintenance. I am not a proud man. Even the Mexican guys have stopped offering to buy it for $1000 bucks and a new set of tires would be worth more than the truck. But nothing beats the joy of driving past dealers’ lots where new trucks retail for more than twice what I paid in 1994. My motto is that it ain’t fully depreciated until its at the scrapyard.

        • Maus, I had to laugh when I got to your sentence about new trucks retailing for more than twice what you paid in 1994.

          Clearly, you have not kept up with the latest price news.

          I recently priced a sweet Ram Turbo Diesel for very close to the amount I paid for my 2400 square foot house on five acres. But that was 35 years ago, so things change, I guess.

      • Z, your truck is likely old enough NOT to have that little blurp on the roof that tracks you wherever you go…just saying…(we have smartphones for that…).

    • When I was just starting my career, I had a new job and was thinking of leasing. My buddy’s brother owned a gas station said that was the stupidest thing to do. You always have a payment. Buy a recent used car, maintain the car and you can drive it for 15+ years or until it starts rusting. (I lived up north then) Repairs are cheaper than the car and insurance payments. Glad I took that advice.

    • I drive a 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 diesel. I love it. It has a manual transmission (which are no longer offered by full sized truck manufacturers in the US) and a mechanical fuel pump. A few turns of some screws and the hp bumps significantly.

      I will drive that truck until I die.

  37. Good grief. “Oh those eeeeevil capitalists!!!”
    Z, you are trying to hose the car salesman too! Are you evil and predatory?
    I love car shopping. My best friends are the pakies and chinks at Sun Toyota and they hate my guts. I go and visit all the others first, and then go into Sun Toyota where they are all high pressure, histrionics and intimidation. By the time they are hopping up and down and shouting about what a fuggin Jew I am – I get up and leave! Like clockwork, they’ll call up later in the day to give me a lowball price, and I use that to beat up the salesman at our local and less vibrant dealer.
    (I’m Scottish, not Jewish. I’m not cheap, just careful with my money…😂👍)

    • We can have a society that gives power and status to guys because they have a pile of shekels and are good at “Jewing guys down” on a car deal or we can have a society that ennobles family, sacrifice for the group, honor and fair dealing.

      I’d rather have a society of soldiers than rug merchants, thanks.

        • Yeah!!!

          “any similarities between Scots and Joos is entirely coincidental! Any resemblance to any Joo, living or dead, is unintentional and will not be grounds for soap or lamp shade making…”
          on a serious note, E… I agree with you. But as our blog host says… the 50’s are never coming back. (Unless, of course, you and the dissidents get that segregation you want. If you can get the diversity and vibrants out of our lives… the sky’s the limit and we can all go back to living like white men again.

  38. It’s morality for people who have no religion. Their lack of Christian faith has caused them to create a new religion, this new faith exceeds even Islam’s requirements for public piety.

    The new religion is why we can’t even buy a can of coffee without being subjected to a line that it is “fair trade”, something that matters to me as much as whether or not it is halal.

    The masks are part of this new religion, it symbolizes that you follow science, unlike those clingers.

    And of course, all this division only exists between white people. I’ve yet to hear POC arguing about masks or how much they dislike corporate signaling.

    • This is exactly it.

      Even though they can’t admit it to themselves, far too many of these Karens and cucks had lives that revolved around nothing more than soulless, debt-driven consumption.

      Their only purpose in life was to to a nicer neighborhood, get a bigger house, fill it with more crap, and buy a fancier SUV to haul the Chinese crap back from Wally world.

      • People want to work less, have more leisure time. The wonders of capitalism: scolds and freaks with nothing better to do than pleasure themselves. And useless eaters:

        Think maybe someone posted this here already, but it’s over the mark.

        Also funny how the more specialized and less essential to survival the work, the better it pays. Guessing it’s a status thing.

        • Fred is one of those guys that misses the target 90% of the time, but when he hits it, it’s a bullseye.

    • Just my impression but the mask seems to be a superstition in some POC circles. Wards off bad spirits or something.

      • Really?

        I find the POC don’t care either way, about the virus, or masks. It’s a white man argument, the POC just do what they’re told, but not really, and kind of half assed.

        The whites are either super pro mask or super anti mask.

        • Yeah to be more specific Puerto Ricans from the island, at least where I work. Pardon the sarcasm in the previous post, but they seem to take the unseen enemy thing seriously. And to be fair some don’t, most of the American-born don’t, and a few of the white guys who still trust the news do. The white guys dress up their superstition in pseudoscience talk.

          Anyway I got a kick out of the unseen enemy thing.

    • And can anyone show proof of the claim that a lack of belief in christianity is the cause of liberalism? People spout this all the time with no proof. It reminds me of the ‘systemic racism’ arguements which are never backed with any proof either..

      • Most people are going to have some sort of religion, and if the old religion is destroyed then they’ll create or pick a new one.

        • Most people are going to have some sort of religion, and if the old religion is destroyed then they’ll create or pick a new one.

          That’s not how it works. Embracing Jesus doesn’t inoculate you against (other) irrational hysterias.

          Also, I’m not sure I understand this eagerness to conflate religion with all kinds of secular stupidity – what does it say about your view of Christianity if you compare it to mass insanity?

          I’m tempted to quip that if you believe in Jesus, you’ll believe in anything, but atheism is no inoculation against irrational hysteria either, so I don’t think there’s a direct correlation.

      • I don’t think it’s the cause, at least not in the strictest sense, but Jesus taught industriousness, not worrying because God is in control and provides, being in the world but not of it, submission to God’s will, etc. So anyone who takes those teachings seriously will tend to be conservative. At the heart of liberalism is the belief that man is a power unto himself. Believing that in a recently Christian culture is tantamount to turning away from God.

        • You touch on a critical wisdom. Trouble arises when Man makes himself to be a God. This is equally true whether God himself exists, or if the atheists are right. Man is and always will be Man, with all the strengths and weaknesses that implies. We are a power unto ourself, but there will always be limtis to that power and consequences for its misuse, whether provided by God, Nature or both is open to debate.

          • Yep. Even if a person can’t bring himself to believe in God, he at least has to admit nature is bigger than him. Nature has rules. The sun will rise and set. The sun goes nova tomorrow, we’re all dead. Not very godlike of us.

          • Forgive if I’ve used this before:
            I read a book on atheism and found out that God doesn’t exist. Then I read a book on Zen Buddhism and found out that I don’t exist. 🙂

      • It is an explicit part of marxist ideology to acheive the replacement of Christianity with a religious fervor for international socialism. Research the reds before and during the Spanish civil war. Replacement of Christianity with marxism is as obvious to those who will simply listen to what our enemies declare to be their goals as the “long march” and alinskyism. Its in their foundational doctrine books, just read em.

      • Well, it’s not exactly ironclad proof, but there is no doubt that Leftism advanced as Christianity went into retreat. I don’t doubt for a second that there is a correlation.

    • I don’t think that morality is impossible without religion. I think immoral people will simply subvert religion and use it for their own ends. Shoot me if I think it’s most a biological thing.
      I’m Catholic, and I get what you’re saying, but there are basic moral axioms understood on a primordial level, no?

    • I feel like eating my head every time I hear, “We’re all in this together” in heavy rotation on the grocery’s p.a. system. Or constantly repeated While-U-Wait on a phone hold. I’d be less disturbed if I thought the message saturation was just cynical manipulation, as with car dealers. The scary thing is that most people propagating it are true believers, basking in the glow of their preaching license.

      Z is correct that it’s foolish to take sides in the virtue sweepstakes based on the politics of who’s advocating what. The distancing and mask requirements are obedience training, but while I have my opinions I can’t honestly be sure they are useless.

      Vote for doubt, not certainty.

      • Whether the mask is useless or not, is not the issue—unless of course, absolutely proved useless (I guess). The issue is what are the costs and what are the benefits. It doesn’t cut the mustard to simple shrug and say, “It can’t hurt.”

        • Right, Compsci. I doubt the masks, the distancing marks on the floor, etc. have a significant benefit — though it’s possible. No one knows; how could you design a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment to test large-scale results? Impossible.

          But as you say, that isn’t only what’s involved. The clampdown changes the way we live in multiple ways. It has uprooted the economy, especially for middle class and (formerly) working people. The plexiglass bisecting every public interaction, the phone calls and Zoom sessions that have replaced human-to-human meetings, have reduced personal communication and vastly jacked up feelings of isolation. Virtual reality has almost replaced real reality.

          Depression. Drugs. Withdrawal. Those are some of the items on the debit side of the ledger, and the longer the normal new carries on, the worse it’s going to get.

          • And don’t forget the aesthetic damage. The masked drones instantly make society an uglier and more bizarre place. An “American” supermarket now looks like a bazaar in Turkmenistan.

    • Cases like climate hysteria, racism hysteria and flu hysteria are only religions in a metaphorical sense. Their adherents do not claim supernatural sanction or guidance, they believe they’re acting on entirely rational grounds.

      Sometimes a thing walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but is really a ventriloquist eagle with a fake duck beak, experimenting with a new hunting technique.

  39. just did a new lease on truck. They rolled out new bs , be safe, “I can’t even get this deal” etc.
    You would think it would come with a Ford logo mask, but no. They really, really seemed to care though.

    • I bought a Vovlo from Cosco on time. Best experience. I came to the lot with a little plastic stub they gave me with for the suv the they had pre-negotiated. Made the mistake of bringing wife. The saleman was good and didn’t know hwat plastic stub was about.. He tried to upsell me and the wife was getting interested. I cut him off with- i’m not intersted and it defeats purpose of the whole costco thing. He made mistake of the using the “well- the lady seems interested” gambit. Wife nodded in agreement. Whereupon, I made quite a scene. When the deal was finshed. He told me “Dude, you were right, i couldn’t have gotten you a deal anywhere near this”. First time i ever felt like i got the maximum deal at a new car lot.

  40. All the “closed doors, open hearts” nonsense can only happen in a hyper-feminized society.

    The Karens & Cucks are actively enjoying this and don’t want it to end.

    • I’m as suspicious of the “Karen” meme as I am of being encouraged to make fun of Biden because he’s old (or rather because he’s old and white). The “Karen” crap seems like a way to drive another wedge between white males and white females. Like the woman in Central Park: Okay, she’s a busybody, but that energy can and should be channeled, and she wasn’t wrong to fear that guy (who also wasn’t minding his own business, and thus, despite being a black man, was pretty much a Karen).

      • If you have a leftist wacko liberal female in your family, and I have more than one, you know the Karen meme is not a joke, or a ploy, but a daily nightmare……

      • Karen hates your guts and wants you dead or imprisoned. Cut the White Knight m’lady fedora tipping. We clearly understand the difference between /ourgals/ and Karen. They need to feel shame and fear, let it go man, you clearly don’t get this.

        • Busybodies are a permanent feature of society. A mother duck repeatedly counting her babies is exhibiting the same energy, as are the kinds of biddies who told Tom and Huck to quit smoking behind the church. There are no ladies (or barely any) before whom I could white knight on this blog.

      • I find the interaction between the Central Park Karen and black “bird watcher” particularly telling… On display was an epic battle between two aggrieved classes. Both attempted to use their falsely elevated statuses to bludgeon the other. And the black man won.
        The Karen thought she could pull the “black man going to rape me” card but was defeated by the race card.

        Boom. There it is.

        • Her fear was not unreasonable. A woman alone in a park is not being unreasonable to fear any unaccompanied male, especially in a city park. Women are assaulted all the time in parks.

          • Women alone in parks is part of the problem. If she were actually thinking, she wouldn’t be alone in the park. Even another woman as an escort would help, or a really big and mean dog. The woman empowerment thing dictates that the rules of nature (one of them being that there are many places where a woman should not be out alone) can be violated without consequence. Not true.
            In a more civil and moral culture, the boundaries of where women could safely travel unaccompanied could be pushed out a bit. But civility and morality, too, have been sacrificed in the name of rights and equality. Somewhere along the line, all of the violations of logic and nature stack up and then you get Tessa Majors, the Columbia student, killed in the nearby park.

          • Well said. I remember one of the articles said that the NYPD have an officer full time at the entrance to Morning Side Park (the “good” side, I guess), to try and dissuade people from entering the park, it is so dangerous.

          • True. Too many females think they can do anything they want or go anywhere they want with no consequences. You know, I am woman hear me roar. Unfortunately, many find out the hard way, and some permanently, that it just ain’t so.

          • Yeah, this. Her reaction to the black guy made great TV, though. That was her mistake.
            Also, many white women haven’t caught on to the fact that they’re second class yet.

          • Yep. On the victimhood totem pole, they’re actually pretty close to the bottom.

          • Also, he sounded rather threatening: “You’re not going to like it, if I do what I’d like to do” or something like that.

          • And especially a black male. The Hutus punch far above their weight when it comes to rapin’.

        • There are no black birdwatchers. He was tuning in his binocs on yogapants white chicks…..would’nt know a bird if it landed on his head.

      • As Z Man said, when a black man emerges from the bushes, it is typically very bad news. The creep could have done his part to set her mind at ease, even if she was an obnoxiously nervous Karen. But he was setting her up for the reaction that the rare black bird-watcher enjoys. Creep.

        • That’s also a good point. He knew she was just a neurotic woman. Why set her up? Oh, wait…

        • Even though the anti-racists are ascendant, I think there are limtis to what even the gullible viewer will believe. I’d like to see statistics, if they could be collected, on what the average Black now is trained to say when facing the police: Beyond “Dindunuffin,” “I can’t breathe” must be a favorite, even if no physical contact has yet occurred.

        • Black bird watchers are rare only because the toxic whiteness of the bird watching community dissuades them from watching birds. Otherwise dey be totally down wit da scarlet tanagers and de red-breasted boobies.

          • Bird watching is the only pastime where a mixed crowd can openly and politely comment and point out a marvelous pair of tits or boobies. 😀

      • I find the Karen meme to be a mean spirited and bigoted anti-white meme.
        The white woman who was murdered for saying “all lives matter” is an example of what they want to do to these women. They want to murder them. It’s a revenge fantasy. It’s a lust for killing fed by years of an oppression narrative. especially by black men who claim they were raised to fear the white woman and her alleged racially motivated accusatory finger. Even Clarence Thomas has spoken about this and how his parents warned him about white and how white women can get him killed in a heartbeat.

        • Well, the white mother was not murdered because of the trivialities she might have said. Don’t buy their narrative. She would still be dead if she had just said “good morning”: failure to kneel to the new aristocracy while white was why she was murdered.
          But rejecting the Karen meme is cucking: refusing to counterattack traitors is to condone treason to your own, and it is manifestly obvious Karens are attacking our people, Western Civilization, and God.

          • None of these “Karens” are attacking OUR people. They are almost always being accused of not being sufficiently “respectful” of the blacks.
            It isn’t even just that. They are attacking women for doing what middle aged white women do. Above all, it is racist against white women. These are OUR mothers, they are OUR sisters, OUR wives and they are the mothers of OUR children.

            Defending our women is not cucking. It’s just another way of turning our people against each other, just like the Boomer stuff. Ganging up with blacks and other anti-whites against these women is absolutely retarded for a (white) race conscious dissident movement. Anything that is anti-white-woman is anti-us.

          • The salient feature of the Karen is not that she may occasionally tut-tut toward a maskless Hutu, but that she sides with the totalitarian AWR state in its war against whites. For that reason, she’s fair game just like an ANTIFAG.

        • Although I think he was punished just a bit harshley, the martyr for his cause Emmett Till could give us a first-hand lecture of how — in the old days — a black man should not interact with a white woman 🙂

      • The woman in central park wasn’t the Karen in that situation–the Karen was the black birdwatcher. As a non-Karen, dissident right, white woman, I love the Karen meme because it signals to other people that I am not one of these women. It especially comes in handy when there is a Karen-Male (what do we call him?) pulling his shit. Karens are usually white because blacks and browns, except the upper class woke ones, just don’t care about rules, one of our biggest complaints about them. The Karens are the ones who overreact and boss around about the stupid stuff, not a white woman who wants to hold up reasonable, good rules and regulations.

    • No doubt. The feminization of society has wrought all sorts of bother, and this is just another chance to nanny. On the subject of others enjoying it, I’d not thought about it before, but it now seems obvious. One colleague remarked to me that, ‘The Walking Dead scenario is obviously silly, in my area everyone is behaving well during the crisis’… This was said with sincerity, as if it were a great trial the country had pulled together one. He also enjoyed it when one national newspaper droned a number of people walking on Dartmoor, mentioning that these people were endangering the country.

      Should probably also say that they weren’t droned in the military sense, only in the remote surveillance sense. Maybe my colleague would have jumped with glee had it been the former.

      • At the rate things are going, the fembots running things are going to start demanding that convicted child molesters work at schools and day care centers. “Poor dears, they really mean well and mean no harm.” Proof of concept for their lavish ideas is often lacking, however.

    • Some of the more stronk empowered specimens may still be enjoying this but the majority of distaff madness comes from ladies knowing in their hearts and other parts that they’re not good at the Man Thing.

      They’re only pretending to strong and they know it.

      As any man who’s ever gone shopping with a woman or asked her what she wants to do tonight can tell you, they don’t like leadership, decision-making or a surfeit of choices.

      It’s a big reason why Karen obeys the magic box on the wall.

      Look at the Central Park Karen and the Hallway Karen. CP Karen wanted a stronk man to save her. Nothing wrong in that, BTW – she’s lucky the Jogger in question was queerer than Julatto Smollette.

      Hallway Karen pulled the “Black husband card.”

      Like teens often do, the vast majority of women are acting out in an inchoate demand for boundaries and leadership.

      We need to woo the pretty feminine doves from the flock and leave the minority of spiteful shrikes & dykes who enjoy playing at manhood to roost in each others’ pleasant company.

      • Yeah, it all starts with white men.

        Look around at the current crop, would you want to have babies with a fat, video game playing, alcoholic white slob? Who is also a bluepilled beta to boot.

        When I was more naive I dated a stronk wimmin who was certain she never wanted kids. After about 10 months she was telling me all about her plans for kids and said she saw a future where we had a family. She’s back to dating betas now and is also back to being childfree.

        Being angry at white women does nothing, since man’s duty is to rule over and control his women. A white woman problem stems from a white man problem. At the same time, no need for white knighting. We keep being strong, and the white women get scared who have a strong man will run to our side.

      • We need to woo the pretty feminine doves from the flock and leave the minority of spiteful shrikes & dykes who enjoy playing at manhood to roost in each others’ pleasant company.”

        Helluva sentence.

  41. There’s an inverse-correlation at work in a lot of these advertisements. When I see an ad for a cold medicine, it’s usually just some schlub tossing and turning in bed and sneezing. When I see a commercial with people kayaking and windsurfing, stretching out their hands to the heavens as a choir sings, I know it’s an for something to send genital warts into remission. All this “We care” crap is basically just, “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.”

  42. just buy a 1 year old car still under factory warranty based on the KBB value. it’s not that hard if you’re willing to do even a little research.

    • I hear December is a good time to shop. Dealers pay tax on inventory so they’re motivated to sell.

      • This year October might be a good time too. Dealers will be trying to clear their lots before the Lefties stage their “Automobil Kristallnacht” on Nov 5 when Trump is re-elected. This is what happened to the dealerships in Portland in 2016.

    • Absolutely. New cars are for suckers. One to two-year-old with a year or two remaining factory warranty will save roughly 30 percent. It used to be higher until Obama’s Cash-for-Clunkers reduced inventory and people caught onto the ridiculous amount of depreciation.

    • Good advice. I bought a used 2017 Nissan Versa Note SV on consignment back in January (I wanted something affordable and fuel efficient, with some cargo space for my keyboard and music gear). A rental car company was selling it. The local dealership has done a couple of repairs that still fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. I also paid $9086.95 cash for that car after all the various fees were tacked on–the best price I could get.

      I did discover that dealerships don’t really haggle, at least not until you’re on the lot. I walked away from a 2018 NVN SV that was overpriced (out-the-door was around $12,000; I told them I didn’t want to spend more than $10,000). They wouldn’t budge, so I walked. The dealership called me a few days later, but I’d already bought the 2017 model.

    • you will need ot go 2 to 3 years old . nobody sells a one year old car that has not been wrecked and repaired.

    • I bought an old clunker compact for 3k, low mileage, great on gas, and cheap parts which I usually repair myself.

      I’m a millenial, and nobody owns cars anyways so I’m still a king even with this piece of shit (people are impressed that I have a car). My depreciation costs are also nothing lol.

      • Conjecture: you live in Europe, where public transit is heaven and paying for (or parking) a private auto is hell 🙂 or you live in one of the few US cities with decent public transit.

        • I haven’t owned a vehicle, well non-aviation, in twenty years. I’m on the road twice monthly, well before the black death period, and so I drive a few thousand miles per year all over the world. I’ve never purchased a new car, only used. I live in the Great Lakes area of the US. A car here is a liability if you live within the right metro.

      • Honestly, i was surprised with this comment. I’ve got 7 cars that run sitting around my house most days. 3 that don’t, but i have hope for them/

    • I’ve never bought a vehicle that rolled off the line before I graduated high school.

      • With used cars people are often trading the lower price in exchange for losing out on the lowest maintenance period on the car, and if they hope to own it for the same amount of time, exchanging that for the most expensive maintenance period (+100,000). Add in financing and the new car price can be a wash.

        • Unless you know your way around the cars and can repair and maintain them yourself. A useful skill set to have.

          • Getting much more difficult to do yearly. These cars are now computers on wheels. Some of the diagnostic equipment getting expensive. Hell, even heard on the radio of paint shops being unable to paint and certify external sensors in bumpers and stuff due to initial cost of equipment.

            Had a window break on the new 2020 Ford truck. 3rd party window replacement, $200. However, they had not received the software to adjust/certify the sensors in the rear view mirror (they dim the headlights to oncoming traffic). Off to Ford after a discussion with Geico—$500.

          • He’ll, I have a 2013. First time the battery croaked, I open up the hood and none is to be seen. Buried under a bunch of s*** by the firewall. Took the guy from AAA an hour to change it out. And I thought side terminal batteries were a pain in the ass. My 2001 Jeep is a joy to deal with by comparison.

          • My late uncle drove corvettes for the last few decades of his life. Midlife thing. He was crazy as well. More drunk than sober at times. Once he ran it off a mountain road and was trapped inside, upside down. Thing was, they were putting the battery in the rear and the damn thing dripped acid on him as he lay trapped. So he came home in a body cast with acid scars and a great story.

          • I think he said he thinks the plug-in is broken and there’s nothing he can do about it. Not certain of that but that’s how I remember it.

          • I think he plans to develop a new website, and probably figures what’s the point of putting lots of sweat into this one, as long as it’s functioning good enuf.

    • Very true, and also a hard deal to find. I’ve been on the wrong end of such a deal. I can state from experience: the only thing more stupid than buying a new sports car (if a Miata qualifies), is to sell it at two years old! While a used car can theoretically be a good deal, I say if your finances allow, the most sensible thing is buy new, drive until it’s worn out. Adjust advice as necessary for business needs and/or to inflate your own ego 😀

    • When I was a teenager, you had car auctions here in Denmark, where the car on sale would be driven through a barn with the assembled bidders. The auction lasted the time it took for the car to drive through the barn and if it made it all the way through under its own power, the sale was done, even if it blew up ten meters outside the barn doors.

      You could get a working car for $300; it might not last a year, and you definitely didn’t want the cops to take a too close look at it, but you could own a car for $300 in a country with a 300% car tax, drive it around for a couple of months on temporary plates and sell it for $100 to a scrap dealer.

      • Stories like this I love. Being one-quarter Dane especially. The Norwegian other quarter does engage in self-loathing, however.

      • Odd, but the barn auction is pretty much the way we wholesale them today here in US. Perhaps not a barn, but same move it through process when I last saw one.`

      • In 1995 I did a bike & train trip to Scandinavia. I never did find Scandinavia 😀 , but I did visit Norway, Sweden and Denmark, among other places, doing as much beer drinking on my meager budget as world’s highest (?) alcohol taxes and a major low in the US Dollar would permit 🙂
        . It was Denmark (?) that has a high tax on new vehicles. But anything 40 years (?) or older was exempt, so you’d see old 60s US muscle cars out of proportion 🙂

        • I suspect you saw the American classics in Sweden, they have a large Rockabilly community.

          In Copenhagen, the American cars congregate near Tivoli on Friday nights, cruising, showing off the hardware. Here’s from a meetup at June 12:

          (See if you can spot a face mask, by the way)

           never did find Scandinavia 😀

          Few people do, not outside Copenhagen at any rate. It pains my patriotic soul to do so, but I always advise Americans visiting Europe to give Scandinavia a pass. If you have decided to shell out for a European vacation, you get a helluva lot more bang for your buck further south, not only price-wise but for pure, tourist enjoyment.

          I recommend renting a car, staying clear of the metropolises and roving the countryside more or less at random. From Bavaria to Sicily, Europe is one, big tourist destination, medieval castles, churches and villages everywhere; outside the cities there’s hardly any vibrancy, no scammers or pickpockets, and the provincials are not America-hating assholes like in Paris or Berlin.

          Norway is breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s the kind of natural beauty that you don’t need to leave America to find. Sweden less dramatically so, more forest than mountain, Denmark is just a potato patch – we have some of the best beaches in Europe, but the weather is capricious and the water chilly.

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