Every once in a while, I get complaints about reading too much from news articles in the show, rather than talking about the subjects. The logical response is to then do a show in which I have no prepared material. I just turn on the mic and start talking for an hour on whatever happens to come to mind. After all, the pendulum is supposed to swing from one extreme to the other. That is what I have done this week. I just let it rip on a few topics that were on my mind when I started.

The thing is, I could probably go on a ten hour, Chris Farley rant without too much trouble, other than the possible stroke. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am done with the ongoing revolution. It seems that everywhere we turn, there is some new madness or new tax on our patience. It is close to impossible to live a normal day, much less a normal life now. Even the most basic task brings a reminder that we live in a continent sized lunatic asylum.

All of us are highly adaptable, but there is a limit. Adapting to some new style or process is not so hard. There is no logic to clothing styles, for example, so you don’t have to give up your sanity to embrace the new thing. The same is true of some new way of doing something. If it saves time or reduces error, adapting to it makes sense, so you reprogram your mind to it. What we see going on around us is insane and you can never really adapt to madness. You just tolerate it.

Toleration has its limits. The other day I got an e-mail from a client. I’m not sure why I was included, as it was an internal e-mail to employees. The point of the e-mail was to suggest all employees list their preferred pronouns in their signature. It’s not enough that these people feel the need to deny reality. They insist that the rest of us participate in their madness. Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to make you carry the burden of their madness. It is tax that is never paid in full.

All of us are amazed, to one degree or another, at how the crazies keep finding new ways to be crazy in public. I keep waiting for the people in charge of this simulation to halt the game and laughingly admit they were just having some fun. The truly remarkable thing, however, is that some otherwise normal person has not had a falling down moment. If any age cried out for a vigilante it is this one. It is as if the people in charge are trying to push us to the breaking point.

Maybe our side is reading it all wrong and the vast majority of people think what is happening is the best thing ever. The people in charge keep making that point, but that seems unlikely. Instead, it seems that most people are quietly seething. They distract themselves as best they can in order to avoid being miserable, but whenever the revolution intrudes into their lives, their jaw tightens and their fist clinch. There are a lot of pissed off people walking around these days.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. I am now on Deezer, for our European haters and Stitcher for the weirdos. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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This Week’s Show


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  • 02:00: Tubby Bollocks
  • 22:00: Walk Away
  • 42:00: Sportsball
  • 57:00: Closing

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276 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Looks like Disqus, or someone, is filtering comments here. I made a comment about 15 minutes ago and it’s not showing up. I’ve also had some other comments not show … I thought that I may have just lost track of them, but now I’m thinking that they were banned … and they weren’t bad at all … smh.

  2. Was watching some recent Nick Fuentes videos on BitChute … I’m wondering if he’s schilling for the Jews a bit. In his videos, he just bleated on-and-on about Red/Blue Team stuff and blaming Blacks, but never mentioned Jews. Also, he was countering our own Zman here, by criticizing people for not voting cuz it doesn’t matter, as Z was implying that he may do.
    I know Z doesn’t like to criticize the small hat guys, but I don’t see how any comprehensive social analysis of the past 40 years can overlook the horribly corrosive impact that feminism, gay rights, immigration, abortion, attack on Christianity, et al., has had on America, and Jews were pushing all of these. And any analysis of This Country’s current woes that doesn’t begin there would seem to be “treating the symptom and not the cause”.

  3. I would like to thank you, by the way, for using Virtual XI in your closing music (and getting the The Angel and the Never-Ending Chorus back into my head after I forgot to not play the whole album…)

    The album cover seems terribly apropos of our current situation.

  4. To me, the continuing propensity of White women to “feel the pain” of the Black man is no better witnessed than by observing the high levels of participation by White women at BLM rallies … even in Finland and elsewhere. Also, how many times do we see White women holding “Refugees Welcome” signs. I don’t have a solution other than White men destroying their signs and telling them to stop it.

  5. You talked about your interest in politics going back to Nixon’s resignation. When I was a callow youth we were all for Vote 19 to give 19 year olds the vote. We got it even better we thought so now we could vote at 18. So as a new voter I voted in the 1972 election only to find out the one I voted for was forced out of office. I never voted again until 2016. Didn’t count then either since I live in a blue state but it felt good to vote against the chosen one.

  6. I actually read Trump’s original DACA proposal, and there are a whole bunch of ways these illegals can disqualify themselves from amnesty. They can’t have ever collected welfare and can’t even have an unpaid parking ticket on their records, let alone a felony. That disqualifies about 90% of them right up front, plus they need to be in a degree program (not just working). Basically it *sounds* like amnesty, but in fact winnows out all but the very best prospects. So it rings up most of them for deportation… but gets them to out themselves by applying for the program.

    • I think your point on the DACA amnesty ties into the moronic Trump hate in the podcast. I am no maga tard the man has flaws but he did not do what Clinton/Kaine promised to do in their first one hundred days – comprehensive amnesty for illegal aliens. The whole Trump hating rant in the podcast was just irrational crap. Otherwise good podcast. I listened to it driving across Nebraska last night at 1 am.

      • Yeah, our Z-Man has become irrationally disappointed in Trump. Meanwhile here in Flyover Country, things are the best they’ve been in decades, all because of Trump’s policies. Made In USA is a Thing again. Cost of living is down. Illegal immigration is down significantly, with deportations of criminal aliens way up (reportedly 16,000 of ’em in just the past year). And critical chunks of the Wall have been and continue to be built. How is that a failure to perform? Compared to what??
        And DACA has to sound good to the brown crowd, even if it actually stomps all over the illegals, because the President is not a dictator who can wreak his unopposed will upon the land; he has to fight the whole damn system for every little thing, and squeeze out cooperation at every turn just to break even.
        And Z would have us believe the Dem presidents were not that bad? and that Biden isn’t either? Well, Biden probably isn’t, if it were just Biden. Biden’s handlers, tho… which means Hillary’s crowd plus the Gang of Four, controlled variously by Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, and China. How is that better than even a stymied and ineffectual Trump?? Sometimes the best you can do is drag your heels and make sure nothing worse happens until you can grab an anchor. In this case, that means getting past the next election, after which Trump won’t need to curry votes the way he has to right now.
        *sigh* Well, otherwise I still quite enjoy these podcasts.

  7. Had to watch Falling Down since I’ve never seen it. Of course, the Nazi is portrayed as the craziest guy. It’s as if history would have us believe that millions of Germans woke up one day and fell under a strange spell and began hating Jewish people without any prior provocation or reason. History is written by the victors, I suppose.

  8.  The truly remarkable thing, however, is that some otherwise normal person has not had a falling down moment. 

    Or an H.L. Menken moment

    Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

    I suspect that the reason such has not (and, IMHO, never will) occurred is that those of us who might consider doing so are sufficiently sane to know that, however satisfying it might be, ultimately the act would accomplish nothing. We even had a (very minor) “Falling Down” moment around here recently. There was a man checking out in a Home Depot (or maybe a Lowe’s) who wasn’t (gasp!) wearing a mask. The County Judge (highest elected official in county government around here) who was in an adjacent line called the man down for not wearing a mask AS MANDATED BY LAW and held out a pamphlet detailing how/why wearing a face covering was required. The man slapped the paper out of the “Judge’s” hand. Now the poor sap is facing FELONY ASSAULT charges and up to TEN YEARS as a guest of the taxpayers of Texas! And we still have to wear masks.
    Thursday’s blog not withstanding, I still believe that the Democrats are very much in the position of the dog who kept chasing cars until he caught one. They have mounted the tiger and have NO CLUE how to get down. They are well and truly victims of their own success. Back in June I had a routine visit with my Cardiologist. I love him dearly but he is very much a sporting man. When I made my next appointment to see him (the Monday before Thanksgiving, mind you) I asked the Doc if he’d put money on us being off house arrest by the next time I saw him. His response was,”Nah. More like the first of the year.”

  9. I then began to try to assemble some theory as to how this could be … what would cause an otherwise sensible young White male to loudly & proudly appropriate this culture? My half-baked ruminations pointed back to young ladies as being the trigger. High school girls are probably convinced that Blacks are oppressed, and display their piety by giving special sympathies to them. Blacks would love to “Free Willy” and shag them. This leaves the White guy to play the role as cultural appropriator, in order to appear to be the sexual equal of the Black guy. If Whitey doesn’t, then he looks hateful and petulant … girls don’t like that. Ok, feel free to blast me off the stage!

    • I’m on stage with my dynamite vest. Whites started liking hip-hop (at the time called rap) in the mid-80’s. I was a freshmen in high school and witnessed the change as it happened. A few years before, we all defensively made fun of rap music. A few years later, you were unhip not to like it. Run DMC and the Beastie Boys had a lot to do with the crossover appeal. So the “phenomenon” you speak of is well into its 35th year. It’s just part of the musical landscape. Jeep guy is listening to hip-hop because he likes it. It’s good music.

      • You cannot term noise from people who cannot sing, cannot comprehensibly speak, cannot read music, and cannot play instruments ‘music.’ It is pidgin over a background of a machine-made electronic beat. The White guy listening to rap is idolizing the other’s noise, just as you were idolizing the non-White MMA guy a few days ago. Whites have our own music, that speaks to our own lives and souls. We must maintain our own heritage. Adopting the language, posturing, and crass habits of lesser people is demeaning.

  10. So, I was out getting alittle jog in (no, I’m not a “jogger”) at my local high school, which is 85% White, while the football team was practicing, and was reminded of how immersed the White youth is in Black culture when, after practice, a White guy drove by in a 4×4 Jeep, all by himself, playing loud rap music. It’s not the first time that I’ve heard rap music from, what would otherwise be considered, very traditional White vehicles.

  11. I can see why Z thinks that most people are angry about the wokening but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is hard to imagine they aren’t seething away because the Narratives are so transparently stupid but only a majority of people on our side of the divide are against the insanity. Most of the rest are mad the country isn’t even more woke. They really think that the virus is the new black plague, blacks are being hunted and slaughtered by police, all of blacks’ problems stem from systemic racism and we are all going to die from climate change. Even if they are with one aspect, they are still on board. The people in the middle are afraid to see the insanity because that will mean that they are now bad, ignorant, science deniers like us.

  12. It was a good podcast, as every Z man podcast is. I’d describe it as a little weak on anger and outrage, given the current circumstances. But I recognize that among the qualities Z man’s audience appreciates includes his generally moderate tone. I’d like some amalgam of Anglin and Z leading our side of the “revolution”.

  13. What’s kinda heartbreaking is that all our NFL heroes from when we were kids didn’t get paid much. Not enough for the damage they took and work they put in. If you collected cards like I did, you’ll recall the back of the card blurbs saying stuff like, “Kenny Stabler teaches summer school in the off-season.” “Jack Ham is an accountant.” These guys were trying to make ends meet. A commenter above was making fun of Joe Namath for having to do rinky-dink insurance commercials. Pre 1983 or so, they didn’t make enough for a secure retirement. Shows you how management treat people when they can get away with it.

    One of the best sports documentaries is the ESPN 30 for 30 doc “The ’85 Bears”. You’ll have to pay a few bucks for it on YouTube, but it’s well worth it. Depicts a team’s comradeship, their will to be great, in-fighting, the physical and mental toll of the sport, the value of smart players and coaches, and more.

    Here’s a clip.


  14. This was good. I liked the ranting. This is an informal format. keep it that way. A wrestler? little surprised with that willowy frame. Best sport.

  15. I’ll add that Republicans cuck all the time, because real power does not lie with elected officials. It lies with the FBI, as we can see. They put a lot of Trump people in jail and made sure no Hillary person went to jail because the former pissed them off and the latter were their spouses employers. Real power lies in the Joint Chiefs, who have basically told Trump they will remove him if he pisses them off too much. Real power lies in the massive DOJ bureaucracy, and the Treasury, and the EPA, and other decision makers who decide if you get to keep your car or house or not, if you can go to church, or not. If Christian worship is allowed, or not.
    Republicans promise stuff, but the real powers who are unelected and unaccountable, tell them what to do. You can’t fire the FBI. You can’t get rid of the Joint Chiefs. You can’t remove or vote out the Justice Department. Its a rational choice. Relying on superhuman morality is a recipe for failure. A system can only work when bad people do the right things for self-interested reasons.
    Its like John McCain’s famous reliance on someone in the CIA to go to prison for torturing information out of a terrorist to stop an attack. Not going to happen — we had a real test of that and the ticket agent did not raise any concerns on Mohammed Atta as he wanted to keep his job and put food on the table.
    We have a choice. Its Mexico. Or Africa. Choose what society you as a White man want to live in. Me, I’ll choose Mexico. There are many things I don’t like about it, but they have a use for White men. Not so much Africans.
    Yeah, I’d rather live in the United States, but that’s not happening. There is no peaceful separation, this is not Czechkoslavakia in the 1990s. At best we’re looking like Biafra at the end.

    • Whiskey is negotiating his surrender. I’m not surprised.

      Go away. We’re better off without you, and you know why.

      • Exactly may his chains rest lightly upon him…Also when we win his kind gets the boot…

        • Off topic – Lineman or Exile – Does anyone know if Citizen of a Silly Country is okay? He had indicated he was having some real marital problems because of his refusal to bend the knee. If he’s part of your private chat group that’s terrific; I just want to make sure nothing’s happened to him.

      • “Go away”? That’s uncalled for. Whiskey is just saying, if I may, that it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the power is in the unelected officials. I think that’s reasonable to believe. So, “voting” is not going to stop immigration … it hasn’t in over 30 years! So, all that he is saying is pick your poison. Now, refute him with a sound argument … not some ad hominem attack.

  16. Sorry Zman, you are just wrong on the election, and the process of the choices being offered being in the past two versions of a poop sandwich.
    The reason for that in the past is not that Bush 1 and 2 were weasels, and Ronald Reagan was a man of iron nobility, but that real power had long since passed from party officials and elected officials to the Deep/Derp State. This started under FDR but just grew massively with the Civil Rights Act and various other gargantuan bureaucracies. Reagan was “their choice” because of the disaster of Carter, leading most at the time (I was alive back then too) to conclude that the USSR was likely to be the dominant power and might even absorb us such was the panic.
    I remember the 1992 and 1996 Elections. At no time was Bill Clinton promising to defund the police, seize all private internal combustion engine cars, seize houses to give them to black people, promising war with Russia, or proposing work/death camps for White men. At no time did he or anyone in the party do this. In fact he made it a point to “End Welfare As We Know It” and demand lengthy sentences for “super predators” and smacked down Sistah Souljah. Instead of kissing her ass.
    Biden is not Bill Clinton, nor is he even Obama. He’s Paul von Hindenburg and neither the Deep/Derp State nor anyone in the Party can reign in the crazies. Consider this, his running mates/successors are one of: Stacey Abrams, Susan Rice (the worst of the bunch, as an Academic her inner Abimael Guzman is showing through), or Kamala Harris. Each one of those would gin up the slave labor work camps for Whitey.
    We have a clear choice, bad and DEATH. I’ll take bad every day. I have family members who would be surely shot as “useless eaters” in the Abrams Adminstration. So that right there is reason to vote for Trump. To crawl over broken glass to vote for him. Even if he has no realistic chance of winning with Biden having a 20 point lead now.
    We have a popular entertainer now opining that Whites are like animals and should be exterminated. And not only is he not fired from Fox “Masked Singer” he faces no real punishment. OPRAH that finger in the wind weirdo who has always tacked with the breeze is quoting Farrakhan and Hitler.
    Deep/Derp state nearly pulled off a Color Revolution with the connivance of the Joint Chiefs and Defense Secretary. Pulling Trump from the White House and lynching him, appointing Hillary as the new President. That had her fingerprints all over it like an Epstein suicide. Only Barr stopped it by getting a terrible few men to stand up the mob.
    As it stands, the Joint Chiefs have basically told Trump if he does anything they will remove him.
    Why? What changed? Bill Clinton, who bombed the hell out of Serbian and Iraq, and had an open war on gun owners and talk radio, ran on the economy and getting people back to work. Biden what there is of him is all about defunding the police and punishing White people by taking their cars (confiscating them and providing “clean electric vehicles” … or really just trains and bicycles) and backing the jihad against Catholic Churches.
    I mean, really, the dog not barking is Biden not taking a brave stand against beheading statues of Jesus and Mary in front of Catholic Churches and against setting the churches on fire during Mass with parishoners inside. That he’s not done so tells you all you need to know.
    In my view, what changed is big business. They made their enormous profits off Chinese slave labor, but that has come to an end. China is running out of excess people to run that scam, and Xi rightfully sees those slave labor factories … for foreigners as a threat to his power.
    Demonizing White people is just Apple, Nike, Amazon, Wal-Mart etc. gearing up for the “free” labor we will be producing for them under President Abrams. Hell yeah I’m voting Trump.
    I have family who would be shot, I want to repeat, as useless eaters immediately. I don’t have money or means right now to get them and myself out of the country and in a safe haven.
    We are all Jews now, in Germany right before Hitler got chosen as Chancellor. Biden is old, weak, and without any powerful big shot calling the shots. Coke-head Hunter? Dr. Jill?
    I’ll take a poop sandwich every day of the week to avoid family being shot. To avoid for four years where I can save, and plan, and flee, ending up in Manzanar or someplace worse making Nikes or Iphones.

    • We are all Jews now, in Germany right before Hitler got chosen as Chancellor.”
      Gee, if I’m now a Jew, I appear to be missing an awful lot of money. Did Hitler steal it from me?

  17. Z – would you agree that if football had a 120 snap limit and did away with time – that the game would get more interesting. I mentioned it to AE and he liked the idea.

  18. Unplugged worked for me. Most of your podcasts have a Personal organic feel to them. This one felt like more like a couch conversation. I definitely look forward to the academically/ historical podcasts as well. Were else am I going to run into Cavet Emptor ? My sports ball experience is similar to yours. The green monster, yankee stadium, seeing joe Namath at Shea, the pirates crazy uniforms. Did you know the Yankees logo was designed by Tiffany &co ? I saw the light about 5 years ago when I couldn’t watch the dodgers on MLB.com on my laptop while sitting in my living room 2 miles from dodger stadium. Have a good weekend citizens, have some fun. Even if it kills you.

    • Want that same sense of awe gong up a ramp and then, poof, below you spreads this amazing sight ??

      Go to Crater Lake in Oregon. Go up that hill before the lake and then, voila, she presents herself. And your jaw literally will drop

      • Copy that, I lived in northern Arizona for 10 years. No comparison. You gotta love trees that smell like vanilla.

        • As the MSM likes to say, being in awe of nature (and going to national parks for that reason) is a white thing

      • From Fort Hunter LIggett in central California (Monterey County) you go west on a little switch-backity two-lane road that winds up and up through the trees. Have someone along who doesn’t know what’s coming. You might spot a condor or two. But then you’ll crest a hill and your passenger will realize you are about 4000 feet above the Pacific and it seems as though you are seeing the whole thing.

    • seeing joe Namath at Shea” That’s cool. What’s not cool is I was watching a pirated VHS game of Raiders vs. LA Rams from late 70’s. And camera flashed to a 2nd string Joe Namath riding the bench for the Rams. From mid 70’s thru 80’s my parent’s used to take us to the U.S. Tennis Open in Flushing Meadows, across from Shea Stadium. The subway cars would be packed with posh tennis audience and drunk Mets fans. The disharmony was hilarious. BTW in college my parent’s double dated once with Namath and whatever chick he was dorking that evening. Mom still talks about his green eyes.

      • Joe is now filling his time selling crap on for Medicare recipients on late night TV. Can’t quite make out his eye color, but he sure is old.

        • Oh you. Not a very gracious comment. Joe was the coolest. He was before my time, but I’ve seen all his interviews and a few documentaries. Dude is and always was sweet smooth and simpatico. I truly can’t think of a cooler guy. Plus he had the looks. And the arm. And the high IQ-QB brain. Man, he had it all. And all in NEW YORK CITY. No wonder they flipped out for him. King of all Lady Killers. Dweebs like me and you…we should lay low on the Joe bashing. Makes us look lame.

  19. 1) I love how Z related the zen-like experience of walking into a baseball stadium and seeing the giant green field. It’s very special. I’d encourage people here to attend a game for the soothing nature of it. Even a minor league game. The smell of popcorn, beer, and hotdogs adds to it all. Put the angry politics about it aside and do it for you. There’s a reason they used to call these things “parks”.

    2) I’m glad Z talked about how dumb journalists and their articles are now. Seems like an obvious take, but it’s gotten so bad that it’s absurd. The level of amateurishness has sunk even more levels in just the last 2 years. I think what’s happened is the editors who used to make the drafts half-way professional sounding, have reached a point of exhaustion and are just signing off on the drafts. Ain’t nobody got time to re-write LaShawn’s ramblings.

    3) Will disagree with Z on a technical matter. Re. the Tom Brady deflated football controversy. “Deflate-Gate”. I’m a big Patriot/Brady fan. And I hate siding with the NFL front office and their PR white-witch hunt against Brady…just to prove they weren’t just coming down on blacks. Since black players were effing up all over the place at the time…mostly for beating up their girlfriends. A far cry from a football’s PSI.

    Anyway, I grew up playing football and was high school QB for a time. When you lessen the air in a football, it gives you greater control as a passer. Even greater if you’ve got big hands. If you deflate the ball just enough to where it’s slightly squeezable it really helps. Especially in the cold Northeast where a properly inflated cold football is hard to finesse. At the pro-level, passing and receiving is a game of inches. There’s a reason there’s strict parameters on inflation.

    4) Z’s anger at what the Progs have done to the enjoyment of watching TV sports was so appreciated. It was a great pastime for nearly all Americans. And American kids. In the 80’s FOX would reserve the late Sunday games (4PM to 8PM) for America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys. 2 to 3 times a year it would be Cowboys vs. Redskins, and somehow it was always a great game. Called by the avuncular Pat Summerall and John Madden. Late afternoon would turn into night. Then a nail-biting overtime. Next morning all the kids would talk about it at school. Good times.

    • I get that same sense when I enter into Court 1 at Indian Wells. Just gorgeous to behold, mesmerizing.

      • Falcone, I’m told I should go. It’s about an hour and a half from me. Out near Indio and Palm Springs right? You play tennis? I do. When I was a kid I told my parents I want to name my kid Indio. They yelled, “Don’t you know that means Indian!?” It’s still cool. I got it from that wickedly cool bandelero in For A Few Dollars More.

    • I was born in 1971, grew up loving all sports. It was Pete Rose’s 44 game hitting streak that got 7 year old me to begin reading the paper each day and learn a box score. My neighborhood was full of boys my age and we did something athletic every day: touch football in the street, kill-the-guy in a backyard, whiffle ball every day in the summer, street hockey all winter, shooting hoops in someone’s driveway, step ball, just playing catch with a baseball for half an hour when there was only two guys around. All of this unorganized.

      The first big-time sport I tuned out of was the NBA. I loved basketball as a kid, but by the mid-80’s the Jordan era began and suddenly it was about selling shoes. Soon thereafter the league became almost fully urban and I just couldn’t relate. The NFL was next and it probably fell for me at some point in the mid 90’s. I, on and off, spent several years living abroad in that era and the time away completely cured me of my interest in football. Not coincidentally, the sport became, you guessed it, urbanized. The constant hot dogging and the insistence that players had to be constantly “intense” made everything about the sport unrelatable. Today, I’ve gone from indifference to a burning hatred of the sport for all the reasons that everyone here could mention.

      Hockey and baseball remain(ed?) of interest to me. I played ice hockey growing up and in beer leagues through my thirties. Also, the NHL in the 80’s was insanely entertaining. The talent at the top of the league will likely never be topped and on the flip side, the rough stuff was a nightly occurrence. It really was the best of both worlds. And it was white. Baseball too seemed far more romantic in that decade, but that might just be nostalgia. Anyway, I, for one, love the languorous pace of the game. As Z mentioned, listening to a game on the radio during a warm summer twilight is a communion with the best of our nation’s past. But still, both the NHL and MLB are just as hell-bent as any other corporation to lose my business. So they may be next.

      • Great comment KGB. One thing though. What is “Kill the Guy”? Are you Canadian? Were Canadian kids too polite to call it Smear the Queer like here in the U.S.? Or is it a different game?

        • I live on the shores of the Great Lakes, so close enough. I didn’t hear the phrase “Smear the Queer” until a few years ago but I wish we’d have thought of it back in the day. From what I gather, it’s the same game. One guy gets the football and tries to hang onto it as long as he can while being rag-dolled by everyone else in the game. No scoring, no clock, no point really. Just all-American rough housing.

  20. I think part of the journalism becoming the profession it is it’s the collusion with Hollywood. The journalists flattered Hollywood and then Hollywood flattered journalists. Whole bunch of movies came out, and still do, about what heroes reporters are and so now even regular people have this idea of Journalism as a noble profession. Historically, everyone knew that journalists were low lifes and everyone knew the same about actors. It’s only been recently that the idea of both these professions has changed and it was the collusion between both those professions that brought about that change.

  21. I have recently spoken to my neighbor – a 70+ year old woman, very liberal, old time hippie… She thinks a civil war is inevitable. Not because Americans are crazy, but because the left-crazies are right and are not succeeding at getting their point across to the ignorant rednecks.

  22. I’m an old fan of Gordon’s London Dry Gin Gordon Liddy. I listened to him on many a lunch hour back in the 90s, raging against the Clintons, for all the good it did. While some format may be useful, I am in favor of you not reading material on your show. Why? Partly for the practical aspect: Unless you were reading from a source not readily available on the Net (rarely, I’d guess), it is a much better use of your and our time if you just provide a link or other cite so that the reader may review the material at his leisure, rather than you do little more than cut & paste on your own show. There is already too much of that on the net. Returning to your show’s format, I myself am a proponent of talking out your ass extemporizing and recommend you try it too. 😀 
    Z, a rare compliment from me: You often rag on journalists as being dumb, and rightly so. I’m glad that you’re not among that group. I don’t have your CV at hand but I’d guess you got a degree in something STEM related, you work in IT. Your competence as a journalist is because it’s a hobby, a sideline. Sadly, the mass media has become so Pozzed that anything approaching objective, inquiring journalism would instantly get one banned from media and/or fired.

    The mainstream media is most, likely beyond redemption. At least as long as it lasts, we still have relative freedom to write and express our opinions, albeit at possible cost to our careers, social contacts, and sometimes, personal safety and life.

     I support Z and some other media outlets, I encourage others to support similarly, sites that put out something approaching the truth, or at least a message you agree with. As things are moving, my guess is that outfits like you will be reduced to money orders to a postal box or cash donations, before you must go totally dark. Maybe we’ll still be able to put out samizdat literature until people are rounded up and arrested for misuse of precious paper and ink, no it wouldn’t be about suppressing unpopular views, would it? That’d be anti-American 🙂

    Your “Marching Morons” reference is correct. Here’s the wiki. For those interested, appears the story itself is public domain and available online.

    Mike Dukakis was an ultra-liberal before his time. People interested in race relations should research the Willie Horton case. As briefly as possible, Willie Horton was a dangerous convicted robber and murderer who was furloughed by Dukakis as governor. At risk of belaboring the obvious let me note some facts: In an earlier era, men who committed armed robbery and stabbed to death victims would have been convicted of capital murder, in addition to other crimes, and at the very least would have faced life without parole, or very likely, death. And they would have been executed without too much delay. 

    To no one’s surprise, except presumably Dukakis,’s, Mr. Horton proceeded to use his liberty to commit mayhem in Maryland. Fast forward a few years and this fiasco alone, most likely cost him the election. In practice, consider that Dukakis was about 40 years ahead of his time. Just look at what many Democrat governors and mayors have already done or are proposing doing to law enforcement all in the guise of being kinder to the poor, oppressed black man.

    The Liberal bias of Wikipedia is obvious: the term “Horton” does not appear in this entry:


    To be fair, they do have a “Willie Horton” entry that appears fairly objective.

  23. I am one of the fun police with the movies. Frankly, I don’t see how anyone who thinks as we do can watch a movie and sit through it with such obvious clownary that is pervasive in TV and movies. Every movie and every TV show is now loaded with messaging whether or not it is implicit or explicit. They are all anti-white and or anti-Christian.
    I was just doing a walk down memory lane the other day watching old Monkees episodes when I came across this little gem:
    The absolute hatred on display for Southern/rural Whites is absolutely disgusting and as in your face as it gets. There is no way that anyone who thinks like us can see this episode and not see the absolute blatant anti-white hatred and this was over 50 years ago. They were attacking my brain as a child (re-runs) and making me equate Southern Whites and rural whites as stupid, violent and hateful. Or the Beverly Hillbillies. That whole show is a goof on rural white people. Most of it is far more subtle than this. Then there are the commercials.
    There is a guy on YT called Black Pilled who will spend an episode deconstructing the anti-white narratives in movies going back to at least the 50s.
    I hate these people for ruining everything including passive entertainment, including movies, TV and sports and now even books. I used to love to lose myself in science fiction and horror books. But even that has been completely SJW converged. The most recent new sci-fi book I bought was about in 2007, a book of short stories. I opened the book to a random short story and it was about a robot and his homosexual love interest. I opened to another one, and I don’t recall what exactly it was about, but it was SJW cringe. That was after several other books, all supposedly best sellers, all homosexual or black revenge fantasies.
    The police aren’t the ones ruining the fun, they are the ones pointing it out.

    • I was just doing a walk down memory lane the other day watching old Monkees episodes when I came across this little gem..

      It’s not just Southerners. I re-watched Fargo recently. The naked contempt for Minnesotans is appalling once you see it.

      • It’s anything to do with traditional civilization. They hate everything beautiful and true. They hate Western civilization and it shows in every frame (or every pixel for you younguns).

    • Although I still love his shows (Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency!) Jack Webb was a master at that. Anyone who wasn’t from the City of Angels was portrayed as hopelessly backward; naive hicks to the extreme. In fact, many of his fellow white Angelenos were given very similar treatment. Listen to the radio version of Dragnet and you start to realize that while Detective Friday is cool and calculating, the people he questions are often depicted as simpletons. They repeat themselves often and constantly question the most basic facts.

      Along those lines, Zman’s podcast today, the part about sports reporters, made me think about the sitcom version of The Odd Couple. Television’s Oscar Madison, a newspaper sports reporter, was, beneath the humor, an adult man with adult interests; his job, alimony, girlfriends, the rent. Though unorthodox, he was a diligent reporter and mostly humble about what he did. I haven’t watched-watched a sitcom in about 30 years, but the snippets I see tells me that in that entire time, the one and only premise of today’s sitcoms is that adults are funny only when they act like children. That’s one and a half generations in which that message has been pounded into people’s heads. Contrast that to The Odd Couple, Barney Miller, or Mary Tyler Moore, which were infinitely funnier, yet mature and relatable.

  24. Ad. How are those people in the media?
    The control over issuing currency is the answer. Trup gets accused of insider trading, Obama didn’t have to.

  25. Something else to despair over: just as, when individuals breed there is regression to the mean, so it is too when cultures intermix. Bear in mind that western civ had worked its way to about six standard deviations ahead of the mean. Pray for your descendants. They may have to ride the curve all the way down. We’re currently experiencing the unease that comes as the roller coaster crests the hill and begins its descent.

  26. Hillary Clinton isn’t the worst presidential candidate in the modern era? (Mondale anyone?)
    Lost an election that was rigged in her favor and had the backing of all Silicon Valley, 90% of other corps and 99% of the media?

  27. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I am done with the ongoing revolution. It seems that everywhere we turn, there is some new madness or new tax on our patience. It is close to impossible to live a normal day, much less a normal life now. Even the most basic task brings a reminder that we live in a continent sized lunatic asylum.”
    There’s some comfort in knowing you are not alone. Whatever amusement there may have been in all this idiocy, it’s now long gone.

    • The insanity around us is not us. It’s not my party. I wasn’t invited. And I am not attending.

  28. I think incipient Falling Downers may hold on until after the election.
    At which point, regardless of outcome, all the blackpilling, defeatism, and schadenfreudic auto-fellation must yield to a big (white) tent rhetoric of action, coupled with encouragement of an appropriate caliber.

  29.  I keep waiting for the people in charge of this simulation to halt the game and laughingly admit they were just having some fun.

    I tend to agree with Elon M that we are in fact living in a giant holographic projection. I think that explains UFOs. They are a kind of test pattern inserted into our reality periodically to recalibrate well… everything.

      • I’m not a philosopher. I’m just trying to avoid the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrials. It seems banal and I hate Hollywood.

        • Yeah, knowing how much computing power it takes to even recreate a city street in a video game, I am always little skeptical of the “living in a hologram” idea. Add in all the animals and plants that grow and people we interact with and all the computing power it would take for them, and I walk away thinking it is pretty much an impossibility. And I find it hard to believe that when I die that my cat, for example, won’t still be kicking around whining for food and attention.

          Whatever it is we are living, it is pretty miraculous, and I am not going to let miserable people and leftists and their nonsense take away from what is truly amazing — this life we live.

      • Now that’s weird. Falcone, I tried replying to you but my comment got cancelled. Message said it was being moderated, now it’s gone. Zman I didn’t say anything controversial but I did use the word ‘h*te’ with an ‘a’ there where the asterisk is. Are your comments being moderated by some third party?

        • I get the orange “moderation” message sign sometimes too

          Have the same question myself

  30. The essence of totalitarianism is not preventing one from doing what he wishes, but forcing him to do something he abhors. BSA is veering sharply toward totalitarianism.

    • Blacks in charge is frightening

      If there was ever a people not built for being in authority…

      Even something as small as being the customer in a restaurant goes to their head and they go on a power trip

      • It’s upside down world. Whites, through niceness, treachery and cowardice, have put the most dysfunctional, violent and stupid people in charge of “America.” As Z says, this country is a continent-sized lunatic asylum.

  31. OK, I just got done listening to the podcast (which I enjoyed very much), and will take to heart your observation from the first segment that media no longer fosters real public debate. So here goes. In the second segment on politics, you assert that Trump has been a complete failure so far and done nothing. Well, not so fast. Killing NAFTA and replacing with a better trade deal was significant. Ditto with China, who had been endlessly raping the US economy prior to Trump. Those are no trivial accomplishments. Do you really think Biden would have done that, given the billions in bribes he’s taken from China? Real debate; it’s more than a slogan.

    • In what sense is the new NAFTA better than the old one? China? We need to start slowly creating a ban on imports from domestic companies.

      • Under NAFTA, China was using Canada and Mexico as backdoors into the US market. They would manufacture parts in China, assemble finished products in Canada or Mexico, and then export to US duty-free. The new trade agreement eliminates that, and creates incentives for businesses to increase domestic manufacturing again. Trump is a businessman first and foremost. He will not be bested in deal-making.

    • Only US expenses should be tax deductible.
      Eligible expenses must include the US tax-id of the person/entity to whom the expense was paid.

    • Yeah, but I doubt that would have gone any differently under a GOP prez; if anything it might have gone worse since at lease Dems can feel they have enough Lib points to half ignore the tiny hat crowd. And, ditto Somalia.

    • Exactly. If POC criminals—including murderers—are being released from prison en masse and it is increasingly impossible to imprison POC criminals in the first place—grooming gangs continue to run wild—then who are the prisons being built for? For white people.

      If we’re near the point where all POC will be exempt from the law, then the only people filling up the prisons will be 12 year old white boys jailed for using the gamer word. And that’s exactly who the pedophilic tranny prison guards want under their watch.

  32. I very much like the regular format and I especially like that you read what you are commenting on. The reading of the first parts of the article puts your comment on it in perspective without me having to pause the video, go read the article so it is all fresh in my mind and then go back and hit play again. It would also significantly increase the amount of time it would take to listen to the podcast without the reading.

  33. New York Post: The Navajo Nation put out a statement on the retirement of the Redskins name: “We strongly encourage the NFL Washington organization to rename their team in such a way that truly honors and respects the First Americans of this country. Renaming the team ‘Code Talkers’ to honor the Navajo Code Talkers, and other tribal nations who used their sacred language to help win World War II.”

    Code freaking Talkers. Ol’ Billy Kilmer is thrashing in his grave.

      • Hah. I just looked up Billy Kilmer and he’s not dead yet. So he’s thrashing in his Lazy Boy, not his grave. Sorry Billy! He’s only 80.

    • The Onion says that they plan to change the name from the Washington Redskins to the DC Redskins. Everybody wins.

  34. I played organized sports growing up but I was never a sports fan outside of our family and neighborhood environs.

    My dad had been athletic as a boy as had been my grandfathers. But they were grown men who had families to raise so they put away sports and games. Sports for them became a way to bond with sons and keep connected with family and friends. Youth and school sports were how they relaxed and shared time with family and old friends. It was part of the social lubrication that keep a family and community engaged and involved. It was one of the means by which a bio-cultural group expressed their preferences through communal action. It was a way to share good times, good memories and good stories of a remembered past.

    There was a lot of bread-and-circuses with professional sports but there was also a bit of heroic idealism associated with it. It was never at the center of sports culture in our neighborhood but it did offer something of a mythic ideal. Yaz, Bobby Orr and John Havlicek looked like us, held themselves well on and off the field and were there to take the field year after year as extended members of our community. The Patriots were the doormat of the old AFL and the doormat of the new combined league until they drafted Jim Plunkett…so most NE football fans followed other teams. I liked the Rams.

    When I left that community within a few years professional sports had almost completely dropped off my radar. This was true of most who left. Those who remained remained true blue until their children left and there was no one left with which to share those times. For some the ghettoization became too much. There are still a few diehards, maybe 10% – 20% of those I grew up with. Destroy the village and all things depended upon that village and a thousand others just like it also die.

    Ghetto aesthetics may be the final nail in the coffin…but the collapse of those old white ethnic enclaves put pro sports on the down slope a long time ago. The big sports marketing drives of the ’90s and Aughts gave it an economic bubble build on a house of cards. Now it’s literally monkey-see-monkey-do antiwhitism.
    Sayonnara. The best of it died a long time ago.

    An aside:
    The first time I saw Yaz was in ’66. He hit a home run. It was my and my brother’s first game with our dad at Fenway. Joe Pepitone was the Yankee’s first baseman. He was the first major league player with long hair. All of the old farts in the stands spent the whole game yelling at him to get a haircut. That was my first ballpark memory.
    The last time I saw Yastrzemski was in Oakland of his final season in ’83 when I was still a grad student. I went with a group of NE’ers. Something of that old communal spirit still existed in at least some of us. We shared not only this day but also a shared past which gave this game greater resonance. His last time at bat he hit a home run into the right field stands. The fans game him a 10 minute standing ovation.

    • Playing sports is great exercise

      I still love throwing the football around. Keeps my arm in shape. And tennis is my love of loves and whacking that thing gives me a pleasure few things do. And I will be building my own court, and the world can go to hell for all I care. But when the next hurricane is heading for DC or NYC I will give stop for a moment and pray to the Venti

      • Sports is great. Men’s needs are simple. These include: brotherhood and competition. Playing sports is great for this.

        Drinking beer all weekend (simultaneously neglecting the family) watching Marcus Jyrone run up the field includes neither of those things.

        • Watching Marcus Jyrone run is basically allowing Marcus Jyrone to bang your wife or bang you. Not literally, but there is something of that nature in play.

          I noticed this with younger and teen blacks. They have this idea in their heads that when a white guy is nice to them that he is basically coming onto them sexually. You can see in their eyes the gears moving in that direction. Guess they have been taught or maybe intuit that white guys worship them and want their dicks. Why wouldn’t they think it? They see all these white guys worshipping them on TV running with a ball. All the things white guys do, like taking younger guys under their wings, to educate them and guide them, we can’t do that with blacks. They don’t see it the same way.

          And let me backtrack a little here too. Even adult blacks males seem to have that same sense. Which is why with black guys you have to be standoffish

      • With both our boys gone and pretty much no one but geezers in the hood (including me – sort of), I have to keep my arm in shape chucking rocks at the local varmints.

        • rocks will work he he

          And get a pitcher’s distance from a can and try to hit it. Always good fun

  35. clearly the time are focusing us on faith,family and friends.
    Westen civ lost focus on those thing when I was a young man, and we are paying the price now.

    • Yep, time to regroup and live normal lives again

      Politics and popular culture are no longer about us. From the elites’ perspective, white people have outlived their usefulness, so why even involve ourselves in their thing. Out of sight, out of mind.

  36. Today I went to the storeroom at my work to get a few supplies. The clerk who works there is a contractor, a non-employee of the company, someone who is easily replaceable. If you’ve ever been in the position of being a contractor, you know that you have to stay on your toes just a little more than a permanent employee. This man is ~40, give or take. I do not know him, might have seen him once before.

    When I walked in, he made a comment about me looking like a “high T” guy. I lift weights, so I took at as an affirmative comment about my build. I wasn’t expecting such a remark, but this guy, though short in stature, appeared to be fairly fit. As I conversed with him. He steered the conversation through all sorts of “Proud Boys” tier white woke level stuff. I think what have him confidence to do that was a comment I made about retirement, which is still on the distance for me, but I think I said something like “not being able to wait to gtfo of this place, I’ve been here 20 years.” He made a joke and asked if I’ll move to Seattle or Minnesota and that’s how the conversation got into politics.

    anyway, the point I’m making is that this was a surprisingly candid conversation coming from a random man that I didn’t know, who I am certain isn’t listening to the Z Man or reading Daily Stormer. I doubt he even knows who Gavin McInnes is. His level of “sick of this shit” was just about where mine was 5 years ago. I think there are a lot of people like that. Tiptoeing the line of full-blown far-right politics. It’s going to be a fascinating next few years coming up.

    • I have heard many things like this from people I speak to as well – it is refreshing. The question is, when the next thing comes along, will they forget it about it all? Will that gentle push over the edge be enough to keep them on the boil and aware of the threats posed? Or will they fall back down and simmer again?

      • I think whites will be here to stay

        Because they have nowhere else to go. This has never happened. The society at large is now closed off to them

        • “I think whites will be here to stay”

          They gotta keep at least a few thousand whiteys around – they’re the only ones who know the secret magic that keeps the lights on, the faucets flowing, and the toilets flushing.

    • Yeah.

      5 years ago I was a proud CivNat, proud of Canada’s diversity, proud that we accepted so many immigrants, and smugly announced that I was fiscally conservative but socially liberal. No joke. I felt self-righteous anger anytime I saw “racism”.

      Now I’m… here. If I made such a drastic journey in 5 years, and assuming other whites are just starting now down the same road. It will be very interesting to see how things go soon.

      • Strange how life works, huh?

        I had a head start. For one,I grew up i the south and got to know blacks intimately and figured out their game at a young age before the world could tell me what to think. Second, what passes for anti-semitism today was standard conversation with my family and social circles. My grandmother used to refer to Js as “those Jew bastards” all the time lol, and now that I live in L.A. and have to deal with them all the time they actually have a grudging respect me because I have zero illusions about them. They are a funny people; the more you roll your eyes at their antics the more they try to bend over backwards to get you to like them. And which is why they hold most white people in such contempt, especially evangelicals; instead of pushing back at their nonsense, they do the opposite and instead kiss their feet and go “muh Israel” Jews HATE that.

  37. Evry morning I wake up , happy and feeling good , then it hits me theat the world was Conquered by the gates/soros/billionaire group and that jars me back to reality. but faith requires me to do my best and go on and not to dispair . I avoid all media and spend my time with people i know . that helps me a lot .
    there just isn’t much we can do. norm is terrified and so you really can’t reason withe them. Gerald Celente has good updates on reality . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJmaC9CvcXg

  38. Reporters are bad but modern sports reporters are the worst. They have a major inferiority complex and want to be seen by the other, “real” journalists as part of the club so they endlessly are writing about non-sports issues to make themselves seem like more than the guys fleshing out a box score. Mike Lupica on ‘The Sports Reporters’ was awful at this, during their closing monologues he would always take off his glasses and put on what he thought was this deeply contemplative and intellectual expression and then wax eloquent about racism or some crap. Mitch Albom from Detroit is about as bad. Sports journalism is simple. You watch the game (or at least you are supposed to) and then you write about what happened. These guys think they are Woodward and Bernstein because of a catchy line about a linebacker straining his groin in the 3rd quarter.

    This same phenomena holds true in Christian academics, they don’t feel like they are taken seriously by “real academics” so they are always trying to find ways to pander to their secular colleagues in the vain hope of being taken seriously. That is why the crap they publish makes no sense to the regular church-goers paying their salaries.

    • Albom got busted for pre-writing a column about the Final Four a few years ago. He wrote about talking to former Michigan State players at the game who ended up not attending. It was hilarious, but of course there was no real blowback on his career.
      I think the inferiority complex starts to develop as they get older and many of them lose interest in the sports they are covering. They wish they had gone into covering politics when they were younger so they start working it into their sports coverage.

    • I would only add that, for some sportswriters, there is a seriously homoerotic undercurrent in some of the paens these guys write about their favorite negro sportsballers.

    • I was a faithful watcher of the Sports Reporter show back in the day. I was also fairly liberal in my views. Even then, Mike Lupica’s self-involved pontificating would raise my blood pressure.

  39. I’ve been self-employed almost three decades. I would not last a day as a salaried employee in the current environment and lack the restraint not to respond accordingly to an email that suggested I list my preferred pronouns. Friends share similar outrages and barely can conceal their seething rage but manage somehow. Some close to me have quit or if old enough taken early retirement at a steep cost to them rather than endure the madness. These are the people who make things run.

    People are ready to explode. The persons running the orchestrated virus panic and race rioting will be shocked to see how ugly truly uncoordinated violence can become.

      • Don’t call me “Sir.” I … no wait, by all means call me “Sir.” 😀

      • Reminds me of the noggers who name their kids “Sir” or “King” just so Whites are forced to address them with what they think is some sort of inherent respect (magic words). My favorite is when dealing with a customer rep on the phone and am asked my name – after telling them, I make a point of saying “You may not address me by my Christian name” – leaves them totally flummoxed.

    • At least until the Total Collapse, take some heart: Diverser is worser. As the competent people are forced out, the organization will teeter. At some point, even the Woke leaders will wake up. Outside help, even from the hated White Male (“We couldn’t find anybody else!”), will be needed, else the entire firm will topple over. (“We can keep them in the back office, or they’ll work from home, so nobody’ll notice.”) Of course it depends on the industry and the skills, but many people can take early retirement and find part-time work as a consultant. Usually with less shit-sandwich eating required 🙂

  40. I’m with you on sportsball. It used to be fun, that stopped when the commercialization went overboard. Now that it’s being politicized, I’m out. I’ll still watch the local high school and untelevised local college games. They are still fun because there no money or politics involved.

    • Walk into your average Friday Night High School Football game where, even with the huddles, timeouts, and halftime, still pushes forward and keeps interest.
      Then try to watch a college football game the next day. The skills are leagues ahead, and yet it becomes a grind to watch.

    • When women started inserting themselves into football watching and so forth, I walked away

    • Polls were worthless 4 years ago – before the mob started beating and killing people for having wrong opinions. I don’t believe any of them now.

      • I’ve been following Cook Report since 2008; their accuracy in House/Senate races is uncanny.

        “I Don’t believe the polls” is a Breitbart-tier cope.

        • What color is the sun on your homeworld?

          “I Don’t believe the polls” is a Breitbart-tier cope.

          Nearly every poll in 2016 had DT coming in with somewhere between a loss and crushing defeat. So your comment is puzzling to say the least.

          Did you consider that the same people that didn’t say they were going to vote Trump in 2016 under intense social pressure are REALLY not saying it now because of not only social pressure but also potential job loss / violence which is where we are today?

          Your statement is illogical and flies in the face of objective reality based on ’16. Very lefty! But you can explain for the slow witted like me if you wish.

          • Am I on ZMan’s page, or on Breitbart’s Facebook? Because this is the argument I’m used to hearing over there…can’t wait until the part where I get called a Leftist, that’s always my favorite.

            The infamous “Hillary has a 99% chance of winning” comes from data several weeks prior to the election; right at the height of pussygate.

            538 placed Trump at a 28% chance of winning the day prior to the election. That’s not “wrong” from a statistical standpoint. It’s like rolling a 10-sided die and betting it comes up 1, 2, or 3. Great odds? No, but entirely possible.

            I and many others here enthusiastically supported Trump in 2016. Now? Many simply DGAF given his complete failure to move the needle the past four years.

            You wanted a well thought out response? There you go. If you care to respond, I hope it will be wit something more than Boomer Patriotard logic.

          • That was helpful but not in the way you might think, IDGAF who wins or loses this election. I was not Bible Thumping for the ‘God Emperor’ like some Boomercon.
            What you said actually seems to confirm what I said which is polls take data that is either outdated or ‘massaged’ to manipulate the narrative by MSM. I.E. You are confirming the opposite of your stated position that polls are indeed NOT reliable, right?
            It sounds more like you are developing a mild case of TDS or are just very jaded about Trump.
            That is fine, I’m ambivalent about this election because the end result will be the same sooner or later but don’t interject your Trump displeasure as some buffer against polls being purposefully massaged by mass media. It is counter to your point number one, and number two it simply exposes your own bias.

            Here to help.

      • Hart-Celler passed the House 318-95 and the Senate 76-18.

        Then and now, the GOP is useless.

  41. Things are better under Trump than Obama — bad as it may be for some

    Things under Obama were horrible, at least for me

    So it’s hard for me to accept that a Biden presidency would be better than Trump. And if K Harris is his VP?

    But on the larger point of abandoning the GOP, fully on board. Can’t stand them

      • Yeah but despite it all, still better than under Obama

        Obama era had me getting depressed, and I am a person with a naturally sunny disposition. Obama 2.0 in Biden is an ugly proposition

        But what happens happens. I will just have to find a way to not let it get to me. Because I am not going to let these bastards affect my life anymore.

    • I agree. His argument about Clinton was correct. Except for him being a reprobate, Clinton simply dabbled at the edges and things flowed along nicely.

      I don’t know where he got that Obama was a repeat of Clinton. He tanked the healthcare market and I know that personally. The economy only sputtered along. His administration kicked off the SJW madness. On the war front, I guess he forgot Libya which kicked off a wave of African migration. Or whatever we were doing in Syria which kicked off the wave of Muslim migration.

      With regards to 1992 being the last time conservatives voted against the wishes of the party, what was 2016? Yes, Trump has failed in a myriad of ways. But, he has moved some things in our direction. That’s better than Biden. Somehow Zman forgot he own point that even small wins are worth something.

      • Yeah, for me Z jumped the shark on this podcast. Bush the worst president of his lifetime? No that’d be Carter. I’m still pissed watching our country doing nothing during the hostage crises, then listening to Z saying Obama paying Iran billions in cash is a “who cares?”
        And Obama not that bad? Wtf? That’s who started this whole anti white business by pulling into government thousands of SJWs. Look up what Obama did with social justice in the military. And he wasn’t that bad?! Trump is the only one who has stood up to SJWs at all, the only non PC “republican” who is trying to change the party. And then I have to listen to poor little Z whine that Trump has not been hard enough on immigration although he signed anti Muslim bans overturned by Hawaiian judges, and literally lowered refugee acceptance from over 50k a year to zero.
        FU Z. I’m done. When I had a blog I lost readers when I came out against gay “marriage” over a decade ago so I know you don’t care.

        May your perfect candidate come along.

  42. My wife was upset at the latest polls (which I don’t really believe). I told her that as long as the Republicans hold the Senate, not much changes. The only time any Republicans find their spine is when they are in the minority.

    • Republicans deliberately throw elections so they can remain in the position of the comfortable sinecured minority… that way they can criticize the majority all they want without actually having to do anything.

      Republicans were all up in arms about Obamacare until they were elected to a majority, then suddenly they couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it. And let’s not forget how they threw so many races in the 2018 midterms. They’re even actively electioneering against their few true believers by calling them “white nationalists.”

      Republicans only ever want to be gracious losers. Why should we give them any support?

      • I agree with everything you wrote but I’m honestly curious about what your concrete suggestions are for the presidential election. Not vote? Vote Biden?

        • Don’t vote. We need to break out of the crippling mental handicap of picking between two deadly choices.

          Someone recently described it as trying to decide between getting shot in the chest or shot in the gut.

          • Our country has been murdered in its sleep by both Republican-flavored globalists and Democrat-flavored globalists. Vote for whoever will through incompetence or spite wreck this evil Judeocommunist multicultural empire the most quickly so that nations both new and reborn can arise in fire and sword from its corpse.

            I will vote for Trump (a hopeless Gorbachev figure trying to save a dying empire) because I think that he excites the enemies’ emotional incontinence getting them to show their true face to the normies. I’m open to alternate arguments, but truly it is ‘academic’, that is to say it is interesting but not really all that important.

            Trump may win the next round and give us a 4 year extension but in the end (whether 4 or 12 years) we will have no representation within the system and it will be a race between the various diversities competing (and murdering each other) to feast upon the fruit of our flesh and the dissolution of their collective ability to impose their will upon us their victims.

            Don’t think this is blackpilling. We have always been outnumbered and yet we are still here. Our forebears at the Battle of Vienna in 1683 were overall (infantry and cavalry) outnumbered three to one and with twenty thousand horseman, carried out history’s greatest cavalry charge into an army of Muslim shitholers one hundred thousand strong and put them to flight. Our local correlation of forces is MUCH better and will remain so for generations.

          • What Horace said. The only thing Trump is good for is driving the left even more batshit insane. Hopefully they will be so disgusted with us Dirt People that they start working towards seccession on their end a la Calexit. It’s a long shot, but I think Trump gets us closer to the National Divorce than Biden would.

      • Because the”white nationalists” and Trump are not “the Republicans.” That’s why we should vote for”some” Republicans, but not all of them.

  43. Looking back at the 1988 GOP Presidential Primary, does anyone have any theories on why the candidates were so bad? I was too young to follow politics at the time, but Dole ran a distant second. After that it was Pat Robertson and Jack Kemp in a very distant fourth. What happened that left the party with that slate of candidates after eight years of Reagan?

    • I thought Pete DuPont was an excellent candidate. I watched a debate in New Hampshire where he gave HW a savage beating. Didn’t matter a bit – the fix was already in.

    • As I posted elsewhere, in 1988, the Dems nominated a man who, as governor, had essentially given a weekend pass to a convicted robber and murderer, who celebrated by going down to Maryland to burglarize, assault and rape. He is still a “guest” of MD. 😀 Apparently the Dems hadn’t considered that it would likely cost him the election. We like to rag on the Democrats here, but do you really think the GOP, on the whole, are any smarter?

    • The main Republican party never liked Reagan. Bush was their man. Plus, you have to remember that this was the ascension period of the neocons. Bush embodied their thinking to the last dot. Plus, your average vote figured Bush would continue the same policies as Reagan.

      • From what I have determined, the big mistake was when Reagan picked Bush as his running mate in 1980. I don’t know how much better someone like Paul Laxalt would have been, but he couldn’t have been worse. It most likely would have spared us the Bush dynasty as well.

    • The Bush machine was coming into its own. I’d guess savvy and serious candidates got out of the way.

  44. I could listen to you rant for hours about HW Bush. What a piece of crap. Ed Rollins documented his finckery pretty well. I was an enthusiastic Reagan kid – and I voted for Perot.

    • Heck, I was in grade school during Reagan, and I liked him because of his steadfast, grandfatherly manner.

      Looking back, Reagan was an outstanding public speaker. He had an excellent voice and knew how to use it. He’s easily top 5 among Presidents. He also seemed to talented speechwriters, which helps.

      • Doesn’t matter how eloquent a speaker any Conservative now is, MSM won’t give him aIr time like Reagan. I remember Reagan’s addresses to the nation. All three major networks put him on and kept him on. Now when the networks sense Trump is getting too good air on the Coronachan committee updates, they cut the news feed and unabashedly argue about not promoting Trump.

    • I was not quite old enough to vote in ’76 – and that was a good thing, as I was still the liberal I had been raised to be. Never really thought about registering to vote abroad in 1980. So in 1984, as a newly-hatched republican after my time overseas, I voted for Bush. And at least half of my American grad-school classmates considered me a reactionary, while all the foreign-born (of any race) considered Bush the prudent choice. Should have made me think, but I was still young and relatively naive.

      • So in 1984, as a newly-hatched republican after my time overseas, I voted for Bush.

        That was a pretty bold write-in move, since Bush didn’t run until 1988.

        • Oops. Sorry – got my years confused. I know for certain I registered to vote as a republican when I returned to the US in ’83. So I did vote for Reagan in ’84 and my recollection re grad school students was re Reagan and not Bush (sorry I got confused). Then went back overseas and returned to the US for good in ’93.

  45. Have only listened to the opening so far, but regardless of how this turns out, Z definitely needs to go full-on Howard Beale every now and then. This era deserves it.

  46. I probably shouldn’t confess to this but I made my living in the pen and ink trade of journalism for about ten years. Paid for my travel was how I thought of it.

    But everything Zman says is true. 50% of my colleagues were borderline retarded and the next 40% were ideologues with an ax to grind. Many combine both.

    It let me learn about the Gell-Mann effect firsthand.

  47. It is close to impossible to live a normal day, much less a normal life now. Even the most basic task brings a reminder that we live in a continent sized lunatic asylum.

    Well, this is just the thing. I find only crazy people around me. I find a few normal people on the net (like folks here) but those are not real people to me. I can’t shake Z-man’s hand and say “love your work”. It is like having a few pen pals in the old days.

    So when can we go back to normal? It is not going to happen. Most people don’t know the difference between a bacteria and a virus. (3 hour rant snipped here)

    Even the CDC is saying this is not really a pandemic anymore due to their definition of epidemic and so few deaths. But they will change that definition soon no doubt.

    Z-man is right; we are so far down the rabbit hole there is no way out.

    As peewee Herman used to say, “Doomed, Doomed as Doomed can be”.

    The wife and I are both very near the end regardless; but God have mercy on the young people.

  48. I’ll read the rest later. For now, this was enough:

    <blockquote>Even the most basic task brings a reminder that we live in a continent sized lunatic asylum.</blockquote>

    Quite. And one run by the inmates, obviously. Prior to which you wrote of the “ongoing revolution.” I have taken to calling it the “perpetual revolution.” We can call it “self-perpetuating” if you like, but the point is that, due to its principles, there is no stopping it short of (1) grinding it and the lunatics behind it into the dust, or (2) its being allowed to destroy every last vestige of social and economic stability and cohesion still in existence and hanging by a thread. My bet is that the latter shall be the case. But we’ll see.

    • That recalls an interesting point. In true Communist countries, if they wanted to get rid of you, they denounce you as a “conter-revolutionary.” As I understand it, Communism is an ongoing revolution. That makes sense, in a way: just like our unhinged LIberals, there must always be a new goal to achieve, especially if the previously-announced one was reached or (much more likely) has been abandoned as unattainable (“Why?” is never asked.) This makes perfect policy sense: keep the masses dazzled with promises of a glorious future. Meanwhile, wreckers or just plain trouble-makers who question past or present missteps can be sidelined, denied favored perks, or in extremis, the famous midnight knock on the door and disapperance.
      Applied to us, being “anti-revolutionary” is the exact definiton of a conservative: we want to keep the old order. Of course, we should be open to change, but only with evidence of betterment and then only with the majority approval. You might notice that with nearly all the changes in our lifetimes, that proviso has rarely, if ever, been met.

  49. A study worth looking at is “Hidden Tribes” (I’ll include the link). It crunched the numbers and it looks like about eight percent of America is totally insane and actually believes this crap, that they can wake up one morning a man and be a woman the next day, or that maniac cops are constantly hunting down black future Nobel Laureates, etc: https://hiddentribes.us/pdf/hidden_tribes_report.pdf

    • The organization which produced this report is funded by Soros’ Open Society and the Ford Foundation. It is therefore essentially shitlib and should be regarded skeptically.
      Then when I actually read the article I found that conservatives of all stripes are characterized as a “wing” (opposed to the progressives) and that dissident right politics seem not even to exist. Then I saw the kinds of questions they asked to determine people’s political views – they’re hack questions unworthy of any scientific study. To determine “immigration impact” people were given a choice between “Immigration is good for America, helping sectors of our economy to be more successful and competitive” or “Immigration nowadays is bad for America, costing the welfare system and using resources that could be spent on Americans.” This is nonsense.
      Then you read statements in the article such as “Devoted Conservatives… take pride in the Judeo-Christian faith,” and it’s clear that we’re in shitlib central. Oh, that’s a unique faith now, is it?
      This article is worthless as a measure of what Americans actually believe or think and in what percentage. What it shows is that progressives want dissidents completely shut out of the conversation and conservative old white people bracketed as “just as bad” as their ideological opposites in the progressive activist camp. No to both.

  50. progs have overplayed their hand badly. this is Tet Offensive 2020; progs have “burned” many of their assets in a futile (losing) effort. In the process they have pissed off and more importantly, frightened, the herd. public education is now on the same doom path as newspapers. November is closer than most perceive, and Biden will not be able to move to the center at all (normal dem play, once nomination is gained). I see a 57 state wipe out coming for the dems…

    • Tet Offensive is a terrific metaphor— they’re shooting their wad. Burning the momentum they’d built up in the last 3 years. I do think the election will be closer than it need be, but for the first time since summer ‘17 I have an optimistic feeling about it. Not certainty by any stretch, but the first stirrings of confidence.

      Looking ahead, if this offensive fails, I hope there’s resolve to take back our great American cities. Tall task but the opportunity will be there.

    • Lol!

      Must be one of Don’s 6D chess strategies. Legalize DACA, increase H1B permits, “conservative” court justices throwing in the towel on the culture wars. Now foreign students can come back while American ones are locked down.

      MAGA! Can’t wait for the 57 state win for Team Red!

      • Trump surfs the wave of public opinion more than any president in my lifetime, except maybe Clinton. Get energy and momentum for your cause and he’ll follow.

    • At the rate things are going, even the cemetaries in Louisiana are going to swing Republican 😀

  51. I meant no offence when I said that, Z. There are some guys that can approach their presentations and ‘wing it’. Most can’t; Scott Adams is a case in point. He always has something good to say, he always has a reasoned stance… but is bantering style gives me conniptions. Back when I worked and had a job, I’d tell such men to either make their point, or STFU. Guys like you were a pleasure: they took me seriously and respected my time. They did their research. The odd wit and zinger kept my interest and always invited comment and questions. After most of your presentations, I leave with the feeling that I’ve spent time with a rational respected peer.
    That was the only gripe I ever had with your presentation, it was only once or twice, and I listen to your show every week. I hope you make a million bucks and run for president in 2020. These guys would all vote for you in a heartbeat.
    (Unless of course, Kanye runs on a ticket with Cornelius Rye…)
    Keep up the great work.

    • And now that I had a chance to listen to the show – it was pretty damn good. I like the bit where you expanded on not voting republican in the next election. You’re absolutely right, the repubs need a trip to the unemployment office, and a few need a trip to the firing squad.
      The reason Leftie wins is because he doesn’t leave anything for us, and he’s committed. I am conservative and I reciprocate: I won’t let a starving liberal eat the corn out of my chit. Your vote is not a telegram. Use your voice against the leaders, AND use your vote! Sure, Leftie is about to haul an 80 year old dementia patient over the finish line. Why is everything falling apart? BECAUSE WE AREN’T INVOLVED.
      The old nickel is that 1/3 of the country is ginning itself up to slaughter 1/3 of the country while the remaining 1/3 sits back and watches. Say what you want about Trump, he is still a raised middle finger at the left; any 5 minute session on the mass media confirms this. On those grounds alone he is worth your vote.
      Not only should you get off your ass and vote, you should get off the couch and start flogging the politicos. We need to put in more effort, not less. We need to articulate our position exactly the way our host did. Get on his email, his twitter and his fart catchers: why isn’t Trump doing something meaningful on immigration? Do you really want my vote or not? Put the fear of God into these morons. They do what they do because they’re scared shitless of Leftie and his cancel culture. We need to reverse that and let our guys know we have their backs… and scare the cucks into showing spine or making way for those that do. Take 15 minutes and write an email. You waste more time here than that. Write to the lefties and mock them. There is all kinds of stuff we can do. Have fun with it. Leftie plays for the long game… we need to as well.

      • Assumption is that your vote is meaningful—at least to the point of being received and tabulated. Here in my berg, 80% are now mail in and there is really no audit trail to estimate fraud in the ballot. I suspect it’s larger than anyone thinks.

    • I find meandering dialogue common in women—duh. Even after 40 years, still a bone of contention with wife. She talks, but rarely gets to the point. If I interrupt, I’m being controlling. If I ignore, I never listen. Talking is for her to share emotion, rather than information. Problem is my emotions are triggered by entirely different things than hers, so in a sense, I don’t listen.

      As I’ve told her a number of times when the above exchange occurs, “You don’t want a husband, you want a sister.” 😉

      • I’ve long thought that for females the act of conversation is more like grooming among lower primates. It’s not about exchanging information it’s about reinforcing social bonds. The content isn’t actually important The fact that you’re jabbering at each other is.

  52. We need to see who the VP is before we make any assertions about Biden.
    Biden will leave office due to medical reasons, and then a Black Panther gets into office. That’s peak demoralization.
    Trump will probably win.

  53. Only 18:00 minutes in, but I really like your new setup. All Zman and his formidable old guy brain, all program.

  54. The point of the e-mail was to suggest all employees list their preferred pronouns in their signature.

    If you insist. My preferred pronouns are “Fuck off” and “Die”. Thank you!

  55. Count me as one of the pissed-off people walking around seething. I had to endure travel recently and I can assure you there are many of us ready to explode. My wife keeps reminding me to stay calm. So far, so good.

  56. “These are people that need to be told not put their tongues in a light socket”. Absolutely brilliant! Many thanks Zman, you make Fridays worth waiting for.

  57. I have noticed that many people are indeed quietly seething, but many seem not to see it as a sign of anything bigger than, say, ‘I have to pay by card and no cash, how annoying’ or ‘I can’t even pop down to the hardware store without sanitizing my hands, how inconvenient’. After the minor inconvenience is over, it is back to Netflix and games on the iPhone. That is has been the most interesting thing to me in this, one day a person is frustrated at the tedium and absurdity now lapping the shores of his life; the next, he is fervently checking the Internet for governments latest advice and discussing the merits of maintaining a 1 meter distance as opposed to a 2 meter distance. At heart, I think these people either can’t or don’t want to do anymore thinking.

    Undoubtedly the biggest success of democracy has been the acceptance that most people have that they are ‘free’ and ‘independent’. They are definitely more comfortable, and I suppose that is what they really like, but saying you’re for ‘comfort’ is probably not as cool as saying you’re for ‘freedom’. Our education system must have a huge say in this mindset. I note that during the successive acts that parliament passed in the run up to Indian independence one of the first things they appear to have ceded to native control was education; both in the sense of giving Indians more control over their own affairs, as well as permitting them greater access to British institutions. The list of well educated Indian nationalists by the 1930s is very long, and the list of problems they caused for The Raj even longer. You need to keep the right people dumb if you want to hold onto stuff.

    • The education system is incorporating mandatory BLM curriculum starting these year. I expect it to be a condition for opening, much like mandatory mask-wearing — mandated veneration of blacks and black culture. It’s disgusting. Hopefully, private schools and homeschooling make a comeback.

      • Alarming if this is happening. Understandable in the circumstances. I have already began thinking deeply about homeschooling and what exactly I’d have on the curriculum. Oddly, one problem with homeschooling arises when it begins to get popular, which seems to happen to everything. Something starts – it’s good. It catches on an enjoys a golden period. Then the government takes notice and before you know it you have to homeschool Tyrone in your own living room because… Diversity. I am prepared though, just have to read him the works of Will.i.am DeShakespeare.

        It is not just the veneration of blacks themselves and their culture; it is the creep of blackness into our own culture. How long before we hear that Sir Isaac Newton plagiarized his work from ancient African sources? Or that Robert Hooke – whose breadth and depth of work is astonishing – was actually a brother in ‘whiteface’? It seems absurd, but that hasn’t stopped them before. But yes, on a serious note the education of one’s children is best done by the family itself; unless you want problems in the future.

        • If you need free math and science books go grab PDFs at openstax.org which is provided by Rice University.

          Good range of materials from high school to college coverage.

      • Homeschooling has been growing for years and will now explode in popularity, I’d bet.

        Private schools, I don’t know. Maybe if the school tax gets cut more people will be able to afford private education. Big if.

        • I’ve always wondered how much time homeschooling would actually take?

          With a well behaved and higher IQ mind like myself, a child could probably have learned at least 2 grades of High School math per year, if pushed (Germans, Asians, all do this pretty much).

          So much bullshit in English class – here’s how you defend an argument, this is how you write an essay. Read this Shakespeare.

          I could see the curriculum being fit into 4 hours per day. The rest the kid could work out, volunteer, socialize, and learn home skills.

          it all depends upon having a child who is somewhat willing to learn, but overall it could be quite a fulfilling experience and your kid would be much smarter than an average kid coming out of the Retard Daycare School system.

          • If you have a gifted child, home schooling or alternative education is a must. Even in your example you are providing 1 day’s education in half a day. If your child is of high IQ, you should be presenting 2 day’s education in one day. Then you are doing justice to your child. Public school will never do that.

          • If I was a teacher I’d be looking into tutoring, or even ad hoc schooling. A lot of people won’t want to send their kids back, but might not have the time or patience to be the full-time teacher. Just a thought.

          • Steyn was probably on track when he said we could probably do K-12 by 14 with a half-day 3 days a week.

            A vast amount of school time today is spent with kids sitting around, watching vidya or waiting for teacher to stop arguing with Tyrone & Shaniqua.

            The benefits of homeschooling are so manifest that the burden of proof is on anti-home-schoolers to show me one positive upside for public school.

            Even with private school, how many teachers have quality and unique talents that are superior to the benefits of family cohesion and small-group instruction you get with homeschool?

            Homeschooling has benefits including more family time, overall time and money savings, avoiding anti-social poz people and indoctrination, more sleep for everyone, on and on.

  58. “There are a lot of pissed off people walking around these days.”

    So true. Yet when I meet/greet white (particularly blue-collar) strangers I’m starting to see a bit more civility … a bit more understanding that we dirt-people need each other; i.e. It’s better to be pissed-off together. I don’t see that same mentality among the professional class – maybe too much “human awareness” conditioning from their corporate masters. But we of the Pissed-Off Party have a great opportunity for recruitment right now. Loyalty to political ideology is being supplanted by loyalty to fellow dirt-people.

    • “POP, forward!”
      “Join the POP today!”
      “POP for Trump!”
      “I’m with POP!”
      “POP from sea to sea!”

      • The truth of that statement. One of my neighbors is an old timey liberal. I often see him walking his dog in the early mornings and we chat for a bit. Just have to be careful around his harridan wife.

    • Noticed this too.

      I will see lower class, older white guys just hanging out chatting outside the store, on the sidewalk, wherever. I never really noticed this before.

      The white collar class is still striving. But you can see that not all is well beneath the surface, the young yuppie white guys drip insecurity, frustration, and anger. They don’t know the score yet, and we see this vent through Antifa and gentrified area destruction.

      In my personal life – I make a point of stopping to chat with white people, regardless of how well I know them. I put on a smile and am extra kind to older people. I create a contrast between “our people” and the POC + Anti white Karen Lib coalition.

    • Yet when I meet/greet white (particularly blue-collar) strangers I’m starting to see a bit more civility”. I’m seeing this too. I’ve decided to encourage this trend by suppressing my own reserved, disinterested nature and embracing members of my “identity” group as kinfolk (Yeah, I know, 3rd cousins twice removed in a lot of cases).
      During a recent visit to her female chiropractor the conversation turned cautiously political. After becoming comfortable with each others viewpoints on BLM the practitioner blurted out “I thought I would never see the day my skin color would become an aggression.” My wife responded, “It’s not only okay to be white, it’s glorious.” Click – the lights came on and the transactional nature of their relationship changed in a heartbeat. A sisterhood maybe? Hope so.

  59. Z everything you said about the problems of journalism is true but let me add one thing. Automation.
    Automation has now created this assembly line mentality to television news especially at the local level. There is no time for reflection and research. The next newscast has to be fed. The rise of the internet and the demise of the local newspaper has destroyed local print journalism which has left local television as the last man standing and television journalism is an assembly line.
    Local newsrooms are now populated at the top with cloud people and at the bottom with assembly line workers.

    • If you travel and you watch the local news in different areas, you’ll notice they use the same footage that is supposed to be local live shots. There are content providers that package up news stories with video, copy for the reader, etc. and they sell it to local news channels. Much of what is in the local newspaper is white box content provided to the paper.

      It’s one of those things. If people only knew how bad it really was.

      • In Canada the old media is losing money big time. The Turdeau promised them 600 million shekels just prior to the last election, to be delivered after the election. He has also proposed licensing ‘journalists’. 

        They give their papers away for free at libraries and fast food restaurants to maintain circulation. 

        In the past you would never see a byline in the body of the paper – only on the editorial page or the op-ed . I suspect that the insane sluts , homos and divershitty critters that write for them are given ‘recognition’ with a byline for their CV, in lieu of a living wage. 

        Many trees will be saved and they’re going to have to learn to code. 

        • Being a coder is sort of an updated Bartleby the Scrivener kind of job (drudgery). When I was studying my Comp Sci major, 25 years ago, I was a black pill then too 😀 I would tell the 20-something whipper snappers that “In India there are English-speaking doctorates in Computer Science who will work for ten percent of what you expect in salary.” Nobody ever contradicted me. No H1-B visa needed, even then, a lot of IT work is done overseas. I’m sure that hasn’t changed in a quarter of a century. Increasingly, these jobs are being automated too. As things continue, it seems entirely possible that the only work a human will be able to do will be growing one’s own food and homesteading. 🙁

      • I saw a youtube video of this phenomenon. I looked for the link later when I realized I should save the clip but could not find it.

        It was a sequence of local news station clips from across the ENTIRE country for several minutes, from Rhode Island to New Mexico to North Dakota etc etc and each one had their local whornalist saying EXACTLY THE EXACT SAME WORDS. There was zero deviation, zero variation, zero diversity, zero slight local modulation for authenticity flavor. Local news gets its marching orders from its owners and it is as utterly (((centralized))). They really are the “enemy of the people.”

        • Well the owners are the fucking jews. so you might as well connect the dots. Who prints and controls your money? Who spoonfeeds you constant fear on jewtube, Who owns your politicians? The fuckin Amish? Who autocorrects me when i don;t put a capital J on jew? The Irish?

      • Dunno, I recall certain colonial newspapers going on about Thomas Jefferson’s John Adams’ Hermaphroditic Character.

          • It’s amazing, isn’t it? I woke up from my slumber in the woods and everything I told my buddy A.B. has come to pass.

    • Our local “news” outlets are about 75% wire stories from AP and Reuters, they only cover a handful of local stories and the rest of their content is written by someone else.

    • Totally agree … I think that the Daily Stormer posted a video that quickly flashed through like 8 different local news broadcasts and the anchors were all reading the same script, minus some small ad-lib’ing. Video showed few seconds of each in round- robin style.

    • Just imagine the torrent of robots being used to push a narrative on social media. Who knows how many robot accounts there are just waiting to bombard some bad-think comment.

    • You’re right about the sins of TV journalism, but I think you’re looking at earlier times for local newspapers through rosy spectacles.

      With a few honorable exceptions, local news writing and editing was mediocrity personified even in the supposed good old days. There wasn’t a lot of reflection and research in front page stories about the upcoming tractor pull and swimsuit contest.

      The first rule of survival for a local paper was getting as many subscribers’ names as possible into bland articles, so the folks could feel famous for a day. Authors were often freelancers and stringers, not crusading reporters uncovering scandals.

      Maybe the alleged once-upon-a-time community service of local media can be recreated by a few hardy souls in each market, working through videos and podcasts.

  60. “There are a lot of pissed off people walking around these days.”
    The mass of WHITE men live lives of quiet desperation.
    Ol’ Henry left out an adjective.

    • Pink Floyd told us, decades ago, that hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way…:it seems that’s the one Anglo trait we’re still allowed to have.

      • I think a day is coming when Americans will be hanging others in not-so-quiet desperation 😈

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  62. Hey, did you notice the Greg Cochran has a new post up and somehow or other forgot to mention the plague at all. I guess he’s dropped that like a hot potato huh!

    • Similarly, Steve Sailer has barely mentioned coronavirus or the restrictions in weeks and he usually posts multiple times a day.

      I’m the beginning, he fanatically supported the panic, which was the subject of almost every post for several weeks.

      The intellectual dishonesty of these people is very frustrating.

      • Zman is the ONLY guy who holds Steve Sailer’s feet to the fire

        I find it hard to read Sailer anymore after his massive screw up on the virus. Everything he says now is dubious as far as I am concerned

        • I’m the same way with Moldbug too. As frustrated as I am with this insanity, It’s amazing the clarity that it has brought (even if it’s a “we are far more screwed than I thought” clarity).

          • We are screwed only in the context of America as a nation with a government

            If we understand that it is no longer ours, then the future is bright for us if we make it so. America is a wife who dumped us. Time to move on.

            Sure there will be some bruises along the way. So what.

          • The wife divorce-raped us and stole our children. We’re sitting in prison with no one to advocate for us based upon her false accusations. She had our beloved dog put down to spite us. We are surrounded by actual criminals and pedophiles who try to get with us whenever we start to fall asleep for one wink. It’s a little difficult to just move on. I want the jackwagon who seduced my wife away and turned her into a monster dead by cruel method. No.

        • Agreed on his coronatard panic. At least he’s been taking blm & negrophilia etc., somewhat to task. I’d like to see him now go after the covitard hysteria.

          • “Negrophilia” 😀 Maybe we can get aged shock rocker Alice Cooper to do an updated version of “I Love the Dead”, call it maybe, “I Love the Dreads”, set to a reggae beat?

        • Zman is the ONLY guy who holds Steve Sailer’s feet to the fire. Amen.

          If Sailer was just wrong, I could get over that. But he wasn’t just wrong or even very wrong. When he was pushing the CoronaPanic, he almost never responded to criticism or explained why he thought he was right.

          Now, he pretends like he never had anything to say about it. He needs to man up and explain himself. Sailer loves to talk about things being memory-holed. The irony.

          One of the main themes of his blog is pointing out hypocrisy. We need a term for the extra-strength hypocrisy that consists of being hypocritical while pointing out everyone else’s hypocrisy.

          • This is a universal feature of the human mind: hypocrisy. It is much easier to find fault with others than oneself. If you even notice your own failings you are above average.
            I like the Jesus parable of the well intentioned do-gooder wanting to help remove the speck (or splinter) in his neighbor’s eye when he has a board in his own. Applied to the present day, too many people have a lumber yard in their eye! 😀

          • Yes, that parable is me – Jesus was brutal with truth. And then there’s pre-Jesus Socrates who broke mankind into two groups: 1) Those who know they’re fools, which is the first step to wisdom, and 2) Those who think they’re wise, which is proof-positive that they’re unrepentant fools. Today we start teaching pre-schoolers and kindergartners how special and smart they are … dumbest move ever for a people who want to instill wisdom.

  63. I wish you would make an eight hour rant dhow. I find I don’t have enough words to express my discontent.

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