Our Primitive Ugliness

Something that is easy to miss in the insanity of the current age is the fact that the people running the revolution are not just mediocre people, but they have the most mediocre dreams. Unlike revolutionaries of the past, they don’t speak of moving past this age of trouble and strife to a new age of man. There’s no sense that mankind can ascend to a higher level of existence. Instead, all of their energy is directed to that which touches on the imponderables of the human condition.

The assault on Confederate symbols is the most obvious. There’s no thought given to why these statues were erected by the people living in these communities. What little thought there is to the people who erected them is simplistic and childish. In fact, the need to know anything about the statues was so vexing and offensive to the people assaulting them, they quickly moved from attacking Confederate symbols to attacking all symbols that were connected with the past.

There’s certainly a strong anti-white element to this. They have to deny it for partisan reasons, as to do otherwise is to give the other side a victory, but only Progressive ideologues and their conservative enablers can deny it. The appeal, however, is in the simplicity, as it requires so little from the partisans. This is why they have moved so quickly from Confederate iconography through “symbols of whiteness” onto all items with a nuanced connection to the past.

This vulgar dullness is often read as just fanatical violence by rich kids seeking attention or authenticity within their movement. Others want to see it as just decorating common street criminals with politics. The thing is though, many of the rioters and statue topplers are the children of ruling class types. Just as the left-wing radicals of the sixties were the children of the bourgeoisie, today’s street radicals are children of the managerial elite. These are bourgeois revolutionaries.

The blandness of this revolution reflects the tastes and sensibilities of the people who produced the ideology and the radicals themselves. Look around at the creations of our modern rulers and the remarkable feature is the ugliness. If someone had dozed off in the 1960’s and been revived in this age, they would be sure the communists had won the Cold War and imposed their aesthetic on the West. Relative to the post war years in America, the modern aesthetic is offensively ugly.

The synthetic ugliness of the current year West surpasses the ugliness of communism in that it is the product of material excess. The dreariness of communist architecture, for example, could be explained by scarcity. They had to make do with what they could produce, which meant concrete and steel. The modern West is brimming with material excess, but insists on an aesthetic that captures the hopes and dreams of the career civil servant. Today’s style is depressed postal clerk.

This is, of course, the fruit of egalitarianism. When a society embraces the natural hierarchy of man, even the people at the top are looking up for inspiration. They are sure there is something better and more beautiful a little higher than where they currently stand. There’s no limiting principle to capturing the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. The aesthetic of such a society is one of increasing beauty and complexity in the art of the people.

In an egalitarian society, this is thrown into reverse. Everyone is discouraged from looking up, as that may suggest apostasy. Instead, the best only look up in order to get a better grip on the self-imposed ceiling, which is always pulled down. Everyone else is compelled to look down for a new lowest common denominator. Only in the most vulgar and debased can everyone be included. The result is a community that looks like film noir, but is awash in pornography and degeneracy.

This makes perfect sense, as egalitarianism inevitably flips the natural order on its head, elevating the bottom over all else. The ideological enforcers in the human resource department are no different from the ideological enforcers in communism. These people are not selected for their skill, but their stupidity. They are too stupid to contemplate what they are doing. Instead, they puff out their chests and stiffen their backs for having memorized the latest party fads.

The same is true of the volunteer auxiliary police patrolling the public space for unapproved thoughts. Imagine the dullness and ugliness of someone who takes the job of Facebook moderator. It is no wonder so many of them are South Asian. The Indian subcontinent’s primary export is the narrow-minded functionary, best fit for the ticket window of the train station. The fact that suicide is not common among the staff of social media firms confirms the dullness of them.

At first blush, it seems like a paradox that a system capable of marshaling human effort to produce such spectacular material excess also produces such mediocre men. It’s as if the engine of material progress uses the creativity and passion, the hopes and aspirations of the people as fuel to make consumer goods. Just as the failed materialism of communism denuded the land of culture and beauty, liberal democracy is doing the same, just with high tech materials.

If it were just ugliness, one could think that perhaps the next phase of man is a post-beauty world, where the aesthetic is defined by efficiency. That’s not so, as the people are also made vulgar and simplistic as well. What passes for intellectual endeavor in the modern academy is striking for its narrowness. The innovative thinker is one who manages to lop off some new bits of human knowledge. The goal of intellectual life is to reduce the stock of human knowledge.

This is most evident in politics. The market place of ideas that is supposed to be the wellspring of liberal democracy has resulted in a bazaar full of weirdos all selling the exact same goods. The defining feature of the modern elections is their pointlessness, as no matter the result, policy never changes. In modern politics, innovation is treated like superstition. Anyone suggesting something different is treated like he has been possessed by a demon or is in league with Old Scratch.

Perhaps liberal democracy has reached a point where a small number of capable people can keep everything running, while the mediocre and stupid run riot. Maybe that is the world at the end of history. Given the recent madness, there is a strong case to be made for this argument. On the other hand, history says man cannot live without beauty, even the simplest expressions of it. The inexplicable beauty of the world has always demanded our attention. Will we want to live without it?

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306 thoughts on “Our Primitive Ugliness

  1. it would only end, if allowed to end.

    if we just believe it’s all simulation or Sisyphus rock-pushing, or on the other hand we react with Nietzchean greed is good/might is right materialisms, well we shall die like matter dies, and fade like simulations fade. the love of the Lord towards us is precisely shown in the beauty created when we have the natural order of the fallen world correctly aimed higher: towards Him, so as not to be fallen. St. Justin, martyred under a certain crowned sophist who was inefficient in the end, pray for us.

  2. The inexplicable beauty of the world has always demanded our attention. Will we want to live without it?

    I have noticed an interesting phenomenon of late:

    Large woke retailers are starting to insert less than idyllic models for women’s apparel – i.e., larger (or “realistic”) sized and proportioned mannequins, models, etc. However, I have not seen this same phenomenon with respect to men’s apparel. Walk in to a Target, and you will not see a male mannequin that is not ripped like a world-class sprinter or cross-fit athlete, but there are several female mannequins that look like they recently enjoyed a well stocked Golden Corral buffet. I fear, much to our detriment, that attention to beauty is the product of a masculine culture.

  3. I liked your thesis: “The innovative thinker is one who manages to lop off some new bits of human knowledge. The goal of intellectual life is to reduce the stock of human knowledge.”

  4. Politics has always been a means to acquire power and wealth by means other than war and little else.

    Democrats have always understood this being largely composed of sociopaths at leadership leveland fanatics for their base.

    Conservatives and the DR OTOH are composed of failed intellectuals and lemmings who are incapable dealing with such ruthless people and invariably end up as punching bags for the Left.
    In short we’re losers because we lack the innate attributes required to take power and hold it. Doesn’t matter how many guns we buy because we are not the sort of men capable of thinking and fighting in a manner to smash those who want us dead and gone.

    • because we are not the sort of men capable of thinking and fighting in a manner to smash those who want us dead and gone.

      Yeah, real life doesn’t quite work like the video games.

  5. This is a poignant piece, and it’s something that’s overlooked, but once you notice it (the dearth of beauty) it is everywhere you look. Keats famously wrote that beauty is truth. I suppose it makes sense that a society that aggressively punishes anyone who even hints at truth would be commensurately ugly.
    Another aspect of this is Jogger culture, which has saturated almost everything. White culture traditionally valued “charm;” a difficult to define characteristic, but one of our finest. It inhabits many famous movies, most children’s lit written pre-1990, and is a trait valued in the Whitest communities. One of the overlooked negatives of Joggers is their complete lack of the ability to create art which has charm, or even be able to appreciate it. Only Whites (and, to be fair, the Japs) truly have this capacity to a meaningful degree.

    • No one has mentioned Emily Dickinson, the maiden of Amherst, Massachusetts. 

      I died for beauty, but was scarce
      Adjusted in the tomb,
      When one who died for truth was lain
      In an adjoining room. 

      He questioned softly why I failed?
      “For beauty,” I replied.
      “And I for truth – the two are one;
      We brethren are,” he said. 

      And so, as kinsmen met a-night,
      We talked between the rooms,
      Until the moss had reached our lips,
      And covered up our names. 

    • Interesting, wasn’t aware of this. A commenter on the video mentions that there has been a spate of ‘accidental’ church fires in France… A great shame. The cathedral in Reims is one of the finest buildings I have ever seen (good light show at night, too), a perfect illustration on beauty, made even more manifest when you realize the skill required to build such a thing.

      A quick glimpse on the Wikipedia page for Nantes informs me that they have welcomed more rocket scientists, stone masons, fine cabinet makers, steeplejacks and structural engineers from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in the recent decades… Rebuilding should be no problem.

  6. After the invention of photography, the market for good painters disappeared: why pay $10,000 for a family portrait, when dad can do one with a $500 camera?

    With photoshop, he can even do the small touch-ups like removing moles or wrinkles, shave a few pounds off mommy and correct little Timmy’s crooked teeth – stuff that the artists used to do.

    Art is now used by financial hooligans to store wealth via asset and insurance scams as well as money laundering – it’s an insider racket between ‘artists’, the curators, galleries and buyers ;
    1. Purchase a piece of art at $10,000
    2. Artist claims sale.
    3. Purchaser receives the money back from the artist and covers taxes and an amount well below initial sale of $10,000.
    4. Money laundered! Artist receives accolades for selling art at high prices and still receives a payment to keep their mouth shut. 
    5) Years later they “ donate “ the art to a museum for a tax write-off in the amount that they “ paid “ for it originally . 

    Alternately they can insure the art, store it in a warehouse and a few years later jewish lightning burns down the warehouse or there’s”accidental” water damage to said art, or it’s stolen and you collect the insurance money.

    This is why trust fund babies can make “art” and “sell” it to daddy’s connected friends without having any real skill or talent … all of which can only happen because Jewish critics created the arbitrary valuations of ‘modern’ art, whereas classic art was objectively valued by its skill and faithfulness, to traditionally defined forms . 

    That’s the reason that art school teachers discuss the impact of art emotionally and how it makes you feel and the feelings of the artist when creating the piece…..as opposed to the actual skill, time, talent, sacrifice, materials and dedication of vision that real artists pour into their work. 

    Freedom of Choice is in most cases an illusion because most everything is curated – you have the freedom to chose between those things that are presented to you, many of which you may not even have thought of until they were packaged and proposed for you consumption. The Freedom lies with the those that choose and finance the curators and those that control the platforms. 

    To illustrate with popular music – if youth are given the choice between anti-White rap music , anti-White rock music , anti-male girl bands and anti-male homo dance music then their musical tastes are circumscribed by the curator and most of these consumers wouldn’t even be aware that there are other choices to be made because the curated options would be promoted across all media platforms 24/ 7. 

    This then is the illusion of choice because their minds are being hacked by media products that are manufactured to promote corporate or government interests or to distract from toxic multicultural reality and socially dissident points of view. 

    The questions to ask in addition to “ Why these choices ? “ are then : Who is the curator and what is her agenda ? What has the curator ignored ? What is not included in the exhibition ? Who is financing the freak show and what is their agenda ? Who controls the media platforms and how are they connected to those financing the curators?

    If you like to look at pictures and be inspired check out; 


    • Instead of fixing the flaws by a flattering painting, the elites seem to spend the money on “fixing” the flaws on themselves with frequently-ghoulish plastic surgery.

      • I wrote up a comment with only 450 words on music and an effort post on “Truth and Beauty” tops out at 2300 words.
        I was up very early today.
        I didn’t post them for fear of offending the easily distracted.

  7. The reason for much of the ugliness is that most things are designed by the same designer.
    For instance the automobile. Cars for the most part are designed by the wind. The wind has one design in mind. The other factor is a fellow named Max Profit who choses the materials to be used. A new vet does not compare to a vintage jaguar XKSS or any number of classic Italian cars. 


    Architecture as with most other things is also designed by Max Profit, who promises to save you money by using the least expensive materials and to follow the rule that form follows function, while being true to those materials, meaning that we should celebrate concrete’s natural beauty and not try to hide it’s use. 

    Pouring concrete to make buildings in the Brutalist style is somehow genius, even though the style was intentionally minimalist, raw and geared toward mass production.

    Now some results are impressive, like the people who make statues out of butter, but overall, brutalist architecture is repetitive and intentionally ugly. Yet it almost dominates what is genius in modern architecture.

    When you ask why there is no inspiring Western art or architecture in the modern world, you must take account of the role of the Jew in gate keeping, curating, criticism, and overall nepotism, and the their urge to both dominate public activity in order to gain prestige, and to denigrate any Christian or European expression, in order to prevent the expression of White identity 

    “To have great art, we must commission it!
    In order to commission it, we must have great commissioners!”
    — Frank O’Hara

    If all your commissioners are the Blitzstein Cultural Affairs Foundation and the Rosenbaum Family Trust, or if the board members of the Art Institute are all named Klein and Feldstein (and I guarantee you they are), when you commission a public sculpture you will get a pile of concrete instead of an elegant Pieta, every time.

    An important aspect of modern architecture is that building big is no big deal. Some Saudi prince just has to wave his check-book around, and two years later, he has a monument that makes the Parthenon seem puny and insignificant. Architecture has been commodified, that’s why it has been cheapened.

    We could easily build cathedrals and pyramids, but what would be the point? The real wonders of modern architecture are space stations, suspension bridges, deep-sea drilling platforms and particle smashers; constructions that stretch our abilities to the limit.

    If your interested in design and like to look at pictures check out these two twitter feeds. 



    The very real critique that can be made of both, by the eternal seppo is, “we can’t because negroes “.

    • Frank Gehry is the worst offender. Whether he plops something in Downtown LA or San Sebastian his architecture is pure crass ugliness. I hope they’re all torn down over the next 50 years, and you can’t tell me those ceilings aren’t already leaking. Crumpled aluminum is the height of ugliness.

      • Frank Gehry wins first place. 

        Louis Khan’s Salk institute and Bangladesh’s parliament house get an honourable mention to the monstrous carbuncles that Daniel Lebeskind creates to deface classic edifices like the Royal Ontario Museum. 

        I went to an exhibit that had models of all of Gehry’s work and I have to agree that it’s from the billboard school of architecture. By billboard I mean that it’s meant to be seen from one perspective. It’s not architecture in the round i.e from other angles you see all the wasted space and armatures required to hold up computer generated stupidities.  

  8. Wrath of GNON, on Twitter, has made some of these points very well, and with lots of pictures. Simply put, we cannot make beauty because we are not the type of people who can stand it. At least, our leaders are not that type.

    I think Z is correct to say our society is ordered to materialism. There simply isn’t anything higher – such beliefs were imposed by religious rulers as an attempt to keep you in line, see? There is nothing beyond the material to which you might aspire. In such a world, knowing what to eat or which vacation is best really is all that is best in life. How could such a people be anything except ugly?

    We will, of course, soon be at war with beauty.

    • Forgive me BTP, I was writing my comment and after I posted it I noticed that you too had mentioned ‘Wrath of Gnon”
      He lives in Japan and almost all the urban design options he talks about, are predicated upon people who will abide by the most elementary norms and standards of behaviour.
      I’ve been a fan for a long time. In my post below I also posted the link to,
      If you like to look at pictures and traditional architecture that’s a great link as well.
      Cheers !

      • Yeah – and he knows it, which is why guys like Rod Dreher have disavowed him. They all say he is a rayciss because he points out that stuff is downstream of race.

    • Surviving in the urban jungle or CHAZ, pays to be dumb and crude and incurious rather than a fine and complex creation that will not thrive in those conditions

  9. The decline of beauty has been happening for a while. It is most evident in architecture, which reached a zenith before WWI. Slowly, beauty was replace with more and more utilitarian architecture. By the time we got to the 50s, the beauty was mostly gone, from homes to public buildings.
    the reason is that so few people believe in anything except pleasure.
    it took enormous wealth and generations of people to build the old Gothic cathedrals. No one will invest in the future any more.
    is it any wonder white men are so suicidal and so easily drawn to drugs?

    • If I was Beauty, I wouldn’t show my face in present day America

      I’d take one look at it and run the other way

    • I’m not a believer, but hearing a girl sing beautifully in a church may be the closest that I get to the Divine.

      • The arts – true beauty in the arts – can elevate us all closer to the Divine. My father was an agnostic, but would sit and listen to Mozart or Handel with tears streaming down his cheeks.

        • Not church music, but still one of my favorites – Cristina Deutekom singing Mozart’s Queen of the Night from the Magic Flute – absolutely amazing voice –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAZG88U4KiY

  10. Good King Morgoth has done some videos on architecture.
    I think was something about the brutalist importations that appealed in some strange way to the sensibilities of American puritans.
    But maybe the style is not that of the depressed postal clerk, but those whose position depends on making the postal clerk depressed.

  11. What your describing of course is Friedrich Nietzsches “last man” combined with cultural marxism.

    “No herdsman and one herd. Everyone wants the same thing, everyone is the same: whoever thinks otherwise goes voluntarily into the madhouse. ”

    From: Thus spake zarathustra, By Friedrich Nietzsche.

    Here’s a very short vid intitled:
    “The Religion of Comfortableness” / The Last Man

    Here’s a 33 minute portion of an audio book intitled:
    “Nihilism the root of the revolution of the modern age .”
    By Fr. Seraphim Rose. It was written in the 1970s, so it talks about the USSR still existing. At 10:49 it clames that the rationalists of the west will eventually create a world just like the one the communists want to build.

  12. I’ll never see eye-to-eye with people who think modern art and architecture is ugly. Sure there have been some intentionally hideous f*ck ups. But it’s not nearly the whole of it. It’s as if the Right has no concept of the need for change. For visual change, in this instance. Yeah, beauty is great. But after a few hundred years of the same classic, beautiful, “human”—buildings, art, cars, movies, music, hairstyles….you gotta ‘get weird’ with it. There’s nowhere else to go! The Western artist can’t help himself. Change is his compulsion and duty. And much of the public wants it too.

    • Frip, I can’t discern your goal here. One day you claim your next girlfriend must be pro-White, and the next you’re boasting of non-White MMA fighters and defending rap music, brutalist architecture, and (((modern))) ‘art.’ Either we appreciate and value our heritage or it vanishes. When White boys model themselves on illiterate savages, there’s no future ahead for White culture. What the public ‘wants’ is what is pushed as of value and status. Today that’s nothing but ugly and primitive. White people used to aspire to better things, rather than degrade themselves by accepting the leavings of their lessors.

      • I’m not deep enough for it to even matter what I think. But as for Khabib the MMA fighter, I wasn’t boasting about him out of the blue, but defending him from a shallow and purely racist comment. You’d have to agree that within the D-Right there’s varying levels of racialist acceptability. Say, on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being a level up from Alt-Light’s zero racism fakery. And 5 being a simplistic hater of all non-whites. I’d say I’m about a 3. Plenty of people on our side at 2 and 3. We belong.

        I like rap and modern art. What can I say?

        • Frip – Your characterizing some people as “simplistic haters of all non-Whites” is a false dichotomy. I try to be civil in general discourse, and I harbor no ill-will for Africans in Africa or Chinese in China. But those who choose to reside in countries founded by Whites, for Whites, ought never to be more than temporary guests. You are either deliberately setting up parallel cultures, or you are choosing deliberate miscegenation, or you are choosing armed conflict where one side is genetically eradicated. There are no other options, historically or now or in the future.
          I can admire the skill or ability of a nonWhite, but it ought to be used for that person’s own people and culture, not in America to tell Whites they must alter and accommodate someone else’s ideals of beauty or order or even efficiency. If Whites were once again proud and unitary and in charge of their own futures, there could be a certain accommodation of a small number of different people – that was the original historical model and understanding. But when the very survival of White people is at stake, and even the tiniest accommodation to non-Whites is viewed as an admission of guilt and a reason for one’s utter removal from history, that is a luxury we cannot afford. Whites must prioritize race above all else until a future for White children is assured. Then, and only then, can we afford the occasional ‘dissident’ from a pro-White orthodoxy.

        • It’s ok to like rap and modern art Frip. We all have our vices, but we don’t brag about them.

          • When someone disagrees with you do you think they’re bragging? I agree with 85% of what’s said on this site. We don’t have to agree on everything. Keep in mind that when you all talk about how bad modern art and pop music are, it can also appear as “bragging”. An eagerness to display how mature and refined your tastes are, compared to the degenerates and animals who create and like the stuff.

    • I’ll never see eye-to-eye with people who think modern art and architecture is ugly.

      Please link counerexamples of beautiful, high-quality modern art and architecture.

    • There is something to what you’re saying, in terms of graphic art. Novelty could be argued at least, although most of the “art” that gets into museums and galleries these days is controlled by the beanie-wearers, so the motivation is suspect.

      But it’s a different matter when it comes to architecture, especially public architecture. This is semi-permanent and shouldn’t be designed to incite controversy. The only standard should be beauty and conformity with the rest of the (hate to use this term) “built environment.”

    • they didn’t have to get weird with it, they just saw how much hard work it was going to take to create something interesting and novel but also enduring. And they ended up putting 90% of they energies into social networking, the marketing of their “brand” and what passed for an aesthetic and 10% into actual work.

      I think it is misguided to confuse beauty with pretty.

      And not many people are willing to dedicate their lives to mastering a craft that might not provide enough income. And it seems the high cost of cities today, even the bad neighborhoods, make things impossible for a struggling dedicated artist to get by and for artistic communities to form. I think this is why Los Angeles is increasingly uninteresting and whatever funkiness it had is now corporatized or Disneyfied. Wasn’t long ago that characters and weird and interesting people were everywhere, but they also tended to be living somehow on less than $1000 a month. Now it’s NPCs as far as the eye can see.

  13. It’d be an interesting exercise to make estimates of the White participation in the actual protests & riots. I’m sure that intelligence agencies do this. Let’s say for argument, 50% in the big cities. Let us assume, per Z, that these retards are radical, left-wing whites, most likely from affluent families. What more can we infer? Here’s a couple items: these young Whites may hail from rich families, but they are “losers”. Why? Because if they had any vestiges of the middle-class dream: a steady job, a wife, family, they wouldn’t be out marching with and/or acting like thugs. Another scary idea: even if you accept that the “protest White” is the Bourgeois bottom-of-the-barrel journalism major, consider that the slightly better cohort are those who are now in professional positions in government, business, education… And their politics are probably not far different; they just aren’t stupid enough to hang out with the scum and burn shit down.

    • The phrase “losers from rich families,” doesn’t really capture the underlying cause. Many of the protestors (the pawns and shock troops, not the organizers and leaders) are actually neurologically impaired; aspergerish, autistic,paranoid, schizophrenic. I mean this in the medical sense, not just as a way of slurring or denigrating them. It’s obvious to me, just from watching close-ups of the participants.

  14. Beauty is downstream to high self-worth, which is downstream to accomplishment, which is downstream to survival. In order to have any value, beauty’s appreciation must be earned. If you’ve done nothing with your life (and avoided the normal evolutionary selection exit), then beauty is as foreign as pride. The demise of beauty in our current society foreshadows a bleak future for mankind as nature created us. The new artificial subspecies will adopt video gaming as it’s substitute for statue appreciation. That is, unless Plan B works.

    • In all fairness, video games are the one thing where you will find artistic inspiration and real creativity today and, sometimes, an expression of beauty despite it often seeming perfunctory and like it was a way for them earn extra credit on their homework assignment.

      In my experience, the best artists today are going into video games. Second-storngers into movies / TV. Third-strangers or total rejects into novels. Speaking in generalities of course

      99% of architects today strike me as not knowing their ass from their elbow. And so many house designs today lack anything in the way of a human touch and seem to aspire to either a hotel or restaurant aesthetic and paint a picture in my head of an architect with the personality of an accountant, as slavish to convention as a civil engineer for the city, and maybe just enough creativity and eccentricity that in high school he wore a mohawk and thought The Police were an amazing band but now is all about Jazz Fest. That pretty much sums up most of those morons.

  15. The architecture isn’t just unplanned ugliness, it’s deliberate. It’s like “curated” ugliness; the whole point is that it is ugly. It’s a form of desensitization of the populace to the degenerate in steel and concrete. It’s like elite architects are trained to rub our faces in the novel, the attention-grabbing with no concern for beauty. It’s the antithesis of beauty.

    • Dissidents (even some people who wouldn’t identify as such) rightly condemn ugly architecture, “music,” movies, and art. But another kind of ugliness whacks our sensibilities constantly. That is vulgarity in language, and it’s almost as common in rightist as in leftist circles.

      As a writer and former editor, I suppose I am more sensitive to language than many others. But surely civilized people can express themselves without using four-letter words (except for occasional emphasis) and crass imagery.

      A few days ago on this site a regular commenter treated us to a long joke consisting of variations on “shit sandwich.” And he’s one of the good guys!

      Bad language probably began to enter daily life when 12 million men were inducted into the armed forces in WWII (see the novels From Here to Eternity and The Naked and the Dead). But it remained relatively rare in conversation till the ’60s. Since then, the degenerate trend has been amplified by the wide adoption of negro street talk. The same seems to apply these days in French, Italian, Spanish, and other European tongues.

      It’s hard to see how we can have aesthetic elevation in the other arts when our words emit a foul smell.

      • Yup, been watching this happen in French.

        Interesting to see English had been this way for quite a while (decade +), while French is just getting started now. Every French show suddenly has a smart glasses black man. Of course they don’t fit in and ruin the vibe. And their “educated” African French is still ugly.

        More and more afro-beats and “rap” French music on the air. It’s just starting for them.

        • No European people guarded their language and culture more vigorously than the French. Sad to see that they have succumbed to the multi-cult lie.

          • They still do, in Quebec.

            But they’re where we were at 60 years ago. The plebs think they’re protecting their language. But the elites are slowly inserting more and more Globohomo in.

            Never seen anyone look more disgusted than two older rural Quebecois guys watching the vibrancy go past at the Montreal airport. But they are being betrayed by their elites too. They just haven’t noticed yet.

        • Verlan has been around for more than 10 years.

          If you had studied in France back in the 90s you would be less impressed by their pure langue.

          French pop culture has been saturated with broken French since the 80s. Then you have the ridiculous fetish for inappropiately used English words.

      • The culture has been africanized. Those africanized bees accidentally released in Brazil, steadily infiltrating northward is a metaphor for what has happened to the western homelands. Large numbers perversely celebrate it, but good or bad (it’s bad), that’s our fate.

        Africanized and judaized and feminized, a weird ugly witch’s brew of a culture.

        It’s possible to halt it, but where and how the European-descended will invent resistant barriers is anybody’s guess. Still, you don’t have to know the exact shape of the future to assist its birth.

    • With so much architecture and floor layouts and designs, it’s apparent the architect’s only goal is to design a house that sells itself on a computer screen and that how the house works and flows in real life is not even on his radar. Architecture has been reduced to little more than a commodity.

  16. The late Sir Roger Scruton produced a fantastic presentation called “Why Beauty Matters” back in 2009. Highly recommended, and I’ll link it at the bottom.

    In his own words “At any time between 1750 and 1930 if you asked educated people to describe the aim of poetry, art or music, they would have replied “beauty.””

    Sir Roger was said to have wept when he was a young man after reading Oswald Spengler’s “The Decline of the West” and he realized that all the great works of Western Civilization were destined for destruction.

    The sole purpose of art 100 years ago was this: Beauty. It was a value, and a virtue. Art is now ugly, and it’s no accident.


    • Had an omnipotent creator set out to equip man with a truth-seeking physiology, He could hardly have done better than to provide us with this peculiar beauty sense of ours. – David Gelernter, “Machine Beauty.”

  17. “Perhaps liberal democracy has reached a point where a small number of capable people can keep everything running, while the mediocre and stupid run riot. Maybe that is the world at the end of history.”

    This is the plot of the short story “The Marching Morons”, upon which the movie Idiocracy is extremely tangentially based.

  18. “The inexplicable beauty of the world has always demanded our attention. Will we want to live without it?”
    Petty people hate beauty, it makes them jealous, they can live without beauty quite well. I am looking at jews and disgusting feminists.

  19. Ugly souls produce ugly art.
    For christians: Demons that possessed westerners hate beauty.
    The artists had a particular affinity to Cthulhu.

  20. Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all

    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

    Judging by the OP, that isn’t “all ye know on earth”…

  21. I used to have a profile on Disqus, but when I click the icon here, I just get an “invalid request” message. Is that just me?

    • No, the whole board is fux0red from the profile linkage to the voting system. I was using Disqus successfully for about a week, then the whole thing broke and I think Z just decided to leave it as is. *shrug*

  22. It truly is a collection of misfits, mutants, and freaks which makes it all the more galling that it has so much momentum. These people w/o the full force of the state, media, academia, etc. would be swept away in a single Chad driven purge, and they know it. What also really chaffs my balls is in this crowd of genetic defects you’ll see so many fairly normal to highly attractive young white girls. I want to shake their parents: You failed!
    But I suppose from the globohomo supporting brainwashed POV of the parents they couldn’t have succeeded better. Hope they are going to be as supportive of the half-black baby that poisons their gene pool by reversing it 100 millenia too.

    Your new Overlords:


  23. The assault on Confederate symbols is the most obvious. There’s no thought given to why these statues were erected by the people living in these communities. What little thought there is to the people who erected them is simplistic and childish. In fact, the need to know anything about the statues was so vexing and offensive to the people assaulting them, they quickly moved from attacking Confederate symbols to attacking all symbols that were connected with the past.

    The one that really ‘gets my goat’ – and why, really? – is the emphatic assertion that these monuments were mostly raised forty years after the fact, which of course proves beyond all doubt that they were a product of Lost Cause mythology and not of a genuine respect and loyalty to their forbears. What is obviously missing in this historically illiterate, drunken assessment of the period, is the facts of Reconstruction and its prohibitions, that the South was economically ruined by the war and its aftermath, and so on. But as I’ve iterated numerous times before, what is any of that to fanatics?

  24. Even nihilism has an ascetic, rubble and fire, and views it as beauty. The new totalitarianism lacks even that low standard. Even first wave Marxism in the Soviet Union tried to preserve beauty from what it viewed as a decadent and oppressive past. The new totalitarianism seeks to erase all beauty that doesn’t adhere to the standards of Year Zero, which ultimately is all beauty; it is an ignorant Maoism that pulls down the Great Wall and yesterday’s agitprop with the same zeal..

    The digital Dissident Right passes for samizdat in our new totalitarianism. Since truth is beauty, we find it here. Conformity and censorship work tirelessly to stamp out beauty and truth. I hope this lingers longer. Thank you, Z.

  25. “”… they would be sure the communists had won the Cold War …””
    Huh, well, we won. Entire cultmarx is brainchild of Soviet Intelligence to creep under your nuclear umbrella. Lot of people have written or spoken about this topic, Mr. Yuri Bezmenov probably best known.

  26. This is a wise post that broaches a subject that to my mind is new to the Z-Blog, namely the aspirational quality of beauty. I admire, Zman, how you’ve kept expanding and developing as a writer. Good job.

    I find C.S. Lewis’ “Abolition of Man” to be the most powerful (and concise!) articulation of this theme (among others). What I fear is that there is no escaping our aesthetic/aspirational decline, because it’s baked into the whole system, an effect of its internal logic. There is no “going back” to the mores of a more congenial time (as old-guard conservatives would have it) because any time you name contained the (degenerating) moral seeds of our own.

    To be honest, that’s terrifying. I appreciated your comment on the podcast Friday that you’re on edge, and need to find relief of some kind. You’re not alone, Zman. Thanks for being a wise and honest voice.

  27. My view is that beauty and civilization for the sane white man will increasingly be rural and small town and away from modern cities.
    It may be possible to perhaps live in peace, create some families and some small colonies of art and culture.
    The very rural Russians did it under Stalin right?
    Perhaps just a hundred miles away from the degeneracy and cities of joggers and loons.
    Maybe rural Maryland?
    Rural Idaho,
    Rural Missouri?
    St Louis is one of the midwestern cities close to me where the great General William Techumseh Sherman’s body lies beneath the ground in the hood where a African people kill each other daily and do drug deals on the top of his grave.
    The modern HR departments and Conservitive Inc will lie in similar graves. Dead and gone lying in the ground around a a ugly and violent civilization that they helped bring to us.
    Perhaps we start small and start again.

    • I think more and more people are waking up to that fact Brother… People always talk of separation but then don’t want to do what’s necessary to accomplish that…

    • The problem is the media. Not the geography.

      One can easily live in a large city, avoid media and experience life below their Dunbar number.

      Someone else could live in a remote small town and spend all day with their face buried in their phone’s social media faux communities and be pozed as fuck.

  28. Zman: ” Imagine the dullness and ugliness of someone who takes the job of Facebook moderator. It is no wonder so many of them are South Asian. The Indian subcontinent’s primary export is the narrow-minded functionary, best fit for the ticket window of the train station. The fact that suicide is not common among the staff of social media firms confirms the dullness of them.”

    Funny as shit.

    A quintessentially Dissident Right passage. The NeoCon would turn you in for it. The Conservative wouldn’t allow himself to think it. The Alt-Lighter may insinuate it with a gay giggle, then exclaim, “I’m KIDDINNNG!” The Alt-Righter would only say it among friends, with hidden microphones. Then deny it. The White Supremacist doesn’t have the style or reserve to make it palatable.

    We’ve come to the right place folks.

    • Although social media staff aren’t offing themselves like they should, there is apparently the phenomenon of moderators and censors getting “red pilled” by the content they’re erasing.

      Apparently the turnover and churn is really high among the censors: too many keep getting converted and burned out by dissidents and have to be constantly replaced. Maybe this is why tech is pushing so much for AI-based moderation, but right now AI is even easier to troll.

      • I get a chuckle every time I read a story about how they turned a learning system or conversational AI loose on the internet and before they knew what was happening, it had turned into a right-wing shitlord.

        Or those automatic hiring and resume evaluation systems that absorbed all the data and realized that hiring women and minorities was harmful to the company’s interests.

      • Terrific. Then I suppose we should expect more subcons to show up here claiming they’re ‘Indian rednecks’ and luv ‘murrica, and then saying f*&k America when they’re not welcomed here with open arms. Hooah.

    • Indians can’t kill themselves cause astrologers told them they’ll become important people with hot wives.

    • I’ve worked with people from all over the world and tried to keep an open mind, but in this era with so much textured tragedy I find it regrettable that geostrategic reality has forced Trump to make an alliance with India instead of China. I’d rather have zero of either of them in my country, but if we HAD to have some of either one or the other inside our country, my personal experience is that I would choose the Chinese hands down. Not many Chinese assimilate, but some do. I’ve never met a dot who came even remotely close. Mayhap it is sample bias, but I doubt it.

      This in spite of the reality that the dots are closer to us genomically. The portion of our common ancestors who followed their path did not undergo the extreme winnowing of natural selection by northern winter.

  29. Destroy a group’s aesthetic sensibilities and the rest will follow. We initially did this to ourselves. Industrialization and secularization turned our pastoral and heroic reach into that of piecemeal line workers with an infatuation for self. The smaller our dreams and the weaker our grasp the more inflated our ego became. We did a lot of this. The negroification was and continues to be (((their))) work. No white man without malicious prodding would look to the Negroes for anything.

    The appreciation for and the ability to create true resonant beauty requires an aesthetic sensitivity that depends upon innate talents and cultural feedback and expectations.

    Lose that sensitivity, lose and degrade an ideal of beauty and everything downstream decays also. Thought, act and drive all lose something.

    Pop music even into the ’90s still had a lot of European elements in its structure. Folkish and Classical. Most of that is gone now. All of it now hanging on a limited repetitive beat line. Perfect for dulling sensibilities especially when accompanied by a lack of exposure to all that came before. A mind that loses its ability in comprehending beauty loses its agility in thought.

    A 100 years ago a simple farmer, a fisherman, a construction worker had a great sensitivity to the sound and sense of great poetry. Hardened warriors became misty-eyed at great passages in Homer or in The Song of Roland. Verse was common currency from the drawing rooms to the fields and factory floors. This was an art form 1000s of years old. It was killed off in a single century. Do you think that loss to sound and sense in language had no effect on other aspects of our world?

    Culture, institutions, religion, arts, politics, economics, communal life…all of it rides upon and is dependent upon our ideal of beauty and the bio-cultural sensibility that is its foundation.

      • We can and we will. To do so will require a reawakening of our cultural religious sensibilities. One that are tied to blood and soil.

        Christianity today is literally Open Society Judeo-Christianity…and has long done away with Roman-Euro-Christianity.

        The Pagan-Christianity of the Middle Ages (which lasted well into the 19th Century) gave it a local, regional, national and civilizational European character. A local could identify with a local saint, a region with a regional one…with JC unifying and binding the whole. By this I don’t simply mean the reestablishment of faith and worship. Religion infuses an aesthetic sensibility. It is how beauty is diffused and manifested within a civilization. All art from the Pyramids to the great European Cathedrals and all of the extraordinary art they contained we religious and cultural. Most European art until recently though secular was infused with Euro-Christian themes.

        Whatever Christianity does to survive it needs blood, soil and many of Europe’s pre-Christian and post-Christian sensibilities to be part of that. Public rituals both solemn and festival like in which everyone plays a role should be a part of that. Adherence to doctrine needs a wide berth. Piety through good acts and noble behavior.

        Expanding the umbrella of the church to include pre-Christian ideals as we once did through the saints is probably a good way to accomplish local and regional roots to the wider culture. It worked before. Some of the great philosophical works from our past should also be brought into the rebuilding of our religious institutions. Not just the Neoplantonists. European Christianity and the pre-Christian religions of all Europeans share many underlying cultural sensibilities. Combining all of these and examining things that failed to overlap would burn off Christianity’s Semitic deadwood.

        Underlying a lot of the decay in the Altar has been the loss of great ideals. Our aesthetic sensibilities have been in steady decline for a long time. This rot has had an effect on all aspects of our civilization. Rebuilding religious institutions(in building a great civilization or rebuilding one it seems to be a necessity) that appeal to a wide spectrum of our people will help turn this around. Doing so will also better our ability to lay solid foundations upon which to build in the future as we free ourselves from the current milieu.

        • The Christian music has gone from choirs singing angelic sounding hymns to rock bands with a heavy bass guitar and drums pounding African Zulu music.
          The European Christian could visit Notre Dame and see beauty.
          The American Christian can visit a concrete and steel stadium and see a Joel Osteen’s shiny teeth.
          We have lost a lot in Christianity.

          • The hip and cool youth ministers love rap music! But it’s *Christian* rap music, so that’s, like, super cool bro! The small minded racists wouldn’t understand anyways.

            The Bible is great. But the modern church is pretty shit. Lots of good people still in churches, but as an institution they’re just as rotten as anything else.

            The emotional wishy washy bullshit should not leave the women’s groups, and the youth pastors need to stop talking about sneakers and rap music.

            All the church people would dismiss me as a racist and “out of touch” yet here I sit as their attendances continues in its spiral of terminal decline, across the board (evangelicals will start declining soon too).

        • In the modern age being subversive means going to Church, raising a family, being honest and humble.

          I’m a free thinking heathen and I go to church because it’s ours – I like the language, the culture, the ceremony, the costumes, the art and architecture, the music, the incense and the fellowship, as well as the services it provides; like recording marriages, births, deaths as well as the wakes, teas and lunches put on by the ladies. 

          Thankfully ours is an ethnic church with a clergy that tends only to that which is ours and not the wider community, as well as a language that serves as a barrier to outsiders. 

          As a non-believer, I need not travel the world, or sample strange faiths to meet a spiritual need when the customary praxis or ritual is available in my community, with people just like me, who have similar backgrounds and histories as me.

          As a result, I’ve been immunized from pursuing a spiritual quest at the global buffet, where you try out curry or chopsticks or kebab, without regard to a spiritual tradition, that is more easily available and more compatible with my culture.

          Religion and Family are two sources of power and influence, that help circumscribe State power.

          Christianity co-opted the Paganism of the classical world at its maturity, as well as our Greek philosophical heritage, to create a religion that appealed to the European mind.

          If the reformation was a crusade to remove Paganism from Christianity, what Christianity needs today, is a movement to remove all Levantine influence, while restoring and privileging all that is genuinely Pagan.

          We can dispense with a lot of our unfortunate Middle Eastern dogmas altogether, and still have beautiful buildings, Latin and Greek, philosophy, art and icons , beautiful classical music – both choral and instrumental, universities, fancy dress, incense, fellowship etc.

          A healthy religion, reconstituted to privilege and protect our common European heritage, would be a wonderful non-governmental source of standards for women – redirecting female virtue signalling to pro-European particularism rather than vulgar universalism.

          I’m fond of the pageantry of our traditions and abide by the discipline that our community standards require to demonstrate the self-restraint necessary to follow customs, practices and conventions, even when they are inconvenient or unpleasant. 

          In the meantime I shut my gob so as not to rain on everyone’s parade, by not making a display of my lack of faith or my fondness for, our lost Native European Faith.

  30. We have all the ingredients for the mass production of mediocrity: larger population will always lead to more mediocrity, lack of hardship which previously drove people to strive for more, a constant praising of individuals for even the most simple tasks – thus, when they do it, they think ‘I did it! I am the best!’, no need for more work.

    I would probably also say that the way that simple tasks can now be easily automated plus the fact you can buy anything you want means few will bother to figure out how something works much less attempt to fix it or build a new one. Both my grandfathers fixed all sorts of things, cars, televisions, radios. They decorated their houses and rewired them – more importantly, as any man knows, it is very good to work with your hands. A couple of months ago my 92 year old grandfather and I were discussing how nice some blokes welding job was on his car… Small things!

    The goals that many have today are all career oriented, the icing on the cake being when you can deftly manipulate an Excel spreadsheet in front of the office bigwigs and get applause for jargon-speak. For young men, the curiousity to build, tinker and learn must be present, I think. It is immensely rewarding, and helps one see that work need not be something you love and cherish – only something necessary.

    • “Mediocre” gets a bad rap. It just means, basically “average.” The truth of the Bell Curve is that the vast majority of a normal distribution will be average. Therefore, most people, indeed, most things, are going to be mediocre.

      • It gets a bad rap because it’s deserved…If you’re happy with mediocrity then you’re part of the problem…We all should be striving to be better people…

      • There is nothing wrong with being mediocre; I am mediocre, I do not mind it. Nothing is wrong with me but I am not in power over anybody.

        • The fact you aren’t in power over anybody might be proof there’s nothing wrong with you.

    • 1984. Atlas Shrugged is a trillion pages long and written with all the literary acumen of an aspiring rap artist.

      • Much of Rand’s stuff needs to be understood not as literature, but a philosophy wrapped/embedded/illustrated in a story form. A political Aesop’s fable, but not as well written.

        I would not put the work down. It did more to spread her views than many better written and scholarly treatises before and since.

        • There’s a ten page treatise on libertarian philosophy mixed in there with the 990 pages of pulp. LineInTheSand posted a link to the essential fifty(!) pages below, filled with bromides like these:

          “Reality is that which exists; the unreal does not exist; the unreal is merely that negation of existence which is the content of a human consciousness when it attempts to abandon reason. Truth is the recognition of reality; reason, man’s only means of knowledge, is his only standard of truth.

          I honestly doubt the book itself has done much to spread libertarianism, rather than the buzz surrounding it, because I don’t believe that many people actually read it to the end. I only managed to finish it myself because I was stuck for two days in a dingy hostel and had nothing else to read.

          I know a libertarian-ish politician who once said in an interview that AS was his favorite book. “But you haven’t even read it”, I reminded him. Didn’t matter, it was still his favorite book, because he was a libertarian and let’s force it on all high school students.

          Also, the sex scenes are sick, pure Nose. I bet she was a virgin.

          Mind you, 1984 is no literary masterpiece either – Orwell’s strength was the essay – but it’s a lot shorter and a lot more perspicacious.

          • Several times I tried to read Ayn Rand but never could not get beyond the first page. Once I also tried both Hegel and Kant but got stuck at the first paragraph. So at least in this sense Rand was easier for me than the German philosophers.

          • Just to be clear. I’m not saying Ayn Rand didn’t contribute anything useful or new, just that the packaging is absolutely hopeless.
            Read the Wiki instead.

      • Kind of my point, if your world is turning into a sh*t sandwich, who cares if it has mayo or mustard

      • Haven’t read all her work, but “Anthem” and “We the Living” are good and short. Also thought the “Atlas Shrugged” movies (3) were pretty well done, if not 100% in alignment with the novel. But she’d been dead for thrity years, so she can’t be held responsible 🙂

      • Thanks. Frankly reading that alone tell me that a ton of Ayn Rand’s ideas are stupid.
        Half the reason our countries are dying is the bullshit idea that there is nothing more important than the self, that faith is wrong when its the lifeblood of mankind and all that Libertarian crap.
        Its not all bad, I agree that supporting a society that takes more thna its due or hates you outright is wrong but still. Trash philosophy from a trash philosopher.
        Frankly its not remote surmise that Anton LaVey cribbed so much of that for his Satanic Bible, its the same whiff of sulfur.

  31. Couple of thoughts.

    First, you blame the current situation on “liberal democracy”. But it seams to me that the problem is one of mass media – made infinitely worse by social media which makes everyone a mass publisher. Our brains developed to coordinate people within relatively small social groups of several hundred. We are simply incapable of handling the firehouse of information and interactions with tens to hundreds of millions of people.

    Secondly, the current revolution is a fraud. It’s not some group attempting to replace the top dogs. Instead, it’s the top dogs attempting to reassert control of the country. To finally eliminate badorangeman and chastise those who support him. The form of their doing so is discordant, destructive, even incoherent because the ruling class itself is disunified, beholding to stale Marxist tropes and above all dumb and lazy.

    Make no mistake, though, all of this will disappear as soon as badorangeman is gone just as the antiwar movement disappeared the day after Obama was elected.

    • Socrates I’m his final recorded dialogue, Crito, spoke a bit toward what you address. In it he expounds on whether or not we should listen to or care about the opinions of those who have no understanding or skill to back up such opinion/advice/musing.

      And that’s just what we have today in spades—millions upon millions of people communicating their uneducated opinions upon every imaginable subject, with millions more accepting such as reasonable guidance for future behavior and thought.

      • Everyone having a megaphone is great for society in that it makes clear the emperor has no clothes to any that would listen.
        Our elite control most of the large scale communication and frankly some random dude is probably smarter than them. That is what scares them.
        IMO one of the best economics channels is by a guy who works in a lumber yard called the Uneducated Economist and one of the better channels of the virus Peak Prosperity is by an investment guy who once worked in biology.
        Now the crazed reaction is because they are losing status, influence and such and nothing is worse than that.
        Status is the smack of the elite and they are all junkies.
        And note they are so “drug” addled they can’t change course and do right thus regaining what they lost.
        Essentially to many bad decisions means no fix is possible and all they can do is craxck down harder. People will pull any dope fiend move to keep power and status and thus ours do just that.

        • Drinking hemlock was also explained in his last dialogue(s). It was the culmination of his life and philosophy wrt the State. The State was wrong, and he freely admits such, however the State had the “right” to execute him—that is to say, be wrong —and he had the responsibility/duty to accept his fate/punishment. Socrates’ final act therefore was proof that he talked the talked and walked the walk. He remained true to his beliefs and teachings. That was his final lesson.

          • “Would Mr. Darcy then consider the rashness of your original intention as atoned for by your obstinacy in adhering to it?”

            I can’t sign up for Socrates’s reasoning here. Applied to the globohomo States we all live under, we’d be resigned to being depersoned, or even the gallows, simply because the State has the “right” to determine when we’ve erred in our thoughts and words. Sounds like he’d get along swimmingly with Benny “Start your own Twitter!” Shapiro.

          • It’s been a long time since I read that dialogue but if memory serves, his argument was that Athens made him so Athens had the right to execute him, and if he’d escaped he’d more or less have been committing treason.

            At any rate he submitted to the will of people less wise than him— listened to them. Which meant he recognized a higher authority than truth or wisdom. It’s an interesting twist at the end of the life of a philosopher.

          • As I recall, he reasoned he was Athenian to the core, and to escape Athens’ judgment would be to deny his core. So drink up!

  32. The sheer madness of active US Army generals publicly stating that Confederate soldiers were “traitors” is mind blowing. The vast majority of enlisted troopers come from southern states (NC, GA, FL) who have traditions that, rightly or wrongly, romanticize Civil War veterans. The weight of representation as a percent of state population is even more dramatic…the US’s warriors come from the south.

    2 acts of Congress have affirmed that Confederate soldiers are US veterans, in point of fact. Main point was to end the civil war, instead of fight it forever with each new generation.

    The end game will be no fighting men volunteering for the US war machine, which may actually be a good thing. But it is a bitter pill to watch and see.

    • All my life I wanted to enlist, my entire Southern family has. But as I was leaving high school and entering college I realized that the United States Government hated the South and hated me.

      It completely changed my life and I have never enlisted. So that is already happening.

      • I routinely discourage younger fellow Southerners from making the same mistake I did. The message is more warmly received now and when you look at the composition of today’s military it becomes glaringly obvious why the United States Empire routinely gets its ass beaten.

        • Same in Canada. The forces are almost entirely white. Not just white, but old-stock white even, English, Scottish, Irish, and French.

          Walk around the Toronto area and you ask yourself what are they defending? Whose people are they sacrificing themselves for?

          It’s worse in the USA because soldiers actually die. Canadians just do a few parades and get their pensions. But still… We might see mandatory military service soon if this desertion continues.

          • E Michael Jones said that when you join the military, you pledge to defend and extend the international gay disco.

          • I wonder if Islam will do to the “gay disco” like what happened in Orlando a few years ago?

          • LOL. no shit. Let’s just pretend they’re doing some kind of prank to mess with feminists.

          • My late father-in-law was a career army officer. Hubby and I worked for State. At all times our focus was on “What is best for American interests?” Now, even my husband admits it was all an utter waste – our work, and his father’s entire career. Devoting one’s life so that the culturally bankrupt, racially miscegenated, and genetically mutated morass of ‘murrica can prevail? The horror.

          • Interesting, 3g4me. A friend of mine went to work for State – got totally captured by globohomo. Depressing. Started with him talking about how beautiful the gay wedding he attended was (two boys working long hours in the visa department started discovering their friendship was so much more…), ended with him insisting I was a Putin bot because I expressed uneasiness with the claim Assad gassed some rebels.

            Many such cases.

          • That is the last thing they want. The amount of mayhem caused by draftees of all colors after Vietnam scared the crap out of the elite.
            And note they won’t exclude Whites from the draft they might want to to reduce the threat but its so obvious it would cause an immediate rebellion they couldn’t put down.
            As for the future, its impossible to know. A society of people who are in lockdown all the time, doesn’t produce anything of value or really anything and unless things like hair salons and restaurants opede and without those things, the people we coun’t on to keep order and to keep the civil flame alive will nope out.
            Probably 2/3 of our social fabric is consumption.
            Worse we aren’t even able to produce propaganda. There may be no 2021 TV season .
            We may well see the begrudging of the end of the union in real time as the unemployment runs out and no effort is made to force the economy open.

          • I wish a draft were attempted. It would bring about a resolution to the present crisis quicker than anything we could imagine. Where AI can be used it will be used and the self-inflicted economic crisis is being exploited to stop the hemorrhaging.
            Whites continue to make up more than two-thirds of the United States military but fewer in the last four to five years join and that trend is accelerating. White Southerners, again, increasingly look askance at an institution they once revered. As White Southerners leave or refuse to join in the first place, the quality will continue its already rapid decline.

        • Our young men need the training. Pay no attention to the degenerates at the top. Learn to fight, learn tactics and small group leadership. Learn how to wage war. Then bring that home for the day it is needed.

          • Vizzini – There’s no way to learn tactics or leadership from women, Negroes, or trannies, and that’s literally what it’s become. I read the other day that either 43 or 53% of all US military are non-White. And the nonstop propaganda works wonders on the already indoctrinated public school kids – the best you could hope for is that they end up a civnat. It’s not worth the price.

          • My son was a 1SG in 101st Airborne until his death in 2018. It was all men and mostly White. The push to accept women was coming, but if you get in a real combat arms unit all the senior NCOs are still going to be White men or a few higher IQ black men.

            Women, for all the hype, don’t actually want to be in serious combat units and don’t hold up well there.

            I also met quite a few serious right-wingers among my son’s fellow soldiers and officers — they just know when to keep their mouths shut.

          • Vizzini – My deepest sympathy for the loss of your son. Mine was deployed albeit not to a combat zone, with the national guard. Cavalry scout. Still in contact with some good men who are on our side, but there are a lot more who are still blind.
            There’s a film up on the web about the first parachute drop in the Arctic circle in 1957, which my father-in-law was part of with the 82nd Airborne. Even that film featured Negroes.

          • Sorry to read about your son.

            The last valid argument for military service is what you pointed out, but decent training also is going by the wayside and has been for a while. Even the special forces have started to be pozed. Those who have served should train our young men under the radar. The secret police routinely issue warnings about vets going rogue and it is a good bet they keep closer track of them, especially those with specialized training, than we know.

          • Not worth the risk of dying for globohomo go into the trades and then get to some top tier schools for the training you need, also join a fight gym to stay in shape and learn the hand to hand stuff…

          • Your chance of dying in the military is extremely low. We currently have very little real combat going on. Our death totals throughout our wars in the Middle East look like a good day in WW 2, Korea or Vietnam.

            The trades don’t teach you how to do a nighttime raid in urban combat.

          • The trades don’t teach you how to do a nighttime raid in urban combat.
            Nope they don’t but some schools do…

          • I don’t reject it. I will learn everything I can.

            But at same time if we get into a situation that is less military situation, for which you have training, and more street brawl/riot, I can see Vizzini turning to Falcone and saying “You’re from Los Angeles, you’re the kid who knows the streets, so give me your recommendations.”


          • I’ve used personal and small element instruction to learn how to hit moving targets fairly reliably. I’ve also studied what the opposition will attempt on me and to give a good account of myself. But I’m Z’s age, first half Gen X, and I suffer few delusions, so I am most definitely not looking forward to the worm turning. It’s here though.

      • The only reason for anyone to enlist is to gain military skills. Otherwise you are serving a military run by people who hate you.
        This includes not only Southerners but Westerners, Yankees and every other person who is an American.

    • To the people who call the Confederates “traitors” I like to ask, “In what way was the Confederacy different than the American Revolution? In both cases, the rebels concluded that the country to which they were bound was hostile to their interests and took appropriate action. How can Lee be a traitor and not Washington?”

      • Oh I’m sure they don’t like Washington anymore than Lee since they were both white…

      • They hate whites.

        Anything they do is just a tool to destroy whites. Confederacy is an easy target.

        No point questioning motives, we know everything we need to know: They hate you and want you dead. By any means necessary.

      • People like that are not amenable to any kind of reason and enaging them in dialectic is pointless.

    • In my 5 decade lifetime the South that I grew up in was probably the most patriotic region. While our young men and women were overseas being killed and maimed, the uniparty bastards flooded their hometowns with hostile foreigners.

      • Could not agree more.

        USMC fence sitter in my 20s.

        Middle age has taught me that old men know very well how to manipulate the young. In a sane society, that’s not a bad thing (young men are idiots).

        In an unbalanced society, the potential for great evil may easily be realized.

  33. “… the wellspring of liberal democracy has resulted in a bazaar full of weirdos all selling the exact same goods”

    a picture of a Wikipedia page for transgendered elected officials. it’s just stunning the number of them. I think there might be more transgenders than Jewish if you adjust for total population

    • Didn’t someone expound—wisely—on the concept of “mascots”. Yep, that’s what this is. I’m not inclined to vote for the mentally imbalanced, nor interact or facilitate them.

    • The Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine is one such transgender. Who appointed someone with such psychological and/or neurological problems to run the state’s Health Department?? Crazy people in charge of public health, pushing their own agenda to justify their own weirdness.

    • Well given that the Transgenders couldn’t exist without the funny hats enabling them…

      • And yet, the only urologist I’ve ever met who actually performed “reassignment” surgery was a British educated Pakistani muslim, from Plandome Manor Long Island (New York), Dr Aiset Hashmid. Not a Jew by any stretch.

  34. I’m just observing how things will play out, a mediocre “cultural revolution” in mainland US while Washington is haphazardly fighting a Cold War with both Russia and China. Even if Biden becomes POTUS things won’t go back to “normal”.

    This decade might be the end of all.

  35. Normally not a ball-fanner, but this was good. At least the old time commies had a goal, a vision. These trogladytes just seem nihlistic. We had such a good sweet thing here. I really can’t believe how casually they threw it away.

  36. Atheism. Getting rid of Christianity and Christian rules was one of the first things. They really do just want to sin, at least that is part of it. Christian morality would not allow them to do their evil and so they attacked Christianity itself.

    • Atheism.

      The problem with that explanation is that America is both the most religious nation in the Western hemisphere, and the most pozzed.

      You don’t hear priests condemn the pharisees, quote Urban II or admonish their flock to drive the money-lenders out of the temple. Or, indeed, say stuff like “if slavery was fine by Jesus Christ, it’s fine by me.”

      Religion is downstream from culture, and when the culture is pozzed, so is religion.

      • I would say culture is downstream from religion, which is why they attacked the Christian churches in the first place. It is why they went after them first.
        Every single major denomination of Christianity in the US is completely pozzed. There are holdout churches within those denominations, but the national denominations have been infiltrated and converged.

        No man faces down death for atheism.

        • <i>It is why they went after them first.</i>

          They went after statues first, and they’re going after any artifact of American cultural history for no other reason than fuck whites.

          Perhaps it’s more correct to say that religion is an aspect of culture, but my problem is that I can’t even see how Christianity is supposed to work on a theoretical level. For example: how would you go about searching the Bible for a solution to the DACA amnesty?

          • Felix, I’m certain a clever fellow (clergy) can find a passage to justify anything. Here’s a quick one (used by a local church down the street) from memory that is all encompassing wrt DACA non-citizens and others pouring over the borders:

            Matthew 25:35
            ”For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,..”

          • <i>Felix, I’m certain a clever fellow (clergy) can find a passage to justify anything. </i>

            Just my point. The Bible is a Rorschach test, you see that which is already inside your head.

            But beyond that, the Bible comes with a large dose of knee-bending and foot-washing, and it’s not all made up by Commie priests – Jesus really was a soy boy, and none of what are touted as “traditional” Christian values are of much use in the situation we have today. It’s much harder to find quotes to prop up white nationalism than it is to find quotes about welcoming refugees.

          • For White nationalism, you may not find direct quotes, but I bet you could make a pretty good deductive case using the historical portions of the Old Testament. Specifically those related to the Jews of Exodus and their entry into the promised land. They did a lot of killing and genocide of the existing populous in their role as God’s chosen people.

          • Jesus, a soy boy? Eh. “Verily, I say unto you: if ye have not a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

            Doesn’t mean he’s a badass martialist, but I don’t think he was a complete pussy.

          • And I recall “the sojourner who is within thy gates”
            being worthy of charity: sojourner being a traveler passing through. Not an immigrant

          • Matthew 25:30
            And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


          • The destruction of statues, and…ahem…cathedrals, proceeds from the subversion of the institutions, including the religious denominations. The New Left, beginning in the 60s, colonized seminaries and theology schools, just as they conquered academia in general. The result is nearly monolithic AWR clergy who dare not condemn the savages who are demolishing white artifacts. In fact, they are more likely to cheer on the destruction.

          • Christianity needs to reinvent itself, or else it remains a shell of an institution with dwindling membership.

            I think a reasonable place to start is to re-frame original sin. Telling someone they are “fallen” is a bit heavy-handed and needlessly presumptuous. The idea of human imperfection doesn’t have to be presented in a manner so fatalistic and invariably leads to feelings of self-loathing in certain young people.

            I would jettison the universalism and reconstitute the religion as a covenant only between the White man and his God. And hammer home that other races are born of different Gods but that these Gods are brothers who sometimes quarrel in heaven but strive for peace.

            And Jews are born not of a god but of an angel who lost his wings and was made into a troll as punishment for his slander of and spatting on Allah. That helps in educating young white people to the fact there really is no difference between Jews and Muslims and they both are ruled by the same Moon God.

            The fun part would be coming up with a story explaining the treachery used by Jews to pollute our covenant with their Torah

          • They are going after the statues now. The churches have been under attack for many decades. They took over the seminaries. Once that happened and all these churches requiring seminary for leadership it was absolutely inevitable.

            This is why playing defense never works in any sphere. Any victories you have are short lived and it turns their victories in a ratcheting mechanism. Even the little victories they have turns ratchets just a little bit, but it never goes back and the next victory they have ratchets a little more. After centuries of this you have homosexuals dressed as demons crawling around roaring on a stage and reading pedophile propaganda to 5 year children while their mothers clap.

          • Think again, my friend. Go to the site Public Orthodoxy and you’ll encounter the extremely well-funded and well -connected folks who are working to bring the whole perverse menu of Western dysfunctions into the Orthodox sphere.

            And their allies in the globo cult are doing everything in their power to undermine the old world “reactionaries” who are the only thing standing between traditional practice and total capitulation to the pozz agenda.

          • The Orthodox church is run by straight men. Queerness is not tolerated. While a majority are leftward in terms of political preference these are still very socially conservative. The queers and the progressives quietly leave the church and seek out alternative “christian” religions. The self-purging mechanism and heavy family investment in the Orthodox religion, we tithe a boatload beyond and fundraise continually, looks to keep the faith unpozzed for a very long time.

          • Good. But remain very vigilant! The AWRs stop at nothing when it comes to subverting and perverting what is good in this world, and they’re very good at it.

        • Disagree. Unbeliever martyrs are a minority, but they exist. I’d argue the “atheism” problem is just a sub-set of a loner challenging the status quo, often in the form of new science challenging older beliefs. Even in an officially Atheist country you can get disappeared. Just read up on “Lysenko”.
          Whatever your opinion of religion, it’s a fact that America was founded, largely, by people that were either asked to leave Europe or booted out on their ass for their strange religious beliefs 😈 As Z notes in some posts, this fundamentalist tradition has carried into politics, such as with the Puritan Yankee social experiments of the past few centuries. It’s also worth noting that most of these experiments resulted in disaster. 🙁
          As final evidence, may I suggest that Europe, lamentably secular and unchurched as it may be, has social dysfunction (crime, violence, etc.) at a fraction of what the supposedly deeply faithful USA has? Probably more a racial composition factor than religion.

          • Probably more a racial composition factor than religion.
            You know that so why even make it about religion…Take out all the black and brown crime/people and we would be one of the safest in the world…

      • “Religion is downstream from culture, and when the culture is pozzed, so is religion.”
        Well said, russian christianity, for example, was revived by the culture.
        Good news is that christianity can be revived, but not with current elites who manipulate all forms of culture.

      • I don’t get the animus towards the irreligious. On the right, you’re alienating a plurality (at least) of Millennialials and most of the Zoomers.

        I get believing in Christianity — in fact, I agree with most of it — but people from my generation and younger mostly point to the Greek myths and wonder, in earnest, what the difference is.

        I think what matters is belief in an objective standard of worth. Something the left can’t twist around. Personally, I think a systemized loathing of their bullshit is enough.

    • The fact that Christianity went along with it should not be forgotten. The Episcopal Church is in the vanguard of radicalism. The current Pope is a Cult-Marx ideologue supported by a younger generation of Clergy that can’t wait to wave the rainbow flag. The last hold outs, the Baptists, are now fulling on board with the Cult-Marx project.

      It turns out that Christianity was never much of a challenge for the radicals.

      • Lutheran NGOs shipped the Somalis to Minnesota.

        Every group more complex than “me and some friends I’ve known for years and drink beer with” has been infiltrated and neutralized.

        • Those Lutheran (and other ‘Christian’) NGOs are getting paid handsomely to import those Somalis.

          Thirty pieces of silver and then some.

      • They allowed themselves to be infiltrated by atheists pushing homosexual egalitarian churchianity. There are “Christian” denominations now allowing lesbians to perform transgender gay marriage. You will absolutely hear no argument from me defending these people. The Christians were not mindful of wolves wearing Christian skin suits.

        • those people aren’t Christian in the true sense.

          If Christianity truly had meaning for someone in the clergy, if anyone truly believed in it, there would be a determined and spirited opposition to the lib agenda. The fact that there isn’t any tells me that no one really believes in it. How can you and at the same time not be at constant loggerheads with 90% of society. And how can someone claim that evil in the Christian sense exists and establish the 10 Cs as as society’s guiding ethos and then casually ignore all the murders in black neighborhoods, for example

          Being a true Christian today means the person would have to openly acknowledge that millions of American blacks are evil

          No one has enough faith in God to go around preaching that. Which by itself says a lot.

          • This is the problem with unbelievers. They lack the fanaticism necessary to defend the institution.
            Like society in general, it has rotted from the head down. Things like a vow of poverty make a lot more sense after a few centuries of such vows being ignored or done away with altogether. When you are a wealthy and “respected leader” it becomes a lot more difficult to make your stand. They end up comparing a reward in some abstract future they are not even sure exists, vs suffering the very real consequences in the here and now.
            Atheism is very nihilistic. Better than 99.9% of people will be entirely forgotten in 2 generations at most. Atheists without children is even more nihilistic.

            People look at the cucked church of today and just assume it has always been so or that it is inherent in Christianity that modernity would spring out of it. That is not so. Dissidents see the cucked churches and want no part of it. That is certainly understandable. But the churches they see are every bit as converged as any other institution in modern America.

      • When he appeared to St John in the vision that would become the Book of Revelations, the Lord said that he would “remove his lampstand” from any church that fell into apostasy. In other words, those churches would not be destroyed (immediately), but would no longer be driven by the Holy Spirit.

        It was already happening around 100 AD in modern day Turkey. Drive past the old structures in any Blue City today and you’ll see the same thing.

        • Maybe, but the church has left behind a lot of valuable materials.

          I don’t think Big Poz and the church are allies; rather, the former corrupted the latter and it became something else. Maybe we could push a return to purity

      • Its a universalist creed for all men which makes it highly vulnerable to subversion.

      • True – but it was an intentional infiltration just like every other institution, not something inherent to Christianity itself. You let undercover Fr. Gramscis in and once they get to positions of authority (in particular, the seminary) it is just a matter of time. Mix in some weak sauce leaders – basically every Pope since John XXIII – and presto! Converged. End result: Being more Catholic than the Pope is a low bar, if that.

      • Oh, it’s worse than that. But it all started with homosexuals, especially those who want to bugger children.

        • Keep your friends close;
          keep your enemies closer…
          I think the Church might have let in the homosexuals, in the beginning at least, to keep an eye on them.
          But after reaching some number, some percentage, the homosexuals gained enough power to become the insiders, opened the floodgates, and voila! Now the church is Gay.

          Dunno what the remedy is at this point.

      • Well, the Church always predicted it would fail. St. John’s vision wasn’t a happy planet, all converted and living in the light of Christ.

  37. I think our gene pool has been debased over the past century or so due to wars and the technological ability to keep millions of babies alive who otherwise would have perished. And this is what we end up with

    • That’s Ed Dutton’s “spiteful mutants” theory. There’s probably a lot of truth in that.

      • The first postulate of the DR is that Biology precedes Culture. The theory of High Genetic Mutational Load therefore explains a lot about the deterioration we see today. A large number of our population (who would have been culled prior to the advent of modernity) no longer possess the genetic “normalcy” required to actively promote the interests of our particular interest group.

        Dr. Dutton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyEqIk3DCh0

        • Yes, Dutton does a pretty good exposition on the effect of our recent elimination of culling of the herd so to speak. In the video he postulates that our Lefties are the product of this, while most of us “dissidents”, i.e., the Right, are really what a couple of centuries ago would have been considered the “norm” in the population.

          Of course, this is basically a White race analysis. Our present situation in The US is confounded quite a bit with POC. My general thinking is we have two problems to approach: The immediate is the influx of diversity…The second would be Woodley’s “Spiteful Mutants”.

          • You are correct, it is a White Race analysis, and it neatly explains most of the societal pathology the DR finds abhorrent. We have diversity because of the ever growing number of mutants.
            The seismic shift from the Naturalization Act of 1790 (naturalization limited to “free white persons of good character”) to the” come one come all” madness imposed today is a perfect illustration of the growing prevalence of the Mutant genetic profile seen in our political class. It is a profile that no longer sees in-group selection as necessary and in fact many Mutants actively loath their group and intentionally embrace the Other out of shear pathological hatred of their own.
            The inability to discern the ugly from the beautiful is but one more characteristic of the genetically compromised.
            Do the existent genetically normal have the wherewithal to throw off the years of indoctrination and again see themselves as an in-group with interests and prefrences worth preserving? Our survival is prefaced on either a negotiated separation from the Mutants and the Others or…. fill in the blank.

    • We were talking about that the other day over dinner, how it affects us on a personal level. My brother and I, we would have survived childhood without any modern medical intervention. My wife and her brother required it. It only takes a few generations for the mutational load to build to insupportable levels.

      • My mother never suffered a major medical problem before succumbing to pneumonia last year at age 98 and I inherited her natural hardiness. It’s common now for people to live into their 90s, but most are living past their expiration date thanks to surgery and medication. Fewer people smoke but more suffer from Type II Diabetes and other problems associated with obesity. The Kung Flu is particularly devastating to individuals with Type II Diabetes.

    • The Roman Elite went through something similar and while sugars of lead may have played a role, its more likely just as now that it was just too much urbanization and wealth.
      We’ve simply reached our limits and that the progress we crave and require for our civilization to run is mostly harmful tohuman needs,
      This means it will simply fall apart till we reach a more sustainable equilibrium.
      And note its probably not possible to hack the system to sustain it. Thus there is not a single society with tech past a certain point has ever managed to go above replacement once it declines.
      The right social conditions plus a lot of capital expenditure can goose fertility up a bit but never to 2.1.
      The only caveat being maybe a small ethno-state with a high religious sub population Israel seems to be holding its line mainly do the Orthodox.There isn’t much suggestion that secular Israelis have large families though.

      • Israel has one problem, the Orthodox talk about, but goyim often hear little about. It does bear mentioning for us. In the late 70’s, perhaps early 80’s, they decided they needed to expand their population to fend off Arab growth. They let in Russians who were fleeing the old USSR. Literally millions. However, they were not to picky wrt whether of not these Russians were real/practicing Jews. Today, these secular “Jews” undermine the prior culture of a more base-line, observant Jew. The Orthodox Rabbi’s never cease to expound on this 5th column within Israel. To “bad” for them. 😉 However, it is a lesson we could learn from as well.

        • Ah well, actions have consequences.
          Still as of 2018 Jewish women in Isreal are having around 3 kids each, more than the Arabs are having.
          Would that we could emulate that.

    • Once smart people started having no kids or few kids and stupid people had a bus-load of kids, the human gene-pool got pretty mucky. Africa had a lower population than Europe in the 1700s. Now, they have 4x the numbers of Euros. And that doesn’t count all the blacks imported into the rest of the world. Ugh.

      • That’s the overlaying of modern (White) medicine and emergency aid coupled with colonialism. The birth rate prior had been engineered/adapted to the struggle for survival in their environment. If we had only left well enough alone…

  38. I keep hoping some enterprising reporter will interview a couple of hundred of the arrested protesters/rioters and list their occupations, whether or not they are on public assistance, education etc.

    • A mainstream “reporter” would never investigate because they’d be interviewing their own children.

      The black looters were common street trash, but the white rioters and their veneer of affirmative action BLM militants were exactly as Z described them: children of the managerial elite.

      A few enterprising independent investigators such as National Justice have dug into the backgrounds of the rioters and found them to be the children of media figures, government bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers and judges, academics, corporate bigwigs, nonprofit and NGO directors, and other managerial elites. In some cases there are also government agents provocateur, including participants from the State and Justice Departments, federalized/militarized police, and the intelligence agencies.

      In short, the same people who engineered the “color revolutions” in North Africa and Syria, the Ukraine debacle, and the Venezuelan, Chilean, and Hong Kong “protests” are engineering the violence back here at home. Wherever US embassies are putting up BLM and LGBT flags, and wherever you see astroturfed BLM protests with English-written signs in unlikely places (Japan, Poland, Korea), you know the usual deep state leviathan composed of all the managerial elites listed above is busily at work.

      The US deep state is a globohomo nation wrecker.

      • The same people who created al Qaeda and ISIS molded BLM and Antifa.

        All 4 organizations have deluded or conned true believers pulled from the lower rungs of the managerial elite or from those striving to join the managerial elite, but all 4 are fueled and directed by their fundraisers. Trump, for example, “won” the fight against ISIS by simply withdrawing their funding and redirecting it to other astroturfed organizations.

      • A perfect example is the son of United States Senator Tim Kaine, domestic terrorist and card-carrying Antifa member Linwood Kaine. He punches down with impunity, injuring and maiming the lower classes with wild abandon. BLM and Antifa are the Ruling Class’s street thugs, and each equally deserve a violent death.

        • To bad the DR doesn’t want the power to deliver what is needed to those who deserve it…

          • We have to take initiative and reconsolidate while they are squabbling.
            Once they’re unified, coordination becomes more difficult.

            Also to not squabble amongst ourselves.

      • The number one priority of the US State Dept is spreading GlobHom propaganda to every corner of the Earth.

        You need look no further than their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds to realize this.

  39. I think the lack of joy in the majority of young people is proof that beauty is already dead. I am a teacher, and that is the marked change I notice in young people. Not excitement, for they can get all riled up, but, rather, the lack of sustained contentment. I am aware that your teens and early twenties are tough, but the majority are simply sugar addled, dopamine riddled, stimulus seeking junkies. It is truly sad to see. Beauty is lost on them, replaced by the desire for stimulation. One only needs to consider how they flick through 20 social media posts in a minute to realize that they are junkies. And junkies can get high, but joy is lost on them. To be clear, not all of the kids are this way. But roughly 80 percent are. I like most of my students, but I feel sad about how their lives will probably turn out.
    The idea of a romantic, musing on the bounty and beauty of nature, is completely foreign. These kids listen to robotic, soul stealing music. They watch mass produced, empty trash videos. They consume empty calorie, sugar laden junk. They stare at their cellphones while they drive. The ability to drink it all in, and really revel in the moment, is not something they regularly experience.
    The inevitable result of a lack of appreciation and joy in beauty are already evident. Psychotropic medications, trashier and trashier entertainment, dangerous and self-destructive behavior, and drug addiction. Zman poses the question – how can people live without beauty? Well, I would argue we are seeing the answer to that question unfurl. Binge eat, binge drink, binge Netflix. Empty consumption in the attempt to fulfill a deeper need.
    Though I am certainly no Marxist, Frederic Jameson’s taxonomy of postmodernism does provide a solid lens to look at people through. Too many dismiss Marxist criticism because of their aversion to the ideology, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn things from them. The new emotional ground tone really is a great way of thinking about what is happening to people and their energy levels.

    • upvote. Got kids, have been fighting this. They turned out better than me, so i guess i did OK.

    • This is the reason they need such high immigration. The managerial elite have created a system to completely destroy any human they touch. Other school teachers have mentioned that the only students with the spark and drive to be entrepreneurs are the immigrants. EVERYONE else gets swallowed up.

      In a way it is good. This death cult is spreading to every corner of the world. Asians are the only race that does worse in this environment, but even blacks can no longer reproduce above replacement. If Whites can figure out how to survive this, the future is ours.

      • Yup.

        It’s easy to complain about the brown horde invasion, as well as their mediocrity (they are). But then you look at the state of the average white 21 year old. A mediocre, nepotistic Indian engineer is still better for a business than a depressed, pothead, arts-educated white guy. It is tragic.

        Hence the reason you’ll never catch me screaming at or hating on non-whites. My goal is to build up my people, and “make us great again”. That’s where the issue is, it’s with whites being brought down to a certain level of retardation. And it’s horrible.

        • That’s where the issue is, it’s with whites being brought down to a certain level of retardation. And it’s horrible
          It is one issue but who is on top pushing down on the whites…Who has taken all the opportunities away from white people by bringing in the hordes of brown…When you have people from the third world shitholes coming in and working for less because they are subsidized and didn’t have to put any effort in to the infrastructure that our people sacrificed for how does that not affect our young white people…Not only do we have to build our people up but we have to separate from those who want to kill us and then keep them away from us…

          • There is no doubt heterogenous grouping is poison. In most places, with the exception of where our overlords send their kids, the students all get mixed together because Honors courses otherwise would not be diverse enough. As a result, many of the kids are able to coast by knowing nothing. It is a disservice to all the students.
            However, I have to say that many of my students’ parents are just as trashy and addicted as their kids, and this is what really holds down many kids. Schools are a mess. It’s an indoctrination camp, no doubt. The culture is horrible. But, the parents are themselves distracted and, as a result, they harm their own children’s future. They let their kids stay up all night on their phones. I talk with my students about this stuff. They admit freely that they are up until 2 or 3 in the morning every night on their phones or video games. Further, the parents let them be inert, unskilled, and unengaged at home. They allow their kids to develop the mentality that you do something unpleasant for a few hours (school/work), do it with the bare minimum effort, and then you do nothing but sit on your rear and consume to forget about how much you hate your life. It is horrifying. They don’t spend time with their kids in the sense of working together, which builds that sense of family, or even just spending family time together. They cohabitate, each with their own portals into fantasyland. This does not a family make.
            As to the hispanic immigrant kids, I teach at a majority minority schools (bout 35% white, 35 black, 30 hispanic). I would clarify – the first generation hispanic kids (ones whose parents generally maintain the ethics of their point of origin) are generally wonderful, respectful, hardworking kids. However, subsequent generations adapt to American laziness and disrespect quickly.

          • I would clarify – the first generation hispanic kids (ones whose parents generally maintain the ethics of their point of origin) are generally wonderful, respectful, hardworking kids. However, subsequent generations adapt to American laziness and disrespect quickly.
            You have a long way to go but since you’re a teacher I understand why…If they are so hardworking and wonderful then why is their country a shithole, is it because of America keeping them down…You civnats need to wake out of your stupor and do it right quick otherwise Welcome to Hell…

          • 1970’s as a little kid I was a voracious reader. I spent my allowance on flashlight batteries instead of candy. Dad imposed lights out at 9:30pm and I read under the covers with a flashlight until 2 or 3am. Both staying up late while working away mentally and fast, comprehensive reading proved assets in later life. If today’s children are reading quality works online, I’m not so sure this dulls them, although like me they’ll need eyeglasses or contacts.

          • My two cents, but having a young person read actual books and to first learn to write by hand (pencil and paper) and to compose his thoughts without any convenience items like a computer, is going to force him to use his wits and force his brain into high gear. the quality of expression and composition will exceed anything you get when people write directly into a computer. Also he will learn to write fast and clear while the other kids are plodding along in a state of mental constipation.

            easy come, easy go. Anything worth anything in writing usually originates by the more organic and bodily expression you get when it’s a just a guy with his paw and a pencil. Writing into a computer never produces anything of lasting value, in my experience, and even literature and works written on typewriter suffer, and then there’s the electricity emitting from the computer that creates a constant distraction so you are never going to be at full mental strength and focus. Everything is always half ass or if not rushed does not bear any hallmarks of a brain pushing its limits and seems to be coasting, and the medium itself has no sense of permanence because it disappears when your turn the power off. Might as well be written in invisible ink. Forgotten in a few minutes. Equivalent of Chinese junk for the mind.

            Every young man should strive to be the best he can be in his critical thinking and communications skills and that means no computer, mastering long hand, and actual physical books.

          • Chicago- I agree with you. However, in the past, the works you were reading were vetted, published material. Though you may have not agreed with it or it may have been simple entertainment, it still had to be worthy of publishing through some justification. Now, the kids consume social media posting. Much like food, it is the nutrition that matters. 2000 calories of cheetos ain’t the same as 2000 calories of veggies and meat. What they are consuming on their phone is crap, not quality works. Social media allowed kids to get around reading quality stuff that really teaches you something. Cheetos occasionally are fine, but not for a main meal everyday.
            But I also have to agree with Falcone. There is no doubt that reading a physical book is superior to the same information on a screen. Not just for the eyes, but also in both retention and overall understanding. There have been several studies confirming this. There is speculation that this is the result of our brains being trained to quickly swipe to something else on our phones and dismiss what we just saw, as opposed to the back and forth referencing particular to paper. Also, I just have to say – handwriting is huge. Teach your kids cursive and teach them to handwrite notes, not verbatim typing crap. The kids who learn how to do this are miles ahead of the block lettering bots.

          • Having lived through the typewriter to word processor revolution, I am not sure I completely agree. Grant you, when making a mistake or wanting to rephrase something meant retyping an entire page (if not more) rather than simply hitting backspace, you were often more careful before hitting keys. But in reality, one of two things happened: (1) a lot more thinking and handwriting before typing, or (2) that little extra polish was not worth the effort.
            Now, that thinking simply occurs on the monitor, and in some sense is facilitated as you can just spew, process and rearrange with little effort.
            For memorization, however, I do agree physical handwriting cannot be beat. Write out a formula 100 times by hand, and it will be hard to forget.

          • Exactly this – if they are up until 2 AM reading Z-Man, what’s your complaint?

            Of course, that is not very likely.

          • We have for two generations outsourced parenting to schools and media. The wages of those sins of neglect are our current cultural mess. Few kids learn how to think. They are taught what to think.

      • The Amish double every 19 years and change and have 95% or more percent retention.
        The US Hispanic TFR is now at least officially at 1.8 which is where Whites were in the 70’s and stayed till the 2000’s . This is spreading everywhere including in Latin America and a little in Africa as well.
        That said this battle is largely a class war on a people that think or are taught that class doesn’t exist that organization beyond maybe a nuclear family is a sin and that freedom is consuming other people’s trash.
        This elite love this as they only care about in group status. They also fear beyond measure the White middle class as they know they can easily be displaced by them as they are no smarter, no harder working and the education they get is little better other than for its social networking advantages.
        So even the ones that are to use a Vox Day coining Promethians , often work to destroy the White Middle.
        This has of late been starting to show that its a failing system, we aren’t progressing in any way that benefits the Elite, and our systems are so decrepit that when globalism brought as the Wu Flu our “public health” health measures would have been recognizable back in 1917 or maybe to Giovanni Boccaccio and were outside of Sweden amusingly, the wrong one.
        Also the “more Latinos” idea has suffered of late both from lower fertility and from the fact that Latinos are not monolythic and have their own ideas. They are also willingt o seek power for themselves of when they feel like it as you see with the Goya food issue, back someone else when they break away.
        This does leave Africans but these guys mostly can’t maintain society and the smarter ones again are happy to take power from Whitey.
        This leaves the elite in a bad place, losing credibility and more liable to make bad and malign decisions to sustain their power.
        This could result in a umber of bad scenarios so some caution is advised while we try to build our own power bases.

        • Mexico TFR
          2015: 2.13
          2017: 1.97
          2018: 1.90 (or lower)

          Puerto Rico TFR
          2018: 1.04 (!!!!)

          Costa Rica TFR
          2018: 1.66
          2019: Huge drop in births, expect 1.4 – 1.5

          2019: 1.92

          Brazil: 1.75

          US White Conservatives, and White Rurals have a similar TFR or higher to Latin America, but the Latin TFR is dropping like a rock.

          This shows that demographically we are in surprisingly decent shape, without immigration. With immigration we are doomed. We need to stop immigration as priority #1, in fact nothing else matters without a hard stop to immigration.

          • “This shows that demographically we are in surprisingly decent shape, without immigration.”
            This is WRONG. Even if one trusts the official figures, non-hispanic Whites are currently 59% of the population (or was that for 2015?). That is per self-identification, and includes 2-3% Jews, 1-2% Arabs, various Kazakhs and Bosnians and Latin American mestizos who are considered ‘white’ at home, etc. The under-18 population in the US is majority non-White today.

          • This is an important point – anything that originates north of the Sahara, east of the Atlantic, and west of the Pamirs and Hindu Kush falls into the “white” bucket. Throw in illegal aliens which are severely undercounted and we’re tipping the demographic scale within the next 10 yrs

        • Elite education is worse. I can’t believe the bilge flowing from the Ivys. Meanwhile I still sometimes read about some whizz-bang scientific ‘discovery’ that I learned as a matter of course at my state university— 20 years ago!

    • Brilliant insights and agreed one hundred percent. Except for the dealers, precious few ever questioned what information overload would do to the human mind.

      • Thanks. All one needs is their eyes and a clear mind to see what is happening to America’s youths. Anyone who argues that social media is not addictive is a fool. And anyone who argues that the amount of stimulation and information bombardment is liberating has no objective experience observing people who are bombarded. Just look at the youth. They are addicted. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
        For further proof, heavy social media users have a measurable decrease in the cortex. This is the exact same brain pattern that occurs in longtime cocaine use. Both cocaine and social media are built upon dopamine feedback loops. Same biochemical process – same result.

        • Interesting comments in this thread. Eloi, I am assuming that you are a high school teacher and if so you have my deepest condolences. I do not say that condescendingly in the least; I could not last 2 days in that environment. When I was in high school we were learning Latin, the scientific method, and reading the great books of the West. Teachers were respected and the gym teachers dealt out out what very little discipline was needed. Nowadays…….

          Luckily, as a recently retired college teacher, who taught in fields that drew virtually no black (er, Black) students, maybe 20 percent Latino students, and an equal percentage of Asian and White students I did not see what you see. I obviously assume that the discipline is the deciding variable.

          My Latino students were generally hard working, respectful C+ students. My Asian students were hardworking, respectful A students who generally fit the earned stereotype of non creative, cheat when they could, drones although a healthy minority were bright, inquisitive minds that were a joy to be around.

          It was the White students who were all over the board. Virtually all of the top 10% of my first rate students were White. Bright, creative, interesting, superb writers, thinkers, and doers. The type of students that make you want to actually come to class. Another 20% A students if not remarkable, and the rest just content to skate by or not.

          I think for the most part my generation raised way too many children who were lazy, bored, and had it too easy on the one hand. And on the other hand too many children who gave up too easily when they saw the Asian drones eat them up in class and who gave up in a different way when they saw brown and black children getting undeserved passes for everything.

          We have to work as hard as we can to rekindle the dying spark in our White children to make our people what they once were. I fear if it goes out it never comes back.

          • I am. The disrespect out of some is disgusting. However, I actually like my job. I am not an Ed major, and I have worked other jobs. I can always get into something else if I get fed up. However, I actually like the day in day out with the kids. I’ve been doing this for many years, and I still look forward to most days. Most of the kids are alright. No doubt there are the trash that should have been taken out, but it is what it is.

          • Eloi, has the technology made reading anything longer than a tweet impossible for your students? Taking into consideration today’s shortened spans of attention, how would their basic comprehension rate against a student of 20 or 30 years ago? What are your thoughts about your pupil’s literacy rates, etc?
            I have spoken to college-level instructors who tell me that simply getting their students to read anything is almost impossible. They have selected ever slimmer and more contemporary material but say nothing seems to work. These are liberal arts instructors I am talking to. They tell me that the best they hope for is to get their students to watch film versions of their texts and that maybe a few will go on to actually try reading the text itself. Does this sound familiar?

          • I actually taught at colleges for several years before going into private sector then teaching high school. Your friends say the same things I do and the same thing my friends do. Reading is burdensome to kids. They dislike it for a variety of reasons. Comprehension is nearly nonexistent. Realistically, my average high school graduate cannot write a paragraph. Not hyperbole. Not insulting. Accurate assertion. It’s terrifying. And, besides their lifestyle, in schools, because of Common Core, most tests are multiple choice. Even in English. Kinda defeats the purpose of an English test.
            As an aside, this is not lost on my coworkers. The older ones, who I gravitate towards, know this is BS. However, we have to get these often illiterate kids to pass the CC exams. You have to teach the test, or your life becomes miserable. The younger teachers are typically indistinguishable from the students, both intellectually and behaviorally. It’s shameful.

          • That is thoroughly depressing, but something we should understand and have no illusions about.
            As far as I can tell, we have enough high caliber intellects.
            The trick is to get them acting together to communicate vanguard ideas first to, and then through, the masses.
            And that means getting them across at a Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad level. Sounds like this is the best we can hope for.
            Clearly another meme war needs waging, beginning after Labor Day, but it obviously can’t be the sort of full frontal assault like last time.
            Unfortunately I think some of the best and brightest from last time are now completely alienated.

          • It’s the quality that matters (I got back to my cheetos analogy). I often learn something. A healthy addiction is a lifestyle 🙂

      • Sir – I have. I am deeply pessimistic about society. I am not nearly as optimistic as Zman. I think this keep crashing and crashing till we are all living in hive like cities under a single global government.

    • As for Netflix – maybe it is unintentional (I am sure it is) but there are a few shows that may actually not be so bad. Been bingeing Last Kingdom, which I guess is a history buff’s version of GOT. But at least it covers the interesting period of England’s formation under Alfred the Great (even though it tends to paint him as less than completely great). At least it is not completely trash, and makes a pitch in favor of actual civilization over marauding anarchy.

  40. The embrace of ugliness, for a lot of the regular people who do it, is the same old story: self-congratulatory “tolerance.”

    If you want a really depressing weekend activity, go to the Facebook or Instagram of normie women. It’s endless “yougogirl! goodforyou!” approval of the obese and ugly as well as the literally crippled and retarded.

    I think it’s part of a larger psychological trap, namely mascotism. People adopt “mascots,” ie, those with a high cost to society, to show how unselfish they are. I care more about these worthless people than myself, how good I am!

    I put down the whole black lives matter and anti-white pogrom as a huge outbreak of mascotism.

    • The endless online praise you mention is the logical end result of the self-esteem movement that has been disconnected from any need for achievement mixed with the equalist zeitgeist.

      Merely keeping a chair warm is now a legitimate reason for sky-high levels of self-esteem.

    • Something I noticed as a child was the more reprehensible the object of a liberal’s solicitude, the more the liberal patted herself on the back for her compassion and understanding.
      On Breitbart (which I was banned from earlier this week for criticizing The Usual Suspects), read a thread on abortion which will inevitably degenerate into hysteria over Black abortion and blaming Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger. The Right-to-Life cause is prone to this over-the-top virtue-signalling – people may remember Terri Schiavo.

    • The other term I’ve heard to describe this phenomenon is “worship of the broken.”

    • mascot-ism = one word term for virtue signaling. “I publicly extol the despicable – even to my own apparent detriment. How virtuous I must be.”

      Were I a cynic I might be tempted to suspect that any “detriment” in the above process is more apparent than real.

  41. Think, Marching Morons, as you mentioned yesterday.
    There has been much time invested to get us to this point. Going through my art history books one can never help but notice the nefarious human forces working to destroy beauty. Also the hatred of those capable of creating it. Same with western man’s intellectual achievements.

    • I downloaded it yesterday off the internet and started reading it last night. He also mentioned another book about Africa called Banana Sunday during yesterday’s podcast. You or anyone else have a link to an ebook of it?

    • The destruction of beauty is not just in tearing down or replacing of current monuments and other prior historical endeavors. It also involves the elevation of mediocre creations that must be touted as “great” works of art. As we proceed in our negrophilia, we are treat daily to their endeavors—and repulsive as they are—we are required to praise them.

      Not only is a once great civilization/society being replaced by a lessor one, but we are to be humiliated in the process. So the knife is twisted in the wound.

      • One of my beefs against ubiquitous Karen Kloths is that they hide the visages of comely women. One can be certain that the levelers and the willfully ugly are smiling behind their burq’as in the knowledge that the masks render every face equally plain.

        • One can be certain that … the masks render every face equally plain.

          Except that they don’t, not really. I’ve noticed several women with strikingly lovely eyes – even complimented a couple. Without exception they blushed and thanked me for the compliment. I realize that such behavior is fraught with risk these days but I do not care. I have also (pre-lockdown) been known to compliment a black woman for wearing an African-inspired print which especially highlighted their (light black/cafe au lait) complexion. But then I am of the school of thought that the One who made us MADE us different colors and that we ought to be free to celebrate our differences. I try always to treat my fellow home saps as individuals and with respect. Yes, I do encounter the occasional reprobate individual but, in the main, I find that respect and civility tend to be reciprocated.

        • My patients are masked but when it’s a physical they have to remove the mask for a moment. It is surprising how little the eyes and forehead inform you as to how a person might look. ‘Very pretty’ and ‘ugly as home-made sin’ can pass for each other. There are probably a lot of people who are happy being leveled.

        • Which, I guess, is fine for Blacks. But certainly a horror to witness its influx into the White community. I can remember my first encounter with a White teenager—with dreadlocks—in a low rider—blaring this “music” in his car.

          Every emulation of degenerate non-white culture one could only imagine in a political cartoon. But there it was, in the middle of campus during class change. Gosh, I was naive in those days.

          • They become habituated to it in a way you never have. Those kids were plopped down in front of a TV with MTV from the time they were kids. Maybe not gangsta rap, but definitely black. It became a background b-track of their lives playing on the radio, in movies, on MTV. That is also one way every generation gets worse. They have a new and lower and more vulgar floor, a new baseline. The generations are like taking the escalator down.

          • He probably thought that acting Black would help finally dunk a basketball. I’m only half-kidding about that.

          • I am no fan of gansta rap, or rap in general (created so people who cannot sing or play an instrument can be music celebrities). But it would be a lie if I said i do not enjoy any “non-white” music. Speaking of, “Low Rider” itself is enjoyable. But I would never mistake it for Bach’s Ave Maria or Palestrina.

        • I have long termed most rap music “otic excrement” (shit for the ears). Who will say I’m wrong?

    • comments are horrible on mobile. I cannot even begin typing unless I select some font modification like bold.

      also I cannot proofread and correct. If I see a mistake 2 sentences back I have to delete everything after the mistake, correct the mistake, and then retype everything after.

        • There are lots of glitches, sure; but please don’t bring back up votes. That’s just asking for manipulation.

          • Manipulation? Maybe, but the ability to nod digitally in agreement with a pithy remark? Definitely.

            Should I have to put a one liner under every comment ‘Great comment, I really agree, well written, etc’ Spamming up the board even more?

            Turn votes back on they serve a useful function which is separating chaff from wheat when there are 400 comments on a thread. Yes the ‘early birds’ tend to get the worm but it is better than this commie style ‘all comment are equal comrade, blyat!’

          • I’ll be the guy who spams up this thread to agree that AP makes many good points why voting should be fixed.

          • Unz.com has an interesting solution to it, if less anonymous. Don’t like jumping around for replies though, even if it makes the comments less unwieldy.

          • It’s not that all comments are equal; it’s that people look at upvotes and downvotes before they read the actual content. If something is well-regarded by the community — or perceived to be — you start out wanting to like it. I don’t think anyone is immune to that. Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I don’t find the absence of voting inconvenient at all. If anything, it should encourage people to be specific about what they like in their critiques.

            I just think the potential for misuse and groupthink is greater than the utility.

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