Judas’s Priests

It is popular in various dissident warrens to characterize mainstream conservatism as a collection of spineless sissies. Sometimes they are drawn as naive idealists who get taken by their more cynical opponents on the Left. Other times they are described as fools operating under a set of “principles” that make it impossible for them to fight the Left effectively. While some of that is certainly true, the reality is conservatism has been a cynical confidence game for a very long time.

Probably the best example of that truth of conservatism is Jonah Goldberg, formerly of National Review and now head of something called The Dispatch. For a couple of decades, Goldberg has played the role of affable right-wing dufus. He was the doughy, easy going every-man, who liked popular culture and goofing off, but was also one of those instinctively conservative guys. He was not going to quote Edmund Burke or even Bill Buckley in his posts. He would quote the Simpsons.

It was a great role for him to play, as he is no one’s idea of an intellectual, but he also has the disheveled goofball look popular in the movies. It was also an effective way to get people to overlook the fact that he was never a natural conservative or even much of a conservative. He was an actor playing a role. He started out in his acting career working for Ben Wattenberg, a far Left radical in the 1960’s and 1970’s, who got on the public television gravy train in the 1980’s.

Wattenberg was associated with the American Enterprise Institute, the symbol of conservative racketeering in Washington. This is the financial engine for the so-called neoconservatives, which means it is staffed with left-wing activists posing as conservatives, in order to promote an imperialist foreign policy agenda. They also peddle libertarian economics on behalf of their corporate sponsors. Ben Wattenberg was one of the first models to roll off their production line.

Goldberg was also a creation of AEI. It was his first job out of college, which is where he was paired up with Wattenberg to be trained as a subversive. Once ready for action, he was installed at National Review. He was then assigned the task of creating their on-line presence, which is where most people became aware of him. His frumpy every-man act became popular with a new generation of conservatives, looking for something more in line with the slacker culture than the Ivy League culture.

This is a good example of how a tiny group of people came to control the conservative establishment in the last century. In order for a conservative writer to get access to a conservative platform, it meant passing muster with a thicket of gatekeepers trained by and controlled by operations like AEI.  If you wanted to write for NRO, it meant getting vetted by Jonah Goldberg. To write for the print side, it meant being vetted by some other think tank approved gatekeeper.

Of course, the main source of control was money. AEI and Heritage are the bottleneck in conservative fundraising. AEI brings in over 50 million in contributions each year, while Heritage hauls in close 100 million. They also control the flow of cash into hundreds of smaller, less well-known non-profits. These operations underwrite conservative publications and conservative book writing. They will bulk-buy a book, thus providing the writer with a nice royalty.

If all of this sounds like a racket, that’s because it is a racket. It is more cynical than that though, as the people running the rackets are terrible people. They lie about what they are doing, causing otherwise well intended people to support things that go against their stated interests. They con rich people into giving them money, which gets used to support the lifestyle of these grifters. They also use their power to attack anyone that challenges their hammerlock on official opposition.

A good recent example of this is something done by Jonah Goldberg. Back in 2018, a woman named Emerald Robinson got a scoop that many so-called conservative publications had been secretly taking cash from the tech monopolies. They were being paid to support the tech monopolies stranglehold on political discourse. Payola has always been a problem with Conservative Inc.  and this looked the latest example of their penchant for pay-for-play shakedowns.

Now, Emerald Robinson was a reporterette for something called One America News Network (OANN), which is an independent media outlet that aims to serve the grassroots conservative. Their audience is the sort of people who support Trump because he is opposed by people like Jonah Goldberg. They are the talk radio crowd that skews more Huey Long than Bill Buckley. Robinson now works for Newsmax, another one of those types of operations.

Goldberg was dispatched to trash her, which he was happy to do. First, he trashed her personally on Twitter. Then he posted a piece on NRO, smearing her as a “failed-actress-turned-faux journalist” and an idiot. He also claimed she had no real evidence to support her claim. He finished by writing, “Look, I honestly suspect Robinson makes up many of her “sources” and that she’s a fake reporter while claiming to wage a war on “fake news.” That’s a serious charge.

It turns out that Goldberg was lying. Google was giving money to National Review and dozens of other so-called conservative operations. His paymasters at AEI were part of the operations to shower Conservative Inc. with payola, so they would do the bidding of the tech oligarchs. There’s simply no way Goldberg did not know this when he smeared Robinson, so his lies were conscious. They required forethought. He also lied when he knew all of his fellow racketeers knew he was lying.

The truth is, the people running Conservative Inc. are not just idealistic naifs being rolled by the bare-knuckled lefties in politics. They are not excessively principled ideologues playing by a set of rules that prevent them from winning. In reality, they are evil subversives grifting off the destruction of the country. They are selling out the people they claim to represent and they do it with enthusiasm. They are soulless grifters, willing to say and do anything to keep the con going.

What makes them especially evil is that they are preying on the most vulnerable people in the country. These are the average white people who have no representation in the halls of power. Mostly, they are happy to be left alone to live their lives. These are the people who trust the system. They are willing to trust others to look out for their interests in Congress and their state legislatures. The GrifterCons prey on these people like jackals, stealing their money and selling out their interests.

The thing that puts these people in a special category is the audacity of their conniving and grifting. When their perfidy is noted, they carry on as if they are the victims of some new pogrom. The American Right has been consumed by army of Judases swarming traditional America like a plague of locusts. Washington has been their playground, their Garden of Gethsemane, for generations now. The best the Right can hope for now is that these people are remembered as well as their inspiration.

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235 thoughts on “Judas’s Priests

  1. Wow, I hate to hear the sad news about ‘Ol Remus. I will miss his blog. He was a scholar and a good man. May he Rest In Peace!

  2. Worst of all, Goldberg even uses his own dogs to garner sympathy on Twitter. He can go straight to hell, but I’ll always have a place in my heart for Pippa. #trueconfessions

  3. Goldberg, nice Irish or Swedish dude, The fuckin jews are termites, eating out and consuming your house from within. Look at the disgraceful shit going on…who provides the money? The Termites want you broke. Fuck them.

  4. The last thing they are are Judas’s. They are just doing what ‘Bergs’ do. The only way they would be Judas’s is if they did something contrary to the good of the other Bergs..

  5. OT: I just read where John Lewis’ body will lie in state at the U.S. capitol. So, now the other foot will fall. We’ll be treated to weeks of hero worship for some OG civil rights African because God forbid that he receive less adulation than St. George the Felon, who had five funeral services after his precious black body was kneeled upon. There will never be enough grovelling to satisfy them. I was with Ol’ Remus formerly because I didn’t care. Out of sight, out of mind. But now the Saxon has begun to hate…

    • We tear down old traditions and statues and in it’s place, we establish bizarre rituals. During the lowest depths of the Cultural Revolution, we never had anything like this or do like George Floyd and put him in a golden casket and have his corpse shipped around in some morbid display of religiosity-style reverence for his funeral. Did either Kim Il-sung or Kim Jong-il get a golden casket? We might be entering into North Korean territory here.

  6. As you say, its mainly a scam since almost no actual GOP voters know who any of the the Looter Cuck/Cheap Labor , you know once known as Country Club Republicans even are.
    The only exception to this seems to be Ben Shapiro who is like the most important person on Facebook.
    And note while most of the actual voters know who Tucker and Hannity are, Tucker presents as a moderate populist as does Hannity though how they actually are I don’t know. I’m giving them the benefi of the doubt since they earn an honest living since people actually watch their shows
    Now back to the GOPe , they mostly;y just want to loot go to the nice parties instead of Conserving anything twhich creates the problems the party faces.
    A party made up of LCCL, Right Libertarians, Populists and Social Conservatives isn’t very stable and worse the LCCL are treacherous and will do near anything especially backing Democrats to keep the Populists and Social Conservatives.
    It can be fixed by slowly working to remove the LCCL from all power and building a strong immune system against that sort of thing but who knows if the Republic has much time.
    The other way would require amending the Constitution to eliminate any campaign contributions except small amounts from natural persons and mandate larger ballot sizes This would cripple “parties” as a concept and while they’d still be around, there might be a dozen or more people running for office.
    Normally too difficult but such a system would make good use of the Internet.

  7. On this side of the Pond Ol Remus is missed.
    Please let this be known. He was well respected.

  8. Goldberg on his podcast: “I think the mental-capacity attacks on Biden are dishonorable and ugly. And there was a time in American politics where you wouldn’t go-there like this.” Well at least this guy is consistent. Always with the same principled takes. I’d like to overhear him at a bar and walk up like some Robert DeNiro character and go, “Say dishonorable again motherfucker. Say it. Say it again you piece of shit. Do it. Say dishonorable again you little prick and I’ll shove this bottle so far up your ass…”

    • Maybe there was a time when questioning a candidates mental fitness was out of line, but it was not in Goldberg’s time. They questioned Reagan’s mental fitness every day. It was not in his mother’s time either. An army of psychiatrists published a letter claiming Goldwater was insane.

      Of course, he’s just lying.

      • While Edith Wilson served as president, questions were raised constantly about her husband Woodrow’s mental and physical fitness. So throw in his great-grandmother.

        Goldberg is a sleazy, sweaty, lying fat bastard. That isn’t just a screw-up and is deliberately false.

        • LineInTheSand has a secret crush on Goldberg. He listens to his podcast on the way to work.

          • Maybe “crush” in the more literal sense. I do listen to Goldberg’s podcast. Commentary’s podcast with Podhoretz and Rothman is even better. They are all smart and funny and occasionally quite explicit about their ethnic loyalties.


            They often say things that I agree with and it is a good mental exercise to note the exact point at which my disagreement begins.

      • Slightly OT, but did happen to see any of Darren Beattie’s and Ben Garrison’s recent flexing on Jonah? (I denounce myself for having laughed, but . . .)

  9. Thanks for this great article, Z Man.

    you might have seen the transition the other night when Sean Hannity, grifter extraordinaire, picked up after Tucker Carlson signed off, and be defended Bezos and his obscene billions for proving “goods and services we want, desire, and need” (as long as it’s honest). It created a stir on Twitter.

    I touched on it in my Counter-Currents article today.

    I seriously have to wonder how much money Sean Hannity gets from these neocon think tanks


    • The transition to the Hannity segment somehow worked, and well. Your larger point about how much of our present situation is self-inflicted is taken, but the verb tense should be “was.” It is attempted homicide now, and whether the previous suicide attempts have weakened us too much to fight off our wannabe murderers remains to be seen.

      Again, great read and impressive and surprising transition.

        • Dear God, no. I was referencing, obviously badly, your clever transition from the harmful effects of fast food to Hannity’s cliched defense of marketism.

          The only issue I might take with your otherwise excellent piece was the headline’s implied description of food as one of “the little things.” The centrality of food to our lives and our culture make it a big thing degraded by the advent of widespread fast food.

          • Haha ok. It threw me off a bit because the subject I “transitioned” to was about a “transition” from one show to the next. Two transitions for the price of one!

          • Re-reading my first comment, it is confusing. I edited copy in a former life, which makes that all the worse.

            A partial non-sequitur, but the look of disgust on Tucker’s face at the end of Hannity’s marketism spiel is priceless.

            Keep up the good work at CC.

  10. Anyone ostensibly on the Right who doesn’t express open contempt for the GOP and yearn for its destruction is either controlled opposition or trapped in the past.

    There aren’t even a dozen people involved with the GOP who I would trust or emulate at this point.

    The removal of the GOP from American politics is necessary for any advancement of real opposition politics.

    Cue Rush with his “we don’t have any better choices” copes and ooga-booga about Democrats destroying America if we don’t hold our noses and vote GOP just one more time – the same thing he told us about H.W., Dole, W, McCain & Romney.

    Stop falling for this shtick. Let the GOP burn and let something else take its place.

    • Exactly. For generations dissidents have tried to infiltrate the GOP to “convert” it or steer it toward their ends, but those dissidents have only ever assimilated into the borg and turned into civnats at best, or into a new crop of neocons at worst. The few who refused to bend were simply purged. (Over the next few years, look for the sprinking of “based” GOP suits to start yammering on about war with Ebil Chyna or for taking in millions of Hong Kong immigrants.)

      The GOP, at the state and national levels at least, has proven unreformable. We’re not going to win anything by voting for it “just one more time because the other side is even worse…”

      I would add that we don’t just have to sit passively and “let” something else take their place; we can work to establish that something else in opposition to the GOP.

    • Destruction of the GOP wouldn’t be cool if it came to that, but TDS driving out ConInc. and the neocons and forcing them to marry the reanimated corpse of ProgDem would be delicious.

    • Total annihilation. A pointless exercise in futility. The true believers are dying in droves.

    • I admit I waffle between wanting to see it scorched and the lesser of two evils argument. Although I have to say that if Hillary wound up winning, odds are we wouldn’t be as screwed as we are now. Much like how Obama curtailed immigration once they thought one party rule was finally upon us, the white base was punished with hordes of immigrants with a complicit Trump tweeting about monitoring the situation.

      A Biden presidency may just go back to Obama era politics or even less so now that they would feel comfortable in one party rule again. As much as we scoffed at reparations, the figures quoted for reparations amounts was less than the corporate giveaways that happened a few months ago.

      I’m not advocating for voting for Biden or doing reparations, I agree that we’re so screwed that voting for the GOP is not going to help working class whites one bit. The left can shove through a radical agenda under Trump whereas the game for Democrats might be more stability as the system teeters further on the edge of collapse.

      • If you want to be fairly represented by the politicians, they need to be people like you. There is no talking your way around that. You can try to find a way to make that happen, or reject it all if you can’t. Your choice.

      • We’re in a strange place where the Trump offspring are posting old video clips of Joe Biden stating his support for trad marriage (a position literally every politician of either party paid lip-service to not that long ago) as if that’s going to motivate people to get out and vote.

        • The “own da libs, trigger da libs” shtick is getting tiring. Leave it to the Trump kids to push more voters to Biden. Considering most gays only cared about marriage to get on their partner’s health plan that covers Truvada, pushing to legalize gay marriage was a wasted effort and certainly not worth defending now.

      • Obama didn’t try to curtail immigration. In fact he tried to shove DAPA down our throats like he did DACA. Only a federal judge prevented that atrocity from being executed. Had HRC won, they promised a comprehensive amnesty of 30 millions illegals.

          • I share your disdain over Trump’s de facto amnesty but this Clinton email, which Wikileaks obtained, illustrates how close we came to absolute open borders. I expect this will be attempted again, perhaps as early as January. De jure White genocide could happen more quickly than de facto White genocide:

            *Hillary Clinton Said Her Dream Is A Hemispheric Common Market, With Open
            Trade And Open Markets. *“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with
            open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as
            green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for
            every person in the hemisphere.” [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau.doc, p.

  11. I regret that only discovered The Woodpile Report about 18 months ago. It quickly became a weekly must- read. RIP, Remus.

    • What a loss. The Woodpilot Report and TheZman were the only bloggy sites I checked in on a regular basis. RIP, Remus.

  12. Z, I believe Ol’ Remus met his Maker back in June. Once his wife passed, I think he was ready to go himself.

  13. A+ for post title alone.

    The purgatory of “Doctor Conservative’s Purple Pill Elixir” is a massive impediment to bringing men all the way over the great divide.

    I watched in horror as this same phenom trapped men in the comforts of enlightened apathy, stung by one of the many tentacles of grift in the “mens rights” and PUA sphere.

    The purple neurotoxin so powerful that even as these men were awakened by the pile of ash that was their marriage or career they could not matriculate to sovereignty.

    Instead they became followers of one hustling prophet after the other, each appealing to the next threat to the shared delusion, each offering a new righteous buffer from reality to tide them over until the next one could be cooked up.

    The challenge is to smash the illusions and discredit the conmen without dashing all hope; to thread the needle of the blackpill.

    What can we do as individual men to turn these observations into tactics?

    • I know a twenty-something who used to watch Shapiro videos and is now on to AJ, so that’s good. Hopefully there are many more on the same path.

      Currently nudging him towards Owen Benjamin. Say what you will, OB understands tactics.

      • Yes Benjie working the college campuses plucking rising dissidents before they bloom is something we need to counter with those nudges. I never paid much attention to him but have a few friends that told me how their kids were passing around his “facts>feelings” floggings of campus snowflakes. Granted, their affinity is more out of amusement than anything else since most know almost nothing of history or appreciate the broader implications of what they experience on campuses. Still, anything to move them away from mere spectator into an actual player is going to help prevent them from becoming jist another owned fanboi of some cuck. I never knew of Owen either, until he was already ranting about goats and the evil clowncoven that is hollywood.

        • Yeah OB goes over the top but his core message of homesteading, building community, getting out of debt, getting married and starting a family, loving God and so on is excellent. His use of humor and mockery to undermine the religion of science and tackle the JQ is extremely effective, even if it’s too much sometimes. Notice the small hat meme catching on. Even caught Shroyer talking about grabblers the other day. Don’t know what he’s up to since he went off itunes back in May. Wish him the best.

  14. >What makes them especially evil is that they are preying on the most vulnerable people in the country. These are the average white people who have no representation in the halls of power. Mostly, they are happy to be left alone to live their lives. These are the people who trust the system. They are willing to trust others to look out for their interests in Congress and their state legislatures. The GrifterCons prey on these people like jackals, stealing their money and selling out their interests.

    I dunno about vulnerable. Maybe gullible. They prey on average-IQ ppl with a lot of disposable income. NRO is not writing to low-income whites.

  15. Only in the Age of Parasite Man can the likes of a Jonah Goldberg (et al.) be considered a leader of any stripe. Would anyone follow this fat little shit into an actual battle. No, of course not. We won’t see real leaders emerge again until we have real battles with real stakes and a real survival imperative. Until that happens, we will continue to degenerate as men and diminish the evolutionary heritage that our forefathers bequeathed to us.

    • They peaked in the 90’s. The biggest problem they have is the former, dying, white middle class attempting to make ends meet, even shopping at Walmart and Costco. The more hopeless, pill popping and indebted they become, the more the (((Shtick))) loses salience. It’s gone green like last month’s corned beef.

      • I’d argue they peaked during George W. Bush than the 90s. Tricking hundreds of thousands of disproportionately working class southern whites into fighting a war that many now admit was BS. Hearing Sean Hannity tell hucksters and grifters that they’re real Americans. Remember all the various sideshows like Terri Schiavo? Lots of AEI and Heritage-backed carnival barkers running all kinds of grifts.

        The silver lining is that the bag of tricks is running empty. Jonah Goldberg and Co. are on the losing end too. He will always be able to grift his way into six figure annual incomes but he has no real influence. The next generation of grifters (Ben Shapiro, Dan Crenshaw, etc) are going to have to begrudgingly move to the right to keep up their grifts. They loathe discussing things like immigration but they’re required to talk about it now and if they want to be useful, they’re going to have to state their views on it.

        • Bringing up Sean (my good friend John Lewis) Hannity and Dan Crenshaw in the same post is too much for my stomach. Started dry heaving.

  16. If we put our country up for sale we shouldn’t be surprised when we get sold out. It looks like the public never thought any of this through. Not shocking, but c’mon man!

    • That’s what maddens me. The various POC/immigrants cannot help but consider Whites weak and naive, when we freely make available our country and our labor for their own progeny. Every program, every government gibme that exists, they will assiduously take advantage of. Why not? It’s as though White people go around with a ‘kick me/rob me/rape me/kill me” sign on their backs.

    • Act like a doormat and you will be treated like one.

      The first thing most YTs need to do is stop acting like doormats.

    • And there wasn’t even any negotiation – we just took the low ball offer and slunk away.

    • One of the tricks these guys use to maintain the likable guy act is to never be in the same room with anyone that will challenge them. I noticed with Goldberg in the old days that he loved going on podcasts with left-wing guys like Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias. They were never going to raise topics popular on the Right like immigration, forever wars, globalism, etc. It was safe ground for him.

      It is a good reminder that presentation matters. There are elements in this thing that mock the optics stuff, but super hardcore edgy guy never manages to expand his audience. Most people don’t like super hardcore edgy.

          • I know exactly what he means. There is something about Seth Rogan that gives me the willies at a fundamental level. He triggers my instinctive disgust response. So do Jonah Hill, Patton Oswalt, David Cross and Andy Dick.

        • Good point.

          Him and Jonah Hill. The other ‘likeable’ Jewish idiot.

          always felt uncomfortable watching them. And Many, Many others who have turned out to be smaller hats.

          It’s amazing how once I took the redpill I realized all the people I instinctively disliked had much in common.

      • Most people don’t make effective activists or accomplish political change.

        Being a weirdo or degenerate isn’t going to impress anyone or make me consider somebody an effective revolutionary. But I’ll take a 20% share of Whites who are genuinely committed to activism over a Big Tent of majoritarians chasing likes & percentage share.

        You can’t trick someone into being a racist and you can’t fool Shlomo into giving you power and influence. If you’re not taking heat, you’re not challenging power.

        • That was always the problem with the one-point-zero crowd. They would talk about getting the 20%, but in the end only ever appealed to the 2% who already agreed with them. William Pierce would talk about appealing to middle class professionals, but then write The Turner Diaries. It is a strange pattern tat repeats every generation. It’s almost as if it by design.

          • 95% of what keeps people inside the fences is social coercion, not some principled objection to “wig-nattery.”

            If it became impossible to dox someone for being a wignat tomorrow, we’d have that 20% within 2 years.

          • I don’t know. I’m old enough to remember when doxing was not a thing and no one really cared if you were a Nazi. There was no critical mass forming up then either. I think American whites just tend to find that stuff to be too weird. Again, I’m old enough to remember when they put holocaust deniers on TV. It was just another freak show.

            There’s a tremendous amount of self-delusion in that scene.

          • Ultimately, events and not personalities will drive many to the WN position. The lawless assaults on Whites in recent weeks probably are the biggest recruitment tools imaginable and help open people to the DR position.

          • Per the recent poll, 77% of American right wingers are afraid to express their views in public.
            The hard Right has a great deal more intellectual rigor and depth in the 21st century and we always dominate any uncensored media venue – as confirmed by the enormous efforts made to keep those 77% in fear.

  17. Of course, you’re right, but the truth is that the GrifterCons picked an easy mark. Right-leaning Whites eat up the CivNat, colorblind, Invade-the-World/Invite-the-World con.

    On the other side, White Progressives were easily persuaded to trash their own people and invite our destruction.

    Yes, mass media controlled by our fellow ((Whites)) laid the groundwork for all of this. But we still allowed it to happen. Imagine someone trying to accomplish something similar in Japan, China or Israel. It wouldn’t happen. The elites and the people would never allow it to get started.

    I’ve argued that maybe it was our success that made us soft. Maybe it’s genetics, though Whites from a hundred years ago seemed fine with promoting their own people.

    Regardless, we’ve run out of time. The truth is that the GrifterCons won. The GOP is over. America as a White, Christian-inspired country will not exist in 20 years.

    The real question is what happens next.

  18. https://gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/057/309/711/original/0041211a2094e3e7.png?1595856689
    I only lurk at gab, but wanted to chime in .
    Discounting stocks and mutual funds as at least 50% rigged chicanery and ‘printer go brrrr’, the Boomers aren’t as secure as the big chunks of those bars would suggest.
    The Millenials aren’t interested in buying their surburban homes, even if they could afford it. They aren’t marrying and reproducing in any case. The incoming zoning laws to push vibrancy into the suburbs won’t help either. There’s a similar bubble in the boomer affectation of muscle car prices.

    The big one though, is entitlements. Those will be the first things to be voted down (or else devalued if given to all) as demographics shift browner and Millenials and Zoomers vote. Xers have probably resigned to never see a dime of it. Many of the future Boomer votes will be absentee, filled out by melanin rich caregivers in between beatings and botched medication doses.

    I’m curious as to what the $20T of ‘other’ is.

    edit: link broken

    • I take your point but the graph is misleading in that it captures Boomers at the very end of their wealth accumulation and Millennials at the beginning of theirs. I’m not a boomer so I have no reason to defend them, but their bar will only shrink over the coming decades while the bars for Xers and Millennials will grow.

      Assuming, of course, that the generational wealth transfer won’t be confiscated and redistributed to blacks as reparations.

      • Stacey, good luck with your VP bid. Making you VP and eventually President will be the strongest dose of “defeatism,” as Z explained the term in his last podcast.

      • This is correct. You must control for age of the cohort. So the graph is meaningless to prove the point. However, the aspect of wealth transfer is essential to understand.

        Yep, the Boomers have all the wealth, however they ain’t taking it with them. Bloomberg has estimated between $40T+ and $60T+ will pass down to the Millennials and other cohorts. That’s not chump change. It will buy a lot of houses. That market is not going away.

      • The graph is especially misleading as it shows Boomers with $30trillion of pensions and “other”;
        There is no there there, no trillions of dollars socked away in pensions and “other”. It is all illusory estimates of future cash transfers, future asset appreciation, Social Security in the “lockbox”, future allocations that may never be given to the Boomers, all at the whim of our descendants.

    • I’m surprised that there’s enough members of the Silent Generation still around to sustain the wealth on that chart

      • I’m not.

        The late Silents (1940-1945) did very well during the post-WW2 boom.

        • Geese – quite agree with you; it’s just that they’re on the wrong side of the actuarial table

      • It would be interesting to see in inflation-adjusted dollars what their peak worth was. I could see that on a per capita basis that may have been the wealthiest generation.

        • Any intellectually honest boomer will admit they had it better than any other generation in history.

          Any Boomer who says otherwise, note how their argument always boils down to “stuff.”

          • Had it better economically maybe but that isn’t the only measure by far.
            Being one and knowing many, they sure dispersed way to much on their progeny to the point the millennial and zoomer issues.
            That’s just in my world though.

          • Again, one must always define the terms of the argument. What is specifically meant by better?

            For example, many Boomers will speak of having worked their way through school. I did. But then they make the mistake of implying millennials should do the same and that they are a bunch of lazy and privileged “snowflakes”.

            Those of course are “fighting words” and a pretty stupid comparison. When I went to University the tuition was something like $140 at a major top twenty State University. Even at min wage, one could earn such.

            So yes, I, as a Boomer, had a great advantage over today’s youth in obtaining a high level of education, basically for *free*.

            Many similar arguments can be made on other basic fundamentals we Boomers enjoyed that are now no longer available to our progeny—but not all.

          • To your point, I feel like Boomers had a pretty optimal return on their effort. Yes, hard work was required, but results were basically guaranteed upon putting in the work.

            As mentioned previously, I don’t have any animus towards Boomers for having been able to enjoy what I’ve just described. I do get my hackles up when they try to pretend it’s still the same way it was.

          • Agree about the dividing line for animus. I don’t mind that the Boomers had it so good, but please don’t waste my time trying to tell me that 2020 is just like 1960.

          • I trust stats to a degree. Again, an inflation-adjusted analysis is needed here along with a per capita figure. If it isn’t the Silents it is the Boomers, agreed there. The Silents fascinate me because when you get down to it, these were the traitors who gave us the 1965 Immigration and Nationalization Act, Brown v. Topeka, the Civil Rights Act, the works. Why? Guilt due to wealth?

          • I attribute it to the enormous proportion of the electorate that was 1st gen Americans (children or grandchildren of Ellis Islanders).

          • I don’t know. My Silent Gen mom was a heritage American and she was on the hook for every bleeding heart leftist cause out there, while my Greatest Gen Dad was the child of immigrants and very conservative. My Stepdad, after my Dad died was also Silent Gen and super liberal despite having been a Marine. He was also a government worker all his life afterward — postal worker. So that probably explains his hard-on for big government.

          • I’m a mid-boomer, born 1954. We had it better than any other generation. In history. Ever. Subsequent generations will be dealing with decline. Once STEM goes social justice, the planes start to fall out of the sky.

          • I think all the ongoing issues at Boeing are indicative of the rot that has already entered STEM.

          • I concur. I’m in a STEM industry and have all kinds of great stories about how competent and qualified white and to some extent asian males get passed over on promotions, project management opportunities, etc. They usually pack it up and leave or create their own consulting firm where they get hired by their original employer for 2-3 times the money. The corporate inflicted diversity is hitting all medium and large firms at a minimum. There’s no real escaping it at this point and no industry is immune to it in 2020.

          • Some Guy-

            Isn’t it incredible how even sub-par women and minorities in the STEM space have life handed to them in a platter?

            I’ve spent close to 20 years in the MIC and believe me the poz is all over this industry.

          • I dunno. It had to be pretty sweet to be Silent Generation. You missed WW 2. Relatively few of you had to fight in Korea or Vietnam. Most of your peak years, you lived in an overwhelmingly White country. You benefited from all the boom years. You got in on the ground floor on all the big schemes: Social Security, Medicare, etc. and retired early enough to fully benefit from them. You lived the bulk of your life not having to see the country you grew up in really falling apart, and you have either already kicked off or will soon, so you won’t really have to endure the fall.

  19. Rush Limbaugh alluded to the Heritage Foundation and the AEI the other day on the radio. To paraphrase Rush he said something like the conservative think tank foundations have been working on changing the policy while the left worked on changing the culture.
    Rush saying this is sort of like the father on his death bed now saying oh by the way my children ran my business into the ground and now all that’s left is a whore house operation.

    • The legacy element is hard to let go for True Believer Cons, so that was a pretty big deal coming from Limbaugh. The legacy element also causes very insightful people to waste their time and thoughts in these groups and publications. Out of interest, I went to NRO just about an hour ago and found this from Christopher Caldwell: https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2020/08/10/ibram-x-kendi-prophet-of-anti-racism/. Despite all the True Believer Con flaws, that relatively long read is one brilliant piece of analysis about the Anti-Racism Cult. Yet it is wasted by publication in NR, and Caldwell himself is wasted at the Claremont Institution. Yet the legacy element draws Caldwell to both. People like him probably never will let go and move to the Dissident Right, but we can hope. And when you come down to it, that article makes some arguments familiar to the DR and should appear in a wider forum.

      • That is why I’m optimistic that we will turn it around eventually. It may not happen with the 2020 election or when whites are the majority but longer term. Once the grifters get chased off or no longer deemed useful and establishment conservatives like El Rushbo are over, there will no longer be boomercon bromides to put stock into, just reality.

  20. I wonder if Zman has collected the comments he used to leave at NRO that caused so much distress and consternation amongst the grifter set. I never got to see them in the wild as it’s been a decade since I’ve intentionally looked at anything on that site. I imagine they are hilarious and awesome.

    • I used to love reading and commenting at Taki’s. I notice a few here from back then. Of course with people like us there was always the curmudgeonly aspect.

      • Takimag was a daily for me until they deep sixed the comments – never really understood why, but it pissed me off and now I only check in occasionally.

    • Comments from the DISQUS era are no longer on National Review’s website. I think the only way to get them would be for the user to page down through his DISQUS comment history. I have tried looking for things in my comment history before. Their system usually gives me an error if I go more than a few months back, it isn’t worth the trouble.

  21. I got into it with Goldberg almost 15 years ago over at NR when they first started having a comment board. Or it could have been at another ConInc website where his article had run. At any rate, he wrote this piece trying to tamp down dissident rage over the attempt to mainstream faggotry. It was the most cringeworthy piece of ConInc shit you can imagine. I called him every name I could think of and invented a few more. He’s a vile leftist demon posing as a voice of conservative reason.

  22. The truly sad thing is that we are set to go down without even knowing that it is happening, let alone that we would not want to financially support our destruction, let alone that we would want to try to stop it.

    It is like we have a fatal parasite but one side effect of the parasite is it releases a chemical into your brain that makes it impossible to acknowledge you have a problem and worse makes you behave in ways that helps the parasite and destroys you faster.

    It is the perniciousness of evil that when you are consumed by it you cant even tell that it is destroying you and often you take pleasure in and participate with that destruction. Sure there is some trusting the system, but frankly the more fundamental problem for our people is our desire to participate in that self destruction, our inability to even understand or desire what it would take to not self destruct.

    This is just what a thoroughly morally and intellectually empty people look like – literally demoralized. This is why i find all of the racial posturing of much of the dissident “right” so empty. Theres not much special about white people, we are finding out. Introduce a little sin to society, no matter how intelligent or advanced, and within one or two generations you can deal it a deathblow it can never recover from on its own.

    Give the people the moral and ideological framework to put their trust in their own reasoning, feelings, rationality etc instead of something transcendant and they will be incapable of even understanding how they could have something better. That would actually be an improvement, because at this rate people are coming to believe that even their own rationality and feelings are evil and at that point you cant even argue with them over reality because they dont have the ability to grasp it anymore.

    If we want to be truly great we will not find that greatness by looking within, at our blood or heritage, but by making ourselves great and transcending the self destruction of the modern global world which i would argue we ourselves are responsible for creating.

    I would argue this will not happen without God’s grace, and we are being allowed to see what happens when our once faithful civilization turns its back on God and tries to rely on itself alone. Maybe i sound old fashioned, but all of this bs and chaos is a warning reminding us the importance of turning back.

    Perhaps after these Judases betray us to our doom, we too can show faithfulness despite it and rise again?

  23. Weed through the Cheka to find a good candidate.

    Make sure each cell knows what turf is theirs and which is not.

    Find an assignment best suited to your talents.
    Assimilate… to infiltrate… to alter.

    Grift at the mark’s expense but not so much that you derail our goals.

    Keep a few extra irons in the fire so you can fake a bit of independence.

    Coordinate sub-rosa. Seder is best…

    If you have to fall on your sword just nick yourself…we’ll find you something else when the storm blows over.

    Don’t get too caught up in the flim-flam…remember your primary responsibility is to make sure any and all subjects that draw positive attention to things outside of your side of the kosher sandwich are rah, a calamity for our people.

    Whenever you get cornered use the magic talisman of anti-semitism to vanquish your enemy. Train the Shabbos in your stable to do the same. It’s so powerful it will also work even for them.

    Weed through the Cheka to find and nurture your replacement.

  24. I think the problem is one that Zman and others have pointed out numerous time before that the NR and conservative Inc was patched together in the 1950’s around the single issue of opposition to communism (with or without CIA involvement). The neocons breathed new life into it once they their cart to the wagon but when those old meanies in Moscow gave up the game in 1991, the whole reason for Conservative Inc existing ceased overnight. Yes, they managed to grift through the ’90’s but it wasn’t until the massive screw-up in the Middle East during the Bush years that people like us began to see how truly worthless these were (and are).

    Despite showing multiple times how much they deserve to die, they will no doubt do what Zman says and attempt to resurrect their fortunes once again should Trump lose the election. However, my instincts tell me the whole thing is too far gone. They can’t fool people into their bull once again. They’ll take the remnants of the Republican party with them and perhaps then will there be a clean slate to try and start an opposition party in the US.

    • It’s a good piece. His mention of daft jobs with ‘imaginative titles’ just reminded me of a position a company a sibling works for is trying to fill: ‘Happiness Officer’. Heh.

      • I remember seeing an ad online or perhaps on tv about some tech company or some such and a jogger with the impressive title of “personnel engineer”. I remember thinking, what the hell is that? Then I came to my senses and realized, ah, a typically important sounding (but worthless) AA position.

        • I think in both our cases we could reason that the second part of the title deals with importance. The first part reveals worthlessness of the position! For example: Diversity Commissar, Loneliness Minister, HR Director…

          I am curious to know if there has been any research into the point at which a business becomes overburdened with make-work. Of course, it appears as though this make-work is desired because one big issue facing our beloved leaders is how to keep making people feel valuable – and an important sounding job is just the ticket.

      • Thank you for the link. Yes, it is a good article. The comments, not so much. Hey, wait a minute…. 🙂

    • What made Remus great is how he interspersed his own top-notch writing with powerful quotes from other great writers. He linked to quality not quantity. He went beyond the typical Drudge level of link aggregation.

      Remus’ links to Z Man’s finest quotes and insights is what turned me into a regular reader here. He always picked the best from other writers like Kunstler too. He’d probably have a field day with Kunstler’s latest remarks on Garrett Foster (piss be upon him): “He was blown away to that great struggle session in the sky, the surprise of his life, I’m sure.” That had me in tears of mirth!

      By stringing together scores of powerful and hilarious witticisms like that, Remus must’ve funneled huge audiences of new readers to countless blogs.

      • Problem is with him and other countless writers of our thing is they didn’t mentor someone to take over for them after they were gone so their legacy could live on and keep helping others…Now in 10 to 20 years they won’t hardly be remembered but places like NR will still be trudging along fooling people…

        • I didn’t go to Remus’ site often. It was really good though. He had good prepping advice. He was a bit paranoid. He instructed that his family not give his identity even after his death. I guess he thought that if people discovered his name, then they’d find his family and kill them. Why was his motto “Stay away from crowds.” What is the actual meaning?

          • Because crowds are targets or they are a mob and being in the midst of either is a good way to get hurt…

          • Why was his motto “Stay away from crowds.” What is the actual meaning?

            Don’t get involved in your enemy’s urban fiascos like the libertarian Boogaloos, Proud Boys and Threepers are doing right now. Don’t feel compelled to “do something” hollow when you’re only being set up to be ruined.

            Stay far away from the urban sewers. Let them tear each other apart.

  25. Right on cue, National Review is having another fundraising drive. According to Jack Fowler’s post last night, they have raised $42,598 towards their goal of $250,000 from 492 donors. There is really no excuse at this point for the average white person to still be falling for this grift. These have to be the same people sending $50 to candidates like John James to prove they aren’t racists.

    I remember the good old days in the National Review comment section when a couple of us pointed out that puff piece written about a blue state Senate challenger was an obvious attempt to spur donations so the dope could pay off his campaign consultants. I don’t remember the specific race, but I am confident the guy lost by double digits. Does National Review still do that stuff?

    • It is hard to determine whether National Review does the never-ending PBS-style fundraising out of necessity or just because you can never be rich enough. It may also mask their bribe-taking from the likes of Google.

      • One reason they do it is to starve out alternatives. The Conservative Inc. fundraising machine relies on a sense of legitimacy. They have something for every taste. “Well, if National Review is not your thing, we have this nice not-for-profit that helps teach conservative ethics to young Nigerian immigrants….” National Review soaks up cash from Baby Boomers with money to spend on politics. That way the money does not end up in some dangerous place that asks too many questions.

          • Jack Dobson said: ” …Hopefully their role as controlled opposition is coming to an end.”

            That day won’t come until the left takes full control and sends their no longer useful asses to the camps.

        • Are they all connected? It took me months of phone calls and dozens of fund-raising letters returned to get Heritage to stop contacting me. I’ve been getting Zioclops mailings for the past 6 months and doing the same thing – writing hell no, taping on pennies, and mailing it back postage paid. Senate surveys, ‘immigration patriot,’ conservatard this and that. It’s endless. That’s another reason I want my name off the voting rolls.

          • National Review will sell you mailing and email address to almost anyone willing to pay them for it. I assume most of the other groups are the same. Once you got in the system your address will always be floating around Conservatism, Inc.

          • Barnard said : “Once you got in the system your address will always be floating around Conservatism, Inc.”

            You’ll get all kinds of junkmail from organizations and businesses you’ve never heard of. Beg letters, advertisments, you name it. stacks of free fireplace kindling.

          • The non-stop cup-rattling by Con, Inc. is really pissing people off. I’ve heard about this from TruCons I know.

          • I don’t quite remember how my name/number got in their files, I think it was donating money to tornado relief in OK at one point, but they pass you around like a blunt at Snoop Dogg’s house. For the life of me I can’t understand how they did this, but I started getting calls from Con. Inc. at my work number. A couple times I had to rather bluntly tell them that they were never to call me during work hours. I felt a little bad because it always seemed like an elderly woman was making the calls, but you have to remember in the end that they’re no different than any other telemarketer.

      • Unless they are keeping the corporate donations out off their 990 somehow, it is a necessity. Although they could easily cut costs and produce a very similar product to what they have now. Why a fading print magazine and opinion website feels the need to occupy Manhattan office space boggles the mind. They have to keep this going as long as they can. Who is going to pay these writers even 75% of what they are making now if/when National Review ever closes up shop?

    • Are the donations from small fry lumpenconservatariat even all that important? Most of AEI’s or NR’s money comes from a handful of billionaires and corporations, including a good chunk abroad from our Greatest Ally.

      I would think not all that many average white people are even falling for their grift. NR and their ilk are merely using an insignificant sprinkling of small-time donations as astroturfing cover for the real dough rolling in from ten powerful people.

      It’s nothing like fundraising for Antifa and BLM: while the vast majority of their money also comes from billionaires and corporations, a hell of a lot more lefty white marks are venmoing a portion of their meager Starbucks paychecks to “the cause.” Think of all those butthurt Bernie supporters who gave away their life savings only to watch him drop out.

      Joe schmo conservative suckers seem more likely to donate to Trump’s campaign—even though he doesn’t need or deserve their money either—than to organizations like NR.

      • Shaking down working and middle class conservatives hit its peak with Richard Viguerie and direct mail, which he more or less invented and elevated to an art form. Check his bio; Beltway Conservatism, Inc., has been grifting and producing kabuki a long, long time. After Reagan’s election, the shift was made to fund the Republican Party, which posed as the avatar of the Right, primarily through corporate donations, particularly from the Military/Industrial Complex. To see what actually concerns Mitch McConnell, note his vitriol the other day when Bernie Sanders proposed to reduce “defense” expenditures by 10 percent. Many of us within the Dissident Right would like that number closer to 90 percent and it is a sterling example of why we never can be successfully allied with the GOP.

        It is interesting to note direct mail, which is a relic of the pre-digital age, has been used with wild success by Trump and a few Republicans who are a bit closer to our camp (Kobach, Moore).

        AEI and NR followed the same trajectory. While it was mostly blue-haired heiresses rather than blue collar types who funded them, they relied on individuals to shore them up. Setting their sights higher, they followed in the GOP’s footsteps and went after corporate money with a great deal of success. It is one reason you can detect a shift on immigration among these types, for example.

        It should be relatively easy to put down the GOP and Conservatism, Inc. since corporate money is flowing to the Left now and their role as the controlled opposition is coming to a close.

        • For years my husband insisted on sending $ to Judicial Watch, because he felt all the proof of government criminality they got through FOIA was worth it. I think (I hope?) I’ve finally convinced him it’s a waste of time and money. That seems to be the last hurdle for a lot people – that ‘the law’ is irrelevant without men with money and power buttressing it.

          • Putting aside Trump as Trump, there was an outright coup attempted against him and no one got prosecuted. Trump’s “conservative” Supreme Court choice Gorsuch found the already dubious Civil Rights Act prohibited discrimination against trannies. Judges no longer even pretend to follow laws.

            Judicial Watch may not be a grift–I honestly don’t know–but it is fighting a long-lost battle.

    • It must have been a struggle not to write ‘gradually you begin to hate them’ somewhere in this post.

      A real triumph of willpower.

      • Apparently Ron Unz does not like me very much, which is an odd thing, given that I have never had anything controversial to say about him. In matters of taste, there’s no point in looking for reasons.

        As far as the post, there is a strain of Jewish thought in America that sees white Protestants and blacks as the main problem. They blame the race problems on the Protestants, who are easily tricked by Jewish Progressives. It is not wrong, but it is incomplete.

        • Read his article and failed to see any place where he is blaming Jewish progressives
          There is that concept known as “Kosher Sandwich”
          Either half of the sandwich manipulates gullible whites on that particular side but both have fundamental agreement on the essential points
          promoting their interests
          1- Immigration is good White majority bad
          2- No amount of billions sent to Israel or blood spilled for the greatest ally is sufficient
          It is by acting in the coordinated unison (and deception) that such tiny (hat) a group of people was able to completely subvert the White majority in a relatively short historic period of 70 years
          Absent any of these 2 that would impossible a task to even contemplate lat alone achieve
          And of course their attack on Protestants is the attack on the former USA White elite Their power of today passes over the corps of WASPs
          Immigration which Unz advocates in the article it is precisely the way (((they))) dethroned the former elite and last remaining task to do is to ensure that in no circumstances that elite will ever recapture the power by simply making whites the permanent minority

        • As I just commented there, Ron’s always been wrong on immigration, particularly with Hispanics – it’s his worst Jewish prior. He keeps citing his 2010 article but I’ve pointed out to him before that crime rates have been on the rise in LA and other areas of CA in the decade since.

          He’s an example of how HBD and IQ-spergery isn’t enough. If your only arguments for why you don’t want to lose entire regions of your country to non-Whites and foreigners are based on statistics, guys like Ron will try to wonk you with NAxALTs and stats.

          I’m committed to racism on a gut level as well as intellectually. I can get along with most anyone who isnt a PoS but only when I have to.

          When it comes to non-Whites, “don’t hate ’em, just don’t like ’em.”

          And I’m not wasting time trading Talmudry with Ron over the issue. America is a White country, we have no need to justify this to him, his Tribe or anyone else.

          I like what Ron does in terms of legitimate alternative free speech but he’s a hopeless “cosmopolitan” sperg on race and immigration.

          • Ron tried to shift the argument over immigration away from what the natives want to some outside authority. That shifts the burden of roof from him to you. You have to prove immigration is bad, He does not have to prove immigration is good.

            I don’t care if Mexicans boost the economy. I don’t want my community over run with Mexicans. My preferences are what matters, not some arbitrary economic data point. The same is true of crime. East Asian commit no crime, but I don’t want a billion Chinamen moving here either.

          • Exactly. He’s still pushing the morality of civic nationalism and we’re pushing the morality of “because we live here.”

            We don’t need “good reasons” or any reasons to oppose immigration. It’s not a moral issue.

        • May be because once someone reads your erudite and on point essays, they then find a lot of the pabulum he offers unpalatable. Yes, he has published a lot of guys who are on ADL’s forbidden list, but he’s still his own gatekeeper in a way.

      • To his credit, Unz publishes the very same WNs he criticizes. He really does seem to be a free speech absolutist. He has the usual blinders due to his ethnic background in which his kind has historically always felt most comfortable in polyglot societies such that they could play different groups off each other, but I honestly don’t begrudge him that. It’s part of his ethnic nature and it’s on us to recognize and respond to it appropriately.

        What positions like Unz’s fail to address is that white Americans have a right to desire their own kind simply for that reason than for any of the other distractions that Unz fell into.

        Kersey of SBPDL said it best: “Because we live here.” We need no other justification for desiring our own kind than that. The distractions Unz cited, like HBD, are irrelevant because even if blacks were docile geniuses I would still want to be around my own kind.

        If other ethnic groups—such as Unz’s—have the same desire and are freely indulged in said desire, we have that right too. I want to be around white people because I prefer my own kind. That’s it. You can’t deny me the same thing that every nonwhite says and lives.

        • Free speech Let me paraphrase a great man from our past When I hear “free speech” I immediately release the safety on my browning
          For 70 years that concepts have been used to subvert our world (See Larry Flynt, among many others) If a few people are allowed to write these days in relatively obscure blog changes nothing in the big schemes of things
          The people reading his blog are in the language of today “red pilled” for the most part and traditional agitprop propaganda will never change their minds
          But somebody they trust may Think about that

          • Yup! Unz has hoovered up Sailer, SBPDL, Audacious Epigone, and other dissidents as they were deplatformed from other sites—he even republishes some of the TRS guys, though they’re smart enough to maintain their main presence elsewhere and are therefore not totally beholden to his site.

            I suspect the collection of all these dissidents in one place is not out of any “free speech” altruism but to eventually “shoot all the fish in the barrel.” All the effort Sailer, Kersey, AE and others put into their work will one day be all gone at the flip of a switch.

            Never trust a benefactor. Support yourself.

        • Exactly. So many political discussions get bogged down in details about the pros and cons of various issues. It’s idiotic.

          The simple, pure statement, “I prefer my own people”, is enough. No further discussion needed.

          Why do you want to stop immigration? “They’re not my people, and I want this country for my people.”

          Why do you not want to live around blacks? “They’re not my people and I prefer my own kind.”

          Etc., etc.

          • True but now think who are these people who purposely obscured the simple and the obvious by pushing the clouds over the clear sky of yesteryear’s
            Think about it in the context of “intellectual discussion” and “free speech”

          • Citizen of a Silly Country said: “Exactly. So many political discussions get bogged down in details about the pros and cons of various issues. It’s idiotic.”

            Various issues and deferring shades of ideological adherence. Factionalism, it’s one of the main things that screwed up the paleocons.

          • Yepp.

            It’s really that simple. And they don’t have an argument against this. It shifts the ball to their court where they have to explain why you actually need diversity forced on you.

            “Facts and Logix” is the worst possible way to debate.

        • The extent to which in-group preferences have been suppressed among white people—largely by Unz’s people—at the same time as they are indulged for other groups is unforgivable.

          The black-white friction Unz refers to is a distraction. Hispanics in the southwest and Asians and Dot Indians in the northwest are far more peaceful and seemingly agreeable, yet they still funnel jobs, housing and other opportunities to their own while shutting out white people. And of course Jewish nepotism is infamous.

          I’m not even angry at them for this. Of course they favor opportunities for their own; I would think them diseased if they didn’t express in-group preferences.

          I would simply like the freedom to practice my own in-group preferences.

          • I’ve actually used this logic on my CivNat friends and family. I tell them (truthfully) that other groups find it abhorrent and morally wrong to NOT be racist in favor of their own people.

            Other groups view their ethnicity as a family – which, of course, it is. Therefore, what kind of person doesn’t give preference to their family over someone else’s family. What kind of parent would give their child’s inheritance or family business to another person’s child and leave their own child penniless.

            Often, it’s the first time in their lives that they’ve ever heard that not only is racism not evil but that not being a racist is morally wrong.

          • In this sense racism builds civilizations and nations. I’m not joking or being glib—it’s the truth.

        • There’s a wealthy housing development in a nearby town that is mostly Indian with the rest East Asian. No Whites, Blacks or Hispanics live there. Is that by deliberate discrimination?
          I understand that Indians prefer to live around their kind, but why are Whites denied the same right? Like you, I prefer my own kind. Old saying: Birds of a feather flock together.

          • In Canada they either market the homes overseas to new immigrants, sold before they come here. Or, it’s posted to Chinese / Hindi only websites.

            Is it “discrimination”? I guess not technically.

            Asians will be a much bigger problem than blacks or Hispanics. you guys aren’t as far down the Asian road as Canada is but you will soon get a taste of vibrancy, Asian style.

      • He has a point that it’s mainly white commies trying to start a race war now, but that doesn’t mean whites don’t care about becoming a minority, as he seems to imply. California isn’t burning— it’s collapsing as people leave. I’m sure it’s just the onerous taxes and liberal politics they’re fleeing. Right?

      • I finally got around to reading the Unz link. It is utterly incoherent. He transitions from how horribly wrong opponents of mass migration have been to how all vestiges of historic America may be erased by White communists and their non-White foot soldiers. I would ascribe it, and partially do, to the old Jewish “you fight him” strategy, but no matter how evil, even that lacks the internal contradictions Unz displays.

    • I thought I’d contribute a little play on words in that the American right has been consumed by an army of jewdases, swarming America like a plague of locusts…

    • Not naming the Jew is a terrible strategy and continuing to do so will make things worse for everyone including Jews.

      The JQ is a problem with a continuous paper trail that stretches back 3000 years.
      Their behavior mimics itself again and again and again. The reaction to this behavior breaks down into two camps:

      The Hittite-Assyrian Model:      Slaughter them
      The Babylonian-Persian Model: Corral and Expel them.

      No matter what century or millennium nor where they set up shop… the Jew’s repeated behavior would run its course for a handful of generations and then reap one of the two paths above. The hubris that counter semite eruptions can be overcome to everyone’s benefit gets a belly laugh from nature. 3000 years of recorded history, the same behaviors, the same reactions and then it immediately begins to recycle itself again. Not a hundred times but hundreds of times if we include smaller towns and villages.
      They are a parasite that temps with short-term benefits and titillation but saps out the vital energy a people need for their civilization’s long-term bio-cultural growth. Ignoring it won’t make it go away nor weaken it, nor will it suddenly and magically find a way for Jews to adapt in a way that does no harm to the host culture. Friction will increase until they become heated enough for a people to corral and remove them (as did our ancestors until the early 1800s…or it will boil over and the JQ will receive the Hittite-Assyrian response.

      Not naming the Jew allows the problem to continue on all sides. The Jews sensing a growing disaffection become even more pushy and demanding in the hope of fattening their golden calf before they are sent packing. Today, they have become so confident of a final victory in the West that the recent eruptions in counter semite speech and actions has them increasingly animated, vindictive and destructive. Allowing them to carry on in the shadows will only fuel the fire and ensure that the pushback will inflame all into being violent and destructive. The more this is allowed to go on the more likely it will erupt violently.

      A few people naming the Jew and pointing out how they have a directing hand in many of our problems is to tar and feather oneself, to play the marginalized fool or the potential nazi that needs to be removed for the public good…the side show is moved off stage and yet the pressure continues to build…creating more dissent and more anger on all sides…

      If we allow this to continue, to bury growing dissent with greater and greater counter conditioning, then at some point people will be driven into the bloodlands. 

      Liberating more and more people to name the Jew and more and more people to say “no” to their assorted machinations…all of that pressures now building towards violence will be redirected into seeing some form of the Babylonian-Persian response put into action.

      There is a third option: ignore the problem at all costs except for blunted asides, roll over and let them take it all. Maybe they’ll leave you a bit of it.

      Be a good Samaritan. If you want to save the Jew and yourself…name the Jew.

      • The JQ is like getting into a girl’s pants – it can’t be done when first you meet, and if you can she’s probably mentally deficient

        • This isn’t a site for JQ-virgin incels.

          If you want to trick Trad Caths and TruCons into Jewish awareness maybe someday when they’re ready, that’s up to you.

          Cities are on fire and there’s something to be said for a more honest approach. This isn’t 2015 anymore, as much as edge-posting alt-Lights would like to mash that wayback button.

          • How did running around shouting “Jews will not replace us!” Work out at C’Ville?

          • There’s been a lot of quiet “hmm, maybe James Fields did nothing wrong” muttering among civnats teetering on the brink of ethnonationalism as they watch the current riots.

            And blacks are beginning to blurt the same thing as they ever so slowly realize it’s not whitey who’s keeping them down…

            So C’ville was a couple years ahead of its time, but now eerily prescient.

      • It’s all part of the way we’re not allowed to notice that some places/times are good and others bad and that the good times and places tend not to have a lot of certain kinds of people around in them.

        It’s easier to do this with blacks because they keep reminding us of themselves every so often by setting things on fire and committing petty crimes. When called out the response is fairly predictable too. A quick “fuck you crackah!” followed by a burst of poorly aimed gunfire. The Jews are smarter so calling them out can cause you trouble from a variety of directions including being fired, picketed, or sued by the ADL.

        Ultimately we need to apply the space colony test. If you were going to found a space colony on a planet orbiting a distant star, meaning there’s no radioing back home to request emergency extraction when everything goes apejew, would you take any of these people with you?

      • It’s in their own book, the contract Yaweh made with himself on behalf of Israel. I will be your Father and preserve you, you will be my children and love and obey me. But they were, as has been noted in the same texts, a stubborn, stiff-necked people filled with foolishness. After witnessing the parting of the red sea, and the pillar of fire leading them, Moses disappears for a day, and what do these people do:? Build an idol to another god. Over and over again they screwed over the widow, the poor for profit; sacrificed infants to Moloch and “did what is evil in the sight of The Lord”. The hammer of his wrath struck them down (Note: you really do not want your people to be the Chosen Tool. It doesn’t end well). Every. Damn. Time.

        God chose them to show His glory. Other tribes have been as self-destructive and exist in dribs and drabs or went extinct. The people of the 2nd Covenant are everywhere.

        if you want to save the sons and daughters of Abraham and Sarah, name this.

        Repent! The judgment of the Lord is at hand.

  26. The fundamental problem with media is the “advertising revenue model”. With the “donor funding model” as a distillation of all the negatives of the former. Under both, the consumer become the product, the advertisers-donors the real customers and ultimately, the media organization become propaganda outlets. Every advertising or donor supported media organization will follow the NR trajectory at greater or lesser speed.

    The only way to break the cycle is through a subscription revenue model that also bans advertising. But people have become conditioned to expect media to be free to consumers and reject paying for content to any great extent.

    The same effect is at play with apps where people expect them to be free even as they rail against the apps spying on them for advertisers.

    • National Review survivors on gifts left to it by the estates of its long-dead readers. It would have been gone years ago otherwise.

    • Well said. For those rare gems like here that don’t yet charge, may I suggest the occasional (or monthly) voluntary contribution? I do it here and a few other places. I should do it for more.

  27. Yes, the Conservative con-men are the worst. I remember working in a bookshop and pulling Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism off the shelf during a rearrangement… Reading through it, it became obvious that there were some issues he’d just skirt around without deeper comment; the goal was, as you say to convince the normal people he was a conservative – just like them – without tackling the hard stuff.

    It appears that in general, if you want a person to tackle a tough truth, it is always a good idea if that person is not paid to write. Not paid by a newspaper, or large tech company, or whatever. You must have no ‘uppers’ to piss off, simply. Of course, a small time writer may have a limited reach…

    Your point about ‘people who still trust the system’ was hammered home to me yet again today at work. A colleague mentioned he called the police as he had seen two ‘youths’ break into a neighbours garage. He even had CCTV footage. Remarkably, the police turned up and then proceeded to tell him ‘it happens all the time’ and showed little concern. My colleague was dumbfounded – as good a bloke as he is, he still trusts the system.

    • A bit off-topic, but this right here is why cops don’t want to end the war on drugs.

      Tracking down a burglar after the fact is difficult and time consuming even in the best cases, such as when there is video.

      But, not coincidentally, the sort of deadbeat who burgles your house is also the sort of deadbeat likely to be carrying around felony amounts of drugs.

      By hoovering those guys up at traffic stops, they get them off the street without the investigative effort of finding a burglar or mugger and building a case based on witness testimony and other chancy evidence. “Here’s heroin in an amount that the law presumes indicates intent to distribute. Case closed.”

      • This little case was interesting to me, because the victim actually followed the perps, went back to his house, where the police (actually and quickly) showed up and informed them… The ‘youths’ in question could not have gotten far, so it was remarkable to him that the police chose to do nothing.

        Funny you mention drugs, according to my colleague, as he followed them, that lit up a spliff and went on their way. Not quite heroin, though. I have wondered, even for the simple cases such as above (the ones that look cut-and-dry to Joe Bloggs) the actual effort that an officer needs to put in to ensure a conviction. As you mention, I guess it is too much for too little. In any case, my colleague got some instruction in what the police will not do, and that it may not be an idea to rely on them.

      • Perhaps, but you ignore the aspect of evidence taken at the scene—say of your under-investigated burglary. What usually happens is that finger prints and DNA evidence of crime is placed into data bases and then suspects arrested in unrelated crimes are run through these databases. If there’s a match, the suspect is charged. There are of course holes in the process. Bad follow up on arrests. Lack of funding. Still some lack of submission of such evidence. And so forth. But a whole lot of cases, particularly of murder, are being solved that way. Waaay after the incident took place.

        • Have you ever been burglarized and actually seen DNA evidence or fingerprints collected?

          I have and there were no fingerprints (cop says there rarely is, especially not distinguishable from any other person who might have legitimately been in the house) and they didn’t collect any DNA evidence. They don’t treat every two-bit burglary like CSI. They take a report, give their condolences and leave. The only reason I got a fingerprint dust once was that the deputy had some time on his hands and that was in a low-crime rural area. In the city you get nothing.

          I’ve had many rental properties burglarized or vandalized. All you get is a police report for insurance purposes.

          If they tried to collect DNA evidence from my house, my dogs and cats would end up going to prison. Especially the one cat. She has a lot of blood on her paws.

          • From memory, less than ten percent of RAPES yield DNA evidence. DNA evidence is gathered in less than five percent of murder investigations

            You are correct about how the police treat burglaries. I had a burglary and at least two offenders bled all over my house after they cut themselves smashing through the window. No a single specimen was taken.

  28. What makes them especially evil is that they are preying on the most vulnerable people in the country. These are the average white people who have no representation in the halls of power. Mostly, they are happy to be left alone to live their lives. These are the people who trust the system.

    I go back and forth on conservatives. Are they just fucking retarded or so desperate for representation they will avert their eyes from “their” representatives’ obvious betrayals? It probably is the latter, and your pull quote above certainly makes the case for it. “Soulless grifters” pretty well sums up the dirtbags of Conservatism, Inc. Let’s hope these vulnerable fellow Whites awaken soon enough to avoid a worse fate.

    Good, solid piece and excellent writing as always, Z.

    • Jack Dobson said: “I go back and forth on conservatives. Are they just fucking retarded or so desperate for representation they will avert their eyes from “their” representatives’ obvious betrayals?”

      The U S congress has a lower approval rating than ass cancer. But most of the incumbents are re-elected time after time. How is that possible? Why do voters push the botton for the same old crap over and over again? Are the voters lazy and ignorant or just unfailingly hopeful and naive? Yes and yes.

      • By and large, voters choose from the choices made available to them, who are mostly grifters of various persuasions. Those grifters who most reliably play ball with TPTB get the party sponsorships, dollars, and publicity that are required for getting through the primaries and onto the general ballot. Voters could be less lazy, but it is an uphill battle against a well-coordinated and well-financed system.

        • Agreed. The system is so entrenched and so massively blob-like, there’s no fighting it – like Z’s description that we’re out of the canoe and being swept down a boulder strewn stream hoping there isn’t a thousand foot waterfall around the next bend. There has to be some existential crisis that shakes the system to its core so something new can rise up in its place – it’s the only hope. Unfortunately, it’ll undoubtedly be a painful transition for pretty much everyone.

      • Same reason people will say public schools are bad but ‘their’ local school is great. And some police go too far, but their local guys are terrific. People either can’t see the forest for the trees, or all they see is forest. It really is that binary. People are utter fools or they wake up. All the excuses for the folks in between don’t cut the mustard with me – look at the hordes still on Unz after all these years, making the same arguments over and over and over.

        • Agree. Pretty soon the binary may come down to: 1) You have rifle and magazines, 2) You don’t have rifle and magazines. I’m putting my money on group 1.

  29. Goldberg is noisome. He is offensive.

    But, he doesn’t have anywhere near the reach of FOX grifters like Hannity, Jesse Waters, and Judge Jeanine. Saturday night, the latter two featured Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk, respectively on their griftcasts.

    • I would disagree mildly. This gets to Z’s point about print having more influence despite the smaller audience. Goldberg’s Liberal Fascists book, though full of logical lapses, was the go to source of inspiration for normie pundits for years.

      • It is one of those examples of something people think is true, but it is not. That is, people believe TV has more influence than print. All the evidence points the other way.

        • TV is a passive medium. Print requires a much deeper mental commitment. Also, people reading political commentary are dramatically more likely to get involved in politics in some form or another.

          Print is talking to that small % of the population that actually matter politically. TV is talking to the couch potatoes.

        • Print is simply one step up the ladder. The script writers for TV read the books, condense them and the “commentary shows” put a face on them.

  30. The good news is I guess that a lot of those “News Max” normie cons you talked about still at least have functioning instincts, even if they don’t have the education or the details to go with it (excepting this instance where the muck got raked). You cannot look at someone like John Podhoretz or Bill Kristol and not see that something is terribly off and that they can’t be trusted. It’s like when you watch a prison documentary and the camera wanders over to the corner of the rec yard where the squirrely guys with coke bottle glasses are all congregating and you say, “Hey, there are the child molesters” even before they tell you their crime (sidenote: I apologize to any actual chomos who take umbrage at being compared to neocons).

  31. What I always remember about Ben Wattenberg is that he heavily promoted America as an idea, the first “universal nation,” and not blood and soil nationalism.

    • A good reminder that this is a long term project. We are seeing the results of a multi-generational project. The real cultural revolution of the 1960’s was the creation of neoconservatism.

    • Wattenberg’s 1991 book “The First Universal Nation” set the party line for AEI and NR “conservatives” throughout the decade,using bogus statistics to promote open borders. That was back when patriotic conservatives like Pat Buchanan were trying to stop immigration when we still had time to save the country.

    • Ben Wattenberg. A leftist in neocon’s clothing, and presumably a member of The Tribe, he was determined to be wrong on all counts. Way back when, Wattenberg pulled out all the stops in article after article proclaiming there was no such thing as overpopulation. The more people the merrier, and life is a banquet at which any number can pull up to the table and stuff their face.

      It didn’t occur to me at the time, but his dismissal of the role of overpopulation in contributing to misery was part of a campaign to soften up of the country for mass Third World immigration.

      • Many of the problems facing the West (indeed, the entire world) are directly or indirectly the “fault” of the improvements that (mostly) Western technology brought the rest of the world.

        • Yup.

          Remove all the food, medical, and other aid YT provides to Africa from the equation and watch what happens to the curves on The World’s Most Important Graph.

    • Civ Nats like him buy into the “anyone can become an American” hooey.
      This is the same guy that wrote the Birth Dearth.
      When even immigrants stop having kids an understanding that a homogeneous society with a good wealth distribution and a conservative, preferably religious social culture is the only way to keep the birth rate up is far beyond them.

  32. The Left knows it’s business. Say what you want, Jonah talks a good talk. His impersonation act is a waste on the red pilled, but he still sounds good to many of my fellow Yesterday Men.
    I think the tide is turning though.

    • Thinking about it, hammering away at Grifter Inc. is more important now than five years ago. If Trump loses in November, these scumbags will wave that around as proof they need to take back control.

      • Absolutely agreed. Taking these people out along with the GOP is an absolute necessity. A prime example of their intentions is one Nikki Haley, a curried c*** who would steal the pennies out of a dead man’s eyes while assuring his widow it is for her own good. Conservative, Inc., has lined her up as their gal but there are others in the lab if she doesn’t work out.

        Whether Trump loses this fall or leaves office in 2025 almost is irrelevant at this point. We have to force ourselves first and then convince others to realize the system no longer is functional and there are no political solutions to the current crisis. It is a tough reality to face. Trump will be made Con, Inc.’s fall guy if he loses this year, as you point out, but given he is widely popular with the average White GOP’er, that may prove a tough sale. It seems highly unlikely grifters talking about marginal tax rates and Middle Eastern wars have much of an audience any longer as it is.

        • Mitt Romney and Liz Cheyney are being promoted as candidates for leadership in the Senate and House GOP after the election. Haley is almost a lock to run for President in 2024. There will be huge push to take back the party and blame all the losses on Trump. It is important to get people to walk away from these grifters before that happens.

          • Yup.

            The sooner more people understand that Cuckservatives are simply the punching bag for the Dem faction of the Uniparty the better off we’ll all be.

          • The Wild Geese Howard said: “The sooner more people understand that Cuckservatives are simply the punching bag for the Dem faction of the Uniparty the better off we’ll all be.”

            Waiting for the average white voter to wake up and band togather will happen right after all the purple haired communist lesbians join a church, marry a cisgender male and start having babys. Ain’t gonna happen.

          • The 2024 GOP prospects are looking awful. That’s another failing of Trump: he never once takes interest in investing in the party besides himself. I’m sure he thinks Ivanka would be his ideal successor.

            The field is pretty grim. Nikki Haley will be on the side of temporarily embarrassed neoconservatives who want nothing more than to apply the 2013 GOP playbook from their “lessons learned” from Romney’s defeat, which is moving the party further to the left and ignore whites entirely (vs. the scraps we have now).

            Then you have the Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio/Josh Hawley set that talk a decent game about nationalist populism but instantly break from it on key matters. They will co-opt the spicy tweets and dunk on journalism like Trump but lack the fortitude to pretend that they’re serious about it.

            Both factions need to be thoroughly rejected in the 2024 primaries.

          • Hawley shows promise and maybe I’m too cynical these days but I want to see Hawley put some skin in the game under pressure that helps the working class. I guess I’m in a “show me, don’t tell me” mood these days.

          • “The 2024 GOP prospects are looking awful. That’s another failing of Trump: he never once takes interest in investing in the party besides himself.”

            Odd to have to come to the defense of Trump, but why would he give a flying one about the Republican Party? McConnell and Ryan authorized congressional investigations into the Russia BS. He had as many knives planted in his back by the GOP as he did from any other source.

          • it needs to be a mass walkout too, otherwise we get another TR or Ross Perot or Pat Buchanan.

        • The problem is that an actual occupational skill set becomes worth less all the time, while joining a grift gets easier, and there are more of them available. As people get on the grifting bandwagons of one sort of another, they are pretty much lost to the likes of us. That’s one of the hardest parts of our work now. People will sell their souls for a new boat in the driveway.

        • I pretty much agree the political system in this former country is completely non-functional. However, I will say that this election, assuming there is one, will be the last chance to perhaps somewhat alter the course we’re on, assuming Trump wins. At least we’ll circle the bowl a bit slower before the final flush. The mere fact that another jogger will be on a ticket this year and that a pajeet is even in the discussion down the road is indicative in just how far this former country has fallen. Between this damn virus, the economic and psychological damage, as well as the bullshit financial alchemy, I don’t even see how we make it to a 2024 election. I think things are going to come to a head long before that one way or another. No matter who wins this November, a ton of people are going to be royally pissed off. Granted, it’ll be much more fun watching the lefttards, covitards and demoncraps in general go further off the rails if that’s even possible. These times are almost too interesting…

      • That’s definitely a problem. However, once they start putting their solutions on the menu, it’s the same John McCain stuff we’ve always had. The Middle Eastern forever wars, immigration, etc., all indefensible. Even conservatives should be rolling their eyes over this stuff. So they can preen that Trump lost, but when they dig up McCain’s corpse and prop it up under an American flag, they’ll have the same reaction in the next set of primaries. Defending Afghanistan is like defending colon cancer.

        • I forgot to mention that they’ll attempt to procure a “conservative” version of the green agenda for the millennial crowd, just as everyone will want cheap gasoline to live they’ll want some carbon tax to make it 10 bucks a gallon. Total losers.

      • I don’t think Trump is going to lose if the can control the voter fraud. The riots and the constant SJW meddling in journalism, entertainment and sports are starting to blow back on the left. In short order they will be tearing themselves apart and attacking each other. Purges will begin soon.
        be prepared and lay in stocks of popcorn, beer and ammo.

  33. I feel the force of Hoffer in this piece, you know, how things devolve into a racket.
    With much of the present Conservative Inc., it always was.
    Goldberg and his mother made big hay with the Clinton scandal which I believe is what cemented him into his present postition.
    One final egregious example of this pig is the title of his book “The Suicide of the West”. He lacks the probity or shame to not even be bothered to care by ripping off James Burnham’s great book. (Also a writer back in the day at National Review).
    Grifter hall of fame this one.

    • I reviewed his book. It was slapped together trash, even by his standards. But, it “sold” a million copies netting him a nice profit.

        • No need to read it. I did long ago. If you are here commenting, you are beyond the scope of the book—and thankfully the influence of Goldberg. The only purpose Goldberg serves today is to be a “good example of a bad example”

          Z-man is savvy enough to use Goldberg as a teaching example. I—not being able to hold a candle to Z-man—can only ignore/regret my Goldberg days and move on, not quite able to say why. Goldberg’s like the proverbial “Chinese dinner”—you’re hungry again in an hour.

  34. That’s interesting. It’s paralleled in the actual Church with Cardinal Bernardin. He was recruited from the gay bars in to a seminary and was a straight-up Satanist. He approved all promotions in the American Church

    • Too true but, in case anyone is interested, the infection began as Modernism which was heartily condemned by Pope St. Pius X. As he said: “…. they [the Modernists] should be beaten with fists. In a duel, you don’t count or measure the blows, you strike as you can.”
      Modernism slithered back under its rocks and it re-emerged carefully during the reign of PiusXII; and it re-emerged “triumphantly” during vatican2.
      Between St. Pius X and Roncalli, the American Church was also infected with communists: See Bella Dodd’s book School of Darkness or her online video.
      And then, of course, the freemasons, who currently adore our marxist anti-pope, invaded secretly over a period of decades. See mumbailaity‘s List of Masons originally published in 1976 and then updated in 2010. During Wojtilya’s reign, four masonic lodges (allegedly) were competing for power.
      Bergoglio is the culmination and enthronement of vatican2, Modernism, Progressivism, and Marxism. If it were not for Our Lady at Fatima and her prophecies, one could despair.

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