Our House Of Cards

Adolf Hitler once said, “There is nothing new under the sun. There are just new ways of expressing the same ideas.” There is some truth to this, which is why we have so many ways of saying that history repeats itself. At least we like to think it repeats itself, as that’s a comforting thought. It means the answers to today’s problems, no matter how vexing, exist in the past. All we have to do is rummage around in the past for a similar time and take a look at the solutions from that period.

There are exceptions. The French Revolution is one of those novel happenings that had no precedent in the known past. The Bolshevik Revolution looked a bit like the French Revolution, but turned out to be something different, mostly because the Bolsheviks were students of the French Revolution. Sometimes things are different enough to be treated as totally new. We may be experiencing one of those times where the conditions are unique enough to feel as if there is no precedent.

Older pundits are fond of comparing the current cultural revolution to the cultural revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s. They make the comparison because they were around for the first one and they go in for nostalgia. They also see that the people cheering it on in the halls of power are often people who participated in the cultural revolution of the past. You can be sure that many oldsters on the Left think what is happening today confirms their forever youth.

There are some big differences though. For one, the rebels of the past were actually rebelling against something. They did not have unlimited corporate and institutional support. The cops were told to beat the crap out of the rioters in the 1960’s by the political class, both Democrat and Republican. Today, the political class, both Democrat and Republican, is on the side of the rioters. We saw that in New York, Washington and now Portland and Seattle.

There’s also the fact that the rebels of the past had an agenda. It may have been childish and silly, in a college sophomore sort of way, but it was an agenda they could talk about in public. They wanted more personal freedom. They wanted the war in Vietnam to end. They wanted public aid for poor people and blacks. The current rebels talk about nonsense like social justice and privilege. All they can muster is pointless slogans they heard on-line.

A couple generations ago, the Silent Majority could look at the situation and imagine an end game. For example, they could connect ending the Vietnam War with ending the anti-war protests. That meant voting for Nixon in 1968. They could see a connection between loosening social mores and clearing the streets of hippies. On the other hand, they could imagine law and order politicians instructing the cops to clear the streets of the hippies and protesting students too.

Today, there is no silent majority. The great demographic changes that have been wrought by those ascendant rebels of the 1960’s has reduced the white population to about 60% now. About 20% of that population is on the side of the rioters, just as long as they stay away from their mansions. Some portion has walked away from politics entirely, due to the aforementioned changes wrought by the rebels. The Silent Majority is just a bitter minority now.

That’s an aspect to this that gets little attention and makes this very different from the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. The geezers cheering their grandchildren burning Starbucks keep expecting the jackboots of the Silent Majority to show up like they did the last time, but those jackboots are now on golf courses in Boca. No matter how much they provoke their imaginary enemy, there is no response. This reboot of the 1960’s is missing the thing that made it possible, that Silent Majority.

Another novel item is that the now silent minority has nowhere to turn for the solution to this cultural revolution. What is it that they can give to the people burning and looting the cities to make them go home? How does one answer the call for social justice or the end of systemic racism? What would those things look like? These chants and incantations have no practical meaning. They are moral signifiers borrowed from the grievance studies programs on the college campus.

More important, there is no electoral option either. The Democrat party is actively cheering on this lunacy. Joe Biden is running an extortion campaign, where a vote for him means an end to the violence and Covid lock downs. How realistic is that when his party is cheering for the mayhem, promising to take it to a new level after they win the final election. It is not hyperbole to say that a Democrat sweep in November means the end of elections. What would be the point?

Of course, the Republicans are revealing themselves to be entirely bankrupt. Their response to the unrest is nothing. They are too busy crafting yet another giveaway to their corporate paymasters. Trump is nowhere to be found. He occasionally tweets something stupid, but otherwise he looks like a beaten man. In fairness, he is a beaten man, beaten by a political class that is corrupt beyond reform. For that silent minority, there is no political option to end the current madness.

This is a novel problem for Americans. If you are a white person in a place like Seattle, what are your options? If you abide by the law, you have your property destroyed and possibly your life threatened. People are being shot in their cars now as they try to go about their business. Gun sales are booming, but the people buying the guns imagine themselves defending their life and property within a system of laws. What happens when they realize there is no system of laws?

If you read about the deliberations of the decision-makers in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the thing that stands out is their sober mindedness. They were very worried that America was on the cusp of social collapse. The decision makers of today, that means political and corporate leaders, seem to think American society is an indestructible object they can abuse without consequence. They are carrying on like reckless children, incapable of imagining any consequences to their behavior.

Social collapse comes when the majority stops accepting the legitimacy of the system and the authority of those in charge of it. The one result of the street rioters and their corporate and political sponsors is they may get what they want. The majority may stop accepting the legitimacy of the system. That silent minority may lose all faith in the system and the people running it. That would be us one step from the edge, when all respect for authority collapses and takes society with it.

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461 thoughts on “Our House Of Cards

  1. Your article is contradictory, you state there is no longer silent majority and then state thatthere is in fact one at the end. I think you mean to state that the white population is too elderly, demoralised and divided to act. This is certainly the case in US cities. Resistance will come from smaller settlements such as those in small town Idaho who picked up arms to deter riots.

  2. if unchecked, like piles of trash accumulating in a hoarder’s home, apostasy builds on apostasy. we could go father back, but in the 60s society was pushed to have the values of teenagers and young adults. we now see the result. thankfully God’s love allows for cleansing fire every so often.

  3. I lost faith in the system a long time ago, lyin motherfuckers, whores for money, not an honest word or deed among the bunch. Bullshit and lies, thats all you’re gonna get.

  4. the battle has not yet been joined zman, stop being such a defeatist. I know which side I’m on. Americans have forgotten how to fight. that will change. oh ye of little faith zman. be a man.

    • They just came for my fraternity, Sigma Chi. HQ is up the street from me and so I donate time and money to the organization. I should have known what would happen once we appointed our first small-hat president.

      Today, as a Life Loyal member, I receive a completely converged poll to influence our future. It was created by a Canadian “brother” who is queer and created together with the small hat wearer the compensated role of “chief diversity and inclusion officer.”

      Every question single question concerned how we can become more diverse and inclusive. This, for a selective and exclusionary organization where heretofore we didn’t have sex with one another. John Wayne was one of us for example.

      They are burning it all down to the ground. Nothing to be left standing for us.

      • Sorry to hear that Brother they are definitely parasitic and subversive…They have a way of hiding and making you think that they are just one of you until you fall for their tricks and give them power and then the mask come off and you will pay whitey…

  5. Back in the 1950s and 60s, people had a lot to lose. They had families, communities, churches and stable jobs. Today’s youngsters often have none of this. Black men who aren’t ballers or rappers have nothing in their lives. Working class white men as Moynihan correctly said, follow the path of the black man and this is happening with them. The women have been encouraged to not have children and do there goes their imperative for life.

  6. But. At 81 with no grandchildren I’m having real trouble finding a s**t to give. And my ancestors built this country.

  7. Z-man, here is the problem. We have reached the point where the crazies have decided that what built the modern industrial society we live in is “racist“, “white supremacy“, and “patriarchy“. And more thing no doubt.

    The problem is not just that most of us like the benefits of the industrial society; but that without it we can’t support the approximately 8 billion people on the planet right now. So, we have to see perhaps 7.5 billion people die off or we have to keep the industrial society going.

    So, those who would like to “save the planet” by getting rid of the “excess population” will love to see communism as it really is a proven killer of people. Many will just want to kill of the white people but that would do it also as only the whites seem to be able to run the industrial society.

    We are in a pickle never seen before. The majority want to kill the minority whites and thereby they will be killing themselves. Then the few million left will start all over from a very primitive state.

    Some say this has happened many times in the past. I don’t know about that, but that looks to be the path that a majority wants to follow now.

    • A massive die-off is a near certainty. Your scenario is as good as any. Just like the impact of a large meteorite (which itself would do a reasonable job of culling), the eventual outcome is certain, but even the approximate form and timing are unknowable.

  8. If Trump wins the election overwhelmingly in three months, that puts a serious dent in Zguy’s thesis here, right? We must wait. 98 days.

      • Why’s the point of a long drawn-out painful decline? Just slash it open and let the poison flow.

      • Zman’s thesis is that a silent majority of non-insane voters no longer exists, and therefore there won’t be a huge surge for the GOP on Nov. 3rd. But if Trump wins overwhelmingly, it will be some kind of silent majority that makes it happen. That’s what I was referring to.

        • His thesis was social collapse is imminent. The disappearance of a silent majority, he suggested, was a tell.

          • Point taken Jack. But query: If a silent majority gives Trump a big electoral win, does that put a dent in the thesis that collapse is imminent? As noted above, you think that victory would accelerate the collapse. I think it would reveal a giant constituency for the forceful imposition of order under our past system of laws, and thus potentially avert a collapse. (Or it could just be my hopeful-wishful thinking.)

  9. I think this is very very new. Nothing has been seen like it before. A numerically inferior and group that is alien within the main nation, that is not a warrior caste with superior military power, has seized power (American Blacks) and is bent upon enslavement and/or extermination of the White majority “by any means necessary” and is aided by the White power structures of the nation: White corporations, White Senior Military, White Law Enforcement, and so on.
    And in part this is due to gerontocracy — the aging Pelosis, Nadlers, Schumers, etc. have seen off rivals who were younger but White by playing non-Whites against them. This same strategy occurs in the military, corporations, etc. where aging Whites seek to delay handing over the reins to the next generation of Whites. They either have uncomfortable corrupt deals they fear exposed if they leave power or don’t have real wealth socked away absent their ruling positions. China has the gerontocracy also, but not the use of non Chinese to use as a weapon against younger Han rivals.
    The contradictions of the Civil Rights Act and movement that replaced the constitution in 1964 could have been contained in an 89% White America. With Whites a functional minority in the nation there is no way to contain them — not enough money to shovel to blacks, not enough patronage opportunities for black leaders, not enough do-nothing positions in corporate offices as various non-White immigrants have soaked up many of those being more talented and less impulsive and violent.
    NOW the only way to solve the contradictions of the Civil Rights Movement — blacks will be the leadership caste/race everywhere in the US, despite being a dead weight economically and in military affairs — can only be solved by the enslavement and extermination of Whites. That is the only way. It is what the rioters in Portland, and Seattle, and Eugene, and Chicago, and NYC, and Philly, and Baltimore, and Los Angeles want. Demand. And what the media, government, military, and law enforcement are largely willing to give as blacks are a Holy Object of worship for the sins and failings of White people and White men specifically.
    HOWEVER, competence is not an attribute of what looks like now President Susan Rice if you believe Drudge. Nor is martial ability, nor is it found in her followers, in anti-Fa, in “diversity” and right up against it is the reaction of every man Whites (and Latinos and Asians) arming up for the withdrawal of the police and the Purge Movies to start for real.
    What we are seeing is the desire to enact the Purge Movies by the loser class of would-be elites and their lunatic drug addict street army and White female enablers. It is one thing to enact a massive vote fraud (or win through White women throwing in with black men, for the umpteenth time in history). It is quite another to put White men in camps with most White police and military expelled. That’s tailor made for militia.
    God help us all, rivers of blood will be the least of it. I pray this cup may pass from us, and Trump ekes out a victory and gives us space and time (and infighting among the Red Guards and Hillary types). Though I fear that is a non-existent chance, like Parker Lewis, Joe Biden can’t lose.
    Because there will be many players. Latinos and Mexican / Central American immigrants came to live and work and get welfare money from Whites in a safe, secure White nation. Not move to Liberia. Asian immigrants the same. Making blacks the hereditary leadership caste is not popular with non-blacks and people with a bit of money and property are not too keen on “The Purge — Part XXIII”

    • “”A numerically inferior and group that is alien within the main nation, that is not a warrior caste with superior military power, has seized power”

      Hardly “very very new” The Jews did it earlier in the Century.

    • Agreed; it was a great column. There have been a lot of great ones from Z-man lately. I guess the end times really gets him thinking. 🙂

  10. Let it go. As configured the CONUS Empire has no reason to exist other than inertia.
    Even people putatively of the same ethnic group have so little in common that they have no reason to share a polity.
    The trick is figuring out how to do this without a bloodbath and if we can manage that and the nations that follow can be kept culturally and where wanted ethnically homogeneous and within their own borders than we can have a measure of peace.
    The hell of it is, doing this is far easier than actually fixing the US as is.

  11. God, people are stupid.

    Now people don’t understand that if you are using the symbol of something you hate to protest policies that you believe are reflective of that thing you hate, that does not mean that displaying that symbol is approval of that symbol.

    The particular point of the protest is irrelevant to me, although I think it was kind of dumb and the outcome is predictable given my low impression of the intelligence of the general population.
    But I can’t help get a little riled up that nobody involved with this article seems to understand that using a Swastika as part of a protest against Nazi policies doesn’t make you a Nazi. Instead there is just this knee-jerk reaction at the mere sight of the symbol and tacit approval of violence at the sight of said symbol that indicates to me that the people angry at this are so stupid as to barely qualify as sentient.

    At least, you would think the newspaper columnist could be expected to step back from the issue a couple breaths and think “What was this couple actually trying to say? [It’s explicitly stated] And, given that, do these actual anti-Nazis deserve to be punched and censured?”

    Of course, the columnist disagrees with their stand — opposition to mask-wearing mandates — so that makes them the literal Nazis in her personal morality play despite the quite obvious facts to the contrary.

    Sometimes room temperature IQs just make me really angry.


    • Kids in the 50’s-60’s whose parents actually fought in Europe received less gaslighting about Nazis than the later generations who’ve grown up on the Hollywood version.

      I remember the “honorable Wehrmacht” guy was a trope in films even in the 80’s, played off against “ebil SS man.”

      Now everything anyone dislikes is “literally Hitler.” The moral crayon box is down to 2 colors.

      In the end, it benefits us because it leaves no middle ground. If it’s a choice between being a dhimmi shitlib or ebil Nazi, enough Whites are eventually going to pick Nazi that we can turn this clown car around on a long timeline.

      • See my comment to Karl Horst about my husband’s godfather. Literal Nazi and honorable American soldier, both. No contradiction.

        • The earlier comment about dumbing down/polarization is apt. Even I could understand the difference between Wehrmacht and SS officer, just reading an old (literally in the literal sense 😀 ) post-world-war-II novel, The ODESSA File if I recall.

      • Yeah, my Dad fought in Europe and I didn’t get lectured about the Nazis. In fact, during the end of the war when German units were out of food and ammo and turning themselves in, my Dad regarded them as decent people — they could be trusted to behave after a surrender, not try to kill him when they had a chance. I have an old photo of my Dad on a horse leading a whole platoon of German soldiers. Just him and one buddy.

    • Yeah, it’s usually a mistake to assume people are bright enough to understand your meaning and intent.

  12. Too many people still think we can vote our way out of this. “If we can just drag Trump over the finishline in November, then the Cultural Marxists will see that the Silent Majority has the real power,” say my normie Trumptard friends every day.

    Frankly, I’m all for dragging Trump over the finishline one more time, but only because I figure I could use the extra four years to strengthen my fortress, expand my local network, and stock more supplies. The Progressives are going to get total Federal control at some point, if not this year then in 2024. Whenever it happens, things will get super ugly.

    • No one knows what would happen if Trump gets reelected, it’s beyond anyone’s level of knowledge, considering current crisis it would be a historical event. it might break country apart.

      • The oppression will be cranked up to 11 if Trump is re-elected, and ironically it could theoretically result in a relatively non-violent dissolution of the nation. This assumes the re-election even would be recognized, which is doubtful. Normies have to realize every election result, sham or real, will carry with it actual potential danger from this point forward. There is no political solution at this point. I suspect the last outburst of democracy, which was by accident, in 2016 will be this nation’s last.

    • Nixon won reelection in a landslide in 1972. Reagan won reelection in a landslide in 1984. George W. Bush won reelection handily, but not in a landslide in 2004. Trump will be lucky to squeak by via the Electoral College. There seems to be a trend here.

  13. As one of the senior pessimsts here, even if only one of the junior intellects 🤔 the duty falls upon me to repeat the famous sayings:
    We all know “History does not repeat, but it often rhymes.”
    But, for the Pessimist, here’s the more important but lesser known: “The only thing we learn from history is that we fail to learn from history.”
    Broadly speaking, I think both of these hold true. 🙁
    Whatever great military and other accomplishments Nazi Germany may have achieved, whatever undoubted mastery of history their professors may have had, apparently the German High Command was unaware of how Napoleon fared when he invaded Russia only 140 years earlier 😀
    Memo to future would-be despots: It is not a good thing when there is a massive exodus of your best and brightest, even if some of them were of ethnic or political persuasions you do not approve of.
    As often the case, another great essay from Z. Can I add anything? Maybe only what should be obvious: that a person or a people, at any given point, judge their surroundings by only their own knowledge, including of history. Further, there are cognitive biases (and errors) always operative: availability bias, recency bias, and many more. Critical thinking, and of course a knowledge of history and other fields helps. What seems reasonable, rational or radical to the average citizen varies greatly just by country, how much more so by era? Another common fault (I event learnt this is college history): it is grossly unfair to judge an ancient society by today’s knowledge, or — especially — moral standards. E.g while most modern societies are horrified by slavery, it did in fact exist including in our own society, still does exist in some places, and distateful as it is, the types of servitude, how slaves were treated, and so on, varies enormously. For example, based on my very sketchy world history, I would much rather have been a slave in ancient Greece or Rome, than of colonial Americas era.

    • We can learn a couple of lessons from history. 1 Don’t invade Russia. 2 Don’t invade Afghanistan. Thus far America may have forgotten lesson 2, but lesson 1 is the big one.

      • But if we don’t invade, how shall we secure our Vodka and Opium supplies? 😀
        Movie suggestion that combines both countries (not USA): “The Beast,” an unsual war movie about a Soviet tank unit occupation force.

  14. Adolf Hitler once said, “There is nothing new under the sun. There are just new ways of expressing the same ideas.”

    Hitler was just ripping off the Bible, Ecclesiastes:

    That which has been is that which will be,

         And that which has been done is that which will be done.

         So there is nothing new under the sun.

    Is there anything of which one might say,

         “See this, it is new”?

         Already it has existed for ages

         Which were before us.

    There is no remembrance of earlier things;

         And also of the later things which will occur,

         There will be for them no remembrance

         Among those who will come later still.

    Or was that a joke? Because I can’t find Hitler saying anything like that. Maybe you’re just being too subtle for me.

    • I believe that was Zman’s point. There is nothing new under the sun, and you can go back many years (thousands of years, in fact) and find the same things being said. Maybe he said it, maybe he didn’t, but you (like many) no doubt recognized the Biblical reference.

      • The problem is that if you wanted to show this essay to a normal person, the first sentence is a Hitler quote.

        • So just to help out, this is a little piss take that Z does from time to time with famous quotes but purposefully misattributing them to Hitler for the lulz.

          However– I do agree that even printing the name under any condition sends most everyone left & right into apoplexy and spasms so its probably not the best joke front & center on your website. But I ‘get it’ and have a very dark and cynical sense of humor so I still find it comical.

    • I don’t know, but that doesn’t sound like Hitler to me.
      I could be wrong, but I think Z Man meant that facetiously.

    • Ecclesiastes was always my favorite book of the Bible. Primarily because it resonates deeply my innate German pessimism. It is in fact, at least in my (which probably means somebody else’s) opinion, the most pessimistic work therein. Also the source of sundry fine quotes. “To everything there is a season…” and the famous “Eat, drink, and be merry…”. It’s a short easy read, but useless, like chasing the wind 😀

  15. When looking at regime changes the U.S. and friends have backed in recent history, the unrest continues until there’s violence, then the violence continues until the destabilization brings about complete regime change or war in the country, which is referred to as “civil war” by media but is really the law-abiding patriot majority trying to fight off the offending regime-changers to re-gain control of their country. Many of the brave patriots are killed off while the regime-change side has big money and unlimited mercenaries to continue the fight until they get ‘er done. Infrastructure, economy, schools, institutions all stop functioning, either destroyed or no longer functioning in the madness. The media is complicit, reporting the regime-change side’s view to the world as objective truth, “official history” unfolding.

    Once the country is softened up, destabilized from unrest, fighting and death, confused from media lies that sow chaos, the people and interests backing the regime change install a puppet they can all agree on. The media continues in their role as official storyteller, facilitating the way for the regime changers and hiding their crimes by denying they exist or not reporting on them. The sociopathic regime changers assume control of governance, such as it is. In the destabilized state, things occur like disappearances of patriots and Christians, killed to have their organs harvested with the benefit of permanently silencing them and scaring their compatriots, though not reported by mainstream media. The memory remains a festering sore that the patriots whisper about to each other. The world ignores it because the mainstream media does not legitimize such “paranoid conspiracy theories.”

    In some European countries, the people are passive enough to allow regime change without total destabilization and war, probably because they know the score and want to live. But in the middle east and Africa, they fight (in vain) to keep their countries.

    In any case, it may take years but it will not take decades. Though horrific rule may continue God knows how long. The sociopathic leadership of today is in a hurry (as more and more White people wake up and reject neoliberal globalism) and want their rewards sooner rather than later. They have no regard for life. So many Americans have guns and will be so pissed off that I fear there will be lots of violence here as patriots fight to keep our country.

    Poor Trump is too nice, he wanted to restore the USA to a better time, but that USA is dead and gone now that we’ve filled it with brown and black savages and brainwashed several generations of White Americans. He may not have within him the authoritarian strongman that we need to effect a right-wing authority to tamp down and destroy the regime changers. Even if he did, the military is filled with foreign browns and blacks who may be in favor of the regime change, so would they even obey POTUS? If he had the stones, he could call on White American patriots to rise up with their weapons but I don’t see him doing that. He didn’t even purge the White House, government and institutions of these creeps!

    • If he had the stones, he could call on White American patriots to rise up with their weapons but I don’t see him doing that.
      Quick question would you do that seeing the state of white america today…I think he has the stones he just knows that if he did do that not enough would answer the call and he would be killed or the very least tossed in prison for the rest of his life…Put yourself in his shoes you don’t take that big of risk if you are not sure of the odds of doing so…

      • I get it and I think you’re right. I sympathize with Trump! But right now, the USA and the west are all at stake. Trump would be a leader for the ages if he threw himself and his family’s legacy to chance and assumed role of a strongman to save the White people, culture, civilization. There must be 10s of millions of White people tuned in to the reality of this moment who would fight with Trump to achieve dominance. That would be enough to pull it off if the problems were attacked intelligently. The Bolsheviks represented some 10% of public in Russia and yet they pulled it off, changing the course of White people’s destiny. They had the will and organization and money backing from rich men with little hats.

        • The Bolsheviks represented some 10% of public in Russia and yet they pulled it off, changing the course of White people’s destiny. They had the will and organization and money backing from rich men with little hats.

          The had one important ingredient that without it they would of failed and that was collective action working towards a goal…

      • If he did that. the wise move would be to call on “Traditional Americans” easy out on the inevitable charges by talking about Family, community, self-reliance etc rather than race.

      • I would. If he laid out the coup attemp, and said marshal in washington. I would load up the old subarau. Of course, i would worry greatly that it was a charlottesville-like trap.

  16. Social collapse comes when the majority stops accepting the legitimacy of the system and the authority of those in charge of it. 

    We are there now. Arguably, we have been there at least since the Ruling Class refused to accept the results of the 2016 election, which no doubt will be remembered as the last burst of democracy in the United States. The real proof of post-collapse Empire is found in the utility of domestic terrorism as a political weapon. Political violence will become a permanent feature until dissolution or a functional dictatorship is established over contiguous swaths of the nation. The first dissolutions will be the de facto separation of the various states. The first intra-Empire battles will be to try to force separated states back into one entity. These are battles the Empire will lose after a point.

    The Ruling Class is desperately trying to repackage the system with new monuments and rituals and laws, but it is a battle they already have lost to the hordes they invited. Throwing the White working class into the volcano just made the Gods hungrier. In the next decade or two, factions of the elites will be openly at war with one another due to economic collapse and will use different factions of the Coalition of the Fringes as proxies, and possibly forge alliances with the People’s Republic of China for advantage. The current White majority, for the most part, will be observers and occasional collateral damage.

    The Silent Minority will be the last to accept collapse because it clings to notions of a nation long dead. Whites better start to cloister even closer to one another and break dependence on the United States economy to the greatest extent possible. Survival will mean giving up illusions even a semblance of the past political and social structures remain viable.

  17. The present lunacy is simply an extension of the madness of the 60s. The intellectual lineage, of course, traces back to Marcuse and Adorno, who begat Derrida and Foucault, who spawned the student radicals and the New Left. Underpinning the above was and is anti-white racism. And anti-white racism is the mainspring of this decades-long cultural revolution. The revolution itself waxes and wanes, but it has never disappeared. Right now we are experiencing an anti-white conflagration into which the powerful are pouring great quantities of kerosene. The resulting holocaust will ultimately consume what we persist in calling “America.” If this instantiation doesn’t incinerate the shining seas and fruited plains, the next one assuredly will.

      • Of course, the Foucault to whom referring is postmodern mandarin Michel Foucault who died in the 80s or early 90s, probably of AIDS. Incidentally, there’s a novel by Umberto Eco called Foucault’s Pendulum. It’s excellent. You should read it.

  18. Our leaders act like our society is industructible because they are isolated from it. As Tucker has pointed out, these people are so isolated they don’t even know what goes on out of D.C. i the surrounding countryside.
    For example, Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago has 200 cops surrounding her neighborhood to ensure reality does not impinge of her.
    What’s worse people like her, Pelosi, Newsome, Cuomo, etc. HATE US and the country. They make it quite clear through the policies they support they want the eradication of the white race(except for their class).
    Look at the edicts from governrs on denyng HCQ prescriptions to doctors or how BigTech is muzzling doctors who don’t take the party line. They want to use Covid-19 as a club to beat our society into the ground and it’s working.

    • Newsom, Cuomo, Pelosi, Lightfoot, all of these people are power mongers who hate the country. But they’re not the problem. The problem is and has always been on the right, and what it has allowed over the decades, and now continues to allow without so much as even a whimper. A right wing that, like Norman Bates, sits with its dead mother (Muricah) in the rocking chair. Talks to her mummified corpse, as the world burns. If they ever did see the truth they would find another lie to hide behind, with someone like Sean Hannity repeating it like a broken record.

      • The problem is and has always been on the right, and what it has allowed over the decades, and now continues to allow without so much as even a whimper.
        Oh I think there is plenty of whimpering going just look at the comments here…I agree it’s the right who’s the problem in that it can’t band together and have a common goal that it’s working towards instead it’s just internal bickering and cutting the legs out from one another…It’s up in the air if we can do it before it all crashes down but I’m going to give it my best shot…Who’s with me???

  19. America failed the moment they symphatized with the jews(WW2), country was lost.
    God punishes USA people for allying themselves with the jews in WW2. Dumb fucks fought against their own to further jewish interersts.

  20. Anyone who still has faith in the system is a complete idiot. Actually, they always were, but back then the system worked for them. They could retire on fat defined benefits pensions and buy a Winnebago. They had cabins by the lake. They had a standard of living that was fine. So why not believe the lies? Today there’s no incentive to believe the lies. It’s all stick and no carrot.
    Things will only change when the government can no longer pay low level functionaries to enforce the law. All the terrible laws will be there, they’ll just be ignored, like something out of Africa or South America. We’re already a used up country, we just need that final dollar crisis to change things.

  21. America as we knew it collapsed in those halcyon hallucinogenic 1960’s as a generation gassed on hopium jammed trillions of Great Society gibs and millions of Not-So-Great Society people into America’s veins. Civil non-White rights in 1964, Hart-Celler immigration in 1965.

    Lady Liberty then staggered around the party removing articles of clothing and dancing with herself in the corner for a couple of decades until Billy Zipper got her into the guest bedroom with his (((frat))) buddies in 1992.

    After 8 years of “not rape-rape,” the Two Jeffs (Billy Jeff & Epstein) tricked her out as Lady Libertine to an increasingly seedy cast of fellow travellers – Chinamen, Con, Inc. grifters, vulture capitalists, before she finally rolled coal in 2008.

    Broken and neglected by Gay Mulatto, trapped for another 8 degrading years in the most one-sided loveless interracial marriage since Michael & Lisa Marie, Lady Libertine bottomed out (albeit not as much as her “husband,” who was more interested in playing with Reggie Love’s “house of cards”).

    Finally, as is his wont, Dradle Blormpf scraped her off the sidewalk, MAGA’d up her rack and got her a bleach-job. But he’s more interested in jungle love & KimK’s juicy-booty.

    Played out & past retirement age, Lady Please Stay With Me (more shady than lady at this stage) is down to flashing her dusty cleavage to Jeet reply-guys on OnlyFans.

    Next step – marry an old Jew for adrenochrome access – or maybe just push one of his needles in and make the pain stop forever.


    (Arthur Sackler and his widow)

    • All of these white-supremacists, nazis, anti-semites, general racists, white “nationalists”, and other white “domestic terrorists” that we are constantly being told are a threat to our democracy lol, and yet not one of these violent and dangerous and well organized (so much so that you are more likely to spot a bigfoot on a chairlift at Vail) raciss bible and gun clinging crazies has snuffed out any one of dozens of high profile globopedo agents. Fascinating. I guess the FBI is that good!

    • Damn, Exile! You have a future as a tabloid writer maybe. Z, look out, you got competition here 🙂

  22. This is not the future I was promised. This is the dystopian future I was warned about.

  23. I dont know enough about the french revolution or the 70s revolution but what I do know about the Bolshevik revolution presents a stark contrast to todays: the early 20th century russian revolutionaries had something to be upset about, something real, which was surfed like a wave to power. They were paying too much on land that provided too little, they were being slaughtered in the streets by their government, etc.

    Something youll notice today if charity is your thing is how well off even the poorest among us are. Give a $20 bill to a vagrant and theyll immediately run to the liquor store or their crack dealer. Their problem isnt poverty, its addiction.

    Our revolution, like most everything else in America, is plastic and fake. These people all have enough, often more than enough, to eat. They have electronics, they have liesure time, and in short they have things kings couldnt even dream of 500 years ago. I cant prove it, but this revolution seems completely manifactured, either top dow organized and funded or it is just the nihilistic end result of minds reduced to animalistic tendencies by ideologies designed to make rational thought impossible. Idk.

    Hitler may have been right that there is nothing new under the sun, in some sense. But in another he is wrong: about 500 years ago the ecclesial authority was dealt a deathblow by the protestants. Then more slowly and piecemeal the monarchy was torn down, then ruthless power grabs were made in russia and elsewhere that exploited the weakness of the monarchy and the genuine problems of The People. These power grabs at least left the people somewhat in tact and after the new powers collapsed it gave the people a tenuous immunity to the old ways of grabbing power.

    Now, the power grabs destroy the people themselves potentially leaving no one left over to be immune to anything when it inevitably collapses.

    We can see a general trend of development, and if im right the immediate question occurs: can humanity survive the current power grab? If it does, can it survive whatever way power is grabbed next?

    I cant imagine what is worse than an ascendant political party methodically ethnically cleansing its own people. But history says until we reverse the errors of all of these revolutions going back around 500 years, we will see something that is even more effective, even more pernicious than that. Whats the limiting principal here?

  24. I was watching a documentary on Woodstock the other day. I didn’t know much about it. The organizers screwed up every aspect of it. It was a total failure in every way it could have been. One of the many failures was they didn’t have any food. It was planned by hippies and they are total screw ups and didn’t plan to feed people for 3 days. They also ran out of medicine. They hired a bunch of “traveling commune” communists/anarchists to handle security. Society around them had to rescue their dumb asses. The towns people had to donate food and the military had to fly in medicine and medical supplies for all the injuries, heat stroke and the like. The festival would have bankrupted the founders if not for a film and soundtrack that ended up getting released.
    The surrounding society did a perfect job of allowing this thing to end without all the problems their lousy planning would have caused.
    The dumb hippies instead of learning their lessons and thanking God for the generosity of the people they hated, instead gave themselves the credit of doing such a good job. Like today, they are patting themselves on the back for destroying society, completely oblivious to the fact that it was only the strength of the society they hated that has allowed them to live a life of comfort while they destroyed the larger society. Like Woodstock, everyone else has to pay the price for their stupidity and recklessness.

    • As a mid boomer (‘56), I couldn’t stand those long haired faggots. Every time I saw a VW van with its goddamned peace sign, I wanted to run it off the road.

      • My dad, rest his soul, was a silent but attended college later in life so he got the pleasure of the dirty hippie ‘movement’ while also working nights and supporting us kids. Decades later and he still wouldn’t hide his disgust when reminiscing – or confronted by some new iteration of louse. When the hippie crap echoed through our generation he would often remind us that not everyone was a filthy hippie commie and that if there was one way to disappoint him it was to take up that charade. My hair has been high and tight ever since.

      • The people who were driving them then because they were so cheap have run the prices up to close 100k for a fully restored 18 window version. I couldn’t imagine paying more than $500 for one of those horrible things. There is literally a thin piece of sheet metal between the bumper of an SUV, their legs and seat. No air conditioning, 56 horsepower and manual everything.
        Society should have put these people in jail when they were kids. More importantly, the people running the colleges should have expelled every single one them and fired every leftist professor. The “greatest” generation was in charge in the 60s. They utterly failed us.

        • Greatest generation grew up in the depression and fought a world war. The tank was empty.

          • I don’t buy that. Even a decade ago when I was tried to mention to my early silent gen mother that things were falling apart, she scoffed. She looked around at the plenty she had experienced in her adult life and said I had no clue, because when she was young she lived through the Depression and WWII. It’s not that their tanks were empty, it’s that they got theirs and retreated from the field.

        • Tars, they were far too late to do much even then. Go back at least to the early 1900s when all the small-hatted communists and anarchists (some of them Italian and Irish as well) were still streaming in. Those immigrants and their children had already filled up a huge % of college spots in the ’30s; WWII and its aftermath just cemented the mix. This has been generations in the making and there’s ample blame to go around.

          • That was my point. The boomers were an effect, not a cause. All those immigrants voted for FDR who basically overturned the entire legal profession by appointing every supreme court justice by 1945 and thousands of federal judges. This not only re-made the courts, but all of the prestige of the institution of law was turned progressive and that put progressives in charge of the schools and bars. It was one of the major seeds of destruction. Of course, all of this was enabled by foreigners ignoring our traditions and re-electing him 3 times. FDR would have done a lot less damage had he not been elected in 1940. The world would be a completely different place if not FDR. He also turned the presidency into a spectacle. But, FDR could not have been elected if only Americans could vote or if there was no voting by anyone.

      • As a 4th and 5th grader (’58) required to wear dresses to elementary school I used to watch the girls walk to and from high school in flip flops, low cut bell-bottomed jeans, and bikini tops. I hadn’t a clue about politics, but even then knew they were a different species.

    • At Woodstock boomers cheered for New Age.
      Here’s your new age: whores, robots, white hatting immigrants & vaccines.

    • And hippies that they were, these were 99% White, middle class, many university educated (or in progress). In other words, white, educated does not prevent stupid mass behaviors 🙂

  25. Trump does “occasionally tweet something stupid,” but he also, occasionally, says things that show how smart he is, such as:


  26. Meanwhile the neocons are trying to get us in war with china. The Mark Adams suicide really blackpilling me.

    • At this point, I don’t believe America is capable of winning any wars against any country.

    • I’ve actually been thinking about this since the Corona lockdowns got going. I thought; this is going to be such a huge disaster and lead to so much unemployment, financial chaos, and social unrest, that the elite will be unable to address it all. As Z pointed out the Left’s “demands” are silly and incoherent. One can’t even figure out how to capitulate to them. The elite might want to just say, “OK, we relent, we’ll abolish systemic racism and white privilege.” What does that even mean though? It doesn’t mean anything because those were just slogans used to rile up the rabble. It’s like agreeing to arrest Santa Claus and his elves.

      What is the endgame play then? There’s really only one that comes to mind and that’s a war. A big war, a war that focuses everyone’s attention squarely on the war effort no matter what other grievances they have.

      • The endgame is:

        1. No cash- all transactions trackable through banks.
        2. You can be turned off at any time.
        3. Internal travel documents,
        4. Less ownership-a rental society.
        5. Brave New World meets 1984.- Polymorphous Perversion, Mandated drug use ( So called Vaccinations will include psychotropic components) Perpetual war.

        In a word: Feudalism..

    • In some ways, a war with China would actually be a good thing if you are an accelerationist. That is the black swan event that could collapse this house of cards straight away.

      America hasn’t fought a near peer conflict since dubya dubya two and today’s fighting force is a fraction of the grit and toughness that got that done. China would wipe the floor with us because of this and that may be what we need if it can trigger an economic domino effect. The US military is one of the last functional things left in this nation but once that bubble is popped what is left?

      • Once the military’s image-bubble pops, the US is going to get pushed around geo-politically like never before.

        My money’s been on Taiwan for that – we will back down and let China have it (which we should anyway) – but if we were smart we’d lay the propaganda foundation for “letting them” have it. Instead some jignat stooge like Pompeo is going to talk Trump-tier trash and then have to back down in humiliation.

        Israel’s not liking the fact that their last go-round with Hezbollah didn’t pan out as the usual IDF fan-fiction either. The last thing they want to see is their big goy golem get humiliated at the same time the Persians and others are starting to take their measure.

        Interesting times.

        • The climb down would start immediately after the Cloud People’s preferred domestic pads–NYC and D.C. and LA–realized their bacon very well might be microwaved right along with the lumpenproletariat. China (or Iran, once it has the capacity) would not think twice about nuking the Empire if either thought it was in a losing position. The last may be hypothetical as the Empire’s traditional Southern and Midwestern White cannon fodder is starting to see the absurdity of military service for our Greatest Ally, although the revealed cowardice and hypocrisy would be a good thing for the rest of the nation to see and experience.

          • Unlike the nations tied to the religion of Peace, the Chinese are not suicidal. Which is why they’ve bought everything they can get their hands on.
            But it will be interesting how long they can hold on to it when nations like Greece, Montenegro and most of the African Continent default and refuse to give up their roads and harbors.

          • Couple of points.

            Prior to its normalization of relations with the United States, China frequently bragged due to the population disparity it could survive a nuclear exchange. They meant it. The PRC now is wealthy and people have material things, but its national policy of nukes on the table never was never taken off.

            Foreign loan default is a feature and not a bug for China in many cases. In fact, it may be a goal. Many of these countries have secured their loans with precious metals and other scarce resources. China has a strategic base in Djibouti and plans to expand throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean. Military advantage is an obvious reason. Loan enforcement is a less obvious reason.

            I don’t know, when it comes down to it, how much the Religion of Submission would be willing to die en masse due to their faith. But Iran, unlike the Arabs, has a proud history of military superiority and that, blended with martyrdom, might make it more prone to let the birds fly than some shithole like Bahrain.

          • The Three Gorges Dam is probably a bigger risk to China than the U.S. military 🙂

    • I’m really hoping someone killed him and they’re just covering it up. I’m hoping so much that I’m just going to assume it’s true.

    • If Adams killed himself, that is very sad. He was as badass as a civnat could be. He had been under enormous social pressure for decades.

      The reason I question whether it was a suicide it that he had just won a half million from UNC. That’s not the kind of money that makes you set for life, but it is a big cushion. He could have gone on vacation for a year and put all the turmoil behind him.

    • That was a punch in the gut to me. After all that he stood firm through, he couldn’t recover from the obloquy that tweeting ‘massa’ brought upon him. It must have been overwhelming. And then, too, I saw him as a fellow committed Christian. I would not kill myself. That shows how despondent he must have been.
      I read David French’s piece about him (I know… but French was Adams’ attorney in the seven-year lawsuit they won against Adams’ employer). French’s Christianity is as faithful as his conservatism: he expects to see Adams in heaven.

  27. Great essay. I think it gives people a false degree of comfort that insanity can be checked by voting for Trump in November by citing what happened in 1968. We’re in a new world and most whites are simply unwilling to do what is necessary. They can guffaw about Minneapolis burning to the ground and think that they can do nothing about it and those lib snowflakes will just have to suck it up! Then they get laid off or passed over on promotions and aren’t able to put two and two together. Or hear about how their nephew got beaten by non-whites at school and when his mother complains to the principal she gets a lecture about white privilege.

    I like to make fun of the “I just wanna grill” set and how they are in utter denial of reality but the anti-white institutional creep is going to be pervasive in the 2020s. The suburban dad who tries to lay low and build up his 401k is going to have to make some tough decisions in the next few years. Then you get to hear the “how did this happen?” despite decades of warnings.

    • The suburban dad who tries to lay low and build up his 401k is going to have to make some tough decisions in the next few years.
      A 401k that probably won’t even be there because they took it to pay reparations…A lot of boomers are going to get the shock of their life when SS payments get halved and their 401k gets robbed or goes to zero…Sad thing is they won’t be able to do anything about it at that point…

      • Exactly this. Laying low might be a strategy for physical security but unless you are entirely out of traditional banking, the cow gets bled.
        Don’t forget the Greek banks gave their depositors a haircut. And in a moment it was forgotten.

        • Cyprus too, IIRC.

          The last 10 years have seen dramatic acceleration that most guys my age and certainly older don’t seem to appreciate.

          The pace of crisis, chaos and the downward spiral doesn’t look to plateau, much less slow, as Xers become our Global Village Elders.

          And apres moi generation, le deluge of Millennial ascendancy. With even less functional Zoomers to follow.

          The next few decades are going to be lit AF for civil unrest and revolution. Make sure you’ve got some cooler space available to take shift breaks from the revo.

          And start birthing and raising a functional proud generation of White kids who can reconquer the remnants and ruins.

          • raising a functional proud generation of White kids who can reconquer the remnants and ruins.

            YES. I’m doing it for the children! Funny, no funny.
            My kids are going to own the ashes…and they will thrive and rebuild (and propigate well). I hope enough documentation remains that they’ll have the wisdom of battle that destroyed everything but them.

            I always appreciate Charles Hugh Smith’s take

            The foundations are collapsing, but by all means, please keep your eye on the decaying corpses: didn’t an eyelid flicker in that one? I could swear that one moved its foot…

          • I’ve read some of his stuff – good at spotting fundamental problems with our system, not sold on his solutions necessarily though.

          • Same with me.

            One exception to his diagnosis: his adverting to the independent contractor issue as one example of Wall Street exploiting the lumpen-proles.

            Wall Street does not, as a matter of practice, compensate its worker bees as independent contractors.

            The financialized behemoths do not need to do so whereas fledgling, struggling enterprises need to do so. For the latter, the difference between survival and shuttering their businesses very often is compensating their workers as independent contractors instead of as employees with all of the attendant burdens so enthusiastically championed by the ((( former ))).

        • And in a moment it was forgotten.

          Well definitely forgotten by those it didn’t affect but I wonder how many have died or went of the deep end because of it…

      • As recently as April 2017, when those great defenders of order and financial independence, the Republicans, controlled the House, a plan was put on the table to tax 401k’s in the same way as Roths–make at least some of the contributions taxable on the front end. It was abandoned due to the uproar. It is almost guaranteed this will happen soon, to be followed by outright confiscations ’cause “you didn’t build dat, Tyrone and Taneisha built that!”

        • Yea and wait until they just take it all and offer you a guaranteed income controlled by the government… Probably be implemented after the great crash when they offer you government bonds that will be equal to the amount of what you had in there before the crash…All those retiree’s and those close to retirement will jump on it gladly…

          • Powell used to Fed to snap up bonds and securities across the spectrum. The implosion will have to be more controlled as a result but, yeah, there will be a calculated crash followed by a bond-backed UBI.

          • Good reason to put some of your wealth into off the radar forms, while you still can.

        • There is consistency in their telegraphing their next punch. They don’t let up. I’ll give them that. Evil with infinite energy. I know the side I choose.

          • They are so confident now they don’t even try to hide many of these power grabs.

      • This is what I see coming, confiscation of assets. Remember they had to pass Obamacare to see what was in it. Here they’ll have to ransack the bank accounts for the public to see what was in the bill. You think the media would tell us ahead of time?

  28. The French Revolution was a peasant revolt. It wasn’t much distinguished beyond that, though perhaps much more successful in decapitating its ruling head.

    • The French Revolution was a peasant revolt…carefully choreographed in the salons of Paris by mid-level bureaucrats.

  29. Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.”?

    I’ll probably catch some flak for this, but for better or worse boomers have been the moderating inertia that has kept the country from completely falling apart. Because they have memories of when the country used to work, they’ve kept civic nationalism and civic liberalism floating in the polity.

    But as boomers retire and pass away, the last vestiges of centrism will die with them, and the much more radicalized majority nonwhite younger generations will tear this country apart. So while this means we’ll have fewer arguments with civnats who “just don’t get it”, we’ll also face an uphill battle with the majority of remaining people who will be fanatically anti-white. Contrary to our wishful thinking, most Zoomers are not “based.” Once boomers start passing away, it’ll be more like a 20% silent minority on our side against a loud, active and deadly 80% anti-white majority.

    Twenty years from now, with all the civic nationalist and moderate liberal baggage dead along with any memories of a functioning country, with Xers heading to nursing homes and with majority nonwhite Millennials, Zoomers and young Alphas seeking racial revenge, we’re going to see conflict and balkanization that will make us nostalgic for the current riots.

    • I agree with you. The loss of the Boomers is going to be the beginning of the end. A lot of people assume that 60% white thing is across society. It is not. We’re very top heavy. Boomers are 80-85% white, gen-X less and Millennials even less. White Zoomers are not the majority.

      • I bet that’s largely a reflection of immigration. Haven’t done the research, but if the stories of declining minority birth rates are true, it needn’t be a permanent trend. Whites could hit bottom and rebound as POCs are being ground down by modernity. We could be living through the inflection point right now and not realize it.

        • Whites could hit bottom and rebound as POCs are being ground down by modernity.

          I’m just staying out of the grinder..that’s a strategy. Winner goes to the last man (race) standing.

        • No, it’s not from immigration. I’ve repeated this endlessly at numerous fora to no avail. Trump could have stopped all immigration on day 1 of his administration and it would not have mattered. The age of the White 55% compared to the nonWhite 45% plus the majority of non-White kids aged 1-20 means a White minority however you slice it. Immigration has no bearing on this at all.

          • In the last 40 years? In my lifetime this country was over 80% white with 100 million fewer people. It’s been an almost unbelievable shift— and not due to fertility alone. These trends develop over decades.

          • Same here. Everyone bashed Merkel for the immigration issue back in 2015. Truth is,the ongoing influx of southern and eastern people into Europe started immediately after WW2 and hasn’t stopped. Paris didn’t turn into a no-go zone over night.

            It’s been happening for decades and will continue to do so regardless of immigration policies or quotas. They simply replace themselves, and non-reproducing whites, at a faster rate.

            It’s simple math on a logarithmic scale.

        • There used to be a genetic survival benefit to intelligence. That is no longer the case. I’m one of five, my wife is one of eight. At a recent Thanksgiving, our generation had more Degrees than kids.

        • The birth rates alone are a problem, but they don’t capture all of the immigration too.

          If not for immigration, I really don’t think birth rates would be all that important, at least not in the long term. Birth rates can be turned around in one generation. Replacing your people with foreigners is not easily reversed.

          • I agree, but if the newcomers start having fewer kids there’s an opportunity. Even more than that— a demand. Nature abhors a vacuum. As one declines, another increases. These things happen for one reason or another, but ultimately they happen because they had to.

    • Well, it’ll be tough as a hated minority, but at least the “us versus them” battle lines will be a lot clearer once all the centrist distractions are dead.

      For one thing, generational divisions and generational politics will fade away. Generational culture is found among whites only; nonwhites don’t have it. Even among whites, it only emerged after WW2 when enough white people became rich enough to start expressing trends in music, fashion, TV, etc.

      As whites become a minority and as the entire country becomes poorer and more dysfunctional as a result, expect generational politics to disappear in favor of groups coalescing around race and ethnicity, as is already the case in the rest of the third world where different ethnicities unwillingly bound together under arbitrary pseudo-national—but actually imperial—boundaries periodically massacre each other.

      On the plus side, it’s going to be a lot easier for us to promote white ethnocentrism: shrinking numbers of whites will have no choice but to practice it, even as there’ll still be some suicidal whites a la South Africa. On the negative side, there will be a nonwhite majority out for blood.

      The big asterisk wild card is the Hispanic portion of that nonwhite majority: since they’re not leaving the country (let’s just admit that’s the reality; there will never be deportations), it remains to be seen if whites and Hispanics will gradually fuse into a kind of mocca pauper class. If this happens, racial conflict might actually only be brief, followed by a long period of relatively quiet stagnation along the lines of Brazil and the southern cone of South America. The reason being is that the majority mocca class would quickly stamp out the black golem—as is already the case in LA—and either assimilate the sprinkling of other minorities—Asians, Jews, Arabs, Indians—into positions of power or sort of softly and gradually push them out of the country.

      We could go either the way of South Africa or Argentina depending on how our soon-to-be Hispanic majority evolves and flexes its demographic weight. If they flex, blacks will be wiped out and the few who survive elsewhere will pine for the days they got guilty whites to coddle them. If for whatever reason Hispanics don’t flex or they fail to become a dominant demographic weight, South Africa is the future since blacks will continue to be an effective Jewish golem. I have a feeling the former situation is more likely.

    • Yes, and those “2nd generation” or older immigrants who grow up in our school systems really hate us. 1st gen is not always “anti-white” but the 2nd gen really despise us.

      Good illustration: my neighborhood is about 70% non-white. The retirement home in my area is, as far as I can tell, 100% white. I wonder what the old folks think as they walk through a park packed with brown people. Was it worth it, in the end, for higher house prices?

      And yes, Gen X was the first generation where childlessness was common. They are FUCKED as they hit the nursing homes.

      • I have a Glock and a bottle of scotch as nursing home insurance. Penciled into my calendar around 2063.

      • Your comment about the second generation of immigrants as being the hostile ones could well be true. I live in a heavily first generation East Asian community. I am happy because the immigrants are orderly and do not bother me, unlike what the upscale Woke Whites might do. But the key seems to be an educational system that turns young people of all races, colors, etc. into monsters (e.g., Sarah Jeong at the New York Times).

        • Yeah, the kids look at their FOB parents are quaint, backwards, white-worshipping, and ‘out of touch’ with the “modern” world. Honestly it’s pretty similar to how urban white liberals feel about their conservative parents still in their hometown.

          FOB Asians will be dropping the n-word every other sentence, casually. No joke, I’ve seen it. Their kids will be yelling about white privilege and BLM.

          1st gen or 2nd gen, they are still not my people but just because Grandpa Chang is nice and quiet doesn’t mean his kids will be.

          • It’s not unheard of for 2nd generation Asian (usually named Alice or some 50’s name) to spread her legs for some black buck just to drive her racist parents (who work 80 hours a week for her new car) crazy. They can be pretty mean to their parents, who sacrificed so much for them.

          • Yep. I knew a 2nd gen Indian girl who had a body count of 35 by age 22 (that’s what she admitted to at least) and had slept with multiple black guys. Drove her parents insane.

            The non-whites absorb the poz just as hard, if not harder than us. That’s why it’s imperative that we fight back for the benefit of our people. We are not the only ones being affected by modernity but we are the only ones with a significant portion pushing back on it.

    • No disagreement, that sounds about right. In fact, the younger you go, the more people seem to expect collapse.

      Otoh younger people seem to me to have a greater sense of collective destiny. They just aren’t very optimistic about it at the moment.

  30. A search in quotes, brings up this blog and nothing else. Just “There is nothing new under the sun” brings up King James Bible.
    The comparison with the American 60s “revolution” is the wrong one. A comparison with the Cultural Revolution in China in the 60s is more accurate.
    We are here now because the “silent majority” completely failed. The fact that the the political class couldn’t control these kids well enough to keep them off streets and to prevent the riots in the first place was a sign of how far they had already fallen and thoroughly the rot had set in. In many ways, the riots in the later half of the 60s was the end of that era and not the beginning. What came next was the long march through the institutions.
    The people who created this monster don’t have to live under it. The 20 somethings of the 2nd half of the 60s are now the 70 somethings. All of the Boomers icons from the 60s not already dead will be dropping like flies through the 2020s.

    • Agree with the comparison to the 1940’s to 1960’s China, rather than Rome (everyone wants it to be the timeless and elegant Rome story, rather than the ugly and relatively trivial China story). In 20th Century China, the country became ungovernable, it turned on itself, and Mao and the student intelligentsia burned everyone and everything down. We are halfway there now.

      • Who is our Mao though? Yes there is someone, or more likely someones, behind the scenes pushing (and funding) all this, but they’re making every effort to remain hidden: a cult without a cult leader if you would. That’s a situation in and of itself that can’t last.

        • I’m over the secret cabal thing. A clique of supper rich supper smart people running the whole show from the basement of the council on foreign relations. It’s just legions of true believers all over the world with the same idea. The “one world order” is the only hope for mankind and the planet.

      • Good insight. Trapped indoors during the dog days of the summer of plague, folks should cue up “The Killing Fields,” a 1984 movie about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to get a taste of their future if BLM triumphs as TPTB lose control. Piles of skulls, lots of skulls.

        • The bald Congresscritter Ayanna Pressley calls blacks “nation-builders” with a straight face (too much Kool-aid) but in reality piles of skulls are the only structures that blacks build. Africa wins!

    • People are demographically illiterate and really do not comprehend just what birth, death, and immigration rates will mean to their lives. The advanced average age of Whites in the West is dramatic; the non-White cohort in the schools is over 50% and growing annually. People who talk in terms of decades have no real comprehension of just how many Whites will be retiring and/or dying over the next 5-10 years, and who is waiting eagerly to take their place.

  31. I used to believe the collapse of America was more in line with the decline of Great Britain after demise of the East India Company and subsequent colonial collapse after WW1.

    However from your commentary, what we are seeing today in America is still more like the fall of Rome than any other revolution and collapse.

    Demographic shifts in the US (and Europe) are as significant a contributing factor today as they were in Rome.

    Internal corruption, moral and ethical decay in Rome was exactly the same. The Vandals are today’s rioters; existing from within and are equally unstoppable.

    While the modern Corporation may not have existed in Rome, the real financial power of Rome was still controlled by a small, wealthy class elite and those they financed and controlled in the senate. Again, same then as now.

    The Praetorian is today’s CIA, FBI and IRS. The purpose of the US military may be slightly different, but as in Rome, we’ve already seen the US government has no problem using them against civilians in line with “…all enemies foreign and domestic.”

    Trump is Marcus Aurelius. Biden is every emperor after him.

    • I suspect the presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump will be seen as Pericles. Those who kept this democratic empire going between the Cold War and some devastating defeat yet to come.

    • UK increased it’s empire after WW1.
      WW2 saw the end of the British empire. Second time around against Doucheland wasn’t so much fun.
      Uk could not afford to sustain its imperium in the face of opposition from the USSR and USA and of course a sense of nationalism in the former imperial provinces.
      What efforts did the British elite make to hold on to their possessions? Not much, certainly nothing like the French in Algeria or Indochina.

      • It’s worth reading “The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy” by Davie Cannadine to understand the full extent of how and why the Island empire came to a grinding halt.
        An entire generation of class, social, political and economic strata was quite effectively obliterated on the fields of France from 1914-1918. What returned home was thereafter taxed into further ruin well into the 1920’s.
        What was left of the British forces to fight in WW2 was later rescued from Dunkirk. The Brits were spent in manpower and money. Twice they showed up to fight and failed. Twice the Americans stepped in to win.
        Why do you think the Brits pulled out of Suez? Because their cousins across the pond said so.

        • An entire generation of class, social, political and economic strata was quite effectively obliterated on the fields of France from 1914-1918.

          In most small villages across England, we have our war memorials for both 1914-18 and the 1939-45 conflict – even in these seemingly insignificant enclaves, the deaths recorded on the memorials are often between 50-100 persons. And these are small villages. And I have noticed in my county that the numbers are always greater for WW1.

          Reading a history of The Raj in India, one sees how Britain, even as early as the 1880s was very concerned about her ability to keep India. Immense turmoil at various flashpoints in Bengal, intrigue and the constant worry (regardless of how likely) of Russian penetration into the Northwest Frontier, as well as European events, all had her worried sick. Even then, the writing was on the wall…

          An interesting parallel between the situation the Indian regime faced and those of current white countries has been in the well meaning education by whites of hostile ethnic entities. In the case of India, the Indian National Congress formed in the mid-1880s, and was made up of educated Indians… The agitation got worse from there, by most accounts I’ve read.

          • I’m no statistician, but I find the argument that the spirit and energy of the West was killed off in WWI and WWII with Whites fighting each other (at the behest of others) to be convincing. And throughout history one can see the locals (alive and educated by Western altruism) turning on, conquering, and/or slaughtering the Whites.

          • I would argue the cemeteries here in Europe from all sides, are filled with soldiers who were heads and shoulders above the average soldier in any military today.
            Their daily lives were just harder and they were mentally and physically better suited for the hardships they had to encounter..
            Today, American soldiers (God bless them) show up in Afghanistan with a BX, Burger King and Playstations.
            Ask a young man in uniform who comes from a military family, who had it harder – their father or grandfather. Odds are good they’ll default to their Grandfather every time.
            Plus soldiers back then knew exactly what they were fighting for and why.
            Today, not so much.

          • An example of heads and shoulders above the rest – my husband’s godfather – born in Germany, emigrated to the US as a child; returned to Germany for school; served in the SS ’43 – ’45, was a US prisoner of war, returned to US, got drafted and fought in Korea, got citizenship restored, made army officer. Met my late father-in-law posted to Germany, served with him in Vietnam. FIL said he was the finest soldier he ever met, bar none.

          • You hit the nail on the head, indeed. In fact, if you just look at the figureheads of the British East India Company and then The Raj, I bet you could follow the steady rise of altruism, the downfall of ruthlessness and white self-interest all the way until the partition… And it’s consequences.

            Does anyone know of a ‘history of altruism’? Would be fascinating to see how such practices arose in both government and business and the effects that they had.

          • The would-be author thought better of writing it, leaving it for some more talented author 😀

          • Your post could be taken two ways, but I take the WW I, II example to mean that sadly, the white man is his own worst enemy!

          • I hope their is enough rage and stubbornness in enough of your countrymen against what your elite is doing to you that they rise up and crush it like a bug…

        • Karl Horst said: “Why do you think the Brits pulled out of Suez? Because their cousins across the pond said so.”

          Peter Hitchens said that that was the incident which signaled that the british empire was finished.

          • The British were still rationing in their own country well into the 1950’s. In many ways, the Brits came out worse than we did. At least Germany got bailed out by the American tax payers. (Danke!)
            I think the Suez was American way of telling the old European order that THEY were the new Global Order whether anyone liked it or not.

          • No doubt. Then bill clinton, when he was prez rubbed salt in the wound by forcing the british government to capitulate to Sinn Féin and the IRA.

      • Seems to me they somehow lassoed the US. We fought for UK interests in 2 European wars, held down the middle east, now we care about Hong Kong for some reason.

        There were benefits in it for the US, still I find it curious how we’ve spent the last 100 years trying to maintain control over the remnants of the British and French Empires

        • Yes, if one didn’t know better, it’d seem as if a cabal of behind-the-scenes manipulators was guiding the USA into places where it had no vital interests 😀

  32. The tyrannical elites believe that, if they can somehow “win” the upcoming election, they will flip a switch, the violence will end, and everything will go back to normal immediately because they are in charge and they control everything. That is their mindset, and the certitude of this conviction justifies all the death and destruction they have wrought thus far. That is the nature of the enemy within, and they should not be underestimated.

  33. There will continue to be elections. There will always be more than one Dem who wants a particular office. So there will be primary elections, in which all the candidates are Dems. If one of them gets 50%+1, it gets the office. If no one gets 50%+1, the general election is held between the top two candidates. That’s how it’s done in Chicago, where there is one-party rule. It’s conceivable that in the distant future, the Politburo will decide all the office-holders, but even then there will be a plebiscite to give a 98% or 99% veneer of legitimacy to the proceedings.

    • I’ve lived in one party states. Mass and Maryland. Elections are purely ceremonial, but people don’t seem to notice. maybe they do, but like people ho keep attending church after they no longer believe, they just like to keep up the old ways. In those one party states, the government was responsive to the majority concerns, so it worked. It is hard to imagine the national government making that work. When there was real competition they failed to be responsive.

      What works in the small scale does not always work in the large scale.

      • California is such a State and while our governer is a Leftist to be sure, he’s actually trying to keep the economy somewhat alive.
        Broke people pay no taxes and thus no Leftism.

        • Its the same here in CO. “Business minded” the civnats call him. “Taking a reasonable approach to this whole thing” the frightened conservatives say. “Taking a measured approach to restrictions on our liberties” says the libertarians. The splitting maul of the right reveals again. The wealthy joo gay governor who ran on a full leftist platform (including doing away with CO’s electoral college votes in favor of the popular vote solution) is doing a decent job of destroying the economy slower than other places.

          Seems to me that the right is fine being tax cattle almost as much as the left enjoys prodding them toward the slaughterhouse.

          How did we get here again?

        • Not just broke people. Roughly half of people who file Federal taxes owe nothing. I’m pleased to often be in that group 🙂 I cite this example to show that the tax code is broke, even if not all people are.

  34. Silent minority? Silent plurality is more like it. Which isn’t bad but isn’t great, either.

    “The decision makers of today, that means political and corporate leaders, seem to think American society is an indestructible object they can abuse without consequence. They are carrying on like reckless children, incapable of imagining any consequences to their behavior.”

    No comment 🙂

    • We were told Trump was a Russian agent, the plague was going to carry off millions, the wall was getting built, the country was going back to the people. This ‘revolution’ looks just as hyped-up to me.

      Maybe the reason so many aren’t getting caught up in the excitement is because they get the same sense of fakery they’ve felt lately. Neither side seems to have the mustard to control reality.

  35. Too many of the Silenced Plurality are still true believers in ‘Merican’ universalism:

    European Christian morals, market economics, constitutional principles, the rule of law, self-imposed socially expected forms of personal behavior and a cozy neighborliness.

    They want to claw back to what was arguably the most comfortable bourgeois paradise ever in existence. The US from ’45 to ’70…with Western Europe experiencing the same once they had recovered from the war. They so badly want to see the policies that ruled that era reinstituted and made the norm.

    A ~90%+ white population is what made that possible.

    Now, 20% will actively work against returning to that no matter what…and maybe half of what’s left is too far down the well conditioned wonderland rabbit hole to ever be of any use. We have a pool of maybe 25% of whites who will maybe agree that whites have a group interest that needs to be looked after. Those willing to do more than talk are an even smaller contingent.

    Our cities are aflame and unlivable for normal whites. Every single one of our public and social institutions is actively seeking ways to undo what is left of white communities that are still somewhat functional …and yet the vainglorious Anglo-Saxon still seems to be dozing off.

    How willing are you to sin? Every counter movement needs sin-eaters, a vanguard to broach uncomfortable subjects within their own circles. To change the above idealized framework under which your friends and neighbors though increasingly troubled still demand to see the world through that rosy lens. There will be losses and there will be gains…but without a vanguard of sin-eaters willing to break the ice even within their own circles…we allow a greater evil to continue to metastasis.

    • These cries for company in the valley of the damned don’t work. I’ve addressed the “you have to break the taboos” stuff too any times to count at this point. My conclusion is there are those who get the futility of being a martyr and then are those who want me to be a martyr for their amusement.

      • No one is asking you to be a martyr. My comment was address at dissidents in general. Not to stand on a soap box but to broach unpleasant subjects with people in their circle who are disturbed by recent events. A reasonable risk considering how things have so rapidly decayed during the past months.
        But since you bring it up, not crossing a taboo too openly… you could have delivered yesterday’s article at Hazony’s conference and you would have fit right in.

        • You say that because you have no idea what went on at Hazony’s conferences or among the people in that universe. In your world, constantly talking about our greatest ally in the most explicit terms is the norm. My subtlety is lost on you.

          •  My subtlety is lost on you.
            Is it subtlety or a reining in because of the optics crowd…I understand walking a fine line but you have to admit your writing has toned down a bit from where you were even a year ago…I still standing behind you Brother but am a little confused on why the course is plotted in that direction…

          • Martyr:
            One who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause, or principle.

            ” My conclusion is there are those who get the futility of being a martyr and then are those who want me to be a martyr for their amusement.”

            One of Z’s less than enlightened comments. Apparently Peter, Paul and associates were a bunch of rubes who should try and get their money back. Nevermind their creation of a mainstay of Western Civ.

          • They changed the world didn’t they, by their faith in God they were made free from the evil of this world even though it tortured and killed their earthly bodies…May us as Men of the West have that same faith and dedication to our Lord God and Savior…

          • Unless Harzony is doing the Straussian exoteric-esoteric shuffle in those conferences, I think we have a good idea of what he’s talking about based on his extensive writing.

            Is he telling people anything different behind those closed doors?

            We trust you to clue us in on that.

          • I managed to survive my entire adult working life surrounded by the Tribe and their bottomless pit of sycophants in one of the bluest corners of Clown World.

      • Z Man said: “These cries for company in the valley of the damned don’t work.”

        Hahahaha! Sweet! The charge of the light brigade. Count me out. 😀

    • Most still believe they can kick the can down the road as long as they swear fealty to BLM. The silent majority of the 1960s and 1970s that showed up to shut down busing and forced integration eventually gave way to “I just wanna grill” that will keep making concessions to the left as long as they think they can sit on the bleachers of this unrest. Gun sales are going up but that doesn’t translate to ballot boxing our way out of this unfortunately.

      • Either kick the can down the road, or say “Indians / Arabs / Africans are the new Italians / Poles / Ukrainians!”

        I don’t think even they believe it. But people always need to rationalize stuff. Especially when your home is being invaded by hostile tribes who actually want to murder you in cold blood.

    • It’s tempting to despair when you make one of these population breakdowns. How many are with us, how many strongly against, how many dithering. The fact is that you just need to plow ahead with that you know to be true.

      What’s true in this case is that, while whites are divided against each other the way you say, the non-whites are not a coherent faction either. Most are recent immigrants who probably don’t even understand what’s going on in any depth. They might favor the Left because they see it as more likely to smooth their path to jobs and gibs but white college xrrl-power LGBTQWERT Leftism doesn’t make sense to them any more than a Reagan Republican telling some hokey story about a John Wayne western. Hell, if you barely speak English anyway, you’re not going to understand the Baizhou (Mandarin slur meaning “white Left”) when they jabber about intersectional deconstruction of male privilege.

      When a society’s institutions have been gutted as thoroughly as ours have the masses will always do one of two things: they will stampede if sufficiently scared, or they will wait for someone to start giving orders, look around to see if the other NPCs are nodding, and follow those orders. Our task is to be the guys calling out orders while hopefully avoiding being trampled in any stampedes that might start because some idiot made a loud noise.

      I honestly don’t think our elite really has any “plan” at all. Many on the right talk as if they were all sitting in smoke filled room reading from Gramsci and Alinsky. That’s more what the small number of academics are doing. Most of the elite probably just thought that they could keep inviting in more exotic foreign tribes, promise them gibs and jobs, keep telling native blacks to stay angry, keep the low-T white males busy perfecting their gender LARPs, keep white wammen with useless degrees employed at their useless jobs – and just keep milking the giant robotic cash cow that was the American Global Empire, Inc. The various ideological facades were just there to keep the “employees” of AGE, Inc. distracted so the insiders could keep living the good life. The Covid panic and economic disaster that resulted has brought all the various mobs out in the street with their hands out. They all want their payday NOW! Ghetto blacks, Asians, Somalis, Jewish slumlords, lazy white potheads, radical Muslims, and fat white SJW girls have essentially no common interests other than a carefully tended and nurtured hatred of traditional white men. When the bottom fell out of the economy though, the evil white tradmen were nowhere to be found. All they found when they rushed out to burn and loot was each other.

  36. The endgame looks like white genocide. I pray for a repeat of prehistory and another event like the Bronze Age collapse. I think it’s our only chance of survival. Actually does look like it’s in the cards will see. I’m an optimist!

    • Hopefully your somewhere where you can ride it out with a good chance of survival Sister…

    • You and 3g are on our invite list for our membership blog. If you like, drop us a line at membership.ig at proton.

  37. This National election in November will be revealing. Not that I think Trump is an answer. Trump is the beginning of the beginning or the beginning of the end.
    If it’s true that only about 40% of the electorate have any sanity left and 60% of the electorate or just a 51% in a half dozen swing states buy into the insanity and temper tantrum of the left we will indeed have probably see our last election that means anything.
    If this nation hands over power to the left in its current condition the left will not hand the power back. Ever.

    • There’s no need to “hand over power to the Left.” It already has it. The GOP is just there to make it look like you’re not under one-party rule already.

      • If you still believe the system is on the level, ask yourself “who always wins?” policy-wise, despite voter preferences.

    • Whichever way this election goes, November will be like the cherry bomb thrown in the high school toilet.

      • Alas, those had been outlawed by the time I was in high school. But I did blow up enough shit (not literally) in my youth that I grasp your analogy 😀
        Attempting to sterilize a tiny bottle of rewetting drops in the microwave (even with cap off) is quite exciting, and requires no flammable materials 🙂

    • That is a thought. Trump, for all his defects and imperfections, might be the last Republican president for a long time, if forever.

  38. “The decision makers of today, that means political and corporate leaders, seem to think American society is an indestructible object they can abuse without consequence. They are carrying on like reckless children, incapable of imagining any consequences to their behavior.”

    Spot on.

    Hubris is the hallmark of America’s elites.

    They truly believe nothing can affect they’re position on top of the heap. Not pointless and endless wars in far away places, not fiscal recklessness at infinite scales, not giving away the store in trade deals or inviting barbarians into the camp. And not empowering the enfants terribles temper tantrums to stick it to their internal enemies.

    The only things that briefly threatened their omnipotence were Trumps election and Covid. Which is why they freaked the fuck out about both.

    • When the Chinese-style Cultural Revolution takes over and the struggle sessions begin in their necks of the woods, it’s going to be enlightening for them.

    • “..like reckless children.” Well said. That is something that really hits hard. The incredible deficit spending. Unanimous support for BLM from Corporate America. Characterizing the federal agents (including three who may be permanently blinded) in Portland as storm troopers.
      I have bean told not to worry because of the traditional American checks and balances. Where will be the next blow? Perhaps a meltdown and panic on the world financial markets. The U.S. is such a rich and powerful country so Venezuela would seem distant. I would bet on a gradual decline with a modified Chinese style of surveillance and social credit. These changes seem to be too hard wired in our institutions (especially academia) to fix in any material way in the near term (absent some huge shock).

        • That’s a pretty ironic take, considering Brown was an abolitionist. I’d wager it’s also a mistaken take.

          I’m not a Brown fan, but he was a man who could lead others and fight for what he believed in. He had physical courage — he didn’t surrender even when hopelessly outnumbered. And he wasn’t the sad excuse for a man that most 21st century blacks are. The men of the 19th century were hard. I think if he set his mind to it, he’d be driving them ahead of him like cattle.

          He took the armory with only a handful of men. His fatal mistake was relying on black slaves to join with him. An anti-black Brown would not, of course, be susceptible to that mistake.

        • Johnny B hacked five grown men to death in Missouri with a sword. He’d fucking own Detroit. Don’t underestimate the abilities of our enemies.

          • Five White men. He goes to detoilet to rally the joggers to take over Michigan and they’d see he’s just some crazy ass old White man and probably bust a cap in his ass.

          • There has never been a time in military history when White men were not man-for-man better than black men.

            I didn’t assume he was going to rally the Detroit negros, but to route them. He lost at Harper’s Ferry because the freed black slaves were too cowardly to join him. He might have learned his lesson this time and not like that blacks had ruined a White city.

  39. I sometimes think the Boomer obsession with climate change is sort of a sublimated way for them to deal with leaving their posterity a horrible world (wrecked by them, by the way). “Well, my grandson is part of a hated minority and is told how evil he is every day at school, but I don’t have much fight left in me and can’t bear to look at what I’ve wrought. Let me see if I can’t keep a couple polar bears from drowning on melting ice floes.”

  40. They are carrying on like reckless children, incapable of imagining any consequences to their behavior.

    It has undoubtedly been said before on here, but this childishness is evident in almost every facet of the modern politician’s life. From the way they communicate, using increasingly vulgar language and hysteria, their mannerisms when giving interviews, to the sheer ignorance that many people in politics actually have on even basic subjects. These people enjoy center stage but just do not want to do the boring grunt work that is required.

    What happens when they realize there is no system of laws?

    Hopefully a wake up call – but the capacity for people to delude themselves knows no bounds. Even though this situation is indeed very bad, does it not create the potential void for a ‘Law and Order’ figure to step in? Then again, if the system is broken, he probably wouldn’t be voted in. Furthermore, perhaps many whites will begin to see the benefit of a community with a solid foundation. It is frustrating, because I see quite a lot of normal people who have become more realistic as to what SJW-ism actually means for them… But I still fear they won’t take the plunge.

    • There are no grown-ups in any of the rooms any more. Take your pick of any leadership, anywhere. Who among them wouldn’t have been laughed out of the room, fifty years ago?

      • Yes, recall that Biden wasn’t a credible Presidential candidate back in 1988 at the height of his dubious mental abilities. He was a joke, embarrassed himself with plagiarism and withdrew a year before the election. Biden hasn’t improved any since then. The competition has deteriorated something fierce.

        • The DNC had to keep changing the rules–first to keep Tulsi Gabbard out of the debates she kept qualifying for and then to get Mike Bloomberg in. The committee picks the candidate they’re told to.

    • “What happens when they realize there is no system of laws?” To make a morbid pun, perhaps they will lay it at the doorstep of those supposedly in authority, sometimes literally as recently happened to a wrist-slap Judge in Ocala FL 🤠

  41. Awesome stuff.

    The silent minority’s response to abuse from the badge gang will be crucial going forward.

  42. In the 60s you also had the Soviet Union trying to take over the world, with Maoist China a rival, but sometimes ally, as in aid to Hanoi. Each had an ideology it wanted to impose everywhere. Today, there’s no USSR and China is an economic not ideological powerhouse. The remaining globalist ideology, American democratic capitalism — Reagan’s shining city on a hill — is as senescent as Joe Biden.

  43. The problem is that we are in an election year. Despite all evidence to the contrary the “silent majority” thinks they will sweep.

    2008 gave us the Tea Party: a revolt against Obama and Bush, at the beginning it got people in the street for a good cause. What will 2020 give us?

  44. There absolutely is nowhere to turn these days outside of (possibly) family or small cadres of friends. No organization, corporate or governmental will advocate or support you, especially if you’re a wrong thinker – they will actively try to destroy you. There really must be some sort of existential crisis that gets the ball rolling. My preferred scenario is a mag 9 quake centered in downtown LA. But at this point, I’ll take anything that wipes out our current political system.

    • You’re 100 percent correct about there being nowhere and nobody to turn to. Things have drastically changed for the worse throughout the last 10 years. I’ve deliberately detached and isolated myself from people as life is much simpler by avoiding confrontations. I’ve learned from past experience and refuse to repeat the same mistakes. We’re embarking into some lonely times that will further accelerate societal collapse. So many are lost in their own little world and avoid people these days. things were much different when I was growing up.

      • I just taqqiya it.

        That said diversity is a massive failure. Everybody is angry all the time and distrust is huge. The upper 10% of non-whites “assimilate” into the liberal colorblind stuff. The rest hate us and want us dead.

        Yes, most people are lonely.

        • Our elites are believers in the Magic Dirt theory.
          People are transformed merely by a change of location.
          Mexicans, who have created 6 of the top 10 most murderous cities on the planet will be made placidly wholesome merely by the move north to the US.

          This is the society created by Mexicans. What crazed loon would want them in their country?
          People should be hammering this home.

          • Our elites are believers in the Magic Dirt theory.

            They don’t believe that at all. That’s propaganda designed to lull the rubes into a coma until the time for White genocide arrives.

          • If forced to choose between the Groid and Mexicans, I’ll take Latinos any day, thank you very much!

        • No one other than the very religious are having kids either. The US birth rate is at an all time low and without consumers, consumerism goes tits up.

      • Well then step up and be the one people turn too damn the defeatist mentality sure has taken hold of you guys…If there is no hope left then why even continue to live if all you are going to face is suffering anyway… I’ve told you guys till I was blue in the face that you need to be focusing on your local area and be building up your Community and if you can’t do that where you are at then move to somewhere you can… Problem is I really think that all you want to do is cry online that there is no hope and we are all going to die like a freaking hysterical woman when a crisis hits…I think a lot of you need a backhand to get you to stop being hysterical and start moving forward with a purpose…Are you a man or mouse that is the question…

          • Thanks Brother it’s been a hard road since I’ve first advocated for Building Community but it gives me hope that more and more are seeing the light that it’s up to us to do what is needed and have been getting on the same road…

        • Hey now. Let’s watch that micest language. I want to build community, but now it’s not bad enough that I’m a Boomer but Maus is a mouse, too. Fuck me, I can’t catch a break now, let alone in the worsening dystopia.

          • Oh come Brother you know better than that don’t play that with me…My offer has always been on the table to come join me here in the Bitterroot and I would do what I could to help out…A Boomer helping build Community is an asset to that Community because he has more free time to actively go out and recruit others in that Community to come over our side of the divide…

          • Relax Lineman. I know you’re one of the good ‘uns. I was just making a little jest about my nom de guerre. Maus is German for mouse. It was a nickname bestowed on me by a classmate after the Peter Seller’s movie about the mouse that roared like a lion. I was planning to scout around the Bitteroot this summer, but the renewed Wuflu closures make travel less accomodating.

          • Ahh gotcha yea the Wuflu sure screwed up a lot of plans for a lot of people…Give me a shout though when you come and I will throw another steak on..

          • I’ve been lucky enough to have a man, about 15 years older than me, mentor me for a few years. Introspective, awake Boomers have a ton to offer me and my children. Wisdom at the least. Labor, yes. Financial resources, maybe.
            But giving yourself to a cause creates attractiveness and momentum all it’s own.
            Engage in that. Recognize that the first two thirds of your life does not cement your legacy. Act, commit, invest, serve, be served…start now and lets see where we can go!
            (ps. if you have any form of “From Success To Significance” on a publicly viewable position, you should just chose the blue pill)

          • “Miceist?” You got something against rodents, buster? 🐁 🙂
            “Gnaw, gnaw” he replied, “Somebody ratted me out.”
            True-life anecdote; in my late 30s, I had a platonic lady friend, same age, doing a drama queen fit one night, and she says “Oh fuck me!” (in the sense “Woe is me! I am undone!”) in response to whatever was upsetting her. I quickly replied “At least let me buy you dinner first.” 😀

        • I don’t lament a man for crying in his soup for a spell. But, put a cap on that. And then decide. Work / fight, or idle death. The time to fight for your life does not appear to be here yet, but it’s coming. If you are defeated mentally now, just lay down and stay out of the way.
          No one here has the answer for what you/I/we do next. But hardening yourself mentally for what appears to be coming (choose your lying eyes, history, or both) is critical to making good decisions.

          • In alot of respects maybe we should be glad. The end of history sounded pretty dull. Coming into an age of warriors and a return to honor. Apoligies just watched 300 last night.

      • Thats the war. We don’t get to choose the weapons the enemy deploys. Nor the time or vectors of attack.

        We do get choose how we respond. Even if those choices are often far from some ideal. There is always a choice.

        We learn from the losses, observe the enemies patterns and proclivities. And we adjust, plan, prepare, and take our own actions when and how it is best for our people.

        Loneliness, the atomized individual in his bunker counting his days like so many mac n cheese boxes, is exactly the mindset they want.

        Resignation, the demoralized individual conditioned toward solitary self-preservation, and investing in that little world of comfortable acquiescence is exactly the mindset they want.

        Staying out of the line of fire is prudent but we must not voluntarily separate ourselves and go quietly. There is a vast untapped resource that has not vanished. Dormant, disorganized, distracted: yes. That is surmountable. Lets get to work.

  45. The silent Minority (that thinks they’re still a majority) learns the hard way in November of their permanent minority status.

    What happens then? My money is on nothing of substance changes.

    • The so-called “Silent Majority” is too old to do anything about it.

      They spent decades waving thier Gadsden flags. They finally “had enough” right when they are about to be consigned to a nursing home.

      • The “Silent Majority” never did anything about it even when they were young. They were, as always, Silent.

      • Tended by those who hate them and will sadistically abuse them until they are dead…You would think that those who are getting to that age would be doing everything in their power to get to somewhere that they could be taken care of by their own people but yet they stay in place because that’s where they are comfortable at the moment…

        • I tend to find the Boomer bashing a bit over done, but one thing that does bug the shi$ out of me is that White Boomers are in a unique position to help our cause. They can’t get fired and they have some extra money.

          Come out from the shadows and support us. Boomers should be trying to start European American clubs, student unions or whatever. They should be giving money to Z-Man and others. Just do what the Jews do, no need to re-invent the wheel. But, no, they sit quietly after to be called a racist while they count their money.

          • I find it incredibly ironic that, until about five years ago, the Boomers were seen as the generation of Leftist hippies who launched America’s self-immolation. Now they are seen as doddering, out-of-touch reactionaries. How soon we forget…

          • “I used to get high and listen to the Beatles,
            Ain’t much fun now that it’s legal.”
            — John Hartfrod

          • Aye. Most Boomers are Liberal to the core and the ones that aren’t are typically Civ Nats raised on MLK hopium.
            That said, they aren’t necessary and this is not strictly a numbers game.
            A determined vicious minority can hold land against near any odds and sure there arerisks of a city induced Holodomor on the countryside , our cities are broke and brittle and near uniformly in collapse.
            It took one administration to take NYC from Awesome back to Death Wish
            War can be waged right back and the bloat of useless population used as leverage against the city itself.
            As to the actual population Demographics, as the US decays, immigration will reduce if only because there is nothing there to get. Its not much fun to live in a country with armed gangs everywhere, no malls, retail, few restaurants and essentially little to do.
            Our very stupid response to COVID has killed the economy and even a forced opening means it will be decades before the public culture exists again.
            Worse this may NEVER occur and most hive people may basically do make work from home (or collect a dole check) and order online. Hell they may school online too
            That is not a civilization and lacking any foundation , it will fail.
            Now if somehow an opportunity comes to restore the Republic, by all means take it but odds are not great.
            Now longer term, Amish doubles every 19 years change and the Devout (Christian, Orthodox and Mormon) have slight growth welfare Somalis are the only issue but one easily dealt with
            Every other group including Evangelicals is below replacement.
            Long term who wins?
            Those who hold.

          • To use a watchword I really can’t stand, what we’re seeing right now is completely “unsustainable.” What remains of this rickety country is rushing headlong into a massive maelstrom. It shocks me that the vast majority of “Americans” don’t seem to sense what lies ahead. If they did, they would be terrified and they would be preparing.

          • You give me a vision of a simpler (not to say better) world, such as envisioned by the guy who wrote “The Long Emergency.” His thesis was that civilization would have to revert to a lower-tech future, such as imagine all the petroleum gone. We’d live in small towns, nearly everything locally sourced. This scenario didn’t have any pandemic in it. Now, granted COVID-19 is pretty tame as deadly diseases go. However, combine your social decay with current or recurring pandemics. Imagine a world reduced to something approaching Medieval fortress towns. Even if modern transport were still available, just imagine what’d happen if there had to be Draconian (e.g. “use of deadly force authorized”) quarantines in place.

          • I hear you Brother I have first hand experience with dealing with said Boomers… Incredibly selfish and not willing to share a penny unless it benefits them right now…They look at the future through am I going to have enough money to live in pleasure til I die and that’s it…They don’t seem to care even if they have kids and grandkids that the country is going to shit and that their progeny will be facing slavery and death that they could of prevented or at least have them an escape route…It really busy going to be up to us Xrs to save whatever and whoever we can…

          • Do you ever get what I call the “shrug” from Boomers?

            I’ll tell them about their grandkids becoming minorities and instead of getting mad, they just shrug while lifting their hands in the air, as though, “Hey, what are you going to do?”

            Your fuc$ing grandkids are becoming a hated minority in their own lands, and the best that you have is a shrug!

            I tell them about friends having to sit through diversity where they forced to grovel.

            The Shrug.

            Rapes, crime, reparations, etc.

            The Shrug. The Shrug. The Shrug.

            At the retarded Progressives actually believe everything will be wonderful. These Boomers know that things are going to hell, and yet they shrug.

            Never once does one of them say, “Is there anything I can do?”

          • Progs honestly they are going to cruise from farmers markets to ethnic craft fairs to ethnic restaurants and world music festivals in their Teslas after the badwhites are liquidated.

            They reality is that most Progs will be lucky to wind up as residue on the bottom of the cannibals’ pots.

          • They’ve learned to stop worrying and love the Demographic Bomb just like they learned to love muh shekels, corporations and war.

          • The other groups aren’t doing any better., American Civilization is toxic in the extreme.
            Boomers are bad but a product of their raising and to my way of thinking the Silents were without a doubt the worst generation in US history since they seem to be the first one completely unable to pass our culture onto the next.

          • Yup. My own grandma did the shrug and said “I’ll be dead” when I brought this up.

            Or some empty Boomer platitude. “It is what it is”… “Well, I’m sure things will work out”… and (a favourite) “Just smile at them [aliens] and be nice”.

          • Maybe grandma needs to get told that if she doesn’t stop shrugging every time she gets told she phucked up the world for her descendents – that’s she’s going to be dead a lot sooner than she expected.

          • All the time, Citizen. Its that shrug plus bootstraps sammy that is so infuriating. “Just do what I did” when that fails, as it usually does, its a series of shrugs and reluctant subsidies to their kids to maintain the illusion of status. Their status.

            I saw the same thing with them vis a vis those grandchildren, or more aptly the lack of.

            The refuse to see the world for what it is even when it is reflected in the terror and pathologies expressed by the own children.

            Their kids can’t “date” or mate or marry. Or leave the house for fear of melting.

            Success is a cubefarm career and the stuff it purchases. When their kids can’t stick the landing, instead of a slap in the face from the reality of collapse, they are more likely to redefine normal or successful or even just true and just grip that sand wedge a little harder. Shrug.

            “I love my grand-fur-babies” bumper sticker is their answer.

          • I had it all. Even the glass dishes with tiny bubbles and imperfections, proof they were crafted by the honest, simple, hard-working indigenous peoples of wherever. – Jack, Fight Club, 1999

          • I would have know that movie line even without the source. By the way, I do have those dishes.

          • Ah, yes. Younger people who know all about the Boomers. This Boomer gives where it’s needed, while at the same time 100% financially supports a disabled son and a grandson. The three of us know the country is being taken to hell in a hand basket (boomer saying), but we’re doing the best we can. BTW, the majority of younger people in my visibility don’t do squat to help things. In fact most are hypnotized by all the current delusions. That’s a reality not unique to any of our generations.

          • That’s a reality not unique to any of our generations.
            Why is it at this late hour that we still have to put in NABALT… Listen who right now has the most wealth per capita Boomers…Who right now has the least risk to stand up and say this isn’t right Boomers…Who at this time have the most ability to move anywhere they want to start forming up Communities Boomers…etc etc etc and yet they sit and shrug like Citizen said above…I’m an X’r and I know my generation has problems so when someone tells me that they have a problem with X I say yea I agree which is why I’m trying to do what I’m doing so I can save who needs saving..

          • Thanks Lineman.

            Truth is that many whites of many generations were / are fucked up. We can criticize Boomers but it’s not like Millenials are a bastion of white nationalism either.

            “Our movement” is a movement of European-descended peoples OF ALL AGES. People at any age might realize their errors. Or like Jared Taylor, have been fighting for years.

            Our movement is small and we must accept that people from all walks of life will be interested in it. If a Boomer strongly cares about his nation, his blood and soil, and his grand children’s future, then he’s welcome with me no questions asked.

          • This boomer selling residential properties now, the rest this spring. Wife on board, problem being, we can’t move more than 3 hours from rest of Tribe. They all have jobs connected to the major blue hive city here.

          • Ditto for millenials. Wife and I played the boomer game and won (truly a “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” experience, but the prizes are very shiny) until a little incident completely redpilled us. Took us from “this could be bad in the future” to “this has already happened here” and led us to leave the urban cocoon in great haste. Now, we use our homestead to Exodus our people from the Pharaohs’ lands – saving those we can. It is not easy, and takes forever just to get a few out of the wading pool and onto our side of the river, but its the only way forward instead of down.

          • Good deal Brother that’s what is needed those who have the means to step up and take the lead in securing a better future for them and their clan…

          • The Boomers were the creators of the latchkey kid , single parent via divorce and the first low fertility generation. They sinply didn’t care to have large families.

            Its no wonder they didn’t care.

          • OK, let’s get real about the Boomer hate. By the numbers, I am supposed to be one. I was six during the Summer of Love and in elementary school during the Vietnam War; so I sure as hell wasn’t any civil-rights-protesting hippie. But fuck me for getting a cheap college education at State U., finding ready employment and inheriting a modest sum from my parents. I wasn’t owed it, no one is; but I got it. Envy and crying poormouth is weak. Jump ahead. I’ve felt the frosty small-town reception when trying to flee the insanity of California, despite being a lifelong conservative well to the right of normie. Probably because the lawyer skillset is anything but valued. Wuflu has revealed starkly that attorneys are not essential workers. But then why would they be when courts are shuttered, prisons emptied, the rule of law cast aside and the willingness to debate rationally discarded in favor of quasi-religious emotional fervor. As I approach sixty, my days of running marathons and charging up San Juan Hill are over. So, I guess I should just accept being a reviled Boomer and surrender my claim on life? Why insist that anyone tolerate such an insufferable, useless eater? Well, good luck forming IRL communities with that attitude. This intergenerational bullshit has got to end. /rant

          • Dammit Maus are you saying that all Boomers are just like you or can you not see that maybe there is some truth to what we are saying…It’s not bullshit to say that Boomers could be helping out a lot more than they are…I love my in-laws and parents but they aren’t really concerned that them and their progeny are going to be a minority…I don’t even think it’s crossed their minds until I mentioned it…We aren’t hating on you we are pleading with that generation to wake up and give us a hand…

          • Maus, don’t take it personally.

            You’re an outlier, the Boomer-posting does not apply to you, nor proably 9/10 Boomers here.

            I’m an older Xer in the same professional boat. Our Guys need lawyers badly to help them defend against ridiculous criminal charges, set up dox-resistant businesses and otherwise defend themselves against bar-card Talmudry.

            I’m working on a couple of dissident cases and giving good advice to Our Guys on how to fly under the radar, etc… You’re very much needed.

          • Really, if there is no respect among the generations, who’s going to hold the pillow firmly down when the time finally comes 😈

          • Now that coronachan has you sidelined and you can’t run up mountains, what are you doing with your skills and free time to build community?

            Better yet, what can I do to help?

          • If you or other Boomers are here, y’all aren’t part of the problem.
            That said the rest of us do not need to give a fig about the selfish Boomers since as they are find of saying, the will be dead soon.
            That’s what happens when you no longer belive in anything but yourself
            The Boomers that are worthwhile probably already have a place and if they don’t and meet muster , no doubt they can find something.

          • There’s a shadow just behind me
            Shrouding every step I take
            Making every promise empty
            Pointing every finger at me
            Waiting like the stalking butler
            Whom upon the finger rests
            Murder now the path called “must we”
            Just because the Son has come
            Jesus, won’t you fucking whistle
            Something but what’s past and done?
            Jesus, won’t you fucking whistle
            Something but what’s past and done?
            Why can’t we not be sober?
            I just want to start this over
            Why can’t we drink forever?
            I just want to start this over

          • Look, I’m not trashing on every Boomer, nor I am saying other generations are particularly better. I’m saying that your generation is uniquely suited to helping our cause. They can’t get fired, and they have a bit of extra cash.

            What’s more, they know what’s been lost and how much will still be lost more than any other generation. Boomers should be the most pissed off. Yet, they seem indifferent.

            When I talk to Xers or younger, a surprising number of them are waking up with many well beyond, i.e. they’re angry. They may not no what to do, but at least they seem to care.

            The apathy among Boomers that I speak to is stunning. I’d understand if they didn’t see the browning of America as a problem, but they do. They understand very well what’s happening, yet they don’t seem angry. I just don’t understand that.

            Obviously, that’s not the case for everyone. You’re proof of that. But we need help, and Boomers could provide vital support, support that other generations can’t for various reasons.

            The group that could help our cause the most seems to care the least.

          • Maus, I appreciate your personal and logical perspective.
            How can Boomers engage in the work ahead? How can I, only a little younger, invite your generation to join us?
            We all need a sherpa to help us climb the mountain (wisdom, resources, guidance). Team wins. How can we (broadly) engage older men to get in the fight?

          • Hey, don’t blame us. During my late 40s-early-50s academic period, I sought to (well, at least daydreamed) have Union with as many students as possible 😀

      • South African Model:

        1. Rich elites still pull lots of strings
        2. Middle class – gets the heck out of dodge
        3. Poor – suffer hardest. As they always do.
        • Yep, I gave South Africa five years after the blacks gain control. Staggered along for 20 plus years now.

        • And don’t forget that even if you can leave, oftentimes your money can’t. This happened (1980s) to a family friend. Of course, in the present time, a white American looking for a superior country to move to has a much more difficult time of it, than did the White South African seeking to leave his rapidly-changing homeland in the 1980s.

    • Things tend to stagger along until they don’t. This is true in dying companies, dying industries and dying societies. The Western Roman Empire staggered on for centuries, despite being a spent force. On the other hand, the Soviet Union’s relatively short lifespan should be a cautionary tale for our current rulers. Once their WW2 generation faded, the system collapsed.

      • The American Republican is clearly nearing an end. But it’s more likely to be replaced by an autocratic empire than break up. If only because there’s no foreign adversary up to the task of forcing a dissolution.

        The analogy to Rome is tired, but still relevant. In that analogy we’re somewhere between the Grachii and Sulla. Empire has destroyed the structures of the republic, but many are clinging to the past and not ready to let go of it. We’ll know when America has its Augustun moment when the bill of rights is eliminated to universal acclimation. IMO that’s still a few generations away but approaching.

        • Life is never neat and tidy. The neat and tidy version of collapse is one day everything stops working. In reality, it is like falling down a long flight of stairs. We hit a landing, then fall down a few more stairs, then another landing. It is only in the fullness of time that the decent becomes clear. Thirty years ago, we could control the borders. Today, we struggle to maintain the fiction of border control. For now, we console ourselves with the belief that it is a lack of will. Another tumble down a few steps and we realize it is the lack of institutional ability, not a lack of will.

          In twenty years, large swaths of America could very well be ope terror try, controlled by some corporate warlord. It will feel normal and memory to the contrary will seem strange.

          • So what’s the right play? I, like most of us (I assume) have some property, some investments, etc. I’m not rich, but I do OK. Are the guys buying MREs and ammo still the crazy ones, or are we for not reading the writing on the wall? I used to bitch that no one on here had an answer re clear, concrete steps to take to prevent the fall. I think I’ll switch that up and start bitching about no one on here having an answer to what we’re all supposed to do if the sky actually IS falling. Is this really just a big circle jerk? Please let me know now so going foreward I can spend my time more wisely. Thanks.

          • If you have read here for any length of time then you know what I’ve been advocating for and so your excuse falls flat…I’ve said for years to be Building Community on so many prepper, right-wing, conservative blogs that I’ve lost count… Numbers moving in one direction in one area matter and you can change your future by participating in that building…

          • So what’s the right play?”
            Right meaning effective or meaning moral?
            We see the model for what’s effective over the last few months. They respond to one thing very quickly.

          • T, realize that investing in movement / action is paramount. Take stock of your community and determine if you can stay relatively safe (do you have real community / family around you?), protected from the elements, have food and water, through whatever might come down the pipe. If not, figure out how to harden your position OR move.
            So start there, I call it Maslow’s Basement. No sense building on top if the foundation is weak.
            Now, if moving is the answer, evaluate carefully where you can achieve those primary life-functions, and how likely you are to find like-minded folks.
            Once you land, start building casual connections everywhere you can. Engage in the culture and community that are there. Be valuable.
            The rest will shake itself out. Operate from positions of strength. If you can’t find that or build that around you where you are now, it’s time to go.

          • get your fith life in order , and buile th coummunity of believers arround that . thats why jesus had desciples .

          • Twenty years? they are probably carving the place up now behind closed doors , waiting for the wu flu virus shutdown to strangle the last of the will out of us. ano on a happier note…..

        • Roman analogies are fine but timelines are greatly compressed in our world. The Roman Republic ended officially in 45BC, the Empire ran on 500 years more or less. The American Republic ended in 1865, so 145 years and counting, if you are still counting. I’m not. I’m 72, and this mudslide is definitly accelerating in recent times. The left, the true left, thought they had it in hand by year 2000 and were genuinely puzzled when they had to settle for owning government without owning the face of government.

          • Everyone wants to think that change happens faster in their own day and progressively slower in before times.

            But, that’s just not the case at the level of countries as a whole. Change happens on a generational level, which is to say one funeral at a time.

            The republic transitioned ca 1865 from a voluntarily association to one less so. But the fundamental nature of the government and culture did not change.
            We all will know when it does when the bill of rights – which large numbers of Americans equate with the constitution – is eliminated without complaint. That’s the point at which we’ll be an authoritarian empire. It’s analogous to the formalization of Augustus’s imperium in 25bc. Note that that came after a century of violent dictatorial tyranny that included multiple rounds of murdering thousands of political opponents and seizure of their familial property. We’re not even at the beginning of that phase yet. But soon will be.

        • I don’t see an autocrat taking the whole place (we already have a sort of oligarchical-autocracy, that’s the problem). Traveling the country, the regions are just too different to have a one size fits all autocrat. At least one region will explode, if not two or three. I have no problem cutting loose the South. They’re not my people. Any place where sweet tea outsells regular iced tea needs to go. I also have little in common with Northeasterners.

          • Could get back to ‘Z’s idea of corporate overlords. People will vote to outsource their government functions to Google/Amazon/etc.; the fact that the corporate tyrants were the ones who subsidized the chaos that led to their power-grab will not occur to hardly anyone.

          • Most corporations except maybe a few tech overlords are dead men walking.
            Even Google isn’t doing as well as before and less buying stuff means less ad revenue.
            It seems shutting down everything has a deleterious effect on the economy, whoda thunk?

          • Google runs the crawlers that give you the www. And they get Gov contracts. They’re not going anywhere.

          • True.However the US$ is in a lot of trouble.
            Even people like Goldman Sachs are thinking on terms of Gold
            On top of that a lot of Google people are SJW’s and Antifa supporters and will not take many .Gov contracts.
            Google may not not be going anywhere but an economy is not made of Walmart, Google and Amazon.

          • BINGO! I believe we’re coming to the same conclusion from diff POVs. Everything you say is true. “Who is the Economy for?” is the biggest question of our time. The Citizenry? Stockholders? Banks?

          • You really think America today is more culturally diverse than the Mediterranean basin in 50bc?

          • Nah. By the time of the formalization of Austus’s reign, everyone was so sick of civil war that anything was better. We’re not at that point by a long shot.

          • The AWRs have a virtual monopoly on power. Trump and a few Republican outliers are about all that stand between “America” and an AWR tyranny. The writing is on the wall. And in a matter of years the Bill of Rights and the Constitution will be quaint artifacts of a bygone age.

          • If the Right will never rebel against tyranny by force than they deserve the camps.
            I suspect they will however as it took a matter of days to have vigilante gangs in Minnesota which is essentially based on Nice as a concept.
            In the end while all of us are obligated to try and prevent worse case scenarios if we can we are also obligated to decide what we want and be willing to take it if we have to.

        • “Republican” is an apt typo. 🙂 We shall see continuing decline of conservatives as various flavors of liberal make the country more Democratic, not to say democratic, any more than Republicans tended to make this fading empire a republic. No historian here, but I disagree on “no foreign adversary” assertion: the Soviet Union fragmented into a dozen or more countries with no outside enemy (NATO hardly counts, in my opinion) and relatively peaceably. As for USA’s future, I too guess an authoritarian regime, whether of the left or right I don’t know. Given our future demographics, I’d guess of the left.

      • The staggering on or centuries or even decades is a nightmarish scenario – but I don’t think this ride can even last decades as currently constituted. I despise what’s happening and want it to go down in flames. But then I’ve got to think of my kids, grandkids, nephews & nieces and be careful what I wish for – which IS the worse scenario?

        • As the Patriarchy I hope you have a safe place for all your family to come too when it all comes crashing down…

          • We do – picked it up a few years ago for this anticipated eventuality – also have other family in the area. Most folks are right thinkers, but kind of on the geezerly side. So all in all it should be a decent spot well away from major population areas.

      • Imagine working for Sears in its last 10 years. That’s what it’s like being an American citizen these days.

      • Once their WW2 generation faded, the system collapsed.

        I wonder sometimes if our Boomers are equivalent of the Soviet WW2 generation. The Boomers are the last generation to experience the Old America. When they pass away, will there be enough people around that really care about this entity known as the United States?

        Xers grew up in a White America but have witnessed first hand the joys of growing diversity and anti-White policies such as Affirmative Action. Boomers were already safely tucked away in their neighborhoods or higher level positions to feel those changes.

        Younger generations know nothing of that Old America. They know only of slavery and Jim Crow. Why would they hold an allegiance to that country. Younger POC can’t even identify with the people who founded this country (not their people), while younger Whites are ashamed of them.

        Once the Boomers go, there’s no constituency left that actually cares about the country. Of course, that doesn’t mean the whole thing blows up. It can stagger along for a long time since there’s nothing much to replace it. But that country will exist out of momentum, not from a solid base.

        That’s when you could really start to see it fray at the edges. Institutions start to function less and less well. Compliance with the law becomes ever more sporadic. Local governments/communities start to take on more roles that the federal or state governments used to handle.

        Next thing you know, you have states or regions simply no longer listening to the federal government. They are now independents states.

        How long that process lasts is anyone’s guess. Long after I’m gone, I’d suspect. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if I lived to see early signs of that process.

        • Often overlooked in the White vs. Non-White debate is this: Yes, there has been forced integration for half a century (or more) but if you look closely, nearly all of it is in schools, the workplace, in public at stores and such. But when it comes to truly voluntary associations, those few areas where freedom of association still rules, in my experience, it is still nearly overwhelmingly same race, ethnic group, religion, etc. This is even true in the lunch room. Unless there’s only one or two, most larger crowds sort themself out by race, by sex, etc.
          One thing the younger generations (I’m a late boomer) do have the dubious benefit of, is that they are exposed to all the differences that Diversity brings, both the good (are there any? Restaurants…) and the abundant bad.

        • Which part of the “WW2 Generation” exactly – is really being referenced here? Brezhnev was the last leader of the USSR that really seemed to have a grip on the place. By WW2 – Brezhnev was 33 years old – pretty old in soldier years. Fighting in WW2 – soldier age (especially in the USSR) – started at about 16 years old. In the US it was 18 – but there’s still plenty of stories of 16 year olds lying their way into the service.

          Brezhnev was part of the “ruling class” – before the war ever started. His reign was also full of corruption – so the whole edifice was starting to crack before he even died. The leaders that came after him were just biding their time before it all came down.

          Yeah – ok – maybe the leaders who went thru WW2 knew how to crack down and keep order even when shit all around them was falling apart, but the modern world probably had a lot to do with the fall of the Soviet Union. Reagan like to claim it was us outspending and outbuilding them with weapons – with the Gulf War driving the point home.

          But I’ve seen the final death knell of the Soviet Union attributed to something much more simple: blue jeans. When westerners came to the 1980 Moscow Olympics – a lot of them were wearing blue jeans. Soviet citizens – accustomed to standing line for bread and their yearly ration of crappy pants – came into contact with westerners wearing blue jeans (long wearing – good pants, entirely aside from the fashion aspect) – and those westerners just GAVE AWAY pants (sure – have these – I have ten more pairs at home!), well now you just sowed the seeds of doubt about their entire existence into the population.

          When some guy who is a factory worker – pays his own way to Moscow to see the Olympics – and gives away pants to some Soviet factory worker he sees on the street – you just created a WTF moment.
          I had an older second cousin (long since passed) – who traveled to Russia multiple times in the late 70s and 80s. He told this same story – every time he’d come – he’d bring a few pairs of blue jeans. Stayed at the same hotel – and became friends with the bellman.

          The leaders can do whatever they want – but when people talk to each other – and can tell each other face to face “yeah well – the place I live isn’t so bad – I can just go out and buy a pair of pants if I want one” – well that’s a pretty powerful way to make somebody doubt the entirety of the political structure they’ve been living under.

          What we need to somehow accomplish is to be able to say ” here in whiteland we don’t have to pay welfare for blacks, suffer from their crime waves, and all of our kids are happy and dont fear for their future”.

      • Because of technology and mass media, change happens much faster now than it did in the pre-modern era. The USSR’s collapse is thus a much better analogue to postmodern “America” than the gradual fall of the western Roman Empire.

      • We need one-party rule to get that in focus. The beauty of the USSR was having one central authority that took all credit and blame.

        The two-party dialectic in a democracy is vastly superior for resisting real change. The reason things suck is always the Other Party. The solution is vote Your Party.

        • I take it further and argue that democracy results in no accountability at any level. If further percent plus one votes for a terrible idea, they can’t blame the people who opposed it and they won’t blame themselves. Democracy is a fig leaf covering the real power in society.

          • Democracy in the US may work at the local level, but at the national level potential candidates are curated by the real power brokers to ensure their agenda is never threatened by the voting.

          • RoBG said: “…but at the national level potential candidates are curated by the real power brokers to ensure their agenda is never threatened by the voting.”

            Seriously, look what kind of perpetual hell they’ve put Pres.Trump through. Draining the swamp would take the first infantry division backed up by the 7th fleet.

          • You believe that? How many people involved in the Trump campaign have been investigated, prosecuted, convicted, and financially ruined vs. how many of the Russia Hoaxers have received the same treatment? Wouldn’t you like Barr to throw down some indictments? Why do you think that hasn’t happened?

          • That’s exactly what I was talking about. Thanx for proving my point. Barr and Dunham don’t seen to be doing much of anything. Meanwhile, General flynns judge looks like he’s a member of the “resistance.”

          • Yes. Still, some of us are fans of the original representative democracy of the USA. Granted that the average voter today is an idiot. Now, he is a necessary evil for local elections. But in ancient times, it was the State Legislature that elected President and Vice-President. This could be extended to the U.S legislative reps too. Not to be overlooked: as orginally envisioned, the US voter was a higher-quality idiot 😀

    • The learning aspect is crucial. Part of me hopes to see Trump obliterated in the election. If he ekes out another win these people will comfortably spend the next 4 years doing nothing. Secure in the delusion that their savior Trump is making everything right.

      Nothing would make the situation clearer than to have the VP candidate come out in favor of reparations…and win comfortably.

      • At this point, the GOP has given out more corporate gibs this year than what’s been proposed for reparations policies outside of that crazy proposal that was in the quadrillions. It’s hard to care about reparations because whether it’s gibs to blacks or to corporations, it’s all money and benefits whites are never going to see again. However the elite is never going to give it to blacks because it’s something they can dangle in front of them to increase turnouts in elections.

        • The GOP is heavily driven by economics and the only thing they can do after the incredibly stupid shutdown is try to prop up the system.
          For your consideration. Its very possible the US will not have much in the way of airlines, malls , restaurants , retail , hotels and the like for decades to come even if the nation is forced open right now.
          And note this is with near infinite money printing and dollar primacy,
          If that fails. Yikes.

        • CARES Act is TARP on steroids. Another wealth/asset transfer from the working stiffs to the “elites” without oversight or accountability.

    • Yes and no.

      i think I saw a meme somewhere that sums it up nicely: “if our leaders are going to pick and choose which laws the enforce and which ones they don’t… I will pick and choose the laws I comply with…”
      We get this up in Canada all the time. The cloud people out east decide the country is bilingual, and for us guys in Alberta… we learn to say ‘f*** you’ in fwench and that’s that for that. Gun control? No thanks. Social justice? Blow me.
      i see a Balkanization coming and yannow… that just might work out well for us. It’s becoming increasingly clear that we need our own countries.

      • Yes and no. Balkanization – yes. A large swath of people saying “up yours” – no. Most will opt for whatever temporary (and false) security that’s offered. Exact same proportion as those who feel secure with their mouth-hanky … we’re a society cultivated to be victims. I would say what we’re looking toward is Balkanization together with gulags. Anyone who doesn’t think the masses will frog-march into the “safety” of gulags, just do some people observation outside your local WalMart. Gulags (or nice names like re-education camps) are where this ends. BLM, Antifa, and political tomfoolery is the warmup act.

        For those looking to Rome as the analogy … how about mid-to-late 19th century Russia as a comparison? Everything we’re seeing has clear line-diagrams back to Critical Theory and Frankfurt School ideology. 2020 current events are deeply rooted in Marx & Engels.

        • The masses don’t matter. You and yours do.
          In the end the Republic is deathly ill, probably terminally and growing weaker and broker by the second. If you can’t see the opportunities, I can’t help you.

      • That’s great and all, but the difference (at least here) is that the elites have the entire machinery of the state to back up their choices of laws to enforce or not; the plebs don’t have that luxury wrt laws they choose to follow or not.

        • That’s why Community is so damn important Brother because then the plebes can have a say because they are the law and order…

        • They can vote with their feet. You remove yourself to where their writ doesn’t effectively run.

          • Ah, Black Sabbath’s “The Writ.” Sabotage is one of their best albums:
            “But everything is gonna work out fine,
            If it don’t I’m gonna lose my mind, yeah!”

      • Alberta seemed to be an outlier in the last election up there. I don’t understand how the provincial revenue sharing agreement up there isn’t just a legalized gang rape of that province.

        • Pretty much. Take a good look at it too… because at some point, shitlib states that run constant deficits like California – will try to offload their bills on productive states like Texas the same way.
          If we were capable of any planning or foresight we’d start killing those bastards now…

    • I would hope they would start screaming at their TV’s, with Fox News on, and start screaming “you lied to us! You lied to us!” and then shut the TV off, never to watch Conservative Inc. content again. That won’t happen. Instead they’ll hang their hats on mail in ballot voter fraud. “You see, we would have won, but those Antifa people had ballot mills in their basements.” As they go to the mall and find only brown faces. It won’t even register with them.

    • Hopefully the GOP expires ahead of (((schedule))) and can’t be revived with a based Pajeet blood transfusion.

      One-party rule gets us a lot closer to Soviet collapse conditions.

      The kosher sandwich dialectic has kept the population’s resentments deflected and misdirected from the real central authorities for too long.

      There’s no lane open for political solutions until the GOP gets the pillow.

  46. Good essay. Maybe the novel aspect of our particular point is history is the ascendancy of high-IQ sociopaths, and their uncanny ability to manipulate the ignorant masses (and Congress, but I repeat myself) unlike any other point in history. It’s not really tin-foil-hat conspiracy to believe something along these lines. For me it helps explain the purposeful dumbing-down of education over the years, the currency manipulation, the destruction of family. We just happen to live in a time where events are culminating, and its starting to look sporty.

    • It’s not really tin-foil-hat conspiracy to believe something along these lines

      In each history book I have read, there would usually be an event that would make me think ‘The people of the day would have called you mad if you told them this was going on!’… Yet it was.

      Our future chroniclers are in for a good old laugh.

      • Not to worry, eventually literacy will be deemed white supremacy and we’ll lose these records.

        • Pretty sure that’s already happening. Something happened in the Rutgers English department that’s being reported as “good grammar is racist” in every headline I’ve seen. Haven’t read the backstory though.

          • Yes, mathematics has been called ‘racist’ a fair number of times now, too. Naturally, the history of mathematics, engineering and physics doesn’t seem to be all too dusky.

            Even more reason to skill up, learn as much as you can, and archive the most important information – particularly about your own people’s history.

            Could there a be a bright side to all of this? A bloated and useless class of professional status-seeking idiots overseeing a whole bunch of morons… Unable to govern it’s more remote provinces? Looks like the sort of situation that an organized, disciplined community of people could take advantage of.

          • According to the Smithsonian Institute, “white norms” in America are racist. Stuff like “rugged individualism (self-reliance), the Protestant work ethic, a future orientation (which entails a willingness to delay gratification), an emphasis on scientific/objective thinking, the nuclear family, respect for the rule of law grounded in individual rights (as bequeathed from English Common Law), and holidays based on Christian tradition.” That’s all racist. Must be eliminated!

          • Without a doubt. It was invented by White people for their own benefit. That’s as racist as you can get.

          • I don’t really think it was “invented” – but rather it evolved as the best way for white people to live in the environment they inhabited. It’s why I use the Swedish predicament as a go-to example when discussing just how utterly retarded the left’s arguments are regarding racism and immigration.
            The roots of Nordic tribes has been tracked back something like 20,000 years. Nobody else wanted to live in Arctic wastelands – so they didn’t have a lot of competition. God knows the Dindus didn’t build ships and try to colonize the northlands. Living in northern climates (and eating a lot of fish from what I’ve read) – led to the development of things like blonde hair and blue eyes.

            So when somebody argues that Swedes “owe” immigrants free access – I say bullshit. Noboby wanted to live there for many millenia – until there was free shit to be had, and heat.

            IMHO living in the tropics is easy. The food grows on trees right outside your grass hut – and the fish swim right up to the beach. Try hunting down wooly mammoth – and then figuring out how to make the meat last for 3 months.

          • So are the SAT and ACT Tests: “The NABC Committee on Racial Reconciliation believes that the SAT and ACT are longstanding forces of institutional racism and no longer have a place in intercollegiate athletics or higher education at large.” Read the whole thing!

          • We’re witnessing the first public reveal of Critical Theory (Post Modernism on steroids) the the regular Joe.

            You’d better believe in Critical Theory. Because it believes in you.

    • In the medical profession, the evolution of cancer is categorized into 4 phases in order to help focus the remedial response methodologies. I think history will show that, during the prior few decades, our American Era culture and society transitioned from Stage 3 to Stage 4 dysfunction. In Stage 4, the potential remedies are few, the probability of success is very low, and the pain is typically off-the-charts. There is a lot of pent-up anger, and when it blows, be somewhere safe.

      • There is a lot of pent-up anger, and when it blows, be somewhere safe.
        Exactly and the cities and suburbs are not a safe place… Problem is though people have to be affected by the pain themselves for them to actually think about even doing anything…Even if it’s in their cities as long as it didn’t get to their block they think everything will be ok…I always tell people it’s a lot easier to move when you’re not taking fire but I don’t think it really sinks in until they are taking fire…

        • Waiting for the last minute also creates a very serious additional problem.

          If you wait too long then you aren’t relocating…you’re escaping with only your shirt on your back. You are a helpless refugee. Most of what you value you had to leave behind and is now a resource for your enemies. You will have been reduced to trying to survive from day to day…and are not able to replant your roots and be of service to a new community.

          Move on your own term and not chased off by enemies.

          • Agreed. Ten years ago “outsiders” moving into rural communities were rather easily accepted and accommodated. Today those same people are looked on with suspicion, particularly if they’re evacuating from progressive states. For those looking for short-fused bug-out options, it’s still doable but refugees seeking to fuse with an already suspicious rural community need to know it’s going to be damned challenging. Best advice I can give is that if anyone relocates to rural community, show up with skills and leave the superior attitude in the city. PhD’s aren’t worth much at the local feed & seed … it’s a completely different hierarchy in the boonies, mostly based on genuine skills/productivity of tangible value.

          • I had a trial at the bucolic life (Dad was a “survivalist” and as a result, he lived the last fifteen years of his life in a place where the mailbox was a 15-minute drive 😀 What you say is completely true. I was more or less a summer resident, so never put down roots there. To be fair, I hardly put down any in the several neighborhoods I did grow up in…
            Dad would say of his adopted hillbilly moonshine distillin’ banjo pickin’ rural community: “Maybe your grandchldren would be accepted as locals.” Welcome at stores, even made some friends yes, but an equal? Oh hell no. 🙂

          • Except it perhaps might be more effective if it was the Judges raped child.

            The elite need to be made aware that:
            “We know where you live”

          • Some of the Elite have had their personal homes attacked, some Democrats and Tucker.

            Tucker did not have it coming ad the others it happened to learned nothing.

          • And that’s my point. When the legal system begins to unravel, vigilantism comes into play. The process has begun and it will be a double-edge sword.

          • Already happening. Armed vigilante groups are on the ground as we speak in Minneapolis.
            This is a classic sign of the hollowing out of the state, the US slowly goes Brazil or worse and instead of trying to repair the union, not that this is really doable at this point, we go and bloviate about the Freedom Loving Chinese and play at being an Empire.

          • I hope the, uh concern citizen is not caught. Even if he is, if I sat on a jury I might have difficulty entering a guilty verdict, even though Florida in theory prohibits jury nullification. This isn’t a light topic. In FL what he did would have to be first degree (capital) murder. In theory, sexual assault “battery” against a child is/can be “capital” too, I’m guessing they call it that so they can deny bond.
            If the article concerns me at all, it’s that in FL they are too lenient on what should be super-high-bond or no-bond cases. I guess we have the liberal Poz down here too. That part of the State, I thought, was pretty conservative. Maybe not, tho.

            Some drug offenses are “capital” too, but I’ve never heard of anyone on death row for smuggling drugs. Singapore or Malasia, yes 😀

        • Just got notice that our dentist is selling his practice. He and I have spoken privately before, and he is very much a realist regarding demographics and what is happening right now. He has the $ and some family already in the area he is moving to. I just called my husband with the news and reiterated I will live in a single wide trailer if we can just get out of the DFW area, but he is legitimately worried about a paycheck.

          • @LMA on Gab.com had a post about her country dentist today. I trust our folks moving to the country with such foundational professions will be welcome.

          • Thats why we need communities that include economic solutions to make crossing into that unknown even a tiny bit more palatable for the productive and skilled who are awake but tethered to the urban economy. And who are not wealthy or broke, but somewhere in the precarious mess that is the middle.

            Its easy to say just sell it all and bolt, but the watershed moment is not one river tumbling down a canyon. There are a lot of springs and tributaries that need to be considered.

            This requires a mutual re-pricing of personal risk from those who are already building and those they wish to attract.

            Real estate costs are already a non-starter for many surveying the white latitudes. Especially for the youngins. Thats just one dimension of many.

            There is a lot that can be set in motion now to network, recruit, train, etc. to help the motivated prepare for and execute that leap – and then hit the ground running in that new community.

            This is also an often overlooked opportunity to screen for and recruit the people with the beliefs and skills to be accretive to the community day 1.

            Waiting until there is a string of RV’s heading north to figure out how to build infrastructure to accommodate them is an actual risk that existing communities would also be wise to mitigate.

            People are coming one way or the other. Might as well be strategic about integration.

          • 3g, if you like, drop us a line at membership.ig at proton. You’re on our members-only blog invite list. The other ladies could use civilized company.

          • Exile – Many thanks. I don’t like to intrude where I’m not invited. I’m a total dweeb regarding internet security, though, and I’ve just started looking into setting up a proton mail account(s). Will be in touch soon.

        • …it really sinks in until they are taking fire…

          I was too comfortable 18 months ago to face what my gut was telling me, GET OUT. Justified staying put by building an Area Plan, so I could defend what I had. It was fantasy. I’m on the long tail of so many logistics chains that the Dindu’s could collapse my plan with a couple of blocked intersections 10 miles away.

          In conversation with normie friends, they seem to have developed a mental catalog of cognitive dissonance-based responses for particular elements of their perceived collapse (food, jobs, rioting, home invasion), but never take it all in total. “When things get back to normal” is usually the response.

          No Heritage White will escape this tsunami. There is a tsunami coming from every corner of modernity. Population density loses every time. So house is under contract, areas of the U.S. discerned, packing it up.

          • Have I told you lately that you are a brave and courageous man Moss…I’m glad you’re on my side…

          • Thank you, Line. All family and all but one friend has told us (wife, 3 kids, 2 dogs..hey, they are smart dogs) we are nuts and over-reacting.
            I must say having you and others in virtual community has given me strength on black-pill days….

          • Yea that’s what they told me also when I picked up and moved but now they brag what I fart smeller I was to do what I did and have moved up there as well…We who are awake have to be the pioneers so we can survive…

          • So true. My fellow officers thought I was nuts to turn down the second career with the Military Industrial Complex. Then I told them about my milk cow, spud patch, and root cellar construction … I was officially nuts.

            Now I’m hearing from them after several years … “so how are things on the farm?” Poor bastards are miserable, stuck up there in northern VA, making the big bucks while a little piece of their soul dies every day.

            Better to be a fart smeller.

          • Lineman, I respect you for what you have done and are doing. I wish you all the best in attracting people on our side to your area.

            I would consider it myself if I was a young man. But I have adult children nearby and spending time with them and my grandson is the most important thing in my life right now. Plus, I live in a rural area in Oklahoma where “progressives” would feel quite unwelcome.

          • Family is important Brother so hopefully you can build up a Community where you are at… Hopefully your on the east side of OK where there is good terrain and water…

          • I have 8.5 acres on the top of a forested mountain in Pushmataha County in southeastern Oklahoma. No paved roads getting up the mountain. Just a winding dirt road.

          • Lol. Actually, it’s the Choctaws. But they are making so much money from their casinos down by the Texas border that they aren’t going to rock the boat too much. They’ll work something out.

          • Moss – I was hoping your stay-the-course plan could pan out. You’ve got so much going your way though – God, family, skills. You’re the kind of guy (i.e. leader) who will easily meld into a new community. I’m selfishly hoping for mid-TN.

            As for “when things get back to normal” people … I bet the Titanic passengers thought the same thing, until the 45-degree list.

            And sometimes its worth looking at best-case, pig-flying scenarios. Let’s say we go back to “normal” tomorrow. Dow keeps going up, materialism abounds, progressivism becomes a fairy wonderland. Where will your kids find spouses? Where will they find a church not run by wymyn? Where will they find companionship, community? Even if “normal” continued for another 25 years, urban/suburban areas will be devolving in the endarkenment.

            Let me know if I can help out in any way.

          • Hey now Capt don’t be leading him your way😉 Kidding aside Moss will be an asset wherever he ends up and if he chooses TN then I hope it’s by you because that will strengthen your tribe and hopefully draw more of our people in to that area…

          • Get out, indeed.

            I’m younger and single, in a 30% white area. I can feel the storm clouds rolling in. Once a neighborhood turns, the energy changes. This is a dark feeling when the entire city has “turned”.

            Still here, for work (good money) and because I have no dependents. But I see how the Africans and Arabs look at us. The Pakistanis don’t seem physically dangerous but give off a creepy “Boom” vibe. they all get bolder every year.

            One day they will finally jump out and strike their prey.

          • All it took was a single Hutu pack to move into a rental house across the street from my old house. I quickly became a race realist, put my house on the market, and moved to a much whiter and nicer neighborhood. I am now and forever a disscon.

          • Yea but you can’t let that be all you do that’s the white flight aspect that we shouldn’t be doing…You have to start building Community so what you have escaped from doesn’t come there…You have to be the one sharing your stories of what diversity does and get others onboard so you can keep them out…

          • At some point I plan on organizing a neighborhood militia. I’m quite certain some of my neighbors would get onboard with this. From such an action, the “community” you talk about could be built.

          • I wouldn’t use the word militia to many people have an automatic reaction to that and usually not a good one…I would use the term Neighborhood Watch Company or Protection Team… Start off with helping the Community out and then you can move into more of the defensive side of it…A good book to have on defending a suburb is “A Failure of Civility”…Hope that helps…

          • Appreciate it. My neighborhood is actually in the very center of a city of about 260K. Whites are a majority. Lots of Messkins. Hutus make up about 9% of the population.

          • I’m with Line. Mutual Aid Group, or Mutual Aid and Support…language matters so get creative. Your actual purpose is never marketed but instead, spoken quietly in the backyard over BBQ and beers. This choice of words is not just for recruiting good but for deflecting bad.

          • Well Brother that’s going to be tough just with the logistics of keeping your water, sewer, and electric on let alone the hardship of defending an area that doesn’t have the terrain you need to do so… Hopefully you have some city preppers around you otherwise you will be carrying a lot of them on your back that is if you prep which I’m hoping you do…

          • My city has been very peaceful and quiet. It’s only in cities “controlled” by AWRs that we’re seeing significant unrest. If it starts heating up around here I will definitely make plans for a major move.

          • Part of your planning still has to include Get out of Dodge. Also, if you’re going to develop a defensive posture, please please please understand things like OPSEC, COMSEC, etc. Guns are great, but more important are things like comms, discipline, teamwork. Diverse skills are key. Any self-styled militia is going to be infiltrated by cops. Like the others say, don’t even LOOK like militia. Anyone who seems a little overanxious to be a part of your group – red flag. Sorry for the unsolicited advice just want you to succeed.

    • Family is totally destroyed. Can’t believe how many single people are out there in their 30s. Good looking people with a job.

      The desired fertility for my acquaintances in their 20s appears to be close to 0. They legitimately get more excited about having a dog than a kid.

      Hard for those people to meet girls anyways, as I said, a lot of single people. If it makes you feel any better, most of them are not white. The destruction of the family and low fertility cuts across racial lines.

      • I was engaged to a white AWFL about 15 years ago.

        I watched her #MeToo a guy almost exactly like me and had her try to frame me after I pulled the eject handle on the relationship.

        I imagine things have only gotten worse since then.

      • All those problems wouldn’t be problems if those people had Community instead of just wandering aimlessly through life…

      • Thinking about rejection of traditional dating and marriage seems a chicken or egg issue now. Committed parents should yield children that implicitly repeat the relational patterns they experienced through observation of their parents and friend’s parents, and build families in a similar way.
        Perhaps No Fault Divorce was the straw that broke the family formation pathway’s back? So how can we, our Community, steer children back to the better path of dating and family building?
        B123, I know this is a topic among many of us here. Children are our future. To get us back on track toward nuclear family strength, it must start with men leading their current families, retaking Headship in their homes (with willing, supportive wives), and sacrificing (many distractions and idols along the way) to play the long game.
        I’ve got sons and a daughter. They are young, but I do wonder about their prospects in the coming decade. I have faith we as a People, will navigate this, too.

        • Like we’ve discussed, Moss, the kids we are having and raising right now are going to be decent marriage material because we’re educating and raising them right – including making community moves.

          It’s going to be rough for those of us still looking for “free range” spouses in the X-Z range but we have to dig a generational firebreak and let nature resume its course sooner than later or we’re looking at another lost generation (AA? What are we even going to call them?)

          • AA? What are we even going to call them?

            Well, with Gen Z we ran out of letters, so I figure we start over with Generation Alpha.

        • Dunno what the solution is. Can’t have kids if you can’t get a girlfriend. Most guys are single for most of the time, and then might “see” a girl for a month until they both move on. Plus the 80/20 hypergamy, bla bla. “Hookup culture” really means “less sex culture”. It is death.

          The solution is really just to stick within your own community, ie. the church. Raise your kids well too.

          Life outside of those communities is like The Sun Also Rises, hedonistic and meaningless sex, except that for the average guy it’s like a 2 week fling once a year.

          • The solution is process / journey, not destination. Specifically, we can’t know the solution but we can narrow that point on the horizon we are navigating toward, and set sail.
            I like that you offered up church. Church, a healthy one (that’s a discussion for bourbon and campfire), is most likely to attract like-minded peers of both sexes. So start there.
            Based on a sample size of a few dozen guys I’ve mentored over the last decade, it seems their “right girl” definition is impossible and entirely wrong. I blame advertising, porn, the Church, feminism, junk food, your parents, aliens and global warming. Regardless, recognize your role in being a worthy mate, engage in service, work, relationships, volunteerism, etc. that allow you get outside your own junk and focus your labor. Every once in a while, look around for a girl that’s serving next to you. Like attracts like.
            Chin up B. We must hope beyond ourselves.

          • Amen Brother…Like I’ve told my boys focus on making yourself a better man and getting a good job that you enjoy doing and the women will find you…And it’s worked…

    • Agree: positions of power tend to attract certain personality types. I’m not a psychologist, but certainly, the self-important, world-improver, do-gooder, charismatic, and yes, of course the smooth-talking sociopath 😀 But I’m skeptical: the type of person attracted to politics probably hasn’t changed that much, for one given type of government (USA, so for about 240 years). What else has changed however? Certainly, form and reach of government, technology, powers of both the government and the average man, etc. Case in point: two hundred years ago, at best, writing down ideas took a quill, ink well and expensive paper. It took at least an educated mind to do even that. Really good ideas made it to a broad side paper or if super lucky, a printed book. These then were distributed at (by today’s standards) a snail’s pace in a town, city, or wider area. There was freedom of thought and expression, yes, but the expense of distributing information was offset by naturally filtering out the stupid, useless data.