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Last week, the Wisconsin athletic director sent out a letter to supporters that the university would lose 60-70 million dollars this year due to the reduction in football games being played in the fall. If the season is cancelled, the losses will top 100 million just for the fall. That may be an exaggeration, but there is no question that a cancellation of the college football season will cost the big-time college programs tens of millions in revenue. It is a billion-dollar industry.

ZeroHedge pointed out that ESPN has a billion dollars in ad space to sell for this fall’s college football season. They also have ad space for other sports as well, but college football is the prime mover of ad space. It is unlikely that ad buyers will want to buy ads when ESPN is running replays of card games this fall. ESPN’s primary income stream is mandatory cable fees, they net close to nine billion in fees every year, but a billion dollars in ad revenue still counts for something.

Of course, everyone knows no one is watching ESPN at the moment, but that has no impact on the cable fees. The way it works is a service like Hulu of Comcast pays ESPN nine dollars per month for each subscriber to their service. These deals are not contingent on viewership. As ZeroHedge points out, the language in these deals does not require the content provider to deliver particular content. As long as ESPN is beaming something, they get paid for it.

Even so, the mass disruption of sports is going to have an impact on the economic model of professional sports. Out of work people will begin to look at that cable bill and wonder if it makes sense. Cable providers will begin to look for ways to get out from under their ESPN deal. For its part, ESPN will not be paying the leagues for content when the leagues are shutdown. Like the economy as a whole, professional sport is about to experience an unprecedented jolt.

Way back when the lock downs were on the table, the sober minded warned that you can’t lock everyone in their homes and not have consequences. The modern economy is a highly complicated balancing act that has evolved to produce increasingly efficiency, along with the retail excess. Even small disruptions can upset the balance within supply chains resulting in unexpected outcomes. Start turning off large bits of it and before long the whole thing starts to crash.

The first glimpse of this may be what is happening with sports. Major League Baseball is the first to re-open, but it is quickly becoming a disaster. The empty parks make the television product less than compelling and now games are being cancelled as players test positive for the virus. The NBA is struggling to keeps its knuckleheads inside the compound where they plan to play their games. The NFL is seeing droves of players sit out the upcoming season for fear of the virus.

The thing no one dares mention is the impact this lock down is having on interest in spectator sports. Being a sports fan is like being a smoker. Part of the dependency is the ritual and structure of it. The smoker takes a break every hour to smoke, collect his thoughts and get the nicotine hit. The football fan has their weekend in the fall, where they have scheduled social activities around games. Like the smoker, the sports fan builds their life around the habit.

People who quit a vice like smoking or drinking note that they also quit the social scene that goes with it. They lose touch with Sally from accounting who they used to take smoke breaks with every day. The people at the bar are no longer a part of their life. That’s what will happen with sports. Those weekends in the fall will be filled with other things and after the withdrawal pains subside, the habit will be lost. People who cut cable know this experience. In time, you don’t miss it.

This is not idle speculation. It has been known for a long time in the sports world that the recovery time after a work stoppage is very long. When a sports league shuts down due to labor strife, it takes years for the fans to return. It’s not because they are mad at the greedy players and owners. The fans simply find other things to do with their time and many of them drift away entirely. Millions have probably broken the habit already and that is before the hate whitey lectures were added.

There is one final piece to this puzzle. The growth of sports entertainment has tracked the arc of the Baby Boom generation. Look at attendance figures for sports in the 1960’s and 1970’s, before Boomers were dominating the market. Ball parks rarely sold out and the audience for televised product was limited. In the 1980’s as the Boomers took over the marketplace, sports boomed. When they could play tennis, professional tennis was huge. Then it was golf that had a boom.

The fact is, the sports entertainment model was built for and on the Baby Boomer generation, which is now entering its power down cycle. Boomers are retiring and that means down-sizing their lives. The major sports leagues are facing a demographic reality that cannot be overcome with happy talk about diversity. Non-whites don’t spend like whites and they cannot sustain an economic model built for whites. What happened to California is what is coming for sports entertainment.

This demographic cliff has been known to the sports leagues for a long time, which is why they happily throw in with the hate-whitey stuff. Sure, many of the principles really do hate white people, but much of it driven by the carnival barker’s belief in his ability to will an audience into existence. They really do think they can cast the same spell on the brown hordes that they cast on white people and get the same result. The virus panic and cultural revolution will put those theories to the test.

It is hard to see how the old sports entertainment model survives the current crisis. That doe not mean these leagues fold or that sports entertainment dies out. It’s just that the old model was built for an old America, one that no longer exists. On the other hand, sports entertainment has been a vital part of keeping whitey under control. Something will have to be done to reestablish the mind control device known as sportsball. Perhaps part of woke America will be mandatory sports watching by recalcitrant whites.

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357 thoughts on “Sports Entertainment

  1. Ive been saying for years that sports bars will eventually be filled with live gamer streams. Blacks will disappear from the hunter gatherer limelight

  2. Reading all of the anecdotes regarding sports on TV, I am reminded of my favorite memory regarding a sporting event. The year was 1987 and Dennis Conner was attempting to get the cup back from the Aussies. The problem was it was being held half way around the world, and aired around 1:00 AM. My wife and I would nap and then get up to watch. Funny what you do when you’re young and newly married. I still get goosebumps remembering the final turns of a race and Conners spinnaker unfurling. It was a wonderful feeling of pride. It was like hitting another gear when they put that sail out.

    On the other hand, I gave up Facebook a few years ago. I was on that thing constantly, and it always pissed me off. I really don’t miss it. My visits are to Z, Unz, Secondcitycop, and Heyjackass.

  3. Don’t stop at sports, unplug that jewtube and chuck it in a dumpster where it belongs. The smallhats have been filling Whitey’s heads full of shit since they killed Kennedy.

  4. I grew up in the Bronx a mile from Yankee Stadium, so you could say my blood has pinstripes, but after seeing the team kneel for the national anthem they are dead to me.

  5. another field that will take a hit very soon btw is the nerd entertainment one, which has been so based on jews drawing crazy comic-book stuff for whites for decades… until these whites are weak enough from all the babble to be stabbed in the back; in the name of diversity and alluring the mythical mountains of black and brown nerds that must exist somewhere, according to (((them))) at least. fortunately many of these nerd-whites do tend to be more discerning than the sports-whites and vote with their feet and wallets more often; however, they still have the habit ingrained, and thus tend to be somewhat purplepilled and claim they don’t mind black and brown nerds having their own sphere. therefore they don’t mind that Spiderman starts dating a colored girl, or becoming colored altogether in cartoon movies, for they still have their white Spidey… until (((they))) decide “we all should be a little more diverse, dontcha think?”

    • Both Marvel and DC exists to sell movies and animation. Comics though are serious SJW infested and basically dead.
      Another upside of Corona Chan is the harm done to TV and Movie production and the losses . The sooner these are weakned or better die and are replaced by something else the better.
      We are almost to the point where green screens and computers can make good films cheap and online distribtuion through our own sources makes them available and profitable. We can and should have a parallel economy where wqe do as little business with outsiders as possible.
      And yes I can hear the “Our Prosperity!” suck it. Keep giving your enemies money when you can help it and you are basically buying the boxcars they’ll use to send you to the death camps,

  6. Sportsball TV watching was always more of an escapism ritual than anything about the game itself. It’s a way to ignore their nagging wives, forget about their dead end jobs and just enter into another world for a weekend.

    Its been chiseled away at for decades. First you had the lie that domestic violence increased during the Super Bowl. That got so much backlash the left retreated from sportsball for the 90s and into some of the 2000s. Then it was hiring female reporters. At first they played up the eye candy but they sucked the oxygen out of whatever room they were at. They really played up the Erin Andrews scandal because it was the perfect wedge issue to start ruining sportsball. Vegging out in the man cave watching college ball was the same as peeping Erin Andrews yourself. You couldn’t escape it; I’m not condoning it but the response was so over the top you knew there was the motte and bailey long con getting set up for us.

    The next step was virtue signaling. Not about BLM but you had garbage like wearing pink shoes for breast cancer awareness. I remember Rush Limbaugh dedicating big chunks of his show complaining about it. Of course all the bluster was ignored because it was Obama’s first term I believe and the left was emboldened to push regardless of what people thought. Lots of effort was made into bringing in women. The boomer husband watched sportsball to ignore his increasingly overweight wife for the weekend; he had no interest bringing her into his home away from home. Ratings began dipping I believe for this reason. The race issue has only exacerbated the decline. My guess is that Disney will strongarm cable companies to pay inflated rates for ESPN. The narrative demands it.

    I played starting varsity football in high school and have friends and family who played college and professional baseball and football. I’ve never been a big sportsball watcher because it’s never been that compelling. It’s usually a great time to go to the gym because of how it empties out. Or walk my dog or do dozens of other things that are more worthwhile than zonking out on ESPN.

  7. ball parks in 60s and 70s were emptier, and tv baseball down, because integration on one hand and urban decay around parks in another. on the other hand though, nfl boomed those years, perhaps as it is a superior tv sport – and therefore the first to blackify most alongside basketball, which was eventually inevitable due to the height requirement. hockey remains white, perhaps because it was the uncucked winter alternative to basketball; then again, both were created by cucked nordics and northern anglos, so who knows; at least the ice naturally wards off tropical colors away. tennis and golf are elite and therefore getting ever more gentry-liberal, so they will be aimed at too, if perhaps less successfully.

    yes, it is possible old sports entertainment breaks down and something else replaces it. it does seem the current aim is making black athletes demigods to white viewers, therefore making them bow to them and at best only vicariously live through them on Sunday broadcasts/masses and nightly videogames/rosaries. in short, yet another apostasy due to going from tradition to materialism. whites may have to come up with their new own games, specially those better suited to their skill (for example, hunting and fishing make use of the larger white ability to aim, as well as for patience). or better yet, recover their old Victorian games and their own leagues. we may rightfully mock the sportsball racket, but i see more and more allergies-ful soyfied comic-book and pornhub loving white kids, and more and more promotion of black and brown athletes as a male aesthetic standard. so some athletic heroes are needed for whites to some degree, so white basement dwelling ends. of course, this shouldn’t mean giving these athletes room to talk politics (unless based) nor become celebs, but rather serve as example to kids.

    i come from the Medi soccer tradition so on one hand i do see the solidarity of white youths in ultra fan groups, and some few remaining white athletes giving great example (for example, Croatia in the last World Cup); but on the other hand painfully see these white youths waste away their savings in airport-stadiums cheering for blacks and browns who hate them and usually have reckless lives (see crazy cokehead mestizo Maradona for example, or soulless corporate mulatto Pele). in fact i may even notice more and more white players becoming stupid and reckless (more than common among pro athletes) due to twin materialism and blackification crowding their minds. i am reminded of Gronkowski in the NFL, or in soccer the sad case of Paul Gascoigne, who led England a few decades ago but is now a raving cockney drunk that everyone in the pub culture cheers on or looks sad at: but no one does stop him.

    the asians don’t have this problem, all their bodies allow them to play is go, mahjongg, and eat the bat/doggie first; plus they did not import Africans en masse to work in malaria fields… although judging how many childless men and overworked women are growing in numbers there due to materialism, wouldn’t surprise me if they started bringing in foreign “nannies” and “security guards”; some of these nations already do have guest workers after all…

  8. I had a random discussion with a colleague today who I had not seen in quite awhile due to the lockdowns. I was moving a bunch of heavy items so I was walking around without my mandatory face diaper because it’s hard to breathe dragging around a 300lb cart. Anyway, she didn’t mind and asked me what I thought about the masks. We agree they’re pretty stupid and that to the extent people bother wearing them it’s mainly out of a sense of politeness. (I’ve seen octogenarians at the grocery store look at me with stark raving mad terror for walking through the produce aisle without one. No joke, the Government and Media have done an exceptional job terrifying those with low mental acuity and poor critical thinking skills.)
    Anyway, the discussion progressed to looking at the positives of all this. And the one I increasingly hear (from her and many of my friends) is how much free time people have now. I don’t mean if they’re out of work and terrified about making ends meet. I’m talking about people who either are in jobs that are deemed essential, or jobs that have been able to keep running remotely, or maybe their business got back on its feet quickly after the lockdowns started getting lifted.
    During the lockdowns they started dumping things from their budget that were not essential. Eating out, for example. Or, their kids are in a multitude of “activities” and those memberships have been canceled or suspended. Church is less busy for the church-going volunteers as for the first time in my 50 years summer Bible School was canceled, less choir practices, less other stuff. I’m not saying any of these things are inherently bad. The Church activities are very good and build community. But the STRESS of these many activities just tears you apart.
    My family looked at our finances and decided if dark days are coming we’re best off owning our house. Money does you no good in a bank account that the government can seize, but it’s harder to take property at least for now. Pay off the house, kill the debt to the bank, free up cash flow. I’ve read that Americans spent a lot of their money during the lockdowns paying off debt and building savings. That’s great!
    More people are cooking at home. More people are having dinners as a family. If you’re able to work, about 87% of the country is employed, more people are literally worried about absolutely nothing at all on Saturday.
    You can over-do it, of course, and that’s where boredom sets in. But a lot of people found a new hobby which is less expensive and more fulfilling. Hell, I can go on Kroger’s website, order my groceries for a 4-5pm pick up window, drive over there and wait, and they’ll BRING IT OUT TO ME!!! How awesome is that? I hate going to the grocery store. Now I spend less. In terms of sports, like a lot of you, I started pulling away from that back in 2017 along with dumping cable.
    I think the economy will adapt to this new, slower, model. Everyone isn’t quitting everything, but everyone is quitting something. They’re slowing down.
    My mom jokes that we’re going to see two things in January: babies and divorces. Spending more time around people in your house has pluses and minuses.
    Years ago, my brother had some serious mental health issues that really forced him to massively cut back on his lifestyle choices. He was amazed at how happy his life became when he simplified. Now, expand this across society.
    We talked in the hallway for about 10 minutes and went on with our workdays.
    We’re not in the end times. Those who hate us most have much more to lose than we do.

    • Seems better than most of what is on TV. $15 a month is too much but $5 a month for streaming pretty pictures to all my devices might be worth it.

  9. We cut our cable and satellite connection years ago. Sports no longer exists to us. I only see what is happening by what I see passing in the websites I frequent. As my wife says, nothing will make us happier than to see all sports industry, pro and college die a much deserved death.

      • Karl Horst said: ” I am still shocked to learn that a college sports coach can earn $2-million. It’s disgusting. Meanwhile a STEM PhD professor earns what, $70,000 to $90,000?”

        The world is ran on market forces. If the education system brought in the kind of money that the sports industry does every year, the administrators and professors would be living in Hollywood mansions. Red China finally got the message. Which makes the demise of pro sports the least of your problems.

        “Sports Industry To Reach $73.5 Billion By 2019”

      • Who Are Iowa’s Top Five Highest Paid State Employees

        1. Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach Kirk Ferentz – $2.37 million.
        2. Iowa Men’s Basketball Coach Fran McCaffery – $1.79 million.
        3. Iowa State University Head Coach Steve Prohm – $1.68 million.
        4. Iowa State Head Football Coach Matt Campbell – $1.25 million.
        5. UI Athletic Director Gary Barta – $1.18 million.

        Two other state employees made more than $1 million in 2018, although their names may not be as recognizable to most Iowans.
        Matthew Bollier and Andrew Pugely are orthopedic surgeons at the University of Iowa.
        Bollier, who made a little more than $1.2 million in 2018 as a clinical associate professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation. He’s also a sports medicine fellowship director.
        Pugely earned about $1.1 million in 2018, and holds the title of assistant professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation.As orthopedic surgeons, they deal with the musculoskeletal system and the sorts of injuries athletes might face. Coaching is important for the student-athletes, but so is keeping them on the field.

        I think the Dean of the University of Iowa medical school gets close to $500,000 a year. The governor of Iowa (Kim Reynolds) is paid $130,000 a year.
        This is madness!!!

  10. Z’s losing his touch. The entire essay scarcely mentions the “Woke” politics that has poisoned even pro sports, taking the knee, the Black Anthem and whatever the latest foolishness is. I know that he makes much mention of this elsewhere, it’s just odd that he doesn’t mention it as part of Pro Sports’ decline. I’m not a sports fan, but I can sympathize with former game watchers losing the opportinity to even indulge. Blame the pandemic for most of that, but Z’s essay shows many of the other contributors to its decline. Probably this is wishing for too much, but perhaps major universities will return to what universities were for: higher education. Sports long ago was incidental; it was physical exercise for students who wanted it. I’m sure books have been written about it, but it seems as though “college ball” was a backdoor way to get more Blacks into university. Problem was, they had to attend, and in theory, pass their classes. We all know well that’s worked out. I have little sympathy for the media companies and cable companies seeing declining revenue. Part of that is technology driven: there is competition from the Internet and other forms of entertainment. The grossly overpaid athletes will have to adopt a more frugal lifestyle. There never were a lot of multi-million dollar salaries for room-temperature IQ males that happened to have above-average athletic abilities, but now there will be even less.
    I’ve only intermittently had cable or satellite TV in my life, usually when I had a TV-addicted mate living in the home. I still marvel at how insipid and repetitive is the programming, despite having a hundred or a thousand channels. It’s 99.9% shit. The only media service I pay for now is internet. It gets me stuff like this, also streaming music and video. No, I can’t watch the next local NFL or college basketball game, nor am I going to pay $200/mo to the cable company for the privelege of seeing the latest politically correct bullshit. I wouldn’t even pay for the internet, but the neighbor that kindly had an open wi-fi for years is no longer available 😀

    • Blacks in college sports at any major school is probably not the way to get minority attendance numbers up as they’re just not that many athletes—even if everyone were Black. Heck, my old University is looking toward 45k fte’s in 2019. All the sports teams—male and female—probably don’t account for 1k of them.

  11. I stopped watching sports, other than high school, 20 years ago. It got to where they were all black and way over-represented but no one saw a problem. But in other fields, like engineering, if blacks are under-represented then all hell breaks loose until some black bodies are hired.

    I guess I am just Boomer enough to say: fuck this shit. Either we have a level playing field like Martin Luther King wanted or we have quotas. If it is quotas and special treatment then I say it is time for war. Real blood in the streets.

    I am sick and tired of being a whipping boy just because my white ancestors build damn near everything that matters in this world.

    • “I am sick and tired of being a whipping boy just because my white ancestors build damn near everything that matters in this world.”
      White ancestors were guilty of fighting nazis instead of killing jews, not cause they built a great civilization.

  12. And just like that DHS gives up even on the pretense of law and order:

    Yeah, the DHS head is covering his cowardice with some mealy-mouthed BS about phased withdrawal, transitioning to state police, drawing down their forces and augmenting with other resources instead, blah blah blah, but the fact is the governor of Oregon would not have released such specific information (“starting tomorrow…”) had she not gotten some kind of reassurance from DHS on their retreat.

    I guess DHS was worried about “optics”!

    Ultimately most of us couldn’t care less if Portland burns to the ground, but it’s illuminating to watch the civil war between different branches and levels of government blossom. Civil wars aren’t started by peasants, they’re started when a government and its managerial class turns on itself.

    • A lot of the mayhem and destruction we are seeing in America’s cities could quickly be brought to an end with a 3 a.m. no knock raid on the Soros family compound and the homes of a few other one precenters but for some reason that never happens.

      • Soros is just a bag man. If he were sent to Guantanamo, they’d have his replacement ready within the hour.

      • They should go after Soros for his collaboration with the Nazis for rounding up Jews.
        The Chosen wouldn’t know how to play it.

        • The commies always forgive their own anything. Never underestimate the hypocrisy of the left.

    • So what is the end game? Oregon state cops follow governors orders and allow anti fa to burn down the federal court house and likely much of downtown?

      if President Kushner had balls which he doesn’t he’d copy Lincoln and jail half the country. Of course the riots according to Gallup have something like 80% approval so there is that. On the other hand the Joint Chiefs might just remove Trump and install Biden and Harris really.

      • The end game is the media game. Let cities that don’t vote Trump burn anyway. Its not like they’ll vote for him less and he might gain a few votes there or elsewhere.
        And its simply not possible to pull a Lincoln. Too many disloyal officers who are Liberal dumb fucks or think they are Constitutional Patriots to make it happen.
        It would also cause the Union to collapse and unlike in Lincolns day we can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again, too many factions and races all armed and many violent who won’t obey orders.

      • Perceptive comment! Trump clearly has the legal authority to protect federal property whether state and local officials like it or not, but there is a real question over whether his orders would be followed or not. And it wouldn’t have to be military–some combination of the FBI, CIA, NSA, Federal marshalls and a portion of the armed protective services of federal agencies could stage a coup. The Secret Service and the military could just stand aside. Trump and Pence forced to resign and Pelosi installed as caretaker president pending the election of Biden/Harris and the arrest of the usual suspects.

  13. I think rock climbing could become a valid pro-sport. I’m seeing more of these climbing centers open up and watching a competition on TV, it really kept my attention. I’m not sure if blacks can dominate this sport. 1) it doesn’t involve a ball. 2) you need a physique that doesn’t have a giant ass dragging you down. 3) It involves strategy and forward thinking as you maneuver. While they genetically still have one hand in the tree and I’m sure they can climb well, like through smashed windows to loot, I’m not sure if they have the correct body structure and brain to dominate rock climbing. Much like golf you could have your outlier Tiger Woods types in a mostly white sport.

    • I’m a former technical climber with friends who climb. When we watch films in private of others climbing we invariably speed up the videos to get to the parts that interest us and then we switch it off and talk about more entertaining things or go out for beers and broads. Without a backstory like free climbing or a particularly challenging route or a family problem (such as a handicap) the sustained viewer interest in climbing just isn’t there. Popular sports are lucrative for professional athletes because ordinary folks can participate in them at some level. Ordinary folks boulder at the same meh! climbing wall over several months for the most part and then they manage to get busy with other stuff and seldom come back. Not gonna work in my unsolicited opinion.

  14. I wish I could see this, but I think the shakeout will be minimal. You have a lot of wiggers out there. Some even have tats of their favorite sportsball teams. A lot of whites out there are as dumb as a box of nails. By no means the same level as blacks. They also have no pride or sense of identity. Even the ones who make good money spend it on dumb things like a competition barbecue trailer or a massive TV that they hang outside on their RV at a tailgate…or anything made by Dodge. The biggest problem sports ball will have will be the tailspin of income from these people as they become unemployed. Also, the country is going through a class issue just as much as a race issue. Pleb culture has totally dominated high culture in late stage democracy.

    • Man you don’t want to be friends with anyone here do ya😉Been a Dodge owner ever since I could drive…

      • Sorry about that. I assumed you drove a Ford, or, if you’re retired and want a more cushioned ride, a Chevy. I didn’t know Dodge people posted on here.

        • Lol no worries up here in Northern Country the weather is to harsh on Ford’s and Chevy’s so we have to drive the only thing that’s tough enough to do so…Also kinda like being able to drive a machine that has over a million miles on it and still going strong…

        • Now you know. On top of everything else, driving a Dodge still has a hint of “redneck” to it. They don’t make Escalades.

          I’m not one to get drunk and see how deep and long of a mudbog I can clear with my truck, but, hey, if I needed to or wanted to, I’ve got the rig for it…

          • I know. It’s about the Hemi. But doesn’t a Dodge just disintegrate around its engine? And it’s owned by Eye-talians now.

          • My 1999 Ram truck is tootling around nicely. First spots of rust on the rocker panels.As with all of them it rides a hell of a lot better with most of a ton of stone in the back.

    • It can be demoralizing to see the ghetto culture infect our people. So we have to focus energy where it is most productive. Triage is part of the process. Minimal is still more than zero, a lot better than negative, which is where things have been going. The shakeout net needn’t catch the whigggers and other unfortunates. We need to stop thinking about how to save all whites or change the world or stop the “government” from doiing xyz and start thinking about what kind of people we want in our lives and actively pursue those people. Create bonds with worthy men and build it up from there. Iron sharpens iron. Have faith that there are a great many of us in the shadows of the various ghettos who have a great hunger for kinship and purpose. Lets figure out how to bring them into the fold.

      • Thanks for putting that so succinctly, Screwtape.
        Very well said.
        It’s worht the time to listen to your “spidey sense” and pursue people who we/you feel (by the gut) are worth it, and leave the others alone.
        It’s hard, but we only have so much time and energy.

  15. Here’s hoping the bell is tolling for major professional & college sports. Like a lot of others my age, I was a big fan 40 odd years ago. However, the recent decades have seen the negrification of football and xspecially basketball – our negros are better than yours. Baseball is basically unwatchable as most games are interminable. Announcers can’t just call the game, but have to pontificate on things no one wants to hear or gives a shit about.

    Now with all the coronatardation gripping the populace, I don’t see how any of this crap gets off the ground. There won’t be any fans in the stands and players will continue to test – Oh My God – positive. Good riddance.

  16. I recently discontinued my AT&T streaming TV that included several channels of ESPN. Replaced it with the Sling “blue package” that includes zero ESPN. Saved $30/month in the process. It’s not a boycott, I am never going back.

  17. The one thing the carnival barker forgets is that the brown hordes don’t have the cash that whitey does. They may get by through printing and asset confiscation for awhile… I suppose sustainability isn’t really something they care to much about anyway, so long as they can escape before the crash.

    • Not many places to escape too. Everywhere is falling apart. You also better hope whoever takes over can’t keep the nukes (or build new ones) or other lo range weapons and is adverse to using them.
      Otherwise those rich foreign people spending down gold assets in your country have just painted a massive target on your back.
      Tunr them over for revolutionary justice or else a city gets it is pure Bond villain but I’d bet it will work.

  18. I’m excited for spectator sports to collapse, but I’m even more excited in how this might destroy many state colleges. The biggest name brand private schools are basically mutual funds with vestigial buildings attached, but many state colleges aren’t nearly as rich and depend on sports to pull in Boomer alumni donations. If those dry up, along with the student loans…

    Industrial education needs to collapse even harder than industrial sports. There’s some viral video going around of refreshingly anti-BLM sentiments captured in some small town in Arkansas, but the people in the video mostly seem to be 50+ years old. At the end of the video a suicidal Zoomer hands the cameraman a pro-BLM note.

    The sad reality is that that Arkansas town may be majority “based” among the older people, but 90% of the white Zoomer and Alpha kids in that town are probably sucking the BLM cock. Both public education and higher education need to collapse now, yet Republicans, in their characteristic idiocy, are yammering on about the need to reopen schools in the fall.

  19. it’s episodes like the imposed demise of sportsball — a major piece of the prog effort — that makes what’s going on now feel like the Tet offensive in 1968. This is the PRC sending every piece racing across the board in futile banzai charges against Trump. But they are doing severe damage all across the prog asset base. And actually helping Trump. Tom me Trump is using political rope-a-dope to encourage the Dems to punch themselves out before the election gets here.

    • I don’t get the whole hate on PRC shtick emerging on the right. What is it with us falling for a continuous stream of boogeymen?

      Fuck Iraq! Ooh-rah!
      Fuck Iran! Ooh-rah!
      Fuck Syria! Ooh-rah!
      Fuck Chyna! Ooh-rah!

      Moved the embassy to Jerusalem! Ooh-rah!

      • Conversely, the PRC is led by a cabal of aggressive schemers with a massive superiority complex. If one doesn’t want to abide by a seemingly organized campaign against them, fine, but resist the urge to think they are anything but your enemy, politically and racially. If you think Jews do a shitty job as your cultural and economic overlords, you have no idea how much worse the Chinese would be.

      • The best example I can think of in regards to mainstream America’s ability to get spooked by the boogeyman – was the whole ISIS thing. Judging by the reactions I saw from a good many people you would have thought that ISIS Bear bombers were cruising up and down the east coast and the US Navy had submarines tracking the ISIS blue water navy as they sailed their 100,000 man invasion force towards the beaches of the Outer Banks.
        It was a definite insight into the mindset of a good many people in this country and their unthinking fear of whatever boogeyman they were being presented with at the current time.

      • They skipped out on any science classes in high school and never took any in college.

        They are so scientifically illiterate they have no understanding of what a virus is and how it can infect someone.

        • They are so scientifically illiterate they have no understanding of what a virus is and how it can infect someone.

          This is a reference to Dr. Fauci?

    • Good on them.
      Why risk flu+ on top of injury to entertain people?
      Frankly the NFL is a world of hurt anyway. We can keep the economy sort of alive in a a zombie mode by massive money printing but the entire edifice is going to decline 50%. or more
      Even if/when we get a handle on the virus or get our heads out of our asses policy wise, the economic shrinkage is still going to be permanent since most of the economy is superfluous.
      The effects of what will be 50% plus unemployment and underemployment are unknown to us but social dissolution is certainly possible
      The Feds will certainly try to maintain control but its very possible the US has now entered Brazil 2 territory and that every level of government will become less capable of anything.
      Support your local gang or better, bet that gang till you can make the nation you want.

      • Why risk flu+ on top of injury to entertain people?

        For the huuuge paychecks. The flu isn’t a serious risk to them.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of the death of sportsball. My post was just about the ridiculous fear of the Chinese Flue that people buy into.

  20. The Plague seems to be doing a good job keeping people under control.

    It’s interesting that capturing the imagination is even more effective than physical intimidation. Must be a white thing.

    • And thinking about it, it makes sense. Whites might not have the highest average IQ, but given the evidence of our inventions, we must be the most creative. All those cold dark winters drinking and daydreaming, hunting thick forests, etc.

      • On the contrary, after reviewing my life experiences with many of the people I had to work with — Asiatics of every sort; Africans of every sort (domesticated and foreign); and Middle Easterners of every sort — I have concluded that those IQ results are mostly propaganda.
        The Jews and Asiatics are highly overrated! Just because one knows how to study for an exam does not mean one has the analytical discipline to be accurate AND decisive. And creativity cannot be measured by exams.
        If the future is to be saved, it is The West which needs to be guarded with our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor; and only genuine Christianity will provide the strength of character to accomplish this.

  21. Of course people like athletes are refusing to play. I assume they get paid for the season anyway, why not get the same paycheck without taking the physical beating of a sports season?

    The same is true with public teachers, most of them seem to be getting paid anyway without having to deal with unruly kids. Other than making it more difficult to seduce their students, why would a teacher not want to just stay home and collect a check?

  22. 8 years ago, the cable company I had been with for something like 15-20 years tacked on a $3 “sports surcharge” onto everyones bill to make up for the shitty deal they cut with ESPN. I disconnected the cable box myself as soon as I read that, called and canceled the entire TV package. Told them their DVR/converter box was in a bag on the front porch. Never looked back.

  23. I suspect all sports, not just professional ones, are going to see a decline in attendance even here in Europe.

    For example European skiers are in decline and not just because of “climate change” and less snow – although to be fair, that is a measurable factor.

    Wealthy boomers are getting too old to ski, and younger millennials can’t afford the cost of equipment, travel, hotels and ski passes.

    Millenials also spend less time on the slopes as their parents did at the same age. So hotels in the area are seeing a decline, as are restaurants and local shops. That means all the holiday homes will also earn less revenue since skiers can’t afford to stay as long.

    No pun intended, it’s a snow ball effect. 🙂

    How is that working out in the US?

    • Similar dynamic. Tennis was huge here in the 70’s and 80’s. Now the only people on the courts are newcomers from the Raj. Gold has been in decline for a decade here. Youth sports are in decline, particularly among whites. At the risk of sounding like a geezer, the youth are so feminized, physical competition is frightening to them.

      • That’s another possible trajectory for sportsball — the plaything of the idle rich. I lived for a long time in a city with a failed professional hockey franchise. They marketed it to all the East Coast transplants as the old-time, blue-collar game they loved. The problem was, actual blue-collar types couldn’t afford the ludicrous ticket prices, the astronomical parking fees, the $12 beers, the $9 popcorn… the only ones who actually attended the games, in other words, were corporate bag munchers — marketing guys, lawyers, all of them still on their phones while the game was going on. I could see “attending a sportsball event” becoming the new new conspicuous consumption — you don’t need to sell 20,000 tickets at $10 when you can sell 2,000 tickets at $100.

        • Some Cloud People may try to buy franchises, too, as vanity projects. Isn’t Bezos trying to grab the Redskins or whatever they are called now?

        • The best baseball game I ever watched in person was the Stockton Ports minor league team. Cheap tickets, cheap hot dogs and those guys played their hearts out.

          In comparison, going to watch the SF Giants cost a fortune and I don’t think they’re hearts were in it.

          Does Little League even exist anymore in America or what that just a 50’s-60’s thing?

          • Little League exists, but I think you’re referring to the Minor Leagues — each Major League club has several Minor League affiliates, where they develop young players (similar to the multi-tier system in soccer, I think). “Little League” is organized youth baseball. But, like everything in America these days, it’s completely commercialized — since all the parents are convinced that their kids are future stars, you have kids as young as 10 playing baseball year-round, going off to “training camps,” etc. It’s disgusting.

          • As I understand it, Little League is baseball for children.
            I wasn’t sure if it existed anymore.

          • Understood. No offense intended, of course – I know you know a lot about the USA, but the organizational tables of youth sports is pretty obscure. 🙂 It does exist, but it’s mostly for parents to live their fantasies now – it’s not the community-builder it once was.

          • I have attended the Little League World Series a few times and it’s far and away the most enjoyable sporting event out there. Williamsport itself may have its share of vibrancy but you’re still in the middle of rural PA, and for the most part you’re surrounded by your own people. The games are free and high quality, everyone’s low key, players and fans mingle freely, and the anti-white symbols are minimal. I still recommend it to anyone looking for an old(er)-fashioned sportsball event.

          • Karl, like your anecdote, best game I attended was the San Francisco Giants—farm team. The major team was playing in the local stadium to a sold out crowd, but also had their farm team playing the other farm team in the local practice field adjacent to the stadium.

            The practice field was very similar to any typical HS field with small area of bleacher seats right behind the batter’s box. I managed to sit perhaps 15 feet behind the action. I got a whole new insight into the skill and power of those players. Nothing like being in the big league stadium a hundred feet from the side line. Memories.

          • If one really wants to watch sportsball, AAA minor league baseball is probably the best value for money.

      • I’d say young men have been extremely feminized while young women have been masculinized.

        The problem is that, despite what the outdoor and running magazines will have you believe, there are very few women who stick with a sport after high school. Those masses of women simply do not exist.

        • I lost my faith in the fitness movement (and advertisers) after I found that at the real gym, the women didn’t look like the ones on the TV ads 🙂

      • Or they are so uncomfortable talking and looking another man in the eye that they stare at their feet and contemplate their navel when talking to me.
        I know there is a lot of Boomer crap going around but the numbers of us who have testosterone far exceeds the coming generations.

      • I dread seeing all our beautiful golf courses covered with condominiums, but that’s where this is headed.

      • Z, you are unfair on today’s youth. In Lagos, basketball can be played nearly everywhere. Beyond that, there’s intense aerobic activity: sprinting away from the cops, duck and roll when there’s a drive-by, and weight training by seeing how much stuff you can carry away from your latest burglary or, if you’re a pussy, shoplifting 😀

      • Along similar lines, Steve Sailer has been pointing out the decline of American football in high schools, in favor of less dangerous sports such as soccer and lacrosse. There is an aspect of black avoidance in such choices, but I wonder about the increasing evidence of traumatic head injuries associated with football. My father was an all-state high school football player, I played junior and senior high football, but if I had a son, I would counsel him to avoid playing football.

        •  but if I had a son, I would counsel him to avoid playing football.”

          You’re on the Left, and part of the problem.

          Maybe you shouldn’t have a son.

  24. I took an interest in pro sports starting when I was in college when I saw that the one safe subject for conversation was how the sports teams were doing. Without the social aspect, a lot of people will ignore pro sports.

    • This is an excellent point. Sports talk serves as a cultural bridge in a multi cultural work space. Take away that lingua franca and smoothing over differences becomes a lot more difficult. Especially as racial tensions rise.

  25. There’s the famous saying that “facts are stubborn things.” Demographics are more stubborn. Like all things seemingly COVID related, all these baked-in-the-cake consequences have merely been accelerated. We don’t need to boycott for the sake of ESPN’s demise … we need to boycott everything that sucks positive productive energy from our lives. Motives matter.

      • Sure thing bud … synonyms for “boycott” are snub, spurn, withdraw from. Can’t you grasp that I’m on your side?

        • Yea Capt I don’t know why people can’t be civil on shit like that…Most of us here are on the same side…

          • Refer to earlier posts in this thread where people whined about “boycotts”. In my experience the whining from people even when you point out explicitly how they’re getting screwed over by some institution – is just pathetic. “Boycott” appears to be some sort of trigger word along the lines of “isolationist”. My guess is that lefties intentionally go after people when “boycotts” are discussed because they know if they got legs against certain institutions – they’d be hard pressed to make up what was lost.

            That’s why I mention “isolationist” – because I remember how Ron Paul (and others) were attacked with the word – when all they were trying to propose was that we mind our own damn business as a nation – and stop starting wars. Lefties don’t like any inference that people should be left alone.
            So they get attacked

          • So what does that have to do with being civil to one another on here… Listen you said so yourself that boycotts are for wanting change til they see things our way well I highly doubt they are going to so our boycotting will go on until they are gone…

          • Now, sort of a synonym, “blockade” will get people’s attention. Sort of a no-choice boycott 😀

          • Whatever, the language po-leese, seriously. I started boycotting Burger King the moment they condoned throwing shakes at Nigel Farage. McD, BLM = minus me. Now it is obvious that these companies sell a toxic product made to make you obese, and are greasy. They serve as magnets for cheap labor, cough, cough. And yet even their ESL employees are getting replaced by automation, kiosks right out in front of them.

            The list grows, and it is remarkable when you personally tally up the $$ that even ONE person can deny these Marxist fronts. Mike/Apple – the slave/indentured/forced labor crowd, same thing – zero spending.

            Sure, like the WNBA caters only to older lesbians … no doubt the Wokesters have an unlimited supply of new customers not named me hehehehe
            Sure. Sure they do.

          • Mike = Nike. You knew that. And lookie-lookie, Volkswagen is right there IN the focal city of wee-gur forced labor.

            Now what company can lay claim to being founded on the combination of SLAVE LABOR + SCAM than good old VW? The “KdF Car”… sure.

            All of these fulminations about the “guilt” of Americans for “slavery” – no Statute of Limitations on guilt that can be monetized … right before it becomes clear that these most Woke corporations are NOW, IN REAL TIME exploiting forced labor ….

            Just a coincidence.

  26. Someone has commented on this board that Patrick Mahomes half a billion dollar contract may be the Pickett’s charge high water mark of modern day professional sports.
    i think that is right.

    • We can hope so. I’m old enough to remember when Reggie White’s 4yr/$17m contract with the Packers was big money. Less than 30 years ago!

  27. It’s amazing that young healthy NFL players, who on every play, risk significant bodily injury, broken bones and long term brain damage, are afraid to play because of the Wu Flu. No rational perspective on risk.

      • Yup.

        It’s incredible how many negroes I’ve seen wearing their face diapers outside on bright sunny days with no one within a few hundred feet.

        They also seem to love wearing them while they drive down the highway at speed.

        • Joggers where I live place top of the mask under their nostrils so when breathing through their noses the are exposing and exposed to any particles in the environment. A mask is just a fashion accessory for any of us but the jogger destroys whatever protection he might otherwise enjoy. And you know the nogs don’t wash their hands or cover their faces when sneezing.

          • No. The correct question for your suggestion is: what are jews. It was jews for ten shekels. Joggers tend to have broad but flat noses readily accommodated under face masks (check out FBI surveillance videos of the negro robbing banks; the masks fit).

      • Z Man said: ” Blacks fear that which they cannot see. Ghosts, white privilege, viruses.”

        And personal responsibility. Don’t see much of that in the hood either. Education, hard work and delayed gratification. It’s all white supremacy, specifically designed to keep the black man down.

  28. NBC (owned by Comcast a chief competitor of Disney, owner of ESPN) is dancing around to cope with this- and the possibility of disaggregated cable fees by pushing a lot of Sports content onto a Web Channel-, free at a basic level but $5-$10 a month for most.
    When all of this settles out it will be a hoot to see what happens to the Public Broadcasting System.

    • Bilejones said: “When all of this settles out it will be a hoot to see what happens to the Public Broadcasting System.”

      As long as the Democreats can pump loads of fiat currency into PBS , the beat will go on.

  29. This demographic cliff has been known to the sports leagues for a long time, which is why they happily throw in with the hate-whitey stuff. Sure, many of the principles really do hate white people, but much of it driven by the carnival barker’s belief in his ability to will an audience into existence. They really do think they can cast the same spell on the brown hordes that they cast on white people and get the same result. The virus panic and cultural revolution will put those theories to the test.

    Cable providers will collapse almost simultaneously for these very reasons, even if they get out from the ESPN-type contracts. Boomers are the last television audience, and they either won’t be around soon enough or, as you point out, realize it is a needless expense and cut it out.

    What will be hilarious is when franchise owners go to city officials and try to extort new stadiums as they did in the past. Ain’t happening.

    • Correct. My comments hither and yon have been based on the economics: assuming a 50-75% “White” boycott, how do these franchises expect 3% of the “african-American” population — the ones with expendable income — to maintain the income streams that they have come to expect over the last 10-20-30-40+ years?

      • I’d love to know where that figure on the disposable income of blecqs comes from. Non-trivial trivia.

  30. NBA to players: We’ll give you $10+ mil a year to play a game that never adapted itself to giant men, so it’s effectively a children’s game for you. But there’s one thing: don’t go to strip clubs during pandemics.

    Players to NBA: I literally don’t know what to spend $10+ mil on other than floozys, so no can do on the flesh pots.


    • If it’ll make you feel better, roughly half of these pro athetes are bankrupt within a few years of retirement. 🙂 “So I have heard.”

  31. It’s hard to be excited about this. The social culture around sports will not be rebuilt. What happens to all those guys do they become even more socially isolated?

    • A very good point, the default for younger men of video games and porn are a definite downgrade from being obsessed with sports.

    • That’s why we need to be building Communities so they have something to invest their time in that’s worthwhile to them and the progeny…

    • Tykebomb said: “What happens to all those guys do they become even more socially isolated?”

      For a lot of the over 50 crowd, it’s going to be more booze, drugs, gambling and suicide.

  32. On the other hand, sports entertainment has been a vital part of keeping whitey under control. Something will have to be done to reestablish the mind control device known as sportsball.

    They can’t let it go. They will probably drastically shorten schedules and cut salaries while they ratchet up the marketing to get YT worked up for the big clash once or twice a week. We’ll see a lot more corporate sponsorship and other forms of public hoopla helping to set the stage and raise interest in these events. There will be a lot more narrative leading up to the game and a lot of follow up as the denouement gives everyone their needed resolution fix. Sports will add more and more soap opera to what happens before they take the field and for after they leave the field. Until things decay even more it will probably work like a charm regardless of all of the anti white nonsense. Humans are draw to spectacle especially if there’s a story with a lot of emotional tie-ins to heighten appeal and hold attention.

    • I think so, but the economic model of current sports ball will require a collapse first.

      • Well, and that would mean a large segment of the gambling industry, licit or otherwise, will shrink proportionally. I often wonder how this shutdown will affect betting and the interests served.

        • Casinos were already in serious trouble. With every state setting up casinos, the market was flooded.

          • The setup in our state are casinos only on the various injun (feather not dot) rezs. It’s their way of getting back at us pale faces for kicking their asses back in the day – taking our wampum.

          • That does raise another question about Covid shutdowns, what are Native American tribes going to do to make up for the revenue shortfalls they will get hit with this year? They had to already be in decline a lot places because of other legalized gambling, and it isn’t like they can turn to other sources of revenue to make up the difference.

          • Probably their primary source of tribal revenue other than what they get from uncle sugar.

      • What the leagues dont realize Z, is that all this woke jaboonery will finally drive home to Whitey that he has a target on his back. How do you think he is going to spend his Sundays now? At the gun range; rehearsing tactics for conflict, noting who in his community is on the other team. In short, he will be preparing for war.

        The reason fighting is allowed in hockey is so the players dont bash each other over the head with sticks. Sportsball serves the same purpose; it lets whitey blow off steam, and brainwashes him into thinking we are all one big happy country.

        Give Whitey some credit; when he finally shifts into gear he is a pretty remarkable killing machine. Taking sportsball away will lead to spitting on hands, hoisting the black flag, and the slitting of throats.

        • “noting who in his community is on the other team…”
          This. They had one of these “protest marches” in my town. I was not alone putting out feelers to find out who the kids were that marched. And by extension whom their parents are. Good to know who the traitors are for a variety of reasons.

    • Since the country is drifting Left anyway, why not make it a government partnership. We’ve enduring PBS for half a century or more, so why not the Public Football League? “Tonight’s play-off game is made possible with a generous grant from Amazon and funding from the National Endowment for the Sports.” 🙂

  33. In my sportsball addiction days, I loved reading the newspaper sports columnists. The suspense would build just before the game, then you eagerly bought the Sunday paper to read the Homeric tale of how your team won or lost, and what was ahead. Or how your team exacted revenge for a past loss. Then the cycle would begin again on Monday, rising to a crescendo of anecdotes, innuendo, and injury reports creating fan anxiety. What a multicultural clown car I finally exited.

    • I remember my brother and his friends all collecting baseball cards and playing softball or football pickup games. With the collapse of civic life due to two income families, diversity, and electronic entertainment, that’s almost vanished. The only ‘team’ sport my older boy enjoyed was airsoft games, and the younger one spent a few years in a church-sponsored football team. Otherwise it was individual, paid athletics (fencing, MME, etc.). The younger one still watches football with dad although they both know I hate it.

    • Awww, c’mon Ep, everyone is allowed to have a hobby or some frivolous distractions in life! My brother (retired US Army and current perfesser of business classes) has been a subscriber reading The Sporting News for at least 50 years. I haven’t asked him yet about any of this — why spoil his fun when the franchises are doing their level best to implode?

  34. Esports. The coming generation will just tune in to watch adderol athletes and see who can flick their mouse faster in Counterstrike. Thats probably a joke, but I dont know tbh.

    • My son spends more time watching other people play video games than he does watching people play sports ball.

      So not a joke.

      • At the risk of outing myself as a complete loser, i have watched professional counterstrike esports which is why i used that example.

        I dont play video games anymore, but when i did that game was my go to. Watching the pros was interesting, in a similar way that to me football is the most interesting sport: they have to fight for every inch of territory and occasionally the teamwork comes together just right to allow one guy to make a big “play”. It was mildly exciting for a few matches and then it quickly wears off.

        I understand the appeal sort of. But that probably highlights the biggest weakness of esports: necessarily small audiences. If you play the game, you may be temporarily interested in watching until gets boring and something newer and cooler comes out. If you dont play you not only wont care, but you may not even be able to understand how the game works in the first place. Any outsider can see whats happening in baseball but try figuring out whats happening in starcraft 2 or caring about it just by watching.

        • I don’t know, football is pretty impenetrable. When I was relating the rules to a foreigner they were baffled as to why I was watching what was apparently a courtroom drama sprinkled a smidge of violence concerning an oblong ball.

          • Yes!
            Love rugby.
            In my estimation, they are tougher, b/c 1) there is more skill involved adn 2) they only wear a mouthguard and/or a small headpiece to tape their ears (if they’re in the scrum).
            Plus: its a European homeland sport!

          • No committee meetings before every play in rugby. No time for TV commercials – escape the poz!

          • Yup, time for some new sports. Motorboat destruction derby. Unmanned RTV mine field crossings (how far can they get before they blow up?). Motorcycle drawn chariot races (it’s been done). Junk car cliff jumping (goes on now). Basically anything with a motor, involving destruction and/or explosions. If we are going to waste time, let’s have as much stupid fun with it as possible.

          • The name of the show: North Korean Defector. Winner gets official permission to cut a sheaf of wheat. Loser gets strapped to grid coordinates and mortar bombed or fed to sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.

          • Pretty much what a bunch of 8-10y/o boys would invent. IOW, perfect! Fire crackers, bb guns, caps, and whatever dragged from the shed or garage we thought dad wouldn’t miss. So its come full circle.

            I started losing interest in pro sports when it started taking itself too seriously. Its called ‘playing’ sports for a reason. The corporate globohomo blackening was just a last nail.

      • That’s because you don’t play computer yourself. It’s like with soccer: if you do not have the faintest idea about what’s going on on the pitch, all you see is people kicking a ball around.

        At any rate, you don’t watch the players in esport, you watch the game. I used to watch televised Starcraft tournaments – the players were all from South Korea, so it’s impossible to tell them apart in the first place. There’d be the occasional shot of the players, sitting utterly motionless in their perspex bubbles since their hands were below the frame, but 96% of the time, you’d be watching the game.

    • Eh, I’ve been into video games for a long time and I don’t see the appeal of watching others play.

      Joe Rogan is 100% right they are a huge time sink with no redeeming benefit.

      My interest declined when I realized that the game mechanics are the same year to year while the developers just disguise them in fancier assemblages of pixels.

      • True. Couple that with cut throat economics for the publisher leading to rushed production, hiring of more incompetent designers, and more political intrusion and aside from prior dopamine addiction to gaming the appeal is getting harder to see.

      • Big time lifetime gamer here and the story I always relate is an interview Game Informer had with the guy who “beat World of Warcraft” (i.e., had completed EVERY task, at the time). When they asked him how he felt about his accomplishment he said (paraphrasing) “nothing but an f’n waste of time”.
        As far as distractions go, you could do worse, but as the other commentator here points out, development has hit a wall. Triple-A titles any more are just reskinned takes on previous efforts, but now full of Poz’ed bullshit that makes it tiresome rather than enjoyable.

      • The Wild Geese Howard saiid: “Eh, I’ve been into video games for a long time and I don’t see the appeal of watching others play.”

        When I was young and dumb, I played the slots quite a bit. But the few times I’ve watched vids on Youtube of other people playing, bored me to tears.

    • It’s no joke. That is essentially what esports boils down to – insane mouse DPI tracking and superior frame rates. There’s even celebrity-style endorsement contracts that occur. I don’t play, I’m in my late 60s, but custom building and tuning high-performance PCs is a bit of a hobby and you can’t help running into these cocksnots. Esports is what the custom-PC market seems to have oriented towards, too.

  35. It’s hard not to laugh. So the Joggers who took a knee are having to take a seat.
    The whole structure of cable fees where the ESPN’S get their revenue by force from those who don’t watch is ripe for change. Trump should sic the FCC on them with a mandate to break it up within the next quarter- It really is time to take the war to them. Similarly He should fire all PBS appointees etc- Were I him I’d go after one or two of those guys for treason – there’s no end of broadcasts giving aid a comfort to the enemy- whoever the enemy du jour may be.

  36. Baseball embracing BLM is a major mistake. Looking at the comments section for various articles, such as one reporting that they’re displaying a BLM logo on the pitchers mound, show overwhelmingly angry comments. Most along the lines of keeping politics out of sports, which is their “escape” from all of that. Many are now understanding the Marxist agenda of BLM also.
    When you scan the crowd at a major league baseball game, it’s very white. There are some Hispanics, especially for Dodger games, but generally it looks like 1970s America. Scolding whites for their racism when all they want to do is enjoy a leisurely day at the ballpark, or at home, watch a game on TV without being to subjected to virtue-signalling commercials, is a major misreading of their audience.

    • AWFLs love BLM and baseball is the least AWFL-friendly sport I can think of.

    • ESPN was reportedly thrilled four million viewers watched the opening night game between the Yankees and Nationals. Although baseball ratings had already gone off a cliff compared to what they were historically. What is the growth strategy when the graph for viewership of the World Series looks like this? Last year’s series only averaged 14 million viewers because 23 million tuned into Game 7.

    • My first Dodger game was one of those early moments of “this is not my country anymore”. Driving into “Chavez Ravine” was like crossing into TJ from San Diego. The stands were still fairly white but the hostile swagger of the invaders and overall dirt-world vibe was quite a jolt. Even before I became situationally aware I thought it was a terrible place to be: one way in/out in an urban canyon surrounded by brown shantytowns and 50,000 people drinking for four hours.

      Fun fact. Chavez ravine was once a place where they housed smallpox patients during an outbreak in the mod 1800’s. It was also the site of the first Jewish outposts in LA. Now thats intersectionality lol. The pozz and the specials go way back.

  37. The Olympics would be a good test of the theory. Totalitarian states love the Olympics. The USSR used to go all-in on… well, they went all-in on everything, of course, but they used to pay particular attention to those contests that their ethnics could win. Karelin, the great wrestler, was from Siberia, for example. When are the next Games, 2022? Let’s see if President Abrams goes full-blast for Team USA, full of all-American patriots named Gomez, Chatterjee and Kung Pao.

    • Chatterjee? Are you sure? I cannot recall ever seeing an Indian athlete of repute… From recent memory, it was joggers for the athletics, YT for swimming and a mix of yellows and whites for the gymnastics. And then there were the entries for comic relief…

      • I’m not sure an athlete from India has ever won an Olympic medal. I remember Steve Sailer writing about that a few years ago. Pretty amazing considering the immense population of India. Human biodiversity is real.

        • India has won 28 medals in the Olympics. They’ve recently won medals in wrestling (Rio 2016, London 2012, Beijing 2008), shooting (London 2012, Beijing 2008), Athens 2004), badminton (Rio 2016, London 2012), and boxing (London 2012, Beijing 2008).

      • I’m not saying he’d win anything. But, he’d be there. After all, Diversity is Our Strength, and “our” Olympic team has to Look Like America….

      • The shortest book I ever read: “Great Indian Heavyweight Champs in Boxing History.”

    • I’ve supported athletes of European heritage over those who happen to have the same color passport for many Olympics.

      • Yes. I have expressed similar views on the importance of heritage in the past to friends, mostly the response was a tepid agreement but they still ‘got behind our man’. Of course, it is hard to consider him ‘your man’ when he comes out draped in the Union Jack and the flag of Nigeria… And that is before we even get to the genetic matter.

        I have to say that the recent debacle with sport and the constant anti-white rhetoric have made it easier, for me at least, to broach this formerly delicate subject with other people who previously would not have been receptive. The simple line ‘Why would I support him and his anti-white stance’ has met with far more warmth in recent times than it did even a couple of years ago. One plus, I suppose.

        • Having lived in Oxford, England for two years, I still cringe when I see some coal-black participant on an “English team” and always wonder: what the hell are you people trying to prove?

          The Rt. Hon. J. Enoch Powell (MP) was right 58 years ago yet he would be mocked by the “elite” today as he was then. It is all shameful and Sad.

          • By “you people” I asume you mean the elite.
            It’s always about remiinding people that they are powerless and this type of progress is inevitable but also mundane.
            There’s definitely a paradox whereby something is amazing and MUST be clebrated but also it’s quotidian so why do YOU have a problem with it!?

          • what the hell are you people trying to prove?

            Whether all of our higher ups believe it or not, the system they a part of seems to want to convince us that we are a multicultural paradise. And always have been. But of course it is not true.

            The while obsession with acceptance and now, celebration is an entirely feminine thing in my opinion. To be quite honest, too many joggers in the English national football team always bugged me but I could have accepted it were diversity not relentlessly pushed in every other aspect of life. The billboards as I drive to work, the advertisements on television, the seminars/training given in companies, the way normal people even think these things are worthwhile talking points. Everything.

            I actually think that there are some fairly conservative MPs on backbenches for both main parties here. I think they know the problems and often I wonder ‘what do you boys say in private’. But in this system, even a person with a fair amount of power must look around him, see younger people (as well as those of his own generation) spewing very bizarre ideas and think ‘how can I stop this’. That is the miracle of democracy, the buck doesn’t really seem to stop with anyone.

            On a more positive note, The Isles have over 1000 years of solid history – almost exclusively white – and this is hard to rewrite, but they’re trying. The system has broken. Don’t bother trying to fix it. Continue to educate those who are salvageable and identify the most conservative parts of the country and move there with your tales of diversity… You need to network. You need allies.

    • Back before race became a banal and incessant “issue,” athletic participation in the Olympics was determined by merit or quantifiable results. Need we remind our gentle readers of Thorpe and Owens? Ironically, the latter was congratulated by AH but ignored by FDR.

    • As long as they have beach volleyball and women’s gymnastics, the Olympics are worth viewing 😀

  38. Two things changed my viewing habits. In the early 2000’s, a world champion boxer bought the house next door. In 3 weeks, we were on the property line with drawn, loaded pistols. Never again would I engage in activity that would funnel money to the nagger class of leeches. The boxer eventually ended up spending 10 years in a federal prison for defrauding the government of moneys meant to support the refugees from the Katrina flooding in New Orleans. Could not have happened to a more deserving dindunuffin.

    Second, a bobcat began taking my hens. For two full months, I sat on the porch from 3:00 pm thru twilight, which varied from 7:30 thru 8:15. I lost the habit of watching the nightly news and came to enjoy sitting on the porch listening to the animals wind down after the day. I live in an extremely rural setting and I hear only animal sounds as the day ends.

    This change followed my retiring from the active workforce and helped me to settle myself and detach from the daily grind. My life is infinitely better for the changes.

    • Yup.

      I used to live and die with my college football and pro hockey teams.

      Now I have no idea who’s even on their rosters and I don’t care.

      • I have to chime in here to agree, with a caveat. My best sports experiences, by far, involved my own play or that of my kids. But the interest, shared experiences in pro and college sports was HIGH.
        So unlike many (most?) posters here that “never got into” I played a college sport. All of my four kids played college sports; two went to the NCAAs in their sport . We traveled. They traveled. Spent lots of time and $$$$.
        Now, zip. No interest in the enemy combatants that have occupied the diamonds, courts and fields. No watching, attending, gear, cable sports packages. Our whole family gave up the habit. We still play, train, work out, run marathons.
        Just ZFG about the pros. They are so laughable now, we do point and make comments for our own enjoyment. Like that LeBron character, cuts and runs first hint of his Chinese paymaster wanting him to.
        Think of these millionaires .. instead of playing and televising their stupid games on “National TV” DURING the lockdowns, to keep up “national morale”, say like FDR wanted with MLB during World War 2 … these rich cowards ALL took their balls and pucks and ran away.
        No doubt they are chasing a new audience …. hahahaha. As if. These clowns gonna be working at the car wash sooner rather than later.
        Good luck, boys!

        • Cannot edit so add: college sports to the post, along with pros. Then again, the NCAA is a pro sports league.

        • Agree. Best, most intense, game i ever watched was my 12 yrs daughter’s soccer championship.

  39. Your demographic points are also why the NBA has made itself completely subservient to China. More people in China watched the last game of the 2019 NBA Finals than watched in the U.S. This is their plan to survive the collapse in U.S. fan interest. Eventually they will likely have two divisions, one of American teams which will only be located in major cities and one in China.

    • The best part of China becoming the top superpower is seeing all these blacks kissing those Jackie Chan feet.

  40. While out yesterday, I saw a little bit of an MLB game with the empty stands. It doesn’t work and that surprised me some. I figure that if you don’t see the fans, you do not have the subconscious feeling of being there at the park. It’s why radio broadcasts always include the stadium noise.

    • I looked at Nats game for a few minutes and it was very strange. In some parks they are using cardboard cutouts to populate the seats behind the plate. It is too ridiculous to tolerate. They are piping in fake fan noise, but it is too obviously fake.

      The thing about fans at the games is they serve as social proof for the TV viewer. The viewer sees a big crowd or lots of crowd noise and he gets the feeling the event is important. Our brains have been conditioned that way. The announcers always talk about the crowd and how much energy there is in the stadium.

      I suspect after the initial novelty wears off, interest collapses.

      • I might add that fans project impressive plays onto their active fantasies as they watch. The football receiver who hauls down an impossible catch and jukes for a score is us and the crowd roar and chants are for us. That jumping cheerleader with major league yabbos is looking right at us.

        Fan lives are often pretty dreary and devoid of meaning, for example, nobody applauds when you wash the car and take out the garbage bags. Sports ball and perhaps an intoxicating substance, or bonding with your buddies and enjoying the camaraderie, helps remove us from the drudge.

        I personally never really got into watching sports.

        • nobody applauds when you wash the car and take out the garbage bags.

          Speak for yourself! My garbage bag cheering section is enthusiastic! I love my fans!

      • The thing about fans at the games is they serve as social proof for the TV viewer.

        Bingo! Without the fans, it’s just a bunch of men in silly outfits playing a kids’ game. Sure, they’re extremely good at what they do, but in the end, what they’re doing is no different nor more important than a bunch of regular guys playing in a softball league.

          • The last time I watched, however briefly, “regular guys” playing basketball was a night game at the Y at least 15 years ago. They were all White; they were all in their 20’s and early 30’s; there were no fans; and they were (very obviously) having fun. I hope that continues into the future.

          • Physical activity is good, but the scenario cited above risks a challenge to a game against Those Other People 🙂

          • Beer league hockey is a healthy way for white guys to commune, but shinny on a frozen pond takes things one level higher. There’s no better physical activity.

          • Playing league dodgeball is really fun and a decent workout. I’m 50+ but routinely zap the soy boys and mouthy biotches with great pleasure. Millennials cannot throw or catch even if they have trim bodies and the SPLAT of zinging a fatty put me in a wonderful mood. It won’t grow muscle but you end up not caring because of the laughter and schadenfreude.

          • I live in the core of a large US city (fiance/later wife diagnosed with medical issue, so no kids; we stayed behind after our friends moved away to raise families). It was likely easier for me to find league play.

            Search your area online for organized competition. Usually winter but try to firm up your play by mid-autumn at the latest. More rural or small suburban may have structured pick-up games through the YMCA/YWCA or comparable organizations, here we have formal dodgeball league play and social and professional leagues. Urban territory is more likely to insist on set teams, mostly right out of university spoiled brats, with a single “garbage” team comprised of the undesirables. After a season crushing it as garbage, the consistently winning teams will hit you up to join them when there is a vacancy.

            A problem with my affiliations and city is that after play you are expected to go out for beers together with the other team. This is painful for me because the Millennials who engage in childlike games such as dodgeball for the most part are superficial, vacuous imbeciles with noses buried in devices and cultural references I could care less about.

            I intend to continue playing once matches ensue because this takes me back to 5th or 6th grade and those were good years for me. Hope you find your way. Dodgeball!

          • That sounds fantastic.
            Takes me back to my elementary school days when dodgeball was a regular past-time during our recess of 30-35 minutes. (Felt longer…)
            Those were back in the days (mid-80’s) when dodgeball was for kids: we could all take it, and there was no whining.
            When you were out, you were out!

          • I feel ya. We kids actually engaged in play, fantasy and mischief back in the day. No lcd screens. Every year or so some kid fell from the surprisingly tall “monkey bars” on the playground and broke an arm or something. There was a grove of pine trees densely planted as a firebreak near a ravine. We’d climb to the tops, rock the tree back and forth, and use them as a spring to the next tree. This way we’d spring across the grove end-to-end until we fell clutching branches and needles. And then get yelled at for all the pine resin gobbed all over us and our rummage sale clothes. So now here we are today.

      • It’s like MLB is trying to be “fake and gay.” Multimillionaires genuflect to blacks in the hood to fight non-existent societal ills. Then they play the national anthem to an empty stadium to display their faux patriotism. Finally, they play a child’s game in front of cardboard cutouts – literal fake fans.

        • The whole world is turning fake so all the institutions are as well…Clown world extravaganza…That’s why Community is so damn important…

        • The fans will be CGI before you know it.
          Literally – they won’t tell you.
          Fake fans, just like as soon as the election is stolen and certified they’ll have a fake vaccine suddenly available for Covid. The placebo will be almost entirely effective because they’ll introduce very strict criteria for the diagnosis of Covid-19 which will be widely applied and the numbers will fall just at the right time.

      • I recall, a few years ago, some fans were up in arms because they figured out that crowd sounds were being piped into the sportsball broadcasts. I think it mattered back then, because people actually cared about their sports and their teams. Now, everything is fake and people obviously don’t care at all. They just ignore the whole thing. The worm has turned, and the sports system, such as it is, hasn’t caught up yet. If I were Jerry Jones, I would put the Cowboys up for sale, yesterday.

        • The NBA has been piping in noise since the 90s. And that was the time I stopped watching.

      • Cardboard fans? Seriously? Christ almighty…
        It all becomes more bizarre with each passing day.

      • Playing college basketball, the enthusiasm of your home crowd can buoy your spirits and push you to greater performance. I’ve heard it’s the same with musicians at large concerts as well. There is no greater thrill than hitting a big three pointer that gets the crowd on their feet and yelling your name. A lot of players hated playing on the road, but I reveled in the hatred of the opposing fans. It also lifted my performances as I wanted to silence them. We were playing our conference rivals (I played in what would be termed a mid-major conference that sends its champion automatically to the NCAA Tournament) and we were making a run to put the game away. One of my teammates hit a timely three that sunk the crowd’s hopes and sent them to the exits. Since these fans were calling me every dirty name in the book, I couldn’t resist by shushing them as they turned to leave in disgust.
        Without that crowd, it just feels like a random pickup game with no purpose or meaning.
        We’re going to see a major change in sports because of this. The smaller schools won’t be able to maintain these massive athletic programs that also function as a conduit for vibrants on campus. Eliminating that in of itself would be a positive for the academic mission, which suffers since universities have become fever swamps for Marxist, white-hating whackjobs.

  41. Most major cities already subside the arenas, maybe through various manipulations they will find a way to subsidize the teams themselves.

    You are right though, after Boomers then what? Young men in their twenties and thirties aren’t mimicking their elders sports patterns.
    We have got to get more people to pull the tv plug along with Netflix, Hulu and other pozzed crap.

    • The subsidies to build new arenas have been failing when put to the voters for several years now. City and state governments have been trying to bypass the voters to still get these deals done. The votes in San Diego, with fans being told outright the Chargers were leaving if it wasn’t approved weren’t even close. I doubt there will ever be a popular vote for a new sports stadium in the United States again. The argument city government types made that they drive economic growth was always dubious, but they can’t even try to make it now.

      • On several occasions having visied two city arenas (RFK in DC and Veterans in Baltimore), I note they are usually — not always* — located in blighted urban areas. Even if city owned, I’m sure the well-connected made big bucks selling the property, or building the stadium. Even in my younger years, walking to/from the arena entrance exposed one to a distinctly unfriendly street life. I guess “safety in numbers” and there was some police presence, but I’d avoid such areas outside of major event times.
        Jobs for the locals? If only! Most of those people wouldn’t qualify to work at a McDonald’s, and probably wouldn’t show up if they were hired. Are they going to do any better as a groundskeeper or at one of the $10 hot dog and $15 beer concessions during a game? Doubtful 😀
        *Tampa’s 1-800-ASK-GARY arena or whatever it’s now called 🙂 is in a not-too-bad area, at least it doesn’t look like Berlin in late 1945 😀

    • Cash-strapped cities won’t be building new stadiums. As Barnard wrote, that already was a dead horse.

    • “… after Boomers then what? Young men in their twenties and thirties aren’t mimicking their elders sports patterns.”

      The games will be altered and made more vulgar to appeal to their coarser, more vulgar dusky audience. Whites will watch and be further coarsened. This is what happens when you let these folks in your culture — you take them in and they become part of you, like it or not. Just as the Mexicans bred with the Africans in their country and those blacks became part of the Mexican fabric.

      • For those of you who still have a TV, look at what happened to the show Family Feud. After running through a handful of white hosts, they hired a jogger. The show then devolved from white bread brain candy to a steady stream of vulgarities, with each question intended to elicit the money shot of an elderly female saying, “something, something, body part!” to loud guffaws.

  42. How the fuck did ESPN con it’s way into a model where 90% of their revenue comes from cable cos with no regard to actual viewership.

    • It is because they used to draw in huge numbers. It has only been the past five years or so that their model has been collapsing. Soon they’ll take the hit as the cable providers tell them no more.

      • It seems like five years ago is when ESPN began implementing some social justice programming.

      • There’s a lot of incessant whining about “what can we do?” – well guess what: going around telling people that ESPN gets a cut out of your wallet even though you don’t watch them – is one thing you CAN do.

        A couple of years ago there was some slight rumbling about that ESPN situation – and people were giving their cable providers some amount of crap about it. Don’t think it really went much of anywhere – but at least there was finally some level of awareness.

    • I asked a cable provider years ago. I was told that they had to take ESPN to get other packages that they wanted, like Disney and Nick. Because of corporate ownership of the contenet, it was a package deal: all or nothing.

      • Pressure needs to be fed back up the chain to stop that kind of thing. If enough people start dumping cable – for the explicit reason that they don’t want to pay for certain channels – then sooner or later they’ll be forced to take notice.

        To paraphrase Tom Hanks: Your money goes up the chain, you pay the cable provider and the cable provider pays the content providers. If you stop paying the cable provider – well then sooner or later the content provider loses money as well.

    • That is the cable model. Whatever channels are in your package, whether you watch them or not, they’re getting a percentage of your cable bill. So if you have a channel in your package that you hate and so don’t watch it it doesn’t mean anything because they are still getting your money. The only way to cut it is to cut that bill

      • That is true, but wouldn’t lack of viewership affect how much they can charge for ad spots?

      • I cut my cable in the early 2000s for financial reasons, but Z is right, after a while you just don’t miss it.

        • Likewise. I got rid of my TV in 2007 and haven’t owned one since. Further, I’ve watched not more than a minute of TV in over 10 years. It’s become foreign to me and everything about it is inherently toxic.

          • I stopped watching the idiot box during the Brexit campaign over four years ago now. Not only do I not miss it, but when I find myself in a room where a TV is on, I find really annoying.

          • For all intents and purposes, I quit in ’92. That was also the year I stopped listening to pop music.

          • Nothing destroys the ambiance of a restaurant more surely than the presence of boob toobs. But they’re practically ubiquitous. When at all possible, I request a table as far away from the idiot box as possible.

          • I’ve been known to change my mind about entering a restaurant that plays TV, especially multiple screens to cover every viewing angle. Or, with loud music. Hip-hop? Color me gone.

          • I (used to) go to the local 24Hour Fitness. I could only stand it for about 30 minutes as the blaring music alternated between some hip hop gangsta and some kind of current day Alanis Morrisette. Now 24Hour has filed for bankruptcy.

        • It’s been a long time since I’ve had a TV also but I traveled a lot before the pandemic and so I would travel to places and there would be a TV. I always kind of considered it a bonus that I would watch TV. But four months without one seems to have done it because I finally travelled again and I never turned it on. And it feels different. It’s like the last of those tendrils are out of my brain

          • Right with you, don’t miss it. When I come across a TV now, the noise is absolutely jarring. Sports is even worse. They dial up the crowd noise to 11. It’s probably subliminal advertising!

          • Tv B gone tv killer keychain universal remote. Those public places that insist on blaring loops of espn or CNN. Zap.

            My globogym has giant tvs going constantly even though there are no sports to watch. Cheap entertainment to turn them off one by one and watch some chunky chica in poly sausage casings run around trying to re-ignite the warming glow for the poc contingent getting their daily talking points. Also buys me time to lose the mask for a heavy set. The dissident must learn to enjoy the smallest of victories.

          • …chunky chica in poly sausage casings..

            Hahahahhaa…oh the visual! I’d like the IR TV Remote Grenade. Something small and covert, that you could stick to the ceiling of the room and it would randomly blast the off command until the battery runs out.
            That would be worth a few service calls…

          • I tried a few of the TV zapper apps for my Android but no workee. Great idea though. For the innocent, the TV Zapper is a remote control that sends “power off” command to all known models of TV 😀

          • Agree. A TV in my house has a high correlation with a partner who watches it endlessly. At one time, my “quality time” with girlfriend was to watch one Lifetime or other movie of equivalent quality, most nights 🙂 Now I am probably a poor example of a man for a long-term relationship, but I am much happier without a TV or a TV-hypnotized female in my house.

    • Cable came along for the masses in the ‘70s. Ted Turner. ESPN debuted in 1979 and showed a lot of Australian Rules football because the North American broadcast rights were free. They gradually began to have the money to show US-mainstream sports. This is what led to the demise of the various games of the week.
      It also led to people getting cable. MTV was still several years away. In the early years, when there wasn’t much ‘extra’ content out there to populate cable channels, access to ESPN was probably the reason the majority of cable subscribers signed up.
      That’s where they got this leverage. It’s a vestigial organ that needs to be excise.

  43. When I was in high school, Lakers and Dodgers and Angels games were not broadcast live every day. Some of them had replays after the 11pm news. Some didn’t.
    On weekend there would be a more games live. But a lot of those were nationally televised “games of the week” and might or might not feature local teams.

  44. As a former consultant to NASA I associated with electrical engineers and a couple of fighter pilots and I’ve never come across similar high achievers that followed sports ball. Like, if it was Sunday and we were hanging together at the end of the day one might hear, “Was the Super Bowl today?” …”Who knows”

    • Joe Sobran wrote once: Imagine a jewish man drinking beer all day and watching football on Saturday. It’s really hard to imagine that.

      • NAJALT alert:

        A former very good friend, 10 years deceased, was just such an animal, except add cigarettes, cocaine, sportsball gambling, and weed to the mix.

        True to form, he was a CPA, and loyal to his tribe. But, he was more loyal to his addictions.

        What did we have in common? Sportsball fanaticism.

        Thankfully, I had the wisdom and the stones to part company with him

        • You mentioned gambling. That is a major driver for the love of sports, especially football. I had a white collar friend who was more interested in chasing women and his boat than football. Then he got into gambling and he could rattle off statistics of every obscure fullback in the NFL.

        • I learned a very long time ago that there a whole list of things that people engage in that are complete wastes of time and money.

          TV watching in general
          Coffee drinking

          Learning how to avoid time sucks – has left me with a lot of “extra” time in my life to actually go out and accomplish real things.

          • Coffee drinking

            We are no longer friends, Calsdad. How could you say that. No coffee no peace.

          • One of my first jobs out of high school was in a printing factory. That place was chock full of coffee addicts. The company didn’t let them smoke inside the building – so they’d drink coffee incessantly. Mostly out of those crappy coffee vending machines they had back then.
            It was just another substance abused by addicts was my view of the whole thing. Coffee cups all over the floor – puddles of coffee on the control panels of machines, etc., not already being a coffee drinker – it just gave me a bad visual of who coffee drinkers were.
            And this was long before Starbucks or any of the fashionable coffee barista BS we’ve been inundated with over the last couple of decades.
            I guess I could sum it up simply by saying that I found cigarettes so offensive as a child having to suck on the fumes – that I never had the urge to smoke. And I found the slovenly habits of all the coffee drinkers I was exposed to – that I never felt the urge to drink coffee. Likewise the lousy personal habits of gamblers steered me away from that as well. The types of people I met as a youngster who were avowed lefties – made me veer hard right to avoid that road too.
            Hmmmm – if these are types of people that engage in this behavior – it’s probably a bad idea……

          • I’ve always found tobacco nasty to behold and so like you I never had the urge to try it.

            Without coffee, however, I transform into a feral beast. Beware. I’ve got my eyes on the anti-coffeans. All hail to the roasted bean.

          • Anti-Coffee may be a future Crusade. They’re running low on social dysfunctions to protest or seek additional funding to combat 🙂 So in the future, we can expect once-hip Starbucks to be picketed and firebombed because they serve a product that is known to be addictive, and its production exploits Juan Valdez and other poor peons slaving in banana republics, etc.

          • …and here I just don’t drink coffee because it bothers my stomach and my blood sugar levels….!!

            And I find tea drinking to simply be more genteel…

          • Cigarettes, cocaine, drinking, and gambling have never been an issue for me.

            Weed and sportsball fanaticism have been.
            Between the two, the latter has been more difficult to shed. Over a period of 5-6 years, I gradually weaned myself from MJ and have been completely free of it for 21 months.

            Sportsball, OTOH, has been much more of a challenge.

            In my case, for 20 years, I patronized the NFL, MLB, and college football by taking sportsball road trips courtesy of companies like Major League Vacations. I had to see the Big House and be part of a crowd of 100,000; I had to see both the old and the new Mile High Stadium; I had to be in South Bend and see a game with touchdown Jesus in the background; I had to sweat my ass off in Sun Devil Stadium; I had to see Three Rivers and Big Ben at Heinz; I had to see the Silverdome; I had to be part of the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party; and I just had to put my feet on the frozen tundra in late September.

            The good news is that it has now been four years since I have parted with a kopeck for sportsball tickets. Likewise, it has been four years since I have attended any sportsball event.

            During the last 4 years, my sportsball interest has gradually tapered off and now, this year, finally, I have resolved to make a hard, clean break.

          • This “pandemic” has been a blessing in disguise regarding the lock-downs of places such as coffee shops. Personally, I’ve saved a lot of money — though I do miss the environment and meeting new people at some of the ones that I used to frequently patronize.

          • You must have found some coffee shops that were not loci of AWR. The vast majority of them, including Starbuck’s, of course, are enemy territory.

          • Yes, they were independent coffee shops nestled away in mountain towns and/or somewhat rural areas. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed some dreadful changes among many of them over the last couple of years which has led me to quit visiting a couple all together. New ownership at one of the coffee shops were overtly hard-Left and their ideologies trickled down to the staff and within the overall environment. Another shop started to hire openly LGBTs and vocal SJWs. Some of the others remain OK, but the customer base has shifted to a far-more Marxist crowd than in previous years when there was a strong sense of normalcy among the patrons. This appears to be a trend with many of the independent coffee shops and I’m not talking about inter-city joints that cater to hipsters.

          • One of my favorite local restaurants hired a tranny waiter. His presence killed my appetite so I no longer patronize the joint.

    • There’s a lot of truth to this. I’ve spent much of my adult life around high-performance individuals who have a higher expectation of what life should be. Many of these individuals were extreme athletes as I’ve competed and embarked on many of adventures with them. Further, these people weren’t only world-class athletes, but they were also highly accomplished in every aspect of their lives — from education to professional endeavors. Most would openly mock people who watched TV or immersed themselves in frivolous twaddle such as sportsball.

  45. I keep saying over and over and over again:

    Make the left bleed by taking away the money.

    If white/right people can’t do simple things like stop supporting their enemies thru watching sportsball (there’s plenty of other ways to pass your time) – then there really is no hope.

    This Wisconsin athletic director just admitted the strategy would work.

    You might not be able to convince your normie friends to support a white homeland – but if you can’t at least make them feel badly about supporting an enterprise that has turned into their direct enemy – you’re really not cut out for this fight.

    • Sure, but it will take quite a while for all of that to filter down. Likely two or three years before TV revenue takes a big hit, and government subsidies are dumped.

        • I’ve personally disconnected from sports over the last decade. Last year, I’d watch football on sundays while I napped. And I’d catch snippets of baseball games winding down at night during the week – but never a whole game. Haven’t bought any sports merch in decades either. So..

          • My cable package does not include ESPN. Such would have been a show stopper. However, as others have noted here, I should not have a “package” period—and they’re right.

          • I had basic cable up until 15yrs ago, $50 TV antenna ever since, 1 cent per day (did the math)
            Stopped watching NFL when Bud Adams moved the Oilers in 1992. I don’t care if our nogs beat your nogs on Sunday.
            I found other interests.

          • This is why you should cancel cable.
            As for effective boycott, A&E cancelled the execrable Cop-A-Ganda show Live PD and lost half their audience.
            This won’t kill them off but it will reduce their ideological reach, the chance they can bait people into “other stuff” and may well get them kicked off cable at some point.
            Its never futile to boycott , quietly and personally.

          • Just cut the cable in my household within the past month. Works great. Saves money too.

        • I think Corona Chan probably enables a “few years” strategy to be far more effective than it would otherwise.
          Total economic collapse does have a few upsides after all.
          However cutting sports, cutting TV , cutting streaming services , reducing Internet time can be jarring for people and so it may be that we have to take baby steps.
          They way I figure it, people with spare time in 1920 found stuff to do (whittle, machine shop, reading, art, martial arts practice) and we ought to do the same.

    • Imo boycotts are pointless. We would need to boycott the whole economy and really the entire country. There’s a word for that kind of boycott: secession.

      Any company that doesnt toe the line now can be brought to heel by greater financial powers. It is only a matter of time.

      • The way that I see it, is that boycotts aren’t necessary about hurting whatever business, but more-so about upholding your convictions. I boycott many of businesses such as most large, multinational corporations. I no longer give business to Starbucks, Target, and other brands that enable, promote, and or support neo-Marxism in addition to destroying local, independent businesses. My decision to no longer stop in a Starbucks while on the road isn’t going to hurt their business. However, I can sleep better at night knowing that I’m staying true to my convictions and not supporting the enemy.

        • I have never dated obese black women. Is that a boycott – or do I just not like fat smelly black women?

          The whole “boycott” word game gets annoying after a while. It’s like the gays constantly berating me for “homophobia”.
          Look – I don’t have an irrational fear of homosexuals. I just don’t like them – there is a difference.

          • I have never dated obese black women.

            Me neither. Butt I did rent one. Not for THAT. I used her black lady backside “bookshelf” as semi-mobile storage for my law books as I paced around the room. Whites and hottentots can indeed collaborate.

          • “Irrational fear of homosexuals”. Is that different from the normal dislike of homosexuals that most ordinary people have? In my case I experience a strong sense of disgust at the thought of homosexuality. As disgust is an evolved response to potential health threats, I consider it a rational fear, and, I believe that Mr Charles Darwin will fully support me on this.

          • They use the word “homophobia” intentionally. They’re trying to cast your dislike of homos as irrational (go look up the meaning of the word phobia). Constantly beating me about the head with the word “racism” is another example of this. They’re trying to cast dislike of black people as a hate crime.

            I prefer the word homoloathing. Or maybe homomosity.

          • It’s impossible to take these people serious as they’re sexual deviants who live a self-serving lifestyle. God produced man and woman to procreate, which is a generative act. Homosexuality is regressive as it doesn’t lead to procreation. Whether one is religious or not doesn’t matter in this case as even if you simply look at homosexuality from a Darwinist perspective, it’s unnatural for the very same reasons.
            In regards to the “racist” insult, it was Trotsky who coined that term and we all know the motives behind Bolshevism in addition to the catastrophic results of such an evil ideology that has taken the lives of over 100 million during the 20th Century.
            Wear both insults with pride and don’t are an ounce like I do.

          • You’re so homophobic that biologists are going to have to reclasify you as a Hetero sapiens 😀

          • “Irrational fear of homosexuals” is nothing but the neurotic projection of the unstable, who cannot imagine having an opinion unaccompanied by hysterics and drama.

          • It’s the way it always is with leftards. Any disagreement and you are a “hater”. I have no fear of homos, just rational disgust over their sexual proclivities. The same with trannies – just a rational belief they should be either slapped back into reality or locked away where they can play with ken or barbie, depending on their mood…

          • No expert here, unless reading a few books about evolution counts 🙂 Yes, homosexuality is “abnormal” to humans, but not as much as you’d think. Of course, from the purely evolutionary biology point of view, homosexuality is not a survival trait simply because they would not reproduce. So they probably exist as a variant for whatever reason, sort of like the rare albino animal that would be unlikely to survive because of poor camouflage. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not defending the ass thief, but consider that while (say) homosexuality may be an aberration, it is not unknown. It does, in fact, occur among animals in nature sometimes. If you’ve ever had you leg humped by a dog you can understand why. In a similar way, I can find you examples in the animal world of behavior that most humans would consider horrifying: Imagine you’re a man starting a new marriage, and the first thing you do is kill off all your step-children. Yet that’s exactly what big cats and other animals do. And the same happens in many eras when power is hereditary. If you’re a schemer in such a country, it is rational, albeit cold-blooded, to try to kill off your enemy and his extended family, lest they have a claim to the throne. And this wasn’t just the Borgias; murdering real or imagined opponents has a long, bloody history in the “modern” Soviet Union. Just ask Stalin.
            Unlike buggery, It “makes sense” in evolutionary terms, because certain genes “want” to survive at the expense of others.

          • It’s not important to get involved in debate about what behaviors are “natural” — most are for some people at some times and places.

            Instead, aggressively support the right of free association. Let everyone (including inverts) follow their preferences about who they want as neighbors, who they accept in daily life or who they hire.

            Freedom of choice in human relationships, whether personal or business-related, will cripple the “hater” and “phobic” invective. The response: “I’m neither a hater or phobic, but the law says I have a right to be. So stick your words where the lighting is dim.”

        • I cant disagree with you there. Minimizing your economic footprint, even if it doesnt hurt the enemy, probably is good for the soul and worth it for that alone. I also avoid tv and video games and most movies cos i have kids and the thought of voluntarily paying someone to brainwash them is too much.

          • I applaud you for taking the appropriate steps to safeguard your kids from being indoctrinated by today’s Cultural Marxist garbage.

        • As a general rule, the larger the entity, the more malice it bears for white people. Boycotts should thus start at the top. That said, the bigger the corporation, the harder it is to avoid. Amazon being the…ahem…”prime” example.

          • I agree. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Walmart, etc. are all monopolies who’ve caused us great harm. However, many can be avoided with some will power. I quit using Amazon in 2017 and that was a lot easier than you’d think. There are many of alternatives to Google and Walmart. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to move past Microsoft because they’re universally used within the global business world. However, Russia has recently banned their services from being used within their country, so there might be some hope for other accessible options.

          • WRT Microsoft, IIR, Russia and China had their number decades ago. They basically run Linux or their own home grown stuff for government functions. Both of these countries not as stupid as us with vital functionality on IT matters.

          • We can also support the infrequent corporation who says “no” to the Poz.I now make a point to buy Goya foods, when it’s something I need.

        • Here we go listing all the companies deserving to be boycotted. It would be easier to simply list those companies deserving to be patronized. Unfortunately—and most frustrating for me—there are not that many and most of them are hard to avoid. To survive these days I’ve found myself doing more and more business with Amazon. Can someone describe a less worthy company for a DR to patronize? I’m beginning to hate myself. Like an addict, I return over and over.

          • Compsco – You’re right; they’re almost all pozzed. I loathe Bezos and don’t like giving him money, but I also loathe being out among the masked and diversified. It seems to be a question of pick your poison, so I pick online ordering and delivery when I can. Unless one lives in a more rural setting with local businesses, it’s really hard to support one’s own.

          • Amazon loses money on Prime orders under $30 because of the cost of pick, pack and ship. So, place nothing but small orders. Ideally, under $15. Bleed them out.

        • Courage is as much a habit as any other virtue. Boycotting people who hate you seems like an easy way to get into the habit of actually making sacrifices, no matter how small, for your supposed beliefs. Religious groups have understood this for centuries. The Catholic giving up something for Lent is affirming, both to himself and others, that he believes.

          There’s also the networking aspect of finding alternatives to those few consumer items you actually need. This is going to be hugely important if we want to create an alternative economy and lifestyle. I got a bag of that Chaga stuff that Z is hawking. It turns out I like it but more importantly I also now know of at least one business that isn’t completely pozzed. This kind of knowledge can help you with practical things like finding work, especially for people who have been unpersoned by the corporate world for various types of wrongthink.

          Finally, on another level this is valuable as a way of breaking away from the consumer lifestyle that is used to milk and enslave us. Why are our (((fellow whites))) so notoriously tight with a dollar? It’s because they never allowed themselves to get hooked on consumerism like whites. They’re perfectly happy getting you hooked of course, because they’ve figured out how to profit from that. It’s a simple matter of not getting high on your own supply.

      • Boycott implies something temporary. As in “I’m not going to buy your product or service until you do what I want”
        If you’re so cucked that you can’t divorce yourself entirely from the enterprise after they finally can’t stop themselves any more and come right out and demonstrate and tell you to your face that they are your enemy (which is something you should have figured out long before now anyway) – then what we’re really talking about here is a hopeless case.

        All you’re offering up is an excuse. TAKE AWAY THE DAMN MONEY. When BOA gives away a billion dollars to BLM – remove all your money from their bank and go someplace else. That’s not a boycott – that’s a refusal to do business with your enemy and support them in any way shape or form as they try to destroy you.

        There’s plenty of other things to do with your time than watch sportsball. Fire the landscaper and go mow the lawn yourself. Learn how to mill an AR out of block of aluminum. Go birdwatching, go watch some black on white porn (if you’re watching the NFL you obviously like getting screwed in the ass by black men – try porn – it’s cheaper)………….. whatever.
        The whole “boycotts don’t work” thing is just an excuse for inaction.

        • You might like it better at Vox Day’s blog where anyone who says anything remotely grounded in reality is similarly called a black piller and shouted down with insults.

          A call to action only works if it is effective action. A boycott may be action, but its not effective action. Im all for doing something, but my patience for bad ideas or avoiding grappling with the difficult facts of our situation has run out. We pissed away decades on conservatism, white nationalists, shilling, and every other mode of “action” that has amounted to nothing. No need to dredge up tactics from prior decades that didnt work then either.

          • Seriously – what is wrong with you? I keep saying – it’s not a friggin boycott. Move your goddam money into places where it doesn’t go to fund your enemies.

            If these “actions” haven’t amounted to anything – it’s probably because YOU DIDN’T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING.
            Why is it that one of the most constant behaviors that I’ve noticed out of conservative and/or right wing types – is their constant whining when asked to take ANY form of actual action.
            Funding your enemies is the real bad idea. In fact it’s just moronic. But I guess that’s maybe the Republican party has been called the Stupid Party over and over again.
            When are you going to face the fact the left stays alive – THRU FUNDING. Break their damn bank.

          • Why is it that one of the most constant behaviors that I’ve noticed out of conservative and/or right wing types – is their constant whining when asked to take ANY form of actual action.

            Instead of canceling their cable they’d prefer to wait for the government to pass a law requiring unbundling, which will never happen.

            You know, if our side keeps losing maybe our side is full of losers.

          • it may not hurt those who hate us, but it can help our people thrive. every chance you get put some money in the pockets of our side.

          • Like many of us, I’ve given up on Facebook, Twitter and most recently NextDoor, primarily due to censorship of opinion, even if I wasn’t a direct victim. In the NextDoor case, I specifically said why I was leaving, and basically it was that free thought was suppressed, that critical issues were discouraged if not outright forbidden, and msot importantly, that I refused to participate any more. In Rand’s terms, I was withdrawing my consent. I don’t expect these entities to reform themselves to my standards, but neither will I lower myself to theirs. The best kind of boycott is when you choose for yourself alone — and perhaps, with time, you’ll find you are better off without the good or service you gave up.

          • Nextdoor is one of the most effective ways of confirming your neighborhood is chock full of morons. I say that with all humility.

          • Every now and then, I sort of like messin’ with my local Socialist club.
            It’s kind of fun.
            They lack self-awareness to see the connection about why we have crime / bad drivers (lower yt percentages and thus lower adherence to basic rule of law) and yet they (the yt’s mostly) ask on that forum: “Why is there so much ignoring the STOP sign at XYZ intersection?!”
            Well, stupid, if you didn’t support so many Squatemalans coming to our neighborhoods, then we woulnd’t have to put up with them attempting to drive!

      • Until we create the ethnostate, we should boycott where we can. Any disscon who buys Nike products isn’t a disscon.

        • I couldn’t agree more. Nike has taken a lead role is corporate-sponsored Marxism. There are so many of examples from who they sponsor, the messages that they promote, and causes that they support. Nike is a garbage company and no friend to the Right.

        • I disagree. I buy and proudly wear the WHITE checkmark… and let people know why. Damage their image as much as possible.

        • I boycott Nike but I still have two perfectly good Nike athletic shirts. I wear them inside-out to hide the Nike logo. In general, I don’t wear clothing with logos unless I agree with the company/organization.

      • As Amwolf has noted, boycotts are for you not them.
        The idea is they don’t get as much of YOUR money, as little as possible.
        One thing we can learn from the Left is encouraging ideological purity, “right think” because if you are still staring back at Sodom and Gomorrah, you are still under their thumb.
        Go do something productive for yourself and your kin or go start a flag football league with like minded neighbors, play D&D do something but chow down on the trash they want you to eat.
        This many not kill them outright but they will have less space in your head and less cultural reach.

      • Sorry to double post but I forgot something. You actually can and probably should basically boycott the whole economy.
        Buy only what you need and your preps from friendlies if possible and save in cash as much as you can.
        The less you buy, the weaker the system gets and while you can’t kill it since for the time being fake bucks are still being taken, as we’ve seen the system is very fragile.
        It can die of neglect and the fact no one wants it and if you are ready? Maybe you can get what you want politically.
        This is the legal , non violent moral way to go El Sendero Luminoso meets Benedict Option

    • Yes. The opportunity is here for all of us is to provide the nudge about supporting the enemy to those in our sphere. But thats only part of it.

      Some of these men will be pretty bummed out by losing one of their main distractions. I recommend focusing less on the negatives, “ESPN/NFL hates you” etc and more on the positives. Their dance card just opened up.

      For the first time, these men will have free time that many have been claiming to never have. Thursday night NFL. All day Saturday CFL. All day Sunday NFL. Monday night FB.

      Now is the time to open the garage, workshop, basement; organize projects to improve each others properties; skills exchanges; online classes on small engine repair. Head to the river or the range or the gym.

      There is a vacuum; lets fill it. We win not by merely rejecting the toxic culture and marketplace of our enemies, but by providing more enriching, useful, and constructive alternatives that are accretive to building the communities we desire.

      Don’t let those guys slip from NFL to some other sedentary opiate. With something better on the table they will connect the dots. And be less likely to embrace the pozz when it returns.

      • Exactly right Brother…We can’t leave a field barren otherwise the cockleburs will grow and take over the field…We have to be planting the good seeds which you mention above after pulling up the weeds…

        • It’s interesting. Z mentioned a while back that the establishment turned out to be the biggest accelerationists. He’s right, they’re throwing fat hanging curves at us. It almost makes you wonder, but it’s more likely they’re self destructing. At this point I’m trying to convince others not to go down with them.

      • +1, Screwtape. Removing support should be energized by where you plan to invest that support. Our people are natural builders and while all men will trend toward laziness, we are the least lazy (as proven by, well, all of the modern world).
        Let us get back to the roots of work. Hobbies that take some level of committment, pursuit of mastery, community found with those pursuing similar. THAT is where we can go, right now.
        Watching people play anything should cause us to question what it is we are finding value in. Remember, if it’s “free”, you are the product.

    • What’s to stop the gov’t to either directly or indirectly bailing out sports ball? Not sure of the mechanism but I can hear it now ” we must support these cherished institutions now more than evah…”

    • >you’re really not cut out for this fight

      And there it is.

      So rather than a virtue-signalling circle jerk about when we woke up about sportsball or stopped watching tv…


      Salt the open wound that millions of young white fans are presently suffering. They are out there.

      Target pro baseball and college football forums. The closer to home, the better. Troll in the spaces where sports-based video games and things like fantasy football intersect with social media.

      Pound away on the greed, stupidity, criminality and cowardice of the players.

      Break their young hearts now. This sort of cruelty may be a kindness in the long run.

      10,000 young white men violently alienated from sportsball is what we want.

      This is far more important than a million boomers whining about making the ultimate sacrifice: cleaning the garage instead of watching Tyrone Jamal D’Marcus prancing around in an empty stadium.

    • I refuse to use P&G products (one of my many boycotts). How many white males have done this? 10%? Maybe? Even when belittled by advertising they still thoughtlessly throw the same products into their basket. It’s a pride issue. It’s and honor issue, even if the bottom line isn’t felt by P&G. There’s not much hope for the brainwashed. The best counter to it is having some incident that turns your life upside down. The “African American Friend” who you thought was your friend who completely f-ed you over, showing him to be a true nigger that hated you all along. This never happened to me because I was raised not to associate with them, but for the majority things like this have to happen.

    • I am a huge college football fan, but if they take knee will never watch another game again. Have already stopped watching NFL and don’t miss it one bit.

      • College football used to be fun to watch in addition to attending the games when an opportunity arose. However, it’s best to quit supporting college football simply because of how most US colleges and universities are now chest-deep in their support of Cultural Marxism and have become overrun by SJWs. I graduated from a top tier college football powerhouse and top 50 globally ranked university who was one of the first to axe their homecoming king and queen because it wasn’t inclusive. Now my school believes that there are no genders and routinely attacks conservatives on campus by making them feel extremely unwelcomed.

      • I stopped watching pro football in the early ’90s, college football and cable t.v. in the early 2000s. I love the game of football, so always look forward to the Fall and “Friday Night Lights.” Albeit, some of the larger high schools are as bad as college level, but I don’t attend their games in any case. I’ve never cared anything at all for sportsball otherwise.

      • They will take the knee. We’ve already seen what Mike Gundy allowed to be done to him by the jumped up Hutu running back at Oklahoma State. As the ball-playing idiots finally hoist in the power they possess, they will begin behaving even more obnoxiously than usual. And that means kneeling, among other things.

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