Sunset In Kansas

It’s easy to forget, with all that is happening, but the racket known as democracy is the one thing not being forced to close by the local tyrants. The state of Kansas had its primary yesterday. The race of interest to white people was the Republican primary for the senate. Far left Rep. Roger Marshall faced off against the moderate former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Marshall, of course, had the support of both parties, as Kobach favors some minor limits on immigration.

Marshall won with the support of the usual GOP suspects. He got the endorsement of the U.S Chamber of Commerce, the Kansas Farm Bureau, the National Right to Life Committee. If he wins in the fall, the tech monopolies and agribusiness will get a much-needed voice in Washington, but the people of Kansas will remain unrepresented in both houses. Of course, President Trump did nothing to support Kobach. Instead he spent his time tweeting about something.

It used to be that the three “I’s” controlled American politics. That was Israel, Ireland and Indiana. The money men, working class whites and heritage whites controlled the political process. It’s still the three “I’s” today, but they stand for Israel, India and the investor class. Politics is now controlled by the Israel lobby, open borders fanatics and the financial class. Even the very mild skepticism for open borders by someone like Kobach is completely out of bounds.

This race was interesting for another reason. Mitch McConnell organized a $15 million ad campaign against Kobach. The ads claimed he was a white nationalist who employed invisible Nazis on his staff. It is a great example of how today’s heated rhetoric from the Left becomes conservative dogma tomorrow. No one should be surprised if the GOP slips in some language into their platform condemning your ancestors and supporting the black lives matter nonsense.

The other interesting McConnell angle is that he now runs the GOP. Trump is not even a figure head at this point. He is a non-factor. Both parties are now preparing for the Biden presidency and will make sure a guy like Trump is never allowed to step foot in Washington ever again. They said Nixon ushered in the imperial presidency. McConnell is now ushering in the legislative supremacy. Both parties have locked shields to impose their will on the executive branch.

That really is the story of the last four years. Disaffected whites rallied to put Trump in the White House to send a message to both parties. It was not that people were charmed by Trump or thought he was a great man. White people backed the pompous and crass Trump as a rejection of official politics. A good chunk of whites were sick of the wars, the open borders, the corporate piracy. Voting for Trump was a rejection of the status quo in an effort to wake up the political class.

The political class responded by making sure this never happens again. Look around at Republican races since 2016 and you see a maximum effort to eliminate anyone that supports populist policies. The Democrats, of course, have spent the last four years turning Washington into a circus of conspiracy theories. Instead of cutting a deal with Trump, which would be easy, they are working with their friends in the GOP to undermine Trump at every turn.

In the fullness of time, the 2016 election will be viewed as the last legitimate presidential election in America. Using the excuse of the pandemic, states are ushering in vote by mail schemes. As Gandhi once said, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” What that will mean moving forward is the wrong votes will be shredded by the party men counting the votes. There will be no way to audit this process, so voting will become ceremonial.

Then there is the fact that the vote counters will be the wokest of the woke. If you vote the wrong way, your name will be leaked to the right people and before long you will be facing the mob. The point of the secret ballot is so people feel free to be honest in their choices. The point of the mail in vote is to make sure you know someone will be looking over your shoulder as you fill in the ballot. Feel free to vote your conscience, but they will feel free to make you suffer for it.

One other thing from the Kansas race worth noting. The party man got the support of the National Right To Life Committee. There is no better example of the corruption inherent in democracy than the anti-abortion movement. For generations they have been hoovering up millions and have nothing to show for it. A candidate opposing abortion may as well claim he opposes leprechauns riding unicorns. It is the most meaningless position in politics.

In the end, it is another reminder that there is no voting your way out from under a corrupt ruling class. The only solution for that is the hangman. If the interests of white people were represented in the ruling class, then they would be represented in the House and Senate. The ruling class of America no longer has any connection to the average white American, so the interests of white people are ignored. There is no solution to that problem at the ballot box.

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276 thoughts on “Sunset In Kansas

  1. Very interesting to see all the AntiTrumpers here in disguise. Distraction is as always the main tool. Stay home and don’t vote because then you can be cool and pretentious. There’s no real differences between Reps and Dems. He doesn’t talk brilliant professors. Beautiful distractions.

  2. Trump is a pompous ass who only cares about himself, Israel and the immediate family. He is a textbook example of the Peter Principle where you rise to your level of incompetence. I am sick of always voting for the lessor of two evils.

    That said, I am going to hold my nose and vote for him again. For all his lack of desire to help the people who voted for him, he at least lives in reality and I hope to have one last chance to see the insane and vicious Democrats lose their mind again and have the Republican ruling class frustrated for the last time. They won’t care about the US becoming a one party nation with only democrats getting into the presidency. Plus he is the first president since Carter to not start a war and unlike the Democrats and RINOs he doesn’t hate us.

  3. Feminism is not really about women’s right, its excuse of why white women betray white men and join the other ethnic group
    Most Women have no problem Wealthy guy sexually exploiting young women, individualism work fine here
    White women have no gut to tell their men that they have to show repentance to beg mercy for her own skin

    Now Voting is just fake and gay as feminism, stop voting and form the actual group to promote white interest will better off

  4. It was not Ghandi who said “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”  That intelligent remark came from Joseph Stalin.

  5. After demands from BLM, Republican Iowa Governor to sign executive order granting voting rights to felons

  6. How many of you people, obviously intelligent thinkers, think you’ll be alive 4 years from right now? The next question, If you think you will be, how do you plan on making that happen? Perhaps by not voting? Perhaps by reading blogs that lead you like sheep to the slaughter? All this hyperbole leading up to a national election is nothing new. Only the names change every four years. If you think voting won’t matter then stay at home and clean your guns, and count your bullets. You’re gonna need them. Man up and vote. What have you got to lose? …If you don’t …maybe your country

    • That’s one side of the coin. The other is of course that it encourages and reinforces “the system”—by legitimizing it. By voting one reinforces the lie that your vote counts and in having that small portion of decision power given to you by your “franchise”, you are in some form “bound” by such populous decision making.

      If you are too lazy or stupid to spend the time casting a considered vote, I tend to agree with you. But if you are finally fed up with a system that no longer works in your best interest and is observably corrupt, then a person of integrity removes himself from the farce and finds other ways to live with integrity within a society he no longer can be a part of.

      • “then a person of integrity removes himself from the farce and finds other ways to live with integrity within a society he no longer can be a part of.”
        To be sure I am fed up, have been for a long time. I try to live with integrity but I’m finding it more difficult every day to live with integrity within any society that I know of. Perhaps you can tell me where I can find a society in America that accepts people with integrity without regard to their Caucasian ancestry. I’ll wait.

  7. More great insight, thanks. Are you certain that quote about vote counting can be attributed to Gandhi? May have been Hitler.

      • Right. It’s always fun to purposefully misattribute quotes by Stalin, Hitler, Gandhi and even Obama. It drives loony lefties even crazier.

  8. Kobach is the litmus rest of Republicans.

    I remember back in early 2017 when he was meeting with Trump and his list of priorities were leaked and it was everything we wanted that wasn’t a Nazi LARP. Of course, he didn’t get it because Trump was never serious about curbing immigration.

    Rather than being made DHS Secretary, he was assigned to investigate voter fraud. Sure enough, every state threw up a barrier to audit records. Even though that was an obvious sign that mass voter fraud did in fact take place, the study was shut down. Nothing from Trump, nothing from the all-GOP led Congress. He got shut down because they were never serious about voter fraud.

    Then he ran for Governor and was kneecapped every step of the way. He barely won a rigged primary. The GOP fought him harder than his opponent. We saw a repeat here in the Senate run.

    Kobach had an impressive resume and accomplishments prior to 2016. If people want to know if Trump and the GOP are serious about immigration and working class whites, look to Kobach. Kobach made more progress before Trump and that’s by design. If anyone needs proof that Trump is used to stamp out populism rather than bolster it, this race was the perfect demonstration.

    Whether people feel like voting Republican this fall or not, understand that we’re not getting nationalist populism in 2020. Voting for the GOP is not going to help us at all. I’m not an accelerationist but we’re on our own. The winks and nods and $88 merchandise from Trump are exactly that and absolutely nothing more.

  9. You’re wrong as Trump will win election by a slim margin. One of the major problems with conservative solidarity is pundits and their ilk will go out their way to attack each other just to show who is the true believer and hence so much wiser than the common folk.
    Democrats on the other hand close ranks and support one another which is commendable due to their belief that this is war.
    We are battling for the sake of our children and country so act accordingly goddammit.

      • They’re no different as the good time charlies who sat out the revolutionary and civil war by hiding out in the cities and other countries cowering in fear and spreading dissension. Anything other than standing on their feet and joining the league of men.
        If it comes to insurrection to protect my blood and country then so be it. And if I should fall then my brother beside me will continue on. God Bless America.

  10. If there truly is no solution at the ballot box (and I fear Zman is correct, there isn`t), then we are in for some really bad times. In my wildest dreams I did not imagine things could come unglued so fast. But there is no point in lamenting the situation — the question is, what can we do (other than move to a very remote area and stock up with ammo).? I really don’t know. Suggestions welcome.

    Meanwhile, I am looking at property in remote locations, just in case.

    • It doesn’t matter where you live, if they want you, they’re going to get you. I think we have to look to a world that hates us but is getting harder to function. The entropy to keep globohomo neoliberalism going is increasing exponentially. We’re getting closer to a point where even third world Latinos would sooner stay in Guatemala than make the trek north. Mexico has only become less stable since AMLO got elected; if you risk gang rape and maybe getting reassigned to a mega lab making fentanyl and crystal methamphetamine, you’re going to stay put.

      Alex McNabb on TRS wrote a good essay on the population implosion where even the third world cesspools are struggling to meet TFR. Except Africa and realistically there’s no way to move a billion of them to the US. There’s Europe but even these days many of them end up being shark food. Peak migration may hit in the next decade or two. Then afterwards it’s a decline as there’s not much in the way of third world refuse to ship over.

      I guess what I’m saying is that even though there’s a lot of damage, we’re better off within society than a bunker that makes good fodder to justify further speech and firearm restrictions. We live here, we don’t retreat. Even though the 2020 elections are a total joke, I’m still optimistic in the long term. White people are still going to win, no thanks to Trump.

      • I am not as optimistic as you about immigration tailing off. I hope you are right, but the quality of life in the various cesspools is so low, and the levels of ignorance so high, that they may just keep on coming. The logical response is to sink the ships, defend the borders, but obviously that is not going to happen.

        You make an excellent point, this is our home, and eventually there wlll be nowhere to run, so no sense in running, appealing as the notion is.

        I guess this is leading to the inevitable conclusion that, at some point soon, we are going to have to fight. I am not trained or mentally prepared to do so, but the alternative is surrender, which has no appeal at all.But fight how? With what? I am sure millions of people are asking themselves these questions now, and looking for answers. I don’t have answers — yet — but I will keep looking.

  11. Yes indeed, “there is no solution to that problem at the ballot box.”

    And so the eternal darkness descends, or men fight the overlords. Which will it be?

    The people yearn for a leader and yet there are none to be found. The only hope for white people at the present seems to be Putin’s Russia. They are white, traditional, and Christian. Perhaps whites can exist there.

        • White Alyssum said: ” Whites are not wanted in Latino lands. Also, Uruguay is (((controlled))).”

          Uruguay is almost 88% white. They can’t all be juus. And PS, Spaniards are white people.

  12. I agree with most of the points. Ballot box looks unlikely. BUT Fact, they are determined to get rid of trump. They want x and i hate them, therefor I will vote for trump. Grug. Politics is in real state of flux. half of whites don’t vote. What would happen if whites became aware of the racialist program being run on them and 75% started voting? At the least, a couple of white advocates would get elected and they would get into the fight of protecting white interests. Soros would endorse the advice of the Z and exile on this issue. They both working on right-wing voter suppression. That should give them pause if nothing else.

    • SidVic
      You are making a big assumption that two of ‘our peeps’ would be able to fight a tidal wave of “other” and make a difference.
      You are mistaken.
      Better solution is Go Galt and remove self from the system. Create your own community in real life.
      The System is caving in on itself and no longer works for us.

      • Both are very good at framing issues and being persuasive. Influence. Our numbers are small (too small to effect legitimacy of election) but the ideas are getting out. I increasingly see our guys on normiecon sites. I like haunting powerline blog. I see whites getting redpilled in real-time. That’s what getting your city burned down will tend to do. I’ve gotten away with some very bad think over there lately with very little pushback. The anti-white program, at the very least, is being seen. For many, for the first time.

      • Randy Weaver left cities and society to live as he saw fit and raise his family that way. The law enforcement authorities came after him, repeatedly, until he took their bait. Then they destroyed his family, killing his wife and son. Keep this in mind. They will not allow you to live separately and will force diversity and God knows what else on to those who try. I hope I’m wrong, but don’t think so. I think the unrolling of Utopia will be so disappointing that they will depend on chasing down dissident whites to make examples of them to rally their pro-utopian supporters. Maybe if the country becomes so broken they will not be able to persecute whites the way they want, but that’s a big IF. More likely the whites are villainized and destroyed, publicly for viewing pleasure and enforcing social norms.

        • WA,
          The new variables for your thesis are, at minimum, racial violence, collapsed dollar, massive inflation, imploding infrastructure, stupid people, cities on fire, police (and family) on the defensive, massive unemployment, insolvent states, insolvent feds, and the list goes on. I’d like your perspective.
          I agree Weaver offers a cautionary tale, but it’s a very different world right now. Chaos will spread.
          Seeing small, neighborhood-levels of resistance pop up here and there gives me tremendous hope.

      • How about both Carrie…I would say if we had Community already built all across the country then I would say don’t vote but we don’t and we need more time to do it without taking fire so do both at this time…

    • I find it very hard to support a party that does this:

      We’re always told “Vote GOP because the Democrats are even worse.” No they’re not. They’re literally the same, and I don’t mean that in a “by literally I mean figuratively” sense like most people use that word. I mean literally. The Republicans now do literally the same things as the Democrats.

      I’m not going to vote Democrat, but I’m not going to vote Republican Democrat either.

      • Voting Republican is like playing the Powerball: you have a 1 in 500 million shot of getting what you want.

  13. Zman said, “Voting for Trump was a rejection of the status quo in an effort to wake up the political class.” Still is, FWIW.

  14. “We tried to organize a coup.”

    People like Chris Murphy who are fully onboard with “invade the word, invite the world” imperialism are exactly who the uniparty wants in power.

    Kobach would probably have been on board with much of the Venezuela crap too, but he’s still too much of a wild card compared to safer options like Marshall. Trump accidentally energized both the left and right with his criticism of “invade the world, invite the world” (remember him taking flak from the other dunces on the primary stage for this?) and not a single gasp of that criticism can be allowed to survive.

    Kobach’s mild anti-illegal immigration position is still a bump to “invade the world, invite the world” that cannot be tolerated.

  15. the way things are being run in Michigan are worse than the communist Chinese . the draconianism is the name , but the CCP doesn’t hate the Chinese people , where as our government clearly hates us.

    • What’s the old saying about working in Hollywood? The more you shit on them the more they love you. “We have to keep the seat red.” HA! Suckers.

  16. The ruling class of America no longer has any connection to the average white American, so the interests of white people are ignored. There is no solution to that problem at the ballot box.

    I can see no rational way to doubt it. The implications almost don’t bear thinking on, but they have to be faced.

  17. The difference gets more pronounced by the year. A mild immigration patriot gets his character assassinated in public by the GOP while the left treats their radicals like rich parents doting on spoiled children. When the kid acts up, they get a cookie and a pat on the head. At worst, a quiet dismissal along with a covering move to protect them. Sure there is some bickering, much of it catty, but the left remains firmly united on the same team.
    There should be no such delusions on the right, White men are not welcome in the republican party, unless you are a cuckold.

  18. The three I’s, a good one. And totally true.
    I am a Christian and against abortion but just like many other organizations in the 21st century claiming to represent conservatives the Right to Life does not serve my interests.
    I see that now. It took some time but I see it. I just wished other Christians would see it too.

  19. Ultimately McConnell’s money machine would be useless against people who have even one firing brain cell in their heads. They sit there, brain dead, eating five layer Costco bean dip, believing every commercial they see on Fox News. Right down to the hat with lights in it that regrows hair. The GOP is basically the political version of that product. And as we know, the smartest people from Kansas are FROM Kansas. You have to be extra stupid to just sit there in that part of the country without saying, why am I here? Iowans are no different. Idiots Out Wandering Around.

    • It’s easy to blame the voters. Sure, it is frustrating to see whites foolishly line up for another fleecing by ConInc. The nothing is though, that’s a given. The one thing the radicals have always had right is the people need to be led. they will not find the right answer on their own. Conservatives, when they were actually conservative, never got this truth.

      • That’s absolutely true. But the one quirk about human nature is that they don’t want to be led. Not superficially. Democracy only gives wants. Never needs. So the voters are like five year olds being asked what they want for dinner. They either shout Pizza! or Hot Dog!, never what’s good for them.

      • Z Man said: “Conservatives, when they were actually conservative, never got this truth.”

        Conservatism has never been either ruthless or energetic enough to get the job done. It’s easy to spot a worthless “actually conservative” right wing loser. They all want to debate the left. 

    • So who is going to be our Thomas Franks and write “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”

      The takeaway from the Alabama and Kansas results is that we have a Herculean effort ahead of us. Perhaps the upcoming oppression will do the work for us but don’t count on it.

  20. One a bright note, another communist pickaninny knocked off a rival, this time in St. Louis. This one seems extra sassy. This is exactly what white people need. To experience the sass in their faces…endlessly…until they get tired of it.

    • Yep the BLM sassy lady defeated Lacy Clay the NAACP guy who lives like a king with the DC money he made. I hope the sassy females are so incompetent nothing gets done including trash pickup and street paving. Which is entirely possible.

    • Clay is from a political family, and his father also was a congressman I believe. He’s an old-school negro and it’s hilarious that he was beaten by a knocked-up new-school negro, a true product of his years serving the City. It’s like Nancy Pelosi getting beaten by a Goop sales rep in an open marriage.

      • It’s as juicy as AOC defeating respectable white statesman Joe Crowley in New York, just on his way up the political ladder. White men out! Accelerationists in! Can you imagine a society that trashes its very best (white men) and replaces them with bottom-of-the-barrel people of color socialists/communists? Big trouble coming.

  21. “White people backed the pompous and crass Trump as a rejection of official politics. A good chunk of whites were sick of the wars, the open borders, the corporate piracy. Voting for Trump was a rejection of the status quo in an effort to wake up the political class.”
    And the GOP response to white voters was, “So?” and also, “Fuck off.” The Democrat response was, “DIE RACIST PIGS!!!”
    So, yeah, no voting our way out of this.

  22. In the end, it is another reminder that there is no voting your way out from under a corrupt ruling class. The only solution for that is the hangman.

    Then I submit we are good and truly screwed, because I still see no hangman on the horizon.

    • You first need people ready for a hangman to be on the horizon. Kobach and Sessions indicate we aren’t there yet. Consider those results polls about where we are.

  23. If “the people have spoken” and they chose a political whore over someone with a principle, then our issue is with the right-leaning rabble, not Democracy. There was no voter fraud, just as there was none in Alabama a few weeks ago. The right-leaning people just voted for the guy the media men told them to do. These people are just as able, as they were in 2016, to shock the country and vote for the chaos candidate, yet they have retreated back into conventional, establishment, comfortable Marco Rubio types. Why? If they’re this stupid, then I can see why some people want an overthrow of the system to be replaced with a Strongman. But remember we hate the far left for wanting to impose themselves as well.

    • What? My problem isn’t with democracy, it’s with how democracy always works? Uh…

      And I don’t hate the Left because they want to impose themselves – every law is an imposition – I hate them because they impose rules that harm my people. It does not matter at all whether those rules are democratic or otherwise. And, of course, I am in favor of rules that help my people, whether those rules are democratic or otherwise.

      Stop getting hung up on procedure.

    • Even if you’re not religous, just consider the story of Jesus’s trial: he was condemned by the mob and his own people (“democracy”), the ruling authority (Romans) were actually (at first) impartial, noting he’d broken no Roman law and in fact Pilate tried to set him free, but finally caves in to the mob (cucked) to appease them. Mob rule is not a new problem 🙁

    • Democracy is a white man’s invention, don’t forget that. Just because it’s been subverted or enriched by non-whites doesn’t make it all of a lost cause. It’s worked in various forms for hundreds of years…in white countries.

  24. “There is no better example of the corruption inherent in democracy than the anti-abortion movement. For generations they have been hoovering up millions and have nothing to show for it. A candidate opposing abortion may as well claim he opposes leprechauns riding unicorns. It is the most meaningless position in politics.”
    On the National level, yes. In the local and state level they have been very effective in making life miserable for abortion facilities using administrative shenanigans.
    One such example:
    Of course, their victories will be limited until some states have the balls to give the middle finger to corrupt judges. The problem is that it is full of flag waving religious normies who spout stupid platitudes like “women are also victims of abortion” and “Abortion hurts black people the most”. They have no idea how much Washington hates them.

    • Abortion doesn’t “hurt” black people the most. It prevents unwanted children from being an added burden to blacks who lack the means to raise them decently. Without the availability of abortion, single black mamas, hardly more than teens themselves, would be raising sprogs they have no desire for.

      I detest Planned Parenthood for having allowed the social justice cranks to take over the organization. But its original mission, providing birth control assistance, was a blessing. And while abortion is distasteful, it can be the best of a bad lot of choices.

      On your mark, get set, Pope megaphoners and womb crusaders! See how many ways you can tell me I’ve bothered your feelings.

      • A very much “lesser of two evils” dliemma, abortion. You make a very valid point though. About 1/2 of Black pregnancies are terminated. If you’re anti-abortion, just consider that if there were none, we’d have twice the Black dysfunction we currently do. Statistically, a George Floyd or Ahmad Aubrey is far, far more likely than a Thomas Sowell or Ben Carson. 🙁

        • Truth is you want to fix our social ills, don’t ban abortion. Ban single mommies, easy divorce when there are kids (without kids in most cases no Alimony) and make custody default to the male.
          In a generation or two if there is work for the less skilled that pays enough for family formation and you’ll have a managable crime level.
          Problem is even though long term its a suicidal ideology Capitalism hates intact families since they more efficiently use resources than singletons and demand decent pay.
          Fundametallt the current economize system must be made to serve the nation period or the nation will die,

      • Get off your high and mighty horse, Gravity. No, abortion is not merely distasteful – it is deliberate murder of a child-to-be. However, I recognize that fewer of other races being born to grow into full savagery and anti-Whiteness is a good thing. I am also cognizant that this is an inherently contradictory opinion – that I am essentially condoning the murder of non-White babies. And yes, for now, that is my choice, based always on “What is best for White people?”

        • Planned Parenthood was actually outed by the hidden video guy, forget his name, as accepting donations earmarked for blacks. Can you imagine if they weren’t at the center of the establishment? They sure memory holed that video. A lot of people don’t realize that blacks are entirely reactive. Nothing they do is proactive. Are they responsible enough to take a pill every day? Actually no. Thats why Norplant is great and they should get free wings every day for getting it. The wings would pay for themselves times 1000, including the bbq sauce.

          • Blacks also should receive one-time reparations payment for leaving the U.S. and renouncing their citizenship. Watch the crime go down. Of course, blacks won’t leave a steady stream of money they currently get for being bums. But when times get tough, perhaps this scheme could work?

        • 3g4me,

          Good for your honesty and self-awareness. You seem to be one of those rare people who get it that trade-offs and mixed motives are part of life.

          Maybe I understated the grim reality in calling abortion “distasteful.” Although pregnancy in very early stages involves a tiny fetus, there is no objective way to determine when the soul enters and the fetus becomes a “baby.” So I won’t debate it. But abortion in, say, the first trimester hardly is murder.

          After that, it does get ugly. So we should impose limits on the stage in which pregnancy can be terminated.

          Instead of pushing “abortion rights,” society should be multiplying availability of birth control and sterilization. Both are better answers. But suitably limited abortion is preferable to the alternatives in specific cases, particularly where the mother can’t or won’t provide a nurturing atmosphere.

          I know — adoption. I don’t much follow the stats on this, but my impression is that there is a huge overhang of babies waiting for adoption. A lot of them are black. Other than entertainment show-offs and virtue signaling white families, there isn’t much of a market for them.

      • I’m anti-abortion. It’s a barbaric, materialist and inhuman practice regardless of who it’s practiced on.

        I’m all for letting mortality take its course in Africa by making them stand on their own in terms of healthcare, infrastructure etc… but murdering babies for mere convenience is deeply wrong.

        • I’ve always found the barbarism line the most effective. Even feminist women flinch when you focus on the barbarism of the practice.

          • Call it what you want but I don’t gaf about savages who hate me, killing themselves off..

        • Ann Barnhardt’s blog currently (Aug 4th posting) has some clear, uncomfortably- graphic photos of babies ripped to shreds, if you’d like to send the local Leftist in your life some “picture worth 1,000 words” information about abortion.
          Just sayin’.

          And word to the wise: You cannot “un-see” what is there.
          It is gruesome and I don’t like it. But it may at least have some ‘shock value’ for your local Leftist.

          • I don’t care what it looks like, it is nothing compared to elderly women being savaged, tortured, raped and set on fire by these human piles of excrement..

            Pick one:

            Dead negro babies or

            Good people being savaged

        • It’s true, but imagine having twice the number of blacks we currently do! You gotta leave it to God and the women getting abortions.
          It is barbaric, but even more barbaric are all those dindu’s reaching adulthood and murdering whites.

        • I’m all for aborting babies who would other-wise live to hate me and actively work to destroy everything good about modern society.

          Blacks as a group hate our guts and want us destroyed while we sit around virtue-signaling about them choosing to have abortions.

          Too many white people are too gutless.

        • I’m with Exile on this one it is a barbaric practice and if you saw it and not be repulsed you have no soul…We are compromising our honor because we don’t have the fortitude to do what is necessary and make people stand on their own two feet…

      • “But its original mission, providing birth control assistance, was a blessing.”

        Also, Margaret Sanger was on to the reality of blacks and the benefits of not having more of them in your society. Pining for the ability to see reality as they did in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s. Whereas now we all live in a society of lies and misdirection. Yes, a harsh correction may be coming, but they may take out whites before they come round to taking out blacks.

  25. OT – but how much of the GoodWhite fervour for the shutdowns is based on the fact that they are generally miserable people who dislike their lives?

    The most common theme among radical leftists is that they hate themselves and they hate others. Hence their hatred for society. Given this misery, it’s not surprising that they would want to prevent normal people from doing things.

    • I think the empty, meaningless, materialistic, failed life of the typical liberal is a huge driver of the shutdowns.

      It is utterly incredible how these allegedly highly-educated, highly-credentialed people can’t even manage a single moment of honest introspection.

      • In a similar vein, it is dismaying how many otherwise intelligent people, often highly credentialed or at least educated enough so that they can write passably, believe or at least claim to believe, the most arrant nonsense (e.g. BLM or Antifa) imaginable, and remain impervious to logic, facts and reason 🙁 Such is the power of GroupThink.

    • The left don’t hate themselves, they think they are doing what it takes to be better people, the next step in human evolution. Conservative people see this and see self-loathing, but that smug thought gets us nowhere. The left has control and is forcing their worldview on the rest of us. And they love it and love themselves for it. And relish destroying wrong-thinkers.

    • That’s come up a few times recently: that the reformer, religous zealot, and currently, the radical leftist, is that they have an constant need to seek converts = impose their will upon others = spread their kooky ideas … etc … Mencken: “Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.’ Leave people alone to live their lives as they choose? Unacceptable!

  26. Observe, analyze, predict, and prepare. Pissing and moaning is not a solution either. At some point, the house of cards comes falling down and things will get real and visceral in a big hurry. When that happens, half the country will whine and bitch for government gravy, and the other half will quietly take the shotgun out the closet and put it by the front door. Which side do you want to be on?

    • I highly recommending taking both the gravy and then the shotgun out of the closet. Dissidents need to literally get any government gib available to them to hasten things along.

    • A major problem is that, although gun ownership is legal almost everywhere, long guns even in “gun control” cities like Washingotn, Chicago and NYC unless I’m mistaken, it is difficult to impossible to — legally — carry it out of your home. You can get arrested even without leaving your own property. Just ask the McCloskey’s, and this in a supposedly gun-friendly State.

      • Firearms are for hunting (food acquisition) and self protection. Your first obligation is to stay alive, which will be no easy task when the crazy starts. Local police will evaporate (Seattle PD is about to be disbanded now). If you’re in a big city, get a big mean dog and have several 12 gauge shotguns strategically located around the house. Ancient wisdom.

        • Lemme correct that: If you’re in a big city [and reading this blog], GET the F!:#@ OUT!!!
          Shotguns and big dogs in a big city just means the jogger who puts you in the ground will wear a badge.

        • In a real pinch, if you are forced to defend your property or life with deadly force, you also have a meal for several days 😬

      • The state AG just signed an amicus brief for them and if somehow they get convicted which is very unlikely, they will have an immediate pardon from the governor.,
        Also as they are wealthy and mean lawyers and there is clear proof of malfeasance on the D.A.’s part the process won’t be the punishment. Its liable to backfire on said D.A badly
        Most of us though won’t be so lucky.
        That said, while it won’t happen the way to prevent this mess is to limit campaign contributions and frankly personal wealth.
        Limit income to 100x the minimum wage via a 100% tax and limit campaign contribution to your district/State 20 hours minimum wage per year of term or a bit more from natural persons who are citizens,
        This means no more super rich (I wouldn’t even allow such as immigrants) and no more buying election as the limit would be say $400 to you rep no matter who you are and no PAC’s or anything else.
        This would require a Constitutional Amendment though or a new society but as nothing an be done in the cuurent system anyway, its worth considering for whatever comes next.
        And note to detractors, 1.4 million a year is plenty to live very well on in a society where no one can have more than that and foreigners can’t own property and are restricted from entry.
        Prices level to meet the market.

  27. As Gandhi once said, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

    Hurr durr! You need to be ‘fact checked’ Z, I’d like to share this post with other people but you come off as not very knowledgeable by not knowing who said what quotes so I’m hesitant to share. Derp!
    (someone please translate this into Boomer / literalist so they ‘get’ the joke)

  28. Lots of good points, Z. While disheartening, Kobach’s loss hardly was surprising. Key things:

     Of course, President Trump did nothing to support Kobach. Instead he spent his time tweeting about something
    Trump was strong-armed to endorse Marshall and did not, which we are expected to accept as a victory of some sort because he endorsed Romney and other disgusting cucks.

    Mitch McConnell organized a $15 million ad campaign against Kobach. The ads claimed he was a white nationalist who employed invisible Nazis on his staff. It is a great example of how today’s heated rhetoric from the Left becomes conservative dogma tomorrow. No one should be surprised if the GOP slips in some language into their platform condemning your ancestors and supporting the black lives matter nonsense.

    McConnell is not an outlier in betrayal of Whites, which says it all. And yes to your last full sentence. The GOP’s constant need to suck up to blacks cannot be satisfied with recitation of BEST BLACK EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS EVER! in the midst of a Depression.

    The other interesting McConnell angle is that he now runs the GOP. 

    One hundred percent. The Republican Party needs to burn to the ground.

    There is no better example of the corruption inherent in democracy than the anti-abortion movement. For generations they have been hoovering up millions and have nothing to show for it. A candidate opposing abortion may as well claim he opposes leprechauns riding unicorns. It is the most meaningless position in politics.

    It is a full-blown sham and always has been. On the bright side, the “pro-life” movement’s grifting and failures have caused us to have 20,000,000 fewer blacks and browns among us. That also is a Pyrrhic victory since the floodgates will be opened again soon to compensate.

    Instead of cutting a deal with Trump, which would be easy, they are working with their friends in the GOP to undermine Trump at every turn.

    They could have sucked up to him and gotten anything. Hell, they almost did anyway. The only reason Trump remains viable in any way is because more deals weren’t cut for President Kushner to sign.

    In the fullness of time, the 2016 election will be viewed as the last legitimate presidential election in America.

    I’ve written and said this the last four years. Essentially, even 2016 was an accident. It also is a stretch to call it legitimate given what we know about FBI and IC interference.

    Regardless of what happens this fall, it is over, and it has been over for a long time now.

  29. Also yesterday: Washington Governor Jay “CHAZ” Inslee appears to be coasting to a 3rd Term with even greater support than he had four years ago.

    If ever a race were primed for a detectable “silent majority” effect, it would be this one, with a far Left incumbent and a unique ballot system where all candidates appear together. That cavalry never came.

    I won’t enjoy NormieCon cognitive dissonance in November, but they have to learn somehow.

      1. liberal whites are completely insane (or cowardly, or self hating).
      2. normiecons are delusional out of necessity – accepting that your country is dead and your people are basically dead must be hard.
      3. neither side will accept what’s really happening. and neither side is willing to look at what the future holds for all of us.
      • Points 1. and 2. Yes, I’d have to agree with you. Point 3. Precisely why you need to focus on your immediate plans to acquire skills and plan your escape from your (perhaps) urban hellhole – identify conservative communities and spread your stories of urban unrest, jabbering joggers and diverse delusions… If it is possible, I hope so.

        • I am certainly a milquetoast here 😀 but I’m doing my part, even if it’s only proposing a total ban on rentals in my HOA. While crime is not a huge problem here (slightly above average community for the region), we do get “young people” (as sensitive neighbors say) from the big city coming to burglarize cars and homes, as well as the occasional white trash from the trailer park a few miles away, knocking on doors and panhandling. I expect this walking down a dingy urban street, but not when I’m enjoying an evening walk in what is normally a quiet neighborhood.

          • That’s should be your warning sign that you are going to be eaten alive when it goes hot but yet you stay… Shaking my head some people have to touch the stove to see if it’s hot even though they feel the heat…

        • OrangeFrog said: “…Precisely why you need to focus on your immediate plans to acquire skills and plan your escape from your (perhaps) urban hellhole –…”

          There’s actually more White people in Latin America then North America. Just something to think about. Lots of English speaking areas as well.

          • Funny you mention that. Long ago,I thought I might move there (probably Mexico), but a half-dozen trips in the ’00s convince me that FL is pretty nice. It was nice to visit Mexico and Panama, and I saw some of the retirement meccas. If one wanted to go further afield (South America), yes, some of the countries, like tiny Uruguay are even Whiter than the USA, I think.
            I am somewhat tied to the USA, primarily by my cats 🙂 but in the meantime, I did manage to get a Spanish LIt degree. Pension is good anywhere. Once the pandemic is past, who knows…?

      • Normies are hopeless.

        Tons of them are going straight back to watching sportsball and endless fawning worship of black bodies.

        • NBA ratings have been terrible since they restarted games. They are seeing fewer viewers than they had in November when they were going up against football games. The average NBA game is getting 1.5 million viewers. Young white men in particular long ago abandoned watching sports to waste their time playing video games and watching porn.

          • And by watching interracial porn, they can still get the government determined minimum daily requirement of negroes.

          • Video Games have issues but are still better than sports ball.
            My sorts rule is you shouldn’t watch sports if pozzed by the owners, ideological played by people who are not like you and that you don’t personally play.
            This leaves mostly MMA and Hockey and Golf though that is an activity 😉

          • Lifelong hockey fan and player. The NHL is done. Despite the dearth of vibrancy, it’s pozzed just like any other sport.

          • Same here. Tuned into HNIC and right on cue, Ron McLean was talking about racism and how we need to fight it.

            Just not interested. The NHL players are increasingly taking on the average white soycuck characteristics. The days of guys like Gordie Howe have been finished since the 2013 lockout (generously).

            Playing is still fun though. All white guys. The hostile aliens hate it, because it’s a whitey thing they can never take part in.

      • Exactly. There are two sides and one way forward.

        Our side is faced with the same spiritual challenge: we have to accept that the two cohorts, suicidal whites and delusional whites, are not part of the future we will carve out of the coming chaos.

        From a strategic standpoint, they are already lost. Avatars of lost nation coasting on fumes.

        As it relates to forging a future for our people, the treasonous woke whites agitating for the brown tranny open society future and the slumbering normies daydreaming about the salad years of the empire should both be treated as hostile forces.

        Different threats but threats just the same.

        For the rest of us here we have the task at hand: sorting through our own people to suss out those with the mettle, skill, and will to build what comes next in the new frontiers of occupied Amerika. And letting people go who don’t serve this purpose.

        Unfortunately, many on this side still envision a future of solo silos stacked with gold and 556 where rugged patriots can run out the clock in peace and quiet.

        The “I just want to be left alone” is an understandable response to the constant assault. But it is also a mindset that helped carry us to this precipice.

        Now that voting is officially gay, each of us will be casting votes with our dollars and our feet.

        And at some point soon the secret ballot of our choices will slip away into the night as well and hiding in plain sight will be as silly as open borders mail in democracy.

        Might as well get started.

        • On your feet, sack of dollars on your back, tack as needed but get moving! Letting go of people is hard twice. First, the loss and second, the opportunity cost of another set of hands building our future.

        • As I said don’t watch sports you don’t play. I don’t mean can’t do to injury or age mind you. Just don’t.
          Get out there and play hockey, hell street hockey rather than live vicariously.
          And yes I know that its not easy or possible in some places but at least here in Cali martial arts studio are open with a mask. Go do that instead.
          Who cares of you suck. Its about you, for you and being a better man.
          Just as a reminder of why we are so screwed. Steam had a cooking simulator for sale the other day. I mean really just go get damned cook book and make lunch.

      • Since voting doesn’t work and they are unwilling to go to full civil war mode for a great many excellent reasons, what else can they do?
        Ultimately the system is dying, everyone knows that but the level of hardship the collapse of multi ethnic a continent wide or multi continent empire that is also extremely brittle is terrifying. 90% fatality rate is quite possible.
        If this were actually a highly religious nation we could cope with it fine but few empires are and we aren’t.
        If we had an ideology, we’d be alright but again a useful, workable one isn’t there and American’s ethnic divisions, traditional truculence and independent nature make direct imposition improbable. They can bully and coerce while the system is intact but its too hard to force an alternate system.
        Now our defensive instincts are good, very good. Militias are out and about , you can watch Dr. Steve Turley’s white pilling show on YouTube for examples but we lack solidarity and offensive instincts as of yet.
        This can make it frustrating for us but as fast as it is all happening in historical terms , its probably better to let it go low and slow.

      • the party hacks in kansas set up their own hack campaigns . this is a tried and true way to use money to split the opposition. because there are so many “opposition candidates , it devides the anti- incumbent vote so the incumbent can win with way less than 50 %. this is how Lindsey grahm avoids being primaried. a friend in SC told me there were a dozen challengers on the last GOP SC primary. and Lindsey won with a little over 1/3 of the vote. In the past I have seen people win primaries with 22 % of the vote in a ” crowded Field” .
        The Democrats do this too. so thats why there were so many on the ballot

      • This is one way the establishment cheats and a good reason for a one or maybe two term limit. This doesn’t solve problems all that well , we have it herein Cali but better than nothing.
        Essentially every trick and every hack has to be thought through and prevented.
        A money limited, term limited, NOTA mandated , strict strong majority election system with a limited franchise might help a bit.
        If the future USA bothers with elections we need that sixty percent majority requirement, run offs and with none of the above as an option.

    • Meme – it’s not just normiecons who keep expecting that ‘silent majority’ to turn up – it’s almost everyone of all races, who still think it’s 1980 or even 2000. Almost none of them know just what the real demographic numbers are, and what they portend. And the system and its newly-empowered POC figureheads is intent on everyone remaining an ignorant automaton, endlessly debating the same old questions and voting the same way and griping afterwards. Nothing ever changes, until suddenly it does, and it’s too late.

      • It took me until about 2018 to realize that 2016 was already too late.

        Pat Buchanan’s 1992 run was the high water mark for us post-Hart-Celler and the Colored Supremacy Act of 1964. A legitimate GOP could have gotten behind him and turned this around – but of course that’s not what we had.

        (((Tricks))), corruption, demographics and academic factory-farm-indoctrination centers have rendered everything since an exercise in futility.

        We’re 3 decades behind on a White Walkaway strategy that should have started when Republicans started calling Pat a Nazi. I got fooled along with everyone else. Not again.

        • Pat Buchanan’s 1992 run was the high water mark for us

          Yes, indeed. I worked and prayed for Pat to at least get that nomination. I just knew that Pat in a presidential debate would be glorious.

          But Pat lost, and I already knew that the State was the great evil and we could not beat it. I could see no way that we would divide up the Empire and let people live in small, weak units. So, I have been waiting for the final war. The one that finally divides the empire.

          It is not that I am blood thirsty. It is I see no way out of the final war other than total slavery.

          What will come next? I don’t really know when, but I am sure it will be very violent.

        • The GOP will not change whether we walk away or not. The only reason to vote for Trump is that it likely will accelerate the viciousness of the State if somehow he gets re-elected. He won’t do anything positive for us but the resulting horrible optics would help or might help our cause.

          I worked very hard for Buchanan. Things were even worse then because Whites had not felt enough of the boot. Government oppression has proved to be the only way to get the attention of the masses.

          But, yes, it was over as far as the system after the ’92 Republican convention. The last even semi-legitimate election accidentally would be held in 2016 but the intervening 24 years finalized politics as a solution. People forget it but the first term of Clinton was friendly to immigration control but that set off the Gay Old Pedobears and the Democrat bean counters came to realize there was gold in them thar vibrants. Buchanan’s defeat resulted in a unified political front against Whites that will continue as long as the Empire maintains a central government.

    • “I won’t enjoy the cognitive dissonance in November, but they have to learn somehow.” Yeah, that would probably be me.

  30. Populist, “we the people” candidates have tried, like Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. Like Trump, they proved no match for the swampy machinery in DC. With Kobach’s loss, it feels like that’s the end of candidates who take the people’s side, unless Tucker decides to run in 2024. Meanwhile the clock is still running on rapidly changing demographics.

    • Look, I get it – it’s natural to clutch at any possible hope, but when do people stop hoping for ‘x’ to come save them? As Exile has repeatedly noted, hopium floats. Voting changes nothing.

    • And probably there will be a Person of Color in charge of the U.S. at that time and we will suffer the consequences accordingly. Poor USA, once so great! Dummies.

    • There are indications that the Treasury/Fed are planning to try negative interest rates in order to manage the cash flow from all the debt they will incur. To prevent a run on the banks, they will need to impose a digital dollar to eliminate cash. People will be forced to exchange paper dollars for digital dollars at exchange rates that become more unfavorable over time. I think this will be a disaster domestically. If you think PayPal exerts control over financing non-PC political beliefs, the digital dollar is PayPal on steroids. I think it will be shunned by large numbers of overseas dollar users because of the control it gives the US government over prohibiting transactions. This is possibly hoe the US dollar gets dethroned as the world’s reserve currency.

      • We’ve had a digital dollar for many decades.

        Think about your own life and the money you make and spend.

        How much is actual greenback peices of paper changing hands and how much are registered transactions? Not just credit and debit card transactions but also ACH and checks recieved or sent.

      • This was considered but I suspect it will be rejected. There is too much debt and if you essentially forbid savings, alternatives will arrive , assets changed to crpto will get much bigger or the money will flow into things like food or ammo.
        A ban on ammo won’t happen for risk of kaboom.
        The real risk is of such rates is that bills will get quickly paid off and borrowing will slow further.
        I can’t earn any interest, fine I pay of the house and car and credit cards and stop spending.
        Its not possible in time of high debt and saturated markets to make people spend . Buying things like an extra can of beans or more soap won’t raise red flags.
        A lot of this nonsense comes from Keynesian thinking and the very corrupt idea that people are entitled to live off interest. This concept destroys societies that try it.
        Neither a borrower nor a lender be,For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
        And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
        This above all: to thine own self be true,
        And it must follow, as the night the day,
        Thou canst not then be false to any man.

      • There will always be a demand for cash. If cash is illegal or worthless it’ll be barter goods. It may be the old silver coins some people hoard. In WW II, it was cigarettes, nylons, whatever. The more central control, the more “need” for a black market. As times get hard, it won’t be just hos and drugs you need cash for. “Bob, I’m all out of .22 LR’s. Have you got change for a 12-guage shell?” 😀

    • In our system, where debt is a form of currency, I am not convinced that this ever happens.

    • The world can’t turn on the dollar, There are no alternatives to it including the yuan . Gold and even Silver isn’t going to work either, there isn’t enough
      Nearly every economy is hell bent on more production for which there is no one to consume.
      There is not going to be a service recovery or an entertainment recovery . Media will still happen but that 5 billion Disney lost last quarter is the new normal.
      Ultimately more totalitarian money control won’t help as very few babies are being born to anyone with an IQ of 90+ and there is so much debt the velocity of money is nil.
      You also have lower wages and higher unemployment for decades to come.
      Trust me on this, baring revolution or collapse debt holders aren’t going to sit there and not be be paid so every dollar they are owed.
      This means the velocity of money is in deflation f that no digital dollar can help that till consumer debt is paid off in 5-10 years.
      Fundamentally the only thing the bankers can do is try and keep stocks high for institutional investors and hope that something happens to prevent a collapse into chaos.

  31. Good point on the anti-abortion movement. Those interested in the subject would be advised to read Daniel Everett’s “Dark Matter of the MInd.”

    • Anti-Abortion movement, Southern Baptist Convention… they’re all controlled opposition. Every single “right wing” institution is captured and subversive. Not to mention pro-life is a disaster for the right, in terms of demographics.

      One of the benefits of Trump is that he exposed all these institutions as not supporting their own people. The question is, will people listen?

      • You’ve seen my posts so you know I pro abortion as its good for us however the movement wasn’t like this when it started or well into the 90’s though. Demography and all that.
        Technology like the morning after pill has rendered them obsolete so shutting down the few remaining clinicians in areas where they are active is futile. And yes while I am opposed to illegal acts the anti abortion people were willing to fight on all levels for what they believed and are still fighting, losses and all.
        if we had their fighting spirit and more importantly as simple and understandable a goal set. we’d be farther along
        We lose because we don’t know what we want and think we can keep the comfy rat utopia we live in.
        We can’t.
        Anything that gets to close to the the rat utopia or that it touches dies, even Evangelicals are not much higher fertility than everyone else and with little retention.
        As I noted before I’m not a fan of Dreher and his Benedict Option but he is correct unless you consciously opt out, the rat utopia will stop fertility and abortion or no, say goodbye to grandkids.
        This does mean the the DR has to embrace social conservatism of some kind even if it rankles us or even if its unpopular.
        The only other option is basically survival mode for the decline. Got militia?

          • Hah. Easier said than done Brother.
            I’s need money and a woman first. I’m low on the first and haven’t seen a woman I’d have sex with much less marry in a long while.And I have only modest standards here.
            I’m probably going to have to move which does not appeal.

          • stop whinin simp. are you a man of action who can overcome obsticles or a boy who whines about unfairness?
            if I could do it you can do it.

          • Whose whining? I’m an anti social introvert who seriously considered becoming a priest or a monk.
            More importantly while I’m pissed off about the political sphere, I’m fine with my personal sphere.
            I don’t much like the MGTOW as a movement or an ideology, but as a way of life? Its liberating.

    • On the pro life inc. movement:
      “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Eric Hoffer
      I gave up supporting them locally, just looking for gold stars from God.

      • I think their heart is in the right place, and they are trying to play 3-D chess to end abortion. But they are fighting a losing battle. I used to think if we could get a majority on the Supreme Court, we could overturn Roe v Wade. But then Kennedy happened. Then Roberts happened. Who’s next? Even if Roe was overturned, it would kick it back to the states, and we are right back to the McConnell uniparty that will make sure it stays legal, even as they fool us with their antiabortion rhetoric every four years.

        • re: Roberts. (slightly off-topic)
          With the whole homo-marriage thing and how he voted:
          As soon as I heard it on [local] radio a few yrs ago, my first thought was: blackmale.
          Someone “has something” on him, and that’s why he voted the way he did.
          It was just too much of a turnaround from his overall general countenance, and even his “interview” before the job, in front of the Congressional Committee.

      • They don’t merely oppose abortion – what put me off early on was their resulting celebration of single motherhood. Cannot count the number of ‘Christian’ women I’ve known who’ve happily welcomed, financed, and raised illegitimate grandchildren. No, it’s not the child’s fault, but whatever happened to choices have consequences? I love children but I hate stupidity.

        • It’s not a baby’s fault for being born. However, until we put some accountability on the mother and father, our civilization will continue its slide to the -ism of your choice 🙁

          • When is the last time a pro life activist suggested the real solution to reducing abortion, patriarchy and lifetime marriage for those with kids?
            This suggests to me that is not a serious social movement but a church picnic.

  32. Precisely. First Sessions…now Kobach. The mask slipped off the Lizard people who run the high echelons of the Republican party and they are making zero effort to put it back on.

    In my home state, part of it is Appalachia hill country where in the primary the state GOP has rallied against the two leading contenders because one puts up quotes from Qanon and the other did not immediately disavow support from a local white nationalist (a guy nobody has ever heard of prior to his name being plastered inside the local rag). Even better, a group called the Republican “Portuguese” Council (ahem) dumps money into the 3rd candidate just so the other two can’t pull it off.

    Again, I have no illusions on any of this crap and I’m sure the top two contenders are just grifters in training just like Mitch was back in the day. What’s illustrative of the times in which we live is that these candidates are no doubt voicing the thoughts and opinions of their constituency but all forces above the local level have rallied together to shut those voices down, full stop. It is a message, loud and clear: We do not care what you dirt people think or vote. We want nothing to do with you.

    The past four years have red pilled a whole lot of people. We are way past the “if only the Tsar knew…” stage.

    The hope for Heritage America is in the hinterlands.

    • Well said. Even my own comment was too long; as a student of Russian history I, too, should have focused on “We are way past the ‘if only the Tsar knew . . ‘ stage.”

      • We do know and everyone is arming up. Its like every day I see some story of “militia runs of criminals” militias runs of protestors or something of that sort.
        The only issue is we still cling to the clown show for lack of a better ideology. Democracy and Capitalism are not to paraphrase Churchill “better than all the others” only better than the current alternatives, Socialism/Marxism or nothing.

    • The U.S. as a whole has decided that mass immigration from non-European countries is great. Yes, maybe people are brainwashed and wrong, but still, they’re OK with mass immigration and that is what is happening. We are the minority that have a problem with it. It will be easy to villainize us and destroy us and as people are disappointed in the roll-out of Utopia, this will be an appreciated outlet with scapegoats. Maybe they’ll make a circus out of it, along with televised Truth and Reconciliation hearings/trials, where whites are humiliated and destroyed. Wonder if they’ll allow people to vote on their cell phones the preferred form of punishment, like voting for preferred dancers on Dancing with the Stars. Family fun that reinforces correct thinking!

        • I would agree that 2/3 of older white people are against continued mass immigration, but the youth are all multiculture-embracing commies. I’m talking about 40 years old and younger. Our people, older whites, are dying off.

      • “The U.S. as a whole has decided that mass immigration from non-European countries is great”

        I don’t believe that.
        That’s what we are presented with but I’ve seen too many examples of Polls and Journalists talking to 50 people before finding the immigration enthusiast in anywhere other than sky people country.

        • And yet see how it is here. Now there are so many non-whites, it will be near impossible to have any kind of re-patriation movements, which I would love to see (we would watch the crime and rent go down and the wages go up).

    • Never forget that even if your vote doesn’t count (which we seem to make an extremely good case for, as today’s postings) your attitudes, your choices, and your actions will always count. Call it prepping or voting with your feet, we are rapidly running out of options except self-help.

  33. Yes, how many examples do we need to inform us of the futility of the ballot box. It is a corrupt and fixed game for sure.

    Something drastically external a groundswell of our own type of rebellion will have to start to fix this but I don’t see how. Go ahead call us blackpillers but damn, what do you people who think Trump will finally win for our cause have for an argument against our assessment of the future?

    Wait for November when the lecherous schemers steal the election and double down on normies. McConnell and his ilk will be handmaidens to it signaling for their masters. And Trump tweets.

    • I remember Kobach getting completely owned by Fredo Cuomo a few months ago.

      Just because I like him personally doesn’t make him ready for primetime.

      • lol, ready for prime time. Like that shit matters in a world that is going to elect Biden.

        Really, though, how ready do you have to be to cast a vote to eliminate H1B visas? Come on, man.

        • I would, of course, have voted for Kobach. That being said, I get why he lost.

          Quality still matters (see Spencer, Richard B)

          • Kansas is a bifurcated state. Half the residents there are fundamentalist crazies who still think it’s 1865. Drive across that state sometime and listen to the radio.

          • Epaminondas said: “Half the residents there are fundamentalist crazies who still think it’s 1865.”

            Why don’t we all just stop yammering about saving ” white people” and start qualifying who we’re actually talking about. Who are the worthy?

          • Yes, even if they are Chri- Chri- Cr-, they go to that building with the funny plus sign on the roof 😀

          • I’d rather have those people than the AWR . They at least try to have White children and give them moral education.

          • Other-worldly Christians are useless to our cause. They have their own agenda. For them, the Rapture is just around the corner. “What do you mean when you say ‘civilization’?”

          • Our cause is not all encompassing. Its for those who would follow and not opposed to those like the raptur eheads who atr least stay out of our way.
            In any case they are smart enough to know our society would be good for them in ways that the current one would not and as such may prove to have some use.

    • I really don’t understand Z’s thinking here. How many posts has he written over the years confirming that there’s no voting our way out of this? How many times and how many ways has he shown that democracy is an abysmal system and the universal franchise an abomination? Yet now he focuses on elections and the importance of supporting the right politicians. Of course McConnell and all the rest are corrupt and anti-White. We all know this. They’ve locked shields against Kobach before. So why the surprise and angst now?

      • Until we stop having elections, I’ll keep writing about elections. It is s useful way of making the points I wish to make.

        • When did the Soviets stop having elections? No, they need to keep up appearances as a curtain in DC. Mandatory voting is taking the Australia out of Australia very effectively.

      • its one thing th know the battle is almost hopeless, but it was fought yesterday and it was a route.

    • The single best thing we can do to further de-legitimize a corrupted-beyond-repair political system is to join the already biggest white political party: the non voter.

      It’s already almost half of eligible white voters. If we break down the white vote to Republicans, Democrats, third party, non voter…the non voter party is a plurality verging on becoming the majority white party. Stop playing sucker and legitimizing your enemies by participating and thus giving it your tacit approval.

      Let’s make non participation of whites at the federal level a super majority.

      • Wish I could give your comment a hundred up-votes. If you vote, you’re part of the problem.

      • Not voting is a vote against the system itself.

        It’s not as if we’re going to actually be catered to, protected or even more mildly despised by whichever candidate we vote for.

        “Just wait and see what the Democrats do, dummies” is the same shtick we’ve heard since Bill Clinton’s first candidacy.

        If the GOP was ever going to care about Whites (it never will), it would require making them lose and letting them know why they didn’t get our votes.

        Falling for Rush’s “we just don’t have a better option” tells the GOP your vote is already in the bag, no need to actually work for your interests. The logic of this is as plain as it can be.

      • Ultimately, whether we vote or not is irrelevant to the big picture. It will take much more than YT staying home to delegitimize the uniparty. When a Hutu pack slaughters a dozen white children on a playground in the middle of a white neighborhood and posts it on Youtube, and the police refuse to get involved, the deligitimation begins in earnest. I’m afraid that’s what it’s going to take, Ivan.

    • Our ancestors overcame an ice age, Roman legions, the black death, and everything else. Bankers (nerds) and commies (losers) shouldn’t be a big deal. If politics is a show, you can be an actor or a spectator— just don’t get confused about the role you’re playing 🙂

    • Voters need to understand that the “R” branch of the Bankster/MIC/Open Borders Uniparty count on you not having the time or resources to vet candidates before you cast your ballot. In fact, they depend upon it.

  34. What you don’t get is that Kobach is very unlikeable and a confirmed loser. Two years ago he let a terrible, far-left woman walk into the governor’s office and she’s been a total disaster so far — all because Kobach was so repugnant to average Kansans. Trust me, this is a good result. Now the senate seat will not go into the hands of the commies, and Kobach can return to the Trump administration where he can be useful instead of destructively losing winnable elections.

      • If there’s no political solution, it’s all farce. Might as well have a reality TV star as president. He’ll put on a good show. Might as well have the establishment take down a populist to get the audience riled up.

        If the last paragraph is what you’re getting at, pop the popcorn and buckle up.

      • These are the guys that are going to ‘cut our throats’, Z.
        If we allow that to happen, we deserve to go into the dark night without a peep!
        Empires rise and fall and this one is just about done. We need to prepare and survive for the next one. The payback on scores accruing today are going to be a bitch for the Usual Suspects.

      • Democrats are now the black party. A blm activist defeated a White Dem political dynasty representative. Dems are Susan Rice and Keith X and Ilhan Omar and Heap big chief Elizabeth Warren. True believers.

        i will take the corrupt chamber of commerce over Pol Pot any day.

        This isn’t the Clinton Democrat’s. Its Jim Jones. McConnell will screw me over slowly. Susan Rice will send me to a death camp making Nikes.

        • Thats where you are wrong: McConnel will cluck disapprovingly as the BiPoC coalition sends you to the labor camp, then McConnell will quietly cash his donor check from the globocorp running said camp.
          Voting for tweedle dee to thwart tweedle dum is not a winning strategy – they are the same.

          • Educated redneck said: ” Voting for tweedle dee to thwart tweedle dum is not a winning strategy – they are the same.”

            Voteing is like going to a whorehouse that only has two whores. One is white, fat and ugly. The other is black, fat and ugly. And they both smell bad. Plus you know from past experience, that no matter which one you pick, she’s going to slip you a mickey and steal your wallet. Later you’ll wake up in an alley in your underwear. But it’s the only whorehouse in town.

          • Well, voting is not a strategy at all. I would hope all of us are in agreement that our problems cannot be solved at the ballot box. That was pretty much the point of Z’s piece today.

    • Establishment Republicans worked to defeat Kobach in the 2018 Kansas gubernatorial race. That ended it for him

    • What is it with this stupid “he wasn’t likeable” cope?

      “Sessions wasn’t likeable/forgivable, so Tuberville won. Bevin wasn’t likeable so Beshear won. Gillespie wasn’t likeable so Northram won.” What a dumb cope.

      Voters aren’t worried about likeability at all; they are attempting to vote populist but the GOP keeps throwing the elections to suppress their populism.

      We saw this method in the 2018 midterms, though the GOP has been doing it on a smaller scale for years: in solidly red areas where installing a Democrat is still too suspicious, the GOP will sabotage any proto-populist candidates with open borders globalists. This sufficiently demoralizes GOP voters and allows the region to go purple. Then in the general elections, the GOP further sabotages its own open borders globalist in favor of the Dem’s open borders globalist.

      This allows the GOP to retreat comfortably into being minority globohomo yes men. They would rather kill themselves than be “reformed” into something like Le Pen’s National Rally, so let’s help them kill themselves.

      The GOP is terrified of the populist groundswell from 2016 and wants to stamp it out at all costs. The GOP cannot be reformed or converted, people. It deserves to die.

      • Perhaps some men are attempting to vote ‘populist,’ but all the AWFLs are much more concerned with ‘nice’ and ‘likeable.’ Why women shouldn’t vote . . . why voting doesn’t matter . . . why are we rehashing this same garbage time after time after time . . .

        • You said it right there. why women shouldn’t vote. The reality is Kobach is not electable, call it likability, whatever you want. If only men voted, he would be electable. It’s that simple.

      • It’s best to view the claim that someone “isn’t likeable” as shorthand for “has a poor sense of social timing.” Bevin made the mistake of imposing austerity on the teacher’s pension fund during an election year, which led to teachers striking en masse multiple days throughout the school year, causing voters with school age children to deal with lots of headaches. Now, austerity was inevitable given the state’s finances, but an election is the absolute dumbest time to impose it, which is basically what people mean when they say

      • Objection. Bevin was legitimately unlikeable. And he’s a total race cuck besides. Not one of our guys at all.

    • rick Wilson? is that you rick? you and kasich got the results you wanted here. earning your money.

    • Kobach was frozen out by the Trump admin – given an ornamental role as another totemic sop to “Promises Kept.”

  35. I didn’t follow this race, but does anyone know why there were 11 candidates for the Republican nomination? Especially considering 7 of them failed to crack 2% it seems suspicious. Was some lefty group throwing funding around? The guy who ran 3rd, Bob Hamilton, seems like he could have been drawing voters away from Kobach.

    • McConnell called the party hacks in the state and had them set up their own campaigns . this is a tried and true way to use money to split the opposition. because there are so many “opposition candidates , it devides the anti- incumbent vote so the incumbent can win with way less than 50 %. this is how Lindsey grahm avoids being primaried. a friend in SC told me there were a dozen challengers on the last GOP SC primary. and Lindsey won with a little over 1/3 of the vote. In the past I have seen people win primaries with 22 % of the vote in a ” crowded Field” .
      The Democrats do this too.

  36. Kind of off topic, but I watched that Trump interview on HBO that came out a few days ago, and I gotta say – the man is a retard. I’m sorry and I know this sounds a lot like “orange man bad” and “TDS” but there’s just no way around it. He is as incoherent as Biden, if not more so. He’s far too argumentative, and too damn full of himself to admit any mistakes. My foreign-born girlfriend has a larger vocabulary than this shmuck. And what’s with the hand movements? Everything about this guy is posturing.

    • Trump is never the issue. The issue is always his opponent. Trump is a means to defeat the truly awful neoconservatives and communists who control much of Washington. If you vote for Biden, you will get a maoist dictatorship. So hold your nose and vote your interests.

      • So why was Bolton hired? Keep your enemies closer…yeah right. And don’t blame his stupid daughter, he’s the president.

        • Trump was obviously appeasing Sheldon Adelson and that community with his appointment of Bolton, no? That community does not mind showing us the control they have over our leaders. When they ruled in Egypt, they were called the Hyksos, meaning foreign rulers. Semite scholars at first tried to tell whites that Hyksos meant shepherd of the people. Typical!
          Wish Ivanka and Jared were not there, but poor Trump wants a couple people around him who he can trust, since Congress, the government, media and institutions are all against him. Too bad Trump and his children are all zionists.

        • must admit that is compelling point. FTN doing good work on the JQ/epstein/cohn/trump business. To his credit Trump did kick Epstein out of his club when he got wind of what he was about. Everybody afraid to touch this Epstein business with a long pole. frankly amazed by it.

          • I’m not a conspiracy fan, but the whole Epstein thing is fascinating, as it lifts the lid just a little on a whole world most people think does not exist.

          • Z I know your position on Q.
            I believe it’s real and mean no disrespect
            to you or others. I would encourage you to read Revolution Q by Neon Revolt.
            Available on Amazon. I would challenge anyone to dispute the
            well sourced interpretations he lays out.
            My worry is it is real but it doesn’t play out the way they expect and we lose in spite of it.

          • It doesn’t require conspiracy theorizing to find the Epstein–whatever it was–fascinating.

            It also helped further discredit the central government, which always is a laudatory thing.

          • There are more things in government and private enterprise, Z-man, than are dreamt of in your philosophy

      • The OP has a point. Trump appointed arch neoconservative John Bolton as his NSC head; he almost gave us a war earlier this year, probably interrupted only by the coronavirus. Trump IS an imbecile who has accomplished nothing while making the situtation much worse for our side.

        Why are we always having to choose between two bad choices? Does voting even matter at this point? Trump and the republican party are permanently out of office by 2024 anyway due to demographics, so what does 2020 matter for? We aren’t voting our way out of this. Thinking otherwise just demonstrates boomer loyalty to a dead system which oppresses you.

    • Everything about this guy is posturing.

      A perfect example of style over substance, one of the defining marks of our age. It has always had a place, but I doubt this quality has ever been so proudly paraded about as it has been today.

    • True. He is stupid. I don’t know if you saw the video yesterday where he pronounced Yosemite, Yow-semeye-t. He wasn’t putting us on. It would have been fun if he was.

      Biden however is a full blown Alzheimers patient.

      • Biden is not the issue – other than as a stupidity test. The issue is his heirs and assigns

      • Huh, always thought it was “yohs-might”. My bad. And what’s with those white eyes of his? Dude looks like an inverted raccoon. And ugh, those red ties…. I. C . K. Y.

      • Dudes all complaining about the way the President talks sound like Never Trumpers, all worried about his style and his gaffs.
        President Trump is from NYC and basically has jack all to do with the countryside, national parks or anything like that. The closest to the woods he gets is a golf course
        Odds are he hasn’t clue one what’s in Yosemite or how its pronocunded and frankly like the majority of the population doesn’t care or need to .
        On top of that he has the highest stress job in the world with an extra heaping topping of stress from all the crap going on.
        So cut Mr. Covfefefe a little slack OK?

        • Hear hear. I’m hardly thrilled with Trump, but there are two extremely compelling reasons to vote for him. First, his reelection would deny AWRs the gratification of seeing him removed from office. Second, his reelection would inflict immense mental torment on our enemies. That is more than enough for me.

          • Can’t you just write “anti-white racist” so people know what you’re talking about and for the sake of posterity?
            All these social media abbreviations have something like a 3-month shelf life and then it’s lost. A year from now, it’s just garbage that no one bothers looking up.

          • There’s been a lot more mental torment inflicted on pro-Whites during the Trump administration than there ever was during Barry Soweto’s reign.

          • Well, he’s president now and the left just announced they are trying to dissolve the NRA, an obvious first step to removing opposition to gun confiscation (made worse by an organization which based itself in enemy terriority because they prized luxury over substance — more style of substance, the zeitgeist of our age).

      • He does’t pronounce the name of some park in Cali? Who give a shit? He has never been there and will never go there so why should he care how you pronounce the name?

    • All the downvotes on your comment show Trumptardism, the opposite of TDS, is real and some definitely do suffer from it.
      I agree with you about Blumpf — I’ve always felt that way about him, but also felt obligated to break my voting fast and vote for him in 2016 to do my part to keep that bitch out — I held out some hope that he would grow into the job, but no such luck.
      Fuck him.

      • The Orange Man Bad Disease.
        “Trumptardism”…”Blumpf “…”Fuck him.”
        I mean honestly.

        • Just out of curiosity, is ALL criticism of Trump considered “orange man bad disease”? Are we supposed to turn off our eyes and ears when watching the man ramble on like a lunatic?
          He doesn’t know what the F he’s doing – plain and simple. None of the 4D chess moves ever came to fruition. We’ve been had. No shame in admitting that on my end.

          • bubba said: “No shame in admitting that on my end.”

            Your self-assurance is erealavent. Pres. Trump was elected as a disruptor. 63 million Americans voted to throw a monkey wrench at the establishment. And so far he’s done a damn fine job. They also wanted a better economy and got it. If it wasn’t for the Kung Flu, he would have been reelected in a landslide.

          • A “damn fine job” of what?
            I just looked at the page, with all the Trump accomplishments. Half of them are vague nonsense and the other half are humblebrags about lowest black or female unemployment.
            Give me a freakin’ break.

          • And don’t forget: we need immigrants in the ‘largest numbers ever’ — that’s exactly what I voted for.

    • An up-vote from me but unfortunately you are still deep red
      Never underestimate the number of Trump cultist retards that visit this blog
      The orange clown is a tremendous (lol) moron of course just a step above Alzheimer Joe.A moron who does not speak his mother tongue (lat alone a foreign language), a vulgarian nouveau riche who brags publicly that he never read a book in the lifetime.
      Part of the debacle we are living through comes from his stupidity while the other comes from the fact that we are dealing with an prime example of conman

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