Riding The Tiger

One of the properties of modern liberal democracy is the mass media, which today extends beyond the centrally control of media centers into the effluvium of what we call on-line culture. It is no longer the ruling class operating loudspeakers, pumping propaganda at us. Instead, it is anyone with power adding their own special musk to the air we breathe. As a result, the propaganda washes over us from every direction and no one can escape it, not even the producers.

This is why every corporation suddenly got the BLM bug within hours of that movement’s restarting its engine. The people behind this stuff spend all of their days in the steamy flatulence of racial grievance propaganda. They go to and run diversity workshops for and at their company. They attend conferences where this stuff is preached to them. They ride around in their cars pleasuring themselves to the soundtrack of that minstrel show called Hamilton.

The forest fire of anti-white agit-prop that spread across the mass media this summer was not as coordinated as it appeared from the outside. Most forest fires are the combination of disconnected events. Government neglect, the right weather conditions and some negligent migrants camping in a dry forest. The same is true of this cultural forest fire that still rages in parts of the country. The dry, brittle minds of the mass media makers felt the spark of racial outrage.

The thing is, the people who are at the top of the present social order are operating under two delusions. One is they think the country can be united. That’s why they can’t stop talking about the idea of uniting the country. For them, democracy means everyone spontaneously and enthusiastically agreeing with them. Everyone comes together in one voice, another common trope from our rulers, and belts out some show tunes from Hamilton, then sets about creating the perfect society.

The other delusion is they truly think they are the moral leaders of our society and they are fully in control of this machine they have inherited. It’s not reasonable to say they created it, as the people responsible for the current forest fire of agit-prop are too stupid to create anything other than a mess. The people responsible for staging the current racial theatrics are as much a product of the system and its drama. Like the elements of any forest fire, they came to power by unhappy accident.

The result we are seeing is endless offensive nonsense produced by people who see themselves not only as our moral and spiritual leaders, but as masters of this mass movement sweeping the country. They really do believe they are leading a great groundswell of popular support. In reality, most Americans find the whole charade ridiculous and are now becoming impatient with it. That’s why Joe Biden has suddenly turned on the woke calls to defund the police departments.

Biden, of course, has no idea where he is most of the time, so this has very little to do with him, but his handlers are busy poll-testing every imaginable idea. They will be responsible for selling an elderly dementia patient to the voters. This is going to be a base election, which is always the case when there is an incumbent on the ticket, so they need to maximize their partisan’s enthusiasm. What they have no doubt found is the typical black lady is no fan of defunding the police.

The people behind the “bleep the police” movement don’t interact with the cops, other than at their childish protests. If they did, they would understand the real complaint blacks have with the cops in our major cities. The criminals see the cops as a rival gang that has an unfair advantage. Everyone else sees the cops as wasting their time following their incomprehensible rules, rather than cleaning up crime. They see the cops hassling bangers, but not getting them off the streets.

The fact is, the people in charge and responsible for the mayhem we are seeing, are not master manipulators controlling the system. They are not play 4-D chess to maintain their power behind the scenes. They are riding a tiger that they poke and harass on occasion, without realizing it. The black murder spree in 2016 did not help the Left any more than the current riots will help them. None of this was planned. We are seeing the confluence of events no one predicted.

The Biden camp suddenly wheeling around on the police issue is a good example of why the Left usually wins. Despite their rhetoric, and they very well may believe the conspiracy theories they spout, they act as if they are riding the tiger. They move and adjust to stay on the back of whatever is happening. The Right, in contrast, acts as if they are sure some secret cabal is at the center of events, manipulating everyone like a master chess player controlling the board.

You see this when the Left loses. It’s not the clever work of Conservative Inc. that knocks them off the tiger. It is the Left’s own errors. They shift one way, when they should have shifted the other and some of their team falls off the tiger. We’re seeing that with Biden’s nomination. The Left panicked and installed Biden, when they should have picked someone young and energetic. An ambulatory candidate would be out campaigning right now in places like Texas and Florida.

This is why Trump cannot be counted out in November. He is a guy who thrives on chaos, which is why he always creates it. Trump is no longer a roll of the dice and in uncertain times, that’s a great asset. Dementia Joe, strapped to the tiger like a saddle, is the big gamble. What we may witnessing is not a revolution, but one of those times when the Left forgot they were riding the tiger and toppled off, only to be eaten by the tiger, or in this case, his keepers.

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284 thoughts on “Riding The Tiger

  1. there ARE secret cabals, not just one. which is why it’s easier for the Left to adjust and ride the tiger, they fall back on their committee/soviet structure and spread out the errors. like steel plates absorbing shock: one day the extreme left gets hit hard with “defund the police” backlash, the next day the center left back pedals and says they support the average cops and whatnot. thus the left’s communal spirit helps them on the defense, but when on attack they gather too much trash and poke the mob’s tiger too much eventually.

    the Right meanwhile is always said to be very individualistic and therefore ineffective, but i disagree somewhat. the individualism helps when multiple lines of attack are needed, ironically turning into a communal effort of organic groups attacking the enemy together. we saw this in 2016, as Trump united all sectors of the Right with him against Crooked Hillary; it wasn’t just a nat-pop party, although it sure felt like it since it had been a while nationalism had been finally listened to, but the GOP and all diverse sectors of the American Right were there. while this attitude is good on the attack, defending is when the Right becomes a mess, as the individualist tendencies split apart the platform meant to be defended. this of course happens now, as the center right/GOP is sometimes even a worse enemy of nationalism than the left, and both split up are no match for it.

    while of course i would say that in the long run nationalist-traditionalists would hope the center and the left die (and the cabals are done with), in the short run we need a cohesive platform under Trump with the center-right again, to be able to hold some sway in American government. if there’s no more major upheavals, he simply should hammer home what he’s done and what he can do, both for whites and nonwhites, poke Biden’s racial-socialist tiger some more while also steal his thunder moving left on some economics. in short, the 2016 strategy, but calibrated to an old fool, while Trump appears as the sheriff in charge in comparison. that said, if you create chaos Donald, better own it. specially now that dissent is squashed harder than in 2016 and support is near samizdat levels in some sectors, while covid-1984 rules get tighter. the dumb middling white independent needs convincing, after all.

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  3. Biden is the candidate because he knows where the bodies are buried. If he turns it is game over for the Obama legacy.

  4. Z, you know a lot about a lot, but bubba you don’t know shit about forest fires.

    One day we’ll get you squared away.

  5. There is no center. The left is moving more and more rapidly leftward. The right is moving leftward, but more slowly. But while there was some substantial overlap between the left and right 25 years ago, today there is almost none.

    Pew conducted a survey June 8-18, 2017 and published a timeline with the headline “Less Overlap In the Political Values of Reps and Dems”. In 1994, 30% of Dems were more conservative than the median Reps and 36% of Reps were more liberal than the average Dem. In 2017, only 3% of Dems and 5% of Reps were in the same position.

    There are two Bell Curves separating from each other faster and faster. There is no America anymore. The only solution is some sort of separation, hopefully a peaceful one, but there must be a separation.

  6. The fact is, the people in charge and responsible for the mayhem we are seeing, are not master manipulators controlling the system. They are not play 4-D chess to maintain their power behind the scenes. They are riding a tiger that they poke and harass on occasion, without realizing it.

    I am not Z-man but I do agree with this message.

    The problem is that the left is that they stopped believing in God a long time ago. That means they are open to believing in the State as their God. They intend to bring heaven here to this small planet.

    Christianity has Satan as the great enemy to our heavenly father. The left has the fascists. And damn if most of the normal people are not fascist even if they don ‘t know it. Z-man mentioned in some post or the other the leftists can’t be persuaded by facts, figures, reality, experimentation, and so forth. They are living in a magical world where they will force reality to conform to their religious expectations.

    We need to cleanse the country of our ethnic enemies; but we really need to cleanse the country of the insane leftists. They can not be de-programed as far as I can tell.

  7. Just think..if trump cared 1/10 as much about illegal immigration as he does about the economy and how high the stock market is, we’d probably have that wall up last year.

    • It’s obvious that “LINE GO UP” is all he has. And money printer go Brrrrrrr makes it all happen. Great for the 1% and really bad for everybody else.

    • It’s been said a thousand times, so here is #1001: The problem is not illegal immigration, the problem is legal immigration. You could build the most formidible wall imaginable, but if your policy is to let anyone with an H1B visa or a claimant for asylum, they get invited in the front door, and are given room and board.

      • You are right, but it is both as well. I’ve never read of a criminal act by an H1B VISA holder. But there are myriad incidences of criminality every year by IA’s. Both spigots need to be turned off, but if one were more important or rather prioritized over the other, then it would be IA’s—and as I’ve said before, a wall does not solve the problem of IA’s as Trump would have the naive believe.

  8. On Wednesday, a group of 20 House and Senate Democrats introduced a bill that would amend the Federal Reserve Act to require the central bank to operate “in a manner that fosters the elimination of disparities across racial and ethnic groups with respect to employment, income, wealth, and access to affordable credit.”
    (from Amren)

    Elimination of disparities means taking from you in one form or another and giving it to them. It is putting into law the legalized discrimination against whites and the confiscation of their property through direct transfer, devaluation and other means deemed effective.

    This goes on already but largely through regulatory manipulations and subsidies. It will now be the law of the land, no longer needing surreptitious clauses. So it will be full speed ahead.

    • This, as all such acts which do not take into consideration innate differences among the races (minorities) is doomed to failure.

    • I was just looking at the Fed’s site yesterday. One of it’s goals that jumped out at me was that the Fed

      conducts the nation’s monetary policy to promote maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates in the U.S. economy;

      From an economic perspective fussing over maximum employment and stable prices seems to be a result of people being obsessed with the concept of fairness. Perhaps price controls and tariffs are important in certain sectors – and they can definitely be used to create a certain effect – but our economics now seems geared toward being fair… And by that, as you mention, it means pinching my hard earned bread and sticking it on DeShaun’s table.

      It comes as no surprise that such a bill has been introduced by the usual suspects. Which economist was it that brought about an obsession with ‘full employment’ as opposed to ‘maximum production’?

  9. I don’t generally buy into conspiracy theories, but the whole BLM/Saint George Floyd thing is so pervasive, so monolithic, that I find it hard not to suspect a hidden hand behind it all. Perhaps Zman is right, the Crazy that reigns this summer is just the result of an unfortunate confluence of events, or the fact that our masters all sing from the same song sheet, but from my naive POV it sure looks orchestrated.

    If the Dems win in November, I can’t imagine the chaos that will ensue. For that reason, I pray Trump comes through — he leaves a lot to be desired, but the thought of a black woman president (once Joe is gracefully retired) makes my blood run cold. We will be off to the camps in no time flat.

    • There was quite a bit of coordination in anticipation of the next black thug killed at the hands of a white cop. It initially was tried with Ahmaud Arbery, but he was quickly revealed as a typical black criminal piece of shit. So a few weeks later George Floyd, also a dirt bag but that wasn’t as quickly known, served as a stand-by. The same appears to have happened with Covid. The coordination was in place to crater the economy after the next predictable virus outbreak.
      These are not conspiracies but long-term planning. In fact, think back to the summer of 2016. Obama was instigating violence every time a black criminal was killed at the hands of cops. While the accusation that Gates and Fauci specifically, among others, were ready to pounce may or may not be a conspiracy theory, that they were prepared to do what was done is established at this point.

      • In fairness to Fauci, he’s literally paid to be ready to roll out a response to a potential pandemic. The D in CDC stands for disease, after all.

        • And to help create one, or at least fund GoF research with dangerous viruses that might be seen in future pandemics, or cause one, if it were to get loose 🙁

    • The real conspiracy is how do you keep a neolithic people from burning the place down? This country burns so much time and energy trying to placate them, keep them fed and happy and mostly quiet. But even monkeys know how to rattle a cage for more food. At the end of the day, I’m sorry to say that they have no place in modern society and must be relocated en-masse.

  10. The Biden operation may have turned on “defund” but I haven’t. After the many, many, many examples of anarcho-tyranny in the recent riots, I no longer care what happens to the cops.

    The most recent example is from “based” Texas, where a scumbag sheriff paraded a sticker guy in a jumpsuit in front of the media as if he was Al Capone, yet the same sheriff allowed BLM and Antifa rioters to run wild, forcing locals to defend their monuments—and the sheriff arrested some of those locals too. Fuck the police.

    Anarcho-tyranny was well-established long before the current riots, of course, such as the way red flag laws are used to kill—yes, kill—white randos for the wrong political beliefs, yet at the same time not a single illegal gun can be preemptively confiscated in our chocolate cities.

    • That case really shows how far the rot has spread in Texas.

      Meanwhile Harvard Law’s cowboy gunslinger Lyin’ Ted owns the libs by reinforcing fake memes of White violence and peddles more colorblind CivNat hopium in another showboat hearing that will accomplish nothing.

      • I will be delighted if I’m proven wrong in November, but I also just don’t see the evidence that these riots have become a tiger the Dems have fallen off.

        Judging by the overall “meh” reaction to two months of the worst rioting since the 1960s, most people seem to be either sympathetic or indifferent. There is no evidence whatsoever of any kind of political backlash.

        Speaking of politics, I also don’t get the Z Man’s constant ricocheting between black pills, red pills, and blue pills. One day he’s given up on the GOP, the next day he’s speculating on different political timelines as if politics matter again. One day he’s baiting the readership with JQ snippets, the next day he’s inveighing against the JQ.

        Say what you will about the TRS guys, but they’re far more lucid and consistent. Z Man is witty and talented, and a superb writer, but he seems to be stuck in a fog of confusion and incoherence, lurching from one position to another. The TRS guys come off as far more confident in where they stand, what they’re doing, and how they’re reacting to all this theater.

        Even one of the Derb’s listeners noticed this and the Derb commented on it in a recent podcast.

        • The Z is actually on the pulse of where the wind is blowing. Some days it blows strongly against Trump then Biden announces blacks all think the same and you wonder just how many will actually vote for him?
          One day the GOP looks like cannon fodder for leftists then the next day they look stronger and might just hold up then they are back to being cannon fodder.
          Its all in flux right now.
          It could go either way for the GOP and Trump in 2020.
          The ZMan reflects what is happening in the world.

        • Things shift daily if not hourly. Surely that is apparent. Someone consistent all the time, given the volatile circumstances, is someone impervious to evidence. That’s not a good way to go through life.

      • Is “Lyin’ Ted” Ted Cruz? Every once in a while a politician says something that takes me aback, and makes me wonder who he/she/insert pronoun here/ is beholden to. When the question of drug supply chains came up he said something to the effect of “we need to move our supply chains to India or Israel.” Not the US, never the US.

  11. I
    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar

    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

    Those who have crossed
    With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
    Remember us—if at all—not as lost
    Violent souls, but only
    As the hollow men
    The stuffed men.

    T.S. Eliot
    The Hollow Men

  12. Summer of George info: I just spoke to my father-in-law who lives in suburban Minneapolis. He said 40 businesses have decided to move out of downtown Minneapolis. This isn’t where the riots occurred, but actual downtown.

    • The riots in the 60’s were what killed Detroit for good, same process. Los Angeles with Watts as well. The 90’s riots were a dumpster fire, little left to consume.

  13. I’ve always felt that Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, all of the very old Democrats have always known that they’re riding the tiger. These days they spend countless hours attempting to keep all those new AOCs of the party from wrecking the place. The old coots in charge of that party are more disciplined than anything underneath them. They worship money and power, not ideology. As evil as they are they’re smarter and more disciplined than the GOP ones too. Part of this is that the best and brightest of the left go into the government apparatus at some point. Given what’s coming out of the so called top tier universities, the best and brightest on the left are now going into tech and have been for awhile. This leaves a no talent vacuum on both sides of the aisle.

    • The old coots in charge of that party…

      The old coots are not in charge of the party, the globalists are.

  14. The other delusion is they truly think they are the moral leaders of our society and they are fully in control of this machine they have inherited.

    This is actually/practically the entire raison d’être of politics in this modern era of ‘diminishing concerns’ — this is why they spend so much time doing and saying what they think they must in order to demonstrate their moral fitness to lead.
    Otherwise the plebs might begin to suspect politicians are largely the useless fucks they indeed are.

  15. The Left has always sued to advance. Judicial Watch sues and does the job that pussy Republicans won’t do. JW is combatting on multiple fronts, most importantly, voter fraud, which is the only thing standing between us and the gulags.

    please donate!

    • If I believed Trump, much less the GOP in general, was standing between me and a gulag, I might be tempted.

      I don’t. I’m not.

      When Judicial Watch sues to get White Nationalist parties on the ballot somewhere, hit me up again.

  16. There may be reasons not to count Trump out in November, but there are many more reasons not to care.

    Re: tiger-riding, there is no reason why a reasonable person shouldn’t recognize that:

    a) Societal forces cannot be perfectly controlled and unforeseen consequences always happen (“no battle plan survives the first shot”); and

    b) cabals of (((influencers))) who enjoy outsized money, political, media and academic power still do everything they can to steer the tiger at their own enemies first and unjustly profit from the chaos left in his rampaging wake.

    For example:

    If society is just a roil of tigerish chaos, untameable and unrideable, why do guys like George Soros and Peter Thiel spend so much time and money on influence operations? Why does the entire lobbying industry exist?

    Obviously there is some benefit in having a hand on the tiller, even in the worst storms.

    The reason why Con, Inc. isn’t a tiger-slayer is because it’s controlled opposition (see “lobbyists” above). We live in an oligarchy where the Left’s donor class holds power and works with Con, Inc. to keep the rubes betting on this rigged match like it’s legit.

    It’s a much superior kosher-sandwich system than the Soviet one-party cafeteria (you can have any color you want, as long as it’s Red).

    The illusion and burden of choice is very distracting and much more resilient and useful in deflecting and grounding out popular resentments and dissatisfaction.

    • As for (b), their future is the fate of Eliot Engel. The tribe historically has overreached, and their feral foot soldiers view them as Super Whites. I generally agree with you, but let’s not see the drivers as invincible because they most certainly are not. In 1922 the tribe was the power center of the USSR and poised to control the world. Ten years later it was reduced to mush. Ten years further out they were mushier. Ten years further out they were back to near-control.

      As for the Jewish Supremacist push to stifle free speech, that has been well underway for almost a century and has in fact been very successful. I would submit, though, it hit its zenith around the mid-Seventies with the Fairness Doctrine, full and total control of the propaganda outlets and popular culture, and the blind fealty to Israel. Those persist but to much lesser degrees.

      I sense their decline has started. The spectacle of the Anti-Defamation League begging for PPP money is what we expect from them when they are producing and peddling porn and circumventing tax laws.

      • When betting against the Tribe, you should always keep this bad card in mind – it’s a permanent feature of whatever hand they’re holding.

        The guys saying “give up, Jews have too strong a hand” don’t realize they’re always holding this permanent deuce while Whitey gets to play all 5 cards.

        We don’t have Jewish levels of built-in neurosis, hyper-aggression, disagreeableness, perversion, greed and a boundless inferiority complex.

        They always own themselves (e.g. “We Will Replace You” headlines). The trick is being determined, ruthless and positioning yourself to capitalize on the inevitable opportunities.

    • Beautifully crafted phrase “the illusion and burden of choice.” That is really what operates not merely politically, but culturally and economically throughout the US. And people keep channel surfing through life because they now have a ‘choice’ of which version of indoctrination they prefer. You can have 25 types of detergent, but not the one that works because California banned it. You can ‘plan’ your family and finances, but the economic and social premises you base your choices on will be eroded and shifted faster than you can commit to them.

  17. “They are not play 4-D chess to maintain their power behind the scenes. They are riding a tiger that they poke and harass on occasion, without realizing it. “
    Corona was planned since 97(at least), based on a Kennedy magazine. This feels like 4-D chess to me.
    But I agree that the minions of the elites are a bunch of retards. Elites need people without scruples to coordinate society, their problem is that minions with screwed up morals are usually not very smart or reliable.

    • I see it more as a “prepared leadership” thing, ready to not let a crisis go to waste. Lefty has a giant binder full of plays for various catastrophes, developments, world events, etc. Like obits for famous ppl, they’re ready to go once the body hits the slab. For example, the DNC just happened to have a 2,000 page $3 trillion relief bill ready to go within days of when DNC governors shut it all down for the COVID freakout; all of the gungrabber stuff works this way. Every time some nutter shoots up the quickie mart, some Dem has a comprehensive legislative bill introduced within hours.

  18. One factor of the upcoming election I haven’t seen discussed is what happens to the 5% of the vote that was split between Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Evan McMullin in 2016. The Libertarians have nominated lifelong party lackey who put out a platform that sounds like Paul Ryan for total drug legalization. They will revert to their below 1% norm. What happens to the rest of these voters? I would guess no more than a third of the McMullin voters refuse to the vote for Trump, although the only close state he had a significant vote total in was Minnesota. Jill Stein had a million votes over her 2012 total, do those voters still vote for the Green party? The Libertarian roll off is the most significant part. These voters could tilt a couple of close states.

  19. The thing is, the people who are at the top of the present social order are operating under two delusions. One is they think the country can be united. 

    I must say that it rather looks to me like they’re trying very hard to divide it along both racial and political lines.

    • Agreed. Their problem is cobbling together these coalitions of the fringes, Bioleninism, as it has been described, is tough work since elements are hostile to one another. The idea that it would be non-White vs. White was compelling but difficult, especially since it is largely White progressives who were the masters.

  20. BLM is not a tiger, it’s not grass roots, it’s 100% created and controlled. OK, maybe 90% controlled. BLM was everywhere in 2015 and then overnight it was gone. BLM was a non-entity from the time it disappeared in 2015 until late May of this year when the media decided to make a circus out of the next black man that fought with the cops and got himself killed.
    They may very well have unleashed a tiger, but it was them who brought the tiger into America, agitated it and then let it lose in the streets. Democrats were the incumbents and they didn’t want the chaos BLM was creating. Re-election is an endorsement of the status quo. The Democrats benefits from maximum chaos.

    • Yep. Most here are missing the fact that all of this is entirely contrived by the DNC as an election year strategy.
      It will go away after November whether it works or not.

      • The uncontrolled rioting and burning of buildings is not contrived by the DNC. And it hurts them badly, which is why Trump is allowing it to happen while only making threats (promises) to stop it (after he’s re-elected).

      • No, it is regime change and troubles will continue until the U.S. is destabilized and its leadership overthrown.

    • BLM got defunded when the blacks started saying Zionism is white supremacy or something like that.

      • BLM doesn’t have to rely solely on Jews any longer. The Zionists no longer are the sole source for extortion money and bribes.

      • This is precisely one example of falling off the tiger. The BLM golem is once again beginning to stumble out of control, and perhaps this time no amount of mandatory book reports or field trips to synagogues will be able to get it back in line.

    • I think Black Lives Matter quieted down after the killing of 5 police officers and wounding of 9 police officers in Dallas in 2016. They say on (((Wikipedia))) that the protest march was organized by Next Generation Action Network, but I remember it being associated with BLM. Probably a little historical revisionism happening there.
      That incident marked the first time a civilian was killed by police with a robot detonating an explosive. Glad the shooter was killed but the robot use is downright Orwellian.

    • BLM, or at least sympathizers, have been rioting, toppling statues and (I think) even killing people, in other countries. England. Australia. Australia ?!?

      • Soros. It’s not like there aren’t leftist agitators in these countries. Also, IMHO, that shows how fake it is. These countries don’t have our history. Why in god’s name would anyone be kvetching about black slavery in Europe and Australia? From what I know, the Africans haven’t even been Australia a single generation. Australia has the unfortunate situation where they have a population even worse than Africans (don’t sleep in the road and don’t be rama rama).

  21. Statecraft has always been riding the tiger, which is why having a dominant culture is a good idea. Nation-states are much more stable than empires— as long as they can resist being conquered.

  22. The problem for the Dem establishment (older Jews and gentile Whites) is that the younger generation (both White progressives and POC) actually believe the propaganda that they were taught whereas the establishment understands the propaganda for what it really is: A lie to gain power. That’s the inherent conflict within the party.

    The Dem establishment just wants to win. They don’t want a revolution. Sure, they want to take a bit more from Whites and give it to their minions, but, generally, they want to run a country that acts like it did 30 years ago but with more ethnic restaurants.

    But their growing base – Woke Whites and POC – want to follow the logic of the Narrative to its natural conclusion. And that means massive upheaval. They want equal outcomes and Whites (Badwhites in the minds of Woke Whites, all Whites in the minds of POC) punished.

    The problem for the Dem establishment is that their base is growing ever more impatient. They can’t understand why the establishment doesn’t push harder, why it doesn’t seem to live by its ideals. The base wants action. How long can the establishment hold off its own base?

    • It always has played out that way: the Left allies with Marxists, and the more brutal and ruthless win. That group is obvious.

      • Actually, the progression seems to be the Left allies with the Marxists who take over because their willing to commit violence but then idealists are weeded out by the realists (Stalin) who understand that it’s really just about power and not ideals.

        Either way, the Kulaks are shot immediately or shipped off to gulags where they probably die anyhow, so we know where we’ll end up.

          • Neither will you be. After the left destroys the NRA, they’ll be no one left to oppose their gun grab. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they can’t do it, either.

  23. yeah, good spot about biden turning on the antifa BLM agenda. That surprised me. Good analysis. I liked the forest fire analogy.

  24. My view is that Russiagate wasn’t really the DNC attacking Trump or the GOP, but indirectly attacking the Leftists in their own ranks and push the Dems in a more Neocon direction to satisfy the (((donor))) class.
    The DNC and it’s media pretty much destroyed their best bet for the future in Tulsi Gabbard thanks to Russiagate. It’s obvious the DNC honchos want Kamala Harris as the Vice for Biden since she is their pockets.

    • Tulsi Gabbard = woman of color, single, no children, Hindu, military. Yuck. No thank you.

  25. One side is full of crusading vigor while the other is seething quietly and nervously, having come to the realization that it’s spent the past few decades floating from one flight-of-fancy to another and another. The first group sees the election as its sacred final passage while the second sees only an unreliable windbag who at best may act as a temporary stop gap measure. If the first group finds an election result not to its liking they will litigate and recount until they get their desired outcome. The invertebrates leading the second group won’t say a word in protest. Well, maybe a word but that’s it. As social media battens down all hatches and set the tone for herd America the invertebrates don’t even talk a good game…Do something? Why are you still asking at this point…As Red voting districts increase their requests for absentee ballots by 800% their Great White Hope is poo-pooing any and all forms of mail in ballots. While 40 million people remain unemployed (who knows what U6 really is) the R party is cutting benefits and making access to any new ones more and more difficult to access…as money continues to flow into the coffers of the well heeled and into the anti white swamp. How’s the demographic shift worked out over the past 4 years? 2018 and a handful of election since then are a sort of bell weather, how have they worked out?

    Z’s right about the rising tide of white sentiment rejecting what’s happening…but for many they don’t see any place to go…and many won’t, go to the polls that is.

    • What matters is the change of White sentiment. A political solution in the current environment is impossible. Making Whites acknowledge that is the key thing we can do.

      • No argument here.
        The change in sentiment will be the simpler part. The action required to put that to effective use will be the more difficult part. It will happen but it won’t be pretty.

        • Younger whites have less to lose and so won’t be as hesitant, especially if they feel backed into a corner. Dangerous game tptb are playing. They could’ve blown off pressure at any time, but they’re going for it all.

          • This has been their biggest mistake, not allowing a potentially very powerful enemy any means of retreat or ability to publicly vent…and thus periodically reduce any building pressure. This is probably in large part due to the old progressive guard having to placate and being shoved aside by their animated and often mindless offspring.

          • I half expect to see some of the old guard progressives migrating our way as a form of self preservation at things become more and more volatile.

    • Legitimacy-bleed has reached terminal levels. Low turnout + ballot tricks in November will produce a toxic hellbrew of accusations, recriminations and finger-pointing reminiscent of 2000. The electoral college will not be with us by 2028, likely 2024 – states will no longer have any significance on a national level, reduced to administrative subdivisions of the North American Province of GloboShlomo.

      But an increasing number of Americans just won’t care because voting doesn’t matter.

      • My money is on 2024.
        If they have both houses and the executive branch in 1/21, then one of their first acts will be to grant statehood to DC and PR.
        If we’re going to get kicked I want it to be good and hard so enough of our people stop hemming and hawing and come to the realization that they have to do more than grumble or support the next based Republican.

        Assuming Trump goes down, by Thursday or Friday Rubio/Hawley will be getting more coverage than Biden will in an attempt to quiet the restless natives before they put that newly awoken energy to bad-white purposes.

      • A side note that bankruptcy protection for the states would formalize this as states seeking to alleviate some of their debts will be assigned a Federal minder to be the one who is actually in charge. And for anyone who thinks that their state can dodge this, keep in mind that that the Feds can bankrupt every state in the union tomorrow by pulling their “temporary” medicaid subsidy.

    • Gotta hand it to the guy who used the payroll loan/grant program to buy fancy cars and strippers 😀

  26. I am, thankfully, retired and don’t have to deal with the diversity bullshit anymore. The last year I worked, the team sent an especially offensive diversity training video mandating proper worship of every type of human defect and perversity imaginable.

    I sent them an email. I told them that, next time they wanted to do this, they should just send me a pistol in the interoffice mail and direct me to eat a bullet. At least, I would not irretrievably lose 90 minutes of an otherwise productive life. (Sometimes I can be a sarcastic SOB).

    The responder at least had a sense of humor. Her one word response was “Ouch”.

    • I must be lucky.
      I had a mandatory workplace sensitivity training last year, led by a black woman in corporate. I was expecting 2 hours of woke and instead got common sense things like “don’t be a dick”, “examine context before getting offended”, and “don’t invite a female co-worker to sit on your lap”. Basically, ‘don’t be a retard”.
      We’ll see if it’s the same in 5 years.

    • The most effective weapon against that kind of brain-washing is to request, with appropriate cc’s to all the bosses and especially to the “hr” dept., for a charge number and say that to appreciate the profound content you must prepare a few hours before and also to review a few hours after the event…

  27. “They” – i.e. people unlike me

    We are united in our “theyness”.

    And I maintain that this is not an attack on white people it is an attack on Christendom. The attacks on white people are a smoke screen to hide the real battle

  28. If the Left was smart, they could have federalized the police and created a form of reparations and gibs to blacks unprecedented in history. BLM had momentum, sympathies across the spectrum, a compliant media, and a willing ruling class. They threw it all away to riot and cause mayhem in cities all the while failing to use their advantage to push far-left legislation. The Right was on the ropes with their arms down and the Left whiffed the knockout blow.
    The minute one side or the other stops being the stupid party, it’s going to get interesting.

  29. A lot of people believe in the concept that history always moves in the progressive left direction. So when they see BLM and calls for white people to atone, decades of conditioning induce a pavlovian response to follow. This is why suburban whites, suburban white women specifically, follow suit. To them, the option to push back or go another direction induces the conditioning that they’re the angry whites shouting at innocent blacks going to a formerly whites-only school in the 1950s like they saw on TV.

    Yet at the same time there’s the gnawing feeling that it’s not right. So in the era of forced corporate unity, polling shows that everyone, minorities included, think the country is going in the wrong direction, even when Obama was embracing grievance politics. We will never have unity and talking about black unemployment rates or “criminal reform” isn’t going to do the trick. The only solution is that white people need to think of themselves as an identity group. An uneasy detente is the only outcome that doesn’t need to Rhodesia and South Africa. Trump will not help us, we’re going to have to figure this out ourselves.

    • Excellent comment. The violence has forced more Whites to think of themselves as an identity group, and to come to terms with how batshit crazy so many of these unmarried, childless White Millennial females are.

    • Yes, many believe the browning of America is a natural step in line with history, when in fact it’s jewish conditioning.

      • Agree with sentry- replacement migration has replaced war as our most terrible problem.

        Soft war has replaced hard war- the woman’s way versus the men’s way?

    • The only solution is that white people need to think of themselves as an identity group.

      THAT will be visited by the historians of the future as the catalyst to change that leads to Our survival.

      • Yes. And it is happening, to a large degree right before our eyes. We should thank our current elite rulers, their media, their Leftist mobs, their academia, and their corporate super-rich for stoking the chaos and destruction. Zman’s struggle to keep up with increasing traffic here is one small indicator.

  30. A Trump win is not a win for the right. There’s nothing to get excited about this time around, other than the usual cope of “oh at least he’ll buy us some time”.

    Do I kinda hope he wins? Yea. But I’m not popping bottles of champagne like we did in 2016.

    • If Trump wins, it could be different this time due to how crazy and openly lawless the left has become trying to reclaim power. The problem is not Trump’s smarts or instincts, which are good, but that he’s actually too nice of a man to crack down and be the authoritarian figure we need him to be to destroy the globalist leftist creeps. He needs a little more Bolsonaro or Pinochet in him. And yes, that indicates the US has devolved into a corrupt hellhole, due to the outsiders that rule us and due to the millions of low quality, low IQ dark people from incompatible cultures that we’ve imported the last 50 years.

      • Again, the only reason to hope for a Trump re-election, and it is a good one, is that it will sow an enormous amount of chaos, possibly even a refusal to acknowledge the results and a military coup. Expect nothing substantive from that since there is no political solution to our crisis.

        • You’re right, I need to remind myself of that. I keep falling back on the thinking that our authorities will correct themselves and we’ll go back on track, but that’s no longer the case. (Maybe never was.) That was the old USA, now gone. Praying for conservative military men to take over, frankly.

          • The longer things get strung out the worse it is for us. Making the bastards go fully totalitarian quickly is the best bet. We have been out a time a long time.

          • “Buying time” versus accelerating the debacle is the question for the d-right in the election of 2020.

            Personally, I go back and forth about which is more likely to be advantageous. The situation is unprecedented, so 2020 hindsight (see what I did there?) can’t predict the alternative outcomes.

            Whichever strategy one favors, it will be important to keep a close watch on both macro and micro events before the election. In the bizarre world we now inhabit, some kink we can’t imagine yet might be a game changer, and offer a clue about which way to bet.

          • Good points. I always am open to new evidence. Whatever option would produce the most chaos is where I am. Right now I think a Trump re-election would cause the most because the Left either will ignore the results or go on an even madder rampage. As you point out, that might change.

          • Imo we’ve had enough acceleration for the time being. Not that it matters. The situation is spiraling out of control, so I’m for stomping the brake until it burns up.

          • Time for what? For the last 4 years the right has been spining its wheels. Do you honestly see that changing over the next 4 years? I don’t see anything on the horizon. Everyone who tried anything was shut down or shunned by the right.A Trump victory would almost certainly result in the same: the right goes back to sleep and things get worse as Conservatism Inc. consolidates its hold over the party. Trump may even do something stupid like start a war with Iran, which would further damage the party.

        • Since my guess is as good as anyone’s for the coming election, here’s yet another disturbing scenario. I don’t think a military coup is very likely. If I recall my US history correctly, if the popular election is botched, the whole thing gets decided by the House of Representatives. This is bad enough in itself. But I think they could elect absolutely anyone they please. Even in normal times it’s scary enough that Pelosi is third in line for Presidential successon 🙂

      • There is a small possibility that Trump, self-centered and lightly disciplined as he is, could go full Pinochet after a re-election. It’s not like he has much else to build for, given the Uniparty and the future demography he faces. But I wouldn’t bet on it. I basically will vote for him to tweak the Lefties, but their further discomfort is about all I am looking for, out of all of this.

        • And yet you allow for the possibility that you may be pleasantly surprised, Dutch. There is that, however remote the chance.

        • No chance for full or partial Pinochet. Trump likes his life, his assets, his heirs, and his comfort a good deal more than he likes your liberty. The wealthy are going to have the same liberties under any system we are likely to see, if not more.

      • All of that assumes that Trump is on OUR side – which is a notion I’ve completely abandoned. My unproven theory is that Trump ran to secure a political future for his kids, that’s it. How else would you explain bringing in Javanka to the WH? I forgot the pundit’s name but there was one woman who made a good point – Trump NEVER laid out any specific plans during his candidacy or even during his presidency. It’s all been jingoistic crap like MAGA and “we have the greatest economy ever ever”. Not a single realistic policy proposal was ever voiced by the Trump campaign.

        It sucks that I realized this later on. Fool me once…

  31. What we may witnessing is not a revolution, but one of those times when the Left forgot they were riding the tiger and toppled off, only to be eaten by the tiger, or in this case, his keepers.

    It is both.

    The idea behind the riots and violence was to make people think they had to elect the Left to make the madness stop. The strategy worked until a certain point. You could tell the moment when state-sponsored domestic terrorism had started to outrage the public. It was when the propaganda outlets stopped broadcasting the violence, which is ongoing, and revisited Covid as the greatest horror ever.

    The perpetual revolution continues, though. It is the tiger after eating the rider who fell off. The tiger does not care about polls. You are absolutely right about the Left’s much superior political instincts. The fly in its ointment is its recklessness and impulsiveness. We see those wrinkles playing out, too. The Left usually wins. When it fails, it does so spectacularly. This is one of those moments. As you point out, it is trying to recalibrate. The revolution doesn’t care.

    The images will last a long time of the unmarried, childless and psychologically damaged thirty-something white women melting down over any pushback against the privileged child communists and their feral black remoras. In the digital age, a “long time” means more than six months.

    I don’t know how the election will shake out. I would not have bet against Trump even prior to this madness; my anger about his inaction lingers but as a political strategy it has proved solid. As I previously have written, the only reason to re-elect Trump is that it will force our evil, corrupted State to further discredit itself. The last few months have borne that out.

    • The left has always had its crazy, unhinged element, but the the party was controlled by more sober minded individuals (at least they postured that way) who played the long game and realized burning down buildings and other mayhem was bad optics. Now, as many have noted, the sober minded are checking out and the lunatic fringe has taken over. It’s now a matter of how much longer the center of the country puts up with this shit.

      • Actually, the visibility of the looniest of the radicals probably works to our side’s advantage, not only by showing we are mostly right, but also forcing the Liberal Whites to show their hypocrisy (e.g. 2nd ammendment). As I explained above, even super-Liberal whites in Seattle saw fit to blockade and be visibly armed during the recent “woke” protesters’ visit to their posh neighborhood.

    • The emotionally stunted white women pushing BLM are also the crazy Karen’s pushing face diapers and Covid cowering.

      it will take very little live and personal experience with violent crime to turn them into cop felating anti- crime zealots – especially as they age.

      • Some may but quite a few of them are straight-up mentally ill and are too disturbed to realize what is in their best interest. We want no part of those.

        • Unfortunately many are damaged beyond repair. They kept riding the carousel hoping one day Chad would commit. He never did. They have a burning hatred of white men. They also have no future since they are childless. They are also depressed, alcoholic, and likely want to die.

          So why would they care what their future revolution brings?

    • I would not have bet against Trump even prior to this madness; my anger about his inaction lingers but as a political strategy it has proved solid.”

      Word. (I mean, strongly agree!)

    • “Fly in the ointment.” In the beforetimes, an equivalent idiomatic expression was something about a woodpile… 🙂

  32. “We are seeing the confluence of events no one predicted.“
    EXCUSE me… but I have been saying all along that the left can only fail. Every time they take over an institution or organization… they run it into the ground. That’s why the Donks are on fire and the Repubs are catching.
    Really, Z… if you are going to ignore my vast contributions to your forum, I shall have to ask my wife, Karen, to stop by and read you the riot act!

  33. That 2nd paragraph was pure gold! It is extremely weird that gibbering joe is apparently the left’s standard bearer. For most of the past 50 years (until the last two), they’d have the younger, more dynamic candidate facing off against some geriatric old fart – what happened? Trump is a fairly old goat himself, but has the energy of a man half his age. He needs to get it cranked up soon to truly fire up the base – here’s hoping for the best.

  34. I’m still just amazed that it’s not just an old white guy, but a senile old white guy who is the Dem nominee at this juncture. But, I guess it does remind me of 2016 when all the other GOP candidates were even crappier, and less entertaining, than Trump. The GOP made the mistake last time and this time its the Dems fault they couldn’t find ANYONE better than Gropey/Sleepy/Corn Pop-story-telling Joe this time.

    Gosh, I wonder if Joe even remembers his good buddy Corn Pop now. Sometimes they say people with his condition can remember things from the distant past, but I believe that depends on those things actually happening. I doubt anyone can keep 50+ years of complete bullshit straight.

    • A think we can’t appreciate from our vantage point on the political map is this. The people running the Democrat party fear the woke mobs more than they fear Trump or his imaginary Nazi army. They can deal with Trump. They can’t deal with the hair on fire crazies to their Left. That’s why the slammed the door on the Sanders campaign and installed Biden.

      The trouble is, the radicals decided to revolt this summer. This mayhem we are seeing is a war on the Left. It’s between their establishment types and their radical cohort. Imagine of the GOP had done this in 2016, installed Bush as the nominee and the alt-right started staging protests in the streets.

      • The Establishment Left is being eaten alive. Another legacy Democrat was defeated in his primary Tuesday night. This is beyond their control now (good analogy to the Alt-Right mau-mauing the GOP).

      • I gotta say the image of AOC, eyes wide, in a torn and bloody peasant blouse (no bra), with arms raised and holding up the dripping heads of Chuck and Nancy, would make a great meme/t-shirt.

        Also, I prefer the Invisible Nazis to the imaginary ones. even though you lose the cool uniforms, it’s just so much creepier.

          • I’m still waiting to hear how “Umbrella Man”, the radical in Minneapolis ? Seattle ? (I lose track) is supposedly a Hell’s Angel with white supremacist connections. That’s pretty good detective work, considering they have no suspect and no arrest. “White Supremacist” itself is suspect: even dumb old me knows that in prison, many White inmates decide to join the gang which often identifies as such, to protect themselves against the other gentlemen’s clubs in the prison I don’t wish such a fate on anyone, but I’d probably do the same. Would I remain a white supremacist after I got out? Not likely, but a race realist, yes. Just a hunch, but I’d expect many outlaw bikers do some hard time. But to call them “white supremacists” is as ludicrous as calling all Blacks in prison “Black militants” because they join a gang. It’s sort of like the saying “You’ll be gay for your entire stay.” Well, for Whites we can add “You’ll be KKK for your entire stay.” 🙂

          • It was an especially lame attempt to establish a false equivalency. It was abandoned because it was an obvious lie and the public knows full well the Left and its feral and communist shock troops own this lock, stock and barrel. It’s why you see less and less coverage of the riots even as they continue.

            I get many here do not like Tucker Carlson, and he indeed is a cuck, maybe a recovering one. But give the guy credit. He does bring these things to the fore. Especially notable was when he had on an FBI agent, brass from memory, who claimed they were investigating violent extremist from the Left and Right in regards to the riots. Carlson asked him point blank to name which groups from the Right. The FBI guy stared blankly and kind of blinked and uttered a non-response. Anyone who watched knew he was lying.

            The Left plans to label all opposition “White Supremacy” once it attains power and shuts down all the dissent it can. It appears a bad strategy so far.

      • <i>This mayhem we are seeing is a war on the Left. It’s between their establishment types and their radical cohort. </i>

        Then why is the “radical” cohort financed by the establishment to the tune of 200 million dollars?

        • Wall Street was one of the major financiers of the Russian Revolution. That was due to ethnic solidarity but the super rich often have funded revolutions, and often to their detriment.

          • Wall Street radicals funding Bolsheviks makes neither less radical. They shared a common enemy. Same today.

          • It’s the same reason why the US went to war against Germany; Hitler broke away from the international bankers and was creating a nationalized currency to make Germany independent from Wall Street.

          • I’m aware of the claim, and don’t even need to know the truth behind it. Just “qui bono?” is good enough: communists recieve funding from Western capitalists, they win, risk of additional capitalism (competition) is eliminated. Gotta protect your monopolies.

          • Illuminati Jewish banker, Jacob Schiff pulled the strings on the Bolshevik Revolution. He was an American who had significant influence and power on Wall Street.

          • I’m not sure I understand your argument, then. Rich people are financing their own enemies?

            And that’s if you even concede that SJWs are inimical to elite interests. It’s not like they’re calling out Wall Street or the military-industrial complex, they just want to wave their intersectional willy around, hoping that somehow it’ll accidentally slip into a slutwalker so they won’t be a virgin anymore.

            They’re not radicals, they’re just brainwashed, broken and morally bankrupt – useful idiots.

          • Felix Krull said: “I’m not sure I understand your argument, then. Rich people are financing their own enemies?”

            No. Woke capital is financing BLM/Atifa for the same reasons they financed “occupy wall street.”

            A. To keep everybody’s attention focus on the chaos while they further consolidate their globalist power.

            B. Bioleninism has become a force the be reckoned with. So they have to keep BLM/Antifa off their ass.

            C. Up their staus in the virtue signaling hierarchy.
            The legacy left are expendable to the project, as is everybody else.

          • Felix Krull said: “So where’s the civil war within the left, then?”

            In case you haven’t noticed, there’s always a civil war going on inside the left. Nothing will do except absolute power. Think french revolution light. With the jacobins being finance by laissez-faire capitalists.

            Here’s something else you might think about.

            “Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds.”

          • In case you haven’t noticed, there’s always a civil war going on inside the left. 

            So is the establishment allied with BLM or are they enemies?

          • Felix Krull said: “So is the establishment allied with BLM or are they enemies?”

            Yes. Politics doesn’t have to make sense, it’s about winning.

            “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

            -Russell (“Red”) Sanders,

          • Neither and both. The establishment are older progressives, and overwhelmingly White despite their politics. The BLM crowd are the younger upstart White Millennial and POC progressives who wish to take the establishment jobs for themselves. Soros and other ideologes fund the latter against the former because they are fanatics spoiling for a fight; they have practically no loyalty to the US or the West and wish to see their ideology of race-hate take over, much like the old Bolsheviks who desired international revolution.

            The establishment is holding on for dear life, just trying to survive, but they are long for the tooth.

            The latter group will obviously win in time. Maybe sooner than you might think, at least in the U.S. Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden are all in their 70s. AOC is the future of that party. The posters here celebrating progressive activists ousting the old guard may come to regret that sentiment once the democrat party assumes permanent rule and establishes a China-style dictatorship with Stacy Abrams, Kamala Harris, AOC, and the Squad in charge. America is going full SinoVenezuela over the next 30 years.

          • The “Conspiracy 101” answer would be as simple as: Yes, you can finance your apparent enemies, if your goal is to stir the pot, in the likelihood that it will cause enough unrest or destabilization so that you can sneak through legal or regulatory changes that will benefit you. And, since it’s probably impossible to hide such funding or other support, you can legitimately claim that all you are doing is funding progressive social causes. In a sense, this is no different than the ancient observation that a small dose of a drug is a cure (or an entertainment, or both), but a large dose is poison/fatal.

          • Felix, it is more subtle. Certain of the rich do not see it as a rich v poor; it is “rich and poor of tribe A” against “rich and poor of tribe b.” It is why the left hates destitute white hillbillies with the same passion as urbane, rich, WASP professionals. They arent financial a revolution against the rich, they are financing a revolution against YT.

          • @Bologna, Ben and Redneck

            Yes, I understand all that, but this started with Zman claiming that the elite were more afraid of the the SJWs than of us Nazis.

          • Felix Krull said : “Yes, I understand all that, but this started with Zman claiming that the elite were more afraid of the the SJWs than of us Nazis.”

            Oh dear. listen, this is my last word on the subject. Global capital will have it’s way. But in the meantime, there are lots of tightropes to walk across. Financial, political, social and spiritual. It’s the long game. Lots of working parts. And nobody is fully in charge. So yah, things can get chaotic. But fear not, the archfiend has a plan. lucifer has your address Mr. Krull. And he has a place for you in his organization. So relax, everything’s going to work out just fine.

          • It’s the long game. Lots of working parts. And nobody is fully in charge.

            What Exile said below: just because they’re navigating a hurricane, doesn’t mean they’re not trying to steer the ship.

            Antifa and BLM are managed opposition, down to the last weave. They’re establishment assets, not ‘radicals’, and the Cloud People don’t fear them anymore than they do being overthrown by Hollywood actors.

          • The Establishment is comprised of the mandarins for the Cloud People, Felix. Mandarins can be replaced. In fact, much of the Establishment is being replaced by the Coalition of the Fringes. Some Jews are Cloud People. Not all Jews are Cloud People. Most Cloud People no longer are even Jews hence their discomfort of late. No one in the Establishment or among the Coalition of the Fringes is a Cloud Person. They pay others to do that work.

            Bezos and Co. are paying BLM and Antifa to consolidate their power. They could care less about who ends up serving them as long as they are servient.

            You are more or less saying the same, whether consciously or not I don’t have a clue.

          • Yes, I understand Z’s meaning to be to use the dog analogy: The Elite started with what seemed a reliable working dog that has now slipped his leash and proves to be a rabid pit bull that has turned on his master. We, in contrast, are wolves in the forest. We keep to ourselves, at least for now.

          • Z
            ‘Two possible reasons
            The rich whites who would have supported our side are long gone by a century or more.
            They are afraid. Given how the other side controls the system it would not be hard to crush our white benefactor.
            You can bet money when there trillions at risk the monied class won’t hesitate to send one of their own to the cornfield.

      • BLM was obviously a planned and coordinated operation merely triggered by the death of Floyd. If it hadn’t been him, then the death of any other black this year would have been the trigger.

        The point was to rile up black people to get out and vote for the dem presidential candidate and blunt Trumps overtures to blacks.

        But then it blew up beyond the plotters wildest expectations, and merged with the insane AntiFa left – which has made it a crazy whi pepo thing – blunting the effectiveness of the original plan – and triggering a yet to be revealed backlash. The “eliminate the cops” rhetoric is a loser with every demographic group in the country, even blacks.

        The republicans could turn this into a complete route of the left if they could pull their heads out of their asses. I doubt very much that they’ll be able to do that though.

        I don’t know how many here have seen this:

        The state da in CA is prosecuting the black husband of LAs DA for facing down a BLM mob with a gun at his front door in the middle of the night. Trump and the republicans should be screaming about the blatant racism of the CA dem leadership and defending the right of a black man to defend himself from a white mob (so what if it calls itself BLM).

        The optics would rip the dems apart. But the republicans are too big of “principled” pussies to play hardball

        • To your point, and interesting that it’s already largely forgotten, they did try this with the shooting in Georgia before the Floyd issue. It didn’t “bite” though as the optics (despite an ocean of propaganda) were awful and they had to try again.

        • Dr3 is stupid. It does not demoralize the opposition and does nothing to support us. Stop chasing the stick.

          • Fracturing their coalition is to our advantage and this is a crack to drive a wedge into.

  35. There’s plenty of opportunity for “unity” – based on a desire to hunt down and eliminate us.

    That unifying principle will evaporate the moment we’re gone, but at that point the mission is accomplished.

    That’s how Haiti got off the ground – doesn’t matter that it’s been the world’s most violent s**thole for the two centuries since.

    • Hunting down and killing us requires the complicity of a significant contingency of Whites. The last few months have whittled down the number of White participating in their annihilation. Enough? Dunno.

      • If you don’t think there’s legions of white traitors out there, I’d suggest taking a drive thru any county with a 90% white population that voted for Hillary. You’ll have no problem finding their public displays of self-flagellation.

        • I live on the outskirts of one of those counties. The fear among them now is quiet but palpable. The violence has shaken them, even some with BLM signs virtue signaling in their front yards. It is delicious.

          • I don’t do social media but live near and work among these types. They are nervous even thought the virtue signaling is off the charts. How many will defect, I don’t know.

          • It’s all so fake. These people are the first to quiver and cry when things get hot. I’ve already had verbal altercations with such people. They’ll engage in some kind of arrogant behavior, but once you confront them, they’re like a deer in the headlights. I’ve had these types call the cops on me after I verbally put them in their place. They’re not used to people standing up to them or resisting. That speaks volumes about how docile our society has become — and especially how effeminate men have become as most have no backbone.

          • I have interactions with professional students. Asked them what they thought about BLM and recent going ons. They keep their mouths shut. Must say i tread gingerly as well.

          • Fear is our friend. The cognitive-dissonance I witness among the White Woke Wannabes is getting harder for them.

          • It is so refreshing to see when real or suspected uber-LIberals decide enough is enough and bring out the firearms 🙂
            Witness the (St. Louis) McCloskey’s defending their castle against the white milennial protesters (I hope their charges are dropped), and more recently, the Black woman Seattle mayor who was similarly targeted by (I assume) similar protesters, because she wasn’t “woke” enough. In the Seattle case, White rich (and I assume liberal) neighbors still took it upon themselves to block entry to their communty and were visibly armed.

          • I hope their charges are dropped

            Do you suspect that if the charges are dropped, these people will just straight away return to leftism?

            When I saw an image of these folks, my first thought was that when the machine came to eat them, they’d be asking ‘Why? We did everything right! We’re not racists!’… In much the same way that many gulag guests couldn’t believe Old Joe made such a mistake.

          • What makes you think the McCloskeys are uber-liberals? Perhaps they are, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate it.

          • True. But I’d expect race traitors to kiss BLM ass rather than threaten to fill it full of lead.

          • It would be awesome to furnish the rioters maps to these plush neighborhoods with certain high profile residences notated. It may have been done, now that I think of it.

          • That sounds like fun…I wonder if their fear level will increase or decrease after the election.

            Either way, enjoy it and drink it in.

          • Seeing that GoodWhites enable most of the ‘get YT’ and white guilt attitudes and that they also currently abound in corporations as well as government, it may be reasonable to assume that when they are driven out, they no longer have any clout in the system – and this system will not listen to them.

            At this point, they’ll be either demoralized or they’ll double down in a desperate effort to get back into Diversity’s good books. Either way, they may be a spent force. At this point, perhaps lines will be as follows:

            1. Traditional communities policing themselves.
            2. Disaffected and redundant GoodWhites – the large percentage of whites.
            3. Some highly diverse and incompetent government, still looked upon as legitimate by Third Worlders and other new arrivals.

            The constant barrage of anti-white sentiment is massive, but it is also – to weaker more pliable minds – immensely demoralizing when one sees it from ones own people. I do feel that once such people are removed – although immense damage has been done – the anti-white animus will die down as ethnics battle for scraps.

          • Personal violence is wonderfully, terrifyingly and horribly clarifying. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Lucky Our People, on average, are good at it.

          • Absolutely. The issue is that even if a GoodWhite takes a real beating, they will stand around asking questions ‘Why did this happen?’, ‘How could this happen to me?’. Even if they come to their senses and see what is happening around them, they’ll still be one step away from seeing the necessity of violence… It’ll always be someone else’s job.

          • Sheep need a shepherd – and sheepdogs, and wolves. We have the sheep and wolves. We are working on sheepdogs; no earthly shepherd in sight.

          • Never underestimate the capability of cog-dissed whites to up the cog-dis to eleven, even as reality stares them in the face.

        • He doesnt have to leave his sofa. Just a drive thru social media of his own millenial relatives will likely make your point.

    • There’s plenty of opportunity for “unity” – based on a desire to hunt down and eliminate us.

      True. But, I feel that one thing a close inspection of politics in western countries can yield is the sheer amount of infighting. Is it reasonable to imagine that once whites have been pushed out of large corporations and government (in background as well as visible roles) that the lust for YT will continue? I am not convinced, and believe that infighting among ethnic groups will eventually take center stage – at least here in the UK.

      The amount of animosity incomers from the ‘holes’ of the world have for other arrivals is staggering. How about Greek and Turkish animosity? Not to mention Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi grievances carried over from the mother country. Then you’ve got the religions to contend with, I just don’t see this mix functioning well as a government; at least not in the sense that it will be able to attack traditional white settlements. Of course, that depends on whether whites do form and protect these communities.

      • I tend to doubt that. In both the United Kingdom and the United States, White Europeans are by far the most accomplished demographic and always will be; the entire history of these nations was based on those groups. So, no matter how small the White share of the population gets, there will still be plenty of points of resentment the elite can use to kick up anti-white hate among the imbecile POC prole class. In South Africa, Whites are a small minority but are relentlessly discriminated against and harassed with the help of social-climbing White females in the government and private sector. Even as Whites have fled that country en masse, plenty remain to torment the rest. I think based on this precedent that it’s extremely unlikely Whites will simply wake up and fight.

        The number of Whites posters here imagine have been red pilled is probably small in reality. In November, Trump won’t get more than 61% of the White vote and he’ll lose the election due to demographics; nearly every White liberal in Washington and Oregon States will be re-elected regardless of whatever has happened there. Blacks act exactly the same way, returning corrupt politicians like Ray Nagin and Marrion Barry to office no matter what they do.

        Conservatives and liberals are different psychologically, and that has a genetic basis. A significant portion of Whites, maybe 30% are essentially immune to the red pill. Their psychology is self-advancement through undermining rival groups (fellow Whites). That’s different from the conservative mindset that promotes group unity in order to advance self-interest; conservatives are amenable to building communities whereas leftists merely adopt convenient positions out of self-interest. That mindset is deeply ingrained and cannot be altered short of North Korean-style brainwashing from birth. In a very real sense, leftists are like parasites or viruses.

        • I take your point about South Africa, it is a very disconcerting situation. Additionally you point out that government harassment is help along by these white females. Quite a large swathe of the white race is it’s own worst enemy.

          Removing these whites from office may ease the harassment, in my view. I am not too familiar with South African politics, I suspect ethnic infighting would be a tribal affair, but in the UK, we have large bodies of people from a whole host of different backgrounds looking for their slice of the pie and here I think is the difference; the sheer diversity and antagonisms between groups is staggering.

          One point I will concede to you is that any white community will most probably be productive, and therefore seen as a target for extortion (heavy taxation). This is why the will to actually fight, not just by spreading the word, but with your fists if it comes down to it is so important. Whites have to form some sort of community, a place that they would die to defend, because there is nowhere else like it. You’re lucky enough to be born with such an instinct, but it is rare – it is even harder to cultivate.

          I know the last paragraph of mine may sound daft, but it really is the only way in the face of a grave threat. Recognize your situation, and change your mindset, at some point, violence is probably going to come for you – accept this, find allies, network, build.

          Apologies for the ramble, your point about the number of red-pilled whites I believe to be true. But, imagine what a community of only a couple of thousand could achieve. We know most whites are lost, a frequent theme on this blog is mention of most white’s capacity to double down on the leftism even in the face of obvious danger, but they were not our people, and they never will be – as you say, it’s genetic.

    • That’s despite it being completely rebuilt twice!
      Haiti was another example of one group of whites using the vibrant hordes against another group of whites where in the end, all whites lose. If there were any (((whites))) in Haiti, they were every bit as genocided as the rest.

      • You should check out British Empire History, they’ve used muslims against eastern europeans all the time.
        I’ve always found it funny how Brexit was about getting rid of poles(better looking than most brits) and other eastern europeans, but keeping in the vibrancy that rapes their daughters.

        • Personally, I find the vitriol and racism white Brits direct toward Poles and other Slavs rather disgusting.

          • The “Hitler did nothing wrong” crowd conveniently overlooks his wars against Slavic peoples

          • Icebreaker shows Operation Barbarossa had nothing to do with Hitler wanting to depopulate Russia, jews played mind games you. It’s the jews who starved ukrainians & currently wish to replace white population, opening the doors to all sorts of enemies of white race.

          • What about Lebensraum in the east? Haven’t read Mein Kampf so I’m relying on secondary sources.

          • I tried to plow through Mein Kampf. Not an easy read. I do recall that at his rallies, admission was one mark and no Jews allowed 😀

          • Hmm, depends on the type of nationalist you are. I don’t mind germans settling in my country, or any other white. If you’re the type who cares not to mix your bloodline with other ethnic whites then yeah, germans were on the wrong. I am of the opinion a child of scandinavians who moved to Italy will behave similarly to italians because their cultures & sensitivities are very similar. I don’t care either way.
            The problem with nazis is that historians push to the front the most extremist of their kind(Hitler was not one of them) wishing to make them look like lunatics. Hitler married a jew, he obviously cared not for pure germanic blood.
            I am not claiming nazi ideology was amazing cause it wasn’t, I am claiming they would have removed satanic jewish influence from Europe, their little aryan obesessions were nice and all, I don’t take them seriously, Germany had slavic allies in the war.

          • Hitler clearly had territorial ambitions on historic Slavic and otherwise non-German land. He clearly believed in “right of conquest” for all that his supposedly-world-spanning ambitions were Brit/American intelligence fictions (the Brits famously admitted to manufacturing the “Nazi Future Western Hemisphere Map” FDR used as a prop).

            He was a Nordic supremacist who saw Anglos as brother-Nords but Slavs as inferior but for the Rus-descent elite in the Kiev-Novgorad-Minsk-St. Pete-Moscow set, who were initially Nordic and repeatedly re-married into German bloodlines. Many were more German than Slavic.
            Bear in mind this is pretty much how Germans and Scandis in general saw things back then, as well as a lot of Anglos.

            Had Hitler won, you would have seen Germany take a large chunk of Poland and Ukraine, particularly the black-earth breadbaskets and Finlandize the surrounding territories (France, adjacent E. Europe) under allied hard-White regimes.

            Which would have suited a lot of Europeans in general just fine and arguably turned out a lot better for them today than Soviet-US bipolar dominance and the current Clown World shitshow.

          • Hitler liberated Orthodox Christians who were being slaughtered by the Bolsheviks. Further, many Orthodox priests volunteered for covert missions along the side of Germans who air-dropped them deep into Communist-occupied territory so that they could move discretely and sabotage targets of interest that were under control by the Soviets. There are many of stories about how Russian Orthodox Christians welcomed the SS who they saw as liberators.

          • Yes and no. I like Poles, and yes, a lot of them tend to be extremely good looking. But the Brits – like the French and the Germans – deserve to have their own country. While Whites are similar, they aren’t fungible. Rather than blaming White Brits, blame their handlers who forbade any criticism of the subcons and Caribbean blacks.

  36. No good will come from this, if the elections happen.

    TINVOWOOT, you’re on your own, I hope you have your own tribe IRL.

        • You have both changed my mind 180°.

          I shall vote harder this time.

          My only question is should I vote for the empty vessel with the agenda to actively destroy me and my way of life, or the “known quantity” that passively does the same, but with “dogwhistles” that make me feel good?

          • I ask, honestly, if there is enough real-world difference between these figureheads to make a discernable impact on the positive quality of life?

            Besides the rates of black unemployment (.gov jobs) and corporate taxes?

            Serious question.

          • I’ve come to the conclusion that while Trump is fairly useless, he doesn’t actually hate us. The democrats do. And the Republican establishment does also, and actively aids the worst parts of our society. So I’ll vote for Trump, though it doesn’t matter that much where I am, and will oppose any establishment Republican. And don’t bother with arguments about how we have to have the senate to nominate S.C. justices. That’s old and tired.

          • MN Steel said: “I ask, honestly, if there is enough real-world difference between these figureheads to make a discernable impact on the positive quality of life?”

            “When the fall is all that’s left, it matters a great deal.”
            -Prince Richard
            From: The lion in winter.
            Stick your thumb in their commie eye, one more time.

  37. And don’t forget the mental health angle. Many of these young women out on the streets screaming every day are surely suffering from some type of insanity or other, whether temporary or not. How they react to another Trump victory will be one of the great theatrical productions of the century. Bring your popcorn on November 3rd.

    • It has been eye-opening for Whites who have no interaction with them to see how psychologically damaged these female Millennials are.

    • I once had the unfortunate experience of dating one of these types of women. She was medically diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Hypersexual Disorder, and Anti-Social Personality Disorder (Sociopathic). She was extremely bright, cunning, and had an extensive history of destroying her adversaries’ lives — whether former romantic partners and/or friends. She nearly destroyed my life, but we were equally matched and I put up one hell of a fight to out her and win. Nonetheless, it was a nightmare and still haunts me years later.

        • Yes, it was equivalent to what many might fantasize but never experience. A never-ending, lustful adventure.

          • Amwolf said: “A never-ending, lustful adventure.”

            That’s a lovely image. A night of passion in a psycho ward. Any port in a storm, right?

  38. Good post. My only addition is that sometimes forest fires are caused by firefighters who seek to be heroes by then “finding” and leading the effort to extinguish the fire. We may be seeing that mentality at play–only the election of Joe Biden can put an end to this chaos.

    • I read somebody the other day that talked about it this being similar to Emile Durkheim’s egotistical suicide writ large. This Revenge suicide still means you’re dead but the person you’re mad at it’s going to be really really upset when you are

    • There are cases where during fire season, unemployed white trash will deliberately start forest fires and then get hired on by the government to fight them 🙁

      • I’ve heard this as well, but never could figure such out. The fire fighters we have here come from professional teams that work and train together and are sent as needed all around the country. It’s a job and these guys are together during the season, training and doing whatever, until sent on a fire suppression mission. Never seen a case where a bunch of lay abouts are grabbed off the street to aid in such effort, albeit in all these matters, civilians often volunteer wrt supporting the fire fighters’ efforts in back of the line.

        • If it matters, from my memory, in VA and WV in the late 70s/early 80s. They don’t get forest fires on par with the West, but they happen. Never lived on the tinder, er, West coast, but from news accounts, it’s almost not an exaggeration to say, flick a cigarette butt out the window and a whole State is afire 🙁

          • Interesting. Having lived in both Appalachia and the tinder-box known as the Mountain West, I’ve always wondered whether there were ever any significant fires in the Appalachian region. It’s something that I never bothered to research. Nonetheless, it always seemed unlikely to me because of how much water is found throughout the region in addition to the lush vegetation.

      • I’m so glad the rating system is working again! Nothing like posting a hard truth and getting a negative vote for it. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. 🙂

    • While not set in the wilderness but rather in an urban environment, wasn’t that the premises of the movie “Backdraft”?

    • It does seem that this may be what they’re doing. Basically, hold the country hostage until we knuckle under and elect Zombie Joe. The people most angry about the rioting and shutdowns though were already the least inclined to vote for him and now have rage driving them to Trump as well.

  39. See there you Zman naysayers, the man is not a total blackpiller.
    Trump can win, should win, probably will, but then there is our old friend Chaos. Honestly though, the younger me would never ever believe the insanity that is happening constantly now. Can the center hold?

      • Right. The center is civnattery and Reaganism and muh constitution and all the other warm security blankets that provide refuge from the cold reality of a crumbling America.

    • The center, when you get down to it, was the white supermajority America used to have, which may or may not still exist in the electorate.

      • There are still 190 million Whites in America, not even a majority, but still the strongest political force in terms of ability, money and arms.

        Our principal disadvantage is that 1) we’re scattered and 2) we’re politically-divided.

        Whether you want to play straight-up electoral politics or go with a 5th Political Theory physical and cultural rebuilding project, or something in between, the first thing you have to do is bring capable, compatible and motivated Whites together in meatspace proximity.

        • That would be New Hampshire, as well as other places in the Northwest, Appalachia, Texas, the Heartland, and the South. Choose. Then move.

          • Texas is no longer an option unless you’re speaking of the northern portion (from Denton northward). All of the major cities in Texas albeit Waco have fallen to either Marxists and/or Mestizos. Northestern Texas is great in addition to the Big Bend region.

        • Problem is long term. “Demography is destiny.” Greg Johnson’s fantasies notwithstanding, we are not going to motivate non-whites or even recent immigrants to repatriate. Nor are we going to increase our birthrates. The USA being a democracy, that means that (depending upon election or court), that changes will be forced upon the minority the moment the majority hits 50.01% or 66% (for super majorities). Most of us believe in the idea of white moral and intellectual superiority, as do I, and the preponderance of evidence seems to support this 😀 No matter, once the dumber portion of the electorate reaches a majority, the country’s slow slide into the abyss accelerates. This is already obvious in majority non-White areas, almost always Democrat strongholds. My parents, half a century ago, said “everything happens first in New York (City) or California.” This rule of thumb still seems valid to me, and does not bode well for White’s (indeed, for anyone’s) future 🙁

          • Speak for yourself on birthrates.

            The USA is already a democracy that’s losing control of its interior, periphery and even parts of its core.

            It’s going to be a question of “Brown has voted – now let them effectuate it.” Votes and power are two different things.

            As things fall apart and there are fewer scraps to fight over, the immigration magnet gets weaker. Greg for all my issues with him is not wrong on “the slow cleanse” concept – we just differ in tactics and timing.

          • “Speak for myself?” Unless I’m horribly mistaken, the West has been below replacement rate for decades. I will grant you that, to paraphrase somebody my estimates of future birhth rates are errorneous, just as are everyone’s estimates of future birth rates.

          • Ben,
            Once they begin to understand the extent of their lost how many legacy Americans are going to come to see the democracy they were spoonfed was a confidence game stacked against them. Even when they voted for or demanded an end to non white immigration their votes were cancelled by courts and their demands were met with silence by the politicians they elected.

            At some point nature responds. When ‘by other mean’ gives you nothing and actively works to destroy you…’means’ is embraced and put to use. Even if we end up at around 30%, if unified we will be more than they can handle.
            I’ve always taken GJ’s take as an initial offer that will quickly implode.
            Like Zman’s reparations offer, it’s designed to make, from the pt-of-view of whites, a reasonable offer. They may take a bite but for how long? They will resort to violence. When they do the ‘slow cleanse’ become the not so slow cleanse. The more they fight the shorter and shorter the cleansing period becomes.
            My guess is this is how things will end up working out after an initial chaotic upheaval.

          • Even if we end up at around 30%, if unified we will be more than they can handle.” This. You expressed the same point I make over and over much more succinctly.
            The only people stopping us from turning this around right now, today, are other whites. If a day ever comes when a clear majority of whites feel the way we feel, it won’t matter how badly outnumbered we are.

        • Those places still exist, just not in the cities. I can be at the Chesapeake in 30 minutes, and the county where I live is still at least 80% white, in spite of our anchor ‘city’. Like you say, what keeps us divided is political ideology, and what will unite us is the growing threat to whites.

          The conditions are already there, and things are in motion. It’s happening on a generational scale, so it can seem hopelessly glacial to us individuals, but the juggernaut is stirring.

          Btw even the Amish up my way are now preaching getting involved in politics. They feel extremely threatened by the left.

          • Interesting. Next time I run into some Amish, I’m going to try and pick their brain about how they view the current climate. I might have a crew doing some work on my garage soon..

          • I can see this becoming an issue for the Amish. There already have been recent cases of action taken against them for housing violations in Michigan.

          • Prez Killwhitey Harris will doubtless drop a refreshing dollop of Somalis in the Amish coffee. That’ll wake ’em up if they’re not already awake, as opposed to woke.

          • Unfortunately just as they’ve done in Maine, Montana, North Dakota and other White strongholds. Nothing like “refugee resettlement”.

    • If Trump wins it will be a miracle. What incentive does anyone have to go out and vote for Trump? It’s not like he is going to stop any of this crap. Trump should be showing strength right now and he’s not. Whether it is Trump himself, the people he himself installed or the rest of the GOP working against him, he is one guy and is not that capable as a government leader.

      • Trump is playing it very well Tars. He makes threats and speaks out against the rioting while allowing it to continue, thereby generating a groundswell of support for him along with disgust and hostility toward the Democrats who support and empower the chaos.

        • The theory is that Pres. Trump is following the example of Charles De Gaulle who did not call out the French army to quell riots in 1968 and was re-elected later that year.

          • Comparisons with DeGaulle are giving Trump a few more dimensions of depth than he’s displayed for four years. He’s shooting from the hip and making gut-level decisions and he’s certainly not relying on any historical compass or guide. Maybe some wonks around him think like this, but which one is he listening to today?

            You can make a credible argument that Reagan’s amiable airhead routine was cagey fakery. Trump’s persona is more WYSIWIG.

          • “You can make a credible argument that Reagan’s amiable airhead routine was cagey fakery.”

            Yup, and in support thereof, one can cite Nancy Davis’ frequent whispering in Ronnie’s ears.

          • I find that position morally offensive. It is Trumps duty to quell insurrection .

            So he gets reelected, then what? Allow the riots to go on another 4 years so Pence can get elected?

            People are having their lives destroyed so the party that never accomplishes anything can ecke out another win.

        • If this were true, we would have seen it in that Washington State Gubernatorial Primary on Tuesday.

          Instead, Governor CHAZ will ride to an even bigger margin than he did in 12 or 16.

      • It isn’t what Trump does if he wins again, its what the hard left does in response. If CA, Oregon, and Washington start actual rebellions and try to seceed, or just the urban chaos continues while TPTB increase their “offensive offense” (trannies for kids, sportsball cucking, wear-the-mask mandates, etc) hundeds of thousands will be pushed out of the comfortable SOMA middle towards our side of the river.

        If you want leftie to evict whites from their team, a Trump victory is a big step forward.

        • That’s where I am. An even more unhinged Left would accelerate movement toward us immediately.

          Expect nothing from Trump is he wins.

          Expect many unintentional gifts from the Left if Trump wins.

          • It won’t go yet but I’m hearing some of these sorts of rumbling bubbling to the surface in of all places Marin County. When fractures begin to come to the surface in places like that it will be telling about how things may work out.

          • Interesting. The other sides of the bridges probably have focused their minds. I started to live and work there many years ago and decided it wasn’t worth it. Maybe that was wrong.

          • This is what I’m on the Trumpenwagen for

            1. Four more years to prepare, learn new skills, and meet others like me without having to content with fresh initiatives from at least 1 branch of government and the knowledge that Trump’s Supreme Court will be at least somewhat sensible.
            2. Trump’s re-election will make the Left go off just like that thing in Beirut a few days ago. 2016 was the first small blast, 2020 will be the main detonation complete with mile high mushroom cloud. I can’t wait.

            I really don’t get what point people here are making when they ask what Trump has done for us. It’s what he hasn’t done that’s important. Trump might be a zero but Biden is more like -57.

        • Nothing would please me more than successful AWR secession. The precedent would be set for the ethnostate.

        • I want Trump to win, but I do not see the excitement that was around in 2016. I know I’m not excited. I’ll vote for him, but Trump has been a major disappointment to me.
          I did not vote for him so he could brag about record black unemployment and desire for more “legal” immigration.
          Sometimes I think I dreamed it and actually voted for Jeb Bush.

      • Ill vote Trump. Im in one of the craziest colleges in cali. Ill probably get fired soon for not introducing myself with my pronouns. They are so nuts that Ca might secede if Trump gets re elected. Thats great for us. CA is so nuts even some illegals are going home. Trump re elected would drive them over the cliff.

    • Can the center hold? Here’s one mans (Yeats) opinion:
      Turning and turning in the widening gyre   
      The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
      Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
      The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   
      The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
      The best lack all conviction, while the worst   
      Are full of passionate intensity.

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