Happy Happy Fun Time

As the title suggests, this week’s show is about the good news that is out there if you care to look for it. This side of the great divide tends to focus on the negative stuff, often to the exclusion of the positive. That often leads people into despair, which is never a good thing. Despair is a sin for a reason. The antidote to despair is not unwarranted optimism, but reasonableness. The world may be going to Hell in a hand basket, but there are still good things happening out there.

The worst part of despair is those who fall into it almost always try to pull the rest of us into their pit of misery. They cook up elaborate conspiracy theories about how great forces are working to turn the lights off on civilization. They become entities who live to suck the joy out of life for those around them. Just as living well is the best revenge, enjoying life is the best counter to despair. Life is short and even in these dark times there is plenty that can make you laugh.

That’s always a good tell. Whenever the Left is in high spirits, you know they have a firm grip on things and are feeling confident. When they are sour faced and miserable, you know they are gripped by fear. Look around and you can’t find a single lefty that is not filled with anger, angst and dread. That alone should be a morale boost. Sure, they darken every corner with their ugliness, but their misery should give us hope, because it means they fear it is all slipping away from them.

It is also good to keep in mind that our enemies rely on fear, uncertainty a despair to keep us disorganized and inactive. Much of what we are seeing in the news these days is about spreading the FUD. These people have turned their hatred of Trump into a weird religious experience. Like people waiting for space aliens to arrive, they are sure the end point of their obsession is the end of the orange man in November. That can only happen if they convince us the end is certain.

On a personal note, this is also the time of year when I tend to cheer up, as the summer is nearing an end and autumn is not far off. Summer is my least favorite season, while autumn is my favorite time of year. Winter is my second favorite season, so around now, like the world anticipating the return of Persephone in spring, I’m looking forward to her going back to the underworld. That, of course, tends to put me in good spirits, so a show about the positive things seemed like a good idea.

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148 thoughts on “Happy Happy Fun Time

  1. “…My parents generation trusted the news…”
    I’m ten years older than you and my parents were probably 20 years older than yours. They were mostly apolitical, but regular Republicans. And I would say that your comments about your parents applied mostly to mine, right up until Three Mile Island hysteria in 1979.
    My Dad worked for GE in their Atomic Power Energy Division and was intimately knowledgeable about nuclear technology, even though TMI was a Westinghouse design. He watched one of the network newsclowns (maybe Harry Reasoner) talk complete nonsense to try to aggravate the hysteria. That’s when he turned against network news.
    Whenever you hear the newsclowns talk about a topic about which you are expert, you can see the ignorance, bias and fraud. Michael Crichton described this in his Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect.

  2. Re: Forbes article. The only category of immigration that’s declined since Trump took office has been refugee resettlement. Why compare FY16 to a projected FY21 when official gov’t data (the Immigration Yearbook) shows increased levels of legal immigration (in FY17, FY18)? The Covid-19 “hold” has as many exceptions and loopholes as did the Travel Ban, which culminated in a whopping 5% decrease in travel from “terror sponsoring” countries. https://bit.ly/3a8BAhn. And if anyone has an example of “Public Charge” laws being enforced, post the links.

  3. What? Good news podcast without discussing the Nick Sandmann settlement? That really boosted my spirits

  4. A little OT, but I thought I’d share an interesting quote:
    “…China’s ascent to AI supremacy is such a menacing prospect: The country’s political structure encourages, rather than restrains, this technology’s worst uses. Even in the U.S., a democracy with constitutionally enshrined human rights, Americans are struggling mightily to prevent the emergence of a public-private surveillance state. But at least America has political structures that stand some chance of resistance. In China, AI will be restrained only according to the party’s needs.”
    Overall, a fairly balanced article, especially considering the source. This of course is a theme Z covers often. I submit the bolded statement, though, as dark humor. We’re already there.

    • “China’s ascent to AI supremacy is such a menacing prospect”

      It’s less of a threat to me than America’s ascent was.

  5. I’ve found Nietzsche’s “pessimism of strength” a help in fighting despair.

    “In contrast to a pessimism of weakness, Nietzsche adhered to a pessimism of strength. A pessimism of strength, like a pessimism of weakness, acknowledges that life is burdensome, tragic, and realizes that struggle and suffering are intrinsic to the human condition and thus cannot be eradicated. However, instead of using this worldview to justify inaction, impotence, and resignation, one who adheres to a pessimism of strength tries to take joy in the tragedy that is human life.

    “One who adheres to a pessimism of strength values development and growth above comfort and satisfaction, and thus views suffering not as a curse, but as valuable material to be used in the transfiguration of one’s self into something continually wiser and stronger.”


    “To those human beings who are of any concern to me, I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities – I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self contempt, the torture of self mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished: I have no pity for them, because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not – that one endures.”
    (The Will to Power, Friedrich Nietzsche)


  6. The thing about summer, though, is it goes on much longer than your brain wants to think it does. My brain wants to think Labor Day is when summer is over, but it isn’t over for several weeks yet. All September is a big tease, pretending to be autumn, but delivering only more summer.

    • I guess that all depends on where you reside…Sept Oct are our autumn months with maybe Nov thrown in depending on the year…

    • Yes – by September I’m more than ready for the 90+ degree days and nonstop sunshine to take a break, but they drag on . . . and on. . often until the end of October. I can remember only a handful of Halloweens where my kids had to wear a jacket. It’s not until November here that it’s cool enough in the mornings to discourage the subcons, making the bike path usable for walking/jogging in peace. I’ll take winter over summer anytime, but autumn is also my favorite season.

  7. I’m not black pilled. I just know when grim death takes over a society. As a matter of fact I’m white pilled because I know this too shall pass and whatever emerges from our current situation 1) will at least be culturally alive, unlike today and 2) will not involve massive amounts of parasites sucking off white people, as this is an unsustainable situation.

  8. Cogent to one of today’s points I have noticed the comments on sites like Breitbart have gotten much…spicier lately.

    Go check out the comments on Illhan Omar’s primary opponent getting endorsed by the largest newspaper in MN.

    There are normie cons actually posting about and discussing the great replacement near the top of the thread when one sorts by up votes.

    That wasn’t the case even six months ago.

  9. I never knew Trump reduced immigration this much, while some say Biden & Trump are interchangeable. Vote Trump, stop bullshitting around!

  10. Laurence Krauss, atheist and physicist loves to run around in a “2 + 2 = 5 Ask me how” T-shirt.
    He says that very large numbers of two, when you add them together can equal five.This is the classic example of changing the meanings of commonly understood words. The T-shirt has all integers! Two plus two really does equal four. This is just another mind-fuck they pull on you.
    Atheism is cancer. (((Kraus))) is cancer. Clownworld is what you get when atheists are in charge.

  11. The thing with trannies is they don’t want to be the opposite sex, they want to be trans-people. They don’t want to be a woman, they want to be known as a man who thinks he’s a woman They use this as a weapon. That is why the pronoun thing is so important to them. They know when you look at a person who looks like man, you will slip and call them a he. It will come out of your mouth out of pure habit. .These transwomen look like men deliberately and they know many, many people, even those who want to play along will mistakenly call them he.

    They, like virtually all progressives are screwed up inside and they hate everyone in society and they hate themselves. They are stuck in HS and spend their lives trying to get back at the normal people who called them freaks and weirdos and gave them wedgies.

    They want to force us to call a man in a dress who obviously looks very much like man a woman. They want you to mouth obvious lies.

    • It boils down to a power game where the “victim” forces you to engage with their particular fictional version of reality. By interacting with them (at all really, including ignoring them) they force you to lend varying degrees of credence to their gaslighting of you. Joe Biden’s candidacy is itself a gaslighting operation.

    • I never looked into it, but I’ve heard rumors that Mike Nelson leans to the right. The original show never pulled many punches when it came to attacking the left and even when Joel was the host, Mike was the head writer.

      That run took place almost entirely within the Clinton years and they took repeated shots at Bill. The other DR quip that always stuck with me was during the short “Progress Island, USA”, which was a 1970s era Chamber of Commerce-type promotional film for Puerto Rico. As they talk about how wonderful the island is, the narrator says something like, “Puerto Ricans enjoy a standard of living similar to that of the United States,” to which Crow replies, “So you might as well just stay where you are.”

  12. I’ve noticed that you always shit on the “alt-right” and distance yourself. I don’t see the point of it. It won’t make the jews love you. Taylor cucks and it doesn’t help him.
    If you are not rabidly anti-white then you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    You might as well accept it because that’s the way it is.

    • Your noticing contrivance is malfunctioning. You should have it looked at by a certified professional. I do not “shit on the alt-right” at all. I rarely mention them.

      You see, your problem is you are suffering from hive mindedness. Anyone who does not fully agree with all the things circulating in your hive at the moment is assumed to be outside and therefore an enemy. Normal people can disagree with one another without seeing each other as mortal enemies. The hive minded cannot.

      • What is the whitepill against the idea of massive Dem fraud by mail vote in november.

        I agree with all the goods trends in favor of Trump, but I can’t see what can be made against massive Dem mail vote fraud.
        (‘hope you have a good whitepill for this argue🙂🙏)

        • In that case, Mr and Mrs Normie might cotton on to the reality that electoral politics is an empty farce to be disengaged from, put on solely to divide citizens into mindless cheering sections from which to spectate a rigged game. Additionally, it might make them realize that rules mean diddly if the players care nothing about them.
          I know it’s a fine line between cope and white pill but there you go.

      • I’ve noticed quite the opposite. Your critiques of certain alt-right folk seem usually at one time or another to grant them their “due” to the cause. Most unforgiving to the “grifters” (Shapiro), but less so in the aggregate to others (Spenser).

    • “I’ve noticed that you always shit on the “alt-right”. Would Bing Crosby talk like that? I think he’d have said, “You denigrate the alt-right”. Or, belittle, denounce, blacken, condemn, the alt-right.

  13. Getting people to truly understand how bad the media is and to get them to act as if the media is that bad has been a huge hurdle for us. Even dissidents will link to the mainstream press without it being sarcasm or derision. The media successfully knocked pudiepie, a guy who had over 50,000,000 youtube subscribers.
    Even people who know an issue well enough to see all of the bias and incompetence in their little niche drop all of that skepticism when it comes to issues they don’t know that well.
    It’s also an entire system. For example they have Wikipedia and Snopes. You get the lies in the media and when you question the lies, you get lots of smaller tier media outlets or other institutions that back the lies and propaganda in smaller ways.
    The systematizing of their disinformation is their greatest strength. Take the “civil rights movement” The narrative is backed in many different ways. You have the old photographs and news stories, you have both old and modern books, you have made for TV movies, Wikipedia and other information sources that are all in agreement about the “civil rights movement” The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. A modern book will reference all of these older books and articles and news reports from the era. The film media will portray it in narrative form in movies and TV shows. It pervades the culture at large. Now you know why every slave movie/show and every civil rights movie/show has at least one psycho white person who will go nuclear on a sympathetic black on the slightest pretense or none at all. He whips or beats the black solely for his emotional satisfaction driven by his irrational hate of all black people This is how they get into the brains of our children and emotionally prime them to react violently to anyone uttering unapproved thoughts.
    Try telling some of your friends/family that 1/3 of lynching “victims” were white. Try telling them that many, if not most black lynching “victims” were charged with horrible crimes against black people and black children. They will be so shocked and in disbelief that they will dismiss it. They are the same people who think Saint Floyd of Minneapolis was murdered for the fun of it. They are so emotionally primed to react a certain way that they don’t even know why they are reacting, they just are.

  14. Loved this episode of the podcast. People on our side complain too much. The Left is not 1000 feet tall, and it’s good to be reminded of that. Thanks Z man

    • No, not 1000 feet tall, but numerous and pervasive throughout all higher levels of society.

  15. Zman at 5:20 “First of all, black people don’t go camping.” About 10 years ago on another forum I posted the question, “What can we as a society do to get black people interested in the great outdoors?” One response was, “fried chicken trees”.
    About a year ago I went back there for a few weeks. And what used to be a kind of frat-boy forum, had become censorious. There are waring divisions now among the bros. The Enlightened frat boys vs. the Stay Chill frat boys. If you said something merely un-PC about race, there was a large contingent that would make a big deal about it.
    And when you’d post again a few days later, there’d be some guy commenting afterward saying, “By the way, Frip is a racist.” It’s like you’d been assigned a communist minder to follow you around the forum to remind people that you carried the sign of the beast. It’s sad because that place used to be party city. Now much of it is in-fighting. Sad. Whatever you enjoy, the prog WILL infiltrate and ruin. It doesn’t even have to be a blunt Prog invasion. It’s like second-hand smoke. All it takes is for Prog fumes to seep through the cracks and certain people start getting high on it.

    • The same thing happened with the Pacific Crest Trail page on facebook. It had always been filled with questions and conversations about the trail, equipment, advice etc. Within the last few months posts began appearing that were concerned with the lack of diversity among hikers. Of course it was the white hikers’ fault for not being welcoming enough and what were we going to do to solve the problem of hikers being overwhelmingly white? Many objected to the woke change of the forum and demanded to keep politics out of it. Eventually somebody started a new group called PCT (no politics).

      • Go look at the webpages for the major outdoor clothing makers and sellers.

        Within the last year almost every model has changed to the sort of African gangbanger or Heinz 57 mystery meat you’d never see camping in a million years.

        • My younger son worked at Cabela’s right after it was bought by Bass Pro Shops. They brought in the first black employees, and now perhaps 25% of the customers are non-White, compared to perhaps 5% when they first opened. Last year’s holiday catalog had at least 50% non-White models. Just got one in the mail from Scheels – every single photo is a White male.

        • I expect because the ad dept is now “woke” and the purpose of ad’s are now to virtue signal, rather than sell product to consumers that would buy said product. In short, all representation must now be quota bound—regardless of the actual occurrence among the populous.

          Quota bound also has been redefined to basically exclude/diminish representation among 1) Whites in general 2) Whites in same race families 3) Whites in position of authority.

    • One response was, “fried chicken trees”.

      If I had been having my morning coffee while reading this you’d owe me a new keyboard right now.

  16. The Vox Day/Owen Benjamin lawsuit against Paypal is also a whitepill. Even if you think the people and lawsuit are ridiculous, a win is a win.

    • I remain quite skeptical of that one, for the reasons I mentioned in the Sargon segment. Wasting the court’s time with frivolous lawsuits is a dumb idea. Wasting an arbitrator’s time is a really bad idea.

  17. Z, you said that the Trump presidency, while a big disappointment, has actually done some good. Do you support Trump now? (By support, I mean would you vote for him or at least prefer that he be re-elected?)

    • Some time ago I put it this way. If I’m the deciding vote, I want to sleep on it, but I’m probably voting Orange. To be fair to the vinegar pills types, there are some good things that would come from a Biden win. I think in the balance, a Trump win is better for our team, but I want to lull it over a bit more.

      • I am kinda having some fun with the election scenarios. I work with two conservative type black guys. They hate Trump but the left is beginning to scare them. They also notice Biden is nutso and Biden choosing a harpy black woman who reminds them of some Ex girlfriend holds little appeal to them.
        I tell them every chance I get that I am not voting in the national election and I am leaving the choice up to them.
        A white guy they don’t like?
        Or a crazy white guy with a loud black woman by his side?
        Of course I live in a red state that probably goes for Trump anyway but I do notice that some of the sane black men are not sold on the left now days.

        • I have wondered what picking a black woman for VP would do to turnout among black men. I would imagine a significant number of them would not see it as a positive thing. One of the results of the deification of single mothers in our society is that black women do not get near the share of the blame they deserve for the state of the black family.

      • I would say if we were ready then a Biden win would be better for us but we have at least 4 years to get our act together if not more so buying more time is what we need to do and vote Trump…If that’s all your doing though then you should of voted for Biden because you are still asleep and need more pain…

  18. Zman “smokes ‘em out of their holes.” Threw that in as a hat tip to Z’s dig at the execrable George W. Bush. Say what you will about Trump — he deserves credit for putting the kibosh on two family crime dynasties, the Bushes and the Clintons.

      • I fully agree re: W, but Trump is most certainly the most ineffective President since the age of Fillmore/Pierce/Buchanan just prior to the War of Northern Aggression

        • A fair assessment of The Donald. My own comment nevertheless stands. The Bushes and Clintons no longer occupy the halls of power, at least not officially. Good riddance.

  19. We must take joy where we can find it. Even heartless conservative that I may be, I’d prefer to not laugh at cases of schadenfreude but often I can’t help myself. Here’s a recent news item:
    Apparently, some areas are declaring racism to be a “public health crisis.” I’d wager all of them so doing are Democrats, but perhaps that’s just my cyncial nature 🙂
    I find mirth in items like this: At least at first glance, isn’t this just another example of the Left inventing new forms of racism, or finding it in unexpected places?
    It’s probably a msitake to analyze such a claim, to hope to find a scrap of truth behind such wild pronouncements. But let’s try!
    No doubt that COVID-19 has affected Blacks (and other minorities) worse than the standard maligned Evil White. The same groups disproportionately have co-morbidities known to put them at higher risk of the virus, just as they face worse outcomes from diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and a host of other diseases. Left unsaid is that these are usually, not always, the result of poor lifestyle choices. Poor diet, drinking excessively, smoking, getting little exercise, abusing illegal drugs, etc. are for the most part voluntary, if stupid, self-inflicted harm.
    “But, inequitable access to health care!” Oh puh-leeze. The poor in this country have access to basic care. I’ve read, or at least assert here, the vast majority of chronic health issues are directly traceable to bad habits. The best medical care in the world might slightly improve your treatments, but it can’t cure the damage wrought by decades of ignorant behavior.
    Where is the “racism” that is causing the public health crisis? Is it “racist” to note that there are disparities in outcome by race in health care, as in many aspects of life?
    The Liberals would have everyone believe that it is evil, white-owned corporations that make the junk food, distill the booze, produce the cigarettes and so on, that are to blame for the health problems of the poor. Any hint of personal agency, of individual responsibility on the part of the oppressed is off-limits for discussion.
    The twisted logic, or even evil genius, of such Liberal arguments is they take a real issue (E.g. there really are unequal outcomes in overall health among races) that are largely explained by genetics, environment and individual choices, and transfer the blame for the plight of the poor victim onto some imagined evil “racist” instead.

  20. Western Civilization is being destroyed before our eyes (as is written about here everyday), yet the author harps about people with ‘elaborate conspiracy theories’.


  21. The future is bright. If Joe Biden wins, we at least will get a year or so of hilarious no-he-didnts and what-the-hells. If Trump wins, we get the weeping and gnashing of teeth. We have basically backed the left into a corner where we win no matter the outcome.

    Similarly, and maybe this is coping, but i am no longer upset that the left is tearing down bits of our civilization. I used to be bothered at the loss of statues and i am in the sense that it signals that we have a target on our back, but no longer because the statues and the public history are lost.

    The foundation of the west going back hundreds of years was rotten to begin with and this is what happens when you build a house on sand. Im not saying im enjoying it being torn down, but theres a sense of detachment because at the end of the day what is being destroyed is what is destroying us. I wouldnt ask for it to be done, but there’s a certain peace in knowing it needed to be done – albeit not so ingloriously or disrespectfully.

    Now i am looking forward to what may bloom in the ashes of the fire, something hopefully greater than what our ancestors gave us. Anything is possible and that is terrifying but also exciting.

    • As long as we don’t face a Stalin and a Holodomor getting to our ultimate destination.

    • The foundation of the west going back hundreds of years was rotten to begin with…

      How so?

      • The modern west, imo, was founded on the destruction of the ecclesial authority first, which ruined whatever legitimacy the monarchy might have had left, and so led to the neutering or destruction of the monarchy. After that we entered the age of ideology, of liberty, equality, and fraternity, during which the founding of America was the culmination. Ideology attempted to fill the vacuum left behind by church and monarchy but only succeeded in destroying and ending millions of lives through endless “revolutions” for lack of a better word.

        The spirit of the west is practically dead, the men metaphorically and more often literally castrated, and we are atomized and left powerless under increasingly foreign rule. And the worst part is we are either incapable of imagining or understanding any better alternatives or we are openly hostile to those alternatives. We dont want to be saved because this low state is all we are capable of living in anymore.

        To the point, I think there is a logical and necessary connection between all of these things. If we want to become a great civilization and people again, we will have to rediscover the spirit we have been systematically destroying over the past centuries. If the left frees us of this anchor to the past, even in a destructive way, it may be for the best. May be.

        Or maybe i still have a lot more to learn than i realize, who knows?

    • Things could get juicy depending on Biden’s VP pick with a Biden win. It wouldn’t be surprising if there’s an internal power struggle in the inner party that invalidates and perhaps destabilizes the whole enterprise. What the left overlooks with California is that their dream there was made possible by the fact that the rest of America took in their refugees; trying the same scheme, as they are, on the whole nation where everyone is trapped by such idiocy…not such a bright move.

      • In normal times, to be the Vice President is not in high demand. People have declined the job offer even. 🙂 Nowhere in world history, so far as I know, is there a posiiton of such little importance*, that can on no notice suddenly rise to the most critical one 😀 Of course with current election, the Dems must know that Biden is unfit. Yes, it’d be fascinating to know of the internal power stuggles in the background.
        *”Oh boy! I can cast a vote to break a tie in the Senate if needed!” 🙂

        • Here’s an interesting opinion on the Democrat’s dissonance this year. I’d add: COVID-19 provides the ideal smokescreen to conceal one’s slide into dotage cancel public appearances and to facilitate electoral fraud advocate widespread mail-in voting. If you may die before November, please switch your affiliation to Democrat. It’ll save the guys in the back room some paperwork 😀

  22. I’ve made that point myself about all the screaming and sobbing coming from the left: it should be music to our ears. I am not disappointed in Trump at all either… the guy is doing an impossible job.
    But as you note, the tone on the left has changed. They are now getting violent, they’re gunning up, and they are telling us they don’t care who they have to kill to get their way. I believe them. These people shred their own families in fealty to wokeness… and I think they are going to crack soon. Possibly as early as the next election.
    Be upbeat and hopeful… but he prepared. At some point we are going to have bloodspills. The real work and tribulations begin once we’ve driven a stake through these guys, and have to rebuild.

    • Tend to agree. Whites as a rule are probably the most tolerant people in history. We are trained to be gracious or to at least forgive many smaller offenses. Trouble is, as you note, our enemies keep pushing. At some point they will go too far and the pendulum should swing back at them. Also the Left is just as prone to fraying from internal dissention, as our side is. Let us hope for, indeed aid and abet, any tendencies of the Woke to self-destruct. What can we do that will help them organize circular firing squads? 😀

  23. Reasons to not despair:

    • Nobody under 65 trusts the media now, and pretty much concedes that people read for confirmation bias rather than “truth”
    • I know some foreigners, and except for the dirt-poor, nobody sees the USA as the shining city on the hill anymore, and nobody likes the bleks.
    • The US will not start a war for a very long time. We can’t win, and the MIC doesn’t have widespread white support like they did in 2001. The best we can do is shenanigans.
    • Gun sales are way, WAY up
    • The three biggest cities of NYC, LA, and Chicago have all lost population. It’s the first time that’s happened in American history. Normal people are going to vote with their feet.
    • Great list. Let me add one other:

      1. No one trusts the FBI and Intelligence Community any longer. This always was a left-wing thing but it has spread throughout the Right and beyond just dissidents now. Cucks like Hannity who helped expose their endemic corruption always qualified with claims these criminals were outliers, yadda, yadda, because they knew the ramifications of their listeners realizing their government spies on and oppresses them. The qualifications no longer work.

      The loss of faith and trust in the FBI and IC is a very good thing for us and will make it much harder for them to crack down without resistance. These Deep State house organs are still dangerous but they have been castrated for the most part.

      • We saw this a little bit in Portland where the rioters seemed befuddled that the people on the right weren’t rushing to defend Federal agents. Even some normies I spoke to recently remarked that the Feds may not be our enemies, but they aren’t our friends.

        • It is a very important development. While likely an unintended consequence, the Trump Administration has caused Normie to distrust and more or less loathe Big Brother.

          I do look for the State to do some sort of False Flag operation in a deeply Red area once it consolidates power and to blame some Muslim or White Nationalist group. It won’t work, and most will know the real terrorists are in D.C. and respond accordingly. There never again will be widespread support for a war, and our peeps will be showing the ferals how to blow up and burn down cities if the State tries to foment war on behalf of our Greatest Ally. The State knows if something happens in a place like Seattle or NYC and they start the “we have to fight them over there” bullshit, people will laugh in their faces. They don’t know, at least yet, they will get that reaction PLUS direct action if they orchestrate an attack on Savannah or Cheyenne.

          Again, this is excellent even if unintended.

        • On a related note, the “thin blue line” types were not as legion as I saw back in 2014. This may be part fear of unwanted attention from Lefty, but I sense that images of cops prostrating themselves redpilled a lot of Fox News uncles.

          • Just so. The kneeling–and kneeling for anti-white terrorists, no less!–fills normal white people with disgust and revulsion.

    • Gun sales are always “way up”. I’ve got more guns than teeth. The ability and will to use them—is that way up? I’m sure my neighbors—if the time ever comes— will be quite happy that I’m the local armorer. Fine, but can they keep my back when the time comes? 10 of those folk are worth 100 of the other.

      • They are way up in the sense that people are buying guns who didn’t before. Joining the Church of the 2A is a pipeline into Our side.

      • Regardless of whether or not they’re willing to pull triggers, I’d prefer we have many triggers to pull.

    • I was going to post a bit on the “frustration” threads above but I think I can tie it in with a bit of your whitepill here though. I have to admit that, as someone living in a highly pozzed neighborhood full of white hipsters and foreigners, it’s very frustrating to think of what I can do in a practical sense. I’ve gotten more involved in gun clubs and shooting but even a lot of strong 2A people are the kind of civnat boomers that everyone here makes fun of. I’d still prefer hanging out with them on the range to the soulless Indian tech workers and white cucks near me.

      The big picture is that the Left’s various missteps during this year have inadvertently set the stage for us to relocate to where we can gather strength. Remote work makes it easier to escape dysfunctional cities and many businesses, when they do reopen, will have relocated to redder and more exurban areas. The Blue states and cities’ deliberate economic suicide during the virus panic is shifting the financial and economic center of the country towards our power centers.

      Directly confronting Leftist mobs in the cities is neither wise nor necessary at this point. Instead of waiting for “things to get back to normal” we need to make use of the chaos to literally change the landscape of the country to favor our side. Before an army can march it needs to muster. We’re still at the mustering stage but people and money are flowing towards us now and away from them.

  24. Another white pill is that being forced to homeschool children shows those parents with a conscience just how bad the curriculum is that’s being taught to their children especially in the social sciences.
    This virus thing can damage the academy driving some of the loon farms out of business.

    • Yep, children being “inflicted” upon their parents seems an unmitigated good—for us. I chose the term above carefully. For uncaring parents, they will rebel against the public school system as having made their lives more difficult. For caring parents, they will see just how bad things are with the public school system and rebel as well. Seems mostly a win/win.

      Here where I live we are seeing the truth revealed before our very eyes in this respect—if you can see the truth, many are clueless. Our private/charter schools for the most part are all opening and holding classes with direct student contact. Our public schools still refuse to have direct contact with students in traditional classrooms.

      However, some public school systems are now wising up somewhat and are planning to allow student “drop off” where a classroom proctor will monitor them for the school day while a remote system will project the teacher into the room for “distance learning”. In short, the public school system is admitting that their main job is that of day care and not education.

      • In L.A the public schools unions are refusing to open unless they get the police defunded among other things.
        When California opens up and we are actually trying to, this will be quashed however. Our governor is rather Liberal but competent and sane and understands you can’t redistribute nothing.
        With high unemployment, I suspect the need for day care will fade,
        Jobs aren’t coming back even when society opens up as there simply isn’t a need for most of what is closed down.
        This is going to have interesting effects on families though the “Make babies for consumerism” crowd is going to be disappointed if they are hoping for a repeat of the 1969 black out babies. Our society has lost hope, become poorer and is a dystopia possibly on the brink of civil war. No one is going to have kids and I expect a long term fertility decline in all groups except for super natal religious types.

      • We also found just how many people, parents and non-parents alike see the schools as just another gibs program. Lousy parents get da welfare check to feed their kids and spend on it something else and don’t feed them. We now have free breakfast, lunch in all schools and even dinner in many schools.
        Why are retarded kids in school? This is absolutely retarded. I am astonished by the number of people who support it. It’s a great example of mission creep. There is zero education reason for sending retarded children to school. Aside the from the enormous cost and the way it changes schooling, it’s hard to think of a worse environment for retarded children.
        Education is something that if we do not change, nothing will ever get better.

        • Agreed on educatring the profoundly retarded in public schools. They are unfit to do it. However this means wages must allow one worker households.
          Truth is education can’t be changed without heavy market regulation simply because there aren’t enough middle class jobs. All the modern economy creates is rich and poor
          Anyway the biggest users of gibs are the cheap labor junkies. They leach off social capital, socialize risk and privatize gains.
          Till that changes and wages become linked with the cost of city living we’ll have the dysfunction of the welfare state and two worker families.
          And note even if we fix marriage and somehow do away with single parenting, it won’t matter.
          If both parents work, they don’t parent.
          This means the economy has to change to support a family economy with less efficiency and scale. Frankly baring a dictatorship willing and able to make it happen, it can’t.
          Cheap labor is so ingrained in the culture that many businesses would rather destroy themselves than change in any way.

      • Yep, children being “inflicted” upon their parents seems an unmitigated good—for us.


        I’m convinced that Cuomo’s sudden flip on opening schools in NYS is because his biggest donors were giving him an earful about being stuck at home with their kids this Fall and having to pay extra for high-end tutors.

        • How many though if they got paid what the schools get per student would be more than happy to keep them at home…Look it’s a burden on families financially to homeschool because not only are you paying for your own curriculum you are still paying like your student is still at school via property taxes and through income taxes…If the government paid you for what the schools are getting I think more than half of people would homeschool…

          • Good points.

            I think there is another money angle in Cuomo’s flip in that he wants any Fed aid he can get because it’s obvious that Trump is not going to cave on bailing out NYS in the short-term.

            He wants that money as bridge to a friendlier Biden-regime that will happily pump Fedbux into the NYS rathole.

  25. Bruce Charlton is touting this as the least important election in history. Maybe, but for me voting for Trump is a very low cost way to drive prog lunatics into ever-deeper troughs of despair and insanity (imagine the Maddow meltdown if he gets reelected). It’s sort of like this black dude I knew who said he didn’t like Obama (“That n*gga Obama ain’t putting any money in my pocket,” were his exact words). But he still voted for him because he knew Obama NOT winning was important to his enemies in Honkeydom. Two terms for Trump = two times they were egregiously and vociferously wrong. It helps de-legitimize “experts” whose wrongheadedness extends beyond polling to things that matter, like finance and foreign policy.

  26. Despair and/or frustration?

    There may be some despair but it’s frustration that seems to be eating away at many on our side of the line. It’s frustration at being hamstrung in not being able to take legally sanctioned actions without having your knees cut off, of being willing to take legal action not as a martyr but as 1 of thousands…millions…upside down circumstances make the first the probable outcome since the ability to manage the second is at present impossible.

    We have numbers enough to make the next antifa/blm riot the last antifa/blm riot, to walk into city hall, the state house , both ends of Penn Ave, every radio station, every Hollywood studio, every media company, every university and NGO…and lay down the law. Not as dissidents but as normal white guys. Most normal white guys want to take action and pass out pink slips where needed and one last chance to others who may deserve a chance.

    As things stand now we lack access to the lines of communication to organize at the levels needed. Levels that are now possible if we had access. It isn’t an absence of sentiment and a lack of will to act that’s holding us back…the problem is our not being able to muster. To act now would be to act as too small and ineffective a group…thus having your life destroyed as an example for others. This strikes me as the source of our frustration. It’s not necessarily despair…though it can certainly drive you to that the longer we have our hands tied.

    Organize what you can, relocate if needed and possible, plan near and far, network to build your own lines of communication and seek a way to tie-in to cast a wider net. It’s ours for the taking if we take the necessary steps which are within our grasp.

    Most normal white guys are looking for other guys like them to all put their heads together. There are enough people who share our sentiments to one degree or another. Being organized and taking positive action will attract even more. Don’t worry about the deadwood.
    We should stop calling ourselves dissidents. We’re normal our enemies are the freaks. We stand as the inheritors of a civilization that is 100 generations old who’s oldest root go back 1000 generations. To allow a minority of the past 2 or 3 generations to fashion themselves as the accepted standard is a farce. We imprison ourselves in fear because of what they can do to 1 or to 10 or maybe even to 100. What can they do to 1000? To 1,000,000? More? Not a thing. Maybe pack their bag.
    Whenever someone now asks me about my politics my answer will be that I’m a normal white guy. Where on that spectrum is of secondary importance.

    • Thank you for being able to articulate and coherently write my exact sentiments. I wish I was able to do so as well as you have done.

    • Good post. The one caveat is we lack organizational intelligence. In fact, we seem to have organization anti-intelligence.

      • The Right got pozzed by Libertarianism and Individualism and it was cheered on by our “elite leaders.”
        This is simply because atomized people, a nuclear family at most are consumers rather than far more demanding citizens.
        These are the kind of sociopathic status strivers who’d ban sharing anything, already have with much software if the could just to pump consumption.
        They are morally worse than the Left. And yes the Lefts views are thoroughly rancid, at least they have a higher moral basis than greed.
        Now wresting our society back from these lunatics is not simple. We don’t have an alternative ideology based on religion or tradition. Both still exist but we need a package deal, a national ideology not as all in the state, nothing outside the state but one that is “this is who we are”
        I am not sure such a thing is possible in which case plan B should be dissolution of the union into ethically and politically homogeneous chunks.
        This does mean there will be poverty and intermittent war for the indefinite future but at least there will be a future.

    • The problem is that the government has become more powerful than could have previously been thought possible, even up to the last two decades. Not necessarily through arms, but the ability to surveil, infiltrate, propagandize and head off any movement before it gains traction. Once they divide, their superior firepower and control of prosecution power can can overwhelm small groups of dissidents.
      In previous revolutions, it was musket against musket, and those with more men won. Now it’s access to every phone call, email or text, swat teams at every level of government, Soros funded prosecutors in most major areas, and complete control of media and corporations to rain propaganda 24/7.

      • That’s the desire for normalcy talking there. Yes these are scary measures especially when people see themselves as dissidents not guerillas or freedom fighters and are still trying to ballot or soapbox a way out
        If things go hot and I am hoping against hope it can be resolved without such measures, things will be very different.
        Late stage kinetic 4th Gen warfare is f-ing terrifying business doubly so in a society that is falling apart.
        Also quite a few cities are looking at de-funding the police. One would think enterprising people could make good use of such folly. No doubt criminals will.

        • Just a quick question for you Ab why do you stay where you are in the city if you aren’t making a ton of money and the woman selection is poor…There are many places that would be better for quality of women and if you don’t make much at least your money would go further…

    • Wonderful post. Frustration actually is a great emotion. It represents the knowledge we need to act and have not, at least substantively yet. I suspect frustration is a widely shared attitude. Keeping with the positivity themes, though, as horrible as they are events have shifted where everyone will have to act. Leaving no escape route has forced us to be prepared, and take the first step.

  27. Here’s a poem that John Derbyshire once posted that I thought appropriate to today’s podcast:

    Say not the struggle naught availeth,
        The labour and the wounds are vain,
    The enemy faints not, nor faileth,
        And as things have been they remain.

    If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars;
        It may be, in yon smoke conceal’d,
    Your comrades chase e’en now the fliers,
        And, but for you, possess the field.

    For while the tired waves, vainly breaking,
        Seem here no painful inch to gain,
    Far back, through creeks and inlets making,
        Comes silent, flooding in, the main.

    And not by eastern windows only,
        When daylight comes, comes in the light;
    In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly!
        But westward, look, the land is bright!

  28. Good show.

    There is much to be said for the sheer lunacy of the left, and it is just as well to keep a brief list of their daftness on hand in case needed. The ‘Roundworm debacle’ is a great example of what awaits a child in academia as well as public education in general.

    The term ‘firehose of agitprop’ is a good one. For me, I can hack it, it used to frustrate the hell out of me, and I suppose it still does – but it is garbage. I worry about the many who see this and think ‘normal’, but perhaps more dangerous are the ones who sense something is amiss, but can’t quite articulate it. This is why reading history is so important, it is why understanding where one comes from is important, and it is why being able to succinctly express your opinions is important – many people don’t have this ability.

    Regarding ‘CNN reporting on itself thing’, this is something that I have noticed the BBC has been doing for years. How many news items did I see where the anchor would lead with ‘The BBC has said…’, ‘The BBC has apologised…’ and so on. It seems that leftists are not only quite dim a lot of the time but eventually any story must revolve around themselves.

    Have faith in these people running the institutions they work for into the ground…

    • “It seems that leftists are not only quite dim a lot of the time but eventually any story must revolve around themselves.” Exactly. Rabid narcissists tend to be that way.

    • It’s part of the “some people are saying” gambit. Usually this is the media scoundrel’s weasel way of saying “we are saying”. Another aspect of this is calling things controversial – “So you advocate the controversial notion that sex is rooted in biology?” This is their unique blend of sociopathic and passive-aggressive tendencies.

  29. I appreciate the media decline whitepills. A story that doesn’t get talked about often enough is how the Obama-era government subsidized media outlets in his second term for the explicit purpose of churning out agitprop. After funding ran out in 2017 or 2018, we’ve been seeing clickbait mills dry up and journalists out on the street. It’s never a good thing to cheer on people losing their jobs but the media class absolutely deserves it. Looking forward to seeing it fail further.

    • It’s never a good thing to cheer on people losing their jobs…” Sorry, I have to DISAGREE THERE JUST A LITTLE BIT. Every bureaucrat, every media-pig, every hired-liar, every little-commissar ensconced in his or her tight little government fiefdom—they ALL need to “lose their jobs.” (Sorry. I’m kinda overcome with positive feelings caused by Zman’s post.)

      • Yes indeed, sir. I often take comfort when those in left-wing media outlets loose their positions. This is absolutely something to raise your glass to.

    • Anyone who is against you who ends up impoverished, or out of work is one less threat.
      The Left gets this automatically hence deplatforming.
      We should too.
      A caveat, feeling compassion for children caught up in the mess is fine.

      • Until they grow up into little Chelsea Clinton’s and little heroine chic Soros boy. Obviously most do not, but they DO wind up being more of the same infection were dealing with. They’ll gladly slit our children’s throats so, sorry not sorry. Direct the “childhood poverty/hunger” their direction.

        • Understood. I’m not saying its required mind only permitted to have compassion if you wish.
          And to note I don’t direct this at children old enough to be enaged in politics in anyway either.

        • I’ll never support Anders Breveik behavior. The adults, yes. The children, no way.

          • I don’t support lawbreaking in general but Anders Breveik figured these so called children were old enough to chose to destroy their own culture.
            Also if we can’t stop this nonsense, that horror will be our daily meat and drink. The Left and Breveik is certainly part of that lot have no moral center.

          • The term ‘children’ needs to be precisely defined. And one need not support wholesale slaughter to realize children grow up, and their genetics determine their character far more than their environment.

  30. Until recently I usually just listened to the podcast rather than reading the post that came along with it. I’m glad I do now.

    I’m a huge fan of your content, but I rarely post on anything our side of the great divide, but I just wanted to say thanks.

    I haven’t listened yet, but thanks for the podcast beforehand. I can always count on you for having a measured analysis tempered by wisdom. It’s all to easy to fall into despair at the state of the world, especially for us.

    I look forward to your podcast every week because no matter how crazy it has been, you have a way of analysing events that spark immeasurable outrage simply, calmly, and with an acknowledgment of how these things make one feel in a way that makes it more tolerable to exist.

    Despair is a sin, I find myself saying this more and more often these days and it helps to keep me on course, doing what I can.

    Thanks you for your positivity, wisdom, and reasonableness.

    I’ll stop fanning your balls now, have a great weekend, I’ll do my best to have the same as well.

  31. The US State Dept is a huge offender as far as rolling out the welcome mat.

    A huge part of the embassies’ cultural mission is advertising diversity visas to local youth and recruiting said youth to obtain those visas and visit the US to complete their GlobHom indoctrination.

  32. Zman-

    As for servers I highly recommend looking for a well-cared for lightly-used Dell PowerEdge with low on-time.

    I’ve had six Dells running in a poorly climate-controlled facility in a developing country for almost seven years with no more intervention required than hot-swapping a couple failed hard drives.

    • It’s amazing how long some of that stuff lasts. One of our operations I think still has a server from the late seventies that they turn on occasion. That being said, redundancy is not cheap which is why a lot of people go the hosting route.
      About the only way to save an appreciable amount of money here might be to see if business class fiber can be run to his unit (doubtful) and get a used VRTX to run a redundant Apache cluster across some blades. But I know if I got up one morning and that server had gone south I’d come to the conclusion that the day before was my last day of blogging.
      Anyway, I’m going to hazard a guess that Z’s hosting provider is making him get a dedicated instance instead of the shared instance that most people get.

      • 1970s computers were very well built. They were designed for maximum up-time and were built to high specifications. A guy I sub to on YT just acquired an old 70s mini and he did a fairly long walk through it. This stuff is better than milspec. Still works perfectly (as far as I know), after decades of sitting after decades of near constant use/up-time.
        Of course, you paid out the nose for this kind of quality. I don’t remember the details of what type of system it is, but I am pretty sure it was used for a data base and was a mini (not micro) system.
        Even early micros were built so much better than modern computer equipment. Despite having 10 times the component count, they were more reliable than today’s computers.

          • Space-grade electronics exist on an entirely different level of quality.

            Trying to manufacture them can be a simultaneously fun, interesting, and painful challenge.

        • In thirty years, I went through two (2) IBM AT keyboards, subjecting them to heavy, daily abuse, regularly dousing them with Coke and using them for ancillary ash trays. They were produced in England and were labelled and hand-signed by a human quality control inspector.

          Today, my keyboards last six months, top, and the keystroke feels loose and gay, not the crisp, well-defined click of the old AT model with its steel springs and ceramic switches.

          Of course, you paid out the nose for this kind of quality.

          In the eighties, used AT keyboards could be had for a couple of dollars – that is if you didn’t just fish them out of a dumpster, they were everywhere. Today you pay $3-400 for a new AT replica.

  33. To make a sword, you need iron. But iron is soft, so a blacksmith has to take the iron, put it in the fire and then hammer it repeatedly to pound out the impurities and even up the carbon. This turns the soft iron into steel, and that steel can be shaped into a fine blade.
    Take comfort in knowing that we are the soft iron, and we will pass through the flames.
    So dont be black pilled. Be iron pilled. let what is coming shape you into a fine weapon.

    • Another view: In times of early civilization, very rarely, a ball of fire streaked across the sky and crashed into the ground. Naturally curious, men would inspect the impact and might find pieces of a strange metal, utterly unlike the few they knew (copper, tin, etc.). It was, rightly, treated with superstitious awe, a gift from the Gods on high. Fast forward a few thousand years to the Iron Age, and much of the novelty had evaporated 😀

      • Not really, Meteoric Iron is still considered special, almost sacred even though its often rather poor metal for forging.

        • Well, it’s not like it’s made to order. 🙂 Ever visit Meteor* Crater AZ? It’s the result of a building-sized metal metorite*. The site was an iron mining claim, thought volcanic in origin, only later was it recognized as an impact site.
          *Techniclaly it should be “meteorite crater”. It’s only a “meteor” when in the sky.

  34. I haven’t yet listened, but eagerly look forward to it later today – I need some pick me up. It certainly is very easy to get depressed and/or infuriated with all that is going on around us these days – so thanks for a little bit of optimism. I’ll also chime in that fall & winter are most looked forward to here in the great southwest. The dog days of summer still have us in their grip and rain has been sparse this year.

  35. Summer is my least favorite season

    Yes, I’ll second that. Around my neck of the woods, it is the time when the drink flows, shirts come off and crime tends to rise. Beautiful scenic spots tend to get overrun with people, too. Winter has got to be my favourite, a nice, crisp January blue sky day – they’re rare but just lovely. Really uplifting and nobody is outside.

    • Our summer here is perhaps a bit like many folk’s winters—a time when you tend to remain indoors. Here, the days often exceed 100 degrees. We usually have 100+ days like that. But the sun is even worse in intensity. Even the cactus turn yellow and curl up.

      This summer has seen little rain. For a desert that lives on the edge in good times, the results are sad. My home looks like an outdoor zoo. The deer come around morning and evening to drink from a water trough we’ve placed outside. The yard now looks like a bird farm. Quail in large coveys simply live here and wait for the drip system to turn on. From the drip system they drink every morning, there being no other source of water in the desert. Ditto for vermin like rats and ground squirrels. At night the coyotes and bobcats come around scrounging/hunting. Our ir camera system records them. Of course, rattle snakes like the vermin as well. One walks the grounds with caution.

      Of course, there is a bright side. The only “joggers” in the area are Whites. 😉

      • Lucky guy. I miss having deer around. I used to have to almost push them out of the way when I walked out my front door.

        • One of the places I ride is so thick with them you’re better off walking. They have no fear of humans.

          • When I used to run in the Berkeley hills, there was a field that would occasionally be filled with about 100 cows.

            I would slowly and quietly walk through them whispering about what a committed vegetarian I am. They would have crushed me to dirt.

        • yeah they graze in fields like cattle here in etenn. Totally different from when i was a kid. It is almost time for poaching season. Like to get doe in october. heard insurance rates are high in some counties in kentucky because of the deer. Turkey every where too.

        • There’s a resort town up in the mountains not too terribly far from where I live. Lots of deer up there. I’ve fed them Bugles out of my hand. They obviously get pretty tame when they’re not being shot at.

      • Summer in the Southwest is like Winter in Minnesota- you just gotta ride it out indoors.

      • I visited Tempe in early September several years ago to cover a college football game. It was about 110 in the shade. Thing is, there wasn’t any shade.

    • Summer in the mid-Atlantic is hell. I would way rather have a dark, frigid winter for a nice summer, or like Florida, have a long miserable summer for an excellent winter. The magic of mid-Atlantic weather is that both summer and winter are uncomfortable enough to keep you indoors.

      • Human nature, we want what we can’t have. Second your FL comments. Next move may well try that hot dry desert. FL’s dew point well into the 70s has its downsides as well 😀

    • Loved summer as a li’l shaver because there was no school. Now I can’t stand it. Like Z, I love autumn and like winter. October and November are my favorite months.

    • Never understood why people like the summer. My neighborhood dies as people head to the beach. There is nothing going on socially. The heat is so uncomfortable you have to stay indoors. Then last but not least my kids are home from school!

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