Mask Madness

The petty tyranny of the Covid panic has gone from a genuine response to a public health concern to just another aspect of post-sanity America. People now wear all sorts of silly face coverings when going about their day for the same reason they wear pants or shoes. It’s just another thing that is required. Soon, it will be custom, like not wearing white before Memorial Day. The ever changing rules issued from local tyrants are now taken in stride like, the weather or earthquakes in California.

The mask issue is another great example of how American politics is just a morality play with the same roles every time. The Official Left strutted onto the stage warning about the great monster and how the democracy was at risk. Their solution was mandatory mask wearing like their sponsors in China use. The Official Right tried to minimize the issue and resisted for a while, but the Official Left whipped up their partisans in the crowd and the Official Right eventually relented.

Meanwhile, out in the crowd, the partisans of the Left now feel emboldened to harass people on the streets about masks, distancing and so forth. Normal people, of course, are still stuck in the world of facts and reason, but they are adjusting to life in a past-sanity world. A similar pattern happened with homosexual marriage. Normal people still think it is ridiculous, just as they think men in sundresses is absurd, but they navigate around it and the crazies that support it.

Unlike homosexual marriage and drag queens, the petty tyranny has a moral signifier to it that makes it tougher to navigate. The mask is the most obvious one. Spend time in a public setting and you can see the believers versus the compliant. The believers make sure their face muffler is firmly attached and is clean and new. They make sure it is on before they leave the car and they wear it all the way to the car. Normal people stick theirs on just before they enter a store.

The same is true of other aspects of this performance. At places that offer hand sanitizer, the faithful queue up, making sure to keep their distance, then make a big show of rubbing themselves down with sanitizer. Normals feel pressured to do it, but they look a bit out of place. It’s like the C&E Catholics taking communion. They just assume everyone knows they are going through the motions. Others, of course, just ignore it and go about their business.

What makes all of this more compelling, from an anthropological and sociological perspective, is no one knows if these measures have any impact. The people who say they are effective almost always have no math or science. They would not know the first step in thinking about how to test the effectiveness of these measures. The other side of the debate does not exist, at least not publicly. Those strongly opposed to these measures base their arguments in the law, not science.

The truth is, there is no reason to think any of these measures have a positive impact on the progress of the pandemic. That’s the first important thing to know if you want to think about a pandemic. It is a process. Assuming the new bug is not 100% lethal to those exposed and humans can develop an immunity to it over time, a pandemic follows a predictable pattern. There is the initial outbreak, where the most vulnerable succumb, then it spreads through the population and eventually burns out.

A pandemic burns out because eventually there is a critical mass of people who are immune to the virus. Maybe they have a natural immunity or they have developed one, but over time, the ability of the virus to find a new host diminishes and it can no longer spread to new victims. Of course, in the extreme, the virus just kills all those vulnerable to it and the rest survive. Some researchers think this could have happened in Philadelphia during the Spanish Flu outbreak.

The theory behind these counter measures was to slow the spread, so hospitals would have time to gear up for patients. The fact that the spread was not impeded in the slightest is a pretty good real-world test of the measures. Maybe in theory they could work, but we don’t live in theory. In reality, months of social distancing and mask wearing have had no impact on the course of the disease. In fact, in places like New York, their policies probably made it worse.

It is possible that all of these measures are bad idea. Take the mandatory mask wearing business as an example. Wearing a surgical mask in a medial setting as part of a protocol to maintain a germ-free environment is well established. Hospitals have very lengthy procedures for the staff, as well as regular training by people who are tasked with maintaining a clean environment. The mask is just one small part of a larger process to maintain a safe environment in the hospital.

In the regular world, where no such procedures are in place and no one is trained in the proper use of masks, or even using proper masks, the mask may be a bad idea. If you watch people in the wild, they are endlessly fiddling with their masks. We know a primary vector for a virus is people touching their face and eyes. A policy that increasing face touching is not a good idea in a pandemic. In other words, mask wearing may increase the spread of the virus in the real world.

The efficacy of mask wearing does not matter, as it is now just another amulet people can wear in public to express their adherence to a particular cult. In the case of the scolds yelling at people about their masks, they believe their mask loyalty is a license to harass the world. Social misfits at the bottom of the social hierarchy now use the mask issue to attack the normal people for not liking the mask policy. The mask is now just another part of the general madness of this age.

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288 thoughts on “Mask Madness

  1. “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.”
    Aaron Levenstein

  2. You tough guys taking out your political frustration on some 23 YO at the grocery store just trying to do her job aren’t really making our side look good.

    Yes, this whole episode is over the top. But a lot of us aren’t retirees and we have to think about how we are going to feed our families. My businesses already took a big hit this year.

    I can’t weather much more.

    There are lawyers out there who already have their cases put together to bleed dry anyone who doesn’t follow the rules. They are just waiting to see what names to put in the blank.

    So, if you come to my business, you will be asked to wear a mask. I already follow a multitude of senseless government rules. Following this one isn’t any more stupid than some of the others. It’s just that this one directly affects old guys who think they are making some groundbreaking political victory by hassling my 110 lb female employees.

    Make all the political arguments you want online, with friends, and in public settings. If others find you reasonable and persuasive, make yourself heard. We need people willing to take a stand. But being a jerk is not bringing the zoomers to our side.

    • So what does make our side look good? Being sheep like everybody else? People have to start making stands. And if that means your 23-year-old bursts into tears, so be it.

  3. I just my son, and let me tell you, I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life. It’s been a solace in this world of frothing insanity!

  4. Saw this mask-related bit yesterday. So, the director of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment was giving a press conference and he used a chart intended to differentiate between the case load (per hundred thousand) in those Kansas counties that have honored the governor’s mask mandate vs. those counties that have not. The graph he used seemed to depict the rate of infection in the masked counties dropping below that of the unmasked counties. The trick was that he used two different Y-axes on each side of the graph, one each for masked and maskless. Once you graphed it using only one set of values on the Y-axis, lo, the unmasked counties have and have had lower infection rates.

    Naturally, one of our betters in the media couldn’t figure this out and asked the director if he thought joining the mask cult could bring the numbers down to the level of the masked counties. Rather than clarifying the actual numbers, the duplicitous bastard took it as a straight question and replied that he thought they could. He thinks they can, even though he knows they’re already seeing lower infection rates.

    Crap like this is going on at every level of our government, led by the high priest Fauci, trickling down to the county level and beyond. Suddenly, local hacks with make-busy, health-related bureaucratic jobs are wallowing in assumed power and doing all they can to prolong the panic and extend their glory. They’ll never again have a chance to feel this important. In my county, which has been fairly untouched, the county health commissioner recently said that we’re discovering roughly half the cases evince no symptoms (never mind that this has been common knowledge since at least the Diamond Princess) and that this is “truly scary”. I’m trying to understand why a person supposedly dedicated to the health of others thinks it’s “scary” for a disease to pass completely undetected.

    • Fiddling with graph axis scales is one of the basic dodges described in the useful little book “How to Lie With Statistics”

  5. I just watched TDS for the first time in about a year. Obvious respect for Enoch. But I was reminded how the show grates. He not only talks over people. But even when he’s not doing that. When someone else is giving their perspective. Everything about Enoch’s demeanor, responses, grunts, etc, conveys: “Obviously. I already know that. That’s old hat to me and my big brain. Shut up so I can say it better.” It’s especially goonish when the blond guy isn’t even going where Enoch thinks he’s going, yet Enoch takes over and completely misses the subtle point that blond guy was on his way to making. This happens a lot. Fuck that goombah.

    Show is still good. Just one of those things.

  6. I concede that the “mask madness” is probably ritualistic humiliation. Yet this issue is the insignificant sandbox in which you’re allowed to rage.

    We should be fighting BLM, antifa, LGBTQ+, massive immigration and the donors who promote all those causes, but if you do that, you become unemployable or imprisoned.

    So go throw your tantrums in your harmless “mask madness” sandbox.

    • Agree. But just as an aside, I think fighting the LGBTQ thing is a waste of time. That ship has sailed. Besides, they’re not a real threat to us. They are us, just weird versions of us. So to speak.

    • Just saw your earlier question. I do wear a mask where it’s required. I used to be a conservative, so I’m not a rule breaker, hah. (I do ignore pointless stop signs however). And as for getting angry about the mask laws, I agree with you that it’s a distraction from where our anger should be directed.

      About the masks, it is said that they protect against sneezes and coughs. That’s true. But I don’t think I’ve ever been sneezed at or coughed at in public. If it’s all about the sneezing and coughing, we should just emphasise the sneezing into your elbow thing. Or staying home if coughing. Don’t hassle the whole country with masks.

      A very healthy 50 year old friend of mine got Covid. She said it was worse than the flu. In many ways very bad. Plus she says the fatigue was scary. She could barely lift her arms. This was months ago, but she says she’s still affected by the lingering fatigue, off and on. She’s a totally legit, hard working person. It’s just one story, but I’m glad I heard it. Makes me a bit less pissed about the masks.

      • I’m a conservative so I am not a rule-breaker

        And who make the rules? The left.

        That’s why conservatism is the dumbest faction of the right. “Stupid Party” is a very clever name.

  7. “A pandemic burns out because eventually there is a critical mass of people who are immune to the virus.”
    Or because it mutates to something which does no harm to its host.

  8. Off Topic: For those with a nostalgic bent. Weird History channel on YouTube has a “Timeline” subchannel that summarizes single years. From 70’s and 80’s etc. Covers pop culture, politics, fads, topical stuff. Segments are about 20 minutes long. It’s not too pozzed either. Here’s one for 1984.

    • Frip, do you wear a mask in places where it’s required? To what extent do you think this is an issue worth getting furious about?

  9. Hahaha…I’m in so cal now…the mask Nazis are out in full force! I was scolded on the plane from new York to LAX for letting my mask slip beneath my nose. Those gay flight attendants are loving this as they, like women, love enforcing rules.

    I went for a walk yesterday morning…a women – un masked- was about 20 yards from me. As she got closer she pulled a mask from her pocket, held it to her face, stepped off the side walk , turned her back to me and stood there until I passed facing into the bushes!

    I saw a bicyclist riding in full bicyclist regalia riding with a mask on! People in cars with masks on.

    Fucking crazy.

  10. My wife and I went to two antique stores yesterday. One, in a small town about twenty miles down the road, is owned by an old, very overweight couple. They didn’t wear masks and none of the customers on a very busy Saturday were wearing masks. There wasn’t a sign on the door with any of the usual cautions.
    The other was much closer to Athens, Ga., a Democrat stronghold with a mask mandate. Actually, the store is across the county line in a different town where there is no mandate.
    This store required masks and had tables in front of the checkout counter which made it very difficult to pay and take your wrapped package. The owners are not young but far younger than the “don’t give a shit” couple down the road. They’re just scared.
    In my “no mandate” county, there are no masks in gun stores and the local tire shop. We didn’t see many masks anywhere until the corporations required them.

  11. Regarding “Wearing a surgical mask in a medial setting as part of a protocol to maintain a germ-free environment is well established. Hospitals have very lengthy procedures for the staff, as well as regular training by people who are tasked with maintaining a clean environment. The mask is just one small part of a larger process to maintain a safe environment in the hospital.” True, BUT:
    In American hospitals, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that HAIs account for an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year.
    Personal vignette. Three years ago wifey-dear was admitted for cardiac issues. There were patients on gurneys in the hall. Why? Overflow from annual flu season. Guess who came down with the worst case of flu ever? Me and wifey. As the late, lamented Remus of Woodpile Report opined, ” Stay away from crowds,” especially those assembled in hospitals!

  12. We keep hearing that w need to follow science and listen to the experts. Cdc just released a report that it examined 14 studies on masks and hand sanitizers and could find no evidence they helped. Silence. That wasn’t what the media wanted to hear

    • Hand sanitizer and avoiding touching your face ought to stay around as they reduce the risk of flu and colds and everything else at least a little with a very low social cost. Anecdotally I started washing more and avoiding touching my face during cold season some time ago before this nastiness and have had less colds since.
      Ultimately though people need to demand some answers from our cowardly and useless leaders such as “when will this be over” and “how will you make the economy work after you’ve wrecked it” but the political system has collapsed to the point where the President is now minting emergency relief and ding the budget.
      The Left kind of senses this and is wondering of they can take power by force and chicanery. This will lead in no direction we want to go but we may not have the option. The GOPe is too feckless to step up and stop the mess.
      God help us all.

  13. It’s a jew phsyop. like 911. They got away with that, why not do this? Move the money around, print more, fuck the little guy in the ass…bankrupt the goyim, turn their savings, hard earned, into shit.. Bomb Berute, The little hat, big nosed new world order is’nt gonna happen. People know,,,,and at some point they’re gonna fight back…it will be interesting, to see what unfolds.

  14. Personally, I continue to be stunned by the number of college-age guys I see walking around outside with masks.

    Talk about your Muscle Marys…

  15. Take advantage of the forced anonymity to gorilla glue memes to walls in public toilets at walmart, fast food joints, rest areas, sporting goods stores, truckstops etc.

    Just dont meme where you shit or shit where you eat.

  16. I am new round here….

    But I learned some math…

    A + B = C

    A = science
    B = Politics
    C = Politics…

    A = Medicine
    B = Politics..
    C = Politics..

    and our Lefty friends love them some politics…
    something like that…

  17. You’re a smart dude normally, but you’re dead wrong on this one. Maybe being a political writer frames too many events for you as Left vs Right and you overfit reality using that paradigm. Not everything on Earth is about “The Left” and its machinations. COVID-19 has killed over 150k Americans and will likely leave millions more permanently disabled and/or with shorter, lower-quality lives. Over 50% of SARS-1 patients had long-term PTSD or chronic fatigue syndrome. Check out to see real people discussing their struggles with this virus. There are tons of new posts every day from people living through hell. There’s evidence that even in mild and asymptomatic cases, substantial damage occurs all throughout the body that may be long-lasting.

    Since you’re apparently such a big fan of science, here’s a biotech venture capitalist who has good weekly summaries of COVID’s effects and likely long-term health impacts:

    • LOL, reddit. Everyone on reddit is a Garrett Foster clone with a “wife who volunteers for public schools.” But we should take the stories from these fakers reeeally seriously.

      LOL, a biotech venture capitalist. Why should we assume a VC has the best analysis on anything?

      LOL, 150,000 dead. Have you missed the numerous reports of states juicing their death stats? George Floyd was probably recorded as a coronavirus death.

      We didn’t politicize the pandemic. The left did. If certain people can riot with impunity in a pandemic, then how seriously are we supposed to take it?

    • “There are tons of new posts every day from people living through hell.” – And that’s just people complaining about ingrown toenails. Don’t believe everything you read.

    • Question here: In what way is Covid-19 different from heart attacks, strokes, lung disease, cancer, liver disease, Alzheimers and countless other maladies? (Answer: All of those other diseases kill FAR more people every year than Covid-19 has killed to date in the U.S., or is likely to in the future.) Thus, my response to Chicken Little above? YAWWWN.

      • Want to know the reason why COVID-19 hasn’t killed more people? Because the US locked down and slowed the spread. Isn’t it a weird coincidence that literally every densely populated country on Earth is locking down, wearing masks, enacting social distancing measures, etc? Death isn’t even the main thing to fear, really. Permanent organ damage is.

        Also, herd immunity via mass infection might be impossible to achieve. ‘Common cold’ coronaviruses recur every year in the population, and we’re seeing antibodies plummet several months after people contract COVID-19.

          • Maybe I’ll peace out of America completely instead of paying taxes for your long-term health bill because of your retarded ‘everything the media/government says is always a conspiracy’ mentality. But don’t listen to me – go to the bar, bro! The ‘rona is just a scam to keep the sheeple in line, right?

            BTW, here’s why Denmark was successful:

            They were among the first to shut down their borders, and they adhered strongly to social distancing measures. They’re sort of an autistic, socially distant culture to begin with, so they just had to double down on their natural proclivities.

          • Permanent lockdowns? Is that the only solution? Vaccine may or may not work so what are you going to do? No matter how long you lockdown the virus will never be permanently eradicated and it will return to spread exponentially through a community. Initially lockdowns were 15 days to slow the spread/flatten the curve, to avoid overwhelming medical resources. After that was achieved, lockdowns are pointless.

          • Yes. In the absence of a vaccine or the virus miraculously mutating into a less severe strain, the only way to get rid of COVID-19 will be draconian lockdowns, China-style. I highly doubt America would tolerate that, and given that I have a long life ahead of me and that I’m not interested in acquiring permanent organ damage, the only remaining logical move is to emigrate somewhere that dealt with the problem correctly. Throw in a 60% and declining white population, record levels of wealth inequality and extreme political tensions, and you’ve got a nice recipe for a civil war in the next decade.

        • The narrative itself seems to have developed a ~110 IQ and become sentient. Will plebbit inevitably become skynet now?

          I was hoping the singularity would lead to awesome heavy metal scored shoot outs with liquid metal robots, not being subjected to hysterical womanish speeches like “WHAT IF THERE IS ORGAN DAMAGE OH NOES!!”

          Must everything in the 21st century be such a farce?

        • So then according to your “analysis”, we can/t escape Covid-19–except by avoiding all human contact wherever possible? And that’s your solution—a “forever” shutdown? No more societal interaction? Everyone in masks and hazmat suits? Schooling through Zoom.

          Yep, that’s living alright. Living in hell. You can do as seems right to you. I’ll take my chances. And by the way, the argument really should not be how many folk may or may not die or suffer long lasting effects. The argument really needs to be why you feel justified in forcing me to protect you from such a disease. That’s really the essence isn’t it, whether I live for myself or I live for the benefit of others.

          • You raise a good point. America has a very individualistic culture. I’ve succeeded far more in America than I’m pretty sure I would have anywhere else. However, we have to acknowledge that an individualistic culture has tradeoffs, and is a huge drawback when it comes to managing a collective action problem like a pandemic, where systemic risk is massively increased due to seemingly independent and uncorrelated non-NAP-violating actions.

            And yes, social isolation/social distancing is unfortunately the only viable solution until either:
            i) An effective vaccine is deployed en masse OR
            ii) ‘muh liberty’ gets eviscerated and the problem is dealt with in an Asian manner. Think daily required instant tests, test checkpoints everywhere, required daily app check-ins for anyone suspected or having COVID or living in a COVID zone (e.g., S Korea), forced quarantines at gunpoint if necessary, severe penalties for non-mask-wearing, etc.

            I doubt ii. will work in America, and if vaccines are ineffective/reinfection is confirmed to be a big problem I plan to leave while the country tears itself apart.

          • “I plan to leave while the country tears itself apart.”

            Yes, please leave. Not really sure when and how people like you even GOT HERE.

            We somehow went from pioneers and cowboys to people so unable to
            memento mori that they’re willing to publicly demand their fellow citizens face house arrest by government lackeys at gunpoint?

            Worse than the cowardice is the lack of shame. You’ve even got cute little equations to reckon up the exact worth of your each of your hollow years.

            No equations needed, living even a thousand years like that is not worth a single damn to you or anyone.

          • Muh liberty!
            Muh magic dirt!
            Muh cowboy spirit!

            I have no doubt that ancestral Americans (who were all white and had substantially higher IQs due to the absence of dysgenic selection pressures brought forth by the Industrial Revolution) would have dealt with this problem far more effectively. That world is gone now. You’re emotionally attached to a briefly occupied (by historical standards) patch of land that’s now filled to the brim with millions of imported shitskins.

            There is no more “We.”

            America was confused about its identity from the getgo. It aspired to be a proposition nation, but in reality was an Anglo-Saxon ethno-nationalist project that was able to stretch just enough to accommodate pan-Europeanism while remaining effective. We’re past the breaking point now. The twin original sins of universalism and slavery are being paid.

            This adventure is gonna end in one of two ways: with a war or a breakup. I’m not too keen on being around for either. COVID is the viral icing on the cake.

        • Want to know why COVID-19 hasn’t killed more people? Because Tesla’s stock valuation is up 79% over the last 3 months! –

          See, I can science too! Anyone can play! Now is there anyone in the class who can tell me what I did there? Beuller? Maybe you in the back prankeing your apple?

    • We don’t know any such thing – apparently you chose to believe what you’re fed – I don’t. Be sure to wear your mask at all times otherwise you might die.

      • Unfortunately, he will die. We will all die. Your choice is never to live forever. It’s not how long you live, it’s how you live. It’s not when you die, it’s how you die.

        • Let’s say you have 40 good years left.
          Let’s also say there’s a 20% chance that if you get COVID, it will remove 10 QALY (quality-adjusted life years) from your life.
          What’s the utility-maximizing amount of time you should spend quarantining in order to avoid catching COVID?

          • In the end you are going to die anyway even if there is tomorrow cheap radical life extension either accident or something else will kill you in time. Anyone can die for any reason including car crash ,choking on food, randomly dying of an aneurysm or being shot by a criminal or rioter.
            Thus roughly zero.

  18. Yes, we have a pandemic of insanity instead of a genuine flu crisis. But what to do about it? Voting can’t rid us of the power mad Dr. Fauci, and Progressive politicians won’t relent until we are all mandated to wear full body latex suits. If you think this is an exaggeration, check out the new COVID rules for Melbourne AUS. We could pitch a public fit like Antifa, but then we’d be joining ranks with the insane. I think we need universal public open carry, and the next asshole that gets in my face should immediately be introduced the business end of a 9mm Parabellum.

  19.  The Mask issue has become very polarized. As someone recently diagnosed with emphysema, I take seroiusly the suggestions of the health authorities. I realized there their advice is imperfect and subject to change. Yet common sense says that even an ordinary cloth mask will protect somebody partially. At the very least it’ll protect others if I cough or sneeze. Similarly it provides some protection against droplets in the air. Is it a hundred percent? No of course not. But all we know about this disease is that the risk is proportional. It is not an all-or-nothing affair.

    • What we don’t know and our leaders can’t figure out or won’t tell us is just how deadly this disease is to regular people.
      The worse case scenarios seems to be maybe 4% death rate among those hospitalized which is scary but how likely is anyone to end up in the hospital, we don’t know.
      We don’t know if is a rate of gain virus ,or is laible to pick up something nasty . Well that or they won’t tell us
      We can’t seem to figure out the infection rate either nor is masks do very much or if are worth it and it might be better if we did nothing.
      If the disease is super infectious but not deadly except to really sick people than we’ve committed social and economic suicide over a nasty flu that is eugenic!
      We need people who can figure this out and not double down to avoid being wrong. We also need a working medical system able to handle an outbreak and not resort to 1918 medicine or rushed and possibly lethal but no doubt still highly profitable vaccines and treatments.
      My personal opinion is that this disease seems to kill people very old people, those with compromised immune systems and mostly non Whites and frankly this freaks out our leaders out.
      Some of this s justified mind birth rates keep falling and every person dying is one less consumer but frankly we are strangling on our stupidity.
      And in case anyone asks what would you do? I do what Sweden did.

    • “But if it only saves one life…”. The creed of do gooders everywhere to justify their control of all aspects of our existence.

      • “But if it only saves one life”–by that logic nobody should ever leave their houses and should only be allowed to eat and drink what the “experts” say is healthy.

  20. Yes wearing was confined in 2019 to “weirdo” NE Asians and identified people as FOB. However now it is the new normal and is never going away.
    And it has several unintended (by those demanding it) consequences. First, it increases distrust of everyone. Including government and people you interact with every day. The Governor, Mayor, or President Rice will look like a movie villain wearing one and decades of Hollywood movies will create the instinctual emotional response to someone parading around like Bane.
    Second, it makes people more anonymous and likely to say and do what they REALLY feel, particularly in de-policed environment where black criminals are given full permission to act out the Purge movies. Yes facial recognition is “supposed” to work past that, but wearing sunglasses, a mask, and a logo less baseball hat makes a man practically invisible. Even gait recognition requires high quality cameras and that’s not in the works in a highly mobile, far less dense, far more spread out America vs. nearly total urban China. What cameras there are in the suburbs are cheap and of poor quality — its cheaper to put up 10 cameras in a city block covering tens of thousands than thousands in the suburbs cover a few hundred at a time. Thus field of vision, quality, etc. are about what you would find on the Active Self Protection channel on Youtube.
    Its like the printing press. The immediate use was to print Bibles for use by Protestants. The long term use was to print training manuals for musket bearing mass conscript armies.

  21. There are a huge number of people who should never be allowed outside without having their faces at least partially covered, so there is some upside to the stupidity.

  22. My favorite sign of madness is people with masks driving alone. I guess they fear the radio is contagious.

  23. Z’s comment about old alt-right figures spewing endless despair, has got to refer to FTN. I’ll dip into a show every now and again, and I’m done after 20 minutes. If I can make it that long. It’s such an aggressively negative, not to mention insulting display of despair superiority.

      • TRS lost all of their spirited irreverence and are now just bitter cranks. They know they screwed up badly in 2017 and 2018 and are now limiting themselves to navel gazing about current events through the lenses of Esoteric Strasserism and Esoteric Duginism. Very boring.

        • Enoch was hilarious early on, but by the time I stopped listening he was the personification of the “old man shakes fist at cloud” meme.

          The post-C’Ville lawsuits broke him.

    • Jazzhands McFeels ranting about lightswitch brains while going 110% lightswitch brain about the tribe is an irony that’s not lost on me.

      • I also forgot to note that FTN going full Trump Derangement Syndrome has caused them to get a lot of things wrong. I used to appreciate the show when they got things right, not because they waste two hours about how the latest nationalist leader is actually a Jewish shill.

    • Halberstram was an underrated part of the show, his lighter touch and humor made it work. However angry you might be you always had the feeling you were with friends enjoying a joke at the expense of clown world… instead of exhaustively cataloging its horrifying triumph.

      Check out The Third Rail, that’s probably the best thing TRS has got going lately… Anyway christianity (Borzoi, Nike, Miles, Spectre) reduces the tendency to fall into performative nihilism.

      I get it, things suck, everyone in this thing knows it… but if it’s as hopeless as TDS/FTN thinks WHY NOT just enjoy grilling until the hutus drag you away?

      • “Despair superiority”…”Esoteric Strasserism and Esoteric Duginism”…”lightswitch brains”…”performative nihilism”. Man, how conceptual Americans have become. We used to be handy with a wrench. Now we’re handy with terms for every shade of thought. So Continental. Compared to back when we only had about 3 names for everyone. Bleeding heart. Chauvinist. Ni**ger lover.

      • I’ve come to the conclusion that The Third Rail is my favorite show on TRS network. With a closing song titled, “We Going to Make it,” it gives off a more optimistic and humorous vibe than FTN. I appreciate the deep research and information you get with FTN, but it’s just not enjoyable to listen to. The info is too dense and intense, like they’re trying to jam 6 hours of information into a less than 3 hour show. It’s missing the laidback humor of Halberstram.

    • Z said it best in yesterday’s episode: it has never been a better time to be a dissident. Imagine it was still the 1990’s and it was just lonely Mr. Taylor mailing newsletters into the ether.

      TRS does us a favor in stressing that we should never be too accommodating or forgiving—such as giving votes to Republicans like Mike Lee—but we should never forget that there will come a time when the statues to MLK will be torn down, the promoters of trans-pedophilia will have to go into hiding and globalism will be forgotten.

      Wokeness might not even be a new normal as much as it might be the final nervous breakdown of an old religion on the cusp of extinction. History suggests that many religions go through their most intense terrors, hysterias and manias on the verge of their collapse. The terrors, hysterias and manias are themselves a “last hurrah” of a dying old consensus temporarily drowning out a new consensus that everyone is already absorbing.

      In our case there is a final push for egalitarianism from the same people and institutions that have already subconsciously realized that egalitarianism will always be impossible.

      • On the other hand we could be on the cusp of a new Killing Fields. Susan Rice is just the woman to do it.
        Best to plan for the worst. Assume you are like a Jew in 1932 Germany. Get a passport. Learn Spanish. Inquire about working in a place like Southern Chile, Patagonia. Or perhaps Uruguay.
        The best way to win a fight is not be there in the first place. Extreme atomization does have its own strengths. We ought to take a page from the global elite. They never hunker down in a place for more than five minutes.

        • But White Flight doesn’t solve anything anymore. As soon as you flee, either they follow you or you find out your new home is starting to rot too. At best you only buy yourself a couple years—not enough to secure a future for your children. Ironically we’d only end up like the tribe, hopping between countries we’d never truly be a part of.

          Some Americans have been confused about the Boers, wondering “Why don’t they just leave?” But like White Americans, Boers built a civilization on largely unpopulated land. South Africa is all they, their children, and their ancestors have ever known. They’d feel as alien in the Netherlands as White Americans would in Eastern Europe or the Southern Cone.

          Hard to square “blood and soil” idealism with always being on the run. Eventually you run out of places to run to.

          • You pick your place to plant the flag and make a stand. Unfortunately, nowhere in Africa is that place for the Boers or other whites. They need to leave or they will eventually be driven out or wiped out (see Congo, Central African Republic, Rhodesia, Angola, Uganda, etc. etc.).

        • Fleeing causes atomization. Whites are having such a hard time fighting back precisely because they’ve been accustomed to fleeing for generations.

          White flight has atomized white communities, so it’s not surprising that the only survival method put forth anymore is the “prepper” one, as if running into the woods as an atomized individual will somehow protect that person. It won’t.

          • We should be asking the Prepper types “How’d that work out for the Weaver Family?”

          • Fleeing and centralization worked out for the yids. We need secure bases from which to operate, those bases and the organization and influence they provide are a key element in keeping the (larger?) diaspora safe all over the world.

            Any country or region run by our people will be economically and militarily successful, provided we can keep the tender ministrations of the “fellow whites” at bay (big if, granted). Our power centers will not be scoffed at if we’ve the will to form them.

            Taking a brave individual stand in a thousand different places at a thousand different places is also known as being gradually stamped out while powerless.

          • It was nice to see the recent video of Colorado Springs men chasing the antifa soyboys out of their neighborhood. Sometimes you can see glimpses of that Viking Spirit. We need more of that.

        • Never ever flee. We built this country and we have a right to be here. Fleeing to bunkers and compounds is accepting defeat. WN 1.0 tried that in the 1970s-1990s to predictable results. Let’s learn from our mistakes rather than replicate them. It’s something TRS needs to learn too as they’ve gone backwards into low IQ content like holocaust denial, something they themselves laughed at only a couple years ago.

      •  Oh, on the contrary. Egalitarianism is very possible. What is impossible is to raise everybody to a high standard. What is not impossible is to pull the highest down to a low standard. 😕

      • FTN (Fash the Nation) is a political show on TRS (The Right Stuff) a website hosting dissident podcasts that exceed a wine aunts worst imaginings. FTN is hosted by Jazzhands McFeels and previously cohosted by Marcus Halberstram (now usually cohosted by a fashy frat bro and sometimes a scarily well informed autistic man)

        TDS (The Daily Shoah) is TRS’s flagship podcast, with a comedic take on hard right nationalism. Mike Enoch is sort of the leader of the bunch. Mike affects the fast talking NYC fuggedaboutit persona but he is extremely sharp.

        Aside from TDS and FTN, TRS has other stuff that varies in style and content, but all nationalist and counter-semitic.

        “The Godcast” is a Christian nationalist show “The Third Rail” deals with current events more from a cultural criticism perspective.

        Borzoi is sort of the resident intellectual and is on a bunch of the other shows – including “The Poz Button” which does film criticism from a hard right perspective.

        It’s a mixed bag for sure, but if you’re into Z man and late gen X or younger you’d probably find things to enjoy there. Personally I’d really suggest the Third Rail and the Poz Button.

        TDS has its moments, but in addition to their unconsidered atheism they are ultra obnoxious on Trump now. They used to like him, but now that’s considered normie tier and the hot take is to hope he loses, which will lead to profit for whites… because… uh… reasons. Ok if you believe that sure, but they seem determined to alienate any otherwise sympathetic audience that thinks he’s our only realistic current option.

        Anyway I won’t criticize them too much, they’ve mostly been doxxed and have sacrificed an awful lot to promote our interests. They have’t apologized and are still aggressively doing their thing despite being a direct hate totem of globoshlomo… that’s no small matter.

        • Pretty spot-on breakdown Annonymousse. Well done. You should post more often. Kinda disagree about your TDS vs. Trump thing, but no matter. When it comes to Trump, in our pozzed time, there’s almost no correct opinion. I tend to hate what he’s turned out to be. Whatever. Good comment overall. I haven’t checked out Third Rail or Poz Button, but I will now. I’m a TRS subscriber but haven’t gone there in about 10 months. I guess I got a little tired of Enoch talking over everyone. But like you said at the end…much respect to what they’ve done and being men of immovable principle.

          • Good posts, Anonymousse and Frip. I get tired of the endless holocaust stuff, but few can hammer home a point like Enoch. Borzoi, who seems like he’s on half the shows on TRS, is an underrated gem.

        • Just to add briefly to the above, it’s hard to overstate what an absolutely massive part of the 2015-17 AltRight that TRS was.

          Spencer May have gotten all the headlines, but TRS was the thing everyone had in common. They were huge in getting people to go to Charlottesville, and perhaps that was their ultimate undoing.

    • Listened to the new FTN today. Jazzhands was talking up the research he was doing on Stephen Miller but it was two hours of deducing that politically conservative Jews hang out with other politically conservative Jews. Brilliant.

      Then the last hour was spent talking about Israel’s relationship with Lebanon regarding the Beirut blast.

      Anything that’s useful for the white people they supposedly care about? Nope.

      Top notch work as always, nnnguy.

  24. Let us imagine one day Real Scientists from The Government declare foot-binding for female infants and cranial binding for male infants will finally stop the only virus that ever mattered. Could one object? How? Where are your studies proving otherwise? 

    People at other times, in this case Japan and Mesoamerica, have literally deformed themselves and their children for generations, and in those instances there was no motivation from a modern medical view. Thankfully this died out, but look for a recrudescence, this time backed by Real Science and the one-party state. 

    Do people actually look at old home movies or photos and say to themselves “What was it like to live when viruses were only harmless?” 

    Dutton and Woodley are correct. Humans are definitely becoming less intelligent. 

    • There’s Science and The Science. Two different things. Notice how “progressives” always put THE in front of science when throwing out their baseless opinions. “You’re against The Science.” It’s a rubber stamp of self validation and superiority. As they wait five hours to charge their Teslas.

        • That phrase, like the phrase, “conspiracy theory,” is a rhetorical tool they use to shut down open, honest debate that would actually lead to realistic, productive solutions.

    • I’m gonna miss Woodley, he left the Dutton channel. Hopefully, he’ll still have Dutton put up his seminar and paper presentation videos.

    • Foot binding was a Chinese thing, not Japanese. It’s a nitpick, but a genuinely barbaric practice. Ironically, the Japs also proactively banned it in their Chinese holdings because of the barbarity.

  25. The Left seized the moral high ground. The Left won. See a pattern here?

    This is how 4th Generation Warfare works.

    • Yeah. We need to learn the superior tactics used by our enemy. Logic and reason are bullcrap. Stop trying to make rational arguments that you find convincing. No one else does.

      • It’s hard for us, who are hard-wired towards rationally, to do this, but we need to start.

        The alternative is extinction.

        • Of course it is. Hell, I’m the biggest miscreant wrt this. I fall into that trap all the time. But then again, no one looks to me to lead a movement.

  26. “The believers make sure their face muffler is firmly attached and is clean and new. They make sure it is on before they leave the car and they wear it all the way to the car. Normal people stick theirs on just before they enter a store.”

    Wow, that makes me normal! An unusual role.

    Melbourne, Australia is currently stuck in the quicksand of a crisis declared by government Branch Covidians. Fatalities from the disease are minuscule compared with other illnesses and accidents, but typically the hysteria is about “cases.” In Melbourne, compliance police checking conformance to stay-at-home orders can enter your home without permission or a warrant.

    Some targeted precautions are sensible. But making everyone live behind masks and plexiglass is obedience training.

    • The thing about Australia and Western Europe is that most of them still trust their masters. Healthy skepticism is needed in these cases. You can see this in how someone like Fauci is viewed. You can see him as a power whore, who’s been sitting in his chair, his own personal fiefdom, since 1983, encircled by minions and yes men, who gets off on mask orders while taking his own off at a ball game, OR you can see him as a well respected physician charged with caring for the population. Admirable. Dutiful. Anyone with a functioning brain cell knows the answer is option 1. But you have Europe/Aussie like pockets, mostly on the east and west coasts, who have become Europhile (system loving) in their thoughts. I live among them and I hate them. Remember liberals like George Carlin who had zero system trust? They’re dead.

      • While we talk a lot about the right being deplatformed, the left went through the same thing after Obama won. Anyone who didn’t get with the program was finished. You see the occasional remnants of the “alt left” but they’re mostly their own islands. Much like how the tea party got subverted, so did Occupy Wall Street. Much like how Trump is a weapon used to stamp out populism on the right, the same applies to Bernie and AOC on the left.

        I hate talking about horseshoe theory because in the end, the left still controls the institutions that count. However if too many people on the left talk about breaking up Apple, Google, and Amazon, they’ll get crushed as swiftly as the right. The powers that be let the left run things because they are thoroughly anti-white and pro-statist.

        • No. He hated the “owners of the country,” who just so happened to be white. And right now the “owners of the country” are telling us to be good little serfs and wear a mask.

          • I don’t think the whiteness of the “owners” was incidental to Carlin’s hatred. And our present “owners” are doing what they do through African levels of stupidity, or better still, African standards of truth and reason.

      • There are an endless amount of “Fauci’s” in positions of authority throughout our society ready to pick up the ball and run with it to advance the Left’s agenda should the opportunity arise. Outside of a sometime-ish Trump, there seems to be literally no one in authority – local, state, federal, or corporate, who is on our side.

  27. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » Mask Madness

  28. Fauchi says vaccinations won’t be all that effective: we will still have to social distance and wear masks. Gates says that virus will always be with us and that fighting this virus is a good thing because it helps fight climate change, implying the real agenda was and is the dismantling of the west. 250 deaths in Australia from the virus, supposedly, and Melbourne is engaging in a brutal martial law lockdown, soon to come to all of Australia. World economic forum speaks daily of “the great reset”. U.n speaks openly of the Africanization of Europe, as do almost all Ngos in the west. And on and on. All this openly headed towards one world government and the reign of antichrist, and the mark of the beast. Already “dissidents” have a hard time buying and selling.
    Z does great work but will not discuss where this is headed. Calls people like me a conspiracy theorist, even though the elite are not hiding the agenda anymore. Not that they ever did: see jay dyer’s videos on the globalist book series.
    Anyway, if believing Daniel and Revelation to be the word of God makes me a conspiracy theorist, so be it.

    • The confusing thing is that nothing ever happens to these people. Tens of thousands will be impoverished, lose their families, and be driven to literal suicide… and yet NOT ONE ever says… hey maybe someone who caused all this should come along with me.

      I realize that this may be counterproductive and I disavow and don’t encourage and etc.

      But even just as an indifferent phenomena of cause and effect, how is it that all these people are so absolutely untouchable and so utterly unconcerned about visiting every extremity of despair on millions of people.

      Aside from the background of anti white (aka: anti christian) animus this must be one reason why muslims get a lot more respect. We can lose our life’s work, be beaten in the streets, prosecuted for self defense, publicly humiliated with masks just to eat and work, daughter or wife raped by immigrants or murdered by aspiring rappers who everyone hastens to sympathize with. We’re then told we have privilege and expected to publicly abase ourselves and ask forgiveness. And all this happening on the most transparent and absurd pretext. And when we can’t stand it even for another instant – we close our shutters and use one of the three hundred million guns we have to unobtrusively shoot ourselves.

      • BTW, all you potential suicides out there. Try not to bite the end of the barrel. Think of your loved ones that may have to see you afterwards. Plant the barrel over heart, center of chest atop breastbone. You might have a moment or two of realization, but no pain and no disfigurement. I’m serious here, not being facetious.

  29. The situation is directly analogous to the monkeys in a cage with a dangling banana and electrified floor experiment.

  30. First you say:

    …no one knows if these measures have any impact. The people who say they are effective almost always have no math or science.

    Then later on:

    In reality, months of social distancing and mask wearing have had no impact on the course of the disease.

    Excuse me Z, but where is your math and science? I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and as far as I tell you are no more of a medical expert than I am. How could you possibly be sure what the course of the disease would have been without social distancing and masks?
    This is a perfect example of something I find dismaying about your blog. I am 100% on board with your goals, and you have some interesting ideas, but it seems like half of the time you are just casually bullshitting. You pontificate. You make unsupported assertions. “Everybody knows this…”. “Normal people all think that…”. And I think “Wait, even I’m not sure about this. And I don’t know anybody who thinks that”. If you are ever going to be taken seriously by more than a certain hyper-enthusiastic subset of the people who are already 100% on your side — which unfortunately is not a terribly large group to begin with — you need to much more disciplined.

    • Well, if you had been paying attention you would know I do math for a living. I also wrote many posts when this started explaining the nature of pandemics and what public policy can do and not do. I also did a full hour podcast on the history of pandemics and plagues.

      The issue here is you have not been paying attention.

      • I have an MA in physics, and I’ve spent the past 40 years programming computers. I work with people who are often smarter than I am, and and have stronger math credentials. The woods are full of people like us. Which is to say, people like you! But most of us are smart enough to understand that knowing some math doesn’t make us qualified to make confident assertions about the course of an epidemic. I don’t listen to your podcasts — I don’t have the hour to spare — but I’ve been reading your blog for over a year, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that you are anything more than just another articulate blogger with a technical background, albeit one of the rare ones whose views are somewhere close to mine. And I’ve never really seen you explain much of anything in regard to the epidemic; just hand-waving arguments, the sort that pretty much anybody can come up with, and lots and lots of unsupported assertions. I don’t think you’ve helped yourself by getting into this.

        (BTW, I suspect that many of the official experts also have degrees, and probably in more relevant fields. Doesn’t guarantee they are going to be right, because they are dealing with very difficult questions. But I can’t really come up with a reason why I should consider you more credible than they are).

          • Wait, what? What were you right about? About social distancing and masks having no impact on the course of the disease? How on Earth could you know if that was true or not? That’s what I was complaining about: that you keep on making assertions like that, which you simply aren’t qualified to make!

          • Well you just confirmed you can’t possibly have a STEM degree. Search tools are above your ken. His arguments are all spelt out in perfectly searchable blog posts.

          • You know something? Z-Man is an Op-Ed blogger. He writes opinion pieces, not peer-reviewed scholarly articles (for what those are even worth today). You are free to agree or disagree with Z. You may or may not find his arguments persuasive. That’s up to you. But to condemn him for not serving you pastry when he is a pit boss is asinine.

        • This kind of argument always reminds me of the Reagan quip “An economist is someone who tells you why something that works in fact can’t work in theory.”
          You have the history of pandemics and the normal course they take; you have the examples of Sweden and other countries/regions that did not follow these mandates vs. those who did and show that the course of the “pandemic” does not vary much, if at all. But no, you want some mathematical formula that “proves” something that is can’t mathematically be.

          Just plug in the square root of -1 and everything will be fine.

    • Back in March, which has already been memory holed by the powers that be, they sold this virus as something out of Steven King’s The Stand. I said to myself, okay, I guess I have to choose between Boulder, CO and Las Vegas. Now they give us this blizzard of excuses to cover for both their incompetence and the love of sweet sweet power.

      • I don’t know what you were reading in March, but the worst of the worst-case nightmare scenarios I saw involved two or three million dead maximum, mostly among the old and unwell. That’s pretty bad — especially if your Mom’s in a nursing home — but it was never The Strand. And even then not everybody was going with the nightmare scenario. You can make a perfectly reasonable case that we’ve over-reacted, and that it would have been better to let more old people die in order to avoid tanking the economy and blighting the lives of their children. I don’t know where I stand on that. But I do remember March, and nobody I considered credible was talking about the end of civilization.

        • I never read a proposal to “let old people die” from anyone, anywhere. That’s a straw man. What I saw was criticism that the best way to protect the old and co-morbid, and those in nursing homes and hospice was by requiring the young and healthy to quarantine themselves while shutting down the entire country’s economy. The costs of such were never reveal and balanced against lives to be potentially saved.

          What is now widely known is that somewhere around 40%+ of the deaths are from those elderly in nursing homes, long term care, and hospice. We took extreme precautions there too late—and in the case of Cuomo in NY—actually forced sick Covid patients back into such settings to spread the disease.

          • “I never read a proposal to “let old people die” from anyone, anywhere.”
            I guess Cuomo’s policy of deliberately infecting the nursing homes was more of a policy to make them die rather than merely let them.
            Cuomo has probably killed more people in America than anybody since Lincoln.

        • Either you have a very short memory or you are intentionally mis-remembering the past. The apocalyptic tone of March had many people going full doomer. I even bought into the R0=3 and CFR of 3.5 percent and the ERs will be over-flowing and on and on hype. Why in the f… would we have agreed to lock the GD country down without that hysteria? Why in the f… are portions of the country still locked down?

          It was a massive over-hype, done for nefarious reasons.

    • Much of the information is out there, you need to look for it and read it. One study I’ve cited here is from the NEJM, May 28. There are others, but why should I go down that rabbit hole with you?

      Also, one can use one’s critical thinking skills.

      For example, Fauci said in Feb on 60 minutes, we need not wear masks. Masks were not effective outside medical settings, and indeed the public needs to stop hoarding and start “donating” their hoard to 1st responders for their personal use. Then last month, when masks were plentiful, he reversed course, but basically said any old rag tied around your face was acceptable. Huh? I smell a rat here. Should I obey such duplicitous authority?

      Several countries, latest the Netherlands, removed all mask wearing rules for the public. Citing that they were not proven effective. Similar cases (critical thinking) can be built for social distancing limitations, school closures, and the like.

      Do your homework and cite supporting research or logic, you’ll be more effective.

      • If you look hard enough you can find usually studies supporting whatever you want to believe. The internet is funny that way. What’s hard is to do a broad survey and fight down your own prejudices.

        I’m not going to claim I’ve done that. I’m actually moderately skeptical about masks. I’ve seen studies leaning both way. My own feeling is that they probably do some good, but not nearly as much as a lot of people seem to think. I won’t wear one outdoors, to the dismay of some of my friends. However I do think social distancing has had a significant impact. Not the “stay six feet apart” part, but the “stay home” part. If you are skeptical about whether a drastic reduction in human interaction can slow the spread of a contagious disease, then I would suggest that you don’t really understand how contagious diseases work.

        Oh, and I also think “Dr. Fauci was wrong about masks in February, therefore we can ignore everything the CDC has to say” is kind of a lame argument.

        • No, I cite only published studies, published large scale occurrences in public policy, like how other countries have handle large issues such as mask, social distancing, and school reopenings.

          Fauci and his ilk are cited as authorities (a false argument used by you and others repeatedly) so it is fair game to show what they say one day, is not what they say the next. It goes to credibility of the “authorities” commonly cited.

    • A great number of scientist lend credibility to junk science of which global warming is but one example. Even weeding out scientist living directly or indirectly on the taxpayer dime, it is surprising to learn that judgement shares no common link with scientific achiement, or great intelligence. I’m not sure if the reverse may be true.

  31. The mask is a secular burka. What is a burka? A symbol of piety and obedience. In places like Iran or the gulf states you have women who go over the top with the burka and women who can’t wait to peel it off when entering their houses. This is the same phenomenon only with masks. the big difference is, because the cucked men of 100 years ago gave women the right to vote, an affront to all of human nature, they’re in the political driver seat. So even a balless man as a mayor, who knows better, will go along with the insanity. This really is about appeasing crazy women, many of whom happen to be ugly, and hence like the face covering (and especially like to cover up prettier women). Strangely I’ve been waiting to go off on someone as I walk around maskless, but they see in my eyes that I’ll go off and leave me alone. Another thing about Arab society as compared to ours, is that yes, it is patriarchal. However when you peel away at the onion you realize that arabs are even bigger momma’s boys than Italians. The real driver of the burka use isn’t really men, but ugly, stern cliques of women who enjoy cooking and laying on the couch while their men handle every single other aspect in life. “I can’t possibly drive.”–the hidden context is “because I’m a lazy bitch who wants to limit my tasks as much as possible and heap psychological abuse on my man.” The context and cultures are different, but crazy women are the same.

    • The only time my wife will drive—indeed, requires it—is when she spots me having a second beer. She’s no dummy. None the less, a couple of beers for a grown man over a period of a couple of hours is hardly impaired. I’m tempted to go on Amazon and get a home breathalyzer to make the point. On the other hand, why? I like to be chauffeured about—well, at least before the current scamdemic.

        • JR, it’s worse than that. If I ever approached a 5th Martini, I’d be sick as a dog. Gawd it sucks being old. That’s one of the reasons there is never a third beer.

  32. The issue of people hassling others about masks reminds me of a Georgia Highway Patrol officer who was a guest on a talk show. On caller said she used the left lane on freeways because she was going the speed limit and was going a long distance, and complained about people tailgating her and making obscene gestures at her. She said they should not be going faster than the speed limit, so why should she move over for them?

    The officer kind of sighed and told her that the left lane had nothing to do with speed or how far you were going. He reminded her that it was supposed to be used only for overtaking slower traffic in the right lane.

    She repeated, “Yeah, but they shouldn’t be going faster than the speed limit.” The officer finally lost his patience. “Lady,” he said, “enforcing the speed limit is my job, not yours. Not only is it not your job, the law prohibits you from doing it. If someone wants to break the speed limit, you are required by law to allow them to do so. Get out of the left lane.”

    • Many States—including this one—had a “reasonable and prudent” defense to breaking the speed limit. States may all have changed their laws, as we did due to automated speeding ticketing camera theft. But I remember using that defense in court when a was a teenager. I still consider it reasonable to speed on empty roads, but I’m not as quick as I once was, so doing 85 up North was the limit of my ability.

      • If times were better I’d suggest acquiring a high-performance German vehicle.

        I’ve been lucky enough to drive one, and it makes highway driving an entirely different ball game.

  33. “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark,…”

    we know we’re not done with this game yet but my question is how did all these ignorant sheepherders know this. It really is baffling

  34. one point of difference about the Catholics, Z. true, tons of petty squabbles about taking communion on the hand versus kneeling on altar rail (preferred, it’s not a cookie). but, at least the Catholic is commanded to abstain if in mortal sin, which is usually the case in the modern world; and, also told not to judge sinners. (whether that works or not, that’s another subject). in fact, precisely because it is not a cookie i think American Catholics take communion far too often, but that’s just me and my trad guilt.

    meanwhile, this ritual handwashing and masking has no abstaining, no forgiveness, barring lucky government employees and convincing asthmatics. it certainly reminds me rather of a certain neurotic tribe’s extreme emphasis on ritual ablutions and weird headgear. and considering whatever happened in Beirut, are we closer to the 3rd Temple Prot-Zion fantasy more than ever, this time with Han henchmen and technoscience as cult? at least the medieval plague gear looked white, based, and cool; you could never fault Catholics for lack of style.

    but hey, whatever suits ya, at least i don’t depend fully on the seasons… though ember days need a comeback…

  35. This is what elites know about human nature
    Women & Faggots naturally embrace masks, this will make them become bitter of anyone who doesn’t follow new social social normes
    Because of their bitterness the women & the faggots will create turbulence wherever non masked people go, forcing the venues to kick sane people out.

  36. Unfortunately woke epidemiology is just another symptom of the conventional right yielding without putting up any opposition, then wondering why yet another domino of civilization has fallen.

    Public schooling, higher education, sociology, anthropology, history, language arts, and the rest are not inherently left wing, but by ceding these without a fight, the conventional right only set itself up to cede everything else that made up the west. For a time the conventional right retreated into “real” occupations like STEM and big business, but it’s now surprised that those dominoes have fallen too.

    And so you get woke African voodoo healing and other primitive third world mysticism parading around in the dead skin of epidemiology, and former science magazines trotting out negroes to insist that 2+2=5.

  37. When there is no effective resistance lunacy just progresses to its next stage.
    Just trace the lunacy ascendance since Obongo took office.
    Think of the world before it (still rotten to its core) and you will be stunned the depth of the abyss we fell in since
    To quote Kundera
    In the sunset of the dissolution everything is illuminated by an aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine

  38. Something unremarked-upon in all the talk about what will happen to supply chains (and what is happening) if we keep things shut down, is the downstream effects on the Third World, what the Left calls the “developing world.” Minor inconveniences here = serious privation in some of these countries. If you’re not getting avocados anymore and your lettuce is twice as much as it was last week, then some of those bulb-headed, gourd-bellied African children all these goodwhites pretend to love may actually be starving, not due to COVID, but due some 75 year-old Boomer’s fear of the flu, which is bringing trucking and shipping to a halt. I don’t do the “democrats are the real racists” rap often, but I will say the benign neglect of a conservative who doesn’t care about black people is a lot less damaging than the help that goodwhites afford them.

    • Minor inconveniences here = serious privation in some of these countries

      Well, I guess every cloud has a silver lining.

      • We are seeing some signs that billionaire types like Bill Gates have sneaked a peek at Steve Sailer’s “Most Important Graph in the World,” and are thinking about ways to get the population in Subsaharan Africa under control. Gates has more money and a better PR arm than David Duke, so if he gets more traction with “family planning” than Duke did with Nordplant for welfare queens in Louisiana, more power to him. “Not only do I believe in abortion, sometimes I look around and see a lot of missed opportunities.” -Ed Asner

      • At first I was saying you are wrong, but upon further reflection I think we are both right. DDT was banned in many places. This would have led to more deaths from insect borne diseases. Although restricted, DDT is used in many foreign countries up to the present day, for disease control.

        • My understanding IIRC is that DDT *can* be used if there is a national health emergency and the country is poorish, like most in Africa. However, what has happened is that these countries are often pressured by the environmentalists and they have been loath to put DDT into widespread and general use. So for all practical effect, DDT Is banned in most of the world.

    • One of my patients two weeks ago works for the railroad. There are two lines across Arizona and you can’t normally drive twenty minutes on one of the parallel freeways without seeing a train.
      I asked my patient about the traffic. He said that normal was about 75 trains a day along one stretch.
      “All of this stuff is going to stores. Nobody’s shopping. We got down to less than ten trains a day and now it’s about 35.”
      Not even half of normal, due to decreased demand, now in the sixth month of this madness. Downstream effects yet to be determined.

      • Downstream effects including empty shelves – 6 months after the hysteria began? Paper goods have come back, although certain varieties are spotty. Cleaning products – other than windex and toilet bowl cleaner, you’re out of luck. I haven’t seen any brand of cleaning wipes since February. Still have a few tubes left at home from my bargain buys, but then it’s back to sponges (which, if not washed or replaced often, spread bathroom germs rather than clean them).

  39. Yeah. I used to fight it in the local grocery store, which is run by nice people on the left side of the I.Q. distribution. Literally every time I’d walk in as the only non-masked person, there would be a nice announcement about how the local law says you have to wear a mask and that we are all in this together and hoping I had a nice day. But that would be all, nobody ever gave me ish about it.

    I finally decided these nice people who sell me groceries are told to be vigilant for people like me and that my stubbornness was making these nice people stop nicely selling people groceries and make an announcement over the PA system. So I wear a bandanna as a mask now, and everyone goes about their business with very slightly less hassle.

    But I seethe.

    • I bought the paintball/airsoft mask with the rigid metal mesh in the front (i.e. lots of nice air holes). I place it around my neck. Hold it up to my face on the way in and out of stores (where all the subcon/jogger attendants stand and count people) and once inside, immediately let it drop around my neck, where it stays until I exit (while my sunglasses remain on) while I glare. I’ve seen a few women looking at me sideways, but no one has yet come up and said anything. I also snigger at everyone.

    • That’s a problem with the mask mandates. Lots of folk—who are my friends—must wear to keep employment. So I must abide or avoid, but I try never to argue with them, or place them in compromising position of choosing their employment or my friendship. Again, the problem with the mask mandate—it’s pitting us against each other.

    • Ever since Virginia Gov. Coonman Northam issued the mask mandate, I’ve been going into the grocery store and banks with no mask. In just the last week, they’ve put enforcers at the doors. You can’t go in without one, but they will give you one if you don’t have one. So I started carrying a wool ski mask that covers my entire head, with just a slit for my eyes. Now I pull out my terror mask, pull it over my head, and go in, usually with my sunglasses still on. At the last bank where I did this, they actually smiled because they were so happy to see me comply.

  40. This week I received my 15 years-of-service pin at the hospital where I work. EVERY year EVERYONE in the organization is fitted, tested and documented on mask protocol.
    It isn’t what I see when I go to the grocery store. This casual attitude and lack of rigor make hoi palloi mask usage kind of a joke.
    The newest fashion at the grocery store is wearing the mask over the mouth but not the nose. New arrivals from South of the Border tend to love this.
    I think it is motivated by the same strange fashion sense as wearing droopy drawers that display your underpants.
    The virus is not afraid of these people.

      • Goggles—mandatory—has been discussed among public officials if news reports are to be believed. They are getting emboldened. Look for mandatory vaccinations when they become available. Most likely, this will come in the form of supporting employer mandated vaccination or you lose your job.

        Think this can’t happen? Courts long ago ruled that hospitals can require nurses and doctors to get flu shots. So there is no precedent to be set here. The Lefties—and a lot of normies as well—have for a long time wanted to break the back of the anti-vaccination dissidents. Covid-19 might just be the bludgeon they need to do this.

        • The mandatory aspect of the “vaccine” is a legitimate concern – employment, travel, public events – virtually anything could be made off limits if you don’t have your papers.

    • I wear my mask under my nose as well. It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s that I don’t give a fuck.

    • I agree.

      My husband and I both are in the medical profession. Fit tested every year for the N-95. Fine. Now even at the hospital we see people with it below the nose.

      I read now that folks in Denmark don’t wear them and they have researchers and health specialists willing to say why it is not useful.

      Last night my husband and I went to a wonderful cafe in a very nice neighborhood in Tennessee. We had travelled there on a trip. You can eat outside on a small patio or inside. We had to go back to the car to get our stupid masks. Why? Because you have to have them to ENTER the door. After that you can take them off once you sit at the table. No one inside or out was wearing them. Viruses do not work that way. They never have. This is all ritual.

      My favorite part? The staff was wearing gloves. Now again, this is a swank area. Money, money, money. Nice staff. But there they were with their gloves on, serving food, cleaning tables, taking credit cards, MOPPING!!!! All without changing their gloves. I saw one waitress use hand sanitizer on her gloves. What is the point? Why not just use your hands like we did six months ago?

      All of this is magical thinking.

      • I experienced something similar. Wife and I went to a nice restaurant where we had made reservations. Walked in and the hostess asked where our masks were. We said we didn’t have them. She said you’ve got to wear them until you’re seated. In exasperation I noted that there was nobody waiting to get in and that, in any event, we had reservations and would therefore be going directly to our table. She said she was required to see all customers with masks on before we could be seated, whereupon she handed each of us a cloth napkin. We held these over our mouths and were conducted to our table. Idiocy on stilts.

    • Firewire7 said: “EVERY year EVERYONE in the organization is fitted, tested and documented on mask protocol.”

      How long do you suppose it would take to do that for three hundred million plus people?

      PS. Don’t forget 7. Unless your a member of the hoi oligoi, you are the hoi palloi.

  41. I have wondered how much of the awokening traces back to the dissolution of ACORN after the O’Keefe expose’ back in 2009. ACORN was a long-standing organization (formed in 1970) and like most established bureacracies was probably most interested in perpetuating its own existence and creating lucrative employment opportunities for younger children of the aristocracy. It was thus probably very ineffective for its size. Conquest’s Third Law: “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.”

    When it was destroyed, all those little SJWs who would have been otherwise puttering away in meaningless makework for ACORN were spewed out into society and into smaller, more nimble organizations that actually believed the crap they were peddling.

    • ACORN wasn’t destroyed—all they did was change their name and shuffle around the paper org chart, and conservatives forgot or forgave them.

  42. From the “ever changing rules” link:

    On that note, Baker also announced Friday that the administration was updating its restaurant guidance to clarify that alcohol can only be served if “accompanied by food prepared on site.”

    Because, as we all know, the virus can’t infect you if you are eating and drinking, but if you’re just drinking, the virus detects your moral degeneracy and zeroes in on you!

    It’s like Jason from Friday the 13th. Next thing, outlaw sex, because it’s always the slutty girl that dies first!

  43. Even if masks slow the spread of disease, the disease will continue to spread until it burns itself out. Everyone who is going to catch this disease will catch it eventually, absent a vaccine. There is some benefit to catching it later, to allow time for discovery of effective treatments. Unless the media countersignal the treatments.
    What a world.

  44. I wonder if there’s anything in the left’s morality playbook that will be the last straw and cause normies to finally say F this? Is there a bridge too far, where knuckling under is so abhorrent that it simply can’t or will not be done and damn the consequences? This death by a thousand cuts seems to be approaching the terminal stage… Man, Z’s pickup yesterday is already starting to wear off.

    • Patience. Hold fast.
      Expect that shot that will be heard around the world by November. These guys are panicking, and frightened people do stupid things. Prep like mad because you never know… but once the gloves come off… I don’t think they’ll last long.

    • For a long time we’ve been wondering where is the tipping point. We’re obviously not there yet. White people are far too tolerant for our own good. Indeed, this level of tolerance is really slavishness.

      • I’m confident the dictionary publishers will declare “black lives matter” or “mulatto boipucci” or something like that word of the year… but the word really defining 2020 is “servile”

  45. I used to hope that there were smart, serious and sober minded people somewhere in the government. The CDC seemed like a good place for such people. The last 4 years cured me of that aliment.

    • Irrespective how one feels about PDJT, his presidency, his accomplishments or lack of, he proved that in the media and government everything, EVERYTHING, is political and a power play. I am very sad to say but this has been a very painful lesson for me.

      • Losing one’s illusions about who rules the country and how they go about it is no fun, but identifying the problem is the first step to solving it.

      • The mask slipped. No doubt about that. It is now impossible for most people to imagine that these people are just misguided good people. They are evil and they are showing us just how evil they are.

      • As a generalization, in my salad days, i believed that conservatives valued liberty while libs valued equality. Introducing the new me. I now know that pols use values such as liberty and equality to dupe people and as a means to gain power and enriching themselves. Like business men, its about profits. Marketing the product is at least as important as the quality of the product and the Left has a better marketing team.

      • Now NASA will name every hole shaped anomaly famous for sucking every possible resource imaginable into it for those foolish enough to get sucked into it’s orbit….after women?

      • In keeping with Zman’s advice in yesterday’s podcast, this is something to mock and laugh at, not lament.

      • Check out Paul Kersey’s Whitey on the Moon. Great book. NASA was doomed by the time of the Moon landing. It became a gibs program right around that time. It’s a welfare program.

        • All the real talent and engineering is at SpaceX these days.

          I believe Elon keeps it private because that structure allows him to dodge at least some of the DIE-versity requirements from the federal government.

    • All of our “gods” we used to follow have been poz’d. Medicine should be immune to Leftist infection?

      • Good point. It was probably the fact that I never dealt with them that allowed me to think they were OK. Everything in the public sector has become pozed whether you are exposed to it or not.

        • I might have mentioned this before. My doctor started sending me and all his patients email wrt “surviving” this scamdemic. Mostly rehash stuff that I assume was sent to him by the “official” authorities, like CDC.

          These email messages were weekly and at first I responded politely, but they kept coming and finally, the mask imperative was broached. The message literally came with a picture diagram of two individuals facing each other.

          One diagram/drawing had them talking (I guess) and then describing the probability of one infecting the other. Then a second picture followed showing one with mask, the other without. Then both with masks and so forth.

          Underneath each picture was a precise percentage of infection rate. Like the unmasked infected person would infect the unmasked non-infected person *87%* of the time! Finally, if both the infected and the non-infected person were mask wearers, the infection rate was like 6% or something.

          Wow. Such precision. I replied that I’d like to see the published study that produced such amazing results—and that until then, I’d follow the peer reviewed article from the NEJM, May 28….and sent him the reference.

          Never got another email from him again, nor an acknowledgement of my email. This is fine. My doctor reveal something very important—he is poz’d! Should I come down with Covid-19, could I expect cutting edge treatment from him? I doubt it. Could I tell him, I want a prescription for HCQ and a Zinc pack with steroid? Would he write such? Would he risk writing such and the wrath of the local medical board?

          Better I know now than when I’m flat on my back in a Covid ward.

        1. Months ago after I first learned the term “poz” here I asked a fudge packer gay friend to Define it. He refused. 😶  as I as I understand it, it describes somebody who is not afraid to risk catching HIV, with all the problems that entails.  Appplied to political and social events as we normally do here, I take it to mean that somebody knows that a certain action is going to produce bad results, but he’s ok with that, because virtue signal!

        • Its worse than that, Many of those people actually seek out HIV. Its called Bug Chasing.
          Others actually try to infect others though even that is frowned on.

          • When I first read of that phenomenon, I immediately realized just how mentally deranged some of these people were and the depth of their self hatred.

        • That’s as good a definition as any. But Ben, I think your point is well taken. I hate it when people slip into “jargon” that I’m not familiar with. It makes understanding difficult. I’ll try to do better—but I’ll never give up “jogger”! 😉

    • I admit that, as cynical as I am, in the early stages of the panic I actually thought “surely some doctors and scientists will step up and set the record straight” admittedly a few tried but were ignored by the media. Crisis is unfortunately often the first warning that your institutions are not capable of functioning.

      A few years ago I noticed that “public health administration” had become another one of those things people could get graduate degrees in as a way to salvage their career if they had a bachelor’s in something useless. There was also a huge boom in bioinformatics programs even though the career path for this was very hazy. I’m starting to think that all those mediocre people who went into these kinds of vague and derivative studies did indeed find jobs in NGOs and government agencies and have been the ones the media uses to give their hysterics a veneer of science.

      Overall, 2020 has been a process of peeling back the facades on a lot of things and seeing just how much of the crucial supports the termites have really eaten.

      • You touch on something that really bothers me.

        Why does Trump let Fauci run amok? If Trump is not controlled opposition what does playing possum buy him?

        Trump could easily roll out dozens of frontline doctors like Zev Zelenko, Simone Gold, and the fat black lady from Texas to set the record straight, yet he does not.

        I wonder if that has anything to do with Trump’s ominous remarks about, “powerful enemy middlemen,” in Ohio the other day.

        If Trump is not controlled oppo, those remarks suggest Trump is Woke to the hand-rubbing crowd and plans to take action against them.

        • The simplest explanation is that Trump can’t tolerate Ivanka’s tears when her friends say mean things about her inability to control her father. He will do anything to win the favor of Ivanka’s liberal friends.

  46. We have plenty of doctors, surgeons, physicists, science groups and on an on who have said that the mask will NOT prevent virus spreading.

    We have Farr’s law from over a hundred years ago that tells how an outbreak will go. (yes, from 1840 for God’s sake)

    We have Sweden who showed us how to do it right. We have various states in the US vs New York or New Jersey showing us how to do it and how NOT to do it.

    But mainly, we have the old knowledge that a surgical mask was to prevent the surgeon from getting bacteria in an open wound from his own cough or sneeze. The mask will not filter the virus because of its size. The damn things are TINY.

    I could go on an on and list links, but I will leave it here.

    Nest Z-man post???? How about the comming poison, mandatory vaccine?

      • “Carl Furillo, the veteran right-fielder for the 1955 World Series champion Brooklyn Dodgers, used to work construction in the off-season.”

        Roy Campanella, star catcher for the same Dodgers, was paralyzed in a car accident while on his way to check on the liquor store that he owned to make ends meet in the off-season.

      • David Wright said: “…Jim Kunstler offers a few white pills here.”

        Jim Kunstler offers a few white pills here. Will
        wonders never cease.

      • I’ve liked JHK’s commentary on architecture and urban planning for a long time.

        Politically, I think he’s a paleoliberal that accepts the idea of, “live and let live.”

        So, lately it’s been a hoot to read his writing that sounds like it’s from the pen of a MAGA guy.

  47. I’m of the opinion public masking is pointless, unless your goal is to break apart communities and force people to look at their neighbors as disease vectors.

    • I think our esteemed blog host has the right of it with the exception of this being a pointless morality play. There are some very specific goals being reached with this psyop, three of which are intuitively obvious:

      • they need a legitimate reason to keep Biden in his basement and away from Trump in any formalized debate
      • they need to legitimize mail in voting to facilitate voter fraud.
      • all this drama is meant to blow back on Trump. The moral of this play is vote democrat or else. Play ball, and the Chinkypox and nogger riots will go away.

      Another possible point might be that the issue will smoke out potentially dangerous dissidents and heretics. This is one of the things that f***s me right off about Conservative Inc – Lefty has a plan. It’s not a good one, but a plan none the less. Conservative Inc doesn’t – their plan is to react to Lefty. It may appear that Lefty is making them dance to their tune but I don’t believe this is true in all cases. The problem is that Lefty is inside their decision loop and as a result things are going like a losing game of chess.

      • the problem is that lefty in chess always uses the whites. lol. and statistically, those who play with whites in chess win more slightly more often (low 50s%). enough over time though, and the lefty winning more trophies means, winning influence with the game makers and eventually owning them – as happens in pro sports leagues, in which directors of successful teams eventually have influence and even inherit leadership of the league. (this doesn’t happen in America as much, where the league is more a cartel than a pyramid, more Jeffersonian than Hamiltonian lol).

        • The single big advantage that the left has is the right.
          The left fights until they get what they want and it then becomes “settled science”. The right accepts this.

          They should fight every issue all the time instead of bundling it into the giant shit storms that Pelosi is making on the “Stimulus” package. They’ll settle for $2 trillion and the right will be self-congratulatory it’s not $4T.

      • So as to be clear I am speaking of Conservative Inc as a movement here not every Conservative .
        There is no plan because all they want is money for their rich patrons ans themselves. They care about nothing else and want no responsibility for anything. They don’t care about the good of the nation in any way shape or form. Hell of they thought they could serve their patrons by getting paid off to not run, they would
        Unlike the Left , the Establishment Right has no vision, right or wrong for a better society, only the goals of looting and extraction .
        To compare as a movement the Left are power mad utopians and overrun with degenerates and virtue signalling nimnulls but they do actually care about making society better even if the goals are wrong.

    • There is more to it
      The humiliation is an integral part of the shock doctrine
      Those who feel humiliated wearing face diapers are those who still have some rebellion and dignity left in their fiber
      They are almost exclusively men who by instinct fight the submission which  the gynecocracy is about to impose on them.Some would argue that essentially it is just a new form of castration

      • Never underestimate/understate humiliation.

        Also, mask mandates are another made to order device for breaking apart the nuclear family. Women are more susceptible to the social pressures of such “fads”. My wife, unfortunately, goes with the flow so to speak. She talks a good game, even argues with friends, but alas will go out and patronize businesses with mask requirements. So one last aspect of our togetherness is severed.

        Fortunately, family members will not wear masks in my presence. So we can meet with the children and grand children in some semblance of togetherness and normality. For that I am thankful.

        • That’s why Community is so damn important so you don’t have to worry about what rules there are because they’re your rules not the ones of the people who hate you…

      • Article below gives other reasons for not wearing a mask:
        “As if Piers Morgan feverishly promoting them weren’t evidence enough, here are the facts on why you absolutely, categorically should not wear a face mask. They make you suggestible; they make you more likely to follow someone else’s direction and do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. In short, they switch off your executive function – your conscience.”

      • Covid should spread The reason why we have “second wave” is precisely because the first one was prevented to run its natural course
        And that is the reason why you are going to have third one in the fall
        Just imagine zombies going out in the spring of 2021 after 2 winters and one year of not living looking at you with eyes in which all life has long since disappeared and saying “Stay Safe”
        I had long struggled to imagine what the hell would look like but my struggle may have come to an end

        • 3rd of November cococorona will be gone. After the election, nobody needs flu anymore 2021 there will be war. Good news, current events across the world demonstrating that our side is winning. In the war , you do not waste your resources to the irrelevant shit like taking down Belorussian president or pushing anti Putin protest in one of the remotest town in Russia Going world wide attack demonstrating that Global Elite lost it`s mind. Very similar to Hitler in his last days when he ordered all troops over Europe to the attack.

        • James Bond’s philosophy of life: “I will not spend my days in trying to extend them. I shall use my time.”
          That is the very opposite of “America’s” hyper-neurotic obsession with safety and health.

      • Nor I. I proudly stroll down the street walking my pooch trailing columns of smoke from my pipe instead.
        And I’m in the belly of the beast in SoCal.

        • Good for you. And I stroll down the aisles of my grocery store sans Karen Kloth, and if anybody looks like they’re going to give my some guff, I scowl at them in a manner that makes them think again. So far, nobody’s given me any shit.

    • Yes. The visual cues are powerful. A mask is a constant priming signal of an invisible threat. It induces fear and anxiety while reinforcing the need for conformity and obeying authority in order to remain safe.

      The sea of covered faces in public is a very powerful piece of social engineering. We can all feel it.

      The dehumanizing aspect is part of the larger effort to distance people from one another.

      Face rags obscure a major portion of nonverbal communication and makes verbal communication more difficult.

      The masks are also visual disincentives for prolonged communication and of course physical contact.

      The evil oxymoron of social distancing naturally fails without constant visual cues because people are social and need to be physically close.

      There is a strong aversion to approaching people when you can’t see most of their face.

      Anyone who has studied body language would see how disruptive it is to a huge part of human interaction.

      Processing around this barrier takes energy; distracts from normal cues of behavior and results in a kind of emotional fatigue and unease. This further encourages people to limit public interaction.

      Whether part of some bigger plan, preparation, or test, or just the evil-stupidity dance going for another spin on the pliable sheeple, it is doing massive damage and will need to be stopped.

      • An excellent analysis of the psychological dimension of mask tyranny, which sometimes gets obscured by the political side.

        • A war history buff could easily draw many parallels to the gas mask and mustard gas use in WW1. Principally, the psychological toll being far more effective than the actual poison in demoralizing, disorganizing, and inducing fear-based choices and behaviors that greatly disrupted basic tactics, unit cohesion, and ultimately combat effectiveness.

          Even as distant observers of history those images of the masks elicits a deeply rooted sense of fear and unease. The psyops of our enemies must not be underestimated. Especially in the modern era of hand-held 24/7 real-time media immersion.

      • I think it’s D All of the above Brother…The herd mentality has a lot to do with wearing a mask or not wearing one… People will take off their mask in a store if the majority is not wearing them and vice versa no matter what the store policy says…

        • Ironic that if herd immunity can’t be reached, due to herd compliance to the edicts of The Powers That Be.

      • The evil oxymoron of social distancing naturally fails without constant visual cues because people are social and need to be physically close.”

        That’s the money line. The Mask Hysteria and social distancing are experiments against reality and rapiers in the viscera of human nature.

      • The dehumanizing aspect is part of the larger effort to distance people from one another.

        In a sea of masks everyone is an NPC, silently chanting and dancing to their master’s expectations. We all play along in conditioning ourselves to prepare for greater and greater demands to strip away the little left of our identity. “The evil-stupidity dance going for another spin” has saturated fatigue and is slowly turning unease into action for all sides.
        For us will it be too little to late…or will it be better late than never? I still have faith in the latter.

        • I find the masks helpful infiltrating out, not viruses, but NPCs themselves. I’m getting to where I’m starting to “unsee” anyone in a face burka. I also have my own little psy-op which is that I just ignore anything mask zombies say. It’s not that hard since they all just sound like Kenny from South Park anyway. Go mumble at someone else, maskie.

          • Now that would be hilarious – if you ever get Karened, keep saying “What? I can’t understand you. What did you say?”

    • Pointless and impossible. N95 masks are unavailable; everything else is a bacterial laden face diaper. LARP-ing the end of the world nonsense.

      WWII – US launched THREE 14,000+ton blue water cargo ships every TWO days.

      “Warp Speed” Covid America – yeah, just throw any old rag over your face. That should do it.

      • Are N95s even rated for biologically-hazardous environments? I can’t imagine they are. Every time I’ve used one was working in an industrial environment or construction.

        • Depends on the acceptance of whether or nor, Covid 19 spreads via “droplets” or “aerosolization” or both. Last I heard from an epidemiologist, the word was both.

          The best masks for public, slow, but do no stop the fine particles of virus that are aerosolized. It is suspected that these particles—really individual virus—dry in the air quickly and then float for long distances. Like dust in front of a sun lit window.

          How long this virus remains viable is unknown. But it is suspected that Covid spreads in this manner, but perhaps needs prolonged exposure, such as when people live together. Certainly, aerosolization is not an unknown concept or unproven. The Defense Department spends billions on germ warfare developing an understanding of such in weapons development.

      • 1940’s America was nearly a century ago . Its nearly as useless to compare that nation to this one as to compare Anglo Saxon England to the Modern UK.
        The US only exists because of inertia and even virus based civic nationalism “we are all in this together” is just fake.
        We are held together by inertia and while it can go on for a rather long time, the US is over. If the current debacle doesn’t kill it, something else will.
        Since its very unlikely we’ll have CONUS the only option Our Thing has is to be prepared to make our own lands.

      • I like “Why do you have a Petri dish strapped to your face?”
        Gets an embarrassed/amused mumble.

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