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Like so many words, phrases and labels, the terms Left and Right have been so abused that they no longer have literal meanings. Instead, they are charged with partisan and moral meanings. The obvious example is how Progressives use the term “right-wing” as an epithet, synonymous with evil. Even those who try to use the terms in rational ways struggle with useful definitions. Are libertarians on the Left or the Right? They tend to side with the Left, but they claim to be on the Right.

The origins of the terms are not much help either. We get these labels from the French Revolution. The Right were those who supported the king in the French National Assembly. They sat to the right. Those in opposition to the king sat to the Left. The West no longer has monarchists and America has not had Royalists since the 18th century. Even the monarchist parties in Europe are not in favor of bringing back monarchy in the 18th century sense of it.

Of course, those opponents of the monarchy in 18th century France were not Marxists or Bolsheviks. They were republicans and democrats in the classic sense. We don’t have those anymore either. The modern Left makes lots of noises about democracy, but it is just an ornament. They decorate their language with appeals to democracy and popular governance, but that’s just so they can pretend to be the cutting edge of the general will, the vanguard of the people.

Then you get into the touchy subject of the interwar years. Dumb people say the Nazis were left-wing because they had the word “socialist” in their name, but even dumber people say they are on the right because they were antisemitic. In the context of their historical moment, they were on the Right, as they were nationalists and they existed as an opposition to Bolshevism. Even so, much of their program overlapped with what the Bolsheviks were offering.

Libertarians also present another problem. They like to think of themselves as the fullest expression of classical liberal thinking. They also claim to be the polar opposite of communists and socialist. In theory that is plausible. As a practical matter, they are never in opposition to the Left and usually support their social agenda. The only practical politics we see from libertarians is the undermining of any organized resistance to the Left.

There’s also another problem with placing libertarians on the Right. It is the same problem you see with fascism. They are ideologues. Instead of starting from the reality of the human condition and human organization, and then creating a politics rooted in those realities, they start from the end and work backwards. Libertarians and fascists imagine their ideal society and then assume if it is somehow imposed on society, it will alter the nature of man and human organization.

That gets to the heart of Left and Right. Russell Kirk famously said that conservatism is the lack of ideology. In the context of his time this was a very good definition, but it is not entirely true. Conservatism is a collection of ideas and ideals, but what it lacks is a dogma. Conservatism lacks a set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. Instead, the underlying truths of conservatism lie in the nature of man, which is open to debate and analysis.

This is why modern Progressives have suddenly turned on science, particularly the human sciences. Those people with Darwin fish on their Volvos, now have climate change and diversity stickers on their Audis. They used to wave around their imagined love of science as a gorgon’s head against what they claimed was the superstition of Christianity. Now they wave around the superstitions of multiculturalism to ward off empirical truths about humanity.

This framing of Left and Right as dogma versus pragmatism also helps explain why America is suddenly convulsed by multicultural terrorism. For at least a generation, we have not had a political Right. When Bill Buckley first got started, he and his fellow conservatives were in that classical tradition. Read his early work and feels like it is from another planet. No one in the current conservative ecosystem would dare write such things. Russel Kirk remains a forgotten man.

As Sam Francis predicted, the conservative movement Buckley started was eventually assimilated into the Progressive order. Since the end of the 1980’s, maybe the 1990’s, conservatism has simply been an ornament on the Progressive moral framework, a flashing light to distract the people. America finds itself under assault by drug addicts, lunatics and deviants because the doors to the asylum have been left open for at least a generation now.

Fukuyama famously declared that the end of the Cold War and the triumph of liberal democracy in the West was the end of history. In reality it is was the end of a particular historical epoch. The final vanquishing of a conservative opposition, not the end of the Cold War, was the end of that history. The war between dogmatic idealism and the human condition that started with the Age of Reason came to an end with the triumph of liberal democracy.

This is why we see western societies in a crisis. Those radical elements toppling statues and screaming in people’s faces at restaurants need a leash that can only come from a serious opposition. The radicals won, so there is no opposition, either intellectually or physically. The radicals are now like bees at the end of summer when the queen dies. They are flying around trying to do what they are programmed to do, but just end up living out their time in a trash barrel.

It is also why we see the Left desperately trying to conjure a new Right, a new bogeyman they can attack. By any reasonable assessment, Donald Trump is a political moderate. He is the New York City version of Bill Clinton, which is why he was a big supporter of Bill Clinton. Despite this obvious reality, the Left has painted him as a tyrant. The lack of a genuine Right has reduced them to pretending Trump is Hitler and his supporters and brown shirts.

The question now is what comes next. Most people on this side of the Great Divide want to believe this is the Bolshevik Revolution all over again. The conventional conservative is sure the Left are the real Nazis. Maybe without an opponent, the Left punches themselves out and collapses. Maybe the inanity reaches a point where a genuine conservative response begins to take shape. Alternatively, maybe it is simply the end of Left and Right. The Left won.

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403 thoughts on “Left & Right

  1. you need at least a bit of dogma. not too much so that it doesn’t get in the way of nature, but enough so that the superstition valve can safely exhale once in a while. which is why having dogma in the realm of the supernatural, safely away and/or correspondent with reality enough, is important. if not you get secular fascists, libertarians, anarchists, marxoids, all with their different impossible version of heaven on earth – and, with only lame unmotivated pragmatics as opposition. why are pragmatics unmotivated? simple, just look at Kirk – he just wanted to conserve whatever was before, without noticing that decay and demolition of the past became revolutionary dogma, eternally making the pragmatics simply late adopters to whatever the revolutionary degenerate elites wanted imposed. i bet Kirk’s statues will have few attackers, and even less defenders.

    granted, having this kind of rightwing dogma would make sense if this supernatural belief wants your ethnos both to live and be peaceful to other ethnos. since the 60s, the trend is for dogmatic degeneracy and rootlessness, first in the West but really being imposed worldwide now. this must be reversed, and i usually advocate Christ as His Church built the West and many allies; but really, any allied dogmas opposing degeneracy help, provided they match nature instead of opposing it like our enemies.

  2. My favorite definition of left v.s right has always been:

    Equality v. Hierarchy.

    Which is to say the left wing are those who believe all men must be made to be equal, while the right are those who believe hierarchical ordering is both natural and desirable.

  3. In the absence of a physical opposition from the Right due to relentless undermining from the Right, any intellectual carping is meaningless.

    This is the price of undermining all those on the Right/non-left who could have leashed the Left.

    So yes The Left has won. Now is the mopping up, and this here just be suds. At least no one went to jail, instead the jail was built around us all.


  4. I implore everyone to take a look at the comments made by Earl Raab concerning the goals of the Jews over the past 50, or so, years.
    Some may contend that this is just the ramblings of some out-of-touch Jew, but he was (died in 2015) very respected and involved with many well-known Jewish organizations … check him out for yourself.
    This is the bottom line for all that we see. Jewish paranoia combined with Jewish in-group preferences.

  5. “Russell Kirk remains a forgotten man.” Why you gotta stick the knife in the ol’ Kirkster Z? His grandkids might be reading this. We remember you Russell!!! We remember you tossing your TV out your third story window. Way before all the rockstars made it cool. Good times bro. You are remembered.

  6. Let’s keep it simple. Those that adhere to the original US Constitution are the most liberty-minded, small government individuals, while those that do not adhere are the oppressive, collective statist, anti-liberty subjects. It’s really that simple, and doesn’t need a “left-right” paradigm definition.

    • Sorry dude. But your constitution amounts to tragic loopholes. The sign above the water fountain written by the soda jerk said it better than Jefferson. “Whites Only.”

  7. “They used to wave around their imagined love of science as a gorgon’s head against what they claimed was the superstition of Christianity. Now they wave around the superstitions of multiculturalism to ward off empirical truths about humanity.”
    Nailed it.

  8. Left/Right. In politics, false dichotomy. It’s all a spectrum between two extremes.
    Here’s a contrived example: I might wish that all drugs should be legal with no exceptions. However, if someone were convicted of drunk or high driving and it results in a fatality, I would say execution by firing squad at dawn, said firing squad to be composed of gun-owning citizen’s milita selected just like jury duty. Note this example would survey, at best, perhaps four of the opinons I held on how a government should function. But there must be hundreds of issues a person would have an opinion about that could be surveyed. If I were measured on all those isseus, in the average I’d probably be center-right.
    I’ve been one of those with the Darwin fish sticker. You don’t have to be a liberal to believe evolution (science) or to be skeptical of religions. I wonder how many liberals would peel off their fish if they were aware of Darwin’s statement about what the superior race would (or should) do unto the inferior race, and no doubt many more statements that would run afoul of today’s moral sensibilities. [evil grin]

    1. Epstein, who got airlifted to isreal, has the whole lot of them, left, right and middle, fucking kids.Enjoy your cattle staus. Your Overlords are owned. Lock. Stock and barrel., you’re just meat for the meatgrinder..
  9. RIGHT: Loyalty toward Faith, Family, Nation.

    LEFT: Disloyalty toward Faith, Family, Nation.

    It’s really that simple.

    The confusion arises from the fact that there is no pure right, so anything that meets 2 of 3 is considered Right.

    • National Socialism: Loyalty to Family and Nation but not Faith. 2/3 Right.
    • Conservatism: Loyalty to Family and Faith but not Nation. 2/3 Right.
    • Libertarianism: Not loyal to Faith, Family or Nation. 0/3 therefore Left.

    This perspective allows you to cut through the bullshit.

    [spoiler title=”Example”] [/spoiler] Leftists welcome refugees because they’re humanitarians? Lol no. They welcome refugees as allies in their politics of hatred toward Faith and Nation even though, sadly for the Left, they’re no good against the traditional family. But 2/3 allies is not bad. That’s why when the refugees are from say Ukraine the humanitarianism vanishes. Ukrainians don’t hate either whites, Christianity or the traditional family which makes them 0/3 allies, ie worthless.

    • Agree 100% with your post, libertarians are total crap

      I like national socialism, but with faith, I want something like that to exist

    • I would agree but Nation or Nation State? In a place like Japan or Korea it would be one and the same. But what if the nation state is attacking your nation?

      • If the two aren’t functionally the same yet, your nation-state needs more work.

        CS, fascism is not an expressly atheistic ideology. Look at Salazar & Franco, for instance. Italian and German fascism had some issues with the established churches in the same way we have today but they never pushed anything equivalent to dogmatic atheism because it’s so anti-social.

  10. The radicals are now like bees at the end of summer when the queen dies. They are flying around trying to do what they are programmed to do.
    Since the end of the Cold War, it has been a constant in western societies to be hectored into convulsing oneself on command without relent over the queerest of contrived ills. It’s as though, bereft of ideology, directionless without dogma, the radical mind has been reduced to its atavisms without a clue what to inveigh against or why, simply seeking succor in a familiar routine of truculence against normality. The MO of glory days activism — the manufactured urgency, the imperious demands, the shaming of stragglers, the crusading end-justifies-the-means mentality, the over-the-top acrimony, the capriciousness with which objectives are incessantly redefined and scopes expanded, are now deployed and acted out for their own sake and without a destination.

    In retrospect, anti-tobacco activism many have been the first “struggle against things“, quickly followed in the 1990s by the struggle against drunk driving, the struggle against workplace sexual harassment and the struggle against not recycling. The 2000s produced their own epochal struggles. Notice that they never end, they just pile up in the public consciousness until one is conditioned to experience pavlovian badfeelz in every aspect of life.

    Where I live, public transport is phasing out the use of ticket stubs. Everyone has been notified that it is part of “the struggle against paper“. 
    I hope it goes on to take pride of place alongside other great struggles of 2020, such as the struggle against going outside and the struggle against not wearing a mask.

    • I don’t smoke, but man it must have been fun back in the day, chain smoking in a smoke filled office all day guffawing about women.

      At least how I imagine it. I know we are conditioned to think of that as evil white male things but it’s actually pretty based and redpilled.

  11. your writing style is enjoyable to read, & you make some very good points. But you’re way off base w/regard to your definition of Libertarian & Progressive. Libertarians, by definition, abhor anything but minimalist government, making them more conservative than liberal by a wide stretch. Progressives, dating back to at least Woodrow Wilson for purposes of modern context, are all about BIG government & elitist control.
    We plebes aren’t smart enough to think for ourselves, you see.

    • Right and Left are not about the size of government. That’s a gratuitous assertion by libertarians. If this were true, Napoleon was a leftist. Bismark was a leftist.

      The proper spectrum, in my opinion, is dogma at one end and utilitarianism at the other. The libertarians are not concerned with what actually produces the most good. Their dogma simply assumes their ideology must be morally correct. This is no different from communism or various types of socialism. The conservative understands that political and economic systems must match the character of the people. What works for Africans will not necessarily work for the Northeast Asian.

      • Z that’s a pretty good spectrum definition compared with Right/Left or individualist/collectivist.

        Those who accept that governments are a natural part of any social group are concerned about best balancing and serving their group interests.

        Civ-nats, commies, an-caps, libertarians, propertarians, religious identitarians etc… are more committed to the ideology than the outcomes.

        It’s a reason why Rome is a good past example for us – not in explicit procedure necessarily but in spirit and some structures. As you pointed out about 2 years ago, Romans were more pragmatic than the Greeks and certainly more than today’s ideologues.

    • If size of government really is your primary concern, would you rather live in Big Government Sweden or Small Government Somalia?

      If you don’t choose Somalia then size of government is not really your primary concern.

        • We already are a socialist country. We have been since 1934. We’re just no getting our money’s worth. Not even close.

  12. Politics runs from the authoritarian/totalitarian to the anarchist. Libertarians run close to the anarchists. In the middle of this runs an actual liberty loving capitalist who wants no more government than that required to maintain law, order and a level playing field.

  13. The notion that Trump voters are Brown Shirts is farcical on its face, along with virtually everything else the AWRs believe these days. In point of fact, of course, BLM are the Brown Shirts of “America’s” Frankenfascist order. They patrol AWR strongholds asserting the value of “black lives,” attacking whites for being white, and trailing violence, destruction, desecration and ugliness in their wake. They do this with the assent of America’s government, institutions and its corporations.

  14. “The radicals are now like bees at the end of summer when the queen dies. They are flying around trying to do what they are programmed to do, but just end up living out their time in a trash barrel.”

    Ha ha. That is the most picturesque and one of the most apposite metaphors I’ve encountered in a long, long time. Well done, Z.

  15. A genuine opposition will develop after the counterfeit, carnival barking, orange fuk face has left the scene. We should all be happier when the Alzheimer’s patient and the Jamaican whore feeding him baby food assume office. What’s amazing about today’s society verses the French Revolution is that even at the height of the revolutionary terror in France, people like Robespierre would have laughed and laughed if you asked them to expand the voting franchise to all of society, at 18 years old. You had to at least be 25, literate and a taxpayer. How shockingly…right wing! When Henry Kissinger famously quoted that it was too soon to tell if the French Revolution was a success he was giving a typically cute Jewish answer, but it was a correct one. What we are experiencing today is the purest expression of human anarchy that has ever existed. A level of anarchy that could only happen because society and social systems have become so complex that it just takes more time for the anarchy to punch through them. As I’ve told my friends, one day, we’ll look back at this short lived era. and despite the horror show, know that we lived through amazing, historical times. I’ve always found history to be at its most interesting not during civil unrest, but just before it. In a few years the Portland riots will seem tame.

  16. If the Left won, then I’d liken it to that point at the end of Let’s Make a Deal where the yokel in a foolish costume hears Monty Hall intone “Johnny, tell our contestant what she’s won” as the audience gazes at a mule drawn cart instead of a brand new Ford. In other words, it’s a dumpster fire. You, too, could be the proud owner of a nation filled with burning cities, looting blacks, heroin-addicted Millenials, tranny- infested bathrooms and libraries, shrieking Karens and hyper-feminist sloots who think abortion is not merely an inalienable right but a sacred act. “The Left won.” That’s one black pill I simply can’t choke down.

  17. My observation is we are witnessing a desensitization psyop. The target being those being celebrated and placed on an impossibly lofty pedestal. What comes next? Perhaps systematic removal and defunding of legal support for said group, the escape of mystery chimeric viruses from bioweapons labs that disproportionately affect one haplotype more than others, purging schools and universities of Marxist doctrine, among other things. No one will be left to care.

  18. Almost every day I’m reminded of a comment I read on here: (paraphrased) “We’re in the eye of the storm, a moment in history where you either begin to question your sanity or just give up.”

    I think many of us here console ourselves with the hope that even if globohomo eventually succeeds in eradicating us and our history, the world won’t go on without us—our inventions, our sciences, our philosophies, etc. But what if this is false? What if, through central bank monetary policy and a carefully crafted program of eugenics, the elite are able to lord over a slave-like, mongrelized consumerist populace? The old world was forged by us, but the new can only continue without us. 

    • Perhaps, but they’d need to craft more into their new “Uber-Menshen” than just IQ. Not sure genetics is near there yet as to technique or knowledge. Breed all the “brown” Whites you want, but if you get the mixture right, they might be more trouble than they are worth.

  19. Normie cux are basically hopeless.

    They just want to grill, chill, and watch joggerball as summer rolls into fall.

    They don’t support the rioting, but they think BLM has some good points.

    They actually think Beer flu is a real thing and that we need to wear masks until the Cloud People provide a vaccine.

    • Are you me? When I tell a certain member of my family that the left has just passed X legislation, or that Y just said whites need to be murdered execution style in the streets, I get a raise of the eyebrows, a “Hmmm”, and then it’s back to Candy Crush or some fantasy Hallmark movie.

      Speaking of which, those Hallmark flicks are mighty popular among a lot of whites, even of the leftist variety. Is it because they remind them of a long-gone era they secretly want to exist? I hate them because they deceptively project the image of a 90% white country into normies soft heads.

      • Are you me?


        Speaking of which, those Hallmark flicks are mighty popular among a lot of whites,

        Pretty sure that this year’s spate of Hallmark flicks are going to be plenty colored and gayed up.

        I’m not sure how many that might rouse from their slumber.

        • Methinks that Hallmark will be airing one or two Christmas films featuring lezzy and sodomite love stories.

        • Good point. We might know that there are some cracks in the facade if Hallmark can resist the urge to promote our colored betters this Christmas. I highly doubt it, but it would be a subtle victory if they did.

  20. What comes next, is to destroy anything our enemies see as an obstacle to globohomo. That includes small businesses, where many have succumbed to Covid. Large corporations frequently conduct diversity training, which includes anti-white Critical Race Theory. Small and mid-sized companies typically don’t. I can easily see a future where companies have to provide proof that they have a diversity training program in place in order to do business with the “woke” corporations. Wokeness will become a requirement.

  21. IMO it’s masculine vs. feminine. Let’s call the right masculine because it’s men who’ve been maimed, bled off, and suppressed over the last century plus. The left, feminine. Seems obvious enough.

    • imo it’s rich(oligarchy) vs poor. Rich are doing their best to prevent nationalistic masculine white men from rising up cause they’re threatening to the status quo.
      Some form of fascism always rises out of degenerate liberal type societies & the elite are doing their best to prevent this from happening. That simple.

      • Right we more or less agree. Karens, cucks, pathological altruism, lack of discipline, can’t use force or reason only emotion… the feminine is politically dominant.

  22. There are reports coming in from all quarters in Oregon that Antifa looking types have been caught or observed starting forest fires. If these cretins can be charged and convicted for these outrageous acts of terrorism I suspect the “left’s” fortunes will take a dramatic reversal. Even the most ridiculous Progs I know have no stomach for this version of “peaceful protesting”. Nightmarish conditions have been created in this state and if these lunatics are responsible I hope some other body other than our traitorous government steps in to deal with them.

    • Some Antifa stomped to death a baby raccoon in Portland and it was filmed and placed on YouTube until, of course, it was removed. Did you hear any animal rights types denounce it? The Left doesn’t shoot Left. The arson that spawns forest fires will be described as controlled burns that are overdue.

      All that aside, this is from the elements of Antifa that cannot be controlled. These types will prove a big mistake for the Left.

      • I saw a great deal of objection to it. (They behave this way to cats & dogs as well. Also elderly folks.) The larger point is that there are many behaviors that benefit society at large that are almost exclusively the province of white people. Humane treatment of animals. Blood donation. Care for the environment, etc.

    • If true, and it probably is, the appropriate punishment would be to chain them to a tree in the path of the conflagration.

    • The Left has been anti-Forestry since at least the 1970s;
      the Earth Liberation Front was pounding huge spikes into timber stands so sawmill workers would get injured or killed, and setting rural housing developments on fire, even back then.
      So, they’re both anti-nuclear and anti-wood, and presumably anti-everything-in-between.

    • yep, and once the herd turns on them they will be ground into dust. read up on what happened to the SA once they became more troube than they were worth.

    • I’ve been going back and forth all day on Faceborg with my local Righty friends. There’s a lot of talk about antifa forest arson and one thing I’ve noted is that the wildfires, while they are a summertime hazard, are simply never this close to the cities. It’s almost like urban terrorists were driving out and setting those fires, almost….

      The one certainty is that the sky here is all Apocalypse Red and Day of the Asteroid Orange and even with the A/C blasting it’s hard to breathe indoors. The forecast for the next few days is dry and warm and evacuation orders are in effect VERY close to Portland’s eastern and southern suburbs. We are in the orange and heading for the purple parts of the air quality map. So did the antifags do it? I don’t really know, I’ve literally been at home cleaning my guns and shitpoasting online all day.

        • Sorry about that. Well, the plan was to be out in a few months but that was before beer flu hit and ruined the economy making us wonder if we could get jobs in the new place even though most Red States didn’t wreck their economies quite like ours did. Also given the current chaos it’s probably not a good idea to be attempting the logistics of a long distance move around Electionpocalypse time.

  23. Oh, the left has definitely won. Culturally, you see this in the religious denominations. Waving around the constitution while joyfully sending your grandkids off to to do missionary work in Africa is quite telling. The problem is, lefty doesn’t know what to do with his victory. He is forced into ever more insane positions in order to separate himself from “liberal conservatism”. He’s like the fool who sits on his hands while a statue of Lee comes down, but jumps up in outrage when Franklin’s monument bites the dust. “That’s going too far,” he shouts. To which we reply, “How far did you think it would go?”

    You can’t fix stupid. You can only wait for Normie to feel the effects of his own belief system.

    • the left is a symptom, not a root cause. they are like bacteria on a corpse – is that winning? the old system is dying, which is a good thing. you disparage sportsball, but then say “capturing” it is a win. how does that work?

      • No, liberalism/leftism is a “thing”. Sometime between 1933 and 1963 it became part of the atmosphere we breathe. Produce your own rationale if you wish, but there it is.

  24. A victory by the left over conservatives can only be political. Human nature will still be here. With a political victory you will find the left going more radical at war on human nature to make a “new man”. This war will continue until the dystopia becomes so intolerable that people on the left also will begin to suffer under it.

    • The key is to make the Ruling Class’ lives miserable despite their triumph. The rogue elements of Antifa setting the Oregon forests ablaze represents what they have unleashed.

    • Correction, the war will continue until the dystopia burns itself out, and there are simply large areas of smoking ruins. Human nature and human history tell us that populations will double down on their beliefs and assumptions when things get rough. They finally let go of them when there is nothing left for them to save, and the only path left is finding a safe place, getting their next meal, and looking forward to living for another day. And once they clear that hurdle, they largely go back to the beliefs they know.

      • Indeed. Nature (via evolution) has insured that some beliefs are converted into hard-wired habits in early childhood development, and hence are not really subject to discretionary change. At best, you can motivate (really coerce) people to a perform rote mimic of a chosen behavior for a short time.

  25. Nothing will change fundamentally until we have a large social collapse of some sort (probably economic). Only then will the environment return to it’s eternal model of extreme hardship acting to cull the herd of the weak, stupid, and parasitic. What kind of social organization will flow from that is anyone’s guess, but the ensuing return of robustness will at least make it more likely that each succeeding generation is better than it’s predecessor,

    • “Nothing will change fundamentally until we have a large social collapse of some sort” let me introduce you to prohibition, woman’s vote, income tax, etc, etc

      • Thanks. I should have been more precision in my comment. I meant that fundamental change in regard to grassroots revolutionary action, and not to imply that governments aren’t capable of imposing extraordinary change. The most significant of the latter category is, of course, government implemented genocide.

    • I’m reviewing Kilcullen’s book and that’s one of the takeaways – bless his bug heart, he’s telling his readers to ignore the countryside and focus on holding the urban shitholes where all the cool kids live and important stuff happens.

      I’ll take the freshwater and arable, game-populated inlands and highlands, thanks. He can have the cosmo coastal lifestyle – if he can keep it.

      I hope he likes the taste of his menus (or fellow diners) at his foodie spots. Kale doesn’t grow on cement.

  26. An addendum to my previous comment, there is also certain segment of our population that needs to be reined in at the very least – and I’m not talking about joggers, trannies or White wammenz – although actions will eventually need to be taken there as well.

    • Don’t be coy. Would that segment be (((segment)))? And how do you propose to rein (((them))) in? As a commenter above noted, the Bolsheviks persisted for 80 years — a lifetime. If Zman is correct, as his analysis suggests, then we are at the point where the Left is telling us “Vae victis.” We have a lot of toil and grief ahead of us before we reach a point where we’ll be reining (or reigning) anything beyond our own reactions to our current circumstances.

      • No coyness – just forgot my ((())). As far as reining (((them))) in, maybe this so called election will be the accelerant to get things moving – kind of like a mongo dose of ex-lax.

  27. The Left won.

    The Left won because it had a specific enemy – Badwhites – and was willing to fight. The Right lost because its enemy – the Soviet Union – disappeared, leaving it with nothing to fight against and, since its ideals were grounded in words and not Blut and Boden, nothing specific to fight for.

    We’re in the mopping up stage at the moment, as the Left obliterates Badwhites, passing laws against us, demoralizing us, and just pushing us around because it’s fun to laugh at a defeated enemy.

    How long this stage can last is anyone’s guess. But it will end. Either Whites become so defeated that the various factions of the Left start to notice that we’re no longer a threat and look to cement power in their own coalition for the future. Or, Whites begin to push back by forming their own tight-knit groups.

    Regardless, the order that existed from ~1990 – when the Left took over from a Right with no purpose – is coming to a close because like the Right before it, the Left is losing its enemy and has no real ideals outside of power and hatred of Whites.

    • Once it loses its enemy, the Left will implode because it is a temporary coalition of groups with antagonistic goals save “get Whitey.” Once “Whitey” is got, implosion ensues.

      Unfortunately, lots of collateral damage in the process.

    • I don’t believe the Left is quite so victorious. The Blue cities are filled with riots, looting, and mayhem. People (mostly whites) are fleeing Leftist havens like New York and San Francisco, fearing for their safety from the mob. The Leftist MSM has lost all credibility as people are forced to choose between what they see with their own lying eyes and the Narrative pushed by the MSM.

      Meanwhile, more and more people are having their own Awakening. I’ve been around here basically since the beginning in 2014-2015. Back then 30-40 comments was a busy day. Now 300 is pretty average. The audience is growing every day.

      Leftist believes are luxury beliefs. They won’t survive the crash with reality that hard times delivers. Slowly but surely, we are winning the battle of belief systems, which is precisely why the Left seeks to dox and destroy those on our side.

      Keep your head down. Work hard. Be a Prince among Men. Contribute to your community. Do not express hatred for anyone. Deliver a positive message of unity for your people. Red pill gently.

  28. Beautifully written and analyzed.

    Yes, the Left has won. All victories are temporary, though, hence the discredited banality about “the end of history” only three decades back. Arguably we lost when Buckleyite conservatism, which is nothing but negotiated and slow surrender, became the alleged opposition to the Left. Sharp point about the original formulation of that failed ideology and how in the modern era some of its original tenets would be denounced on the very pages of the magazine it spawned.

    Disentanglement from the current state of affairs will happen, but first we have to acknowledge who has triumphed and then how to proceed. Survival is the immediate, short-term goal, and recognition of the short-term victors is required to plan how to reclaim our lands for our peoples.

  29. Th left punching itself out could mean anything from them simply destroying themselves through constant and open political civil war, to violence on the scale of Mao’s great leap backwards.

  30. Jim, of Jim’s Blog, seems to have the idea that Left and Right are more or less indices of chaos or order. It’s an interesting idea, as it implies the dangers from those opposing facts of human nature: both chaos and order are not good in their extreme forms.

    That lets us be free from the ideology that is not very helpful; the Right has been insisting that tax cuts are Who We Are for a generation. Instead, what we want to accomplish is something like human flourishing, or what is contained in the preamble to the Constitution, broadly understood.Then particular questions about this or that policy can be measured by the degree to which they contribute or detract from human flourishing, rather than what tax burden they impose or whether it fits with the Enlightenment ideology.

    • He’s not wrong in that Leftism particularly in America is more associated with “openness” in the social psych sense but it’s pretty relative.

      The Left is only “open” on certain subjects.

      Most Wokies are terrified of chaos and cling to order like a binky – they just want an order where tears and fears elevate you above Chad traits like strength and stoicism.

      • They flog the rest of us with their tears and fears, and Normie feels the lashes, because he has been told to, and follows directions, go-along-to-get-along. People are waking up to the kabuki theater aspect of the whole thing, but not enough people have recognized the intense and specific cultural staging and scriptwriting going on, the cynical manipulation of it all. Many of those who have figured it out don’t know what to do about it, because empathy and cutting people slack is wired into YT, and lack of empathy is eeeevillll.

      • I’ve always said this – goodwhites will do the worst in a tribal, chaotic, low IQ society.

        Badwhite, or redneck whites, are still more intelligent than mexicans but the difference is culturally much smaller.

        In all honesty, it’s not hard to see a future where moderately tribal white evangelical Christians team up with the highly tribal muslims – hey, you have your territory, we have ours. Homos not welcome in either place. Goodwhites lose.

  31. The Right lost, but the Left hasn’t won. Most people still regard the Left as a bunch of raving loonies, including a lot of moderate liberals. An actual right-wing movement would find a lot of support in this country, if we could ever blast the detritus of ConInc out of the way and get one. But no movement that has people like David French or Conor Fridersdorf (or however the Hell he spells it) has any chance of doing anything constructive. The good news is that this might just be happening.

    As for Buckley conservatism as an actual creative force, it died in 1992, when the collapse of the USSR deprived it of its main reason for existing, and Pat Buchanan’s attempt to give it new purpose as the defender of Middle America failed. Even since then, it’s just been a Reagan nostalgia club.

  32. Sadly, the left has largely won the ideological battle. Not surprising since they control just about everything – media, academia, big business and large swaths of the political landscape. Hopefully they’ll wipe themselves out in internecine conflict with no “real” new foe to fight. The downside is we have to sit around and watch the shit show while the country collapses. We need something more dramatic – whatever that might be – to spark and hasten the eventual renewal.

  33. Nazis had a left wing streak in them. For one, equality, at least among Germans. All Germans were equal, at least in a quasi-Christian sense (maybe equally important). It was one of the reasons for all the uniforms. The HJ at least aspired to have the children of factory workers in the same club as the children of the factory owners. They had all kinds of leftist programs like the strength through joy with its state sponsored/mandated athletics, workplace improvement and even state provided vacations.

    Still, it is more of a reflection on the modern conservative than on the Nazis that so many modern conservatives describe them as left wing nationalists as opposed to the left wing internationalists. They define fascism as bad because racist completely ignoring other fascist countries who were not especially racist and liberal democracies who were at the time. And the last US states to abolish eugenics was in the 70s or 80s. There were involuntary sterilizations in the 1970s.

    Without at least some dogma/ideology, what separates the right wing from reactionaries?

    • Heh, it sure is fun watching yanks tie themselves into knots trying to neatly pack it in exactly which side the Nazis fell on. Backhanded sort of way, it’s flattering towards them to consider they ever had a spitting chance to survive much beyond the war.

      • nazis had great potential if they were not surrounded by enemies.
        The only reason USA & USSR came out on top after WW2 is cause of their geographical position & population, that’s it, them having better ideology had nothing to do with it.
        Hard to destroy USA when it has only 2 pathetic weak neighbours surrounding it, far away from Europe.

        • And also if it weren’t so expansionist and if Hitler wasn’t so reckless.
          I’m not so sure Hitler could have avoided war with Stalin, but that can also never be known. Even if he couldn’t, he didn’t have to also be at war with the US and Britain at the same time.
          The war declaration with America was monumentally stupid. OTOH, there was little chance FDR was ever going to stay neutral especially once war was declared and arms manufacturing was ramped up from an already high level. At a minimum he was going to keep illegally sending arms. But none of this would have happened if not for Hitler’s earlier blunders.
          Way too many people who pretend to be on our side want to rehabilitate one of the worst leaders of Europe in the 20th century, arguably the worst. He brought utter destruction, mass rape and ultimately communist rule of a quasi-permanently divided Germany. He set out to unify the German people and led them to destruction. The ONLY reasons these people love and want to rehabilitate Hitler is their antisemitism and the aesthetics of the Third Reich.
          What happened in German cannot, in fact, happen here. That is the biggest lie of all. It cannot happen again. There is no place in the world that even remotely looks like pre-Nazi German/Wiemar Republic.

          • Germany was surrounded by enemies, how was war avoidable? It was proven that Stalin was preparing to invade europe.
            USA wanted war with Germany, nothing to do with hitler’s declaration.
            Stalin’s mongrels raped people of all nationalities, not only hitler’s germans.
            US black monkeys also raped europeans.
            Hitler tried to uplift Europe, was his ideology great? no, it wasn’t, but he tried. The man saved half of europe from communism, no good deed goes unpunished.

          • I never said war was inevitable, I said I wasn’t sure Hitler could have avoided a war with Stalin.
            Stalin was preparing for war, to invade West which would have run into Germany. But Stalin wasn’t prepared in mid 1941 and Hitler took the decision out of his hands.

            Just “doing something” (he tried) is not De Facto good. Had Hitler consolidated his gains after Czechoslovakia and concentrated on technology and manufacturing as they had been, even if Stalin would have invaded anyway in 1942, Hitler would have been in a much better position to stop him. He would not have been fighting an additional 2 of the largest empires in the world who he could not weaken. The fact that he even contemplated invading Britain is just insane.
            Serious people who are not anti-nazi fanatics have looked at Barbarossa and determined that the German military was not in the condition to fight the war in the East on day one. To the extent that they had any success at all says a lot more about the Soviet preparedness than anything about the efficiency of the Wehrmacht.

          • Hitler never knew usa was arming russians, not his fault
            Italians screwed up with Greece, germans needed to intervene in 41 because of them, there were great casualties there for no good reason, Hitler never expected it, it threw Hitler’s plan out the window
            germans never utilized the hostile sentiment the slavs had against stalin because Hitler was given bad advice by his own men

            You should feel sorry for the guy’s bad luck, not accuse him for standing up against evil.

          • Sure he did. He knew we were arming Britain and the Soviets.
            FDR is (was) one of the 2 worst leaders in America’s history, really only exceeded by Lincoln. Even Wilson doesn’t even come close. Hitler absolutely knew about lend-lease, which was very public. FDR used legitimate ships to puts arms and fuel under lend-lease conditions.(neutrality required “gold and carry”) It was basically human shields. I think that is the main reason Hitler made the war declaration. He wanted to sink ships. But there was never any chance Hitler’s U-Boats could make a difference. He simply didn’t have enough of them. America built like 90 aircraft carriers during WW2! This is in addition to all of the other ships. There were thousands of ships to put war materials on.

            I am not painting him as evil. I am painting him as having brought utter destruction to Germany. That is not so much as me painting anything, but pointing a portrait already painted and in a frame and hanging on the wall.

          • I understand your fighting spirit, but you are wrong

            Operation Barbarossa – Sunday, 22 June 1941
            By the end of 1941, the lend-lease policy was extended to include other U.S. allies, including China and the Soviet Union.

            But I agree in principle, nazis never stood a chance, as i said in the beginning:
            The only reason USA & USSR came out on top after WW2 is cause of their geographical position & population, that’s it, them having better ideology had nothing to do with it.
            Hitler tried, but the international jewery was pulling strings everywhere, the oligarch mafia was already in control of too many states.

          • I don’t think for one minute they (Allies) had a better ideology or even a better political system. I don’t even think there is that much distance between the holocaust and the firebombing of cities or dropping nuclear weapons on cities. In the long run, Britain lost the empire, the Soviet Union doesn’t even exist in name anymore and America in name only.
            America and Britain should have stayed away from this mess, especially Britain, who turned a border dispute into the destruction of Europe and especially Germany. But it’s not like Hitler gets a free pass. The people trying to rehabilitate Hitler are like the black kid’s mother saying my boy dindu nuffin.

          • Hitler had plenty of U-boats. They were quite successful for the first year or so. Afterwards they proved ineffective against the antiU-boat defenses of the allies. In 1943, more U-boats were sunk than built. Doenitz recalled all the U-boats in 1944 and assigned them more or less to costal operations to keep from losing them all.

          • A German war with the US was inevitable, indeed as pointed out, an ostensibly neutral Roosevelt continued to supply GB with supplies through-out the war—lend/lease of 50 destroyers for example. US companies were allowed to build for GB. Hitler had little choice and had a small hope Japan might open up a second front with Russia.

            In any event, the first 6 months or so of the war saw U-boats picking off commercial shipping along the Eastern US at a prodigious rate as well as freighters to GB and the USSR. That all came to a stop with convoys and the US in Africa turned the tide on the Western front, while a vastly resupplied USSR drained the life out of the Wehrmacht. Blunders all way.

          • You’re putting the cart before the horse. The war was going to inevitably expand once the war started.
            Hitler declared war on the US at the same moment his troops were freezing in the Soviet Union.
            Hitler should not have been “hoping” that Japan would do anything. He should have ironed out the details and got a Japanese committal of help in Russia. Japan went and signed a non-agression pack with Stalin allowing him to free up a lot of troops and equipment. At least the allies worked together somewhat.

          • That was obvious even before the war when El Dorko “invaded” Ethiopia. With friends like Italy, who needs enemies?

          • hitler & stalin were brough together by versailles treaty, so yeah poor them, not cause they loved each other.
            Germans had to rearm, like any sane country.
            Current germans are cuckholds like you like them to be, is that better? Why does Trump complain germans don’t contribute to Nato.
            Which one is it? First you blame them for rearming, now they are blamed for expecting american protection.
            & why is USA dictating german secret services what to do?
            & why is usa telling germans not to make deals with putin?

          • If you mean soldiers, not sure I’d agree. The SS had numerous divisions of foreign volunteers:

            ”During World War II, the Waffen-SS recruited significant numbers of non-Germans, both as volunteers and conscripts. In total some 500,000 non-Germans and ethnic Germans from outside Germany, mostly from German-occupied Europe, were recruited between 1940 and 1945. “

            l still have a family photo lying around showing my uncle in his SS uniform.

            And the above does not include the Russians:

            It is estimated that anywhere between 600,000 and 1,400,000 Soviets (Russians and non-Russians) joined the Wehrmacht forces as Hiwis (or Hilfswillige) in the initial stages of Barbarossa, including 275,000 to 350,000 “Muslim and Caucasian”

          • Hitler’s failings in the East is nowhere better described than the good faith he lost in the Eastern territories. The Nazis were greeted as liberators in a lot of the towns in the Eastern Soviet Union and in places like Ukraine where the Holodomor was still a recent event. But they squandered all of that good faith. They should have empowered right wing locals and treated the people well. Instead of taking all of their food, they should have fully privatized all the farms and then “tax” the farms in the form of food and been reasonable about the “tax” rate. They also could have fully exposed the crimes of the Soviet state. Instead, the new boss were only marginally if at all any better, only doing so while speaking a foreign language.

        • Nice to be far away from your enemy, but of greater importance is you economic strength. The US had more idle capacity and natural resources than the rest of the Axis—and Allies—combined. The war was really over at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But definitely in the Pacific by late 42 or early 43 and Europe by mid 43. The rest was a long mopping up operation.

          • Usa had more economical potential, but nazis would have won if the populations were equalized & if USA was near Germany, that way nazis could enter USA, sabotage them & take away what they needed
            agree with the remaining of your comment

    • The quality scholars on fascism tend to set the Nazis over to one side, as they really don’t fit in with the rest. Their antisemitism, for example is an outlier. Their expansionism is also an outlier. Of course, the terminology is now junked up with modern moral signalling, so it is a hopeless topic.

      • Yes, there is nothing at all inherently anti-semitic about Fascism as such; lots of Jews reached high rank in the Fascisti under Mussolini, Franco saved lots of Jews from Hitler (a lot of thanks it got him), and of course the Irgun and Stern Group were Jewish Fascist parties who fought their own mini-civil war inside the new state of Israel with the Haganah and Labor Jews. But of course, all of this is memory-holed, just like the really significant number of Jews who served in the Confederate government.

        • Antisemitism is proportional to (((tricks))) and Noticing. It correlates with Jewish perfidy, not with particular political systems. The countries and cultures with the highest rates of antisemitism are those who have lived with and next to Jews the longest – the ME, E. Europe, Russia, Germany, etc…

          • Don’t you know that antisemism is actually just the oldest mental illness in existence and that the Jews never, ever brought it on themselves? No Jew has ever done anything wrong ever.

        • Socialism and Fascism are in part the kibbutz writ large and administered top-down. Many things that work at the local community level do not scale up well. The intense cross-pollination between German social policies and Jewish community responsibilities will never be studied, or even acknowledged, thanks to mini-mustache guy.

      • oh! so the soviets weren’t expansionist? and the soviets didn’t have concentration camps? and the soviets didn’t practice governmental control of production? good to know. odd that they signed a non-aggression pact though?

    • just because zman says something is “silly” doesn’t make it so. he is not an honest agent. like a magician he says “ignore the socialist part of ‘NSDAP'” and you do. but the germans didn’t. they are an innately communal people.

      how many people here, know that there are more Americans of german ancestry, than British?

      • Honestly, at this point white Americans have breeding long enough on the NA continent ancestry is a moot point. They’re their own thing. It’s like a Brit claiming heraldry in the modern time. It’s fun but means precisely jack.

      • You should have been able to infer from my post that I acknowledge there were left wing elements. But when you pretend they were just the nationalist version of communism, and since any form of communal state functions is socialism, therefore, bad, that’s retarded. That is what the cuckservatives do. It is almost as retarded as leftists pretending the Soviet Union was far right. Both of these are a cope.
        It also allows them to frame nationalism as just another form of leftism. It also enables the race consciousness=leftism=bad therefore race consciousness is evil, bad leftist let’s all be individualists and pretend nothing is happening.

      • There aren’t more German Americans than British. A lot of people in the South call themselves American which skews the results of polling on ethnicity. Genetic studies don’t support your claim

    • [Disclaimer: Sketchy recall of long-ago read material]
      Interesting point about Eugenics. It was popular (the idea at least) in the USA pre-war. Nazi Germans were invited as guest lecturers. A few years later, and Hitler gave it a bad name, so to speak, it was practised not only in USA, but even in liberal Western countries like Sweden into 70s as well.

  34. Left and Right are pseudo-identities, quasi-religious, which are intended to replace actual identity in the same way that Squats, Jeets et al are supposed to replace White citizens.

    The political labels are almost entirely meaningless. The important thing is that the White majority must be given a synthetic dialectic to fight over so they don’t recognize their common identity and interests.

    We’ve said this a lot here before – identity starts with biology, then nurture, culture/society and politics – in that order.

    Our present circumstances should be making it clear to Whites across every fake synthetic category that merely being, looking or acting White is a Thing to everyone but a lot of us.

    And from that Thing commonalities arise. Ooga-Boogaloo Identity, even.

    For our UPIC.works starter’s guide for dissident lifestyles, we’re describing a post-Right/Left White culture. We’re aiming for “Living White,” not Right or Left. It’s a tricky subject due to all the gaslighting and sportsball politicking, but we’re getting there.

    Common White interests in American and Europe are broadly 1) physical safety 2) free association 3) free expression and 4) beyond that, what are broadly termed “civil rights” and “human rights” protections available to everyone else but us in our own homelands at this point.

    And no, 4) does not include butt-stuff, free porn or heroin-pops for consenting sixth-graders.

    Those are the demands that are on the table. If we can’t have them within this society, we’ll go outside of it.

    And if they chase us past the fence, we don’t plan to come back quietly sniffing the ass of another Judas Goat and asking what’s for dinner.

    We already know it’s Us.

    • While I agree, there is no question in my mind that there is something biological that distinguishes Badwhites and GoodWhites.

      What that is, I don’t know, but like Dark Matter it can’t not be there. The evidence is simply too strong.

      • I go back and forth on “pathological altruism” It’s something “sub-Hajnal” Whites seem more resistant to and I doubt anyone would have called pre-20th century Anglos or Nords self-loathing sissies, or even up to WWII.

        Ice People at worst have a predisposition for empathy and altruism that other races don’t share that makes them less “hardy” in multicultural high-density mixes with more obnoxious out-groups.

        But I think the pathological levels we see today wouldn’t have been reached without determined, persistent and overbearing (((social engineering))).

        Our ability to still win any relatively uncensored online debate space shows that if we remove the battery wires from the White man’s testicles and make Shlomo stop beating him, he’s going to snap back just fine.

        • I think it may have to do with the vast numbers of warrior caste Hajnal whites that were wiped out in the wars from the French-Indian War right up through the current Forever Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        • Could it be the Ice people had fewer external invasions than others. In fact, they were more often the invaders than the invaded? Therefore seeing foreigners as less of a threat?

        • You see proof to the contrary all around you. American Indians could have been liquidated but were put on reservations. Even though it was the plan all along to repatriate blacks to Africa, they remain. And so on and all long before WWII. Pathological altruism probably has an evolutionary or biological basis we haven’t discovered yet.

        • It’s a really good question. Anglo-descended peoples are the vast majority of whites in the South, and are to this day highly racist. The anglo descended northerners are different.

          However, goodwhites also display racial consciousness, just cloaked in “good schools” and “safe streets”.

          As a whole NW Euros continue to display ethnocentric behavior, and the inter racial marriage rate for us is far lower than Asians and Hispanics.

          NW Euros are pretty unique, non whites just don’t understand the way we are and it scares them. It’s much easier for Arabs to assimilate with Italians than with germans, for instance.

          • In the NE English and Dutch Colonial descendants have been a minority for a long, long time due to mass immigration. The dominant ethnicities are Irish and Italian (with Portuguese, French, PRs coming in second.) Anglos may as well be Pandas.

        • Social engineering effect for sure, but I believe another effect—not to be considered lightly—prosperity. After WWII, we have the greatest growth in such. There seemed to follow a movement for us to take care of the world out of our abundance.

          • Good point – toxic affluence is definitely an element in weakening your identity and in-group loyalty. Soft times, soft men.

      • No biological difference, it’s willpower & cynicism, without them you can’t break conditioning. Human traits vary from person to person.
        When I was a minor & had childlike views of the world I bought in all the leftist crap that came my way.

    • Left/Right debates are a luxury afforded by ethnically homogeneous nation-states that have secured their borders and have no real threats.

      Here’s my ideology: Family comes first, and a family needs a home of its own.

      • here’s something not mentioned very often, if at all. a place like cali (where i live) has a few real communities left, where people are genuine neighbors. but most people are not going to form any kind of bonds with their neighbors, or anyone/anything else. it’s all transient and transactional.

        in urban settings it’s probably even worse. but there are a lot of places in the US, where there is genuine community. and those people stick together and fight back.

        what i see happening, here and many other sites, is people fall into the linearity trap. what is happening now will continue and expand going forward. that’s not how it works. this is where zman does such a dis-service to his readers, with his irrational anti-Trump “feelings”. Trump is disrupting the shit out of the progs, world wide. And they cannot keep up. he is changing the world in a huge way.

      • Its interesting, I was looking at a leftist meme group on Facebook- the people were young and so white! Despite being only 55% of Canadian youth the left and right wing groups are all white. What we need a white wing – combine fiscally left and socially right. Neither side is “wrong” yet we hate each other over it.

        Similarly, the jew does not thrive outside of a homogeneous white area. Asians don’t have any sympathy points for them, and say so quite openly.

        Asians (including indians) have no sympathy for blacks or whites – blacks are dumb animals and whites are naive cucks.

        The old rules – left vs right, white vs black, jew mixing in with whites, muh reaganomics, civnats, colourblindless, no longer apply – the game is rapidly changing and those who don’t adapt will be left behind.

        Team white is the only team. Disagreements happen behind closed doors.

    • Had a friend who’s mother had to escape her Florida retirement village during the GOP convention since, I suppose, the vast majority of people there are Trump supporters and she’s “Team Blue”. All I could think of was how clueless everyone in that village obviously is.

  35. Nobody wants to believe this is another Bolshevik Revolution, but essentially that’s what it is. Like you said, there is no opposing force because small hat money bought off the opposition.

  36. The Left won.

    On the large scale, in state and local government and it’s associated bodies, in the media organs as well as many large corporations, this could well be correct. I know of know organization that would openly tolerate even moderate statements like ‘perhaps women shouldn’t be police officers’… even said in a tepid way, you’d get the boot in an instant.

    But on the small scale, I am not so sure. It is true that leftists infect most areas of life, but a form of conservatism can indeed flourish at the bottom. I suppose, if we’re trying to reason about whether of not we’re ‘real’ conservatives, we may as well ask ‘what are we trying to conserve?’. For me, there are definite values that I associate with ‘conservative’ that I will do my best to give to my children:

    1. Personal responsibility
    2. A skeptical view of progressive doctrines – progress in general
    3. A will to conserve things that worked for you and your people in the past

    A person with such views will, in my opinion, naturally seek others with the same perspective and thus begin to form a community. I think that this conservatism is something that just happens to be, often, re-enforced by life in general – probably why it is so hated. Every single time in my life I have witnessed some dogmatic individual get uppity, be it rioting, protesting, being loud and obnoxious: all seem to be at war with reality. Perhaps, in this light, that is all conservatism really ought to be, an acceptance of reality and acknowledgement you ought to make the best of it.

    On my part I would love to conserve: beautiful English villages, our lovely old buildings, the complimentary relationship between woman and man and last and by no means least, the white race with it’s pride intact.

    • any org that becomes pozzed, dies. it’s a good thing all these archaic and obsolete institutions are becoming infected and expiring; it opens up all kinds of opportunities for fresh growth. even though the young losers here don’t deserve it, there is a golden age starting up that will enrich their lives.

    • Yes, if they prevail, such a systematically deluded social – political system will probably die of its own contradictions. Imagine them sending a convicted child molester to work at a government-run day care. “But he said he likes working with children!” Yes, things could get that silly. But at some point, even the most pozzed normie would finally see his own particular eiphany.

  37. Very good essay. It about sums up our situation in 2020, we who at least try to understand the human condition in a reasonable way using metaphysics or just logic deduction of the human condition, we, all of us, are wandering around in the wilderness looking for a way out.
    Or maybe a better analogy is wandering around in a insane asylum looking for normal people to associate with.

    • Or maybe a better analogy is wandering around in a insane asylum looking for normal people to associate with.
      Yes definitely a better analogy because in the wilderness people tend to band together to get through whatever the wilderness throws at them…In the asylum everyone keeps to themselves because they think they are the only same ones in there while everyday someone new gets dragged away never to be heard from again and so you start looking at what those people did and try not to do anything that was associated with those people… Also you have other inmates trying everything they can to stop you from forming up anything because of either fear or malice…A lot of people need to look in the mirror and decide if they want to be a comfortable slave until it’s there time or a freeman with an unknown future…

  38. One reason the libertarians can’t get out of their own way or field sane candidates is they can’t decide if they are Right or Left. Some go with the cultural marxism of the left and try to ignore the loss of economic freedom that entails. Some do the opposite.
    Many who dabble in libertarianism see the glaring flaws and back away from the truly stupid ideas.

    • Libertarians are the greedy, the corrupt and the utopians. The greedy don’t want to pay taxes, the corrupt don’t want any organization that can enforce rules against them and the utopians think “can’t we all get along?” I almost forgot about the pot smokers.

    • I think of the libertarians as a political tranny. They started out as a right wing movement, and after a series of reassignment surgeries have emerged as a left wing movement.

      Unfortunately, they’ve wound up looking a lot like most of the other casualties of such reassignments.

      • Reason went through some serious convulsions about the time Trump came along. Turned out that most of their writers leaned hard left while their readers / commenters went right. They started hurting for money and the Koch’s came through for them with all the usual strings attached. A large chunk of their readers left forever when the pro-Hillary, pro-China stink became too much to bear.
        Trump’s magic power is exposing the swamp.

  39. Four years ago, we were all saying that the Globalist/Nationalist dichotomy would replace the Left/Right dichotomy.

    Perhaps it still will.

    • In the short run at least, it’s the only option. But history is not dead and left and right will again emerge.

      • Not if we do our jobs properly. It’s a fake dichotomy.

        “Right” social policy and “Left” economic policy is the most popular combination in White politics.

        That’s why keeping them separated by “Marxist vs. Fascist” kosher-sandwich kabuki has loomed large since at least the American Civil War.

        • Funny how we seem to get the exact opposite of “Right social policy/Left economic policy” . . . no matter who is elected.

        • IDK, I think there are people and personality traits that are naturally what we think of as broadly left and right. Like the right hand path and the left hand path. The straight and narrow and the wide and crooked. Order and disorder.

          • There are pro-social healthy people and anti-social spiteful mutants. In a White society, the rest is down to leadership.

            NAXALT, but on the broad average, your society will only turn to chaos if you empower too many mutants.

  40. There’s a library I go to here in the suburbs sometimes. It’s in a normie white neighborhood, so you’ll get bios of Black Historical Figures in the kids’ section but you don’t get men in wigs and cheetah print reading to the tots. Before the BLM paroxysms and the Corona lockdown, it wasn’t unusual to see books by someone like Ta-Nehisi Coates prominently displayed (I even saw one by David French, and struggled not to laugh out loud when I thought of this blog). The first day back from the lockdown I saw Charles Murrays’ “Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class” in the same spot where the Goodwhite book usually sits. I can’t say what comes next in terms of what whites do (how they react), but I can say what comes next for whites in terms of the action taken against them, because it’s happening right now (their sons literally being targeted, a la Sandmann and Rittenhouse). Every time my normie neighbor brings up politics, blathers about socialism, I shrug and say, “Your son and daughter are members of a hated minority in this country.” This is the only argument to make, and it is a splash of cold water in the face of man about to nod off permanently in a fatal overdose.

    • “Your son and daughter are members of a hated minority in this country.”

      Effective. Right to the point, immediately giving the target immense concern. I’ll take that one for a test drive in the coming weeks.

      The first day back from the lockdown I saw Charles Murrays’ “Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class” in the same spot where the Goodwhite book usually sits.

      Probably the work of a rogue employee. This reminds me of the time when I, as a young bookseller in a large (but now defunct) bookstore chain, drew large penises in marker pen in the middle of fourteen copies of Dreams From My Father.

      • Funny, I worked at the large bookseller that still exists and about a month after that same book was released I executed an order to have them all pulled and remaindered out during the peak of its popularity. Probably confused the hell out of some poor sap somewhere along the supply chain.

    • I have a GoodWhite Christian friend who was hitting me up for money for a non- profit she does virtue work helping the homeless. I offered to help her revise a grant that was rejected until she revealed the reason: they want to see more “equity” in the clientele. I said ‘You realize that means don’t help Whites, right?” That got her attention but when I suggested that maybe when her grandchildren are a hated minority we can start helping each other instead of people who hate/want to replace us. That silenced her. I don’t suspect I’ll be getting that promised fundraising email.

  41. So you end it by saying maybe the Left won. Probably so, and we are just living in the aftermath. Covid reaction is just cementing in the demise.

    What was it some old conservative said about cultivating our own gardens? Reading Zman’s ideas of how we go forward sounds pretty much the same and I’m in on that. Right now, personally, I’m taking names and kicking asses with family members. It stops where I can have an effect on it.

    • It stops where I can have an effect on it.

      Exactly right. This leftism, wokeness, or whatever you call it, always comes from the top – unless both parents are of that ilk. Family members are where it starts: protect, correct, direct.

    • Covid reaction is just cementing in the demise.

      Watching normie tards discuss Beer flu as if it were real is mind-boggling.

      iSteve posted a Beer flu article today and the tards are all over the comments.

    • Exactly. A friend, recently awakened and now hard charging toward detaching from the succubus, is at a crossroads.

      Has family in the mountains and a dad in the city. Mountain family uninvited dad to upcoming family events as dad and urban progwife insist upon wearing masks.

      Mountain family: “your kind is not welcome here.”

      My friend is emboldened by his relatives taking a stand but also unnerved by having to make his own stand with his dad who is forcing sides to be drawn over his covid faith.

      My friend s already alienated from many friends over his awakening and these few people are his only family.

      These are the front lines. There are real casualties. But also where we steel our beliefs against the anvil of the life we actually desire to live.

  42. Yes, the left has won. Virtually every multinational corporation, the institutions, and the sportsball teams are on the BLM train. They see a multiracial future and that’s where they’ve decided to go, without Whitey.

    • Based on the collective national shrug at Netflix’s latest go at full on pro pedo, I’d say the left has the culture captured 100%.

      Normalizing pedophilia, for Christ’s sake. That’s a society that is too sick to deserve to survive.

      If politics is downstream of culture, I’d say the left has won, and it’s going to be a few grim decades before things turn around.

      • Don’t forget the non-reaction to California SB145 which legalizes the violation of children by sodomites.

        • Had to have a quick look at this one, from the The Act itself:

          SB 145, Wiener. Sex offenders: registration.

          Existing law, the Sex Offender Registration Act, requires a person convicted of one of certain crimes, as specified, to register with law enforcement as a sex offender while residing in California or while attending school or working in California, as specified. A willful failure to register, as required by the act, is a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the underlying offense.

          This bill would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register.

          That’s the slippery slope right there – and I must say, it feels as though we’re looking back up at it and not down it.

        • You must of missed the 12000 showing up at the capital to protest that bill…Have lots of friends which that bill was the tipping point for them to actually wake up to the demonic forces at work…

          • You must of missed the 12000 showing up at the capital to protest that bill

            I did.

            Thanks for the positive update on this otherwise gloomy day.

          • The perverts are the biggest Achilles’ Heel Wokeness has. Apart from fellow-traveling degenerates, only the most craven or deluded GoodWhites aren’t repulsed by this stuff.

            Their overreach will always provide opportunities. Being organized and ready to seize these moments is how you gain momentum.

      • netflix is dead man walking. their pedo movie is a hail mary pass that will fall short. they lose money every quarter, and always have done.

        • There are a number of extremely large, powerful businesses out there right now that have never turned a profit. Yet their stocks are still valuable. You have to get the idea at some point that turning a profit isn’t the true purpose of those corporations. Then you have to ask yourself, “What is their true purpose?”

      • The push-back against the filth they are purveying is considerable and Netflix has had to apologize and is still hemorrhaging cash . They have had to cut fees in half to try and keep people from bolting.
        That said its a French film not American and France has a habit of defending rapists and pedophiles who are “artists”
        The best thing any of us can do is cut them off , stop watching buy less, do less,work less and stop being a consumer as much as possible.
        We can’t win doing it but we can inflict damage at little cost and almost no risk to ourselves.
        if you did need some entertainment, go fork some money to our host and after that something like unauthorized tv or someone on our side or even like Black Rifle Coffee at least a friendly /not an enemy.
        Keep you mind clean, get fit and be ready. If by miracle we manage to get through this and win without boog, you’ll be fitter mentally. physically and morally

    • With corporate America, former bastions of conservatism, administering “struggle sessions” to its supine white middle class employees, it certainly has an “end of history” feel. My guess is that underlying all this is an unnatural tension. But the ruling classes with their technological, demographic and institutional strengths have a air of impregnability, at least in the short to intermediate term futures.

    • What would they be fighting for? Trying to prove “Demz R Da Real Razzists”? Normie-Cons pretty much believe in all of the left’s social philosophy, they just think that too much socialism is the cause of all of our woes.

      • I think some of them might have a passing interest in not letting a mob of noggers burn down their businesses ES. Or maybe they just get fed up with all the bullchit? We will see I suppose. All I can say is that if we let these guys hijack our countries without firing a shot… we deserve what will come of it.

        • Mindless violence will get you nowhere. Fantasizing about it is a cope and an excuse for inaction, not action. Peasant revolts always get crushed. Same here.

          • I do not advocate mindless violence, nor would anyone else on the Dissident Right. I advocate legal and lawful self defense.

          • Isn’t that what Rittenhouse claimed, self-defense? How has that worked out for him? I’ll reiterate: the right fantasizing about violence is just an excuse for doing nothing. No real resitance is coming from these people. It’s all talk. Most conservatives are disorganized and not very intelligent. See those gents who got owned in Portland by antifa as an example. They thought they’d just stroll in flashing their dumb gun stances and “dem liberals” would back down, because as we all know it’s really our side that has all the guns and would easily win a conflict, or so my boomer Facebook relatives have assured me over the years. I believe VD had a post about it. It was glorious reading through all the comments from befuddled “but how” posters. For years the right has been living this stupid fantasy. It’s time to end it.

          • This is a bit acerbic, but on the money. “From my cold dead hands” is rhetoric. Most who bluster that will hand them over (or their children will after shoving dad in a rest home staffed by third-worlders).

          • Not remotely true, We have had many gun bans, register them or a felony laws passed and no one in the US is compliant to any real degree. 10% is the usual max.
            Connecticut threatened to go door to door but called it off when they addresses of every supporter were leaked with a clear “bring it” message,.
            Ultimately guys like you want to strange resiatance in its cradle because rightly you fear the results.
            Its understandable as the results are nearly too terrible to contemplate but there almost certainly is no voting our way out.
            The current power base will just nullify results they don’t like.
            It is NOT there yet, don’t be stupid and do illegal things as we may manage to dodge it but understand your nation is dead and its up to you to do what it takes to rebuild.
            Its like planting an oak, you may not even see the results but ultimately you’ll shelter future generations.
            TL;DR man up you are in for a hell of fight and if you cant, shut up and don’t drag others down.

          • This comment is the perfect illustration of what I mean by lack of talent. Scrolling through it, I can think of numerous counterexamples to every claim made in the body of the text. It’s mostly a mix of conservative conventional wisdom & bravado without any kind of objective analysis. This is not the kind of person you’d want in command of any conflict, but this kind of post represents pretty much all the right has intellectually. Fundamentally, this is why the left won. They have the support of the cognitive elite, as misguided and foolish as they are, and all we have are peasant farmers who think they can stand against the king with their shovels.

            “Not remotely true, We have had many gun bans, register them or a felony laws passed and no one in the US is compliant to any real degree. 10% is the usual max.”

            There has been no serious effort to confiscate firearms, at least in general, nationwide. For the most part, that’s limited to urban buyback schemes. Lots of foreign countries have adopted national buybacks and gun bans effectively. Australia, for instance. I see no impediment to the left doing the same here one day. Conservatives will comply just as they did with gay marriage and trans rights. Donald Trump even has a transsexual campaigning for him now.

            Every gun purchased enters you into a database. They know who you are and where you live. It would be trivial for the government to use the same kind of predictive algorithms Google uses to sell you ads to predict who is most likely to cause trouble when TSHTF. In fact, such a list already exists. It was reported on a few months before Covid got going. The government could round up a few thousand people at the beginning and the rest would soon fall in line because, as any competent leader should know, the Pareto Principle is absolutely true; 80% of anything comes from 20% of the population (or less). That includes willingness to engage in conflict.

            Also, psychology demonstrates people are only bold in groups. Confiscate enough guns, jail enough people, and the rest will comply. The lone wolf shooter is a rare breed. Maybe there might be some occasional shootings, but you can forget about an organized boomer rebellion. That’s a cope. Conservatives won’t be able to organize over large, low population dense areas in a conflict. Grandma isn’t leading a rebellion with her son’s .38 special. Conflicts are won through an ability to concentrate fire in key areas. You can’t do that when all the troublemakers are jailed, most guns are banned, and the enemy heavily outclasses you in armament, mobility, and institutional support.

            There are other ways guns could be effectively banned. The government could regulate the ammunition or the manufacturing process to make weapons less practical or more expensive. The government could also threaten to withhold your tax returns unless you turn in your weapons. And as I pointed out, they already know you own the weapon because your information exists in a database when you purchased it.

            Point: there are dozens of effective means I can think of to ban guns. Don’t believe any boomer when they claim otherwise. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

            “Connecticut threatened to go door to door but called it off when they addresses of every supporter were leaked with a clear “bring it” message”

            See what I mean? The other side has all the talent. All the left would have to do is prosecute a few people who make such threats to make the rest fall in line. Worked like a charm with Charlottesville. How many similarly sized alt-right “unite the right” demonstrations have been held since?

          • The US is not Australia. Compliance was also lower than you might think there.
            Besides why aren’t YOU out organizing various bands of meat heads for legal protests if you think it is important? Man up or shut up.
            As for Portland, another difference is that the Right doesn’t care of shit-lib cities burn. We are so divided the response is typically “serves them right for voting in Leftists.”
            If Super Covid 2021 culled the large cities almost no one on the Right would give a crap and many might cheer.
            This is a clear sign of division and makes large sale stuff more difficult.
            However I will note that the President seems to have calmed things down in Portland despite opposition from the Left there.
            It was done in such a way as to not create a media spectacle for the left to leverage and by any standards is a 4GW victory. He may be well on the way to breaking the Lefts back as well and while I expect to see more trouble, its on a time limit now.
            To paraphrase Ted Cruz who I think is spot on “When little Ashley fron the suburbs is looking at 5 years in the Federal Pen , she tends to flip real fast.”
            Antifa and the rest are well organized and not to be played with casualty but being organized is an Achilles Heel too as it allows the head of the snake to be cut off.
            Now are we winning? Not exactly but we aren’t losing either and the colunm is slightly in our favor

          • Yet it happened. How many statues have antifa pulled down and how many have you successfully prevented from destruction? Wikipedia has a list that runs into the hundreds, if iirc.

            Here’s Vox Day’s write up of it: https://voxday.blogspot.com/2020/09/reality-check.html

            Antifa also successfully shut down their website, lol. We’re not winning any conflicts with that crowd. Remember this when some boomer assures you that their side will win because they “own all the guns” or some other nonsense. The left has the youth, the establishment, the talent, the financing, and the will to use force. Boomers are out gunned and out manned.

          • Antifag pulls down statues in urban areas ruled by the AWRs. That is not defeating anybody. OTOH, the Trumpers brazenly rolled through the heart of Antifag territory and Antifag could do nothing to prevent it. What’s more, whenever an Antifag dares physical confrontation with a normal man, he gets his ass kicked. I’ve seen the videos. So cease and desist with your AWR propaganda. It’s not fooling anybody.

          • This is still such a rich country! Can you name a single armed resistance, real revolution, without serious material hardship preceding it?

          • There are something like 40 million people facing homelessness to do lockdowns and more than half of all small businesses closed for good.
            Its not longer a rich country and if the deep state wins, it will never be again without a rebellion.

        • If the authorities don’t crack down hard on Antifa/BLM, with thousands dead, maimed, or locked up for decades, there will be two Americas in 2030. One a burned-out urban wasteland, and the other a loose network of communities with spotty cell coverage whose only law is that if you steal, break, burn, or spray-paint anything, you and your belongings will disappear without a trace.

          The only ideology Conservatives have today is yesterday’s Liberalism. If they don’t find something better to coalesce around, America will become a localized, tribal society like Pakistan.

        • Still not seeing what such a fight would be about. Suppose this mythical gun club showed up and violently put down the BLMfa crowd. I certainly would not cry for that crowd going through the chipper-shredder, but then what spoils would the victors claim? An end to affirmative action? Freedom of association? Immigration repatriation? Institutionalization of trannies? Or, more likely, just more of the same, just maybe not quite as much all at once.

          • Well, yeah. But what did the IRA gain from any particular action? Or, for that matter, what did Washington’s army gain from any particular battle? The process of breaking an enemy’s will to fight is done by, well, breaking it.

            Rittenhouse basically ended the riots in Kenosha. As Z has pointed out, the clumsy bombings on Wall Street by the anarchists basically changed US immigration policy. Of course, neither of these results was the intent of either case – Rittenhouse was simply trying to defend himself and the Italian anarchists hardly cared about immigration. And, of course, idiots mischaracterize their own pointless violence all the time: the Charleston shooter imagined he would spark a race war, not that he would exterminate the ability of anyone to express pro-Southern sentiments for a decade.

          • I’ll admit this after reading a not-very-good piece over at Pj Media about the Civil War. In the book Battlecry Freedom McPherson pointed out that none of the parties at the beginning of the war could admit the war was about slavery, it was all abstract state’s rights ideas and such, but that in the end they had to own up to the fact that, indeed, the war was at it’s root totally about slavery.
            I could see the same thing happening. Normies say it’s about fighting “communism” or “corrupt oligarchs”, but after a bit of violent death they’ll notice a certain make-up of the people fighting by their sides versus those who are shooting at them.

          • As I hinted above in my “Nazi” post this is what it comes down to. Context is everything. The context here isn’t some decades-long inter- (and intra-)-European civil war. That’s what 1914-1945 really was but people get distracted by the two big wars. Our context is a civil war among whites and Jews with blacks being used as human shields and proxies by the Leftist whites and Jews.

            As far as “ideology” goes. It’s hard to really characterize the Leftists as communists even though, for tactical reasons, I sometimes do myself. Classical communism really was a working class movement though I think Marx always downplayed the role of what he called the Lumpenproletariat. What they really represent is that fraction of the white* population who were told from a young age that they were owed a comfortable life even if they had no real skills or education to produce that life. This, in my opinion, is why there’s a surprisingly large element of just plain criminal white trash mixed in with the college “educated” soyboys and wammen. They’ve got nothing in common – except they all want something for nothing. The soyboys and wammen are mad because life, which is to say you the remaining productive people, isn’t giving them $100,000/yr to write papers on intersectionality and fly around the world to conferences (which for the young wammen really just means getting to ride lots of exotic cock). The criminals are mad because you won’t hand over your (literal) wallet and now everybody carries a gun.

            The blacks, allegedly the “cause” being fought over, are also mostly just there to cash in without needing to work too hard. Then again that’s been their thing for generations. They just shift around from demanding makework jobs, to demanding welfare, to rioting over some dead nyggyr they probably would have shot themselves, to just straight up robbing you. They remain a tragic reminder of why mass immigration (forced or voluntary) from the third world is the gift that keeps on giving for centuries after the initial beneficiaries of it are dead.

            * I’m allowing “white” here to mean Lefty Jews and whites though I know the difference. Jews, in my experience, are basically the human analog of “nucleation sites” in that they attract dysfunctional and dumber white kids whom they weaponize for their real agendas.

          • Celtic nationalism was absorbed by the Left which is why the British state was ineffective against it because the UK state is run by commies..The new IRA/Sinn Fein believes in a diverse Ireland. They are going to get it. Their violence was performative and ultimately useless because the strategic goals of the IRA were changed.
            The Op’s point is that it isn’t just the act which makes an effective resistance it’s the political goal. Politics is a game played over the long term, if you don’t have an endpoint in mind and your opponent does you are going to lose.

            What does the average person want politically? Effectively they want nothing and they won’t even get that.

          • You obviously haven’t been paying attention. The object is white separation from this shambling corpse of a country.

      • Imprisoned by whom, exactly? I just read on Blab about a noggered Mayor who tried to lay the blame for the NLM chimpouts on the police and the chief. They resigned.

          • Rittenhouse is going to walk, and cash in on a plethora of slander and defamation suits against the media and the municipality as well as wrongful arrest. In due time, don’t be surprised to find some of these idiot mayors and snivel servants getting sued for criminal negligence too.
            You guys are missing the fact that the vast majority of this BS is happening in Leftie’s cities and states. They are literally setting themselves on fire, and making war against their own citizens. “The Left has already won”?
            Leftie is chitting his pants in fear right now. Sure, they can burn, loot and murder… but they can’t build. They don’t have the human capital to fight a sustained race or civil war, much less run a country afterward. Get a grip you guys.

          • Rittenhouse is going to . . . cash in on a plethora of slander and defamation suits against the media and the municipality as well as wrongful arrest. …find some of these idiot mayors and snivel servants getting sued for criminal negligence too.

            Your faith in our judicial system is misplaced.

          • This blog attracts Black Pill types. Always has
            Don’t listen to them,. Be like Kyle, Serve with courage and initiative.
            Ber like the people helping him, be like the people writing terrible songs about Kyle (there are many on YouTube)
            Make change by peaceful means
            And if all that fails, live for vengance, Make your purpose fill you.
            Now for homework.
            Pray for peace, get prepped for war spit on the ground, fuck you Black Pillers and go play the Warrior Song or whatever else moves you, Sabaton or Rachael Platten (kidding, mostly)
            Now go and be brave.

          • I understand. To be DR to begin with, you must have swallowed a black pill or two. But there are black pills about the present, and black pills about the future. The former is rational. The latter are pernicious and unnecessary. People who purvey them are the enemy every bit as much as BLM.

          • Just to note, that post really wasn’t for you . I know you have it together as much as anyone can.
            This was for the newbies here and the type to fall into despair.
            Still I agree with you.
            The best advice I can offer is for all of us to do what we can to keep things together but if we can’t try and make it out and have a little fun along the way.

          • x1000
            any of you guys with boys under 20 have already seen a generation that knows where they stand. 4th turning mapping is that we are looking at the new hero generation. my wife knows that when this really comes to shove, i wlll be joining with my son. until then, i work with worthy kids as much as i can. imho, there is no mission more important right now.
            the rest will sort itself out in time. just keep MVB’s three nevers in mind.
            no innocents, no fort sumpters, no departing moral high ground.
            fail those, and we’ve failed the most important generation since the greatest. signed, gen xer.

          • BrunoB the best thing you can do for your kids is Build Community and if your area isn’t conducive to that then move to somewhere it is…

          • i’m the AEX in our local CAP composite squadron, and started a local Trail Life troop with my compatriots and wife. we are arguably behind enemy lines, but i grew up here and am done retreating.

          • Glenfilthie: so your plan is to wait 200-300 years for the infrastructure decay to overwhelm them and their inability to “build new things?” Doesn’t sound like a viable plan. You will still be waiting for “reality” to catch up to your enemies when they put that Makarov against the back of your head. Any day now, reality will catch up with that 50+ years of MMT too, right? Just another 1/2 century and that “unsustainable debt load” will “catch up” with TPTB???

          • 200~300 years? Buddy – their neighborhoods are smouldering rubble piles now. Will you be rushing to build new stores and open up new business in them?

          • 200 years? SA went into the shithole in 30. OK, so there’s a lot of ruin left. But 50 years after the Left assumes complete control is my bet.

          • They control all the industrial centers, all the seaports, all the institutions, all the media.

            They have all the money, not most of it, all of it. And control all the banks.

            They already have the active or tacit support of the majority of the population.
            They control the military, the nuclear stockpiles, will be joined by most of the officer´s corps and at least half of the rank and file men and women.

            They will have a navy and an air force, you won´t.
            The police will obey them, not you.
            They will have international support and diplomatic recognition from the UN, the IMF, the EU, China… you will have none.
            All you have are dreams of an ethnostate and a AR15 rusting in the basement.
            It won´t even be close.
            All of you sound just like the Confederates of old, but even more… naively optimistic.
            And, believe me, by God, it pains me to write these lines, but a true friend (and distant cousin) tells you the truth even when it hurts.

            At least if you guys end up going for it, plan realistically, knowing what your true strategic situation is…

            …because it won´t all be over in two hours at Manassas.

          • The Russian Tsarist government held similar prepotency in 1917. And a tiny cadre of Marxist intellectuals, supported by a modest military contingent, took it down in a matter of months. Take your demoralization sermons back to your minders in DC or wherever the hell you reside and tell them they’re not cutting any ice.

          • You are factually wrong. That is not how things unfolded in Russia. Insults won´t change that. Revise your history.
            The Reds had access to the main seaport and several minor others, they controlled most of the industrial centers, and the Navy.
            The majority of the population was either behind them or neutral, most of the rank and file as well as a good chunk of the officer corps (this fact is generally ignored) joined them.
            And the Reds held most of the cities and densely populated areas, the Whites mostly controlled frozen tundra countryside.
            It is true though, that the Whites had, although shaky, conditional, and only for a time, international support. You won´t even have that.
            You are the Whites and they are the Reds. Face it. Own it.
            I am suggesting that you should, at least, take the lessons taught to us by our unfortunate predecessors and learn from them so that this time the good guys win.
            Your arrogance and lack of lucidity will doom you.
            You need to learn to let go of that hubris and think and wage war like the Taliban and prepare for a very long struggle, or you will lose.
            You need a lot of Stonewall Jacksons and no Lees at all.
            Make of that what you will. Best of luck, I mean it.

          • The Bolsheviks only obtained those assets by physically taking them after they deposed the Tsar, or during the revolutionary moment itself. And do bear in mind that the Bolsheviks were only one, and not the largest, shard of a splintered Leftist movement that included the Mensheviks, Socialist Revolutionaries, Social Democrats, and Kadets among many others. The American right, as of this moment, is far less fractured, and we have tremendous assets in terms of armaments, support within the military and police departments, and total control of rural and mountainous areas. And once the shooting starts, and people are forced to take sides, at least a third of the populace will support us, while another third will remain neutral. Our situation is hardly so bleak as you suggest.

          • I forgot to add that your belief that our side will be internationally isolated is incorrect. There are many powerful global forces–Russia, China, the Islamic world, among others–who have no love for the United States and would be only too happy to see it collapse. When our side presents a credible threat to the stability of the US, those forces will very quietly provide us with aid and support.

          • Again, you are factually wrong.
            By the time the Russian Civil war got going the Bolsheviks had won their struggle against their main opponent in the Communist Party, the Menshevik faction, and had eliminated or expelled everything that didn´t tow the Party line.
            They also had already overtaken most of the Socialist-Revolutionaries.
            The last leftist faction to fall victim to the Bolshevik´s takeover of the Russian Left were the Social-Democrats just before the beginning of the civil war, during what is called the October Revolution.
            Exactly like what you call the Left is doing at this very moment. They are deciding right now who will be the top dog between their two last remaining factions and lead them in their final assault against you.
            The Reds were monolithic as can be. It was one of their main strengths.
            It was the Whites that where completely divided, in fact, between Czarists, Republicans, Nationalists of al sorts, Armenians, Balts, Cossacks, rejects from the Communist Party looking for a new sugar daddy, Muslim warlords, megalomaniac leaders of Mongol marauding bands, and a long etc…
            And I say this as someone who still listens sadly to their old war songs. And I am not Russian before you ask.

            They were, again, completely disunited, just like you are. I have been closely observing the American Right for almost 20 years, and you are… fractured, to say the least.
            You are divided in dozens of mini-chapels, Civ-Nats, WingNats, Dissident Right, Alt-Light, Alt-Right, Anti-semites, Conservatives, National-Bolsheviks, and a long etc. And no faction is clearly overtaking the others as should be happening…
            You people almost wouldn´t agree on what color the sky is. Again, face it. It´s the first step in the process of solving it.
            The Reds didn´t have to “seize” anything, the regions where the industrial heart of Russia was, where the big cities were, were theirs already in all but name. They were their “heartland”. In those places, their political base was the plurality if not majority of the population.
            The workers in the factories, the sailors on the Navy ships, the urban progressive bourgeois class, the city dwelling Jewish intellectuals, they WERE the Reds. They just had to shoot a small bunch of old and clueless bridge officers, factory directors and public servants (the very few that weren´t on board with the Revolution or willing to cooperate with it in order to save their lives), and they were in charge in 5 minutes.
            While the Whites where mostly aristocrats, farmers, small town and woodland people, and nomads from the Caspian Region, Siberia and Central Asia.
            The Left doesn´t need to “seize” Portland or Washington or NYC of SF or LA or New Orleans. They ARE Portland, Washington, SF, LA, New Orleans and NYC.
            In these cities your movement barely has any support at all amongst the populace, let alone some form of organization, and, yet, you expect to “seize them” when the war starts somehow…

            You will just not have access to the Sea or most of the industrial areas.
            What assets… you have no planes, no ships, no satellites, no armor, no missiles, all these are owned and tightly controlled by the State and the State is controlled by the very people that want to exterminate you. Those you call the Swamp, Military-Industrial Complex, or Deep State.
            Most of your officer´s corps is pozzed to the bone, the further you go up the ladder, the more this is true.
            Feel lucky if you get a couple of Brigadier Generals to side with you. Even that I doubt it.
            As for the rank and file, the blacks and the browns and the women and the Democrats among them won´t side with you. A very big chunk, but far from all, of the whites will, and most of them will have to defect in order to do so. Many will be killed or arrested while trying to do so. Some of them will get eliminated or incarcerated preemptively. Some minor units and bases might join you in a more cohesive fashion but that is all.
            The Police as an institution are against you. And on the individual level, most cops are just low IQ apathetic drones that follow orders. They will fight you if the Man says so, and that´s that. A few, especially the small-town/country ones will side with you, but those will be exceptions, not the rule.
            Yes, if you´re lucky, one third, tops, of the people will support you, another third will bow to the strongest horse, and you won´t the strongest horse at least initially and for a long while. This means that the other side will enjoy the support of at least two thirds of the populace. At least.
            Yes, you will control rural and mountain areas, and that will be pretty much you´re only advantage. I sincerely hope you will exploit it well.
            Indeed, you´re right, those you mentioned might “help” you covertly.
            Pray on your knees for the Russians, the Chinese or the Iranians to somehow find a way to send Ground to Air missiles to you despite the fact that you won´t control one single port nor the airspace. If those things reach you, your odds will have improved.
            You are going to fight the US Army, inspire yourselves in those who defeated it, the Vietcong, the Taliban, not those who lost their fight against it, the Confederate, the Germans, the Iraqi Republican Guard…
            Again, face it, you will be the IRA and they will be the UK and you will have to go through years and years and years of Troubles. Prepare accordingly and stop thinking this will be a full blown remake of your civil war, this time with the right ending. It won´t.   

          • Heh. Buddy, give me a digest of your peroration and perhaps I’ll give it a read. I did read enough, however, to see that your argument proceeds from a flawed premise. You base your arguments for Bolshevik superiority from the onset of the Civil War rather than immediately before and during the revolution itself. Here in the US we are still in the revolutionary moment, not during the phase of widespread civil war so your historical analogy is errant. What it all comes down to is that, in a short span of time, the Bolsheviks, whom nobody outside of their circles imagined could possibly topple a monarchical empire that had existed for 1,100 years, led a top-down revolution backed by, at best, provisional popular support, and terminated the Russian empire. This occurrence was, to put it charitably, highly improbable. Far more so than a successful white rightist separation from the decrepit US.

          • No worries, I fully understand that you have trouble processing long answers. So here´s a short one:

            “Heh. Buddy, give me a digest of your peroration and perhaps I’ll give it a read”

            I stopped reading here. As soon as an illiterate grandiloquent midwit drops all pretense of politeness and starts calling you “Buddy” on the Internet you know you have won the intellectual argument.

            You weren´t even a mild challenge.


          • Typical Magic Jew black-pilling = seeing the world as it is as opposed to seeing it the way we wish it to be.

            Don´t face reality, and you, your people, and your way of life, will be extinct by the end of this century.

            Face reality, adapt to it and make realistic plans, and you stand a chance.

          • Thanks Brother.
            Right now here in California its becoming less and less possible to accomplish any tasks requiring complex building or even maintenance.
            Businesses that ten years ago were great are now hollow cores of what they were and while there are new upstart firms, they are drawing from a shrinking pool of skilled human capital
            Everyone capable is moving, thinking of moving or gone Galt and its spreading nation wide
            Part of the freak out the Left is having is they realized that the damage they allowed in their cities won’t be fixed,
            They are used to unlimited resources like rabbits , bail outs and such and they got a very nice Rorschach treatment.

            The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.

            The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll look down and whisper “No

            On top of that so many people have Left these cities are screwed no matter if they get fixed somehow.
            Its gotten so bad California wants to tax high income people who leave for ten years after!
            The Left gas far from won though we faxce a real crisis , the establishments attempt to nullify our votes and their vain attempts to restore the status quo.
            That we must defeat hopefully at the ballot box but otherwise BAMN
            Once done we can get to work and build something better.

        • ignore the chronic masturbator contingent here, Glenn. they aren’t worth your time to rebut their cowardice.

          • Some may be craven, but I think most (possibly including our esteemed blog host) – have fallen prey to a very, very successful Leftist psyop. I fallen for it too from time to time.
            As the left (or whatever you want to call them) tips over into lunacy…they are alienating the chit out of Normie. As that worsens… Normie starts to notice the wrong things and ask the wrong questions. This is far from over, and Leftie isn’t going to win anything other than the stupid prizes to which he is fully entitled to.

          • I tend to agree. Nothing happens until it happens. To this claim, I direct folks to the last great Communist dictator to fall, Nicolae Ceaușescu.
            His last official public appearance was to give a stem winder to the people assembled in front of the national palace. The crowd was large, 100k+. They were quiet. A few minutes into the speech, they began to boo and jeer. Then move toward the palace entry.
            Ceaușescu panic and left the balcony. Then fled the palace as the crowd rioted. He was dead four days later as his body guards fled and the regular army arrested, tried, and executed him.
            No one predicted such an occurrence, and likewise no one can predict what will happen when the tipping point is reached with “Joe Normie”.

    • Are you kidding? Kyle Rittenhouse is still sitting in jail. If you try to donate to his legal defense it’ll get shut down. James Fields got 470 years in prison because some cow had a heart attack. When you control all the institutions of power and the bureaucracy you’ve won

        • For me what has happened is close to the guy warming up his car in the driveway and somebody takes it while he is brushing his teeth. Not real smart but they won without the other side (us) showing up. While not a strategy it seems they are one gender reveal party away from burning their game to the ground. That’s when community and being prepared could come to play. Somebody still has to run the railroad.

          • Exactly.
            Sure, the noggers can burn out the commercial stores and loot and murder.
            Can they rebuild the community? Bring in investors? Protect their citizens? Maintain s tax base and budget?
            Any ‘victory’ these guys win, will be very short lived.

          • GlenFilthie, you are just delusional at this point. The invisible hand ain’t saving no one; its a scam and you still falling for it despite being told – repeatedly here – that it is a scam.
            Recap: They don’t want to just take over your society: they want to kill you and destroy your society, then create their society on your former land. Saying they wont be able to maintain traditional American civilization is like saying the White settlers wont be able to keep the Sioux’s teepees and traditional buffalo hunts. That us not their goal.

          • OK, let’s say you are right, and may very well be right. So these boy’s go full Zimbabwe and that does not look good for us, however, I am not sure they should be investing in 20 year bonds. The full story has not been told (yet).

          • No it isn’t. The “settlers” wanted the land the Sioux dwelled upon, not their “technology”. Everything the White man had wrt maintaining their livelihood was superior to the Sioux. All they need was to rid themselves of the original hunter-gatherer people currently occupying the country.

            Such is not the case with those trying to dispossess the American White race. Their culture and ability to maintain/advance this country’s technology is inadequate to the task—because they are inherently indequate. As many have pointed to, Brazil/Zimbabwe here we come.

            Now that doesn’t mean they won’t proceed in their self destructive path, or not be successful in our elimination—just that what they create sans the White race will never transcend what came before.

          • You’re comparing whites/Sioux on the one hand, to blacks/whites, on the other. That is a logical train wreck. Blacks are no more capable of defeating whites in any kind of a war than the Choctaw would have been vis-a-vis the British Empire in 1850. To the extent the Hutus assume leadership of the Left–and they’re pretty close to doing so–that movement will collapse into African chaos and dysfunction. You can cower in your Kentucky cave while the rest of us fight your battles for you when the time comes. Hopefully your girlfriend will have the sand to guard your still.

          • Actually, if the Left prevails, the average future of the country long term will likely approach to the subsistence levels of the Souix 🙁

          • Glen, your questions of the nogger capabilities are what we need to be asking of ourselves.

            The pushback on the well-armed suburban QRF is a natural response when considering the inability or unwillingness of those same men to take stands in advance of these hypothetical last stands.

            Evidence of community-building along side the maga poast of 2A patriots is thus far rather lean.

            And I say that as I exchange these very convos with blue state friends every day who have been good schooling and paying their melanin taxes for decades instead of deciding to have less stuff and to live among their people.

            That is our challenge. Can we come together to build a system inside and outside the current order that exists for the betterment of our people?

            The gun club posse and the “we are builders” are not mutually exclusive, but the former is a reaction while the latter a solution. We need both, but we need to leave our sons something more than our fathers left us.

          • I’ve been doing what I can to meet up with the local gun club posse as you call it. They are a mixed bunch and the criticism about inaction is apt. Mostly, their hearts are in the right place though and many are starting to realize that there’s no way back to Bushworld, where you get to watch grainy gun camera videos of anonymous ragheads being vaporized on one channel, flipping back to sportsball on the other, and then taking a sip of your crappy beer and breathing a happy sigh of “Murrica” at the TV.

            The war is here now in full color 3D 4K and you and your silly corona-mask just might be that raghead. The 2A people are slowly starting to realize that they might actually prefer getting back in shape, spending less on cheap Chinese shit, and taking a more active role in defending themselves and their families than cheering for some plastic bobble-head GOP wanker on TV. What they don’t have is a clear idea of what form their coming efforts and sacrifices need to take. We can help them with that.

        • The Soviets won for 80 years. That’s an entire human lifetime. It might as well be permanent for anyone who has to live through it.

          • the soviets are on the ash heap of history. i read the current insanity as the perps realizing they are on the edge of that same ash heap.
            they really do appear to be insanely desperate.

          • Soviets are one step away from repeating 1917 in the US. Like our WW I experienced gun owners, your guys also do not have organization, connections and most important, basic understanding what is going on. Of course local gun club may shoot off some looters but spontaneous resistance is powerless against state sponsored tyranny. Communists have million tricks how do deal with gullible disoriented population. Trump is at the present last hope against full Soviet Revolution.

          • Unfortunately, insane ideas have a life that can never end despite experience, this includes bolshevism and nazism. Both have been resurrected and kept alive. Bolshevism, the so-far farcical version, biological or otherwise is healthy right here and right now (USA). The nazi apologists, for example, also occasionally pop up in this forum. Short of blowing up the dwelling it is impossible to get rid of blattodae once they infest a house.

          • i appreciate what both of you are saying. i still think that America exists, and that there are many people that get it, or will shortly.
            the left is getting sloppy, and there will be crystallizing events aplenty. KR was one of the first on a continuum.

          • Only if you are so selfish and short-sighted that you don’t care about your posterity or the future of your people.

      • As our esteemed blog host has pointed out, the left now finds itself hoist on its own petard. If they convict him, the judiciary becomes irrelevant and the gloves come off. If they apply and enforce the law, Kyle is going to walk, and he’s going to clean up on defamation and libel and slander suits against the mass media – the same way those Covington high school kids did.

      • Rittenhouse is also getting pro bono legal defense from one of the best lawyers on the planet. As for Fields, every movement has its martyrs. Hardly means everybody else, or even anywhere close to the majority of us, are due for the same treatment.

        • Good as always.
          Fields wasn’t really our guy anyway. He was a marginally reformed Tiki Torch Nazi with issues.
          Doesn’t mean he didn’t get shafted or that we shouldn’t care though.
          Still shit like that is why you don’t want to play at being Cinnicinatus but to grab the brass ring. Imagine what you can do for your friends or to your enemies when you have power.
          Our Thing shouldn’t be like most Conservatives that flee from power from laziness and the fear they might use it. We ought to want it bad and to use it and yes occasionally abuse it as there is a hell of a lot of work top do.

    • Again with the guns. Sounds nice like a Red Dawn moment but totally not stopping the Left’s domination. Hasn’t so far.

      • “So far”. You would have to actually fire the guns before saying that they don’t work and that we’ve lost.

        • Yeah, and if the ARVN showed up, stood their ground and used their Black Rifles, there would be two Vietnams. Which way do you think that story ends?

          • The welfare nogger and the Viet Cong are two very, very different animals. You would do well to educate yourself on them before going further with this comparison.

    • The problem is, the local gun club never shows up to the riots. So it’s pretty much a moot point.

        • There are a lot of younger kids in 2A, don’t go too far with the Boomer meme. And 40% of last year’s gun purchases were for first-timers.

          The problems lie with awareness, ideology and organization. There are enough people to make a difference but they’re not sufficiently united yet.

          • Rittenhouse would be First and foremost among those who need to push back from the aforementioned chocolate fountain

          • haha you vile loathsome piece of garbage, like you are some kind of Adonis. guffaw. every word you type reeks of incel jealousy.

          • So wait, Rittenhouse isn’t wearing husky-sized jeans?

            As stated last week, I don’t hold him responsible for not having good examples guiding him towards heath & fitness. It’s not his fault that what was available to him was Ben Shapiro, not Bronze Age Pervert.

            Still, I thought the Dissident Right was about embracing objective reality?

          • Yeah, but we all know the keyboard warriors have their $3000 “main battle rifles” (and XXL tiger stripe fatigues), which will only see the light of day when their kids (who live across the country) get the $50 Amazon card for the local pd “buyback.” And that irks me, as it is delusional and detracts from real solutions.

          • The solution is never to martyr yourself. How have you contributed to the cause today? You seem to have a distain for “keyboard warriors”, yet you type away on this blog?

          • Alright, Dr. Heisenberg. Why don’t you lay the “real solutions” on us? We all can’t wait to see the master plan.

          • You are touching upon it. The key is leadership. When such steps up, there will be a lot of equipped folk ready to be led. Some folk seem to think driving to the nearest riot is the thing to do, and failure to do so is a sign of inability. We shall see.

          • We need to stop waiting for leaders and start leading. Waiting for superman is no better than thinking Aragorn’s 2A army is riding to save you. Take control of your own situation. Passivity & praying for institutional rescue are bad priors for the right.

      • Correction. They haven’t shown up YET.
        Scratch that; even that’s not true, really. When that idiot Pennsylvania governor made a gun grab before the Chinkypox outbreak, the 2A guys showed up en masse and dared him to try it. Police departments told him to pound sand. Others deputized their civilian gun owners. If the governor had decided to get stupid about it, the blood would have run and the governor would have been dancing on the end of a rope afterward.
        The gunnies aren’t going to show up in a shit-lib city and defend moronic lefties from each other… why should they? If we were smart, we’d be happy about the leftists burning themselves down. More, and faster please…

      • Wrong. They showed up in Portland, Boise and Weatherford, Texas. And that’s off the top of my head.

        • Kyle was almost in One Ranger, One Riot territory back there in Wisconsin.
          Also militia showed up in Klamath and the Kentucky Derby too.

          • Yes. With a bit of research I’m sure we could multiply dramatically the instances of the Right “showing up.” But, for some reason, certain people prefer to wallow in false defeatism. I do not understand that mentality.

          • The absolute avoidance of responsibility to govern much less rule is a huge part of the psyche of the modern right.
            Some of it is from culture war damage, some from culture war losses , some from Libertarian B.S. and the bulk from a lazy/ laissez-faire attitude to living. The later needs to go if we want an socially conservative culture. There are good odds that your guys will be putting a lot if degenerates behind bars , out to forced labor or making them dance the Tyburn Jig till people get the message.
            We may as a DR society decide that the health care system or some other economic thing needs reforming either socializing or regulation or whatever which means law making and law enforcing again until people learn to be reasonable.
            This isn’t a paean to tyranny mind you only an awareness that rebuilding a decaying nay dying Republic is hard and will require cooperation and where that is not forthcoming, grifting truculence and interference will not be tolerated. Lead, follow or stay out of the way till the adults get the work done.

    • Only if the local gun club numbers in the tens of thousands.

      At the risk of using the R/L frame, most of the Right has believed for too long that they can sit on their asses and wait for the local 2A’s to rise up and do their winning for them.

      There is no super-secret gun-club militia of tens of thousands that’s going to rise up to save you. Those of us who actually spend real-world time around real dissidents and 2A’s know how disorganized we are.

      95%+ of Whites have yet to put the work in to form these kinds of networks and develop bonds of trust that would make them possible, much less effective.

      When 10%+ of our people start making prepper-level plans, changing jobs and physically moving together – undeclared physical intentional communities – we’ll be on the way to winning.

      That train hasn’t even left the station yet. We don’t yet have 10% of this blog on board, much less 10% of Murika.

        • Eh, some are. Im sure Lineman will show up soon to plug Bitterroot. Im a bit south of that. Others speak to that train’s journey as well. A thousand flowers have been planted, even if they haven’t bloomed yet.

          • Flathead county Montana home sales are utterly destroying all historical records. The number of intentional community relocations occuring here is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my twenty plus years living here. I’ve maintained for many years that the inland NW redoubt will be the future homeland for the sane white remnant in FUSA.

    • local gun club shows up to a riot.

      The real issue is the local gun club’s response to the badge gang.

      • Maybe. I know a guy who just came back from a week of training with his rifle. He said the guys he spent a few days with don’t view themselves as real operators, but are now generally competent with their ARs. Even the older guys would be competent to hold a piece of ground with effective fire and not hit their own team. All of them understood the nuances of their relationship with the police.

        Fudds are a thing, LARPers are a thing. But guys who understand how forward bounding and close quarters fighting works are also a thing. There are plenty of them.

        • Exactly. First thing: Get into shape. If you have titties, you are worthless. Second thing: Have your own gear. Not just a rifle and ammo. Third thing: Know basics in how to use and maintain your gear.

          Do the above and when the time comes you’ll be called upon.

    • I’m so sick of comments like this. These same people just got their asses handed to them and run out of Portland a few days ago by antifa. Just talk. Nothing more. There is no way anyone paying attention over the last six months can say the left hasn’t won in epic fashion — everywhere from politics to culture to the business world. The number of examples is breathtaking.

      That comment is a standard refrain used by unthinking sheep and cowards who aren’t smart enough or brave enough to actually do anything. They say this as an excuse for their impotence. “If you cross this line then I’ll …” do nothing, as always. The left has destroyed hundreds of statues and monuments, they just destroyed the Oscars, they’ve imposed a tyrannically racist regime on our people but yet we still have guys repeating this nonsense.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the biggest blackpill I’ve ever had to swallow is the realization that my side is almost entirely devoid of human capital. We lost due to lack of talent. Period. Everything flows from that. Just a few thousand clones of myself and we’d have a chance, but no. We have gun club patriotards on our side. That’ll turn the tide … IF the left shows up to their grilling sessions. Otherwise, it’s grill and chill and watch football as America burns … but don’t you dare cross this imaginary line in the sand leftists, because then they might just consider a resistance … after half-time. Lol.

    • The local gun club has posters about how the 2nd Amendment was originally intended to keep guns away from blacks and blacks are natural 2nd Amendment supporters. The typical 2nd Amendment conservative is a CivNat who believes all the brown immigrants are going to eagerly embrace freedom, gun ownership and apple pie or some crap.

      One naive chap tried to explain demographic changes in voting patterns to the brain trust at The Truth About Guns the other day and they laughed at him and compared him to people who believe in lizard-like alien invader conspiracies.

      They really think it doesn’t matter that the only demographic group that voted majority Trump is White people. They somehow think we’ll make it up in volume. “If we keep inviting immigrants who, when naturalized, vote 70%+ Democrat, they will all suddenly, at some undefined point in the future, show their true Republican selves and vote for small government, individual liberties and all that freedom stuff. Nation of immigrants! Hard workers! Bootstraps! Came here because they want to live the American Dream! Blah, blah, blah….”

      • Can you really blame them though when the propaganda has been so prevalent since their birth…Its even inside their places of so called truth tellers so how can you get mad at them…I pity them and try to wake them up to their demise without scaring them back into denial…

      • TTAG is run by one of the usual suspects. The CivNattery of these gun sites is legend.

        It is true that there are very many people in the 2A community who are certain the actual jogger was the actual victim of racist Southern Whites and who cannot be convinced otherwise. But that just reduces the number of reliable actors from many millions to fewer millions.

      • Well, V, even the lefties are buying guns now. They aren’t buying them to attack gun club stubfarts, they are buying them to use on noggers and Antifa.
        I’ll make a bet too – you name the stakes: in the next chimpout, fire a couple rounds. I will bet you that if the street is full of raging baboons, that they will ALL turn and run.

        • They aren’t buying them to attack gun club stubfarts, they are buying them to use on noggers and Antifa

          There are plenty of lefties buying guns to use against the right.

      • How did that happen? Around here we have the “rod and gun club” and it’s the most normie thing ever. Everyone wants their kids to be able to fish and shoot.

        • I’m way past normie. Normies run to civic nationalism. Normies were raised to believe racism is bad.

          Everyone around me does fish and shoot, but there’s another few steps most aren’t ready to take. I’m not saying they won’t learn, but they are not there yet.

    • I have heard this at least as many times as that Durham is about to be indicting the real culprits. I am still waiting.

    • Lol.

      Then the tank club (military) would show up and obliterate the gun club.

      They are insane but they control everything. We don’t need tough guy Boomer larping. We need to form our own communities, and opt out of the system.

      • I’m curious. If you are too craven to defend this community… how do you propose to defend your new one?
        Asking for a friend…

        • It’s a fine line, contextual. Not every community is worth fighting for. We call this the “stand your ground” (SYG) question.

    • Z, this war is over the second that the local gun club shows up to a riot.

      This is equivalent of a frustrated and angry person screaming “Hold me or I’ll do something terrible.” It’s just empty talk. I heard it million times. The reason why it never happens is because the people making threats like this know that in reality it wouldn’t go the way they imagined.

        • Glen, poor comparison as to the typical retort being made here. I’m pretty sure most folk would have no problem shooting from the rooftop of their home or business in response to “peaceful protesters” with Molotov cocktails. It’s getting geared up and driving to the nearest riot for some action that seems a sub-optimal response for most—especially when it’s a riot in a blue, Leftist enclave.

    • I’ve read this nonsense for literally decades. Marxists armed with sticks and stones seized land on CONUS and nobody did a damn thing.

      20,000 heavily armed Boomers showed up to protest gun restrictions. They were stopped by a temporary fence and a sign.

      The Left won because the Right refused to even show up to fight.

  43. whether the nazis were “left” or “right” is incidental. they were the mirror image of the soviet union. so whatever you call one, call the other by the same name.

    Zman, I believe you have made a category error in your analysis. you are basing your thesis on what a given group “says”. when you look at what all of these political movement “do”, they are identical.

    I think it’s more useful to look at how a society is organized, as a way to characterize it. back in 800BC days, you had the “palace economy” model, before that it was the “hunter gatherer” model. after western rome fell, you had a feudal order arise. and so on and so on.

    The nazis and soviets were both “parasitic” models of organization; the Us was a “productive” model.

    • @karl
      i appreciate you raising this point, as it has seemed true to me since my own red pill days.
      just last night driving home with my 14 yo son, we were having the conversation where we reviewed corruption in government as those that elevate human law over natural or divine law, and how every time it has been seen in history has resulted in high totalitarian body counts.
      whether you’re atheist or deist, it seems clear that humans arrogating to themselves the source of the highest law is always a disaster.
      we ended our conversation by defining the difference between types of gov’t, on the good / bad spectrum, by noting that humility and minimalism beats arrogance / totalitarianism on the freedom spectrum every time.
      why is this so hard?

    • National Socialists as opposed to the International Socialists. Both names contain the word ‘Socialists’, and both liked the idea of socialism under their control.

      Trouble is, socialism is always a wildly growing weed that has a pretty flower on top and roots that strangle everything near it.

      • Trouble is, socialism is always a wildly growing weed that has a pretty flower on top and roots that strangle everything near it.
        Because they removed Jesus from it.
        Filthy scum always said they’ll keep the good parts from christianity but remove the Jesus stuff because it’s superstition, when in fact they’re possessed & Christ’s name triggers their black souls.
        Socialism fails because corrupt men are ruling those societies.

        • Actually, even from a strictly secular point of view, the Liberal Left, especially Egalitarianism, has aptly been compared to a religious movement, especially in terms of its dogma demanding unquestioned faith. Unlike all (?) religions, whose tenets are mostly unfalsifable (unprovable), many of Egalitarianism’s (or many other political movement’s) core claims are logical fallacies or demonstrably false (e.g. racial differences are easily shown, lots of data, etc.). There is an air of fundamentalism with the zeal they propound their faiths, as well as attack opponents, and ignore any rational argument or counter-evidence. Their way is right, and shall brook no opposition.

      • Spot on Uker. Both Communism & Fascism & Fascism’s derivative National Socialism are rooted in Marxism, the degree of difference being under Communism the State owns the means of production whilst under Fascism/National Socialism the State dictates the means of production while leaving the means of production nominally in private hands. Fascism/National Socialism is slightly to the right of Communism but it’s still anchored on the far Left/authoritarian/totalitarian paradigm.

        For a wannabe two bit dictator fascism is the safer bet BC it leaves you with someone to point the finger at if/when things go south. Under Communism the people are coming for your head & it is the army/secret police that have to step in with an iron fist.

        That’s one of the many features that made the Russo-German War of 1941-45 so vicious; which form of socialism was going to be top dog?

        • The socialist element of national socialism in Germany was not simply a “Right-shifted” economic shadow of Communism.

          That’s a spin you hear from Dinesh D’Souza & Vox Day who cribbed it from Ayn Rand & the Mises libertarians – who also fail to note what Z sorta alludes to below – that German NS like other fascisms was unique to its people time & place – like every other ethnic integralist movement

          Those interested in a more accurate view should look at integralism, syndicalism, corporatism & third position (3P) politics. Keith Woods’ YouTube & Bitchute is a good place to look at 3P topics & how the economic elements of 3P differ from both Communism & capitalism

          “Classic liberal” types like to style themselves as the Right side of the “real” political spectrum of “individualism vs. collectivism.”

          As our present oligarchic “democracy” shows, muh markets promote anything but freedom when left untamed by pro-social externalities.

    • This has never been an easily reducible argument. Have noted before that China today looks more like a “National Socialist” model than a communistic one. 1)Race/creed focused (ask the Uighurs) 2) nationalistic–China uber alles 3) Privately owned oligarchs harnessed to government policy 4)totalitarian control of social interactions/mores/privileges. So far the one mistake they have avoided after nasty experiences in Korea and Vietnam is militaristic expansionism. One reason I tend to look more towards commentators like Arendt and classify on a social characteristic spectrum versus an artifice of “Left-Right”

      • My usual response whenever there is another of the very frequent attempts by conservatives to stir up outrage at whatever China is doing to its own population that day, is that in 100 years, China will still be full of Chinese people, but in 100 years, barring a massive course change, the US will look like Brazil. So, I advise, Americans would be best served forgetting all about the Uighurs, Hong Kong, the Mongolians, the Tibetans or whatever the Chinese big-eyed waif victim of the day is, and tending to their own house.

        It’s really irrelevant what China is doing internally, as long as it isn’t hurting the US. Ironically, Americans seem far less riled up about all the stuff China is doing that actually hurts the US than about how it treats its minority populations.

        • As long as outsourcing to China and China-dependent supply chains exist, we are affected. Have you heard any politicians of either party seriously address these issues? Me neither. They all worship the god of financialization. “Line go up” and they’re happy. (I’ve not gotten over Ted Cruz saying we have to move drug production to Israel or India. Not back here, of course.)

          • Read my post. “It’s really irrelevant what China is doing internally, as long as it isn’t hurting the US.”

            Outsourcing hurts us. Persecuting Uighurs doesn’t. Yet it seems to me more effort goes into getting people worked up about the Uighurs than about outsourcing.

          • Well yeah. Virtue signaling is cheap, paying decent wages costs money and our elite can’t have the working classes or these days even the middle doing well as it makes the elite feel vulnerable.

          • Of course, because the US oligarchs know the dimwits the universities produce need something to be upset about but it can’t be something that cuts into their profits. There’s a standard grab bag of “issues” that they will instruct their media goons to pull out at different times to keep the Leftists stampeding off in one direction or another. It doesn’t really matter which way they’re running as long as it isn’t towards them. Are people getting bored with climate change? What about “white supremacy”? We haven’t milked that cow in a long time.

        • I always revert to that old saw, “charity begins at home”. Virtue signaling by an entire country is as counter productive and hypocritical as virtue signaling on an individual basis.

        • This is true, but for blue pilled white liberals and white women who hate themselves and want their own people to suffer and vanish, its important we point out how messed up other groups are, that we had a good thing going with freedom and individualism. Then we share the race pill: freedom and individualism only work with a high IQ, altruistic society, we cant have that back until we deport the hunter gatherers, and that will require just a wee bit of tyranny.

      • Hm. That description is also a remarkably accurate depiction of current “America.” Sub whites for Uighurs and the Polaroid is coming into focus.

      • Sam – shows you that Communism & Fascism are two sides of the same coin: China was Communist but were still stuck in the dark ages & in extreme poverty. They decided to “modernize” so they relinquish control of the means of production & encourage investment all the while keeping a tight reign on society @ large.

      • Based on my boomer education, I basically think of China as what the old Soviet Union was, adding that it became our major trading partner.

    • The only people who didn’t like living under the 3rd Reich were the parasites. The happiest and best compensated workers in the world lived there.

      Just because the world crushed Hilter’s Germany does not mean they were wrong.

      • They were wrong in the sense that the highest levels of government were filled with psychopaths. Implementation of many ideals was therefore flawed. But that’s history. The real question today is, how are we (America) any different? And why would we expect a different outcome?

      • Oh, horse. Shit.
        There wasn’t a single traditional institution they didn’t fuck up. They changed the family to mean “Aryan babies” and encouraged single motherhood on those terms. They demanded complete control over how you raised your children. They reached their mitts into every church Protestant or Catholic and hauled off preachers and monks into concentration camps. They had a weird fascination with the occult and tried to bring back the worship of “the old gods”. They hated the monarchy and the old aristocracy. The venerable German university system was hijacked and degraded, there’s a reason all the tech advances they made were by guys who finished their degrees before the mid 30s.
        They started life as a gang of butch homosexuals bullying people and ended in suicides while plunging Germany into bloody unwinnable wars in the middle. Yeah, they were wrong,

        • You can’t back up even one of those claims. The only people who chafed under the Reich were the chosen or degenerates. Prove me wrong.

          Why do you say “Aryan babies” like it’s a bad thing?

          • Lebensborn: single mothers

            Religious persecution: Bonhoeffer, Maximillian Kolbe, the confessing church, the Reich Protestant Church so called

            The Occult Connection: so much documentation just google it, Blavatsky, SS rituals replacing christening, marriage, etc.

            The whole “blonde beast” thing lead to a serious decline in academic standards. All of these things are known and were known at the time, they didn’t hide them, except a bit with the lebensborn, they were proud of them.

            These guys are not what you’re looking for.

          • Well Roehm and his coterie certainly were. Even had an Ancient Greek warrior kind of justification for it as I recall. That being said, thanks.

    • Few of these terms, “Nazi”, “Bolshevik”… mean much outside their original context. Part of that context is the political choices actually on offer in different times and places. Americans are used to thinking in very idealistic ways about how they would behave in a given situation but most people in most times and places will look around, see who the “players” are, where they are geographically, what you need to do to be accepted by the others, and then pick a side from that.

      Are you living in Bavaria in 1929? Fairly religious Catholic? Read about the horrors of the Russian Revolution and pretty damn sure you don’t want to see that in your town? Congratulations, you’re a fucking Nazi, or you probably would be eventually even if you were a bit put off by some of what you saw your fellow Nazis doing. What you didn’t do was say “Well, you see I’m a admirer of the American Constitution and the writings of Adam Smith. I’m a ‘constitutionalist’ if you will, even that hasn’t really been invented yet and certainly no one in the German speaking world knows what the hell that is. I’m forming my own party. So far there’s only one member…”

      Or maybe you’re a Jewish drug addict who lives in Berlin and goes to the sex clubs? You’ll probably drift towards those guys with the red flags. After all they seem to have money (you’re one of those Jews who doesn’t), cars, and easy women somehow and are happy to hook you up with some heroin. Sure there’s talk that they get their money from a certain large country to the east but who cares? Party time!! Workers of the World Unite! — and all that kind of shit. Now give me my damn heroin.

      My point is that people will eventually find “the adjacents” in their locality when things go sideways and the specific ideologies are less important that their belief that the thing they’re joining is the best way to protect their lifestyle and interests.

      I don’t quite agree with Karl that both Nazis and Soviets were “parasitic” ideologies. The Soviets definitely made promises that essentially Communism would bring magical prosperity to people without them having to work much for it. The Nazis appeal was probably more to the remaining “productive” element of German society. The people with small businesses, skilled labor, high IQ scientists and corporate executives, farmers and rural people in general – in other words, stereotypical Republican types today.

      Please note that this is not an ad hominem or a reverse ad hominem of any sort. I’m not defaming Republicans by calling them Nazis or Nazis by calling them Republicans. Personally, I’m pretty sure I’d have been a Nazi.

      • This. Similar to today, there were 2 sides left in Weimar. The Commies, perverts & Jews were one, fascists were the other. The “respectable/institutional” center left and right had both collapsed from their own cowardice, intellectual & moral bankruptcy.

        Given those choices, I’m taking the fascist side.

        • You can view that period as basically a long European civil war within and among nations. It was a war that the Right was winning. The Spanish Civil War is almost forgotten but it would be a good model to study for a lot of reasons. In Spain, Germany helped the Francoists and Russia the Communists and Anarchists. Franco and Germany won that round. Germany had the same divisions within itself though and Hitler’s rise to power is basically the story of the German Left, also aided by Soviet Russia, being squashed by Germany’s own Right. The Left though, was able to cleverly manipulate the US and UK into taking its side and, with the additional help of the Soviets, they ultimately managed a successful counter-revolution that left Germany literally cut in half. We then had 45 years fighting a cold war against what should have been a shabby third world communist shithole* that shouldn’t have survived later than about 1960 otherwise.

          The thing that may work out differently this time is that the Soviets are indeed gone now and the few remaining actual Communist countries are a joke. As I see it, the billionaire oligarchs are the closest thing to the Soviets that the Left has to help it out today. Like the Soviets, they intervene from the safety of their foreign redoubts using puppets and proxies to do their work of murder and mayhem. Like the Soviets they have vast wealth, harvested from people who really can’t choose not to pay. Global corporate monopolies rather than Gulags and secret police are their means of accumulation. Unlike the Soviets, they inspire virtually no one to make the ultimate sacrifice and thus have no standing army. George Soros, Bill Gates, and all the other oligarchs could be shitting in the same metal prison toilet tonight if we wanted. Rounding up Stalin, Beria, and Molotov would not have been so trivial.

          My point is that, while things may seem dark today, the current Leftist global putsch is a shadow of the one that blighted the world 100 years ago. There were 100s of millions of devout believers in Communism back then who were mostly normal people who just didn’t know any better. There was also a formidable world power promising to “liberate” them from their current freedoms.

          Today, there are few actual believers in Communism and many of the ones we like to call communist are just dysfunctional morons with mental problems and/or substance abuse issues. Soros has more money than a galactic emperor and will give it away to many of these loons but his 137 year old ass isn’t riding in on top of a tank to save them either.

          ** Sorry Russians, я люблю Россию and all that but communism will destroy even a great people. You’re seeing it happen to America now.

    • I view the nazis as left gangsters, but it’s more of a scalar than a binary view, and it’s multidimensional so the view can change depending on what angle you look from. But I hate having the left tar the right with the Nazi label, that should be opposed – it’s a deadly slander that has horrible effect among the ill-educated, and indoctrinated youths.

      And letting the talk wander into sub categories of (big govt, fascism, socialism, marxism…) allows the left to bewilder us on terrain they love, while for us it’s like discussing the flavor of shit sandwiches.

      Nazi “rightness” seems to me irrelevant, it’s Nazi evil and its resultant similarity to communist outcomes that are of interest. The left (and Zman) putting Nazis on the right puts the blame on “nationalism”, rather than the “socialism” aspects.

      To me, socialism is a subcategory of (collectivism = fascism = big govt uber alles). I think the evils are inherent because people are persuaded to shut off their brains and “let the smart guys handle it” – those guys who excel at politics, lying, bribery, immoral power whores, …. Smarts can be hired, Morality in leadership is needed, and “whose side they on?”.

  44. “They used to wave around their imagined love of science as a gorgon’s head against what they claimed was the superstition of Christianity. Now they wave around the superstitions of multiculturalism to ward off empirical truths about humanity.”

    “The radicals are now like bees at the end of summer when the queen dies. They are flying around trying to do what they are programmed to do, but just end up living out their time in a trash barrel.”

    You are just dropping gems today! I hope you’re doing a podcast tomorrow because I really miss them

    • I hope you’re doing a podcast tomorrow because I really miss them.

      Without the podcast, it seems like there hasn’t been a Friday in the past couple of weeks.

    • They had better be careful. The scientific method, cause and effect, linear/deductive reasoning and an emphasis on quantitative analysis are signs of “whiteness” according to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. And if having 12 years left to save the planet requires a sense of urgency, adherence to rigid time schedules is also a trademark of “whiteness”.

    • Problem was, science kept coming up with answers they didn’t like, so having conquered the social “sciences” they are intent on Galileo-ing the hard sciences.

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