The Intersectional Intifada

So, you have decided that you will lead a revolution and overthrow the government, but you don’t know the first thing about overthrowing the government. Lucky for you, Washington & Lee University is offering a three credit course titled, “How to Overthrow the State.” In that class you will learn how previous revolutionaries managed to overthrow the state, how they dealt with the aftermath and how they rewrote history in order to justify their rule.

Now, Washington & Lee is like every other liberal arts college these days, in that it has been overrun by the Left. It is staffed with the same dreary mediocrities you find at every other liberal arts colleges. The only interesting thing about this node on the Progressive Borg is that it retains its white supremacist name. At this late date it should have changed the name to something more fitting, perhaps a collection of pronouns or unpronounceable symbols.

The topic and structure of the course are revealing. These are people who think they are leading a revolution against the system, when in fact, they are the living embodiment of the system. This college and all the drones inside it exist because the system created them. The system created them to perpetuate itself. Liberal arts colleges are indoctrination centers. If the nation’s academic elite really want to overthrow the system, they would start by committing suicide.

Another revealing fact about this course is they just assume they will be the heroes, the good guys in the revolution to come. They are not studying the many monsters who slaughtered in the name of the people. They are not looking at the failed revolutionaries for examples to avoid. What drives people into Progressive politics is self-loathing and self-doubt. What the Left offers them is reassurance. They are on the right side of history, the heroes of the future to come.

This is something that does not get enough attention. The people out in the streets think they are overthrowing the system. Whenever the media bothers to interview one of these people, they make noises associated with left-wing revolution. The academics and college students participating in this stuff mouth the words and phrases of 20th century left-wing revolution. None of them notices that they are the creation of the system and dependent upon it.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but what if the protesters got their wish and the cops were not only pulled off the streets, but they were disbanded? Let’s just take Portland as an easy example. Starting this week, there are no more cops. The most likely result is heavily armed Patriot Prayer people enter the city and it is open season on the Left with no bag limit. Most likely, a lot of cops would join in. That would be their path back to full employment as a cop.

In the case of the academic revolutionaries, they may get to see what happens when the system breaks down. The economic foundation of higher education is crumbling and it has been made much worse by recent events. Private liberal arts colleges are starting to fold and state systems are laying off workers. In the not too distant future, the gal asking you for your drink order will be a former assistant professor with a PhD in intersectional studies.

The irony, of course, is that if outsiders really wanted to overthrow the system, they would look for ways to get the system to attack itself. In all cases, a unified enemy with a clear sense of purpose is a challenge. On the other hand, a disorganized enemy hobbled by internal dispute is always beatable, even when they have numerical or institutional advantage. If you can sow discord in the enemy ranks, you have a chance to use their strength to your advantage.

One approach is to get their young people taking college classes with provocative titles like “How to Overthrow the State.” Maybe convince the opponent’s young people that their ancestors were monsters. Throw in some wacky ideas about their penis being a figment of their imagination and you have the makings of unsustainable turmoil in the enemy ranks. This intersectional intifada in the ruling class is exactly what the real revolutionary would want.

On the other hand, if you are the ruler and you have a lot of restless youth in your ranks, pushing for aggressive action on behalf of the cause, getting them to fight one another is always a good plan. If you know you don’t really have to worry about some outsider trying to topple your rule, keeping the people busy fighting with one another is a good tactic. This is what Yassir Arafat did in the late 1980’s. He got his street fighters out wasting their energy throwing rocks at Israelis.

This may be why the Inner Party leadership is being patient with the rioters, even though it is helping Trump in the election. They know they can handle Trump, but they would like their radicals to exhaust themselves a bit more. The truth is, the people in charge think this intersectionality stuff is insane too. They would not mind if the people behind it discredited themselves. That would simply mean no more talk about pronouns and photo-ops with men in sundresses.

The Palestinian Intifada was cast as an organic revolt by Arabs in the occupied territories against Israel. That’s how it was sold to the kids throwing rocks at tanks and the cell leaders organizing actions. In reality, it was about power relations at the top of Palestinian society. Yassir Arafat and the PLO were in a power struggle with Hamas and other Islamic groups. The Intifada was about who would enjoy the spoils of being Israel’s puppet in the occupied territories.

That is probably what is happening now. The Inner Party is run by old people nearing their expiry date. The question on the Left is who fills those roles. One camp is the rainbow coalition of intersectional warriors, raised on multiculturalism. They think it is their turn to rule. The other side is the Judeo-Puritan elite that have been in charge for generations now. They are rolling the dice on this intersectional intifada in the hope that the other side weakens themselves.

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255 thoughts on “The Intersectional Intifada

  1. except that the judeo-puritans are running low in numbers, and the peoples they bring in to replace at least partly help the rainbow (with some relatively based exceptions that are now helping the right, if the polls about hispanics surging for trump are to be believed).

    but yes, sowing dissension in ranks is helpful. the right does this by calling back the ethnic pride of the antifa shocktroops, or that of other whites affected by them at least. also, showing the internal contradiction and degeneracy achieved by prog and marxist values in the long run. also, by shoving pics of white deaths of despair and crime in the face of people, on subways, off bulletins next to leftoid causes; if hopefully not becoming a Kyle nor a martyr. although there are always some, paul kersey shows them.

    meanwhile the right should do more family-friendly things, trump funny videos, churches, camping, concerts, videogame tournaments, anything nonscary for the optics people looking for Dylanns to hate – create a united front, not only of people who gather to vote every once in a while, but of a parallel ethnoculture that reflects the true nation – and can then take on the parasites and degenerates.

  2. Off topic, but how’s this for an idea?

    Raise money from your readers to escape from Lagos, and invite us to move to the same town (carefully chosen beforehand). Local networks are very valuable, and you would be a good coordination point.

  3. The Intifada was about who would enjoy the spoils of being Israel’s puppet in the occupied territories.

    The Z-man is only mildly antisemitic, but he’s got the bug. No, the world is not run by the Jews. Yes, Israel undoubtedly had useful assets in both the PLO and Hamas. No, neither were puppets of Israel.

    • Antisemitism’s symptoms include Noticing, accurate prediction of political trends and an urge to take your own side

      Catch the fever, Whitey.

    • “Run” is possibly too strong a term, plus the world is just too big and varied to be “run” by a particular group completely. However, controlled or strongly influenced is not an unreasonable observation. Major world events do not simply happen without some effort. A certain degree of freedom will always be present within well policed parameters.

  4. Zman do you follow the Youtube Styxhexenhammer666? He is a basic Libertarian but he does Co-host with Ramzpaul so maybe he is a good on-ramp from his large libertarian audience to views more aligned with Ramzpaul which match yours Zman 🙂

  5. The dumbest motherfuckers become teachers to indoctrinate a whole new generation of shit for brains, who can’t change a tire.

    • Or as Dennis Roe might say: The dumbest Jews become teachers to indoctrinate a whole new generation of Jews who can’t change a tire.

  6. Bet on the kids, crazy is not an impediment to power.

    There really are no impediments to them seizing power, other than Bill Barr (who is losing his FedCop troops the more they see of him).

    They can handle Trump because Trump is a girl when it comes to Blood.

    We won’t get Stalinist rule, we’ll get Spartacist urban chaos, but with Barraistas instead of workers on the barricades.

  7. “How to Overthrow the State.”

    The Left isn’t really interested in overthrowing the State. It’s a dog whistle, a clarion call for the mob to assault the Left’s racial enemies, normal whites in places like Kansas, whom the Left stereotypes as being synonymous with the State. This tactic has been common throughout history. The allies portrayed the Germans as child-murdering barbarians during the First World War, for instance. The point was to rile up the masses to hate some approved enemy and take pressure off the Ruling Class whose decisions might otherwise be questioned by the angry masses. It’s not meant to be taken literally.
    The Ruling Class tolerates this stuff because they get the true meaning of what’s being said. If this weren’t the case, MSNBC would be busy altering the faces of the democrat party’s enemies like they did with Tulsi Gabbard during her primary debate. Google would be terminating access to their websites with a fake excuse as they also did with Gabbard. They’d be planting stories in the press alleging their enemies were Russian agents the way they did with true threats to the Ruling Class’s pocket book, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

  8. I floated the idea today in a couple places that the vast tally of black homicides — 13% of the population but 55% of the homicides — is the blood on the hands of those who endorse egalitarian civnattery: the eggs they were willing to break to make their egalitarian omelet. Results are inconclusive, so far.

    • I did that a while ago: Blacks never used to slaughter each other (and more important others) in industrial quantity until they were given the idea that they were equal and possessed special “civil rights”.

    • Your figures are accurate (+/- few percentage points, probably varies over time.) What I find scarier and it’s one of the more obscure statistics is that in inter-racial crime, black-on-white is many times 30 or more, compared to white-on-black; rape and other sexual assault are virtually all black perps. [Bleeding heart alert!] Often overlooked is that the vast majority of crimes are within the same race. Given the black violent crime rate is 5-10 times the white rate, blacks victiimization by other blacks is one of their worst dirty secrets. Add to this that the majority of serious crimes probably aren’t even reported (even the murder clearance rate is pretty low.), I figure maybe 8-10 felonies committed for each one arrested, who knows really? Top it all with the anti-police and “don’t snitch” mentality, and all their other woes, and you really have a wretched subculture. 🙁 But white racism must be to blame, somehow…

  9. These days things are so nuts Al Sharpton is the voice of reason
    We need to reimagine how we do policing,” Sharpton later added. “But to take all policing off is something a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as an academic problem. But people living on the ground need proper policing.”

    • “But to take all policing off is something a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as an academic problem. But MY people living on the ground need proper policing.”


  10. Some guy above: “Since the 1960s cops have existed solely to protect nonwhite criminals from white victims.”

    Some other guy above: “Cops exist solely to protect violent coloreds.”

    Common talking point on the D-Right. Yet the reality of half a million blacks in American prisons doesn’t support the notion.

    But keep on with the binary cliches about cops. Friend or foe; come the fog of war, we could use them. I keep a magnetic blue line flag on my car. They see it. They see my color. A reminder that we’re on the same team, despite what their bosses tell them to do.

    • Yet the reality of half a million blacks in American prisons doesn’t support the notion.

      Because of the cops, they are in prison, not dead.

    • Prisons are like day care for them. Also, they are dramatically undercarcerated: half a million is very low relative to the amount of crime they wreak on every community. Why wasn’t Jacob Blake still in prison, for example?

      In a rural area the small town cop might still be “on your team” but everywhere else they’re not. Blue line flags didn’t help Michelle Malkin.

      • At Cville, some of the guys were chanting pro-police slogans and a half an hour later the police were pushing them into antifa and laughing while they did it.

        • I respect your opinion on the matter. Having experienced it for real must be a mental game changer. I’ve been dicked by cops like most everyone. But yeah, nothing like what you went through.

    • The “I support the cops” bumper-sticker routine hasn’t worked since the 90’s. You can do the NACALT bit and it’s true to some extent, especially in smaller departments, among deputies and ruralites, but in general coprace is not on our side.

  11. Z: “They are not studying the many monsters who slaughtered in the name of the people.”

    May I someday be. There is no other way, sadly.

  12. Which would be worse? The slack jawed wokels are crazy but incompetent. That has pros and cons. The judeo puritans are also crazy and often psychotic, and they are also somewhat competent meaning they may be able to establish relative stabiliy.

    At first blush, seems we would be better off in the long run with the incompetent wokes.

  13. I wonder if that course can be audited. I’d love to see the look on the “professor’s” face when it walks in and finds the room full of large hairy white guys in camouflage ………

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  15. On a related note, I’m now Unpersoned on Medium. Here’s a link to the article (about race realities), as well as the email from the Thought Police.
    It’ll be interesting to see if/when Google starts restricting use of Docs or other sevices because, well you know, hate speech and similar. Unlike Z, and like (I assume) all who post here, I write as a hobby. But it’s scary, the creeping censorship and other bannng.

    • Trump should have Google, Twitter Facefook etc declared common carriers. The whole melange of the Financial Fuckwits should be declared public utilities.
      Trump should refuse to sue Corporations. Sue individuals for illegal acts. Employees are not working on behalf of the Corporation when they commit crimes because no State allows Corporation to be incorporated to perform illegal acts- Not even Joe Biden’s Delaware. Any individual reimbursing employees legal bills should be prosecuted to theft of shareholder funds etc etc.

      • All good ideas the GOP should have gotten started on in earnest in February 2020. But they never had any plans anyway. Instead of putting big tech’s balls in a vise, they gave them tax cuts in exchange for having their base silenced. They don’t want to fight. They want to collect donations. Their base is a hassle. They love it when big tech steps on anybody who wants them to actually fight back against the left.

  16. The Washington & Lee course is likely useful but in the via negativa sense – almost everything you will learn will not be an effective challenge to actual power. So at least you’ll learn what not to do.

    Everyone from antifa to MAGA thinks they are challenging power.

    Anfifa wearing the latest Woke fashions consume Globoshlomo products as they plan to murder and pillage Globoshlomo’s enemies.

    MAGAs likewise – their clothes, their food & drink, their entertainment and their politics have been supplied by the “other” side of the same multinational kosher sandwich of megacorps, NGO’s, think tanks, media etc…

    If antifa was a threat to the system, it would not enjoy 95% support from that system. If MAGA had any dissident energy, it would not be queer as a three-dollar bill, 50 shades of Brown and more Jewish than that odious Zionist terrorist Tucker goy-groveled to last week.

    When you want to subvert a much larger host population, divide & conquer is the way to go. Provide them plausible but misleading half-truth alternatives that set them at odds with each other inside an Overton-arena where true issues of power and sovereignty are not up for discussion.

    To know who your rulers are, ask who you cannot question. To know who’s challenging power, ask who must be silenced.

    We all know what those sides are. The rest is distraction, deflection, circus, spectacle and Talmudry.

    • What strikes me about both sides, the MAGA and Antifas, is how unhealthy both of them look, but in different ways. They absolutely are lifestyle consumers, and may as well have their own demos on VALS. The MAGAs looking diabetic, chubby, a complete lack of any muscle tone, while the Antifas are a mix of chubby vegan women (who eat way too many carbs and lack protein) and mostly men with gaunt, drawn faces. Both get their wardrobe from central casting. Antifa from H&M and MAGA from Bass Pro.

    • You are right about who you can criticize and who you cannot mention.


      Five percent of Antifa is infinitely larger than, say, The Order was in the Eighties, and much bigger than the Weathermen and the Black Panthers were in the Sixties. All of those had state-sponsorship to some degree, too, and still a few went rogue in directions that were neither expected nor welcomed.
      The Cloud People’s mercenaries and step-‘n-fetchits have loosed hundreds if not thousands of sociopaths with tactical experience and probably a few with familiarity with WMD’s. The next McVeigh will be a dissident Antifa. Mark it. This will not end well for the Clouds’ paid men, and even though most of these domestic terrorists will fall into line, as will be the case with 95 percent (to use your number) of Antifa, they have screwed the pooch here. One percent going rogue would be tough enough for them. These are the ones who are not LARP’ing, too.

      This may play out well for us. We need to protect ourselves and our own and laugh and meme as Alt-Antifa forces the toadies to plea to the True Cons’ patriotism and grilling skills.

  17. I would love to know the median student loan debt of the average ANTIFA. This debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. It’s always with you, and it amortizes over time as your coffee shop gig doesn’t pay the bills. It’s not uncommon for people to leave podunk liberal arts colleges with six figures in debt. This is like buying a house, burning it down, and still paying the mortgage which can’t be discharged. A broad, sweeping action of allowing people to discharge bad student loans while ending the entire subsidized student loan program would be ideal. But we’ll probably get the loan forgiveness as the program is allowed to continue.

  18. A million people wandering the streets shouting incoherent drivel is not a threat to the system. A million people suddenly opting out of the system is. The first is a nuisance, the latter has the potential to break the chain of interlocking parts that are needed to run the thing.

    The interesting thing about the Covid 19 response was that our ruling class tried it without even realizing they were playing with forces they have no concept of.

    • A million people wandering the streets shouting incoherent drivel is not a threat to the system. A million people suddenly opting out of the system is.
      WGTOW = Whites going their own way

      This is basically the white dream atm, to be left alone to do his own thing

      • That’s all most whites want. We just want to be left alone and grill.

        Unfortunately tptb want to genocide us instead of letting us eat burgers and watch football.

        Gamers just wanted to game, until Gamergate came along. And that is really when the current thing started. Leftists are mentally deranged and incapable of ever just leaving us alone (to their detriment in the end).

    • That’s because they don’t really work for a living and have no concept of the value of money. Why can’t the barber just close shop for a year and wait for the COVID menace to pass over? Take a gap year…write the great American novel…take a cooking class on zoom…. They actually believe this. Falling into poverty is a concept for them. Some really great restaurants have closed for good in my area. The attitude is, “well, they must have used this as an excuse to retire.”

      • That’s because they don’t really work for a living and have no concept of the value of money.

        You see, that’s white privilege, you should become a race relations professor

    • We are still feeling the effects as a great many goods not just ammo are becoming hard to get.
      The only problem is that because Y/T and friends are required to keep the system going, the parasites won’t leave them alone.
      Worse as they are driven by what is essentially a religious fervor, if it doesn’t clam down (they usually do in time) the required push-back could very well end the system.

  19. “The truth is, the people in charge think this intersectionality stuff is insane too.

    We thought that about the Soviet leadership. But it turned out that they all believed the bullshit they’d been taught, because they lived in a culture where all the best people believed that bullshit. They may have been exposed to the truth at some point, but they had no reason to take it seriously.

    The new bullshit isn’t really new. It’s the old liberal bullshit taken to its logical conclusion by people who spent their whole lives exposed to nothing else. Biden grew up in a world where people talked openly about what black people and gays are like. I don’t know what (or if) he thinks today, but in his prime he knew the score. He knew why blacks do poorly in school and get in trouble with the police. He wasn’t going to make policy decisions that depended on black people actually being equal.

    His heirs don’t know the score. They really believe the bullshit. They think black people are acting like that because of witchcraft, and that the witchcraft is reversible.

  20. The people in charge do not care. They do not live among us. They live in faraway places, connected by private plane flights. There is an entire network of airports, terminals, planes, pilots, and charters that is invisible to the rest of us. Along with far off islands and obscure inlets. They dwell there. It’s like a network of limos to gated mansions, when the rest of us get to ride Greyhound buses to the tenements.

    As long as the rest of us don’t get hold of the nukes, they are happy to let us tear ourselves apart. One can not comprehend what it is like to have more wealth than Croesus. It changes one’s life, and one has only two things left to do, which is to decide how to spend one’s days, and how to avoid death.

    The vast art collections are playthings, like a baseball card collection is to a kid. Some, like Bill Gates, go all in on vaccines. Or it might be birth control, or third world water well projects. Maybe buy a pro sports franchise. Others get their jollies the Soros way, by stirring social pots and watching cultures squirm. Soros really was the kid who would fry ants with a magnifying glass.

    At the end of the day, they are as happy or unhappy as any of the rest of us might be, but with a twist. They have no excuse for their unhappiness, having been born or having found themselves rounding third base for home, with no ball in sight. So any despondency they feel (which is a normal part of human existence) is expressed in particularly strange ways. It is their world, and we just happen to live in it, as they see it. And we are darn ungrateful to them for their indulgence in letting us exist, as far as they are concerned.

    The rest of us, from their perspective, are simply the rats in the maze (the maze they are not a part of) getting up in each other’s faces. They couldn’t care less. If the rats can’t get along, withhold the rat food.

    • this is true, their paradise is on earth
      Whites have to fend off non whites while their lives are unbothered, at the same time they tell the rest of the world how to behave
      Their lives are not that long though, bogeyman is coming

    • As long as the rest of us don’t get hold of the nukes, they are happy to let us tear ourselves apart.

      Nukes are irrelevant. Nukes didn’t save the White elite in South Africa. You can’t nuke the neighborhood two miles away from your mansion.

    • Like US soldiers in Afghanistan, they have to venture out into the real world to get from one safe spot to another, and they are vulnerable. Don’t regard them with an awe they don’t deserve. They exist at our sufferance.

    • Well written. While being filthy rich is a prolem may of us would gladly try 🙂 you hint at, but don’t deny that wealth itself can be a problem. When all your material wants are taken care of, what more do you need? Actually deciding what to do with your time (and wealth) can become all-consuming. While we won’t agree on many of their intended or achieved ends, at least some ot the rich try to put their money to work. But, I give more credit to an older time, when Carnegies built libraries. Today, we get sketchy vaccinne programs or birth control intiatives for populations who are immune to such an idea, or worse, Soros pot-stirring. It’s not an original idea, but if you have good health, enough food, shelter, and some people who love you (and vice versa), anything more than that is mostly baggage.

      • Having retired at fifty with enough money to never have to worry about money, I can tell you that it isn’t as great as I imagined. I experienced a bit of an existential crisis when the kids were all off to college and on their own. None of my friends are retired and therefore most of my many hobbies and interests are indulged alone. If I had it to do over, I would have continued working simply for the social connection and semblance of purpose.

        • Man, i really hate you at this moment. Although, will admit taking a psychological hit when my twins went to school.

  21. Take a look at Lexington VA City Council members. They have been slowly erasing Southern history from that town. They recently renamed the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery despite a petition of thousands objecting to it so it will be more inclusive. The Robert E. Lee Hotel is changing its name and the council also called for Washington and Lee to drop Lee, even though he was a distinguished President at that university and both he and Jackson are buried in Lexington. It is an attack on Southern culture, history and heritage. I sent them a scathing email.

    • Send them a real life honest to goodness snail-mail letter. Emails are useless.
      When’s the last time someone sent you a real live letter? When you got it, did you sit down and read it, focused on the letter itself and not just 1 of 5 open tabs? Everyone does that.

      • That works for normal people. Politicians, college presidents and corporate chief executives have buffer systems to prevent them from coming into contact with unpleasant thoughts from the plebes. The email is useless, of course, but snail mail won’t improve the situation.

      • Depends. Years ago (before email) I was owed a small sum of money (refund a deposit). I sent a letter. No response. I sent a certified mail, return receipt. No reponse. I made one phone call. Issue resolved.

      • I’ll one up that.

        Use a manual typewriter. Electric typewriters are ok, but the manual typewriters have a great look.

        Might want to have a dictionary nearby. Spelling without auto-correct is more challenging than you remember.

      • If I could get their phone numbers, I would go face to face with a raging ANTIFA mob a hurl a barrage of sternly worded text messages in their direction.

      • The council actually asked for emails and got quite a number which took them days to read.They did not like some of the comments. The Left uses emails and petitions and they are getting what they want. Maybe not where you live, but where I live they do.In any case it beats doing nothing and just complaining.

        • Yea but it’s the same thing as doing nothing and just complaining…It’s a wasted effort that could be spent elsewhere that’s what others are trying to convey to you…The system no longer works or is benefiting you in anyway and you need to be separating from it as much as possible…

    • Demography is destiny. Those same people believed the lie of “Dr.” Michael King and supported (or ignored) a political party that replaced them with foreigners in their own homes. Hard to feel sorry for people that dumb and lazy.

  22. America’s founding myth glorifies the revolution. But revolutions were and are far more likely to produce a Robespierre or a Mao Zedong than a Thomas Jefferson or a George Washington. There are a thousand little Maos running around the college campus. if there are any Thomas Jeffersons, they are being called fascists and run off the campus. They are the bad guys and they don’t know it.

    Evil people rarely laugh maniacally and do evil deeds for evil’s sake. Everyone thinks they are the good guy. They have been presented with fake evil that doesn’t really exist all their lives and they fail to see the evil in the mirror.

    • Because it wasn’t a revolution, it was a separatist movement. Washington and Jefferson were part of a settled ruling class that they were not trying to overthrow.

      • Well, they were risking death. Had the British been able to quell the rebellion, these men would have been hung as traitors and none of us would have ever heard of them or if we did, hold them in the same esteem as Benedict Arnold (a hero of the alternative revolution story). So while it was very much a “meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” they were at least different people.

  23. I keep thinking that the insanity can’t get any worse (because eventually these retards will start dancing on the interstate and get mowed down by a drunk driver, which has happened). But it is getting worse, and there is no end in sight. Yes, someone needs to put these dysfunctional deviants out of their misery, but everything is upside down now and the root of the problem is at the top, and not the bottom, of the pyramid.

    • I’m in no hurry. Almost all of the places they’re ruining are filled with minorities and GoodWhites. They’re doing a great job of shitting where they eat.

  24. A few days ago a colleague of mine sent me an interesting link to a YouTube video called “5 Types of Bullsh*t Jobs with David Graeber”.

    While listening to his presentation, I quickly identified and labeled a large number of people I have to work with which he identified as (1) Flunkies, (2) Goons, (3) Duct Tapers, (4) Box Tickers and (5) Task Masters.Then, while reading this post, I immediately thought about how that same list applies to the American education system.

    From what you’ve said, it would seem there are a large number of bullsh*t Colleges and Universities in the US which are full of these same sorts of people all justifying their bullsh*t jobs too.

    • You’ll notice he never talked about HR and the diversity racket, at least not directly (I suppose you could call them box tickers). It’s OK to call a receptionist useless work, but a person who does nothing but advocate more POC, now THAT is good work that helps the bottom line!

      • But, the position of deputy administrative assistant to the assistant adminstrator for administration in the LTBQ outreach department is essential! 😀

  25. “Starting this week, there are no more cops. The most likely result is heavily armed Patriot Prayer people enter the city and it is open season on the Left with no bag limit.”

    You’re not paying sufficient attention. A few nights ago, four armed ex-SOCOM with combat experience were run off by the insurgents. They were disabled immediately they showed up by strobe lights and pepper spray. Never had a chance. Actually had to run away.
    The Portland mob, and others, contains several paramilitary squads who are well-trained, well-armed, well-led and coordinated. They conduct surveillance and recon patrols. They contain some violent psychopaths for wet work, like Reinhoehl and Rosebaum.
    The seeming rabble, most young white women, are incorporated into the paramilitary’s tactics as human shields.
    The paramilitary squads are more than a match for the Portland Police and the Oregon State Police. You need, at a minimum, a regular Army or National Guard MP company, perhaps a full infantry company.
    The riots in various cities actually constitute a true insurrection, and they have the full support of and participation in by the local elected officials, mayors, city councilmen, governors…

    And they are winning.

    • no pigs, white women become collateral damage, they run away after 30 minutes of real fighting, never to be seen again
      no pigs, neo nazi type psychos will come to play with jewish pedos
      this leaves mercenaries out in the open who will do what exactly, conquer America? That’s nonsense, there are plenty of military trained whites who can deal with them, the only reason they’re efficient is cause they’re hiding in the shadows.

    • You’re not paying sufficient attention. That occurrence was under the current “cops protect the protestors” rules.

      • And that was enough, wasn’t it? Some doughnut munchers with pee shooters were able to beat up on the redneck resistance. Don’t think destroying these leftists will be as easily done as said.

        • Because the former soldiers are massively outnumbered and could not fire into the crowd. If you read the article you know that there were police right there who refused to help them yet would definitely have arrested them if they had fired blindly into the crowd.

          Things would be completely different if there were no police.

      • It won’t happen because MAGA is too useful as a kosher corral for dissident sentiment. The grassroots antifa shooters don’t see it that way but the (((elites))) still control the courts, cops and prosecutors. They’ll van anyone from our outer darkness but they’ll leave prayerful, pacifist patriots to simply be shot in the streets.

        • There will be more Rittenhouses. Next time the media just won’t cover it and the courts will swallow him in silence.

          • Very likely their play for the next one unless there are a lot more nits to pick. Kyle left them very little D&C material although the usual suspects tried with Chris (((Wallace)))-tier grousing about “vigilante violence.”

          • Steve Hayward at powerline blog started with the vigilante narrative about rittenhouse. I flipped out and got ban hammered hard. I was more than a 15 yrs there, lol.

    • I read most of this book ( before inevitably losing interest. One of the points it made was that a sniper, shooting once, maybe with a blanket wrapped around the barrel, is nearly impossible to track down in such an urban environment, especially by irregulars like BLMfa. One unsolved sniper kill might be enough, but two would certainly clear the streets, however it would have to be done by locals who could melt back into their environment.
      This brings me to the next point that I harp on: residents in Portland and Seattle cannot be bothered to protect their own neighborhoods, so there is no way that anyone else should volunteer to do so. Externally organized forces are about as likely to resolve the issues in those cities (and elsewhere) as they are to solve inner city black crime and for the same reason: the residents are perfectly fine with it.

    • They were not socom and there were only two of them. They were not there to lock horns with antifa. They were killing time prior to an interview with the Portland PD. They were both carrying concealed but knew better than to do anything but retreat after being pepper sprayed by antifa. Try to keep the hyperbole to a minimum.

  26. <i>The truth is, the people in charge think this intersectionality stuff is insane too.</i>

    Citation please.

    • Yeah not quite buying it either. The story I always tell is of Obama putting an incompetent diversity hire in charge of the secret service, his own personal security, and then had to sack the lot of them when it turned out they were more interested in prostitutes than presidential protection.

  27. Yassir Arafat and the PLO were in a power struggle with Hamas and other Islamic groups. The Intifada was about who would enjoy the spoils of being Israel’s puppet in the occupied territories.

    You can find articles online for the Wall Street Journal and other respectable news sources pretty much saying that Hamas was a israeli creation to weaken the PLO.
    My impression of the Israelis is that they always preferred to deal with Sunni terror groups, even favoring and helping them like in Syria than “secular” rulers like Assad, Nasser and Saddam or Shia militants like Iran and Hezbollah. This could explain why the Sunni Arab Gulf Sheiks are all eating at Netanyahu hands.

  28. There is a great deal of hubris within the Inner Party. Can it control the Intersectional Intifada? Maybe short-term. Can the Inner Party eliminate the Intersectional Intifada long-term? They have bet the farm on it. I wouldn’t. They can’t.

    Judeo/Puritan control of the Inner Party appears solid but really is tenuous. If Heritage America and the Intersectional Intifada could come to some sort of separation agreement, the Judeo/Puritan Overclass would die immediately. My bet is the Inner Party’s first goal is to make sure that is impossible and the wedge remains intact. It is a solid bet if the chips were down, those professors and other system grifters would side with the Judeo/Puritan wing. Forget their rhetoric. They know who butters their bread. The worse psychopaths of that coalition have figured it out, too. We are seeing that play out now on the streets of Portland, and soon an Antifa mayor will preside over the violence. That is the future of Far Left.

  29. “They are rolling the dice on this intersectional intifada in the hope that the other side weakens themselves.”

    There’s an interesting debate on whether the BLM/Antifa golem has fallen out of control of the puppetmasters (“Free Palestine!”) or whether it’s still fully in control.

    I used to think the golem was spiraling out of control, but after seeing the police immediately crush those two “far right” (milquetoast civnat centrist) Proud Boy idiots who roughed up that violent Antifa puppet, I’m convinced the BLM/Antifa golem is still fully in control. The cops’ reaction proves that the golem is on a leash and that it’s being led around to exhaust itself. The Burning-Looting-Murder is fully sanctioned by the state, media, corporations and “intelligence community.” Proud Boys are unwitting idiots for interfering and thinking they should “do something.” “Back the Blue” people are also too stupid to realize that the cops exist solely to protect violent coloreds from appropriate and overdue retaliation from victimized whites; coloreds increasingly recognize this and are backtracking on their “defund” oopsie.

    Halfway through the Obama administration the “intelligence community” realized that, after Iraq, Americans no longer had appetites for conventional ground warfare, airstrikes or even drone warfare, so they shifted to “Color Revolutions.” Someone on twitter succinctly said that the Judeo-Puritan elite now spreads globohomo through rent-a-tranny rioters, dildos and gay pride flags rather than through outdated conventional warfare. This elite has now become quite brazen in advocating for a Color Revolution at home to crush the white populism that Trump represents — it’s stated quite explicitly in all the media.

    • The “defund” meme is truly puzzling. Ever since the 1960s cops have existed solely to protect nonwhite criminals from white victims, yet the “defund” people want to remove the thin blue line that protects nonwhites from retaliation?

      My guess is that local police are still too messy, decentralized, erratic and inadequate in the protection they provide nonwhites, so the establishment thinks state and federal forces would be able to do a much better job protecting nonwhites and “red flagging” (killing) on sight any and all white victims — see the Duncan Lemp story.

      But yes, police deserve zero support and deserve to be defunded and unemployed en masse. They somehow have all the resources they need to push around the Proud Boys (idiots that they are), yet they can’t seem to stop BLM and Antifa attacking random people at restaurants.

      • They want efficient federalized police that function like the FBI: quietly cleaning up the messes created by all the Bubba Smollets out there, while at the same time terrorizing and atomizing white people.

        Local police just aren’t up to this task despite all the Israeli training they’ve received over the decades.

    • “MAGA violence”, lol. It’s obvious their street enforcers believe this stuff, as do all the black people buying guns under the belief that klan-hooded gangs are hiding behind every bush to get them, but I’m still up in the air as to whether or not the leadership in those groups believe their own gas-lighting. Right now signs point to “yes”, which favors a wait-and-see approach since these people’s own incompetence may be the death of them.

  30. If the “Deep State” wants to get rid of Trump, all the fed has to do is remove life support from the stock market. Stock market declines 70%, people get scared. Biden gets in, cash injections restart, Biden is credited.

    • The President seems tight with the Fed. It would also hurt them worse than it would the President. He actually has some real assets, many of them do not.

      • The insiders know it would be temporary. They would see it at an opportunity to profit. Plus, Joe/Ho would be even more indebted to them.

    • I’m not sure that would work. The stock market has little connection with mainstreet anymore and crashing it would only hurt the long-term interests of the Ruling Class. Instead, look for Biden to continue lying about his support for law and order and for the deepstate to desperately try making up more Russiagate lies. These losers are a one-trick pony.

      • The stock market has little connection with mainstreet anymore and crashing it would only hurt the long-term interests of the Ruling Class.


        There is far too much money to be grifted from the markets for them to be allowed to fail at this early date.

  31. It’s sort of like that person we know who is not a nice person and a bad parent yet they think of themselves as wise and good.
    When they get into their 70’s and start looking at whom they will leave their inheritance to it starts to scare the crap out of them. The next generation is even worse than themselves but they got no idea why?
    The Judeo Puritans have created a monster and that monster now wants it’s power and it’s inheritance.

  32. In Medieval times the Universities would be a bunch of students under the direction of a licensed instructor from the Church who would show up anywhere there was space and teach lessons.
    As campuses get more and more bloated and the teachers get more and more ridiculous, it’s eventually going to collapse back into this form where travelling academics will find a place to set up shop and teach to a core group of students, or just have a zoom session. Then several competing credentialing bodies will take the place the Church had and ensure the instructor can actually teach.
    As corporations no longer have the the certitude that people graduating can actually do menial tasks, they are going to care less about students being in a well-known brick-and-mortar institution and rely more on entrance tests, while ensuring that enough diversity gets through to warm seats to bypass possible lawsuits.

    • Looking at colleges with my son and comparing it to my college days. The schools all seemed to have gone on building sprees. The new buildings are architecturally terrible and ugly on the outside. On the inside they seem to have as much office space for the bureaucrats as classrooms and labs. (i remember meeting with professors in offices the size of broom closets)
      Dorms are now luxury apartments in cheaply buildings.

      • No joke. I started in’74 when the school was putting the finishing touches on a shiny new basketball arena and library. They literally have not stopped in 45 years.

      • Like the joke I recently heard about marriage: “Why bother? Just find a woman who hates you and give her your house.” Applied to sending your son off to university. Unless he’ll be studying something real (STEM, etc.), why not just spare him the crushing student debt and wasted four years and buy him a bus ticket to Seattle and depending on your funds, buy him a condo or pay his rent, provide a stipend and let him be a Starbucks barista.

      • Visiting my alma mater with one of my sons, went into the old student union where the food choice in my day was a grill where work/study student slung hamburgers for a $1.20 each with fries. Was replaced with a branded food court where students could swipe their meal cards. The centerpiece was a formal “Farm to Table” restaurant featuring seasonal menus put together by the university’s Executive Chef….yes they now have one of those. Long gone were the end of quarter “mystery meals” conjured up from whatever was left in cold storage. And you wonder why it costs what it does.

        • It really is an amazing transformation. In my prep school, our cafeteria was vending machines and a microwave. The vending machines were the old automat style things that still worked and some guy stocked them with fresh sandwiches every morning. In college, it was mostly the same, except there was a place that sold burgers and hot dogs. The burgers were those super-flat patties that had an odd gray color to them when cooked. No one thought anything of it.

          Today, the college has a food court like you would see at the mall, but the food is booshie stuff like organic salads and fresh fruit smoothies.A friend tells me his school now has a fitness spa with a rock climbing facility and full time trainers for the kids.

          • Actually covid killed the food court. Now it’s bagged lunches 3 times a day so 19-year-olds don’t catch covid.

        • He’s an engineer. NavArch/Marine engineering double degree. But knows how to weld and run machine tools. Since I push numbers around for a living, I live vicariously on his adventures.

    • As corporations no longer have the the certitude that people graduating can actually do menial tasks, they are going to care less about students being in a well-known brick-and-mortar institution and rely more on entrance tests,
      That’s me, i work for corporation, never finished college

      • It’ll be interesting to see the future of educational or vocational testing. Of course they’re critical but half a century or more (Griggs Vs Duke Power, etc.) make it increasingly difficult to screen out minority less competent job applicants.

      • As Ben points out aptitude tests got zapped in the way back, so employers relied vicariously on the SAT via the ranking of the school that accepted you. Some of best business people I’ve worked with over the years worked for a certain London institution that also begins with “L” and began out of high school as clerks, learned the business from the ground up and can still be found running prominent syndicates. Less OxBridge accent, but a lot more common sense.

    • In many places and times, a University had absolute, or near-absolute freedom (at least academic freedoms), guaranteed with a charter by the King/Government. Not saying it was always honored, but this is where the whole ideal of “academic freedom” came from. Problem: if the lumatics have taken over the asylum, and the asylum has dipomatic immunity 😀

  33. What the Left offers them is reassurance.

    And, critically, a Cause, something higher to fight for than mere creature comforts; existential meaning. A better world. If they just wanted reassurance, they could pay a Freudian snake charmer to blow smoke up their thermal exhaust ports.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but what if the protesters got their wish and the cops were not only pulled off the streets, but they were disbanded?

    They don’t want the cops pulled off the streets per se, they want them replaced with SJW commissars – and they’re succeeding: because who is going to take up the guns of all those cops now leaving the corps in disgust? Trumpentroopers? I don’t think so.

    • Well done, Felix. It has the ring of truth. The main flaw in neoliberalism is that it deprives the adherents of meaning and purpose. It has tries to undermine the family, the community and the nation… not understanding that if they succeed, they are wide open to any hostiles capable of any kind of tribalism. Right now, the White people in the Donk party have abdicated… and now the tribes fight amongst themselves for control. It’s hilarious: the food fight is basically the nigs vast he joos vs the queers vs the trannies vs the wahmen….

      • deprives the adherents of meaning and purpose

        Yes. At least any true sense of meaning and purpose. Instead of a man working for the sake of his family or his community, the new line is that he must work because he likes it. Think, ‘I love my job’ or ‘I want to do something I am passionate about’. Although perhaps there are many who do indeed ‘live to work’ and that is the be-all-and-end-all.

        the food fight is basically the nigs vast he joos vs the queers vs the trannies vs the wahmen….

        Probably been said here a trillion times, but may as well say it again: If diversity is truly allowed to dominate all institutions both public and private, quite how they can stop themselves from infighting long enough to crush YT is beyond me.

    • Good take, Feliz – the quasi-spiritual element of Wokeness is its primary appeal and Boomerwaffen’s commitment to the prosperity gospel of shallow capitalist materialism and “just let me grill” selfish mentality makes them a perfect “devil” for Woke religion.

      To fight them you need both your own devil and your own moral high ground. We have that but we’re late getting in the game. Give us time and give us platforms and we can make that clear.

  34. I have several friends in the military who served in “special” warfare units. That’s a free class on how to collapse a country as efficiently as possible. I doubt the college classes will be as educational.

    • I’ve toyed around with the idea of writing about how an insurgency would work in modern America. The trouble is the topic attracts too many nuts and I don’t want to spend all day deleting comments from them. I’ll just say this. The anarchist bombings a century ago were poorly executed using crude materials. They were enough, however, to knock sense into the ruling class. Imagine what a small group of smart people with access to modern materials could do today?

      • Is deleting those comments because you have a concern excessive fedposters will give you unwanted attention from authorities and your internet host, or that they’re just annoying?

        • I have a low tolerance for stupid people. People posting about violence on-line are either imbeciles or provocateurs trying to create trouble.

          • Even if you could speak freely, that would be a damned challenging article to write.
            At some point you’d have to make a hit list of victims to sacrifice in order to scare the others. Who would you choose? I assume ‘all of ‘em’ isn’t an option?😆👍
            Im sure you could fedpoast all day long against conservatives, christians, or whites. Just make sure there are no oblique references that could be deemed as White supremacy and you’ll be fine…

          • Perhaps I’m projecting, but surely some allowance can be made for those who are just blowing off steam to cope with repressed anger. If you can’t let your hair down amongst friends in a hostile world with few other outlets for a good venting, the angst and despair will overwhelm you. At any rate, if I’ve been guilty of an occasional blood-scented rant it’s certainly not because I’m trying to activate sleeper cells of what the media is now fronting as white supremacist terrorists. Sadly, I know myself too well as a paper tiger. As age enfeebles the eyes and the arm muscles, I could barely qualify with my pistol last week. I have decided that CCW is no longer a wise option. I guess I’ll be relegated to sittin’ on the porch with a shotgun as a rear guard.

          • We need those people as well Brother and there is a lot of things around the farmstead that can be done by the older folks…

        • My vote is unwanted attention.

          Look at the recent DHS announcement about America’s “greatest internal threat.”

          That statement indicates the Fed power structure has less than zero interest in rolling up the Antifa/BLM networks, which they could easily do with the tools available to the NSA, FBI, IRS, etc.

          • You’ve identified the sides – as I say in my comment below, look at who cannot be allowed to speak and who cannot be spoken of (or at least spoken ill of).

          • The federal government exists to perpetuate it’s power. Very few people want to be ruled by antifa, but lots of people would like or tolerate being ruled by normal, conservative white guys. Thus, the fed cracks down on the normal group because it could fairly easily supplant them with popular support. This worry absolutely does not apply to antifa.

          • Exactly right which is why the joggers run wild because they are no threat to the ruling class…They know they are dumb enough to manipulate as a group and can get them to do things that actually harm and kill themselves…

      • I think ‘Ol Remus had a few words on that once and took it down. It’s not that complicated to look around and see how cities get the stuff that allows people to live there.

        • I don’t think the cities are anywhere near as vulnerable as people think they are.
          Cities are not randomly placed. They are almost always on navigable rivers and they have major interstates running into them not to mention scores and scores of smaller roads. There are large suburbs around the cities today. There is a lot of redundancy built in. There are many, many small power generation stations throughout the city and many micro-grids. There is a LOT of fuel storage inside the cities even with just in time delivery especially if passenger vehicles are banned. Most would comply.

          The big thing everyone thinks is a problem, the liberal pets, are fairly well cordoned, at least in my city. To the extent that they are armed, they are not well organized and what organization they do have is moving product and fighting competitors, not fighting cops. Whatever success they have overrunning the cops is during riots where the police are used to confine them to an area of a sacrifice zone. The cops have orders and they do what they are told. In a general insurrection, this would not be the case. The years and years of riots means the cops know generally what to expect, what works and what doesn’t. They would have orders to crush the riots by any means necessary. This of course, assumes there are actual riots. If there were a general insurgency, the press would not be stoking riots they would be preaching unity to defeat the white supremacist terrorists.

          • Do you realize how easy “major interstates” are to shut down? A fender bender in the fast lane during rush hour causes a huge backup that may take hours to clear. Image a couple of burning semi trucks in the right spots at the right time. The thing with rivers is you don’t have to shut them down, only the docks.

          • Do you realize how easy it is to close the interstates to traffic with limited access ramps?
            How about improvised docks?

            This is the problem people have. They superimpose normalcy onto the future event with one (and only one) thing changed. A good example is wait time. They imagine that an item that takes 18 months to get under normal circumstances persists into an emergency or that perfection is needed. This is why people are almost always surprised at how quickly things go back to normal after the near-impossible scenario happens. A few years ago (03) there was a major East coast grid failure from Canada down to New York. Subway service was restored in 4 hours. Some places probably were without electricity for weeks, but the main important stuff was back up in a matter of hours.

            In my city there are sub 10 megawatt level gas generators all over the city. Under normal circumstances they kick on during peak local demand.
            There is a lot of redundancy.

          • In my city not that long ago, a semi caught fire and burned on one of the freeways. After waiting for the fire to burn itself out and for the wreckage to cool down, it took 2 1/2 days to get it back open.
            You may have gas generators but where does the gas come from? A kid with some m-80s can take out a gas pipeline.

          • Something similar has happened in my city a few times. Tires cost money to get rid of and so a lot of unscrupulous people dump enormous numbers of tires in various places in the city including under overpasses. Back in the late 90s, there was a major tire fire under an overpass which shut down the interstate, though not all at once. The repair was done in record time both times, on budget and on schedule. But the fire never fully shut it down and they did the repairs a lane at a time. I remember that one well because I drove through it every day. Another one happened more recently and it was also pretty well handled. Of course, all the usual racketeering was exempted because the repair was necessary. A white male owned firm got both of these jobs.

          • In Africa every couple years, some fools immolate themselves, not by neclacing (that requires help*) rather by stealing fuel from pipelines and something goes wrong. So my guess is yes, a mischevous teen with some tools could cause a lot of trouble.
            *There is something to be said for the informal justice system that some African countries have.

          • There is a lot of redundancy…
            Speaking from the inside there is not, they just want you to think that so you don’t move away from the cities and get self sufficient…

          • You have no idea what you are talking about I’m sorry to say… Your perception is probably screwed up by seeing something that is not what you think it is or about one city that might have that…The majority of large cities and this is speaking from experience are very vulnerable to interruption from the outside and a lot of mayor’s are making themselves even more vulnerable by virtue signalling on green energy…

          • You make an inference to perhaps the real issue. Under good management these interruptions could be properly mitigated, but can anyone imagine the Lori Lightfoots of America properly managing much of anything?
            To hear Z tell it, a place like Baltimore may well collapse on it’s own with no outside interference, lordy knows what would happen if there was someone giving it a push in the “right” direction.

          • Yes, Vibrant majority areas will hasten the collapses. The memory-holing of opinions and facts incompatible with The Narrative by the Virtue Signallers will only amplify the demise of the Woke (green) power structures.
            “Sorry guys, but even those wind turbines and solar collectors need maintenance. Techs? I think they all moved out of state a while back.” 🙂
            *See elsewhere for my whine about being banned by Medium (not banned technically, but “suspended.”)

          • Yet, when the grid collapsed from Canada down to NY, the major portions were back up within hours.
            Our cities are not what they once were. I see the effects of clownworld daily. In my city, there are a lot of abandoned railroads and city street bridges that go over them. A bridge will get shut down and they literally throw a concrete barrier in front of it and redirect traffic onto an adjacent bridge indefinitely. There are potholes everywhere. Infrastructure is crumbling.
            I am going by my own experiences. Perhaps I am being fooled. But the system is largely able to limp along with duct tape and bailing wire. When failure happens, they are able to work around it fairly well.
            Frankly, I think it is utter fantasy that you can take out a major metropolitan area with a well placed attack on sub-station. People imagine that if a particular transformer takes 18 months to get under normal circumstances that if you take out that transformer, you take out that area for 18 months and that there are only 2 option:
            1) Restore grid back to pre-attack working state immediately.
            2) Cry that you have no electricity for 18 months.

          • Engineering is racist! We don’t need to repair or build any new bridges! 🙂
            I’m no expert, but large portions of New England had major outages in (I think) 1966 and 1978, they heyday of white competence wouldn’t you say. Things were restored in a day or so (these were summer outages, think) bu tthe point is the grid was vulnerable. I’m not in the industry, but articles over the years say that if anything, the grid is more interconnected. I suspect that a systemic failure could be triggered, but identifying the critical spot probably isn’t easy.

          • Just don’t steal the copper wire please. If you google “thief electrocuted stealing copper wire” and select photos, you see many dead bodies. I don’t know the race of the victim, but they are definitely black afterwards 🙁

          • I live in California and the roads are so bad here that a single car accident can cut traffic speed in half for hours or block roads for near a day.
            And note do to every ass hat being high on weed , this is a nearly everyday problem.
            The running joke is “if someone tried to shut down the roads on purpose how could you tell.”
            As for electricity, a couple of guys with rifles were able to inflict several million in damage and screw with the power supply back in 2013 . They didn’t shut it down but they were never caught and it was a once off for unknown reasons
            From Wikipedia
            under slightly different conditions, there could have been serious power outages or worse.
            This is a public open forum and no place for discussing this sort of thing other than academically but the US is very vulnerable to concentrated attacks and the USG has been umable to do anything to prevent it.
            Easy? No. Risk Free? No. Certain Success? No. Doable? Unfortunately Yes.

          • Exactly I bet you can still find that study out there though and I bet the bad guys have it downloaded that tells what it would take to shut the whole US grid down besides an EMP…

      • Wonder if the bombings of Wall Street had any effect on passing the 1924 immigration act. I’m sure big business was as enamored of importing cheap labor then as it is now.

        • Very much so. The anarchists and Bolsheviks scared the crap out of the ruling class and they moved quickly to round them up and deport them. There was already strong anti-immigrant sentiment in the country, so shutting down immigration was a popular remedy.

        • Invest some time in studying the immediate post WWI political situation in Europe. It was a very near thing. Most people have never heard of the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 (just had the 100th anniversary) Effectively the Poles cobbled enough men, women and luck with code breaking to defeat the Red Army in the suburbs of Warsaw. There was nothing after that to stop them. Wrote my thesis on the breakdown of the Washington Treaty system in Asia–but lot of time spent reading Congressional Record debates on the 24 Act. We were highly cognizant of the risks of importing failed revolutionaries form Europe. I was focused on the Japanese/American side, but was struck by how clearly many saw the threat and shut the door.

      • I think the Oklahoma bombing set them back on their heels.Certainly reacted, got McVeigh executed in record time. The SC church and pitt synagogue shootings scared the hell outa a lot of people. I sometimes wonder how many people in the US get a incurable cancer diagnosis a year? What would happen if it became fashionable to compile a diagnosed-with-pancreatic-cancer-list? Like a bucket list, but malign. Another thought that has occurred to me is that this mask business largely defeats the facial recognition surveillance.

        • There was a twitter thread about a mom who wanted to cut off her son’s dick against the dad’s wishes, and the judge that sided with the mom.
          Such options were implied as a possible remedy.

        • The OKC bombing ended the previous high water mark of State-sponsored domestic terrorism, which works. No one knows this better than the Inner Party, which has instigated this round, too. It learned from the previous experience and substituted psychopaths and sociopaths for federal law enforcement and bureaucrats.
          I think this will prove a mistake long term. They could control functionaries. These types cannot be stopped after a point.
          McVeigh likely was anticipated as a possible response to TPTB and that was baked into the cake. It is likely they anticipate the same again. Remember, the functionaries are expendable to these types and irrelevant outside their work. The lack of response so far has them bewildered. It may give them a false sense of security, or it may make them fearful of the golems they have unleashed.

          What Z wrote the other day is the best advice as long as it is possible: turn off, tune out and drop out. My bet is the Overclass has cast a bad die.

          • What Z wrote the other day is the best advice as long as it is possible: turn off, tune out and drop out.
            That’s definitely the first step but then there is a lot of steps to take after that if we want to win…
            Is a step also in the right direction…

        • Comedian Bill Hicks asked some very uncomfortable questions about Waco during the Clinton Administration. Died at age 32 of pancreatic cancer.

        • I don’t think any serious players were scared by these acts. They merely used them to their advantage. For all the romance and ooga-booga around “Day of the Rope” or “Turner Diaries” style dissident fiction, the real-life version doesn’t scare the elites that much.

          They just use it as fear-and-smear fodder for the proles.

          What scares them is White men acting openly in large numbers, not so much the Tyler Durden stuff.

        • As long as you don’t wear a face conforming one so they can’t see your face structure also alter your gait and your stature…Read the book Molon Labe or Unintended Consequences to attain helpful ideas…

      • I don’t think violence would be that effective in our case, other than providing a little harassment around the periphery. Violence was somewhat effective in the ’60s, mostly because the current ruling class was ready to throw in their cards anyway, they didn’t need a lot of encouragement.

        The current ruling class has no such doubts about themselves, and violence will simply give them an excuse to land on us with both feet. The fact of the matter is that this isn’t the 18th century where it’s our muskets against the government’s muskets. The government is in a position to bring down overwhelming force, should they decide to do it.

        You notice that revolutions haven’t been very popular in Western nations for at least a century. Not even in Eastern bloc nations during the cold war. At the slightest hint of an uprising, the tanks roll in. And apparently the powers that be don’t believe the 2nd amendment covers tanks for the citizenry.

        Unfortunately, the only way to defeat this enemy is by gradually wearing them down until they lose interest in fighting. Or that the tide of public opinion has so turned against them such that leaving town suddenly sounds like a good idea.

        • This is correct. To accomplish a modus vivendi, we have to consider how to make the lives of the Ruling Class miserable in non-violent ways. There has to be creativity. Eventually there will be a brutal schism between the Judeo/Puritans and the Woke Sociopaths. Maybe recognize the latter as legitimate authority in places such as Portland? Dunno if that is the ticket, but it is an example of now to get where we need to be.

        • Yes, the government has enormous technology and armaments compared to private citizens. But don’t underestimae the crippling long-term effects of “diversity” in their ranks. Yes, there are competent people, otherwise our military would be completely useless. But also, as is sometimes discussed here, in a truly “civil war” situation, it is likely, perhaps even probable, that there would be mass resistance in the ranks to wholesale actions against private citizens. The beast wil thrash around and do a lot of damage, but we are ants and most of us are thus hard to target. Especially if we’ve done nothing that would draw the Beast’s attention.

          • From what I can observe and get from people on active and reserve duty–the tooth/tail ratio has grown dramatically on the latter side. Seems to be one reason the same people are deployed over and over again. There really are not that many “war fighters” in the modern military. The ones we have are probably only rivaled in skills by the professional British army of late 1800s/early 1900s.

        • Or, from the Vietnam era graveyard of forgotten favorites, “We need to win their hearts and minds – but if you grab them by the short hairs, their hearts and minds will follow.”

        • The current ruling class, the one that still has some legitimacy is getting old. There are a still some 50ish types like Ted Cruz but that is far from spring chicken territory.
          The rest including President Trump are rather old and in time age will claim all of them.
          The next group AOC and the like face a legitimacy crisis. That is when the fun starts.

      • The biggest problem they would have, I think, is command and communications. There is nobody in America with the possible exception of Trump who has broad purchase with the right wing spectrum. The theoretical person really can’t be local. They have to have perceived authority across the country.
        This is one area where the left is light years ahead of the right. They have both people and the institutional presence to act at least somewhat in a cohesive manor. Just about every university in the country has left wing groups connected to other left wing groups and non-campus NGOs. They already have a command and control system set up.

        Just getting the whole (or significant) spectrum of the right wing to agree that “it’s on” would be a near impossible task under present conditions. If these people (authority figures) do exist, they are underground and most people don’t know who they are.

        • Depends on your objectives. What law says that a resistance has to be centrally commanded and controlled? Centralized authority of any kind presents its own problems (and benefits, I concede). Do fifty (relatively, even today) sovereign States need to coordinate with each other on every detail of handling affairs within each State? How about the independent cities in each State? Towns? When you’re figuring out the family budget, or the wife is planning tonight’s meal, must you consult with the other families in the area? Of course not. The point is that smaller entitites are possible, down ot the individual. They exist in normal times and they’ll exist in abnormal times as well.

          • While I concede your point, the right MUST be unified in a general uprising. A unified army has a lot of advantages against the partisan. This doesn’t mean the partisan is powerless, but they are largely defensive and are unified in purpose only and not structurally. A partisan military force is not trying to take control of secede, they are simply running interference against the occupier. Presumably the powers that were are to take control when the occupying enemy is driven out.
            With partisans, the purpose is self-evident, get the occupiers out and throw whatever sand you have into the gears of the enemy.
            A theoretical uprising in the US would be for the purposes of either breaking away from the US or taking it over. We have the major disadvantage that the “occupiers” are not, in the real sense a foreign army. If an uprising (for lack of a better term) is to have any kind of success, it needs to fought everywhere. If it is localized, they are absolutely doomed.
            On the plus side, we have many states now that are in open rebellion of the feds on a variety of issues. We have local authorities facilitating criminal activity. We have more states that want to flaunt different federal laws. The whole system is being held together with money. If they have money problems, we could see changes that are unthinkable today.

      • The only certainty is that it never works out the way the advocates think it will. And there are always “people of the middle”-think Girondists and Mensheviks that go in thinking they can ride the tiger. Until it eats them. Right after the collapse of the Soviet Union there was a Russian produced film titled “The Chekist”. Probably the most disturbing look I’ve ever seen of what happens when the tiger decides he no longer wants to be ridden.

      • Suspend comments, I would very much like to hear your thoughts on topic. There’s a C note in the PO Box in appreciation, bribe.

  35. Washington & Lee

    You’re right. That is a white supremacist name… How did that one slip through the net!? Unless it is ‘Denzel Washington & Bruce Lee’?

    • To them America is just another territory to be harvested

      It is harvesters all the way down. This is a mindset that I believe indeed applies not to just those at the top, but many in the middle and many at the bottom.

      Furthermore, it is always worth looking at a handful of your largest companies and figuring out where the loyalties of these entities lie. There did use to be many companies who were pro-America, or UK, or Australia. Of course, once the cheap labour comes in, once the lucrative trade deals with foreign territories arrive, this rhetoric is hollow.

      To me, it is the same problem of scale that any community eventually has to deal with – be it a village, a business, a political group, gun club, or whatever you fancy. It is also exactly why any attempt to reform the system will always be a failure. The uppers of society are not linked in any way to the middle and the lowers. Before the massive diversification of the West, perhaps an appeal could have been made to ‘shared history’ or ‘common values’ or something else with a mystical appeal… but now?

      On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does it wind you up when, say, Satya Nadella mentions ‘our values as a nation’ or Kamala Harris says something like ‘That is not who we are’. This is why it can be an infuriating process speaking to normal people, who still think all of this can work.

    • That’s because elite religion is satanic garbage
      Kabbalists see God as an energy waiting to be tapped into, utilizing magical words. That’s why new age people invoke energy & universe power instead of saying God.
      The elites have the same philosophy in regards to America, they use propaganda(magic words) to mold the country as they wish.

      • Magic Words and magic images (TV). And (encouraged) if the public must think, please use Magical Thinking! I saw the image of a video (but declined to watch) Kenosha “victim” Jacob Blake in his hospital bed. I’m glad the young man is alive, but we all know what the story will be (the details aren’t even important!): poor young black man gunned down by the police, now (I assume) paralyzed. Scant to no mention of WHY he was shot at: his criminal past, serious pending criminal charges, Blake’s conduct that brough him to his current state. No, the implied, sometimes they have the audacity to openly say, here is another victim of police who have nothing better to do than use poor innocent Black men as target practice. 🙁

        • And no one even mentions the hidden tax of these people…I wonder what it cost us to save someone who isn’t worth a nickel and the care we will be on the hook for the rest of his life…A society that spends it’s capital and treasure on the worthless becomes a worthless society… People better get their heads out of their asses and realize that any effort to save this current system is a wasted effort and they better be doing everything they can to separate from it and be working on forming a new system…

        • not really, jews resorted to immigrants invading western world in the end, their satanic magic was not enough, they wanna islamize europe which is undoable cause islam religion is too dumb, islam is too dumb & antichristian for white man to endure

          eastern european communism failed
          china plan failed, chinese reject jews
          usa is all that’s left for them, whites have become unruly based on voting pattern, if non whites steal some of that jewish political power from democrats then bye bye jewish global hegemony

    • The key to a modus vivendi is making the lives of the Ruling Class miserable. Thought needs to be given to how to accomplish that.

      • It’s not hard. Conservatives are just imbeciles who lack any ability to strategize. Step 1: exploit the AOCs of the world to dramatically raise their taxes Step 2: destroy inner cities with section 8 housing and property tax increases, which will drive richies out of places like Manhattan Step 3: larp as a leftist and demand White cities like Portland and Seattle experience mass immigration and diversity because muh White privilege Step 4: support making white flight out of left-wing areas a hate crime Step 5: increase the capital gains tax Step 6: abolish the police in left-wing cities …. there are lots of ways to make them pay. This isn’t hard.

    • So you’re saying that a political entity whose origin was as a colony of a foreign power and was viewed by it’s settlers as a satellite of another nation may not have developed strong national roots? /sarcasm

      In all seriousness, America is not and never has been a nation. There never was at any point in the geographical area now known as the United States a single cohesive ethnicity. The area has always been populated by diverse societies and cultures, so it shouldn’t be surprising that a strong national has never formed here. Even among the whites that settled here, there are three basic types: people trying to escape genocide or oppression, utopians, and exploitative capitalists. There’s no reconciling these groups, and therefore no uniting them in a cohesive group identity. Nationalist politics simply don’t apply to America.

      • Read Albion’s Seed. You can make the case that America’s founding mythologies are false in some if not many ways but the folkways of its people are pretty evident regardless.

        American identity since at least the Revolution has been distinct from British and European identity in general. As Anatoly Karlin recently pointed out to me at Unz, Russians are more like Americans than Western Europeans. He knows what Americans are, for better or worse. We may not like everything about the identity, but it exists.

        The fact that our identity is being attacked and diluted doesn’t render it void ab initio. You’re going too far with this take.

        • American culturs may be easily distinguished from British and European cultures, but that doesn’t prove there is one unifying American culture. For example, bluegrass music is distinctly American (or at least non-European), but it is definitely looked down upon by a huge number of Americans. The closest thing to a universal American cultural touchstone is a disdain for European things, but my point that there is not a unified culture remains. You can’t get Americans to agree on a single positive thing. See how divided people are over foreign policy, environmental policy, gay marriage, etc. You can’t build a nationalist polity with people who irreconcilably disagree about the most things. And it shouldn’t be surprising that this is this case because there was no unity of purpose among the initial and subsequent migrants.

          • nice job speaking for everyone that came here with aspirations, rather than running away from something.
            attempting to prove there is no american culture by describing it terms of what it is not is a very partial picture.
            looks like you’ve been cribbing z’s description of the negative self definition of the american black experience – not white.

          • Drew you’re completely disregarding how unified the country was in the past. The inflection points were the Civil War and the post-WWII era (particularly in the 60’s) but even as of 1963 this was a very unified country that agreed on most things. The Democrats and Republicans prior to that point mostly argued over tax & labor policy as well as foreign policy. Most of what we call “social issues” today weren’t on the table until after WWII.

          • The country we know today didn’t exist until 1959, when Alaska and Hawaii became states. The Democrats didn’t exist until well into the 19th century, and violent infighting and insurrections incurred in Washington’s administration. The United States have rarely been completely unified and peaceful. I suggest you read a lot more history, because it takes a tremendous amount of ignorance to suggest the US has had a tranquil union for most of it’s history.

          • “The country we know today didn’t exist until 1959, when Alaska and Hawaii became states”

            Puhleze. Political entity =/= country itself. The overwhelming majority of the population lived outside of those states. The overwhelming majority of the history and culture of this country came long before those states were a thing. Did the English people cease to exist after the British Empire fell?

          • “Tranquil” and “without identity” are not the same thing.

            Alaska and Hawaii have never had any meaningful impact on American identity or nationalism.

            I doubt many people here suspect me of being unread in American history even if they otherwise think I’m an asshole.

            I suggest you stop clutching at strawmen to redeem your weak takes.

          • <i>The closest thing to a universal American cultural touchstone…</i>

            No country has a “universal culture” but that doesn’t mean that each of them don’t have a distinct culture.

            Perhaps not the most flattering example, but I’m watching Tiger King at the moment, and it’s wall-to-wall Americans. Not one of those characters could’ve been from anywhere else in the world, except perhaps the exasperated, professionally conscientious sheriff who’s trying to deal with the fact that in America, you’re allowed to keep tigers and alligators in your garage, run a sex cult out of your barn, use dynamite to clear shrub and discharge firearms whenever you’re simply feeling happy.

            You could not find one still in that series that wouldn’t be identifiable as American by a casual glance.

          • americans/canadians need to drop this mentality that they have no culture
            If even Venezuela is different from Columbia then how is usa a country with no culture?

          • You make us sound gaudy when you put it that way. Of course no one ever went broke underestimating the bad taste of the American people.

          • As I said, perhaps not the most flattering example but one I just happened to watch at the moment, and one that’s instantly, unmistakably American. And not just by the peculiar sense of aesthetics, but by the uncompromising respect for individual freedoms and differences.

            The witnesses – like the sheriff and the guy that made the King’s videos – might think all these people are crazy, perhaps dangerously so, but hey, what can you do, right? It’s not like you can tell other people how to live their lives.

            If you want to find out what is unique to American culture, go live abroad for a year or two.

        • Russia has always been a crap country and probably always will be. There’s a reason why Russia is a dump and it’s not because it shares a similar culture or people with the US.

          • He can speak for himself, but for now, if by “Russia” he means (as many still do) “Soviet Union,” or even “Imperial Russia,” then “Russia” is a multicultural empire held together by an almost comic “iron fist” rulership (the “prison house of nations”). As Trump would say, a shithole, or dump; although in their own eyes, The Third Rome and a light unto the nations, as it were.

          • I suspect that’s what he was aiming for. It’s oversimplified at best.

            Russia isn’t a Third Rome but it’s not a shithole either. Shitholes don’t produce the high culture, science and philosophy that Russia has for centuries through its various political turns.

            I may not agree with or enjoy much of it, but it’s not the product of a lumpenprole society.

          • Boomer mad. Boomer rages! Ruuussssiaaa!

            Lol, Russia has been through a lot. But their future doens’t look like Zimbabwe. The US of the future will have more in common with the USSR than the current day Russia ever will. Remember that when president Sandy Cortez bans the internal combustion engine.

        • Albion’s Seed is a monumental book. Most Americans AT BEST think there’s two America’s, North and South.

          There were at least 13 at the time of the founding, and arguably more now.

      • To an extent, I agree. The entire “national territory” of the continental US was likely never really one single cohesive nation, as even the unfortunate war of northern aggression showed. The best we could have hoped for was the original articles of confederation and perpetual union, although the latter part of that title itself would lead to problems. Interestingly, as one history site explains

        During the early years of the [revolutionary] war this desire [a government powerful enough to defeat Great Britain] became a belief that the new nation must have a constitutional order appropriate to its republican character. A fear of central authority inhibited the creation of such a government, and widely shared political theory held that a republic could not adequately serve a large nation such as the United States. The legislators of a large republic would be unable to remain in touch with the people they represented, and the republic would inevitably degenerate into a tyranny.

        And now, here we are. Balkanization is probably best, and restoring freedom of association is a potentially bloodless way to get there. I applaud that group of black families staking out their own town, and may a thousand such towns for each ethnicity bloom.

    • They’re a foreign derived elite which builds consensus through promoting hate among minorities against Whites. Increasingly, this is true in a literal sense. Thus, foreigners like Trevor Noah, Jim Jefferies, and Jonathan Oliver spew racial hatred against Americans from their “Comedy” Central perches on a near daily basis, heavily promoted by social media.

      Think of it this way. If you moved to Japan and got really wealthy and then a war occurred with China, what’s it to you? Those aren’t your people. Would you really want to sign up and get killed or sacrifice your kids? Certainly not. Our foreign ruling class sees America in the same way. It’s a resource for self-advancement, not a common community one would have any true loyalty to.

    • China harvests too much of its own, but yes, of course the progglobalists are attempting soft coup here, as elsewhere.

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