The Return Of The King

Something I wanted to talk about in the show, but I got long winded on other stuff, so I had to skip it, is something I talked about with a friend this week. That is, why is it that so many people have gone crazy all at once? There’s always been partisanship and fierce debates between liberals and normal people. People have always had heated debates about current events. Today, we have lots of people who seem to live in an alternative reality from the rest of us.

The issue that my friend and I were discussing is the riots. He had just had an interaction with someone on-line where the person told him the riots were fake news created by conservative news outlets. He pointed out that we have videos of arson and looting, much of it from left-wing sites. He sent him video of Minneapolis as proof that the riot actually happened. The person dismissed it all as a conspiracy theory saying that the protests have been peaceful.

Just as there has always been partisanship, there have always been crazy people who line their clothes with aluminum foil. What’s different now is it feels like we are overwhelmed by them. They work in the media. They work in government. They are in the schools. It is not just left-wing conspiracy stuff. The whole QAnon thing is another example of mass lunacy. It’s like the novella I Am Legend, except instead of turning people into vampires, the virus makes them crazy.

One theory on this is that these sorts of crazy people have always existed, but they existed in isolation. The person prone to Russian conspiracy stuff was not around others that indulged in that stuff. Paranoia and social norms kept these people from meeting in real life. The internet has allowed these people to freely and comfortably network with one another on-line. All of a sudden, this type of person knows lots of people who are prone to their type of madness.

What the internet has done is provide social proof. No matter how your madness plays out, you can find a Facebook group to tell you that you are not only not alone, but you are right. Instead of these people living in isolation, fairly sure they are alone in these thoughts, they now have lots of people who share their madness, giving them the confidence to be public with it. We are now plagued by highly confident, maladapted mutants, to use an Ed Dutton term.

There have been plenty of gags on television where the internet is suddenly shut down and people are forced back to the old ways. People suddenly must talk to one another and use maps. One likely outcome, if we shut down the internet, is the world would suddenly get much calmer and quieter. The plague of maladapted mutants would no longer be plugged into their networks. They would be reduced to shouting their lunacy on street corners wearing sandwich boards.

Human society evolved ways to peacefully manage the lunatics that are a part of every human society. A mild form of shunning, with the occasional witch burning, was enough to keep these people under control. Social shaming of gossipy women, for example, was effective at controlling the Karen problem. We have yet to evolve such mechanisms for doing this on-line. Worse yet, these gossipy women now control the discourse on-line as big tech censors.

The solution to the current unrest may be as simple as banning women from the internet or maybe just social media platforms. For that matter, just turn the who thing off entirely. Would the world really be so bad if you had to order from the Amazon catalog over the phone rather than on-line? is your life going to be worse or better without Twitter and Facebook? If all the internet billionaires were killed tomorrow, is anyone really going to notice or care?

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244 thoughts on “The Return Of The King

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  2. yes, the internet allows the maladapted to thrive, it’s been known since the early 00s at least. on the other hand, the internet allowed the “crazy” dissident right to exist and affect national politics outside of hiding. true, it’s blowing back in the dissidence now, partly due to swastika-shaped self-inflicted wounds by the maladapted that sneak in inevitably (specially as many whites have been raised maladaptive for decades), but also partly because the jump has not been made back to the real normie world. thus that jump must be made: no kinetic action, no funny uniforms (yet), but camping outside, visiting churches and national monuments, having mass concerts and displays of art and folklore, more families and less Dylanns, though maybe some Kyles on the entrance… of course in big groups holding high ground, etc…

    lest we forget, people will rather save white statues of the Virgin, than copies of the bell curve. even though both are to be saved, one is a real aesthetic symbol, a sacramental if you will, of Christians and whites; specially helpful in promoting white births and obedient white women. the other is a book full of useful info, but without sacramental character nor dogmatic drive to carry out its own conclusions.

    why do you think the current govcorp degenerate revelites invented youth culture and woodstock at the same time? they knew they needed to invent a secular degenerate rite to inebriate society’s psyche and destroy tradition, thus destroying order, thus destroying nation. since then we have advanced in that degeneracy in waves, to the point we feel naked unplugging from the secular revolutionary borg. we need an opposition in that sense, not just standing athwart a trainful of revolutionary dogma, but matching it with traditional-natural-national dogmas ourselves – and hopefully through these right dogmas, saving enough from degeneracy to survive.

  3. Z man love the outro… Accept is excellent, and the Restless and Wild album is probably their best IMO… there’s a take of Princess of the Dawn on a live album from Osaka, called Staying A Life…I think you would dig it. As well as a ripping version of Breaker…

  4. I am an old Gen Xer, born in the mid-’60s. In LA county (in the ’70s and ’80s) a normal conservative family read the Orange County Register (the editorial staff were libertarians), and had a subscription to U.S. News and World Report. You could also read Time and Newsweek, but you understood ahead of time that they leaned Left. If your mom or sister needed a fill of gossip then you also had a People Magazine subscription. And this was the extent of information one had at his fingertips; anything beyond this required a trip to the library. People then knew more about a few things. I think this was because fewer streams of information allowed for greater concentration and focus. The only hippy/hippie types one would meet were all on or near one of the college campuses, and they were usually (for the most part) fun to talk to. Blacks were mostly apolitical, other than voting Dem every four years. Nobody (and I do mean nobody) had tattoos.
    Perhaps the greatest blessing we had was learning how to handle boredom. People my age really did have to cultivate the internal monologue, and we could see things more clearly than the kids today. Pretty girls actually took some time to do their hair back then, and they even (sometimes) wore dresses to school.
    But the rot had already set in, and by 1988 or so you knew that you weren’t going to find that perfect entry-level Boomer job after college. In fact, 32 years later, all of these jobs are reserved for the aggrieved classes.
    And now we have ubiquitous smartphones promising that true happiness is just one more Tweet away. I don’t blame the internet as such for today’s stupidity, but the smartphone (with Siri/Alexa) is the actual death of us.

    • Everything started to go sideways with Clinton (though he was more of a manifestation, not the cause of). I recall reading Newsweek in high school and they had a list of public justifications for Gulf War 1 and said that the protection of Saudi Arabia excuse didn’t past muster since no one should die so that they could “continue to treat their women worse than their camels”.
      Just to round it out, they said the justification that held the most water was crippling Saddam since a Mideast Hitler with nukes was a terrifying prospect. Yuck, sounded good to me at the time too, what a dolt (though to be fair, I was probably like 13 or 14).

  5. “If all the internet billionaires were killed tomorrow, is anyone really going to notice or care?”

    Tomorrow? Why not today?

  6. You guys need to stop talking about pedophiles and “men in sundresses” so much. It’s getting a little weird.

  7. Why is it that so many people have gone crazy all at once?
    All of the answers everyone has given here are correct.
    But there is another factor, one that is pulsing in the brains of every sentient being on the planet:
    The climate is changing, and changing swiftly.
    Whether this is natural, cyclical, or anthropogenic is beside the point.
    It is happening.
    Only shills, idiots, fanatics and some urban dwellers will deny that the weather has been strange for more than two decades, or that the trend is in the direction of being generally warmer and drier.
    Similarly, to say that scarcity has been eliminated is to commit ecological Fukuyama-ism.
    The right used to have answers to questions of ecology and scarcity. Because the right used to understand there were questions concerning ecology.
    Demographics is destiny? Yes, but only with regard to habitat: what Darwin called Lebensraum.
    Insisting on the reality of biology while ignoring the ecological context — this is also a form of insanity.

  8. And, a special shoutout to the Zman!

    I’ve waited since 2015 for an explanation of this gem: “Autumn leaves in the fall remind me that there might be a God, and of why I hate libertarians.”

    The Zman’s clear reasoning above in the thread seems purty darn reasonable.

    Thanks, Z!

    As a payback, I just heard this on a tiny local desert station: “…well, I mean the white women’s vote. Black women couldn’t vote until 1965.”

    The pod people are everywhere.

    The invasion has come even to Needles, California.

  9. The whole QAnon thing is another example of mass lunacy.” Not really. As a doxxed-and-cancelled online Qanon aggregator just said, “QAnon is a patriotic movement to save the country.” Whether you choose to believe it all or not (I don’t), it’s still people taking a righteous stand with their hearts in the right place. Besides, much of what they say is true, e.g. the Deep State, an anti-Trump cabal in Washington, DC, pedophilia on Epstein’s island, etc.

      • Effective weapons? Meaning: “Weapons of subversion and misdirection in the course of attacking the Deep State and elite oligarch parasite classes”?

  10. Well, I for one am still awaiting Saml Adams’ latest on the wisdom of Kendi X.

    C’mon, Saml, I just know this is gonna be some delicious dish!

  11. Doing away with the internet, unfortunately, means a return to those powerful enough to be the owners of the gates and employ gatekeepers who have been to Harvard or are children of friends and are trusted to push the approved message. It is like the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

  12. I get the impression the Democrat kakistocracy has been infiltrated by Trump assets, and is being sabotaged. The Bernie Bros are doing their part to burn it down quite literally.

  13. Can you explain why is this only happening in the US?
    The rest of the world is going through it’s routine political nonsense just like always. CV-19 isn’t being turned into a political drama-fest over here. And there’s no European equivalent to Antifa or BLM trying to burn, loot or take over Frankfurt, Zurich, Tours or Sienna.
    Why is this only happening in the Continental US. No reports in Hawaii or Alaska either. No one in Europe is stocking up their shelves with food or ammo. No one is being threatened at stop lights by protesters.
    Anyone could understand this sort of civil violence in countries like Venezuela or Nigeria. So why is this sort of civil unrest unique to America?

    • “So why is this sort of civil unrest unique to America?”

      The United States is the Hegemon. The globalists must bring it to heel in order to enact their agenda. And for the NWO, it is paramount that two things happen emidetly. To keep the country locked down and turn the general population into terrified, helpless peasants. And to drive President Trump from office.

    • I thought Europe was getting it too? Wasn’t there a bunch of BLM protests? As far as I know, antifa riots are a regular occurrence in Europe. Isn’t Mayday a major Antifa riot-rest?
      What about all the Africans and Pakis and Middle Easterners swarming Europe? As far as I know, there are large neighborhoods in German cities where every house is flying a Turkish flag.

    • In Spain, they arrested a woman for not wearing a mask. Also a 14 yr old boy was arrested and had a knee on his neck for not wearing a mask and getting feisty with the cop. I work with French people and covid craziness is alive n well there. This covid hoax is all over the developed world … it was also crazy in China earlier on.

  14. This post is not off topic, it is in fact the crux of the matter. If you understand that everything you see happening around you is simply a big push to enact the globalist agenda, then you understand it all.

    Here’s an Irish guy with a Youtube channel called “Computing Forever” with a 30 minute video he just posted intitled:

    “It’s Time To Wake Up.”

    Do yourself a favor and watch it. It explains a lot.

  15. Still sticking with my “Earl Raab” explanation for the demographic change in the USA. Jews simply cannot allow another White nationalist country to ever exist again. ER (a Jew) shucks the corn right on down cob and says that, thanks to the jewish involvement, there will not be another Aryan majority nation again. You think that they’ll be happy to stop right there? I don’t think so …

  16. Computer software has been distributed under contracts of adhesion since the beginning of the “personal” computer industry with EULA that basically exempt them from anything and everything. Imagine buying an appliance and by opening the box you agree that if the appliance doesn’t function at all, you cannot return it and if it damages you in some way because of an outrageously bad design “feature,” not only can you not get your money back, but you can’t sue them for damages either. Or if you bought a food processor with a picture of carrots being processed on the box, but once you get it home and open it and processing carrots doesn’t work and you call them and they confirm that yes, indeed, the processor does not work with carrots, you also can’t return it.
    Uber, Lyft and others are just bringing the insanity of computer software into the real world. Nobody would accept this if it were GM. But because they are “tech” companies, all the usual computer BS applies.
    Now, even the car companies are getting in on computer insanity. BMW wants to build the cars all the same and then charge you a monthly subscription to use the “features” of the car.

    • Worse than that. To my knowledge, the car companies own the right to the software used in your car. As a “computer on wheels” you can do little to install your own parts without access to it. Third party manufacturers are locked out. And, as has happened with home PC’s, the car manufacturers can stop development and basically obsolete a perfectly good car.

      • Yeah, and just imagine if they can lobby to get older cars off the road, for the climate’s sake of course, and mandate new EVs.

  17. So, I just saw a Faceberg post in my Feed from someone who explained why they drive around with their Beer Flu mask on.

    The reasoning?

    Because it’s too hard to keep taking it off and putting it on.

    I can’t even.

  18. I use Phillips DSS 370 USB speaker system. They are awesome, but they are also old. You can probably pick up something like what I have NOS pretty cheap on ebay. These speakers are like 40 watts with a 50 watt subwoofer. They are not just USB, they also have a 3.5 minijack to hook them up to a sound card or portable CD player or whatever. USB speakers are pretty standard and as long as you’re using Windows should work. They just do not make many good sound cards anymore. I had these things sitting in a box for like 15 years or more in my basement and my last speaker system stopped working. My choices were an 80s 50 watt home amplifier and some good bookshelf speakers and these Phillips speakers. But these are more tidy than a receiver and bookshelf speakers. They sound great.

  19. Uber vs. Taxis – you got most of it. Also the political class made the taxi licenses / medallions so corrupt and limited that there was a huge demand out there. Part of what Uber exploited in their business model was the petty corruption that is just accepted at the state and city level these days.

    • Had a coworker who went to New York on business twice, and both times had to get his credit card replaced and the only thing he used it for was to pay for cab fare.

  20. A man who is willing to sacrifice the very means by which he produces (some of) his wealth and fame for the common good is a man worthy of being listened to. Today’s post is why I trust Zman though I’ve never met him IRL. I suspect that many of us feel that the display of overconfident stupidity has reached insane levels. Pre-internet I expect that the typical sorting of university education and the knowledge, skills and abilities of the work environment sorted most folks in such a manner that they naturally assumed everyone was just like them, with rare notable exceptions. The explosion of internet-based social media has disabused us of that assumption; and the drive to replace the mere tolerance of diversity with its required celebration makes maximal stupidity impossible to ignore. I would gladly sacrifice all of the internet, including daily access to this oasis of a blog, to restore the tranquil bliss of yesteryears’ ignorance. In grasping for Amazon Prime, Hulu etc., we,like Esau, have sold our birthright for a mess of pottage.

  21. Why has everyone gone crazy at once? Have to agree with what the z man said, but there are two things I think we can all consider. First, the stunning drop in social trust over the last thirty years. We all know our media lies to us, our rulers do not have our best interest at heart, and that we can’t trust the other denizens of Lagos, so the official story gets questioned at every turn. This applies to both the left and the right.

    Secondly, the herd knows this house of cards is collapsing all around us, and that panic provides a vast store of energy for all the crazy. Joe Sixpack or Karen May not know how or why, but we all know this society is an unsustainable train wreck, and so every person in their own way is trying to fix it, vent their displeasure, or provide a theory that makes sense of the world.

    • You’re right about people providing a theory that makes sense of the world; it explains the predominance of conspiracy theories in this day and age. What’s weird, though, is that no one seems to grasp that the powers that be are mostly aware of their incompetence. They know they don’t have the intelligence or will to carry out the solutions to the problems plaguing us, so they try to placate complainers because they would rather keep their status than abdicate to someone who can handle the job. It’s like watching a man try to prolong the process of divorce even though he knows his wife hates him. As long as they are married, he can pretend she’s the problem. Once she’s divorced, she might ba able to find another man who she loves, which proves the problem was actually him all along. It’s the same reason why our government labels right wing groups as threats. They know they can’t maintain order, but as long as no one else can, they can pretend that problem is beyond solving, and therefore they aren’t spineless idiots. Unfortunately, Kyle Rittenhouse has proved just how worthless our elected leaders really are.

    • Yup, everyone can feel it. Many don’t even realize they feel it.

      The tower of babel, 2020 version will come crashing down.

    • Kinda like the Tarot Card Woman in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, trying to explain what’s going on through the cards she draws

  22. “One likely outcome, if we shut down the internet, is the world would suddenly get much calmer and quieter.”
    We can’t control the internet, but we can control our exposure to it. Studies claim to have shown (he said, pulling a point out of thin air to support his assertion) that using social media makes people less happy and perhaps other negative stuff. For my part, I ditched Facebook, Twitter long ago. More recently I’ve resigned from sites like NextDoor or Medium that limit free speech too much. I still do unhealthy things on the internet (trading stocks primarily) but the entire point is that we can tailor our exposure.

  23. He pointed out that we have videos of arson and looting, much of it from left-wing sites. He sent him video of Minneapolis as proof that the riot actually happened. The person dismissed it all as a conspiracy theory saying that the protests have been peaceful.”

    One thing that probably doesn’t get mentioned enough when analyzing this sort of thing is the prevalence of special effects in visual media. At this point in time, you’d be hard pressed to find digital images that haven’t been digitally edited in any way. In fact, it’s generally shrewd to assume that all forms of digital media have some degree of fairness to them. As such, it’s sensible to discount or even dismiss photographic evidence because the ease with which it can be faked renders it pretty much untrustworthy as evidence. Not that this means the conspiracy theorist is right about Portland, but given that anything can be faked, his skepticism is at least rational.

  24. Everything was fine until the invention of the “smart phone” It’s not the internet that unleashed all of the crazy people on our society, it’s the smart phone.

    If Twitter has taught us anything it should have been that not everyone should vote.

  25. QAnon is totally real. If it weren’t, they wouldn’t be calling its believers “white supremacists.”

  26. The problem with the Web is that in the “atomization versus community” taffy pull, it initially favors the atomized. People can sit at home, by themselves, and create a simulacrum, on line, of their desires and interests. The Web aids the building of communities as well, but people have to work at that, it isn’t just free and easy. Community building requires on-line and f2f, atomization does not. We also need to work with the situation we have, not the one we want. The Web is a tool, it simply needs to be skillfully used.

  27. I wish other dissident right podcasters had your concern for audio quality. The technical standards that you produce have always been above average in my opinion.
    Cotto Gottfried comes to mind. I like that show and I like Cotto but convincing him to get a decent microphone seems to be like convincing Pelosi that she needs to lay off the vodka. Hasn’t happened yet.

    • Thanks. I wish I had more time to make a better product from a technical perspective, but sometimes good enough is good enough. The one thing I need to work on is the volume consistency. I figured out how to get the compression rate at the ideal, so I’m not too fast or too slow. There’s an ideal bit rate that the pros use. I get it pretty close.

      • Whatever issues you’re talking about are your own nitpickings. Your voice is always consistent and even on this end.

    • I wish other dissident right podcasters had your concern for audio quality.

      Presentation and making great first impressions are hugely important to success in life because they are critical to marketing yourself to others. That’s simply because humans are wired a certain way, like it or not.

      Put another way – “The clothes don’t make the man, but the most certainly announce him.”

  28. The WWW has allowed me to see how bad things are,because these nutty bastards cannot keep their mouth shut. The real worry is the sneaky quiet ones that are really causing trouble. I know myself I am part of the problem as I have treated my country as a rental car. When you get out of the Army you service has not come to an end. I got that part wrong. The other side is not so smart, we left the door unlocked and put $20.00 on the kitchen table.

  29. Yeah, Chertov and Mcfaul are odious. These so-called elites really make my skin crawl. The grey corpse-like complexion is off-putting.

  30. We’ve come to the point where we can carry around the collective human experience in our pocket, instantly accessible. All of it; sane, insane; beautiful, ugly; inspirational, terrifying. Whether this results in our collective insanity or some sort of cosmic evolution remains to be seen. I do know that the internet is the best tool I have for fixing my tractor, so there’s that…

    • I like the old joke about how you would describe the strangest fact of current existence to someone from 100 years ago. It would be that we carry around in our pockets a device with all information ever known to man, and we use it to watch cat videos and argue with strangers online.

  31. there have always been crazy people who line their clothes with aluminum foil

    At least in this day and age, that has some more scientific validity based on Faraday cages and the mini surveillance/tracking devices we all carry around, RFID chips in credit cards, etc.

  32. The Reason magazine blowhards reminds me of the ‘principled’ conservative, Church-going Catholics I know who said you can’t morally vote for Trump because he is mean or something. Forget voting as a pure self-defense mechanism, the fact third parties are mostly even worse, or the fact that they never go after Biden with the same vigor. The moral cowards think punching their own side makes them virtuous instead of just making them stupid saps.
    They had some clout last election. Luckily, since then, they are just screaming into the void. No one buys the logic of what they’re saying, and fewer care about the social shaming aspect anymore.

    • I am a church going Catholic who has no problem voting for moral degenerates if they vote the right way. That train sailed for me with after witnessing everything Bill Clinton got away with. When you come to understand that all politicians are pussy grabbing sociopaths, it’s all about who advances the ball in the direction you want it to go.

    • That Reason article was just pure cancer all the way through. They literally brag about their support of pornography. It is always framed as a “right” of the “viewer,” just like the “right” of a person to take drugs. But they never want to address the evil of the person providing those things.

      • Another societal shit-test the libertarians demand we submit to in their clown paradise of liberty.

        If you give in to 24/7 propagandizing and salemsanship appealing to every base urge from food to drink to sex to any other pleasurable leisure activity, you have failed the John Galt purity test, so tough shit, prole. You should have been strong enough to resist all that and invent cold fusion while romancing a hot stronk independent wahman-lolbert.

  33. Yes, the Russia conspiracy theories are bat guano insane. Some of it is old ethnic rivalries between Jews and Russians; Jews, once perhaps the most successful ethnicity in the United States, have reduced themselves to utter jokes by continuing with their old grievances and becoming more unhinged each day. While Rep. Adam Schiff is a partisan hack and a corrupt liar, by carrying on the Judeo-Bolshevik bitterness on the national stage, he has alerted many fellow Americans to what utterly deranged shipwrecks his once dominant co-ethnics have become. I only can conclude, and this includes a wide range of their madness, Jews have a genetic proclivity for self-destruction and mental illness (yes, I know the latter has been somewhat scientifically confirmed, but, still). Their sad, pathetic tendency to perversion becomes more undeniable each day as it is revealed how they blackmailed and corrupted the American goyim with such agents as Jeffery Epstein. The dangerous part is, while slipping rapidly, Jews still control the pop culture, propaganda outlets and most of the United States government. Apparently the more deranged among them plan to take out everyone else with them.
    All that said, beyond garden variety Jewish psychosis the unhinged Russia conspiracy theories have a seedy, dangerous underbelly. As you point out, China is exponentially a greater threat to the United States. One of the reasons for that danger is the Chinese Communist Party has a large Fifth Column, and it includes most elected Democrats and many elected Republicans. Official D.C., with its embrace of communist China and elevating it over the nation it supposedly serves, disqualified itself as a legitimate government long before it approved anti-White pogroms. Joe Biden is a literal agent of communist China, which makes this all the more unsettling.

    Finally, your larger point about how so many people became so insane so quickly is a good one, and it is hard to disagree the digital madhouse contributed greatly.

    • I agree, jews are bat shit insane, they hate slavs more than they hate germans, makes sense considering jews(khazars) used to sell slavs(slaves) to muslims, it’s their identity.
      To be a jew is to hate christians & slavs & to open gates for muslims & other satanic savages to enter white countries.

      • Jews are absolutely obsessed with themselves. They think about being Jewish all the time. Everything in the world is seen through that lens.
        In my experience, I have spent a lot of time around Jews and blacks. Both are race conscious to such an extent that it would baffle the average white person. They are probably more race conscious on average than even white identitarians or “white nationalists”
        They even do it when nobody else is around.

        • Obsessed with themselves or obsessed with us?
          80% of white dating app users only messaged other white users, and only 3% of all messages from white users went to black users. (Black users, meanwhile, were 10 times more likely than a white person than a white user was to reach out to a black person.)

          They(both groups) just won’t leave us alone, they’re parasites.
          They hate us, but they won’t let us be either. Why won’t they distance themselves from us?

    • The Fifth Column – hate the Russians for giving up on communism. love the ChiComs and their deep pockets. The continuation of the Russia hate hoax is probably an attempt to prevent Russia and the U.S. from developing a joint approach to containing Chinese aggression.

  34. If all the internet billionaires were killed tomorrow, is anyone really going to notice or care?

    I really like where you’re going with this.

  35. Only a strong pro-social government can tame modernity for you, much less make it go away. A society that cared about its citizens would ban Facebook and other social media – particularly for minors – based solely on the statements their own insiders have made about it being a deliberately designed, deployed and monetized Skinner Box – much less the fact they admit they don’t let their own kids use it.

    But in the end it comes down to your biology and your culture.

    Still-homogenous nations like Norway & Denmark aren’t being torn apart by Twitter-trends. Russia either. Kids and adults alike there act remarkably more well-adjusted than they do here.

    Social media abuse is both a symptom and cause of social rot. When your real life social circles are largely dictated by your McJob and proximity to its cubicle-farm. you go online to seek the company of those you actually like. Look at Robert Putnam’s diversity work. He predicted the culture of extremely-online living, Netflix, Uber-Eats & chill.

    Living in a pro-social community with family and friends you grew up with who know and care about you is the solution. Chasing muh degree and 10% more pay is not worth the bug lifestyle it takes. And it does nothing but benefit the people who despise you.

    • “A society that cared about its citizens…”

      They would have to meet the criteria of being citizens. And be ruled by fellow citizens, and thus neighbor caring about neighbor. None of those parameters are in place.

      The internet? Please, an 8 year old can find unlimited free porn, since G**gle is the largest distributor of pornography in the history of the world. Said 8 year old cannot find banned speech, banned books, and make his or her own choices.

      Is there “more” analysis needed where those that create, control and disseminate are ‘coming from’ than that one example? And while neers do well like the Obamas wag their fingers at us and moralize, they are in fact part of the group that is and has been engaged in destabilizing the world via droning, assassinations, and moral degradation. I have training in detecting lies, and enjoy watching the various tics that play across the face of Mr. Soetoro, as facile as he thinks he is – his human nature gives him away on his own face. No wonder they love masks….

    • To be honest, I don’t think the bugman life is *automatically* going to fail. We can live in small apartments and be alright. Not ideal, but we can get by.

      What causes bugman to fail is diversity + bugman. Diversity is what causes the whole thing to crash down. It just makes everybody miserable. I live in a very diverse area and the segregation is massive. We might be neighbors but I’m not invited to their brown dinners and nor are they invited to mine.

      Diversity will cause this whole thing to crash down, mark my words.

      • Apartment-living as a single, couple or even “nuclear family” is just barely workable absent diversity.

        The extended family model is the way to go if at all practical on a long timeline.

        Three generations on one larger land parcel with a paid-off mortgage instead of three gens, three homes, one underwater, one half-underwater and one reverse-mortgaged to pay for senior night-putting classes in Hawaii & discount statins.
        Apartment-living as a single, couple or even “nuclear family” is just barely workable absent diversity.

        The extended family model is the way to go if at all practical on a long timeline.

        Three generations in one larger parcel with a paid-off mortgage instead of three gens, three homes, one underwater, one half-underwater and one reverse-mortgaged to pay for senior night-putting classes in Hawaii & discount statins.

        • I never lived in a non-diverse apartment. But in a non-diverse comminity, I would think this would be way better for young people who either don’t have any children yet or have only 1 small child. It’s a lot cheaper than home ownership.
          Most people aren’t buying homes and then living there for the rest of their lives. If you don’t plan on staying there for the rest of your life, buying a home isn’t even real. Your just renting while getting headaches of home ownership.
          A major advantage of owning a home is that your mortgage doesn’t go up. But this is at least partially offset by maintenance costs.

          • Having lives so rootless and transitory that home ownership isn’t economical vs. renting your whole life is a symptom of the problems we need to fix.

      • Yep. That is just how it works. I too live in a neighborhood that has been “diversified.” It’s not a community, it’s a zip code.
        Bugmen are made, not born. We forced this on them. But it’s hard to feel sorry for them. They are smug and narcissistic about their own bugdom. Check out this bugman on my YT channel.

        The guy has his central air unit stolen right from out of the ground! What kind of psycho moves their wife and children into Detroit in the middle of the hood?

  36. Loved the anecdote about the 60 hr workweeks vs 40 hr vacation weeks.

    I recently found myself in a role that was sold as a normal 40+ hour job.

    At my 90 day review, it was revealed I was “struggling with the pace” because I was expected to work a minimum of 60 hours a week.

    I walked.

    • It’s also the gig economy now. I see it more around me where they call you when they need you and layoff for a week.

      It used to be one would display wonder as in, what will they think of next. Then it was a somewhat useful product or service. Now it how they F*** over the working people and make there lives more onerous.

      • It’s also the gig economy now.

        Amen. I’m really starting to believe that my future is going to be a mixture of contract and freelance work.

        I spent 18 years beating my head against the corporate wall, refusing to drink the Kool-Aid. I don’t think a return performance makes sense.

  37. It’s not just the amount of sudden craziness that’s remarkable, but the ever-accelerating pace too.

    For example, it took the powers 30 years to get conservatives to accept homosexuality. Then only 15 years after that to get them to accept homosexual marriage. Then only 7.5 years after that to get them to accept trannies. We’re now on track for conservatives to accept pedophilia in 3.75 years—of which 1 year of the acceptance process has already elapsed. After that, conservatives will accept either incest or bestiality in less than 2 years, depending on which one the powers decide to mainstream first.

    Our side likes to talk about “accelerationism” but the left are master practitioners.

    • “Then only 7.5 years after that to get them to accept trannies.”

      I haven’t seen any evidence that normies accept trannies at all.

      • Look harder: the refrain “I don’t care what adults do with their own bodies” is already common. Acceptance of adult trannies is complete; acceptance of child trannies is well underway.

        • Yup totally… first about “free love”, then people living together outside of marriage, then homosexuals, then homosexual marriage, now transgender, and soon pedophilia… each time the conservatives protested until they accepted, with the goalposts being moved further left each passing year…

      • Normies’ biggest fear is that some deviant is going to undermine society. To quell that fear, they just need to hear a deviant spout their beliefs. Once that happens, normie begins to think that deviants are just like them except for one minor detail of their personal life, and can thus accept all the other deviants.

        • As having been involved in the Boy Scouts and father to an Eagle Scout, I can say the threat is real. Deviants destroyed the BS as per design. We knew it was coming, but could not prevent it. Society is a big thing, it needs to be destroyed one piece at a time.

          • Why couldn’t the Boy Scouts prevent that? When the Scouts began accepting heaumeaux and girls, I knew the jig was up for America.

      • I haven’t seen any evidence that normies accept trannies at all.

        If you have the stomach, go check out the individual they are positioning as the “female sexpot” in the Saved by the Bell reboot.

        They are no Tiffany Amber-Theissen. Hell, they’re not even Elizabeth Banks.

        • Not sure who you were referencing, but I went through the IMDB cast and, oof, not a “looker” in the bunch. Seems more like a trip down to the inner city gas station than an idealized high school. (Interesting that Univision shows like that generally find the whitest hotties they can find and cover them with quick tan).
          Anyway, yeah, they’ll put a can of poop in front of us and force us to say it’s beautiful so that all the denigrates in society can have a shot at being “successful”.

    • I feel like the Aristocrats joke has become real life. The setup of the joke is a manager describing his act to a talent agent, with one grotesque action after another. When asked what he calls the act, he says, “The Aristocrats.”

      I have a liberal friend that raves about how funny the video is of various comedians telling their version. I said the only example i found funny, flipped the script of the joke. The manager describes three black women doing various artistic things. When asked what he calls the act, the manger says, “The N*gger Cunts.” My friend, who laughed hysterically at the versions with child rape and incest, didn’t think that was funny.

  38. “The internet has allowed these people to freely and comfortably network with one another on-line. All of a sudden, this type of person knows lots of people who are prone to their type of madness.”

    The irony here is that our side – as a distinct minority – has a similar need for networking and camaraderie. Who is now shunned? It’s the sane, objective, rational, independent man. The crazies and maladjusted mutants rule; madness is the majority. Irrationality is the new cool. After a day observing mass-man in my community, sometimes I feel a need to re-read the COVID science, or re-read American history, or re-read Proverbs or Marcus Aurelius. Excepting this blog and a handful of other sources, I put most of my faith in ancient truths espoused by old dead guys.

    What 2020 has shown me is how shallow my assumed alliances were. The mass obedience of mask edicts has been a litmus test, and made me realize the community of sane people is very, very small.

    • Amen, brother. I finally realized that the tension between being highly extroverted, which science has shown to be predominately biologically hardwired, and being existentially alone in a crowd, because others are so rarely “interesting and interested” (as a commenter above wisely and succinctly put it), is a source of constant low-level frustration in my life. As the howling desert of insanity expands, we are all made hermits — some of us with reluctance — seeking the few oases of sanity that remain.

  39. NUC = New Unit of Computing

    I own one as well, and it is amazing how much power is packed into it.

    No one really needs a big desktop PC unless you’re constantly editing video, doing real time 3D rendering, or are gaming for living.

    • Makes sense. I used to buy parts and put them into a tower ATX box. That way I got exactly what I wanted and no more. It also was a 30% savings, but that’s no longer the case. The most resource intense thing I do on the home PC is the podcast. With 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD, that is way more than I’ll ever need.

      I moved all of my music and video to a 4 TB external that connects via USB-C. In the future, replacing the PC will not require a massive data transfer.

      • I moved all of my music and video to a 4 TB external that connects via USB-C. In the future, replacing the PC will not require a massive data transfer.

        Separating data from application software is far and away one of the best things anyone can do.

        I love my Synology personal cloud storage for this reason.

        It makes switching machines simple, and makes it trivial to support a desktop and a laptop for travel.

    • You named a substantial part of what many do. My business is graphics intensive but I also like some game simulators. You can do it on mini atx with a Ryzen processor, somewhat diminished though.

    • NUC’s are sexy, overpowered for what I do but if I had free time for gaming I’d grab one. Some of the Alienware and other top-end gaming laps are desktop-tier even for the high-end tasks you mention. Desktops are going to be a dying niche going forward.

        • It depends on the NUC.

          Anything with integrated Intel graphics is a lost cause for gaming.

          You can’t run 2020, triple-A titles at 4K on a NUC8, but the NUC8s will run older titles and less intense current titles just fine.

          The new NUC9s will take dedicated GPUs that run on a 500W power supply, so you can actually do pretty well gaming with those.

          • Wow, yeah, sorry, I should’ve been more specific. I honestly haven’t looked at them since before COVID got “serious”, but looking at that 9, I would seriously take a look at over building a mini-ATX.

          • You probably won’t read this, but what the heck. For grins and giggles, I picked up a 9 today and slapped a RTX 2080 in it. It can run with the big boys in 2020. Not lead the pack, but it can play just fine 🙂

  40. “Would the world really be so bad if you had to order from the Amazon catalog over the phone rather than on-line? “
    Undoubtedly not, but then neither my library nor my chapeau collection would have reached their current state of fabulousness.

  41. “One likely outcome, if we shut down the internet, is the world would suddenly get much calmer and quieter.”

    Social media is digital crazy pills for the people on those platforms. Twitter, Facebook, et al, are social cancers.

    I have learned a bunch of stuff off of youtube and other sites about auto repair, basic electronics, programming. Stuff I couldn’t possibly have regular, easy access to without the interwebs. We could keep politics off the internet the same way we kept porn off broadcast TV if we wanted to.  

    • Social media is digital crazy pills for the people on those platforms.

      Go have a look at what young women are up to on Instagram.

      It’s an endless stream of softcore porn, validated by a global legion of simps.

      • Simps get to look but only Chads get to touch.

        The revenge porn of thots hitting the wall in 15 years is nice to think of, but at this rate our society will be so fucked up by then that we won’t have much time to dwell on it.

        Invest in box wine, antidepressnt and pet food.

        • Cause and effect? Psyche indeed screwed up, but which came first. I remember early Feminism and of course, the hippie movement—both far before the internet. I remember pathetic interviews with female flower children and rants about free love. Perhaps not as graphic as shit posted on Instagram, but hookups given as freely as handshakes, or a goodnight kiss were becoming the norm back then too.

    • I have learned a bunch of stuff off of youtube and other sites about auto repair, basic electronics, programming.

      This is one of the best things about the Internet, specifically YouTube, and the more structured, low-cost course sites like edX, Coursera, Udemy, etc.

  42. For that matter, just turn the who thing off entirely. Would the world really be so bad if you had to order from the Amazon catalog over the phone rather than on-line?

    Technological progress is by far the easiest form of progress to track in it’s development through history. It’s effects are so obvious, that for the unthinking person that says ‘Life is better now than it ever has been’, this is really what they mean. I frequently wonder how effective it would be to halt this progress, because it has evidently led to, in my opinion, so very disastrous cultural changes.

    Could such progress be halted? Could even part of it be halted? Or is it a wiser option to weigh heavily the other costs of technological development? I cannot remember which of the many ‘paperclipped’ Nazi scientists said it, but when questioned on ‘why they went along with it’ or ‘did you know, slave labour built your rocket launch site?’, he would say something to the effect of: ‘We just wanted to do science’.

    It is this attitude that makes me very skeptical of many benefits of technological progress. But I also realize that it is impractical to expect the under-pressure, excited scientist to really wonder what his discoveries will mean further down the line. Not just ten months but ten years.

    Of course, such progress is necessary if people who hate you are progressing much faster – say, they now have a railgun that can be mounted on an A-10 and you just have a musket. But there are fields that, for a conservative, must be untouched by such progress and I think that most people here have a good understanding of which developments are better for certain areas of a culture an which are not.

    Apologies to The Z Man, I do not which to imply that you want all progress stopped, it is just that your final paragraph brought these thoughts bubbling up!

    • The problem isn’t so much the technology itself but how it’s used.

      If you want to give the public a say in that rather than leaving it up to Davos & the pirate ship multinationals, you have to be willing to sacrifice every sacred cow of muh free marketeers.

      It requires a government that acts in the interest of its citizens to regulate business, particularly big business.

      • The problem isn’t so much the technology itself but how it’s used.

        Absolutely. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors we do not have masses of people ready to resist such vice. Now, the latest shiny gizmo is just another plugin. Few have a responsible approach to these things – I suspect this can only be remedied by instilling discipline in one’s children and finding like-minded people.

        If you want to give the public a say in that rather than leaving it up to Davos & the pirate ship multinationals, you have to be willing to sacrifice every sacred cow of muh free marketeers.

        Rothbard, Hayek and all the other usual suspects had very pleasant take on free markets. It all seemed lovely – and works by these chaps have merits, but they seem to apply to a people with a sense of honesty and community that no longer exist on the scale of any western country.

        In a smaller community, that had formed from the ground up I wonder how large it would need to get before private tokens could replace internal barter along with say sterling or the dollar? Once such a community has it’s local economy (providing it is not crushed) – hopefully with a diverse selection of skills e.g. agriculture, baking, road maintenance, construction – could such wealth make it possible to begin protecting the members with tariffs? Sorry, it appears fantasy at the moment, but it is worth considering how a smaller community would grow along these lines.

        It requires a government that acts in the interest of its citizens to regulate business, particularly big business.

        Yes. Yes indeed. And this regulation can also take the form of ‘unwritten rules’ enforced by community.

        • I was a Randroid for two decades. The problem with market-worship was that it never seemed to produce any Reardons, Roarks or Galts. Just guys like Bezos, Zuck & Bill Gates.

          • “The problem with market-worship was that it never seemed to produce any Reardons, Roarks or Galts. Just guys like Bezos, Zuck & Bill Gates.”

            What do Bezos, Zuck and Gates have to do with the market?

          • They are products of capitalism as it really happens.
            And don’t tell me its never been tried , both it and capitalism have.
            The results we got are the natual results of human societies.

          • Slow.

            But I am moving further away from Londonistan, which is no fertile ground for the like-minded here. It is true you’ll find many a pubs and such, but most won’t commit to even moving from their declining areas. This is doubly confusing for me, as I know their properties are now worth a fortune.

            But we have a child, hopefully one of many, on the way and have scouted good rural locations to make our base. Probably make the move soon. From there? Network in the smaller village community, warn others and subtly point to some uncomfortable truths. The leftist overreach can always be used against them.

            The toughest question I keep asking myself about any new home is: ‘will I give my life to defend it?’. Do I love it that much? I hope so, because I am running once from London and I do not want to do it again – but when community all around is fragmented, the stand becomes harder.

            Fortunately, perhaps much like the states, the rural areas have their share of pliable minds, who will be eager but concerned to hear the tales of fellow whites in London.

      • The problem isn’t so much the technology itself but how it’s used.

        Some of the problem is with the technology itself, though. The developers of social media, for example, have used the mechanisms of addiction to keep eyeballs attached to the screen and have admitted as much. We probably have not scratched the surface on the biological implications of rapidly receiving and processing information. Just to spitball with absolutely no scientific support or basis, the rapid increase of mental illness across the West is probably more than simply correlation with the explosion in digital communications. I agree with Z’s suggestion it may allow for the more expedient and widespread development of mass delusion, but there does seem to be some biological ingredient.

        Agreed as to your last, obviously. Regulations are needed for health purposes as well as the obvious monopolies that have arisen.

        • I think we’re getting hit with a convergence of insanity-producing factors here.

          Humans use social contacts to stabilize and inform their perceptions of normalcy and sanity. Atomizing them damages this process.

          Breaking down the family produces kids that never have a firm sense of self and identity to begin with and subjects them to all sorts of chaos – serial step-parents and sibs, moving a dozen places, etc..

          Our food, drink & other chemical exposure gives us mental as well as physical health issues. And “safer than booze” weed is permitted for a lot of kids well before their brains fully develop – at insane potency levels 10x higher than the stuff Boomers & Xers smoked.

          Technology particularly cellphones, computers & TV has already been shown to cause developmental issues as well – no screens before teens is a good idea.

          This is just a short list off the top of my head. It’s a testament to how durable the human brain is that we aren’t all much nuttier than we are in light of all of this.

      • My race-neutrality vanished about 10 years ago. Only within the last couple of years has my fealty to the free market gone by the boards. I dare say these are the two chief steps in one’s transformation from civnattery to the DR.

    • Usage needs to be limited, and people need to become aware of how too much exposure is a public health crisis.

    • Regarding the baby and bathwater conundrum, P.J. O’Rourke once quipped, “For those pining for the ‘good ole’ days,’ I have one word for you: dentistry.”

      Luddite inclinations are, to me, a sign of weakness, a sign that you can’t handle what’s been given to you and wish to run away from challenge. Reverting to a more primitive state of human development sends the signal that aspirations are pointless, which is similar to the dehumanizing effect of socialism.

      • Aspiration? Mother Russia was first into space with Sputnik. Then America walked on the moon. The optimism of the late sixties and the technological flowering unleashed by spaceflight has left both nations where? The barber can pull my abscessed tooth with his pliers, I’ll take the 19th century over today’s shitstorm in a heartbeat. The real test of men’s excellence is adapting to scarcity and challenges, not overabundance and soft living.

        • How about preferring other aspects of 19th century living plus modern dentistry? An abscessed tooth or deep cavity can easily kill you, slowly and painfully. I continue urging my husband to move and look forward to a more rural lifestyle, but my recently-relocated/retired dentist is out there in rural Texas and I’d do a lot to find him in a crisis, even after everything goes off the rails.

        • Your 19th century dentist could give you opium if needed which is dangerous but much less so than high tech synthetic opiates.

      • Dentistry hasn’t improved in my lifetime and in fact my fillings made near 4 decades ago are more solid than most modern ones .I’ve seen modern fillings last a year or three and than fall apart.
        As for tech, you will control it or it will control you.
        If we keep going at the current route, you’ll have no freedom to even think wrong thoughts (some combo of a more advanced Elon Mush brain chip delivered by Gates vaccine should do it ) and if mankind is allowed to live it will be purposeless lives in the bug hive.
        Tech can do great good but it requires a strong moral backstop which tech erodes by its very nature.
        This doesn’t means we should roll back to 1222 or something but if it comes between dictatorship by soulless techies and 1222 I know what I’d take.
        A last thought. High tech society is just slow death in a comfy cage since not one developed society has abortive replacement fertility , race not being an issue here. Its everyone past a certain level of development, no babies.
        OTOH the Amish double every generation.
        You tell me what works?

        • I’d say it depends upon the integrity of your dentist. But to your point, “planned obsolescence” was a reponse to a burgeoning post-war population. Intended to keep both consumption and employment up. It was an insane policy that did a great deal to destroy traditional craftsmanship, pride in ones’ work, and promote disposability as positive value.

      • There is progress in medicine, and there is obvious technological advancement. But in all other areas the human race makes no progress whatsoever. Indeed, we may be regressing. And, what’s more, advances in medicine and technology come with boomerangs. Just look at the population bloom of sub-Saharans as evidence of that truism.

      • PJ was a fave of mine when I was a shallow greedhead neocon grousing about muh socialisms.

        The idea that every element of society should be a test of your “weakness” is a libertarian prior.

        We can’t get many important things done anymore in part because people’s brains and spirits are worn out by all these little shit-tests that our culture throws our way daily.

        To cite the Scandis again today, we have no space left for “hygge” and it’s making us crazy.

        I don’t buy that we’re all just failing to pass some Social Darwinist filter. If we are, look at what’s floating to the top – it’s not the cream of human achievement.

        See my comment about “where is John Galt” above.

        As 3g says, Elon-level tech-worship vs. Luddite pastoralism is a false dichotomy, We can pick and choose our poisons to some extent.

        Facebook and WalMarts full of plastic junk are not humanizing or aspirational.

        • I’m not so sure we can have general tech past that of 1970 or so and have children.
          It may be that with a basic level of economic and technological development means the conditions for fertility go away.
          if you want something to chill you to the bone, once Brazil decided they needed a lower fertility here is how they did it.
          The jist of the deal was they made sure that there was TV available all over the place and that programming showed smaller wealthier families in an aspirational way.
          Brazil rapidly went from 4 to 1.8 TFR.
          That’s what 50’s -60’s tech?
          And note the reverse may not be possible either as children are a liability in an urban environment.
          And no doubt people will try “well just get rid of social programs.” that won’t work.
          Its still more rational to buy an annuity that have extra children in hopes they will take care of you . Such annuities aren’t modern either, variations existed in the Middle Ages where the Church was the guarantor.
          Also if you encourage people to save too much for emergencies your growth and innovation stop as the supply of surplus capital stagnates do to lack of demand. No babies, no buyers, no growth. That is what we have now combined with wealth concentration do to tech.
          My personal guess and its only a guess is there is a social as well as a physical carrying capacity and that modern life has overshot its ability to sustain itself.
          The population will need to decline for decades. If this is true and the DR gets power, its incumbent on us to make sure that short sighted and growth hungry “big” everything and the cheap labor crowd get nothing. No computing for immigrants, no mass immigration, basically no immigration period.
          Let the popularization decline to its naturally sustainable level and live with a zero or negative growth economy.

          • This is one question I’m torn on. McNabb at TRS hits on this quite a bit & gets a lot of pushback from the “World’s Worst Graph/Infinity Browns” crowd.

            It’s hard to dispute that modernity makes your fertility rate crash. A lot of the “Muslim demographics” panic that you saw with Mark Steyn & the anti-jihadists has fallen away as numbers show modernity makes Muslims into bugmen too. They’re still growing on past momentum but you can see the trend tapering off.

            Dutton mentioned some of the factors in Oslo last year – religiosity, literacy & affluence seem most influential.

            As you mention, there’s an inversion-point where having enough money to have tons of kids stops translating into having more kids, although the lack of funds to support kids does seem to have a limiting effect on family formation and child-bearing in at least muh West – the old Sailer Strategy affordable family formation thing.

          • The opportunity cost of large families for people who are not inclined to have large families is something that is rarely covered,
            Dr. Dutton the Jolly Heretic sometimes discusses the issue but few other people do.
            The only other article off the top of my head is one on Reason from many years ago titled something like “maybe people aren’t having kids because they don’t want them.”
            I don’t simply reasonably expect people without a strong child rearing urge to have many kids
            Look at it this way. We can now choose to have kids or not. Ignoring social trends re: feminism and such there is still big opportunity and time costs.
            Joe Six Pack works 8 hours a day, commutes one hour (there and back) if not more, sleeps 8 and has 2 hours used to general living.
            Not much time to enjoy the fruits of your wages and adding a child past one or two vastly adds material and temporal costs.
            Thus only highly child focused people are having kids. This all works out in the end as those genes will pass on, the TFR will go up over long periods.

    • More worrying are the army of Diversi-bots that replied saying,

      “No, no, West Point cadets being steeped in critical race theory is absolutely a good thing for the Army’s future.”

      • It’s a Red Army waiting to happen. Rod Dreher had a couple articles about it months ago.The future American army will have an analogous relationship to the DNC as the PLA does to the CCP.

  43. Also, I’d like to point out that it’s September 11th and it’s the Commemoration of St Protus and Hyacinth who were beheaded in Rome in 262. I remembered them this morning in my prayers. Something else happened 19 years ago but everyone’s apparently forgotten. There’s a pronounce difference in Vigor in the two cultures

    • The forgetting of 9/11 is probably due to the general awareness by the public that the Bush war or Islam was a terrible idea. It is hard to nurse a grudge against Islam when that grudge was used by the neocons to launch pointless wars of choice. That and patriotism requires a sense of duty to your fellow citizens. Right now, the people inclined to that sentiment see their fellow citizens looting and burning. They are being lectured about their privilege.

      Another victim of diversity will be patriotism.

        • Why should we borrow trouble? No Muslim country is poised to invade or terrorisms us. That was all Zio-taqiyya. So long as they keep it out of our countries, I don’t care what they do. The only problem “the West” has with Islam is importing it.

          • I used to love reading fiction set in other countries and cultures as a child/teen. Imagining walking down a street with women in veils or saris was exotic, and travel (real or imaginary) revealed different aspect of the world. Seeing them thronging formerly American neighborhood streets means one has lost one’s home.

          • Same. Unfortunately living among the 3rd worlders as an adult made me lose all interest.

            Even got tired of muh ethnic food, the biggest – and only – cope that our pathetic whites have regarding mass immigration.

            I enjoy meat and potatoes and milk every night now lol.

          • Seeing them thronging formerly American neighborhood streets means one has lost one’s home.

            I recently read an article, wish I had the link handy, that basically described the Left’s ideal vision of America.

            Unsurprisingly, their ideal vision of America was a Third World slum filled with souks, temples, ethnic restaurants, and mudpeople.

          • I have no problem at all with diversity, as long as it is at arm’s length. And by arm’s length, I mean beyond the borders of the nation in which I live.

          • Exactly. The left wants us to believe that we live in one small, global, interconnected world. Fine. Then we get our neighborhood here in North America. The Muzzies can have their own neighborhood in the ME. The Africans have theirs, &tc. Voila, multiculturalism!

          • Yeah. It’s not a coincidence that the “right” was pushed to hate Russians and then Muslims. Wonder which group hates both of them?

            I have to laugh when I hear boomers or Christians ranting about Muslims. MUSLIMS THROW MUH GAYZ OFF ROOFS. Islam is not the problem. The problem is the wholesale importation of hostile 3rd worlders who are not our people.

            Muslims are just convenient scapegoats to let out some white anger – and being the target of such anger is causing many muslims to become pozzed to “assimilate”. A brilliant strategy by our fellow hat people no doubt.

          • And the media coverage. This circles back to media and how it influences our lives. Some people think advertising doesn’t effect them, too.

          • There are admirable things in Muslim culture. Not merely artistic (although I believe they copied the craft of ceramics and mosaics from the Romans). Their hospitality and treatment of guests is still a real thing. My husband and I had some wonderful holidays in Turkey (pre-Erdogan, of course) and I made a number of friends among the Iranian community here. All that said, however, they belong in their home nations and not America or Europe.

          • They’re not the devils they are made out to be – a lot of what passes for “Muslim” issues are actually third-world or Arab issues, for instance. The rest is agit-prop from Zionists ala “let’s you and him fight, goy.”

            That said, they’re too incompatible with our societies to allow them to immigrate here in any significant numbers – and frankly our societies aren’t good for them either.

            We should stay at arms-length, limit our contacts to short-term tourism and possibly strictly-limited trade.

          • Where are they actually doing this? There weren’t any Dancing Shlomos at the London Tube Bombing, AFAIK, but other than that, actual incidents are pretty thin on the ground inside muh Western countries unless you count Typical Muslim Behavior on the street crime level rather than politically-motivated stuff. You solve for that with deportation.

      • Patriotism was ill-used in the neocon wars as well and it left a sour taste in many mouths even before its latest Woke re-purposing. Patriotism has very shallow roots in Millennials and Zoomers.

        This erosion of legitimacy works in our favor in the long run.

        Xers will be the last generation that has a strong belief in institutional America.

        Most of the government’s legitimacy stems from fighting phantom menaces now. Public awareness and dissatisfaction with official cynicism and corruption is probably somewhere around Soviet rates in the 1980’s.

        • Women are out of control and everything is for sale, so inevitably rot set in. The good news is everyone born from the 70s on is increasingly aware of it.

          • The wall, hypergamy, alpha, beta, carousel, are relatively common terms for guys in their 20s. The cat is out of the bag.

            Unfortunately alot of guys are taking this knowledge and just becoming blackpilled and giving up.

          • The first step is identifying the problem. Check. Second step is deciding what to do about it, if anything.

            The black pill imo is the MGTOW path— throw your hands up in frustration and make do the best you can.

            Fixing the problem is more difficult because it involves a change of attitude and perspective. Forgiveness too.

            My best thoughts: women are out of control in large part because of the degraded state of men. Tech made men less economically important, killed or maimed them by the millions in the last century, took the fight out of many who survived. Women were forced to fill the vacuum, whether they realized that was happening, or they thought they were being empowered. That’s a big part of the craziness: women are playing roles that they generally aren’t constitutionally suited to (few exceptions granted), again whether or not they realize it.

            If/as men reassume their place, there will be pushback. This will take the form of marriage law casualties, accusations of misogyny, abuse, and seeking to disempower women, again because of unconsciousness of what’s really happening, but I think it’s as much another shit test as anything. From the societal perspective, anyhow.

            I think that’s the key. Men need to remember that a man’s life is full of headwinds and obstacles to overcome. It’s not supposed to be easy. And for their part, I think women need to remember that men are supposed to fight and be dicks so they don’t have to.

            Rant over!

          • The economic disaster caused by the lockdowns, looting, and other disasters this year will at least begin the process of destroying the basis for the kinds of fakework that most women do. It wasn’t so much that technology made men superfluous as that it created a vast economic surplus that cynical politicians seized control of through taxation and began redistributing to those who voted them into office. No surplus to steal, no more half-assed jobs and handouts for halfwits and crazies. Everything once again comes down to “what the hell are you actually good for?”.

            Now I’m not making the usual libertopian argument that the market will solve the “woman problem” but it will force many of them to marry and remove their exaggerated incomes for doing frivolous jobs. If men want to prevent the whole disaster of the last 100 years from starting all over again, they will need to take advantage of the coming period of economic and political recovery and retooling. The first task is making damn sure that the rebuilt state does not get its hands on the new surpluses. They must be plowed back into local economies and jobs for men. They must also then start acting politically to limit women’s presence in not only politics but leadership roles generally.

        • “White Supremacy” is the new Islamism.

          Your time line is about right. Putting a timeline on the implosion of the United States qua United States (there will be a nuclear-armed strip mall in parts of the territory a long time), a decade seems generous.

        • I used to be a civnat normie Xer. Now I view America as an international airport with inconsistent rules, random violence and looting.

          • That does remind me, any visit to an International terminal at a U.S. airport should be enough to show that the country is over (and that’s if you’re in a place where you can even tell the difference between International and Domestic fliers).

      • My patriotism died with the Iraq War, and has moved to outright hostility to the Thing that governs us. The State-sanctioned burning and looting only has confirmed the need to finalize the divorce.

      • Another victim of diversity will be patriotism.

        I’m actually heartened to see this year’s steep drop in support for the 9/11 hoax.

        It’s still there, but not omnipresent as in years past.

        • Agreed. 9/11 largely is a NYC thing now, a relic of an age long dead. The increased disinterest is a healthy development in that it shows how much the different parts of the country are going their separate ways.
          Was it hoax? I don’t know. Further, even that point has become mostly irrelevant except perhaps in one regard: the Deep Terror State likely will orchestrate some sort of False Flag domestic terrorist attack in the heartland somewhere or another to try to make the rubes rally ’round the flag again to salvage their playground. Many, if not most, will realize the murder came straight from inside the Beltway and will further distance themselves from The Beast and become even more hostile to its evil servants.
          The gloss was 9/11 became a day of national unity, and for a brief moment it was. When future generations look back, though, that moment will be seen as the last gasp of a dying Empire, a grand show that was the high budget sequel to the Death of Princess Dianna.

          • I half hope that that it was some deep state orchestration, though it won’t surprise future historians (as it doesn’t surprise me now) that a bunch of half-funded goat-herders were able to land such a critical blow against a dying empire.

          • That’s what I think actually happened: illiterate ragheads showed what a paper tiger the United States had become.

            Mark Steyn can cuck with the best of them, but one point he originally made is all we need to know about this dying Empire: Muslim immigration to the United States increased after 9/11. Put that on the Banana Empire’s headstone.

          • No question about it! Actually, one of my husband’s 2nd cousins (he has a ton he’s never met on the Italian side back in the East coast) died on 9/11 – a 23 year old who had just started a new job at Cantor Fitzgerald.

        • Joe Biden didn’t even address it. He didn’t want to risk a scene with his racist supporters. This country is over.

      • On 9/11, we saw ourselves in the buildings with the people there. We envisioned being on flight 92, rallying to break open the cockpit door. We could imagine standing in the street in NYC and being dusted with ashes and smoke. No more. Our bond with, and to some extent, our sense of empathy to, the people who suffered and died has been severed. It is not mostly time, IMO, it is the destruction of the sense of being part of the broader American community. I will lay this at the feet of the Left, because they successfully destroyed the notion of quiescent CivNattery. I, and many others, didn’t voluntarily leave our CivNat roots, we were pushed out, by the Left. They burned down the house and something had to be done.

      • Isn’t it ironic that “Americans” have chosen to burq’a themselves without any prodding from the Muzz, and that we are now effectively ruled by state-sponsored terrorists in the form of BLM? It’s al-Qaeda’s fantasy come to pass, but in a warped, Leftist fashion.

      • I believe another facet of this is the fact that if you had asked the average American on 09/12/2001 that within twenty years of this event we would have not only have thousands more Mohammedans deliberately flooded into this country, but that there would be several elected to our house of representatives who – on a daily basis – will bitch and moan about how much this country sucks and how they will ultimately slit our collective throats using our own laws against us, you would have been accused of being a standout among conspiracy theorists. And yet now look where we are.
        Every time one of them opens their mouths, I find more and more people I know asking out loud, “How the hell did these people get in the country, let alone elected to public office?” I have told a few of them that they came in after 9/11, courtesy of Bush The Younger, they seethe, so yes you are correct on that note.

      • That happened a year later with the short-lived “Office of Special Plans” (9/2002-6/2003). A cut-out within the Pentagon where Neocons either cherry picked or outright fabricated (e.g., the Niger Forgeries; the meeting in Prague) “intelligence” to justify going to war with Iraq. Of course none of them have ever been called to account for their treachery. Their kids don’t serve in the US military, but they want your kids to.

  44. “That is, why is it that so many people have gone crazy all at once? “

    Its not the internet. At best that only one of multiple factors converting.

    1). The average maturity level of adults has been steadily decreasing for decades. Not sure why, but it’s an inescapable fact of modern life. Every half decade or so a preposterous new low is reached. It wasn’t all that long ago we were all laughing at college safe-spaces equipped with puppies to soothe the feelings of young adults traumatized by Strange new opinions. Then the Covid hysteria made such rooms seam quaint.

    2). The unbearable lightness of Living a post modern existence. AntiFa is exclusively a white thing, BLM is mostly a white thing. The kids are right about the core issue in a twisted way. They are privileged to live in such a time and place as 21st century America. Where they live what previously would have seamed an ideal wealthy existence free of any concerns at all, let alone the banalities of existence. Except that humans need some reason to exist, some obstacle to overcome. And lacking any such thing they create fantasy’s to fight.

    3) Propaganda works. Education became a tool to propagandize generations ago. We are seeing the fruition of that. Amplified by the corporate media, both broadcast and social. The inner emptiness of the dim, idle privileged youth is being filled willed progressivism’s ersatz and incoherent religion.

    4) The left recognized that the offices of district attorneys were a weak point in the system. By capturing a number of those of those offices and then refusing to prosecute public disorder they were able to neuter the effect of law enforcement and create the conditions that enabled widespread rioting and lawlessness.

    5) Idle hands are the devils playground. The Covid lockdowns creates such idle hands on a vast scale.

    • Stated previously: the Dunbar Number of an individual’s max lifetime social relationships is around 150 people. FB/Social media intentionally explode/exploit that number to millions.

      It’s a recipe for stress, depression, and general social angst. The only way to win is not to play.

  45. So rather then give you a nod towards something you mentioned regarding the take over by the harpes of social media and gossip, it is worse then that, Those that walked away from the fight are now back helping to stop society from going insane and being walked into social credit western style by female nature and the biggest voting block in any democracy, including the republic which is american and its democratic system.
    linked below is a mess of thoughts i put together and finally wrote after years of experiencing the blows of red pills?
    THE FOUR RED PILLS !!! (link below).

    • So disappointing. If your red pill list doesn’t include race, the chosen and female nature, you have learned nothing. If you think red pills involve economics or statism, you have a ridiculously inflated self-conception.

      So sadly disappointing.


    I saw this yesterday. The article is about a cake baked to commemorate uganda’s Airlines first year anniversary. It’s not a great cake but a bunch of miscreants online made fun of it and now they’re apologizing and ashamed and having a bake off but the point is is that the miscreants are ruling the world right now. Anything anyone tries to do in a spirit of Goodwill will be torn down by these malevolent people. I don’t know what the solution is.

    • The image of the cake makes it look to my eye that the Uganda Airlines plane has ditched in the sea. Perhaps that is SOP for such airlines from The Dark Continent?

      • Yeah it’s not a great cake but there was nothing wrong with the spirit in which it was made. The point is that those private thoughts are now public and powerful thoughts that swarm around like a school of flesh eating fish looking for its next target to devour

    • This kinda gets to the thing too where everyone has to form an opinion on everything. I think we should be allowed to not care about a Ugandan cake, but some people will reflexively go into axe grinding mode (“joggers, lol”) which makes the “holy” force everyone to submit that the cake is beautiful.

      • And this gets to the beauty of feudalism, where the various components of society were rigid and self-contained, and where every person knew his role. A peasant in 14th-century Styria was not expected to have an opinion on Meister Eckhart’s metaphysics or the implications of the Battle of Kulikovo Pole.

        • Yeah, it was a cake. Can the peasants have an opinion on that? If they don’t like it are they flesh eating fish. Honestly!

    • The big problem is that normal people indulge the madness of the mutants. Without our indulgence, they are powerless.

    • Perhaps it is fair to critique a less that top skilled effort to commemorate a national carrier? Also we do need better resilience. OTOH, they could have made the occasion private. The pirate ship cake my son had when he was younger was similarly “under par” and we all laughed like drains and enjoyed the tastiness.

  47. Personally I think the internet and the globalized world has shown the human capacity to process information and it’s limits. Mostly the internet in this context, since it seems like most people live there now.

    • There wasn’t a second thought given to this important point. Much of the madness is due to digitally supplied information overload.

      • Much of the madness is due to digitally supplied information overload.

        I would build on that and say that the information overload has created a post-factual world.

        Facts are no longer fixed points of reference information. They are now highly malleable, or even real-time editable in the case of Wikipedia.

        And of course, this condition is far more beneficial to the Left, for whom it is always Year Zero.

        • I would build on that and say that the information overload has created a post-factual world. Facts are no longer fixed points of reference information.

          Yes, the good old days when you could always trust what the newspapers told you…

          It’s not that the internet produces fake news, the MSM always lied to us but the internet allows us to notice, and that makes it feel like suddenly everybody is lying to us.

          • The problem is that the surfeit of “truth” that the Internet disseminates means that everybody is able to find, or generate, his own “truth.” The glut of fact and opinion makes the job of the genuine truth-seeker all the more difficult. Whether our current epistemological condition is better or worse than it was before the Internet, I cannot say for certain.

          • The glut of fact and opinion makes the job of the genuine truth-seeker all the more difficult.

            I’d have to disagree with that. It’s the surfeit of facts and opinion that makes truth-seeking possible at all or, at least, made lying to the public harder.

            The feeling that there were less lies and fake news in the old days is a false one: it just feels so because today, journalists are being busted left and right, their credibility rating below that of even politicians.

          • There were certainly exceptions of course–the NY Times is a prime example–but generally speaking, before the rise of the New Left, beginning in the mid-60s, American journalism was less nakedly partisan, and more committed to finding and disseminating truth. The media was far from perfect (the insistence upon perfection is a fool’s errand, at any rate), but back then you could be reasonably well assured that what you read in the papers had a strong positive correlation with the truth. Nowadays the opposite is true.

            Compounding the problem, who has the time and energy to sieve through incredibly vast quantities of data and opinion to arrive at what we think may be truth? And on just one or two issues, let alone all of them? The answer is, very few. And that means the vast majority of people are reduce to accepting media lies as the truth.

          • Less partisan is a term of art. Hearst was not one I call impartial. Cronkite actually stated after retirement his opposition to the Vietnam war and effort to kill Americans enthusiasm for it.

          • There were exceptions, of course, but I don’t think any reasonable person, comparing the media in 1960 to 2020, could help but conclude that it is far more biased now than then. This is the chief reason the media’s reputation is the lowest it’s ever been. And the media’s brazen Leftism is merely a reflection of what has happened to every major institution in “America.”

          • Nah. There may have been more outlets that reported on events in factual terms ie less editorialising but when they did “journalism” it was just as skewed as now.

          • On the other hand, under the pre-internet media model there used to be locally owned and operated media outlets. Now it’s likely that your local small-town, dead-tree, newspaper is owned by a multinational corporation or some far-away entity. So you get the approved “views” rather than “news.”

          • Here in Oregon we have smoke so thick now from massive wildfires that it burns your eyes and throat constantly. There’s been talk about what started the fires. What seems clear is that a lot of them are arson. People naturally made the connection with the antifa morons burning Portland.

            Now this is one of those things that calls for careful use of Occam’s Razor. The problem with the Razor is twofold. First of all, it’s a rule of thumb based on inductive logic, not a rigorous principle that holds in all cases like a mathematical law. Secondly, the idea of seeking the simplest explanation that doesn’t require extra factors for the observed facts depends, first of all, on figuring out what the facts are.

            As I see it digital media and the internet makes it easier to both create “facts” that really aren’t and also to reveal facts that used to be ignored or go unrecorded. It also allows, as Z points out, people who never would have been taken seriously by traditional media to have a voice and create their own bizarre interpretations of reality that explain away the known facts.

            I think of this dual process as representing a rather sudden (historically) explosion in the size of the two relevant “universes”, the universe of putative facts and the universe of available theories to explain those facts. One can visualize this as one cloud of points (theories) with a one-to-many connection from each point to the other universe of facts. Likewise, the facts often have one-to-many connections with the theories. Some theories will also connect exclusively with certain facts and ignore others and some facts of course directly contradict others and by definition cannot both be explained by the same theory. It is not possible to construct a theory that both explains the Holocaust and the non-existence of the Holocaust, for example.

            Eventually, we will need to deal with this somehow to avoid insanity. Perhaps the way everyone seems to have gone crazy at once is precisely because we have not adjusted our Epistemological frameworks much for the internet age. I’ve given some thought to this for a while actually. Does the solution lie in artificial intelligence research which must cope directly with this issue in constructing its heuristics? Even something as simple as getting people (or computers) to assign a “plausibility coefficient” to putative facts could help.

            So who set the fires? I don’t know. Of course I want to blame those little communist shitbags in Portland and Salem – but can we? You’ll all be the first to know when I solve the problem of Epistemology of course, heh!

          • It seems plausible, even likely, but we’ve also got a long record here on the Wrong Coast of just ordinary firebugs setting fires in the woods. California, in the lowlands, is covered with this stuff called “chaparral”, which has been described as basically the plant kingdom’s version of napalm. This is more apt than most people know. The leaves are covered in waxy coatings to reduce moisture loss and this wax is a highly reduced hydrocarbon just like gasoline.

            So if you’re bored, drunk, and stupid and you’re out driving in the hills, why not break out the lighter and have some fun? It could just be the same thing here. Oregon’s pine forests burn almost as well as that scrub forest down in Cali. Then, there’s the fact that antifa actually does have lots of criminal types along with the soyboys and purple haired lezbos. So a whole range of things could be true here. Some of the fires are just natural wildfires, some are arson by the usual criminal firebugs, some of the firebugs also participate in urban riots and are part of antifa groups, some of those groups may have spread the word that the leadership wouldn’t exactly mind if those so inclined were to go up into the mountains and toss a few molotovs around… The media will of course, try to add to the already smoky air with its lies and half-truths to protect the guilty.

          • I think in the good old days facts and narrative were what the MSM wanted them to be. How else would we know any different. Even going back as far as WW1 the media was shocking. I have a friend who has two v large books with all the jingoistic UK newspaper articles telling the home front about the war. Even after 1916 it was all made out to be a like a jolly good time – like a boy scout weekend crossed with a safari. Even I wanted to sign up! The only way people knew it was a meat grinder was when half the men in their village suddenly got killed.
            More recently, the only things we had for dissenters was the occasional book, or talk radio.
            I’m guessing that what we are experiencing is a tug-o-war between the MSM who have dominated ‘collective reality’ for over 100 years vs those that now see. About time too.

          • To be fair, journalism in a nation involved in a war for its very existence is an ideographic example.

          • Blending journalism with jewish causes, I saw a BitChute video where the New York Times ran an article in 1916, give or take, where it was quoted that 6 million Jews will die due to the war and consequent starvation, etc. that same number was carried forward through the years in many subsequent articles (images shown in the video) up until modern times. Coincidence?

          • 19th century journalism was entirely yellow journalism and the very idea of being non partisan would have been thought ridiculous.
            Heck the Spanish American war was largely created by Hearst agitprop likely so he could profit from it.

          • Point taken, but the idea is that this “6 million” number was already being used during WWI (for starvation), and its quite convenient that it shows up again as applying to the Holocaust for a completely different reason. It seems like it was just pulled forward without any real justification … also, this was the 20th century, not the 19 century.

          • The media in England lied to say that the Brit mother’s in WWI wanted their sons to go and get killed for old blighty when in fact the poll said the opposite. We probably were simply less interested in politics back in the day, but the media were just as unreliable.

        • Your comment sounds very postmodern, and indeed, was anticipated to some degree by poststructuralist theorist Jean Beaudrillard. Occasionally the pomo loons stumbled into fragments of truth.

      • The Internet is simply a means to disagree with individual people in a disagreeable manner, on-line, and get away with it. Everything going on follows from that. In the old days, disagreeing with individual people in a disagreeable manner f2f got you punched in the nose or thrown out the door. Not any more. Not only that, but on-line, fellow disagreeable disagreers rally to the side of the disagreeable. Thanks, Twitter and Facebook.

        • That is not the entirety of the internet. The whole question of our fall in standards is a big one. It grieves me that so many of us are walking around in shoddy Chinese made apparel and shoes. Even “lower class” people back in the day used to be smartly dressed to go “out”. We are degraded in many ways and the internet does facilitate it, but it is a two edged sword and opportunities should be taken.

      • People’s access to information—and the need to process it—has grown beyond the average person’s capability. That probably began to happen with radio and in overdrive after WWII and the advent of TV. Prior to that, newspapers filled the void and they were delayed and minimal as compared to the speed and amount of “information” today.

        The need to process began to become important as we discovered that the MSM had been co-opted and the Cronkites of the time were really just partisan hacks under pretense of impartiality. This was about the time of the internet explosion allowing many sources of information to be available, hence the need to process information with a critical mind to filter out the misinformation.

        The average person today—young or old—is simply not up to the task of critical thinking required to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Our present population mix and school system do not help in this regard either, but compound the problem.

        And so here we are.

      • Add to that the “Dunbar Number”..the idea that we can only have meaningful relationships with 150 people, max. We’re hyper-social primates, so picking up subtle cues in the group is important for survival.

        Social media causes HUGE amounts of stress as people try to placate and signal to a truly limitless number of strangers. You can be certain FB, Twtr, and all the rest prey on this fact.

    • Having seen some mugshots of the antifa members arrested over the past few weeks, I’m increasingly persuaded of this phenomenon being real. Some of the head shapes of these individuals are so grotesque and oddly shaped that there’s no way they fit through their mothers’ birth canals; instead of dying off, as would have been the case in times past, medical technology (c-section, for example) made their very existences possible.

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  49. Yeah, but then all us right thinkers wouldn’t be able to share in your daily/weekly doses of common sense wisdom! That being said, I do think that, net -net, the net has been a bigger boondoggle than boon. It has most assuredly given the loon bags far more voice than they ever should be allowed to have.

    • I agree. I grew up in a family of shit-libs. When I started noticing things I learned quickly that you don’t dare talk about them. The women in our families are all Karen’s. On the net I found others that had noticed things too. Then I found this blog where they not only had noticed, they had processed what they saw and could predict the actions of the lunatics with the accuracy of a Swiss watch.
      The shit-libs know the riot is real. They just don’t want you knowing it. That might raise the kind of questions that they can’t answer and it makes them feel bad.
      I shall enjoy the show post haste, Sire… and thank you for it. It’s good to have the podcasts back.😊

  50. Stephen King had a story recently about someone who watches the news and notices the same strange man on the scene at every catastrophic event. After some sleuthing, they realize this “person” at every plane crash and car wreck and school shooting is actually some sort of inter-dimensional being that is literally feeding on misery the way a small fish might circle a thermal vent on the seafloor. I think that’s pretty much where most progs are; they’re miserable monsters whose only joy is in seeing the look on normal peoples’ faces when they watch small businesses burn or people pulled from their cars and beaten by mobs. My father is an ex-hippie, prototypical boomer, but my own religious and moral beliefs will not allow me to tell him off (plus I just can’t berate a seventy-year old man; even if I changed his mind, what good would it do?) So I have a good response that stops it without being too mean. When he brings up what Trump did or said today, I say, “Well, okay, aside from what you watched on TV or read in the news, did you DO anything today? Take a walk? Play chess? Watch a movie?” Accusing someone of having no life is the least mean way to stop this crap.

    • For that matter, just turn the who thing off entirely. Would the world really be so bad if you had to order from the Amazon catalog over the phone rather than on-line?

      It is the common theme. Just wait to get angry, never take the initiative to learn something new, just watch that TV. Forget the joy of hearing the rain outside, listening to the sound of a beautiful woodland or many other natural joys. Hell, chess is a fine way to spend a day.

      I don’t wish to speak ill of your father, as I do not know the man, but I have now a low tolerance threshold for individuals with these characteristics. I like talking with people, I always have, yet some people I meet and immediately I can tell ‘This person is neither interesting not interested’ – it is a sad realization.

    • Most extremely online people get their “do something” fix by getting outraged and posting comments online. Problem is it’s a pressure valve, and accomplishes very little.
      On the corollary, my old man was a political junkie, and he would have to force himself to tune out when he started to get urges to drive over to D.C. and take care of things himself.

    • Interesting premise for a story, and it sounds a bit like that of the Mothman Prophecies, which supposedly has some basis in reality. The idea is that, throughout history, the Mothmen have been seen in areas in which some sort of disaster or tragedy was about to occur. They were harbingers of a sort. What is left unexplained is whether or not the Mothmen are causative agents of catastrophe. If they are, we could certainly think of Leftists as Mothmen.

    •  Accusing someone of having no life is the least mean way to stop this crap.” That’s actually very mean. My dad is old like yours and doing things takes great effort for him. I’m supposed to stick THAT in his face? Seriously, that is awful advice.

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