The Absolution Ticket

Joe Biden announced has running mate section, which immediately set off rounds of speculation as to why he picked Harris over the other options. The most interesting thing about running mates is the reason the candidate picked them. Otherwise, they tend to be forgotten. Look through the list of Vice Presidents and you see some familiar names, but you see guys like Elbridge Gerry and Hannibal Hamlin. Both were prominent men of their age, but meaningless today.

The curious thing about the Biden choice is it does not fit the popular theories for running mate selection. The most popular reason for selecting a running mate is they help in their home state. We know the old Rust Belt states will be where the election is decided, so picking a brown senator from California does not help there. Harris also has a strong hate-whitey vibe to her, which tends not to go over well with the white working-class types in these states.

Then there is the fact that Harris as the charm of a DMV clerk. In fact, she reminds people of every trip to get their license renewed. She is sour and unpleasant, even when she is professional and efficient. There is a reason she could not draw flies during the primaries. She was so obnoxious in the debates she was forced to drop out before the Iowa caucus. If it were possible for people to cast negative votes, she would have been the first to poll less than zero percent.

Usually when a candidate picks a former opponent, it is someone with an actual constituency or maybe they complement the candidate. Al Gore was a good partner for Clinton, because of his squeaky-clean image. George Bush made sense for Reagan, as Bush represented the traitor wing of the GOP. In this case, Harris has no constituency and she highlights the many flaws of Joe Biden. The only people who liked her were the executives at Google, who were already onboard.

That is the most popular theory at this stage. Biden is not all there, so it is assumed the selection of Harris was as much of a surprise to him as the rest of us. Instead the decision was made by his handlers and it was decided he needed more support from the tech oligarchs. He had the financial oligarchs and Israel was okay with him, so the final piece of the puzzle was to get the blessing of Google. He now has the blessing of all the power centers that run America.

There’s also the theory that Harris is fully compromised, so she will be easy to manipulate by those dark forces everyone is sure exist. Her long career under Willie Brown, literally and figuratively, means she has a lot of skeletons. After the election, someone will put a pillow over Biden’s face and Harris will be installed as Google’s handpicked president. If Biden escapes the pillow, then she will be right there to make sure he follows instructions from Silicon Valley.

It’s possible that the tech oligarchs put pressure on the campaign, but those are the sorts of just-so narratives that appeal to the conspiratorial minded. The truth is, Warren would have brought plenty of tech money and support and she would have revved up the strong woman vote. Warren raised more money for Biden than anyone thus far, so she has strong support among the oligarchs. She’s also pretty good at getting under the skin of Donald Trump, something Biden does not do well.

The thing is, the process used to select running mates is well known. The staff starts with a wide pool of interested candidates. They poll all of them in various markets to gauge how they would do with voters. Then they quietly look into their backgrounds for the usual problems. Once they have the list down to a workable field, they get serious on the background checks and poll testing. Powerful party people are consulted on the options. Finally, the short-list interviews with the candidate.

In other words, all of the options put before Biden had the blessing of all the people that needed to bless the choice. The reason Harris was the choice rather than the governess of Michigan or the syrup lady from Georgia is Joe Biden liked Harris better than the other options. The most likely reason for that is she called him a racist, but was still willing to be his running mate. Biden picked the black looking woman who was willing to give him absolution for his white privilege.

It sounds nutty, but we live in a deranged age. This summer, the Left has been convulsing the country with demands that white people atone for their privilege and racism, so what better way than a ticket that reflects that sensibility? For people like Joe Biden, this is the national unity ticket. He is the symbol of the white people being pushed aside by the riot of non-whites. Harris is the symbol of the ascendant class of non-whites, ready to take over and forgive the old whites.

To most people, this does not register, but inside politics and inside the Progressive warrens, this is powerful magic. They really believe this stuff. An article of faith on the Left is that the sin of racism will only be cleansed from the nation when whites are no longer in charge of the country. The statue toppling and erasing of names from the history books are a symbolic spilling of blood to cleans our soul. Rather than human sacrifices, we are renaming celestial bodies.

For white liberals of Biden’s generation, race is the only salient issue. Most of these old Progressives came into politics because of the race issue. Those who came in for other reasons were soon bathing in the baptismal waters of race. They have spent their whole lives immersed in racial politics. They really do think racial justice is the key to their salvation. Biden was certainly hurt by Harris in the primary, so when she was eager to join the ticket, he felt like a man getting absolution.

This most likely means the narrative of the Biden-Harris campaign will be built around healing the nation’s soul. They will make the case that a vote for them is a vote to end the racial unrest. The peaceful and voluntary transfer of moral authority from the sinful whites of old America to the noble non-whites of new America will bring all of us into the valley of redemption. The salvation that was supposed to come with the election of Obama will instead come with the last breath of his running mate.

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301 thoughts on “The Absolution Ticket

  1. Kamala is superior to Warren and Klobuchar because black, and superior to Auntie Jemima Abrams because not shrill enough. true, she will also be accused of not being black or feminist or leftist or even fat enough. but that’s part of the package, as the left finally reaches the point where their increasingly absurd coalition only can hold together with these Google-friendly avatars while opposing whiteness, as Biden is soon killed off to appease this hunt for white power. until then, and waiting on Trump’s defeat, the colored-degenerate coalition will endure; but because of its reactive rather than generative conformation, once these maggots consume the white hosts, they will then break apart society as themselves are broken apart. meanwhile the pro-white/Western coalition that is the base of the GOP will need to vote for Trump and then, God-willing, use the victory to create actual nationalist cadres and leadership with the extra time bought, so we can snuff out the parasitic GOP – this, instead of a sacrificial offering, should be more of a purging. and, maybe then, reach for power.

  2. The jews own him, probably got pictures of him with underage chicks. They sure as hell own the deranged pedophile shitting his diaper in the basement. The white working class has no one to vote for. The election’s a carny freakshow…..look over here….while we rip you off, fuck you over, break and bankrupt you, then bury you in the dirt. Voting’s like smoking, give it up, it;s killin you.

  3. It figures it would be Harris. They waited just long enough for BLM to be irrelevant (they hate Harris). Now she can be the face of the race. Harris ticks just enough diversity boxes for the cat lady contingent.

    I’m skeptical that she would cause much damage. Most people assume politicians are worse than whores (they’re not wrong) so her being Willie Brown’s blow up doll isn’t going to matter. The whole AG record of imprisoning blacks will play to white moderates horrified at this summer’s chimpout.

    Its not a masterstroke but the Democrats are bereft of options. Harris is as good as it gets for them, especially if they want to run a woke version of the 2008 campaign.

  4. The main problem being that Kamala is not perceived. by much of the black community as black,but rather Indian, and black women despise black men who have sex with such women…Hence Kamala’s poor support in the primaries…

    • In Clown World, Joe Biden appeals to the Blacks and Kabbala Haaretz appeals to the White wine-mommies, aspirant Jeets and her husband’s co-ethnics.

  5. I realize that I’m old (and, maybe a WEE bit less sharp than I was in 2008), but – didn’t we already elect a guy who was gonna bring all the racial healing?
    And, didn’t.

    • Now that you talk of it, I don’t remember such out of Obama’s mouth. Perhaps it was the only in the imagination of all the liberal Whites who voted for him. I do remember Blacks after the election cheering that they were now going to get “theirs”.

      • It was mostly conjecture by Democrats that he was going to be post-racial. To be fair, he didn’t start pulling stuff until 2012-2013. 2012 to ensure progressive turnout and 2013 to enact all the things academia has been salivating for since the 1950s-1960s once they were convinced that they had one party rule (they’re not necessarily wrong about that either).

  6. Biden is a male Hillary. Both have major criminal activity in their backgrounds. Both have serious health problems. Neither have any loyalty to any principle other than power. And most importantly, both are old Whites for whom Blacks will not turn out on Election Day November.
    And as far as Black women being “electrified” and “galvanized” by the Hoe, just wait until they find out that she was “dating” Willie Brown while he was married to one of their sisters. I doubt they will appreciate that.
    And as far as absolution goes, I don’t think enough of the electorate is still open to that sort of argument (after the eight years post-2008) to make a difference in the election.

    • The propaganda outlets are desperately trying to manufacture enthusiasm. Even Biden herself (Jill) can’t fake it.

  7. The conventional belief that vice-presidential candidates are picked to help in a swing state seems all but dead. Who was the last vice president from a swing state? Gerald Ford?

    • Not sure Ford qualifies. He was appointed VP to replace Agnew *after* the 72 election. In 74, he assumed the throne.

  8. “They will make the case that a vote for them is a vote to end the racial unrest. The peaceful and voluntary transfer of moral authority from the sinful whites of old America to the noble non-whites of new America will bring all of us into the valley of redemption.”

    Uh huh. Where have we heard THAT before? The election of BO was supposed to render the race card a nullity. Instead, every card in the deck, and especially the jokers, are now race cards. If whites fall for this risible crap again, we deserve Killwhitey and her assegai-wielding Hutus.

    • About 30 million whites nationwide, minimally, deserve a home invasion. It’s the only way for them to get a clue.

    • WT ever-loving F?

      Palin is one of the most disingenuous swamp-dwelling gator-moms out there. Snoggling with Tokyo Rose McCain, siren-songing the Tea Party, tabloid-tier family life, Nimrata Randhawa neo-con policy.

      Shill baby, shill. Thankfully she’s a non-entity even to her haters now.

    • Palin has always been a joke. A soccer mom for boomercons to salivate over as an alternative to their fat wives.

  9. “…with demands that white people atone for their privilege and racism”

    “transfer of moral authority from the sinful whites of old America to the noble non-whites of new America”

    Here in Philly, me and a black guy stayed up late late eagerly arguing and discussing our separate sides.

    You are absolutely spot on with this, Zman. I wish I’d’ve had this article in mind last night.

    • ps- the good news is he thinks separation is the only way.

      They bad news is his friends, both white and black, look at him like a crank.
      He’s a black dissident!

      • Well, why not? Apartheid is maybe the one thing that our group and Nation of Islam agree upon.

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  11. I think Harris wins it all for Biden. She’s a professional Kardashian and that whore fantasy has made each of them: Kim, Kloe, Kondom, and Klamidia billionaires.

    white suburban women love that and nothing sells to White women like that white fantasy.

    she’s a complete turn off to White men but we don’t matter.

    • Harris was chosen precisely to appeal to AWFL’s. Whether she clinched it for Biden or sunk him remains to be seen. I don’t think she helps overall, frankly, and is at best a wash (I think she hurts, marginally) but whether that matters is another thing.

      But you are right as to KamalHo’s target demographic.

      • And many of the husbands of those AWFLs are so cucked that they will vote Biden just to keep the peace at home.

        The remaining husbands will be harangued into voting Biden, and if that doesn’t work starfish duty sex will be withheld until hubs promises to vote Biden.

        • Vote-by-Mail accommodates the need for the married AWFL’s to monitor and approve their hubbies’ vote choices. Secret patriarchical voting infidelities will be a thing of the past.

    • That won’t enough to carry the election as non Whites hate her guts and so do a surprising number of White women.
      She is honestly a terrible candidate but again there aren’t any good ones this year at least on the Democrat side.

      • She’s a horrible person and likely has Charlie Sheen level stds. But I can see her appeal to White women.

  12. As I said at Unz, Kamala’s perfect for this gig. No inconvenient principles or causes to get in the way of her handlers’ agenda.

    A hetero Obama with bosoms, more telegenic than Mushmouth Abrams and less committed to actual race issues.

    Her cynical lies about weed, Tupac and willingness to jump in bed with Sleepy after flaming him in the debates tell you almost all you need to know.

    The final clncher – she has the new-normal Jewish close family member to help keep her (((focused))) and reassure America’s real ruling class that they have 24/7 access to “our” President.

    And Sleepy’s going to retire to his dacha in 2022 to leave her 2 years to reign and 2 terms to run.

    She’s the perfect successor to Trump/Biden in America’s “Looting Phase” dynasty – may it someday be know as our last.

    “Romulus Augustus for The Rest of Us.”

      • It’s the grotesque tableaux an end stage empire deserves. Whether it gets it, I’m not so certain.

    • As I said at Unz, Kamala’s perfect for this gig. No inconvenient principles or causes to get in the way of her handlers’ agenda.” You pull your shit over at Unz too? oh jeesus. Kidding. Agree with your whole comment. And people are talking about possible “skeletons” in her closet. She’s a teflon brown woman, it won’t matter. And it’ll seem like bullying to even bring it up.

    • Good comment! I think the Harris choice is the reconciliation of the Harris-favoring Clinton and the Biden-favoring Obama wings of the Democratic Party.

  13. Warren was always a no-go because you can’t have two East Coast libs on a national ticket (even if one of them is a phony affirmative-action carpetbagger from OK.)

    • Warren was always a no-go because America doesn’t want to see her every day. Political consultants understand this. EVERYONE understands this. It really is as simple as that.

  14. You are making too complicated. Once Biden committed to a black women, Kamala was the only presentable option to Dem-leaning, upper-middle class, or wealthy whites. I can’t imagine the very wealthy, progressive whites I live around being happy about voting for someone like Abrams or Bass.

  15. So here we have it, an old Alzheimer’s patient and a black whore. The majestic pinnacle of American democracy. Willie Brown knows she’s a psycho by the way. He clearly saw something in her eyes when she was fellating him. Something so unholy and unclean that he knew he broke the seal and let out a monster. I’ve seen women like this in my career and they’re very, very dangerous. If you want your career eventually destroyed, by all means buddy up with them and wait to feel the shiv in your back. Think of a not hot version of Demi Moore in the movie Disclosure.

  16. I think most here are exaggerating the importance of her color, real of fake. Complicating the shit out of it really. People under 55 don’t care that much. Her brownish color is a positive most people right now. Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Colin Powell, Patrick Mahomes, Barack Obama, all black or fake black…and some of the most popular people of our time. The media will work wonders for her image. She has a nice smile. That’s half the battle right there.
    She can be everyone’s favorite cliche here, “The HR woman who everyone hates”, but she isn’t without charm.
    Here she’s cooking with Mindy Kaling. I’d never ask you people to watch the whole thing. But the 25 seconds from 1:15 to 1:40 shows she’s got the common touch when she needs it. To me she’s hands-down the right choice.

    • All of those blacks excelled because of the race mixing. A purebred has an IQ within 20 points of a Golden Retriever. That’s a fact.

    • She made two major mistakes during her campaign. The first was, after seeing her polls slip, attempt to campaign as this “wise woman from the projects who knows what’s up.” Extreme inauthenticity given her background. Then, like Liz Warren, she started dancing. Someone should tell all politicians, when the going gets rough, never, never dance.

  17. I bet the reason the Goolag endorsed her is the same benefit she brings to the Biden campaing:

    Kameltoe Whoreass will bring every pajeet who can scam a ballot out of the woodwork to vote for her.

  18. From the NASA pronunciamento on nicknames of heavenly objects:

    “The Agency will be working with diversity, inclusion, and equity experts in the astronomical and physical sciences to provide guidance and recommendations for other nicknames and terms for review.”

    Hard left ideology now pervades every aspect of society, like the Church’s doctrines in medieval Europe. A College of Diversity Cardinals will beat the bushes for systemic racist terms in NASA’s scientific realm. Pope Kamala will declare all such names anathema. White NASA scientists, while any remain, will receive an invitation they can’t refuse, to report for a one-sided conversation.

    Henceforth, we can rest assured that no mainly peaceful protester carrying a big screen TV from a looted store will be humiliated when studying to be an aerospace manager.

  19. Why do you think that Biden “chose” Harris?
    I highly doubt Biden had anything to do with it – other than the sit in the corner and drool on himself.

    Reagan didn’t “choose” Bush – he was TOLD that Bush was going to be his VP pick – and was told he’d get the full force of the deep state to oppose him if he didn’t just gleefully go along with it.

    People seem to think the collusion between the deep state and the media to force things in the direction they (the elites) want them to go in is some sort of new development – it’s not.

    Cronkite was in the room when Reagan got “told” he was going to have Bush as his VP. Cronkite was there to reinforce the point that the media would be used against him if he didn’t go along.

    Seems like Harris is the choice of whomever is running the Democrat party now – which should be real line of inquiry going on here. If I was Biden – I’d be scared.

    He’s going to die in his sleep slowly after inauguration – whomever offed Scaliti has been looking for their next contract job.

  20. I don’t know what a “lying, dog-faced pony-soldier” is, but Kamala certainly looks like one, and I am confident that our man Joe will point it out sometimes during the election.

  21. Question to all of you, does the mail-in vote sew up the election for Biden? I’ve been thinking that this pick didn’t really matter in that the vote harvesting would be in full-force anyway. The white guy absolution angle is spot on for me since this pick makes no sense.

  22. It also shows just how uncomfortable they are with diversity, especially blacks. First it was the magic mulatto who was, for the most part, what they imagine blacks to be. Now for creepy Joe, they managed to pick a woman who identifies as black, but isn’t black and doesn’t really have any of the stereotypical black female traits.
    What they want, more than anything, is for their fantasies about race to be true. They want diversity to be dark skinned white people. Though they love to make a big deal about race, they believe we’re all the same and that skin color is just like eye color and that it’s just window dressing, an aesthetic. Magic Mulatto helped with that fantasy even though his white qualities were overstated. They are just as fearful as a President Abrams as any of us.

  23. Meh.

    IMO they picked her because they think she’s black enough to get the black vote – but not really black – and therefor not an outsider. Kind of like a copy of a copy of a copy of Obama.

    Problem for the, is that she’s not Black enough. Not enough to get votes on a tribal basis and not enough to guilt YT into voting for her. So they’ll rebrand her as a generic WOC and the intersectional messiah. Which only works for woke intellectstools.

    If Biden wins, and he still may, it will be despite her presence.

  24. He is the symbol of the white people being pushed aside by the riot of non-whites. Harris is the symbol of the ascendant class of non-whites, ready to take over and forgive the old whites.
    Perhaps the elite blacks and browns will forgive, but the masses will not and can not.

    Expect more white children to pay.

  25. Hope Z Man does not mind this plug but today’s Victor Davis Hanson essay called
    The Thin Veneer of American Civilization is a worthy read for dissidents.
    I find the VDH link at Drudge
    Drudge is a rag but a convenient source of links to mainstream writers.

      • The linked column is garden variety CivNat wishcasting, to be frank. There will be no counter-revolution and as has been pointed out previously the only pushback has come from Boomers a bit long in the tooth to wage war. Hanson is a cuck who points out what passes as “edgy” in that world, i.e., Third World illegals litter a lot, but he still is a cuck.

    • I usually like VDH, but he lost me at “. . .the Civil War that saw 700,000 Americans die in the struggle to end slavery.” The Corwin Amendment ( and the slave-holding states that remained in the Union should have put that fiction to rest long ago. That a historian repeats it is mind-boggling.

      • I thought the whole thing was pretty bad. Hanson went out of his way to denigrate Robert E. Lee, maybe that is part of the deal with staying in good standing at National Review now. This is a boilerplate failed attempt at defending Western Civilization you see from them now. He doesn’t truly defend any of it, Hanson just points out tearing it all down does nothing to solve violent crime.

        • You make a good point. This is why we need more historians (amateur and otherwise) everywhere. Everywhere.

          • Um, NO.
            We need men of action setting up and taking action on a plan (or several plans) to show that this sh*t is no longer OK.

            Historians are nice and quaint. But NOT what we need right now. We do not need more hot air.

    • Walking in San Francisco today reminds me of visiting Old Cairo in 1973, although the latter lacked the needles and feces of the former.

      That line was pretty good, and shows that with America’s fall from at lest semi-competent government that we may not be able to attain even third world levels of civic governance.
      The rest of the bit wasn’t very good though, lots of avoidance and strangely placed optimism.

      • Yea I get some of the criticism of VDH but I have noticed him drifting our way over the last year or so. It’s a bit much to expect VDH to write a defense of Robert E Lee and I am a Lee defender and despise the tearing down of his legacy for southerners. I get all that, but VDH leans toward us and it shows Normie con leans toward us a little bit more with each passing day.

      • Sandmich said: “That line was pretty good, and shows that with America’s fall from at lest semi-competent government that we may not be able to attain even third world levels of civic governance.”

        Here’s something most of us never take into account. People in developed countries are getting dumber, uglier and less component due to a build up of genetic mutation.

        This is a 40 minute interview with a hilarious scientist named Edward Dutton. You’ve got to watch the whole thing. He’s amazing.

        “The Rise of Spiteful Mutants with Edward Dutton Interview.”

  26. I’d quibble a bit with “black looking woman”. Yes, she’s darker-skinned than a Swede (I mean a real Swede, not a “New Swede”). Or even a Sicilian. But, so far as I can tell from the photographs and videos of her that I’ve seen, she’s not as dark as my genuine African American next-door neighbors. And she does not have Sub-Saharan African facial features. She’s mystery meat, but when you know her ethnic background, it’s easy enough to see her as Subcontinental. What, if anything, all this will mean in the election remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that Harris’s “blackness” is merely a social construction.

    • Jews blend in as white.

      Subcons now blend in as black I guess.

      She is a Brahmin. I’m not fooled. And subcons hate you just as much as blacks and other groups do (especially the ones who’ve been indoctrinated in the USA for long enough).

      Kamala vs Nimrata 2024.

  27. I am laying down a marker here, that Trump is going to drop a MOAB on the race, sometime after Summer.

    • A longtime ago, I pointed out that Barr is a very political animal. He could have the FBI stuff roll out this fall. He’s no fan of Trump, but he seems hate some of the people involved in the FBI caper.

      • Barr’s recent interview on Fox is well worth watching.

        Barr may be a swamp creature, but he confirmed he is a staunch believer in the proposition of America, America’s institutions, and the Founding Fathers.

        He also understands that the Dems and rioters want to burn all old America down.

        Barr made it pretty clear that he wasn’t going let that arson job happen on his watch.

  28. Harris is the best choice for Trump.

    She’s the annoying bitch at work that nobody fucks with… and nobody hates this kind of bitch more than black /white working class men who just want to be left alone.

    Trump is also impressively bad. It’s a race to the bottom. Just a warning to the accelerationists… if Queen Kamala really wins, you will be pining for the good old days of 2020… Lord help us.

    The USA is finished as a nation regardless – at some point either the tech oligarchs, the CCP, or some home grown dictator will take over.

    • You say that the USA is finished as a nation like that’s a bad thing. It’s a necessary thing before better arrangements can be made. Things can also get worse, certainly, but always through keeping the same form.

  29. You forgot the debates. That will be a problem for Joe and Hoe.

    And Trump already finished off Pocahontas.

  30. Progs remind me of that superman movie where the bad guys get put inside a cube and cast into outer space.

  31. The slogan at the top of you have heard him say many times: BATTLE for the SOUL of the NATION.

  32. Some here are predicting a close race. The only thing that might make it “close” is Democrat vote fraud. Otherwise it may well be a landslide for Trump.

  33. Harris is the ideal choice for Biden, and she likely has won the Presidency for him (and her). Her excesses as CA DA make her a law-and-order candidate in a summer of rioting. She is only marginally black, and mostly White. Her mother is a practicing Hindu-Indian (ie, Aryan), and her father is a Jamaica mulatto with mostly White ancestry. She is likely black enough for blacks, but not too black for Whites. Bass and Adams she ain’t She is a left liberal like Biden, not an AOC, or Tlaib or Iman clone. When she succeeds to the Presidency, she will pursue traditional liberal policies. We will not get the Green Economy nor an anti-Semitic pogrom.

    • I disagree. Her lack of blackness makes her too White for Blacks (but satisfies AWFL’s), and her blackness turns off Rustbelt Whites, who Biden absolutely needs to win. It was a bad choice.

  34. Who is going to hold the pillow over Joe’s face and who is going to restrain the nurses from reviving him by breathing into his nostrils?

    I can see Jill or Kamala in either role. I think Jill would happily smother him, if she gets a title like Dowager Empress and a nice (not so) little lump sum. I can see Kamala smothering him just for the lulz.

    • You don’t need a pillow. If Joe allows his cabinet to be picked by his handlers, they will vet folk who would be happy to invoke the 25th amendment when the time is right.

      • Yup.

        The 25th Amendment option is neat, tidy, and best of all legal, so the, “muh Constitution,” sheeple will go along with it.

  35. It’s a masterstroke. The first acknowledged whore to run on a major party ticket,
    Sewed the sex-worker vote up. Nevada is safely Blue.

  36. I think it is funny that her Jewish husband has such a clear fetish for black people. Even though she’s a fake black person he named his daughter Ella after Ella Fitzgerald and his son cole after Cole Porter. That’s pretty funny. And they are as white white white as you can be and still be Jewish

    • The Jewish fetish for blacks is a strange thing. In the movie Uncut Gems, there is a scene where a black basketball player asks the Adam Sandler character, “What is it with you people and basketball?”

      • It is very odd how Jews love blacks, but blacks hate Jews, and on the flip-side, how Evangelicals love Jews, but Jews hate Evangelicals. But I guess no stranger than how tolerant gays and feminists are toward muslims, while muslims want to slit gays’ throats and put feminists in burkas.

        • We have a large Jewish population here in Lagos. Every black neighborhood used to be a Jewish neighborhood. When the Jews evacuated to the county, they immediately built bus lines for blacks to come out to the county. Then they built low cost housing for them. Yet, some of the most race realist people here in Lagos are Jews.

          • It’s like Chelsea, then. A lot of big old single-family homes, carved up into flats to house new people, but there’s still a mezuzah on the doorpost.

        • In Leftism, as in Sunni Islam, you must love everyone more extreme than yourself and hate everyone more moderate than yourself. All your friends are your enemies and all your enemies are your friends.

          This fuels the Jimian holiness spiral into the Left Singularity, infinite Leftism in finite time.

    • I think it was Unz who had a story up about some anti-civilization Jewess lawyer in the 70’s who was fighting for “prison reform” who kept cuckholding her Jewish husband with black criminals, including fellating them in prison during “attorney meetings.”

    • Cole Porter was white. But he also a heauxmeau, so maybe Jewmala has a fetish for pervs, too.

  37. Bush famously joined the Reagan ticket after having disparaged “voodoo economics.” But that pales in comparison to the accusations Kamala flung at Biden. Seems all the Trump campaign needs to do is compile her many statements on Biden’s racism and make that the nucleus of their ad campaign. Heaped on that are other problems – Kamala is for Kamala – team player she ain’t. And she’s every bit as condescending as Hillary. I don’t think Trump was joking when he said Kamala was his #1 choice for Dementia Joe. Regardless of ideology this has to be the weakest Dem ticket since McGovern/Shriver.

    • Yet the demographics of the country have changed so dramatically since 1972, Biden and Harris have a very good chance at winning the Electoral College and an even stronger chance at winning the popular vote.

      • True, but I’m putting demographics aside and just considering the combined gravitas of the ticket. I thought about what a wastrel Dukakis was but Bentsen lent him some political heft. Then there’s McCain/Palin – probably first runner-up to Biden/Harris as the weakest ticket in modern history.

      • The “popular vote,” or the popular vote without California? Because Trump won the real popular vote, just not the “popular vote” that includes 15 million Mexican citizens and 2 million El Salvadorian citizens.

    • they didn’t in the primaries. you have no idea how much white married women hate women who have affairs with married men. it’s a real deal breaker.

      • Yup. Women personalize everything. First thing that enters their mind if you bring it up is imagining Kamala trying to seduce their husband.

        • LOL,
          Husbands all across the country make remark somewhere close to election time: “That Kamala Harris is really hot – and I hear she gives a great blowee”.

          Trump wins married white woman vote in a landslide.

      • I’m not sure on this.

        In this day and age of open hypergamy and systemic racism they may be able to jiu-jitsu the whore angle into a positive.

    • My wife is generally apolitical, but she HATES Kamala. I didn’t think she knew who Kamala was.

  38. The cynicism of the Harris choice really is breathtaking. She’s a person without a single opinion of her own, an empty shell with a mad desire for power. She was picked because some stat person broke down the turnout odds and declared that a black woman was the combo needed.

    I doubt Biden really cares who his running mate was. I can’t even fathom what is motivating someone to spend their last few years on earth running for president. Wouldn’t you want to spend time with your grandkids while you still recognize them, or walk with your wife on a beach while you still can?

    Harris will be the functional president from day 1. A scary thought because she is hyper aggressive in doing what is necessary to obtain power. In the past that meant going after pot dealers, in the current year it will mean ramping up immigration to stratospheric levels and bankrupting firearms manufacturers.

  39. Harris is not very black. This is going to be a problem for her. I’m not sure her bloodlines will get out the black vote the way Obama did. Who votes for the VP? Yes, I know Dementia Joe will quickly fade once in office. But at the moment, all those 85 IQ blacks will be looking at is yet another old white fart running for president while making himself ridiculous in the process. Trump will crush Biden.

    • She looks more Indian than black, and the Jewish husband doesn’t help. But the media will sell here blackety blackness 24/7.

    • Obama’s Kenyan’s bloodline wouldn’t get him too far with American blacks. It was Michele’s ancestry and the fact he married a typical African american. Kamala looks down at blacks and they instinctively know it.

  40. The Democrat Party is still largely led by ancient dinosaurs (Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, etc) and the new turks (AOC et al.) are not content to wait for them to expire naturally. The fastest way to decapitate these zombie politicians is to manufacture a huge election day defeat and blame it on their leadership. If the Ds lose the presidential election and House, Pelosi will be forced to retire and Biden and Sanders will be cast into oblivion. They’re playing the long game and looking to 2024.

    • Our side does not appreciate the civil war happening on the Left. Harris is on the establishment side, which will count for a lot among the woke wing. How much that counts at the ballot box is unknown, but the Somali did win her primary, despite lots of establishment money going to her opponent.

      • Jews, along with Whites, are being expelled from the Democratic Party. In the inscrutable Way of the Woke, Harris’ selection also was supposed to calm Jews since she is married to one.

      • I haven’t read the details, but the general sentiment is that Omar managed to jiu-jitsu Fentanyl Floyd and the riots into winning her primary by a larger margin than before.

        Whatever else she is, girl knows how to run an effective hustle.

        • I checked her Twitter feed and, while it was largely a dumpster fire, she still posted stuff that I found myself nodding in agreement; she isn’t a complete dunderhead like AOC, or, more probably, she has excellent handlers that are being paid for by a foreign nation-state.

      • This has been obvious for 4 years: both the growing split and the right’s autistic inability to see it or exploit it.

        Like Biden, Harris is more about the Obama people keeping control of the left than it is about winning an election.

        The prog/far left is as divided as the non-con right, and in far deeper ways than optics.

        A Trump re-election over a 100% DNC-imposed ticket could shatter the left .

        The time this will buy for us and the space it will open is more than enough reason for former alt righters to finally grow up and get back in the arena.

        • The funny thing is the Harris campaign was staffed by old Clinton hands. Biden is staffed with Obama hands. In a way, this is the two camps of the old guard locking shields against the radicals.

    • The octogenarians that are the visible leaders of the Progressive movement aren’t actually calling the shots. The birth of the Obama empire was orchestrated by paid consultants with no constituents. The “Squad” members, as products of the current US anti-culture, don’t have enough functioning gray matter to compile a grocery list. Guys like David Axelrod, Jim Messina and David Plouffe flip the levers that are supposed to guide the proles in the voting booths.

  41. to all the people who really peed themselves at the prospect of mike obama being picked as VP – ha ha <= Nelson voice.
    from what i read, kamala was not joe’s first choice. says a lot about what the dems think of his chances. oh my lord, that first (and surely only) debate will be more anticipated than the first Frazier/Ali fight (not really)! you could fund the election off the PPV

    • I don’t understand your “ha, ha”. Mike would have been a much better choice for Biden and a worse choice for us. Luckily for us she’s too lazy too want to fool with being President after Joe’s fatal accident in early February 2021.

      • i said that Mike would never partner with slimey joe, and that she was way more into collecting big money, than being in the WH again. and that is what has come to pass 🙂

        • In that case, I completely agree with your assessment as I was thinking the same, but I think its more of a “like I said” than a “ha, ha”.

  42. Biden really boxed himself in by committing so early to picking a “woman of color” for VP. His staff knew he had terrible options, but Kamala is a really transparent choice for the approval of Big Tech pick. Even someone like Rod Dreher, who doesn’t focus on that stuff called her “Woke Capitalism’s Dream Pick.” Maybe they have so much power now Google can be open about controlling the Uniparty. With mail in voting, the Democrats have such a cushion this time, they can choose an unlikable hag and it won’t impact the results.

  43. I joked last night that Biden now has California sewn up.
    Joe was always kind of an idiot and now he’s lost in dementia, that explains the ridiculous promise of a black lady VP. It blocked him from choosing a popular Democrat from a swing state or somebody who could help secure a particular voter block. That promise made all his choices bad or worse (unless he was willing to buck his party and pick Gabbard).

    • Biden had absolutely no input who was selected as his vice president. He was told who it would be and nodded blankly.

      • He may have not had input on being president. DNC Staffer: “Hey Joe, guess what, we’ve cleared the field for you. Congratulations Mr. President!” Biden: “Wha?” Staffer: “Yep, you’re the Nominee. Congratulations!” Biden: “Oh.”

  44. If you think you are seeing anti-White animus now, as the saying goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    There won’t be Prez. Joe Biden. There will be drooling gibbering Joe Biden playing with legos in the corner and President Kamala Harris and the dems damn well know this.

    She is literally the worst of all worlds. Fake African-American. Uppity bitch. Just smart enough to be -very- dangerous. All on the woke hate whitey train. Fake ‘poor ol’ black upbringing’ like AOC but was raised upper middle class in a comfortable life.

    And perhaps most egregious of all, she is a f-cking ‘top cop’ having spent over 25 years as a prosecutor locking up more black males than is probably countable with extremely harsh sentences and high conviction rates because for prosecutors it hasn’t been about justice for a long long time. It is about rate of conviction. (and if Trump were smart he’d be pushing this fact home starting -today- that she has done the most damage, by far, to the ‘black community’ of any of the picks)

    And this is your social justice savior? This bitch is so fake on all levels, slept her way to the top, turns on a dime politically, and will be more than willing to put up a White People Tax or other madness as one of her first acts as President.
    We are in for a rough ass ride if Biden wins, other than Susan Rice there was not a more dangerous woman on that pick list they slapped up on the various news channels. Those two have the mental horsepower, bitch factor, and revenge mindset to bring us into nightmare world rapidly. Buckle up.

    • “…locking up more black males than is probably countable with extremely harsh sentences and high conviction rates…”

      Her only good point. Don’t feed the idiotic Republican criticism that Harris was too harsh on black criminals.

      • I can see why Progressives are pissed she got the nomination. The one accomplishment on her resume (25 years as a hardass prosecutor?) that alone might make her a passable Republican to us is a liability for a liberal Dem, especially this year.
        Or is it? Since it’s an open secret if Biden wins, she’ll soon be the President, she can claim this “tough on crime” to appeal to swing Whites and conservative Blacks.

  45. Current Year Progressivism is a Luciferian religion built around the Anti-christ George Floyd and his virgin mother Corona-chan.

    They take the surgical mask and broken windows as their holy symbols against El Diablo, aka white men.

  46. If they think a Biden-Kamala victory will end racial unrest and heal the nation’s soul, they’re deluded. We’re just getting started.

      • Jack, fair point. But please, don’t spread the Acronym-19 plague. It’s winding me up having to constantly resort to the Urban Dictionary to understand obscure abbreviations. (Not referring to you, but in general.)

        Acronym Virus deadens written style. Is it so much work to spell out a short phrase?

    • The story of the black guy who executed a kid for riding his bike on his lawn has turned many heads. And soon we’ll be awash in stories like that.
      Someone said yesterday that if this continues 2024 GOP would look like an AmRen convention. We’re already seeing former white cucks say stuff that would not be out of place coming out of Jared Taylor’s mouth.

        • I hate to be “that guy”, but the naming for white kids these days is atrocious. Cannon?

          So many white boys called Jaxon, Cannon, Keean, Hunter, etc. Makes me sick to hear these kind of names. We need to get back to Anglo-Saxon and Biblical names.

          I do believe this story (and white men in general) would get alot more sympathy and respect in the world with proper names. Juan doesn’t care about a white boy named “Cannon”. He might care about John.

          Regardless this is a horrific story and the legal system will not punish the criminal hard enough. The South especially used to deal with this situation much more effectively than we do today, if you understand what I mean.

          • damn, wouldn’t that attract attention!
            but hey, if it makes the old gods smile on us again….

          • What? LMGTFY.
            “The name Cannon means Clergyman and is of English origin. Cannon is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. English surname meaning clergyman, or directly taken from the word cannon. Also a form of the name Cain.”
            So, a common WASP last name derived from the Bible. Swing and a miss, buddy. It’s odd to have last names as first names, but not that odd for Our People, where a maiden name or past family maiden name ends up a middle name, then eventually a first name. This is especially so amongst Southrons who have been here long enough for many generations of maiden names to disappear into marriage.

          • OT: I read the poor kid’s obit. It put me in mind of the obits of the young people around here who died of overdoses: Everyone has a different last name. Nobody’s married to their kid’s biological parent going back two generations. This a recipe for disaster.

        • another reason to avoid the Pavement Apes at all cost. Nothing good ever comes from interacting with them. Avoid at all cost!

        • Exactly.

          From here on in – when some BLM type or suburban white woman starts whining about white privilege – the response should be: “Umm so – you think it’s ok for 5 year olds to just get executed in their front yard?”

          Black crime should be just as prominent of a topic in the “national conversation” – as all of this BLM crap has been.

          There’s far more justification at this point for white people rampaging in the streets and burning down NAACP offices, tearing down statues of MLK – and torching the Black History Museum in DC – than there ever was for ANYTHING that BLM has been complaining about.

        • On my anon Facebook account that, for some reason, gets a lot of black feeds I had one with two dozen comments lamenting crime issues in their community and not one of them blamed some external force. A few of them even labeled that as a dodge.
          Now I should point out that none of them had the where-with-all to cross the bridge into root causations (“gotta get more church”, etc). I thought they were close and tried to put a comment together, but couldn’t avoid putting in more than too many words with more than five letters in them (getting to Z’s point about groups with widely disparate IQs not even being able to communicate).
          Point being, black violence has always been with us, and always will be, since even the people who would like to do something about it are incapable of doing so.

          • I don’t have figures at hand, but I’m pretty sure that America as a whole had about 1/5 or 1/6 the violent crime (rate) in say 1945, compared to today. Of course a lot has changed: America much much whiter. Law enforcement had more leeway. Citizens had less rights. Relevant to Blacks: they probably had much lower per-capita rates. Clearly, some of that would have been due to law enforcement/laws, but intact families were common back then. People easily forget how much this country has changed, even in one very long lifetime.

        • And a Trump victory is the election result most likely to continue or increase that recruitment tool. A Biden win tamps it down, removing that recruitment tool. Food for thought.

        • Only if it’s sufficiently publicized. Many normies are totally in the dark–so to speak–about Hutu violence, and particularly their violence against innocent whites.

      • For most people – a lot of things in life get taken in context.
        Remember early on in Trumps campaign the last time around – when he made that speech about illegal immigrants being murderers and rapists – and the left wing and media were savaging him for it?

        Then it was what – a week later when Kate Steinle was murdered in broad daylight – by an illegal immigrant who had already been deported a number of times?

        Normally that event would have just been ignored. And if it had happened let’s say even a month later – it probably could have been safely memory holed. But when it happens just a week later – when the whole conversation on Trump’s comment was still live and in motion – it was something they just couldn’t ignore and memory hole. And for the people on the fence – it served to drive the point home – with a bullet.
        Kate Steinle was killed on July 1 , so we’re at roughly the same point in the election cycle (a little further in actually) – as when she got killed.

        AND – we’ve been subject to months and months of rioting, looting, and hectoring about how the blacks are so oppressed and there is so much “white oppression”

        Then along comes the almost “perfect” (if you want to call it that) – rejoinder to all of the BLM whining and complaining. The next time Lebron James makes one of his tweets about being “hunted” – somebody ought to shove a picture of that little boy’s face down his throat.

        The guy over at Red Elephants has a video on the killing of Cannon – where he points out that there are something like 547,000 black on white crimes every year. There are almost NO crimes going the other way.

        It’s probably not the most “moral” thing to take advantage of the killing of a 5 year old boy – but you have to make hay while the sun shines. And in the current political atmosphere we really should be using this incident as wedge into their brains to remind them of what the truth is in regards to all the black screaming about racism.

        • You said, “It’s probably not the most “moral” thing to take advantage of the killing of a 5 year old boy – but you have to make hay while the sun shines.”
          Get off of their morality plantation. This is a fight for survival, for your kids and my kid’s right to exist. “Propaganda,” especially just pointing out true facts, furthering the survival of my children is moral. Full stop.

          • White conservatives stinting at morality allowed the AWRs to destroy America. No more. From now on, the end justifies the means. We must crush the enemy however possible. And that does not mean going Breveik and Roof.

      • As I mentioned in my other post, numbers aren’t everything. If we could purge the cucks, Ziocons, and big business shills, the GOP could be much stronger as the party of whites (and “aspiring whites”) than the Democrats’ (for now) nominally larger party of rainbow rabble who are always just 4 beers away from killing each other.

        The GOP, once purged of its traitors could come out of this as the party of individual rights and responsibilities, freedom of association, religion, and assembly (no one will forget the lockdowns now), law and order, private property, stable free markets that respect and strengthen national borders, and Western Civilization (call it code for White Civilization if you like). This stuff isn’t hard to figure out especially now that people have had a taste of exactly what gynocratic anti-white communism will look like.

    • Yes – you are correct. Because of things like this:

      We are definitely just getting started.

      I’m seeing coverage of this one show up in a lot of places. Not sure if the mainstream media is ignoring it (I rarely watch them) – but it’s definitely getting more traction on non-mainstream sites than anything I can think of in recent memory.

    • They aren’t deluded: Boomers buy this crap by the bucketload. And Boomers are Trump’s core swing constituency.

  47. The question is whether Biden can successfully play Judas goat for Whites in the Rust Belt and whether Harris will pull in more wobbly wine moms, then. Agreed as to the question. It just does not seem likely to be an intelligent strategy due to the riots. Those were something of a gamechanger. With a stronger White candidate at the top, performing a White minstrel show, and without the riots, Trump would be heading to a major loss right now. As it is, this is another tight election.

    There is no longer a Silent Majority. There is a Silent Plurality, though, and much of it lives in the states Biden would need to flip or make sure stay in the fold. The riots have occurred in several of those or immediately adjacent to them (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan). Harris’ non-white face has great potential to sink Biden in those. She will not increase Black turn-out to offset the White flight from the Democrats. The wine moms already with her won’t be joined by a large slice of those not with her.

    It really was a terrible choice but, as you point out, it did appeal to the deep pockets of Silicon Valley and to Wall Street, which apparently is all needed to today’s Democrat Party.

    • Very astute comment. The left always figures they can sell any candidate, given their media advantage, and the demographics and crazy whites in their base. It reminds me of the job interview question where the manager hands the candidate a pencil and says, “Sell this to me.” Biden and Harris are pencils.

  48. What about the angle that Harris is a POC who has a reputation for being tough on crime? It’s possible that the Dems are worried about civil unrest like the rest of us, and one of their only ways out is to promote a pro-police, anti-white VP.
    Also, she definitely has kompromat. And a Jewish husband. She will do what her overlords tell her.

    • Tough on crime will discourage the far Left element from voting, as well as a segment of limousine libs who still think the system is the problem and defunding police is a great idea.

      • This could go either way. Yeah, her behavior as a prosecutor should turn off her base, but lefties always get a pass. Biden could tourettes-like yell the N-word after every sentence, and he would still get 90% of the black vote.

        • no, he wouldn’t. he’s already done a lot of damage to his black support, with his many racist comments.

          • I hope you’re right. The true test will not be his percent of the black vote. That will be 90%, give or take a few points. The true test will be black turnout.

          • Most of his comments weren’t racist by any reasonable definition of the word. They were just examples of dementia sufferers awkward propensity for being truthful and disregarding social convention.

          • no, he is a straight up old school racist in his heart. look at the way god is taking him apart, piece by piece.

          • I don’t think They use any reasonable definitions nowadays 🙂 I mean, racism is a public health crisis?

          • Racist comments about blacks? Hmmmm. Perhaps Cadaver Joe’s not such a bad bloke after all…

  49. She got the nod because she is an empty shell, just like Biden. She has no core and will say whatever nonsense is put in front of her. And there will be no surfeit of sycophants willing to accept the bullshit.

    Also. as long as we are renaming celestial phenomena: I want to propose that black holes be forthwith known as negroid voids.

    • Yeah, she has been a person with limited ability and extreme ambition. My suspicion is she will be easily manipulated. As long as she can wear the trappings, she will be happy. That’s pretty common in today’s AA types. There simply is no understanding of merit and the advancement that comes of such.

      • She’s cut from the same mold as the recently departed CFO of GM I posted yesterday.

        They are more than content to have life handed to them on a silver platter, with no real idea or record of actual achievement.

        • I used to work in an organization filled with those types. You have to see them up-close to truly appreciate how dumb they are.

          Great life for them, though. Must be nice to have black female privilege.

          • I agree with you, but will refine it a little. They are not dumb in an IQ sense, and actually have good verbal skills. But they have no skills that could actually produce anything valuable in the real world.

          • Agree, these types are generally quite loquacious and socially attuned which makes them extremely adept at navigating office politics and using that to climb the career ladder rather than actual achievement.

          • That loquacity results in them using a verbal filibuster to get their way, and no one dares oppose them, because, you know…

          • Yep. But what’s been scary of late is that I’ve been seeing more and more of them in higher and higher positions—most notably public positions, but also private company positions. One can not talk to folks without them describing one or two whom they come in contact with regularly.

            It used to be the story was usually how they’ve been able to avoid dealing with them and keeping the works going by keeping them busy/distracted, but not in control. Not sure how long this can last as the numbers of such folk multiply—remember yesterday’s article citing a new initiative by Fortune 500 companies to hire 100K minorities from the underserved sector?

            These folk are like barnacles on a ship. As more and more get into authority or importance, less and less efficient becomes the organization. Something’s got to give. That will be our productivity first, followed by our technological innovation. Can an organization filled with mediocrities become anything more than mediocre?

          • Nope, it’s all cargo cult, like a third world university that has all the buildings, books, and technology, with many people going through some motions, but nothing is ever taught or learned.

          • It’s worse than that. In many countries, people just buy the degree for the kid, no pretense of academic attendance required. If the system is that corrupt, I wonder what the point would be in getting a degree, if everyone knows its fake?

          • Hmmm…long-term investing idea. If there still exist any majority-White nations that are likely to remain that way, they might have better long-term prospects than our “March of the Morons” future?

          • the product of increasing bureaucratization in public and private spheres. eventually the effetes who get ahead in such a desk and busywork system populate it more with themselves, thus the increasing amounts of women and lgbtqs in the workplace full of verbose and empty procedure while lacking in real world effective problem-solving.

            at least the Church said priests couldn’t get married and had to take other vows, so they couldn’t drag down the productive laypeople as much, but rather had to help them in real and spiritual terms to survive without breeding families. because apart of the more real trad spirituality of the older days, the historical Church was also always intervening into politics and economics for many who depended on it, and participated in the system, as the welfare and corporate actor of society. when the Church stopped this real action out of guilt because of increasing bourgeois Enlightenment agitprop exaggerating errors in the system (errors which were more exception than rule – the Revolution was successful because of particularly bad weather for a couple decades) and permeating society, the organization then became just a non-secular class of pedo social workers and left-intellectuals, and the whole faith started to blunder and fall. so it is with other post-secularism, post-industrial, post-enlightenment organizations in time. the old boys firms are now ran by their glorified HR secretaries and maids and haircutters, because the old boys felt bad at their soulless secular ways and had to let them in. because “liberty, equality, fraternity” had to be taken to their illogical conclusions. and so we have what we have.

          • Plenty of brown and yellow privilege as well.

            I watched a loquacious, naturally socially gifted Asian woman steal an engineering paycheck for three years, skate to a cushy product management job, then leave the company for an even cushier management/marketing job where they made her the public face of the company.

            Nice work if you can get it.

          • Alot of white men are cucks. Even a little flirt is enough to get a white guy to do something for her. For other guys, the grrl power angry WOC shtick does the job.

            I’m not saying they aren’t verbally talented. But let’s be honest, if more white men had balls they wouldn’t get away with half the shit they do now.

      • Many of them are constantly on edge because they realize they have positions beyond their capacity. Harris would fit that bill.

        • Even more dangerous when someone is in a position beyond their ability and they don’t know it. Worst of all if no one around them knows it either.

          • Ben, you’re on to something here (as you often are). I suspect AA types often get into positions for which they haven’t a clue—not their fault really, big companies are desperate to virtue signal.

            They then conclude that in some way, others are screwing them over because they’re the only ones not cutting the mustard as they look around their environment. (Although, my experience has been most folk know they’re clueless.)

            Just my impression from the few cases I’ve encountered—and yes, they never ended well for anybody involved. It actually angered me. I was fairly naive in those days and thought a better shake to the new hire should have been provided.

      • Never underestimate people at the top of a status hierarchy. No matter how bumbling or stupid they appear on the surface, no matter what their persona is, they are capable people. It’s an act. Trump does this very well. There are a whole lot of people on the side of the road who underestimated Trump and there are a whole lot of people who underestimate Harris.

        • I don’t think anyone underestimates her ambition and ruthlessness. Just her actual capability (or even desire) to rule competently.

      • a person with limited ability and extreme ambition” Good Lord, Compsci, this should be #1 in the OED’s definition of “politician.”

    • The Ruling Class is found in D.C. and Silicon Valley so this is correct. She is their puppet as is Biden.

    • Done! And from here on hence: Uranus will be called Brown Hole. Let social justice reign throughout the cosmos!!!

    • she wasn’t his first pick, so in a sense, she is just a prop, as even the dems don’t see joe winning. her pick does kind of confirm that the dems are going to go full “Weekend At Bernie’s” with the brain dead goon…

    • The most annoying tick of hers was to agree with whatever crazy question a lefty interviewer would throw at her. “Do you think we should make everyone in the world a US citizen and give them all free healthcare?” Answer: “I think we should have that conversation.”

    • Negroid Voids suck in all the money around them never to be seen again. My wallet and my Pontiac 6000 are in one of those voids.

    • They’re all vacant shells to the degree they need for political maneuvers. Susan Rice did her Sunday TV news charade “because she was told to”. Some are emptier than others.

  50. She looks like Hillary, version 2.0.
    We are supposed to see a powerful woman, but they give us a grasping cnut.
    Trump is gonna walk on them.

      • This is correct. If we had 1972 demographics Trump would win in a blowout after this summer’s riots. As it is, this will be a close election and those who fomented the domestic terrorism very well could win.

    • Re-elections tend to be base elections. Trump has problems with his support, but Biden also has problems. I suspect if “None Of The Above” was an option, it would be the winner.

      • Trump has problems with his support” <= only in your head. in the real world he is doing fine.

         odd that you align yourself with such loathsome cranks as george conway, and bill kristol…

        • Agree, to a certain extent. Last Iheard, he was polling around 43~44.
          The dissidents are pissed at him because they want to vote their way out of what’s coming. I can’t blame them for that, but the soap box no longer works…and the ballot box is falling apart at the seams. That isn’t Trump’s fault… it’s the people’s.

          • no one who voted for Trump, will not vote for him in 2020. lots of people who didn’t vote for him in 2016, will in 2020. his approval rating (via Rasmussen) in the black community is 36%. Biden is a pathetic wreck that turns off everyone.

          • JFC man, excise that demon! Trump is not going to get more than 10% of the black vote. Pandering doesn’t work. It probably makes them hate you more.
            I am absolutely sick to death of conservatives blathering on about Trump getting the black vote. Didn’t we just have a black president?
            STOP IT! You’re embarrassing yourself.

          • Pandering doesn’t work. It probably makes them hate you more.

            Meh, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, who cares? What I see when I see record black polling for Trump is a dramatic weakening of a key pillar of the Dems oddball coalition of weirdos who hate each other. It’s doubly interesting because this is definitely not what the liberal pollsters were hoping to “find”.

            American politics is strongly asymmetrical. The GOP is a coalition of white people, some other white people, some people who want to be white, and some Jews pretending to be white people. The Democrats are the party of highly religious but also violent and rather dumb blacks, the rich Jews who rent their slum houses to them, dumb Islamists and the smart Jews who both brought them here and hate them, tatted-up slutty white college xirls, the soyboy “male” students who want to fuck them and so join them at political events, Pedro the guy who does landscaping for the above-mentioned Jewish slumlords and gets nervous around his tenants, Pajeets and Chinese whose nations just fought a micro-war and are both trying to steal the same technology, well, you get the idea.

            To us it looks really menacing, and certainly is from the point of view of sheer size and the fact that the sum of all these factions together is growing and the GOP-leaning factions are shrinking. Numbers, though, are practically the Dems only strength. Everything else is held together with duct tape and silly putty and blacks are a very large, normally unified, support column protruding out of the center of this mess. That’s the small white pill I take away from this. You don’t have to be a DRR Republican to see that.

          • If you are in a swing State, I urge you to reconsider, although I get your frustration. If you are not in a swing State (like me) it doesn’t matter. So I can vote for whoever. Hopefully you can too.

          • If there is a case for Trump this year, Michael Anton is probably the best person to make it. I suppose it can be criticized as the civnat mindset stretched to the limit, but I find it reasonably persuasive. As furious as I get with Trump, and as tiresome as the best available chit sandwich is, I don’t like the worse the better argument.

          • Voting for Trump did exactly what? It didn’t stop censorship, political correctness, BLM, riots, or build a wall … etc. That imbecile spent his entire administration doing nothing besides letting criminals back onto the streets and sucking up to Kanye West. What happened to cancelling DACA on day one? Remember when Trump said he was monitoring censorship? Yeah, that dummie then held a meeting with tech oligarchs where he declared MAGA stood for Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon. The guy’s a total sell out fraud and anyone on the right who follows him thinking he supports our cause is an idiot.

          • The jury box is giving us problems too. Soon it will leave only the cartridge box, as they say in West-by-God 🙂

          • What % of the population are dissidents?

            3%? He loses by a small margin, it will be because dissidents didn’t turn out.

            Anyone with a brain knows the race is alot closer than what the polls say. Biggest issue for Trump is stopping voter fraud.

          • Universal suffrage is the fraud; ballot stuffing and ballot burning are a natural consecquence of that.

          • James Wilson said: ” Universal suffrage is the fraud;…”

            What did I say yesterday?
            “Elections are ridiculous. These decisions should be settled with machetes in a mud wrestling pit.”

            Every freaking election, it’s the same crap. Billions of dollars wasted. 8,760 solid hours of lies, propaganda and hand jobs. And for what? 4 more years of the same damn thing. At least with the mud pit you’d be weeding out the weaklings and bullshiters.

            Read this and weep.

            20 years of data reveals that Congress doesn’t care what you think.

          • Democracy works if there is accountability. There is supposed to be one Canton of Switzerland where the votes are still meticulously hand-counted.

          • We still count votes by hand in Ireland, and every box opened is watched by interested members of each party, trying to figure out how they did
            Same in the UK

          • yeah, and that also happens in banana republics too, yet ballot stuffing happens there anyway. these post-Reformation Anglo things don’t work for non-Anglos, and less and less so for Anglos tbh.

          • Ben the Layabout said: “Democracy works if there is accountability.”

            Yah, and crap tables work if the dice aren’t loaded. So what’s your point? Maybe you should learn to make swiss chocolate.

          • I do not agree with the dissidents that have abandoned Trump… but I sympathize with them. Trump could get them back tomorrow by taking just one of any Leftie scalps… the immigration traitors, the race whores, the activist judges,the swamp creatures… and he hasn’t thrown them even a bone.
            i am hoping he has something up his sleeve for us…but I ain’t holding my breath…

          • He could mandate E-verify in the 99.99% of his companies that don’t use it. That’s entirely within his power. Yet after his sons trialed it in May 2019, he did an about-face, and no longer supports E-verify. That would mean more than a fence at this time.

          • The US is addicted to cheap labor.
            Remember too Donald Trump not president at the time brought in illegal scab labor from Poland rather than deal with the NYC Unions.
            I’m a little sympathetic a little because the Unions can be a PITA to work with in big cities but that is not the kind of thing a wages go up guy would do. Not one of us, just better than the others.
            Self Admitted Dissidents Rightists aren’t much oft the electorate , probably about as many as Black Republicans.
            That said very few of any Dissidents will refuse vote for the President Trump as a protest.
            First because has done an OK job.
            Second, because the alternative is Democrat run police state with Kamela Harris at the hilt or Civil War.
            Any one of us would like to buy some time.
            Also the polls showing President Trump far behind are probably gas lighting as usual.
            However if I had his ear I’d probably start muttering about 25th amendment issues and Bidsen not debating and suspending the election on those grounds, Can’t let a senile person have the football and you can’t let an election get thrown either.

          • I can’t believe in nearly four years that Trump was unable to strong arm Sessions or Barr into at least charging Clapper or Brennan. No matter how much the MSM would cry and wail the general public would not care. Neither of those turds are likable, sympathetic figures.

          • Back when Romney lost, the Ron Paul adherents gloated because they sat out the election due to Romney’s crew screwing them over at the convention. Given how close it was it some ways, their point wasn’t without merit.

          • yeah, and Obama’s 2nd term was much more leftist than the first one, so thanks libertardians yet again.

          • it’s a problem… in the heads of those blackpilled alt-righters. they must think they are ready for muh race war now if they really want a Biden-Kamala ticket to win. Trump may be a spinless AIPAC follower with some nationalist veneer. but the dissidence is even more spineless if they rather submit to Bezos’s drones culling them off in FEMA camps in the following months, rather than allow themselves more years to get a strong nationalist community going, with actual leaders too.

          • Why should those dissidents vote for Donald Trump? To “own the libs”? No thanks. He gave them nothing. I’ve had all I can stand of this guy.

          • Seriously …… people STILL trust the polls?

            How much harder do the beatings have to be – for the attitude to improve?

            If the election cycle where Ron Paul ran as a Republican taught me anything – it is that the poll numbers are absolute bullshit.

            The ONLY thing that was actually accurate – was some online site that was popular at the time (the name escapes me now) that allowed people to bet on who was going to win each of the primaries.

            Here’s a hint – when people actually stand to make, or lose money – they tend to pay attention.

            Pretty much ALL of the usual suspect polling organizations got it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME , and sometimes laughably so.
            Do you really thing it’s gotten any better? There is a HUGE incentive to lie about Trump’s poll numbers – so you can rest assured that is exactly what is happening.

          • I used to be a pollster back when everyone had landlines and the political system worked, more or less.
            We made numbers up quite often juts to get the job done.
            Its much worse now as most people won’t answer polls for fear of personal safety and when they do they commonly lie.

          • “Seriously …… people STILL trust the polls? How much harder do the beatings have to be – for the attitude to improve?”

            This comment illustrates why the right will lose to the left: right-wingers are just as dumb and just as prone to magical thinking as the left is.

            First, the polls in the 2016 election weren’t wrong. Nationally, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost the same margin the polls said she would. The difference is that Trump got extremely lucky in a handful of Rust Belt states and won the electoral college. That won’t happen again. Those same polls say Biden will crush Trump by an even larger margin. Combined with even worse demographics, and the guy will get destroyed on election night. Watch it happen.

            Second, those same polls correctly predicted the democrats would take back the House in the 2018 midterms months in advance. There are many examples of these polls being correct. To say otherwise is just an example of MAGA’tard delusion.

          • Sometimes people come to ideas too different to support within a single polity.
            The revolutionary war, the American civil war were two US examples.
            Ultimately in such cases it will come to the cartridge box which sucks but there is no other way to resolve the issue.

        • “…odd that you align yourself with such loathsome cranks as george conway, and bill kristol…”

          Come on Mr. K. You know you can quote the devil without actually being a satan worshiper. Searously, take a breath.

    • Why would they think people would vote for a grasping cnut? I’ve never voted for any cnut, of either party. Cnuts are nuts!

    • I would think so, too – IF I believed that the voting public was all that sharp.
      Which, they really aren’t. At least, those that favor the Left are not.

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