Selling Trump

President Trump may be facing one of the most unusual re-election campaigns in the history of the country. Unlike most incumbents, his own party will be working hard to elect his opponent. The fact is, America is a one-party country. The two parties are just the two faces of the same crowd. Both faces hate Trump. The voters for his party, on the other hand, largely get this. Despite their best efforts, the Republican party is the home of populist white people.

The other problem for Trump is he can’t actually campaign. Both parties have conspired to lock most of the country down to the point where it is impossible to hold rallies, meet and greet voters and whip up support in person. The uniparty candidate is a drooling vegetable locked in his basement, so the uniparty is fine with it. The less people see of Dementia Joe the better. Trump on the other hand really needs the social proof that comes from holding rallies and campaign events.

Political campaigns are like a sales campaign, in that the goal is to both gain attention from the target audience and win over those willing to listen. Instead of selling a product or service, you’re selling a person. All the civic nationalist blather about the issues or the candidate’s positions is self-serving nonsense. The real goal of a every campaign is to sell the person to the majority. Men follow men and voters pick the person they like the best on a personal level, outside of partisan considerations.

In the case of an incumbent, the challenge for the people running the campaign is their guy is a known quantity. He has been in office and almost all of the people who voted for him the last time will be voting again. Maybe some of the opposing votes can be brought around, but the pool of potential voters is largely fixed. In most cases, re-election campaigns are run as base elections. The idea is to remind the supporters to get out there and support their guy on election day.

For President Trump, one possible way around this is to do what he did the last time and operate outside the normal confines. In 2016, he used his own plane to fly around to rallies staged at airports. This both prevented the uniparty rent-a-mobs from attacking his voters and made it easier for him to fly in, do his thing, and then head to the next stop. They also made great television. People were fascinated by what he was doing, so he got attention even from the people who are paid to hate him.

This time he can’t do that, but he still needs to find a way to offer that social proof those rallies provided people. One way to do that would be video chats. In the depression, FDR used fire side chats, broadcast over radio, to build support for his program. People listened and then talked about it the next day. This built support because people saw that their friends and neighbors were also tuning into these shows. Trump could do the same thing on-line with weekly videos.

The thing is, a crisis is good for the incumbent if he can be seen as the source of stability and safety. If from now until election day Trump is doing weekly half hour updates on the Covid issues, the economy and other issues that turn up, he can establish himself as the rock of stability. It would also force the media and Dementia Joe to respond to what Trump is saying and doing. It would both reassure his supporters and potential supporters, plus drive his opponents insane.

The other thing Trump will need to do is re-establish himself as both the tribune of the people and the hero taking on the dragon known as Washington. For his first term he has tried to cajole and convince the dragon to play nice. All he has got for his trouble is lawsuits, impeachment and a special counsel investigation. That has put off a lot of his supporters, who correctly wonder if all the tough talk was just that. Trump needs to pick some fights with the uniparty, especially the GOP side.

Trump has plenty of opportunities in this regard. The executive orders continuing unemployment insurance and small business aid was a master stroke, as it puts Trump on the side of the people, versus the petty ruling class. Trump needs to run against Washington in the same way Truman did in 1948. He has nothing to lose by irritating the Republicans. They already hate him. Even if the GOP loses the Senate, nothing would change all that much for Trump.

The other aspect of this, however, is Trump needs to be more than just a chaos agent, throwing sand in the gears of the establishment. Trump has been handed a unique opportunity in having an opponent who is clinically dead. Now one really knows what would happen if Biden wins. He will probably die in office. He has said as much during his campaign and made it a feature of his VP choice. Trump needs to exploit this and make himself the predictable outcome of the election.

There’s also the FBI matter that may be coming to a head. The temptation for Trump will be to personalize it, make it about these people hating him. Instead, he needs to use this in the larger narrative of Trump the tribune of the people fighting the corrupt dragon that is the ruling class. People like this plot, which is why so many movies are based on it. That and making Biden defend this corruption as the man of the establishment would be comedy gold.

Another thing Trump needs to do in this election is own his failures. Incumbents have a record and they need to own them, warts and all. In the case of Trump, he has the opportunity to turn many of his failures into positive qualities. He can talk about his naivete about the corruption in Washington. He can talk about how he was not prepared for his own party to undermine his efforts. He can talk about his trouble staffing his administration and having to rely on finks.

Another avenue unique to Trump is that his opponents are making it easy to turn their weapons against them. For example, what many of the local tyrants are doing in response to the virus could easily be compared to Nazi Germany. That would make his opponents insane with rage. He can also call them science deniers. Imagine a flippant comment about how people who cannot tell the difference between boys and girls want us to trust them on the complex science of a pandemic.

This is also a chance to force them to defend their pogroms against people excising their right to speak freely. Trump should do something bold like move to Gab or hire guys like Darren Beatty and Blake Neff as speech writers. The Left will squeal about hanging out with Nazis, but he can respond with how he is taking a stand in defence of our rights as Americans. In other words, it is about making a point and striking a blow against the scolds of cancel culture.

The thing with the Left is they always tell you where the holes in their lines are, by screaming bloody murder about them. They are not demanding everyone be banned from the internet because they feel this is their strength. The theatrics are a bluff, because they know as soon as someone with real power pushes back, the game is over and this stuff comes to a halt. Trump has real power. He can punch these cry-bullies in the nose and make them pay for their antics.

Finally, people vote for something, not against something. Trump needs to offer a positive agenda for his second term. Nationalist trade policies, responsible immigration policies, pro-American foreign policy. With Trump you get peace, stability and the opportunity to make a better life for your children and grandchildren. Contrasted to the vision of unrestrained hatred and anger on offer by the Left, a vote for Trump is a vote for tomorrow, while a vote for Biden is a vote for yesterday.

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287 thoughts on “Selling Trump

  1. I just had a vision of Trump trying and failing to set up Streamlabs OBS, Barron popping into frame to help him and the Sunday Evening Presidential Livestream commencing, complete with dogwhistling superchats.

  2. I would only point out that what good Clinton did would have been absent if there was not significant opposition to what he would do without restraints, like Hillary’s health care fiasco.

  3. Man, sure wish I could vote a party that hates white people and Western civilization and America, anti-gun, pro child molesters/bestiality/transweirdo/queerdo, pro illegal immigration, anti police and pro violent felon, wants to tax me to oblivion, more green energy stupidity and destructive energy policies, wants me to pay for illegal’s healthcare, wants open borders, and I’m sure I’m missing something but these are the highlights.

  4. 2016 was the election that made me face the nagging fear that the “rock-ribbed conservatives” were just men in flower dresses, ever willing to be bent over and made use of.
    Whether Trump wins or loses, both parties are helping steer the country in a leftist/socialist direction, as fast as they dare. The radical left serves are a lamp to see how willing white people are to climb into the railroad cars headed for the concentration camps. What the left sees time and again is that white people are compliant and many of the smartest white people will sell out the rest in the name of power and from an ironic sense of inculcated self-loathing.
    For me to care about Trump, he has to wake compliant white people up. That means making big business, especially Wall Street and Silicon Valley, the enemy. It certainly means vilifying the import of non-whites into America. It means asking why white people should die to protect everyone but white people in endless military adventurism.
    i would much rather he declare war on Mexico for human and drug trafficking than waste a penny in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. Let’s send every last Hispanic, all of the blacks, and all of the muslims to Mexico to build a wall that they are on the other side of when it’s done. And let’s move the border a little further south into whatever geography is more suited for border security.
    Lets throw tech oligarchs in jail and confiscate their wealth. Let’s stop teaching non-whites how to fight. In short, let’s give white people a choice to fight instead of comply.

  5. Somebody with connections needs to send this directly to President Trump. Why the Presbo hasn’t acknowledged The Zman already is beyond me. Zman should be his political advisor.

    • Back in 2016, when Trump was assembling his team, they had that whole thing with hiring MAGA people and creating jobs at the border. Remember that? Yea well, it died on the vine. Trump hired the swamp instead lol. Remember all the excitement that he would appoint Kris Kobach to head immigration? Lolz.
      You guys need to get it through your heads that Trump doesn’t give a shit about your suggestions, your policy proposals, or anything other than his well-being and that of his immediate family.

  6. ‘Nationalist trade policies, responsible immigration policies, pro-American foreign policy.’ Voted for that in 2015. What was that guys name? Oh, yeah, it was ‘Trump’. What happened to that guy?

  7. nice whitepill. sorely needed. of course, this assumes Javanka’s will won’t prevail, but still…

    loved the third-way-nationalist executive orders, btw. although one would hope that unemployment insurance and eviction prevention eventually become higher minimum wages, and more cheap/free land availability to those poor but productive. this, to avoid rewarding the bums and squatters too much eventually, but still giving some relief; so the Dems sound crazy with their UBI and rent-free tenements and socialist medicine schemes.

    and it wouldn’t be so hard. more stringent requirements, such as canceling such aid programs if beneficiary committed crimes and/or is a terrible neighbor as a renter and/or should be able to work for a living wage in the local community, would help cut costs. relaxing zoning regulations in cities to build cheap, while also maintaining and strengthening segregation between poor communities of different races would be good too, bringing back some (segregated) construction union jobs on the side as well as making real estate more realistically affordable. poor whites would again be able to find cheap dwellings without mixing up with the monkeys and beans, and viceversa them avoiding the hated crackers gentrifying their colorfully ugly hoods.

    likewise, those who are getting zero interest and/or payments suspended on their college loans better be eventually only the ones getting productive degrees; if you want a queer studies degree you better afford it. and even then, i’d put on more stringent requirements, so the (((bankers))) making off with printing out those loans en masse don’t blow up the bubble. may even be necessary to nationalize and purge college administrations as well.

    then again, i dream of civil service examinations coming back in the first place (perhaps iq-based?), as well as medicaid covering the insurance donut hole in which there’s the people whose union health plans floundered, so Obamacare can be safely killed; those two measures would cut so much bureaucratic excess. the payroll tax cut is perhaps a great way to square all this off btw, as it put the onus finally on those whose wealth is unearned to pay the most taxes, while giving middle and lower class business and workers a needed break.

    another precedent other than Truman 48 is Nixon 72. problem with these Mr Smith Goes To Washington approaches is that eventually incumbent is recognized as being part of Washington too. this Trump should avoid at all costs. more than ever he should play as tribune of the people, dare i say a Caesar-like pater-patrias even (or are we not tired of democracy yet?). not just talking unemployment numbers and gdp, but actually seeing to their well-being. it helps that he is being faced by a swamp creature escaped from the old folks’ home, and a disliked poc swamp crony harpy as well – in fact, Kamala seems a terrible choice even from a Dem standpoint, she seems like a colored Hillary.

  8. He’s a jewtool, just like the decrepit old douche bag he’s running against. None of these shitheads give a fuck about regular Americans….never did. They’re gonna fuck you in the ass then send you the bill. Criminals, traitors…every one of them. Fuck em….you’re on your own.. Rome 2.0, rotted out from the inside.

  9. The globalists picked Kamala because she is as controllable as anyone.

    Just think of the hours and hours of raunchy B-roll that Downtown Slick Willie Brown already sold them at a real nice price….

    • Kamala, you’ve come a long way baby. Spreading your legs on Willie Brown’s desk. Talk about a leg-up on the competition.

    • Talk about the ultimate cuck. Old white man picks mystery meat women who called him a wacist on television.

      Frankly, this is the worst pick of the bunch. Warren could have got the pussy hats out on force. The syrup lady from Georgia would have got the black ladies excited. The slightly Jewish woman from Minnesota would have brought energy. Even the twink from South Bend would have added some sparkle to the ticket. Harris brings nothing but a scowl.

      • Agreed it was an awful choice and likely a lot of dirt is in reserve on Harris. Don’t agree the old White man picked anyone, though. He lacks the capacity.

      • Yep. Harris reminds me of every woman in a major HR Department. The kind of woman who gives shit to Starbucks baristas because her latte wasn’t extra hot. Actually a black Karen (that’s not good).

      • But maybe this is a sign the House of Clinton best the House of Obama (Rice). Ha ha Biden had Rice sell her Netflix stick and she doesn’t even get a door prize not does the House of Obama.

      • Last year she was my pick to fairly easily win the Dem nomination. I was so wrong and felt dumb. Now I don’t feel as dumb. She looks presidential. Isn’t retarded. Can articulate. Seems like the right pick at the right time. (If they taught Hillary how to laugh and smile and imitate humans, they can teach Kamala).

    • Oh, the irony. A few months back I specifically suggested that she was vying for VP, but was told by our illustrious blog host I was full of it.

  10. Dear Mr. Z.,

    Thank you for taking the time to create, curate and distribute your web page. Like you, your readers all have (or had or want) full time jobs/ lives. Unlike most of them, you make the effort to drive the conversation.

    Keep it up.

  11. for all the times Z-man has said elections won’t solve our problems

    Here he is getting all excited for the next round of kabuki theatre with his pre-game strategizing for the orange man.

      • Elections are ridiculous. These decisions should be settled with machetes in a mud wrestling pit.

      • Call me a binary thinker if you will.

        However your behavior when you boil off the talk is little different than the normie cons.

        Spend year after year noticing the endless failures and betrayal. Go on thinking you are “red pilled”.

        In the end, you vote Republican with the rest of them.

        • That’s the hive mind getting the better of you. On your side of the hive wall, there are the super red pilled realists who just happen to agree with you on everything. On the other side of the hive wall are the others. You guys have a bunch of names for those on the other side, but they all just mean “the other”, the people not inside your hive.

  12. Trump would be toast right now if he were running against anyone with more substance than Biden. If by some miracle he wins and that result either isn’t recognized, is ignored, or is threatened to be ignored, it will accelerate the collapse of the Empire. It will be the only reason I vote this time.

    • Voting for the Donald may be worth it simply to witness the epidemic of aneurysms among the cultural Marxists if he wins.

    • If the Dems really wanted to put the nail in Trump’s re-election coffin, they would nominate Tulsi Gabbard as VP. That would make for an interesting Fall.

      • I suspect it will be Warren. The party always wanted Warren, but she was such a dud on the trail, they had to circle the wagons for Biden in order to head of Sanders.

        • It turned out to be Harris. Apparently she will bring law and order to the Left, which is to say to crack down on Whites even more.

  13. Z Man said: “Trump has plenty of opportunities in this regard. The executive orders continuing unemployment insurance and small business aid was a master stroke, as it puts Trump on the side of the people, versus the petty ruling class.”

    I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen. But here’s a guy named Luongo @ Zero Hedge who agrees with you about the ” master stroke.”

    Trump Won Re-Election This Weekend.”

    Meanwhile, back at the Federal Elections Commission, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said:

    “There’s a substantial chance we are not going to know on election night what the results are.”

    • The unilateral extension of the unemployment benefits by EO was a direct finger into the eye of the corrupt garbage pile that is the GOP and the pig eyes of Pelosi and Schumer.

  14. OT:

    How does someone named Dhivya Suryadevara ever get to be the CFO of General Motors?

    I guess it’s easy when GlobHom hands you the executive life on a silver platter:

    Suryadevara started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers while attending the University of Madras. She then interned at the World Bank in 2002 and went on to UBS as an investment banker.  She joined General Motors in 2004.  In 2013, she was appointed the CEO and chief investment officer of GM Asset Management. In 2015, she accepted a role as Vice President of Finance and Treasurer. In 2017, she became Vice President of Corporate Finance at General Motors.

  15. Some things I’ve noticed…

    • The lunatic media are trying to gin up the next wave of BeerFlu hysteria based on the idiot lockdowns in Victoria, Australia and New Zealand
    • There is a late summer push for queer visibility, since St. Floyd and Corona-chan cheated them out of their normal fag month.
  16. Trump just has to do enough racial theater to maintain credibility with normies to keep the bulk of them voting for him. He also has to show he believes in 1990s liberalism up to but not including Critical Race Theory and he could capture a bunch of bewildered lefty boomers who can plainly see all the madness going on. Perhaps he could take the rainbow child molester flag he waved in front of reporters and hang it from the giant sword on the lawn in front of the Whitehouse.
    I am not sure how putting Elliot Abrams in charge of starting a war with Iran factors in to this.

  17. I’ll say this. There are more normies who are becoming racially aware.
    I’ve had formerly racially egalitarian conservatives talk about how they have had enough of “those people”.
    2016 was all about immigrants and Muslims. But now the average white guy who tries to pay attention has gotten a reminder of the nature of Blacks. True it not, The Left has made Trump an avatar of racial politics. This is only going to benefit him for those looking to make a racial statement.

  18. The toadies around Trump have convinced him he needs part of the black vote to win. This is asinine. They will never vote for him and he won in a landslide from getting the white vote. He let thousands of black criminals out of the federal court system and none of them or their families are gonna vote Trump.
    The GOPe is cancer and Trump understood this in 2016. That is how he steamrolled the GOP. Had he hired a bunch of GOP apparatchiks in 2016, President Sea Hagg would be seeking reelection with even more stronger together, ISIS, war with Russia and probably less racial tension.

    • Trump is a man of his time and place, regarding the race issue. He was buddies with Don King and friends with Al Sharpton. It’s why the Left calls him a racist and the race realists see him as a race cuck. He’s just a man out of time.

      • Isn’t that the problem though? Both Trump and Biden are products of their time and place. They may as well be on naugahyde bar stools in leisure suits admiring the new tit job on the cocktail waitress with the Farah Fawcett hair style…while the world burns around them. I even see this with conservative boomers in my own family. Totally aloof to just how rusted out the social structure is. Thinking that the system can’t possibly fail, as they pass around the happy pills.

        • Here’s another thing to consider. Both parties are top heavy with geezers because the bench is full of young morons. The arc of democracy bends toward authoritarianism, because democracy selects for the worst elements in society. Eventually, the survival of society requires the abandonment of democracy.

          So, enjoy your highball while lounging in your bean bag chair.

          • It’s fitting though in the sunset of the empire to have geezer leaders reminiscing about their glory days. They are stuck in 1969. They are even rioting like it’s 1969. They took to the stage with a bang and now they’re exiting with a bang.

          • I figgered that was because the old folks couldn’t let go and felt history called them or something.

    • The toadies around Trump have convinced him he needs part of the black vote to win. Conservatives take heart from the 80% of black voters who say they want more police, according to some poll or other. What was that number right after Saint George got “choked out”? 20%? Polls are fickle because people are fickle in their opinions.

      • “Courting the black vote” is rarely about getting the black vote. It’s about appealing to nice white ladies who don’t feel comfy voting someone who doesn’t have the same ignorant indulgent attitude towards blacks.

        Any one right wing could come out in favor or lynching and grape drank prohibition and get approximately similar numbers of black votes as if they did with prison reform and low black unemployment… but that candidate would lose a dangerous portion of the nice white lady vote.

  19. Failure to support the looting is to miss a huge opportunity.

    Encourage and expand the righteous quest for reparations by carefully posting bananas, anti-Harambe memes, hookless improved clinch knots, and other attention-getters in vibrant but heretofore unlooted areas.

  20. It will be a good thing if these social infections due to the antifa virus can be maintained in vitro, as in South Minneapolis, downtown Portland, and Pine Street Seattle. Perhaps by observing the effects of this pathogen from a safe distance, the general body politic could be expected to develop appropriate antibodies. Mr. Trump would do well to keep it that way. Mr. Biden would certainly continue the experiment in vivo.

  21. Finally, people vote for something, not against something. Trump needs to offer a positive agenda for his second term.

    I can agree that most of the time people vote for something. But last election I voted against Mrs. Clinton. I saw her as the very embodiment of evil. I thought she would get us into a nuclear war. I thought the woman absolutely crazy; not only evil but insane.

    I could have been wrong, but I voted against her. This time, I think that Joe Biden is a front for some evil black woman and so will vote against him for that reason.

    I would vote against Dementia Joe if a random drunk out of the gutter was the other choice.

    • While that is certainly true for many, Biden does not elicit the same level of visceral hatred that Hildebeast did. Yes, an incompetent, demented buffoon, but I bet people feel pity for him as much as contempt.

      No one felt sorry for Hildebeast.

      • “Biden does not elicit the same level of visceral hatred…” True. The dottering grandpa thing. But when he boldly turned on whites back in March I’d have taken a bat to grandpa’s face.

  22. One distinguishing feature of the man is the people he chooses to bring into the West Wing. Looking at the thin, gay black man’s administration, you see a tightly woven, interlocking and highly disciplined group of people who played to win every day. Were they Satanic? Of course! But this world doesn’t reward the stupid. Looking at Trump’s choices, it’s a complete shit show with zero bench. He has to be his own offense, defense and enforcer. This is his problem. Kelly Ann Conway? As her husband takes shots at him every day? Would that fly for 10 seconds under thin gay black man? All these no-talent tin soldier Generals and washed up yes men from GOP Central? Then of course his idiot daughter and son in law. I have evil, but I hate weakness even more. I see something feckless and weak under Trump. He’s the manager of a massive, complex apparatus that sets legal land mines every five feet. What he needed, ironically was an Administration full of Roy Cohns.

    • Well said JR. I was going to post something similar. A leader needs a wingman. Trump needs 2 or 3. Strong guys with conviction. I don’t follow this stuff closely, but ASIDE from their hawkish or Zionist impulses…from a purely take-on-the-Prog perspective…guys like Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Pompeo. Loyal guys with smarts and charisma. Not necessarily those guys, but those types.

      • One thing about zionists is that they sure as hell have a clear cut motivation and loyalties. Just not to us. Very few “American Zionists.” They did exist in bulk a hundred years ago. Americanism died in the mud at Woodstock. About the time when the Protestants running the show threw up their hands and became drunks at the 19th hole.

      • Pompeo is the swampiest of the swampies. Like Barr he’s a product of the intelligence agencies that have been the worst when it comes to undermining the agenda candidate Trump ran on in 2016.

    • Yes.

      He never was a serious candidate, probably because he never thought he’d actually go all the way. That’s why he cheerfully promised us the moon, he never thought he’d be challenged to deliver on any of it.

      So he didn’t even try. He never made any serious attempt to put together a real political apparatus, his team was just him, Bannon, Lewandowski, the blonde wosserface who was his press secretary, Javanka, and a handful of cronies.

      It’s as if he wanted to fail. Any serious candidate would’ve had a shadow government ready at least by the time of the election and binders full of white people ready to be stuffed into the administration. He had six months, about the same time it took to plan and execute Operation Overlord.

        • “What’s-her-face?” Maybe it’s a British expression.

          Kellyanne Conway. Her named escaped me there – all American blondes look the same.

      • He never was a serious candidate, probably because he never thought he’d actually go all the way.” I’ve always disagreed with that notion. 1st. He knows he’s kinda lovable (or was). Especially compared to his Republican competition and Hillary. So he saw himself beating them. 2nd. A serious candidate, but not a serious person. As a narcissist he’s essentially shallow. However big their ambitions, they tend to have poor follow-thru. Planning…attention to detail. The stuff that takes their attention away from their favorite subject, their glamor self.

      • Trump was a political novice. His frame of mind in the matter of governance was patterned after his executive experience as a CEO. That was his mistake and one that severely wounded his presidency. By the time he began to wake up, he was almost out of a job.

        People wanted a non-politician, president. They got one.

        • <i>His frame of mind in the matter of governance was patterned after his executive experience as a CEO.</i>

          I don’t see how that maps onto his tenure. He fills his cabinet with enemies, because some consultant told him that Sun Tzu said to keep them close? If that’s how he runs his shops, how come he’s rich?

          He’s a puppet, just as much as Antifa. He might not have been a puppet from the get-go, but the usual suspects got to him and now he’s just reading his lines in a morality play where his role is literally Hitler.

          He’s not one of us, he’s a globalist, a fake patriot.

          • “He fills his cabinet with enemies, because some consultant told him that Sun Tzu said to keep them close?” Ahhhahahah. No shit, right!?

    1. In those chats he needs to talk about reopening the economy and giving Americans economic opportunities. He should mention Sweden a lot since they beat the covid without turning their country into a gulag – and lefties used to love them.
    2. Bring back Steve Bannon.
    • No, not really. Its “the economy” in good times, but when race riots are burning down our cities, the key message is law and order.

  23. This is all thoughtful advice, but it seems like shouting into the wind because we know Trump will do little or nothing of this.

    That’s why some people, like the TRS guys, are “blackpilled.” It’s not that they hate the man, it’s just that they’ve given up trying to “convert” Trump after almost 4 years of offering up pretty much the same advice in this post. They’re not doomers so much as they’ve moved on from Trump knowing that he and his advisors are no longer listening. People who mark them as doomers are simply projecting their own desperate continued trust in the Trump or GOP political process, whereas the TRS guys have simply and confidently moved on to the realization that it’s a waste of time trying to engage Trump or the GOP.

    You also make a good point on how Trump used his rallies and field campaigning in 2016 to gauge the mood of the people and adjust his populist rhetoric as needed. That’s also Trump’s biggest weakness in 2020—without the rallies to gauge the mood of the people, Trump has only Kushner and the DC swamp telling him what the people are thinking. Heaven help him.

    These mistakes are all Trump’s to own, and with no evidence that he’s about to correct course anytime soon, I wouldn’t put too much emotional investment in Trump at this point unless you want to be disappointed in November. If I’m wrong, yay, but plan for the worst.

    • Trump 2.0 will be different from Trump 1.0 because democrats plan secession, basically Trump will be forced to confront them.

      • Trump just wants Ivanka’s friends to like him. Seriously, this thesis explains everything he’s done since inauguration.

        We were his booster rocket to gain liftoff. After liftoff, everything he’s done is to ingratiate himself to Invanka’s friends.

        Sure, he needs us now to get re-elected, but we’re just his booty call. Then it will be back to supplication to Ivanka’s friends.

        • “We were his booster rocket to gain liftoff…Sure, he needs us now to get re-elected, but we’re just his booty call.”
          Funny as shit. But true, and it angers. Why you gotta put it that way. LOL. He really is a narcissistic, user, bullshitter. A NUB. Just made that up.

          • All politicians are NUBs. It’s to be expected. Our job is to win on the ground, and he’ll be forced to follow.

      • Second term presidents have consistently disappointed their supporters. If Trump throws his base under the bus as often as he has when he needs their support for reelection, what will he do when he doesn’t?

        • I don’t care what Bush & Obuma did.
          Democrats won’t recognize Trump as president, he’ll have to intervene in blue stats otherwise they’ll secede.
          Either Trump goes authoritarian on democrats or they leave, both options are great.
          Or vote Biden like a true cuck & have 100 mill migrants dropped on your head. Based on the type of comments you write you’d probably love that.

        • Second term presidents have consistently disappointed their supporters.
          True, but Trump hasn’t gotten to serve his first term yet.

    • You say “the realization that it’s a waste of time trying to engage Trump or the GOP.” Thats where you are wrong. There are tens, hundreds of thousands of potential Our Guys in and around the GOP. Do you go to singles bars for the overpriced beer? The GOP is the dissident right’s singles bar on lady’s night.

    • I get “moving on from Trump.” Even what Candidate Trump promised was probably too little, too late. Then, he accomplished very little of what he promised. And I put no real hope in a political solution.
      But right now, we have to ask ourselves whether it is better to have Trump as president or to have Biden/whatever black woman VP who replaces him. Which would be worse for us? On immigration, Trump will continue to disappoint but Biden will be much worse.
      For the 2A people, imagine Supreme Court nominees/appointments if Trump is reelected and the Republicans hold the Senate vs. Biden/black lady president with a majority Democrat Senate. Ginsburg is unlikely to live for another four years and Clarence Thomas is not in good health. Yes, often Republican appointees to the Court (especially Roberts) are disappointments. But any appointment that comes from a reelected Trump and GOP Senate will be far better than the far-Left appointment from Biden/black woman and a Democrat Senate.

  24. The set of things that Trump should do and the set of things that he will do have a very small, if not empty, intersection.

  25. Trump has less than 90 days to accomplish all of this – after doing none of it since Jan 1, 2017.

    Good luck with that.

    That’s not even accounting for Covid-voting moving Decision Day ahead for millions with mail-ins, etc…

    Re: “They won’t let him,” I’m with Bubba upthread. Stop making excuses for Trump’s failure to honor his promises.

    We got played. He was a trap from the beginning.

    We wanted a God Emperor so badly we ignored dozens of red flags – calling Pat Buchanan a Nazi, his deep and longstanding ties with the greasy New York (((fixer))) set, his easy access to Elon Musk-tier Jewish financing, etc…

    We had no better choice, but expecting this guy to perform for us was delusional. He’s closer to Pope Francis than Sam Francis.

    And it’s all on him. A nebbish like Jared or a mid-tit like Abu-Vanka are not calling the shots for a guy like Trump.

    Stop wasting time stirring the coals of yesterday’s dumpster fire and start gathering wood.

    Night is coming and no one’s going to do it for you.

    • You played yourselves. The TRS community convinced themselves of a number of fantasies. One of which was that Trump was Pinochet. You have only yourselves to blame. You should own it.

      • Presupposing one chose to participate in the formal political process, what were the choices other than Trump?

        There is no harm in participating and some possible good to come of it. Focus on dissident politics, culture and conversion as well as prepping is a goal.

        But sitting out an election, just like self-benching at an athletic contest due to subpar performance when one can contribute something is less-than-bright. 0.02

        • It surprises me to hear someone from Chicago say that. Downstate might be “red,” but when was the last time your vote counted, locally or nationally? (I ask this as a Masshole.)

          • It’s a raised middle finger. The act provides historical backdrop. The math shows 40+% of white people in Cook County who bother to vote choose against the Ds.
            Someday it could matter. I vote D in the primaries to weaken their judges and other elected positions. We don’t have to register party affiliation here.
            But they do scrape you from the voter rolls at the eleventh hour, even after they send you a voter registration card.
            I served as the youngest election judge in Chicago way back in the day. My contemporaries were sixty-plus years old, half my age. And I learned how it works here directly by participating, not hiding my sorry always- rightwing arse.
            I vacillate here admittedly sometimes. It’s hard living here despite having money, earned, and taking advantage of what the last remaining GREAT CITY in the USA has to offer, because we have or until recently did have really excellent ethnic neighborhoods where all except the joggers are welcomed.
            So in some ways my vote can count in indirect and surprising ways. My aldercreature is Brian Hopkins and as a somewhat visible local figure I enjoy some influence through him. By pressuring him on the vote and “the votes.”
            I am a rightwinger since birth, who grew up riding haywagons on the farm of David Stockman, whose parents I knew through the local valedictorian from another school and so I got invited, and I have been voting in every election. It may not matter and it does. Just as a belief in Almighty God may be unrequited, I am better off having believed because it influences my personal behavior positively even though the exercise ultimately proves futile.
            Eff them, I am here, living and prospering. Like I stated, I do vacillate from month to month. The power of belief is a terrible thing to reject out of hand.

      • You’re projecting. TRS didn’t fantasize about any of this. They’ve made it quite clear their disappointment is rooted in Trump’s flops on even the most modest and mundane Kobach or Sessions-level civic nationalist policies, not that he failed to become some kind of Grand Wizard.

        Your desperate emotional overinvestment in the political process is showing—this after so many years of you blogging about how dissidents need to disengage from said process and how solutions will not be found in the political process.

        At the end of the day are you just another battered wife who will always vote straight GOP?

        • Pure fantasy. They were right there with the God Emperor stuff, along with the MAGA hat people. I wrote dozens of posts way back before this started pointing out that at best, Trump would be a wrecker. Now, you guys are sucking on lemons as a coping mechanism.

          • “They were right there with the God Emperor stuff, along with the MAGA hat people.”

            As were you. This schism is clearly between people who still want to desperately believe — such as yourself — and those who have moved on.

          • No, I was not. I wrote dozens of posts comparing Trump to The Mule. He was a guy who would break things and flip over tables, but he was not a reformer.

            Just own the fact that you guys got high off your own supply.

          • They already admitted that. The TRS guys have admitted numerous times they got giddy and swept up in all the euphoria in those heady days of 2016 and 2017. Lots of people did. Admit that you did too — we all did — and while you may not have used cheap MAGA rhetoric, your podcasts were still full of “Trump is smartly doing XYZ…” and other admiring commentary.

            By early 2019 TRS had soured and had pretty much devolved into more or less the bull in the china shop cope where you are at now.

            So they’re just a little further along in moving on than you are. Give it time — you’ll eventually be in the same place.

            I honestly don’t think the schism is a big deal – for various reasons some people still think Trump is the best tradeoff while others thinks not participating is the best tradeoff (personally I could never understand the third option of actually voting for Biden but some people believe in that too apparently).

            I’m not surprised to see the schism in this and other things, though. Near-Boomers such as yourself have memories of the political process so I can understand why you’re still emotionally invested in it — despite 4+ years of your “we need to break out of politics” rhetoric — while the TRS guys tend to be younger so, like a lot of Millennials, they have no emotional investment in propping up or participating in the corrupt system.

            You saw the same schism with the coronavirus, where older guys such as yourself are still invested in the corrupt economic arrangement and so still half-wish for things to go back to normal, while the younger guys were largely shut out economically so they couldn’t care less if things fall apart.

            These things are a function of age, which is understandable. But the TRS guys have engaged in self-reflection many times, while you have never done that. That’s garnered you a lot of repeated criticism in these comments over the years and also in observations on other (non-TRS) podcasts. Are you willing to do any self-criticism and self-reflection?

          • “Near-Boomers such as yourself have memories of the political process so I can understand why you’re still emotionally invested in it.” – I’m willing to bet that TRS has nearly no fans born before about 1975. You have hair band Xers and Alternative Xers. I don’t see hair band Xers liking TRS.  

          • …schism with the coronavirus, where older guys…invested in the corrupt economic arrangement …still half-wish for things to go back to normal, while the younger guys were largely shut out economically so they couldn’t care less if things fall apart.

            “Corrupt economic arrangement” is a good description. But if our choices are having things go back to normal (as shitty as normal was) or let things fall apart, we’re crazy if we don’t pick the former. Things are worse under the corona-panic for our people. Our people have lost jobs and homes and small businesses. But Amazon and Globohomo are doing better than ever.
            Do these “younger guys” have or plan to have children? I don’t understand their thinking. We start at pretty much the same place as critics of the current system but then their hatred of the system leads them to want things to fall apart/burn/get worse.

          • I can’t listen to TRS anymore. FTN turned into a shit show. I had posts deleted both in BANG and on the FTN page for disagreeing with them on COVID. Then Jazzhands said that anyone who opposed the lockdowns was “in league with the Jews”
            Meanwhile Enoch and Striker were going full retard on central planning and other communist tropes. Also the relentless Trump bashing got tiresome
            I like Enoch, I think he is pretty much spot on as far as the Jewish issue goes. I also appreciate Striker’s writing on the matter.
            But between the COVID nonsense, Nazbol bullshit, Trump bashing, and constant punching right it really alienated me.

          • Not sure what there is to be “owned” – there is no shame in thinking 2016 Campaign Trump was the better bet, and likely the best he could do was was wrecking ball. I would have voted for him even though I was pretty sure he would not keep 1/10 of his promises (assuming he even wanted to) for the simple reason I feared Hildebeast would keep every one of hers.

          • Want to believe? What’s that supposed to mean? Of course I still want to believe Orange Man can work miracles and will any day. It’d be easier and more comforting to buy into the 4d chess crap. Not gonna happen, though. For all their ragging on about Magatards coping, the TRS/related folks on this side have performed a perverse form of coping, in that Trump failed them, they can’t deal with it, so they exist to wag their fingers and say “I told you so…”
            As if. They were claiming Trump was merely a stepping stone to better things. The things we conveniently forget.

          • Yeah, I find that very annoying. Look, I hoped for more from Trump, but I was realistic about what he could do. He has pissed me off more than a few times with self-owns. It is normal to have high hopes at the start of any endeavor. For these guys to go around now waging their finger saying “I told you so” as if they were the sober-minded skeptics is just a way for them to deal with their heartbreak.

          • I think most of us had at least somewhat high hopes initially – after we got over our (at least my) disbelief that he even won. My thinking was we had to get a non-politician in to have ANY chance of shaking things up. Whether you liked Trump or not, he fit that bill. To me, the depth and breadth of the animosity and vitriol directed at him non-stop from day one was breathtaking. There is literally nothing Trump can do or say, not do or not say that he won’t get torn a new one for. As such, he might as well go full dictator, which would be awesome to see. Pull out all the stops and get this shit show going big time. Too bad he doesn’t have it in him – there are a lot of swamp denizens that deserve more than maximum retribution.

          • How is refreshing honesty a cope? Hell, Ann Coulter wrote a book on “In Trump We Trust.” Now she wants to scratch his eyes out.

          • “They were right there with the God Emperor stuff, along with the MAGA hat people.”

            As were you [Z].

            He wasn’t. You can’t make up your own facts.

          • Federalist said: ” He wasn’t. You can’t make up your own facts.”

            Indeed. Z Man was never a MAGA supporter. Quite the contrary.

          • ”Moved on” to what? Hitler parody pop songs? Being credulous of media reports and just as scared of corona virus as any regular cat lady?

            They haven’t “moved on” to anything but feeling superior to people with families who are trying to find a way to live in this country. They’re making hours and hours of holocaust revision content lately – what exactly is the practical plan that accomplishes?

            The whole thing has become hipster white nationalism where signaling sophistication and irony is prized over actual results. I like the guys and understand the bitterness but they need to “move on” and get over the spiteful desire to take their toys and go home. There won’t be a home to go to.

          • I voted for Trump as a wrecking crew. But you don’t keep the crew around for less and less destruction with each passing month. In effect he’s now a helper in re-building. He wrecked some things, but the defenses are now hardened.

          • I voted out of habit. I live in a one party state. That said, spite is a good reason to vote for Trump if your vote counts. Frankly, the summer mayhem has been a gift from the heavens, if you are pro-white. If four more years of Trump is four more months, much less four years, of this stuff, I’ll be happy. The 2024 GOP will look like an AmRen convention.

          • I haven’t considered that. It would be nice to see this drumbeat ad infinitum. It gets the message through the media jungle. However in 2024 we’ll have Ivanka on the ballot. Look at the candidates he’s supported in primaries.

        • You fight until the war is over, and the war isn’t over.

          ‘Let it burn’ is the default. Do nothing, it burns. Do something and fail, it burns. Do something and succeed— there’s the rub.

          Honestly I get the feeling some weren’t prepared to succeed in ‘16, got stung by early setbacks, and now wish for total failure to justify their loss of confidence. Plenty of us will never accede to that.

          The beatings will continue until morale improves!

        • Batterd Wife Syndrome said: “…Your desperate emotional overinvestment…”

          Hahaha! Come on man, slow down. Your going to cack a rib. 😀

      • “Yourselves?” I’m not affiliated with TRS, just a subscriber.

        You should own the fact that we all know you were on FTN only a year ago and used to promote those guys.

        Your personal beefs with guys like McFeels that happened since are skewing your commentary. It’s petty, needless and erodes solidarity.

        And now you’re taking pot shots at guys like me and Yves over it.

        You’d apparently rather be “right” than swallow your pride and pique for the good of the our people and our cause. Even if being “right” means taking every side on the same position over the course of a year so you can have “I was right” material to crow about.

        Be a man and admit you’re not right on everything every day. The rest of us do. I did in the above comment – “we” were fooled.

        You can pretend you never bought into Trump, act smarter than everyone else and mean-girl about other personalities all you like. Contempt for their own audience is a feature of e-personalities. We’ve learned to expect it.

        And it’s why we’re learning to build our own networks separate from this kind of thing. So at least you’ve taught us that.

        Take a bow.

        • I strongly believe that the content of this site and the content of TRS appeals to distinct demographics. There’s room for all. As a matter of fact there’s a nice ark from V-Dare to Paul Ramsey to Z Man to TRS. Every point on that arc is a different demo target. V-Dare being for elderly IBM punch card programmers with quiet lives and a nice Asian concubine making them tea. Paul Ramsey for prim time boomer that was red-pilled. Very genteel. Very orderly in opinion and manner. Then you have Z Man for the younger boomer and older Gen-X crowd. A lot of overlap but with a different more pointed style. Then you have TRS for the younger crowd, with zero loyalty to the past, because the past has only anally raped them . They never saw any upside. They never even got the tail end of the ponzi’s upside. Keep that in mind. The arc of dissidents follows the arc of the American Ponzi in the late 20th Century.

          • I generally agree with. My only addition is that TRS is basically Stormfront for those too young to remember when Stormfront was a thing. Fuentes/Greer/Casey is paleo for the young who have no emotional investment in old America.

        • It’s ridiculous how much you’re arguing about who was and wasn’t right and who has and hasn’t apologized for whatever. Is this a dissident movement or a Sarah Lawrence dorm floor meeting?

          A lot of the TRS types are actively hoping for things to get worse (lockdowns hooray, facemasks hooray, president Kamala hooray!) for the rest of us NOW and ON PURPOSE. I know there is an emotional backstory for all this but it remains an enormous problem.

          At this moment the doomers are effectively enemies just as much as antifa, both would like to see our people suffer. Doomers are actually worse in the sense that they are operating behind our own lines sapping our will to fight.

          I see some latinx tranny with chartreuse hair and I assume she wants my family to suffer, why are guys with NSDAP anime avatars hoping the same now?

      • You should make up your mind. A month ago you were all over Trump as “president LARP”. Now you’re gushing over what he can do to win.

        • That’s what puts me off about Z’s political posts. They seem to flail like reeds in the wind, from the darkest black pill one week to the cope-iest political obsessions the next. And some of his analysis tends toward the breezily and overconfidently shallow, which readers are starting to pick up on. He lacks the groundedness and self-reflection of Derbyshire, for example.

          This is apart from Z’s posts on apolitical topics, which I find fantastic. And Z is still a wonderful writer; his turns of phrase make me laugh out loud.

          • Funny how everyone of my critics says I’m too reasonable and this age requires unreasonableness. You, in complete contrast, say I am all over the place.

            I think the fault lies with you.

          • Derbyshire’s podcast basically has a vibe now that says “thank God I’m checking out in a few years. It’s your problem now.” He reminds me of my grandparents who would look at the freaks on Sunset Boulevard as they drove past, rolled their eyes and basically knew that they would soon be in the cemetery not dealing with them. And they weren’t wrong.

          • I hate to admit it; but I’m rapidly coming to Derbyshire’s conclusion. This past weekend I tried to clean up a yard full of windfallen branches because a cowardly neighbor left a note of complaint on my door. I didn’t appreciate the method, but his frustration wasn’t without some justice. The fact is I am slowing down with age and putting off these kind of physical chores. Anyway, my back siezed up; and I had a couple days to reflect on just how piss poor I’ll do if the current insanity actually leads to armed conflict. I’m not going to willingly climb into the cattle car; but I’d prefer to postpone the unpleasantness beyond my natural expiry, just as I’ve been doing with those yardwork chores.

          • “Zman lacks the groundedness and self-reflection of Derbyshire, for example.” I think you’re forgetting that these guys are also in the entertainment business. And as with any enduring entertainer, Z varies it up. As a longtime reader it’s up to you to decipher how all-in he is on any given take. Try writing something straight-down-the-line every freaking day. But make no mistake, if you’re confused about where he stands on the crucial items then you’ve got memory problems. Anyway, I see Z as more realistic and less flat-footed politically than many of the one-note hardcores you’re talking about.

          • Dude, Zman is putting out a post practically every day and prepping a weekly podcast, all while holding down a day job with demanding clients. He’s remarked on more than a few occasions that he spends less than an hour writing a daily post. He manages to go down some interesting rabbit holes with a particular literary verve as a wordsmith; but not every at-bat, especially if fuelled by intuition or a recent news item, is going to be a home run. A discriminating reader can enjoy the effort without adopting the thesis; and there is absolutely no contradiction between exploring a political process in detail, like today’s thought experiment, and resolutely believing that the end stage of democracy has rendered that process fruitless. Enjoy the banquet; eat what you like; avoid what you don’t; but let Zman run his restaurant his way.

        • Its more nuanced, guys. Z’s mission is to create convincing and alluring commentary on relevant current topics in orde to win hearts and minds. Recruiting doesn’t stop just bc we yet again didnt vote our way out. You dont do that by caterwauling about “orange man failed us” when the election is on; you win no converts by being a vinegar drinking blackpiller. Give our guys (and fence sitters) hope and show them opportunity, then tell them to join up and organize. Z is doing a yeoman’s work, so stop back-biting.
          Also, NETMR/DPR means ignoring it and being a bigger man even if someone on the right comes after you or yours – especially if it is just personal stuff.

        • There’s nothing gushy about this piece. Z simply outlined a plan by which Trump could possibly win reelection. Z has consistently stated his ambivalence, edging toward disdain for Trump and this piece does nothing to confute that disposition.

          • I agree totally. It was a good piece. People initially responded, “…yes, but he won’t do it…”, and that’s valid. How this commentary degenerated into name calling leaves me confused. If you hate Trump, what’s to dislike about the piece written? Trump might win if he reads and takes the suggestions outlined? Commentary is designed to make people think. That’s what we got today.

  26. Trump can pull this out against a weak candidate like Biden. Throwing in a leftist black woman should help.
    But the changing demographics are a wild card.
    With Trump it’s like watching General Douglas MacArthur. Will it be a brilliant move like hitting the enemy where they do not expect it at Inchon or will it be sitting at headquarters not thinking that the foreigners have the will and ability to over run your lines.
    Trump needs to be bold?
    Will he?
    Or do we get President Susan Rice?

    • The best thing he has going for him right now is BLM. As long as the focus of the Dems is on the African descended portion of the PoC coalition, it is likely to ruffle at least some Latino feathers. In particular, a black female VP will be a tough pill for many Latinos to swallow. Enough to win? Who knows. But I would not be surprised if he gets a better share of that vote this time around, and they are a larger block than AAs, so even a few % points has more impact.
      The key is that with enough discontent over Biden’s VP pick, it may keep Red states with large Latino presence form flipping. I have no delusions CA or NY going Red, but the more pressing issue is keeping FL and/or TX from going blue.

  27. The rioting, looting and burning in the big cities will win it for Trump. It’s not going to stop, but will pick up tempo as the election nears. The Dems can’t help themselves, but will continue to “defund the police” to protect their radical base.

    • After Trump, probably not. But if Biden wins, his black female successor will become a political accelerant. Are you prepared for this?

      • Agree. Biden heading to the Summer Hills Nursing Home and his replacement being a black leftist woman is going to accelerate the decline of the United States and maybe entice the Chinese or Russians to test her mettle in the military arena. Trump remaining postpones at least some of the acceleration in my view but the left will still go increasingly violent.

  28. A lot of people think that Sessions was Trump’s biggest GOPe Judas, but Pence has been Brutus incarnate. That Trump has survived this long against that level of treachery is mind-boggling. He will lie low until after Durham walks in front of the microphones later this week, and then unleash his counterattack beginning in September. This coming election will be an intentional wipe-out that is designed to bury the old dinosaurs leading the Democrat Party and allow a new breed of AOCs to takeover.

  29. Biden will be a better, more reasonable president than Trump. His dementia routine is an act in the same vein as GWB played dumb. He will be a stabilizer.

    Come at me.

      • What Biden represents is a new front in the battle of “D” electoral politics (such as it is.) Remember PUMA in 2008? FF to 2020. W/o regard to what you thought of Tulsi, didn’t you think the party’s rigging and re-rigging of the primary rules suspect?

    • He will legalize 30 million new voters that will vote for Dems or leftists reliably. He will aid the senate in packing the Supreme Court and then it’s Katy bar the door on insane policies from there on out. He will be more likely to engage is stupid pointless wars for our greatest ally in the ME. Now , if you are an accelerationist then it’s probably a good thing that Biden wins. Personally though, I like clean drinking water and reliable electricity.

    • A Biden administration will be a lot like Trump’s in sense that whoever has Biden’s ear most or last will get their way. If Biden is surrounded by shouty women then his policies will have a strong anti-white tone. If the bankers push aside the shouty women, then Biden will be centrist and vanilla. His administration will be a battle between the shrill minority or minority-allied elements in Democratic Party and the old Washington establishment which will become more bipartisan or uniparty or whatever you want to call it. Though I don’t agree with some right-dissidents that a Biden win will lead to us to gulags. All Dems, Most GOPers, and the Deep State will exhale, and the voters – judging from the Sessions and Kobach losses – will be fine with 2012-style normalcy. In that sense, yes Biden will be a stabilizer.

        • That assumes immigrants WANT to get in. If Biden rules the US like DiBlasio rules NYC, we won’t have an immigration problem.

        • You’re still trying to close the barn door when the barn itself is falling down. Immigration is merely a buzzword without a recognition of current demographics and replacement rate. Immigration will be ‘resolved’ when a majority of Whites realize their real predicament, and when/if that happens, the emphasis will and should be on repatriation (by any and all means necessary).

      • I think that is generally right, Marko, although not the genocide component since that is an ongoing project. There are stages of genocide prior to liquidation, and the War on Whites has a bit of housecleaning to do prior to unleashing its terror. Voters will not be fine with that as it draws even closer.

        In other words, things would return to a slow boil under Biden until the time gets right for them to try to kill us. The only reason I’m voting in November (and expect it to be my last time) is a Trump re-election, which is against all odds but still, would further delegitimize the central government since it likely would not be recognized or acknowledged, and the Uniparty would join hands to put “Biden” into office. Just as likely is massive, in-your-face cheating to tell everyone to bugger off, elections don’t count (which they already don’t in this totalitarian state, but kabuki compels the pretense).

        We are five years out from White genocide with a Biden win, and it will start with a Trump re-election that will not be recognized. We would lose the former and win the latter, barely. Bank it.

  30. Trump needs to use the urban riots to his advantage. There’s nothing like motivation to vote when you feel like your life is in danger. Friends of mine living in downtown Chicago are terrified right now.

    • Not your personal friend, guy. Not your guy, buddy. Not your buddy, friend.

      Regardless, I live in the Old Town Triangle of Chicago. The looters raped every store of the highest quality items there. A local liquor establishment — I represent the owner — just had every item north of $4k per bottle stolen for example. They had cased the joint, as will all in my community, and took only the priciest stuff. Including fancy restaurant cookers and boutique clothes over $2.5 k per.

      The Best Buy where I purchased additional office supplies — power shredder, laptops, imagers, cameras blah blah the night they closed for in person sales back in March — is the one captured looted in all the national photos circulating around. I knew those guys who worked there. I walked there but Uber’d home in an Uber truck with my goods. It now resembles a blast zone.

      I have lived in this neighborhood for twenty plus years. I am an urban survivalist capable of holding out for at least one year without resupply. I am heavily armed and my wife knows how to shoot and address flanking maneuvers.

      They diverge ten foot away from their clear path to confront us when we are carrying groceries. Every week I am *this* close to drawing and shooting. We are EFFING scared.

      And we ain’t yielding or fleeing to nowhere. The SMALL HATS and nogs just follow you with their eradication plans. STAND AND FIGHT for ferksakes. Or else you will not have any place to retreat.

      • “And we ain’t yielding or fleeing to nowhere. The SMALL HATS and nogs just follow you with their eradication plans. STAND AND FIGHT for ferksakes. Or else you will not have any place to retreat.”


      • ChicagoRodent, from the content of your previous posts I believe we are in the same profession, which is a small and relatively cloistered profession. We might know each other, or at least know of each other. We almost certainly have common professional acquaintances. I have friends and relatives who lived in your area, but they have all left.
        With all due respect, you need to get out. Pull up a political map of the US and you will see the familiar sea of red with the blue enclaves along the coasts and in the urban areas of the heartland, including Chicago.
        The US is in a low-level, cold civil war. The red is our territory; the blue is theirs. You are living deep behind enemy lines. There will be no salvation for you or your wife if/when things heat up, or if you are forced to draw and shoot. If you defend yourself from attack you will be prosecuted by Cook County. Even if you win your criminal case, you will likely lose everything you own in legal fees and a subsequent civil lawsuit.
        Chicago is lost, and by extension so is Illinois. There is absolutely nothing to gain by staying there (also, the weather sucks). Cede the territory, count your losses, and move. There’s a sea of red territory out here and we can definitely use fighters like you to help keep it red. Your mental state will improve vastly when you are no longer surrounded by tiny hats and joggers.

        • I second Guest’s advice to Rodent (and any others similar thereto). I too likely share your avocation, and was doing well in deep blue territory until That Thing happened, I narrowly escaped with my life and realized I would likely die (or worse) if I didnt get out asap. Anywhere is better than a death trap, and you, my buddy, are living in a death trap. Its not that hard to get new meal ticket in a red or purple area – certainly less painful than the ER/mortuary versus prison choice you have in enemy territory.

        • This cannot be emphasized enough. It is not the presence of the undesirables per se that puts you at such a disadvantage, but their electoral control over the structures of enforcement. Anarcho-tyranny is the systemic threat far more dangerous than the jogger.

        • There’s something to be said for not constantly surrendering our cities to the mob, but in order to win them back, the people that are there will need to go somewhere else, which is asking a lot in the current environment (or probably any environment).

          • That battle was lost thirty or forty years ago, mostly because we chose to flee rather than fight. Nonetheless, that ground is lost and the smart play is to acknowledge the loss and cede the lost ground to the enemy. The focus now should be on isolating and containing them in the cities by doing everything possible to make life outside the cities intolerable for them.

      • But if we all–or at least the vast majority of us–were to relocate to, oh, I don’t know, Bitter Root, Wyoming–we would create an awfully stout stronghold that could develop into something far greater. Our kind do not live well in the urban jungles. We would be much better off uniting in an area remote from the madness of places like Chicongo.

        • People just don’t really think things through Brother… Anyone where it’s just them and their wife won’t hold out more than a week at best and maybe less than an hour…I don’t care how well armed or well provisioned you are or (even where you are at although the cities are a much worse place because for the most part you don’t control any of your utilities) because you have to sleep and eat sometime and you can’t watch in every direction with just the two of you…It’s a dangerous fantasy to have and it will end up getting you killed quite fast if it goes tits up in your area…Those people though won’t listen so I’ve gotten to the point to just say Good Luck…

        • All due sympathy to people in that situation. I’m not (yet) so I can’t say how I’d act. I will say my home’s gotten pozzed in proportion to the people who’ve relocated here from Philly/NY/NJ.

          Still I don’t think the position, while not ideal, is that weak. I keep thinking of the guys in Fishtown Philly, most of them probably democrats or leaning that way, who are sick of it too. Texas was a stronghold if there ever was one, and it’s simply being flooded. Relocation has been a thing at least since Atlas Shrugged, and at best it’s delayed the inevitable. It might work for you in your lifetime, but overall it isn’t a winning strategy, because you’ll never be left alone. 70 years of history says so.

          Something has fundamentally changed, and it’s time to think about retaking lost territory. Not violently, of course, but politically, culturally, etc.

          • The only periapt against the vagaries of unwanted migration, i.e. invasion, is the creation of an ethnostate, and then sustaining the will to repulse interlopers. For the ethnostate to happen, however, there must be a hard disscon core in a certain area, and the populace must be overwhelmingly white. That’s simply not happening in any major metropolitan area. It can happen, however, in the Mountain West, Ozarka and Appalachia.

      • I don’t live there, but familiar wih the territory. I tend to agree with your plan to stand and fight if need be. Certainly most of the city south of say the Eisenhower (Englewood, Marquette Park, etc., etc) is at/near Somalia lterritory. The neighborhood where you are – it’s Them encroachng on your territory. You shouldn’t have to cede – at least not without a fight. That said, I assume you have an escape plan in place (initially to the North and beyond I-355, or into WI) then someplace to go from there.
        God speed.

        • Yep mostly, and thank you! Except I have access to marine vessels dontcha know. In the winter here, we’re safe except for fuel.
          During the other months, we are fairly assured passage back to my home town in West Michigan with private, reliable transit from both sides whether power or sail. Not that we’re inclined to avail ourselves.
          I have lifelong friends to the death from my home town who would come for us if requested by ham etc., no questions asked if it is possible, not that we plan to ask.
          We made our patch, and until the place goes we’ll be here. Some day you could see me flying float planes in Alaska. My former jump buddy is there and I do tend to fantasize as with Montana and Maine. We’ll see, sorry to be a drama queen, but I did.

      • yeah, i second what guest says. That is no way to live. Fuck that noise bro. Untenable. Don’t be a hard head. Time to make a tactical retreat to a defensible position.
        I’m in the most eastern part of tenn. If any of the regular commenters are intersted in the area hit me up at SidVic1@protonmail*dot*com . I can clue you in on the area.

    • And your ‘terrified’ friends will still vote for gun control and gibs for POCs, because they’re urban creatures and those are their internal values. I would argue all those who think black riots will result in a groundswell of normie Whites voting ‘conservatively’ is what Exile labels ‘hopium.’ The number of White voters is not what it was even four years ago, and the civil unrest will not result in a backlash that is in any way truly ‘conservative.’

  31. All good suggestions, but Trump won’t admit mistakes – that’s probably his biggest Achilles heel.

  32. “Finally, people vote for something, not against something…”

    Disagree, more people vote against the opponent than vote for “their” candidate. That’s why fear and smear are so prevalent in every electoral campaign.

    • Candidates who sell a convincing positive vision inspire people to vote. MAGA was in that vein.

      People who rage and despair tend to wallow in their own funk, not get up and do something about it.

  33. There is also the fact that the left is trying to exploit chaos for their own benefit. But normie senses that this is getting completely out of control. Who wants to pay ridiculously high taxes and put up with bureaucratic red tape to run an expensive business in a big city when the authorities will not provide basic police protection from mobs? The videos of those riots and mass lootings are going to show up on Trump campaign ads. Normie is not sure his life will return to normal. He is looking to Trump to give him that assurance.

    • “Normal?” Certainly not in NYC or San Fran. Beyond Antifa riots, witness the recent news items about the problems of housing the homeless in luxury (!) hotels. Huge expense to the city, the “guests” trash the place until a Hazmat clean-up team is required. Meanwhile, the darlings are swilling booze on the street corner. No word if they’re the ones doing the muggings too, but why not? The City is putting me up in this nice hotel. Might as well pick up some spending money and a nice phone from one of these guys walking down the street.
      This past weekend, Chicago’s posh area was ransacked. And this isn’t the first time unless I’m mistaken. They’ve had prior events, maybe not smash-and-grab looting, but certainly out-of-control “youths” 🙂 running amok among the paying customers.
      Why do any white successful people tolerate such dysfunction? Sure, many are tied by a high-paying job. But, I’m sure, lots of others are attracted by the power centers. Either they’re a player, or they’re a collaborator. “Social proof” and similar factors make it difficult to move to Jackson Hole or even the Hamptons, even if they could tele-commute.
      The once-great cities don’t seem very appealing places to live in, even for the wealthy. As a peon, I’d be hesitant to even visit them, even absent the pandemic.
      This article trenchantly observes that the looters have free reign; the barbarians have breached the gates and plunder with little to no opposition.

      • I don’t think it is the barbarians breaching the gates. I think this is like the late Roman Republic, where roving, politically sponsored gangs terrorized Rome.

          • It rhymes indeed, Babylon enslaved the jews before the big noses opened the gates to conquerors, USA on the other hand peacefully invited the tribe in & enriched its members & in return the big noses opened the gates to savages.
            There truly is a difference.
            Or maybe we should look at jews plotting to bring muslims inside the visigothic empire.
            Damn, history rhymes like Shakespeare’s sonnets.

  34. I’ve often wondered why he hasn’t jumped to Gab. In one shot, he could pull the rug out from under Twitter and establish an alternate channel for communication.

    Interestingly, I’ve noticed that for the last few days Biden is declining in the polls. Not drastically, but steadily and consistently.

    As things stand today, it still looks like Trump will lose, but I wouldn’t want to put money on it.

    • It’s been a calm news cycle (people have normalized the rioting) and there’s a general lack of what the Nate Silvers of the world call “quality polling.”

      This campaign has been so low-wattage, it’s hard to believe it’s less than 90 days to go.

      • > This campaign has been so low-wattage, it’s hard to believe it’s less than 90 days to go.
        Both left and right are drastically losing confidence in the electoral process. The only question now is how long until we get a de-facto Caesar in our lifetime.

        • The sooner the better. Moldbug said something interesting a few months back comparing the 2016 election to the 1905 Russian Revolution: a premature ejaculation of energy before material circumstances could support a genuine regime change. I think 4-8 years of status quo decline might accelerate Caesar’s arrival.

      • Actually they can be, as long as you filter out the noise. For example, I’ll generally discard any national poll with a sample size smaller than 1200. Anything smaller than that isn’t going to capture regional differences.
        If you were watching those polls in 2016, it was obvious the race was closer than the media was telling us. And those polls are telling the same story now.

        • Yeah, the Breitards toss the baby out with the bathwater re: polling.

          Additionally, the concept of “margin of error” is poorly understood.

          • One of the underappreciated aspects of the 538 project is that it is built on the assumption that polls have a natural and predictable bias. Silver tried to correct for that by weighting for bias. Sounds good, but there comes a point when the bias moves beyond what can be properly weighted. That seems to have been the case in 2016. Most likely, the bias has not declined, but instead it has become greater than ever.

            Then there is the credit union effect. In the run-up to the mortgage crisis, the credit agencies were rubber stamping whatever the banks put in front of them, because the banks were their clients. Since all polls have paying clients (Media, parties, campaigns), the center of gravity within that customer base will drag the polls with them.

            My sense is the polling outfits sense this, the respectable ones at least. We may see Trump magically rise in the polls over the next six weeks as a result.

          • Polling is subjective, not objective. You can do two polls with the same questions, differently worded, and get different results. Pollsters know how to work their polls.

          • I’m of the belief that you have two types of polls: 1) for internal consumption, the other 2) for external consumption. Obviously, the external ones are for public opinion creation. Those are what we see and I simply don’t trust.

            Our discussion here often seems to me to be of the Murray-Gelman effect that Micheal Crichton coined so long ago. We all seem to agree that the polling regarding Trump’s inevitable defeat by Clinton were pure BS and a Hail Mary pass to sway electoral opinion through demoralization.

            And yet, we talk of today’s polls as if by magic, pollsters have reformed and now seek to measure public opinion rather than create such.
            I’m of the belief that you have two types of polls: 1) for internal consumption, the other 2) for external consumption. Obviously, the external ones are for public opinion creation. Those are what we see and I simply don’t trust.

            Our discussion here often seems to me to be an example of the Murray Gell-Mann effect that Micheal Crichton coined so long ago. We all seem to agree that the polling regarding Trump’s inevitable defeat by Clinton were pure BS and a Hail Mary pass to sway electoral opinion through demoralization.

            And yet, we talk of today’s polls as if by magic, pollsters have reformed and now seek to measure public opinion rather than create such. Best to move on.

          • Like any numbers, they can be seasoned to taste. Even to do an honest poll is a challenge, e.g. how to word questions neutrally.
            In today’s news, a poll reports 36% of Blacks are leaning to Trump. Usually they are about 90% to Dems. This sounds encouraging for our side.If Negroes are voting Republican then things are worse than I thought!

          • The one I saw had blacks at about 20% Trump. Even that is probably 3 sigma off the mean black support for a sitting Republican. This is definitely encouraging as blacks are a central pillar in the shaky edifice of Democratic support.

            At this point I’m skeptical of pretty much every poll though simply because a lot of the value of them is their “Ceteris paribus” (all other things equal) quality. You have this supposedly highly reliable predictive tool that actually gets most of its reliability from the fact that most of the times it’s been used not much was really all that different from any other time. Needless to say, this time, the election is practically taking place on a different planet from all the other ones.

      • Polls are a means of social control. One of many. Title VII corporate lawfare, credit card usury, sportsball, mood-altering drugs, cheap flights to Vegas, no-fault divorce, public schools, to name a few others.

      • Nah, Epaminondas, the polls can be trusted – to tell the opposite of the truth. Like how GWH Bush was losing 43-57 in 1988, or how Trump was losing 40-60 in 2016.

    • Becase “getting on Gab” is a real pain in the butt, especially on the smartphone. Both the Play Store and Apple App Store banned it.
      Though he may have to, or use Parler. I predict if Trump finds his 2016 voice and polls start showing him leading Biden, Twitter will ban him. The Left has guts and will ban a sitting president.

      • I didn’t think using Gab on a smartphone was that challenging. After the first time I logged in, it gave me a link to setup a desktop icon which functioned similar to an app since then. I don’t use it much, but it works just fine.

    • Gab is not going to be the anti-Twitter. I look at the most popular,including Zman, and see very few interactions such as likes, reposting or commenting.
      I don’t think it will be what many hope it can be. That and the smartapp assholes banned it.

      • It’s smaller, so that is to be expected. Proportionally, Gab probably has more interactions. I know it sends more traffic to me than Twitter ever did. Ann Coulter tweeted out one of my posts last year and I got a grand total of 700 hits from it.

        Twitter is an echo chamber for moonbats.

    • Don’t worry – the Dems will pull a rabbit out of the hat in the form of a Kamala Harris (or similar) running mate for Lunchbucket Joe, once the polls get too low.
      And Presto! He will have more forward momentum. I predict if he wins, he won’t make it past the first year of his term before “retiring.”

  35. I’m wondering about all this cryptic stuff about Trump’s comments about having very rich, very powerful enemies? And the staff all coming out to say goodbye when he went on his last trip?
    In his boots… I’d pick that fight with Goliath right now. I’d go after Hillary or Obutthole or Silicon Valley and I’d swing first, fast, and hard. That alone would guarantee a win in November.

      • I thought it referred to the supposed dust up with Adelson (and the Mercers are supposedly sitting this one out as well.)

        • look at the sands profits. Adelson has been put on notice by the rest of the club not to get involved.

      • Your skepticism is warranted. But as our esteemed blog host has noted – Trump can be a bull in a china shop. Is he crazy enough to start the mother of all feuds in Washington by actually turning the tables on big guns in The Swamp? Many dissidents don’t think so… but Trump has proven them wrong in the past. Now would be an excellent time to do it again… but as you say… don’t get your hopes up.

    • I think those comments to which you refer, have to do with the Hollywood pe*****le rings that he and some of his affiliates are breaking up.
      Think: Mr. Epstein (who I believe is still alive) and Ms. Maxwell. And that’s related to the North Bruswick son and husband of a judge who had Epstein on her upcoming docket.
      And for example: why is Tom Hanks now in possesion of a Greek passport? To avoid prosecution for liking little girls.
      And on and on.
      There is much more to this “don’t go out” thing than faulty science.

  36. If I was President, I’d be running fireside chats every week. But I’m not. Trump is. He cannot stay on script every week for the next four months. It just isn’t how he speaks. His speaking style grates on even semi-literate people, talking for fifteen minutes into a mic without an audience to riff off is not his strong suit.

    • I think if I was advising on this, I’d have him sit every week with someone who would toss the ball in the air and let him swing. He would know what is coming, but he would be talking to someone, which is his strength. I’d also allow super chats or something like it. People pay to chat, which would offer some social proof. Sure, the shitheads would try to crash the party, but they would be drowned out and that would offer more social proof.

      • Trump sparing with shitheads is his biggest strength and a core appeal.

        His smartest play would be shouting down reporters and hecklers one a weekly basis. Since it’s all show anyway, might as well just set that up.

      • Yesterday’s press conference was instructive. I never tune into these things, but happened to do so for background noise. I felt Trump looked and sounded tired reading off his script.

        Then he was whisked away by the Secret Service, and everyone was left with the mystery of what was going on. After a few minutes of media panic, he returns again—calm and with a little swagger. Suddenly doing a Q-A with the reporters he seemed fresh and confident—even though he had nothing to tell them about what had just happened. Everyone had been wondering what disaster had struck this time, and there’s Trump shrugging it off. It was the real guy.

        i think Trump has mostly been off-putting during the Corona period; calm reassurance isn’t his thing, and he’s almost uniquely unsuited to the role of pacifier. He’s great at other roles, but for that to shine it depends on the external circumstances.

    • Agreed – all great ideas. Too bad Z isn’t on his staff. However, if he’s going to take action, and that’s not a given – he better get cracking, as times a wasting.

    • Ah yes the old “poor ol’ Don is controlled by Javanka” routine.

      As if the man has no agency and isn’t at all responsible for his awful staffing decisions. It’s all so tiresome.

      • At some point, a fisherman decides the fish are never going to bite at his current location. You can’t wait and hope forever. Cut bait.

    • T follows the Z-plan, gets reelected. What can we expect? 

      A pathetic continuation of the past 4 years…or…

      He accomplishes all of his goals. Which will do what?

      Slow, stop and reverse? Or

      Lower the temperature to a simmer down from a boil?

      At his best he is Hazony’s candidate. He was never ours.  

      This election should not be thought of as Trump vs Biden…

      It should be Trump the energy sump vs white agency unleashed. 

       At best this election will slow things down enough to give the illusion that cooler heads have regained control…but in truth we will continue to lose ground on all fronts. Rubio/Hawley will be spoonfed to us as Trump’s heirs. 4…8…. more years of being simmered to death instead of being more quickly boiled off by the Voodoo-Challahwood production. 

      Whites are beginning to have the conversations they need to have. Organizing in real life is beginning to take root. It has a ways to go but YT who has misspent and misdirected all of his energy and agency is beginning to focus those things on the ‘clash of civilizations’.

      Our enemies are forcing us to circle the wagons not our oh-so-reasonable friends.

      In all national elections it’s heads they win tails we lose. We have reached the point where the harder road is for us the better road. 

      For 75 years we’ve had slowdowns but not even a single stop or temporary reversal.

      If you want to give this thing one more go…I understand. I’ve been back-and-forth on this more than a couple of times.

      Building local networks of white men and tying those into regional and national sturctures is now the single most important thing we can do. The more heated things are the more attractive male bonding becomes.

      If you feel you must vote for Trump…kill the GOP. If you vote R for senate or house you really need to think things through more fully.

      • Well spoken, I go back and forth on this as well.

        I’m also beginning to think that Breitard tears might taste every bit as good as those Lefty tears did four years ago, and might have a more positive, long-lasting effect.

        • It’s the acceleration vs. buying time argument when you boil it down. I will take the buy time for four more years. Dont let the left take their foot off the gas in their deconstruction campaign. They’ll try easing the breaks on if Joe and the Ho win 2020.

          The Republic is on life-support and ain’t gonna pull out of it in the long run. Check. Got it. I don’t know if the Left can call their attack dogs off if they take 2020. So now we will have anarchist diversity ground troops bolstered by a sympathetic regime. At least a largely ineffectual Trump is somewhat of a temporary storm shelter.

          Macro: More protests and unrest helps us. More whites feeling the diversity boot helps us. These are things we can work with. A year ago I would have argued that a Trump reelection would only put people back into the snooze mode of “yay, my red team won again, what sportsball am I gonna watch tonight?” A year of disturbing violence and plague isolation… more of Our people are starting to herd in this direction.

          Micro. Are you ready for an accelerated demise? Got your rural property in a friendly zone? Financially able to weather the storm? Kith and kin you can call on for defense? Similar-minded neighbors mutually supporting each other? Bullets and beans?

          The wicked run wild among us but don’t run everything yet. Time is Our People’s ally.

          • Isolated property in a friendly area will work out great unless cars and roads and planes exist.

            Actually horses were enough to let the Jacobins genocide the Vendee, but yeah maybe this time a house in the woods plus a couple cases of .556 and some MREs will get us though

          • Anonymousse,

            I get where you are coming from, and if your Aunt had balls she’d be your Uncle. TPTB also have nukes, so why even bother?

            I wish the Taliban, Viet Cong and Shia militias all had taken the same view.

            And being in a law-abiding, friendly ethnic enclave with the ability to produce for you and your community as well as provide some level mutual protection is a bad idea, um how?

            Think less Red Dawn in what I wrote and more a modified Benedict Option.

            But to entertain your complaint, Roads can be blocked, bridges made impassable, planes need fuel and protection, and cars need the aforementioned unblocked and unhindered roads.

          • I’m not blackpilling, I’m saying that just hiding out domestically and going full prepper is not ,and never has been, viable.

            Win this thing (balkanization or reconquista), flee the country (at least temporarily), or prepare for manful defeat and just pray for a miracle. We should already see that there is nothing beautiful they won’t tirelessly seek out to smash – the community you want to build is beautiful indeed.

            There will be no separate peace, we have to focus energy on the general struggle.

          • Anonymous,

            Thank you for the clarification, Sir. I see what you are saying but we’ll have to disagree somewhat. I see the rural communities and small town redemption as a temporary phase. First refuge, magnets of civility to show others what is possible, and then as bases to move forward.

            I think my prepping comment might have sunk in with you more than it was intended. Prepping is never a bad idea, but for me it’s a sideline duty on par with checking my tire inflation and making sure my insurance policy is current. The commercialization and prepper bugout porn stuff isn’t me. I’m looking more at building Mayberrys where TPTB feel like they need to tread lightly. Functioning communities.

          • Quite true and +1 for the Vendee reference.

            I’m sure Queen Kamala Killwhitey can’t wait to give us all a “Republican Baptism.”

          • Excellent synopsis of the situation PM. I would like to add to this a brief thought experiment. It’s called “Hillary won in 16”.

            Now imagine that it’s early 2020. We’ve had 3.5 years of the usual Leftist shenanigans and corruption. A few more associates of Hillary have been found arkancided here and there. If we’re lucky we’re not at war with China or Russia but we probably are at war with Iran. Along comes Panda Flu and…. nothing much. Maybe the Hillary admin puts in some mild travel restrictions. The proper degree of skepticism about the “data” coming out of the PRC is expressed. Nursing homes are locked down and maybe Cuomo and a few other Lefty governors get to play dictator for a few weeks during the peak of the virus. At the end of May, most of the relatively mild restrictions are gone and George Floyd goes shopping with his fake $20s. The media shows the video of Chauvin squishing Floyd 5 or 10 times and moves on when people start yawning about yet another black perp getting what he probably deserved. There are no riots anywhere. Sportball is played and white fans continue to watch in spite of being mildly annoyed by commercials featuring miscegenation and gay couples. Campaigning goes on as normal with the media holding back the footage of the times when the strings holding up Biden’s arms became visible. In November Sleepy Joe wins easily and President Oprah is sworn in after Joe takes his last nap sometime in December.

            My point is that at this point Trump is, in a sense, both the accelerationist pick and also an admittedly tenuous foothold on legitimate power and rallying point for self defense against Leftist violence. He can provide us some cover for the next steps and simultaneously drive our enemies to make even more mistakes.

            Even the prospect of his re-election has driven the Left to destroy the economies in their own strongholds and refuse to stop mobs from destroying their own cities, many of which were already in shambles from other Leftist policies. Trump’s actual re-election will send many of them over the edge into spectacular acts of violence and insanity.

            Does anyone really still believe that Trump is the “go back to sleep white man” candidate? Will anyone forget (or forgive) what the Left has done this year much less what they will do when Trump is sworn in again? The white majority does indeed have a huge tendency to want to put the needle of sportsball, personal careerism, and consumerism back in its arm. If it didn’t things wouldn’t have gotten this bad. The events of this year, caused (perhaps inadvertently) by Trump’s presence have yanked away that needle and stomped on it. Unless Biden’s people are the perfect combination of insane and stupid they will at least try to get Whitey hooked on his old drugs again. Let’s not give them that chance.

          • Pozymandius,

            Well said, Sir. And food for thought. I’m not sure which way this wind blows acceleration or deceleration. I’m just making my best guess and my gut tells me a reelection buys time and the future prog antics buys us new cohorts.

            I’m a “God wills it” sort of man and will be give thanks for whichever is placed before us.

        • I was in the park the other day when a caravan of old trucks paraded through, American and Trump 2020 flags flying. These people like their president. I want them to feel another win. I want the establishment to feel me spitting in their face again. Even if the rest of it is for naught sending a middle finger to the ruling class one more makes it worth it to pull that lever for Trump on election day.

        • How come accelerationism is always a strategy proposed in dissident politics and never like in military campaigns or aviation or cancer treatment?

          It’s almost as if accelerationism is not even a real strategy for anything at all but just some kind of cope when people feel they’re losing everything anyway and just want to seize some feeling of control back.

          How about we DECELERATE as much as possible when we’re losing and only ACCELERATE when we’re winning? I’m not sure I can really get into the galaxy brain approach of INTENTIONALLY LOSING FASTER.

          • Some people hold the idea that Americans will go to war for their liberties so we should allow the enemy to win (and end our liberties). The number of Americans who would fight are so small as to be irrelevant.

          • It’s like adrenaline for cardiac arrest. Not to be used when people are awake. People woke up this summer. Time for a different tactic.

      • Sounds like a Dem Distractor. Don’t vote for Trump because it will be futile or there are better things to do or I have a brilliant way forward or blah-blah.

      • Wait… Under Trump, we are finally beginning to organize and redpill ppl en masse, so we should… stop that process and help elect the group who will clamp down and end that organizing process? That makes no sense. We stay in the countryside organizing until we are powerful enough to win, not Leroy Jenkins it because muh orange man disnt turn out to be a race realist.

        • What are you babbling about? The clamp down came under Trump. If he gets re-elected it will intensify. Of course this doesn’t mean don’t vote Trump or don’t organize either. It just means even if Trump is fully our guy, the institutions have been so subverted for so long it is going to take much more than one man for us to see our way out of this mess.

          • the clamp down started after Dylan Roof, under Obama.
            and Trump was a consequence of Obama, so that clamp down was coming anyway.
            Hillary would have shut down this and many other websites already. with Trump at least some dissident websites are afloat and even growing.
            of course, small mercies. voting for Trump is just buying 4 more years, until a real nationalist political option appears. right now we should be building up both communities and cadres to that effect.

      • Except that it will just the opposite of what you put forward-Biden= low simmer. Biden elected and things calm down, antifa demobilized, covid put in its proper perspective. Meanwhile the deep/surveillance state consolidates it hold. A synagogue shooting- can you imagine how they would come after the “white supremacist”? The only reason the mask has slipped is because of trump. There are now white hats in the gov apparatus, not many, but some. Biden will root them out. I argued both sides but trump is the play. Not sure why you guys insist on joining soros efforts at right wing suppression of voting. That should give you pause if nothing else.

      • As I wandered into the oncologist office and had a seat, he frowned . ” how ya doing ? ” he asked . ” not well” ,I answered ” have some problems that are not getting better., aches and pains , and walking is a little painful “.
        ” well the treatments haven’t cured you, and they are not really stopping the disease. They are slowing down the progression some ” he says . ” at this rate , the decline will be slow for the next 4 years or so, then it will probably accelerate”. ” and we can work on the symptoms during that time , but that is no guarantee of progress.” . Uppon hearintg this my face reddened with anger and I shouted at the dr ” NO! , I will not continue to work on this! ” huffing ” if this hasen’t workd so far then just give me a lethal injection now! ” . slowing down the progress and having more time to work on it is for losers.” Shaking his head as he prepared the inection he quietly replied ” ok…”

          • No need to be bitter with each other. Y’all are disagreeing on when, not if, this all falls apart. How much of a speed bump Trump is or not… before the future tribulations of Our People begins in ernest.

            You agree on the most important issue. Its coming.

            If you are one of the dour defeatist, then get thee behind me Satan. Or if you are of the more secular bent: fight or get out of the way.

            If you are trying: building, preparing, networking, growing and contributing to the coming fight for Our People… Use whatever time we have wisely, my brothers and sisters.

          • I agree completle , my satire was supposed to be pointing out that more time is better. not to throw in the towel on trump just because he can’t fix this . I do think he is delaying their progress

          • didn’t read all of my post I see. the whole point I was trying to make is that trump is no cure, but that doesn’t mean he is useless. Why give complete power to the pozzed when we could have 4 more years of them focusing on the hated trump rather than rounding us up and implementing their agenda. Awareness of how messed up is rising and will continue to do so . the whole reason they hate trums so much is he is a drag on their agenda . they have to continuously worry about him going rogue and really messing thing up for them . I want them to keep worrying while i concentrate on building my friend base, and adjusting to the new world to better weather the storm. my whole point was supposed to be : DON’T give up just because ther is not a cure in sight , continue on . I guess my satire skills are not what I thought they were.

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