Gaming The Election

For most people who plan to vote in the upcoming election, the choice is clear and they don’t have to think about it very much. They know their guy is the right choice and the other guy represents the end of the world as we know it. There is nothing anyone could say to them to change their mind. In fact, the number of persuadable people probably rounds to zero. The issue in this election, like most elections, is which side is able to get their partisans to vote, either in person or by mail.

For dissidents it is not that easy. Once you make it to this side of the great divide you know elections are not a solution, but, at best, another opportunity to get more people heading in this direction. Supporting Trump in 2016 was about breaking the pattern so people were not as locked into the old political framing. After four years of Trump, we are faced with a new situation. Is a Trump win better for our side or is a Biden- Harris win better for our side? The answer is not obvious.

Often, our elections are the opposite of what we assume. The pull of partisan politics in a liberal democracy tends to warp the thinking of even the most cynical. In 2000 it seemed obvious that Bush was better than Gore, but in reality, Gore would have been the better choice for white Americans. Bush was the worst thing to happen to white America since the Emancipation Proclamation. Counter-intuitively, Bill Clinton was one of best presidents for white people in the 20th century.

Additionally, even dissidents can fall into the old Cold War mentality of judging candidates by their economic or foreign policy pretensions. The Democrats are the commie doves, while the Republicans are the capitalist hawks. Even at this late date, many dissidents still cling to their libertarian or conservative priors. Instead of thinking about the outcome that serves their people, they think about the outcome that serves their narrow interests as individuals. Group think is hard.

Then there is the bitter loser problem. Many people circulating on this side of the great divide were sure Trump was Hitler. When he turned out to be just another guy, they took it personally, as they personalize everything. Trump did not just get beat by the system, he deliberately finked on them. The only way to assuage their hurt feelings is to show that mean old orange man they are super mad at him. Richard Spencer, for example, is now “Bobbin for Biden” in this election.

If you can stand outside it all and just look at the two outcomes in terms of how they would serve the interests of dissidents, the choice is not so clear. The vinegar club that is now sour on Trump are right that four more years of Trump are unlikely to result in positive changes for our side. Trump is not an ideologue and he tends to personalize everything, so four more years means four more years of squabbling with illiterates on the cable chat shows, but not much else.

On the other hand, when the Left wins, they tend to make good use of their opportunity, so Biden winning means they will move the state in their direction. The most likely outcome of a Biden term in office is an orgy of globalism. Trump has caused the drive to global corporatism to stall, so the usual suspects will be eager to make up for lost time once the addle-minded Biden is in office. On the other hand, the culture war probably goes on hiatus, as it will no longer be useful to them.

Neither of those outcomes are objectively good or bad for dissidents. If you are a fatalist, then the Biden acceleration will be appealing. If you are in the camp that thinks buying time is important, then the Trump interregnum is appealing. Both of those positions miss the point. This is a culture war, so public policy only matters in regards to how it opens the culture to our arguments. In either case, the nature of the culture war changes very little, so both outcomes are a net neutral.

Now, a Trump loss would open one important avenue for us. It would reveal to those rank and file white people that the demographics have now changed and those changes are permanent. That silent majority they were sure exists is a myth. Instead, whites are effectively a minority population. Imagine Trump getting 70% of the white vote but losing the election. All that groveling to non-whites would suddenly become a bitter rebuke of the old civic nationalist politics.

On the other hand, Trump losing would be cast by Republicans as a rejection of racist and evil politics of the past. Both faces of the political class are ready for a campaign to convince those disappointed whites that the reason Trump lost is they foolishly supported a racist. Their path to redemption is to wash the feet harder. The ease with which these people convinced so many to wear their underwear on their head to ward off the virus should be a warning to the acceleration crowd.

The “win by losing” theory is like libertarianism, in that it sounds good in the classroom, but it is nonsense in the field. The fact is, Trump winning would give us more riots and mayhem, so the white awakening would probably accelerate. The fact is, more white people have become racially aware in the last three months than in the last three years, despite Trump’s groveling. There are much larger forces at work than one election, so the outcome is just one small data point.

That said, winning breeds confidence. Most of the people ready to vote Trump are more ready for the trip over the great divide than at any point in their lives. That transformation will continue, regardless of the outcome, but a little confidence never hurts. In a way, mobilizing to put Trump over the top is good practice for the sorts of politics that lie in the near future for these white people. They may not be ready to know it yet, but their pro-Trump activity is their first step into the future.

Greg Johnson pointed out, that small minds focus on people, while average minds focus on events. Great minds focus on ideas, but it is the combination of these that provides the full picture. Most of the partisan squabbling on-line about the election will be among one of those first two camps. What will matter is how this election serves the promotion of racial awareness among whites. More specifically, how will the outcome give whites confidence to look at the world racially?

The critical issue in this election is in how dissidents use it to promote their interests in their daily lives. Passing around this story to whites still trapped in the fog of old politics is more helpful than mocking those calling Harris a radical or a commie. Instead of mocking those “boomers’ trapped in the past, offer them a way forward by using this election to normalize racial politics for them. That’s the gift Biden gave us by picking Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Ultimately, the result of this election will matter very little. The demographic die is cast and there is no voting our way out of it. America will soon function like Spain after the fall of the Roman Empire. What will matter in this election and for the remaining elections is how dissidents use these opportunities to awaken white people to the reality of this age and provide a positive way forward into white identity politics. It is not about the man or the event, but about us and our ideas.

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368 thoughts on “Gaming The Election

  1. Hole up…”Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents for white people in the 20th century.”
    As someone who watched what remained of his family get blown apart in the gutting of the remnants of a productive middle class economy in the Rust Belt via NAFTA…can I get a link on that argument please?
    I can’t continue reading until that is resolved. Haha.

  2. I spent just a few days in Lexington for business at one time. It was during the summer so the university was not in session. I quite liked the area. I felt it was worthy of further exploration.

  3. This election will be decided by ONE THING….the ability of the communist demonrats to CHEAT. They know that Brain Dead Joe and The Ho have ZERO chance of winning the election in an honest contest. Thus the massive propaganda campaign to convince people that if they physically go to the polls they WILL DIE from the Shanghai Shivers and thus we MUST vote ONLY by “mail in ballots”….which will allow the left to commit vote fraud on a scale heretofore unimaginable. And the Lame Stream Media Whores aka the Propaganda Arm of the American Communist Party nee Democrats, are working feverishly to help achieve this goal

    • Unbelievably, St. Fao-chi has stated that there’s no problem with in-person voting.

      This guy’s as senile as Biden.

      • Indeed he is. Fauci probably will change his claim the next time a left-winger interviews him. Why people have not been able to see this is just an old man glory whoring at the end of his bureaucratic career is beyond belief.

        • Fao-chi, or is it Fauxi, I can never remember, also holds vaccine patents that could easily double his already considerable $10 million net worth.

  4. We’re beyond the ballot box so it no longer matters. Accelerationists have no gameplan. We saw with WN 1.0 in the 1990s what happens with people who want to “prepare”. Rest assured that one of the first things they’ll do once they know they have total power is snuff out the people hiding out in deep red areas, bunkers, etc. They’ve been salivating for Randy Weaver 2.0 where they win to cheering throngs of non-whites and cat ladies who will enjoy skewering empowered whites who thought they could run away.

    We earned the right to be here. We live here. The time for retreat is over; we need to be shining beacons of post-white America. (((They))) will be too busy wrangling with their non-white golems to keep onto power for much long. I want to be part of the long game of white reconstruction in America and that’s not going to be done in Montana cabins and bunkers.

    • Use any tool available. If voting, no matter how meaningless it may be foments unrest, that is a good reason to do it. I agree with you about standing your ground but not to the point of slaughter. People need to GTFO New York and San Francisco, plus a number of other cities, and move into White areas.

  5. economic or foreign policy pretensions do touch tangentially on the race issue though. one can increase spending, but not give it away to the colored. one can raise military to protect borders of the US and not of Israel or Ukraine. commies are by doctrine universalist and antiracist, just as libertardians (and not so much Christians, at least they shouldn’t be). and so on.

    also, the Visigoths were relatively okay. knew when to accept Roman-Catholic cultural superiority, too. guess they were still Germanic and always arguing about leadership, so 711 had to happen, and the Cross had to reestablish itself through blood.

    that said, wholly agreed on the rest. the blackpillers on Trump will argue anything, that he’s not conservative enough, that he’s not redistributionist or economic-nationalist enough, that he is too religious, that he isn’t religious enough, etc. but the fact is, he’s done some good things to our cause, and when he hasn’t, he has at least opened the door for more action to be pushed by those of us angry expecting more.

    yes, Kobach and Sessions and others have been jew-stabbed, but at least now we know clearly that the GOP cannot be trusted. eventually push will come to shove: the GOP will not be able to win Congress i think, and the divided government that will result will mean economics and foreign policy will stagnate but at least remain unmoved on one hand; while increased race and cultural arguments will happen on the other hand as the divided government politicians twist around in frustration and try to garner votes; meaning, acceleration will happen regardless.

    • Back when everyone was having fun the gag was to get celebrants of Afro history month to retweet and upvote this.

  6. Trump or Biden its civil war. Biden announced Harris by running against all Whites who are all Klan.

    Thats his play a final solution to White people. Or rather his handlers and Harris.

    Trump and the Joint Chiefs will remove him and put most Whites in camps.

  7. As is so often the case, this is a good analysis. But, in this case, it’s flawed by thinking that what ‘normie’ needs is ‘confidence’ in the future. I think I understand what Zman is getting at here, but the problem with many normie-cons is too much confidence: confidence that they understand what is going on, confidence in ‘the system’, confidence that their culture cannot be erased, confidences that ‘the pendulum’ will ‘swing back’ and all will be well.
    That kind of confidence is going to have to be replaced with uncertainty before Normie Learns To Hate (to paraphrase Kipling) the non-Whites, the ruling class, the race-traitors and miscegenators and the (((cosmopolitans))).
    The folks who need confidence and to develop a positive forward-looking attitude are those of us on this side of the Great Divide. We need to understand what we stand for (the 14 words) and what we’re aiming towards (White ethnostates) and communicate our purpose with confidence and good will towards those who — and let’s be honest here — are just now moving away from a set of assumptions about ‘how things are’ that many of us also held not all that long ago.
    This is why I don’t care if it’s Biden or Trump. Both are busily undermining White confidence in ‘the system’.

    • You are spot on but it’s the confidence in the mindset. White confidence right now is hoping random black people pat them on the back and tell them they’re not racist. True white confidence is wanting, and making tangible steps towards, a bright future for white people.

      I may or may not vote but the silver lining to November is seeing boomercon bromides smashed to pieces. Can’t grill and chill your way out of this and Trump is likely going to do worse with blacks in 2020 than he did in 2016. A lot of black conservative grifters have popped up in the era of Trump and a Trump loss means they get sent packing. If Trump wins, it’s because enough white people stand up, which means boomer grifters and black hucksters like Candace Owens are left behind.

      We see the futility in voting for Trump and other whites will eventually reach the same conclusion. However whites are going to want to vote Trump out of spite. It’s not their fault but we can show them the way.

  8. The fact is, Trump winning would give us more riots and mayhem, so the white awakening would probably accelerate.

    Yes. As I mentioned before, I put aside my cynicism (i.e. conviction that it changes nothing about the most important issue to me, which is white demographic replacement: ‘White Man: Democracy is the noose the third world will lynch you with’) and broke my voting fast for Trump in 2016 (he’s been a monumental disappointment). But ‘acceleration’ will occur in any case; a Trump win in 2020 will maintain a pole to focus the attention of ‘normies’ on the contrast. White men: It’s rule or be ruled, which is it going to be? Take a good look at the people who will be, and who will be electing, your future rulers.

    • Trump has succeeded in slowing down the white west-destroying globalism. If re-elected, an additional block of time may bring an end to globalism as whites in the west are waking up. Biden/Harris would revive globalism and put it on steroids to detriment of our people. That alone is good reason to vote for Trump.

        • Trump replaced NAFTA with the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada) trade agreement, which is much better for our farmers and producers.

          He cancelled(?) or at least halted forward progress of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which would have destroyed what was left of U.S. manufacturing and further hurt mom & pop small businesses and farming while giving nearly unchecked power to multi-national corporations who would prevail over all governments and no legal recourse would be available counter them, basically making possible global corporate rulership over all nations, governments, people. I have the feeling TPP and TTIP would be quickly revived and implemented by Biden/Harris.

          Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord which would have cost the U.S. unnecessary $ billions upon billions while crippling our own industries.

          He withdrew our participation in the insane Global Compact for Migration, which effectively makes all white countries open borders with a mandate to provide shelter and support for any and all migrants who want to leave their sh!thole and be taken care of by white people in nice white countries.

          These are the biggies I can think of that have a huge impact on our people. God bless Trump for doing the right thing here.

          • Trump deserves much credit for torpedoing TPP and TTIP.
            They literally established a form of global governance of the Corporations by the Corporations for the Corporations with their decisions not subject to so called “sovereign” Government review.
            Anybody who , in any way,shape or form ever supported either of these needs to see the inside of a running woodchipper ASAP.

            How appalling these were cannot be overstated.

          • TPP and TTIP — the masterpieces of Michael Froman with input from Hillary Clinton and other evil sorts.

    • Another likely outcome is the Left steals the election or refuses to acknowledge the result, the Republicans sit on their hands, and the USSC rubberstamps it (a Supreme Court decision today greenlighted voter fraud). It would totally delegitimize the federal government and many states at a minimum no longer would recognize the USG supremacy over their laws.

      • Imo Trump ain’t that incompetent to let the democrats steal the elections, don’t disagree with the second part.

      • Suspect unless Trump achieves a super majority (>2/3) of the popular vote (highly unlikely) the Dems will demand a recount till they get the…right answer, or the Supremes will, as you say, rubberstamp it for them.
        More then ever, it’s really not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

        • If Trump doesn’t win at least 60% of the vote expect six months of ballot harvesting followed by a military coup.

          • We will become a continental Northern Ireland at that point. The more the federal government and its tranny Hessian Ziocuck stormtroopers are delegitimized, the better.

        • Likely if not probable. The United States will make The Troubles look like a child’s birthday party if/when that happens.

  9. Zman first says this: “The vinegar club that is now sour on Trump are right that four more years of Trump are unlikely to result in positive changes for our side.”

    And he adds this: “What will matter is how this election serves the promotion of racial awareness among whites.”

    But then? He says this: Most of the people ready to vote Trump are more ready for the trip over the great divide than at any point in their lives. That transformation will continue, regardless of the outcome, but a little confidence never hurts. In a way, mobilizing to put Trump over the top is good practice for the sorts of politics that lie in the near future for these white people.

    And finally adds this: The fact is, Trump winning would give us more riots and mayhem, so the white awakening would probably accelerate.”

    I think we got us an endorsement! So now everyone here, please repeat after me: “I will vote for Trump in this election because him winning will be the best result for my people” (or “for my tribe”, or “for my population cohort”, or “for those who share my cultural values”).

  10. If I talked to Machiavelli in a seance he would say this: The best way to get white people to abandon their current politics is to make them feel pain. They already feel a lot of pain, most are treading water and one by one slipping below the water line. Once you do that traditional milquetoast (traitorous Bush) politics are over. So in a way to preserve the white race the white middle class must be destroyed, as the great political moderation was a result of mid 20th Century middle class prosperity. A consumerist, debt slave prosperity that robbed men of their manhood and turned their kids into faggots that listen to Ted Talks. The unit cost of citizenship must be driven up to a point where being a citizen is more of a burden than a privilege. For some it already is. In addition the military has to be gutted and defunded to protect white people. They’ll use this weapon against them in the end, and it must be hollowed out as ultimate power is at the end of the barrel. The Army is practically all blacks and latinos now with zero loyalties except to their own and do what they’re told. Taxes need to be driven through the roof, which won’t bring in any more revenue but will be an extra burden on small business. This new scarcity of resources will instantly cause a formation of tribalism, and the white tribe is the only one currently unformed. The Democrats will do a fine job of moving money from the Pentagon to the welfare dole in a vain attempt to keep it alive. The Republicans would let every man woman and child in the country starve to protect even one bloated weapons program that will be turned on white insurrections. A giant lethal force that can eventually crush us all. The Democrats will send the system, the same system that falsely imprisons white protestors while others can loot at will, tits up at a faster rate, and that’s a good thing.

    • Biden will be expected to start a new war within a matter of months, and both parties will be onboard with it.

      Your points are excellent and I largely agree with them, but I think the Deep State oppression will intensify if Trump is elected, whether it is honored or not, and White will be forced to act.

      • I think Biden’s handlers will want everything to go back to 1998, which it can’t and won’t, with globo-corp shipping product everywhere. But you never know, there could be a war. Hillary loved war after all. And if it does happen it would only drain resources faster. The dissident playbook should be like the old US playbook of drawing the Soviets into bankruptcy by any means. Unfortunately this means the obliteration of material prosperity in the short and medium term and real hardship. MMT is a perfect weapon to do this. The irony is the amount of dissidents who think MMT would work. Hitlernomics was failing before the war even started.

        • That’s not a bad strategy, bleeding the State dry, but it is happening without a war even now.

          A humiliating military defeat, in which the majority of the casualties are not our people, would further delegitimize the USA with little harm to us.

          • It amazes me how we sail our carriers around like old clipper ships. With the advent of hypersonic missiles they’ll end up either at the bottom of the Persian Gulf or the South China Sea. They were exposed white elephants even before this new technology. Yet another aspect of a declining civilization. A total aloofness to changes in military technology because wired in contractors need to keep the gravy flowing.

          • 2014: “As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up – or about to be – with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control.

            “The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft – unarmed – repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

            “After that, the 4th generation destroyer immediately set sail towards a port in Romania.”

            What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

          • There are plenty of ways to disable or damage today’s electronic systems and their sensitive components.

            For example, if you can transmit enough power on the right frequency at the opponent’s antenna, it is possible to blow out their receiver with little to no possibility of field repair. Sure, some systems have protective circuitry at the antenna input, but many don’t.

            It is also possible to affect other points in the signal chain with enough power. It is not possible to protect every point in the signal chain because cost, size, and complexity would be totally unacceptable.

          • The military serves two purposes, one less more than in the past. The first is it is a total grift. The other, less common now as Whites wake up and vibrants want to be all that they can be, is that it took our best and brightest out of the gene pool or crippled them.

          • Correct.

            The MIC is all about profiteering now. It has nothing to do with developing systems that minimize our side’s casualties and maximize the opponent’s casualties.

          • If the hypersonics don’t get the carriers the subs will. There have been multiple documented instances of subs popping up in the middle of battlegroups and getting torpedoes off during naval exercises.

            On top of that, the F/A-18 does not match up well versus the Flanker and all its variants.

            The F-22 and F-35 are so awesome that the Air Force just signed a huge contract with Boeing to restart production on an upgraded F-15 in St. Louis. Two of the main reasons being that the F-15 is much cheaper and it can carry an enormous amount of missiles compared to the F-35.

    • Also the military was bringing lots of foreigners into armed service as a path to U.S. citizenship. This was creating a true globalist military that would have no problem being used against its own U.S. citizens by globalist leaders. Trump noted at some point a few years back that this was not a good idea and somewhat put the brakes on the practice, it seems.
      “An estimated 511,000 foreign-born veterans – many of whom are citizens – live in the U.S., with approximately 40,000 immigrants actively serving today. An average of 7,000 legal permanent residents enlist each year, and more than 100,000 immigrants have served and earned citizenship through the military in the last twenty years. Over the last century, military service has provided a pathway to American citizenship for more than 760,000 immigrant service members.
      “But naturalization rates for service members fell a staggering 43% in 2019 from the previous year. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) only naturalized 4,135 individuals in FY2018, compared to 7,228 the year prior. For comparison, USCIS completed 11,230 military naturalizations in 2010, the highest rate in the data USCIS has published.”

      • The CivNat, Sean Hannity like worship of the military is one of its worst aspects. I got into huge arguments over this in the aughts. Don’t tell them that a standing army was highly controversial at the founding of the Republic and that this grift, which has been in overdrive since 1940, robs all the productive of society (ahem, whites) while endangering them at the same time, both at home and abroad. In 2020 we have plenty of home grown brown people to “do the job Americans won’t do.” – Real Americans anyway.

        • Ziocucks like Hannity are unintentionally hilarious. The last time I watched or listened to him, after months of him chronicling FISA abuse, he was arguing for its renewal. Apparently only one percent of the FBI/DOJ is corrupt, you see.

          They live in a world long dead. Conservatism is a more failed ideology than communism.

          • So true. I cut the cord years ago, but I saw his show in my hotel room last month. Whenever I’m in hotels I always realize why cord cutting is the best thing ever.

  11. Z Man said: “Ultimately, the result of this election will matter very little. The demographic die is cast and there is no voting our way out of it. America will soon function like Spain after the fall of the Roman Empire.”

    I think that’s the long and short of it. All the studys I’ve read say that the average voter never gets anything they want. The money gets it all every time. So vote don’t vote, it’s up to the individual.

    Here’s 2 articals about the election and one just for laughs.

    Trump On Kamala: “She Was My Number One Pick”

    Brace For The Worst Election In US History.

    John McAfee Arrested For Wearing A Woman’s Thong As A Facemask In Germany.

    • The ZeroHedge piece was awesome. I especially liked:

      The dumbest thing about believing foreign nations are interfering in American democracy is believing America has any democracy to interfere with. 

      The only reason to vote is as a strategic maneuver. The writer is exactly right.

  12. History teaches that when a large polity collapses (usually when a majority of it’s people decay from productive to parasitic), pandemic bloodshed becomes the ensuring reality. And when that happens, evolution teaches that typically the strong/intelligent survive and the weak/stupid perish. UNLESS, a tyranny arises to fuck this up. And if you think jackboots can’t happen here, look to Melbourne AUS as a harbinger.

    • I’ve spent a lot of time in Melbourne. Think a slightly more Marxist Portland. What has happened there has not surprised me in the least.

  13. The fact is, more white people have become racially aware in the last three months than in the last three years

    This is definitely happening, and it goes back more than three months for me. I finally wound up here prior to St George of the Joggers because I was (in hindsight, naively) shocked at the anti-white sentiment of those who were vocally irate against reopening protests. The good whites and their pets of all colors came for me and those I know simply because I want to continue to be able to go into my office.

  14. “This is a culture war, so public policy only matters in regards to how it opens the culture to our arguments.”

    I guess I don’t understand how this is still a “culture war”. I agree with the “we’re not voting or talking our way out of this” sentiment.

    • It’s a culture war because we aren’t arguing about who gets the tax revenue from Alsace or which claimant for king we support. We are arguing about who we are, which people the state should be designed to favor, how we will live. That’s the argument, and the implications of this sort of argument are profound – not least because of the potential for ruin it contains.

    • The most succinct example of the culture war: Are men in sundresses women?

      This disagreement is so much deeper than politics that it is ontological. No compromise is possible, other than strict federalism or separation.

      • Federalism? So the people that don’t respect the basic boundaries between biological categories are going to permanently respect some kind of fuddy duddy white person written laws?

        Laws that even allow hateful people in other locales within your federation to oppress their innocent little boys by not having their [penises] cut off and then telling them to get buggered by somalians?

        As the late great Aunt Jemima might say “What is you sayin’ honey chile?!”

        This thing only ends with exterminatus, and the ultimate question is the honorable Mr. Sailer’s who/whom.

        • No disagreement from me.

          Lenin is usually credited with the “Who? Whom?” outlook. We could learn something about fomenting revolution from that guy.

  15. Whenever you are describing that smug look of a libertarian double-crossing the right, Richard Spencer’s face comes to mind. When he speaks, I have that same reaction. He has always rubbed me the wrong way in the same way libertarians rub you the wrong way, like some stupid smug little jerk who just stole orphan’s money out of the collection plate.

      • In addition to the kook factor, the texts between Spencer and Kline “proving” Kessler had a Jewish grandmother are just stupid. You don’t have the same last name as your grandmother’s maiden name. It is possible his grandmother was only 43 years old when he was born, but it isn’t likely. Since this woman was dead, why didn’t they spend two minutes looking for her obit to see if his name was in it? How did Spencer get into Duke?

        • How did Spencer get into Duke?

          I’ve pondered that as well. Then again, I’ve known some extraordinarily dumb people who attended elite colleges.

    • You see him as a naughty boy. I see him as a freaking creepo. This is a guy who vomited all over Taki’s guest bathroom. Didn’t clean it up. And didn’t tell him about it.

      • No, that’s pretty much how I see him too. Spencer ruins everything he touches by being a total screwup who is also a narcissist. Being a screw-up while also being a narcissist is a particularly repugnant combination. He sees himself as a natural elite and a member of a natural aristocracy.
        Kessler turned out to be probably the most decent person involved in UTR, while Spencer turnout to be one of the worst.
        Spencer got every one of NPI’s donors doxed. I’d be willing to forgive such a thing, but then, after the doxer appologized, Spencer said he was considering giving the doxer another high-ranking job within NPI so he could dox any new suckers that didn’t get doxed in the first round.

        One of the major problems at UTR was that Spencer became suspicious of Kessler after Kessler refused to pose in Nazi poses for pictures at a bar some months before the rally. Kessler, who had always struck me as naive and not that bright had the sense to not do something so obviously stupid. But Spencer then worked his ass off getting a lot of the people involved in UTR to not trust Kessler and was spreading rumors behind his back via text messaging. This came out during discovery of one these lawsuits. So a lot of the people Kessler had working (nominally) for him were actively working against him behind his back. Spencer brought in some of the most odious people on their recommendations.

        That’s not to say this was all Spencer’s fault. The Alt-Right was getting lucky over and over and over and their luck had to run out sometime given how stupid and incompetent most of the leaders were/are. Sooner or later, a retard rally was going to produce a shit show. Charlottesville just happened to be that shit show. This was obvious by April of 2017. If Charlottesville hadn’t of happened, something else would have.

        • Great. Of course the black BLM guy I was talking with brought up Charlottesville. He insisted that he’d seen videos of James Fields tearing through the crowd at 70 mph.

          Thanks, Spencer!

          Never again. That was stupid of me to let myself get baited.

          As 3g4me says, my only standard is, “will this benefit white people?”

          Go grey, go silent and solo.

          Give them nothing.

        • I appreciate that everyone here is far too mature to point out that he also sounds like a complete [homosexual].

          As if more was needed Spencer’s little “heil Trump” with the ol’ bellamy for the media cameras was up there among things that necessitated Trump eventually disavowing the old “alt right”. Optics on the whole LARP started off bad and had just gotten more embarrassing. Associating both NSDAP imagery and awful haircuts with any politician isn’t quite the way to endear them to you.

          It’s sort of forgotten now but Trump had gone in pretty hard with the “good people on both sides” thing even after James Fields intentionally drove a flaming steamroller through exactly six million svelte peaceful activists (and not a single one less!)

          Not sure what the TRS set really expected back from him after all the great pro bono PR work they were continually doing. We hear a lot about all the supporters that Trump let down (I’m one of them!), but let’s get real… many supporters absolutely let TRUMP down.

      • re: bathroom barfing story:

        I am not familiar with who or what you are describing, but it sounds very interesting, if nothing else on an anecdotal level.

        Could you elaborate on the cast of characters, or share a link?

    • Spencer is a narcissist and a poseur. He would be perfectly fine with being in the public eye as an avowed Marxist. The DR should have spotted him a mile away. While it would not surprise me if he were a compromised DOJ plant, the greatest likelihood is he is exactly what you see: a self-centered child.

          • LOL. There’s a Brando movie called The Chase. He keeps calling this guy “bubber”. I always figured it’s because Brando couldn’t say Bubba right in a Southern accent. I recently found out the Robert Redford character really is named Bubber.

        • Irony: Person using a generic label for a redneck bitchslapping a user with an actual name (formally, even if a psuedonym) by criticising real talk about a mediocrity because that mediocrity has the “courage” to use his real name. What narcissist wouldn’t?

          Meta irony: Observed by a user with the label of a small, grey, insignificant animal. Let the doom continue to unfold.

    • I was pro-NAFTA at the time as I was a teenage, Reason magazine level, idiot, but yeah looking back I’m puzzled how anyone over 30 thought that was a good idea.

    • What bollocks. Bush’s team negotiated the whole deal and lined up all the support to get it ratified in Congress.
      I was in NYC working on deals dependent on NAFTA in early 1990.
      Everybody knew it was a done deal, the money had been paid, the political filth bought,
      All Clinton did was sign it.

      • If I remember correctly didn’t the Republicans take the House for the first time in 40 years and Newt and the boys stood silently by while the lame duck Democratic Congress passed NAFTA and Clinton signed it in late December 1994.

        • I think it was done in ’92. Formally ratified in ’93. Newts little thing was Slick Willie’s mid term debacle. That turned out to expose the GOP filth- Newt’s grandstanding on morals while banging some bint on the side. Livingstone- his successor resigning before he took office. Ending up with Hastert the kiddie diddler.
          Ah, simpler days.

  16. Zman: “On the other hand, when the Left wins, they tend to make good use of their opportunity, so Biden winning means they will move the state in their direction. The most likely outcome of a Biden term in office is an orgy of globalism.”

    Yeah, exactly, and that’s not good. A lot of bad things can be codified into law in 8 years of Prog rule. So we vote Trump. That’s not an opinion that’s an order. Frip Directive #9.

    No one is smart enough to untangle future scenarios. So act on what we know–Lefty bad. Lefty very bad.

    • He hath revealed unto us the sacred songs, the Tablets of Heavy Metal.

      Harken thee to Frip Directive #9!

  17. Under which regime will talk of reparations increase? Reparations, like the “re-distributing your 401k-type,” should be one of the most effective ways to rouse normie-boomers out of their slumber.

  18. “It would reveal to those rank and file white people that the demographics have now changed and those changes are permanent.”
    Would this observation strike anyone (besides us) as significant?

    • In my daily dealings with normal white people, demographic reality is shocking to them. Most white people still carry on as if the country is 85% white and will remain so forever. When told that the majority of those under 18 are non-white and in any states, foreign born, they are gobsmacked.

      Never forget that dissidents remain a tiny minority.

      • I’ve experienced much the same with normal Whites. Additionally, the CivNats have started to move slightly our way in the wake of the riots.

        • The dilemma for the CivNats is that they have no socially acceptable way to demonstrate any move in our direction. So they withdraw and stew over it, silently. Anything that has a public whiff of DR will be suffocated in its crib on the first day. Trump is definitely not dis-right, but he may as well be, given the way he is treated. Our challenge is to either offer a place for Normie to come to, which is a tall order when he is intimidated out of publicly moving in our direction, or to wait for him to self-radicalize.

          • Necessity will force them to self-radicalize. Those who convert on their own volition are more reliable, anyway.

          • Excellent point, Jack Dobson:
            Those who convert (or have already converted) now or before yesterday, of their own volition, are more reliable because they notice things, think critically, and ask questions, based on those observations.

            Necessity will hit many Normies like a ton of bricks. (Or in the wallet…)

      • And I have found that some people, once they reach the anger stage of the process (which in this case tends to come after the bargaining), they are looking for someone other than themselves to blame…

      • It’s easy to think whites are still a supermajority, because that’s where all the productivity comes from. Other than crime, not much news comes from the brown side.

  19. I have slowly learned coming over to the dissident side that things are not always clear. Normal conservative thinking is Trump would have made life easier for conservatives and dissidents. He did not.
    But we have no assurance Kamala and Biden will create a better environment that might basically leave us alone.
    We have probably reached a point where we will no longer be kinda left alone no matter whom is in charge of the executive branch.

    • I know are some who call Trump the God-Emperor, but really he is just a man, with limited powers to boot. He is limited in what he can control, and that means that some of the problems of his term were simply the consequences of decisions made well before he was in power. The seeds of destruction were planted years ago and many simply coincide with Trump’s term.

  20. A Biden win will mean not only an orgy of globalism, it will mean an orgy of revenge against the recalcitrants, i.e., us. In addition, this is almost certainly the last presidential (and probably congressional) election that we have a chance of winning. It would be nice to win it.

    • Even if future is set in stone & Trump reelection changes nothing, it’s good to vote for Trump just to spite those who plan against the white race.

        • The trick here is that voting for Trump is fine. But unless you get a hundred more people to vote for the guy, rather than the addled dementia patient, or not voting at all, you aren’t making too much of a difference here. Also, while I’m all for voting for Trump, he is not the guy who will lead us to a better place. He is the guy who will throw sand in the gears for the next few years (but there is real value in that). People substitute voting for doing more than that, and we can’t fall into the trap. Trump fixes nothing, he buys us time for more Community and preps. I know you know that, Brother, this is for a bunch of others reading this thread.

    • Yes and no. There will always be a right and left, but the field will just keep shifting further left on the spectrum. The fact that we have to fight for a right that is so far left is dispiriting.

  21. “They know their guy is the right choice and the other guy represents the end of the world as we know it.”

    This is a stupid false equivalency for what should be obvious reasons. It’s typical of the clown-world right though-can’t even agree on the most obvious things.

  22. The symbolism is the most important aspect. That’s why the SJWs were wailing, and hopefully will wail again. And there are worldwide effects to this. Trump was helped by Brexit. Now even Macron talks about the examples that Hungary and Russia set, and that the leadership class of the West must learn from them to defend Western Civilization.

    • Exactly, there’s a subtle connection between Trump becoming president & other european nationalistic movements.
      Trump winning second term(symbolic win over globalists) will embolden various worldwide white nationalists even more.

      • There certainly has been a not-so-subtle connection between nationalists, real and perceived, being elected and Globohomo dropping the mask and cracking down.

        • In frickin’ spades, you betcha.
          The mask is coming off, and I’ll take help anywhere I can get it.

          As said above, every win, every where, every time.

  23. From the outside (Great White North) looking in, the USA is in for a rough time whoever wins in November. A Biden/Harris will effectively mean that rule by sociopaths will be entrenched. They will use racial division to further their ends no matter how much damage it does.
    Right now, most Canadians are in favour of keeping our border with the USA closed till the end of the year, it might end up being for more than just Winnie the Flu.

  24. Trump is probably better because as stated, winning means something. Even with all of Trump’s faults, there have been small wins. Next, I don’t think the Left can correct like they did with Clinton. So, that means more racial politics and rioting. That will separate more liberal whites from the Left. We don’t need to accept them into the fold. Leaving them out in the cold is enough.

    The next time someone goes prattling on about how looking at race is bad, ask them how they are going to win then? The Left wins with it. What are they going to do?

  25. I care less about what activates the Left than what actives the Right.

    We’ve had chaos in the streets for weeks and Trump is already President – and he’s done nothing – when it would be an enormous electoral boost to take strong action.

    Why should anyone believe he’ll do better with four more years – with a Congress and Senate even less on “his side,” if the GOP even counts?

    For those expecting 1984 from a Biden administration, look at the recent history of hot-button issues like race and immigration. The major “Progressive push” has come under Republicans, not Democrats, because the fixers know that the Right is less likely to lose its sense of decorum and start breaking stuff if the bitter medicine is administered by a Republican who’s “on their side.”

    Affirmative action & busing? Nixon. Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty? Reagan. The “Gang of Eight” bills? – W. Gun control – Trump (who would have signed anything the Congress put in front of him – Z will recall popping a gasket at Donny’s weak sauce on guns. The gun lobby bailed us out there – in their last stand).

    Why didn’t a gun-grab happen under Obama? Because the Right was already outraged. If they’re going to do a gun-grab, they will try it under a Republican if at all possible.

    If Trump wins, with an NRA suffering from internal dissent, co-option and already cucking on issues like bump-stocks, look for “common sense gun reform.”

    When “the gloves are off,” there’s no reason left why Donny can’t punch us in the face instead of those damned liberals.

    The Dem-GOP kosher sandwich is playing rope-a-dope, and the dope isn’t Trump, it’s us.

    • Whites have started to flee the cities. The riots have been a windfall for us. What the Left and its non-White allies do is important because it forces Whites to act. Trump will do nothing but the reaction to him will force White people to act out of necessity.

      How many cucks and BoomerCons believed the FBI/DOJ were sterling institutions just a few years ago? There are much fewer of them now.

      No one should want anything but a destroyed GOP replaced by a pro-White party, but we first have to push Whites toward that position. Our enemies are doing that for us, and will slow down if Biden wins.

      I usually agree with you but not on this point.

      • The riots have been a windfall for us

        Which is, of course, why Governor CHAZ won his primary by an even larger margin than he did four years ago…

        • Point taken but the people who vote for Gov. Chaz are not our target demographic, at least yet. Portland will start to bleed people just like NYC. Those are the ones we have to recruit or allow events to convert.

      • 125 miles north of me the local business owners looted for the 2nd time (min) got on TV and wanted to remind everyone they still supported BLM. How hot would the water need to be to boil that frog?

        • People like them aren’t the norm and never will wake up. They also will stay put and die there.

      • Urban Texas has long been pozzed, but how is it a ‘positive’ development that I now see dozens of Florida, California, Minnesota, or Illinois license plates every day? These Whites are fleeing only the consequences of their own actions. They’ve learned nothing. And while they may say a few daring things in private with you, they will vote for the same policies that destroyed their original states of residence. Spreading the pozz far and wide is not ‘winning’ in my mind.

        • I will not discount that even may be the intent. Long run, though, I think those people come around. The pozzed urban Texans, from what I know, largely are natives although they have been supplemented by Yankees. Violence from vibrants will turn some of them around as well.
          I also expect, as part of the slow boil strategy, a President Harris to make certain refugees are relocated to places like suburban and rural Texas. Additionally, the AFFH will be implemented where feasible.

        • Yelling at somebody on the interwebs is one thing – and might occasionally convert some minds.

          Telling your new neighbor who just moved in from New York – that he had better take that BLM sign off of his front lawn or he’s going to find the going extremely tough in his new town of residence – is another thing entirely.

          “Look dude – I don’t know what you were like back in NYC , but around here we don’t cotton to that bullshit.”

          You won’t get the option to say that to somebody while staring directly into their eyes – on the internet.

          • Lefties tend to be big on conformity. This is particularly true of the women. When majority opinion is against them, they tend to conform.

      • “… BoomerCons believed the FBI/DOJ were sterling institutions…”

        The establishment GOP, too. How many more people have heard the word ‘globalism’ now than had in 2015?

    • I get that we would like him to do something, but i cannot fault him at this point. These were city/county/state level issues, and I agree that it was not his place to clean up the mess they created. They voted for this; they reap the rewards. He did step in when federal property (fed courthouse) was attacked, and he should. But short of attacking fed property, or the local authorities requesting assistance, it is their problem to solve.

      Let the world see what voting progressive gets you.

      Honestly, I don’t get the point of the “Back in the Day Biden” ads – I think I would vote for a 1977 Biden over either of the 2020 options.

        • That Trump has been such a disaster that Biden couldn’t possibly be worse.

          That Trump has been worse for whites than Obama was.

          • Do you make your purchasing decisions in a vacuum, without comparing other relevant factors?

            why should I have to do so?

          • So, the answer is you have no case for Biden, you just want to wallow in self-pity over Trump not being the Nazi you think you were promised.

          • “explain to me why the Frigidaire is better than the Kenmore, without making any reference to the Kenmore”

          • There’s no need for you to keep proving my point. I get it. We all get it. I covered this in the post. You are unable to see beyond your own self-pity. It’s all personal for you. Trump made you sad. That’s all that matters to you.

            The funny thing is every sales guy reading this would have no trouble answering your question, even if he knows nothing about either brand.

          • Oh man- ya gotta tell us what the salesman would say.

            Help a guy out. For some of us the gears turn slowly, so please type s-l-o-w-l-y.

          • I’ve long since stopped trying to understand why some get flagged, while others fly through. It is the mystery of the spam filter.

          • It seems you are arguing we should buy the refrigerator with the lower ratings and bad repair history, and somehow this will create better refrigerators in the future.

            Trump tried to help us and failed, so let’s go with someone who will try to hurt us, and maybe it will be the same.

          • My argument is both refrigerators suck and let’s stop pretending one is better than the other.

          • The most important things about a fridge are

            1. Consistency and longevity; these are often overlooked but the importance of keeping a consistent set temperature cannot be overstated.
            2. Electrical efficiency: cooling (especially ice-making) is an energy hog- Fridges are often second only to clothes dryers in energy use. Over the life of a fridge you spend many times its cost of electricity.
            3. Efficient variable interior space…
            4. Variable door configuration…
            5. Ease of cleaning, interiors plus condensors etc….

            Easy enough, no?

            Now you try it it with a politician.

          • I doubt he should bother trying – this is Talmudry.

            “Explain why cyanide is better than arsenic without referring to arsenic.”

          • Not to make it personal,but I hope you did not mean what you said. Some liberal whites would be willing to load out of favor whites they do not like onto rail cars for exile or worse without a second thought, they are only waiting for the opportunity. I find the cancel culture to be the virtual rail station at the moment. Their secret is having someone else do their bidding. Throwing bricks at a policeman’s head is not far from the rail station. I think there is history to support my statement.

          • I’m going to share some life experience with you – things can ALWAYS get worse. If you ever say things can’t get worse you’ve lead a charmed life or have a deficient imagination.

    • T may be afraid. What if he ordered in the troops, but they refuse to go? What if they kneeled…or worse?

    • I’ve never bought the wealthy Manhattanite who was a Democrat not so long ago being pro-gun…ever. That’s the first issue up on the flip flop if he were to win in November.

  26. Coastal blue states are already threatening to secede if Trump wins. This is reason enough to vote for Trump. It’s unlikely any states will proceed beyond political theater, but it’s important to discuss these ideas with normies. The US will be just fine without the blue states, and the world will be just fine with out the US if the country dissolves into multiple separate nations.
    As a bonus we will get another four years of violent protests in the blue cities in blue states, like Portland, Minneapolis, and Seattle. I love watching those cities burn and listening to the plaintive bleating of their goodwhites as they get precisely what they voted for.

    • I have liberal family and friends in Seattle and Portland. I love them but they fVcking deserve everything they are getting.

      • I live in a retirement community. Everyone is from somewhere else. One woman is from Portland. She’s a leftie. For the first month, she pretended not to know what was going on there. Then about a week ago she said she’d asked her friends and they said far-right wing groups were attacking people downtown.

        • Her next question should have been, why are the mayor and police not cracking down on these “far-right wing groups”?
          I’ve long said that liberal mayors can shut the riots down any time they want by labeling the instigators “white supremacists” and ordering the police to club them like baby seals.

  27. The last two nights I’ve waited to see if Tucker would report on 5 year old Cannon Hinnant, using the obvious points about hypocrisy from the mainstream media and their attacks on Whites. He did not, and that says a lot about who Tucker truly is. He just won’t cross that line. Of course Trump and the GOP are silent as well. They don’t want to do anything that might damage getting the black vote they’re delusionally courting.

      • Tucker is also screwing around on his wife, so he has that hanging over his head. Honestly, don’t expect a lot of courage out of a guy with big hair and a bow tie.

      • Tucker has a good gig at Fox and knows all about getting fired. Cf. CNN. Better some Tucker than no Tucker.

        • Agreed. All skepticism of Tucker is warranted, but he does allow information to reach people who otherwise would not know about it. That’s why there is such an effort to oust him.

    • That boy’s murder screams for righteous retribution and as for our right wing mouth organs, speaking out and demanding the left be held accountable.

      • Perhaps small stickers with the poor lad’s name on them and the word “Remember” posted everywhere would be a starting place for those that want to strike a blow?

    • Matt Walsh has been all over it. His transformation has been shocking and I am surprised Ben Shapiro has allowed it. Walsh went from making excuses for Ahmaud Arbery walking through homes under construction to calling out anti-white racism in the media since the George Floyd riots. I don’t want to give him too much credit, but there was a profound shift here. They obviously got a sign their audience was going to abandon them if Walsh kept up the good white shtick.

    • A friend just told me Rush Limbaugh’s guest host yesterday was talking about Cannon Hinnant throughout the broadcast. This story is spreading. On twitter it’s trending and looks like it’s growing. How long can Tucker, Hannity, et al stay silent?

  28. Years ago I met a doctor who worked at an inpatient clinic for poorer/indigent/public psych ward cases. He said if he wasn’t sure whether or not someone would be dangerous to the staff (a lot of them female and slight) he would interview the crazy individual with a couple of big orderlies present, and see if the guy was goadable (sic) or had a short fuse, the thinking being, “If he’ll lunge for me when I ask about his mother with two big goons present, he’ll definitely give some petite nurse the bum’s rush.” That’s basically why I’m voting for Trump, because I think that if he wins the progs will go even crazier, burn more stuff, invent more conspiracy theories, and all those normies will know, like that doctor, that they have a dangerous crazy in their midst.

  29. Winning breeds winning. Look at how hard our enemies fight for every issue, no matter how small or frivolous. Look at how quickly our side argues that “this is not the hill to die on.”
    True, we won’t vote our way out of this, but the vote is one tool. Why dismiss it when the enemy takes it so seriously.

    • Does winning breed winning? What did Reagan’s victories do for Today’s 25 year old white guy who was born after Reagan left office?

      • That was an 85% white country, where white identity politics had nothing to point to for validation. It’s apples and oranges.

        • What will Trump’s “victories” have accomplished for today’s White first graders, by the time they turn 25?

          • Trump winning will set off Progressive Whites and their POC pets. It’ll be a never-ending spew about racism and White privilege. This will do more to convince normies that they have no place in a future America run by these people.

            We need numbers to help that future 25-year-old. Trump winning will do more for that than Biden winning. If Biden wins, the Dems will want to tone down the rhetoric because they’re in charge.

          • This is where I am. Americans endured the freaking Covid over-reaction but only responded to the riots because the threat of violence was more apparent.

          • Again, I ask you Meme… what do you do, make, advise or try at to implement anything in this struggle?

            Does defeatism and hopelessness strike your soul as a virtue?

            I was growing frustrated with you Brother, now I am simply reaching a level of deep pity.

            Not trying to pick on you, I have always kind of been partial to those odd fish that swim against the school… but at least they are swimming in a direction. You seem content to float belly up on the surface and emit little waves of despair.

            I dont get you.

    • This is not the hill to die on – and then one day there are no other hills other than the one upon which you find yourslef – then you have no choice as to which hill to die on.
      Agreed we won’t vote ourselves out of this, but winning an election might at least allow for a few more hills from which to choose.

    • More offense less defense in the culture war. Time to stop acting like losers. Momentum is shifting decisively. Heck I’m even seeing it locally.

  30. The fact is, Trump winning would give us more riots and mayhem, so the white awakening would probably accelerate. The fact is, more white people have become racially aware in the last three months than in the last three years, despite Trump’s groveling. There are much larger forces at work than one election, so the outcome is just one small data point.

    This is exactly correct. If Trump wins, the Left will not recognize the results (again), and the fraudulent American political system will be put on full display again. A few more White people will wake up. The riots will grow worse, and more White people will wake up. Violence against Whites will continue. More Whites will wake up.

    Awakened Whites is what we need. They remain outliers but the number is growing rapidly. A Biden/Harris win tamp down the violence, tamp down perceptions of electoral fraud, tamp down the riots to the extent they can be tamped down. War and globalism will be back on the menu to distract the ‘Murica BoomerCon types again. We will return to a slow boil.

    A Trump re-election, whether honored or not, will cause accelerationism. He has not done anything substantive and he will not do anything substantive to stop White genocide. The Left, though, will do so by acting in ways to force Whites to act in their own interests. The story about the black murdering the White child has been seen as related to the riots, and in a sense it is, by many formerly clueless Whites. The ethnic cleansing of the cities by feral blacks and their upper middle class White wannabe-communist revolutionaries has the potential to be a game changer; the White refugees certainly will become members of a mostly or all-White community they probably once derided. The possibility/probability a re-elected Trump is not allowed to take office will spark things off in a serious way.

    I fully understand the argument for not voting as a way to further delegitimize an already illegitimate system. But to argue this will accelerate anything is laughable. It allows people to bitch about politics and then do nothing to improve the lives of Whites. The argument fails because this particular correlation is false. Violence and fear work both ways, and they would increase if Trump were re-elected.

    The last three months have been a bonanza for us. If Trump is re-elected, multiply that by a thousand.

    • The fact is, more white people have become racially aware in the last three months than in the last three years

      A strong argument can be made Whites have become more racially aware than in the last three decades. But it is possible with a Stacy Abrams SoS and Corey Booker AG, the awareness would accelerate just as much, if not more.

      • I strongly doubt it. Look how many voted to re-elect Obama. The Abrams know they have to be incremental while they are in power.

        • Actually: Anonymousse:
          There’s an update to that story: Mugabe is six feet under.
          His successor has put out the call asking desperately for yt farmers to return to the former Rhodesia, because Zimbabweans are now all starving, literally.
          They don’t’ know how to farm their own food.

      • I disagree totally. Between now and November 3 things will get even uglier. They won’t be widely televised, of course, but in the effected cities what is happening will be known.

    • I agree. A Trump win will have every lefties hair on fire and firecrackers up their arse. If you think they are insane now, just wait. That horror show could bring a great awakening for those with any guts.

  31. It’s a really hard choice because it is all going downhill and fast. If Trump’s elected then the cities burn, if Bidens elected they’re definitely coming for the guns. It looks to me like everything’s going hot in the next 6 months no matter what happens

    Here’s another under-reported story. A derecho (??) made its way through the Midwest destroying 1/3 of the crops. I believe 600,000 people are still without power 4 days later. Seems like that could be significant coming up here

    • Arguing to vote against Trump because ‘otherwise cities will burn’ sticks in my craw.
      a. I don’t like threats or intimidation and if somebody wants to get stupid about it, I am prepared to fight.
      b. It will be the shitlib cities burning… and I am just peachy with that.

        • I agree. The more cities burn the more join our team. Let them all burn as long as Trump has the power to refuse fed money to rebuild I’m all for it.

        • Actually, the shitlib cities burning is one of the worst things for us. One of the major factors turning TX blue is the influx of people from California escaping the consequences of their voting. But shitlibs are stupid and vote for the same exact stuff in their new locale. The shitlibs fleeing NYC are bringing their progressive Jewish politics to wherever they move and they are allowed to not only vote, but to lobby in the place they moved to last week.

          Bottom line is burning cities brings progressives to formerly normal white areas. It’s like having a college open in your town.

          • Tars

            Yup. Agreed. I’ve seen both conversions as well as leftie agitators show up. We can’t do anything about the cities burning and the resultant exodus that creates… but we can effect the welcome/unwelcome aspect in Our small communities.

            I had to go through a stress test as I’ve transitioned to become part of a smaller more traditional part of America. Beating and surpassing the stereotyped expectations of the locals in regards to coming from a liberal state was easy (with one exception). I’ve felt nothing but welcome since, though I imagine it would not be so welcoming of I’d been the stereotype “good” white.

          • Now imagine what your reception would be like if you tried to move with them cracking down on any Dissidents…That’s why I say get moved now before we start taking fire…

          • Lineman,

            Agreed Brother. That’s why I’ve not been posting of late. Busy with plans, implementations, and getting the wheel moving faster. Managed to carve out some much needed mental/spiritual rest and a small part in a charity mission that focuses on Our People. The timeline for my personal arrangements has grown shorter and I’m further along. Have met the point where I can do it now but every day adds to my larder. I am ready but my readiness grows more robust by the day.

        • Only downside to the cites burning is that white flight comes with it’s own onus of “good” whites taking their poison with them to rural small town America. The challenge is when they show up to demand their conversion or make them unwelcome. Otherwise, I’m fine with the hives burning themselves down.

        • Karl,

          Are there any cities that aren’t Dem at this point? Just curious. I’m of the belief that we dont have or get to have any cities.

    • …roughly 4 of every 10 acres of corn and soybeans in Iowa were impacted by a fast-moving, intense windstorm, said Gov. Kim Reynolds on Tuesday. Radio Iowa quoted the governor as saying the estimate of 10 million acres affected

      And yet today:
      …farmers are looking at their largest corn crop ever and a near-record soybean harvest, with huge stockpiles of both crops persisting into fall 2021, said the USDA on Wednesday. Some 2.8 billion bushels of corn — a nearly 10-week supply — would remain in the bin when next year’s crop is mature, the largest carry-over since the Reagan era.
      There’s something significant coming for sure – perhaps just not in agribusiness.

  32. How are things in Lagos, Z?

    The news cycle up here is focused mainly on Portland, Seattle and Chicago. But not a word out of Baltimore. Did Cornelius Rye and his homies burn the place down and not tell anyone?

    • I’m in Z’s Lagos, right in the middle, and surprisingly it is not all that out-of-normal. Sure, there was the Columbus statue torn down by the waterfront, and then a few marches here and there, but really nothing too violent (except that big gas explosion up the street). We are on track for a normal year of daily homicides, so I suppose that keeps the people happy. One thing I do find is that in my business I come across a lot of new people moving into the city: young 20-somethings coming here from New York, and almost all of them female. On the racial movement front, you see many POC going out to eat in the Toney-er parts of town, but that may be to escape some of the madness in theirs. My suspicion is that once the weather cools down, things will get a little more heated. The deep-blue tatties are basically the only ones I see romping around with animus on display.

    • Alrite, sorry if this sounds stupid and I’m fairly new here, but does Z actually live in Lagos, Nigeria? Or is Lagos some kind of euphemism for something else?
      I can’t figure it out…

        • Incidentally, there is also a Lagos in Portugal, and I gather it is somewhat nicer than the one on the Chesapeake and the one in Africa.

          • I once got an e-mail from a reader in that Lagos. I think you are right. It is much nicer than my Lagos.

          • The population there is smarter.
            How many Baltimore Email scams do you see? The population there is smarter and more creative.
            How many Baltimore Email scams do you see?

  33. A Trump win means four more years of the Breitbart set blathering about DR3 and thinking they’re invincible. A loss would be their Stalingrad.

    Perhaps the light bulb goes on for a few of them? Perhaps money begins flowing our way as a result?

    • They will cuck harder because if Biden wins the violence against Whites tamps down and returns to a slow boil. The compliance with masks and lock downs brought this home to me. The only reason to vote, and for Trump, is the State will become even more violent against Whites and force them to act in their own interests.

      • Or, perhaps, emboldened by having seen off the Bad Orange Man, the violence against whites and white institutions increases.

        • If I thought that would happen, I wouldn’t vote. But the pattern has been constant: let us slowly kill you, and we will not step it up.

      • Wrong. President Harris is non White. Like Tim Scott it’s back to blood. President Harris that clapped out old whore will back the AOC wing to kill the Boer. Whites are the Boer.
        there is a massive civil war in the form party. Blm etc want a final solution to Whitey. The old corrupt whites like Pelosi want more graft. Who is the strong horse?

        • Harris makes a point to suck up to Whites and her career has been doing just that. She is a chameleon, and if she is told to tamp it down, and she will be told to tamp it down, she will tamp it down. The slow things such as AFFH are the most insidious. Given a choice between pozzed urbanites fleeing to your town or violent vibrants being brought their via AFFH and as refugees, which is better in the long run? There eventually will be a crackdown on Boers, and it could be as early as this autumn if Trump wins, but it will not happen, at least in a first term, with a President Harris. We still survive if that attempt is made ahead of schedule.

      • I disagree that a Biden win tamps down violence against whites. On the contrary, such an outcome will only embolden Burn, Loot, Murder and ANTIFAG.

        • The controllable part will be tamped down, and much is orchestrated, if Biden wins. But the uncontrollable will continue. Also, the intention is to unleash mass violence on Whites once the Left is secure enough to do it. They have to get into place, and lull Whites to sleep before they attempt genocide.

    • A Trump win means 4 more years where pedophiles like Epstein/Maxwell have to watch their backs. Would Epstein get arrested if president was Hillary?
      A Trump win means less migrants.
      A Trump win means 2nd amendment gets defended four more years.
      A Trump win means no war with Russia, China etc.
      Trump learned a few thing while he was president, he’ll be harder to manage time time around, maybe he’ll even attack some of those very rich & powerful enemies that he mentioned.
      Also, there is the possibility of secession with Trump president again.

      If Biden wins, it’s over, there will be globo-homo retribution against goyim, globalists will never permit a nationalist get close to the white house ever again.

      • The “no war” thing is nor small thing and not for lack of effort from the hawks. It’s also an illustration that at the very least he can lock the leviathan in place and nibble around its edges.

    • I dunno man… that’s some weapons grade “perhaps” you’re looking to bet everything on

  34. Winning does breed confidence, and so does your enemy showing impotence. People are more willing to stick out their necks if they realize their enemy is a paper tiger.
    Our academic institutions are running around screaming because of a virus that poses essentially no danger to youth.
    The media, study after study shows, are becoming bubbles that just talk to themselves.
    The CIA has launched a laughable attempt at regime change in Belarus that no one is falling for.
    How many times are people going to roll their eyes before they tune out entirely and seek alternatives? This is going to happen to both the left and right, which will lead to stratification of power as new institutions will rise out of ideological lines.
    This would have already happened, but big Tech and big finance are still going strong. They are still a resilient enemy, and the ‘final boss’ so to speak before a national institutional realignment. There’s some hope, outside financial collapse, in the blockchain sphere with decentralized finance and tech, but probably still a long way off.

    • The problem is that as the Empire weakens and fails with such asinine outrages as the Color Revolution in Belarus, it will internalize its evil and oppression and direct the venom internally. It is very necessary to ostracize any White who joins the military or participates in this police state as an employee.

      • Bad idea Jack: Antagonize the people that have the guns, and more importantly, societal authority to so you harm. Better idea: Isolate (non-violently) those among them that participate in activities that target Your People. I suggest the book “The Squad” for your consideration.

        Calculating deftness beats ham-fisted rhetoric most of the time. We must be wise.

        • The Michael Collins book? Thanks for the recommendation but I don’t see it as analogous as both the IRA and British Army were uniformly of their own people. Have you or someone close to you been in the military or served in government is the last ten years? They both have been so pozzed for so long they are basically no different that public schools, and just like them are near a tipping point of vibrant-dominated.

          • Jack,

            Quite a few in the military and law enforcement and the majority aren’t pozzed in my observations. Nothing statistical, just obs.

            Yes, The Squad. Not in dealing with the Brits. How Collins managed the ethnic Irish police forces, particularly the Dublin Constabulary. Examples were made of police that were working hand in hand with the British. Those police that kept out of the political enforcement were protected and many became integral to the effort as informers.

            Collins encouraged them to deal with street crime and regular criminal activity. It came to the point where he could bicycle through a gaggle of Dublin Constabulary and they would simply shout “lovely day, Big Man” (his de facto code name in the resistance)… this despite him being number one on the most wanted list with a heavy bounty on his head.

            To whit, clever and deft handling of the enforcement arms of society is critical.

          • Quite a few in the military and law enforcement and the majority aren’t pozzed in my observations. 

            Has this been recently? My observation of late is quite the opposite. Even NCO’s, always the backbone of the military, are cashing out if they haven’t already. Cops worth a damn are taking early retirement. What remains, at least from recent experience, is not on our side for the most part. I frankly have not seen what you have if your observation was recent.

          • Some recent and certainly anecdotal. More in the last 15 years and, now that you mention it quite a few that have retired or separated from service though those didnt cite the poz as the reason specifically. (They did gripe about it though). Dunno, you may be on to something. Still, most of them are patriotic (if misguided) kids and not commissars. Isolate them with no outreach and you give up assets unnecessarily IMO.

          • You think the British are analagous to the Western elite?

            If the British had wanted to wipe the Irish out what would the Irish have done about it?
            The present situation involves an elite that boasts about exterminating entire nations.

          • Eudaimonia. I’m no expert by any stretch on the Irish struggle. There are others here that are, but nothing exists in a vacuum. Optics are important. Reality is yes, the UK could have crushed the Irish. Hell, they could have holocausted them easily after the Great War and the troops returned. In reality there actions were feeble compared to what their capabilities were. Dont forget a large number of the British to include British civil administrators became supportive if Irish independence and the eyes of America on the situation probably did more to stay the wrathful hand of the English than anything.

            I’m plucking one small nugget of wisdom in the deft handling by Collins of constabulary… not trying to say Our issue is anyway tied to the Irish independence movement of the early 20th century.

            I may use a tactic of Saint Ambrose tomorrow. We glean nuggets of wisdom wherever and whenever we can.

      • Agree. These people are the enemy.
        We need to know who they are locally. Where they live. Families etc.

  35. Okay so I am voting again for Trump.
    Now what do I do to effect the rule of kritarchs and oligarchs?
    Everything is a rule by our governor’s edicts which we all know is not law and in a normal America wouldn’t hold up.

    Insurrections by every individual is what we need but I fear we ain’t got it in us. Still an interregnum is preferable to the increased madness that is coming.

    • Everything is a rule by our governor’s edicts which we all know is not law and in a normal America wouldn’t hold up.”

      That’s true enough, but there’s plenty of wisdom in being slow to anger and letting things play out. State governor’s are using their tyrannical powers foolishly, but it doesn’t follow that we should start a shooting war. There is a lot of tactical brilliance on letting them own their record over the next few years and then voting them out. Right now, most people are focused on the virus, but by the end of the year will be focused on their dwindling resources and the absence of social safety nets. Sometimes the best way to deal with an armed idiot is to retreat until he shoots himself in error. More to the point, fighting tyrannical governors is pointless because they are already destroying themselves. The fire will burn itself out just fine even if we don’t pour gas on it. Be patient.

    • Whites will have to be forced to act in their own interests. They will not do so on their own. Violence against them will leave Whites no other choice than to act in their own interests. We see that now with Whites fleeing the cities in the wake of their ethnic cleansing..

      • I kind of agree. I’m looking for that one “incident”: the Boston Massacre, the sinking of the Lusitania, the assassination of the Archduke. I figure if joggers can blow the brains out of a 5 year old white kid in broad daylight we now have a real problem. When commies and their Nazi jogger comrades burn Ronald McDonald House with dying children and their families inside we really have a problem. Yet I seem to think so small screw up will ignite the whole thing. At least I hope so because with the enemy of white people controlling education, media and “social networking” there is little hope of us changing minds except for venues like this and face to face.

          • Name,

            Go easy on Hoagie. I’ve watched him change slowly over his posts and move away from civ-nattery. That’s a hard thing for an older person to do. I’m not nearly his age and it’s been a slog coming across the great divide.

            And yes, a single event can start an avalanche.

          • I was raised and conditioned in the shitlib culture. Redpilling was a many-years long process. There was certainly a cumulative aspect to it, with many small events and several bigger ones. I call them ‘redpill moments’.

            I expect that everyone has that one event that pushes them over the line, but I doubt there is anyone who does who is not prepared beforehand with a sequence of redpill moments, each making them successively more susceptible to awakening.

            Trump is a redpill moment generator, a resonance frequency for exciting insanity among the multicultural imperialists. He slowed down the dissolution but failed to stop it. But in the trying, no matter how reluctant or half-hearted 1, he has been instrumental in making many people increasingly aware that what is happening is not some natural organic process, but a deliberately engineered transformation by enemies who hate us and want us dead and gone from the Earth. That is why globalists are freaking out over him. They can reverse the implementation of every single Trump political and economic policy within a year. However, they can’t so easily reverse a political awakening among their armed white sheep.

            I think 4 more years of Trump will be useful. Demography is destiny so permanent globalist rule by the fake democracy uniparty is coming soon anyway. What’s the hurry?

            1 I think he that if he could have made all the economic system repairs without touching social or political systems, he would have. But they are coupled, so he tried to do the minimum necessary in social/political to implement economic. I assert he doesn’t WANT to lead a war against globalism, but someone in his 2016 campaign staff convinced him that he needed the support of those who want him to. However, neutralizing a poisoner’s poison only buys time until the miscreant brews up another batch. One can’t just keeping taking antidotes. The hand that wields the poison eventually needs to be chopped off.

          • Agreed. There needs to, and will be, a great accounting.

            We will not always suffer the witch to live.

        • It will all depend on whites waking up to that that the law no longer works and if you want justice then you have to be in a Community that you have the power to administer it…White people still believe that there is law and order and once the are disabused of that notion then change will happen…

      • The violence against (bad) whites is there in spades but the choke point is the propagandist media blocking that information to whites. How to break through that leftist media blockade is the question.

  36. Spot on, Mr. Zman.

    I’ve never voted. Many disagree with me and there’s people who have salient points on why I’m wrong in doing my democratic duty but they can’t shake me from my Tolstoy-ian view that we’re all just bits of flotsam and jetsam bobbing along in the tide and a vote for or against this corrupt system doesn’t matter one iota. What matters are the ideas that cause the regimes to topple.

    The printing press utterly destroyed the powers that be of the time who had been hanging on since the Middle Ages. The internet is going to do the same with the current crop of degenerates. Possibly to be replaced by something better, possibly not, but it’s the ideas that get disseminated now that are going to tilt the balance one way or another. That and the breeding…

    • Tolstoy was a literal and figurative [homosexual]. Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn were /our literary titans/

      Their emphasis on the need for national and individual spiritual struggle is what we need. Plus they were very up on the JQ.

  37. I think a Trump win is marginally better for Whites. Unfortunately, my state is a lock for Biden. But we are way past voting our way out of this.

  38. I need 4 more years to prepare. And I really want to see all the news “journalists” cry again. So an easy choice for me even if my vote is meaningless in my state.

    • Prepare for what? People have been saying similar stuff for a very long time.

      The time will never be right. If you think you need to do something, take action now.

      • Selling my house early next year. Job stuff going on that could be better… Looking at places in WV next week. Life doesn’t always cooperate with my plans.

        • My brother doing same regarding WV. I’ve read here that Harpers Ferry is welcoming, but have you found other options that afford more land?

        • WV. Ditto for me. Eastern WV already feeling upward price pressures from Lagos and the imperial city. Don’t delay.

          • I’ve been looking at houses in Harpers Ferry and Charles Town. Surprised to see the prices so high.

          • Multiple federal agencies have moved/enlarged training operations to Harper’s Ferry in the last decade or so. That brings a large cadre of people with decent stable incomes and may be part of what is driving prices up in that area.

          • Found a nice little place, 8 acres, pond, woods $270k Mineral County, WV. My agent said same place Jefferson County, further east, around $400 – $450k.

          • You’ll have plenty of opportunity to redpill g-men in those two.

            Martinsburg and everything east is to WVA as Missoula is to Montana, only more so.

          • Could you elaborate on that? I’m looking at both the far western portion of MT, as well as possibly somewhere down south, as I am behind enemy lines in the Northeast.
            As for “Z’s” column, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I disagree that Clinton was a great president for white people. Take for example immigration and the browning of America. It was going on before he came to town, but it wasn’t that bad, but he kicked it into high gear. Just look at all the damage a woman named Doris Meisner did while she was in charge of immigration for Clinton’s 8 years. NAFTA was another thing that sped up the destruction of the middle class. Clinton hiked the marriage penalty tax, which absolutely crushed my wife and I financially the first year we were married. As for Bush, yes, he not only did nothing, but he exacerbated the problem and opened the floodgates for the Muslims to get into this country, thanks to his family connections to the Saudi’s. There were also too many people in his administration that were salivating over the Patriot Act. At the job I was working at at the time, the CIO was a former skipper of an Ohio Class missile boat and when the Act was being sold to the American people, I remember him saying, “Just what we need. Ten years from now the wrong people will get a hold of this thing and they’ll come after the average person for something ridiculous, while purposely ignoring the real threat.” And here we are.

          • You’d be surprised the number of people living in those areas that commute to Northern Virginia for work – construction guys, teachers, IT workers, etc.

            Route 9 on the Virginia side is getting widened to accommodate the traffic. The WV side of Route 9 is already as wide as the Autoban.

            The Imperial Capital engulfs all.

          • Zman, I found your place.

            In the Poconos, 30 miles west of the Jersey line, on I-8O, south of Wilkes-Barre.

            The towns of White Haven and Freeland- near Lake Harmony, to boot.

            Or, follow the 50 from Pennsylvania’s Blue Ball, to Intercourse, to Climax, WV.

          • Harper’s Ferry has had convenient Amtrack to DC area for decades. Yet another example of government subsidy. In this case, it makes for a pleasant place to live and a leisurely commute for those who can afford it. Local housing prices are priced accordingly.

          • I ask for advice from the Wise Ones who comment here.

            What do you think about a move from northern VA to Durham / Chapel Hill, NC?

            Yes, they are both infested with lefties thanks to the presence of Duke and UNC. But the universities do offer cultural events if people ever decide to stop acting like muzzled kennel dogs. Besides, the area could hardly be more Blue than the Washington penumbra.

            As I am getting on in years, I need access to top medical care, which is clearly available there.

            What say you?

          • Seems you could get about the same thing in Lexington, KY without as much noxious and nauseating Leftism.

          • There’s a fair amount of obnoxious Leftism in Lexington (and a lot of homos) compared to the rest of KY, but it is probably better than the area around Duke and UNC. The jogger problem is tolerable in Lexington. My advice would be to live in any of the surrounding counties to avoid the POZ day to day, but still be close enough to the hospitals in Lexington.

          • I personally don’t see much point in that if you want to get away from lefties. Unless you just want out of VA, which I could currently understand. I lived in NOVA for 30 years.
            You can get some university type culture in western VA but the med community may not be up to your standard. Countryside is beautiful though.
            Sometimes big issues to consider (beyond red/blue, culture/art, med facilities) are proximity of family, climate, and geography. I assume you are retired.

      • “More time to prepare” is our side’s worst cope. We need to stop using it as an excuse.

          • People will never wake up unless jostled. Four more years of slumber accomplishes nothing for the 14 Words.

          • I dont quite understand your reply Meme. We are going to get four more years of SOMETHING unless the world ends. Which alternative to you gives us the best outcome as Whites, a Trump victory or loss? Please explain.

          • Trump winning means the left continues the mandatory facediapers, de facto ubi, and escalating the race war. All the white middle class will be remote working and their kids remote learning. The left is breaking our people’s codependency on atomistic urbanism to spite Orange Man: dont interrupt the enemy making a mistake. Every week the facediapering and urban race wars persists is thousands of white kids out of public schools and into homeschooling, thousands moving out of the city into areas we can meet and talk, and tens of thousands making the mental, moral leap into the river (even if not all the way to our bank of the river). Even if we only get a couple more months od this insanity with a trump win, thats worth it to me.
            Building communities of our people has never been easier or more fruitful. Rejoice in our bounty and make hay while the sun shines.

          • totally agreed. a Trump win is 4 years of some action but big escalation at the very least. for example, people wail about only 300-500 miles of wall being built, well Biden-Kamala want to tear even those few miles down; whoever the Democrat-opposers are in 2024, they will have to favor the wall somehow, or else lose totally dozens of millions of votes.

            either that, or official disenfranchisement/segregation/otherization of pro-whites and pro-Christians will eventually have to happen so the elites rule, and civil war can only result from that. think Hunger Games.

          • Yeah, couldn’t agree more. The Left has spent decades taking over the public schools, the workplace, the cities, the universities, even the churches, and they blew it all up in a 6 month tantrum over an election that probably wouldn’t have mattered much anyway. Let’s make sure they have plenty of ammo to keep blowing their limbs off with.

            It’s especially important to make sure the universities and public schools never recover from this. We need to provide alternatives to both that prepare young people for life in the real world as civilized human beings. Setting up our own accreditation authorities would be a step in that direction. I don’t mean a specifically Christian one either. We need a systematic effort to re-invent the core curriculum of a Western Education based, yes, on Christian values but not explicitly the faith itself. Theoretically the religious schools could use this as a basis and add their theological training on top.

            I’m bringing this up because this intermission we’ve been given by the Left’s mistakes is not just for moving to better places and getting a smaller shot grouping at 300 yds. It’s for yanking the rug out from under the establishment institutions and building momentum for our own.

            Sometimes I wonder if dissidents understand the implications of what’s happened since WWII with the Left’s “long march through the institutions”. They really have succeeded at this point. That should not be a call to despair but a call to action. Their sad and degenerate versions of our historic institutions have failed. Unless we’re just going to live in a never ending zombie movie we need to, and now have the opportunity to, rebuild everything.

        • It’s a bit different than four years ago. I’m seeing people who I’d assumed were lost causes buying guns and creating contingency plans.

          • My larger social circle contains liberals that just bought guns, signed up for weapons training, and are buying land in rural areas.
            They are not alone, in fact there has been a tidal wave of such actions in the NorthEast, and these were people who despised the NRA just 6 months ago.
            Regardless of a Trump win, millions of whites have seen the rioting, anarchy, and big city disfunction and determined that buying guns and rural property is a necessary choice. I’m not exaggerating when I say millions of whites, either.

          • Ugh. Liberals moving to rural areas. I have enough trouble stomaching the one couple nearby that’s had a big hand-painted sign in their yard reading “Ain’t nobody free until everybody’s free” ever since George Floyd died of an overdose.

          • Their “luciferian wisdom” tells them “we are all the same, why discriminate?” Their genes are saying “run to your people, that’s where you’ll be safe.”
            Jews need to pay dearly for what they have done to minds of normies, something worse than death.

          • Dave,

            And when those liberal whites fill into smaller towns and rural areas we need to be wary. If they can be convinced to let go of their former convictions (and I have witnessed this happen) and made to embrace the more traditional values of rural white America.. then great. If they show up and demand “change” and try to reestablish what they fled (also have seen this) they must be met with scorn and righteous hatred.

          • They think they’re civilizing the hicks. Even the conservatives, decent people, at least pine for more places to eat and shop.

            In other words, good luck convincing born and raised consumers to give it up.

          • Paintersforum,

            I know exactly what you are talking about. Point out that the “educating” civilizers are condescending to the “rubes”.

            The other problem is more difficult. Rural folks I’ve dealt with often have a mixed bemused/repulsed and fascinated/envious reaction to the city folk. I can only do my best to paint a picture of the wreckage that is coming for them once they surrender to that fascination.

            I hear you, but we can never resign to giving up in any arena we can have some small effect.

          • I know what you mean, I just don’t want to do it at the expense of my home and my way of life. I love farms and open space, building a fence without some zoning officer asking if I have a permit, shooting targets in the back field without the neighbor complaining, walking the property taking stock of the flora and fauna, etc.

            The fact is most of the relocators would be happier living an urban life. Even the burbs are a poor substitute I’d bet many would eschew in favor of cities if the cities weren’t destroyed. Of course that’s not realistic today.

            I know people on this side, and I’ve tried explaining to them that when you get down to it consumerism is the poz, but they only come so far. It’s a bummer. All I know is something’s got to give.

          • Yes. Containing them to the cities they are in would be the best option. The number of good folks we would garner will probably be small in comparison to the “good” whites we will get.

            I’m talking realpolitik here though. You can’t stop them with road blocks and suppressing fire so what do you do in the real wotld… right now? Encourage those that can be compatable and unwelcome mat the hell out of those that you can’t. We must live in reality and do what we can within that framework.

          • I want to make the cities livable again so people go back, because that’s where they’d prefer to live. Yes, that’s crazy talk, but we’re living in times when impossible things are possible, and it’s not half as crazy as what tbtp are saying.

            Even if my home wasn’t threatened by flight from the cities I’d still want that, because there’s no society without cities. Even the Mongols had a capital. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s all part of a scheme to take down America. Certainly looks that way.

            The opportunity is there, too, and it’ll probably only get bigger, especially if the dem war game of secession becomes reality. With cities wrecked, the burbs gripped by fear, the economy dependent on free money, the people dependent on handouts, what do we have to lose?

            If the right can’t grow a pair and righteously do what needs to be done, what’s the point? And if we can’t see that it’s going to require a different approach, we deserve all this mess and more.

            Conflict is coming. Does it continue at a slow burn, or does it erupt after the election? I don’t know, but it’s coming, and I doubt there will be much time for further preparations. Could be wrong, but I doubt it. White flight is 1960. Making a deal is 1986. 2021 will be something else. Gird your loins.

          • Painterforum,

            Racial self-awareness. Organize. Reclaim the hamlets. Expand. Survive. Retake or build cities. That’s when we get to have cities again IMHO.

          • They won’t. They’ll pull the same shit that they’ve done in every new place that they’ve moved into.

            They run from blacks and then bitch at their White neighbors for being racists.

            I’ve seen it with my own eyes multiple times. Hell, I live it every day.

          • Citizen,

            Yup. Most won’t convert but some do. Agreed. So shall we not try? Do what we can to convert those that can be converted. Dissuade those that can’t be? What do you suggest?

          • Initially (and just had this dialog with a guy decamping Chi-town for where I am in SC) is advise them first and foremost to never say “that’s not the way we did it back in_______). Else they’ll get a painful kick to their nether regions.
            From that point any deprogramming and potential redpilling can commence.

          • Yes Stranger! Work with the clay at hand. Cast out the as bad potter’s clay what is soiled beyond use.

          • We can try. But don’t give an inch. Let them know right up front how things are done in your area.

            Believe me, don’t play nice with these people. They love getting involved in local govt and local school boards, and they push their agenda hard once in.

          • Agreed Citizen. And hearing the damnation from “one of their own” (another transplant, refugee, call it what you like) should help in multiple ways. The offender can’t blame the attack on the “stupid yokels here”. You’ll have mercilessly helped to stop the creeping poz. And you may even garner goodwill from the locals. Do what we can in every realistic action no matter how small.

            I like your no prisoners approach.

          • When they get smoked in local elections they cry about how unfair it is, make a scene, practically demand you let them rule you— and get smoked in the next election 🙂

            The real dangers are the county seats and local sellouts. They open the back door.

          • It’s also the weak-spined “country folk” who live in these “destinations” who allow this behaviour (especially by the women!) by not giving a firm “NO”… both in local politics, schooling, and heck, even parking.

            Not saying “NO” immediately and swiftly is equal to condoning it.

            It is the same in the classroom with children.

            The psychology is not difficult.

          • We already have more liberal whites with guns than we need.

            Here in Colofornia we call them conservatives. And now I have to leave this beautiful state because the gaypedo governor and his nice liberal white hunting and fishing pussies run the now fully blue state from Denver.

            Oh and all those gun lovers love guns as long as the mags don’t hold more than 15 rounds and you dont want to order any “parts that may be used for an assault weapon”. So the civwar best be a short affair.

            If they are scared and now have muh guns, why the need to leave?

            I am sure they will guard their nice things from their front porch with muh guns in hand when all their shit ideas come home to roost because totally random.

            Just like all those libertarians with big 2A balls waiting to plink some commies while the pedo commie teachers at school teach their kids about anal sex and hating whitey.

            These bugout bugmen and their pussyhat battle axes are headwind in terms of our people voting with our feet and building communities.

            Fear of losing their nice things may initiate movement but it doesn’t tend toward cleansing them of their toxic ideas.

          • Why do you care if liberals are buying guns? They will still vote for politicians who want to take away their guns. When they move to the smaller towns they will vote and work to turn them into the liberal dystopia of a big blue city.

            We lost the cultural war. If you want to be viewed as a good, smart person you need to be a Democrat and in favor of vibrancy even if you don’t want it in your neighborhood.

          • Speaking of guns, something that needs to be considered is gun rights. A Democrat controlled Congress will at some point pass sweeping gun control legislation and a Democrat president would sign it into law. The USSC with five Democrat appointed justices will not overturn such a law.
            If there is any value in gun rights lasting longer, you want 1) a GOP President and Senate appointing justices; 2) a GOP majority or near majority in Congress that won’t pass gun control legislation; and 3) a Republican president who can veto gun control legislation.
            Whoever wishes for Biden or any other Democrat victories, you have to at least address this issue.

          • Trump says and does a lot of stupid shit. None of us are happy with Trump. But “look at the two outcomes in terms of how they would serve the interests of dissidents.” When your choices are Trump vs. Biden or Republicans vs. Democrats, the Trump/Republican option is better.
            If a sweeping gun control bill comes across the President’s desk, who would you rather make that decision? Trump or Biden? Would you rather see the 2nd Amendment before a Supreme Court with Trump’s nominee who replaced Ginsburg or one with Biden’s nominee who replaced Thomas?

          • Biden wins this country is over: the Left will finish crushing the middle class & turn us all into a bunch of serfs while instituting gun confiscation. They will “fix” it by making sure they never lose another presidential election (“the fix” was supposed to be in for HRC which is why – when she lost – they are so enraged 4yrs later. The “Black Jesus” was their watershed moment meaning eternal, perpetual rule.
            Get out on Nov 3rd & vote like your life depends on it cuz it does.

        • So, I guess those mocking “more time to prepare” already have moved to the country, have warehouses full of food, stacks of guns and ammo, excellent off-grid comms, lots of animals and gardens, have taken small-unit militia training, and have organized their area of operations?

          If not, YOU NEED MORE TIME.

          • Ding ding ding we have a winner…My experience has been those who want to burn it all down are the least ones to be able to survive it…I’ve also found its always the single guys that advocate for that and the ones that are married with kids to be advocating to be preparing and building…

          • You could say the same about every soldier fresh out of boot camp: green, eager for action, eager to prove himself. Probably young and single, too.

            Those guys are an asset if focused towards an objective.

          • I wrote TL;DR deserving reply but the internet ate it.

            Dimestore version: if the cultural war in the US is really lost think of eastern europe not west virginia. We talk about South Africa and Rhodesia but look what really happens there. There are murders but total extermination isn’t realistic… easier for conquerors just to make you unhappy till you leave for somewhere more amenable. In a pinch everyone realizes living with their distant cousins (aka: coethnics in a different country) is probably better than being a very visible member of a hated minority. SHTF would really be an international population exchange (like last real SHTFs WWI and WWII).

            Balkanization may accomplish some of the same but even so “red america” will need international allies against “blue america” so all roads presently lead to eastern europe. IF (enormous IF) we REALLY lose here AND (second bigger IF) lose comprehensively in western europe also

          • This is an often ignored aspect of all this stuff. Every civil war is an international war to some extent. People have largely forgotten that the Confederacy initially had hopes that Britain and France would join it. Had this happened the North would have been crushed. To paraphrase the guy in the movie Looper – I’m from the future, learn Russian.

          • I’ll be the first to say it. I’m not ready. I’ve got a few guns and am trying to get more ammo as supplies and finances allow. I’m only just starting to get back in shape. I don’t have enough food and water for more than a few days. I don’t trust my neighbors at all. Most are white cucks and Pajeets. So I have some self-interest here.

        • This. Takes. Time.
          Some of us have already begun.
          But many more white will become aware when the post-election violence comes to their door. We already have millions of new white gun owners, who NOW get it based on what happened in Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, NY, etc.

        • Join the local GOP. Go to church. Join local clubs. Go have dinner with your aligned neighbors. Everyone talks about politics all the time these days: make friends and influence people. Study and practice good rhetoric, be convincing, and win some hearts and minds. Encourage your male aquaintences new and old to buy and use guns, and your female aquaintences to buy and use sewing machines.

        • Pay off the debt, dump the junk.

          As few chains as possible, no matter where you are.

          Can’t move a mess fast.

          Make your checklist, get started today, now- pretend you’re getting ready to move and make this your hobby.

          As to the debt, big numbers will break your heart and mind- so break them down into bite-sized weekly paychecks. Now you know how many weeks you’ll be in jail, and the season when you buy your freedom.

        • I moved to a saner place to be with people like me. I am creating networks of connections and have been doing that for a long time. I am building and diversifying my wealth to have at least some security in case there is an attempt to unperson me.

          I have seen people talking about “needing” more time for decades. It’s stupid. You already had a lot of time. Stop making excuses!

      • People have been saying it for years, but recent events have shown many people that this is probably not a drill. I’m out after November first, but I’d like four more years of a white president so I can *really* head into the sticks.

        • Your strategy is what will lead to our annhilation.

          cede academia…cede the media… cede control of the corporations. Now you are going to hide away in the country where the left will be able to target and destroy.

          Most of you on this thread are cowards who know only retreat and surrender, and never learn from the failure of all your previous retreats. This retreat will be the final one, then you cowards will be wanting to expatriate next.

          After this shameful thread, I’m even more convinced the security blanket must be ripped off as fast as possible

          • “cede academia…cede the media… cede control of the corporations”

            [two paragraphs later]

            ”I’m even more convinced the security blanket must be ripped off as fast as possible”

            Cowards want to cede all these important areas. So let’s bravely cede the entire political system too!

            I’m still waiting for one of these accelerationist “plans” that doesn’t include this sequence

            Step 1) Realize everything is bad
            Step 2) Become galaxy brained

            Step n-2 ) Purposely make everything worse
            Step n-1 ) ?
            Step n ) Everything gets better!

          • Cowards say shit like that and hide behind a lame ass name like toasty. Go back to suckin dick at the bus station, your full time job.

      • Not everybody has big money to get prepared right now. Not everybody can sell their house in the pozz zones right this second. We need time.

        • Backwoods,

          Mostly right. Need, no. Want, yes. Helpful, more so.

          Every day some little action. A new skill. A debt paid off in part. A decent friendship made or nurtured. A little piece of wisdom garnered. A plan worked on.

          The practice of constantly doing is it’s own skill that fosters readiness.

      • Moving takes time. Getting Our People out without destroying their lives and careers takes years, not months.

      • Hun,

        “The time will never be right” but it may be better for the individual with a steady hand at improving and preparing. Personally I am more prepared to weather a storm than last year and more so each successive year. Don’t discourage Our People from the ever increasing task of hardening their hearts and abilities, please.

        You are correct in your statement, but unless you believe the great watershed moment is this very hour (Deus vult) then every hour we spend preparing adds to the armory of the whole as individuals.

        I agree, en masse action would be preferable now, but I will never encourage a single individual to leap out of the trench alone in the hope it shames others into charging into No Man’s Land. This is the long struggle.

      • thing is, people can’t agree on what they think they need, whether now or in the future. specially whites, specially democratic/north sea whites. for example, i think America has needed a nationalist party since TR more or less, to replace the GOP. but 80-100 million whites still preferred to vote GOP last election, and several other millions for the Dems that hate whites even more. so either most people are okay with all this, or they think they aren’t but they legit haven’t got prepared – perhaps because of time or lack of money or will, but it happens. most people specially need to have their will prepared, it’s not easy after 55 years of integration and 231 of Enlightenment to think of white and/or Christian pride. the key turnaround will be when a majority of white/Christian lives and livelihoods will be on the line, and even then, a critical mass will have to be reached emotionally. thus the story of the 5 year old martyred a few days ago should be shared everywhere.

    • Me too.

      Good luck finding any .223 or 9mm. Even 7.62×51 is hard to find, and damned expensive. That stuff is gone, gone, gone. 2-4 month backorders, if you can even find a place that will take your order.

      Much worse than post 9/11. The sheeple are terrified, and gunning up.

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