Tears Of The Clowns

I read a study once that claimed that people who enjoyed the suffering of their enemies were healthier and happier. Things like schadenfreude and revenge fantasies are not only normal, but part of a healthy lifestyle. Seeing bad people suffer, even slightly, reinforces our sense of justice, which in turns gives us confidence that the world does operate by a fixed set of rules. The suffering of the wicked confirms those ordinary modes of thought John Derbyshire described.

Fishing around for material this week, I stumbled upon some stories that brought a smile, because they featured the unhappiness of bad people. Naturally, I thought a whole show on the suffering of the wicked was a good idea. It is easy to succumb to self-pity and despair, so it is important to look at the bright side of life on occasion in order to avoid those temptations. Given what faces us this fall, there will be plenty of time for weeping and gnashing of teeth.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the people in charge are terribly unhappy with the state of things, which is why they are revolting. These punitive measures they are inflicting upon us are not coming from a supreme sense of self confidence, but from a deep fear that revolution is brewing in the shadows. The reason they are running around looking for bad-thinkers is they lie awake at night imagining one us creeping from the darkness with a My Pillow as they sleep.

There’s also the fact that these people are not gods. They slithered in through the gaps in the doors then flung open the gates to allow their co-conspirators in to take over the institutions, but they are not worthy of their positions. They are riding high only because we let them. Looking at their failings and weaknesses is a good way to remind ourselves that this lunacy stops when we make it stop. Numbers still matter. The night of the million pillows is probably closer than we think.

That’s something to keep in mind as the fall election kicks off in the coming weeks and the usual suspects are trying to peddle a bitter bindy and a dementia patient as the solution to what ails them. This really is the best they got. What comes next for them is the buck-toothed barmaid and the incestuous goatherd. As Tucker pointed out the other day, we really do need to enjoy the show. This is lunacy at a scale and intensity not seen since Caligula was the ruler of the civilized world.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Liberal Tears (Link)
  • 17:00: Neocon Tears (Link)
  • 27:00: Globalist Tears (Link) (Link)
  • 37:00: Covid Tears (Link)
  • 47:00: Sportsball Tears (Link) (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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311 thoughts on “Tears Of The Clowns

  1. You mention that the odds are in favor of Clueless Joe assuming room temperature between now and Election Day. Besides his senile dementia, the other reason they are keeping him in the basement is to reduce the risk of his dying of the Wuhan Death Cooties.

    And what if he does? What does the Democratic Communist National Party do in that case? Nominate the Hoe? Nominate Bernie the Bolshevik? The Commies are wargaming this out and if I didn’t hate those bastards so much I would sympathize with their situation.

    I’m assuming Trump is on a maintenance dose of hydroxychloroquine, so we are probably OK. I wonder if Joe isn’t too. We should get a blood test.

    • Oh please. Are you demanding the right to impose massive immigration? Or open a Soros NGO? Or hold a homo parade?

      That’s what these Eastern European leaders are fighting.

  2. Globalists hate Poland, Russia, Hungary et al partly because they are nationalists, but also mainly because they are Christians. They were and are the front line against Muslims. They know what it means to be overruns by heathens.

    • I just listened to the podcast today (08-16). Recently I read a quote attributed to Putin, who said he won’t live in a world without Russia and neither will anyone else 🙂 In recent news, the USA is moving a handful of troops from Germany to Poland. I’ll admit I’m not up to date on international news; we could have an airbase fifty miles outside Moscow right now for all I know. The international chess game continues…

      • Putin is an essential figure to uphold authentic Christianity and a multipolar world. Without him, the dominoes will quickly fall.

  3. TRUMP! I was able in the People’s Kommunist Republik of Kaliforina, to order STANDARD CAPACITY magazines! Joy! Standard Capacity!
    That alone means I will be voting Trump! It was his appointments to the 9th Circuit Court. That stuff matters.
    I would also disagree that the neo-cons are obsessed with Israel or that they have the interests of Israel as their main concern. Trump has been the best friend of Israel in decades going back to Truman. And he has done it by not fighting wars but bringing mutual enemies of the new Axis powers together.
    Sharon famously advised Bush not to invade Iraq nor topple Saddam. The Israelis did not like Saddam but he was a counter-weight to Iran which was their most dangerous enemy. Now of course the Iranians hold much/most of Iraq, are allied with the Syrians, and bizarrely with the Turks (who were against them before they were allied with them) and Russians. All of whom have transparent designs on each other’s territories.
    Erdogan has made no secret of his desire to restore the Ottoman Empire, all of it, including the Balkans, Ukraine, and Crimean Peninsula. As well as much of Central Asia. The Iranians dream of a new Persian Empire including Egypt, the Arabian peninsula, and Greece, Anatolia, and the Balkans. Putin has made no secret of his desire to recover Constantinople and Anatolia as the Third Rome. These three will eventually fight each other but for now they have the Saudis and Emirates scared enough to get close to Israel and recognize Israel.
    The Neo-Cons are just the intellectual complement to the corruption of the Generals and Admirals. The Vietnam War was very, very bad for the US since it proved a path for promotion and advancement: low intensity, non mass industrial warfare where colonels and lower ranked generals can larp around directing special forces olympics in engagements without much risk to themselves, just the men under them. And various intellectuals can write all sorts of theoretical tracts that don’t risk exposure as wrong as in industrial warfare.
    Indeed you could argue that much of what is wrong with our military has been the revolt of the generals and admirals against WWII where incompetent and stupid commanders were rapidly weeded out and promotion through the ranks was common. Just as the revolt of the elites against the middle class was driven by rage and disgust of as Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy once said, “what’s the point of being rich if ordinary people can have nice things too?”
    There is a reason we don’t win wars — to win them would require mass industrial mobilization like WWII and that would expose sub par and incompetent commanders rapidly. So instead we have very ridiculous limited wars where we cannot possibly win and they drag on for years — which is the point. How else can a Mattis, a McChrystal, etc. get famous and promoted?
    Nobody wants to be Norman Schwarzkopf. He just won a decisive victory, massively, and ended up … forgotten. Mattis on MSNBC every night. There is a lesson there.
    TLDR: our military leadership is like a really bad coaching staff running the prevent defense constantly as they don’t have the skills to do anything that could lead to them being exposed as the incompetents they are.

    • It is a bit of a white pill that young, White Southern and Midwestern men have stopped joining the military to a major degree and realize what a grift and a pozzed fraud it is. After the Corona-inspired economic collapse, there were breathless reports the recruitment numbers had gone up. It turned out to be untrue. The number of inquiries had risen but there was little follow through.

      The military will be as despised as Congress in a few years.It is well-deserved loathing.

      • This is wonderful news if true. I hope that many wake-up realizing how pozzed the military is, but also how they’re nothing more than Zionist-controlled mercs.

        “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” — Henry Kissinger

    • Whiskey: “Sharon famously advised Bush not to invade Iraq nor topple Saddam.”

      I was skeptical of Whiskey’s claim because it seems clear that all of our engagements in the Middle East are for literally no other reason than to protect Israel.

      With a little searching, I did find this:

      According to this article, Israel wanted us to attack Iran instead of Iraq, which is hardly any better.

      Nonetheless, if the USA’s attack on Iraq was not ordered by Israel, then what was the purpose? Whiskey’s answer: a path for promotion and advancement for generals.

  4. Kevin MacDonald’s website is down because he’s been deplatformed by his anti-hacking software service.

    Temporary according to KMac, he’s not “down-down.” You’ll get 403’d until he gets them replaced.

    Trump has done absolutely nothing to stop any of this – and he never will.

    • That’s a shame. It’s only going to get worse. It’s like the government’s crackdown on the milita movement during the 90’s; this time around they’re cracking down on dissident voices via the internet. This has accelerated under Trump and he’s done nothing.

      • Speaking of militias, I’ve been poking around looking for a group to join that actually does something in real life. I’m talking about even just actual meetings and some effort at assessing the local situation and local threats to “life, liberty, and private property” and maybe some rudimentary training. So far I found the mymilitia website but activity there seems rather sluggish and more rant-oriented than activity focused.

        • Better to consider a neighborhood watch type group. With a fair number of gun guys in it, you’ll have a pretty good time.

          • This is solid advice. Many of the larger and well-known militia groups have been heavily infiltrated by the Feds. This has been discussed on Counter-Currents. It’s better to form some kind of special interest club with a couple of your buddies or those within your community and use it as a way to share ideas and train for worst case scenarios. Some examples could include a club/group of like-minded Dissidents who have a passion for boating, fishing, hunting, hiking, cars, literature, bible study, etc.

          • Thanks Amwolf and Major Hoople! I know about the fed problem. Actually I’ve already encountered a different kind of problem. My forays into the militia sites have turned up a few local people but they all seem to be libertarian types. That’s good as far as some things go but they have a lot of the usual foolish lib notions too. I’ve also noticed that a lot of libertarians are really just about “muh weed”. Not sure I want to be around a bunch of armed potheads.

            There’s also an interesting aspect of virtue signalling to their activities which is that some of them around here seem to make a big show of being against “police violence”, even to the point of having lots of friends who are in BLM. I’m not joining anything that is already pre-infested with the exact kind of BLM and antifa scum that any real citizens’ militia should regard as the enemy.

            Well this is Western Oregon after all. The local white people are even more dominated by weirdos than more classically liberal areas like urban California simply because almost everyone here is a recent arrival who came here precisely to find a better place to be a degenerate in. I’ve had some luck hanging out with people from the rural counties in the area. They tend to be from old families who don’t care much for the hipsters flooding in.

          • You’re welcome! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I can resonate with your observations regarding the libertarian types who make up a large portion of the militia movement. From my experiences this holds true and many are pro-drugs, pro-legal immigration (regardless of the country of origin), and race-blind. Very few openly confront the race issues in this country — or even decadence. I believe that today’s militia movement is far different than the one of the 90’s as they were more racially conscious and embraced traditional Christianity as a major part of their platform.

            It doesn’t take much to come to this realization — just watch a couple of videos produced by self-proclaimed “Patriots” or Three Percenters” on YouTube. Many who present their take on the political landscape will make certain to express at one point or another that they “denounce racism of all forms” etc.

  5. The author acts as if all ‘enemies’ are “bad people”.

    Many good people are someone’s enemies..

    That should be common-sense but..

  6. Love your stuff. But, please please please stop reading excerpts from articles written by other people. I understand that it helps set up points you’d like to make, but I come to your website to read / hear what your have to say, not other people.

    A good analogy is, imagine you’re reading an article with hyper-links here and there embedded in the text where the author is citing some other article which supports or buttresses his point. Now further imagine that, at every hyper-link, the remainder of the article is blacked out until the secondary, hyper-linked article is read.
    That’s how I process the diversions where you read material from other people – being forced to read through a linked article before I can continue with my chosen article. Also, your cadence and pronunciation are different when reading someone else’s work. (e.g. pronouncing “the” as “thee”) which upsets the rhythm and flow of the piece.
    Otherwise fantastic as usual.

  7. Perhaps a little off topic but today’s Twisted Liberal Mind exhibit:
    Now, Yahoo has disabled comments, but still wants your opinion! Yeah, right. But if I could comment, this is what I’d say:
    Headline: “Racial injustice.”
    Let me get this straight. Jason Washington is “black.” He sure doesn’t look so, from the one photo shown. He was involved in a drunken brawl, had a gun (legally), may have held the gun while police were present. Police warned him to drop the gun. Washington was shitface drunk. He gets shot multiple times and dies. Grand jury found no police wrong-doing. Just the same, the University decides to take away the police’s guns. The only thing Washington had done right was he had a carry permit. That alone is remarkable; apparently Oregon isn’t crazy-liberal (but this was 2018…) So let me see if I understand the University’s logic: police respond to violence in progress, the follow procedures. They demand a gun-weilding suspect drop his weapon and he refuses, so they shoot him. No evidence of any error on the cops’ part. But they’re still disarming them??? I see the “racial” part, apparently it’s only an issue when the suspect isn’t white. Meanwhile, where is the “injustice?” The police did everything right, by the account given.

  8. Going all the way back to Caligula, huh? I know things are bad, but dayum, that’s a nasty statement.

  9. Almost all of Trump’s hires have been neocons; Haley, Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams, etc.
    Also Goldman Sachs alums.

    • Pompeo wants to bring “Western Democracy” aka Modernism and Globalism to Belarus! Another Color Revolution is brewing…another Maiden. Beware!

      I despise this man; he’s evil.

      • The CIA tried a gayop during Belarus’ recent elections.

        It was a pathetic failure.

        • The American intelligence community always has been controlled by nepot fuck-ups. When you look at how they mishandled the coup against Trump, it helps explain why the US IC has missed (in some cases, ignored for personal gain) every major development that it was supposed to catch.

  10. Great podcast today. One of your best. Once upon a time, ancient wisdom was passed down between generations via storytelling using parables. Today’s podcast had several segments of that sort, and the messaging couldn’t more timely or important in these turbulent times. People nowadays are desperate to create meaning in their lives, but have no idea how to accomplish that. Pitching a fit and picking a fight is what you do when you’re devoid of any other talents. Sad commentary on our current society.

    • Kunstler is great. And a top echelon stylist. I don’t know if he should even be called a stylist, since I think he’s just got that natural flow of creative wordsmithery. His last name cracks me up, as does the website name itself. So perfect.

    • When the pozzed get all up about Trump, here’s the little bon mot I throw back at them. “If politics was really set up to do good, and politicians actually had everyone’s best interests at heart, why would they offer you Joe Biden as an alternative to Trump? Out of hundreds of millions of people, they couldn’t find anyone who was not an ancient, white, male, grifting, sexist, finger rapist, addled, dementia sufferer? There is nobody else? They are offering nobody else, because they have no respect for you or your family’s well being, and you are being told ‘fvck you’, to your face, with this whole Biden thing. Think about it”. Shuts them right up…

        • I used to occasionally do a live radio call-in talk show gig, a lifetime ago. I was a “fill-in” guy. The trick is to know what you want to say. Speak clearly, in complete and proper sentences, and then shut up. The format and rigid time blocks enforce the discipline. To verbally fish around with your ideas, or to drone on, are two audio death sentences. So is letting a caller do either of those things.

          IMO, Z-man delivers a very disciplined podcast, and does all the little things correctly.

          • I was thinking just as sarcastically as Ben about your first comment. You sure put us in our place. LOL. Nice.

  11. Well, Z, if all you are putting into these podcasts is 7 or 8 hours, I’d say you are getting a sweet return on investment. You can do in a couple of hours what the mass media can’t do at all anymore. I just want to say that I really appreciate the time and thought that you put into these things. I like the format, I like the organization and presentation, and I appreciate that you take my time and attention seriously.
    Have a great weekend.

    • The quality and content give pause for thought as to the size of the organization presenting itself as Z-Man.

    • If Trump wins then those pursuing a Christian life go back to sleep. If they are prevented for pursuing such a life, they may actually take some action. I dunno.

      • “If they are prevented for pursuing such a life, they may actually take some action.”


      • I dunno either. How religious are religious people anymore? These days church seems more like a neighborhood social club. The women are probably a bit wrankled about it. The men are probably glad they get to sleep in on Sundays.

      • Exactly. Christians in particular are inclined to trust institutions to take care of them – it’s a conservative trap in general. Institutional subversion – church leadership, media like Fox, schools, law enforcement – has been the principal means of destroying most everything conservatives and Christians have lost in the last 50+ years.

        And when you point that out, too many prefer to kill the messenger rather than face the cog-disso that there is no one in power on their side.

        • So saying Trump is the better option means I “trust institutions to take care of [me]”?

          Whereas YOU voting Camel-ah (aka: not voting Trump while white) establishes your profound agency and personal competence?

          I wish I knew just voting was the way you did that… could have saved myself an awful lot of work.

          • Trump isn’t an option. He’s a choice of arsenic over cyanide.

            Search this site for Robert Lewis Dabney and Z’s supportive commentary on “Northern Conservatism.” We’re still living in this dilemma.

          • So if you’re given a choice between arsenic and cyanide… you’d as soon take cyanide?

            Maybe you don’t chemistry or just don’t value your life particularly… but that’s a terrible metaphor. I’ll definitely take my chances with the arsenic thanks all the same.

            Do you know anything about guns?

            Would you rather be shot with a .22LR or a 308 round. I mean they’re both bullets right, who cares, only cucks prefer to be shot by .22LR.

            I guess if you’ve given up already and would rather die quickly and for sure… that makes sense. I’ll take my chances with a possibly minor wound and live to someday return the favor, thanks.

            Are you catching on? Can we quit with the adolescent thinking that if something doesn’t immediately grant eternal victory it’s not worth doing?

            The left has slowly eaten away at the foundations of our civilization for centuries, like generations of termites. There are cat lady librarians who spent years in college just to become librarians, just to unobtrusively put a couple books about gay lions in your local library kids section. This has been their entire life’s work and they’re satisfied with that.

            Can we even muster the conviction necessary to spend a cumulative half hour voting against their girl up for POTUS twice in four years? Even on the theory that it’s slightly more likely to help it’s justified.

            If you can’t be bothered to care for your own sake, just think how satisfied you’ll feel saying “I told you so!” to us poor gullible rubes for the next four years

          • I had a great conversation with a conservative yesterday. It was in the context of business, so we had to be circumspect, but as we each answered each other’s dog whistles, the conversation become more explicit.

            Then he said, “and Trump has delivered on every one of his promises!” I was thunderstruck, but didn’t think there was any point in arguing.

            Some else on this site mentioned Anton’s (“Flight 93 Election”) recent defense of voting for Trump. It’s quite persuasive.


          • LineIn: Then he said, “and Trump has delivered on every one of his promises!” 

            He probably got it from Fox. I saw Hannity use that exact line when he was interviewing Mike Pence the other day. It must be a Conservative meme or something. The strategy being, since Trump has barely delivered on anything…say the opposite, and say it boldy.

          • Good article you linked to. One of Anton’s suggested Republican Party planks is a good example of how close a mainstream Right party in 2020 can get to conveying an anti-Pozz, anti-gay, anti-immigration stance, i.e. Buchanon’s “Culture War” speech. It’s well worded. And I guess as near a Republican convention speech can get to declaring SOMETHING that separates it culturally from the Left.


            “We’re the party that will defend our common ideas of decency, morality, and citizenship. We’re the party that stands in favor of you living and worshiping the way you always have, the way your sacred scripture says and your ancestors taught you. We stand against silly, destructive fads cooked up on university campuses and in big cities to alter and degrade your way of life—and to insult and belittle you in the process.”

  12. Here’s how they will jiu-jitsu Heels Up’s past work as a courtesan

    Basically, they will argue that in those unenlightened times, the systemic racism and misogyny was so pervasive that a stronk, independent, womyn of color that dreamt of a life serving the public had no other choice to get her career rolling than to turn to a trail blazing mentor of color.

    And that will be that.

    Powerful white guys calling her a whore will fall right into a huge narrative bear trap the Left will use to hobble Trump.

    • Yes, because racism no whyte male would do what was right. Luckily Willie Wakanda gave her the golden ticket: he grabbed her by the poosy. She was that little girl.

      Trump was right about the grabby part, but he is the wrong color. So much of our r.history version 6.66 is like that apparently.

      President Kamala Sutra Hyphen Chosen is in many ways a perfect embodiment of the empty vessel of real americanism carrying kolored koolaid to the thirsty blank slate goodwhites looking to transcend their white sins with downward dogs and xanax as they all chant: you didn’t build this.

      The fact that a foreigner can become prez-lite because tween her legs is not that irrational given most single female voters here have only two issues that sway their votes and both have to do with tween their legs: abortion and open borders.

  13. I went food shopping yesterday after work and it was hot and humid and raining. Masks are mandatory. Well, all that humidity and the humid air coming out of your mouth with that mask going up your face is very uncomfortable. I lowered that mask down for 2 seconds and that quick some supermarket employee mask nazi was like “you have to put on your mask!” It’s actually worse now than it was in spring. They still felt wierd telling people they had to put on a mask then. It has become normal now.

    • What a horrible experience! What region of the country was this — SE? Tell them that you have a medical/mental condition that prevents you from wearing a mask.

      • Philadelphia. Philadelphia has notoriously hot and humid summers. The hotter it gets, the more humid it is. There are very few trees and lots of hot surfaces. It’s very uncomfortable. Although it wasn’t that hot yesterday, it was just very humid, like 100% with off and on showers.
        Arguing with black supermarket workers is just a waste of time and energy. They just keep repeating the same thing no matter what you say to them.

        • Wow, having to deal with black supermarket workers under the current conditions must be hell. Try to find another grocery store if you can and one that’s in a largely white area. You’ll probably receive the same responses, but in a less aggressive manner and one that you’ll have a better chance of manipulating.

        • Arguing with any black is a waste of time and money. Their only tactic is to repeat the same phrase over and over with ever-increasing volume.

  14. Average white people are just tuning out, rather than rioting.

    This seems to anger the elites/leftists even more. With whites tuning out, they no longer have the evil Ben Shapiro right wing loser to debate against and win.

    It seems to be working. They were desperately hoping for some right wing militias to come attempt to clear out CHAZ.

    Woman hate not getting attention, and the collective left is the societal woman.

    • b123 said: “Average white people are just tuning out, rather than rioting.”

      Yah, that’s what average people do. So where’s the above average white people? What have they been up to lately? The fact of the matter is that most white people have nothing to believe in. It’s the vision thing. Seriously, the average white guy is going to get us all killed. Let the dead bury the dead. Just follow your vision.

      • So where’s the above average white people? What have they been up to lately?”
        Buying guns, more ammo, moving away from cities.

        • Exalent ! Here’s some wise words for those folks.

          “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”
          ― Oswald Spengler
          I would add, that that’s the one thing that can not be taken from a woman either.


          • So is that a way of saying you’re going to die in a city that isn’t yours and for a people that hate you…

          • A. Nobody owns an entire city.

            B. No matter what city you live in, your going to hate some of the people there. And some will hate you.

            The entire issue Spengler is talking about pertains too personal integrity. Not personal opinions.

    • “Average white people are just tuning out, rather than rioting. This seems to anger the elites/leftists even more.” Yep. So they make hard for normie to tune out. Friend of mine is a teacher. LAUSD has a credit program tied into salary. She “had” to spend a whole day listening to seminars and watching film at the Holocaust museum in LA. “Museum of Tolerance”. Prior to that, she didn’t think much about the Jews or anyone else. But she was moved to tears and told me all about how bad the Jews had it. And HAVE it.

  15. Z-man is right about NBA being a jewish thing. The only blacks allowed in israel are basketball players & some few exceptions from other sports.
    Blacks are closest to demonic nature & jews like that, they are probably jealous & wish to be like them in a way.

  16. “…the people in charge are terribly unhappy with the state of things, which is why they are revolting.”
    I would find them revolting even if they were happy.

  17. Non Topical Content Warning: You’re always hearing about Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Anyone read it? Is it worth the time? I mean, is it interesting? Or just an infuriating run-down of how we already know the snakes think.

    • It is worth reading.
      It is worth the DR applying to the loonie left (to the degree that they can).

  18. “Bucktoothed barmaid and incestuous goatherd.” Z, are you are fan of Oglaf? While not a central character, Oglaf is at least a farm boy who employs a unique fluid to spell words 🙂 Oglaf dot com is a cartoon porn web site done by a British duo with the dry wit you’d expect. It’s not all naughty, but look at your own risk.

  19. Personally I don’t like revenge fantasies, but the truth is that good portion of Hollywood movies and tv shows are Jewish revenge fantasies.

    • Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see a time when entertainment media is 90%+ owned by anyone other than jews. How hard can it be to make better movies or music than current trash? I don’t even care who owns it, be it algerians, costa ricans, azerbaijani or armenians.
      Why must this world we live in have jews & their satanic cronies rule over all forms of media?

      • Jews control every one of the 5-6 companies that have dominated American media since at least the 2000’s.

        And they are willing to “lose” money on Wokeness because they can mouse-click more into existence in a Tribe-first distribution network. See Blackrock, Mnuchin et al.

        • With regard to movies/cable/sports, the libertarian/conservative narrative that the free market delivers what most consumers want is obviously false. Obnoxiously false.

          The owners of the media are often willing to
          leave money on the table in favor of losing money on cultural degradation.

          One of their biggest victories is that millennials believe that 20% of the country is homo due to “Will and Grace.”

        • Thats true, I just wish to see a world with elites other than jewish banking families. That’s why chinese hegemony doesn’t bother me, though I doubt chinese will overextend trying to take over the world.
          I actually think jews made some pact with the devil after they killed Christ.

      • How hard can it be to make better movies or music than current trash?”

        It’s not hard at all, people do it all the time. But do you have the means to get whatever you make shoveled into the trough for normies to consume along with whatever else plops in? That’ll cost you… but hey there, my cousin Saul is an agent and he knows this money guy Morty that can make it happen for you. Our script doctor Moshe thinks you need to make a couple changes though…

        Like your devout christian hero, we think would play better as an insane serial killer from a repressive inbred family. And maybe you need some brave trans characters, audiences love that! And these Chopin pieces you scored it with… maybe a little Kendrick Lamar and underage girls twerking while saying sassy catchphrases would widen the demographic appeal. Also we think the story should end with the unathletic nebbish guy running off with the blonde jock’s girlfriend and then all the WASPs fall in the pool while everyone laughs. We’ll get Brian Singer or JJ to direct!

      • I’m sorry, but the only solutions I have on offer would require you to learn Arabic or other foreign langauges, and even then I could not guarantee they had not been infiltrated 🙂

    • That was painful just to scan. I could not bring myself to read it. The appeals to the Constitution and the intent of the Founders at the end were particularly galling.

      More plaintive bleating, this time from Conservatives who have conserved nothing.

    • “. . . our revolution hasn’t been engineered from the top down. It has progressed upward from within the population.” LOL! Like hell it has. The entire article was an attempt to deflect the attention of wrong-thinkers and those who might start noticing.

  20. I absolutely LOVE the positive posts. if you are here, then you know things are bad. Hours and hours of pointing out how stupid normies are in 2016, is one thing, but in 2020, in our space, is a complete waste of time. We need positivity, community and collaborative direction. Thank you for being a conduit for that.

  21. > The reason they are running around looking for bad-thinkers is they lie awake at night imagining one us creeping from the darkness with a My Pillow as they sleep.
    When the revolution comes, the My Pillow guy’s warm face will adorn our new national flag.

  22. This is lunacy at a scale and intensity not seen since Caligula was the ruler of the civilized world.

    Let’s hope history repeats itself and we just have a few more demented rulers to endure, and we get Nerva to look forward to.

    • You have Agrippina,Nero and burning of Rome just after
      Those who survive may rise from ashes though I would not bet on it

      • Agree. Mythology is all well and good. In the real world, a bird that is cremated tends to remain cremated 🙁
        A counter example, perhaps, would be the forest that will arise after a devastating forest fire. In fact, the firestorm is a part of the natural cycle.

      • He actually made the horse a senator
        I failed to see how a horse becoming a donkey represent any progress

          • Caligula not Nero
            Nero was “an artistic soul” who ordered killing of his half brother and mother
            His fiddling while Rome burns is commonly refereed to since There are those who think that he ordered burning in order to build more magnificent one in accordance with his “artistic” tastes
            Some historic accounts on both Emperors are at least dubious

          • There is a good chance that much of what we “know” of Caligula was written by his enemies after he was dead. They say history is written by the winners, but mostly it is written by the living.

          • Indeed Seutonius wrote about it 100 years after Caligula death
            Incitatus was never officially made consul
            I would like to have a horse named Incitatus and humiliate current political clown elite by making it officially equal in rank with all due ceremony
            Closest someone did in modern times is Putin humiliating his clowns including the richest jew in Russia Deripaska

            Give my pen lol


  23. that mls game only had 2k attendees! that team is dead to its fans, thanks to reggie the soccer playing jogger.

  24. zman, one thing dampening the demand to open things up, is all the money Trump is putting in people’s hands. it’s crazy generous. this is also something that i bet isn’t being picked up by polling. lot of appreciation towards Trump over this…

  25. Zman, I think Tucker is paying attention to you. Yesterday in the comments there was mention of how Tucker has let the shooting of five year old Cannon Hinnant go completely unmentioned. Last night, Voila! A fox news contributer was allowed to bring the story.
    Word is getting out.

    • Twitter was bombarded with pleas for Tucker to cover the Cannon story. It’s remarkable how many won’t let this go and are determined to shame the mainstream media for their silence. This is one of those events that’s really had an affect on so many, and really drives home the hypocrisy. I’m glad Tucker covered it, but disappointed he didn’t give it the “imagine if the races were reversed” treatment. He did, however, post the POS murderer’s picture.

      • White southern men used to know how to deal with vermin like Sessums. They’d break into the jailhouse, drag him into the public square and hang him. I’d like to see the same thing happen, but burn him instead.

    • I heard normie women talking about the Cannon Hinnant in the office this morning. They were outraged at both the murder and the double standard for protesting and media coverage. I asked where they heard about it and they saw it on Facebook. The mainstream media blackout was effective until social media allowed the story to spread. Look for Facebook and Twitter to start finding ways from blocking these kinds of stories from going viral very soon.

      • “I heard normie women talking about the Cannon Hinnant in the office this morning. They were outraged at both the murder and the double standard for protesting and media coverage.”

        This is encouraging to hear! BRAVO to your female coworkers.

  26. The modern left is such a hothouse flower that if it doesn’t get constant approval and affirmation, they start wilting. Despite their position with institutions, they get blackpilled very easily. They hate Orange Cheeto Hitler but they know they’re being dealt an awful alternative with Biden and Harris.

    The name of the game for the 2020 elections is running out the clock and lots of electoral fraud. So much fraud that it’s going to stir up the civic minded whites more than talking about black unemployment rates ever would.

  27. Well I think it’s empowering that an alzheimer’s sufferer and a sex worker have the pluck to defy societal expectations and try to become president(s).

  28. ESPN released a ridiculously skewed survey on what sports fans think of social justice protests and statements by athletes. It showed overwhelming support for the protests. The sampling is absurd:
    “It included a base sample of 537 interviews and an additional oversample of 300 interviews with Black fans, who were then weighted into their proper proportion of the population.”

    You could also take this as a sign that normie white interest in sports has declined so much they weren’t willing to respond to the ESPN survey. That is probably a factor too.

    Clay Travis had a Twitter spat with Mark Cuban the other day. Clay pointed out NBA games are losing badly in the ratings to Tucker Carlson and Hannity. Cuban responded by pointing out the NBA is still getting higher ad rates and aren’t facing advertiser boycotts. How long will woke capitalism pay a premium to prop up woke sports?


    • The linchpin of the sports system is ESPN and to a lesser degree the other sports channels. As soon as these channels become optional, the whole thing collapses. ESPN gets roughly eight bucks a month from every household in America with a TV hookup. About 20% of those households would buy the service if they had a choice. In other words, without their ability to tax non-viewers, ESPN cannot pay billions to these leagues.

      • The major networks are still paying for the NFL. People have to be willing to walk away from CBS and NBC too. Streaming services are getting really customized in their live TV offerings. I have seen several cheap ones that don’t include any sports channels. Eventually the individual sports leagues will have to go their own direct to consumer models. I think they have already hit peak revenue.

        • I don’t own a television. I catch a few videos on youtube here and there. If there’s a movie I want to see, I just use Put Locker.

      • I fully expect Disney to pressure cable companies to keep those terrible ESPN deals. Media consolidation will prolong the inevitable but I suspect even Disney knows it’s inevitable that ESPN gets cut loose or slashed down to irrelevance. Disney is a media monopoly but a lot of formerly profitable tent poles have been suffering.

        • you can make cable subscribers pay for espn, but the cable companies are bleeding out re: cord cutting.

          • Cord cutting has already happened. Disney is getting the same rates from the streaming services they were getting from the cable companies. The number of Disney Plus subscribers is huge and they are offering bundles of ESPN on to that. I still think eventually the sports leagues will have to go direct to their fans, but we aren’t to that point yet.

        • Disney is probably the worst thing to come out of America.
          They’ve monopolized european myths, from fairy tales to superheroes & star wars & given it to jews, it’s vomit inducing.

          • And yet, when Uncle Walt was running the show, it was a font of good, old fashioned white values. If he could arise from the grave I have no doubt he’d go full Sinbad on the pitfiends who have perverted his company.

          • I grew up on Disney, Fess Parker and his coonskin cap and all that. I would not let a child within a eyeball’s reach of Disney these days.

      • If the “invisible hand” governed sports marketing, there would be a “no politics, no social issues” sports network with a 60%+ market share that included 80% of White sports-viewers, the rest Hispanic and Asian.

      • And of course the city kicking in massive taxpayer money to build the sportsball stadiums… which we are rewarded for with the opportunity to buy nice $10 hot dogs to enjoy while enjoying the view of the great local egalitarians up in the (ever increasing numbers of) suites.

        Brainstorm! We can continue essential sports during the TERRIBLE DEADLY PANDEMIC when taxpayers build new stadiums with 100% luxury suites. Talk about maintaining proper social distance!

    • The powers that be are banking hard on sportsball being critical for subversion aimed at white guys now that white guys lost social media, television, movies, and music. If they lose white men as viewers and merchandise buyers, there’s not much agitprop left for them to view. We’ll see how they will handle a now unsustainable business model.

      • Better play video games than watch tv(if you are a couch potato), video games require brain usage & competitiveness(even when facing bots).
        Tv is good for nothing, that’s why it’s dying.

        • Video games are so great now, I enjoy pretending to be a trans black woman shooting up evil nazis to win WWII (exactly what I was taught in school, so I presume historically accurate). A great way to avoid poz and become an expert at literally twiddling your thumbs at the same time!

          • Play cd project red games, made by polish, Cyberpunk is coming. Game developers are more diverse than other media, jews aren’t skilled with coding.

    • LOL at the methodology here. “Intentional over sample weighted to its proper proportion of the population.” They never covered this in my survey methodology class in college…

      I clicked the link and…there’s no information about how the original questions were phrased! Even among lefty polling houses like PPP, question language and crosstabs are always included. The question was almost certainly phrased in such a way as to obtain the maximum number of positive responses.

      If a “conservative” outlet tried this, the Nate Silver set would laugh them out of the room…

      • I am thinking the self selection process of participants would also skew results. Would you want to take a survey giving ESPN your name, email address and other data and then tell them what you know they don’t want to hear and would consider you a hate filled bigot for expressing? Even white normie fans who are still tuning in wouldn’t bother doing this.

          • I’m skeptical to the point of cynicism, often times While I’ve never studied sociology, I am plenty skeptical of any survey and you should be too. I’m especially dubious of when they are claimed to measure things that could be checked by impartial measurements. There are often differences, sometimes glaring, between what people say and what they do. Econmics calls this a “revealed preference.”
            On our side of the chasm, we can react with delight when some Rich Liberal gets “busted” for trying to keep his exclusive public school lily-white, yet his political leanings dictate he must maintain a public facade opposed to all manner of segregation. Apparently, even the Elite still believe it’s ok to discriminate by money and by academic potential and it’s one of the few points of agreement that I’d have with them.
            Witness the recent tumult with NYC’s high schools for the gifted. In Z’s area, Howard County, MD is also in the news. This liberal county is opposed to plans to bus the poor black and brown kids to better-performing white schools. I’m still waiting to read a study that shows that lousy students bussed to a “good” school magically become better students. It makes you wonder why no one has won a Nobel yet for finding out what that magic ingredient is, that Whites take with them when they abandon a neighborhood or a city. Surely there must be secret substance, some call it Magic Dirt, that they remove. What else could possibly explain the slide into the cesspool that inevitably happens after then Whites flee? 🙂
            MemWarVet’s earlier comment about a survey that also collects personal information is a perfect example of how the result of a survey might be corrupted by fears of Big Brother — not without reason. This is also why the US and other countries have (had?) a long tradition of the secret ballot. Some things can only be gauged by a direct question: “Are you satisfied? Angry? Confused?” But if it can be measured using direct measurements that can leave devious humans out of the loop, you’ll probably get a more accurate reading.

          • As I’ve referenced before, all is laid out in the book, “Bad Students, not Bad Schools”, by Weissberg. It’s a classic and referenced to the hilt with 50 years of studies wrt mixed race schools and programs to lift the disadvantaged by dumbing down the advantaged.

            It really is a one stop rebuttal to this nonsense, and if you have liberal “friends” in the business whom you argue with, read it. You’ll need no other source of info.

          • Curiously, Amazon hasn’t yet banned it 🙂 but the price…$59.80 and that’s the KIndle price! Hardcover and paperback almost the same. Those are textbook prices. Thanks, I’ll pass. Actually, why don’t I try the library? I’ve borrowed some damned obscure books that way.

  29. “The reason they are running around looking for bad-thinkers is they lie awake at night imagining one us creeping from the darkness with a My Pillow as they sleep.”


    • You beat me to it. Top kek. That and the ‘night of a million pillows’ need to enshrined somewhere under most hilarious DR turn of phrases.
      I hope someone is archiving all the lulz that emanate from this page because they are hilarious and frequent. Instead of Kristalnacht we will have Kissennacht. 🙂 (google it)

    • My Pillow will be the calling card we leave. After we lose and they make a movie about it, some vibrant, brilliant investigator will be the one who notices the My Pillows to be out of place in the homes where these crimes occur. She’ll ask her supervisor – a person-of-pallor – about it, who will dismiss it of course, but she will persevere. The final showdown will come when she traces the cell to their lair where she slays a sequence of White men who wear New Balance shoes, Hawaiian shirts, and Confederate flag pants. None of them are competent with their AR-15s.

    • Flipside:

      Heels Up appears youthful and lively compared to the remaining candidates.

      Women voters approve of her hypergamous approach to managing her career.

  30. Z, would you care to elaborate on the current leftist seething over the post office? If I didn’t know better, I might think the repubs are actually growing a pair and forbidding the left from doing their usual vote tampering. In other words, playing dirty!

      • You can always tell when you are dealing with a top tier nutter when they are wearing a mask in their Twitter profile pic. It just shrieks “I’m a compliant robot” in a way few other things do.

        • Compliant and pretentious to the max. All she needs is a little Hutulet in her arms to complete the contemptible photo.

        • She’s not even wearing the mask, not really. Her nose is uncovered and so is part of her mouth. I suppose it’s a compromise between virtue signaling and vanity.

      • Jamie Lee Curtis is a measure of how for one can go with nothing but nice mammaries and the right (((pedigree))).

        She has the haircut and face of a sullen 10 year old boy. She literally has nothing going for her but a nice rack and the right connections.

        • Jamie Lee Curtis was born a hermaphrodite and her parents (Tony Curtis and Janet Lee) chose to have her male sex organs removed. Her large breasts were the result of hormone therapy that accompanied the surgical changes. She got dealt a tough hand in life, but those big tits evened the scales in no small way.

    • As I understand it, Trump installed his guy as Postmaster General

      He broomed the upper ranks and installed a bunch of MAGA guys.

      Sorry I don’t have a link handy.

      • If so, then this is one of the few competent street-fighting policies we’ve seen. The whole plan is to steal the election with mail-in ballots! The idea that the USPS is filled with mostly compliant, low-energy types and is the place to stack with your guys to best effect is very competent. Much better than trying to take over State Dept

        • Agreed.

          State Dept is filled with manic, credentialed, pozzed fanatics all the way down.

      • he did no such thin. he installed rancid prebus and john mccain stooges and it has haunted him ever since.

    • The Post Office is an interesting political football. I’m no expert on it, but it’s an odd institution. In the first place, it’s actually something the Constitution gives the Federal government authority to do — a delegated power, imagine that! Inefficient or not, it has its place in commerce and communcations. What form it should (or will) take in the future is not mine to know. In modern times, an overlooked feature of the USPS is it is a huge emplolyer of Melanic Hominids®. In fact, it is often called an “employer of last resort” for many urban Blacks. This makes efforts to alter the USPS all the more problematic.

      • The USPS is a huge reason there is any black middle class at all.

        It also a huge poz vector. Go to a suburban or even exurban post office and check out who the staff are.

        I rest my case.

        • Go to any large urban city and see who the employees are. Majority minority. Whites no longer need apply. To a certain extent, that’s OK with me since Whites not longer live in those inner city areas.

        • I’ve noticed this a lot more over the last 10 years or so. They’re being imported in from the urban areas?

          • Free trade has outsourced so many jobs that the government has become an employer of last resort for many minorities seeking middle-class employment. Many conservatives have no right to complain as they embraced the economic ideologies which caused this result. Don’t like your government being majority non-White? Go back in time and vote for Ross Perot.

        • Read Charles Bukowski’s “Post Office.” That line of work has always attracted degenerates.

        • Whites are not even considered for management or higher positions. Been that way a long time, and it is not just inner cities.

        • Military used to have a lot of slop for honorable minority military employment. Cooks, supply, clerks, that short of thing.

          Now that’s all contracted out to huge firms like Halliburton. (And way more expensive). A shame. It was honorable work that’s led to a modest, but decent pension. Good gig for the underclass of all races.

          • At least 50% of our population cannot hope to engage the high-paying abstract work many here are able to perform. There is dignity in work and it provides opportunity to self-improve in many ways. I know excellent folks who can only undertake manual labor, some of them with Downs Syndrome. Enable people to self-improve and if they do, treat them as your brothers and sisters. If their temperaments do not accept to serve others in exchange for sustenance, after a time, then let them starve and even snuff them out.

        • The Postal Service is also the only reason Amazon hasn’t (yet) been able to ban practically every controversial book and DVD. Watch these MAGApedes and anti-gubment libertarians destroy practically the only institution that isn’t allowed to politically discriminate on what they ship, leaving Bezos and a handful of leftist oligarchs to impose wide-ranging censorship on the right.

          If the Post Office is destroyed, even future libraries may find it difficult to obtain certain books if the only mail distributor refuses to carry them due to “hate speech” and the publishing houses take a hint and stop printing them. Electronic is no alternative either because a handful of distributors can remove or alter purchased products on your device (or maybe the government/Google will use an AI to track down hate speech books one day and remove them from computers en masse).

          Maybe Z is right and this is all a simulation. I honestly can’t see how conservatives are so dumb as to not see that obvious trap from a mile away. Humans strike me as zombified NPCs most of the time. They regurgitate bits of programing (memes, ideologies they don’t understand) acquired elsewhere with practically no critical thinking accompanying them. All they do is spout slogans.

      • Aside from a jobs bank for minorities, the USPS’s biggest problem is Congress. On one hand, they demand they operate like an efficient business, on the other they interject all sorts of stipulation in how they act, whom they service, how they service, and what they charge for such services. All while the private companies they compete with undercut them.

        There is no way to alter the USPS without a clean break from Congress.

        • Our corrupt Congress has been lobbied for quite a while by UPS and FedEx to put the USPS out of business for private sector to take over all the USPS business, so the USPS has been doing strange things for a couple decades. Maybe Trump’s man will improve matters.

          • We can only hope. The level of entitlement of their employees is legend. When I was a teenager, had a summer job in NYC for a company to do errands for them. One was to go to the local Post Office with their daily shipments and drop the packages off.

            These packages were boxed and taped like nothing you’d ever seen. On the outside we’re not one, but two copies of the addressee and were labeled “Hand stamp”, ‘’Fragile”. All were weighed and pre-stamped with proper postage. The clerk in receiving only had to take the package from me. No other work involved, we did it all.

            Well, the clerk behind the counter took great glee in grabbing the box, stamping it hard with a rubber stamp, “Received (today’s date)”, then turning around and tossing it 10 or so feet into a large, wheeled, canvas basket with all the previous packages received.

            If I had 5 packages, the first went into the basket, then the other 4 got tossed in afterwards, one hitting the other. One could imagine the amount of packages getting tossed around until the basket was emptied. Hell, he could have waited until I left to mishandle them, but no—that would take the fun out of it. 🙁

        • Yes, but there has always been the argument of near-universal service. You gotta admit, no one can deliver a first-class letter as cheaply from a leaky houseboat in Key West FL to a remote Innuit fishing village north of the Arctic Circle in AK. An extreme example perhaps, but I’d assume that millions have no option but USPS for much of their communciations and shipping. You could even make an argument that we should have an “old fashioned” postal service (e.g. exclusive monopolies on certain services), as this was more traditional in Europe and later the USA. Privatization is not universally a good thing.

  31. Night of a million pillows, shouldn’t Attorney General Barr be initiating that? They keep telling me soon.

          • Status-flexing requires status, Karl.

            At best the Orange/Sleepy debate is a 51-49 call with history as the judge in hindsight only.

            If you want a MAGA echo-chamber, stick with Boomer-Bart.

          • You really deserve to have your neighborhood Affirmatively Furthered with Fair Housing until you quit with the affected indifference.

            Not sure when blasé hipsterism began to infect political discourse. I mean like what does the president of the United States matter, [yawn] and like, whatever, like and stuff, amirite? I care so little that I’m constantly seeking out occasions to tell random people how above it all I am [sips craft IPA].

            At least boomers grill delicious meat and can take forthright positions – what can you do?

          • I’ve known Exile to light one’s ass on fire when you get him going. He’s a good read most of the time. 😉

          • I’m sure he’s great.

            A lot of great people are doing the “Trump is lame so who even cares about people who hate white christians taking control of the government at every level” thing and it’s driving me nuts(er).

            It’s like we thought “the best lack all conviction” was intended to be life advice

          • People who hate White Christians have already taken control of the government.

            Trump’s own grandkids are being raised in the Chabad cult.

            What should drive you nuts is cucks like Pence who wear their faith on their sleeves while they work hand-in-glove with Jewish mafiosi like Mnuchin and Jared & Charles Kushner and Trump does absolutely nothing to protect Christians like he promised.

            Session was one of the few genuine Christians who tried to accomplish anything and Trump hated him. But Trump’s thick as thieves with every Christ-killer in the Beltway.

            But “we have no better choices” so you’ll hold your nose and pretend, yet again, yea unto the death of your faith.

          • Exile is safely ignored. I don’t ever read his comments as he is a low status male with all the personality tics to prove it. Think of him as the neighborhood chihuahua, barking at everything, comprehending nothing.

          • “he is a low status male”

            Says the guy with the handle “Karl McHungus”, funny if you get the cultural reference. 100 – 1 this guy is a nobody in the real world.

          • Tell me what victory boomers have earned under Donald Trump that isn’t trivial or easily reversible. What exactly inspires your confidence? Seems like gross naivety at this point.Or ignorance. Honestly, you’re just insulting people to prevent them from stating the obvious about your candidate because that negatively reflects on your judgement. You don’t want the bubble burst on the delusion, but reality will do that soon enough on her own.

            “At least boomers grill delicious meat”

            Fueled by massive, unplayable debt and cheap imported labor. That’s all they did as their country burned down. Some accomplishment.

            “and can take forthright positions”

            Most of which are wrong, unproductive, and contributed to this mess. Tell me how libertarianism is going to save the day again.

            “– what can you do?”

            Not waste my time on grilling and watching sportsball, which is apparently beyond most boomers these days.

          • Honestly can’t stand how those types come here and demand everyone get on with their delusion that Trump is some kind of savior or will win re-election in a “Trumpslide.” So naive. Please don’t excuse this man’s many failures or deflect with excuses. Go to Vox Day and learn about the Trumpslide orchestrated by Qanon if you want to be told only what you want to hear. This shouldn’t be the place for that.

    • If you need some easy laughs, head for Conservative Treehouse and skim their mental contortions about their 900 page briefs about 34 month long coverups.

      Best insomnia aid ever!

  32. hey Zman, this is a serious question: are there any decent looking chicks at these conferences and meet ups you attend? second question: seems like Ayn Rand ladies are kind of interesting; is this just wishful thinking on my part?

    • If you trolling for a lay the DR is a place you should look elsewhere. The male-female ratio in our thing is probably 100:1 because the overwhelming majority of women are compliant social-proofing herd following robots. So long as you are considered a ‘fringe movement’ with media painting you as the new SS it’ll be you and your right hand on this journey.

      Your best bet is to hire a hooker to read you the Fountainhead while pegging you and furiously throwing roman salutes while chanting “blut und boden!” Will sort of get you a bit closer to what you are looking for with far less effort methinks. Here to help… 🙂

      • Agreed. There are probably more traps in the DR than there are actual women. Most women will follow the lead of a confident man. Women are born followers via biology, better to just get a girlfriend and convert her to the cause.

      • There were some attractive Objectivist women, FWIW. Every one of them thought she was Dagny Taggart, right down to their email addresses, nicknames, names of their pets, etc…

        I don’t even recall one “Dominique” wanna-be. Howard Roark BTFO’d.

        And there were a few outright gold-diggers who I had more respect for. These ladies knew a personality cult of literally-money-worshiping Jews & shabbos goys was prime territory and that these were relatively “virgin” hunting-grounds.

          • Things like this is why I think the Heartiste’s site was probably one of the most important resources out there for helping men to get their minds right.

            If you can acquire the discipline to not to be a simp to the beaver, then many more things are possible.

            Which is probably why his site was purged. He had WAY too many black pills to be allowed to continue.

            Listening to some of the MGTOW content on Youtube – that I don’t think they’ve banned yet – is a good way to at least get yourself part of the way there.

        • Women in Randroid circles are like women at Rush concerts: very sparse, and I brought the only attractive one with me.

      • Your best bet is to hire a hooker to read you the Fountainhead while pegging you and furiously throwing roman salutes while chanting “blut und boden!”

        Tried that, didn’t work for me – when it dawned on the girl that Ayn Rand was a CivNat, she freaked out, called me a filthy race traitor and a disgusting pervert. She refused to unlock my handcuffs until I’d eaten all 1,200 pages.
        Getting no-lube face-pegged by Ayn Rand, is not recommended.

      • Instructions unclear. Was I supposed to be throwing Roman salutes and chanting or was the hooker? Experience unsatisfying. Please advise.

    • Probably not.

      Go wokefishing at a BLM riot.

      For a wife go to church.

      Women are never at the forefront of anti establishment change. How many women were among the Founding Fathers?

      • One retort for the women you speak of. Yes, there were no notable rabble-rousers in 1776 that I recall, but women of that time were not like women of today.

        Note that the men who fought, left their women home to tend the farm and children and protect themselves as best they could against the dangers of the Indian allies of the British. Even after the war, settler women had to fight—alone—against Indian attacks while the husband was on militia duty. Read Danial Boone’s biography to get a picture of how hard things were in those early days.

        These women were not the equal of men, they were better. If not for them, there would be no United States as the men would not have been able to perform their duties to the new nation.

      • HAR HAR HAR!!!
        It was worthwhile for the lad to pose the question. Typically the women that associate with political movements are all leftist cnuts. Ya can’t blame the lad for looking for more productive waters to fish in.

      • “Among” the Founding Fathers? Ask Hamilton. He seems to have had a rep as a ladies man. There’s a certain sort of gal who just seems drawn to those power pheromones. She’s the one with a tighter corset and a bit more decolletage on view. World’s oldest profession, doncha know…

    • I saw a couple at amren that were sharp. This isn’t a criticism, but women involved in this thing, this early, will be odd in the extreme. If you looking for marriage material, i would recommend finding excuse to live in eastern europe for a year. They have their nuts too, it’s not paradise. Identify good families and proceed from there.

      • “If you looking for marriage material, i would recommend finding excuse to live in eastern Europe for a year. They have their nuts too, it’s not paradise.”

        I couldn’t agree more. I’ve spent time in Russia and the women openly embrace traditionalism and most are anti-Western democracy — especially the ones who are devout Eastern Orthodox Christians. 

        Just beware that there are a handful of women in the Slavic countries who’ve sold out their traditional heritage and yearn for Western modernism; they’re bitter and despise their countries. I’ve met a Russian woman who fell into this camp and she was quit vocal about how “regressive” Russia is because LGBT is frowned upon etc. She was an academic who was romantically involved with another academic in the United States — so one shouldn’t be surprised. Nonetheless, she was still more genuine and humble than the average Western woman.

        • She was an academic who was romantically involved with another academic in the United States
          US academics chase after eastern european women after they indoctrinate their students with liberal values. These guys need to be skinned alive.

        • If you’re American, I strongly suggest you marry an American woman, so that you may have non-hyphenated American children.

          Bi-tribal children often have some of the same identity issues as mixed race, if much less pronounced. The best gift you can give your children in the 21th C., is a solid, unambiguous tribal identity.

          • America is not a tribe (anymore?) it’s a place on a map, and on a good day, a government.

            Someone sharing your religion and race is of your tribe. Let’s say you’re a traditional catholic in Montana (of central european extraction) would you be more at home with A) a frizzy haired pan sexual jewess from Manhattan or B) a traditional catholic Hungarian woman from a small town in Hungary (she’s pots and pans sexual)

            Admittedly a traditional catholic woman from Montana might be even better still ceteris paribus, but if someone had that available they probably wouldn’t be asking.

          • America is not a tribe (anymore?) it’s a place on a map, and on a good day, a government.

            You country is not the same as your tribe. There are almost 200 million heritage Americans, making you the largest European tribe on the planet.

            Fleeing to Eastern Europe is fleeing reality; when the barbarians are outside the gates of your little Slovak ethno-hideout, where are you going to run to then? When are you going to stand and tell them that they shall not pass?

            And I am obliged to note here the entitledness with which Americans discuss which country to pick as the lucky host of your expat asses. Large expat communities are trouble, even if they are racially compatible, and a flood of American ethno-refugees might not be received as enthusiastically as you might hope.

            Going expat is hard and before you even contemplate it, ask yourself if you’re ready to turn in your American passport and speak Slavic to your children, because that’s what it would take.

            Full disclosure: I’m from Denmark, so I’m not actually qualified to advice Americans on what to do, but this is the internet so there you have it.

          • “…and a flood of American ethno-refugees might not be received as enthusiastically as you might hope.”

            There’s truth to this. I’ve spoken with some women while in Russia who were both Russian and Serbian. While they respect traditional-minded Westerners who have a passion for Slavic culture (along as they’re not trying to infiltrate as spies), the general consensus is that they’re still viewed as outsiders and not overly welcomed for the long-term. However, I’ve heard different perspectives on this and it really depends on who you’re speaking with.

          • I’ve noticed that Americans of all political stripes who decide that their homeland is “too ___” for them are often oddly provincial American in that they seem to assume that most other countries are as sloppy as theirs about immigration. The reality is that none of the remotely civilized ones are. I know it’s a shock but most other countries actually take their borders sort of seriously.

            In particular Russia and Eastern Europe have gotten back on their feet and found their souls again after Communism and being run by fools like Yeltsin. They’re forming their own ideology that rejects both Communism and Western liberalism and pansexualism and will be suspicious of Western migrants. There’s also the fact that outside the anglophone world no other nations are run by HR departments staffed with fat women whose only job is to protect you from “discrimination”. So if that landlord in Russia won’t rent to you because you’re a foreigner you’re probably just screwed.

          • Well let me adjust my monocle and top hat lads, obviously I’m among sophisticates here. [dons smoking jacket]

            So far I’ve learned that 1) foreign countries often speak foreign languages 2) other countries have immigration “laws”

            I had previously assumed you just sort of showed up with a bugs bunny style hobo bundle tied to a stick over your shoulder and asked for them free vittles, boy-howdee!

            Now you tell me there are laws and requirements and other high falutin book learnin’ stuff?! Doggone it if I only I knew this sooner I might have researched the requirements and consulted locals as well as competent immigration attorneys. I’m glad we’ve got you worldly types here to help out us poor benighted folks who have never been anywhere.

            Provincial! [spits on the ground].

            Thanks again guv’!

          • What you describe is probably the general case outside the English speaking countries, Western Europe, maybe Australia and Japan. On the upside, traditionally well-behaved foreigners with money to support themself are welcomed or at least tolerated nearly anywhere. You may not have too many “rights” but most of your arrangements will be more like gentleman’s agreements. Not so hard if you can live like a tourist.

          • I’ve noticed that Americans of all political stripes who decide that their homeland is “too ___” for them are often oddly provincial American in that they seem to assume that most other countries are as sloppy as theirs about immigration.

            As a former expat, I can attest. Hell, Americans show this provincialism internally. Ask any Southerner what he thinks about the Yankees who have moved into his area, and then press him about it. The reason for the disdain is the Northerner displays provincialism and likes to boast about how they do it where he is from. The obvious absurdity comes from the preposition dangling at the end of the last sentence.

          • “ask yourself if you’re ready to turn in your American passport and speak Slavic to your children, because that’s what it would take.”

            YIKES!! You may need to learn a new language and get a new passport to relocate your family to another country?

            You mean they don’t actually speak AMERICAN in Romania!?! Having never been to, or known anyone from, or even previously heard of any of the countries I was moving to this is a frightening prospect and a surprise indeed. I sort of pictured Romania as just snowy Louisiana.

            I can still have my career as an alligator wrestling zydeco singer in a catfish restaurant there right?

          • I can tell you from experience, there is NOTHING like chawin’ down on a steamin’ plate o’ jambalaya on the banks of the Mures while belting out some choice Clifton Chenier tunes. The Vlachs will go mad for you every time…

          • It’s not about getting a Romanian passport, it’s about turning in your American one. If that it something you could do with a flippant comment, I suppose America is better of without you.

            In the rest of the world, being born an American citizen is considered an unparalleled privilege, even if we don’t like to talk about it.

            Also, Romania is a shithole.

          • The Romanian music scene is superb and they put out some very upbeat tunes for living in such a “shithole”.

          • The Romanian music scene is superb

            … the beer is cheap and the women are easy. Great place if you’re a penniless hippie looking for white poon that’s not 50 lbs overweight – Bucharest is the new Prague!

            Trust me, it’s a shithole. That’s why it’s so white: not even the joggers want to move there.

          • “Trust me, it’s a shithole. That’s why it’s so white: not even the joggers want to move there.”

            If there’s no coffee beans, that’s half the problem solved. You can always renovate a shithole.

          • Actually, I have a friend [of a friend] who is Romanian. And she’s fantastic. Lives in America now; works in finance. A great woman.
            But my friend went to Romania on a group-friend visit with her and several others, and it does not appear to be the “shithole” that you all are describing.
            Go visit the place first, live it, have the experience, then talk somewhat authoritatively about it.

          • Carrie said: “Go visit the place first, live it, have the experience, then talk somewhat authoritatively about it.”

            Dear Carrie.

            I didn’t call Romanian a shithole. I was simply posting a responce to a statment made by Mr. Krull. See how that works? It was he who called that magnificent country a shithole. Please send my love to your “fantastic friend [of a friend].”

            Here’s an artical from the Sun UK from Feb 22 2019 intitled:

            “The luxury town where rich Romanian gangsters build mega mansions from British money and child slavery.”

            I’m sure there’s lots more articals like that one.

          • Why don’t you go ask your fantastic friend of a friend why she emigrated to America if Romania is so swell?

            <i>Go visit the place first, live it, have the experience, then talk somewhat authoritatively about it.</i>

            If you can talk about it without ever having visited, why can’t I?

          • Visiting is different from living. Not saying you are wrong, but there is a significant difference.

          • “Also, Romania is a shithole”

            Yeah I hear it’s full of backward white people and it’s impossible to get a good latte or a late night curry.

            Ok sorry for the distraction white nationalist comrades, now let’s get right back to decrying multiculturalism and decadent consumerist values

          • Yeah I hear it’s full of backward white people and it’s impossible to get a good latte or a late night curry.

            Yes on all three counts.

            And the average salary is $819 per month, their hospitals are out of Cuba and they’re infested by Gypsies – the only human species worse than Arabs.

          • “In the rest of the world, being born an American citizen is considered an unparalleled privilege, even if we don’t like to talk about it.”

            Is unparalleled privilege similar to white privilege? Because our school told me that’s really bad and I don’t think a public school in such a kickass country would lie.

            Anyway even if I do move abroad I can always find things to remind me of all the privilege I previously enjoyed, like for example when the local American embassy in Bucharest flies the rainbow flag for pride month. Reminds me of the privilege of trying to explain to children why two fat hirsute men were making out with what appeared (?) to be a single hairless teen boy in costco.

            “See little Jimmy sometimes when mommies and daddies love each other very much and they get married – when they spend special time alone together they make a baby! Except sometimes there are two daddies and the mommy is also a much younger daddy who loves both the other older fatter daddies in exchange for pills and there’s no babies involved, and they also don’t love each other and also they spend special time in the cereal aisle right in front of us instead of alone at home. And also your actual daddy will lose his job and you’ll have to leave your school if he says anything about it, so please just let’s leave”

            It will be sad for my kids though, to lose touch with real americans! Like all the real americans from guatemala and somalia that they had in their class. But say… maybe if we bring enough pride flags WITH US it can be just like we carry America with us IN OUR HEARTS wherever we go!

          • I’m sad to hear your personal life is such a mess and that your mommy was a fat guy with a beard, but there are still many heritage Americans who are not ready to abandon their country just because their embassy fly a homo flag.

            It sounds to me as if you don’t even know what patriotism is. Are you, by any chance, a rootless cosmopolitan?

          • Patriotism is just discount nationalism for the deracinated. Morally equivalent to sportsball fandom.

            Speaking of sportsball…

            As a heritage American I cheered for (Irish Christian) Tyson Fury when he knocked the bix nood right out of Deonte Wilder (American jogger with 8 kids by 4 women). If you think there’s something wrong with this I don’t think we share assumptions.

          •  If you think there’s something wrong with this I don’t think we share assumptions.

            Watching pretend fighting is for homosexuals, worse than sportsball.

            Also, you keep speaking like a rootless cosmopolitan, what with your fondness for deconstructing perfectly straightforward terms like “patriot”.

          • It’s not a straightforward term though. It only seems that way because you live in a European country that is overwhelmingly homogeneous and has been that way through all of modern history. Tribal loyalty and state loyalty are synonymous there. Patriotism in the U.S. now means placing your tribal loyalty below loyalty to a state that hates you and discriminates against you based on your race and gender. No thanks. You’re nuts to outsource your “patriotism” to any entity that does that.If you feel otherwise, please pack your bags and move here, then fight the good fight under your real name — publicly. Betting you won’t.

          • <i>Patriotism in the U.S. now means placing your tribal loyalty below loyalty to a state </i>

            That’s what the globalists want you to believe, because they hate patriots. Patriotism means love of country, not love of the state or “my country right and wrong”.

            You can play three-card monte with terms like “patriotism” and “nationalism”, bend them to your discursive needs but patriotism is a straightforward emotion, only difficult to understand if you’ve never felt it.

          • That’s not even hard: Patriots.

            But America is still a few death camps short of a Soviet dictatorship.

          • Whereas, you don’t even understand the definition of “patriot”. But you understand “battered wife syndrome” quite aptly. Stop comment, Krull, you’re a moron.

          • Felix is right…

            Seems like people are talking past each other here trying to enforce some ideological conformity.

          • “there are still many heritage Americans who are not ready to abandon their country just because their embassy fly a homo flag”

            Then they’re fools. You aren’t winning this fight; the war is over. The situation reminds me of that scene in Battlestar Galactica when the commander finally realizes they lost with no hope of victory and the highest priority should now be preserving those few who remain. Americans are quickly approaching the same realization. Boomer rants about fighting when all is lost doesn’t change that. America will go the way of Zimbabwe and South Africa — just as much disenfranchisement for White proles but with an even more diverse (and cruel) ruling class.

            In all of your many comments I’ve never seen you offer a valid strategy beyond simply telling people to fight until they lose everything. There is value in knowing when to cut your losses. Napoleon was offered peace on terms he could have only dreamed of while he was imprisoned. He foolishly gambled everything and lost.

            That’s basically what you and company are arguing for here, which doesn’t surprise me as you aren’t an American and have no dog in this fight. Funny how you can lecture Americans about commenting on European countries they haven’t been to while also lecturing them about how to conduct their lives in a country you claim living in is a privilege while not actually living in yourself.

          • <i>Funny how you can lecture Americans about commenting on European countries they haven’t been to</i>

            Didn’t happen.

            And I gave due warning that my posts were written from a Danish perspective.

            <i>no hope of victory and the highest priority should now be preserving those few who remain.</i>

            Point to country with more white people than America. You’re not even a minority yet, and you’ll be the strongest ethnic group this century out at least.

          • The latter, of course.

            But you go to war with the people you have, not with the people you wish you had.

            And if they chase you out of your own (rather magnificent) country, how long do you think it’ll take before they come for your little Whitekanda on the Donau?

          • Then you’ve cursed whatever children you have to the same fate. Your ancestors left their home countries and came here because they valued their personal and family interests over national, tribal, and religious loyalties. Many of them ended up in a better place because of that choice; certainly their descendants did. What exactly is the difference between then and now?

          • Whitey ran the show, took no shit and fucked your ass up if you stepped out of line. That’s the difference, shit for brains.

          • You’ve made that point before. It is well taken. Seems to me, if one is looking for a new country—not just a refuge of convenience—then an American has few choices other than the English speaking countries derived from English colonization and heritage.

            That would leave us with Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Of course, Canada and GB seem fairly well alone the path of multi-culturalism, so I’d say Australia.

            Last I checked, one could retire there if one “invested” enough and had a stable income derived from abroad. But it was a VISA that allow living there, but no citizenship possibility.

            I’ve know a few persons who have successfully relocated to NZ as immigrants, but I can’t comment on whether they are happy or not.

          • I’m afraid the anglophone world is thoroughly screwed. Going from one of its countries to the other is a pot/kettle exercise. Fortunately for me–and this assumes we can’t make the ethnostate happen–I know a fair amount of Russian and my wife is Slovakian on her dad’s side. Slovakia could be a bolthole. I’d rather live there than any of the anglophone states anyway.

          • I’ve said it before: the Honesty and Openness that are a part of why Anglo societies work so well make them very vulnerable to those who do not share those characteristics. The Jewish population in the UK is less than 300,000 yet they’ve the same lock institutionally as in the US. All the Anglocountries are fucked.

          • Agree with Ostei: anglophone world (except for maybe the outback of Australia) is pretty pozzed.
            Guess you’ll have to put on your thinking caps and learn a new language!!

          • You sound more current than I know. At least in the 1990s, and it probably hasn’t changed much, many countries will welcome you as a tourist but usually want no one staying over 30 or 90 days, whatever. There are ways to game the system, like the old “leave the country once a month and get passport stamped.” But to remain legally with visa and such, even if you are self-supporting, can be difficult in a lot of countries. And for the better countries like you mentioned, I thought it is very difficult to immigrate permanently?

          • This is solid advice and I don’t disagree with you. First and foremost, I wasn’t in Russia looking for a wife, but rather for professional endeavors and a religious pilgrimage. I’m 100% German-American and was raised as a Roman Catholic. However, I’ve converted several of years ago to the ROC for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, I’d much rather find a traditional-minded woman in the United States than elsewhere for the reasons that you’ve stated. I’ve met some great women while spending time in conservative areas such as Western Kansas, Nebraska, northern Texas, the Dakotas, and Wyoming. They’re out there in the real America and you most certainly won’t find them in any Cultural Marxist utopia.

          • Hear, hear. You are a gem, Felix, and given your nation of origin likely an uncut one. If American men want to save America and not the United States Empire, they need to marry American women and become baby manufacturers.

            As for your comment below, yes. People in the States need to give up the presumptuous belief they can flee anywhere they want. It makes them complacent with the belief they can find refuge elsewhere, and they cannot. Why would any self-respecting European country want people from a failed state?

      • a friend of mine went to ukraine for work for a while. he believes there was a lot of potential there. they are orthodox and some take their faith seriously, which is a good thing.

        • They do take their faith seriously, which is great. However, it’s unfortunate that the US State Department continues to meddle in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (along with other sects) in efforts to weaken the Russian Orthodox Church. They were largely responsible for the 2018 Moscow–Constantinople schism.

          • “America” is every bit as evil as the EU. To the extent it gets its meathooks into Eastern Europe, it is a very bad development. And this is yet another argument for accelerationism.

          • Same masters, I can barely dissociate them.
            Basically USA is more war prone, while EU is more bureaucratic.

          • The US State Department/ EU/ Neocon axis are in the process of pulling a coup d’état in Belarus. One more sovereign nation down the toobs.

          • Russia will soon be completely surrounded by Atlanticists. Root for China as they’re one of the few pillars holding back a full unipolar world takeover. The BRICS are leading the way to a new, multipolar world, but if China is weakened, that will quickly change as the pressure is mounting against Russia.

            I suggest reading Eurasian Mission: An Introduction to Neo-Eurasianism by Alexander Dugin. It’s a great source of information on Eurasianism.

      • DEPENDS on the type of Catholic church, though.
        Be careful.
        The Novus Ordo version that thinks interpretive dance passes for The solemn Mass is probably not where you’ll find a likely candidate.
        They are 98% pozzed, as well.
        Gotta go to the Latin Mass locations instead.

    • I have a friend who goes to A A meetings to pick up women. Sure, they are bat shit crazy, but some are fairly attractive. But I must say that this guy has a special gift for manipulating crazy broads.

  33. “We have created these monsters” (in reference to entitled sportsball players)

    True. This will make it all the more pleasurable to destroy them, which is well underway.

    GREAT podcast, and the theme really tied together. You really excel at this.

    • An unmistakable sign of sane times dawning on us would be the day when all of these sportsball players, comedians, actors and other assorted clowns re-assume their rightful place on the social scale, that is just above common criminals

      • It really is amazing that mass media elevated the lot of them, when it should have driven their value even lower.

      • They (sports guys such as baseball players) used to be blue collar working class guys. Roger Maris showed up in the off-season to help Whitey Herzog build his house. He brought his lunch in a brown paper sack.
        Not many players left, also, who are willing to be carry the nickname of “Whitey.”

      • Or in Khamala Harris’s case, her rightful place right around crotch height on the criminals….

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  35. I was looking forward to the show before I knew it was about now I’m really excited. I need this. I talked to a relative yesterday that likes to wear his mask in his car while he’s driving by himself because it shows the world have serious he is about this virus. He’s a doctor. How can he not realize that this is piety and religion not medicine and science. absolute lunacy

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