The Road To Divorce

For obvious reasons, 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the strangest years in American history. The virus response alone would make it a very strange year, probably an inflection point. It will be the year when the post-normal period in America society started. What may make it the most historically significant year in history is it will be known as the year when partisanship tipped into madness. This is the year when the ruling class went insane and took the rest of us with them.

The latest bout of insanity is over the United States Postal Service conspiracy to subvert the upcoming election. The Left is on their social media platforms warning that Big Stamp is part of a silent coup to award the election to Trump. Fevered lefties are posting pictures of themselves guarding mailboxes. The actress Jaimie Lee Curtis posted this on her Twitter account. The invasion of the mailbox snatchers has become a very real thing for the people on the Left.

How exactly anyone can think the post office is going to rig an election is a lot like the Russian collusion hoax. It is best understood if you don’t think about very much. The ballots go into the mailbox, something magical happens and then Donald Trump steals the election! Instead of the Russians using mind control to alter voter behavior in the voting booth, it is the postmaster using special powers to alter ballots inside the box themselves or perhaps making them disappear.

Of course, given the universality of the Opposite Rule of Liberalism, this means the Left is already hard at work with a plan to spoil ballots in the postal system. Their push for vote by mail is part of an existing scheme to trash votes from Republican areas, while stuffing the mailboxes in Democratic areas. Of course, their street thugs will be justified in burning mailboxes in white areas now. You can be sure Antifa will be staking out the post offices in white areas of the country too.

The legacy Right argues that these antics are just part of the Left’s scheme to gain power and impose their Marxisms on us. This is a recurring theme of Tucker Carlson’s nightly monologues. The Left just wants power! Of course, the Left has power, near absolute power, in fact. They have shut down large swaths of the country just because they are sad about Donald Trump. They now let blacks murder white people without facing real consequences. That’s real power.

Like conservatism itself, this sort of bourgeois objectivism is just a carry-over from the olden thymes when it was assumed reason ruled the day. There must be a reason for why people act a certain way in politics. Money, power and sex were assumed to be the set of plausible reasons for all political corruption. Despite the evidence to the contrary, the legacy Right clings to this mode of thought, mostly because they think to do otherwise opens the door to this sort of analysis.

We are at the point with the virus and now the post office conspiracy to conclude that madness is what lies behind all of this. Partisanship is the heart of liberal democracy, which means it must keep beating to exist. It also requires an antagonist, some group or some concept that it must oppose. It is the enemy that gives the partisan purpose and defines his life. Partisanship is a war against the other. Without the other, the partisan has no object onto which he can aim his fury.

That is where we find ourselves at the end of history. There are no more worlds for the America Left to conquer. They own every square inch of real estate in the high ground of America power. The so-called opposition from the so-called conservatives mostly consists of bowing and scraping. Conservative Inc. is a room full of broken men, crying and groveling for relief. The invisible bogeymen of fascism exist only as avatars on the internet and snarky comments on Twitter.

Without a real enemy, the partisans are left to invent them. It turns out that the Russian collusion hoax just one manifestation. What drove that conspiracy was the belief in secret forces aligned with the evil Donald Trump. Then it was the Ukrainian hoax and now we are dealing with a postal service conspiracy. Even the virus response is explained by this need for an enemy. What should have been a minor inconvenience, was turned into a cultural revolution.

You see the madness in their everyday language. The Left demand “safe spaces” where they get to say what they like, within the confines of current dogma, and they are free of contrary facts or opinions. Note it is not just contrary opinion. The safe space is free of any bits of reality that contradict the faith. That’s why they say language is violence or that silence is violence. The need for an enemy is so strong they are willing to create imaginary ones to play the role.

What will probably set this year apart from all others is that this is the year when the madness reached a point where the majority of white people decided that there is no dealing with these people. How does one even talk to someone who thinks the post office is out to get them? How can you even have a conversation with someone that is sure the Russians rigged the last election? Within living memory people like this were involuntarily committed to lunatic asylums.

Barring a great reversal of current trends, it will become clear to a growing number of white people that the course of events has once again made it necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which connect them with another. There is no way to reach any sort of accommodation with people who think the mailbox is out to get them, so there is no longer any point in trying. Like all busted relationships, the end begins when one party no longer wants to fix it.

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369 thoughts on “The Road To Divorce

  1. Everyone thought Jamie Lee Curtis was crazy or dumb. It appears that she started this whole stealing the election by stealing USPS drop boxes thing. She was prescient.

    • I get what you’re saying, but it’s been a long time coming. An agenda slowly implemented has much more chance of being successfull than one implemented all at once by fiat.

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  3. Dagnab it. If the maibox doesn’t get you, the Russian internet ad will.

    I don’t think anyone in the past could imagine these dangers we face today.

  4. Z: “The legacy Right argues that these antics are just part of the Left’s scheme to gain power and impose their Marxisms on us. This is a recurring theme of Tucker Carlson’s nightly monologues. The Left just wants power!” I guess Dissident leaders have a need to show that no guy on TV could possibly be on their level of wokeness. Tucker’s overriding theme is the existential crisis facing whites. He couldn’t be more emphatic, or indeed, dramatic about it.

    • Trump needs more votes than he ever could get from the few Dissident Righters, who are sour on him anyway.

      He’s running for President of the USA, not Honkeytopia. Remember that before you work too hard trashing the folks who lean in the DR direction and could be persuaded to cross over, but not by pounding on the one guy big in national politics who at least pretends to give a rip about them.

    • I was ready to bag on this pardon, but this is actually a good, low-cost PR win for Trump that plays well in contrast to the amateur night, hate-filled DNC and co-opts any celebration of the 19th Amendment.

      IOW, it’s a little, cheap virtual signaling that takes a lot of wind out of the Narrative’s sails.

      • Typical Trumptard take — “OK boomer”.
        They hate Trump’s guts and this bit of irrelevant, unimportant nonsense won’t change that one damn bit.
        He’s a such an embarrassing simpleton, just like many of his supporters.

        • eah said: “He’s a such an embarrassing simpleton, just like many of his supporters.”

          Oh bla de bla. Just relax man and enjoy the show. Trust me. There’s lot’s of worse things comin’ down the road.

  5. The post office drama is possibly “look over there.” The Democrats in the precincts, under cover from partisan overseers, will simply act fraudulently at the polling stations in areas they control.

  6. Z Man said: “What will probably set this year apart from all others is that this is the year when the madness reached a point where the majority of white people decided that there is no dealing with these people.”…”Barring a great reversal of current trends, it will become clear to a growing number of white people that the course of events has once again made it necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which connect them with another.”

    I’m sure your right. And not just in the U S of A. Sooner or later, it will become clear to every white person who still has three brain cells that this situation simply can’t continue. Last night, I was making the rounds of the Youtube channels I haven’t visited in a while and watched a short video on a channel called Way Of The World. This guy it totally one of us.

    Here’s a fourteen minute vid intitled:

    “Why It’s Time to Let the West FALL.”

  7. The choice is now basically, wake up or die. I would really like to think our people are starting to get it — then I look at some of the garbage my (ex) friends post on FB and I realize, no, a lot of relatively smart people still don’t get it at all. And how much time is left to educate them, bring them along? Not that much I would guess. It is definitely scary.

    • Agree. I make it personal policy not to talk to old friends online about politics. I’m getting angry enough that I should probably not talk to them at all, so as not to risk the friendship. Right now Normie is gonna be scared to the Right or to the Left. Chances are he goes Left, since he sees protection there.

      • “Chances are he goes Left, since he sees protection there.”

        Damn. Good catch. This one’ll separate the men from the boys.

  8. Trump has time to pardon long-dead feminists, but won’t stand up for his base in the present:

    Trump to Pardon Susan B. Anthony Over 1872 Voting Arrest

    “President Trump said he will pardon Susan B. Anthony, the leader of the women’s suffrage movement who was arrested for violating male-only voting laws in 1872,” Mark Moore reports.


    “The pardon comes 100 years to the day after the 19th Amendment, which ensured women’s right to vote, was ratified.”

    James Fields was unavailable for comment. Hey, if Fields gets pardoned in 150 years, that will be well before his sentence is complete!

    • I’m really really hoping this is the “very very important” person Blumpf said he would pardon today.

      • eah said: …“very very important” person Blumpf said he would pardon today.”

        Can’t you have the decency to call the man President Trump? If you don’t respect the man, at least respect the office.

        • But but but — I don’t respect the man or the office at this point — I want to evaporate the whole rotten “swamp” — as I said before: I now understand why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotine.
          Enjoy all the ‘lowest black employment EVER‘ and ‘the Democrats are the real anti-Semites’ talk.

          • eah said: “now understand why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotine.”

            Breathe !

    • I smell Javanka in that one. Of course, this is the guy that cited wikileaks many times during the 2016 campaign, and upon election denied ever having heard of them. I’ve seen the film from the C’ville accident. Fields hit the brakes. The woman who died was < 5′ tall and weighed more than 300 lbs. That’s nose tackle territory and she was no athlete. She was not long for this world under optimal circumstances.

    • Those of you who downvote me for pointing out the Orange Emperor’s nudity – defend this

  9. In a way China proved you could mess up the entire country without firing a shot although that got overshadowed by is messing ourselves up even harder.

    We are definitely ripe

  10. I crossed the national divorce divide over a decade ago, but the reality is that America won’t split up until the dollar loses its reserve status. That’s probably at least 20-50 years away. There are no viable contenders for a reserve currency and none on the horizon.

    There is a third way out of our national situation that is viable and can avoid the otherwise inevitable civil war. The fundamental problem of American politics is that, from a political perspective, America is a sea of Red that looks like this:

    Red dominates the map, but after the Trump interregnum we will be governed permanently by the small islands of Blue on the map. The solution is to allow periodic plebiscites redraw state boundaries by allowing Red counties to leave their Blue states and join a Red state, preferably an adjacent Red state.

    This would have been unthinkable twenty years ago, but I no longer believe it is so. Our political differences are so great they can no longer be bridged. Blue hates Red. Red hates Blue. A national divorce will involve a civil war and economic collapse, which benefits nobody.

    Under this model the Blue states will collapse to urban enclaves which can function as city-states, much like ancient Greece. California will be a strip of land along the coast with fingers extending inland. Oregon will comprise Portland and the surrounding area. Washington will comprise Seattle and the surround area.

    When I look at the map in the link above I simply don’t understand what people on the Right believe is worth fighting about. The geographic areas in Blue are urban hellholes filled with people who are completely foreign to me. I would hate them but hate is itself a form of caring, and I can’t be bothered to invest that emotional energy in them. (I do love watching their cities burn though.) Every good General knows that war is settled or avoided by ceding lost territory. The territory in Blue is lost and is not worth fighting over. Cede the Blue territory to the Left in exchange for the Red territory and let them burn theirs to the ground.

    • I think we need to seriously look at means of peaceful separation. I think theoretically this could be done on state by state basis with a ratification at the county level, so that each of the ~3400 counties in the country have a say in which philosophy/system they wish to align with. That process will result in the Blue Archipelago and Red Landmass.
      The Blue enclaves fight this, because they know that over time they will be VERY vulnerable from a variety of angles, particularly when currently they control the vast majority of the institutions, media, and now large-scale commerce and industry.
      This is why the gun control move MUST come if they get complete control of the government. I think the controllers and shot-callers in the culture and institutions can see that things are fracturing, and these Blue enclaves are almost completely dependent on the red areas. Thus the propaganda and gaslighting and bread and circuses continues apace. Trying to keep the pot from boiling over.
      It’s not going to work that much longer. The systems are working for fewer and fewer groups, and fairly soon the elite will be forced to acknowledge this. Heritage America is not going to tolerate its parasites creating chaos, mayhem, murder and arson and then being blamed for it and then handed the bill to rebuild.

      • There will be no peaceful separation. Everyone has the point at which they exercise their personal mental escape clause, to describe their own “out” from what we face. Build a community, but they will come for them. Let them burn their own cities down, but they’ll burn yours down next. Avoid the bad part of town at night, but they will do the same thing in the good part of town, during the day. Split the country, but that’s not how it will go down, because the “sword of righteousness” will be swung in the direction of the other side, across the new borders. There is no separation, only resolution. One side or the other wins, even if it is over a smoking ruin. The day you accept that is the day you free yourself from your own mental escape clause, and enjoy your life as it is given to you, one day at a time. Because you will either learn how to enjoy each day, or drown in despair on the black pill. An escape clause is simply a way station on the way to one or the other.

        • Great outline, Dutch. I plan on enjoying each day in preparation for the fight. I’m bullish on our victory. But the long dark night to get there is going to suck all around.
          My ancestors, their memory, and the future for my children are all worth the sacrifice.

        • “No separation”

          Maybe that inspires you as rhetoric but it’s factually incorrect. Human populations have sorted themselves out into racial/cultural/religious affinity groups innumerable times throughout history.

          It’s much more common than these last stand Helm’s Deep extermination wars a certain sort seems emotionally drawn to.

  11. It’s not a divorce, it’s a gang fight. The Blues on the left pretty much owned everything, and shook everyone down with the promise of keeping things sort of peaceful. Then Trump showed up to pump up the Red gang. Now politics is true Bloods-Crips, or Jets-Sharks. As politics has infiltrated everything, all of our culture is subsumed into the gang fight. You picks your sides, you fights your battles. There is no nobility or inherent good in gang fighting. It is simply survival of the strongest, and all tactics will be used in the fight. There are no boundaries, and nothing is off-limits. Women and children will be pawns, and will be sacrificed.

    Gangs will posture, and use any ridiculous argument to further their aims. The job of the members is to accept and promote what they are told, even if it makes no sense. It’s how you stay in good graces with the gang. Trump rightly recognized that the Red gang had no direction, no pull, and was getting wiped out. He resurrected the Red side. When we participate in the political system, we are choosing sides and fighting for turf, no more and no less. If you are looking for something noble and lasting, you will find it away from the gang battles, in your own home and community, which is your sanctuary from all of this. That’s why BLM is going to people’s homes and neighborhoods now, they are out to destroy any sanctuary from the gang wars, at least on our side.

    Your vote, as little and meaningless as it is, is a testament to your gang affiliation. It is a token gesture, fairly safe and mostly meaningless. There are two other important elements. One is to set up your own sanctuaries, and the other one is to do your part for your gang. In the end, people will probably need to do a bit of both. You can’t have one without the other.

  12. Not interested in any “divorce”, which always involves a property (asset) settlement, meaning here a territory settlement — we are dealing with objective right vs objective wrong — I want to crush those whom I see as objectively in the wrong, not ‘settle’ (compromise) with them — unless you interpret ‘settle’ as settling accounts.

    • I’m pretty interested in a divorce. Let’s snap the line at the Mountain time zone, on both sides of it.

      • You want to live in a country dominated by illegal immigrants in the Southwest and Colorado potheads?

        • Compared to the rest of the country? Yes. Very few darkies by the way. Only in small pockets. It takes about three or four Mexicans to do the damage of even one darkie.

      • Wrong orientation. Extend your chalk string along the Mason-Dixon line out past the coasts and then snap it. Let them enjoy the warm weather. My genetic line hails from the northern climes, and deep snow will immobilze the enemy for much of the year. Maine is white, northern MI WI MN are white, the Dakotas and MT are white, and WA, OR and AK are white. And we keep two oceans. I’ll be staying up North.

        • It’s not about white people it’s about the right kind of white people. The plains are full of dense midwestern types. AK is a bunch of burned out drunks and eskimos on welfare. A lot of these “freest of the free” type places are meth head welfare dens.

          • It’s not about white people it’s about the right kind of white people.
            You do realize there are perhaps only three million folks like us, awakened, total in the entire country, right? Who don’t instantly shrink when accused of racism? Maybe two dozen who actually own a wall display of Lincoln Rockwell? If that.
            We need to start with a broad base and then implement the winnowing selections. Not the reverse ordering unless you intend to create a single small gated housing subdivision in which instance I say more power to you. Since that’s all you will achieve.
            The plains are full of dense midwestern types.
            Have you visited Southern California recently? Oh wait, you live there … in no place in the US are there more vacuous, weird “normal” white people/mystery meat than in Southern California. Inarguable. Next.
            Also, I feel dutybound as a trained engineer to point out that “dense midwestern types” generally make for the most insightful engineers and scientists. We might wanna few of them to help us build and innovate.
            AK is a bunch of burned out drunks and eskimos on welfare.
            You have a point there. Still, it’s Alaska and I have a personal attachment to the place. Especially when I’m on a bender. Next.
            A lot of these “freest of the free” type places are meth head welfare dens.

            You have failed to persuade me but FWIW I value your scrivenings here and there. A lot. Carry on and mind the gap.

          • It’s not about white people it’s about the right kind of white people.

            Amen. There are few Vikings or Sturmtruppen among the Whites of the Upper Midwest.

          • We are so relieved you and yours can wear the totenkopf as a fashion convincement. May your familial and community Vikings and Sturmtruppen carry the day where you are.

          • My faith is that if we controlled the culture then many of problems with whites could be mitigated. Of course, you can’t fix bad genes but what I want to end is the ability of our enemies to hijack white gullibility and turn it towards ethnomasochism.

          • Whiteness is only part of the equation. You need quality control. Whenever I’m in the South, even though I know they’re generally more conservative, I’m in an alien place. Same thing for the Northeast. I just don’t like them them as as soon as I land. Something inside me wants to punch them. Especially Bostonians. PA people tend to grow on me. I don’t know why. Being around “your own” is more than skin color. It’s certain cultural esthetics.

          • I guess, but obviously don’t know, that you feel more comfortable in almost any white city than any non-white city. That’s what we must build upon.

            I understand your sentiment but we are going to need some sort of white federation or we’re all going to be snuffed individually.

            We need to allow whites to sort themselves within the framework of a common defense pact.

          • Oh man, Wirth, I second that in spades. Each place has a certain vibe, some feel right, some just grate.

        • I’m on the other side of that line heritage-wise. I tend to agree with you however. It’s important for us to get control of the mid-Atlantic seaboard states across through the Midwest including all of the Great Lakes region out to Iowa. Any power that controls this territory calls the shots in North America.

          It’s more complicated than that, however. Whites and non-whites are never going to reach an amicable “divorce.” We’re going to have to take the territory we want and assign (blacks especially) the rest. The alternative is they take what they want and give us ours. There’s no in-between.

          And White Southerners are never going to give up the entirety of the old South, anymore than you would give up yours. But in both north and south, east and west, we can give up districts (places we’ve already ceded btw, just look at a map of blue vs red voting districts). We can formalize into law that de facto separation in a checkerboard pattern across the country.

          Also, acknowledging that this may not be an ideal solution, it may only be a stage in the process of separation, but let’s get there first, the first step agreeing on this arrangement. We’re not even close to taking that first step. Making it happen is still a distant dream.

          • I love Southrons. Tip of the spear, care takers of the nation. Artful, dutiful, hard-nosed winners. Beautiful ladies, dont-eff-with-me MEN. But they’ve surrounded themselves with negroes, as have I temporarily. It’s unfair, and if they wish to stay and fight, as I expect to fight against decent odds, then at least in spirit I will support them including with my prayers. But southern climes offer too easy transport and living. It’s the geophysical north we need to occupy and defend, joining Alberta and driving out to sea to feed the fishes the Chinese and others occupying, temporarily, the Canadian coastline south of Alaska. Then we have something sustainable — FOR US.

    • Any settlement will be bloody as hell. The White Lefties and their Wall Street/Big Tech/Jewish masters will make a fight of it. ‘

  13. We must have done something terrible in our previous lives to deserve such cruel a punishment-to live in this lunatic age,the age of toilet paper hoarders
    The age is insane that renders the rebellion unreal, inconceivable, how you are going to rebel against them ? throw their 1000 rolls on the ground and burn it lol
    Savonarola burning rolls of toilet paper while Dementia Joe is sniffing his hair, If I was painter I would paint that masterpiece
    Bonfire of Insanity

    • I don’t mind. As George Carlin said, “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.” Every so many generations a society, no matter how strong, just wants to burn itself to the ground. This one is almost ready.

    • I don’t find it punishment, tbh.

      More like an exorcism. Our problems have been building up for a long time. The entire latter 20th century was a huge cope, on a spiral towards death. You could teleport back to 1985 and we’d still be in the same place today.

      Depressing would be being a boomer in the 1990s, bluepilled beta, divorced, empty materialist. We are men, we are living, and the chips will fall where they fall.

      Our people will either wake up, or go extinct.

    • Because our country was hijacked by a hostile alien tribe and a native ruling class that had morphed into cosmopolitan globalists who systematically gutted and invited ruin upon our land and people in the name of profit and hate.

      I could see this happening almost 40 years ago with the LBO’s that began the destruction of old school American businesses and industry and how it was cheered on by our elites and the white professional class.
      Then came NAFTA that further eviscerated Middle-America.
      Why didn’t we fight back? Because the elites controlled the press and info flow. Not to mention they attacked any attempt whites tried at organizing.
      At the same time whites were kept sedated by a constant flood of bread and circuses in the form or pro-sports and orc worship., We were fed a constant stream of lies that progress meant destruction of jobs, community and land. You know the old Greed Is Good mantra.
      What happens next is entirely up to us. We can continue to let a freak show and their white enablers(cops, gov contractors,Big Tech) destroy us or we can begin to fight back.

  14. It’s also an experiment in just how many barren women become mentally ill by their 40s. The ones who engage in empty consumerism at Nordstrom and have a few too many Martinis at the end of the night are actually the most mentally balanced ones.

    • Most of the white woman protesters are in their 20s and 30s. It’s highly likely they will end up barren but the box wine ladies don’t seem to be out much.

      • Because the men of that age are playing video games rather than throwing them on a bed. They’re angry. Wont somebody f me? Even though I have a muffin top and purple hair? The latino will. They still do jobs Americans won’t do.

        • The cities are already tilted towards more women. Never seen any stats but there appear to be way more white women than white men in Toronto.

          Most white men worth marrying / fvcking moved out. I’m sure wahmen have zero understanding of this, being wahmen.

      • I’m predicting a wave of mulatto mistakes about nine months from the start of the Fentanyl Floyd riots.

        • Not the COVID baby boom we were expecting!

          While I’ve met plenty of decent black people, every mulatto I’ve met is pretty much insufferable.

          We’re in for a rough ride.

          • I find mulattos to be very 1970s. There was a wave of them in my age group. The liberated 70s woman wanted to bang them after smoking some grass with Earth Wind and Fire playing in the background. They had a searing hate for their fathers. I’ll show him! Today’s mud sharks are so butt ugly that the black guys are mostly getting tatted marshmallow women who have a burning self hatred.

          • To put it succinctly, I think the grandpas of these black guys, on average, got higher quality, halter top wearing white women with women’s lib agendas and daddy issues. Today’s negro is mostly with an obese white woman with eczema and a lazy eye.

          • Just look at all the highly placed mulattoes from the Obama admin that are wreaking havoc currently!

    • I was wondering about that. For a lot of sites with enough resources to have a legal department, but not enough to adhere to global (EU) ‘net regulations it’s easier just to block them (or be blocked). I know my fix for my company’s website was to just turn off tracking since we never used it for anything.

      • The Aussie government did it in the 90s by imposing a national tax on the phone wires as a public utility. Web traffic dropped over 75%.

        Then they blackholed hundreds of thousands of web and blog sites.

  15. My son is a postal carrier. By and large I think the carriers are people who look for ways to minimize their work in order to end their day early, and I guess I can’t blame them. The management can’t find their asses with both hands. They’re not competent to schedule maintenance on 1980s/90s trucks, to the point they send trucks out with bald tires, non working windshield wipers, burned out headlights / taillights, etc. They’re certainly not competent to rig an election for Trump. Anyone who thinks that truly believes that government is efficient, and is here to help.
    There will be individual carriers that believe in the communist cause though, and will stuff dem ballots or hide ballots from republican areas. I hope the postal inspectors find them and put them in federal pound me in the ass penitentiaries.

    • Soros money will buy a lot of one-time “just happened to have a bag of unopened ballots fall off of a truck while driving by a certain street corner” moments.


    The problem with this notion of “divorce” is along the lines of having one granted, paying a huge pile of $$, handing over house and car …. and the ex still stalks you for the rest of your life.

    The situation in Saranac is an example of a tendril growing, an agitator planted in a calm, peaceful rural community. Next thing you know, the locals are “racists” and the local liberal whites are bending knees. The local “christian” churches are pledging support. Townspeople are set against one another. There is strife, including inter-generational hatred raised up by the agitator and its useful idiots..

    “Hylton-Patterson said she has been to anti-racist protests in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City and Washington, D.C., over the years.”

    Self-convicting that the agitator is, indeed, a professional.

    “Gabby Goodman was leading protest chants”…”“It’s terrible. I have black children … that I plan to raise here,” Gabby said. “This needs to be a place where they’re accepted.””

    Why is the term “mulatto” never used?

    ““Just because we don’t see it every day in front of our eyes here … it’s happening,” Kiana Roach said. “We all have to show up.””

    What’s with these names? The “goodman” is literally a good white. And this “roach”, is this some hidden racism in the columnist, who comes off sounding more like a male cheerleader?

    Now that the seeds have been planted, spread among the young that return from “college” to small, rural communities, all it takes is to plant ONE agitator and the spread of the virus is easily implemented. They bring their “victim voice”, along with their righteousness. But they are really there to smear the townsfolk, and force the allocation of re$sources to the side represented so ably by the professional agitator.

    The concept of “divorce” certainly has to deal with these tactics or there will be no chance of peace.

    • The article says there were 500 protestors in Saranac Lake, which has a population of 5400.

      That’s horrific.

      Her comment that upstate NY has the most Confederate flags she’s ever seen is BS.

      There are some, but this is no Mobile, AL or Biloxi, MS.

      • As a professional agitator, she is good at lying. Claims someone put some grafitti aimed at her in the town. As anyone that can pronounce Smo-lett knows, this is 100% a hoax and she is a hoaxer.

        I have been through that town and never, ever saw a “confederate flag”. Not that I would get my FEELZ all butthurt by it and become an instant victim, but no. Not one.

        I was not there to count heads, nor do I know how many came in from out of town. As this is a realm filled with deceit, hard to pick fact from fiction and usually best to start with ALL lies, then work from there. Small, financially challenged Upstate NY towns have been colonized in recent years by the Rainbow Flag organization, to this Op, run by the Alinskyite woman is an obvious next step.

        • In far upstate, we had a ridiculous noose hoax, followed by an obligatory BLM march. Plus, articles from our local NPR station asking everyone to examine themselves. I didn’t know it hit Saranac.

      • A swanky retreat like Saranac may not have many Confederate flags on display, but in the southern tier of upstate they’re not at all uncommon.

        • Giving a shit about “confederate flags” is just swallowing the narrative of lefty.

          You can pencil in “Gadsen Flag”, “Betsy Ross Flag”, “Hawaiian shirts”. Then we can all hold hands and declare that our Hawaiian shirts are not racist!

          I have spent plenty of time in the North Country, Southern Tier, not to mention Cuba, the cheese town and cannot say I have seen any “confederate flags” let alone this claim that they are ‘common’.

          So calling bullshit right here.

          • I second that. Bull-puckey.

            Amish hex signs on barns aren’t Rebel flags.

            Even Howard Stern complained about black kids beating him up in Rochester, they gang up on a solo, he called them “like f****** animals”.

    • Could I prevail on one of you guys to archive that article and give me a link? The original is not available in Eurostan.

  17. I generally don’t try to talk to any leftist about anything political now days. We are just too different in our world views. I will say that I don’t think most whites will divorce from leftism or the feminist/black zeitgeist.
    Its gonna be 50/50 at best for any kind of white awakening to our fate.
    As long as life is decent and the 401k is growing and the Federal Reserve can paper it all over. Whites will walk right into the Gulags voluntarily.

    • ”something, something, Muh Constitutshun…something about a boat parade in Florida…”

  18. The problem is that we have to decide if we are going to deal with the Democrats, or we just fire the trigger to the gun aimed at our head. There is no third choice.

  19. I’ve been saying similar in my circles for a while. Accept that America and the United States is dead or be crushed by the weight of the corpse. It’s time to start building something new. But where to start? I don’t have an answer but I know we are focusing on just our community for now.

  20. all the insanity is a result – IMO – of the PRC hitting the panic button (and sending all their assets careening across the board). it looks like insanity to us, but the prc doesn’t care if all the assets are burned, if it gets Trump out of office.

    • The PRC has a Fifth Column of lobbyists, elected or otherwise, in the United States. Some of these people are in many ways more powerful than the PRC itself, and they decided to consolidate power after the peasants started to act up. The anti-White race riots they started, though, may have spiraled beyond their control.

      • Antif is a soros funded group. I think he was giving the PRC a hand . they share a lot of common ….Goals .

        • miforest said: “Antif is a soros funded group.”

          Antifa isn’t a group. It’s a network of like minded numbskulls, held togather by resentment and phone apps.

        • Gyorgy Soros, Haim Saban, Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer…

          Chinks. Slopes. Slant-eyes, every one of ’em, just like Hollywood, ABC, and the New York Times.

          Not for nothing the call the New York Federal Reserve District, “Little China”. I can smell the spicy pork from here. Damn Li Ja Vitts and Wa Cel Lar for that 1965 Immigration Act!

    • I think you hit the naoil on the head on that one Karl. It’s clear theat the CCP is riding the tiger there . if they have any real slowdown in growth there will face a Hong kong style revlt from their own 1.4 bill people. they are facing famine from floods and mismanagement of grain storage. they are really on a tightrope.
      this is a good channel for PRC news that is more open than most. it is also blessedly short and no fluff pieces. you may like it.

      • And don’t forget the threat to High Yellow River blacks.

        Lawsy, do those Chinee love their blacks. Maybe we should ship them more factories to help with their black unemployment. Jared could arrange a historic deal.

        • Dammit, I just remembered the Chinese railroad workers.

          And colonialism.
          And democracy building.

          Goshdam, they are going to all come at us at once. The storytellers, no doubt, will remind everybody of what we evil white bastards did to them.

      • Sorry, miforest, I ain’t no help at all. Feeling irreverent.

        Whiskey done started it!
        He actually spoke like an adult a couple days ago, about the foreign picture we used to consider.

        McHungus, this Republican crap about “the Chinese are the Real Russians” gets on my nerves.

    • Damn those Chinks!
      They’re putting out fake Israel flags now!

      Crowding them into every office, every photoshoot, we must stop this flood of foreign influence!!

  21. There really, like really, needs to be a central repository of all incidents of anti-white violence as they are growing so fast nobody can keep track of them all. I know about White girl bleed alot (Flaherty) but I don’t think his site is comprehensive. I’m talking about a full catalog including date, time, incident description, and in a perfect world video to go with articles.
    This is the most suppressed thing in this country currently. The epidemic of black on white violence which is going to get MUCH worse. It is critical people have access to it.

    Related: Leftists have entered full 1984 mode. Goldstein who was a fictional character for the 2 minute hate is now a combination of Trump and ‘racists’ who are hiding behind every tree waiting to grab a mailbox and hiding under the beds of lefties. And just like the party devoted in 1984 most of them aren’t faking.
    They truly believe in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence that the couple thousand WN type people left are the real threat. Let’s not pay attention to the literal million women army that BLM/Antifa musters every weekend when taken in aggregate across all American cities.

    Opposite Rule of Liberalism indeed. That needs to become a mantra because it is true in nearly all cases. We are an unserious country with apex first world problems. We have a presidential election featuring a narcissistic reality show host, a doddering dementia patient, and a f-cking rapper as the 3 top candidates. That is, by definition, an unserious country. Clown World is here to stay, and some day the bill is going to come due when actual serious countries realize this.

    Lastly, divorce is not a good analogy for our situation because if you go to file for divorce in real life you work it out between two lawyers sometimes amicably sometimes with hostility. What does NOT happen, is when you file to divorce your lunatic wife a SWAT team shows up at your house and at gunpoint tells you that ‘you aren’t going anywhere’, because this crazy bitch still needs your money, resources, and sanity. She isn’t done torturing you just yet. These people are not going to let you peacefully separate and nobody has the testicular fortitude to face the real cost of separation which will be measured in pain and blood. So bake the f-cking cake bigot, and like it…

    • Correct. It’s not a divorce, it is a gang war. Calling it a divorce means that the parties can work it out in a mediated environment. A gang war simply has to expend itself until nobody is willing to fight any more. So, which is it, hmm?

    • Besides the Opposite Rule of Liberalism, the late Lawrence Auster coined a term for what has become even more prevalent nowadays: “the black intifada.” I guess he was comparing black criminal behavior to the Palestinian uprisings, which as an Israel apologist he detested. But at least his phrase included the idea that anti-white violence was a wide phenomenon, not just a few wackos.

    • I missed the riots by about 2 miles last night coming into Portland last night, but at the end of the ramp, a huge sign:
      B**** L***** M*****

      Here in Seattle, the radio’s talking about the Portland driver video. Black rioters assault the white guy, a white homeless lady says stop and gets beat up, then they are punching his white female passenger as the well known blacktivist drop-kicks his head.

      That sign, B.L.M., made ask, “why?”.
      Because if you give the normal answer, ‘because all…”, you’ll get fired if you’re a public figure, or shot in the head.

  22. “How does one even talk to someone who thinks the post office is out to get them? How can you even have a conversation with someone that is sure the Russians rigged the last election? Within living memory people like this were involuntarily committed to lunatic asylums.”

    I am here with another case study to treat the above.

    Living in the Occupied Territories of New York, I have dealings with all manner of liberals as a matter of course of doing business and so on. There is no avoiding them.

    One is a low millionaire, say worth about $10 million. Lives in a large mansion, huge property, on the best street in town. He has been as vocal an anti-gun guy as I have ever met in person, and that over a span of more than 20 years.

    The guy recently announced that he had purchased his first firearms. Two shotguns, one each for him and his wife. Being a monetarily successful liberal, he was, of course, an instant expert on the subject. Said they were going to “go to school”, and when I mentioned the nearby range where I frequent, since he was not aware of it, in true liberal fashion, because he never heard of it questioned if it even existed.

    I gently asked him, as one does when querying monetarily successful liberals, if he thought antifah was “coming for you?” He said, stridently, “no, I am worried about angry Trumpers!”

    Guy then says, “if the government says we have to hand in our firearms, we will be the first in line!”

    So if a monetarily successful, well educated liberal has a brain that is so devoid of logical facilities as this example, there is no manner of Freudian talk therapy, or Ben Shapiro-ist “facts” that are going to reach them.

    • Propaganda works best with educated and successful people. It doesn’t work with the working class. Trotsky discovered this early after his revolution.

      • Intellectuals are hardwired for buying into every crackpot scheme that comes down the road.
        It’s not a bug it’s a feature.
        College just makes them even more susceptible to manipulation

      • See Edward Dutton’s “The Psychology and Rise of the Midwit” on YouTube. It’s a fascinating look into leftist psychology and why midwit leftists are so easily fooled by fads.

    • Another key to his idiocy was his choice of a one-size-fits-all weapon. Wonder what this blowhard will do when he confronts a combatant beyond 30 yards? Those in the Occupied Territories would do well to get non-scary “hunting” weapons … my recommendation is a lever gun in .357 or 30-30. There’s no one “right” answer, but lots of wrong answers.

      • IMO the crowd that showed up on the McCloskey’s front lawn shook him up. In any case, what passes for Castle Doctrine laws in the OToNY means you have to remain indoors, wait for an assailant to enter your premises, before brandishing or deploying a firearm.

        It was all fists in the air liberal boiler plate from my guy until some other rich guy felt the heat from the mob. As in the word “gun” was never uttered without “nut”.

        Despite proclaiming, “we’re going to school” the odds are more in favor of an assailant taking said guns away from our valiant liberal and his wife and using them against them … then they are in favor of a successful home defense ever taking place.

        • It’s true. You do have to understand when you pick up that gun and point it at someone that if you’re not willing to kill that person chances are they’re going to kill you

        • True. You know what’s often lacking in these elementary training schools is the psychology of conflict. Combat training for high-adrenaline scenarios requires a great deal of muscle-memory, practiced situational awareness, and continual war-gaming of potential threats (i.e. playing the “what-if” game). It also gets complicated when you start to assess the myriad of potential threats – long/intermediate/short range, combat capability of adversary, etc. All that to say … your liberal friends are late to the party, and he’s probably more likely to get sodomized with it then anything else. And he’ll deserve it.

          • Successfully using a firearm for self and home defense scenario does not require advanced mall ninja tactics training. Untrained people successfully use firearms this way thousands of times a year. Guns WERE designed to be simple and intuitive to use by any dim bulb you can conscript. The whole “training” fetish plays into the hands of gun grabbers

            Further – The idea that drawing a weapon should automatically mean someone dies is also gun forum nonsense. There ARE people who will run toward someone pointing a gun at them (a famous jogging jogger comes to mind) but this is not typical.

            McLoskeys’s demonstrated this as well as police who routinely aim firearms at perps but almost never fire them. This is typical in civilian encounters also. Yes someone SHOULD be prepared to fire if they need to, this is not the same as saying firing is ALWAYS necessary or correct.

            If the current legal climate hasn’t made it obvious, whites and other disfavored people need to be extremely careful about escalating any conflict.

          • Let me put it more simply … using a firearm requires mental preparedness. Nailing a target’s 10-ring is different then training for conflict. Marksmanship and weapons familiarity are worthless if the gun owner hasn’t thought through Rules of Engagement.

            Good luck with your untraining plan … I’m sure it will work out for you, until you find yourself in a crisis, at which point your knees turn to jelly, adrenaline courses through your veins, and your last thought is “Holy Sh…”

    • Prior to WWII Communism was all the rage among college educated whites in this country, They thought it was the way to go, Had they had the numbers they would have voted in Communism. As it was many of them actually went to Russia to help[ Stalin.
      Go to Silicon Valley today and you’ll find all sorts of cults with membership rosters that read like a who’s who of Big Tech.
      Remember the Baghwan Ranjeesh? His cult was composed of college grads and students who gave him everything. They even tried to murder the inhabitants of a Oregon town to take it over.
      Intellectuals are not grounded in the least and best their grip on reality is tenuous and this makes them dangerous and gullible.

      • I have a Baghwan story. Early eighties. I was working an ICU in the old Army hospital that used to be in San Francisco. A retired Colonel came in who had had a heart attack.
        Couple days later he had a visitor, an attractive young (early twenties) woman who asked to see him. She was not immediate family and so it was appealed to me whether he could have a visitor. I asked her how she knew him.
        She said she didn’t know him but that the Baghwan had sent her to have sex with him and that that would heal his heart.
        Turns out he was a cult member, a fund-raiser, and had kept up his military appearance. She was turned away and he got better the old fashioned way – without doing strangers in the ICU bed with everyone watching.

        • I co-taught a graduate Unix course, once, with Dennis Mumaugh. (self-dox) He was former Unix agency dude for NSA, chief of unix, yeah, those guys, National Security Agency.

          Dennis lived on a commune. In his sixties when I taught with him, he was a barely functional autist. A real socially-inept dickwad of not particularly creative talent. Automaton in the lingo.

          A white wrench-monkey capable of installing a Detroit engine would have dwarfed Dennis in anything other than an abstract exercise. 0.02

      • If you haven’t seen it, go watch “Wild, Wild Country” on Netflix for a good taste of what the Bagwan was all about

    • Rereading your comment, I saw this gem:

      “Guy then says, “if the government says we have to hand in our firearms, we will be the first in line!””

      Wait, WHAT THE FUH….!!

  23. I haven’t had a discussion about politics with my sister, who I’ve considered moderately leaning left, for a few years. We generally get along fine and both avoid those topics until recently, where I brought up the destruction of Minneapolis.
    I was surprised to find out she’s more extreme than I thought, when she praised authors like Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ibram X. Kendi (“How to be an Antiracist”). Of course I laughed and said those people are horrible and that they spread anti-white hate. She also reads the NYT and loves their columnist Tom Friedman.
    I brought up the usual racial crime stats, race difference information, and generally wore her down with information she wasn’t aware of, which led to her asking “where do you get your information?”
    That’s when we both agreed that we’re living in different universes. She knew nothing about our world, although I was aware and familiar with the Oprah/NYT/CNN-type of info she was reading and listening to. She had never heard of who we think of as somewhat well-known pundits like Michelle Malkin or Stefan Molyneux. I asked her if she knew what was going on in South Africa. “No,” she replied.
    That led to me explaining how whites are becoming a minority and likely a “despised minority” in the US and the West, and described all the videos I see daily where white people are assaulted and beat up by gangs of blacks.
    That’s where she got really quiet and seemed spooked. Maybe something to do with her white grandchildren? When the Great American Split happens maybe my sister and I don’t have to be on opposite sides. Maybe, but not counting on it.

    • I always ask these whites that cheer becoming a minority if they think their grandchildren will get set asides and affirmative action when it happens.

    • I have found that pointing out the state of the demographics (the whites are minorities among children, for instance) has a clear impact on the kinds of normie conservatives who take great pains to make sure you know they aren’t racist.

  24. Not that I’m in the habit of rating the essays but that’s the best concluding paragraph I’ve read in a long time. “There is no way to reach any sort of accommodation with people who think the mailbox is out to get them, so there is no longer any point in trying.” I’ll be using this line a lot.

  25. What I find interesting about 2020 is how fast and easy it was to convert a large, modern country into a full police state.
    On New Year’s Day 2020 could anybody imagine a nationwide house arrest and mandatory face burkas? With no end in sight?
    And hardly a single elected leader so much as wondered where that “public health” exception was in the Constitution.
    History is going to have fun with 2020.

      • It is so much worse than that. Contemporary newspaper articles and other “news” coverage is largely what forms the basis of history along with some “private” diaries and the like. In 2100, the only thing that will left to tell our story is contemporary newspaper articles, CNN and the “private” of people like Omar and AOC. This is how they write the history of tomorrow, today. It is how the narrative shifted about the “civil rights era” and then current antifa became known as the non-violent “freedom riders” It is how Emit Till went from whatever really happened (he dindu nuffin) to the “civil rights” martyr.

        This is why they print such insane stuff full of obvious lies. The lies are only obvious to us, here in the present. We experience the milieu of present day and know what things are really like day to day. 100 years from now, the people will be as remote as 1920 is to us. Just as we rely on contemporary newspaper, newsreels and other information sources of 1920, so too will our posterity rely on our current day media.

    • What I find interesting about 2020 is how fast and easy it was to convert a large, modern country into a full police state.

      This is what has completely surprised me–the ease at which all this happened. Is it because the left has spent decades prepping for it by overrunning the media and education, or has it always been this easy?

      • I think its decades of prep.

        The way was paved for Beer flu hysteria via increasingly poor science education and an endless stream of pandemic and zombie entertainment products.

        • I’ve always had a real distaste for all that zombie crap. Probably 10-12 years ago now I got in a huge pissing match with people on a gun forum I frequent because I started giving people a huge amount of crap for constantly using the whole zombie thing as a go-to when talking about lefties and their gun grabbing ways.

          They all thought they were being smart by using the zombie thing as some sort of cipher – but the reality was they were just refusing to confront reality and call it for what it was.

      • I’m starting to think that the media and education answers are too easy. Our side has been leaderless since Roosevelt. That might be a place to look.

      • It’s easy because they have maneuvered “good people” into a place where pushing back is very dangerous for them to do.

    • I’ve been surprised by that too but what I’ve also found very interesting is that diversity is going to save us. White people are extremely obedient to Authority but no one else is so we’re having lockdowns and the cities are burning but in New Zealand and Australia it’s all locked down, police state, New Zealand even canceled the elections. Too many white people not enough diversity. That’s irony

      • We all need to rediscover our inner Scots-Irish. Notoriously good at three things—fighting, refusing to serve authority, and making corn whisky (see #2)

  26. Z, you and others should spend the time to watch this. then you may want to show it to the normies you know. it lays out exactly what is going on with the whole agenda in a non threatening way.   . It presents the information with clips from the mainstream sources so you can avoid the whole ” conspiracy theory ” meme.
    it is from a trad cath iste, but the clip is mostly good genral information.

    • The Democrats are doing a pretty good job of informing white people that their presence is no longer desired.

    • When that becomes a half-hour documentary on the reborn History Channel, we’ll know we’ve won.

  27. The USA is now a 55% white country. It’s starting to behave like one. It’s genetically encoded. Inevitable.

    The riots, the blackouts, the violence, the corruption, are exactly what happens in a 3rd world country.

    Keese Love will probably get off with a slap on the wrists. Whites will whine about how the justice system is failing. Well yeah, that’s what happens in non white countries.

    There were probably dozens of instance of mulatto violence in Brazil yesterday. They just segregate better. Demographics are destiny.

    • It is one thing to segregate from mulattoes voluntarily but how will you (we) segregate from “woke” whites in a country of this size and this mobility? Nobody has been able to explain this to me. Please, I am all ears.

      • That’s a fair question. I can’t find an answer under 2/3’s. However, if you remove “race traitors”, then you are a minority.

    • What the victim needs to do is sue Keese’s employer. Keese was wearing his uniform, and therefore was its apparent agent. He should state that he complied with the requests not to flee or fight because he believed Keese was there to maintain security through his employer, and his employer was negligent in allowing Keese to take his uniform home and use it for nefarious purposes rather than provide the uniform at work site only. This was a foreseeable misuse, and to save a buck on laundry and changing facilities, his employer decided to put the public at large at risk by unleashing this animal upon them dressed in the employer’s colors.

      • My guess is that will be laughed out of court. If he was a white right winger, it wouldn’t get laughed out of court.

        • Maybe, but now Keese is unemployable. Any one who would hire him has prior knowledge of his violent tendencies and he would be too high a risk. A lawsuit would get coverage and make that knowledge more widespread. I am sure his current employer may not want that kind of publicity either. What business would hire its guards, knowing they present that type of risk?

      • You mean legal representatives of the victim’s family. It doesn’t look like the victim will regain consciousness without significant brain damage.

  28. The funny thing is, it is normally the cucks that like to hate on the post office. It is one of the few things the federal government is supposed to be doing. They support all kinds of stuff for which there is not even a tenuous connection between the constitution and this thing they are doing, while opposing the government doing what it is supposed to be doing.


    Meg Whitman is criticizing Trump’s business acumen as part of a “Republican” women bashing Trump and endorsing Biden feature of the Democrats convention. In addition to her own well documented business failures, Whitman let noted campaign consultant and perennial loser Mike Murphy steal a couple of million from her leading her campaign to 41% of the vote when she ran for Governor of California. The elites are not only stupid, they think they are the smartest people to ever live. What would it take to humble them?

    • What would it take to humble our elites?

      The French had an invention that might do just the trick…

      • I think you are right. I didn’t know what Meg Whitman was doing now, since that NBC article didn’t bother to mention her job, so I looked it up. She is the CEO of Quibi, a premium streaming service started by Jeffrey Katzenberg that in spite of getting $1.75 billion in start up capital, apparently has no audience. She is blaming the lack of demand on people traveling less due to Covid and not watching on their phones while they use public transportation. After a lifetime of business failures, wouldn’t you at least start to suspect the problem might be you?

        • Quibi?
          Never heard of it before………….

          Maybe that’s the problem.

          Should have named it Queef and then at least they could have gotten some free promotional press from all the articles making fun of the name.

  30. Well said, but at some point normie will have to confront his single greatest fear: being called a racist and not flinching from it. This fear is greater than losing his job, his house, his retirement or even his family, because in the current age, those possessions are maintained by his silence.

    • Correct. We’re at the point where we not only do not flinch but we embrace it. “Yes, according to your definition I’m a racist, I stand with my people, and I’m committed to winning the war your people started.” When a quarter of whites reach that point then we’ll be on our way to resolving the conflict.

      • “Yes, according to your definition I’m a racist, I stand with my people, and I’m committed to winning the RACE war your people started AGAINST MY PEOPLE INSIDE MY PEOPLE’S LAND.”

    • I think that it’s not simply fear of “being called a racist” that’s the real problem. It’s that many (perhaps most) normies don’t want to be racists, by the Left’s definition of “racism”. They refuse to allow themselves to think race realist thoughts.

        • Indeed, ^^^this, (MBlanc).

          Monkey see, monkey do.

          They don’t want to be the bad guys they see on tv.

          (Hint: chicks love bad boys, proof God is on our side)

      • Normies are hemmed in by the left, or I should say, the mainstream framing or rules, which is racism and discrimination are the worst things ever. That’s the lens through which everything is filtered.

  31. “Barring a great reversal of current trends, it will become clear to a growing number of white people…”

    The problem With this sentiment is that the insanity is mostly afflicting white people.

    AntiFa is a white thing. BLM became a white thing. Covid hysteria is a white thing. Etc. and so on.

    The coloreds are mostly just props used by good whites to demonstrated their goodness over their bad cousins.

    • At this stage you are right, this is a civil war among Whites. But non-Whites will make certain their alleged allies realize who is in charge in short order.

      • Maybe, maybe not.

        The leader of the next generation prog – AOC is a white Puerto Rican girl.

        • AOC ‘White’? Average Puerto Rican DNA is 20% Negro. Her lamppost worthy red-headed boyfriend is White, but only to true conservatards could AOC be considered so.

      • The blacks and nonwhites are being set up to be the Alawites in our Syria, the Tutsis in our Rwanda- a minority ruling class.

        Look at the local mayors, DA’s, AGs, police chiefs. Are they all black now?

        The White Left sees opportunity a-risin’. At last, they can quit Starbucks and get a real job working under the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Minority Transgender Applicant Reviews.

    • Our greatest enemy, since at least 1860, has been other whites. Neither the blecks nor (((our other enemies))) have the numbers to carry out what is being done to our people. All of what we’re witnessing is happening with the enthusiastic support of a certain percentage of whites. I used to think it was a slim majority, but others on comment threads like this one have convinced me that it is a minority whose position is amplified through control of all the media and the institutions.
      If a day ever comes when it becomes clear to all of us that a majority of whites feels as we do, then God help our traitors and our enemies alike. It might not even matter how few whites are left on that day, or how badly the Browns outnumber us. Unified white people are the last thing they are going to want to mess with.

      • 10 years of Depression soup lines and we pitched a riot that turned half the world into smoldering rubble.
        Sign. Me. Up.

        • Reminds me of that old Mike Vanderboegh line..”when black people get scared they burn down their own neighborhoods. When white people get scared, they’ll burn whole continents”

    • There does seem to be a strong element of class warfare with the horrendous virtual signalling and status signalling by upscale whites. This is beyond greed and self interest. If I were religious, I might even call it “evil”. I am unaware of any functioning democracy where the ruling elite hate and despise 50% of the country.

  32. Nailed the divorce analogy. We’re still at the stage where one partner maintains the fantasy that the relationship can be made to work. But the point will come when that runs out. Not sure what it will take or what will be the catalyst. So far those that still adhere to the Conservative Inc pablum have been willing to endure almost any level of abuse. But like a lot of the “fix its” I’ve worked on in the corporate world over the years, question of whether the turnaround takes hold before the cash runs out. Then the outcomes suddenly diverge, dramatically.

    • Many of us thought an economic implosion would be the catalyst but increasingly it appears the anti-White violence will be the spark.

      • Most normiecons are now being implicit if not explicit in acknowledging the anti-white narrative. George Floyd started the awakening; I think Cannon Hinnant is going to solidify it.

    • Divorce would be the most favorable analogy at this point. I fear battered and then murdered spouse is more likely.

  33. Not only do I NOT want to fix this political madness, I am positively ENJOYING the spectacle of large American cities being torched and terrified. It’s hard to ignore what’s happening when the smoke drifts over into your own white liberal neighborhood.

    • I disagree. TDS makes everything the President’s fault. Even if he loses, EVERYTHING will continue be his fault, until the next Republican takes the White House. And if there is never another? Then forever more, Orange Man Bad.
      This sounds ridiculous, but I have friends in a blue city who blame all the worlds evils on Trump. They think it’s Trump’s undercover army secretly doing the looting and rioting, so that people will blame the democrats. I do not kid you.

      • It is a good idea to bear in mind White leftists believe this insanity. We, and frankly most Americans, laugh at it, but a not insignificant slice believes even the craziest nonsense.

        • The important thing not to lose sight of is who or what is the head of the serpent we are facing. It’s not Antifa or BLM. Even Soros is a middle man. They all need to be at least exiled and probably destroyed but if you don’t pull out the head of the tick, the body grows back .

      • Well, M.B., I have neighbors right here in my little conservative village in my conservative county, in my big red state who fervently believe Trump is the reason for the violence. So it has nothing to do with Blue States and everything to do with the madness of lefty.

        • I suppose in some strict causal sense he is. Just as if I run my car into a tree, it is the tree’s fault in a causal sense – had it not been there, the car would not have been damaged.

          This is their level of reasoning, which is why reason alone leads to madness. Needs to be tempered by wisdom and judgment.

          • Well, shoot, c matt, you shouldn’t have put the tree there.

            You did that just to make them look bad, didn’t ya?

          • Reminds me of a guy I worked with many years ago. We worked second shift – and the next day at work everybody was asking him “Mark what happened – you crashed your car leaving last night?”.

            His response was ” I don’t know what happened – the tree just jumped right out in front of me”.

            Mark was a moron – he was always doing stupid shit – and that whole “tree just jumped out in front of me” comment just rubbed me the wrong way. So I said to him: ” I know what you mean – when I left those damn trees were running back and forth across the road – I almost hit one of them myself!”.

            He was pissed. But at least he didn’t keep on with the whole “tree came out of nowhere ” crap he was trying to peddle. I think he got the point I was trying to make.

            So no – it’s not the tree’s fault in any sense. It’s YOUR fault – since you were driving the damn car. Last time I checked the Ents are fictional.

          • you can probably cover your monthly nut by playing poker with these loons.

            When you’ve got $500 riding on a low pair, just cough and they’ll dive screaming for the exits, giving you plenty of time to find yourself some better cards from the emergency stock in your face mask.

      • Yep, I predict that next year when everyone finally realizes that Covid hysteria was pure bullshit – they’ll shift to blaming Trump for all of it.

        • I doubt the believers will ever change their minds about Covid. Too much emotional investment has been spent by them.

          • We already see a lot of sunk cost fallacy. Even after it proved far less deadly than originally feared, they doubled down rather than admit they were wrong and get back to work.

      • I have seen this sentiment all over Reddit, which is excruciatingly liberal. They’re absolutely convinced that the looters are fascist agitators inserted to sully the media’s portrayal of otherwise peaceful protests.

        I’m reminded of the movie theater analogy I once read. Normal people and leftists are sitting in the same theater watching the same movie, but we walk out having seen two completely different films. There’s no more conversation to be had.

      • Like, totes true.
        The rioters are tiki-torch Charlottesville vets wearing Antifa masks and Black skinsuits.

        I was told this to my face.

      • Who cares what they, or anybody else thinks?

        If you can’t think in terms other than Team Libtard vs. Team Trumptard, YOU are also a problem.

        Problems will be taken care of soon enough.


        Perhaps you could try voting harder?

    • me too! burn down every dem city and leave the ashes and rubble in place. it’s not like cities are in any way useful or necessary. nothing is made there, nothing is grown there (except negroes).

      • They are emptying out as we speak. I have a middle aged lefty cousin in NYC. he already has a condo in miami to move to when his lease expires at the end of the month. he told my wife of his ten closest friends , 9 of them are leaving NYC. Unexpected consequences .
        He Hated the lockdowns , and realized theat they did no good. just look at their death rate. I didn’t think he would have been that smart , but sometimes the light does go on.

        • I’m pretty sure Miami’s demographics aren’t that different from New York City. But at least in its favour it’s easier to get a handgun and a concealed carry permit.

        • Can vouch for that—colleagues who were dedicated “city people” are leaving—even if only to rented homes in the suburbs. We’re now making exec hires that would have been NYC elsewhere. Explained to my BIL while on a trip down south this weekend that no firm is going to stir up ire by announcing they are leaving—instead will simply gradually move people out or allow them to relocate at will so long as a good airport is nearby. In a few years NYC finds out a critical mass of six and seven figure residents are permanently gone.

      • On zerohedge we are not allowed to use the word “negro,” even though it means precisely “black” in Portuguese or Spanish. I’m guessing the next euphemism will be “individual of low reflectivity index” 😁

  34. Perfect.
    This has many names: permanent revolution, terminal instability, cold civil war. I like your choice of “divorce,” because it is clearly about to be filed. The Empire soon will de facto separated. De jure dissolution will be the end result. I will not do the search, but it was only a year or so back you did not see that happening. I only became convinced of it three or so years ago. Some of the Dissident Right 1.0 saw it decades ago. The last to accept the inevitable will be the CivNats, and that will happen only after disruptions of their personal lives become undeniable.
    The Post Office conspiracy is profoundly insane, and has forced many Americans to acknowledge many of their countrymen are not worth the trouble let alone taxes and war. It may be that it is so ridiculous it cannot be ignored. There was a history of conflict with Russians and political corruption such as the Ukrainian allegations, so wild and unbelievable as both were they had some basis. The Post Office conspiracy, though, is the stuff of madhouses.

    Regardless of how this upcoming election ends, the curtain started to fall when the Left orchestrated and coordinated state-sponsored domestic terrorism against political enemies. Those of us here know it has been part and parcel of the War on Whites for half a century. The violence has awakened a far wider segment of the population than anything we could have done.

    The United States is done.

    • And don’t forget the insane spectacle of people wearing masks outdoors and in their vehicles. That’s enough to remind most of us that half the population is not worthy of freedom. Nor should they be voting.

    • Is the post office brouhaha more or less crazy than Covid hysteria? A lot, maybe even a majority, of YT fell for the latter hook line and sinker.

    • The United States is done.

      Heh, don’t tell that to the keyboard toughs at ZH who think the US could stop a full-scale Chinese invasion of Taiwan via conventional means.

      • Jesus. Everyone of them probably wears a Covid mask alone in their car, too. Wonder how they would feel when that escalated to the point of a nuclear exchange?

        • why don’t you turds move to china if it is better than the US? it’s not like anyone would miss you, here. personally, i would rather be on the receiving end of chinese missiles, than American ones.
          to all the low status incel males: it isn’t the US’s fault you are life’s losers. blame your parents if anyone. but most of all, blame yourselves. and know one thing: no matter where you go, any country, you are still a loser.

          • I don’t think anyone here said china was better. I certianly don’t think it is. The CCP uses their people for serf’s , and will abuse any dissenters. It’s corrupt. But the chineese rulers don’t hate a large population the way it is in the west. All their abuses are for profit. and if you tried toorganize drag time story hour at a chinese elementary school, it It doesn’t bear thinking about what would happen to you.

          • I have to disagree with the bit about drag queen story hour. The Chinese are not culturally or biologically immune to such nonsense. Twenty years ago, schools in Taipei were bringing hookers in to show the kids how to put a condom on a banana.

          • why don’t you turds move to china if it is better than the US?…personally, i would rather be on the receiving end of chinese missiles, than American ones.

            I’ll never understand this kind of dumbass neocon thinking. I don’t want to move to China and I also don’t want my sons fighting in a war against China.

          • There’s a recruiting station near you, Karl. Be all you can be. We have a good idea of what that is.

        • I don’t think that china is serious about any of that . they just have to wait untill the next dem president , then the US navy will set up supply lines for them.
          They cannot aford the internal chaos that the loss of even limited number of their personel.
          since the one child policy, chineese family they have only one ofspring. they still have a strong family connection and nobody wants to lose theirs. thats why they don’t
          ” Dissapear” too many of their people, they send them to jil and roughthem up for a couple of years. In the past they would have been gone. If the chineese think their only son is at risk, they will get very defiant of the CCP.

  35. “How exactly anyone can think the post office is going to rig an election…”

    1) lose a high percent of mailed ballots from areas that support the party that you oppose.
    2) Introduce fraudulent ballots en masse.

  36. “What will probably set this year apart from all others is that this is the year when the madness reached a point where the majority of white people decided that there is no dealing with these people.”

    Look at the protests around the postmaster General’s house. It’s all white people. This madness is our Madness, others may have it through infection but it came from us.

    • It is a White-on-White civil war at the moment. Non-Whites will make certain, though, their putative White allies find out who is in charge.

    • You can’t save everyone. About 20% of whites identify as Progressive. These are people who must be suppressed or destroyed.

      • Ironically, that 20% (and a certain 2%) is what is suppressing and destroying Heritage America

      • Suppressed won’t help, they’re return. They must be destroyed or exiled. We cannot allow this evil to circulate among us using the Constitution as it’s defense. Bullshit. We know what to do we now need the balls to do it.

          • White progressives aren’t going to be destroyed by us. Maybe they will eventually be destroyed by the tribe or our brown replacements.

            We need to be concerned about those of us bad whites not being destroyed. As the saying goes, “they hate us and want us dead.” if we controlled the institutions that would not be a big problem. Since they control almost all the institutions their hatred for us is a big problem and just having a gun won’t solve all this

        • Hoagie quick question is it going to take collective action to accomplish that??? If people don’t even have the balls to move to somewhere where they have a chance of forming up into a collective why do you think that they will find their balls to fight…

          • Moving is complex without a certain outcome. How about if you have this type of problem in your family you remove the funding that allows most of this foolishness. Change the lock on the basement and chain the fridge door. It is tough to make it in the world with no skills and a bad attitude.

          • Complex not really it’s called making a decision and then moving forward with it…The other stuff I don’t know how it pertains to what I wrote… Maybe you could explain what you meant in context to what I wrote…

          • My point is maybe a simplistic one. There may be things that you and I can do without moving to a new location without a guaranteed result. Great resolve is admirable, but it comes at a price. I and many people come to this sight looking for something actionable. Just for me it would make me feel better just to do something, because what is going on is hard to watch.

          • I respect that. Some may not want to or be able to match your commitment. I think a leader such as yourself could inspire many to do something even if it were small compared to you. Battles can be won with regular guy’s and sprinkling of a few leaders.

          • You should enjoy your both your rich and your diverse new neighbors, then.

            They’ll be arriving soon.

          • Durendal

            Interesting. Did a quick peek. Will look at it later when I have some down time. Thanks.

          • Jimmy:
            “…comes at a price…”
            What price is that?

            The price of your people not getting jobs because of the color of their skin?
            The price of your people being run out of a store because they do not wear a mask of submission?

            What will it take for you to find “something actionable” …

            There is power in numbers. And that looks like it will mean living in close proximity to one another.

            If you’re not willing to “suffer” that “inconvenience” for your people, then don’t bother commenting.

            BTW: how old are you?

          • Lineman and Jimmy, y’all are discussing the relative merits of acorns and oaks.

            Jimmy’s is the first step in personally freeing his life in situ from prog poison. If peace at his threshold is enough for him, cheers. If he can stomach the propaganda and landmines in his workplace, self-censoring in public, and the disruption in his public life by staying amongst them… plaudits.

            Lineman’s is the next to last step. Build a place where that peace and freedom can be expressed and maintained publicly as well as privately.

            I say the “next to last step” because neither of you will be allowed to maintain this reality sans eventual conflict.

            The Leftist demands will eventually cross your threshold Jimmy, in the form of an infected beloved family member, the tax man, or a feral home invader.

            For Lineman, the fight will eventually be brought to your town border. Your existence will not always go unnoticed or tolerated.

            The difference is that Jimmy’s approach is anatomized reality where his direct environs will become increasingly strange and hostile to him. We’ve all seen the old white people that stayed in the once fine neighborhood that became ghettoized. They are the ones tend their lovely rose bushes by day and shelter uneasily behind their doors when night falls.

            Lineman’s plan does not escape the final assault, nor have I ever heard him say it would. It is the chance to face that onslaught surrounded by friendlies. Your tribe. With a plan, unity, and means. Not guaranteed but better than looking out the security bars of your bedroom window at night.

            Neither is a foolproof final plan but Lineman’s is the only way forward as a people. Establish and hold areas ruthlessly. When the forces of the Prince of this World arrive fight together. Fight savagely and behind their lines. Make them wail. This is the only feasible chance we have and it is still chance.

          • Lineman, with all due respect, after a point having the balls to leave is like lefty talking about having the balls to surrender. ‘It takes a real man to let a woman lead’, etc.

            Retreat is a tactic, not a strategy (at least not a winning strategy). The right’s problem today is a lack of leadership owing to strategic retreat, relatively disordered retreat at that. We can’t come together and fall apart at the same time, and there’s no way to know our real capabilities until we come together. Seems to me they’d still be considerable, even after decades of scattering and abandoning the communities you want to rebuild. I can’t get my head around how retreat would work out this time.

            I’m guessing you think it’s not yet time to have it out— fair enough— but events are forcing the issue. Fight or flight, it’s soon time to fight. There’s not much left to lose, anyway.

          • Here’s the thing, one needs both fight and flight. One needs a sanctuary and a community, but it probably is only a starting point. The bad guys will come for that community, and they will need to be fought. It’s as simple as “The Magnificent Seven” or “Seven Samurai”.

          • Building community is as easy as picking a local bar or joining a club and making friends. I think that’s how Proud Boys got started, and they’ve made a difference.

            And sure it’s good to have an escape plan, as a last resort.

          • So then get on it if that’s all you think it will take…Just a thought though might help if it’s a bar that has your kind of people in it or club…

          • And remember Dutch, when the fight comes lines are blurred and we blend more than they do.

            The proud and self-righteous Progressive cannot suppress their speech as their training demands they “speak truth to power” and “silence is violence”. You and I have decades of societal training through work and public life of biting our tongues. Holding our thoughts and beliefs behind calm visages.

            The feral black cannot blend in among us. The blue-haired wine auntie cannot help but advertise her venom. When the fight comes we can move amongst them in their hives. Me the unseen and unnoticed road construction worker. You the unassuming but thoroughly pozzed middle-school teacher out for a bike ride. We can blend but we have teeth.

            I can speak their speak about white priviledge, systemic oppression and non-binary gender identification. They’ve practically trained all of us for a decade now in new speak. And I can do it with a somber and earnest face while my hand holds the knife hilt beneath my coat.

            This will not be a redo of the fine and noble lines of bluecoats and graybacks. This will be Bleeding Kansas. Or bleeding New York. Minneapolis. San Francisco. You get the point.

          • Thank you. You got to the point, where I was dancing around the bush. Moving to a place where the Post Office is in the hardware store is safer, but a retreat is a retreat plain and simple. If my idea of cutting off you problem children and grandchildren is no good than what is the plan? Anything we do will involve some discomfort, but please dear God let us do something. A five year old was executed and hundreds upon hundreds celebrated his death. How low can we go until bailing is no longer an option. I think funding is always powerful, cut them off wherever and whenever you can. You can make your own coffee and pack you own lunch. The money saved can be sent off to do good with a compounding effect, such as the Z man or other lessor causes.

          • Jimmy.
            It appears there are two threads in your discussion. One is making it painful for family members to be stupid. The other, as Lineman discusses, is building community (specifically, relocating to find or build a durable tribe).
            Building a mote in a city is a tactical and strategic choice. And a valid one, contextually (everyone is different).
            But we must always count and weigh the cost of these decisions. This has never been more true than now, with the madness spreading across our country.
            I’ve chosen to uproot and move my family. We don’t actually know where yet but have narrowed it to 5 states that check our requirements boxes (homeschool law, 2a, taxes, fiscal health, general political bent, regulatory, etc). This decision was made over 24 months. And frankly I’m frustrated I did not commit to move sooner. We had chickens coming by mail, just finished a 6 year long renovation (yes, my wife is very, very patient), etc. We were building our mote.
            But when I saw the trends. And felt that tiny voice telling me to escape the mortgage and the Southern black belt NOW, I made the decision to go.
            We chose to uproot and look for greener pastures precisely because of the cost.The cost of staying in this small Southern city.
            Make no mistake, I expect the orcs to come knocking in the future regardless of where I plant my family. The difference is I will be surrounded by men I trust and can count on. At the minimum, I’m going to make it very painful for the progressive cancer to take anything from me and my family.
            Not a perfect plan, but better to play the odds of being surrounded by like-minded men in a small town or rural area, than to roll the dice in a city that is already atomizing citizens while preparing for deep enforcement of their madness.

          • I understand your statement and it is fair. I am guilty of inadequate discipline in my comments.
            I live in a rural area and I would like to caution you on the “like mindedness” of you future home. You will be a outsider for years or maybe forever so go in with your eyes open. They don’t like change anymore than you do. Just like the city you will need to establish boundaries and enforce them.
            My point, poorly articulated was to do something now, today, not after the move, or anything else. More will be accomplished with simple tasks that can be accomplished w/o a layered management. My opinion is most movements orchestrated by angry people are destroyed by the same people. This liberal crap will be no different.
            I can explain to Starbucks I do not want to shop there if the homeless guy sitting next is soaked in his own urine and I do not want you to spit in the cop’s coffee. I can just stop going. When there are enough of us they will take notice.
            I wish you well and thank you for you comments.

          • Jimmy,

            Firstly, I appreciate your civility and thoughtfulness, Sir.

            I do caution you however, to not depend on the Left burning itself down. Sure, the freaks will eventually do so or be brought to heel by their masters. But their masters will remain no matter how they reshuffle their assault troops in the vanguard.

          • I appreciate the warning about integration. After 14 cities, I have a deep appreciation for navigating as an “expat” and have a plan to ensure we are seen as community additions, not drains.
            The bigger point for us is simple. What area of the country offers the most potential to weather the storm well? A city, statistically, offers little potential based on the degree / severity of the decline of the Empire.
            If we are wrong, our kids grow up in the country and learn a great deal about homesteading. If right, my children are setup to take advantage of future opportunities from a position of strength.

          • Moss,

            You nailed the heart of the two arguments. Besieged in the heart of the hive where you have no control over city ordinances, taxation or even who enters or leaves your fief… or amongst your own where financial prospects are less rosey but you’ll have others alongside you and you can make and maintain your own rules and social mores. The choice seems clear to me.

            As aside, well done on your plans and endeavors. I salute your efforts. May God hold and keep you and yours.

          • PM, you are gracious. The choice seems so clear, but I recognize change is hard / fear-inducing for most.
            A blessing from the Lord on you and yours as well.

          • You can choose to view it as a retreat.
            Or you can choose to view it as strengthening our peoples’ reserves so that we live and laugh to fight another day.

          • It’s really simple can you fight by yourself everything that is arrayed against you??? If you can’t then you need others right…I’ve always said and you can go back through years of post that you need to be Building Community and if you can’t do that where you are at then move to somewhere you can… Pretty damn simple really…

        • Political mindset is heritable, so no matter the political system there is always a latent threat from leftists in any Western society. We can’t let the left hang around in the population because eventually they’d gain power and do something horrible to us, like a Bolshevik revolution that kills millions. Lurking beneath every Western society is the leftist mindset. Get rid of them and society is essentially stable for eternity; no more threat of communist takeover, no need to concern ourselves with antiquated political theories. The problem is biological, not philosophical.

          *Note: Not advocating anything terrible, just pointing out a few things society could do to better itself. There are moral ways to do this. For example, is it moral to encourage poor people to have children? No, that only hurts the poor, so we should do the opposite. Same with the left.

          The sad part is that we have the science to make it happen, but we aren’t embracing it. We can use genetic tests to identify left-wingers and exile them and prevent them from holding government jobs or media positions; we can also pursue policies to lower their birth rates.

          SE Asian nations are successful because either the genetic predisposition some Whites have for leftism never existed there due to the social environment or they were kept out of power and prevented from breeding centuries ago. I’m serious about that, too. I mean, think about it. What is the primary, fundamental difference between left and right?

          Leftists are selfish individualists, and not in the libertarian sense of the word. They are partly akin to psychopaths in the sense that they have practically no empathy towards others, even if they are smart enough to obey the law on average; antisocial personality disorder is believed to be derived from a social strategy that maximizes reproduction with the least effort:

          trick people into having sex with you and then move on; thus the prevalence of sexual disorders in that group, their above average charm, males being the majority of psychopaths, and their much higher birth rate and lower social attachment and empathy. They maximize their reproductive ability through acquiring resources through pitting rival groups against each other and assuming leadership positions through that conflict (example: BLM — white leftist run group using blacks as a shield to enrich themselves).

          The Right, in contrast, has a different social strategy. They seek consensus; thus, their toleration of dissent and democracy and rejection of safe spaces … even if that is now counterproductive. They help themselves through helping their communities. Healthy societies = healthy group members = high reproduction. Conservatism is what happened back when societies were first forming and needed to remain cohesive; the most stable societies had the most descendants, so the genes underlying that social strategy got passed on.

          Leftism is the Western parasite that evolved after the good times got going, after civilization got started. These sociopaths evolved to pit differing groups of society against each other for their own benefit. In such conflicts, they usually end up benefiting.

          The Enlightenment, for example, was an attack by Leftist merchants on the established conservative political order, not just some kind of grand humanistic awakening; it was economic and to the benefit of the parasite. Same with the French Revolution. And Red October …. it’s all about the left seizing power. In the past, before low birthrates, this meant greater numbers of children for the left as they seized the prime real estate.

          They are like the parasite that needs a host to survive and pass on its genes. In most cases, the host came first. Then the parasite evolved to take resources from them.

          Furthermore, some conservatives are religious (if not literally, then culturally — i.e. focus on Western Civilization, race / ethnicity and history) which fosters common societal bonds. They are predisposed to law and order. They are reactionary instead of revolutionary, the latter sometimes overthrows societal order. They are more group-oriented (more likely to be into team sports like college football over more individualist sports like baseball). They are more patriotic towards group symbols. They are more likely to volunteer in their communities when it doesn’t benefit them (firefighters). They are more likely to join the military.

          Conservatism is about maintaining social order for the greatest number. Liberalism is about tearing it down for the benefit of the few.

          These viewpoints / social strategies are heritable, and they are incompatible with each other and with modern civilization. The left may occupy positions of power, but that does not mean they deserve them and won’t crash society with them if given a chance. They need to go. They are a genetic mistake or a bit of outdated genetics no longer useful to advanced society.

        • Weeds spread because the lawn doesn’t get tended to. I’ve been renovating my home for 18 years now. A couple of years ago I finally had the time to get to doing over the lawn on part of my property. Thick layer of topsoil, all nice and level to make a good play area – and then plant the grass seed. At first it came in nice – but then the damn crabgrass took over. I tried pulling it out – but it just came in too fast.
          Recommendation from a lawncare guy was to use crabgrass preventer in the spring. So that’s what I did. Worked like a charm – been 3 years now and not a lick of crabgrass. The lawn stays nice and green even in the middle of the drought we’re having around here – while other lawns are dead. That’s because it’s in thick topsoil and the roots go down quite a ways for the moisture they need to survive no water from the sky.

          Point here is: what it took to get rid of the weeds was a carpet bomb approach – at just the right time. Now the lawn flourishes – and weeds are DEAD.

          We keep letting societal weeds grow – and we actually FEED THEM, so they continue to grow bigger and bigger.

          I suppose I could have taken the advice from my “conservative” friends and just abandoned my entire home and moved somewhere else and started over again.

          But instead I decided to kill the damn crabgrass.

      • Well said. I think about what comes next and how to handle these people in a sane system.
        i don’t think these people started as unsalvageable. They are the product of being raised with no boundaries. Every time they pushed when they were younger they were never told “No”.
        I think is a reasonable society with well defined and enforced norms, most of these lunatics would be OK. Their energy would have been directed towards other activities.
        Instead of burning down police stations to protect black people, maybe would work at a homeless shelter.
        Anyway, these people are a product of a over permissive society and denial of natural law. Lack of order is not good for anyone.
        Say what you want about fascism, but at least people know what is acceptable and what is not.

        • Funny, I wanted to save the world until I worked at a homeless shelter and figured out some people don’t want to be helped. It’s better to let them die if that’s what they’re intent on doing. Some might hit bottom and change when they realize nobody is going to bail them out.

          With that said, the people who were ashamed, which was most, deserved the help.

          • Same thing happened to me. Good Christians help out, right? So I did. It took a couple of years, but I am now firmly convinced that all the ‘homeless’ crap is just a scam.

          • Same here. The men were mostly addicts, which is complicated enough. The women were mostly crazy (in a more humane time they would have been protected in institutions.) I have no answers, except to say that deinstitutionalization ended up being cruel and exploitative.

          •  You have a grasped a kernel of Truth. Let me fill in the blanks for you. Some people can be saved. some people cannot be saved. You should do triage and focus on the ones that can be saved. A key flaw in the liberal disease is the pathological desire to try to help everybody. Using the Shipwreck analogy, the Lifeboat can only hold a certain number but if a bleeding heart liberal is in charge he is going to try to rescue everybody, the boat’s capacity be damned. As a result everybody drowns.

          • Sure thing. It was the shame at needing help that marked the people who could be helped. The people who acted entitled were the ones you’d hear died or got arrested or committed.

        • There’s another theory, via Dutton and HBD. These leftists are biologically unfit, genetically mutant flotsam of sexual reproduction that in nature would have died off. Modern technology and medicine have allowed these genomicly dishygenic cohorts to survive, reproduce, and flourish. They spout sick and insane things because they are literally sick and insane, genetically incapable of living morally. The requisites of civilization – justice, delayed gratification, empathy, responsibility, honesty – have a biological component that these vicious mutants lack.
          It is an ugly, unpleasant truth with uncomfortable ramifications. But think on it, study it, pray on it, and come to your own conclusions.

        • They’re the product in large part – of indoctrination by the school system.

          I suppose strong parents would have prevented this – but if you send your kids off to school 6-7 hours a day – and surround them with equally deluded friends – a quick conversation over the dinner table is only going to do so much to stem the retardation.

          • Public schools are poison for everyone, but plenty of people start off as biologically/mentally unfit. Genetic mutations = clownworld.

      • Z Man said: “…About 20% of whites identify as Progressive. These are people who must be suppressed or destroyed.”

        Well, let’s see now. That 20% has the support of at least 80 too 90% of all the institutions in the western world. I feel your pain Mr. Z. But realistically speaking, what’s the plan?

        • I feel your pain Mr. Z. But realistically speaking, what’s the plan?

          OBT, what is your plan?
          Mine is relocate, find or build a tribe of our people. With emphasis on physical needs, child education and security for the community.

          • Moss said: ” Mine is relocate,…”

            Personaly, I’m to old, tired, banged up and poor to do any more of that relocating crap. But I wish you godspeed.

          • OBT,
            I encourage you to leave it all on the field then. You’ve got the energy to pontificate here. Perhaps you can build a local group of younger men and invest what little you have to offer there?
            You have value to offer our people, it just takes your will to offer it.

          • Yes, I urge relocation for anyone who can do so. Live in a white, red area. You might even be congratulating yourself for your prescience by November 4th.

          • Juri said: “You don`t need a plan.”

            I’m going to wait for the cancer to commit suicide. 😀

        • Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Agitation is FT work for the left, and that’s how they’ve achieved institutional power. The right has been passive for too long.

        • And those supporting institutions and corporations are largely led & staffed by that 20%. Therefore, they will be destroyed as well.

        • I find it amazing how so many American men died in the 20th century far away from home for ism and propaganda. Now an enemy is close up at home and the men are cowards. Accept your death and you will be ready to fight and die.

          • dong said: “Accept your death and you will be ready to fight and die.”

            By all means, lead the way.

      • 80% of the US population of Whites and Friends would be what about the population of 1970 with the Demographics of 1950.
        That sounds pretty good to me. Well once we get to past the morals of 2020 anyway.

      • “they say language is violence or that silence is violence”

        the way this is going, our side is not going to respond with language or silence. The left is going to seal it’s own fate. Death is coming on a pale horse …

      • We need to make sure the pets of White leftists do the destroying, because if or side takes any action to defend ourselves, the state is still in a position to crush us.

      • Gradually I began to hate them

        The very best worst thing to do to them, is give them the “Utopia” they want

    • I read somewhere once that anorexia / bulimia occurs about 90% of the time in white women.
      Can you imagine?
      This “I’m not good enough” or “my body isn’t good enough” syndrome is rampant among white women. It’s a form of mental illness and must be treated as such.
      Similar to Leftism.

      (Don’t have a scientific citation on the anorexia at the moment. )

  37. Yep. I no longer tolerate leftists or liberals at all. That extends right into my own family. I spent most of my life trying to live with them an finally gave up. They aren’t worth the hassle.
    It cost me a great deal of money… but what price is your sanity?
    They now fight amongst themselves and turn on each other so maybe I dodged a bullet.

    • I don’t know. I find talking to liberals and leftists interesting in an anthropological sort of sense. I have no trouble concealing my own beliefs, and it’s an interesting challenge to try to formulate ideas in such a way as to budge their thinking, even if only slightly. Sometimes I even succeed! Fun!

      But beyond that, it’s intellectual arrogance to assume you have nothing to learn from your enemies. At minimum, for tactical reasons it’s a good idea to understand how they think. And beyond even that, nobody is infallible, and sometimes the other side is going to be right about something and your side wrong. There have been occasions when I’ve had a discussion and afterwards found myself less persuaded by my own arguments. If you can’t see the world from their side then you end up living in a bubble, and are vulnerable to ratcheting purity-spiral madness of your own.

      • Your’s a nice intellectual argument which seems compelling in theory, but not so much when practiced.

        An “exchange of ideas” as you might term it always depends on a set of premises agreed upon. In short a shared view of reality/facts. When one’s perception of reality is so different from another, there can be little exchange, just exasperation.

        Living within a bubble aside, no good can come from “seeing the world from their side” when their side is delusional, psychotic and toxic to an extreme. As Z-man notes, these people use to be relegated to asylums, whereas now they are promoted to heights of power.

        • I don’t think JEB meant “seeing the world from their side” as even a tentative acceptance. But to begin with an unshakable belief that “their side is delusional, psychotic and toxic” is the same kind of demonology that sees us as racist, white privileged, etc.

          This isn’t an argument that all sides are morally equivalent. But JEB is right: sometimes bits of truth are found in unlikely places. At the least, taking account of others’ versions of reality helps put the boot into our opponents.

          • But to begin with an unshakable belief that “their side is delusional, psychotic and toxic”

            No-one I know began with that belief. They have been (often very reluctantly) dragged to that conclusion by decades of ineluctable evidence.

            Less of the straw men please.

        • On that final note—it’s more like what I recall from the calls where we had to deal with EDPs and AMS patients. The trick was convincing them to take the ride with nice people in ambulance for a 72 stay in the psych ward. They had their own reality and you had to get inside it enough to construct an argument that would convince them this was in their best interests. I see a lot of parallels between a schizophrenic that has gone off meds and fully paranoid and the current crop of Leftists around here that are truly convinced that the ghost of Bedford Forrest and the 7th Invisible Hitler are hiding under their beds.

        • I don’t so much have a problem with the way they see the world. It’s the fact that their way of seeing the world involves changing right and wrong to justify what they want right now. Give me one set of rules, and lets both play by them. Anyone who does not bargain in good faith is not worth the effort. And those small changes you think you can bend them on, wash away like sand under the tide five minutes after you talked to them.

        • Infallible in the Christian, and more specifically Catholic, church does not mean what you think it means. It applies to specific rulings of church doctrine and has been invoked twice in 2,000 years for beliefs revolving around Mary. It certainly does not mean the pope is perfect, as the media loves to twist it. I think the current pope is awful, but distorting church teaching on infallibility is not kosher.

      • I have faults, but I don’t see excessive arrogance and pride among them. I used to love my neoliberal family very very much, and bend over backward to make allowances for them. Then the queers and Marxism and SJW nonsense started in earnest… and I didn’t understand them anymore. I tried my best to see something good in them… but all I saw in them was unhappiness. That, and they wanted to share their misery and inflict it on others. I was deeply hurt when some claimed I was the source of all their misery because I did not support their belief systems. I later heard through the grapevine of them accusing each other of the same thing after I was gone, so who knows.
        If there is anything to be learned from those people, I will do it from a distance, thank you kindly. If you can keep your ego and emotions away from them, maybe there is something to what you say. As for me… no way will I ever open myself up to them again.

    • I’ve experienced a remarkable turn around in my own attitude towards formerly leftist friends and family members (indicative of a wider cultural change?). Just five years ago, I would tolerate their antics or even censor my own commentary for fear of them deleting me from their friends list; the right has been in an abusive relationship with the left for decades, always playing the peacemaker and trying to make the relationship work. But no more. I’ve mass deleted these vermin and purge anyone who expresses their views. I’ve made it clear to family they will be uninvited from family functions should they embrace leftist bigotry. Support BLM? Gone. Attended a struggle session? We don’t know each other. Mouthed off about “white fragility”? Banned. Have a problem with Western civilization? GTFO and don’t come back. Blood is usually thicker than water, but not all blood is equally thick.

      • I avoid leftists like the plague that they are. The fact that I have several in my family is of no importance, and ultimately, the only difference it makes is that my life is more peaceful and better overall.
        Calsdad once mentioned quite some time ago here that he often asks himself if his life would be better if some people were just “dead”. Whether they are dead or not, your life will be much better if you find a way to avoid leftists by making them at least “dead to you”. Life is short, avoid morons and enjoy it as much as you can.

      • One thing I’ve learned from both reading about psychology and observing people is that there are very few people who actually decide what they believe based on any kind of argument. That might have held during the 19th and part of the 20th centuries when persuasion was often limited to the linear flow of text on a page. Modern persuasion relies more on attempt to directly activate brain networks associated with pain and fear (to dissuade) or pleasure, security, and reward (to persuade). Modern audio/visual media bypasses reason and goes directly to those centers. The “argument” for a lot of what the media saturated person believes is likely to be something like “titties, ice cream, fancy car, titties, titties, mansion with a pool, dollar, dollar, exotic vacation…”. You literally can’t argue with that – because it’s not even a coherent thought, just a pattern of rapid-fire stimuli. Then you come along with your fancy linear argument about history, evolution, math, and economics. It’s got no chance. I’ve often wondered if dissidents would be better off making music videos than posting ponderous articles full of dry facts or even spicy rhetoric.

        I recently got more involved in FB as I’ve tried to find others to talk to. I’ve accepted some friend requests from a few people I didn’t really know. I’ve started to notice obnoxious BLM and antifa garbage (mostly from women as you might expect) piling up in the feed though and I just automatically unfriend those people. The likelihood that I’m going to persuade them of anything is near zero and a big part of the woke doctrine is concerned with ratting out infidels so the less these people know about me the better.

      • My timeline agrees pretty much with yours, CL. The change in my Hive was literally a couple months. We used to talk and compromise if necessary…and then they went nuts. The queers and pedos came out, negroes went from black to niggered… and the women went off the deep end en masse. It was the damnedest thing I ever saw.

        • This has happened quickly. It is almost as if ergot infected the population. Given, there’s been a 60 year prog creep but the acceleration in the past few years is inexplicable to me. “Tolerance” has morphed into subjugation to the various freaks, which have now become the model citizens of Empire.

          There is certainly a full court press in all quarters now that the Left control academia, media, business and government. It reeks of desperation.

          I dont think we are going to be allowed a peaceful divorce. Existing outside the utopian ideology cannot be allowed.

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