Lessons In Identity

The so-called conservatives are muttering about how the choice of Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate is an ominous example of identity politics. She was picked for her skin tone, they say, which is the worst thing possible. In their fantasy country, the only thing that matters is the content of your character. They have it all wrong, of course, but the selection of Harris does provide some good insights into how identity politics will work in the new non-white America of the near future.

For starters, Kamala Harris did not end up on the ticket solely because of her burnt orange complexion. That was how she was sold to Biden, who was still hurting from being called a racist by Harris in the debates. She was on the list, however, because she is the favorite of a powerful constituency in the ruling class. The Silicon Valley oligarchs backed her candidacy. They are an important part of the empire’s ruling elite, so they have a great deal of influence in both parties.

The reason Harris is so popular with Silicon Valley is the number of high caste South Asians in the executive suites of these companies. The old gag about the tech call centers and programming shops being located in India is still true, but the management suites are now increasingly filled with South Asians. This is why they lobby so hard for worker visas. This allows them to bring their co-ethnics over and begin the process of normalizing them into America.

Unlike the so-called conservatives, stuck in the past with regards to the contours of identity politics, the new tribes jostling for power in America play identity politics the old-fashioned way, the tribal way. It’s why Harris took to Twitter to celebrate Indian independence day with her people. Harris was not the only “American” politician to celebrate her people’s national holiday. Not to be outdone, Nikki Haley included a nice little graphic in her celebratory tweet.

It turns out that there is one group that plays identity politics as well as Jews and that is South Asians. They stick together wherever they find themselves. So much so they were able to elbow the Jews out of the Amsterdam diamond market. That is a remarkable feat, given the history and nature of the diamond market. In the United States, they are taking over the wholesale jewelry business. They are doing it on the power of informal agreements among co-ethnics.

That’s the real nature of identity politics, but the yesterday men are not entirely wrong in how Democrats play it. Even there, they miss the point. Barak Obama did not win with huge black support simply because he was black. He resonated with the black community in America because he strongly appealed to black identity. A mixed-race child of extreme privilege with a foreign sounding name was able to click with black voters like no black politician in American history.

Obama appealed to the strongest element within black America, which is black women, who dictate the size and intensity of the black vote. Obama looked and sounded like what every black woman fantasizes for herself and her son. He also married a very typical black woman, thus flattering black women. He had two children with her and gave them goofy fake African names. Obama may have been a mixed-race son of privilege, but he strongly identified with black identity by choice.

That’s how identity politics works. It is not the superficial nonsense about skin color or even ethnic heritage. This is what the yesterday men of both the Left and the Right fail to grasp. Identity goes much deeper. It is the essence of who we are, because it represents the long arc of history that led to our existence. It’s the confluence of history and biology. It’s why Africans are not African-American. It’s also why Kamala Harris is not a person of color to black Americans.

That’s why Harris was probably the worst choice for Biden. She helps bring in South Asian money from Silicon Valley. The tech monopolies will now swing into action in a million little ways to help their co-ethnics. She will titillate the upper middle-class whites who reliably vote Democrat. She will turn off blacks, however, who see in her what they see at the cash-only convenience store in their neighborhood. A foreigner leap-frogging them in the hierarchy of American identity.

There is another lesson in the Harris story. In the primary, even the media found her unpleasant, despite being paid by Google to promote her. Andrew Yang, in contrast, was a likable character, who had no institutional support, but was able to get grassroots and media support. According to the yesterday men, he should have got tons of elite support, based on his race. There are many more East Asians than South Asians, so by their logic he should have been a great candidate.

The difference between Yang and Harris is South Asians are very tribal, while East Asians are not very tribal. We see this in genetics and marriage patterns. India is a beef stew of various tribes, castes and ethnic groups. China, in contrast, is dominated by Han Chinese. East Asia tends toward mono-ethnic societies. Put another way, the biology of South Asia reinforces and encourages extreme identity politics, while East Asian biology tends to encourage uniformity and conformity.

In America, the East Asians that come here are the least ethnocentric of their kind, so they look to quickly assimilate. They name their kids Bob and Sally, take up golf and join the local Christian church. High caste Indians move here and name their kids Sinjar and Amala. They have a tandoor clay oven installed in their house and they find a local Hindu temple to join. In Asia, South Asians are as tribal as Jews are in the West, while East Asians are about as tribal as white people.

This is why South Asians get one of their own installed on the Democratic ticket, while East Asians are discriminated against by the Ivy League. South Asians and Jews are wildly over-represented in elite institutions, while East Asians and whites are ridiculously under-represented. So much so that the Democrats are comfortable putting a bitter bindi on the ticket and giving the affable Andrew Yang the stiff arm. He will have no role in the coming Democratic convention.

This is the shape of things to come. The Judeo-Puritan ruling class is now making room for high caste South Asians. Soon, saying anything unapproved about Indians will be as forbidden as holocaust denial. Native Americans will no longer be allowed to refer to themselves as Indians. Whites and East Asians will be the lumpen proletariat of the new Tribal States of America. Despite having numbers, they lack the ethnocentrism to make those numbers translate into political power.

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365 thoughts on “Lessons In Identity

  1. “This is why South Asians get one of their own installed on the Democratic ticket, while East Asians are discriminated against by the Ivy League.”

    This is incorrect. Ivy Leagues don’t treat South and East Asians differently. East Asians just make a bigger fuss, whereas South Asians don’t really care about the affirmative action issue. I doubt many South Asians even consider Harris to be one of their own; you can cite a few far-left Indian activists to make your claim, but plurality of anecdote is not data. In fact, I’ve found first-generation more East Asians refusing to assimilate, whereas South Asians I know get along well with their white colleagues in the workforce. Finally, Indians aren’t really a monolith as you perceive them to be; Indians from one part of the country usually dislike Indians from other parts. I don’t know where your soft spot for East Asians comes from (probably have an Asian wife?), but your understanding is rather incomplete. In fact, many Chinese researchers were found to spy for the CCP; how many Indians spy for the government back home?

  2. Regarding all the armchair philosophers that compar Brahmin to Jewish people, don’t forget a massive difference. Brahmin cannot pass as white.

    I don’t think a brahmin taleover of America is possible, for this very reason. (((Other groups))) can get away with it, but not that one.

  3. All good, except Obama is not African American, he is mostly Arab, disclosed by his non African Arabic surname, first and middle names. Only a small part is African black from his Luo grandmother. None of his ancestors were slaves, but slave owners. Slave trading being the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the Brits ended it. What is real and apposite to your other posts, Obama was the white liberals Christ, offering absolution from the sin of being White!

  4. Sasha and Malia are decidedly not goofy fake African names. Sasha is actually Russian, a nickname for Alexander/Alexandra. Malia is Hawaiian for Maria, because the Hawaiian language does not have “r.” These names are not at all in the same rubric as Lakeisha or Shaniqua.

  5. Trivia Dept.: I’m one, not necessarily the sole, facetious user of ™ or ®. Tonight, I asked myself, “Gee Layabout, what be the difference?” Well, according to one web site, ™ means the intent to use a term as a trademark although not necesarily legally registered as such, while ® means it has actually been registered. For any corporate attorneys here, I hope you will understand that my use of either is purely for satire purposes. Nonetheless, in the future I will try to use “Melanic Hominid™” vice “Melanic Hominid®”. If someone wishes to actually trademark the term, I have no objection and you may serve a cease-and-desist as soon as you have registered it 🙂

  6. and even then, the East Asians screw the traditional whites over anyway, other than whatever remains of the South Vietnamese. besides, even if lefty, Yang is Taiwanese, a very Americanized country source of golf-club Asians really affable to Americans, the kind of Asians which are an increasing minority otherwise. the CCP-lovers of his kind are in the ascendance, and they will be more belligerent not only to whites but to the bindis eventually, or otherwise ally but impose on them. of course, all Asiatics at least attempt to deal with and out-Jew the Jews, sons of Cam after all.

    that said, nice to see finally a race article that is not just about inherited genetics and iq, and more about the historical ethnic evolutions of these peoples and characters. of course the bindis make better dem footsoldiers, just look at their style of haphazard corporate socialdemocracy back home. over there they particularly are adept to portray the usual corrupt elite politicians as being for the people; here in the US they hope to achieve the same trick, with Kamala as this phony corrupt wealthy brown immigrant that yet still has the look and social-media appeal to at least get some black millennials to vote. of course, a legit angry black woman like Stacy Abrams, or at least a still lefty and pouty enough mulatto like Obama, would have brought all the darkies out; but the nice and/or Jewy white liberals might have thought about it. at least they can attempt to negotiate with Kamala so that the hordes don’t storm liberal suburbs… for a while, or not too quickly.

    but like i said, the more belligerent East Asians are in the ascendance, and they are the major beneficiaries of the suits against the Ivy League, which they will use to take more livelihoods and eventually culture from whites. you forgot to mention the southeast Asians, the sort of Mexicans of that region, more humble but more basic and even primitive at times, still trouble in large amounts near.

  7. Gregory Hood, AmRen: “George Floyd was the spark, but journalists had soaked the country in gasoline years before with endless sensationalist coverage of race and “racism”.”

    Well said.

  8. Are americans gonna bow down to guru-ji and ask him the nature of life? They already do. Are indians gonna destroy america’s sewege system & make it smell like shit? Why not, it should smell like crap if the citizens have its colors.
    South asian takeover sounds ridiculous, US military complex & bankers rule america, not ethnic groups who vote based on skin tone. Since when do voters make the rules?
    If the point was about US goverment collapsing under the weight of those many ethnic groups fighting for their petty agendas inside its borders then sure, that sounds like a probable scenario.
    But we all know what rises after that are not the krishna warriors.

    • This is incorrect. I doubt many South Asians even consider Harris to be one of their own; you can cite a few far-left Indian activists to make your claim, but plurality of anecdote is not data. In fact, I’ve found more first-generation East Asians refusing to assimilate, whereas South Asians I know get along well with their white colleagues in the workforce. Finally, Indians aren’t really a monolith as you perceive them to be; Indians from one part of the country usually dislike Indians from other parts. Many Chinese researchers were found to spy for the CCP; how many Indians spy for the government back home?

  9.  Zman I love your essays but I must take exception with your comments about Michelle Obama. She is anything but a “very typical black woman”. Your typical black woman even born in the 1960s does not grow up in a nuclear family with a full-time mother and a middle-class employed father. Nor does she attend Princeton and later Harvard Law and become a lawyer. Never mind the rest of her career.  To steal a line from the cartoon Boombox both Michelle and Barak represent the typical American black about as much as a polar bear represents the typical American white. 😛

  10. I have lived and worked for decades with South and East Asians and I find Z-Man’s comments to be most interesting, insightful and much food for thought. One small quibble is the reference to “India is a beef stew”!
    Another thing was pointed out to me by an old left-wing Jewish friend is the radicalism of younger 2nd generation South Asians. For example, look at Sawant in Seattle leading the communist revolution. Also, I understand that the leading force of Jacobin (of guillotine fame) magazine is a South Asian.

    • I’m sorry sir, but you are incorrect. Indian Americans are proud Americans first, and many of them do support the GOP. I’m certain that there are more Indian Republicans than Chinese Republicans. I doubt many South Asians even consider Harris to be one of their own; you can cite a few far-left Indian activists to make your claim, but plurality of anecdote is not data. In fact, I’ve found more first-generation East Asians refusing to assimilate, whereas South Asians I know get along well with their white colleagues in the workforce. Moreover, Indians aren’t really a monolith as you perceive them to be; Indians from one part of the country usually dislike Indians from other parts. Finally, many Chinese researchers were found to spy for the CCP; how many Indians spy for the government back home?

  11. It’s important not to overlook the absolute worst thing about Indians — their atrocious accent. It’s an offense to beauty and to dignity itself.

    • I’ll have to disagree – it’s their grooming . . . or rather lack thereof. Eau d’subcon – one whiff and you’re knocked flat.

  12. If you want to get a sense of East Indian population density in your area go shop at Costco. They all seem to shop there. In my area I swear 50% of the shoppers are sometimes Indians.

  13. Interesting, but I think you’re wrong re: the black reaction to the Biden-Harris ticket. I’ll bet they get at a minimum the same percentage of the vote as Clinton (Bill) and won’t be far off Obama’s. Turnout will also be high because of BLM (which was the whole point).
    I think Harris’ problem will be with white people, especially white males — just like Clinton (Hillary). I actually think Senile Joe’s choice made his victory less likely than more so.

    • There is starting to be some empirical evidence in the form of polls that blacks dislike Harris. We kind of knew it from the primaries already. Black women see her as a whore, black men as every other uppity semi-black woman they have to suffer.

      Still, I don’t look for some magic black vote to go to Trump. Instead, many will stay at home. I don’t think Biden will do as well as Clinton with blacks. And, yes, the choice hurt him but let’s face it–someone made that pick other than Biden.

      • Black women see her as a whore, black men as every other uppity semi-black woman they have to suffer.” That’s an over-thought cliche that might’ve held some truth 4 years ago. Today POCs see her as a POC and that’s all that matters. They’re all going to vote Kamala-Biden.

      • Well, we’ll see. I haven’t seen any polls myself showing blacks don’t like Harris (they may exist, but I haven’t seen them) But Harris attended a HBCU and is a protege of Willie Brown — so she has a very black background, even if she’s a high yellow at best.
        Glad we agree that Trump isn’t going to get a magic black vote though — why people persist in believing that fantasy is beyond me….

  14. The Indians are an unusual case. While they are most definitely tribal, they, in contradistinction to blacks, actually tend to like and even admire whites.

    Back when I was an undergrad student there was a semi-pretty Indian girl in my Russian language class. We were very friendly with one another, but I wasn’t really interested in her. Anyway, one night I walk into a convenient store to buy a pack of smokes, and the Indian girl was behind the counter. Well, she got very friendly with me, talking very flirtatiously and batting her big brown eyes. Then, suddenly, the smile ran away from her face, she became very withdrawn and said she had to get back to work. It was then that I looked in a back corner of the store and saw three young Indian men, who I took to be her relatives. They were looking me three shades of hell. Heh. Point of the story is I could have had that girl with ease, her brothers new it, and absolutely did not approve. If I had been an Indian, the story would have been quite the opposite, I think.

  15. In some good news, even the guys at PowerLine, who are the ultimate BoomerCons, are starting to open their eyes to the new reality of American Diversity.


    The PowerLine guys need to remain respectable so they can only go so far, but they definitely have a toe in the water with this post.

    The comment section is even more based. Numerous commenters openly discussing the possibility of (and necessity of) political violence to counter the Left, including calls to open fire on the protestors. This would have been unthinkable in Conservative World in 2008. This is progress.

  16. Z, you are giving way too much importance to my fellow south asians. The kind of south asians in America (mostly upper class variety) have one thing in common, they listen and obey to authority, that’s what they have done to all invaders to India over past 2500 years, they were the first to convert to Islam leaving their lower class brethren to fight and suffer. 30 years go in any college it was common to see rich Indian kids of doctors splashing their 911s doing to their best to look white, because that was the power structure of the day, aka upper crust whites. Now they are at the forefront of anti white mobs. Tomorrow if whites had an ounce of strength and started fighting back, these people will be the the first to buckle.

    • To steal from Churchill, your countrymen are either at your throat or at your feet. That’s always been my observation about the Sub-Cons.

  17. “In Asia, South Asians are as tribal as Jews are in the West, while East Asians are about as tribal as white people.” The people interacting with (or living under) the Han Chinese merchant class in Malaysia, Singapore, or Indonesia would disagree with that assessment. As would anyone who’s lived in China, Japan or Korea. East Asians may be less tribal than the South Asians, but they’re significantly more tribal than whites.

    • Absolutely. The Chinese in the Bahasa-speaking countries are completely analogous to Jews in the West. Minus the guilt tripping.

      • Eh, the Bamboo mafia is literally the only reason that countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are semi-modern.

        I think there are a lot of lessons we can learn from the Chinese ability to overcome the institutionalized discrimination they face in Malaysia.

  18. “Despite having numbers, they lack the ethnocentrism to make those numbers translate into political power.”

    I would say we forgot the ethnocentrism of our 19th century forebears, as applied to electoral politics.

    So how do we recreate the Irish model of The Machine, a la Tammany Hall, or the Red Shirts?

  19. “Though I’ve belted you and flayed you,   
     By the livin’ Gawd that made you,
     You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!”

  20. Damn, this post has gotten under my skin. By referencing the One Drop Rule in my (if finally approved) other post, I didn’t mean to deny Zman’s general thesis about identity politics. It is simply that history is replete with the folly of race mixing. Just as the pure Castilian blood of the conquistadors did not enoble their mestizo children, the key distinction of South African apartheid was not between coloureds and blacks, but whites and all others. As the signs in Afrikaans frequently read: “Net Blankes!” (Whites Only).

    Just as the Spaniards had the concept of “limpieza de sangre” (purity of the blood), we Americans used to have segregation and Jim Crow laws and, if there had to be some sop to the Declaration’s “all men are created equal” rhetoric, Plessy v. Ferguson. A hundred years ago no one had any difficulty accepting that this was a White nation, built by Whites to be enjoyed by Whites and to perpetuate our existence and well being. Again, South Africa demonstrated that even a minority can rule with this attitude but that we surrender it to our peril. Is it too late to wake our people from their slumber?

    • At least in those days, the Spanish colonists had a complex chart to base rights upon how much admixture (mestizo) you had. I believe it was at least into the 4th generation before all rights were granted a mixed race person. They seemed to intuitively know just how many “drops” made the soup toxic. 😉

    • The healthiest situation is when a nation’s excess male population leaves for more adventurous pastures — Europe circa 1500-1900. The result is a more eugenic sexual market at home, a release valve for high unemployment and troublesome elements, and expanded influence abroad.

  21. The corollary of this rule is that politics will no longer be about meaningful, substantive political issues, but rather about issues of identity. Conservatives immediately push back on this corollary in a reactive manner, because in Conservative World all humans are fundamentally concerned about the same things. I have been using the example of the Laffer curve to illustrate my point to legacy conservatives and it works tremendously.

    For those too young to recall, the Laffer curve was developed by economist Arthur Laffer as an attempt to apply behavioral economics to rationalize the Reagan tax cuts and ultimately Supply Side Economics. Ostensibly sketched on a napkin at a dinner discussion, Laffer observed as an axiom that the government would collect $0 in taxes at an income tax rate of zero, because it is collecting no taxes. Similarly, the government would collect $0 in taxes at an income tax rate of 100%, because nobody would bother to work if the government is taking all their earnings.

    Therefore, there must be a curve between these two zero end points that would characterize government tax collections as a function of income tax rates. Laffer posited that the curve was a parabolic function that had a maximum, then posited that income tax rates were too high and that government income could be increased by reducing tax rates, because people would work more. From this came the conservative position that reducing tax rates always increases tax receipts, a position that every conservative will recognize.

    It turned out that Laffer was largely correct in the late ’70s and early ’80s, when he was writing, because the pre-Reagan tax rates were truly punitive, but that’s not terribly critical for my purposes. What is important is that conservatives and liberals fought valiant intellectual battles over the Laffer curve. It was the subject of thousand of research studies in economics departments across the world. Tens of thousands of articles containing millions of words of debate were written about the finer points of an economic theory which is largely axiomatic in nature. The Laffer curve was a significant part of the economic debate of every Presidential election in the ’80s and ’90s, and even worked its way into global politics.

    That ended in 2008. Candidate Obama had no position on the Laffer curve because he did not need one. Obama’s candidacy was about identity, not ideology or policy. Obama advocated tax increases on the wealthy not because he believed such increases would increase government tax receipts per a Laffer curve analysis, but because those increased taxes would be redistributed from a population of mostly white people to a population of mostly black and brown people. Full stop. No further analysis required.

    Flash forward to 2020 and there are no substantive issues in the Democratic party platform. It is simply a laundry list of identity-based diversity, inclusion, and equity demands. It reads like it was developed in an undergraduate class in political science at Brown University, because it probably was.

    If they take place, the debates in 2020 are going to be an embarrassment to the Western political tradition, precisely because the Democrats are no longer a party that is of the Western political tradition. There will be no discussion of tax rates, economic policy, military policy, or the appropriate role of institutions in our society. Neither Biden nor Harris have anything meaningful to say about these topics. The only issues that matter are diversity, inclusion, and equity.

    This conversation registers strongly with conservatives. Initially, conservatives inherently mourn the loss of intellectual debate in politics. More importantly, it provides a construct to link the complete annihilation of the Laffer curve’s role in politics in the context of changing demographics. Once they grasp that the mighty Laffer Curve is no longer relevant to political debate in a diverse polity, it’s a short and straight line to understanding that absolutely none of the values or ideas they hold fast as a conservative are relevant in 2020. At that point it’s a lot easier for them to get in the boat and start rowing across the river. Welcome to the Demographic Age.

    • Ah, equity. That concept which postulates, if you can’t make everyone rich, you can certainly make everyone poor.

    • Thanks for this well-written comment. Back in the day, the Laffer Curve was a key that unlocked so much Conservative public policy. It was wielded to cut through Leftists’ cant, forcing them to agree *on their own terms* to the propriety of low tax burdens. It gave “scientific” vindication to Conservative impulses, and encouraged Rightist thinkers to explore other ways Conservatism supported a broader “public good.” There was a price to be paid–namely, the admission that maximizing tax receipts was a positive good–but that wasn’t consequential at the time. That time is long over now, of course.

  22. “The poor but honest Hindoo
    He does the work he can-do
    He sticks to caste, from first to last
    And for pants, he lets his skin do”

    • Nice pome but honesty is not a strong suit with the Hindus.

      So it’s Camp of the Sants through Silicon valley, that spells it.

      Anecdote: when my Dad was shipping out with the Engineers he asked the CO where they were headed. He said, I can’t tell you but it’s the filthiest place in the world. Some things don’t change. Ended up in Calcutta with the hump effort. He delegated everything to a Sikh who kept the coolies in line & operated all the heavy equipment himself.

      • My grandmother used to repeat that Limerick – back in the good ole days when white women were racist.

  23. Comments be approved now? Well, damn, since they have to be read by the site guy, that being Z, let’s have some fun with this.
    Cats suck.
    Dogs rule.
    You’re mom dresses you funny,
    So go slip on your drool.

    Your younger than me,
    And certainly more nice;
    But I pedal with evil glee.
    I ride a Colnago,
    I laugh at your Specialized,
    My pedals treat you like a bongo.

    I don’t have a bird stanza,
    My dogs just barfed,
    While I watch a rerun of Bonanza.

  24. You forgot to mention that South Asians buy the McMansion down the street to house three generations and then burn their garbage in the back yard because why pay the garbage company? Another thing about South Asians, is that they came into an American culture where success in the corporate suites is dominated by who is more entitled, more arrogant, and malleable to a pecking order. and basically more full of shit. They’re able to sell their degrees from Hydrooxycontinbad University (worse than a JC in the states) as some Indian version of Harvard. These factors bring a stunning closed mindedness that shows why India is a living hell on earth. East Asians have two strikes against them. They’re not pushy. They’re closed minded but not arrogant. In the corporate dynamic that makes them highly skilled workhorses that are the last to get the raise, the promotion or the respect. If your company has a lot of south Asians it’s likely 1) old and established. 2). On a slow decline, with its best years a decade or two earlier. 3). more bureaucratic than competitors. 4). survives on buying the competition over internal patents and new ideas. That pajeet that runs Microsoft can dress like Steve Jobs in a ripped off dark t shirt and jeans look, but he’s not Steve Jobs and never will be. When Silicon Valley has its next bubble pop, some of the most South Asian laden companies will have the biggest layoffs. A high interest rate environment would clean a lot of this mess up.

  25. Can confirm. Note how Chinese – even those who barely speak English – tend to adopt fake American names. For every Jia, there’s a Danny; for every Chun, a Shawn. They also, if they are women, tend to marry Whites. Completely different from Indians.

    A friend works at a Regional Bank in the South. While the very top is still White men, the Chief Data Officer is Indian, and is filling the analytics group with Indians. Same with the CTO. Meanwhile, the standards they hold Whites to are entirely different. They had an IT screw up, I’m told, and immediately fired the White guy responsible, though this screw up was of the type that literally nobody else is held responsible for. The Whites in IT were very matter-of-fact about it: he got fired because he was White.

    • They adopt an Anglo name in a similar way Christian kids adopt a Saints name at confirmation. They usually don’t legally change it.

  26. When it comes to skin color, Indians are much more aware of it than Blacks and more discriminatory towards their own people.
    Unlike Blacks who secretly want to be White, Indians are quite open about trying to be White even in their own culture.

    Johnson & Johnson won’t sell skin-whitening creams in India

    • Pure virtue signaling on the part of Johnson & Johnson there. Indians want to be whiter because it makes them appear to be Brahmin. Not selling the whitener is a sop to domestic White liberals.

      • Same thing was popular in SA. There is currently a video I saw on YouTube about the practice in the Bahamas. They even use the term “Natty” to describe a naturally light skinned Black.

        • I was listening to a Barnhardt podcast recently (#118, I think) and she discussed what you are touching upon:
          There is an entire ‘conflict’ in the Black community about skin tone, skin lightening (or not), hair (naps or relaxer), and more.

          Like: if you happened to be born with lighter skin, then you might get made fun of by the darker folks. But on the other hand, it was out of envy, because a caramel or honey is better than …. crap… in the wider culture when dealing in yt’s world.

          It’s apparently a whole big thing that we just don’t have in the European culture.

          • As I’ve commented elsewhere, blacks want to be blackish. They celebrate their exaggerated curves and mouths, but want White hair, varying eye color, and a ‘medium’ complexion. With today’s photoshopping, particularly in fashion ads, the skin tone of White and black models is almost identical. Yet another way of promoting White extinction.

          • In recent weeks I’ve had occasion to stare longer than is polite at a few Melanic Hominid® males with hair styles that look more like a potted plant 🙂 In lieu of the “hate stare” of yore, today I give you the “WTF?” stare.

      • Nothing new. In the Buddhist “Pali Canon,” (ca. 500 BC) one of the attributes of the Brahmin is their paler skin. Buddha was very egalitarian in speaking about the different castes, yet physical traits (including skin) are found among the several traits of the Blessed One.

    • Know an Indian who got married back home. His wedding photos were touched up to make him four shades lighter. Everyone pretended not to notice.

    • This seems to be a “thing” everywhere, among many different cultures. Was its origin a distinction between outdoor workers v. indoor workers? It’s probably a lot of different factors (including hair straightening and bleaching.) The “what” is less interesting than the “why.” And why it persists especially among the most group-identity groups.

      • I’m not sure how light-skinned preference evolved in India, but it definitely signified social class among our ancestors. Women in particular took care to remain very white in Britain and the U.S., especially in the South, where the intense sunshine made it easy to turn darker if one wasn’t careful.

        A pale epidermis showed that a woman was from an aristocratic or prosperous bloodline, which almost by definition meant a strongly “indoor” lifestyle. The working class mostly had to spend time outside, especially before factories were widely established.

  27. This is why America must die and a new confederation of — de facto or de jure — ethnostates must come into being.

    • Our ruling class must suffer greatly in the dissolution as an example to future generations. They did not exercise responsibility with the privilege they inherited. There must be consequences for dyscivilizational stupidity.

  28. The Curries, as we call them here in Australia, are taking over every business they can get their hands on or opening a spice shop/ restaurant. Generally, what once were reputable establishments crumble in quality.

    Another unfortunate consequence is if you end up living next door to an Indian family (which is becoming more inevitable) and being exposed to the putrid smells of the cuisine being concocted. I knew a guy who couldn’t open up the house because of the aroma wafting in from next door.

    • I was in freaking Cairns a few years back for the first time in a long time, and was rocked back on my heels because the Jeets seemed to be everywhere. As to the guy who couldn’t open the door due to the aroma, I hope that was due to spices and not feces.

    • One of the many reasons we changed apartments in Singapore was because the Indian maids would go out on the balconies or in the stairwell (all concrete and marble tiles, minimal insulation) at 6 AM to start pounding their spices.

    • During my occasional trips up the Mid-Atlantic, I like to find cheaper older motels usually on the US routes (US 1, etc.) They are almost always run by India or Pakistani families and smell of curry. I call these New Dehli Motellis 🙂

  29. Street shitters have worked quietly for 50+ years accumulating money Sensing the White weakness they are about to move for the power.At this point they still have to acknowledge (((the master puppeteer))) but for how long that remains to be seen
    They are fiercely tribal having arranged marriages even for the children born here I am yet to meet one who espoused any value of western culture As for “pop culture” and degeneracy the only one acquired is the jungle noise and its “fashion” crimes

      • I guess TRS=The Right Stuff
        Now explain why you feel so contemptuous of that forum (I never participated in but read it a few times) you f*ucking moron

    • It would be interesting to see a comparison of successful/unsuccessful arranged marriages as vs marriages of “love”. I’m not convinced arranged marriages are all that “backward”. Certainly, the ones I’ve seen were not disparaged by the participants.

      • I agree My point was that they stick to their traditions and represent a cohesive force which will always in long run dominate atomized and rootless

      • There is a middle ground between “arranged” marriages and running off with the one you love. It could be described as “approved” marriage, where the mom and dad of each marriage partner were asked for permission, and they held a power of approval or disapproval. Not arranged, but the wisdom of age and experience of the parents, along with a knowledge of what a good match for their child would be, meant that stupid marriages were avoided. Our culture used to widely practice it.

        • Dutch – Very well said. Nothing wrong with physical attraction, but young starry-eyed lust does not tend to make for a lasting relationship. With properly chaperoned means of meeting and socializing, Whites can make their own spousal choices with community guidance and parental approval. It was the Western pattern for centuries, until the deliberate social upheaval post WWII.

        • Dutch, very perceptive. Oddly enough, my daughter’s fiancé took me to lunch and asked permission to propose. Who the hell does that anymore?

          Anyway, it was a great way to break the ice and discuss what I thought (at my advanced age and experience) as to what the pro’s and con’s were with marriage and the partnership it entails. Not sure he did more than listen, but hell that’s a win these days. 😉 I later found out, he also asked permission of my wife as well, but they agreed to say nothing before speaking with me. Guess he was sort of working up the ladder so to speak.

        • Agreed – “approved marriage” where the parents’ counsel has weight or veto power is the prime position.
          If I did have to choose between marriage for love or arranged marriage I would go with love. I consider it much more eugenic. Arranged marriage is part of what makes South Asians the way they are – narrow, slavish, with everything geared toward the acquisition of wealth and status through subservience. Marriage for love traditionally promotes genes that have some daring, gallantry, and genuine charisma.

      • See  “The Art of Choosing”, written by a Westernized Indian female, called Sheena Iyengar. It explains a study that proves that arranged marriages work better than marriages because of love.
        The first ones start with mediocrity and improve more and more. The second ones start very good and degenerate very quickly. I guess the causes may be lower expectations and lack of previous sex experience

        • It depends on the raw material you are working with. I’d be loathe to place much relevance for the West in the antics of street shitters.

  30. I live in the suburbs of a midwestern city. In 10 years or less this suburb will be majority south Indian. Whites can live around them because unlike blacks they don’t have Tyron killing Amad every night.
    The problem is just as this article brings forward they are very tribal and will be a force to recon with as we go forward.

    • No you can’t live with them.

      Brampton, Ontario is now 65% “South Asian” (75% non white in total). Other than a few old Italians and some all white enclaves whites fled the hell out of there.

      • As much as we like to bitch and moan about the other ethnic groups in the West, none to my knowledge even come close to the crime and violence of Blacks. Latinos, maybe a distant second in the USA. In fact, unless I’ve missed something, I have not heard a single reference to Indian or Asian crime in the US or Canada, in today’s posts.

    • I live around a few Indians, and you’re right, they’re not all that bad to live around. It’s just that they keep coming and their numbers keep growing and in big numbers I don’t want to live around them.

      • I live around the South Indians too. I don’t feel the danger I would living around blacks but if they keep increasing in numbers I am leaving.
        I don’t want to live in New Delhi even if it’s populated by McMansions.

        • I know a lot of many dot Indians and I like the overwhelming majority of them. I find them friendly, easy to get along with, and hard working. My closet friend in high school was Indian. Now having said all that, I hate the way they vote and being non-Western, non-Christian I don’t want to see them here in huge numbers.

  31. Agreed about E. Asians, Z. Even in Toronto where they have huge numbers, they’re increasingly invisible from everything. They self segregate to their own neighborhoods and are pretty much invisible unless you go there. Universities are increasingly full of Indians/arabs not Chinese.

    The E. Asian population is aging rapidly – go visit any Chinese area in Toronto and you’ll notice many greyhairs, many groups of apparently childless 40 and year olds, and very few children. The low birth rate is catching up to them.

    It’s quite possible that they’re genetically incapable of understanding diversity or our modern mosaic. They seem bewildered by all our “diversity”, to be honest. They can’t even fathom why someone would want it.

    A few westernized ones become radical blm/sjw – probably also don’t understand what they’re doing but they’re just fitting in.

    I honestly feel quite bad for them. I’ve never hated Chinks or Japs – I respect them. I wish for them to go back to China, for their benefit and mine. It’s a clown world.

    • > They self segregate to their own neighborhoods and are pretty much invisible unless you go there

      Remember a business trip to York, just outside of Toronto. If someone blindfolded me and dropped me there I would have thought I was in Asia.

  32. And this also: Important Insight #3: “Whites and East Asians will be the lumpen proletariat of the new Tribal States of America. Despite having numbers, they lack the ethnocentrism to make those numbers translate into political power.

    But query: Are Whites and East Asians capable of developing a healthy, aggressive ethnocentrism in the face of other surging tribes? (Judging from Europe, Scandinavia, North America, and southern Africa, there’s little reason for optimism regarding Whites.)

    • Probably not. Hate to blackpill here but from what I’ve seen NW whites are just not equipped for that.

      Italians are. There are still Italian families living happily in non white areas that all other whites fled long long ago (in Toronto).

      It’s the racist vs. Cuck gene. Why are we here while the majority of whites are cucks? I don’t know why, I’m NW euro but different than most others. I can also do okay navigating a multi ethnic environment. Goodwhites cannot.

      In an all white environment the racist vs. Cuck genes aren’t apparent.

      • Spanish and Greeks are tribal and nepotistic too. So are various East European peoples. The correlation is with prolonged contact with Muslims. They had to become tribal and insular to survive. Northwest Europeans (Germanic and Celtic peoples) lacked that kind of millennia long friction. They fought and to some extent interbred with each other. Along the way they developed a high tolerance for outsiders and a deference to authority that Southern and Eastern Europeans did not.

      • As reently as a couple generations ago Whites had just such a thing, the results of which current Whites are constantly shamed for.

        blackpillers tend to be so because they make the mistake of thinking biological differences make people into character classes like video games with no change possible over time which is dumb.

      • b123:
        Not if you control up-front for personality (and other) characteristics of the yt group.
        I believe it can be done.
        The key is the screening out of ‘goodwhytes.’

      • As Dino points out, white sub-ethnicities that had long periods of unpleasant contact with orher races have developed those attitudes. Southern Italians and the moors, Russians and the turks, Southerners and blacks. It can be Reconstructed out of your people, though, with enough time, money, and government education.

    • Are Whites and East Asians capable of developing a healthy, aggressive ethnocentrism in the face of other surging tribes?

      Have you even read any history at all? Look what we did to the Prussians when they decided that it was the Germans’ turn for a spot in the sun.

      The reason whites are cucked, is that for 200 years we’ve been utterly invincible, soaring so stratospherically far above all other competitors, that we stopped seeing them as competition, rather as something closer to pets.

      Genetically, NW Europeans are among the fiercest warriors in the world. The British didn’t conquer a fifth of the planet just because they had muskets and the brown people had spears, but because an English musketman could be trained to stand 50 yards in front of the French line and reload twice a minute while the enemy volleys are striking down his comrades left and right.

      There’s an anecdote about British general Hugh Gough, when the British were at the point of losing a battle to the ferocious Sikhs. Upon learning that they had run out of cannonballs, Gough remarked: “Thank God! Finally we may go at them with bayonets!”

      As for the East Asians and aggressive ethnocentrism… Dude, how can you even?

      • Felix Krull said: “The reason whites are cucked, is that for 200 years we’ve been utterly invincible, soaring so stratospherically far above all other competitors, that we stopped seeing them as competition, rather as something closer to pets.”

        Every ruling class in history has acted in the exact same way. It’s called hubris. Welcome to human nature.

        • Every ruling class in history has acted in the exact same way. 

          It’s not just the ruling class, it’s the general attitude whites have towards race: they don’t really care, because deep down they know they’re on top of the stack, and half of us in here, only care because everybody else is so obsessed about it.

          • Felix Krull said: “…and half of us in here, only care because everybody else is so obsessed about it.”

            Well yah. You don’t have to put out a fire unless it’s lit. My original statement stands. It’s the ruling class that makes the decisions about who’s in and who’s out. They never have to suffer for the policies. They live in an entirely different world than we do. You are nothing but a “human resource” Mr. Krull. To be used as they see fit. Nothing more. And until the white folks understand that, they will continue to be used and then discarded. It’s that simple.

          • It’s the ruling class that makes the decisions about who’s in and who’s out.

            That statement is true by the definition of “ruling class”, everything in your post is true.

            But ruling classes change all the time, especially in times with rapid changes.

            Leaked CIA footage of a doctor diagnosing George Soros:


          • Felix Krull said: “But ruling classes change all the time, especially in times with rapid changes. ”

            ” The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

            Power is what it is Mr. Krull. There’s only so many ways to run a government. Chickens and wolves understand this. And so do peple who haven’t been marinated in all manner of maudlin sentimentalitys. People either want survive or they don’t. For a number of reasons, your average white guys are the least likely to band togather for self-protection unless there in the throes of some kind of religiopolitica ecstasy. In prison, black people stick together and so do most latinos. But the only white people that stick up for each other are the bikers and white supremacists. So even when it’s a matter of life and death, most white guys just want to keep their heads down and muddle through.

          •  For a number of reasons  your average white guys are the least likely to band togather for self-protection.

            The main reason being that Normie America doesn’t feel existentially threatened by BIPOC, so they see no need to band together and defend themselves on a racial level.

            Annoyed yes, inconvenienced yes, harassed yes, shot in the head when riding your bicycle yes, but being actually afraid that blacks or Hispanics are going to take over America?

            Not so much.

          • Felix Krull said: “The main reason being that Normie America doesn’t feel existentially threatened by BIPOC, so they see no need to band together and defend themselves on a racial level.”

            That’s a rather symplistic way of looking at the problem. You obviously didn’t read the entire post.


            “In prison, black people stick together and so do most latinos. But the only white people that stick up for each other are the bikers and white supremacists. So even when it’s a matter of life and death, most white guys just want to keep their heads down and muddle through.”

            This isn’t just a problem in the United States. It’s systemic throughout the western world.

            “2015–16 New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Germany.”

            The men of those citys did nothing to avenge their women.

          • In prison, black people stick together and so do most latinos. But the only white people that stick up for each other are the bikers and white supremacists

            Granted, my experience with American correctional facilities are limited but that’s not what I’ve heard. I’ve heard that going to a hardcore American prison is the ultimate HBD-pill, that you figure it out in 24 hours.

            Also, when it comes to picking a school for their offspring, white people suddenly seem extremely race savvy. (#NotAll)

          • Felix Krull said: “Granted, my experience with American correctional facilities are limited but that’s not what I’ve heard.”

            Obviously you heard incorrectly. I on the other hand have talked to a number of people over the years that have worked in various penitentiarys and their disriptions of white behavior behind the walls match up quite nicely

            I noticed you didn’t comment on the lack of manhood in Germay Mr. Krull.

            “Report: Over 1,200 women assaulted in Germany on New Year’s Eve.”

            No doubt, sence that night there’s been a lot more of that. Not to mention murders, child molestations, beatings , robberies church desecrations. Just all manner of cultural enrichment. The maximum mother must be very proud.

          • I noticed you didn’t comment on the lack of manhood in Germay Mr. Krull.

            Biggest nothingburger since Mark Twain’s obituary.

            A bunch of whores got thot patrolled – in Cologne, there were something like two cases that sort of merited the label “rape”. Nothing compared to your quiet Wednesday night in an average American city.

            The German nationalist party (and in Germany, “nationalist” implicitly means “white nationalist”) polls at ten percent. How is the American White Nationalist Party doing?

          • Felix Krull said: “A bunch of whores got thot patrolled – in Cologne, there were something like two cases that sort of merited the label “rape”. Nothing compared to your quiet Wednesday night in an average American city.”

            Tisk tisk Herr Krull. You shouldn’t make statements that can be so easily fact checked and refuted. Ever sence the maximum mother opened the flood gates to the brown hordes, Germany has been on the long and inevitable slide into shitsville. One day soon the EU will let Erdogan the Caliph dump two million more sand flies right in your lap. Time for Europeans to figure out where they want to Immigrate. But not to Britain, their worse off the you are.

          • You shouldn’t make statements that can be so easily fact checked and refuted.

            From Wikipedia:

            “On 21 January, the total number of complaints was 821; 359 of them included sexual offences,[18] three of them rape;[47][48][49] while some complaints included more than one victim, 1,049 people were affected in total.[18][46][48]

            Okay, three rapes then. Reported, rapes mind you – it doesn’t say how many convictions were handed down.
            Oh wait, I found out! Two people were convicted for “sexual assault”, whatever that means.


            In fact, the Cologne incident puzzled me quite a bit back when. I tried to find footage or hard sources, but came up empty: the girls got pussygrabbed by a bunch of Mohammadans and had their phones stolen, that’s 99% of the stories.

            With the media routinely covering up immigrant crimes, how come this almost routine NY celebration got so much airplay? It had the feel of a staged media outrage.

            Ever sence the maximum mother opened the flood gates to the brown hordes…

            Merkel didn’t open the gates, the gates had been open since the early sixties and Merkel merely announced that they were open. Every European head of state since the mid-eighties is complicit, Merkel just takes the blame because the public wants to put a face on it.

            Time for Europeans to figure out where they want to Immigrate.

            Oh dear, is this about our conversation from Sunday?

  33. And this: Important Insight #2: “East Asia tends toward mono-ethnic societies. Put another way, the biology of South Asia reinforces and encourages extreme identity politics, while East Asian biology tends to encourage uniformity and conformity.”

    • In evolution, what persists is what “works”; in the sense that it enhances the survive and thrive imperative of any longstanding subspecies. The “tribalism” trait (really proclivity bias) evolves in environments that necessitate that social feature. IOW, South Asian tribalism exists because it worked well for them on the Indian peninsula over the long run, and not because some arbitrary group behavior was consciously agreed to by the members.

  34. Should have talked to Canadians… we could have warned you about Indians even 20 or 30 years ago. We’ve had them for a long time. We have more Sikhs though, not sure about the Brahmin class.

    Either way, everything Z says is correct. While the women can be sweet, the men are shameless, inept, nepotistic, and corrupt. Their only benefit is that they ruined the club scenes by being creepy, thus reducing white degeneracy.

    I maintain that Indians are the worst possible group… whites will look back fondly on the days the only coloured group they had to worry about were blacks rioting and Mexicans coming in illegally.

      • People seem to forget that White Christians originated the idea of raping a woman being a “bad thing” in and of itself. Much of southern African languages do not even have a word for it: its just expected to happen.

    • Indians are not a “group”—at least not racially. David Reich in his book “Who We Are and How We Got Here” has a couple chapters (IIRC) on the subcontinent of India. The typical precepts on race found elsewhere do not hold up when applied to India. In short, the continent is composed of *many* races. But the 5 major ones overlay the ancient Indian “cast” system quite nicely. Brahmins being on the top of the heap. It is that cast that we see most often over here, and around the world. That is why we can have so many successful ones from a country with an average IQ in the mid 80’s—they ain’t the Brahmins.

  35. Insight after insight after insight. Who IS this Zguy? This is just ONE essay, and we get this:

    Important Insight #1: Identity politics “is not the superficial nonsense about skin color or even ethnic heritage….It’s the confluence of history and biology.”

  36. From the Dems’ perspective, wouldn’t Stacey the size of the Serengeti Abrams have been a better, more tribally correct selection?

    Biden would have flattered more black woman by choosing an authentic version like the gargantuan Georgian instead of the ersatz brownie he selected.

    • Being pure negro, Spacey was probably deemed too stupid for the job. Notice that many of the negroes that get near the Oval Office are not pure negroes – Obama, Valerie Jarret, Kamala Harris, Susan Rice, Colin Powell.

      • Yes, Stacey is pure straight-up negro.

        Your point meshes with Sailer’s observation that blacks are both off-limits to criticism and without agency.

        • Mean IQ’s:
          baseline sub-Saharan Africans: 71
          Americanized-Africans: 85
          Central American Amerindians: 82
          Mexicans: 88

          Mexicans are Amerindians with European admixture. AA’s are Africans with European admixture. The greater (of the relevant portion of the genome) the percentage of European they have in them, the smarter they are. The same pattern would manifest if Africans and Amerindians were mixing with high IQ East Asians. This is a direct consequence of the high polygenicity of the intelligence trait.

      • Well, you’ve gone and noticed another strange aspect of the Current Year power struggle – the inordinate number of powerful mulattoes leading the charge against YT.

    • Abrams was too off-putting for middle America Whites. Whites want a black who speaks like a White with a just a hint of negro sassiness in their voice. (You can bet the Obama worked on his accent and diction.) Normie Whites also are okay with a bit of racial talk but they want their pet black to not push it too hard and to always say that we can work together to get things right, i.e. this won’t last forever.

      You’d think that the Dems could find a few blacks to play that role, but they’re just aren’t that many of them. Obama will a Godsend for them. They’re having a hard time finding another.

      • Abrams was too off-putting for middle America Whites.

        Or she’s too stupid to control. I doubt they care how off-putting this particular strain of negress is so much as she would get into power and start getting ideas of her own.

      • Whites want the blacks that are in the commercials. The black guy wearing a crew neck, with a white wife and 2 kids, hopping in the Subaru to go kayaking for the weekend.

        In reality he just doesn’t exist.

        Kamala just comes off as a cunt, to put it bluntly. Fake black to boot, and everyone can see it.

        • She only looks Black because of the admixture of typical American Blacks. She’s really not Black, not in race, nor in color. She is not much—if any darker—than the typical South Asian “Indian” we had in my old department. And of course, her facial features are defiantly non-Black. As Z-man adroitly points out, her failure to identify as Black will not gain votes on that side of the equation. It may however gain from that segment of the poz’d Whites who still hope to redeem themselves.

          • Kamalas are found in large numbers in Jamaica and anywhere the British imported Han and pajeets for work/bureaucracy. What’s considered their ‘white’ upper class is almost never really White – they all have a bit of black, Chinese, and Indian mixed in. That said, while the racial mix varies, the character does not. I’ve dealt with them in the US, the UK, Asia, and the Caribbean – all equally unpleasant.

          • She is proof that the mulattoes/blacks here and Muslim/Africans there are being set up to be the Alawites of the white world, a minority ruling class.

            Alawites in Syria
            Indians in Uganda
            Coloureds in South Africa
            Tutsi in Rwanda
            Hashemites in Jordan

            Many such examples

          • Plus, she’s not a natural-born American, neither of her parents were citizens yet. Will that matter when she assumes the Presidency?

        • Harris is more repellent than Hillary, no small feat. Everything from her nasally voice to Jeetish inauthenticity and disingenuous pandering is off-putting.

      • Abrams was too off-putting for the White Libs. They like their “blacks” to not be too “black”, and to pay homage to the people who put them there. Black lack of agency, indeed. Obama pushes the envelope on black rhetoric, but always remembers who got him his gig. Harris will play the “black” game as well. But Stacey was actually black, and uncompromising about it. Uncompromising is OK for others, such as Omar, AOC, and Rashid. But not for blacks, according to the Liberal rulebook.

    • That’s kind of the point: “Biden” had to choose an inferior running mate to appeal to South Asian money.

      • Yes, I do not dispute that point; rather, my observation flows from another perspective advanced by the Z-man: flattering black woman.

  37. Observe and analyze. The Democrats are pretending to run Dementia Joe and Kamala token-POC. Even the brain-dead know that that is not a winning combo. So why do it? Answer, crash and burn in 2020 sets up rise of real tyranny in 2024. That will be the year the masks come off and things get real. What can we expect? Most whites will piss and moan, some will join militias, and a relative few will actually figure out how to fight and win.

    • They are running them because it is a no lose situation. If Trump happens to pull it out, then the Dems burned two back-benchers, no great loss. They know, as well as we do, there is no post-Trump GOP. On the other hand, if the Slow/Blow ticket happens to win, well then, Christmas came early.

    • The Democrats can run Biden and Harris because the election is about Trump. The press has done a good job of maintaining a high level of Trump Derangement Syndrome

  38. Call me a yesterday man, but Kamala can call herself whatever she wants. It doesn’t change the fact that we’re not talking about horses or hounds. The One Drop rule applies to her, just as it did to Obama. They’re both niggers; and no amount of tech oligarch money is going to elevate them to anything other than jumped up fools. Nothing in history even faintly suggests that giving such no-account people power is anything but deeply stupid.

  39. Despite that I regard it as falling into an Establishment snare to get caught-up in the US (or any) election – this strikes me as a sharp, interesting, and apparently plausible analysis – one new to me.

  40. Seems that the east Asians and the south Asians are not the best of buddies. I’ve worked with both in engineering organizations over the past 35 years and never saw them socialize with each other very much. I’ve never heard of each tribe’s diaspora in the other’s home nation. Then there is that border dispute between India and China.

    • The big three, Japan, China, and Korea may “hate” each other, but they really, really don’t like the “little brown turds down south” (I swear, not my original quote). Indians may as well be Martians.

    • East Asians tend to dislike skin color that is darker than theirs. They have that attitude towards “Jungle Asians” (Vietnamese, Philippinos, etc.) but since Indians eat with their hands and smell funny, that’s an especial deal breaker.

      • If the hereditarians are correct, the animus is not only racial. The “East asians”, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Koreans, are tops in IQ. The southeast Asians are a bit worse. I’m not sure about India, it is such a cultural mish-mash. In any case, as Apu would have said, “Thank the many gods that we are not Negroids.”

  41. To manage the H1B tech workers, American corporations have installed Indians as Chief Technology Officers directly below CEO’s. Many have managed to move up to the top spot in companies like Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and even Idaho based Albertsons grocery stores.

    • It’s bizarre and frightening to realize how overrepresented Subcons are at the C-level spots.

      Another strength that Subcons have is they tend to be a bit more tech-savvy than the hand-rubbing crowd.

      • They got a massive bailout for hiring those $9/hr “engineers.” (If I were ruler of these lands, as Z likes to say, I’d mandate all travel by congress and gov’t employees be done on the 737 Max.)

      • Ah yes, the old “reality will catch up to them (so I can sit back and do nothing)” canard. What a worthless cope.

  42. Now if the whites would stop naming their children Keighdyn, Brianna and other concocted bullshit names like the negro we might get somewhere.

    • Yeah, most of us don’t name children after ancestors – no sense of who we are or who we come from.

    • Agree. But in the trad Catholic circles were I swim, all the big families give their kids names of European saints. Leo, Benedict, Lucy. Nobody named Linus or Cletus yet.

      • even having children has escaped a large number of the pale females. they seem to want to spend their tome with each other, and their dogs. I too an Trad, and my daughter is too. so no dogs, she has a hub and soon will have kids.

        • That’s good. We need more Trad Catholics having lots of kids and raising them in our (yt) ways.

          Just make sure they aren’t the treacherous (traitorous…) type who actually think Jorge is the Pope.

    • So what: we get to choose between John, James, Edward Matthew and Buck? How about Isaac and Jeremiah; those r allowable; or not?

      Jayden and Taylor; these are unallowable because gay; which others?

      Where do Howard and Gary fit in to your prescriptive schema?

    • It all started when you began baptizing your children with cartoon names like Tom, Dick and Harry. Do the white thing, and give your children real names like Thomas, Richard and Henry.

  43. It really is a shame, what’s happened and happening to traditional White America. Decades ago, we all just took it for granted that things would continue on as they always had and never change. We’d generally be fair to most everyone, but run the show. Well, that’s been taken advantage of and here we are, being quickly shown the door and no gumption to fight back.

    • Failure to understand credit and running your college system on distilled estrogen seems to be a good way screw up a perfectly good country – now let’s leave the front and back doors unlocked. Yea, that’s it.

    • The “fight back” is — in words that I’m sure @Lineman would echo– is to form communities of our own, and support our own.

      This means creating networks of like-minded people IN REAL LIFE first, and then moving + building + supporting from there.

      Talk is cheap.

      • How long will those communities exist with a Kamala or some other brown skin orc in charge and they decide to infest them with orcs?
        Hiding in Bitteroot won;’t mean squat when that happens.
        You are not getting out of this without a fight somewhere down the road.

        • Moving to, Andy building, community I see not about campfire songs and crochet circles. It’s about strength to fight on every field. Physical, spiritual, relational and familial.
          Lone wolves fair poorly in every environment. Change your landscape! Find a pack or build one.

        • One thing we may have in our favor is that, at least “so I have heard” is that the American Negro has a deep fear of the country, and a preference for the city. Supposedly and at least sounds valid, bad cultural memories of slavery or sharecropping and better family stories after (Great-)Grandpa moved the family to the big city where he could work a factory job fo’ mo’ money.

    • <i>no gumption to fight back.</i>

      Nothing wrong with white people that a decade or two of soup kitchens and bread lines won’t cure.

      • 10 years of Depression soup lines and whites threw a riot that turned half the world into rubble.

    • That probably has as much to do with their shared affection for Silicon Valley as any shared ethnic heritage. Ponnuru is a huge shill for Big Tech.

    • A common trait among Haley, Ponnuru, D’Souza, name it, is the treachery combined with obsequiousness. To use an old Appalachian line, I wouldn’t trust a one of them in a a shithouse with a muzzle on.

  44. Odd thing about those those bitter Bindis in American politics..Gabbard, Haley and Kamala are all childless. Which is very weird
    Blacks will look at this quite negatively. Harris may look blackish but she acts in a way that is not very black at all. There is a reason she dropped before the first primary and that’s because she is unlikeable.

    • Nimrata has 2 kids.

      Indian women are generally ambivalent to having kids. They usually have 1 or 2 if they do have any.

      It’s a 1-2 punch strategy. Indian women fit in with the Karen’s and nice white ladies. They sleep with white men. This disarms us.

      They still marry tribal and nepotistic husbands. All their bases are covered when screwing over whites.

      • They still marry tribal and nepotistic husbands

        Indian men are almost uniformly beta. They either don’t know their wives have been riding the c*ck carousel or are so pleased to have landed a co-ethnic hottie that they don’t care.
        I grew up in Nova, and 1 out of 20 South Asian guys were cool. The rest were unusual in different ways but largely oblivious to the fact. We’d make fun of them and the cute South Asian chicks lapped it up.

    • I was watching her talk on Fox this a.m. – she was clearly trying to sound black – but not too black – kind of like that black woman on the Popeye’s Chicken commericals from a few years ago. it was real funny.

    • You are missing the point: “true colors” doesn’t count for much. Obama pretended to be black, and it went great for him. The fact that he was about as A-A as Hirohito didnt end up mattering. Ditto with Caramela Harris – she aint white, she says she hates whitey, and thats good enough for them. Remember: its a skins game, and her team is easy to spot.

  45. I have a case study to add to this discussion. In our town there is a local, family-owned supermarked. 3rd generation owner-operators, nice couple that is, wait for it… white.

    With a large hispanic population within walking distance, every Sunday was literally ‘hispanic day’ with the store crowded with the day laborers that are found crowding the roadsides during the week, buying their groceries and their Corona®.

    The nice white owners bend over backwards for this part of their clientele. Bring in all these foods and brands that cater to the hispanic customers. Hire Spanish speakers to help with the non English speakers or those that can barely communicate beyond pointing a finger at their choice of cigarette brand.

    An hispanic operated (we do not know the ownership information) grocery store just opened up within walking distance of said clientele. Spanish language signage, name. The result: NOT ONE HISPANIC FACE to be found at the white-owned store.

    From a crowd to an obvious soft boycott. No matter what efforts were made by the owners. What could be behind this shopping preference?

    • I also have experience with Indians in Atlanta. For many years I went to an Indian restaurant and got to know the owners. They were Indian from Africa. I asked the younger member how he identified himself and he responded Hindu.I asked the older ones the same question and their response was place of birth, South Africa. You don’t think of yourselves as American? I asked. Answer from all: No. But they did Indian.
      Another example was my neighborhood. Indians and others moved in and refused to pay their share of upkeep of common areas. Whites paid but none of the other groups did. I moved out.

    • I have a Paki greengrocer practically on my doorstep – weird and low-quality greens, but excellent spices and cheap pulses, and I shop there at least twice a week.

      So I notice the owner doesn’t speak to me. Not too uncommon in Denmark, where “customer service” is something you get in massage parlors, but I think, “Hey, I’ve been coming here for years, you fucker, and you’re not even looking at me”, so I very deliberately and pointedly start to say “good morning” and “thank you” and “see you later”, and after a few months he starts answering back, even smile at times.

      Except when there are other Pakis in the shop. Then I’m back to being another filthy infidel, he looks to a point over my right shoulder when he hands me my groceries.

        • Yes, (although on reflection, it didn’t take “months” as I wrote, more like a week.)

          The incidence has stuck with me for some time now because of what I wrote below, namely that whites don’t fight because they can’t see how any adversary could threaten them.

          His petty, impotent hate amuses me.

    • racial solidarity. I was told this by Mexican and Salvadoran workers. This is something whites could learn from but probably won’t.

  46. I dunno, I would consider East Asians, especially Koreans, as pretty ethno-centric, but they do have a strong pragmatic and conformist streak which prevents their people from being ghettoized in foreign countries. (Chinatowns notwithstanding, those I would hardly call those places ghettoes.) Z is right that they are adopting evangelical Christianity in large numbers, which does draw them closer to white Americans in culture and politics. But they’re not civic nationalists quite yet.

    • We have a lot of Koreans here in Lagos. The older ones are quite sensible on race and not shamed to say it. The younger ones get indoctrinated quite easily into multiculturalism. The trouble for the young ones is they are never accepted and not very good at the skins game. They also are preyed on by blacks like no other group.

      • They’re similar to NW euro whites in that respect.

        Either racist or cuck. There is little middle ground because we just didn’t evolve for it.

        Derb’s artic alliance is pretty dumb (and a cope) but NW whites and east asians have some similar traits. E. Asians are even more conformist than whites.

        We’re all dying – E. Asians low (extinction level) birth rate and gradual globohomo acceptance. White death, slightly less low birth rate and mass immigration for us.

        • East Asians are much more similar to Eastern Europeans than to NW whites. Their mentality, pragmatism, nepotistic tendencies etc.

        • The Arctic Alliance is a cope, but some copes are necesssary. If we want humanity to keep building, progressing, and staying civil, then we need high-IQ peoples to ally and keep things working, especially if high-IQ people are having low birthrates.

        • How about racist AND cuck. Debating which color of the diversity rainbow is going to conquer us is tiring.

        • Artic alliance! The Ice People versus the Sun People, who never invented so much as a wheel or an alphabet.

          From the perspective of ancient history, today’s Z-article is absolutely fascinating in its implications.

          The Fall of the Ehdeen drove our Aryan half from their steppe homelands: stocky, warlike Aryan redhairs merged with slender Hyperborean blondes in the west, were absorbed by Dravidian abos in the east, and met stubborn semitics in the south who could not defeat them, yet declared a perpetual war without weapons, a women’s war.

          Those became priests and poisoners, herdsmen using the power of the womb, cultivating cushy jobs in administration- the original HR catladies, who tear apart every civilization they enter.

        • Artic alliance, 5000 BC


          Also, the Taurim Basin pyramids, with white Scythian mummies, built in western China a thousand years before the East Asians ever showed up.

          (See also the Bosnian pyramids, mistaken for a mountain range until the aerial photographs.)

          Now you know why their last thread, the Uyghers, are being erased by that conquered tool, (((Communist)))-molded China.

      • I attended a university with many South Koreans and one thing that astonished me was how much they defended and identified with their Northern brethren. I think it was completely due to racial solidarity. Many were from Seoul, which is in spitting distance of the DMZ.

        I didn’t detect anything other than lip service to multi-culturalism from them although they would glob onto it as a way the get the upper hand over Whites. This obviously was the tactic used by Jews. There was a lot of visible hostility toward blacks and restrained dislike of Whites.

        That was a long time ago, though, so maybe the indoctrination has worked its wonders on them now.

        • Who could forget them manning the parapets during the Rodney King Social Justice Olympics in Los Angeles?

          • I was there in LA’s South Central every week, in Maxine Water’s district.

            Those decrepit, black-owned slum stores were replaced by enterprise-zone Korean warehouses, with 10 foot iron fences and gleaming gold Korean letters, and the bank Maxine owns did very well, indeed.

            Rooftop Koreans were left alone- because Maxine was pulling a Nero, a Neropolis.

          • Edit: “burning the Roman slums to build a Neropolis”

            Before Nero, Cicero and Tacitus warned us about Nero’s backers, the (((property developers))).

            They are pulling a BLM gentrification today, devaluing the best real estate for a their bank, the Federal Reserve, to grab.

            Mnuchin committed hundreds of financial crimes in the Southland, typical for the Hollywood Empire.

            Guess the ethnicity of the couple who declared a drought to grab the Kern basin supplying water to all of LA, with Jerry Brown as their Nero, for example.

          • Interesting allegations. I recall similar from the 1993 ? Rodney King riots. It depressed real estate and yet within a few years it had recovered nicely. The “conspriacy theory” version of this, as I recall was that the CIA (of course) supplied drugs to the ghetto, causing the crime waves, culminating with the riots. In the aftermath, brave buyers (Mexicans? Asians?) bought in, presumably getting loans from the rich Jewish bankers of course. Manipulating social dysfunctions or not, makes you wonder if they’re doing an upscale version of this. Here’s a “tabloid” view of the ongoing Californication, it’s now reached the wealthy:
            Hollywood Apocalypse: The rich and famous are fleeing in droves | Daily Mail Online

          • Forgive my autism, focusing on the wrong ethnicity.

            I don’t mean to distract from today’s Z-post, but you-know-who cracked this egg for their bloody omelette, and now the other tribals are coming in to the feast.

            Our “proposition nation” is being carved up like a Syrian Christmas pie- yes, Damascus celebrates Christmas in a really big way, with our best ally bombing their Orthodox churches on Christmas day, even.

        • That sounds right. A friend of mine married into Army and lived in the Seoul area for 2-3 years. (In approx 2010-2013.)
          One of her observations was similar to what you are saying: they aren’t interested in making friends with the Americans who are inhabiting their land.
          They are very aware of their Korean-ness, and kept to themselves.
          And of course, being white and taller than many of them, my friends stood out anyway.

          • The South Koreans for the most part dislike the Americans stationed there. US troops usually are just outright ignored but sometimes it gets uglier. If a war were to break out at the DMZ, based on what I experience, many in the South would root for their co-ethnics in the North if ROK troops were not fighting alongside the US trooper (which in part is why there tends to be showy displays on Korean television of Americans and South Koreans training together).

        • When I was teaching in Seoul in 1996, I had one student (university age) tell me that he couldn’t wait for the peninsula to be reunified. When I asked why he said, “Because then we will have the largest military in East Asia and we will make Japan apologize!”

          • This. Hatred of Japan drives much of their mindset. It’s not entirely groundless, after all if the Japanese spent a generation looting, raping, and murdering in California before their defeat, Americans would probably have a different view of them too.

          • Two words: “comfort women”.

            The Japanese were brutal, as only Asians can be brutal.

            I learned that reading a book by an Indian POW captured by them.

            They used POWs as live fire targets in India, too. The Indians haven’t forgotten.

          • The Japanese were despised throughout East Asia and Oceania in the Eighties/Nineties. Whether that is still the case I don’t know.

          • So were Germans in Europe when I was there in the 60’s. We arrived in Frankfort and rented a German car to tour in. Strange things began to happen after we left Germany proper.

            At time people would scream something we could not make out as they crossed in front of us and such stuff. Autobans had cars pass us and blow horns and such.

            Finally in Holland, a younger Dutchman was raising hell as we waited on a light and I rolled the window down and said hello. The response in Dutch from the somewhat surprised youth was, “What’s an American doing in Holland in a big fucking Mercedes?”

            At that point it dawned on me what the hell was going on and I never inquired again, although later on the Dutch relatives had a good laugh when we drove up to their homes. They never would have thought about renting a big ass German car outside of Germany—and they told us so with a laugh.

          • Japanese aren’t despised anymore in Eastern Asia with the likely exception of Korea. All the Eastern Asians I have met who have had to deal with Indians hate Indians

    • The Koreans may be adopting Christianity, but I would disagree that draws them closer to White Americans. They instead combine an aggressive racial and cultural pride with churchian moral superiority (for a prime example, see commenter ‘Twinkie’ at Unz). Even those who intermarry remain assured their children combine the best of both cultures (although like all who miscegenate, they consider their offspring to appear primarily White whereas European Whites can immediately tell they’re mixed).

      • He has an iq of 158 and he is 6 feet tall and a great athlete and is (or was at least qualified as) an elite soldier (or in his words “combat athlete”), and is married in bliss to Athena. I know this because he has told me.. many times over.

        • Unfair, they aren’t joining the Episcopalian, rainbow flag, female pastor set at all, not typically, but usually the more orthodox branches of Christianity.

  47. I live Northern Virginia, which has a huge Indian population. They act exactly like Jews. Actually, they act exactly like Jews used to act a couple of generations ago. (The current Jewish population has been either 1) diluted from out marriage or 2) doesn’t quite have the fire in their belly – though they retain their natural middle-men abilities.)

    Pound for pound, Indians don’t seem to be as talented as Jews, but there’s a lot more Indians and they’re just as tribal so they’re able to compete very well against Jews. (Again, they seem to bit hungrier than the current generation of Jews.)

    I honestly don’t think Jews know what’s about to hit them. Much like Whites evolved to be trusting, Jews have evolved to take advantage of Whites. Jews aren’t used to competing against other reasonably bright, tribal groups (Indians) or groups that are extremely racially aware (Han Chinese who live in China).

    East Asians in America may not be particularly ethnocentric, but they are very racially aware, and they definitely recognize Jews as a special group. What’s more, they don’t a give a crap about the Jewish “Holocaust” or that they got ran out of some town in Eastern Europe 300 years ago.

    Jews will compete directly with Indians. Regarding East Asians in U.S., they aren’t as tribal but no way will Jews be able to pull off “my fellow East Asians” with this crowd, and that’s half of Jews’ playbook.

    • I  honestly don’t think Jews know what’s about to hit them.” For all the Jews’ intelligence, they sure are self-destructive. They’ve had it really good in America and then they have to mess with the immigration policy, and launch anti-white propaganda. Now that everything’s becoming all about race, they’re going to miss the days when it was simply about idealogy.

      • What they’re going to miss is being the only capable group who thought and acted tribally. They had the field to themselves. Now they don’t.

        It was only Whites who thought ideology mattered. Jews always knew that tribe comes first. Being able to focus on ideology is a luxury afforded by tribes that have secured their lands against other tribes.

        • “… ideology is a luxury afforded by tribes that have secured their lands against other tribes.”

          That should be on a T-shirt.

      • But for the New Left, ideology has always been about race. Or, more specifically, anti-white racism.

    • Agreed 100 percent. One of the drivers behind the Jewish panic over Trump, who, let’s face it, more or less is one of them in outlook, was it represented Jews no longer were in absolute control. Hollywood and the entertainment industry are being snatched from them, their propaganda outlets are circling the drain, and elected agents such as Engels are being tossed out of office. Outside of dwindling legacy Jews, even wealth is reverting back to the Puritan overlords. Outmarriage is responsible to a degree, but the loss of confidence and solidarity has been remarkable to watch. It mirrors what happened to us

      As a related aside, Harris was a terrible selection and her marriage to a Jew probably will be blamed, in part, if Biden loses.

    • The Indians tend to cluster in certain areas. Tons of them here in the DFW area, many of whom fled from NJ because it was already overflowing with their countrymen. They all plan to attend Ivy League schools and rule the world.
      The East Asians, at least here in DFW, are equally tribal. Their kids only play with other East Asians. They all go to cram school together. There are half a dozen prominently labeled “Chinese” churches here, where older White congregations have vanished.
      Both groups have a constant influx of new members, keeping that tribalism at a high pitch. The Indians start running for the school board and local offices as soon as they have their magic papers, while the East Asians wait a bit, but the end result is still the same – total White dispossession physically and legally.

      • Spot on with the politics. Indians get involved in politics quickly and deeply. They run for everything. They set up Indian political groups, cultural groups, etc. They know how the game is played.

        The Jews still do that as well, but they’re not as aggressive. (Scary, right.)

      • I have much experience with the Indian population in DFW, particularly in Collin county. They’re thieving, cheap, swindling rat bastards. I did a lot of house calls in my line of work then, and they absolutely insist that you take off your shoes at the door lest you scratch the laminate flooring in their shitty Frisco mcmansion with all that rubber crown molding.

        That said, a family once insisted that I eat dinner with them after completing some work on their home. The chicken curry they had cooked up was delicious, but as I was eating I began to notice that the entire brood—about ten of them—were USING THEIR HANDS TO EAT. I completed the meal, thanked the husband and left praying that I wouldn’t have to return.

        • Yeah, that eating with their hands bit will turn your stomach alright. Fortunately, almost none of them do that in Indian restaurants, and those who do are typically elderly.

        • Don’t ever buy bulk foods that can be scooped from an open bin. Watching all the Han and pajeet stick their unwashed hands in the bins to ‘sample’ things is enough to turn one’s stomach.

          • Given the current pandemic, I would be surpised if any store in the USA is allowed to do so any more. Finally, one upside to the Wuhan flu!

  48. To be fair who would want to align themselves with what remains of the white majority. We’re hopelessly fractured, degenerate and mostly to completely insane. The only reason any of us are in it is because we know it’s a Skins game and are interested in hopefully not being beaten to death and seeing the continuation of our race.

      • It’s more like we’re in a club we can’t get out of except a lot of our club members think they can say magic words to end the membership. They are wrong of course and will find out in time.

        Seriously, did you see videos of the protest at the Postmaster Generals house?? First, so crazy that they are protesting the Postmaster General but also that was the whitest crowd I’ve seen since going to the met opera in HD on Saturday afternoon

        • The whiteness of the crowd at the Postmaster General’s house was extremely disturbing to me.

          A people with a healthy sense of self would not fall for the Megaphone’s crap.

          • The protests- ever since the pussyhat era- are our women, dancing naked with flowers in their hair, on a hilltop in Greece.

            Down below, the men are in battle.

            What do they fight to the death for for? That hilltop.

            When the battle is done, the women know the men still alive will come up that hill to claim their prize…

            And the women shall then claim their prize: the winners.

      • People who think with their cnuts.

        In the black hand, per the wiring diagram we call “palmistry”, 85% of black men have a line so common to them I call it the “Negro line”.

        A better name? “Entitlement”.

        That insufferable, basaltic sense of self-importance is catnip to certain owners of another line, until they get beat up and dumped.

        That other line I call the “women’s line”, from their pinkie to the base of the palm, the base of the spinal cord “life” line.

        From ‘perception’ to crotch, that line is. They listen to their bodies, and think with their cnuts.

        Men’s attitude, to them, is what a nice behind is to us. They can’t help but look, and negro skills are entirely social.

        (Whites are cold and weird, because we have mechanical brains. We can’t read people like maps, as blacks can, while they will never invent a blueprint.)

  49. I stopped watching The Simpsons after they axed Apu. Oh, and another thing that makes Indians incredibly dangerous: they’re driven by resentment like Jews, only probably much, much worse. My brother works in tech and talks about how they gripe (like black women in corporations) that they make tons of money and still can’t find a woman. They want to be debonair and suave, not just rich, but that mirror is not going to show them Daniel Craig. Power alone is one thing. Mixed with resentments it becomes highly combustible.

      • I hung in there like a sportsball fan waving the pennant during a run of bad luck, but the unpersoning of Apu gave me an excuse to cut bait once and for all. You can track the death of historical America by watching episodes of the The Simpsons, like watching a flower grow in time-elapsed photography. Watch “Homer the Heretic” again and then compare it to anything past season 18 or so.

        • You can track the death of historical America by watching episodes of the The Simpsons, like watching a flower grow in time-elapsed photography.

          Excellent point. So true and so brilliant.

          Along these same lines, syndicators are starting to erase some images and mute words now found offensive on old television shows. And “old” in this case can be as recent as the late Nineties.

        •  I too used to I too used to be a huge fan. But I have no reason to resume, from the comments made here.

    • Yeah most of them not fob and already married drip with resentment.

      A hard lesson in blackpill / redpill. I guess their plan is to just take over the country and enslave white women.

    • Every male dot Indian I see looks like he belongs in a freak show at the circus. They are hideous. But a lot of them have good looking dot Indian wives. I guess it’s the arranged marriage thing. The woman has no choice but to marry the freak show because his family has money.


      • Well, I guess the silver lining is that their traditions will do what all traditions do when they come to America, which is die. I hate to sound unpatriotic (I still have some normie residue in my blood), but I think Thrasymachus the blogger had it right when he said America is the Seinfeld of countries, a country about nothing. The Russians and Chinese have millennia of meaning in their lands; we have a chain of successions by people who fled their homes to make more money (not a bad idea, but you can’t build a metaphysics on something material). And we have “freedom” (which today is translated as the removal of obligations and duties). The other day I ran into a Pakistani woman who ran a laundromat in my suburb, whose son has gone in a matter of a couple years in-country from being a scowling little Muslim to a fat and effeminate mama’s boy. If that boy had any dignity, he’d be plotting to blow up infidels like myself, but now he just wants to eat Cheetos and get good at Halo.

        • You can see this in the decline various fertility rates.
          The Mexican and other Latino people here in California have had a staggering drop in family size and are near to the same size as Whites and other groups.
          I live in a cheap part of California and while we had a mini boom in 2006 or so, the number of babies is basically very low these days and its not like people are all old around here.

    • Any comment by an Indian at any conservative/moderately race realist site (where they love to lurk and comment, God only knows why) will be rife with resentment towards the British. They attribute all their native country’s ills to colonialism, particularly including caste and social rank by skin color. The men fancy themselves eligible based on income, and the half dozen benighted White women I’ve met who’ve mated with them have children darker than many mulattoes.

      • “They attribute all their native country’s ills to colonialism”… That reminds me. I had a professor in college from whom I took a couple of classes. He was old school in his thinking and this was the early 90s. He did a whole lecture on colonialism and its aftermath and made a point of comparing the relative success of former colonial holdings of the British as compared to other colonial powers. Whether it was African, Caribbean, Asian or Pacific… all had a remarkably brighter existence than neighboring former colonies of other European powers.

        I imagine (he was relatively young) that if he is still teaching today they are building gallows for him as we speak.

        Additionally and OT, he was a trained archeologist and expert in American Indian history and his sideline gig was arbitration between tribes and construction companies when Indian remains were found. Smooth things over so to speak (unruffled feathers and help set a reasonable figure to bribe the Indians into allowing “respectful reinterments”).

        He loved American Indig cultures but was always very realistic about them. Made sure to portray them as humans, warts and all. Dedicated a lecture to their pre-1492 slave practices and penchant for torture. I remember him giving a moment by moment breakdown of the Battle of Little Big Horn. A particularly uppity little blond gal (I guarantee she is a box wine auntie nowadays) who was perpetually offended by his lectures on Am. Indians sniffed and blurted out, “Well if they killed all of Custer’s men how do you know if that’s what happened!? (smug look around for approval). He paused the lecture and said, “Well, a lot of Indians survived it and they were more than happy to talk about it.”

        He was great. Hope they didn’t burn him at the stake if he kept teaching.

      • Which is funny because things were pretty far off the rails before the first European ever showed up.

        • D’Slouza is subcon obsequiousness and viciousness personified. He has complained about ‘racism’ numerous times and got Sam Francis fired. In response the conservatards have adopted him as one of their main mascots. May he be damned to eternity in 16th century India (no British, no railroads, just his pure and unadulterated filthy culture).

      • The Irish are almost equally obsessive about bashing the British for all their past and present woes. But at least the Irish have some historical reasons for their blame game. Indians, though, got a helping hand from the Brits and are much better off because of colonialism.

        In a way you have to admire dot Indians: they support their own co-ethnics, even if the old caste system lingers. The Irish can’t seem to get enough of importing Africans and other undesirables to replace themselves.

        • I can respect supporting one’s co-ethnic without admiring anything about Indians. And the Irish have had a tremendous amount of (((help))) destroying themselves.

          • Ha. Because the Jews are so heavy on the ground in Ireland. The Micks are pathetically pozzed, plain and simple.

    • That surprises me. I also work in tech (code monkey) and every last Hindu I’ve worked with (and even one RC from Mangalore) has had an arranged marriage.

      • I think they have mistresses even when they have wives. Also a lot of cultures that frown on infidelity or promiscuity have all these weird work-arounds/hedges that allow them to be hypocrites. There are gypsies, for instance, who maintain their virginity until marriage…by only having anal intercourse before marriage. And I know a girl who works at a strip club who says the Indian guys are the grimiest, and always breaking rules about touching/photography; I’d hazard those guys are married.

      •  Fom what little I know about India, and I can guarantee you it is very little 😁 due to the cultural preference for males, and the widespread availability of legal abortion, there is a huge deficit of females. Therefore ironically the very few females that are available can pick and choose.

    • There was an episode about how Apu ended up in Springfield. In it was a scene where he said his goodbyes to his parents and his child bride. That got memory holed.

    • For Indians, white skin is the essence of beauty. Just watch their music videos. All you see is northern Indians with skin that could almost pass for Scandinavian.

      • I suspect the highest caste of Indians were long ago the forerunners of both our peoples. The Indo Europeans got knocked off the rails by centuries of invasion and I’d dare say finished off by the Moguls.
        Like the old line Nordic Greek stock are still out there but not in dense numbers.
        I suspect what happened is they did very well,exp[ended all over the place got weak, got invaded and were pushed back a victim of their own success.
        There is also the fact that White people quite often mate with other groups unless society drops the hammer on it.
        The number of White Americans with Asian, Amerind , Hispanic or other forebears is considerable. This does not mean mixed race in the traditional sense. These people are White they just aren’t a specific stock like you might find in Europe.

        • They used to ridicule the German esoterics for saying that they were the Aryans; now even a Jewish geneticist like David Reich has admitted there are genetic reasons for the linguistic overlap you find from the subcontinent to the Iranian plateau.

        • Yes, the Indo-Europeans originated in northern India, migrated to what is now Iran, and from there into Europe. Gypsies are also originally from northern India and began migrating westward in the 9th century.

          • The gypsies in question, though, are the ones who settled mainly in Ireland; they look like Tyson Fury. That was another thing that the ariosophists got right.

        • Perhaps. Reich includes a comparative drawing in his book illustrating the 5 major casts. A perfect correlation from top to bottom with the darkness of skin color. Features begin to change as well. Brahmins are quite European looking at the top.

    • I stopped watching the Simpsons regularly in 90 or so — that’s when we stopped watching broadcast or cable TV. I picked up the occasional episode in a hotel room before hotel broadband became ubiquitous in the mid 2000s or so. I probably haven’t seen an episode since then.

  50. Identity politics leads to identity discrimination. Example: a friend said she’d sit down in an Indian or Thai restaurant in Seattle; the Indians got served but whites waited….and waited, got the message and then left.

    Make Seattle Calcutta, make America Indian again. At least Trump fired Preet Bwahaha in NY. The worst kind of person invited to a former great country.

        • Try Chicken 65 and Shahi Paneer and then tell me they’re all the same. In the broader outlines, there are similarities in most curries, just as there are in American stews, but the details make the difference.

    • That kind of petty bigotry will sour people on Indians very quickly.

      They can’t rely on history / guilt to justify their bigotry the way blacks and Jews can.

      • Dinothedoxie said: “They can’t rely on history / guilt to justify their bigotry the way blacks and Jews can.”

        Really? Ever hear of a little thing called colonialism?

          • Vizzini said: “India wasn’t America’s colony…”

            And precisely what does that have to do with identity politics?

            Auster’s Laws of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society.

            “The worse any designated minority or alien group behaves in a liberal society, the bigger become the lies of Political Correctness in covering up for that group.”

            If the east indians what to rampage around screaming about victimhood, do you really think it’s going to matter who the hell colonized their freaking country?

      • One of the biggest, growing communities on youtube are scambaitters that screw with phjeet tech support scammers. Kitboga by himself has over one million subs. While the content creators themselves don’t overtly say “racist” things, the comments on their videos are deeply based and red-pilled. Just hundreds of normie comments making fun of the frankly ridiculous indian behavior and some pretty insightful comments about the nature of indians- how materialistic, grasping, clueless on real tech skills, sociopathic they tend to be. The recorded videos make it clear, probably unintentionally, what a group of trash they really are. Normies also notice a 13/50 thing with scammers- indians are like 10 percent of the world population but do 90 percent of the english speaking scams. Worse for them yet, they can make no even plausible claim of some eternal victim-hood.

        • In my experience Indians are also 100% of tech recruiters now. I used to pay some attention to them before I gave up on the whole tech racket. The scam they work seems to be contacting anyone with a “white” sounding name and offering to represent you for some tech position at a ridiculously high salary. This allows the company to claim they just couldn’t find an American for the role and they can now hire the recruiter’s cousin Pravin at $8.00/hr.

          Overall they do seem to epitomize soulless greed and materialism better than even Jews, who often at least maintain a veneer of intellectualism. It’s interesting also that they seem to have positioned themselves part-way between Jews and Gypsies in the kinds of things they get into. Some of them seem to like playing around with seedy but sort-of legal financial and corporate shell games (the Silicon Valley crew) while others are focused on more directly criminal but still “white collar” scamming like the phony tech support thing. Then again, the Rom (gypsies) do seem to originate from the subcontinent. Part of me feels a bit of Schadenfreude though towards the Jews who conspired to bring these people here and are now getting muscled out of their traditional rackets by the Indians.

          • Sir, that is a strawman. Your sample includes the worst kind of Indian immigrants (those working for cheap IT consulting companies). My father came to the US as a college professor, and we’ve assimilated well. Most Indians I know coming in through the PhD route are great. Additionally, Indians aren’t a monolith as you perceive them to be; Indians from one region often dislike Indians from other regions.

    • Hm. I’ve been to a slew of Indian restaurants all over the western hemisphere and never received anything less than excellent service. Now Messkin restaurants have sometimes been a different story.

      • No need for Indians to have Indian food. Do what the Japanese do – send individuals to learn to cook other cuisines. Don’t import aliens for muh ethnic restaurants.

        • 3g4me said: “No need for Indians to have Indian food.”

          Two white women in Porland had their burrito cart shut down by the mob. Cultural appropriation.

          • Here in Portland we take our Leftism so seriously that the the only thing more racist than a white person eating Indian food is a white person refusing to eat Indian food.

            It shouldn’t be long before you can troll a Portland lefty into believing that, because racism is so deeply ingrained in white culture, that for a white man to adopt “anti-racist” politics is, in fact, racist as hell. Logically the only way for me to be truly anti-racist… is to join the Klan.

        • Heh. Who said anything about importing Indians to make Indian food? The stuff I make at home is as good as some Indian restaurants.

    • This kind of politics often ends up in genocide either the passive kind, a group is driven out peacefully or by more ugly means.
      Regardless Left or Right anyone amusing that there is any political solution for any problem is whistling past the graveyard.
      Our leaders can’t even maintain our cities and they can go in a few months from pretty good i.e. NYC under Rudy Giuliani to utter collapse fueled by bad decisions and technology.
      Its the Zoom revolution speeding up the impsion from decades or centuries to years or hell months.
      This tells me a collapse slow or even rapid or civil war will take us out.
      Its understandable, a nation founded by grifters and economic refugees and held together by Yankee guns and more recently fear of the USSR is not one that has any shared history or purpose. Its a fake country and as such does not need to exist.
      Ultimately its the job of the DR to build anew and as such if we are strong enough to do it, we decide who stays and who goes. Vae Victus

    • There are still some white owned gas stations particularly in rural areas.

      I know where they all are. Do I make a difference on my frequent road trips? Dunno but it feels good to enter a store and smile and chat with the wrinkly old white lady with the smokers voice.

      There are many areas where dissidents can do things like this with just a little effort/planning.

        • It should be instinctive. You think the Brahmins have an app that gives away their ethnic schemes?

          I just know where the white owned businesses are.

          •  I am reading about Buddhism. I am working my way through the very lengthy ” Pali Canon” . This gives an interesting insight into Indian society over 2,000 years ago.  Fear not. I have no plans to join a faith that Demands a level of austerity that would make even Jesus and his disciples look like self indulgent movie stars.

      • I usually go to the local hardware but the other day went to a small plumbing supply for a sink part. Three men over fifty and the masks were off. Just the level of interaction with my own kind and the attention they gave me to help was satisfying.
        It felt like the old days going with my dad to tv repair and testing tubes and such. Soon all of this will be gone like tears in the rain.

        • When I go to the local hardware store, I feel like I’m back in my granddad’s basement with all of the parts organized and labeled. All the employees are white guys the age I remember granddad at who can answer your questions about where things are. Try that with a vibrant employee, or a young one.

        • I stopped at the equipment rental today to pick up a skid steer, and while they had the required plexiglass panel, nobody was wearing masks (including me), despite the statewide mask mandate. It was good to see.

      • Dunno but it feels good to enter a store and smile and chat with the wrinkly old white lady with the smokers voice.

        I know her. She calls me “baby” or “honey.”

    • No joke. I met the Indian/Pakistani owner/operator of th local no-tell motel in a poor section of VA back in 1990s. He said he had a Master’s? Doctorate? in Computer Science and here he was managing a motel from the 1960s 🙂

    • Indians barely make up 1.2% of the population. How many Indians spy for the government back home, compared to Chinese researchers copying technology for the CCP?

      I’m sorry sir, but your hatred is putrid. Indian Americans are proud Americans first, and many of them do support the GOP. I’m certain that there are more Indian Republicans than Chinese Republicans. I doubt many South Asians even consider Harris to be one of their own; you can cite a few far-left Indian activists to make your claim, but plurality of anecdote is not data.

  51. Not to be outdone, a lot of the Conservative Inc. crowd would like to see Nimrata Randhawa as a potential presidential candidate. Who? That’s Nikki Haley, of course!

    • This is exactly why I think the post-Trump GOP is done, either this time or, if he is re-elected, in 2024. A significant slice of Republicans have soured on Conservatism, Inc., and will not show up to vote for a Haley or Rubio in large enough numbers to prevent a left-wing sweep in 2024. The GOP will be a zombie unless it becomes a nationalist populist party, which it most assuredly will not.

      • I’d say so. The idiots in Conservative Inc. are too stupid to see what’s coming. Trump was their last life line.

        • It is a case of the idiocy/malice cliché. The GOP does (non-White) identity politics unconsciously while spouting CivNat inanities.

        • Trump killed Conservative Inc. in 2016, the way he kills everything: by forcing it to reveal its true self. In retrospect the GOP was already moribund at that time, which is why Trump got any traction at all. His victory in the primaries shows that people were already sick of the party, and looking for an alternative.

          The other party is dead too, of course. Look at its stable of leaders, the “platform” it supposedly promotes. It represents the opposite of politics.

          Both parties are just brand names now, and few even remember the product each touted; most just buy the brand because it’s familiar, or because it’s associated with a certain class or celebrity. The parties are relics of America’s dead past; the coalitions and interests that made them are no longer our realities. New coalitions and interests are emerging now, but are still in flux. When they become more coherent, we’ll see political parties emerge to reflect that. But I’m afraid that’s a generational undertaking.

      • Meh, the republicans were and to large degree remain Whigs. The party was hi-jacked in the nineties by neo-cons. It’s worth remembering that they became part of Reagan’s coalition in the 80s but were definitely junior partners and often criticized Reagan for being to soft. Also worth remembering that Reagan’s SoS is reputed to have Sade <I>fuck the Jews, they never vote for us anyway</i> while in office. The new-cons that became dominant in the 00s under Bush were fading with the failure of Iraq anyway and their petulant nevertrumpism is rendering them completely irrelevant.

        So, the Republicans could become an explicitly nationalist party again (of the civic variety not in the white nationalism sense) relatively quickly. Especially as the Covid hysteria is making a lot of people rethink globalism.

        • While I don’t think there is a political solution at this point, politics still can be used as one of many tools to achieve what we want as long as it is used in combination with other more viable arrows in the quiver. So a major nationalist populist party would be great even if I don’t see the GOP ever becoming one.

          • Jack Dobson said: “So a major nationalist populist party would be great even if I don’t see the GOP ever becoming one.”

            The key word here is major. There’s a reason the Green Party will never elect a president. Same thing with the Libertarians. Numbers. And if you take a good look at third party politics in general, you see a hundred years of wasted effort. But your not actually talking about starting an American Nationalist Populist Party. Because that would mean opening the doors to every race, creed, color and natural perversion. You want to form the new grand old white peoples party. My advice is, before you do that, put some barbed wire and machine gun nests around your house.

          • “American” and “White” are synonymous to me. When abroad not so long ago, when an Asian or Islander would refer to an “American,” I and they both knew it meant a White. It still does.

          •  Your comment brings to mind the scene from the Stephen King movie The Dead Zone where in the vision Johnny sees a future president who has forced his advisers to push the button, and right afterwards somebody comes in and says “we have a diplomatic solution mr. President.” 😞

      • You are correct. No way in hell would I vote for either of those two, and I have voted Republican in every election since 1980.

        • Sorry but you don’t get to select the nominees any more than the rest of us.

          If you’re white and not voting Trump you’re de facto voting Kamala, so congratulations on supporting the same candidate as Google and Soros and the WHO and the ADL and the FBI and SPLC etc. I’m sure they appreciate your support.

          It doesn’t matter though right, since it makes no difference anyway, it’s just a super coincidence that they’re all on the same side that you’re taking. You’re still mad and disappointed and you expressing your feelings is what counts.

          So take your ball and go home, pretty good chance you live in a red city so you won’t get pulled out of your car and beaten on the way there.

          • I know I’m the resident wing nut here 🙂 and youse guys should be proud that even if you haven’t reformed me in other ways, it’ll be that in this election at least I won’t vote 3rd party. Count me in a Trump vote, albeit the lesser of two evils.

          • I believe Peter was saying he wouldn’t vote for Rubio or Haley in 2024, which is a sentiment I share.

    • Chinese say if you’re in the jungle and encounter a tiger and an Indian shoot the Indian first.

    • That woman is absolutely awful and the neocons love her. A Republican can be as progressive as they come, so long as they support Israel and tax breaks.
      I had a long in-person conversation with a normiecon the other day and now that I generally avoid political conversations outside of the internet (because Orange Man BAD), I had forgotten just how bad they are. They were going on about taxes and our bestist buddy in the Middle East and how we have to fight the Muslims there so as to not fight them here. And this is a guy who is woke on the race issue, it’s how the conversation started!

      • Haley is a guaranteed loser, though. There are enough aware people who now vote GOP who will not support her.

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