Conventionally Speaking

Political conventions are probably the dumbest aspect of American politics, especially in the modern technological era. Half a century ago, they still made some sense from a logistical perspective. Getting all the national and local players together in the same physical place was the only way to maintain the network. It was also a television event that gave the party a chance to make their pitch. They also brought in the donors for the grip and grin sessions that seem to work on rich people.

Today, the old-style convention looks increasingly like a pointless relic. The only people who need to meet in person these days to talk politics are dissidents and that’s because of the pogroms against white activists. The people in charge can avail themselves to all the modern technology of the day. As far as a television event, the convention looks ridiculous to most modern people. It’s like watching a movie from the 1970’s, where people are using pay phones and wearing suits on airplanes.

The parties stick with them mostly because politics is a risk-adverse game. These days, every campaign has pollsters and consultants telling the campaign what to do. Inevitably, they say the same things over and over, as that is the low risk strategy for the consultants and pollsters. If the campaign does the normal stuff and fails, the candidate gets the blame. If it succeeds, then it proves the tried and true methods work. That’s why the parties stick with convention format.

As silly as it all is, the convention does offer some insights into what is happening behind the scenes of the party. That was clear on day one of the Democratic virtual convention now in day three. The people hired to produce it were not creative wiz-kids given the challenge of creating the first virtual convention. Instead, they hired people who make corporate videos and infomercials. Anyone who has had to consume corporate video saw the fingerprints on day one.

That tells us the people running the DNC and the Biden campaign are just as old in their thinking as the people running the party. Joe Biden (77), Nancy Pelosi (80) and Chuck Schumer (69) hit middle age before the typical voter was born. They were set in their ways before the first ISP came into operation. These are analog people living in a digital age, by avoiding anything new and different. This virtual convention was made for people who put their face right up to the screen in a Zoom session.

Thus far, the convention tells us that there is a serious rift between the young woke crowd and the old guard. The choice of speakers to highlight is the tell. They featured the genocidal Andrew Cuomo and Obama’s Wookie on the first night. They gave Bernie Sanders a few minutes and a canned speech. The Bernie wing is not happy, which is why they are rioting in their strongholds, so using the first night to remind them who is still in charge of the party was a message.

Maybe the most amusing part of the show thus far was the angry guy routine done by Andrew Cuomo. He did his thing sitting at a desk, like a corporate CEO addressing the company by video conference after a big round of layoffs. The point was to be inspirational in a tough time, but instead it was angry and bitter. The only thing missing was a threat that if morale did not pick up, the beatings would continue. Cuomo is the argument in favor of sending the sons of politicians into exile.

It’s also clear the party bosses don’t understand what they have unleashed with the anti-white rhetoric. They did the old corporate diversity crap on the first night, but it was actually worse than the corporate diversity training videos. It did not address anything that has been happening for the last few months. The use of the Buffalo Springfield song would have gone over well with the 70-plus crowd, but by that point it was well past lights out in the nation’s rest homes.

Another indication of the general detachment from reality is the use of Republican turncoats in this convention. The idea is to use these faithless finks to show undecideds that even the Republicans are abandoning their man. Most people unsure about voting for Trump already hate the GOP. That’s why they tend to sit out elections. Trotting out Colin Powell and John Kasich just reminds them that they hate the same people who hate Donald Trump. It has the opposite of the intended effect.

Another insight that can be gleaned from this thing is the party is deeply worried by the overall lack of enthusiasm for their guy. The first night drew roughly half the audience they drew in 2016. The party then ordered their media organs to bump the numbers up in subsequent stories. In this age of lies, we can expect the media to claim the Biden speech was watched by every human on earth, but the reality is this thing and his campaign are not all that interesting to people.

Now, it should be pointed out that the lock downs have broken all the normal patterns of behavior with regards to media consumption. The sports leagues are experiencing their bad television numbers. People working at home are no longer talking about sports and TV shows with co-workers. There are no live audiences, so the social proof has been removed from sports. This convention may be suffering from the same thing. People are disconnecting from mass media due to the lock downs.

Putting that aside, what comes through in this convention is that conventional politics has reached the end of the road. The Democrats will soon be the brown party and their cries of racism will sound even more absurd than they do today. Whatever replaces the Republicans will be the white party and calls for constitutional principles will sound as absurd as the whining about white privilege. This convention and its reliance on 50-year old pop culture references is the end of the end.

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356 thoughts on “Conventionally Speaking

  1. This is full on ratopia. For those who have any hope I remaind you that its young against the old.Unfortunatelly the young are the future.I bet that at least for the half of you its your kids and nephews . I had the dream that the fuzz would bring out riot shotguns but then it hit me — would they kill some of the young in my family?

    • Just to say again that Vdare article on the mouse utopia was one of the most depressing things I’d read; to think that future-man may not even have it in him to put together a third-world level society.

  2. Our leaders are revulsed by the idea that someday — for many of them, someday soon — they’re all going to be dead, and that their corny nostalgia revolution will die with them. It absolutely incenses them. Can’t there be a death filibuster?

    I expect their neuroticism to worsen as they enter their 70s and 80s. Pretty soon, we’re all going to be sucking on fluoride-augmented respirators so young Pelosi’s life isn’t tragically cut short.

    The other day, I went to visit an elderly family member in their assisted living facility. No touching; can’t hold his great-grandson. They even have spies stationed in the lobby who will yell “SIX FEET! SIX FEET!” if you even try to pass a water bottle. Anyway, I sent an email to the care manager the other day that posed the following question: If the average stay at an assisted living facility is about one year, and it takes two years to create a “vaccine,” is it safe to say that most of your residents will never be able to touch their loved ones again? Of course, no response.

    How much longer will strangers have total dominion over the lives of our elderly? Now, there is no functional difference between an elderly patient at a nursing home and a prisoner. Where are their rights?

    • “as they enter their 70s and 80s”

      Enter? Their senescent selves are IN their dotage.

      These evil mandarins will not let go as they know the depth of their evil, and the permanence of the graves that await them.

      I for one look forward to more of their eyeballs being eaten by worms – no full preserved tongues coming out of the ground for this rogue’s gallery.

    • Fantastic post. And this is why I own a Glock and will go out (as I’m reaching full Biden) gracefully. If not a little messy. But you sht yourself anyway in the end.

      • Full Biden? My friend, you’ve at least a moon’s length to wane before you even reach half Biden!

        Hopefully, you leave us with a parting thought.

      • Ah, “The Hemingway Option.” When I was still studying for my utterly useless Spanish LIt degree, I made up the partly-original gag: “I want to be like the worms in Hemingway’s rotting corpse: studying Spanish in dead Ernest.”
        I’d settle for a Glock, but I really want a Glocke (alas, it is only a fable, but how cool would it be?)

  3. Marriage Williamson described the convention as binge watching Marriott commercials among other more pointed criticisms . I suspect she got it spot on.

  4. Z Man saiod: “The only thing missing was a threat that if morale did not pick up, the beatings would continue. Cuomo is the argument in favor of sending the sons of politicians into exile.”

    Hahahaha! No doubt about it. The Kennedys too, only more so. Not to mention Nancy (D’Alesandro) Pelosi. D C is like Hollywood. The evil spawn of the wheeler dealers are first in line for jobs they don’t deserve. Speaking of Rob Reiner…

    • So many were born with meal tickets in hand. Yet they know what’ best for you. These are the kids of the ones who made the machine. It shows how old the machine is.

      • JR Wirth said: “It shows how old the machine is.”

        Well, as I see it, the machine ia as old as Civilization. Time and location means nothing. It’s the same old crap millennia after millennia. And there’s no way to fix it. It simply is what it is.

        • Civilizations are ancient, but machines only last so long. This one was constructed between 1930 and 1936 and modified and expanded during WW2 and subsequently for the consumerist boom of the 50s and 60s. It may have Windows and the internet, but it’s the same old machine.

        • “This enemy you cannot kill. You can only drive it back damaged into the depths and teach your children to watch the waves for its return.”Richard K. Morgan, Woken Furies

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    • I’m in CA so my vote doesn’t count. I guess Trump because Biden will definitely raise taxes (why pay more in taxes for a country on it’s way to oblivion?) and a Trump reelection might send some very despicable people to either leave the country or kill themselves.

  6. The turgid, awful rendition of “For What It’s Worth” at the DNC Convention tells the world that the same people who hoisted the Viet Kong flag in Chicago in 1968 are now ensconced in every seat of power, and in the party of real power, as the elderly statesmen of the original social revolution in 1968. The Democrats inside the convention hall in 1968 would have been listening to Sinatra. This year is the completion of their social masterpiece. The finishing touches were done over the last 20 years. And usually when political masterpieces are complete, they’re quickly burned down, as has happened throughout human history. What the establishment is telegraphing is, “it’s time to burn it all down.”

    • What is most striking to me is the infernal corniness of our enemy. These are people of vaginal banality, totally incapable of nuanced thought, endlessly reprising their roles as “figureheads” in our country. Were they not disgusting people, it would be pitiful.

      What comforts me more than anything, though, is that these are people who are revulsed by the inevitability of their own deaths. How *dare* nature not give them a say! Doesn’t death know who they are? That angst is the nucleus of all their bluster and activism.

      • Yup. There is just so many times an old geezer like Soros can have enhanced blood doping keep him above ground.

      • That’s what maskism is. People think it’s a control issue, and it is to an extent. But ultimately, it’s about shaking your fist at God. I will not go quietly! How dare you make me mortal! How can there be a world without moi? Pelosi, Hillary, et. al, LOVE their lives. This is their heaven. Which is sad. It’s also why when they look in the mirror, they still see that jazzercising, healthy boomer from ’83. Millions of aging people who are aging like the actress in Sunset Boulevard.

    • When you look back at 1968 you are conflating two different groups of people. In 1968, when white kids rebelled against the country, they were rebelling against their parents. Conversely, when j3wish kids rebelled against the country, they were carrying on the work of their parents. Until you make this distinction, you are blind.

      Why did the white kids rebel against their parents? Because they were the first generation raised by a media/academy controlled by j3ws.

      • Just finished wading through an epicly commented Fred Reid piece over at Unz. Intersting points on our current riots:
        (1) Some of the worst rioting in Seattle. <1% Black population. Portland not much more. Much, maybe the majority (?) of the Antifa/BLM is young white radicals.
        (2) Detroit, “Blackest city in America” has had zero Antifa or BLM activity (unverified).

        • We have more than just one problem

          Most whites who support BLM have had their innate gullibility and compassion hijacked by the media and academia. This tradegy is reversible once our enemies don’t control the media and academia.

          Part of our job is to correct for the fVcking stupidity of a significant minority of white people through restriction of the franchise and some state control on the media and academia.

      • yeah, problem is, the kids followed the js even harder.
        music industry is one small example. the beatles were managed by an effete named epstein. of course they were the paradigm of white artistry exploited. of course, the colonel also exploited elvis, but he was an immigrant after all heh…

  7. “[C]onventional politics has reached the end of the road.” By extension, our political system has too. The only thing remaining to be seen if if the end of the road is a bumpy road that we might traverse perhaps with nothing worse than a flat tire enroute, whether it’s a mire into which we will slowly sink, or a cliff recalling the final scene of “Thelma and Louise”. 🙁

    • Strange. I’m getting a lot of “awaiting for approval” on my comments. Never happened before.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Howard.

      I am sharing this with a few folks. Appreciate it.
      Bravo for his cojones. That’s a man I want on my side.

      What moved me the most was his comment about people he knows who have sui cided since this thing began (5 monhts ago, if we count it as mid-March).
      I teared up at that.

      • It has had an adverse effect on my mental health, too. Out of nothing more than paranoia and sanctimony — and possibly a pathological need to contain and control — these people have done irreparable damage to our society. But who will hold them accountable?

        • Well, Lanky, you’re the man (I presume).
          That’s a question that you yourself need to be asking OF yourself.

          Not only am I a woman, but I’m a woman and have no military experience.

          But if I were a man with said experience, I might have already at minimum made some connections, and had some real-life conversations.

    • I don’t really understand the excitement over this speech.
      It is just a guy blowing off steam making threats that he has no ability to deliver on.
      As I said on Gab, what is he going to do, storm the city hall and hang the mayor?
      i am not sure why people are so fascinated with this video.

  8. The video featuring Stephen Stills and Billy Porter had more than a taste of surrealism.

    First, although “For What It’s Worth” must have been calculated to stir the bile of BLM / Antifa true believers, the lyrics have always struck me as ambiguous and even noncommittal — a paean to rebellion without content. “There’s something happening here / But what it is ain’t exactly clear”? “There’s battle lines being drawn / But nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”? Doesn’t sound appropriate for a convention endlessly pushing the message that they’re right and everybody else is racist.

    And Billy Porter (I’d never heard of him before) trying to make the song edgy, whirling around in a black cape, like the Devil dropping by to whisk away souls. His MTV-style choreographed moves make him look like a man working the machines in a gym.

    Stills looking elderly, wearing eyeglasses, a shadow of himself. He can play that git-tar but with the demeanor here of a trained seal, in his 1,680th performance of his composition. All so he can feel Relevant, one more time, for three minutes.

    • “Stop, children. What’s that sound?”

      Would they ever tell their children to stop and really take a good look at what’s goin’ down? I think the irony is lost on them.

  9. The conventions were always a PR effort to sell the public on their candidate and nothing more, Only the most gullible actually believed otherwise,.
    The current Democratic convention though has dropped the sales angle and just went with Blame Whitey and Orange Man Bad.

  10. One thing that strikes me in viewing the current political shenanigans outlined by the Zeeman is this: the American imperium is going down the same path as previous polities that dominated their world. Once the creative minority that leads a society becomes a dominant minority that lords over the society, the stage is set for decline. Ethnic and social divisions become toxic political division and violent disorder becomes the norm. A civil war may precede it but some sort of authoritarian government is inevitable to prevent further disorder and slow down the decline. In Western Civilization, the likely authoritarian government will be a bureaucracy like the deep state but a Caesar is also possible
    The woke crowd are the barbarians seeking the destruction of all that was good in our society. Lacking numbers, they seek to import the refugees of failed societies to inflict that failure on our own and speed up the decline. The woke crowd anxiously awaits the Apocalypse, not knowing that they will be it’s first casualties.
    In the face of long decline there will be a need for people who can develop independent institutions that preserve the knowledge of how to live bette I hope that those of us on this side of the great divide will recognize our own self interest in preserving the best for when it be used again by our decendents. Hang on, it’s going to be a rough ride.
    For reference, read Arnold Toynbee’s “A Study of History”

  11. This is a shell of a convention. The last go-round of old people doing things they used to do. Our culture has decided to burn all the things down. Socializing, sports, politics, living in proximity to each other, even the act of voting. Justice and commerce have been bastardized, and the basic human relationship of meeting face-to-face, for any reason, has been cancelled. All of this has been done in the name of TDS and taking down Trump, but it was going to be done anyway. It is the destruction and atomization of humanity. Blame whoever you want, but we seem to have reached a point where there is not enough of anything to go around, including such things as humility, empathy, or grace. Good manners and consideration of others is out. It’s all a bust-out now, grab what you can, and may the strongest prevail. Civilizations and societies go through that phase, now and again. IMO it comes from looking into the abyss, having no support mechanism or community to fall back on, and simply throwing in the towel and burning everything down, both physically and mentally. Community standards, jails, and asylums are supposed to be there to keep the bad things in check. All gone now. Proceed accordingly.

  12. Did you know that John Kasich is the humble son of a mailman that never forgot his midwestern values? The son of a mailman who, after years in Congress ended up with millions as usual, and grabbed his big money when he left as a “consultant” for Goldman Sachs. Because his consulting expertise was invaluable to the operations of the firm. Who else knows synthetic derivatives cold like the son of a mailman? It couldn’t possibly be GS nakedly paying tolls for access in DC. Ohio, like South Carolina, has given Congress some of the worst people over the years, and they don’t have the excuse of being loony tune leftist states like Vermont.

  13. Late wave boomer here (1960). I’ve enjoyed the spectacle of live conventions. Although increasingly staged, the big crowd, state signs, and speeches are appealing to me. Last night the wife left the TV on and I noticed the “virtual convention” was on. Why? Who was the target audience? Boomers older than me? Before turning it off, it reminded me of the worst video conferences I’ve had to sit through. Abhorrently bad production.

  14. Listening to the Wookie, I thought she’d end her venomous speech with a rousing chant of “Kill the Boer!!”

    • I haven’t been watching this convention. But have they broadcast the Amazon-Goldman-Sachs Global Services commercial of an elderly white man being beaten down in a park by BIPOCs?

    • Go easy on zhe, it has to work a lot of facial muscles in public to re-arrange that resting snarl face.

  15. Not quite as old as the Bufflao Springfield, but a suggestion for the closing theme song of the oxy-moron virtual un-convention (courtesy of J. Morrison):
    This is the end, beautiful friend
    This is the end, my only friend
    The end of our elaborate plans
    The end of ev’rything that stands
    The end….

    • Great song, put to good effect in Apocalyse Now. A few albums later (“Soft Parade”) I always liked:
      All our lives we sweat and save
      Building for a shallow grave
      Must be something else we say
      Somehow to defend this place

  16. Oh ye of little faith. Round one was Trump as A New Hope. Round two, which is coming to a climax, is The Empire Strikes Back. The Return of the Jedi waits in the wings. Buckle up.

  17. Well, the Buffalo Springfield song was a propos, if for the wrong reasons. After the Wookie and Andy Cuomo, who could be blamed for thinking “something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…”

    What’s happening is far from clear to the DNC, that much is evident.

    There is not a day goes by now that I don’t ask myself, how in the name of Heaven did we sink so far, so fast?

    • There is not a day goes by now that I don’t ask myself, how in the name of Heaven did we sink so far, so fast?”
      The actor James Woods tweeted a clip of this character Cardi, who recently interviewed Biden. In the video she is advising her followers about pussy hygiene.
      if you are looking to gauge how far this society has sunk, Cardi is a solid indication.

      • The signs that “normal” society is on life support are all around us, inescapable. I try to ignore them as much as possible, but it is a futile quest. Cardi (as you say) GOOP, trans-everything, Justin Trudeau, the Wookie… I am trying to fashion for myself an effective way to navigate (and survive) the new reality. Sadly, it involves cutting myself off from many relatively amiable people who still exist in the Cloud Cuckoo Land of progressivism.

      • Yall pussy ph levels be outta whack because yall kissing gross ass niggas, who put they dick straight in yo pussy after yall eatin rib all day

        We are now seeing why the dark people have never had much of a civilization. To you it’s stupid but to the 55% vibrant gen z its riveting.

    • “I think I see a valley, covered with bones in blue,
      All the brave soldiers, who cannot grow older,
      Calling after you…
      Hear the past a’callin’ from Armageddon’s side,
      When everyone’s talking, and nobody’s listening,
      How can we decide?”
      — Crosby, Stills and Nash, “Daylight Again”
      And yes, we do find the cost of freedom buried in the ground.

  18. Jeez.. I’m not that young and even I had to google Buffalo Springfield. That band is so old they don’t even play it on the oldies station (classic rock) anymore! Their biggest hit, For What it’s Worth was released in 1966! Biden’s keynote might very well be an anti-Vietnam war speech. This is even more ridiculous than Clinton’s Fleetwood Mac campaign in the 90s.
    tin soldiers and Donald’s coming 12 dead in Seattle

  19. Taboos are also being broken. When I was growing up (in the early 60s), a nigger was a bad black person. All races have bad persons in their ranks, and they all had nicknames. But only the “N-word” became taboo. Well, I’m here to tell you that lots of people are once again referring to bad blacks as niggers. That is not a trivial cultural change. Let the vapors and fainting begin.

    • English class, high school ’84. Young lily-white English teacher told our class same thing you said in the first part of your comment. A few years later (and obviously today) she’d have been fired. I don’t have a super self-righteous take on it, I just don’t like the word, and I wish our side wouldn’t use it. Besides the ethics of it, it sounds like a sharp curse word. It’s just so blunt. The aural equivalent of busting the butt of a rifle into someone’s nose. In elementary school it was known not to say it around me or I’d fight you. One of the first books my mom read to me was a bio on Martin Luther King. Very moving. As their struggle was legit at that stage. Anyway it’s just a bad word. We should stop.

      • Cracker, white trash, spic, wop, kike (on and on). Yes, if you use these as visceral epithets, all are indeed fighting words. But that’s not how I learned it. Young children were warned about various dangers that could harm you either acutely or by assimilation into criminal behaviors. And you can’t give a 5 year old an ethical dissertation on racial epithets when conveying this wisdom. Hence the shorthand version.

      • Ah, so you were infected early with the social justice virus. That explains a lot. Perhaps you should return the favor, and tell your mother the truth about Michael King, who liked to f**k and beat White whores, who plagiarized his PhD dissertation and most of his speeches, and who wholeheartedly endorsed confiscation and redistribution of White assets. He was a nigger. Deal with it.

        • Assume he’s not affected by the social justice virus, which is just another kind of ad hominem. Why is “nigger” worth keeping, outside of private humor and academic contexts? What good does it do?

          • It fills the slot in the language where a derogatory term for black belongs. Should we abandon derogatory terms altogether or only those for blacks?

          • You’re assuming that I think nigger is inherently bad. I’m not saying that. It has its place; however, I always thought that gratuitous ad hominem was our enemy’s thing.

            Saying “nigger,” besides alienating normies (and even new dissidents) who haven’t yet broken out of their magical thinking, draws attention to oneself. While they probably won’t knock on our doors for the crime of dissidence just quite yet, maybe “racism” isn’t too far off.

            Also, “nigger’ glorifies our enemy. Validates them. I suspect that it doesn’t bother them at all — that many troublesome blacks are just walking around waiting to hear the word “nigger,” even if it’s only in their minds. I’d rather not partake in that.

          • Also, “nigger’ glorifies our enemy. Validates them.

            How is that?

            Mind you, I’ve never called anyone nigger to his face. Not that I’ve met very many, of course, but there are whole dictionaries full of slurs I’d never call anyone to their face.

          • Because “nigger” has become a signifier of fictional historical relevance. It’s a theatrical word; one that always puts them directly on center stage. Notice how they’re always crowing about the “history” of the word.
            All they have to do is accuse someone of saying it and the whole discussion gets subverted. Not to mention it paints a target on that person’s back. But again, I agree that, among friends or in very specific contexts, it has its uses.
            Also, they’ve successfully coopted the word. I really doubt that the word even bothers them, even when white people use it. It’s become a badge of honor to get called one.

          • signifier of fictional historical relevance.

            I don’t even know what that means. Are you in college, by any chance?

            All they have to do is accuse someone of saying it and the whole discussion gets subverted.

            That only works because people like you imbue the word with magic properties. If it wasn’t voodoo’ed up by the usual suspects, nobody would care any more than if they were accused of calling someone an asshole.

            I really doubt that the word even bothers them, even when white people use it. 

            Then what’s the problem?

          • It all started in elementary school, when garbagemen were renamed custodians. I refuse to let others police my language. Niggardly, sniggering, black holes, fireMAN, chairMAN, Oriental, ‘fair’ skin, etc. Language reflects thought and culture.

          • Nobody is policing anything, though. I’m just making the assertion that using “nigger” in all but a few specific contexts is a net loss for our side. Not saying anyone should be punished, chided, or forbidden from their choice of self-expression.

          • Cuz it’s so damn much fun to say, Lanky.

            I din’t like it either when I was a Bush voter, but I’m no longer a Bush voter.

        • Damn you’re hardcore lady. 150 years ago you’d have been a saloon owner in the Old West. Respected by the roughnecks, and even feared. You’d go by Dusty. Can you change your name here to Dusty? Dusty Venom. (No sarcasm. I’d think it’d be cool.)

      • In early grades (late 1960s) I mispronounced the country “Niger” and recall being sternly reprimanded.

      • I get why people downvoted you, but I see where you’re coming from. (This is a good exhibit for why voting sucks).

        Why benefit does it confer to say nigger in all but the most private contexts? It’s not doing our side any favors. Many curious normies are repulsed by it, and while I’m not for castrating ourselves just to appeal to prospective dissidents, I think our side would be better off if we didn’t publicly say it. Again, I’m not saying don’t say it, I’m saying it’s smarter not to.

        • Lanky, I’m not a normie and I don’t give a damn about optics. I’m repulsed by nigger behavior; you are repulsed by the word. I believe an old dead White male named Shakespeare said a thing or two about names.

          • “You are repulsed by the word.”
            I am not repulsed by any word, nor any word’s gratuitous use. You’re mislabeling my objection to your perspective as maudlin progressivism, which it objectively isn’t. Wanna know how I know that? Because I’m the person who’s not having the emotions you’re accusing me of having. Is it so outlandish that a person could dispassionately disagree with you?

      • Very moving, but very fictional.

        “Their struggle” was not legit. They were socially weaponized by Jews to “block-bust” White America on every level then left to rot in Great Society “afro-affluence” (since you don’t like that n-word).

        There is no right to one-man, one-vote guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. It’s another “implied” right ostensibly granted by the odious and cancerously-over-extended 14th Amendment.

        The debased state of American Blacks since (((They))) won “their struggle” is vastly worse than the state of Jim Crow separatist Blacks of the prior generations.

        The majority of the Black population is incapable of functioning independently in a modern society. The Talented Tenth can anchor a functional plurality (poorly) but most would be much better off with hard Jim Crow separatism and disenfranchisement.

        • “Their struggle” was not legit

          Indeed. By the time King came to Selma, there were no more civil rights issues to be resolved, they’d all been handled through lawfare by men like Thurgood Marshal – a name you don’t hear the BLM drones mention a whole lot.

          That’s why King had to move on to social justice and that’s what Selma was about: gibsmedats.

        • I have seen — but only rarely — the argument made that “The Negro” was actually better off under Jim Crow! At the very least, there are probably historical statistics that would bear this out. Merely to compare, say, violent crime rates for Blacks, bastard births, etc. between 1945 and 2020 would be eye-opening. Just read the 1965 Moynihan report and see how badly things have deteriorated.
          When there was rigid segregation, the Good blacks (Talented Tenth if you like) were bottled up in the same area as the savages. They exerted a civilizing, controlling influence upon the bad actors — because they had to. When the laws changed and they got the chance, of course they got the hell out of Dodge. A few Blacks’ lives improved, many Whites were scared and moved to new areas, but the most marginal blacks were left in the old hood which rapidly slid into the mess they’ve been. “Civil Rights” would be better named “Civil Blights.” Fellas, both us crackas and you paid a really, really big price just so your black ass could sit anywhere on the bus or at that lunch counter!

        • It may be that some are supercalifragilistic to be seen as antidisenfranchisementarianist. *just wanted to see how that would look

      • Dads used it all his life without a hint of animosity, just laughing reality.

        “Nothin’ but teeth and eyeballs after dark,” he’d say. He and his siblings were raised on the farm with the 9 children of kind farmhand Dee Willie Gullie, who entertained the kids during the Depression playing his guitar on the porch at night.

    • Race realism will have its day again. It’s all about the proportion of duds in a group. For example, some whites are no damned good, probably roughly the same percentage in its respecitve population, of Blacks that are good for anything beyond being fertilizer. I’m still looking for the best White equivalent of “nigger.” “White trash” is the best I’ve found, but it’s not as catchy.

      • Maybe we should start a petition to force Cracker Barrel to change its name. I am surprised the Babylon bee hasn’t run a story on that yet.

  20. If we’re lucky (and smart) it’ll shake down to makers and takers. And the makers prevail. If not it was fun while it lasted. Like every other Republic in history.

  21. Its the last George McGovern convention of our age complete with hippie music performed by an old hippie and a black man in a dress.
    But this time unlike 1972 the descendants of the white elite will not become yuppies they instead will become minorities who’s function is to bow before the brown hordes descending upon western civilization.

  22. “People working at home are no longer talking about sports and TV shows with co-workers.”

    For many years, Shark Week was something I looked forward to each Fall, but the quality of the programming went in the toilet a while back. The only reason I knew it was on last week was I could see a big shark on the 70in screen through the neighbors window when out walking my dog.

  23. I bet they wanted to change this lyric. And I noticed the black guy downplayed it as best he could.

    “There’s battle lines being drawn
    And nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

  24. I like the comment about the social proof live audiences provide to sports.

    Out of morbid curiosity, I watched 2 minutes of an ESPN broadcast of two NBA players playing NBA2K20 online against each other.

    I thought it looked and sounded like any two other basement-dwellers playing video games and changed the channel.

    • Sportsball ratings are way down, but (and I’m not as hostile to sports as many on this thread) l‘m guessing it has more to do with the weirdness of it all- hockey in August- two rinks, no fans? A baseball season which has the feel of extended spring training. Don’ give a rat’s ass about football and basketball. And the swooning every time a player tests positive for Corona-chan. There was a story In my local rag about Aroldis Chapman, who is now “recovered” from Covid- although he just tested positive- he wasn’t sick… If we ever get back to normal, with sports, with spectators and proper seasons In their proper time many of the fans will return. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the scale of sportsball was reduced.

      • I have not followed it closely, but I don’t believe a single baseball player who has tested positive for Covid was sick enough that he would have missed a game due to illness under normal circumstances. No one has even come close to needing to be hospitalized.

  25. In the old days, the “grip and grin” guys were called “glad-handers.” In the company, they were usually the “business development” guys (salesmen).

  26. I can’t wait for the Democrats to start trotting our white, straight male tokens.

    “See, we also appeal to SWMs!”

  27. Just a reminder that Biden and Pelosi were born during WW2, and thus aren’t Baby Boomers. They’re older.

    • Trump was born in 46, and thus is Boomer as Boomer can be.

      Biden, Pelosi, and Bernie are all late Silents, and the actuarial table is no doubt chowing down on their High School classmates as we speak.

  28. “Whatever replaces the Republicans will be the white party and calls for constitutional principles will sound as absurd as the whining about white privilege.”
    I am conflicted about this. I’m Canadian, and I can tell you – I would give my eye teeth for an electoral college and your Constitution – and the national will to enforce them. That constitution of yours is a great document, and enforcing it and protecting it should be a core goal of the dissidents, I would think?

    • The constitution sounds great until our politicians and courts either ignore it or use it as a weapon.

        • Go prance around Chicago and Manhattan in your magatard hat and chaps, tough guy. Bonus points for nipple rings.

        • Sorry Karl! I wasn’t trying to be a dink or crap on anyone. I am a Yesterday Man and think that thing is what made America great…and that a lot of America’s current problems stem from letting the Usual Suspects wipe their arse on it.

      • Much like “it is not who votes that matters, but who counts the votes,” it can also be said “it is not the Constitution that matters but who interprets the Constitution.”

      • That’s just an excuse.

        So what – I’m supposed to be opposed to the 2nd amendment now just because a bunch of trannies in Seattle are running around with AKs ?

        • Just as voting should be massively restricted, so too should all the other ‘rights’ we supposedly have/had. Everything should be based on racial demographics.

        • In a word, YES. And I say that as someone with gold “Life” rockers. “Rights for all” is part of the egalitarian crap sandwich that led us to this.
          Rights only for citizens, citizenship only for straight white Christian Heritage-American men with legitimate offspring who meet minimum wealth requirements. (And trying to change that requirement is treason with a mandatory death sentence.)

          • Heinlein’s SF novel Starship Troopers has, if I recall correctly, an intersting world. Relevant to this topic, even if you were born in the country, you were merely a “Legal Resident.” To become a citizen you had to pass certain standards, forget what, probably serving in military. The point was well made: you had to earn your right to be a citizen; it wasn’t just granted because of where you happened to fall out of Momma’s twat. His spoof on the military was neat: they would take anyone, and find duty to suit the individual’s political views. But they had old-fashioned harsh military discipline.

          • This kind of setup makes for great SF but is unworkable in a society at peace and expensive as well.
            You can’t really hack the hard times create strong men equation in any meaningful way anyway.

    • It only works for the Historic American Nation. The rest don’t give a shit and have been trying to change it to suit themselves since at least the 1840s. Once the Democrazies gain the brown votes they need to occupy all three branches, the Constitution will merely be a pretense for discriminating against whitey.

      • Yes, only NW Euro people understand it. Other Euros assimilated to understand it over time too. Only a small fraction of non-whites are genetically equipped to understand.

        That said, I think Americans forgot how you won those rights in the first place. The British didnt just give up their colony.

        Without muscle behind it the constitution is just a piece of paper.

    • Believing in constitution is just as silly as believing that facts and logic will get you anywhere. The enemy doesn’t care about any of that. They do what they have to do to get their way.

      • Wrong.

        The Constitution is an embodiment of what a bunch of white men thought would be a society in which white men could flourish.

        Just because it’s not working out in the current day – is not the fault of the document – it’s the fault of the people of the current day who refuse the honor and ENFORCE the society and government that document was supposed to define.

        People who make arguments like this are not qualified to be analyzing or leading anything IMHO.

        They remind me of a person who gets a Corvette and then proceeds to bitch about how the car is a piece of crap and is slower than his bicycle.

        Take a closer look dummy. Somebody disconnected the spark plugs and then poured 3000 pounds of lead into the trunk.

        • Keep telling that to yourself, while your country is being taken away from you.
          You sound like the guys claiming that true communism hasn’t been tried and only if you did it for real, with the right people, it would finally work.

        • Horse hockey. Its was written for a vastly English (not Anglo Saxon here, English) Protestant population and no one else.
          It died with the waves of European immigration and over issues of trade and slavery.
          Its not that good for Germans who are usually authoritarian , their boot on your neck or yours on theirs.
          Its document is long dead and if the DR gets power we are going to have a new Constitution and some kinds of speech, some religions and a whole lot of behaviors like easy divorce smoking dope and possibly porn and abortion are going to be illegal. It will be regulated society for the 21st century.
          This means in such a situation people will in fact be less free than they are now which is just fine.
          If you want order, you need authority.

      • The Constitution is not dead. It lives in a museum in Washington. Every night it comes alive and rides around with the wax figure of Teddy Roosevelt!

        • I tune out literally everything someone says after they make a reference to “constitutional conservatism.” As if. The phrase is like “Mermaidish Unicorn.”

          • My retort is usually something like, “You mean the constitution that gave us gay marriage?” I guess I can update that to, “You mean the constitution that made men in dresses a protected class?”

          • Lysander Spooner pointed out a long time ago that the Constitution either authorizes exactly the state we have or is utterly powerless against it, and so is at best worthless.

            American ideas ranging from normie conservatism to libertarianism are so tempting, because they imagine a sane and peaceful world. But the world rightly insists, every day, that it’s crazy and it’s after us.

          • As Pat Buchanan once put it, the founding documents were not created but were the birth certificate of what was in the hearts of the men at the time. It’s always current values that shape everything. Current sentiment locked down by court decisions.

          • Politics is so arbitrary. As some wag once noted, our Country’s founding document, after overthrowing the previous government, specifically made it a crime to overthrow the government.

          • You know what? ‘We’ did the same thing – the Confederate constitution forbade secession.

          • John Adams was kinda right, a Constitution is only made for a moral and religious people. Problem is the Christians have no men willing to take out the sword and chop some degenerates heads off for violating moral laws.
            Christianity with a few exceptions is part of the problem now. And I say that as a Christian myself.

          • Christianity has been attacked, undermined, and demonized (literally), leaving a vacuum that has been filled by things anti- Christian. Those things are very aggressive.

          • There are still men, Christian or not, who will gladly volunteer to chop off some heads when the need arises.

          • What about the Constitution that explicitly forbids govt discrimination on the basis of race but that Justice O’Connor just said ignore that part because of a “compelling government interest.”

            She didn’t even try to pretend that AA was constitutional. The Left has its Magic Dirt while the Right has its Magic Constitution.

          • The Constitution didn’t even prevent the Civil War. That being said, it was a reasonable arrangement in 1787.

    • The United States Constitution was great. Now it is routinely ignored and in many ways like its Soviet counterpart: yes, you have rights on paper, but don’t think they can be exercised. Courts pull things out of their ass and pretend the decisions have a constitutional basis. It is fantasy paperwork because the constitution depends to a large degree on trust and honor, traits not shared by Third World invaders and the Empire’s actual rulers who laugh at such pretensions. The constitution will continue to shrivel as a relevant document as the nation becomes browner and the police state expands.

      • The 1787 Constitution had a great run, by historic standards. For a founding document to remain workable for 2+ Centuries is quite astounding.

        That being said, it’s a dead letter here in year 233.

        • The Constitution died at the Hartford Convention. That’s when the New England states decided they could no longer tolerate the arrangement. A couple of generations trying to make it work gave us the Civil War and the “second founding.”

          • Some argue the Constitution was a dead letter even before the Hartford Convention and was killed by Marbury, which effectively vested all real power with the United States Supreme Court. It is a pretty compelling claim when you watch the arbitrary nature of even lower courts. Kritarchy was a long time coming.
            Even after the “Second Founding,” which ultimately did render the Constitution a dead letter, there was some adherence to the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers. The Constitution undeniably became a totally empty governing document with the Brown decision and was shot in the head just in case with the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Both ended any semblance of freedom of association and rendered basic liberty null and void.
            The United States has been unstable a very long time because of the strange and unwarranted fealty to judicial fiat. America was a failed state even before it became an Empire, which filled the void after Appomattox.

          • Marbury v Madison destroyed the United States in the cradle. When a judge can overrule the congress, the people effectively have no redress against the government except through authoritarian populism or rebellion.
            The U.S. was successful because of the stock of it’s people and their culture.
            It’s been a long slow burn since then. Greater abuses of authority beget further abuses. Compound that with massive immigration, subversion of the culture, and a uniparty system… it’s amazing we did so well for so long on our momentum.
            I have no doubt in my lifetime I will see a judge declare some or all of the bill of rights unconstitutional despite being the actual constitution.

          • P.S. Judicial review is cancer and any judge that uses that argumentation should be lynched, with due process, by the people.

            I’d also argue it’s more legally sound to do so than this kritarchy hogwash.

          • Yes. First, the judges and law “professors”.

            Something else Mi General, Pinochet, got exactly right.

          • Thanks for the up votes and stuff, I can only assume you’re a trs guy, like I have been for years.

            I’ve generally been a dissident. The Pinochet stuff is a 7 years ago tier meme.So who knows, maybe we met at an old amren and maybe the name stuck and you remember me.

            For reasons I have had to back away. I only recently started posting here because I wanted to reach out to Z, mainly because I believe in his work and I felt it important, I dont even talk to trs people anymore or ID folks because after the facebook shutdown I have lost all contact with my old friends. Even the local pool party I used to run I had to hand off.

            I know what I said, but I dont advocate a Pinochet(CIA funded) revolution. I advocate for a legal response first, everything else is so unpredictable its not worth worrying too much about.
            Thanks again for the backup, but I’m just a regular guy who wants to say something.

          • I tried to understand Marbury/Judicial Review (restraint?) and got confused. As I understood it, it meant that (back then at least) the Court basically said that we agree you have a case, but Congress said otherwise, and we won’t do anything about it. Yet much later, it seems the Court’s decisions are all and what the Legislature meant bedamned.

          • The terms of the case aren’t necessarily as important as the precedent the case established.

            Chief Justice John Marshall struck down a law because he deemed it “unconstitutional”.

            It’s essentially a get out of jail free card. If the supreme court decides it doesn’t like a law it says it’s not constitutional and *poof* the law doesn’t count anymore, and noone can do anything about it unless the supreme court takes the case again and changes it’s mind.

            This is how we got desegregation, gay marriage, abortion and all manner of insidious “judgements”.

            It’s a complete miscarriage of justice and frankly evil. Every law on the books is subject to judicial review and the capriciousness of those on the bench. Your votes don’t matter.

            And that’s why the legislature doesn’t put forth anything useful anymore anyways.

            If America was ever to for example… gain freedom of association again, it would either have to pack the court with friendly judges and take a case to reverse it… Or the arduous process of adding an amendment to the constitution.

          • Your explanation seems clear. I think I have judicial restraint confused with review. To use your final example, couldn’t Congress (for example) repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Sure, but that would be even more unlikely than the Supremes striking it down 🙁
            I just re-read the Wiki page and…so the Supremes can “strike down” (judicial review) Congress’s laws. This part I can understand. Congress make bad law, Court say “uh-uh.”
            I guess I’d need a much more detailed explanation of how this same doctrine allows the Supremes to pull new “rights” out of their Judicial rectums, but apparently that is precisely what they do, some of the more controversial ones you mention.
            At least bakeries can still refuse to bake a cake for gay people. It’s a protected religious right.

          • I was stunned, even as a young man, that my high school history teacher thought Marbury/Madison was some great breakthrough in the history of self-government.
            I remember asking, “Why are you surprised that, given the opportunity, a court ruled that it would always have the final say?”

          • It’s not that the court has final say that’s the problem. It’s that the court can say a LAW isnt a legal anymore. And they invent non-existant ‘rights’.

            Their duty is to judge according to the law. Not invent it.

          • Regarding the Hartford Convention, I suspect that we may be heading for a test of the Compact Theory in the next 100 years or so – maybe sooner.

            The country is growing more and more diverse and that diversity is concentrated in regions with the Southwest heavily Hispanic, NE and other parts heavily White, etc. At some point, the laws coming out of a Washington with no cultural or ethnic ties to various regions will be ignored.

          • +1. I remember reading in history, that as the Roman Empire (the real one, not the pretend one that lasted into “modern” times) fragmented, the author made the point that the locally appointed Roman judge might make a ruling. If he was lucky, the ruling would be merely ignored. If he wasn’t lucky…

          • It is happening now. Sanctuary cities for illegals, sanctuary cities for gun owners. Of course, since the Marxist Left is ascendant there will be attempts to have that only work one way, but it is out of their hands ultimately. Look for state-sanctioned disruption of residential and commercial electrical and water services to continue to be a routine feature of American life, and the State’s anger to boil over as people work around it. California does it now. Soon other governments will follow. Virginia started to do it to counties that were to become 1st Amendment sanctuaries but realized its strongholds in Fairfax and Richmond are highly vulnerable to attacks on their power and water sources.

            I write this a lot but people need to brace for it. Once the Left really consolidates power it will launch a False Flag terrorist attack on a Red area in an attempt to get Whites to rally ’round the flag. Don’t fall for it. Criticize and ostracize any family member or friend who joins the military or has children to do so. Make sure your friends, family and neighbors realize the attack came from D.C.

            Another thing I mention ad nauseum is that the first dissolutions will be intrastate and not from the national government per se. They won’t be recognized but they will be de facto states.

            D.C. will be a paper tiger internally long before people around the world realize it is a paper tiger internationally.

            Again, this is coming fast. Federal laws will be mere suggestions in the near future.

          • A smidge optimistic. States could figure out how to live without the Feds but for Medicaid. Even for SS and Medicare they could probably figure something out, but Medicaid is pure printed graft on the back of a legacy reserve currency. The pain on a state would have to be quite extreme before that level of sacrifice was contemplated.

          • John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it

            Man, for a President like Jackson once more!

          • Jefferson was of the opinion that governments needed to be kept honest by the occasional pitchfork and torch procession — hence his notorious quote about the tree of liberty — and that the governmental compact needed to be reviewed/replaced every couple decades. Of course he was President on the occasion of the Constitution’s 20th birthday and nothing came of it. Also, I shudder to think what today’s political class would come up with in terms of a constitution.

          • We may live long enough to shudder. It’s called an Article V Convention. But that probably won’t be necessary. I side with those who point out that laws, including that amusing piece of parchment, are increasingly just set pieces, to not be taken too seriously. So what need to rewrite a document nobody is going to follow anyway?

        • I think where it really went wrong was the 14th and 19th amendments. Allowing people with no skin in the game a vote was always the problem. Future societies hopefully learn that wide spread democracy/ one person one vote eats itself.

          • And don’t forget that we are currently celebrating the 19th Amendment’s 100th Anniversary!!
            (August 18 or August 26, depending on what you acknowledge, based on the law’s passage & certification history.)

            That’s something to be cheered for!!

            (I’m kidding. Really. I’d be very happy to repeal the damn thing.)

      • USA worked cause it was made out of white christians, that’s it. Any system works in a white ethno-state composed of christians.
        You don’t need any ideology, just have christian values, love Jesus, things will work out.

        • This is also why 19th Century Utah worked. Brigham Young recruited a very high level of human capital.

          • I watched a VICE doc about a mormon colony in mexico – romneys brother runs it or something. Crazy mormon fanatics who left the USA.

            Anyways, it’s an oasis, with golf courses, low crime, and no cartels. Surrounded by shithole cartel territory. They have snipers keep watch over the village every night because the police won’t protect them.

            Wonder why it’s so succesful? 🤔

          • That sounds like something I’d like to research.

            Big fan of the sny-pers keeping watch.
            Our Thing needs that, somewhere, if we settled in a location. In fact, I’d be OK with it if a few warnings were given to Sodom.
            But no-one is stepping up.

          • That’s why even the frozen slaves of the Soviets got into orbit.

            No one else came close, no one else was within a thousand years of coming close.
            We are the Space Race.

      • The Liberian constitutions is almost the same as the US Constitution and it didn’t really make much difference for Liberia did it?

    • don’t worry Glen, Trump is going to take back the 10 Far North States in his second term, then you will get your wish! :p

    • The Constitution *is* a great document, if you were reading it in 1800. However the Constitution of today is but a document replica framed upon the wall in a SCOTUS office, while in the bookcase below are a dozen volumes of hundreds of pages each of historical “interpretations” which now form the working body of that long dead Constitution framed enshrined above.

      In there lies the problem. The rubes/normies are shown the framed version when they seek reassurance, TPTB use the interpretive body when they seek to rule over us. Took them 200 years to pervert such a framework as the Founders initially gave us, but they’re a patient bunch. May we have the same patience.

    • Glen…the electoral college and constitution were good once upon a time. Too late for them. The great demographic replacement is tossing both out. Reality. No stopping the browning of America. The foundational argument from now until a black swan event changes the cards on the table is Demographics underpinning all. And demographic reality is tribalism…you name the group and they’re triballed up for a piece of the pie and protecting their own. Pathologically altruistic whites don’t tribal and won’t get it until death constantly stalks us. And most won’t get it. The founding concepts you wish we would protect are gone with the wind.
      Time to kraal up in small communities if you wish to stay alive and maintain some degree of sanity. Planning what comes next will gradually arise as we see the cards played. There are more shoes yet to drop.

      • That’s just it, Range… they will viciously defend their own no matter what their own do.

        There’s even a “Social Justice For Darius Stevens” Facebook page now.
        That’s the prick who shot 5 y.o. Cannon Hinnant.

        (Another faked FB page was mocked up claiming Cannon’s dad was buying drugs from Sh*thead. There’s no depth they won’t sink to. FFS.)

    • We still have the former (it’s a piece of paper in the National Archives in Washington, DC). Pretty sure the latter is on life support, if not actually brain-dead. At the rate things are going if I were you, I’d be seeking political asylum in Nunavut 🙂

    • I tend to agree. That whole Constitution thing started to go off the rails relatively early though, specifically when Justice John Marshall seized excessive court power in Marbury v Madison. There remain gems of exceptional insight in the Constitution, some of which we still follow. But the forces are already aligned against the electoral college … I expect it to go away in short order. I think Z-man’s quote is based on the fact that our salvation won’t be found in a moth-eaten document that’s riddled with 200 years of Supreme Court malfeasance … along with a disunited people, half of whom are on the take.

      My hope for the future is partition, and hopefully whites can rebuild on something similar to the present Constitution, sans Marbury v Madison and all of the Amendments since 1913. Not sure where we’d send our progressive whites … I’m thinking Haiti.

    • Not really. We don’t need a whole lot of freedoms we have now nor a Constitution made for a religious and moral people that no longer exist.

  29. It used to be interesting to watch the intra-party squabbles back in the sixties/seventies. Back then, cultural issues were being monopolized by the left wings of both parties, though Nixon managed to scam his way to victory by suggesting Southerners were right to avoid the radical policies of the Democrats. The GOP has been scamming all of us ever since, convention after convention. Covid-19 has mercifully put all this to rest so we can get down to the real issues of “who, whom”.

    Tip of the hat to the Trump team who were first to recognize that this would be an epic transformation. By postponing the GOP convention and allowing the Democrats to go first, Trump and his team can analyze the effects of the first work-from-home political convention. They will try not to step into the same turds.

    • One commentator stated how simply aghast he was that the party in control of basically all media could create such a hopelessly tone-deaf out-of-date debacle like the Democractic Convention.
      The ZMan’s observation that they gave the reins to people making corporate videos is spot on. Those are almost universally run by incompetents businesses can hire on the cheap or recent college grads desperate for any job.

  30. National Justice Party

    Enoch, Striker, Hovater,Ahab and Smasher are starting a political party.

    • I wonder if they’ll do better or worse than the American Freedom Party. Or even reach Lyndon LaRouche levels of support. We’ll see!

        • I don’t mean to be so dismissive. I just hope they don’t get spergy, and appeal to more than just people who are J-woke

          • Well, every success story’s prior projects failed until that one that worked. More power to them, dont punch right.

          • It almost certainly will.
            That said there are almost certainly no political solutions anyway and now is the time of LARPING so why not?

          • Me too. There is a sense of that happening in the US now. We see it when Antifa goes to the non screwed parts of rural America.
            Its not easy though our states are rather mixed and we don’t have a clear alternate ideology to what is out there.
            Now neither does the Left but to paraphrase the Big Lebowski “Say what you want about the Woke, it least its an ethos, sort of.”

          • You know, abp, I think we do have a clear ideology. In fact, it may be a bit TOO clear. I think our problem is that the vast majority of us are afraid to go out on a limb and try to start a movement that could easily get us de-personed. I also think few if any of us have done the hard work of putting a plan of action together. We know what needs to be done, but few know confidently how to do it.

          • We shall see. Im hopefully because at least they are trying. There are lots dissidents and millions of normies very close to us. I suggest watching there promotional video. Supposedly Enochs speech from the kick off event will get released later today.

          • It’s not happening. You want to build but this is the time for smashing so that your grandchildren will have a chance to build. We’re entering a nomadic phase because every time you put down roots the brigands will show up to rip them up. It won’t last forever but depending on your age it will probably outlast you

          • You know the old saying about the man in the arena. Well I’d rather be in the arena than those cold and timid souls who complain and yet wo der why nothing happens.

          • But what if you being in the arena serves the interests of the enemy? What if you being in the arena harms the cause you claim to represent? The assumption that simply being in the arena is a good in of itself is a conceit shared by every narcissistic attention whore. Sargon and Richard Spencer are “in the arena” and no sane person would say that’s good for our side.

          • Agreed but should we dismiss all others because they might be like Sargon or Spencer? I hear lots of naysayers but no actual solutions or real world changes. I’m getting a very strong gadfly vibe.

          • I hear lots of naysayers but no actual solutions or real world changes. 

            Because you already have a preconceived notion of what a “solution” and “victory” looks like so you are myopic AF. There are solutions posited here all the time if you take the time to read between the lines. Most involve subterfuge and positioning which is -exactly- what needs to be happening at this stage of things.

            Pro Tip: They don’t involve a head on confrontation “in the arena” with the gov’t backed lefty mob.

            If however, you’d like to test your theory, go pick a fight in the street w/ Antifa and once you are out on bail report back here with a list of your charges. I’d like to compare it to the ones I got and see who wins…

          • When you’ve put even an ounce of your ass on the line and in the risk I’ve put myself in, come talk to me. Otherwise keep tapping away keyboard warrior. If we were not ‘monitored’ I’d link you to my rap sheet so you can see my bonafides and I can prove myself to an internet warlord. But you run your f-cking mouth with no experience probably having no minorities in your AO or gotten into a verbal much less physical confrontation. Walk on son, you are too short for this ride.

          • As an aside, Apex, let me thank you for the warning.

            Talking to black drivers in Philly, I could tell they were looking for a good reason to punch me in the head, since that’s “discourse” in their world.

            I’m going straight up Marine stiff, “yes sir no ma’am I don’t know anything about that, excuse me”.

            Fudge the conversation, now I wonder if I should even go back there.

            Those 1630s streets in Northwest are a nightmare, and some ditz might get ideas. I felt safer in Compton, Newark, Gary, Bronx, or southside Chicago.

            Goshdam Philly has a Camden feel to it now.

          • if there are better people or groups out there show me them? I’m not wedded to Enoch or his crew but someone has to try.

          • One man is bashing himself in the head with a hammer. Another man comes along and says, “You should stop bashing yourself in the head with a hammer. It’s not helping.” The first man then says, “Well, do you have another solution?”

            Not doing something stupid is always a good option.

          • I’d like to say that I wish them the best.

            If it offers them legal protections, I’m happy for that.

            If it causes the left to shriek about a pro-white platform, I’m happy.

            If it causes a national conversation and gets curious people to start looking for alternative media, I’m happy.

            If it makes people re-consider what “acceptable” political discourse is, and what they can talk about or demand, that’s a win.

            If it means that republicans get pulled rightward trying to prevent voters defecting, I’m happy.

            If it forces the government and media to take off the mask and show the common people what *really* happens to dissidents and how they’re repressed… It’s progress.

            If it forces the government to have to play by their own rules or show their hypocrisy, I’m happy.

            If it gets even some electoral success, even if only on a local level… I’m happy for that.

            If it raises funds that will get put back into causes on our side of the divide, that’s phenomenal.

            They have a large reach, and I think if they play their cards right that there could be massive opportunities for pro white politics. Things are dire.. but it’s precisely because they are dire that people are going to be receptive to messages they wouldn’t have given a second thought even 6 months ago. Remember during Ferguson when every mid-brow right winger sounded like a full on fascist?

            They’re quiet now not because they agree… it’s because they’re scared. They know it’s not a “free country” for them anymore. And they are absolutely *seething*. I can’t think of a better time to start a pro-white party.

            Someone has to do it, maybe they’ll be successful, maybe another party will. I do think there needs to be a political party of some sort though. It won’t be easy. Even if some of your listeners or you yourself don’t like them, I think it’s at least worth offering moral support and hope for their success. I know that feathers get rustled between dissident people sometimes, but I closely follow both you and their work. And I’m glad that you do such a great job critiquing with class. It offers a lot of perspective and frankly keeps me on an even keel.

            We need to use everything possible in our arsenal. Political parties, legal redress, blogs, community building, evangelism, clubs, small businesses, homeschooling. We all have our roles to play and our strengths to cater to. I’ve never been of the opinion that there’s a “right way” to do things. Just that we have to try every avenue and see what works. A cultural revolution at every level for the soul of our people.

            P.S. lots of age chauvinism around here today.

            Give the old guys a break, they’re cranky and have had to deal with this shit a long time.

            Take it easy on the kids, They may not have had the luxury of having a dad around.

            I’m so tired of the age-war shit.

          • Huzzah, Sevier!

            Every tool in the toolbox.
            Who dares, wins.

            Some are calling Nat.Justice a fed honeypot, but I see them more as a muslim-style probe.

          • Don’t overlook Fifth Column opporunities. To be able to operate from cover, perhaps even inside the enemy lines, must not be discounted. This is especially a good option for those who must keep a respectable front for career, social or other reasons. Depending upon what you have planned of course, weigh the risks, because if the enemy finds you out they will be merciless. Finally, this is an appealing option to those who — not without reason — fear the risks of joining any type of organization. When the time comes to plug those storm sewers or burn the cell phone towers, no law says you have to be a member of an organized resistance 🙂

          • One man is bashing himself in the head with a hammer. Another man comes along and says..

            “…why are you bashing yourself in the head with that hammer?”

            “Because it feels so good when I stop.”

          • At this point stop looking for national solutions; work at the neighborhood level. Guaranteed you have like-minded neighbors … work together. Build something – start a homeschool co-op, a Boy Scout alternative, a tradesman guild … have 6+ kids and raise them to be great Americans – do something tangible. Stop looking for someone to deliver solutions … make solutions happen.

          • As dissidents we simply do not have the power to stand on our own in the political arena yet. That arena will have to take on more damage and that damage is still coming.
            Best to just wait it out. Entering the political arena right now as a political party will just get 10,000 woke media outlets spewing vile and framing your picture in front of a Nazi flag.

          • As dissidents we simply do not have the power to stand on our own in the political arena yet.

            This is exactly it.

            We have yet to reach a critical mass of people who realize that our people do have a collective identity and collective interests.

            This is why the people who think we should focus on local efforts in our communities are also correct.

            Grassroots is the only way in short term.

          • They are drawing fire.
            During an election season.

            Will the patriots hear the gunshots, and cower, or say about the martyrs, “This lunacy stops when we make it stop”

          • Lots of patriots in small towns like Klamath , Colorado City and Fort Collins have already done that. Run Antifa out of town on a rail.
            A guy in Austin legally shot one dead.
            Its just gets little coverage.
            Thing is its strictly defense and our side and related sides don’t have a reason or means to take offensive action in scale. Yet.
            This leave Antifa to act at leisure in Blue cities which have sympathetic leaders.
            This is destructive but our side in many ways would be happy to be rid of larger cities entirely and as we want nothing to do with Lagos or NYC for that matter , aren’t willing to fight in enemy territory and prefer to let our foes wreck the area.
            Its dyscivic to say the least but that’s what happens when societies start to fail.
            Nothing much to be done for it either other than protect what we own and maybe expand a bit. If every big city is a ruin, oh well.
            Frank Langella Skeletor Voice “Let them rot.”

          • “Antifa to act at leisure in Blue cities which have sympathetic leaders”.
            What better location to highlight both this cancer on civilization and those who enable it?

          • I have to agree with you on that note. I’ll give an example; Back in ’07 I was getting coffee at a local joint and there was a Marine Major on line with me. He struck up a conversation with me about the current state of affairs (I’m former Army) with the service and he made mention of the fact that they can’t get the new kids to do anything and he also makes mention of the fact that he can’t get any of them to pass a background check to qualify for any meaningful security clearance. I laugh because I had a secret level clearance and I told him about all of the hoops I had to jump through to get it. Big mistake on my part because now he tries getting me to enlist. I was 39 at the time and tell him so and he gives me the “Your country needs you.” song and dance, which I politely dismiss. After telling him that Jarheads do not take prior service and him telling me matter of factly that, yes, I would have to go through basic training again, I tell him that I’m not sympathetic because everything that is happening now is a direct result of this country’s “leadership” making shitty decision after shitty decision in the foreign policy arena, as well as many other areas- including turning the next generation into a collection of whining, pampered sissies. I explained to him that I did my bit for king and country and it didn’t make one bit of difference, why should I – at this point in my life – drop everything to bail out someone else’s problem? He again tried appealing to my status as a veteran and I then threw salt in the wound by telling him that I have three friends who’s kids I have talked out of joining the service in the last year, which infuriated him. When he asked why, I asked him if he would send his kid into the meat grinder in Fallujah, or the Kandahar province? Or would his kids future be better served by going down to DC with around 5 million, or so other disaffected, pissed off Americans and rid the country of our “betters” by dragging them out of their offices and tar and feathering them. He looked dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. I respectfully told him that no parent of European descent who cares about their family should ever willingly sacrifice their children to a government that despises them. “The beast must be starved.” I told him. And with that, he collected his coffee and left. The woman behind the counter looked at me for a second and said, “I never thought about it that way before and you’re right. It seems that the only time that politicians speak of us whites in favorable terms is when they’re placing a flag over the coffins of our children. Thank you for putting that into words for me.”
            If nothing else, a seed was planted in the ear of someone open to a new idea.

          • I used to frequently fly into the Columbia SC airport for business trips. Often, there were several army inductees headed to Fort Jackson. They looked like kids from the audio visual club. I could probably do better in basic training than most of them and I was in my late 50s at the time. I couldn’t imagine trusting my life to these boys and girls. If ever I had a chance to sit with them on the plane, I would have tried to talk them into not serving. Unfortunately, they were kept together and away from the civilians.

          • A lot of these guys are good people. They’re our people. They are very young and mostly trying to fulfill a duty and do something good. Because of the system that we have, they may enlist because they need a job with good benefits or for the GI Bill.
            The issue is not really with these enlistees. It’s that this government and its military is not worthy of these kids. They’re being taken advantage of.

          • They aren’t ubermensch, yet they put all they got on the line.

            They’re doing something, anything, gods bless ’em.

          • Kids that enlist nowadays enlist because their only other option is fast food or a low paying warehouse gig. Some are in it for the GI Bill, but most are not.

          • Well said. I’m a peacetime vet and I wasn’t overly impressed (or impressive, to be honest!) in the 1980s. Whatever its ideological failings, the military today has a hell of a time finding qualified people.In the first place, the vast majority of young people have no interest in the services, so part of your wish came true.
            Google “too stupid for military” and you get about 84 million hits 🙁
            In sum: of the prime recruiting herd (18-26), about 70% don’t meet basic critera. About 50% too fat/health issues, 20% too stupid, and 10% too criminal (usually drugs). Link:
            Your comment on Secret is interesting. In the 1980s, I was told the only requirement to meet it was that you be a U.S. Citizen and not a convicted felon. You’d think most recruits would meet that standard!

          • Excellent story. And exactly the point I’ve tried to make here a number of times: when you’re arguing out your position with somebody – in the context of making progress you’re not necessarily trying to convince that person – you’re trying to convince the people who are listening in on the argument.

            This works both in person – and in the internet space on forums and social media. There’s an awful lot of people who just read – and never comment or post.

          • …no parent of European descent who cares about their family should ever willingly sacrifice their children to a government that despises them.

            This is how I feel but could not have said as eloquently as you have. As prior service, I would never want my sons to enlist.

          •  It seems that the only time that politicians speak of us whites in favorable terms is when they’re placing a flag over the coffins of our children.”

            There is more wisdom in this observation than in 10,000 volumes of Conservatism Inc. commentary.

          • Now is the time of LARPING , enjoy it.
            After that comes “We are all Dirlewanger’s now”

          • What does everyone think of Mark Collett, Laura Towler and their Patriotic Alternative group in England? Recently I saw that they hung White Lives Matter banners all over the country. It seems that they’re “in the arena.” I’m undecided if that’s the best strategy or not.

          • Mark Collett has no judgement. There is no doubt that he is charming when he wants to be, but he does really dumb things.

          • As the St Louis couple learned comes a point in which you can’t hide and the fight will come to you.
            Even a half assed organization is better than nothing and if it takes playing in the arena to get it, so be it.
            However our side still thinks its freedom fighters especially our most militant wing, the WRSA militant Right types.
            Giving our enemies freedom is what got us into this mess and until we realize that our job is take away the legality of certain choices and take away freedom putting our boots on their necks till we become a somewhat moral and responsible people we’ll lose.
            We deserve it.
            Prosperous societies breed Leftism and Decadence , high inequality breeds Communism and the fact that the biggest Reds are the bourgeoisie it irrelevant.
            Its going to take real effort to build stability and harmony and our side which just wants this madness to go away it way behind the eight ball.
            You want a Hallmark Channel world, you have to make it and it requires ideology and regulation and yes power.
            Leave me alone won’t cut it.
            In come ways we have to become what the Left projects in its fears, an illiberal, highly Right Wing outright authoritarian populist movement.
            We do that and we can have a worthwhile nation. We don’t or can’t do to America at its core being Leftist, we’ll than we are better off making small resistant communities and kissing the USA goodbye.

          • You seem to be saying the only option is to walk into the arena and courageously sacrifice ourselves … because Rome and the Emperor are worthy. But listen to the others here … they’re saying “let’s blow up the f’ing arena.” Nothing cold and timid about changing the loser paradigm. TR would’ve understood that.

          • Mr dear Mr. Doom, T.S. Eliot > Quotes > Quotable Quote
            “We shall not cease from explorationAnd the end of all our exploringWill be to arrive where we startedAnd know the place for the first time.Through the unknown, remembered gateWhen the last of earth left to discoverIs that which was the beginning;At the source of the longest riverThe voice of the hidden waterfallAnd the children in the apple-treeNot known, because not looked forBut heard, half-heard, in the stillnessBetween two waves of the sea.”
            ― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

          • Their entire act is spergy. Beyond shows on their network they aren’t on, its all J-Q all the time, forever, and that explains everything. When they appear off platform, its the kill stream which is hosted by a pill poping degenerate that posts revenge porn videos of his almost underage girlfriends. You should be dismissive, this entire thing is a dumb larp for internet weridos.

      • I hope I may insert an anecdote that everyone except Sentry is bound to like. In the 1980s, my paents and I were legal residents of a rural
        [insert spittoon sound effect]
        county in VA. In one Presidential election, the entire county recorded exactly three votes for LaRouche. My family was traditionally Republican but that year we did a protest vote. 🙂 I can’t remember which election, but the Republican choice must’ve been really bad if my “Greatest Generation” parents wouldn’t vote for him.

        • If it was the 80s then my guess for GOP pantywaist would be Bush the Elder in 1988. He was sold as a great hero – WW2 aviator, Reagan VP, etc – but he was establishment globalist through and through. Your folks probably saw through the facade. It was 4 years later that many of my age bracket went for Ross Perot.

          • Yes, you’re likely right. For me the typical third-party weenie, LaRouche was just a varation on whomever the Libertarians were pimping that year 😀

    • Internet sperg turned politician has worked so well in the past. See e.g. Sargon of Akkad/Carl Benjamin and his great UKIP run.

    • This is like campaigning for president of the Austro-Hungarian empire. In 10 years or less, the US will either be some authoritarian dystopia or will have broken apart.

      • “We’re entering a nomadic phase”

        This is accurate, something to be worked with.

        I’m going to think deeply on this.

        The startling fact of modernity is mobility- we’ve never had such mobility, and our assailants have it too.

        Maybe our deep instincts- millions of years as hunter/gatherers- will aid us in our strange new world.

      • How does one enter the race?
        I don’t speak Austro-Hungarian but I ‘ve always admired those Aussie rules football players.
        I mean there’s obviously more to their country than sports but to me it just illustrates the muscular dynamism of that fine country.
        I don’t see my role so much as leader but more as a steward for both the people and their fine culture.

        • Oz is beaten only by New Zealand in the degree that they’ve laid down for the fascist government fatwahs about WuFlu.
          Not a testicle among them.

    • If it’s a gag, I support them.

      If it’s what the man called “unintentional self-parody”, not so much.

      Either way: poor Sven.

  31. Seems like a farewell tour for the old sixties radicals. The young woke crowd is standing by with pillows.

    • I think we are seeing this all the way around. Those who came of age in the late 60’s and early 70’s are now over 65. Late wave boomers and Gen-x will get passed over by the Millennials. The trouble for the Dem is they will suffer from a lack of organizational talent. These woke POC’s lack the IQ and talent to run much of anything. They exist now as free riders on a system still run by old whites and Jews.

      • It happens now. Early Boomers cling to positions of authority until the Millennials force the geezers out of the way. That’s two malignant generations in charge of everything. Zoomers will have to elbow the Millennials out of the way eventually, too.

        • At the risk of sounding pessimistic, I’m not optimistic about a world run by millennials. Having had to work around them in the workplace the last 15 years or so, I struggle to see them exercising authority a sober minded manor.

          • Which probably goes a long way in explaining why the positions of authority are still occupied by aging boomers. A more astute generation would have figured out how to depose them long, long ago.

          • thanks to the overall fecklessness of young people, my own career was extended by 10+ years! thanks, fuck wads, I didn’t even have to be at 50% of my peak to out work you nimrods 😛

          • I am not known for going out of my way to be kind and gentle to idiots online, but you certainly have me beat, oh great big man. Your purported machismo and constantly shouted opinions and abilities scream “entitled insecure boomer!” And the teengirl emoticon beautifully caps it all off.

          • i pay the kid who details my car, more than you earn in a week. suck on them lemons, loser.

          • That’s so funny! I’m 75, even older than the oldest boomer. I tease my several months’ younger husband, saying I am ONE President (FDR) older than he. A real line drawn in the sand.

          • Assuming the left doesnt put you boomers in box cars and the right doesnt go Night of the Pillows, sure. 4,200 boomers pass on to the Next Woodstock every day, man.

          • These youngest boomers really aren’t boomers in the sense of the boomers who were born in the 40s-50s. They came into adulthood during Reagan’s first term.

          • Those younger kids ruined their brains with drugs. The older boomers were almost out of college when drugs became big and were fortunate to grow up in a more “intelligent” era. Have seen this in my family. Youngest bro’ born in 1954 — got lots of goodies, trips, camps that the older ones never dreamed of — and is majorly effed-up.

          • it’s like when there are multiple chicks in a nest, and oops! little tweety “fell” out and died.

          • It is hard to exercise authority and leadership when someone is more concerned about peer pressure than performance. The Boomers’ self-absorption actually helped them exercise authority. Gen X’ers could fill those roles but will be frozen out by people now in their late Sixties and then passed over for people now in their Thirties.

          • Yeah, that was always obvious in my corporate career. The people ahead of us would die in their jobs. By the time that happened, the younger generation would be ready to take those spots and youth always wins, even if it is stupid. It’s why I went out on my own.

          • Now that you mention it, at my medium sized company all but a handful of the retired boomer slots were filled with “kids” in their mid twenties. They seem to do okay I suppose. A large part of that is logistics, if they spend months training someone who’s in their early 40s they know they could be looking at having to do it all over again in 10 or so years.

          • More likely they can pay someone in their 20’s 3/5s of what someone in their 40’s would ask for.
            40 yo people routinely die at 50 now? 50 yo people are constantly looking to bolt to new companies to start over?

          • Between Gen X and millennials, the millennials are clearly naive followers. They need to be led. There’s zero inclination to buck the system, and this is always good for promotions. A Gen Xer would work for Satan and know he’s Satan. The millennial wouldn’t have a clue, even if he walked past a pentagram on the floor with lit candles. Zero critical thinking skills. Gen Xers are better striking out on their own, when they can.

          • Eh. Like boomers, and like every cohort since we tamed fire, only about 5 pct think logically and dialecticly, sufficient to use critical thinking skills. The idea that critical thinking is “taught in college” rather than an inborn, genetically determined talent brought to fruition in college is another egalitarian lie of our Enemy.

          • Great point JR.

            To anyone who reads this and has children: it isn’t enough for boys to lift weights anymore. You need to put them into a contact sport, preferably boxing or MMA.This is a MUST and will reap untold benefits for their lives. Even football won’t do the trick as it seems like a monkey game to smart kids.
            Rugby and wrestling also good options but taking a punch is irreplaceable.

          • excellent point. nothing teaches you to keep your hands up better than a kick in the face 🙂

          • Yeah, that was always obvious in my corporate career. The people ahead of us would die in their jobs.

            You’re a lot smarter than me. It took me at least 10 years to realize this.

            Heck, if I were really smart I’d have dropped out of undergrad and cleaned up during the dotcom boom.

          • I was recently on a flight that had two millennial pilots and a millennial cabin crew. I was praying the entire time that the redundant backups kept the plane flying…a metaphor for the country.

          • I’m a late Xer and I walked out on an utterly bizarre late Millennial supervisor around Thanksgiving last year.

            I never should have taken that role because this guy had bizarre personal characteristics.

            The pompador haircut, problem glasses, forced deep tone of voice, tattoos, working 80+ hour weeks tracking towards burnout, limping around the office because he was physically damaging himself during his bike workouts, intensely criticism of petty things like adjective choice, and a super creepy catchphrase eventually made me realize life is too GD short.

          • OK, I’ll bite. What was the creepy catchphrase? The rest of it sounds like every millenial male I’ve come across (other than complete soibois).

          • The guy constantly tried to reassure me he was not a micromanager by saying something like,

            “I’m not trying to put my hands in your shorts.”


            “Don’t feel like I’m trying to put my hands in your shorts.”

            Just no.

          • that sounds like a run of the mill Type A personality. hey Zman, I just realized that term isn’t used any longer. do you remember it being bandied about to describe ahols in the office?

          • Tsk tsk Z. Spell checker letting stuff get buy ewe. Too bad you don’t have a sharp secretary from the really old days, before even our times 🙂

          • That lack of sobermindedness was part of my redpilling; my generation is going to send people to camps, its just a who/whom thing now.

      • These woke POC’s lack the IQ and talent to run much of anything.

        Import the Third World, become the Third World.

        • Lothrop Stoddard’s The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy accurately predicted this 100 years ago.

          • You’re welcome. It’s an outstanding book and Stoddard was well ahead of his time. I also recommend Into the Darkness and Lonely America.

            A couple of recommendations that examine the aftermath of importing the Third World into Europe include Douglas Murray’s Strange Death of Europe and Clare Ellis’ The Blackening of Europe: Ideologies & International Developments.

        • A new (“to me”) insight: half a century of dumbing down American education system has “prepared” White America to be at a closer intellectual capacity to the third world filth we’ve been importing for roughly the same time. 🙁

          • The destruction of education is a key component of destroying civilization. What it all comes down to is that blacks cannot be elevated to the level of civilization. For that reason, civilization must be reduced to savagery. Only in a savage environment can blacks be equal to whites.

      • I wonder what millennials will do with power. Lefties rage against boomers, righties patiently submit and wait their turn. How does that change when boomers are out of power?

        • A good portion of young gen is more bitter cause they experienced feminist courts & minorities hurting them in some way or thee other.
          Boomers were privileged cause their lives were safe & soft.
          That’s the main difference.

          There’s a reason youtube is filled with popular sjw mockers, these guys are mostly watched by regular teens that have dissociated from current world politics. This is how they view the world.

          Then there’s mgtows who hate whores & blame current status on liberals & then there’s east european migrants who don’t tolerate getting bullied by races colored like shit.

          • I was born in the 80s, so I get it. I’m just wondering what we do when there’s no more excuse for underachieving. Didn’t create the mess, but we’ll have to stop being part of it and start cleaning up, or we cease to be.

          • Boomers did not have it safe and soft. They had opportunities. They made their children or grandchildren lives safe and soft.

          • greatest gen: willing to plant a tree

            boomer: willing to reach up to a lower branch and pick the fruit

            gen x: whines that no one cares if they have fruit; does not get any

            gen z: accidentally kills the tree; blames a boomer

            millenial: is fruit

          • Excluding the Vietnam war categorically, Boomer lives weren’t that dangerous compared to previous generations and they had the highest wages as percent GDP in US history.
            Instead of building with that, having strong families, the went with a low TFR (1.8 kids per household) and indulged themselves,
            On top of that, they did nothing to prevent any of the innumerable problems we now suffer from.
            Now sure a fair bit of this is the fault on the Silent Gen Ronald Reagan, easy divorce, signing the 86 “we give up” immigration bill and getting rid of forced retirement among other things but its not all on him
            Between technology and the other Silents failing to raise their Boomer kids correctly and to give up power, no wonder we are screwed.

          • Number 2, but barely hanging on. Had a little work done. He’s already cheating with #3. He manages female Oxycontin reps for Purdue. Teaches them to shove their tits in doctors faces.

          • Bitterness and resentment is the rocket fuel that will propel the 21st century smack into the immovable object of oblivion. Enjoy!

          • Speaking as a doctor of forty years’ experience, I can attest that the shoving of tits by pharm reps into doctors’ faces is a lost art.

          • There’s something atavistic about all this intergenerational angst. It’s like the ape scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey when stripped of the generational cultural markers. Always got to remember that biology > culture > politics/economy. We are hardwired tribal in the meat.

          • I find all this inter-generational smack profoundly boring. In point of fact there’s not a generation alive that’s worth a dam’. We’re all just varying shades of awful.

          • Agree. As a boomer I am constantly amazed at the idea that we inherited a white utopia. The silent generation gave us most of the things that people hate about us such as mass immigration and feminism. We, of course, let it get worse just as each following generation has let things deteriorate even more.

            But none of that really matters. Most whites have been against the dreadful charges that have taken place but, as we can see with Trump, what we want doesn’t matter.

          • Peel back the veneer of civilization and it’s the old silverback trying to fend off the young challenger.

            Replace that veneer, and it’s sport. All in good fun. Just a bunch of shit talking.

          • Do we have child # 3 or the new house with the bonus room upstairs? The bonus room of course! And let’s fill it with Pepto Bismol colored velour furniture. And oak baby! Lots of oak.

          • Wrong. Boomers were always soft. They were given opportunities. And it shows today. Even when they were binging coke in ’79 and driving their girlfriend to the abortion clinic, they were soft.

          • Yup. Millenials have felt the leftist boot on their face, or have put on the boot. Affirmative action in school admissions is a huge red pill for many of us Millenials. My 1st choice post secondary school had 2 rates of admissions for a male of my qualifications: 2-5% if white, 95-100% if black. Gee, seems like the “systemic racism” i hear about was inverted, I wonder what else is wrong with the Narrative. Then the jobs market where positions and promotions are based on whats between your legs instead of between your ears, and pretty soon you are on this side of the river.
            A long way of saying, modern culture has pushed more of my generation to the hard right than since the early 1900’s, but also pulled more to the hard left. We are more polarized than ever, more than Xers who are more than boomers.

          • It was a faustian bargain for people our age. Lefty took it, righty didn’t. Lefty riding high for now, until the devil gets his due.

            I didn’t take the bargain. Figured it would be better to struggle in youth and have the chance to succeed in middle age instead of losing all in the reckoning. We’ll see if it was a good bet.

          • “A good portion of young gen is more bitter cause they experienced feminist courts & minorities hurting them in some way or thee other.”

            I’m a late Gen Xer and I can relate to both. I’ve been burned in family [kangaroo] court and had significant run-ins with a couple of minorities, with one of them being heavily involved in the aforementioned kangaroo court. Bitterness is an understatement in this case; these red-pilled/black-pilled experiences turned me hard right from my former associations in the Civic Nationalist and Paleolibertarian camps.

    • Woodstock was giant ritual marking transition from christian era to age of aquarius.
      Jesus was not good enough for those fuckers, they wanted satan’s c**c in their asses.
      That’s when female empowerment, homo tolerance & diverse vibrancy was presented as a strength, resulting in current clown world.

      • The people I knew who went to Woodstock and events like that, just wanted to get stoned and find easy pussy. Whatever the back of the rock album said, they mindlessly repeated. That was the way to get the wimmin.

        • hippy womyns. zman, i bet most of your young audience have never experienced a woman with a full pelt (or at all, for that matter).

          • Armenian chicks in 70s hiphuggers.

            She unzips, and that pelt springs like it’s attacking.

            “Warning: Armenian guard pelts”

          • Can’t say that I have. Frankly, when looking forward to dining on a bearded clam, I prefer to not need a machette and a flashlight in the search 😀

          • Egads. Too much information

            (Ok, the difference between a clitoris and a golf ball?
            A man will search half an hour…
            For a golf ball)

        • I know, but I don’t care about their intentions, I care about results of their actions, don’t think God cares either, any faustian reasoning for indulging in sin leads to Hell, doesn’t matter how good their intentions were.

        • Yesterday it was the hippie, today it’s the soy boy cuck. Like a bunch of dogs begging for a treat. No wonder the man-hating.

      • Since you bring up Jesus, all I will say is that, like many great men or ideals, how his so-called followers acted is quite different from the Christ described in the Bible. Somethng about telling a tree by the fruit it makes….?
        If I can substitute “traditional values” for “Jesus” in your post, I agree with it overall.
        Alas, we live in an age where nearly all those in power sell us thorn bushes and insist it will be a crop of figs, just have faith and patience!

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