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It used to be that the political conventions were must see TV for anyone that took their politics and citizenship seriously. Even partisans would watch the other party convention, just to be informed. That pretty much went away entirely in the 1990’s when the Clintons came to power. They introduced all the wretched public relations tactics that are with us today. The conventions are orgies of partisan bomb throwing and petty name calling, making them unwatchable.

In the world of lies, you can’t consume these events via news reports, because the news reports are just paid ads for the uniparty. Joe Biden could have wandered onto the stage in his bathrobe, talked about which pills he takes after breakfast and the reports would have called it an historic speech. Every news outlet is calling his speech “the one he has prepared all his life to deliver.” They started saying that before it was delivered, meaning they were fed the line by the party.

The thing is, democracy does fully represent the culture of the time. The inner party having a dementia patient as their leader makes perfect sense in this age. The fact that he really was their best option make it more poignant. Rather than face the next generation of party hacks, they would rather have a man that captures public sentiment, which is to forget about the whole thing. If he wins in November, it is the perfect ending to the liberal democratic experiment.

How many people bothered to watch is a mystery. Again, in the world of lies we will be told the entire nation tuned in to watch this doddering old fool. The convention did not draw flies for the week, so the guess is Biden was mumbling to the choir. That’s what has made these things unwatchable. They used to be a sales pitch to the general public, but these days they are the sales pitch to the craziest of crazy partisans. The normal person is supposed to be offended by the show.

That’s why it is good to be taking a break from the show the next two weeks. I won’t have to look through the mass media for content to discuss. Reading agit-prop is not a lot of fun in normal times, or what passes for normal now, but it is impossible during the election season. It makes a man think things that should not be thought. What makes it so infuriating is the fact that people producing it either believe it or are so horribly cynical they produce it knowing it is nonsense.

That’s the plan for the next two weeks. I have work projects to finish up that require more time than normal. I have some political projects to work on and the book is starting to come into focus. I’m about halfway done the first draft and the outline for the rest is done, so it is just a matter of writing it. Disconnecting from the media and buying a little time in the schedule is about as close as I get to a vacation these days. I’ll still be posting every day, but the show will be on hiatus until after Labor Day.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. I am now on Deezer, for our European haters and Stitcher for the weirdos. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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  • 00:00 Opening
  • 02:00 Silly People
  • 07:30 Anarchy
  • 13:30 Anti-Semites
  • 16:45 Patreon
  • 28:45 Lock Downs
  • 33:15 Flee The Country
  • 40:00 Milo The Fed
  • 41:15 National Justice
  • 55:00 Thank You

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  2. I’m working on a “Progressive’s Dictionary” (an homage to Bierce’s “Devil’s Dictionary”). Here’s one of mine.

    For the Progressive, a “racist” is someone who does not hate Whites.

  3. Late to this comment thread, but I think that one thing that a victorious Democratic Party will do well is mass amnesty of illegal aliens. I also think that they’ll have fast track to citizenship to turn as many people as posssible into voters; if not by 2022, then by 2024, to ensure permanent Democratic control at the national level.

    Once they get that permanent control, policies such as gun confiscation and white tribute to blacks will follow.

  4. I’ve been following your work for quite some time. Your shots at Mike Enoch would make more sense if you could tell us how he is wrong about the small hats. Have you read “The Culture of Critique?”

    • Have you read “The Culture of Critique?”

      I used to do a joke about this. I read CoC when Mike was in a Trotsky cult. I tell people all the time that there are lots of good things in the book. I also tell people, including Kevin McDonald, that I reject the group evolutionary strategy. There is no known biological process to support it.

      I have never “taken shots at Mike Enoch.” Again, stop personalizing everything. I can disagree with someone without hating them. That’s what normal people do.

      • Z, can you direct me to a post where you explain your disagreement with MacDonald’s “group evolutionary strategy?”

        Birds fly in a pattern although no one bird teaches another bird to do it. Is that such a crazy idea?

        • Off the top of my head:

          I’d have to root around for other posts, as it is not something I dwell on. The fact is, McDonald offers no biological mechanism to support “group evolutionary strategy.” Twenty-five years ago John Derbyshire pointed out that his theory is teleology. I’d be a bit more generous and say it is abductive reasoning. My bottom line argument is that his observations are much more simply explained as the result of ethnocentrism. This is a quality that exists in all human populations, to a varying degree, and has a biological basis.

          I also think psychology is around astrology on the empiricism scale.

          • Not that I feel a great need to jump into this debate, but you write this:

            In fact, this group evolutionary strategy came pretty close to getting all European Jews killed half a century ago. Jewish dominance today is entirely due to America opening up the country to Eastern European Jews at the start of the last century. Apparently, Jews really plan ahead.

            Does evolution guarantee the survival of a species under every set of conditions? Obviously not. Natural selection doesn’t guarantee success when conditions change.

            I’m just trying to understand this. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as “group evolutionary strategy” but Jews have stumbled upon a unique parasitic relationship to white Europeans, that’s not debatable.

          • If Jews were preparing to conquer American before it existed, they should have seen Hitler coming.

          • Is that sarcasm? If it is, let’s review: you’re the one who’s saying it’s teleology. MacDonald doesn’t say that.

          • Totally agree. Whether you call it a GES, or insane levels of ingroup preference, the label doesn’t matter because what they are doing CAN be verified and they are viciously ANTI-WHITE.

          • Agreed. GES or ingroup preference, doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s a feature not a bug. And that dig at psychology being equivalent to astrology was a dig at MacDonald. It’s only half as unreliable as astrology./s

          • The “teleology” argument can be misused to smear any conclusion supported by a great deal of evidence.

            It’s a favorite among guys who pretend their conclusions are reached solely on the evidence and who act as if they are above petty biases and value-judgments.

            KMac has put together a lot of evidence that Jews as a group, particularly their elites, have historically acted out their tribal narrative that Jews are Chosen to rule the nations of the world by the creator of the universe and that all other gods, much less mortals, are nothing compared to Volcano Demon.

            Those invested in justifying their NAJALT’s and, in Derb’s case, admittedly avoiding the Wrath of Cohn, have plenty of sophistry and cherry-picking they can deploy.

            Those who wish to remain unconvinced will never lack for pretexts.

            And yet it moves.

          • The “teleology” argument can be misused to smear any conclusion supported by a great deal of evidence.

            It can also be devastatingly accurate. You have to dismiss it because it is required for membership in that subculture.

            As I said, there is no biological mechanism to support his claim. The most likely explanation for his observations is not an inter-generational conspiracy unique to Jews, but simply ethnocentrism, which has a basis in reality.

          • IIRC, Derbyshire said that it had the “whiff of teleology” or words to that effect.

            What does that mean? It either is or it isn’t.

            If it is, then it didn’t work very well at certain genetic chokepoints in the past and there is ample historical evidence that they have been practicing this strategy for a very long time.

          • He was being nice. If you get a whiff of horse manure, are you holding out the possibility that you are really smelling roses?

          • Lol, so you’re saying that you & Derbyshire believe MacDonald’s theory is teleology then. Now can you reply to my third paragraph? 

            They have been practicing this strategy for a very long time. The idea that present circumstances of Jewish dominance in America is evidence that MacDonald’s argument is teleology is a sleight-of-hand. Does MacDonald ever make that claim? Not that I’m aware of. I believe he’s an atheist in fact. You yourself in your Letter to Anti-Semites admit that “this group evolutionary strategy came pretty close to getting all European Jews killed half a century ago.” Have they changed their strategy as a result? Not that I’m aware of. It resembles evolution more than it resembles some pre-destined end times. But I suppose Jews themselves incorporate a kind of magical teleological thinking in their ethnic awareness so you could say the teleology is embedded in their group strategy.

          • I’ve said many times that McDonald’s theory is ridiculous nonsense. I’ve said it to McDonald. Derb is much more polite.

            Ethnocentrism is a vastly more plausible explanation, because it is rooted in science, not magic.

          • But you’re calling it “magic” and “ridiculous nonsense.” That’s what people say who want to stop debate.

            The Amish also practice a successful ingroup strategy. Ask yourself this question: could the Jews compete with the Amish in what the Amish do best in response to changed circumstances? Maybe the answer is ‘yes’ if you could somehow remove culture from the equation?

            No one can know for certain but the thought exercise is certainly useful.

          • Explain the biological mechanism for group evolutionary strategy. I’ll save you time and tell you that none exists.

          • Group evolutionary strategy works in strange and mysterious way, zman. It’ll bite you in the ass as soon as you turn around.

          • Huh? Their hyper-ethnocentrism spans not only generations but fucking MILLENIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Derbyshire’s review of CULTURE OF CRITIQUE was, in part, intellectually dishonest. He concludes by recalling a Jewish family in Britain and how they were lovely neighbors. Imagine if someone offered successful black friends as evidence against inherited intelligence. Derbyshire would justifiably tear them apart; if I recall correctly, he actually has done this, which made his use of this argument by example all the more puzzling and puke-inducing. His criticism is strongest when he points out he is uncertain evolutionary psychology has a solid foundation.

            In fact, there has not been scientific evidence offered to show genetic mutations that would explain GES. Yet, anyhow. It was long known a certain racial group was more prone to violence than others, and only recently was a genetic trait located to support what was an observed theory. Was the observed theory a teleology prior to location of the violence gene? Of course it wasn’t. Crime stats were offered as evidence that there was a biological basis to black violence, and that proved out. MacDonald offered powerful, irrefutable historical evidence to lend credence to this theory. Frankly, most psychology has the same limitations when it comes to scientific proof so the entire field can be dismissed as theory if someone is so inclined. GES is not at all unique in that regard.

            While there is no biological evidence yet to support GES, CoC viewed alone as a polemic certainly makes a powerful rhetorical argument in its favor. It may turn out to be a crackpot theory but what is observed goes far beyond a correlation vs. causation analysis.

          • (Off the bat, this gem:

            I thought it was a good time to respond to this generous invitation to become an anti-Semite.”)

        • Yes, thanks, Zman, for your reply, that struck me as important too.

          (Thanks, Sand, for bringing it up.)

      • I actually had to laugh at this reply, no offense. Group evolutionary strategies are well known in the scientific community. KMAC was steeped in such studies. His first work dealt with wolves. And you can be sure that some of those observations carried over to apply to the small hats.
        I think you can easily glean that jews do indeed have a GES by simply observing their behavior and the undisputed fact that they have a particularistic outlook, always doing what is good for their group and screwing everybody else.

  5. Enoch is either a drooling idiot, or is evil. He’s not a drooling idiot and so that leaves only one choice.
    You would think if he were sincere that he would be laying low and running his show. Enoch isn’t stupid. He knows he cannot attach his name and face to a party that has political aspirations. Whatever his angle is, it doesn’t involve getting elected to anything.
    But if his being a failure and a disaster in waiting was the only possible outcome, well, there are a lot of crazy people out there and most are not on my radar. But they won’t be imposing costs on me, while Enoch and his band of freaks and weirdos will be imposing costs on us. All of the social media bannings happened as a result of the last time these guys managed to get themselves in the public eye. What’s it gonna be this time? How many young white males are going to be doxed?
    Perhaps Charlottesville was a result of their being young, ambitious and naive’. Even granting them the most slack and saying they didn’t know not to put on retard rallies in progressive college towns, something we were all kind of naive about, none of us can be naive NOW in 2020 with hindsight. To do this again is the height of either stupidity or evil. I can only assume Enoch is evil.

    • You optics guys keep waiting for the perfect presentation, which never arrives.

      Time is running short.

      Mike is placing a bet that normal, heterosexual men will respond to his straightforward message. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe he will not succeed but he will be another brick upon the path. Ten years ago, I failed to get E-Verify mandated in a Northern CA town. Keep pushing.

      Your side will likely never act anyway, so you’re largely irrelevant. Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

      • I saw Greg Johnson pose the following question to someone about this. What do you think will be the outcome?

        I think that is a fair question. What do you think will come of this effort?

        • I don’t know if the Flight 93 narrative is truthful or not, but let’s assume that it is.

          A fat Chris Farley guy storming the cockpit and getting eviscerated is better than sitting still because of the example he sets to the others.

          Even if Mike is a poisonous cretin, we need to try, within the bounds of law.

          • I thought I addressed this in the show, but maybe I cut it out. Doing something is always assumed to be better than doing nothing, but we know that is not true. Doing something stupid is never better than not doing something stupid.

            Therefore, to use your analogy, one way for you to look at it as is a passenger. Maybe the pilot is a lunatic determined to crash the plane. Maybe he is not a lunatic and the guy rushing the cockpit is mistaken. If you are unsure or even have some doubts about the pilot’s intentions, would you not try and stop Chris Farley from killing himself? Would you stop him from killing the pilot and possible killing you as a result?

            The “it is better to do something than do nothing” argument is usually just a way to avoid evaluating the proposed course of action. It assumes the proposed course of action will not make things worse. The reality of life says that is rarely true.

            That still leaves open the question I asked you. What do you think comes of it? What are the range of outcomes?

          • I wish him all the luck in the world. But given that even the most optimistic among us recognizes we can’t vote our way out of our predicament, what is the use of an organization whose purpose is to collect votes?

            If he manages to get his party on the ballot, I’ll be pleased to vote for it. I’m just skeptical that I’ll have enough company for it to amount to anything besides an impotent act of defiance.

        • It’s far too early to say. They sound like they’re not taking the obvious bait of seeking the Presidency or national offices out of the gate. If they follow the lead of groups like NRM and CasaPound – focusing on creating a cultural and social movement more than just something political, they’re on the right track.

          Greg’s another guy who tries to cloak his personal animosity in high-mindedness.

          I’m not concerned about his concerns, or his “fair” questions over the ultimate fate of an ambitious endeavor that’s been public for less than a week.

          • Again, you feel the need to personalize everything. This allows you to dismiss his point, with out considering it.

      • It’s not “optics.” That’s a straw man. They don’t have “bad optics”
        If they decide to take their show on the road and they end up being attacked by antifa and fight back and get arrested and sent to prison for a decade, that won’t be an optics problem.

        “Bad optics” is the fact that Mike is yelling in a barn.

        • I do wish Enoch’s optics were better. I guess Optics is a politically charged word for some reason. Why do him and his buddies have to be so blatantly racist with the n-word and the kyke word. And just the way they put things? They could get the same point across, but stated differently. It’s like he’s masochistic. You don’t talk like that if you’re trying to win. Just tone it down a bit dude so I can go to your rally and actually tell my friends and family about it. He’s a cool guy but I think there’s something wrong with him. He has deeply troubled eyes.

          • Using nice language didn’t help Jared Taylor. It doesn’t matter. They hate us no matter what we say or do….they hate us because we are WHITE.

          • He should stop pretending he is anything other than a comedian. I assume he uses gratuitous racism for comedic effect.
            The bigger question is why was he running an antisemetic podcast while being married to a Jewish woman? When asked about it, he claims he can’t talk about it because of a supposed gag order between him and his ex wife. Rather convenient.

            We are losing, badly, in the culture. Not just on dissident things either. All of the institutions in America oppose us and everything we stand for or say we like. We don’t need politicians who can’t possibly win. Dissidents don’t win popularity contests.

        • His speech was epic and heartfelt. And it was also TRUTHFUL.
          It was certainly better than anything the stupid DNC has churned out in the last week.

    • You are utterly FOS.
      Mike is the big brain of the far right. Mark Collett had him on recently and praised him to high heaven. Mike explains things in detail. TRS and FTN are easily the best sources of truth and their deep dives are filled with information you will not get anywhere else.
      C’ville wasn’t the fault of any of our people; the city and police dept caused all of the trouble, not the men on the right.

  6. From Desert Plains.. Streamed the entire podcast while riding my sport bike in gorgeous north country. Streamed Priest, Point of Entry, no shots given to the lulz of some of these song titles in post closet Halfords.

    Might be the only listener today to be turned in during a few 100+ twists of the wrist. Good headphones are worth it.

    My point is that some leftist ass fucking scum is not stealing my life force. They can rot in their ghettos. I didn’t see a one on the open road and combining a Z podcast with riding how and where I want reminds me that FREEDOM is a gift.

    I will not post under any goody handle I have used already here. No need to self dox as a scofflaw. I raise my middle finger whenever I come up on a “Wear a Mask” traffic sign or traffic camera.

    These greasy politicians think they are the rock stars of now. Always demanding attention. Fuck these people.

    • And fuck auto correct and typing on a phone in sunlight hehe. Tuned, turned, and no shots, but ready when shits become shots.

  7. The idea of investing in an already established party like the Constitution party is a good one. Why reinvent the wheel? And if we can’t get some of those civ nats on board with some of our ideas we ain’t going anywhere anyway. We gotta go their way a little and let them come our way a little. Same applies to several smaller organizations I can think of. We have the numbers in some parts of the nation to at least have a minority presence in an already established club or party.
    To me this is the way to go. Immigrate into the Constitutional party or the something like the American Legion or the local Gun club or even the HL Menchen club. Sorry old guys over there it’s time for some younger leaders to come along and take the torch.

    • Well, the big obstacle for that is the Constitution Party (probably) has the good sense to tell the TRS guys to go pound sand.
      Mike and the TRS guys are (well, maybe are) good at running an underground “political comedy” podcast. That does not make them good politicians or organizers. I think they were having some success with the pool parties. That’s not nothing. Those pool parties may very well be creating lasting friendships and networks. They should be trying to expand that, not run a political party.
      Success in being an offensive YouTuber or podcaster simply does not translate well into politics. Sargon of Akkad tried this and was an utter laughing stock.

      • I finally gave a listen to Enoch’s founding speech. It wasn’t the total face plant I thought it would be, but I can see Z’s point about it being a sermon for the choir.

        I can’t say that I have much confidence in third parties. Most voters don’t vote so much for what they want, they vote against what they don’t want. And if your objective is keeping the Democrats out of power, you stand a better chance of making it happen by voting for a mediocre Republican than a terrific third party candidate.

        Arguably third parties can function as advocacy/outreach groups, but that doesn’t seem to have worked out so well for the Libertarian Party. As has been pointed out, there are more libertarians in the Republican Party than there are in the Libertarian Party. I have no doubt there are more white nationalists in the Republican Party than in any third parties as well.

        I’ve concluded third parties mostly just suck up resources. The Uniparty owns the electoral infrastructure, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. As much as that may suck, your best chance of having any influence (admittedly still not much of a chance} is working within it. I wish Enoch luck with his project, but I doubt that our interests are going to be advanced at the ballot box.

        The fact is we’re a minority, not a majority. We have no chance in electoral politics. The only way we’re going to advance is to separate from the majority. And you can forget about them ever letting us vote on that.

    • Did you go to Mencken last year?
      (Oct 2019)

      I had at least 10 ideas in the first 10 minutes or less how the entire thing could have been snazzed up and made more accessible to the younger set.

      (And all while maintaining some sense of ‘security’…. I’ll leave that to the man-folk…)

    • It seems like a pretty good idea on first blush. The American Constitution party of Colorado is affiliated with the national-level Constitution party. They received about 36% of the vote in the 2010 governors race, but Tom Tancredo was on the ticket. Support collapsed after that (Tancredo went back to the Republicans.) But it gives some rough idea what support his primary issue of immigration got in Colorado in 2010, which is encouraging, it probably would get even more support today.

      I didn’t really care about immigration issues in 2010, sorry to say, mostly concerned about economic stuff so I didn’t vote for him. I might not have voted at all givn the choices. Don’t remember.

      Not because you can trust Wikipedia but only because I couldn’t find anything detailed at the ACP website, I looked at their Wikipedia entry and agreed with maybe 11 of the 17 planks. A lot of their stuff is just crank issues or not relevant in the current year like “retake the Panama canal” or “immediately collect all foreign debts owed to the U.S.” Other stuff I agree with in principle but imo isn’t realistic for a party that wants to be seen as a major party, such as “repeal the 17th amendment.”

      It’s probably better to just register as a Republican and get involved that way at a local level. That’s where change will occur and you’ll learn just as much about how things actually happen as you would at a minor party like the Constitution party.

  8. There is nothing I want to see more than college sports die. Entire bogus areas of study have been created to facilitate 85 IQ blacks playing college sportsball. It’s also incredibly corrosive to colleges and to the world in general. With all of the dishonesty around college athletes and the fake and dishonest ways they get compensated. Everyone makes money off of college athletics except the athletes. It loads the colleges up with criminals who are also celebrities. It coursens the culture of the college.

    Before the alleged elites started worshiping blacks, and the monetization of college sports, particularly through TV, this was not a problem and college sports programs added something to the college. But a combination of BILLIONS of dollars and the worshiping of black athletes have conspired to utterly destroy college sports. I want to see college sports BURN TO THE GROUND.

  9. OT: now that remaking movies with joggers in white roles is all the rage, i thought of some movies that would be good for lebron to participate in.

    1. Of Mice And Men: playing Lelennie
    2. To Kill a Mocking Bird: playing Jigaboo Radley
    3. The Wizard of Oz: playing the Tin Man
  10. Question for ZMan and those who call TRS “anti-semites:” Is it reasonable to call you “anti-black?” For every anti-j3w comment the TRS guys have made, I bet I could find an equally harsh statement that you have made about blacks.

    Is the difference that Enoch laughed when you called him “the Pope of Anti-Semites” and you might object if I called you “the Pope of Anti-Blacks?”

    • Accuracy is important with labels. TRS calls themselves antisemites and they tick all the boxes for the definition. Calling me anti-black would fail both tests. I don’t call myself a racist and I am not, in fact, a racist.

      I think you are struggling with your Progressive priors. You think the label “anti-Semite” is a derisive term. The TRS guys do not, which is why the embrace it. I’m just respecting their choices. I make no judgments on their decision to do so.

      • In their case I get your point about the non pejorative nature of anti semite. You do use the term generally and in normal discourse that is a dismissive end to all further dialog with many.

        • As I said, I think, there’s a need for another label with those guys. They may not care if anti-Semite is a pejorative and I may not care, but the world has been trained to believe it is a negative label, even a slur. There’s also a difference between them and someone who is just not fond of people outside their ethnicity. The TRS guys are creating an ideology and explanatory narrative around antisemitism, which is different than simply be pro-white or pro-black or pro-ethnic group.

          The salient point here is people have a right o choose their own labels, within the bonds of reality. Enoch has made it quite clear he does not mind being labeled an anti-Semite. He’s also embraced the terms fascist and Nazi. I think those last two are a stretch and I’d not be inclined to use them.

      • It seems to me that the “anti-semite” label is about as useless as the “racist” label. Both are applied widely and indiscriminately to mean something or someone the person applying the label doesn’t like; whether it’s genuine malice or simply a policy disagreement. It halts genuine discussion and that’s almost never good.

        • They often are merely thought stoppers used to put the target in a defensive mode. I’m really not a racist, never have been. But pointing out facts and statistics when I’m asked about things has “earned” me the label on a few occasions.

        • I think of it as a warning.
          I’ve lost friends of over 20 years,

          Normie absolutely loses his sh*t if you hint that they might be something less than God on earth.

        • Anti semite = Hater of Jesus haters, from my perspective
          A christian tolerating Jesus haters, letting them infiltrate his society is what upsets me? A christian by definition should be anti semite.
          Race realist atheists see life from different perspective, they just wanna be left alone by the negroid hordes, that’s it. They don’t care about the history of how those negroid races ended up ruining western world, to them jews are cosmpolitan succesful whites, the alt right hates them cause they’re jealous or low iq or some crap like that. Negroids being invited to the west was just a miscalculation on the part of the elites, the elites were too greedy, they wanted negroes to do the labour so that the old people could get their pensions, as if any elite out there gives a flying fuck about old age normies.

          • I know my thinking is not the general thinking among non Christians but my idea of the Jew is that he is just a non believer with ethnic ties. The early Christian leaders were Jews yet they themselves defined Jews as enemies of mankind. They did NOT mean that in a ethnic sense because ethnically they themselves were Jews and they were not enemies of mankind. They meant it in a metaphysical sense. A spiritual sense.
            So at the end of the day Jews are no different than unbelievers from a traditional Christian perspective.

          • So at the end of the day Jews are no different than unbelievers from a traditional Christian perspective.
            If christians and muslims/satanists are not compatible, then why are christians & jews compatible?
            Jews are not atheists in the truest sense, they bring rabbis, talmuds & kabbalahs with them.
            Also they try to subvert, unbelievers just mind their own business.

      • No one who has read this site for more than a week believes you make no judgments on TRS.

        Honestly-admitted animosity is better than faux high-mindedness.

        Alleging Line’s “Progressive priors” to leverage this tactic is Buckley-tier professorial snobbery and dissimulation.

        You’re better than this. Something about this ongoing beef brings out the worst in you.

        • No, what you are suffering from is the hive mind. It plagues that subculture. If someone is not 100% on board with what you guys are doing, then you assume they are 100% opposed. There’s no middle ground with you guys. It’s why you guys are constant drama and infighting. The slightest deviation or push back is treated as a personal affront.

          • For someone who rightfully decries libertarian individualism you sound a lot like Moldbug with the “hive mind” critique.

            Group cohesion, authenticity and coherent messaging were once considered good things here.

            It would be better to admit you’re making unprincipled exceptions out of personal beefs and loyalties than to pretzel your logic and contradict your past posting in trying to hold the high ground.

            We’re all human. We shouldn’t have to like each other to cooperate if the cause is as important as we say it is. Or at least stay in our own lanes.

            As for who’s creating more drama, countersignaling and intolerance, the audience can judge for itself who’s protesting too much.

      • I find no meaningful difference between TRS’s feelings towards j3ws and the feelings of most of the commenters on this site’s feelings towards blacks.

        It is a distinction without a difference.

          • To circle back to Z’s original point, I prefer the term “Counter Semite.”

            I understand the biological basis for their actions and I want to live in a place where they aren’t. I don’t hate them for hatred’s sake.

            This was the standard position of the 2015-17 AltRight.

          • That is an important distinction. I covered this in a podcast a year or so ago. There are those who think Jews are just another competitor group and think they should be treated as such. I would not call them antisemitic. They don’t hate Jews any more or less than any other out-group. If Identitarian was not such an awkward word, it would be a great label for that group. Ethnic-nationalist would work too, I suppose.

          • My position pretty much mirrors Z’s, with the added distinction that the Tribe is extra, extra good at being extra, extra bad for White interests.

          • I think we are about to learn that South Asians are better at the skins game than anyone, including the Jews.

          • I think Z already mentioned the difference: “The TRS guys are creating an ideology and explanatory narrative around antisemitism.” Our view of POCs is one of many faults we see with the world. To TRS the J3ws are everything. To such an extent that I think they’re fair game for a bit of ridicule.

        • for a start, people here don’t shout “Nigger!” and start foaming at the mouth…no matter what the topic at hand.

        • AA lived in the Phillipines and SE Asia for a time. He claimed to be living in Nigeria, then Uganda, but it was always very tongue in cheek.

      • I don’t care if you scream it from the mountaintops. There is no functional difference between a “race realist” and a “racist”. And I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense.


        • I disagree. It’s not as if these terms are new. For as long as I’ve been alive, a racist is someone who hates another race. A race realist is just someone who accepts the reality of race. I say this as someone who thinks being a racist is down there with picking your nose or breaking wind on an elevator. I’m not drawing a distinction to slip the moral noose of the Left. I just think there is an important difference.

          • It is an important difference, because really, the J’s aren’t going away, ever.

            Nor are we going to stop using their industries; even an all white enclave will use FedReserve notes, media, and the Bible.

          • That’s a distinction that might matter among paleo-cons but no one to either their Left or Right believes this anymore.

            We tried hair-splitting over “race-realism” vs. “racism” for decades – it earned us no purchase and wasted our time and effort.

            I’m an unapologetic racist and anti-semite. I reciprocate what I see from Jews and Coloreds of Person.

            Do unto others as they would do unto you.

            Because we have to survive and make a future for our race.

            Biology, culture & politics, in that order, and in harmony.

            You taught us that.

          • What’s funny about these “race realists” is that they get lumped in with Stormfronters and skinheads anyway. The ADL, SPLC, and the entire establishment don’t care about these nuanced “differences”.

            It’s another one of those “beautiful loser” strategies that has plagued the Right for decades.

          • What’s funny about you guys is you lash yourselves to the people you claim to oppose. You base everything on what the Left says. “Oh, I can’t hold to this bit of reality because the Left will not congratulate me for it.”

  11. Thank you, Z Man! Will miss the Friday podcasts for the next couple of weeks but wish you luck in accomplishing all you need to do during this busy time. Don’t forget to rest and take a little time for pleasures for yourself!

  12. Re: Flee The Country
    If you can, move to the country where your people live. If you are Polish, go back to Poland, if you are Italian, go back to Italy, etc. If you are English… not sure if you still have somewhere to go.
    If you are too far removed from your ancestors or unable to move to a country where you blend in, you’ll have to stay and make it somehow work in the US. Good luck, you’ll need it!

    • <i>If you can, move to the country where your people live. If you are Polish, go back to Poland, if you are Italian, go back to Italy, etc.</i>


      If you’re born and raised in America, it is unlikely that you would ever become Polish or Italian, neither in your own mind or in your neighbors’. Your goal is to make your children Polish and Italian.

      If your family is from Scotland and you move to Poland, the narrative for your offspring is: “my family is from America, we came here three generation ago.” But if you’re of Polish ancestry it’s “my ancestors fought at the gates of Vienna, we lived in America for a while.

      Here’s the good news: you probably have more than one ancestral homeland if you go through your family history, so you will have options.

    • Being 100 percent German, but not first generation, do I return to Germany? Eastern Germany still has some fight left, and the strengthening business relationships with Russia could yield positive developments, but Germany has been engulfed by Cultural Marxism far-worse than the United States. Sadly, it’s reverted back to the Weimar Republic thanks to the Tribe.

      • @ Amwolf – You must not tell half stores to our American friends. Prussian Germany in the East had some of the finest Universities in Germany, comparable to those in the West, with industries and factories to match back in its day. 

        Perhaps you have been gone too long and forgotten our troubles came from the hillbillies in Bavaria who were easily fooled and swayed by our old Austrian Chancellor.

        The East only failed, and remained a backwater, no thanks to the effects of the DDR. Their present state of affairs was clearly compounded by the mass exodus of those who left after the wall came down.

        Would you argue that Germany would not be better off if it returned as a Deutscher Volksstaat? Clearly so which is why our current politicians tremble when those words are spoken today. At least they knew how to get things done and didn’t fool around with Auslanders!

    • I’ll take England over Doucheland.I live in England and had the misfortune to have to visit Dusseldorf. Cornwall is not nearly as globalized as that dump.

      • If you think Dusseldorf was bad you’d never make it through Munich Central Station.

        • OMG — I have heard that the Hbf area in MUC is now like little… take your pick. Constantinople… Oh Wait…

          …Now like little Istanbul, Algiers, Beirut, etc. And it never was a “clean” area of town. But now its gone parabolically bad, I have heard from local friends.

          • Carrie-

            I felt far less safe passing a few hours in the Munich Hbf than I ever did during the five years I spent in Algiers.

  13. It was encouraging for you to call out letters from other listeners that live in my neck of the woods, its nice to know they’re out there. For the life of me, I can’t can’t figure out how to connect with like minded folks in my area. I did reach out to the AIM guys, but it didnt seem like their security was enough for the purge that will only get worse.

  14. “…If he wins in November, it is the perfect ending to the liberal democratic experiment….”
    Indeed. The experiment concludes neither with a bang, or a whimper – rather babbling to itself about dog face pony soldiers and other such nonsense.

    • Great advice. Make sure that it’s updated and ideally, try to get a second passport if you already have one. It’s easy to obtain one for Panama and an ideal country, Russia, has decreased some of their requirements under certain circumstances.

      • Really? That’s your answer? Get a Passport and immigrate? And do you seriously think another country would want you people?

        You’re all broke, you can’t read or speak our language, your education system is so poor that you barely know your own history, let alone ours. And culturally you’ll never fit in. Honestly, you’re the equivalent to a illegal Mexicans crossing the border – all you want are the benefits of what we built without contributing anything.
        Think critically and be honest with yourselves –

        • Why should anyone want you in their country?
        • What do you have to offer another country, and their people, they don’t already have?

        The world has seen enough of American tourists to know what Americans are really like. Tourists represent the best slice of America society than any other demographic. And believe me when I say this, we’ve experienced enough hubris about how America is so great, while spouting off about how the rest of the world is all backward and stupid and how you saved us all from ourselves. Oddly, you can’t seem to save yourselves from yourselves. Hummmm…

        I can’t tell you the irony of comments from American tourists I’ve overheard as they stare into their smartphones while walking through cathedrals in Florence or Paris or Köln, painfully oblivious to what’s around them. Cathedrals that have stood for a thousand years before anyone even knew North America existed.

        And these aren’t just Millenials and hipsters, these are the full range of American generations and backgrounds that represent all American social and economic backgrounds.All equally prideful yet ignorant of the world around them.

        Like it or not, the USA continues to become yet another third world run by a single political oligarchy. You may have fooled yourselves with those two so-called Political parties called the Republicans and Democrats, but you’re only fooling yourselves. It’s one single party, ruled by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Everyone knows it.

        Then take a close look at pictures of your own cities this year. Locals all carrying their big guns riding around in big trucks threatening each other. Do you know where else they do this? In shit-hole countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. Like it or not, you have a lot more in common with them than us.

        Just try to get visa to live in Europe; no one wants Americans. Why do you think every civilized country, except the third world countries, makes it nearly impossible for Americans to immigrate into their countries? Because we’ve seen exactly what you’ve done to your country and we don’t want it here.

        Of course I’ll get bashed for this post. But if you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit it – you don’t want poor, illiterate, unskilled foreigners coming into your country. So what makes you think anyone else would want you in theirs?

          • No, Americans still have a tfr over 1.1; Germans dont even want there to be Germans, even if it means being volcel, apparently.

          • Imagine your forefathers wore lederhosen in public. You too would abstain from procreation voluntarily.

        • NAAALT, Karl. And we’re welcome most places we go.

          Germans already “have it here.” Scandinavians and your other neighbors look on Germany and its EU project as the American Empire of Europe.

          One of my long-term hostesses in Oslo last year was very glad to have me vs. the “constantly complaining German couple” that stayed with her previously.

          Your anti-Americanism is almost Canadian-tier and your tropes about White Americans are straight out of Jewish media.

          You often have some good points but this is just trolling.

        • Karl – You’ll get no bashing from me. I loved my years in Europe. I believe there are some things we could learn from one another and improve on, but you are spot on re Americans’ ignorance and arrogance in general. Europe’s worst problems seem to have been caused by emulating us or giving in to American pressure (beginning with using Turkish guest workers). I would ask a bit more compassion, however, for a people hated and persecuted in their own country.

          • it takes a special kind of ignorance to invade Russia with no plans — or equipment — for Winter. Karl, what is your favorite part of the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact? I mean, which part most exemplifies german honor.

        • what if we convert to Islam? I bet you let us in then. yah, why can’t American tourist have the golden reputation of german tourists? Guffaw.

          [hey Karl, see if you can get merkel to kick out all the US service men. thanks.

        • Karl, Germans (both pre/post confederation) were the largest ethnic group in the US for a very long time. And when it comes to obnoxious tourists, I’m calling it a tie between our two countries. I’ve witnessed cringeworthy American behavior in Europe and the same by Germans in the US. (Especially among “sporty” Germans where they do the “You call this a Black Diamond trail?” ” You call this class 5 whitewater?” “I climbed Aconcagua in high-heels with no O2.”) Where does this get us?

          • It gets us President Horst if the gods were merciful

            With Austrian Ahhnold as VP

            My name is Ahnold
            Und I am not a Kraut
            But if you don’t vote for me
            I vill take you OUUUTTT

        • What you say may be generally true of Americans, but it doesn’t apply to all of us. I would think any sensible immigration protocol would go on a case-by-case basis. Not that I have the slightest interest in immigrating to Germany, mark you, and that despite the fact that I have a good German surname.

        • Oh, Touché (that’s French), Karl.

          Does my German not count?

          And actually, from personal experience: The Continent likes the Leftist Americans, which are primarily the ones who move and live there.
          (In Western Europe, at least.)

          Sigh. I’ll just add it to the list of things that make me a unicorn: living on The Continent but still (at the time) having believed in American Exceptionalism.

          I still think y’all are envious.

          • And actually, from personal experience: The Continent likes the Leftist Americans, which are primarily the ones who move and live there.


            Also, American expats make more money than the locals on average, and pay more taxes.

        • Your take on American tourists is at least thirty years out of date. They’ve even started to crank down the volume a bit.

          And they’re about a trillion times better than Chinese tourists.

        • Take it easy there fritz, some of us have worked and lived in your country, I have.
          300 or so of my colleagues are still there.
          As you prefer your country I prefer mine.
          Our third biggest problem here is blacks, yours muslims. Second brainwashed women first and foremost (((bankers)))
          War is coming for us both I wish you luck you’re going to need it.

      • Russia and Ireland are two of the countries that have opened up citizenship for their diasporas. This trend will continue for nations that are losing population to GloboShlomo emigration. I always tell guys to get as many passports as you can. Options are important.

        Get your documentation in line sooner than later for that, too – just got bought up by the (((usual suspects))) and the Tribe now controls most mass-market DNA and genealogical resources.

        But race doesn’t exist and ancestry doesn’t matter, goy.

        • OMG, the boy (loving) genius is actually recommending russia as a place to move to?! how effing stupid do you have to be to do that?!

          • I’m an American who has spent significant time in Russia and from a social issues perspective, it runs circles around the United States. In addition to the country’s embracement of traditionalism and Orthodox Christianity, freedom of speech actually exists there unlike here. You can openly speak out against joggers and LGBT without being canceled — in fact, it’s more-less encouraged and expected that you speak out against these forms of degeneracy.

          • Russia does a good job of allowing sodomites to live and work while taking measures to suppress their recruitment, grooming, and normalization activities, thus limiting their opportunities to expand their powerbase and whine about discrimination.

          • For newer readers, KM is not an ironic parody of a Boomer-Con. This is what he’s genuinely like.

            Don’t be like this.

        • I’ve recently spent time in Russia. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are wonderful cities. St. Petersburg is a gem — it’s beautiful, clean, and full of history. Moreover, the residents are polite and respectful. I walked 5-10 miles per day while there for nearly a month and was never bothered once — and I spent time in most parts of the city during both day and night. A lot can be said about Russian culture and her populace. The West should emulate Russia, not denounce her.

      • Somewhat on-topic, but in the past few weeks I ahve twice encountered what I have reason to believe are recent arrivals from Eastern Europe, which historically is not that unusual for the area in which I live, but still. How bad are these places that people would risk ever present random darkie crime while living under GloboHomoJoe?

        • This is an interesting development. Are these Eastern European immigrants from war zones such as Donbass and/or are they seeking the “Western, liberal dream”?

          • Sorry, dunno. One was a woman with her kid at the haircut place, white as white-white can be, but her and her son were going over a translation on their phone to make sure the haircut instructions were correct. If I had to guess they spoke Polish or a language like it.
            The other was a couple of dudes, Russian if I had to guess, at the local bar. Again, their English was really rough.
            Sure they moved here because the area has all the churches, grocers, etc., that they’d want, but they’d have that back home too, but without the American Menace.
            Hmm, I guess we’re all running away from something…

          • There are a ton of E Europeans in my industry.
            Chicago, Buffalo, Jersey.

            Once I listened with delight as a whole crowd recited their state car manufacturers.

            In Chicago, you’ll see three shelves of jarred red beets. What in heck is it with Poloks and red beets?!

          • Probably this just like all of those joggers from northern Africa who are now overly abundant in Maine, Montana, and North Dakota.

          • Don’t get me started on Somalis.
            They’ve taken over Electrolux in Minnesota, ffs.

            Bloody everywhere now, like the Sikh.
            All those 0% equipment loans by our government, you know, the kind American-born can’t get.

          • Minneapolis and London have a lot in common as they both emulate shitholes. Minneapolis is now dubbed “Little Mogadishu” while London is dubbed “Londonistan”.
            And Minneapolis accepted what, tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees”?

    • Why get a passport and flee when we have a chance to fight for our people or country? This is a great time to be alive!

      • Passports aren’t just about fleeing. It’s better to have it and not need it…

        There may come a time when Our Guys need to have their own equivalent of Sicily for the Corleone’s when things here get “hot.” Michael came back – we can too.

        And networking with other nationalist groups is still useful. Those contacts like all contacts in Our Thing need to be done mostly face-to-face.

        • This is good advice. Having a second or third passport is about having options and increasing your mobility. It has nothing to do with abandoning one’s nation of birth.

          Ghislaine Maxwell had three passports.

          • Why do you need a passport? Have you forgotten your own Territories far from immigrants, crime and unhappiness?
            Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands in the North Pacific Ocean, and American Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean.
            I hear Hawaii is nice in the winter too!

          • Horst, you need not fear an American inundation. For the vast majority of us, Germany would be about the last place to which we’d want to relocate. You beat out sub-Saharan Africa, the Islamic world and maybe, MAYBE, Great Britain, France, Sweden and the Netherlands, and that’s it.

          • Having a second or third passport is about having options and increasing your mobility.

            With that attitude, you’re probably not going to feel at home in an ethnostate. Nationalists only have one passport; if you want a new one, you’ll have to turn in the old, that’s how it works.

            Ghislaine Maxwell had three passports.

            Just so.

      • That’s exactly my point. Forget about leaving. Americans need to take back their birthright, and yes, America IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

        Just like my forefathers, we made Germany what it is just as your forefathers made America what it is.The good with the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Accept who you are and what your country stands for and make it yours again.

        If you want a historical reference to WW2, it is fair to look at the stupidity of our Austrian Chancellor and his party. But the fact still remains; we rebuilt our country into the power house of Europe. France and the UK paled in comparison to what rose from the ashes of the Reich and became modern Democratic Germany.

        Yes. We’ve made mistakes. That is clear. The Turkish guest workers and recent immigration are obvious. But Germans are not leaving our homeland. And you leave yours shouldn’t either.

        To the point of American service men in Germany, we have always welcomed them and have respected them. They are true professionals and they will always be welcome here as guests in our home.

        It is unfortunate our Government did not hold up it’s end of the deal. Trump is right. Take your troops out if you must. But believe me, many Germans will watch them go with a heavy heart.

        • Here here, Karl! As an American of significant German ancestry, I often lament that my forefathers left. I love Germany and the German people. And try to visit as often as I can.

  15. If I had to critique the Dissidents, I might say that they internalize things that they shouldn’t. The Dissident Right is not a small thing because of you – it’s because the western world is not ready for your message yet. They still have full bellies, a warm place to sleep at night, and many can avoid the consequences of diversity by moving. Random fatalities from diversity always happen to someone else; why get on board with the Dissidents when life is good? You “are not their monkeys, not their fight”. But you ARE interesting and you are presentable and respectable… and that is huge.

    The National Justice party is not. Lefty is going to eat them for lunch. It will be the usual moronic liberal morality play that our esteemed blog host so accurately describes: these guys are volunteering to put on the Nazi outfit the left holds out for them, play their part – and then flee from the stage in a hail of rotten vegetables thrown by an angry crowd of booing, gobbing spectators. They did the same thing to the tea party, the Alt Right and the Proud Boys – and they’ll do it to these guys. They present as hot heads… and that will scare the chit out of a Normie, never mind Lefty.
    On-ramps are good, but potentially dangerous. If I were to council the Dissidents, I’d say that on boarding new members has to be done with extreme care. Sure, the left has on boarded the cunty Karen’s and cat ladies, the moslems and vibrants, the union slobs, etc. But as our blog host notes – they can destroy and disrupt, but they can’t run things. To be viable, you guys WILL have to run things and have a plan for doing so.
    Be patient, you guys. Keep a level head and keep doing what you do. Eventually they will come to you, rather than you having to sell yourself. The thing you have to do is be ready for them when they come, because they will do so en masse.
    Have a good weekend fellas, and keep your wits about you and your loved ones.

    • Haven’t heard the podcast yet, but great post. Thanks.

      Thus spake Uncle Adolf: as long as we’re gaining adherents, confrontation is not in our interest.

    • Good, solid shotgun. I carried one of various “configurations” in Vietnam and Central America.

    • I’ll second that this is an outstanding gun. I’ve used it for small game (shooting grouse and rabbits at longer ranges) and turkey. The 870 is also great for shooting trap, but you’ll feel it the next morning.

        • I don’t care what people say about 20 gauge shotguns; they’ve always been a favorite of mine for small game as you’re left with some meat rather than a clump of guts. Even my 410 has been a great gun, but it’s usage is limited for anything other than a starter gun.

        • Caveat to .20 gauges. If you can find cheap ($100 or less) breach or break loading .20 gauges pick them up. If your state allows they are great to chuck into your cars to have some sort of long arm with you. If they get stolen, no biggie.

        • Rare is the man who doesn’t hit the ground after absorbing a 20 gauge slug. I’ve got a break-open Winchester 20 gauge my dad bought me for 30 bucks at a pawn shop back in ’79, in addition to my Ruger .357 magnum. I feel pretty well prepared for any BLM/ANTIFAGs that may tread upon my lawn.

          • It depends upon the number of ANTIFAGS and their resolution to fight. I have every expectation that once the first shot is fired, they’ll scatter to the four winds.

          • Watch that scene from “The Outlaw Josey Wales” where he describes why he shot who in descending order. Don’t know if its reliable but it’s a cool scene.

      • That feeling and the bruise you get is nature’s way of encouraging you to improve your technique. 🙂

      • 870 Wingmaster Dad got it for me on my 12th Birthday before I had been using a 20 gauge single shot…That and a Ruger 10/22 are the two guns a boy needs when growing up…Also a 270 or 3006 for when he starts deer hunting alone…

    • Top notch shotgun. Cleaning is easy, just make sure to clean the slide rails and lube them up afterwards and that gun will serve you well. Personal opinion: stay away from mounting a forward handgrip. It’s unnecessarily shock on your forward hand and it’s just plain gay.

    • My general advice would be to get an older, used one. Remington is not the company it once was. I bought my 870 12 gauge in the late ’80s/early 90s and my 870 20 gauge in early 2000s.

  16. Enjoy the hiatus and good luck on the book–we are looking forward to it. Tuning out cannot be recommended highly enough. I’ll check the podcast later.

  17. You know there have been some real bright spots with covid. The destruction of the public schools, sports, Hollywood but one for me personally is I never have to hug another stranger. I love that

    • Whitney —
      AND one other thing (related to “no hugging strangers”) is:
      people get out of your way if you’re walking down an aisle
      (especially against the directional arrows pasted on the grocery store floor! Gasp!!) and just don’t care who you pass by.
      I love that. People just get out of my way, sometimes sheepishly. It’s funny.

      • The other one is walking on the sidewalk. I never get in the street. If you feel the need to say 6 feet away from me you can get in the street. The weird thing is is they always know. No matter what direction I’m walking people always get out of my way. I mean it’s like they can just tell that I’m not moving. I did have a woman get over towards the grass, while she was on her cell phone, not looking at me, assuming that I would walk in the street and I just walked right past her and said hi. She gasped! It was fun!

      • I was in line at the grocery store yesterday checking out the girl in front of me when I noticed some muttering and mumbling behind me. At first I thought the guy was just breathing down his sail foam. But then I heard him say something about a mask and “fucking moron.” At that point I thought it might be some shitass trying to start something. I turned halfway around to face him and the muttering stopped. A minute later I turned completely around and the dam’ sheep was gone entirely.

      • My 13 year old begs to go the grocery so he can smile, maskless, going backward down the isles..he loves it.

    • I never hug strangers, nor have ever felt any compunction to do so. Strangers who are not “like” me have always been more or less prone to steer clear in public places, and vice versa. They know instinctually, and so do I. So nothing has materially changed in my little world as far as all that goes. Some weeks ago my boys and I were on the turnpike when a tire on our vehicle threw the tread. As we were getting out the jack and the spare, a highway patrolman pulled in behind us making sure we didn’t need any assistance. As I reached out to shake his hand, while thanking him for the generous offer to help, he suddenly pulled back, held his hands in front of him (palms facing me) as in a defensive posture, and exclaimed “no sir; I can’t shake your hand because of COVID.” To which I was offended even though I knew this was the new protocol for his agency. That isn’t the kind of world I want to live in; a world in which two men with actually quite a lot in common can’t even shake hands for fear the one (not me) will answer by possibly losing his job.

      • What a disheartening story. I wonder when, if ever, people will gravitate back to cultural norms such as shaking hands upon meeting or in your case, a form of gratitude?

      • One of my clients reached out to shake my hand the other day and I shook his and I can tell we both felt rebellious. It was a good thing

      • Most of my adult life I’ve used the fist pump. I’m not a germaphobe by any means. I’ll drop food on the floor, pick it up and eat it. I wear my shoes in bed. I know where my fallen slice of pizza has been, and I know where my shoes have been. But I don’t know where your hand has been. I especially don’t like the handshake when I’m eating wings and the bartender shakes my hand. Then I have to go back to eating my wings seasoned with his urine droplets.

        The elbow bump is the most dorkass Libtard shit there ever was.

        Back in March a friend and I came up with a handshake replacement for situations where the fistpump is too casual. For business meetings. Greeting strangers and whatnot.

        It’s taken from the Japanese bow. But the bow is Americanized. Shorter. Somewhere between a bow and a head-nod. Feet should be brought in to shoulder width and straight, (no lazy, flayed out duck feet). We added a hand to the chest. (Your own chest). Middle upper chest. Fingers a bit apart. The hand on chest provides warmth…the human touch, which the handshake had done so well.

        I hope it catches on but I don’t see how it will since I’ve no way to promote it.

          • I add a brisk heel click, you know, for the benefit of the visually impaired. I’m considerate that way.

          • Why no just do the Hokey-Pokey and scream, “I’m loosing my freaking mind!”

        • Well I’m promoting the traditional “dicks out for Harambe” salute. Not sure it’ll catch on for winter.

      • Just did a lease on a truck with the same salesman for my last few leases. Shook his hand at the end. He then said a bit astonishingly that was the firs handshake in months.
        Told him to be safe just sanitize but keep doing it then.

          • If viruses can cause this big a problem, real or imagined, the handshake isn’t worth it. Society should adapt the Frip semi-bow. It can even be more-less a head nod with quick hand to the chest.

          • With ya here, Frip, I’m always around strangers and travellers from god-knows-where.

            Mask in a public restroom?
            Heck yes, ya never know what you’ll find.

          • I say it to people who look a bit violated, couldn’t be bothered myself to even think about it.

          • Shake all the hands you want!!

            Just don’t itch your eye, pick your nose, or lick your fingers immediately after you’ve done so.
            Unless you want The Cold, flu, etc etc.

            Wash first.

            Common Sense = Not Common. 🙂

    • Free Hugs How many times did I see a cretin offering them in the middle of a street
      How nay times did I see an interminable hugging after parties, dinners…
      Not only did I always avoided it I felt an instinctive repulsiveness versus this typical feminine a gesture
      On the other hand a firm handshake is typically masculine, it is a a first step in building civilization and if you do not realize that you will in the ruins of an atomized world of today of tomorrow of the years to come
      A handshake has always been the first step of acknowledgment of common interest, good will and a minimum set of rules that are necessary in building each personal relationship and by extension in building a culture, a language, a nation and ultimately a civilization
      No Elementary Particle alone has ever created anything of the kind

      • You are one heavy dude.

        I liked how in The Sopranos, they’d give each other these warm goomba hugs with loud pats on the back…all the while one of them is planning to dump the other in a river after dinner.

        • I cringe, waiting for the inevitable “hugs!” scene whenever I watch TV.

          “No, no, don’t do it, don’t…

    • Whitney,

      I’m not sure when the whole hugging thing amongst acquaintances started. As a kid in the 70s I dont remember people doing it outside of family. Maybe the 80s?

      I hug family members or people that are family in all but blood. Some old comrades from Iraq when we see each other. I don’t shake hands with women when I meet them, I will briefly cradle the tips of their fingers palm up. If a man dead fish handshakes with me I never shake his hand again. If you aren’t my wife or female kith I have no business touching you outside of the briefest politeness.

      When I catch a low mass I shake the men’s hands and for the women I place my right hand on my heart to wish them the “Peace be with you.” Funny thing is, when I do the hispanic or Chaldean women smile appreciatively and I often get scowls from the white ones. That’s telling.

      Yup, covid isn’t a total downer.

      • I’d say huggamania started no earlier than 10 years ago. Just one more thing for which the millennials have to account.

        • It started with the black guys as a show of brotherhood/solidarity. It came to public notice because of the Arsenio Hall show in the late 80’s. I remember black guests would walk out and they’d hug him as a greeting. This would have been unthinkable for Johnny Carson. Letterman too. Except Letterman stayed around long enough where even he had to give into hug culture a bit eventually.

        • In our family we struggled to avoid grandma’s tongue. Hugging and kissing you know. I feel damaged.

      • I won’t shake a woman’s hand unless she offers her hand first. Even then it seems awkward, but I don’t want to be rude. Instead, I politely nod my head and say “Nice to meet you, ma’am” or “Nice to see you again,” whichever is appropriate.

        I consider it rude for a woman to speak in the presence of men in social settings (as opposed to family gatherings). These are customs passed down to me from my parents and grandparents.

        I realize these old Southern customs are out of date, but I’ll stick to them until I die.

  18. The author of the first letter is spot on. Estrogen and testosterone is literally what makes women and men what they are and the reason we are seeing the feminization of men and the problems that follow is that testosterone has plummeted and estrogen has soared. This is due to environmental factors, diet, plastics, birth control in the drinking water etc. I recall reading a study that our T is something like half of what just our grandfathers was. That’s nuts. I supplement it and I recommend all men do the same. Having spring water delivered is inexpensive and helpful too.

    • How do you supplement it?

      But yeah, I’ve wondered how it would feel to have 30 or 50% more T. Our grandfathers must have been really juiced, I’m already horny so a 50% increase would be a significant.

      Watching street videos/interviews of people, even in the early 90s most men seemed more masculine. The difference is remarkable.

      It’s not surprising that white women and non white men no longer respect us as a group. White men in 2020 are far removed from the men of even the early 90s, let alone the ones who tamed the North American wilderness.

      • “White men in 2020 are far removed from the men of even the early 90s, let alone the ones who tamed the North American wilderness.”

        There’s no question about this and I’ve observed the same. I was in junior and senior high school during this period and wow, I couldn’t imagine being a student in secondary school today as it would be an incredibly boring experience. People have become extremely soft. Kids are no longer allowed to be kids — or experience life. Rather, they’re coddled by self-righteous parents and Marxist administrators. And from the stories that my grandfather and father have told me, it appears that things have regressed a lot since the days that my grandfather walked to school and kept his hunting rifle in the corner of the classroom to present time where just a conversation about firearms could get a kid expelled and imprisoned. God forbid, I was able to take a Bowie knife to show and tell when I was in elementary school and there were no problems what-so-ever!

        • Lettered in three sports but also I high-point thespian in HS. Reprised an old role to fundraise for the school a few years back.

          One of our stage props was a fully-functional semi-auto rifle with extended magazine. It belonged to my friend. No security to enter.

          Nothing happened. No legal action, 911 call, shooting, threats or crisis even though everybody knew it was a highly capable firearm, just add bullets. Did I mention we are all white?

      • You could do it yourself, illicitly, but it’s not worth the trouble. You just have to find a doctor that will prescribe it. I spent an afternoon googling and found a doctor who specializes in anti aging stuff and was inexpensive. Stay away from the large subscription style clinics as they price gouge.
        Your GP might be hesitant to provide it if your numbers aren’t dangerously low. Some will though. The neat thing is there is no exact level requirement to be prescribed it. You go in and tell them you can’t satisfy your wife anymore and you’re tired all the time etc. There’s an excellent documentary called bigger stronger faster that touches on this industry a bit. Insurance almost always pays for this but I’m without it now and with the uniquely useful good RX app a 10 week supply is 35.00 and the doctor and bloodwork are maybe 375 a year at most. Well worth it. You’ll be giving yourself an intramuscular injection every 10 days or so. Stay away from the creams. Yes, Blacks have huge levels of T still, it’s not surprising to me that Swedish women are more attracted to a virile invader than her own video gaming soy men.

        • talking to your GP is going to be frustrating and a waste of time. go to a specialist.

          blacks also have a higher incidence of homosexuality, than whites, so like i said, moar isn’t always better 🙂

        • Do you mind if I ask how old you are? I had an acquaintance who did a similar T boosting regimen. He looked 50 at age 70. I’m 55 and have been an athlete my entire life, but I am feeling the effects of age. Considering your path.

          • A word to the wise.The first emperor of a unified China, Qin Shi Huang died of mercury poisoning because his court alchemists said it would extend his life. Eating right. Proper exercise and sleep. This is just common sence. But don’t forget. Corn flakes, post toasties and grape juice used to be touted as life enhancing supper foods.

          • I have no idea what you mean. read it again. The prick said he wants to give you zombie drugs so you’ll be a happy slave. That wasn’t blue sky thinking that asshole was doing. He said he wants all of us to be drugged into submission.

          • Yes. Which sounds like something out of a totalitarian, dystopian novel. In other words, the prof reads something like that and thinks just a peachy idea.

          • Right. One day, those freaks will turn the whole world into every dystopian novel ever written. And there’s no way to stop it.

          • Kamala: “And let’s be clear… there is no vaccine for racism.”

            Wanta bet they won’t try?

            (Plus, that would be worth gazillions. Worth whole nations.
            Calling Elon…)

          • The good emperor didn’t have to contend with industrial pollution, hormone disrupting plastics and genetically modified foods not to mention whatever the hell being saturated with EMF might be doing. I lift religiously and have a solid diet, those should always come first obviously. Enough high quality sleep is critical as well. It’s not a new miracle drug, it’s something naturally produced in your body and supplementing it is not any worse than supplementing vitamin D.

          • Julian said: ” It’s not a new miracle drug, it’s something naturally produced in your body and supplementing it is not any worse than supplementing vitamin D.

            Are you talking about testosterone? Let me ask you. Does vitamin D cause shrunken balls and fertility issues? How about incresed anger and aggression? Fatigue, stubborn fat, trouble losing weight, decreased sex drive? Not to mention lots of nice acne. Just a thought.

          • When do you think I’m going to start experiencing those side effects? At year 5 maybe? The infertility is the only one of those that happened but it’s reversible and most middle aged men who would consider HRT don’t want anymore children anyway so it’s a moot point. I get the feeling you have very low T.

          • “it’s something naturally produced in your body and supplementing it is not any worse than supplementing vitamin D”

            Someone’s been reading the marketing copy. What do you expect the quacks selling and prescribing this crap to say?

            Feces is naturally produced in your body too, maybe try a few milligrams of that too next time you can’t get it up

          • Just my studied but uncredentialed opinion, hormones aren’t something you want to flippantly mess with. Powerful stuff that can go very wrong if not done right.

          • I’m not flippantly messing with. I maintain regular, though peak, human levels under a doctors care with regular blood work done. Thank you for the concern.

          • and how much would that cost? 🙂 plus it’s not safe. now Sermorelin or CJC-1295 are a different story altogether.

          • I’m 38 now. I started about 4 years ago with a year off in between. I’ve always looked youthful and I don’t think it’s related. Tell your GP you want your levels checked. It’s simple bloodwork. Mine were about 400, now around 1,000. It’s inexpensive and easy enough to stop, give it a shot.

          • It’s botox for guys, literally brotox.

            For all the talk about how manly our grandfathers are, we should realize that this is the LAST thing they would consider.

            Being a man is a lot more than biceps and banging chicks.

          • You’re pretty retarded. I have no concern for either of those things. I do have a concern for the cognitive, emotional and even spiritual components of manhood. I think you should read up on hormones a bit. And yes, our grandparents would be horrified to see what’s happening to men.

      • White men in 2020 are far removed from the men of even the early 90s, let alone the ones who tamed the North American wilderness.

        Huh, hadn’t thought about that contrast. I’ve had quite a few dealings with millennial tourists and a handful of zoomers. Get this, the ones who simply eat healthy and take care of themselves are markedly different than their peers. The ones who seriously cycle or lift or run or whatever may as well be a different species.

      • I can tell you exactly what it feels like; in a word, great. but it’s one of those things where more isn’t always better. when i first started pinning, i accidentally ran my total T to 1485 (as measured on a blood test); that was “interesting” if not healthy. go get yourselves tested (it’s pretty cheap) and see where you stand. but don’t fart around with supplements, they are mostly ineffective at raising T; at best giving a 10% or so boost. if you are low, start injecting.

        now if you want to see some wild shit, google “peptides” 😛

        • Discovered this little gem in terms of advice and let them ‘air out’ for 10 minutes a day.

          • Yup, placement is because production depends on a temperature of 94 degrees.

            Body temp of 98 is too hot.

    • And then there are the blacks who have too much testosterone in conjunction with an average IQ of 80.

      Regardless of one’s thoughts on WWII; our grandfathers and folk had balls of steel to fight like the did in the European theater. How many of millennials would have the bravery and courage to storm a beach while facing an onslaught of machine gun fire — or defend their homelands from a massive invading force?

        • My grandfather had bad feet from the frostbite he suffered sitting in a foxhole in the Belgian winter for three days under German artillery fire— and that was the beginning of the war for him. Those guys were legit.

        • My Dad hit the beach in Anzio and fought through the Italian campaign. You can take your “myth” talk and shove it up your ass.

          • You see, that’s the internet tough guy talk that wins us wars. Your dad, maybe. You? Your feelings get hurt to easy.
            I would elaborate but why bother.

      • Your guys were not defending their homelands. They were being slaughtered on foreign shores because rich chickenhawk assholes sent them there.

        • “Your guys were not defending their homelands.”

          I wasn’t referring to “Allied” troops defending their homelands; I was referring to the Axis troops defending their homelands.

          And I’m most certainly not a supporter of the Western narrative of WWII. It was a megacaust of ethnic European peoples and one that opened the door for Marxism to flourish. We (United States) not only fought the wrong enemy as Patton and Lindbergh have mentioned, but it was a war (like most in the last 100 years) that was run by the international bankers. Hitler was making Germany independent of the international bankers by nationalizing their currency. And we all know that’s an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the tribe.

          Nonetheless, my earlier comment applauded all who fought in WWII for their bravery and courage — even though the American forces were heavily manipulated and indoctrinated through an elaborate propaganda campaign just as they are today.

      • I take your point re: bravery, but the other responders have hit the more salient point.

        We lost a lot of our ‘best testosterone’ in the Brother Wars I & II engineered by international bankers who made a tidy profit keeping Europeans at each other’s throat and drowning in each other’s blood.
        When they realized they couldn’t continue the mass genocide through martial methods they switched gears to subtle infiltration and the 7 decades of ‘the long march through the institutions’.

        If patriotic people (Boomers?) like yourself knew the real machinations behind WW 1 & 2 I don’t think their minds could accept the reality of some (((Banking cartels))) having that much sway over entire nations. Blackest of pills.

        • Points well-taken. I believe that my original post has been taken out of context. I’m by no means a supporter of the Western narrative surrounding WWII, nor am I a supporter of our campaigns in the Middle East. Further, I’m not a Boomer.

          $5.9 trillion has been spent to fight the “War on Terror” and the United States has killed 20 million people worldwide since WWII.

          • We were loved.

            Now, we are hated.


            They can never repay us for all we have given them, nor all their crimes against us.

            Blacks? J**s? Either, or both.

            Reparations now and forever

        • I would add my own variant to this take and say that it is impossible for us to dispute the myriad instances of individual and unit level bravery and heroism that occurred during WW2.

          However, if one pulls back to the 100,000 foot view, it becomes abundantly clear that, in the WW2 European & North African Theaters, the Allies were hoodwinked into serving as golems against the Axis Powers.

      • But all the men testosterone must have gone down, not only white. On the other hand the boys in schools who are more spirited are drugged It looks that 10% of them.are. According to WHO if 10% of population have a disease that makes it a pandemic. Somehow we dont hear anything about This pandemic. The drugging of more energeting boys goes on quaietly. But how about the parents.?

      • And then there are the blacks who have too much testosterone in conjunction with an average IQ of 80.

        Then you combine those factors with one other important aspect of their lives, that they are not raised by men who teach them how to handle testosterone like men. Instead, they are almost entirely raised by women, who teach them to act like bitches. Bitches with very high testosterone and low IQ. That combination explains nearly everything.

        • Instead, they are almost entirely raised by women, who teach them to act like bitches.

          This could be applied across the board. It’s not only a concern among black men who are raised by single mothers, but also the negative effects of Third Wave Feminism that’s emasculated men in addition to destroying the traditional family structure.

      • No, actually, I wouldnt run towards a machine gun nest to save the bolsheviks and jews. Why do you ask, fellow white person?

        • This is a good way of looking at the concept of “bravery” in WWII and cancels out any arguments that suggest otherwise.

          • Don’t listen to these guys. I bet most have never been in a fight or they wouldn’t be shitting on what those soldiers did.

          • I honor all, from the toughest grunt to the lowest charwoman, who faced such fear. God and the gods bless them, bless them all.

            How may we best honor their courage?

    • It’s really a lifestyle thing. I read an article written by a 30 year old journalist who went on a 30 month hike on the pct. before t was 400, ending t was 900. His body fat went to 5%.

      • This is why I vehemently advocate for men to ditch TV, video games, and watching sportsball. Get outside!

        • Doc told me recently his generic rec to do 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. I told him I wish I could cut back that much.
          Part of the millenial problem is the housing and kids thing. The physicality of upkeep on a house with land and youngins is something urbanite bugmen haven’t even heard of.

        • That’s why I advocate for the trades also preferably mine where you are outdoors and doing hard physical labor climbing 200ft towers and lifting heavy tools and equipment…

          • No shucks

            My Trump carpenter friend clapped his normal toolbelt on me and I almost fell down

            Climbing those ice-clad towers

            Lineman’s proficient with climbing harness gear, guaranteed.


          • This is excellent. I don’t know why any “man” would want to voluntarily immerse himself in an office environment that’s full of bitches and sexual deviants. I’ve previously worked in such an environment at a large defense contractor and it was hell on earth. The women were worse than what you’d expect to find in junior high and the men were mostly effeminate metrosexuals who engaged in gossip just as much as the women.

          • Hahaha I can second your testimony.

            Isn’t it amazing how the right sort of people just do as they please and get everything handed to them on a silver platter?

          • Isn’t it amazing how the right sort of people just do as they please and get everything handed to them on a silver platter?

            I’m no longer surprised and expect it at this point. These people are some of the most toxic that you’ll ever meet.

    • “T supplementing” is literally just taking quasi legal steroids. Healthy diet, healthy mind, healthy spirit and active lifestyle beats letting pharmaceutical companies engage in chemical manipulation of your organism

      • No, it’s a 100% legal steroid. Can healthy living protect you from the nuclear power plant in the next town melting down? It’s an extreme point but it’s the same idea. Thinking you can combat environmental hormone disruption with good living is about the same as believing crystals will protect you.

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