Witnessing The Revolution

Like the Democrat convention, the Republican convention is mostly about the past, in that it is packaged and marketed to people who no longer exist. The Democrats put on a show that would have been great for their coalition of a generation ago. The Republicans are doing much of the same, tailoring their pitch to white civic nationalists, feeling generous in their prosperity. It’s a lot of happy warrior stuff, even though the warriors are too old now to be happy about anything.

American politics has been increasingly backward looking since the end of the Cold War and the rise of the Baby Boomer generation of politicians. No group has been as nostalgic, especially for their own past, as the Boomers, so it makes some sense that their politics would be backward looking. Clinton was supposed to be their generation’s Kennedy, while Obama was their Martin Luther King. Of course, every Republican has been one of their favorite bogeymen from their past.

The odd thing about Baby Boomer political nostalgia is it is both a longing for a past that never really existed, but also a nostalgia for a present that never occurred. On the Left, this manifests as fond memories for the 60’s revolution, of which they played no part, but also a sadness for it never living up to the promise. Most of the Boomer politicians lived normal middle-class lives. They were never street radicals. Then there is the fact that the cultural revolution was the work of their parents.

Conservatives have a similar thing going on. For them, the past starts in the 1980’s as the peak expression of post-war America. They don’t dream of going back to the fifties, because that would be racist. Instead it is the 80’s, when there was no racism, but it was still great to be white. On the other hand, there is the sadness that the Reagan revolution never amounted to much more than the conversion of America into a continent sized economic zone with an army.

There is more to the backward focus than generational nostalgia. The dynamic that emerged after the last industrial war has reached its end. The Left-Right political dialectic that rose up in the 1950’s was a product of the Cold War. It was a power sharing arrangement within the new ruling class of the new empire. The Left would hold sway over domestic issues, while the Right would run foreign policy. Economics was where they would hold mock battles during elections.

Once the Cold War ended, that dynamic stopped making sense. It is why the neocons are so desperate to revive tensions with Russia and continue the crusade against the Muslim world. They oppose a confrontation with China, because they have no cultural connection with the East and they see financial opportunities there. The people who finance their lifestyles are getting rich in China. The old dynamic was very good for the usual suspects, so they desperately want to revive it.

Something similar is happening on the Left. The stuff we are seeing with left-wing agitation and rioting is like a weird cargo cult. They are reenactors playing roles they heard their grandparents talk about at family gatherings. Those behind it are trying to conjure a familiar bogeyman from the past. They desperately want Bull Connor to show up with fire-hoses and attack dogs. They’ll settle for idiots in homemade armor, just so they can pretend it is yesterday.

It is common to call the 1960’s a cultural revolution. Some say it was the sexual revolution or maybe the youth revolution. Still others point out that the revolution started in the 1950’s with black civil rights. The great cultural upheavals that transformed the country started soon after the war and petered out in the 1980’s. The scene then shifted to the financial and technological revolutions that took America from the industrial age into the current age. The revolution never ended.

This is something the Bolsheviks figured out before anyone else. A society that moves from one static state to another is not revolutionary. It is merely adjusting in order to preserve the old order. A revolutionary society is one in which change is constant, because the revolution never ends. Of course, everything ends, but a real revolution never ends on its own. It must be extinguished. Otherwise, every change fuels the next change, which fuels a subsequent change.

This was the case with the Bolsheviks. The revolution carried on through the war and into the Cold War. Eventually, after Stalin and then Khrushchev, the people in charge had enough revolution and they entered a period of stasis. Despite all the rhetoric, Russia became a very conservative empire in the 1970’s and remained so until it collapsed in the 80’s and 90’s. Interestingly, the radicals were also right about what would happen once the revolutionary fires were extinguished.

Unlike Russia, America has remained in a revolutionary state. In fact, once could argue that the revolution started before the great industrial wars. You could probably date it to Gettysburg or maybe the Social Gospel movement. Some argue that the Civil War was a second founding of the nation, a rework of the first, but repairing the flaws in the original founding. This would then be the birth of the revolutionary America, the genuinely revolutionary America, that exists today.

In that context, the nostalgia and tumult we are seeing today is another chapter in the story of revolutionary America. As Fidel Castro said, revolutions are a fight between the past and the future. In present day America, the future is a land of different tribes with no shared history, language or culture. The past is the America both sides of the fading ruling class celebrate in their conventions. The thing that is certain in this fight is the future always wins, which is what we are witnessing.

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413 thoughts on “Witnessing The Revolution

  1. Some of you comment on here in a stream of consciousness manner, without any thought to how it reads. No paragraph separation, no thought of coherence. “My ideas..must get them out…h;lk#////!!—###3jews**8aljjjj bbbiierr lakjfa;io alk(((9+++8888 foauoiu…”

  2. Sad theatre. Stuffed muppets going through the motions…not an ounce of honesty or honor in the lot of them. The jews pull the strings to make them sing and dance. Political porn, while the country falls apart. Rome 2.0

  3. oh and it was good to see young Sandmann doing alright and remaining faithful. it was also good that his truth was clearly revealed. thankfully y’all north american whites have much less annoying natives to deal with; then again, too many north sea descendants wanting to be cucks too. it’s hard, but maybe converting would help. Rome did unite whites before.

    also, young Sandmann does seem to have a certain cool haircut.

  4. yes, the radicals knew that without endless senseless revolution (what else can be more senseless but abolishing all incentive to produce the wealth you need to redistribute, yet invent all sorts of control and propaganda to keep slaves hacking away anyway – to build Kalashnikovs and not much else), endless empire couldn’t exist. which is why without them radicals, the only eternal institutions that can guarantee Russian unity are those that defend the faith and traditions that keep Russian genos and ethnos together. true, it may mean losing some of the minorities, but at least Russia can grow more organically from its base territory; so now it can get Crimea and maybe the Russian-friendly part of the Ukraine. no, i don’t believe in Orthodox stasis, but rather Catholic organic development, not endless secular revolution – else you risk not surviving the guillotines and fires. ask the Kenosha kid that’s getting the strapon collar brought to the formerly white as snow Wisconsin suburbs – so gotta keep the funny clothes in the closet, just in case even the white strongholds of Lagos are stormed by the flood…

  5. Antifa/BLM gets blamed and BLAM-ed. Unless I misread the news account, a 17-year-old protecting property in Kenosha killed two, presumably Antifa types. His trial will be interesting; absent exceptional proof of his being the initiator, speaking personally I would have a hard time convicting him. While it would be the last thing on Earth for me to condone such violence 😎 I imagine such incidents will give many Radicals pause and ask if breaking windows and burning stuff is really worth the risk. Or it may escalate things, who knows. I say “Bring it on.”
    Washington, D.C. no violence, merely obnoxious Liberals ruining the dining experience of peaceful Liberals. Diners were asked, nay, ordered, to raise their fists to prove support of The Revolution. Now, here’s my take: sure, in DC the vast majority of people are left-liberal. But this in an in-your-face example of the threats & intimidation , out-of-control faction that Z often mentions. A red pill for those who desperately need it. “You know, Bob, I’ve been thinking, and perhaps there are limits to this Progressive thing…” Or, perhaps it’ll just get filed somewhere in Denial Aisle next to the “Whites are responsible for all Black shortcomings” filing cabinet. But we are now beyond mere racial factions: These two incidents drive home the fact that many (most?) of the Antifa/BLM militants are white proto-communists.

  6. A peek into our future:

    James Beard restaurant awards cancelled.

    From NYT:

    “As Black Lives Matters protests bloomed across the country, patience was growing thin over how few opportunities are given to Black chefs, including the opportunity to win Beard awards…

    At an emergency meeting…a foundation staff member who had seen the final voting results raised a second concern: No Black people had won in any of the 23 categories on the ballot…

    (Much snitching ensues to get whites removed from nominee list – Frip)

    The ballot would be edited to remove nominees the foundation now saw as problematic. But as summer went on, that list kept getting longer. “The longer they waited, the more they learned about people,” another committee member said.

    One nominated chef said that a Beard rep called two weeks ago to communicate a charge that was both anonymous and nebulous: “toxic kitchen culture.” “I said, ‘Can you give me an example?’ She said, ‘That’s it. Toxic kitchen culture.”

    The foundation has said it is taking a year to work with all seven of its awards committees and “an outside social justice agency” to settle on new ground rules.”


    • I saw that. Now I’m going to be flying blind on new restaurant picks over the next two years. And when it comes back half of their picks will be chicken and waffle stands. What else can be ruined? I guess the Michelin list will do. Shitty app though.

      • It’s happening to New York theatre too. Musicals and plays. It’s a plus for us because restaurant and theatre problems directly perturb their liberal sophisticate patrons. They’ll see first hand how communism/BLM ruins things. This hits home. It’s the equivalent of riots coming to their own neighborhoods.

        Another factor is, much of the two industries are full of bitchy gay men who shake with rage over non-meritted advantage. People in both professions work extremely hard and are driven almost solely by credit and accolades. This shit ain’t gonna fly in those quarters.

        Look what happened to La La Land at the 2016 Oscars. A brilliant modern musical lost to, basically, a black home movie. LOL

  7. The O.G. modernist revolutionary was Martin Luther. We are living on reverberations from that singular protesting event fracturing western Christianity into countless versions. Once “reasoned” the vice sin into a virtuous deed (and other distortions of dogma) the floodwaters of hell were released.
    love God and sin boldly” is one of the phrases tagged to him.

  8. Well, here is the test. TPTB have just discovered that the Antifa/BLM violence sends people Trump’s way, rather than away from him (duh). Will it stop on a dime? So much of what has been going on these last few years (Wuflu panics, Russiagate, impeachment, all the racial stuff) just appears so staged to me. It seems to be about, and mostly only about, removing the tick from the deep state’s neck that is Trump. If the nightly violence goes away by the first of the week, we will know how much things are being staged. If it continues, we know instead that the BLM attack dog has slipped its leash.

    • Dutch said: “If the nightly violence goes away by the first of the week, we will know how much things are being staged. If it continues, we know instead that the BLM attack dog has slipped its leash.”

      The problem for the democrats is that there are a lot of amateurs out there mixing it up for personal reasons. the least of which is grand theft. So I can’t see how they could just flip a switch. And as for the BLM block heads “slipping their leash “, the management will obay orders I’m sure. As for the rank and file, that will probably take a little longer. And all the various antifa groups aren’t listening to anybody.

      • The prospect of free sh*t does tend to motivate certain people and groups to slip that leash very easily.

  9. Leftism cannot abide any status quo or else it ceases to exist, becoming conservatism instead. Its function is not to improve society but rather to perpetuate itself endlessly. This has been evident since at least the French Revolution.

    • So true. As Z said, “Those behind [the unrest] are trying to conjure a familiar bogeyman from the past.” The media and entertainment industry always pushing excitement. Circular agitation. Every year Hollywood pumps out more “Don’t Forget what Whitey did to You” movies. MSM follows with “Don’t You See They’re Still Doing it to You!?” Lefty leadership is like the perpetually angry spastic basketball coaches. “What are you doing sitting on your couch Tyrone! You need to get out there and break shit! GO GO GO!!!”

  10. The tedious and stupid “patriotic.” brought literal tears to the eyes of a Boomer friend of mine.
    I’m Gen X of course so I saw it for what it was, manipulative Civ Nat trash
    As for Trump. I was bothered not by his Civ Nattery , I , a decently smart hippo knew he was a scorpion when he got on my back . I’ve a thick hide and frankly he’s been stinging people I hate. Its fine till I can get enough hippos together for a good old stampede.

    • My boomer mom was in tears listening to the Cuban guy. It does work. I only know because she called me afterwards….Did you watch it?….No, why would I do that?………

      • Your mom sounds like a nice lady. Tell her for me, that I thought the ” Cuban guy” talking about his escape from Castros Communist hell and coming to the land of opportunity to seek a better life was touching as well.

    • Oh really. So you have young, disenfranchised white boys shooting each other in the street instead of going after the scum politicians, educators, and Media whores who bear the greatest responsibility for the mass stupidity sweeping America today – and it’s the Boomers who “have a lot to answer for?”

      • Carl Boomer, we’ve been over this before – NABALT, but your generation sucks.

        At least there are young men in the streets. They’re not hiding at home polishing their entirely ornamental gun collections and fighting the power by mailing in Trump ballots.

      • “Disenfranchisements were made”. Sincerely, Boomer.

        Boomer hate is lazy, but kind of fun and cathartic too.

        As a cynical x’er I am prone to generational hate. Moments of weakness. But its nothing personal. And it comes from a good place: I just want the boomers to be better. Its tough love.

        Which is only fair as they want me to shut up, pay taxes, subsidize their pharma, and buy them out of the ponzi before the reaper rides in on AOC.

        We’ll just call it a push.

        Look on the bright side. Maybe those boys are just not who we are.

        Maybe the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin. Maybe many of those millennial white boys, if they survive, will inherit all that boomer wealth, if it survives, and then they can finally assume their place in the franchise next to Arjun, Nkembe, Yun, and Juan pedro III. You know, Who we are. And then our Democracy will be saved.

        • Mr. Retired would approve. All those natural conservatives like Arjun, Nkembe, Yun & Juan Pedro III have just been temporarily derailed by the evil leftists currently controlling our awesome nation. As soon as we can offer them a “greater society” deal, they’ll be back on the conservative USA surfboard, no questions asked. Then we’ll be the big multi-culti smorgasbord we’ve all dreamed of.

        • Screwtapr said: “As a cynical x’er I am prone to generational hate. Moments of weakness. But its nothing personal. And it comes from a good place: I just want the boomers to be better. Its tough love.”

          Hahaha! “I just want the boomers to be better.”
          What a wonderfully condescending little shit you are. LOL. Really, all my boomer love. 😍

  11. Z Man said: “Some argue that the Civil War was a second founding of the nation, a rework of the first, but repairing the flaws in the original founding. This would then be the birth of the revolutionary America, the genuinely revolutionary America, that exists today.”

    I’ve never been a big Abraham Lincoln worshiper. There were good reasons people in the south called him a tyrant. I recently read an article on a site called The Warden Post about a book intitled: “The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition.” The authors contend that, in fact there was a second founding of the republic but not under the same principles as the founding fathers had used. The original princaples were about consensual self-government and Christian traditions. The new republic was founded on princaples found in the Declaration of Independence such as “equality” and “rights” It’s a good read.

    ” How Lincoln destroyed America using the Declaration of Independence.”

    • Lincoln was a corrupt monster installed by railroad barons. He’s only revered today because the Republican establishment from 1970-1920 carefully reconstructed his image as emancipating deity, complete with Lincoln Memorial (now there’s something we can get behind tearing down). The country that emerged after him was entirely different, with all pretense to liberty taking a back seat to top down corporatist management.

      • What your talking about is the northern hegemony. And that’s just the way war goes. Once to north won the war the industrial powers were free to do as they pleased. Now it’s the federal reserve and globohomo.

        • Speaking of that Mary Todd was eating carpet, that’s a fact, and Lincoln himself has the “Log Cabin Republicans” honoring him. So yep, it all started there. A homosexual couple in the White House responsible for over 600k dead people. That’s the real legacy.

          • JR Wirth said: “Speaking of that Mary Todd was eating carpet, that’s a fact,…” I’ve never heard that Mary T. was a clam wrangler. I guess anything’s possible.

          • Not only that, but it was 1850s carpet. Not the most hygienic era. You have to get all the way to Eleanor Roosevelt to get to a dyke of the same magnitude.

  12. Society may be in constant flux but the Harvard Crimson still manage to ride highest in the tide that grifts all boats.

    As Heartiste often said, our present culture is prime territory for Dark Triad predators. We’ve all seen the studies that show how leadership in the managerial state correlates strongly with narcissism, sadism and pathological deceitfulness.

    These sharks grow fat on White Americans adrift in a sea of poz, blinded by rainbow glitter and deafened by sirens bewailing their thirsty WAP’s. Anyone who’s seen “Jaws” knows the vibe.

    When you’re cast adrift, you stay together, hold each other up, use whatever floats and figure out who knows where they’re going.

    Lifeboats are out there but there isn’t room enough for everyone. Climb aboard while you still can.

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  14. What’s interesting about American history is that there’s this direct line of busy bodies going all the way back to the founding. The same busy bodies that are causing trouble today. They almost always get their way, but I think it’s different today precisely because it’s now a different county (literally, with a changed out population) than it was even in 1960. The founders, even the Anglicans, were very reformed in their outlook. They weren’t “building the kingdom.” They were trying to live, in peace, in a dangerous unforgiving world full of human scum. Then the Methodists came along and ruined everything. From the 1820s on it was “we’re building heaven on earth here, pour that liquor down the drain, close down that plantation, make women politicians…etc.” By the Progressive era they jettisoned religion altogether and became secular preachers, with religion as an accomplice. Ultimately this was a white yankee Protestant project got out of control and went terribly wrong. The wokeness is their last beachhead before the bankruptcy and dissolution of the country.

    • 1820s?

      it goes all the way back to the Plymouth Pilgrims.

      They literally left a prosperous and peaceful life in Holland to build Utopia in a desolate dangerous wilderness.

  15. Kenosha looked like Millennial White boy vs. Millenial White boy. 2 Millennial White boy Leftists lie dead as a result. Yeah the White Ethnostate is really gonna happen.

    • All kidding aside, it appears as though the hatestream media has already realized last night’s incident is not the III%, 2A, blond-haired, blue-eyed white supremacist gunning down innocent youfs like dogs martyrdom event they are clearing salivating for.

      JBlake is not going to get the pop Fentanyl Floyd did because they have already released (or failed to suppress) the portion of the video showing him acting like a fool when the police arrived.

  16. The Revolution is like a hydra, popping a head up in this country or that whenever the opportunity arises, sometimes for a good while and other times just a peek to test the waters. The global conditions are fertile ground for it, and there is no sign those conditions are changing anytime soon.

    That isnt to black pill, it is possible that like an addict humanity just needs to hit rock bottom is all. It isnt pretty in the gutter but sometimes thats the only way up.

    I like to think that in the meantime the Revolution can end at least in my home. Raising my children to be morally secure in their beliefs and immune to the world’s, developing my family’s spirituality, and avoiding even the near occasion to…lets say be degenerate. Anyone can stop abusing substances, work on their physical fitness, and help keep themselves and those within their circle close to the classical virtues even in small ways. In other words Tradition, which by Zman’s definition above is the exact inverse of Revolution.

    Most of us, like me, arent influencers so maybe that is the best we can do for now: kill the Revolution in our own sphere of influence. It is the principle of subsidiarity – before we can complain about the lack of a coherent dissident movement, we should be that movement in whatever way we can be in our own lives.

    Btw did anyone else see that shooting out of Kenosha? That was wild. The third guy who ran up to get shot after he saw the first two get a bullet just goes to show these people have some form of brain damage that doesnt properly weigh threats in their environment or something cos theres no other way youd charge a rifleman like that otherwise. I doubt it was just bravery. The video of him screaming like a woman after he gets shot in the arm is telling.

  17. Regarding nostalgia, I’ve had this discussion with others.
    Are there any new ideas in the movie industry, or just reboots of things from past generations? The biggest hits in recent years are reboots of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc. Hell, they’re even rebooting Bill & Ted.
    When movies like Star Wars or Jurassic Park first arrived on the scene, they were new, innovative, different, a step forward in technology and storytelling. Now we just reboot those old things, usually as a pale imitation with more CGI.
    Could you imagine filmmakers in the 1970s rebooting stuff from the 30s or 40s? It would never happen.
    Just another example of a bankrupt popular culture which has run out of ideas and is nearing a dead end.

    • Good point. Lots of remakes, showing as you’ve said, a complete lack of imagination – except for added CGI and of course, joggers. What would we do w/o them?

    • New ideas? Retrofuturism? The recycling of the recycling?

      Part of the trouble is the industry has become increasingly geared towards a more low-common-denominator global audience.

      But I think a larger part of it has to do with the fact that artistic expression, at least in the west, stalled out in the 1990s and has now come to a complete halt.

      Why is this?

      This guy whose book I have linked to below had some pretty good insights.

      He was a Marxist (real, not cultural), a Joy Division fan, and a suicide (2017).

      I first read this essay a decade ago right after it came out, and then again after listening to Borzoi and his crew talk about it a few weeks ago. It’s thin in pages but thick with ideas.

      Since we’re going to go a couple of weeks sans Power Hour, it might be worth a look.


    • When they did remake movies back in the 70’s or 80’s they were sometimes better than the originals. The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers…

  18. I don’t know a whole lot about the 50s and 60s cultural “revolution” and “civil rights” movement, but the one thing I do know is that it is probably all lies. The current narrative about the revolutions of the 50s and 60s is the good guys who were “non-violent” and staged peaceful resistance against the fascist forces of the South is as much of a lie as the current “peaceful” “civil rights” protests happening right now.
    The babies of today in 2070 will be reading about the peaceful summer of love of 2020 when the “good-whites” and “people of color” peacefully marched against the fascist forces of the urban cities of “Trump’s America.” CHAZ will be their Woodstock! There will be documentaries interviewing the now senior citizens who were there as 20-somethings in 2020 who were there. We’ll hear about their planting of the crops to feed the homeless and how the fascist mayor was secretly poisoning the crops. Saint Floyd of Minneapolis will be their Emit Till who dindu nuffin and was killed for no reason whatsoever other than being black.

    That is why this nostalgia seems so phony. It is! They are celebrating a period that is actually a narrative that never happened.

    • Today I look at those 1950’s pictures of White American troops forcing White American citizens to go to school with blacks, and I know it’s nothing but make believe all the way back. And the mass of people saw nothing wrong with that. Those pictures incense me. But repukes liked Ike.

      • It’s funny because we are not a natural Republican constituency. The GOP has always been full of cucks and traitors. It was founded as an abolitionists party. It was the party of big business and race egalitarianism and now it’s the party of cucks and big business “libertarians”
        The historic Democrat party is FAR more natural party for the dissident “right,” particularly the race conscious dissident right. The Democrats got taken over by progressive loons even worse on the race issue than the cucks in the GOP.

  19. The idiocy of “antiracist” pro-BLM libertarians who have taken the FBI’s “boogaloo” bait is breathtaking.

    Not only are these idiots marching around supporting BLM:

    But there’s also speculation that the Kenosha shooter might have been one of these “antiracist” boogaloogers:

    The guy of course had the right to defend himself since he was attacked by thugs, but if he hadn’t paraded around with BLM in the first place he wouldn’t be in this situation right now. Libertarians have learned nothing from Garrett Foster.

    Libertarians may very well have a lower average IQ than blacks.

    • Libertarians may very well have a lower average IQ than blacks.
      That may be the case but they definitely are traitors to white people…

    • You know whose fault this is? The black woman who called the cops on Jacob Blake. Black women are constantly calling the cops to interject in their domestic squabbles.

      Black women, stop calling the cops to deal with your violent black men on your behalf. Deal with them yourself.

    • The Kenosha County Sheriff has already announced that arrests are coming. The shooter will likely be arrested and charged with murder and a host of other charges. Even if he is acquitted, this will ruin his life.

      Kenosha is a Blue city in a Blue state and should be left to burn. But if these people feel compelled to go into a combat zone they need to wear fatigues, a full face mask, helmet and gloves so they can’t readily be identified. It would be far more effective to hit a few random targets from a distance and GTFO before anyone can get a fix on you.

  20. Z: “Something similar is happening on the Left. The stuff we are seeing with left-wing agitation and rioting is like a weird cargo cult. They are reenactors playing roles they heard their grandparents talk about at family gatherings. Those behind it are trying to conjure a familiar bogeyman from the past. They desperately want Bull Connor to show up with fire-hoses and attack dogs. They’ll settle for idiots in homemade armor, just so they can pretend it is yesterday.”

    This. This is why we show up at Zman’s every day.

    • Oh, how I must resist the temptation to be an idiot in homemade armor. That time will come soon enough…

  21. Nostalgia is a multibillion dollar industry. There are board rooms all over the world trying to figure out how to separate people from their money By selling them Reproductions of things they held near and dear or experiences with people or places that are long gone. Being on the edge of the baby bloomers spectrum 1964, I realized in my 30’sThat 1978 Ain’t coming back, and that when nostalgia crossed over to sentimentality my wallet was lighter And I wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of me. Maybe that’s the whole point of it. Distraction.

    • Hence the irrational ongoing cult-like devotion to vinyl LPs and 60s-70s muscle cars.

      • A. Analog recordings are more true to life.

        B. Muscle cars are pussy magnets.

        What may I ask, is wrong with that?

  22. Not sure why the author and comments don’t see the demographic future of America as an explanation for why we see Trump and RNC pandering to diverse people. It should be obvious that we will be the minority, and an all white Team Republican has no chance of winning without using conservative minded others to vote R.

      • The name of the game is to win the election. You ducked that. Play the cards you are dealt. Reality is a bitch. Find ways to make non-whites to share and live the same values. Yet, the whining about the Republican Party not suiciding itself is inexplicable.

          • Sad to say, but demographics is destiny. How big is the base? How long until that white base becomes inert? Expand a value base that agrees with the founding. Then you can keep your guns, and take on the swamp, it’s corruption, and return the dream called America. “They ain’t white” should not matter. I’ve seen it.

        • I don’t blame ppl who work in the Republican party for wanting to win. You never win by copying the other guy. An explicitly white message would pull way more non-whites than pandering does.

          Trump’s message to Latinos and Asians should be, “You came here to live in a white, organized, law-abiding country” and then showcase black rioting, and the caravan’d hordes.

          • Why do you need the word, “white?” Values make a friendship, not skin color or country of origin. Remember it was “ Keep those filthy Dagos and Micks out of our country.” Even though I make this message, it does not mean that I believe in allowing illegal immigration, or an immigration program that does not fully assimilate immigrants. The old system called the melting pot seem to be working just fine, and that to me wasn’t the problem that got us here today as much As economic and political subterfuge beginning in about 1913.

          • I guess the down votes like the Fed and the communist infiltration into the USA after Soviets took Russia.

          • It’s a nice thought, but not going to work. The Irish and Italians assimilated, and they were willing and capable of doing so. That’s not going to happen now and the future is a bitter multiethnic society. Think Austro-Hungarian empire.

          • Why are the D’s scared? Lemon said the riots are helping Trump. But long term you are probably right unless DJT gets 4 more years and is willing and able to do major damage.

          • Classic old White civnat projection. No, the Latinos and Asians did not come to live in a law-abiding White country. They came to get theirs while looting a former White country that is in its death throes.

          • The point isn’t what they actually came for. The comment thread was about winning elections, and my point is if GOP wants to win then that line of attack would get more minorities than pandering.

          • Certainly you cannot. That’s why we need to have things in common about freedom and liberty and culture with humans who are already here or who will be coming here and who will vote like us. We can circle the wagons and say whites only or you must be like whites and surely we will lose. Sorry for punctuation and other errors, but trying to tap in the discussion box on my cell phone requires some kind of magic before I can get the cursor to become active.

          • you must be like whites

            Be like Whites/Anglos is exactly what my Italian grandparents were told, and the America that accepted them had every right to tell them that and/or to not accept them at all.

            My Dad wasn’t allowed to speak Italian at home from the time he started school. Everything had to be in English. They raised him to be a White American, not an Italian. If my grandparents hadn’t been willing to be like Whites/Anglos, then it would have been right for them to leave, like about a third of immigrants during that period (turn of the century immigration wave) did. No welfare. No talking up the marvelous benefits of multi-culturalism, it was “speak English, fit in and earn a living or get out.”

            Then we had an immigration moratorium for about 45-50 years and most of those ethnic groups became so dilute in the Anglo population that you really can’t tell them apart in most cases. I know a lot of Italians who are in an ethnic sense still proud to think of themselves as Italians, but not a one who’d fly the Italian flag in preference to the US flag, as many Mexicans do.

            The post 1965 immigration wave has been wholly different. We’ve fetishized peoples’ home cultures, made “act like Whites” an act of “racism,” imported people who are far, far from the Anglo norm and have difficulty fitting in, and subsidized their failure to fit in with endless state subsidies.

            I’ve got personal, bitter experience with Mexican men who got American women pregnant then fled the country. They don’t want to be Americans. They just wanted some money to send home.

            Lastly, we are no longer a frontier nation trying to fill empty spaces. We don’t need immigrants anymore. We need assimilation from the ones we have and we need those who refuse to assimilate with Anglo culture to leave.

            Lastly, we need to stop pretending that the former slave population is assimilatable. They’re 13% of the population that commits 55% of the murders, forever with their hands out, forever ungrateful for the vast web of preferential treatment we’ve built up over the past 60 years to try to drag them into civilization. I refuse to be lectured about my privilege by some angry African American studies professor who came from a middle class home, got accepted to a college above her ability by affirmative action and coddled along and handed a professorship that shouldn’t even exist in a world where academic excellence still existed. I don’t care about Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and Walter Williams. They are statistical anomalies and you can’t base national policy on statistical anomalies.

            You want to judge people by their character, but not the color of their skin, I assume, but what would you mean by that? Does that mean that we can take the whole Section 8 population and ship them out, because they are demonstrating a marked lack of character? Can we stop giving credence to complaints about disproportionate incarceration of Black men, because their lack of character leads them to commit disproportionate amounts of crime? Can we stop affirmative action and stop giving time to resulting complaints about lack of black representation at universities, because their characters and their IQs are not up to college standards?

            When can we do some of that character judging? Because I can tell you the racially and ethnically cohesive groups that will suffer from being judged by their character won’t let you make that policy now that the media, corporate America and the Democratic party are all in for BLM and POC.

          • Good comment, similar ethnic background here, and I agree pretty much with everything written. You forgot some thing about earlier generations and more current ones: more current generations have been kept on the Democrat party plantation and the whole culture has been slowly destroyed since the 1930s by cultural Marxism through that gift to America Known as the Frankfurt school. People here are forgetting that and they see non-whites as being incorrigible but they never stood a chance to become Americans since the decay brought on by Hegelian ideas that have helped the left control the narratives. And control everything else. I would invite you to google search unconstrained analytics And read all 255 pages.

          • Yet more projection. There’s no one here (who’s been here for more than a day or two like yourself) who isn’t well aware of the Frankfurt school. This isn’t ‘communism vs. freedumb 101.’ You are utterly ignoring the role of genetics and race in formation of character, both individual and group, as well as sheer numbers. So you go form your multikult civnat paradise and show up all the notsees here.

          • Pure gibberish and, again, a losing proposition for the here and now. You give little to no credit to the type of government and economic system that we inherited. If you could possibly remove the fly from the ointment you would see all talk of race evaporate—by your type and the other side (BLM, etc). I submit to you that people care more about financial and physical security than race, and race is the purposeful divider employed by evil and greedy psychopaths, and you have sadly fallen into that trap; so you will never try to lead people to the truth. You, like the manipulated “vibrant” think it’s all about race. Lay in that bed if you like, but I really don’t look forward to the oncoming war. We will be fighting the wrong enemy.

          • I’ve read here for a few years. I like much of the author’s content, but I disagree when he dwells on race and retreat.

          • And that — giving non-Whites a chance — would be great, if this were still 1965 or 1970 and there was still time and demographic dominance to turn things around. But there’s not. That window has passed.

            In the case of hispanics, there are too many of them, too insulated, too allied with self-destructive White leftists, blacks and asian interest groups trying to get a piece of what Whitey has.

            The high Spanish Central and South Americans are more or less White people and would be just fine, if we hadn’t allowed them to overwhelm us and hadn’t treated them like an oppressed minority with all the benefits that come with that. The mestizo, mostly native little “hispanics” are basically a variety of American Indian with all the pathologies that go along with that. They haven’t done a good job of assimilating because they can’t. They drag down every society they’re a part of. They’re why South and Central America are like they are.

            In the case of Blacks, there is ample evidence that it just ain’t happening. We are a fundamentally different people, biologically. Living together is a disaster. They have zero to gain by acquiescing to a merit-based society.

            Asians can assimilate, but like the high Spanish Central and South Americans, the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity scam is just too good for them. They are very down with the idea of using racial and ethnic unity to promote their interests over Whites (Mark my words, the Asian battle with Ivy League admissions won’t help native Whites even one little bit). A high IQ outgroup on the rise in your country is never a good thing for the heritage population. Ask the American Indians. Ask Indonesians and Filipinos about the Chinese.

            Biology is real. And we’re at the wrong side of a wave of incompatible biology. We waited too long. We should be thinking like Serbs or Croats, wanting to carve out a nation of our own, but Euro Whites aren’t there yet. A lot of them (you) still think we can keep our whole country from sea to sea, but that’s just no longer realistically possible.

          • The election, if we know the true numbers of those who voted for Trump, will prove one of us correct. Our immigration system and all local politics have been greatly distorted and skewed away from assimilating immigrants from any nation to first becoming American and holding American values, and second from being able through assimilating to improve their lot in life, which would have the effect of freeing them from the permanent underclass that the Democrats have in mind, And thereby creating potentially new Republican voters. Success had a way of making successful immigrants a little bit more likely to vote in their financial and conservative interests. So, you may be right, but only because the damage has been done and the Poison has been dripping for a long time, which makes it virtually impossible to transform people who work hard, Wherever they come from, into becoming conservative voters.

          • through assimilating to improve their lot in life

            Yeah, Sarah Jeong, the Korean immigrant hired to the editorial board of the New York Times and who thinks Whites are “goblins who should live underground,” she obviously didn’t have to assimilate any American values and they weren’t necessary for improving her lot in life. Do you think more success would make her a little more likely to be conservative? I don’t know what more we can do for her, though, aside from elect her President.

            I think that’s Ilhan Omar’s problem, too. Too downtrodden and unsuccessful.

          • You certainly cannot vote your way out of this mess by excluding others who wish to share our values. It is that simple. If you immigrated to this country and we’re at first a democrat because they promised a helping hand, but you worked hard and became successful, use in time may become a Republican and share values that we all seem to hold. Why turned them off and make them think we’re all a bunch of insulated xenophobes? We are at 60% and shrinking. I get more pissed off at my parents generation and the early part of the baby boom buying into Paul Ehrlich‘s insane theories, while Pope Paul the sixth was telling everybody not to use contraception. Nobody listened.

            Sorry for the way this was transcribed but trying to edit on a cell phone on this particular comment venue is frustrating.

          • I feel like I’m reading something out of 1965.

            Retired, you might be more convincing if you could point to any place or time in world history where becoming a minority in their own country has worked out well for the heritage population, and where the heritage population has been able to talk the invaders into adopting the heritage values.

            And I’ll just stop you right there, before you tell me about early waves of European immigration to the US, because they were A) very brief compared to the current waves, B) from countries that were part of the same European Renaissance/Enlightenment culture as the heritage Americans, C) Were the same race and close to the same religion (and instances where they were not, the problems have been particularly acute), D) Actually caused a ton of harm to the nation via organized crime, political corruption, Marxist/progressive politics, etc. and can’t be regarded in anyway as an unqualified success, and E) Never constituted a majority.

            So, pick someplace that’s not the United States.

          • Good comment, so thank you.

            We depopulated ourselves, globalist forces piled on to replace us.

            Preach the Gospel, or at least the American gospel. What choice do we have? Run on xenophobia? Race? … and lose. Or, work for a new unity.

            Don’t know what winning formula the DR has, and objecting and nostalgia isn’t a winner.

            Ethnostates? Fine but it won’t happen.

          • So, no good examples, huh?

            I see no evidence that ethnostates won’t happen. They happened throughout Eastern Europe when the Soviet Union fell. When the American Empire falls, and it will, I see no reason why the same thing won’t happen.

          • Yes, it may happen, but we are talking here about how to win an election; the idea of white ethnosates will appeal to how many millions of people? And you better put your shooting earmuffs on because you’ll want to drown out all of the laughter by the Commies who are rubbing their hands together if the RNC were to campaign on white, white, white.

          • but we are talking here about how to win an election

            Are we? A core part of the Zman’s message is that electoral politics are a waste of the DR’s time.

            you’ll want to drown out all of the laughter by the Commies who are rubbing their hands together if the RNC were to campaign on white, white, white.

            Oh, no! Not that! I want to be a good conservative and lose with the respectful approval of the commies, like we usually do!

            The point isn’t to campaign at all. What part of “we are not voting our way out of this” is hard to understand?

            I think you’ll find that while a lot people here talk about the pros and cons of Trump vs. Biden and electoral politics, most are just looking at which path eases us most effectively and safely to the point where enough Whites realize electoral politics is a dead end.

            Neither President Harris nor President Rubio, nor anyone else in the presidential pipeline, no less Congress and the Judiciary, is really interested in judging people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin because the burgeoning minority-majority absolutely does not want to be judged based on their character, or heaven forbid their merit, because the outcome wouldn’t be good for them.

          • Then hand over the reins of power to narcissistic psychopaths, then turn in your guns or die, and get ready for section 8 housing in the suburbs. Instead of fighting politically and sending a loud message that we aren’t playing along.

            You are being told to surrender, or flee to a white enclave, only to have FedGov focus on your AO with extreme prejudice. They don’t need no stinking constitution.

          • Vizzini said: “A core part of the Zman’s message is that electoral politics are a waste of the DR’s time.” Largely correct but not exact: I believe Zman said the above with an added clause, “except for recruitment purposes.” Which makes sense if that’s what you want to do; there is value in it.

          • Just a friendly reminder that from the 2016 election until the mid-terms the Rs held the Presidency and both Houses. That should have resulted in some wins, no?

          • No. Trump—besides being undermined by the Deep State, the FBI, the intelligence agencies, the DOJ, the MSM, etc.—had to fight off the cream of the scum in the Republican Party such as McCain, Corker, Romney, Flake and plenty of others. I hope for Trump to come into his own during the next four years.

          • No, I cannot cite examples because those states were not organized by a document that could handle factions—you know, all of that stuff in The Federalist Papers.

            Leftists looked for and found ways to destroy the Constitution and the rule of law.

          • I think the idea that our founding documents could handle factions has been proven conclusively false. Factions were one of Madison’s greatest fears and the document he penned wasn’t up to the task of constraining them.

          • It has done well. You are giving a pass to bad actors who weaken it daily—all while we slept and let the poison drip.

            My Civ Nat friends talk Trump tough but they won’t cut the cord, so they stupidly contribute to the Left’s war chest.

            The Constitution didn’t fail. Who, or what failed? “It’s them non-whites! That’s the problem!” Huh? They are pawns!

          • Interesting point. If an ethnostate is unrealizable, what SHOULD we be aiming for? I’d think an improved on version of brazil would be the best hope. How to improve it?

            Probably people should be thinking in terms of managing those less than dreamy contingencies, I expect that’s what the ruling class is aiming for (read: that’s probably what will actually happen).

          • First, if we do not try to forge a broader conservative base, and you know what I mean by broader, then Balkanization May result. Perhaps Trump is the perfect leader to make “the others” take a look at America as we saw it.

            Second, Many of the commenters here did not know how to answer my question, which was what do you do to solve the problem? Mr Smith had to cite Z Mans passive etnothstate—while quietly recruiting. Why is it that so few people here failed to simplyState that? And what are they doing to recruit guys like me, who completely sides with White interests and especially white lives that are in such peril right now?

            I noticed all of the cheap shots about Breitbart readers, and a slew of other people and groups—People and groups who are white conservative but are tainted by this dreaded disease known as Civ Nat—And I had to just Shake my head at the obvious lack of real serious attempt at recruiting people to their cause. The only reason why I don’t make angry comments to the replies that I receive is because I realize we are all alike in many ways but I wear the tag of being a Normie or a civic nationalist. The few people who engage in a conversation with me have Earned my respect and admiration. For me this thing called ethno state may become a reality but it is not something that I have surrendered to, yet. If we cannot save America Then that will be the default.

            I ask people, assume that we attempt a separation. What chance would any separatist movement have in a country that is run by Black Lives Matter Marxists? At first glance, the answer I expect is that we would annihilate them. But annihilate who? Certainly not the military. The military controlled by a Marxist government would not abide by the rules of the constitution and posse comitatus.

            perhaps you could tell me about Brazil, as I have had my hands full with trying to survive and prepare for the worst. So I know very little about Brazilian politics. Please note that the grammar in this post is poor due to using a cell phone. Sorry.

          • I guess the down votes don’t like those white Europeans from southern Europe who immigrated here, invented electricity and the radio, and then became loyal Americans. Tough crowd here, that’s for sure.

          • You’ve gotten nothing but downvotes from me, and my husband’s heritage is half southern Italian (not Sicilian). There were plenty of good reasons the original locals didn’t like their towns swamped by peasant Italians. Deal with it.

          • Don’t feel bad: small mindedness is universal because Italians don’t consider Sicilians to be Italians.

            You still haven’t posed one good solution to the problem of how we can win. And eugenics isn’t a winning idea.

          • You still haven’t posed one good solution to the problem of how we can win.” 3g4me has not, but Zman has: The solution must be based upon the concept of passive ethno-nationalism.

          • Don’t you love the newbies coming in and telling us how we should be doing things without ever reading any of Zs earlier works and waiting to comment until they have a little more worldview…

          • I am a bit angry with myself for even trying to respond. He’s the personification of why I won’t debate normies. We talk directly past each other. He’s living in his bubble and won’t be dissuaded by facts or history. Millions just like him. They’re lost, and we can’t risk ourselves to try to persuade or save them. Just shake the dust off your feet . . .

          • Read the linked post by Zman, Retired. The idea is asserted to be the only solution to the “large society problem.” It is a brilliant insight by Zman. Read the linked post by him, and then read the essay that he links to about the large society problem.

          • Absurd to suggest that Retired is a normie, if you mention a white ethnostate to a REAL normie he either 1) is totally unaware of demographics and thinks we already have one indefinitely or 2) recoils in horror and starts rocking back and forth mumbling the comfort word “RACIST!”

            Retired seems to want the same ideal situation but simply see it as unforeseeable. That’s a radically different thing.

            I might add he’s also way ahead of a lot of full 1488 blackpillers who want nothing less than a 100% ethnostate from sea to sea… but also think it’s impossible. Only THEIR solution is every many for himself eating MREs and (millions of whites?) hiding from globoschlomo in the woods.

            We’ve got what, 10% of the white population generally sympathetic? Happily slicing people out of that for any deviationism is maybe not the wisest course.

          • Well, you show intelligence and discernment. You could “recruit” better than some of the chorus here.

          • They’re smart guys too, I just think people are carried away by righteous indignation and sensible shock at what is happening.

            It’s obvious what we are doing now with multiculti open borders and constant anti white messaging is a disaster… so people overcorrect into thinking the correct answer must be the exact opposite of all this.

            Emotionally understandable but maybe not quite right. Racial solidarity has limits. I love my people and I want them to flourish in their own lands… but I don’t want to be guillotined by jacobins or starved by stalin any more than I want to be macheted by hutus or sacrificed to Quetzalcoatl.

          • The killers are all ready to get back to killing since white rule has been defeated at the ballot box. Short of us violently seizing power, one can only hope enough former blue voters change their minds now that they have seen what their votes produced.

            Me? I believe in decapitating international as well as domestic actors who control and manipulate, but I’m not qualified for the job.

          • And how long will your withdrawn community last when the Bolsheviks take over. So you would never team up with a black guy even if he agreed with your values and votes no on tyranny? Cut off your nose to spite your face?

            Further, you and the gal that you replied to think this is your own private venue. Those damn natives thought so too once upon a time, but we took the land, so that argument is puerile. I have read here for years, made a comment about winning, and Z’s chorus all decided they didn’t like winning and would rather fight a military campaign against a full on Democrat FedGov than to believe that minorities might save the day if they, too, want freedom and liberty instead of what is being promised in blue cities.

            Being here longer hardly proves that you are right or enlightened.

          • I love how this is always thrown out. It’s simultaneously a false equivalence (all immigrants are equivalent), and a false dichotomy (Southern European Whites were extremely different from Nothern European Whites.)

            They were indeed different, but there are degrees of different. The cultures that brought us Plato and Michelangelo have a lot more in common with the culture of Locke and Luther than they have different. We had literally millennia of civilizational integration in Europe going for us.

            As I mentioned in another post, the ways that they were different did indeed cause major problems.

            But Southern Europeans are orders of magnitude more like Northern Europeans than Sub-Saharan Africans, Orientals and Central and South American Natives.

          • I could go down this road but it isn’t important.

            What do you think about white crime, poverty, and drug abuse in rural areas? I moved where it is almost all white and was surprised by what I have learned.

            We should focus on good vs evil rather than race and ethnicity, if it’s not too late. Evil has exacerbated race and ethnicity as causes.

        • “Find ways to make deer climb trees, Whitey.”

          If those are the cards I’m getting, I’m walking away from this table.

          Not playing a rigged game is the winning play.

        • Sure, just explain to all the Han and pajeet and Mohammedans and Mixtecs that we’re all ‘murricans and we can all win by following the rules. That’s sure to do the trick. We’ll put that on your tombstone.

          • So, you mean to tell me that a shrinking white population with an all white message is really going to carry the day? You also conveniently lumped together all Mexicans and Muslims when certainly there are those who already are on our side. Do I need to tell you the names of Muslim authors who are attacking radical Islam?You guys are so quick to use the term Civ Nat and all kinds of other derisive terms just to live in a stupid bubble. We cannot turn back the clock to win the country was 70% or more white.

          • Start moving into all-White enclaves, first, and throw sand into the gears of the federal government legally, which is to say to ostracize children/grandchildren who join the military, get on any government program available to you, do everything possible to pay minimal taxes. Those are passive and good ways to start out.

          • All white enclaves have white Marxists and Karen’s. Population growth strangely translates to government and regulatory growth. White enclaves would have to keep people out. Feds under Biden puppeteers will air drop Syrians, etc. See Minnesota. You make lots of good comments. This isn’t one of them.

            What problem would you have if your nonwhite neighbors played golf, shot skeet, went to church, and voted like you and with you?

            Look at all of the white people doing damage to our way of life. Bad ideas make bad people.

          • And bad genetics make bad people. And race trumps muh principles every time. So glad to hear you are willing to trust your grandchildren’s future to your Muslim friends having your back.

          • Margaret Sanger wasn’t wrong about everything. Equating people with the typical conservative bogeymen won’t work here.

          • She was wrong. In fact, she is the Left’s modern matriarch. Abortion for thee you black, Hispanic, and Italian scum, but not for us!

            Is that it?

            Ah, the Muslims love this as they wait in the wings pumping out more babies and probably don’t believe in abortion.

            Now, surely you have spotted a chink in my argument since I mentioned Muslims. In the end, they will be a much bigger threat to us than others that we have talked about. If some vote for Trump, I will take it; but those may end up turning from Islam. Good go towards the light.

          • Shame on you, old man, for not siding with your own people. You may be too old to pay the ultimate diversity tax, but your children and grandchildren will, and they’ll curse your name.

          • Exactly right I hope he gets a taste of it though just so he can realize what a fool he was but to be honest those so entrenched will never wake up even if it smacks them upside the head…

          • Do you know a single decent black man or a woman? What are the odds that if you go to Portland or Seattle or Chicago that you’re not gonna get smacked upside the head by some lunatic white kid? You see where I’m getting at? You have to understand that if you believe in God you do believe that it is possible for people of any skin color to identify with the good.

          • I do side with my own people but not exclusively with my own people. What is the matter with you? You side only with whites and refuse to believe that people of other races religions or homelands could not possibly have similar values with regard to how we should be governed. That is just completely lame. Furthermore, taking your statement that I should side with my people, that confuses me. I don’t know if you mean I should go out and fire bomb buildings with white punks or not. I don’t know if I should become a male Karen and Yep at people for not wearing a mask. Is that what you want me to do? Certainly that’s not what you want me to do but yet you want me to side with white people, many of whom are jackasses.

            You would be helping yourself if you said you need to side with like minded people with good values that are pro American, decent and humble, but warriors against evil.

          • “And race trumps muh principles every time.”

            EVERY time? So we’re going to go ahead and say in the french revolution (to take an egregious and particularly important example) race trumped principles and it worked out great given a homogeneous population?

            C’mon man!

            Can we insist that race is important to the “Race doesn’t exist” crowd without drunkenly falling off the other side of the wall and landing onto ONLY race is important?

          • You obviously don’t live around significant numbers of non-Whites if you think they’re going to turn into good Conservatives.

          • I live in poor, rural Appalachia. The people out here are largely fine people, abandoned by elites that shut down their mines and moved all their factories overseas.

            Appalachia is the poorest part of the US but has a crime rate below the national average.

          • Probably. I’ve noticed that we praise our own without saying anything about the multiple marriages and divorce. It really gets confusing when they try to tell me about their family. Glad you moved there: they can shoot distance and live off the land—family idiosyncrasies aside.

          • If I could move back I would(with all their problems) but I got alit of friends who stayed (shale boom) and good for them. They have families and property now

          • What problem would you have if your nonwhite neighbors played golf, shot skeet, went to church, and voted like you and with you?

            The problem I would have is that they are not my people. That doesn’t make them bad. It just makes them not my people.

            I’ve worked for a couple multi-national corporations, traveled all over the world. Everywhere I go, every time a lot of people of different races and cultures gather together, know what happens? They gravitate to their little groups.

            I’m that guy that would often sit down at the table with the APAC (Asia-Pacific) guys at lunch, just for a change. And we’d have a nice little chat for a while. Then, inevitably, the conversation would drift back to Chinese, Japanese, Hindi or whatever the dominant language was, and there I’d be, alone at a crowded table.

            In companies where there were Chinese or Indians who moved up into executive ranks, you’d see them hiring more Chinese and Indians under them — because they feel comfortable about Chinese and Indians. Even the guys who spoke English nearly like natives, their lives were just different. Their religious holidays were different, their diets were different, their pastimes were different. Not bad, just different. Not my people.

            I don’t have to justify why I like being around my own people any more than they do.

            I want to live in a country where my kids and grandkids grow up with their own people. I like American culture. I don’t want to live in a world where I have to see an obligatory apology before watching The Magnificent Seven due to unflattering portrayals of Mexican culture and appropriation of Mexican roles by non-Mexican actors.

            I don’t want to live in a country where Gone With The Wind is a hate crime.

            I don’t want to live in a world where every TV show, every movie, every advertisement has to be parsed for proper racial, gender and ethnic representation. I like mostly White people in my entertainment. I want the exotic to stay exotic.

            I don’t have to have a rational, logical explanation for that.

          • My, how the conversation has gone from winning an election to trying to force people into living among POC.

          • Fine. But why the outcry over watching blacks possibly tipping the election to Trump? Winning this election is the last chance. If we do win and justice can be meted out to the Russia crowd and to those who have rioted and killed innocent citizens, we can reverse course. If nothing like that comes from a Trump victory, then more than whites will suffer.

          • Well spoken Vizzini. You just made one mistake; you said, “I don’t have to have a rational, logical explanation for that.” Maybe not, but you did so, and did so well, with all your preceding words.

          • You may not consider that a good comment but it is what I would do. It is a direct response to what you asked. I live in a White enclave without a Marxist among the people around me. It isn’t hard to do.

            Incidentally, I am voting for Trump and hope he wins. That’s not because I think he will do anything substantive but because the State will not accept his re-election and will set off what has to happen to preserve our people. With any luck, it will involve a secession of the city-states from the rest of us and be peaceful.

          • Incidentally, what do you plan to do personally if the State either refuses to recognize Trump’s re-election or blatantly steals the election? Just interested whether you will Ghost Dance harder to bring back the Constitution or if you will respond substantively. People need to think hard and long about it.

          • Are you ex-mil? I’m not so I train as much as possible. I do not know how it will play out, so presently I plan on defending property and life, then town/neighbors and state. If military comes then it would be surrender or suicide-by-mil. Our sheriff is on our side and that should not change so I don’t see having to surrender weapon or suicide by cop. If your scenario happens, the gig is up. Of course Civ Nat is dead too then. How does a passive ethnostate built on rights accomplish anything then?

            Never could visualize what Mr. Z was describing on that topic.

          • Let’s play soros’ advocate for a minute…

            So the plan is:

            1) self marginalize from power, self ghettoize, make shrinking minority group noxious and unhelpful to existing power structures

            2) ???

            3) White ethnostate!

            Hmm… I’m not opposed to your step 3 but what’s step 2 supposed to be? Because if you don’t know step 2, your step 1 seems to be headed toward something else entirely

          • Please tell me how your solution is going to work this time when it has failed since at least the 1990’s.

            Minority outreach, particularly with Hispanics, has been a staple of GOP strategy since HW.

            To reach these voters the GOP is lurching ever leftward along with the country itself.

            Your “solution” is suicide. More anti-White garbage, more Progressive values.

          • Traditional solutions haven’t worked because the Left has made them impossible to work and they have divided in order to conquer. How is it anti-white progressive reaching if blacks, browns, and others say they have had enough of the globalist uniparty robs them while putting them and their loved ones in danger? What if they join us and give Trump a huge mandate? It buys time and throws sand into the gears of the uniparty. We will see, but if they don’t think like you or I it may be due to 50, or more years of Democrat power seeking divisiveness and not tribalism, which itself has been the endgame by our “betters” who have been at this for a long time.

            You are a thinker. Read about root causes and understand.

            “Unconstrained Analytics” is the best I can offer. PDF free online.

            Not sure what your solutions are.

            If Trump wins or loses, there will be war. Depending on which side wins, people will be hanged. Ask “the force” (I will pray) that the good wins.

          • The author, but rarely the comments.

            So, tell me how you will protect your community? Remember the Kulaks?

            Why don’t you welcome seeing black men and women standing up to and exposing Biden and the Democrats? Doesn’t it make you think that they believe in American ideals? Does it give you hope that they might be BECOMING more white—which people here, today, said they expect from non-whites? Or, is your mind set on the notion that you are better? Smarter? More deserving?— so no thank you, don’t do me any favors by voting for Trump.

            Yes, for now, for me, CN will have to do. And the author does say “recruit along the way,” I believe.

            when was the last time that 100% of 60% voted Republican?

            When you went to college, before the 90s let’s say, your professors certainly taught you that for a Republican presidential candidate to win, he needed to garner Democrats switch votes and independents. That hasn’t changed. Trump will not get 100% of the white vote. Do the math, pray that we can turn this thing around Politically, or be prepared for your worst nightmare.

          • We cannot turn back the clock to win the country was 70% or more white.

            Absolutely correct. That’s why they say we can’t vote our way out of this. Eventually it will go beyond the ballot box and white Americans will either have to bend the knee to whatever minority becomes dominant or maintain themselves through the shedding of blood. In the meantime political activity should orient toward whites cohering in a self-conscious group with own interests.

          • C’mon. They’re asking D’Souza, Elder, Tim Scott, the Cuban immigrant entrepreneur to “bend the knee.” I talked to an American Indian who won’t bend the knee.

            Sell America and assimilate properly. A long moratorium on new immigration would be nice.

            Give me a winning realistic plan.

          • Plan: build white communities, have children. Teach them well.

            The future belongs to those who show up to use Z Man’s pithy phrase. At the end of the day that Indian friend won’t cross his people. He knows his kinsmen won’t tolerate any nonsense, but whites tolerate all kind of nonsense. You can’t respect a person or group who is so permissive. Neither can they respect themselves.

            It’d be nice to form alliances of convenience with other ethnic groups, but we can only do so from a position of strength when you have ethnic solidarity. The point of the matter isn’t to take a negative position toward other groups, but to recognize the reality of our own extended ethnic family and take responsibility for each other. When we achieve this we can deal with other groups more realistically.

          • Non-sequitur.

            I am self sufficient. Until you folks help to elect Harris by not engaging in politics.

            Then, poof! It’s all gone.

          • You cannot appeal to minorities by pushing an immigration moratorium.

            How do you say “what about my cousin/uncle/aunt/parents in 120 different languages?”

            You are a perfect example of how the kosher sandwich one-party system wants Republicans to Finklethink.

          • Just because I know that you cannot sell the moratorium doesn’t mean that I don’t want one. By the way, you ever talked to a Mex-American about the subject? I have and you might discover something.

            And please refrain from the (((they))) thingy with me. Some are great while others are absolutely killing us.

            I love Jesus Christ and could not do a single thing without his help daily.

          • A lot of mexicans ARE white. Sailer remarks on this often but it’s not a familiar thing to those who don’t actually deal with them. Basically all the wealthy and powerful ones are, so in effect the important bad ones we have are another species of elite white shitlibs working against the badwhites.

            They’re sort of used to playing the socially conscious role to maintain their power over disorganized brown hordes (the usual 2% gambit) which is probably a thing most of us will end up doing worse come to worse. That mentality is currently foreign to us badwhites used to being in the majority.

            I think you’re absolutely wrong about muslims (as distinct from arabs) though. They have a foreign hostile creed in addition to (usually) pretty different genes that lead to all sorts of behaviors unsuitable for our civilization. That’s nowhere to go looking for domestic(!) allies. They’re almost as bad as the 2%, and even worse in some salient ways.

          • I tried to avoid Muslims in this conversation since they are apostates from hell, with exceptions as authors on Breitbart and Frontpage.

            You described Jorge Ramos well in the first part.

        • Read your comment to Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, or even Larry elder. I consider the commenters here to be highly intelligent people but some of the thinking that goes on here is absolutely short sighted and narrow.

          • Have you heard the term NAXALT, or in this case NABALT?

            Outliers have no impact on the weight of collective behavior.

            Were you around when OJ was acquitted? All sorts of respectable blacks that we thought were our allies rejoiced, revealing their real loyalties.

          • Poor assimilation programs (salad bowl rather than melting pot, lol), multiculturalism and multilingualism, brought to us by Democrats and Marxists. Continuing…equal outcomes rather than equal opportunity, you have the recipe for your NABALT. Whites and Asians might be more equipped; problem is we are about to be outnumbered. I watched LA County Bd of Sups get screamed at for allowing illegal immigrants. Those doing the yelling were Mexicans and Blacks.

            cant turn back the demographic clock. The old GOP is dead. The ideal of America isn’t yet dead, and the anarchists are making Civ Nat more appealing.

          • “making Civ Nat more appealing”

            I appreciate your comments and I hope you stick around.

            We’re getting down to the fundamental issue: With non-whites, what is deeper, race or Civ Nat values?

            While there is no scientific answer, most observations show that even assimilated non-whites feel a deeper loyalty to their race than to any universal values. If that’s true, we waste our resources when we try to persuade them.

            Almost all non-whites would rather live in a dysfunctional society that their race dominates, rather than a more prosperous Civ Nat society, unless they are colonizing ours.

          • Well, Italians and Irish used to be very clannish also. I don’t believe that is the case any longer since subsequent generations have blended in to the country. The dysfunctionality that you are referring to is a byproduct of the evil that has been working to corrode the American way for over 100 years. What do people want? They want to Improve their economic lot in life, they want security, and there’s only one political party that promotes that. If that political party, by which I mean the republican party, were to be the party of just the wealthy, or just white people, there would be no option for our fellow humans to choose. I cannot think of any other way to do this but by getting men like Tim Scott or an east Indian or south Indian, or Hispanic, to preach the values of America and civic nationalism, whatever the hell that term means. I assume it means anybody who believes in the founding principles.

          • Respectable reply! All I can say it that I don’t want to bet the future of my people on the hope that non-whites will become non-clannish, like the Irish and Italians did. Non-whites are very different than whites with respect to apprehending universal values.

          • Correct.

            We have work to do.

            God made some people better than others; Jesus told us to help and covert them. Enlighten them. Strange that God would do this, but who am I to argue with him. Loving others is a bitch, until you really don’t have a choice.

            This blog preaches community. Drop the exclusions. We’re not talking about winning hearts and minds in Vietnam. If America wasn’t intended for non-Northern Europeans, it’s a bit too late to advocate that.

            Make it unpopular to be a loser. Commies and their agents are losers.

          • Throughout the Bible God recognizes the existence and legitimacy of nations, and nations are blood & soil. Nowhere does he even imply that helping other people means diluting nations.

            Wanting to live in a White nation doesn’t mean hating the people of other nations. It also doesn’t mean inviting them all into mine.

          • Help equals charity and improving life outcomes through education. Not Welfare. As far as living in a white nation, hasn’t that ship sailed already? “Have 2 children” was all the rage in the late 60’s. We listened and now we are paying. Breed baby breed, just don’t complain when the vacuum gets filled.

          • Good one! You can thank the globalists for that. Still, people are in a complete frenzy over a single proposition I make here today. You know, the one in the DOI.

            Nietzsche would hate me because my Christianity guides me. We need it to guide others as well, which the founders alluded as well. Otherwise, we might as well head for South America.

          • I kinda think educating people in the truth is doing something for someone. Or helping a poor family so that the gov won’t make them dependent. The best victory for America is to take away the power to tax, except for defense and other federal necessities. But that would require a virtuous society working together with intact families and with a strong local system of private charity to help people who cannot help themselves. You will always have the poor unless you believe Margaret Sanger and PP.

          • I guess the down votes cannot accept any successful allies unless they are white.

            Not a winner.

          • Retired, please rise above the downvotes, keep commenting and carry your flag. Steel sharpens steel.

            Nonetheless, race is deeper than values. Almost every non-white who claims to share your values will betray you for the dominance of their race.

          • We are being betrayed by whites—greedy in some cases, pathetically uneducated in other cases. Honestly, growing up with other types of people was not a problem until the slow drip of poison divided us, and when the evil godless president came to fundamentally transform by weaponizing tyranny against a bogeyman called “whiteness.”

            Give a huge assist to critical theory in indoctrination factories.

          • growing up with other types of people was not a problem

            Until I was a gradeschooler, this was a nearly 90% White country. Growing up with other types of people wasn’t even a thing. And in most of the country, even until my adulthood it wasn’t.

            All those jobs that are now taken up by Somalis, Hispanics, Koreans and Indians? That was a rarity in most of the country. Those jobs were held by White kids.

            Proportions matter. One ghost pepper in your chili is fine. Fifty is too much.

          • Don’t disagree. Too bad our teachers didn’t mention Kalergi and those other dimwits, Cloward-Piven. We got Shanghai’d.

          • Line, he’s peddling the same old civnattery that you and so many others here outgrew long ago. He’s hardly offering steel, but rather old, tired, useless tropes. He’s just rooting for his miscegenated grandkids. Stop wasting your time.

          • My kids are with whites. You lost your ability to reason here. Ok, I hope Trump loses because no black, brown, or yellow voted for him.

            Expecting apologies now from the chorus. We can all form a community together. Until Harris uses the military to exterminate us. But, by gum, we held to our principles!

          • I still have an imperial flag hanging on a pole outside my house (Betsy Ross) I just can’t bere to bring it down…my ole civnattery. The propaganda is deep, I actually believe by my civnat little rebellions I bring others to /ourguy/ while I know I’m fooling myself

          • Every one of us has read all of them. We grew out of it.

            You are the one who is being short-sighted. You can’t look past your fear of being called racist to see the dismal track record of colorblind civic nationalism since the 1960’s.

          • You just gave up. Surrendered. Made a bogus claim. Civ Nat worked at one time. But you cannot understand why it may no longer work. Yet you all read the literature and now reduce it to race.

            That’s lazy.

            I think you would be totally sad, if not depressed, if Trump won 30% of the black vote and a good percentage of the Hispanic vote, and won a huge electoral victory, with those same classes of people committing themselves to working for the American dream because they learned something awful about the left the last couple of years. I really think that would make you sad.

    • “It should be obvious that your day is done and your homelands are lost, Whitey. Just accept it. Change happens.”

      This is why “vote GOP b/c lesser evil” is fatal. Rage against the dying of the White – don’t just lay back and take the pillow like they want you to.

      Break out of this kosher-sandwich lose-lose death spiral. Our children deserve better and so do we.

      • I really have to ask you in all honesty if you’ve ever met an Indian, an American Indian, an Asian, Hispanic or Mexican, or a black person, who is not like us.? They are on the news shows, sports, and you meet them in every day life. Why would I turn my back on their love and support just because they ain’t white?

        • Edit: they are also in the military and in law-enforcement. This is so obvious but yet many here don’t count them as allies or as good people. Trump is re-creating the old republican party, but it must be done carefully so as to not alienate those who may find commonality with us. The rhinos will be co-opted, seen as frauds, and will be unceremoniously dumped.

          • Not being snarky, have you or a relative been in the military or law enforcement in the last five or so years? Both are more pozzed than the public schools.

          • Yes. Are they pozzed because they are not white, or are they pozzed because Obama put a bunch of left-wing military officers in position to preach transsexualism and etiquette rather than how to fight wars?

          • While the military is ostensibly desegregated, the reality was that most non-Whites voluntarily went for support roles. The serious combat units were disproportionately, if not uniformly, White and disproportionately Southern. My son had black and hispanic soldiers under him in the 101st Airborne, but it was surprising how few there were compared to the overall racial makeup of the armed forces. And there were no women at all in the enlisted ranks of 101st at that point (up til 2018). One of the reasons my son left the 101st was because he saw that women would soon be forced on the airborne units and he wanted to avoid the minefield of being a senior NCO over women who could destroy his career with an accusation and who he knew from watching other units would not carry their weight.

          • Yep! It sucks. If Trump wins and doesn’t clean house, then I know it’s over. Since you have carried on with me without insult (I think) perhaps you might understand why I have chosen the dreaded Civ Nat route. Nobody else here has proposed anything that would offer hope and some kind of coexistence under a less corrupt federal government. I sense that people just give up hope and they want to retreat. I prefer to fight and stick it to the bastards. Exterminate them, in fact.

          • Since you have carried on with me without insult (I think)

            That’s been my intent. If there was any insult mixed in there it was unintentional.

            I can get really cranky on my bad days, but I’m trying to be better about that.

            I think your particular solution hasn’t a prayer of working. It is stuff that I have been hearing since I was a teenager, and which has been a feature of conservative politics since the 1800s.

            Unfortunately, conservatism spent so many decades not conserving anything that it is now dead. There’s no “nat” to “civ.” Our only hope lies in a new nation.

            You don’t have any good examples or success stories to bolster your arguments.

            If you could have told me “Just look how nice Yugoslavia is with all those different Muslim and Christian ethnic groups living together in peace,” that would have been great, or “Look how well the Kurds have integrated into Turkey and Iraq,” or “The brotherly love between Hutus and Tutsi is inspirational,” or “Look how happy the Whites and blacks in South Africa are together,” I might be inclined to give your argument some credence.

            Me, I see “look how lovely the Icelandic people are, like one big family.” And “look how culturally cohesive the Japanese are” and I see cautionary tales: “Look at the trouble formerly homogeneous, idyllic Scandinavian countries are encountering due to letting in African and Middle Eastern immigrants.”

            Every example I can think of emphasizes the need for separation.

            “It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent, Northern conservatism. This [Northern conservatism] is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always when about to enter a protest very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent role of resistance: The only practical purpose which it now subserves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy, from having nothing to whip.”

            ― Robert Lewis Dabney, 1820-1898

          • Excellent comment. You have done a fine job presenting the argument.

            I gave up on the Conservative Movement when NR and others turned on Trump. I then decided to be a nationalist, so I must be a white nationalist. A black person who wants MAGA is a black nationalist, as I see it. I see no problem with being a nationalist and have been all along. We might be in a slightly different position than Scandinavia because they have always been white while the US has a history of race mixture, but in recent years the tap was left open for too long.

            In conclusion, I hope for a Trump victory and welcome support from non-whites. I do believe that you are right about the inevitable outcome, then we will be a Balkanized nation. Just trying to fight that in the sunset of America.

          • Trump had 4 years to “clean house.” What’s going to be different in term 2 other than a more hostile House & Senate?

          • 4 years but little party support, endless investigations, and a non objective press to conduct investigations and expose lies. Don’t know why he didn’t fire everyone he could. Being an outsider may have something to do with it.

          • The only thing true about the melting pot is that it evaporates ones credibility; what remains is brown sludge.

            The habitual preemptive forfeiture of the frame is a false virtue that needs to be culled from our gene pool.

            Prior forfeitures resulting in dire demographic destinies do not accrue more virtue to this position.

            The burden is not upon us to accommodate or court the others with our values and culture.

            This is the strategy of the uniparty politik which is antithetical to a future for our people.

            Our burden is courage. Courage to act in our own self-interest. What you suggest is just more cowardice draped in the flag.

            It seems you seek to further the empire and not a future for our people. Perhaps it is you who should drift toward the donkey for a ride to utopia.

            The myth of alchemy of poc democrats becoming republicans because material success is a melting pot of retardation and magic negro that has already destroyed generations of white men. How many more until black gold appears?

            We do not alienate; they are aliens. This is not a Nation to them but rather a Game. They are more than happy to play along collecting stats while asserting their own values and priorities into the essence of the sport until we no longer recognize it.

            The blank slate proposition nation of civnat makes this possible.

            “…recreating the old republican party”.

            “Please clap”

          • It hurts when you say they aren’t going anywhere- EXCEPT TO KEEP FLOODING OUR LANDS- because it’s true. You break it, you buy it (unless you’re jewish).

            Retired, you do get to the heart of the matter, ye heartless drover.

          • Because it isn’t the heart of the matter.

            Now let’s look at you. I began with a comment about whites being in an awful demographic position, and no one comments on that except to beg for a White state.

            I support the idea of getting electoral help from people of color as a means to winning against an evil group, but everyone simply denigrates on the basis of race.

            Yes, the heart of the matter for many of you is race. Not governance, elections, not defeating evil.

          • Brainless comment. I guess that you are not white since you cannot string together a reasonable and thoughtful response.

        • This is gaslighting. I live in Los Angeles, FFS. Z lives in Baltimore. Where do you live?

          We all know exceptional outliers. They don’t make up for the vast majority of their co-ethnics.

          You need to spend 6 months reading Steve Sailer, American Rennaisance and VDARE to get even a basic understanding of what we’re talking about.

          • I lived close to you for 60 years. Left there and have a safe house in a veritable scorpion’s nest where Antifa or BLM won’t dare to tread. I do occasionally read those authors and I respect Jared Taylor because he is honest and he makes a good case for whites. I also realize that whites have done massive amounts of work towards building civilizations which have provided comfort, health, and wealth for many people. You keep wanting to draw me into a scientific argument about race and I think it’s too late to even try to win the support of others and elections by making those arguments. I trust in the Lord, and I have to be an example to all people, as difficult as that may be for me, to lead them to the truth and to wean them away from their arguments about race, their claims on reparations, their faith in false promises of hope and change, or political power given to the 13 percent. You’re a smart guy cause I’ve read your comments. But if you think for one minute that that 13% or that 30% of Hispanics are going to have any real political power after a Biden victory, and after the complete global communist takeover of the United States, that is pure delusion. I know who the real enemy is.

          •  I know who the real enemy is.

            That’s the fundamental point of disagreement, right there. We don’t think you do.

            You are fighting yesterday’s battle, which has already been lost.

            Me: The globalist enemy set off a demographic bomb in the US. It has already detonated.

            You: “Well, let’s turn that bomb back on them.”

            Me: “It’s already detonated. Bombs don’t work like that. You can’t put them back together.”

            You: “This bomb isn’t so bad, it’s really quite nice, if you look at it just right. Very sparkly! Parts of it could have been our bomb!”

            Me: “It blew our house up. We need a new house.”

            You: “Maybe we can live in the bombed out house with the bomb!”

            Me: “Just, no.”

          • If you respected Jared Taylor you would not be making the comments you do.

            If your civ-nat utopia were possible, you would still be living in Los Angeles, not your alleged “scorpion’s nest.”

            And your investment in this thread looks like shilling to me.

          • I agree with Taylor since we whites are being hunted.

            I live where I do because I wanted a place that was safe for family. Your supposition about minorities in LA never has affected me, but now that the politicians have given them the green light to steal legally, I left in rebellion against the one party system in CA. The minority never became so emboldened until leftists took control in CA. There is no hypocrisy there.

            Your shilling claim is false. I simply want to win this election and think there is a good chance. Being a Civ Nat, what else would you expect me to do? All of us who stay in the fight would love to see Trump get 20%+ of the Black vote. You really have to be hateful to be so dismissive of good souls who are not white. If we cannot right the ship then I made the right decision to move. I don’t wish to tell you that you must have neighbors that you don’t like. You can stay or leave.

    • I did have the thought that maybe Trump is trying to make a play for the GOP to be the chief uniparty beneficiary. Same sheet music but different musicians kinda thing.

      • Maybe. Right now I’ll settle for Trump if it will keep the levers of power away from genocidal maniacs.

        The next 4 years for Trump must be on indictments. Rule of law.

  23. I haven’t been following the conventions. I’m way more worried about which town black murderers and their white/Jewish apologists will destroy next, and whether my family is at risk.

    The conventions could not be more out of touch with the reality on the ground, and it’s hard enough keeping track of the mayhem and wondering if you’re in danger than wasting time trying to follow the irrelevant theatrics on TV.

    • If there is more than a 50% chance of the violence coming to your town and your town not being able or not wanting to defend itself it might be time to move out of there…

      • BLM tried to hit up a small town in rural PA with like 300 residents the other day…

        This shit can now happen anywhere in the country. BLM could even attack a random cabin in the woods.

          • It didn’t end will for BLM/Antifa.

            The same things have happened in other small towns. Zinc, AR; Ft. Collins, CO; some small inland town in California early in the riots — the antifa soyboys and a few joggers roll in and find a bunch of armed men and/or men willing to mix it up and no big city Dem-controlled police dept. willing to stop them and the Antifa/BLM are either very polite or running for their lives in short order.

            Zinc, AR is only about 100 people. Barely a wide spot in the road, but a KKK leader lives there. BLM showed up and the road was lined with local armed White men and the road to the KKK leader’s house was blocked off.

            That protest was not just “mostly peaceful,” it was entirely peaceful. Because it better be, or else.

          • Exactly right Vizzini which was my point if he would of read all my post instead of just cherry picking the first part to try and make his point…

        • BLM could even attack a random cabin in the woods.

          For sure.

          Locally, I’m seeing houses in farming communities with BLM signs in the front yard.

          • Yeah that is the most gutless of virtue signaling. Nary a BLM sign to be found in my mostly (for now) white working class neighborhood, but the closer you get to the Whole Foods the more BLM crap you see.

          • Good. You now have a sign-posting declared enemy in your area and you didn’t even have to research to find out who is against you and/willing to sell Your People out.

            In the interim to possible future spicy times utilize your social network to isolate and locally vilify these Quislings. It is harsh but unless you are in an irredeemable wokester area you must harden your heart and try to excise this cancer.

            Rumor, shunning, innuendo and the evil eye are your tools at this stage.

      • All I can say is I plan to sit out the election period in our second, more rural home. I doubt our city would erupt as the jogger population is low. But it also is a college town and quite liberal, so the antifags could stir things up as well. Come the end of October thru at least middle of November. I think this election is going to be a barn burner no matter who wins, but especially if trump pulls it off.

        • I think that would be a wise decision Brother hopefully you have some neighbors you can count on if it does kick off in your neighborhood…

        • Probably a good idea and an even better one to be prepared for an extended stay if this becomes your plan.

          There are some legs to the idea that we may not even know who is the next President until the new year as delays in counting, disputes, and legal appeals may postpone the decision.

  24. You explain it well because our current situation always strikes me as so odd. Given their behavior, ideology, and the damage they’ve done, of course we should be in a full-blown cold war with China. And of course we should be warming to Russia and trying to draw them to our side of the confrontation with China – they are more at risk than we are.

  25. Another great column, you’re on a roll.

    <i>It is common to call the 1960’s a cultural revolution. Some say it was the sexual revolution or maybe the youth revolution. Still others point out that the revolution started in the 1950’s with black civil rights. </i>

    Or in the WWII, when the women started working industry jobs in large numbers. Or the twenties, when the Old World was in smoking ruins and people decided to burn down Old World culture as well and start again with dada and bauhaus, and when women started smoking and cut their hair short. In the nineteenth century, it was the death of god and the ascent of rule by man and so forth.

    It’s revolutions all the way down.

    • Ironically, the only reason this revolution continues is b/c of the huge power of the state. If we were to get rid of the police there’d be no one to come arrest you for doing a racism, and the country would balkanize faster.

      It is the natural prerogative of the patriarchal man to enforce order in his sphere. The police took this away. Now we have the delicate white man hiding from the black man behind a (very porous) wall of blue. Remove the blue wall, and let the white man remember how to defend himself.

      • Yeah as long as the cops and the family court judges also retreat from his kitchen table.

        As long as State power resides between a man and his wife and children the blaq man on the street is just one more symptom of that problem.

        Thats why continuing to invest in the various political and other apparatuses that perpetuate state power while complaining about state power is insanity.

        Arguing over which brand of psychopath tyrant deserves to sit at your own table while ignoring the actual premise that it has no right to be there at all is hardly the path forward.

        But hell yes if it takes a poc with a frozen gatorade bottle to knock a white mans testes loose, then that would be bigger accomplishment than peanut butter.

  26. I see it in the business world. As we baby boomers get older and retire or die the level of managers just below us in their late 40’s are trying to manage the younger generation below them like they managed the baby boomers. Problem is it ain’t working well.
    The next generation of American workers are different and require a different mindset. The current generation of managers is nostalgic for the way America used to work.
    They are like Hitler ordering around competent armies of workers that no longer exist.
    Its not only the political world that is nostalgic for the 80’s. The business world is too.

    • That’s right lol. “I follow my own path” “I don’t want a boring life like the other people” “I want to travel the world” “I don’t want to be a cog in the corporate machine” “I want a job I’m passionate about”…

      The list goes on and on. My generation needs to stfu and deal with real life – that kind of lifestyle just doesn’t exist for 90% of us.

      Anyways, while the whites travel and “find themselves” the Indians and Chinese are finding themselves in university and taking over the middle class jobs.

    • The next generation of American workers are different and require a different mindset.

      I have noticed this too. The other day, whilst listening to my boss expound on his ‘leadership’ ability, it occurred to me that his ‘hands off approach’ and his ‘laid back style’ would not result in the same fruits with a different batch of workers – say, ones from a younger generation who thought that ‘being asked to work’ was against their rights… Those who take no pride in work and wish to turn it into a social club.

      It was yet another reminder that whilst it is nice to have a set of rules that you can apply, and that have worked for you in the past, they may not work in the future. Upon realizing this, my boss may then make the connection that it was not leadership (in the sense he imagines it) at all that bore the fruit – rather that he had a competent and disciplined workforce that did not need a lot of supervision.

      All this is not to say that leadership/management is worthless, but that both manager and managed have to live up to certain expectations in order for things to be done to a decent standard. From what I have personally witnessed of fresh graduates in the workplace, many bring in an attitude that is just not compatible with this dynamic – and heaven help you if you’re the dreaded white man manager and the new cohort of trainees contains mystery meat galore.

      • It’s all about emotional management.

        The boss has to prove he’s on “their side” – the same way the NBA coaches have to cuck to BLM or the players will ignore them.

        Young people generally have a poor social life and limited communities – not to mention Netflix that makes the corporate world appear much more thrilling than it really is.

        Their expectation is that work will be their social club. Of course instead of wild hookups in the janitor’s closet, in real life most people just want to gtfo at 5.

        • Their expectation is that work will be their social club.

          This has been one of the most unbearable things to witness. I will say that it is mostly females who wish for this to be true, and to some extent for them it is. But you’re correct, for most people work is just a way to eke out a living – nothing more. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy your work that is great, but I have never understood the obsession people have with the ‘career’ – as if nothing outside of it matters.

          I have gotten more satisfaction from growing cucumbers and even making pizza dough than I ever had from my job – and this was I job I thought I wanted! You know: ‘Do something you’re passionate about!’.

          Once you realize how little you can make do with, once you stop consuming so much, and concentrate on things that are important to you, then the drive to succeed in the magic corporate world wanes. In my neck of the woods, I routinely see young people (perhaps 20-25) driving very expensive cars, these same people will have very expensive phones, clothes and anything else fashionable. I know why this is. And I don’t want it – and for that I am grateful as the ability to make do with far less is something I have always admired.

        • Their expectation is that work will be their social club.

          I’ve experienced this in microcosm on expat assignments where I carry a disproportionate amount of the load.

          It’s infuriating how everyone expects you to spend your off hours with the co-workers you carry all week.

          • Why my husband and I only rarely attend the company Christmas party. Hubby is their big time earner, but he can’t talk to any of the other office guys openly, and the increasingly far-flung other company drones include increasing lashings of mystery meat. We prefer our own company.

        • Interesting when you think of how corporate life is portrayed – has always been portrayed, really. My friend’s ex-British army husband used to dream of the American corporate life. Now that he’s lived it for a few decades, he’s just as desperate for them to offer him an early retirement and GTFO. Of course, the corporate life he dreamed of wasn’t run by pajeets.

      • True, a person raised in a traditional home and raised with a work ethic needs little supervision for his or her manager to look like a genius. On the other hand white people raised with unrealistic expectations mixed in with lazy joggers all managed by HR type managers does not create a innovative and productive workplace for our new business world.

        • I am not sure when, but I think that most first world economies have shifted from ‘maximum production’ as their mantra to ‘maximum employment’; and there is plenty of make-work to go around.

          • If you were ever employed in government or government contracts, you’d probably never notice a difference 😀

        • Part of the difficulty is a lack of overall competence in supporting and entry roles. Many supervisors aren’t intelligent enough to explain things concisely and many workers lack initiative and sense of personal freedom to give something a shot. The method of “watch me to it and then you try it” gets substituted for “attend 5 seminars after which you’ll get the check mark for your box that tells us you’re qualified even though you haven’t done this job yet”. The response is to hyper-structure tasks and systems with a 6 gorillion step checklist that appeals to the feminine.
          I had a manager a couple years ago who would give hr + “trainings” where she’d just monologue around in circles the entire time. If someone had made a mistake she’d spend the entire time talking at that person; everyone just had to sit there. It was such a colossal waste of time. She didn’t have great time mgmt anyway but ended up full of resentment for the enormous time blocks the trainings took just b/c she was too stupid to explain smthg briefly, and acted like those monologues were a huge favor to us. Ah, what a nightmare. Made up my mind never to work for a woman again.

          • Also need to consider the level of competence and intelligence of those being trained. My younger kid is a reliable and willing worker, but he’s just not that bright. Something that seems intuitive to others needs to be explained to him (i.e. scan all items in the same warehouse location together instead of following how things are listed on the scanner and running back and forth).

          • Part of that might be inexperience. I made goof-ups as a teenager that seem silly in retrospect. I expect more from a 45+ y/o manager.

          • many workers lack … sense of personal freedom

            Hit the nail on the head there. The sense of personal freedom, what it means to have such a responsibility, as well as the steps needed to keep it are lost on the youth. And in fact, as COVID shows, most people in general.

    • Slightly off-topic, but in my experience a lot of Boomers are simply refusing to retire, which is blocking Xers and Millenials from taking that next step up the ladder.

      • That observation, from my experience, is somewhat true but works this way: Boomer refuses to retire until past his expiry date, and the Gen Xers are passed over for a Millennial. It truly is a transition from mediocre to shiftless. Gen Xers had better learn and learn fast they have to go out on their own if that even is possible.

        • Jack-

          As a passed over Xer I concur.

          Not dropping out of undergrad to get in on the dotcom boom as a founder and then acquiring a conventional corporate job was a huge life mistake on my part.

  27. I must be psychic because it was plain to me what the cuck response to Kenosha last night would be so I listened to the cuckiest of the cuckiest and tuned into Glen Beck. A direct quote: “Don’t engage in bloodshed! Take the beating! It will end this faster!” Yeah, Beck. Good luck with that one and your faux politics.

    • If anyone can find a link to cuck Beck, play it between the 30m and 49m portion. It is the biggest cuck self-own and indictment I’ve experienced.

      • I’ve noticed Beck is showing up more in my YouTube homepage. Is he getting popular again? Remember when he made the cover of Time magazine?

        Jack Dobson, how come you can give us the time segment to listen to, but no link? Do you not know how to cut & paste?

        • I am estimating. I don’t know where there is a link to Beck.

          Feel free. I would like to hear that again if you are so inclined.

          It is the second time I have listened to the grifter in recent years. The first time he was confused, today quite ready to surrender

      • A different Beck said “Soy un perdido, I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me…” This was a pop hit in 1990s, YouTube “Beck Loser” if you like quirky songs.

  28. OT but interesting…an excerpt from a book recommended by commenters here – Christus Liberator An Outline Study of Africa.

    [Dr.] Livingstone wrote to his daughter from the Manyuema country in 1870:
    “The men (carriers) sent by Dr Kirk are Mohammedans, that is, unmitigated liars. Musa and his companions are fair specimens of the lower class of Moslems. The two headmen remained at Ujiji, to feast on my goods, and get pay without work. Seven came to Bambarré, and in true Moslem style swore that they were sent by Dr. Kirk to bring me back, not to go with me, if the country were bad or dangerous. Forward they would not go. I read Dr Kirk/s words to them to follow wheresoever I led. ‘No, by the old liar Mohammed, they were to force me back to Zanzibar.’ After a superabundance of falsehood it turned out that it all meant only an advance of pay, though they had double the Zanzibar wages. I gave it, but had to threaten on the word of an Englishman to shoot the ring-leaders before I got them to go. They all speak of the English as men who do not lie. … I have travelled more than most people and with all sorts of followers. The Christians of Kuruman and Kolobeng were out of sight the best I ever had. The Makololo, who were very partially Christianized, were next best – honest, truthful, and brave. Heathen Africans are much superior to the Mohammedans, who are the most worthless one can have.”

    I’ve read Carlyle’s exposition on Mohammed which contains quite a bit of praise. Whatever the origins my experience with most Moslems is in line with Dr. Livingstone’s, and I’d be interested to discover what Arabs were like before Islam, and if it has improved their race at all.

  29. Now, I wish for the 50’s. A few years ago I was wishing for the 40’s so bad I thought I’d be transported there like Christopher Reeve in “Somewhere in Time.”

    • I’m an early boomer and remember very well life in the 1950s. Say what you will of that era, it looked a lot like what the people commenting here seem to want. Family life was still the centerpiece of society. The fuliginous population was segregated, controlled and reasonably well behaved. Christian morality, if not always followed, set the standard for behavior. Manliness was virtuous, not toxic. Women were feminine in the best sense of that word. Businesses were contributing participants in the communities where they operated. Workers produced real things of value and hadn’t been transformed into ciphers in cubicles staring at computer screens. The entertainment industry did not insult or annoy its audience. Education supported freedom of thought and celebrated Western culture.

      If, as I read here, such times can never come again, I wonder what the dissident right intends future society to look like.

  30. The true believers at Powerline thought it was one of the great moments in the history of the Republic. For what its worth, last night’s poll dump showed Trump improving in several states.

    In what I thought was a very odd ad campaign, I have started getting a YouTube ad featuring Chuck Schumer essentially screaming that Senate Democrats need the help of “grassroots donors” like me to “ditch Mitch” and retake the Senate. Given the resources these people have it is an incredibly bad ad even if I was inclined to support them. My entire YouTube history is nothing but classical music, Christian hymns, videos geared for preschoolers and RamzPaul. This is obviously a very widely distributed ad. The amount of waste in political advertising is just staggering.

    • I don’t have a YouTube or Social History presence. I am guilty of donating some $ to Trump in 2016. The other day’s mail included gimme letters from the RNCC, Wounded Warriors, some group against Common Core, and Zioclops. Oh, and a phone call from Cornyn.

      • That is at least targeted based on your donation to Trump in 2016. They will sell your name and address and any other contact info you give them to any group that will pay for it, which is another reason never to donate to a political campaign. What I saw had to be a blanket ad they paid to show after any monetized YouTube video. Campaign consultants don’t care that much about the results as long as they get paid.

  31. They don’t need to have a continuous revolution – they just need people to think they’re in one.

    Zoomer wahmen think they’re the first generation to have sexual liberation and to ride the carousel. Zoomer men think they’re the first generation to experiment with drug use. Everyone knows that in the before times (before the year *I* happen to be born), racism was rampant. Anti-racism is totally new!

    No way the un-cool racist sexist misogynist old people ever did that stuff back in the day! They keep the revolution going in young peoples’ minds through hatred of their elders. Satanic.

    • So true. Satanic is right. The “do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” is wedded to the “year I”.

      Yet there is a coming home to roost aspect to all of this.

      Reverence and respect for elders – which is also what carries much of our shared history and culture, is difficult to cultivate when most of the elders refuse to age themselves and step into the various roles of actually being an elder and not just another competitor in the already crowded field.

      If oldness and all its glorious wisdom and humility is rejected out of hand by those who would embody it, why would the children value it? The messaging has been quite clear.

      These noodle boys have been gelded and handicapped such that their more than equal women can compete with them, then lord over them, then somehow also become a mate in spite of the natural sexual polarity and status hierarchy being inverted.

      You want to build a supplicating beta army of nihilists and hedonists, thats how. You want to build a hive of barren wombs and narcissistic vapid consumers with anxiety and swollen amygdalae, thats how.

      The cult of the child, from helicopter-snowflakes to marathoning boomers with new $40k robotic knees and perpetual “dating” well into our 60’s is hardly demonstrable of a culture that values its ancients – or its future. Manchilren who cry out “Burn it all” is not some random mutation of a petulant child.

      I agree that its a spiritual battle and our children occupy the front lines. So what can we do in our own lives, through our own choices to demonstrate to our children what we value and what we desire for them to inherit?

    • Zoomer wahmen think they’re the first generation to have sexual liberation….”

      From what I read, and that may be wrong, Zoomer women are the most anti-sex generation of human females since the days of Cotton Mather.

  32. The only thing more pathetic than the modern bugmen who think themselves revolutionaries are the stupid placcid normies who let their neighborhoods get burned down and their livelihoods destroyed.
    Just sixty years ago ethnic communities would mobilize at just one black person entering the neighborhood. They knew, more would come, and the cascade effect would destroy their community. They also knew there were upper powers who were intentionally trying to destroy them.
    Reading history now, it was the racist homeowners who were bigots to the non-threatening outsiders and their fears it would destroy the community were unfounded. Then it skips entirely the part of white flight followed by the destruction of their community, completely vindicating their views.
    Now their older children get teary eyed as they get displaced by a foreign people and culture and have no idea what a community entails.

    • My wife told a story years ago about how her neighborhood responded vigorously when a black family moved in- all the sorts of low-level terrorism a Southern town might utilize: dog crap on the porch, scratched cars, that sort of thing.

      When she first told me the story decades ago, she felt shame that her neighbors had acted in that way. Now, she thinks they were right to act with a calibrated level of unlawful behavior.

      • That is happening a lot across the South now. The place has become a tinderbox, and toppling Confederate statues and monuments, to the extent they still exist, probably isn’t a very healthy pastime now.

        • That’s hard to believe. I’ve lived in South Carolina. Every white man believes every negro male has the potential to bring an SEC championship to his favorite college. They worship football more than Jesus.

      • This is something we need to bring back. Scare them. Make them uncomfortable. But do it very surreptitiously and don’t do anything that could be construed as life-threatening. Once the Hutus start getting the big photo, they might decide that behaving like semi-civilized human beings isn’t such a bad option after all.

        • Why not watch the many videos of Black / Police interactions? Now, take into consideration that most of those injured or killed by the police would have survived if they had not been acting stupid, violent, resisting arrest, etc. Do you honestly think there is anything rational civilization can teach the dregs of Melanic Hominids™?

      • Doing the right thing is very tough sometimes…and no one wants to get their hands dirty now..(no one on the right anyway).

  33. Spot on. It is the Year Zero and the 68’ers and the 85’ers want to party like it is 1999.

    There is a split screen quality to these political conventions, which really should be run in black and white as it is. On the right side of the screen, people yell the modern equivalent “Tippercanoe and Tyler, Too!” while on the left side of the screen statues of William Henry Harrison and John Tyler are toppled and their descendants assaulted and put to the torch.

    For laughs I visited NRO yesterday. There was a prominent story about how Hezbollah needs to be put down in Lebanon, and no mention of the much worse events unfolding in the streets of America. The cognitive-dissonance was off the charts, even more so than normal. That molded, irrelevant institution will require a time machine to visit soon enough.

    Unlike the pseudo-revolutions of the Sixties and Eighties, though, this conflagration of anti-White nihilism likely will be permanent and lead to multiple nations within the boundaries of the former United States. This also started as a pseudo-revolution but it has spiraled out of control and also is coming now for the aged leftists and/or Woke Capital that paid for it, coming from both sides, actually. Tribute may work with low IQ, feral blacks but it doesn’t deter True Believers.

    The Empire will end with a bang as “conservatives” and upper middle class “radicals” whimper.

    • “Multiple nations across the former US” implies that Conservatives will fight back at some point.

      Color me skeptical.

      • Even if the conservatives don’t fight back, and you have every reason to doubt they will, there will be multiple nations. We have them now and they are quite diverse.

        • Yes, some Whites still have balls. It is a bitter irony, though, that they tend to be Boomers. Their younger critics are dribbling trouser gravy just like the cucks before them.

        • Harsh opinion – Those with a pulse should have left years ago. Surely they recognized the signs of Marxist creep, and the fact that leftists were a growing majority? Well and good to be armed and alert, but not so good after things get spicy and the “jury of your peers” is a bunch of progressive whites.

          This is the big lesson-learned for me and mine – we have to constantly observe cultural reality and act accordingly. Doesn’t matter if my kith & kin have been in such & such county for 200 years – the question we should all be asking is, “Do my values align with my community’s prevailing culture? Are these MY PEOPLE?” If the answer is no, even after having attempted a series of community wake-up calls, it’s time to move.

          I hope for eventual partition in the long-term. In the short-term it’s important that we’re eyes-wide-open on our community’s cultural climate, and be willing to collocate with our people.

          • Left where? To the hills in the hinterlands? Kenosha is mostly white with about 8% black so what warning signs should they have heeded to?

          • As has been fleshed out many times on this blog, progressive whites are to be avoided as much as feral blacks. How is that hard to understand?

            Warning signs? Plentiful for the observant man. Things like increasing faggotry and decreasing families. Rabid feminists gathered in the local Starbucks. Local voting trends and School Board decisions. The masked scowling at the unmasked. Signs aplenty.

          • Oh so now I have to figure out a way of avoiding people that look like me but with different views.
            I understand, do you not? There is no running from all of this. Make some kind of stand or try to fight back.

          • We’re on the same side here but think we’re talking past one another. “I have to figure out a way of avoiding people that look like me but with different views.” Your sarcasm is reality; this is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Getting away from The Diversity™ is a subset of the solution but as we all know, coexisting with white progressives is an impossibility.

            “There is no running from this.” OK, but which hill do you want to defend first? Chicago? Portland? Kenosha? See my point? People from our side need to collocate with fellow travelers in defendable strongholds, not in areas the progressives have held for decades.

          • Yes its difficult to sort the White from the white. But it must be done. The extent to which varies somewhat on the goodness of said whites. Geography and demography alike have insurmountable points and passes.

            The subtleties only exist within the comforts of “mostly white” decadence. But in advance of some mythological collapse that forces such divides to reveal themselves in constant contrast, the burden is upon us to find our people and build up trust and reliance in advance of – and regardless of – some coming catastrophe, be it civwar 2.0 or meteor.

            White guys with guns protecting storefronts from mobs of mostly white guys with guns and flamey jogger-shoppers in tow q mere three months after those same storefronts were forced closed by whites without guns because flu…

            Somewhere in there is an answer. Or at least the right questions.

          • We’ve come to the conclusion that that is 8% too many.
            According to a young fellow (15 years old) who was helping to clean up last night’s mess, most of the scum were from Chicago and “out-of-town.”

          • The question I always ask is why defend a Community that isn’t yours… People can’t shake the brainwashing that we are all one people…

          • The thing that’s always glossed over in regards to the Rooftop Koreans is that they were defending their own property, and perhaps that of their community. There’s only one business close to me that I would put in to that group, but oddly enough it’s owned by a Big Corp and I’m sure they would rather it be torched than have locals defend it.

          • Yep the FBI ATF DHS and US Marshalls will punch well into overtime to surveil and eventually SWAT these white agitators when the time is right for their story. CNN will be there too so the goodwhite pron can play on a loop. Feelz good.

            In my “conservative” mostly white city someone spray painted “white lives matter” around a bus stop. Of course it also included some poorly sketched notsee symbols just to drive home the white=notsee for those white normies starting to feel frisky.

            Local mews had a package on it within the hour. The eyewitness who apparently first saw it was…wait for it… a ghey blaq male!. It was “horrific” it squealed.

            The mews hairdo’s opener: “according to the SPLC, white lives matter is a white supremacist hate group”. The trifecta.

            Undoubtedly a task force of white cops are “investigating” this “hate crime” while the looted buildings and broken windows of ongoing peaceful protests are boarded-up and forgotten.

            The city, not short on potholes, needles, and graffiti in general, had scrubbed the paint by the 8:05am bus. By the next news cycle, BLM graffiti, 10x as much, covered the entire area. “No Racism Here”. A collective goodwhite sigh. The right side of history is so cozy.

            The city has no plans to remove it. False flag spider sense aside, it is still not okay to be white. Trump knows this. He also knows he has white votes regardless. The Repubs have their plantation too.

            The cringe factor of watching proud boyz “notsees” larp in renaissance festival gallantry with the noodle army while filming themselves with one arm is almost as bad as these “I’m on your side bro!” Soylent-15 shock troops getting lip cucked by a sheeboon.

            “there were decent people on both sides” is an error that won’t be repeated. The second act has already been written. Casting calls now, BYOAR15.

          • I’ve seen multiple reports of “police investigations” into KKK-covid gear being worn in East County San Diego (home of Klantee). Notoriously wignat Torrance had recent raycisms as well.

            Just what crime is being investigated?

          • That’s it. Listen to the Imperial Political Police when they are interviewed. They always do a “both sides” thing yet never seem to arrest the actual perps, the communists who are their allies. The FBI/DOJ had little credibility with anyone left before this happened.

          • Exactly. The “hate” crime modifier is just one of many codified anti-white identity laws that exists solely as a frontlash weapon of anarcho-tyranny and patsy generating agitprop mechanism.

            These clever regulations are both an electric fence around goodwhite moral superiority, keeping whiteness corralled as sheep, and as gateways in which greater federal powers can enter the “mostly white” communities should the sheep start getting all wolfie.

            The crime is white identity.

        • Someone got tired of paying the Jogger tax. Maybe some ppl in WI would rather have the nagger than pay the naggergeld.

  34. Some argue that the Civil War was a second founding of the nation, a rework of the first, but repairing the flaws in the original founding. 
    Pretty sure USA was intended to be an masonic experiment from very early on, the new Atlantis, a place where the sciences that originated in Christian Europe, will be applied in order to create a luciferian world.
    US perpetual revolution state can be seen as taking the populations of the world and molding them like in a test lab into whatever the elite want them to be, this could be seen when looking at every american gen, each decade people become even more twisted.

    • Right? Every once in a while they will put some near-retarded slug from the FBI or whatever on the tube and he will proclaim how non-political their agency is and, hey, “we are looking for the Klan as well as the communists behind these riots!” Part of it is straight up lying because their Imperial masters sponsor the Marxists, but no small part of it is due to a near-geriatric memory of what the FBI did in the past.

      • >  but no small part of it is due to a near-geriatric memory of what the FBI did in the past.
        Most of what is modern America can be described at third stage dementia. Some faint wisps of the past with little cognizance of the present day. Like a child witnessing his parent lose his faculties more and more, it’s just going to get more depressing.

  35. Just look at the codename of their big bad Leftist surveillance op – “Crossfire Hurricane.”

    Real hip, guys.

  36. This was the case with the Bolsheviks. The revolution carried on through the war and into the Cold War.

    Indeed. Over the last week I have been reading John Reed’s Ten Days That Shook The World and the thing that struck me the most was the way the Bolshevik key players would talk non-stop about ‘The Revolution’ as though it was a flame that could never be extinguished.

    • Revolution flame is the promethean fire, constant rebellion against God.
      This is a very old concept so in a way they are right.

    • Not only could it never be extinguished, it had to sweep across the globe. Hence the Comintern.

  37. Tuned into the RNC last night. Trump was slobbering over a Hijabi, a Sari, an African, and a Hispanic who just got sworn in as citizens.

    Next up Eric Trump, looking like a homeless coke addict, bragged about the lowest black/woman/Hispanic unemployment in 6 million years.

    Then First Black Man in Position X in Kentucky came and spoke. Then I turned it off. Sure didn’t look or sound like any Trump rally I’ve seen.

    You’re totally right that it’s marketed to a people who no longer exist. It’s outdone only by the DNC whose message also ignores reality. Z, you put things into words, that people notice but can’t define themselves – ie. Ds and Rs are fighting battles of the past with no relevance today.

      • You miss the devil created by the press. The one thing I never had any delusions about with Trump was his alleged racism. Don’t get me wrong, I am as disillusioned with him as anyone else, but I always knew he wasn’t racist or even racially aware.

        But what I didn’t understand at the time, but should have, is why the press was constantly calling him a white supremacist. The reason they do it is not because they believe it, at least not in a literal way. It’s because they want to have a written record that can be referenced in the future. When everyone in the present is dead, the one thing that will exist and be easily searchable is the New York Time microfilms or whatever archive technology that exists in the year 2100. They call themselves the paper of record. It’s one of those phrases with 2 meanings. One of those meanings is they are recording the present for the people in the future.

        • I think Trump is very racially aware, but in an abstract rather than a judgmental way. He chooses not to act on race, and consciously does not act on it. He is always sizing up people across the table from him, friend or foe. He operates by setting his opponents up to personally fall, and going overtly racial would put him at a disadvantage at doing that. This is part of his singling out individuals for his vicious criticism, but not groups. He is not our guy, but there is a lot to learn from the guy, tactically.

          • Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. Trump’s tactics are fantastic.
            I don’t expect him to be our guy, but the pandering is weak as shit. It makes him look weak and let’s not forget all the criminal gibs Kushner pushed for. No matter what happens, blacks are never going to support him. At best, they stay home. But they like Biden and are highly motivated in a way they were not in 2016.

          • so he believes in individuals are above groups. boomer, even if more based than most. then again, the dissidence, specially the seculars, believe all there is are the magic genes, and that’s not true either.

            relatedly, one bright spot was Rand Paul claiming there’s be no more war if Trump was reelected. and another, the defenses made of medical professionals of Trump’s covid reaction, which could have been more ordered but definitely trying to put things back together. also, the emphasis on mothers rather than just women power, and an implicit appeal to white mothers. for whatever those few bright spots were worth… but yeah the rest was a lot of Con Inc and Kushner-approved-diversity stuff. Gaetz and Kirk look like Richard Spencer in comparison.

            at least the McCluskey dude sounded like Jared Taylor, lol.

        • “racially aware”

          That’s a keeper.

          It goes down much more smoothly than, “hell yes, I’m a racist, because everyone is”.

          Thanks, gonna use it if I ever open my big yap and actually have an opinion again.

          Non-whites, for instance, nod in agreement when I say, “People are different, we have different ways.”

          They like the recognition, anybody but cucks seeking approval would.

          • racially-aware may get you in trouble, though it can get by maybe, specially in higher-iq circles. but yeah, when you simply say “people are different” the others simply nod respectfully, if perhaps a bit warily. then again, that’s better than their usual uppity-ness based on taking advantage of cucking.

    • Then First Black Man in Position X in Kentucky came and spoke.

      ‘Second Black Man in Position X’ and ‘Third Black Man in Position X’ are also accolades that have been used in biographies of various public figures. Not too sure about where it ends, ‘The Nth Black Man in Position X’… Of course, this assumes that the ordinal is the only variable. It could well be that ‘Black Man’ may be replaced with:

      1. Gay man
      2. Woman
      3. LGBT person
      4. Hispanic
    • Oh, they exist; I was over at Breitbart this morning arguing with them (fools errand, I know). Some on our side have even posited that the convention is aimed at the ocean of normie-cons who cannot help themselves and lap this stuff up.

      • Was talking to my father the other day about the sorry state of blacks. Now, this is a man who 100% fully understands the genetic differences and that, barring outside intervention, culture follows biology.

        But here’s his final thoughts on the matter, and I quote: “I just don’t what we (Whites) did wrong.”

        It was like talking to Winston Smith after his time with O’Brien. My dad was staring at four fingers and wondering why he was seeing five.

      • Some on our side have even posited that the convention is aimed at the ocean of normie-cons who cannot help themselves and lap this stuff up.” Is that not an accurate observation?

      • You can’t argue with Breitbart people. Only as a mental exercise, like a Sudoku. God created grim death to clean out bad politics like that. They’re sitting at their computers with oxygen tanks before going out to the Indian casino.

    • Every article thread, Trump is being brought up to show how he supports certain non-whites.
      People get it, Trump ain’t an ethno-nationalist, got any better solutions?
      Repeating this shit don’t make trump anywhere as bad as the democrats.

      • That’s right, he knows us angry white guys will gripe and complain but still grudgingly come back to him for the general, like a battered spouse.

        Personally i just find it humorous, we do live in clown world. I support Trump because 1) as a symbolic FU to the global elites and 2) he causes the “left” to overreach and expose their insanity. I believe a Biden/Kamala would be a return to the “slow boil” process.

        Honestly my only solutions right now are 1) link up with like minded people (even if it’s just a few), 2) find a “team” – ie. a white evangelical church, gun club etc. Even if they’re not our guys they still play for our team. 3) follow what citizen outlines a few days ago. 4) don’t forget to enjoy life.

        • link up with like minded people (even if it’s just a few)

          That few, if you’re fortunate enough to live relatively close by and in a rural area, could be the basis for a small, tight-knit community. Even if you’re in some urban hell-hole, having just a single ally is a tremendous boon – not just for the sake of venting thoughts and frustration, but because you begin to network in the real world.

          Also, identify some useful skill/s and practice them.

          • Cell structure is a mandatory social tech/op sec for Our Guys to master, especially operating “inside the wire.”

            Even our larger IRL communities should use this internally for decision-making and between communities to make ourselves more resistant to infiltration and limit its impact.

            Inevitably some guys are going to get targeted and some will inevitably collaborate. You have to plan for worst-case scenarios. Avoid being wholly centralized and always have contingency plans for bugging-out and regrouping.

            Invest in your communities with a dollar for now and a dollar in the “oh shit” fund strategy.

            For a larger-scale IRL implementation, see the South African Broederbund


          • The CrimeThink Inc site that Felix is referencing is useful.

            Since Antifa allowed to speak about “direct action” without interference, we may as well use what they’re telling their own troops.

          • Again a pitch for the would-be Fifth Column, the Lone Wolf. Yes, I know that organization has its strengths but also its weaknesses too. If you’re not a joiner, you may still have a chance to drop that monkey wrench in the right place at the right time.

          • What would be our identity filter? I guess that’s a worry for later when trying to unite cells for cooperative effort. Cells could have really stringent identity filters.

        • Yeah, I agree. I’m totally behind the “Trump, because FUCK YOU” bandwagon. FU to the elites, the rioters, and the shitlib whites who side against their own people.

          What would be really interesting is if the election is super close and the Dems don’t concede. Hopefully you all will be moved out of the shitties by then. That means you too Zman.

      • People get it, Trump ain’t an ethno-nationalist, got any better solutions?
        Repeating this shit don’t make trump anywhere as bad as the democrats.

        This is the problem in a nutshell. You’re being offered the choice between a turd and a turd with sprinkles on.

        At least seen from an ethnat perspective: I’ll agree that Trump is not a bad president, but he’s not ourguy.

        • “This is the problem in a nutshell. You’re being offered the choice between a turd and a turd with sprinkles on.” Libertarian reasoning in a nutshell: “The lesser of two evils is still evil.” (There’s a fallacy in there somewhere. )

          • Your fallacy is in mistaking a different evil for a lesser one. Death by cyanide or death by arsenic, it’s still death.

        • At least seen from an ethnat perspective: I’ll agree that Trump is not a bad president, but he’s not our guy.” Of course he’s not “our guy”, Felix. But that’s not the question: The question is whether he helps us at all, including just helping us keep from losing more ground. Will it really “make no difference” if Trump or Biden is President for the next four years?

          • Will it really “make no difference” if Trump or Biden is President for the next four years?

            I don’t think it’ll make a difference with regards to immigration. Crushing white nations is the prime directive of the globalists and such strategic decisions are taken above the POTUS’ level, irregardless of who he is. They’re all sock puppets voiced by the same puppeteer.

            Maybe it makes a difference on minor matters like infrastructure spending or health care; after all, the globalists don’t have time or resources to micromanage everything, so the sock puppet gets a few hundred billions to play president with.

          • Yes – Trump makes Whitey go to sleep thinking someone is protecting them. Obama was the best thing for hard-Right recruiting since the Black Panthers.

            Trump has not even tried to slow down the anti-White juggernaut. His veto pen is buried in his desk under a stack of Tablet mags and a couple of Playboys. His DoJ has enthusiastically prosecuted his own supporters while antifas get let out of jail.

        • When there are enough of you to look like making a difference in an election.an election, “your guy” will show up. Until then, you will be wise to stop trashing people who could be persuaded to join your side, or at least are not rabid about getting rid of you.

          • Yes, Gespenst. So many commenters here could be exchanged for the commenters on so many libertarian lists with their huffing and puffing and peacockery about who hates Trump the most and how him getting elected “won’t change anything” and how there won’t be any difference whether Trump or Biden is elected. Reason doesn’t seem to make much of an impact.

          • Things get interesting if Biden is elected. He is obviously deteriorating mentally and would soon be put in some kind of home. Kamala Harris, who really hates whitey, then takes over. The entire federal government, stirred up like a hornets’ nest by Trumps election, will swarm all over any wrong thinkers on command from Queen Kamala. I don’t believe the “won’t change anything” dissident righters have thought through what might be coming to them.

          • That’s the point. The DR is so few in numbers that it can be treated as a nonentity by politicians like Trump. Getting numbers, convincing people, educating people, learning to punch above our weight needs to be the goals.

        • /ourguy/ is a heroic kid in wisconsin defending himself and and his community… for his trouble he is about to be crushed to a watery paste by the gears of the wretched system. We’re presently doing nothing whatsoever to help him in what will be an enormous legal battle that’s important for every one of us.

          we need a fundraising mechanism to start getting help to this kid, maybe even (risky) IRL activism, but at least a full court press of letter writing and disseminating the truth to normies of good will. I’d like to see Trump pardon him actually, but nothing can absolve of us of responsibility to try to help this kid out there DOING all the stuff we advocate, putting his life on the line

      • Nope. Just dont bite the scheisse sandwhich if you dont want a mouthful of poop. Sometimes the way to win the game is to not even play. Trump’s “build the wall” should be Bush 1’s “read my lips, no new taxes” moment.

    • Lotta bitching and whining going on here about the very high quality and smoothly produced GOP TV-convention. It’s probably going to be a big factor in getting Trump re-elected. Which is a good thing, right? Right?

        • Yep, there is (at least) one Lady MAGA. It’d be great if someone would do a spoof song/video. Weird Al? Bob Rivers? Are you still around?

      • When Trump pardons one of the Charlottesville guys or parades a White adjudged guilty of self defense up on stage as he did his black felon, let me know. Until then, I refuse to legitimize the farce.

        • To be fair, the Charlottesville morons flat out poisoned the chance of getting a pardon for them or anyone associated with their ideas.

          • Go to hell, those men were brave in an age where courage is sorely lacking…they were naive but the right has learned the lessons from that day

          • Brave or not, what good did it do, other than give the left another bunch of bogeymen?

            Being brave and dumb is still dumb.

    • That somebody would watch these circuses it is beyond my comprehension But apparently many did and according to their accounts they look like any previous minus covid
      Yet the war has been raging on the streets while normies watch “conventions” gripped by fear and cowardice hopping that somehow things will turn out right and they will continue to live their lives as comfortably as they always have
      The lack of courage and IQ is obvious but I wish to underline another much more important parameter so to speak, the total lack of instinct for survival
      It has been killed for 70+ years by cheap entertainment and above by the sedation in massive agitprop factories aka edmuhcational system

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