Irreconcilable Differences

The great concern of the American Founders was that factionalism would result in irreconcilable differences. In Federalist 10, Madison argued against direct democracy, because it inevitably leads to factionalism. People have different interests due to differences in opinion, wealth and status. Naturally, the like-minded join together in factions to advance their interests, even at the expense of the community. The remedy was the representative structure in the proposed constitution.

In a big diverse country like America, there are very few things a large majority of the people will agree upon. There are the big things like individual rights and equality before the law, but most issues will only be supported by a plurality. If most people don’t care, then the plurality gets their way. If not, then the plurality is out of luck. The important thing is that there is general agreement on the big stuff and a willingness to ignore the small items or leave people to sort them on their own.

That was the point of the representative structure they devised. On the one hand, it prevented the fifty percent plus one from imposing its will on the rest. Tyranny of the majority is still tyranny. The system was designed to compel compromise among the factions that would inevitably form up. On the other hand, it delegated much of what mattered to people in their politics down to the states. This was to prevent one region from imposing its will on the rest.

The system did not last very long. Lincoln obliterated that old structure and created a new country dominated by the North, which explicitly wished to impose its morality on the rest of the country. Starting in the early 20th century, the ruling faction has been growing the power of the national government, at the expense of state government, in order to impose its will on the rest of the country. The full flowering of liberal democracy is minority rule, where a tiny group control everything.

This is exactly the sort of problem the Founders wished to avoid. By sharply limiting the power of the national government, it could never be a weapon used by one faction against the rest of the country. It would also prevent the formation of partisan schisms, where the two sides are defined by their opposition to the other. The new system would make it “more difficult for unworthy candidates to practice the vicious arts by which elections are too often carried.”

By “vicious arts” Madison meant the playing of one faction against another, in order to generate enthusiasm from one versus the other. The Founders understood that democracy always led to tyranny or anarchy. The antidote was republicanism, where individual or group interests were sublimated to the good of the whole, even when the individuals involved lacked the natural republican virtue. If Madison were alive today, he would recognize the pit into which we have fallen.

There are libraries full of books on how and why we quickly abandoned the system the Founders created. First it was the Civil War when the North conquered the rest of the country by force of arms. Then it was the slow dismantling of the federal system to create the system we today call liberal democracy. There will be libraries of books written on whatever comes next, assuming that what comes next is not a dark age. We are a long way from the original vision and we shall never return.

What is not discussed very often is how this evolution has arrived at a point where a significant portion of the people no longer accept reality. The partisanship and factionalism have reached a point where one faction is no longer able to agree with the other on basic points of reality. You see this in this post by a far-left activist working for the New York Times. The point of the post is to demonstrate that he will reject anything his enemy says, even when it is obvious fact.

Here we have the CDC posting updated information on the coronavirus that people with knowledge of how these things work suspected all along. The death counts were overblown, because the system was designed to do it. At some point the numbers get adjusted back to something closer to reality. In this case, the adjustment is newsworthy because it is so extreme. Still, it is a real thing, but the partisans cannot accept it, because they think it is supporting their enemies.

The same is true about the rioting this summer. You can go on-line and see people looting, fighting, burning and destroying things. Despite the thousands of hours of video on-line, the partisans demand we pretend they are peaceful outbursts over something they insist is true, despite the lack of evidence. When people they assume support Trump, their most supreme enemy, point out that these rioters are being underwritten and supported, they call it a conspiracy theory.

What makes this even more insane is the person who wrote that post, like the others in his ideological faction, spent years telling us invisible men with Slavic accents used mind control to alter the last election. They insisted that while the Biden family regularly takes bribes from foreign governments, noticing this is part of a conspiracy to undermine the democracy. These people not only oppose everything their enemies say, they create wild fantasies to justify their opposition.

Even though they did not use the word partisan in the modern sense, the Founders understood that groups of like-minded people could disagree with one another to the point where they could find no comprise. Their system was designed to force compromise, by preventing any one group from having complete power over the rest and thus imposing their will. That is the whole point of federalism and the separation of powers in the national government.

The Founders could not imagine partisanship in the modern Marxist sense, where the factions are defined in opposition to one another. Peter Baker, the writer of the New York Times post, is not able to think on his own. His partisan fervor now leads him to take the opposite of whatever he imagines his enemies are saying. If Trump says it is raining, then Mr. Baker will claim that his enemies have created a conspiracy theory where water falls from the sky.

If Mr. Baker were a lone lunatic, he could be dismissed, but he is representative of the ruling class. He is one of their paid spokesmen. How is it possible for normal people to reach a compromise with people who are defined by their unwillingness to reach any compromise with us? Who they are is defined by not agreeing with us on even the basic bits of observable reality. When a reporter is stationed in front of burning building and told to call it a peaceful protest, where’s the middle ground there?

We have reached a point where the ruling class is at war with reality. Part of that reality is they are a ruling class with certain duties and responsibilities. They reject that solely on the grounds that the people they rule over define a ruling class as having certain duties and responsibilities. This is why they celebrate the anarchists burning cities and murdering citizens. They oppose Trump, because he rhetorically represents the rest of us and they are the forever enemy of us.

There appears to be only two options at this stage. Either the ruling class abandons its war on the rest of us or the rest of us accept that we are at war. The former requires the ruling class to break free of the partisan madness that now grips them. This is something without precedent, but we live in an unprecedented time. The other option simply reacquires time. At some point, necessity will require people to accept reality and act accordingly. The rest is predictable.

Either way, we have reached a point that the Founders anticipated. They could not imagine men in sundresses shrieking like lunatics about white privilege, but they knew that unrestrained factionalism led to conflict. They knew that irreconcilable differences could only lead to one thing. That is where we find ourselves. Normal society is now at odds with the people that rule over it. Either the people in charge come to their senses or the people will have no choice but to remove them.

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344 thoughts on “Irreconcilable Differences

  1. And still the mirage continues where the civic myth of ‘muh constitution’ is concerned….the following dose of reality WILL have the civ-nat cucks and parchment simpanzies ‘REEEEEEEEEE’ing’ in very short order..exactly like young children who are told, “No, Santa and the Tooth Fairy DON’T exist!!”
    People it’s time to wake up and realize that the ‘Founding Lawyers’ led by Hamiltion (a known bankster agent) and his co-conspirator, Madison and their cadre intentionally hoodwinked the rest of the young country with their ‘constitution’. As Kenneth Royce/Boston T. Party has amply shown through his book, “Hologram of Liberty”, the ‘constitution’ was and IS a contrived criminal fraud and as such isn’t worth the parchment or the ink that was expended on it!
    ‘Politics’ is nothing more than Kabuki Theater to keep the rubes believing that ‘they have a say’ in the running of America; it’s a 240+ year old version of WCW that continues to keep the sheepule and normie suckers and parchment simpanzees from seeing that they’re nothing more than helots and tax cattle as Bill Buppert would say. It’s no different than the distract and distort and divide operation where BOTH the fake plan-demic of ‘Stupid-1984’ virus and the “mostly peaceful protests” are alternately played out to keep the sheepule and normies on anything but firm, recognizable solid mental ground.
    And as for the ‘upcoming erection’..again, just more Kabuki Theater BS ala the WCW model…”Hey there true believers, this week it’s Tennnnnnacious Trrrrruuuuuump vs. Blllloooviaaating Biiiden….who’ll win…tune in on Pay-Per-View to find out..and don’t forget to buy all that cool swag and merch to show your support!!”
    It’s nothing more than the globalist pedo-bankster owned and operated ‘Uniparty’..and as the late George Carlin said, “It’s a big club..and you’re NOT in it!!”
    There’s NO ONE ‘coming to save us’…not drumphschtick OR jesus riding a fire-breating pega-corn with sunshine and tasty skittles farting out it’s ass..get over both illogical childish fantasies right pronto!! And that goes for the ‘Q-tards’ out there!
    The only ones ‘to save us’ is us ourselves from the commie hordes..and time’s a wasting in getting up to speed to deal with them and their enablers and supporters when it becomes ‘Game Time’!
    Choose to be livestock that’s turned into meat for the parasite class…or choose to be hard harted men ready to deal with the enemy that’s already here.
    Tick tock..tick tock…times rapidly running out….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Regarding New England fanaticism, in 1966 I married the girl next door, a Presbyterian, with a father who was an elder in the church. Unfortunately, I had been raised Catholic (although lapsed at marriage with a Jewish best man), and her mother boycotted the marriage. My wife’s mother did not speak to her for over 10 years, until we had had two daughters.

    Today we worry about black/white differences, but 60 years ago in Boston people fought among Christian denominations.

    • I remember the days when a mixed marriage was between a Catholic and a Lutheran. Now it’s between a man and a woman.

      • Mom and dad married at 20. Dad took her out of poverty. He Catholic. She beautiful blond Southern Protestant. When they were courting, her dad talked to him like Catholics were devils. I wish my dad had kicked that ignorant cracker in the face. My dad was giving his daughter a road out of abject poverty, yet this mean Protestant SOB almost threw it away because of his thoughts on the pope.

  3. Here’s a prime example of why the differences are unreconcilable, right from Lagos-on-Chesapeake. There cannot be any doubt on who is the victim and who is the assailant here, nor that this is an example of pure premeditated violence for violence’s sake. No word on the victim, but his absence bodes well for what could easily have been a fatal blow. I remain amazed that perps video their peeps perpetrating serious crimes and then boastfully share them on social media. Well, whatever their twisted motives, it makes cops’ job easier, and also provides powerful optics for our side. Note this is from a UK “paper,” I’d be surprised if this appears in USA MSM.

  4. Biden according to the Military Times, link off Drudge is the big favorite and surging among military people. Coup highly likely.

    • Gannett Inc (one of the top party-line dispensers) owns the Military Times brands. If they’re publishing an undecided centrist line, the truth is probably two steps rightward.

  5. Actually it’s not unprecedented at all. A very good take on the dynamics involved is described in “Heaven on Earth” book by Richard Landes. It’s a bit too verbose and tedious at times but captures all the details of what is going on and provides useful historical equivalents and attempts to classify various varieties of what he considers “millenarism”.

    My favorite observation is about “semiotic arousal” where everything, no matter how silly or small is an important sign for the believers. You can see it everywhere nowadays.

  6. In a recent podcast episode from “Red Pilled America,” Patrick Courrielche and Adryana Cortez interviewed Curtis Stone – the author of “Urban Farmer.”
    I enjoyed the whole episode, but I found this statement from Curtis relevant to Z’s essay:
    “When I look back at history, looking back at Stalinist Russian, looking back at Mao Zedong’s China, Pol Pot’s Vietnam (sic), Nazi Germany, what have you, they all collapsed after they got really heavy-handed.”
    I wonder if that is about to happen here.

  7. Things are getting crazy out there. The sane are going nuts and the insane even nuttier. I was just at the store and I thought some dude yelled something about my mask placement. I could make out the word “Grandpa.” I walked over to him and said, “What’d you say to me?” He said, “Watch where you’re going Grandpa, you almost ran into me.” I had a vague awareness of taking a step back from an end-cap as he whizzed his cart around a corner and came up behind me.

    A small crowd was gathering at this point so I said, “I’m sorry,” in a humble voice. He said, “Yeah, just watch it old man. I’m a military veteran.” I said “FU, asshole.” I was hoping he would take a swing at me, but he just whizzed off while yelling how old I was, which I don’t deny. We happened to leave the store at the same time. Unobserved, I watched him head out walking onto the main drag while gumming a sandwich. Probably homeless. I ask you, who was more insane, me or him? I do plead temporary insanity. Incidents like this are why I’m practically a recluse anymore. I take walks late at night and sprint across major intersections when no car headlights are visible.

  8. President Trump unleashed an especially intense barrage of Twitter messages overnight and Sunday morning, embracing fringe conspiracy theories claiming that the coronavirus death toll has been exaggerated and that street protests are actually an organized coup d’ètat against him.

    Ah, from where I sit the President is 100% spot on! So far as I can tell, the death toll HAS been exaggerated – by much more than an order of magnitude! IMS, even the MSM at one point admitted that NY State officials were attributing any death which could even remotely attributed to the virus. I know that, around here, after weeks of the local death rate being a tiny fraction of New York’s, suddenly they started “discovering” previously unrecorded deaths attributable to the virus. “Hanging chad” anyone?
    And after all the reports of clearly pre-printed signs and people mysteriously travelling great distances to participate in the alleged “spontaneous” demonstrations, how can one fail to conclude that said protests are 1) organized and 2) directed at some specific end namely the end of the presidency of Donald J Trump? What would be required for the left to admit that the Emperor is, indeed, parading about in his skivvies?
    I have said it before. Our opponents are not crazy. They’re “otherly” sane. They inhabit an entirely different perceptual universe than do we. Landforms, buildings and individual persons aside, they live in their own – some might say highly skewed – physical universe. THAT, Zman, is how one of their alleged “journalists” can stand in front of a scene of starkest violence and prattle of a “peaceful demonstration”.

  9. Once we accept they’re at war with us, which some of us accepted a long time ago; what is the next logical step?

    A; call whoever answers in the obvious a Fed, and shout them down.

    • When Trump wins but Biden refuses to concede until he can steal the mail-in votes and the whole things drags on through January because Roberts is told to let it play out and wow! look how may ballots we just found in Philadelphia and the Retired Generals are asked Serious Questions by journalists, then things get spicy.

  10. The system did not last very long. Lincoln obliterated that old structure and created a new country dominated by the North, which explicitly wished to impose its morality on the rest of the country. Starting in the early 20th century, the ruling faction has been growing the power of the national government, at the expense of state government, in order to impose its will on the rest of the country.

    When I discuss the ‘rise and fall of the American empire’ with my children, we always begin with the Gettysburg Address. Once they’ve read that famous speech aloud to me, I then begin to ask questions of them such as, ‘now tell me, how long did the original framework last according to this speech?’ Of course the answer is in its first sentence, give or take. It’s a good place to start in any case; once it is established that ‘a new birth of freedom’ can mean nothing more nor less than obliterating the federal principle and the entire Constitutional order by extension, you can begin to work your way forward and back from there. E.g., one is then prepared to take The Thirty Years View and so on.

    There are Yankees (Northeners) of the Founding era that I admire even to this day. But you’re right that for all their greatness and conservative statesmanship, they were just too weak to control the fanatics among them. A good case in point is Noah Webster. He helped found one of the first Abolition Societies in New England, in his home state, Connecticut. Thirty years after the fact one of his own daughters apparently got caught up in radical Abolition lunacy, and her father, alarmed by all this, wrote her a letter advising her to dissociate herself from that crazed unsexed mob and its politics. The funny thing is that he never took responsibility for the society which he himself had a large part in forming, but rather blamed the Southern Abolitionists for imposing upon the North something that was none of its concern. And that’s where me and Noah Webster get crossways. But in any case that story is a good object lesson that all of us can learn from, I should think, to one extent or the other. Namely, be aware of the leading characteristics of the large body of persons who surround you, and don’t play to their inherent weakness to let passion for a thing overrule their better sense.

    • Same here at my old University. There is even a “patrol” of hired monitors–off campus snitches–to watch and report student violators of the new “prevention” edicts. Interesting how the University has attempted to assume complete control of student behavior on and *off* campus. Not a word have I heard mention/discuss the legal basis for such authority (please excuse the “Boomer” coming out of me here).

      However, what has yet to be seen/felt is the decline in enrollment. Not really known how many folk will “bag it” for the foreseeable future–and isn’t that what we’ve been talking about on and off for quite awhile–too many students in these institutions of lower learning? Nothing that diminishes a significant funding source for Colleges and Universities while diminishing attendance is a bad thing in my opinion.

      • Absolutely. Who’s gonna pay 30-50 grand or more for junior to sit in front of computer screen taking classes? I’m telling you, I don’t see this covitard insanity ending anytime soon. Way too many have bought into the lie hook, line and sinker. On my walk this AM I passed two idiots, by themselves, wearing masks – and it’s damn near 100 degrees! It’s just freaking unbelievable.

        • I don’t see this covitard insanity ending anytime soon. Way too many have bought into the lie hook, line and sinker.
          How funny would it be if normies won’t let go of covid even after elites tell them the pandemic is over.

          • I can pretty much damn well guarantee that’ll be the case. The mask is here to stay with some percent of the population.

      • But Compsci, arent they a private institution? If you dont like it, start your own university!

    • Everyone in college under age 30 should have to spend the first day of school hugging COVID patients, while students and staff over 30 receive hazmat suits to wear for the first month.

      But no, one morbidly obese diabetic kid would get crippled or killed by COVID and his family would sue the school.

  11. If the enemy was merely the ruling class, removal could be affected relatively painlessly. Unfortunately, as many as two fifths of adults in “America” agree with the ruling class. Removing them will be impossible. Instead, we must make their suffocating embrace so painful that they allow us to separate from them.

    • Majority of the teachers I know are fully enrolled in communism or hard socialism. This includes teachers at private academies and parochial schools. The twisted logic of their progressive positions, i.e., they want to extirpate their own selves along with kind, just whizzes right past their heads and doesn’t register. It’s as if they pperate under mind control. Which they do.

      • I think part of the problem there is akin to the rich celebrity issue: they really did nothing to deserve their current station in life. Any society that would have losers like them be successful obviously has issues, as they would see it, unless everyone else is made to be a loser as well.

  12.  “Either the people in charge come to their senses or the people will have no choice but to remove them”.
    If you looked downward upon all of this nonsense you can see that there are people that have been given over to a grand illusion. It’s spiritual and entices them to reject truth, instead believing and living within lies. Some might come to their senses, but most won’t. Many of these people are spread throughout all positions of power.
    Removal might be more possible. Any of the cities seeing riots, crime, closing businesses, fleeing people, could improve almost instantly if the “leaders” could be changed. Things would be much brighter if the media/tech world was fair. But how are the leaders removed?

  13. Z, thank you so much for getting on the archive bandwagon! Let’s not give these bastards one single click for their vitriol. Next up, jettison wikipedia and start referencing Infogalactic entries – I know it is from a party you don’t much like but it is better to use someone you don’t much like compared to someone who wants to see you dead.

  14. I think the faction backing Trump (whom ever they may be) are driving the olde regime towards a cliff – and the olde regime knows it. they are behaving like they are in a life or death situation, doing the equivalent of throwing chairs at an advancing foe. my sense is it all goes back to the prc…

    • A parasite cannot behave in any other way. Their sole source of sustenance is to suck the blood of others. Take that away, and indeed their very existence is placed in jeopardy. Lacking productive skills, they have no alternative means of supporting themselves. For them, it is suckle or die.

  15. Underneath all of this anarchy, some places are in full demographic collapse. For instance, Gavin Newsom (clown ass) may very well be the last white governor of CA. Followed by a string of “El Jefe,” fat dumb corrupt to the core governors. People who make Bill Richardson look like a WASP on a crew team. Or some fat mamacita version of AOC. I think the west coast will be the first place that’s shattered to pieces. And you can’t tell me that Georgia won’t shortly be Wakanda. I guess that’s a much worse fate. I strongly believe that a great migration of whites has just begun and will be going strong for well over 10 years. That’s the end result of the factionalism and open borders. As Pat Buchanan once said, “blood and soil” where people need to belong to a certain place, which will be reborn in this crisis.

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  17. Mr. Lincoln did indeed destroy the constitutional republic.
    The north did not impose its morality on the South; it imposed its ‘idea’ of morality on the South.
    Sadly, those who did try to interact with the politicians in DC in the last 60 years were not enough in numbers nor were they effective enough to stop the floodtide of governmental overreach.
    And here we are.

    • The key to understanding the Democratic “progressive” ethos is this: the drive for coercion, the wish to push everybody around, to tell them how to think and what to do. There is an evil purity about the pleasure they appear to take in it, like children who enjoy tearing the wings off flies. They like to see their enemies squirm and plead in torment before “cancellation” makes them disappear from the scene. They like to extract confessions and apologies, not for the sake of redemption, but as grounds for further persecution. In short, they’re sadists.

      Decent piece

    • The black man cries racism as he bricks you. Then the black man gets community service and therapy after he kills you.

      • And you’re also left holding the funeral costs to bury your loved one: “Weed’s family has also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to cover his funeral and legal bills.”

        Why do we need blacks in our society again? What value have they ever provided?

        This bricking is on the heels of Aurora, Colorado and the AutoZone in Georgia. One guy documented 18 black on white murders in the 16 days of August after Cannon Hinnant:

        And the GOP has the gall to ask us to give a fuck about the piece of shit Jacob Blake?!

  18. Great article, Z. Liked this line: “They oppose Trump, because he rhetorically represents the rest of us and they are the forever enemy of us.”
    It really is just rhetorical representation but that is enough for them. We ought to listen to them when they say that words are violence for them. They are. Even a smug smile on the Sandman kid’s face drove them to apoplexy. They drew cartoons of his violent death.
    When we read their rhetoric the reaction is probably bemused amazement. For them, all heresy is a violent personal assault. Religious zealotry combined with a break from observable reality is quite a combination. I hope whatever forces combat them do not also end up with this combination.

  19. Two individuals that have diminished in stature with me and my thinking are Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.
    Because of Lincoln we have no place to go now and because of Churchill the Frankfurt school gets to hang out with the Yankees creating a dysfunctional nation for my children to inherit.

  20. I vote for removal, with extreme prejudice. It’s far to late for our rulers to come to their senses. The die has been cast – they are done for.

  21. A lot of people are going to be surprised to find the genie won’t go back in the bottle. They harken back to the 60s and 70s when the radicals were basically put back in the bottle by the end of the 70s. But that was a different country and, more importantly, a different people. They might be able to squash the violence and fighting for short periods, but they can’t get it back to normal for extended periods.

    • I agree with this. The people cheering this from atop the political parties are living in the past. One of the striking things that happens when I interact with Cloud People is just how detached they are from our reality. Mention the fact that America will be majority minority real son and they often don’t believe you.

      Washington DC is a different country now.

      • As to your last full sentence, it is inexplicable how in an age of instant information and communications that came to be, but the isolation of D.C. from the nation is worse than St. Petersburg from the Russians and the French monarchy from the citizenry.

        To your main point, and what tarstrakas wrote, we started to see things slip out of control of the Cloud People when the rioters appeared in their neighborhoods, or at least on the fringes. I welcome that development, but it also shows a level of cluelessness on their part that is beyond dangerous.

        • Invading the suburbs is not clueless: it is deliberate, intentional, and knowing. Dangerous, sure, but they absolutely have a clue about what they are doing.

      • They despise bluecollar whites, viewing them as disgusting insects, literally. I know quite a few A-listers, billionaires and hundreds-of-millions-aires. Almost all of them believe the progressive religion and long for the great replacement. My wife is having lunch with a half-billionaire tomorrow. He’s a Brit who’s lived in the US for twenty years, and he hates ordinary Americans, as do his British wife and American children. They never venture out from their toney enclave, Lake Forest IL and their views are shaped inside a bubble. He can’t vote and so he offers employees financial incentives to vote proxy. We have too many influential foreigners here, and this was a huge contributor to our collapse.

          • Entirely possible. Inter alia one of his young kids has, with a top academic pedigree, become an office secretary at a black-owned hip hop recording label here in Chicago. The kiddo is a gentrifier, living in a nearby house daddy bought amd upgraded, and I have no doubt both daddy and kid will be visited by criminal vibrancy soon enough. Darwinian selection.

          • an office secretary at a black-owned hip hop recording label here in Chicago. The kiddo is a gentrifier, living in a nearby house

            Almost like someone asked how Darwinian can you be? To which the reply: hold my beer (or in their case – my glass of Lafitte Rothschild 1990).

      • It will be fun watching the barbarians invade Washington after the rest of the empire has crumbled away. They’ll be in for the shock of a lifetime when they realize the rest of the continent no longer functions like the Sidwell Friends School.

    • If normie thinks the riots will finally stop when Kamala becomes Handicapper General next year, then he will once more find himself bewildered.

      • But Mr. Orwell: if a riot happens in Chicongo and not a single soul reports it or even posts a video of it (that isnt immediately taken down), did a riot really happen? Given your past writings, I am sure you see I am holding up “there was no riot” fingers right now, not the 4 your lying eyes see.

    • The blacks are really riled up, and have been for the better part of a decade. The result might be that the authorities will no longer arrest and incarcerate blacks, or do so in much lower numbers. That might cool the blacks down, at least for a while. Without the blacks to provide cover for them, the white Leftists will have a much harder time running wild. For quite a while, from the 1970s through the 2000s, there was only about one black riot per decade. It’s quite possible that we could return to that pattern.

      • Here in Chiraq the blacks mostly loot to steal and escape with the goods. They travel in packs of up to a hundred and they will serendipitously attack and beat up whites and asians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They shoot other blacks, seldom whites. But they don’t go looking to visit neighborhoods where whites live. Yet. Blacks here just want stuff, they are too lazy to sustain political marches.

        The antifa crowd in The Chicongo are nearly all young, white folks from small hat and catholic families turned nihilist. They are led both by homegrown and imported mercenaries. Most are misshapen miscreants and basement dwellers who are incapable of thriving in business or the professions and they often have criminal records.

        My direct observations are that blacks will back down typically, though not always, if you display significant force. Antifa OTOH, well, we’ve all seen the videos of antifa charging people who are armed with lethal force, piling on in waves and subjecting themselves to death by counterfire. Between the two enemy, I might rather face down the blacks.

  22. “The partisanship and factionalism have reached a point where one faction is no longer able to agree with the other on basic points of reality.”
    This could be the most profound statement written in the past century, at the very least. We now live in an artificial environment in which recognition of reality is no longer a vital survival trait.

  23. We are at war. America has been in a cultural civil war since the sixties. Politics is downstream of culture, so it’s not surprising that our political civil war started heating up a generation or two later, after the cultural changes had time to percolate through the institutions that groom our youth. The political civil war is now upon us.

    Teams on the first civil war were defined by the Mason-Dixon line. This time there will be no Mason-Dixon line to demarcate team boundaries. Instead it will be defined by the geographic Red/Blue divide reflected in a political map of America. Team Blue will comprise the Acela Corridor, the strips of land along the West Coast that comprise cities, and an archipelgo of cities across the middle of the country. Team Red is the sea of red that stretches across the rest of the country.

    Team Red controls over 95% of the land mass of America, the supply and storage of food, water, oil, gas, and electricity, and the transit network over which goods are delivered. If this war goes hot the appropriate militiary strategy is isolation, containment, and pressurization. They accept our terms or starve to death in their cities. I’m good with either outcome.

    The good news is that we can win this war without firing a shot. Team blue has succumbed to its radicals, and radicals cannot govern. Their states are bankrupt, their cities are on fire, and their sensible citizens are fleeing for red zones outside the city. Their house of cards is crumbling; all we have to do is to isolate, contain, and refuse to rescue them.

    In the meantime we need to focus our energy on building the red zones. If you are a regular reader of this blog and still living in a Blue state then you know you are subsidizing the insanity with your tax dollars. Make your plan and move. And once you get there vote like your family’s future depends on it, because it does.

    • The Blue citizens were turned into refugees to consolidate power. How and why, I don’t know yet.

    • I’m not a military strategist, but have often thought a blockade of the GWB, and one of the two tunnels leading out of NYC to NJ would result in a heapin’ helpin’ of reality with a result that NYC and most of the Northeast capitulates in short order.

    • Team Red doesn’t control 95% of the land. Most of the land is owned by either the federal or state governments, who regardless of which party holds power in a given state are not going to hand over control of it to dissidents. Here is a list of the largest private land owners in the country. I don’t know every name, but there are a lot of globohomo true believers on it. Ted Turner has been near the top for years, Jeff Bezos has made his way to number 25. A lot of these people are 80+ so I don’t know what the heirs have planned after they die, but as family trusts take over more and more ownership, expect woke family members to exert greater influence.

      • Which is why I wrote “land mass” and not “land”. This is a political post, not a reflection on real property law.

    • And once you get there vote like your family’s future depends on it, because it does.
      Well that and prepare for war and everything that comes with it…

  24. Irreconcileable differences. There you have it. The only questions remaining to be settled are how amicable the divorce will be and how the property will be divided. It’d be nice if the split would be amicable, but I forsee a long, drawn-out bloody battle with both parties suffering much more so than if they had just agreed on separate dwellings. They say only lawyers win in divorce court. Applied to a nation, our lawyers are of course our rulers. They do, indeed, profit on dividing, conquering and extracting their fees from us. Perhaps part of the final settlement, should it come, will involve a substantial portion of the current barristers hanging from lamp-posts.

    • Didn’t we try this 150 years ago? I think there are additional questions to be settled than the ones you mention.

    • Well put. I don’t think that they will let us go peacefully because they think that they can crush us and they don’t think that we can crush them. They might be right. It would take a lot of successfully executed violence by us to convince them to let us leave.

    • Before I made it to this side of the divide, I used to encounter this a lot more it seems. The whole “but the United States wouldn’t exist if we had kept the articles!” never resonated with me. My amazing counter push back of “So what?” never seemed to resonate in return, but people couldn’t conceive of different nations resembling the continent being allowed to flower, as if being across the ocean came with a different obligated end point.

  25. At some point the numbers get adjusted back to something closer to reality.

    When hell freezes over.Too much has been invested in the inflated numbers. Even if the CDC explicitly states that 94% of the deaths were due to other causes, it will be ignored and everybody who dares to mention it in arguments will be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

    • How does one conclude the deaths were due to other causes? If no Covid infection to push that person over the edge, then one must assume that the person would have lived out his remaining years–shortened as they would be due to their co-morbidity. Covid is a contributing cause and has shortened a life.

      Where this “new” revelation comes into play would be redirect our resources toward protecting those with co-morbidity, while assuring the 99% of the population that they can return to society and enjoy life without fear. Of course, I’m preaching to the choir here.

      • In some cases, people whose comorbidity was a bullet hole in the skull were still counted as Covid.

      • We also don’t know that Covid pushed these people over the edge. And, in the cases where it did, we cannot say how much lifespan was lost. Perhaps years, but also perhaps weeks.

      • How is it concluded the death total wasn’t derived from the average annual death total in the US? Genuinely curious as the American fatality rate attributed to Wuflu is excessively high compared to other countries.

  26. Onion-like news irony of the day: “Overall crime has not spiked in the city, but shootings have, Police Department data shows.” Good to know that a pedestrian can walk from his apartment down the street, step over the homeless man sprawled on the pavement, hardly notice the floating crap game in the alley a block from his home, enter the subway, ride the train unaccosted to downtown, not even being distrubed by the passed-out vagrant in the car, and suffered no assaut from the “youths” selling drugs in the park, etc. Just an ordinary day in the big city…

  27. Rand Paul is proof Republicans are the real victims. In his case being a victim is a career.

    • I know it’s schadenfreude, but I couldn’t help but laugh at her assault. The bitch whored herself out for corporate tax breaks, then those corporations funneled the money saved right back into the people that assaulted her! What a beautiful poetic irony.

      Rand Paul is a microcosm of the nuthouse that is the GOP.

  28. “Here we have the CDC posting updated information on the coronavirus…”
    Z Man, did you mean to link to a story here? If so, you failed to do so.

  29. There is no faction or even an individual among the ruling class that looks upon populism with credible sympathy. At best we have a few optics-minded lapdogs like Michael Anton who are warning their fellow apparatchiks that they need to lower their profile and pretend a little more.

    As to time & necessity forcing a realistic decision on the part of we proles who are indeed on our own, let’s consider what the proles have learned to live with in the past 10 years alone.

    On the Social Front: the elevation of homosexuality to moral superiority, gay marriage, gay Congressmen openly adopting their rent-boys, tranny story-hour, gay pastors running Christian universities and giving away Christian donations to buy their rent-boys Birdcage resorts and to pay greasy fixers like Michael Cohen to shut it up. And now Title VII for sexual deviancy from Based Gorsuch. Best Blackity-Blacked Blackness Ever. Spiciest Hispandering Natural-Guac-Bowl Conservatism Ever. More Forgetting of the Forgotten Man. And now White lives don’t even matter – quite openly. Sam Hyde was right.

    Pocketbook Issues: remember when a 7 trillion dollar deficit was a thing? A triple-the-cost zombie replacement of our healthcare system that shambles on after a decade of promises to “repeal and replace.” No relief on outsourcing, kabuki trade posturing, no growth in wages for the middle class and FAANG (FAkeANdGay) prosperity for the stock market that is entirely decoupled from the proletarian economy but is cited as QED proof that we’re all rich. And a tax cut that got devoured by two weeks worth of Corona unemployment.

    On the Patriot Front: Epstein-Members-Club-approved infinity Brown immigration forever. “Let them come, but legally” as Jared’s family finances Brown hordes from Africa and South America and rich swindlers from India & China, getting rich providing housing for the horde and building that housing with those fixers. Constant Israeli agitation for wars with Iran, Syria, Russia, Venezuela and now China – to name just a few. Irresponsible agitation and Rainbow Revolution glow-faggotry in Ukraine, Hong Kong and now Belarus. The Gaying & Browning of our military. “Human rights” for everyone but apparently sub-human Whites. And the normalization of a trillion-dollar-a-year defense budget that defends every interest but those of White Americans.

    Those are just some of the highlights.

    There’s not a lot left for Father Time and Mother Necessity to work with.

    The window of time to walk away from all of this is closing fast and exit plans have been a necessity for years running. Some of us have been saying so for quite some time.

    No one’s going to do this for you, not some rogue elite, not Time, Necessity or Red-Blue Team politics.

    Stop watching the horse race and being a spectator in your own survival, Whitey.

    • Something you advise a lot may seem insignificant but it is among the most important things: have a supply of freshwater. Cutting off freshwater and electricity to dissidents has become all the rage. People who have lagged behind on everything else need to do this one thing today. Even rainwater barrels are preferable to total reliance on any municipal water supply.

      • I live a couple of blocks from Lake Michigan. I have potent water purification, not mere filtering, and mass storage. Quagga mussels purify the lake water enough as it is. We’ll be fine in terms of refreshing, sustaining drink here.

        • Aye, I live a couple blocks from Lake Erie and have family that live on the shoreline. Water won’t be a problem. As you said, the zebra mussel, whatever its drawbacks, has made a dramatic difference in the clarity of the water in the decades since I was a kid.

          • You can see straight to the bottom in some locales, just like in the tropical islands. Formerly hidden shipwrecks are now visible to the naked eye. Problem being, long chains of algael blooms that die off in the heat and stink up the place. At least we don’t experience the mass alewive die-offs I remember as a kid. Get rid of the algae and the lampreys and we’re golden.

          • Have read the works of Selco and other survivalists, both urban and rural.

            It’s great that you have a creek running down from the snow caps directly through your property. Just ensure you have a fire team backing you up against ambush every time you go with Jill to fetch a pail of water out there in rural ‘merica.

            And I’ll take care of me and mine.

          • I don’t even have to step out of my house to get water so you don’t have to worry about me getting ambushed…Don’t let the love of money and comfort be the death of you…

          • Believe me, we discuss fleeing. I love the territory where you live. It’s difficult but for now we’ll stay, be gray, and if necessary fight. I have prepped for many years, although imperfectly. And it’s difficult to vet allies here but they do exist.

            We have other water sources, including city lines on the lower levels of buildings provided they remain pressurized, sumps even if unpressurized, fire hydrants, fountains, snow and ice, rain catchments, a zoo with seal tanks, and closer lagoons. But if unguarded, I know concealed paths to Lake Michigan and this would be our optimal choice. If guarded (gangs), then the alternatives in logical order depending on the situation.

            Take care.

          • You as well Brother just keep your options open like come out and visit maybe you could have a bug out spot out here that was taken care of until you needed it… Your one of the good ones so just want to keep you alive and not have your death be in vain…Also just a word of caution I’ve worked in Chicago and back then their infrastructure needed lots of improvement I don’t know how it is now…

  30. the partisans cannot accept covid death counts were overblown, because they think it is supporting their enemies.
    I don’t even try to convince people covid pandemic is media induced, because the folk I interact with think the same way, only snobs buy into it, those people who think masses are a bunch of idiots who do not appreciate the saintly medical elite, just like with liberals who despise all who do not care about their agenda.

  31. Imagine all of the hard work, ingenuity, and intelligence that went into developing the American system and then imagine it being completely torn down in less than 100 years.

    On the other side of this, Ill be curious to see if we have what it takes to “break the wheel”. If i live to see the other side that is.

    • The Founders present an interesting paradox. Everybody says they were brilliant, this collection of miracle-men who gave us this amazing idea for governing, but the whole thing turned in to a bloodbath in a couple generations. The Roman republic didn’t kill itself in 80 years. Hell, the French monarchy lasted 1,000 years. The French!

      Maybe, just maybe, these guys weren’t that good. Maybe a concept for the state that can’t last 100 years before being a complete failure isn’t a very good concept.

      • They seemed to understand that theirs was a noble experiment in the distribution of political power downward, and using checks and balances to block concentrations of political power. Perhaps they rightly understood that geographic isolation from TPTB of the time, along with a mostly moral and intelligent population, added up to an opportunity to try things. I don’t think they would be too surprised at what we have devolved into over time.

        • The US founders were high status Deists and Masons. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be a smart guy in a brand new country with all the farmland, water, coal, iron, etc. anybody could ever need. The iconography and architecture of the early Republic is blatantly triumphalist; they clearly thought they had established a new, populist Rome. In their minds, they had truly started a “new order for the ages,” in contrast to the Old World, with its sclerotic aristocracy and church.

          As you note, it could only last so long as the country had a critical mass of intelligent freeholders. Now we’re regressing to the new American hemispheric mean: demotic, low-trust societies that just kind of limp along, like Argentina and Brazil.

      • When it comes to the Founders, our side has a tendency to confuse “works” with “works as originally intended.”

        The fact is that the 1787 Constitution worked as long as it governed a country of Northern European demographics.

        • And yet the northern European demographic is incapable of maintaining their own system for themselves. Either way, it fails.

          • No civilization lasts forever. Let’s not act like surviving 10 generations is the equivalent of surviving one. It makes persuadable people take us less seriously.

          • lysander spooner was saying the same thing 100+ years ago. i wonder whether the continued degradation would have been a surprise to him.

          • Did functioning government cease to exist in the South after 1865? (And yes, I’m quite familiar with Reconstruction).

            See my original point.

          • The WoNA is another cost of the Diversity Tax and “foreign influence”.

            No Africans, no war.

            No foreign labor unbalancing and impoverishing the European settlers’ wage economy, by the (((owners))) who brought them, sold them, owned them, loaned off them, and used their outsize wage-free profits to buy the best Delta land and gain control of America’s biggest industry, King Cotton, and the supply and finance that serviced it.

            For instance, once California farmers started hiring Mexican labor to replace Okie labor, our brown slide was inevitable.

            It wasn’t the poor Scots-Irish or bankrupt French building synagogues in Charleston, Rhode Island, and Port-au-Prince.

            Their control of the slave trade hollowed out Rome, Byzantium, London (reparations loan 1837-2015) and we weren’t proof to it either.

            (Heck, you can add the Viking empire, Persia, Spanish Empire, Belgian Congo, Crusader states, Venetian League, Balkans, USSR, etc etc to that list)

      • “A Republic if you can keep it”

        They knew that the government would be no better than the people. We’re getting what we deserve.

        • Yep, but then again, we’re not the “people” we were at the time of the founding of the United States. Things are going downhill pretty much in direct correlation with population miscegenation–if I can use that term in a population race mixing/diversity context. Not a complete explanation, but but one I’ve lived through in a long life experience.

          • They did have African slaves. Its not the same thing as slavery was a “could happen to anyone” even Julius Caesar and wasn’t the same chattel system.
            US Slavery wasn’t uniquely evil but it was fracking stupid.
            No cheap labor for big concerns. That is what killed the Republic, greed and the religious fervor of the puritans.

    • We have the collapse of America as a perfect object lesson for the formation of the ethnostate.

    • Kunstler, too, a lifetime Democrat like Vic Davis Hanson, has just declared war on his own party.

        • Democrat his whole life, I believe; his family home is the next burg over from mine, he taught at my town Cal Uni.

          The Party left him some time ago.

      • He is fascinating to watch. 1/2 of the site is, “We’re at war, be prepared to slit throats!” while the other half is, “Dems are the real racists who oppose the Judaeo-christian West and who don’t care about the based black conservative.”

        • Keep in mind that Ace and his people are either hind-brain emotional thinkers who get all riled up about things, or choose to cultivate the hind-brain emotional thinking in their readers in order to pump up the number of clicks. AoS is a good place in which to take the pulse of things, but not much good for trying to find solutions.

          • What solutions?
            The Right is far more delusional than the Left.
            The Left exists and knows it, the Right doesn’t exist but dreams its a secret Army.

      • Sunday ONT.

        White people who kill in self-defense get charged with capital murder, while blacks who kill for sport are allowed to go free. You see, the former is exercising white privilege and is guilty of being white. The latter, on the other hand, is the victim of white privilege and is justifiably angry. In post-reality America, privilege means being stripped of your rights and dignity

        Spicy for Ace

  32. > You see this in this post by a far-left activist working for the New York Times. The point of the post is to demonstrate that he will reject anything his enemy says, even when it is obvious fact.
    Twenty years ago that article would be rejected for the opinion pages as hyperbolic and devoid of reasoned discourse.
    Now it’s what passes for a normal news article.

    • nothing new under the sun, that dude’s job is to parrot the elites, otherwise he’d be homeless

      • Exactly he is just a mouthpiece and a puppet for those running things… People sell their souls pretty cheaply these days…

        • Well to be fair we have all completely reordered our lives and turned ourselves into the faceless masses without a shot ever being fired. I like the person that said “if you ever wondered whether you would comply or resist Hitler now you know. You would comply”

          • Well that person who said that is still lost in their delusions so I would take what they said with a grain of salt…

  33. The great ideological plagues of the 20th century, fascism and marxism, originate with Rousseau and the French Revolution.

    Are there any good books on what the founders thought of the Revolution and its extremists? That would be a good start on what they would think of our current situation.

    • Jefferson was ambassador to France 1784-89 and was friendly with many of the early leaders. His opponents enjoyed hanging that around his neck.

      Thomas Paine was a full-blown Jacobin and only kept his head because of the Thermidorian Reaction.

    • The Rousseauean myth of the Noble Savage has done incredible damage to our civilization, and is an extremely effective lever for pushing us into a new Dark Age.

      • A New Dark Age was absolutely inevitable as cheap energy ran out. Our societies were never going to go on “happy motoring” with atom powered cars or cheap fusion.
        What is a shame is the lust for cheap labor imported so many non Western people that the level of social strife will make what be a gradual catabolic collapse into something much worse than it needed to be,

        • Industrial society is dying not for lack of energy or raw materials but for lack of people smart enough to operate it. Idiocracy was a documentary, folks.

          Cheap energy led to cheap food, which removed natural selection from the equation of life and replaced it with female sexual selection, which is causing white people to evolve into violent imbeciles obsessed with sex and bling.

  34. We have reached a point where the ruling class is at war with reality. Part of that reality is they are a ruling class with certain duties and responsibilities. They reject that solely on the grounds that the people they rule over define a ruling class as having certain duties and responsibilities. This is why they celebrate the anarchists burning cities and murdering citizens. They oppose Trump, because he rhetorically represents the rest of us and they are the forever enemy of us.

    I think that is far, far too generous. The Ruling Class knows full it is engaged in a vicious, undeclared war against its opponents, in a way not at all dissimilar from the imperial wars and revolutions it sponsored throughout the Mideast and in the former Soviet republics. What seems to be a denial of reality is just straight-up propaganda to justify human rights violations. The reason behind everything they do is known to them and has a purpose. Their propagandists indeed may have come to believe their own propaganda; their patrons are not delusional.

    This leads us to ask why, exactly, has the Ruling Class decided to go full Khmer Rouge on the cities? I absolutely don’t know. It may be to eliminate what remains of the middle class. It may be to make way for new residents, perhaps from Communist China. It may be to turn their own supporters into refugees to infest the rest of the nation with their twisted politics. I just don’t know beyond there is a rationale behind it, and they know full well what they are doing and why.

    The United States has reached its end point. When the Ruling Class decided that domestic terrorism was just as acceptable to use against its own citizens as it is against Arabs or Slavs, what little remained of the republic died.

    The way to fight back is to make the lives of the Ruling Class as miserable as possible. I’m open to all suggestions, but they have to suffer horribly before they will stop with the violence and mayhem. These people are monsters.

    • I’ve wondered what the plan is too. I do think the new white flight is very bad. These freaks are moving to suburbs, small towns, and smaller cities and will continue being virtue signalling goodwhites. The whiter the area, the more shrill their screaming.

      Communities need to oppose all new housing development for the time being.

      For a while the plan was to gentrify, and house the wannabe young elites in trendy reclaimed areas. Clearly it’s been decided that this project is no longer desirable, for some reason.

      • Communities need to oppose all new housing development for the time being.

        Agreed. I must note, though, the refugees are going to smaller cities already quite Blue, too.

        • Communities need to oppose all new housing development for the time being.
          You can only do that if you have like-minded people in your area to do that… People that aren’t awake will resist you because they don’t know the consequences of those people moving in…

          • This would seem somewhat contradictory as in “at odds” with the building communities discussion we often have? If the community you reside in is closed to outsiders, then your building materials are limited.

          • Why is it at odds it’s only closed to people that aren’t your people…Pretty simple really you invite those who are like-minded and you keep out those who would wreck your Community…It’s only possible to keep out those if you have enough like-minded to do so…

          • There is some sort of model community, nice looking, and everyone is friendly. Forget that. Give me a community of people like me, make it look like crap and a very dangerous place at the periphery, and give me neighbors who snarl like angry dogs if outsiders approach. I think we can make something out of that.

      • The whiter the area, the more shrill their screaming.

        I drive through a farming community on the way to the park where I like to trail run.

        There are five houses with BLM signs, two with Biden signs, and only one Trump sign.


        • I noticed this too, they think the orcs will never come to the shire. We’re looking at moving to the “shire” ourselves (found a deal too good to pass up), but I need to tell them that the state is out of off-ramps to escape to: this is it. Even the next ramp up, which is 45 minutes outside of the Big City, had blacks wandering around what passed for a city center there.

        • I have seen a total of 3 BLM signs in my middle class white nabe, but dozens of American flags and signs supporting cops, first responders, Trump, etc. This is normcon central and the race traitors are badly outnumbered and outgunned.

      • I read a report the other day about how residents of Chicago are fleeing the city due to the unrest and violence. The reporter interviewed a woman who is moving far out into the suburbs. In what can only be described as pathological cognitive dissonance, the woman said she could no longer take the crime, violence and unpredictability of living in the city so she was moving out, even though she still very much supports BLM.

        How can someone arrive at this point? How can one not see that there is a link to these two events?

        I can’t even discuss non-political issues with progressives because they are so divorced from reality, cause and effect. We have to reason based on reality and when that fundamental piece is dispensed with, there is no hope of achieving common ground.

        • well, she might be lying about her blm support. just throwing it out there without any real fervor. maybe. who knows. most people are willfully ignorant AKA comfortably numb.

        • She was talking to a reporter. First, I wouldn’t do that anyway. And if for some reason you had to, why wouldn’t you tell the Politburo what it wanted to hear?

    • It may be to turn their own supporters into refugees to infest the rest of the nation with their twisted politics.

      I think this is correct. It’s a demographic pincer movement to turn purple areas blue and red areas purple via one pincer of goodwhites fleeing the cities and another of immigrants flooding in from the Third World.

      • Perhaps Trump (intentionally or not) contributed to this by limiting the deduction of state and local taxes.

      • Agree. Fleeing urbans are the new Replacement Migration.

        Why do population relocation a la Stalin when you can get them to do it themselves?

      • This. My suburb has been transformed from a constant influx of third world immigrants and blue state refugees. I’m constantly exhorted to consider all the Han, pajeet, mestizos, Iranians, Californians, and Katrina noggers to be my ‘community.’ I refuse to donate to hurricane relief for the rest of Texas unless I can insure it goes to Whites only (so my ‘charitable’ giving has been $0 for a number of years). Texas is over, folks. Don’t look this way for any political sanity or resistance.

        • There’s nowhere for whitey to go unless he wants to live in a rural or mountain area. Even then, if it’s determined that a rural area is meant for a diverse subdivision it will simply be paved over.

          It’s for the best. The goodwhites in Toronto are feeling the squeeze too. The darkness is encroaching and all non whites + goodwhites dislike them.

          I don’t white flight because it doesn’t change anything.

        • Dang. Got a house in Dallas, Central California, and a ways below Ferguson (St. Louis).

          Lineman might have the last laugh after all.

          • I know there’s some good people there, but if we’re talking the “banana belt,” my magic 8-ball says Outlook not so good.
            They’ve got direct flights from San Jose to Missoula and a likely permanent shift to telework in the tech industry. That sort of capital is unlimited, and its flow is inexorable.
            This is what you call the writing on the wall.
            Unless you put a wall up at the Ravalli County line (which I would support), the Bitterroot is most likely toast. Hate to say it, but there it is.

          • Do you live here because if you did then you wouldn’t be saying that…It’s great fun though to take pot shots at someone on your side? that is trying to do something…If people actually had the courage to meet f2f then maybe there would be a little more civility online…

          • I sometimes wonder if the black pill salesmen are AWR plants posting here to try to demoralize us. If so, it isn’t working on me.

          • I won’t call them plants but Conservatism even the mainstream kind is packed with people with the loser mentality.
            Sam Francis called these guys Beautiful Losers.
            I’m not as generous, they are weaklings and cowards who want the benefits of leave me along Conservatism without paying the cost in treasure, risk and blood.

          • It’s within their right to think we’re all doomed; I just wish they’d keep their hash-traps clamped about it.

        • Points west of Ft. Worth and northwest of Austin are still in pretty good shape. That area could link up with Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas and the states of the northern Rockies to form a potent ethnostate.

          • People from Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakota are very different from rural Okies and Texans. They are nice people up there, but see where that got Minnesota.

            Rural Okies and Texans are different. They are generally friendly, but not very trusting of outsiders.

          • There are probably a hundred plus million people on our side. We can do better than shoving ourselves into the middle of the country and in a land with a dying aquifer.
            Rightfully it all belongs to us and our long term goal should be CONUS to Canada all under our flag, with our people and our rules. A Nation built for the long haul, cognizant of decline and built to be a great place to have a family.
            It is an achievable goal if not by us than by our numerous grand children.

          • The ethnostate will have an abundance of natural resources. Being landlocked is a bit of a concern, but it hasn’t hurt the likes of Switzerland, Austria and Hungary too much.

          • Its better to have oceanic assets and there are 6 million Trump voters, many our guys in California alone.

          • Yes definitely but we have to start somewhere and it wouldn’t be long before people would be trying to take what we built so it would be war and once it starts then we can drive them from our shores…

          • Point. Go to the NW part of the state and up into the panhandle, small towns, and you could do okay. I still think even there would be suboptimal, given the climate and water issues.

          • If you’re addicted to that Metromess humidity, you certainly wouldn’t like the climate in West Texas.

      • I think you’re right. The emphasis used to be on Agenda 21 (or was it 13?) about moving everyone into the cities. I think that was found to be unworkable in the West and so they’re now forcing the woke out to infect the countryside. They figure you won’t want to shoot your blue-haired neighbor in front of xir kids. Either way, same result – utterly commingled population which makes door-to-door conflict much more likely.

      • or, the blue states will lose representatives, and their (leaving) populations will be diluted harmlessly in the vast red state area. eventually, over time, their ancestors may return to normal levels of intelligence.

    • “It may be to turn their own supporters into refugees to infest the rest of the nation with their twisted politics.”

      Yuo may be onto something here as this is what is occurring and has been occurring. We are seeing it locally, too, as NYC refugees move into our Red country. They waste no time fomenting unrest, decrying the locals as their usual strawmen, and calling for the creation of new “civil rights” entities.

      Oh, they do seem to immediately attach to the local theater group people.

    • This leads us to ask why, exactly, has the Ruling Class decided to go full Khmer Rouge on the cities?”

      They’re “destroying the village to save it”.

      That strategy will work as well this time as it did 50+ years ago on the other sid eof the world. But stupid is as stupid does.

      The take away should be that these people are insane idiots and they’re going to immolate themselves – in spite of (maybe even because of) all the advantages they have. So b eof good cheer.

  35. Cleaning. In Eastern Europe it was called lustration, in France it was called epuration. Same idea. Regime collaborators were removed from positions of influence, forever.

    • At the root, the numbers are few, and hence a focused approach to remedy is much, much more efficient and there is almost no collateral damage. Technology is your friend. Tall walls and mercenary guards are no longer an obstacle of consequence. Make them pay and they will flee. Ancient wisdom.

    • Only small fish or people with ineffectual connections were removed.
      People who studied in Moscow during communism and top people from KGB, AVH, StB, etc. are now among the wealthiest in Eastern Europe.

  36. Tyranny of the majority is still tyranny. The Founders understood that democracy always led to tyranny or anarchy.

    Or in our case Anarcho-Tyranny combining the best of both worlds! Anglin has a piece up that is deeply insightful regarding this in the wake of the ‘Do Something!1!” cry we are hearing after the ‘Kyle Incident’ last week. His (correct) general theory is that you are not fighting against Anitfa/BLM because they could be (and should be) stopped by the government at will. You are fighting against the government directly if you choose to engage Antifa/BLM who are their partisan shock troops that have the full backing of the State and Corporate America.

    I.E. It’s a fool’s gambit to do so and the definition of Anarcho-Tyranny as any White who pushes back will face the full force of the law and media whereas these people can commit high crimes- murder, arson, aggr. assault, etc. and walk freely.
    Worth a read-

    Also re: “At war with reality” that is an ominous sign of 3 things. 1) The fact that you will never be able to reason with people who are so brain-washed, brain-addled, and media influenced that they literally live in and experience a subjective reality completely at odds with the concrete objective reality the rest of us experience and 2) It shows they frightening trend of the last few decades that we are in a dysgenic collapse due to a number of factors. We are literally getting stupider by the decade at an accelerating pace for the first time in a century. Barreling towards Idiocracy- most of the reasons are clear as day, and nobody cares. Ignorance is bliss.

    • The one error there is the Kenosha Kid did not go there to confront Antifa. He went there as part of a group doing volunteer work like scrubbing graffiti off walls and picking up trash. That group then setup to defend property, but it was part of a coordinated thing with the cops. The kid got cut off from his group and that’s how he found himself in the situation that led to the shoot out with the rioters.

      • There is a clip of a militia member stating Kenosha PD told him the PD was going to push the rioters into the militia, then pull back so the militia could, “deal with them.”

        • (Pic) Kyle with fire extinguisher (left). Rosenbaum feeding the dumpster fire (right)

          It was putting the dumpster fire out that put the 2 groups at odds with each other.

          At no time was Kyle the charging aggressor.

        • This is the clip. If true, the cops may have tried to create another Charlottesville.

          In any case, another Charlottesville did erupt, but this time Kyle became this decade’s Bernie Goetz. To expand on Zman’s theme of irreconcilable differences, the difference in Kyle’s public perception versus media perception is remarkable. The fact that BLM/Antifa is now opening fire on Trump supporters helps too. The public increasingly appreciates that BLM/Antifa are the evil ones, and normal white people have always been the good guys. The media is shrieking to the contrary but no one except their sycophants hears them.

          I like to say there hasn’t been a single legitimate “protestor.” Even people who aren’t necessarily assaulting, burning, looting, lasering, vandalizing or murdering, but are merely marching and chanting, are still out for blood. They are still chanting and scrawling and cheering and laughing for death and destruction. BLM/Antifa is fundamentally illegitimate to its core, but many conservatives – including tearful business owners interviewed in Kenosha – still inadverently grant them legitimacy by always starting with “I can understand protests, but…” As soon as you say that, you grant them legitimacy and you lose. Hopefully good white people will increasingly grow out of this nervous “protest” tic.

          The GOP plays the major role in crippling good white people with this tic. When the RNC asked for prayer for Blake, when the Trump admin asks to see Blake (I can’t imagine the man himself wants to do this), they are granting legitimacy to the antiwhite violence. They need to be punished for handicapping good white people.

          • This is uniting the right like nothing else in years. The anti Whites fucked up bad.

            We’re tired of getting bricked on the head by anti Whites and the people that let them run rabid.

      • The reason he was in that town in the first place is because he worked there that day as a lifeguard.

        A friend of his from Kenosha loaned him the gun. The gun was not transported across state lines.

        • I don’t even care about any of these justifications. Only one of Kyle’s violent thug attackers was from Kenosha, and some of them were felons who weren’t even supposed to have guns.

          If their side doesn’t play by the rules, why should I care if my side plays by the rules? My side is righteous no matter what. Their side is evil no matter what.

          We need to free ourselves from principles and logical/rhetorical rules that are always used against us. They want to keep us in a box of legalities, rhetorical handicaps, and technicalities while they’re allowed to run roughshod around our box. Fuck that shit.

          • Well it’s super late so probably no one will see this but I thought it relevant. Anyway, lately I’ve been trying to get out of my online bubble (no offense guys) and reach out to at least some of the local people who aren’t totally insane. This being the Portland metro area, it’s been a struggle. I’ve lately made inquiries with the local GOP about Trump events, rallies, etc… A huge problem though is that most of “our” events are still cancelled here or taking place with tons of silly restrictions. I just feel like screaming at these people “don’t you guys get it, the enemy (and that’s what they are) don’t play along with any of this shit. They commit murder and arson and you’re worried about breaking the governor’s probably illegal mask edicts!!” I tell myself I’m probably just being too impatient. It’s unreasonable to expect normal people with families and responsibilities to act like a bunch of drugged out communists who basically have been living their whole useless lives just for what they think is finally their Big Moment. I hope I’m right. The Right is still a mighty big hammer and if it came down in full force those faggy little shitheads downtown in black jumpsuits wouldn’t last five minutes.

    • A lot of the idiocracy now stems from a large percentage of the population, both left and right, living in a digital reality now, and it’s only going to accelerate with the newer generation.
      Any parent who gives their child unfettered access to electronics, even with parent blockers, is a fool.

      • I’m convinced that writing and doing math by hand develops far stronger neural pathways than tapping a screen like some kind of trained monkey.

        • Children given electronic media while mere babies, tapping screens and getting instant feedback and rapidly changing images, develop differently than normal children. Electronic media literally creates different synapses in the brain. There’s a reason so many young kids cannot focus for more than a moment on any one thing, nor think more deeply than a TikTok challenge.

          • You’re right, but is three the appropriate time to be dunked in the sewer? How about no TV EVER. At it’s most harmless it is an existentially nightmarish way to entirely waste your precious life.

        • I still balance my checkbook, though I will double check with a calculator. Granted, I’m old fashioned…

      • I think you are right, Chet. The kids are exposed to the world through electronics, and along with that go the filthiest vices and criminals the human animal can create. I am 56 and I can barely handle it sometimes…

      • Manufactured reality, from tv and sm, is now more real than real.

        We used to live by stories, of honor, conduct, or wisdom, but now we live in a movie…

        …with way too many auditioning prima donnas, people high on malice.

        We could name that movie Brazil.

        With third world overpopulation and multiculturalism crowding in, we get:

        Brazil annual homicides: ~59,000

        Rest of the globe, annual homicides: ~59,000

        (excluding Africa, Caribbean, Brazil)

        • Dagnab, I forgot to say a Hollywood movie- because the producers, the second-raters, were always mad, creatures of fantasy, jealousy, and delusion.

        • There is already an excellent dystopian movie named Brazil. At least the director’s cut version.

        • Brazil was by far the largest importer of African slaves in the western hemisphere. Ten times more than were brought to the 13 colonies that became the US (400K v. 4Million.)

        • Brazil has a low TFR now though. Its 1.74 as of 2017.
          Apparently TV was able to get the population to have less children.
          In time this will calm down as simply put, less people, less problems.

      • This may be the most right. Extremely online and extremely bubbled will lead to not-online civil war. The boomerwaffen and patriotwaffen are checking Facebook every 5 minutes and polishing their weaponry as we speak.

        • Unfortunately, the only group that “boomerwaffen and patriotwaffen” will use their weapons against is us. Sad, but true.

          • Lineinthesand: only if we show up! Stay in the countryside. Let the Boomers and the Soros Armies start the war; OrangeFranco will call out the JONS-Falange when things are already hot and they need more hard men ready for hard tasks.

      • Yep, I hear a lot of mostly decent white parents bemoaning the moral collapse and degeneracy of society… and meanwhile the kids are in the other room entranced by globoschlomo on netflicks. They seem incapable of making the connection or simply too lazy to make the effort to actually raise their own kids. Of course mom and dad are probably binging Game of Thrones…

        The crazy pace of social decay is only possible because of the ministrations of the telescreens but so few can really kick the addiction

    • You are fighting against the government directly if you choose to engage Antifa/BLM who are their partisan shock troops that have the full backing of the State and Corporate America.

      Agreed on this point, anyhow. Antifa are State-sponsored terrorists. I still don’t know what the end game is with hollowing out the cities but have several possible reasons in mind.

        • Well, the Left wants a hot war ready for the November election, a coup is likely if the far left doesnt sweep November. Leftist Current Year mentality works forwards and backwards: there is no last time, there is no next time.

      • Here’s a possible reason: The (((small hats))) are fomenting the burning/rioting/looting, and Wuhan Virus Lockdown, in order to drive the value of urban real estate down. Sane people are dumping their places for a loss, in order to escape the insanity. The financial (((small hats))) then pick up the vacated real estate for ‘a song’, then argue against the rioting/ looting/burning. The government puts an end to the Antifa/BLM via RICO and anti-terrorism laws, and the (((small hats))) commence to sell the urban real estate for a profit.

        • Small Hats make money on the “churn”, collecting a bunch of fees on both ends of real estate transactions. This seems like…not a very smart way to go about it, but then again they do have a tendency to get in over their heads with their schemes.

        • Maybe. Problem is, property values are tied to things like crime rate and amenities, so while it’s no small thing to drive values down but encouraging looting and rioting, there’s no guarantee that the rioting stops before property values tank semi permanently.

      • I don’t know that there is a single end game. I suspect it is an unfortunate conflux of perceived advantages by opposing factions: the supporters (Democrats) think this will either show Trump’s ineffectiveness or wear down the public to cry uncle and vote Dem just to make it stop; the Trumpians/GOP think this will show the ineffectiveness of Democratic leadership (and just how bad life under Dems could be) to push voters towards Trump/GOP. Thus, it appears to be in both sides interests to let it continue as long as the body count does not get too high.

      • Sometimes people just to mad and they just knock down their own house. There isn’t always a brilliant master plan behind things.

        DR tends to view jews as these super far sighted schemers, but they’ve been booted out of a hundred countries. They’re not nearly as smart as we think
        they are, much less as smart as they think they are.

        They’re cultural arsonists but fires grow out of control.

    • Striker on twitter:

      “The FBI uses the prospect of cooperation to bust “antifa” to set up and spy on right-wingers, who are their real targets.

      This is a trick they developed after Charlottesville

      the FBI is paying people in pro-Trump patriotic orgs 5 figure sums to try and “infiltrate” Antifa.

      The FBI is setting you up. They desperately need to manufacture a right-wing “terrorist”.”

      • Antifa is the terrorist arm of the FBI and other State actors. The only bright side is some portion of Antifa are going rogue so we have the visual of a guillotine in Bezos’ front yard (it may be psyops, dunno). The State goons who support Antifa only will react when something besides optics are employed against their pimps. I think that very well may happen.

        • Antifa is occupying your neighborhood because sending in the military to do so would be worse optics for them.

          They both play on the same team, with the same controllers.

          Which team, which controllers, what end goal? Still don’t know that one.

      • “the FBI is paying people in pro-Trump patriotic orgs 5 figure sums to try and “infiltrate” Antifa”

        Probably true, but a source would be helpful. I know you’re quoting someone else.

        • Stryker just seems like a pretty smart guy who tried to edgelord so hard he ended up actually supporting a few things that even offend the people that matter. If contemporary art galleries have taught me anything it’s that you’re supposed to be edgy in ways that annoy nice baptist grandmas only.

  37. The NYT article pretty much describes what all my college-town neighbors believe. Expect the new info on Corona-chan deaths to lead to more restrictions- my town now has a mask mandate in the downtown area, and has set up a hotline to dime out social distance/ mask mandate criminals.

    • Well, vote with your dollars and refuse to spend any money downtown.

      Encourage friends and family to do likewise.

      Maybe write a letter to the local paper about your rejection of this pretty tyranny, using the CDC’s corrected Beer flu death number of a mere 9k.

      • I just don’t spend any money anywhere. Maybe at an italian restaurant that’s owned by mama mia from Sicily but that’s the extent of my dining out.

        I started changing my own oil and repairing my car myself after having the misfortune of experiencing an all-Arab staffed lube chain. Why would I give these strangers my money? (Post being woke of course).

        Most restaurants have brown (indian here, Mexican in the usa) staff and the food is overpriced and tastes like shit. Coronahoax shut downs are killing the restaurant industry and that makes me happy.

        • the food is overpriced and tastes like shit.

          This is nearly every restaurant now since they all buy their ingredients in bulk from GFS or Sysco.

          Also, portion sizes are utterly ridiculous. I hate the trend of burgers that are too tall to fit in one’s mouth as they fall apart because they so filled with grease and sauce.

    • I hope people are seeing the CDC admission that the actual count of deaths by covid are ~ 10,000, or 6%…

      …with the other 94% due to co-morbidities, exposure to long term care, and nearness of death by age.

        • Where I go in the Northeast, these are union shops (all must be, by law up here)– 2 months ago, I had to stand outside, call it in, and somebody would come outside to sign. NO ENTRY!!

          Mask, gloves, yellow vest, partitions, your pen only, severe distancing- the works.

          Now its back to the old grubby, grouchy cheer- just walk in, and if you wear that mask, you get either the Sneer or the Look.

      • That’s funny, this past weekend I had my first encounter with a Branch Covidian since all this started — and that’s with me often being the only one in a store without a mask. First he muttered under his breath about me having the mask down around my chin, then he mumbled something about me going the wrong way down the aisle at Aldi. I didn’t engage the ole’ fella at all. Just let him stew in his juices. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people pay any attention to those one-way arrows.

  38. Separation of powers was the fundamental flaw in the constitution. The founders imagined that people in each institution would value the institutional power above all else and “check” each other’s ambitions. They failed to see that those people were transient to the institutions and that they would have loyalties that transcended they institutions. “Factionalism” barely scratches the surface of that reality. They also failed to see that separation of powers meant chaos and the diffusion and obscuring of responsibility and accountability. Under their system the buck doesn’t stop anywhere.

    • I think the great mistake of the Founders was in not recognizing the nature of Northern fanaticism. They did not have 250 years of radicalism as a basis, so they can be forgiven for not understand what drives the radical. New England should have been setup as a separate country.

      • “New England should have been setup as a separate country.”

        They still would have invaded at some point. IMO there will be no having this chalice passed on.

        • The Sans Cullottes had a solution for the Vendee. Franco had a solition for the Rojos Madrallinos. There are options.

          • difference being, the Vendee martyrs inspired Franco for good. so we can’t turn the rojos into secular martyrs either. at least, not all of them. the snake is crushed at the head.

      • Probably controversial, and not excusing what the North did to the South, but I suspect what really offended the North was that the South gave us the gift of diversity. Northerners don’t like outsiders, especially up in New England. Most won’t express it, but it’s a fact. The fanaticism is a tragic flaw in the northern character, ie, diverting and damming negative emotions until they erupt instead of expressing them and being done with them.

        Just a theory, just throwing it out there

        • Actually, according to the memoirs of Confederate soldiers, in the last part against Grant they were fighting Negroes and newly arrived emigrants as Union soldiers so diversity was their strength even back then. Also, the North had slaves but Lincoln did not free them, only ones in a country of which he was not President, the CSA. (example: Rhode Island tobacco wealth built on slave labor).

          • Right. It’s telling that Lincoln didn’t free slaves in the North. And blacks have been weaponized against southern whites ever since. I think repatriation would’ve been the order of the day were it not for cheap labor and a means of suppressing the South.

          • I often wonder if Jesus should have said that the love of cheap labor is the root of all evil. Egalitarian fanaticism wouldn’t have such power if cynical rich people the world over weren’t using it as an excuse to flood white nations with riff raff.

          • “Love of money” covers “cheap labor”. I like the lesser known parable of the rich man who kept hiring workers throughout the day, and ended up paying them all the same. When one complained, the master correctly noted, “Did I not pay you what we agreed upon?” There’s a Buddha story with a similar plot, where a follower is complaining about this or that, and Buddha says “Did I ever ask you to…?” Or “Did I ever require you to…?”

        • Disagree; paintersform, you are again projecting rationality onto the Enemy. If it weren’t slavery, it was prohibition, or conservation, or dirt world proselytizing, or sufferage, or the White Feathers sending our boys to die for no reason, or FDR sending our boys to die to spread international communism, or SJW cause de jour. See: “purity spiral.” The “goal” is not their goal, the process is their goal, and the process never ends, it just finds new rationalizations to continue. If we paid $20 trillion in “reparations,” would the joggers stop raping 80,000 of our women every year???

          This process-oriented purity spiral is a mental defect, a spiteful mutant aberration, and cannot be reasoned with any more than cancer can be reasoned with. There is no thrill to the mutant like forcing badwhited to kowtow to your latest inane babbling.

          • ”””The “goal” is not their goal, the process is their goal, and the process never ends,”

            well said. No more trying to “win an argument”, time for the knife. Time to separate BAMP

          • If they’d lighten up a little most of them wouldn’t go crazy and follow John Browns.

      • Goodwhites are mentally ill, probably mentally insane. It’s terminal; there is no cure. A goodwhite never believes in what’s around them, but in the prevailing idealistic narrative.

        Alot of normie whites are just going along to get along. But the goodwhite will never be saved.

        Goodwhites are a dying breed, thanks to birth control their fertility is about 1.2. In a final suicidal fit they appear to be trying to kill us badwhites so we go down with them.

        • So let’s not make it easy for them by staying in the cities, staying isolated, and not grouping up with other Like-minded people…

          • Lineman,

            I think the current pre-election drama d’guerre is fulfilling your dire predictions and urgings. Story after story of people bugging out of cities (let’s stop saying blue hives, they are all blue hives) and u-haul shortages. My realtor contact in the South says business is booming.

            We may have to migrate Our thinking from urging White exodus to sorting the incoming Whites to rural America. Discriminating the actual refugees from the carpetbaggers and “good whites” in ref. to welcoming folks.

        • They have organic brain defect.This was already known by ancient Egyptians. Liberal brain reminded some kind of number combination and later went to the bible with infamous devil sign in the forehead. Today everybody may check” liberal brain different” or “brain structure and political viewpoints” or whatever.

      • Agreed. Once the Articles of Confederation were replaced, it was game, set, match. The Northern fanatics never intended to respect the Bill of Rights and the fact the Founders knew it had to be included indicated they suspicioned it as well. Lincoln was just the kill shot.

      • no, they knew full well what the north was capable of; the salem witch trials alone would have done that. but the founders would have known the puritan tendencies from the english civil war, and afterwards.

        slavery and the business model it was based on, were far less competitive than the industrial north. why the south didn’t sell all their slaves off and go industrial is a mystery. but that difference in economic competitiveness started more than one war.

        • Maybe *TWENTY FIVE* people died in the Salem witch trials. Stalin killed that many people before breakfast on a random Wednesday.

          And yet kids in school have no idea who Stalin was (wasn’t he that nice fellow that helped us keep that madman Hitler from conquering Ohio?). The zebra killers killed fifteen people in the 70s and that’s almost completely unknown

          We all know about THE TERRIBLE WITCH TRIALS just like we all know about THE INNOCENT EMMETT TILL… it’s just a minor incident plucked out of history and boosted up to max volume with the (((megaphone))) because it’s one of the rare stories that (with some tweaking!) almost fits the holy narrative. Those murderous white Christians at it again!

          I get it as a rhetorical device, but we shouldn’t really be participating in their games or using their categories anymore.

      • If New Englanders had been able to get along with other people, including each other, they would not have had all those little tiny states from day one. They all hate each other up there, and “Massholes” is a thing.

        • It’s like that Tom Lehrer song where “The Catholics hate the Protestants, and the Protestants hate the Catholics, and everybody hates the Jews.” TBH the believing P’s and C’s get along fine. Everybody not on the take hates the 3rd-world drug gangs/cartels and their bought-and-paid-for politicians and judges who refuse to charge them.

        • Just a thanks to this subthread started by Painter. My own obsession with the foreign element, the JQ, is unhelpful, unhealthy, and lacking… something.

          A mote, beam sort of thing.

          What is the demographic makeup of the Puritans or Yankees? Which of Albion’s seeds are the Roundheads?

          Did they look to negroes for validation, yet keep them out of their own street, as they do today?

          (Or secretly mad that the South hadn’t taken them all off their hands?)

          There were a lot of black Revolutionaries and prominent men in New England.

          What is it with these two-faced fanatics? I can’t blame everything on… well, you know.

      • The phrase which the Founders often used to slander, if that is possible, the revlutionary minds of the day, was Visionary and Utopian Thinkers. It would likley be taken as a compliment in our times. But they were probably keeping an eye on Europe when they said this.

      • This is not limited to “Northern”. Mao and Pol Poth and Islamic State and my own fellow goodwhites down here in the 1917 are barely Northern. Liberalism is world wide disease like heart attack.

        • It may be a bug in the basic human code, Juri, making us unable to resist destroying everything.

      • Actually, Z, fanaticism and intolerance were the reasons Europe convulsed with civil war. The Catholics couldn’t tolerate the Protestants and vice versa. New England was just a replay of the civil wars in England, France, etc.

      • in all fairness, all the American regions could be separate countries. devolution of powers worked in the Anglosphere because it remained Anglo, and for a long while monarchical and religious, which would have natural elites leading from above and holding down the Anglo addiction to radical freedom, open-mindedness, and democracy. democracy eventually is pulled apart by radicals and factions stirring up the mobs, and republicanism is but a fragile sublimation of democracy. the original Republic was replaced by Empire, then the Church.

    • The system had already been compromised by the time of Marbury v. Madison in 1804. Marshall should have been impeached and removed at that point. Instead, that relic of John Adams’ defeated faction hung on another three decades.

    • The big issue was none of the founders thought all three Brache’s of government would have an unlimited thirst for expanding their collective powers.
      Of course, the government spends lots of money and influences the expenditure of much of the rest. As long as that’s true, we are doomed.
      The Founders should have had in the constitution a constraint on Federal spending, like 5% of GDP, as it was in 1900, when we were already a super power.

      • I don’t think it would have helped. After all, the Constitution says money will only be gold and silver. Yet, there were national bank charters going way back. Not to mention Lincoln’s greenbacks.
        How in God’s name did the founders or the Congress not limit the President’s time in office. Washington resigned after two terms knowing full well what more time in office would do.
        I think people underestimate the damage done by FDR by virtue of the fact that he was in office so long. He fundamentally changed the federal government, the courts and the legal profession and all for the worse. He stacked the federal courts like no other president has. He appointed all 9 justices. He appointed most of the federal judges. Of course, not only were they giving “progressive” rulings, but the clout they had was used to change the law schools and the legal profession generally. He did things no other president even thought about doing. He built a massive war machine. Unlike previous war efforts, when the war ended, there was no dismantling of this war machine. We have basically been a war footing since 1941.

        • That is not true re disarming. By 1947 the US had scrapped most of its military and the Korean War exposed the lack of armament. During Ike’s time it was the air force and Operation Chrome Dome with nuclear bombers constantly aloft that guarded the cold war.
          Conscription was unpopular. Hence everything to avoid it.
          Agreed on everything else but details matter.

          • Conscription was unpopular.

            Conscription would be less unpopular if every military were required to have generals/admirals lead from the front lines alongside every politician or their firstborn. Somehow that did not make it into the Geneva Convention as a universal requirement.

          • The US spending on military never again reached pre-ww2 levels. I looked up the details some time ago. In 1939 it was well below the low of 52 Billion in 1947
            1946 556.9
            1947 52.4
            1948 103.9
            1949 144.2
            1950 141.2
            1951 224.3
            1952 402.1
            1953 442.3
            1954 420.9
            1955 376.9
            1956 356.2
            1957 $360.9
            1958 352.9
            1959 352.5
            This is probably most of the reason inflation is now just a part of life. With the exception of the 20s, up until the 40s the only periods of inflation in the US were during and right after the wars with the worst being during the Revolution and the Civil war.

            Just imagine living in a time when the general prices either fell or stayed the same over long periods of time.

    • I’d argue the blind spot had to do with money, which is understandable because many colonists were or were descended from profiteers.

      Most of America’s problems come down to love of money imo.

      • Most of America’s problems come down to love of money imo.

        This love has inflicted enormous costs upon the nation in the form of the addiction to the cheapest possible labor.

        • This a thousand times. Whatever European polities are born out of the murdered wreckage of America, the very first rule of any constitution needs to be ZERO immigration with mandatory death penalty for violation. If a ruling class wants more labor, then they need to be good civilizational stewards and cultivate fecundity in the quality portion of their own working class. Diversity is only a strength to the globalist oligarchs and we need to be damn sure that when we get rid of the current set we ensure that new ones do not take their places.

          • I agree. I’d be willing to accept a small amount of White immigration , in a population of say 200 million, 20k would not hurt.
            That said, the New DR Republic will have to figure our how to deal with trade and automation as well.
            The ideal is to get back to the 20’s level, few imports, few exports, good mostly made locally and mainly imported luxury goods.
            Problem is that the instant a boot is off necks or that they don’t have to face overseas competition, the quality drops to nil. Its hard to stop short term thinking, planned obsolescence and lack of integrity.
            As far as automation goes. It won’t take over all jobs but it can do enough damage to lower the fertility rate below replacement by getting rid of enough categories of jobs to lower wages to low in the market to support a family.
            Its been a huge contributor to this low TFR since the early 70’s when it hit 1.8.
            While sure a DR Republic will be a lot more pleasant and safe and clean, it will do us no good whatever to have no babies and no income.
            Wages must go up which probably means tackling the holy grail of economies of scale.

          • I think a lot of problems would be solved once you stop immigration and deport all those who are here illegally and some of the ones who are here legally including wages…

          • I agree that it will help but we had the same “no babies” problem back from 1973 onward when the US was 85% White.
            Largely things like Amazon and Craigslist and the like make goods and or services cheaper and far more effective but at a huge cost in total number of jobs.
            The DR shares the entirely risible assumption that our fertility rate can be fixed by social changes alone but we’ve had White countries in Eastern Europe make these changes, push family and religion and while its had a small benefit, not on has gone above repalcment anywhere.
            It can slow the rot , Poland went from 1.3 to 1.4 which is something its still “doomed” level.
            What it can do is get families back to 2.1 or more.
            Now of the DR is OK with slow population shrinkage a TFR or 1.8 or so which is what I’d expect with a bump (its 1.6 now) is acceptable.
            Otherwise we will need a lot more well paying jobs with good benefits which will be fought all the way.

          • Catholic Church forbids contraception. This is a subject never touched in the dissent community. Frustrating the marital act is difficult to understand outside of the processing the catholic faith. But its always been obvious to me. The marital act is for babies, not for our pleasure.

          • Its not breached because US , Whites here are mostly really not religious and the Christian ones Protestant in origin and don’t share those views.
            No cheap for free social capital for reproduction is available at this time or except among the ultra religious at all.
            Culture can be shifted a little but the bills in term of steady income must be paid.
            Besides , its false sex is not just for babies, its for fun and improving intimacy as well.
            Even Catholics these days rarely share these views at least n the developed world , France, Poland, Ireland to a degree and Italy all nominally Catholic have modest to very low fertility.
            Forcing people into celibacy or babies in modernity isn’t going work anyway.
            Half of all people are single these days and of those according to Pew research half have no desire of any kind for a partner ever.
            Its not natural for 25% of the population to be celibate but it is what it is.

          • I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, like I said, without faith, its very hard to understand. Pleasure and intimacy are secondary ends. Babies are the primary end of our sex organs and our sexuality. THe continuity of the race is more important than a romp and cuddling!

            Abortion is also only different means of the same goal as contraception: fun with no babies.

            This is a major flaw in the dissident movement. One or two trophy children is not going to build a culture. Just because people who self identify as Catholic practice contraception, doesnt make it right!

          • You can’t build a society on assumptions most people don’t share.
            You don’t have the moral authority and can’t really even influence it outside of your own sphere , call it observant Catholics if you like.
            In our society 95% of men use porn and essentially all women (99% if Gutmacher is accurate) use birth control on some occasions.
            Its a non starter.
            More importantly you can’t get people to have more children without wages going up. Given a choice, the kind of people we want in our society will chose to put more into fewer children , the less resources, the less children.
            Now reducing the cost of a good life, requiring less education and connections and of course safer homogeneous housing will function like wages but how we get there is not yet known in full.
            However expecting large numbers of people to participate in a culture they have no real ties to or to adhere to those traditions is absurd. You’d have a better chance of getting them to sacrifice to the Olympians every tenth day. Its not going to be a thing.
            That said if you can live long enough and assuming no changes, in a few centuries most people will be Amish descended.

          • So… it’s farfetched to get people to participate in our shared ancestral culture that’s existed in hundred of places across thousands of years (and still does today in several)


            Any day now we’re going to develop into the world’s largest postmodern commercial secular ethnostate – a utopian arrangement of your very own devising that’s existed nowhere ever and only even advocated by a vanishingly small percentage of essentially powerless people?

            All you’re really saying is you aren’t comfortable with our ancestral moral and religious law so that obviously can’t be taken seriously… but the wildly unrealistic things YOU like are obviously about to happen at any time if only we just believe hard enough.

          • Not really.
            Porn was not nearly as common or as perverse in the 70’s as now but the TFR hasn’t really varied since 1973.
            And yes I know it was out there, It wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous and while it was not a Federal thing after 1973, many States banned some of all of it well into the video tape era.
            I’m fairly certain that 3 years of no fault divorce (since 1970) in some states or a relaxation of porn laws in a few (since 1973 federally) places may have some small contribution it wasn’t enough to create that much free fall.
            I know a couple of things that likely did though , money and television.
            By 1973 the US was under stagflation and in real terms never recovered.
            Wages as percentage GDP are less than half what they were in the late 60’s
            And TC basically got rid of “boredom sex” as seen by Brazil’s decline and the 1979 blackout baby bump.

          • Excellent point. Contraception opened the door to other eveils. If the purpose of the marital embrace is not primarily procreation but merely an expression of love, how can you deny homosexuals the right to marry, and other perversions?

        • Yep, it’s a perennial theme. Also commercialism/consumerism, the whole capitalism/socialism/communism debate, feminism used to double the workforce and drive a wedge between the sexes, etc. It’s all about money, and that’s why DR faces strong headwinds.

          Food for thought: millennials have a reputation as commies. Maybe it’s because they have a sense that the market god doesn’t love them, and there are no mainstream voices speaking to them about it. It’s either be a commie or go hard on the JQ. Big opportunity there for DR.

          • Only here would someone actually try to understand the appeal of Communism tot he millennial crowd. Nicely done.
            IMO much of this so called “race” rioting is not about “race” at all but about economics. If the woke crowd started talking about money or turned into another “Occupy Wall Street.” they’s be curb stomped by everybody, progressive and otherwise.
            Make it about nonsense, hide your true intentions , strong socialism and maybe you can get ahead.
            This doesn’t make the anti White insanity any less real or dangerous but it suggests hidden depths to me.

          • First generation to be told they’ll be poorer and shorter-lived than their parents— and their country is going to belong to immigrants. Education is a joke, career paths are hard to come by, good luck finding someone worth starting a family with (men and women). All that for following the rules, taking the student loans, fighting Hajji for 20 years, etc. They know the system is using them, and nobody seems to have answers, just ‘suck it up, quit being a pussy’.

            There’s the temptation of burning it all down, commie style, and many fall prey to it. Others masochistically blame the Jew. I get it because I’m more or less one of them.

            Yes, pampered as children. Totems of their parents’ pride. But I think as a group they’d happily trade all of that for a future worth having.

          • Quite true.
            Also the establishment generations are getting old.
            Boomers are hitting 70+ and no sense of continuity with 50+ Gen X leads to an upcoming power vacuum.
            Heck the oldest of our our largest generation the millennials are nearly 40 and have the lowest fertility rates as well.
            This dynamic combined with the now dead for good economy is leading to a lot of strife.

          • Agreed. What we’re seeing is in no small part incoherent millennial rage, because nobody in the mainstream is offering a way forward for them.

            And don’t get me wrong, things have gotten better under Trump— especially if you’re black, hispanic, or trading on the stock market. He likes to point that out 🙂 Seriously though he’s been alright, but a little red meat for younger whites would be good.

        • It’s one thing to import labor into an empty continent. What they’re doing now with OPT and “H” visas is scandalous.

          • That wasn’t a good idea either. A Constitution written for Englishmen isn’t suitable for anyone else, even Germans.
            Our constant lust for economic development is what did us in and frankly its fitting.

      • Most of America’s problems come down to love of money imo.

        That’s human nature plus the british colonists had an entire continent to conquer brimming with riches to satisfy that love. There’s no mystery then in why the U.S. could not contain itself within the founders’ vision but became an empire.

        • Yes but wasn’t the first British colony a corporation? America was half-founded as a commercial enterprise. That was practically unique in history (maybe some Greek city-states or something), and a hard thing to overcome on the way to nationhood.

          • Yes and I don’t mean to imply that the love of money is irresistible. But one of the colonists’ grievances was that the British were hindering their unfettered expansion to the west. I’ve sometimes wondered why that was official British policy. Larger geopolitical issues at play probably. Not that they (the British) were any less greedy.

          • >>>the British were hindering their unfettered expansion to the west

            From what I’ve read, the Quebec Act, assigning the lands extending from Ohio to Minnesota, to the Province of Quebec, was particularly Intolerable to the wealthiest and most influential colonial elites (“land speculators”). These are not the people any government should want to distress.

        • Alas, history teaches that all empires must end. An exceptional one might last a thousand years (Rome), of course drastically changing its form during that time.

      • Created a unitary state. Monarchy preferably, but a parliamentary system is far superior to what we have.

    • The founders didn’t make any “great mistake” they produced a system which produced great results sustained for centuries.

      There is no system so great that it can survive being helmed by terrible people.

      We have a terrible people problem, resulting from a terrible culture problem, resulting from a terrible spiritual problem.

      No document or scheme will make it work the way the old people did.

      • The constitutional system worked well for a few dacades at most. The founders all realized that making the Supreme Court the final arbiter of constitutionality was a huge mistake and not what they intended, but even then the system had to much inertia to be substantially reformed. It plodded along relatively well, if you overlook that whole civil war thing, for about a century. Mostly because near exponential growth in the 19th century lubricated and covered a lot of flaws.

        But the system effectively died in the early 20th century. At this point, it’s a preposterous farce – a zombie animated by global military supremacy. And it’s only a matter of time before it completely tears itself apart and something new replaces it. My bet is on some soft dictatorship – ymmv.

  39. Good read. On another note, I saw you coined “Boomer Waffen” on another site. Made this boomer smile.

  40. His partisan fervor now leads him to take the opposite of whatever he imagines his enemies are saying. If Trump says it is raining, then Mr. Baker will claim that his enemies have created a conspiracy theory where water falls from the sky.

    Reminds me of the joke where a lot of issues in the country could be resolved if Trump publicly came out against suicide. Well I’m supposing it’s a joke…

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