Death From Above

Imagine a small kingdom that is faced with a disease outbreak of unknown origin and unknown severity. The king, upon being briefed by his staff, gives a speech to his people informing them of what is known and what efforts are being made to determine the severity of the disease. He asks his people to take reasonable precautions, as they would during the cold and flu season. As more information is gathered, he will inform the public so they can act accordingly.

As it becomes clear that the disease is hard on the very old and very sick, but not much of a threat to everyone else, efforts are made to insulate the very old and those in nursing homes. The public is informed of this and told to be extra cautious around the very old and very sick. Resources are made available to those charged with caring for the very old and sick. Otherwise, the public is asked to go about their business as they would in the cold and flu season.

This probably sounds completely insane to most people, but it used to be the way rulers handled public health matters. In the Asian Flu and Hong Kong flu outbreaks last century, the public was informed and reasonable precautions were taken by local government to limit the impact. Schools might be closed for a few weeks until the wave passed through a community, for example. The flu came and went, as they always do, with a varying degrees of impact on communities.

Of course, this was not the case with the Covid pandemic. Instead of doing what has always been done, our rulers rushed to the nearest television camera and told everyone they are going to die. Hairy old men in sundresses were sent out to scare the public and not just over the idea of mentally disturbed men in sundresses being put in charge of public health. No, their job was to convince the public that this is the end times and that everyone must lock themselves at home.

Not only was it not the end times, but it is looking like what skeptics have been saying all along, a tougher than normal flu season. The CDC has updated their kill data, adjusting the death toll down a modest 94%. Just six percent of deaths can actually be attributed to Covid. That’s about ten thousand people. The rest were afflicted with other diseases that were likely to kill them. Covid may have hastened their demise, but that is speculation. William Briggs has a good summary of the new data.

The long and short of it for those looking for the condensed version is that Covid by itself is not much of a threat to most people. Even old healthy people are not particularly vulnerable to this virus. It is the very old and the very sick, especially the very sick, who are at risk of this disease. In fact, the man-made panic may very well have killed more people than the disease itself. Think about all of the health care not being done due to closing hospitals and doctor’s offices.

Now, the obvious push-back will be that we did not know six months ago that this disease would not live up to the promise. The panic was a necessary precaution against the possibility of a much more lethal disease. The implication here is that we must assume the worst-case scenario in every instance and react accordingly. The fact that the worst case is also the rarest case, means we have to operate as if the natural world is nothing but exceptions, a world of miracles.

Even if one wants to turn the precautionary principle on its head this way, we had enough data early on to know it was not going to be the Black Death. Data from Italy and China showed that Covid was a killer of the very old and the very sick. The early models used to justify the panic were invalidated from the start. as far back as April, the justifications for the panic were undermined by what we knew. There was never a good reason to do what has been done in response to Covid.

The bottom line in all of this is the man-made panic has done more damage to American society than the virus. There are the unnecessary deaths and suicides that were caused by the panic. There is the massive transfer of wealth from small business to corporate giants. This will accelerate the decline in social capital, accelerating the decline in local community. The Covid Panic is not the Xhosa Cattle Killing cult, at least not yet, but the comparison is too obvious to ignore.

Perhaps the most important take-away from this man-made disaster is that none of the people responsible for it will be held accountable. In a sane world, there would at least be a truth and reconciliation commission, where the people responsible would explain themselves and ask for mercy. Instead, these people peddling panic will face no consequences and no doubt profit from their crimes. They won’t even have the decency to admit they were wrong about the severity of the disease.

Finally, this is example six million that the people in charge of America are too corrupt and incompetent to perform the basic duties of rule. In order to live something close to a normal life, Americans have to navigate around a thicket of pirates, bandits and incompetent bureaucrats all looking to rob the public. Slathered onto that is a ruling class ham-handedly addressing problems of their own creation. American are being strangled by an anaconda of incompetence from above.

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305 thoughts on “Death From Above

  1. wholly agreed. since April the wuflu cases and deaths have been flagging behind the fear-propaganda. the people in power are so used to abusing it now, they don’t even know what they are doing, nor have any remorse.

    let this be a warning, yet again, about wholly trusting materialist zealots masquerading as scientists and doctors. thus, we can only pray, and act according to said prayers: that the woman’s seed, the son of man if you wheel, shall crush this anaconda’s head.

  2. That list of comorbidities is as long as your arm. So, it’s not surprising that only 6% died w/o comorbidities. How many people over 65 don’t have at least one of the listed comorbidities?? Not many, that much I can tell you.

    • Hey! I’m old so I DAMNED sure AM sensitive to “old people dying”. I just have a constitutional aversion to cooking the books no matter who does it, how or why.

  3. I told that everyone in my company who is old enough to retire should go ahead. The boomers looked at me like I was crazy, asking them to give up power. So they forced everyone to wear masks and work alternating weeks.

    • Ah, excuse me, but I’ve seen a WHOLE lot more SENIORS (boomers in your parlance) out and about – FROM DAY ONE!!! – bare faced than younger folks. In point of fact, it has always been the 50s and 40s crowds who were most rabid about enforcing masks and distancing!

  4. It’s a jewflu, cooked up in a lab, so they can buy your assets for pennies on the dollar, ban cash, and shove communism right the fuck up your ass. Every time I see some stupid motherfucker in a car, by themselves, windows up and mask on, I say Christ Lord Almighty…come and save us.

  5. The right way to look at the impact of Covid is through the lens of the overall monthly death toll, regardless of cause. If there is a big delta from 2019 and earlier to 2020, then, woe, pandemic. That’s not what happened. We just had, to Zs point, more deaths, that would have happened anyway, attributed to Covid. Otherwise, the numbers are flat.

  6. I have been saying FOR MONTHS that when the dust settles this is going to look a lot more like SARS or MERS than any flu. Come on, people, this is a CORONA VIRUS, not influenza. Funny how we’re supposed to believe the predictions cause that’s science but science – and pretty near SETTLED SCIENCE (if there were such a thing) – would tell you that corona viruses are just not killers.

    • We need to start a pool on when the first shooting happens (this assumes someone takes GrapeDrank as a downpayment and it takes off).

  7. Over the last decade I’ve watched the Euro elite mishandle the euro crisis and then the migrant crisis, then watched the British elite utterly fail to deal with the fallout from the Brexit referendum, and now I’m watching leaders throughout most of the West, of all political persuasions lose the plot over a nasty cold. It looks like rulers across the West have collectively lost the ability to govern. Quite why this should happen now is a mystery to me. While we may not know what challenges the next few years will bring our way, we can be pretty sure that whatever they are, our betters will be utterly unable to deal with them. One worrying possibility is that after 200+ years the Mandate of Heaven, has at last been restored to the Middle Kingdom, and by inference, withdrawn from European Civilization. Maybe this is not a good time to start a war with, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, etc.

    • It’s a mistake to equate the Wuhan virus to a nasty cold. No cold ever killed people with co-morbidities at the rate that the Wuhan virus does.

      That said, the response to the outbreak by governments at every level all over the planet has been equal parts stupid panic and opportunistic despotism.

      Calling the disease a cold shuts down people’s ears when you try to point out the evil that governments have done using the pandemic as an excuse.

      • It’s a corona virus, that’s what a cold is, and it’s quite nasty, it actually kills some people who wouldn’t have died otherwise, but, even if it was Ebola or something like that it would hardly justify the chaotic response we have seen over the last months. It’s worth remembering that even ordinary common colds shorten the lives of many elderly and poorly people every year, but nobody would put common cold as the primary cause of death on the death certificate of a late stage lung cancer sufferer in normal times.

        • True, but if you want to clue people in to governments’ stupid panic and despotic overreach, don’t start calling it “a cold”. Doing so is a great way to damage your argument.

  8. Not only that, but the main vector of transmission is probably fecal-oral, NOT airborne, that’s why nursing homes are ground zero, because it’s difficult to keep a clean facility when half the residents are bed ridden, especially when the 3rd world staff doesn’t take sanitation that seriously. Your friend crazy Karl from the market ticker was pointing out these exact things since the very beginning.

    • Might be. I remember reading early on about contagion in the quarantined apartment buildings in Wuhan. The cess systems for their open slot toilets run from one apartment to the other and were thought to leak virus from one apartment to another via this manner. Western toilets have a trap filled with water to prevent this.

  9. The ridiculousness of people wearing masks in the wilderness…For the second weekend in a row, I was fastpacking in a remote wilderness area and crossed paths with people who’d quickly pull up a bandana to cover their mouth and nose right before we passed each other. Last weekend it was an incredibly woke, young SJW-type couple (I overheard their conversation about pro feminism as they passed me) and more recently, it was a fit, younger guy (possibly former military) who engaged in the same behavior as I approached on a trail deep in the mountains. Is this absurd or what?

    I live in a state where masks are mandatory, yet I haven’t worn one yet. While I can understand some people wanting to wear a mask inside of a public space, doing so in the wilderness (just like those who do inside of their vehicles) comes off as something that you’d expect to see during an episode of The Twilight Zone.

    • Creepy and disquieting.

      One nitpick: the younger, fit guy you encountered. Of course, I understand your emphasis on the lunacy of running into an apparent healthy young man donning a face nappie in the wilderness, but it is even more important for an unhealthy bloke not to don a face diaper, particularly if his poor health stems from a coronary / respiratory issue.

      • …but it is even more important for an unhealthy bloke not to don a face diaper, particularly if his poor health stems from a coronary / respiratory issue.

        This is absolutely true. I’m perplexed every time that I see someone who’s apparently unhealthy wearing a face diaper. They restrict the flow of oxygen.

  10. If you think this establishment can’t be beaten, just remember that if they knew how fragile our debt situation was prior to the COVID lockdowns they never would have dreamed of doing them. That’s the problem. About 98% of those who run the show now were born into well heeled homes and went to Montessori academy. They wouldn’t know where a dollar comes from to save their lives. They envision this money tree. In ancient times the drought would strike and they would be done. Today is no different.

    • It’s impossible to say who wins globo war, especially because I assume a real world war will come out of it.

      • Looking at 5000 years of human history, it wouldn’t be unheard of for them to manically pull that last lever in an attempt to save themselves. After all, our history books read that “the war” brought us out of the depression. Only partially true, as Europe and Japan had to rebuild we were the global supplier. It was the Congress of 1948 that rolled back a big chunk of the New Deal that brought it all back. I can absolutely see a war.

  11. The Wuhan Covid Virus may have given Social Security a few more years of existence . . . so it’s got that going for it . . . which is nice.
    Almost like it was released to get rid of old people, and sick people.

    • The flip side of that is a lot people have either been forced into retirement or just decided to chuck it and retire early, when eight months ago, they ‘d have probably worked a few more years. At best it’s probably a push, and at worst, a bunch more than normally would have been expected are going to be applying in the next year or so.

    • SSI is the least of our current worries. The monies coming in—even when the “trust fund” runs out—will fund 73-77% of payouts. Now that’s not to say SSI is anything short of a bad deal for most folk, but it won’t cease to exist—unless or course, just about no one is working at that time.

  12. “Americans are being strangled by an anaconda of incompetence from above.”

    Now THERE’S a sentence you don’t see every day.

  13. Another point that proves Beer Flu is a hoax-

    If Beer Flu is everywhere and highly contagious, only to be blocked and collected on our face diapers, why aren’t there special handling and disposal procedures for face diapers? Why is it acceptable for people to toss them away on the sidewalk, grass, or trail?

    For months we’ve heard that Beer Flu is extremely contagious and can live on any surface for 6 million years, even in direct sunlight.

    If that is true isn’t such careless disposal of face diapers just like murdering someone?

    Since people aren’t dropping like flies from carelessly tossed face diapers, one can only conclude Beer Flu is a nothingburger.

  14. The Wuhan Flu response is simply an iteration of the politicalization of every last thing. Politics is now a gang war, and everything has been infused with “but what does it mean for our gang?”

    The other gang controls almost everything, but not the presidency, so everything in our culture is wielded to take down the president. Like it or not, worthy of our trust or not, Trump endures the white hot fury of the other side, all day, every day. That is his lot in life, and he buys us time and space while they focus on him. But we are next, so get ready.

    The other side marries the anger, envy, and eternal grievance of every failed culture and society, with the Northern Puritan notion of sussing out everyone, everywhere, who are enjoying their lives, and that cannot be allowed to stand. We happy people must be snuffed out.

    • Happy people indeed must be snuffed out as the serve as a reminder/example that a happy and fulfilling life is possible outside of the Left’s ideological framework.

  15. The media hang on every word politicians (including health officials) say about the Satan Bug. The epidemiological theater of the absurd requires them to be seen taking action, regardless of its uselessness or negative consequences.

    Nay, more than that: the rules of politics demand not just acceptance of each foolish article of faith, but a bidding war to raise the stakes so as to rise above the other pretenders to the Covid King throne. “You demand 20 minutes of hand washing after anybody furtively slinks around outdoors? Ha, you weakling. I’ll go one better. Cloth muzzles for all! Nyah nyah, top that if you can!”

    As long as we the people insist that every player in this madcap game must do something immediately whether there’s a strong case for it or not, the net tightens on our common sense, individual judgment, and liberty.

  16. I think that the thing to keep in mind is that it is real eventuality that a killer disease could sweep thru the populations of the world. Imagine a contagious bug that has a kill rate of 70%. The authorities have lost a credibility with their over-reaction in this instance.

  17. Z describes a tyranny – a case when the rulers govern to advance their own private interests instead of the interests of the people. A tyranny has no rights.

  18. I figured as you did Z that the pandemic and associated panic were overblown. The figures, like those used by Enron, couldn’t be “massaged” enough to even come close to the predictions made by the models, which are only as good as their inputs.
    I don’t think our ruling class purposely did this to ruin everyone’s lives and the economy, but I think they did the technocratic thing and listened to the “experts” when deciding on a course of action.
    Now that the CDC report admits this was the biggest hype of the 20th century, it’s time for every state to discard their mask mandates and fully open their economies. Continuing these policies is just pure lunacy or possibly sadism at this point.

  19. “Think about all of the health care not being done due to closing hospitals and doctor’s offices”

    I suspect that if we were able to isolate covid from everything else, strip them out and look at the general death rate and compare it to other years, it will be down.

    We throw everything related to doctors and disease in one bucket called “medicine” But it would really be nice to know what diseases they are the best at treating and what they are the worst at treating.
    This is the one and only natural experiment we have where we have untreated populations. For nearly 3 months the hospitals were empty. By stripping out covid deaths, we can get an idea if our doctors are killing people or not and if so, which diseases/conditions are the doctors causing unnecessary deaths and which conditions they are truly saving lives.

    So, if all cancer deaths are down during the lockdown and shortly thereafter, we know doctors are killing people with chemo. If chemo is a great treatment, cancer deaths should have skyrocketed. If cancer deaths have stayed the same or worse, gone down, we need to re-think how we treat cancer. This is just cancer. There are likely others. We will likely never get this opportunity again.

    • Read also the Michael Anton piece that Briggs links to, in his posting. Long but well worth it—and chilling.

      • I’ve been wondering when Anton would weigh in on our current situation – I was and am a big fan of that Flight 93 essay. I guess writing a book will take up your time. That was grim reading though.

    • My thinking was Trump should have rallied his followers and done a Saddam style purge in the first month of his term, but barring that, he will get another chance.

  20. Less than 10000 deaths isn’t even a weak flu. Honestly I’m skeptical about that number too, even though I thought it was being grossly overblown. In a nation of 320 million or whatever, that’s a rounding error.

    • It’s not 10k deaths. It’s many more than that. Again, COVID-19 pushes the co-morbid off the cliff so to speak. But the co-morbidity put you on that cliff in the first place. That you have one foot in the grave doesn’t mean Covid-19 has no effect or should be ignored because it wasn’t the *only* perceived cause of death. Everyone will most likely be “co-morbid” before they die of whatever. It used to be called “old age”.

      Flu, Covid-19, a bad cold, often ends the problem. Best to avoid them. That’s a recommendation I can remember since I was old enough to hear those public service ad’s on the radio. I hold nothing against an elderly mask wearer. I am elderly and not a mask wearer. That’s America—at least was. I am against destroying the livelihood of those who stand little risk of adverse consequences of this new “flu”, or should we really say “cold”—it is of the Corona family after all.

      • Two things: the 6 percent is great rhetorical ammunition: use it, irrespective of the “Actuaallly” crowd. 2: For the spergy, the argument is life-years. If covid responses kills 20 fewer octogenarians who will all die in six months anyway, you have saved only 10 life-years. If the measures that saved those 20 then kills three people in their 30’s, you have lost 135 life years, a net loss of 115 years. Thus the “he’s lived a good life” saying in a responsible culture.

  21. The left are jumping on the “only 6%” thing in the usual distraction method. Teeeeeechnically…well aaaaactuallyyyyyyy.

    It may be true that the 6% covid only reports are just lazy doctors who didnt list the pneumonia or heart disease or whatever for whatever reason. But if you read the data it paints a stark picture: the comorbidities are things healthy people dont have. Bad hearts, bad lungs, deadly tumors, obesity… if you tally the numbers many conditions are greater than the total dead meaning lots of these peoplr have a handful of these conditions. The virus doesnt kill you per se, it just gives your body the motivation it was lacking.

    And if the 6% are just failure to report comorbidities, that is even worse cos it just means 100% of the dead people are chronically unhealthy and dying anyway instead of just 94%. I know I am ranting but I have no other outlet, sorry.

    I know leftists are supposedly smarter than us on average, studies say, but imagine viewing an illness, like everything, through a political/”moral” lens. What good is intelligence if that is how you waste it?

    • The whole democrats are the smart ones is self-serving nonsense. Every low IQ demographic in America votes Democrat. Criminals, single mothers, blacks and hispanics all vote in very large majorities, blacks at 90% for Democrats.

      Frankly, most people aren’t voting with their brain and I am including us. People vote with their emotions, identity and with their ideology. The universities have turned hard left in the past 60 years and have turned into political indoctrination centers. Because of that, educated people tend to vote left. But it’s not because they are smart. It is because their social and work circles tend to be other people who were also indoctrinated into leftist politics. They are voting with their identity.

      • Leftists love soothing themselves with delusions of moral supremacy, so I can easily believe they’d do the same thing with intelligence. Tbf to them, though, our bell curve is being dragged leftward by normie conservatives so that has to be accounted for.

        • Our bell curve is being distorted by the leftist tilt of college grads (midwits)
          But even though the average IQ of a GOP voter is probably slightly under the White average (again, because White college grads vote strongly Democrat), our average is probably still higher than Democrats because they are heavily loaded with low IQ groups.
          Whatever advantage they have with college graduates is offset by high school drop outs and blacks and Hispanics. For every white college graduate voting Democrat, there is black or Hispanic voting Democrat.
          Though I can only guess, it seems reasonable to me that the 10% of blacks that vote GOP are probably on the right of the black bell curve. People vote Republican for, among other reasons, things like tax breaks. This 10% of blacks is probably high earners and will be higher than (the) black average.

          • Yeah audacious epigone looked at this.

            Among whites, dems have higher IQ. Among all voters, repubs have higher IQ.

            Quite literally a high-low coalition stomping on the middle.

      • In 2016 I heard anecdotally that there were a not insignificant number of Dems voting closet Republican. Wonder if that may be repeating.

    • You are not ranting and have better idea of what the 6% figure in the CDC report means than most I’ve heard so far. To interpret it literally as the total impact figure of Covid is as bad as the current figure we see used.

  22. “American are being strangled by an anaconda of incompetence from above.”

    What did we expect from a government which is made up of the world’s largest bureaucracy?

  23. People will believe what they want to believe. In the domains of money, religion and politics (love sometimes added), we are not supposed to discuss. Why? Because much of what we believe in those categories is utter bullshit that collapses if subjected to the least rational scrutiny. By world standards, the USA is reasonably well-educated, yet surveys show that about half of Americans believe the world is only 6000 years old. Of course, a survey by itself proves nothing. People tell the pollster what they think he wants to hear (or equivalently, fail to say what they rightly fear may be used against them). “Revealed Preference,” objective impersonal measurements, those are the gold standard of science. Someone (Einstein?) said “Science is finding the answer that is there, not the answer you want to be there.”

    • “Because much of what we believe in those categories is utter bullshit that collapses if subjected to the least rational scrutiny. “

      Speak for yourself please.

  24. “American are being strangled by an anaconda of incompetence from above”. Only from just above us, because above that it’s not incompetence, it’s malicious planning for political and financial purposes.
    Dating myself, but living through both the Asian and Hong Kong flues helped me see immediately that the Covid numbers presentations screamed, agenda!
    Don’t know how latest info will be handled by MSM, but it will be interesting to see how long they can keep the sheeple in line, with their masks on, waiting to get a mandatory vaccine. Lemming over the cliff.

  25. It became clear that covid was ooga-booga when the Groyd Riots were given the go-ahead.

    Counties even in the last Inland Empire bastions of red-state California have declared raycisms a public health threat.

    Meanwhile, LA is set to become the latest shithole shitstorm.

    It’s the new-normal type of coverage for Black crime – scare quotes around ‘produced a handgun,” obligatory anti-cop statement in the headline.,640

    Note that unlike the local Colored Broadcasting Station, the NY Post has some spicier details:

    “The man allegedly punched a cop in the face, dropping the clothes he was holding along with the firearm.”

    And what normal decent American doesn’t punch the cops out when they’re giving him a ticket? This gentle giant was just taking his bike out for some Skittles, yo. And who does that without a gun?

    And who among us hasn’t gone out for a bike ride wearing pants so loose that our Epstein was showing?

    You’ll always live in our hearts, Kang. Keep slayin’.

    And make LA burn.

    Poleece be da real epudemix n’sheeit. Peace, niggas.

      • We just posted a huge list of these names that I think someone lifted from Paul Kersey’s site – or po-leece records.

        A few highlights:
        Jemetric Nicholson (28) cop killer(IL)
        Shitavious J. Cook (15) murder (GA)
        Xzoyloysius Wood, Jr. (19) shooting suspect (VA)
        Tykerious Raheem “Grumpy” Jones (17) murder (GA)
        I-Key Tumazs Pinkins (18) murder (GA)

      • Shitavious and Trashone got a lot of play, but Dijon Kizee seems like the product of a particularly whimsical and ambitious ignoramus. I like it. Best worst black name I’ve ever heard.

  26. And don’t forget about all the elicit fortunes being made by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats using insider stock trading information and the fu-flu vaccine scam to enrich themselves. The pandemic has been a DC-based crime wave of unprecedented proportions. There are no adults in the room. We are on our own now. The cavalry is not coming over the hill to save us. And it’s way past time to grow a pair.

    • Its almost like someone pointed out a while ago that the entire point of the system is now a “bust out” by the cloud people.

    • I suspect that was one of the main objectives. Now that tptb have their answer I shudder to think what comes next.

    • How easily humans can be …

      Look at some of the death statistics from the Great War. Reflect on how easily men were led to their deaths in the muck. Followed by more men. And more. Look at the numbers for all the 20th Century wars.

      The smug, weak, corrupt men that sent them to die are the ones whose DNA now is in higher percentages in the Caucasian category.

    • That’s been happening since forever. A person might be forgiven for expecting it would decline in the internet age.

      • There is so information at humanity’s fingertips, including access to many primary source documents, yet the masses choose to remain willfully ignorant.

        • Well let’s be real, the masses are not very bright.

          They aren’t supposed to be involved in subtle policy decisions involving statistics and predictive models. The masses do invaluable things like keep the lights on and sanitation working and car engines running. They should be able to trust real “elites” to take responsibility and have the perspicacity for the big decisions in the face of complex and often ambiguous situations.

          That this elite had turned out to be both foolish and evil is not the fault of the masses. The masses will NEVER engage with complex issues and shouldn’t be asked to. Frankly I don’t even think they actually WANT to and the idea that they do is another inane egalitarian fiction.

          That blame has been shifted to the everyman is part of our crooked irresponsible elite hustle. It’s like demanding a toddler drive your car shrieking insane contradictory instructions at them… and then criticizing them for crashing. You WANTED it crashed and the toddler was just an instrument.

          Likewise a reliance on mass opinion is just a fraudulent charade by those who know they can manipulate it or just enjoy the chaos.

        • In most cases people with an IQ in the bottom 90% (under 120) aren’t going to be able to understand a lot of data well enough to question it.

  27. The Point of all this was in the bottom line paragraph. As the American people esp Heritage Americans lack any alternative to The Left but voting and obeying laws that are against them they were and are doomed to comply.

    That there is no Right Wing other than fantasy to protect them is the price of socially enforced cowardice by the Right; that sin falls not on the Left nor the State. The sin of socially enforced Right Wing cowardice falls on the Right, including the author of this blog.

    We may yet be saved by brave teenagers and the much mocked 2A militias, but they will have to Provisionally break off from the Officials of the cower and hide Right Wing, read Officials as you.

    (I’m sure the Ireland reference isn’t lost here – in 1969 the locals referred mockingly to the IRA as I Ran Away. So do you).

  28. Authorities 







    Watch the nightly news some time and count how frequently these words are used, particularly when there’s a “Covid-19 update”.

    These words possess extreme power over the mind of a demoralized person, and until officials in conjunction scientists issue new data that this has all been a fucking lie, literally nothing will change. 

  29. Never attribute to malice, that which can be attributed to stupidity. The seriousness of this has not been lost on our leaders, and I heard that Joe Biden came out of his basement to address it… but he got derailed and started tossing a word salad…

    • Look at Jewish Twitter, Black Twitter & Woke Twitter in general.

      Every day They are telling us that this is down to malice. I’m taking that at face value.

      • Daily reminder – they want us and our children broke, imprisoned, raped, murdered, and eaten, not necessarily in that order, and they think it is absolutely hilarious.

        • They want white men dead and white women as sex slaves.

          You can listen to 30 seconds of any rap song and figure it out.

          Of course, we all know who is really behind it… but blacks will gladly take it if offered.

  30. Here in a midwestern city we have six figure school administrators setting up remote education programs for kindergartners that require them to read instructions before proceeding with the computer lesson. I suppose it never occured to them that kindergartners generally can’t read proficiently?
    America is governed by loons in 2020.
    And the “ six million” are to incompetent to be our elite.

      • Yes, yes. “Start questioning…”

        My town has multiple $100k+ gym teachers in the high school. We just got our bill for school taxes, a measly $6500.00 and we live in a modest home. What used to be called a “house”.

        And these fucking school teacher rats don’t want to do a day of work.

  31. Finally, this is example six million that the people in charge of America are too corrupt and incompetent to perform the basic duties of rule.

    The basic duties of rule do not fit the bill of the instant gratification crowd. Who, for example, wishes to consider the correct camber of a road, whether a river should be dredged, or amend planning/zoning legislation? These are mundane tasks, and given the very new ‘entertainment’ aspect politics has taken on, it follows that nobody would want to do such things when huge accolades can be won for virtue signalling. That said, mundane tasks take on new significance when they become powerful tools for achieving one’s (leftist ends).

    reasonable precautions were taken by local government to limit the impact.

    Once again, the benefits of locally made decisions, made by people not only with a stake in the community but perhaps even elected by that community rears it’s rational head. The federal overreach really has been massive with this virus thing – but it yields the following decent things:

    1. There is a very good reason to suspect mask wearers are inclined to a certain politics. This helps with avoidance.
    2. Generally, I have seen that it has helped me see who loses their head when presented with ‘trying times’. This helps with purging acquaintances who slipped through the net.
    3. Helped a few more see the light…

    One colleague of mine said this to me last week: ‘It’s like the newspapers are really upset that the pandemic hasn’t kept getting worse’. Perhaps he’ll begin to wise-up? Who knows… I kept my mouth shut but let loose a wry smile.

    • Well said Brother…When people want to actually start determining their future instead of letting someone else do it for them then they will start Building Community where they are at or they will move to somewhere they can…

  32. The one country that responded as Z describes – quarantining the old and sick, letting everyone else get it and develop immunity – is Sweden. Early on the media predicted dead in the streets. Now that Sweden has emerged out the other end of this thing with herd immunity and an intact economy (which the media has adamantly ignored). Now things are back to normal there – Muslim immigrant crime and violence.

    • Sweden actually dropped the ball on nursing homes, and still came out better than many places.
      The sad truth is if DeBlasio and Cuomo just quarantined nursing homes instead of bringing Covid patients into them while doing nothing else, deaths in New York would would have probably been halved.

        • Gee, progressive Yankee politicians did things to kill off tens of thousands of whites who happen to vote republican 3:1? I am shocked that such an “accident” could happen! So unfooortunate that it occurred in an election year. A real mystery for the ages on why that happened.

  33. Finally, this is example six million that the people in charge of America are too corrupt and incompetent to perform the basic duties of rule. In order to live something close to a normal life, Americans have to navigate around a thicket of pirates, bandits and incompetent bureaucrats all looking to rob the public. Slathered onto that is a ruling class ham-handedly addressing problems of their own creation. American are being strangled by an anaconda of incompetence from above.

    The American people share a large amount of the blame, too. They have been gaslighted and swindled time after time after by the grifters who govern them, yet they fell into line immediately when told outrageous and transparent lies. Even after claims about the virus became obviously false, people continued to listen to the fools, whores and criminals who lead.

    A confident people would pursue the monsters who engineered this economic, societal, and cultural damage and kill and assault them and drive them to the sea. Instead, Americans will be told “mistakes were made” and dutifully line up to buy bread. It happened with Iraq, it happened with the failed coup. It will happen again. Americans are beyond hope and redemption.

    • The American people … have been gaslighted and swindled time after time by the grifters who govern them, yet they fell into line immediately when told outrageous and transparent lies.

      FYI, this old man only wore – AND CONTINUES TO WEAR – a mask when/where required because failure to do carried a fine of up to a $1,000.00 and up to a YEAR in county lockup! Also, there are places that flat won’t let you in the door if you aren’t wearing SOME sort of “face covering” – places I HAD to go because it was my JOB! Oh, and did I mention that a large percentage of the positive coronavirus tests in this county were from people IN COUNTY LOCKUP?!

    • We kind of deserve it, but at the same time, it is a consequence of anarcho-tyranny. While the “right” kind of looters, murderers and arsonists either don’t get arrested or are released before the fingerprint ink dries, those who don’t mask up or socially distance are tackled/fined/imprisoned with the full force of the state apparatus.

  34. Went to Church where a lady was very vocally discussing how people were making the mask mandate political because they “just didn’t want people telling them what to do.” She made it very clear she was a doctor at least three times, and therefore was above us plebs.
    Not being able to help myself, I told her about the risks associated with constant mask wearing with other infections.
    She stated “that’s misinformation, as long as you’re not fiddling with your mask all the time and taking it on and off, you’re fine.”
    I response “What do you think people are doing?”
    Her insane self-own response was “I have no idea what people are doing with their masks.”
    I then stated that places with mask mandates are doing no better than places without.
    Her smug response? “That’s misinformation” and then walked away and saying God Bless You.
    These people have no idea the contempt they are creating for their profession.

    • Once women get into medical school the administration will carry them over the finish line. Female MDs should come with their own warning labels.

      • Great. My primary isn’t even an MD (nurse-practicioner or whatever.) But she white 🙂 Add to this my Haitian cardiologist, Indian pulmonist and Pakistani shrink… Getting a bit diverse in the medical field, is it not???

        • Your Doctors not withstanding, Ben, may you live to be a hundred. I fancy dying at 110; shot by the jealous husband of a 20-year-old. 😇

      • Boy, this one just pushed one of my memory buttons. I was in med school back when grades and scores were what mattered for admission. My class at (State) Medical College was 206 students with one black and about ten women.
        One of the women had started the year ahead of us and been held back. At the end of her second (third really) year she was up for being held back again. First time was grades and second time was grades and suspicion of cheating.
        I was our class representative to the committee that considered this. I relayed the expressed opinions of the majority of my class that her being allowed to continue at the institution would diminish all of our degrees.
        Let me digress to explain. For most written tests we were allowed to take them back to whatever they called cubicles in the ‘70s – carrels? The point is, to be caught cheating you had to not only be dishonest, you had to be stupid, a double blow against a future doctor.
        She graduated a year after the rest of us. If I can find my yearbooks and her name, I’ll look her up. Of course, given that she’s at least two years older than me, she’s probably not in practice.

      • A hundred years ago women were mostly prohibited from most trades and formal higher (past high school) education.
        This was a good idea as it kept the system male focused (and thus functional) and ensured women married and had kids,
        Past I don’t know, an associates degree, nursing certs or the like maybe as low as high school formally educated women usually make poor parents if the bother having kids at all these days.

    • It’s been a while since I’ve held any physicians in high esteem, and with this mess, most have proven NOT to be up to the task. Most are browbeaten twerps like your average soyboy. Even if they believe the coronatard virus lethality to be wildly overstated, they’re highly unlikely to say so. My GP has toed the line like a good little boy – wear a mask – stay six feet apart. What a joke.

      • A lot of them say the company line in the office, then DGAF in their actual lives.
        Two of my doctor clients wanted to resume music lessons in person, and screw masks, while one of the non-doctor parents was having panic attacks at the prospect.

    • A while back I was at the market, socially distancing in line for checkout. A woman struck up a conversation with me while we were waiting. I said something about the stupidity of these measures. Another women overheard me and, of course, butted in and said, “I’m a nurse and I can tell you these safety measures are important.”

      I replied, “I’m a virologist and I know you are wrong.” She was crushed.

      This is my go-to move when someone tries that gag. I find the top rung and claim it for my own.

      • I replied, “I’m a transgender virologist working for Doctors Without Borders and I know you are wrong.”

        Might as well grab the top of the top.

      • In clownworld, its all basically: “are you a doctor?” “No, but I play one on TV”. I have seriously considered wearing scrubs when going to the store sans mask. Stethoscope dangling. Maybe a white lab coat with some official looking patches. And then just lecturing anyone who dares test my authority. Most of these people are just begging to be led out of this madness. To your illustration, why the top rung remains firmly in cloud city is something to address. Maybe the answer is bottom up noise. We are all virologists now.

      • My daughter is a nurse and in her office the doctors are not buying the mask edicts and do not believe the masks protect the public in general.
        But they keep quiet in public lest they are ostracized. We really are approaching Soviet type coercion.

      • I wouldn’t claim to be a virologist or transgender; I’d say something like “The only safety measures important for me is that nurses take birth control and don’t reproduce.”

        • Or something like, “yeah, honey, YOU really should be covering your face in public. It’s a health thing, for everyone else’s sake.”

      • As I’ve mention perhaps before, early on I got email from my doctor touting the CDC/Fauci line wrt to mask and other prevention recommendations. Amazingly detailed as to how effective these recommendations were. I, being under house arrest with much time on my hands, responded with ref’s to medical journals and foreign health authorities contradicting these recommendations.

        I would always be conciliatory and ask my doctor if he could provide me with his medical journal studies so I might educate myself better in the field. This went on for a few weeks and now I no longer hear from him with weekly emails. I’m suspecting he’s fired me as a patient.

      • Yep. At this point honesty is for the nice guys who don’t mind finishing last. These people are enemies and we must damage them by all means available.

    • Was she too fugly to put on a bikini and wiggle in a Tik-Tok vidya? I am guessing…. yes.

      Were you, pray tell, attending one of the many converged, female and gay driven churches? if so, why and what did you expect to encounter there, human wise?

      • It’s actually a Catholic Trad Community.
        90% certain she was sent by the Archdiocese because most of us ignore the mask mandates they put in place.

        • That’s a thing – the archdiocesan spies. My old diocese is run by a McCarrick nephew, so spies and unhinged mask mandates are all the rage.

        • I am also Catholic, so I respectfully ask you whether you consider “Trad” to NOT be, as I framed the question, “converged, female and gay driven…?”

          • Hey neg downvoter, don’t be a coward, comment.

            I asked a simple question of my reportedly co-religionist after he reported the behavior of a ‘church lady’, shall we say.

            I want to know, as my parish is not preaching against “white supremacists” and all that liberation theology, yet is not considered “Trad”.

            Unless you comment, your downvote is a Mark of Cain. Look in the mirror, see it growing?

    • I find myself getting right down to the nitty-gritty. I simply say if you want to wear a mask, do so. I prefer not to. That is the opening. A faint if you will. The response is always to the effect that everyone must wear a mask to protect everyone else (similar to the vaccine argument). Then I spring to trap: “What right do you have to demand I protect you?”

      Now I don’t really care about the answer. It’s just my FU to the Karens.

      • The Supreme Court has said that the police are not required to protect anybody so why are we, as private citizens,required to.

    • I am convinced that as the healthcare system exists today, any benefit actually accruing to patients is purely a side-effect – and a 2ndary if not tertiary one at that! As I see it, the primary primary function of the healthcare system is employment for healthcare workers. Well, that and obscene profits for insurance companies, of course.

    • I’m reminded of the story of the time when for whatever reason a flight was delayed so long that the pilot and copilot had to be replaced due to FAA regs regarding crew rest (like truckers, pilots are only allowed so many hours on duty per day before they MUST have so many hours crew rest.)

      Any way, the pilot made an announcement to the effect that there would be a delay until the current aircrew could be relieved. After the announcement some – female – passenger in 1st class started loudly complaining about the delay. In an effort to mollify her, the pilot came out to talk to her. He began by explaining that the FAA had very strict regs on how many hours pilots could remain on duty. The passenger interrupted him by exclaiming that she was a very senior neurosurgeon and that she often worked well over 24 hours at a streach.

      The pilot’s simple reply was, “Yeah, lady, when you f*ck up they quietly bury your mistakes one at a time. When somebody like me f*cks up it’s banner headlines on the front page of the NY Times! Now sit down and shut the f*ck up!” The rest of 1st class gave him a standing ovation and the bitch shut up.

      Supposedly, this is a true story. If it isn’t, it ought to be.

  35. This crisis was unique in that it showed just how gynocratic our society has become.

    A society in which males have a voice does not cover itself in phrases like “Doors Closed, Hearts Open!”

    • Or the new standard goodbye of “Stay safe.” From complete strangers. Brought to you by the same people who respond with a health litany to the common greeting of “How are you?”

      • I thought “stay safe” meant stay safe from the Soros army’s summer military campaign?…

      • To me, “stay safe” is the most infuriating slogan to come out of this. Some kids have scrawled this in chalk on a sidewalk near me. It doesn’t rain here in the summer so it’s been there for a month. I make an effort to scuff away a little more of it each time I walk there. Of course the local wymmyn and their man-wives fill their kids’ heads with far more egregious garbage too. I still recall when I taught a summer computer class a few years back meeting the couple who had their 11 year old son in a dress. I really wonder what kind of monsters these people are breeding. Perhaps the low birth rates are for the best after all. Yes, I’m in a pretty negative mood today. The pills are pretty black. Black Pills Matter!

  36. Spare a thought for Australians living in Victoria. Daniel Andrews, the mangina in charge has had a state of emergency extended to 18 months. I’d like to think he won’t be re-elected, but who knows. In a sane world, he’d be rounded up and thrown to the sharks.

    • I am quite sure that a lot of people just don’t really want the responsibility of thinking for themselves. In fact, they’d probably give over many freedoms just to remain comfortable. Perhaps re-election is on the cards after all…

    • In a sane world, he’d be rounded up and thrown to the sharks.

      {sigh} If only we lived in one of those. OTOH, if we did live in a sane world we most definitely would NOT be having this discussion in the first place. 😋

  37. We had the Diamond Princess and its older-skewed population way back in January and February that was more than sufficient to tell us Beer Flu was not an issue for people who were not very sick and very old.

    Going in the other direction, we then had the hysterical teenage female response from the US Navy when Beer Flu found its way onto an aircraft carrier. I think there was one death in that episode.

    The French managed to get Beer Flu on their aircraft carrier and had zero deaths.

    As I’ve said from the beginning, I’ll take the health aspect of Beer Flu seriously when I see pyramids of burning corpses on the front of the NYT.

    I’m still waiting.

    • When this thing started, I was telling most people I knew who were concerned about the Diamond Princess. It is one of the best examples of what this virus can do… To the usual suspects. No cause for global panic, no cause at all.

    • We didn’t even get to 10% of my predicted death toll. At least I said “old hit 10x worse, take the under.” DP really was the best example for this. Nothing is a better environment for respiratory disease than a cruise ship on lockdown.

      • Exile-

        Using the data from the Diamond Princess I calculated a worst case US death total in the 300-320k range.

        The juiced CDC number of 190k isn’t even 2/3rds of that.

      • Yep. They were isolated in their rooms, but the air system was not unique. Entire wings ran off a single ductwork set.

    • The problem in all the hysteria, Howard, is that, at least for some people, this virus REALLY IS a KILLER! I remember a poster here telling us how he’d caught the virus (from a sick Chinaman IIRC) and gotten very, Very, fekking VERY sick! Under the heading of “X degrees of separation”, the Cardiologist I’ve been seeing for over 20 years was in the local news because he came down with the virus and damned near DIED!! And he wasn’t especially old or in bad health either. As I tried to tell a different Dr. back in April, corona viruses are not – historically – killers. But sure as the world, if there’s a virus SOMEbody’s going to be susceptible to it even unto becoming deathly ill. In our modern gynocracized world risk is no longer something to be minimized, it is something to avoided AT ANY/ALL COSTS!!!

      • Since there’s actually no way to avoid all risks what ends up happening is that whoever is the most effective in causing the most fear gains the most power and wealth. Whatever bogeyman is the most terrifying at the moment is, of course, not necessarily the most dangerous and so real problems are ignored while the masses are stampeded off by one phantom after another conjured by the puppet masters. What does one call this? Phobocracy? Rule through mass fear? What happens to people whose bodies are flooded with stress hormone continually? Catatonic indifference perhaps, a slow wasting death with no observable cause.

  38. “The bottom line in all of this is the man-made panic has done more damage to American society than the virus”

    I see it a little differently, the lockdowns and hysteria are evidence that our society is seriously damaged. A generation or two ago any public official proposing these would have been a complete laughingstock and the edicts would have been ignored and fodder for comedians (remember those people?).

    Instead a couple of long term social trends – the ever declining emotional maturity of our culture and disaster mongering combined to create this nonsense – LARPing the apocalypse.

    • the lockdowns and hysteria are evidence that our society is seriously damaged.

      I think this is a byproduct of fact our society has been based on empty materialism since the ’60s.

      The West no longer has any collective cultural, ethnic, or spiritual identity, and it shows.

      • I agree with you.
        I will say that the words “genetically engineered virus” rightfully scares the piss out of most people.
        On top of that knowledge laymen and many experts think its a rate of gain experiment which means it mutates constantly and could go from “nasty flu+” which is what it is now to something very nasty at any time,
        I can understand the fear and compliance.
        Also people don’t want our violent police hitting the house or the store with a SWAT team to be that example.
        We have the most violent police in the developed world in many ways and while this mostly isn’t like Armenia or something , a lot of people get shot who don’t need to be and worse we put crazy amount of people in prion. In some parts of the US the PTB’s will happily let a serial killing child rapist go to make an example of a shopkeep

    • It’s been surprising to me too. When the mask edicts first started I thought, well all anyone really has to do here is… nothing. Own a shop or restaurant? Just don’t put up signs or anything. Maybe tell your employees to remind people to wear masks but don’t check to see if they do and quietly fire anyone who makes a nuisance of themselves over it. Before long it all turns into something like the 55 mph speed limit did in rural areas.

      What we’ve seen instead of bemused casual lawlessness is a sort of “active submission” where people try to outdo each other to show off how obsequious they can be about “being safe”. It’s quite disturbing and suggests that something has changed radically in people just since 2000.

  39. I know Zman doesn’t like the teleologies and the conspiracy theories, but isn’t it interesting that the mistakes the ruling class makes always seem to increase their power? It isn’t just that they “never let a crisis go to waste.” The crises seem to come just when they need them and to redound to their benefit. A true incompetent would also step on his own rake/get hoisted with his own petard occasionally. Before this pandemic there were hardware stores and laundromats in my neighborhood with Trump signs and little NRA stickers. Now there are “For Lease” signs in those same buildings and fleets of Amazon trucks hauling stuff brought to you by woke capital direct to the door.

    • We will build community and take those storefronts back. But it will require our people to re-prioritize their personal economics and addiction to convenience (among other things.) The well being of their community will have to supplant their own versions of opportunism, predation, leverage, and materialism. Much of what the ruling class has done is to offer people an easy solution to their problems. Of course they create many of those problems, but absent our human masters, nature herself is pretty good at generating problems. The challenge ahead is not overcoming the strength of our masters it is overcoming the weakness of our selves. We do this through community.

      • Convenience-addiction is pernicious. Look at the commentary we often see about “what, you wanna be Amish or something?”

        If the future belongs to those who show up, look who’s laughing last.

        “Observers might expect a traditional group that rejects higher education, car ownership, and the Internet to be on the wane. On the contrary, the Amish population is growing constantly. The 200 church districts in 1951 have grown to approximately 2,608 in 2020.
        Large families and strong retention rates propel the growth. On average, families have about five children, but it’s not unusual for them to have ten or more. Typically, 85 percent or more of the youth join the church. (A few members do leave after baptism; defection rates vary from community to community.)”

        But muh Netflix and cats, or something.

        I’ve seen a surprisingly large number of guys who profess to be part of Our Thing who have the “kids are a PITA, tbh” attitude.

        God forbid you should have to live in a loving home with a dutiful wife and five children when you have UberEats, vidya games and bar-thots to consume.

        We have quite a few unreconstructed racist bugmen in our ranks. That needs to change. A lot of those guys aren’t going to make it.

      • We will build community and take those storefronts background.

        Sorry, S, but I gotta call bullshit. Ain’t no WAY that’s happening. Not no way. Not no how. Because, as has been explained to me and others here time.and again, tribes. They got ’em. We don’t. It’s. As. Simple. As. That.
        One word.


        • “We”?

          When we do as I say we will do, there will be many brave men who will show up to stake a claim in “our” communities.

          Many will wax on about how they were always part of this thing or that – just as they did with their desktop dissident flexing in the before times, while men who were too stupid or stubborn to bend over and take the futility of it all pulled the boards off the windows and got to work.

          And I will just smile because in the end we are all dust and what we build is not to satisfy our need to be right but rather our need to do right so that the next generations are not led by feral women and men without chests.

          We have tribes. What we lack is faith.

    • “Now Main Street’s whitewashed windows and vacant stores
      Seems like there ain’t nobody wants to come down here no more
      They’re closing down the textile mill across the railroad tracks
      Foreman says these jobs are going boys and they ain’t coming back”
      — Bruce Springsteen

      • Says the guy who has been a multi-millionaire celebrity since his early twenties. I grew up near him. I fucking hate Springsteen.

        • 101% agree. Total poseur.

          John Cougar was a much more authentic example of a prole-populist working-man’s musician. Not my favorite guy, too overplayed when I was growing up, but much more the real deal.

        • I was a big fan 40-45 years ago before he hit the big time. After that he just became your typical run of the mill rich liberal asswipe. As you said – fuck him.

    • Maybe you missed it, but declining tax revenue, increased bond issuance, and lethargic law enforcement are all signs and the state becoming more impotent.l, not less. While some businesses may have opportunistically gained from the panic, even their long-term prospects are worse because poor people buy fewer, lower-margin goods. Essentially, there’s no meaningful power in being the captain of a sinking ship.

        • O rlly? So when the vaccine comes out, from a company heavily invested in by tptb (Feinstein was broke when first elected, now worth $60 million), and it’s a mandatory 3-course jab at $500 per for 300 million people, that’s $450,000,000,000 someone just made. Oh, and if you refuse, all adults in your family are fired and ineligible for unemployment or any govt benefit and your kids kicked out of school (public OR private). Sounds pretty well thought out to me.

          • Its risky., People are in the mood for a fight, well armed and the Left who go from talk to tossing a molotov at the drop of a hat, fear and hate vaccines,

  40. I’ve been saying from day one that this flu is no worse than the flu of 1968 that killed 100K Americans when we had half the population, and the economy grew at 5% that year.

    (I believe I actually had that flew as a 6 YO child. Worst fever I can remember–hallucinations and everything.)

  41. As I said yesterday, the mask & “social distancing” crap ain’t going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, for a certain percentage of the population, it’s never going away. So many have bought into this lie, it’s unbelievable, and tptb can (and will) say that these measures are what kept it from being much worse that it’s obviously turned out to be. I guess one good thing concerning the perpetual maskers is they’ll easy to identify, rounded up and chucked into an institution where they belong – along with all the f-ing politicians who foisted this BS on us. It’ll be a miracle if the economy truly survives this debacle. But hey, my 401K is up on the year….

  42. There is the massive transfer of wealth from small business to corporate giants.
    Elites wanna impoverish whites and own everything so that normal folk could become totally dependable on the system. They’ll then sell soy food to population and weaken us even further. We’ll live in satan’s bubble if elites win.

    • Bugs.

      We’re going be eating insect protein and sleeping in tubes, possibly in work camps.

    • I tried to explain to some people in a comment thread a few days ago that they should not be cheering the record stock market, that it was a sign that globalist forces were winning, and I got a whole lot of “I don’t understand,” “the free market will fix everything” and outright poo-pooing. We’re doomed.

      • Your point about the stock market is a good one. I would probably also go as far as to include other government economic indicators which, although not without value, are wielded like a magical amulet by many.

        Whenever I want to see how I may fare in future economic circumstances, I compare the prices of staple food items with the past, take a walk through the local high street and see how many people are eating out and then look at the price of gold.

        On the question of the free market, I find it interesting to note that even in the case of a totally free market – with zero regulation – a government body with powerful media organs could probably convince a large number of people to buy certain services. Mind you, I suppose that is what advertising is for.

        • I’d like just one of the “free market” dipshits explain to me how that works when the Fed creates $4 Trillion to give to it owners?

      • This the single best example of why the stock market isn’t a sound indicator for the health of the economy. What it’s basically telling us is that massive unemployment is good. Maybe if more people are unemployed the economy will do even better!

        • What the stock market tells us is that the Fed can pump (and dump) with the best of them—as they can print money—he’ll, they don’t even need a printing press. ;-). But really, the Fed has bought stock, bonds, and manipulated interest rates to support the market and has abandoned the employment mandate of previous times.

        • Unemployment stats are among the most rigged. After a few weeks you drop off, even if you haven’t found new employment.

      • Can anyone really utter the phrase “free market” with a straight face when corporate, too-big-to-fail, bailouts are made possible by “money printer go brrrr?” And the vast majority of stocks are held by the top10%?

    • The Governor of my state (NJ) is a Goldman Sachs partner. He loves crushing small businesses out while pumping up the stocks in his portfolio. I don’t understand why it isn’t obvious to everyone.

      • I do. Average working-stiff has to juggle family responsibilities and all that goes along with it: work, commuting, etc. They often rely upon “advisors” who may or may not have the client’s interest at heart. It would be career suicide for a financial advisor to cross the Bankster (although oddly not the other way ’round.)

      • Your governor, ((( Murphy ))), proves that one does not have to be a ((( Mnuchin ))), or an ((( Blankfein ))), or a ((( Rubin ))) to be a ((( Goldman Sachs ))) partner.

      • The only light that will be shed on the foul corruption of our rulers is from the lamppost they will swing from, in minecraft

    • We’ll live in satan’s bubble if elites win.

      “if elites win”??? Fekking IF?!?!?!?! What are you toking, boy? What ARE you toking?

  43. Honestly, I didn’t have much problem with the reaction right at the very beginning, but about a week in I started looking for hospital data and noticing that my neighbors weren’t keeling over in large numbers (or at all). Then all the models started getting discredited and various public intellectuals started saying, “Eh, this isn’t as bad as we thought…” and by the middle of April I figured we were just about done with the great covid scare of 2020.
    And then they started doubling down on the panic…
    And the sad thing is, there’s a healthy 40-50% of the population – almost entirely democrats – who still think this thing is real.
    What the hell happened to us?

    • What the hell happened to us?

      As Yuri Bezmenov stated, our society has been successfully demoralized.

      Thus, hundreds of millions of people are no longer able to process factual information or think for themselves, and they conduct themselves accordingly.

      • WGH, yes. And the only thing more daunting than those millions of unthinking co-residents is their spawn, who have never known anything other than the google-wiki truth portal. The physical world and all the lessons of history are just some grainy footage of faked moon landings. Their brains are being literally wired to only accept globopedo HDMI. That is more dangerous than any microbe. We like to pick on boomers, but once they retire to the good schools neighborhood in the sky, its just us xers and the 5G kids.

        • The Boomers got their mind-wipe via television. No one alive today remains untouched by the screens.

          There’s some hope in country and exurb folks who still spend time outside and don’t live on their phones.

          Parents – keep your kids away from the screens until at least their teenage years and then keep it minimal. They are like weed – developing brains are especially at-risk.

          • Indeed. But how? Maybe turn Amish? I have a cell phone—turned off and in a signal proof sack. It’s for emergencies only. However, I am locked out of several services due to lack of text messaging. Seems that they require such for authentication these days. I can go on, but you see where this is going. I even hear rumbling of places going all debit/credit and no cash (germs).

          • Just dont buy it. I haven’t had a TV in 6 years. Watch (hard copy) movies 3-4 times a year on a laptop.

    • If we can rely on CDC, here is a chart of the “excess death rate.” Of course I’m no expert, but “excess deaths” is a good stat because we don’t have to dither in what the causes of death were.
      Note that since late March, the rate peaked for a few months and then settled down a bit. Yes, there are more deaths than pre-pandemic, but looks like only 5-10% over the average. Hardly the apocalypse. Yes, more people than usual are dying, but not alarmingly so, and the majority of deaths are the co-morbidities that didn’t have a long shelf life anyways.

      • If the stat’s are not cooked and kept accurate, there will be much to learn here. In particular—how much excess deaths are related to Covid and lost years of life involved. But this will not be obvious for a few years.

        As I said yesterday, but seems Z-man has fallen for, the touted 6% CDC death from Covid-19 is not the total cost of the disease—nor does it mean less than 10% of the report COVID-19 deaths should be attributed to Covid.

        The old, sick, and co-morbid are being pushed of the cliff so to speak by Covid-19. Same would happen with the flu, or pneumonia, or something else. None the less if Covid-19 was not around, they’d be here today most likely.

        An example: Years ago, when I was a young man, my grandfather suffered from advanced emphysema. He was very debilitated and at 80 he was looking at a few years at best. He also began to suffer from heart failure, which led to his reluctant admission to the hospital—where he contracted pneumonia and passed after a few days.

        So what did he die from? Emphysema, pneumococcal infection, heart failure? (I’d say hospitalization, since those places are where you pick up those kinds of disease.) But regardless, if he had stayed home as he wanted, and sat around as he did, he’d have lived much longer than 5 days in a hospital bed.

        What the latest CDC stat reveals is that we are directing our prevention resources unwisely at best.

    • Back in mid-March, I was supportive of our hospital pausing elective surgeries and reducing visitation privileges for 2-3 weeks in the event we did get a surge of patients. Pre-covid we operated at 98-100% capacity all the time so we needed to make room just in case. What was odd though was that from the beginning, some people were saying we would be shut down for months and months and I remember thinking, “How do we know this now? Why can’t we just take things in two week segments, analyze the data and adjust as we go?” Two weeks into all of it, I remember telling a friend of mine who works in our center’s emergency management dept. that it was never going to get bad. We are a large urban area. We would have seen the indicators by then. But we did not start doing elective cases until mid June. Even after that it was possible to hear some other medical professionals insist that we were going to get hit hard “in two weeks.” Always the two weeks. For a group of professionals who tout evidence based decision making, this has not been western med’s finest hour.

      As for the masks: Last week I was speaking to one of our NPs. She was disgusted by people who are complaining about wearing masks. When I told her that people are exhausted by it all, they see others go without them and get excused due to social justice reasons, and even those who do wear them don’t wear them properly rendering them 100% useless, she replied, “People need to think of them as just another accessory.” Like earrings I guess. Or a belt. These people have bought into this so deeply, they want this to be permanent. It’s breathtaking. I don’t want people like this governing us.

    • Over here in Blighty, bonehead Boris called it about right with his first press conference on the Wu Flu, back in early March I think it was. Sound sensible advice on hand washing, and shielding the elderly and those with underling medical conditions, if only he’d had the balls to leave it at that.

  44. The strange thing about this panic is, it’s global. Almost every nation panicked. Spare a thought for us Australians who now need permission to leave the country (frequently refused), or are effectively stranded abroad by absurd limits on arrival. And it will go on for years, because the government insists on locking down strictly until there are close to 0 infections, thereby inhibiting herd immunity. And the public want rules to be stricter!

    This year I have lost my faith in my countrymen and my fellow humans in general. We don’t deserve to dodge the great filter.

    • What’s going on in Australia is shocking. I honestly think it might be the problem of too many law-abiding white people and not enough feral black. It’s really going to be harder to do it here because of all our diversity. I think there’s a chance that diversity is going to save us. And that’s pretty much going to be the Pinnacle of irony if it does

      • I always kind of pictured the Aussies as tougher than average cookies, but apparently not. Maybe it goes back to the great gun grab a couple of decades ago. Pretty sad.

      • I think there’s a chance that diversity is going to save us….”

        I’ll take that bet. When you consider that these noggers and mudflaps we are importing by the boat load nearly got ebola kick started again…? And that they breed like flies with the same sanitary habits?

          • Actually, TB never left us. Thanks to all the wonderful illegals from Mexico, my baby sister turned up tine positive in 67 or so. I turned up tine and IPPD positive in 75 while on active duty in the USAF and after a year on Isoniazid I have to get a chest x-ray every year as part of my annual checkup.

            Believe you me. TB is very much still with us. Oh, and I hear that there are strains which laugh at isoniazid. Good luck if you turn up tine positive. Democrats – the gifts they give us just KEEP ON GIVING!

          • To be fair, Republicans haven’t done much to stem the tide, and only then a bare minimal ineffectual amount when dragged kicking and screaming.

        • The natural disobedience and disorderliness of browns and (especially!) blacks might help… except that we also have parallel legal systems now. Everyone understands they aren’t held to anything like the standard whites are.

          So we can have enormous flaming riots and huge jogger block parties AT THE EXACT SAME TIME you as a white person can’t go to church, walking in the park, or do an honest day’s work.

          Everyone can see the rank injustice now, it’s only a question of if we choose to continue to tolerate it indefinitely. Our ancestors started wars and revolutions over much less, so I know we DO have it in us somewhere.

          • Somewhere, yes, supposedly it’s down there somewhere. I have a hard time believing sometimes that the masked, fearful zombies I see shambling the streets around here have anything left in them at all. I wonder if one day they’ll all just dry up and blow away leaving only their masks and some dust.

      • It is amusing these edicts the aspiring totalitarians bounce around in the States as if it’s an all-white country. For instance my wife said that Jill Biden wants everyone to be forced to learn Spanish. Really? Her plan is to get a bunch of people who can barely speak one language to speak two? And she’s going to gang-press the Chinese and Indians into weekend Spanish training? These liberals still haven’t wizened up to the fact that their high-minded dreams die the instant they touch “diversity”.

        • It’s the ongoing civil war between white people. Our side knows our numbers are terrible but their side doesn’t seem to realize that

          • We accuse civnats of being stuck in 1985 but I think people like Pelosi, Schumer, and Hillary are living in the past too. They think that the imported block of faceless Third World voters will continue to do what they are told when it is clear that they have ambitions of their own.

      • The fact is that voting in Australia is compulsory. It’s surprising Australia held on as long as it did.

      • Trad americans were mostly self selected from the European gene pool to be rebellious and have a rather dim view of authority. Those of us that steadfastly refuse to wear our muzzles and congregate on the Z blog have apparently retained those traits.

    • This year I have lost my faith in my countrymen and my fellow humans in general.

      Totally agree.

      However in the Age of Cthulu this is a feature, not a bug.

    • Yeah, i’ve long maintained that we were long overdue for a pandemic that would thin the herd. So i was primed to panic when this struck. The only thing that really threw me was the chinese shutting down cities. I though they were pragmatic people. As i watched the death rate hover barely above influenza- i relaxed.

      • The Chinese response was remarkable, you have to wonder why they did it. My guess is, because they can. it’s equally clear that we in the West can’t. If China continues to dictate global responses to these kind of events, it will go hard on us.

  45. …man-made panic may very well have killed more people than the disease itself. Think about all of the health care not being done due to closing hospitals and doctor’s offices.

    Also, the panic likely caused deaths due to increased drug and alcohol abuse and suicide.
    (ETA: Z Man mentioned suicide later in his post.)

      • Iatrogenic: relating to illness caused by medical examination or treatment.

        Not sure about that “lower” part.

        Unnecessary intubation probably accounts for half of the adjusted covid deaths, since ventilators seem to kill the patient.

        $39,000 payout for putting them on a ventilator. This was murder for hire.

        • “Unnecessary intubation probably accounts for half of the adjusted covid deaths, since ventilators seem to kill the patient.”Yes, that’s the funnest part of the whole dismal business. I wonder how much of what’s happened since is an attempt by the medical industry to obscure that.

        • Just askin’, but what proportion of the elderly killed in New York by packing the sick into nursing homes and putting people on ventilators were White and registered Republican? Seems like the DNC via blue state governors just genocided a few dozen thousand GOP voters.

          • There was a youtube vid from a nurse in one of the New York hospitals a while back. In it she claimed that it was the melanin enhanced community who were getting the short end of the stick so to speak. The allegation was that poor black patients would come in showing signs of anxiety, shortness of breath etc, brought on by too much news consumption, get “diagnosed” with the fantasy flu, put on a ventilator, killed, and thereby earn the hospital extra funding. They allegedly chose that section of the population because they were too ignorant to know what was being done to them and too poor for anyone else to give a shit about. Industrial negrocide was the term which wasn’t being tossed around by the relevant authorities I believe.

    • Even Fauci has said there will be 10K extra breast cancer deaths due to lack of diagnosis during the epidemic. This is just a small fraction to be sure.

    • Moreover, because children were confined at home with their parents and guardians, children in abusive relationships could no longer have escape and respite. There can be no doubt, therefore, that child abuse has increased because of this idiocy. Spousal abuse, too, for the same reason.

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  47. Now, the obvious push-back will be that we did not know six months ago that this disease would not live up to the promise. The panic was a necessary precaution against the possibility of a much more lethal disease.

    There won’t be any pushback to speak of; there won’t need to be any since everyone is convinced that COVID is the “monster killer” they were told it was six months ago, and in spite of the CDC’s newly adjusted numbers. Heck, TPTB are already warning about the upcoming “twin-demic.” That is to say, if I understood correctly the other day when I heard this on the radio while driving, the imminent threat of killing us all that the combination of COVID and the upcoming cold and flu season poses unless we double down on social distancing and mask wearing.

    I’m just glad I live in a part of the country where everyone knows it’s all bullshit, and no one walks about with that effing mask on or fears shaking hands with his neighbor. Probably time enough to send the National Guard in to correct our recalcitrance good and hard.

    • everyone is convinced that COVID is the “monster killer” they were told it was six months ago

      It is incredible to me that, even as people are out and about, meeting friends and such, they still talk only about this virus thing as the end of the world – I think these people now just want to role play apocalypse; complete with moral repudiation of those who don’t go along with the new tenets of Covidism.

      • The spiritual emptiness of whats left of western civ is truly remarkable. Lonely shallow people crave something visceral, an emotion that, for a change, might actually be attached to something real.

        People desperate for meaning in their lives will hang on to a thread. The covid gave them that thread. And attached it to the great orange man bad in t he sky. Covid and anti-racism, ivory and ebony together in perfect harmony.

        if not for Covaids, they would just be talking about tee vee shows and sportsball and what they just bought or are about to buy.

        The covaids makes them seem like crazy robots in need of a reboot, but it really just reveals how crazy they already were.

        Yet they are just sane enough to know that returning to that “normal” life pre-covid will rob them of a tremendous amount of purpose and power. Granted, that purpose is rote and self-destructive and that power is tyrannical and irrational, but this is leftism at large, after all.

        • That’s true – for a shallow and ridiculous people, the “pandemic” gave a sense of “purpose for a greater cause” that is otherwise lacking.

      • Life must be really boring for these people that they’d go along with a manufactured disaster just to feel something. Walking dead.

        It’s sick. When I see someone voluntarily wearing a mask, I know it’s a sign of their wickedness. When I think back on the panickers, I know they were afraid of holding up their end of the faustian bargain.

        The deceiver sure got a hold of this country.

        • Life must be really boring for these people that they’d go along with a manufactured disaster just to feel something. Walking dead.

          The lives of the Whites who go along with it, are not so much “boring” as they are lacking in something more purposeful.

          Generally speaking, frantic and busy UMC White women r not bored, they are busy to the point of overwhelmed. But such busyness (which for awhile about 15 years ago had its own meme called “franticism”) does not do for their sense of purpose. Whereas covid compliance does.

          “I mean, we’re all this together, right?” — that’s what they want to think and feel; and complying, or at least pretending, helps w/ that.

      • Well, why not role play? We live in clown world, where young white people are “LARPing” in the streets with live ammunition 🙁

        • Yes indeed. But the consequences are very real. Bodies will pile up. Buy your rifle and ammo, but learn how to use them. This is not a computer game with a “reset” button. Single round elimination so to speak. Pun intended.

          • Compsci, your comment merits an upvote because I like it when people affirmatively asseverate that they intended to employ a pun.

            Conversely, I loathe the “no pun intended” assertion because it is often false and the person is actually signaling what a brilliant chap he is.

          • Not sure of how bright I am. Last I thought of it was during Dutton’s video where he described/defined “midwits”, I had to admit I resembled his description, so I’m keeping a low profile in that regard these days.

      • they still talk … about this virus thing as the end of the world

        I am convinced that it WAS the “end of the world” – at least as we knew it. From where I sit the world as we knew it ended around supper time the 11th of March, 2020. Within just a few weeks we went from the lowest unemployment in my daughter’s lifetime (she turns 40 in December) to TENS OF MILLIONS out of work! We went from grocery store shelves being packed to some shelves being starkly empty. The meat aisle is but a shadow of what it once was. At Sam’s Club the refrigerated and frozen sections are at but a fraction of their former abundance.

        How many business deemed “nonessential” by our political masters have gone bankrupt? How many others have hung on – and are STILL hanging on – by the skin of their teeth? A good deal of the fear mongering came from the medical community. I hope to heaven that more than a couple of Doctors’ practices have gone tits-up. As it is, any care actually accruing to PATIENTS in the healthcare system today is purely a side effect – and a 2ndary or tertiary one at that! The primary function of the healthcare system today is employment for healthcare workers and profits for insurance companies! And at the nursing home here where so many frail seniors died early on – attributable entirely to workers failing to follow basic hygene practices – there is STILL a banner out front proclaiming “Heroes work here.” Heroes my ass!

        • “The primary function of the healthcare system is employment for healthcare workers and profits for insurance companies”. Don’t forget entertaining America with the dancing TikTok nurses.

      • With a couple of exceptions in this group, most all called it. I might note that the salient information at that time *was* available from China, and then definitely confirmed in Italy. The age and co-morbidity aspects were known to the point that we could have directed resources to those identifiable groups.

    • Our State governor and State chief medical officer have both come out and said that “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” wrt the incoming flu season. Commercials being broadcast to this effect widely. Specifically, precautions for the current Covid-19 epidemic will work for the flu season—and we need to ameliorate the upcoming flu to fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

      This of course is seen as a signal that the current quarantine and mask wearing mandates will continue indefinitely. Detractors in the media are now calling for civil disobedience. However, they are perplexed as to how to do such without destroying the few businesses remaining alive during quarantine.

      We have a State hotline where the “Karens” can drop a dime to turn in offending businesses. State liquor licenses have been revoke in certain cases, thereby destroying the business by removing their revenue. Restaurants that are open are mandated to reduce occupancy by 50%.This is basically a chapter out of an Orwellian novel.

    • Unfortunately, around here I see people masking children under 10 years of age, a group which NEVER had a non-zero death rate. And I still see police tape around playground equipment. As if 1) children faced any significant risk from the virus and 2) this or any other virus could withstand exposure to the UV radiation from the sun. Of course the bastards also closed swimming pools (and water parks) as if the virus could withstand not only the UV from the sun but the high levels of chlorine found an any public pool. Hell! They increased chlorination levels of our drinking water shortly after the lockdown was initiated. No better than my old sniffer is I started smelling chlorine when I went to hands. High levels of chlorine in drinking water is a KNOWN health hazard. Reckon how many were sickened by tptb super-chlorinating our drinking water?

  48. I’m not a medical professional by an means but I’ve had malaria and typhoid numerous times, so I guess I’ve been on the receiving end. So there is no current vaccine for malaria, so the solution is to take a prophylactic to reduce the symptoms if you get it. Once gotten, then an injection of quinine or coatem pills will sort you out in a couple of days. For me I was in South Sudan for 3 1/2 years, so I didn’t take a prophylactic due to the side affects. When I got malaria I just bedded down and self administered said pills. Re typhoid, 6 weeks after my typhoid vaccine booster, I got typhoid for the 2nd time. So much for vaccines.
    So to my point. The logical solution in terms of the medical solution would be short-term fix, working alongside the long-term solution – isn’t this true for most problems. Short term fix would be prophylactic for the elderly and ill, and pills for all who get covid. That should have been the main effort, esp if these solutions were already available for other conditions and therefore don’t require testing (Hydroxychloroquine and zinc springs to mind on that one).
    I was chatting with my nephew the other day who is in parma, and he confirmed that vaccines are normally tested for years before they are offered to the public. They don’t get rolled out in a hurry.
    So why the rush to roll out a vaccine and zero effort to identify prophylactics and cures/pills? Whilst suppressing medical professionals who believe there are cures out there already.
    I found it funny the other day when Russia announced they had a vaccine, to see all the pro-vaccine people in the west suddenly turn on a dime and become anti-vaxxers due to it being a Russian one and not ‘theirs’. The way the media/left/deep state can twist 180 degrees and back again is truly something to behold!

    • I found it funny the other day when Russia announced they had a vaccine, to see all the pro-vaccine people in the west suddenly turn on a dime and become anti-vaxxers due to it being a Russian one and not ‘theirs’.
      russians are particularly skilled at trolling globo homos. My guess is russian vaccine is placebo, assuming it exists.

      • The Russians did not announce a vaccine, as widely reported. They did announce that they had a candidate that would undergo large-scale (third stage) testing.

        • Vaccines certainly exist. The hard questions are: are they effective? Are they safe? I’m a layman, but by all reports, there is plenty of reason to doubt that (1) is true, or even can be true 🙁

      • Big Pharma could bring out a saline solution and market it as the Wuhan Virus Vaccine, and be as effective as the flu vaccines.

        • Harsh, but in all fairness not exactly dissimilar to what my family MD said a couple years ago during an office visit.

    • Just curious, but what on Earth could entice you to spend 3 1/2 years in South Sudan? I would have quit my job if they wanted to send me there for any length of time.

      • I’m guessing he was making good money as an expat in the oil industry.

        Normally, one gets foreign premium, hazard pay, and tax exemptions as incentives.

      • Good point. We all asked ourselves the same question many times. In summary I’m a former soldier so not unaccustomed to hardship. I was an officer in the Royal Engineers, and my specific role was bomb disposal. So I spent my time there running a project clearing landmines. Hard work, but to be fair it was rewarding and fun to work in a frontier country with no real law and order.
        But two years after I finished, they decided to have a civil war so that was really 3 1/2 years work down the drain. I then returned to the UK to find that the globo-left simply invited a load of them here.
        I came away thinking that I really should have not served my country, not cleared landmines and simply moved into merchant banking, moved into an expensive white enclave and virtual signaled about multiculturalism!
        But to be fair the money was good, which I was able to bank (gold coins). I have lots of stories to tell strangers & the hardship was fairly stoic. It also allows me to laugh openly at BLM and tell Brit and US blacks who have never been to Africa, that I am more the brother of the South Sudanese than they will ever be. It tends to trigger them and it’s great to see them turn ‘blood and soil’ when I do this.
        BTW the South Sudanese who stayed and want to build their country told me ‘you are more my brother than those Africans in the west, as you came and suffered with us. They stayed there and lived in luxury’

          • My biggest redpill experience was leaving a goodwhite area and having to deal with 3rd world sludge on a daily basis.

            It’s pretty clear that 1) we aren’t the same 2) they hate us – they hate each other but they all hate whitey more and 3) feel entitled to white money and white people in general.

            I’ve taken on some of their traits though. I can now easily “smell” who’s a sucker and who’s not (low trust culture). Surprise surprise whites and especially Boomers are the biggest suckers ever. No wonder the 3rd worlders don’t respect us. They smell blood, something high trust whites from another time are not able to notice.

          • this reminds me of Old Testament jews, many accuse Old Testament God for being too harsh, but if God wouldn’t harshly punish jews they wouldn’t respect Him.
            The lesson is to be harsh to non whites for their own good. Make them fear you.

          • I’ve never interpreted most of these stories as God “punishing”, but rather letting the evil of the Jews breaking the commandments and turning away from the Word to run it’s course. This usually was enough to bring them back into the fold (compliance) after they suffered their due consequences.

        • That makes sense. Same thing that enticed my son to do five combat tours in that godforsaken shithole, Afghanistan.

      • Orwell has a great essay about this in the road to Wigan Pier, chapter 12, about the goal of safety in mechanical progress and ultimately the historic Virtues Of Man are given way to new virtues because bravery and strength et al are no longer necessary. We see it now with the virtues of obedience and compliance rising to dominance.

        “A machine evolves by becoming more efficient, that is, more foolproof; hence the objective of mechanical progress is a foolproof world—which may or may not mean a world inhabited by fools.”

        • A foolproof world is nothing but a pipe dream. The fools will always up their game and rise to the challenge.

    • The West shrieked about the potential Russian Vax because it could deny Gilead tens of billions in profit if it worked.

      • Bingo. And that’s even with the government footing the bill to the vaccine companies for their costs. As we speak, these companies *are* producing vaccine in conjunction with trials. If the trials pan out, the vaccine is ready for distribution. If not, then down the drain it goes. But in any event, when the shot cost is in the $100+ dollar range, don’t let them justify it via their sunk cost of development.

    • I spent half a year in Sri Lanka, some of it hiking up jungle mountains and studying swampy coconut plantations. I did take my Chloroquine while I was there. Never got malaria.
      That stuff is sold like aspirin there – the only reason it was banned here was to clear the way for vaccines and $1,000 a dose failed Aids drugs.

      • $1,000 a dose failed Aids drugs”-
        that couldn’t be a reference to the ‘azt poisoning’ scam by the galaxy-brain Fauci, could it?

        His eagerly forgotten scheme may have killed more aids patients than aids.

        By the way, he holds the medical research patents on 4 glycoproteins essential to engineering aids to the corona virus, which is what they were doing at the Wuhan lab that he built and directed.

        Amazingly, global vaccine sales would make him a billionaire.

    • Yes, even I’ve heard about the claimed front-line treatment for COVID: Zpack, zinc and the malaria (?) drug. Whether or not there is a valid basis for this, I don’t know. But if Trump was on it earlier, there may be science behind it. We can accept all of his tweets at face value 🙂
      Vaccines: I have long taken them — those that were routine and well tested. I’m not an “anti-vaxxer” by any means. But with the COVID-19 ones? No thanks! I will do without until they have a record of efficacy and safety — something notably absent, and likely to remain so for months if not years.

      • Everyone nay saying you direct them to research the great “swine flu” panic in the Ford/Carter years. The vaccine touted produced a rare syndrome of paralysis which was undetected in the small safety trials of the time, but in large scale mass vaccination, produced hundreds of cases. Suddenly, the vaccine was removed from distribution and the “flu” of the season deemed not so bad. I’m not an anti-vaxxer either, but I’m not so arrogant as to make fun of those who hesitate to be first in line for these things, or feel 40+ recommended vaccines might be a bit too much for a developing youngster.

          • Depends on the vax. Lots of diseases have been wiped out by vaccines developed back when medicine wasn’t political, or propaganda.

          • There is overwhelming anecdoctal evidence of parents bringing their children home forever changed after a trip to the pediatrician and the vaccinations administered therefrom. In a sane society, these experiences would be more than enough to mandate studies on the subject. But that might interfere with pharmaceutical profits, so the suits in Political Slutville keep their legs wide open and the doors shut to any investigation.
            So while masks are worn to signal extreme virtuousness during the pandemic that never really was, no one sheds a tear for the innocents sentenced to the dungeon of autism.

          • The Great Plague(s) of 2020 has killed off my remaining faith in ANY of our institutions, medical science being one. I’ve been skeptical of the intelligence and probity of the white coated baboons for many years but their complete (and continued) dereliction of duty in warning us of the political character of the virus response forces me to accept that almost all must be a) stupid, b) evil, c) cowardly, or my favorite –> d) all of the above.

        • I am a selfless guy, so I will let the politicians and BLM/Antifa protesters get COVID-19 vaccinated first.

          • Once all the public health and infectious disease docs, as well as their wives and kids get it, i’ll consider it.

      • I remember reading way back in March that some lab in Kali had produced at least a first pass at a covid vaccine within days of samples of the virus arriving in the U.S. but the CDC quashed it because THEY hadn’t been the one to produce it (something I, for one, found entirely credible.). I also recall reading that something about coronaviruses makes producing vaccines difficult. Something about a promising vaccine for SARS (an earlier corona virus rev) causing some sort of potentially lethal immune over reaction called a “cytokine storm” or “cytokine cascade”? Anyhow any talk of treatment or prophylaxis or “cure” quickly evaporated in favor of total lockdown – i.e. “quarantining” the healthy.

      • Stout lad. I am sick with envy.

        At the turn of the last century, all it took to control the vast Sudan was 200 Englishmen.

        (British subjects, bilejones. You all look alike to us macaroni-capped Yanks. No need to be cheeky.)

        • I even had a pith helmet. In 2005 one of my mates was in the Nuba mountains also wearing a pith helmet. A very old man came running towards him shouting ‘thank God you’re back. The country has turned to shit since you left’. My friend had to apologise to him and explain that he was only there with the UN (useless nohopers)

    • Ask a committed evolutionist about group differences. Evolution goes out the window and god or nature created us entirely exactly the same.

      They don’t “believe in science™” or “rationality” or any of that BS. They believe in whatever backs their ideological beliefs.

    • Funny you should mention malaria. If memory serves, way back in March there were reports of possible – PROMISING – treatments involving synthetic quinine. I also seem to remember that said quinine related drugs were considered essential elements of the materials to be carried in the Dr bag of any physician going to a 3rd world country. Then President Trump tweeted in support of the regimen. Talk about turning on a dime!!! All of a sudden hydroxychloroquine is an absolutely EVIL, DANGEROUS KILLER COMPOUND!!!

      The upstart is something we’ve known all along. “ORANGE MAN BAD!!!” prevails and whatever he supports/endorses cannot be sufficiently reviled, repudiated or opprobriated. PERIOD. I sometimes suspect that if the President tweeted condemnation for leftists committing suicide to achieve their social justice ends we would see a wave of support for exactly that.

    • Sounds reasonable, however it assumes competence on the part of those responsible for public health policy. Sadly all the evidence suggests otherwise.

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