Optics Matter

One of the timeless lessons of this year has been that the future is always going to be full of surprises. To start the year, no one could have predicted the Covid panic and the rise of local tyrants using the panic to push people around. A month ago, no one would have predicted the recent events in Kenosha. It just seemed like these ruling class riots would continue in the same manner until the election. Then suddenly we have video of a young white kid fighting for his life in the streets.

It is way too soon to know how the story of Kyle Rittenhouse ends, but there is no doubt that this event stands out from all others this year. It does not fit the standard narrative the Left likes to jam all events. Public reaction to it has thus far been much different than we have seen with recent events. There is a good chance that this event may be the inflection point in the coming election. Even though we are still early in the story, there are several good lessons to be drawn from this event.

The obvious lesson right away is that appearances matter. Kyle Rittenhouse is a sweet looking kid who looks like a typical white teenager. Even without the closeups, just looking at the video, it is clear he is not a villain on the prowl. If he was an inked-up gym rat, he would not have gained instant sympathy. People would have assumed he was looking for trouble and found it. If he had Nazi neck art, then the initial response would have been entirely negative.

The fact is, looks matter. More precisely, presentation matters. It is the starting people for everyone trying to assess new information. Humans are pattern matching creatures, so we quickly try to match new events to known events. As soon as one is found, then that becomes the starting point. As Oscar Wilde joked, “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.” In this case, the starting point is one that elicits sympathy and compassion from most people.

This is the lesson the alt-right never learned. They not only convinced themselves that appearances don’t matter, they went out of their way to strike a bad pose. The fact is, the facts almost always take a back seat to people’s impressions. The handsome, well dressed salesman will move more product than the slovenly salesman, even when the latter has a superior product to the former. Politics is about persuasion and in the persuasion game, looks count for a lot.

Another lesson of this event is that you have to engage people where they are, not where you wish them to be. Everyone on this side of the great divide understands that these riots are part of the larger demographic issue. People on the other side of the divide, the normal whites, do not understand the demographic angle. In fact, they have been conditioned to avoid the topic altogether. Like dogs trained with a shock collar, they flinch whenever the race issue arises.

This story resonates with normal white people because it is a gun story, a self-defense story and a civic nationalism story. The race angle is still there, but instead of being the face of it, it is background noise. The heart of this story is stuff normal white people can understand and they are comfortable discussing. If this is Nazi-guy shooting black people, no lawyer is taking the case and no prominent people are speaking out in favor of the shooter. Instead, it is trophy for the Left.

Engaging people where they are opens doors. The oldest truth of sales is people buy from people. In politics, people buy from people with whom they can relate and who care about their issues. The people passionate about race, ethnicity and demographics are already on this side of the great divide. The people on the other side are passionate about other things. The path for them over to this side is through those issues, so mocking those issues, as so many do, is counter-productive.

Another useful lesson here is that the enemy is not a collection of super-intelligent super-villains. They often get high off their own supply. The crazies in the Antifa media are running this story as if the shooter is an evil white Hitler guy. They can’t see past their own ideological blinders. Their hatred for white people is so all consuming, they are trying to sell this as a racist attack. A headline like this over a picture of Rittenhouse is so incongruous that is suggests mental illness is at play.

We see another side of this with the Wisconsin prosecutor. A left-wing fanatic, immersed in that subculture, he immediately assumed Rittenhouse is an evil Nazi guy from one of their campfire stories. Charging this kid with capital murder is so outrageous and evil, it makes the kid into a symbol of everything that is wrong. Someone in control of his faculties would have gone for the lowest charge and worked from there. These people win because they have power, not because they are smart.

There will be a lot more to come as this story unfolds, but one final lesson is that winning the optics war counts for a lot. The so-called conservatives have avoided this story entirely thus far. The reason is they were destroyed by the Nick Sandman debacle and they are still hurting from it. They lost that optics battle. Public relations are a big business because optics matter. The winner is often the side that simply makes the best first impression on the public.

That is why those involved in dissident politics have always got to remember to be the friendly face to the skeptical public. If you meet the expectations people have for the good guys, you get treated as the good guys. If you insist on playing the role of the bad guy, then you will lose every fight, even when you are right. The person who seizes the moral high ground is almost always the person people initially trust. It is always better to be fighting from the top than from the bottom.

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427 thoughts on “Optics Matter

  1. wholly agreed, mr Zman. peaceful resistance. strength doesn’t need to be fearsome. convert with as much smiles as zeal.

    i’d add that the fake cons as always are fearful and cucking, in this instance not wanting to get their hands dirty and get called racists by supporting Rittenhouse. and if it wasn’t for their Nick Sandmann debacle they’d be denouncing Rittenhouse as well, sperging about not following proper gun laws and “whatiftheroleswerereversed”, etc.

  2. i wonder why such an excess fuss is being made over that king of wakanda passing away? seems way over done to me…

  3. The Enemy has realized they’ve made a huge mistake and are trying to get the antifa/blm golem off the streets without appearing to do so.
    They cannot meme the looting onto “right wing provocateurs” and so are trolling all of our sites, trying to goad people into giving them useable optics, especially violence. And now there are going to be plenty of Patriot Pray hotheads who may give it to them.
    A lot of people who are just getting here are suffering from that “we have to act!” bug. They need to be chilled out. Maybe now would be a good time to post calming words in other forums, especially for the guys we often tend to ridicule: 3 percent, oath keepers, etc.
    Until November, anyone else pushing for anything beyond outreach and propaganda should be treated as IDF, a fed, or an idiot. Or someone from Spencer’s old Alt Right who fits one or more of those categories, styling it ‘accelerationism.’
    After November we’ll see. It may be that someone else hits the accelerator for us. Keep your powder dry.
    If you want to act, act to make their useful idiots our useful idiots by posting milquetoast propaganda in their meatspace.

    I have no doubt the host and sole proprietor is working on that long-promised ABC’s of Z series we need. Maybe we can spend the fall getting that word out. A lot of interesting conversations going on at the gun store, the range, and the home security aisle at a hardware store near you.  

    • Keeping a cool head. Good advice. If Trump would give us a sign that he won’t leave us unprotected we wouldn’t be so twitchy. Maybe keeping the citizenry feeling vulnerable is part of his short term strategy.

    • Today’s Do Nothing Talking Points bought to you by GS-9s at your regional Fusion Center.

      All this alphabet soup talk is their dream resume, nothing more.

      Yes, do nothing. It’s a 40 year plan. Can we hear 50?

      Go wash some feet 🦶🏿

  4. OT: james lafond has a post by some cretin, about Churchill. It is unintentionally hilarious, as is almost everything the ex-box boy has on his site.

  5. Man, level of pessimism here is depressing, your ancestors came across oceans and continents to settle here only for you guys to just lay down arms before even firing a single shot??? Do you even have any idea how pathetic of an enemy your face? All you have to do is start fighting back, the other side full of Hindus, Feminists, Gays, Jews, and yes AAs will splinter in a minute.

    • Pathetic yes. But backing them all is the US military and Federal gov’t. Ask anyone ground up by them how that went. Acting now is like the Warsaw rising. The Soviets stood off letting the Nazis level much of Poland. Thus the Poles were slaves until 44 years later.

      anti fa should be feared. Gr eatly. Behind every freak is a highly trained soldier. Or ten.

    • Pause at 2:50. The tree branch yolk around the hopeless man’s neck. Tragic. Soon to be shipped across the ocean where a terrible American story will begin and never effing end. If only a great king or warlord had come and said “No, our people stay here.”

      By productions standards it seems like a B movie. But the village burning scene from 2:38 to 2:55 puts you eerily right there. With blacks herding their own into a life of slavery. Says it all. It may be worth finding the movie to see that whole scene play out. To get a feel of the logistical cruelty required gather and ship your brothers and sisters off in chains.

  6. This is no time for action … now. I think optics or really any action is not even something for consideration without an examination of the SWOT analysis: strengths, weakness, opportunties, threats.
    First, Joe Biden, just like Parker Lewis before him, can’t lose. He can’t lose. If the election were held today he’d win in a landslide. And even if Trump pulls close in some states, there’s massive mail fraud to make up the difference. He can’t lose. Trump will never get re-elected. BUT …
    That sets up the power struggle in the Dem party. The old faction, Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton etc. have their hands on the till and had to dredge up Plan Z to stop Bernie and the Squad. Bernie’s old and White and Jewish. But the Squad are none of that and they have serious Gulf oil money behind them which means IRAN and they want a full blow racial jihad. The Gang of Old just wants to loot the country more and set up their retirement fund. They will be happy to gulag the deplorables but need to get more cash for more Subzero fridges. Like Pelosi’s twin stainless ones.
    The danger is Kamala Harris. With the proven morals of an alley cat, Willie Brown’s ex whore will easily ally with the Squad to force out Biden. Who is weak, senile, and has only his coke head son and “Dr. Jill” as his handlers. Bets on the Squad + Harris vs Cokehead Hunter and Dr. Jill?
    Which has the Old School in a panic. The Squad will take up all the graft opportunities. Plus get in front of cameras FIRST. Can’t have that. So I think the Coup is quite likely.
    The Occupy folks are at it again, trying to stage one of those color revolutions by taking the White House by mob action starting Sept 17th. The mob violence nationwide is dying down as they make their way to DC. To storm the White House, lynch Trump and Pence. And proclaim a commie republic.
    Naturally the Clinton State Dept. and Pentagon are all in. They have their own plans. Consul Hillary! All the better to preserve the graft for the old school and loot the country for their cronies. The US Joint Chiefs said the military would not intervene in the election. Which of course means they will, guaranteed. That’s the whole point of that statement and it has not gone un-noticed.
    No doubt there are deals with the Secret Service for them to stand aside. The Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs tried this in May, and was thwarted by Barr rounding up some Homeland Defense people. That won’t work this time. The Occupy/Anti-Fa/BLM types will get aid from DC cops, and likely Spec Ops teams from the Defense Department. SEALs and the like. They follow orders. Its what they do.
    But this is not happening in a vacuum. China is highly likely to use this opportunity to not only invade Taiwan, but also take outposts to turn the Pacific into a Chinese Lake. They don’t want some war leader of the US using Chinese aggression as a unifying measure and rolling back their gains month by month. They are keenly aware of Japan’s mistakes, not taking Hawaii. China is quite likely imho to try and take Hawaii with paratroopers and and a converted civilian air transport force as they lack heavy sealift though they may convert cargo ships. Germany took Crete with paratroopers, albeit with heavy casualties. China does not care about casualties and a paratroop occupied Hawaii re-inforced by sea transport would put the US squarely in the range of Chinese aircraft and missiles. Something they very much want to do.
    Trump is toast. He is totally 1980s clueless about the nest of vipers he lives with and has this idiot notion that its still 1988 or such. He has no idea that likely his own son in law and daughter have sold him out for some “deal” that will never be honored with Pelosi or somesuch. They’ll end up lynched like Trump and Pence as well.
    So at this point there is no point going out and fighting the Soviet and Nazi forces in the Bloodlands of Eastern Europe. Our best hope is to lay low, and await events of big magnitudes. The lynching of Trump and Pence. Sure to radicalize every White man and encourage every non White. The Proclamation of Hillary! as Acting President or Consul or whatever the Joint Chiefs come up with. The reaction and inevitable counter-coup to Hillary and the Joint Chiefs when they lose Hawaii and most of the Pacific Fleet to the surprise Chinese attack.
    THEN is the time to join whatever Corsican Corporal comes around. Then indeed as Johnny Cash sang, the Man will come around. The trumpets will blow.

  7. PR is important but so is what you are selling and so far for the life of me I can;t figure what the DR is trying to sell Normies
    Seriously compared to other groups like the Jehovah Witnesses, at least they can leave with a pamphlet or booklet explaining their group and what their core values and objectives are, etc.
    Just make sure the pamphlet is timely and relevant.
    That’s one approach the other is Peterson’s.
    Look at Jordan Peterson this guy shows how to get what I consider our key audience. Young white men., Our side could learn a lot from his approach if they just dropped all the jealousy and egomania that is stopping them from reaching such a audience.
    The 2016 Trump also shows us how to reach them without coming off as a Nazi or foaming at the mouth loon.

  8. Sorry, Zman, but to my way of thinking optics don’t matter when the other side so completely and utterly controls the narrative. Controlling the narrative means controlling the optics as well.

    • There’s big screen optics and personal optics. I think we’d all pretty much agree on the personal. Look good, speak well, be likeable. It’s a slow-build, grassroots project.

      Big screen optics get more complicated. A good example was the contention over Jared Taylor agreeing to be interviewed for a CNN documentary a year ago.

      Most on our side thought it was a bad idea and were upset with him. The Zman-backed notion of the Manipulated for demonization, David Duke-Clown.

      Others thought it was simply good that normie saw & heard a normal white nationalist. I’m more in line with the latter–that how Taylor actually presented to normie carried more psychological weight than what a disembodied CNN voice-over opined about him. Direct impression vs. Received opinion.

      I’m still not sure why the well spoken…”good optic”…young David Duke type on TV was/is so bad. First of all, it’s unpreventable. You can only hope that whoever “represents” us, presents well.

      But Optics is pretty much parlor talk at this point. It’s getting real. Prog holds the megaphone and we’ve got to take him out.

      • It’s No Build.

        That’s what’s being sold.

        The Internet is a great place to feel superior and witty to (shudder) those people. That’s the core appeal and only product. The above speaker is confused as to what to do and what the offer is because there isn’t one. That’s the entire point. No one here can get a solution- there is none. You are the product- and you must remain inert or be “shouted down.”

  9. well, the optics of all this rioting look pretty fukking bad for the dems, don’t you think? massively bad, killing lots of down ticket candidates. scale matters.

    • Let’s hope it does scale. If Trump wins and the GOP takes over the House while keeping the Senate, THEN we’ll see if this is a new (formerly Republican) party or not. It’ll be up to Trump. (And I, for one, am keeping all fingers and toes crossed.)

    • It looks bad to Whitey, not so much to brown and blacky, your new neighbors , thanks to the jews.

  10. When everything comes at you as staged theatre, get ready for the clusterfuck….manipulation and control, gives Them, the boner. Who controls the money, controls the madness.

  11. >lose weight, get in shape

    >no tats, piercings

    >nice, neat haircuts

    >wear suits or khakis and polos

    The Alt-right never cared about optics.


    • >lose weight, get in shape. CHECK
      >no tats, piercings. CHECK
      >nice, neat haircuts. CHECK
      >wear suits or khakis and polos. DAMN . DO I HAVE TO?

  12. Kyle Rittenhouse will go down as the hero who changed the tide of events and ignited the anger of patriots. God bless him for stepping into the breech.

  13. To continue to vanish from history without a fight, listen to this guy.

    The Jews had the moral high ground in the Camps, they were not freed by a public relations campaign. We can add those who died in the GULAG. Beyond question the victims of the Khmer Rouge had the moral high ground.

    Every businessman who was destroyed by the riots has the moral high ground. Had Rittenhouse been killed he would be in the ground, but he’d have the moral high ground.

    I judge by results. The results of the dissident right are we have lost years listening to Moldbug and the others while we could have gathered our strength. We are now losing the remaining weeks we have still afraid to get it together, still “shouting down” anyone who says fight. Well it only takes one side to fight, and only one side to kill. All they are doing you know is moving test to test, outrage to outrage, gathering their strength. The Left is training themselves on all of us- this is a proven formula of escalating your boldness and killing – and its working. The Left however freakish some may appear is no more bizarre than the Jacobins or Bolsheviks, and just as real.

    However flawed the Left is a real movement and a real armed movement, the Right is a series of scams. Including DR.

    The sum total of the DR is its a controlled opposition play to keep us scattered and passive until it is too late.

    • Dissident Right does not mean what your cult leaders told you it means. Moldberg is a NRx guy.

        • yes, but there’s a way to fight.
          the funny uniform and weapons have to be in the closet mostly… mostly. because not everyone will make it just blogging and/or “building parallel networks” and/or fight-club-like moving in the shadows until leviathan can be taken on. and heck, even fight club had its martyrs for the cause – “his name is robert paulson”. thus something as simple as graffiti with the names of dead whites works. we need to be kinetic still – but safely, not swinging around the ar around white teen shoulders right away.

    • Moldbug is alright. I like him well enough. He is a productive with fresh ideas. Hit rate isn’t 100%, but who’s perfect? Finally, there are so few people on the DR that produce content that its silly IMO to be too critical of any of them. Like z man says, we need to build on ramps. Content creators are the most effective way this is done.

      • it depends, what does the ramp lead to? i liked Moldbug until he blurted out scientistic belief in robots saving us. idk, different strokes ig.

  14. Z is exactly right. Hell, just look at the so-called “Civil Rights Movement.” Blacks, dressed up in their Sunday best, behaved like little angels at the lunch counters, and were set upon by foaming white southern men who knew the protesters were projecting a Potemkin village. The southern men were right, but they looked wrong on the evening news broadcasts, while the blacks looked like noble victims. And we know who won this contest. The lesson is an important one.

    • No, the important lesson is who controls the media and academia. Black civil rights is seen as glorious because of who wrote the narrative, not because of the suits that the activists wore.

      If our side was in control, the Cville crew would be folk heroes.

      Cherished optics will always be insufficient until you seize control from who writes the narrative.

      A guy from a hundred years ago with a funny mustache understood this.

      • Cherished optics will always be insufficient until you seize control from who writes the narrative.

        That cannot happen until you have power. Power comes from the barrel of a gun, control of the institutions or popular support. Lunatics dream of the first option, the second option is off the table, so that leaves the last option. You don’t get popular support by showing a loony face to the skeptical public. You get popular support by presenting yourself to the masses in a sympathetic and positive way.

        We’re right back to optics.

        • Well Mr. Z. Your right about the optics. But then again, the Conservatives have been putting on the happy rational face for over a century and what has it gotten them? Nothing but curses and slander. In the meantime, what do we actualy know about the end game of BLM and their establishment support? I don’t know if you watched it Z Man, but yesterday I posted a link to a short video by ” The Academic Agent” He has aunique perspective on the BLM situation. I’d appreciate it if you’d watch it and let me know what you think.

          “Understanding the Aims and Implications of BLM.”

          • I don’t care what the Left says about me. That’s not the point. This is one of the many defects of the bad optics crowd. They think the point of being respectable is to get the respect of the Left. They think this because they are a negative identity group. Who they are depends on an exogenous agent.

            Good optics starts with a positive identity that is independent of and indifferent to the Left.

          • Z Man said: “I don’t care what the Left says about me. That’s not the point. This is one of the many defects of the bad optics crowd. They think the point of being respectable is to get the respect of the Left. They think this because they are a negative identity group. Who they are depends on an exogenous agent…”

            Yah, that actually wasn’t ever close to my point Mr. Z. I did in fact agree with you about the bad optics. But I also pointed out that a 100 years of good optics has availed us nothing. Don’t you think that there are hundreds of millions of White people out there that can see their world crumbling around them? What keeps them from banding together? This goes way deeper than optics. Figure that out and then you’ll have somthing.

          • This is nonsense. There has not been 100 years of good optics. Every swelling of white populism since the founding of the empire has been sidetracked by weirdos, cranks and lunatics. Rockwell was a nut. Duke was a cynical grifter. The alt-right was a circus of fruitcakes and losers.

            The first step on the way forward is high standards.

          • ZMan said: ” The first step on the way forward is high standards.”

            Why Mr. Z. Your starting to sound like William F. Buckley. That would be an interesting experiment.Ethnonationalist Buckley Conservatism. Do yourself a favor, don’t start wearing sleeveless sweaters over a white shirt.

          • Z Man said: “Buckley was not always wrong:”

            Buckley said: ” What is wrong in mississippe, is that there are too many white people voting. If I were myself a constituent of the community of mississippi at this moment, what I would do is vote to lift the standerds of the vote to disqualify 65% of the white peole who are presently voting.

            Well now. That’s really an eye opener Mr. Z. I had no idea you held such a profound animosity toward our rural brothers and sisters. I’m very disappointed in you z man. And on behalf of myself and all the wonderful rednecks I grew up with, I would just like to say, that you can kiss our collective country ass.

          • One reason for high standards is we’d like to give in-group, wordly, educated normies a reason to say yes to us. For status reasons, sophisticated Classic Liberals won’t be able to so much as glance our way as long as our tone and style are off. We can improve that way, without changing our message. (tl;dr. Don’t say nigger. Easy on the JQ. Stop going to Fantasy Fest.)

          • I will say this in support of your position, Baloney: the hippies, the Black Panthers and the so-called “peace and free speech activists” of the mid-60s through early-70s didn’t exactly project good optics, yet they ultimately prevailed. Sometimes zealotry, monomania and raw force accomplishes more than good optics. That said, all things being equal, it is better to have optics working for than against you.

      • You mention “controlling the narrative”. In more immediate terms, that means, who controls OUR protests. Who controls the video editing. Who controls the broadcast? Not us, that’s for sure. We’re not even allowed to peacefully protest. We’re barely allowed a civil Tucker broadcast. For us, we’re allowed to be seen doing nothing, or doing bad things. The instances that we luck into good optics are so rare that it can hardly impress normie–if he remembers it at all. This is a bit cynical and simplified. But I’m starting to lean more to the Violence Now side of the matter.

      • Just because the other guys control the culture doesn’t mean you have to serve them chunks of bloody red meat on a silver platter. Projecting bad optics only makes their job easy. Project good optics and you make them look like dam’ fools as they casuistically distort the true story into their desired narrative.

  15. A month ago, no one would have predicted the recent events in Kenosha. It just seemed like these ruling class riots would continue in the same manner until the election. Then suddenly we have video of a young white kid fighting for his life in the streets.

    The riots/protests began 3 month ago , so it was not inconceivable that it would continue or escalate. This event will wake up a lot of people.

    • The riots/protests began back in the summer of 2016 when Trump supporters were chased down and assaulted at the San Jose rally. None of the assailants were punished then, just as they’re not punished now.

    • Disagree Grey, most folks didn’t expect rioting to be a continuous part of life.

      It’s a conceit of forum posting to act like nothing surprises you. But I was surprised by Kamala Harris in this clip. She’s so blatant about supporting the protests. Delivered with a sass meant to convey she means rioting too. Also note how narrow her verbal range is for a lawyer. She’s goes on like a repetitive streetcorner hoodrat.


  16. It’s curiously hard to fund Kyle Rittenhouse. Perhaps because his legal team took the case pro bono. Still, GuFundMe disallowed funding him, and without explanation. There’s a Christian funding site taking Kyle donations, called GiveSendGo. But it doesn’t seem to work (at least last night it didn’t), and today it’s oddly confusing re. Kyle links.

    Anyway, it seems the way to fund legal defense of Right causes or victims is #FightBack. Seems legit. It’s affiliated with the well-known attorney Lin Wood.

    It’s good to keep a list of who you’d like to donate too. Not just in the present, but have your favorite Dissident publications and people (such as Zman) added to your legal will. Why leave $10 grand to your deuschy Prog sister when you could give it to Counter Currents.


    • Attorneys fees are the greatest expense in a case from inception to trial and appeal. However, other expenses can easily amount to the lower six-figures in a criminal case.
      “Experts” charge in excess of 50k apiece and typically you will call several of them, both for case prep/advisement and testimony. You may need to fly in character testimonial and other witnesses. You will need exhibits and to pay the folks who made them to swear behind their accuracy. Hotel rooms, per diems – can you see how effing ridiculously expensive our “system of justice” has become? It’s a bloody parody.
      I know, I am a federal patent litigator and trial attorney among other things, and the last time I appeared inside a court room was late 2019 dating from the mid-90’s. Give it up for Kyle if you are in a solid financial position, please.

    • The lawyers in the fightback.law foundation are extremely big guns in the legal world. Whether they’re really with us or just hitching a ride on an emerging movement is an open question (this in American Greatness looks pretty good). If they’re real, they will be hugely important. The Supreme Court is ripe for striking down or revising past garbage-decisions that harm us all, including in particular the civil-rights-era New York Times v. Sullivan case which allows the media to knowingly lie and destroy people without consequence.

  17. I read Z’s exhortations for optics and I reluctantly agree. But after I think a bit more, I conclude, “Z’s activism is insufficient to the task at hand.”

    I guess there has to be this dynamic where Z, Jared and Peter hector the civnats for insufficiency and we hector Z, Jared and Peter for their insufficiency. Many ladders are available for seekers to climb.

    • I think the strategy is to just let the left reveal themselves and just step back and not given them justification for their insanity. This means waiting for the left to to continue to lose the credibility of the public and normies .

    • The slow-build, 30 year plan is intellectually sound. But it’s a paper plan. It can’t be carried out in the real world because we’re not all wired into the will of D-Right Central Command. People are too pissed to wait decades before they get to open the gun closet. They’re thinking action now, and counting on domino effect. Or less cleanly, the thinking is, if there’s gonna be chaos, we’re at least gonna have a hand in it.

      My head says 40 year plan. But my gut says it can’t take another day of humiliation.

      • My head says 40 year plan. But my gut says it can’t take another day of humiliation.”


  18. Z-man, I’ve been reading Sam Francis because of your many positive mentions and it’s Illuminating. I feel like he is filling in gaps in my knowledge exactly where I need them to be. He’s also a fantastic writer and surprisingly funny

  19. The Zman said this may be an inflection point,a guy wrote a poem about inflection points…

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.
    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.
    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  20. Appearances don’t just matter physically, they matter with words as well. If your words are dripping with unnecessary hostility towards leftists and blacks they will make a bad impression, even if they include facts that are accurate and important. One of the things that dismays me about the comments here (and in similar forums elsewhere) is the lack of generosity shown towards people on the other side. They are still human, and even if you hate them, even if you think you have good reason to hate them, displaying that openly is never going to be good optics.

    • Agree 100%. This is why I have pleaded with the Zman to moderate the comment section here. It is trending toward a lighter version of Stormfront or Amren, which is not good. Like it or not, a blog is judged in part by the content of the comments.

      I used to refer normies to this blog, but no longer do so because of the degradation of comment section. Normies would take a scan through the comments and write the blog off as a racist ghetto, which it definitely is not. Also, the comments would reflect poorly on me as a long-time reader of the blog.

      Also need to limit the number of comments that a single user can submit in a day to reduce the verbal clutter. It’s not even noon in my neck of the woods and by my count Karl has almost 30 comments already. That’s the kind of thing that reduces the signal to noise ratio significantly.

      • Yep, one thing at UNZ that keeps me reading is the ability to exclude/filter commenters. There are some people who never, or rarely, contribute anything to the discussion worth reading. Or are completely predictable. As this group grows and such people increase, it will be harder to maintain interest.

        • (It took sand, Compsci, to emphasize the “don’t do something stupid”- I’m glad you brought it up, and I was won over by the Stand With Kyle response.

          If I was Normie, I’d be swung by the debate, I think everybody acquitted themselves well and am grateful to both the audience and the host.

          Heck yes I was boiling, I just did a trip from Portland, to Seattle, through Minneapolis, and near Kenosha that night.)

      • The problem is blog comments do not work that well beyond 20-50 or so comments, especially when they go off-topic, as they tend to do. Someone will nitpick about something and then that derails things for 30 posts,

      • The other side of this argument is that the stultifying and Procrustean toxicity of white racism could be shattered by violating Leftist taboos. What this means is that, by mocking the alleged evil of white racism, we make their pieties look foolish, carve out space for speaking unspeakable truths, and embolden whites to embrace their white identity. As long as we pay cringing lip service to Leftist anathematization of white racism, on the other hand, we are semantically straightjacketed.

    • If you go to a ball game, you’ll run into at least one guy not wearing a shirt or a guy using profanity. Such is life in public places.

    • Openly displaying hatred is often, but not always, bad optics. Sometimes, it is necessary and the best optics. Hatred of the bad is just as moral as love of the good. Failure of the right’s “leaders” to condemn the pedos, warmongers, usurers, predatory speculators, and sexual deviants has cost the right the moral high ground and countless losses in the culture war for decades.

  21. There’s a Christian fund me page for Kyle’s defence. I don’t have the link though but it’s pushing $100 000

  22. Also, the three hoodlums that Rittenhouse shot all had substantial criminal wrap-sheets and traveled to Kenosha to burn it down. Rittenhouse did what the police could not do because Cuck Governor Evers ordered them to stand down. In a real sense, he is the only adult who is actually responsible for these deaths because of his intentional malfeasance. When you have a corrupt politician that maliciously stands aside to enable arsonists to burn down his state, that’s the root problem, not some adolescent trying to play cop because the real cops were cucked.

    • wonder if kyle could run for governor of wisconsin 😛 “if elected, i will put a $50 bounty on any ANTIFA member that is shot and killed. Limit ten per bounty hunter per week”

        • just how much bologna do you put in your mouth, during a week of “testing”? did it never occur to you that your nick has severe gay overtones?

          • Bologna tester, 1st chair skinflute player, same difference in my book.
            And, yes, I’m totally aware of how “homophobic” that sounds, I just don’t give a flying f*ck any more!

      • “Surprising surge in tourism revives Wisconsin economy”

        “…Chicago expresses interest”

  23. Speed and volume are important aspects of the optics problem as well. You have to get your message out rapidly and flood the zone. Nice, generally liked people that are deadly in a given set of circumstances can still engender a large measure of trust by others. That’s a very important thing to remember.

    Crowing about how ready you are to throw down with people tends to make others nervous. And, it usually doesn’t impress the people you think it does.

  24. I’m surprised that you side with Kyle, as you seem to adhere to the do nothing approach to white advocacy.
    Minus tats and Nazi contacts won’t matter for Kyle as the left will still label him a white supreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemist, the same way they label any and all white men.

    • Yeah, but whether the label sticks sometimes depends on whether or not the white man plays along. The Covington Kid not only won the moral victory but won a lot of money too (and more importantly, took that money from the libelous sleazebags), versus the Heimbach kid who donned his Colonel Klink helmet, stuck out his potbelly, and made it quite easy for our enemies to truss him for slaughter.

    • Kyle helps our cause by revealing the left as insane and anti-white, in terms of the left’s response. .Having some nice-looking white guy defend himself while trying to protect a town from rioters, and then persecuted by the same type of people who attacked him, will be a major red pill for normies. Z himself has never advocated that anyone do what Kyle did, but he is saying that if someone does do it, that optics matter, such as not looking like a skinhead.

    • You mistake “do nothing that is stupid” with “do nothing.” Makes me think the only thing you know how to do is stupid stuff.

  25. I think the thing that is being overlooked by the Zman is that these rioters are being paid. Very little of this is organic, demographic change, there is money changing hands and a lot of it. How else explain that once the shooting began the violence ended, so quickly. People are being paid.

      • Paid, staged, China Pooh bear money. Yup.

        The feds busted their mobile cafeteria caravan this week, full of gas cans, gas masks, and other fun crap. The meth head rioters aren’t getting free hot meals at midnight this week.

        • I bet the Riot Restaurant clowns are operating an all cash business and failing to pay their fair share of taxes.

          The IRS should really look into that.

      • it’s russia!

        (per XM Progress channel)

        On that note, I missed the slide into irrelevance, banality, and crying widows on the RNC weepfest, so I listened to the BLM and Leftwing channels.

        5 shows, in a row, demanded not only prosecution of Trump (and his entire family…!) after the election— they also demanded a permanent Truth and Reconciliation Commission to root out every last white racist and supremacist.

    • For sure. Why are all these pedophiles and junkies chimping out so hard? Typically that demographic isn’t this organized and aggressive regarding political issues/movements. Someone higher up is manipulating the situation.

    • Somebody spraypainted graffiti on a synagogue, so the Kenosha probe operation is effectively over.

      Everybody can go back to Chicago, the Skeksiis are shutting it down.

  26. Missed Trump’s speech last night. Will someone please share the highlight in which Trump stated “Kyle Rittenhouse could have been my son.” and/or the mention of little Cannon Hinnant-?

    • It’s all over YouTube. I don’t have the timestamp but its between the part about making the perfect the enemy of the passable and the part where he credits Fash the Nation with teaching him how to win elections.

    • Not being a political junky, I didn’t watch either convention. Since I haven’t looked at the news at Townhall or PJ Media in a while (flat on my back with a major kidney/bladder infection since Monday) I hadn’t heard/read about little Cannon Hinnant and his jogger assassin. I agree with one comment, had the races been reversed, it would have been INTERNATIONAL news. Instead, did it even appear on Faux news? Or even Breitbart? As for the MSM, well their coverage is predictably deafening in its silence. I have a grandchild who was little Cannon’s age not so long ago and a great-grandchild only a year older. Little Cannon’s story hits far too close to home for me.

  27. For those who want to see the full, unedited video of the white kid defending himself and surrendering: https://hoodsite.com/video-rioter-shot-head-kenosha-two-others-injured-trying-assault-shooter/

    It’s absolutely pathetic that a black brawl aggregator has better footage than even most “conservative” outlets, but that’s the world we live in. Interestingly enough, the cops are nowhere to be found when antifa is torturing the normies, but they swoop in as soon as the normies defend themselves. I know having individual cops and soldiers privately on our side will be a large part of winning, but I wonder if or when normie whites will figure out that these organisms in toto are out to get them at least as long as they’re captive institutions? At any rate, the kid handled himself quite well for someone who has never been in that type of situation before. Actually, he handled himself well, period.

    • I also noticed how the police suddenly appear when events turn against ANTIFA. In Austin when the rifle toting ANTIFA guy came out on the wrong end of a gunfight he started with a motorist the mob was harassing, the police appeared in seconds. That means that they were standing by for hours watching ANTIFA block public roads and attack innocent drivers and doing nothing.

      • What else would you expect from LEOs in “Silicon Gulch”? People leave Kali for Austin when San Fran and L.A. start to feel too moderate.

  28. “That is why those involved in dissident politics have always got to remember to be the friendly face to the skeptical public. If you meet the expectations people have for the good guys, you get treated as the good guys.”

    Did the leaders of the Lodz ghetto, in cahoots with their enemies, speak these reasonable words to their people, too?

    • Yes, the leader is a Judas Goat.

      Without question Anne Frank has the best optics of the 20th Century.

      That’s the plan, and it works.
      It’s working here, now.

      There is no Right Wing, there is no White wing. Both have been actively prevented from coming into existence, and the method is “seem reasonable” and “avoid bad optics.”

  29. The so-called conservatives have avoided this story entirely thus far. The reason is they were destroyed by the Nick Sandman debacle and they are still hurting from it.

    This is probably more important than many people realize. I’ve long said that I actually have more respect for ghetto thugs then for white liberals, why? Because ghetto nigs have no pretense, they are nothing if not 100% honest about who & what they are.
    White liberals and fake conservatives are 100% the opposite, they are fake in nearly every way. It would behoove everyone to remember the deafening silence you’ve observed since all this started from Conservative, Inc. Has a bigger group of belly slithering cowards ever existed? I have FAR more contempt for people who call themselves ‘allies’ that then turn and run at the first hint of danger or a hit to their reputation than I do for a street who at least shows his hand very clearly.
    Takes notes for the future…

    • As you may recall, the first instinct of Conservatism, Inc., and its elected prostitutes in response to the riots was to do a “better” crime bill and eliminate Columbus Day as a holiday. These types are irrelevant for the most part now and this illustrates why.

      Also, as to optics, Conservative, Inc. has taken on a prudish, Puritan scowl now that looks godawful. The Right has a void we can and will fill.

    • If you get your news from Brietbart, you probably know nothing about Kyle Rittenhouse. That’s an eye-opening act of cowardice to me.

      • breitbart is just a poor man’s FOX. they are all clickbait and getting people angry. look how often they post shit rob reiner says, like anyone cares what that shit head thinks. i got banned there for pointing this out in the comments.

        • Understandable. After all “speaking the truth to power” etc. I suspect that were Andrew still with us young Rittenhouse’s story would be.much in evidence there.

      • Its going to be all quiet on this until after the election from mainstream conservative media. I think the thought is that there is too much to lose by promoting this boy’s situation to the country.

        • there is no “mainstream” conservative media (and as we have recently learned, there never was). i think the problem conservatism has is that it doesn’t scale up. progressivism does scale up, almost too much (like cancer).

    • I recall when NRO published Derb’s “talk”, and Rich Lowry had a link to it in the The Corner section, laughing it off with a “oh that irreverent Derb” type comment. Lowry fired him the next day.

      • Even for ConInc, Lowrey is an unusually craven POS. Derb was also undergoing chemo at the time. Swine.

    • Grifter conservatism is among the worst. The left, as bad as it is, does not have a grift problem. It is one of the be benefits, I suppose, of your supporters having no money, as opposed to boomer and gen-x cons with tons of disposable and retirement income. You cannot grift to the broke, the mentally ill, and the jobless.

  30. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    • Note, Solzhenitsyn does not mention “optics”. There is also the thought that said representatives of Stalin’s state would have had to understand they could lose their life at any time, perhaps something that Mr. Rittenhouse has, indeed, accomplished on some level. Then again, the behavior of the enemy combatants post RNC might say otherwise.

        • …and then the troops, having shelled a bunch of empty apartments, would’ve found the road behind them damaged and boobytrapped, with themselves in hostile territory…

          And things would have rapidly gotten better from there.

    • Mike Vanderboegh introduced me to that passage several years before his passing. DAMN! But I miss him! I would dearly love to have read his thoughts about the shit that has gone down – and CONTINUES to go down – this year.

    • yeah except that america’s police have the same weapons the military uses .they got armored tanks, entire teams with 6+ guys breaking down doors armed with riffles and decked with body armor. Maybe if everyone worked together, it could work, but that will not happen without a lot of coordination. It is easy for him to say., Why didn’t he fight back. Yeah cause writing a book is easier.

    • I will be wondering all day what thought Frip thought better of expressing. Can you conceive of what Frip might have said? I doubt anyone can.

      • I will never forget Whitney’s immortal line, “I guess that’s what happens when you’re born with a Brillo pad on your head”

        • Haha! It’s all about the hair.

          Seriously though can you imagine knowing that Native Americans called you Buffalo Soldiers because they thought you looked like Buffalo and you kind of do

  31. One hell of a piece! This is filled with not only immense wisdom, but also a few one-liner gems: “Like dogs trained with a shock collar, they flinch whenever the race issue arises.” Tremendous!

    • they’re trying to do the same by inoculating soros against criticism with the threat of a shock administered with the words ‘anti s*mite’

      • As with all isms and phobias, “anti-Semitism” is a subjectively defined abstraction that cannot be measured in any real sense. But it’s a great tool for flogging the normies!

  32. On the general subject of spreading our messages: I volunteer at a local charity to work off my community service obligation a few hours a week. One of the employees is a late 20s, married, normal white woman. Hair isn’t blue. Few or no tattoos. Even married. Full time worker. Like I said, not a typical young adult 🙂 We were discussing some current events and the general topic of equality. I asked her: “Do you accept that there are differences in ability between men and women?” She did. I then gently noted that there were probably differences between other categories of people. She picked up the lead and continued the discussion. On my part, no need to be a leaflet-distributing White Supremacist. Let’s say I “pink pilled” her. It’s quite likely I give myself too much credit; for all I know, she is already more Aware than I am, and perhaps her political views would make me look like Simon Wiesenthal 😀

  33. Talking with the group of normals I work out with last night at the gym – every one of them was “good shoot”. They all went on to rant about the obvious bullshit the news was “reporting”. I don’t even have to instigate any more, the left is doing the red-pilling of anyone with a brain now.

    • Agreed. Wifey is teacher in upper-middle class suburban neighborhood with homes valued over $1MM and full of AWFLs. Many AWFLs are confiding in her that they are voting Trump this fall due to the BLM riots, and some have admitted that Kenosha changed everything.

      Kyle’s optics couldn’t be better. These women see him and they see their son. Then they see what the media is doing to him and they realize it would do the same thing to their son if he had to defend himself from a mob.

      The disconnect between what they see with their own lying eyes and what they hear from the media is now so great that they can’t process the cognitive dissonance anymore. They are starting the process of waking up. Soon they will stick a toe in the river.

  34. Just searched NRO for Kyle’s name. Almost nothing. Amazing that these clowns can’t bring themselves to talk about the most important element of Kenosha. They have something about waiting for facts on the shooting of Blake, but the merest recitation of the facts of Kyle’s arrest, for example. I guess if they aren’t going to throw one of our kids to the wolves, they have nothing to say.

    • Lin Wood could have sued the piss out of NR if he had been so inclined due to how they libeled Nick Sandmann. He didn’t because they apparently are broke and are largely irrelevant to contemporary life.

    • why would yo expect differently? every second you spend at NRO is a second you will cry bitter tears about as the end approaches…just a profound waste of time.

          • VerBruggen just posted a wishy-washy “On the one hand, on the other” article over at NRO, which is exactly what you would expect, from that quarter. I’m not going to link because I don’t want to give NRO the clicks. But what an utterly useless bunch…

  35. Kenosha is interesting as an inflection point because to the “normie” population it can be “their town”. The Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC riots can be put off to “well all the crazies live there anyway”. But middle America can relate to seeing hordes of outside rioters + miscreant locals literally burning down almost the entirety of their downtown because of one bad police interaction. Listened to the Kenosha PD feed for a little while the second night. Half the radio traffic was cops calling in out of state plates for cars parked on residential streets around the downtown. Almost all Illinois. And so far, all the video shows the kid tried at every turn ot avoid confrontation until it was forced on him. And certainly the “arm guy” shooting his mouth off about how much he wanted to kill the kid and the overalls violent felony record of the miscreants doesn’t paint a favorable picture. BLM looks more like an ex-con gang than anything else.

  36. “A month ago, no one would have predicted the recent events in Kenosha.”

    I agree with the article except for the above. Ray Charles saw this coming, since May. Everyone saw not only the shooting in the street coming, but the immediate reaction to arrest the person defending themselves. Anyone who didn’t see it coming back in May had to have serious misgivings about all these riots when the black militias started showing up. Frankly, the only thing surprising about this is that it took this long. If our leaders weren’t such stupid cowards, they would have stopped these protests on day one.

  37. that little shit stain that took a head shot is a hoot. there is video of him screaming “shoot me nigga!” over and over; and of course a few minutes later he is on the ground twitching like Johnny Ringo 😛 he has to be a strong contender for darwin award of the year!

    • Something tells me he wanted to die for a long time but didn’t have the gumption to do the deed himself.

      • You might be on to something here. He was a registered sex offender after all, so clearly a demented person to begin with.

      • i think it was more of a case of trying to redeem yourself (stubby man’s self), but being off by 180 degrees in your act of penitence. i.e. they serve satan as a way to get to heaven…ooops, you on da ron bus brah. wish i was there to pee into his upturned face, as he lay there dying “this is how much your life is worth SHAKE”

      • Yes. The leftist death cult is slow suicide. A longing for death that if not provided to them will result in genocide.

        It is no surprise that the front lines are full of monsters begging to be put down by better men.

        As you approach the extreme edge of the cult, the visible ugliness displayed begins to mirror what resides inside cut for cut.

        The self-mutilation and embracing of all matters of hideousness is plain to see in the females while the males abandon all pretenses of the perverted politik in favor of the raw suicidal impulses that animate their tortured souls.

        They are literally twitching and spitting for the hoe to liberate their heads.

    • The videography from the riots is chilling. Its crazy to see this video popping up on twitter and 4chan in real time. Very, very different media environment (intimacy, proximity, immediacy, minimal gate keeping) than even 2 or 3 years ago.

  38. Indeed, appearances matter.
    It might be a time to step outside ourselves and consider our adversaries under the same light. Those guys are looking like shit right now. The reason for that, without mincing words, is that they are shitty people. Normies are beginning to see that. I know formerly PC lefties that are starting to turn.
    Z is not correct that the fast talking slick salesman moves more product. As a sales guy myself, I can tell you that the customers are every bit as skeptical and smart as we are. The Altright, for all their faults and blunders, did not fail because of appearances. They failed because they tried to use the same tactics as Lefty, and it didn’t work for them. Timing was against them too. People weren’t ready to hear their message.
    Kyle should be the Manhattan Project of the Dissident Right. We should jump all over this, establish the truth of what happened, and then put this one on the front burner and light it up if it checks out. There is more than appearances here – at least that’s the way it looks now.
    Appearances matter – but you have to have more than that going for you. A friendly face is not enough – you have to offer something of value to the customer. If this latest story holds, there is something for the fiscal conservatives, the 2A guys, the social conservatives, the “right-leaning leftists”, reluctant white nationalists and probably others.
    As a sales guy, I say we need to verify this, and move on it quickly… or they will.

    • The Marxist propaganda organs have tried to dirty up Kyle and to a larger degree paint their felon allies as nice people. Good luck with that sales job. Kyle has a very capable and wonderful spokesman in Lin Wood, who will become his public face. It will be interesting to watch whether Fox, which is Cuck Central, will allow him on the air as a guest, but the man knows PR.

      • Almost the first way the Daily Beast referred to young Rittehouse was as a “big-time Blue Lives Matter fan”. When did being a fan of Law Enforcement become a negative? America damned near WORSHIPS cops! Don’t believe me? Look at all the cop shows currently or formerly on television. From drama to comedy to “reality” TV is replete with series about cops.

        • Like anything else, the Kyle Rittenhouse story is a bit complicated. See the Daily Caller for this. Kyle was part of an armed group posted to protect a business, but also stated he was carrying medical supplies to help injured protesters. His group leader stated they were “on the side of the protestors but there to protect property”. Kyle is coming off as a bit of a dreamy do-gooder here, who got drawn like a moth to the Kenosha flame, and allowed his naïveté to get him into a bad situation.
          From an optics standpoint, this information would probably make him look even better in the eyes of Normie, so there is that…

          • Thanks for spelling “naïveté” with the proper accent marks. You know your French.

          • The Kyle Rittenhouse situation is amazing for us from an optics perspective. Really, he a best case senario for what we are trying to represent (young, seemingly good hearted kid, caught in a bad situation against the worst people imaginable — not even I could have imagined the criminality of the antifa trio, over prosecuted by the deep state). He should open some normie eyes.

    • Z is not correct that the fast talking slick salesman moves more product.

      Which is why I did not write that. I wrote, “The handsome, well dressed salesman will move more product than the slovenly salesman, even when the latter has a superior product to the former.”

      See the difference?

      • that would qualify as a platitude.

        i’ve done sales, technical sales to be specific, and no amount of polish or posturing will sell a product if you lack two things:
        a customer with a need
        and a product that can fill it
        i offer that in this context because normie white guy is just discovering his need. kyle rittenhouse is barely a product, but his counsel will try to change that.

        i predict that the effort will either be ignored or they’ll experience nearly trumpian levels of PR sedition.

        • I think you may be selling this one short, Bruno. When Sandmann’s lawyers weighed in on this, you could hear the American mass media shit it’s collective pants in fright all the way up here in Canada. They are smelling fresh meat, and lawyers are very good at that.
          I won’t be surprised at all if Trump isn’t watching this one like a hawk.

          • I think he is. But conservative politicians and media are scared about committing to his defense at this point with the election imminent.

      • Forgive my ignorance Z. Perhaps we are sort of saying the same thing different ways? I think I might still disagree. Please bear with me:
        If you look at the Donks – who are slowly swirling down the crapper as we speak… they are chock full of guys with the level gaze, the 1000W smile, and a firm handshake. Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, and the other faggots and flimps at CNN are dressed to the nines and competent looking. Do you trust them?

        The point I am trying to make is that we need to focus on the customers. Your customers value appearances and take note of the suit, the grooming, and the charisma. Mine wear steel toe boots, work in the trades, and see the suits as red flags. When I sold to them I dressed as they did, and talked as they did. It helped that I had very good products and services to sell. In this case, an effective strategy might be to approach the customers as one of them. Dissident politics rhyme and overlap with many of those in the target markets so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to approach them that way.
        I always told my sales guys to be themselves, never get angry or hysterical and be professionals. My advice to the dissidents is to not pose as the answer to the issues, but to BE the answer to them. We have a great product in this, if it pans out, that will almost sell itself.

          • Nick Fuentes. That suit and tie really make a difference.

            Imagine the Zman in a suit and tie, at the podium, delivering yesterday’s fine, incandescent rage as he spoke of the tradeoffs of being backed into a corner.

            He’d be today’s Enoch Powell.

            (In a Jason hockey mask, I never ever want to know his real identity, *cough* Mr. Wayne *cough*)

  39. “The heart of this story is stuff normal white people can understand and they are comfortable discussing. If this is Nazi-guy shooting black people, no lawyer is taking the case and no prominent people are speaking out in favor of the shooter.”

    I agreed 100% with your own comment yesterday where you said we only need 20% of Whites to agree with us, not 51%.

    Are we doing optics to appeal to the normies again or are we shooting for a better-informed, more highly-motivated 20% ?

    There were around 11 million estimated “alt-Right sympathizers” in 2018 according to the Hawley study. That’s around 7% of Whites already. But apparently they all “never learned” anyway, so we’re starting at 0% and appealing to the normies again?

    Where are we going with this?

    Today’s “normal” (as in average) White people are never going to be willing to do what Kyle Rittenhouse did. They are not “comfortable” with disobeying mask laws, much less armed self-defense. If I wanted to discuss this issue with “normal White people” I’d be watching the convention clown-shows. We’re supposed to be more advanced here.

    As for “Nazi guys shooting black people” that’s been literally no one’s narrative beyond the Daily Beast fever-swamps.

    All three JQ-IA’s were White or Fellow White and Rittenhouse is FOP-waffen at worst. Square peg, round hole.

    This story does not lend itself to counter-signalling the wignats. There will be other stories on other days with which to flog that straw man.

    Kyle Rittenhouse should not be used as a jawbone to cudgel the dead horse of an alt-Right whose hoofbeats seem to be a “hauntology” around here.

    • You would still need to move 13 percent of the Whites. Propaganda, and that is meant in a good way, has to be effective even among those who are reachable.

      Did I misread you?

    • an alt-Right whose hoofbeats seem to be a “hauntology” around here.

      Awesome turn of phrase there, Exile. Many here do protest too much, methinks.

  40. Right on with the optics. Makes me wonder what the hell the dissidents of a generation ago were thinking, with their “fight me” posture and overt wignat symbolism. For two decades now the overriding image most people held of dissidents was David Duke on the Jerry Springer show.

    It was so incredibly dumb that it makes me seriously question how many of that cohort were fed plants intentionally trying to make all of us look like clowns. Had to be more than a few.

    • Maybe. On the other hand, defense of a people often needs to be unconscious and automatic instead of deliberate and considered. You do that with, well, hate.

      Just like antibodies attack invaders, but can’t explain why they do it, the old hatreds may have been an optimal response to the problem of infiltration by untrustworthy outsiders. But one side effect is that people couldn’t explain why they were acting like they were.

      • Yeah I get it. I don’t totally blame that cohort for going in the direction they did. Put in the context of the time, there weren’t many outlets for people to express their concern over the future of our race, and virtually no way to do so anonymously. So the only people with the balls to speak out publicly were the ones with enough emotion (i.e. “hatred”) to do so.
        I guess I just wish that they had been more effective in what they were trying to accomplish, but no sense crying over spilled milk. I should just be happy that we have much better ways of organizing today, and that the leftist agenda has moved far enough along that more and more normies are starting to get worked up enough to listen.

    • Steady. If you don’t know what things were like before the internet, you can’t understand what things were like before the internet. It’s like sex or lsd.

      The totalitarian nature of broadcast media was (and remains) almost impossible for average people to grasp. And the absence of social media made it almost impossible for above average people to warn them.

      White people, being generally sincere and still deep in the cave, did not understand that the fight they were fighting wasn’t about the fight, it was about the way images from the fight would be presented. This was why the fight was even allowed to take place in many instances.

      Shit, we’ve got people in this thing who grew up on the internet that still don’t get this. I myself still forget about it every third or fourth time something comes up.  

      Being redpilled back in the day pushed many people deeper into the cave in some ways, even while “understanding” that Jews control the media.

      It was hard to see how you could manufacture the appearance of mass movements (or mass killings) on the basis of a handful of black-and-white pictures.

      Google Pulitzer Prize Photography, then consider me how some mechanic Joe Sixpackbaum in Kenosha in 1948 or 68 or 88 was supposed to know he wasn’t getting the whole story?

      • Yes Yes Yes …. I try to explain this to the younger folks 18-35) with whom I interact every day. We did have “choice” and different perspectives (sarcasm): Three networks with Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley ,,,, and I can’t remember who was the figurehead on the third. Later as the culture war gained traction we got the PBS polished-radical perspective. Of course, there was some variability of perspective an opinion in the papers — columnists etc, but even they pretty much all colored inside of the allowed lines.

        We were being done even those seven to ten decades ago, and didn’t have a clue. So how WERE we to know.

        • That brings back memories! My parents were channel 5 (Boston network affiliate). Families were network-loyal even though the differences between them were negligible. The news readers made big bucks then too.

    • “fed plants” – misread that at first and thought you meant they were sneaking weed into the brownies on the pre-show snack cart.

  41. Walking around recently seeing everyone in a mask reminded me of the Harlon Ellison short story title ” I have no mouth and I must scream” It feels like that in many ways with no outlet for my outrage except commenting here and there on like minded forums.

    The ignored atrocities of the five year old boy being murdered or the fender bender killer killing that white couple are just the tip. Where would this seventeen yearold Kyle Rittenhouse fit into a narrative if he was at the founding of our country. There would eventually be statues being one of the first to effectively fight back.

    Just today Gofundme on it’s own is pushing for the Anthony Huber the “fearless skateboarder” while at the same time taking down fund raising for Rittenhouse. Tim Cook of Apple is calling Jacob Blake another Emmett Till. All the sportsball teams are all in with this nonsense with more demands.

    Will the scream happen in November and if so will it make much of a difference? At best we get four more years of some Trump and a lot of Kushner. I hope normie America is feeling this and seeing reality for once. We are definitely being targeted and obviously a real pogrom will ensue on our asses if Trump loses.

    What a year so far.

    • I’m shopping for a Colt Arms AR-15 or equivalent. I’m trained in the use of a very similar weapon, even if it was four decades ago.

      • Good luck with that. Guy I know got a Daniel Defense rifle only because he was on their mailing list and acted immediately. Entire stock was sold out in a couple hours. Retailers are on allocation, according to one I talked with.

      • Looking at a Ruger mini-14 m’self. Never did like the Armalite even though, like you, I was trained (and shot expert) on it.

    • At best we get four more years of some Trump and a lot of Kirschner.

      From where I sit four more years of Trump and Kirschner beats the HELL outta ANY amount of Biden and Harris! How many weeks/months you figure it’ll take them to execute the 25th Amendment coup on Dopey/Gropey Joe?

      • If Biden wins and dies soon after I’m really hoping the Dems soak him in formaldehyde and call in some of their buddies from Silly Valley to put a speaker in his throat, hook him up with hydraulics, and play Weekend at Biden’s as long as they can. A dead nation deserves a dead President.

        • No need for him to die. I am convinced that the real purpose of the 25th Amendment was to to provide for a faster legal coup process than the founders provided in the impeachment process outlined in Article I of the Constitution. Those guys were more than smart enough to recognize the need for a.legal way to depose a sitting president. I figure the 25th amendment is just a faster, less “messy” way to.effect a coup but with a wrapper that was palatable to the general public. The problem with a 25th Amendment coup is that it requires the POTUS either to.be such a stinker that his own cabinet (i.e. henchmen) want to.get rid.of.him or to be.such an incompetent fool as not to pack his cabinet with men too.loyal to.consider ousting him. I truly believe that the Dems wanted to.effect a 25th Amendment coup but couldn’t get a majority of Trump’s cabinet to go.along and so were forced to.fallback upon impeachment. Problem with that being anybody with more’n 2 brain cells to.rub together had to know there wasn’t a chance in hell of the Senate.convicting – especially given the lame-ass articles which were all the Dems could manage to gin up.
          Anyhow, my notion is that Gropey/Dopey Joe has already been snookered into accepting being “retired” under the 25th Amendment with Kamala Harris assuming the presidency some time next spring. I would also be utterly gob smacked if there wasn’t a move to.repeal the 22nd Amendment. We all know how unhappy the left was that O’Bozo had to step down after a scant 8 years.

    • When I’m frustrated, I text my hubby that I will be screaming in the garage, don’t be alarmed. It’s pretty good as a quick outlet.

  42. Cops are pigs, they don’t care about you, even if you are right, IT DOES NOT MATTER, they are the system’s enforcers.
    The juridical system is filled with women who are looking to punish white men who fight for their rights. In fact many whites(men or women) can’t stand seeing white men beating up black men, IT DOES NOT MATTER IF BLACK DESERVES IT.
    This is a REALITY, if you go charging at monkeys, media will have a field day with you, you will end up destroyed by the system, you will ACHIEVE NOTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN.
    Listen to James LaFond on latest episode of myth of 20th century, he says the same thing.
    There are race traitors at every corner, YOU NEED PUBLIC APPROVAL IN ORDER TO FIGHT BACK.

    • Consider the irony of posting a comment filled with caps and underlines, references to pigs and monkeys etc on a post about optics.

      I’m on your side brother, but I urge you to consider how you come across if you comment in this style in places outside of this blog. That said, I’m looking forward to listening to the M20C show this weekend. Big fan of those guys and of James LaFond, always entertaining.

      • Don’t you worry about me, I don’t plan on becoming a public figure who represents white nationalists.
        You remind me of atheist subverters who claim I can’t be a christian cause I have a great dislike for many people.
        “A christian would love everybody, you are no true christian!”
        “That’s between me and Jesus! None of your business!”
        I am very outspoken about my feelings, which is not a bad thing imo, but I know the elites wish to stir up the whites because they wanna make them look bad, I am just saying to not get tricked by their bullshit.

        • Alright, to each his own I suppose. There are so few of us in the first place that I’m hesitant about “tone policing” people on our side even when I feel it’s justified.

          • know what the first rule about a drowning person is? don’t get near them, they will drag you down. why do you think lifeguards have a buoy on a 30 foot rope?

          • You’re thinking of a Rescue Tube, not a Buoy, but to get your WSI/Lifeguard certification you (used to) have to demonstrate that you can rescue someone w/o an aid and perform first aid when you bring them in. Nonetheless it was a desireable job for a college-age kid or someone who got summers off.

      • I don’t see the irony. It’s not like he’s posting on a forum that more than .00000001% of the population has ever heard of..

  43. Charging this kid with capital murder is so outrageous and evil, it makes the kid into a symbol of everything that is wrong.

    Gaige Grosskreutz is actually the one who should be arrested for attempted murder, but of course he won’t be.

    • His Facebook posts about regretting, “not emptying his mag,” will be a goldmine for Kyle’s defense team.

        • What ARE you toking? Thinking the feds (DOiJ) would get involved in any capacity except to prosecute young Rittenhouse. I figure there are 2 chances of the feds prosecuting anybody but the real victim – anorexic and morbidly obese.

          • all that means is you have a different guess than i do. we won’t have to wait long to find out who guessed best.

      • I saw that, it was not a quote from Gaige directly but a secondhand comment from his friend quoting what Gaige supposedly said. Compelling ammunition for the information war, but I’m dubious about how useful it would be in a court of law.

      • This is not the first crime in which Facebook, Twitter and other social media come back to haunt the accused or even collaterally involved people. Good luck getting youth to accept this advice, indeed any good advice, but: think very carefully about what you post on social media, because it lasts forever.
        Given the risks of “doxing” these days, I would not be surprised if even anonymous (on the surface) media such as this isn’t at similar risks. Not blaming Z for any security lapses, but it’s probably none too paranoid to note that Big Brother could easily monitor us with or without Big Broker (corporations) spying on us, often within the law even. So keep this in mind if you have reputation – career – etc. to defend.

  44. Another feather in our cap is the fact that Lin Wood, Nick Sandmann’s attorney, has offered to work for Kyle Rittenhouse pro bono. I have heard other lawyers are stepping up. That’s a good sign. The Legend of Kyle Rittenhouse is growing…

  45. Rittenhouse has provided a template for others to copy. We are going to see “hunters” waiting for antifa to show up, and then gunning them down. with no witnesses. in the sense that no local person will out the shooters. if the left persists, then the death squads form. if you weren’t around for the carnage in central america, circa the late 70’s, early to mid 80’s, then read about it, or watch any of the many decent movies about it.

      • Fake Soros email account. Promise of free weed and pizza. That’s been their usual modus operandi.

      • they are like zombies; they just wander everywhere eventually. judging by results so far, they will never make it to the countryside as they keep getting beat to shit in the suburbs. they did send a suicide squad into Sturgis recently; all members were cornholed and gaped…

      • I predict Antifa will march on the suburbs, exurbs, and countryside if/when Trump is reelected. That’s how to lure them out.

        • That’s a sucker bet if ever I heard one. Only problem is, the way I have it figured, Biden’s election is a foregone conclusion. This bodes to be the most fraudulent election in the history of fraudulent elections. I figure the left is not only gonna pull out all the stops, they’re busy inventing NEW ways to steal the election. With the lapdog MSM aiding and abetting them, where’s the down side?

          • The same post office that warns you not to send cash through the mail is going to handle your vote fairly? Granted, cash is more valuable than a vote, but still . . . .

      • Some recently made that mistake in the middle of PA on their way to some rioting somewhere else. Got out of the cars in a small town and started the chanting shit. Were provided some helpful directions courtesy of a local that popped off a few rounds in their direction.

        • In all seriousness, it might be an excellent time to stock up on blanks….aka “acoustic ammunition”.

          While technically illegal to even discharge blanks in most municipal districts, I’d GUESS that the penalties for discharging a blank into the air is much less severe (administrative action?) than actual bullets/grapeshot.

          There’s a reason the St. Louis attorneys waved around unloaded/disabled firearms and aren’t currently in jail.

      • They seem to be heading that way on their own. God help them, this is only prelude if that happens.

  46. Last night I was texting with an old friend who has moved leftward. He started off by saying that Tucker will be cancelled for siding with Kyle. Later on he wrote that “If a black guy had done it, entire groups would be deemed terrorists”. It was so ass-backward I didn’t even know how to react. So I let it go and moved onto other things. But it gave me a good reminder American whites are basically two people now: the leftist ones who cling to old civil rights ideas, and the civic nationalist ones who cling to old libertarian ideas. The civil rights side is not worth saving.

      • Lack of intelligence, no intellectual curiosity, too much passive consumption of propaganda, etc. Basically your average normie American. I have several friends from HS who would copiously use ‘the N word’ and could very clearly tell you the difference between a black male and an N.

        Today? They’d be clutching their pearls at the mere thought of any of it relating to their new god, blacks. Remember, this has been positioned through 24×7 mass indoctrination to be a religious cult and it is exactly that. You aren’t going to break a cultist out of their devotion and the fact that people have been physically attacked and still remain loyal should tell you that.

        Cut your losses and move on. You can’t save everyone, nor should you. That is time you could be investing in the salvageable.

        • That is time you could be investing in the salvageable.

          The word you’re looking for is “triage”.

        • Exactly. This old friend actually put a line from a Nazi (the “reach for my gun” quote) in the freaking yearbook, and all our chats prior to 2020 seemed to suggest he was race-realist. But now he has a BLM sign in his yard. I don’t know why he’s moved leftward but he is certainly charmed by the antiracist movement.

          • “If a black guy had done it, entire groups would be deemed terrorists”

            How out of touch do you have to be to realize that black guys do this kind of stuff EVERY FU*KING DAY!

            Your friend is hopeless. Get new friends, pronto!

          • There are a lot of cultural conservatives , note the small C who are really weak .
            They either want to get eaten last or are terrified by the implications of ethnic and religious groups that cannot under any circumstances share a polity . Any sane person would be, Bosnia x Rwanda is no joke.
            Some are Civ Nats who genuinely believe in magic dirt.
            Many have terrible cognitive dissonance with the idea that for the most part with a few exceptions, politics is genetic and racial and regression to the mean will end up with the vast majority being the bottom.
            There are people who every ethnic group who are genuinely assimilated but unless the society and its foundation are genuinely Anglo Saxon than regression to the mean gets you what we have now, only worse.
            The Know Nothings were Right. The original Republic only worked with an English society. That failed with the Germans but the Anglo Saxon society was workable.
            That we must haveor best case its a 2nd tier society after the wars end,.

          • Where does he live, what does he do for living, who is his wife? There you will find the answers to your friends evolution.

        • You’ve got a large pool of young whites out there raised by women and weak men without any moral reference points. Before the beer flu panic though, most had jobs and placed to go when not at work. They were aimless, drunken, weed smoking, morally bankrupt human flotsam. Now without work or places to go to spend their money they’ve been mobilized by the BLM and antifa cult. The cult offers a morality and focus of sorts, albeit a twisted one. It also offers these mass public gatherings which replace the closed bars and nightclubs as places to get wasted and look for poon. The skeevy tattooed white chicks are there looking for black dick and the soyboys arrive hoping to get at them before Tyrone does.

          A lot of leftist dominated metropoles like Portland and Seattle spent years making themselves deliberately attractive to this type without realizing that they were piling up human ammonium nitrate like the Beirut port authority did with the real stuff.

          The sensible thing to do here in Portland to restore a semblance of order early on, say back in May, would have been to declare the virus lockdowns to have been a fraternity prank that got out of control and re-open whatever businesses are still there. It’s all too late and the city is fucked now though. The bomb has gone off and even the businesses who have so far been outside the blast radius are preemptively leaving.

    • you should try and bang this friend’s GF, if she isn’t to fugly (or has herpes). strike a blow for freedom and all…

    • I can’t believe you still have leftist friends. Kyle Rittenhouse’ battle the other night showed that this is actually a civil war between white people. You’re consorting with the Enemy

      • I have liberal neighbors who might try to harm me in a civil conflict. Otherwise, they are kind and responsible. Should I wait for the first shot? We eye one another uneasily these days…

        • Yes indeed. Always quite disheartening to know that the fellow you used to have a friendly chat with and who did a few favours for you will dob you into the law in a heartbeat because ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or ‘gun owner’ or whatever you fancy…

          This of course just shows how far things have fallen. When a set of people can’t just function socially because the insanity of the politics gets in the way. And this insanity comes entirely from the left.

        • Don’t do stupid and illegal things obviously.
          But if it comes to the worst case scenario, the law won’t natter and no more brother wars doesn’t apply till after the its all over.
          Also its important that we learn something to the small hats, there is absolutely no time limit of paying the price for the other guys, war criminals all. Ninety three years old? We don’t care.
          There will be no mercy , no pity and no let no matter how long it takes.
          Obviously the goal is to try and avoid this but our society is very ill and the medicine that could help, a geniune actual pro civic , pro Western religious movement isn’t there.
          So its going to get sicker and sicker and probably die, virtue signaled to death like societal lupus.

      • This. As the holiness requirements of leftism escalates toward the singularity of equalitydiversity, these “normie” leftists will do whatever it takes to preserve their standing within the cult. They question of these “friends” choosing the cult over their non-believer friends is not if, but when.

        In my own circle I have been methodically downgrading these friends into acquaintances over the years. I dont treat them as enemies overtly but I do view them as instruments of the enemy and thus mitigate and minimize my exposure to them and the tentacles of their various causes.

        • you have to be this way, for your own safety. why wait for things to get ugly to do what is inevitable.

  47. Another useful lesson here is that the enemy is not a collection of super-intelligent super-villains. They often get high off their own supply. 

    On top of the very good practical advice you offered, this is the most important point to me. Our enemies are powerful but incredibly stupid. It may have been a misimpression, but they seemed much brighter in the past. Perhaps they became mentally lazy after seizing power? As is the case with the biggest idiots, they live in a bubble and tell each other they are smart and that adds to this vulnerability. We saw this play out with the FBI/Intelligence Community-led coup attempt. The rank idiocy of it explained much as to why the United States has lost every war it has entered since WWII. These people are what passes for the State’s brain.
    Kyle Rittenhouse was a national hero when he entered Cheesehead Lubyanka. When the commissars charged him with first degree murder, he became a martyr.
    There will me attempts to memoryhole this story as the facts become widely known. Don’t let it be, and mention it to friends, family and on social media and the Internet. We have been handed a golden opportunity here, and on top of that, Kyle represents everything we must defend.

    • > Don’t let it be, and mention it to friends, family and on social media and the Internet.
      The Court of Facebook has already stated their verdict, and said they would delete any post supportive of Kyle.

    • We may be able to thank legalized marijuana in many States. The whites who gravitate to BLM or Antifa are not known for avoiding the weed Cannabis is a pretty tame drug as drugs go, but it’s also not known to spur intelligence, initiative, or good judgment 🙂

      • those guys are using meth or PCP, not weed. tojo didn’t give the troops malt liquor and weed before a bonzai charge 🙂

      • Portland is the weed capitol of the country, which attracts a certain kind of person. It is no accident that the worst riots are happening in the weed capitol.

        One of my best friends lives in Portland. Although he is a capable entrepreneur, his highest value in life is legal weed. I love the guy, but he deserves to have his house burned down. I’ll light the match.

        • For now.

          Can’t get into an elevator in a decent hotel in Denver without being overpowered by the noxious odor of spent marijuana smoke.

          Coming soon to an elevator near you, I’m sure.

          • Denver is the Amsterdam of the midwest! It always looks like a Grateful Dead concert is playing, there now.

        • Same thing happened to one of my buddies in Seattle. The life he lives now is shell of what it was 15 years ago. Weed is super addictive for some folks. Its breaking my heart to see it.

      • Then we must build jails for every 2A hunter in Texas, Michigan, and Kentucky!

        Good thing the psychological warfare- lockdowns, masks, media, and (((left-funded))) feminist judges didn’t do any damage.

        Keep punching right for the WIN

      • People say that a lot of this behavior is hysterical. I wonder if this is psychotic, a group or mass psychosis, in the clinical sense of the term. I am not talking about the new foot-washing cult, but the people actually out tearing things up in the street.
        Hypothesis: the long-term effects of ideological conditioning, plus the dopamine cycles produced by social media plus daily, super-strong, vaporized marijuana use, plus the years-long paranoid Russiagate hoax equals at a minimum hundreds of thousands of people who were well-prepared for a mental health episode.
        To this, add months of plague propaganda, the real stress of lock-down increasing economic anxiety. Now they are really primed.
        Add a spark: the Fentanyl Kid.
        Andy Ngo’s coverage of all this in Portland suggests that certain fringe elements already disposed towards mental health issues (the mixed-race, the gender dysphoric) are massively over-represented in the rioters, or at least those getting arrested.
        I am mindful of the way that psychiatry was turned into (some would say created as) a weapon by the usual suspects in the 20th century.  But that does not mean that it is all bullshit, as some would like to believe. I wonder what the psych community is saying about all of this.

    • Kyle will likely be helped by the consistency of his good image being replicated on social media. But this is a rare thing.

      Social media is dangerous. The downside is some multiple of its utility. We need to be steering kids away from the chambers of the satanic people who hate them at every opportunity.

      Each account is a self-constructing opposition research dossier. One bad “optics” moment and the mainstream media and public courts will turn a good kid into a monster.

      We debate the wisdom of a kid being out at night with a gun, but there are millions of kids with phones, at home on any given night, that are in enemy territory for hours at a time handing their potential futures to the very forces that want them enslaved in globopedo or dead.

      I dont know the solution, but social media is a problem that needs to be addressed head on. If optics matters why would we hand over ours and our children’s images to satan’s PR department?

    • To be fair, our enemy’s foot soldiers are idiots. Not so sure about the generals. Although I think the generals may have miscalculated how much control they have over the lower ranks. We shall see.

    • The foot-soldiers and propaganda-purveyors may not be that smart, but their masters are. Otherwise they wouldn’t have taken control of media, corporations, banking, the military, etc. so easily.

    • Not sure I agree with you. I think our enemies are pretty smart. Don’t get to control the entire apparatus of the US goverment, deep state, big business without make some good decisions. Their guys getting killed/arrested at these protests are their disposable shock troops.

  48. Yes sir. Optics matter.

    I’m a friendly white guy, decently dressed, in decent shape, no tattoos. A good representative of my people, so to speak. No 1776 stickers on my car or Gadsden flags at my house (or confed/nazi). I don’t brag about the firearms I own. I don’t sperg out at random coloured people. Some say I’m almost too “perfect” – what skeletons do I have in my closet?

    But if I were attacked, I’m just a friendly innocent white guy maimed by angry coloured mobs (or in this case, white/Jewish mobs).

    This story is great because he’s just a friendly white kid practicing self defense and even the most cucked normiecon can watch it right on video.

    • Agree. It’s because he was doing the CivNat, NormieCon thing and merely defended himself against an obvious and immediate threat to his life that Lin Wood is on the case. In the case where NRO sniffs out which way the wind is blowing and supports Kyle, we will have a real victory.

      • A 2A guy (presumably), beyond being part of the only group that has successfully conserved anything, strikes a huge blow in the culture war. Maybe they’re onto something.

    • You my friend are practicing superb situational awareness and are the epitome of the “gray man”. Keep up the great work.

    • Love it.

      Wonder when the left is going to figure out that just as a man who declines to drink in a bar must paradoxically be an alcoholic therefore…

      A man who refuses to brag about his guns must be a closet firearm enthusiast?

  49. re: optics; notice how ugly most of the left are! especially their orc hordes. all of these individuals really need to be euthanized as there is no practical way of making them useful to society in any way…

    • In particular leftist women do tend to be ugly. I am quite sure that former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi also said something along these lines. I have to say that there probably is no curse greater than being an ugly woman; if you have been beaten with the ugly stick, why not fall back on a set of politics that give you a goal that does not require finding a man. This politics makes you even more undesirable – the vicious circle.

      • more than one book (assuming you consider romance novels as qualifying) has been written about a homely women finally (FINALLY!) finding true love with her handsome wealthy prince, after a lifetime of mean treatment. it is definitely a hard road to follow, just ask Janis Joplin (voted most homely girl in her HS class. yeah, that’s how America rolled in the early 60’s).

        • I had forgotten what Janis Joplin looked like. I googled her… Thanks a bunch for that image. Poor girl couldn’t be flattered by any angle, it appears.

        • an aquaintance of mine went to high school with Janis; not only homely looking, but a serious alcoholic who hung with the roughest crowd in the school.

          • Janis had a fling with Leonard Cohen, who is as ugly as she is. In his song “Chelsea Hotel #2” about the fling, he wrote:

            You told me again you prefer handsome men,
            But for me you would make an exception.
            And clenching your fist for the ones like us
            Who are oppressed by the figures of beauty
            You fixed yourself, you said “Well nevermind,
            We are ugly but we have the music”

          • On a talk show about ten years ago, Cohen said that he got into bed with a drunk Joplin in the late ’60s by telling her he was Kris Kristofferson. An ugly moment, but the studio audience laughed, as if it were all part of his stylized nihilist charm.

          • Janis Joplin was certainly no great beauty, but I wouldn’t call her ugly, either. Nothing that a good haircut, makeup & attention to wardrobe couldn’t fix. Mary Matalin is not a classically beautiful woman, but she looks great because she is always impeccably groomed.

        • That’s how my h.s. rolled in the 80’s. Our class incessantly picked on the ugly girls. The ugliest was never called her name, just “Yoda.” The cruelist treatment administered came from the queers. It was disgusting.

      • At least the Leftist beastie women who protest are ugly. I have known a few hottie normie-ish progressive gals. While they virtue signal like a lighthouse in a storm, they do not set foot outside their gated community bubbles. But they are cute.

        • they are just fair weather lefties; AKA useful idiots. sometimes referred to as the soft left. and a lot of them are cute. super insipid though,, and inordinately interested in pegging.

        • These women are also very easy — especially if you’re assertive as they’re used to being around soyboys and homosexuals who make up a large chunk of their social circles.

      • The majority of leftist women are without a doubt, ugly. There’s no question about this. They’re just as ugly on the inside as the outside.

    • 17 year old upstanding citizen white kid (with impressive combat skills) takes down 3 pedos/criminals with creepy, foreign, Bolshevik sounding names like Rosenbaum, Grosskreutz and Huber. Hmm…

      No wonder there has been almost no mention of them. Black media just says “BLM protesters”, implying the victims were black.

      • Er, Rittenhouse was originally “Rittenhaus”. Rosenbaum was the Jew, the other two are German goyim. In fact, all those names are German, which is not surprising given the geography.

        • I have seen nothing to suggest Rosenbaum was Jewish. He sure as hell did not look like a guy fond of small hats. Sometimes, names can be deceiving.

          • I read that his father is Jewish, but not mom. And I agree that “Rosetree” is not necessarily a Jewish name. I was going by what I read. I’ll try to find the source.

          • irrespective of the fellow now residing on the autopsy table in the morgue, many european family names have a christian, and a jewish variant. e.g. : “Jacobson” and “Jacobsen”.

            also, sometimes a person who is not jewish, ends up with a jewish surname because a male ancestor was adopted by a jewish step father. i know a person like this 😛

          • There are no Jewish “variants” of European names, that would defy the purpose of adopting the local name in the first place. Most Ashkenazi names – like Rosenbaum – are simply adopted German ones.

            That’s why the Nazis planned to have all Jews to adopt the middle name “Israel”, if you were a man, or “Sarah”, if you were a woman.

            <i>what’s jacobson then</i>

            Swedish, although often Swedish son-names are spelled with a double s. i.e.: Jacobsson.

          • I’m the Felix Krull – the definite article, if you will. The guy purporting to relate my memoir is a shameless impostor.

          • Changing names around was not uncommon a century ago. A lot of Russians passed themselves off as Germans or Poles when they arrived here. Jews, of course, change there public names a lot and never reveal their secret name. The Irish would change their names to sound white.

          • “The Irish would change their names to sound white.”

            Damn. Way harsh, bro. I’m only like 7% potato jogger and even I’m not cool with that, lol.

          • I was raised in a West Michigan port town. It’s changed materially since then, but at the time half the town was German and the other half was mostly strict Dutch Reformed.

            By German or Dutch, I mean these folks were post-WWII immigrants, mostly engineers and farmers.

            All our several Rosenbaum and other ‘baum families were pure Christian extract, given their large number, none was a small hat wearer or descended thereof.

            Despite being dinky albeit rich and well-educated in our town generally, we nearly always won the State at academics — quiz bowl, engineering, science, math olympiad etc. — period, against everybody including the Ann Arbor schools, Lansing and Gross Pointe schools.

            Effing Dutch and Germans :>]

          • My experiences were all in a heavily Jewish area of NJ, so I guess the demographics were different.

          • Lenny Bruce said that Barry Goldwater’s father was the only Jew to change his religion and keep his name (altho anglicized from Goldwasser).

        • Well, to a cracker like myself it sounds like a foreign creepy Bolshevik name.

          This is a good thing for our side as well. Raises more suspicion.

        • Is that something you actually know?

          German and Jewish names are often indistinguishable; when the Jews came to Germany from Poland and Belorussia, they took German names so they could play the “my fellow Germans”-game, just like grandpa Rittenhaus americanized his name.

          • My BIL has a very Jewish name (maybe a Jewish grandfather I think). Meet him in person and he’s as close to a redneck as you can get in New England (“Townie” is the official designation). He occasionally attends a Congregational Church. Good guy.

          • It’s actually something I know. Jews who came into the German Empire were forced to assume certain names for the sake of identification. “Wiesel”, for example, or “Kaufmann”. Over time, standards were relaxed, intermarriage occurred, and here we are. The NSDAP attempted to put the clock back, as you know. Here in the US, I knew a Jewish guy named Foster whose great-grandparents came from Poland. Their actual name was Posterowitz, but the official on Ellis Island registered them as Foster so others would be able to spell or pronounce their name. They kept it.

          • I see – interesting. But I was referring to Rittenhaus being German rather than Jewish.

            And it still doesn’t mean you can determine Jewish ancestry just by looking at the surname. Wiesel and Kaufmann are German names, as is Rosenbaum.

            I wonder if there even is such a thing as an authentic Jewish surname. They all seem to be German, Polish or Russian, and some cultures (like pre-Christian Scandinavia) don’t have surnames.

          • So I googled about a bit, and it seems there are only three original Jewish surnames: Cohen, Levy and Israel – Cohen, coincidentally, also being an Irish name.

          • This is similar to happenstance for my family surname. The first male family member drew one interrogator who assigned the surname spelling with a “K.” The second male drew a different interrogator who assigned his surname spelling with a “G.” They were blood brothers who entered from the same ship at the same time and our family has two different names as a consequence. We were just effing grateful to be accepted here and so we never consolidated the surname.

          • Wife’s maiden name is a very jewish sounding german name. So much so that we are receive jewish literature in the mail soliciting donations for various causes.

          • So much so that we are receive jewish literature in the mail soliciting donations for various causes.



        • Huber can be both a German surname as well as a Jew name. I thought the Jew kid was the Huber one because of that gigantic beak. Who knows. When I first began researching my ancestry about 20 yrs ago, I was shocked at how many Jews had the same surname. Very disheartening.

      • Rosenbaum is a surname of German origin, which translates as “rose tree” and which was given to people living in the proximity of rose bushes. The surname is common among Ashkenazi Jews, but is also associated with various non-Jews of German origin.

      • …takes down 3 pedos/criminals with creepy, foreign, Bolshevik sounding names like Rosenbaum, Grosskreutz and Huber.

        This White kid is a HERO. He did what society should have done years ago to these three pedos/criminals. They should have been publicly hung like their brethren, “Saint” Floyd. It’s a real shame that we no longer conduct public executions or other forms of punishment such as canings, lashings, etc.

        We don’t necessarily have to implement Sharia Law, but even if we do something similar to what the National Corps does to public drunks, druggies, and other degenerates in Ukraine sure would be a start (they rough them up well).

    • Check out the mugshots on Andy Ngo’s twitter feed. Lots of asymmetrical faces just sayin’.

      Also lots of millennials, a decent number of Xers, a handful of boomers and zoomers for those interested in the generational angle. Basically people of fighting age.

    • I think you’re missing some subtleties. In the economic realm, the war is the rich and the poor against the middle. The same rule applies to women’s political affliliations.

      The best looking and the ugliest women are leftists. The sweet spot in the middle is with us, more or less.

  50. The current Representatives of our side, Kyle Ritterhouse and Nick Sandman, are filled with the promise of Youth, innocence and goodness . It is a profound contrast to what you see on the other side. Things really are beginning to resemble Lord of the Rings

  51. Kyle is a lot fitter than he looks 🙂 just a little residual baby fat i think. anyway, he was moving and scanning, while under fire, for a good few minutes. on the ground he was rotating and covering like 270 degrees of perimeter.

    this event, and poor Cannon Hinnant’s murder, are definitely the pebbles that are leading to an avalanche.

    what made this event so harmful to the left, is the total absence of negroes “in the frame”. it’s literally normal America fighting crazy perverted criminal hordes. and winning. the media will drop this soon, once the initial polling comes in showing Kyle is a national hero.

    • That was some stellar riflecraft – and an important side issue that deserves mention. Contrast and compare young master Kyle ‘s technique with that of the officer that shot Jacob Blake at arm’s length. Many, if not most civvies can outshoot the cops.

      • OMG, how many times have 5 or 6 cops fired off 80+ shots hitting several bystanders, if not the perp?! happens *all* the time.

        anyone here not heard of the “Hollywood Shootout” between a pair of bank robbers, and the Hollywood police? do yourself a favor and watch it on youtube!

        • An only half-joke from an ex-NYPD elite services unit guy—and had several gunfights under his belt— “the only two safe places to be when an beat patrolman is shooting is directly in front or directly behind”

          • Yeah, I’ve heard a similar version. I used to shoot at a range that trained county and state cops. It was pretty wild seeing some of these people at the range. One of the instructors used to joke, “The safest place on the range is behind the target.”

          • The observation, if counterintuitive, is true. A shooter jerking a trigger is much more likely to land shots around the target than on it. A shooter who can concentrate on his front sight and a compressed trigger squeeze is deadly dangerous in a fight.

          • My observation was that they loved hitting the bit of angle iron from which the target was attached. New shooters and shooters who lack confidence always shoot high. They let the weapon control them. It’s like a carnival ride for them.

        • The cops shot over 250 rounds into the car with the hostage in it! They hit the hostage like 10 times and the missed the bad guy entirely.

          They had some former cops do an “independent” evaluation. What a joke. They basically excused every excess and every failure to obey existing policy and, surprise, surprise, recommend they raise taxes and spend more money!

          There are 2 incidents that happened just in the last year that are pretty bad with the cops shooting up a neighborhood and a highway and using citizens as human shields like it was the OK Corral! That was the UPS incident in Florida, IIRC, and the Jewish supermarket in Newark.
          The cops are out of control. And when the shit hits the fan, they run away every single time.

          • Bank of the West, Stockton CA. The police let the perps leave the scene and then proceeded to have a roving gun battle on the streets the led to one of the hostages being killed. Want to say it was 5 years ago approximately.

          • Don’t forget the “Hollywood Shootout” back in the 90’s (which inspired the movie HEAT).

        • It was insane how close the antifa guys were to Kyle. There is no way, IMO, to train for gun fights at ranges of < 1 foot, while running and rolling around on the ground. I think the recommendation from a technique perspective would be to shoot the guys before they get this close. He was skilled and lucky to survive. I take it as a good omen!

        • Frankly, i was amazed. He managed only shoot direct attackers. You get nervous in these situations and the spray and pray gets deployed more often than not. There is a phenomena of deer fever. The first buck you shoot- your hands tend to shake. This baby-faced, chubby kid managed to just shoot the right people. They head shot was reserved for the pedo. luck and poise. Gentleman, our killers are beginning to be spawned like white t-cells. You ever notice how every once in a while you fuk with the wrong person?

    • Whatever else is said, the riots stopped in Kenosha, at least thus far. A probability of death yields civility.

      I believe that this fine young man and intrepid patriot should be commended for performing a valuable and necessary public service. Free Kyle.

      • Free Kyle.

        Tell it, Waiting! For half a century we’ve been hearing lefties using the “Free X” sympathy extraction app. “Free Huey!” “Free the East Cloaca 500!”

        We can make hay with the same kind of messaging.

        • Anyone out there marketing free Kyle merch yet? I’d LOVE to see that become a normie thing.

          Impossible to overstate what a huge redpill that would be.

          actually just YELLING “free kyle!” At sporting events or whenever news reporters are around would be huge.

          next MAGA speech “free kyle” should be the new “build the wall”

    • And no one will care about a couple of dirty white boys getting whacked. No baby mommas will get trotted out say they were good boys who just made a few poor decisions earlier in life and then a really bad one recently. I imagine a large number of people are secretly glad some of these scabs are finally getting some just desserts.

    • It doesn’t hurt that his attackers (those targeted by his rifle work) were white and criminal.

      I’ve been saying for awhile that retribution/counter-attack should initially be focused against the “good whites.”

      Obviously this is a case in extremis and spontaneity, but the result is clear. Leftist white “victims” will garner little support (if not open disdain) from normie whites and only lip service from the myopic blacks. The only people screeching about this are leftist circles in an echo chamber.

      Where Our Quislings can be harmed/hindered… do so. Isolate Our enemy’s elements individually by vulnerability and then roll them up once weakened.

      • I’ve been saying for awhile that retribution/counter-attack should initially be focused against the “good whites.”
        Yes, because being white Judah is the only time when whitey gets a pat on the back, this element must be removed from white society.

      • Every white and (((white))) shitlib killed, jailed, or otherwise incapacitated, probably leads to 3 or 4 minorities being demobilized from these fights as well. Blacks are easy to despise but the Left just uses them as human shields and battering rams. Taking out the white shitbags who organize, direct, and arm these swarthy goons pays multiples of what you put in.

  52. I’ve started referring to a certain basketball-American as “Black Supremacist Lebron James” around NormieCons. Getting a positive reaction from it.

  53. That is why those involved in dissident politics have always got to remember to be the friendly face to the skeptical public.

    This is the key. The benefit is that, from what I have seen, leftists engaged in any form of ‘debate’ go straight for the jugular: the judgement is instant, the moral posturing as well. I have had many conversations with people – spurred by recent events in the US as well as Europe – where the friendly face has paid dividends. They may or may not have been convinced, but they didn’t outright reject what was being said.

    • But my God it’s hard to maintain a pleasant disposition in the presence of these lowlifes.

    • Let someone at the Wisconsin Bar Association know what you think about Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley.
      Make sure you say the words “overcharge” and “prosecutorial misconduct” and “disbar.” The second doesn’t really apply but it sounds good so get it in there a few times. Don’t cuss.
      Wisconsin Bar Association:
      (608) 257-3838
      (800) 728-7788 (nationwide)

      For those still on twitter, facebook, etc, please circulate widely, among both red and bluepilled.

      • Immediately charging the kid with capital murder prior to any investigative work and/or all the facts are in is just another bullshit virtue signaling act by another soyboy liberal asswipe. These JOs are so predictably pathetic, and unknowingly are building their own funeral pyres. There simply are no real men in positions of power anymore.

        • We often talk about gynocracy. Everything happening this year shows the real face of it. This is what a society run by women and man-bitches looks like. Hysterical, unhinged, cowardly, fearful, violent, and authoritarian all at once.

          • I called the WI bar authorities. Most recordings have assuring male voices pre-recorded. But all the actual available agents, working remotely, are females and, based upon my experiences, these womyn are Jill From HR.

          • Glad to hear it JC. It’s great to have people like you working inside the system as attorneys on our side. We need to fight the Left on all fronts and lawfare is a vital one.

        • They are building our funeral pyres. They can do this because they really exist.

          The Right does not, certainly not a right that can meet the Left in the street.

          DR is a brilliant move, but not by the Right. DR my Dears is Moldbug et al (yes, THEM) and its just a pacifist version of the neocons. Why?

          Because if the Right or The White had 5% of the Lefts organizing ability it leads to…

          and we mustn’t let that happen.
          Instead it will happen to us.

          And it will. The minds that saw clearest were fatally paralyzed by passivism as “the moral high ground” as the Left closed in.
          Let that be the Epitaph.

          The only moral high ground you’re all going to have is ashes and smoke floating up a chimney. They’ll make sure to add that final insult.

          In fact I think “The Moral High Ground” will make a nice sign above the gate of the charming facility you’ll be passing through.

          Me? I hope to go out like Fields, Rittenhouse, Brevik.

          If anyone ever remembers your names it will be because you made the same choice.

          • I seriously doubt that – nice f-ing black pill though. There’s no facility that I’ll passing through, other than the gates of heaven…

          • Take it down a notch dude. Lots of plays left to be made in this game.
            If you want to do something concrete now, start a family. If you have a family already, have another kid. If you are past that point in your life, help support yours friends and family that are raising children.

      • I called the ‘3838 number and they directed me to (608) 267-7274, which is the resource dedicated to lodging a formal complaint.

        I called the ‘7274 number and I am pursuing the issue of filing a formal complaint through their “investigators.”

        I have been polite and hope to continue in this manner until justice is done.

        • I should point out that I referenced my status, bar number, name, firm, and purpose as a member in good standing of the Illinois and other bars incl. patent bar and, gingerly, SCOTUS trial bar. Also the fact that I am a former key committee chair of ABA, Illinois and Chicago bar associations.

          I’ll do what I can manage for this kid. Truly.

    • Z Man said, “The fact is, looks matter. More precisely, presentation matters.”
      Look at how many young black males wear their pants low so their underwear shows and walk with one hand on their crotch. Add in neck tattoos and a grill and most of us rightly suspect criminal intent.
      That’s not racist. It is common sense. Moreover, it is what that black punk wants you to perceive.
      Kyle Rittenhouse is the opposite symbol. We need 100m more like him.
      Contribute to his defense. He had raised $83k when I donated this morning but the Nazis on the Left have taken Dow his go-fund-me page. So go here, instead: https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2020/08/27/kyle-rittenhouse-defended-fightback-foundation-kenosha-shooting-l-lin-wood-raising-money-gofundme/5650147002/
      After that, become a Z Man subscriber. https://www.subscribestar.com/the-z-blog
      Dream of a white Christmas.

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