Their Summer Of Discontent

One of the stranger parts of the summer of left-wing violence is that no one has bothered to think too much about why the people are rioting. Sure, the official Left says it is an organic uprising over something or other. The official Right says these people are communists doing communisms. That’s the same old tired sloganeering we hear from the political class all the time. Neither claim gets to the question of why these people are out in the streets every night in certain cities.

Initially, the Black Lives Matter stuff was just the semi-organized Democratic Party street activism we have come to expect before an election. BLM was organized by the Obama administration on the college campuses. Then it bled into the legacy racial grievance rackets. The statue toppling after George Floyd overdosed in police custody was mostly paid for by the party trying to whip up black support. Then it gave way to the anarchy we are seeing in places like Seattle and Portland.

That’s an aspect that gets very little attention. The violence we are seeing is in mostly white cities by mostly white people. Minneapolis is 19% black. Seattle is 7% black and Portland is 6% black. Kenosha is 10% black and close to 80% white! Note that super-black cities like Baltimore, St. Louis and Detroit have had no riots. Los Angeles, which just had a police shooting, could not get a decent riot going. They tried, but they lack the white kids with back packs needed to do it.

The truth behind these riots is that they have nothing to do with local issues or legitimate grievances. They are simply a happening that is drawing in the disaffected white youth that provides bodies for Antifa. Get up close to an Antifa crowd and what is striking is how unimpressive they are individually. The males are skinny and awkward, while the females are loud and ridiculous. These are young whites who have no place in the neo-liberal order, so they end up in Antifa.

What being in the anarchist underground gives them is the same thing you see in other types of anti-social subcultures. They get a sense of purpose, but also a community in which they have a clearly understood place. They go out and protests or riot with their mates and then have that to bond over afterward. It is not all that different from the hooliganism you see around European soccer. The difference is the Antifa kids come from the middle-class, rather than the working class.

Now, calling them kids is not entirely accurate. The guy who murdered the Trump fan in Portland is a middle-aged man. Still, he is a good example of a larger phenomenon that is fueling anarchism and also fueled the alt-right to some degree. This is a guy who has no place to go in life. There’s no role for a low-normal intelligence white guy with a taste for action. He’s probably too dumb for the military and there is no working-class community for him, so he drifted into anarchism.

The cities that are experiencing the anarchist unrest should be models for the modern liberal democratic order. They have very low crime. They are prosperous, bourgeois urban areas based on the new economy. The young people have access to college and jobs, while living in carefully curated hipster areas. Portland is what east coast cities aspire to, in terms of demographics and urban renewal. The whole point of gentrification has been to look more like Seattle than The Bronx.

The problem is these cities are entirely synthetic. Walk around hipster parts of these model cities and they seem very nice, but they also feel like the suburban town centers developers create for their housing developments. You can’t put your finger on it, but something is missing. Granted, visitors can’t truly judge these things, but the constant civil unrest by the younger people suggests they are not happy with the paradise in the wilderness either. Progressive Whitopia is not working.

Related is the flight out of places like San Francisco and New York. The plague is being blamed for it. The man-made panic shutting down these cities is forcing people to find greener pastures. Note, however, that the people who flocked to these urban oases for the culture, lifestyle and urban living are unwilling to fight for it. Instead of taking to the streets demanding more from their mayors, they are just packing the Subaru and heading for the suburbs. It was all fake and temporary for them.

What we may be seeing this summer has nothing to do with the tired clichés from the worn-out political establishment. Instead it is one of the consequences of trying to turn America into a Potemkin village. Replacing social capital with likes on social media and pointless employment in the new economy is not working. The generation that created it is committing suicide at record numbers. The generation that is faced with living it would rather watch it all burn than participate in it.

A truth of the human condition is men need purpose and fraternity. Maybe it is the military and family life. Maybe it is a frat at college and then a career. Maybe it is the job site and the local pub. Women need community and companionship. The nuclear family was created for them. The liberal democratic world order does none of these things for people. Living atomized, pointless lives among constantly shifting groups of strangers is a recipe for disaster, not paradise.

What’s now happening on the Left is a reflection of what has been happening in the white working and middle-classes. Progressive politicians cheer it on, because at some level, they wish they could be in the streets too. The mayor of Portland is living a pointless existence and he knows it. The difference is these anarchists get to express their unhappiness outside. Working class whites are ignored and the white middle class is threatened into remaining quiet.

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384 thoughts on “Their Summer Of Discontent

  1. That comparison about men and women and relationships reminds me of a beautiful comment a minister made at a eulogy once. “Women build relationships “face to face; they have lunch, they go for coffee. Men build relationships side by side: the military, working on a car together, the Knights of Columbus fish fry etc.

  2. I live in Portland, OR. This is the best analysis of the rioters I’ve seen yet. However, it leaves out 2 components. First, the role of Democratic politicians in nourishing violence. This goes all the way to Obama and Hillary, both Alinsky devotees. Second, the role of hormones. Young males are bursting with testosterone. Sex helped settled things a bit in the sixties. Now, during a puritanical leftist revival, young people are having way less sex. In all societies, frustrated young males can be dangerous.

  3. Related is the fact that everyone was pushed for a century and a half to view their place of employment as their ‘tribe’. Then all the low level employment was systematically automated while simultaneously men and women were told to ‘quit bitching and get a job’, while the payscale for the working class keeps being relentlessly squeezed downward. “Experts” create an unworkable social order and then blame the victim.

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  11. It would be impossible to nail down an Antifa/BLM profile, as it varies state to state, region by region, and it’s all of the things Z says as well as the commenters. You have 17 yr olds and 60 yr olds. Many are just bored and have no school, family, or job keeping them. Some just want a higher purpose because deep down they know they are losers. It’s actually the saddest, most rotten example of our people.

  12. Antifa (and BLM) are jewish organizations, and this is well known. It’s not “rich white kids.”

  13. It’s not to be rude that this is being written below in the third person but it’s the opening of a post:
    “There might soon be a post on the Z Man’s analysis of the demographics of the street rioters and as usual, he gets some things quite right – he’s quite perspicacious in so many ways – but he does get some things horribly wrong, e.g. airily dismissing the menace of communism, the fanaticism, and readers have seen many quotes over the journey from people fighting it all their lives and dying for that fight too. Senator William Jenner in 1954 was one of the key speakers on it.
    In the minds of the cabal which runs things – call it the deep state if you like – it is a very real thing in their heads, requiring huge organisation and funding, and the fodder in this war are the very kids the Z points out are looking for validation and purpose.
    Which is is an indictment in itself, quite apart from the rioting.”

  14. With the middel class getting smaller every day, there is nothing to aspire to for the lowest 3/4 on the IQ curve.

  15. As I have said here before – take away a man’s right to a livelihood and when he has nothing to lose he will get violent. The main reason whites aren’t rising up is that they are the only group with anything left to lose in America. The white working class needs to be eliminated as they are no longer needed in the grand scheme of things. That is happening now. One group Z overlooked is a group that is already denied a livelihood and that is white violent criminals and child molesters. Is it any surprise that so many show up in Antifas ranks? Nothing to lose, hate the cops, families have shunned them and a taste for degeneracy. Don’t be shocked if Antifa recruits straight from certain lists.

  16. Question also is with ABOUT half of the rioters in Kenosha, for example, that were arrested, were from out of state.
    Would anyone of sound mind drive out of state to get beat on, pepper sprayed, arrested and jailed without being paid to do so?
    Somewhat reliably reported that the fresh tens of millions from the corporations and individuals donated to BLM, gets washed through another entity and goes to the DNC?
    Kamala Harris started a new fund that released at least THREE convicted felons from jail by paying combined bail of a few hundred thousand.
    FIRST RULE always is follow the money!
    VERY reliably reported that Soros big cash to fund the central American migrant caravans was washed through a Mexican run NGO in Chicago. TRrump finally leaned on the Mexican President and the guy handing out the cash in mexico was arrested

    • Would anyone of sound mind drive out of state to get beat on, pepper sprayed, arrested and jailed without being paid to do so?

      If I was a tatted-up failure in numerous aspects like them I might find being killed a relief or merely disfigured to be free cosmetic surgery and my personal idea of self-imrovement. Plus I might get laid or score some free weed or steal valuables or something. If a homo, well on-site it’s always date night, plus fresh air compared with the basement at my mom-mom dominated pad when these queers aren’t engaged in domestic violence with me mediating and then shouted down by both including my bio mom for being privileged. Plus Soros buses are air-conditioned and there are snacks. Good snacks. Organic muthafocher!

    • Its not hard to recruit bored Leftist people to riot.
      Its not like people have much of anything better to do, no decent jobs or jobs on lockdown , no kids to take care of for the twenty somethings who make up so many of them . no school for the youngers
      Besides rioting is fun for a certain subset of K selected people at least until you get arrested.
      Also its not all Soros, there are others involved. The President is aware of this but I have no idea what he will do which is good since it means if he decides to act, no on will know including his foes till its done.

  17. Reading all the varying opinions today shows that we’re going to need a strong leader to keep us together. And by strong I mean cold blooded.

    • A single strong leader will be crushed today. The populace even on our side is weak-minded whereas Messr. Shicklgruber, and events and allies, conditioned his nation, which we do not have by any stretch, over years to follow. Cold-blooded is counterproductive, as it chases human capital away. At this point we most need a cultural unifier. Looking at you, Z.

      • The normies don’t count for much in the long haul. The will always go where the winds blow. its in their genes.
        If things go hot and everyone here, we hope even you, are working to prevent it , the revolution will not be televised so to speak.
        It will go to an atrocity spiral so fast that optics will count for nothing in a very short period of time and no one will want to report on anything , if there electricity or an internet or food or water or .. you get the picture.
        Our desire is make sure the Republic survives and is healthy without violence and stupid illegal shit but the spiteful mutants on the other side won’t make that easy for us,

  18. fake and temporary = material.
    without God there is no perfect community, no real love of neighbor. as Americans have drifted from God, they turn to fake and temporary whitopia, until they get so sick of it they want to burn it all.

  19. Another article cucking and diverting attention away from the small hats. It’s fairly common knowledge that small hat money fuels BLM and Antifa. FTN has done a really great job of exposing this. It’s not disaffected white kids……it’s criminal MORONS that are PAID by jews to riot and burn and murder. I’m willing to bet that an insanely high percentage of Antifa are jewish. The bike lock professor was jewish. I think the assholes Kyle shot were jewish as well.
    Susan Rosenberg runs/funds BLM. Soros and other deep pocket jews fund Antifa.
    C’mon man!

      • I believe it will come to that for you small-hat wearers. While it’s my understanding that none of those shot by Kyle R. was or is small hat tribe, insofar as I know various ‘baums including plain Baum who do not descend from the tribe, you only need search the public documents compiled by some with Our Thing to realize overwhelmingly disproportionate and apparently vindictive financial support by wealthy and not-so-wealthy small hats. THIS IS NOT A MATTER THAT CAN BE QUESTIONED. Your population numbers are relatively small and, thus, the anti-White behaviors will naturally impute to you and yours personally since we Whites are persecuted should we merely identify your names publicly as responsible parties contributing financial or disclose factual information regarding other out-sized support to our tormentors. You will be held accountable personally.

          • Straight up?! My initial instinct was attribution and then as time marched forward the facts I discerned indicated they were not full small-hat and I didn’t see a reason to appreciate them as small-hat necessarily. If you want to point a link, I will be grateful. Thanks mon.

    • At least he didn’t mention ‘anti-semites’ in this article..

      The guy has writen some good articles but there are a lot of bullshit ones in-between..

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  21. “That’s an aspect that gets very little attention. The violence we are seeing is in mostly white cities by mostly white people”.

    Cool story..

  22. Keep bags packed, urban dwellers. 

    We do not have a Commander, we have a Philanthropist in Chief.  To be fair, he ran on peace and prosperity.  But he cannot command in war. 

    War means death – he cannot do this. 

    In America – when you don’t have a Commander in our system, you don’t have an Army.   And you suddenly might not have a government, other than Deep State – which is quite prepared, and neither the Philanthropist in Chief nor his fetching son in law have any idea what to do.  This is far too obvious to all, esp those waiting to make Oligarchical/Bureaucratic rule official.   There’s really nothing in their way.  Barr is a joke.  

    As for Donald The Gracchi- like the Gracchi his beloved populi will remain home when the Optimates come for him. 

    But a few miles away from DC is America.  It doesn’t have any idea what to do either, but the idea of a coup in America ultimately being successful is absurd.  

    I wouldn’t want to be in DC or it’s approaches while all this is being sorted.  

    Nor the approaches from the south or north of DC.  

    Nor the approaches to NYC, 

    NJ for instance is the gateway to NYC and the Northern approaches to DC.  

    It will be sorted, but not by anyone we yet see.  Nor in a time frame we can predict other than years. 

    • If we flee, “the troubles” will be transported to you out there right on our heels. Your small militia units will be no match except in your dreams.* You had best hope that at least a few of us will operate behind enemy lines to keep the troubles away from you.

      *As I type this, increasing numbers of disaffected “progressives” are being professionally organized, taught armed tactics, and furnished with communications gear as well as semi-automatic and even automatic firearms, explosives and chemical weapons. They’re not always going to miss the mark. They can swamp your local positions — most of yours will stay at home and defend only their properties and families — and then move onto the next objective and learn their lessons nationwide to improve their attacks.

      • oh my, do tell.
        Tell them to come.
        That’s more than can be hoped for, but while they may achieve surprise, their escape is unlikely.

        Here is what is happening; Rome Redux. Trump is the Gracchi, he’ll die the same way.
        Trump is a Philanthropist.
        We need a psychopath.
        We’ll get one eventually.
        Like the Gracchi Trump stands for the Plebes against the elites, the elites have hired bands of criminals and radicals to raise Hell, upset the order and they will probably kill him. This is exactly the late Republic. But in the Roman World if you took Rome you had control of the entire government.

        Here Rome ends. Now they’ll learn that America is a huge Federation (that hates them) and that control outside of their cities does not exist. The Left has the force to do what they have done, keep doing it, probably take DC. That is as far as they can go. They will have those areas – and nothing more. That is the strength of a vastly Federated, distributed system. Very much like the Internet if you like (the Internet looks like American sysadmin because it came from America). The rest of the system will slowly recover, there will be great delays and then it will slowly “reconverge” – and converge against them.

        They’ll raise Hell for a year and be pushed back and exterminated over the next 3-4 years. This is our pattern of centuries, the Anglo pattern for over a millennia. The small hats like the Vikings – taking the pastoral Saxons by surprise. It doesn’t end well for them in the end. Nor their pawns.

        But the Trial and yes suffering has begun.

        * applaud your stay behind work if it happens. Make the point and leave, no need to die. Fighters always welcome.

        • Most ‘burbs and rural will be outflanked and captured or destroyed before they even apprehend the direct attack on their position. Most of us will not have teams that will rescue us in time to spare our lives and families. The enemy will self-destruct often at first, true, but eventually it will learn to defeat small defense points. Given the widespread availability of night vision devices and drones, and external funding of the enemy fighters by wealthy external families, our rural units will almost be overrun within months unless they consolidate positions, and we are disunited, individualist, and untrained by and large. A thing our rurals should do is bring in widespread professional training across the country, unfortunately, the trainers will be thoroughly penetrated by TPTB. Two cents worth, don’t spend it all in a single place.

          • Awful lot of new poasters, and they all seem to want to organize violence. I wonder, Agent Smith, how is the bandwidth around Quantico these days?

          • Why would the enemy come after the Do Nothings?
            Who serves the enemy’s purpose? Cowards or the Brave?

          • Nonsense. If you aren’t a subversive trying to instigate violence or hasbra , you are black pilling.
            Its not welcome here,
            In any case, so we lose and die? And? All our problems are over at that point.

      • One young man, stil a minor with limited training and a borrowed weapon was able to take out three criminals and had the fire discipline to conserve ammo and not shoot anyone who was not an immediate threat , some of that after being knocked down.
        Kyle is atypical only because he was young not because of what he can do. We have millions like him.

  23. “Men need purpose”. Absolutely correct. Without purpose there can be no strong and sustained motivation – as we see. And motivation entails a purposive Reality – which must therefore be a created Reailty, and not an accidental product of random events. Purpose requires god. Even from a purely biological perspective, man evolved with religion – subtract (real, primary) religion and men are biologically maladaptive and choose not to reproduce sustainably. But all of this is ultimately a reflection of reality: god is real, this is a creation – and to deny such realities is a fatal and incurable illness.

    • I have a purpose and I doubt, but do not deny, God. I am dedicated to my white extended family to oppose the groups who have declared war against us. (Of course, some of my white extended family needs to be thr0wn out of h3licopters.)

      If there is no God, my purpose does not change.

      • Raised as a fine Episcopalian and a voracious reader, I confidently declared my atheism at age twelve based upon evidence and reasoning that is routinely expressed on this site. Later in life, as my exploration of science, nature, cosmology and organization improved over time, over time, I revisited my atheism and I realized how wrong I had been to reject God in whatever form He chooses to reveal himself to us. This entropic world disorganizes arrangements of particles and energy. It does not logically permit the sustained forms of complex organization we witness on our planet as natural occurrences and, yet, here we are surrounded by evolving instances of elaborately organized life and related structures like virii. You can choose atheism but that in itelf is an inverse religion, and I can appreciate and respect agnosticism, but I will tell both camps they are wrong because there must be or have been at one time a Great Organizer who is responsible for the arrangements of particles and energy in this entropic existence. Not a proselytizer, however, the atheists here should examine their beliefs because what’s the harm?

        • I’m not an atheist, I’m agnostic.

          There may well be a Great Organizer. What I doubt more is that there is a great law giver or a spiritual consoler.

          The roles of Prime Mover and Moral Law Giver are logically distinct.

  24. Having lived in several of the places you describe, I think I can offer a slightly different perspective.
    Back in the 70s the Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City prepared a study of “quality of life”, ranking numerous metro areas within population size categories. While the exact rankings might have been subject to dispute, the overall study showed two regions that topped the charts: the Pacific NW I-5 corridor Bellingham to Eugene, and the I-94 corridor Madison WI to Minneapolis-St. Paul MN.
    For many years Portland ranked #1 in that and subsequent surveys, and huge numbers of young people aspired to move there for its (then) cheap housing. Problem was they also thought that after spending $250K on their useless degrees in things like “critical queer studies” they were ENTITLED to a six-figure (or equivalent then) salary job as coordinator of equity, diversity, sustainability, and inclusion in a large corporation.
    What we are seeing in PDX today is the result of a critical mass of such individuals venting their frustrations. My answer to them is: tough shit. I had the same aspirations, and they were never fulfilled either. I wanted to live there too, but sometimes dreams just remain dreams and I just did mine elsewhere.
    Sooner or later we have to deal with them acting out on their frustrations by burning and looting and rampage. Sooner or later society has to send them a clear message that if you continue to do this we will kill you.

    • This is all true and how I see it you have two big problems. 1) After they get the Critical Queer Studies degree with the minor in Post Modern South African Dance, they don’t have the mental toughness to look in the mirror and say “wow I was stupid. Wow that was useless. I regret wasting seven years on this.” And 2) Student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. So they’re stuck with that bad decision for life. You can murder someone in this country and eventually not have a debt overhang like that. They should be allowed to discharge those loans in bankruptcy, but only if the entire government student loan industry is shut down (it won’t be). I wouldn’t be surprised if half the Antifa have un-payable, amortizing student loans. Maybe more.

    • I would also add that the critical mass aspect can work both ways. What happens when you have a large enough number of straight white males unemployed or even fired from their jobs and now unemployable because they’ve been “cancelled”? Those guys have guns too.

  25. “The generation that created it is committing suicide at record numbers. The generation that is faced with living it would rather watch it all burn than participate in it.”

    That is the key point in the article. AWRs abominate what they create and control, and then seek to destroy it. Z provides good sociological reasons for why this is the case here and now. But truthfully, this appetite for destruction is part of Leftism’s internal logic. Were Leftists to finally admit that a status quo satisfies them enough to justify preserving it, they would cease being Leftists and become conservatives instead. In other words, they would put themselves out of business. And they’re not about to do that any more than Islamic terrorist organizations will ever admit that the situation in the Islamic world is good enough to obviate the need for slaughtering innocent civilians. The two groups are of a like mind.

    • Another way to look at it is that white liberals are a dying breed, this is their last hurrah.
      Liberals just don’t reproduce and jews need self hating whites who feel sorry about holocaust. If jews don’t consolidate power right now(that’s why they want to replace Trump as quickly as possible), they’ll become irrelevant in the future of politics, which is all about race politics.

      • Was wondering this too.

        No doubt the white gene pool is becoming more religious, lower IQ, and conservative. The goodwhite side of my family has a fertility rate of about 0.8 children per woman. Bad whites – about 1.8.

        The future of the usa is basically brown/black/yellow urban areas with a white religious right mass in the middle of the country.

        The only concern is that the children of conservative whites don’t get pozzed – is there any data on the heritability of political traits? Or how likely kids follow their parents views.

        • I wouldn’t worry about it. They won’t even have enough descendants to do the pozzing:

          “Tomorrow’s children, therefore, unlike members of the postwar baby boom generation, will be for the most part descendants of a comparatively narrow and culturally conservative segment of society. To be sure, some members of the rising generation may reject their parents’ values, as always happens. But when they look around for fellow secularists and counterculturalists with whom to make common cause, they will find that most of their would-be fellow travelers were quite literally never born.”

          Philip Longman, “The Return of Patriarchy”
          Foreign Policy, March 1, 2006

  26. Z man presented the profile of antifa members, they are white losers(they have high representation of jews though).
    USA is not in danger because of Antifa, they’re a joke. Vox Day is out of his mind if he thinks attacking antifa makes you a hero, he just loves taking jaking jabs at z man.
    Three or four articles ago many commentators were eager to fight them(when looking at Kyle Rittenhouse case). Why? They’re weak soyboys. Why would you risk going to jail in order to kill some antifa fags? Antifa exists to antagonize bad whites, to make them do stupid shit.

    • You do realize there is a vast difference between supporting a heroic political prisoner such as Rittenhouse and urging others to follow in his footsteps, right?

      • yes, if kid needs help, protest for him, donate money to him cause he is one of your own, whites need to unite for their own.
        But killing antifa fodder won’t make anyone a hero, this call to arms is ridiculous.

  27. Insightful analysis. Yes, it seems, just from official propaganda news articles and videos, that a large portion of the protesters are whites. Rioters and other hoodlums, too probably but harder to tell since they are often disguised. I probably would be too, if I were perpetrating major felonies. Z’s observation of these disaffected, indeed probably useless, young whites is spot on. Those unhappy IQ curves, for example, show that (roughly) 15% of whites, 30% of browns and 39% of blacks are too stupid for the military, even the Marines or Army. University education is far from the Yellow Brick Road it was in our parent’s time either: witness the proliferation of Degrees in Useless Things, season well with huge amounts of student debt. No figures at hand, but of those with a four-year or better degree, a lot of those must be de-facto unemployable. And still the debts come due. If anything, the black/Indian/lesbian/dwarf/illegal immigrant favored minority with a degree, even in Bellybutton Lint Studies, is quite in demand even though it’s just to fill a racial quota. Of course it’s never called that; instead her title will be soemthing like “Director of Inter-Species Inclusiveness” or something equally ridiculous.
    The sad truth is that a lot of these marginal white kids, just as with even worse-off minorities, are basically just useless human beings who will never contribute much to society. I offer no solutions to this problem, only to observe than government providing custodial care is common today. Alas, in various troubled times, exterminating the parasites often happens too. The least probable of all outcomes is that the majority of these marginal citizens would actually reform themselves and assume a useful role in civilization.
    A final observation. Z notes, probably accurately, that many who comprise Antifa or BLM are the dregs of society. Yes, many of these organizations are subversive or even communist, in their tactics if not in their ideology. Contrast this with the international communism movement of old. At least by one source I read once, in the “old days” when the Soviets wanted to recruit people in the West, they tried to get the most intelligent, well-behaved people. Why? Simply because these people would have the greatest credibility, not to mention they were more likely to end up in positions of power or influence. So on the bright side, we can credit our domestic “communists” with yet another fatal flaw that works against them accomplishing anything.

    • Although I readily acknowledge we are getting dumber as a population—and our primary/secondary school system doesn’t help either, the problem is one of long standing within the human condition. People are not equal. There are always some that are more equipped than others to prosper.

      Our society is now one of a technical nature rather than physical. Those with superior intellect are in line to prosper. Those not so inclined have fewer and fewer acceptable physical labor alternatives to fall back upon.

      At the close of the 19th century we had a consolidation of the farms from individual to collectives/factory. Excess labor went to the factories in an expanding industrial base. After WWII we had a bit of a respite, but in the 70’s, technology took off and the great middle class wage stagnation took place as production was shipped over seas and automation took place in remaining areas.

      What we are seeing here is a result of what happens when there is a misalignment between labor and production needs. In this case surplus labor. Yes, I agree these are often upper middle class folk in the street, not lower class, blue collar. But the problem is essentially the same. There is no work for them in white collar, high wage level employment and there are few blue collar jobs they can find or are willing to take.

      They realize they can never achieve that which their parents achieved and have little hope for the so called American dream. Life has slapped them in the face. Their immediate economic future is downward, not upward. This faces our blue collar brethren as well, but their children start at a different level and are not so awash with heightened expectations.

    • Would you believe I once got a job where I was the token white? It’s true. It was an Hispanic-owned company (wall-to-wall nepotism) and they needed at least one non-Hispanic to be eligible to bid on federal contracts. I was hired because of my skin color and because I was a certified USAF Installations Team Chief. I went on one job then they found somebody who was as Mexican as any of them but who happened to have a non-Hispanic surname. He didn’t know shit about military installations standards but he was somebody’s kin and had a usable surname.

  28. Z-man, your depth of thought seems to have no bounds. Today’s piece can easily be renamed, “Existential Angst in 21st Century America”. Bravo.

  29. I’m in Portland every so often. It was the dream of the 90’s. Where young people go to retire.

    Over the past few years I’ve noticed it getting dirtier up there. It used to feel pretty safe. Also, neither Portland nor Seattle are cheap anymore. It creates the same pressure cooker that you see in other places. Where is the liberal politician saying, we already have 320 million people in this country, it’s full (to save the environment). I think a Democrat who says “let’s stop cramming people in here like cordwood, we need open space” would go far. I would easily flip Dem on the immigration issue alone.

    • A Ugandan who is brought to the US emits 20 times more “greenhouse gas” than if he stayed at home.

  30. “He’s probably too dumb for the military.” – Nobody is too dumb for the military. He would be unable to take direction from a hierarchy as he was raised ferrel.

    • 20+ years ago he could have been hammered into an obedient grunt or cook when properly supervised. Probably too dumb to stay out of trouble, advance into the NCO ranks and make it a career.

    • The military administers it’s own IQ test, and the various branches select for need and even further examinations and training down the line for more sensitive work. This notion nobody is too dumb to be in the military is pretty outdated. Like post-draft Vietnam-era outdated. One reason so much outsourcing is done to contractors is because the military can’t field enough of its own people to keep up with its own operational demands.

      • ASVAB. Take it and see how smart you really are, especially at practical work. Unlike the IQ test it measures actual abilities, by category of work.

    • Actually, they do have minimum standards on the ASVAB. Even grunts these days have to have at least a minimum of smarts. And these days they cannot even yell at or harangue a boot. The main part of military basic training USED to be a process of breaking the raw recruit down and remaking them into a disciplined armed forces member. I’ve heard that even in the Marines boots are given a little card that can force the D.I. to back off. I’ve also heard that D.I.s can no longer curse a boot out. How the hell a Marine D.I. could say a dozen words without dropping the “f-bomb” at least once is way more than I can comprehend. Paris Island or MCRD (San Diego) with nobody getting their ass chewed is something this old man just can NOT get his head around.

      • It’s not an IQ score, the most important scores are GT (general technical) and ST (science technical). Probably the last legal test that can be given.

  31. Plan 2020; Claim fraud if Trump landslide election night.

    Put not your faith in elections.

    As for mocking The Street hooligans- they are winning by default. No challenge in their way.

    While one side was dicking around with being reasonable, the other side turned the country into a prison. But at least our corpses won’t have piercings or tattoos.

    Meanwhile; The Reasonable…ran away. Spreading their vacuous reasonableness to the countryside.

    The reasonable = The Useless.

    • The more I think about elections the more I expect Trump to win.
      I don’t give Biden a chance of winning. I don ‘t think democrats can steal elections either.
      But I do think democrats will try to pull something after election is over, secession or coup or assassination attempt on Trump.

      • Well, we only have 62 days to wait until we find out. I’m expecting the Dems to pull out the stops; execute every fraudulent vote strategy ever conceived plus a few brand new ones. I also expect Kamala Harris’ ass to be firmly planted behind the Resolute desk by this time next year. Mine you, I would not mind AT ALL being wrong a year from now either. It would not disturb my apple cart the tiniest bit.

        • the way I see it if election has 0% fraud Trump would stomp. This won’t happen but Trump will win nonetheless.

  32. Z, very perceptive observation. Yes, our country, especially our youth is trying to fill a void where its soul used to be. I know this will upset some people on both sides of the divide, but if you read scripture you will see that the only thing that can fill that void is the God of our creation. Ever wonder why so many people get so angry about the gospel message? You would think they could take it or leave it, but the gospel seems to provoke a much stronger response from people than when they are confronted by other religious messages. Why is that? Could it be because it touches on some innate inner understanding of the truth? C. S. Lewis did a pretty good job of making this argument in ‘Mere Christianity”. It’s a short read. I encourage people to read it and see for themselves. That’s my contribution to the discussion.

    • Grant you your point on how religion can irritate us unbelievers. I don’t have a perfect answer, but as a secularist/agnostic/athiest (there, I said it!) I think the best answer is that Christianity (or virtually any other religion I know of) asks, nay, demands that others believe (sometimes at pain of death) in things that are contrary to what is known about how the real world operates. I’ve said this before and it’s probably not an orginal thought: Look at all the discord, bickering, injury and death that religions have caused up to the present. Yet most of the disputes are about doctrinal matters not even having anything to do with this world! That’s bad enough, but now look at the intractible divisions about non-religion issues that are about this world, about claims that could be tested for truth or falsehood using the scientific method, but often factions refuse to shine the light and see what’s really there. It might upset their cherished beliefs.
      Finally, I like Lewis, mainly his fictions. I couldn’t get past the beginning of Mere Christianity but perhaps I’m just biased. 🙂 Even speaking as a hell-bound, pentagram-in-the-basement, bat’s-blood-drinking, child sacrificing Athiest (or however you guys paint me), I commend Screwtape Letters as my favorite.

      • Thank you for the response and your perspective. You are correct that there are spiritual things that don’t make sense in the context of this physical world. The explanation for this is that there is a spiritual world also and the things that happen there have a direct impact on our physical world. A good example of this is Satan getting permission from God to test Job (Job 6:1-12). Another is when an angel sent in response to Daniel’s prayers was delayed 21 days by the prince of the Persian kingdom, a demon (see Daniel 10). There is a war going on in this spiritual world and the prize is the earth and the souls of mankind. We live in a fallen world (see Genesis 3) and Satan is the prince of deception. He is very good at what he does. Now if you don’t believe in God, and therefore Satan, of course none of this will make any sense to you. I won’t try to convince you otherwise nor will I try to defend Christianity, but I would encourage you to continue to seek out the truth. 
        For what it’s worth, I myself have been subject to a lot of hurt at the hands of other Christians.  I’ve also hurt other people, Christians and non-Christians alike. Even though as Christians we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, we are fallen humans and we do make mistakes and stray from how God would have us live, sometimes by a lot. I’m the first in line to be guilty on that charge, but here’s the point. As a follower of Christ I’m forgiven for my sins, mistakes and human shortcomings through no merit (zip, zero, none) of my own. This forgiveness is a gift from God. As a result I’m compelled to live each day, warts and all, for Christ. I know that when I leave this earth I will go to be with God for eternity. This is what gives me hope for tomorrow and gives my life purpose. How do I know this? By faith. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” –Hebrews 11:1. There’s that spiritual dimension again. In other words, it’s not other Christians that we are to be looking to, but God himself. We are all called to a personal relationship with God to fill that void in our soul. Other Christians can’t do that for you and yes, they will disappoint you and even hurt you. Don’t look to other people. Look to God. 
        In closing, I would encourage you to work on getting past the beginning of Mere Christianity. As you know, it was originally written as a radio talk for a mass audience. It’s not that difficult a material to digest. If you get to the end and still feel the same way as you do now, then that’s between you and God. It won’t save you on judgement day, but at least you’ll know that you made the effort and sought the truth. And yes, God does judge us all. “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”. –Hebrews 9:27.  Why?  He’s God. He created us and he expects us to measure up. We can’t on our own so that’s why we need to turn to him.
        Take care.

    • I’m afraid that for a lot of people reading scripture in our culture, it would not be much different than a chimpanzee reading the owners manual of your car.

  33. Walker Percy wrote about the phenomenon decades ago. He described people in Los Alamos who were associated with nukes living in whatever place, so long as it had acceptable levels of food, culture, and chicks. For these characters sketched by Percy, the key internal goal was to understand others and, thereby, to be above them. They come together to watch a Hopi rain dance performance.

    So, the nuke scientist guy understood reality ’cause he was a scientist. His girlfriend understood reality ’cause she was in love; the divorcée was above the tourists because she bought the right & authentic jewelry and was really part of the local culture; the young Hopi understood that everyone was consuming his culture and were pretending to understand it, but he was majoring in accounting and going to be able to work in both cultures; and so on.

    The two guys who were authentic were the old Hopi who believed what he was doing and they tourist from Indiana, who was taking pictures for the slide show he was going to put on for his friends back home. the slide show was how he was going to achieve some status among his friends – he never imagined himself to be achieving authenticity within the context of the Hopi rain dance, he was using his attendance at the show as a way to enhance his real life back home.

    But we’ve been at war with this guy, imagining we can create a society of people who don’t care about having a real home. That it does not work for the great majority of people is what is happening now.

    • Your post recalls the excellent (IMO) 1971 hit “Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)” whose lyrics ring true. However, it is not entirely clear how authentically Native American Paul Revere and the Raiders were 😀

  34. DAMN!!! Z found something wrong he couldn’t blame on boomers. Gabriel HAS to be warming up his lip!!!! 😉

  35. this is a takeover by the worldwide globalist using Bolshevik tactics with paid thugs from antifa doing the destabilizing . it is not local politicians . Soros put gobs of money into the DA races in Dem states so his people would be able to operate without police interference. there is years or decades of prep in this . Davos and the global economic forum at work.

  36. It is still incredibly bizarre to me that after the Prog ditched blacks, moved on to their tranny, Muslim, and Hispanic toys, that they have decided to dig back into the bottom of the toy chest to play with their black action figures again. Why? Some of it is of course to goose the black vote in November. But the deeper reason, however inchoate or unconscious, is that they know after three generations that the gulf between blacks and everyone else cannot be explained as anything but being rooted in nature, biology, DNA, reality, whatever you want to call it (Curse of Ham, I guess, for those who don’t do evolution). Our entire moral and metaphysical system (or at least the modern version) about being created equal is a lie, transparent to everyone (including the surly black intellectual with a superiority complex who knows oppression and colonialism are not enough to explain the gulf). Hard to say what comes next. The end of the NBA would be a good start.

    • It is the equivalent of using White Southern and Midwestern boys as cannon fodder for Israel. These blacks have gone past their expiry date and have been deemed expendable by the Deep State that serves the Cloud People. Low IQ people just require a few Target store gibs to go full chimp opera.

    • We do live in odd times, when Black support of Trump is 3 to 4 times what would be normally expected, if the polls can be believed.

  37. Fulton Sheen talked about this several decades ago in the context of communism in America. The driving force behind this unrest is despair, as you said. I prefer the stronger word of despair over unhappiness though. But that might help explain why more white people are lashing out than black: black people arent feeling that despair, or at least not in the same way.

    Ive studied philosophy from both theist and atheist perspectives. There is an inherent despair to an atheist worldview. Atheists often take this as a badge of pride, that they are strong enough to stare into the abyss, and I believe that the ones who say that probably are strong enough.

    But now imagine an entire population of people, living a soulless and meaningless existence in our society, and expecting them to have that strength. How many could? Ten percent? Maybe, if we are being generous. The problem with an atheist worldview is, it doesnt scale.

    If you listen to consistent atheists, they will eventually get backed into a corner where not only moral truths dont exist, but truth itself doesnt exist, and if they are very consistent they themselves dont exist – just a cluster of matter that is driven to replicate and experience pleasure when it can. A cluster that has evolved the illusion that it is a singular person by accident. Not that all of these people lashing out against their despair understand all of this intellectually, but on some level they get the general idea and that is enough.

    Maybe that outlook is good enough in the best of times, but there will always be a sort of despair then for most people. What is the point of being a moral creature in an amoral and increasingly immoral world? What is the point of desiring to be inspired by the transcendant when there is nothing transcendant? What is the point of seeking pleasure when all life ends in pain and death anyway? What is the point of needing other people if we are all so broken that we only know how to use each other?

    There are a lot more factors at play here than just a worldview, but ultimately the point is, until we struggle for something greater, there will be no “system”, no ideology, no theory that will finally be clever enough to compensate for the illness in man’s soul. The founding fathers practically lived long enough to see the end to their clever take on humanity, thats how quickly their attempt failed. Even if we survive today, we will end up right back in the cycle tomorrow until we figure this out.

    • Excellent post. I fall into the atheist/existentialist category myself. I adopted this because to me it’s the most intellectually honest. By definition, we cannot know the root causes beyond a certain point. I’m not willing to accept fables from thousands of years ago as “truths” not to be questioned. Studied yes maybe, for nearly all human thought has the possibility of wisdom and truth, but one must be cautious to sort out the obvious or probable falsehoods. Vastly simplified, existentialism says that there is no inherent meaning in existence, that a person will only find the meaning in his life that he ascribes to it. The universe itself is amoral, beyond its own immutable physical laws. It is never going to be biased in your favor, but neither is it ever against you. In one sense, what system could be fairer?

    • The Prog mindset is forever in grievance and anger mode. It is what sustains them. They’ve gotten to the point where there really is no concrete, discernible “ask” that they want to see happen that fixes things, because there never was one. Theirs is a temper tantrum akin to that of a child that simply can’t cope. As any responsible adult will tell you, nothing short of aggressive punishment will shake them out of it—until next time.

    • But, of course, the “solutions” they agitate for are the very things causing their problems in the first place. Worshiping minorities, particularly blacks and forever espousing ‘diversity is our strength’ and how they have to ‘team up with minorities against the white power structure….’ and of course, ever more immigration and globalism. They really believe they can be part of a worldwide labor movement to defeat capital. And their supposed highest virtue is anti-racism. This horrible “ideology” (not really) has internal resistance to any counter-narrative. If you try to point out that globalism allows corporations to shop around for the lowest corporate tax rate and most favorable laws to headquarter AND shop around for the cheapest labor markets, only to import foreign manufactured products back into the US all with little or no tariffs, they call you a Nazi.

      Atheism is absolute cancer. Antifa is not filled with Christians. Atheism just redirects people’s religious urge into radical politics, usually of the leftist variety. The SJWs of today were the church ladies of yesteryear. If there’s no heaven above, we must create it here. Worse, they universalize it to “humanity” Not only must we have the secular utopia here, but that must be created everywhere. Their goals and aspirations become global. Their people become global “humanity”

      They have infiltrated the churches too. Every national denomination of Christianity in the US is globohomo. Instead of denouncing sin, they denounce “racism” and by racism, mean race consciousness in white people while also encouraging race consciousness in non-whites. Jesus is turned into a refugee who supported mass migration. Evil is re-framed as good and good as evil.

  38. “Replacing social capital with likes on social media and pointless employment in the new economy is not working. The generation that created it is committing suicide at record numbers. The generation that is faced with living it would rather watch it all burn than participate in it.”

    Everyone who could do something about it all think more of the same is what is needed. But, sadly, the anarchists all believe that too, at least, they say they do.

  39. Look at these WHITE rioting crowds. Do you see a Chinese or Indian face there? Chinese and Indian young people got their STEM degrees and are otherwise preoccupied making their hundreds of thousands annual salaries. While EVERY white coming to the surface of Antifa crowd is either a preschool teacher or social studies graduate or snowboard instructor and such. They are misfits in today’s revolutionary economy.
    “Bad times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times”

    • They don’t want a typical 9-5 job – they want a job they’re PASSIONATE about and make a difference. They also want to travelthe world!

      However, yeah, as I said in my above comment, alot of umc kids are fucked.

      Asian kids are bitter too – they watched the white kids party and travel and have sex in college. Now it’s time for payback as more and more enter the workforce.

    • there are quite a few hyper-virulent indians and other mud people (usually females) in the woke movement.

  40. “There’s no role for a low-normal intelligence white guy with a taste for action.”
    You think? I always put these people on the other side of the mean, the normal to midwit range. The whole anarchist scene revolves around the campus. In my experience, Antifa is not a bunch of workers meeting in the corner bar where the dock workers hang out. They are way more likely to meet in a coffee shop in a book store or on the local college campus.

    • Antifa leadership are high-IQ Jews with especially twisted and anti-social personalities, even for their Tribe.

      I would guesstimate that Tribal over-representation in Antifa vs. their 3% of the general population is about the same that Jews have at Harvard.

      Just look at their historic participation in anarchism, Bolshevism and Communism here and in Europe/Russia.

      • Good point. Mr Pedo Rosenbaum was Jewish before Red Rill Rittenhouse put a couple holes in him.
        Also, crazy women. They always have them out front acting crazy and instigating.

        • True, but he wasn’t a leader, but a believer. Pointing out the Jew is important, but what is willfully neglected is these guys have as big a proportion of crazies as we do.

          • Of course – that’s my point – they’re deliberately leaving the definition ambiguous to give themselves wiggle-room.

            That author is shape-shifting to promote his narrative.

            According to Jews, Jewishness is also a mind-set and an attitude, support for the State of Israel, and concern for human rights. And a dozen other things – or something that can’t really be defined or understood by gentiles – or even Jews themselves.

            You’ve pointed this out yourself here before.

            They resist definitions of Jewishness and being “counted” in general because uncertainty and shadow-play gives them Talmudic latitude, cover and leverage.

            Shape-shifters love ambiguity.

            Just as this author is demonstrating in that last piece.

          • My best friend’s father was a Jewish psychologist. He worked as a counselor for a high school. He ended up getting Schizophreniain his late 40s early 50s. It is probably one of, if not the saddest thing I ever saw in my life. Not only did he have paranoid delusions, but even after they got him on the right meds, he had regressed to the mind of a kid, maybe a teenager. He used to sneak into my friend’s bedroom when we were hanging out in it and bum cigarettes off us and hide from his wife.

          • Definitely not. More details than I care to get into. Though he could have had co-occurring disorders with early onset dementia.
            Yeah, he got it rather late in his life. It’s possible he had it earlier, but just not to a debilitating degree.

      • Can you name these Antifa leaders? Whoever they are they keep a low profile, unlike the leftist radicals of the Vietnam era.

  41. One of the stranger parts of the summer of left-wing violence is that no one has bothered to think too much about why the people are rioting.” Without downplaying Zman’s explanation, another part of the answer is, it’s exciting and it’s fun. There are also lots of chicks, so being out there might get you laid. Like war, rioting is primarily a young man’s game but sans the risk. Especially where police and other authorities don’t interfere (you have to be a colossal asshole to get yourself seriously hurt or killed while participating in these riots).

  42. Ted Wheeler grew up upper middle class at least, went to Stanford and then Ivy League schools post grad and has worked Fortune 500 jobs before going into politics. In addition to having the people he is pandering to hate him, he and his wife are in the middle of a divorce and his mother died in June. If he is remembered historically, it will be as a total failure and laughingstock. Is the only thing keeping him from resigning is that his life will become completely pointless and without meaning?

      • What kind of job will he be able to get when his current term ends? Based on their current trajectory, the woke workforce of the average globohomo corporation won’t want anything to do with him. Maybe he can work at a hedge fund.

      • He came knocking on my door years back when he first campaigned, unsuccessfully, for the mayor’s job. He asked if I would put a sign on my lawn with him on a bike (wheeler – get it?). I found him goofy and unimpressive so it’s no surprise to me he’s presiding over the destruction of a once good city.

        • Most politicians are goofy and unimpressive at the local level in my experience. If you knew any of these people in high school or college, who were vocal about getting into politics, you know what I’m talking about. And once you’ve met them as youth, nothing surprises you about them when they can’t do anything substantive (other than F something up or progressive nonsense) during their time in office. Or they wind up a hack consultant who really gets off on cocktail parties. They’re all very close to the bad television show caricatures of politicians for very real reasons.

      • I know nothing about Wheeler, but as to political and big name figures in my area—they all land on their feet if they toe the line. Yes, it is often hard to tell what if any skills they possess outside their current (usually) political office. But it is a consistent observation of mine, that if for some reason, they wind up out of office, some sinecure somewhere opens up to employ them. Only exception is if they are on the tail end of life and are truly retiring. I’ve not seen a downside for these sycophants in playing the game.

  43. Growing up in a rural area and near nature helps create a sense of purpose. Assuming that technology has not separated us from the necessities of chores and meaningful work. There is something about growing food or tending to animals that create a sense of what man is supposed to be.
    Places like Portland or New York rob us of that sense of purpose, as does modern technology.
    A friend of mine raised by a old German farmer said to me. “ My father could fix anything on the farm because he had too, I can fix some things on the farm, my son can fix very little on the farm anymore”
    The farm is now driven by technology separating man from nature and therefore separating him from meaning.
    The metaphysical and nature play a significant role in our psychological health.
    That is missing in the restless youth of Antifa or Alt Right.

    • I work in finance, so my life is in front of a computer. But I get much more satisfaction taking care of my lawn. Same as your point, but on a small suburban scale.

    • Although I never lived on it, the “family farm” a few generations back in my ancestry was, at last report (1980s) not growing a thing, so was presumably in the crop program where the government pays them to grow nothing. Very likely, those who still live on the farm don’t know how to fix (or do) a single thing any more 🙁

  44. A lot of the hispter ambience is just a shallow attempt to copy the cohesive working-class ethnic neighborhoods with small houses, local businesses, and old, but functional, buildings.
    What’s missing are the children, the local church, and people who actually know everyone on their block.
    The specialty cheese shop is a poor substitute for Mario’s convenience store, with Mario being the guy who helped replace your roof.

      • Ghey and infantile. When I was a child I could not wait to be a “grown up”. It seems now that much of progress in all its hipness is to either prevent growing up altogether or to ease the pain of responsible adulthood with all matters of perpetuating adolescence. From adult jammies to adult coloring books at adult summer camps; “mental health” days and “self-care; finger foods and cartoons.

        Childhood is something that can be consumed well past the point where 20 years ago such things would have one labeled retarded, err “special”. Everyone is special needs now, the wheels on the short bus go round and round.

        The boomer fears growing old, the millennial fears growing up, and the xer fears old boomers and manchild millennials making our lives miserable with all their insipid demands. Snap your fingers if you are triggered.

      • Gotta love the smug, cocked-head expressions: “Is your mind blown by our creativity? Yes, we thought so.”

    • The nostalgic city community you describe has been very hard to find since: Shelley v. Kraemer (1948), Brown vs. Board of Education (1954), Civil Rights Act (1964), Fair Housing Act (1968) and many other laws/decisions I’m not aware of. 🙁
      While I like Starbucks, it is a relevant case of the commoditization of our society you cite. Coffee shops were not new, but what Starbucks did was to bring a (generic) version of the Old World cafe to America. It was quite successful, to say the least. But what was missing? Every Starbucks is the same, worldwide. But Klaus’s Kaffee und Konditori Haus in Berlin, or Guido’s Cafe in Milan, or whatever, are (were) unique businesses in centuries-old communities with all the charm that is almost always absent from our synthetic make-believe Potemkin Village city centers.

      • It’s something I don’t get. Why in hell does it seem to be the case that the suburbs cannot build and sustain good restaurants? Why so many chains? A place like Brio or something is fine, I guess, but how can it be that nobody wants to put a good, one-off Italian restaurant in the ‘burbs? What magic is associated with Buffalo Wild Wings that nobody else can crack the mysterious code of lots of TVs showing sportsball, serving burgers and beer?

        • I live in an area with several great locally owned Italian restaurants (one of which is owned by a German, but I digress), but the Olive Gardens are always PACKED (or at least “were” pre-WuFlu) which I’ve always find puzzling. Actually now that I think of it one of the most well known Italian restaurants in the area closed up last year when the owner retired since I suppose he couldn’t find a buyer.
          Anyway, if I had to guess it’s the culmination of a lot of ill tides.

        • Predictability. Joe’s sorts bar might be really good or really bad. It might have too few TVs or gross wings or stale beer. BWW has slightly above average consistency, making the experience of it consistent and predictable. Thus, the paradox of a transient society: as people become more transient, stores and service become more homogenous. People need stability, so if they aren’t stable and rooted in their own life, then corporations have to be stable for them.

        • The corporate lawyers can navigate the the building, zoning, and code enforcement shitheads. Mom and Pop can’t, they’d be broke before they opened up.

  45. Searching for answers as to why these misfit, ugly, weirdos are destroying cities is one thing, but more frightening to me is why the institutions and corporations are fully on board with the radical BLM-critical race theory program. The recent story about Sandia Corporation and their dissident employee Casey Peterson is a glimpse into what’s probably coming for everyone who works for a large corporation.

    • Chaos helps the ruling class. Observe the financial performance of Amazon during all this with the financial performance of your local pub. If you’re Walmart, chaos has been excellent.

      • uh, no, they like stability. that is why their use of chaos is so interesting; it is actually hurting them badly.

      • that was cause of mandatory covid lock-downs that at one point shutdown 1/2=1/4 of all small businesses.. These protests, as bad as they are, do not have even a fraction of the impact as those lock-downs.

      • More than chaos, what we’re seeing is the extirpation of small business for the benefit of corporations, which engross the market share formerly possessed by small business.

    • The corporate behavior is completely rational. They side with the radical left because that is where the threats come from. Even though they are openly siding with their enemies, the civnat chamber of commerce, normie republicans will blindly defend them on libertarian impulses. For the first time ever, corporations have neutralized all their critics.

    • Corporations will blindly ride the strongest horse, and justify it with whatever words are needed to paint a rosy picture around it. The job of the corporation is survival and prosperity of the corporation.

    • They are on board because America is a Frankenfascist state. The Frankfurters and their epigoni (largely French) provided the theoretical basis for multiculti and anti-white racism. This ideology was transported to the US and came to fruition as the New Left in the 60s. In time, the ideology became the master narrative of the government, corporations and institutions, which now reinforce one another in the service of anti-white racism. The elite grow stronger and their white targets become more vulnerable.

  46. Instead of talking about football young people now talk about riots and racial progress. Antifa groups around the country should adopt mascots and setup some kind of scoring structure to keep track of each group’s accomplishments so different regional fans can root for their favorite team.

    • Your argument is not as facetious as it might seem. Team sports are a form of ritualized combat, and in fact probably serve some psychological ends as such. In some ancient civilizations, a symbolic match was sometimes used to settle a dispute between two groups. Both sides had the honor to abide by the outcome, and it was recognized that a compromise was a better solution than a bloody fight to the death between the two bands.

  47. Modern city life is meaningless. Most of the white people there have a highly inflated and arrogant view of themselves. Big city man looking down on the plebs.

    But their life is the same shit as everyone elses’: Netflix, tinder, doordash, etc. Alot of the previous attraction of big city living is gone – clubs are closing down, rent is astronomical, Chinese/groids taking over large chunks. I guess muh ethnic food is about it. This trend was happening before covid/fentanyl floyd.

    Not that rural areas don’t have their own problems, though. As a society we are all kinds of fucked up.

    • I spent several months in NYC for a company project. I totally did not get the charm. Yeah, they have a pizza place and Irish pub on every corner, but they are all the same. No different than my small city, but just more locations. And I would watch with amazement as people in high rises would ride with their dogs down the elevator, through the lobby, and out to the one tree in the middle of the sidewalk, and then make the return trip back to their tiny apartment. A 30 minute ordeal so their dog could take a piss. I did not see anything you couldn’t get somewhere else for much lower cost and hassle.

  48. Greetings from Inside the Beltway! Living here, I’ve noticed how pathetic most of the kids living here are, especially the boys. My take on it was that they are desperate for guidance and a sense of purpose. Occasionally these kids would show up at our house to hang out with the step-daughter and a few minutes of expressed interest in them (for example, why I have a record player instead of just digital audio) would produce the same basic result as reading a storybooks does with a group of 3 year olds. That is, it was obvious that none of these kids had parents who were investing any the most basic interest in their kids’ upbringing. And I’d guess that’s what is happening here: dispossessed, dorky kids marinated in America-Sucks curriculum and completely lacking in family investment find a sense of purpose and adventure in a crusade against their view of evil. And some of that evil must be symbols of those things that their parents chose to prioritize over them. BTW … I think that is what sustains the crisis mentality of the corona-panic. There are plenty of people who dream of living a life with purpose, or at least of communal effort (that’s why I think some people nostalgize WW2) and COVID-19 provides an opportunity to feel “we’re all in this together” without really having to endure any serious hardships.
    In short … people crave community. For myself, as soon as the wife can retire from her International organization job, we’re out of here. Our primary complaint: this area completely lacks community.

    • Good call. Community starts with family – you’re not going to have a good community if it’s full of bad or indifferent parents. Society is a fractal thing – as the family goes, so goes the larger whole.

      One of the hardest things for the dissident Right is having to essentially parent a lot of the young guys who didn’t have this growing up. I’ve had some discussion with James LaFond on this and he’s right in noting that it’s tough forming a tribe with broken individuals.

      But it’s up to us to help those damaged brothers and sisters get back on their feet. Community is a feedback loop – it makes the individuals better as they make it better.

      • And in that effort to build each other up we find the meaning and purpose to fill our own voids.

        The hyper individualism and insta-consumption orientation of modern culture has memory-holed the ancient (and biblical) wisdom that our own satisfaction in life is largely a function of turning our focus away from our own problems to those of others. This is the basis for the feedback loop. And also why it holds infinite resources.

        One of the essential functions of a community of people focused on the needs of other members of the community was to prevent the trappings of infinite desires and finite resources.

        Without regard for others, the self can become a black hole of needs and wants and desires. We see that even when filled with things, the void remains. The broken loop is a downward spiral.

        • That’s one thing I like about Normapollo’s stuff on YouTube. He’s really emphasized the idea that people develop, orient and reinforce their sense of sanity and normalcy by observing the group around them – we are profoundly social.

          Contra Rand & the libertarians, disconnected individualism is an emergency/temporary mode for humans, basically Yellow-to-Red Alert status.

          Green default mode status is when you’re plugged into a group, they have your back and you know your role.

          Here’s a good start on NA’s stuff – check out his whole channel (our site guys have already heard me shill this dude):

    • Greetings Milestone D, from one who grew up just outside the Beltway. Your description of a kid’s life echos strongly with me. I’d argue that things weren’t much better even five decades back! I felt that sense of alienation or exclusion you speak of. Perhaps I’m not typical, but even as a teen, I got the feeling that the Washington area was populated by counterfeit people. Even back then, it was a highly mobile community and it was unusual to have neighbors for more than a few years before they moved away.

  49. Shooter Michael Reinoehl is definitely a spiteful mutant outsider.

    The real kicker here is that guys like this are being supported by the law – not directly by the cops but by the suits above them, particularly prosecutors and mayors.

    Reinoehl should have been locked up at the time he assassinated Danielson.

    “Reinoehl’s posts indicate he attended many protests in Portland that began three months ago after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis under the knee of a police officer.

    On July 5 at one of the demonstrations, Reinoehl was cited at 2:10 a.m. in the 700 block of Southwest Main Street on allegations of possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police

    He was given a date to appear in court later that month, but the allegations were dropped on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records. The documents don’t indicate why prosecutors decided not to pursue the accusations. Reinoehl spent no time behind bars.”

    The suits are servants of the (((Eye of Soros))).

    FWIW, he claims to be ex-army – from his “manifesto” on Insty

    “I was in the army and I hated it. I did not feel like fighting for them would ever be a good cause. Today’s protesters and antifa are my brothers in arms.”

    And the Oregon Live link above:

    “He described himself on social media and in a video interview with Bloomberg QuickTake News as a professional snowboarder and contractor who has former military experience but “hated” his time in the army.”

    We should be paying a lot more attention to voting for the local mayor and DA than for Orange Man vs. Sleepy. Localism and community – same old story from me today. Take care of your hometown before you worry about who’s ahead in the Red-Blue hippodrome race in the Imperial Capital.

    Bread > Circus.

    What we are seeing is the consequence of letting a hostile alien elite occupy every political, legal, cultural and educational bottleneck in our country.

    They have to be rolled back. Start with your hometown and we’ll work our way up.

    • he’ll be burned, soon. no one is going to step up and help this psycho. from looking at his orc like visage, i would bet money he has aryan brotherhood like past history.

    • One thing I’ve learned in all this is that literally ALL the chaos came down to having a completely Leftist dominated local political infrastructure. The mayors and governors call off the cops, the DAs won’t prosecute the thugs, and then if they do the courts won’t convict them. At the same time they aggressively prosecute people like Rittenhouse or the McCloskeys who try to defend themselves. I feel bad for having ignored all those local elections for offices I never thought about and ballot measures hardly anyone voted on one way or another. People blaming Trump for doing nothing often don’t realize that it’s like blaming the fire department for not fixing the potholes in the roads.

      • Some of us are old enough to remember when Bush the Elder put the Rodney King cops under double jeopardy because they didn’t get the verdict they wanted the first time.

        Do you honestly believe Obama wouldn’t have found a federal charge to ring up a right winger under?

  50. “The violence we are seeing is in mostly white cities by mostly white people.”
    Even in cities that saw black looting, like Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago—they had to raise their drawbridges to their Loop Castle twice—it seems like the blacks only opportunistically followed in the footsteps of Whites/Jews.

    It takes a critical mass of Whites/Jews working in the local NGOs, nonprofits, lawyers guilds, and other parasitic organizations to get a city roiling. But Kenosha shows that if this critical mass of White/Jewish parasites isn’t locally present, they’re now willing to bus them in—they’re evolving.

    • Yes, people have to realize what they espouse routinely is actually true: blacks are low IQ and really have to have the ground prepared to do their dance routines. Burning buses is the key to pacification.

    • Exactly. The violence is led by Fellow White people.

      Kyle shot 3 people and 2 were Fellow Whites – according to Jews themselves, at least. Some are of course trying to obfuscate this.

      Jews are about 3% of the U.S. population.


      Does “high IQ and urbanity” explain this, ala Nathan Cofnas?

      Or is Dr. MacDonald onto something with the culture of critique and divide-and-conquer the host population theory?

    • Chicagoland is a nice case study in how this is perpetuated and funded. Recall in June BLM openly threatened and then rioted in the suburbs. But of course they went to the nice, upper-middle class west suburbs (Downers Grove, Naperville, Aurora (sort of), etc). They sure as hell did not go to the uber-wealthy (((North Shore))) suburbs like Highland Park, Deerfield, Winnetka, etc. Likely because the “protesters” were either from there, or being funded by the (((limousine liberals))) from there.

      • Notice, also, they are burning down Christian churches but studiously avoiding the Satanic temples. Barr does nothing to the perps because he and his KGB of the mentally retarded support the terror.

        • Just ask Epstein, no wait, he hung himself when the cameras shut off….from his bed, 2 ft off the ground.

  51. You can’t put your finger on it, but something is missing.

    You may have answered you own question:

    the people who flocked to these urban oases for the culture, lifestyle and urban living are unwilling to fight for it.

    During my many walks around London, I have visited all sorts of places at all sorts of times. In the most affluent areas, I would pop in to investigate a coffee shop and read my book. Upon looking round I could see many groups of people together and the most obvious phenomenon was that most of the group were on their phones.

    The phone/screen problem is well known, but even the conversations seemed to be shallow and it dawned on me that these people were living in a plastic community. None of them would fight for it. And perhaps even worse, none of them would even consider fighting for a community full stop. They probably know it is not real, they have no roots and what is more, the culture they imbibe celebrates transience.

    As far as I see it, the problem is not just one of becoming racially aware – and acting accordingly – but actually finding others who are prepared to say ‘This is where we live and this is where we’ll keep living – come what may’. Unfortunately, this sort of conviction seems to be a thing of the past, and I suspect Christianity played a very large part in creating it.

    Good essay.

      • Back in the nineties I told an intelligent acquaintance that I feared the new internet technology would merely be the highway to a Digital Dark Age. We’ve arrived. There are pockets of civilization here and there, but not the kind of cohesive civilized communities we once took for granted. “Atomized” is a good description.

    • I think this has something to do with birth rates and childlessness. Most of these people in urban enclaves are childless, single folks, and thereby have less incentive or need to live in and maintain a community.

      In my 20s I was one of the types living on the North Side in Chicago, married, but enjoying the care free life. Friends from the local pub were a sort of community, but were overwhelmingly transient and selfish. Many single 30 or 40 somethings who have no purpose other than to drink a the pub after work, and of course take care of their dog. Once we started popping out kids and were much more infrequent participants in the pub scene, we almost became forgotten by these types.

      As we moved to the suburbs, because obviously we were never going to have our kids “educated” in Chicago, we joined a Catholic Parish and sent our kids to school at the Parish school. This is the first place in my adulthood where I have seen true community, people who have certain pride in the school, look out for the well being of everyone’s kids, have the desire to live a virtuous life and set examples for their children to do so. People that will help each other out and defend their community. It is a group of people invested in the community because they are a bunch of families who have a stake in the community. I only wish the Bishops and Pastors had half the courage many of my fellow school parents and parishioners do in the face of this COVID bullshit.

      • A heart-warming response. Unfortunately, the Bishops and Pastors are experiencing the same problems that one sees in any highly scaled organization; namely, at some point one rises too high to be kissing the ass of the community and must start kissing the ass of the higher tier movers and shakers. Avoiding this problem of scale is something every community has to do, but rarely does. Keep it local, keep it loyal.

      • Bishops are very much like DC politicians. They are so far removed from their “flock” they have no clue, and live in their own little bubble.

      • Yeah – the bishops are not from their towns. They are transplanted from Buffalo to South Carolina to Wisconsin to New York. The priests aren’t from the local city and don’t have family in the next town over. And even if they did, they are only going to be in a parish for a few years, so…

        Again, the idea is that loyalty is attacked on the local level and reinforced at the top, trans-national level.

        • In a time of economic astringency, as we are in right now, people with profitable and steady jobs will often sell out their souls to maintain that gig, more so than usual.

    • The phone-hand was one of the most obvious drivers of social decay that I noticed years ago.

      Having been a single man in the era of peak Tinder/bumble, while also being totally offline, I can say that the collapse was pretty easy to see coming. Like trying to start a business with a heroin addict.

      Dehumanization passed off as “experience” – and that being the dragon to be chased, while simulcasted into the feelz borg, has fundamentally altered the most basic of human interactions.

      ¡Science! Has already well established that a phone merely being present on the table results in lower levels of empathy. Tip of the ‘berg.

      The conviction you speak of is not just to a place but to a people. The first 50 years of progress was to destroy the idea of the “our people”.

      The next is to destroy the idea of “our place”. We saw the signs years ago when “community” was ascribed to everything but what it actually means and “you didn’t build this” became the new history of “not who we are.”

      And now the most synthetic people ever, constantly in search of authenticity to consume, are coming to a small town near you.

      If there is a better bug repellant than dial-up internet and spotty 3G we need to find it.

      • The conviction you speak of is not just to a place but to a people.The first 50 years of progress was to destroy the idea of the “our people”.

        This is entirely true. This is also why I read the history of my country, even though now I rarely argue about it. The scholarship surrounding the history of The English is large enough and diverse enough to allow us to infer certain things about what our people were and what they were not.

        Having such a sense of one’s own history is a very strong antidote to modern dogmas, I would say that I encourage all to be aware of their histories – both at the familial level and the national level – but I know all here do that anyhow. It sounds daft, but having this strong mental foundation is the first step in doing anything useful, for a man than cannot be easily demoralized cannot be easily stopped.

        Some years ago, I man slightly younger than me who was having some serious personal difficulties. He did not know himself, he had never concentrated on any one thing for more than a few seconds, he was thoroughly demoralized. He spoke of suicide and hatred for his mother. I often wonder at how he got to his mental state, what he does now and how he could have gotten out of it. I had never in all my life seen someone, of any age, so defeated.

        If there is a better bug repellant than dial-up internet and spotty 3G we need to find it.

        Jack up your slightly rusty 4×4 in the front yard along with hanging your heavy bag in sight – and of course, let fly a flag of your choice. Just not the rainbow one!

        • Very true. We have a duty to know who we are, from where we came. The native tribes were broken not just because the land beneath them changed but because the things that carried their most basic bonds were broken – language, rituals, ceremony, rites, and traditions.

          Thus their stories were lost to the wind. We all need to become familiar with our roots once again. And then practice those things that carry them.

          Storytelling on its own accord is a skill that has atrophied in our people. All this talk of narratives, yet it is rarely about ours. We need to get better at crafting and communicating the narratives of our people if we are to bring our boys back into the fold and build.

          • Our narratives became like water to the fish, just there and all around us. Now we need to actively latch on to them, conserve them, and share them with our own.

      • Chicken-egg. I see it as a feedback loop.

        People retreat into online and phone-social interaction because their IRL neighbors and interactions are lame, shallow or hostile. Which makes everyone even more shallow, disconnected and anti-social. Repeat until atomized.

        Reconnecting people is the remedy – work both sides of that solution. Get them off their phones and give them good neighbors to live real meatspace lives with.

        I’ll cite NAJALT’s Haidt and Kuntsler alike on this – live around people with the same “moral tastes” you have and live in pro-social spaces that encourage community interaction and shared space with other well-intentioned White folks. The allure of the screens will fade.

        And best of all, the young kids raised in this kind of community will never develop the bad habits we all need to detox from.

        I’ll post some stuff later on about John Michael Greer’s “Ecotechnic Future.” He requires some flower-child Lefty filtration but most of that book is sound and it hits all of these notes.

    • People don’t believe in their own agency. Don’t go searching for the right community for you, create the one you want, right where you are. Most of your life is lived in your own head, so get your head to a place that is meaningful and fulfilling, be it in worship, community, or both. It will not be laid on your doorstep or found in a catalog or internet search, it will be built by you. You can do it.

    • Christianity also responsible for the destruction of Ancient Greece/Egypt knowledge
      Theodosius declared no other rituals and customs allowed except desert chosen people theory
      Justinian just stops funding Plato Academy for not being Abrahamic

      Renaissance and industrial revolution base on Plato not a Jesus
      But even today white people believing Jesus as much voting
      Future historians will record how superior race become inferior and destroyed by the enemy because they read the bible instead of Plato

  52. No one wants to become a parasite. Like meth addiction, it’s an acquired habit, and more often than not, there’s usually a nefarious origin via seduction by a truly horrendous predator. Blaming the parasite victim is pointless. Better to eliminate the predator and make a real dent in the root problem.

      • The indoctrination to become a parasite begins, for many, in the toddler years. You can’t blame a child for this abuse. Bring back real hardship (think growing up on a working farm and doing chores at dawn), and you cannot turn any child into a parasite. A helicopter mom that shields their children from every single life challenge is killing off self-reliance and crippling them. For the latter, the road to parasitism is an easy hike.

        • Only 3% of people are working in agriculture, Are you OK with forcing a less complex system into play? Its the only way you are going to change that,
          And while I quite agree that hard work builds better people, there isn’t that much work to be done. We do not need the labor force we have now as machines do so much of it.
          Its like the old saw about shovel ready jobs , no such thing dude, Its not a gang of men with shovels. Its one guy on a backhoe..
          You accountant ? Replaced by software.
          Travel Agent? Same.
          Assmbly line worker? If not automated, outsourced.
          We can buy some time with mass repatriation and better families but its only some time. Ultimtely, computer/high tech society is an incubator for lousy people

      • Normal humans that is the bulk of people in the hundreds of millennium before agriculture worked very few hours, more in the north , less in the South. mostly hunting and gathering for theier own people
        Assuming people should want to go against their human nature to bust their ass to prop up the technology and social index you want is ridiculous.
        They aren’t lazy. We just don’t have any need for everyone to work 40 hours and won’t change since the cost per hour of the labor we do need goes up.

  53. Placebos work. The theology may be suspect, but join a church anyway. Organized religion serve a valuable purpose – community, companionship, friendship, support – all necessary for healthy flourishing – and sure beats going it alone. Atoms like to form molecules, like to for organs, like to form organisms.

    • Pozville. Yeah I could probably wander the city and maybe find a place that isn’t completely divorced from reality, but the instant some AWFL shows up and starts crying about kids in cages it’s all over; it’s not church anymore, it’s live-action Facebook.

    • Placebos works sometimes.

      If you’re going to take a placebo, take a good one. The fact is that most churches are completely pozzed or compromised. I will never push my faith at anyone… but if you are going to go to church for a good time…? I think you’re missing the point and wasting your time.

        • There are a few wretches trying to redeem themselves that you might score with, Karl. But as it is elsewhere, the best women are not on the market – they are already happily married to men of worth.
          You’d probably be better of poaching and pooching elsewhere. 😉


    It is degeneracy punching upwards. The riots are, in fact, the equivalent of a lethal dose synthetic heroin downed with a fifth of Jack. One other element: people need religion, some sort of spiritual connection to the larger world. These riots are nothing short of an old-time tent revival on the Kansas prairie. My guess is the working class and middle class endure long past these upper middle class whites who are throwing themselves into the volcano at breathtaking speed. In fact, the Portlanders and Brooklynites are the Nuevo White Trash hellbent on being found dead in their rectangular house trailers.

    The fleeing masses would be recognized for what they are if they were poor and brown: refugees. The civil war in Whitetopia–and the lockdowns were part of it–has turned chi-chi America into Syria.

    I have no doubt these were orchestrated, synchronized acts of violence calculated with a political goal. The long-term rationale of hollowing out the cities remains elusive to me. Obviously the strings on the puppets have come loose. But let us hope and encourage the Woke Shakers as possible to visit as many Cloud People and Cloud People places with guns and knives and Molotov cocktails to do their Woke Shaker act. Malibu and Silicon Valley and Hollywood celebrities and sportsball thugs deserve to be purified by the torch, too, don’t they?

    And when the NPR-listening Okies arrive in your town, give them the same welcome they would give to you.

    • I’ve long been aware of an odd local (Portland) type. This is the trashy, ill educated, tatted-up Leftoid living on Oregon’s generous welfare benefits and the wages from a shitty job serving coffee. They are basically the Left’s answer to trailer trash except they do things opposite-style. Instead of meth, it’s weed, often augmented with heroin. Instead of carrying a rusty revolver they’ve got a bunch of melee weapons they, thankfully, don’t really know how to use. Country music? Nope, it’s whatever shit their hipster friend’s band recorded (on cassette tape). Pickup truck? No, it’s a $35 ’91 Ford Escort with “Bernie” stickers holding the rust together.

      These are indeed your NPR-Okies and I’ll happily buy them a bus ticket to Hollywood, a map of the star’s homes, and all the kerosene they can carry.

  55. Why haven’t Gaige Grosskreutz or Michael Reinoehl been arrested yet? Even if they are ever arrested, will they just be let go with a wink and a nod like John Weed’s killers were?

    It’s impossible to overstate how despicably evil our law enforcement and courts are at every level—local, state, federal. Honestly, were the Stasi, Securitate or Savak any worse?

      • It is patently obvious our mentally retarded KGB are grifters and Barr couldn’t do a damned thing if he wanted. Hell, the kompromat on him must be off the charts. Here’s how to tell when things get real: you start to learn Cloud People are turning up dead. I’ll celebrate with the feral hipsters when that happens.

        • Judeo-Bolshevik Barr has outed himself and his grubby, retarded (((KGB))) with his reactions to the domestic terrorism. It is likely his ((((Dad’s))) bestie, (((Jeff Epstein))), got quite a few shots of that tub of lard rawdogging teenie boppers of various genders. Damn shame what happened to him in a federal prison, though.

          • Would any of this have been fundamentally different if, say, Jeb Bush were president right now, or Hillary? Will it be much different if Biden wins instead of Trump? It appears that this situation has been decades in coming, and no mere political posturing would have changed it much, one way or the other. Let me know when it is Pinochet time, otherwise we will just keep riding that freight train to hell.

          • I think, for whatever reason, the unexpected election of Trump forced the Retard KGB to have to reveal its hand and grotesque face. The only reason I’m voting for Trump this time is to further force their hand. I have thought at various points he would lose and/or his election will not be recognized. Now I think he probably will win and the margin could be large enough to make a steal impossible. The State still will have to do something; assassination is possible if they feel D.C. will not be reduced to rubble.

            I write this a lot but people need to look out for it: the State may conduct a false flag terrorist strike somewhere in Red America to try to get the rubes to rally ’round the flag. Tell your friends and neighbors the horror originated in D.C. and to act accordingly.

          • IMO Trump is now controlled opposition. No matter what Biden, Harris, Obama, and Hillary think (the first two want the gig and its bennies, the second two want personal and public revenge), TPTB can use Trump as the focus of, and as their sparring partner for, all the issues and chaos they are stirring up. Trump makes their fomenting a class war much easier, and the Uniparty, the deep state, and the fourth branch of the gov’t have effectively ring-fenced him. But I, too like their hand to be forced in a public fashion.

    • How could it possible in a DR comment section to find someone which dare compare Savak to STASI???
      Savak persecuted evil ISIS-like, and communists (and consequently, ANTIFA).
      It’s like comparing poison and medecine.

      • In Ryszard Kapuscinki’s Shah of Shahs, I recall that a method of torture allegedly used by Savak was to put people in bags filled with starving cats.

        • That’s on par with electric floors & masturbation machines – or Iraqis pulling babies in Kuwait out of incubators. Both Judaism and Islam place great store in the power of the word and storytelling. They come from fabulist traditions and have always made great war propaganda – see the Old Testament as well re: Amalekites and other unfortunates. Take these kind of stories with much skepticism. I suspect Savak’s awful reputation is half-deserved but half fanatastic.

          • I had a Prof who was a dissident in the Shah’s Iran…He had a TON of Savak stories but this is a new one on me.

        • Oh please. And they put bags over their heads with starving rats in them! And Iraqi troops took babies out of incubators and threw them aside! She saw it with her own eyes! (This reminds me of the Corvette I almost bought when I was a teenager; someone had died and rotted in it, but I didn’t care!)

          • Is there any doubt, based on what we know, that Daddy Bush and his Man-Wife were pedos and being blackmailed?

          • A joke back then was that Israel didn’t want to be the 51st state because then they’d be down to just 2 Senators….

    • The DAs in Progressive cities are chomping at the bit for the opportunity to prosecute any do-gooder that has the audacity to intercede and take out these vermin. You will be featured on the front page of the NY Times and Washington Post, and made a poster boy of the Right. There is nothing lower than a dirty DA, and yet that has now become commonplace. The inmates are running the asylum.

      • If someone is hellbent on going full Bladeruner, they should skip the rest of the trash and go for those at the top of the heap like these left-wing DA’s and, even better if opportunity presents, their funders.

      • This is worse than being in a war, where prisoners are held until the war is over and then returned. There is no Geneva Convention protecting us from liberal DAs.

    • The only thing the Enforcement squad protects is each other, and the only thing it defends is its pension money.

    • The Kenosha DA needs to go down hard. And if his successor sustains the charges against Rittenhouse, he needs to go down, too. When the so-called “forces of law and order” are actively on the side of villains against the lawful, they are evil and deserve no mercy. The social contract has been irrevocably broken.

  56. Fight Club!

    there are a very high percentage of ANTIFA that is one or more of:

    1. criminal
    2. sex pervert
    3. tranny
    4. psychotic
    5. neurotic
    6. ugly
    7. weird DNA
    8. depressed

    this is ecstatic frenzy of the faithful, as they worship.

    they are all failures, and can;t even get govt jobs. would bet a lot of these people have genetic abnormalities. true cannon fodder.

    so why are they all coming out now? china is in a panic about trump. these are their cadres. and they are being burned. put them into agricultural prison camps, replacing mexican crop pickers. plenty of precedent for it…

        • I get to visit a certain factory that I can’t name quite regularly. The bizarre thing about the place is how many obviously autistic young white men there are. These are mixed in with Mexicans and a few (very few now) of the old redneck blue collar types. It’s a VERY strange mixture. I suspect that most of the “Trekkies” as I call them, are the products of Gen-X slutmoms who had kids too late.

          The rates of gene abnormalities alone though can’t explain it all. There absolutely must be environmental factors adding to the problems, perhaps even causing most of them. People often forget that there are actually 2 ways to mess up the developmental process, mutagens and teratogens. Mutagens can rewrite the DNA in the sperm and egg to sabotage development. Teratogens are agents that can come along later and wreck the development of a genetically healthy child. A classic (extreme) example is fetal alcohol syndrome or “crack babies”.

          The modern media would rather chase Boris and Natasha cartoons than investigate any of this of course. It also doesn’t help that journalists tend to be the dumbest and most scientifically illiterate people who can still spell their names. Some of the “crackpot” theorists (anti-vaxers, chemtrailers, etc…) might actually have found some nuggets of truth but are so poorly educated themselves that they can’t tell what’s plausible from fantasy and certainly no one in the Establishment is going to nudge them in the right direction.

    • They are coming out now because 1) they are being funded by Soros and similar backers and 2) because they know they have institutional cover from DA’s, mayors, governors and media to wreak havoc and be treated as heroes in the bargain.

      These guys are always nibbling away on the fringes but someone held the door open for them and ushered them onstage once the Groyd Riots kicked off.

      Look at the Dayton shooting from last year with Connor Betts, antifa in good standing and supporter of the “Socialist Rifle Association.”

      That kid was another real treasure on par with Reinoehl.

    • For political purposes they are all Marxists. But I think it really is just a nihilistic howl of despair and rage now that rage against the machine has become the machine.
      Which is another way of saying that it’s just the death rattle of the failed Keep Portland Weird campaign.
      The point of Portland after Drugstore Cowboy and grunge was to serve as a magnet for weirdness. Sanctuary for refugees from Seattle when it became too expensive. But then the Californians began moving in in the late 90s. Same thing happened in Austin, now home to Spotify’s new bitch, Joe Rogan.
      As soon as you start seeing Keep Someplace ______ signs, you know it’s over. What follows is a noisy rearguard action by locals who quietly start getting their real estate licenses.
      If you look at Andy Ngo’s twitter, the short-term solution to the disorder becomes clear. All these people are being released without bail. Which should begin to wake up the normies as to what bail reform is all about, but probably won’t.

      • If you call them “Marxist” then you miss the point. Economics and class have almost nothing to do with this.

        They are anti-white, even if they are of European descent, inflamed by those who control the media and culture.

        Of course, a high percentage are chosen.

        • Yes, they are anti-white. Virulently so. But the theoretical underpinning of their AWR traces to Frankfurt School Marxism and the poststructuralism that succeeded it. Chances are few of the rioters have ever heard of Adorno or Barthes but they follow in their footsteps all the same.

          • All that is going on today could be explained with no reference to Cultural Marxism. People who cling to Marxist explanations are just turning away from the primal anti-white fervor that wells within the souls of non-whites.

            They are desperately trying to fit anti-white animus into a spurious Cold War narrative.

            Explanations that are based on Marxism or Cultural Marxism are literally irrelevant.

          • But we’re obviously not talking just or maybe even primarily about non-whites. Clearly, the Hutus don’t need ideological justification for their hatred of whites; they can look to history for that. For everybody else, including whites, however, anti-white animus must be implanted in their minds and psyches, and 50-plus years of Cult-Marx indoctrination has done precisely that.

          • Uh, no. You could not be more wrong. Today’s Antifa is the same small hat brigade the Germans had to deal with 80 years ago.

    • I doubt it’d be possible to get much labor out of them (or me, for the matter 😀 ) Forced servitude doesn’t work very well, never did, never will. If it had, it would’ve been more widely used in world history. But slightly less enslaved forms of servitude worked better: serfdom, rigid caste systems, or its modern equivalent the highly taxed worker. Probably the best use and disposition of the useless will be as fertilizer.

      • they would love being government serfs! now as to whether they would ever be a net plus to society? eh, it’s worth a certain amount to avoid the necessity of widespread euthanasia.

      • Forced servitude doesn’t work very well, never did, never will. If it had, it would’ve been more widely used in world history.

        Forced servitude was used more or less globally throughout all of history. The steam engine is what killed forced servitude. Boilers, gears, pistons and piles of coal are easier to deal with.

    • The “kids” are, to a one, the end-product detritus of Progressivism. No one out there throwing Molotov cocktails and braying for the end of capitalism is from a stable nuclear family.
      Without their gender confusion, they would have nothing, save for the overwrought ideals of a bygone era whose objectives were already met.

  57. I never saw the tv-serie (from the 2000′, I think) called “Portlandia” (because I didn’t found subtitles).
    But it would be interesting, I guess, if some fellows which comment here could analyse this show (which predent Portland as an utopia), compare to 2020’s real Portland.

    • I only saw the first couple episodes, kind of the same thing over and over, but it was still amusing to see leftists poke fun at west coast leftist “beliefs”. To echo ‘Z’, stuff like Portlandia gave locals the impression that they had a cohesive culture, but what they’re discovering now is that it’s impossible to build a defensible society based around body piercings and food trucks.

    • It was pretty amusing. What made it so was that it hit a vein of truth about the vapidity of the “hipster” culture epitomized in cities like Portland and Seattle. The show does compare pretty well with “predicting” the current cluelessness of Portlanders, but just minus the violence.

      • You know, maybe a good solution, if our side gains control, will be to relocate “hipsters” into the many decayed urban enclaves of the Melanic Hominids™. These, of course, would be walled-off homelands or prisons, like in “Escape from New York.” Rather than let them starve, I would supply them with food, water, basic necessities and plenty of Starbucks coffee and marijuana. Let the residents sort things out for themselves.
        Think of it as proactive gentrification 🙂

    • Portland: where people in their 20’s go to retire.

      Portlandia was herperbole of the paradoxical lives of millennials as they “struggle” through peak decadence and safety while avoiding anything uncomfortable or “boring”.

      Living lives of extreme material comforts but devoid of anything meaningful, ignorant to how one erodes the other. The result of this ignorance is copious amounts of existential angst which must be expressed! The expressions of which lead only to more ennui, which then must also be expressed.

      So vignettes of these banal encounters of the urban hipsters posturing around the ever-shifting moral ground that defines the authentic experience would juxtapose and amplify their “struggle” against the backdrop of decadence. Hilarity ensues. Or something.

      Some emerging value on extreme edge of Progress in all its trivial glory becomes the most important issue ever in a series of banal transactions.

      Transactions being a key element as the characters are obviously highly transactional while simultaneously trying to signal their indifference toward such lowbrow things as time and money because they are evolved; its about meaningful experiences above all else.

      Of course meaning and purpose can only come from hard work and sacrefice, which of course is for suckers.

      So they opt-out before the rat-race even begins. They “retire” into pursuits of extreme authenticity and purpose. Only to enter their own rat race of caring deeply about whatever matters the least in reality as those things require the least amount of actual work and humility but happen to curry the most status among their cohort. Working hard to avoid work. Avoiding real life to pursue naked authenticity. Through consumption, of course. Its Artisanal pickles delivered via bicycle all the way down.

      Portland was not so unique in this except that the “culture” openly embraced its weirdness. Which is just another form of virtue signaling by people who view “normal” as being antithetical to progress toward utopia.

      • Working hard to avoid work.

        Saw this in Colorado/Bolder: “kids” in their twenties moving into some shared space with four or five other hipsters just so they could live around other hipsters. Ten years on they’re finding that same ethos isn’t quite as grand when they’re in their 30s and 40s, so out to the street riots they go.

        • An acquaintance from college still holds onto that dream. The “business plan” he has me periodically hammer with reality is what amounts to a commune. Now we can call it a “community-based co-working and sustainable growth incubator” but we know what its all about. He has been courting (and sometimes copulating) with wealthy Boulder divorcees, trustafarians, and mushroom enthusiast “business leaders” for a decade to finance his bohemian lifestyle of fair-trade gluttony. If he wasn’t such a pot-head perhaps he would be motivated enough to go burn something down. Western slope CO is full of this insanity. And thats not even touching the yoga-climber-vegan hooers who would probably join his cult to avoid the post-wall doldrums of lonely sagging lulu lemon.

  58. Anyone else remember how there was always that one kid that wanted to do bad stuff? And how others would join in when they noticed the first kid could get away with it?

    That’s where we are now. The teacher could stop the bad kid at any time, but she doesn’t want to.

      • Remember the old days? Movie and a meal? Face to face in the midst of a bunch of other people, no masks, no phones, and polite, courteous, civil behavior? Me, too. Not coming back soon, I’m afraid.

      • Is there any place where that actually happened? I recall reading about places where they were considering/talking about/agitating for defunding the local police force but did any city actually DO it? Just curious if it actually happened anywhere.

        • Here, it did not happen—even though I suspect we talked about it as much as anywhere else, had the prerequisite improperly shot felons and riot, and the town government is Leftist. Indeed, the police’ renewed recent budget is $2M more than last year’s. Not nearly enough to correct current staffing shortages, but not the defunding spoken about.

        • Not absolute defunding, but certainly a drastic reduction in funding. I know that happened in Austin, pretty sure in Minny and Seattle, too.

      • Those damned Southern Democrats ruined the optics of using fire hoses and water cannons to quell unrest.

      • When I’m feeling especially bitter, angry, and cynical (like now) I sometimes think that maybe I should support most of the Left’s agenda after all. It’ll be a huge disaster of course but should also lead to the Great Purge of a lot of useless carbon blobs.

    • UBI is inevitable. Now that it has been demonstrated that massive government spending won’t cause hyperinflation, it’s not not going to happen.

      • The US is able to get away with this only as long as it possesses the world’s reserve currency.

        • Of course, and the biggest swinging dick on the planet. You just never know when all that ends. The government is not planning accordingly to help us, so we should.

          • Judging by recent events at Sandia National Labs we may be writing off the US’ nuclear arsenal sooner rather than later.

          • Satisfy a curious old man. What exactly are you referring to? I did a quick search for news about Sandia Labs and couldn’t find anything more sinister than blatantly anti-white classes being held. Shite like that is almost de riguer these days.

          • There is also the tritium issue,
            We can no longer make tritium for triggers and while we can salvage the existing supply, the half life is 12 years.
            Within 40 years or so (as of 2017) we will also no longer have nuclear fuel for ships.
            The US is simply not going to recover from this mess without an extraordinarily strong leader and while I do think President Trump is good, AFAICT he is not “that guy”

          • Dupe deleted.


            Yes, I agree that something would have to replace the USD as the reserve currency and there really isn’t a viable candidate at this time, thankfully for us.

          • Correct. We probably are a generation or so before the dollar no longer is the reserve currency. In the meantime, army ants gotta eat.

          • The dollar remains the reserve currency as long as you can enforce a dollar monopoly on oil trade.

            Even if nuclear gets serious, oil will still be one of the most valuable commodities in the world, it can be used for an almost unlimited number of borderline miraculous purposes.

            As Ahmejinedad wisely noted: “Oil is too precious a substance to be burned for its mere energy content.”

          • For sure.

            Oil has incalculable value as an ingredient in the production of just about every modern product you can think of.

            I don’t think the Greenies realized how much of their Prius, solar cells, and wind farms require oil.

          • Oil is easy to calculate how much it’s worth. Put a gallon of fuel in a car, drive it until it runs out, then push it back to the starting point. All of a sudden you’re willing to pay a lot more for a gallon of gas 🙂

          • A collapse in global trade could cause that too. This could be a chicken or an egg (global trade collapses due to outside events, war, synchronous economic crashes (which has happened before in regions), etc OR, trade collapses because people will no longer accept dollars).

          • Yeah! Like the Ruble. Or the Yuan. Or how about the Euro or Pound? They’re both trading above unity to the U.S. Dollar.

          • Want to know what the Chinese are going to replace the Yuan with…….

            the Two

            I’ll see myself out

          • Not necessarily true. The existing system could collapse into something more primitive. I’m not hoping for that, just saying it’s possible. I guess you could argue that gold and silver or trade goods could become the new “currency.” It wouldn’t be the first time in history, far from it. Credit cards, mortgages and international funds transfers and all this other financial wizardry are wonderful, but there is no law that they must exist in the future.

          • True. Zimbabwe is a good example. What, you think folk there were trading in trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes? They now transact in Euro’s, Rand, and US currency. (Can’t say how their new issued money is doing. It’s been awhile)

        • I thought some place in Europe – Sweden?? – implemented what amounts to a UBI. Am I totally mistaken?

          • Finland tried it experimentally and stopped it. Their UBI was given in exchange for all other welfare. That is how most UBI proposed plans used to be. Not sure any longer. One can google on the Finland experiment for the pro’s and con’s.

        • Nope. Not how MMT works. The seller is the buyer of our debt, so good luck waiting for that to fail because “muh irresponsible debt load.” If I continue to be paid $1 million a day for shaking my left hand with my right hand, when do you think “reality” stops me?

        • MMT is psychology-first market economics. Soros in his economic writing calls this “reflexivity.”

          Dig down and it essentially means they can keep the market going until enough of the public panics, confidence collapses and people start running on the banks to have shekels to hold rather than letting them float in the fantasy-cloud.

          They realized the mistake with the Big Short crash was letting Lehman fail and panicking everyone with Realtalk about the economy.

          Now they just give us the QE hopium drip and have guys like Mnuchin & Trump sing us back to sleep crooning over muh Big Line 30k and GDP.

          People won’t realize the economy of real things has actually been collapsing ever since the Big Short until the store shelves are empty and their inflated credit lines can’t actually buy things.

          It will take something like a massive energy crisis or the Three Gorges dam collapsing to cause that kind of shock though. Get used to the New Normal – it’s likely here for quite some time.

        • Perhaps even more important, the a Fed Res said they were modifying/abandoning the employment aims for their policy. Whether this ups the unemployment number or not we will see.

        • The Fed guys seem to be stuck on Keynes which no longer works which is Conquests First Law in action or maybe its Sinclair, you can’t teach someone something his job requires he not know.
          They are going to have a great deal of difficulty making serious inflation outside of food and ammo. The US system concentrates money in a very few hands and thus kills the velocity of money.
          The usual solutions are null and void to do debt, unemployment, lack of retail and low fertility/population aging.
          Also expecting people to borrow is stupid. There is no demand for money for services or travel , no demand growth for goods and no reason to borrow only to refinance. That is if you can even get a loan as the banks are clamping down.
          Opening society up will help but its hard to un-scare people you’ve already scared and no half tested vaccine is going to help.
          If this situation continues much longer and larger States are not back in business, it would be sounder to assume permanent shrinkage.
          Of course the money boys don’t know how to actual measure and economy. We have mass homelessness a few months out ,mas poverty and cities on fire with guillotines in front of rich peoples houses but aslong as the stock market and a sett prices are high, the economy is great.

      • There is hyperinflation already. Its just in the asset market rather than everyday things like food. Have you seen what equities are doing lately?

    • UBI is a terrible idea but sooner or later its going to come to civil collapse, economic control or UBI?

      Pick your poison.

  59. Another factor in the riots is that massive numbers of criminals were released from prison early as part of the governments idiotic Covid hysteria. To communities that were already dealing with massive underemployment from the lockdowns.

    A lot of the rioters are such criminals – as seen in the Rittenhouse Incident.

    • Yep. When Kyle cut loose with his AR15, hits three people and they’re all criminals… I’d be leery of saying these are all spoiled rich kids. There’s plenty of druggies and street trash in their numbers.
      The societal disenfranchisement definitely is a part of it… but far more concerning (to me at least) is the skill with which these kids are being organized and played. The lefty mayors seem to be hapless idiots being dragged along in the wake. When the revolution comes, we need to ID the puppet masters and take them out first. We can mop up the useful idiots later…

      • That’s part of the alluring danger for the young white losers. Now they can brag about how they teamed up with felons and badasses to fight the power.

        • Everyone has to be able to answer the question: How do I know I’m alive?
          “I build PowerPoint decks evaluating the latest marketing initiative for the southeast region,” is not, it turns out, an answer to that question.

        • Its the green-yellow-red makeup and strategy of Antifa. Yellows are who Z is saying are rich middle class kids exercising their bored ids. The reds are the muscle, the ones bringing and using guns and molotovs, and they are quite likely to have priors, like the three who FAFO’D at Kenosha.

          • erm well those three aren’t really white, unless ashkenazis are white. but yeah, you do need a lot of disaffected white obama lovers to staff antifa, otherwise you’d just have looters jogging around.

            also, big black cities already had their riots years and decades ago, after achieving white retreat they don’t need to destroy so much. nor do their big black city police departments need to be defunded and stop shooting criminals, they already have done that. still, they have their minor permanent hell, for example they are trying to take down Saint Louis of France’s awesome equestrian statue in his namesake city. i know, not Bacchus or Priapus, but a great spiritual and earthly leader of white past. of course, we can’t be mired in the past, but we must rescue from it what matters. the king died, so his sons might live.

          • Didn’t say white, i said rich middle class kids. I know they aint all white. But the dudes with the baseball bats and glocks are pretty much all white. And i heard only one of the three (not the guy with the gat) was a hebrew homie.

          • no one with -kreutz in their last name is jewish. i know you morons have been DYING to find a jewish angle in this SUPERE white bread crypto christian ultracalvinist mess, but it aint there dude. this is what it looks liek when theres a movement WITHOUT jews at the helm

        • The “Fight the power” punk ethos has been an infection for decades.
          I play tabletop roleplaying games from time to time and everywhere I turn its punk this, punk that. Diesel Punk,. Jade Punk, Bronzepunk, Steam Punk (500 variations) Dungeon Punk . On and On. I’ll give a pass on Cyberpunk as it was created in the 80’s but the rest of this drek can crawl back he in the slimely hole it came out of.
          I’m about ready for Righteous Authority where the PC’s job is to follow orders from good leaders,

          • hence the continued popularity of Tolkien who was trad-catholic. I suppose there’s a conspiracy theory making him out to be an agent of the Saturnian Jesuit Order or some crazy shit.

      • This was the revolution.

        Its over.

        The Left won by forfeit.

        Go polish your AR.

        Frankly, there’s no reason to take away the AR with ammo, even in the Tumbrels you will never shoot it.

        Goodbye, Patriots.

          • Are you mad bro? Because it’s the truth. The Left won because the Right didn’t fight back and you know it.

            What really stings is how absolutely pathetic individuals on the Left are. Barely able to hide their lack of grasp of reality, unfit, unhealthy, utterly depraved. Yet here we are, California is about to decriminalise homosexual pedophilia and NOBODY is doing a DAMN thing because cowardice.

          • Not cowardice. Tactics.
            There’s still room to retreat. Pull your kids from school, leave the state, etc.
            Obviously its sick to pass such a law but what should we do? Burn the courthouse down? Then we will be as big a bunch of clowns as the current crop.
            also with the legal system still in place we will be sued arrested etc…
            No. We must wait until a war can actually get kicked off and all such legalities are put to the side.
            When we take to the streets it will be for all the marbles. We know that violence is useless as a political tool unless we wage full and total war.
            When the first bad commie run cop forces a patriot to shoot him he knows that his life is in peril until the last criminal commie democrat lies dead as well.
            we are not there yet.
            we also still have an election coming up. perhaps when trump wins he can get the FBI cleaned up and doing its job again. They and the military are supposed to be doing this not us.

            bottom line Buy more ammo and food. Its still prepare for war time.
            When we know that we are truly up against the wall and that its fight or die then we will unleash. Its just not time yet. We have yet to see the whites of their eyes.

        • yes, we could be “mostly peaceful” too, but not yet. gotta build the momentum, with legit peaceful demonstration and community, legit propaganda and humor, legit art and aesthetics, legit faith and philosophy, and legit martyrdom if called for occasionally. i agree, polishing the ar while blogging will stop someday. but can’t waste ammo senselessly until then either.

      • Glenfilthie, the most spoiled, richest trustfund brats I have known were druggie street trash. On the Left Coast, the white rasta wearing rags and sleeping off his shrooms trip on a bus stop bench has a 25% chance of having a 7 figure trust fund, and a 75% chance his mother’s husband makes 6+ figures a year. And they have the criminal records as well.

        • The impression I get is that there’s a sort of “tiered” lifeplan for trustafarians. The smartest ones get money from Daddy to start real businesses, or careers in politics or corporate management. Then you have much larger groups who live on allowances while playing at various things. Their “job titles” are things like blogger, artist, writer, musician, “activist” (my personal favorite), and who could forget “community organizer”. What they really do is drink and take a lot of drugs, collect STDs, occasionally produce bad art or music, and commit low level crimes which the DAs in their Blue hive cities don’t prosecute or let them plea bargain.

          The West Coast’s geography seems to reflect this hierarchy too. The more serious minded have real careers in LA, then you get to the Bay Area and you’ve got a less practical minded but still smart and semi-productive group. Portland and Seattle though seem to be the drains that collect all the rest. The stereotype used to be that Cali was for the stupid people but what I see is that, while everyone west of the Cascades/Sierra is insane, the IQ shades down as you go north.

      • the vanguard is genteel, the shock troops not so much. yes, it’s communists doing communisms as usual. good thing is, the snake is killed by crushing the head.

      • Many of them are paid professionals and they travel all over the country to riot and murder. They are a criminal class.

      • Ted Wheeler, mayor or Portland is most definitely an exemplar of America’s moneyed aristocracy. His family has a whole town named after them on the Oregon Coast. He joined the financial class and serves their interests to the hilt.

    • Good point. Beyond the shrieking, cock-starved White Millennial women psychopaths, there is a huge feral, criminal and violent contingent.

    • The criminals were not released because of hysteria. They were released deliberately. Same thing was done in post-Communist countries early after their revolutions. The goal is to create chaos and something for regular people to focus on, while the “elites” and various well connected assholes loot the country and solidify power. So far it’s working quite well.

      • Hillare Belloc noted that the elites like chaos because they do well in chaotic situations – chaos serves their interests.

        • Elites can encourage and profit from the chaos when they have divorced themselves from the rest of us. A very good reason why not to let an elite class develop.

          • What on earth can you mean? An elite class inevitably develops from the mere fact that one man is six foot tall and another five.

          • Every society has an elite. Even one-man-one-vote democracies have influencers and demagogues.

            A healthy society has a healthy elite with a concept of noblesse oblige and a selection and/or weeding process that makes continuing membership meritocratic.

            We have a degenerate elite that needs replacement.

            A majority in every society simply will not willfully and consistently engage in the detailed wonkery of true self-government. You can argue whether it’s a good thing or bad, but you can only lead the horses to water, not make them drink.

      • Exactly, the whole point is distraction. That is why there is now discussion around the 32 flavors of gender, and other equally inane subjects. It is Wiemar redux, same garbage 100 years later.

        Wiemar problems require Wiemar solutions

      • Castro let out the dregs of his society during the Mariel boatlift. “You want Cubans, you got’em, good and hard.”
        The communist DemocRats in power of the Super-Blue states are doing the same thing, with Covid as an excuse.

      • Ah, but I do seem to recall Castro draining his Cuban prison swamp of criminals via the Mariel boatlift to Florida. Seems like a pattern, but what do I know.

    • Seem to be two elements. You have your criminals–the fact that Rittenhouse bagged one child rapist, a violent domestic felon and a run-of-mill thief in his “Kenosha Hat Trick” proves that half of the demographic. But if you look at the profiles Andy Ngo publishes every day, you’ve got a big cohort of middle class children who have suddenly found out that crappy “studies” degrees and a lifetime of participation trophies doesn’t translate into the lifestyle they aspire to. Suddenly you are 30, stuck at Starbucks and still living with four other people. And you’ve never been told that YOU are responsible for yourself. Meanwhile Ajit and Sung Koo Lee from your high school were pushed by their parents to get those engineering or medical degrees and they are doing just fine. And you are pissed.

      • Yep, umc millenial here. Basically watched all my white high school friends piss away thousands of dollars on arts degrees – then travel around Europe to “find themselves”.

        The asian/indian strivers are absolutely taking over middle class grind. And honestly alot of it Is white unforced errors/parenting.

        • Not to excuse the uber-slacker mentality, but it’s as much society getting what it’s willing to pay for as anything else. There’s a lot of millennial fruit been left to rot on the vine.

          • Our youth has been told there’s really nothing to believe in so they really believe in nothing.

            We’ve transmitted our philosophical and spiritual dead end to young people who are prepared to actually live it out. They say Schopenhauer would extol the virtues of suicide before enjoying a luxurious meal. But young people don’t have the prior generation’s vestigial morality and sense of meaning to counterbalance… they’re actually enacting the nihilism we’ve offered them.

            Mom said sexual inhibitions were silly and old fashioned but was faithful to her husband and happily married… daughter is camwhoring on onlyfans. Dad said life is a meaningless accident of the universe but takes pride in his work. Son throws firebombs and instagrams violent attacks on random people.

            This horrifies people who merely enjoy *talking* airily about a supposedly indifferent universe and the subjectivity of all values.

          • That happened and it was terrible, but knowing better we now have to do better. Which is a tall task, but we have the chance to re-found what was destroyed, so there’s a silver lining.

        • b123 you are spot-on.

          The 800 lb gorilla in the room is growing uselessness of post-WWII white brats. Yes, yes, the Booby knows there are exceptions, so save him your objections. But anyone who’s been in a position of hiring or being served knows the uncomfortable reality.
          Frankly, when the Booby needs a dentist or an optometrist he looks for a Dr. Wong, Dr. Singh, or Dr. Kim.
          The Booby wants the Asian brown girl serving him at the drive thru, not the white pampered princess who thinks she’s too intellectual and creative to lower herself to serving the public.
          The term, “unforced errors” is brilliant.
          Meanwhile, we can lament illegal workers all we want – and there is much cause for lament – but the truth is, if the Booby owned a company and had to choose between a motivated illegal, versus either a meth-head white kid or a criminal black kid, the choice would be obvious.
          Much of this is indeed self-inflicted. But what’s the “political solution” for 70 years of shitty parenting?

          • Stop being shitty parents. Things will start getting better before you know it, but yeah we’re in for a rough ride for a while as things work themselves out.

          • Disagree with BfB. The Chic-fil-a employment model is a wonderful thing, especially outside of vibrant environs.
            And if some sawbones is going to cut on me, he better be 45+, white, and have a well-worn gold wedding band.
            Move to where your people are to rediscover what your people are actually like, rather than those urbanite bugmen uncomfortably wearing a White skinsuit.

          • People who prefer immigrant labor to Americans are part of the problem.
            You don’t get to expect much from Whites on the cheap and that $10-15 you are paying isn’t jack all in ost of the country.
            You are right to expect a full days work from those you hire but if wages can’t even pay for 4x an efficiency apartment and it an adult, they aren’t enough.
            Nothing wrong with the Mommy and Daddy subsidy for the teens or even the college boy pick up money job but if you want independent adults, its going to make goods cost more.
            As for parenting, it what paintersform said. That and have more than one kid. Small families tend to make spoiled kids.
            If you want a political solution, default male custody , difficult divorce unless no children and an end to alimony in most cases should do it.
            You’ll probably need a dictatorship though , women won’t give up the power they have and capital wants the cheap labor,

      • The middle class loser kids are largely satisfied to be simply participating in the whole thing. The free t-shirt and their on-site selfies are a big deal for them. But they are more likely to hold back. The losers with no self-control or rational thinking are the ones who go all “hold my beer, watch this”, in the midst of the chaos.

      • Spot on take! You get it.
        But truly truly truly. None of this is organic. None of it. The media doesn’t cover trends. It creates them. It made these kids disaffected. As it is now attempting to make all of us nuts with the Pandemic hoax as well as commercials and television shows that make zero sense.
        Bill Gates and his buddies want what? All of us useless eaters dead. How will he do it? Through bribing the medical establishment media and political class to force inoculations on the population as well as driving folks to suicide through lockdowns and lunatic level media content.
        Left to thier own devices without television before 1960 Americans naturally gravitated toward marriage and productive work and family. If you look at the stats between 1920 and 1960 marriage and birth rates were through the roof while violent crime and incarceration rates were one third of what it is today. Wars didn’t matter. Prohibition. Human nature left to its own devices in a positive Christian based Western culture country naturally tends toward happiness, stability, brotherhood and lawfulness.
        Then TV began as well as the welfare system and incarceration and murder rates went up like a hockey stick!
        To any American who is on the fence about all this craziness there is only one solution.
        Buy more guns and ammo.
        Look at that video with the three asshole aussie cops kicking in some guys door for posting truth on the internet.
        They try that in America and there’s gonna be a gunfight.
        The only real victory for conservatives during the Obama years was the Bundy ranch where cops were put to the test of enforcing an unjust unconstitutional law at risk of their life. And they balked. They blinked. They backed off.
        Political power ultimately comes at the barrel of a gun.
        In America guns can be bought by anyone like cans of soup so stock up!!!! Get one to protect yourself and your rights to be free and un-injected! The more armed citizens the less the will by shitty thug cops to enforce un-constitutional criminal laws.
        The cops have guns. You don’t. Theyre taking you away.
        The cops have guns. So do you. You got a choice.

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