College Football

College football officially begins tonight with a few games between minor programs and then this weekend with some more well-known programs. Even though the solstice is not for a few more weeks, the accepted end of summer and beginning of fall in the US is Labor Day weekend. Most years, this weekend is loaded with college football games starting on Thursday and running through Monday night. Due to the man-made panic over Covid, there are far fewer games than normal.

College football is one of those uniquely American things. In the rest of the world, sports are a solely professional thing. Teens with the talent to make a living playing ball end up in a professional league of some sort. The youth play in club leagues until they can no longer play or can sign a professional contract. In America, the only sports that work this way are tennis and golf. The other sports, even soccer, are attached to colleges in some way, until players reach adulthood.

In the case of football, the sport is made weirder by the fact that every school and region have traditions. Europeans are baffled by the bands and cheerleaders used by college football programs. That’s not a thing you would ever see in Europe. There’s also the massive expense that comes with it. American colleges have sporting facilities that dwarf most professional clubs in the rest of the world. College football alone generates two billion in advertising revenue every year.

Of course, what makes it really weird compared to the rest of the world is the players do not get paid in the traditional sense. They are paid, of course. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or ignorant. They get free tuition, books, access to world class trainers and facilities and walking around money. Big time programs give the players a hundred dollars a day for incidentals. They also try hard to cover up their crimes, which is no small thing at many of these programs.

The scale of the industry is why many colleges have decided to go ahead with playing this season, rather than continue the Covid farce. It’s one thing to send the students home to take their classes on-line. It is quite another to give up billions in revenue in order to pretend you’re heroically fighting the killer virus. The two leagues that cancelled their season are now trying to figure out how to reverse course. It turns out that posturing is not as lucrative as playing the games.

Of course, this being the summer of public piety, the colleges feel the need to bend the knee to their black players in public. Nick Saban, one of the most cynical and craven humans to ever walk the earth, put on a big show the other day. His football teams have been crime waves in every city he has worked, but he wants his black players to know he is all about social justice. The issue of cops shooting blacks resonates with his players, because they get arrested so often.

The most amusing bit of moral preening so far came out of the cuck-belt, where the Kansas State football team had shirts made up and brought in celebrity blacks to help the whites with their struggle sessions. One of the players said, “I challenge you to not avoid conversations with people who think differently than you.” These are the same players who demanded a student be expelled for not agreeing with them on the George Floyd overdose incident.

The coaches, of course, are indulging this nonsense because they get paid to indulge all sorts of shenanigans. Nick Saban makes six million per season to keep his players out of prison long enough to finish the season. From his perspective, mouthing idiotic slogans and letting his players lecture the world about social justice is a day at the beach compared to what he normally does. In the world of carny folk, dignity takes a back seat to fleecing the suckers in the crowd.

Still, you can’t help but wonder if the colleges are destroying themselves with this lurch into politics. College football is entirely funded by white people. The stands at a college football game are whiter than an Ivy League professor’s neighborhood. The schools themselves may actively discriminate against white students, but the white fans make it possible for these college football programs to exist. Those fans also tend to be very patriotic, conservative and civic minded.

Of course, sports are supposed to be an escape. Staging mock battles between groups of Africans is a way to forget about the world for a few hours. In the case of college football, it also includes reminiscing about your college days and maybe hanging out with old college buddies. Reminding these people that you hate them and want them dead is probably a bad marketing strategy by these colleges. So far it has been a disaster for the pro leagues. Their viewership has collapsed.

Paradoxically, the collapse in television viewership may save these sports from their black players. If the stands were full, the fans could boo when the players take a knee or make some idiotic gesture. There would be social proof that normal white people resent this stuff. That would also lead the players to speak out and accidentally reveal just how much they hate white people. Playing in front of cardboard cutouts means no booing the teams for their anti-white antics.

This is another example of why sports remain popular. They tend to reflect in simple ways truths about society as a whole. In this case, the players can get away with their anti-white stuff, because there is no one around them to say otherwise. That is how it always is with the Left. There is no genuine market for their ideas, so they make sure to either cripple the marketplace of ideas with censorship or simply impose their way on everyone by controlling the institutions, like colleges.

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256 thoughts on “College Football

  1. I watched about 15 minutes of the SMU game until they showed a little featurette on the social justice “work” the teams had been doing, followed by seemingly endless blather about how it’s not an either-or thing, you can be for the cops and cop-killing or whatever, and then switched over for the kentucky derby
    which had a bunch of racist horses running it, judging by the protests

  2. That is how it always is with the Left. There is no genuine market for their ideas, so they make sure to either cripple the marketplace of ideas with censorship or simply impose their way on everyone by controlling the institutions, like colleges.

    So like abrahamic religion

  3. My sister is big buddies with Saban’s wife. I sent her the video of his jackassery and the only thing I wrote was UGHHHH.

    She wrote back *sigh*

    Never let it be said we women aren’t the most passive-aggressive people alive. 😀

    I doubt I’ll hear from her for a good long time.

  4. I dont criticize the boomers for any unique character flaws, since idiots are born every minute. But… historians will wonder how boomers watched their favorite past-times of strategy and planning devolve into roid raging, full contact , criminal, savage, african hunter gatherer brawls. It always struck me as traitorous watching white men drool over black athletes. Boomers actually played sports in highschool, but my generation had black monsters shipped to our schools to literally fight to the death on the field. No white kids wanted to break their skulls with the africans on the varsity teams. It was obvious these kids were dumber than elementary school whites but special passed to improve the sports program. They were on steroids in middle school too!. New research shows africans have thicker bones, so we dont even belong in the same leagues. I believe black spports normalized black retarded behavior and paved the way for the disgusting black music and degenerate culture that wiggers and sllutty white women are trying to emulate. Do you think europeans would have invented twerking on their own? When the boomers are gone, im hoping pro sports goes too. Younger generations would rather watch eachother play video games on tv.

    • “boomer man bad” bla bla bla.
      EVERY. SINGLE. TIME., polls show us than the highest percentage of Trump’s voters are 65yo+ white males.
      Give me a break, PLEASE, with this generation theory crap. I literally can’t bear every comment which contains words like “Xers, millenials, boomers”
      (and no, I’m not a so-called “boomer”. I was born under Nixon)

  5. If these early season games are any indication, the 30-second SJW messages of equality peppered with images of the overdosed jogger and dead rapist will overwhelm the viewer like the stench of a pig farm next to the interstate.
    only the cuckiest of cucks can endure this browbeat of hate whitey messages.

  6. Fuck blackball. The true beauty of the jewflu, is they’re gonna broke ass the jew billionaire owners of the blackball teams. No one cares, no one’s gonna spend hard earned money on your stupid, boring shit.. Team Whitey;s turning off the money spigot.

  7. “If I said it was wrong to shit your pants, every Democrat would walk around with a full load.”

    – Donald J. Trump
    45th president of the United States of America

  8. For a good while (three decades) I’ve been far more interested in one single issue than any other: immigration. In the meantime I’ve become a hardcore White Nationalist, and was one long before recent events.
    Now in addition, regarding white men (making some allowance for younger, athletic guys) I take note of whether they have the self-respect to abandon any remaining interest in spectator ‘sportsball’, which is as anti-white as fuck — it’s approaching a litmus test for me.

  9. Enroll your sons in boxing or MMA, have family dinners, and read the Bible together as a family each evening.

  10. I managed to maintain my American nice guy sports fan soul all the way up to the riots of the last two months. Now things have gotten so IN OUR FACE belligerent and dark, that I’m willing to give up my lifelong Raiders passion and join the ranks of my fellow angry-as-fuck Dissidents and give up sports caring for good. Not just watching…but caring to know the current division standings, playoff “picture”, draft pics, etc. If I saw a segment of blacks taking the side of reality, I might be kinder. But I see no blacks are taking our side. I used to watch the charismatic black Christian preacher T.D. Jakes. Where are black leaders like him on the violent riots and anti-white talk. Whites are Christian brothers too. If anyone here ever catches me posting anything enthusiastic about sportsball again please point out that I’m a weak hypocrite weasel.

    • Perhaps the best answer one can Kraft is to look to the number of championship trophies amalgamated.

          • The corned beef drips from that name. You can actually hear the Merchant Minute pronounce it. You may be wrong.

          • I just saw a picture of him. Nope, he’s a Jew, Catholicism may be a good cover. As my grandma used to say “You can tell a Jew by the eyes. The eyes never lie.”

          • You just saw a picture of him? That’s the extent of your familiarity with Saban? My parents went to Bama. I’ve been following them since Bear Bryant days. Saban is no Jew. He’s typical hard & charmless East Euro. A hard Jew will be hard, but with some hidden gruffly warmth. Sobran sounds similar to Saban. Both East Euros. You calling Sobran a Jew? Fight me right now.

          • No one cares about Bama. Bama sucks. I hate that entire region of the country and I blame them for bringing in these pickaninnies to begin with. May as well be Nascar to me. I would rather watch paint dry.

          • “… I blame them for bringing in these pickaninnies to begin with.”

            Most slaves came in through Northern ports. Boston took over the slave trade/financing/insurance from Charleston in the 18th century and held that honor till New York became the slave import capital after 1783 and the center for insuring and financing slaves. And New York held that honor right up till Jefferson helped pass legislation to ban the importation of slaves. But there still continued to be a lively black market for the sale of slaves smuggled into New York right up until 1861. So if your ancestors came from the Northeast, hate yourself.

          • Nick Saban is one of the most famous Croats on earth right now. Bill Belichick is the other. The two greatest football coaches in history both hailing from the same country, a tiny country no less, is talked about all the time.

          • Stipe miocic – ufc heavyweight champion, which means he is the strongest ufc fighter
            Croatia – 2nd best soccer team in the world
            Doncic(slovenian, but same gene pool as croatians) – possibly best NBA rookie ever
            Former yugoslavians would dominate most sports if their population was big enough.

          • Possibly the second most famous Croatian and the most famous Croatian jew. Show me the 23 and Me test.

  11. I absolutely love CF, but I am a traditionalist. The realignment of teams in conferences that are not regional, the presence of super conferences, the college football playoffs, all started to turn me off, as it was becoming NFL-lite. Throw in a loss of interest due to Covid and then the BLM BS, and I have almost no desire to watch, and likely won’t since my team, the Michigan Wolverines, are not playing.

  12. All college and professional sports are dead to me. No watching, no TV, no discussion, no interest. Why watch low-IQ fools who hate white people display their hatred and stupidity? Conversely, wouldn’t it be interesting to watch all-white sports leagues with participants who comported themselves with honor and class? Like white people have traditionally been expected to act? Just a thought.

  13. So, how does the “Me, Too” movement fit into all of this? One of the biggest conventions of international prostitutes is the NBA All-Star game, where gorgeous black ladies of the evening congregate around an auditorium filled with wealthy African-American athletes who also posses hyper-active libidos. Someone must save those poor ladies from such a dismal fate.

  14. In case anyone in VA is looking for something to do tomorrow, Sep. 4:

    On topic, my alma mater had been building a good FB team which caught my interest last year. But I’m not following anymore since they’ve ramped up their virtue crap this year. They beat their chests about renaming a few buildings because the names were too full of white privilege. In the next breath they want money. I unsubscribed all future communications.

  15. I hate to say it, but opening college football season polls extremely well in the Upper Midwest right now.

    Trump is probably going to push for this because it could help him in the polls.

    Yes, I know he’s not the ideal DR candidate, but no one better will be on the ballot.

    • I know he’s not the ideal DR candidate, but no one better will be on the ballot.

      Read a piece by John Stossel on PJ Media the other day extoling the Libertarian candidate. From what Stossel wrote she probably represents my understanding of the world a whole lot better than does Mr Trump. Problem is a single snowflake on the casing of a 50 megaton thermonuclear device stands a better chance of surviving detonation than that nice lady has of being elected. In the electorial system as it exists today, a vote for anyone but Trump is in effect a vote for Kamala Harris – excuse me, Biden. However much I could WISH things were different they aren’t.

  16. If big-time college sports go away then NAM attendance at those colleges is going to be ~1% of current levels.
    While I’m not saying that’s a bad, somebody is going to have a problem with it.

    • NAM attendance levels won’t drop at all without a total overhaul of the administration. The colleges are committed to keeping NAM attendance at their current levels or higher. Lack of sports would simply mean the unqualified black men these school admit would have a lot more free time. It is questionable how much of a benefit they get out of college, but the rest of the college sees some benefit from having them spending 50 hours a week playing a sport. If they are going to be there anyway it is better to have them playing sports.

    • Ummm … I have to ask. What does NAM stand for? I can usually figure out acronyms. Negro Athlete Moron?

  17. Remember Steven Baca, the guy who was forced to defend himself when attacked by BLM/Antifa in Albuquerque?

    The Antifa thug who attacked him with a knife is getting immunity from prosecution to testify against Baca.

    We must never, ever get complacent and assume that Rittenhouse is safe just because he has popular support. He could be railroaded like everyone else before him.

    Meanwhile, yet another day has come and gone and murderers and attempted murderers like Reinoehl and Grosskreutz continue to run free. BLM/Antifa enjoys protection from the very highest levels of government.

    • Isn’t it remarkable how all the terrorist cells were disrupted by feds infiltrating them but Antifa can emerge at a riot and disperse afterwards without a trace.
      By the way, when was the last time there was a terrorist attack by muslim extremists? Are they encumbered by wearing face masks and social distancing?

    • Baca, Carrillo, possibly Viarengo: sooner or later we’re is going to have to do some non-binary thinking about the three-sided nature of racial struggle in post-Boomer America.
      I have observed that many of these people of vowels seem to have a more acute sense of the usual suspects than do a lot of actually existing Nordics, Saxons and Teutons.

    • Well, doh!

      Considering that the entire alleged “justice system” is overrun with admitted, self-identified leftists, that should come as no surprise. Face it, people, our – MORTAL – enemies hold the system virtually in fee simple. It is to be expected that they would exercise any/all the prerogatives accruing there unto.

    • The only silver lining to all this is that it’s undermining white American support for “color revolution” imperialism abroad. Whenever some GOP harpy starts screeching about “oppression” in China!China!China! or some other country, I think “Who cares? The same shit’s happening here.”

      If anything, the Chinese are at least censoring anyone who tries to undermine the Historic Chinese Nation, while the American apparatus seeks to destroy anyone who supports the Historic American Nation.

      • I heard on google about how China controls the flow of information and prosecutes political dissidents… Horrible!

        OT: Hey, have you guys heard about this Kyle Rittenhouse fellow? Apparently he’s a racist vigilante in this “bugaloo” movement (who want a second civil war to reinstitute slavery and kill millions).

        Anyway Kyle drove to a peaceful protest and used an illegal AR (assault rifle) to randomly murdering all these local activists who don’t support police brutality. Fortunately he’s been arrested after an extensive manhunt (he fled the state!) and will soon be tried for his horrific deeds.

        • That’s almost exactly how I heard him described on ABC radio news this week, except they also mentioned he crossed state lines.

  18. The NFL TV ratings starting next week are going to be very closely analyzed. Anything less than a 10% decline will be spun as a success for the league. The Big Ten decision to cancel their season is truly baffling, in addition the public relations problems it creates, it is going to kill them in recruiting against the SEC, where they were already having trouble keeping up. The revenue drop off is happening at a time when college sports and the NCAA are already in trouble. They may not ever recover.

    • all of these schools are going to be sued into insolvency if they allow sports to take place. liability over covid-19. doesn’t matter that it is in fact a fake risk, the lawyers will eat the schools alive with class action lawsuits.

      • They’re already being sued FOR canceling sports, and yes they’ll be sued for not doing so. Lawyers are the maggots infesting the corpse of America.

      • Yep. With as much money as college ball makes, it’s simply a given that some parasite is looking for a pretense for a shakedown. The loss of foregone revenue is probably the same as the loss from a class action suit, so you may as well avoid the hassle of staffing and playing.

  19. College football is one of those uniquely American things. In the rest of the world, sports are a solely professional thing.

    What? No, 99% of sports in Europe are played in amateur clubs, clubs that you pay to be a member of, and the coaches are most often volunteers. Only a tiny minority of players ever go professional, even in football clubs.

    Of course, what makes it really weird compared to the rest of the world is the players do not get paid in the traditional sense. 

    What makes it weird is that American football players get paid at all, and the fact that they’re paid in academic rebates and tuition makes it even weirder. Qualifying for college does not necessarily mean you’re good with a swine bladder.

    • Qualifying for college does not necessarily mean you’re good with a swine bladder.

      Nor does “being good with a swine bladder” mean you have any business attending an institute of – alleged – higher learning. Which probably explains earlier comments about the criminality associated with college sports.

      • Yes. That was what I actually meant to write.

        Mind you, college teams seems like a charming idea to me, but not if those teams are run professionally and as a substitute for actual coursework. If you’re good enough to be a pro, you’re probably not applying yourself to your studies.

        • The initiation of college sports goes back to the amateur days of the late 1800’s—where you were truly a student first and then an amateur athlete second. As with most things, American fans and financial incentives screwed it all up over the years. Now in most college sports, there are no true student athletes—just wannabe pro’s in the making.

          I stopped enjoying such “amateur” college athletics early on in my academic career—especially after having them in class and reading the newspaper accounts of their “exploits”—rape, assault, murder, etc. While members of the campus “community”.

  20. Sports allowed casual discussion that was non political and non religious. The professional leagues killed that by politicizing the games. One of the benefits of Winnie the Flu has been that we discovered how unimportant pro sports really are. We will now have to find other things to fill up casual conversations, like our homes and gardens.

      • Consider…

        When people lived in homogeneous nations and shared spiritual values – conversation didn’t have to be casual and vapid all the time

        Meaningless conversation is directly correlated to people sharing nothing real

  21. College sports watching is extremely regional. I have to believe that even if there is a spike the first couple of weeks, viewing will quickly drop. Northern Big State U fans don’t care much for watching Southern MegaState College play Southern Tech University. The Big Ten and Pac-12 may actually be saved somewhat by not going through the BLM gesturing that the other power conferences are going to be doing. Meanwhile, the NFL is about to implode.

    • But here’s the thing I don’t understand about the way college sports ball has evolved (devolved). Many of the players who are recruited don’t live anywhere near the states where they end up playing. They have no appreciation for the area, no nostalgia for the university or feelings of empathy for its traditions and history. These are feral athletes who are recruited to maintain high coaching salaries and the egos of fans. It is fake loyalty and garish entertainment. The whole thing is madness.

      • My observation of the process in the 90s – it’s a mix. Some of the 5-star recruits just want the right place to train and get playing time for a few years before the NFL. For others – at USC for instance – grew up nearby and were life-long fans. Some came in from other parts of the country, met Marcus Allen or OJ (before ’94), saw the campus, the weather, the cheerleaders, the band, the trophies… and said hell yes I want to be part of this.

      • Different coaches have different styles of play they prefer and recruit players who are best suited to their system. In football the latest trends have been towards lots of passing downfield, so a coach will recruit fast receivers, a quarterback with a big arm and a quick running back who can also catch well. A running back who is strong and prefers to go up the middle isn’t going to play for that coach even if he is highly talented.

        • College football is highly tribal. Or was. Money has turned it into something else. If you want to see Iowa boys play Arizona boys, good luck. What’s the point of “loyalty”? All the fans are really left with is cheering on their favored mascot and colors. When I was young, most university teams were composed of over 95% in-state students. That’s all over now. Check the Alabama roster some time. The concept of state rivalries has become ridiculous.

      • Same with the Olympics. For more than a quarter century now we’ve had ‘American’ athletes from wherever because they got the $ and sponsorship, or ‘French’ soccer players who are all African. The whole thing reeks because it’s supposed to be the best athletes from each ‘nation’ when actual nationalism is verboten and the ‘best,’ when judged by people, increasingly tend to be POCs and ‘victims.’ It’s another part of feminized, homogenized clown world and it all needs to die.

        • I wonder how many heritage Americans cheer for the overseas white person in an event instead of the “American”. I expect in their heart of hearts… LOTS.

          What self respecting white person would wants to see big booty american negresses win over beautiful russian gymnasts?

          Of course how many whites are self respecting anymore? I guess we’ll see in November. That or else we’ll see how many negros work at the post office.

  22. College sports should be mostly eliminated and replaced with junior leagues akin to the baseball minor leagues. Dimwit semi-professional athletes have no place in colleges. Of course, most current college students have no place in college either.

    • Hockey has an impressive junior league program. Yes, college hockey is certainly a thing, but it’s not the only path to the pros.

      • I’d also argue that the corruption in college hockey is less evident.
        Also the players don’t seem to hate the fans. Two years ago, after UMASS beat Notre Dame to advance to the Frozen Four, for the first time in program history, the fans lingered in the stands in Manchester, and the team and coaches came out to mingle with the long suffering supporters. It was a great moment that seemed genuine. I couldn’t imagine that happening in hoops or football.

        i know, call me a sap…

    • I enjoy watching D2 and 3 football far more. Most of them know they aren’t going to the NFL. They are having fun while actually being students.

    • Technically, correct. But solstice is somewhat more apt as religious rituals tend to center around those more than the equinox. And college football is nothing if not a religious ritual.

      • Indeed and we saw what happened back in March. The whole Covid thing started rolling around Christmas. Very interesting. Summer riots…October surprise, anyone?

        Tangential, but your mention of religion + astronomy gets me thinking.

  23. I don’t give a shit whether they play or not. My alma mater is a famous football power…but it is also a politically correct shit-hole which requires incoming freshmen to take neo-Marxist indoctrination courses. Has anyone noticed that the growth in the number of these courses correlates pretty well with the growth in football coaches’ salaries? And why should I watch ignorant Bantus with no business near a college campus running around in my team’s laundry? I’m out. I’m not watching. The addiction is gone.

  24. “There is no genuine market for their ideas, so they make sure to either cripple the marketplace of ideas with censorship or simply impose their way on everyone by controlling the institutions, like colleges.”

    This is what makes debating so pointless. I love Jared Taylor but trying to explain something to the other guy is not going to work, because the other guy already knows what Taylor is saying is true, unless he is really dumb/crazy/a minority (in which case arguing about anything is a waste of time). The TV anchor/PR flak sees no percentage in being honest about something like race and IQ and sees a lot of percentage in playing dumb: “Wes brot ich ess des lied ich sing.” Or in English, “Whose bread I eat, his praises I sing.” This is also what’s so dumb about our system of shaming which results in cancellation. The Chinese apparently have a process called “reintegration,” where, after the subject is finished grovelling and being punished, they are worked back into society. Our elite (or their stinging wasps in media) impoverish the target and ban them, and now they have smart and angry people who are their sworn enemies. Sure these people don’t have power (Sailer’s “megaphone”) but they have time and a grudge. Prisoners can get over on wardens and guards having far fewer resources, simply because they have 24 hours instead of eight or 12. If you work where I live, I’m eventually going to beat you, or at least catch you with your guard down.

  25. Sports betting is keeping NFL alive to a large degree. I know a lot of guys who are into that scene and they can’t seem to pull away from it. With all the fantasy football betting money floating around it’s a matter of time till we have a 1919 White Sox type revelation. We all know the joggers are not susceptible to money and hookers right?

    • Sports betting only gets you so far. Without fans in the stands and eyeballs on the TV, it doesn’t keep the sport going. Boxing has a ton of betting and as a sport it is virtually non-existent.

      • Boxing may experience a resurgence as more whites are competitive again. Anyway boxing has largely been replaced…

        I’d argue that MMA is popular now because (requiring a surprising degree of strategy in addition to outlier athleticism) whites are again competitive at the highest level.

        Unfortunately MMA is also being negrified… rules reducing the effectiveness of grappling relative to striking were a huge step in that direction. It takes knowledge to appreciate the flow of a grappling chess match… but anyone can understand a dude getting kicked in the face. Also negros are better at kicking people in the face than thinking three steps ahead. BLM riots prove that!

  26. I grew up a fan in the most storied rivalry in college football, Ohio State/Michigan. I’m still not so cynical as to believe that everything about the hype back then was fake. Schembechler & Hayes both seemed admirable men who were sincere in trying to better their players while winning games and their negroes were NABALT’s for the most part.

    Fast-forward to the John Cooper era and the wheels had entirely come off. Lots of wins but not even a pretense of character recruiting, concern for grades or criminality. With a couple of NABALT exceptions like Robert Smith (pre-med, later MD) under post-Cooper coaches like Tressel (scandal-mired in his own right), the players are just as awful as any other major team or conference.

    And Michigan has seen a similar moral decline in its coaches and players on a similar timeline.

    College football since at least the 1990s has been one of the most destructive influences on young White men (and many unfortunate White women as well) in terms of negrolatry, distraction and the over-selling and over-pricing of the “college experience.”

    Team sports in general now are a cancer. I’ll watch a little baseball or hockey but it’s mostly (((tricks))) in the end – shekels, consumerism & faux Americana.

    • Saw that back home in S. Florida after (ironically) Lou Saban finally retired at U of Miami. The running joke was the most of the recruiting was done through a network of juvenile probation officers.

      • I think you’re referring to Mark Richt, who was fired at UGA, then went back to his alma mater, UM. Coached three years, I think, then retired.

        • Schnellenburger–this was in way back times. What inspired the “Catholics vs. Convicts” t-shirts when they played Notre Dame. Think still have one in the attic. I think Howard had a red phone on his desk directly connected to the chief of the Coral Gables PD.

        • “The U” was even more notorious in the ’80s-early ’90s.

          Hell, they had 2 Live Crew delivering bags of cash and cocaine to the locker room.

    • I had season tickets to OSU football from 1972 to 2010. As Professor Emeritus, I still get solicitations to buy a season pass.

      In general I thoroughly enjoyed the games and the hoopla around them. Much of it was the comradery, the tailgating, etc. But eventually it got old, a nine hour day, and a 55 mile commute each way.

      In the stands one can just enjoy the spectacle, and need not consider who is on the field. On TV the blackness on the field, and the disdain of the players for the fans becomes painfully obvious. The in-your-face hostility of blacks towards whites completely destroys what interest I have in either college or professional football.

      Last year, the Ohio State athletic department actually lost about $10 million on a budget of over $200 million. This year will be an unmitigated financial disaster.

      One problem is debt. Ohio State borrowed almost $500 million to upgrade Ohio Stadium (very well done, by the way) and to built the Schottenstein basketball/hockey arena (a minor failure). Much of that debt is still outstanding, and it is paid out of football and basketball revenues.

      Only a handful of universities actually make money off athletics. Ohio State (usually), Texas, maybe a dozen all told. Most lose money on football, including big name programs like Illinois, Purdue. Of course, Ivy League football is a total economic loss.

      Would I care if Ohio State shutdown its athletics permanently? No. I don’t need the insults.

      • When my son was at Ohio Wesleyan, I attended a few Buckeye hockey games. They have a very good team with a very good coach, and every game I attended there was almost no one in the stands. The top section of the Schottenstein center Is closed off. Last game I attended was against UMass, an early season matchup between the top 10 teams. Crickets.

      • About half of my family still lives around Columbus. I have some good memories as a little kid in the 70’s and even the 80’s but they’re all either moving out, living like refugees or criminals in their own right now. Real bummer.

    • What are the odds that a black is both over 2 SDs above average in intelligence and a few SDs over average in athleticism at the NCAA level? Don’t believe the hype. There are lots of ways they pass blacks through the university with fake grades. Either one, sure, both, gets my spidey senses tingling.

      • When I was in the University, you did not need to graduate these guys, only keep them “eligible” to play. Way back when, the student paper took the time to follow up on the basketball and football players (even then mostly minority recruits) for 5 year graduation rates.

        The results were startling: 90% of the basketball team and something like 80% of the football team played their eligibility time, but did not graduate in 5 years. Of course, the head coaches were upset and said the analysis by the newspaper was faulty and gave all sorts of excuses, but the truth was on the table for all to see.

    • “Negrolatry”
      Is that what you call shining the shoes and washing the feet of thugs and pompous religious charlatans?

      I LIKE it! Gonna steal that word. However, we must remember that while all joggers are negros, not all negros are joggers. The vast majority these days possibly, but not ALL.

  27. I went to the range with a friend this weekend, where incidentally you don’t have to wear a mask, and I asked him if he was still planning on watching football. He’s always been a season-ticket holder. He is. He said “I know they hate me but I enjoy it”. What can you do with these people?

    • I was always one of those people who could ignore the politics to enjoy a game or movie. I lost the ability over the last decade. One by one I have lost interest in sports. I’ll still watch a movie or TV show, but that’s mostly so I can have something to discuss with normal people.

      • You actually do have a point there because I do find my refusal to watch any new TV movies or read books written and the last half-century have made it difficult for me to have normal conversations about modern ‘culture’. I’ve always been a bit of a weirdo but when I was a bartender I did watch one of the Real Housewives so I would have something to talk to the women about and football so I’d have something to talk to the men about.

        • There’s not a hit show in the past two decades that I am familiar with. Even movies I used to enjoy are now too irritating because of the actors’ politics (Tom Hanks, anyone?). My kids have both criticized me for their alienation from pop culture, and at the same time thanked me because they see how incredibly stupid most of their peers are.

          • Same here. I haven’t been in a theater since seeing No Country For Old Men in, what, 2007? It’s been longer than that since I’ve watched a television show. The last shows that I made an effort to watch are The Larry Sanders Show and MST3K.

          • too irritating because of the actors’ politics

            There are a raft of actors and directors that I find so vile that I simply can’t sit there and enjoy any project that involves them. And that’s aside from the woke progressive messaging that is unsubtly shouted in my face in most shows. (Oh, another stunning and brave gay couple? Another evil White man oppressing a person of color? What a surprise.)

      • I still try occasionally to watch TV. Someone recommended a movie called “District 9” as something decent and worth watching. The anti-white was subtle, but it was there. It takes place in South Africa and there are a bunch of blacks in the movie, but all of the psychotic evil-corp militaristic morons are white. EVERY SINGLE ONE. They made sure there was not a single bad black guy. Even the criminal Nigerian gang were not portrayed as badly as whites. They were pyschos for the sake of being psychotic.
        These people LOVE pushing blacks as our bosses or even God himself in movies.
        This kind of stuff just jumps out at me. I can’t suspend belief because they can’t help themselves but make their shit unwatchable to anyone who is even remotely aware of what they do.
        My ad-blocker recently stopped working on YT and now every other video has this black woman jumping up and down with the camera zoomed in on her face. I think she’s jumping for car insurance. Then there’s the Stacey Abrams commercial begging for money and then there the Adam Schiff commercial with them begging for money. They love putting nothing but blacks and jews in your face.

        • I’ve been watching Stargate SG-1 and I’m really enjoying it and it’s completely racist in a good way. Also I have a little Hollywood crush on Richard Dean Anderson at that age

        • I forget his name, but one of the Evil White Henchmen (bald guy) in District 9 gets incinerated with a fire bullet in Dredd. First five minutes, too!

          • My favorite part of the movie is that the bumbling hero was named Van der Merwe. Those familiar with Boer culture will get the joke.

          • It wouldn’t be the first time some leftist tried to portray a right wing thing negatively without realizing it’s still intrinsically more compelling and attractive that whatever gay critique xhe had in mind. The movie is good, maybe it was an accident, but it happened

            I recommend “Elite Squad” (from Brazil) as a well made unabashed right wing movie though. The sequel got jewed up but the first one is GREAT

            Now excuse me but I need to go return some videotapes

          • Well, I don’t know much about the culture of South Africa or the Boers.
            All I know is that all of the bad guys were white. They were unnecessarily bad too. That jumped right out at me like a crazed white boy just dying to whip a black slave 1/2 to death on the slightest pretense in an average American slavery movie. It’s not like the movie was all white either. Of course, the hero of the movie is a peaceful alien who is outraged and disgusted by the white men performing experiments on his fellows and just wantonly killing them.

        • District 9 is not anti white, and certainly not pro Black.
          District 9 is an indictment of Diversity and universalism.

          • If you want a good (IMO) spoof on the diversity charade, watch NetFlix “Lilyhammer”. Near as I can tell, it’s some sort of combined effort of Norwegians and Americans at a TV series. Lots of mixed subtitles, English and Norwegian.

            Plot is about an American Mafia type who gets relocated in Norway as a “refugee” by the FBI witness protection program. He begins to own the place in the second episode because he’s an American wise guy—a wolf among sheep, so to speak. Every episode has a dig at Norwegian cucks, and their attempts to integrate refugees into Norwegian life and culture. The picture painted is anything *but* supportive of the effort.
            Not bad. My suspicion is that Netflix has bought any number of foreign TV shows for presentation to their now imprisoned American audience. And they are often not the same tripe as we produce here.

          • I didn’t think it was terrible or that it was specifically anti-whte, although it does have anti-white overtones. I don’t think it treated blacks especially well. The Nigerians are a bunch of criminals. They were otherwise just part of the background, mostly.
            I can see the anti-universalist aspects of it, but it also reeked of ‘humans bad, especially whites’ Avatar thing.
            It seems to me that the good guy of the movie is the guy who flies away with the mothership at the end and who, presumably, is going to return and destroy the humans.
            People are saying I’m getting it wrong. Maybe I should watch it again.

        • Sharlto Copley, the main guy in District 9, is funny as shit. He was in a Netflix movie called “Free Fire” which was hilarious as well. It’s got a token black dude but worth a watch.

      • Tv commercials have driven me away from some decent TV shows. The amount of commercials and the black 13% of the population inserted into 75% of commercials now days is unbearable. Plus now we got two gay guys and a mixed race couple thrown in.
        Talmud TV

        • Just today I had a friend text me out of the blue to tell me how much he hates the new, black “Jake from State Farm”. In the original commercial Jake was a slovenly white guy. Now he’s an affable, humble, uber-capable black whom the white folks slobber over. The overt messaging in commercials is yet more straw heaped upon the camel’s back.

      • I take Hollyweirdos with a grain of salt. You have to be a right-brained, creative, liar to be a good actor, so lefty politics is inevitable. Athletes have no such excuse.

    • He said “I know they hate me but I enjoy it”.

      I’m sorry, but your friend is lost to the goodwhite mental gulag.

      What can you do with these people?

      I have a suggestion, but it would only get me in trouble.

    • People are usually amazed when I tell them that every Browns game since the “expansion” has been sold out, and keep in mind one of those seasons they went 0-16 (and that probably wasn’t even the worst season to watch). These people have apparently never heard the term “sunk cost”, but yeah if they’d convinced themselves to blow thousands of dollars a year to freeze to death to watch a crappy team lose, then it’s probably not that much more of a leap for them to put up with black millionaires tea-bagging them as they walk into the stadium.

      • I saw an article yesterday that the Buffalo Wild Wings locations in Cleveland are selling a season pass for $750. It comes with a reserved booth for every Browns game with seating for four, 30 wings, fried nachos and free soda. The idea is to get people who normally go to games and can’t go or tailgate because of Covid restrictions. I bet they sell out.

        • Someone needs to explain to me why, cramming people into a booth at B dubs is somehow less contagious than having them go to the stadium. Even if I bought into all this nonsense which I don’t it’s just seems really stupid to me.

          • I think we’re prone to pointing out the stupidity of the rules as if that’s an accidental flaw. I suggest that the stupidity of the rules connects to the primary PURPOSE of the rules…

            We are made to look like fools and we behave like fools and no objection we can have is deemed relevant to anyone that matters. Our acceptance of this state of affairs is what is important.

      • Were they sold out like our local Marriott Hotel chain? Got a flyer in the mail offering a stay in town weekend getaway (you know from the kids and stuff) at $34 per night. Now look, that doesn’t even pay for them to change and wash the linen. You can give just about anything away.

    • You ask the question when you are being hacked to death by these people because you funded them into power will you enjoy it then or will your kids enjoy being in chains and being sex slaves..You have to slap these people hard with reality…

  28. I dunno how much longer this can go on. Every day I wake up, there is another slap in the face.
    This morning I woke up to read about that wine soaked old bitch, Nancy Pelosi. She broke quarantine rules that she signed into law to get her hair done. When she got busted, and ended up in the news for it – she wants to sue the salon for going public with it.
    Every day, I see shit like this and have to stifle myself from saying things like, “Somebody should put a bullet through that cunned stunt…” I can’t because some idiot will scream that I am espousing violence – and everyone knows you simply CAN’T do that!!!!
    I am beginning to disagree. If somebody puts a bullet through Nancy Pelosi or one of these other hacks… I am buying a round for the house.
    This particular Saxon is beginning to hate again.

    • There truly needs to be a special place in hell , or facsimile on earth, for such a vile human being. All her incredible wealth, privilege, and power. and this monster throws a small business woman under the bus, with lies no less.
      They inflict financial harm and ruinous policies on her and rather than have an embarrassing episode, attempt to ruin someone.
      God damn her.

      • I’m actually somewhat impressed with Nancy P’s latest escapade. I mean I didn’t think she could do anything to make me hate her more. Yet somehow she has. Remarkable woman, truly.

    • I’d be willing to bet that hair salon owner was a Democrat who got bitch-slapped by reality. She’ll move out of San Francisco (her words), but end up in Nevada or Arizona…where she will continue to vote for Democrats.

    • Don’t forget that it’s now been four days since we learned who murdered the MAGA hat guy in Portland, and he’s still not been arrested.

      • Usually, they have to identify the prep. But that was done almost immediately and was handed to them on a platter. So where are they now? Yep, strange that such a low life could disappear. But as you intimate, perhaps there is not that much effort in the finding. How long before they had Timothy McVeigh in custody?

        • So where are they now?

          The MAGA-killer is by now safely ensconced in the BLM/Antifa safehouse network with a weekly cash stipend, burner phone, and runners for groceries and Riot Ribs.

          BLM/Antifa probably have tacit agreements with the local mosques so they have additional options for hiding this guy in a pinch.

      • Not me. I run him down constantly to normies and Covidians. Recently, I saw this vehicle parked at Walmart and I wasn’t the only one taking a photo. I saw one guy take a selfie with it in the background. I can’t stop wondering how much anger is bubbling below the surface and what it’s going to take to set it off.

  29. Universities are in a world of shit financially right now. And these programs prop up all the other athletic offerings, save basketball. Many years ago my alma mater refused to leave their conference for exactly that reason–the share of TV and licensing revenue was too lucrative. But the silver lining is that whole fiasco looks like it is triggering the rectification that needs to happen in higher education. Schools are seeing the “full pay” freshmen deferring a year, others are sitting out a semester. One professor I know at a well know eastern private school told me university had to resort to threatening kids with the loss ofpartial academic scholarships to extort them into “returning” to online classes. Pulled one of my kids out for the semester after a couple completely unfulfilling chats with an assistant dean where she could not even begin to articulate the value of 30k tuition for my kid to sit in a bedroom and stare at a computer. Going through all parents webinars for two schools simply highlighted how incompetent the management of these schools has become in a world where that has been no competition or market discipline. While it won’t benefit my pocketbook, I’m optimistic that this will put a dent in the “{fill-in-the-blank} Studies to Antifa pipeline.

    • Pulled one of my kids out for the semester

      A wise move.

      When I was at university, and I did a technical degree, the number of people who just went along for ‘degree’ and ‘passport to office job’ was staggering. I would estimate that 85% of any class were not really interested at all in learning for learning’s sake – this struck me as sad but is an obvious result of shoehorning people into university because ‘progress’.

      In the UK, our former Prime Minister Anthony Blair was very fond of this shoehorning. It is a great shame for young men, in particular, who never even considered (and worse, were rarely encouraged by adults to look at) the trades. I think part of this lies with parents also, I know my parents – and those of my friends – all thought going to university was a must. My mother would often say ‘I just think any degree is worth it’ and in a way, she was right, there was a period where cushy opportunities would open because ‘degree’. But alas, sitting behind a screen all day, degree or not, filling in spreadsheets, can easily be seen (as it often is) as make-work; and after that observation one must do what one can to fend off demoralizing thoughts.

      • I’m retired now, but I speak from LONG experience as a professor, at all university levels: The vast majority of students have no idea why they’re there, don’t want to be there, couldn’t care less about anything other than drinking and partying. I used to outright ask any freshman class I taught: “What job are you studying for?” Only the gunners — your obnoxious pre-med types — knew, and you can spot that kind of kid instantly. The rest looked at me with either incomprehension or outright hostility. College is, for 95% of the student population, a 5 year sleepaway camp, at $20K per year.

        • Severian , I can wholeheartedly agree with your commentary on pre-med students as “gunners”. I was one of them, and there is not doubt they ( and I) were focused like a laser on goal of our lives. Any class that was required, but not involved in sciences, was “conquered” with good grade in order to enhance each one’s curriculum vitae for entrance into med School. Would you have had it any other way. I would suspect you were in a similar stance on your way to status as a professor. As an aside but to address the topic of Zman, I worked as a laboratory assistant in the biology dept. in a small state college. I happen to teach a lab class to what was essentially the entire basketball team with a sprinkling of football grunts. I gave a lab test, and charted the seating arrangement of the class so I could tell who was seated next to whom. I implicated all of them (some 24 students) in cheating! When I presented this to the professor of this particular class, he had almost a coronary, and stated that I would get both of us fired, if we exposed this! The time period, I might add was 1957. I suspect times have gotten much worse since across the entire landscape of colleges today!

        • You truly were a college professor. Your malfeasance is clear in your post. You didn’t like any of your students, either the partiers or the ones there to work, driven to succeed in a highly competitive field. You and your kind in academia, hiding from real jobs in the real world, allowed and even kindled the progressive infiltration and indoctrination of our students. When the revolution happens, academics should be the first under la madame guillotone.

          • You seem to have a weird chip on your shoulder about this. Maybe a professor likes students that actually are intellectually interested in his (or ANY) academic discipline

            But yeah sure, public political execution seems like a proportional response to a cantankerous professor with a dim view of dim students

          • Come now, there are many academics posting here.

            One should not “like” a student who is not inclined to work to master the curriculum, but rather is putting in minimal time and effort in order to obtain a degree. Seeking credentialism, instead of knowledge so to speak.

            That is an insult to the profession and the particular academic area the professor has spend a lifetime mastering. Nothing could be worse than promoting academic mediocrity. Those students take up seat time and tax payer dollars. The situation is bad, and getting worse, as I’ve spoken about before.

            I remember once in my old department, we had a speaker from the Dean of Students Office give us a presentation on the state of academic dishonesty in the College and update us on current procedure and University policy. I was completely taken back when he said that we, in our small department, had the most complaints filed on students for academic dishonesty.

            Indeed, our department alone, filed most of the complaints from the entire college. He congratulated us on holding the line on this rapidly growing problem as it meant we were maintaining standards at a time where standards were being watered down and abandoned throughout the University system nationwide.

            The Assistant Dean had even worse news; The entire College of Engineering (huge) had not filed even one complaint of academic dishonesty over the last year—and they graduate engineers who design and build things, like bridges, skyscrapers, airplanes and what not. You don’t want mediocrity in those fields.

            If you’ve read some of my comments in the past, you’ll have some idea of why this reduction in standards is an inevitable process. I won’t bore you with a repeat of what most of you already understand.

        • Maybe for the white people.

          The Asians and Indians actually come to study (well, ok, cheat) to get their degree.

          Most white people just view it as a fun experience to drink and have sex.

          Guess who’s taking over the STEM and middle class jobs? Not whites.

          • It doesn’t matter as much as you think. , Once a non White gets into management, no White will ever get hired again. Unless you are there to learn specific skills you can’t learn elsewhere even STEM is increasingly a waste of time and money
            And any bleats of “don’t these fools know they will destroy everything” are pointless. The other side lacks the forsight for the most part and of the ones that do, they don’t care. This is about power and status and for them a peaceful pleasant nation where they aren’t on top is unthinkable.
            Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven might as well be the motto.

          • The Asians are an ethnic Mafia, that’s why they’re taking (for a time) STEM jobs. Plenty of hard working white kids are working for those degrees.

            We need to handle the Asians as an invasive species- we will, or die.

          • I see no reason for us as a society to educate large numbers of East Asians and sub-continentals. The occasional exchange, no problem. Again, my immigration policy is hockey players and their hot WAGS.

          • This is maybe #2 in difficult topics to discuss with normal conservatives, (#1 anything to do with Jewish influence).

            Normal civnat conservatives view Asians as the heroic perfect minority. Smart, hard-working, peaceful. Send more!

            Me, I’m more scared of Asian immigration than I am of Hispanic immigration. An overclass is much more dangerous to your heritage population than an underclass.

          • Be more specific. It’s Indians (dot not feather) who operate ethno-centrically and chauvanistically. Can anyone provide more granular info – caste details?

        • I taught at a minor college level in the UK and the so-called students had no concept not only of studying but also what work beyond involved. They thought on leaving — having successfully copied and pasted stuff they didn’t understand or care about — they would receive huge salaries in undemanding jobs that gave them lots of time off.
          As fate would have it years later I met a former student, who admitted college was largely a waste of time but was now learning how to do something useful. He was working to become a plumber because he was smart enough to realise life after college was pointless unless he set about learning a trade that people actually wanted. Fixing toilets would have horrified him when he was a ‘student’ but now he could see people would pay him for what he could do.
          In short, learn a trade and be useful!

      • What happened in the US years ago is aptitude testing was barred from hiring screening–despite institutions like the Army using it going over a hundred years. So a four year college degree became the proxy for consideration. And so it goes. Have traded all my career with one of the great British institutions that begins with “L”. And still run across the occasional oldster that began there as an apprentice out of your equivalent of high school. Frankly most of them know the business top to bottom. And were very effective senior execs since they knew their businesses down to the mailroom level.

        • Frankly most of them know the business top to bottom. And were very effective senior execs since they knew their businesses down to the mailroom level.

          This is something that is totally lost nowadays. A friend of my mother’s, recounting his career for a UK Telco lamented on the huge turnover of his staff. He himself had been there for 25 years, but said it was not uncommon to see people out of the door in under a year.

          It seems that this sort of system inspires a loyalty and a knowledge – as you mention – that any company would want to aspire to if it could. Many men that I have known started out as an apprentice and where treated very well by the company; in return they forge it’s culture. This has been whittled away.

          Funny you mention this, as I was talking to a colleague the other day about one of our project managers who has an obsession with contractors. We were both making the case for keeping as much work in house as possible, and our case was strong – but it will not win out. The PM seems convinced that ‘the more the merrier’ and for complex systems that cannot be easily subdivided into tasks, that is not necessarily so.

          Said PM does have an MBA, though…

          • People have become inured to capitalism, therefore capitalism no longer has to care about people. They can treat us like livestock and we’ll still give them our money and labor. Not unlike government, really. We’re primed for socialism.

          • Socialism of some kind is an inevitable consequence of tech innovation.
            Otherwise too many people generate to little market value to eat much less have healthy families.
            If you think otherwise , every industrial nation on planet Earth has below replacement fertility and has for near two generations. This goes into a low a development index as Brazil now/
            Ultimately this will result in a catabolic collapse of the entire capitalist system with an intermediary entry either into some of Socialism, Democratic, Nationalist Workers, International, Distributionist , Basic Income or Technocratic.
            None of these actually work, humanity has a social carrying capacity as much as a physical one and in time, a few centuries, we won’t be doing Star Trek but 1900 revisited if not a lower tech index.

          • Exploiting desire to harness people, transmuting their creative energy into tech instead of babies… as the tech becomes autonomous, degraded, used-up humanity is first subsidized then, when too weak to fight back, culled… as opposed to religion, which teaches people to control their desires, be fruitful, and obey a higher power… at some point I’ll find the thread that ties these thoughts together, or stumble on the work of somebody who already did 🙂

            All I know is lefty has the diagnosis, righty has the medicine, and tptb won’t allow the course of treatment.

          • Whatever faith may teach that its an eternal truth but reality is that all religions come to an end.
            When societies are unprepared for decline or worse encourage it for material and power base gains and worse count on religion as social capital to solve problem, it can move to crisis, quickly.
            Another truth is there does come a point in which there is too much being fruitful.
            I have no desire for high population density and nor does our society need more cities . Having more than 2 kids that survive to adulthood or so contributes to city growth and social decay.
            An extreme example, if all Americans 18-34 were as fruitful as the Amish, we’d add 70 million people in 20 years, 140 in 40 , 280 in 60 and more than half a billion in 80.
            Just Whites would be 35m in 20, 70m in 40. This would be fine if we removed basically all non Whites somehow –
            This owuld put us at 270 in roughly the time from 1980 till now.
            Problem is in another twenty we’d be at 410 and another twenty after that (from roughly 1960 till now) 680 million.
            This is more people that’s we can support, have jobs for or have resources for in the long term,
            Throw in another 20 years, from 1940 till now and you have the population density of China and a society governed by the kid of warren logic of all densely populated societies,
            The decline in population was in fact a boon exceotthat our short sighted “Big” everything has the morality of a cancer cell grow, grow, grow and so we got more and more immigration.,

          • If you have a large project, you’re going to hire people to do it, and when the job is done you’ll lay them off.

            I have the feeling, and that’s all it is, haven’t tried to build an argument around it, that the population boom was engineered to accomplish some great and imo evil goal that may or may not be nearing completion. I say may not because, while tptb might think they’re wrapping things up, I’m not sure they’re sane and competent.

            At any rate, if that’s what’s been going on and things are proceeding according to plan, an engineered population collapse would probably be in the cards.

            If my feeling is correct, and if tptb weren’t ambitious and evil, they wouldn’t essentially breed humans. I can’t blame them if they feel like a separate and superior race, because we’ve allowed them to treat us like livestock. For all the fecundity of the faithful, they never created a mess like the modern world has.

          • Nah. I think its pent up demand for families + a great economy +antibiotics + sanitation+ a modest fertility increase (around 3 for the Boom) becoming massive population growth.
            It declined gradually as the economic boom sputtered out and the social changes went in reaching in the USD at least its current level of 1.8 or lower.
            An argument could be made that 1.8 or lower is the normal rate in industrial society since it hit near this rate in the 30’s during the depression till the late 40’s and than again from 1972 onward Its possible that the boom was a bubble which is a bit disturbing.
            The only growth we have now is from momentum and from immigration.
            The former was a product of the baby boom and the later was a product of the growth at any cost people, i.e the consumer state, big religion, cheap labor and Democrats harvesting votes.
            The best outcome for all of us is to deport 50 million or so people and just let the population of the West decline till it steadies out.
            It may require some economic controls to keep the TFR at 2 or so but its doable

          • The good people of Mali live in such a state of technological development that having 6 kids is their equivalent of owning a John Deere factory.

          • Your PM suffers from “The mythical man month” syndrome.
            Brook’s 1970’s book summed it well.
            If it will take me 6 months to do it, 4 programmers will do it in 6 weeks.
            Funnily enough. it never quite works that way.

          • Heh. Funnily enough Mr Brooks’s book crossed my mind when writing it. I have only read extracts of it, not the entire thing but it seemed on the money.

            One of my PM’s favourite questions to ask us is:

            How hard can it be?

            This is in relation to what we all know to be a hard technical problem.

        • FYI, aptitude tests such as the SAT are rapidly being phased out of the university admissions process. And in the university where I work, the history department has dropped comprehensive exams as part of the requirement to earn a Ph.D. It’s getting to the point that everybody gets in and is handed whatever degree they want.

          • My alma mater used to have very strict pre-req requirements for history degrees. Until you completed survey classes could not delve into more specific 300/400 level courses. Now with no background, in say, American history, you can dive straight into “Queer/Slave Perspectives on Colonial America”, ad infinitum and get a “degree”. Recall being told by the guy running the China program that unless was willing to take the full year (3 quarters) intro course along with intensive Mandarin, would not even be considered for any of the higher level courses, despite having credentialed in South/SE Asian and Japanese history. But I understood his point, he wasn’t looking for unserious people.

        • One of my weaknesses is reading WEB Griffin novels. In the “The Corps” series one of the characters comes from a rich family who own a bunch of luxury hotels. This character started in the family business in the laundry, and worked his way through all the different jobs in the hotel. Fiction, I know, but I wonder how many do that today?

    • Saml- I’m very close to a senior administrator at a reasonably well branded NE liberal arts college. EVERYONE at her school is all in on Coronapanic. They really believe that this is the black death. They also believe that the value of the brand is so high that students and more importantly the parents, who pay for it all, will put up with anything to save their kids from corona-chan AND get that prestigious piece of paper. As you point out, there is considerable push back from students and parents. Many of these schools are cutting their own throats.
      As for college sportsball- well, I’m an American- I am accustomed to, and enjoy, in the fall, particularly in my town, the sounds of college football, the band, the crowd, etc. I can hear the games from my backyard on football Saturdays. I’ve always been aware of the inherent corruption of the system, but have chosen to ignore it.
      I follow hockey and lacrosse at the college level- very white sports with way less wokeness, though our local DIII powerhouse lacrosse (national runners-up the last lacrosse season) team’s coach was fired over, in my opinion, a ginned up racial incident. His replacement is black, in fact the last three coaches hired at this school, hoops, squash, and Mlax are all black. I wonder if the next hockey coach will be black as well

      • Not a statistically valid sampling–but I do know that nearly 30% of the incoming freshman class at this school elected to defer a year. And from informal survey of peers my kid tells me she thinks most of the upper class semester opt-outs are kids paying and/or borrowing to cover tuition. So from a revenue model, a disproportionate impact. Hence the more panicked tone of the subsequent calls. Believe more people than they think will call the bluff.

        • I’ve seen similar numbers, and here’s a bonus fun fact: There are ongoing faculty mutinies all over the place. Like Ganderson says, they’re all Branch Covidians in academia; they’re convinced they’re gonna die if they even set foot on campus, and the big ol’ meanies in the administration are actually forcing them to do their jobs. “Big State: Come for the classes taught exclusively by grad students, stay for the death sentence” isn’t exactly a winning recruiting slogan.

          • Yep. There are exceptions. Another kid is finishing up at an all engineering school. Much smaller faculty–but all voted to come back. The campus is on pretty tight lockdown, but functioning. But not a discipline, particularly for the senior thesis projects that can be taught remotely.

          • Those are the kind of kids who should be in college. I preached that for years — unless you’re in a discipline that requires Calc II, research-grade lab equipment, or both, you shouldn’t be here (yes with very few exceptions for the “Liberal Arts” made on a case-by-case basis). It didn’t do any good, obviously, but maybe now that the Higher Ed Biz has decided to slit its own throat over COVID, some people might remember…

          • When I was an undergraduate in the dorm, we had a guy living there who had a doctorate degree, obtained by mail from an unaccredited degree mill. I think it cost him a $100 bucks or so. It was better looking that the stuff our University gave out and was a hoot to see on his wall in his room. We all had a good laugh when we were drinking there.

            Who’d have thought, our University would, in a couple of generations, be awarding similar worthless degrees at 1000’s the cost. 😉

          • Though one of my kids tells me they are trying to “woke” those too–with limited success. But generally it means passing the “diversity” element along with barely passing grades. But because those courses build on each other, it’s hard to keep them in the advanced courses–since by that point they are totally befuddled.

      • I don’t understand how people can fall for this. The information is very easily available that COVID is of very, very low risk to college-aged people. I can understand a 65-year-old professor emeritus being a bit worried about it, but the policies should revolve around the thousands of students, not a handful of elderly professors. Let the professor lecture via video screen to a class full of live students. Most of the hands-on work I did on college was handled by young TAs anyway, until I got deep into my major. My consultations with my faculty advisor, etc., could easily be handled over Zoom these days, but the campus and its facilities should be open because the students are at such low risk, and the immunity they may acquire is beneficial to everyone.

        • I don’t get it either. All these supposedly smart people who can’t read data.
          The other thing about this “pandemic” is the eye test. What does your observation of the world tell you? Are people dropping dead in the streets? Are the morgues overflowing? Are health care workers doing 12 hour shifts, no time off? No, no, and no.
          CNN yesterday had a headline predicting 400k additional corona-chan deaths by the end of the year. Even if this outbreak is as serious as “they” say it is, how could that possibly be true?

  30. Sports as a whole operates on an illusion, an illusion that the people on the field somehow represent you, your family, your city, your university. This foray into far left politics has shattered that illusion for many people, I used to be a huge NFL fan, I followed every player on my team including the training camp bubble players.

    Today I couldn’t care less, I don’t hate sports by any means, but I also can’t bring myself to spend time watching people who not only don’t represent me, they hate me.

    Sadly, I have friends who are STILL following the NFL and MLB. I’ve talked to them and asked them if it feels a little pathetic to spend hours and hours watching people who hate you. They just answer that they don’t care about their politics. Boomer-con is a state of mind more than an age I suppose.

    • Re: escapism, the phrase ‘the wicked flee when none pursue’ seems increasingly applicable, which makes me uncomfortable. Don’t want to see my people in that light, but I’m having a hard time figuring it any other way.

    • Agree. It’s impossible to view the whole thing as an amusing distraction when things have become so deadly serious. And when it’s clear they are on the other side. Baseball could keep going during WWII because the players weren’t repeating Tokyo Rose’s talking points.

    • I think a lot of us grew up playing these sports and it was cool/ fun watching those at the pinnacle, play. But as many – particularly the nfl and nba have become almost totally negrofied, now coupled with insane levels of negofilia, blm bullshit and White cucking to beat the band, what rational person would give a flying F? What; our negros are better than your negros?

    • > Sadly, I have friends who are STILL following the NFL and MLB. I’ve talked to them and asked them if it feels a little pathetic to spend hours and hours watching people who hate you.
      The bandwagon effect is real, and a lot of the true believers will stop watching after they realize no one cares about sports by the water cooler at work.

      • Changing well established habits especially one’s thought pro civic is difficult especially for somewhat conservative normies. It will take time.
        That said the amount of time it is taking is surprisingly little given how ingrained sports are in our culture,

    • Our side doesn’t care about the oppo’s politics, but the other side sure cares about the politics of Chick-Fil-W, the Boy Scouts, WalMart, etc. Who’s winning? You can’t win the war when you refuse to even show up on the battlefield. And, that, is much as anything, is why America died. The villains were totally committed to victory at any cost and the good guys couldn’t even be bothered to put up a resistance.

      • the good guys couldn’t even be bothered to put up a resistance.

        Hey man, normies just wanna grill and chill…besides, there’s a lot to look forward to this Fall – corn mazes, hayrides, and pumpkin picking, as long as you’re wearing your state-mandated face diaper!

    • Just telling them that they’re watching “people who hate you” probably isn’t a severe enough damnation of what they’re doing.

      What you probably should be telling them is that they’re spending their time and money supporting people who want to destroy the country.

      It’s like it’s 1980 …… you’re an American watching the Olympics – and you’re rooting for the Russians to win hockey.

      What kind of complete a-hole does that make you – if not an outright traitor?

  31. The vast majority of college programs get very little in the way of tv revenue, unless they happen to play the part of the sacrificial lamb to some powerhouse. And w/o fans in the stands, what’s the point? Even for the major programs, who wants to watch a bunch of joggers and their monkeyshines along with empty stands? It’s ludicrous. I would think those income generating sports would start withering on the vine as well, xspecially as they add in the magical negro/anti-White bs.

  32. Paradoxically, the collapse in television viewership may save these sports from their black players. If the stands were full, the fans could boo when the players take a knee or make some idiotic gesture. There would be social proof that normal white people resent this stuff. 

    Don’t discount the games would be disrupted, too. It almost would require projectiles full of piss being thrown at the players, coaches and refs to remain a patriot in good standing if one is so inclined. An argument could be made for making those piss projectiles into Molotov cocktails to show love of ‘Murica. Expect security to be off the charts and oppressive because the schools know this, too.

    Sportsball is dead in the long run for professional franchises. The college versions will limp along a bit longer until the fan base turns mostly hostile. These are positive developments.

    • The more hysterical and out of touch with reality blacks become, the more accommodating whites become. To the average white person, the histrionics of the blacks is just proof that the struggle is real.

  33. Another surprising one was the NHL. The league is 99% white and the fans are 99.5% white. There is more non-white (cherokee) DNA mixed in at a kkk meeting.

    They still decided to cuck and cancel their games, at the behest of the handful of mulatto players.

    I hope all pro sports sink and fail this year. NBA and NHL ratings are down 20-30% compared to last year’s playoffs, according to sports media watch. NASCAR is shitting the bed too.

    • the handful of mulatto players.

      The ‘half chats’ always seem to be the most militant… The most easily riled.

        • A chapter of history that I keep meaning to read up on. But I think I can guess the main outcome immediately:

          Haiti became, at a stroke, master of her own fate. As non-whites were expelled, immediately engineers and scientists of color (EASOC) set about modernizing infrastructure and industry. Contrary to what standard scholarship believes, Haiti was the first country to industrialize. Of particular note was the success of EASOC in developing the first transistor – almost 150 years before Bardeen, Brattain and Shockley.

          Today, Haiti is known for it’s immense contribution medicine, civil engineering, mathematical physics and computer science and boasts an economy that is estimated to be equal in size to the UK, US and Uganda – another non-white success story.

          • DAMN!! I want some of whatever you were toking when you wrote that little alternate history piece! Must’ve been primo shit. I’d damned sure like living in a world where that could happen. Might make living through Gotterdammerung a tad less unpleasant.😁

          • Been reading Facing Racial Revolution – Eyewitness Accounts of the Haitian Insurrection. It’s a collection of first-person accounts of the Whites who lived through the different stages of the revolution. Interesting in a number of ways.

            Interesting to note that the French Revolution spawned two separate genocides, in the Vendée and in Haiti. Yet, so far in my reading of this book, the editor cannot bring himself to use the word.

          • Thanks. I’ll take a look.

            Interesting to note that the French Revolution spawned two separate genocides, in the Vendée and in Haiti. Yet, so far in my reading of this book, the editor cannot bring himself to use the word.

            Yes, for all the good scholarship has done, sometimes one just wants to call a spade a spade.

          • The Vendee is what they’ve got planned for us…though I imagine they’ll change the name of the “Republican Baptisms.”

          • 2007 – imagine how pozzed the thing would be today. He has a whole section in his introduction where he attempts to justify even using the victim stories of Whites at all. His – Popkin’s – commentary is a fascinating document of 2007 good think all on its own.

          • Not so!

            Haiti acquired a great deal of advanced science… but then whites showed up again and stole all the science. After the white ships were loaded up with crates and crates of science there was no more left for the native scientists to use. That is why haiti is in a sad state today.

          • The Haitians should actually thank us. If there was too much science on the island, it would capsize.

      • It’s because genetically they are on the borderlands of blackness.

        Thus, psychology dictates they must double-down on blackety-black to prove their blackness to others.

        • If so-called “white privilege” was really so powerful, you’d think all of these halfbreeds would identify as white. But noooooooo…

    • How long will we have to pretend these big strong thugs are such shrinking violets afraid of whitey. Listen to the “Rock” in the news today. All his family are covid victims along with his litany of other obstacles that he, and only he, had to overcome.
      The NHL lost me years ago before all the woke crap. Overly padded bigger men crashing around on the ice.

      • Athletes like the “Rock” honestly believe that Beer Flu is simply hanging around in the aether or phlogiston waiting to get them, so of course they will act like a bunch of Muscle Marys during any discussion of Beer Flu.

      • My parents were huge hockey fans back in the 70s when I was a boy. One of my first memories is of the Stanley Cup playoffs the Flyers won in the mid 70s. The last ice hockey game I watched was in person in the early 2ks. Two players grabbed each other’s shirts and cocked their fists like they were about to sucker the other one. They stayed in that position for about 8 seconds waiting for someone to see them and the camera to start panning to them, as the camera panned over to them, they started “fighting” FAKE AND GAY.

        • I used to play with a guy who had a pretty good career in the NHL- he told me that fighting where two guys were mad enough at each other to actually fight happened about as often in hockey as in other sports- the vast majority were more or less fake, that is, the reason was fake. Once the fists started flying it could get real. Oh, and often one could find the two goons sitting together at the bar later that night.

    • Remember that the NHL media is largely Canadian, along with the usual dose of fellow whites.

      The capacity for cuckoldry is nearly unlimited.

    • Professional sports are modern day bread and circuses and inconsequential twaddle. They’re also anti-White and anti-Christian. Good riddance to them all.

    • I went from 40+ years of not caring about any sports to actively hating them in all their variants.

      So, progress!

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