Turn Off, Tune Out And Drop Out

Television is the great propaganda weapon of the liberal democratic state, so it is a useful window into the thinking of the oligarchs. Movies and television shows still have to attract an audience, so they are usually the trailing edge of whatever the oligarchs are trying to impose on society, but the ads are a different matter. They are the leading edge of the latest Progressive fads. They know people will not abandon a show or movie just because the ads are offensive.

That’s what makes the ads a useful window into the black soul of our rulers. The ad makers are all from the ruling class. Look at the team photo of an ad agency and it looks like the faculty of an Ivy League college. There may be a little color in there for show, but otherwise it is all men with small hats and people who still write “Episcopalian” when asked about their religion. The advertising agencies that produce these ads are the special forces of the Judeo-Puritan ruling class.

This is why the ad makers were ready for the aggressive push to support the Black Lives Matter stuff after George Floyd died from an overdose. It is the thing that gets no attention, but should be the focus. Within days of the event, even before the rioters were in the streets, every global corporation was running diversity ads. The television services had all their blaxploitation films and shows ready. They even changed their graphical interfaces to feature black stuff.

It takes weeks and months to put together a simple ad. The concept has to be settled and the story boards created. Then there is filming, editing and final production. A corporate marketing program takes months to get ready. Changing the look and feel of the TV streaming service to feature blacks is no small feat. Creating a useful list of “black creators” should take a week or two, but they had it all ready to go. This pogrom was in the works for months.

In large part this is why Black Lives Matter initially had lots of white support, despite its record of murder and mayhem. Just four years ago BLM was executing cops, but thanks to a barrage of ads, most people forgot that and were initially inclined to support the cause. Then the black protesters reminded everyone why Africa is not the high point of human progress. The ad makers have now shifted the diversity message to feature homosexuals, deviants and girls playing male roles.

That’s really where you get a clear look into the mind of the oligarchs. This ad for the Marine Corp is getting revived in time for the election. When the ad was produced three years ago, the official line was that the Marines made the ad because they were facing pressure from women to let the girls go into combat units. That’s a lie, of course, as no women want to go into combat. Most men don’t want to see combat. Lying, however, is the core of advertising and the modern media.

The ad, of course, is disgusting. The thought of sending mothers and daughters into combat should make a decent person wretch. People at the edge of extinction turn their future into weapons of war. The ancients defined the barbarians, in part, by their habit of bringing their women and children to the battle. Of course, the absurdity of this little girl in combat is impossible to miss. Ad makers can normalize just about anything, but even they are bounded by reality.

You’ll note that the ad makers always use white women when they are trying to convince girls to be boys. Non-whites always get portrayed in traditional roles or they are cast as the natural leaders. The military ads always have the blacks in command positions or as the heroic example of the military code. That’s what they are selling to the non-whites they are targeting. Apparently, the oligarchs think they can patrol the empire with a Tinkerbell army run by 90-IQ officers.

Obviously, that will never happen. It does, however, reveal that these people are not geniuses who have carefully thought this through. They are caught up in nutty fads of their own creation, that sweep them along like flotsam. You see that with the response to the riots this summer. These idiot mayors, in places like Minneapolis and Portland, really thought they would be the heroes of these stories. They believed the agit-prop produced by the cult of social justice.

Even so, there are long term consequences to the culture war waged on the television screens of America. White males have been mostly removed from advertising, unless they are the fool or the supplicant. Blacks have been turned into objects of worship, largely due to television and advertising. This absurd sense of entitlement by blacks is one consequence. The negrophilia by many whites is another. It is not beyond the pale to use the term “ethnic cleansing” for what we are seeing.

At the peak of the 1960’s cultural revolution, Timothy Leary popularized the phrase, “Turn on, tune in, drop out” as a way to convince people to detach from the existing conventions and hierarchies in society. Of course, he was peddling degeneracy and self-abuse to whites, but the advice actually makes a lot of sense as an antidote to what the oligarchs are doing to us now. Disconnecting from the system as much as possible places you beyond the tractor beam of the propaganda organs.

This is the irony of this phase of the cultural revolution. What was initially pitched as a counter culture movement, was really a war on heritage America by the newly ascendant managerial class. The way to overthrow this decrepit and degenerate ruling class is to take their old advice. White people need to detach from the existing conventions and hierarchies that support the oligarchs. We need a counter culture that turns off, tunes out and eventually drops out.

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291 thoughts on “Turn Off, Tune Out And Drop Out

  1. speaking of the army soon becoming hopped up lesbos and brownies, well it may sound like the oligarchs created a big mess too hot to handle… but, idk. maybe then they will have the perfect excuse to robotize the military, to “solve growing inefficiency in the battlefield while saving women and black lives and bringing the troops home”.

    sure, the hopped up vets will need something to do here – and sure, some will just take the gibs and get a house in a white neighborhood, gender reassignment and testosterone, or big cadillacs with big rims and big guns. but, if the robots are fighting over there against conveniently faceless enemies that we don’t mind killing as much, then the future forces of oppression may think of using these spare brownlesbo vets to beef up their magnitude while presenting a “diverse human face”. thus these tinkerbells and joggers in uniform will easily become shocktroops of the oligarchs – if aided by unseen drones to compensate for their lacking in other areas.

    thus i believe it is supremely important to reach the white freikorp coming out of these mideast wars. supremely. it pains me that too many of them either root for blm or neocons or even both. but i still think they can be reached, it’s not too late. some are born after 9/11 already. which i believe should be a holiday – day of mourning… or day of american pride… or day of mourning of american pride… wait that came out wrong, but fitting i suppose.

  2. the need is definitely there to have a white aesthetics, so as to detach from the culture. not just a supernatural one, which will be Christian trad with some exceptions, but also a secular aesthetic culture. instead of uselessly begging Disney to keep Star Wars white, or rewatching so many old white rock bands on youtube (even the 00s ones get nostalgia, it’s that bad), some parallel cultural system needs to flourish, past the memes and gabs and 4chans. perhaps we are still in the catacombs phase, but who knows, even those old Christians had some public exposure. eventually, just like Constantine had to champion the faith to bring the light of Christ to the world, the white aesthetic has to see the light of day, and help Western civ detach from BLMTv and the judeo-masonic-puritan media.

  3. “The thought of sending mothers and daughters into combat should make a decent person wretch.”
    I think it is the perfect solution for leftist mothers and daughter, straight, lesbian and binary non gender alike. Whatever the hell all that means anyway…..

  4. Since it’s an off day I’ll throw this onto this thread. Z-man did a podcast around a year ago in which he did a segment on a magazine piece by a libertarian that bemoaned how socialism had ruined Africa. Naturally, the retort by our host was that the problem with Africa isn’t socialism, the problem is it’s full of Africans. But I can’t seem to find that particular show in the archives. Does anyone know in which episode that segment was included?

  5. Excellent point!
    One million percent correct.
    The media doesn’t cover trends. It invents and propagates them. The TV’s (and advertising) evil power is making you believe that whatever idea that comes out of it has been already judged good by the populace.
    But this is obviously fraught with potential fraud as everything that comes out of it is here say.

    “A Navy boat blew up in the bay of Tonkin this morning” says the newscaster. (Funnyword that caster in there. Sort of sounds like a fisherman tossing out bait doesn’t it?).

    Did it really? Where’s Tonkin? I cant see it from my house. If you use your reason you must say “maybe it did. maybe it didn’t” also with any experience and common sense you also must say Human beings are capable of lying. newscasters are human beings. Ergo This could be BS.
    But people don’t want to use their brain. Its just easier to go along.
    The media scum know this full well
    Also they make people believe that since everyone else is on board you should jump on too.
    The evil psychological stick they use with this method is one of pure fear as the implication is that you will be left out in the cold of human society if you don’t go along, a primordial fear.
    Before TV came on board around 1960 human beings had to look around them or talk to neighbors to see what was actually happening in their real life. Because of this they used their God given common sense much more than people today. They also rightly didn’t tend to give a shit what was happening in the next town over as it wasn’t a part of their everyday life.
    If the media cant be forced to be ethical. (As it once was with things like the Hayes Code during the golden age of Hollywood)
    then disconnecting yourself and your children from it forthwith is your next best step.

  6. I work for a major (>100,000 people) Aerospace & Defense company and was angered to see the homepage of our company website featuring pictures of every possible gender/race combination except for White male. Of course, one of the White females had a giant sleeve tattoo … White trash. AND our CEO has sent 4 o 5 video emails where he lectures us on the impact of the George Floyd tragedy and how we need to be “inclusive” and not hate-mongering racists … unbelievable.

  7. The enforcers of the groupthink – big tech, media, banks, insurance co.s, universities, etc are playing w fire. The anarchists’ only purpose is chaos and that beast has an insatiable appetite – and a demonstrated ability to turn on those supporting it (looking at you Mayor Squeeky Wheeler). Bon apetit BLM & Antifa.

  8. The jews have used TV as mind control since before most of you were born. They filmed Kennedy getting shot to show you who your boss is.911 with the jews dancing and celebrating across the river ….turn it off, it]s all evil, it]s all propaganda. Bullsit and lies is the name of their game.

  9. People at the edge of extinction turn their future into weapons of war.

    Worse – they turn it into cannon fodder / meat for the grinder.

  10. Ads are why I cant watch television anymore. Hell, back when I watched what has become the N-word FL, I’d have to DVR the game and start watching an hour in just to not be insulted and disgusted.

  11. Dropping out of the culture, which I did five years ago, also involves cancelling HBO, Showtime, Netflix, et al. and cutting everything but high speed internet. One thing that makes these commercials so jarring when I see them is that I’m no longer exposed to them.

  12. The fundamental mistake the wokerati are making is to traffic in unreality. Normie in the sticks has probably never experienced a brick-wielding jogger or seen a building torched by “peaceful protesters;” so BLM is tolerable and NABALT. But they definitely know from daily experience that their are no smart blacks or Mary Sue girls. Every advertisement demands that they believe in people who are as likely to exist as unicorns and leprechauns. Most ordinary folks have a reasonably functional bullshit detector; and the smell of manure is cropping up everywhere they turn. This shit will literally fertilize the seeds of dissent we plant in the coming months.

  13. The nature of corporate advertising was the reason I was hardly shocked when just about every corporation lined up to support the anti-white terrorist organization, BLM. You had to be utterly blind not to see the disdain for whites and the Negrolatry in corporate ads. As an example, notice that in the very frequent depictions of miscegenation, one of the couple is always white. You don’t see a male Hutu and a female Messkin, or an Indian and a Jap. There is always a white in the dyad. And what that means is that this form of propaganda, which adjures whites to prefer PoC to their own kind, is indeed aimed exclusively at whites. This artifice has no profit-making objective; it is all part of the great system of indoctrination into anti-white racism.

  14. Going by ads, what’s funny is no one likes natural black woman hair. Which to be convenient and manageable, must is short. No one likes it. Neither the Left or Right, or black women themselves. And especially not black men. Black guys say it looks like they’re getting a bj from a guy.

    The only black women that can pull it off are model-level beauties with Western features. Otherwise, yeah, they look like dudes.

    Years ago black women in ads had straight hair. Now that’s subservient/racist. So the ad look now is the exaggerated afro. But with a “stylish” big fuzz to it. Often dyed or streaked with color.

    There was a great BBC interview with a black pop star who was under fire for pushing a skin lightening product. The black woman show host was grilling her about it. Then the black celebrity turned the tables and said “Why is your hair straight?” She kept repeating it louder and louder the way blacks do. The host kept ignoring the question, so I can’t blame the celebrity. It was such a hilariously legit “gotcha” moment. Stupid black host, how could she not see it coming? I tried to find the clip a year ago but it’s been memory holed.

    Anyway, it’s one of those good opportunities when watching tv with Progs to out-Prog them by asking, “Why aren’t black women allowed to wear their hair natural. I’m SO SICK OF THEM BEING FORCED TO MIRROR WHITES!!!”

  15. Let’s be for real here for a moment. Current Yesr women are the laziest, most risk averse people that have ever lived. There are undoubtedly a number who THINK they want to play war like men, but when the rubber hits the road, they will ghost. I’ve been a woman a pretty long time now, and to date, my observations about women remain firm.

    I haven’t been to a movie theater in 16 yrs or watched tv in a decade. It’s glorious.

    • Goodness sakes, what is her name?

      That Star Wars chick.

      Ridley? Kit? Bike?

      So forgettable I can’t even remember the name of main character.

      Of STAR WARS, fer cryin’ out loud.

  16. This is one of those things that really pisses me off. Going all the way back through Berneys to Freud, this has been an incessant relentless war for the minds of a defenseless people who are blissfully content to marinate in the matrix of lies created by the usual suspects. Bro Nath anael has given an insider’s look from time to time.
    I just hope I live to see the Great Revulsion, it can’t come soon enough.

  17. In defense of the German barbarian women, they joined the battle when their men were losing one because they had no illusions about what would happen to them next in defeat. The only American women I meet without illusions are on this blog.

  18. The ad, of course, is disgusting. The thought of sending mothers and daughters into combat should make a decent person wretch. People at the edge of extinction turn their future into weapons of war.

    If you’re an “all-American” (white) male and can look at photos of, say, Tammy Duckworth, and not be utterly disgusted and thoroughly repulsed thereby, there is something seriously wrong with you.
    As to the ad you linked, and inasmuch as it pertains to yours truly, all’s I can say is that I have four daughters ranging in age from 28 to 9, and that the USG can come get them over my dead body (and the dead bodies of their brothers, and their husbands in a couple of instances, I should imagine). And I ain’t just “whistling Dixie” when I say that. I’ve long since gotten rid of teevee and it’s nefarious influences over my kids and etc.; if the USG decides to violate the sanctity of my home otherwise, well, I’ll lose the battle ultimately, but I’ll take my share of Satan’s minions out with me in the process. That isn’t a threat, it is a promise.

  19. “the oligarchs think they can patrol the empire with a Tinkerbell army run by 90-IQ officers.”
    A quote for the ages.

  20. off today, made it a 4 day weekend,took a walk to get a ice coffee before the heat got cranking in LA. Sporting my Kill Your Phone baseball cap ( black with white lettering) I figured I’d walk the walk the line outside of Trader Joe’s and stare at people. A few looked and turned away quickly, most were looking down at their phones with fogged glasses. Most were over 40. Some had tee shirts with Say their names on it, others Biden 2020. Blood pressure, going up ! Went to the range on Monday, cleaning the hardware right after I write this. No podcast this week, cranking up the Sabbath in lieu. Thanks Z.

  21. Zman, you may have bigger power-hitters reading you than you realize.

    Curse, on hate twitter, brought up J. Goldblum’s lie in the Atlantic, that “Trump called servicemen losers.”

    Rush Limbaugh, El Limbo himself, said moments ago, “Did you see the latest military PSA, that ‘we are not losers’?

    It takes a couple of weeks to produce a PSA, yet they had that ad ready to go.”

    An elephant just noticed the coordination of a pre-staged messaging campaign, and is trumpeting that news.

    Did Rush read you today as part of his show prep? *fingers crossed*

    • I just noticed the other dog that didn’t bark.

      Rush hasn’t touted Israel ever since he went independent and broke away from the J-dominated radio syndicate he was contracted to in New York. This guy is very, very careful.

      • Alot of people are shedding the civnat skin right now. I seem them often now. They just have a certain energy about them. I don’t even need to talk to them, we just know. Hopefully they can tell I’m on their team too.

        And btw, being the loudmouth racist redneck blowing off steam at the bar isn’t being one of ourguys.

        Unfortunately lunatic libs completely control the culture and still greatly outnumber us. But there are many guys, especially older white guys who are walking around like they’re adjusting to the light of racial truth after years of blindness.

  22. After the smoke clears on this Hail Mary pass by the Deep State, MSM will never be the same (as in no one will believe them), TV will never be the same (as in no viewers), universities will never be the same (as in far fewer students), sports will never be the same (as in far fewer paying fans), and police departments will never be the same (as in giving a fuck about law & order). That is no trivial accomplishment.

  23. We are seeing more diversity ads here in Europe as well. We’re just waiting for someone to dress up a African in Lederhosen and Schuhplattler for Paulander beer. Of course the ads we see are never all blacks, they’re always mixed race. Evidently the Swiss Alps are full of African Alpenhorn players all having picknicks with their white girlfriends. Who knew?

    • African Alpenhorn players
      had to look that one up. Well said. Got me thinking, it’s just a matter of time before we see the Blackgrass Boys Bluegrass band here in whats left of the good old USA. I just finished reading Panzer Ace. The memoir of Richard Freiherr von Rosen. highly recommended.

    • Movies are no better. It is beginning to turn me off. In any movie displaying a technical field in operation, there will always be one or more Blacks or other minority as a highly placed technician or lab director. Even though not part of the plot per se, they will be asked to give analysis, advice, and/or recommendations. Their numbers in high status fields are way over stated.

      The opposite is true as well. Bums in the alley, or junkies, or whores are significantly represented as White. If we are viewing a police lockup, then you can be sure it will never contain more than half minority—unless of course those numbers are intricate to the story plot.

      • I literally did an “Oh Come On!” out loud in a theatre when the brilliant astrophysicist who figured out how to get Matt Damon back in time in The Martian was a 20-something dreadlocked black guy. They didn’t even try to make him look smart by putting on a pair of spectacles. Preposterous.

      • Back when Jonah Goldberg still had his balls he used to say that in the Leftist fantasy world, every judge was a water buffalo and every doctor a pavement ape. Of course, he didn’t use those exact terms…

    • When I’m in Europe, I like putting on the television, because of the relative lack of diversity. I have to say it is a little strange at first. I’m just so used to the television being full of non-whites, seeing all whites feels odd.

      As far as the the blackening of ads, it gets quite ridiculous here. A while back a company that sells outdoor gear ran an ad that opened with a tent in the woods. The tent unzips and it is a black guy and a white women looking frightened. Then two Asian kids emerge alongside them.

      Now, the absurdity of that combination is impossible to miss. What makes it even weirder is everyone knows black people don’t go camping. That has been a staple of black humor my whole live. Black people do not go into the woods and they sure as hell ain’t going into the woods to hang with a bunch of rednecks in tents.

      The question, of course, is who in the hell are they appealing to with this sort of stuff? The answer is bourgeois whites who gobble down the multicultural pap. The sorts of people who work at ad agencies, not the sorts of people buying camp stoves and fishing waders. They are selling themselves their own line of nonsense.

      • It’s common for Japanese retail companies to display big banners on the sides of buildings. Gap did this for decades at their stores. As the models kept getting more diverse and especially darker, their stores started shrinking and they ditched the banners altogether.

      • There’s an add on TV exhorting me to use their product based on the assumption that I want to smell like a negro.
        Quite bizarre really.

      • My personal favorite is from a clothing store here in Europe called H&M. A few years ago they advertised a green hoodie using a young black kid as the model. The words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” on the front didn’t go over so well with some people. Guess they should have used a white kid for that one.

  24. Once you start noticing things it is hard to stop. I get a bi monthly magazine from AAA. There are usually more photos of non whites than whites. The whites are usually shown with their biracial children or non white mate. This issue there was actually a white male. But of course, he was from France and his name is Omar. what started me noticing all this was the catalog from Ikea. Poor Sweden. Who knew from the ads it was 75% black or Middle eastern with 1% white males left?

  25. People at the edge of extinction turn their future into weapons of war.”
    Brilliant line -why I enjoy your writing so much.
    RE ads, the wife and I noticed about 3 or 4 years ago a sudden deluge of TV ads featuring white men with black women-they all started doing this all at once across the whole spectrum of products.
    BTW, we miss the Friday show. It has become a Friday morning tradition.

    • RE ads, the wife and I noticed about 3 or 4 years ago a sudden deluge of TV ads featuring white men with black women-they all started doing this all at once across the whole spectrum of products.

      The outdoor clothing industry has done this en masse during the last year or two.

      Five years ago all their websites featured the kind of normal YTs you’d see outdoors.

      These days their sites are festooned with images of hoodrats that appear to have been airlifted in from the nearest barrio.

      • All while they are bemoaning the fact that their attempts to get negroes to visit national parks and join environmental organizations have gone nowhere.

        • Thankfully vibrants are largely allergic to fresh air, sunlight, and all our beautiful outdoor places.

          • Idaho is still largely White but they have been airlifting African Americans and African Africans into the state at a frantic pace since Trump was elected in 2016.

          • Twin Falls, ID is being destroyed by the Chobani yogurt plant that actively moves Third Worlders into town

          • Or if you must be closer to civilization, virtually anything that involves intellectual activity, volunteering, traditional values, and so on. Often has the added bonus of minimizing youth of any race, often desired by adults 🙂

      • I saw a dicks sporting goods ad with a ghetto hip hop mulatto prominently featured. There were some other mystery meats thrown in.

        Really not sure who they’re trying to sell to.

        • Well there was a time when ghetto boys were killing each other for their Timberland boots. My guess is latest clothing fad. The Fellas certainly aren’t going to be taking up hiking or fishing en masse.

      • It was bizarre in that it, once again, it happened almost at once. Everyone in the business suddenly got together and said, “you know, I think people are starting to chafe at all the black man/white women ads we’re putting out. We’d better throw some role reversal out there.” However, am I just dreaming or have they gone back to mostly presenting colored men with white women in the past year or so?

        The other thing that started happening very, very suddenly this year was that voice overs, narrators, and radio ads suddenly became swamped with negroid tones. I assume the belief on Madison Avenue is that “black people are hip, so if they pitch our product whitey will buy it.” Sadly, they’re probably correct. I have to console myself in the fact that I’m hearing fewer sales pitches from Millennial women with a bad case of vocal fry. Ah, to be back in the day when these spots were done by men who sounded like the grandpa of your dreams: honest, trustworthy, and homespun.

        •  However, am I just dreaming or have they gone back to mostly presenting colored men with white women in the past year or so?


          What I have noticed lately is that when a white guy is shown in an ad or product shot he is always accompanied by a Coudenhove-Kalergi poster child mulatta woman.

      • I read that Columbia Sportswear signed on that Mulatto driver (the one who falsely claimed to have found a noose in his garage) as their spokesman. Yet another company that couldn’t keep their hate for Whites subliminal; they had to shout it loudly and publicly.

  26. Look at the team photo of an ad agency and it looks like the faculty of an Ivy League college. There may be a little color in there for show…

    For purposes of accuracy, from personal experience I can address the composition of most ad agencies’ workforce. The above was largely true thirty years ago, however since the early 2000s the rank and file of ad agencies has become far less monochromatic. On the west coast at least, the influx of Asians and to a lesser extent Hispanics is considerable. Since about 2010 or so, there have been more and more of the Wakanda’s best entering the workforce, and even rising in the hierarchy. The largest POC slice is Asian. One thing to note is advertising is staffed very heavily with women, especially in the media departments (the section that places ad buys with media).
    What remains largely true is that the top management contains mostly white devils and ancestors of the greatest ally America has.
    One other matter to acknowledge is ad agencies have been pushing the diversity dogma for many years now, long before Trump. This stuff doesn’t necessarily come from the ad agency itself; the corporations with big ad budgets have plenty of poz on their end too. We often hear about how client X wants to “showcase their diversity.” So this results in a fake TV world where every other couple is black-white interracial, every other person onscreen is “black” or at least “racially ambigious.”
    Notice when advertising casts black characters in commericals, they seldom look like Wesley Snipes, but mostly like Obama or Halle Berry. This is no accident.
    The holy grail for casting in advertising today is captured in a phrase we hear over and over inside the business: racially ambigious. It is the cowardly way of having the diversity cake and eating it too.

  27. One of the most pericious examples of this are the Disney kids shows where all the parents – especially the fathers – are doofuses and idiots, and the kids are the authority figures. White dad never has a clue what’s going on or why.

  28. The failure of the 1960’s ideal of racial integration is displayed on the nightly news every day now. Unable to compete with people of W. European ancestry on an equal basis, the non-whites will next demand a legally enforced separate economic and cultural sphere. George Wallace will smile from the grave – segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.

    • No sure about how “separate” this will be, or can be. Economic? How would they survive and maintain their current lifestyle? Surely examples of separatism exist in the world—like Africa. Would anyone want to retrogress to that level strictly for the benefit of separation?

      • That’s what the black drivers were telling me in Philly.

        What they want is Their Own Thing.

        Separation. Seperate living spaces.

        The lead speaker said, “what we never got, was our own government.”

        He had a point.

        I didn’t mention the autonomous Homelands of South Africa. Eight sub-nations, to keep the black tribes from killing each other.

        Mandela, the ANC, and their (((creators))) enforced the second national vote on township independence with Soviet grenades into crowds of schoolkids.

        “Defund the police!” they cried.

        The other tribes finally gave in, and police/military police were withdrawn from the townships. Within two weeks, it was a bloodbath, a massacre, and now the tribes had vendetta blood debts against each other.

        They could no longer travel the 20 miles to their big city jobs or the jobsite because they had burned or stripped their buses.

        The original Homelands idea?

        Tragic. Messy. Not just communities, but literal families were torn apart, as husbands and wives were forcibly separated by tribal ancestry.

        Apartheid, “apartness”.

        Imagine America with a dozens of Gaza Strips, what the Afro-Asiatics are doing with banlieus all over Europe. Way to go, melting pot people.

        Update: Lincoln was shot 10 days after he announced 40 acres and a mule. The deal was free passage to Liberia and a possible republic or reservation out west. The legislation had already been written.

        I suspect that, not the greenback, is what sent agent Booth to the play. The battering ram was too useful to let go.

    • No, Non-white are asking unlimited access to white people, so they can get social capital, good environment that they can’t create, attractive women etc.

      They are asking more race-integration, what you are thinking only happen at education/jobs

  29. keep in mind all this social engineering has a very low pay off. the herd will always go along to get along. the herd will always choose to surrender, too – given a vote on the matter 🙂 [all this low brow shit only affects the weak minded, who are of questionable value as a supporter]

  30. There is an old defunct blog named “The Last Psychiatrist.” It focused on ads towards the end and its big idea was that ads are aspirational not inspirational.

    A lot of white people aspire to have black friends, but not actual black people just black people who are really middle class white people. Use this product and the magic middle class black people will magically appear around you.

    • TLP was right up there with Mencius Moldbug when it came to mind warping (not necessarily correct, but interesting) ideas.

      He stopped posting shortly after pointing out just how ridiculous Randi Zuckerbergs (sister of THE Zuck) opinions about social media and cyberbulling were.

      He was a rare bird, like Zman, extremely interesting insights.

    • but not actual black people just black people who are really middle class white people.

      Heh. The mystical appeal of ‘The Bounty’.

      In my personal experience I have found both white and black in this scenario to be extremely phoney. You have the white man paying his ‘Guilt Tax’ which takes the form of being the more submissive in the partnership: when race comes up, you know he’ll agree with Bounty. Bounty is still very aggrieved that he must act white and most probably resents the public deference of whitey to some degree – seen as weakness. The uneasiness of such friendships has always struck me more than the alleged benefits.

    • not actual black people just black people who are really middle class white people.

      Ah, the mythical Oreos. I’ve met a few of these in my time. Nice enough guys, but it’s sickening watching goodwhites flock to them like moths to a flame.

      • I happened to overhear two oreo cookie negroes at work having a discussion unaware I was nearby. It was in Ebonics.

      • The few black friends I’ve had were during the Army. Based on “bell curve” data I learned decades later, in retrospect, the Army takes about the best 60% of Blacks (with HS diploma). My specialty was a bit more exclusive yet (the advanced training was about four months.) There were plenty of blackety-blacks, of course, but I was closest to the true Oreo 🙂

    • “… ads are aspirational not inspirational.”
      This is completely correct from the ad agency point of view. The fake people in ads are intended to be whom you wish such people were IRL.

  31. 2 months ago, BLM signs were in front of literally every other house in my extremely progressive SLC neighborhood. Now, it’s every 5th house. They’re coming down, because it’s becoming obvious even to the far left that BLM is a monster.

    It’s a small step in the right direction. Too little, too late, but something.

    • SLC is no longer a traditional enclave; it’s become a modernist dumping ground. I’ve spent a lot of time adventuring throughout Utah and can attest that any traditionalist should avoid places such as SLC, Park City, and Provo (to a lesser extent , but BYU is becoming more “woke” by the day). I had a couple of friends who left PC after Hollywood started to take over. A couple of miles down the road, the Hollywood “hip hop crowd” built a new studio, which attracted an unwelcomed and obnoxious demographic.

      • Moved here 3 years ago; wanted to go somewhere safe and traditional. I’m the interloper here; it’s awful to watch the great thing the LDS built here being taken away from them by out of staters who wrecked their own cities. (not LDS myself, but if Antifa starts burning their churches, I’m open to conversion just to demonstrate picking sides)

        It’s shocking to see how progressive SLC is though. California IS going to be the nation in 50 years, as they flee their own state and bring all the same problems with them.

        Zman’s suggestion to only allow one vote per household, and furthermore, it’s tied to the state of your birth, has fantastic merit.

        • I’m sorry to hear about your disappointments since moving to the SLC metro area. I’ve lived for over five years in one of your neighboring states, Colorado, and it’s also gone to hell. The front range and mountain corridor have become Marxist enclaves. The Western Slope, Central Rockies, and Eastern Plains in addition to Colorado Springs are still great. However, Colorado Springs is starting to become a dumping ground like SLC — but it’s more-so because of drugged out transients than the woke crowd. Nonetheless, I believe it was a sign of the times how the city reacted to the VDare conference at Cheyenne Mountain Resort and forced them out of the city.

          For you, there are many of great places to still live in Utah to avoid the nonsense. Converting to LDS might be worth it in order to have a community and peers who will have your back when shit really hits the fan. I agree that there’s not much time left until this country is completely taken over and becomes a rendition of California.

          One vote per household is brilliant. This would solve many of issues, especially as the large Hispanic “households” overwhelmingly vote blue in order to receive their handouts. There are areas in Colorado, such as not far outside of Avon, Eagle, Glenwood Springs, Leadville, and Minturn where you’ll find 10-20 Hispanics living in a single trailer and they’re most certainly not one nuclear family.

        • My Idaho town is currently crawling with California car tags. Housing is getting more expensive but is still cheap relative to California. Local kids are starting to get priced out of the market.
          When I first visited SLC 15 years ago I experienced a very strange sensation. I was walking around downtown at night and I noticed that the hair on the back of my neck was not standing up like it often did when I was in Memphis or New Orleans.
          SLC is probably still better than most large cities but it is not as safe as it used to be.

  32. Good advice. There are other ways to make the lives of the Ruling Class miserable, too. Ignoring and mocking them as you suggest is one way, others include manipulating zoning plans and public school systems to place Section 8 housing and vibrants not in White working and middle class neighborhoods but upper middle class and upper class White neighborhoods littered with BLM signs. This actually can be done with the right city council compositions. Discourage and ostracize family members who join the Empire’s tranny/colored military. Other passive ways to disrupt the ruling class is to pay property and other taxes at the last moments possible. Shop locally at White-owned small stores (there was a reason these have been targeted; pay a little more and starve The Beast). By unplugging the JewTube, you do rob the parasites and their Puritan handlers of revenue. Build on that.

    Passive subversion is the best subversion. Turning on (turning off, actually), tuning in (out, actually), and dropping out is solid advice.

    • The other end of our white community is about to be Section 8’ed by the school district, who is closing one of the elementary schools because there are no kids(!). They are building “affordable housing” in an unaffordable neighborhood, and the Goodwhite locals are aghast. The fun thing is to listen to them dance around the fact that their lily-white, upper-middle-class neighborhood is about to be baby-mama’d street-ganged blackened. But they can’t say any of that. It’s all about local zoning, “appropriate” land use, “community input”, “environmental impact”, and so on.

      • I used to live in an upscale town in FL. School systems in FL are run by the counties. So if your county had a negro shithole, that provided a source of “racial balance”. My town, which was over 90% White, had a perfectly fine high school that was unusable.

      • Thanks for sharing this story, Dutch.

        I LOVE that they are aghast. Love love love.

        It is a form of “putting your money where your mouth is” … they say they like all the Goodwhyte stuff, freedom and equality [and more] for joggers, but now, they’ll get to live it!

        (Schadenfreude, anyone?)

        • Experienced the same with a white upper middlel class high school that was “diversified.” When pushed, the GoodWhites said it was more a “class” thing than “race” thing. Good times, good times.

      • I hope everyone else lobbies hard for it. Near me, a toney white upper middle class neighborhood with, of course, a stellar public high school is all aghast it is being turned into a magnet school for Jogger Jeniuses.

        Make them own this BS. And then make them again. Eventually they will blurt out why.

        • NeoPuritan. That’s it, the AWFLs are neo-Puritan, a culture that leads to exclusive inbreeding.

          If only we had a lobby rich enough to do to every AWFL and Hasidic enclave what they do to us.

          “Make them own this BS. And then make them again.” Make them cry, again, and again, until Harvard herself is blubbering salty, delicious tears.

          • Addendum: “the parasites and their Puritan handlers of revenue”.

            Another example, in another country, another culture, would be the Gupta family that handles South Africa.

            The ANC and EFF are their public face, but the ultimate owners of the Guptas, ANC, and gold mines are the Kirsch family network.

    • Frequently mentioned, too, is the tactic of just being uninterested in the latest whacko idea. Perhaps even better: don’t just ignore, but acknowledge the existence of the raving loon, but quickly make it clear you don’t give a rat’s ass about his ideas. I don’t see why the same scheme couldn’t be scaled to larger groups.

  33. I’ve lived sans television for a very long time. I have never seen an episode of “Seinfeld”, or “Friends”. The only time I see the TV is when I go into a burger joint. The few minutes of network that I see while waiting for my take-out is actually horrifying. I cannot imagine living with that toxic sludge running all day. No wonder half the population is running around diaper faced and paranoid.


  34. If you are watching any TV at all, you need to have a serious discussion with yourself about how you spend your day. There are a million things to do, build, read, or learn, and you just wasted part of your life sitting there, inert, filling your brain with depressing mind-warping dreck. You have one day less to live, and how did you spend that precious time?

  35. There’s a local restaurant that run 1950’s shows and commercials on their TVs in the dining room. I immediately notice how traditional and happy everyone seems in the ads. I find it very soothing – I just want to sit there, have a few beers and imagine it’s 1956 and everything is nice. I supposed that’s why they run those videos.

  36. Are you suggesting that, in fact, large groups of what are considered the elite class got together in a “conspiracy” to push the BLM agenda on not just a national but international scale? Or is it just a “theory”?

    • Like birds of a feather flocking together?

      Spending their ever increasing gains on something other than a better washing machine?

      Segregation? We already have separate nations, an ummah, a confederation– except it is distributed, virtual, not tied to land territory. Above borders and the laws within those borders.

      Thus, the mores and messages will be as different as their environment and ecology is. This ain’t some farm town in Kansas.

  37. I was watching my alma mater slug it out in an empty stadium (social distancing, y’all!) with another directional school on primetime and, in addition to the 30 second pleas for “equality” and “tolerance” and “ending racism,” the commercials all seemed to have mixed-race couples with a black man and a white woman.
    Every. Single. One. I tried to ignore them, but it just enveloped me like the stench of a fart in an elevator. How our friends in the advertising business thinks this sells things to normie whites is beyond me.
    When I was in college in the early to mid-90s, if a white girl started messing around with the black dudes, she was usually damaged goods and avoided by every white guy. I used that old Yoda line from Star Wars…”Once you go down the dark path, forever will it rule your destiny. Consume you it will.”
    With the normalization of homosexuality in popular culture and media, coupled with the constant, in-your-face images of miscegenation, one could conclude that some folks want whites completely wiped out. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from those two things.
    So my wife and I no longer even have streaming TV. We’ve reduced our number of streaming services and are now buying directly the content we like (old movies like Ben Hur, John Wayne movies, etc). It’s time to tune out and do something more interesting than being fed messages by the talking picture box.
    We’ve moved to a new house in the mountains with a longer commute for both of us, but there are no joggers here, the neighbors are all friendly gun-owning whites who don’t welcome outsiders from the big city and I can go fly fishing for rainbow trout in my backyard. My sons are interested in it and are starting to divorce themselves from their phones to enjoy the outdoors. Fall is coming and we’ve got a massive fireplace inside and a huge firepit I built with some spare bricks in the backyard.

    • The reality is normie Whites still, and it is of course unspoken, assume a White girl with a black guy is trash.

      Fly fishing > anything the Establishment has on offer.

      • The fact that said white girl is typically 300 lbs and covered in cheap tattoos has something to do with that

        • Black sails harpoon white whales!

          Still, it’s nice to know our dregs are their status markers.

          I am so mean and rotten.

        • Actually if you see typical Melanic Hominid females, you really can’t fault the Fellas for looking for Ms. Moby (the white whale) Needs Dick. There are beatiful black women, but let’s face it, most of them don’t look like Haile Berry at her peak 🙂

  38. As long as we take our money and our willingness to send our kids to die in some s***hole halfway around the world.

    • Germany has given Israel $70,000,000,000 in reparations.

      The USA has given $250,000,000,000.

      Now even that yeshiva scam, Kars4Kids, is asking you to donate your unsellable real estate.

  39. Yes, the memetic warfare of the Left is their primary means of conquest, and it’s success lies in being insidious and incremental. The idea is to create mental rot rather than overt and immediate submission via direct force. But this can be effectively offset by teaching and inculcating the tools of focused remedy. The elites are truly few in number, and precision is a beautiful act worthy of the best of us.

  40. We need a counter culture that turns off, tunes out and eventually drops out.
    I agree, but I don’t see current gen creating a band as great as AC/DC for example. What I am trying to say is boomers created their counter culture out of the order and bottled up energy of previous gens, current gen would have to create a counter culture from pure chaos, you need some sort of self discipline to produce greatness, I don’t think current kids have the inspirational energy and mental fortitude to develop something like that.
    USA could not have been formed if indians weren’t defeated first, you need a blank slate before creating a new a world.
    There’s too much color, too much kitsch out there, you can’t build on a chaotic platform.

    • To add to your post, almost everything we do in a day is built on a reflexive algorithm that has been created from genetics, culture, and family circumstance. It is thought that we only bring real attention to what we do 15, 20% of the time at the most, many people much less. If you think about it, real change comes from civilizational collapse where people have their algorithms completely wiped and a culture then has to reboot. From a previous post a single ad will not change an algorithm, but many over a long period of time will shift belief systems. Lastly, it takes energy to bring attention to something. The nervous system will always default to what it already knows to save resources. That is why it is so important to indoctrinate early, changing that algorithm is a nightmare later once the brain loses plasticity. You can change, but it takes much more effort later in life.
      That is why it is important to realize, changing someones view is a slow and frustrating process, but it can be done! Overwhelming that persons algorithm that they use to operate in the world does no good. Understand that the structure that a person has built for themselves is the only system they know. To rip their foundation out from underneath them is counterproductive, because they will cling to that structure for dear life, no one can deal with too much chaos!

      • you’re right, younger generations need to fix themselves first, change their values, which is a long process and it’s hard to do after a certain age, especially in current system that wishes to demoralize & weaken white kids at every step.
        you can’t shine in a system that has different values from yours, that’s like expecting a Nikola Tesla to be born in a viking society.

    • Oh, you can build on it. Some do. The building just won’t be long standing. I think the idea was discussed in an old book, something about the wisdom of foundations of stone versus sand. Globohomo is all about the transient and ephemeral. They want nothing other than their control to last; so chaos is a feature, not a bug.

      • i’ve spoken with an old italian millionaire, he told me it was much easier to get rich back in the day(after ww2), there were opportunities everywhere, same thing in eastern europe after communist regimes collapsed.
        huge bureaucracy, corruption & globo homo jewish subversion stifles talent and innovation,

    • Oh goodness… why aren’t these damn kids these days making real music like AC/DC?

      There’s incredible music all over the place in all sorts of styles… it’s just not (((promoted in mainstream channels))). Implying your lack of exposure is some systematic talent problem of white youth is peak boomerism. It just doesn’t plop right into the mainstream trough the way it once did.

      We have great artists working in every medium today just good luck getting a (((publisher))), (((radio play))), a (((hollywood producer))), an (((art gallery spot))).

      • There’s incredible music all over the place in all sorts of styles…
        if you say so
        We have great artists working in every medium today just good luck getting a (((publisher))), (((radio play))), a (((hollywood producer))), an (((art gallery spot))).
        I mentioned that already
        “huge bureaucracy, corruption & globo homo jewish subversion stifles talent and innovation”

      • Yes, one good thing the internet has done is democratize art. This is both a blessing and a curse. Just as Facebook, Twitter et al have turned any half-literate imbecile into a powerhouse that Gutenberg could only have dreamed of, nearly anybody who can make a noise (or a video) can make it available, not to say widely seen. If you like obscure music (I do) you can listen to a lot of stuff cheap or free. Currently I like SoundCloud. Often there is mainstream stuff available too. I’m sure the same is done with video, but I have no familiarity with it (well, youtube.). Another good/bad thing, also is that it decimated the old music industry models. Less payola and coke up the nose for a lot of music execs. Too bad.

  41. Judeo-Puritan is a fairly new term to me but the further I study our history here in America it really does define our age. The combination of Christian Puritanism which drove the progressive movement through the last century combined with the detached small hat oligarchs who seem to keep finding new ways of being hostile to the traditional American people and our values.

    • Judeo-Puritan is a great term, because both halves of it expect open fealty to specific sets of laws as defined and enforced by them, and the second half, especially, feels themselves somehow deputized to police everyone for adherence to their laws. Proggies would likely claim to reject both halves of the deal, while unwittingly furiously carrying out their marching orders for them. Rubes.

    • GLG, I was greatly vexed by this myself.

      Who to blame?

      I see culture as determined by gene pools. Normie semitics either stayed behind in New Babylon, or were overpowered by their vocal fanatic faction, the movers and shakers who pulled the rest behind.

      Fanatics came to dominate Israel’s society, and were the majority party. They were called Ebionites in Jesus’ time, the party of Pharisee lawyers and Saducee mayors. (The judges were called ‘S-something’, could someone supply the name.)

      The Puritans, apparently, were a sub-pool, within the larger white Anglo-Saxon group, that also selected for fanaticism.

      This is the difference seen in the NAXALT argument, “not all X are like that”. Quite true, I think we are seeing loud, competing sub-pools giving others their cue. They are breeding factions, since social cues determine who will marry whom.

      Different breeds can mate, but they do tend to have differing personalities.

      Even though they can have puppies together, push different breeds into the same kennel, and there will be a fight.


      (PS- later, the Ebionites became two competing groups, Rabbinical slave merchants and Islam.

      Islam’s first job was to kill the Christian Semitics, whether Jew, Arab, or Jew-Arab halfbreeds.

      Only then did they move on to foreign lands, Europe, Persia, India, Bhuddist Bactria-Afghanistan, Egypt-North Africa and coastal Africa.

      At times they tussled for power wthin their society but the seeds of Abraham by Sarah and Hagar always stayed together.

      The Rabbinicals were the bankers and administrators for Islamic nations, trading Viking slaves for Muslim silver. They could move between all worlds, Christian, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Pagan, even unto China.

      Ignore the squabbling of Israel-Arab-Ottoman, even white, black, Indian, and Asian nations fought each other too, and with far greater lethality.)

      • (Addendum: Islam’s had 1400 years to kill all the Jews. Still waiting. They said that about Haman, the Czar, and Hitler too.)

  42. I was in the Marines for six years including a couple of years in a non-combat unit with lots of women. Never once did I met a female Marine with the least bit of interest of being in a combat unit. In the Civil Affairs unit, they had no desire to do even a bit of combat training. It was a funny sight to see them wearing body armor and a rifle – barely able to even walk. When it came time to march any distance, the women all got into vehicles or found something better to do in the office.
    The people pushing this shit have no idea what it’s like to be in the infantry and how impossible it is for women. They just don’t care.

    • Hmmm, that souds familiar. Ah, here it is:
      “And the behaviour of the cat was somewhat peculiar. It was soon noticed that when there was work to be done the cat could never be found. She would vanish for hours on end, and then reappear at meal-times, or in the evening after work was over, as though nothing had happened. But she always made such excellent excuses, and purred so affectionately, that it was impossible not to believe in her good intentions.”
      — George Orwell Animal Farm (p. 12)

    • I wonder if the point of these types of ads isn’t to encourage women into combat positions, but to discourage alpha men from wanting to be soldiers. When I was young men were proud of being an ex-Marine. I don’t that plays much anymore,

  43. Sometimes I’ll watch “broadcast editions” of shows I watched in the 90s, on Youtube. The destruction of norms may have been a long time in the making (it definitely was) but the switch really got turned on fast only a few years back and the acceleration never stopped. 90s commercials have rock music (remember that?) and pitches aimed at Mom (“Hey mom, isn’t it hard to get those stains out?” “Hey mom, it’s tough to feed a family these days”). Not only were there normal white people, but there were even normal black people (blacks don’t like seeing the orange-skinned, spirochete-haired half-castes anymore than we do). Just saw a Home Depot commercial where an indeterminately mixed race couple (of course) orders some mulch which is carried by beasts of burden (a couple white deliverymen), and the sack which they set down says “Brown Mulch: Color Advantage.” Don’t let anyone gaslight you about these subtle but intentional details. Everything is focus-grouped and honed to death before the commercial hits the air. This is “They Live” caliber psyops.

  44. I doubt there are men in small hats (only Orthodox wear them) who participate in moral degradation exhibited by these ads and other similar Hollywood creations. 80% of Orthodox vote Trump.
    It is the Jews who don’t wear kippah and are mostly JINOs who are willingly doing the dirty deeds here.
    “What is the difference between Trump and reform Jews? Trump has Jewish grandchildren”

        • Anna, do you deny that most of the intellectual energy expended by J3ws in European-derived countries has been to subvert them?

          And that even j3ws who are not subversive will mostly support their subversive tribesman because j3ws are the most ethnocentric people in history?

          It seems undeniable.

    • Trump needed jews to get where he is, but he doesn’t think like a jew.
      Ivanka and her kids act, think and are jews.
      That’s the difference.

    • There’s no question the JQ is important, but my question for the single cause anti-semites is this: If Jews were in charge of Hollywood when “Gone with the Wind” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” got made (and they were, the latter is actually Spielberg’s favorite film), are these children of these Jews somehow more degenerate or evil than their forebears, and if so, why? I don’t think the Coens or Kubrick are anti-White. “No Country” is explicitly pro-White and “2001” is a paean to European achievement (a white baby as the star child as “Also Sprach Zarathustra” plays is good stuff).

      • I’ve seen documentary on this subject, jews were much more respectful before ww2 because americans were rather fascistic themselves, jews pretended to be wasps back then, that’s a period in their filthy existence when they were insecure, nazis scared them, why do you think illegal immigration is so important to them? Fascists have been too big of a threat for their existence, this never happened before.

        • Jews who try to assimilate (and it is always a majority of us) are ahead of existing culture.
          Jews respected whites when whites respected themselves.
          That’s why about 30 years ago Hollywood started making movies where blacks were smarter and nobler than whites. Do you think all those movies made money because of BLACK audiences?

          • The sad reality is that Jews played an outsized role in turning whites into race traitors, i.e. the sorts of people who would pay to see their own people calumniated and humiliated on the silver screen.

          • You can always NAXALT, but there is always EXALT.

            Jews and Muslims (who basically mimic them) are very similar – docile and accommodating when weak, ruthless when strong. You don’t get to march through and take over the institutions by blaring a war trumpet. You do that after – a victory trumpet.

        • Sentry, if I may demure, the AfroAsiatic 2nd-raters imported their African allies to destroy White civilization four times:

          Mesopotamia and Akkad (as ‘Guterian beast-men’)

          Egypt (as Nubian and Kushite auxiliaries in priestly faction wars)

          Islam (imported by the millions into the Caliphates)

          The Confederacy (to bankrupt the Euro wage-payers and seize King Cotton)

          #5, today, as the priestly tyranny of Rights replaces that of Duty.

          The Owners are taking territory, exacting tribute, enforcing their laws and edicts upon us.

          • PSS- everbody, forgive my obtuse focus on JQ, but I did another review of our monstrous suffering at the hands of their slave trade. Centuries of this horror- none were so callous, so beastly.

            Like Africans, they can never, ever repay us.

            Not for all we have given them,
            Not for all their crimes against the civilized.

          • 6 times if you include story of Esther when jews subverted persian empire during reign of xerxes, who attempted to conquer europe.
            Persians had africans fighting for them in their auxiliaries.

      • Hmmm. Very good question.

        The TV programmers thought they were sending messages to us- but they received them as well.

        They believed their own bullsh*t.

        Like the Holocaust. I laughed when some J-spinner last night tried to distance the funders from Antifa:

        “My grandmother got off the cattle car and walked straight into the gas chamber!”

        The 2nd-raters are womyn, with womyn brains. They will believe anything at the moment, and are never wrong.

        Women’s weapons- rumors, poison, shrieking, shaming, sex, and narcissism- genitals and yapping are and have been their weapons since their queer scribe-priests in Egypt.

        • No wonder they hate and lust after the mighty men of renown.

          They want to be us.

          They can’t be us.

          They aren’t smart in the way we are- no one else is, even if they tell themselves they’re secretly Daddy’s favorite.

          We are the mechanically minded.

          I note the breeder-brained, the emotive, social-skill hindbrained, have one allele for hair and eye color: black-brown.

          We have 124 alleles for hair and eye color. We are something different. We are the Elves.

      • Not all Coens are like that, huh?

        Remaining faithful to the source material is one thing. Thinking that means these guys have anything but contempt for you is another, and a mistake. At best you’re a market.

        • To answer Junger’s question-

          As their power grew, they purity spiralled. Into a more distilled version of their true nature.

          Of the hundred religions or nations under the Roman roof, only two, Carthage and Israel, were so terrible they had to be destroyed, erased, renamed. Why? Current or former Ba’al worship?

          Others were far worse- yet in those two cases, I suspect white genes gave them enough edge to be dangerous without tempering their ruthless urges.

      • Jews as a group promote the worst thing the rest of let them get away with at a given time.

        At the time of Gone with the Wind saying “frankly I don’t give a damn” to a lady was subversive and broke taboos.

        At the time that was the most they could put out there. Later it was showing bare breasts in “The Pawnbroker”…

        Then portraying white mothers as whores who the jewish hero casually screws while casually screwing their daughters in “The Graduate”…

        Then a jew pissing on a picture of Christ in “Curb your Enthusiasm”…

        Then it’s a jew being fellated by a nun inside a church in “Californication”…

        Now the frontier is legal normalization of raping little kids up the anus… so that’s what they’re up to now


        What tomorrow?

    • “I doubt there are men in small hats (only Orthodox wear them) who participate in moral degradation exhibited by these ads and other similar Hollywood creations.”

      LOL Are you kidding? The Orthodox milk our system just as much as, if not more than, the blacks and other minorities who milk our system. The also got busted hoarding personal protective equipment in the hysterical height of the shamdemic, which they sold at inflated prices. They regularly do these unscrupulous things to goyim. Their religion excuses them from doing these things to non-Jews. Remember?

      • There are revered rabbis who do little boys as badly as the worst of Bergoglio’s gay pimps or many Muslim madrassas. Not quite the bacha bazi, but still unseemingly open about it.

    • Anna is being too modest here, folks, by neglecting to inform you of her own religions/ethnic motivations. A bit surprising, perhaps, since she so openly trumpeted them at Unz a while back. This is typical hasbara, and anyone responding to her in good faith has been taken advantage of.

  45. No real disagreements, just want to point out that it’s not enough for the people reading this article to tune out (most people who even know about this blog are pretty far down Redpill Road!), the key point is to persuade others to do it, too.

    Think of yourself as a missionary. A missionary for truth, strange to say. Of course, you can’t be a ranting lunatic, which only alienates people anyway, but it has to become a duty to drop little redpills where you can.

    • I believe that for most people, even if they saw that they should be tuning out, they’d look at you with one question on their lips:
      What would I do?
      These people would be very bored without TV, without the social media and such. Thus, an instant cut-off may well be counter-productive. I would surmise that the real issue is not even getting people to realise the obvious agenda, but to learn how to spend their time wisely.

      Spending one’s time wisely is of course a matter of opinion, but one question I tend to ask is:
      Would you look back on that activity as an achievement?
      I have never met anybody that would call watching TV or scrolling through FB an achievement. However, this still doesn’t solve the problem because so many see leisure time as time to be laying about. The idea of:

      1. Learning how to cut wood-working joints.
      2. Baking a cake.
      3. Reading a challenging text.
      4. Make a personal budget.
      5. Taking regular exercise.
      6. Or whatever.

      Is seen by them for what it is: work. A great shame, but as I said the realisation of the agenda is perhaps the easiest. Conditioning your mind and bettering yourself and your community is the hardest part. By a solid country mile.

      • Yeah, I’ve thought about that problem. You might even call it the “prolefeed problem.” Unfortunately, a lot of people just won’t do something “improving” if there’s easy prolefeed to lap up.

        And our enemies, now being in control of the prolefeed now, make sure to put a drop of propaganda into every bit.

        The fact is that the enthostate will require prolefeed. He who controls the prolefeed controls the world!

        But you’re right, if we could men to do many recreations again, even things as simple as fishing, that would move the needle in our direction.

        • Oops, I meant “MANLY recreations.” Imagine if there were in increase of even 10% of men who regularly went hunting, target shooting, fishing, or camping.

          • Good stuff, but every boy should be seriously learning at least one effective combat sport – wrestling, boxing, muy thai, judo, or brazilian jiu jitsu.

            Healthy, great mental discipline, traditional to our people, and completely counters the new social conditioning that white males need to defer to and be intimidated by some loud Shamarcus.

            Great to see a polite young white guy who KNOWS one on one he can easily take Shaqueem’s arm home with him (in his backpack with the dogeared Illiad) if he needed to. Completely changes the whole dynamic of learned weakness and emasculation we’re encouraged to participate in.

        • We should make sure our kids never acquire the screen habit in the first place. If even 10% of the next generation was raised on manly sports and great books we’d produce more than enough heroes to turn this thing around.

      • Some rhetoric along the lines “when im 80 and planning for the end, im going to look back and be really glad i learned to (whatever hobby) instead of wasting my time (watching tv/facebbook/sportsball)” is usually productive. Make it positive, and not targeted to them, and the reaction in your listener will be self-initiated self-criticism – the best kind. Whites are still inculcated with the idea that such things are a waste of time, we just need to reinforce and reiterate that.

  46. This post is very pertinent to the times we live in! I am a late octogenarian and aware of what life was like prior to the introduction of TV into the lives of my family. For the longest, I have held the opinion that the introduction of TV was probably one of the worst technological advances in my lifetime. It has in many ways destroyed reality for the masses, and as Zman has noted is now a weapon in the hands of powerful, wealthy beyond imagination oligarchs. Many writers have discussed this very topic for decades now, and the bitter fruit of this is now being harvested to the detriment of this culture and country! I for one have totally disconnected from it all and I agree with Zman that one needs to completely decouple from this madness!

    • I wish I could have experienced life before TV. I can tell people under 30 about life before the internet and you can tell me about life before TV.
      But I don’t want to give up the internet, although I have given up TV. “We fight the fire while we’re feeding the flames.”

      • Difference between boob tube and the internet is that you have more control over what you consume on the net. A place like this blog would never see the light of day.

      • Music suggestion: U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”:
        “And it’s true we are immune
        When fact is fiction and TV reality…”

  47. Those 1960’s little hats, hippies and general degenerate riff-raff have a lot to answer for, GD them. They’ll be departing this mortal coil soon enough whether naturally or not. I hope I’m still around to see a lot of the not.

  48. “Turn off, tune out, drop out?” How about the “Back To The Land” commune movement making a comeback?
    The wheel goes ’round in circles.
    No matter where you go the Culture will eventually swallow you up and spit you out.

    • No, back to farming is a mistake, if that is what you mean. Hobby farms, ranches as homes, victory gardens, absolutely (and I practice what i preach there). But actual farming is something we have been deconditioned from, and which is solidly under the heel of globalists. Neo-agrarianism or neo-Methodist utopianism are not the way to go, and are extremely fragile to the whims of TBTP.

      • Keeping in mind that I really am a Layabout, I will admit that the country life has its charms, just that honest hard work was never high on my list of priorities 🙂 But seriously, the city was, at least in the beginning, a big step forward. There were (and are still I guess) perfectly valid reasons why dirt-poor people gladly moved to cities to live in what we’d today consider to be squalid conditions, to work 12-hour days for small pay. Why? Because it was a huge improvement over the hardscrabble, meager, dawn-to-dusk drudgery nearly all people (serfs, peons, whatever) had out in the hinterlands.The Germans said (translated) “City air makes you free.”

  49. I recently read Brainwashing by Kathleen Taylor. She talks about how a single advert will not convince a person of a different reality, but a constant stream over time, extremely well coordinated will. As most people have no experience of say combat outside of videos, films, TV and adverts, the media can and does create ‘cognitive realities’ for most people (including us, although we try our best).
    Essentially this process slowly rewires the neural pathways in people’s brains to give them a reality of how the world works outside of their 1st hand, day-to-day life. It’s extremely powerful and it works.
    I think that’s why the idiot Mayors actually believed the agitprop. They wouldn’t get to be a Mayor if they didn’t. Also the latest science (really confirming what Plato originally said) shows that we project reality onto the world based on the signals we receive from it – which the brain converts into electric signals. So what we see is really a map of the world created by our brains.
    How accurate this map is depends on how you developed your ‘cognitive landscape’, or was it handed to you without your knowledge. And that is why people in the US right now (and to a degree the UK) are watching the same events pan out and seeing two completely different movies.

    • Wait, are you saying my parents inadvertently created a race realist child by barely letting me watch TV?

      Today, No porn, no sportsball, no Netflix or tv consumption puts me in different world than the blackety black worship world that most people are living in.

      Most white guys have no self respect, and non white guys tryto act “black” around this area. I guess that’s what the virtual world shows them.

      • That’s basically it, but they will see, interpret and remember a different reality to you.
        For instance if I see an advert for WaterAid, what I see is a community in sub-saharan Africa with lazy fathers who couldn’t be arsed to dig a well. Even though everybody else on the planet has been doing this for thousands of years. Others see poor children (including the adults) who need our help.
        The British Victorian reformers/paternal racists in Africa used to refer to them as ‘half devil, half child’. Whilst I fully believe the woke are also the modern version of the paternal racist, their version (due to media) is ‘half superman, half child’.
        It only ends when reality crashes in and overwhelms their cognitive dissonance. The question then becomes, how much collateral damage heads our way.

        • I admit I haven’t seen this first hand or even a reliable report, but many times I’ve read that do-gooders will build an African village a well, add electricity, or impart some other gift of the civilized world. Usually within a short time after the whites leave, the natives have literally eaten the seed corn, or stripped the wiring and pipes and anything else saleable as salvage/scrap. Would be a good documentary to show “the rest of the story” for these humanitarian projects, but UNICEF, Save The Children or whatever would not be pleased 🙂
          Sometimes this even happens in the USA, thieves stripping similar scrap from abandoned or just unoccupied buildings.

          • There was one on Channel 4 about 8 years ago. A bunch of millionaire businessmen and women taught an African village how to be self sufficient and trade. They built a store for their food, so they could sell it throughout the year rather than at harvest time, and also bought them a car to take the produce to market. The locals refused to help to build their own store unless paid, and 6 weeks later when the team returned the new car had been sold and replaced with a rust bucket.
            Every person I knew who watched it said they would never donate to African’t again.

      • …and non white guys try to act “black” around this area.

        I’ve noticed the same around here, especially among the middle and upper-middle class white high school-aged males. They’ll rev their souped-up Mustangs and large pick-up trucks up and down the streets all day while blasting jungle noise. You can hear them coming from a mile away — especially during a quiet evening. If only they realized how foolish they look and sound.

    • an awful lot of people seem to be living their lives according to TV reality – and suffering greatly because of it.

      • The damage done to the modern female psyche by shows like Sex
        in the City, Girls, and Keeping Up with the Mudsharkians is incalculable.

        • Good take. Now do pron for its effects on men! I wonder who makes those shows for women, and who produces most pornos.

          • Totally agree that pr0n has been equally damaging to men.

            The difference is one of relative visibility in society.

            Pr0n is still seen as shameful and dirty, whereas the properties mentioned above have been universally celebrated by the Cloud People who wear tiny hats.

          • IMO, porn is being normalized. Hell, when I was in high school back in the 80s there wasn’t a boy in school who would admit to masturbating. It was considered shameful. Now you see guys almost bragging about it, and I think this relates to the ubiquity of porn.

        • Sex in the City negatively altered the perceptions of many vulnerable women. A former female friend of mine who I met while in college fell into this camp. She idolized the women on that show and moved to NYC to “live the lifestyle”. She earned good money for someone in their mid-20’s, but due to her insecurity and feeling the need to front a lavish lifestyle, she was always broke. She earned $75k or so, but rented a small studio apartment on Madison Ave for nearly $3k/month and only purchased designer clothes. Further, she’d never take the subway as it was “beneath her” and would use cabs to go to work which was only a couple of blocks from where she lived.

          Some of my other peers earned similar incomes and rented apartments in the outer boroughs for less than a third of what she paid — and they were comfortable and always had extra money on hand.

          Many of Western women are extremely insecure and shallow. They ultimately pay dearly for trying to keep up with an illusion.

        • An American Girl in Paris is coming out, by the same people who did Sex in the City. Ready to fuck up another generation of women by putting them in dreamland. E.S.T.

    • But then you get to interact with “one” in real life, and all that brainwashing goes down the drain in an instant—especially when you get raped or mugged. 😉

  50. Think like a hippy; be the hippy.

    Sure white people are being removed from the msm, but that is resulting in those self-same companies bleeding out. They have no future audience to replace the one they rejected. All kinds of opportunity for creators (without all the mental baggage of the current lot) to get started.

    I have disconnected from the hive mind. And feel much better for it. Still watch things I like, and listen to what i like. Just ignore all the new stuff in movies (easily done since there is not anything remotely decent being made). and music (unless i hear a new song on internet radio, then i gank it), and TV (easiest of all).

    in general, anyone who cares about Twitter, or cares who just got banned there, is someone safely ignored. it’s like complaining the kool kids won’t let you sit at their table, during lunch.

    • Correct. When I find out someone uses social media or still follows sportsball, their image takes an immediate hit. I do realize people use social media for business purposes and there are alternatives to Facebook and Twitter, but still.

      • Likewise. I have very little respect for anyone who follows sportsball and/or who uses social media for anything other than business purposes.

  51. Let’s applaud the sportsball teams for fully embracing BLM, which has resulted in a big drop in TV viewership. Viewers who won’t be watching those anti-white commercials. It’s almost like the NBA is trying to lose fans on purpose by painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in large letters on the court. They really want to rub your face in it.

    • And it’s all universally cringe-worthy pandering.
      Even if the branding was for /our/ side it would be nauseating. A lot of our guys would tune out even if they painted something like “Whites are Awesome” in the end zone. It shows an organization with no self respect.

      • Good point about self-respect. Add total lack of shame and irony to the list as well. Why the average AWFL can’t see the disconnect points to some fundamental defect in their brain which really needs to be studied after sanity is restored.

      • I’ve tuned out a long time ago and am sickened by what has come of my Alma matter. They’ve become so woke that they’ve canceled the homecoming king and queen because they’re not inclusive — a school tradition for over 100 years. Now from what I hear, the hostility towards conservatives on campus is far, far worse than what I experienced while a student. And it was bad then.

        • “They canceled homecoming king and queen for not being inclusive”

          At least you were spared the repulsive sight of two homosexual black men in dresses being named homecoming kangz. Canceling it was a lot more honest.

          Who thinks an honorable man like Robert E. Lee would even want his name on a “skoo” filled with hooting bantus?

          Who wants to see some woman with a crew cut and nose ring in Westminster preaching there never was such a thing as a Christian west.

          Personally I MUCH prefer when our people’s decent traditions are merely stopped, rather than transmogrified and shambling on in these putrefying zombie forms.

          • Personally I MUCH prefer when our people’s decent traditions are merely stopped, rather than transmogrified and shambling on in these putrefying zombie forms.

            It’s difficult to not agree with the reasoning behind this logic. Just like a classic movie or song, some things aren’t meant to be redone — and especially not dumbed down.

          • Thanks for sharing. In the mid-1960s, when colleges began admitting black students who didn’t meet the standards applied to white ones…

            Yes, indeed this is how it started. First the universities and then the cancer spreads throughout every major US institution with the White House being the last man standing.

  52. We are recruiting those who share our fighting spirit, and who also meet our higher-than-ever standards and requirements. If that doesn’t describe you, then you can probably find better ways to spend your time instead of posting comments on a recruiting-specific social media page.

    This is part of the comment from the Marine recruiter on that Youtube video. Do comments like “higher than ever standards” fool anyone when there are published articles about how they have been lowered? They have to use online advertising to reach the masses now, most people can fast forward through all commercials on TV.

    • Do comments like “higher than ever standards” fool anyone when there are published articles about how they have been lowered?

      Most certainly. Because ‘advertising’.

      If you’re fortunate enough to even a handful of people who conduct their own research into these things, you’re lucky. Most people I know will not, and will take any ‘authoritative’ source at face value – this usually means some crummy website or teevee.

      • I remember arguing with some prog awhile back about the physical differences between men and women, and I mentioned the disparities in requirements for male and female APFT tests in the Army. If a perfect score for a male on push-ups required 70 reps, and for a female it was 50, wasn’t that an acknowledgment of the difference? The woman paused, then said, “No, because the same dimension is being measured, with the same standard, just another number of repetitions for males versus females.” Some of the problem is advertising, sure, but some of it is stupidity caused by immigration dragging the tail end of the Bell Curve down. It’s “These go up to eleven,” Spinal Tap-levels of stupidity.

        • The woman paused, then said, “No, because the same dimension is being measured, with the same standard, just another number of repetitions for males versus females.”

          This is literally 2+2=5 expressed in words rather than numbers.

          • Quick way to test the commitment of the 2+2=5 proponent:

            If 2+2=5, then I will trade you two $2 bills for a $5 bill, and let’s do it 200 times.

          • I think you found the next Joint Chief of Staff for the Army. Suck to her now before she’s famous.

            Anecdotally, I was told that if a female really wants to get into an Academy, if she can do JUST ONE non-kipping pull up, she’s treated like an Olympic gold medal winner. Front of the line.

          • In the 1980s it was the “flexed arm hang” for females. I, for my part, must admit I am an utter failure as a male. I caught pneumonia not once but twice in my first six months of training, had to get a push-up waiver* out of Basic (you’d think I’d get enough exercise there!). I only ever passed one test fairly (there was a fat enlistment bonus* at stake). Once you’re at a duty station, physical training was non-existent.
            *I was otherwise well-qualified for the specialty and these may have/were reflective of the Army needing people who were in short supply. They got so many of us that by 1983, literally we were being given days off once at duty station 😀

        • No silly, this is proof of the existence of Structural Sexism, just like Structural Racism explains all the shortcomings of Blacks are due to the White Devil Slave-Master, er, ok well just the White Devil today. Women are the equal of Men in any measurable way, as long as you can interpret and adjust the measurements as you see fit.

      • Truth!

        “Quality Inn”
        “Best Western”
        “Premium” service

        Didn’t have doubts before, but your including it in the name seems suspicious….

    • By “higher than ever standards” he means if you’re not a Hutu, a chick or a deviant, you’ll find it hard to get into the corps.

  53. I don’t know how you left this out of your post today but the identical covid ads from every corporation telling us how much they care that popped up almost immediately after lockdown are just a stunning example of collusion in our Elite class to turn us into vaccinated and tagged cattle


  54. Cultural Marxism was pitched as the logical implication of the Open Society, itself the logical implication of the American ideal, itself the logical implication of the Enlightenment. All those statements were correct.

  55. That Marine ad looks like it came out of Starship Troopers.

    Most here I’m sure have done a lot of disconnecting but it really astounds me how many people swallow this despotic swill from our handlers. Can you imagine a white middle class guy over forty supporting Biden at this point? I can and see enough of it. Whether it is hatred for America or their own pathetic lives, what else could explain it.

    If you get all your information and culture from msm and watch all the pozzed shows and commercials, well it is going to be an uphill battle to keep them from being any type of thinking people.

    • Our esteemed blog host advanced the idea of “negative identity”, where groups of people define themselves by the existence and doings of others. The DR needs to jump on and internalize that.
      The doings of the Pozzed should not concern us on anything other than the tactical level. We have a mission, a destination and a path. We are blessed, most people have all of that. They are not on our path, and are of no concern to us as anything but obstacles to either remove or detour around.

    • Some time back, the Danish Government Broadcaster, DenMarx Radio (DR), contracted with a brave and stunning woman who had managed to worm herself into a combat position with the Guard Hussars, which (as everybody knows) is the world’s best light infantry.

      So she was sent to Afghanistan with a deal to send home weekly vlogs detailing her heroic exploits. Except she never delivered, DR never go their vlogs.

      And two months into her deployment, she was sent home with a psychiatric diagnosis, so DR decided to re-write the narrative from muh brave and empowered she-warrior to the inhuman nature of warfare – they invited her into their studio for an interview. Here’s why she got a medical discharge:

      Her unit had been on a patrol when they spotted two group of jihadis going at each others’ throats. They settled down to enjoy the show when the jihadis noticed them and banded up to attack the hussars.

      DR host: “That’s sounds absolutely scary!”

      Strong, Empowered Woman (SEW): “Yes! It was horrible, they were shooting at us!”

      DR host: “So what happened then?”

      SEW: “Well, we fired warning shots, but that didn’t work, they just kept advancing on our position!”

      DR host. “The horror! The horror!”

      SEW: “Yes. In the end, my squad leader ordered us to FIRE AIMED SHOTS!”

      DR host: “NO!”

      SEW: “Yes! I still have nightmares about it!

      DR host: “But didn’t your squad have a machine gun?”

      SEW: “Yes of course, but using that would’ve caused mayhem!”

      That’s what she actually said. She was afraid of a bunch of ragheads, but absolutely terrified of what a machine gun could do to them. This was ten years ago or so, I bet that trollop still collects veteran disability pension.

      • ‘Raghead’… An excellent term that I had forgotten and must find more use for.

        The SEW’s reaction to the use of the machine gun is in stark contrast to how many British explorers of the late 1800s viewed the faithful maxim. Just wheeling it out brought the natives into line, and then of course there was what it could do…

        This was a single woman, but how long before some sort of ‘all-woman’ unit is created? For our uppers, this is a win-win: control advertising and promote diversity and even the pretty little things get their heads blown off, well, you can just lie, spin it, and claim they are heroes.

        But then again, in thirty years time perhaps front line combat will resemble more of an e-sports gathering. At this point anyone could apply.

        • People have forgotten the truth in the reply to Gandhi’s complaint: “How can 5,000 English rule over 400 million Indians?”
          “We’re better than you”.

          (Numbers might be a bit off, but not much)

      • Sounds like the harrowing tales of training injuries, hostile workplaces & navigating the VA’s psych disability bureaucracy that I’ve heard from several servicewahmen I’ve dated

        • The forced narrative of super chicks going on recon missions is truly silly.

          Equally silly are snowflakes exploiting VA benefits and other goldbricking schemes.
          However, here is one element to remember about women who serve in the armed forces. (Actually anyone who serves.) When you sign on and sell your time to Uncle Sam, your life is not your own.
          You can be ordered to go wherever needed. Even non-combat roles can be dangerous.
           Case in point: my mother. She was in the Navy in WWII. She mainly flew coast to coast on R4Ds, transporting VIPs, critically wounded and Medal of Honor-type heros to war bond events. Something betwen a flight attendant and nurse. Many stories about “customers”, mashing pilots (your hostile work environment) and genuinely awesome people. Hundreds of hours. Those planes occasionally crashed. Technology is better now, but back then, you rolled the dice and dice and didn’t think about it.
          One time, she was scheduled to fly from LA to Flagstaff to pick someone up. Another girl needed to swap days for some family event or whatever. She swapped. That plane crashed shortly after takeoff in a fireball. 
          Makes you think.
          Anyway, all armed forces duty is (or should be) honorable. It’s such a huge organization that death and risks can come from surprising places.

          BTW, she is still going strong at 96 years old.

        • A big part of the problem (in this case) was the Danish government’s policy towards Afghanistan: since they could not admit they were there to contain Russia – to do nothing but simply occupy a critical square on the Grand Chessboard – they told the recruits that we were in Afghanistan to build schools, dig wells and help old ladies cross the street.

          So a lot of girls probably think hey, that’s right up my, uhm, alley: I’ll be swimming in hot guys and I get to wear a flash uniform with lots of selfie ops of me helping children, paupers and cripples.

          I don’t know any milgirls personally, and no real idea of how big the problem is over here – military is not a good career path in Denmark: if you can pass their IQ test, you have much better options elsewhere, so the women who join up all do it for wahman reasons, not money.

          I did meet one at a wedding once, a Guard Hussar sergeant; she was about thirty and looked like a ridiculously hot 22-24 y.o. Thinking of her in a uniform was in itself an act of indecency, and she appropriately boasted an absolute prize bull of a husband. I have no idea what she actually did in Afghanistan or whether she was front line, but any normal man under 50 could’ve manhandled her with ease. She had left the military and joined the police, and I sometimes think of her when I see videos like this:


          • Oops, I forgot the point about the hussar girl: dropping a bomb shell like that in a barrack full of men whom you want to become blood brothers, is borderline treason.

      • You gave me a laugh. Biggest complaint I heard from returnees here was the ROE they were required to abide by. Basically, they were more than happy to shoot everyone and anyone—but couldn’t.

      • Well, women hear that they are going to be killing and they assume that means stabbing someone in the back. So, understandable.

      • The only things women should be battling are the dishes, laundry, and vacuum cleaner – maybe morning sickness…

    • Can you imagine a white middle class guy over forty supporting Biden at this point?

      Last week the middle aged white guy management at company were jerking themselves off about the importance of diversity, and how it’s imperative that we “end racism”.

      Huffing and puffing and speaking with self righteous anger. They all have that beta male chip on their shoulders too – beta but never able to accept it and never able to ascend.

      So yeah, I can completely imagine it.

        • I was gonna say I can imagine that guy kneeling and kissing the feet of black people, but leave it to Karl to skip that and “go there.”

      • I guess “guy” is ambiguous, but those are certainly not “men”. They’re just invertebrates that will indifferently slurp up any slime for a BMW

    • Can you imagine a white middle class guy over forty supporting Biden at this point?

      My white neighbors – including, technically, a man – just put up the “We Believe” sign. If you don’t know it, the sign is classic progressive. Like they need air to breath, progressives require being the most publicly virtuous. Instead of just Black Lives Matter, the sign has a list of hilarious slogans, including just some odd ones like “Water is Life.” Not sure who exactly is against water.

      My person favorite slogan on the sign is “Science is Real.” I’m guessing that genetic science doesn’t qualify.

      When I saw my neighbor on the street, I said that I noticed the sign. I told him that he was “very brave.” Knowing that I’ve said stunningly racist things in the past, he seemed confused. I was pleased.

      • Knowing that I’ve said stunningly racist things in the past, he seemed confused.

        If he knows this, you may need to watch your back. You never know when he’ll tell on you for ‘doing a racism’.

        • Yea, that shipped has sailed. When the gov comes to round up the racists, I’ll be top on the list. I’ve said things in front of all of my neighbors. Actually, my comments are fairly innocuous (blacks are on average less intelligent, I wouldn’t want to live in a black neighborhood, 3rd world immigration turns your country into the 3rd world), but, definitely, gulag offenses.

          This particular neighbor would rat me out in a second. He and his wife are literally progressive stereotypes, forever posting on Facebook their virtue (at least that’s what I hear since I’ve never used Facebook).

          Luckily, my employment makes me a tough target, so reasonably safe for now. Of course, I’m trying to get ready for an unplanned retirement. Not too far off but needs some work.

          • I say the same things about 3rd Worlders to neighbors, but none of them are liberals. However there’s one Christian high school teacher, who’s a fan of Ben Shapiro/Charlie Kirk who gets visibly upset when I talk about race differences. The other day he gave me the “if we both adopted black kids, they’d be just like the white kids in the neighborhood” argument. I then buried him with the identical twins adoption studies data of course. Give me a few months, I’ll bring him over to our side.

          •  “if we both adopted black kids, they’d be just like the white kids in the neighborhood”

            Except darker skinned, dumber, and more violent—but yes, just like the other kids. 😉

          • Anyone who truly believes in blank slate theory at this point in the 21st century may be beyond all hope.

          • Except bringing black kids into the neighborhood makes the white kids … well, not darker skinned, but quite possibly dumber and more violent.

          • When people tell me things like that, I love to respond like this:

            “Oh, I didn’t know you don’t believe in evolution. Do you also believe that the earth was created 10,000 years ago?”

            People hate being called out as stupid almost as much as being called a racist.

          • Actually, according to reliable polls, about half of Americans do claim to believe in “young Earth creationism” and, by inference, that evoution/science is a lie.

          • My world history is sketchy, but from accounts even in my liberal brainwashing education 🙂 I have no doubt, based on Nazi Germany or Soviet Union history, that if they come for people like us, it won’t be long before they haul off the “woke, progressive” GoodWhites too. “Hey Bob! What are you in for?”

      • I think I know the signs you are talking about, arranged sort of like an American flag. Biden signs are out, and now that BLM’s cover is blown, those signs are out. Next are these signs, as Proggies fish for the proper messaging. It’s not about real values, it’s about finding the right vibe, the proper words to shame and virtue signal at just the right amounts, and collecting virtue points and political power from it. Just giggling about it in their presence should be enough to set them off, they hate that.

        • No, this sign has a black (get it, black) background with a bunch hilariously nonsensical slogans. It’s truly the pinnacle of progressive drivel.
          The line is, of course, “Blacks Lives Matter” since blacks are highest on the cult’s totem pole. Here’s the rest:
          No Human Is Illegal
          Love Is Love
          Women’s Rights are Human Rights
          Science Is Real
          Water Is Life
          Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere
          Interestingly, it does give you the publicly acknowledged pecking order of progressives:
          Immigrants (non-black, non-whites)
          Gays and Trans
          White Women
          We think that the Left is full of O’Briens when it’s really full of a bunch of hysterical blacks, fags and women.

          • That’s the one. I thought it had a bit of a red-white-blue colored lettering/detail amongst all the black…a subliminal nod to the flag…

        • I think I know these signs. Around here they say something like “In my America Love Wins!!” and then there’s a collage in all different fonts with other idiotic Lefty stuff running in vertical and horizontal stripes. They remind me of those messages made from glued together bits of newspaper that terrorists, serial killers, and kidnappers always used in the movies. It seems fitting somehow. The point of sending a ransom note collage after all is using someone else’s words to avoid taking responsibility for what you’re saying.

      • I’d love to see the same “Science is Real” poster with just one simple bell curve drawn under it, a single suggestive white line with no explanatory text whatsoever. The shrieking would be delicious

      • Natural science is real, social science is a load of BS, and the problem with natural science today is that it’s been infected with social science methodology:

        “Science no longer confronts nature as an objective observer, but sees itself as an actor in this interplay between man and nature. The scientific method of analysing, explaining and classifying has become conscious of its limitations, which arise out of the fact that by its intervention science alters and refashions the object of investigation. In other words, method and object can no longer be separated.” — Werner Heisenberg.

  56. Dementia Joe even brought up the poz in commercials. Of course, he framed it as a good thing, but it gives cover to whites who have noticed something isn’t right, but don’t want to be seen as racist.
    The scary part is in a couple of generations, the subliminal propaganda will start making people feel shame for marrying someone of their own race.

    • The YTs who are not interested in and capable of innoculating their progeny against that kind of propaganda are not having kids.

      • Here in Toronto (mostly suburbs area) there is mass race mixing going on – but not usually with whites (there are just simply no whites who live in many areas).

        Brown – Latino, Filipino – Brown, Arab – Brown, the most hideous brew of robot people is being created as we speak.

        All things considered, whites have been surprisingly resilient when it comes to actually mixing. We’ll see if this changes as the poz gets ramped up to new heights.

        • The pitch is that white women are thirsty for black men. In NYC at least this is not true. Nearly all the women I’m acquainted with admit to great anxiety around blacks.
          The staggering percentage of these trusts that result in white women raising half black babies alone serves as a warning to the other white women. They pick up on these things.

          • Ladies, why wouldn’t you want a stupid child? Or in-laws with a short fuse? Or a “man” who calls his woman a whore and a bitch, refuses to work, and assaults his woman just before leaving her. Sound lovely.

        • There’s still tons of whites here in the Toronto burbs. But I certainly have noticed the brown sprawl as they creep further and further south

          • To translate for my shy Italian friend:
            Markham 100% Chinese (pop. 500K)
            Brampton 100% Indian (dot not feather; pop. 500K)
            Mississauga 50/50 Chinese/Indian (pop. 750K)

          • Eh that’s a little optimistic.

            Oakville is all brown in the new areas. Milton is all brown. Brampton is ever expanding. Gwilimbury, Stouffvile, RHill are all getting chinked or browned.

            The only safe areas are towns in the greenbelt but they will be opened up for development in due time. There’s no escape, the plan is for 100 million people by 2100.

            Whites (at least Anglo and assimilated Anglo) by and large appear to simply have no defenses against this.

          • It’s my understanding that a lot of slaves escaped to Canada during the “underground railroad.” Perhaps if our side wins the next one, we can send you the remainder of their descendants 😀

    • We should lose the habit of saying “Joe Biden did X” and “Joe Biden did Y” when we all know HE did no such thing… “Biden’s handlers did X” or “Biden’s handlers had Joe read Y” would be accurate.

      Just like we should avoid saying “Due to corona virus horrible thing Z is happening” when we really mean “due to the corona response” or “due to the corona scare” or “due to government corona edicts”.

      The virus has as many symptoms as it needs to have to terrify suburban women, but not even Fauci has alleges that the virus causes salons to close and church to be banned.

      Sorry if it seems like nitpicking, but manipulating our language is connected to manipulating our thoughts… and that’s how they win.

      I knew (((the left))) had carried the day when normal people and “conservatives” started unironically using the word “homophobia”, for example. The word carries their assumptions and their assumptions lead inexorably to their desired outcomes. A ridiculous thing like “cismale” is an unbelievably powerful cultural weapon.

      Even a gratuitously offensive phrase like “faggot hater” or a completely milquetoast one like “homosexuality critic” would have been defensible ground. We have to resist validating their language.

      No protests – riots
      No protestors – looters
      No gays – homosexuals
      No judeo christian – christendom
      No vigilantes – local citizens watch
      No racists – Pro whites
      No African Americans – black africans
      No trans – crossdressers
      No immigrants – aliens

      etc… I’m sure you have plenty of your own examples and preferred better terms

      • I always had problems with the whole “phobia” part of “homophobia”. Not liking queers doesn’t AT ALL equate to being afraid of them.

        • Yeah – it’s another misdirect. Homophobia literally means “fear of Homo sapiens” which is humanity itself.
          Same way the word “gay” has been perverted; used to mean happy & upbeat.
          Not anymore.

          • Same way the word “gay” has been perverted; used to mean happy & upbeat.

            Some time a few years back I heard it meant Got Aids Yet?

            MANY years ago I remember a news story on TV about queers demonstrating to get the FDA to fast track early anti-AIDS drugs (which, as it turned out WEREN’T all that effective) which were in early trials at the time. A spokesperson for the queers told the news guy, “You have to understand. These people are desperate! They’re willing to put anything into their mouths!”. Upon hearing that, my first thought was, “Gee! Isn’t that what got ’em into that fix in the first place?”

    • Biden has a habit of pointing out the negatives in a haphazard sort of way, and then racking on “and that’s a good thing”.

      I recall, years ago, him pointing out that in a couple decades “old stock” Americans would be less than 50% of the population, before hurriedly adding his qualifying “and that’s a good thing”. He’s a comic guy.

      • “The sun will eventually swell up and engulf planet earth…and, of course, that’s a GOOD thing!”

    • The scary part is in a coup!e of generations, the subliminal propaganda will will start making people feel shame for marrying someone of their own race.

      Don’t know that it will, but you can bet your ass it’ll try. Somehow I figure nobody’s gonna sign off on that. While some joggers may crow about getting them some “white bitches”, the rank and file gonna go for what’s most like them. Miscegenation is just as problematic for non-whites as for whites. I’ve known a couple of salt-and-pepper couples and to hear them tell it the black member’s family was more upset at the.potential union than the white’s.

      • My area of East Butt Plug, FL is getting more er, “diverse”. Recent sighting: Black male, 20s, skateboard (Is nothing sacred? 😀 ) flirting with young, white hostess (outside) at local eatery, was there entire time I ate lunch! Maybe friend, boyfriend for all I know.
        Sighting #2: standard plain white wench with standard issue black boyfriend. Details unknown.
        It’s notable that both these sightings (different days) were in the middle of a regular weekday afternoon. In other words, there’s at least 2 males that I can say don’t work, at least a regular full time job. It’s a given the white chick is on welfare.
        Our country is truly pucked.

    • Give him a break, he’s a person of pallor 🙂
      If the current Demo-Socialist-Woke things prevails, it may well be the world’s first case of “ethnic cleansing” where the product began white but ended up brown and black after cleansing.

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