The Echo Chamber

For generations now, the mass media has referred to itself as the echo chamber or the media echo chamber, at least with regards to politics. A favorite politician or pundit says something pithy or useful and the media repeats it verbatim until everyone is sick of hearing it. After the 2010 midterms, Barak Obama used the word “shellacked” as in his team was “shellacked”, and the media repeated it every hour for days as if it was wisdom sent down from the heavens.

This was an incite the Clinton crime syndicate figured out how to use to their advantage back in the 1990’s. They would come up with some slogan they wanted to get the media repeating. They would then have their mouth pieces repeat the line over and over in their media appearances. The media would get the hint and then start repeating the slogan over and over. What they essentially did is weaponize the natural conformity of the mass media and use it as a propaganda organ.

The best example of this is the Russian conspiracy stuff from 2016. For weeks DNC e-mails had been leaked on various forums. The media had been instructed to ignore them, but people were reading them anyway. Eventually, Team Clinton came up with the idea of blaming it on Russian hackers. They sent out someone to brief the press on the campaign plane. It was like she had a strange form of Tourette’s. She just kept saying “Russian hacking” like a lunatic.

The fact that it works says a lot of about this age. There are people in the media and in charge of the media operations that understand this ploy. You would think someone would call shenanigans on this once in a while, but it never happens. That’s because the handful of people who control these big media operations think it benefits their long-term project. The people working as reporters are just carny-folk now, willing to say and do anything to keep their acting gig.

Another way the media echo chamber is used to attack the well-being of the public is through the use of manufactured evidence and phony experts. The “gun show loophole” is a perfect example. There is no such thing as a gun show loophole in our gun laws, but the media repeats the lie, anyway. The reason is the Left supplies so-called experts to repeat the lie and wave around fake data in support of it. As a result, we have a label for something that does not actually exist.

The fictional threat of this moment is white supremacy, which no one bothers to define, but the media is sure exists. The echo chamber is regularly fed nonsense stuff like this from so-called think tanks. In the first sentence we see several obvious lies, but they will be echoed by the media. The expectation is that the Biden campaign will program their candidate to repeat some of this stuff, so the media will then repeat it for a few weeks after, to drive home the message.

This is not an accident. This particular scheme is a highly coordinated effort orchestrated by the usual suspects. Not only do we have Daniel Byman at Brookings, but there is his old friend Joshua Geltzer from the Obama administration, now working for a “New America.” Mentioned by Brookings as an expert in support of their claim is Heidi Beirich of the SPLC. She claims to be an expert in extremism, but presumably not extreme fitness, some other kinds of extremism.

Putting aside the obvious fact that none of the people behind the white supremacy propaganda campaign were altar boys, they also all have that weird obsession with Russia that keeps turning up. In this case, they are making the claim that the imaginary white supremacists are in league with the invisible army of Russian agents called the Russian Imperialist Movement. The absurdity of calling them white supremacist is apparently lost on these people.

Stand back and look at this as a whole and we have paranoia over white supremacy, which is entirely fictional. Then you have all the Russian conspiracy stuff, which is mostly fictional. Russia, like every country on earth, has an active interest in the empire, so they try to lobby for their interests. They are not bribing American politicians or planting listening devices outside the White House, but they have their espionage services like every country.

While the media echo chamber is useful in promoting the narrow interests of groups like the Clinton crime syndicate, it is highly susceptible to subversion by people with agendas at odds with the usual suspects. That’s the real reason behind these spasmodic efforts to censure right-wing voices. It is not hard for clever right-wing groups to use social media to meme their ideas into the echo chamber and have them rocket around the internet.

That is the weakness of the media echo chamber. It works when it appears to be organic and natural. If it looks contrived, it actually works against the people trying to influence the public. Leaving it open makes it more effective for the people in charge, but it also makes it useful for their opponents. Closing it off makes the tool useless to the owner, as well as the opponents. There is no middle ground that works for the usual suspects, but not for their enemies.

What this means is the efforts to censure the public square will become less overt in the coming years. Banning people and manipulating search results is too ham-fisted to work in the modern age. Instead, contrived terror campaigns like the “white supremacy” stuff or the Russia paranoia will become the norm. The echo chamber will be flooded with this stuff, in an effort to drown out dissent. The echo chamber is about to be a bell rung by the same people all day every day.

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208 thoughts on “The Echo Chamber

  1. So, Edinburgh University in Scotland is renaming the David Hume Tower to “40 George Square” in reaction to Hume’s reported views on race back in the 18th century, which were run-of-the-mill for that time. Historian Dr Felix Waldmann (Jew … I read the story) is a Hume Fellow at Edinburgh and called for the renaming.
    Although I carry no brief for Hume, and no intrinsic malice to GF, the Echo Chamber will not allow people that are opposed to this action to say, “Well, you know, maybe Hume was right.”

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  3. Validate every personality disorder and clinically insane person to constellate a coalition of dangerous radicals that constitute a force controllable by left-wing media and local Marxist bosses. No act of violence is off the table and is a means of garnering approval for these lunatics without walls. The moment is ripe for rogue regime change deluxe generals to grab the controls and escalate the violence to the next level. The big question is where is the counterinsurgency.

      • There haven’t been any rouge regime generals since at least tailhook. If there is a coup, it will be orchestrated by the left to destroy and oppress the right. The future American military will be a Red Army. Go to TAC and look at what Rod Dreher has written about West Point since the beginning of the year.

    • There’s not going to be a counterinsurgency. The demographics don’t support it. Any counterinsurgency would come from young White males and there are far fewer of them in the younger cohort. The proof of this is Kyle Rittenhouse. It’s telling that the only real person on the right to take the fight to the left was a young White male. But there are probably too few of them left to make a fight of it. And even that guy was a civnat. Remember that the next time someone on the normie right talks about the boomer gun club rebellion. Ain’t happening.

      Many in the young White male demographic are also brainwashed into civnattery or ranting about “communism.” You can’t fight a problem you can’t identify. Also, counterinsurgencies tend to have definable goals: overthrow the other side, impose a tyranny run by your side. Conservative normies are still into military and law enforcement worship, even though both are quickly becoming a new Red Army and would easily jail those people should they get out of line. Conservative normies are also paper worshipers who are repelled by anything anti-democracy, even though that’s where the other side is quickly going. They are fighting with one hand tied behind their backs.

      This is why I have long supported secession. A counterinsurgency isn’t coming. You aren’t taking back America, and if there is somehow a military coup, it will be done by leftist generals and not by rightwing or civnat types (West Point is teaching Critical Race Theory now). Your only hope is to retreat to a stronghold and use the powers of local and state government to defend it against attack. But civ nats consider that “black pilling.” Truthfuly, conservatives are their own worst enemy. They are too dumb and too unimaginative to fight back.

      Instead, they advocate dumb things until they ensure their side’s total defeat and enslavement — taking back America, out breed them, don’t run … all dumb ideas. Fighting from a position of strength, even after a strategic withdrawal, has been critical throughout history for winning conflicts. Korea has the North; Vietnam has the north of their country, which was largely untouched for large portions of the Vietnam War; countless Roman battles were fought and won because the general chose the location of battle in advance. Compare that to the bonsai charges of the Imperial Japanese Army (or kamikaze strikes of the navy). Brave, but ultimately pointless. That’s what conservative “white pill” normies want for the right.

      • Teaching Critical Race Theory to cops and soldiers just undermines trust in whoever is pushing the propaganda, it makes no converts. Exactly as most people.

        Now as much as you may hate the military and police, they actually exist; a secessionist movement, a secessionist army, any right wing force beyond potential does not exist.

        The only force likely to overthrow the Democratic Party is its own rabid Left wing, incredibly this may happen.

    • The only force that exists can unseat the system is the Democratic Party. Incredibly its Left/Communist/Thug wing may do just that. Kneelers and footwashers are not long in power.

  4. The White Supremacist thing is preparing the battlespace. Since there are no groups of this sort that amount to anything, they’re keeping the tag alive for future uses. Thus, when some white people come along and do something that might threaten the system out comes the “White Supremacist” tag. The killing ground for is already present.

    • Allen: “The killing ground for this is already present.” Chilling. Your full comment was spot on. I remember when I first came to this blog…the Dissident Right, I was lenient on the Left’s “sensible” gun control laws. Now I see why the D Right won’t budge an inch on the issue.

      • Same here. Actually, 25 years ago I was fully onboard with gun control. It never really occurred to me that America’s government would become a threat to decent, productive, law-abiding citizens, and thus, there was no real need for people to own guns. Suffice it to say, I’ve done a complete 180.

  5. Anyone ever read Z’s “My Theory of Everything”? It’s been about 3 years since I first skimmed it. Back when I first discovered the guy. Sorry…the man. The Zman. The Zeester. Now having a sense of who he is it’ll be interesting to read again.

  6. jew propaganda 101, keep saying the big lie till the cattle believe it….lone gunman kills Kennedy, planes demolish steel towers, Sadam is out to get you, pathetic shit, dazzle, amaze and confuse the retards with jewtube, while you steal their wallet, bankrupt them, drive them insane….bury them when they’re dead and bill uncle shlomo.

  7. It is nearly impossible for the media to be too overt. All the modern evils – climate change, systemic racism, Covid as the new black plague, toxic masculinity, wage gap, police slaughtering blacks, Maga hat white supremacists riding throught the land, whatever hoax is next – are demonstrably fake. People are proud to believe in them. They get status for touting them. Good whites cheer when nonbelievers are silenced.

    • The more overt the propaganda, the more effective. The goal is to make sure that sane normies get that it is fake, this gives more status to the believers and provides them an opportunity to laugh and say the non believers watch fox News

    • Have you seen the cover of the latest Time Magazine. It says: “The New American Revolution: How America’s Black Future Fulfills the Nation’s Promise.”

      What is this if not rank black supremacy? They’re totally unabashed about it.

    • The military must be getting desperate for qualified personnel in the age of diversity and rising China. They’re probably floating this before increasing the enlistment age. In most places (national guard) it is in the 34-35 yo range. But honestly that’s probably too young given the current tech age. It doesn’t require much physicality to press a button on a guided cruiser. If some retired 50 yo genius with 10 college degrees wants to enter the navy as a lt. and put in 6 for the hell of it, why not? It’d take that over the trash West Point is putting out these days. The military may have to make allowances like this to get quality White males as the nuAmerica isn’t up to competing with China’s huge talent pool. Expect the military to experiment with offering older people opportunities, maybe retirement / tax benefits or an appeal to “getting to wear the uniform.”

  8. “In the first sentence we see several obvious lies, but they will be echoed by the media. ”
    Actually, the first thing I notice is the heading above it: “Order from Chaos.” Isn’t that what the tinfoil hat guys always say is the secret elite’s slogan? Are they trolling us, or has Brookings now just said, oh, wtf, let’s just put it out there at last? It’s like telling Biden he’ll have an easier time reading the teleprompter if he circles his thumb and index finger around one eye.

  9. I always thought Zman the worst single institution in our country is our Media. They are simply destructive, flat out liars, they invert the truth they cause violence and destruction and the cruelty they have of wanting to ruin lives of so many people.

    • The way they are ignoring the distinct possibility of arson as the cause of the holocaust happening in the PNW has me seething. And specifically making anyone who suspects it could be the group that has been setting fires in Portland for the last 3 months sound like a nut who is ‘impeding the firefighting effort’. We are dealing with demons.

      • I haven’t seen the “impeding the firefighting” thing yet, but then I don’t spend more than about 10 minutes a day perusing the mainstream media. It’s probable that they’re trying to soften people up for the next phase of their “new normal” which is criminalizing anyone who expresses doubts about the official narrative.

  10. Basic investigative rule: “Follow the money.” In the case of media, it is a perfectly legitimate business. In the [formerly?] capitalist West,this means a newspaper (use as example) is a for-profit business. Its income will come from some combination of subscriptions and advertising. Of course it could be all or the other. For example, Consumer Reports famously refuses any advertising at all. At the other extreme, there clearly are many “free” services wholly paid by advertsing revenue. Of course, any media is subject to other types of pressure: bribery, coercion, favoritism, etc.
    There must be 100% subscriber paid news sources. I’m not familiar with them, but they at least would have a better chance of being impartial, or at least, loyal to their paid subscribers. In practice, virtually any media outlet will have a bias.
    Even if a paper could eliminate political or similar bias (how?), remains the problem of selection bias. As someone once noted, it is the bad or exceptional news that gets reported. No news outlet will announce “60,000 planes landed safely today” (or whatever the number is.) This problem is due to the human mind likes a story, a drama. It’s more fun to believe in drama, conflict, heroes and villains. Even if it’s all (more likely in part) a fairy tale. Science or routine facts are boring. This type of bias and the problems it can cause is well documented in Clear Thinking by Rolf Dobelli.

    • I believe the closest thing to subscriber-paid news would be the investment houses that will offer to do research (for a fee) on whatever company or commodity you are interested in. As I recall, this is how the execrable Michael Bloomberg got started. He developed a special computer terminal that gave you instant access to this kind of thing back in the 70s and 80s when only governments and large companies got information “online” and instantaneously. Of course his current news channel is probably the most consistently biased and fanciful of any of the large media blobs. Maybe Bloomie got tired of sticking to the reality based news his subscribers wanted. Truth is boring, Ima just be makin’ sheet up now…

    • Businesses need money.
      In the modern era that means woke capital, not customers.
      Carlos Slim provides Money, Wall street, Soros, Bezos. Finance.

      Go against the narrative, get cut off from Capital, go bankrupt.
      It’s not just the little guy on youtube that is deplatformed.

  11. The point was also how Zionism could be used to reinforce the echo chamber … forgot to make that point.

  12. It may be interesting to look at how Zionism has influenced conservatives over the last 20 years. In political ways, think George W. Bush, and in the media, think your Sean Hannity types. In particular, it seems that the creation of the state of Israel gave Dispensationalism a shot in the arm with the motivation being that the world was on the brink of ushering in the Eschaton. Seems that this Zionism captured the hearts of many conservatives.

    • Twenty years? You’d have to go back at least to the Lavon Affair in 1954. Then Kennedy wanting the Israeli Lobby to register as foreign agents like every other foreign lobbying group. . .

    • In constructing the golem of Christian Zionism, Jews worked through guys like Falwell Sr. and Pat Robertson in the 1980’s. Follow the money. They also spread the shekels on the charismatic/evangelical side – love-everyone NuWorship is full of missionary types and that lines up nicely with the Jewish agenda even if they aren’t putting Israeli flags on the pulpit.

      • Christian Zionism goes way back before Falwell and Robertson. In fact, it goes back to the founding of the first New England colonies. Most of the Puritans were restorationists.

        Dispensationalist theology was brought to America in the 1820’s and has been a thread running through American Evangelical Protestantism ever since.

        Long before Jews had any influence anywhere in the West, Christians were promoting the idea of restoring Jews to Israel.

        • The Scofield Bible was the gas-can for Zionism in Western Christianity and particularly in America. Even then, supercessionism was the mainstream view of covenant theology in both Protestant and Catholic churches until Holocaustianity became a thing in the 60’s-70’s. The Chosen were not a Christian priority prior to WWII but the theological foundation had been laid.

          Some of Nixon’s infamous anti-semitisms on the Watergate tapes were in conversation with Billy Graham.

          I was in evangelical churches throughout the 70’s and 80’s. I could recognize the shift in emphasis as it was happening but back then I thought Zionism was a great new thing b/c Revelation – courtesy of the Swaggart, Baker & Roberts crowd as well as Falwell and Robertson. The “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s was hyped by Malachi Martin, a goy so shabbos he was permitted to work on the Dead Sea Scrolls project.

          You can try to own the antisemites with minutia all you like on this but history speaks for itself as do my lying eyes and ears.

        • Certainly true that Dispensationalism has been with us since Darby in the early 1800s. Then, followed with Scofield and others who were or the Pentecostal stripe (thanks Wikipedia). Theordor Hertzl got with the program at around the turn of the 20th century to get the Jewish community on-board.
          But the point of the comment was not to detail the history of Zionism as much as to simply point out that Zionism has perhaps contributed to the Echo Chamber by joining America and Israel together in this common eschatological framework.
          As a Preterist, I really don’t have a dog in this hunt!

      • Glad that you mentioned Falwell … I heard in some podcast (Mark Collett was in it with someone else) that the gubment of Israel bought Jerry Falwell a personal jet … back in the 80s, I think. “Keep spreading that Zionist message for us, Jerry, and there’s more where that came from!”. The discussion continued on the podcast with focus on some possible foreign agent law violation on the part of Falwell that was never investigated.

  13. Re Gun Rights: The otherwise punchable Charles C. Cooke wrote a good article in NR a few years back.

    Cooke: “When the likes of Bill Maher et al, say that we need to get rid of the Second Amendment…they mean it. That being so, here’s the million-dollar question: What the hell are they waiting for? Go on, chaps. Bloody well do it. Seriously, try it. Start the process. Stop whining about it on Twitter, and on HBO, and at the Daily Kos. Stop playing with some Thomas Jefferson quote you found on Google.” He goes on to discuss what a plan like that would actually entail in the real world. Fun article.

    Cooke is good on gun stuff. He and Sloppy used to have a podcast, before I knew it was actually Sloppy Williamson. All I knew is how mealy mouthed and subservient he sounded toward Cooke.

    • Conservatives will change their minds about gun bans five seconds after the democrat party’s media says guns need to be “regulated” (that’s the euphemism they’ll employ en lieu of ban or restricted). Case in point: there was an article on The American Conservative a few days ago with the title “The Conservative Case for Singing the Black National Anthem.” Don’t tell me these Con. Inc. types aren’t government-approved controlled opposition because this article ran simultaneously with government media efforts to get the public to accept this in sporting events. When TAC runs an article with the title “The Conservative Case for Gun Regulation”, lots of normies will go with it. Man is a social animal. He runs with the herd. Classic propaganda involves making the other side think they are conforming to their own narrative while actually conforming to the government’s. Thus, gatekeepers like TAC and Ben Shapiro and all the rest.

  14. Repetition is a classical rhetorical trope. Sound bites get repeated because it works like a mind worm, boring into human consciousness and taking effect. My favorite example is from Cato the Censor (234-149 B.C.), a Roman senator who appended “Carthage must be destroyed” to every speech, no matter the legislative subject, in the run-up to the Third Punic War. Awareness of the technique is rarely effective as a defense. It’s like the impossibility of not thinking about an elephant when told “Don’t think about an elephant.” The idea is firmly planted and cannot be ignored. Hence why repetition is so polarizing.

  15. You see this mindless recapitulation of talking points in sports, too. Coaches endlessly repeat certain words and phrases, and the players then do the same thing. They’re not even thinking about what they say; they are simply programmed to repeat what the coaches want them to repeat. This form of conformity is cession of one’s individuality. I guess this doesn’t bother those who do it.

    • With the sportsball pets thats just good management. Plus they are literally doing the same exact thing every night. Its actually an apt use of cliches.

      Besides, the likelihood of getting a original, concise, and compelling soundbyte from a basketball american or a half-naked athlete in the locker room chomping to get on with rogering a groupie back at the Hyatt is infinitesimal. Its all downside for schlomo.

      Even at the college level the onboarding process from the jungles to the quad includes a course on how to give an interview without saying anything. Also how not to get too rapey. The former obviously taking priority.

      Now twitter is something else. Its lol to watch the foot n mouth disease and the subsequent apologetics from the doltballs and their century city handlers.

      The real problem is that normies expect some deep meaning from these circus animals in the first place. Actors and athletes need to be put back into the hierarchy where they belong. Counter-programming for our boys needs to drive this home: we build are own heroes through competency and pro-community achievement. Entertainers are just clowns all the way down.

      • If you doubt that the Afros are fundamentally different from us–and everybody else–just peruse one of their Twitter feeds. (I’ve done this accidentally.) These are blacks in their element without worrying about trying to live up to white standards. They have effectively created a distinct language related only tangentially to English. Without white intervention, Africa goes back to bush in 50 years. Without pressure to adhere to civilized conventions, the Afros descend to their innate primitivity.

        • 50? I think they know, they need as if their lives depended on it. Really, they are the most pathetic , sorry people. During normal times, and I think pre 1965 was normal, we could feel sorry for them, and they understood who they were to us, and who we were to them. That must be “re-captured” (snuffle!).

  16. I doubt that Obama could explain what shellac is.

    Maybe he would say it is on the same aisle where they keep the thumpin.

  17. It doesn’t happen often but it’s fascinating when the Left does go after one of their own. Usually when their favorite pols are in election competition with each other. Or the person has been MeToo’d. Around 2008 there were serious articles written in magazines like The Atlantic and New York Times Magazine about the corrupt Clinton org, and just how scummy those two actually are. These were written for educated Left readers. When the meme gets to MSM (CNN, Face the Nation, etc) the castigation is toned down. Around 13 years ago there was enough stuff on the Clinton’s that if 60 Minutes decided to do a special edition hour-long show on them, it could have finished them off forever.

  18. One of the people who best exposes this, and he does it frequently, is Tucker Carlson. He does these hilarious segments where there will be some ‘latest outrage’ and he puts together these montage clips of all the talking heads across all of media.

    Without fail, they use the exact same phrase so it is very clear they are getting their talking points from Central Command somewhere. There is no way this is is a cohen-cidence given the frequency he does these segments. You could probably look them up on YT with the proper search criteria but I always find them comical & pathetic all at once because of how out in the open it is, and the fact that other than him, nobody notices or cares. The normie sheep bleat on to the beat…

    • I saw his segment on the California wildfires.

      “Overpopulation” and “3rd world country” were words that he used. Is he woke or is it just a coincidence?

      I dunno.

      • He also says this is a “class war” and has nothing to do with race. He also dismissed confederate monuments coming down.

        • That’s a typical dodge that lots of people on the right use. It’s not completely without merit, but it doesn’t get around the fact that it’s mostly our people taking it on the chin. It also doesn’t get around the fact that if they truly believe it, then protecting middle class whites would ipso facto help out the middle class of other races as well.

    • Agree. Another aspect is just exceptionally poor education. It’s becoming rare to meet an American adult – particularly a millennial – that can express a coherent thought with a somewhat robust vocabulary. Quite often its just memes and buzzwords, along with an unoriginal regurgitation of some tweeting twit. For the herd-man a Central Command isn’t even necessary … he just repeats whatever pops up on his iPhone.

      • One of customers (all liberal females) said about the corona virus lockdowns in may, “you dont’ take your parachute off while you are still falling.” I heard that later in the week on NPR

        • Great example. Funny how these very same idiots will also contemptuously reference cliches about lemmings and buffalo without ever seeing themselves. And then they’ll tell you they’re non-conformists.

  19. I think the TDS crowd may be onto something when they talk about how the first, Yeltsin round of Russian oligarchs were mostly Jews. Then the former KGB crowd came in, cleaned house, installed their own oligarchs, the first crowd ending up dead or in prison, with a few exceptions like Abramovich who decided to mostly live in London and keep a low political profile. The Jews on this side of the Atlantic took note and are obsessed with the loss of a vassal state (like ours) that they thought was hammer locked by the late 90’s. They also see a regime that’s trying to maximize its Westphalian sovereignty against the transatlantic banking cartel, which is a big no-no. Then add the long standing Russian relationship with Syria to that, which is opposed to Israeli ambitions to their north. Russia is a thorn in several ways.

    • This was basically the trajectory of Jewish entanglement in the USSR. Post-Stalin the native antisemitism born of generations of Czarist-era Jewish exploitation of Russians and subsequent Bolshevik abuse started to re-assert itself, leading to the Jackson-Vanik generation coming to muh West

      Castro was kinder to America with the Marielitos than Brezhnev et al were in sending us that troublesome bunch. IIRC, it included Max Boot’s parents, Julia Ioffe’s parents, Masha Gessen’s and dozens of other present Ashkepathic influencers in the neocon & neolib establishments.

      Anyone can “early life” the oligarchs to see how Jewish they were in the 1990’s and 00’s – it broke into mainstream news once in awhile – not just a TRS thing.

      Jazz is sold on Putin being Zio-cucked. It’s always useful to maintain skepticism and suspicion when dealing with the Tribe but I’ve said on-site that I don’t believe Putin has been Zio-cucked so much as having to accommodate their interests along with a dozen other power-blocs he has to navigate.

      Money talks in a country that is still as poor as 2020 Russia and Russian nationalism isn’t bound to follow the White Nationalist arc. It’s much more anti-American and anti-European than “pro-White.” Understandable in that no one has ever really attacked White Russians on that basis and they’ve remained dominant but for Fellow Whites.

      White Russians do not feel threatened on the basis of being White in Russia. They mostly mock us for having these problems.

      I rely on Anatoly Karlin at Unz more on Russian nationalist topics than anyone in America or Europe – with a nod to Russia Insider and RT, for all that you have to filter and mix-and-match each source for bias/perspective as we do all others.

      • I don’t believe Putin has been Zio-cucked so much as having to accommodate their interests along with a dozen other power-blocs he has to navigate

        That’s been my impression, that he doesn’t needlessly look for trouble if he can avoid it, and Zog is A LOT of trouble.

    • That probably explains it, all the things you mentioned. That is, the animus towards Russia and trying to manufacture a ‘white supremacist’ threat in response. Add to that that Russia is a very BIG thorn in terms of its potential, forget current GDP. Loss of US would be bigger still obviously.

    • Jewish oligarchs still are entrenched and somewhat ruling Russia. Though when Putin passes legislation that makes it illegal to serve in Russian government if you have dual-citizenship or banning homosexual couples from adopting orphans, Putin is acting on behalf of his people and country, and in favor of his people and country.

  20. “She is an expert on various forms of extremism, including the white supremacist, nativist and neo-Confederate movements as well as racism in academia.” (From Heidi Beirich’s SPLC bio)

    Expert. The word now means two different things. (1) Someone who has studied a subject extensively. (2) The modern media definition: Someone who is obsessed with a phenomenon and has no real knowledge or understanding of it.

    We can go Babylon Bee on the misuse of “expert” by adopting it in absurd ways. A TV reporter: “Joe Schmidlap, an expert in transmitting platitudes.” A bureaucrat: “Deputy Assistant Herkimer Flinders, an expert in résumé padding.” NFL player: “Calavitrius Formerslave, an expert in girlfriend beating.” Clergyman: “The Most Reverend Hammond Belcher, an expert in washing BLM feet.”

    Oh, and “Heidi Beirich: An expert in neo-nothing extremism.”

      • Yes, that should be an alternative modern definition.

        One more example of using jiu-jitsu on the media awarding the Expert Medal of Honor:

        “Joe Biden, senility expert.”

    • Just as an aside, they put a pro-shot picture of her on the site, but her face is locked in a scowl. Not sure if it was intentional, or if that was the best shot they could get.

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  22. “The guilty flee where none pursue” could explain some of the media’s insanity about white people. They know the country was founded for and by Europeans (anyone who’s seen an oil painting of the Framers knows this), and they know that they are deliberately replacing us and making war on us (watch commercials in a TV broadcast from 1995 and then watch one from 2020), which is why they scream so loud about the Great Replacement being a conspiracy theory. It’s also hard to argue against white supremacy (ten teenage white kids like Kyle Rittenhouse could clear a battlefield’s worth of antifa and BLM orcs from the map if trained and allowed). And then you have the fact that the country is founded on violent revolution against a much smaller tyranny (King George) and much more competent foes (the British). I think our rulers are scared and wondering why they’re not already hanging from trees, and they’re looking at whites the way a guy who got STDs from a prostitute looks at his wife, wondering when she’s going to figure out what the hell he’s done to her and the family.

    • I think they were expecting to have whitey completely under control now, they weren’t expecting us to notice. It’s not that we’re doing nothing that scares them.

      More likely their internal polling/data stealing or whatever shows that more and more white people are racially conscious. That’s what scares them. And now they’re turning the heat up, but with the opposite result from what they hope.

      Their most recent plan to have a white sperg shoot a bunch of blacks has failed too. Though I’m sure eventually they’ll set up a false flag

          • Have a model young man clearly defend himself then get charged with 1st degree murder: what White man is going to see that and get involved at all. It’s a way to neutralize any real physical opposition. It’s James Fields 2.0.

      • Racially diverse advertisements and movies were supposed to take care of that, but they haven’t. The fly in the ointment is blacks. They are extremely racist and megalomaniacal. They give away the game. Give them an inch and they take the whole mile. Give them an Oscar and they think they’re owed all the Oscars.Make one president and then they must always be president (the African Big Man, guys like Mugabe).

        Case in point: the racist black lady caught on camera yelling at a flight attendant, bragging that whites don’t control America anymore. Note that regime media won’t cover this the same way they covered that White lady in Central Park. They’ll ignore this.

        But Whites see that. Every time they then see a black in ads or in movies or in some race swapped role it reinforces a negative attitude toward them anyone or group that supports them (sports) because it doesn’t comport with reality. If blacks were sent back to Africa, the propaganda would be far more effective because no other racial group acts like this to the same degree.It’s possible to believe the promoted fantasy in those cases. Black racism is messing everything up for the regime.

  23. A notable example of nomenclature snowballing was that directed at Dan Quayle during his run for the vice-presidency. A word seldom used in any context, gravitas, was supposed to be lacking in Mr. Quayle. The cascaded through the media for an extended period of time and then disappeared forever.

    Currently the media is quick to name people that don’t burn down buildings as militias, despite the fact that they are less organized than the leftist looters that are incinerating inner cities.

    • That’s because Obama (or Bush 2?) put on the books laws against Domestic Terrorism that gives the Federal govt the ability to arrest, detain, persecute, prosecute any that they deem a “threat to the state.” That is shaping up to be any whites who have a problem with what is happening to our country. They only need to pull the trigger on these laws to make them effective.

  24. The most significant change in the propaganda campaigns has been the use of broadcast and print to outright persecute people. Increasingly, propagandists dox people to destroy their lives. During the Covid hoax, video footage of gatherings deemed non-compliant are broadcast to shame or worse. For every Nick Sandman there are hundreds of innocents destroyed. I really hope Kyle Rittenhouse gets off and then destroys the Wisconsin leftists and media that tried to harm him BAMN, including what he gave to their pet child rapist.

    • This is another example of elite overreach that will benefit Our Side over time. Using the mass media to crucify politicians is one thing but using it to crucify pizza delivery guys, IT guys and Central Park Karens is unseemly – a really ugly mask and velvet-glove slippage.

      • Exile – tell me if you think I’m making too big an issue of the mask-erade, but that’s been my very depressing litmus test. I notice very public and widespread scorn for the unmasked. Seems to me the unmasked are the ones who understand statistics, the scientific method, and basic epidemiology, but of course none of that matters. I’m not so sure the elite can overreach anymore … they’ve easily and quickly convinced the masses that the unmasked are public health hazards. Doesn’t seem a stretch from that point to the crucifixion of any Joe Schmo they set their sights on.

        • I don’t think you’re off-base. While I don’t think Corona-chan was an entire hoax, it’s obviously been a great opportunity to dust off some contingency plans that globohomo had on the shelf already.

          Masks are security theater and I’m sure you’ve seen me say before that the Groyd Riots were the ultimate tell that no one in power was genuinely concerned that this was a serious disease.

          Not that they care about us, of course, but they do care about having functional units to rule over and shear for shekels.

      • Let’s hope. Others have noted it, but the punching down is really new. We need many more Lin Woods and to libel laws need to be expanded.

        • If Red States won’t expand these laws locally, nothing will happen. Soon the democrats will control congress permanently and they won’t do anything they think broadly hurts their interests, such as limiting their media’s ability to smear dissidents.

    • BLM got me. All my customers are liberal college educated women. Lost 30K in sales. Cancelling is real. Mine was a pro job.

      • Sorry for you Teeshawn. I can’t imagine what you sell that caters to that crowd. The only things white women need sold to them are baby carriages, cooking classes, all-women gym memberships and etiquette classes focusing on fashion and behavior from the early 1900s IMHO.

        • Haha! Thanks brah! Your list is not quite what. Got me. Canceled, but would have done the job! I was miserable dealing with these women anyway, so its fortuitous. I’m going to hike the AT, and do something different. It might have been the best thing for me. I was burned out, and I hated where I lived. I’m now in deep red country, among our people, more or less.

      • Sorry to read that. It’s easy to tell someone to become anti-fragile when the reality is it is very, very hard.

        • I panicked for a day, Buthen told my customers that I provide top notch service, but am not political with my customers, which I NEVER had been, and I didn’t apologize. I still don’t regret what I said, even though it was “artistically” expressed, hehe. BUt I’m telling you, it was a pro job. No neighbor put together the attack on me. They knew exactly where to post. They essentially made a brochure on me as a “white supremest.” Only 1 customer, that I can tell, didn’t see it. (Or maybe they were on our side! Who knows!)
          Bigger and better things ahead!

    • For every one of the overt attacks there are multiples of covert. Think of “random bad luck” IRS audits or denied permits/licenses, etc. For every covert there are multiples of self-censoring, silence via intimidation, and preemptive capitulations. The mass media and the social media have coalesced. Media signals the targets and socials go into hunter-killer mode releasing the sheeple upon each other. The attacks are then inverted and packaged for the evening mews. “Far right group…” which stamps it with the various seals of authority so it becomes fact. It doesnt really matter if only old people in covid crossing-over homes watch the news. Its just ceremonial at this point. Most people dont read much past headlines in “new media” anyhow. Thats why the NYT paper of record ditched the AP style for lede-burying sandwich artist deranged millennial pocs. The whole cycle is fast-food media and everyone is getting fat and sick.

      • It’s hard to see much difference now between government abuses and their media counterparts. In fact, the latter more and more sics the former on Joe Normie.

        • Indeed. One in the same. Made easier for them by our voluntary participation. Ah the quaintness of privacy in an era of the unread user agreement where the are hand in glove. Just one more patriot act away from safety. Which is why I am so resistant to even engaging at all in the socials or any other user media. It is simply too much downside for too little upside IMO.

          And gives legitimacy to powers and systems that need to burn down.

          I admit there is futility baked in. I once opted out of the trillion dollar L3 exploding nutsack scanner at the airport. Got a 20 minute delay while shaniqua performed a full luggage yard sale and doctor jellyfinger juancarlos TSA’d my prostate instead. Now I get scanned but have a third leg so I get the happy ending regardless. So what do I know.

  25. Soviet dissidents learned to read Pravda as “news negativa” because its Ministry of Truth-style messaging was so clumsy and zone-flooding.

    The famous example is that when Pravda started reporting on problems in the Western airline industry, Soviet citizens could be reasonably sure Aeroflot had a plane go down somewhere.

    Our media commissars and apparatchiks are reaching those toxic levels of fart-huffing. They are deaf to the cries of “BS” from outside their bubble – or simply don’t care b/c muh shekels, muh brand and/or muh feelz.

    They’re been white-knuckle gripping the levers of power and ratcheting them to “11” for some time now. And the media’s reputation is still in the tank.

    A super-majority of any population may cuck to power but likely only a minority, say 20%, actually believes the gaslighting. See the ratings for CNN, MSNBC et al.

    The rest are just keeping their heads down out of self-interest while knowing they are being lied to – in an increasingly insulting and contemptuously-obvious fashion.

    There is a lot of recruiting room left in that slice for us and we only need a “true-non-believing” faction large enough to counter the weight of the emasculated (or lobotomized) midwit “believer” minority.

    The atomized majority mass will be drawn into one orbit or another over time.

    There are only two sides with any gravitas.

    • That’s interesting. That actually is what the Zeman says about the left. Whatever they accuse you of is what they’re about to do

      • Crying out as they strike you is a specialty. It’s a time-worn tactic but it really became prolific and ham-fistedly obvious with the Clinton Crime Family – and it’s been a staple ever since.

        • The latest face of this was the “African-American” Jewish woman that was outed. Her parting shot was to apologize for her behavior and demonize herself for denying her “white” upbringing and harming POCs with her charade.

          Wait a second. You aren’t white. You’re Jewish.

          Once her “fellow black” schtick was done now she’s apologizing for her “fellow whites”. No thanks. We have enough crazy white girls. I’d much rather she take this on the chin honestly for the tribe and not shapeshift yet again to give us a Parthian shot.

          • Forgiveness is a virtue our side should have. The enemy certainly lacks it. I’m happy to welcome back anyone who is repentant, even the person in your post.

  26. “You would think someone would call shenanigans on this once in a while, but it never happens. ”
    They have. The one I saw on OyTube was spectacular. Can’t remember what it was, but the Bad Orange Man had done something that was clearly “A Threat To Our Democracy”. The vid went through about 40 media slobs, each leading off with how Trump ‘Was A Threat To Our Democracy!” They didn’t even change the words.
    The people waking up aren’t embracing Antifa or NLM… they are realizing that skin colour and genetics count. It’s like the Blab meme – when blacks chimp out, a few streets burn in the ghettos. When whites do it, Messerschmidts take to the air, armies mobilize, battleships, subs, and aircraft carriers take to the oceans… and sometimes the Jews go to the showers. The left is petrified of that… and perhaps we should be cognizant of it too.

    • Probably a republic is the biggest threat to democracy. I’m sure that’s been said elsewhere. I’m certainly no political scientist, but I like the following comparison. A democracy is where a criminal is caught and he is lynched. A republic will demand the man be given a fair jury trial. What’s the difference? Due process. Notably absent in many of the Left’s current demands, heck even recent actions 🙁

  27. More people are relying on crowd-sourcing online for their information from credentialed experts. I got rid of cable and the thought bandit (tv) shortly after BO became president. Anyone with critical thinking skills dismisses the sound of feeling pouring from the hollow domes of this antiquated and soon to be deplatformed miasma. The are blind to the fact of their approaching obsolescence.

  28. When I was growing up I was told over and over to respect GOD. Today we are told over and over to respect george floyd. On paper it should not be a close contest.

  29. Back in the day I used to ride in the presidential motorcade. In my van was a smattering of Clinton operatives … depending on the event there would always be an assortment of POTUS muckety-mucks riding along, and always the President’s right-hand political advisers were aboard, and they were busy guys. This was the era when the term “spin-doctor” was mainstreamed, and for good reason.

    The political advisors were professional propagandists and very good at what they did. I got to listen to these guys during every motorcade ride, as they were constantly on the phone discussing “news” with their press contacts. The conversation usually went like this: “No, you don’t want to say it that way; say it THIS way.” And then, “OK, read it back to me.” And then, “That sounds a lot better. And remember to keep saying “Bridge to the 21st century.” Etc etc.

    The next day I’d read the paper and the article would read verbatim as it was delivered by the political adviser. Often articles would appear on events to which I was an eyewitness … I never read one that was accurate, and often read articles that had been blatantly twisted and/or fabricated. Talking with my friends who served in later administrations, the trends only became more sophisticated during the Obama error.

    Just an anecdote to confirm that the echo-chamber is by design.

    • Imus In The Morning introduced us to Begala, Davis, and Stepanopolous and “spinning,” which really meant lying.

      • I used to be a regular listener of his until he came back on the air after the manufactured hysteria over the comment he made about the women’s basketball team. After that, he pretty much wasn’t funny anymore (For the uninitiated, if you look it up, you might think the comment he made was horrible, however, I listened to him since the 1st Gulf War and the comment he made was mild compared to what he was used to saying.).
        When obama was first elected Imus was interviewing Chuck Todd – I believe it was – and Todd was gushing over obama’s qualifications and he made a comment about how obama was the most intelligent person ever to occupy the Oval Office and Imus committed – in their eyes- the most unpardonable sin. He asked, “How do we know that?” there was silence for around three seconds and Imus asked if they had lost him and Todd came back on the air and Imus repeated the question to him, to which Todd replied, “How can you ask that?” Imus replied, “It’s simple, how do we know that? You guy’s made fun of Bush for years over his grades, up until Gore’s were made public and it turns out that Gore wasn’t all that smart either. You and the rest of the sycophantic water-carriers are going on endlessly about how smart obama is and no one can seem to find out anything about his academic history anywhere and what’s more, you guy’s can’t seem to produce anyone who knew him in college, or afterwards. So how can you say he’s the most intelligent person ever to be president?”
        Todd stuttered a bit and then counter-attacked quickly, asking him, “Who from the RNC gave you that question to ask me?” To his credit, Imus wouldn’t let him get away with the question and parried with, “Don’t give me that crap, you know when you come on this program you will be challenged on your claims, now answer the question.” Todd never did and didn’t do a good job of deflecting either and anyone listening who was new to the world of politics would have come away with the impression that Todd got his ass handed to him. This was a good example of what happens when an uncontrollable variable is introduced into the echo chamber.

      • The spin-liars I remember best are Joe Lockhart, Paul Begala, and Doug Sosnik. The Lewinsky episode was on my watch so it was amusing to watch these guys continually obfuscate and deceive. I think it’s right around the time when “wag the dog” entered the lexicon.

    • I remember looking out from the 5th floor of International Square, watching the motorcade turn from K Street down 19th toward the White House in early 2002. In the motorcade was an SUV with the back hatch open and I could see men in there with heavy arms, including a huge thing that looked like a bazooka or ground-to-air missile launcher. My heart swelled with pride and good wishes for these brave men! I wonder if you were among them? Regardless, thank you for all you did for the sake of our country!

      • No that wasn’t me but those guys were my warrior friends. What you saw was the USSS CAT (Counter-Assault) Team. Awesome group of guys.

  30. Memetic warfare 101. Tell a lie. Assert it with confidence and passion. Repeat it endlessly. Immediately pitch a fit if anyone dares to try and contradict your lie. Give yourself an award for lying and bask in the adulation of the faithful True-Believers you’ve just manufactured.

    • Zman points out that the DNC or SPLC will send out talking heads to repeat the line until the media parrots it for mass consumption. That is so 2016. They’ve skipped that step recently if you observe closely. Its migrated from sending talking heads out to straight dissemination to their media propagandists. There have been a number of events that occur one evening and by 6 a.m. the party line is out as news. They aren’t leaving a second to spare for talking heads to move out to the stage and are straight up emailing the media what they want said. It’s been pointed out that they’ve become so enthusiastic and sloppy that they will even use the same odd adjectives like “bombastic” or “horrendous”.

      • Memetic war is serious business, and particularly so when desperation is high. The powerbrokers running the MSM couldn’t care less that their reputation is toast and that more&more normies see them as buffoons. They will keep raising the volume until they win or go deaf. I use their hyperventilation as a surrogate indicator of their desperation.

        • They do seem to be hellbent (literally) on trashing whatever shreds of reputation they might have left. I think however it’s less desperation (though that is a thing) and more keeping their echo chamber troops in line and hoping to move the needle a smidge with uninformed or undecided voters. It’s a numbers game although I’m not ruling out your idea that they are simply becoming deranged desperados. I’m quite sure the rank and file media worker drones are… I’m referring to the media heads.

  31. To quote Z from yesterday’s podcast “these people didn’t exactly meet in Sunday School, if you catch my drift.”

  32. Take a “Deep Dive”. The buzz phrase today is “Deep Dive” Please use “Deep Dive” in all correspondence. It makes you sound sooooo hip.

    • The thing about light-speed 24/7 media consumption is the toll it takes on language. Having fallen ill to this myself, I have to consciously edit my thoughts in real time for the creeping contagions of vernacular that the media life “hacks” propagate.

      Its like everyone is speaking and writing in SEO. Which is the point I suppose.

      When “going viral” is a good thing, its hard to preserve the integrity of clear language. Since everything is marketing now and must compete with increasing visualization in ever-compressing segments of time, we get these shorthand slogans all over the place.

      Before long its pig latin and some fat nurse doing a dance and the covid is gonna kill you. Come the revolution, when we cull all the legal and HR departments, can we send marketing across the river too?

      • Most of the “28 reasons we must….” media crowd are poorly-paid girls who’ve fallen for the trap of accepting a title in lieu of a proper paycheck.

        Influence/status is the only coin of their realm – basically the Xrl Media equivalent of gold coins in Warcraft or Skyrim,

      • Great point. When will we get definitions of “going viral” and why its important or good. And “white supremacy “ is new to me. But racism needs to be defined. As far as I can tell its just being impolite at worse.

    • Fact-check, pandemic, new normal, re-imagine, racism, systemic, privilege, supremacist, white, white, white, in this together, inclusion, diversity, lgbtq, blah, blah.

  33. It really is getting to the point where (((the people))) behind all the BS going on in this country must be removed from all seats of power and influence. The insanity continues to worsen, and it gets harder not to question your own – sanity, that is – at times.

    • That’s sometimes where I am, frequently questioning my reading/understanding of COVID science, or global warming, or history. And then I remember Alinksy’s rules-for-radicals; the progressive’s aim is to polarize – to isolate – sane people. Another thing to help maintain sanity … read up on sociopaths and their tactics. Our enemy isn’t mere falsehood or irrationality, it’s abject evil masquerading as good.

      One of the hardest things to do in this environment is to surround oneself with sane people, while unplugging (as much as possible) from the insanity.

      • Nick F. Had a good rant on evil masquerading as good, and I do t’think I”m alone in agreeing with him. He said that democracy does not trump the moral law. Our enemies actually think saying the “N word” is evil, but thatkilling babies in the womb or pushing pornography on children, or no-fault divorce, is all neutral or even good things.

        Democracy, ie, “oh well, the people have spoken” has no authority over this dichotomy. Perhaps time for a counter revolution.

        • Even worse (for secularist like me at least):
          A moral law can be broken, not to say it should be. A human has a choice to obey or disobey a moral law.
          Even worse than being against a moral law is when the Radical is against a law of nature. Unlike a moral law which requires our choice to follow, we have no choice but to obey the laws of nature. Of course denial of reality, and denial of a platform for opponents to say otherwise, is a key tool in the Radical toolbox. So, the rationalist silenced, the Radical can keep running headlong into whatever disaster his misplaced dream must lead to.

  34. Read a sci-fi novel once where people could be identified wherever they went and have their background checked against databases. So a space station flight controller might deny you docking based on your know background. The tech solution the protagonist and lots of other people came up with was to buy a service that would plant fake news stories and records – so many thousands that nobody could ever know what alleged crime was real or just fake news. Maybe the same thing will happen with white racists. Just go ahead and blame white people for everything from bad grades to bum lotto tickets until it all just gets completely ridiculous. Double down on and mock the hell out of the white racist bogeyman meme.

    • Yes, there are apps that can be used to manufacture a puedo-identity using social media and internet tracking spoofs, and if these ever go viral, it will totally fuck up all the data mining that goes on. But I think a more useful form of shaming might simply be to make fools of the on-the-scene reporters that show up at accidents and protests. Be creative and have someone video the interaction, post it to the internet, and let the hilarity ensue. If the media want to be clowns, help them.

      • Having a fake “normie” social presence is better than not having one at all. The absence marks you as a potential non-conformist in Clown World.

        • I kind of agree with this. I don’t have one and I don’t have any social media unless you count Disqus. But what can I do. Between that and refusing to watch movies or TV, because clearly the entertainment industry is just a pedophile grooming cult so watching anything would make me complicit, I might be starting to look like a freak and I’m probably going to be on someone’s list for the ‘lack of Engagement’

          • The apps that I’m familiar with are randomizers, but if you create an app with a menu board that allows customizing a vicarious persona that you would like to have, that would likely go viral. In theory, you could concoct and present your online self as any historical or fantasy character that suites your mood.

          • You’re posting in here, so you’re already on a government list – there’s no practical way of avoiding that.

            What you need to worry about is the mob, the day where your neighbor can buy an auto-generated 250 page dossier on you for $10.

            The more circumspect you are the better.

          • That’s really the level we’re sorting for here. If the government really wants to nail you there is little hope that one of us has the level of opsec that would frustrate them, It’s a matter of who wants you how badly.

            What you can best do is keep the armchair antifa types and self-appointed social enforcers at bay. That’s going to take care of 99% of your risk from an online perspective.

          • Even worse. I haven’t checked the details, but your ISP sells your data, I don’t know what (if any) privacy limitations there are. Much data, including the web addresses we used is stored by law for a period, and the ISP must be allowed to market that in some form. Unless you take active measures to hide, and that alone may draw attention, in principle a lot of personal data could be sold — I don’t know the details of what’s legal and what is supposedly not done. Since I’m not doing anything criminal here, I live by that country song that says “I’d rather be hated for what I am, than to be loved for what I’m not.” More likely I will be marketed to which is actually ok with me. Still, I’d prefer that I could not be personally identified as a late middle-aged right-wing leaning male. In fairness to the advertisers, I think a lot of targeted advertising actually doesn’t your identity. For example, if I’ve been doing a Google search for new tires, it’s not surprising if I am served ads for Goodyear, Pirelli, or Joe’s Tire & Auto down the road. It’s hgihly unlikley that those businesses need to know my income, my address, my SSN, my complete legal history, etc. (and note that all those and much more are available to lots of people, subject to some limits)
            It’d be fascinating to know just how far down the road we are to totalitariasim, 21-st century style (Corporate spying might be more potent than Gov., especially in legality terms.) Speculation: the 150-pg. dossier for cheap is probably already possible, maybe (in theory) restricted to only certain parties. But a month’s or a year’s record of web sites visited would let a human investigator, or even a well-programmed AI, make very accurate inferences about a person’s interests.

          • The GOP controlled the congress back when that provision was passed. I remember the outrage at the time and the worry that it would be abused in exactly the way that you’ve laid out. They are controlled opposition. The GOP also helped rig a vote at the exact number needed to avoid a veto which continued illicit spying. Don’t think that power will be used by the police state against conservatives one day? The GOP is not your friend.

          • Yes ma’am. It has been noted that you are insufficiently enthusiastic for the woke revolution. 🙂

          • If you have the time and patience, a fun pastime is to use the Socratic method or similar in a conversation with a loony Leftist. Just feign interest, or even better, be truly interested. Ask questions. Ask them to define terms. It is reported that this will befuddle or wear down even the most rational opponent 😀
            All the sooner if the opponent’s argument is fallacious in some way, as is likely the case with your typical Loony Leftist.

          • Have you forgotten what the mob did to Socrates?
            “It’s like they say about Detroit, it’s all fun and games until they shoot you in the face.” — Roger Sterling, Mad Men

          • I’m not a fan of anything that requires photo/video verification, tbh. There are plenty of plausible normie excuses for not being on platforms that require this. You can have lots of normie social presence without this level of disclosure or breadcrumbs to your real self.

            Anyone who has a job that could subject them to hacking, identity theft or corporate espionage has a pretty good excuse for using heavy opsec & staying “grey.”

            If you want to have Faceberg keep separate devices for your normie and dissident stuff – and be mindful of their locations correlating when you have multiple devices – if you want to be Snowden-paranoid, physical proximity matters, not just having the locations turned off via apps/software. Calls can be triangulated pretty accurately by which towers they bounce.

            And don’t use your dissident phone or device for network phone calls – at all. Make naughty calls on public wifi behind a VPN.

            Really detailed stuff about opsec is tough to share for obvious reasons but the basic idea is to understand what breadcrumbs every device & app leaves and keep those from correlating.

          • Normies are slowly leaving the online platforms anyway as they are starting to realize the danger.
            Amusingly and not bad for us one of the most import influencers on Facebook is Ben Shapiro.
            This tells me the audience is getting old although apparently the pearl clutching ninnies are freaking out that young people quite like the guy.
            Now he is gatekeeper to the point of doorstop but baby steps.

        • Well Exile perhaps you are correct but I hold out hope that my zero-net-presence will be an asset one day. Even if it means I am the one who has to have my consciousness uploaded into the megacorp CPU to fight the virus with electric frisbees and force-field generating motorbikes.

          IME my znp held many advantages in “dating”, so based on the that I am taking my chances with the rest of clownworld.

          The utility of the fake normie profile seems rather limited to those who desire to remain within the system or continue to extract their slice – and/or are weaning off the dopa-ropa of the socials.

          Also seems tricky to use socials as an onramp for our guys while also maintaining socials as vanilla normie. But I reckon shapeshifting is a skill we need on our side.

          • Totally a judgment call depending on your own circumstances. I’ll post some more on the private side of our site. Maintaining the identity is in many ways more of a hassle and obviously provides vectors for risk – but situationally it can be useful. I’ve discussed this with guys who gave me examples of how lack of social presence is considered a red flag particularly for some kinds of jobs.

          • True. To be fair, in my example there were plenty of strong independent womyn who were put off by my lack of online life. Plug-n-play I was not.

            Of course their unease was due to the commodification of the sexual market and their reliance on the usual platforms to provide social proof and status markers – with as little investment in their part as possible.

            In essence, it made their underwriting more difficult.

            As mating drifted away from real life gateways to that of various facsimiles and proxies and distilled imagery, it became “work” for them to revert to the old fashioned ways.

            But this sorting cuts both ways. I wasn’t shopping myself, qualifying to these birds; I was evaluating them.

            So I still frame the problem as the need to form our own economic bonds such that our guys needn’t get those jobs.

            Just as I would say the kinds of birds you get by turning yourself into a commodity and qualifying thru online status signaling is likely a “prize” you dont want to win.

          • Girls who do a lot of online sleuthing are usually bad news, strong agree. From the guy’s perspective, the lower a girl’s social media profile, the better. If you can find the rare extemely-offline girl, it’s a green flag.

          • If this is where my contributions are going — to a conformist clique forming a secret inner party private site — that is the end of my contributions to this site.

          • Grungy neck-tattooed daddy’s boy with law degree will be deterring my giving any more. Bye. The hell with you all. Conformist jerks!

          • Depends on your life needs. For example, I was a heavier user of Facebook several years ago during my “professional student” phase. It was a good way to keep in touch with tatooed pierced beer-drinking pot-smoking Ipod-listening Scion-xB-driving younger lively classmates, university events and similar. Keep in mind most of the students are just starting out, I was 50-ish so just a tad older 🙂 I knew students who had been prolific on facebook, accepted a “sensitive” government job and the profile disappered. Now this is good in one way and bad in another. Consider that the old material must be archived. More ominously, intelligence gatherers (corporate or government) could and probably do collect many people’s information. They may do this by legally purchasing what can be sold, but they also culd have simply been a Facebook account, harvesting target data for years. So “Elaine’s” detailed life history up to age 21 could likely have been acquired, perhaps without having broken any laws even.
            Now, the flip side of that coin: The goal to keep an online persona, even if it is not the authentic “you.” There are many reasons to do so, from business, to polite personal, and probably, even to keep prying eyes away. You can make your facebook or other profile as fanciful as you like. So far as I know, which isn’t very far admittedly, unless you have fraudulent intentions or there is a specific legal requirement for honesty, you are under no obligation to be an authentic “you” online.

        • I actually got back on Faceberg recently. Prior to this I had an account but used it only once every few months and posted exclusively stuff about technology. My recent increase in use has been due to my trying to make some local connections among what you might call “ideological adjacents”. So on Faceberg I look like a typical HAWMAMR Heartless Angry White Middle Aged Male Republican. Of course as such I’m a walking hate-crime to the kind of lunatics that run Portland for instance. The thing is that once you get away from the urban core there are lots of guys whose FB persona matches mine, way too many for the antifags to do anything about. The important thing is that I never say anything overtly racist or talk about my other online presences or post anything that connects them.

          My former caution was also due to the fact that I was looking for work in the IT field and in a lot of jobs in that field in the core of Portland, even being a moderate Republican will get your resume ignored. With the recent madness I’ve just basically stopped caring what those people think and realized that they hadn’t been taking me seriously even when my social media was innocuous. Basically, at a lot of these places, even seeming like you might be heterosexual and not sending out obvious lefty virtue signals gets you passed over. I also knew that I would just hate working with them anyway. A lot of these places have a creepy and overtly cultlike atmosphere too and the interviewers will go on about how everybody hangs out together after work and on weekends. It’s not too hard to imagine them having an Epstein style temple in the basement where they go for orgies and sacrifices when the stars of the Great Old Ones align.

          Anyway, there are probably quite a few people we all know who just look like regular fuddy duddy conservatives or civnats from their social media but have actually started reading up on the DR in secret.

    • As to fiction, “imaginary white supremacists are in league with the invisible army of Russian agents called the Russian Imperialist Movement.”

      Thid scenario is right out of a dystopian fiction piece called “Victoria” where American separatists are assisted by a newly minted European monarch (can’t recall whether it was a Czar or a Kaiser).

      I don’t think it’s beyond the pale to surmise that some intrepid “anti-hate” think tank intern did the deep dive into some of Our fiction then found some tiny splinter group in Russia and said “Aha!”

      They may literally plumbing self-published prepper porn for targets to be their new Literally Hitler!(tm)

    • I’ve read a alien 👾 exrement load of SF 🙂 but that plot is unfamiliar.
      One luxury of being one of us* is: in the occasional conversation I might have, if anyone suggests I might be racist, I smile and say something like: “Why yes, I am, by that you mean I believe there are differences in culture and race.” This has the amazing power to deprive Them of one of their most potent weapons. Their nuclear option has been neutered until it’s no more shocking than it would be for one to be accused of being an alchohic — at an AA meeting.
      *Being able to do this, of course will depend on your circumstances. Being retired helps.

  35. To encapsulate what they are doing: look, a squirrel!

    It is so we may never ask or look into how did the Clinton foundation become enormously wealthy and while the ogre was secretary of state. (Look to that area near the country they are obsessed with). Also, anybody interested in how Obama is fast becoming our first billionaire ex president?

    I could go on and many here can add their own but there is enough scandal , deceit and treason to keep any real news organization busy for decades. In the msm there are none.

    • Even small stuff gets ignored. The media could easily do a story on some former pol getting rich as a lobbyist. They are spoiled for choice. Paul Ryan, for example. This is real news, but no one touches it.

      • To be fair, the media slobs HAVE to sensationalize everything in order to compete. Fear mongering, yellow journalism, creative historical revision ginning up controversy and division … that stuff sells, albeit cheaply. If you want reasoned news with intelligent commentary – you can get it here and everywhere for free.

        • To be fair, the media slobs HAVE to sensationalize everything in order to compete.

          They could have a Watergate every day if they were doing their jobs, the real sensation is the parlous state of modern journalism.

          • Their “real jobs” are to prop up an indefensible system, run cover for those who pay them, and destroy weak and powerless people who represent an impediment to their end goals. They do this rather well and only fail more frequently now because people are onto them. Despite their best censorship efforts there are still ways to get out the truth.

            I would submit their biggest failure thus far has been the inability to prevent exposure of the American FBI/DOJ as something more akin to a mentally retarded KGB than as guarantors of justice. Even Normies have realized the FBI/DOJ is corrupt and dangerous and disgusting. Nothing will be done to those who were behind the failed coup, but the damage to the institution as an institution is incalculable. Reducing that filth along with its propaganda outlets to rubble is the biggest achievement of the Trump Administration, although “achievement” is used loosely here because the outcome was inadvertent. A win is still a win, though.

            Their biggest success has been burying, for the most part, the Epstein and Maxwell story. Over time that may not hold but the deflection and burying of that sordid, State-sponsored horrorshow has been remarkable.

      • You write “ignored.” I write “buried.” Propping up an increasingly illegitimate system is Job One for the propaganda outlets. Pointing out that D.C. is comprised of thieves, liars and whores undermines Job One. Hence, you are far likelier to see televised vids of house parties deemed insufficiently compliant with Covid regulations than you are to hear or read the latest about Maxwell or Epstein, who obviously were connected to State and international intelligence agencies and represent the biggest American scandal ever outside of the failed coup attempt. As to the latter, the propaganda organs and the elected shills are going back to the Russia well from time to time to try to convince people there was a there there.

        The only way a Ryan or McConnell get exposed is when it is needed to advance the illusion of legitimacy or a preferred policy, and the only way someone from their side gets proper attention for their corruption is when a purge is underway. What we once described as “media” now focuses on the oppression of the weak and powerless to advance the aims of the connected and Ruling Class. It often is hamfisted and ludicrously transparent, but even now it still has the ability to destroy dissent and prop up the indefensible.

    • To encapsulate what they are doing: look, a squirrel!

      More like: Look! A three-ring circus with pink unicorns, talking lions and flying elephants!

    • The funny thing is that politicians’ salaries are a matter of public record. Neither of the Obamas were on the Partner track when they stopped practicing law years ago. BO was in late middle age when elected Senator from IL, yet they own oceanfront estates in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. Also homes in the pricier parts of DC and Chicago. Even with the book sales and speaking fees it doesn’t quite add up does it?

      • You can gift or otherwise practically conceal transfers in any amount. The top folks doing the investigations are in on it too. Only folks like us aren’t eligible.

  36. In my youth I watched Jon Stewart, and I believe his show was the first to assemble clips from news programs and catch political operatives saying the same talking point. This certainly helped along the anti-Bush movement, if nothing else.

    • Rush Limbaugh did Media Parrot collages years before the John (((Stewart))) propaganda show came on the scene.

        • Leibovitz was more of an NLP “artist” for goodwhites marinating in their self-regard than a clip artist.

          His “smart” routine used a purposefully structured narrative to re-program how people internalized an issue. Once you recognize the pattern its like morse code, clear as day.

          Using “humor” strategically placed within his little diatribes he would regularly straw-man while using the laugh impulse to disrupt the viewers ability to critically think in the key moments as he redefines the issue then cements it with the payoff laugh.

          Anyone who has “negotiated” with a chosen over a plate of salmon has experienced the joys of the “smart” funnymen like Leibs.

          NPR does this pretty much exclusively now as well. Though they impart more serious authority by using faggy blaqs and uptalking vocal-fry mystery meat wahmen and emo soundtracks to really sell it.

      • Here’s one for the Jew-obsessed:

        Jewish high school students in Marin County targeted in online attacks Marin parents, educators and clergy are pushing back in force against a new level of hate speech on social media that includes targeting high school students and invoking Holocaust-tinged threats about making a list of Jewish students.

        An Instagram account associated with Redwood High School in Larkspur named specific Jewish students in Marin and asked for followers to contribute to “a Google doc” to grow the list of names. It also included a crude cartoon of a man with Jewish-stereotype features.

        “Redwood students organized in antisemitism,” said the account, redwoodhs_soas, which has since been taken down. “We currently composing a google doc of Jews in the district. Hit us up if you want to help.”

        More here:

        • /pol/ strikes again! They did it for the lulz and as usual it worked. *furious handwringing intensifies*

        • Interesting … my initial reaction is that this may be a false-flag operation, or at least some exaggerated reporting of the issue to gin-up more guilt. But who knows, maybe younger White people are getting sick & tired of being called monsters, too.
          FWIW, East Bay Times is owned by Bay Area News Group, which is owned by Media News Group, which is finally owned by some Hedge fund. I think that the idea of an independent locally-owned newspaper is something of an anachronism.

        • Imagine being a member of a group that makes itself so hated in so many places that you consider being identified with your group the most terrible slur.

        • “so yeah antisemites, come on and dox yourselves, i mean, ‘contribute to a google doc’… wink wink big nose”

          seems a false flag, but what would i know, a dumb sp#c goy who knows how contributing to google docs works…

    • Yes, that’s probably why he wrote the following: “This is not an accident. This particular scheme is a highly coordinated effort orchestrated by the usual suspects.”

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