The Arc Of White

One of the distinguishing features of politics in the American Empire is the phenomenon of white populism. This is something that emerged in the middle of the last century with the establishment of the American Empire after World War II. Every generation has experienced a wave of populist unrest, always in reaction to some reform movement initiated by the white elites. The elites act and the white working and middle classes react.

The first example of this was the white populist revolts in reaction to the Civil Rights Movement and the 1960’s Cultural Revolution. Whites in the South reacted to the destruction of segregation. This was followed by a revolt by northern whites over things like forced busing and the cultural upheaval. This set off the great political realignment where southern whites and northern ethnics migrated from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party in the 60’s and 70’s.

Another white populist revolt started with the de-industrialization of the country starting in the 70’s and accelerating into the 80’s. The rapid conversion of the economy from manufacturing to retail and services continued the political realignment that started in the 60’s. The so-called Reagan Democrats were mostly the people who had voted for Nixon, but this time they moved the GOP for good. This was also the start of the gap between the knowledge economy and the labor economy.

The current crisis is another wave of white populism. This time it is in reaction to the continued looting of the middle-class economy by the global elites, but also the betrayals of the Bush years and the Kulturkampf of the Obama years. Large numbers of whites in American have come to the conclusion that the political and economic elites are at war with them. The election of Trump in 2016 is one obvious result, but the hysterical and now violent reaction of the elites is another.

The thing about these waves of white populism is they follow the same pattern; despite the fact the triggering events are different and the times are different. There are some obvious parallels between what is happening now and what happened in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but modern America is nothing like the America of the 60’s. In fact, the people of that age would not recognize this age as America. Despite the enormous differences in culture and demographics, the pattern is the same.

One aspect of every white populist spasm has been that it gets funneled into a form of legitimate politics. The conservative movement of Bill Buckley, for example, tapped into white populism in order to get professional conservatives into office. Nixon’s so-called Southern Strategy was an explicit attempt to get disaffected white voters in the South to abandon their allegiance to the Democrat Party. Legitimate politics promised these voters a remedy to the assault on their culture.

The rise of Evangelical conservatism in the 70’s and 80’s was another effort to funnel white unrest into legitimate politics. Christians logically figured that if they organized politically, politicians would seek their vote. They would get the vote by addressing their concerns about things like abortion, family law and education. Of course, the Tea Party Movement and now the MAGA stuff are more efforts by whites to defend themselves through the legitimate political process.

Another thing all of these right-wing populist movements have in common is they failed to get anything for their efforts. Nixon did nothing to address the concerns of Southern whites over desegregation. He was happy to let them think he was on their side, but Nixon was more focused on gaining acceptance from official Washington. Reagan delivered for corporate interests and the military industrial complex, but never got around to doing anything for social conservatives.

Today we are seeing the same thing with Trump. His reelection depends entirely on whites coming out to vote for him for symbolic reasons. He will not deliver anything useful to white voters, but he will be a constant irritant to the elites. In fact, the only practical reason to vote for Trump in November is his reelection will send the elites into orbit and they could harm their own efforts. Otherwise, like Nixon and Reagan, Trump will deliver nothing for white populists.

The one new wrinkle to this process is that after the Cold War, many Republicans became hostile to white populists. The purging of the paleocons by the neocons in the 1990’s realigned the party away from populism. Most Republicans, for example, were openly hostile to the Tea Party movement. Trump’s biggest problem in Washington is his own party, which hates him as much as the Left hates him. So-called conservatives are fully onboard with multiculturalism now.

Of course, white populism has always had another outlet. That is the path of what can loosely be called white nationalism. In the 1960’s, people like George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce tried to tap into white populism to promote racial awareness among disaffected whites. Theirs was an anti-politics, in that it rejected the political system itself as illegitimate. Rather than try to mobilize people to elect better politicians, they wanted to organize people to create a new system.

In the case of Rockwell, it got nutty and then it got bloody. He tried selling Nazism to a country still proud of defeating the Nazis in WWII. The absurdity of his presentation got him plenty of attention, but that did more harm than good. He attracted a lot of weirdos and lunatics to his banner. He ended up taking two in the hat outside a laundromat, but even all these years later, the Left finds him to be a useful example to wave in front of bourgeois whites as a warning about white nationalism.

This is a pattern that has repeated in every spasm of white populism. The white nationalist lane is divided into one sober minded track and one eccentric and often dangerous track. William Pierce was a genuine intellect who understood the larger problems facing white people in America. He could never figure out how to break free of the eccentrics like Rockwell in order to attract a broader audience. The result was white nationalism became an insulated subculture.

This pattern repeated in the 1980’s. People like David Duke and Don Black came out of the Rockwell experience with the hope of breaking out of the white nationalism trap and addressing a general audience. Instead, Duke ended up being a less bizarre version of Rockwell and his movement was plagued by criminals and weirdos. After some national attention in the 1980’s, as well as some white nationalist violence, this phase of white nationalism faded into an insulated subculture.

In this current wave, the pattern has held. The alt-right started as a genuine populist revolt on-line among younger white males. The anonymity and irreverence of on-line culture gave them a way to express their unhappiness with modernity. The alt-right tapped into that, but like prior white nationalist spasms, this one was overrun by eccentrics and criminals. This time, the preppy airhead, Richard Spencer, was the clown prince used by the Left in their presentations.

As an aside, white nationalism in America has tracked the technological changes in the country over the last fifty years. The first iteration was banned from conventional media platforms, so it relied on things like newsletters and shortwave radio. The second iteration was the first to use the internet to build an on-line culture. Stormfront really was an innovation in political organizing. This last phase is confined to private internet channels, podcasts and live-streams.

Taken as a whole, the pattern is clear. These spasms of white populism in reaction to social experimentation by elites or changes in the economic order always end up going down two dead end paths. One is conventional politics, always through existing political channels, like the GOP. The other is white nationalism, which always ends up in a circus of attention seeking eccentrics, who are easily exploited by the Left. It is two roads that lead to the same dead end.

Interestingly, these two tracks always end up convinced that the other track is a dead end populated by losers. Today, many of the MAGA people invest as much time in rejecting the bad whites as they do supporting their cause. The remnants of the alt-right, in the name of white people, invest much of their time attacking white people, their history and their customs. Many of them sound anti-American to most people. Their rhetoric is decidedly leftist and hostile to American traditions.

The logical way out of this trap is something William Pierce recognized, but was never able to implement. That is, white populism needs to be channeled into a bourgeois politics that attracts high quality people who understand the problem is the system itself, rather than the office holders. In other words, it borrows the central insights of white nationalism, but provides it with a cultural and historical framework that appeals to the mass of middle-class white people.

Whether such a movement can get going is open to debate. The history of white populism is now a nightmare from which we cannot awake. Any effort to speak of white interests brings all of the usual suspects from past failed efforts into the mix. It’s as if all the parties enjoy playing the roles that have been created for them. The arc of white politics in America is looking like an immutable law of nature. It may require whites reaching minority status for the pattern to break.

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313 thoughts on “The Arc Of White

  1. I think that we have to admit that the election of Trump was a manifestation of a pro-American (read pro-White) movement. Coming down the escalator and immediately criticizing immigration, without mincing words, was a catalyzing moment for patriots. However, the long knives were out for him from day one in an effort to subvert his agenda. I have my issues with Trump but he was close to a reboot of Pat Buchanan. A lame-duck Trump could make for an interesting next 4 yrs! Stay the course!!

  2. I view politics as a giant boulder representing the political center, with extremists on both sides attempting to push the boulder to the left or to the right. Problem is, there aren’t enough extremists on the right to counter the extremists on the left, so of course the boulder just continues to move left.

  3. The media creates reality. Until ethnic whites control their own media they will never be able to set up a positive narrative for themselves and a significant majority of them will remain self-hating. There is no brilliant political/optical maneuver that whites can pull off to overcome this handicap. What is more, the Jews are an intelligent people and there is no way whites will be able to trick them out of their media monopoly. Basically all whites can do is attempt to ride out history and survive as a racial remnant of what they were. All whites can do is hope to outlast the anti-white power structure which is based on the Judeo-American system. The sooner the Judeo-American system falls the more likely there will still be a white race left to salvage when this is all over.

    P.S The Holocaust is a distortion of history and also blood libel. It is the foundation of the post WW2 moral order.

    • I agree with what you said about the media being the control mechanism.
      But the system will never fail. The jews will simply transform the FED into a global digital currency system, the NWO they will operate from Israel.
      I’m not saying they won’t pull out all the stops. They might even starve people into submission or do mass murder. But their system won’t actually be “failing,” as every move they make tightens the noose on the necks of white Christians worldwide.

    • Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the media … they can create any crisis that they want to create (think COVID) and stifle any dissent. Since they control the mic, its nigh unto impossible to broadcast this dire situation, so the only recourse is to work locally and discuss these things with friends and co-workers. I think that Trump’s media bashing (84 million followers on Twitter) has opened some eyes. Let’s build on that and mention that the Jews are WAAAYY over-represented in the media. Normies don’t realize that Mike Wallace and Chris Wallace are Jewish, as well as Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, etc., etc …

    • Earl Raab, a Jewish academic and involved with many Jewish causes, let the cat out of the bag when he mentioned that, due to Jewish efforts, it is no longer possible for an Nazi-Aryan party to exist in the USA. That’s the post-WWII paranoia that motivates many Jews. Can you imagine the purposeful manipulation by a smallish cadre of academics, from the Frankfurt School until now, to re-align the body politic so that, via demographic replacement, Whites can no longer have the government that they would otherwise have? Maybe some see this as fanciful, but do the research and come back to me.

  4. Well of course Trump can’t do anything he has no control over the DOJ and FBI or the military for that matter. Trump even admitted that in a interview some years back
    Look at the senate, in 2016 they GOP senators actively oppohim as did the House GOP leadership. Every majopr business organ opposed.supported policies that Trump[ opposed.
    And the federal boss class is composed almost entirely of Ivy League insiders whose loyalty lays to elements that are hostile to while America or mainstreet. This especially applies to the general officer ranks in the military.
    The very fact that Mattis and his cronies were planning to to take out Trump and we have SecDef who openly refuses to obey Trump’s order says i t all.

  5. The problem with high quality whites is that they have no skin in the game as they come from the same social-economic class as the white upper class urban professionals that have voted lock step for the Clintons and Democrats from day one.
    Worse they have no use for blue collar and middle-class whites who were decimated by globalization during the last 25 years.
    Yeah you can recruit among them but you will end up with a movement that hates white America. At best you’ll get civnats like Sailer who hate WN’s and populists
    BTW you forgot about the government and groups like the ACLU. SPLC and JDL that have played and continue to play a major role ib preventing whites from organizing. They have the resources to litterally crush any white movement. that they perceive as a threat.

    • I wouldn’t say ‘no use’. Part of the problem is that a significant percentage of blue collar whites have sunk into the same behavior patterns as American Blacks. In my experience, blue collar and lower-middle class white women are far, far more likely to have one or more black baby daddies than an upper middle class or professional white woman. And the men end up playacting as either ‘wiggers’ or brownshirt LARPers. It doesn’t help that the low church has been infiltrated by the same poz as the high church (and the white lower classes are attending church less and less).
      Not blaming the lower classes of whites, but it’s often a challenge for someone who ‘made it’ to the professional class to see what has happened to the people he came from and *not* get disgusted with their behavior.

  6. Superb column mainly because it lays out the trends over time but doesn’t offer simplistic solutions. Voting our way out is a simplistic solution. The idea that we are going to form alliances with the anti woke in other races is simplistic.

    Our using all our guns to fight back and reconquering our nation with the help of the military is simplistic.

    Thinking we can hunker down on our own areas and just laugh at the show is simplistic.

    All these simplistic solutions are unrealistic and serve to make us passive and calm.

    It probably will take whites becoming a disenfranchised minority like in South Africa but, like in South Africa, we may never find our way out of the mess.

    The only thing we can be sure of is that good whites will always look down on us and accept our deaths

    • Despair and defeatism are also simplistic, and unnecessary, and unhelpful. The one thing that you can still fully control is yourself and what you choose to do with your life. At a minimum, I would suggest that you do the hard work necessary to improve both your mind and body. No matter what adversity the future may bring, you can serve yourself and your community by being stronger, smarter, and better prepared for anything that may come your way. Start now.

  7. I’m not sure how helpful it is to say “white populism needs to be channeled into a bourgeois politics that attracts high quality people who understand the problem is the system itself, rather than the office holders.” After all, “the system” is representative democracy; if you are proposing to overthrow that, you are no longer placing “the central insights of white nationalism [in a] cultural and historical framework that appeals to the mass of middle-class white people.” Isn’t your consistent theme community-building among our type, rather than revolution?

  8. Interesting to see where the Nick Fuentes/Patrick Casey approach goes. They seem put together and are serious about cultivating a respectable image.

    • My impression thus far is both are very self-aware, which is a good start. No delusions of grandeur. They are young, but Casey is a very level headed. He does not mind being the guy operating behind the scenes. Fuentes seems to get that he needs partners who do the detail stuff. Again, they are young, so we’ll see.

      Regardless, the only way forward at this stage is to be the respectable face to the skeptical public.

      • Zman it sounds like you and Ramzpaul both advocate the slow and steady approach with patience. Pat Casey is the best I have seen who shows patience and a measure approached to this and he is young. If there was someone to support on Dlive or his Subscribestar besides Zman I would recommend supporting Patrick Casey. Do you agree Zman? I do think not much can be done until the next decade 2030’s when many Whites see what the Anti Whites totally in control of the media are doing to us. We need people of substance like Casey, not flash and no substance like Spencer.

      • What is your view of the guys with large audiences who may be libertarian like Styxhexenhammer but they appear as co-host with someone like Ramzpaul? Does it help get more Libertarian eyeballs on Ramz message which then awakens them to the shortcomings of Libertarianism?

        • Paul speaks to a specific audience on terms they can understand. He introduces them to ideas they will never hear on mainstream sites. That is an invaluable service, in my opinion. You have to address people where they are, rather than where we hope they will be one day. For every one person tuning into TRS, there are 100,000 ready to hear what Paul has to say. Obviously, he does not capture that whole audience or even a large portion of it, but you get the idea.

          A smart fisherman goes to where the fish are.

  9. The logical way out of this trap is something William Pierce recognized, but was never able to implement. That is, white populism needs to be channeled into a bourgeois politics that attracts high quality people who understand the problem is the system itself, rather than the office holders. In other words, it borrows the central insights of white nationalism, but provides it with a cultural and historical framework that appeals to the mass of middle-class white people.

    TLDR version – “American First serious optics guys” like Casey & Fuentes.

    They’re welcome to try but events are already racing ahead of what they appear to be ready for and they haven’t figured out where to plant their flags yet – Trump, NeverAgainTrump, kinda-WN but Israel’s OK, Zionists aren’t OK but based Jews are, etc…

    The only thing that remains consistent is their counter-signalling of the Hard White flank of “the Movement.”

    For all the pixels spilled here in the past trashing Buckley for acting as the Right flank neo-con guard dog, it seems we’ve spent a lot of time barking at that side of the fence here since last winter.

    Vanguards are gonna vanguard and no one in the Hard White is going to listen to the nay-saying, insincere invocations of William Pierce aside.

    They’re just White boys trying to do their thing, as the song we used to hear on podcasts around here says.

    Z, you’ve said yourself that a committed revolutionary minority makes the difference and cited all the historical examples we all should know by heart now. You’ve reminded us in the past more than once that the “mass of middle class White people” are followers, not leaders or rebels.

    But that was yesterday, and it’s apparently Morning in America again around here.

    Like your New Kids on the Bloc, you need to decide whether you’re advocating for revolutionary change – or playing majoritarian politics for incremental gains like Styx preaches from Tiina’s chair on RamZ’s new and unimproved show.

    Trying to cover all the bases by yourself is wearing you thin.

    Decide whether you want to coach Third Position base or keep telling pitch-men how to throw curveballs.

    • I think the drumbeat on this is that “our thing,” the words being exclusionary in themselves, needs to be carefully curated by those in “our thing.” But not just anyone, people who understand “optics” and political positioning. To carefully coax the squirrels (normies) into your hand to eat the bread crumbs. And then what? At some point you have to say something like “you know, we just can’t live around nig ger s.” And then the squirrel darts away, leaving you back where you started. OR, alternatively, we can all be our authentic selves, with a devil-may-care attitude. I think we know, in history, that the bold and honest mostly don’t make it, but they cause real political change where the optics people come at the end, to euthanize the zeitgeist of the movement, making it the new establishment, not at the beginning. I’m very anti uniform myself, but I can handle eccentricities.

  10. Respectable people are Progressive. Respectable people are “socially liberal, fiscally conservative.” Respectable whites are the GOP.

    The DR of course isn’t respectable, there’s a reason no one uses their names.

    Z you are wishing. Aloud.

    This can’t go anywhere you can accept, so we’ll just have snark online and “be reasonable”.

    Reasonable people are only useful as good citizens of a stable, sane regime. Ours desires our extinction. Reasonable people in the face of their own extinction are worse than useless.

    As it happens they may well learn to survive – unreasonably – but that will all come from the Left. If we survive at all it will be due to defections from The Left, defections from the Democrats, defections above all from being reasonable.

  11. Whites have interest in not being second-class citizens in the homeland their ancestors helped build. That’s not going to change because of endless propaganda or because of failures to achieve victories in the past. A ‘bourgois’ White populism would do what? Secure Whites from further loses of material comfort while the races around them pick them off one at a time? How is that a way forward for a great people who have done so much for the world and could do so much more?

    Whatever it is called, there will be an explicitly pro-White movement in the US because Whites are not going to suffer subjugation without a fight.

  12. One possible tactical alternative to open white nationalism is to be anti-anti-white: i.e., to assume a neutral, color-blind, all-lives-matter stance and pound on the Left for its open bigotry towards white people. Not because you are pro-white (heaven forbid!), but because bigotry is <i>wrong!</i>
    There are so many arguments that could be used. For example, pointing out, in as many different ways as possible, that if racism is the Great Evil, and if <i>only</i> white people can be racist, then it follows that white people are a unique source of evil. How is that not bigoted? This won’t persuade many Leftists, who really do feel in their hearts that there is something uniquely evil about white people, but a lot of normal white people won’t like it, including many who otherwise don’t think much about race (i.e., the people we would most like to reach).
    This is something Trump could have used his presidential megaphone to do, if he had had two brain cells to rub together. For example he could have highlighted all the articles and op-eds about the evils of “whiteness” that appear in mainstream publications (try Googling “whiteness”, and explicitly and repeatedly accused those publications of “anti-white bigotry”. They would have screamed of course, and accused him of being a racist, but then they are doing that anyway, Directly accusing them of bigotry — using the word itself! — would have put them on the defensive and forced them to argue their case, and that’s an argument our side could win, at least as far as our target audience is concerned.

    • Isn’t this what we’ve been doing since Reagan?

      “I don’t care if you’re black, white or purple, just love the Constitution!”

      Unfortunately, most non-whites are constitutionally incapable of loving the wonderful creations created by whites.

      • Yep. JEB’s boat left long ago. If you are White you can not argue anti-racism for all races. Remember “all lives matter” uproar. JEB’s strategy works only on other Whites.

        As a White, you must hate yourself and prostrate yourself to all other races. Only then may you be deferred until all the other Whites (bad Whites) are “eaten”. Then they will come for you.

        • My strategy is only intended to work on other whites! And it is not something that we have been doing since Reagan. I’m not talking about accusing the Left of being “the real racists” (i.e., claiming that they are somehow anti-black), I’m talking about explicitly accusing them of anti-white bigotry, and making the argument loudly and angrily. This is not something any prominent public figure is doing, but it is something a respectable public figure could do, because everybody is in agreement — at least on paper — that bigotry is wrong.

          It’s an argument that could be won, but it’s also an argument that would need to be forced by people who could not be silenced or ignored. In particular, an upright, thoughtful, and articulate president could have pursued the argument in a race-neutral way that would have insulated him from the inevitable accusations of racism, and could have won over a huge number of whites who don’t like racism, but also don’t like the idea that they themselves are objects of hatred. Unfortunately we don’t have that president, what we have instead is a huge lost opportunity named Donald Trump.

  13. I’m more forgiving of Rockwell, Pierce, and the rest. Given that they knew then what we know now, could you have executed a plan more likely to succeed at that time?

    Our extremists are necessary to probe the confines of our prison for paths out.

    Even Rockwell’s costume Nazism was a conscious strategy to get the monopoly media to cover him and communicate his views.

    Their excesses did not set up back, relative to the heroic examples they provided. If they had not made their attempts, we never would have heard of them, and our current oppression would be the same.

    • Even Rockwell’s costume Nazism was a conscious strategy to get the monopoly media to cover him and communicate his views.

      This has been a curse for white nationalists. This desire to get the media to cover them has always meant the Left gets to pick their leaders and they pick the ones that work best for the Left. We saw that with the alt-right and the TWP.

      • There’s some truth in what you’re saying, but if I had to bet on who provides us with a breakthrough, I’d bet on Mike Enoch or Matt Parrott over Patrick Casey or Nick Fuentes. (And I donate to AIM.)

        I’m willing to let a thousand flowers bloom, but the optics guys are not.

        • I don’t know. Casey and Fuentes have the advantage of age. They also have the advantage of having seen the alt-right nuke itself. That’s not a small thing. But, they are young, so who knows. Any “breakthrough” is a long way off, so the most likely deliverer is in middle school right now.

          • I have been impressed with the roll out of the NJP. They sound like they have learned some lessons, at the very least. Somebody will have to absorb the barbs and slings eventually to make the breakthrough. It is distasteful in the extreme, but whites need cannon fodder. I think we all agree that rittenhouse went like lamb to slaughter. Certainly we would have strenuously advised him against it. He prevailed and was a disaster for antifa and their masters. Lol- a dead jewish pedophile. Makes me believe in Divine Providence.

          • Do you think a breakthrough is over 10 years away? Or 20 even? It is like predicting a cure for diabetes the 10 years away is used but not known for sure but people often say at least 10 years off.

          • A long time ago I said the revolution begins when some politician is standing in front of a crowd doing the anti-racism thing when someone starts to laugh and then the who auditorium starts laughing. There will be a moment when whites, en masse, realize that most everyone else thinks the same thinks they do in private.

            When that is, I don’t know. The road from here to there is to open one mind at a time.

          • Liberals lined up in front of gun stores to buy guns for the first time is a clear indication that we are all thinking the same thing. This is an intended consequence, in my estimation.

          • Yeah that sounds 15 to 20 years off at least. Baby Boomers will be in their 80’s in 2030’s decade and the Generation Z will come of age then. Id guess that decade will be when the pendulum swings the other way more rapidly.

  14. “In fact, the only practical reason to vote for Trump in November is his reelection will send the elites into orbit and they could harm their own efforts. Otherwise, like Nixon and Reagan, Trump will deliver nothing for white populists.”

    I think Z is probably right here. However, far and away the most important consequence of a Trump victory is that it will precipitate the formal disintegration of what remains of “America.” The AWRs will not stand for another Trump term. This means that one of a few things will happen. One, certain far left areas (greater Portland, Seattle, etc.) will try to secede. Two, outright civil war erupts as massed AWR mobs begin attacking white suburbs, neighborhoods and small towns. Three, the Democrats attempt to depose Trump through entirely extralegal methods. If successful, this would precipitate a civil war.

    If Trump wins, and I think he will, we are headed for frightening times. However, I’m ready. I’m fed to the teeth with Black Supremacist America, and I’m ready to see it go down in flames so that we may begin afresh.

    • Not only will this happen, they are telling us it is what they plan to do. In for a dime, in for a dollar, really. They don’t care at this point whether the country is viewed by its citizens as legitimate. Making it more illegitimate is just another day at the office for them.
      Z eluded to it, but the recent Kevin Williamson column about accepting the “election results” is short-hand for suck it up and support your national dictatorship. It’s on.

    • If the “deep state” (God, I hate that term) really wants to get rid of Trump, all it has to do is have the fed put the brakes on money creation. Overnight, banks will fail, the stock market will crash and people will be begging for Biden to win.

  15. “White populism needs to be channeled into a bourgeois politics that attracts high quality people who understand the problem is the system itself, rather than the office holders”.
    So it’s that simple. Surely then there is an instruction manual on how to do that.

  16. Black Lives Don’t Matter To Themselves: This weekend brings a video of a brazen assassination attempt by a thug upon two police in a car in Compton, CA. I wish the two cops a recovery and life w/o parole to the shooter, if caught.
    Meanwhile, in Lascaster, PA, body cam video shows a black man run out of the front door, knife held high, towards the cops. Not surprisingly, said man is shot dead. Local blacks protest. Now, maybe it’s just my white privelege, but don’t these people have any sense of shame? Has it ever happened where one black said, “Yeah, that brother was stupid. Anybody that did what he did would get killed.” Maybe in private, certainly no such statement will ever appear in the MSM. It’s bad enough for you when you violently resist arrest, fellas. Now you think openly homicidal behavior should be excused?

    • The cop in Lancaster should have least attempted a well reasoned argument on the dangers of running with a sharp object before drawing his weapon.

    • Has it ever happened where one black said, “Yeah, that brother was stupid. Anybody that did what he did would get killed.”

      and be accused of being a self hating black? now where have i seen that type of peer control before…

    • Society gets what it tolerates, and blacks will do anything antisocial that is tolerated. At this moment, they have learned that any time one of their fellow Hutus gets his chips around a cop, regardless of how much he had it coming, blacks are then allowed to burn, loot and murder. Until people in power say “Enough!,” this cycle will continue.

    • Jason Whitlock, the black sportswriter, has said he hates these people because they make all blacks look bad. He is pretty red-pilled.

  17. “In fact, the only practical reason to vote for Trump in November is his reelection will send the elites into orbit and they could harm their own efforts.”
    It is strange that it took you this long to understand that is why most people voted for Trump. At least all the people I know who did.
    If someone thinks any president would be allowed to actually change things significantly from the establishment path without some sort of “accident” ending their career, well….
    The simple fact that 1/2 plus of the nation is now calling, outright, in public, for the death of Trump and his supporters makes him more than worthy of any white persons vote.
    Enjoy the last hurrah. It will clearly be the last.

    • It is strange that it took you this long to understand that is why most people voted for Trump.

      What’s even more strange is you think this is accurate is anyway.

    • You must have a lot of red pill friends and acquaintances. Everyone I know voting Trump does so bc he’s on team Red and will be saving us white conservative Christian gun owners from persecution through all his policy actions. Fat chance.

  18. What history has taught us is that white populism doesn’t lead to pro-white identity politics; but to anti-elite sentiment born of our weariness with the antics of their pet negroes’ antics. How is it that a small, enslaved minority with a collective IQ more than one standard deviation below average has managed to become such an omnipresent thorn in the side of American life? If they aren’t sent to Liberia en masse, as was once contemplated; then another Endlosung will present itself. Apparently, their lives “matter” until they don’t; and we’re rapidly reaching the tipping point once again.

  19. Just on cue, Richard Houck, the Counter Currents writer, whom I really like (liked?), is doing an absolute bad-optics chimpout on Twitter, post after post about how he loves Hitler and doesn’t care who knows about it. Also posting shirtless photos of his gym-ripped physique.


    If you’ve really got a boner for Hitler, you’ve got to keep it in your pants, lads.

    I wish Rich had read this article first.

    • Houck is very bright….one of the big brains. I understand just not caring anymore, just not giving a fuck. You say it’s bad optics… do you know? His admission to loving Hitler might open the door for some people to look into WWII and realize that Hitler was actually a good guy and the Germans were simply trying to save their nation.
      Thing is…..whether you are full on “nazi” or just a race realist grandpa like Jared Taylor, you still get placed into the same basket of deplorables.

  20. I still can’t believe that Rockwell wasn’t an infiltrator. The guy wasn’t stupid–he went to Brown University! But to wear the uniform of the enemy in a recent war–the optics are so bad. Greg Johnson, who is a very smart guy, thinks he was a fed.

    A number of our guys have noticed that a technique in left-wing movies is to have a terrible-optics character recite actual (often true) right-wing talking points, in order to create bad associations for the ideas.

    GLR seems to be an example of this in real life.

    • I’d read that Rockwell original career was in marketing. I too have a hard time believing that he thought that marketing himself as a Nazi would be a winning strategy.

      • Revolutions are not fought and won by those worried about their 401k.The American Revolution was not really a revolution as a civil war. Many of the “Founders” were either smugglers or had other financial interests in independence. Part of the reason the US Constitution was adopted.Whoever bought the junk bonds of the states did very well once the central government assumed them.

    • Pierce had discussed Rockwell’s approach with Rockwell himself. Rockwell said the respectable approach had failed as evidenced by the John Birch Society. Pierce himself was a member of the JBS and realized Rockwell had a point even if he (Pierce) still thought it wasn’t the way to go.

      • Those guys were too far ahead of the times as the US well into the time of David Duke was 85% White.
        You could go an entire life without every seeing anyone who wasn’t basically “White” and it wasn’t though unreasonable that the issue Black vs White could be dealt with in some way.
        Had we stopped immigration and most importantly managed too keep marriage intact we’d have had no problems beyond our ability to handle.
        We were unable to do those things or chose not to and by end of the Cold War the US lost any reason to exists as a nation just as some Soviets predicted.
        The problem for Our Guys is none of us really want power and we are not the type to censor, preclude hostile religions, punish unmarried moms and do all the things that are required to enforce a stable society.
        We can manage to edge around business and trade regulation and are actually mostly good on immigration but its nowhere near what would be needed.
        If you want order than you can’t give feral people freedom till they’ve earned it. They have to become moral and maybe religious and until they are, nu uh …
        That’s what 40 years of top down morality with the elite having to live by those standards too.

  21. There’s a pattern here that basically says “we need to save the movement from going down that track yet again.” I see it in a fundamentally different way. We need people to just do their thing and have a good time doing it. The coming financial implosion from our hollowed out mess of an economy will change things faster than anyone realizes. Millions of minds will be focused on their own economic survival. Carefully crafted elite/media narratives won’t make it in that environment. This isn’t 1965, or 75, 85 or even 95. There was always gas left in the tank in that time. People were still living on the produce of an economy that was hollowing out, not one that’s hollowed out and not even remotely productive to support its production.

  22. An explicitly Pro-White political party will be shot down in a heartbeat as racist. It would be much smarter to encourage Hispanics to form a third party that is explicitly Pro-Hispanic. The population of Hispanics in the US is approximately 4X the population of Blacks, but Blacks dominate the power centers of the Democratic party. Witness the demand to nominate a Black woman as VP.

    The US has had a two-party system ever since Jefferson and Adams had their little tiff, but the two parties have always been based on differences in ideology within the context of a racially homogeneous nation. In the coming demographic age it will be perfectly natural for a multi-party system to develop along ethnic lines. The formation of a Pro-Hispanic party would, by default, leave the Republican party as the Pro-White party and the Democratic party as the Pro-Black party. Maybe Asians would form a Pro-Asian party as well.

    Our legislative process would then trend toward a European Parliamentary-style system, in which alliances are made between parties on an issue-by-issue basis. There are many alliances to be made between Whites and Hispanics and between Whites and Asians. There are probably fewer alliances to be made between Whites and Blacks.

    • Rhetorically, the Left always speaks of “blacks and browns.” Neither of those groups can stand one another. The left-wing coalition is tenuous and always one incident away from implosion. Nonetheless, no part of the left-wing coalition is a reliable ally. We eventually will have a party dedicated to White interests, and, yes, it will be greatly resisted. But it is inevitable. Long term, though, there is no political solution under the current arrangement. We need to look at any and all politics as a short term strategy.

    • “The population of Hispanics in the US is approximately 4X the population of Blacks”

      Blacks are 12-13% of the population. So Hispanics are 48-52%?

  23. Unfortunately, white nationalism remains such a fringe movement, a force cutting into such severe headwinds, that it is bound to attract quite a few eccentrics. It takes an unusual person, indeed, to willingly adopt an ideology that is so consistently and harshly reviled in one’s own country. It is so much easier to simply bend with the wind and be carried along with the tide. Those of us posting on this blog have chosen to take the path of greatest resistance. This certainly doesn’t make us wrong, but it does make us abnormal in a sense.

    • Yeah. It is entirely true that the set of attributes that are rewarded in the corporate world are entirely out of phase with the set of attributes associated with dissident politics. Entrepreneurs may be less out of phase, but I dunno.

  24. One big opportunity from the pandemic that dissidents need to support is the rise of homeschooling as an alternative to public schooling. By some accounts, the number of homeschooled children has doubled since the pandemic: And it makes sense – if the public schools are going to force parents to babysit their kids while they watch online videos, then they may as well just put them in a home school network where they can get better support.
    The demographics of the homeschoolers are primarily white with a christian bias. There’s an opportunity there to create a real subculture of networked whites and growing social capital among the participants. In the past, homeschooling was individual parents trying to come up with lesson plans. Alot of homeschooling today consists of networked groups where one parent might teach 4-5 kids for a day, and another parent gets the kids for another day, or the parents come together for group activities on a weekly basis, so there’s a lot of opportunity for these parents to network, build up social capital, and attract high-quality people who aren’t nutcases.

    • I could not agree more. It literally is child abuse to send a young White boy or girl to public schools. In fact, the fallout of the pandemic overreach and fraud will include a huge erosion in support of public school systems, which is long overdue.

    • As someone subjected to the Public Schools during the mainstreaming of SpEds and the elimination of Tracking/Levelling, I couldn’t agree more. I was routinely punished for “reading ahead.” My siblings and I all agree we would have been better and more cheaply educated sat in front of the TV or left to our own devices than attending the local public schools.

  25. The problem for white populist movements is that we are out of time to do what needs to be done. What needs to be done should have been done by Rockwell or even Duke and his movement.
    The problem with the Pierce strategy and the reason he ultimately failed is that while white populists were trying to figure out how to capture the state, the left was capturing the institutions and in particular, education and pedowood. Once education was SJW converged, it was producing people who would be utterly repulsed by people like Pierce. While Rockwell was being trotted around as the bad guy du jour, I was watching Sesame Street and other children’s TeeVee learning how we’re all equal and whites have no interests and anyone who says otherwise is a bigot and a bad person. Of course, my parents were watching All in the Family. So even the people too old for school were still being programmed.

    • This drifts back into the Cold War fight in some ways where we felt that we had to make American Democracy as universalist as communism in order to fight its appeal. If there was something unique about western civ in that it couldn’t be adopted by anyone who wanted it, then there was nothing to keep every brown-horde country from switching to the Reds and parking nukes and bases right across our border, so the thinking would go.
      The example of Japan’s redemption didn’t help. American whites imagined every place eventually turning into their own version of Japan, ignoring the fact of course that Japan is the only country full of Japanese people.

      • The example of Japan’s redemption didn’t help.

        Throw Germany in there too.

        The US literally lucked into the two most ideal, high-trust, high-IQ cultures for complete remolding after a terrible war.

        Those efforts got the US so high on its own supply the idiots running the place extrapolated the deluded univeralist idea they could do the same to any culture on Earth.

  26. No one in the country today really knows Richard Spencer the way people knew about David Duke in the 80’s and 90’s. Duke was the butt of every KKK joke there was back then. That’s because until 10-15 years ago the media was a homogenous locked down place. Their narrative could be pumped out to every corner of the country with ease. Only inside the ballpark people know about any given white nationalist figure these days. That’s part of the reason the media is tagging everyone as white nationalist these days while cancelling accounts. They’re trying to work that old, pre-internet, David Duke magic. Information is now too scattered for them to create long-form narratives that stick.

    • Good observation. They can’t smear Vince James, Henrick and Lana, Ramz, Nick Fuentes, they way they smeared Duke because they don’t have a total lock on information…..yet. But rest assured the jewing will intensify and the DOJ/FBI plans to shut down any and all of our voices. I do not think they will be successful because of our numbers and the fact that we have the moral high ground.
      It’s both sad and stunning that jews are hell bent against allowing whites to have a voice as human beings on planet earth.

      • That’s what Google and Wikipedia are for. Also, to make you unemployable.
        How long before the power company starts cutting electricity to wrong-thinkers? Water company? Cell service? We once thought bank accounts were completely off limits. With antifa showing up at people’s houses, how long before wrong-thinkers can’t even rent an apartment?
        There are no depths too low for them to sink.

        Funny thing is, this is how Stefan Molyneux used to see his libertarian utopia working.

  27. I read an article or saw on Tucker, I forget which, that Lindsey Graham is the person who talked Trump into giving Woodward an interview (or a series of interviews). What a snake. With friends like that… These people are all snakes. It is why Trump can’t anything done except what they want him to do. At least he has more or less kept us out of any wars.

    • Trump is the one who didn’t hang up on Graham. He’s too stupid to keep out of even the most exposed bear trap.

      • For someone with supposed business acumen, Trump has a notoriously bad record of judging people. Almost seems by design. I can’t even spin a 5D chess explanation to give it a positive spin. Remember this when someone boasts about all the judiciary appointments Trump has made.

    • No prez in US history has faced the sort of headwinds Trump has. He is literally one man battling an army of pit-fiends.

  28. Conservatives tend to be too gloomy. See Derbyshire’s- We are doomed. Across Z’s adult life, and mine, conservatives haven’t really experienced a significant policy win. So it is well earned cynicism. However, will the 200 million anglo-assimilated american whites be ushered meekly off the stage? I find it doubtful. Thus, something will break/change.

    • You would think their anti-white BLM/antifa campaign would go full throttle several years down the road, maybe when whites become a minority. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing by shoving their agenda in Whitey’s face when there are 200 million and still the majority.

    • Conservatives tend to be too gloomy

      It is a tough conundrum. You want to bring more people over to your movement, yet all you have is harsh realities about life (things that I believe conservatives tend to get far better than liberals). The other side offers Utopia. The other side offers a ‘fair minimum wage’. The other side believes in ‘equality’… and so on.

      It does not help that the left have a monopoly, really, on words that seem to prick up the ears of people – particularly the young. Perhaps further back consequences and actions were far more closely linked – you took out a loan you couldn’t afford and you had to pay back on harsh terms. Now, one can take many actions deemed silly and defer the consequences for a long time. I suppose our magic money system is to thank for that. Even classical judgement on things we know to be, say being obese, are taboo – the consequence formerly was social ridicule and the like – so these people may never realize the consequence until ‘heart attack’.

      However, will the 200 million anglo-assimilated american whites be ushered meekly off the stage? I find it doubtful. Thus, something will break/change


    • Derbyshire is comfortable with the doom because he’s an old man who knows he won’t see the final work product of this nonsense. He intends to put the bag over his head and close his eyes.

      • I think it’s just a temperament thing with Derb. It’s like George Will said before he went full cuck. Being a pessimist means you are right 90% of the time, and the other 10% you are delighted to be wrong.

  29. High quality people is indeed the key. Preferably married men with a decent credit and legal record. Not the Richard Spencer’s or the internet trolls.
    How do we get there? I got no idea for certain but me thinks the more the loon squads on the left go after normal white people as Nazi’s and racists the farther along we will get.
    The left has become so nutty they are helping us with their own antics and they can’t seem to help themselves from going crazy.

    • Yes, a nice credit and legal record….to be utterly destroyed by the powers that be…. There’s a reason revolutionaries come from the fringe.

      • Giddy is right – it isn’t the credit and legal record in themselves. It’s that the kind of people that have that are cooperative, have staying power, and have good judgment. Revolutions undergo many stages before they exhaust themselves. We don’t want to be the ppl who kick it off but can’t finish it off, we want to be king of the hill at the very end.

        • People who think they can make a difference are naturally crazy in one way or another. They’re also a natural part of the human ecosystem, despite what certain people think here. That’s a fact. And those people generally aren’t on the up-and-up with their taxes, their credit or any other record for that matter. Can you imaging Sam Adams reading the IRS website today?

  30. The best lesson anyone can take from prior attempts at white populism is to just be honest. Don’t pretend to be the Nazis, or the Klan, or anything else besides a white American. The best strategy is to keep repeating that it’s okay to be white, and that white lives matter. The idea is to dispel white guilt, and at the same time, invite attack and censorship. Not being able to say “it’s okay to be white” is a massive redpill to the normies.

    • I agree with this. Most people, me included, really get tired of the efforts to jam present reality into some imaginary version of the past. This is not Wiemar Germany. This is not the post-war South.

      • There’s a common thread among most people under, let’s say 45, and especially 35, regardless of where they are politically, and that’s disparaging American history. But this is to be expected. This is a country that once worked for most people. Even the boomers didn’t get the meat of the great ponzi. You have to be in a nursing home to be part of that America. If you’re a young person you ONLY know a failing system that’s been failing, literally, since before you were born. You don’t like the Founding Fathers because you can’t identify with the success of the country. It’s chewed meat. It’s the refuse of the consumer economy. I think if you were even 10 years younger you would understand this. This also includes the Antifa ones. They have every right to be pissed, they’re just utterly wrong on the potential solutions. There’s zero loyalty to the past because it never gave young people a future.

        • Much of what you say is true, of course, but you’ve overstated things considerably. Maybe it’s the part of the country you live in. Many (meaning “many”) young (20s & 30s) folks here in the Deep South are proud members of the DAR, the SAR, the UDC, the SCV, the MOS&B, the Jamestowne Society, etc. I personally know many of them. My daughter, for example. My sister. Etc.

          • That’s because they identify with being trampled down by an oppressive regime. It rings true to them. Today’s America is the same, only its on a demographic level and in all 50 states. The 20 somethings in my area join Antifa…sadly.

          • Still, as Z-man noted, we’ve de-industrialized the economy and produced one which more and more rewards a smallish cognitive elite with a good living.

            Our politician’s answer. We’ve sent several generations to university to pursue weak or outright faux degrees in which there is little chance for a future employment and a reasonable income to allow one a chance to partake in the “American Dream”.

            When I look at the rioters now performing nightly on our city streets, I’m not surprise at the numbers of Whites. We’ve sown the wind…

          • That’s exactly right. They have faux degrees, sometimes even six figures in debt, and no no future. All dressed up and nowhere to go. So why not throw firebombs? What they need to do is look in the mirror and say “Ive been had, my education is worthless, what a fool I was!.” They don’t have the stomach for that.

    • Yep. I’ve said this before. I don’t have a “Fuck Trudeau” sticker on my car. I don’t have Gadsden logos or Rebel flags anywhere. I don’t brag about my firearms. I work hard, am polite to everyone, save money. I’m in shape, I dress well, I speak well. An ideal white man. I stand out compared to the degenerate soys and hood POCs, in a good way.

      An ideal white man. So when I say something mildly redpilled to family, they listen and don’t think much of it. We have to remember just how cucked the average white is. We can’t go 0-100 because they will reject it.

      Problem is, 90% of the guys attracted to our side are low class, rejects, or spergs. And I mean no disrespect, they have been left behind and are looking for a home. When the middle and upper middle class (like me) starts to get it, things will get interesting.

  31. Trump is neither the problem nor the solution. And it is not accurate to say he has done nothing. Among other tangible changes (goodby never-ending-war mania and the globalism tsunami), he has pushed the day of reckoning off a ways into the future. Continued looting of the US economy would have brought us down within a few years, but now it may take a decade or more. Nothing changes until the environment changes. And then, it’s adapt or die. You best be prepared to either adapt or help structure the ensuing changes.

    • Wait until his second term. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer Trump over Biden. But Trump is totally slave to his jewish donors, as is Biden or anyone who rises to the top of either party.

      • So you’re saying that Jews-in-charge are anti-war and anti-globalism, and that’s why they’re manipulating Trump to act in that fashion. Then why haven’t the Jews-in-charge told Faceberg to back off on the anti-Trump propaganda?

  32. I think a lot of people notice that the elites ostensible attempts to address evil are both motivated by a greater evil and result in greater evils. I read that Goodwhite book “The Help” (don’t read it) just to see what the fuss was about. Ostensibly it’s about a woman born in an unjust culture who notices the injustice of that world as an adult, which she overlooked as a child. But the result of her crusade is to market a book to a New York agent (named Elaine Stein) about a black woman who defecates into a chocolate pie and serves it to the mean white woman for whom she works. It’s one thing to tamper with food (there are tales of slaves breaking up glass into fine granules and serving it to their masters, and if I was a slave, I might countenance that), but the real sadism comes in with the joy that the elite take in seeing whites whom they don’t like being humiliated (and victims of violence). Maybe the white woman from the South who wrote the book was well-intentioned and wanted to shine a light on an institution she didn’t condone, but the woman in New York (and her friends) just wanted to laugh at someone they didn’t like unintentionally eating sh*t. And they made money doing it, too.

    • Nope. None of those parties had good intentions. Do not project your own good nature and morality onto our enemies. They want you dead, your women enslaved, and your children raped. There is no accident there, no unintended bad consequences. Every last one of ’em. They mean every word when they scream that they will kill you.

  33. The trouble with appealing to bourgeois politics is that the bourgeoisie are inherently economics driven, and therefore rather selfish(and I am speaking as one from this class). We are the ones demanding more consumers and short brown men to mow our lawns. So maybe not outright minority status is necessary, but definitely being stripped of our ability to live a middle class lifestyle is most likely what it will take to wake up the rest of the White population. Who knows what kind of politics the high quality Whites will turn to then.

  34. I find it hard to ID the cause, when there seem to be a large contingent of white people trying to burn down the police station. My idea of community is not that. We have problems within our own ranks. Hard to get much traction when you are attacked from inside and outside. Much like a drinker it takes the bottom to arrest his fall. This much self-hatred needs to addressed before you can sell the better tomorrow idea, for me anyway.

  35. After WWII, the cult of Margaret Sanger merged with operation paperclip nazis. The Caucasian tribe is strategic in neutralizing threats. We will always be here.

  36. Sightly off-topic but related to the Mooga-types:

    Notice how no one on the Left has attempted to de-motivate Trump supporters, despite the obvious opportunity to do so? Likewise, Trump has not exploited the divides on the Left to the extent that he did four years ago.

    • Meme, the entire past four years has been nothing if not a massive, well-funded, pervasive, ongoing effort to de-motivate Trump supporters. It has also been a total failure: NOTHING—and I mean NOTHING, no matter how extreme or well executed—has been able to dent Trump’s base of support. It’s really quite astonishing, especially in view of how successful such campaigns have been in the past. With Trump it appears to be some kind of new ball game.

      • I have to respectfully disagree.

        ”Orange Man Bad” was never going to work. “Orange Man refused to protect his own supporters” would.

        The Leftists are unable to see through their own cognitive dissonance enough to actually use the later.

        • The Leftists are unable to see through their own cognitive dissonance enough to actually use the later.

          The Left are so far gone they actually think Trump has done wonders for his base.

  37. Once we are a minority, they (the deracinated white elites, the BIPOC, and those who cannot be named) will grind us into the dust.

    • There seems to be something in degenerate cultures that makes the children weaker than the parents. I don’t think any of us fully escape but I see it particularly in white liberals – most of their children that I see are milquetoast and effeminate. Doesn’t help that liberals look down their noses at lifting weights and martial arts.

      IMO we’ll already be a minority by early 2030s, but I’m more optimistic about getting ground into the dust. Remember that it’s rich white liberals who do the grinding. As their genetic stock becomes more vicious and less competent we’ll see opportunities open up.

      • They also don’t have many kids. The goodwhites seem to have a fertility of around 1. Badwhite, 1.8, and though there are more “problems” with badwhites (cheating, divorce, drinking), the future belongs to those who show up and we are winning.

        The goodwhite areas in canada are aging rapidly – go to one of their zones and everyone is 40+. The USA had higher white fertility for longer so their goodwhite zones are younger, but not for long.

      • Corinthians 1:6, i believe, refers to the “adult males who rape boys” as “softly effeminate.” The Goodwhite males are universally understood to be softly effiminate. Makes ya wonder.

    • Only if we allow it. And we won’t. It’s all gonna go hot and wet long before we are a minority.

  38. Several years ago, some paintings were produced which depicted white women in demeaning roles. Here, as nail salon attendants.

    The intent of the artist here was obviously vindictive and malicious, but I’m afraid a return to this manner of work is what may be required of us.

      • It used to be that way. Before the financialization of everything required that “working stiff” wages be kept low (and housing/education/health care prices kept high) and resulting in constant, mass immigration to perpetuate the system.

    • That made me mad. Those snotty twats at O magazine are spitting on poor women who’re doing the best they can with a slender reed.
      Good grief, what obnoxious c**ts.

    • There’s nothing demeaning about honest labor. I grew up a farm boy in the Midwest in the ’70s and ’80s and did more than my share of bailing hay, milking cows, shoveling sh*t, and doing myriad low-skill labor jobs to save money for college. I’ll never forget landing on campus of a large State U and being astounded at how fat and flabby the suburban boys from places like Naperville were, and how weak they were in the gym or on an athletic field. No muscle development whatsoever.

      The nail salon picture is ironic given that the Vietnamese dominate the nail salon business due entirely to an act of goodwill and piety by goodwhites from Hollywood in the wake of the Vietnamese boat refugee crisis. No good deed goes unpunished in the eyes of the modern left.

      • In 1980 the pop of Naperville was ~42K. Now it’s ~148K. (The same thing happened everywhere there was a farm w/in commuting distance of a major urban hub.)

      • Gues, they aren’t talking about “honest hard labor.” They want us to wash their feet, pick up the trash they throw next to a trash can, whore out our women to them,and let them rape our children. Seeing that and thinking “Muh hard labor iz gud” buys into their antiwhite propaganda: stop it.

  39. In my youth I saw David Duke on some talk show in the early ’90s and I was pretty impressed (and that’s even though I didn’t agree with his politics at the time). For as smooth talking and clean cut as he was though, his ability to influence and his choice for followers was probably thin. Look at us today, all living in the shadow of imminent jogger-death and we still find ourselves going slap-happy on nominal allies trying to wake them up. If people like Buchanan and Duke couldn’t pull it off, I’m not sure that it was going to happen, on a national level at least.

    • The problem with Duke is he was a creature of the liberal media. When I was a young guy in the 1980’s, the Left started saying that the Klan and neo-Nazis had traded in their robes and swastikas for khakis and blue blazers. This was because you whites were very conservative both politically and aesthetically. Look at a high school year book from 1978 and then one five years later. Night and day.

      Then here comes Duke in a blue blazer, khakis and penny loafers. Of course, there were plenty pictures around of him in the Klan robes and sporting a swastika. He perfectly fulfilled the liberal narrative about the conservative youth.

    • I’ve heard that Duke (and this is from fellow WNs like Tom Metzger) used donations to fight for the white race to go on gambling junkets and to have cosmetic plastic surgery done. Duke claims he had to get the surgery after a brawl, but I’ve seen reconstruct jobs on fighters and that’s not what he had (though I think Duke probably did have some scuffles, and I remember Geraldo made his bones on getting his nose broken during some stupid segment on hate).

  40. Hot takes:

    “One of the distinguishing features of politics in the American Empire is the phenomenon of white populism. This is something that emerged in the middle of the last century with the establishment of the American Empire after World War II”

    Who won, who lost?

    The discussion of tech’s role in spreading and suppressing ideas is interesting.

    Today bourgeois people are losing their ways of life, too, which bodes well for breaking through into polite society.

    • Today bourgeois people are losing their ways of life, too, which bodes well for breaking through into polite society.

      This point cannot be stressed enough. To repeat a constant refrain, we have to finds ways to make the lives of the Ruling Class miserable, too. Be creative. White strikes? Maybe. Certainly no longer providing the Imperial army with cannon fodder has to be near or at the top of the list. This is the key to a modus vivendi, and the only way one will be achieved relatively peacefully. When someone as insulated and secure as they can possibly be has uncertainty in their life for perhaps the first time ever, they tend to make adjustments.

      The ideal would be for the left-wing areas to separate from the rest of the country. Whether that can happen is another matter.

  41. It may require whites reaching minority status for the pattern to break.

    Certainly minority status in certain areas, which presumably would then be hot spots of anti-white violence. If, and that is a large ‘if’, those fleeing the areas have any status and begin to think racially, perhaps other whites in the hinterlands may take heed and act in their own interests – but no good waiting for that ship to appear on the horizon.

    At the moment, it seems that the answer will be in implicit white communities. Small polities where small groups of the like minded can affect local offices – police, government administration and the like. People who are fleeing the cities to rural locales can quite easily bolster ill-feeling towards the those same cities by telling scare stories about anti-white animus – any personal propaganda you can pump out in a discreet but effective manner is a good tactic.

    As always having children and homeschooling is probably the most helpful thing that the traditional minded man can do, a close second being to try to warn others in the flesh. Of course, there are always surprises: would a US elite top heavy with Chinese, Indians and perhaps Arabs still have as big an axe to grind for the white man? For these peoples, even intra-ethnic conflicts are myriad never mind the inter-ethnic conflicts.

    • We have nothing. No organization, not even a coherent program. The only thing we have going for us is that the enemy has a program that is based on so many false assumptions (racial equality, renewable energy, monetary system based on debt, world empire based on US military power) that it cannot possibly succeed. Wait it out until it fails, stay out of harms way when it does fail and pick up the pieces.

      • I believe we do have a coherent program. It just hasn’t been enunciated yet. And organization is in the pipeline, albeit tentatively.

  42. One thing that Trump delivers is that he delays the implementation of nationwide gun control. Due to demographics, large scale gun confiscation or at least the attempt to do so is coming eventually. It will happen when there is a Democrat president, Democrat majority Congress (provided there is a decent sized majority in the House), and a Supreme Court with at least five Democrat nominated and appointed justices.
    You want Trump and a GOP majority Senate in the likely event of appointing Ginsburg’s and Thomas’s replacements.

    • I don’t think large-scale confiscation will be necessary.

      They can do small-scale confiscation via Red Flag Laws, and then make it impossible for aging gun owners to pass their armories down to their kids. This achieves the same goal with far less effort.

      • It seems like red flag laws alone will only be useful for confiscating guns from a very small number of gun owners, relatively speaking.

        • And actual EEOC title VII lawsuits will be filed against a very small number of employers, and yet we find everyone falling over themselves to overcomply with Title VII. Pour encourage les autres and all.

    • Supreme Court need have nothing to do with gun control, albeit some cases may wind up there eventually. My assertion is based on just how bad the situation is—and remains—in States like IL, CA, NY, MA. The Supreme Court has not helped a whit here, why would they act upon another country-wide ban or even buyback if they’ve done nothing at the State level for these things?

      • Not every place is like California, New York, or Massachusetts. In many red states, gun restrictions have been loosened in recent years. Open carry and concealed carry are more popular than ever. In some places, politicians are almost required to tout their “pro-2nd Amendment” positions.
        Assuming all other members are the same, a Supreme Court with a Trump appointee in place of Ginsburg would overturn a national gun confiscation law. A Supreme Court with a Democrat President nominated, Democrat Senate confirmed replacement for Thomas would allow national gun confiscation to stand.

        • My point obviously is not clear. The Supreme Court has refused to hear these cases in the past—or more importantly upheld such. The States I cite show you how bad such could be, nationwide, should the Fed’s decide to enact national restrictions.

          A forced buyback is, I admit, an unknown, but that would be most likely for semi-auto’s, not all guns. But before that, a lot more infringements could be attempted ala State examples currently in effect.

          I agree there has been great movement in many States, but disagree that SCOTUS has kept the dogs at bay. Congress has kept things in check (if that’s the correct term). Last gun ban cost a lot of Congressional seats, but if a new radical Congress is voted in? With a radical Pres? Not putting my hopes in SCOTUS.

      • I can only speak for MA, but getting a gun here depends a lot on your local Police Chief being pro 2A or not. Some places it’s really easy and some places you have to know somebody (oddly enough those places are also the ones where they don’t want to “ruin” some “teens” life for having an illegal weapon with effaced serial #s.)

    • Democrats realize full-scale gun confiscation would put them in personal and political peril, too, although they will do it around the edges with Red Flag laws and similar schemes. The primary reason to re-elect Trump is the Ruling Class either will engage in massive electoral fraud or not even recognize the result. Either way, it would so delegitimize the system it would be very, very helpful and might spur left-wing areas to secede. If, somehow, Trump were re-elected and allowed to take office, the only policy benefit would be he would not open the floodgates to refugees and unlimited immigration (he’s been bad, but not nearly that bad). My biggest fear is once the Left consolidates power it will step up the Great Replacement in horrific ways. I anticipate that will happen, too. It may not be game, set, match for them but puts us at a greater disadvantage.

      • They will step it up to Canadian levels.

        Did you know that Ontario, alberta, British Columbia, manitoba, and Saskatchewan have immigration rates almost double California-the highest rate in the USA.

        It’s happening so fast that whites aren’t able to figure it out in time. The slow boil is over, the rapid deluge is their new strategy. Sask. and Manitoba are conservative provinces with near-replacement white fertility levels, yet still get the deluge of non white immigrants. It’s not about economics, it’s about genocide.

        • I found the “Russian-hacked” Wikileaks emails from Clinton more or less nothing burgers except for one. In it, she expressed a desire for a borderless North and South America economic zone, with free movement of people and free movement of goods. I think this was to be put on a fast track. It would have destroyed the United States and that was the intention.

          I am aware of what is happening in Canada and do expect the same here once the Left consolidates power. It will not be game, set, match but close to it. Out of interest, is this not happening in Quebec and, if not, out of concern of its secession? Have not gotten a handle on that yet.

          • Quebec has a slightly lower immigration rate, about half of the other major provinces – the same level as California.

            Outside of Montreal Quebec is almost 100% French-canadian.

            In 2019 they voted in a government that has cut immigration from 50,000/yr to 40,000/yr. They will be replaced too, they are just still in the slow boil phase. Once their nationalist boomers die off (quebecois boomers are pretty based, not like anglo boomers), expect full destruction too.

          • IIRC, that happened due to a mass influx of Haitians (when Haitian aliens in the US mistakenly believed Trump was going to end their decade-long “temporary” status.)

          • Damn. So the past secession flirtations apparently gave the French Boomers more in-group preference, then, than those who followed.
            In much of the South and Western United States, Boomers tend to be more based than X’ers down, but in the nation as a whole it is not that way. Maybe a similar dynamic at play.

      • Democrats realize full-scale gun confiscation would put them in personal and political peril, too

        That won’t stop them. They’re destroying their cities just to virtue signal. BLM shit probably won the presidency for Trump last time. Yet, they want to try it again.

        • There is some reason behind the fullscale destruction of the cities and we don’t understand it. There appears to be a rational, perhaps from a psychotic standpoint, purpose to it.

          • Perhaps to drive out the more affluent liberal populations who can leave to turn other areas purple or blue while still leaving a reliable blue population in the cities. If one is thinking longer term.

          • This was my thought.

            Urban goodwhites of means fleeing to purple areas to turn them blue and red areas to turn them purple.

            Yet another demographic pincer in the multi-pronged attempt to wipe out YT.

          • I’ve thought that, too, but for several reasons it doesn’t make total sense. Not the least of these is the black-on-White and communist White-on liberal White terror probably erases at least some brainwashing.

          • Or maybe they really do just hate us that much and will burn their house down just to make the air in our neighborhood smell bad.

          • That’s the problem with hate, makes you do sub-optimal things. But given how counter-productive their behavior seems, it’s hard to imagine it’s not emotion based.

          • I think it’s that white liberals are still white. Non-whites or ((())) don’t see, or don’t care about, the distinction between good and bad whites.

            Good whites are delusional retards but the demographic may no longer be useful to tptb. They’ve been jettisoned to clear out the cities for whatever mass importation the elites have planned for Jan 2021.

          • You nailed it. It’s as simple as that. Anti-white racism. No need to overthink it. For these people, anything that harms whites, any whites, and makes blacks feel good, is a positive.

          • The Public Housing authority in MA sent out letters to people in the Projects in pricey neighborhoods like Southie, the South End, etc., asking them if they wouldn’t prefer to live in the ‘burbs where the schools were better. The developers really, really want that real estate. Commutes for normies even a short distance away can now take hours. Immigration far outpaced infrastructure. Some people cleaned up but most people suffered.

          • That’s totally plausible. Unlike the gentry folk sent packing, though, the Section 8’ers are a drain as it is. People in the NYC pogroms, to give one example, tend to be higher earners.

          • This is just color revolution stuff, city destruction is standard practice in all of them at least as long as whoever in charge of the revolution (usually CIA or some QANGO) gets power its all good since it allows profiteering during the rebuild.

    • I’ll disagree because while people defend the 2A, all the other Amendments it was supposed to protect are being stripped away.

      A Romanian lieutenant told me every family had guns under Communism.

      What they didn’t have was bullets.
      Each household was allowed six.
      His side job was black-market trade in bullets, since his father was the police chief.

      • I’ll disagree because while people defend the 2A, all the other Amendments it was supposed to protect are being stripped away.

        I’m not sure what you’re disagreeing with. I have no faith in the Constitution to preserve any of our supposed rights. My point is that a US Supreme Court with a Trump appointed replacement for Ginsburg will not permit nationwide gun confiscation and a USSC with a Biden appointed replacement for Thomas will.

        • I subscribe to “The Great Courses” which presents lectures on various subjects such as history, science etc. I am finishing up a series of 12 lectures on the Federalist Papers. I suspect the lecturer, who is a professor of law at Indiana University leans to the left. While it is an excellent synopsis of the Federalist Papers, what strikes me is how all the assumptions behind the design of the Constitution are no longer applicable, and many were even dubious at the time they were written as propaganda pieces.

        • (Next morning: shoot. I gotta stop pulling these all-nighters.

          I missed your point, and agree.
          You were speaking of SCOTUS picks, not home arsenals.)

    • Confiscation is not needed when using your gun for legitimate self-defense subjects you to legal and civil sanctions in most parts of the country.

      • You’re on to something here. I bet I can make half the population give up their guns in just a couple of generations given the “right” set of “reasonable” laws.

        • Sure….by the time tptb realize the stack of bodies and how many body bags they need to clean up the mess after trying gun confiscation they will definitely change their tune on that idea. They can try drying up ammo supplies, but keep in mind there are literally thousands of patriots that have an enormous supply just waiting on a reason to use them.

    • Breyer is 82 as well. We have to get the traitor Roberts out of the swing role. Even if Trump blows one, and Roberts continues to cuck, you are still at 5-4 for a long time.

  43. Whether such a movement can get going is open to debate. The history of white populism is now a nightmare from which we cannot awake. Any effort to speak of white interests brings all of the usual suspects from past failed efforts into the mix. It’s as if all the parties enjoy playing the roles that have been created for them. The arc of white politics in America is looking like an immutable law of nature. It may require whites reaching minority status for the pattern to break.

    The primary reason it will not require minority status is the Left cannot wait that long. The domestic terrorism against Whites, and the state sponsorship of it, is doing far more good to wake up our people than conventional politics. My bet is, and it will initially lose badly, that the GOP goes full zombie post-Trump and is replaced by a party that explicitly promotes White interests. In a few years it will be the dominant political movement.

    Further, I don’t really agree that past spasms of White populism have not yielded results. The full-on persecution would have been much, much worse without those correctives.

  44. The alt-right tapped into that, but like prior white nationalist spasms, this one was overrun by eccentrics and criminals. This time, the preppy airhead, Richard Spencer, was the clown prince used by the Left in their presentations.

    The sad thing about Spencer is that he actually had some talent. I’ve never seen him lose a debate. If he’d stuck with that approach, he might have ended up doing his movement some good.

    These days, he conducts himself as if he’s worried there’s someone, somewhere in the world that doesn’t think he’s an asshole. He mostly seems to be interested in being provocative, without any obvious end to the provocation.

    Too bad. If he’d kept his head, he might have been on track to bring White identity politics into the mainstream.

    • Its important to remember that Spencer absolutely terrified the Left at first. A good looking, articulate White advocate was the personification of their nightmares.

      • At first? Our enemies still think he’s the ring leader of all bad whites. I’d put money on him being the target of at least three different federal stings. A good chunk of this new round of money that the feds are getting to find the Nazis under the bed is probably aimed at him.

    • I think he got tired of waiting around and wanted to DO something. Ultimately, Spencer was a thought leader who liked to pontificate and not a big man caudillo type.

    • The sad thing about Spencer is that he actually had some talent. I’ve never seen him lose a debate.

      I’d rather be led by someone who never loses a fight.

    • Spencer is a certifiable psychopath–he got bored with what he was doing, so he crapped the bed and has now gone of the deep end.

  45. Patriotic pro-American feelings are still strong among the MAGA crowd. That needs to be tapped into. And the term “anti-white” needs to be used over and over. It’s about messaging and normalizing an effective weapon for our side.

    • The term “anti-white” is a great mind-worm.
      It takes advantage of the ideal of colorblindness to right-wing normies and short-circuits the “hate has no home here” rhetoric from the left.

      • That’s why I prefer the term “white-hater”. Openly anti-white sentiment is everywhere, voiced loudly by white-haters.

        • Oof. “White-hater”, now that’s a gut punch.

          It’d be nice to see the other side go, “but, but, I’m not a…” for once.

      • The term “anti-white” is a great mind-worm.

        Agree with this wholeheartedly. In fact, it appears to be the only race based phrase I can mutter that causes even leftists of some stripes to pause and wonder. Whatever the current situation is – and it has been very bad for some people indeed – this phrase is something that now resonates and can be salvaged as a useful tool.

      • Every time I see one of those Hate Has No Home Here signs, I know that hate has a home there. They hate me.

      • Yep. Anti white is perfect.

        Doesn’t mean I’m a white nationalist. Doesn’t even mean pro-white.

        But mr. Civnat, we don’t want *anti-white*, do we?

    • The Evangelical crowd are uncomfortable with this message. It’s going to take some shocking violence perpetrated against explicitly Christian targets before this crowd learns to stop turning the other cheek. And that’s IF they even know about it through their trusted news channels.

          • It is. Puerto Ricans, hipsters, and boomers in luxury condos. It’s really gone downhill the last 10-15 years.

        • What’s slated for Lancaster?

          My family has land and a graveyard there from six generations before the Revolution.

          Oh cripes. There are still places where you can see Amish shoeing horses and selling produce and baskets.

          What will they make of those mad mobs- and what will those mobs do with them?

          • Hopefully not riots, and if so hopefully contained to the city. They’d be stupid to do it for several reasons.

            The guy was arrested for stabbing 4 people last year and chased the cop with a big knife. So ‘he was a good boy’ and ‘hands up don’t shoot’ won’t work.

            Lancaster police don’t screw around. They were out in full riot gear from the go. I’ve seen them bust drug dealers with squads of riflemen and APCs.

            For all the goodwhites who’ve moved here over the last 30-40 years and the diversity in the city, it’s still a law and order kind of place. Lancaster might or might not be iffy these days, and so the immediate suburbs, but that’s about it.

            Lancaster County has to be per capita one of the most heavily armed places on earth, and if rioters got outside of downtown I’d expect things to get messy. I could see Puerto Ricans lighting people up if they started trashing the neighborhood, to say nothing of the country boys.

            If they go to the countryside and start wrecking Amish farms, there will be many highly pissed off people. You don’t mess with the Amish. People look out for them.

            I think only the goodwhites would be willing to tolerate it.

      • I originally blew off the anti Christian contingent of our guys. I felt it was going a step too far and kind of a virtue signal… “ I am so pro white that I am a pagan”.

        That said after looking into it further, these guys have a point. Christian doctrine preaching that we are all “one in Christ” is obviously a universalist message.

        At some point a White Christian is going to have to decide what is more important to him. It maybe isn’t an issue right now, because both groups have all the same enemies at this time. But Christianity is definitely a vector to inject multicultural/globalist ideas.

    • I have been preaching for years that the Left’s anti-white racism should be the crux of our critique of the existing order. Now, very belatedly, I think some people are beginning to catch on.

  46. The only reasonable way to be pro-white in the current political climate without getting the weirdos is to pick causes that are implicitly pro-white.
    Think law and order, clean suburbs, support to rural areas, localism, lowered immigration, destroying big tech, gun rights, etc.
    Mostly boring as hell stuff for the edgelords, but a boon to people who have an interest in their children’s future.
    And if minorities decide that sounds good to them too, like how hispanics seem to be responding to the law and order message in the polls, all the better.
    We’re a long ways from bringing back covenant communities and other ideals, so people are going to have to be more clever in finding gray areas in the law or working in the shadows. Which means our rhetoric has to consist of dog-whistling on steroids.

    • Think law and order, clean suburbs, support to rural areas, localism, lowered immigration, destroying big tech, gun rights, etc. That sounds a lot like what Trump is running on, whether he means it or not (and whether he can get it done or not if he does win). So? So we’re about to find out.

    • Will minorities come over? Seems all those “non-White”, “White” things you mention are being deconstructed as White racism/supremacy. For example, “law & order”. Seems preposterous I know. But short of random murder, I’m reading—and often seeing—lots of writing wrt how such laws and their enforcement are simply legalized oppression of minorities and should be abolished, or limited to Whites only. In an age of returning to tribalism, separation seems the only recourse.

      • In an age of returning to tribalism, separation seems the only recourse.
        Exactly so the next question is do you want to do it while you can still travel freely and times are mostly stable or when you’re under fire and there is roadblocks at every intersection…

      • None of us would have no problem with those laws being for whites only if we can have a country of our own to match.

        • And you know, I’m actually in the camp of such an idea. I really do think “White law” is not for everyone and it’s enforcement upon our vibrancy is at the heart of most all our troubles.

          • Which only points up our utter incompatibility. Our continuing to live together in the same polity is absurd.

      • True. Everything that makes civilization possible is being labelled a sign of whiteness and therefore racist. And, in a sense, the critics are correct: civilization is a white thang–PoC wouldn’t understand.

        • Absolutely. In a sense they are making the case for us wrt White culture. They can’t exceed it, they can’t match it, they can’t even maintain it. So they must remove it, less they continue to be embarrassed.

          • Bang on, Compsci. In the 60s the idea was to elevate blacks to the level of white civilization. Some 50 years later it is obvious that this project failed. So, in order to achieve “equity” between blacks and whites, civilization is now being dismantled and replaced by savagery. Only in that environment can blacks be equal.

          • If the civil rights movement is a failed social experiment, why then deconstruct western civilization to accommodate a few evolutionary dead ends? There must be other options being considered.

          • Only in that environment can blacks be equal
            I would say they aren’t even equal there especially if they didn’t have our inventions to help them..

    • We should also support explicitly white culture in the form of classical music, pre-postmodern literature and drama, white food and drink establishments, and, where they exist, museums and institutions that are not hostile to whites (if such still exist).

      • Yes, all that is truly incredible.

        Compare what “primitive” white men were creating in the 16,17,18th century and compare it with the modern globohomo culture. It’s shocking.

        Ours is the greatest culture that ever existed. Today they force globohomo slop down our throats and tell us we have no culture, and by extension, no right to a homeland.

        • The flip side to this approach, of course, is refusing to patronize anything that is non-white and hostile to whites. The obvious examples are sports, most major corporations, and institutions such as the Smithsonian. Realistically, it is impossible to avoid everything anti-white, but we should still do the best we can.

    • “We’re a long ways from bringing back covenant communities and other ideals, so people are going to have to be more clever in finding gray areas in the law or working in the shadows. Which means our rhetoric has to consist of dog-whistling on steroids.”

      Exactly. We too often black-pill ourselves. The truth is there is a turning point occurring right now. Yes, our side has lost every fight in the culture wars for several generations but there is no inevitability to this outcome. All that has to happen is that the Left be given enough rope to hang themselves. And they may have already done that.

      Look what just happened at the National Museum of AA History & Culture this summer. They were forced to take down an attack mural against “Whiteness and White Culture in the US” (although they never disavowed its message), which was that White culture perpetuates such horrible things as Individualism, a nuclear family structure, the scientific method, the Protestant work ethic, future orientation, punctuality, thriftiness, English common law, fair dealing, politeness, Christian virtues, “blonde” aesthetics (black women love to scold black males over this one), European history including the contributions of European immigrants to the US, and so on.

      “Racism is perpetuated by deeming whiteness [my emphasis] as superior and other racial and ethnic groups as inferior,” the site explains. “The prevalence of white dominant culture and racism leads to an internalized racial superiority for those who adhere to it.” 

      So what I take from this is that the enemy has come right out in the open as to what they are against. And it bounces right back in their face. Most Whites are just not going to buy into this hostility against these values, which are core to our identity.

      Yes, there will be a few misfits or as Ed Dutton calls them ‘spiteful mutants’ who join their cause but IMO all we have to do is keep up the dogwhistling, a kind of low-level White Crypsis, and we can’t help but ultimately win.We don’t have to defend ourselves against the charge of racism anymore as this smear has obviously lost its sting, even if many normie-coms still haven’t got the message.

      All we have to do is keep emphasizing all these “American” values as dear to us. And if blacks can’t agree to get on the bus with these values as well (which most can’t or won’t), well, then so be it. So, take heart. A massive cultural shift is underway. America is not going to become a third-world sh*t-hole. Even if we have to fight CW2 after November. The ground we now stand upon is firm.

      • This is a good point about not getting too black-pilled. Look at it from the perspective of what BLM is actually accomplishing: nothing. It’s a bunch of talk that infuriates and insults us, but no one on that side of the divide can actually say what their objectives are, except to make black lives more vulnerable to crime by targeting the police.

        • Yes, and it occurred to me that another value closely associated with the Scientific Method would be Freedom of Inquiry which is of course allied to Freedom of Expression. So when for example we ask why so many blaques are shown in interracial relationships in commercial advertising, and inquire as to the involvement of the hand-rubbers in this clearly-coordinated campaign, we aren’t automatically shut down for merely asking.

  47. I think you have hit the bullseye with your last sentence. Whites must once more endure slavery to understand the real consequences of Marxist multiculturalism. No amount of cajoling and Powerpoint discussions will turn normie. But loss of economic freedoms and a confrontation with copious amounts of vibrancy will definitely leave a mental scar that can be passed on to the next generation, much as dad’s horror stories about the Great Depression figured prominently in the Baby Boomer narrative. The leftist narrative must be given complete scope to collapse in on itself in precisely the way Bill DiBasio’s New York City is doing in real time right before our eyes.

  48. White nationalists need to infiltrate republican party & subvert it.
    i don’t know if they can pull it off though.
    If white nationalists make their own party, republicans & democrats will create a coalition against white party.

      • And that is naturally following the demographic growth curve of the non-European population. As the Vibrancy begins to test its powers and indulge in vengeance politics, whites will finally understand that they are walking targets. As Washington famously said of the Quakers, “They will do nothing until they feel it.”

      • I think a rethinking of politics from a demographic perspective is long overdue.Incomplete sentence: Such a rethinking of politics is long overdue for Whites. Are there any other groups thinking politics in terms of demographics? I mean other than blacks, Hispanics, American elites, Muslims, Jews, liberals, Democrats, Samoans, the media, Asians, Somalis, communists, Han Chinese, academics, females, etc. (did I miss anyone)?

      • Well I would say has third party politics helped our cause or harmed it…I would say it does more harm than good because it seems to always get who we despise most into office…

        • But the crap sandwich will be the only thing offered to us, so long as we accept and chow down every time.
          Also, to dispute your premises: not sure Perot spiking GHW Bush was a bad thing for us. I’d take the Hillbilly Horndog over any Bush. Did we really lose that much the last time we bucked our would-be masters’ yoke?

        • A third party would be subverted, undermined or co-opted. To my mind, it is a non-starter for the DR.

          • Grow the movement and organize in non-party form. And, the sooner the better, because the opportunity for us to strike is on the horizon.

          • What other than online circle jerking is a starter for the DR?

            Had the energy used to trash the alt-right been directed at holding it up and reinforcing it there might well be an actual right wing, there is not.

            Far worse a betrayal than Buckley. Who along with Reagan hit his mark- the USSR.
            The DR only undermines, built nothing.

          • A defining characteristic of that lane of white nationalism is never taking responsibility. It’s always someone else’s fault.

          • I had nothing to do with trashing the alt-right. Indeed, I was notionally a part of it. But rather than nursing old grudges we would all do well to create a united front and concentrate on obtaining our objectives. And the first step is to organize. I can assure you that, along with a certain writing project, is where I intend to devote my energies.

          • Exactly … just look at what the Neocons have done to the Rep Party. Its a Jewish hot-house with the purpose of being controlled opposition.

      • I tried the CP already. In California, they self-destructed rather than present a meaningful alternative to the DemRep Uniparty. They do not want to win. They want to be accepted by the cool kids.

        The only spine I found among them was a politician named Don Grundmann… worth watching if you’re into local politics.

    • True statement and excellent article by Z-man. At the present time there is no acceptable way for whites to organize and identify along racial lines. There will have to be a really serious shake up (spectacular military defeat or financial crisis) in the present system to open the way for a white identitarian movement. If whites have to wait until they are a minority it may be too late–their fate will be that of the Boers in South Africa.

      • Spot on – totally agree. Something significant most likely needs to occur to create conditions where Whites as a group can begin looking out for their group interests w/o being painted as lifetime, card carrying klan members.

        As an aside, coming back to our libtard dominated burg from a weekend in the mountains, we fell into a big auto based Trump rally a few miles out of town. Dozens of vehicles adorned in all sorts of Trump paraphernalia, flags waving, horns honking – all ages. Really amazing and fun.

    • Hanging out with Repubs will lower your IQ by a minimum of 25% and you gain 40 pounds. The Republicans are the party of hypocrites and the Democrats are the party of phonies. A serious man knows the best we can hope for is say 25% of the whites lets just make sure it is the best part of those whites, look at what the Jews do with 2%.

    • As soon as you have a explicitly White party that is able to Reliably command 10% of the White vote, the GOP is crippled as a national outfit.

      I don’t know that it makes sense long term to put a lot of effort into national politics. I think the local organizing is probably more beneficial at this point.

      Before TRS went off the rails, I thought they were on the right track with their pool parties. Enoch and Sven present pretty well as working guys.

      But with the ascendency of Erik Striker at TRS they have taken on a more ideologically oriented tone and seem to be getting out of their lane.

    • We do not need to even think about parties in the traditional sense. Instead, we need to think in terms of movements and organizations.

    • That’s impossible even 90s where situation are better

      Scientology successfully infiltrate fed when every body were white and lack of Jewish surveillance
      Your Operation Snow White would be infiltrating place where full of pimp, whore, collaborator, maximum Jewish surveillance

      Just listen to wizard, you can’t wield the ring therefore must cast into the fire

  49. In the case of Rockwell, it got nutty and then it got bloody. He tried selling Nazism to a country still proud of defeating the Nazis in WWII. The absurdity of his presentation got him plenty of attention, but that did more harm than good.

    Speaking to my 92 year old grandfather last night, I was reminded of Oswald Mosley, so I asked my grandfather about him. He said, “He had some good ideas, but it was the image that done for ‘him”. I guess much the same as Rockwell in that people who had just fought Nazism were now meant to embrace it.

    • There were about 16 million men who wore the uniform in the war. They had wives, kids and parents. In other words, more than half the adult population in the 1960’s had some strong connection to defeating the Nazis. Imagine a white guy sporting Muslim attire trying to start a white Al-Quaida party in the Bush years.

      • My grandpa liked the German people. Thought the Russians were barbarians for how they treated the Germans, thought the French were perverts. I remember him as strongly anticommunist more than anything fwiw. Didn’t like the nazis, but that didn’t seem to make him a self-hating white guy.

        • Didn’t like the nazis, but that didn’t seem to make him a self-hating white guy.

          This is one of the most important points, it is the measure of extremism in the modern view: whites were Nazis, I am white therefore I am a Nazi and must hate myself. How beaten as an intellect must you be if this is an outlook you have? It is indeed the product of a mind never conditioned to think. Then again, it may also be a great club to which the lonely leftist can instantly belong with a minimal entry fee.

          These are also the sort of people who read a historical text, and then apply their set of morals on the world described in said text. Nowadays, it wouldn’t surprise me if this made up the bulk of female scholarship: Pick period X, tell us how sexist period X was.

          The problem with the ‘self-hating’ is that it pervades speech and actions in very subtle ways. A few months ago at work, a colleague jokingly mimicked a Swedish accent after which he rebuked himself for… being racist. These same people are the ones that’ll shoot you down the moment you say something positive (in my case) about British history.

          • That’s because your grandfather’s personality was well formed before all of the anti-white propaganda.

            Keep in mind that in the 50s, there was a superman radio show for kids where Superman was fighting the KKK. They were forming their identities and their basic personality and had this crap pumped in their heads.They also hi-jack our natural tendencies. That’s why “racists” are also usually misogynists or mean to children. Watching a man hit women or children is just instinctively enraging. They take that natural feeling of hate for such a man and make that man a “racist” It’s also one of the reasons they always put women on the front lines of Antifa.

          • “That’s because your grandfather’s personality was well formed before all of the anti-white propaganda.”

            He was raised Mennonite. Sometimes I wonder what’s the difference, but I guess the church was old school back then 🙂

        • Fifty years ago white people were allowed to have nuanced opinions on things. My grandparents thought the Japanese were savage barbarians. They did not like the Nazis of the Bolsheviks, but they separated them out from the Russians and Germans. American soldiers respected the German and Russian army. Not so much the Japs though.

          • That is another thing that is not really addressed in today’s politics. The Japs engaged in genocide in ways that made the Nazis look like humanitarians. Now it is almost entirely forgotten.
            I guess it’s okay when yellow people do it. As long as the guys in funny hats aren’t involved on the dirty end of the stick – it’s all good.

          • first of all nazis did not genocide the jews
            second of all japs did genocide the chinese
            don’t you think it’s suspicious the 2 most powerful ethnic groups on earth are portrayed to be victims?
            nanjing massacre is fiction, is their propaganda really that good?

          • I am not prepared to become a holocaust denier yet. Having said that, I am seeing evidence of a Joo-ish hoax afoot. The figure I have heard kicked around when the subject came up, was that 6 million jews met their end in the camps.
            It’s right on wiki. Look up how many jews were in Europe in 1939… and it’s approx. 6 million. So I guess You-Know-Who murdered them all and didn’t tell anyone about it. Obviously lots of jews did die – but not in the numbers they are claiming.
            Curiously, I also found out one of the German Field Marshalls was a Jew. I found that odd in a ruthless, genocide machine that hated jews. Again – it’s right on wiki. Aren’t the Field Marshalls the equivalent of American 5 star generals? Odd place for a jew, ininit?
            For what it’s worth, I am seeing a pattern here, and the guys in funny hats might really want to think about doing something about that. This Saxon is seriously thinking about starting to hate again…

          • Look, I’m Jewish but I must know: what number is more believable? 2 million? 4 million?

            I accept that the count may of been exaggerated for political reasons (zionism/sympathy) but to say it was a complete hoax is a but much

            I only represent myself, but you won’t see any of us trying to debunk Stalins death count (approx 18 million gentiles) or the Holomodor or the Armenian genocide

            I’m being sincere, I will not play the cheap anti semite card

            What do you believe really happened?

          • What do you believe really happened?

            No clue. That’s the problem with politicized history, so many lies it’s hard to grasp what’s real anymore.


            Simon Wiesenthal openly admitted lying about the supposed 5 million gentiles being killed alongside the jews in Hitler’s camps. In a sane society one would then ask what else he lied about. He justified himself sayng the lie helped further the cause.
            Questioning the official story just gets you labeled as a kook and antisemite. I no longer care one way or another, all I care about is what they use it for. The holocaust is used by zionists to excuse the crimes of Israel, excuse jewish subversion of gentile societies, and help jews to retain their negative cultural identity of us-vs-them.

          • As I mentioned in a previous post, the 6 million number was being bandied about during WWI as the number of Jewish people to die of starvation. That number was later repeatedly referred to for other reasons, and just brought forward over the years. I suspect the real history is lost to the revisionists, but I think that Typhus and starvation surely took a grave toll.

          • The problem with the number is that it is used as proof positive that the most heinous crime in history was committed against Jews and that’s why we should never forget.

            The Holodomor or the Armenians or Rawanda are NOT the most heinous because of the numbers. So they aren’t as important to teach. I had never heard of the Armenian genocide or the Holodomor until 5 years ago. Rawanda happened in my lifetime, so there’s that.

            The focus on holocaust is also a means to distract from white genocide and ridicule it. If “never forget” were about preventing genocide in general, than the populace should be encouraged to be concerned over white dehumanization. But because the Jews are the biggest victims in the world, worse than any other, to compare white dehumanization to Jewish genocide is an insult, so it is verbatim to even whisper of a parallel.

            So you see why the numbers might be a huge debate point?

          • The Red Cross had boots on the ground, said it was 270K from typhus and starvation. No gas chambers.
            While 55 million goyin were slaughtered and that number is beyond dispute.

          • japs did genocide the chinese

            I must be imagining things, then, because there sure seem to be an awful lot of Chinese around.

          • Nor have the Koreans, and any others that got in their way during that time period.
            If I were them, with China on my doorstep – I’d be manufacturing and punching out manga battle robots as fast as I could make them. Japan is in a very vicarious position…

          • Grandpa wasn’t nuanced about Russians, for sure. ‘Godless savages’ was how he put it. Pretty sure he witnessed atrocities but he would never talk about it. And this was a guy who saw a German concentration camp.

        • FDR managed to get us to ally with the only regime actually worse than Hitler. That takes a special kind of traitor.

      • After Rockwell got clipped, they did interviews with the locals, a lot of whom shrugged and said, “Well, he had a right to preach that stuff, even if I don’t agree with it.” This shows how incapable minorities are of living in a society with free speech. White people who’d fought literal Nazis a few years ago could at least tolerate an American Nazi in their midst, whereas black people who weren’t alive for slavery want to silence white people who weren’t alive for slavery for pointing to data on race and IQ. Rockwell’s operation was really weird, though. E. Michael Jones had a thing awhile back about how Rockwell’s second in command was a Jew who was outed by the Times and promptly blew his head off.

        • The ACLU actually went to court on behalf of guys like Rockwell who wanted to hold rallies and parades in non-white neighborhoods.

        • My dad fought in Europe during the war and ended up mainly hating Italians because of having to deal with the mafia although he didn’t realize they were the Italians he was pitted against. Like most American men he wasn’t all that political and would have avoided the war if possible. So for him nazis were mainly just normal guys who got stuck fighting for their side like he got stuck fighting for his side

      • Dating myself. But grew up in one of those families that all went into uniform to fight (mostly in Europe) Plus a great uncle that liberated sub camps of Dachau and his imported Polish wife who was one of the three (of nine) people in her family to survive nearly five years of forced labor under the Nazis. It’s a visceral revulsion that is hard to articulate. But a childhood of hearing direct testimony (Crazy Heddi held nothing back) will leave an impression.

    • GLR was assassinated by one of his own guys. With a broomhandle Mauser by a lunatic wierdo who wanted to steer Marxist.

      Props to the Murdoch Murdoch crew for their humorous yet relatable takes on Pierce, Mosley, GLR and crew.

      • I’d never heard of Rockwell before reading Z’s piece. But I’m sensing a few parallels between Rockwell and Malcolm X.

      • yeah, the eternal Rohm-Strasser problem of Marxists trying to hijack your nationalism. Hitler dealt with it with the long knives, GLR could not do so.

        what we need is pretty much to keep the funny uniforms and paganism and tiki torches locked down deep in the closet, if not simply erasing them. and maybe even keep home the ARs and camo (save absolutely necessary). heck, i’d advise against parading around the Dixie flag even, though on the other hand it’s hard to come up with another one that can be just as famous. maybe remove the stars so it’s not associated with secession? Southern nationalists may cry foul, but they would be given autonomy if the struggle is eventually won. either way, the libertardian Gadsden flag can’t be the replacement, and yet it seems it’s one the normie opposition favors sadly. thankfully Trump came along, otherwise libertarians would have gained some power and betrayed us already.

        but yeah, we must come up with new bourgeois aesthetics for old traditions and genes. hard, but not impossible. the groypers and other similar groups are good attempts, balancing traditional race-realist Christendom and suitwearing with the nationalist ideals and hawaiian shirts. this is because a nationalist movement HAS to appeal to normies – if not, you’ll be seen as someone who wants to impose a nation of wackos. the left gets away with it because it promises gibs for everyone, then refuse to give up power when the well dries up. it’s one thing for Trump to relate to successfully relate to the “forgotten (white) man”, it’s another to put a Dylann Roof face on such a man – which the left loves doing, thanks to enough Dylanns going off.

        relatedly, even Hitler tried to keep wacko Rosenberg and the pagan wing quiet. and even then, i think keeping them around was too counterproductive, as enough Christian allies peeled away – after all, the relatively successful postwar West German right had a bunch of Christian former Nazis. GLR likewise stuck too close to weirdos, and same for Malcolm X on the black nationalist end – heck, i’ve even heard some say they were both controlled actors. either way, of course we shouldn’t trust the Gadsden flagbearers and televangelists and other cucks completely. but we won’t peel normies off from them simply trolling around with swastikas like lonely teens. specially after 75 years of propaganda portraying nationalists as exclusively lonely teens and creepy uncles.

        thus, a leader and/or charismatic commanders are also needed, because without them neither side of the right will actually unite. Spencer was clearly a fedpoaster groomed to self-destruct and destroy the alt-right through self-imploding leadership. meanwhile Trump with his civnattery accomplished much more, even if quite short of what we need; but at least more than whatever else the arc of white has accomplished since 1945. without this unifying leadership – who can’t be a compromised loon like Spencer, nor an imperfect vessel like Trump, but also cannot just be an intellectual on the sidelines like William Pierce or Russell Kirk – the normie side will deem the other too degenerate pagan and commie, the fash side will deem the other too cucked and capitalistic… and the united left will defeat both. the truth, as always, is in the Catholic middle.

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