The Unconservatives

The defining feature of Conservatism over the last quarter century or more is that it steadfastly refuses to consider the consequences of its dogma. In fact, part of its dogma is to reject any consideration of consequences. Conservatives proudly state that the means justifies the ends. If policy fits conservative ideology, then the results are by definition acceptable. You see that myopia at work in their latest fetish over zoning regulations in the suburbs and exurbs.

The American Conservative has been running posts like this one that claim the suburbs need to be exposed to predatory developers. The marketplace should decide if a chemical plant is built next to the school or a federally subsidized tenement is constructed in your town. After all, every conservative knows that the will of the marketplace is supreme. The only way for anything to be legitimate is if it is the result of the invisible hand of the marketplace.

Of course, National Review has also jumped onto this fetish. This post from last month in response to the Trump administration trashing some Obama era housing regulations demands the suburbs be deregulated. He also makes the conservative case for exposing local communities to the whim of developers. The irony here is the author lives in one of the most regulated suburbs on the planet. In fact, Northern Virginia would not exist as it does if not for the federal government.

Like the fetish for legalizing drugs or hardcore pornography, conservatives first start their case by rejecting the obvious consequences. Any consideration of the knock-on effects of public policy violate conservative dogma. The only thing that can matter is if these proposed polices square with what passes for conservative theory. In this case it means zero government involvement in the regulation of development. Property owners can do whatever they like with their property.

Of course, at this stage, conservative theory is barely distinguishable from libertarian theory, which is nothing more than a pose. It is a way to stand on the sidelines and pretend to hold the moral high ground. In this case it means avoiding the real issue at play in this story. That is the systematic blockbusting of white suburbs by the Left through the use of federal housing regulations. They are trying to dump non-white populations into white suburbs in the name of retributive justice.

Rather than think about that, because that is scary and icky, the modern conservative focuses on the theoretical aspects of the issue. Like the reformer in Chesterton’s fence, they refuse to wonder why this is an issue. They refuse to ponder why the Obama people were doing what they were doing or why local communities have been fighting these efforts over the years. None of that matters. As is true with all ideologues, all that matters is the ideological conformity.

The irony here is that what passes for conservatism today is pretty much the opposite of what conservatism has meant historically. Conservatism has always prized continuity, as that is the result of generations of trial and error. Change must come slowly and deliberately with proper consideration for local customs and concerns. Modern conservatism is the embrace of constant change, the whirlwind of the marketplace, in total disregard for community and custom.

Another part of that embrace of continuity is the point of Chesterton’s fence. The conservative not only knows there are consequences to every reform, but those consequences will have consequences as well. It’s not that the Right is adept at seeing the downstream consequences of the proposed reform, but that they know we cannot always see far enough downstream to truly know the second order effects of the proposed reform. Prudence is chief among virtues.

Getting back to housing policy, what we do know is the Left is not acting from republican virtue when they propose changes to the law. They are animated by anti-white hatred and the quest for retributive justice. That is the starting assumption when examining any proposed reform from the Left. Therefore, the conservative must look at how best to prevent the consequences the Left imagines. In this case, how best to prevent the Left from devastating the white suburbs.

As to the issue of property rights, this is another example of how modern conservatism is an inversion of what conservatism has meant historically. Conservatives have always understood that rights are the product of human society. Citizens have rights and one cannot be a citizen unless they are part of a society. Therefore, the good of the community comes before the individual. This is why no right is absolute. There are always situations in which rights give way to the public good.

This is the case of local control of development. The people in the community live in the community, which means they live with the consequences of how members dispose of their property. They get a say in that. Ideally, this is a light touch that relies on the moral scruples of the community members, but when that fails, the collective good of the community must prevail. Further, the rights of the outsider, the developer, do not exist, because the developer lives outside the community.

It is popular to call the modern conservative controlled opposition. There is some truth to it for sure, as many are paid by left-wing media organizations. For most of them, they are just part of another tentacle of the managerial octopus. Some tentacles lash at the body of society, while others, like this one, try to cut off oxygen to the brains of otherwise conservative people. The hope is they will sacrifice themselves and their community in the name of abstract principles.

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286 thoughts on “The Unconservatives

  1. it’s all gone downhill since the postwar and the commie threat.

    conservatives got so enamored of the market, they got addicted to the damn drug. and now they are pathetic libertarians.

    granted, some deregulation can be had in some overpriced housing – provided you keep the regulation to keep the housing looking nice and/or white.

  2. Rhetoric isn’t reality. Platitudes don’t cook the rice. Our side is pushed further outside the boundaries of the law now defined by district attorneys and judges bought by outside forces, creating the conditions for vigilantism, not randos, but those with tactical training of law enforcement and military. The left wants the wild west until it gets it.

  3. the systematic blockbusting of white suburbs by the Left

    Considering white suburbs have a trend to be more and more Democrats and have the luxury to stay colorblind without suffering consequences, wouldn’t it be an opportunity for the right to use this Obama’s suburb policy?

    Whites in the South are engulfed with POC and vote massively R, as opposite to white from Maine or N. Hampshire.

    I’m not saying this tactic is great, but, who knows? A lot of seats of HOR came from white suburbia. With those areas having more and more joggers, I doubt soccer mom and “Karens” (I’m not sure what this word exactly means, but I guess it’s something like tend-to-be-leftist women) will still vote massively blue***

    ***btw, I think it was a big error and an invisible but massive handicap from Republicans (I can’t call that party “great OLD party”, that’s absurd and automatic thinking, considering DemParty was founded way before RepParty) to accept kindly what CNN did in 2000 : give the red color to republicans. Red is a stressful color, the color of danger and of bad guys, the color of Warsaw Pact.

    • (remember the Reagan’s “swimming pool” of 1980. Swimming pools are cool and relax stuff. A massive red area is scary, like a bloodbath)
      (I personally like the red color, but that’s just my opinion. Considering statistics, I’m sure this choice of colors cost a lot of votes to the right)

  4. re: Hardcore porn. Is there any evidence of large scale real harmful consequences for it?
    Acknowledged there are some reports of impotence from excess use and habituation but they are anecdotal and not widespread.
    Nor does it seem to have a connection to lower fertility, that was before widespread porn , the recent surge in short eyes or with disrupted male/female relationships.
    I’d argue the M/F comes from social media as much as anything.
    The think about regulation is that before one regulates is that there needs to be a general agreement that something is bad.
    Icky, which is what porn is will suffice but its had to be pretty much agreed upon otherwise you just compound problems.
    Give the high success of porn (I am curious yellow was the 13th most popular film in 1969) I’m not sure we’ve had the moral foundation to ban it for at least half a century.
    The same with a lot of things of late (weed, abortion and other things) If you don’t have consensus you’ll fail and you’ll end up governing by feels just like the left does,
    The other option is overwhelming force but if you want to go down that route, please don’t bleat about freedom. You obviously don’t want it.
    And note its fine to be an authoritarian Conservative so long as you appoarch the economic issues but if your plans are “laissez faire capitalism, no welfare state and a boot on my neck for social choices” well there are going to be problems . A huge chunk of the DR will not help you and will regard you an an enemy since a lack of economic nationalism is what is killing us. far more than mostly non White abortions and porn.

    • Of course it creates problems

      It takes a man’s energy away

      Quick story; a good friend of mine, southern boy, wanted to get married badly, was having trouble. Not best looking guy but fun, good family. I said stop jacking off b/c women can sense the virility in you if you don’t. It worked. He found a wife.

      Girls can sense it if you are depleted down there. Trust me.

  5. This is kind of a throw away article. Conservatives lost so hard for the last 60 years while their politicians told them capitalism was the main interest of conservatives. Capitalism is a tool, like war, not an ideology to be prioritized.

  6. Big Money controls local development. Big Money bought the politicians who write the rules for “local” government. It’s a rigged game. like the Mob, but more cruel,heavy handed and more vindictive…your tax money at work, fucking you in the ass.

  7. “They refuse to ponder why the Obama people were doing what they were doing or why local communities have been fighting these efforts over the years. None of that matters. As is true with all ideologues, all that matters is the ideological conformity.”

    That may be part of it, but conservatives are also faced with the problem that you can’t defend a position that you previously abandoned. By sacrificing freedom of association for the CRA (something that every GOP member voted for, they proudly remind us), it is now impossible to go back and try to reassert that same right

  8. I have no doubt that modern zoning and development regulations promote sprawl. It’s a bug and not a feature. The reason is not the concept of these regulations, it is the absence of intelligence among those creating them. The collective intelligence of all development planners would fit on a quarter acre lot.

    I like town centers. I like straight streets. I detest cul de sacs popping up like tumors on an artery. Planners think the opposite and end up needing “calming devices” on broad curving residential streets they promote.
    That said, control needs to remain local. The outcome of local control should reflect the needs and wants of the community, not social engineering policy.

  9. Government forced build-outs of section 8 housing in white neighborhoods is surely the opposite of free markets. It is social engineering.
    in a truly free market, whites at the local level would restrict renting or selling to thieves and murderers.

  10. So, this smells wrong
    “Citizens have rights and one cannot be a citizen unless they are part of a society. Therefore, the good of the community comes before the individual”
    Seems to me that “the good of the community” is a malleable thing.
    Easily defined to more and more petty levels.
    I could go for “Therefore, the vital interests of the community comes before the individual”.

  11. I have been thinking about conservative types vs leftist types recently. Conservatives have captured people who want to create a general system built on basic principles. If the rules produce ridiculous outcomes the conservative clings to them and lives with the consequences (supporting porno shops in your back yard and tech companies banning conservatives). The left looks at anecdotal data and tries to come up with a model that fits their mood and satisfies the data. Example (wheelchair cancer patients during Obamacare debates.) The left’s models wear out fast so they always want to come up with something new given new data. Conservatives tend to be more theoretical while the left tends to be very much “in the now.” I bet nobody on the left today has any idea about what was causing leftists in the 70s to hyperventilate. However, National Review has been on re-run mode for 30 years or more. I think a good way to break the conditioning on conservatives is to let them know that models built on recent data are not automatically failures so long as they work while we use them and we are willing to come up with new ones when they fail. We do not have to worship our theories such that we accept horrible outcomes. By break the conditioning here I do not mean stop being conservative, but instead, stop accepting being a loser so you can claim to have a better theory.

  12. This is push is going to play a major role as soon as Harris-Biden are sworn in. We are going to see a flood of diversity forcible moved into red states and suburban neighborhoods to dilute the rapidly diminishing White vote. Look for huge “refugee” resettlements in places like Montana and Wyoming. It wouldn’t take a lot of Ilhan Omar’s family to swamp the White voters of those sparsely populated states.

    • This is what I think is planned, a blitzkrieg of refugees and immigrants into Red areas. It will be massive if they pull this off.

      • Reporting from Idaho the deluge of diversity has already begun. They were slowly trickling in under Obama but since Trump’s election, resettlement has accelerated dramatically.

    • The people pushing for this are the same people who wring their hands over what China is doing in Tibet.

      • Unlike Tibet we have rifles galore. Also unlike Tibet we lack the willpower of a slug on an identity worth fighting for.

  13. Totally OT, Connecticut imposed fines for not wearing masks today.

    It’s a Ferguson economy.

    State revenues are saved!

    • According to the Financial Times data, which has been pretty good as far as these things go, Connecticut has had no more than one or two CCP-virus deaths a day over the past two months.
      This is a rolling seven-day average, so it could be ten one day and zero the rest of the week, that kind of thing, but it is averaging much less than two a day and has been for two months.
      Time to mask up, good citizens! Llet us march off into the nanny-state arms of our safe, progressive future.

      • My daughter’s Maine town did he same thing last week, imposed fines for mask violations. There have only been 130 attributed COVID death in the whole state since the pandemic began, and the bulk of those were months ago. Madness.

  14. Left, Right, and Center we’ve been trying to ignore consequences for at least 50 years. Because we are rich.

  15. My favorite post in a while. It points out how genuine conservatism and Fascism are closely allied. ‘Community standards’ (custom) supersedes all other considerations. Any other way and you end up with the destruction of the community, the one thing that keeps individuals from spinning off into the darkness of loneliness and despair.

  16. In a related vein, a couple months ago, I signed up for a Zoom meeting on our county’s rural broadband initiative, because I’m one of those sad people in the world stuck with nothing available to me but Satellite internet. It was hosted by the county’s chapter of the “Think Tank on Poverty.”

    Completely unwittingly, I have been given access to the inner world of leftist “community organizing.” The Zoom meeting itself was pretty useless, but at one point one of the non-speaking participants (like me) posted something in the chat window: “Broadband & Internet access are human rights”

    “WTF?” I says to myself.

    I responded, “If you have to compel someone’s labor to provide it for you, it’s not a human right.” *crickets*

    So, I started searching the name of the commenter. Turns out (((she’s))) a Democratic candidate for state rep. Then I started searching the names of other participants from the chat window. Holy crap — they were all leftist activists of some flavor! What had I stumbled into?

    But attending that meeting got me on the mailing list for all sorts of leftist committees and action groups trying to work the system for every leftist cause imaginable. It’s astounding. I really don’t think there is anything like this on the right, as I’ve been emailing and talking to politicians and groups on the right for years and the only thing I’ve gotten is emails from 2nd Amendment groups (NRA, GOA, SAF, etc.), but I can hardly count that because I actually donate to those groups occasionally and never have I had it spawn off into just a whole bunch of random whatever the right’s term for social justice would be.

    In fact, that’s probably it. The right doesn’t have a term for social justice. There’s really no analog on the right for rounding up victim groups and organizing to solicit gibsmes from the government.

    And these folks are professionals. It’s all really slick websites and fact sheets. Here’s a couple examples:

    Green Jobs for Justice-Involved People

    Green Jobs Fact Sheet

    There are dozens and dozens of these groups, all with what looks like professional marketing support.

    I look at our little attempts to form dissident right communities and I’m kind of embarrassed. I feel like part of a group of kids that thinks they can put on a play in granddad’s barn and raise money to drive out the developer that wants to tear down the trailer park to put in a big multiplex theater: completely outclassed.

    There’s an entire government grant system that these people are experts at working. There are no government grants for “leave me the fuck alone!”

    • Half of the $300 million+ in Dem campaign donations are made through $100 “gift cards” by untraceable “unemployed” people. BLM-dot-com and Antifa-dot-com are fundraising arms for the Dem party, funneled through straw man organizations. It’s all fake, funded by a handful of George Soroses, Michael Bloombergs, and Tom Steyers of the world. Fake, manipulated, and working really well. Making the money of a few dozen and the hard work of a few thousand fellow travelers look like it is half the country. Fake, fake, fake.

    • Left plays offense and defense. Right plays only defense. Left pushes right all the way into the parking lot.

  17. What kind of “free market” is it when government subsidizes high-density housing for the poor in suburban areas?

    • First, we need someone with a lot of money

      On that note, has no one on our side of divide ever won the lottery? Beyond that is it every old white guy’s dream to dump his money into some vehicle? It’s not like he’ll be buried in it.

  18. There’s nothing new about the depravity of American urban planning and architecture. This is one of my favorite HL Mencken essays from the 20’s. He lived into the 50’s. I can only imagine what he would have thought of that era. American culture isn’t about beauty. You don’t come here for that. It’s a culture that wrecks anything nice, so why not wreck some outer suburbs that may actually look livable?

    • The abomination that has been built around us is anything but “American”. It’s a perfect reflection of what it is – Merchant culture.

  19. Soon the Canadian model will be in full force. Just let in so many immigrants that the new housing on farmland swamps everything.

    Brampton, Ontario went from a 100% white town of 10,000 in the 1960s to a shithole of 700,000, supposedly only 25% white (in reality its less).

    Every white flight hamlet is getting swamped with new subdivisions. No need to fight the residents to build in the town. Just flatten everything outside and surround it.

    The rulers are admitting that diversity is a failure and that hbd is real. Instead of changing course they just say “fuck you” and dump as many aliens on us as possible.

  20. These are the same developers that bribe politicians to be open borders. They’re worse than chicken plants at this point. Maybe there wouldn’t be this need for development if we set an upper limit on our population. These same “eco-friendly” politicians would give us a population bigger than China if we let them, which we are, because we’re a bunch of opiate addicts with no pride. It doesn’t help that the vast center of our country, including all of Texas, has some of the ugliest, unremarkable flat terrain with some of the worst weather on earth. It means that for all our vastness, the livable regions are quite small.

    • These same “eco-friendly” politicians would give us a population bigger than China if we let them, which we are, because we’re a bunch of opiate addicts with no pride. 

      All the left cares about is power, and it will change positions on a dime if it increases their power. Yes, they can con people into fervent belief–that’s the point!–but it isn’t something they necessarily share. The point is to make people true believers so they are beholden to them.
      Leftists would shoot every polar bear and pave every wilderness area and assassinate every environmentalist if it increased their power.

      • At least there’s a shred of honesty in having sweet power as your modus operandi. There’s zero honesty on the current right. If the country continues on the same tangent as it is now, the old gray Sean Hannity’s of the right, 15 years from now, will be defending every point of doctrine that’s currently “Antifa.” Universal Basic Income will be seen as downright Jeffersonian. They need to be swept away. All of them. Even minimal critical thinking skills among the average right winger would do it. Sadly, it will take unmitigated tragedy instead.

    • Flat, hot terrain with faux landscaping and strip mall after strip mall after suburb after suburb filled with refuse from all corners of the earth. As Range Front Fault puts it, I want to ‘kraal’ up in a small, rural community of White people and shut out the rest of the world.

      • Exactly right! With stucco covered polystyrene. And if you’ve noticed with the new construction we’re going back, yet again, to the well of early 60’s minimalism. Grandma was popping barbiturates back then to get over the ugliness, today it’s Xanax. When you look at most of our hot, ugly continental landmass, it was actually made for dull witted Mexicans, mulattos, ayrabs, Hmong and fat white women named Crystal who pull out the Costco five layer bean dip for a Netflix binge.

    • Remember when the left told us to strive for zero population growth to protect the planet because we were 5% of the world’s population but used 20% of the resources? Now they tell us our economy won’t grow and social security will go bankrupt unless we have unrestricted immigration.

      • To paraphrase Edward Abbey Capitalism and Big Everything has the morals of a cancer cell, grow at any cost.
        It can’t stop even if the attempt s killing the host as witnessed by Japan whose population stopped reproducing 30 years ago very much from overwork. Instead of making change, the elite would rather the entire society just die so they can harvest more money they don’t need and can’t use.
        Same with the Canadian elite, US elite etc.
        Shutting off modernity and the focus on growth will come eventually if only do to society ending, being overrun with people who end up not being able to eat or a rebellion.
        The first group of rebels that can dial back or turn off the mess and make it stick against endless waves of globalists will reap a harvest as a functional society, the caveat being it will require a couple of generations to bear fruit

  21. The left won’t devastate the white suburbs, or at least not long. They will have unintentionally found a way to fast-track dispensing RU 486 by conveniently located vending machines.

    • You can get it by mail in the UK after a “telehealth consultation”… just temporary due to COVID ofc… oh wait nvm it will continue afterwards too.

      • Infanticide is legal in spite of strongly worded conservative opposition. The market for full term organs of non-whites at bioweapons labs is thriving. Whitey haikus their future in chinese for plausible deniability.

  22. “This is why no right is absolute. There are always situations in which rights give way to the public good.”

    The obsession with “rights” is an area in which conservatives hold hands under the table with the left. The latter behave as if, for example, any third world simpleton has a right to ignore borders, join colonies of illegals, and be supported by U.S. taxpayers. The former enable developers to build in the ‘burbs whatever ugly or high-density properties they think will make money — and win approval from planning boards packed with real estate interests.

    On both sides the idea of public good has been wiped clean, replaced by political and commercial rights.

  23. The usual justification for zoning is that current owners don’t want to see the value of their property diminished by what they view as less desirable developments in the neighborhood. However, when a project enhances the value of their property they don’t feel obligated to share even a part of their gains with new guys.

    Then there’s the fact that cities are in a continual state of ferment, forever in a process of re-invention. The typical home owner might wish to live in a time capsule but that can’t happen. Horses and buggies aren’t the normal form of transportation in western cities any longer. The Coliseum in Rome isn’t a venue for gladiatorial contests now.

    • If the community allows some new guy to come in and build something that the community thinks improves their community, they are by definition sharing the gains with the new guy by allowing him into their community. What you propose is the new guy gets to suck the blood from the community then move onto the next community.

      As far as cities reinventing themselves, permanence and change must be recognized and reconciled in a vigorous society.

      • It didn’t matter what the Comanche community thought, the Euro-bandits moved in despite their verbal and physical zoning regulations.Those in control are masters of hypocrisy. The residents of Phoenix suburb Gilbert were all upset about an expansion of an electrical generating station in their neighborhood and loved to watch themselves at demonstrations against it on their televisions powered by that very plant.

    • However, when a project enhances the value of their property they don’t feel obligated to share even a part of their gains with new guys.

      That’s the point. Do you believe in the right of contract?

    • Time capsules exist but land is very expensive. Think of historical districts, or places where Hobby Farms exist

    • Not compatible with Capitalism at all. Capitalism requires fungibility and high mobility of labor and capital and communities require constancy.

  24. Conservativism used to mean defending the monarchy.

    I think the problem is, after that became antiquated, they never found an adequate thing to fill the vacuum. Capitalism ain’t it. The Cold War was a stroke of good luck, because it allowed them to delay this definitional action as they could define themselves by what they were against for a while.

    The fact is that conservatism will have to go back to defending something like a king–albeit rebranded with a different name. Unfortunately some of the neo-kings of the 20th century also have a tarnished brand, so we’ll have to come up with something new.

  25. Regarding the libertarian and conservative failure to consider consequences, I posted on a Reason thread the other day in an article

    The FIRST STEP Act Has Reduced Prison Terms for More Than 7,000 People
    I said

    Tell me again why I don’t want these people in prison? Drug laws are like a civil society compatibility test. Maybe you think drug laws are dumb, but if you think that means you don’t have to obey them, and you think committing felonies is just fine, then you fail to have what it takes to live in a civil society.

    People willing to commit drug felonies are people willing to commit other felonies. Law enforcement knows this, and the fact is that with the material evidence being carried around on the offenders persons all the time, they’re easier to convict people for.

    If you don’t like being in jail for 20 years on a “victimless” drug offense, don’t buy or sell drugs.

    (Of course, the reality is that drug offenses aren’t “victimless,” thus the scare quotes)

    Most of the replies were “muh individual rights” or reductio absurdum like this one:

    Moral equivalent of jailing speeders as a prophylactic? Let’s just make it illegal to do anything you personally wouldn’t do so we can identify miscreants sooner. You clearly haven’t thought this through.

    The “you clearly haven’t thought this through” part really stuck with me. Not because I hadn’t, but because of the assumptions inherent with it.

    Probably the most important assumption is, I infer, that I am somehow making a proposition, not stating a fact about how things actually work in the real world.

    What I described is how actual policing works. If you want to get rid of that, you have to think about the consequences that will result from it. Libertarians never really want to deal with how things are on the ground.

    The “jailing speeders” reference is an actual example of a “slippery slope fallacy” — unlike a lot of what gets called “slippery slope fallacies” but which is really just “noticing.”

    Nobody wants to jail speeders as a prophylactic. Does the libertarian ever ask “Why is it drugs they are always against?” and not immediately turn their brain off at “It’s just because they’re moral scolds who don’t like me having fun with my heroin!”? Does it really not occur to them that people might have a good faith objection to the massive societal harm of widespread drug use?

    Drug use has victims and the people who push drugs identify themselves as moral cretins in a way that speeders do not. This is obvious to anyone who has a moral sense at all. You don’t have to be a fundamentalist Christian or moralist of any type to realize this.

    Now, I’m of the opinion that drugs will always be with us, and in the absences of serious secondary consequences I wouldn’t care at all. If all the drug deaths were just self-contained loners who cause no damage to loved ones and no other costs to society, I wouldn’t really care that much. If it were a friend, I might care about trying to help them, but I’m not going to go looking for isolated idiots to help.

    But drug use does have secondary effects beyond those that hurt the actual user. And this is so blindingly obvious that nobody, anywhere thinks that when they’re selling heroin or fentanyl to someone, they’re doing them a good turn. The pot pushers have rationalized themselves with society’s help into actually thinking their “natural herb” is harmless, of course (it’s not), so I don’t include them. Society has determined, mostly, that pot is socially acceptable, like alcohol. I’m not going to fight that battle outside my own family.

    But people pushing heroin, fentanyl, Oxy, meth, crack, PCP? They’re scum. Pushing heroin reveals something about the person who does it. Hard drug crimes are like bait. You scoop up the drug criminals and you’re getting really bad people off the street. Few people guilty of low-level possession are in prison. At the most unjust, the system is scooping up people with astoundingly bad sense. How stupid do you have to be, actually, to inject heroin in your veins?

    I’ve known a couple drug dealers. They’re just filth. They commit burglaries, assaults, even murders, but those are much more difficult crimes to solve. However “possession with intent to distribute” is a good proxy for the people who commit all those other crimes. Cops know this. It may offend someone’s fancy theory of justice, but it’s the truth. If all drugs were legalized tomorrow, the kind of person who is a felony drug dealer wouldn’t magically become a model citizen. They’d harmfully exploit and commit crimes against their fellow citizens in different ways.

    I’m OK with proxy crimes like this. Staying out of prison for drug felonies is as simple as “don’t do illegal drugs or associate with people who do.” It’s not hard.

    • Excellent comment. The Slippery Slope nonsense goes both ways, something these types never consider. Legalize drugs? Hell, abolish the FDA and have street vendors distribute insulin! Some lolbertarians actually have made that argument. It would be nice if just once during the pot legalization debates the proponents acknowledged the social costs it carries. Like you, I don’t waste time on marijuana legalization as an issue but if someone truly believes heroin, for example, should be legalized (but a few of these types often think so-called “hate speech” should be criminalized), they are ridiculous people. Granted, the Sacklers don’t want street heroin legalized, either, but otherwise they all play on the same team, which is the White Genocide team.

      • Insulin may not be available from street vendors, but you do not need a prescription to buy it. Some of the more recently ‘specialized’ insulins are legend drugs (i.e, not controlled but requiring an Rx), but plain old human insulin is available for the asking at a pharmacy. Libertarians probably know this and have it enshrined on their gratitude lists.

    • Libertarians love playing the two-face act. When you point out that drug dealers are bad people who commit lots of other crimes, the libertarians responds with theories about personal freedom and the unfairness of drug laws. When you point out that their theory is at odds with reality, they start talking about some weed dealer doing twenty years in jail.

      • Libertarians simply aren’t serious people, something you underscore with the clown horn. They are basically college freshmen in the second semester of philosophy who have concluded they have discovered the meaning of life. When confronted with such an argument as, say, unregulated tech could lead to totalitarianism, their response is this is the price of liberty, and they will not bother to address the substance of the argument. The circular nature of their claims either doesn’t bother libertarians or they don’t even apprehend the circularity.
        One reason conservatism is such a failed ideology is it essentially has entered the same cul-de-sac and cannot make any adjustment. Where it hasn’t joined forces with libertarianism is where conservatism explicitly isn’t conservatism as it was originally defined: continuity, avoidance of war, etc., and the only reason for the hold-outs on these issues is vested self-interest.

        Conservatives also are not serious people.

        • Their candidates (with the exceptions of Ron Paul and Harry Browne) tend to be loons. A statewide LP candidate in my state included legalizing ferrets as a campaign promise. The current VP nominee of the LP wears a boot on his head. While it might have had sincere origins, I suspect the LP is a scam offering to be a spoiler to the highest bidder to sway close races. Greens are probably the same.

          • That’s Libertarian autism on play right there. There really aren’t good reasons for ferrets to be illegal but absolutely no one except ferret enthusiasts cares.
            As to why Vermin Supreme (the boot on head guy) is running as Libertarian, No one else would.
            Same with that satanist republican sheriff.
            Power vacuum
            I agree the LP is a scam and even when it wasn’t only made sense, sort of when the demographic age was not on us. Its a middle class White mostly guys thing.

      • George Floyd’s fentanyl addiction alone — just one man — cost this country more than $2 billion dollars.

        • Two billion, eh. Total annual plus and minus balance from every white man woman child averages plus 2.8k and change, black: negative 10k and change–420 billion annualy counting income transfers only. Not calculating–AA, fake jobs, prison, cops, and the quality of life cost to maintain a safe distance. I have one child in Socal paying 80k annually for that one, the price of living upper middle class in a failing state.

        • To paraphrase Voltaire, if George Floyd did not exist, it would be necessary for the left to invent him. It is not Floyd per se that has cost us billions, but slavery that has cost us trillions. As Zman has said, if we could go back in time and give the founders one piece of advice, it would be to pick your own damn cotton.

          • A few of our Founders understood this but many maybe most of the rest were grifters and without slavery there would have been no US.
            Not to say slaves built it all or something but too many states refused to pay a decent price for labor.
            Also no one would want to work in the cotton fields of the South and once the supply of indentured ran out. it would have been game over.
            It couldn’t happen.

          • Never underestimate American greed and cupidity. We fought a civil war over economic development being slow and careful, immigration restricted and moderate taxation.
            Now assuming disease didn’t lay them low, they would have needed new indentured every few years which would have meant there were enough to sustain the type of economy the Southrons wanted.
            Also picking cotton is awful work. It would have to be very bad at home to make anyone want to come and do that.

          • The greed did precipitate slavery, which means slavery was inevitable. What I’m saying is that, if slave labor had not been available, America would still have come to fruition.

          • I’ve just started reading “Founding Finance” about how the financial situation in the 1780s was used to justify the Constitutional Convention. Some made a killing on buying state debts that later got assumed by the federal government. I really wonder if the threat of British forts in the west was really all that threatening.

        • That case interests me. Why did it take so long for the cop-cam footage to be released? Why were the autopsies released before the tox report came back? Would it have made any difference?

        • Its not just a victim or dealer problem though. People like Purdue Pharma are huge contributors.
          Problem is that our society is not smart, honest or organized enough to deal with the problem. And this isn’t just an immigration or even a trade problem, Its one at the root of who we are as a nation and especially our highly White leaders,
          A society without a moral center, immiserated top down and obessed with money can’t live. No human wants to live here and even high fertility foreigners are having low fertility.
          Nearly every industrialized society is essentially dying with the exception of Israel whose ultra orthodox are numnerous enough to push the population up a bit.
          Its beyond identity, Japan is still japanese but its being worked to death.
          Its modernist itself and util some means of controlling it is found, its on autopilot right into a mountain.

      • The blank slate drug dealer, not all drug dealers are the same game. Like black ghettos that exist because of white sponsored racism, we have a “drug problem” because too many laws against drugs are unfair. So the solution is no more laws.

        They will use talented tenth drug scenarios to invert the reality that for every innocent upstanding drug dealer that just happened to have too much weed on him there are hundreds of straight up criminals and savages that exist on that same channel of cultivation, distribution, sales, and purchase. And this doesnt even touch the toll on the community of the users yet.

        I have worked with the talented tenth drug dealers. Being in CO I found myself with business associations that sprouted overnight when weed became legal here.

        All of the “legal” weed business came from former criminal elements – from that small time jewish kid in college that somehow always had weed to sell to the full on rent a van and drive a hundred pounds of weed across the southwest guys, they were smart or lucky enough to have never been caught.

        Thats a whole other story but the point is the free market was just another opportunuty for criminal elements to expand their franchise into legitimacy while seeding an underbelly of degenerates and criminals.

        Even with just medial mj the leakage into the black market was massive and decay widespread.

        Like so much with progress it has become another avenue for private profit and public cost to do their dance while the government gets high on that other drug, tax revenue, that somehow never seems to fill pot holes or teach black kids math.

      • I can’t think of a more perfect example of the Right accepting the Left’s premises, than the “marijuana is heroin!” argument.

        Really, we need more laws against our own people. They were out of control, and must be ruthlessly repressed.


        What consequences? We must signal our purity, our undying loyalty! Everybody knows US drug laws have benefited society, and the world. They are our strength.

        • Now, hold on, people.
          Continuing Prohibition gave us empowered womyn and Jewish rulers, an unmitigated public good.

          Keep attacking the weak targets, conservatives! Chase that bunny, ’cause once we catch him… Victory!

      • When you point out that drug dealers are bad people who commit lots of other crimes, the libertarians responds with theories about personal freedom and the unfairness of drug laws.
        Actually, I have found they respond by saying we should prosecute them for the other crimes, not the drug offenses. More pure theory BS.

      • Those “weed dealers” probably pled (is that a word?) down to cop to a lesser charge. That seems to be the reality these days.

        • There was a shootout last week between pot growers in SoCal where legalization was supposed to remove the criminal element.I think the “legalize it but tax and regulate the shit out of it” crowd needs to revisit their theory.

    • Here is a thought experiment. Even if you were vehemently anti drug what if freedom of Association or discrimination were legalized so that so that communities had control over their neighborhoods, like existed before World War II. That way you could banish virtually anybody, including drug users from your community. Would that be a fair trade-off?

      • If every drug user/dealer would be sterilized and prevented from going anywhere near kids, the terminally ill (there’s been a spate of cases where “health care providers” have been stealing pain meds from hospice patients,) or the elderly, then sure!

      • Well, yeah. I’m referring to your garden variety speeding ticket that perfectly normal, reasonable people get all the time. “45 in a 35 officer? I thought it *was* 45.” “Nope the speed drops down to 35 a block back.” “*Sigh* Okay.”

    • You’re not kidding. People on the next street over had cars pulling up to their house 24/7 (the neighbors hated them.) It blew up when someone called 911 and cops found the drugs and cash. So he gets taken away and the cops get social services involved because she’s obviously an addict as well as a dealer. Long story short: after boyfriend was in jail she took to selling her two little girls to momos to feed her habit. (BTW these people had all the trappings, SUVs, pool, boat . . .)

  26. Retributive justice by weaponizing the poor is akin to trying to destroy a hammer by striking it with a nail. Rage is never a winning strategy. The hammer will always win.

  27. Call me crazy, but for messaging purposes I think it’s still worth fighting over the word “conservative,” because it’s something that normies feel comfortable with.

    Something like, “the people who call themselves conservatives have never conserved anything an nevel will. We’re the real conservatives. Do you want your grandchildren be able to walk down the street in safety? If so, support us.”

      • The whole “Conservative” brand is messed up. Most normies don’t quite understand the difference between Mitt Romney and Pat Buchanan, even though it’s a vast difference. It’s better to scrap it and start over.

        • When a product fails, the left just changes the name and packaging and puts it back up for sale. Colored, Negro, Black, African American, teen, person of color, justice involved youth. Don Draper has NOTHING on the left.

    • I said elsewhere that when Jared Fogle, the former Subway pitchman now in jail for child sex crimes, gets out of prison in 2030, he will probably become the spokesman for Netflix. Heck, at the current speed, he may be released early and treated as the Rosa Parks of pedos.

      • Jared’s life consisted of making personal appearances, shooting commercials, indulging in a lifetime supply of free Subway sandwiches, and amassing a multimillion dollar fortune for what was essentially a life of leisure. I wonder if he ever has a heart to heart talk with his cellmate Bubba and expresses any regrets.

        • Not that it excuses anything, but Jared didn’t do one thing worse than any of Epstein’s clients such as Clinton and Dershowitz did. Guess which ones didn’t go to prison?

      • I read he is PC with the other pedos. Downside do to his position he is basically their king now as he is rich, famous and topping up everyone’s canteen is trivial to him.
        Better to reign in hell than …

  28. It’s a disease. I had a conversation once with a conservative about the absurdity of current zoning regulations that require acres of parking for each store & how that makes for ugly places nobody wants to be, cf literally every Target, Best Buy, etc. He asked how we might fix that and create the sort of downtown people like.

    I answer that, instead of absurdly high minimum parking space rules, we implement absurdly low maximum parking rules; this would force developers to create walkable town centers.

    His response was pure ideology. 1. I don’t want big government telling me I can’t build parking spaces (uh, they already have rules telling you you must build many, many parking spaces). 2. If the market really wanted charming downtown environments, they would exist; that they do not exit simply means they are not wanted.

    • Consider the problem from a slightly different perspective. Long ago there was so to speak zoning that allowed people to be restricted to or from certain areas 😈 . In many ways this worked far better than subsequent types of zoning.

      • Yeah – this gets to the old idea of subsidiarity, the concept that decisions should be pushed down to the lowest possible level of organization that is competent to manage them. Education: local. Policing a neighborhood: local. Foreign policy: national.

  29. Z Man wrote: “[N]o right is absolute. There are always situations in which rights give way to the public good.”

    Were I you, Z Man, I should be careful not to make for the Left its “give way to the public good” arguments against the First and Second Amendments, and not to make for the Chinese Virus Lockdown Enforcers their arguments for masking, shutdowns, lockdowns, and social distancing so that “rights give way to the public good.”

    Yes, “there are…situations in which rights give way to the public good,” yet it takes a bit of care to discriminate situations that justify the abrogation of rights from situations that cannot so justify that abrogation.

    • That horse left the barn. There is no first amendment. They don’t really care about the second amendment as long as the cops care about their pensions.

      • I tire of the tendency of conservatives to give these little admonitions about how showing any flexibility on some basic right for the sake of the public good, no matter how reasonable, will cause the left to feel justified in eliminating that right entirely to persecute us. The fact is that the left will always find some way to persecute us, whether or not we give them our implied moral consent.

        What that kind of concern trolling shows is that conservatives are, whether consciously or not, still granting the left the moral high ground. Why is it so hard for us to just say, “This is how things are going to be,” and then when the left shrieks about how we’ve somehow violated their Talmudic interpretation of the letter of the law, we just tell them to get bent?

        • Yeah this ranks right up there with the white normies who think that if they endorse whites self-organizing then other groups will use that as cover for their own self-organizing, while completely ignoring the fact that other groups besides whites don’t give two figs about whether or not whites self-organize.

      • Actually there is no constitution. The Commerce Clause was used by the left to blow away most of it, and leftist judges and politicians simply ignore the rest, unless it can be used to win whatever it is they want today.

        • The constitution’s not dead, it’s actually living. That’s what the left says anyway. They call it a “Living Constitution” and bends and twists and conforms to anything the left wants it to.

    • And really, what good is free speech? What words need to be publicly said that otherwise would not be permitted? Social taboos coexist alongside the 1st amendment, so do we really need public spaces polluted with lunatics and single-minded conspiracy theorists? Wouldn’t it better to simply argue about what speech should be banned instead of pretending that we want to put up with other people’s bullspit?

      • It’s often been said at a different blog (which I won’t name because each time I do my comment gets moderated) that free speech is a lie. The only question is who regulates speech and to what end. I want sexually deviant speech banned. I want anti-White, anti-civilizational speech and behavior banned and prosecuted. In the demographic age, race must be considered first in every issue, other ‘moral’ principles be damned.

        • I suspect your disposition toward speech, or something similar, will be normative in Whiteland. That said, it’s mighty obnoxious that in a nation that has made free speech the bedrock of existence, speech is no longer free, and bans are enforced based upon the political views of the erstwhile speaker.

  30. Ultimately, the issue at play in American politics is that left and right are both very reactive by nature. The main difference is that the left is wishful and the right is avoidant. So, whenever a problem arises, lefty says, “we must do something, and anything that helps is worth doing no matter how high the cost or how small the benefit” and righty says, “we really ought to focus on avoiding mistakes, especially expensive mistakes.” Lefty views passivity in response to problems as equivalent to antipathy, while righty views negative unintended consequences as equivalent to antipathy. Both sides are correct in a way, but neither side sees that the problem with their argument is that it is based on a false premise: that the response to problems ought to be reactive instead of proactive. As such, political discourse in America is driven by events instead of ideals, which is why it’s so polarizing and ineffective.

    • I mostly agree. I would clarify it by saying that ideals whether liberal or conservative are fine, but they can only be judged by their real-world results. You can call those events if you like, but the point is that this particular step is seldom done in politics. To make it somewhat political, consider that a conservative when he hits Rock Bottom will probably realize he has hit rock bottom and will try to slowly and painfully crawl out of the hole. In contrast the liberal idealogue will rent a Pneumatic hammer and try to make the hole even deeper.

  31. DIEE. Sailor + extinction. It is much much easier to achieve equality by dragging one side down rather than by dragging the other side up. Why try to improve the cities when you can just ghettoize the suburbs?

    • Exactly. In addition to the obvious anti-White motive, it is an explicit admission of the failure to be able to maintain civilization in a leftist-run, minority-filled urban shithole.

        • B123: that it “failed?” Failure is the intended result; feature, not a bug. They want their Elysium – 98% destitute retard mongerels and the 2% pure overlord class. A nice white middle class is in the way; if your ideal society is Clouds and Dirts, there cannot be a middle ground bridge between the two. They must be genetically, legally, socially, and spacially segregated.

    •  “Ashes and diamonds, Foe and friend, we were all equal in the end.” This was Roger Waters’s opinion on the results of a hydrogen bomb explosion, but his comparison is perfectly apt for the results of most egalitarian leveling efforts. They typically only differ in extent of damage of how far down they pull the high achievers.

  32. Libertarianism runs deep in the thinking of a lot of republicans. The Rush Limbaugh types see the damage of the hollowed out middle class but fail to put some of the blame on “free enterprise”. Then of course you got the Benny Shapiro types running around telling us about the glories of the “ free” market.
    Benny style.
    In the meantime in the midwestern city in which I live the developers get tax breaks for building new strip malls and the result is the old malls and their tax base goes out of business.
    The corporation I work for grows rich on Wall Street while it gains tax breaks in my state. Those taxes to pay for schools and roads have to come from somewhere.
    It’s me!

  33. > That is the systematic blockbusting of white suburbs by the Left through the use of federal housing regulations. They are trying to dump non-white populations into white suburbs in the name of retributive justice.
    The Slaughter of Cities by E.Michael Jones documents how this exact thing happened in the cities. It’s actually one of only books I know of on the subject of white flight from the cities, probably because everything the racist white people said would happen turned out to be true.

    • Blacks always talk about “White generational wealth” that was supposedly created in the suburbs.

      In point of fact, there is no White generational wealth. It’s kind of hard to build generational wealth when every White generation is forced to sell its house at a loss every decade, move further away from work (pay more for commuting) and pay more for each successive school district before it’s blacked. The fact that White people have accumulated any wealth despite always paying through the nose to be on the run is remarkable.

      Meanwhile, blacks were given solid housing stock adjacent to major employment centers where they’ve been allowed to “flourish” for 75+ years without being uprooted, the highest per-pupil school district spending, and a steady stream of other gibs, and somehow they’ve never been able to convert that into generational wealth.

      •  you could be you could be banned from social media for saying such things. Oh wait, that was me! 😰😠

  34. The irony here is the author lives in one of the most regulated suburbs on the planet. In fact, Northern Virginia would not exist as it does if not for the federal government…

     Modern conservatism is the embrace of constant change, the whirlwind of the marketplace, in total disregard for community and custom.

    Shorter version: conservatives are every bit the hypocritical liars the leftists are. Like liberals, the conservative author advocates destructive anti-White, anti-civilizational policies from his lily white, heavily zoned, civilized enclave. It is like the White female BLM rioters who return nightly to their all-White, upper middle class neighborhoods because they know, at a gut level, what is what.
    In addition to the hypocrisy, this form of conservatism, and along with it libertarianism, has another common aim: nihilism. But it isn’t universal nihilism, mind you, it is “nihilism for thee, stability for me.” They want Chester’s Fence but only in their back yard. We can take the likes of Verbruggen seriously when we see factories belching smoke in Arlington, which is to say never. Which leads to where you nailed this:

    It is a way to stand on the sidelines and pretend to hold the moral high ground. In this case it means avoiding the real issue at play in this story. That is the systematic blockbusting of white suburbs by the Left through the use of federal housing regulations. They are trying to dump non-white populations into white suburbs in the name of retributive justice.
    Rather than think about that, because that is scary and icky, the modern conservative focuses on the theoretical aspects of the issue.

    Yes. This is contemporary Buckleyite conservatism, avoiding the 800-pound gorilla and pointing out the cool theory of bald eagles flying around the room. The irony is William F. Buckley, Jr., early in the history of his now-ludicrous magazine, would pass today as a blatant racist and anti-Semite (I look forward to the Twitteresque deletion of NR back issues in the near future if it hasn’t already happened). His early virtue-signaling target, the John Birch Society, oddly enough wasn’t really racist and anti-Semitic but kind of resembled what became the ridiculous True Con nonsense of today in that regard. The Birchers simply pointed out how Jews and other minorities were more prone to embrace communism, which we see today. Early Buckley did not think of them as humans let alone in terms of mere enemies or potential opponents.

    We need to embrace explicitly pro-White, in-group policies and preferences, basically White First. When these interests and policies align with other groups, all the better, although that likely will not happen in many if not most instances.

    It will be time to discard conservatism and either subvert or put down the Republican Party after November regardless of how the election turns out.

    • (I look forward to the Twitteresque deletion of NR back issues in the near future if it hasn’t already happened).

      I doubt you can get digital or hard copies from National Review. Jonah Goldberg denounced their stances in those issues while he was working there. My personal favorite was their obituary for Nelson Mandela. They admitted Mandela was a Communist fellow traveler who opposed everything National Review claimed to stand for, but since he opposed the racist white government of South Africa they called him the greatest statesman of the 20th Century.

    • Shorter version: conservatives are every bit the hypocritical liars the leftists are.Like liberals, the conservative author advocates destructive anti-White, anti-civilizational policies …

      Indeed. And it ought never to be forgotten.

      A family member, upon visiting some months back, brought me a copy of The Daily Telegraph – he reasoned that because I never really watched the news, I could do with a dose of it. At the time, London was having it’s BLM frenzy as spasms of leftists descended upon her to ply their trade. Every single front and second page item in the paper led with lines like:

      After the tragic death of George Floyd…
      Racism should absolutely be condemned…

      And similar hand-wringing ululations. I should know better by now, but I was disgusted by all of it. The problem is though, I too sometimes fall into the trap of believing these people are ‘conservatives’.

    • Your comment inspired me to go look at the comments on that National Review piece and…while I could say they’re every bit as retarded as you might imagine, I dunno, I apparently don’t have quite that much imagination.

      • National Review now limits comments to subscribers. I haven’t read anything there for a few weeks, but the last time I read one of their more idiotic posts, even the subscribers were blasting it. That they still have a circulation base amazes me. It can’t last much longer, I would guess big donors cease to see them as useful and pull the plug within five years.

        • Five years is generous.

          There still is a New Republic. That nearly invisible ghost is where National Review is headed if it hasn’t arrived yet. It doesn’t even have a point now.

        • I think the big donors get exactly what they are paying for, which is a defense of open borders and general libertarianism, as well as a rightward border of the Overton window. While NR could never survive on legitimate customers alone, it is probably here to stay.

          • If they don’t have a general audience, it ceases to be useful to the donors. National Review knows where their bread is buttered, but they still have to have bread. There is no reason to subsidize a media organization that has no audience, the big donors will move their support to other organizations as the geriatric NR readership fades away.

          • it’s not about having a general audience. They never really had that. The real audience for NR is the Republican establishment. NR provides intellectual heft to their cuckosity and rationalization for selling out.

          • This is how I think of them. They are a trade magazine for a specific industry, in this case the manufacturers of weapons-grade ultra purified horseshit. Getting published or talked about there is a way to be recognized in that field so people will know who you are when you apply for a job. Nobody really reads it though.

  35. Why not combine two aspects of modern culture in order to the solve the problem you address in this post? Let’s say the federal government subsides a developer to build a Section 8 housing ghetto in your suburb. The efficient solution is to hire Antifa/BLM to burn it down repeatedly, and then de-fund the local police thereby enabling the remnant survivors to shoot each other all night long. Why fight City Hall uselessly when rioting has now become a mainstream social activity?

    • I look forward to participating in my first riot, probably the next time the Empire desires to murder my own people along with foreigners so “we don’t have to fight them over here.” I’m going to riot in places where it will matter, too.

  36. The typical conservative accepts 75 % of the Left’s platform and is somehow surprised when he ends up losing the other 25 %. Conservatives are simply the junior partners in the destruction of civilization.

  37. Plus old English property rights included the right to “peaceful use and enjoyment”. It means if your developing activity jacks up my ability to enjoy my land or damages the value of my land, you either compensate me to something I agree to or you don’t do it.
    We live in a country where the government can seize your land (compensated at what they think is fair regardless of whether you agree or not) in some jurisdictions to give to a private developer on the reasoning that they will pay more taxes. Additionally civil asset forfeiture doesn’t even require compensation. This would horrify our forebears.

    • Way back in the 1980s my dad was a small-time real estate developer. He was annoyed that Rappahannock County Virginia would not allow subdivision below five acres. Even 35 plus years ago, it was obvious how excessive the development in Northern Virginia was. Just look at neighboring Fauquier County Virginia. I have no idea how the conflict has played out, but I wish Rappahannock luck in keeping their rural character and not turning into a county of cookie-cutter subdivisions and strip malls the way the rest of the Washington DC area has become.

  38. Was at “ground zero” of the Obama administration effort to override local zoning laws and mandate the placement of low income housing…literally anywhere they chose. The one politician who stood up to them is a personal acquaintance. You cannot begin to fathom the pressure that was brought to bear on local governments–including threatening to jail anyone that refused to play. At a town level, HUD “recommendations” (threats) were issued on the number of units required in each municipality—effectively to be funded locally. Our “recommendation” conservatively priced at 4x the total annual budget. That did not calculate the marginal cost of $20k per added child in the school system. And the racket comes with “approved” development “partners” that will build the Section 8 housing. Spent enough time in the units we do have here when still with the FD. Want to take a quality rental property and destroy it? Make it Section 8.

    • To paraphrase the communists, the capitalist are making the rope the Left will use to hang us. The unqualified defense of capital by conservatives is one front in the war on whites. Opposing socialism does not require one to embrace predatory capitalism, but that’s how conservatives always frame it.

      • Predatory/crony capitalism is the raison d’etre of modern American conservatism. It serves no other purpose or desires no other outcome save militarism, which is part and parcel of their economic program.

      • Capitalism is a tool, not a god.

        Don’t remember where I heard it, but this best sums up how I view capitalism in relation to a people:

        The business of America is business.

        The business of Japan is the Japanese.

      • It’s in the name: CAPITALism. Not marketism or private-property-ism— the things people like.

        Every time I speak against speculation and debt-slavery I get the stink eye, as if I’m a commie. Ignorance at work.

      • Capitalism as practiced by today’s “conservatives” really ends up defending oligarchy and monopoly. But I guess like how socialism/communism always leads to the gulag, and democracy always leads to tyranny, capitalism always leads to oligarchy.

      • Opposing socialism does not require one to embrace predatory capitalism, but that’s how conservatives always frame it.
        This was one of the most painful political lessons I have learned over my years.

      • Notwithstanding the overt war on whites that unfettered capitalism represents, it is also true that the monomaniacal pursuit of filthy lucre destroys tradition. There are all sorts of examples of this in sports. For instance, the drive to maximize television earnings at any cost destroyed traditional college football rivalries such as Nebraska/Oklahoma and Texas/Texas A&M, not to mention the Kansas/Missouri basketball rivalry. And, as every thinking person on the right knows, tradition is the sinew of cultural continuity and the democracy of the dead. For this reason I’m nowhere near as wild about the free market as I used to be.

    • Yeah, I spent some time fighting an attempt to put (more) subsidized housing in my area. Had to fight against numerous sides. The developer loved to show pretty pictures of nice apartments and mostly white faces. The local builders were all about it cause they were promised a slice of pie. Council members who were friends with the builders were all on board.

      It was all pretty talk about how teachers and cops would be living in the apartments, a classic subsidized housing lie. No mention of increased traffic, crime, low-income students in the schools and just a general degradation of the area.

      The only good part of the experience was watching a$$hole liberals turn strongly conservative when it came to their town. They did what Progressive do: Organize and protest, only this time it was for a good cause.

      In the end, we won, but it was a fight, and you can bet it’ll come up again someday. The developer only has to win once.

      • Well if the apartment complex burns down – after an appropriate amount of time for the locals to grok the fact that it was a bad idea to begin with. The developer will have to win again.

        Especially if the locals change the zoning rules as a result of the degradation that the subsidized housing brings to their town. (learn their lesson)

        Just sayin……………

        • There’s a way to stop them from ever trying again. It’s called vengeance. A lot of modern problems both large and small scale are due to the fact that, while the troublemakers don’t always win, they NEVER pay a price for trying, and thus keep coming back. A certain Middle Eastern tribe is very good at never forgetting the deeds of its enemies. We should learn from them.

    • And the racket comes with “approved” development “partners” that will build the Section 8 housing.

      In the words of Thornton Mellon, “I don’t know if you’re familiar with who runs that business, but I assure you it’s not The Boy Scouts.”

  39. lots of latinos and asians in the suburbs – a real nice voting block when combined with non-pozzed whites.

    • Funny how all the landscapers, dishwashers and such in my neighborhood are latino – not blacks driving out from the cities.

      • blacks are terrible workers; no one wants to hire them for anything. which is fine with the nigs as they prefer a life of leisure.

        • This is basically true. Jordan Petersen (I know) pointed out that people with IQ below 80 or so literally cannot find work in a modern economy. They can’t be trash men or janitors or dishwashers because they cannot organize themselves to get out of the house in an organized fashion. Considering the distribution of black IQ, that implies something like 40% of that entire population simply cannot do any work at all.

    • My city now has more asians than whites. The county wanted to put a homeless project near schools and a city park. The asians arranged for busses to take protestors to the county commission hearing. The idea was killed but many whitelibs were very upset with the asians.

      • Your story reminds me of the old engineering school joke asking what kind of engineer is God? The electrical engineer says that He must be an EE, just look at the human brain with all its electrical circuits and impulses. The mechanical engineer says He is an ME for obviously our muscles and bones are all mechanical contraptions. Finally, the civil engineer chimes in and says God Almighty must be a CE for who else would put a sewage and wastewater treatment system next to a youth entertainment facility?

        • Yup! I’ve lived here for 22 years. It has markedly declined since. I had to work out of state between 2013 and 2017 but came back a few times a year. I noticed that traffic, crime, trash and graffiti increased noticeably. I am also seeing more negroes. How do they afford it? Section 8? Corporate Affirmative Action hires that were transferred? Maybe they actually live in Tustin. One of the Tustin elementary schools just off Jamboree was 7% negro! Be interested in your observations.

          • funny enough, santa ana used to have a large negro population (talking early to mid 70’s here). i think a bunch moved to tustin, and the rest just left the area.
            there are subsidized apartments (not section-8 though) and the lunk heads in charge did bring in *some* nigs. it’s hilarious hearing them “nigger” this and “nigger” that in the parking lot where they grocery shop. seems like they backed off on that and there are fewer of them around now.
            then of course there are tons of iranians here now, too. they never make a place better.

            and as you have noticed, the overall tone and quality of the place has gone down hill as the white population has gone down. asians and foreigners in general don’t like to pay for public stuff.

          • I look at the asian towns like Garden Grove and Fountain Valley and the ones in LA county. They seem to be safe and functional. But they are far more tolerant of high population densities. I think they would be even more dense if they had actually built the cities instead of the Whites that actually built them. They don’t seem to like open spaces. Irvine would certainly look very different if designed by asians. I am trying to convince the wife to move out of state to one with no income tax. The logical choice would be FL which is where we moved from. I’ll be damned if I’m going to bail out CalPers, the train to nowhere, illegal alien health care and have third world infrastructure.

          • The santa ana negro population was probably from the military presence in Tustin and Lake Forest. I thought the negroes in the nearbyTustin school might have been refugees but I looked at state info on languages spoken there and didn’t see anything indicating they were of foreign origin. I see it’s currently down to 5%. Incidentally, if you want current, accurate demographics of an area, use greatschools. They are based on school enrollment and updated each year. They don’t try to hide diversity. I don’t think the census data will be worth a damn going forward. I avoid areas with more than 5% negro population. Incidentally, one just moved down the street (think they’re renters) and they have a BLM sign in front.

  40. Maybe just me – but it sure seems obvious that the left wants to destroy zoning laws so that whitey has no place left to flee. They still hold a grudge for whitey abandoning places like Newark, NJ to the blacks. So now they’ll move the blacks down the road to where whitey fled.

    • A lot of money to be made building new refugee camps for those fleeing whites. Whites work very hard to pay for their disenfranchisement. Hand their kids over to the schools and the media. It takes a lot of money to self destruct. Makes my head hurt.

      • A friend and former colleague of mine runs a division of Blackstone. They are going long on mobile home parks. I was already pretty cynical back in ‘09 having seen the long/short squeeze play out in MBS and the subsequent asset reprice, gov subsidy, and aggregation up close. I don’t even know how to describe my mindset at this point.

        • Mobile homes? In other words they think whites have an appetite for indignity? I was making a joke about white flight, apparently I’m not serious enough about it!

          At what point do whites get off their knees and reclaim what’s theirs?

          • “At what point do whites get off their knees and reclaim what’s theirs?”

            Never. Did they do this in either South Africa or Zimbabwe? Or did they rationalize their defeat, fail to do what’s required of victory, and then flee when things got too bad? Same will happen here.

            Every once in a while, I see internet commenters talking about some rare white abode in South Africa, but that’s pathetic. It’s small and poor and will easily be overrun by the government one day. Only a complete, legally recognized break can solve this problem.

            Either conservatives are brainwashed simpletons or this is a computer simulation because the answer is obvious. Notice how no one, not even the proprietor of this blog, lays out a concrete course of action that’s open to debate. They can’t. Same for virtually everyone on this side of the political spectrum.

            All they do is spin their wheels with endless analyzing and complaints because they are wedded to the idea of Americanism even as it’s the anchor that moors their ship, a sinking one. Their critiques are merely shots in the dark, a desperate hope the left will hear their pleas and change course so they can continue living comfortably in the system they are loyal to, despite their snipping at it.

            If you want to change things, really change things, the only viable solution is an independence movement. There is no other solution. I dare you to post one if you think there is. You won’t because you know there isn’t, nothing that won’t open you up to ridicule that is (Boomer rebellion stuff: “gun clubs gonna save us when the revolution gets here” … but it’s already here).

            Conservatives lack the talent to compete with the left. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Go over to The Free Republic if you disagree. It’s pure rube bait. That’s 85% of the conservative right.

            Conservatives and their dissidents are also shackled by a self-defeating moral code. They’ve been individualized through libertarian dogma and taught not to think of themselves as a group as all other groups are encouraged to do. Organized groups almost always beat atomized individuals. That’s how the Romans maintained their empire against fairly impressive opponents for long stretches of tie — well trained, disciplined, and organized military fighting together as a group against disorganized opponents.

            Thus, your Boomer Facebook relative who implores everyone to get back to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King in the face of endless racial abuse against them, completely oblivious to the fact that the left doesn’t believe any of that crap and hasn’t for decades. The left hates you because you’re White and normal. Hate them back you sniveling coward.

            Conservatives have also been brain washed by decades of propaganda in news, movies, television, and popular culture. That won’t ever change because the left has a lock on that and they won’t let you in. They’ll blacklist you as they routinely do republican actors in Hollywood.

            The other side has the entire professional class from government employees and the media to financing and, increasingly, even the military. Government employees and academics donate to the democrats somewhere in the range of 15 or 20 to 1. You don’t beat an enemy occupying that kind of high ground. Only the fool rushes straight into that screaming Bonsai. Example:Charlottesville. The only means of fighting back is undermining the left’s interests and undermining their control with a defined goal in mind: a home of our own.

            I don’t think the right has the talent for anything more organized than that simple goal. I certainly haven’t seen it so far.

            Only when the left’s institutional advantages are deplatformed will the right prevail. That can never happen through voting due to demographics and the left’s institutional control, which is virtually total at this point. Society would have to almost completely collapse across the board, and even with a Covid-19 inspired depression that hasn’t happened. It won’t happen any time soon. There is enough inertia in the system to keep it going another couple of decades, or more, most likely. You and your children will both live in tyranny. Maybe their children, too.

            This model has been replicated through all of history. Most notably for this audience is the American Revolution. The Americans seceded, which effectively isolated British institutional control (and their supporters) an ocean away, leaving the colonists free to rebuild their institutions as they saw fit. Same here. DC, LA, and NYC are located far away from many red states. Separating from them and then deplatforming their influence would geographically isolate the left far away from the right. What little talent there is in Red States would then be free to remake society in their image.

            Until you are ready to support this vision, you support the current regime. It’s a simple as that. Probably that’s why the right cannot defeat the left. The right is constantly trying to find some way to rationalize and stabilize the institutions which are used to control them.

            Think of this like Gould’s Punctuated Equilibrium, which is probably the only real contribution that charlatan ever made. Basically, there is stability in speciation / adaptations over long stretches of geological time, then occasionally there is a huge uptick in new species and adaptations being seen in the fossil record. This happens over and over. There are many reasons for this, maybe a new adaptation arises and allows the bearer to occupy a new niche, for example.

            Mass extinction is another explanation. Why? Because the previous generation of species were suppressing the emergence of new species and adaptations. Once their suppressing influence was removed, it was possible for the survivors to take over and multiply.

            Independence is like that. You can’t win now because the left controls everything and they are suppressing you. They deplatform and ruin new leaders in your ranks, and they ban their ideas from social media.

            You aren’t taking America back because the left controls the institutions that mold public opinion, they control the flow of money, they control all nodes of information distribution, and soon they’ll permanently control the law-making side of government and the courts though demographics. You can’t win against that, so don’t even try.

            Do what your ancestors did and form a new place where you can come to dominate. Either that or prepare to live in a Soviet style police state where even pedophilia has been normalized.

        • Manufactured and especially mobile homes really put the screws to the people there. Banks and the gov’t programs that keep mortgage rates low don’t count for manufactured and mobile, regular homeowner’s insurers won’t insure them, equity lines, fuhgeddabouditt. Any financing you get is from the builder/vendor, often Berkshire Hathaway, at generally usurious rates and terms. Manufactured homes are often prohibited from many neighborhoods. For mobile homes, you pay rent for the land under the home every month, and moving it, once it’s in place, is not an option (parks almost never allow used homes to be moved into the site). Manufactured homes are actually a great alternative, but the system is stacked against them, for anyone but a cash buyer. The extractive elements are coming hard now for the trailer park people. They are obviously running out of more lucrative targets. The system is down to stems and seeds.

      • I don’t think it’s “camps.” It’s just a consequence of the GDP crowd needing to keep all their balls in the air while they plan their exit.

        • I meant it in the sense that I think suburbs are the nicest refugee camps ever built 🙂

          Make the cities diverse, whites flee to whatever Levittown you built for them. Levittown gets diverse, whites flee to the exurbs, where Levittown Reserve waits, and so on. Very lucrative.

          It’s the locust system. Seems to me 2 things make it possible: whites make great tax cows/consumers, and the idea that it’s right for non-whites to take from whites, even theft, and it’s wrong for whites to fight back.

          Maybe 3 things. Maybe whites are dumb enough to believe losing territory and generational wealth is moving up in the world.

          At any rate, the locust system is at the end of the road. Whites are tapped out, they’re committing suicide, the youth are not buying in or are revolutionary. They’re basically putting a gun to our heads right now, trying to keep the scam going. Hence the Great Reset and the jockeying for the exit like you say.

    •  it’s a it’s a cynical view, but largely accurate on the post-war real estate development scam. As the old 60s song said people moving out people moving in why because of the color of the skin. There’s a lot of money to be made buying up distressed property rehabilitating it and selling it to the gentrifiers.

  41. White suburbs? Even without Federal housing the presence of large apartment blocks in the neighborhood ensure nightime marauding and monkeyshines.

    • “Affordable housing” ended when freedom of association was strangled to death by the 1960’s+ Civil Rights acts.

      The only way to move to an assortative housing situation was to pay through the bloody nose. Which affluent whites, Indians, Chinese, Jews, etc. all do.

      It’s a trap though…the dread “IQ shredder”, in action. By the time you can afford a “nice neighborhood”, you’re well on in years and few, if any kids are in your future.

      I miss freedom of association. Call it “white flight”, call it a “neighborhood going dark”; Sailer is onto something with his proposed “a B a block” modified redlining plan.

    • “They are animated by anti-white hatred and the quest for retributive justice.”

      I’m committing this quote to memory so I can just pop it out at will.

    • Regarding the Milwaukee incident, some of the social media comments show how far whites still have to go in re-learning to defend their own people no matter what, just like POC do.

      So what if the guy was drunk? Who wouldn’t drink after 3 hours of a mob outside their house? And why does the expectation for staying on the straight-and-narrow always fall on the guy defending himself? Let’s look at the rioters outside his house: how many of them were drunk and high? Drunk and high mobs, as BLM always are, pose a genuine threat.

      Was the previous chainsaw incident white-on-black? If so, I take the white guy’s side no matter what. White-on-black incidents are so extraordinarily rare that the few that happen are virtually always instigated by the black person posing a threat first, forcing the white guy to react in self defense. The chainsaw incident must have been white-on-black self-defense because the mob wouldn’t have shown up outside the guy’s house in the first place if it was just another white-on-white neighbor squabble.

      • James LaFond points out that police forces are an industrial age innovation designed to prevent working class Whites from organizing to advance their interests against the ruling class. And it looks like that is still their main reason to exist.

        Indeed, they serve no other purpose. I say we remove them and look to ourselves.

        • James LaFond points out that police forces are an industrial age innovation designed to prevent working class Whites from organizing to advance their interests against the ruling class. 
          can anyone refute him?

        • Yes. LaFond has some very good takes on this, indeed. It is an interesting aspect of history, and well worth tying together – something that mainstream historians may never touch.

          Indeed, they serve no other purpose. I say we remove them and look to ourselves.

          Indeed. But as we all know the price of daring to defend oneself is becoming high – and not from your assailant. Indeed, for even the most trivial things, the modern man is urged to ‘call the police’ – whilst it seems the civil thing to do, we all know it chips away at our masculinity.

          Peter Hitchens has documented in his articles over the years the gross distortion (Mr LaFond would reason that they were already distorted, I am sure) of the police force within the UK – speaking of which, as a question to The Z Man, I am sure that you used to have a link to Hitchens’ blog on your site at one point? Or did I imagine this?

          • On that theme: my parish is in an urban area and obviously has security concerns during mass, for which we have hired a policeman to stand outside and keep the riffraff away.

            It’s an interesting decision; in the days past, the men of the parish would be the ones discouraging the collection of bums and Southern Protestants from making a disturbance. We’ve begun to rethink that decision, based on the idea of subsidiarity, with the conclusion that we have to go slowly because the church ladies and other sissies would be uncomfortable with the men of the parish acting like men.

        • The one principle I feel I can add to these sorts of discussions is, one of our most important skills/abilities in the coming years is going to be knowing how to dispose of the results of self-defense without involving law enforcement. Its an upsetting thought for many of us who are new here, but its absolutely essential to know what you would do in those situations in the aftermath. When, where & how.

          • If you don’t have the power you work from the inside which means you become the law so you can use their power for your people until you have enough power to disband them and replace with what is needed…

        • This is strictly anecdotal, but crime in my town went down during the lockdown when the cops pretty much stopped patrols. I think it’s because people were home and their presence discouraged crime. When the cops did re-emerge, they focused on issuing parking tickets to people using the parks which didn’t have enough parking spaces for the oversized crowds. “To protect our pensions and serve our political masters”. Notice that Seattle did nothing about CHAZ until Antifa protested in front of the mayor’s house and erected a guillotine in front of AmaZOG headquarters.

        • that guy is a complete loser. terrible writer too. if you want an instant black pill, just go over to his lame assed site.

          • You’re my black pill, Karl.

            I agree his writing lacks a certain quality of, uh, goodness. But on this question of the raison d’être of police forces, I think he has a point.

    • These are the terms of engagement at this time, whether we like it or not. Let’s not put on some “conservative” bow-tie and get to bleating about how none of this is “fair”.

      Instead, if firearms are the trigger for Caesar to come down on you for conducting what would otherwise be considered self-defense, then other means must be considered. The deployment of a firearm must be held off (i.e., fire discipline) for when and if an attacker(s) enters your home (i.e., castle; review the Castle Doctrine of your state).

      Just spit-balling here, so this is not a serious lists … but how about:
      — high pressure water or in ground sprinklers; get the “protesters” soaked, then shout derisive things at them with your bullhorn.
      — stink bombs and or animal feces. Manure is readily available in the countryside. Construct a trebuchet that flings the manure skyward, with sufficient range to then drop into their midst. See bullhorn suggestion.
      — Be sure to film the “protesters” as the manure, and/or water soaks them.
      Do not brandish firearms. Do not use firearms unless within the confines of your state’s Castle Doctrine. Have an attorney relationship, don’t wait to shop for one only when you need one. Suggest: hire a local judge, they are always just moonlighting local lawyers. Do it well in advance of needing one, and throw them a bone, some easy changes to your will, and so on.

      • This is true, but the point is to defend our side when they make honest mistakes. It’ll take time before enough normies out there learn that it’s foolish to engage the rioters in any way, but I think we still have to defend those normies.

        For example, Rittenhouse should not have been out defending Kenosha businesses from rioters, because he would always be painted as the evil one in his interactions with rioters no matter what he did. If he had stayed home like all the “wignats” who learned from 2017, he’d be fine now. But we can’t blame him for not learning this in time; he thought he was playing by rules that no longer exist. He still deserves unflinching support even though the lesson from his situation is to never interact with rioters in any way.

        • I am in full agreement with you. One of the most distressing realities of the Trump era so far has been abandoning people like Rittenhouse to their fate. Stone, Flynn, many more — the ‘system’ sicced on them with no support from the, cough-cough “conservative” or “Republican” side.

          What is more oppressive than a society where you are always watched and hammered for any slight infraction, while your overseers can get away with murder?

          So my post was really about thinking outside the box, in keeping with the rules of engagement, what individuals can do, think of doing, since we have been abandoned to the mob and are subject to unjust “enforcement”.

          More along those lines. Drones flown into the midst of the mob from places unseen. Don’t hit them, no. Buzz them, like an old barnstormer. Filming their terror for publication.

          • To correct myself, Rules of Engagement. Staying on my own point, I live on the end of a quiet, long dead end. No one that does not live here has any business being on the road.

            Sometimes a car or truck will pass by, slowly. I keep a hand held spotlight on hand for these instances. You’d be amazed how you can drive off a stopped vehicle up the street by playing light on to its license tag, into its cabin. From a spot where I am not revealed for any fire centered on the light. Keep the light on them, turn it off, wait, back on.

            They never fail to move off. I glass their tag, make a note of it and the date and time. If anyone wanted to get cute in the dark, I can send out three dogs they do not want to meet and have other forms of protection at the ready.

            My neighbors think the same way and are tough. When a strange vehicle comes around, it’s “who are you and when are you leaving.”

          • IMO the McCloskey guy made a big mistake. By standing in the open, he was exposed to hundreds of enemy personnel. His wife had a non-functioning weapon and was also exposed.

            One bottle hits her, she’s down and screaming. One bottle hits him, he’s down, they take his weapon, use it on him. Rape his wife. Burn down the house.

            If he wanted to defend his home against the mob, it needed to be from cover. Unseen. The wife, unless capable of being an asset, safely down. Perhaps passing him clips for that AR.

            If and when an enemy puts the home at risk, moves to enter, engage them with fire. Remain in cover. Repeat as needed until enemy disperses or you are out of ammunition. Most likely, it will only take a few downed enemy personnel before the mob will flee.

            You get to live another day. Know the Castle Doctrine of your locale. Do not brandish firearms. Do not set yourself up to be a pawn in the game the government is currently playing.

  42. Getting back to housing policy, what we do know is the Left is not acting from republican virtue when they propose changes to the law. They are animated by anti-white hatred and the quest for retributive justice.

    This has become the most prominent thought in my mind as I look to move out from the city that John Cleese said is ‘no longer English’. Any house that has a nice parcel of land next to it, in a village that either has a train station or will be getting one, is a target for the development of housing for the new mulatto class.

    Thankfully, many estate agents act bamboozled when they see we’re looking to move out of London – which on the one hand is good as there is little competition. On the other hand, people are still being drawn to the big city when they ought to know better. You never know when a murder of ‘protesters’ may march down your road.

    • OrangeFrog – When I lived in England in the early ’80s, it seemed there were train stations to obscure locales; I assume that has spread further in the ensuing decades. While the more remote the location probably means less diversity, I’ve read of the government placing rapefugees on Scottish islands. Just prepare ahead of time with bulk buying and ensure your spouse won’t pine for the city to visit her favorite shop or hairdresser.

      • 3g, yes our mainline network is actually very intricate. Many small villages do have stations, but the real issue is whether or not it is easy to get into London. If it is, then I have earmarked these places as nice to live – for the time being – but they may soon have to be vacated. Anyway, in smaller villages the locals tend to club together to stop these things, not always, but sometimes.

        The Scottish islands thing I have heard of, and where there is government owned (or subsidised) property, there is a chance diversity will be placed there. But by the time this gets motion, I do think they will be a popular push back – the question is will the rural traditional types be able to effectively organise?

        To return to the railways, the place we are now selling in London has had every estate agent squeal “It’s sooo close to the station”. I think these people believe it, but I have seen this area nosedive, because ‘cultural enrichment’.

    • Nice collective noun- also used for Crows.
      I like An unkindness of Ravens ( I know a girl called Raven)
      and, of course, A Theft of Lawyers.

  43. It is curious that all the worst elements of left-wing Continental philosophy leapt their laboratory containment and made the jump from the German salons to the American universities (and we’re all living on campus now, as Andrew Sullivan said). But nothing like this happened with European conservatism (marginal weirdos like Paul Gottfried understand conservative thinkers like Carl Schmitt, but he’s a genius and an outlier). This probably happened because left-wing stuff like the Frankfurt School is obscurantist and intellectually demoralizing (it looks like scholarship, so you try to engage it, and find nothing there, which exhausts the intellect), whereas European conservative thought is actually rigorous and it is a fun exercise to engage it (even the despairing Spenglerian stuff). We should always heed the wisdom of the ages, because our disregard, letting the wrong people into the country after World War I and during World War II, has only exacerbated the worst tendencies that were being driven by New England elites before the arrival of all our friends from Germany. Yes, there are things a hell of a lot worse than the Corona Virus.

  44. It is a way to stand on the sidelines and pretend to hold the moral high ground.

    Best description of the libertarian ideal I think I have read. I’ll save that one for a rainy day.

    • This reminds me precisely of the pose adopted by that rotund dingbat Ed Morrissey at Hot Air during the Obergefell mess. Namely, that the Principled Approach to fake gay marriage was to insist that government get out of the marriage business altogether and let everyone sort it out miraculously, free of any legal issues. This is a bit like demanding to swim without getting wet. Everything from child custody to joint property laws and millennia of tradition being mere vaporous fluff that will never have to be addressed by courts in real life. That had to be the ultimate lolbertarian pose, deliberately smothering the actual institution fostering the very existence of future generations.

      • If you really want to mess with the gay marriage crowd, point out that it obliterates inheritance and gift taxes. If I want to leave my net worth to my son, I can just marry him, transfer the assets, and then get divorced. Watch them try to explain that is wrong because it is incestuous, to which I reply with a “who are you to judge?”

      •  The Left often claims that race is a social construct. Most of us here probably believe that it is actually a biological basis for differences in averages of behavior. In both our primate relatives and in man, there is a spectrum of mating behaviors, monogamy, polygamy, and many other troubling variations thereof. Right now I am not claiming that one form is morally better than another, merely that many different forms exist both in nature and in Civilization. If Darwin were here he probably would weigh in with an opinion somewhat favorable to conservatives that would be something like “homosexual relationships are not selected for in nature because they produce no offspring.”

      • I still visit HotAir to get the controlled opposition conservative views. Ed, AllahPundit, Jazz… Pathetic!

        • I was banned from RimJob’s FreeRepublic during W’s excellent Iraq adventure for criticizing W on immigration. I scan there occasionally for articles and just marvel at the deluded conservative mind that will trip over a communist jew and goes on to prattle about judeo-christian values. No wonder why they lose even when they win elections.

      • morrisey isn’t fit to work on a ride at an amusement park. just skip anything he writes. Redstate in general is skippable. i do enjoy posting comments there pointing out various hack writers who pretend they are not anti-Trump (when they clearly are).

    • One of the libertarian/con inc tells that I am seeing quite often as the twilight of the covaids new normal morphs into the next great fight from the sideline is the market pose. They just can’t resist revealing their free market fetish and personal savvy.

      Of course its because being libcon means you are smarter than knuckle dragging wignats and everyone to the left of you.

      So they go on about the unconstitutional lockdowns of covid or how the cops need to shoot all those commies in the streets, then drop how they “have made a killing in the stock market/gold/crypto”, saved so much from not going out and getting paid to work less, or the housing market in their little oasis has muh home equity to the moon.

      All while the flow of their supposed brothers blood in the streets that continue to fuel these “markets” and Progress is ignored along with the reasons behind the lefts war on all of us in the first place.

      If only they stayed on the sidelines.

      They are participants, opportunists just the same as any other. All their market wisdom conveniently ignores the various counter-parties to their trades, from where the wealth transfers, and the gutted communities left behind.

      Progress that turns small farms, small businesses, and boys futures into condos, amazon dc’s, and mexican laborers – and the gov’t that makes it possible, is fine as long as they are getting theirs. And they will brag all about it.

      • They just can’t resist revealing their free market fetish and personal savvy.

        Every time that one of these chaps vectors his free market ideal in my direction, I like to point out that if your most important commodity is printed by the government or created in other funny ways by the same, that’s gotta be one hell of a regulation right there. Then of course we can talk about all the other myriad restrictions on the market, but I suppose I am being anal.

  45. Who here calls themselves conservative anymore?

    There is some truth to it for sure, as many are paid by left-wing media organizations. just look at the Fox interviewer warning Gingrich not to bring Soros into the conversation.

    • Waiting on “The Conservative Case for Polyamorous Trans Third-Trimester Abortions Should Be Televised During Firearms Confiscation” to make the rounds…

      Should be seeing it in 3 years, if this shitshow hasn’t collapsed by then.

      • Well, we already have the Conservative, Inc. Case For Broadcasting Softcore Child Porn on Netflicks. Absolutley amazing, we have gone from “you can’t say a swear word on a record album” to “movies showing preteens dryhumping and crotch-grinding is Who We Are” within my lifetime. The fires of Hell are not hot enough for these Pedophists and their support of unconscious systemic pedophilia.

    • That was an eye-opener. Fox is now controlled to the point they can’t utter the man’s name. They let some Jewish lefty shout down a former Speaker of the House for just stating the facts.

    • Well I do, because fuck these guys, they don’t get to seize every word they want. But that’s just my Celtic fringe “be a stubborn dick” DNA coming out.

    • when people go on about conservatism (usually in comment section somewhere) i always say: name one “win” of conservatives. that always shuts them up.

      • “Conservatives” are the Washington Generals of politics. They run around and score a few points, but always lose the game, and get humiliated in the process.

        • Yeah, I love the nationwide reciprocity and the wonderful benefits the Hearing Protection Act provide us all that were passed during the first 100 days that Republicans had control of everything!

          Too bad about those bump stocks and Red Flag laws, though….

          BTW, when did your state pass concealed carry, and how many that voted for it are in prominent positions?

      • They will point to tax cuts and preserving the second amendment. The former is more accurately called tax deferments, the latter exists in name only as can be seen by the legal harassment following lawful use of firearms.

        • Which was probably BS. Read Antony Sutton’s “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”. There is also the fact that the Truman and Eisenhower administrations were not to eager to root out communists.

    • Who here calls themselves conservative anymore?

      I sometimes do rather than try to explain what “Dissident Right” means (as if there’s even a universally accepted definition for that — I’m apparently not on it by the Derbyshire definition).

      The state of political labeling is so messed up as to be almost entirely meaningless.

      • I say there is one uni-party and I’m not part of it. I then point out that if you put all the major “accomplishments” of Bush the Greater, Clinton, Bush the Lesser and Obama in a hat and pulled them out one by one, you could never guess who did what.

      • We still need to come up with a noun for what we are. Neoreactionary sounds cool, but I’m not sure it’s accurate, and the neo is, I think, superfluous. I’ve encountered Tradical, which is cute. Perhaps a bit TOO cute!

      • I just use the labels tactically. So depending on who I’m talking to and how much Reality[tm] I think they can choke down before they barf in their gay little mask, I’m a conservative, libertarian, constitutionalist, or perhaps just “right wing”. Mostly, I just feel like a citizen of a country that doesn’t exist anymore but perhaps can be reconstituted in some form. Perhaps “Trumpist” is the closest thing though I’m really not comfortable with that either. Like you said, it takes too long to explain the DR and most people I meet have the attention span of a chipmunk and historical and philosophical knowledge to match anyway.

    • Not to be noticing and all, but the awkwardness started when the black she-host told Newt to shut up. Couldn’t help but wonder if it was actually her commitment to BLM (a safe choice) and not any nascent worries about being called out as an anti-Semite.

      Love “awkward” moments on TV; it’s really the only time you get a glimpse at what the talking heads are truly thinking. That reporter-ette LOVES BLM, and she knows who butters their bread.

    • A truly bizarre and revealing moment. Newt Gingrich mentions Soros and suddenly he’s told ‘not to bing George Soros into this” by Melissa Francis and Marie Harf and Harris Faulkner clammed up and awaited instructions it seemed.

  46. Conservatives were always linked to the Chambers of Commerce around the country, but there was little or nothing “conservative” about this crowd. They were nothing more than a banker’s booster club for uncontrolled economic expansion. A more craven group of sycophants has never existed. Coming to a suburb near you.

    • CoC screwed the pooch by endorsing hard left dem candidates (this year). they are finished (were anyway).

      • I hope you are right. But I fear the CoC has figured out, just like all the woke corporations, that the Republicucks will support them no matter what. So why why not veer hard left and live safely with 75% political support (most Dems and half of Repubs).

    • “Expansion” only in the sense of GDP. Wages for the productive classes are flat by official standards, but are really declining due to deficit spending and currency devaluation via money printing. Not to mention rising costs brought about by the millions who come here (legally and not) each year.

  47. The fact that the “conservatives” advocating free market change don’t have to live with the consequences of that change greatly facilitates the advocacy. Couple that with who are likely paying the advocates to write what they write.

    • Yeah, it’s the classic skin in the game problem. And, to be frank, it is one reason why distrust of outsiders is a useful adaption – outsiders are exploiters.

      • Yep and without a community we will continue to have a really hard time discerning that in/out. Team white is split good/bad, an intractable divide but is at least becoming more obvious who would sell you to the brownshirts for another day on the plantation. Within team white red/right/con, on the other hand, we have an awful lot of poolside observers, opportunists, exploiters, and other sideline fork tongued bigmen waiting for the shooting to start. Forming up and getting that skin in game is something we need regardless of what comes next.

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