The Psychological War

Up until not so long ago it was possible to argue that the political divide in America was over means rather than ends. Both sides had the same general goal, but they disagreed upon the course needed to get there. Alternatively, the debate was over the best possible end, which is an extension of the same debate. The fights that ensued were over the facts and the interpretation of the facts. Somewhere along the way, that changed and the debate is now centered on propaganda.

A good current example is the Breonna Taylor issue in Louisville. For the longest time, the mass media has claimed that cops murdered her for no reason. They executed a “no-knock warrant” and just opened fire, killing her in the process. This led to riots in Louisville and contributed to the summer of mayhem. It turns out that none of that was true and the Breonna Taylor story was a complete lie. The only thing true about it was the names of the people involved.

This is a familiar pattern in these cases. First, we get the incident, which often goes unnoticed by the mass media. Then sometime later the story bursts on the scene with an official narrative and a media kit, which always includes images of the victim from when they were young. In an instant, every hair-hat in the media is chanting the same lines over top the same canned video. A mob is then ginned up wherever it happened and the authorities then rush to jail some white guy.

Go back to the Trayvon Martin story and you see the same operation. First there was the well-orchestrated media campaign. Then we got protests followed by famous blacks showing solidarity by wearing hoodies. The famous blacks are heralded by the media for their courage. Then we learned that Trayvon Martin was not a boy, but a man who was bashing the head of George Zimmerman against the curb. The whole thing was a carefully choreographed propaganda campaign.

The thing about patterns is they usually indicate some common agent upstream from the observable pattern. In this case, it is becoming clear that a well-financed group is working in the shadows to create these incidents. Before the grand jury announcement in the Breonna Taylor case, someone shot video of a U-Haul truck full of riot accessories being unloaded in Louisville. The renter was easily identified by the identification numbers on the side of the truck.

It has been clear for some time that left-wing groups were involved in the civil unrest going on around the country. Groups like Antifa started showing up at Black Lives Matter protests in Portland and Seattle. The assumption has been that various left-wing groups have been drawn to these incidents, looking to take advantage of the situation in order to push their agenda. In other words, you get the incident, then the unrest and then the left-wing groups flooding the zone.

In reality, the order is reversed. It is increasingly clear that well-financed agitators are creating the incidents. They prepare the media kits, organize the mobs and then supply them with riot equipment. Then they use the media coverage, which is all based on the media kits, to rope in support from famous rich people. A century ago, bourgeois radicals joined the communist party in order to feel special. Today they provide bail money to rioters. The useful idiot is a constant.

There are two important take-a-ways from this bit of reality. One is the people behind this stuff are playing a long game. It takes years to build out the infrastructure to orchestrate something like this. It is impossible to do this in every city, which is why it has been the far-left strongholds hit with these riots. The one exception is Louisville, but maybe that was targeted for other reasons. Regardless, this has been a long-term project orchestrated by sophisticated players.

The second take-a-way is that the authorities are either compromised and unwilling to dig into these networks or incapable of doing it. The top of the country’s domestic intelligence pyramid is obsessed with right-wing extremism, a thing that is about as real as leprechauns riding unicorns. Maybe this is deliberate or maybe the people at the top are so disconnected from reality they think it is real. Either way, this has flowed down through the system. No one is looking behind these riots.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the fact that internet sleuths are better at finding and identifying radicals caught on video than the police and FBI is important. This tubby women behind the U-Haul truck caper is a great example. Surely the cops see this stuff and report it to their superiors. Detectives could discover who owns or rented the vehicle without leaving their desk. Yet, time after time, it is internet detectives who locate the people behind some incident caught on video.

Where we find ourselves now is in a world where well-organized and financed domestic terror groups are operating with impunity in major cities. The government at all levels is either unable or unwilling to confront it. Again, it is not as if there is a mystery as to who is writing the checks to these radical networks. In cases where it is murky, a search warrant would clear it up. If the people in charge wanted to put an end to the unrest, they could do so tomorrow.

That is another clue. There’s no doubt that just as the Soviet Union was able to compromise swaths of the Western ruling class, these radical actors have been able to co-opt segments of the American Left. That means internal resistance within the ruling class to looking at who is behind this stuff. The Soviets had agents all the way into the White House in the FDR years. It is not unreasonable to think that radical actors and fellow travelers operate within the administrative state.

There may also be a mix of naivete and stupidity. What has happened this year is right out of the handbook on psychological warfare. There are the hundreds of little lies seeded in the popular culture, which in turn make the big lies more plausible, but more outrageous when they are discovered. The point of these operations is to destroy social trust and trust in the ruling class. Someone or a collection of someones is waging a psychological warfare and our rulers don’t see it.

Alternatively, instead of the political class being the pawns, it is the American people being used as pawns in some great game among the ruling class. The rioters are just useful idiots, used as stage props in a media campaign. That’s certainly possible, but does anyone think these people are that clever? Even if these people are just pawns themselves, it still leads back to the same place. We are in the midst of a psychological war on the country and no one is fighting back.

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327 thoughts on “The Psychological War

  1. I’m really concerned that they got the goods on everyone. Just imagine the treasure trove that are the Google searches of these guys AND their families … the media has all of it. It’s hard not to feel the walls closing in around us.

  2. I thought that Chad Wolf was kind of a no nonsense guy but he recently cucked and said that White supremacism is the big problem … are all of these guys being blackmailed?? I did read where his wife did something shady.

  3. Again, it’s the Jews and the media (one in the same) that are waaaaay over-represented in this effort. Can’t say George Soros on Fox! I heard/read that he gave $18 billion to his Open Society foundation … bout 6 months ago. From there, it gets funneled to wherever. Barr won’t investigate … yes, Barr is half- jewish. You can’t make this stuff up!

  4. well, bourgeois radicals always were the source of communist revolt, not just now. Marx and Engels were degenerate alienated bourgeois whose families had fallen a few steps behind in the rat race, and likewise they were funded by the first bored Brit aristocrat lefties, among them suffragettes and chosenites and really anyone guilty or envious or power-hungry enough to want to upset the whole system – and rich enough to proselytize and agitate to those ends. of course, many more bourgeois joined after communism became intellectual and hip – but even when it was underground, it had that disheveled bourgeois core. it’s akin to the Roman matrons and their wealthy families supporting Christianity, except at least they had the right-minded goal to end pagan-inspired degeneracy; Roman institutions remained to a degree, while the post-1789 crowd remade and keeps remaking everything, until nothing clear can be distinguished and the whole world looks messy and brown…

    furthermore, after 1789 (another bourgeois-led revolt), when the state after secularizing started having its own conscripted total army and disbanding the noble/mercenary ones, it’s become even harder for anyone outside elite groups to upstage revolts. much more so due to the same secular bourgeois emphasis on weapons development. say what you will about the Catholic middle ages, but peasants’ and nobles’ revolts were easier to pull off, and got things done. if only they had figured out to refresh the nobles’ and royals’ gene pool every so often…

  5. Z Man, what is the real story of Breonna Taylor? I don’t doubt it is same narrative. I just don’t know the facts you allude to.

  6. I get why Soros is doing this. He’s going to buy up cheap urban real estate and flip it to the Chinese. That’s his play.
    I also get why the Deep/Derp State is doing this — to prepare for a coup where they bypass the old line Dems and rule themselves. Think Reverse Pinochet. Where WE get the free Helicopter rides given by trannies, weirdos, and other freaks.
    Imagine for a moment you’re an FBI or CIA weenie like Peter Strozk. Maybe you’ve danced around and your gun fell out and went off. Who knows? At any rate you overthrow small governments in a day’s work and come home to your wife and lunch time to your gummy mistress who’s all teeth and horsey. Why wouldn’t you look around and figure … why not take over.
    The Inner Party is running a man technically dead for the past year. With a clapped out whore as the emergency backup. That’s provocative weakness. Trump has aroused fury and hatred among the ruling class all out of proportion to anything he’s done or plans on doing or says he will do — 99.9999% of which is bog standard Bill Clinton stuff from 1996. That’s provocative weakness.
    Soros gets his cheap flip and more billions from the Chinese. The Deep State finally gets to run things. We get the chop. The end.

  7. Our overlords have concluded the civil rights movement is a failed social experiment. They are preparing to clean it up like a bad lab accident. Said psyop is the prelude to disposing of the lab rats. No one will notice.

  8. Rich, decrepit billionaire jews are trying to shove a new world order up your ass. Everyone senses it, few people say it. There’s a good reason you’re wearing a mask. submission. If you want your kids to be cattle for these pieces of shit….by all means , follow orders. If not, harden your heart for a fight. Our ancestors had the balls and the will. Deep down, do we?

    • Balls isn’t the problem, an utter lack of any organization to work with is the problem. Few if any will choose the futile good death.
      Which is why the Right Wing shouting down anyone who says “organize” is the worst and most suicidal betrayal of all the betrayals. There is no right wing, it was prevented from coming into existence _ by the Right. Fear of Feds, jail, etc.

      The Founders did not magically appear in 1775. They had existing colonial militias complete with tax and pay systems along with generations of warfare using their own militias and paying, arming, organizing those militias. In many ways Dirk Pitt built the Revolutionary Army a generation earlier for the Seven Years War.
      Until that war the militia was far more modest, short term, local, and if paid at all there was no regular system. > My point being you simply can’t say •GO• and expect any results.

      The actual function of the Right online including most of its putative members is to self police out anyone who dares suggest organize anything at all as a “Fed” while also offering the false reassurance that a Right Wing exists. It does not, and it will cost us at least 2 more years of Civil War – if there’s even a war at all.
      There is no reason to believe they’ll be any actual fighting; unless the Dems make a mistake.

      The right wing is a phantom, the only real wing is the Left.

  9. I’ve come to terms with voting for Trump, as much as I can’t stand him. But can he stfu for one day? Dude is all over twitter, press conferences, rallies etc. rambling on and on about God knows what. His rallies have become so low-energy it’s embarrassing.
    Putin has been in power for 20 years and has probably said less than Trump has in one day.

  10. Of course they’re not fighting back.

    They have no organizations or groups that will fight back. No Right Wing actually exists, it was prevented from coming into existence by the shouting cowards screaming “Fed” on the right.

    “They must be shouted down” – Z

    Mission Accomplished.

  11. Have you seen a documentary Europa – THE Last Battle on It’s all there, it’s long but worth it, you’ll understand everything.

  12. z, I rarely disagree with you but you are wrong this time. Breonna Taylor did not in fact, do anything wrong other than be the line of fire. She is the epitomy of what Blacks rail against the cops about: killing an innocent civilian. Whatever the details, somebody felt guilty enough to pay Taylor’s family several million dollars in compensation, in lieu of a wrongful death suit, I assume. Seems to me at the very least, manslaughter charges against the cop who fired the shots would be appropriate. Something similar has already been handed down. Neither you nor I would ever escape criminal charges if we negligently killed someone. Neither should the authorities.
    Now, I realize that for every Breonna there are probably a thousand, maybe ten thousand cases where the use of force was justified, But the fact remains that in the Breonna case the cops screwed up.
    I agree with your analysis of the “useful idiots” pawns as well as the clearly organized backers. Again, another point overlooked: absent some criminal (conspriacy) intent to commit the mayhem that has been committed, these individuals and groups are probably just exercising free speech and other rights. We may be unhappy with their messages, but these are just a few of the weaknesses our democracy must allow, or it’ll no longer be a democracy. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see the Feds or other agency launch an investigation and perferably, some high-visibility indictments (Soros? Too much to hope for.) for serious criminal acts. But peaceful protesting, marching, idiots tellig lies on TV and other media, paying someone else’s bond, all these things are perfectly legal. The players may be scoundrels, and their ultimate purposes unsavory, but if they are playing the game by the rules, what can anyone do but grumble?

    • But regardless, it doesn’t matter if she is in fact an innocent. It doesn’t matter to blacks. Whitey killed a black so they riot. The issue here is not a white person’s theory of innocence or legal culpability. That’s whites-splaining 😉

      It’s a blood feud. They don’t want us even getting near their people. They don’t want us forcing our rules and laws on them. It’s a tangled mess of emotions among a people to whom English common law precepts, customs and so forth hardly come naturally. We are dealing with a different breed.

      • It’s a blood feud. They don’t want us even getting near their people.

        I feel likewise. However that’s raycis, blacks have the right to be around whitey whenever they want. My childless schoolmarm teacher in 3rd grade sez so!

    • Taylor DID in fact do something wrong. She shacked up with a thug. For example, in 2016 a car she rented was discovered with a dead body in the trunk. When questioned she noted that she let her boyfriend (the one the warrant was for) use the car. The dead body in the trunk was a known associate of the boyfriend.
      The warrant was announced, it was NOT a no-knock raid. The boyfriend shot at the cops and they shot back.
      Yes cops should be better shots. That requires training which requires money which St. Louis did not spend. Nationwide cops make about 27% hits on their intended target. Hitting the target with a hand gun under extreme stress and adrenaline dumps which constrict vision, hearing, and fine motor skills is very hard.
      If Taylor had not been shot by the cops she’d have likely been shot by her boyfriend or one of his rivals eventually. That’s how those things work out. And I’m supposed to care? Why? How?

    • When I heard the case at first, before I informed myself of the details, the little inner leftist in me instantly started thinking the worst of the cops, especially since they were saying it was a no knock warrant in the beginning. But the reality is, as usual, the whole perception they are selling is a crock of shit. She was degenerate ghetto hoochie trap queen ‘gumad’ who slept with who knows how many thugs(I mean look at her, her weave is pushed back 3/4 to the back of her head. Her pop was doing life in prison for something. She was genetic bacteria) . She handled/kept safe the money for her ex, an upper mid level dealer scum with a a roster of affiliates. She was essentially a prostitute. She didn’t get shot in bed, she was in the hallway, basically a human meatshield, for the loser she was banging that night. She was a ride or die hoe. Never trust a ghetto black person or any of their stories. The literal vast majority of them are pathological liars when ever their degenerate behavior is exposed or threatened by law and order. The sticky icky is making you soft.

    • When I heard the case at first, before I informed myself of the details, the little inner leftist in me instantly started thinking the worst of the cops, especially since they were saying it was a no knock warrant in the beginning. But the reality is, as usual, the whole perception they are selling is a crock of shit. She was degenerate ghetto hoochie trap queen ‘gumad’ who slept with who knows how many thugs(I mean look at her, her weave is pushed back 3/4 to the back of her head. Her pop was doing life in prison for something. She was genetic bacteria) . She handled/kept safe the money for her ex, an upper mid level dealer scum with a a roster of affiliates. She was essentially a prostitute. She didn’t get shot in bed, she was in the hallway, basically a human meatshield, for the loser she was banging that night. She was a ride or die hoe. Never trust a ghetto black person or any of their stories. The literal vast majority of them are pathological liars when ever their degenerate behavior is exposed or threatened by law and order. The sticky icky is making you soft.

  13. I caught Glen Beck’s Crazy Pills today. Essentially, he boils the psy-OP into antifa being the means to prompt Trump into legitimate action and the propaganda we have been subjected to about Peaceful Protestors and Trump the Dictator will get a Tianenmen Square moment to legitimize a Color Revolution.

    I know Beck is insane and weird and also is right a lot. I don’t know what to make of it except it makes sense both from political strategy and spiritual warfare perspectives.

    • I don’t think that is too farfetched

      As Z notes, this is highly coordinated and has been planned for some time. We can see that in that the antifa / BLM groups decided to go haywire in cities / municipalities where left wing mayors and DAs were already embedded, this way they could act with impunity and if anyone dare challenge them those people would be the ones arrested and charged.

      Doing all of this to bait Trump into a Kent State scenario is not at all a bridge too far

  14. “It is impossible to do this in every city, which is why it has been the far-left strongholds hit with these riots. The one exception is Louisville, but maybe that was targeted for other reasons.”

    Louisville is a liberal stronghold. The are tons of McGrath and Biden signs in neighborhoods throughout the city. The Archbishop of Louisville wrote a letter just this week to donors, saying that the Breonna Taylor protests were a natural result of, “racism, America’s original sin.” While Kentucky is generally a red state, Louisville most definitely is not, and there’s a lot of contention between Louisville residents and the rest of the state. There’s lots of big money supporting leftist causes in Louisville. However, the city’s Catholic culture is very moderating, so most lefties in Louisville hate the protests and riots, even though they think the cops were wrong. Still, it’s a very antifa-friendly city. (Source: I lived and ran a business there.)

    • I’m a resident of Kentucky (smaller, rural town), and I can concur. Louisville is a complete leftist stronghold. It’s also extremely dangerous. A&E didn’t set up shop there to film the First 48 for nothing.

      As for our governor; he’s been a complete train wreck. Common sentiment is he got voted in via the teachers because of pension issues.

  15. While not a complicated psy-op campaign, its been extremely affective. We did much of this Iraq without as much bang for the buck.
    One thing we are doing is we are collecting on the leadership of ANTIFA. Its taken several months but news reports of the joint task force set up to follow the money and detail the leadership tree are finally slipping out. They have it as a DHS/DOJ thing but the various and esoteric special mission units assigned to support our Intelligence services have been active in trying to get ahold of the framework that runs ANTIFA. Take that for what its worth…but its happening. There is a huge leap from collecting info and what the deep state allows Trump to do with it but he had everybody in Portland and Seattle working toward that goal. I don’t think the money behind this will come as a surprise to anybody here.

  16. Hi everyone, I really enjoy Zman’s content, I’ve been consuming it for about 6 months now and this is my first comment.

    My question is- Where was the Right when all these anarchists and left wing extremists were the major dissenting voices against Globalism, at the various G8 summits around the world in the 90’s and early 2000’s? Lapping from the Chamber of Commerce golden corporate milk bowl? The economy was good then for the conservative working man so not a peep was to be heard from them either. The schizophrenic fringe left need to be brought into the tribe’s fold. They have inherent anti-materialist values that globohomo capitalists can only corrupt buy buying them off with hedonism in the form of drug fueled escapism, citizen of the world traveler cuck lifestyles and open relationships, not a piece of the pie. The real dissident right was too busy stewing in their own righteous indignation to build useful alliances with some of these crackpots that want a lot of the same things we do- a smaller world, built on community and although they might not know it; tribe. Many of these anarchist and angry leftists are only missing the biological piece of the puzzle and they are burdened with an overly agreeable personality. Why don’t we find more ways to build alliances with disenfranchised fringe leftists to coalesce against the deracinated technocrats and their bought priest class so we don’t miss another opportunity when these overly empathic types saw a lot of the writing on the wall? Many of these people have sensible ethnocentric pattern recognition that they bury under layers of cognitive dissonance and self flagellation. I don’t want to come off as virtue signalling or trolling, I’m just saying, we all know demographics are destiny, and we clearly need more people on our side, but instead of just rabid zombies, I see a lot of future potential dissidents. Maybe I’m being too nice, IDK, but even if these people are completely useless, unproductive ne’er do wells, it’s better to have them as voting allies, than as spiteful mutants, as Dutton would say. They are our shamanic class basically, shamanic Ronin, wandering lost souls, but American capitalism has inspired the Right to throw them out completely, as it has with religion in general. Thoughts?

    • American capitalism has inspired the Right to throw them out completely, as it has with religion in general. Thoughts?

      It is much more likely the anti-White violence and rhetoric has divorced the Right from the left-wing than capitalism or basic economics. That’s simply an assertion I can’t evaluate it without a factual basis.

      • I think it’s certainly a lot of different things, the biological differences between the types are already there, waiting for a wedge to be driven into them, but my point being there are/were “conservative” useful idiots of American style capitalism that when times are good, and even sometimes when they’re bad, fail or choose not to find any commonality with some of these people who may actually, just be virtue of thousands of years of shared history and genetics, have more in common than we sometimes care to admit. American rootless capitalism doesn’t seem to always care who it makes redundant, with the exception of a few key genetic types, many are subject to be thrown on the scrapheap of evolution and progress, or used as toxic agents. I feel like it’s a question of leadership and delegation of responsibility, and creating different evolutionary carrots and sticks, and there is much room for improvement in that regard on the right.

        (FTR, Completely innocent, albeit strange coincidence in my choice of handle that I now see is already being used by someone smarter than me. I’ll choose another if I comment further. )

        • Wondered about the handle, for starters.

          If you have been reading here any time, surely it must be obvious True Cons are not at the top of the evolutionary heap for most of us. It is difficult to imagine alliances with people who either refuse to acknowledge the ongoing genocide or want to participate in it. One is as bad as the other.

          • The handle Xerox was truly a most bizarre coincidence, I assure you. I suppose it’s possible it entered my subconscious at an earlier time, although I mostly consume Zman’s podcast and the blog not as much, and have only read comments on maybe 3 occasions. But it’s possible. Anyway…

            I see opportunity in these people for more race realism red pilling. I was a staunch “race is fake” person most of my life. I have seen the light. Once that illusion is broken, the neural pathways can open up in tumbling domino like sequence. That is why they invest so much effort in denying race and IQ. And the left is backing themselves into a corner and effectively doing our own work with a lot of this critical race stuff and SJW stuff. They are paving the way for segregation, freedom of association and race realism by virtue of taking their positions to their logical conclusions. The leftist mobs and anarchists and blm and “defund the police” stuff is great- They are radicalizing normies whites. Defunding the police is awesome. Imagine 700,000 unemployed cynical white cops who know the true color of crime, no longer tasked to protect the globalist corporate establishments interests and defend the state and it’s politicians and institutions? We could really get something done under such circumstance. Those guys would be a lot easier to mobilize into an ethnostate as well. A lot of those anarchists and leftists are redeemable, they intuit the globohomo corporate fascist bullshit. I don’t mean the purple haired crowd. I mean the more criminal prone ones that act like wiggers. They just need a kick in the butt RE: European masculine ideals, because they’ve been tricked into a false perception about race, and think being an anti-racial marxist thug is the cool answer to globalism. We need to somehow go into overdrive helping them connect dots. One of my favorite race realist websites is gunmemorial. It’s the most poetic thing of beauty ever. It makes me want to shake an inner city jogger’s hand. The degenerate losers who make up most of the victims make you wonder if the ebon warriors aren’t doing God’s work.

            Don’t get me wrong, I understand the divide and I am on board, I’m just saying, maybe we need to use the state of things to see more opportunity instead of the opposite.

          • Thanks for the gunmemorial suggestion. Yes, that needs to get lots of love.
            Just as these riots will radicalize at least as many Whites as cow them–I’ll take it!–they probably also will redpill quite a few of the “allies” as soon as the joggers decide the safest White faces to punch are the closest. True Cons are just as hard to reach as the neo-Wobblies, but White skin will become a redpill for many of them, too. While the reality is many people are permanently lost after lifetimes of brainwashing, those who are not hopeless are far more numerous despite what their public faces show. I’m certain that includes quite a few of the neo-Wobblies.
            The critical race theory bullshit has made many people quietly seethe. The SJW insanity repels more and more folks daily. Throw in the riots, and combined it is the best propaganda imaginable because the best propaganda is based on reality. We are close to the only way out is through. Quite a few people who now chant “diversity is our strength” and “say her name!” will drift to friendly communities as it becomes apparent the mantras ain’t keeping them safe. Many should be kept out, but many should be welcomed, all of which is to say “mostly/partially agreed,” ShineMoon.

      • Yep, the Left has made it personal. It’s no longer different view of of policy or economic theory. It’s a blood feud now.

        • BTW, regarding the anti-white rhetoric and how that is what’s actually driving the divide: Of course that makes perfect sense to us who realize race is just biology and biology is real, but most of these people think race is just a perception, and that it is therefore a choice. White is a mentality to them, and they have been deceived into thinking it is an evil and unsustainable mentality. Many of them even craft fairly intellectual and creative self deceptions. I once trafficked in such ideas myself. So they do not understand the perception of those who take their destructive positions and actions as a personal and existential threat. It’s almost like a child like game of good and evil to them, the naivete and immaturity of their minds is quite strong. The ones who are not just moonbat educated liberal pushovers and there are tons who aren’t, simply need some basic understandings of evolution and biology to escape the layers of indoctrination and brain fog they are in. I am essentially one of these people but with a reformed perspective. I may not be setting the world on fire with my productivity or conservative masculine actions, biology is biology after all, but I am an ally not an enemy any longer, my brain is as DR as it will get, and maybe I will only ever amount to being a hermit janitor, but I am on the Masculine, European, Right side.
          I know where I stand for once even if I don’t know how to rearrange my life. I know there are others like me.

    • I agree entirely.

      Worst case, they’re useful idiots. But they could be the DR’s useful idiots. And UI are necessary for any outgroup.

  17. Detectives could discover who owns or rented the vehicle without leaving their desk. Yet, time after time, it is internet detectives who locate the people behind some incident caught on video.

    Most cops are nothing more than armed bureaucrats. At least half are completely incompetent and lazy. The majority of the rest will do the least amount necessary to keep riding the gravy train. The remaining ones are very dangerous indeed as they are split between crusaders trying to save the world and blatant criminals.

  18. Epoch-making post, as some German academic would say.
    Some people can see the patterns (e.g., lone nut gunman, innocent black child photos) and others, no matter how “smart” an IQ fetishist like Sailer would call them, never will. It’s an element of intelligence that surpasses “IQ”.
    There’s no correlation btw IQ and not being tone deaf or color blind either. The greatest philosopher I ever knew was completely without aesthetic perception (tone deaf, paintings were just colors, etc.) but had the integrity to admit it. He even taught Hegel’s Lectures on Aesthetics one year.
    Spengler would call it “physiognomic tact,” which distinguishes the true historian (such as Spengler) from mere “fact men” carping about details.
    Jonathan Revulsky calls them High IQ Idiots. The real problem is that regular idiots don’t refuse to believe in what they don’t get, like algebra. But the HII will use his “smarts” to mock you for noticing anything, no matter how many times Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie.

  19. Where we find ourselves now is in a world where well-organized and financed domestic terror groups are operating with impunity in major cities. The government at all levels is either unable or unwilling to confront it. Again, it is not as if there is a mystery as to who is writing the checks to these radical networks. In cases where it is murky, a search warrant would clear it up. If the people in charge wanted to put an end to the unrest, they could do so tomorrow.

    I came to a similar realization about the bullshit “war on terror” when I went to Afghanistan. Before then I just thought our leaders were idiots, but then I saw firsthand how good our intel operations were against the Taliban. We knew who they were, where they were, and who their stooges in our puppet government were. Yet time and time again they would act against us while we did nothing. My first real red pill.

    • RS, There are people posting here who have buried family members who served in the forever wars. My “last straw” was after the Pensacola base shooting. Do you think you could muster .000 . . .% of Americans who want to spend their tax dollars training Saudis to fly jets? I think not. Yet we have no say. On it goes.

  20. Each of these demonstrations by protest gangs follows a scripted pattern. It’s like watching a stage play or movie. All participants know the story and their lines.

    Producer: Soros & Co.

    Director: Those who cannot be named.

    Actor: Street mob, police onlooker, medic, fifth column politician.

    Extra: Spectator with smartphone camera.

    Stagehand: Graffiti “artist,” bus driver, weapon supplier.

    Lighting and camerawork: TV and internet media.

    Publicist: Print media and op-ed writer.

    Audience: The rest of us.

  21. I think we need a “Come to Jesus” talk about Jews. The problem with the anti-Semites is that they ascribe like Kevin McDonald magical qualities to Jews and can’t see beyond the ideas in their heads.
    Urban, professional, renting, Jews are a problem — but so are pretty much everyone an urban professional who rents. They literally have no skin in the game and no risk. And the problem is GLOBAL, sorry to say.
    You can see the same thing in India, in Turkey, and in the Philippines. With the usual ultra liberal deracinated, atomized, genderqueer mutants screaming at the countryside that the rural yokels are a bunch of mutant bigots. The deformed calling the rural inbred. But its why Turkey has riots in Istanbul, Poland in Warsaw, Iran in Tehran, India in New Delhi. Young people with educations who don’t own anything want to tear down traditional society so they can get something. That’s the urban global background.
    In the US, you can’t find a Jew in the Joint Chiefs, nor the FBI, nor the CIA, though they are thick on the ground in the media. Which is the least important — Pravda was not the source of Stalin’s power — the KGB was. Urban media professional Jews are just along for the ride.
    The car is being driven by the same people who brought us Russiagate — mostly Mormons and Catholics, but only pro-forma, like Peter Strozk, or James Comey, or Mark A. Milley, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    The military is fed up with Trump’s peace mongering. It is a dagger thrust at their careers. No way they make four star generals with peace, they need dead working class Whites in Special Forces Olympics to move up. They sure as hell don’t want a peacetime army, nor do they want total war which would expose most of them as incompetent like Kasserine Pass.
    The security forces are filled with true believers in the Original Sin of Whiteness (and their working/middle class cousins) and Racial Redemption of magical black thugs. They are even less smart than the Generals and Admirals. Which says something. Peter Strozk is not exactly a spy-master mastermind. BUT they crave power and dream of a Reverse Pinochet, where WE get the free helicopter rides.
    This whole thing is driven by Soros money (he hopes to pick up urban assets on the cheap and flip them for a profit, that’s his entire lifetime motivation), the resentments of the non-White “professional” class like Roxanna Gay or Stacey Abrams or Ayanna Pressley, the fear of the Generals and Admirals, and most of all the naked ambition of dudes like Strozk who dream of being “the one who decides who lives and dies.” As that gets them the most sex and money.
    And it will end in rivers of blood as BLM and anti-fa are moving out the suburbs. As Sailer notes, Seattle appointed a pimp to a $150K a year job. Every black grifter and criminal will want some of that and move out to the suburbs. Where government is smaller, weaker, has less money, and people actually own rather than rent and will decide to kill to prevent everything they own going up in flames. With no possibility in today’s Diverse and crowded America of starting over. And since they know by know any resistance is a capital offense they will have nothing to lose and are likely to do quite a lot of violence.
    In short, the Peter Strozk’s have no risk: everyone is behind them, Fortune 500, the military, the judiciary, the media, law enforcement, academia, etc. so have no fear or sense to take half a loaf and go home and grill. They want it all — the killing fields and see no risk at all. Their targets — Joe Homeowner and company have the option of seeing a lifetime burnt down and living under a bridge for the rest of their life or killing.
    Call this the Reverse Napoleon — the French intelligentsia never forgave him for giving landless peasants part of the Aristocrats estates seized by the government. That turned the radical countryside into very conservative and fueled his armies — fighting to keep title to their small plots of land.

    • Kevin MacDonald is one of the most level-headed guys around. People who try to fit him for the Wignat Mad Scientist suit have neither read his work or met him.

      • Agreed. I don’t know whether evolutionary psychology is an actual phenomenon or not. There is a lot of research that indicates it is. I don’t know and don’t have the educational background to make an informed judgment one way or another, and that is not a dodge.
        But even if evolutionary psychology is simply a theory and not a proven actuality, that does not mean Kevin MacDonald is a quack–he is a brilliant academician. MacDonald certainly makes a credible case for evolutionary psychology in COC. I do know his chapters on the Frankfurt School, Freudian analysis, and Boasian anthropology are solid, completely factual accounts. His earlier work on evolutionary psychology in wolf populations was widely praised at the time.
        Whiskey makes some solid points outside his description of MacDonald, though. Jews are not the dominant ethnicity inside the military and security complex. While the anti-White dogma is pumped out by Jews in academia, media, and the popular culture, which they do absolutely control, some of its biggest proponents are secular Whites who use it as a replacement religion, to virtue signal to others, and as a grift.
        Jews comprise a disproportionately large segment of the radical Left and do the in-group thing to an astonishing degree. Whether that is due to genetics or cultural conditioning does not matter to me. They generally are bad news for their host societies. Whatever good Einstein did was erased by the Rosenbergs, to give a quick example.

      • Yeah but his academic approach is both limiting and lacking in emotion

        No one needs “evolutionary theory” to explain to them why these people are trouble. It seems to me just a way to make criticism of JJJs into something socially acceptable because it has an academic basis in a world where the only thoughts and ideas that are acceptable are the ones that have been proven in a lab or through scientific method, etc. It’s one of our modern day bourgeoise conceits. You see it all the time on chat boards. You assert something, you state your opinion, and rather than challenge it directly you get responses such as “Link please?” or “Can you point out a study to me that proves your point?” or “That’s purely anecdotal evidence, how about some empirical data to back it up?”

        Blah blah blah

        MacDonald falls into that same trap, as it were, and he is a guy who can’t think on his own and always falls back on “data” and someone else’s studies, etc. Like when he was talking about Italian immigration and immigrants; his entire understanding of the issue is from stuff he has read or found in a library, never from actual experience. And what happens is he gets close to the root of the issue but never perfectly grasps it. There is always layer of research and data between him and his ideas. It’s never natural outgrowth of experience. It’s always tacked on.

        I always believed what Schopenhauer said, paraphrasing, that a person who arrives at an idea on his own, that idea is infinitely more valuable than a person who has had to learn it from someone else. With MacDonald and his followers, it’s always the latter, usually people with limited actual personal experience with JJJs. Everything seen from afar, through books, studies. My grandma could tell you more about JJJs from having lived among them for some time than MacDonald ever could, and her views of them would be 10 times more valuable, compelling, and accurate and persuasive. She could just snort in disgust and revulsion at the mention of them and that one thing would tell anyone more than MacDonald ever could. Or maybe he just has to hide his natural revulsion behind a veneer of academic acceptability? I don’t know. Apparently you have met him and might know.

        Make sense? Sorry for the long reply. I don’t have time to edit and make it more succinct. I hope I explained myself adequately.

    • I have given some thought to the idea that the ruling class has actually gone full Manson and is trying to engineer a full-scale race war. Get the blacks riled up and marching on the suburbs and exurbs. Blacks don’t do planning and supply lines that well. They show up in the burbs with their handguns and get mowed down by whites with AR-15s and scopes who finally get that there’s nowhere left to run to. For all the blackity-black love the media puts out, the (((puppetmasters))) don’t really love them some blacks at all. Black Question – resolved, admittedly about 160 years late. Mexicans are a much better source of cheap labor anyway and now that we’ve got plenty of them… A side benefit is that most of those white-Joo antifa kids have bad genetics and multiple addictions and would probably be causing trouble even if Donald Trump had never been invented. They get killed off too in the bargain. I have no doubt that people like Soros are evil enough to engineer a Negroah to rival the one Uncle Lampshade pulled but can they really think the end results are that controllable? I don’t really know.

      • The Latino-black race war that has seen Latinos push blacks out of Compton and Watts is one of the most radioactive topics for the (((media))).

  22. So Breonna Taylor committed suicide? I guess Miriam Carey did as well with her u-turn near the White House. The Secret Service and DC cops still refuse to release their protocols for the use of deadly force. In other words, they get to make up the justification for blowing holes in civilians according to the circumstances.

  23. Nadler isn’t in the ruling class, he is another pawn. This is probably a war between factions of the ruling class. The best option for white nationalist is still the same; do our best to sit it out and hope we can salvage something when the dust clears.

  24. Pingback: DYSPEPSIA GENERATION » Blog Archive » The Psychological War

  25. DHS has been listening in on all the antifa phone traffic, as well as any other electronic communications. they know what politicians are helping, and what media people are helping. it is all going to be rolled up. all the trafficked children being found and released this last couple of weeks are from this effort.

    my prediction: Trump shuts down the FBI as terminally corrupt and incompetent, and builds up the DHS in its place.

  26. I’m a Westerner and have never been to Kentucky, so I know little about the area. The mayor of Louisville is a Democrat. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is a liberal Democrat.

    It appears to me that the good people of Louisville are getting exactly what they deserve for voting for Democrats, just like the good people of Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, etc. Why is Louisville any different?

    • Maybe a slight difference but – Kentucky has a Republican legislature and will probably have a Republican Governor after the next cycle. In other words, it’s not deep blue.

    • I unfortunately have been to Kentucky on a business trip and was expecting the humidity, but was shocked at the amount of blacks. If you live west of the rockies it’s hard to comprehend just how many there are. Even the white people in that state have bad genes. You can tell.

      • My wife is from California and I’m originally from Florida. On her first trip there she asked me why are all those black guys hanging around the street corner? I said because that’s what they do, just sit around on the corner all day. She was shocked by just how many there were too.

      • Leads the nation in tobacco chewing. I used to think it was WV because a Washington DC DJ would make jokes about that, but I looked it up and KY is the winner of the golden spittoon 🙂

  27. “It is increasingly clear that well-financed agitators are creating the incidents. They prepare the media kits, organize the mobs and then supply them with riot equipment.”

    This is a very extraordinary claim, and I see scant little evidence to back it up. That is not to say Soros and his ilk do not take advantage of these incidents, but that is very different from plotting and executing them. Nevertheless, Z certainly is correct that psychological as well as physical warfare is being acted out against white America. The AWRs are using any pretext, no matter how absurd and laughable, to Burn, Loot, Murder. The idea is to fatigue, intimidate and frighten whites into giving in to AWR demands, not the least of which is deposing Trump. I’m cautiously optimistic this strategy will backfire.

    • Depends on the goals – short term, there may be enough nice white ladies who are persuaded by this to vote Dem.

      Long term – many whites are actually stubborn bastards. It probably won’t affect us.

      But all they need is a 2020 win, the ensuing wave of 3rd world immigration will be so vast the R’s will never win again.

      • Folks need to understand that even if Trump wins in this election and we keep the Senate and all, the other guys won’t stop.
        We don’t have another Trump worth a hill of beans to replace this one and while we might get a 3rd Republican, odds are good the US will swing D in 2028.
        Use the time wisely. The odds of avoiding civil war are very low and ultimately you have only one goal, same as the other guy. Win at any cost.
        And yes this could destroy the union or result in half the population dead and the nation in ruins with the survivors, hard guyed men and women who’d give Russians pause.
        This is far far better than half a million to half a billion foreigners designed to destroy the remains of the European diaspora.

        • Yup.

          I’d rather live in a mud hut than continue to see my labour and fruits go to supporting hostile 3rd world aliens.

        • I think even on the DR for many there’s still the idea that normalcy can return. It may actually be now that there’s only a choice of bad, worse, and apocalyptic available. My thinking is that the whole world order is going to fall apart when the US does and we need to be watching for foreign actors to swoop in very quickly. Indeed the chaotic response of the various US states and federal government’s various agencies may reflect that China, Russia, Israel, and others are already carving up what they can behind the scenes.

    • There is no “republican” party. It’s been consolidated to The Party. Or uni-party if you prefer. Pre-Civil War. Self-aggrandizement and feather bedding all ’round.

  28. Zman: in a future post, would you put your steel trap mind to what a “separation” scenario might look like? The more detail on a practical level the better. I’ve been thinking about it and concluded it would not happen until there is a leftist puppet in the White House. A Repub like Trump would not allow it to happen causing true chaos. With the leftists pushing back the bullets will really begin to fly. I don’t even see necessarily states per se pushing for separation but regions i.e. “outstate” areas. Would love to read your thoughts.

    • What people pretend to believe in public for self-preservation and what their lying eyes (/s) tell them are two different things. Has there been a single government program or DOE scheme intended to close whatever “gap” is currently fashionable that has delivered on its promise?

    • It’s good to see this idea is finally getting some real traction, at least in the comments sections of DR websites. For a long time it was dismissed out of hand or ignored, but now I think people are realizing it’s our only chance for survival. We don’t control enough of the institutions to ever fight back, and it’s increasingly obvious this country is headed into a Bolshevik revolution with our team on the losing side. The first step to separation is simply embracing the idea. Once a critical mass is reached, ideas on how to make it happen will follow.

      Vaguely, I might suggest co-opting a red state’s republican party, perhaps by flipping a few key officials (such as the governor and AG) and have them come out and publicly endorse the idea. Once that happens, if he’s able to make this a Blue/Red issue, the rest of the party may fall in line. Not at first, but from that point of legitimacy you can bring on people determined to make it happen.

      The South seceded along similar lines. They wrapped themselves in the American flag, claimed to be the real Americans honoring the spirit of the founders, exploited attacks on their people in the Northern press to rally local leaders, and departed the Union. Seems remarkably similar to the present climate.

      What we really need first is to have a prominent figure on our side endorse the idea — a politician or famous writer. A republican official, a governor or senator, would do. All it would take is one person to legitimize the concept, even through a retweet. I think conferring legitimacy is the first step.

      Humans are herd animals. They follow the leader. One of the reasons the right is powerless to fight back is due to the fact that their leaders haven’t legitimized it. While antifa burns our cities, guys like Ted Cruz denounce the Proud Boys.

      We can try flipping a current office holder through constant social media barrages or we can try to get a single person elected to office who then publicizes the issue. Both are doable. Alternatively, we can try to flip someone on the DR and get them to come on board with the idea — Steve Sailer, Ron Unz, Ann Coulter, etc.

      In any case, the first step will necessarily be a small step, and that’s completely fine. I think we need to do something to get the ball rolling. We can worry about the logistics when we get to that point. Small steps first.

      Consider it like the Doolittle raid on Japan after Pearl Harbor. America was badly outclassed by the superior Japanese at the time; it was believed they were invincible. We didn’t immediately move into nuking their mainland. Instead, we had to first do something small as a morale booster to get the ball rolling. Ultimately, the Doolittle Raid had a trivial impact on the Japanese … but it showed our side we could out think them and outfight them, setting the precedent for future victory. We need a small, but impactful victory of our own. We’re not just going to win overnight. Let’s drop that for now and focus on picking a battle we can win.

      • This is indeed how I see “it” happening. There’s a giant Three Gorges Dam of frustration ready to burst here and one of the small cracks is going to blow the whole thing open soon.

  29. We’re made a lot of enemies around the world over the last 70 years. It’s not unreasonable that each one of these enemies has an operations budget to launder into these very groups. It’s the price we pay for continuous meddling.

    • That’s the thing I keep coming back to. Let’s take the U-Haul woman. She is a fatty, so we know she is not skipping meals. That means she has a salary from a job that allows her to travel around the country. People have identified her at other events. So, the Feds could pick her up and then get a warrant to look at her finances. Or, they could just take a peak without a warrant.

      The person signing her check is the next stop. Creating a reason to look at that firms books is not that hard. Where are they getting their money? My bet is it would not take long before they can find foreign money in the network. That lets them swoop in and close the whole thing down until it gets sorted. That also scares of the poser money from Hollywood morons.

      Next month, the Unite The Right organizers will be in federal court. They have had to turn over e-mail, phone records, financial statements. That was one rally.

      • Chris Wray is a Deep State plant (and just as crooked as Comey, cut from the same cloth). Don’t expect anyone at FBI to chase the Antifa/BLM criminals. Ain’t gonna happen. The whole Bureau is rotten, through and through.

      • The forever war on terror justified an entire MIC industry around “Follow the money”, Threat Finance.

        The problem is of course that the system tasked to that objective happens to be part of the bigger System that happens to be the biggest financier and clearing house of war and terror in all of human history.

        So the hunters must hunt “bad guys”, the arbiter of “bad” being the shadow it casts on a particular day at a particular time, which is determined elsewhere within that system based on Noneya.

        Luckily all that infrastructure is not wasted as the legislative, regulatory, and enforcement tendrils extend far enough to catch you for that super-shady deduction on last years taxes. Especially if you also hate speeched on your twitter.

        There is no will to catch “bad” guys that would result in light being cast across the dark landscapes where the cops and robbers trade hats and ham sammiches like stocks in the market.

        • There is no will to catch “bad” guys that would result in light being cast across the dark landscapes where the cops and robbers trade hats and ham sammiches like stocks in the market.

          Must be kosher ham…good stuff, Screwtape.

      • It’s really obvious that a Federal prosecutor could roll up the whole organization in a week or two. Much easier than getting people to flip on the mob. They just don’t have the political will or cover necessary.

      • U-Haul Lady is all the proof needed to demonstrate how ludicrously corrupt federal “law enforcement” has become. The odds are far higher the FBI is investigating who exposed U-Haul Lady’s identity rather than checking into her financial ties and involvement in domestic terrorism.
        Case closed on the State’s protection of Antifa and BLM terrorism now.

      • Yes. Absolutely. There’s no free lunch and someone needs to find the ones buying her lunches. So many of these non-profits with egalitarian names. And so interesting that Obama had a gatekeeper watching 501c3s who went after the tea party ones while the Antifa related ones sailed through.

      • Tucker got into this a couple of weeks ago. He said on his own he came up with a name in very short order (I think it may have been “Black Visions”), so why hasn’t our good old gubmint revealed every rung on the ladder by now.
        But hey, we’re still getting shamed for not wearing masks and we should just move along cause there’s nothin’ to see there.

      • The CEO of twitter threw a few million at her organization.
        It really is time to start throwing the aiding and abetting terrorism charges at the bastards.

      • You have just given an excellent reason to not have e-mail, phone records, financial statements. Of course some of these cannot be avoided. But you should keep the paper (and digital) trail in mind if you plan to organize.

    • In poll after poll US citizens want us to be less involved in world affairs. Yet the opposite happens. No matter which party is in charge. It’s as if politicians say one thing to get elected and then do the will of their globalist masters.

    • And if that’s the case, they will be only too happy to abet the dissolution of the US by funding our side once we finally get our merde together, organize and begin taking action.

  30. So long as “internet sleuths” are finding and identifying the radicals and financiers, the guilty cannot sleep safely at night.

    • We’re not “permitted” to mention the financiers. They have private jets, helicopters, and 300 ft. yachts waiting to whisk them away to foreign ports where they can send their onboard former seal team security forces to bribe or threaten the port authorities for moorage and supplies. Or they go to Israel (where they’ll pay more but be completely sheltered).

  31. Antifa can break out riot-shields etc. while guys like Rise Against Movement got years of jail for taping their fists.

    Getting yourself out of proximity with non-Whites and their Antifa vanguard has never been more urgent or important. You can and will go to prison (to be brutalized and murdered) for defending your family, your life and your home or business.

    As I mentioned in my comment on Greg Hood’s “Orania vs. Freedomtown” post at Unz and in response to Striker’s piece there on Jake Gardner, it’s increasingly clear that the legal system is a one-way ratchet and meat grinder for racial punishment against Whitey.

    We’re not going to be able to change that on a nationwide or even statewide scale with our numbers scattered amid dozens of urban dystopias. We need to consolidate both for physical safety and social clout.

    The pushback has to start locally with communities of Our Guys within White super-majority populations who assume positions of leadership and influence and even electoral office – or at least ensure that friendly leadership does (e.g. sheriffs, prosecutors, Judges).

    We’ve said it 100 times – it’s not running, it’s rallying & regrouping for strategic defense first, pushback second. Our present position is untenable and has to change.

    • The pushback has to start locally with communities of Our Guys within White super-majority populations who assume positions of leadership and influence and even electoral office .

      The guys on this site think voting is a waste of time. Now you want them to run for office.

      • We’re saying voting for Sleepy vs. Orange Judas is a waste of time, not the local sheriff who decides who to lock up or his buddies at the courthouse.

        • voting for Sleepy vs. Orange Judas is a waste of time

          I disagree. You witnessed how globohomo has exposed itself like never before once Trump was elected President. They’re in a tailspin and reelection will send them into mach tailspin. Provided you want to get the show a’goin’, reelecting Trump is smart.

          Vote for Trump.

          • The reason to vote for Trump, really the only reason, is to make the State further reveal how corrupt and fraudulent it is when they try to overturn the results or refuse to recognize them if he wins.

        • I’m not saying that all. I’m saying vote for Orange Judas, hope he wins, and make the State further discredit itself by denying the results or stealing the election. That’s another potential tool. I get your argument but the idea that just because Sleepy wins Whites suddenly will wake up and smell the coffee is a real stretch and has no factual or historical basis. My guess is the anti-White oppression would tamp down some if Biden won and Whites would go back to sleep themselves. Being openly disenfranchised might do the trick and wake up Whites, though.

      • Voting is worthwhile as a tool when it is available as one that matters. Local offices, where a friendly official actually matters, is an instance where the tool is useful

      • The guys on this site think voting is a waste of time. Now you want them to run for office.

        I see no contradiction. Be the one to count the votes, not the dupes voting.

        Also, as Exile writes below, office is not just about federal government, you can do a shitton of good on your local school board or fire department. Remember, with every political office comes money that you can give to your friends.

  32. Look, they have a good plan. Maybe a great plan. That organization that pays bail for their criminals and rented the U-Haul with the riot gear in Louisville has a presence in dozens of cities and a web site complete with “Who We Are” photos of all the enemies of the human race right there, plain as day. That’s real organization. So, really good plan.

    And everybody has one until they get punched in the mouth.

  33. And it’s serious business, played for keeps. Smarter wins ultimately, so get smart now. The problem is not the useful idiots at the bottom of the social pyramid. Focus. Go dark. Be opportunistic and spontaneous. Use what you know. Accidents happen.

  34. Who is there to fight back? The entirety of the government is compromised one way or another and the general population is either too stupid, oblivious, or afraid to act. I’m currently at a place where masks aren’t required (a lone oasis of sanity) and probably half the people are still wearing them and giving the stink eye to people that aren’t. Given the current situation I wonder how we managed to advance as far as we have.

  35. Where is the FBI, they used to infiltrate everyone, but they are not to be found. Last night, in Kentucky was the first I have heard them mentioned, they must have been attacking their offices.

    • There’s been little comment about the shortage of exploding Mohammad’s during the Trump regime.
      Very simple really: The head of the FBI’s Counter Terrorism Division, Peter Strzok was too busy working the coup against Trump to have the time to manufacture any.

  36. There is a quaint series from the ’70s called Hidden Agenda on Prime that goes over a lot of this same thing. Funny thing is had I seen it back when it came out, I (along with I am sure most people) would have laughed it off as fringe.

    It is still a bit “out there.” But now it at least makes me go “hmm ….?”

  37. Media making stuff up is nothing new. Back in the mid-fifties our local newspaper fabricated a story about my Dad out of whole cloth. The media likes to brag about layers of editors and fact checkers but the reality is they aren’t much better than Granny on the party line a hundred years ago.

    • To me it’s not so much the stuff they make up: It’s the stories they relentlessly promote vs. the stories they bury. You know, like little white kids being shot in the head or tossed off balconies in malls by grown-ass joggers.

  38. There are two worlds, the one before 1964 and the one after. Our empathy well is being drained dry for what comes next. The target is the hominids who are incompatible with western civilization who will never assimilate.

  39. The uhaul renter, holly zoller is joeshh. Martial law, followed by 10k arrests and/or killings would settle this down quickly. What the hell is trump waiting for?

    • Trump is not taking the bait. The Deep State desperately wants to trigger another Kent State kind of counter-reaction in the hope that it will sway enough Swing Voters to lessen the burden on their voter fraud campaign. Despite their best efforts, Trump has not made any unforced errors thus far. But the Deep State will escalate unceasingly, so stay out of the big Liberal cities if you don’t want to become collateral damage.

      • Overall I think Trump has played the riot game quite masterfully. It’s pretty obvious that the prepared narrative was “Trump the Dictator” who would send his stormtroopers into places like Portland and Seattle to crush “peaceful protests”. Except he held them back as long as possible and then pulled them back a bit to let the local law enforcement fail again to enforce the law and show the local leadership as either complicit or feckless. Even the stupidest purple-hair in Portland now can see that Trump wasn’t the guy burning downtown for 100 nights.

        If there’s a “good” endgame for this madness I think it will be a Trump landslide followed by Lefty shenanigans (and more rioting) regarding a “red mirage” right after the election but before the supposed gorillions of Harris/Biden mail-in votes are counted. There’s a definite hunger, after the Covid nonsense, after the rioting, after the endless series of dindunuffins getting justifiably shot, for a return to normal life and economic recovery. This might well require a heavy handed crackdown on post-election rioting and martial law in those areas too. I wonder if Barr’s declaration of Portland, Seattle, and NYC as “anarchist jurisdictions” is a way of flirting with this idea without giving too much away.

        The aftermath could well be that the worst of the Lefty cities are left under some sort of de facto Federal jurisdiction. It’s pretty obvious to me that Portland, Seattle, and a raft of other cities are incapable of self-rule so I won’t shed any tears for end of pretend democracy in them. So does this mean Trump is our Pinochet after all? It might, but more likely he is our Gorbachev.

    • What the hell is trump waiting for?

      A total lack of support from the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and military brass?

      I mean, it’s obvious to me as an outsider. It has to be visibly apparent to Trump.

      • The military lowered the last remaining mask. It has been difficult enough to get Boomer Cons to accept the Deep State is totally corrupted, but even those few who would go there wanted to hang onto the myth that the military was some pure and good institution. That may be about to change, too.

        • the myth that the military was some pure and good institution.

          Oh man, I just read a great article explaining how modern generals and admirals are simply self-interested technocrats that enrich themselves on the Forever Wars…wish I had the link to post for everyone.

  40. There’s no doubt that just as the Soviet Union was able to compromise swaths of the Western ruling class, these radical actors have been able to co-opt segments of the American Left. 
    sorry to disappoint the yuri bezmenov crowd but it was the cia who brought in the frankfurt school and other commies who infiltrated the left, not kgb.
    yuri bezmenov could not appear on air if he were to blame cia, in fact i am 90% sure he worked for them, communist defectors such as bezmenov and pacepa had to play ball in order to get their privileges.

    • Bezmonov was neo-con goy-feed but that doesn’t mean the Cambridge Five and other notable Commie spooks weren’t Commie spooks. The Frankfurt School got here long before there was a CIA or even an OSS. They were at Columbia by 1935 b/c Bad Uncle

      The criss-cross comes from the fact that Bolshevism was Jewish/Lefty from the start so to the extent the proto-U.S. Deep State was in bed with the Soviets to fight Bad Uncle, it was already sleeping with the present enemy.

      Around the time antisemitism became the norm again in Russia post-(((Kruschev))), the neo-con ascendancy was underway in the U.S. The skin-walkers had shape-shifted into American patriots. Not a cohen-cidence. Communism was failing the A/B test for Zionists and muh capitalism was looking like the strong horse.

      Having a cohort in every enemy camp is a strategy that’s worked well for Jews and it’s a big reason why they always seem to stay one step ahead. Anti-fragility and flexibility.

      Their biggest problems come when they get entrenched and cocky like they are in the West now (and were in Russia until the 1960’s).

  41. It turns out that none of that was true and the Breonna Taylor story was a complete lie.

    The most infuriating thing is that everything they claimed happened to Breonna Taylor actually DID happen to someone else, but he was a white male, so of course he got no attention or sympathy. Duncan Lemp is the real victim. The fake Breonna Taylor story is really the true Duncan Lemp story.

  42. I think your mention of “internet sleuths” is important.

    There are a lot of people online who know what’s going on. The question is how much of the Online Realist Right worldview can bubble up into the official channels of power–and how fast.

    People know that some of Tucker Carlson’s team, and some of the Republican aides, are supping at the online d-right trough. And I like how the Revolver website is trying to migrate certain issues into the Overton Window.

    But it’s still going to be a challenge to valorize our anonymous, scattered, but huge Online Realist Right as the Official Right, and sidelining the Cuckservatives and Fakeservatives. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I’m saying it will require a lot of effort. Just keep plugging away, I suppose!

    • There are a lot of people online who know what’s going on.

      4chan could have the entire Antifa/BLM/Marxist network rolled up for a RICO indictment in a week.

  43. First–this is excellent, very well done.
    And here we get at the nut of it:
    The second take-a-way is that the authorities are either compromised and unwilling to dig into these networks or incapable of doing it. The top of the country’s domestic intelligence pyramid is obsessed with right-wing extremism, a thing that is about as real as leprechauns riding unicorns. Maybe this is deliberate or maybe the people at the top are so disconnected from reality they think it is real. Either way, this has flowed down through the system. No one is looking behind these riots.
    It is not disconnection from reality. It is not naiveite. It is not stupidity. The only logical conclusion at this point is large chunks of the federal government, certainly the IC, FBI, and DOJ although it is much more widespread, is compromised and corrupted. FBI director Christopher Wray’s testimony to Congress that Antifa was some loose-knit organization, BLM was not a terrorist organization, and kooky right-wingers are the real problem was blatant perjury. Why lie unless you are directly involved in the insurrection and treason?
    The IC, FBI, and DOJ are stupid, they are naïve, and they are disconnected from reality, but despite their many flaws, failures and shortcomings they are not this ignorant. As you point out, everyone now knows who rented the U-Haul, her connection to domestic terrorism, and who finances her organization. While the FBI has a rich history of allowing local law enforcement to solve cases and then rushing in to take credit and glory whore, this is not the case here. Federal law enforcement are involved with these domestic terrorists and likely coordinating and orchestrating their campaigns. The bribes must be off the charts. It is tempting to call this backwards Third World-style corruption but that would defame the Third World.
    Everyone has wondered why the United States Attorney General has not prosecuted the CIA, FBI and DOJ officials who conducted the fail coup attempt. Here’s the sad reality: Bill Barr knows full well he would be framed and/or murdered if indictments were handed down. For the same reason, and probably closely connected, Barr’s claim he would look into the murder of Jeffrey Epstein while in federal custody was an empty promise for the same reason. Ditto the politically motived national security leaks.
    If Trump is somehow re-elected and the Left is unable to steal the election or prevent him from taking office, the latter particularly unlikely, the J. Edgar Hoover Building and other D.C. structures will, ironically, resemble David Koresh compound in Waco in the last few weeks. If and when that happens, the best outcome would be they end in the same fashion. The worst case scenario is a nation ruled by people who would make Koresh’s many faults seem quite pale by comparison. Their de facto rule already is repulsive enough.

    • What will our side do about this or can do?

      Who’s stopping you? Be like that farmer in the opening scene of “The Flight of the Intruder.” He’s plowing the field behind his ox and hears a jet flying up the valley. Unslings his WWII-era rifle, takes aim, and shoots. Goes back to plowing his field. Has no idea if he hit anything or not, has no emotional investment in the outcome. Pure Zen serenity. Probably shoots at a dozen planes a day, didn’t know in this instance he killed the bombardier.

      Of course I’m speaking of rifles and shooting metaphorically.

      • Of course I’m speaking of rifles and shooting metaphorically.

        Oh good, I was setting up a blind in my backyard until I re-read this part. I can do metaphors.

        • I am a monk of peace. That said these people have names and addresses. Feel free to pick one, show up at their home, and give their family a one-man mostly peaceful protest.

    • From her piece: ”We have all the guns.” falls flat indeed.

      the Conservative equivalent of “diversity is our strength”. Maybe if we just repeat the mantra louder it will start to make a difference.

      A soldier, patriot, Trump voter, taxpayer small business owner, 2A practitioner, with two trusted fellow Americans. Still not enough.

      Death by the mob or by his own hand the cause is the same.

      Anyone who has been unilaterally compelled to run the “Family” Courts gauntlet can easily draw many eerie parallels. They want you dead or enslaved. They get what they want.

      The war on men came for the boys and the answer was to shame the mgtow and incels and feed the rest soy and submission techniques. Divorced men suiciding in droves didn’t seem to rock the boat too hard either.

      Now the war on white men is coming for all of us. I am not optimistic that the answers will suddenly grow fangs.

      So is it separation? Complete withdrawal? Building insulated and self-reliant communities? Or is it vote harder? muh guns? Civil war now twit memes?

      • Arms are useless without the will to use them.

        Mao was exactly right when he said true power comes from the barrel of a gun.

      • So is it separation? Complete withdrawal? Building insulated and self-reliant communities? Or is it vote harder? muh guns? Civil war now twit memes?

        The Big Question: What Now?
        White minds want to know. Consensus is the war will come for us all. Okay. The low hanging fruit appears to be city dwellers. Then move out to the suburbs. The rural question is a bit more fuzzy for me.
        Do nomads fair better? Is there a strategy for small, rural communities to stay off the radar? If building a close-knit cell of like minds, what number of people engages the law of diminishing returns?
        Are their experts on community size for self sufficiency, economics, growth, defense? If the Amish took up arms, do they have it dialed in?
        We all recognize organizing is step one. Noticing (Joggers, biology, JQ, white genocide) and acting actually come first. Zman’s pointing out the Man Behind The Curtain suggests it’s time to ignore the Great Oz and get to work.

      • I live in hurricane country. After the first storm you learn: nobody is coming to save you. Plan accordingly.

  44. Among DVEs [Domestic Violent Extremists], we judge that white supremacist extremists (WSEs) will remain the most persistent and lethal threat in the Homeland through 2021.” And might be seen wearing American flag patches either on the sleeve or breast of their work shirts. I’ve had 3 people call me a racist walking down the street in LA since March. 2 “white “ and one black. When I asked them why, same answer every time. The flag patch on the company issued uniform. Amazing. Those wedding bands look good. I can’t wear one because I’m working around high voltage and large moving machines. I had to laugh thinking about the countless guys I’ve worked with that had wedding bands tattooed on their finger, usually fellas that got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Great livestream yesterday. As usual.

  45. “The government at all levels is either unable or unwilling to confront it.”

    They’re funding it. That “report” that claimed 93% of riots were “peaceful”? Funded by the State Department:

    Of course, corporations are funding it too, and they’re not even hiding it: they’re loudly trumpeting their money laundering in the media.

    This is why when I heard the FBI was dispatched to Louisville last night to “help” the local police, I laughed with derision. As if that hive of homosexuals would “help” anyone but the rioters themselves. FBI probably went to help BLM and Antifa with logistical support and to help protect the Uhaul landwhale, get her back to safety, and clean up the trail behind her and other paid actors, like they did for Bubba Wallace.

    • There is very little doubt the FBI was dispatched to make sure their pet terrorists were treated as well as possible.

    • That was always the play through the entirety of the Obama years where some hug conglomerate would get “caught” doing something naughty, they would then be “fined” with the fine going to “community groups” that were really nothing more than marxist fronts. After Trump was elected there was a move to wash those fines through the treasury first (and probably last), not sure what happened to it though.

  46. I think it amusing that the likely funder of these operations, George Soros, has become the Voldemort of our times. As Newt Gingrich found out on Normie-Con red meat network Fox, saying his name will get you shut down.
    What do we know about Soros? He has poured money into DA races nationwide to elect turn-em-loose-Bruce types that refuse to prosecute many crimes, especially when committed by blacks under the whole lie of “disparate impact.”
    I wish the Trump Administration would do more to follow the money and arrest the financiers. The black-clad brownshirt “antifascists” are nothing more than drug addicts and ne’er-do-wells living on the fringes of society. Without the money for equipment, food and other supplies, Antifa and BLM would disappear overnight.
    It’s interesting that every one of these incidents follows the same template. Breonna Taylor should’ve had better choices in boyfriends and oh, BTW, the perp (poip if you’re from New Yawk) shot first. The jogger in Savannah was running miles from his home and caught on film scoping houses under construction for some “reparations.” George Floyd was a drug addict and abuser of women who died not because a cop legally restrained him, but because he had a dose of fentynol in his system that would’ve killed an elephant.
    Yet we get lectured by black athletes and useful white idiots. “Peaceful” protests result in the burning of small businesses, mostly owned by whites. It’s obvious this is a color revolution that will usher in a pogrom on whites like we’ve never seen.
    If Biden is elected, he’ll either be a mindless puppet or will die in his first term, handing over power to the tech oligarchs bought-and-paid-for whore Cameltoe, a white-hating sociopath who has been whoring herself upward for decades. It’ll be open season on whites.
    Not that Trump has done much to quell this, but maybe he can’t wrap his Boomercon mind around the facts on the ground. He can’t accept that whites are under assault and that a separation (the right to freedom of association) is required.

    • It’s amazing that almost every incident that the national media has blown up depicting Whites as “out to get the black man” has not turned out to be the way they described it after thorough investigation. Trayvon, Michael Brown, Smollett, Bubba Wallace, St. Floyd, the Jogger, the Kenosha guy, now Breonna Taylor. Just by random chance you’d think a few of them would go their way. But I suppose it doesn’t matter to them. Who cares about the truth, since the cities will burn anyway.

      • Doesn’t matter to blacks, when you have an 80 IQ and are highly emotional you’ll get worked up.

        Works on goodwhites too, they want to feel guilty so they lap it up too.

      • The point is to engineer anarcho-tyranny in the moment. Subsequent debunking isn’t really a problem.

    • It is plainly obvious neither Trump nor Barr (unless he is actively working with the Left) never had operational control of the government.

      • pretty sure many army generals are globalist marionettes from obama period, trump needs to replace them & the important figures from secret services & then go after leftists full force, mainly soros, someone needs to make an example out of that filthy jew.

        • Trump should have been purging the government, especially the military, since day one. Even if the rest of the government remained disloyal, he could have used the military to enforce his will on a select few bureaucrats to keep the rest in line.

          Instead, because he’s an idiot, he did nothing and just expected these Marxist traitors to kiss his ring. That’s what he did by offering Mitt Romney a position as SOS. The guy later voted to impeach him. Lol. He also hired a Ted Cruz spy who spent years working to undermine him. When she was discovered, he apparently still couldn’t put it together that Ted Cruz put her there deliberately to spy on him and leak dirt to the press. Same with a certain other female confidant who OBVIOUSLY has been leaking dirt on him to the press. A certain blonde.

          Pathetic. We’re in troubling times and we need a real leader to step up and out play the left at their own game. But we have Ivanka and Jared. This is starting to feel like Russia leading up to Red October — bumbling leader who walked right into a trap and an establishment that refused to take the threat seriously and ruthlessly crush it and its instigators before it was too late.

      • Trump not brooming every position he could on day zero and filling them with loyalists is going to be a fatal mistake.

        • Agreed. I knew that would happen when, in the immediate aftermath of the 2016, Trump went on SIXTY MINUTES and told Leslie Stahl he would not seek HRC’s prosecution. But the silver lining was the Deep State still did not suck up to Trump, which would have worked, and went full bore on a coup.

      • Barr is legacy deep state. He started working for the CIA when he was still in college and was the one who pushed for Bush-the-elder to pardon the Iran-Contra conspirators at the end of his term. As Chief Executive Trump is/was not compelled to hire/retain the likes of Barr, Pompeo, Wolf, Bolton, etc. Yet he did.

    • Boomercon mind around the facts on the ground.

      He literally can’t process a scenario so far into one of the distribution’s tails.

      It’s like my Silent Gen parents. They literally shut down if I even start hinting at the idea we may not have a nation 6 or 7 weeks from now.

      • Same with my Boomercon father. He drones on about low taxes, ending identity politics, and how hard work and individualism are what makes the West great. Hard working himself and highly intelligent.

        Bring up demographic change and it’s like a brick wall slams down around his mind. He gets really uncomfortable and says some vague platitudes like “they will assimilate over time”, “I think everything will work out”, etc. Or lately he just stops talking and effectively ends the conversation. These are just gentle redpills I drop, nothing crazy.

        He’s either actually so conditioned that he’s not able to process the idea, or it’s the first stage of grief. The collapse of your civilization and the demographic genocide of your people is a big pill to swallow, after all.

        • It sounds like the second stage of grief, denial. My late father died in the middle of the coup attempt and was transitioning from shock to denial, and sounds much like your Dad. It is hard for anyone who lived in the immediate aftermath of post-war America to accept the United States has become such a disgraceful shithole.

          • reminds me of german veterans crying in nazi museum, present is unthinkable to past europeans, they really thought future can only go upwards, that’s why i hate optimism, i am a cynic till the end

        • Same with my Boomer aunt. She’s a republican but goes on and on about “the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.” I point out to her that the left doesn’t believe any of that stuff, demands segregation, and promotes racism and she goes blank. She even went to one of those BLM struggle sessions a few months ago and got Covid and spread it around to her family, one of whom is in his 70s and had a severe reaction to a medication they gave him (but survived — barely) … and all because “muh legacy.”

  47. Antonio Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” has reached its’ destination. It took awhile, but it’s here. They’ve got the schools, movies, music, newspapers, magazines, electronic media, churches, government, corporations and more. It’s overwhelmingly depressing, but I keep telling myself we have the truth on our side. Last night Tucker mentioned to Mark Steyn that the left is at war with nature, and nature always comes out on top.

  48. “The point of these operations is to destroy social trust and trust in the ruling class.”

    Hence the right needs to stop seeing government as the problem and start seeing it as the solution. Also hence the restraint on the right, when you get down to it. There’s no more legitimate function of government than keeping the peace. The rank and file know this and know what happens if government fails in its responsibilities.

    What has yet to happen is the realization that if we’re going to salvage the nation, we’re going to have to seek institutional power. In other words, stop justifying the rout with libertariain-ish pablum and end it.

    • I upvoted and would agree but it seems too far gone this time. But, yes, it always was a mistake to leave the governance to bad people.

      • Others have speculated, and I think they’re on to something, that we’re being set up for an eventual Thermidorian Reaction. In that case, why not co-opt instead of settling for tptb’s version of the right. Or it could be the left is genuinely sacrificing the institutions they control to get Orange Man.

        From a civilizational perspective, what is there to lose? From an individual perspective it’s bold, but fortune favors the bold. Almost makes me wish I was born this century for the opportunity to really make a difference.

    • The ultra patriotic civ nat “Rambo Biggs” types are starting to irritate me more than the Antifa types.
      They parade around like a bunch of fucking morons, shout stupid shit, and in a lot of ways are more uniformed than their adversaries.
      At least Antifa knows they are working for the Jews. The civ nat imbeciles don’t realize they are just the right flank of the Jews.

      • >They parade around like a bunch of fucking morons, shout stupid shit, and in a lot of ways are more uniformed than their adversaries.
        Sounds like some people I used to know a few years back.
        Hard men often have to learn hard lessons the hard way.
        But these guys are on our team, and more than a few of them understand this. They have figured out a way to get out in the street without drawing the full state response.
        Suggesting, directly or not, that they are agents of international Jewry is unproductive and defacto anti-white.

    • This might just be another troll to draw Antifa out and get it to fight and attack fellow leftist travelers. Apparently the Proud Boys “event” in Philly was just such a troll: they never had any intention of going and just wanted Antifa to go crazy for the show.

      And it worked too: without any boogeymen to fight, Philly Antifa just started attacking random neighborhood people and its own members. Perfect destabilization.

  49. I have thought for a long time that the nations authorities are intentially not pursuing the radical left organizations in the streets.
    And the rabbit runs deep. I work for a company Trump tweeted about in the past when the company was for sale but because the transaction required government approval the DOJ was involved.
    The DOJ showed its colors.
    The DOJ ignored Trump in my companies case before it. The DOJ ignores Barr. Barr has no more influence than Trump over his own agency or Barr is a insider who is very good at the game.
    We really are being ruled by a Praetorian guard.

  50. The takeaway is that this IS a conspiracy. Part of a bigger conspiracy. Not just coincidences, nor incompetence, nor accidents, nor just idiots having access to social media etc…

  51. Louisville was a target of opportunity. The Breonna Taylor shooting was at best complete incompetence by the cops involved. So the people who organize communist agitation groups latched on and went there since they would have outraged locals in support. But you could tell it wasn’t their home turf despite the current Democrat governor. The cops were really aggressive in breaking up the crowds and making arrests. FBI teams and National Guardsmen were waiting in wings if things got out of control. I doubt Louisville turns into another Portland or Seattle. The locals simply wouldn’t tolerate it.

    • I don’t see the incompetence. They were serving a warrant, and the criminal started shooting. They returned fire.
      The girl was next to they criminal, completely aware he was armed and preparing to resist.

      where is the incompetence?

      • Missing a guy 10 times and fatally shooting another person is competence?
        I’d also argue that 1:30am raids in plainclothes with no bodycams is stupid and begging for this kind of shitshow. The competent cops I know like the cams because it protects them from false accusations.

        • If I were a cop I would refuse to go on duty without body armor and a body cam. Both are absolutely needed for survival.

          • i’ve never been sympathetic to the notion of no-knock raids. if they really want someone in custody, is there really no better way? innocent whites that get caught up in kinetic, violent raids should elicit huge protests. i’m thinking of the guy in nevada who didn’t crawl correctly, sobbing on the carpet of a hallway, begging for his life, finally shot by a badged psychopath with an AR-15 with the eject port hatch etched with the words “you’re f*cked”.
            maybe one imagined good that could result in all this is future zero tolerance for bad cops by good cops – probably a fantasy, but useless in the current narrative that would prefer the nation slitting its own throat.

    • Louisville was a test case to see how much shit the joggers and commies can get away with in a not “true blue” area. So far we’re call learning stuff and it ain’t good.

  52. And there’s another point about these manufactured outrages over police brutality: they’re always fake. The police (or the civilians in Trayvon and jogger cases) just follow procedure.

    So why don’t they pick actual victims of police brutality for poster boys? Because if the “victims” were actual victims, you’d see the responsible police officers go to jail, and then there’d be no systemic racism to riot over. The police need to be innocent or the scam doesn’t work.

    Then there’s the element of provocation: joggers don’t care if people are habitual criminals, but white people do. Championing violent criminals as civil rights saints, is deliberately done to rile the deplorables, hopefully getting them to grab their six-shooters and produce some legitimate right-wing violence.

    • I took an aikido class and we trained for kneeling on someone’s neck. You don’t have to apply pressure, just keep your knee a couple of inches above his neck and he isn’t going anywhere no matter how big he is. In class I tried the technique on my training partner—by coincidence he’s a cop half my age and 6″ taller than me. Yup it works.

    • That’s a good observation. They must be fake because the cops must be unpunished. The only time you get both a dead black and an unpunished cop is when the shoot is good, so all these shoots are good.

      How do you explain the failure of some deplorable someplace to start with the pew-pew?

      • How do you explain the failure of some deplorable someplace to start with the pew-pew?

        My guess would be that they don’t want to go to jail for ten lifetimes, but it’s probably something you’d better ask an American about. I never understood why firearms were part of the American political conversation to begin with.

          • But why? To what purpose? Who are you going to shoot?

            I’m not against gun ownership and if I lived in America I’d probably want one myself, depending on where I lived, but I just don’t see how this militia stuff is going to work out in real life.

            Are you seriously considering challenging A-10s and AH-64s with rifles and fertilizer bombs?

          • in a nutshell, not one of those assets works without a finger on the button, and all those fingers know how community karma works.

          • I’m talking about a lone shooter offensively taking out a few ANTIFAGS or BMs, and I’m not saying it’s wise. But it’s bound to happen.
            As for a more broad-scale conflict, keep in mind the terrible difficulties the USSR and US had in Afghanistan. Technological superiority does not automatically lead to victory. Additionally, I remain skeptical of the willingness of the military to use overwhelming force against a white separatist movement. In fact, I think a large segment of the military would likely defect to our side.

    • Felix,
      Excellent point about the police needing to be innocent in order to push the scam. Never saw that angle before and yet it is almost universal in these cases. Thank you.

      • They have DAs all over the country on constant lookout for these cases, you’d think they could find one or two.

    • You make some good points, but here’s one you miss: The BLM guys have to lie about nearly all the incidents, because cases of actual police misconduct are very rare, compared to the vast majority of arrests with or without injury/death to suspect. As I note above, I think Breonna is a plausible case of police bad luck, not to say misconduct, although based on the reports I read, I’m surprised one or more officers wasn’t charged with manslaugter or involuntary homicide. Breonna’s family also has received a whopping compensation, for wrongful death I assume.
      I go on red alert when I see any adjective before “racism.” I don’t usually read the other side’s propaganda, because it’s so poorly argued and full of holes. Arguing with such viewpoints is usually a waste of time, even in the unlikely event debate is allowed!
      On the race issue, when the poor oppressed wail of what evil racism is doing to them, I usually assume they are overlooking failings of their own. Yet, I must admit, racism does exist. It’s just that, usually, there is no credible source of the claimed racism, nor even a half-hearted attempt to explain the rationale for such a charge. You’d almost think they want you to take them, upon their word as An Oppressed Person of Color, that Black problem X is caused by [add optional adjective] Racism.
      One of the most difficult problems in debating the race issue in such cases is that some of the other side’s claims may be valid. For example, it’s a given that blacks are much more crime-prone, but it is still going to cause people to be more suspicious of all blacks, including the (slight) majority who aren’t dangerous thugs or smooth-talking thieves trying to date your neighbor’s daughter. So in this case the valid complaint would be “Police target us for investigation, searches, etc.” Yes, and it is completely logical that they do.

      • The BLM guys have to lie about nearly all the incidents, because cases of actual police misconduct are very rare.

        They don’t HAVE to. While actual cases of police misconduct may be rare, they could easily rustle up a handful in a country of 330 million people, and then they wouldn’t have to lie.

        Yet, I must admit, racism does exist.

        Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel no hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

        – Joe Sobran

  53. But the real issue is that its global. The entire Western World Has Fallen simultaneously to this. The UK and Australia are deploying troops to enforce lockdown rules. And I think everyone knows at this point that means they’re only policing white people.

    Every now and then you’ll see an article about how well the nations of Africa are doing managing covid. We all know that’s not true, they’re not managing this better than all the industrialized nations, it’s just not that bad. The global death toll is going to hit 1 million soon. Of course a lot of those are lies we all know that but that breaks down to about five to six thousand a day. In 3rd Century Rome they had a plague that took that many in Rome every day. That’s a plague. This is a psych op experiment

    • A disease that kills people over 70 and/or with serious comorbidities – there’s something you don’t have to worry about in Africa.

      • It’s still worth hitting over mask-moonbats over the head with this since it is literally impossible for them to craft a come-back since it would violate their “anti-racist” programming.

    • The UK and Australia are deploying troops to enforce lockdown rules.

      Is thought AU was, but the UK? I had a quick perusal of The Guardian, a paper always keen for government to enforce the common good, and I could not see such a report. Nothing from the BBC either.

      In the UK’s case, the absence of any real wars for our lads in the forces means that make-work is coming their way. It has hit other public entities hard so why not create some more.

    • For all intents and purposes, Australia already is a police state and has been one for decades. But it has not been flooded with Third Worlders to the extent the UK, US and Canada have been. Maybe it is just a matter of time, but that’s the situation there. Mind you, the Aussies have too much immigration, too, but not to the blatantly anti-White levels seen throughout the rest of the Anglosphere (excepting New Zealand, too).

      • I was in Sydney last year and I must remark that there were minimal joggers. Repeat, minimal joggers. But of course they have the aborijoggers.

        The most alarming thing was my arrival at the airport. Upon proceeding to luggage collection, I noticed that out of the six flights I could see on the board, five came from China. Upon leaving the airport and driving into Sydney proper, for a good two miles every billboard was advertising some Chinese built apartment blocks. Then there were the stacks of ‘Chinese-AU’ hybrid people milling about Sydney.

        but not to the blatantly anti-White levels seen throughout the rest of the Anglosphere

        I don’t know about that. Diversity was in full-swing when I was there. Public officials praising such things. Huge oriental presence. Self-loathing whites in power. The usual story.

        • Things can change quickly, and it has been three years since the last time there, but based on my last visit and twenty or so previous to it, the following:

          1. Australia’s primary immigrants are the Chinese.
          2. Since at least the Eighties the Chinese presence has been sizeable in Sydney. Only in the last ten years or so has that been mildly true throughout the country.
          3. Vast swaths of Australia remain almost exclusively White, including Melbourne, which is a huge city. Most of its immigrants are from Western Europe to this day.
          4. Australia has absolutely no free speech to mention when the subject turns to race. The praise from public officials really cannot be rebutted. I realize this is somewhat of a problem in the UK but nowhere to that degree.
      • Diversity showed its benefits during the COVID crisis. The 3rd worlders basically don’t give a single shit about “social distancing”. The whites kind of take cues from them and things are pretty normal here.

        In all-white goodwhite cities/areas though, they are going insane about this. They are truly lunatics, living in constant fear and putting themselves into a depression to “fight covid”.

        • The 3rd Worlders are also intelligent enough to be out grifting and scamming welfare instead of sitting around watching CNN and NPR like goodwhite flunatics.

        • This is my experience too. I’m actually glad I live in a diversity. Most of the ones that are burning are white

    • how well the nations of Africa are doing managing covid.

      No need, even if Beer Flu was real.

      HCQ is handed out like candy across the continent as a malaria prophylactic and zinc can be picked up in their diets.

    • One million what? Total deaths from COVID? So what? That is still not much worse than a normal-to-bad flu season.
      The USA alone is not far from the 200,000 milestone (tombstone?) The Great Google says that 130,000 people die daily worldwide, all causes. Last I checked, excess deaths (USA) is actually LOWER recently than it was a year ago, pre-pandemic.
      I do agree that no sensible person would take any statistic coming from Africa with any seriousness. Even many of the stats from developed countries should be looked at skeptically, as we’ve already seen multiple times with the wonderful CDC/WHO.

  54. Maybe this is deliberate or maybe the people at the top are so disconnected from reality they think it is real. Either way, this has flowed down through the system. No one is looking behind these riots

    I think that it is likely, given the crop of people who tend to rise to the top of these entities, that they just cannot be bothered to do the hard work to find out. Especially when said hard work may reveal truths that will mark you out as the enemy, then you can kiss your status goodbye.

    • There is that. When the subject of Ottomans enslaving whites comes up it’s a bit of a puzzlement since during a big piece of that time frame there were several huge navies in Europe. It’s not as if they couldn’t do something, it’s just that the rulers couldn’t be bothered.
      Another tell too is the enforcement of gun laws. For as much as the leftists in charge of cities complain about guns, they rarely charge gun crimes, and if they do the sentence is usually pled down and rarely enforced itself. Like so much, it’s too much like work: everyone from the local part-time prosecutor to (for the most part) the President is just “phoning it in”.

      • I remember a documentary by Peter Hitchens that was about the EU. I believe he went into a large room, full of books; these, he revealed, were all the volumes of European Union legislation thus far produced. I immediately thought: ‘No wonder this Brexit thing isn’t getting done, who the hell wants to sift through that lot!’.

        That’s the thing, as our systems become larger and far more complex, the work to restructure and reform them just becomes far too daunting. Granted, there are men out there who relish such a challenge, but they a few and far between. It sounds childish to many, but in many cases one cannot help wonder if the interlude of confusion that would follow in completely tearing such a system down, wouldn’t be worth it.

        In the modern age where one must be passionate about one’s work, nobody wants to do the boring, important stuff. No sir, you shall not find the newly employed ‘Happiness Officer’ refilling the printer or carefully reviewing some important document.

      • The Ottomans and Crimean Tatars were enslaving whites from the east. The Venetians were profiting from the trade. It stayed in the east, so the west did not care.

        • True. But simultaneously, North African Moslems were enslaving Europeans from Sicily to the Netherlands.

      • The function of the rulers was to perpetuate their rule over their land. Second was acquiring additional lands.
        There was no way they were acquiring the Ottoman Empire so military action was a waste of their own personal resources.

    • I’ll wager DHS branding white supremacists the major US domestic threat is quite deliberate. DHS is to be employed as the primary vehicle used for suppression of rights and liberties (particularly 2nd amendment) of legacy americans.

  55. This is another installment from Zman that demonstrates he’s getting it. Six months ago the idea that the riots were planned behind the scenes Z would have screamed was a “conspiracy theory!”. But as we see, they are, just as many “conspiracy theories” are conspiracy realities.

  56. I used to be confused and wonder how these things could happen. Then I realized what they all had in common.

    Hint: four letters long and starts with a “J”

    • If that’s the case they’re playing with fire. The fly in the ointment for these wannabe revolutionaries and tyrants and oligarchs is classic – and oh so wonderfully American: behind every blade of grass, there’s a rifle.

      • They’re not playing with Fire.
        This is their business and politics. That is; Arson for the insurance money. They burn down the cities, they’ll make out good on rebuilding them as either low rent housing or to gentrify again in a generation.
        Sure they hate us, but why not profit from the hate?

        Arson for the insurance money is called Jewish Lightning for a reason. Basically its everything they do, all is a permutation of same.

      • My own personal experience with the JQ Redpill was to deny it and deny it until one day I realized the evidence was simply too overwhelming for it not to be true.

        • Same. It’s the residue of the extreme levels of moral conditioning we get from childhood up.

          Jews have very successfully meme’d White identity into the ultimate evil and themselves as the good Chosen of God. Holocaustianity is the new Crucifixion story and BLM is the new Exodus story.

          Setting yourself against this feels like deviltry until you get used to it. You have to put yourself through a form of de-programming and aversion therapy.

          • If you’re a Jew, and you basically own our economy, have full control of media, large banks, and everything that matters, why would would you destabilize your own base? If anything you wouldn’t want this. You don’t want sudden movements or political wind changes. You want a placid environment where Americans watch sportsball and consume as you rip them off and bend their military will to your own ends. I see other actors who have had the US dollar/Naval fleet boot on their faces for a long time. And believe me I love blaming Jews for things.

          • it makes perfect sense actually. If you’re a Jew, and you have been prosecuted and pushed out of EVERY nation you ever lived in (for many interesting reasons), you would want to create a world where it is impossible to prosecute you anymore. A world of chaos where whites and blacks Christians and Muslims all hate and kill each other, and don’t have time to analyze your Jewish crimes against humanity. A new world order. Watch the documentary Europa- the last battle in

          • There are certainly some evil ashkenazi who want to destroy, like soros, but I think most of them have a similar mindset to blacks: They’re in constant fear of the right wing. They think if they push the country far left enough, that will mitigate another Hitler or ethnocentric purge. Unlike the blacks however, jews end up in positions of power and are way more effective. I’ve been redpilling a J that I met years ago via text, but he will always vote left. He just thinks the right wing will come for them all again. The irony is, if they just stayed out of culture and politics altogether, maybe nobody ever would have.

          • Repeat; Its called JEWISH LIGHTNING for good reason.

            The answer is they were losing power. If we must burn to regain the power over us, no problem. Omelettes need eggs.

          • If we are going to get biblical, I see the joos as nothing more than a repeat of the biblical Pharisees.
            This is why they hate Christianity. God has regularly chastised those muppets when they strayed, and made them pay for it in blood.
            But we must not lose perspective. The jews will not end the American empire anymore than they ended the Roman Empire. Our problems with them are a symptom of the disease, not the cause of it.
            We are rotting from within. The jews and blacks are merely opportunistic parasites preying on us and our own weakness.

          • Very true. This is not only American problem but all white countries have a total luck for self awareness. Most white nationalists in all white countries blame the foreigners and desperately avoid the simple question, how could those foreigners entered the country in the first place. Immigration is one of the most voted question on the last 50 years and anti immigration stand is political suicide not because of foreigners but our own fellow white people vote you down. Many politicians know about downside of immigration But they also know that running from anti immigration platform mean certain loss and getting politician life ruined because of smart high IQ white electorate.

          • I’m still reading Fuerle (“Erectus”) and he, like many authors on the Race issue, correctly points out that Blacks blame Whites (and/or “racism”) for many faults that are clearly for Blacks to solve alone. When I hear our side blame the Jews for this or that, I think some of the same psychology may be operative. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Jews are innocent or don’t have outsize influence in our country. Applied to Blacks, I’m the first to agree that racism exists (in fact, I’m racist!) but having established that, it is a stretch to credibly blame racism for all the setbacks of Negrodom. Similarly, if we’re going to blame the Jews, let’s at least try to make a plausible case, with supporting evidence and arguments. The above two posters are right: virtually all the damage we’ve done, we’ve done by our own hand.

          • I don’t think it’s always an orchestrated takedown. They’re just always left wingers, and they happen to have slightly higher avg IQ, stricter parents, and ingrained in-group preference, so they are overrepresented in positions of influence. You can find at least one of them behind every major ridiculous left wing precedent in the federal courts in the last 80 years. They’re 25% of all billionaires, 30% of american nobel prize lauriates. It doesn’t need to be a concerted effort from a group that powerful. If they lean left, the whole country goes.

          • Roman Catholics, whatever their own issues and whatever bleeting comes from Rome, are still deeply mistrustful of Jews. The more ethnic the Catholic, the deeper the mistrust. This is especially true among hispanics.

            I mention this in the event that Trump nominates Coney Barrett. Whatever her shortcomings, she clearly triggers the Jews, Feinstein above all.

            If the tribe turns confirmation hearings into an anti-Catholic circus, we should not allow autism to prevent us from exploiting this opening.

            If the autism lives loudly within you, try thinking of it not as making allies but as opening up another front in the struggle.

          • I mention this in the event that Trump nominates Coney Barrett. Whatever her shortcomings, she clearly triggers the Jews, Feinstein above all.

            No one holds a grudge like the Jews. They will never forgive the Catholics for outmaneuvering them after the fall oft he Roman Empire.

          • Listening to Alex Jones/Robert Barnes today. Barrett is a Trojan horse for the Deep State. She supported the mask mandate in Illinois. She is the wrong Catholic. The Cuban gal is the one he should appoint.

          • Her two Haitian diversity tokens prevent me from marching under that flag.

            Triggering the libs isn’t much fun anymore after I’ve watched Based Gorsuch & Kavanaugh in action.

            Like too many modern Catholics, she’s a Voodeo-Christian at heart.

          • What passes for the “Cathoic Church” is not the same as it was. The docs of the 1960s are all about chit-chatting with our “Elder brothers in the faith”.

            Thats right. Barrents religion things that J*ws and nevue “catholics” hold the same faith.

            And Barrets “people of praise?” Thats a ecumenical protestant-like group that is very liberal. I went to a few events of theirs when I was coming back into the church and they creeped me out. They reminded me of “young life” in high school.

            I don’t trust her but she is better than the floridian. I really didnt trust her.

          • Pardon my ignorance, to whom are you referring with the phrase “the Floridian”? I honestly didn’t know that Notorious RBG had passed until I read somebody’s comment on it somewhere. I don’t watch the news. When I do, the loaded .40 cal I keep beside my bed starts looking entirely too tempting.
            (cue rabid boomer-hater urging me to use said piece)😉

          • “Triggering the Libs” is political masturbation.

            It accomplishes nothing, hollows out your soul, and leaves behind a mess.

          • You may have a point here

            I am catholic and I think it was pretty much bred into to me a mistrust of the JJJs

            Which is why I find it a little strange that white protestants don’t have that same instinct or sense of revulsion. And that they have to be “taught” to mistrust them via academics like MacDonald.

          • Well, unlike the ancient Egyptians, the USA set up promised lands for both the Negro and the Jew successfully. The catch has been trying to encourage the aforementioned ethnic groups to move to these homelands. If these two plans ever achieve success, I have a plan to create a homeland for the Gypsies. The only gotcha there is how will we keep them in it? 🙂

    • No question that, as in most things involving the upper echelons, they are over-represented. But they are not exclusive. There are plenty of non kosher confreres involved.

      • While it is true that our enemies are not solely kosher, those non-Hebraic opponents do not have the Tribe’s ethnocentrism and Millenia-long lust for vengeance.

      • True, but why do people feel the need to remind everyone of this whenever someone names the primary source of anti-White agitation – media-wise, financially, legally and intellectually?

        This is a residue of the Jew taboo – “don’t look like one of those crazy Joo-haters, make sure you signal everyone how reasonable you are.”

        • I don’t think it’s virtue signalling when it is among disidents all by themselves, like here on the blog. You are always a bad man for thinking unapproved thoughts.
          If you don’t push back on the JQ-obsessed, the whole thing will turn into one giant dysfunctional antisemitism blog.
          Not to mention it’s true. The small hats have big influence and there is no denying that. But the small hats can’t (are are not) do it by themselves. If the small hats all went home to Israel tomorrow, we would still have a lot of these problems. The Jews are not the only ethnic group who does it. The Irish, the Italians, the Russians etc all have their little fiefdoms and their own brand of ethnocentrism. All of these other groups promoted and benefited from the “immigrants are wonderful” and “real Americans” rhetoric dogma. The Jews just happen to be both better at it and more ethnocentric.

          • I’m not too worried about this place becoming a raging hot-bed of crazed antisemitism, but if a nigga could…

            The Final Cope is the idea that Jews are simply better at ethnocentrism.

            The Jews are anti-White and anti-Christian in particular. Michael Medved himself said so in Commentary years back and he’s still catching intra-Tribal flak for it.


            Zionism is about Jewish supremacy, not a Jewish homeland. They’re not members of the Woke Coalition – they’re the generals. And they want more than just “safety for muh Izrul.”

            The Jewish idea of victory is Purim, not Appomattox.

          • From the linked article:
            This tension, of course, has long been an accusation of our enemies. But it is not an issue of divided loyalty; that is a canard. Rather, the sense of disquiet is a natural accompaniment to being the outsider, the marginalized one who does not feel fully at home.

            This is the central truth of the creedal nation, there is no such thing. Identity runs deep. They act the way they do in our nations precisely because they are not members of our nations, but are outsiders.
            There is nothing especially evil about them. Muslims are doing it and other European groups have done it here in America. The Indians are doing it right now even better than the Jews.

            They are not part of the “we” and they know it. They want to weaken our nation to strengthen theirs. They must go back. On that, I fully agree.

            It was yesterday’s European immigrants (and our own malcontents) that let them into the institutions and the government. It was yesterday’s European immigrants that allowed them to create/take over film and music and TV. It was yesterday’s European immigrants who did all these things. There are plenty of our own malcontents who will team up with anyone to create havoc and destruction in our lands, or who will sell out their own mothers to make a buck.

          • To me, this goes back to heresy, which J*ws constantly fomented. There were always greedy Catholics who would side with jews for gain, but with the full acceptance of protestantism as “Christian”, the tiny hats had no problem in getting wild-eyed heretics to go along with, contraception, abortion, dirty movies sodomy, you name it. Yes, the European man is to blame, but whiteness cannot hold us together, it must be something deeper.

            At one time the whole world was Catholic. The best of the world. For a thousand years! The last 100 seems to be the last gasp of what was built.

          • Purim!! Oh! Oh! I remember this one. We studied it in Sunday School! That’s where evil Persian Visier Haman, to get revenge on Jew Mordecai, hoodwinked Persian Emperor Xerxes into issuing a decree allowing anyone who wanted to to be able to kill any Jew they felt needed killing without having worried about being prosecuted for murder. Also, they could appropriate said Jew’s money or property and it would be hunkey dorey. This forced the heroine of the story, a Jewess named Hadassa (Persian name Ishtar – I always thought it odd that a book of the Hebrew Bible would be titled the name of a pagan goddess.) to break multiple Persian laws in an attempt to pursuade the Emperor to allow the Jews to fight back when the day came for their desctruction. The Emperor agreed to let the Jews defend themselves and even authorized local authorities to help them. The Emperor also had evil Haman impaled on a stake 23 meters (That’s 75 FEET) tall which he (evil Haman) had prepared for Mordecai. The Jews were saved and wound up with a shit ton of loot and Queen Ishtar and her uncle Mordecai and all the Jews lived happily ever after. Oh! Did I mention that Mordecai also got a promotion? He did! The Emperor gave him evil Haman’s job (since, you know, evil Haman was impaled and executed and all) and made him Visier!

            Leastwise that’s how I learnt it in Sunday School and a Sunday School teacher wouldn’t lie, now would she? 😉

          • Here’s an insensitive ethnic joke, but with a teaching purpose. (Heck, even Google might allow it with such a disclaimer.)
            Three white nationalists are walking on a beach and one finds a brass lamp. He rubs it. A Genie appears. “Sorry guys I don’t look like Barbara Eden, but I shall grant you each one wish.” The first guy says, “Send all the blacks to Africa.” “Done.” says the Genie. Second man: “Send the Jews to Israel.” Genie nods, “Done.” Finally, the third man thinks a moment and says, “I’ll have a Diet Coke.”
            Now, this joke is funny in the sense that it makes us believe, or that the third man believes, all the nation’s problems would be solved if the Jews and Blacks vanished, and that his third wish was a throwaway.
            My point is simply this: It is human nature to blame problems on others. Sometimes validly, but more often not, I’d guess. But the fact is, we would still have many of the problems our society has, even if the blacks and Jews were not present. We could argue endlessly if the problems would be “of higher quality” but there’s really no way to know.

    • You will know Americans are serious about fighting back when and only when they are willing to call out the four-letter word beginning with a J

      Even if just in a humorous way. But something

      This is not a fight that can be won or even organized until people are willing to break that taboo and be open and honest about who is largely behind our problems.

      • Sounds like blaming everyone else for your problems, really. Humor is ultimately a cope, not a weapon. Until American whites stop feeling sorry for themselves and get their stuff together, they’ll continuously be taken advantage of. Antisemites, ironically, have it worse because they’re stuck in a holding pattern of who defines them; in this case Jews. Zman’s observation of that negative identity problem isn’t original. You see the same thing in a abused women and American blacks,

        • I note that the Zman rarely says the J-word.

          Like the N-word, we’re not supposed to actually notice who is doing a majority- per capita!- of the looting.

        • No no no

          This not coping

          JJJs are a problem for us. If you can’t see how they are actively trying to harm us, then you’re blind or willfully ignorant

          But onto to my point, which is that too many whites are scared of calling them out or actually putting two and two together and see how they are responsible for so much of the trash in our lives and the pushing of multiculturalism, marxism, afro-centrism, whatever the case may be which all has the same result of weakening our culture and our people. They don’t weaken me, I have never had any illusions, but many don’t have my experience. And so the point is is that if whites are serious about wanting to preserve their culture, improve it, get out of this mess, they will HAVE to be willing to call them out. Hence, we will know how sera whites are if / when they are ready to take it on the chin by calling them out

    • Have you seen a documentary Europa – THE Last Battle on It’s all there, it’s long but worth it, you’ll understand everything.

      • I watched the early part of that “documentary”. It seemed to me that it was an admixture if some facts, many half-truths and a boatload of innuendo and creative interpretation. I really got the kind of vibe that I get watching that “Ancient Aliens” guy with the wild hair. However, I did bookmark the video (it’s over an hour long) for future watching. Still, though, my bravo sierra detector was going off a lot. Some of the documentary seemed similar in tone to that thoroughly debunked screed “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. But then I’m as skeptical of a “Vast Jewish/Zionist Conspiracy” as I am of a “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”. The problem I have with any “Vast” conspiracy theory is Franklin’s quote that

        Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.

        I kind of figure conspiracies don’t fare well in the sunlight and all …

    • The Jews need America. Nowhere have they had it so good. We made Isreal possible. What is their end-game?
      Second, if there are three Jews, there are four opinions. No way they can coordinate. Hell, look at how many Jews sympathize with Palestinians.
      There are Jews who do everything they can to blend in and there are Jews who do everything they can to stick to their own. It is not a monolithic group.
      Yes, there are enough of them who are not self-loathing that they advocate for Jews. But this is exactly what whites need to do.

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