Court Jesting

The big news this week was the timely death of Ginsberg. I thought it would fill more time in the mass media than it did, but I guess the urban street violence by the Left still ranks higher than old school Progressive issues. There was some hysterics last weekend and into Monday, but then it died down. Even the talk of revolution was tamped down by the party.. Maybe the fix is in as far as the pick or maybe they think it is bad politics for them going into the election.

That has always been one of the subplots to the riots. The people organizing these riots are outsiders on the far-left. The money comes from bourgeois radicals and flows through organizations outside the grip of the inner party. Just as the Green Party was an outsider attempt to drag the Democrat Party to the left on certain issues, this is an effort to drag the party toward hardcore racial identity. The inner party is white and the future party is non-white, young and violent.

Just as dissidents resist letting the political conversation on our side shift back to those old conservative topics like taxes and defense, the left-wing radicals don’t want the political debate to move to conventional left-wing topics like abortion. That will make for an interesting conflict depending on Trump’s nominee. The party will want to do their usual thing about abortion and lady party, but the racial vengeance crowd will want to keep the party going in the streets of our cities.

There is a generational issue here. Abortion does not resonate with the woke women like it did for their mothers. For starters, the proliferation of prophylactics makes abortion an unnecessary option for bourgeois women. Second, most of these women are more worried about their pronouns than having sex. While there is always some man willing to have a sex with a woman, no matter her appearance, the modern woke woman is pushing the boundaries of that assumption.

Just as Baby Boomers have had a huge impact on things like education and health care policy, they have driven the abortion debate. That generation of women is now past the point of needing to worry about unwanted pregnancies. Just as spending on schools has fallen away as a major political topic, abortion seems to be slipping down the list of Progressive priorities. The Kavanaugh hearings may turn out to have been the last hurrah for the abortion issue.

Another angle to this court pick is who opposes whom. There is a faction that really hates Barrett because she is Catholic. There is a faction that hates her for adopting two Haitian kids. There is a faction that strongly distrusts her on immigration. The only people who like her are old school feminists hoping to revive their cause and the anti-abortion people, who see their chance to seed the court with their guy. It strongly suggests Barrett is a Trojan horse option.

On the other hand, conventional wisdom says Trump will pick Barbara Lagoa, the Cuban woman from Florida. She has enjoyed widespread support from Democrats and she would help Trump in Florida. That may be why the Democrats have toned down the rhetoric this week. They know that they will get a sheep in wolf’s clothing from Trump, so they can afford to be generous. Biden will then be able to claim that his side is the reasonable choice in the election.

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228 thoughts on “Court Jesting

  1. I know that hypocrisy never sticks to some people but to insist that the next Supreme must be a woman is to say that this needs to be done because men and women are different, which contradicts the feminist dogma that men and women are equal. Minorities make the same mistake.

  2. Conservatives will always lose arguments to leftists because the conservatives adopt the assumptions of race and gender equality. After that is agreed to, it’s just a matter of who will be the biggest leftist.

  3. As much as I detest abortion, I have to admit that I don’t see any threat to it, regardless of who replaces RBG. I recently dug into it and the issue seems to be centered on privacy and when life begins. If life is not at conception, then the fetus is part of the woman. I disagree but I don’t see it being overturned … hope I’m wrong.

  4. Looks like it’s going to be the latin mass woman with the black babies. We need a Z blog on this right away. I’m warming up to her myself. I would prefer a mean as a hornet Protestant, but I’m one of five left in the country. Used to be the majority. Oh well. A mother of seven with a full time job isn’t very authentic as a traditional anything. It’s quite selfish, but perfectly American.

    • She will force Kamala to expose her hatred of Catholics, and wait til America sees this attractive white lady being talked down to and grilled by ugly Kamala and that horrible Hawaiian and that goofy Klobouchar

      Sounds like a win for the Donald

      • That ends my day on a high note thinking of that. A traditional, nice blonde woman being taken down by all kinds of hideous trolls. This could pay big dividends with normie. I’m on board now.

    • A mother of seven with a full time job isn’t very authentic as a traditional anything.

      I don’t think traditional is exactly what Trump is going for.

      Remember, the Prog, Feminist wet dream is a woman who has it all – career and family.

      Well, Trump managed to find such a woman to nominate to SCOTUS, but it just so happens that she’s a staunch Catholic, somewhat conservative, and white to boot.

      Who are these misogynistic Dems to deny her from having it all? They have told the country and the world this is what they want for women for the last 60 years.

      They aren’t going to come off very well telling her she can’t have it all.

      This pick is 3-D level trolling by Trump.

      • All very true! And of course the answer to that, what the Dems try to dance around, is that none of that matters. The education. The career. The kids. The “working mom stuff.” She could be the perfect aspiration of 1970s Feminism and because she doesn’t believe in the destruction of that family and the sacrament of abortion and rainbow flags, it’s meaningless to them. Now they have to nuke what Feminism supposedly stood for at its incarnation (it was always about man hating). I’m getting worked up about this. If sparks really fly it may open some eyes in normieville. This could be a fantastic hay making opportunity.

  5. Z sometimes makes a cheeky remark up there with the best of the satirists: “While there is always some man willing to have a sex with a woman, no matter her appearance, the modern woke woman is pushing the boundaries of that assumption.”
    I see that Z is selective about some of the comments he allows here. His perogative, I suppose, but Z, if you’re listening, you’re still wrong about Breonna. Rather than memory-hole my otherwise excellently written commentary 🙂 why not rebut it instead, if I was in error?
    In any event, I overcame my initial “How dare he! I’m taking my ball and going home!” reaction. So if you want to be rid of me, you’ll have to try something else.

    • Not that you asked for it, but my take is if this were a white person no one would care. Because white girls that hang around drug dealers and criminals are putting themselves in harm’s way where stuff like getting caught in a crossfire are things that could and may happen. Breonna should ave known better. You are just making excuses for her. And, seems to me, letting the fact that she’s black color your thinking. No pun intended.

      • Breonna should ave known better.

        She knew exactly what she was involved in.

        She wasn’t getting paid enough as an EMT, so she was just fine with being a local dealer’s trap queen for her side hustle

        It’s the same thing at the plant I work in. There are blacks who don’t even make $15 an hour showing up in late model foreign vehicles.

        Pretty sure I know exactly which side hustle they use to pay for those rides.

    • Man, I hope I don’t accidentally live with two different drug dealers, accept “packages” for one of them and have dead bodies showing up in my trunk.

      I mean, that’s a thing that can totally happen to you out of the blue, right?

      “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? I tell ya, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started hear that that sort of thing was frowned upon … cause I’ve worked in a lot of offices and people do that all the time!”

      Or for the even older crowd, Steve Martin:

      “I forgot armed robbery was illegal!”

    • The former “Never Trump” leader responded that it is his belief that the 2nd Amendment only applies to “guns that are in common use” and that if the guns are not determined by government officials to be in common use, that they can “theoretically be restricted by the state.” Shapiro said that he would even consider voting to ban these types of guns in his community.

      This is on Scalia’s head. Straight out of the Heller decision.

      Once again, the Supreme Court invents a restriction on the second amendment that does not appear anywhere in the constitution. And of course Little Benny supports it.

      The “common use” precedent is ridiculous on its face. If something can be restricted because it is not in common use, then any new type of weapon can be restricted, and if all new types of weapon are restricted, they can never come to be in common use.

      It’s one step away from the leftist position that the second amendment only covers flintlocks because those are the only type of gun that existed at the time.

      Our system of precedent, “Well, one guy who happened to be a Supreme Court justice wrote it once, so now it’s like it was part of the constitution forever” is pernicious and evil. Any other addition to the constitution has to go through a laborious amendment process, but I am supposed to accept that Supreme Court justices can amend the constitution on a whim?

      As for “It’s not an amendment it’s an interpretation.” Finding “weapons in common use” inside “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is not “interpretation,” it is amendment.

      • This is why I’m a Scalia-skeptic. Anyone who knew the law as well as he obviously did would recognize that our 2A, descending from the English right to bear arms, was based on the citizens maintaining sufficient parity with government armament to resist tyranny.

        Respect for the “legislative intent” of the 2A also clearly demands that you recognize this standard. Look at the language of the debates of the people who formulated, demanded and ratified the 2A, particularly the anti-Federalists.

        Getting into the weeds of “common use” was Talmudry on his part.

  6. “The left sees conservatives as their id and the conservatives see the left as their superego,” says Zman, quoting Paul Gottfried.

    I don’t agree with this formulation. The ur-issue in America for this progressive view of morality (that is, that morality “evolves”) was the emancipation of the slaves. But it was always more complicated than that.

    For one thing, chattel slavery was recognized as a moral evil way back in the 18th century. The pro-slavery apologist moral position was a southern reaction pioneered by John C. Calhoun in the 19th century as a rationalization for what they saw as an economic necessity. But not only an economic necessity.

    In part the institution of slavery was a recognition by the early colonists of the incompatibility of negroes and europeans. In this view, slavery was the second era of race relations in America. Thus, it was an attempt to solve a social problem as much as an economic issue, i.e. establish proper relations between the races. The morality of slavery therefore was inchoate in American society from almost the very beginning, elaborated later by the Southern apologists into explicit doctrine. And the counter-morality, which prevailed, was that of the abolitionists.

    This triumph over slavery by the abolitionists had lent authority to the left for over a hundred years, which in the past accounted for conservatism’s acceptance of the left as their superego conscience.

    But the left in their drive to elevate Black causes has become so desperate in their repeated failures that they have been forced into adopting illiberal positions contrary to broad Western European values accepted by the consensus of opinion in America. And as with Black causes, so has their desperation grown with feminist and other progressive causes as well, forcing them into the irrational morass they presently find themselves in as they war against Nature.

    I think we are seeing the left losing their status as superego conscience and conservatives adopting many realist right positions because of a growing confidence that they now hold the moral high ground as the superego conscience of the country. This may disappoint some on the dissident right because we may never attain the purity of our goals but for now at least it is the way forward.

    • Thank you. This ties in well with what I wrote about above, referring to Hume who said (as I understand it), that morality, a “should” or an “ought”, cannot be derived from nature, but only by human choices or standards. This doesn’t mean all moralities are equally valid of course, only that a morality is whatever a person or group says it is. Now, and more to your point, since the morality is a creation of the human mind, it may or may not conform to what works in the real world. You even use the word “realist.” Many reformer ideals were/are great. I think abolishing slavery was a moral good, and eliminated a great evil. But centuries of trying to make Black civilization the equal of White hasn’t worked out too well.
      For a reformer, indeed anyone who would remake the world (preferably for the better), there is some need to question the status quo, ask what might change, perhaps even sometimes grab Fate by the balls and twist until one gets what one wants. The downside is, as you point out, an Ideologue will just jump to a new crazy plan as reality torpedos his previous dream. A misguided reform(er), should it (he) gain wide influence, is basically a society-wide version of Munchausen by Proxy.
      But it still was the “moral high ground,” the trouble was this hill is imaginary and the real ground is somewhat down below. It also hurts and can badly injure you when you finally fall down to that level.

    • Read James LaFond’s “Plantation America” and check out the Myth of the 20th Century pods with him on that series. Slaves did most of the work in founding America – but they were White, mainly Brit vassals like Irish, Scots & Welsh, with a number of continental White Euros and lower-class English. The ratio of indentured Whites to free men was more lopsided in pre-Revolutionary America than slaves to free men in the antebellum South.

      If Black slavery in the antebellum South hadn’t threatened Yankee economic interests, the abolitionist movement would have been the same kind of moral window-dressing that the pro-life movement is to modern conservatism.

      As Pat Buchanan said in his better days, Imperial America, born in the Civil War, was ginned up by that old Yankee cocktail of profit and righteousness.

      • I’m looking at my copies of ‘The Fighting Edge’ and ‘the Logic of Steel’ right now. Maybe I’ll pick one up for a refresher. I’ve always admired James LaFond’s writings although somewhat idiosyncratic. Sometimes I visit his website to get a LaFond ‘hit.’ Like all great writers he’s developed his own vocabulary to describe his world, and it is truly a bizarre one informed by his unique point of view.

        I don’t doubt for a moment his assertion that Whites were treated worse than Blacks in terms of their enslavement. They were rent-a-slaves basically and we all know how people tend to treat something that’s rented.

  7. I like how Z takes it to Steve Sailer lol

    I like Sailer but so hard to find anyone with the intelligence or actually the backbone to point out his occasional boneheadedness.

    • iSteve is from a totally different country called, “the past.”

      As a result he has certain mental filters he just can’t disable.

      • I know. It’s weird. In a similar sense, in my mind at least, as with comedians who know what is really stupid in life enough it mock it perfectly yet they fall for the same stupid stuff. You would think knowing what is stupid and being able to articulate it would be some kind of defense.

  8. Completely off-topic, long-running newspaper comic strip Mark Trail featuring everyone’s favorite strong-chinned manly clean-cut nature writer is being taken over by a female progressive hipster environmentalist who didn’t even know the strip existed when she was asked to take it over.

    The strip previously had been passed down over decades from original creator Ed Dodd to apprentice and co-worker Jack Elrod, to Jack’s apprentice James Allen, keeping the strips trademark bold artwork and vaguely 50s wholesomeness.

    James was “retired” from the strip this summer, seemingly for making some BadThink comments about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. (He was one of us.)

    So naturally our woke betters have to grind the humiliation in by making Mark struggling to make money while wife Cherry now has two jobs — a jewelry business that is “taking off” and a landscaping business that Mark has started “helping out” with — all the signs of the ritual emasculation of the Alpha male. I’m sure Cherry with her new lesbian side-buzz will be stunning and brave. Odds on Rusty (Mark and Cherry’s adopted son) being gay?

    They don’t want to let us have anything of our own.

    Naturally I was ripped by some asshole on a comics site for being a “bitter man,” my masculinity was questioned for not being “secure” with a strong female character and I was told to “take a breath, it’s just a comic strip.” (Weirdly, the person jumping on me for criticizing a change in a comic strip has no need to “take a breath.” Funny how that always works.)

  9. I work for the federal government (Army). Not just a few weeks ago, I received an email from the Anti-Terrorism fool at our location that warned about the impending danger of “bugaloo” cells. One of the primary indicators of bugaloo members is support of 2nd Amendment issues. I was flabbergasted that I am forced to work with the Idiocracy.

    • This is the feds’ “SQUIRREL!!” They get to ignore the 800-lb. gorilla in the room–communist domestic terrorists–with that ludicrous BS.

    • It must have been hard to find enough FBI agents with beer bellies and tattoos to cobble together a terrorist cell of boogaloo boys. They must have dragged them to the seventh floor and force-fed them extra doughnuts (oh, no, gluten poisoning) while threatening to accidentally fall them out the windows to get them to volunteer.

    • My nephew is about to complete his tour and can’t wait to get out; says Army is totally into diversity crap. My son was in Navy and tried civilian life but didn’t like it so went into Coast Guard, which he loves. My understanding is that the CG is not as pozzed as Army or Navy

      Hang tough soldier !! Army and Navy may be pozzed, but it isn’t much better out here

      • My last year in the Army I found two bumper stickers with the then-current advertising slogan “ARMY BE ALL YOU CAN BE.” Using my evil scientist powers and a pair of scissors, I was able to make a subversive bumper sticker that said “A CIVILIAN BE ALL YOU CAN BE” and, the last year of my slavery enlistment this graced my gas guzzling heap in the Pentagon parking lot. If nothing else, it wasn’t quite as brash as the famous cartoon of the turtle copulating with a steel helmet, and wording “F–K the Army”. 🙂

    • Yes, just like when they added anti-terrorist barriers or whatever they’re called, to keep bomb-laden vehicles out. Around high-interest targets in Washington, D.C. they make sense, but my local East Buttplug County Guard-Armory that probably still has M-1’s and c-rats? Not so much.

  10. By 1920s-30s, a handful of divorce mill states were in place. It was the Boomer’s grandparents who got divorced in significant number. But divorcees at that time were viewed as social pariahs, and their children were often shuffled back and from between family members with the means to accommodate them.

    This backdrop was significant WWI and Depression era social upheavals – really quite a traumatic experience for all concerned (and the subject of many midcentury novels). It wasn’t uncommon for Boomer parents (the Greatest Gen) to be raised in extended families and without a solid father figure on which to model their own lives. Scratch any Boomer memory and there’s bound to be family lore (or even memories) of grandmothers or aunts with “secrets”, often living with the family for some years. And, as you might guess, an associated bad tale or two about the grandfather or uncle who “ran off”.

    The 50s movie/soap, Peyton Place, depicts the typical GG single mother moving to “start over” with junior Boomer, who lives in perpetual confusion about his broken family. This is the milieu into which the SC legalized abortion. It solved the “problems” of modern life.

    The Pill (for Boomers) made “alternative lifestyles” a reality. Governmental assistance had cemented single motherhood for urbanites, and Hillary’s “it takes a village” mentality expresses the ideal rather well. By the 80s, single parenthood totally lost its stigma for white middle class women. Fast forward one more generation, and we have kids who volunteer to make themselves sterile, both mentally and physically. Someone yesterday said nature always wins – and the inability to procreate will bring the progressive clown show to a halt, if nothing else.

    • As you say, your post strongly recalls (in my case) Tennessee Williams’s famous play “The Glass Menagerie.”
      You said: The Pill (for Boomers) made “alternative lifestyles” a reality.
      [Effeminite voice] “Not all of us need to be on the pill for our alternative lifestyle, darling.” 🙂

  11. Failure to take the left at face value is not just a problem for normiecons. It is even a problem in the dissident right.
    These people hate you and want you dead. They tell you in a hundred different ways. They gin up hate mobs with false oppression narratives. They throw white people in jail for self defense and put black murderers of white people on probation. It’s not divide and conquer, it’s divide and kill.
    I hear endless excuses for this behavior and how it is really something else. Tucker has been especially bad about this in the last 6 months. ‘It’s all just a power grab.’ He just cannot accept that people he knows, people he has worked with and considered friends and respected colleagues either want him dead or are complicit with people who want him dead.

  12. “Principles are for losers.”
    — Zman

    Couldn’t agree more. Ultimately there is only one principle: VICTORY. Everything must be measured by whether or not it serves that end. Win first, figure out the details later.

    • If you have no principles, you are a leftist. Period.

      In other words, Zman and the commenters here are declaring themselves the enemy of the white race and Western civilization.

      • Dead wrong. We have one primary goal, and that is the preservation and then the flourishing of Western civilization. And we’ll do whatever it takes–within reason–to achieve that goal.

      • “Principles are for losers.”

        I think you have to put that statement into context. Principles are clearly not for losers but when you become autistic about it, like the libertarians are prone to do, then yes, principles are for losers. Conservatives and especially libertarians have never been willing to face the fact that they have mortal enemies on the left who have consistently used their principles against them.

        For one example, truth is one of the highest principles. That cannot be gainsayed. Race realists are truth-seekers, and even if our many enemies say that we are truth-deniers, aren’t freedom of speech embedded in the constitution also among the most cherished of our principles, including the freedom of inquiry? Therefore, should there ever be an exception to the rule that free expression should not be suppressed and that we should be able to make our case in the public forum of ideas?

        So principles aren’t for losers (they are for winners) but losers are definitely for principles.

        • Well said. If I may inject a little Rand here. She would argue that principles are quite important, but that they must be grounded in [objective] reality. Now, to steal from the Fuerle book (“Erectus”), he cites Hume’s difference between an “is” and an “ought.” Hume proved that in nature only an “is” can exist. In other words, a “should” or an “ought” implies a morailty, which is a human invention. Now, to bring this back to your comment:
          Principles can be reality-based, but there is no requirement they so be! A race-realist’s principles imply knowledge of genetics, races, etc. (precisely the topic of Fuerle). He will know that the races cannot possibly be equal, because abundant scientific study as well as personal everyday experience shows many striking trivial and not-so-trivial differences. These are Hume’s “is”.
          Now let’s look at Mr. Egalitarian: He too has principles. Trouble is, his biggie is based on what he wants to be true, but he hasn’t consulted Reality yet for his opinion. His principles might be briefly stated: “Race is just a social construct! Everybody, broadly speaking, is the same.” Hume again steps in, noting these are “shoulds”.
          So are principles for losers? Most certainly, if those principles were poorly grounded in reality.

          • You know you’re talking to a loser when he says, “It’s the principle of the thing.” Once they say that, there’s no reasoning with them.

          • Rand was a principled anti-racist because she believed the Blank Slate was grounded in reality. And yet she was also a Zionist.

            Be very careful what you try to salvage from Alisa Rosenbaum’s savage garden of self-worship.

            One woman’s reality is another man’s solipsism. INTJ’s are notoriously blind to their own biases and don’t process ambiguities well.

          • Einstein hated nationalism when he was German but was latter flattered when Israel offered him a position in their government. I’ve read many a twisted account of his biographers trying to reconcile this hypocrisy.

      • getting a little hysterical there, aren’t you?

        Do you have any idea how cutthroat were and are some of Western Civ’s greatest men? They would step on anyone and everyone to make a mark on this world. That’s what it takes. Nothing worth anything comes easy, and hiding behind principles is the easiest way out of all. Similar to someone like Mother Theresa. It’s EASY to be a good person, because you paint by numbers and just do what has already been laid out for you; there is no internal struggle if you think you are going God’s work. It makes life easy. And why people like her should never be sainted.

  13. Trump blew it by promising to nominate a woman. He should have sent an emissary to Clarence Thomas with a proposal to nominate a black man for the Ginsberg seat in exchange for Thomas agreeing to step down. Could have had a twofer.

    Just imagine the chaos if there were two nominations before the election!

    • Thomas is a one in a million. He is probably the best black man in the country in terms of intelligence combined with wisdom and level-headedness. I don’t think he can be easily replaced.

  14. The courts being so left-wing is at least in part due to FDR. FDR did not just remake the courts, he remade law as a profession. This is one of the reasons law has often been out in front of the leftward shifting culture. By the time of his death he appointed all 9 SCOTUS judges and god only knows how many federal judges. All of their decisions and all of their prestige were funneled directly into the law schools and the Bars. Every last one of them had clerks under them.
    It would be interesting to know how many SCOTUS judges appointed later under different Presidents were initially appointed to federal positions by FDR. By the time Eisenhower became President, the entire federal judicial system was Democrat appointed.

    • Ruth Buzzy was herself almost a living extension of FDR. I’ll get shouted down for saying this, but in a weird sort way, Scalia’s own results-oriented outlook was in common with hers. Thomas is our best died-in-the-wool reactionary in a century, for my money. I really wish Trump would consult with him about nominations. Wishing that is probably unrealistic, since Trump isn’t exactly what any of us would consider philosophical. Plus he has Evita-in-training taking up much of the office oxygen.

      • Thomas is pretty good, but usually his vote doesn’t count. Roberts loved to posture and preen when his vote didn’t count. The second he broke the tie, all of the pretense was gone and he did what he was supposed to do.

        The real answer is what one of the crazies in the linked articles today was advocating, which is to end the concept of judicial review. Whatever flaws exist in the legislature approach, legislation is not permanent.
        With the judicial we get this Stare Decisis concept where the left sets new precedents and the alleged right upholds them as established law. This has become so ensconced in our ideas that once a black or a woman touches a chair, it becomes permanently black or woman and now “Hispanic” White male chairs never take on the identity of the white male and become a white male seat. Every single one of those seats were once held by a white male.
        A lot of people don’t know this but the civil rights act wasn’t the first civil rights act enacting the same exact stuff. In the 19th century the Congress enacted a civil rights act forcing any business open to the public could not turn away blacks. The SCOTUS shot it down for the blatant violation of property rights and free association that it is. The left didn’t care. Once they get something ruled on once, that becomes the new “law of the land” In a 5-4 decision we get one person declaring the “supreme law of the land” basically forever.

        • If you don’t think Thomas’s vote counts, wait until he dies and is replaced by Kamala Harris’s nominee.

    • Thus my objection to part of Z’s prescription for reforming Supreme Court appointments a few days ago when he specified that they had to be licensed lawyers who’d practiced before the Supreme Court and have been sitting judges. The people you are going to get by restricting yourself to those requirements are the same status quo mediocrities we’ve always had. I’d rather a respected non-lawyer be at least allowed to get on the court. A lot of what the Supreme Court does isn’t nuts and bolts case law. It’s making big calls about the nature of the society and the constitution (in theory), and those big calls ought to be able to be reasoned by a smart, principled non-lawyer.

      The problem with lawyers, as I’ve said many times in regard to Eugene Volokh, is that they think like lawyers.

  15. Chateau Heartiste had an interesting Gab post the other day arguing that the left is sometimes right for all the wrong reasons, whereas the right is often just wrong. I think the example was identity politics, in which the left is absolutely right that it matters, whereas the conventional right is always trying to suppress it (especially in lecturing only white people to avoid it), claim it doesn’t matter, or argue that ideology can trump identity. Well, they’re just wrong, which is why they lose.

    Another example is that all cops ARE indeed bastards, like the left claims, but not for the reasons the left argues. Cops are bastards not because they brutalize black people, but rather because they brutalize any white people forced to defend themselves from black people. Meanwhile the conventional right blabs about a “thin blue line” at the same time as said line stands idly by while they’re assaulted.

    The latest cop outrage is from LA, where no cops were to be found as BLM terrorists milled in the streets last night. A driver attempted to go around the terrorist mob, was attacked, and fled. The terrorist mob actually jumped in a pickup and chased the driver down, cut him off, and attempted to Reginald Denny him. Again, no cops to be found. The driver miraculously escaped again, but once he was finally safe the cops pulled him over and arrested him.

        • Exactly. Will to Power gives the Left clarity of purpose that the Right lacks.

          The conservative first thinks “should I do this” – the Leftist merely asks “how?”

    • You can also see why the elite is so desperate to rein in social media; even with all-out censorship too many clips of reality keep slipping through and destroying official narratives. Any social media outlet that isn’t fully under their control, like Gab or TikTok, is immediately targeted for destruction.

      It makes you wonder how many of the pre-social media narratives sold by the mainstream media are accurate. Whenever someone prattles “Property damage and violence are never OK; we should be protesting peacefully like MLK did in the 60s!” you have to wonder how much of MLK’s “peaceful legacy” is a fictional concoction that survives only because no social media reality existed to puncture the official narratives that were recorded in the history books.

      A little bit of digging suggests things were hardly rosy back then, but none of the accounts from average white people made it into the history books.

      • MLK demonstrates exactly why secular sainthood should be conferred on no one. Nine-tenths of that man’s legacy is pure horseshit. And look at all the normie-cons trying to embrace him as one of their own. Preposterous!

      • <i>It makes you wonder how many of the pre-social media narratives sold by the mainstream media are accurate.</i>

        Indeed. If you read old newspapers, a lot of the stories are patently absurd by even a cursory examination.

        People complain that social media has ushered in an era of fake news and how you can no longer be sure about what’s true or not. It’s the opposite: social media has shone a spotlight on the cockroaches, but they were there all the time.

        • The primary boon (and bane) of the internet age is it makes virtually everyone a potential author, video producer, etc. as well as a consumer of an almost infinite variety of similar products.
          It’s hardly an exaggeration to compare the jump from mid-20th century office technology to the present computer age, to that of the jump from illuminated manuscripts to the invention of the printing press. The interchange of ideas increases by orders of magnitude (I always love that ponderous expression, which in simpler days was “grew tenfold”).
          The variety and freedom are wonderful, of course. But the downside is that with all that vastly increased quantity, where is the quality? The path to wisdom has always required looking in the pile of maure for the grain of rice. There are more rice grains, true, but the pile grew proportionally bigger!

    • conservatives delude themselves when they argue that if blacks only knew the left was using them and buying them off with freebies, that if blacks ever woke up to this fact they would never vote Dem again. Sorry guys, blacks are not quiet people, and if the arrangement bothered them they let would let us know. Rather, they love the arrangement and don’t want jobs and “liberty,” they want to do nothing and collect welfare, and the Left gets it and caters to them on that level. Conservatives fall for that universal trap that everyone is the same and only wants liberty and government out of their lives.

      • I pretty much get blank incomprehension from normiecons when I explain that black people absolutely do not want “to be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin” because if they were, it would go very badly for them.

        Top colleges and universities would have almost no blacks if they were admitted strictly on merit. And that would be an intolerable reality for them.

      • Blacks in general are not intelligent enough to value liberty and freedom. For the most part, they cannot write poetry, author books, or pen screenplays (or originate theorems or prove theories … or comprehend them). Freedom is of no use to them because they lack the faculty to pursue any of its fruits. Thus, they are happy to collect welfare and live in a dystopia by White standards. They’ll always vote democrat or whomever promises them the most free stuff or is the most loyal to their tribe.

    • There was also that Salt Lake City cop that shot that 13 year old white kid the other day. WTF is up with that?

      • I understand he was autistic, had a meltdown behavior and his apparently single mother called the police to “help” and they helped in the only way they know how.

  16. There’s one heck of a tantric tango going on here that will likely culminate in unifying and strengthing the male justices to restore the rule of law. The scales of justice are rebalancing.

    • You’re correct to call them “male” justices, assuming we still make distinctions between males and men.

  17. The youtube version of this podcast in “not available in your country” (Denmark). The channel is still open. It could be some copyright related issue to music used or it could be that YouTube is slowly restricting the channel availability.

    • Interesting. I don’t see any flags. I’ve used the music before with no issue. When I click on it, it says it is blocked in some countries due to copyright, but nothing more.

      There are many other options though.

      • In the waiting room to have blood drawn earlier this week I tried to surf over to the Z Man only to be told that you are vending HATRED and RACISM and that I certainly could not proceed any farther. Had to turn off the WiFi to find you. They aren’t (yet) censoring the cellular network.

      • VPNs provide you a lot less security and privacy than you may think they do for most uses.

        For most purposes they’re irrelevant, because

        A) Your traffic is already encrypted via HTTPS/TLS, and
        B) it’s not man-in-the-middle de-encryption attacks that are the big attack/surveillance vector anyway. Most of the ways you are being tracked happen at the endpoint of the website, after your traffic has been de-encrypted. The government doesn’t have to bug your ISP — they just have to subpoena all your Google, Disqus, etc. and other website records. They’ll comply.

        The only thing VPNs do is obscure your original IP address, from the endpoint, and that’s rarely how they’re tracking you. It’s great for convincing Netflix your signing in from a different region, but it won’t protect you from the government.

        You also have to believe the VPN company won’t roll over when the government requests their logs.

        Disabling all cookies and scripts can help, but anyone who has ever tried browsing without cookies for any length of time knows what a huge pain in the butt that is.

        • Perhaps you’ll know the answer on this:

          If a shitlib wanted to dox one of us posting on this page, how would they go about doing so and what precautions should we take?

          • Assuming I didn’t have any inside access to Facebook, Disqus or Google, I’d start doing the hard footwork: watching for information that helped narrow down the location and identity of the poster — mentions of his city, activities, family members, school district, alma mater, profession, backgrounds in photos he posted (not really applicable here) etc. I’d look for similar matches on blogs/sites with related content for handles of similar names, then start trying to find a (perhaps inadvertent) matchup between a handle and email address, then try to take the pieces of info I have to social media that uses real names, LinkedIn, etc.

            Every relationship that I can confirm makes it easier. Maybe MemeWarVet is pretty secure, but say MemeWarVet mentions that he’s IRL friends with MolonLabeBaby and it turns out that MLB puts identifying info all over the goddamned place, then first I’m going to ID MLB and then see if I can his MLB’s connection to you to identify you.

            I’m going to try to use “social engineering” — use sock puppet accounts to start threads that encourage you to reveal things about yourself. I might catfish you. I might set up an online community for “people of like minds” to discuss things. It will be on a password protected site and it will feel like a safe space. Lots of people on the site will be perfectly legit dupes like you.

            There are ways I can, right here on the Zman blog, without any administrative access to the site, track who is visiting a particular thread and when (VPNs will help some with this), as well as information about your computer.

            Some people aren’t easy to dox. Tucker Carlson’s writer who got doxed left some big clues to his identity over a period of years, but it took a lot of work to put that together.

            There are almost no really good hackers out there targeting you specifically and getting onto your computer and stealing your stuff — they’re mostly casting a wide net and going for low-hanging fruit (credit card numbers), unless you are someone important or with access to an important target. But if you encounter one, it will almost certainly be through phishing (an email that has you download a corrupted file or visit a malicious site) or script attack from a hacked website, or DNS/URL hijacking.

            The list of people who can directly intercept your ip stream is really pretty small, and if a government decides it wants to do it, they’re going to succeed, one way or another.

          • Your advice sounds spot on to my decades-out-of-date and barely-relevant IT background. Not everybody here has the luxury, but people like me have little to lose, having no close family, retired, not actively socially, etc. Hypothetically speaking of course 😀 for example, I wouldn’t be too worried if my AA buddies find out I’m a dissident rightist in addition to being a drunk.

        • The best protection against doxxing is to have a job and a lifestyle that isn’t that fragile to being doxxed. As Viz notes, if the Feds are the ones who want you, they’re going to get you.

          The opsec 99% of guys in Our Thing use is mostly good for filtering out “meddling kids” level wanna-be’s and self-appointed enforcers like the old Louise Mensch Kidz Club on Twitter. Still necessary because there are unfortunately a lot of those phags out there, but if you want real security, change your job and make sure your personal life is solid (wife’s on board, etc…).

  18. I used to have to lead the interns hiring process in my department. We were looking for Industrial Engineering and / or Business Majors. I was supposed to present my bosses with a diverse pool of candidates but literally never had a qualified black candidate cross my desk. I had to include some women and Asians to check the “diverse” box.

  19. Exile earlier wrote what approximates my feelings about the USSC vacancy, although the first two amendments to our twitching constitution may be semi-preserved by this overdue death. That written, you hit on the most interesting aspect of the USSC vacancy. When did the Republicans start to feel a tingle where their vestigial gonads are? More importantly, why? Let me suggest it was here:

    (Note, Dragon Lady Madame Chao has a bigger pair than Mitch)

    And here:

    So it was either start to push back or run back to My Old Kentucky Home.

    McConnell and Company for decades serviced their donors lavishly and next to never threw their voters a bone. As Whites back home bitched and moaned about job losses, rampant immigration and Johnny actually having to go fight for Greater Judea and Samaria, the GOP members of the Ho House and The World’s Greatest Deceptive Body whispered sweet-nothings in their ears and later broke McKinleys at liquor stores around the District.

    Topping it off, Big Bucks, Inc., started to date the Left and spend more time and money with the strange.

    Your analysis was pretty well spot on, too. Circumstances are forcing the Republicans to shift from center-left to center because otherwise they will not be electable and those angry Woke folks probably will be even less restrained once they are out of office.

  20. I can’t get that excited about the court. Whoever Trump picks will be better than whoever Biden’s handlers would pick. That’s about it. The hope that the court will smash down all the unconstitutional gun laws in the country is just a pipe dream.

  21. American Boomers aborted like crazy, the abortion rate in the 80s 90s and 00s is double today”s.

    Alot of the leftist radicals (young, hysterical, females) today just consider abortion as a “settled issue” and have never dealt with any serious pushback on their position. College men are simps.

  22. As long as the nominee is a woman, the rule of feelings will supercede the rule of law, and R Buzzi G, the rock star, will pass the torch of her lit legacy down the line. Roe v Wade is a red herring, and will never be overturned.

    • The Charlie Kirk/Matt Walsh redemption arc has been interesting.
      Wondering if the constant Groyper mockery got to them. If so, it shows bullying works or they decided they don’t get paid enough to say moronic normiecon platitudes anymore.

      • The groyper stuff has been the most effective activism to date. They filled the Prager U comments with groyper stuff too. That was good optics, as the cool kids say. That said, the Kirk/Walsh/Shapiro/Prager tier have to engage with their target audience. The old school conservatives don’t care because their audience is inside the beltway.

      • Matt Walsh’s latest Tweet is a clip of Tucker explaining how our ¡black! saints had it coming.

        What a time to be alive.

      • Oh I don’t forgive that easily. Let’s see what their attention shifts to when/if the riots fade away, and after the election, before we accept their supposed conversion. They could very well start sucking off POC again depending on which way the wind’s blowing.

        While their current commentary is appreciated, I still think Kirk and Walsh are windblown blades of grass that will continue to bend to whatever narratives are popular in any given moment. I think they’re spouting occasional truths only because they risk losing their audiences to the right-moving conveyor belt.

    • Could well be wrong but I think i’ve detected a shift, a breakage of the moorings. seems like people have become more hard-eyed. Maybe more realize they have been played for fools and have grown tired of losing. Have begun to perceive the gross anti-white agenda and recoil from it. Wishful thinking? Will also note that have seen some anti-zionist sentiment from unexpected quarters.

  23. When I’ve been able to have an honest conversation with a lefty they’ve only ever gotten brain lockup when I tell them that not one abortion would be prevented the day after Roe v. Wade would be overturned. This includes people who were cognizant of the law before Roe v. Wade which is completely puzzling.

  24. It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the NormyCons began to hate.

  25. Supreme Court theater does even less for me than the POTATO-US horse race.

    The Supreme Court is the safest space for GloboShlomo because it’s where the action has shifted.

    Congress exists to shake down donations from business and foreign lobbyists with strategic “milker bills” (the actual term used in Congress – see Peter Schweizer’s “Extortion” – Boehner-haters will be pleased with this read). Its legislative functions have entirely atrophied and its oversight/check-and-balance role is entirely performative.

    POTATO-US exists to provide a false-flag of U.S. sovereignty, a focus for the loyalty or hatred of Team Blue or Team Red, and to nominally rubber-stamp use of the vassal U.S. economy and military for Greater Israel.

    It’s easier to work the angles for a majority of nine than a majority of 435 and a majority of 100 – particularly when those nine are themselves so insular and homogenous that their arch-Right-wing Catholic stalwart takes buddy movie overseas junkets with their arch-Leftist abortion-loving Jewess.

    The fact that the Court can cherry-pick what cases it takes is the ultimate kill-switch for any revolutionary potential you might find there.

    Even the cases for which SCROTUS wishes to stage-manage a resolution can be resolved with a million forms of Talmudry on the part of each justice – procedural filters based on the arguments made at the trial and appellate levels and the evidence on the record, standing, the laws of other nations, the laws in Harry Potter, or that old standy, our “living Constitution,” which has been growing appendages and penumbras like something out of Lovecraft since at least the Civil War era.

    It’s all tiresome, fake & gay. At least Romans got bread with their circuses. I want my money back – but even if I can’t get a refund, I’m leaving the Big Tent to get back to work building something Whites can use and enjoy.

    • Speaking of theater, Trump’s latest EO on healthcare was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. A complete PR stunt. I’ve noticed that virtually none of his EO’s have any teeth.

    • that old standy, our “living Constitution,” which has been growing appendages and penumbras like something out of Lovecraft since at least the Civil War era

      Good stuff. I call it the “twitching Constitution,” though. When I hear the phrases “living constitution” or, even worse, “constitutional conservative,” I simply tune out everything that follows from the lips of whoever uttered one or the other.

      • Living Constitution. Was Frankenstien’s monster alive?

        Is the normie or conservative mind that different than the prog mind on this?

        Believing the long-dead remains of the document can be reanimated to carry its original spirit once again seems just as delusional as believing the document is alive and can thus grow along the trellis of Progress until its roots become irrelevant.

        • Not if its ideas are timeless, and for the most part the Constitution speaks to the soul of people with a thirst for liberty, and we aren’t ever going away

      • That’s ok. If necessary, life will force choices on us. Sometimes the best choice is the least worst. As a general bit of wisdom, a person is better off when they make an important decision, rather than have it forced upon him.
        “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” — Rush

        • Voting for Fake Gay Red Team vs. Fake Gay Blue Team is not an important decision, because neither team will act on our behalf or do anything meaningful to slow, much less stop, our ongoing dispossession from our own homeland.

          And if you don’t realize that, “you’re on the train to Bangkok, aboard the Thailand Express.” – Rush.

    • I am not so sure about this indifference, men. To turn our nations around we will need to burn the existing institutions to the ground or reinvent them. The courts are the tip of the spear for the left. Our Side vs Their Side matters. It’s one thing to say the uniparty is only a gaggle of paid actors… but some of these actors are much, much worse than others and can do incredible damage.
      Having come from a failed family of shitlibs, I want to fight them wherever they offer me battle. If it’s in political theatre so be it, a win there will do wonders for morale. You can call me a partisan or whatever names strike your fancy – but I don’t want to give those assholes on inch in this culture war without making them bleed for it.

      • Winning those seats for Trump, Gorsuch & Kavanaugh got me the usual crap rulings on immigration, abortion and butt-stuff.

        It’s fake & gay – there is no battle to be won there because no one selected by the (((Federalist Society))) will fight for you.

        • Oh for chrissakes the Federalist Society was not founded by the evil Jews and the members of the Supreme Court who arae members of the FS happens to be the ones who are not Jewish. Such a coincidence.

      • I just finished the Fuerle book today. He ends with a question that echos your post: “I leave the reader with one last question to ponder: Suppose, hypothetically, of course, that the information presented in this book is mostly correct, despite being extremely politically incorrect, what action, if any, would he take? ” (Fuerle 474)

      • “To turn our nations around we will need to burn the existing institutions to the ground or reinvent them.”

        Won’t happen, not in the United States at least. The Left’s institutional power is overwhelming now. Federal employees donate 17 to 1 to the democrat party, which is a good proxy for their political views. At West Point, the most republican part of the government, only half of faculty members are Trump supporters, which is a good indicator that even the military is close to convergence. Multiple studies have shown the media is practically AOC in their views, nearly all of them — even at Fox News according to Eric Boling. Then there is education. I just read a study that concluded 39% of all liberal arts schools don’t have a single republican on staff.

        It goes on. You’re not defeating that kind of institutional power with the very limited talent the right possesses. Think The Free Republic, The Tea Party, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz if you disagree. White Americans are doomed under the current regime because there is no defeating it absent an apocalypse.

        It’s a Bonsai charge to try and change things. Best case scenario: at least three generations to clean the left out, and that’s with a concerted effort and competent leadership; but America will long be majority non-white by then. Most realistic scenario: they win.

        As I’ve pointed out before, the only viable path for a conservative (American) victory is independence. There is no other path, and if there were someone would have laid it out step-by-step by now. There isn’t one, so they haven’t.

        The few times I’ve seen them try it only ends up demonstrating their naivety and incompetence. Years ago, the founder of the The Free Republic had a brilliant idea on how to fix things. (paraphrasing) “We’ll just get back to the constitution and stuff. That’ll work.” Simplistic, naive, and demonstrates the person is far outside their depth intellectually. That’s most of the right. Conservatives, by and large, are not like the people on this blog.

        The left is evil, but they’ve also co-opted most of society’s intellectual firepower. They are adept at organizing. They are well read, well connected with people who can finance their movements and there are masses of young people ready to advance by proving their loyalty to the regime, so they’ve got a ready-made army on their side. What do you have? A small collection of irrelevant magazines like The National Review, boomer radio, and the internet — increasingly censored.

        You don’t have financing because they’ll cut that off. Indeed, lots of people have had their bank accounts closed for expressing the wrong view. You can’t even protect yourself without being charged with a crime. Increasingly, the left controls the judiciary as well, including the police and corrupt local DAs.

        Independence / partition solves all of your problems in on fell swoop:

        • The left’s governance and propaganda mechanisms are removed because they are located far away, meaning local and state republicans can fill the void and make new laws favoring our side.
        • The left’s cultural centers are located far away, so they are practically deplatformed (we could always block their media the same way Europeans do to American news outlets based on hatespeech grounds … or whatever else we decide).
        • We are free to pass a new constitution which shifts the balance of power from them to us by enshrining our views into law.
        • The left’s army is removed because people are herd animals and if you wish to advance in our society you’ll have to play by our rules.
        • We could then legally clean out the left from education, something the left would block under the current system.

        … and on and on.

        This is an obvious solution, one the right might actually be able to pull off in your lifetime, but it requires you to value your freedom and your people more than whatever zombie is masquerading as the United States these days. If you want to fight, but it into something productive like independence.

  26. There is a generational issue here. Abortion does not resonate with the woke women like it did for their mothers.

    Related: health care shouldn’t resonate with young people (or anyone under 50, really), yet it still seems to. Perhaps the need for readily available psychotropic drugs is why?

      • Astounding! I have two sisters and they’re both on them, many of the women I know seem to be on them, and it comes out over time, but what’s worse is they end up putting their teenage daughters on them also.

        I’m really beginning to think medical establishment is the problem. They’re the ones causing all this covid nonsense, birth control, and psychiatric meds. I got a lot of diseases were cured but we still die and it’s not pretty. It all needs to come Crashing Down

        • Medical business has become a racket and money making scheme, little else

          My grandfather was a surgeon and I remember him complaining about how so many young doctors are only in it for the money. For him, that was sinful.

        • Medicine certainly could have a new golden age if we start directing a lot of smart young people into figuring out basic problems like aging and cancer. This was certainly what the mid-20th century futurists foresaw and who knows? We might have expected to live to 150 by now if that had been the course of things.

          Instead medicine became the default career for the same type of kids who go into financial services but just can’t do math. Now it’s a huge bloated racket that accounts for like 1/3 of the economy and has its own media driven clown show complete with dancing nurses and a propaganda arm that records those “we care about our customers soooo much” Covid messages you have to listen to in the grocery store.

          Now “because of Covid”, most of the doctors are literally phoning it in while presumably still collecting their huge salaries and fees. I suppose this is all just part of the overall transition to a LARP-based economy. The Russians had a saying in Soviet times – “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us”. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when the pretend pay phase starts.

      • Along with their kids. When I taught at a private school for a short season, I was amazed at the number of medicated kids. The 30-somethings are VERY tuned in to health care … their hypochondria guarantees it.

        • Over half the school children in my area have IEPs, Individual Education Plans. Basically each is a snowflake with a unique medical condition which prohibits them from doing normal school routines and tasks. The future is now, and it is frightening.

          • Exactly my experience. And the kids who end up stigmatized? Normal, smart, unmedicated kids. They’re stigmatized as “privileged.” I keep telling well-adjusted parents to get their children out of institutional schools. Demographics is crucial; this includes educating our own.

          • I keep telling well-adjusted parents to get their children out of institutional schools.

            Now that’s some solid advice. Can’t be repeated or up-voted often enough.

          • Oh lord yes, the psychotropics in the “education” system. In my fairly extensive experience, your Basic College Girl is on enough psych meds to stun a horse. To them, “healthcare” means “free Prozac at the college clinic,” which is why that issue resonates with young people.

          • And evidence points to these drugs only being effective for the extremely depressed, and causing all sorts of issues on the mildly and moderately depressed.
            They want the prozac for social conformity, and that’s terrifying.

          • I suppose that sort of depends upon what we mean by depression and its levels. I suspect psych meds are pointless for people who have a run-of-the-mill case of the blues–who doesn’t get that occasionally? But for people who are actually clinically depressed, they can be very effective.

          • Another little discussed problem with the widespread use of psychotropic meds and synthetic hormones is that the metabolites all end up in the water treatment plants. These organic molecules are not the target of municipal water treatment processes and are costly to remove on a large scale. Perhaps the continuous unnatural exposure to this contamination is more of a problem than we understand. It may partially explain the seemingly inexplicable insanity and emotional volatility that has become so widespread, particularly in cities.

          • Just saw this. The issue isn’t only metabolites. Because pillform, only a percentage of the active compund is absorbed. The body excretes the unabsorbed substances and these survive intact to enter our water supply and affect numerous animals, including us, downstream.

          • My unscientific, simple-sailor approach is to avoid synthetics altogether. If God didn’t create it and I can’t pronounce it within three syllables, it’s probably indigestible. Whatever doesn’t feed the body, by definition, is a toxin that the body either excretes or stores. And lots of those synthetics aren’t excreted … plenty of studies demonstrate the adverse impacts, from depression to learning disabilities to the array of autoimmune diseases and cancer. It’s all grist for the conspiracy-minded, but I tend to think it’s just the human propensity to compound error.

            Some folks make a religion out of their diet and health – I just think it’s one of those common sense things. Keeping livestock has been a great education for me. Every health issue I was up against during my learning curve was nutrient based … tweak the minerals, boost nutrition, remove water-based parasites and 99% of the problems evaporated. Ditto for human health.

            As for water supply, this is a big deal for those on municipal systems. For those who are in the process of looking and moving to the country, please make it a priority to test your potential water source. You’re better off with 2 acres and good water than 100 acres downstream of a conventional farm using glyphosates.

          • The ubiquitous birth control pill residue flowing into the water supply has been credibly blamed for lower testosterone levels,

          • It must be a disposal issue. I was a bit concerned when I first saw the advice to NOT put pills down the toilet. “Hmm, let me see if I undertand this advice. Here is a substance that I was instructed to put into my body every day, perhaps several times. Now they’re telling me it is a toxic waste product?”

          • It’s a rat race with mothers to make their children special by crippling them.
            A generation ago, a parent would be mildly embarrassed if a child has a strong food allergy or mental disability, now they scream it from the rooftops and make crap up.
            Kids are taught it is virtuous to be weak, instead of it being virtuous to overcome weakness.

          • I often find myself wishing that all the snowflakes would join the ultimate victim group and just off themselves. Then we can just have a single day to pity the “living impaired” and get on with things the rest of the year.

          • I don’t know where you live, but around here parents go “diagnosis shopping” because once your child has an IEP he/she is entitled to all sorts of accomodations: (tutoring, extra time to take tests and complete assignments, use of a calculator, etc.) This is apart from SpEd, where depending upon the circumstance your child could have his/her own full-time aide or even be sent to a special private school–all courtesy of the taxpayer.

        • When I see an adult male under thirty who is not grossly overweight or with any problems apparent to casual observation in my clinic, I assume he’s like Obama’s Pajama Boy: really interested in talking about health care. But he’s REALLY interested in talking about HIS health care – which he turns out not really to need. But he’s got a list of “concerns” and he’s “read a lot about my condition(s)”. It’s a bud on the trunk of the victimization culture. They would love to have diagnostic labels to flaunt. I could give them a few, but they wouldn’t like them even though they were accurate.

      • No one developed risk assessment skills in childhood because they were disallowed the experience of running wild in the woods, getting lost and finding their way back like many of us did. When they do go adventuring, as in taking a canoe trip down the Amazon alone, they are unaware of the danger, and get killed. The meds are a safe alternative.

      • Which, to me, begs the question: are those drugs helping? I think the case can be made that women would be better off without them…

        • Help with what though? In forcing women to be able to mentally deal with being forced to be pseudo-men? Yes.
          One theory I saw batted around, which bears some weight in my (very) anecdotal experience is that women take The Pill, which f’s up their hormone levels, so they need to take a bunch of other brain meds to…”even the buzz”.

          • Seems like there’s a damn pill, if not multiples, for every ailment or affliction. If that supply is ever cut off, ala “One Second After”, things will get extremely ugly extremely fast…

      • In effect, we’re all taking them. They end up in the water supply alongside oral contraceptives following excretion.

      • I have a relative who was on psychiatric meds her entire life, drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, until she had a kid. Suddenly, her problems went away and no more meds. Psychologically, women are designed for children. They are incomplete without them. The growing number of childless and single-child females in society could explain the Karen epidemic.

    • Young Americans are fat and unhealthy. I know several men in their thirties on blood pressure meds. Many are on antidepressants too.
      As an aside, I find it astounding how many people talk openly about their anxiolytics and antidepressants. They often mention it casually in conversations as if they were talking about their favorite snack.

      • No argument from me on the overweight part, but unless you’re at Jabba the Hutt levels you shouldn’t need to see a doctor about it in your 30’s.

      • I find it astounding how many people talk openly about their anxiolytics and antidepressants.

        On a related note, I have noticed that many young men in general seem to want to ‘talk about their depression’, or ‘open up about their troubles’; and not just in private conversation. YouTube videos abound of these ‘brave’ soldiers exposing their problems.

        Quite frankly, as a man, emoting about the sorts of things these people do is really a sign of weakness. It is hard to know, as usual, whether or not these people do it because it is a fashion or because they genuinely think it is important.

        • No, its because society is fucked and young men have poor mental health, and poor support networks. And then women and other people laugh when they try and say something is wrong.

          Our society hates masculinity in general and has removed the value of men – this affects all races pretty equally. Young men just feel useless.

          I think a lot of young men have depression but just hide it… as in 50% imo.

          • No, its because society is fucked and young men have poor mental health, and poor support networks.

            However poor society may be, many of the depressed menfolk I have witnessed very much needed to help themselves first. Some of them had very bad lives, it was understandable. But the vast majority did not and seemed smart enough to grasp some realities – but they rarely did.

            It is true that the society at large in western countries is in rapid decline, which is why it is important to network with the few like minded people you can find. It is also why it is important to do things that you genuinely enjoy. Have an interest/interests that you can pursue, regardless of what our subpar society cares for. Some can do this for themselves, some will need to follow and example, but some will just remain lost forever.

            And then women and other people laugh when they try and say something is wrong.

            Perhaps the first rule of dealing with the womenfolk is to immediately discard what they think on almost all matters such as these. But many men have been conditioned to believe that ‘what women think, at all times’ is important. This conditioning needs breaking.

            Our society hates masculinity in general and has removed the value of men – this affects all races pretty equally. Young men just feel useless.

            A large part of our society does hate masculinity. A significant segment just says that it does. The masculine trait of self-reliance seems to always elicit a good response. The masculine trait of dominance seems to appeal to many also.

            The crux of it, as you mention, is that our general culture is very good at poisoning young minds toward the idea of masculinity. The remedy is to start with your own: homeschool, instill healthy mindsets, engage in physical activity. At least, this is what I plan to do. This society shan’t be reformed so we may as well begin again, from the ground up,with those closest to us.

          • I think you are bang on the money, B. When our young men are in the basement smoking weed, playing video games and not working or looking for mates – they’re laughed at and called incels.

          • You have described me at age 18 (40 years ago) literally. Alas, I am mostly the type of male that OrangeFrog describes. I had few, zero indeed, macho role models.

          • Had to google the term, as I have forgotten what it means. But apparently, I am in a position of great privilege.

        • It’s because being sensitive and open is the antidote to toxic masculinity- competent, rational, self reliant, dignified.

          • Competency – the enemy of the stupid.
            Rationality – the enemy of the ideologue.
            Self reliance – the enemy of control.

        • The young women who are all about helping others’ mental health are usually one of the things exacerbating neuroticism, depression, and suicide because they insist on injecting their warped beliefs into their “cures”

        • I was in rehab decades ago from a drug problem. It was a three-month inpatient program that specialized in people with something left to lose: doctors, lawyers, pilots, etc. My roommate got fed up and reasoned that since he was in a position to retire he didn’t need to put up with the touchy-feely nature of the program, which he abhorred. (You don’t want your neurosurgeon being touchy-feely, but you do want him to be sober.) But he determined to fire a salvo before he left.
          We were in a group session with a counselor whose tag line was, “What would it look like it you faced your fears here in group?”
          He said, “What would it look like if I faced my fears in group? It would look like me talking to a pusillanimous wuss in a room full of neurotic solipsists.”

      • Agree – it’s stunning to hear people talk about their meds. And then the secondary meds for the side-effects of their primary meds. Nothing is private anymore; meet a person for 5 mins and they’ll gladly tell you about their meds for flatulence or impotence. Despondency and helplessness must be the new cool. And dignity is extinct.

        • Just the word “meds” gives me the creeps. When people use it you know they are all-in on the pharma. The normalized plural slang of medicated sheeple. These are the people who also talk about “carbs” as if a potato is the problem.

        • I get the full organ recital as soon as new acquaintances find out I’m a doctor. I’ve started telling them mine in return, which seems to flummox them.

      • Lazy, both on the fat and the antidepressents.

        The “push-away” maneuver for fat, but CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is full on the best proven method to correct most non-severe psychological problems. But it takes work.

        • I only play a doctor on TV but I am pretty sure the efficacy of psych pharma is less than simply doing 30 min of cardio every other day. Lift heavy, 2x 20 min HIIT per week, and a coupla steaks and most people will be feeling about as good as their wiring permits.

          There are actual disorders and they are awful. But the coddled twenty-something with a ziploc of pills just to get through the day is not that.

          The badfeels is not a disease. Like most anxiety, its a messaging system.

          People have been conditioned to treat feeling blue or anxious as a systemic affliction that happens to them. Need pills. Instead of those things being simply part of life and/or feedback that their life inputs are deeply incongruent with a healthy reality. See also: leftism.

          One thing that the covaids panic has done that has only begun to play out is the amplification of these incongruences on an already mentally fragile population.

          Covaids is making foi gras out of the already swollen amygdalae of the left-leaning prog mind. Instagram home-economics as an outlet is not gonna keep the lid on jabba the hive-mind for long.

          • Agreed. Young people have grown up coddled, never been in a fight, never faced adversity, and are also heavily influenced by social media.

            When their life inevitably gets challenging, and doesn’t measure up to the glamour shown on social media, they get depressed.

            3 things are good for mental health: lifting, a community (can really be anything, church, gun club, etc.) and finally, acceptance that life is a struggle and accept that you won’t be happy all the time.

            I’m proud to say I’m a med free millenial lol. Seems like everyone my age is on meds or is just a straight up drug addict. Sad.

          • In the spirit of John Derbyshire, let me recommend “Against Happiness” by Eric Wilson.


            Cliff’s Notes: The modern quest for constant happiness is both unrealistic and unhealthy. Melancholy, stoicism and discontent are powerful elements of our psyche and wellsprings of strength and creativity. Jung would approve.

          • Ahem, idleness and a distaste for w- w- for that activity, is not the sole province of the Left 🙂
            [Old Joke:] I used to have more faith in psychiatry, until I told my doctor I feared I was a kleptomaniac, and he told me to take something for it.

      • I’m happy to be in my mid-’50s and not taking anything but the occasional aspirin or ibuprofen when I push myself too hard. I’ve watched people go down the big pharma path and I’m pretty sure all those “preventative” drugs cause more problems than they solve.

  27. A number of Republicans just hate regular people. Ask Paul Gottfried about the Fitzpatrick political dynasty in Eastern PA. They loathe their base.

    • At this point, though, a woman makes tactical sense. We haven’t seen the Left’s full panoply of lunacy yet, despite it all. The Basic College Girl – the true shock troops of the social revolution – have not yet gone into action in significant numbers (lots of them in the streets but they get subsumed into BLM or Antifa in the media coverage). Pick a woman, preferably young, for them to hate and watch the world explode. Being Catholic, Barrett has probably said something along the lines of “keep your knees together;” that alone would do it, and it’s worth a million Trump votes.

      • Tactical moves like this are the reason why conservatives always lose. It’s tactically “correct” because it appeases the left.

        • Yep. Choosing yet another foreigner with papers is not victory. Many foreigners are very conservative, but it is not our civilization they are interested in conserving, but their own (at our expense).

          • Lagoa, if she was born in Cuba, is foreign. However, she is also white. We can take a bit of solace in that. However, after “America” formally cracks up following the election, it won’t matter a dam’ anyway.

        • Unfortunately, what passes for “America” is Leftist. This country has bought, hook, line and sinker, the AWR notion that the more wahmens and PoCs, the better, and that, if a person from one of those categories is replaced by a Blue-Eyed Ice Devil, this constitutes regression. What this means is that competent, normal white men will be evermore marginalized.

      • It will be interesting to watch. I’ve thought from the start it will be the Cuban woman. That’s the standard Republican play. They are more concerned with “owning the libs” than advancing issues important to their voters. Barrett is the first name out of every liberal’s mouth, because it fires up their side.

        My hope is Trump throws everyone a curve-ball and nominates Bridget Bade.

        • The MSM is writing their articles about Barret in their glowing tone: “a conservative fighter”, ie. just like John McCain and Mitt Romney.

          Anyways, whatever decision Trump makes we can rest assured it’s going to be a bad one. It’s the swamp.

          I personally believe the elites are letting the anti abortion people win anyways. Banning abortion would boost their favourite demographics and help get 1 billion Americans by 2100.

          • It would also break the welfare state. Cloward and Piven.

            I always think of Goethe’s Mephistopheles, when asked who he is: “Part of that Power, not understood/Which always wills the Bad, and always works the Good.”

            Profound stuff. Evil is a destructive loser.

          • Even in my lifetime I’ve watched the Left shift its priorities quite a lot. Around 1990 they were still pushing the social welfare state and complaining that the US was not Sweden. It was the kind of stuff that seemed targeted at the high cooperation, high social virtue whites. As the immigration issue became more pressing I used to challenge the more sensible of these types to imagine exactly how a social welfare state with unlimited third world immigration was supposed to work. Abortion was also something that would reliably send the young female libs into a frenzy and saying the Roe v. Wade was a bad decision was analogous to burning a Koran in front of a jihaddi. There was also a knee-jerk anti-corporatism to these people. I can still recall that a sizable portion of “green” types wanted population growth everywhere to stop and were anti-immigration.

            Today you have the same types advocating unfettered global capitalist plunder, celebrating illegal immigrants, and seemingly unconcerned about keeping the welfare state solvent or making sure that there’s an abortion clinic on each corner. I think it’s simply that the agenda setters of the Left became aware of the demographic age well before anyone on the Right (or most of us). Of course this means that there must have been an illicit underground trade in Red Pills regarding race and sex among the elite of the Left.

            It’s always just been about mobilizing the available demographics to funnel power upward. Fewer young white girls, less concern about abortion; fewer white aesthetes and virtue signalers, less concern about the environment or the poor. The problem for them is that the brown hordes aren’t quite as malleable as they thought and want their own elites running things, not a bunch of old J**s and WASPs. If Leftism has a weak spot this is it. The old Left elite was able to cooperate. The new elites all want it all for their respective tribes.

          • Agree with your analysis. It fits in well with the prognostications we hear here, like that our country’s the North American continent’s future will likely be identity politics, competing (mostly) ethnic factions warring over an ever-shrinking pie, until the whole system collapses. Looking out for individual intrerests is great until it conflict’s with the needs of the group. Similarly, favoring your own group’s needs makes sense, until it becomes detrimental to all groups involved. Alas, it’s human nature to favor short-term gains over long-term costs.
            I once had a Swedish pen pal from about 1995 until just a few years ago. We would exchange Christamas letters, etc. A few years ago, after the mess Sweden was facing with a million Muslim “refugees” (or was that Germany?) was in the news, I made a comment like: “Sweden and Germany seem to have irrevocably damaged themselves by uncontrolled third-world immigration. The USA is on a similar path. I fear for our country’s futures.” No reply since.
            Oftentimes, the red pill is a bitter pill. 🙁

          • It never works out the way they think it will. I was expecting most whites to be fully awake and back in the game by the end of the decade, maybe sooner now after the summer of rage. An experience of mortality will do that. They expected whites to lay down and expire.

          • I’m using the the “Every time you import a Somali, you increase his Greenhouse Gas emissions by a factor of forty” line.
            They “Make their excuses and leave” as the saying goes.

          • Someone made a good comment somewhere and I’d love to give them fair attribution, but I can’t remember. Abortion isn’t the population control lever people assume it is. Every abortion isn’t a baby that wouldn’t have been born. It’s just a lazy late birth control method that the woman would have exercised by other means if abortion wasn’t available.

            There was no sudden drop in the US birth rate in 1973. On the contrary, there had been a dramatic drop in birth rate from 1958 that finally started to taper off right around 1973.

            I had a really hard time finding black birthrates broken out separately, but if you look at black population increase you see a pretty steady rate of population increase from 1960 on, so no apparent slowing of black population increase in the 1973 time period.

        • It would, however, be hilarious if the Trumpster was playing everyone and nominated a man. That’s the guy who wished Prince Harry luck.

        • Bade based pick, we can only hope.

          Lagoa cuck pick, please no. (although white Cubans tend to be based on crime, but not on immigration)

          Barrett compromise civnat pick – so seems like this one will happen. could be much worse, and replacing RBG with a religious lady is objectively good, but at this point we can’t afford more Gorsuchs on other issues. adopting Haitian kids is very NR crowd, a bad sign.

          as for having to pick a woman justice, that ship sailed a hundred years ago. giving them the vote gave them everything else that came after.

        • Barrett is the first church lady I’ve seen with the eyes of an assassin. Perhaps I should attend church more for further observation. Maybe it would help me shake the uneasy feeling I get looking at her.

      • I grew up Catholic. The thing all the guys knew is that there are two kinds of Catholic girls – those that don’t and those that do it all the time. Those were my favorite.

      • I liked Z’s quip about feminist’s fear that their vaginas would be filled with Bibles and their legs sewn together, if I heard it rightly 🙂

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