The Gathering Darkness

Steve Sailer famously quipped that political correctness is a war on noticing. By which he meant noticing human diversity. Initially, this started out as a war on noticing bad things about groups of people. Then it slowly evolved into prohibitions on noticing general differences between groups of people. After all, it was said, all people evolved from the same source. This process has continued to the point where it is now forbidden to notice anything about people.

A good example is in this tweet from the Journal of the American Medical Association, which is the premier peer-reviewed medical journal in the United States. Since the start of the Covid panic, it has been reported that blacks are more likely to contract the virus and more likely to need medical attention. This observation has been politicized, of course, but it is also a clue as to how the virus works. Naturally, there is money to find out why and scientific interest in the subject.

Given the racial unrest that has been manufactured by the nation’s elites, one would think that extra resources flowing into the care of black people would be celebrated by the great and good. If we are remaking movies, television shows and commercials to feature all black people, why not remake medical research too? As you can see from the replies, dogma trumps everything. While racism is a real thing, according to the one true faith, race is imaginary and racist.

The very first reply is emblematic of the modern age. It is from someone calling herself Rose Marie Leslie, MD. She claims to be a medical resident. On her twitter profile she lists the following: Top 20 docs on Social Media, Tiktok, Health Ed, Social Justice, Black Lives Matter and Repro Health. As if that was not enough self-parody, her comment was “Why are you spending the time and money on these studies instead of spending the time and money on fighting racism?”

Just below that comment we have a comment from someone calling herself Ramla N. Kasozi MD, MPH. They do not list their pronouns, so we must assume it is female, based on the profile picture. Mx. Ramla wrote, “An example of Biological Racism as discussed by Dr.@haw95 in her book ‘Medical Apartheid’ and Dr.@DrIbram book ‘How To Be Antiracist’.” According to Mx. Kasozi, noticing that Covid infects blacks more than whites is a form of racist experimentation.

In such a cornucopia of lunacy, it is hard to select the most bizarre, but the replies from someone calling herself Karen Gibbins, MD are a good nominee. Her first comment in the thread was, “Attributing genetic variants to race (which is socially constructed) is racist. Stop.” She then quickly replied to herself with, “And systemic racism is why there is why BIPOC are disproportionately harmed by COVID-19.” Racism, the cause of and cure for everything that is wrong in the world.

While these sorts of public displays of insanity are amusing, the salient issue here is the insane people highlighted are doctors. They work with real human patients in real medical settings. That means people are trusting doctors who think biology is imaginary and human diversity is a conspiracy. Given the histrionics, it is not implausible to think that a few of these people think sex is a social construct. Imagine being treated by someone who thinks your penis is a figment of your imagination.

The other salient issue is the panic that radiates from the replies. The mere mention of disconfirming data causes these people to panic. Their complaint is not about factual accuracy or medical efficacy. These are people deeply committed to a primitive animistic religion. This religion tells them that the world is controlled by various spirit forces, good and evil, engaged in a great struggle. Most important, their role in this great struggle is to fight the evil spirits.

Their commitment to this new faith is so complete that in the name of fighting racism, they would happily let blacks die from disease. If the price of helping the people they claim to care so much about is the acknowledgment that nature does not distribute her gifts equally among people or groups of people, then they are perfectly willing to see those people suffer and die. In fact, the suffering is a confirmation that these evil spirits are real and therefor the struggle is real.

The striking thing about this new faith is it is so primitive. These people are a very long way from the Christian looking up from Scripture and contemplating how God set the world in motion. These are people cowering in the darkness, deathly afraid to know what lies behind the movements of the world. Theirs is a world haunted by dread and foreboding, not a world of miracles to be explored. This is the great darkness that is settling on this age, the new dark age of the West.

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    • Great link, thanks. Even as hard-nosed as it was, the author still entertains illusions electoral politics remain a way to change the trajectory toward totalitarianism and genocide.

  2. Since you mention COVID and Blacks, here’s a fluff piece from the Washington Compost. I’ll make a few comments (OK, more than a few). There are of course the required digs at the racist USA and the higher incidence of COVID in American Blacks. Surely this is caused by racism too. Meanwhile, African countries are to be praised because, you see, the virus has hardly affected them, due to their competent handling of the situation. Unless I missed it, I did see a few figures bandied about, but no discussion of the reliability of said numbers. Even in the developed world, COVID-19 figures are plenty dubious. How much more so, from third-world hell holes not known for medical care much more advanced than the village witch doctor, nor for competent governments known for efficiency and openness?
    The article notes “corrosive narratives about Africa and the idea that Africans are not capable of effective policy-making” and “colonial narratives of Black inferiority and the inability of Black nations to govern themselves at all, much less govern better than resource-rich White nations.” What is it with Liberals and their “narratives”? A “narrative” is just an account, a story, so it can be true, false, or a mixture thereof. This is a clever rhetorical trick: state your opponent’s accusations and perhaps imply they’re untrue, but offer absolutely no evidence to prove their untruth. I can only speak for myself, but I’d bet good money all those “narratives” are competely true. But then, I’m probably just a racist.
    Supposedly the Western media is ignoring Africa’s ace handling of the pandemic, strictly to uphold these narratives. Really? The same media that hypes BLM and Antifa, and has all but made the Oppressed Black Man the figure of national worship?
    The shoot-myself-in-the-foot unintentional comedy of these writers is amusing: consider that Kenya killed 15 people while enforcing curfew. Doesn’t this sort of reinforce the brutality image of Africans? I will give Kenya credit: they don’t f–k around like the USA does. It kind of puts arresting surfers or tasing and arresting the suburban football mom into a different light, eh?
    Finally, here’s a wish list: It’s getting harder to find major media that allows reader comments. This is unfortuate, as it limits intelligent (and otherwise) opinion and denies spammers the venues to place free ads for magic penis enlargers, work-from-home scams or lower mortgage refi. But seriously, has anyone thought of a centralized web service where people could editorialize on articles? That would be cool. And, if you need a motivation, you might be able to offload people like me to it.

    •  But seriously, has anyone thought of a centralized web service where people could editorialize on articles?

      To my understanding Gab has an add-in that is sort of what you are asking for. It is a ‘meta-board’ type thing that allows you to comment on any website / article and lays on top of the website as a meta-layer so Gab users can basically sh1tpost until their heart is content about any article. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but no need to reinvent the wheel if it already exists.

    • The dissenter application is exactly that. Unfortunately it hasn’t caught on (yet). For now that nitch has been largely filled by link aggregator boards (of the ilk of reddit) where people comment on those links
      It is a very good idea, and I think it may still have promise.

    • Admit I haven’t even read these articles, but opinion: since Homeland has officially designated “white supremacists” a threat, you need to pick some one. My understanding is that the KKK was de-fanged decades ago, and exists only as a shell of its onetime glory days. That, and its membership is basically FBI agents. If these are even half-true, then Trump has done another master stroke, declaring the real problem (Antifa) and throwing a bone to the Lefties, a tiny KKK, already infiltrated by FBI, bone. Too bad that BLM isn’t on that terror designation, nor any announcement of investigating the sources of organization and funding for these movements. But we’ll take what we can get.

  3. So we see clearly the triumph of ideology over empiricism. Gone are the days of “Truth” or “Facts” replaced by constructs such as “your truth”. When objective, documented/documentable, empitically provable facts conflict with ideology, it is said facts which must be discarded in today’s world. Personally, I believe that, for the vast majority of people living in the developed world, we have song since passed what I call the “Clarke point”. Way back in the 70s, author and savant Arthur C Clarke stated that

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    For most people we are well past that point. If you put a gun to the head of 1,000 people and threatened them with personal extinction if they failed to give you a cogent explanation of what happens when you flip on a light switch, I believe you would likely expend a good 999 rounds. And don’t even try to find someone who has the merest clue what is going on behind the screen on which you are reading this comment. I doubt more than a.tiny fraction of people would survive the light switch challenge. Oh, folks no longer believe in magic but the technology in which they live and are immersed might as well be magic for all they know of and understand it.

    The foregoing being so, is it any wonder that the educated ignoramuses, the literal sophomores (“sophomore” being Greek for “wise fool”) reject uncomfortable facts for comforting ideology? Poster @ElizaRN on twitter may have revealed part of the motivation behind the rejection of the JAMA study. She wrote

    Irresponsible studies such as this have the potential to lead to the rounding up and Amass execution of Black people in the name of public health”.

    You see? We dare not acknowledge even the possibility of such a thing as “race” for fear that it result in pogroms and holocausts. As we have seen since TEOTWAWKI on the 11th of March, no price is too high to pay to avoid our neroses-driven fears. The Zman wrote of Doctors who have abandoned empiricism for ideology. That’s nothing! As the story goes, when Doctors screw up, their mistakes are buried one at a time. Imagine woke engineers and architects! Would you want to have to go up to the 25th floor of a building designed by a similarly woke architect? How about driving across a bridge over the Mississippi designed by a woke engineer? Or flying 7 miles above the ground in an airliner designed by such an aeronautical engineer? The possibilities are endless. Remember who is teaching the nascent engineers! And where!!

    Scared yet?

    • In a rarity for me, I will give “organized” (Western tradition) religions a hall pass. While it technically deals in superstition, usually it’s not at the level of …. very primitive societies. Much of the third world, Africa for example, has a pervasive cultural belief in what we’d call witchcraft and sorcerers. This is hardly novel, and exists in the New World. Haiti’s Voodoo is probably best known, but only one of many. These often exist with, or even are subsumed into, the former colonial power’s Christianity and (for all I know) Islam too. The point is that a large fraction of the primitive people really believe in spirits, magic, amulets, devils, demons and all manner of supernatural heeby-jeebies. We literally live in a world where billions of people have cell phones and some other modern toys, but they live in dirt floor shacks or worse, and the rest of their world(view) would comfortably fit into the Neolithic.

    • Bill, we are rapidly approaching the point where air travel will no longer be possible because the woke maintenance workers will be unable to keep planes airworthy.

      • My point exactly. Sucks to be old but I suspect that it just might suck worse to be young. What I mean is, I do not expect to live long enough to see the full fruits of the woke revolution come to pass. I think I understand some of why some of the younger generations so hate us boomers. I mean we grew up in a time when we did not have to lock our doors at night – at least in many parts of the country. It was, in many ways a simpler time. Oh we had our issues. Try growing up having to have NUCLEAR WAR DRILLS 😲 along with fire drills and (in West Texas) tornado drills! That’s right. We grew up with a nuclear sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. That’s why I cried tears of joy when the Berlin Wall came down. The end of the old Soviet Union meant my daughter (2nd grade at the time) could grow up without the fear of her homeland being nuked till it glowed!

        TV from the 50s and 60s paints far too rosy a picture but things were not nearly so devolved as today. I suspect that part of the opprobrium heaped upon boomers originates in a sense that we had a – relatively – “sweet deal” and we pissed it away. We pissed it away so completely that only the dregs remain. And, just perhaps, that is so. We did not mean to piss it away; but, somehow, it is no longer around for the current generations to piss away. Now I know that I, myself, did nothing to actively piss anything away. I come from a.long lone of poor people and none of my line was ever sufficiently in charge to be ABLE to piss the world away. Nor, on balance, do I believe that even those in charge intentionally or knowingly pissed the world we inherited from our folks away. We just lived our lives. Somehow I suspect that the folks who hate boomers for pissing away what they perceive as their birthright would have done pretty much the same thing; made pretty much the same choices we did. I suspect that, in our place, they would have pissed it all away the same as we did. They’re just mad that it was us who pissed it all away before they had an opportunity to do it.

  4. Speaking of the gathering darkness, Trump’s “Platinum Plan,” is a horrific idea that would codify the United States of South Africa into law:

    Trump Unveils “Platinum Plan” For Black Americans, Designates Antifa, KKK As “Terrorist Organizations”

    More economic value would be derived from taking that $500 billion, printing it out, and setting it on fire. At least some folks would be kept warm.

    • It’s basically reparations courtesy of the GOP. White taxpayers have already footed countless trillions to that demographic since 1965 with null results … but here we go again. Blacks take in $300 billion dollars annually more than they give to the federal government, but that isn’t enough. They need more. It’s equivalent to the late stage Romans paying barbarian tribes not to attack them.

      You might also characterize this as the last hurrah of the republican party. They are desperate to win minority votes as the demographics change, but that won’t happen any time soon because race trumps ideology and the democrats control the media and education system, meaning they can always pit minorities against normal Whites to maintain their coalition no matter what the GOP says.

      Only decades from now when America resembles a worse version of Brazil will whatever is calling itself The Republican Party have a chance. But by then it won’t be the party of middle-class whites, it will be something vaguely resembling Hugo Chavez’s party in Venezuela or Bolsanaro’s in Brazil. Even then it probably won’t work because the country will be a dictatorship under the democrat party and president Sandy Cortez won’t allow competition to her rule.

  5. The American Family Physician journal had a review article this March 15 about initiating antihypertensive therapy in adults.
    Their recommendations were based on the following:
    The goal is to prescribe a medication which has been shown to prolong the life of hypertensive patients. One recommendation differs for blacks and whites. Any of four different types of blood pressure medication have been shown to benefit whites, but only two of them seem to provide an advantage to blacks. Seems like some careful clinicians have been diligent in working out the best approaches to various patients over the decades (these studies follow people until they die).
    The letter section next issue contained a couple of broadsides against such utterly racist views, one of them signed by a group of doctors claiming to be a group of Family Practice residents. None of them cited any medical studies to support their positions.
    Our opponents do not deal in facts, only feelings. This includes those among them who are doctors. I would advise you to get some notion of your doctor’s politics as part of your assessment.
    The editor replied that the letters had been submitted to the authors for comment and they declined to do so.
    Our facts don’t care about their feelings, but they don’t mind: their feelings don’t care about our facts.

  6. “…the new dark age of the West.”

    This is no longer the West. When you dilute the white population to the extent that the civilization can no longer be recognized, you have no right to refer to yourself as “Western”.

  7. The dark age of the west was never as dark as what is coming, because the west was never as full of non-westerners as it is now.

  8. “Every object, entity, image, document, historical “fact,” person, thought, emotion, reaction, narrative, opinion, everything tangible or intangible, has a barely concealed political subtext in a Totalitarian society.”
     -Charles Hugh Smith

  9. A great essay Zman.

    I have been watching this decent into darkness for almost 7 decades. It has been accelerating the whole time.

    I think you described it very well today. Thanks for that.

  10. Unthaw those viruses, they said. Let’s take this lab experiment to the field, they said. Everyone hates the Iranians and Iraqis , they said. Let’s quadruple down on the mullahs, they said. No one will notice, they said.

  11. The maternal mortality rate among black women is at near third-world levels, but noticing is racist, so they are left to die, often leaving the infant and her other children parentless. The useful idiots with useless doctorate degrees set the stage for ethnic bioweapons that will not be noticed.

  12. “Racism” is the witchcraft of our time. Both are malevolent forces which explain all sorts of unhappy outcomes; everyone believes in them, fervently, and will kill for them, but no one has ever see them.
    Homo sapiens is an irrational species. Aristotle was an optimist.

  13. A tweet here Zman and Ramzpauls response.

    Alex Thompson@AlxThompNEW: Why are right-wing FB pages so popular?A Facebook exec argues the msg is just more visceral: “Right wing populism is always more engaging…Nation, protection, the other, anger, fear. That was there in the 30s. That’s not invented by social media”
    Ramzpauls response:
    No, it is popular because most Americans don’t think we should be forced to pretend that a man wearing a sundress is a woman and that throwing Molotov cocktails and murdering people is a “mostly peaceful protest.

    • Deluded ivory tower egghead is at a loss to understand why people who don’t have stock options don’t like seeing their homes destroyed, themselves fired for wrong think, and their kids racially discriminated against in college admissions and in the workplace — all while being forced to endure endless racist pogroms against their heritage. It’s a mystery!

    • I believe the French went on the warpath after their revolution. I could easily see the left in this country doing the same, especially now that they’ve dropped all pretenses of being the anti-war party. Why would they oppose war if they can rationalize it on under social justice grounds and soothe their conscience with the knowledge that most of those killed and injured are 1) white male Trump voters 2) lower class minorities they secretly fear and go out of their way to avoid in their private lives?

      In the 2020s and 2030s, Chinese companies will crush their American competition in the global market place. China has an enormous talent pool; they can do more than just copy at this point. Huawei, for example, went from a minor market position 10 years ago to the cusp of being the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer by 2020. They are widely acknowledged to have the world’s most advanced 5G tech. The American government panicked and banned most of their tech in this country and chip export in retaliation; they demanded the Europeans do the same.

      Apple was barely able to get 5G tech into their phones this generation. What happens when China gets to 6G years before their American competition can get there themselves? Either American companies then have to use Chinese tech or they go out of business (or both when China establishes and insurmountable lead). American companies can barely compete as it is. Things are definitely going to get rough in the future.

      How are American companies supposed to compete when Ilhan Omar and the Squad force diversity requirements on Silicon Valley? Hiring Indian foreigners can only get you so far when resentful blacks are this country’s point of worship.

      Essentially every American industry from chip fabrication to commercial airline manufacturing will be replaced by superior Chinese and European competition in the future. This will be accelerated by bad government policy and the collapse in social trust to do increasing diversity, among other things. The Empire may resort to using its military to seize natural resources (or perhaps agricultural product blackmail) and extort the competition for money to make up for it. Dark times ahead.

      • The Left may, may already be at peak warmaking ability now. Actual violence. As we can see they scraped the bottom dregs early. If they make actual war or revolution as opposed to paid riots to manipulate the populace and system – they may at last make a real mistake. They can’t count on the military, the police or the veterans in sufficient numbers to win, never mind armed citizens. A few paid off ex-generals doesn’t cut it. All things considered as there is no real resistance so far to their evil agenda – sorry, we should hope and pray they overreach into actual war.

      • France put its entire population under arms (the Levee en Masse) which is how they avoided being crushed in the revolutionary wars.

        That army was full of French males (including a particular Corsican). The human capital of the post-American military won’t be so high.

  14. Like I say, the left is a Great Reaction, a lurch to the primitive, with socialism as a return to slavery, etc.

  15. I have a fried how has been saying that the entire medical establishment has been FUBAR for years. I am not surpised by any of this. It simply re-affirms my commitment to DIY medicine when it comes to future medical problems, including aging.

  16. Derb’s latest at Unz talks about how the Woke Revo is breaking into the fortresses of the hard sciences now.

    Medicine has always been the most ‘human facing” of the hard(er) sciences by its nature so the rot there is the most advanced (I’ll lump physicians & shrinks in for this purpose).

    No matter what we thought of Covid before the Groyd Riots it became clear that this was not the Black Death when The Black’s Death was considered more of health emergency than Wu Flu, Grand Dowager of Pestilence.

    Although the flagellant faithful Wokies would go Nazi-hunting even if the Plague of Justinian was in fact rampaging through the streets, the elite classes are considerably more cynical and survival-minded. They also want enough producer units remaining to keep labor costs down and keep the $pice flowing.

    As to Modernity’s god of Science, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” While the crunchy core of scientific discovery is proving fatal to the holdover faiths from Antiquity, the mythology hastily constructed around Science since the Enlightenment, best and most honestly expressed in the oddly Dionysian Cult of Reason in Revolutionary France, lacks the wisdom and gravitas to humanize its big brain hubris and give humans a creed they can actually live by.

    This faith is primitive – around 300 years old at best. Considering the history of 300-year old Christianity or Islam it’s hard to expect anything but social unrest & violence.

    But it’s not something we can witch away with atheism. We have souls, they persist after death, Black or otherwise, and they touch on worlds and knowledge Science has yet to tell us anything of, if it ever cares to try.

    What we need is newer/better faith(s) (likely plural given the horrible fate of the One True Church under the Lavender Mafia).

    You can’t fight fanatical passion with “reason” unless you already hold the high ground. As Ayn Rand’s savage garden of solipsism demonstrated, in politics “objective” truth is in the eye of the throne-holder – the one who makes others beholden to his truth.

    • I always said that people like Sailer are deluding themselves if they think even the biological sciences won’t — or couldn’t — be taken over by SJWs and nignogs.

      There was always this idea that science and physical reality would be the bulwark against nonsensical and fanciful ideas, that departments of sciences were thus protected and inoculated from the poisons being stirred on the other side of the campus


      • I’ve not read Sailer about this, but you are completely right about the hard(er) sciences being at risk. Just google “Lysenko” and see what Soviet ideology did to their genetic sciences. It probably set them back two generations at least. And broadly speaking, it was for the same reason as today’s Woke: denying biological realities.
        Of course science (personnel) can be corrupted by ludicrous revolutionary ideas, but Reality is not going to bend so easily to Ideology. As someone (Harry Browne, I think) said: reality always triumphs over politics.

    • If epidemiologists truly believe “racism” and “gun violence” are public health crises, then the return of leeches and bloodletting isn’t far off…

      Z Man is quite right that a new dark age is returning to the west. The only silver lining is that the west’s advancements acted as subsidies to prop up shitholes like Africa and the middle east, so as the west declines these places will depopulate too.

      In the same way the Congolese used Belgian roads until they fell apart, then reverted back to bushwhacking trails, so too will the west’s new dark age eventually result in the cessation of shipments of antiretrovirals and other pharmaceuticals, food and farming equipment, refurbished computers and cell phones, clothing, well drillers, used cars and other aid to Africa. Nature always finds a balance and the continent’s population will return to 100-200m.

      If the west falls apart to such an extent its NGOs and charities lose the ability to Mrs. Jellyby the third world, that will actually be a relief.

      • they only save the purposeful delusions for the West

        Doctors, scientists and so forth working in Africa are allowed to be honest and do whatever it takes to make things work

      • If we don’t learn how to harden our hearts and let nature resume culling the less altruistic populations with disease, hunger, etc.. all we’re going to earn for our virtue is a Malthusean Collapse – a planet so thick with anarchic Blacks, despotic Squats & Jeets, dog-eat-dog Han etc… that Whites and all hope of transcending this planet will die out as these tribes kill each other for the last shekel piles the Jews are hiding under.

        • I already posted my apocalypse scenario far above 🙂 Agree with you mostly. I would add that, as demography seems to make inevitable, the much more populous but “stupider” world will only hasten its collapse into barbarism. I’ll let you look up the details, but I know no reason why a human collapse would be much different from the rats overpopulating a confined space results.

      • If the Continents population reverts to 200 million it will be because the other 800 million have moved to the West.

        • You overlook the option of a 90% reduction in the Earth’s population imposed by force majeure. No migrations required.

  17. In a sane world, these so-called doctors wouldn’t have been admitted to medical school, let alone licensed to practice medicine. But to have acted according to such sanity would be racist. And to notice the insanity now is racist. You literally cannot escape your destiny because rationality itself is supremacist white privilege. Google’s homepage today offers a link to “Explore America’s history of racial injustice.” Chronic negro fatigue is so off-the-charts that only an idiot would click on that link. I simply cannot understand how the concerns of <15% of a nation’s population predominate the national consciouness. Apartheid now!

    • They need bodies

      Wait if the USA ends up ever getting “single payer”. To meet demand, they will be giving medical licenses away along with drivers licenses

    • It’s not 15% of the population. It’s 15% (Black), and 30% (Good-Whites), and hell perhaps several percent more via other minorities.

  18. I propose that we stop any and all research into Sickle Cell Disease. After all, it really only affect blacks, but any disease that only affects blacks must be racist and therefore, cannot be acknowledged as real. QED.

    • Agreed, it was a great quoteworthy summary. The crazy stuff these people believe makes your head spin, and it makes QAnon look tame in comparison.

      It’s also fun watching these people engage in such desperate cultural appropriation. They have so few accomplishments they have no choice but to try and retcon white accomplishments. Knights? We wuz the real knights! Moon landing? We did that! Beethoven? He was black! Vikings? We wuz the real Vikings!

      The only time they get smacked down is when they try to claim they are the real Jews. Interesting…

      Someone once commented that the left went way too far in boosting these peoples’ self esteem. Instead, they should have been taught humility and deference.

  19. Just as in America, Europeans are “forbidden to notice anything about people” and have been for about a decade.

    Things really went up a notch around 2015 when the people we are not supposed to notice started hiking across Hungary from the Middle East or appeared on the shores of Italy and Greece, and now the UK, in little inflatable boats, So we did as we were told and didn’t notice them. There was one exception. A little boy who drowned and washed up dead on shore. That person everyone had to notice.

    Then over New Years, they started to attack, rape and murder our children and our women and have been at it ever since. But we were again told that we’re not supposed to notice them. In fact, not only is the general European public learning how not noticing them, our police are really good at not noticing them. But you would expect that level of professionalism from civil servants.

    Then there’s the people we’re not supposed to notice who have recently started showing up at work. It seems they are a bit different from the others we’re not supposed to notice and in order to be sure we don’t notice anything about these people, corporate HR departments have required us to take a number of special training classes to be absolutely, positively sure we don’t notice them either.

    Over the past decade or so, there’s been more and more people we’re not supposed to notice. And the lesson we’ve come away with is if we should make the life-altering mistake of actually noticing them, we risk a fine, jail time or losing our jobs.

    • You clearly are a racist for even acknowledging the existence of SCA. It was obviously a bio-weapon, if it exists at all. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with hemoglobin, which is itself a white construct, used to explain the non-existent disease.

      • The odds are high that those that give the least use it the most especially since they are usually the ones in the ER with the gunshot, stabbing, and bleed outs…Just another one of the taxes we payout for them to even want to kill us more…Why again do we put up with this shit Oh that’s right we don’t have the gumption to band together and put a stop to it…

        • Related, I lost my brother to Leukemia. During his 2 year battle, I gave a ton of platelets. Typically at the hospital’s blood bank. One phlebotomist, a young straight white guy (I know, unicorn), gave me the whole economic picture of the Red Cross’ economic model regarding donated blood and other components. As Lineman pointed out, another White Tax we pay by having our beneficence used against us.I never donated to Red Cross again, only to the local hospital if possible. Even there, however, Red Cross makes money through their processing often times. Anyone shed light on this in today’s world (this was 20 years ago)?

          • While Red Cross still does some things well, I don’t donate through them. I was really glad when our local blood banks went with someone else. Yes, there are alternatives.

        • as you know, banding together must be shouted down. It was.

          So now we hang separately as we refused to hang together.

      • Yep, every day I get to solve these problems. The more blood you get, the more antibodies you develop. Sickle cell patients tend to get a lot of blood, so it will get increasingly more difficult to find compatible donors. Same with some transfusion-dependent cancer patients and thalassemia patients.

        Also, blacks have evolved two quite unique attributes, both thanks to malaria. First, they have hemoglobin S, which is what causes SCD, because it gives immunity to malaria. Second, they tend to lack the Duffy blood group antigens, because malaria likes Duffy blood.

        Now, most Caucasians have either Duffy A, Duffy B or both. When you give antigen positive blood to antigen negative patients, they will tend to develop antibodies, which eventually will mean that they can’t get that type of blood anymore. Basically, what that means is that Caucasian blood is bad for blacks. Make of that what you will.

        Good article BTW.

  20. Overall, a good essay as usual.
    We here in the DR delight in revealing the abundant flaws in the logic of our opponents, as Z does masterfully here with the cited Doctors/Researchers. It’s actually humorous, in a painful way to watch how the Egalitarian community uses pretzel logic, creating tortured arguments acceptable to the “woke-o-meter”, that could be demolished by a high-schooler (at least, one from a private school.) Let’s see: race doesn’t exist, but it’s ok for some biological variation, as long as you don’t call it “race,” I guess. Science tells us there are millions of species of living life forms, and perhaps a hundred or a thousand times as many who once lived but are extinct. Life itself is over 3 billion years old and it is hypothesized that all life began from a common ancestor. We are all related to varying degrees, antelopes and artichokes, blue-green algae and slime molds, and the weird germs that live in mineral-rich seawater at boiling temperatures. Will the Egalitarians eventually denounce biologists’ taxonomy of the tree of life? Will it be “speciesist” to suggest that humans are different from apes? “Kingdomist” to suggest that animals should be regarded as differently from plants? My examples are absurd, but only slightly more than the claims apparently respectable professionals make with regard to the non-existence of racial differences. If it weren’t for the corrosive social effects of such dogmas (also cited by Z today), the Left’s ever-further dissociations from reality would be amusing to watch. To steal a line from the old children’s story, the problem is not only does the Emporer have no clothes, but increasingly it’s looking like even the Emporer is imaginary.
    Now, I don’t let anybody off the hook and that includes our side. [Get ready to censor and/or click that “-” key, folks! Here it comes…] We pride ourselves on our integrity and we laugh at the obvious lies of our opponents. Oh really? A little bit of history: it was only about a hundred years ago that Evolution was literally on trial. “The Scopes Monkey trial.” This was the heyday of white supremacy, the ascendancy of Western science, and teaching a scientific theory that conflicted with religous dogma (actually State law on what was to be taught) results in criminal charges? “But we’re past that,” you might say. Oh really? Well consider that tomorrow millions of people will gather and claim to believe things that are even more absurd that the claims of the Egalitarians. Should these beliefs be exempt from critical examination just because they’re called “religous beliefs?”

    • Friend, evolution is not “settled science” It doesn’t just conflict with religious dogma, it conflicts with common sense: order can’t come accidentally, something (a wing, or an eye or life) can’t come accidentally from nothing, there is no evidence for evolution)

      I think it should be illegal to teach evolution, and Mormonism

  21. From what I’m reading its a Vitamin D deficiency which directly affects this virus. Black people don’t make much Vitamin D because Africa is half a mile from the sun. Compare this to Europe with its cloudiness and short winter days. Black people in Africa are doing fine with this.

      • Fuerle also says (It’s a really comprehensive book!) of the genetics of Afro-Americans. They are 20-25% non-African (primarily European) alleles (genes). This, Fuerle hypothesizes, makes them a bit worse off genetically compared to “pure” African genes, among other problems increased suseptibility to varous diseases.

    • Yes. All the hardest hit places were in northern latitudes where most adults tend to have low serum levels of vitamin D. So if you’re not eating a lot of egg yolks and oily fish you should probably supplement vit D. (Scandinavian countries have vit D supplementation/food fortification policies and lower levels of deficiency than sunny Spain. Go figure.)

    • Also, some articles say that the malaria drug Cloroquine (?) is widely used in those countries for default use, and it has been explored for its anti-COVID uses too.

    • And it’s one of the few places when no, really, we’re not saying people of this and that race have this problem. The chemistry by which the body produces Vitamin D is catalyzed by UV radiation which is absorbed by melanin.

  22. While our enemies see their religion as fighting against what they think is evil, we, on virtually every topic, see it as a battle against lies and nature. There has to be a name we can call ourselves instead of “dissident right” that includes our adherence to the truth.

  23. You know a fun game to play? Invite a White/Jewish leftist and a black person out to lunch. Over lunch, ask them if race is real. The White/Jewish leftist will insist it’s a social construct while the black person will insist it’s real and that it matters very much. Sit back and watch the sparks fly.

    Fan the flames by insisting that you will side with the black person in accepting that race is real, because otherwise you would be dehumanizing them and denying their lived experience. Watch the White/Jewish leftist shrivel.

    “Race is just a social construct” is a narrative designed to prevent White people, left or right, from seeing themselves as a collective with shared interests. The elite that push this narrative don’t actually believe it; only leftist lumpenproles and GOP civnats do. Blacks and WNs both know race is real, and they’re right.

  24. Highly educated whites were always known for buying into this shit thinking. This is why Silicon Valley and other upscale watering holes are loaded with high end cults that prey on the professional class. I know this first hand when I was part of that scene in the 90’s.
    You could get these whites to believe almost any line of shit if you packaged it right. This is why Marxism was always such a draw among our educated class going as far back as the Russian revolution.
    More recently please take a look at the McMartin Pre-school Satanic- child abuse panic. It went nationwide and you had all sorts of degreed experts backing it up.
    AIDS is another. Even back then the medical profession refused to deal with it honestly and blacklisted any doctor who spoke otherwise.

      • Yes, but I don’t remember McMartin case detractors being censored by the media as we now have as standard practice wrt Covid-19.

        • I guess the only “McMartin detractors,” at least in the early going, were the McMartins themselves.

          I could be wrong, but I don’t think the media gave them a fair shake, at least not until their lives were destroyed first.

          • Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Wall Street Journal wrote tirelessly upon this case. The WSJ gave her carte blanc to write and follow the case for literally years. I can’t speak for other major publications, I only read the Journal at that time. I believe that was one of the areas significant in her Pulitzer Prize award.

  25. Another great article. I love how you characterize Christianity in your conclusion, especially as contrasted with the new world order religion of negro worship and anti-racism.

  26. This isn’t just happening in medicine, it’s infected all the scientific disciplines. From the top down. These days I take any pronouncements from the scientific community with a huge grain of salt.

  27. “These are people deeply committed to a primitive animistic religion. “

    The Religion of Negrolatry is not an animistic religion but rather a degenerate form of Christianity, a heresy basically.

    Negrolators are atheists raised in a Christian cultural context who refuse to believe in invisible beings. They replace the spiritual elements of Christianity for material ones but retain the original structure:

    • Original sin = racism.
    • Crucifixion = slavery.
    • Grace = diversity.
    • Penance = affirmative action.
    • Salvation = melting pot.
    • Absolution = reparations.
    • Heresy = white positivity.
    • Apostasy = race realism.
    • The devil = whiteness.
    • Evil = nazi.
    • Satanic influence = structural racism.
    • Confession = unconscious bias workshop.
    • Excommunication = deplatforming.
    • Capital sin = hostile work environment.
    • Inquisition = human resources dept.
    • Seminaries = studies departments.
    • Agreed and upvoted. Many ideologies can be compared to religion. What you fail to mention that all these have in common is Dogma, the assertion often with threats of varying types of punishment for those who resist, that the faith’s tenets are truths not to be questioned. Enter science. Nobody outside of science likes it, and now some within as well, because science has this nasty habit of putting claims to the test. Pity the poor researcher who wants to be on board with the latest Right Thinking, but all his experimental data says the opposite of what he urgently wants to believe!
      A hypothesis may be testable or not. If testable, it will be true or not.
      Non-theological ideology (e.g. Egalitarianism) primarily differs from religion in that its claims are much more easily falsifiable (testable). Race exists or not. If it exists, are there differences between races? Either there are two sexes, male and female, or there aren’t. Contrast that with most religions, the vast majority of whose claims are not about the real world, therefore cannot be put to the test of scientific scrutiny*. In both cases, critical thought and inquiry is never welcomed, because it all to quickly shows up the flaws in the dogma.
      “It is error, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.” — Thomas Paine.
      *Unless you had a time machine and could visit various places in space-time to observe various claims.

      • I like science fine. But the unseen world is more real than this world, because this world will disappear. Heaven and Hell will never disappear. This world is real, the things in it obey laws, we can discover some of those laws, but this world is literally built on nothing. We are, in a way, nothing. We are only something because God keeps us in existence.
        Materialism is not our friend! Can you do a test for justice? How long is mercy? Many in the dissident right are bamboozled by materialistic science. They ignore philosophy.

        Catholicism invented inquiry and critical thought. Its the format of St T’s Summa, brah!

        • I don’t know that Catholicism “invented” it – the ancient Greeks and Romans seemed to have a fair amount of inquiry and critical thought.

  28. The number one lesson I’ve learned after 25 years in healthcare is, “Don’t get sick.” Eat a healthy diet. Get plenty of exercise and sleep. Minimize stress and anxiety as much as possible. Staying of social media is good for the last one.

    Number two lesson: Female providers suck. At everything. In every specialty. Yes, there are lots of lousy male providers, but with a female you get a guarantee of incompetence.

  29. “The salient issue here is the insane people highlighted are doctors.”

    Great essay, and that’s the thought that immediately struck me – these are the experts, the high-priests of The Endarkenment™. To us their bios read like satire; self-worshiping fools parading as intellectuals. I know there are phenomenally talented medical docs, but their profession has been hijacked (like a multitude of others, e.g. academia.)

    The Bible states, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” The new religionists love to denigrate Christianity because its God has a supremely accurate view of man.

  30. These are people deeply committed to a primitive animistic religion.

    Are they ever. This is a very important point, which I try to drum into anyone who will listen. And of course, when is one facing off against such a side, they need to remember to fight fire with fire.

  31. I am not quite sure when it will happen, but how long can the charade go on for before someone has to point out that joggers are just not that good at maintaining civilizations built by YT.

    About the only jogger country I am aware of that does well is Barbados. And when I say well, I set the bar low – the crime rate appears to be minimal. Apparently, Botswana is also a contender… but my goodness, the bar is low.

    • Outbreaks of previously eradicated diseases, poor sanitation and bad hygiene in jogger/jogger adjacent areas of formerly advanced Western nations make that point all the time.

      It is routinely ignored.

    • Not long given the rate ruling class and their tools are destroying the justice system and turning it against whites and turning BLM Antifa into organized terror groups backed by the police and FBI
      BTW the FBI and DHS have listed “white supremacists” as the major threat that the country faces. That means guys like Z and anyone else who doesn’t take a knee and criticizes the state. The Left is clearly preparing for war against us and soon Covid-19 was just the first step. Getting people used to a police state and getting rid of free speech and open assembly. Now we have cops tasering and arresting people for not wearing face diapers based on edicts from the local mayor.

      • Sometimes I think “paranoid talk” but then I consider what Antifa/BLM have already done this year alone: billions of dollars damage, injuries, deaths, other crime. And those groups aren’t “terrorist organizations???” I’ve seen the video of the LA driver who escaped not one but two groups of “protesters” , amazingly not getting injured, only to end up being cuffed by LA’s finest. And now the Feds are calling the white supremacists “terrorists?” Yes, we are in clown world.

    • Botswana does well because they are a tiny country sitting on a massive natural diamond mine and, to their credit, they negotiated an excellent royalty rate with the diamond miners. Once the diamonds are depleted Botswana will sink into poverty.

    • There was one called Katanga that broke away from the Republic of Congo back in the ’60s. Former colony of Belgium. Congo decided to go communist, Katanga wanted none of that so broke away. Was relatively functional, but Congo and the UN destroyed them because could not have an example of non-communist society showing up the commies.

  32. Soon we’ll be back to blaming cholera on “miasmas”. And we’ll have cholera outbreaks too, since both are Jim Snow science.

    • Re-primitivizing certainly will have constant diseases in part due to the bad hygiene and lack of sanitation.

      • Question: Will re-primitivizing re universal? Or will there be pockets that avoid it? If so, where please.

        • My personal opinion, hardly original, is that there will be a system breakdown, another Dark Age. There are just too many intractable trends. Probably the foremost is runaway population growth. Somewhere that’s gotta slow or stop. Given human nature, it’s a safe bet that nothing will be done to halt the headlong rush to catastrophe. The gods will do to man what he would not do for himself: Traditionally these are war, famine, pestilence. Of course, our advanced economies, technology and everything else would implode in short order.
          To (not) answer your question: no certain answers are possible. I would guess that re-primitivizing, a return to savagery, will be near-universal. “Pockets that avoid it”, the relatively well-off, might mean something we’d call Stone Age, or perhaps Iron Age, if they’re really lucky. In a worst-case scenario, it’s entirely possible that those best-equipped to survive would be the few remaining primitive peoples, the natives in the Amazon rain forest (if any left standing), tribes in the South Pacific islands, any remaining tribesmen of Africa. In extremis muh pickup truck, muh deer rifle and muh camper won’t help you out very much, if modern society does in fact collapse.
          The most pessimistic take-away from such a black pill is this: assuming we don’t completely off ourselves, the tiny remnant of humans left will be no wiser for all the trouble, and again will begin the slow crawl out of the mud, doomed to repeat the same mistakes of their ancestors.

        • There will be an “islands of competence” strategy for riding this crap out. Blogger “Al Fin” (alfinnextlevel) talks about this as well as competence in general. He does not seem popular among the alt-right. however, for inexplicable reasons. I would characterize him as a “Heinleinian” conservative/

  33. Racism-haunted world, it is.
    Their faith and dedication to the Word of Ta-Nehisi may be insane and ignorant but this sort of spiritual awakening has flowered before in Berlin, in Moscow, in Tikal, the bodies stacked like cordwood the common denominator.
    Once the One True Faith migrates from cynical politicians (all of them, basically) and other grifters and finally is embraced by professionals, the work is near complete save for ferreting out heretics and the constant improvement of the congregation. Factions almost assuredly will arise, and new rounds of auto de fes and struggle sessions will ensue, rinse and repeat, bury and denounce.
    So imagine twenty years from now, after you suffer a massive heart attack or are in a horrific Prius accident and doctors are forced to choose between treating first either you or a black trans child with hiccups. This will be the daily reality. It kind of is even now.

  34. Another good example of why blacks in particular and women in general should be as far away from critical decision making situations as possible. Too little intelligence in the former and too much emotion in the latter.

    • “Too little intelligence” versus “too much emotion”? Are they not similar? Even flip sides of the same token?

  35. The only place where you can point out race differences is in dungeons and dragons role playing game, even there you see dudes playing orcs with high Intelligence.

    • Actually, I believe racial differences (inherent traits) are being removed in the latest update to Dungeons and Dragons along with making Orcs more sympathetic.

      Many elements of our culture have been sterilized or otherwise destroyed in this latest pogrom. It’d be harrowing to see a list:

      • Several television shows have had episodes removed: 30 Rock, Scrubs, The Golden Girls, etc. South Park has long been censored.
      • RPG board games have been scrubbed of anything racial — racial traits and imagery.
      • Several police shows have been canceled.
      • A university sold one of Jackson Pollack’s paintings to make room for non-whites.
      • Hundred of statues have been destroyed. The democrat party’s official Twitter handled called Mount Rushmore a “symbol of white supremacy.” They’ll destroy that one day. Several editorials have called for destroying The Washington Monument. Several leftist rags have published articles showing people how to destroy statues.
      • Palmetto cheese was banned from Costco because their CEO correctly noted BLM is a terrorist group.
      • JK Rolling has had her books burned. Several stores have announced they won’t carry them anymore.
      • BLM has burned bibles and American flags at their rallies.
      • Several churches have been burned.
      • Scrabbled banned “236 bigoted words, slurs from official list.”
      • Facebook removed Heather MacDonald’s video debunking the BLM narrative.
      • Flannery O’Connor was canceled at Loyola Maryland “for the racist perspective of her personal writings.”
      • Christopher Columbus was canceled everywhere.
      • Trader Joe’s canceled names like “Trader Ming’s” and “Trader José” that have appeared on its international food products.
      • Uncle Ben’s rice was canceled.
      • Aunt Jemima was canceled.
      • Land O Lakes removed their Indian mascot.
      • Multiple efforts have been made to cancel classical music.
      • Multiple efforts have been made to cancel orchestras by lowering standards.
      • Tons of people have been fired.
      • Journalists like Andrew Sullivan have quit.
      • People have been murdered for saying “All Lives Matter.”
      • E. Michael Jones had all of his books removed from Irish libraries.
      • Ellen DeGeneres will be canceled. “Ellen DeGeneres has built her brand on the motto “be kind.” But at her talk show, current and former employees say they faced racism, fear, and intimidation.” — Buzzfeed.
      • Social media has banned tons of accounts.
      • Hollywood has canceled White men through diversity requirements. The Daily Mail reported a few months ago that whites were leaving the industry in anticipation of no longer receiving work.
      • USC canceled a John Wayne exhibit for an offhand comment he made to Playboy Magazine almost half a century ago.
      • Classic movies like Gone With The Wind now come with disclaimers or a documentary essentially denouncing them. The next step is to ban them.
      • Free speech was canceled. 400 Princeton faculty members signed a letter calling for it to end.
      • The O.K. hand sign was designated a hate symbol by the ADL. Several people have been fired or attacked for flashing one during the pogrom. Hawaiian shirts and certain haircuts have met the same fate.
      • Washington and Lee University may have its name changed.
      • The Washington Redskins dropped its name. The Cleveland Indians may follow if they haven’t already.
      • James Watson was canceled. “Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is removing James D. Watson’s name from its graduate school b/c his views on race are “incompatible with CSHL’s mission and values.” The fact that racial differences in cognition, among other things, is now well established and practically incontrovertible is ignored.
      • Stephen Pinker may be canceled. “An “open letter by members of the linguistics community calling for the removal of Dr. Steven Pinker from both [the LSA’s] list of distinguished academic fellows and our list of media experts.”
      • GRR Martin was attacked by The Daily Dot, a far-left hate website, for mispronouncing a non-white’s name and for praising white authors of science fiction.
      • The Mississippi state flag was changed.
      • L’Oreal Skin Care Products “has decided to remove the words white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightening from all its skin evening products.”
      • Princeton said it would remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from campus buildings and programs, citing the former president’s “racist thinking and policies.”
      • The English Department at the University of Chicago announced it was cancelling White literature. They announced they were only accepting students interested in Black Studies for the coming year.

      This is a short list. This has been going on behind the scenes for years. There is no way you can go through all of this stuff and not conclude there isn’t a racist anti-white pogrom going on. Remember this when someone says they want to take back America. This is America. There is nothing to take back anymore.

      • In a nutshell, popular entertainment is now government approved and sanctioned rot

        Time to start using our brains and creativity to make our own fun and entertainment. Shouldn’t be difficult. We did it as kids.

      • Another case to gloat at Egalitarian paints self into corner:
        Now that DC has finally committed itself to rename the (former) Redskins to “Washington’s football team,” what are they going to do with that new name? We can’t use that! He owned slaves!
        If they are going to rename the city too, might I suggest they use the name of George’s favorite slave? And when you rename the State, use something different.
        I’m still waiting to hear how any of these cultural whitewashings (nope, they need a better name, sorry BLM!), erasing history, censoring and so on, will do a damned thing to actually improve the real problems of Blacks and other “people of color”.

      • ”How is eating p*ssy and living in the Soviet Union similar? One slip of the tongue and youre in deep sh*t”

        Sorry for the sophomore joke, but I just remembered this from when I was 10. I didn’t get the sexual reference at the time, but it implied that the Soviet Union (in 1982) was bad because you couldn’t say certain things. It was almost unbeleiveable that that was true.

        I knew you could say things that were impolite, but there would not be severe consequences like the the USSR
        We can now ask this:
        ”How is eating p*ssy and living in the United States similar? “

        • I remember the one
          “In America we are free because we can criticize the American government with impunity”
          “In Russia we are also free because we can criticize the American government with impunity”

  36. Interesting observation about the onset of antiracist religion being concomitant with the onset of a new dark age.

    A similar trend is emphasized in Charles Oman’s book on the Dark Ages – he outlines how the disasters the befell the E. Roman Empire, from the reign of Justinian onward through the 7th century, initiated a period of darkness. This was accompanied by the growth of superstition, reduction in learning and curiosity, increase in banditry, crumbling infrastructure, foreign wars and occupations, etc. Oman points to idol worship as one notable result; I predict the antiracist religion will find their idols and shrines too.

    • I don’t think so.

      Primitive religions were mostly based on the people anthropormophising forces of nature that exerted power over their lives in an attempt to influence those forces. More sophisticated treatments would evolve to merely accepting the power of such forces.

      The modern post Christian religion of progressivism (or whatever you want to call it) is based on the idea that everyone is the god of their own universe. They can be and do whatever they want with without any unattended consequences. That’s the opposite of elemental paganism.

      They hate Christianity and now actual science because both describe absolute limits on personal power.

      • “everyone is the god of their own universe.”

        against the first commandment

        “They can be and do whatever they want”

        because man is inherently good against the dogma of original sin

        I do believe this is a war on God and Christians. It’s a bunch of different arrows aimed at the same target. Christianity is the only religion that made all people equal before God. It’s the basis of our belief in equality before the law and we all know how that’s been perverted. Their highest sacrament of abortion is not really a bad thing for the muslim’s or the Jews or the pagans. And then they want you to ‘bend the knee’ before absolute baseness. This is not an accident or a coincidence

        “Come then let us Bow Down and Worship, bending the knee before the Lord our maker for he is our God we are his people the flock he Shepherds.”

        Psalm 95

        • Chritianity is for every race, but it is primarily a white dominated religion. THATS why they are attacking whites

      • A caveat to your ‘They can be and do whatever’… as long as it isn’t deemed to be racist (whatever that might be on any given day)
        Your last sentence is spot on – although it appears one could now rightly add actual math to actual science.

      • I disagree, the highest aspiration of the Social Justice heresy appears to be separating the soul from the body to better show their “true selves”.
        Trannies are attempting to escape the confines of their body to better express their soul, or their brain in their parlance.
        Similarly, abortion and hormonal birth control is an attempt to escape the female form.
        They want to find what they truly are, so they aspire to escape their physical forms. For this, their souls are tormented, but they can manage even this with tranquilizers.
        What they don’t understand is that our souls and our bodies are part of a singular whole.

    • The Lorraine Motel, a/k/a the National Civil Rights Museum, is the Medina of anti-racism. There are quite a few Meccas.

      • There are plans to erect shrines wherever a black was allegedly lynched. There is a lynching museum in Alabama.

        • This museum is located in Montgomery and has this wall of coffins at the entrance, one for each state with a lynching. The well funded cucks who run the museum are demanding states take home their coffin as a mark of shame for lynching joggers.

          • I am sure the city fathers of Montgomery are open minded enough to allow me to open a victims of black crimes museum. Right?

          • Blacks kill more blacks in about 9 months than died during the entire century (MOL) of the lynching era. Whie I personally would prefer the fair trial over lynch method, it has been noted that Whites got lynched too, as well as the opinion, probably correct, that the majority of lynching victims were guility of a crime (not necessarily a capital offense, though.) Still, when all you have is a crowd, a tree, and a coil of rope, you sometimes have to improvise.

    • You might want to research who was responsible for the burning of the Library of Alexandria, among other atrocities of the time. Hint: it’s not only idolators and pagans at fault here.

    • This was accompanied by the growth of superstition

      You mean Christianity. The Romans were polytheist pagans throughout their heyday.

  37. This war on noticing has been going on a lot longer than anyone realizes. I mean think about the story of man on Earth. They were all these different hominid species running around the earth at the same time and then it’s some point all the other species died out and we’re left with one species Homo sapiens that rules the Earth. And it is completely unimportant that this one species has so many Divergent characteristics. I call Shenanigans. Either we’re all different species or the Neanderthals and Denisovans are actually the same species. Can’t have it both ways

    • The genomic revolution has led to a general review of taxonomic classification (it was never just humans that were sequenced) with the sole exception of humans. The vast majority, of course, the scientists of our better past got right the first time. I can’t recall the reference, but there was an emeritus professor who asserted that if we applied the same standards of genomic variation to humans that we apply to other animals, then we would humans would comprise 8-16 (iirc that was his spread) species. The definition of species is more granular than simple simple ability to create a viable offspring.

      There is structural variation at all levels, so where you draw the lines is arbitrary. The point is to apply the methodology CONSISTENTLY across all organisms. Right now we have one rule for hominids and another for everything else, precisely because a consistent application of a classificatory metric would either give politically inconvenient results for humans or completely upend the entire non-human portion of the tree of life. My early classes included mention of Lysenko. He, like Orwell, was supposed to be taken as a warning, not an instruction guide. The shrieking leftists truly are barbarians at the gates.

      • That may be true, but I think you still have to divide species into talking and non-talking. Language is a manifestation of conscience and self-awareness. It’s just that some groups of the talking species have dramatically lower deductive reasoning capabilities and impulse controls.

          • what you’re looking for is hyoid bone. Neanderthals had them and chances are they could speak just like we can

          • I’m familiar with the mechanics, it’s the concept of talking and what the brain—any brain—does with it when heard.

          • What goes on in your head pretty much corresponds to what comes out of your mouth, and even the most primitive human language is vastly more complex than dolphin talk or chimp.

            That’s why we hold Pygmies responsible for their actions, but don’t blame a gorilla if it rips a leg of a child.


          • Hominid-talk. If you can learn to speak English, you’re not an animal.

            Biology is supremely important, but it’s not everything. I might find some hominid tribes less civilized than animals, but if they speak human, I cannot fool my brain into thinking they’re not human.

      • Fuerle mentions much of the same in his book; it is well footnoted and biblographied so the curious could look for background references there.
        DoubleThink that evolutionists/biologists must use for Egalitarian Political Correctness: It’s ok if there millions of species of life forms and perhaps even subspecies. But if you’re dealing with man, please don’t even mention the concept of race. That’s purely a social construct. Somehow, the thinking apparently goes, Homo sapiens evolved over a period of hundreds of thousands of years in wildly varying environments upon the Earth, yet somehow has managed to keep all his alleles (genes) so consistent that “race,” if it must exist at all, merely affects the color of skin and eyes. The mere concept that natural selection might select for other traits over thousands of generations is anathema.

        • “Race” is merely a term of art. What counts is that at a genetic level we can divide and classify broad—and even narrow—groupings of humans. These groups can be shown to be different in many traits, some trivial (skin color), some important (intelligence). That is not disputable scientifically, so those daring to speak the truth must be canceled. Arguments for or against are a waste of time. Those who need to be persuaded are not listening.

        • Another random example of academic double standards is the definition of schizophrenia. If you speak to your invisible friend, you’re a psycho. Unless everyone around you also speak to him, then you’re just religious.

      • What is the FST? FST is an abbreviation for the Fixation Index. The Fixation Index is a measure of population differentiation due to genetic structure. Presented as a table, it denotes the genetic “distance” between any two populations of living things based on genetic polymorphism data.

        According to Wikipedia [shaddup], FST between Europeans (CEU) & sub-Saharan Africans (YRI {Yoruba tribe}) is 0.153.

        The FST between North American wolves (NAGW) & coyotes (REF) is coincidentally also 0.153 according to an analysis of their genomes.

    • Yet again I shall plug Richard Fuerle’s excellent (and free!) Erectus Walks Amongst Us which (mostly) deals with man’s evolution, and offers theory quite different from the accepted. Most of his material rings true. One claim that suprised me (assuming these are true) is that related species can mate (no news there to anyone that’s even seen a mule) but news to me was that the hybrid sometimes is fertile, effectively a new species. Further muddying the genetic waters is that over the achingly long time spans of evolution, not only did neighboring races (subspecies) interbreed, but sometimes related species. It’s hard to believe, but if a human could travel back in time 100,000 or perhaps even a million years, he could breed with an earlier human ancestor and produce viable offspring. The equivalent thing, genetically speaking, happened when two populations are isolated for millenia, drifting apart genetically, and then a chance meeting of the two populations occurs. This, more or less, is what Fuerle proposes, that man did not originate “out of Africa” rather we probably started in Eurasia, with multiple migrations, including into Africa. Well, details are in Fuerle and elsewhere.

        • Thank you for a left-handed compliment 🙂 I think I found Fuerle on a ZH post. It and Taylor’s Paved with Good Intentions are two of the best books I’ve seen on the topic, and both more readable than the powrful but rather dry Bell Curve. Actually if you want really dry, like a silica gel Martini 😀 try reading some of the academic books. Ugh.
          Fuerle avaiable free at

          • Check out some of the peripheral stuff. I was reading a book on ‘race and crime through a Routine Activity lens’ (I think that is what it was called). This is how they disentangle genetics and behavior. Xir Science plants papers blaming social conditions in “peer reviewed journal” and then other leftists cite it and add some new bullshit. Their pet theory in this book was blacks commit crimes at a much higher rate for 3 reasons. Structural racism, a “changing” economy and toxic masculinity. The toxic masculinity part is because of the white patriarchy.
            This was a college textbook! The author just asserts these things with links to BS published in the SJW converged journals. These 3 things conspire to make black males notdu nuffin. It’s funny because they described black ghettos pretty well. Parts of that book could have been written by the Klan. They completely ignore the fact that black women are creating these men almost entirely by themselves.

    • If you watch any documentary on human evolution there’s bound to be a little remark about how “mysterious” it is that there were many human species not so long ago and now there’s only one from Cape Town to Thule, and they’re all exactly the same one, EXACTLY THE SAME ONE. Expect the world to get more “mysterious” in this way as a lot of our sciences get re-imagined to dance around the pet issues of thin skinned lunatics of all types. All those grand organizing principles of nature we thought we had discovered will be shattered into myriad particulars on the altar of progressivism. The bent and rusty pitchfork of special pleading will take the place of Occam’s gleaming straight razor.

  38. Yesterday’s Court Jesting. Planned Parenthood vs Casey. Upheld for the most part roe v wade. There were 8 REPUBLICANS on the Court. One democrat and he voted to overturn Roe

    8 Republicans could not come up with 4 more votes. Abortion will never be overturned. Just theater.

    • Even if overturned, it would be days before there was a national Right to Abortion law, no doubt justified by the…ding ding ding!….”Commerce Clause”!

      It’s the catch all for literally everything SCOTUS wants to give authority for the feds to do. And it would be popular…women like them some abortions.

    • 2A is the real battle. The four liberals will again say the constitution doesn’t mean what it says, but what they feel it should mean, and will allow restrictions so tight that 2A is rendered null and void. That is why I take these nominations seriously. McConnell might be usually worthless, but he has saved us from a 6-3 liberal court, and we will probably end up with 4 conservative, 3 liberal and 2 squishes. Not sure who the second squish is yet, but odds are there will be one.

      • When the US Constitution was ratified “arms” meant something different than it does now. Arms included all weapons, pikes, spears, knives,bows, crossbows, swords and maces as well as the primitive smoothbore muskets of the era. But heartland areas of the country like Iowa feel obliged to make my switchblade illegal and the nine Solomons agree. Batshit.

        • Yes, and well-regulated meant well trained and armed, not subject to every restriction the nine Solomons allow. And militia didn’t mean the National Guard. The state militias were meant to protect us from the National Guard.

          • The State militias were reorganized as National Guard in 1902 – but they remain state militias under control of the governors unless Federalized.
            That reorg was done to improve training and funding – you are correct that well regulated meant organized and trained – still does. The founders knew well you can’t build an army or even units by throwing together a bunch of strangers with guns – a lesson lost on the present generation. The Founders Army certainly wasn’t thrown together – the entire Revolution was organized by Veterans of The French and Indian War.
            The Minutemen were no scratch team, the militia had existed in some form from the first settlements.

          • Before Lincoln invaded. It seems that states were like little countries. The fed was very weak and loose. After lincoln, the states were less powerful. A militia makes sense if a state was like a country , but not if it is just a territory in a big country.

            Lee called Virginia “his country”

        • There is a reason they used the term “arms” rather than a list of specific weapons. They were not idiots. They knew the club gave way to the sword, which gave way to the longbow, which gave way to the musket, etc. They may not have anticipated fully automatic AR308s, but they knew something would eventually replace the musket.

      • Agree. All white countries have had their guns confiscated. Except Americans.

        I believe that “they” will not start their anti white genocide until Americans are disarmed. Rittenhouse could have taken 50.

      • Curious; of what use are the arms in any case? They are silent.

        Why bother? Why draw fire when you’ll never return fire?

      • I was just at Chesapeake. VA’’’s. City council meeting, on keeping Chesapeake 2A open carry. What was very weird was no opponents were there, but the council read 45 minutes worth of emails who want to ban open carry in public parks and city buildings and protests.

        Chesapeake held fast, for now. Fairfax, Alexandria, RVA, C’ville prohibit carry on permitted events and all public/government space

    • Abortion is an industry now. The people who make a living off of it have to keep the racket going. The number of abortion per year in the United States has been dropping, probably because increased contraception usage and partly due to changing public opinion. Abortion is under no threat of becoming illegal in the United States, the industry gins up this theater to get donations from the faithful to fill in their revenue shortfall.

      • When Roe v Wade was decided (wrongly) there were (IIRC) 6 States with some sort of legalized abortion (other than exceptions for rape, incest, and life of woman). A ruling on abortion from SCOTUS will, in all likelihood, simply toss the decision back to the States. So Alabama closes its one remaining “clinic”, but how many other States go dry, so to speak?
        Abortion will alway be a bus ticket away. And for most of the population centers, no change.

  39. A few years ago I went to a clinic supported by my insurance. Won the lottery and got a black doctor and special bonus, a black intern trainee was with him. Rather than list all the comic and blackpilling details let’s just say this was the most ridiculous doctor visit ever.

    Told me I had an infection and inflammation of my ear. Went to another doctor on my own dime and absolutely nothing wrong. They even got my blood pressure wrong. I have lots experiences and stories but for now, this little one.

    we shouldn’t coexist together, neither side is happy.

    • Sailer has a good recurring bit about MCAT scores and medical school admissions broken down by race. About what you’d expect: you need a higher relative score go get in if you’re Asian or white. Admissible black MCAT scores are significantly lower.

      Doesn’t mean Asian/Jewish/White doctors are necessarily better. But it’s not a bad way to bet, either.

        • In theory, there are government standards and certifications to insure some level of competence. But the bell curve is still there with all it entails. As I’ve posted before, the question of “ethnic” medical care is not merely academic to me: among my primary providers, pretty sure it’s one each Haitian, Indian, Pakistani, and one shrewish white woman, presumably American, thrown in for good measure. I doubt my exerience is typical, but in my case my medical team is 75% foreign-born.

          • FWIW, if they left the home country to come here, it’s probably because they’re the cream of the crop and outliers in their countries bell curve. Plus, ambitious.

          • So true. What with all the immigrant curve busters it almost makes one question why they are eligible for Affirmative Action, quotas, set asides and disparate impact law priviledges.

          • Agree. To be fair, I’ve never had a bad experience with a foreign-born professional. And, if we’re going to have immigrants, these are the kind we want (with the usual provisos, not denying Americans jobs, etc.) And yes, I’m old school on immigration, when it didn’t in practice mean his entire village comes too 😀

          • Why do we need them? They don’t think they need us. You see this very clearly with Indians. Once they get into a position of power, they hire all Indians.

          • Let’s see I’m pretty sure it’s you who gets to decide what doctor works on you so don’t complain when they cut off the wrong leg…

          • What company is your health insurance from? Clearly you are not on Medicare or having to get by with VA funded Docs. Most of us not being independently wealthy, we’re limited to the Doctors who accept our insurance. Insurance companies can be every bit as woke as any other corp or individual. Don’t believe me? Check out Sam’s Club/WalMart. Or Starbuck’s.

      • I don’t want a brown or yellow person’s fingers digging around in my body

        I am still young enough where doctors aren’t a part of my life, but finding a part of the country where the doctors are white is a huge factor in where I decide to move.

        • Probably, and since health care means personal information and intimate contact, I’d prefer someone who looks like me.

          The best healthcare is self administered anyway. Eat well, don’t get fat, lift weights, avoid major stressors like divorce and crazy coworkers if you can.

      • The university in which I work very recently ceased requiring the SAT or ACT for admission. Approximately one quarter or colleges and universities in the US have scrapped this requirement. The chief reason for this abdication of standards? Why, diversity, of course! Diversity is the natural enemy of quality.

        • The only good news is that true entrepreneurs like Musk and Thiel are wise to the scam that is modern college. Either one could care less about your alma matter or your $100k piece of paper…they’re much more interested in what you can bring to the business.

          The more colleges waive SAT/ACT scores, the faster they’ll die a hard death when employers know the degree mills are a scam and the students quit enrolling.

          (bit worried about waiving MCAT’s, however)

    • And let me guess – either the doc or intern were an ESL graduate with African accent. This is becoming a particular problem in rural areas … these foreigners are recruited because the American docs can’t make their big bucks in the boonies.

      My family has had similar experiences. As a result, risk of death or permanent bodily harm are the only reasons we’ll visit a doc. Have seen the medical industry cause and exacerbate too many health problems.

        • thinking of questions to explode these people’s (termed loosely) heads is great fun.
          “Is the NFL (NBA, MLB, etc) racist”?

      • I take a middle path. I still go for routine care and testing, but I also would be skeptical of any but the most routine medical advice, drugs prescribed, etc. If any major health issues or procedures crop up, I would get a 2nd (“White” perhaps) opinion, even on my own dime. It’s one thing to have your witch doctor Haitian cardiologist order an echo cardiogram, and then prescribe a routine statin. It’d be quite another to let him do open heart surgury without checking his record.

        • Like every issue, it’s complicated. There were things our 19th century great-grandparents knew about health that we’ve dismissed, because we’re so “advanced.” I’ve read more than a few “grandma cures” from earache to appendicitis … and we’ve tested quite a few that have a scientific basis. Amazing what can be accomplished with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and activated charcoal. And knowing some basic chemistry, like acid vs alkaline … i.e. cancer cells generally don’t survive in an alkaline environment. If we’re going to carve out our own thing while seceding from Big Pharma, I think a “Back to the Future” approach is part of the solution.

          • On the cancer front check out “The Cancer Battle Plan” by Dr. Frahm. A lot of what I mention above comes from 30 years or so of reading. Also note that a lot of alternative medicine practitioners have a religious element you may have to week through. But also check out Dr. Christopher’s “School of Natural Healing.” Start with those and then start browsing the bibliographies … lots of info out there. My eldest daughter is a Certified Natural Herbalist – her comment is “expect everyone in the medical community to label all naturopathy as quackery.”

          • Capt, I may have not been clear. I’m with you. My comment was to indicate that doctors were not considered heroic lifesavers back then as they are today.

            Indeed, there are current writings and discussion on whether doctors saved more lives than they took until the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. Late 1800’s if you take understanding of epidemiology into account. 1900’s with better training, accreditation, and medications, and such. The profession began to get the best and brightest in its ranks.

            AA promises to set medicine back a century if it continues to degrade the profession.

          • Roger that Compsci – I’m with you. My reply wasn’t intended as a retort; was trying to flesh out that “back to the future” idea.

        • At least back then any doctor would have been without exception,White, (even while bleeding you or sawing off a limb with a shot of whiskey for anesthesia). Now, not so much. And god forbid you (or your advocate) request or demand a White MD in an emergency situation…

      • Ahh sorry to hear that Capt all our doctors up here have been white and our primary doctor wants to actually keep us healthy instead of just treating our symptoms…

        • Yeah, that’s the downside to a temperate climate … the browns are relatively comfortable here. Twenty below zero has a tendency to drive off the riff-raff.

          • Fuerle’s book claims, new to me, that IQ increases as you move north from Equator.
            Temperate zones “selected for” bigger brains, because of the wide seasonal swings require more cooperation, planning and foresight to survive.
            But curiously, people grow slightly dumber in the Arctic, because the ice is year-round and, like the scenery for the second sled dog, the diet (100% hunting) doesn’t change much.
            Life was (and is) relatively easier in the tropics where avoiding being eaten (including by other humans!) was more of a problem than getting something to eat for yourself.
            A large brain being unnecessary to survival there, the land of the Equator is truly the land of the moron.
            Anyway, Evolution’s good news for you is that natural selection will weed out the unfit. Problem is, it may take a few Ice Ages to get it done.

          • It was the discovery of farming that controlled for higher intelligence. Chinese discovered it roughly 1k years before europeans. 10,000 year explosion and Troublesome Inheritance have a nice explanation

          • Farming started in Anatolia, the Levant and/or Mesopotamia before E. Asia, likely about 2-3000 years earlier. It’s a Neolithic hallmark.

            Where does “10,000 Year Explosion” state that the Chinese discovered farming? I don’t see that anywhere in my copy.

            “Farming appeared first in the Fertile Crescent of Southwest Asia. By 9500 BC…From there farming spread in all directions, showing up in Egypt and western India by 7000 BC and gradually moving into Europe and India. Around 7000 BC, rice and foxtail millet were domesticated in China.”

            Cochran, Gregory. The 10,000 Year Explosion (p. 68)

          • The European genetic heritage comes from 3 groups – those Anatolian farmers, the Indo-Europeans and native Euro hunter gatherers. See Kevin McDonald’s latest book “Individualism…”

            K-selection correlates with IQ and it’s present in both farming societies and HG’s who lived in harsh environments e.g. NW Europe.

      • “Iatrogenic risk.” But also, a normal US citizen from med school has at least $200,000 in student debt. How do you make a life at a rural job’s $60k a year with that debt to pay? Its sysiphean.

      • Women should be banned from med school. They work fewer hours per year, they work fewer years and they generally don’t want anything but normal daytime hours. Women are a good portion of why there are shortages of doctors.

        • I believe that Japanese medical schools strongly favor male students for this very reason. There is also some indications that women doctors are less decisive than their male counterparts. Women physicians, not surprisingly, tend to specialize in pediatrics.

          • Some of the very worst providers out there these days are pediatricians. The parents (mothers) like them because they are “empathetic”, and that’s really all that matters.

            We have a local pediatric PA is always orders a particular test on every kid she sees. When we try to explain that it is unnecessary and adds additional costs to the families (insurance companies are pretty good about not paying for unnecessary testing), all you get is condescending attitude. She also lacks a fundamental understanding of what the test results actually mean, yet she bases much of her patient care on tests that she doesn’t understand.

            I have made it my mission to warn parents away from her. Because fuck her.

          • I know what test you’re talking about, there are several, and it’s a common scam scummy docs love running on worried parents.

        • Where is the proof women are guilty of MDs shortages??? Historically when white males leave the profession that profession is caput.
          And they leave when there are better chances somewhere to apply their talent for personal and professional satisfaction. Medicine is the latest example of that happening. Indians, chinese and yes, women are filling the void.

        • Women are also far more likely to bail to a management/HR position or have kids and leave the workforce entirely.

          Both scenarios render worthless the costly investment in their training and development.

          • This is one of the core issues. Affirmative action pushes doctoral programs to prefer women, yet studies show even the highest paid women work less than HALF as long in that profession as men. Obamacare regulations didnt make doctors’ jobs fun either. Hundreds commit suicide yearly and are replaced with NURSE PRACTITIONERS.

          • It’s the same in engineering.

            Actually, it may be even worse because 90-95% of women in engineering roles create zero, or even net negative value from day one.

      • With my continuing eustachian tube problems I finally went to a fifty something jewish specialist. The best experience of all. The Indian just wanted to keep taking hearing tests for the bucks which I declined.

      • I’d rather see you out of media, law, government and finance, tbh.

        Medicine is probably where your tribe does the least macro-damage, although their rabid enthusiasm for abortion and subversion of psychology have certainly been very damaging to Whites.

    • Have you seen the dancing Tik Tok doctor, a resident at Oregon Health and Sciences University Hospital. In the news story he seems like a nice enough guy but is probably feeling in over his head. In making these hip hop dance videos he has retreated to his comfort zone where he feels he has the most control. Remember Dr. Lexus in the movie Idiocracy, we will soon wish we had medical providers that good.

    • You should have had him roll the other bag of bones. Or at least had him roll two out of three to determine root cause of the problem. Sheesh. On the brighter side, at least you didn’t go in for a well visit and come out missing a testicle.

    • Your example is a good one to illustrate incompetence—usually a result of AA in the profession. Z-man points out how fanatic equalitarianism may rob minorities of appropriate, state-of-the-art, medical care. But there is another aspect of such blind ideology which will affect White people as well. If you can’t postulate and discover differences between races, you can’t tailor treatment regimes to either Blacks—or Whites!

      Mediocrity will rule the day. One size fits all, whether that’s ineffective for White or Blacks or both. Only that way can we be truly equal. Equal in misery that is.

      • Blacks are 80% more likely to have peanut allergies as compared with whites. Let THAT sink in, Dr. Carver.

        • The hell with Blacks, think Indians. Good god, the clinics here are full of these poor people. Last honest doctor (he might have been a public Health PhD) to discuss why the obesity and diabetic epidemic basically said, “…these people are not used to eating three meals a day and a grain diet…they were hunters and game was not regular…”. He was spot on and simply trying to draw attention to diet and exercise. He was canceled, and the tribes are not one whit better for it.

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